April 29, 2001...
Updates Galore
There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and new Poll O' The Week (Thanks ). Here are last weeks Poll Results:

Janet pushes the limits in a lot of her songs, do you think Mariah should swear or use vulgarity in her lyrics?
Yes (81) 13%
No (530) 86%
Total Votes: 611

New Pictures
Nacho sent me 3 brand new pictures of Mariah and Luis at the restaurant from the latest issue of Gente Magazine. He told me that in the magazine, there is a pretty funny part...

"In front of the media Mariah denied being pregnant. They all joked, "Too much cheese"
Next, Mark sent me a scan from the May 1st National Enquirer. This is the European version though, so this picture is not featured in the American version!

Check out all four pictures in Gallery 53.

Luis wins award
Son By Four, Christina Aguilera Big Winners At Billboard Latin Awards April 27, 2001, 12:20 pm PT

Son By Four, who rocketed onto the American pop cultural radar screen thanks to their duet with 'NSync at the 2000 Latin GRAMMY Awards (allstar, August 31, 2000), captured seven trophies at last night's Billboard Latin Awards.

The Puerto Rican pop act were awarded prizes for Latin 50 Artist of the Year and Hot Latin Tracks Artist of the Year, while their hit single, "A Puro Dolor," was named Hot Latin Track of the year and Pop Track of the Year.

Christina Aguilera won Album of the Year, Female, and Album of the Year, New Artist for last year's Mi Reflejo, while Latin American superstar (and boyfriend of Mariah Carey) Luis Miguel won Album of the Year, Male for Vivo.

Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias and rising star Thalia performed at the ceremony, held at the Jackie Gleason Center of Performing Arts in Miami Beach as part of Billboard's Latin Music Conference. The awards are scheduled for broadcast on Telemundo this Sunday (April 29).

A list of the winners in the pop category:
Pop Album of the Year, Male: Vivo, Luis Miguel
Album of the Year, Group: Mi Gloria, Eres Tu, Los Tri-O
Album of the Year, Female: Mi Reflejo, Christina Aguilera
Album of the Year, New Artist: Mi Reflejo, Christina Aguilera
Latin Pop Track of the Year: "A Puro Dolor," Son By Four
-- Allison Stewart

Many thanks to Dan for this article and also to Anna for letting me know about this. If you want to check out this article, you can do so at the CDNow.com website.

Sorry this is a quick update but hey, a small update is better then no update right! There is a family party at my house today and I have a huge final exam on Tuesday morning, which I have to study for! Hope you can understand! Thanks much!

April 28, 2001...
Magazines Galore!!!
Mariah is in a bunch of tabloids/magazines this week and here goes...
First off, you can check out Mariah in the May 8th issue of the Star tabloid. She is on page 13 and it is a full page picture of her in her red dress. You can check out the scan/article in Gallery 53.

Next, Mariah is in the May 8th issue of the Globe tabloid on page 8. It is the same exact picture as the Star but in this pic, it shows Luis and Mariah, instead of just Mariah. I didn't bother scanning it since it's the same but I did type out the article:

Diamond Doubles:
Mariah's man buys her Julia's $1.5 million Oscar bauble!
Julia Roberts got to wear one of the world's most expensive bracelets at the Academy Awards but Mariah Carey gets to keep the diamong dazzler forever-thanks to her mega-rich singer boyfriend, Luis Miguel.

Mariah's hunky Latin lover surprised the songbird with the $1.5 million sparkler while cruising aboard his luxury yacht off Spain. It's the same bracelet exclusive jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels loaned to Julia in March. Luis, 31, bought it to celebrate Mariah's new $100 million-plus record deal.

"When it comes to gifts for Mariah, Luis doesn't hold back," says a source close to Carey, also 31. "But the bracelet really took her breath away."

Next, Mariah is in the May 8th issue of National Enquirer on page 47. You can check out the scan in Gallery 53. Basically it is just Mariah in the red dress and the title says, Glitter Rocks.

There is 6 pictures of Mariah in the May 1st issue of Mira tabloid. There is a pic of MC and Luis on the cover and also, inside there is 4 pics of Mariah and Luis and then on page 44, is a pic we have seen of MC before in the olive outfit and it's takes up the full page!! I didn't bother scanning the pics because we have all seen them before!

Next, check out Mariah and Luis on page 20 of the May 14th issue of US Weekly! Once again, it's a picture we have all seen before of them on the yacht and here is what it says...

Hot Couple: Mariah in Love
Mariah Carey recently took a break from recording the soundtrack to her upcoming film, All That Glitters, in southern Spain to spend a dew days vacationing nearby with her boyfriend, singer Luis Miguel. Perhaps in honor of the movie's title, Miguel reportedly bought Carey the same Van Cleef & Arpels diamond bracelet that was loaned to Julia Roberts for this year's Academy Awards.
Finally, Mariah's Lamby (aka Danielle) sent me a scan from the June 2001 VIBE magazine and you can check it out in Gallery 53. I don't really know much about the pic but it's a brand new picture of Mariah with Patti Labelle and a gal named Denise! Mariah is wearing a black tube top and black shirt! I will try and get a bigger scan for you later but I bet the picture is pretty small in the magazine.

Mari Sends More Pics
Mari sent me two new pictures of Mariah that she took in Spain of Mariah walking through the crowd!! You can check them out in I Met Mariah.

News From Virgin Brazil
The first single from the new Mariah´s album will be "Glitter" and will hit the radios on June 8th. Mariah will release her album on August 20th and will be on the big screen too. In her first role as actress on the movie "All That Glitters" which will be released in USA on August 31st and in Brazil on November 16th.

That above information was taken from the Virgin Brazil website, Fabio tells me. It says the album will hit stores on August 20th, which is a Monday?? Maybe they meant August 21st. Also, most of us thought the first single would be LoverBoy but now, maybe it is Glitter? Who knows! Whatcha going to do?? All we can do is keep guessing until Mariah herself lets us know.

Mariah Carey in a magic moment
In a interview to the program Venteneando, the singer Mariah Carey didn't want to say whenever she's going to marry Luis Miguel but she said: -We're very happy together.  i'm having a wonderful moment in my life. The couple was photographed in Poto Banus, in Marbella, Spain where they had tons of paparazzis around.  At the same day at night they went out for dinner.  Mariah carey arrived in the restaurant without a bracelet and after the dinner she had a diamond bracelet, present from her boyfriend (US$1,420 million).

Taken from Fuxico and many thanks to Tahiana from Mariah's Library

Mariah Gets Sued
Seth Swirsky and Warryn  Campbell v. Mariah Carey,  James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Flyte Tyme  Productions, ATV Songs, Rye Songs, Columbia Records, Sony Music  Entertainment.

Filed: September 15, 2000. U.S. District Court Central District, Los Angeles, California
The Case: Popstar diva Mariah Carey has been  accused of ripping off a few things in her lifetime:  First, it was Whitney Houston;  more recently, it has been most of her clothes.

But two songwriters claim Carey  is guilty of another blatant rip-off:  stealing a song they wrote for  the R&B group Xscape. Now, they're  suing her for copyright infringement.

Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell claim in a federal lawsuit that the  tune "Thank God I Found You,"  from Carey's 1999 multiplatinum  album, Rainbow, sounds eerily  like a song they wrote in 1997 called  "One of Those Love Songs," which they sold to SoSo Def  Recordings. The tune later  appeared on Xscape's 1998 album,  Traces of My Lipstick. While Carey's lyrics are different from "One of Those Love Songs," the  tracks' low,  manufactured pop beats have  their similarities. But for Swirsky (whose  songwriting credits include Taylor Dayne's "Tell It to My Heart" and "Prove Your Love") and Campbell (who has written songs for  Dru Hill and Shanice), the  similarities are too close--not only with the  tracks  themselves, but with the people  who  produced them. Among the coincidences:  Jermaine Dupri served as a producer for both albums (which were both  released by Columbia), and both  songs were mastered by Bob  Ludwig at ateway Mastering. While  Carey's song lists Terry Lewis,  James Harris III and Carey as the songwriters, Campbell and  Swirsky say the song was plagiarized.

"I'm a fan of Mariah Carey;  this is nothing personal against her,"  Swirsky says. "But I really do believe there's accountability, and it's  very clear what happened here.  I've never sued anybody before.

Swirsky and Campbell's suit  charges Carey, Lewis and Harris with  copyright infringement, false  designation of origin, unfair competition and "reverse passing off." The suit seeks unspecified damages,  including profits from the hit song. Neither Columbia Records nor  Carey's camp are commenting on the  lawsuit.
Status: Pending.

Taken from E! Online and many thanks to Tahiana from Mariah's Library

Mariah fights violence with MTV Europe
Here is what Anne told me:
Hi Regina, I heard Mariah was part of the MTV action, you know, MTV Europe goes black for like 4 or 6 hours on May 4th to protest against meaningless viololence. I'm sorry I don't know for sure that's the right term for it, but it has to do with the Colombine thing, which happens all over the world, big or small, it happens everywhere and it has to stop. It makes no sense, it has to stop.

  So, I just saw (& recorded) Mariah speaking out against it and these were her words (it was recorded at El Cortijo, she has the pink top & bikini on, behind her is that window, you know the setting!):

  You look at yourself in a different way and I look at the world in a different way and I just wish that, especially in terms of racially motivated things, I just wish that people could come together and look beyond that , you know and uhm, hopefully one day we will...

  May 4th MTV Europe (or just Holland, I don't know) will go black for several hours but they will also let artists speak about it and give their opinions, so Mariah will come along too I guess.

Mariah to 'Wise' up
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey and Melora Walters are in negotiations to star in the dramatic indie feature "Wise Girls" for director David Anspaugh. The project, budgeted at about $10 million, is slated to start shooting in mid-May in Halifax. Written by John Meadows, "Girls" is about three waitresses (Sorvino, Carey and Walters) who work at a mob-owned restaurant and end up getting involved in the business.

Thanks to Jake and Chad for this article!

Brisbane Audio
Shayne, from Mariah Buzz, told me that he now has the full Brisbane concert from 1998 available to download. Check it out if you like!!

EVEN MORE Magazine News
And you thought I was done, ha ha! Nigel told me that you can check out Mariah on the COVER of Now Magazine (May 2nd). Also, there is new pics of MC in the new Gente magazine, April 24th. It has 4 pictures of Mariah and Luis at the restaurant and then 2 other pics Maria tells me I don't have. Anyone have scans?

Mariah hits TV May 12th in Exclusive New Interview
Benjamin told me that Mariah will have an exclusive interview on french tv and you can check it out on May 12th at 8 pm on Channel 6! That is all the information I have on this story at the moment! IF anyone knows anything else, let me know!

April 27, 2001...Update #2
Mari's Story
Well, a lot of you want to know more about what happened with Mari in spain when she got to go up on Mariah's yacht or when she got to go meet Mariah in El Cortigo and now I finally have the story. A HUGE thanks to Minerva for translating Mari's entire story! And thanks to Mari for sharing her story with us. I am going to see if she will send me the rest of the pics scanned but they might be too personal to add to the site, we'll see!

Check out Mari's story at I Met Mariah section of Mariah Daily.

April 27, 2001...
Magazine News
You can check out Mariah in the May 1st issue of Globe Tabloid!! There is 4 pictures of her and Luis on the yacht in Spain and none of the pictures are new, so I didn't even bother scanning them. I did type out the article below though:

Mariah's Love Boat
It's all hands on each other as dishy diva Careys on with Latin stud.
From the look of these steamy photos shot in Marbella Spain, there's lots of smooth sailing ahead for Mariah Carey and her hunky beau Luis Miguel. The handsome Spanish crooner gifted Mariah with a $1 million speedboat as an engagement present last fall. And the coosome twosome recently rocked the love boat when bikini-clad Mariah hopped on 30 year old Miguel's lap sizzling smooches and hugs.
Well the new magazines hits shelves today, so make sure you go and get the Globe tabloid before it gets taken off the shelves. I used to check the tabloids every weekend and report them but lately, I have gotten somewhat lazy and depended on others to tell me when she was in one. However, I am going to start checking them out every weekend again, so you guys have a little more time to check out Mariah in the magazines.

You can also check out Mariah in the April 26th issue of Break Out magazine. Mark was REALLY nice and sent me the scan, which you can check out in Gallery 53. The article talks about Mariahs requests for her dressing room, her band and her backup singers dressing rooms!! He sent me a huge scan, so I resized it and noticed that you can't read the list very well, so I typed the whole thing out below. All I have to say is that Mariah has one too many requests and I thought it was really funny with the one that says, "Two hot air humidifiers" because that item doesn't even exist! It should be "Two Vaporizers" because Vaporizers blow hot air and Humidifiers blow cool air (I work in a Pharmacy department, can you tell?) Anyhow here is the list:

Artist Dressing Room
One bottle of Cristal Champagne-chilled
Two bottles of Camus white whine
Three six packs of diet coke
Three six packs of caffeine free coke
One six pack of snapple ice tea
Twelve poland springs mineral water bottles
Twelve small bottles of seltzer water
Two small carons of nonfat (skim) milk
Lemon Zinger Hot Tea
Throat Coat Tea
A selection of fresh fruit-washed
Tea Sevice for $-must use Poland springs water
One Honey Bear Hoey
One bag of Ricola Throat Lozengers
A selection of sugarless gum
Low fat snacks (gold pretzels for example)
A selection of low fat cheese
A selection of low fat bread
One box of bendy straws
Four champagne glasses
Four wine glasses
Two hot air humidifiers
Two air purifiers
One large vanity mirror
One Directors Chair
Twelve bath size fluffy towels
Three boxes of tissues
Ice and glasses

Band and Male Singers Dressing Room:
Two cases of mineral water not chilled
Two cases of assorted soft drinks (diet and regular)
Four quarts of assorted fruit juices
A large deli tray with condiments
A large bowl of fresh fruit
Coffee and tea set up for 12 people
Assorted teas
Assorted candies
Ice and glasses
Twelve bath size towels

Female Singers Dressing Room
Twelve bottles of mineral water-not chilled
Twelve cans assorted soft drinks (diet and regular)
Deli tray with condiments
Bowl of fresh fruit
Coffee and tea set up for 6 people

Uwe sent me scans from the latest Gala magazine and you can check them out in Gallery 53.

Also, Martin told me you can check out MC in the latest issue of Hola Magazine (sorry don't have the date) and Mark let me know that she is in the May 2001 issue of Glossy magazine (Mariah is just mentioned.) Prinie told me that there is a picture of MC from the 1997 VMA's in the April 30 issue of TvYNovelas Magazine. Kristen sent me a scan from the April 2001 issue of Latina magazine, and I added that scan to Gallery 53 also. Finally, check out Mariah in TM: Teen Movies. It has the picture of Mariah from Glitter, which we have all seen a million and one times with the glitter falling and an article about Glitter. You can get this magazine at Barnes & Nobles, Kristen told me.

Trio of 'Girls' in business on Anspaugh indie
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey and Melora Walters ("Magnolia") are in negotiations to topline the dramatic indie feature "Wise Girls" for director David Anspaugh. Lions Gate is finalizing a deal to distribute the project domestically, with Intermedia on board to handle international distribution. The project, budgeted at about $10 million, is slated to start shooting in mid-May in Halifax.

Written by John Meadows, "Girls" is about three waitresses (Sorvino, Carey and Walters) who work at a mob-owned restaurant and end up getting involved in the business.

Leading Pictures' Anthony Esposito and R.G.H. Lions Share's Billy Blake are producing with Jack Soyka and Bill Blum.

"Girls" marks the first collaboration between the 3-year-old Leading Pictures and foreign sales agency R.G.H. Lion's Share. The companies have partnered in the newly formed Leading Lion Entertainment, for which "Girls" will be the inaugural feature.

Anspaugh, repped by CAA, directed "Moonlight and Valentino," "Rudy" and "Hoosiers." The film was packaged by WMA Independents' Rena Ronson, who put the financing together and brought Lions Gate and Intermedia together.

Sorvino and Carey are repped by WMA, Sorvino additionally by manager Gene Fox and Carey additionally by Talent Entertainment Group's Suzan Bymel. Carey stars in Columbia Pictures' upcoming "All That Glitters." Sorvino, who most recently starred in the A&E telefilm "The Great Gatsby," took home a supporting actress Oscar in 1996 for "Mighty Aphrodite."

Walters, repped by Writers and Artists Agency, next stars in John McNaughton's "Speaking of Sex" and the indie feature "Rain."

Many thanks to Jason for this article!!

I added a new link to the Links Page! The site is called Mariah Buzz and it is such a nice site, so make sure you check it out!

Also, make sure to check out the Glitter Galleries because today I added a new gallery...Glitter #3 Gallery! It features a larger scan from the Gala Magazine Scans plus the People scan, which I moved from Glitter Gallery #2!

Brady Shouts It Out To MC
Alex told me that on the American Comedy Awards, Wayne Brady from "Whose Line Is It Anyway" was rapping a song, and he said, "Mariah I'm on TV! I've had years of therapy, and you can't take that away from me."

Rock on the Net with Mariah Carey
Dan told me that on RockOnTheNet.com Mariah is #43 on the Top Singles Artists of 2000. You can check out by clicking the link below:

Also, there is a really detailed and nice charts information and bio, etc at the link below:

New Link
Check out S.C's Mariah website entitled Always Mariah.

Mermaid Mariah
For class, we had to create a person in a costume represents any number between 1-10! So I did a mermaid representing the #5 and it came out pretty nice. I finished early, so I started to sketch and created Mariah as a mermaid and her tail making the letter "m" and her holding onto the "c!" It was suppose to be the logo for the top of this site but I didn't like it that much and I tried to color it but it didn't look any better, ha ha! So I added it to the cartoon section, and if you want to check it out bigger then below, check out the Cartoon section of Mariah Daily.

April 26, 2001...
Mariah gave Luis love...
Anna told me that according to Gordo Y Flaca, Luis was asked what present Mariah gave him for his birthday and he said, "Amor, Much Amor." Translated it means, "Love, a lot of Love."

Lover Boy like Heartbreaker Remix
As I reported earlier in the week, my friend Mari met Mariah in Spain and Mariah played her new song Lover Boy for Mari. Mari is Spanish, so she typed out her entire story about Mariah and my other spanish friend, Minerva, is translating Mari's story into English so we can all read it on the site here. Minerva said she is hoping to have it done Friday, so we will see.

However, Mari told me that Lover Boy sounds sort of like the Heartbreaker Remix but with even more rhythm and beats. She also said that Mariah does a lot of high notes in it!! So this is really starting to get exciting and I just had to throw in this little tidbit!

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel at Luis' birthday.
The Mexican Magazine Tv y Novelas published exclusive pictures from the 31st birthday of the pop Mexican singer Luis Miguel with his girlfriend Mariah Carey, in Marbella, Spain. The couple had dinner in a expensive restaurant and Luis Miguel had a cake and serenade. No one knows what the singer gave to her boyfriend but days before he gave her a diamond bracelet estimated in US$1,420 millions and she was using that at the dinner. The bracelet was the same used by Julia Roberts at the Oscar ceremony and was designed by Van Cleeff and Arpel.

Many thanks to Mariah Library for this translation.

Bret Directs Mariah Video
It will take place some time in May, the shooting of the first video for Mariah Carey's first single from her new album, which is expected to be released this summer.

It will be directed by Brett Ratner, who among others has directed Mariah's "Heartbreaker" video, Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger", and D 'Angelo's "Brown Sugar". As a moviedirector he's responible for movies like Rush Hour (with Jackie Chan), and "The Family Man" (with Nicolas Cage).

News orginally taken from Uwe's German Mariah Carey Site and thanks to Mariah Online for the English Translation!

Summer Releases Look Hot This Year

LOS ANGELES (AP) - It's same-old, same-old time in Hollywood. Predictably, summer blockbuster season is bursting with sequels, remakes, the odd adaptation of a video game and the latest Julia Roberts romantic comedy.

