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APRIL 28, 2004 4:20PM
Sowelu influenced by Mariah's "Hero"

You've got to admit, the Japanese pop charts have a fair share of stars who are easy on the eyes. It's their job requirement. And some--not all, but some--aren't too hard on the ears either. That talent, unfortunately, falls under "valuable, but not mandatory skills."

Sowelu, the young urban-pop singer currently heating up the charts, excels in both categories, though. Check out the video for her sixth single, "No Limit," if you need proof. Not only does she hit notes like a young Janet Jackson in this bouncy jam, she pulls off pigtails and heels. Magnificently...

Her father left her family, however, to perform in the United States. Sowelu insists she bears no hard feelings toward him, and remains in contact with him now, but says it did make for a lonely childhood. But through this solitude came inspiration.

"I remember coming home from school one day and nobody was home," she recalls. "It was quiet and I was lonely, so I turned on the CD player, and the song that came on was 'Hero' by Mariah Carey, and..."

She stops. Her mouth curls into a smile and her eyes seem to twinkle.

"I just stopped right there. I got goose bumps," she says excitedly, running her finger along her forearms to demonstrate.

"Every song that you like carries a memory," she continues. "So when I listen to 'Hero,' I remember the first time I heard it. I want my song to be the force that brings back someone's memory when they are older. When they become a grandma or grandpa, I hope they can look back on their past through my music."

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

"My All" cover at the AIM Awards 2004

At the 11th Anugerah Industri Muzik 2004 also known as the AIM Awards in Malaysia;

After a breather, it was on to the Barnum and Bailey meets the Ringling Brothers as the circus sideshow came on in full force with Liza Hanim, Sarah Raisuddin, Misha Omar, Ning Baizura and Siti Nurhaliza coming on stage to deliver a deplorable Bahasa Malaysia version of Mariah Carey’s hit, My All.

The atrocious choice of that song, considering the wealth of our own local material, failed to drive any point home, apart from the fact that while our industry has talent, creativity and originality are never our strong points.

Liza looked the part of a drag queen, Sarah looked lost among the rest of the glam gals, Misha looked like a body double for Nemo with her orange get-up with green tinsel-effect sequins, Ning was ready for a Broadway meets Vegas production and Siti was... presentable, to be polite.

Vocally, it seemed a contest to show who was the best Mariah impersonator with Ning and Liza taking the lead with ease, while Siti tried way too hard to make her contribution matter while the greener Misha and Sarah just backed off to murmur and mumble into the microphone to make up the numbers.

What they might thought was the highlight of the show, was actually one of the lowest points, being a senseless waste of a good five minutes (but then again, the other two hours 55 minutes plus commercials weren’t that good either).

Source: Malay Mail Online

News Tidbits & Various Mentions

-- A new version of "Misty Moon" is now available to be heard on this site. Click on "Play" at the bottom of the screen to hear the commercial in which Mariah hums the "Misty Moon" melody.

-- 50 Cent owns about six cars. And Mariah Carey? Well, actually, Flex says, "she doesn't drive anything. She rides." Her mobile meltdown venue of choice? A stretch Mercedes-Benz.

-- What do local [Malaysian] celebrities like Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Sheila Majid and Erra Fazira have in common? All are classy, fashionable dressers who know what they want from their wardrobe, and they all love Michael Ong. And when pop diva Mariah Carey was in town, the firebrand designer was the one chosen to design her outfits. Although she didn’t wear them during the concert, Ong lives in the hope that she liked his creations and will some day be seen somewhere donning one of his outfits.

-- Zack Werner [a judge on the Canadian Idol], created a stir two weeks ago when he described Audrey de Montigny's version of the Mariah Carey hit Dream Lover as "fromage."

-- In 50 Cent's concert at the Bell Centre in Canada, A series of numbers from the G Unit album Beg for Mercy was followed by tributes to slain rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac - most of which was intensely delivered, but none of which was met with the same glee as In Da Club. Occasional peaks kept the set away from a steep decline: Patiently Waiting got everyone's hands in the air, and an X-rated rewrite of Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey's I Know What You Want was there for comedic relief.

-- 'MTV has moved in and neutralised a lot of alternative music, like hip hop. The mindset of the record companies is that if you are a Polish band, you have to meet the demands of "this could be the Polish Limp Bizkit" or "the Polish Mariah Carey". They want the same old same old, over and over again.

Source: The Mariah Network | E Online | The Star | Montreal Gazette | Tom | Montreal Gazette | The Observer

APRIL 26, 2004 5:04PM
Mariah is crazy for Mercedes-Benz

According to the Latin radio show "America Showbiz", singer Mariah Carey only has Mercedes Benz cars in her garage. She has approximately 10 cars. Black is the predominant color.

