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updated byDanielle April 30, 2002 8:20PM  
Will Wisgirls Go Straight To Video?
A few people sent me this article from PopDirt.com:

Mariah Carey's 'Wisegirls' May Go Straight To Video
The LA Daily News reports that the Mariah Carey and Mira Sirvino starring 'Wisegirls' may be released straight to video by Lions Gate and skip a theatrical release. Carey had hoped to have the film released in theaters to prove to moviegoers that 'Glitter' was just a fluke and that she could have a future as an actress.

Thanx to Nathan, Evasen and Lisa

UK Glitter Fan Gathering
Ashes (Rainbow Princess) sent me this info for anyone who wants to join the UK Fan Gathering

It takes place in London, Leicester Square, 12pm on May 4th 2002. Please if you can do turn up...please bring copies of the flyer... click here

Even if you cannot come please make sure you get the flyer displayed:

* in your student union
* local library
* local community board
* youth centre notice board...etc...

Someone also suggested that we should make May 10th to May 12th a mariah long weekend...what this entails is asking all know releations and friends to rent the movie!!! Excuses that can be used are as follows:

1. I am doing 80's fashion at the moment and i want your opinion if the clothes in the movie represent the 1980's
2. I am doing a media project and wanna know what you though of glitter!!!

Also try to get some promotion of the movie for mariah in your local newspaper.... write a review for them and ask them to feature it!!!!

If it gets featured, send me the press clipping and a passport photo and I promise to get it to mariah!!! Before I go if you do come to the gathering please if you can try to come in theme like the fan premier!!!

Mariah Gets Tattooed
Mariah was the subject of People's Court yesterday, which was about a man who had tonz of Mariah tattoos all over him and was suing for a tattoo that was messed up.

A couple people were able to see the show and here is what they said about it:

A fan was suing a tattoo parlor because he was not pleased with one of the 2 Mariah tattoos that they had done to his body. He had one of TGIFY cover of MC on his upper arm, (the good one) then they showed one on his calf, of the Loverboy cover and that one did not look particularily good. That was the one he was suing them for. He was not pleased because MC was not "perfect" and her cheekbones were not round enough.

He did not win the $1,020 that he was suing for, but was granted $60 to go get a touch up somewhere else. At the end they asked him what he wanted to say to MC on national TV and he said " She is the greatest artist ever and the most beautiful woman and I love her!"

Today I was watching People's Court and this man was suing a tattoo artist because he had asked to have a tattoo of Mariah on his leg and he wasn't happy with it. And it was his 2nd Mariah tattoo! The first one was the "Thank God I Found You" Single cover, with her in the white t shirt and he had it on his upper right arm. The 2nd one was the "Loverboy" single cover, complete with her on the car, on his lower left calf. I thought they both looked a lot like her, but the guy who got them was a little crazy and obsessive about it. This case went on for a good 20-25 minutes, and they kept mentioning Mariah over & over. The judge asked the guy if he had ever written to her, and he said, "All the time! I just hope she's watching this right now!"

Mariah In Infamous Painting
Louis sent me a picture of a painting done by a man named Ali G. He explained what is in the picture:

I was having a look through my friends Ali G book (he's the british comedian in the Madonna "Music" video wearing yellow-just in case u dont know him over there)

Anyway he is abouselty obsessed my Mariah. I found this picture-It features Michelle Williams form Destiny's Child, 2pac, Snoop Dog and I think Master P.

If you look close enough you can see Mariah lying on his lap looking just as beautiful as ever.

Check out this interesting drawing in Gallery 7

New Mariah Single?
I got this info from one of my best friends, Tahiana, webmaster of Mariah Connection :

I just got this picture (attached file) from a friend that is in Tokyo right now. I don't know where he got it from. But all I can figure out is that this pic was meant to promote a new single called "Twice". This is really weird because the picture used on the background is sort of old (I think if it was really a new thing they would use a new pic of Mariah), it shows "Japan Sony Music" and we all know that Mariah is not signed with Sony.

You can check out this pic as well in Gallery 7

Fabolous Talks About Mariah
I got this awesome info from April (Mariahz World)

Fabolous is named one of Teen Peoples hottest 25 under 25 in the june/july 2002 issue. In the interview he talks a little about our MC

"Mariah heard some of my album before it dropped and she told me, 'Yo, you're going to be a star.' That blew my mind

updated byregina April 29, 2002 7:50PM  
Voice Message Transcript
MariahCareydk got the voice message to work and typed out the transcript, how sweet. Here it is...
Mariah: "Yeah, just calling to check in 'cause I haven't called in quite some time. I've been busy recording and things of that nature. Everything is going really well and just wanted to call and let you know once again as always that I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya!

Mary Ann: "Yes, she does!"

Mariah: "I'm down here with Mary Ann, recording some nice vocals tonight and I just tried to leave a message but it got cut off, I think, I'm not sure, 'cause we were clowning around as usual. But anyway we just wanted to leave you with a little song for the evening" (Mariah plays a few notes on the telephone buttons and laughs)

Mary Ann: "I do believe!"
updated byregina April 29, 2002 7:35PM  
MariahCarey.com Updated
Check out MariahCarey.com for three new things tonight. First off, there is a new voice message from the 27th but we can't seem to get it to work. I notice several people are saying that they are getting errors saying file not found, including me. Hopefully it will be fixed shortly. But while you are waiting, you can read new questions/answers from Mariah in two different really cool sections. One is about her life in a timeline format and the other is Mariah's Favorites. Some of them are really cute, so make sure you check those out.

Links Updated
I add a few new links to the LINKS section of the site and they are also added below:
Mariah Extreme
Glittering Galaxy

Mariah's Name
ButtterfIi was looking up how popular Mariah's name has become over the history and the results she found were kind of interesting. Mariah didn't even come onto the charts until the 70's and it was 898th most popular girl's name. In the 80's it was 586 and in the 90's, maybe thanks to Mariah Carey, it was the 78th most popular name for a girl.

Mariah's Dogs
"Mariah Carey is one serious dog-lover. When she took her pooches to Toronto she discovered that they were having huge problems sleeping. The pups are used to custom made beds, but were roughing it for a few days. In a bid to end their sleepy probs, Mariah went out and bought them a pair of wooden chairs upholstered in velvet. Oh, it's a dog's life!"

Source: Thanks to Akira for this small article.

Mariah Wins
Our latest poll asking 'Which pop star do you consider the most talented actor/actress?' had Mariah Carey voted as the top choice, getting 42.8% of the vote, enough to edge out Jennifer Lopez's 37%...Our latest poll asks 'If you could remove one pop act's music from the face of the Earth, who would it be?'

Vote for someone BESIDES Mariah now on the new poll!

Mariah in HEAT
Janel tells me you can check Mariah out in the April 13-19th issue of HEAT magazine. There is a 2 page full article on her on page 28-29 and also a pic/article on page 73.

Glitter VHS
Janel also told me that in the recent issue of Columbia House Video Club, Glitter is on sale now. It is featured on the second page and there is a little article about the movie PLUS a picture of Mariah and Max. It says...
Honey-throated songbird Mariah Carey shines in this rags-to-riches heartwarmer. Showstopping performances and a blockbuster soundtrack make this a must!!! 

Nice Story
was listening to Delilah the other night and this woman called in. She said that she was adopted when she was very young and her adopted parents loved her more than anything. They were always there for her and she could never ask for better parents. She recently wanted to meet her biological mother though, after years of waiting for the right time, even though she could never give her the love her adopted parents have. She found out that she recently died. She said how she was sad that she never really got to meet her in her life, to at least just talk to her. She asked Delilah to play a song for her. Delilah said she was sorry and said how she would pick a song out for her. The woman than said she heard a song recently that made her think of this whole situation and made her cry when she heard it. She asked Delilah to play, "Never Too Far" by Mariah Carey. Delilah flipped and said how she loves that song, it is so beautiful. While listening to it, I found myself tearing up because it matched this girls situation perfectly. Just thought I would share...

Coming In ONE More Day...
MariahDaily.com will officially be FOUR YEARS OLD!

updated byregina April 27, 2002 3:30PM  
There is a new Poll O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week. Plus, there is a new poll for you to check out if you like!
Last Weeks Poll Results:
Which hairstyle best suits Mariah?
Old School M (68) 1%
Classic (187) 2%
Sweet Daydream (1028) 10%
The Diva (5313) 52 %
Sleek (211) 2%
Pulled Back (229) 2%
Classic Straight Style (2709) 26%
Wavy Style (318) 3%
Cute Braids (57) 1%
Wisegirl (182) 2%
Total Votes: 10,302

Tomorrow there will be at chat at 10pm EDT at the Mariah Daily Yahoo Club. I won't be able to make it sadly but Danielle said she will be there so if you want to drop on by and talk, please do so!!

New Pictures
Anne sent me 2 scans from a magazine called Story that features new pictures of Mariah from her bday vacation earlier this year. Also, there are two large scans from her Ally McBeal appearance that are really nice and that would make nice wallpapers. Check them out if you like in Gallery 7.

Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts ending May 3, 2002...
Hot 100 Singles Sales
46 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men 2
(Up from last week!)
64 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

Derek & Mariah
Jeanne found an article on Mariah's ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter at ESPN.com It has a picture of her from Glitter and she is mentioned in the article. If you want to check it out, click here.

Site Re-Open
jamaicaFUNK has reopened and the webmaster would like you to go and check it out. Click the link below to do so:

updated byDanielle April 27, 2002 1:45PM  
Lamb Gives Mariah Props On MTV UK
I got this info from Louis:

Yesterday I was on video clash which is a show on MTV in the uk. If anyone saw it, I was the boy who went up and had to answer questions based on clues and had to squeeze a toy rat as a buzzer. On the show they play clips of songs and the studio audenice have to react with a boo or a cheer.

They played a clip of J.lo's song play-I shouted out really loud on live tv "Rubbish get it off." The presenter asked me don't you like J.lo I said no MARIAH CAREY is much nicer. The presenter said i have to agree with you she is much prettier. I think it was really good that she [the presenter] agreed with me and Mariah got some live exsposure on MTV.

Magazine News
Mariah is in this week's issue of Enquirer in an article that's garbage as always with a picture we've all seen before, of her on the Glitter set drinking soda through a straw

She's also in the April 29th issue of New York Magazine, on the 1st page. The pic is of her from one of the Christmas shows she hosted in December and the article is about the party she had recently for her nephew Shawn.

Thanx to Leo for that info

New Pic
Ophélie (Mariah's Museum) sent me a scan of a pic of Mariah from when she was in France last November.

You can check it out in Gallery 7

Info On This Year's "Diva's Live"
I got this article about this year's "Divas Live" from Mariah World

VH1 sure knows how to make the ladies happy. And at this year's fifth annual Divas Live show they will have to deal with the diva-sized personalities of Cher, Mary J. Blige and Celine Dion. Also on the bill are newly announced acts Shakira and the Dixie Chicks.

And where, you may ask, is a place big enough to hold all these lovely ladies? The answer: the city that has Paris, Egypt, Venice and more all rolled into one - Vegas, baby! The Diva phenomenon as we know it was born on April 14, 1998. Celine, Gloria, Aretha, Shania, and Mariah stormed New York City's Beacon Theater, and the VH1 Divas Live CD bottled the night's magic. Any backstage catfights? Well - not on that evening, according to self-confessed "diva-in-training", Mariah Carey;

"I just tripped Celine when she was walking by. I stole one of Gloria's necklaces - the big one, with the diamond. It was really nice. So I'm pocketing things and I'm listening to Aretha trying to steal some rifts and things, some ideas. So it's good. I'm kidding. There's no diva drama. This whole thing, don't believe it. I mean really. There's no controversy, we're all happy to be here in support of each other, so girl power and all of that nonsense," she joked.

The show will go off on May 23 and be broadcast on VH1.

updated byregina April 25, 2002 10:20PM  
MD Chat
A bunch of lambs showed up tonight to chill at the MD chat. Five people got to chose what Rainbow Tour Concert stuff they wanted while four other lambs got Glitter film strips. More Mariah news coming tomorrow but here are some of the questions Danielle, Liron and I asked...
What is Mariah's favorite gum?
What month/year did the Butterfly tour kick off?
January 1998
What high school musical did Mariah participate in and what song did she sing?
South Pacific/Song= Honey Bun
Who was Mariah's first writing partner?
Gavin Christopher
When Rosie asked Mariah who decides what remixes she does, what was her answer?
What 2 concerts did Mariah sing "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination" at?
Singapore and L.A.
Besides Ally McBeal, what t.v. show did Mariah appear on?
What was the worst present Mariah has ever received for Christmas?
Used bottle of men's cologne
updated byDanielle April 25, 2002 8:00PM  
Mottola Is Going DOWN
Finally, Thomas D. Mottola might get what he deserves

Mottola 'in hot water' after Carey's sabotage
Mariah Carey fans of the world rejoice: Tommy Mottola's luck may have just run out. The wealthy chairman and CEO of America's Sony Music Entertainment Group, is in hot water with the company's Japanese counterparts, who have caught wind of the serious allegations regarding his treatment of former label mega-star, Mariah Carey. Mottola reportedly attempted to sabotage Carey's Glitter album in order to boost the career of rival songbird Jennifer Lopez.

A confession made by record executive Irv Gotti in the current edition of XXL magazine, has pushed Mottola into potentially hazardous territory with the company. Gotti admitted that Mottola, Carey's ex-husband, instructed him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded exactly like one Gotti's company had made with Carey for her movie, Glitter. According to sources who worked on the movie, Mottola was also secretly viewing footage of Glitter while his ex-wife was shooting it, giving him the upper-hand -- and subsequently, the ability to use Carey's creative concepts against her.

Sony's Japanese executives are apparently less than impressed with Mottola's antics, and are furious over the loss of one of their highest selling international artists. Carey's Japanese fan base is nothing less than phenomenal. When music mogul Molly Meldrum visited Tokyo, he declared that "Mariah Mania" had taken over. "Her music is everywhere and she's also promoting a line of lipstick for a local cosmetics company," he said. The sassy songstress recently featured alongside Japanese comedian Sanma Akasiya to promote a line of products for Nescafe.

Prior to being released from her contract last year, Carey had maintained an amicable relationship with Sony Music's Japanese branch. Although elsewhere the singer's Glitter album was released by a then-confident Virgin Music, Sony Japan fought for the rights of its release. The soundtrack failed to sell well internationally, but became an instant hit in Japan, debuting at #1. Carey was thrilled with the news of the project's success -- regardless of how geographically limited it was.

"I can't even express how much this means to me as an artist and as an individual especially at this moment in my life" she said. "I can't thank you enough and I look forward to seeing you all in Japan. Aishitemasu!" (That means "I Love You" in Japanese).

Source: Mariah World

updated byDanielle April 25, 2002 6:00PM  
Arena Magazine
I went to Borders today to look at the new issue of Arena magazine that I posted about last night and all I can say is it's not woth $8.00 unless you really like the picture. It's just a small picture of Mariah in an article talking about EMI's prolbems so you're not really missing anything.

updated byregina April 25, 2002 11:35AM  
Mariah On 20/20 May 8th
I spent the early part of this week with two superstars and their children for a special "20/20" Mother's Day salute, which will air on May 10. First, I sat down with Diana Ross, still slim and glamorous, and her five children -- yes, five children: three grown daughters and two adorable young sons. I'll tell you more about this later but for now, just know that all of us ended up in happy tears.

I next interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and her daughter, Alex. Whoopi gave birth to Alex when she was 19. Alex gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. What a story they both have to tell -- but again, more of that to come.