Yet somehow, the same-old, same-old has a fresher feel this year, offering a solid mix of the tried-and-true and some interesting newcomers.

Unlike last summer, which began with a bang but took a box-office dive come August, likely hits appear to be spread throughout the season right to Labor Day.

``There's big films straight through,'' said Bruce Snyder, head of distribution for 20th Century Fox, whose summer lineup includes ``Planet of the Apes.'' ``Trying to find a place to put a movie is impossible. This summer is loaded.''

And though studios may have long-term trouble with potential dual strikes by writers and actors unions, the industry's short-term health looks great.

``This will be the biggest summer in history, no doubt,'' said Joe Roth, former Disney studio chief who recently formed Revolution Studios and is directing Roberts' romance ``America's Sweethearts.'' ``I can identify at least 10 movies off the top of my head that will gross over $100 million.''

Among those, ``Pearl Harbor,'' which blows into theaters over Memorial Day weekend. Directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer - whose explosive collaborations include ``Armageddon'' and ``The Rock'' - ``Pearl Harbor'' could well be the war spectacle to end all war spectacles.

``It's an enormously exciting drama,'' Bruckheimer said. ``I think it captures the chaos, the pathos, the heroism experienced by the men and women who lived through it.''

The movie traces the romance and friendship involving two pilots (Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett) and a Navy nurse (Kate Beckinsale). After fighting with an American squadron in the Battle of Britain, Affleck's character arrives in Honolulu the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor, where Hartnett and Beckinsale's characters are stationed.

Other big films include ``A.I. Artificial Intelligence,'' Steven Spielberg's return to science fiction; the World War II romance ``Captain Corelli's Mandolin,'' with Nicolas Cage; Disney's animated saga ``Atlantis: The Lost Empire,'' featuring the voice of Michael J. Fox; Mariah Carey's lead-actress debut in ``All That Glitters''; a new version of ``Rollerball''; the computer-animated fable ``Shrek,'' with the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy; John Singleton's inner-city drama ``Baby Boy''; the video-game adaptations ``Tomb Raider,'' with Angelina Jolie, and ``Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,'' the first full-length film using semi-realistic human characters created by computer; and Ivan (``Ghostbusters'') Reitman's ``Evolution,'' a space-invaders comedy starring David Duchovny and Julianne Moore.

To check out the rest of this very long article, check out this link! Only AOL users can check out the longer article, but it doesn't mention Mariah anymore!!

Glitters Gets Competition
I found this one article on AOL which lists the movies released in each month and below, you can check out all the movies release in August, along with All That Glitters.

Hollywood's Lineup of Summer Movies
.c The Associated Press
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Highlights of Hollywood's summer film lineup (release times may change, and some films play in limited release):
August 2001
ALL OVER THE GUY: Opposites attract in this romantic comedy about a twentysomething couple brought together by friends.

ALL THAT GLITTERS: Pop star Mariah Carey stars as a singer trying to overcome a tough childhood and the pressures of fame.

AMERICAN OUTLAWS: The James gang rides again in this Western that stars Colin Farrell, Scott Caan, Timothy Dalton and Kathy Bates.

AMERICAN PIE 2: Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Suvari and Chris Klein offer up seconds on 1999's gross-out hit.

APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX: Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam War adaptation of ``Heart of Darkness'' is enhanced with 53 minutes of previously unreleased footage.

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN: Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz in the World War II romance of an Italian officer and a Greek belle. John Madden (``Shakespeare in Love'') directs.

THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION: In his latest comedy, Woody Allen is a 1940s insurance investigator who falls victim to an artifact's hypnotic powers. Helen Hunt co-stars.

THE DEEP END: A mother (Tilda Swinton) goes to extremes to protect her son from the consequences of his relationship with a shady character.

GHOST WORLD: Two cool teens (Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson) re-examine their world and romantic lives as they depart high school.

HAPPY ACCIDENTS: A woman (Marisa Tomei) falls for a guy (Vincent D'Onofrio) who thinks he's a time traveler from the year 2470.

JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK: Writer-director Kevin Smith's alter-ego Silent Bob and pal Jay (Jason Mewes) from such films as ``Clerks'' and ``Dogma'' take center stage.

JEEPERS CREEPERS: A sister and brother returning home from college are pursued by a supernatural force.

JOHN CARPENTER'S GHOSTS OF MARS: Red planet colonists unearth ancient Martians who co-opt human bodies. Natasha Henstridge and Ice Cube star.

KNOCKAROUND GUYS: Mobsters try to find a bag of cash lost in Montana in this drama starring John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper and Barry Pepper.

MAYBE BABY: The process of creation is comedy fodder for this flick about a couple (Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson) trying to have a baby.

THE MONKEY'S MASK: Kelly McGillis and Susie Porter star in a lesbian detective thriller about a young poet's murder.

ON THE EDGE: A self-destructive teen finds reasons to live as he interacts with patients at a mental hospital. Stephen Rea stars.

ORIGINAL SIN: Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie in a racy thriller about a 19th century Cuban coffee dealer who takes a mail-order bride.

OSMOSIS JONES: Live action and animation tell the story of a man (Bill Murray) whose body is host to a duel between a white blood cell and a lethal virus. Features the voices of Chris Rock and Laurence Fishburne.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES: An American teen (Anne Hathaway) learns she's heir to a European throne and undergoes ``princess lessons'' from her strict granny (Julie Andrews).

PUNKS: Four homosexual black men share friendship, romantic commiseration - and good tunes by Sister Sledge.

RAW DEAL: A QUESTION OF CONSENT: Documentary examines the lurid case of an exotic dancer who accused a fraternity member of rape.

ROLLERBALL: Chris Klein, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and LL Cool J have a go at the blood sport in John McTiernan's update of the sci-fi flick.

RUSH HOUR 2: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker do the mismatched-cop thing again as they travel the globe on the trail of a gangster.

SERENDIPITY: A decade after they met, two potential soul mates are reunited in this romance starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

SOUL SURVIVORS: A student is tormented by apparitions after surviving a car wreck. Eliza Dushku, Wes Bentley and Casey Affleck star.

SUMMER CATCH: A young pitcher (Freddie Prinze Jr.) signs on for a wild summer in minor-league baseball.

TOGETHER: Love, jealousy and all-around chaos result as Swedish ``hippies'' share a home in 1975 Stockholm.

VULGAR: A downtrodden clown for children's events reinvents himself as a transvestite clown for bachelor parties.

I'm Carey's New Flame
Love obviously still burns brightly for pop star Mariah Carey and new fella, Luis Miguel as they celebrate his 31st birthday. She looked on adoringly as waiters brought him a lavish cake at a party in a Marbelle restaurant. The millionair Latino singer has lavished 31-year-old MAriah with extravagant presents-including a massive yacht and a 50,000 necklace. The pair are now engaged and she has told pals she's absolutely besotted with him. But then none of MAriah's old flames could hold a candke to red-hot Luis.

This article was taken from the Daily Star from April 21st. Eva sent us the scan of the article and you ca check out that and the pic of MC and Luis in Gallery 53!

New Picture
Martin sent me a picture from a recent issue of a UK newspaper called Daily Telegraph! You can check that out in Gallery 53! also!

Site Link
Check out Josh's Mariah website called Mariah Carey A Legend!!

Apr 21, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- MARIAH CAREY has thrown a surprise party for her fiance LUIS MIGUEL - but the biggest shock of the night came from the birthday boy himself.The millionaire Latino hunk, also known as the MEXICAN ELVIS, raised eyebrows when he claimed to have turned 30 - just as he has for the past few years.But a besotted Mariah didn't seem to mind as she celebrated the occasion with 50 family and friends at nightspot Babalonia in Marbella, Spain. (NQ/WNTST/KW)

Thanks to Jake for this article!

April 25, 2001...
New Mariah Message...
Mariah has left a new message on her Official Website and this time, we get a little message from Luis!! In the message, she talks about her experience with Mari, the girl who Mariah pulled up on the boat to meet Luis!! Check out the transcript below, courtesy of Shayne from Mariah Buzz. If you would like to use this transcript on your site though, please credit Mariah Buzz and NOT Mariah Daily and make sure you ask their permisson first!

Mariah: "Hi! Yeah, I do believe that this is my second night in my first apartment. Can you believe this is my first apartment that I ever owned in my life? Yeah, quite like it. Pretty stellar. And I just wanted to say thank you for making it possible and, umm, I'm here lying in the nice bed and things of that sort. Getting ready to put out the nice single pretty soon. I'm almost ready to do that. All the reports on the internet though, are fake about, like, the times and the titles of the songs. Well don't believe that hype or the nonsense. So, anyway, I just wanted to say that when I was in Spain, there was some really, really nice fans who waited outside, sleeping in the cold and you guys, you really, really upset me with that because I get nervous for you and I didn't even know you were there and the fanbooks and the letters were great, so thank you for that. And, umm, anyway, thank you for everything else. And, umm, almost ready to put out the nice single and shoot the video so, umm, I guess I will holla back at some point. Somebody wants to say a very quick hello. Hold on..

Luis Miguel (Mariah's boyfriend): Hello! Holla!
Mariah: *Laughs* A random Spanish man somehow crept into the room. Both laugh...
Mariah: I don't know who it is! And neither do you! But, you might! OK, say bye.
Luis: Bye. Adios.
Mariah: Oh! You can say more than that in Spanish! *whispers* Say nice things like, "I'm having a nice night."
Luis: *laughs* OK. Have a nice night...
Mariah: NO! In Spanish!
Luis: ..and. Why?
Mariah: Because you speak, I wanna hear you say Spanish. It's sexy. Both laugh...
Luis: OK. Tengan una bonita noche todos un beso cariñoso, cuidense. Bye! (Have a nice night, a lovely kiss. Take care. Bye!)
Mariah: *laughs* Bye! Yeah that was cute. I like when he speaks Spanish. *laughs*

Check out the Audio page to get the zipped version of this message and also, this message was added to Mariah's Voice Messages. Also, thanks to everyone who told me about this! There were too many of you to all mention here!

Mariah Daily Picture Gallery Up and Running
After over a week, Mariah Daily's Picture Gallery is up and running again! It took me 1 hour to move all the pictures to the gallery and to add a whole heck of a lot of BRAND NEW pictures. Gallery 50 was completed with the first pictures of Mariah and Luis and then I also filled up new brand new galleries, Gallery 51 and Gallery 52.

Eva sent me scans of Hola and two different issues of TvYNovelas. You can check out the TvyNovelas pictures in the April 17th and April 24th issues. On the right, you can see a picture of Mariah and Luis at the table and Luis blowing out his candles. It's a cool picture, so make sure you check it out in Gallery 52!

Plus, Mini sent me some nice scans that are older but not in the picture galleries and you can check out those pics in Gallery 52. Ibraheem sent me the scan from this weeks PEOPLE magazine (April 30th), which features a nice picture of Mariah from the All That Glitters set, which you can check out in All That Glitters #2 I do believe all these pictures should keep you busy for a while, hee hee!

Craving with Mariah
Here is what Adam told me:
Hey Regina, over my Spring Break, I got this book called, "Billboard Number One Hits" from 1997. It obviously has Mariah in it, twelve times in fact, up to Honey, and under Always Be My Baby, it has some information that I didn't know; I'm not sure if you know this. It says that the source of Crave's name is from an unreleased Mariah song, and, as she says, "It's a secret. One day I'll talk about it."

April 24, 2001...
Mariah on Extra
Mariah was on Extra Monday night and basically it was everything we already knew! They showed various shots of Mariah and Luis in Spain, which you can check out caps below that my friend Alex (sandranews.com) made exclusively for Mariah Daily, and talked about how Mariah is now making more than Janet at Virgin. They also mentioned how Mariah went into the yacht and came out with the 1 million dollar braclet. There was an interview with Mariah but not a new one. Thanks again to Alex for the help on the caps!

(Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 52)

Mariah Daily Picture Gallery STILL down
I still can't add any new pics to Mariah Daily Picture Gallery! It seems that Xoom is working on the problem though because it is starting to work a little better then before. Sorry for the lack o' updates on the picture gallery but as soon as Xoom comes back up, all the pictures will be removed from the NEWS section and added to the picture gallery! Thanks!

Magazine News...
Javi told me you can check out Mariah in Hola, Diez Minuto and Que Me Dices. In Que Me Dices, there is a little soap opera featuring Mariah and Luis & Mini found out where you can check it out on the net. Go to www.qmd.navegalia.com/qmd and click on the picture of Mariah and Luis that says, "El culebrón de la semana presenta a:Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey en." It has a bunch of edited pics of the two, check it out, it's funny!

My buddy Mark was really kind and scanned all the pictures from Diez Minuto and Semana!! Check out the scans below:
(Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 52)

Emotions gets sampled
Here is what Eric told me:
I'm not sure if you already know this or not, but there is a DJ named Sami Dee who sampled Emotions for a record called "Fly'in High."  It's not a remix of Emotions, just a sample of the song.  The particular part sampled is "I feel good, I feel nice, I've never felt so satisfied.  I'm in love, I'm a live, intoxicated, flying high."  It's actually quite good.

Mariah gets $317,567.55 per minute
Mariah Carey's new deal with Virgin Records will net the singer $117 million for five albums, or $23.5 million per disc. Assuming each CD is 74 minutes long, that means she'll be earning $317,567.55 per minute, or $5,292.79 a second. Minimum wage in the United States, meanwhile, is holding steady at $5.15 an hour. All That Glitters, indeed.

Thanks to Butterfly Web for this information.

Info for Oz...
Here is what Shayne from Mariah Buzz told me:
Well I called Columbia Pictures this morning and of the two people I spoke to, they told me the only info they had about ATg was that it's still in production and to probably expect it sometime next year...they sounded totally clueless. But I was speaking to the label manager of Virgin Records Oz this morning aswell and she told me that Virgin Oz will be releasing the album in August (27th would be a good guess) to coincide with the movie which I assume will be released here the first week Of September...7th to take an exact guess. I'd say the manager of Virgin would know best.

Info from Mariah fans for you...
Two people wanted me to report some information on this site today for you all to check out!!! Here it is...

  • Peter:
    Hi Lambs! Here is Peter from the German Mariah Fanclub "Mariah Fan Connection". This is a message for all artwork fans in the whole Mariah Universe. Because of the less time i will have in the next months, we search a nice person who is so kind and would design the cover for the next issue of our fanclub-magazine "Mariah´s World". The cover must be 827x1169 pixel at 100 DPI. Moreover it should consist of the new Pictures from Marbella. You can use 2, 3 or more pictures. But it should be very nice and colourfull. Just let your fantasy free and creat a beautiful cover. We will select the best one. You will be mentioned in the magazine and we try to use the other ones as pin-up´s or in the further issues. Mail at  Waldi_Peter.H@t-online.de
  • Julie and Viijay:
    Visit the grand re-opening of Fly Away with a great new design and a great new location [http://www.mariahfly.com/].  The site features a Rainbow tour recap with pictures and fan reports.  A brand new picture gallery includes fully edited quality pictures of award shows and events.  We will be constantly adding news, discography, pictures, Glitters info, Mariahisms, RealAudios, contests, and much more!  Take a look around, and maybe you'll find the inspiration to fly away.  --Vijay & Julie.

    50 Most Beautiful
    You can now vote for who you want as one of the 50 Most Beautiful people on People's website!! Please take five seconds, on the direct link below, and put in Mariah! Dan told me about this and someone else told me earlier in the week about this and I forgot to add it to the site, sorry about that! Check out the link below:

    April 23, 2001...
    EXCLUSIVE...One Lucky Lamb...
    Mari met Mariah a couple times before and Mariah knows Mari has a butterfly tattoo on her back!! When Mariah saw Mari in the crowd in Spain, she brought Mari on the boat because she wanted to show Luis the tattoo! Mari will send me a very descriptive story about everything that happened, but right now she is so tired. She met Mariah again, right before she left to come back home to New York City yesterday! Mari sent me some scans of some of the pics she took and plus, once you read this little story, you will understand how HUGE of a heart Mariah has!! I think I just gained even more respect for her, if that is even possible!! So enjoy...

    Hi Reg!
    I have come back today from Marbella. This morning Mariah travelled to NY! This morning Mariah let me hear again her new single LoverBoy. She told me: "You are the first who listen to my new single" She was sooo cute and sweet! I´ll tell you all the story, but now I need a rest! I´ll send to Minerva the story and she will translate it in english. Mariah was so sweet again with me! Mariah saw me and she took me into the ship with her and Luismi. Then she gave me a big, sweet and long hug. I was crying and she told me near my ear (so sweetly): I love you, a beautiful girl".We were just 2 fans this time, sleeping all nights in the street and at 7am the bodyguard sent us breakfast (from Mariah), autographs, and a cute toy and a draw for me! she´s sooooo nice!!!! I´ll send you pix soon!
    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 51)

    Lamb Central/Links Updated
    I added two new sites to Lamb Central and one new site to the Links section! Check them out if you like!

    April 22, 2001...
    EXCLUSIVE...Mariah in NYC
    Eva just told me that Mariah and Luis left yesterday for London and at this moment are on their way to NYC. They will probably be back home either tonight or early tomorrow morning!! This news came from Luis Miguel's press conference in Spain, where Gemma Asensi (sister to Luis's manager) reported this information right before the press conference ended.

    This is the first time that Mariah will be in NYC since the whole birthday package was sent to her. SO, let's hope she gets it now!!!

    Mariah Interview from MTV Europe
    Reporter: "Regular viewers of the show will remember that Mariah Carey has left Columbia, label that lunched her career and is incidentally also the home of her ex-husband, for a new contract with Virgin and not content to merely skin the surface of investigative journalism, MTV interviewed Mariah to find out exactly what it was about the record breaking multi million dollar deal that attracted her attention"

    MARIAH: "I know a lot of artists signed on the label and they're very happy and umm I just feel like it's a great place to start, and the other thing is, my accountant's name is Rod Nash, which rhymes with cash, *laugh* and mine is flying out the window, *laugh* so what he needs to do now is put a pad lock on it before I wind up on my own behind ......"

    Many thanks to my buddy Liron for this information!!!!

    Magazine News...
    Prinie told me that Mairah is in the new MIRA tabloid (May 1st issue). They have a few pictures of MC and Luis on page 24 and 25 on the yacht and there is an older picture of Mariah from one of the Rainbow signings towards the back.

    Plus, Lucie told me that there are articles about Mariah and Luis in two Spanish magazines. The first one is Semana (1 page with 3 photos) and the other is Diez Minutos (3 pages with 5 photos). The photos are similiar to the ones I had on the site earlier in the week!

    Since today is Sunday, there is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and a new Poll O' The Week. Thanks to Prinie for the Quote idea and thanks to Ric for the poll idea. Here are last weeks results:

    If the world wiped out all of Mariah ablums except for one, which one would you choose to have? Mariah Carey (51) 6%
    Emotions (12) 1%
    Unplugged (10) 1%
    Music Box (64) 8%
    Merry Christmas (12) 1%
    Daydream (96) 13%
    Butterfly (280) 38%
    #1s (138) 18%
    Rainbow (70) 9%
    Total Votes: 733

    Reminder...Mariah on EXTRA tomorrow
    Don't forget to check out a brand new interview with Mariah tomorrow on EXTRA t.v.! It will be about Luis and Mariah recently in Spain!! Check local listings for when it airs in your area because it is different in each location. In Marlton, NJ, it airs at 7 pm EST!

    Backstreet Boys and Mariah
    KrzyMcKid17 told me that Backstreet Boys gave a premiere webcast at thier website and some girl asked who AJ would want to do a duet with and he said something along the lines that the group was thinking about doing a duet with Mariah Carey.

