4/28/99 Well I got my copy of Mariah Carey Around the World yesterday, but sadly I do not have DVD. The DVD cover has an EXTRA 5 MC pics. on it and I am pretty angry. I don't understand why we don't get those pictures too but whatever. I am personnaly not too happy with the tape. It is the SAME exact thing and I guess I was kind of hoping that she would put the entire song like "Hopelessly Devoted to You" or "Emotions" on it but no can do. Also the cover is the same picture as the ISB single. They should of made some concert pictures or something..but it is a nice collectors item. At least I don't have to fast forward through my MC tapes anymore :)

There is many articles coming out now about the Duet with Michael Jackson and MC and Celine Dion. The song title is "There for Me." Michael is supposively also doing a duet with Lauren Hill. So he is doing one with MC, Lauren, and Celine..this is like a brand new Diva cd :) I'll bring you more news about the duet when I find it out...

MC is in the new magazine called El Mondo. It is a Spanish magazine and it has two pictures in it, one from the cover of FHM and the other from the Jet article about Whitney and MC not too long ago (you know the red dress one?? The picture Anyhow there is an article that was done in a car with MC :) Here is part of the article from El Mondo magazine... Q: To consider oneself as a star, is this more a question of personality than of success?
A: I think so. I have a lot of respect about this things, cause once you consider youself as something like this... you loose your head. There are circunstances that force you to behave as if you were different, because you have to protect yourself. A minute ago, when I went through that door I would have liked to stop and be kind and talk to everybody, but people start touching you, taking my hairs and things like that and that´s when you have to behave like a start, take distance. But as far as I can I love to establish a relationship with my fans.
Q: Is it true that you still are surprised to listen to your songs onthe radio?
A: Yes, I still get suprised, because I love music and radio and I´ve never stopped being a fan myself.
Q: How old were you the first time you sang in front of a crowd? A: I was almost 4 years, my mother took me there. She was an opera singer in New York: she represented Rigoletto and she used to spent the whole day repeating her fragment. In one of these repititions she made an error and I told her about it and I reproduced the notes correctly. She was very surprised of my musical ear... Everything began there. She has helped me so much....Q: I´ve heard you loved to sing in the kitchen.
A: Everywhere, preferebly near the piano. What´s true is that I used to steal the radio from the kitchen and hide it under the ceiling of the bed. When I was suppossed to be sleeping I was listening to music. Q: I suppose that for a single mother, who was dedicated to the music ithas been very hard to prepare your life and your career. How did she make her way through?
A: After the divorce she had to work very hard, even in the night. And we were always moving, from one place to the other, we moved up to 10 times. Yes, it was hard.Q: Was she forced to separate from music? A:Not totally, she made what she could, and at the same time she worked to earn money. Because the earnings from music were not enough. Q: I´ve heard she was the one who gave you that name because she found it very artistic. Does that mean that you have another name, a real name?
A: No, no. Mariah Carey is my real name: My mother thought it was a good name for the scene. Whart´s true is that the father of my grandfather had as last name Núñez and when he arrived in Venezuela he changed the name of his son to Carey.
Q: And you have never learned any spanish?
A: No, but I would have loved to; but even my father didn´t speak it because he grow up with his mum, who was afroamerican.
Q: Mariah in the photo of you last album (comment:meaning the foto as a child) you look like being in the age of your debut, or?
A: Well, I was 3.
Q: Great, and why this foto?
A: Well, I wanted to say that in the image of a child and in the other foto, which was recently done (comment: meaning the One´scover) remains the same spirit, above all circunstances.
Q: Yes, it´s true that you still look childish, innocent.
A: Yes? (she answers moderated), I like this.
Q: Your childhood has to be sth. tender in your memory.
A: Indeed.
Q: And that even if you were-I´m quoting your own words- feeling different due to your skin colour?