Here's another heads up. In addition to the Mother's Day program airing 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time on May 10, we will also be reprising the program I so much loved doing, called "Born in My Heart." The program is about parenting and adoption, and it features many of my colleagues ?- including Connie Chung and Rosie O'Donnell -- with their adopted children, and my own daughter, Jackie. This will also be on May 10, preceding "20/20" at 9-10 p.m. Eastern Time. I will tell you more about both programs as we get closer.

I have also been working on a 90-minute special that will air on Wednesday, May 8 from 9:30-11 p.m. (I have been kind of busy.) This program is called "Beyond the Glare," and I went back to some of my most sensational interviewees to see how they are doing now. You will hear from Mariah Carey, Sarah, Duchess of York, Donna Rice, Kato Kaelin, Greg Louganis and Macauley Culkin. What a line-up! Each talks about their worst time and gives advice on how to survive the glare -- even when nothing seems to be going right.

This week on "20/20," John Stossel kicks off a new series that we are calling "The Family Fix," looking at problems and suggested solutions. The first report in this six-week series deals with the stress children put upon the relationships between parents, including sex. If you have children, I can tell you that you'll find this story both interesting and useful. And if you don't have children, it will give you new sympathy for your parents!

Brian Ross reports from Rome that, even as American cardinals and the Vatican promise to crack down on alleged pedophilia, some Vatican officials have failed to fully investigate a prominent church leader. His report is startling. And John Miller has the intriguing tale of the sperm that escaped prison. It's a jaw-dropping, true-life story involving a mobster behind bars, his pregnant wife, and how she got that way. So do watch: Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. And let me know what you think of the program, and your reactions to this e-mail. You can reach me at BarbaraWalters@abnews.com.

Barbara Walters

Thanks to Honey223 for this article.

Shania, Mariah, Let's call the whole thing off!
America's Queen of Country, Shania Twain, has announced that fans can expect a new album to be released later in the year. Twain's 1997 effort, Come On Over, became the top selling album in the history of SoundScan, recently being certified 19x platinum for sales in the US alone.

The songstress has been busy recording new material, and recently showed her support for fellow Canadian Celine Dion -- Shania's backing vocals can be heard throughout tracks on Dion's current opus, A New Day Has Come.

Twain, who recently gave birth to her first child, has indicated that there is no rivalry between any of the dubbed "super divas". When asked how she felt about songbird Mariah Carey, Twain replied enthusiastically; "she is one of my favourite vocalists actually." In 2000, the vivacious country star performed a live rendition of Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You, for thousands of delighted fans.

Thanks to Jeane for this article (Taken from Mariah World)

Reminder: Chat Tonight
Don't forget that the chat is tonight at the MD Yahoo Club. Be there between 8:30/9pm EST.

updated byDanielle April 24, 2002 10:00PM  
Magazine News
Jimbabawe just informed me that Mariah is in the new issue of Arena Magazine with Britney Spears on the cover so make sure to check it out. I'll have more info on that and maybe a scan tomorrow

updated byregina April 24, 2002 8:10PM  
tokyo Evelyn found a link on Ebay to some nice captures from the Tokyo Video for the Buterfly Tour. Check them out by clicking here

New Carey Deal To Include 'Key Man' Clause
Hits Daily Double reports sources close to the Mariah Carey negotiations now saying key man clauses (ie. she could leave the label should the 'key man' depart) may be a determining factor before she signs a deal. Many remember that during Mariah's previous deal with Virgin/EMI, the label removed president Ken Berry and later Nancy Berry, the label's vice chairman. Flashback to the glowing praises each gave Mariah when she was signed by the label here.

Thanks to Farshad for this article form Popdirt.com

updated byDanielle April 24, 2002 6:30PM  
Mariah Is BACK
I got this info from Ashes:
Mariah Selling Strong Worldwide During Hiatus
This week Mariah's re-released and re-packaged single One Sweet Day sits at #53 on the Billboard singles chart. When first released in 1996, the single was certified platinum, for sales of over 1 million copies. It went on to spend a record-breaking 16 weeks (almost 4 months) at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The Never Too Far/Hero benefit single falls from #48 to #59 with sales of 620 in the US this week (down from 840 the previous week).

Glitter is amongst the most rented movies in Spain and throughout Asia. There has also been a surprising demand for the film at rental outlets in various countries including Australia. Did you know that the Glitter soundtrack was the highest selling album released by a foreign artist in China in 2001? Last week the album was certified gold in Brasil (sales of 100,000), and it re-enters the chart in Argentina this week at #39!

Source: MariahWorld

updated byregina April 24, 2002 6:10PM  
Chat Tomorrow Night: WIN STUFF!
black dress If you got nothing better to do tomorrow night and love to chat with fellow lambs, come swinging on by to the MD Yahoo Club in the CHAT section. Liron, Danielle, myself and a few other lambs will be chilling in the Chat room at about 8:45-9:00pm EST. We would love for you to join us and fellow lambs.

The best part about tomorrow's MD chat is that we will be giving away prizes throughout the chat. Liron (MC_Rulz), Danielle (MariahDaily) and I (Regina4MC) will be asking questions during the chat, really tough M questions. The first person to answer will be able to pick from the following list:
Rainbow Tour Concerts:
Cassette Versions Available:
Singapore, Tokyo/Osaka Japan, Germany, Paris, New York, Boston, Chicago, L.A., Spain, San Jose, Miami, Toronto and London.

Video Available:
Germany, San Jose, NYC, Chicago and Toronto.

So if you win, you will get to pick which concert you would like and I will ship it off to you. Make sure you drop by!

Some other reasons to drop by is that I just added 17 more older pictures that have never been on Mariah Daily to the "New1" folder and several other lambs added some pictures of their rooms, wallpapers they made and also pictures of them WITH Mariah. There are also 9 soundfiles to check out, including speeches and performances.

Article O' The Week
I added a new section on the side bar on the left called "Article O' The Week." My friend Marks has thosands of old article of Mariah and sent me some of them. Each week I'll add an older article to this page and you can check out this weeks by clicking here.

N.Y. Housing Aid Proposal Debated
NEW YORK (AP) - A housing aid proposal to help terror-damaged lower Manhattan is raising eyebrows because families with six-figure incomes would qualify for grants normally intended for poor and middle-class people.

The $277 million program, which awaits federal approval, would provide grants of up to $14,500 for lower Manhattan residents who promise to stay for at least two years. The plan would cover rents and mortgages for people who already live downtown or decide to move there.

But because lower Manhattan includes wealthy neighborhoods where apartments can sell for $2 million and rent for $5,000 a month, the idea has raised questions since it was proposed two months ago.

``I don't think that makes sense,'' said Margaret Hughes, executive director of a tenant advocacy group on Manhattan's less-affluent Lower East Side. ``It makes more sense to put money into workforce development programs and to create affordable housing.''

Hughes said she does not oppose grants for people who lived downtown on Sept. 11 - many of whom were forced from their homes by the terrorist attacks - but she questions whether people who move there in the future should qualify.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corp., the agency overseeing downtown rebuilding, closed the public comment period this week and will forward the plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development within days.

Most of the more than 1,000 people who filed written comments were supportive, but some criticized the aid for affluent newcomers.

The money is coming from the federal Community Development Block Grant program, which normally serves low- and moderate-income people. In New York City, HUD guidelines say, a moderate-income family of four is one that earns less than $50,200 a year.

Few residents of lower Manhattan would qualify under such rules. Eleven percent of downtown residents report household incomes under $60,000, according to a report prepared for the Alliance for Downtown New York. Twenty-four percent said their incomes topped $210,000. The area's residents include celebrities like Robert De Niro and Mariah Carey.

The income guidelines were waived for the lower Manhattan program, in part because it serves broader downtown renewal goals.

``The program is designed to stabilize and strengthen lower Manhattan and provide financial assistance to retain and attract residents,'' development agency President Lou Tomson said.

Thousands of lower Manhattan residents fled after the attack, though many have already been replaced by newcomers. Some of the richest downtown residents probably will not apply for the grants.

But real estate agents have been touting the subsidies in their ads and say would-be residents - including wealthy ones - are expecting the money.

``It's definitely the first or second word that comes out of people's mouths these days,'' said Andrew Melnick of Tabak Real Estate.

Source: AOL News

updated byLiron April 24th, 2002 4:15PM   
Mary J Blige on Mariah
Mary J was recently on the German MTV show "Select" and was asked about having P. Diddy in her video for "No More Drama".
In her reply, she also mentioned Mariah:
"I was putting those people in the video to let people know that if we don't stick together as artists and start trying to pull together to let other people know - on the outside - that we don't know what's really going on in these people's lifes. They have - you know - they have had dramatic lives, too. But we don't want them to have any more drama in their lives. So, that's why Puffy appeared and that's the same reason why Mariah appeared. Because she was going through a lot in her life. So that's why I put 'em there, to let 'em know, like, you know, I don't care what people go through. I'm not gonna turn my back on anyone because of what someone else says (...) The press really knows how to beat you up and make you look bad in front of everyone."
- Thanks Honey & Kate for that piece of info!

"Glitter" Continues to Succeed WorldWide
Last week we told you that "Glitter" is doing great in Australia, Spain and China.
This week we find out that the soundtrack was certified gold in Brasil (Sales of 100,000 copies) and also re-entered the Argentinian charts at #39!

Ashes, The beautiful Mariah World

Fans from Argentina Premiere "Glitter"
Tomas and Johann from Argentina would like to send this message to all Argentinian fans:

"As we all know, the film Glitter wasn't released in theatres in Argentina. Many of us were left with the expectation of watching it in a theater, and had to settle for the VHS or DVD, or at least download scenes off the internet.
We, Johann and Tomas, are organizing a gathering for all those want to see the movie, and also meet with other Mariah fans in Argentina.
We will rent a pub and make our very own Glitter premiere, with music and videos specially chosen for the occasion. If you are from Argentina, we'd like to invite you, and anybody who you think would enjoy this event. Please pass it around. If you are from anywhere else around the globe, we welcome your suggestions.
We are planning the meeting for Sunday June 2 in Buenos Aires, from 6pm to 10pm, subject to change. For more details, please contact Johann (jmfreytag@arnet.com.ar) and/or Tomas (tomasbalmaceda@hotmail.com).

Vote for Mariah as Most Talented Singer/Actress
Popdirt.com has a poll on their site that asks for your opinion on the pop-star who is the most talented actor/actress.
If you feel like I do, you must be on your way to Popdirt.com in order to vote for Mariah.

New Magazine Scans
Igal (Thank you SO much!) sent me 7 beautiful new pictures of Mariah that he scanned from "Heat Magazine" and "Entertainment Weekly".
Go to Gallery 7 to view them.

updated byregina April 23, 2002 10:25PM  
JLO Talks
David sent me an excerpt of an interview JLO did with a Danish tabloid newspaper B.T. recently. You can read the full article here and here is what she has to say. Do you believe her? I know I don't!
"I apologize and I am sorry that she (Mariah) feels bestolen. I would probably have felt the same way. But I can assure you that it is a complete coincidence. I didn't know, that she (Mariah) had plans of using the same song as I. One of my people gave me a disc with five songs. And coincidentally I just happened to like Firecracker the best. That is not theft."
Just a note, this news bit was posted in the Mariah Daily Yahoo Club earlier this morning. I post all the late breaking news and pictures there first while I am at school and then update MD late at night. So, if you want to get the news and pictures earlier, I suggest joining the club and checking out the messageboard Daily. Danielle is also adding stuff there too now.

Ally In South Africa
If you live in South Africa and want to see Mariah's performance on Ally McBeal, Zane tells me it will air April 29th at 21H30.

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Breaking News:Mariah Works With DJ Quick
I got this AWESOME article from "Mac From Queens New York":

Mariah Goes From Murder Inc. To The Club With DJ Quik
West Coast MC is new addition to Carey's growing list of cohorts.
By Shaheem Reid

DJ Quik has joined the list of Mariah Carey's collaborators for her next effort. On Monday, the West Coast MC/ beat miner said he had already completed a track where he took the diva "to the club." "[I took her] to the low riders," Quik said of the still-untitled track's beat. "It's 808-thick."

Quik's going back in the lab with Mariah soon to record a ballad, he said. "Mariah is serious," he observed. "It's funny, I didn't get a chance to do her vocals, but I like how she takes the recording process seriously. She's not in there lollygagging, wasting time. She's in there writing harmonies with her girls. It was real cool.

"It don't hurt that she's real fine," he added. "She's real easy on the eyes." (AWWW)

Last week, Murder Inc. producer 7 Aurelius (Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti) said that he, too, had been in the studio working with the multiplatinum pop queen (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7").

Carey is indeed working on a new LP, Mariah's spokesperson said, but she's still talking to labels and has neither a home for the record nor a release date. Quik said that when the album does come out, Carey should be able to bounce back from the jeers she received over her last project, the soundtrack to "Glitter."

"I think 'Glitter' was a hoax," Quik said. "In my opinion, I think she got caught in something that just didn't work. I think it was partially timing, too, and the fact [there weren't any] really strong singles.

"I think she can come back," he continued. "Her fans should allow her one wack album. They allowed me one."

Source: VH1.com

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Hello Kitty Is The Cat's Meow
kitty LOS ANGELES — Mariah Carey, Lisa Loeb, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tyra Banks may be grown-up celebrities, but they're not too old to purr over Hello Kitty.

Popular with little girls since the 1970s, Hello Kitty products are suddenly a hit in Hollywood.

"It's a very reminiscent 'Oh' feeling when I see or buy Hello Kitty things," says Loeb, 34, a fan since 1976. "It reminds me of my childhood."

Carey is known to click around in her high heels, carrying her $59 Hello Kitty boombox. On a recent MTV Cribs episode, the songbird showed off the boombox, along with her Hello Kitty hair dryer ($29).

A $15 Hello Kitty sequin bag is popular with Banks, Mandy Moore and members of Destiny's Child. Christina Aguilera, who wore Hello Kitty jewelry on the cover of Teen People, was recently spotted at Hello Kitty's Beverly Center store here, snapping up everything from luggage to wastebaskets. On The Tonight Show, she professed her love of Hello Kitty gum to Jay Leno.

Include Gwen Stefani (cell phone case), Jessica Alba (stationery), Parker (T-shirts), Selma Blair (hat, scarf and mittens set), Drew Barrymore (watches and stationery) and Brandy (luggage) among Hello Kitty fans.

Why is the brand — with its cute little white-cat-with-a-bow mascot — such a hit with celebs? Could it be the kitschy Kitty factor?

"Most of us work very hard and we're very, very busy, so anything that can add a spark of excitement and creativity and fun to mundane things in life is important to us," says Loeb, whose new album is called Cake & Pie. "You need the small things in life. When you're sitting on a plane one-third of the time, you want to look at a Hello Kitty pad or paper or a pen. You don't want to look at something boring."

Loeb can't even count how many Hello Kitty items she possesses. For starters, there's her rice cooker, purses, T-shirts, pens, paper, cell phone holders, boom box, waffle maker, watch, leopard-skin leg warmers and pajamas. "Basically, everything from erasers to underwear," she says. Her guitar player recently bought her Hello Kitty microphone covers that look like miniature shower caps.

"I have a Hello Kitty coffee maker and I get to see Hello Kitty's face with little angel wings on it when I'm making coffee in the morning," says Loeb.

Bill Hensley, who is Western Hemisphere marketing director for Tokyo-based Sanrio Inc., of which Hello Kitty is a subsidiary, likes to think that celebrities are attracted to his brand for the same reason that non-celebrities are.

"Kitty appeals because she's really cute and we create functional stuff with a fun design," he says. "We listen to what's going on in the customer's lifestyle and make things with Hello Kitty. So whether it's a teenage girl going to the prom or Tyra Banks going to the MTV Awards, she can carry that fun Hello Kitty sequin purse."