The show also said that her mother, brother and body guards 'can drive any type of car, but Mariah only drives a Mercedes'.

The singer will be one of the first to receive the new Mercedes-Benz Vision Grand Sports Tourer, that will start being produced in 2005.

Currently, Mariah is getting ready to act in her new movie "The Sweet Sciene", directed by Jordan Brady.

Source: oFuxico Online | MariahsRod

Britney following Mariah's path?

NW Magazine reports that Britney Spears is going bonkers, with her "bizarre behaviour" inviting comparisons to Mariah Carey's breakdown. Indeed, one of Mariah's symptoms was an inability to dress warmly, and Who features a photo of Britney where she seems to have forgotten to put her trousers on. Keep taking the medication, Brit.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

APRIL 25, 2004 12:33PM
Radiohead mellow out over Mariah

On the face of it, one wouldn't expect to find much in common between British indie rockers Radiohead - who shot to fame 10 years ago with the hit Creep - and temperamental diva Mariah Carey.

But that's where Sydney comes in. When the Oxford quintet was last touring Australia, they were locked out of their dressing room by the at-times troubled crooner.

Carey was playing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre the night after Radiohead - but had procured the dressing room ahead of time and wouldn't allow them in.

"She could have been in there," said bass guitarist Colin Greenwood, "and that would have been good - if she was locked in."

But a repeat of the Carey disaster is not likely for the band, who have just touched down for their third Australian tour. They will play in Sydney this weekend and Melbourne early next week.

Source: News Interactive

Deaf student brings Mariah's "Hero" to life

When Pueblo Community College student Miranda Trevino took to the stage Wednesday afternoon to sing Mariah Carey's hit song "Hero," it was her hands, not her voice, that captivated the audience.

Trevino, who is deaf, used her language - American Sign Language - to interpret the song for the crowd that gathered at the PCC Amphitheater to watch skits and jokes, songs and plays presented by members of Pueblo's deaf community.

Source: Pueblo Chieftain

Jamelia cites Mariah as an influence

Brits Award shortlisted single Superstar released last September has given fresh impetus to the career of R & B singer Jamelia Niela Davis. Challenging for best single and best female artiste, it marks the successful comeback of the 23-year-old black singer who had to stay away from the limelight for two years because of an unexpected pregnancy in 2000.

A repackaged release of Thank You, the album that came after Superstar, saw Jamelia collaborating with Coldplay's Chris Martin in the track, See It in a Boy's Eyes.

"It's amazing he could write lyrics from a woman's point of view and articulate feelings from a totally different perspective. I have always been a fan of Coldplay and am even more of a fan now!" As a child in Birmingham, she remembers herself singing the songs of Mariah Carey, who has always remained an influence and inspiration.

Source: Malay Mail

Club 112

At least five major MCs - from Jay-Z to the Notorious B.I.G., Bone Crusher to Jermaine Dupri - repped the club 112 in songs. Another group, discovered in the parking lot by P. Diddy because they were too young to get in, named themselves after the institution.

But the money is perhaps the most telling number: waitress January D. Jackson's biggest Saturday topped $2,500, and, as she's careful to point out, it was all legal.

"There was no fornication, no craziness, just great tips and great people," Jackson said. "To me, it was like the black stock market."

She once spilled Cristal on Mariah Carey, and the diva still tipped her a bill.

Source: Denver Post

APRIL 22, 2004 5:02PM
Jadakiss waiting on Mariah to lay down vocals

Jadakiss is nearing the finish line with his Kiss of Death LP, due June 15. Mariah Carey has to lay down vocals on one track, while Teddy Riley is supposed to be submitting a beat. Kiss has also just added Eminem as a fourth-quarter contributor.

Source: MTV News

"WiseGirls" in Japan

As mentioned on the site several days ago, "WiseGirls" will be released in Japan on DVD and home video soon. Click here to see the Japanese "WiseGirls" cover and here for more information.

Source: Love Love Jack

'Take That' to reunite in Christmas

British 90s boy-band 'Take That' are planning to reunite, eight years after their controversial split.

The group had launched the career of pop prince Robbie Williams and topped the charts for six years before they split in 1996, after a massive rift between Williams and songwriter Gary Barlow.

However, Barlow, who has become immensely successful by writing hits for Mariah Carey and Blue has claimed that the pair have patched and sorted out things and are ready to unite for a Christmas extravaganza.