    April 21, 2001...
    EXCLUSIVE...Mariah on Extra Monday
    Mariah will be featured on EXTRA, which airs on NBC!! It will show footage of Luis and her in Spain and plus, it s rumored that there will be an interview with Mariah herself. Thanks to Isa, Anna, Jen, Bobbie and Eva for this information. EXTRA is syndicated , meaning make sure you check your local listings to see when it airs in your neck of the woods. Here in Marlton, NJ, it airs at 7 pm! Here is what Clicktv.com said:

    Type: First-run Syndication / Entertainment News Duration: 30 min
    Description: Scheduled: how to win a date with medical correspondent Dr. Sean ("Survivor"); singer Mariah Carey. (In Stereo)
    Airing: Mon 4/23/01  7:00pm 10

    Glitter hits theaters November 9th in Britain...
    Hamza sent me the following article taken from Popcorn and the very last line, it says that Glitter will hit screens on November 9th in Britain!:

    It may seem a long way off yet, but Spidey fans might want to pay attention to this next piece of news. The live-action version of the popular 'Spider-Man' cartoon will be released in the UK on May 10 2002. See, we told you it was a long way off.

    The project is currently filming under Sam Raimi's watchful eye, with Tobey Maguire playing the webbed-one. The normally blonde Kirsten Dunst has turned redhead in order to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man's love interest Mary-Jane Watson.

    Filming has been taking place for over a month now, and plenty of leaks have already sprung up on the Internet revealing pictures of Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin outfit, along with Maguire's figure-hugging spider suit.

    The film has also been plagued with mishaps including the theft of several costumes. Columbia Pictures is so desperate to get the costumes back that it has been offering a $25,000 reward for their safe return.

    In other release news, Columbia has plumped for March 8, 2002 to release its thriller 'The Panic Room'. Jodie Foster has been working on the David Fincher-directed movie; Nicole Kidman had originally been set to star, but pulled out in January because of a recurring knee injury.

    And for all you Mariah Carey fans out there - go on, admit it, you love her - her movie debut 'All That Glitters' will be hitting British shores on November 9 this year. Ooh we just can't wait.

    New Picture...
    Well, I still can't add any pictures to the picture galleries, so I am adding the scans of Breakout below. Ruud sent me the scans of the new Breakout issue (April 19th) and as you can see, there is a new picture released! Yippppeeee! Click on them for the larger scans!
    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 51)

    Glitter Soundtrack=August 21st
    According to The Sun and Entertainment Sleuth, Glitter's soundtrack will be released on August 21st. Nothing has been confirmed yet but as of the moment, this is all we know! Makes sence since it is a Tuesday and usually soundtracks come out a week or so before the movie! Many thanks to Andre and Ashley.

    Here is what is listed under August 21st, along with the release of Glitter's soundtrack...

    AUG. 21: Mariah Carey, All That Glitters
    Faith Evans, TBA
    Busta Rhymes, TBA
    Sebastian Bach, TBA

    50 Most Beautiful
    You can now vote for who you want as one of the 50 Most Beautiful people on People's website!! Please take five seconds, on the direct link below, and put in Mariah! Dan told me about this and someone else told me earlier in the week about this and I forgot to add it to the site, sorry about that! Check out the link below:

    411 on Luis's Birthday
    Here is what Anna told me:
    Reports and pictures of Luis's  birthday celebration in Marbella are coming in steadily. What we know so far is that there were lots of friends and fans in the disco, and as a courtesy to Mariah, the owner of the restaurant asked the patrons not to smoke. Mariah sang a birthday song to Luis, accompanied by Mariachis (Mexican musicians), and the guests sang the "chorus"; Mariah and Luis were dressed very nicely - Luis in a grey suit, Mariah in a short black dress - and that famous bracelet. They ate a nice, relaxed dinner, and then they brought out a huge chocolate birthday cake with candles (at which point Mariah sang).They partied and danced, and then at 3:00 a.m. they went back to their yacht.

    Mariah on Rock N Roll Jeopardy
    Here is what Jason told me:
    I am watching ROCK N ROLL JEOPARDY and the category was NEW YORKERS. I assumed Mariah would be an answers, and she was the $200 answer (in the first round). It said "This diva was born on Long Island on March 27, 1970." The contestants were celebrities and Meredith Brooks rang in and made a big deal how she was just making a guess...she guessed Mariah and was right, of course. The audience clapped.

    Radio Show
    Here is what Chipmunk26746@cs.com told me:
    hi i just wanted to tell you that on april 22nd there will be an online radio show for luis miguel's birthday. we are hoping that maybe mariah heard about it and maybe show might call and say something. you can go to www.idolo.com to hear it

    April 20, 2001...Update #3
    New Pic of Luis and MC
    Check out this new pictures of Mariah and Luis after attending a famous club in Marbella Spain. Many thanks to Eva for these pictures:
    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 51)

    April 20, 2001...Update #2
    Glitter gets PG-13...most likely
    Ashley informed me that Mariah is in the Summer Preview section of Entertainment Weekly (April 27th). She sent me the scan of the article and I typed it out so you can also check it out below! Click the scan below for a larger version of the picture/article!

    All That Glitters
    Starring: Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Ann Madnuson, Eric Benet, Shawtae Harrie (aka DaBrat)
    Written By: Kate Lanier
    Directed By: Vondie Curtis Hall

    What's The Big Deal? Could it fo for Carey what The Rose did for Better Midler?
    When Hall (Gridlock'd) got the call asking if he wanted to direct pop star Mairah Carye in her first starring role, his response was immediate and heartfelt: No. "Being an actor, I had this initial sort of prejudice about people are not [actors]," says the filmmaker. "I knew Mariah was a great singer, but I didn't know if she could ask." After viewing a screen test Carey had done, he changed his mind. The resulting film follows a Funny Girl/A Star Is Born template, the twist being that this time her heroine is a musically gifted New York homegirl.

    Beesley, who plays Carey's love interest, says he was "pleasantly surprised" at how natural an acress she was, "She just blew everything out the window with a very emotional performance." So, okay, she can ask as well as sing. And you may have noticed she's a looker, too. Which leads us to an unavoidable question: Does she do a nude scene? "No," laughs Hall, who aimed for a PG raiting. "But she does expose her bare midriff a lot." That's our gal! (August 31st)

    More New Pics of MC and Luis?
    Anna, Luis Correspondent of Mariah Daily, informed me that Mariah and Luis celebrated his birthday at a famous club in Marbella spain and that the place was full of t.v. people and other cameras. So we will probably be seeing some more new pictures of them shortly covering this.

    Mariah in Magazines
    Mark informed me that you can check out Mariah in the following 3 magazines:
    - Break Out (NL), The April 19th Issue.
    - De Telegraaf (NL), The April 19th Issue. (sold worldwide)
    - Veronica (NL), The April 21st Issue.

    Also, he said that there is 2 pages of Mariah in the Break Out issue above. He said he is going to send me scans tomorrow because Mariah looks incredible in the pictures!! So hopefully, if I keep bugging him, he will send them to me, so I can get them up on Mariah Daily, ha ha!

    News from Anna
    Here is what Anna told me:
    Well, all of the Luis Miguel fans worldwide have been celebrating his birthday since yesterday, because even though it's listed as "4-19-70" on his records, in actuality, he was born at 11:30 p.m.  the night before. His father put the wrong date, since it was so close to midnight.  No problem - he (and we) just celebrate both days! But the 19th is the "official date."

    Even though it's HIS birthday, a lot of  the news has been focused on that splendid gift he gave Mariah to celebrate her new contract.  A Mexican paper (La Reforma) has quoted the British press in saying that the bracelet Luis gave Mariah (the Van Cleef and Arpel one that Julia Roberts borrowed for the Oscars) is valued at $1.42 million dollars.

    This link to the Reforma article talks about the fabulous "millionaire" gift:

    Now Mariah- what do you give the guy who has everything (including "you") and who gives out presents like THAT? :D

      The following article ( link below)  asks Luis's fans to help Mariah find the perfect gift for Luis, who has his own jet, his own yacht, and who has few needs beyond lots of suntan lotion! :)

    This link talks about Luis's birthday, his success as a recording artist,  and the plans for a private celebration with Mariah in Paris:

    Glitter Gets Revamped...
    I am working on the Glitter page now and hopefully, by the end of the day, it will fit the new design of Mariah Daily pretty much! Plus I am finally going to update this section with all the latest information we have on it!!

    April 20, 2001...Update #1
    Janet send MC flowers and says Welcome to the Family...
    Check out what Shannon told me:
    I was watching Muchmusic's Live @ Much w/ Janet Jackson and the interviewer, Master T, happened to mention the rumor swirling around Mariah and Janet.  He basically said there's been rumours flying around about Janet having animosity toward Mariah for breaking her record (of highest paid contract in history) and asked her to comment on it.  Janet replied that it wasn't true (of course!) and that she wouldn't be mad abut something like that because it's only reasonable to think that someone would come along and break your record.  She also said that she in fact sent Mariah flowers and a note that said "Welcome to the family."  I thought that was very sweet and cool of Janet to do :) 

    Gente Scans
    I sadly can still not add new pictures to the Mariah Daily Picture Galleries because my xoom account seems to still be down! So, I am forced once again, to add them here. As soon as my account comes back up though, I will be deleting these pictures from my main account and moving all the pics to the Picture Galleries.

    Nacho was VERY kind and sent me all the scans from Gente magazine. It seems they are not on the cover, as I reported yesterday, but there are some nice pics inside!
    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 51)

    El Gordo Y La Flaca
    Yesterday Art told me that Mariah and Luis would be featured on today's show El Gordo Y La Flaca. Shortly before the show aired, I figured out what channel and what time it would air. Basically, there was a 6 minute interview about everything that happened. They showed MC and Luis together on the yacht kissing and chilling and then they showed them before Luis's birthday celebration! However, they showed two other clips where they showed MC later at night getting off the yacht wearing a black jumpsuit that had "M" in red on the pants and top and also, they showed Luis and MC at a restaurant eating.

    Andrés sent me the scan of Hola Magazine and also, translated the article for us, which I thought was VERY nice! Check it all out below:

    Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel, two lovers in Marbella
    The Mexican singer visited her girlfriend, who is presently recording the soundtrack for her upcoming movie "All that Glitters" in Ronda.

    Breaking down all those rumours talking about a possible distancing, Mariah Carey and her boyfriend, Luis Miguel, appeared in this romantic attitude on board of a yacht that waited for them at Puerto Banús, to take them to Sotogrande. The singer had arrived before to Costa del Sol, where, namely in Ronda, she had been recording songs for the soundtrack of her upcoming movie All that Glitters for 10 days. This film will be Mariah's debut in the world of cinema. Luis Miguel travelled to Ronda last weekend to be beside her. These images are the best evidence of the fact that their love is unstoppable. Mariah and Luis Miguel had dinner at Puerto Banús, after a tiring day, during which the enjoy the sun and the calm of the sea on board of a yacht.

    The best ballad-singer, who was married to Tomy Mottola, chief executive of Sony Records (he has recently married another singer, Thalia), has signed a fabulous contract with the record company Virgin, who has paid her 6,000 million pesetas (the best paid singer at present) (approx. 40 million dollars). So she has not only divorced her husband, from a sentimental point of view, but also from a professional one.

    Mariah's Gift
    This next article was sent to me by John It's an article from The Sun in Ireland. Basically it says that Luis bought Mariah the same exact bracelet that Julia Roberts wore at the Oscars this year. The bracelet is said to cost 1 million dollars.

    The paper also says... "Mega-rich Spanish singer Luis Miguel amazed Mariah with gift aboard his luxury yacht in Puerto Banus in southern Spain...where Mariah is using her time in Spain to record the soundtrack album to the appropriately named 'All That Glitters', the movie she is starring in as a young singer desperate for fame."

    April 19, 2001...
    Mariah on People.com and on cover of Gente
    Anna, one of Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondents, told me that you can check out two new pictures of Mariah on People.com's website. I added them below for you all to check out. Just click on them to view larger!

    Nacho told me that Mariah appears on the cover of Gente magazine and he should be sending me the scans tomorrow afternoon. I'll have them up for Friday's update!

    Mariah on cover of ETC!
    Abd Jalil sent me a magazine called ETC from Malaysia that features Mariah on the cover. It is the March 1-15 issue and inside there is a 7 page article about MC, which includes a new Glitter picture from the set (check out larger version on your right). I will be adding all the scans to Gallery 51 but sadly XOOM, the host of Mariah Daily's picture gallery, is still down and I can not load the pictures to the server. So I am forced to add them below, which I bet a lot of you don't mind that! I tried to keep them large enough, so you can check out the article.

    Two of the pics were edited too, including the two images taken from the Heartbreaker Single. They took off "Heartbreaker" off of MC's shirt and on the image from the back cover of heartbreaker, they added a tube top onto Mariah, which was funny! Check them out.

    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 51)

    Mariah Official Site Updated
    Check out MariahCarey.com for new screensavers from Mariah. They are basically just images from the Photo Galleries and I only downloaded the last one, which features 3 pictures of Mariah that change every couple o' seconds. I was told that more images will be added for Window Users and it says on the site that soon MAC screen savers will be added.

    It can easily be told that Mariah's team are working hard on the website for us and I think they are doing a wonderful job on her site! So for anyone who is complaining about anything on the website, be greatful for everything they are doing for us!!

    Mariah and Julia...
    Honey and Kate made a cute little image showing the fact that Julia and MC are wearing the same bracelet. The only difference is that Julia borrowed this very expensive diamond bracelet for the Oscars and Mariah was given it from Luis, her "honey," as reported in yesterday's article!

    Mariah on Leute Heute
    Honey and Kate also translated an interview Mariah did recently on a German TV show called "Leute Heute." Check it out below:

    when they asked her if the story for "glitter" was autobiographical, she said the following:
    "No, the story doesn't have to do anything with my life. If it would be my life story, you'd have to shoot like a mini series, we'd probably need 3 different parts. Oh, and also we wouldn't be able to show it on TV, becoz some people would have big problems with it." (laughs)
    Mariah also talked about her career and she seemed very happy:
    "Right now it's not about what I regret, or negative things which I feel for some people, or whatever happened in my past. It's all about moving forward. I'm very grateful for what I have."
    And when they asked if there'd be any time left for her private life, our Queen Chop just said:
    (laughs) "Of course I still have time for my private life. Right now I'm pretty busy but of course I take care of me."

    You Want Mariah? You Talk To Tommy!
    Shontee sent me the story from Talk Magazine. I took it directly from her NEWS page, so make sure you check that out!! I was really shocked when I read this article but the only thing that bothers me is how could A.J. Benza remember everything said from 1997 unless he recorded when he talked to her in the club and when he talked to her on the phone? Anyhow check it out below!

    Talk Magazine Article of May 2001
    A.J. Benza

    I had heard Tommy Mottola and Mariah Carey were having difficulties and that the songbird was looking to fly the coop.  And, in fact, there at the nightclub was Mariah huddled with New York shortstop Derek Jeter on what turned out to be the first night the future lovers ever hun out. But I didn't let it interfere with my mission. I was friends with Mottola ten and had told him I'd help his wife out. I threw back my fifth gin and tonic and headed over to the velvet couch where Carey, Jeter, and a bunch of her friends were sitting. "Okay," I said, "I got direct orders from your husband to talk to you. You okay with that?"

    "Oh greatanother one who takes orders from my husband," Mariah shot back. "Listen, I'm my own man," I said. " I just want to talk to you a little bit and clear up some of the bad press you get". "And how do I know you're not ging to give me more bad press?" "Because I already arranged it with your husband what we're going to talk about and all,"I said,"It's gonna be fine." "So, let me get this straight: You and him decided what you and I are going to talk about" Jesus, this one was a tough nut to crack. But suddenly I was falling for her and I didn't give a damn who her husband was. Or that the Yankees' star was sweating her as I leaned over him to get some quotes. It wouldn't have been the first time I fell for a woman in a nightclub. "I have to ask you bout your marriage,"I said. "We on the record or off?" "we're off, Way off" "We're fine," Mariah said, "People want to spread rumors and cause trouble. But we're fine" I knew she was lying like a rug, but I was giong to write that her marriage was fine just so I could placate my new friend Motola. With the weight my column carried around that time, I considered it a tremendous servie to the little big guy. Maybe it was the gin talking, but I looked at Mariah Carey the-and I just dove right in. "Listen," I said "I want to call you sometime,but I don't wand to have to go through the Pentagon to do it. You ever come down from that ivory tower? You're 26,for God's sake" She laughed, but it was a good laugh, and I walked out of the place with Mariah Carey's phone number in my back pocket. I jumped into my Benz,put the top down,and listened to Sly Stone sing "M" Lady" Who was cooler than me? A week or two later I decided to give Mariah a call, but when I dialed the number she'd scribbled on the napkin the answering machine came on with a routine from the Jerky Boys CD. I dialed again and got the sme thing. Stupidly, I called Mottola then,to find out what was what. "Tommy, I'm trying to get a hold of Mariah to ask her a question about an item I'm writting and the number I'm dialing-" Mottola cut me off real fast. "what's the number she gave you?" I read it to him "Listen to Me,"he said "That ain't the number. Throw it out. If you wand to get to Mariah, you call me and I'll get her for you. Understand? "sure," I said. "No problem." At that moment it dawned on me Mariah Carey had given me a number, a private number, that her husband wasn't hip to. A few minutes later she called me herself. "You told Tommy I gave you that number?" "Yeah, what did I know? I just thought it was a service or something,and then I heard that Jerky Boys stuff and I didn't know what was going on" "Listen," Mariah said. "That is my numbe. He just hates when I get calls that he doesn't clear first" Jesus Christ, I thought to myself. Bad marriage or not, I was being half a scumbag with another guy's wife. I was happier than hell it was a sexy international pop star.

    Westlife on Mariah
    Laura let me know that Mariah was mentioned twice on Westlife's webchat and here is part of the transcript:
    Question:    Kian, is it true you may be related to Mariah Carey?
    WestlifeLiveChat:    Kian: Her Mother is Irish and her mother's name is Egan. Thats the only connection.
    Question:    Hi guys! I was just wondering if you are planning to do any more collaborations with any other singers/groups like you did with Mariah.
    WestlifeLiveChat:    Bryan: This is an AOL exlusive we might do a duet with Ronan, Hearsay and Michael Jackson.

    Mariah Carey Davis?
    Check out this CUTE story that Terry sent me...
    No big news but as I was walking through the mall today they play I Still Believe, and Can't Let Go over the loud speaker. Also on my way home Always Be My Baby was on a chicago radio station b96 (96.3).

    My grandfather was in the hospital this week and we went to visit him and I was in the waiting room waiting for my sister. There was a lady and a man there with their daughter who was about 3 or 4. Their daughter would just not listen for anything she was running around and jumping on the couches. Then finally her mother had enough and she's like "Mariah sit your butt down" I was like how cute her name is mariah I love Mariah. The little girl was still running around. So her dad got up and was yelling at her and finally he goes "Mariah Carey Davis listen to your mother sit down and dont move" Even though she was getting yelled at I tought it was so cute and our mariah's name is catching on!!

    Watch Mariah and Luis in Spain
    SUMar235 sent me two links where you can watch Mariah and Luis in Spain from two different t.v. shows. Click the link to check it out:

    Calling All Lambs--Beach Party 2001
    Jim e-mailed me and told me that there is going to be a Mariah Beach Party in Santa Monica this weekend and Honey and Kate created a page with details about the whole event. Check it out to find out more details and if you are in there area, check out this awesome event!

    Mariah on the Radio
    Here is what Jesse told me:
    Hey Regina, just wanted to let you know as well as other MC fans that one of our local radio stations is giving away 1 million dollars and what you have to do in order to win is be the 6th caller when they play the song of the day. Well today the song of the day was Mariah's Heartbreaker. Pretty cool huh? They play it twice a day giving away $106.00 each time, and if your the 6th caller you get registered to win the $1 million dollars they will be giving away next month. They still have to play "Heartbreaker" one more time so I will be listening to see if I get registered.