Source: USA Today

New Pics
red dress Want to see 21 new lovely photos of Mariah Carey like the one on the right? All you have to do is check out the Mariah Daily Yahoo Club in the "Photo" section for a bunch of new pictures that havn't been on MD before. Plus, the club is officially up and running now and we are all posting there, so why not you too? There are some sound files there too that fans are posting and some other little tidbits also! Every Sunday night there will be a chat there most likely around 10pm EST. If anyone has a better suggestion day, please let me know. I though we could do some daily chats too at night. I will try and be there tonight around 9pm EST, so if your online, stop on by and say hi!

In Gallery 7, you can check out two pictures of Mariah's old house that burned to the ground in 2000 courtesy of Marty.

Glitter DVD In Japan
diva@blue.ocn.ne.jp told me that all Japenese fans can pick up the Glitter DVD on April 26th. It will be a picture disc and when you buy it, you can enter a contest to win one of the original costume's that Mariah wore in the movie. All you have to do is answer the question that comes with the DVD and sent it to Sony Pictures Japan.

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Magazine News
Mariah is in a few magazines and here is all the information I was sent..
Rolling Stone May issue (2 small pics of M on beach with Jack)
National Enquier April 30th issue (one picture from AMA's in 99 and article about Tommy/M/JLO)
US Weekly April29-May6th (Picture and article on pg 53)
Big thanks to Courtney, Janel and Jake

Mariah in TV Guide
SUMar235 sent me the little article about the end of Ally McBeal in the current issue of TV Guide. Mariah is named as one of the best recent guest appearances on TV by a big-time celebrity. Other celebs that were named included people like Halle Berry on "The Bernie Mac Show" and Brad Pitt's appearance on "Friends," but here's what they wrote about Mariah (it's found on page 42):

Character:  Candy Cushnip, a woman who travels with her own spotlight and claims she was swindled by a video dating service.
Best line:  "A woman is prettier when she feels good about herself."
Sort of like:  Billie Frank, the diva-to-be in Carey's ill-fated movie "Glitter."

Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts ending April 27, 2002.
Hot 100 Singles Sales
53 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
59 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

New Poll
I added a new poll tonight and here are last week's results:
What record company would you like Mariah to sign to?
1.)  Def Jam (369) 18%
2.)  Elektra Entertainment Group (107) 5%
3.)  J Records (1429) 68%
4.)  Other (193) 9%
Total Votes:  2098

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Yet Another Glitta Review
Mariah_Hero sent me this nice Glitter review:

By Dan Leroy

If Mariah's recent meltdown was brought on by worrying about her new album, she should save some money on therapy. The soundtrack to her first movie is surprisingly great, the first time she's ever had material worthy of the five-octave voice that's often been more of a curse than a blessing. Instead of squandering it on bombastic balladry, Carey keeps things uptempo and vocally restrained here, and the difference is startling.

Drawing heavily on the '80s (the film is set then), Glitter wisely returns Cherelle's "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" to its original Princely groove and offers a credible take on the club hit "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life." Meanwhile, synth-funking originals like "All My Life" and "Want You," featuring Eric Benet, are just as impressive.

Yet while the guest list is long--it also includes Mystikal, Ludacris, and Ja Rule, among others--Glitter shines brightest on a pair of introspective slow jams that are all Carey. Count on pop psychologists to dissect "Reflections" and "Twister" for clues to Mariah's mental state, but no matter what they find, the tunes are gorgeous--and this is by far her best album ever

Mariah Magazine News
Paiyee1 (Mariah 4 LIfe) told me that Mariah is in the May/June issues of Twist (page 83) and J-14 (page 34). Be sure to check them out.

Put A Journalist In His Place
I got this info from Neil (AMCF):

Today in Australia's largest newspaper (Sunday Telegraph) they published an editorial/opinion titled "Poor Mariah Is So Appallingly Bad She's Good".

This wasn't your typical hater article. It went further - way further. It was extremely vicious and actually quite worrying to read.

All the Aussie fans have been writing in letters and the guys at FOMM are going crazy over it.

I believe it's really important as the writer seemed to believe that since Mariah's breakdown she no longer has fans. If we remain silent on this we're just adding weight to his belief.

Title: Poor Mariah is so appallingly bad she's good
Publication: Sunday Telegraph [sundaytelegraph.com.au]
Date: April 21st, 2002
Source: Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub [mariahdownunder.com]

We cannot simply ignore this article. It would have to be one of the most offensive articles ever published in Australia and to not express our disgust would be validating the "journalist's" belief that Mariah no longer has any fans.

The particularly offensive statement is: "...I laughed at her breakdown, and I clapped my hands with joy when she got the boot from her record label."

Brendan Shanahan is clearly an extremely irresponsible "journalist" (I use that term loosely) and not only does he need to feel the immense backlash of Mariah's fanbase, but so do his employers.

To leave feedback, go here: * SUNDAY TELEGRAPH FEEDBACK

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Yet Another Glitta Review
Mariah_Hero sent me this nice Glitter review:

By Dan Leroy

If Mariah's recent meltdown was brought on by worrying about her new album, she should save some money on therapy. The soundtrack to her first movie is surprisingly great, the first time she's ever had material worthy of the five-octave voice that's often been more of a curse than a blessing. Instead of squandering it on bombastic balladry, Carey keeps things uptempo and vocally restrained here, and the difference is startling.

Drawing heavily on the '80s (the film is set then), Glitter wisely returns Cherelle's "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" to its original Princely groove and offers a credible take on the club hit "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life." Meanwhile, synth-funking originals like "All My Life" and "Want You," featuring Eric Benet, are just as impressive.

Yet while the guest list is long--it also includes Mystikal, Ludacris, and Ja Rule, among others--Glitter shines brightest on a pair of introspective slow jams that are all Carey. Count on pop psychologists to dissect "Reflections" and "Twister" for clues to Mariah's mental state, but no matter what they find, the tunes are gorgeous--and this is by far her best album ever

Mariah Magazine News
Paiyee1 (Mariah 4 LIfe) told me that Mariah is in the May/June issues of Twist (page 83) and J-14 (page 34). Be sure to check them out.

Put A Journalist In His Place
I got this info from Neil (AMCF):

Today in Australia's largest newspaper (Sunday Telegraph) they published an editorial/opinion titled "Poor Mariah Is So Appallingly Bad She's Good".

This wasn't your typical hater article. It went further - way further. It was extremely vicious and actually quite worrying to read.

All the Aussie fans have been writing in letters and the guys at FOMM are going crazy over it.

I believe it's really important as the writer seemed to believe that since Mariah's breakdown she no longer has fans. If we remain silent on this we're just adding weight to his belief.

Title: Poor Mariah is so appallingly bad she's good
Publication: Sunday Telegraph [sundaytelegraph.com.au]
Date: April 21st, 2002
Source: Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub [mariahdownunder.com]

We cannot simply ignore this article. It would have to be one of the most offensive articles ever published in Australia and to not express our disgust would be validating the "journalist's" belief that Mariah no longer has any fans.

The particularly offensive statement is: "...I laughed at her breakdown, and I clapped my hands with joy when she got the boot from her record label."

Brendan Shanahan is clearly an extremely irresponsible "journalist" (I use that term loosely) and not only does he need to feel the immense backlash of Mariah's fanbase, but so do his employers.

To leave feedback, go here: * SUNDAY TELEGRAPH FEEDBACK

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Glitter DVD In Holland
Manuela told me that all dutch lambs can buy Glitter on July 9th. Make sure you pick it up if you live in Holland.

There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like.

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Pictures Update
mcfanatic sent me really nice pictures of Mariah that I hadn't seen before: 2 pictures from the Z100 Christmas party, 2 pictures from the Wise Girls premiere and 2 pictures from a performance Mariah recorded in NYC studios. They were all added to Gallery 6.

Note About Elle Magazine Article
I've noticed that all sites (including this one) published the editorial by Roberta Myers from Elle magazine as a new item.
Well, don't go out to get the new issue of "Elle" just yet because this editorial is actually back when Mariah was on the cover of the magazine in July 2001.

Cribs on MTVE
mcfanatic let us know that MTV Europe will reair "MTV Cribs" with Mariah on Monday, 9:00 PM CET.

Chat @ MariahzWorld
Here's what April, the webmaster of MariahzWorld writes:
Hey I just wanted to tell everyone that i am haveing a LambChat at my web site MariahzWorld. If you want to meet other lambs this is the place for you.
Site Name: MariahzWorld.
Site Url: http://www.geocities.com/mariahzworld.
Date Of Chat: Friday the 26th of April.
Web master info: If any web master would like me to advertise anything for your site in the chat room please email me at mariahzworld@yahoo.com.

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Sketchers Named After Miss Mariah!
At Skechers.com there is a new shoe called Mariah. There are 5 different colors to choose from as well as a small description which reads: Hit the high notes in this glitter and rhinestone platform sneaker - they're the biggest ticket in town.

I added pics of the 5 different colored shoes to Gallery 6

Source: Sketchers.com

Thanx much to Maria for this info

Mariah On 20/20!!
Taryn just informed me that 20/20 will be interviewing Mariah next month, so everyone look forward to that!!! I know I am!

Another Mariah Poem
I added one more poem, submitted by piergiuseppe, to the Poems page, so be sure to check it out!

News From Ashes and The UK
Here is the latest news from the UK brought to us by Ashes:

Mariah Request Day
In honor of MC and the fact that her musical ideas were stolen from her (will not name names), I have written Z100 (NY's hottest radio station) to create a MARIAH REQUEST DAY in honor of her and her music. I would like lambs to write them in support of this idea. I have left the details up to them to create but would like fans of her music to call in on the day that they choose and request any song that Mariah has sung. I thought this would be nice for MC since this is her home town and to show our support for her!

If interested in sending an e-mail to the Z Morning Zoo Crew, go to www.z100.com and look for the icon that directs you to their e-mail account. Place in subject "Mariah Request Day!" and then whatever you want to say to try to get this project going!

[Thanks! MCFan4Evr]

*Mariah The Diva: Why We Love Her
OK magazine's supplement, Hot Stars, this week featured a countdown of their Top 10 Divas and Mariah was at #4. Here is a quote:

Why we love her:
You can't help feeling sorry for her. Mariah is like a lost child and in spite of denials, her confusion seems to have been growing since her divorce from Sony boss Tommy Motola, 20 years her senior. Her rumoured suicide attempt last summer when she 'cut herself on some plates' and wanted to 'go where there are rainbows' was not helped by reported sightings of Mariah in pyjamas in her mother's garden, plus Mariah in a Hollywood burger restaurant Halloween dressed in a wonderwoman outfit. Since a £34 million payout from EMI not to make any more records, Mariah has been seen folicking in the Caribbean. Let's hope the tide is turning for the troubled diva.

Diva Rating: Only her personal problems stopped her clinching the top spot.

Thanks: MC:UK Reporter Matthew Keeley.

Matthew also said "Also, in OK, there was another article about the whole J-Lo and Matola sabotage thing, but the end of the piece is cool, and they are actually nice to Mariah for once. It says:

'Still, Mariah had the last laugh. She left Motolla, though she still owed one album to Sony, and signed to Virgin for £70 million. Way to go girl.'"

*Mariah In Daily Mail
Mariah Carey has sent Graham Norton into paroxysms of joy- the dotty diva has agreed to appear on his rude late night chat show. Mariah's list of requests before agreeing to be quizzed by the hyperactive Norton included 26 bottels of Evian, 12 boxes of bendy straws and pots of Honey Bear honey. Carey is also bringing her own eight piece tea service and her own sofa. Did she think Norton was planning to do the interview standing up?

Thanks: MC:UK Reporter Laura Taylor

Sources: MC:UK & Rainbowprincess

Very Nice Glitta Review
I got this review from Harris:

I just finished watching Glitter for the first time. Amazing just sums it up. I can honestly not see what the critics were talking about. It was a fresh innotaive idea that ran synonymously with an emotional storyline and a very likeable main character. It gives the soundtrack a whole new meaning.

Mariah In Elle Magazine
Mariah is in the latest issue of Elle magazine and here is a nice article they had about her, written by Roberta Myers:

In our celebrity-soaked culture, we often forget why people-some people, anyway-become famous in the first place. We get so caught up in scrutinizing their mating habits, their dining habits, their wardrobes, that their talent becomes obscured, almost an afterthought.

I've always found it strange that much of the press coverage of Mariah Carey is spent questioning her creative choices and personal life, yet rarely remarks on her powerful five-octave-range voice, surely one of the great pop instruments of the last decade.

A few years ago, I was seated next to Carey at a small dinner in a downtown restaurant. It was late, the evening was winding down, and she was staring off into space, lost in her own thoughts. I'd been talking with the person on my other side when she started singing to herself, just under her breath, almost subconsciously. Her little song stopped me midsentence. Hearing that voice, so recognizable from the radio and MTV, even at next-to-no-volume and minus the orechstra, made my heart skip a beat.

Mariah Gets More Props
"Aussieland" talk show hosts praise Mariah:

Friday night saw Mariah receive some timely praise from Australia's most listened to nightly radio program. With over 2 million listeners nationally, the Hot30.com Countdown hosted by Kyle and Jacki O heaped praise on Mariah's new music, Wisegirls... and yes, even Glitter.

During Jacki's gossip segment "O News" at approximately 9:30pm, she stated that Mariah has been recording with new producers in the Bahamas. According to the producer, Mariah's new music is "amazing" and when it is eventually released Mariah will be "back on top" once again.

The two popular hosts have chatted with Mariah via phone before and stated that she is a "really good person" and of course "an incredible talent". While Jacki was explaining how it was "unfortunate for her to suffer a breakdown in the public eye", the usually vicious Kyle went even further as he commented on the critically slandered and box office failed movie, Glitter.

Having rented Glitter a week earlier, Kyle said he "really enjoyed it" and didn't know what all the critics were talking about. According to Jacki, Kyle usually falls asleep during boring movies but that was not the case with Glitter. While maybe exaggerating a little, he gave Glitter ten-out-of-ten, which is sure to boost rentals substantially.

Now encouraged to rent the film herself, Jacki and Kyle both commented on the great reports of Mariah's next film, Wisegirls - costarring Academy Award winner, Miro Sorvino. And so all in all they concluded that Mariah will soon be back on top - where she belongs... of course.

Source: Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub

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Vote For Mariah
Here are a couple of places to vote for Mariah:
Best Love Songs (Thanks Yotam)
Your View On Mariah (Thanks Igal)
FHM's Sexiest Women (Thanks Pandem0nium)

MariahCarey.com Named Yahoo! Internet Life Favorite
Mike Mandel, associate photo editor of Yahoo! Internet Life, has named MariahCarey.com as his favorite website. Mandal writes, "Though I'm a married male in my 30's, my secret fantasy had always been to be the most popular teenage girl at school. I imagined lying on my canopy bed, staring at my bubble-gum pink walls and daydreaming about my future boyfriend. This fantasy exists virtually at Mariah Carey's official site, where I learned that it's not so easy being Ms. Popular."

"Everone is jealous of you. They hate you because you're beautiful and talented. Your only solace is a flock of docile fans (Mariah calls them 'lambs') who blindly praise everything you do. Alas, the world of teenage girls is not what it seems, and I have Mariah to thank for that insight. Finally I'm at peace with my receding hairline."

Pop Dirt, mcfanatic.

"Glitter" Doing Great Worldwide
Mari tells us that "Glitter" is one of the 5 most rented movies in Spain this week.

MCChina on FOMM writes that "Glitter" is the best foreign selling album of 2001 in China!