Source: NewKerala News

Editor's Note: To our knowledge, Mariah has never performed a song written by Gary Barlow, nor has she co-written a song with him. Perhaps the reporter simply got their facts mixed up, as journalists tend to do.

APRIL 20, 2004 5:30AM
News Tidbits & Various Mentions

-- Mariah Carey, who also stayed at the hotel [Grand Formosa Regent, in Taiwan], wanted to cook an Italian meal for her crew. In less than an hour, her butler got all the ingredients and utensils that she needed, including a chef's uniform and hat.

-- The upcoming Christian artist Jadyn Maria mentions Mariah as a big influence on her music. Her biography states:
"As she grew up, so did her musical tastes, which expanded into the pop genre, specifically Mariah Carey, who has had the biggest impact on her sound." Read her full biography here.

-- In the Philippines, "Search for a Star" winner Rachelle Ann Go, who is currently busy recording her solo album, bested nine other contestants for the P1 million grand prize, a house and lot and a contract with the Viva Artists Agency (VAA). Her winning song was “Through The Rain” by Mariah Carey.

-- In Jamaica, Deleita Codnor travelled nearly 70 miles from Montego Bay to enter the contest and made a fashion statement in her stunning pink outfit. The 18 year-old Knockalva student, who graduates in May, also made a favourable impression with the judges with her rendition of Mariah Carey's Love Takes Time and advanced to round two of the contest. "I performed okay and I'm pleased with my performance," she later admitted.

-- Kal Kaur Rai is a 34-year-old Indian fashion designer in London. Celebrity endorsements do matter for the Kal Kaur Rai label, set up in 1997. Kal mentions ‘Beyonce, Atomic Kitten and Mis-Teeq’ among trendy pop and TV stars who have been seen in her outfits. Others are SugarBabes, Dani Behr, Mariah Carey, Geri Halliwell and Cat Deeley, who all figure regularly in women’s magazines.

-- Mini has created a new website for Mariah's dog Jack. Click here to visit "The Marvellous Jack"

-- Wahid writes: " (the site that brought you the Online Birthday Bash last March) is looking for fans to help with the site. We're creating a new site dedicated to the fans with icons, avatars, sounds, wallpapers, multimedia and many many things. The site really won't have news about Mariah as we are devoting this to her fans. If you're interested, see and send me an email! We really need some volunteers. Thanks!"

Source: E Taiwan News | Antonio | The Daily Tribune (Philippines) | The Jamaica Observer | Mid Day

APRIL 18, 2004 4:05PM
Mariah Continues Recording Her Album in Anguilla

'mczLoverboy' wrote the following message, revealing some information about Mariah's new album:

"I'm in Minneapolis right now attending a Music Educator's Conference and I just came back from a session with Jimmy Jam. He gave a session on popular music and its place in schools' music programs. After the talk, we were able to go up to him, so I got his autograph and asked him if he was working with Mariah yet on her new album? He laughed and said, "Actually, Mariah is in Anguilla right now, near the Bahamas, recording some stuff for her new album. I'm supposed to be there, but I had to be here, so one of our partners is working with her at the moment until we can get there.""

Mike has also informed us that Mariah spent some time vacationing in the island of St. Martin and had left on Saturday, April 10th, 2004.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits & Various Mentions

-- MTV News reports that Mariah is likely to be featured on the upcoming Jadakiss album:

"According to Jadakiss, Eminem will rap on and produce a record for him called "Welcome to D-Block." That track is one of the last additions to Kiss' June 15 Kiss of Death LP and will most likely also feature Sheek and Styles of the LOX. Jada said he's secured Mariah Carey to sing on another song."

-- In the April 23, 2004 issue of "Entertainment Weekly", Prince (on the cover) mentions Mariah. Here is the excerpt from the article where he talks about her:

Prince does see a place in his new world order for the current power players. "You know that guy who dances funny on American Idol? The Asian-American kid?" He means William Hung. "That works for the record industry," he says with a laugh. "We need somebody to release those kind of records." Does his implied critique include packaged popsters like Britney Spears, too? Prince begs off, not wanting to name names. Kinda. "I mean no disrespect," he says. "But I see it as my duty to school young people coming up. Lip-synchers? What does a kid -- what do other artists get out of that? I don't mind if Mariah Carey hits bad notes."

-- In an article written by L.A Reid about Michael Jackson, he says: "Michael has influenced so many artists, some of whom are picking up on the grandeur and showmanship of his live performances. You can see his influence in his sister Janet, in Justin Timberlake, Usher, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey."