    Versus Weekend
    Adrian told me that this weekend is the Versus Weekend Special on MTV's LatinAmerica North. In Round 5, Mariah is against Thalia. Make sure you vote in every category or you vote won't count and below you can check out a direct link to vote for Mariah. It takes 5 seconds to do it, please check it out!

    Coming Soon...
    A story from a fan who got to meet Mariah in Spain last week. Not only that, she got to go up and show Luis the tattoo she has of a butterfly, that Mariah loves! There are pictures and more and I wrote a letter to MC, which she got and inside it mentioned the birthday package and how it was still waiting for her in NYC! So hopefully now MC knows about it for sure and will get it upon her return to NYC! So thanks to everyone who has been patient and I can't wait to hear what Mari had to say with meeting Mariah and Luis! I am hoping to get it all up on the site on Friday, if Mari can find time to send me her story!!!

    April 18, 2001 -- Curvy crooner Janet Jackson is reportedly furious at Virgin Records for signing rival sexy songbird Mariah Carey for a record $23.5 million per album - while she pulls in a comparatively paltry $10 million. The division between the dueling divas also is fueled by Jackson's fears that the mega-company's whopping generosity to Carey suggests Jackson's new album will take a back seat to Carey's next work when it comes to promoting them. "Janet considered herself the reigning diva at Virgin before they signed Mariah, and now she's worried that the label will spend more time and effort promoting Mariah's albums than hers - she has been kicking up a big fuss," an industry insider told The Post. Jackson's new album, "All For You," is due out Tuesday. Jackson - known for her demanding ways - wants the release of Carey's upcoming album, "All That Glitters," pushed back by several months, the source said. Carey's album has been slated for release in late July or early August. "An album's life is usually three to four months," the insider said. "Janet wants to make sure that the album is not shunted in any way." Jackson's rep, Paul Freundlich, scoffed at the reported rivalry and insiders' claims that his client was miffed at Virgin's multimillion-dollar deal with Carey. "This is absolutely the silliest thing I have ever heard," Freundlich said. "Janet has the No. 1 single and is poised for one of the biggest albums of the year. She certainly has no animosity." But sources insist that the diva is annoyed. "Mariah is No. 1 at Virgin now," the industry insider said. A Virgin spokesman denied that any animosity exists between the songbirds. "People have been asking Janet about this, but she doesn't have a problem at all," he said. Jackson's "All for You" - with a No. 1 single already on the charts - is the hotly anticipated follow-up to her wildly successful album "The Velvet Rope" in 1997. The new album - dedicated to rapper Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs - could be her raunchiest yet. In "Love Scene (Ooh Baby)," for example, the singer reportedly uses the F-word and fantasizes about a lover playing with her body, while she moans seductively at the end of "Would You Mind." But if it came down to an album popularity showdown with the red-hot Carey, the competition would be plenty stiff, since anything Carey releases is a sure-fire hit. Jackson also could have a personal reason to be jealous of Carey as well. Jackson's estranged hubby, Rene Elizondo Jr., has sued her for more than $10 million since their split, while Carey is in the midst of a hot-and-heavy love affair with Latin heartthrob singer Luis Miguel.

    Many thanks to Desiree for this story taken from NYPost.com

    April 18, 2001...
    Mariah in Rolling Stone
    Check out Mariah in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine with Tommy and Pam on the cover. MC is on page 28 and I am told it is a very nice picture of Mariah and it talks about how she signed with Virgin Records. Many thanks to Dan for this information.

    MARIAH: bejeweled
    The love affair between Mariah Carey and Latin heartthrob Luis Miguel is going strong. Miguel joined Carey last weekend in Spain, where she's recording the soundtrack to "All That Glitters" for Virgin records. During a celebration over her new mega-recording contract, Miguel presented her with a gorgeous Van Cleef & Arpel diamond bracelet. "It is the same bracelet Julia Roberts borrowed for the Oscars," said a source. A rep for Carey declined comment on the extravagant gift but said, "They are very happy together."

    Source: Taken from Page Six and many thanks to Nini for sending this to me!

    FHM Poll--Vote for MC
    Rick told me that this is the last week for FHM World's Sexiest Women contest. Please make sure you check it out and vote for Mariah!

    Bit's O' Info...
    Here is two tidbits on Miss Mariah:

  • Jen:
    A couple nights ago MC was on LITE 100.5 in Vegas twice. They first played a version of "Can't let go" ...then when I was making dinner, they played "I'll be there".
  • PopGoddess :
    Check out "Mariah Pants" at the link below:

    I Met Mariah
    I Met Mariah was updated with one more story from Mark and the larger scan of the picture. If you have a story about how you met Mariah or saw Mariah, please send in your picture and story to me and I will make sure to get it up ASAP!

    April 17, 2001...
    Mariah and Luis...
    Well, I have a bunch of pictures of Mariah and Luis from this weekend in Spain and I tried to upload them to the picture gallery but it is temporaily down. SO, I am adding them below, but I will be removing tomorrow most likely and adding them back to Xoom! All the pictures are pretty much courtesy of Eva and Anna, who spent a lot of time searching. Some of them are exclusive to this site too!

    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 50)

    If you want to check out a cool interview with Mariah plus footage of Mariah and Luis running around, check out the realvideo below. Many thanks to Antonio and Eva for giving me permission to use this on Mariah Daily. Click Here for Video

    Plus, Javier told me that many people believe that these are shots for Mariah's new video "Loverboy!" Nini said that Ocurrio Asi reported that Mariah is 7 weeks pregnant. One of the reasons why she might be shooting the video so early is because soon she will start to be showing. However, this is all rumors and nothing has been confirmed!

    Mariah Care-free
    Vicki was VERY nice and sent me scans from yesterdays "The Sun" (April 16th). The two pictures are below and here is the article:

    SEXY Mariah Carey enjoys a sizzling kiss - and shows she hasn't a care in the world. The songbird, 30, radiated happiness as she canoodled with Latin lover Luis Miguel, 31, on a boat. Mariah looked sensational in a skimpy white bikini as she perched on Mexican singer Luis's lap at the Spanish resort of Marbella. The busty beauty was taking her first break for months after working flat out to record a new album.

    (Pictures were moved...check out Gallery 50)

    Maria did a translation of yesterdays article! Here it is:
    Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel, together in Marbella (Spain).
    Last Friday night Port Banus had more stars than usual. The northamerican singer Mariah Carey and the idol of Latin ballads, Luis Miguel, one of the most popular couples of the moment, explored and had dinner in this coastal area, taking advantage of the filming of Carey's new video. After the strenous filming (in which dozens of papparazzi and reporters participated), yesterday was a day of relaxation. Carey, who took a dip in the Marbellan waters at noon, and the Mexican star traveled to Sotogrande, where, during their dinner, Luis gave Mariah a present. The video filmed in Port Banus is for Mariah's next single from her next album. The new CD will come out under Virgin, after she left CBS Records (her ex-husband's label, who is now married to Thalia, the famous Mexican singer).

    Bits O' Info...
    Here is some various information on Mariah:

  • Gabby:
    Hey reg:) i was just watching Vh1's 90 greatest videos of the 90s(or something like that lol). And they showed clips of "one sweet day"And of Mariah talking about how Nate wrtoe a song almost exactly like it.It was # 54. Ok, talk to ya later:)
  • KrzyMcKid17
    Hey on wednesday the radio station i listen to out here its called 102.7 well the morning dj was talkin about how much mariah carey makes per cd or somethin like that and if you go this site you can here it you can just scroll down!
    Click here: http://rick.com/
  • Rachael:
    Hey, Regina. I was looking at artwork online & I found a GREAT portrait of Mariah at celebritywonder.com.
  • Jeff:
    just an tid bit... i was on emode.com taking a "pop culture 2000" quiz..and it said that people who have taken that quiz have also taken the "pop culture 1999" quiz,  so i took it,  and one of the questions was  "which pop and rap duo perform the hit heartbreaker?" and of course the answer was Mariah and JayZ!  that's all!  buh BYE!

    April 16, 2001...
    EXCLUSIVE...Mariah and Luis on the Yacht
    Here are two lovely pictures of Mariah and Luis on the yacht in Spain!! Mariah's Official Spanish club sent them to me, which I really appreciate!!

    Here is the Spanish article that goes with the pictures:

    Mariah Carey y Luis Miguel, juntos en Marbella La noche del pasado viernes contó con más estrellas de las habituales en Puerto Banús. La cantante norteamericana Mariah Carey y el ídolo de la balada latina Luis Miguel, una de las parejas sentimentales más populares del momento, pasearon y cenaron en esta zona costera, aprovechando el rodaje de un videoclip de Carey. Después de la ardua filmación (en la que participaron como extras los numerosos periodistas y reporteros gráficos concentrados ante la visita de los dos cantantes), ayer fue un día de relax. Carey, que se dio un baño en las playas malagueñas al mediodía, y el astro mexicano se desplazaron hasta Sotogrande donde, en el transcurso de una cena, Luis Miguel le dio a su novia un obsequio. El videoclip rodado en Puerto Banús corresponde al próximo sencillo del nuevo álbum de Mariah Carey, el nuevo en la compañía Virgin, después de romper con CBS (la discográfica de su ex marido, Tony Mottola, ahora casado con la también cantante Thalía).

    Mariah is a WINNER
    Molly sent me a scan of the April 16th issue of TIME Magazine. Inside, it says that Mariah is a Winner for her deal with Virgin. Sneak peak is to your right of what the picture looks like and check out the full scan in Gallery 50! Thanks Molly!

    Winner: Mariah Carey
    Diva inks industry-high $80 mil. deal with Virgin. Spares her the need to hawk anyone's cola.

    Mariah on PINK site?
    If you check out Pink's Official Site in the LINKS section, there is a Mariah Carey link to a fan page that isn't updated anymore! It's somewhat odd though that a Mariah site would be featured on Pink's site??? Thanks to KrzyMcKid17 for this information.

    A Lesson With "Hero"
    Steph found a lesson plan for kids that uses the song Hero. You can check it out by clicking here and I also pasted everything below! It's kind of neat that teachers use this song as a study topic.

    Lesson 15
    And Then a Hero Comes Along:
    Building Critical Thinking Skills

    Popular music can serve as a valuable vehicle for stimulating creative thinking. It can help to reinforce basic concepts while providing entertainment for students and teachers. The use of listening skills and higher-order thinking skills can assist students in the development of critical and evaluative learning techniques. By utilizing the theory of multiple intelligences and the seven intelligences, proposed by Howard Gardner in his book Frames of Mind, students can increase their ability to problem solve.

    Objectives: The student will be able to:
    locate descriptive passages in the lyrics of the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey;
    list characteristics of real heroes;
    compare and contrast current heroes with heroes of the past;
    recognize heroes or significant contributors to history;
    utilize an expository prompt to write a paper.

    CD/tape player; music and lyrics for "Hero;" writing prompt, grading rubic.

    Time Frame: 2-3 class periods.

    Suggested for middle school students.

    Play the song "Hero" and permit time for students to listen and reflect on the lyrics.
    Allow students time to write answers to the following questions individually:
    Is "Hero" a good title for this song?
    What do you think the artist meant when she sang the lyrics, "There's a hero if you look inside your heart."
    What descriptive words or phrases in the song make you think of a hero?
    Form groups and have students brainstorm their ideas together.
    Have each group write the list of descriptors on the board and review them orally as a class. Possible descriptors include:
    has heart survives faces the world alone casts fear aside strength to carry on holds on believes in tomorrow melts sorrow reaches out love has soul truth dreams searches has hope
    Pose this problem to the class to solve; "Who are the real heroes/heroines today? Why do you think these people are heroes?" Have groups create a chart with three columns. Column one should have the name of current heroes, column two should be titled characteristics that make them a hero and the third column should name a hero from the past who compares to this current hero.

    Evaluation can be completed by teacher observation of student interaction and completed projects. Expository writing sample could be evaluated through the use of a standard four point writing rubic for holistic scoring.

    Selected Recording:
    "Hero" (Columbia 53205)
    Mariah Carey (1993)

    Suggested Background Reading:
    Gardner, Howard (1993). Multiple Intelligences: The Theory and Practice. New York, New York: Basic Books.

    Mariah Mentioned on Grand Tour
    My very good friend and one of Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondents, Anna, just got back from from a very nice vacation. One of her spots that she checked out was Italy and here is some cool information she shared with me that you all might enjoy:

    Italy was fantastic - loved it!  There were so many beautiful places we visited, the people were very friendly, and the weather was perfect  - a little cool, but sunny.  Of course, one of the highlights was Capri, where I spent my birthday!  It was extra exciting to be in the city where Luis and Mariah have enjoyed some wonderful vacations. in fact, the hotel where our group stayed was just around the corner from one of the hotels where they've stayed; I heard Mariah's name mentioned by some people in an exclusive men's clothing store, and the tour director told us the news about Mariah's record breaking contract signing while we were on the tour bus.   That led to a discussion of Mariah's visits to Capri, and he (the tour director) said "she recorded her last album, Rainbow, here, and she and her boyfriend, the very famous Latin singer Luis Miguel, have vacationed here several times. They have stayed in the most luxurious hotels on the island, as well as on their yacht.  When they (Luis and Mariah) were here in May of last year, they had a dinner party where the food was prepared by Mariah's favorite chef, Franco.  I don't know how much the dinner cost, but Mariah tipped them between $2-3,000 dollars, so you can imagine that is was an expensive dinner party! Also, Luis Miguel arranged for a band of musicians and singers to greet Mariah when she arrived, and then had a huge fireworks display set off for her.... it was quite spectacular!"

    Bits O' Info...
    Here is two information tidbits I received on Miss Mariah...

  • Kristy:
    During MTV's Celebrity Undercover episode featuring Missy Elliott and her fans they played the Heartbreaker remix and mariah sang during a part of the show! Just a lil' tidbit! lol
  • Amber:
    Hi Lamb. This is Amber and I just wanted to letcha know that I was watching "BET Video Link" yesterday and it said that Eric Benet will be starring in the upcoming film "All That Glitters" this summer with Mariah Carey. Just thought you might wanna know that.

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from Billboard.com...

  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 20, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 20, 1996
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    7     7     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    

    April 15, 2001...Happy Easter
    Two lovers in Marbella
    Eva translated the following article for us. You can check out the Spanish version of this article by clicking here.

    After they signed autographes and revealed that she feels happy, Mariah Carey, reunited in the Port of Marbella with Luis Miguel
    MADRID, España, April 14, 2001.- The Mexican singer Luis Miguel and singer Mariah Carey enjoyed the break of Easter in the locality of Marbella, a paradisiaco place of the Sea Mediterraneo, to where the lights of the world go with regularity art Carey was discovered when she walked by Puerto Banus, adorned with a flat red dress and black sandals, and soon was acclaimed by a multitude of admirers and tourists who accompany her until she got to the luxurious yacht, in which she waited for Luis Miguel. Far from fleeing from her admirers, Carey let myself accompany by the multitude, with which walk the passage of about 200 meters between the harbor enclosure and the boat, from which out interprets Mexican to receive it, informed the average premises. The famous singer signed autographes and said she felt happy for being in Spain. Soon of the bano of multitudes, Carey and Luis Miguel they were transferred to restaurant of Marbella to enjoy a romantica supper.

    Update #2--New Luis and Mariah pic
    Gente published a little article about Mariah and Luis on the their front page and there is a new little picture of them together. Sadly, I don't have a bigger scan for you but hey, it's better then nothing! It's one of the first pictures we have of Mariah in Spain and she looks pretty in the picture! Hopefully soon, we will get a bigger scan. Thanks to Eva for this information and if you can read Spanish, check out the article below:

    ¡Qué pareja 'mar bella'!
    Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey pasan Semana Santa en el Mediterráneo
    Por Gabriel Garza/Reforma
    Para disfrutar los días de Semana Santa, Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey visitaron Marbella, España, donde pasearon por Puerto Banús, al igual que cientos de turistas, incluso posaron para las fotos y hasta firmaron autógrafos. Para sorpresa de los transeúntes que disfrutaban de la noche, de un automóvil sedán Mercedes conducido por dos fornidos hombres se bajaron los intérpretes con la intención de pasear en el paradisiaco lugar del Mediterráneo como cualquier pareja de enamorados.

    Carey lució radiante, ataviada con un vestido rojo, unas sandalias negras y un llamativo brazalete en la muñeca izquierda, ¿sería acaso aquella joya de 15 mil dólares que le obsequió el cantante en noviembre pasado después de una discusión?

    Por su parte, el intérprete mexicano dejó ver un elegante traje oscuro con una camisa azul sin corbata. A pesar de que en un principio no tuvieron inconveniente en saludar a la gente de su alrededor y dejarse fotografiar, quizás no calcularon la cantidad de fanáticos que los reconocerían; por lo mismo, el paseo comenzó a convertirse en una situación incómoda y, hasta cierto punto, riesgosa.

    Para evitar el acoso de los seguidores que rodeaban a la pareja, dos hombres de color, guardaespaldas de la estadounidense, intervinieron llevándose a la intérprete de "Hero", mientras otro elemento de seguridad escoltó a Luis Miguel para conducirlo a otro sitio con su amada.

    El intérprete de "O Tú o Ninguna" aprovechó su estancia en España para vacacionar, ya que días atrás tenía programado escuchar en Madrid un lista de 18 temas escritos por el productor Juan Carlos Calderón para su próximo álbum.

    Update #1--Updates
    There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and a new Poll O' The Week (left; Thanks to MCRaingirl for poll idea). Thanks to everyone who voted on last week's Poll and it seems, majority of you like the new design over the old design of this website. I checked out all your comments on the site and majority of you would like a button somewhere on the main page for the Picture Gallery, which is a huge section of Mariah Daily! I am going to see what I can do for you all on that and try and get one up!! Here are the results:

    Which design do you like better?
       New Layout  (392) 71%
       Old Layout  (154) 28%
    Total Votes: 546
    Also, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Hope you all gets lots of candy to big out on!!!

    Entertainment Weekly Scans
    Tom was very nice and send me the Entertainment Weekly scans about the nailpolish and the cartoon of Mariah! You can check them both out in Gallery 50

    Mariah in Mira
    April and Prinie told me that you can check out Mariah in the latest issue of Mira Magazine. There is a decent size pictures of Mariah sitting on Luis's lap. I believe it is the picture taken at the party after the World Music Awards in 2000! The title of the pic asks whether they are going to be parents or not!

    Mariah on T.V. in Israel
    Ayala told me that on VH1 Europe, they will be playing 10 of the best of Mariah Carey on Tuesday (Israel time=8pm) and on Wednesday there is going to be another show on MC at 12:30 am and a rerun on 12:30 pm! If you are in the area, check it out!

    Damage might be a big noise on the R&B scene but their singer Jade Jones has perfected the art of keeping quiet about his three-year relationship with one of the world's biggest pop stars.

    Despite his group needing all the publicity they can get, Jade has always been reluctant to talk about his pairing with Baby Spice Emma Bunton - in fact, the two are almost exact opposites of the Posh And Becks media roadshow. "I firmly believe that romance is a private thing," states the slim vocalist, who is the youngest of 11 children. "People like Geri Halliwell and Chris Evans use those type of relationships to advance themselves, but it's not my way. I'd rather keep my relationship as private as possible."

    Yet things are becoming more public as Baby, 25, appears on Damage's new album Since You've Been Gone, performing an intimate duet with her man."Yeah, but she's there as an artist in her own right, not as my girlfriend," retorts the 22-year-old. "For me, Emma can sing better than most of the other Spice Girls. When I heard Holler, I thought she rocked it with her ad libs and things." The couple were introduced by Mel B when the Spice Girls were performing in Manchester. The lyric of their duet, I Don't Know, gives a greater insight into the pair's involvement with each other.

    "When I see a girl like you I just gotta take control," sings Jade while the rest of the band harmonise. "Someone for what I want, I guess I'm being bold." Emma, who'd previously dated England footballer Rio Ferdinand, croons back, "I think that you and me have a certain chemistry, that's one thing I must say. And I'd like to know you better, starting from today."