Promises, Promises For Carey
THE battle to sign Mariah Carey to a new record label is heating up. Music industry insiders say Clive Davis' J Records Davis is trying woo her with promises she'll have creative control. "He says he will turn her into the new Whitney Houston," one source laughed. "Look at what he did for Alicia Keys - it's impressive, but then again, Virgin gave [Carey] creative control and that was a mess." Lyor Cohen's Island/Def Jam is trying to win Carey over by promising her "cross-promotion" with Island/Def Jam's parent company, Vivendi. "Vivendi owns Universal and Mariah's trying to break into movies," the source pointed out. "Mariah is holding all the cards here." Warner Music is also said to be "aggressively in the mix." Carey's decision is expected within a week. Her rep, Cindi Berger, said: "There are three or four labels actively pursuing her. She is a smart businesswoman and she's taking her time before she makes any decisions."

NY Post, Kayian (From FOMM).

Music Mob Chase Mariah
Spare any sad thoughts you may have had for Mariah Carey after she was unceremoniously dumped by her old record label EMI. Mazza, paid nearly £20million on her departure from the company, has now kicked off a bidding war between some of the other big music labels.
Her career may be stuck in what is normally referred to as a sticky patch but that hasn't stopped the likes of Def Jam, J Records and Elektra chasing her. A spokeswoman for Mariah is quoted saying in the Sun: "There are some big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's smart and taking her time." Do they know what they could be letting themselves in for?

MariahBuzz, BBC.

Mariah In Demand
Mariah Carey is being pursued by four major labels since her departure from EMI Records, claims her spokeswoman. 'There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions,' said Carey's spokeswoman on Thursday.
Carey received a £19m pay-off to leave the EMI label last month after her recent album, Glitter, proved a sales flop for the company. Reports suggest the singer is now talking with Universal, Warners and other companies about a possible new deal.
Carey, who is set to star in an upcoming film with Mira Sorvino, also suffered a breakdown from nervous exhaustion in the past year.
Universal's Music Chairman Doug Morris told news agency Reuters this week that the company were in talks with the singer. 'We are trying to sign her,' he said. 'I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance,' he said.

MariahBuzz, World Pop

Mariah In Bidding War
Mariah Carey has sparked a bidding war between some of the world's biggest music labels, according to reports.
The troubled singer, who was paid nearly $30 million to walk away from her contract at EMI last year, is said to be in talks with Vivendi Universal's label Island Def Jam, J Records and AOL Time Warner's Elektra Entertainment Group.
Mariah, one of the most successful pop artists of all time, was dropped from EMI after her last album 'Glitter' failed to match the success of earlier efforts.
A spokeswoman for Carey confirmed: "There are three of four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions."
Universal Music chairman and CEO, Doug Morris, told Reuters yesterday: "We are trying to sign her.
"I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance," he said of the competition.
Warner and J Records declined to comment on the speculation.
It's widely thought than an eventual contract with Carey will be worth significantly less than the estimated $60 million EMI originally signed her for.

MariahBuzz, Dot Music

Labels Make Their Pitch To Mariah Carey
The New York Post reports Mariah Carey is being courted by J Records, Island/Def Jam, and Warner Music. Clive is promising creative control if she heads to his J Records label, while Lyor Cohen's Island/Def Jam is offering the cross promo opporunities their parent company, Vivendi, can offer her with their Universal film division. Meanwhile, they also report Carey was turned away at the door of Nicky Hilton's FHM bash at Eugene because the place was too packed.

Pop Dirt, mcfanatic.

J. Lo Ignores Mariah Question On Chat
A little over a week ago, Jennifer Lopez held an official chat with her fans on MSN and Manuela sent in the question Jennifer was asked about Mariah and her answer:

Digital Dish Diva says:
seacrazy_1 Asks: Would you like to duet a song with Mariah Carey?
Jennifer Lopez says:
I've done a couple of duets. I did one on the new album and I previously did one with Mark Anthony on the last album.

Da Brat Hits Back At J.Lo On 'Loverboy'
Anonymous writes "When Da Brat raps on Mariah Carey's 'Loverboy Remix' - the first track off of 'Glitter' - she actually raps to the tune of 'Firecracker', the sample that Jennifer Lopez stole from Mariah. The lyrics also seem to be aimed at J.Lo:
"Hate on me as much as you want to
You can't do what the fu** I do
Bit**es be emulating me daily
Hate on me as much as you want to
You can't be who the fu** I be
Bit**es be imitating me lately""

mcfanatic, Pop Dirt

Mariah Was Right!

A well-known record producer has confirmed what Mariah Carey suspected -- her music mogul ex-husband Tommy Mottola tried to sabotage her "Glitter" album and boost the career of rival songbird Jennifer Lopez!
Rap producer Irv Gotti revealed that Mottola asked him to remix J.Lo's "I'm Real" record using rapper Ja Rule, launching a sneaky bid to copy -- and beat to the record stores -- Mariah's "If We" track. That previously recorded collaboration with Ja Rule was scheduled for later release on "Glitter."
Ja Rule also confirmed that he was called by J.Lo's people after they heard the song he did with Mariah.
"They thought the record (Mariah's) was incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J.Lo. . . but we need it now.' " Ja Rule told the Internet site LAUNCH.com.

Mottola -- whose 5-year marriage to Mariah ended in 1998 -- is chairman of Sony Music Entertainment, which owns Mariah's longtime label Columbia Records.
Last year, Mariah jumped ship to EMI/Virgin records to escape Motola's long arm. But after Mariah's emotional meltdown last July, combined with the box-office failure of her movie "Glitter" and weak sales of the film's soundtrack, EMI/Virgin bought out her contract and cut her loose in January.
"Mariah felt all along that Tommy was trying to torpedo her career. It helped spark her breakdown," a source close to Mariah told The ENQUIRER.
"People acted like she was crazy and delusional when she accused Tommy. But this latest admission by Irv Gotti is proof positive.

"When Tommy and Mariah divorced it was a bitter split. And he immediately started to look for a new pop diva to one-up Mariah.
"Well, he found her in J.Lo. She didn't have the voice of Mariah, but she had looks, charisma.
"And Tommy tired to one-up Mariah for J.Lo whenever he could.
"But Mariah's a fighter, and she's coming back stronger than ever."

Mariah's spokeswoman Cindi Berger told The ENQUIRER that the singer is doing great these days. "Mariah is in an incredibly positive space right now," she said. "She's recording her new album, her role in the movie 'Wisegirls' is getting wonderful notices from the press, and three or four record companies are aggressively pursuing her.
"She doesn't want to dwell on the past."

MariahBuzz, National Enquirer

"You'de be mad not to be paranoid"
Shortly before her breakdown last year, Mariah Carey claimed on her website that certain people in the music industry were out to get her. Many took that to mean she was paranoid about her ex-husband, Sony boss Tommy Mottola. Well, she could have been right. In an interview with rap magazine XXL, record executive Irv Gotti claimes that Mottola heard a sample of Mariah's song Loverboy and ordered him to take a sample and use it as the basis for a song for Jennifer Lopez. The result was Lopez's hit I'm Real. Says Gotti: "When Jennifer Lopez's record came out and had the exact same song, we knew Mariah had a right to be paranoid". Still, Mariah had the last laugh. She left Mottola, tough she owed one album to Sony, and signed to Virgin for £70 million. Way to go, girl.

Heroes of Mariah, OK Magazine.
Gilles also scanned the picture which I added to Gallery 6.

More Vacation Pictures
3 more pictures from Mariah's recent vacation were added to Gallery 6, thanks to Love Love Jack.

Mariah Carey gets 'stripped'
Mariah Carey may be without a label and contract, but that hasn't stopped her from recording new material. The singer has already started to record new songs for her next album.

The producer 7 Aurelius has revealed that he spent all of last week working with Mariah in the Bahamas. 'All last week I was down in the Bahamas — just working with her was amazing,' he said. 'It was a really special session down there.'

Aurelius revealed that he met the singer two weeks ago and was invited to her house in Nassau to make some tracks. He said that the recording session was very stripped down. 'It was completely stripped down, like Mariah Carey Unplugged,' he said. 'She stripped herself down to her talent. She was really trusting of me and my vision, and I was trusting of who she was.'

As worldpop previously reported, Mariah is rumoured to be considering setting up her own label to release her music.

Get your Mariah ringtones HERE.
(19 April, 2002)

World Pop, CrybabyDoll (From FOMM).

Bottoms Up!
"The Sun" has a weird guessing game at their site where you are supposed to recognize the celeb's body.
Once you find Mariah, there is a nice picture of her from a recent vacation.
Click here to enter their site.

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UK Fan Book Pics
Matte, webmaster of Mariah Carey UK sent me 5 scans of the pages in the UK Birthday book that was sent to Mariah last month and you can check them all out in Gallery 6

Links/M's Fan Center Updated
I added 2 more Mariah sites to the Links page. They are

Mariah Carey

I also added 2 new poems to M's Fan Center submitted by Autumn, which are awesome, so be sure to check them out!

Mariah Works With 7 Aurelius
I got this nice article from HrtBrEaKer86 with some AWESOME new news:

Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7
She has not announced where her next recording home is going to be, but Mariah Carey is recording.

"All last week I was down in the Bahamas — just working with her was amazing," producer 7 Aurelius said on Tuesday. "It was a really special session down there."

7, who has produced hits for Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule and Ashanti with Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti, said he met with Carey two weeks ago and the singer invited him down to Nassau to make tracks. Once they got down there, 7 said, Carey got into the zone and developed the proverbial "eye of the tiger."

"She's an amazing writer," he said. "We did three or four songs in three or four days. The way we was doing it, I had [a horn section] down there along with me. We had the whole room set up with candles, some nice wine — [it was] a very good vibe. It was completely stripped down, like 'Mariah Carey Unplugged.' She stripped herself down to her talent. She was really trusting of me and my vision, and I was trusting of who she was."

While 7 couldn't disclose many details about the tracks they completed, he did say they worked on a mixture of mid-tempo and up-tempo ditties, as well as ballads.

"We did a stadium joint called 'Reach for the Sky,' which is amazing," he said. "She likened it to 'Hero.' All this was with a live band."

Carey's spokesperson said Mariah is going to continue recording but still has not made a decision regarding what record company she will sign with. The singer is taking her time and fielding offers.

Besides his work with Mariah, 7 just finished tracks for the Eve album and is working on the Murder Inc. family album (see "Ja Rule, Ashanti, Other Murderers Still Don't Give A ...").

Source: MTV.com

Mariah In Rolling Stone
Emilee informed me that Miss Mariah is featured in the May 2002 issue of Rolling Stone. It includes a small article as well as a picture on page 9, so go get your copy today!

Mariah #6 Top Selling Artist On EIL.Com
I recently received an e-mail from EIL.com and they had a list of their top selling artist, with Mariah being #6. The chart looks like this:

Find out the latest rare and collectable arrivals for this month's top-selling artists!!
1 Madonna
2 Kylie Minogue
3 U2
4 Depeche Mode
5 Paul McCartney
6 Mariah Carey

To check out the nice new list O' Mariah stuff at EIL.Com, just go HERE

Mariah Barbie?
I got this info from "Bubblesnow" (Mariah Crybaby):

The "All that Glitters" Barbie
I was looking at the eToys website and noticed there is a new Barbie doll coming on 05/20, it belongs to the Diva Collection and it's called "All That Glitters." This really reminded me of Mariah :) so check it out by clicking on this link

Another "non-fan" Praises Glitta
I got this info from Marcos (One Diva Our Mariah):

In past days I ask my sister to rent Glitter. My sis in not a Mariah fan, but she decides to rent Glitter to see how was it. When we were in her room and when the movie start until the movie end ends I was looking at her to se her reaction. When the movie end she looks at me and said, It wasn't bad, is a really great love movie, she even laugh when Da'Brat the Mariah friend in the movie was dancing in the video shouting and she cry when Billy found her mother.

I belive that the problem of the movie was the change of date, and the Mariah breakdown. Keep buying Glitter and keep helping supporting and loving Mariah like I do.

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No More Ally
Looks like Mariah won't be making another appearance on Ally McBeal now. Check this out...
The Emmy-winning show that brought singing lawyers, dancing babies and bizarre courtroom behavior to television will end its five-year run on Fox next month, the network said Wednesday night.

Creator David E. Kelley broke the news to the cast earlier in the day.

"There were tears. It was emotional," said 20th Century Fox Television spokesman Chris Alexander. The final episode of the series, which had slipped in the ratings, will air May 20.

"It's sad to say goodbye to something you love, even when perhaps it is time," Kelley said in a statement.

"Ally McBeal" made a star of Calista Flockhart, who played the smart but emotionally troubled title character, an attorney who focused as much on her love life as her caseload.

For a time the show was a water-cooler topic at workplaces across the nation, so much so that in 1998 Time magazine displayed Flockhart opposite feminist icons such as Susan B. Anthony and asked in its headline: "Is Feminism Dead?" The actress took exception.

"I mean, this is a comedy about an exaggerated character, and to compare her to Susan B. Anthony is outrageous," she told TV Guide at the time. She also said she was offended that people confused her with her neurotic character.

Not that McBeal's colleagues at her fictitious Boston law firm were any less quirky. One man had a fetish for throat wattles; another went by the embarrassing name of "The Biscuit."

Kelley, one of Hollywood's most prolific TV writer-producers, had a hand in creating most of the scripts. The show reflected his offbeat, often dark sense of humor and romance. It won the best comedy series Emmy in 1999. Kelley had characters break out in courtroom song, had Ally visit with her dead boyfriend, Billy, and generally created a world where fantasy, if not happy endings, ruled.

Musical stars were a fixture of the show, with Elton John, Barry White, Barry Manilow, Mariah Carey and others making guest appearances. Some performed at the bar where McBeal and her colleagues gathered after work, others simply appeared in Ally's twisted imagination.

In one episode, with her biological time clock ticking, the attorney was bedeviled by the image of a dancing baby. McBeal's great love was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., whose own real-life troubles with drugs led to his departure from the show.

Kelley, a former Boston lawyer who is married to actress Michelle Pfeiffer, told The Associated Press last fall that he knew the character-driven show was a more perishable commodity than his other legal series, "The Practice."

"I always thought the series would end after six years," he said then.

Kelley, meanwhile, remains a force in television with "The Practice," "Boston Public" and his new "girls club" -- about three female lawyers in San Francisco -- on next season's schedule.

CNN.com isb

New Pics
While searching the internet once again, I found some pictures that someone tooked at the Edward Airforce Base while Mariah was there for her I Still Believe Video on December 11/12, 1998. All the pictures are in a very large format and some I havn't seen before. They would make very nice wallpapers if you want too. Check them out in Gallery 6.

Rock News: Music's High & Low Notes
Jennifer Lopez is up for four awards from the American Latino Media Arts (ALMA), which honors outstanding achievement by Latinos in film, television and music.

The singer/actress has been tabbed for a best actress award for her work in the movie "Angel Eyes." In addition, she was also nominated for three other ALMA awards -- best performance in a music, variety or comedy special ("Jennifer Lopez In Concert: Let's Get Loud"), best album ("J-Lo") and best female musical performer.

Other nominees -- announced Wednesday by the National Council of La Raza -- for outstanding performance in a music, variety or comedy special are Christina Aguilera for "The 43rd Grammy Awards" (CBS); Marc Anthony for "Christmas at Rockefeller Center" (NBC); Mariah Carey for "A Tribute to Heroes" (all networks); Los Lobos for "T'was the Night" (HBO) and Ricky Martin for "2001 Blockbuster Awards" (Fox).

Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Fat Joe and Ricky Martin were nominated for male performer of the year. In addition to Lopez, Aguilera, Shakira and Jaci Velasquez were nominated for female performer of the year.