-- Tobby asked us to post the following message from him:

"We hardly get any Mariah Carey promotion in Canada (with the exception of Much More Music`s profile that airs for a half-an-hour once a year it seems like). But with VH1 re-airing "Mariah Carey: the Complete History" I thought this would be the perfect special for Much Music to air (they usually air VH1 shows). It gives the Canadian fans something at least (and it`s done pretty well), otherwise we have no way of seeing it since we don`t get the VH1 station. Therefore I am asking every visitor, especially Canadian fans to take a second to email Much Music and ask if they will air the special. Sometimes all it takes a few emails. This will also have a positive effect on her new album with a trickle down effect. Please send the request to

-- Chiara Clayton, of Detroit, is the judges' choice second-week winner for the singing competition "'Gimme The Mike! Detroit". She says:

"I love Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Teena Marie, Regina Belle, and Alicia Keys. They are real singers, people that make you feel. It's not so much in their image, or how they project to the people, but in how their lyrics, their delivery, their vocal ability, make you feel something when you hear it."

-- John Meadows, the screenwriter of "Wisegirls" was recently interviewed for "The Province" and talked about the film. Here's the relevant excerpt from the article:

He also worked on a Mafia comedy, Wisegirls, then sent 300 queries to agents in L.A. Three replied, including one offering to take Meadows on. After many L.A. gyrations, Wisegirls wound up being shot in Halifax in the summer of 2001 with Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey.

In the end, it only had a limited release in the U.S. "The end result was (disappointing) but in the meantime I had a great experience at Sundance."

It was also profitable, says Meadows: "Enough to buy a condo in Vancouver but not enough to buy a house."

Source: MTV News | Natalie | GeoDafio | Tobby | Click On Detroit | The Province

APRIL 16, 2004 8:19PM
Jasmine: college student to Mariah Carey's friend

She's a young good looking and talented female from Southall and Br-Asian wanted to know how it was that she became so successful.

After having studied for a degree in dance, theatre and communication, Jasmine intended to enter a career in TV Production. Little did she know that she would end up being best chums with Mariah Carey!

Her professional career began by working as a runner for the Big Breakfast, then purely by accident she was asked to try out as a presenter for ‘The Word’. She was told by her Channel 4 boss, that she was there to 'make up the numbers' and everyone was so surprised when she actually got the job! The show was later axed and Jasmine went on to present a show in America called The Grind for MTV. When she returned to the UK her agent tried to get Jas a job in MTV London, but they thought that Jasmine was too loud to present for a UK audience, so she began to do voiceovers and managed to worm her way in that way!

"I have a great job, I meet loads of celebrities and get to see the real side of it and some of it really isn't that glamorous. I get to see the glamour and then come back to earth…It's cool"

Jasmine realises that she is a very lucky girl and after she spent one New Year at Mariah Carey's party, she is a very envied girl too! Her friendship with the star began when Jasmine had to interview her in Italy, producers were worried and nervous as Jasmine was renown for speaking her mind. She told Mariah that she didn't like her stuff until quite recently! Jas believes that is why Mariah felt so comfortable with her, because of her honesty.

Jasmine spent the rest of the afternoon with her, just hangin' out and they got on really well.

From then on they both kept in touch and Jasmine would spend time with Mariah when she visited London, she told us that they would "catch up on gossip!!" Mariah invited Jas and her boyfriend Rahsaan (from Damage) to be guests at her boyfriends house in Mexico for a New Year party. Rahsaan however, wanted to spend it with his mum (bless him!) as he is totally unimpressed with any famous person - even Mariah! Never the less, Jasmine used her female charms and got her own way and they went to Mexico for two weeks over the new year period. (But Jasmine was attacked by a Dolphin (the friendliest mammal on the earth I believe?) and was glad to return home, as she got sick of the sun and the beach?)

As well as presenting for MTV, Jasmine also produces some of her own shows. Although she tells me that even though she earns four times more than her secretarial mum ever could, her mum is still waiting for her to get a proper job.

"She supports me, but thinks that I am just having a good time and eventually I will settle down with a proper job. People on the street think you're cool and in the office they just think that you are a puppet that talks, people give you more respect when you produce as well."

The career girl hopes on one day having a family and a nice house with a nice garden and longs for a traditional family environment hmmm!

Source: Br-Asian Online | Heroes Of Mariah

A Crush On Mariah Carey

There are already several reports of many comments on Mariah made by Tommy Mottola's new wife, Thalia. Some of these comments were not rude; however, she has expressed a wish to be compared with Carey. In a recent interview she said sarcastically that she loves Mariah Carey's music. This comment caused a clear issue against Mariah.