    Hip New York DJ Stretch Armstrong has provided a mix for the release and US R&B star Joe Thomas Jnr wrote the first hit single, Ghetto Romance, from the album. The group met Joe after Damage singer Rahsaan Bromfield formed a friendship with Mariah Carey while they were both on Ian Wright's TV show. The multi-million-selling singer invited him and his girlfriend to her millennium party in Acapulco and then later asked Damage to join her European tour. "When I brought the news about Mariah to the group they were like, 'Yeah, right'," says Rahsaan, 24. "Then a week later we got a call saying to get ourselves to Madrid to join the tour." On Since You've Been Gone, the fivesome have come out with a plethora of new haircuts, fancy clothes and a slick image courtesy of the big bucks of their new record company EMI. It's been three years since the release of their debut album Forever, recorded when Jade was himself a mere babe. They first hit the chart in October 1996 with Love II Love which reached No 12. They then managed the dizzy heights of a No 3 hit with a cover of Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. However, their future looked bleak when their record company (ironically entitled Big Life) went bust, despite the group having those Top Ten hits in 1996 and 1997. The fivesome - the other three are Noel Simpson, 25, Coree Richards, 23, and Andrez Harriett, 22 - have been together ten years and were friends before becoming colleagues, the reason they believe they haven't broken up like so many other all male groups.

    "They get treated like royalty and then they're gone," says Rahsaan. "That's what sets up apart. We'll never split up."

    Can the same be said of Baby and Jade? Unsurprisingly, Jade has his answer at the ready. "No comment".

    Since You've Been Gone is available on Cooltempo records.

    (Source: The Mirror April 13th. Many thanks to Tom!)

    Mariah's Movie: Labor Day Release Beckons
    Mariah Carey reports on her Web site that she's in Spain recording still more songs for her upcoming 20th Century Fox/Columbia Pictures movie, All That Glitters. Carey also reports that the film, aka Glitter, will have a Labor Day release. It's not exactly a make-or-break weekend in Hollywood terms, but a good chance for Carey to market herself on venues like MTV. After all, Jerry's Kids will be her only competition.

    Last week, when she signed her deal with Virgin Records and ended her association with Sony Music, she sang an eight-second message into the same answering machine. It went like this: "I'm freeeeeeee. ."

    As you know, Carey was allowed to take the soundtrack of Glitter with her from Sony to Virgin even though she still owed an album to Sony. Wonder why? I did. A source told me: "The movie is very biographical. You're going to see a lot of references to Mariah's marriage to Tommy Mottola. It's better that he doesn't have to deal with it."

    Carey's video for the song "Honey" caused a lot of talk when it was released - it featured Carey escaping from a man who looked like Mottola into the arms of a male model. Presumably, Sony's big cheese was not pleased. I don't blame him.

    (Source: Fox411.com April 13th. Many thanks to Tom)

    April 14, 2001
    Mariah in Philadelphia Inquirer
    You can check out a picture of Mariah from All That Glitters a little article about it, which I typed out below. The picture is the one we have all seen a thousand times, where the glitter is falling down around Mariah and she is wearing a see through blanket or something! It's the April 15th magazine, which you can get in Saturday's newspaper!

    Q: Will Mariah Carey ever make a movie? -A. Hernandez Arlington, Texas
    A: She already has. The 31-year-old pop queen produced and stars in All that Glitters, a Cinderella story inspired by elements of her own life. The film went into production last July and is due out late this summer. It's about a poor but ambitious girl who attracts the interest of a DJ in the New York club scene in the early 80's. He guides her to stardom-not unlike Carey's ex-husband, Sony music honcho Tommy Mottola, 52. With a sountrack of original songs, many by the singer herself, All That Glitters could strike gold and enable Carey to equal Jennifer Lopez's recent feat of being No. 1 at the box office and on the album charts in the same week.

    Thanks to Asma for the new side bar. I think she did a really good job on it and I appreciate her making it for this site! Make sure you check out her lovely site dedicated to Miss Mariah Carey!

    Mariah in Entertainment Weekly
    Gabe and TspoonofMariah told me you can check out Mariah in the Apirl 20th Entertainment Weekly. She is mentioned on page 20 under Scout and there is a little picture of her from Diva's Live 2000, in the butterfly top. It talks about her nail polish and Deborah Lippman.

    Also, she is mentioned on page 70 in Hear & Now. There is a cartoon of Mariah holding a mic and a contract with a $ sign. TspoonofMariah was VERY kind and typed it out for us:

    No one expected Mariah Carey to stay at Columbia once her contract expired, given her breakup with Sony Music honcho Tommy Mottola and her public griping about the label. But why did Columbia let the singer, who announced she'd signed with Virgin on April 2, walk away with one album still remaining on her contract and the '80's themed soundtrack for her upcoming movie All That Glitters nearly complete?

    Well, they may not have. The Glitters disc will come out on the Virgin imprint (Carey reportedly paid $7 million to $10 million to buy back rights to the album). However Sony - which declined to comment, citing a policy against disscusing artists' contracts-will apparently share the wealth. "Sony drove a very hard bargain with her terms of her early exit" says a source familiar with the conditions for Carey's release. "If All That Glitters does well, even though the soundtrack will be on her new label there are considerable moneys in royalties to be pain to Sony." It's a win-win situation: Columbia looks good by allowing Carey to go gracefully and avoids shelling out big bucks for promotion and distribution. And Mariah is sure to enjoy aggressive support from Virgin, which is reportedly coughing up as much as $20 million per album, one of the richest record deals ever. With those kinds of stakes, All That Glitters had better be gold.

    New Pictures...
    Earlier in the week, I reported you can check out a picture of Mariah from Diva's Live 2001 and All That Glitters set in the April 17th issue of National Enquirer. I added the scans to Gallery 50! However, she is actually featured in this tabloid, 2 more times on page 44! Once again, I added the scans to Gallery 50 Here is what the little article says...

    Pop princess Mariah Carey taked the plunge! Her bosom swelled from modest proportions in 1991 (above) to more mountainous dimensions several years later.

    Rap-Up Pushed Back
    Devin from Rap-Up magazine contacted me and let me know that the magazine will not be hitting stores on May 22nd, but on July 3rd. Rap-Up will feature new information about Glitter and also will feature an article about this website. The reason the release date got pushed back was so that the art department could produce better pictures for the magazine.

    Mariah's Wedding Date?
    Nini told me that Cotorreando is reporting that Luis and Mariah will get married at Luis's house in Acapulco on April 19th, Luis's birthday! IT's going to be a small wedding with only about 50 guests. Luis apparently proposed to Mariah on Valentine's Day and after their wedding, they'll head to New York to live in Mariah's recently bought apartment. They also said that MC is pregnant and that this information came from a very close friend from Luis. They even went on to say what food was going to be served at the reception

    Once again, this is the 3rd time it has been reported that Luis and Mariah would be married. This is a rumor still though because nothing has been confirmed! Remember that please!

    Mariah on TRL on Thursday
    Here is what Jeanette told me: (thanks to Gabby for letting me know about this too)
    I just watched TRL today, I'm sure somebody has e-mailed you this already, but just thought I'd let ya know that MC was mentioned on the TRL trivia question. Here's what they asked: w/ch artist's video was retired that features Jay-Z? a TRL audience answered it right, and of course, the answer was Mariah's Heartbreaker video.  They also, mention that on the remix Snoop Dogg was featured. Then, the audience who got the right answer got a Snoop Dogg prize(don't remember what it is).

    Vote For Mariah--YM
    Make sure you vote for Mariah today because she is loosing lambs. Do you want to see her on the cover of YM? If so, please go and vote!!!
    Vote for Mariah on YM poll, by clicking here!

    That's All Folks...
    Well not really, but that's all the time I have to update today. This weekend has been pretty rough with the Easter holiday and everything, so bare with me with the small updates. I am working as hard as I can with the time I have!! I have some older articles and such to report, but I tried to get all the more important information up first. I'll try my best to get all the articles up tomorrow! Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff for the site!

    April 12, 2001
    New Voice Message...
    Check out Mariah's Official Website for a new voice message from her. Thanks to Tomas, Becky, Jason and Art for telling me this and below you can check out the transcript Art made:

    Hi (very high note).  Hello.  I just finished singing for the night and I am about to continue writing the nice song and at that point, I will try and go to sleep and get up and do it again.  So I'm almost done.  Still in Spain and pretty soon I'm going to be doing the video and I don't know exactly what I'm doing for the video yet because we have to incorporate the movie and stuff like that.  So Yeah, If you have any nice ideas, let me know.  As soon as I'm done I'm going to be able to get back into the creative mode of working on the site and stuff and just hoping that as many people as possible are going to be able to enjoy it.  Hopefully I'll be able to do some things that are not standard, that are exciting, whatever, not the average nonsense.  But right now, I've been so busy writing and recording that I've haven't had time to fully focus on it.  Don't think that I'm not thinking about you because I appreciate you, I love you, and I enjoy you.  So, talk to you soon and I can't wait for you to hear the album and see the movie.  Bye bye.  Thank You much!
    You can also check out this voice message on the Audio page and the Voice Messages page!

    New Mariah Pictures
    To your left, you can see a new picture of Mariah in Paris last week. It is believed that Mariah stopped in Paris last week for some buisness and then went to Spain! You can check out the full version of the picture in Gallery 50 and a HUGE thanks to Nacho for sending me the picture!

    Plus, I added some new scans of Mariah into Gallery 50 too! There is some old ones from her shooting the Sweetheart Video, in Paris in 1998 and one of her exciting her hotel in Paris in 1996! Check out these lovely pictures and many thanks to Minerva for sending them to me!

    Plus, I added a new Wallpaper section! Asma, Michelle and Mari sent me some wallpapers of Mariah over the last couple of weeks and I FINALLY got them up on this site. Check out Wallpapers 3

    New Cartoons
    Jan's cartoons have become a pretty popular item on Mariah Daily and today, I created a whole section of this website dedicated to them. Jan sent me a new cartoon of Mariah, which features 3 sepearate images. This time Luis is featured in it as Mariah's handsome night! It's too funny and you can only check this out on this site. Check out the link below to see the new on and all his older ones!


    Mariah Going On Vacation?
    In todays news in Spain, it is reported that Luis is working on his new cd. At the moment, he is in Madrid but he will be going to Marbella in a few days for a vacation. I wonder if Mariah will be joining him!! Thanks Eva for this info.

    Mariah's $117 Million Deal
    Mariah Carey's blockbuster recording deal with Virgin Records is worth an all-time high of $23.5 million per album, for a total of five albums, according to the New York Daily News. The deal, which begins with this summer's soundtrack to All That Glitters, is the largest ever per album fee in the industry. Both R.E.M. and Janet Jackson take in a reported $20 million per album. Carey recently left Columbia Records, where she began her career, after divorcing label boss Tommy Mottola in 1998.

    Thanks to Solomon for this article taken from Wall of Sound.

    I Met Mariah
    Mark and Minerva sent in their stories for this section, which you can check out below! I didn't add a sneak peak of the pics because there were too many! Check them out by clicking the link below...
    I Met Mariah

    Vote For Mariah--YM
    Make sure you vote for Mariah today because she is loosing lambs. Do you want to see her on the coverof YM? If so, please go and vote!!!
    Vote for Mariah on YM poll, by clicking here!

    Mariah in USA Today
    Steve told me that Mariah is mentioned briefly in todays USA Today (4/12/01). The cover story in the life section titled, "Singers make tracks into new film roles." Mariah is mentioned briefly in the article saying:

    "Teen appeal pop acts Britney Spears, and 'N Sync's Lance Bass, country gal Faith Hill, Singing siren Mariah Carey, and notorious rocker Eminem, all have films in the works."
    Mariah in Talk
    A.J. Benza talks about Mariah in the latest issue of TALK Magazine (Hugh Grant on cover). There is no pictures of Mariah but A.J. talks about how he met Mariah in a night club when she was first seeing Derek. He said that Mariah gave him her phone number and it turned out to be a "private" phone number that not even Tommy knew about. He found out that Mariah was keeping a secret line from Tommy, so she could talk to people Tommy wouldn't let her talk to. Paolo sent me this information and he didn't have the magazine in front of him, to give me the part of the article that mentions it. But, that is basically what is said in the magazine, I am told.

    Mariah in Vanity Fair
    Steve and Paolo told me that Maria is mentioned in a long article on Capri in the May issue of Vanity Fair. Here is the transcript that Steve typed out for us:

    The Headind reads: What draws aristocrats, fashion royals, and one name Americans such as Puffy, Mariah, and Julia to the four square miles of Mediterainean paridise that is Capri? (then further into the article): Mariah Carey who comes to Capri about six times a year to record at Capri Digital, and holds a special place in Cacace's heart. "We like to spoil her, because she works so hard when she comes to Capri," he says smiling shyly, increasingly moved the more he thinks about her. "And so I understand that when she goes into the spa she wants to have the spa completely empty, only for her....But because she's also very nice, very kind, for me caring for her is....." He trails off, practically verklempt.

    Mariah in CosmoGirl
    Mariah is also mentioned in the May 2001 issue of CosmoGirl. She can be found on page 26 under "New Music Now!" It says that the new artist, Canela, reminds them of a Whitney and Mariah merger.

    Mariah is also mentioned on page 129 in the section called "The 50 Most Shocking Moments in Music." She is number 40 and here is what it says:

    40 Diva Dirt In her book, Mariah and Me, Mariah Carey's sister Alison reveals that she became a prostitute in order to bankroll Marah's fledging singing career back in the day. On a lighter note, Alison also says Mariah once demanded that an assortment of kittens and puppies be brought to her hotel for her to play with. Me-yow!
    Thanks to Michelle from Star Mariah for this information!

    Mariah on Lite 100.5
    mschat99@webtv.net told me that Mariah's Herowas played on Lite 100.5 yesteday morning. First off, they had a contest to win $1,000, if you were the correct caller. The contest started when you hear, Hero! The station always plays Mariah in the morning too because the DJ seems to like her a lot.

    Right Back Atcha
    Here is a poem Nancy sent me about Miss Mariah

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you
    An amazing singer who's honest and true.
    You probably know her, she's Mariah Carey.
    She's a beautiful woman, that guys wanna marry.
    Don't listen to rumors that she's a slut, she's a hoe.
    Don't believe those stupid lies if you don't know
    The incredible person that she is inside.
    Her breasts are real, though her hair is dyed.
    For most her life she was concealed and confined
    By a controlling husband who wasn't too kind
    Tommy Mottola, record executive to the stars
    Practically locked Mariah behind bars.
    He forced her to dress like the girl-next-door.
    He treated her as if she were four.
    Tommy stopped her pursuit of her acting career.
    He trampled the dreams that she held so dear.
    She finally escaped her horrible marriage.
    She was free from his grasp, though he tried to disparage
    Her albums, her singles, her career, her life.
    He kept on controlling till he got a new wife.
    She dated Derek Jeter, the Yankees shortstop
    But that relationship was a total flop.
    He was a little too juvenile, a little too slow.
    He didn't like her for her, so she let him go.
    After one failed marriage and a relationship gone foul
    You would think she'd be ready to throw in the towel.
    But she kept on smiling, she was keeping it real
    She kept on trying till she found the real deal.
    That milestone day, Christmas Eve, ninety-eight
    Brought Luis to Mariah in a twist of fate.
    Luis Miguel, a famous singer in Spain
    Brought happiness to Mariah, replacing the pain.
    She started dressing sexier, showing a bit more skin
    But what stood out most was her big wide grin.
    After years of sorrow, she was finally happy
    With her wonderful new beau, who wasn't too sappy.
    And you would think the public would be happy for her too.
    I guess the more famous you are, the more they belittle you.
    The people who claim that looks don't matter
    Are the very same ones that just sit there and chatter,
    "Did you see, at the Grammys, Mariah's super short skirt?"
    or "She's such a slut in that low-cut shirt."
    Mariah's songs are meant to inspire
    She has a great personality that many admire
    She loves dogs, she loves cats, she loves bunnies too.
    She's a normal human being, just like me and you.
    But for some strange reason people feel it's okay
    To insult Mariah each and every day.
    So why do people hate? Why can't you just see
    Mariah's inner beauty, it's apparent to me.
    Why does it matter how she looks, what she wore?
    Why concentrate on that, when there's so much more.
    So to all those people who've called Mariah a slut,
    You can take your ignorant comments and stick them up your butt.

    April 11, 2001
    Mariah's Record Deal: $23.5M
    The figures are in, and Mariah Carey has indeed set a record for the most per-album money ever paid to a musical act.

    Until now, Janet Jackson and R.E.M were tied for first place, with each getting $20 million per album (from Virgin Records and Warner Bros., respectively) in their most recent negotiations.

    Carey now tops that with a whopping $23.5 million per album from her new label, Virgin. Sources familiar with her deal say it's for five albums and includes the soundtrack to her upcoming film "Glitter," which would have been the property of her old label, Sony, had not Carey's ex-husband, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, agreed two weeks ago to release her from her contract.

    Other artists have been paid staggering fees in recent years — considerably more than $23.5 million — but these payments normally take the form of up-front bonuses. Until now, nobody has received the kind of per-album cushion that Virgin gave to Carey. Not surprisingly, her rep had no comment.

    (Taken from NY Daily News and many thanks to Nini)

    Mariah on Diva's Live 2001
    During a segment about Save The Music, during Diva's Live 2001, they showed a little interview with Mariah from when she collected instruments at the Today Show last year! Besides that, she was not on Diva's Live 2001.

    I Met Mariah
    Check out Ardhy story and picture of Mariah that he took in Singapore last year. Remember, if you would like to share your story and picture, feel free to send it to me and I will get it up. Coming soon, Mark's and Minerva's story and more! I Met Mariah

    Mariah Leaves Luis At The Club
    Eva was very nice and translated the following Spanish article into English for us!! It might be a little hard to understand but you can get a feel of what the article is sort of like!! Basically it says that Mariah and Luis went to a club and Mariah barely paid any attention to Luis and left him in the corner all by himself. Whatever right? Here is the articles...

    Muerde de celos por ella. Pueden creer que Mariah en la discoteca "sunset Room" (ya les dije que era el bar caliente de los Ángeles) se apareció con unos short bien cortitos y unos tacones altos, rodeada de guardaespaldas y acompañada de Luis Miguel?

    Exhibiendo sus piernas, dejo tirado al pobre de Luis en una esquina bebiendo champán solito, mientras ella iba saludando a los amigos y al disc jockey de la discoteca.

    En toda la noche no le paro bola a Luis Miguel. El pobre, de vez en cuando se paraba de su rinconcito y sentadito movía un poquito los pies, las manos y la cabeza mas o menos al ritmo de la música como para disimular su aburrimiento y el abandono.

    Cuándo la princesa Mariah decidió regresar, hablo con el un tantito, ¡ y entonces empezó la sonadera! Mejor dicho el chillar del celular de la diva. Ella se aparto de Luismi, y muy bajito lo contesto fuera del alcance del oído de su novio. Luismi parecía desesperado por saber quien la llamaba por senas, y le pedía a su novia que colgara el teléfono, como un sapo en tiempo de sequía pidiendo un charquito de agua.

    Ella lo ignoraba. Cuando finalmente colgó, Luis miguel trato de quitarle el teléfono, tal vez para averiguar quien había sido el intruso o él roba novias.

    Pero ella lo paro en seco, no celular y no explicaciones, Para que Luis aguante todo eso, Mariah debe ser la Mujer Maravilla en la cama, con látigo en mano y todo.

    It bites of jealousy by her. They can think that Mariah well in the club "sunset Room" (already I said to them that it was the hot bar of Los Angeles) with short very short and high heels, surrounded by bodyguard and with Luis Miguel?

    Exhibiting its legs, I leave wire drawing to the poor man of Luis in a corner drinking champan alone, while it was greeting to the friends and disc jockey of the club.