Anthony also picked up a nomination for actor/actress in a made for television movie or mini-series for his work in "In The Time of The Butterflies."

The 2002 ALMA Awards will be presented at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in May, in ceremonies airing on ABC. The musical nominees:
Performance in a music, variety or comedy special:
Christina Aguilera, "The 43rd Grammy Awards" (CBS); Marc Anthony, "Christmas at Rockefeller Center" (NBC); Mariah Carey, "A Tribute to Heroes" (all networks); Los Lobos, "T'was the Night" (HBO); Jennifer Lopez, "Jennifer Lopez In Concert: Let's Get Loud" (NBC); Ricky Martin, "2001 Blockbuster Awards" (Fox)
Spanish Language performance in a television special:
Alejandro Fernandez/Julio Iglesias, "Latin Billboard Awards" (Telemundo); Paulina Rubio, "Premio Lo Nuestro" (Univision); Juanes, "Noches De Carnaval" (Univision); Lupillo Rivera, "Latin Rhythm Nights" (Telemundo)
Album of the year: Enrique Iglesias, "Escape"; Jennifer Lopez, "J-Lo"; Shakira, "Laundry Service"; A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings, "SHHH!"; Ozomatli, "Embrace the Chaos"; Fat Joe, "J.O.S.E." Spanish language album of the year:
Marc Anthony, "Libre"; Alejandro Fernandez, "Origines"; La Ley, "La Ley MTV Unplugged"; Luis Miguel, "Mis Romances"; Laura Pausini, "Lo Mejor de Laura Pausini -- Volvere Junto a Ti"; Jaci Velasquez, "Mi Corazon"; Carlos Vives, "Dejame Entrar" -- Music video, 2002 ALMA People's Choice Award: "El Ultimo Adios," Various Artists; "Love Don't Cost A Thing," Jennifer Lopez; "My Hero," Enrique Iglesias; "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely," Ricky Martin/Christina Aguilera; "Siempre," La Ley' "Whenever/Wherever," Shakira
Song in a motion picture soundtrack:
"Lady Marmalade" ("Moulin Rouge," Christina Aguilera); "Milagros" ("The Princess Diaries," Myra); "Oye Como Spy" ("Spy Kids," Los Lobos); "Polkas Palabras" ("The Fast and The Furious," Molotov); "Siempre" ("Crazy/Beautiful," La Ley)/
Male performer:
Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Fat Joe, Ricky Martin
Female performer:
Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jaci Velasquez
Breakthrough artist/group:
Joy Enriquez, Juanes, Laura Pausini, Lupillo Rivera, Ozomatli, Paulina Rubio
Latin group:
Intocable, La Ley, Los Tucanes De Tijuana, Ozomatli, A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings, Son By Four

United Press International

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New Old Pics
walking I was bored in class on Wednesday, so I did some web searching and came up with some new pictures of Mariah I havn't seen before. Best part is that they are royalty free too. Check them out in Gallery 6.

Mariah Daily Down
Once again, Mariah Daily was down yesterday and today. I'm truly sorry about this downtime and with Tahiti's help, I have found a way to fix this mess. We created a Mariah Daily Yahoo Club, where any fan can join if you register an ID with yahoo. When MD goes down next time, I will post messages there with the latest news and also pictures. Hopefully in time, it will be a great place for fans to come together, chat and have some fun. Click here to check it out and there is also a tiny graphic on the left side of MD now. We are still working on the content but we can can start posting stuff there if you want.

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Mariah Turned Away
World Entertainment News Network--She may be one of the world's best selling female singers, but even MARIAH CAREY gets turned away from exclusive parties.

The curvaceous chart-topper turned up to EUGENE, a 24th street bar and restaurant in Manhattan, New York last weekend and was refused entry.

Socialite NICKY HILTON was hosting an FHM magazine bash, which was so popular there was no room for Carey by the time she arrived.

Thanks to Alan for this article

New Pics
There are four new pictures of Mariah from her vacation earlier this year in Gallery 6. Thanks to Love Love Jack and Heroes of Mariah for the scans!

Ja Rule Supports Mariah's Vindication
Last week, I told you that rap impresario Irv Gotti confirmed that Tommy Mottola had lifted at least two concepts by Mariah Carey from her Glitter project before it was released and had handed them to Jennifer Lopez.

Now it seems that Gotti's protégé, rapper Ja Rule, who made first Mariah's record and then a copycat recording for Lopez, confirs what Gotti said.

In audio clip that can be heard at www.z100.com (click link to read full article)

Ja Rule — who re-recorded Carey's "If We" as Lopez remixed "I'm Real" — tells the radio station: "I got a call from J. Lo and them, they heard the record that I did for her (Mariah) somehow, and they thought the record was like incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J. Lo's new single, 'I'm Real,' but we need it now. Like right now. We're shooting the video Saturday.' It was like Thursday, I got the call. So they bring the record over, and drop it off. Like with no instructions, like, 'Do what you want Ja.' And that was the whole awkward thing about it, like, 'What do you mean? Do what I want.' I was like, 'I've never wrote a whole R&B record,' and it just shocked me. And he was like, 'Yeah, do what you want with it.'"

The Ja Rule interview is now being featured on the Z100 site, which is interesting because in the past the station — owned by Clear Channel Communications — would never have taken on the head of a record company in such a way. But it seems like evidence is starting to seep out that Mottola really did orchestrate the undermining of Carey's career. As I also reported earlier, when Carey discovered what had happened it gave her the leverage to take Glitter away from Sony even though she had two albums left on her contract.


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As you might know, there are two new sections added to MD today. First off, on the left side is a section called "Fan Foto." Everytime I update, I will be changing the photo to something new. It will sort of be like a daily photo but they will all be pictures that fans have taken over the years of Mariah. So if you see a picture you like, make sure you save it because by the next day, it might be gone.

Plus, on the right side is a Poll now. It will change each week and I might actually start up various polls at once. It's a work in progress though.

Some other new things coming to MD over the next week is a Mariah Daily Club and possibly a place for fans to post stuff to trade with fellow M fans.

Finally, I erased all the messages in the Guestbook because there were so many. Please note that Mariah DOES NOT READ the guestbook entrees. It's only for us to get feedback on what you guys think about the content of this website. So please don't post messages to Mariah! It's only wasting your time! Plus, if there is anything else you would like me to add to this website, please let me know in an e-mail or in the guestbook at any time!

Mariah Throws A Party
Pop diva Mariah Carey was the hostess with the mostess over the weekend at Anago at the Lenox Hotel, where she threw a rockin' pre-graduation bash for her cousin, Shawn McDonald - complete with Super Bowl XXXVI MVP Tom Brady, a few Yankees and one of New York's hottest DJs.

Hey, it's not every day one of the Carey clan scores a Harvard Law degree. (Well, almost. Graduation is June 6.) And we guess Shawn didn't get enough family feting last year after People maggie dubbed him one of its Top 50 Bachelors! (He was on the page after Red Sox shortstud Nomar Garciaparra. Which is primo real estate, if you ask us.)

We hear Anago was bursting with more than 200 ready-to-rock revelers Saturday night. They started showing up at The Bachelor bash at 10 p.m. for heavy apps and beverages stronger than Shawn's fave, Snapple Iced Tea. And word is, the guests didn't exit until after a breakfast buffet at 4:30 a.m. yesterday!

``It was wild,'' said one hotel spy who added that Big Apple fave DJ Chubby Chub was in da house spinning the hip-hop tunes. ``So not Boston.''

Now, it's unclear how Tom Terrific and a few of his New England Pats pals scored invites to the songbird's soiree.

But Mariah did sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XXXVI, so maybe now they figure they're closer than family!

Boston Herald

I added a few new sites to the links page and also, they are listed below.
Mariah's Candy
Mariah Lead The Way
Mariah Butterfly

Wisegirl Interview
Fall '01 Newsletter
John Meadows' Hollywood Breathrough:
Just Like In The Movies

Vancouver screenwriter John Meadows wrote WISE GIRLS between June of 1997 and September of 1998, where it premiered as a full read at the Spin Cycle Cold Reading Series at the Anza Club in Vancouver. It was made into a movie in 2001 with a cast of stars and a Hollywood budget. Here is his story:
I sent a synopsis of the script down to 300 agents in LA that fall. I received no response from 297 of the agents, I received two rejection letters and one response which led to me getting a shady agent.

Robin Wright Penn was attached and production was supposed to start in the spring of 1999. My agent sabotaged the deal by demanding huge fees and a producer credit for herself. By summer, I had fired her and by fall I had signed a cosy option with producer Jack Sojka. Robin Wright Penn backed out, but, in January 2000, Mira Sorvino entered the picture.

Mira championed the script while the producers struggled to raise funds. Directors came and went and the project was delayed until September 2000, when I went crazy and fled to Australia to attend the Olympics and write articles on the games. I stayed in Sydney, ran a Cold Reading Series and interned at the writing center at Fox Studios Australia.

Then I got the call - get on a plane to LA.

So, on April 17, 2001, I flew down to LA where WISEGIRLS PRODUCTIONS put me up at the Comfort Inn in Santa Monica. Not so fancy shmancy, but hey, I'm just the writer (I only CREATED the friggin thing from SCRATCH) and there is absolutely no Sheryl Crow song that goes "Until the sun came up over Santa Monica Boulevard at the Comfort Inn..."

On Tuesday morning I meet up with Jack Sojka. Breakfast goes well. Jack will still get a producer credit on WISEGIRLS, a big whack of cash, and gets the rights to the project back if we don't go into production by the fall.

From there it's off to Lions Share/Leading Pictures where I meet Anthony Esposito, the now defacto producer of the project. Anthony shakes my hand and says, "Hey, ya wanna slice of pizza?" Picture Joey Soprano, only with lots more hair. I decline the pizza. We hop into his champagne-coloured Corvette convertible and zoom off down Sunset Boulevard.

We arrive at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to meet the girls. My cast. The WISEGIRLS. The director, David Anspaugh, meets us in the lobby along with a bodyguard. Up we go in the elevator. Suddenly, I am completely nervous. All those years of typing away in my shitty little bachelor apartment on Barclay street and now, here I am, on my way up to the penthouse of the Beverly Wilshire. With the director. To meet the cast.

To cover my nervousness I ask David how his hockey team is doing. David is a huge LA Kings fan. Talking hockey soothes my nerves. We knock on the door of the penthouse and one of the assistants opens the door. Inside, I find a room big enough to land a plane with a magnificent view.

Lunch is being served by a room service waiter. As a former room service waiter myself, I think back to all those times I served celebrities at the Four Seasons in David introduces me to the assistant. "John Meadows, Mira Sorvino." I blink. I look at the assistant, who is in fact, not the assistant, but the lead of my movie. I've been in the room all of five seconds and I have already mistaken the lead of my movie for the assistant. Dude, where's my star? I do a silent "do-oh" in my head as Mira and I shake hands. "Great script", she says.

David next introduces me to Melora Walters, who was so good in MAGNOLIA as the coke addict. Melora has a squeaky, Marilyn-Monroe-ish voice and is quite tiny. The odd thing is that Melora is RIPPED. Her arms put Linda Hamilton's Terminator 2 phase to shame. When she shakes my hand, I wince like the poopy-wimpy little writer that I am.

Then it's on to Mariah, who bounces about the room like the bundle of energy that she is. A confession: I don't know who Mariah Carrey is. I know none of her albums. None of her songs. I don't even know what she looks like. I know her name and that's about it. But it is her penthouse and she did just sign an $80 MILLION record deal, so I'll be nice to her. No need for me to act though. Mariah is awesome. She has the ability to make everyone in the room feel relaxed and welcome. She just kicks back and hangs like she is one of the gals from Brooklyn. Except she has her own jet. We sit down at the huge dining table and start to go over the script, page by page. And do you know what? It is the best feeling. After all those years and years of schlepping the script around Hollywood, with so many false starts and empty promises, to actually be sitting here listening to my

It's here where Mira really starts to shine. The level of integrity and professionalism she brings to the table is amazing. She not only has her part memorized, but everyone else's as well. She knows the script backwards and forwards, not just this draft, but all the drafts from the last year or so. She has pages of notes typed up on her laptop. She has countless smart and funny suggestions. The woman is Harvard educated and she has an Academy Award at home. Enough said.

At one point, Mira calls me on a point of dialogue: "What the hell is a whack?" Her character has just said that she is going to take a big whack of valium. "What's a whack? Is that a Canadianism?" A big discussion ensues about the meaning of whack. Mariah says that to her, a whack is, "Y'know, when your girlfriend has on an outfit and you say, girl, that outfit is whack." Anthony says that a whack is the same as putting a cap in someone's head, to whack them. We spend five minutes on the topic of whack and decide that, yes, in this context it is a Canadianism, possibly derived from a British dialect. This is the sort of behind-the-scenes rigmarole they just don't show on Entertainment Tonight.

We push on to well past 8pm before we call it a day. David, our intrepid director, is about to collapse from exhaustion. As I say goodbye to the girls, I use their character names. When I say goodbye to Mira, I call her Meg. She races over to me, "No one's ever called me that before! I've been waiting over a year to play this part. I'm so excited." I am bowled over by Mira's enthusiasm. As a screenwriter to hear those words from your lead is like manna from heaven. I get back to the Comfort Inn and flop on my bed. I congratulate myself on hardly saying anything stupid all day, a real feat for me. The next day I'm in the parking lot of the Best Buy in my rented Ford Focus, surrounded by all the BMWs, Range Rovers, and luxury cars. Look, it's a Ford Focus, he must be a screenwriter!

I click on my radio and listen to the DJs on one of LA's top 40 stations. This is what I hear: "...and we'll see Mariah Carey this summer in ALL THAT GLITTERS, her first movie. We've also just heard that Mariah will be co-starring with Mira Sorvino in WISEGIRLS, a sort of female version of GOODFELLAS. Yeah right. Somehow I can't see Mariah and Mira out there in the desert digging a grave. I don't think Mariah's ever even lifted a shovel..." At this point, I'm laughing my head off. My film is being dissed on the radio by snarky DJ's. How cool is that?

Wise Girls opened at the Sundance Film Fest in January 2001.

Thanks to Rachel for this article from PraxisFilm.com

Glitter VCD
Will let me know that the Glitter VCD has been released in Asia. Chinese fans can read up and see the Chinese subtitled trailer at Blockbuster Hong Kong's website:
  click here
VCDs are sold at Chinese CD shops in local Chinatowns for those interested and are playable in most DVD players.

The Collection
Tijmen told me that Thank God I Found You is track #6 on the new 98 degrees cd. The cd complilation will be released on May 7th in the USA and you can preorder if you like at Amazon.com

TV Moments
If you live in the UK, you can check out Mariah's TV Moment's SAMRAGK tells me on VH1 Saturday April 20th at 1pm and again at 7pm. On April 21st, check it out at 11am and 5pm.

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Mariah In Cosmopolitan
Mary let me know that Mariah is in the "Party" section in the April edition of Cosmopolitan. It's a picture of Mariah at the premiere for Wisegirls I am told. I subscribe to Cosmo, so hopefully I'll scan it tomorrow when I receive it in the mail

Here are the latest charts ending April 20, 2002, courtesy of Rhomeyn...
Hot 100 Singles Sales
48 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
51    58    One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
Note: Higher this week than last week!