The latest comments on Mariah made by the Mexican star come from a TV show from Univision Networks. The Mexican actress was presenting a publication of her own magazine. When she was asked "which artist would you like to have in your magazine?" The Mexican actress answered that she would love to have in her magazine someone such as Elton John, Celine Dion, or Mariah Carey (in a sarcastic/serious way). Then she said that it would be "cool" if she could appear with Mariah and Tommy Mottola sharing the bed. (The husband and his two wives).

However, Mariah Carey has no comments on this story, and perhaps she doesn't even know. This comment made by Tommy Mottola's new wife were only a joke, which tries to stop any bad feeling by the Mexican actress.

Source: Mariah Hero

News Tidbits

-- After months of falling down the CHR/Rhythmic chart, Nate Dogg & Mariah’s “What Would You Do” makes a five spot jump to [#95] with 118 spins impacting 2.1 million impressions. Back on February 4, 2004, “What Would You Do” peaked at [#64] on the CHR/Rhythmic chart with 232 spins impacting over 6.3 million impressions.

-- Nicole Brocks made a petition to "Put Mariah on TRL" to send to MTV and would like you to sign it. There are 120 signatures so far and Nicole hopes that we can rach 250+ and then send it on its way to MTV via email and then they would have to put Mariah on TRL. Read the petition at

-- MTV France is counting down top videos in 4 different categories. Mariah is currently numbers 1, 6, 9 and 2 in each of these polls. Please click here, here, here and here to vote for Mariah (click on the space next to Mariah's name, then click "envoyer").

Source: SJ | Nicole | Steve Burt

APRIL 15, 2004 10:06PM
Mariah To Appear On "Ride With Funkmaster Flex"

Mariah Carey, Cedric The Entertainer, Dave Chappelle, Tyra Banks, Missy Elliott, Wyclef Jean, Ashanti, Russell Simmons, and Dave Navarro are among those scheduled to appear on the second season of "Ride With Funkmaster Flex," a series airing on Spike TV.

On Sunday, May 2, in an episode entitled "Chopper Shopping with Mariah," Flex goes flying with Mariah Carey, drives the legendary Cobra, and gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the Funkmaster Flex Celebrity car show, including hot cars from Wyclef, Busta Rhymes, and 50 Cent.

Source: PRNewswire

Mariah Invited To Drug Demonstration

Andrew Cuomo said he will call off a potentially embarrassing demonstration at the Republican National Convention in August only if Gov. George Pataki and Republican leaders reform the state's drug laws first.

Cuomo spokesman Shane Kavanagh said Wednesday that Cuomo and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons have filed for the permit to hold the demonstration outside Madison Square Garden, where the GOP convention is scheduled. Cuomo said 50,000 people are expected to attend the demonstration on the first day of the convention, Aug. 30.

Invited are those who attended the May 2003 rally: Rappers Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, 50 Cent, Nas and Ludacris and pop singers Carly Simon and Mariah Carey.

Cuomo said the protest will portray New York's Rockefeller-era drug laws as the most harsh and outdated in the nation. The laws mandate long prison sentences for the possession and sale of relatively small amounts of narcotics.

Source: CBS News

APRIL 13, 2004 1:46PM
New Poll

Many thanks to Wally for inspiring our new poll, which asks what song should have been released as a single from the "Charmbracelet" album. Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked what the ultimate Mariah event of 2003 was. Here are the results:

  • 62% (3,669 votes) The 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour
  • 12% (711 votes) “Through The Rain” American Music Awards performance
  • 5% (322 votes) “I Know What You Want” video and single release
  • 5% (292 votes) NBA All-Star Game half-time performances
  • 4% (208 votes) “My Saving Grace” Soul Train Awards performance
  • 3% (189 votes) “The Remixes” compilation album release
  • 3% (181 votes) “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” video and single release
  • 2% (136 votes) World Music Awards appearance
  • 2% (107 votes) “The Star Spangled Banner” Daytona 500 performance
  • 1% (70 votes) “Boy (I Need You)” video and single release
    Total Votes: 5,885

    In other site updates, we have updated the Important Dates/Television Schedule and archived the March 2004 news.

  • APRIL 12, 2004 6:25PM
    Pop Diva Mariah Carey "Cools Off" After Florida Tour

    Orlando, FL (September 8, 2003) Singing sensation Mariah Carey meets Jenny, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, at Discovery Cove in Orlando. To celebrate wrapping up the Florida leg of her Charmbracelet Tour, the pop diva and her entourage “cooled off” at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Fla. While at the park, they spent time relaxing and enjoying the unique opportunity to swim and play with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

    Like no other place in the world, Discovery Cove in Orlando offers guests an extraordinary experience to swim with dolphins, hand-feed exotic birds and snorkel among tropical fish and rays.