    In all the night she was not with Luis Miguel. The poor man, once in a while stopped itself of his corner and seated movia a little the feet, the hands and the head but or less to the rate of the musica like disguising his boredom and the abandonment.

    When princess Mariah decide to return, she spoke with him awhile, and then begin the sonadera Rather the timbre of the cellular one of the diva. She separate from Luismi, and very short , she answer it outside the reach of the ear one of its fiancce.

    Luismi looked Desperate by knowledge that called it, and foot him to its fianccee who hung telephone, like a toad in time of drought requesting a water pool.

    She ignored it. When finally hang up, Luis Miguel treatment to clear to him the telephone, to perhaps find out that were be the intruder or robanovias.

    But she it dry, noncellular unemployment in and nonexplanations, So that Luis holds all that, Mariah must be the Woman Wonder in the bed, with whip in hand and everything.

    Mariah In Spain
    Still no word on whether the Press Conference took place on Monday but I am guessing, that if it did, we would of heard of it by now. So I guess that was just another rumor. It is still said that Mariah is still in Spain and she was a no show at last nights Diva's Live 2001!

    Yesterday's Spanish news, Eva and Fernando told me, said that Mariah is still in Granada with Luis. Luis arrived in Tariffa on Sunday and both went to Alhambra (famous Moorish Palace) in Granada, Spain. They said that Luis is in the recording studio in Tarifa, even though the other day, someone said Mariah was the one who was recording there. None of this news is certain, so take it with a grain of salt. The only thing we know 100% is that Mariah is in Spain!

    Luis Buys Mariah A Present
    There is right to celebrate:
    The contract of the Superstar Mariah Carey with Virgin breaks the record: 30 million dollars! To her fiancce Luis Miguel, this little seems earned by his financce and to celebrate it, he surprised her with a luxury yacht of Italian mark.

    Thanks to Eva for this article from TV RTL2 in Germany. Now Mariah has one boat (named Hero) and two yachts. Luis gave Mariah a yacht in Acapulco too!

    Mariah Answers The Questions...
    ET Host It looks like Mariah Carey will be our first guest.
    Ryanz_girl asks: This is to Mariah Carey. My boyfriend wants to know if you'll marry him!!!
    Mariah Carey: He's your boyfriend, he should be asking you that question.
    ET Host: You look great! Who are you wearing tonight?
    Mariah Carey: Laren Scott- she's a new fabulous designer. She did this for me in one day. And the shoes. It's like an Indian inspired ensemble. By Laren Scott
    Megan asks: What is the last thing you did before leaving the house tonight?
    Mariah Carey: I was on the phone at home with my friend. Well I guess that's not too exciting.

    Thanks to Meg for this transcript from Blockbuser 1999!!

    Mariah mentioned on TRL
    Dan and Meg told me that Mariah was mentioned on TRL today. One of the candidated for TRL Fan Club President, Tiffany, was asked, "What artist do you think should be recognized or celebrated on the next mvt's icon?" She said, "Well, Janet Jackson was already one but I think the next one should either be Celine Dion or Mariah Carey because they both accomplished so much then anybody else"

    Mariah mentioned on Radio
    Hey this is Ben C. and I was listening to One Sweet Day on 99.1 KGGI (San Bernandino and Riverside Co., CA) and after the song here is what was said with the best of my memory which is good:
    DJ: It's official, Mariah Carey is a virgin.
    Caller: No she's not. Yeh, on who's list.
    DJ: It's true. Mariah Carey reportedly signed a $25 million per album contract with the Virgin Record Label on March 30. Watch out Janet Jackson. There's a new diva with the Virgin Label.
    Caller: Oh that's what you mean. As if she wasn't making enough money already.
    DJ: So she won't be leeching off her husband anymore with Sony. When she first came out there was a picture with her and a microphone for Vision of Love on every trade magazine.

    *sigh* Mariah Pregnant
    Nini and Eva both told me that a lady from Mira Magazine was on El Gordo Y La Flaca and said that Mariah is pregnant and that Luis and MC will marry next month in Bali. They also said that to Virgin, it didn't matter that Mariah is pregnant because they are still giving her the 90 million.

    This is not confirmed and this is probably the 4th or 5th time it has been RUMORED that Mariah is pregnant and getting married to Luis!

    Vote For Mariah--YM
    Make sure you vote for Mariah today and if you don't really feel like it, maybe the story from Jeanette and Renzo below will inspire you. What dedicated lambs they are...
    Vote for Mariah on YM poll, by clicking here!

  • Renzo:
    hey! i was just on your website and i read that edens crush was beating maraih so i decided to change that... lol... you should post on your web site that if you go to the YM site and click on mariah's name and click ont he vote button a pop-up should come up. Move it over to the side so its not in the way of the vote button. Then start clicking vote as much as humanly possible. you don't have to hit reload or nothing just vote as much as you can. we g2 get mariah ont he cover. it would be great publicity for ATG, plus mariah hasn't been on the cover of a magazine in a while! Thanx for your time!
  • Jeanette:
    I posted the YM poll on Mariah's official BB(in the Fan Forum, Mariah Discussion, and Gen. Discussion) to asked all Mariah fans to vote for her to be on the cover. I've been voting several times for 4 days now along w/ Buttafly from the Mariah BB. The two of us have been voting over a hundred times every night at the same time. LOL! my fingers hurts like H....!I still keep on voting as I write you, 'cause if you didn't know you can vote several times and all your vote counts(believe me, you'll see it on the results, unlike VH-1's polls). Anyway, every late night till 2 or 3AM in the morning for the past few days Mariah has lead a lot 'cause Me and Buttafly has a lil' secret on how to vote several times. As you said on your news, MC's losing to Eden's Crush at the moment but right now, MC' s leading again w/ 49% while EC went down w/ 44%. When we saw earlier that MC was losing, we had panicked so we voted several times more, so at this moment MC's ahead w/ 2,000 votes. You know what? whenever the 2 of us voted at the same time, Mariah would move up way ahead than Eden's Crush('cause we both desperately wanted MC to be on the cover once again, it's been awhile since she's on the cover, as you know, and I never had a YM mag. w/ her on the cover). So, we were voting like crazy, some Mariah fans had voted along w/ us as well, but the two of us have voted probably close to over a thousand each for the past few days. You wanna know our secret? Well, we discovered that(or Buttafly did at first), if you just keep pressing the vote button over and over again, it takes all your votes. You don't have to wait for the results to load and when you check the results, you'll see that all your votes has been added and counted. LOL! no wonder my fingers was hurting a lot, but hey, anything to get MC on the cover is worth it. Can you believe MC is competing on the YM poll w/ 2 new girl groups(and there's only one Mariah against them)? M' should really win. She really deserve to be on the cover. Anyho! w, I've been ramblin' too much 'bout this, I'm probably boring ya to death. So, until here, just thought I'd share this w/ ya.

    Magazine News
    Check out Mariah in the following two magazines. Many thanks to my "honey" Mark B!
    - Salut (F), The April Issue.
    - OK (UK), The April 13 Issue.

    Christina Vidal on Mariah
    Lynn told me that in the Jan/Feb 2001 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, Mariah was mentioned in an article about an actress named Christina Vidal. Here it is:
    Do you ever sing in the shower?
    I love to sing in the shower. My mother has to come into the bathroom to tell me: "Will you be quiet already?" I usually sing Mariah Carey songs. For some reason, singing in the shower makes me sound better. [laughs]

    AND then they have a section that lists some of her favorite things and yeah you guess right she mentions mc again. it says:
    Favorite song: "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey

    April 10, 2001
    Mariah Racist Abuse
    Superstar singer Mariah Carey was subjected to racist bullying as a child because her peers could not decide whether she was black or white. The star's brother and sister were often physically tormented because they were darker than Mariah, 31. Their family car was blown up, their dogs were poisoned and crosses were even burned on the family's front lawn. "I've been in the rare position of seeing racist attitudes from both sides," the "Heartbreaker" singer confides. I am so ambiguous-looking that a lot of people will say racist things in front of me."

    Thanks to Ken for this article taken from MTV Asia

    I Met Mariah
    I messed up the HTML on this main page for the I Met Mariah section! So, I thought I would mention it again.

    Basically this section of Mariah Daily focuses on your story! Many of Mariah's fans have gotten the pleasure of meeting Miss Mariah and got to take a picture with her. I want your picture of when you met Mariah!

    Please include the story behind the picture, maybe explaining everything that happen that day leading up to that special event. It doesn't have to be a picture of Mariah and you, it could be just a picture you took of Mariah walking by!

    I wanted to do this section for two reasons because one, I am a huge picture freak and I love seeing fans with Mariah and two, to maybe bring some fans together and to share your experiences! Not all of us are lucky enough to meet Mariah and I think we should be happy for the ones who did! So please participate in this section and you can check out Jose's story and picture (sneak peak on right) in the new section! Thanks Jose!

    Vote for Mariah--YM
    Don't forget to vote on YM's poll on who you would like to see on one of their covers. Mariah is one of the nominees and at the moment, she is losing to Eden's Crush.
    Vote for Mariah on YM poll, by clicking here!

    Diva's Live 2001
    Don't forget to check out Diva's Live 2001, just in case MC might appear. I highly doubt she will right about now but hey, we can all hope! It airs on VH1 at 9 pm EST!

    Mariah in Spain
    Well, I guess there was no press conference today, as reported earlier. Minerva told me she heard it was at 6 pm but the location of the press conference was uncertain! I havn't heard anything else though about the press conference, so maybe it didn't happen? Hopefully Mini or someone else can tell me more today and then I will report it here!

    Iban told me that everyone in Spain is trying to find Mariah and to get a picture of her. Paparazzi are outside "El Cortijo" trying to get a picture but Mariah does not appear. I guess she was telling us the truth when she said she doesn't leave the studio. Mini told me that it was reported that Mariah appeared last week and 2 Paprazzi's saw her go into the studio with two bodyguards.

    Maybe today the Spanish press will report about the "conference" and if I hear anything, it will be reported here!

    Mariah in the Recording Studio...
    Eva was very kind and translated the following article for us:

    "Esta mañana dijeron en Onda Cero que Mariah Carey había aterrizado en Granada y que estaba por Andalucía, al parecer aun no ha ido al Cortijo. Dijeron que en la puerta de todos los estudios de grabación que hay en Andalucía hay un despliegue de Paparazzis montado para asegurarse una foto, o bien de la parejita, o bien de Mariah sola. Por una sola foto se pagarían cifras astronómicas. La llegada de Luis Miguel según dicen esta anunciada para hoy e iba a ser al parecer en Tarifa. De allí partirían a París para luego volver a España.....
    This morning said in "Onda Cero" that Mariah Carey had landed in Granada and that was in favor of Andalucia, apparently has not even gone to the Cortijo. They said that in the door of all the recording studios that there is in Andalucia a photo is an unfolding of mounted Paparazzis to make sure, either of the couple, or of single Mariah. By a single photo astronomical numbers would be paid. The arrival of Luis Miguel according to says this announced for today and was apparently going to be in Tariff. From they would leave there for Paris soon to return to Spain..... all this is not but that speculations.

      Check out Jennifer's lovely website. It includes an almost complete list of Mariah's remixes, amongst other things.

    Also, check out Lamb Talk, a new messageboard dedicated to the lambs o' mariah! Coming soon...Lambs Online!

    Lamb Central
      We have three new websites in Lamb Central now. Check them out...

    Mariah on the Radio
      Here is what T.J. told me:
    hey whut up regina i just wanted to let u know that MC has been gettin' mad airplay in the B-MoRe (Baltimore) area!!! Well B102.7 has played the Fantasy Remix once and the regular Fantasy another time.  THey also played Heartbreaker!!!  Another Baltimore radio station called 92Q (92.3) played the Fantasy Remix as well!  

    April 9, 2001
    Mariah Daily Changes
    A lot of you said you would like more pictures of MC on the main page and now if your look to the right, you have four pictures to gaze at! I don't know if I will keep it like this but I thought I would try it out for a bit!

    Janet Goes #1
    Enough people needed a copy of Janet Jackson's "All For You" (Virgin) to send the single to the top of The Billboard Hot 100. It's the first song by a female artist to advance to No. 1 in 2000, and it's Jackson's 10th No. 1 hit on this chart.

    The only female artists to have more chart-topping hits are Mariah Carey (15), Madonna (12), and Whitney Houston (11). Depending on how many No. 1 singles Jackson can pull from her new album, she could surpass Houston, then Madonna, and challenge her new label-mate, Carey, for the all-time distaff record.

    Thanks to Desiree for this article taken from Billboard.com

    I Met Mariah
    I created a new section on the website last night called I Met Mariah. Here, fans can send in a picture of Mariah and them or a picture they took of Mariah and explain what happen that particular day! Please send your stories and photos to me at MariahDaily@aol.com. Thanks!

    April 8, 2001
    There is a new Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week! Plus, I updated Quotes Page with last weeks Quote. Check them out if you like!

    Aretha Wants Mariah
    Apr 08, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- Tuesday's (10APR01) VH-1 DIVAS LIVE tribute to ARETHA FRANKLIN is set to include a new duet between the soul superstar and MARIAH CAREY - if Aretha gets her way.JANET JACKSON, MARC ANTHONY and BACKSTREET BOYS are already among the guests performing at the televised special, but Aretha wants to take to the stage with Mariah.She says, "I've spoken to her and we're trying to get together for a new duet. Whatever happens, RADIO CITY (New York) is goingto rock."Aretha fans RENEE ZELLWEGER and LORRAINE BRACCO will host theevening.

    Thanks Jake!

    Entertainment Weekly Picture
    You can check out the Entertainment Weekly scan in Gallery 50 today as I promised. I personally do not recommend buying this magazine unless you have to have every picture of Mariah! The picture is pretty small! Here is what it says:
    Diva Mariah Carey, 31, moving into Virgin territory April 3, announcing her departure from her longtime label, Sony's Columbia Records, in favor for Virgin Records-where the Grammy winner will join the likes of Janet Jackson and Lenny Kravitz. Terms of the new contract were not disclosed, but Carey reportedly asked for $25 million an album. On her website (www.mariahcarey.com), she left a "voice message" in which she briefly coos, "I'm free!" and giggles. At Sony, Carey recorded nine top-selling albums and met her first husband, label exec Tommy Mottola; the couple divorced in 1998. Her first album at her new label will be the soundtrack to her fall-slated film, All That Glitters, a 1980s love story about a singer from the projects.

    New Message...
    Mariah left us a new voice message on her Official Website. Honey & Kate sent me the lovely transcript below. You can also check it out on Mariah Daily's Audio section and Mariah Voice Transcript Page! I personally enjoy the last line, hee hee!

    Yeah, I do believe that, umm, I'm in Spain recording and basically I haven't left this facility in like a week. Okay, so the room where I sleep is about 3 feet from the studio and yeah, I guess what I do is wake up and walk into the studio, usually in my pyjamas, sing a nice tune or perhaps continue writing a tune and then go back to sleep. So, it's been good; No actually it's good that I'm here able to just focus and get this done and I'm really looking forward to putting out the soundtrack and the movie and I believe that it is coming out on Labor Day, so yeah this is been quite a long awaited project for me, as you guys know, and umm I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are as well. So, once again as always I appreciate ya much and I enjoy ya and umm it's about (sings) "5 am and I still can't sleep," that will be the standard for me, ya know it's really quite basic but anyway, I love ya much and I'll leave ya a message again soon hopefully, one that is a little less boring as hell. Okay, bye bye!
    Thanks to everyone else who told me about this too! There were too many of you to name here; sorry!

    Mariah on MuchMusic
    This is what Andre from Canada told me:
    Hi Regina, this is André from Canada.  I just wanted to let you know that Muchmusic here in Canada has shown Mariah's One Sweet Day video today during their special "#1's of the '90's".  They listed it as the #1 song for 16 weeks on the U.S. Billboard chart, from December 1995 to March 1996.  The program will be repeated during the weekend if anyone wants to keep an eye out for it.  I imagine they must be running the same program on the USA version of Muchmusic. 

    Mariah on sale
    Isa told me that The WhereHouse stores have some big sales going on and ALL of MC's albums are $3 off and the latest albums (#1s and Rainbow) are $11.99! So if you need to pick up a new cd, since you wore your old one out, check out this cool offer!

    April 7, 2001
    New Official Mariah Carey Fanclub?
    Jill, Mariah's Personal Assistant, left a message on the Official Messageboard asking what we thought about a new Official Fanclub, brought to you from mariahcarey.com! You can post your comments on News From Headquarters, on what you want in the Official Fanclub and if you think it is a good idea. I posted my comments there too, so check it out.

    Here is the message from Jill:

    Hey everybody!I was hoping I might ask for your suggestions and/or ideas about creating an OFFICIAL MARIAH CAREY ONLINE FANCLUB through mariahcarey.com - the official website!!Is this something that you, as fans, would like? What kinds of things would you like to have be included with membership? Please feel free to reply with any and all of your thoughts! We just want to make it as special as all of you are!Thank you so much!
    love, Jill

    Mariah on Flyte Tyme Website
    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis's website has been updated and Mariah is featured in the section "Who We Work With." There two articles about her and two picstures of her. Check it out for yourself by clicking here and below you will find the articles; Thanks Laney!

    Virgin It Is
    Mariah Carey signs an "unprecedented" multimillion dollar deal with Virgin Records.

    R&B superstar Mariah Carey ahs left longtime label Columbia for what she calls "the uniquely creative musical environment" at Virgin Records. Her first release will likely be the Jimmy & Terry-produced soundtrack to her movie All That Glitters. The film will hit theaters on the Labor Day Weekend.

    It Glitters…So It Must Be Gold
    It looks like a shiny, bright year ahead for Mariah Carey, who's working with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to finish the soundtrack for her film All That Glitters.

    Mariah stars in the movie, a flick about an up-and-coming singer set in the early 80's. To get the right musical feel for the soundtrack, Mariah knew she needed Jimmy & Terry's expertise and experience. "We tried to create the feel and the sonic landscape

    "We tried to create the feel and the sonic landscape of the time, which was pretty easy for us to do, because in '81 we were in The Time and kind of starting that whole Minneapolis sound," Jimmy Jam said. "We actually pulled out a lot of old keyboards and drum machines we used back then. [Carey] said it would be cool to do something like the S.O.S. Band, so we pulled out the drum machine that we used for the S.O.S. Band records in the '80s. It's amazing, you plug that stuff up, and you're really, like, back there."Originally, the film was set to hit theaters around March. A 20th Century Fox spokesperson now says the movie won't hit screens until sometime in the second half of the year.

    Aretha Talks With Mariah...
    Last night on Entertainment Tonight, Aretha was talking about Diva's Live, which is airing this Tuesday on VH1! She said she called Mariah to see if they can work out something for the show. Mariah is suppose to be in Spain until April 15th, so it is said, but maybe Mariah will come in live via satelite? Who knows what will happen! Mariah could fly back to NYC and then perform Tuesday night on Diva's Live! It is possible; I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Make sure you tune into Diva's Live this Tuesday at 9 pm EST to see what happens

    Thanks to BABYDONALD140575@gateway.net, Gabby, mschat99@webtv.net, Tomas, Robert, Jose and Jasmine for this information!

    Vote for Mariah...
    Kristy and Dan told me you can vote for Mariah on the TRL Top 20 Appreciation Week. You can vote for the heartbreakre video and check out the link below to help out Mariah
    Click Here for TRL Top 20

    Plus, you canvote for your favorite Diva, which of course Mariah is featured, at the following poll below:
    Thanks Taryn!

    Mariah Mentioned on Access Hollywood...
    Alan told me that Mariah was mentioned on Access Hollywood last night in the week's review. They said that Mariah signed a four album deal for $80 million dollars!