Glitter Rental Doing Well
In a bizarre turn of events, video stores across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland will be ordering more copies of Mariah Carey's critically slandered film, Glitter. The movie failed vastly at the box office and according to ARIA, the soundtrack only sold 60,000 copies (as compared to Mariah's 500,000+ standard). Understandably with low expectations, leading VHS/DVD rental stores such as Video Ezy and Blockbuster have stocked only a few copies of the new release. It seems now consumers want to watch it, with the film being "hired out" in 60 percent of the outlets on last night [Thursday]. The movie is not set debut in the Top 10 rentals next week in any of the major charts, but there is a possibility for a chart appearance within the next three weeks. Also expect the soundtrack, featuring twelve new Mariah Carey recordings, to re-enter the ARIA top 200 soon.

Thanks to Angel2honey19 for this article from AMCF

Best Singer
At PopDirt.com you can vote for who you think is the best singer. Right now, Christina A. is beating Mariah! Please go vote for her. Thanks to Angel2honey19 for this information.

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Download Video
video Tahi, from Mariah Connection, informed me that you can check out the first of the TV Special "Album MTV" at her site. They did the special to celebrate Mariah's birthday and it features various interviews with Mariah over the years.

Mariah Plays Hard To Get
MARIAH CAREY is taking her time to decide which label to sign up to in a bid to ensure she gets the best deal possible.

The DREAMLOVER songbird received nearly $30 million (GBP18 million) just to walk away from her last label, EMI GROUP's VIRGIN RECORDS.

Carey's spokeswoman says, "There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions."


Music industry sources say Carey has also talked with WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS, another label under the AOL Time Warner umbrella.

Carey, who has had more number one songs than anybody except for ELVIS PRESLEY and the BEATLES, had a falling out with EMI after her album and movie, both titled GLITTER, fared poorly.

The artist, who is set to star in the upcoming film WISEGIRLS with MIRA SORVINO, also suffered a breakdown from nervous exhaustion in the past year.

Universal Music chairman and chief executive officer DOUG MORRIS says, "We are trying to sign her. I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance." (MCM/WNWR/BRC)

The Clinton Courier

Mariah Goes Shopping for Music Label
With nearly $30 million in her bank account, thanks to a pay-off from her last record label to end their relationship, pop diva Mariah Carey, 32, is playing hard to get before signing on with another company, reports Reuters. "There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart businesswoman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions," Carey's spokeswoman told the news service on Thursday. The labels under consideration are Vivendi Universal's Island Def Jam, run by Lyor Cohen; AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Elektra Entertainment Group, run by Sylvia Rhone (AOL Time Warner is the parent company of PEOPLE.); and J Records, run by music legend Clive Davis. The first two labels declined comment, but in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Universal Music chairman and chief executive officer Doug Morris, acknowledging his awareness that he is competing against Davis at J Records and Rhone at Elektra, said, "We are trying to sign her. I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance." Under her buyout deal with EMI Group's Virgin Records in January, Carey received $28 million to walk away and retained another $21 million previously paid to her when their contract was first signed in April 2001. (Their relationship fell apart in the wake of the disappointing sales for her album "Glitter.") Universal's Morris declined to comment on any possible contract terms to bring Carey to his label, though the bottom line is considered unlikely to reach the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay her when she was riding high at this time last year.


TV Times
The site I get my tv information from is down at the moment but I will be updating that sometime this weekend. Plus, over the last two days, MD was not working 100% due to a new move for our site. Hopefully now you can all see everything!

updated byregina April 12, 2002 3:30PM  
Mariah Carey Weighing Her Options
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Mariah Carey is playing hard to get and who can blame the pop diva who got nearly $30 million just to walk away from her last gig?

"There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions," said Carey's spokeswoman on Thursday.

Carey, who got $28 million to part ways with EMI Group's Virgin Records in January, is now talking with Vivendi Universal's Island Def Jam, run by Lyor Cohen, AOL Time Warner Inc's Elektra Entertainment Group, run by Sylvia Rhone and J Records, run by music legend Clive Davis.

Music industry sources said Carey has also talked with Warner Brothers Records, another label under the AOL Time Warner umbrella.

Carey, who has had more number one songs than anybody except for Elvis Presley and the Beatles, had a falling out with EMI after her album and movie, both titled "Glitter", fared poorly.

The artist, who is set to star in an upcoming film with Mira Sorvino, also suffered a breakdown from nervous exhaustion in the past year.

Warner and J Records declined comment.

But in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Universal Music chairman and chief executive officer Doug Morris acknowledged the company was in talks to sign Carey.

"We are trying to sign her," he said, adding that he was aware that he was competing against Davis at J Records and Rhone at Elektra. "I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance," he said.

He declined to comment on possible contract terms, but its a foregone conclusion, according to industry sources, that Carey's next deal will be valued far below the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay.

Under the buyout pact, Carey got $28 million to walk away and retained another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001.

Carey's fallout with EMI reflected some of the difficulties facing the music industry as labels have paid huge sums of money for certain artists who have not panned out during a turbulent year when sales are hit hard by free online music swapping.

The recording companies are also dealing with a coalition of pop stars who have raised concerns about industry accounting practices.

But despite the industry's woes and Carey's rollercoaster year, the labels are anxious to get Carey, who has become one of the biggest selling pop artists of all time since her former husband Sony Corp Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress.


There is a new Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week. Plus, I added a few news links to the Links page and also, they are below:
Mariah Carey Fanatics Club
Forever Angel
Mariah's Magic

Mark sent me some more scans from Israelian magazines and you can check the three scans out in Gallery 6.

When You Wish Upon A Megastar...
Carey, as yet unsigned to a new label, has become the poster girl for the industry's malaise.

Two weeks ago, the music giant EMI, still bleeding after falling on a sword marked "Mariah Carey" in January, announced an even deeper cut: a global restructure that has resulted in the axing of 1800 staff and 400 acts.

You couldn't say that one star has brought down a company, but there's no doubt that the ludicrous gamble taken on Carey - a $US80 million ($A151 million) contract for four albums, in a market dominated by public whim and fad - is at the core of the company's problems.

The new London-based chief executive, Alain Levy, has wielded the axe, apparently in the interests of creating a leaner, more flexible company capable of adapting in a market that faces a major sales slump and the considerable copyright threat of the Internet and the CD burner.

EMI Australia's brightest hope, Kasey Chambers, recently became the first Australian ever to top the singles and albums chart simultaneously. Elsewhere, though, it has been a tough couple of years for EMI.

First, a series of merger talks with rivals failed. Next, a reduced profit warning last September caused its stock price to fall 35 per cent in one day. A month later Levy, a former head of Polygram, replaced the long-term company boss, Ken Berry, the man who negotiated the Mariah Carey deal.

The company's troubles have played out against a backdrop of high anxiety within the music industry. Worldwide sales of recorded music fell from $US36.9 billion in 2000 to $US34.4 billion last year, the biggest downturn in 18 years. And EMI is certainly not the only company that is haemorrhaging.

Inevitably, Carey's career is now seen as emblematic of a period of music-biz history dominated by a concentration on short-term, high-yield ventures at the expense of longer-term careers.

Carey was born in New York in 1970, the daughter of an Irish-American voice coach and a Venezuelan aeronautical engineer. She started singing at four and was writing songs by her teens. The story goes that shortly after she left school she walked up to the boss of Columbia Records, Tommy Mottola, at a party, slipped a tape of her songs into his palm, smiled and walked away. Mottola listened to the tape in his limo on the way home and not only signed this Cinderella but went on to marry her. Mottola took immediate, personal control of Carey's career. Her undeniable vocal power was matched to the equally undeniable backing of the company boss. Carey's first album (with the hubris-free title of #1) was released in 1990 and promptly coughed up three hit singles and a pair of Grammys.

In 1993, she married Mottola, more than 20 years her senior. The jewel in Columbia's crown, Carey watched as the '90s unfolded like a dream. Her seven albums sold 120 million copies. Though Carey was marketed as the girl-next-door, behind the scenes she became the diva's diva. She demanded crystal glasses to go with her Cristal champagne. She insisted on pink toilet paper in hotel rooms. She decreed that puppies and kittens must be provided in her dressing room for her to play with before she performed.

One legendary, and perhaps apocryphal, story had her demanding that the staff of a TV station be assembled in the foyer to applaud her arrival for an interview. And when the overworked producer arrived to collect her, explaining that the studio was on the floor above, he was apparently told: "I don't do stairs."

Carey and Mottola separated in 1997 and divorced a year later. The singer released another album for Columbia in 1999 before signing a four-album deal with Virgin/EMI in 2000. The first fruit of the new relationship was to be Glitter, Carey's soundtrack to the semi-autobiographical film of the same name, in which she would star as an aspiring singer who gets her big break with the help of a DJ she falls in love with.

The first single, Loverboy, was released in June, 2001, and peaked at number two on the US chart before plummeting. Advance word on her acting debut was vicious and, weeks before its release, Glitter became fodder for gossip, bitchiness and mockery. In late July, before the album and movie arrived, Carey had one of pop's more spectacular flame-outs. The singer spent a fortnight in hospital recovering from "emotional and physical breakdown".

Her crash put 20th Century Fox and Virgin in an invidious position. The Glitter film and soundtrack were slated for August release but their star was missing in action. She would not be available for most of the publicity campaign and what little she could do would ignore her work and concentrate on her personal problems.

The film was released, to savage reviews and public indifference, in late August. In a moment of excruciating bad luck, the album's date was put back to allow Carey more time to recover. It came out on September 11. Glitter sold fewer than a million copies in the United States. Then in January, less than a year after Carey had joined the company, EMI announced that it would pay $US28 million to buy out her contract. She was also allowed to keep a $US21 million signing bonus. EMI estimates that by the time all of its costs are factored in, the divorce will have cost it $US54 million.

Carey, as yet unsigned to a new label, has become the poster girl for the industry's malaise. In truth, it should have taken more than a single album failure to derail a career of such stature - Carey is the highest-selling female performer of all time - but the fact that it didn't speaks volumes about the way the business is spooked.

In the 1990s, the record companies focused on the creation and maximum exploitation of megastars, a tactic that worked well in the pop-dominated good times but didn't allow much room for artist development or flexibility to handle downturns, technological threats or lack of public interest in its acts.

"This situation has been taking shape for two decades but it's only now reaching crisis point," says Rolling Stone writer Anthony DeCurtis.

"The music business has become the marketing business. It knows how to take a record that might in prior times have sold a million records and make it sell 10 million records. But by the end of that process it has exhausted everyone's patience with that artist. It's the case of killing the goose that laid the golden egg."

Thanks to Susana for this article from The Age

MariahDaily.com Down
As you might know, MariahDaily.com hasn't been working right since yesterday, April 11th. My host, Peel.com, is working on the problem and everything should be working soon. I can't get MD to open in the web but I can still update it through the FTP servers, so hopefully it will all show shortly.

updated byregina April 10, 2002 12:00AM  
Notes From All Over
This posting, found on the Mariah Carey fan site MariahDaily.com, is why some people don't trust those reader-generated ratings of flicks:
"Wisegirls only has a 4.6 out of 10 at the Internet Movie [sic] Database under the Users Ratings. If you got [sic] a little extra time, go give it a great review by clicking here. Obviously you didn't see it but let's make the movie look good."

Thanks to C_Falley for this article from MSN

Mariah in Yahoo! Magazine
Mariah Taught Me That All That Glitters Isn't Necessarily Gold
Though I'm a married male in my 30's, my secret fantasy had always been to be the most popular teenage girl at school. I imagined lying on my canopy bed, staring at my bubble-gum pink walls (that matched my Princess phone) and daydreaming about my future boyfriend. This fantasy exists in virtual reality at Mariah Carey's official site, where I learned that it's not so easy being Ms. Popular. Everyone is jealous of you. They hate you because you're beautiful and talented. Your only solace is a flock of docile fans (Mariah calls them "lambs") who blindly praise everything you do. Alas, the world of teenage girls is not what it seems, and I have Mariah to thank for that insight. Finally I'm at peace with my receding hairline.

Taken from the May 2002 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine under the "Sites We Love" section. Thanks to Steph and David for this article.

New Pics
Janel sent me an image of Mariah at the Oscars courtesy of WireImage.com Also, Chris sent me a full scan of the Greatest Hits album picture and Michelle sent me a photo she took of Mariah's bike at Saks 5th Avenue. Check out all three pictures in Gallery 6.

JLO vs Mariah
Many of you have been asking me at what part are the two songs similiar. If you listen to the beginning before Jlo sings in the original version of "I'm Real" the music is similiar to DaBrat's rap part in the Loverboy Remix where she sings, "Hate on me..."

Mariah Has Best Hairstyle
Matt told me that at the moment, Mariah is winning on PopDirts poll on which pop star has the best hairstyle. If you havn't voted for her yet, do so by clicking here.

Melissa and Greg informed me that you can ask JLO a question if you like at MTV.com If you want to ask her about this whole situation, go for it. I doubt MTV will use the questions but hey, we can try.

Just For Fun
SandyMe Today I went to NYC and met Sandra Bullock at the David Letterman show. My best friend Alex runs Cyds Too Cool Sandra Bullock Page and he contacted Sandy's people to meet her. We got to go inside Letterman before the show, hang in the green room, meet Sandy and then get cool seats for the show. If you want to read about it, see our pictures with Sandy or see the autographs, just click here. I'll be adding another update later tonight because I am so tired right now from this whole day.

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Full Scan/New Pics
spain James combined the three National Enquirer scans, so if you want to see them all together, check out Gallery 6

Plus, you can also check out some pictures of Mariah when she did her Spain promotion last year. Thanks to Jorge for those!

Gabriel informed me that Wisegirls only has a 4.6 out of 10 at the Internet Movice Database under the Users Ratings. If you got a little extra time, go give it a great review by clicking here. Obviously you didn't see it but let's make the movie look good.

Also, Glitter is getting bad reviews (2.0/10) and is #71 in the Bottom 100 Movies. Please go vote for it by clicking here.

Finally, Pryme, from Mariah Madness, told me that there is a poll on PopDirt.com on who has the best hairstyle. Mariah is beaing Shakira, Justin, Jessica and Mandy but is losing to Britney, Christina and Nick. Go vote for M by clicking here.

JLO Live Chat
Kevin informed me that JLO will be having a live webchat on April 11th at 7pm on MSN, according to her Official Website. Maybe we should ask her a few questions about this whole stealing Mariah's ideas bit?

Pryme, from Mariah Madness, told me that Mariah is #9 in the Most Popular Singers for March 2002, according to AskMen.com Some singers that beat her were Shakira (#1), Janet (#4), Faith Hill (#6) and Madonna (#8).

updated byliron April 7th, 2002 3:45PM   
Keep Voting For "Can't Take That Away"
Just a small reminder to vote for "Can't Take That Away" on TRL by clicking HERE.
Put Mariah's name and the song's title where it says "Other" down the list and in a message you can show our support to Mariah.

WiseGirls Review
The following review is by a girl who saw the movie at a special students screening for the Vancouver Film School:

"I recently saw this film at a student-only screening at the Vancouver Film School. All in all, a fine little film. Mira shines, Mariah is great, and Melora pulls off one the biggest surprises I've seen in ages. The direction is strong, as is the script, with several genuine plot surprises to keep the action going. Also of note is the supporting cast of Italian "heavies", who alternate between cool charm and outright scary. Weaker points include a very slow beginning, and a somewhat implausible scene in which Mira, at gunpoint, is forced to do something criminal that stretches logic. Also, the music in this film is terrible and really detracts from the viewing experience. Still, these are minor caveats for an otherwise surprisingly serious and touching film. With a title like WISEGIRLS, I was expecting a comedy. Score this one 8/10."
Honey & Kate, Wise Girls in Europe, Internet Movies Data Base

updated byliron April 7th, 2002 9:25AM   
Ja Rule's Side of The Story
As the story of the thievery continues to reach everywhere, Z100 Today reports it as well on their site.
They featured an audio file of Ja Rule speaking about how his collaboration with J. Lo came about and this is what he says:

"I got a call from J. Lo and them, they heard the record that I did for her (Mariah) somehow, and they thought the record was like incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J. Lo's new single, 'I'm Real,' but we need it now. Like right now. We're shooting the video Saturday.' It was like Thursday, I got the call. So they bring the record over, and drop it off. Like with no instructions, like, 'Do what you want Ja.' And that was the whole awkward thing about it, like, 'What do you mean? Do what I want.' I was like, 'I've never wrote a whole R&B record,' and it just shocked me. And he was like, 'Yeah, do what you want with it.'"
Click Here to hear Ja Rule say the above quote.