    Mariah in Orlando

    Editor's Note: Although it's an old article, we felt it had to be shared! Click on the picture to enlarge it.

    Source: ZooNewsNetwork | Becky

    News Bits & Various Mentions

    -- According to HMV Japan, Wisegirls DVD will be released in Japan on June 25th, 2004.

    -- According to a new magazine ad, Spike TV's new season of "Ride with Funkmaster Flex" will feature Mariah in an episode in May. The ad says, Roll with Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Wyclef, 50 Cent, Lil' Kim, and more. The new season begins Sunday, May 2nd at 8pm. The ad doesn't state which episode that Mariah will appear in.

    -- Mariah came in at #46 on this year's FHM Hot 100 (US version). The caption says the following:

    #46 - Mariah Carey. Ringmaster - Last year: #27.
    Much to the boredom of tabloid journalists and rabid TRL fans, things have been relatively quiet for Mariah these days. With a very public breakdown and the disaster that was Glitter behind her, the 34-year-old will make another bid for Hollywood credibility, lacing up to play a boxer in "The Sweet Science".

    -- After a recent episode revealed the contents of Mariah Carey's fridge was one cucumber, this week's edition of Cribs said that the star with the fullest fridge ever seen in the history of the show belonged to... Robbie Williams. Big shock.

    -- From The Manila Bulletin Online: Charlotte Gaiser is a candidate on the Filipino TV Star Search singing contest - "Star In A Million". "She finished a course in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines and was supposed to enter the corporate world before she gave "Star In A Million" a try. She joined an all-female band Eve prior to this and is a big Mariah Carey fan."

    -- Twenty-five years ago, Ed Zepsa drove around local building sites, pleading to be hired to build a $500 fireplace mantel. Now, A-list celebrities and business leaders come to him for multimillion-dollar woodworking jobs. His current client is Bruce Springsteen, who's building a new home on a New Jersey farm. Past customers have included songbird Mariah Carey, rocker Jon Bon Jovi, and the family of cosmetics company founder Estee Lauder. Read more about Ed Zepsa here.

    Source: Ko ML | Brian | The Mirror | Charlotte Observer

    APRIL 10, 2004 6:15PM
    Euro Tours Are in the Pink

    Billboard Cover With American music fans more fickle than ever, many acts increasingly are scoring their biggest paydays overseas.

    Veterans Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Lionel Richie are among the artists who continue to do well on the global circuit.

    But even newer artists like Pink, Ben Harper and Usher are cultivating overseas fans, who often remain loyal long after an act fades in the States.

    "What I think many of us see is that an artist can fall off much more quickly in America," says John Marx, senior VP of contemporary music at the William Morris Agency. "But in Europe and other territories, an audience will remain faithful to you for years."

    Americans, he says, are "just more fickle."

    Sources cite the development of new venues around the world, the strength of foreign currencies vs. the dollar, the loyalty of international fans and the novelty value of certain superstars as reasons for the success of international tours.

    In Carey's case, the artist snagged 40% more total revenue from her 36 dates in the Pacific Rim, Europe and the Middle East than from the tour's 33 U.S. shows, says Marx, Carey's agent.

    With both domestic and overseas ticket prices averaging $50-$60, the complete tour grossed $30 million, according to Marx. He declined to specify the U.S. gross.

    Carey could play stadiums and arenas on most of the international dates, Marx says, but only theaters and auditoriums in the States.

    "For the most part, in America her average capacity was half of what it was overseas," he notes.

    Among the biggest crowds were 40,000 people in Shanghai, China, over two shows, Nov. 12 and 14; and 30,000 fans Nov. 16 at Fort Bonifacio in Manila, Philippines.

    Then there is the novelty factor.

    "Mariah touring in some of these places is really big news," Tony Goldering, VP of international at WMA, says. "Beirut? really unusual for an artist of her caliber to go there," he says, referring to her Feb. 25 performance.

    International and U.S. tour legs can also be treated as combined entities, tour organizers note, because the international leg can boost the results of a domestic trek.

    Partisan's Chauncey says he opened Harper's 2003 tour in New Zealand and Australia March 28-April 21 to build momentum before landing April 25 in the United States. He says the "fallout effect" of Harper exploding out of the gate overseas "was that he became a worldwide priority for Virgin."

    In other words, as WMA's Marx says, "Success in one part of the world can help in another part of the world ... whether that's overseas or back in America. Success breeds success."