    Mariah in Magazines this Week...
    Check out two pictures of Mariah in The National Enquirer (April 17, 2001). There is a picture of her from Diva's Live 2000 and also a picture of her from the set of Glitter. I added the scan to the right and you can click on the thumbail to view it larger! Here is what the article said:

    Pony Tale:
    Mariah Carey once worked in a hari salon sweeping up hair. Now she's sweeping up No. 1 hits and platinum records, but in a causal moment the sexy songbird's odd 'do is hairy.
    Sadly, they do not know the ponytail on the side of the head is for Mariah's new movie Glitter, which is set in the 80's. This style was popular then and that's why Mariah is wearing it. Maybe the Enquirer people should do their research better, hee hee!

    Next off, Patrick tells me you can check out Mariah in the new Entertainment Weekly magazine. There is a little picture of her and an article saying how she is now getting 25 million dollars from Virgin Records per album. I will pick this magazine up tonight and have the scan for you tomorrow hopefully!

    Finally, check out Mariah on the very last page of Glamour (May 2001--Britney Spears on cover). It has a picture of Mariah on a boat in a bikini walking Jack. I have never seen these particular picture before but there are similiar ones to it. I added the scan to the right and you can click on the thumbail to view it larger! Here is what the blurb says:

    Do show off a womanly midriff like Mariah Carey.
    Thanks to Suzie for also telling me MC is in Glamour!

    The New Design...
    I have been reading all your comments in the poll to the left about the new design. Many of you have e-mailed me about it, all saying how you enjoy the new design of Mariah Daily. There are about 5 or 6 messages in the poll comments from people who do not like the new design. One person said that the new design is less orderly and another person said the whole design was just bad.

    The content of this website, is still the same as it was before. All the links are still in their same sections, like Mariah Central or Daily Info, they are just not on the left anymore. Each page describes what's inside the links too and everything is arranged so it looks neater on the website. Each page also has a home button, which always brings you back to this page. So I don't understand how anyone could have a problem with the whole order issue.

    This website is designed to have minimal graphics to make each page load faster. If you notice, with the new design, there is no background images, which makes the overall site work faster. I could very easily make large images that clutter up this site and make accessing it harder but I went small, so everything would work faster.

    If you do have a problem with the new design, please feel free to contact me and tell me why! I don't want to make it hard for you all to get the Mariah news. It took me a long time to redesign this whole website though, so I won't be changing it back right away! I'll see what I can do to help you out though! Thanks!

    VOTE for Mariah on cover of YM Magazine..
    Please make sure you go and vote for Mariah everyday on the YM poll. It is for who you would most like to see on a YM cover. Maybe if we get MC up there pretty high, they might have her on the cover sometime this year. It's always great to get MC on a cover of a magazine, so please take 5 seconds and go vote for her. Here are the current results, after I voted and the link to vote for Mariah...
    Who would you most want to see on the cover of YM?

  • Mariah Carey 14264 (50%)
  • 3LW 2747 (10%)
  • Eden's Crush 11493 (40%)
    Total Votes = 28504 Vote for Mariah on YM poll, by clicking here!

    Mariah mentioned on Popstars
    Here is what April told me:
    Hey Regina, I come to your site daily, hey well it is called Mariahdaily. Anyhow, I was watching Popstars, and the quote that Nicole can do a Mariah imitation is so true. She was doing a run thru of a song they were gonna sing at their concert. She was hittin these high notes, and when a certain song come on she hit those same notes, sounded pretty good. But I am still a huge Mariah fan, always and forever...Keep up the good work...

    April 6, 2001
    Mariah In Spain
    According to Virgin Spain, Mariah will be doing a press conference in Malaga Spain, this Monday (April 9th). She arrived in Spain on April 4th and the press has been going crazy in Spain reporting about her stay.

    It is rumored she might be shooting a new video and she is also in the El Cortijo Recording Studio in Spain, which you can see a picture of it on the right. She will be in Spain recording until April 15. This studio is a custom built studio in the mountains overlooking the Ronda National Reserve in the providence of Malaga in Andaulucia, southern Spain. It is 15 minutes from the beaches of Marbelle and the hot spots of Puerto Banus Mariana. So, Mariah is probably having a lovely time there.

    A buddy of mine, Mari, is traveling to Malaga to see Mariah this Monday and will give me the full report. Plus, Minerva , a very close and dear friend of mine, will give me the 411 if she hears anything. Thanks to Eva too, for contacting me about this information.

    Mariah's Contract in Japan
    This following information is from Shino from Love Love Jack

    Yesterday,The Japanese news programs broadcast about the Mariah transfers. But because the contract is remaining yet as for Japan SONY, She releases ATG with SONY. And Japan Sony official site announced that Mariah and contract expire with OTG. The "Virgin record" becomes "TOSHIBA EMI " in Japan. Present "TOSHIBA EMI" has the power of same with Sony in Japan. The singer who has many famous popularity of Japan is belonging to TOSHIBA EMI.

    Mariah A No Show At Diva's Live 2001
    Since Mariah will be in Spain until April 15th, she will be a no show at Diva's Live 2001, which will air on April 10th at 9 pm EST on VH1! Maybe she was originally going to go but since she has other commitements to attend to, she became unavailable to perform at Diva's Live 2001! Sad news...

    All Access: Diva's
    This showed on VH1 last night at 10 pm EST! Mariah was shown from time to time and they talked about stuff that we all basically knew already. Mariah and Aretha did not have much practicing time because Aretha stormed offstage when the air conditioning was turned on, after she requested it be turned off. Mariah mentioned how she loved Aretha in a sit down interview taken from 1998. They talked about how Mariah was out of the hospital for only one day when she performed on Diva's Live 2001! They also showed one of her mess ups, before introducting a video compilation for Diana, that was the highlight of the show for me because she was really funny! If you missed this hour show, check out the following times it will reair, thanks to Desiree:

  • April 7th...All Access: Diva's at 8 pm EST on VH1
  • April 8th...All Access: Diva's at 5 pm EST on VH1
  • April 10th...All Accesss: Diva's at 8 pm EST on VH1

    Desiree sent me the charts from Billboard.com:

  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 13, 1991
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint Catalog No. Peak Position
    1 1 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202 1
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 13, 1996
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint |Catalog No. Peak Position
    7 6 Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700 1

    Virgin Website

    "Virgin signs Mariah Carey
    Virgin is proud to announce it's newest siging of Mariah Carey!!!
    Website will be coming soon, please keep checking back for more details!
    [posted 4/5/2001]"
    You can check out the following message on Virgin's Website! Thanks to Isa, Ken and Jeanette for this information!

    Vote for Mariah on the cover of YM Magazine!
    Taryn told me that you can vote on the new YM poll, which Mariah is featured in. YM wants to know who readers want on the cover of YM and it's between Mariah, 3LW and Eden's Crush. Mariah hasn't been on the cover of YM since 1992, I believe! So, PLEASE vote for Mariah at the following link; she is in 2nd place at the moment...
    Click Here To Vote For Mariah

    Vote for Mariah on WorldPop
    Matt informed me that we can vote for Mariah at the following poll:
    It asks whether or not Mariah is worth 20 million per album!

    Poll Results
    Since I added a new poll to the left, here are last weeks results. As you can see, it was pretty close!

    Do you think Mariah should have a baby sometime soon?
    Yes (252) 51%
    No (237) 48%
    Total Votes: 489

    Eden's Crush on Mariah
    In the latest YM (featuring Mandy Moore on Cover) Nicole from Popstars says she can do a great imitation of Mariah. Ana Maria says that "Make It Happen" is her theme song and then she begins to sing it during the interview. Thanks to Taryn for this information.

    Mariah mentioned on BET...
    Gabby told me that Mariah was mentioned in the last few minutes of yesterday's unknown show (Gabby didn't tell me the name, ha) and they were talking about Mariah! They showed parts of Crybaby and were talking about her new record contract for 20 million, which is the most expensive in history. It was probably 106th and Park, but I am not certain.

    Mariah on FoxMovies.com Website Now...
    All That Glitters is now featured on FoxMovies.com website. Click here for a direct link to check it out and you can check out everything on the page below. A HUGE thanks to Jeanette for bringint this to my attention.
    CAST & CREW:
    Starring: Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Terrence Howard
    Directed by: Vondie Curtis-Hall
    Produced by: Laurence Mark, Mariah Carey
    Story by: Cheryl L. West
    Screenplay by: Kate Lanier

    Music legend Mariah Carey makes her feature film debut in this love story set against the backdrop of the New York club scene. Carey plays a young singer who overcomes a turbulent childhood and begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey to superstardom.

    Mariah on HOLA Website
    You can check out a spanish article on Hola's website about Mariah's new deal with Virgin! I sadly have no idea what it says but it probably basically says everything else all the hundreds of articles have said. You can check out 3 lovely pictures of Mariah too at the site. Thanks to Jeanette for this information!

    New Design Up and Running
    Well welcome to the new and improved Mariah Daily! I spent several hours making new graphics and reconstructing the webpages to fit the new design. I still have a lot to do but I thought I should ge the Mariah News up for you all to read, while I work on the other pages. In about an hour, the NEWS section should be updated.

    Please vote on the poll to the left on what you think of the new design. I still have the old design saved and can easily switch it back if everyone hates the new design. I think I will keep the design up for at least a week though, for all the work it is taking to redesign it. Thanks!

    April 5, 2001
    New Message...
    Mariah has left a new message on her Official Website. Thanks to Shayne, I have the transcript of it for you all!

    Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much, yes! everybody who's been here through everything for me and we have a new label and a new situation and I'm totally excited and looking forward to that and I just wanna thank everybody from the past that was cool and that stayed by me - all the people who worked really hard for a long time. I just wanna say thank you much and, you know, I'm looking forward to getting the new music out there and getting the movie out there and the soundtrack. So, I love you much and I thank you much. Alright guys, I will holla later. Bye."
    You can also check out this message in the Audio page and the Mariah Voice Messages page!

    Thanks to:
    Art, Chad, Terry and Shannon

    Mariah Leaves Columbia for Virgin
    Mariah Carey has said, "See ya" to her longtime label, Columbia, and has signed a multiple-album deal with Virgin Records.

    The R&B superstar's first release under her new contract is expected to be the soundtrack to her '80s movie "All That Glitters" in late summer. The 20th Century Fox film, starring Carey as an up-and-coming singer named Billie, will hit theaters on Labor Day weekend.

    "I am elated about my new partnership with Virgin Records, and I look forward to being a part of their uniquely creative musical environment," Carey said in a statement Tuesday (April 3). "Hallelujah!"

    Virgin did not disclose details of the multimillion-dollar deal, but the press release called the deal "unprecedented."

    Carey released six full-length albums, an unplugged EP, a Christmas LP and a greatest-hits compilation on Columbia. She married and later divorced Tommy Mottola, the chairman of Sony Music, Columbia's parent company.

    The 31-year-old singer has sold more that 140 million albums and singles worldwide and has earned 84 gold, platinum and multiplatinum certifications, according to Columbia.

    Carey collaborated with "Super Freak" singer Rick James and the production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige) on the "All That Glitters" soundtrack, which also is expected to feature a contribution from Da Brat and a duet between Carey and Eric Benét.

    MTV News

    Like A Virgin; Carey's New Record Deal
    HOLLYWOOD, April 03, 2001 -- Mariah Carey, who has released more No. 1 singles than any other solo pop female artist, has fluttered away from Columbia Records and landed a deal with Virgin Records, according to news reports.

    Carey, whose most recent albums include Butterfly and Rainbow, released a joint statement Monday with Columbia Records to announce her departure from the label.

    "Mariah Carey is one of the most talented artists in the world. We have shared many commercial and creative successes, and we wish her only the best as her career continues to grow and evolve," Sony Music, Columbia Records' parent company, said in the statement, according to Reuters.

    Carey, 31, has signed a deal with Virgin Records worth $20 million per album, according to The New York Daily News. Her first record for her new label will be the soundtrack for All that Glitters, her upcoming summer release from 20th Century Fox.

    Sony Music Chairman Tommy Mottola signed Carey to Columbia Records. They later got married and then divorced. Carey's self-titled multiplatinum debut album, released in 1990, earned her a Grammy for best new artist.

    According to Columbia Records, Carey was one of the label's best-selling artists, having sold more than 140 million singles and albums worldwide. She scored 12 U.S. No. 1 singles, including One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men. .

    Thanks Ashley

    Mariah All Over Press
    Next week, you will most likely find Mariah in all the magazines like People, US Weekly, the tabloids, etc!

    Not only that, she is all over the radio already and she is featured in newspapers! You can check out Mariah on the front page of the Indianapolis Star, MeGz9987 tells me!

    They Carey A Lot
    VIRGIN bosses in the US have confirmed that MARIAH CAREY has signed a "multi-million dollar, multi-album" deal.

    As reported earlier (to read previous story click here), rumours had been circulating that she was poised to sign up for anywhere up to #60 million, roughly #20 million per album.

    The label has not revealed financial details of the deal, but the 31-year-old singer declared: "Hallelujah!" in a statement released today (April 3).

    She added: "I am elated about my new partnership with Virgin, and I look forward to being a part of their uniquely creative musical environment."

    Carey is the biggest-selling female artist in the world, having sold 140 million albums and topped the US Billboard singles chart 14 times.

    Her new label's worldwide group boss, Nancy Berry, commented that "Virgin plans to devote its entire global strength to propelling her to even greater success."

    (Thanks to makeitlast81@hotmail.com)

    Mariah Get's 30 Million Per Album, Not 20
    Eva, translated this next article from Spanish into English! She did the best job she can and I think it is amazing how people can speak in both languages. She tried her best to translate it for us all so we can understand what is being said about Mariah, around the world. On the Spanish website Reforma, they are reporting Mariah is being paid 30 million, not 20 million!! Her first album will be the sountrack to Glitter and then her next album will be released in Feb of 2002! Of course that will probably change, but hey, who knows! Here is the article translation!

    Cd de México, México.-(04/Abril/2001).- Just one week after breaking her relations with Sony Music, Mariah Carey finishes signing with Virgin Recordsm one of the most advantageous contracts in the industry of music: the interpreter will receive 90 million dollars by three stipulated record materials.

    Besides to obtain 30 million dollars by disc, the fiancee of Luis Miguel will have total freedom to conceive her productions. However, its new disquera house will totally propose the recording to her of an album in Spanish.

    If the company decided to have it between its rows and to pay almost 30 million to her for each disc, jeopardizing it to give three in the same amount of years, it was because we think that it has the sufficient quality like maintaining the level of sales that it had in Sony, since it sold almost 140 million albums there ", indicated a spokesman of Virgin in the city of the Angels. 

    The executive, who requested the anonymity, indicated that after Mariah of a to know with its new company soundtrack "All That Glitters", the tape that estelariza she, will be dedicated approximately to the production of the unpublished disc that will leave in February of the 2002.

    We know that she is an artist of international stature and according to the intentions of the main directors, will propose her after disc does her first for us, that thinks about to do one totally in Spanish, since it is known that the Latin American public likes to her", indicated the spokesman.

    One of the points in which more emphasis became in the company/signature of the contract, added the source, is that Virgin committed itself to give a campaign him of aggressive and spectacular promotion, something that to consideration of Mariah, it did not have in Sony some years ago.

    In a press official notice, Virgin Records Mexico informed yesterday, through declarations of Ken Berry, chief of a main directorate of EMI Music and Nancy Berry, executive of Virgin at world-wide level, that the New York artist is the most recent acquisition of his transnational company.

    " They (the executives) were present in the meeting where Mariah celebrated its union to the company and trusted that they will support all to her, even, it joked and it said that they would have it to allow more than to the Backstreet Boys (group of Virgin) ", tak the spokesman.

    The creator of successes like " Someday ", " Heartbreaker ", " Emotions " and " Vision of Love " became one of the artists better paid in the record industry, at the level of Michael Jackson and Madonna in a matter of net gains.

    MTV Europe Reports 30 million

    Mariah Carey has signed with Virgin Records who are paying her $30 million per album. And now she has $90 million in her net for doing 3 albums. The diva dumped her record company and has signed with the richest record deal of all time even beating Janet Jackson who was the most heavily paid artist!

    MTV Europe TV
    (Thanks to Hamza)

    Mariah's Now A Virgin
    Mariah Carey has quit Sony Music and signed a massive deal with Virgin Records, paving the way for new material from the diva as early as June. The deal is the richest in history and will net the singer at least £60 million, according to reports.

    Mariah is the biggest-selling female artist of the ´90s, selling more than 120 million albums worldwide. She has been keen to leave Sony since her divorce from label boss Tommy Mottola in March, 1998. Of the new deal, she said: "I am elated about my new partnership with Virgin Records and I look forward to being a part of their uniquely creative musical environment. Hallelujah!!"

    Mariah´s next album will be the soundtrack to the forthcoming film ´All The Glitters´, in which she also stars. It is thought that Mariah was attracted to Virgin because of the high number of female R´n´B vocalists, including Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Kelis.

    Sony´s Columbia Records confirmed the split in a statement released on Tuesday, April 2. "Mariah Carey is one of the most talented artists in the world," it read. "We have shared many commercial and creative successes, and we wish her only the best as her career continues to grow and evolve."

    MTV Europe
    (Thanks to Hamza)

    Mariah on MTV News Today
    Here is what Meg told me:
    Hey Reg
    I was watching MTV today around 2pm and the MTV News came on, 10 to the hour and they said some news about Mariah's record deal with Virgin. While they said that, they showed clips from "Crybaby".  After that they talked a lil bit about "Glitter" and showed a clip from a past interview about the movie's sdtrk. Lastly Kurt Loder mentioned MC's msg left on her official site and then they played it to a clip from "ATG". The clip was of MC walking out of a building wearing a jean jacket and a white shirt, putting her sun glasses on and smiling.

    Vote For Mariah
    Mariah is in 3rd place on the Favorite Diva Poll! Faith Hill has 26%, Tina Turner has 20% and Mariah has 12%! So, please go and vote for Mariah!


    Coast To Coast Video
    Andre wrote me and let me know that you can pick up Westilife's new video, Coast to Coast, in stores now, which features Mariah in the Against All Odds video! He said he saw it in his local record store. If anyone else can find it, let me know! I'll keep an eye open for it!

    All Access Diva's
    Since 1997, VH1's Divas concerts have united legendary female artists and bright newcomers for a night of great individual performances and rare collaborations. The series has done more than feature great music - it's also made a cultural impact, popularizing the use of the term "diva" to describe our most glamorous female pop stars. VH1 All Access brings you the most exciting moments from the Divas events, and goes behind the scenes with VH1 producers and staff to reveal the stories that haven't been told.

    Check out this new VH1 show TONIGHT at 10 pm EST!

    April 3, 2001
    New Message...
    Mariah has left a new message at her Official Website. It's a very brief message, so it was VERY easy to make the transcipt:

    (singing) I am Free (laugh) Hollar!
    Obviously, she is referring to being recently signed to Virgin records and FINALLY away from Sony! What she sang is taken from the Daydream album, track #6, titled "I Am Free!" Check out the zipped message in Audio and Mariah's Voice Messages too!

    Mariah's CDs Go Gold With Big New Virgin Deal
    Our long national nightmare is over. Mariah Carey has a new recording contract.

    On Friday, the singer signed a multi-album deal with Virgin Records that insiders call the biggest recording contract of all time. I'm told the deal is more expensive than the $20 million-per-album scored by previous big-money titleholders Janet Jackson and R.E.M.

    Carey had been looking for $25 million per album. Though her reps had asked prospective labels to take their best shots with sealed bids, they never carried through. Negotiations with Virgin were conducted the old-fashioned way — mano a mano.

    Carey's first album for her new label will be the soundtrack to her upcoming film, "All That Glitters." Sony had the rights to the record, which was to have been her last for that label, until a deal was worked out nearly two weeks ago.