Also, SoundBuzz also have an article about the story (Thanks Peggy),
And the Argentinian paper "Clarin" had a short mention about it too (Spanish readers - see scan here ), translation by Nacho:

The Diss-adventures Of Mariah
Disadvantages of love and jealousy on the record industry. Mariah Carey denounced this week that ex-husband Tommy Motolla conspired against her to make her album Glitter fail, the one that made Mariah lose her contract with former label Virgin Records. Apparently, Motolla bribed Ja Rule to use the same remixes he was ready to use with Mariah with Jennifer Lopez first. Thalia, be aware…
New Sites
Sub Mariah - For Mariah fans from Melbourne.
Camp Mariah Project

WiseGirls Picture
Wise Girls Vijay found a really nice picture of Mariah that was in the January edition of Variety Magazine along with a "WiseGirls" review from Sundace Festival.
I added the picture to Gallery 6. I'm almost positive we already had this picture on the site but it was smaller and not as clear.

updated byregina April 6, 2002 7:20 PM  
Magazine News
nenquirer I added the scans from the April 16th issue of The National Enquirer and the pic from the April 15th issue of People magazine to Gallery 6. The Enquirer pictures were so lage that I scanned it three different times to make sure I got the middle picture, which stretched across both pages. Check them out if you like!

Chat Time
Steph informed me that there is a monthly fan chat taking place this Sunday at 7pm BST/GMT and 1pm EST at Rainbow Princess. Make sure you check it out tomorrow!

updated byliron April 6th, 2002 6:35AM   
Mariah Vs. J.Lo - Story Is Out!
  • Mariah Carey Finds Support For Claims That 'Glitter' Was Sabotaged
    Fri Apr 5, 6:39 PM ET
    By Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles

    (4/5/02, 7 a.m. ET) -- Irv Gotti, Ja Rule's executive producer, says he was called last year to sabotage Mariah Carey's Glitter album.
    Sony Music head Tommy Mottola allegedly called Gotti and asked him to produce a remix for Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" featuring Ja Rule that would scoop a collaboration Gotti and Ja Rule had in the works for Carey's Glitter album, Gotti told the hip-hop magazine XXL.
    "I get a call from Tommy Mottola, who I have a great relationship with, and he's like, 'I need you to do me a favor. I want you to do this remix for Jennifer Lopez. I want you to put Ja on the record,'" Gotti told the magazine. "Immediately, I knew what he was doing because he just finished the Mariah record.'"

    When LAUNCH spoke to Ja Rule in August, he explained receiving the request to work with Lopez.
    "I got a call from J. Lo and them, they heard the record that I did for her (Mariah) somehow, and they thought the record was like incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J. Lo's new single, 'I'm Real,' but we need it now. Like right now. We're shooting the video Saturday.' It was like Thursday, I got the call. So they bring the record over, and drop it off. Like with no instructions, like, 'Do what you want Ja.' And that was the whole awkward thing about it, like, 'What do you mean? Do what I want.' I was like, 'I've never wrote a whole R&B record,' and it just shocked me. And he was like, 'Yeah, do what you want with it.'"
    "If We," Ja Rule's R&B songwriting credit for Carey's Glitter, would have marked his R&B debut, but the effort was sideswiped by the summer release of J. Lo's "I'm Real" remix, which Ja Rule co-wrote.

    Carey alluded to another dispute with the J. Lo album in June, when she told MTV that a sample she intended to use for Glitter was stolen by an artist. Though Carey didn't name names, it was later revealed that her intentions to sample Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker" for her song "Loverboy" were bested by the J. Lo's album version of "I'm Real" which samples the '70s song.
    Carey later replaced the Yellow Magic Orchestra clip with a portion of Cameo's "Candy."

    Mottola, who is also Carey's former husband, was rumored to be feuding with Carey, who left Sony's Columbia Records for a recording contact with Virgin Records. The poor sales of the Glitter soundtrack and movie prompted Carey to be released from the label last fall.
    Spokespersons for Lopez, Mottola, Ja Rule, and Irv Gotti did not reply to LAUNCH by press time.

    Yahoo News, Launch

  • MTV News around Europe also published the story - titled "J. Lo Not Real?"
    Thanks to Roi (Israel), Anderz (Sweden), Suzy & Sven (Holland).

  • The following article was found by MariahBuzz on Sound Bites:

    Before her breakdown last summer, Mariah Carey complained that Jennifer Lopez was copying musical ideas from advance tracks of Carey's then-unreleased ''Glitter'' soundtrack, claiming that Sony Music head Tommy Mottola (Carey's ex-husband) had leaked the recordings to his new diva. Now Carey's story is being corroborated by Murder Inc. label chief Irv Gotti, who produced both ''Glitter'''s ''If We'' and Lopez' popular remix of ''I'm Real,'' two similar-sounding duets pairing the singers with rapper Ja Rule.

    In an interview in the current issue of hip-hop magazine XXL, Gotti says, ''Ja wrote a song with him and Mariah singing back and forth on the track. I get a call from Tommy Mottola, who I have a great relationship with, and he's like, 'I need you to do me a favor. I want you to do this remix for Jennifer Lopez. I want you to put Ja on the record.' I immediately knew what he was doing because we just finished the Mariah record.''
    Even Lopez's initial version of ''I'm Real,'' the upbeat, Ja-free mix that appeared on her ''J. Lo'' album a year ago, was a swipe, Carey had said, taking an obscure sample she had used in her first version of ''Glitter'''s ''Loverboy.'' That sample was from an out-of-print 1978 recording of ''Firecracker'' by Japanese electronica pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, which was itself a cover of a late 1950s composition by surf/lounge instrumentalist Martin Denny. On Tuesday, Denny's publisher told FoxNews.com that no one had ever contacted him about sampling the song until Carey requested it for ''Loverboy,'' but three weeks later, Lopez asked to license it as well, and her recording was released first. ''When Jennifer Lopez's record came out, and had the exact same song,'' a Carey associate told FoxNews, ''we knew she had a right to be paranoid. We couldn't believe it.''

    Carey had to make a hasty rerecording of ''Loverboy'' using a sample of Cameo's ''Candy'' instead, one of the few tunes that would fit what had already been shot for the film. Sony, which had initially dismissed the two uses of the same arcane, hard-to-find, previously ignored sample as coincidence , denied this week that either version of ''I'm Real'' was stolen from Carey, with a spokesperson telling FoxNews that the beat-biting accusations were ''absolutely untrue.''

    Is Tommy Trying to Ruin Mariah?
    Mike was listening to the Wendy Williams show on the radio and this is what he heard:

    "I was listening to "The Wendy Williams Experience" today on WBLS 107.5 here in NYC and she was mentioning the story about how Irv Gotti admitted to the "Glitter" sabotage. She mentioned that the story is getting a lot of press and then stated that she too was asked by Tommy Mottola about a year ago to sabotage Mariah. She didn't give much details (she is saving those for her book that she is writing) but did say that there was a "large sum of money at the end of that phone conversation--in the 5-digit area"

    Basically what she alluded to was that Tommy tried to offer Wendy money to say false rumors on-air to damage Mariah's reputation. She said he went as far as saying that she wouldn't have to do anything but talk, that he would supply all the fuel and false stories. She declined the money and hung up the phone.
    As you may be aware, Wendy's radio show is the most listened to afternoon radio program in NY and can be heard around the country in syndication. Having Wendy trash Mariah would have reached the masses."


    Zoom on Mariah
    Louis tells me that on the FHM site, you can zoom in on Mariah's pictures from the FHM shoot with their 'zoomifier'. I've tried it and it's really cool!

    Louis also wanted to inform the UK people that Mariah's performance on Ally McBeal will be repeated on Sunday on E4.

    Get MC on TRL
    After reading the stories about Mariah being vindicated, Helen came up with a nice idea:

    On Monday, April 8th, I would like ALL TRUE MARIAH FANS to visit MTV.com and VOTE for "CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY" on TRL...in the subject, write anything to show Mariah we don't like what they did to her and we support her in every thing she does. I think if we spread the word now and get a lot of interest, we could get our thoughts and Mariah's vindication announced on TV, not just paper. Please visit the site and show Mariah our support!

    Magazine News
    Nick tells me that in J-14, page 29, there's a short article about Mariah:
    Diva Showdown
    The reason J.Lo and Mariah did not appear on stage together at the Grammy's was because the two singers apparently can't stand each other. MTV Asia reports that when Mariah was confronted with the idea of a duet with J.LO, "I'd rather share the stage with a pig--it ain't going to happen!" Jennifer had a quick little bark of her own: "I work alone. Thanks, but no thanks." Oink, oink!

    Also, Igal (mcfanatic) sent me a scan from "Rolling Stone" (March 28th edition) that I added to Gallery 6

    SoundScan Updates for Mariah
    On MTV's news site, there was an article about Celine Dion and in it they mentioned the new soundscan figures for Mariah.
    Merry Christmas is now at 4.15 million, and Daydream is at 7.5 million, putting Mariah's scan total at 40.49 million copies sold! Daydream is the 33rd best selling LP of the soundscan era, and Mariah has 5 albums in the top 200 of the soundscan which ties her with Celine.
    Mariah is currently the third biggest artist for scans trailing only Garth Brooks (64.35 million) and the Beatles (42.6), and ahead of Metallica (40.21), Celine Dion (39.17), and Backstreet Boys (29.07)
    *Small note: Please don't confuse the soundscan figures with the official certifications for Mariah's albums.

    twinpeaks9 (From FOMM), MTV News

  • updated byregina April 5, 2002 6:40 PM  
    Magazine News
    Lillian told me that Mariah is in the April 16th issue of the National Enquirer and Globe tabloids. National Enquirer has a two page spread and Globe has one picture all from her birthday in St. Barts.

    Plus, Mariah is in the April 15th issue of People magazine on page 11. Kelly tells me it's also a picture of her on the beach walking Jack from her birthday.

    Finally, Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, sent me a scan from the latest issue of Gala magazine. It features two new pictures of Mariah chillin' with Jack on the beach. Check it out in Gallery 6.

    Mariah's Glittering Bike Heads To NYC
    New Yorkers are noticing some extra sparkle at Saks Fifth Avenue these days. That's because the upscale department store is showcasing a one-of-a-kind, Kawasaki NINJA ZX-12R adorned with more than 50,000 sparkling SWAROVSKI Crystals.

    The illustrious Kawasaki sportbike is living the life of a rock star -- making a cameo on Mariah Carey's CD Glitter, escorting her onstage at the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards, appearing at several of Los Angeles and New York's trendiest digs and finally, arriving in style on New York's famed Fifth Avenue. The NINJA will be on display at Saks in connection with the first annual Rockefeller Center Motorcycle Show. The show, featuring a museum- quality collection of bikes and an interactive exhibit throughout Rockefeller Center, will run through April 21, 2002.

    "We're excited to showcase our flagship sportbike in such a unique way," said Bob Moffit, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Motorcycles. "With its aerodynamic looks and performance legacy, it's only fitting that the NINJA ZX-12R motorcycle receive this kind of top-of-the-line star treatment."

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like!

    updated byliron April 5th, 2002 7:00AM   
    Mariah was 'Ripped Off' Twice!!
    Roger Friedman of FOX News continues to show his interest in finding the truth behind this story and published yet another article that further explains the story behind the "thievery".
    I personally think it is important for this story to be heard especially among those who doubted Mariah. Finally, here comes the truth:

    Mariah 'Ripped Off' Twice on Same Record
    Thursday, April 04, 2002
    By Roger Friedman

    The situation is worse than I thought. In the below story, which we published yesterday, rap impresario Irv Gotti conceded for the first time that Mariah Carey had her work on Glitter lifted for Jennifer Lopez's J.LO album.
    It turns out however that before it was released Glitter was pilfered from not once but twice by Lopez.
    Not only was a song sample Carey intended to use taken from Glitter, but a concept as well.
    All of this has to do with Lopez's hit song, "I'm Real," which in fact is two different songs. Confused? Welcome to pop music in 2002.

    On Lopez's album J.LO, "I'm Real" appears as an upbeat dance number. There's no rapping or male vocal accompaniment. The record does sample the old disco song, "Firecracker." The songwriting credits for that version of "I'm Real," list Martin Denny (who wrote "Firecracker") as well as Lopez and three producers. J.LO was released on July 24, 2001.
    The remixed "I'm Real," which was released a few weeks later, is quite different. It's a slow give and take duet between Lopez and rapper Ja Rule. Denny's name is gone from the credits, replaced by Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey B. Atkins). This version became Lopez's hit single. Two songs, one title.

    For Glitter, Mariah Carey had found the "Firecracker" sample and recorded it on her soundtrack as "Loverboy." For another Glitter track called "If We," she and Ja Rule recorded a slow give and take vocal. On J.LO, the upbeat "I'm Real" ripped off Carey's planned — and subsequently scuttled version — of "Loverboy." The remixed version of "I'm Real" — which Irv Gotti referred to in his XXL interview — copied the style and substance of "If We." Creatively, Carey — who'd worked hard on Glitter for a year in secret — could say she was plundered twice. Wouldn't that be enough to drive anyone crazy?

    Thanks to the Internet, Carey's fans can make the "If We"/"I'm Real" scandal a party game simply by logging on to cdnow.com which features audio clips of all three songs — "If We" plus the two "I'm Real" versions. It's fun, free entertainment!

    Fox News

    Hear Mariah Talking About It!
    Although Mariah hasn't spoken publically and specifically about her songs being 'lifted', she did comment on "someone" stealing her loop awhile ago on an interview for MTV.
    The audio files were featured on MTV's site and if you happened to miss them, you can download them now on our site:

    Audio #1
    Audio #2

    updated byregina April 4, 2002 9:20 PM  
    Magazine News
    Dan sent me the scan from the April 2002 issue of YM magazine. Mariah is #8 in the Most Important Women In MTV History section. Check out the scan in Gallery 6.

    MariahzGuy told me that Mariah is in the April issue of Details on page 53. It's under an article called, "Details Rocks Sundance." It's about a party that was thrown at the featival by Details magazine and there is a picture of Mariah with some of the magazine staff. Anyone got a scan?

    Finally, ilovemariahmore@hotmail.com told me that The Best Beat magazine featured the following on Mariah:

    This must be a joke right folks? Mariah Carey gets hotter? You might already know ( from past issues) that the staff at The Best Beat basically all think Mariah is the hottest peice of meat on the planet . You might think she can't get any sexier right? Well she did. It happened. Mariah Carey lost 30 pounds according to a tabloid and the main picture (see left) features Mariah in a sizziling patriotic bikini. ( Wipe the drool guys) Gorgeous Mariah is working on two new movies right now, Wise Girls and Sweet Science. ( We swear the reviews for Wise Girls have been better than Glitter)

    Mariah's Firecracker Feud
    The underbelly of the music industry is showing, and Mariah Carey, who has a knack for wanting to show hers may be vindicated. According to a report by Fox 411 and an article in XXL, Murder Inc. executive Irv Gotti admitted that Sony head Tommy Mottola (Carey's ex-hubby), told him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded just like one he'd made for Carey for Sony Pictures' "Glitter."