    Source: Billboard | Reuters

    News Bits & Various Mentions

    -- The episode of Mariah being interviewed on the Wayne Brady show will be repeated on this Monday, April 12th. Make sure to check TV Guide for the airing times in your area.

    -- VH1's Divas 2004 site features pictures of Divas from past concerts. Mariah is featured on the flipbooks of "Divas Magic" (picture #2) and "Wild Looks" (picture #19). Click here to view the site.

    -- A singer named TIA is competing in the Indonesian version of "Pop Idol", named "Akademi Fantasi". Tia has mentioned Mariah as her role-model and was the only one who sang a western song in the last episode: "My All". She's received excellent comments from the judges and was given enough votes to go on the next round. Indonesian fans who would like to vote for her can send SMS to the number 3977 and write: "AFI TIA".

    Source: Mike | Teresa | Edwin

    APRIL 9, 2004 6:00PM
    News Bits & Various Mentions

    -- Mariah is ranked #32 on "Maxim" Magazine's Hot 100 for 2004. The MAXIM Hot 100 supplement will hit newsstands on May 15th and is available with the May issue of MAXIM featuring actress and model Josie Maran ("Van Helsing") on the cover. Based on the huge success and national appeal of the Hot 100, VH1 will be airing a 1-hour special on June 13th at 10:00 P.M. This special will include interviews with many of the Hot 100 girls and other celebrities who will comment on the list.

    -- From an article about Missy Elliott in "The Age": Likewise, she looks back on the times she has worked with stars like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Mick Jagger as her big moments. "These are people you don't normally get within breathing distance of, or even within turnpike distance. To be in the same room as them, and hear them say, `I love your music,' that is a big event."

    -- In unseen footage from "The Simple Life", Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are introducing expensive shoes and clothes to the Ledding Family. Paris shows the family's mother a pair of Manolo boots, and states "Jennifer Lopez, like made these shoes." Nicole then says, "So did Mariah Carey." But when Paris asks, "Mariah did too? But who wore them first?". Nicole replies, "I think Mariah did". Click here and go to 'Episode Four' to see the clip.

    -- Mariah is on the cover of this week's "Billboard" magazine. The magazine subscribers can read an article about Mariah and other artists titled "Euro Tours Are In The Pink" by following this link.

    -- MSN has ranked Mariah's "meltdown" as #10 on their "Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns". You can read the article itself here. The one part worth mentioning is: "She currently has a new album in the works and will once again brave the big screen as she plays against type as a diva in the upcoming flick "State Property II."".

    -- Kurt Loder of MTV News breaks all records of ignorance when trying to make a point about Kurt Cubain's death. In an article for the Asbury Park Press he stated: "Artistically and emotionally, a lot of people were really affected by it. Which is unusual in this business. If Mariah Carey was to die tomorrow, I'd still go have lunch."

    -- Blondie star Debbie Harry is convinced today's stars are "raping" the public's interest with scandalous tales of nervous breakdowns and wardrobe malfunctions. The rocker has become increasingly more aware of superstar stories and admits she's glad she has kept her private life out of the public domain. She says, "Celebrities nowadays really sort of rape the public and rape their interest and I'm really suspicious of it. I feel bludgeoned by Mariah Carey having a nervous breakdown or Janet Jackson exposing her breast. It's like, 'OK, it's cute and it's funny and it's part of being a celebrity, but it's taking and never giving back."

    Source: Business Wire | Raymond | Sergio | Kai | Nacho | WENN

    APRIL 8, 2004 1:20PM
    Mariah to Attend "Butterfly Ball"

    Scheduled for Saturday, April 17, the third annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball will honor Robert Shaye, of New Line Cinema and Lyor Cohen, of Warner Music Group and raise money to support the Santa Monica agency’s programs that help homeless people become self-sufficient through employment.

    Chrysalis helps more than 2,000 people each year at three its centers in Los Angeles on Skid Row, Santa Monica and Pacoima. 92 percent of the people who have completed the job readiness curriculum have gone on to find jobs, and 80 percent of employed clients participating in Chrysalis Retention Program keep their jobs for six months or more.

    This year’s Butterfly Ball will be held at a private residence in Beverly Hills on Saturday, April 17, and begin with a VIP Reception at 6 p.m. Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be Andre 3000 of OutKast.

    On the Committee are Rebecca Gayheart, Brett Ratner, Brad Rowe, Anna Getty, Courtney CoxArquette, David Arquette, Nicholas Cage, Mariah Carey, Tommy Chong, Danny Elfman, Toby Emmerich, Bridget Fonda, Andre Harrell, Salma Hayek, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Lynne, Cheech Marin, Edward Norton, Mary Parent, Luke Perry, Roselyn Sanchez, and Russell Simmons.