    Carey's first single from "Glitters" is due out in June. The album follows in August. The film will be released by 20th Century Fox over Labor Day weekend

    New York Daily News.
    (Thanks Nini and Renzo)

    Manilow returning to Davis stable
    THE rivalry between Clive Davis at J Records and Arista honcho L.A. Reid is heating up - with the latest round going to Davis when Barry Manilow quietly left Arista last week. "Barry has been with Arista from the beginning, but it was Clive's Arista," said a Manilow friend. "There's no place for Barry at the new Arista. The label had no time for him." While the pal concedes that Manilow "is no Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera . . . Barry is a consistent money-maker. He usually cranks out an album a year. But since Clive left Arista, he has done nothing." Manilow is said to be moving to J Records any day now. But another, bigger battle between the titans is brewing over Mariah Carey - who was just released from her Sony contract. "We really want her - but Clive is going to give us a lot of trouble," predicted an Arista insider, adding that Carey was "making the rounds with everyone to see who would give her the priciest deal." Representatives for both Arista and J Records said they were unaware of Manilow's departure from Arista, and both noted that "everyone wants" Carey. A rep for Carey claimed to know nothing about her musical-chair negotiations.

    New York Post.
    (Thanks Nini)

    Mariah Carey and Julia Roberts Sisters; When It Comes To Money
    Julia Roberts may make $20 million a picture, but her sisters in the recording industry have never come close to getting such a huge paycheck...until now! Mariah Carey signed a multi-album deal with Virgin Records that guarantees she'll be making MORE than $20 million per album—the biggest recording contract of ALL time, according to the Daily News. Mariah's first album for Virgin records will be the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "All That Glitters," which she also stars in! Mariah sure doesn't need a dream lover to come rescue her now!

    (Thanks Mariahnum1Lamb)

    Mariah Carry Signs Deal With Virgin
    After a five-year marriage with label boss Tommy Mottle, and a 10-year union with his Sony Music label, pop diva Mariah Carry is getting a fresh start, and a big new paycheck, with Virgin Records.

    According to the New York Daily News, the multi-album deal tops Janet Jackson's Virgin pact as the biggest recording contract ever.

    The singer was seeking $25 million per album — and had sought to even top that by taking sealed bids by the major labels. But the deal with Virgin, according to the paper, was secured through a traditional, in-person negotiation.

    Carey's first project for Virgin, which is a division of EMI Group, will be the soundtrack for All That Glitters, a musical, semiautobiographical movie starring Carry as an aspiring singer in the '80s. The soundtrack was originally set for release on Sony, until Carry negotiated out of her remaining contract two weeks ago.

    Carry worked odd jobs — as a waitress, coat checker, and beauty salon janitor — in New York, as she pursued her singing career, until a gig as backing vocalist for R&B singer Brenda Starr gave her the opportunity to give Mottle a demo tape.

    The Sony head sought her out, and her self-titled debut was released in 1990, quickly becoming a hit. A string of albums in the '90s made her the top-selling female singer of the decade.

    The Cinderella story began to crumble, however, with her 1998 divorce from Mottle. Butterfly, the album she released that year, had numerous references to a troubled marriage and a desire for freedom.

    (Thanks LimpFA)

    Al Capone built his hideout here in Desert Hot Springs in the 1920's. By the 50's, it is a mob hangout, and the restaurant and spa are fronts for a casino and brothel. By the 60's, Two Bunch goes legit, and a real spa and hotel lure Hollywood types, as later popularized in ''The Player.'' More recent guests include Madonna, Goldie Hawn, Mel Gibson and Mariah Carey.

    The New York Times
    (Thanks Tom)

    New Site
    Check out Tina's new Mariah site:

    Mariah Mentioned on Radio
    Two people told me that Mariah was mentioned on two different radio stations this morning about her signing to Virgin! Here is what I was told:

  • Kathy----Z100
    Hey, Regina!  2day while i was driving 2 skewl, i heard about mariah's new contract on z100.  It was da z morning zoo again, and da girl who does da sleaze there said that Mariah carey has a new contract 4 $20,000,000 per album multi-album, and then she said no more than 20,000,000 per album multi album, not sure wut that means.  She said that Mariah had a contract w/ Virgin records.  They started talking about this actress who makes 20,000,000 4 her movie, and mariah makes it 4 her album.  That was all they said about it.  Act. they were like about time Mariah is moving 2 another record label.  When she was done telling that, she was like o no wonder i haven't heard from Mariah Carey in sucha long time. 
  • Sammy---Hot97FM:
    This morning on the Star & Buckwild show on Hot 97Fm , Miss Jones reported that Virgin Records has spoken directly with Mariah and has met her demands. Therefore , Miss jones reprts , it is the most lucrative recording contract in history. They even said that Janet needs to watch out cause Virgin has a new queen!! Hopefully, confirmation of this will follow soon form Mariah herself.

    Mariah As A Sim
    Angie told me you can check out Mariah as a Sim at the link below. It's taken from The Sim's Resource, where you can download different items for the computer game, "The Sim's." I know nothing about his but anyhow, check out the link below!

    Mariah On TV
    In two days, you can check out a new VH1 show called All Access:Diva's Live at 10 pm on VH1. Just a reminder!

    New April Calendars/This Website
    Asma sent me some nice wallpapers for the month of April and you can check them out on the left with the otheres. I think I should make a page for these wallpapers, because we already have 5 for the month of April!

    I have to add a whole new page to the Wallpaper section too, for just normal wallpapers and add new entrees to "You Know You Are a Mariah Fan When..." page. Plus, I have some Mariah pictures to add and some other little things I need to do on this site. However, this week is a very hard week for me because of something that is taking place at school! Be patient with me and eventually I will get everything up!

    I'll make M & S a hit again Vogue cover girl Nat's band in race for top five slot
    VOGUE cover-girl Natasha Brice has swapped rubbing shoulders and sharing make-up tips with the world's top models - for M&S. But the 25-year-old beauty, who counts supermodels among her closest friends, isn't about to appear in a High Street store near you. M&S is the name of her new band, which is about to storm the charts.

    Their debut single, Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna), is outselling Britney Spears and Atomic Kitten and looks set for a Top Five spot at the weekend. When that happens, London-born Natasha - who has made her mark on the catwalk and in Hollywood - will be a household name in her homeland.

    After starting out as a model in New York when she was just 18, she quickly rose up through the fashion ranks and became friends with Kate Moss and Christy Turlington. But she became disillusioned by the sleaze, sex and drugs which permeate the fashion industry, so she decided to switch careers. Natasha admits: "Life can be brilliant for a model. I bought my first flat when I was 19 and met and travelled the world with a lot of interesting people.

    "Manhattan is so small that I met people like Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell. "Kate and I had been friends since before she was famous, so it felt like a home from home. But I made a decision that when I had made enough money, I'd stop." She explains: "Some of the girls can be quite naive, even though they seem quite grown-up. I used to spend time in Milan and I'd be invited out by the Italian agency and there would be these old guys at the table who were quite sleazy. "I never found out why these old men were sitting at a table with 17-year old models - I was streetwise enough not to fall into the trap.

    "I know girls who never imagined someone would want to take advantage of them, but they'd go out to Milan and end up dancing in clubs for money. "At the time, my modelling career was going so well I was never asked if I wanted to do that. But these things went on. "There were also drugs around, but fortunately I didn't get into that, either. I was always honest about being anti-drugs, but other girls got addicted to drugs they'd been given by those guys."

    Natasha hit Hollywood when she was cast in sci-fi fantasy The Fifth Element, with Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Chris Tucker. But the leggy beauty didn't let that go to her head. She says: "I wouldn't claim I'm an actress. The director had seen a picture of me and asked me to come in for an audition. I got the part and was thrilled to bits, but I didn't pursue acting after that.

    "I played quite a saucy role, an air hostess who was seduced by Chris Tucker. Put it this way, I was in America in January and discovered my part got cut out because it was deemed too risque for audiences there."

    Now Natasha is set for an assault on the pop charts after he vocal talents were honed by the same woman who guided none other than Mariah Carey to the top ... the star's mother Patricia. Natasha explains: "I met a make-up artist who worked with Mariah and suggested I see Patricia, who is a voice coach. "She has a studio in New York and I went there once a week for six months for singing lessons. "Patricia encouraged Mariah from the time she was four years old and developed her voice.

    "Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Mariah, but Patricia spoke about her a lot. She was obviously very proud of her daughter and she was brilliant with me. "She told me I was ready to be a singer, but it wasn't until I came back to Britain that I decided to write songs and pursue the music career." Natasha has music in her blood.

    Her aunt, Gina Foster, was a singer with Eric Clapton and a host of other veteran rockers while her uncle, Tim Foster, wrote the chart-topping hit Let Me Be The One for Eighties pop group Five Star. And she shrugs off the views of Californian beauty Caprice, who recently said she hated models-turned-singers.

    Natasha says: "Why would she say that - that's what she was. It's very odd." The name of Natasha's new group comes from the surnames of her production duo Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli. Like Spiller's Groovejet - which featured another Salsoul sample and pulled in vocalist Sophie Ellis-Bextor - the duo decided to get a female singer along to give the track a commercial edge. But while she seems to have taken everything else in her stride, Natasha is anxious about the song's chart chances. She admits: "I'm so nervous, but the radio stations are all playing the song and the club DJs are all playing it, too. The response has been fantastic."

    The Daily Record, March 29, 2001
    (Thanks Tom)

    Let them know you're the star: Make 'em wait
    MOST bridegrooms only have to worry about whether their bride will make it to the ceremony on time but poor Uri Geller was kept waiting by his best man. But then again his best man was none other than pop icon Michael Jackson.

    The 42-year-old superstar was two hours late for the wedding at Geller's estate in Sonning, Berkshire. This latest example of poor time keeping came the day after Jackson kept students, dons and fans waiting for nearly three hours when he went to address the Oxford Union. Maybe he has had problems adjusting his body clock to European time? Or perhaps you could forgive such mistakes in somebody whose home is called Never Never Land?

    Simon Couth, media studies lecturer at Grimsby College, says: "In order to be talked about over the dinner table or down the local pub, stars in our society need to operate within a currency of notoriety. "The 'guess what?' factor gives celebrities that extra cultural cachet. They have to be excessive, demanding and arrogant. "Ordinariness just will not wash - it is the fast track route to minor B-list obscurity. Nobody wants to read or hear about stars who are bland and boring."

    And Jackson is not the only star to display behaviour that, if shown by ordinary people, is likely to be considered bad manners or just downright rude. It seems the golden rule is that to be a star you have got to act like a star.

    Take Mariah Carey for example - a woman who has brought a whole new meaning to the term diva. At last year's World Music Awards in Monte Carlo she arrived more than two hours late, then threw a tantrum because she thought Michael Jackson had received a bigger build up. And at another ceremony the producers had hoped she would glide gracefully down a staircase to accept her award. But this was until she informed them that she did not "do stairs".

    Currently giving Carey a run for her money is Latin lovely Jennifer Lopez who is becoming increasingly well known for her outlandish demands. Last December she agreed to appear on Top Of The Pops - but she had a few requests to ensure she was in peak condition for her appearance. Ten dressing rooms were taken over by Lopez and her entourage and then decorated, some with white muslin and ruffled lace, others with white silk, white furniture and white orchids. She also had three chefs flown in to prepare handmade ravioli, chicken dishes and fruit platters.

    When the show was recorded the applause from the audience was enthusiastic - hardly surprising as her entourage made up about a quarter of the onlookers. Ironically she was there to promote her latest single, Love Don't Cost A Thing.

    But do not let this delude you into thinking that it is the younger generation who are the only ones to demand special treatment. When actress Elizabeth Taylor arrived in London last year, to be made a Dame of the British Empire, she brought 20 large suitcases on two special trucks. Her suite at the Dorchester Hotel was repainted lilac, while her bodyguards wanted to review Buckingham Palace's security arrangements before the ceremony. They were given a polite no.

    When attending a party or awards ceremony always turn up late. The later you leave it the bigger impression you will make. Don't bother with that awful five star hotel food - make sure you have your personal chef flown in. In no circumstances allow any old hairdresser loose on your gorgeous locks - fly in your own. Make sure there are no stairs or members of the public likely to get in your way. Both have a nasty habit of tripping you up. If you are appearing on a show always insist that you are top of the bill. If your demands are not met then cancel - at the last minute.

    Western Daily Press, March 13, 2001
    (Thanks Tom)

    Mariah Carey Leaves Columbia
    NEW YORK (AP)- Mariah Carey is bidding farewell to her record company.

    She and Columbia Records issued a joint statement on Monday confirming the pop superstar has left the label.

    Carey was one of Columbia's best-selling artists, with a string of hits that included ``Fantasy,'' ``One Sweet Day'' and ``Honey.'' According to Columbia, she has sold more than 140 million albums and singles worldwide.

    ``Mariah Carey is one of the most talented artists in the world. We have shared many commercial and creative successes, and we wish her only the best as her career continues to grow and evolve,'' Sony Music, Columbia's parent company, said in a statement.

    Carey, who was signed to the label by Sony Music Chairman Tommy Mottola, released her self-titled, multiplatinum debut album in 1990. Mottola and Carey later wed, then divorced. In the last year, Carey expressed dissatisfaction with the promotion of her music at the label.

    The New York Daily News reported Carey, 31, had signed a deal with Virgin Records worth $20 million per album. Virgin did not return calls seeking comment.

    Aol News

    April 2, 2001
    April Fool Joke-Mariah did NOT call me
    Well, as many of you know now, Mariah did NOT call me on Saturday. Here is the transcript from yesterdays "Birthday Message," as I promised:

    "Hi, this would be Regina and if you thought you were gonna to come here today and hear a voice message from Mariah...Yeah, you thought wrong! April Fool's (laugh)"
    Now as some of you know, last year I pulled a joke on this site, making up an article about Mariah being pregnant and a fake magazine she was on the "cover" of. I deleted it for some weird reason? Anyhow though, yesterdays prank was just meant to make you laugh, just like last year! Two or three of you wrote me and were very upset that I pulled a prank on the site, especially about the birthday package for Mariah! If I upset you or offended you by yesterdays prank, then I apologize. However, I think you might need to work on your sense of humor because this was such a minor joke!

    Many of you have also contacted me asking if I know anything more about Mariah's birthday package and truthfully, no I don't! I have heard nothing, except what I reported on the site last week about Mariah getting it upon her return to NYC! As soon as I know ANYTHING, I will report it right here, you have my word on that!

    New Calendar
    Michelle from Star Mariah made an April wallpaper and you can check it out on the left, with Honey and Kate's! I have a nice idea for a wallpaper too but if I ever get it made, it will be a miracle!! Hee hee...

    Mariah Quiz
    Armand made a fun little Mariah quiz! The questions start out easy and they get a little more advanced. I did it for a while and made it up to 190 points. The questions were easy up till then but they probably get harder and harder as it advances. Check it out if you want to have some fun!

    Mariah In Star
    As I reported yesterday, Mariah is in the April 10th issue of Star tabloid. I scanned the picture and you can check it out in Gallery 50! Here is the article that accompanies the picture!

    Golden Throat
    Mariah Carey is the songbird who laid the golden egg. She stands to ink the richest recording contract of all time now that she's severing ties with Sony Music.

    Carey, 31, who divorced the company's chief, Tommy Motolla, in 1998 after five years of marriage, is leaving the label and shopping for a new one that insiders say could pay her a whopping $25 million per album!

    Until then, fans will have to make do with the upcoming soundtrack to her movie, All That Glitters, which is set to debut in August

    April 1, 2001
    Mariah Gets Birthday Package + Message From Her!!
    Guess what guys, you are not going to believe this! Mariah herself called me last night again about the whole birthday package ordeal!! We talked for about 20 minutes and she wanted to thank you all for your kind words and presents for her!! She asked me to record another message for her so you can all hear how thankful she really is. You can check it out by clicking the link below! I'll get a transcript up later in the day because she called early in the morning and I am lucky to get this message up, in fact! So exciting...

    You will have to unzip it using WinZip.com MariahDaily is the ONLY site to now have two EXCLUSIVE messages from Mariah!! Enjoy:
    Click Here to hear message from Mariah!!

    There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and a new Poll O' The Week! Thanks to Leo for the idea for poll o' the week. Here are last weeks results and it seems, we got a tie!

    With which Legendary Diva would you most like to see Mariah perform with?
    Cher (39) 7%
    Gladys Knight (43) 7%
    Bette Midler (59) 10%
    Tina Turner (98) 18%
    Dionne Warwick (11) 2%
    Patti Labelle (again) (52) 9%
    Barbra Streisand (69) 12%
    Olivia Newton-John (again) (46) 8%
    Aretha Franklin (again) (98) 18%
    Diana Ross (again) (28) 5%
    Total Votes: 543

    Official Site Updated
    Mariah's Official website now has 3 new Official Pictues added! Check them out! The one was never published in a magazine, which is kind of cool, in fact! Thanks to Jeffy for informing me about this!

    Mariah In Star
    Check out Mariah in this week's Star Tabloid. There is a picture of her and an article about her leaving Sony!! I'll try and scan it for Monday's update!

    Mel On Mariah
    Seth sent me part of a transcript with Mel C (Spice Girl) from Jam Showbiz!

    Fan: Can you tell me, who are a few of your favorite voices, past or present?
    Mel C:  Wow! Ummm, Annie Lennox, I love Fiona Apple, Aretha Franklin, Whitney, Mariah, Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner.  I like people who are individual, an individual style.  Stevie Wonder, Oh my God I love his voice.

    Anna sent me another translation of Friday's article! This one might be easier to understand!! It's hard translating these articles and again thanks to Eva for originally sending it to me!

    Reforma online - Thursday, March 29, 2001
    The relationship between MC and Sony , one that began in 1990 with the onset of her recording career, terminated in 1998 with the separation from her husband , Sony President Tommy Mottola.

    Although it was an open secret within the company, it wasn¹t until last week that she finally had the opportunity to officially terminate her contract with Sony Music.

    According to a spokesperson for Sony Records in NY, Luis Miguel's girlfriend has not had direct contact with the company for approximately 3 years. Her recordings and other musical productions are done outside the company and she has had minimal involvement in the promotion of her recent projects.

    She has not attended a single planning meeting and she preferred to keep her distance from the record company. It  is very probable that this estrangement was a result of her divorce from Tommy Mottola, according to an anonymous source.

    The same source assured us that the first one to learn of Carey¹s decision to leave the company, and to accept her decision, was Tommy Mottola himself.

    According to this informant, Mariah received an offer from a rival record company a few weeks ago, and while she was seriously considering the offer, she asked Sony Records for a contract that would pay her 20 million dollars per album over a three year period, an offer that the record executives refused to consider.  

    Sony argued that there was no need for ³negotiation² since Mariah and Sony had an established relationship. They offered her additional money but her representatives turned down the offer, leaving the legal matter in the hands of their  attorneys to officially terminate the contract, and announce the decision to the press and the media in general.

    The offer from a rival record company was presented to Carey when she revealed that her contract with Sony was nearly over, and that she only owed the company one more recording,  the soundtrack to her movie ³All That Glitters² - which will be released and promoted this August.  

    The first offer was 20 million dollars for three recordings over a period of four years; but now she (Mariah) is looking for a contract that would pay her 25 million dollars over five years, for  recordings every 12 months, an arrangement that would make her the highest paid figure in music.

    Warner Music is the company that has been the most vocal in  expressing an interest in signing the Long Island born singer; but Universal, Interscope and Jive are also considering making an offer.  However, none of the Mexican representatives for these companies would make a public comment on their plans.

    Mottola was married to Mariah Carey for five years, he was the one who ³discovered²  her when she was a waitress in Manhattan, and signed her to a recording contract after hearing a demo tape given to him by dance-music singer Brenda K. Starr.

    Mariah on Millionaire
    Hillary told me that Mariah was mentioned on Millionaire Friday. It was a fast finger question and they had to put the artists in order from when they were born (youngest to oldest). The list was something like, Lance, Enrigue, Mariah and Madonna!

    Click here for March News!