    Although J.Lo's project would hit the streets first. Gotti told XXL magazine: "Ja wrote a song with him and Mariah singing back and forth on the title track. I get a call from Tommy Mottola, who I have a great relationship with, and he's like, 'I need you to do me a favor. I want you to do this remix for Jennifer Lopez. I want you to put Ja on the record.' Immediately I knew what he was doing because we just finished the Mariah record."

    Mariah had in fact been very paranoid of the music from her movie getting out. A key revelation in the theory is that the publisher for "Firecracker," which was the sample first used with Ja Rule and Carey, then with Jenny Lolo, informed Fox that Carey called for the sample first, then Lopez. Lopez's "I'm Real" hit radio, and Carey changed her sample to Cameo's "Candy."

    As reported on Fox 411, a Sony Music spokesperson said, "One song has nothing to do with the other. This is absolutely untrue." Mottola and the Lopez camp previously denied the allegations also, saying it was only a coincidence when they were questioned about the "theft" in Talk Magazine last fall.

    Thanks to Mary for this article from EurWeb.com

    The Ultimate Cover Girl
    She's got the face that launched a thousand covers. In the newsstand wars, Mrs. Brad Pitt is a magazine publisher's best friend.

    Which celebrity was plucked off magazine racks most often by consumers in the final months of 2001? "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, 33, reigned supreme, reports the industry publication Media Industry Newsletter, which released a list of the best and worst-selling covers of last year. Aniston, who first proved she was a publisher's dream with her memorable debut in the buff on the cover of "Rolling Stone" in March of 1996, ranks with both men and women, reports MIN. In the final months of last year, she appeared on best-selling issues of "Elle," "Redbook" and "Ladies Home Journal" (which also featured her husband Brad Pitt). According to the newsletter, some of the other hottest issues of the last quarter included Madonna on the cover of "American Photo," actress Reese Witherspoon on "CosmoGirl!," Julia Roberts on "Good Housekeeping" and Faith Hill on "InStyle" (which, like PEOPLE, is owned by AOL Time Warner). But a celebrity picture doesn't necessarily guarantee a sell-out issue. Some of the worst-selling issues, according to MIN, included Mariah Carey on the cover of "Architectural Digest," Sarah Jessica Parker on "Harper's Bazaar" and comedian Jon Stewart on the cover of "Esquire."

    Thanks to Asma from Miss Mariah Carey for this article.

    Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts ending for April 13th...
    Hot 100 Singles Sales
    44 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    58 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    75    Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

    updated byregina April 3, 2002 8:00 PM  
    I added 3 pictures to Gallery 6 tonight. Two are from ebay, courtesy of Janine and the other one is the cover from the Upclose magazine I created. A lot of you were asking for the larger scan and now you can check those out.

    Plus, I added a few new links to the links page (added below also) and added six new wallpapers (now with a wallpaper 1024 X 768). Check them out!
    Mariah City
    Vision Of A Daydream
    Mariah.Brazil Fan Club
    Mariah's Lamby
    Mariah Angel

    Magazine News
    As Liron added earlier, Mariah is in the April 9th issue of National Enquirer. Make sure you go pick that up because the one picture of her is really nice. RaInBoWbAbE143 informed me that she is also in the recent Cosmopolitan and Teen People, both small pictures from the Sundace Film Festival.

    The Rock On Mariah
    A'Drian sent me a excerpt from a recent interview with WWF The Rock did, where he mentions Mariah briefly...
    WWF: It has to be hard for you to maintain your focus on both your movie career and your WWF career at the same time.
    The Rock: I think it's as hard as you make it. I know how busy I am. I know how inundated I get with phone calls and things. Life on the road, as you see, is as hard as you make it. I feel foor other entertainers out there like Mariah Carey who had a tough time recently. I feel for her, because I can empathize. I know what that schedule is like because I live it everyday.

    Mariah A No Show
    Glitterboy informed me that Mariah was NOT featured at the 2002 World Music Awards. It already aired in Brazil by MGM and no Mariah.

    RuPaul On Mariah
    On March 1st, RuPaul posted on his website the following...
    my friend "pooks" sent me the mariah carey mtv cribs tape. OMG !!!!!!! it's out of control ! i had to rewind it again and again because i couldn't believe what i was seeing. the thing that sticks in my head is her in house beauty salon. HOT. i fear another mariah heavy rotation week coming on at my house. this tape is turning me into the mariah maniac that i was three weeks ago. thanks pooks.

    Thanks to Chris for telling me about this. It's cool RuPaul liked the special too!

    updated byliron April 3rd, 2002 2:00PM   
    WOW! Look at Mariah!
    Meet the gorgeous new and improved Mariah Carey! Last year the dazzling diva packed on the pounds - but her famous shape is ship-shape once again, thanks to her iron-willed dedication to a grueling exercise and weight loss regimen. And these exclusive photos prove the point that Mariah is back!
    In January the songbird was looking sullen and bloated. But the vamp decided to revamp after signing to sing at the February 3rd Super Bowl. The 5-foot-9 star embarked on a crash program to whip herself into shape - and dropped from 155 lbs. to 124 lbs. She lost some of the weight before the Super Bowl, but kept dieting and now looks even better!
    "But it took a lot of hard work for her to get there," said a close friend. "When Mariah was signed to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, she went into intensive training to get her stunning figure back. First she flew to Sedona, Arizona, with a personal trainer, and checked into the exclusive Enchantment Heal Spa.
    "There, she worked around the clock on a treadmill and stationary bike, doubling it up with a killer program of stomach crunches, leg lifts with a heavy medicine ball and push-ups. She teamed up all that exercise with a special diet.
    "Mariah likes to eat, but, in Sedona, she limited herself to lots of salads with fish and skinless broiled chicken. She replaces her favorite Crystal champagne with bottled water and iced tea, with a slice of lemon and no sweetener. And, to head off the munchies, she had her room filled with baskets of fruit.
    "After the spa, Mariah headed off to Puerto Rico - and a rigorous program of heavy duty water exercises. She boarded a friend's luxury yacht off San Juan, for a week of doing long swims and water skiing every day to shape her arms and legs," revealed the close friend.
    Mariah's career is also heating up. Her new movie, "Wisegirls," will be released later this year and she'll start filming "Sweet Science" this summer - a flick about a determined boxing manager guiding an unknown female prizefighter.
    The sexy star - who got a much publicized $28 million payment when she left Virgin Records in January - is also working hard on her singing career, said her friend.
    "Mariah feels so great, she's busy writing new songs." Another source said, "Mariah has never looked better. She's at the top of her game - and she owes it all to sheer determination."

    Sources: Thanks Will from MariahLand for typing up that article from National Enquirer.

    The pictures, also scanned by Will are available on Gallery 5.

    Mariah Vindicated: Her Song Was "Swiped"!
    Mariah Vindicated: Her Song Was "Swiped"
    Wednesday, April 03, 2002
    By Roger Friedman

    Mariah Carey may finally have been vindicated. It seems that there was more than a little truth in her accusations last summer that someone was out to get her.
    In the new issue of a rap magazine called XXL, record executive Irv Gotti admits that Tommy Mottola, Carey's ex-husband and the head of Sony Music, instructed him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded exactly like one Gotti's company had made with Carey for her movie, Glitter — even though Glitter was not finished and Lopez would beat Carey to the punch and undermine a project she was recording for Sony.

    In XXL, Gotti is asked by writer Keith Murphy: "Is it true that Tommy Mottola asked Murder Inc. [Gotti's production company] to do the remix of [Jennifer Lopez's] "I'm Real" after hearing a song Ja Rule did with Mariah Carey on the Glitter soundtrack?"
    Gotti replies: "Ja wrote a song with him and Mariah singing back and forth on the title track. I get a call from Tommy Mottola, who I have a great relationship with, and he's like, 'I need you to do me a favor. I want you to do this remix for Jennifer Lopez. I want you to put Ja on the record.' Immediately I knew what he was doing because we just finished the Mariah record."

    The Mariah record Gotti refers to is "Loverboy," from the movie Glitter. Carey had picked out a sample from Yellow Magic Orchestra's recording of "Firecracker" to be the basis of the song. She and Ja Rule worked on it, and the song was included on daily viewings from the filming of Glitter.
    But Glitter was a Sony Pictures release, which is a sister company of Sony Music. Mottola, according to sources who worked on the movie, was surreptitiously viewing footage of Glitter while his ex-wife was shooting it.
    "Mariah was so paranoid about the music getting out that we had another singer sing the temporary versions," says a Glitter insider.
    "When Jennifer Lopez's record came out, and had the exact same song, we knew she had a right to be paranoid. We couldn't believe it."

    Indeed, Gotti's statement to XXL suggests that once Mottola heard Carey's song — and knew Glitter was months away from completion — he stole the idea and gave it to Lopez for the remix of her song, "I'm Real."
    The hit version of "I'm Real" with Ja Rule was released after Lopez's album was already out. It's substantially different from the original version.
    Murphy, the reporter who interviewed Gotti, said yesterday that the rap music executive told him that Mottola wanted Ja Rule to make a record "in the same style" for Lopez that he'd already made for Carey. "It was exactly the same style — with Mariah and Ja talking back and forth, just the way he does with Jennifer on I'm Real."

    But here's a key revelation: the music publisher of "Firecracker" — the sample that Ja Rule used first with Carey and then with Lopez — told me yesterday: "Mariah Carey called us to license a sample from "Firecracker" first. Then, within a month, Jennifer Lopez also called for it."
    The publisher of "Firecracker" also pointed out that the composition, by Martin Denny, had never been sampled before Mariah Carey called about it.
    Sony Music spokesperson Patricia Kiehl said yesterday: "One song has nothing to do with the other. This is absolutely untrue."

    When the possible theft of "Firecracker" was brought up in Talk magazine last fall, Mottola and Lopez's producers immediately invoked that idea that it was a coincidence that the sample was used twice, though — a different defense altogether.
    Ironically, the "Firecracker" case found Carey getting a taste of her own medicine when she — and not Lopez — had been Mottola's darling. During Carey's 11 years at Sony Music, she, Sony, and Mottola were sued at least three times for plagiarism. Each case was settled out of court for roughly $1 million, with Carey making no admission of guilt. In one instance, Randy Hoffman — Mottola's business partner and Carey's then manager — wore a hidden tape recorder to a meeting with a witness hoping to get him to change his testimony.
    Just as other songwriters had once been affected by having their songs swiped, the impact on Carey of losing the "Firecracker" sample for Glitter was deep. The singer was forced to quickly change the sample on "Loverboy" from "Firecracker" to Cameo's old hit, "Candy."
    "We had to work fast," says a Glitter source, "because we had to find music that would fit what was already filmed." Nevertheless, the damage was done. When "Loverboy" was released it was savaged by music industry trade paper Billboard in an unusually harsh review.

    Carey — exhausted from working on the project and then knocked out by the scathing reaction — snapped and became the subject of public derision.
    Insiders speculate the Mottola-Lopez theft may have had a silver lining. Carey was able to use it to free herself and Glitter from Sony, even though she still owed them an album on her contract. One source told me: "Mariah and her lawyer, Don Passman, went to Tommy and told him that if they didn't let her go, she'd let the higher-ups at Sony know what he'd done to her-and to a Sony project."
    The speculation is that Mottola had to make Glitter look as bad as possible to Sony's Japanese honchos, who loved Carey and wanted to keep her as an artist. Ironically, Glitter still sold like crazy in Japan.
    Carey wound up taking Glitter to EMI/Virgin as the first record on an $80 million deal. When the album tanked, EMI panicked and paid her a total of $49 million to cancel her contract. Carey is now fielding offers from Universal Music Group, J Records, and Warner Music Group for new contract.

    Nacho, Fox News

    "The Sun" Pictures
    mcfanatic sent me large scans of the new pictures of MC vacationing that were featured on "The Sun" plus more of those high resolution pictures that I've been getting requests for! They all can be found in Gallery 5.
    He also sent in two lovely artworks that I added to the Artwork Page

    UK News
    From Carl:
    "Glitter" is out to rent (on VHS and DVD) and buy (just on DVD) on May 6th.

    From Ashes and MC:UK:
    VH1's Top 20 Duets:
    Against All Odds by Mariah & Westlife was placed #13 on this chart.
    MTV Base's Top 50 Sexiest Females:
    Mariah was #7 and they played Crybaby and on the second run through, Fantasy.
    Mariah Magic
    Please keep calling 0906 753 6000 to get Hero on Magic! The video's selection number is 410.

    updated byregina April 2, 2002 6:30 AM  
    Please Note
    Mariah will NOT be fighting Cameron, nor will she be on the cover of Upclose Magazine. The boxing article was courtesy of my best friend Alex! He created the story about Sandra vs. Julia Roberts, so I used his story and switched the names. He also created that boxing picture of Sandra Bullock and that's why I used it. It was all an April Fools joke, along with the Upclose Magazine cover. Every year I do an April Fools joke and please don't get upset, it was all done in fun! All the other information was correct!
    updated byregina April 1, 2002 4:50 PM  
    New Pictures
    upscale Mark sent me two scans from an Israel magazine. You can check them out in Gallery 5.

    Plus, a new magazine called "Upclose: Celebrity Insider" is being released and Mariah is on the front cover of the first issue. Inside, they talk about everything that has happened to her throughout her career and I am told that they even have a new interview with Mariah, including some comments from Mariah on her new album. I was sent a tiny thumbnail of the cover, which you can see on the right by Joe. He works in the editorial section at "Upclose" and said that the issue is May 2002. It should be hitting shelves sometime later this month, I am told. Hopefully then we can get a better scan of the cover!

    Vote For Mariah
    Pryme informed me that you can vote for Mariah on FHM Singapore 100 Sexiest Women Poll. Last year, Mariah placed #28 on the list. To vote for Mariah, click here (you do NOT have to put your address or mobile contact when voting).

    Canadian Charts
    Pryme sent me the latest Canadian Top 200 Selling R&B Album Chart
    Weeks on the Chart...2 Weeks Ago...Last Week...This Week
    16 | 51 | 52 | 57 MARIAH CAREY'S GREATEST HITS
    ( COLUMBIA )

    27 | 84 | 72 | 67 GLITTER
    ( VIRGIN )
    While Mariah's Greatest Hits is steadily moving down the charts, Glitter is significantly moving up the chart.

    updated byregina April 1, 2002 8:30 AM  
    Carey and Diaz to duke it out on 'Celebrity Boxing.'
    boxing The Fox network held a press conference in New York City to announce the sequel to their popular 'Celebrity Boxing' special. The event will take place Friday, May 3rd, at New York's Madison Square Garden. In the main event, Hollywood Diva Mariah Carey and actress Cameron Diaz will square off in a five round bout for charity.

    Special safety precautions will take place for the fight to prevent serious damage to both participants. Boxing helmets and thicker gloves will be worn by each actress. Miss Diaz will also have an extra large mouthpiece to protect her teeth and Carey's ear.

    Carey and Diaz will each receive $3 million, which they will donate to their respective charities. Carey has the Fresh Air Fund, and Diaz has the Help the Horses Society. Similar to Danny Bonaduce in the first Celebrity Boxing event, Diaz will also place a temporary tattoo on her back to advertise the online company Yahoo.com. When asked for her reaction, Carey simply stated, "Damn Yahoo."

    The undercard for the event will consist of former TV stars Gary Coleman boxing Alf, and Hollywood beauties Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts duking it out.

    Yahoo News

    Another Update Coming
    I will be updating MD later on when I get home from school!

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