    Tickets are $1,000, subject to availability. To purchase tickets, contact Orlando Suarez at Chrysalis: (310) 392-4117 ext. 308.

    Source: Santa Monica Mirror

    News Tidbits

    -- Caitlin Cary of the "Tres Chicas" folk trio in an interview for the Rolling Stone: "I've made all my friends who live in big cities go to big record stores and put my solo record in the Mariah Carey section, hoping that people will buy it by mistake," Cary says, laughing.

    -- The new movie "Mean Girls" with Lindsay Lohan features a quick shot of a Mariah poster (the "Can't Take That Away" single cover) in a guy's room.

    Source: Louise | Rolling Stone

    APRIL 7, 2004 1:25PM
    New Mariah Song Recorded With Barry Danielian

    Last month we reported that Mariah was working in a NYC studio with Randy Jackson. The news has been confirmed by the famous trumpet player Barry Danielian (played with Linda Eder among others) who recorded a song with Mariah. He notes on his site;
    March 2004 - Recording with Mariah Carey. Produced by Randy Jackson.

    In the photo below, Mariah is pictured with Barry, Carl Fischer, Ozzie Melendez (Trombone player), John Scarpulla and Randy Jackson. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

    Source: Barry Danielian | Stine Batty Stone

    APRIL 7, 2004 8:55AM
    News Tidbits

    -- A new verse from "Misty Moon" - the song Mariah has recorded for a Japanese commercial is now available to be heard here (click on 'Track 2' at the bottom). The lyrics to it are;
    When I Think Of All The Beauty,
    That Nature Gives To Me,
    From The Flowers To The Mountains,
    It's So Beautiful.
    There's Glory And A Wonder,
    Far Wider Than The Sea,
    I Say Yes To All This Loveliness
    It's So Beautiful.

    -- Mariah is #26 on the top 50 selling musicians of all time in Australia. The list was prepared by David Dale for The Sydney Morning Herald, based on long-playing vinyl and CD sales, using estimates from the Australian Record Industry Association and music researcher David Kent's Australian Chart Book. Mariah's most successful album in Australia was "Music Box".

    -- According to New York magazine, Mariah and ODB will make guest appearances in the sequel to the 2002 movie "State Property" by Damon Dash.

    -- From the NY Daily News: "Mariah Carey likes to get 12 hours and sometimes sleeps with her handbag so if there`s a nighttime emergency, she can grab it and run."

    -- From The Nation: "There are more than 100 shows from abroad booked for this year and next year, and the average ticket is priced at Bt1,000. Fans paid Bt3,000 to Bt5,000 for a ticket to see Mariah Carey." -- said in reference to Mariah's concert in Thailand.

    -- A live version of "Endless Love", Mariah's duet with Luther Vandross, performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London is included on his recent DVD release. The DVD is titled "From Luther with Love: The Videos" and can be ordered through Amazon.

    -- There is a site called "Acclaimed Music" that compiles critics lists (both yearly and all-time) to get the most critically loved singles and albums. Click here to visit the site. If you select 'LISTS BY ARTIST' at the bottom right of the screen and then search for Mariah, you can see that "Dreamlover" is the 1771st ranked single of all-time. If you click on the title of the song, it will show you which lists it shows up on.

    -- Don't forget to vote for "Honey" on MTV2's Top 10 Hip-Hop Videos of the '90s. The show will be aired on Sunday, April 11th. Click here to vote for Mariah.

    -- On April 24, 2004, the Atlanta Lambs will be participating in the Make a Wish Foundation's "Walk for Wishes" to raise money so the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions can be granted. We want to bring as many Mariah fans together for the walk, so if you're in the area, please come and join us. The event will be filmed and sent to Mariah.
    The walk will be held at Roswell Area Park (10495 Woodstock Rd, Roswell, Georgia) at 5pm on Saturday, April 24, but walkers are expected to be there at 4pm to check in. If you can, please wear a Mariah shirt to the event; if you would like an official Atlanta Lambs t-shirt (proceeds benefit the Fresh Air Fund), then email Maggie at See the Walk for Wishes web site for the online registration form, fundraising tips, and more details. The fan that raises the most money will win a Mariah prize! After the walk, fans will be gathering to talk and get to know each other at the celebration dinner for all walkers sponsored by Chik-Fil-A. I will be bringing desserts! More details at the newly revamped Atlanta Lambs web site.

    Source: Shino | Chris | Michael | EJ | Jason | Austin | Maggie