A: I felt different because my parents had different races and this is hard in America, where everything is classified in categories. People think: Well, if you are part of this category why then do you look different? It´s difficult to matain oneself in a territorie in between or ambiguos.Q: Do they still make you feel like this? A: I feel good, but I think there´s still a long way to go until people understand the diversity.
Q: They say Mariah Carey is a white woman singing black music? Do you think that´s a racist comment?
A: The public opinion doesn´t really know my racial background: my father is half black and half hispanic and my mother is Irish. Therefore if someone prononces such a statement maybe he´s thinking that I want to be more white than black or viceversa. Well, the only thing I want to be is myself, nothing else.
Q: Again the categories: Do you think you could sing the same soul without your african roots?
A: The only thing I know is where my soul comes from: From my personal experiences and my necessity to express my feeling of sadness and loneliness, which is a thing that I felt since I was child and that possibly is the reason for my existence; the only way to feel good in so many strange situations.
Q: After this difficult childhood the success came very fast, when you were still very young. Is it difficult to remain with your feets onearth?
A: No, the difficult thing is to get to know the good part of life, to know how to enjoy it and at the same time still being critical. And even if I would like to be as many of them who don´t have their feet on earth and simply think life is marvellous, have fun and do whatever they want; I can´t, I have to keep on working.
Q: What are you caring about right now?
A: To be productive is something that matters to me seriously.
Q: Not permitted biographies tend to present Tommy Mottola as the blue prince. But didn´t your big explosion happen after the divoce? A: It´s been 2 years since we separated and one since we divorced.... and, yes, I totally agree with what you´ve said.Q: Was it a kind of liberation?
A: Yes. Probably in every relationship there is a component of control and jealousy and if somebody works on this business this element unlace because you give yourself to the public. In my situation it was even more difficult, because I was very young when we started the relationship, so serious. It´s not only living with a person but also working with him very close in the professional area too: it´s difficult to grow up emotional and creatively over a given point. I don´t want to give the impression of wanting to talk always about it, but it really makes me happy to see that I´m capable to grow personally over thispoint.
Q: You´ve not only become a megastar but you´ve also introduced urban rythms in your music, which you claim for as a part of your education. What do you want to say through this?
A: I want to say that I grew up in New York, listening to hip-hop and this kind of urban rythms. This which is being discovered in the rest of the world right now, for example rap, this was heard by us being kids, at the end of the 70s.Q: But the memory seemed to have forgotten that.
A: I begun this direction 2 years ago, but for me it was not a drastic change, but an evolution as an artist to sth. I always had loved. No: it´s about evolution, someone can't do the same album the whole life. Q: It seems as if somebody had prohibited this before?
A: Yes, there sth. like this. But that doesn´t mean that now I´m only interested in hip-hop, or sth. like this, or that I want to change my fans, it´s simply the line of evolution.
Q: What is also true is that you changed your image to ...can we saymore sexy?
A: Yes. Years ago I had to ask a lot of peolple about my aspect. Now I´m wearing what I want, I do what I want and ask the person I want to ask. I don´t have to worry anymore...oh God my image...No, my image is not that important and somebody can't stay the same the whole life. Anyway, I don´t see it as such a drastic change. There seem to be pepople out there who seem to control everything about me. Q: 8 and a half years, 8 Cd´s, 90 millions sold..the most selling artist... What is your next aim?
A: I´m into cinema right now, little roles with good directors, the first one is a film which you´ll be able to see in the summer, The bachelor. And I have a big proyect with Kate Kinear, who wrote a great role for me. I´m preparing the soundtrack and we´ll start filming at the end of the summer.Q: And what about love?
A: Right now I´m trying to experiment it, because I´ve not been in so many relationships, I´ve had a very protected romantic life. In the college a had a few boyfriends, but nothing serious and the next thing was the marriage with Tommy as I stll was very young, 19, therefore... Q: How many men have you been related to since de divorce?
A: Oh, so many. A part of them I don´t even know...
Q: And how do you feel about it?
A: I laugh about it, I find it funny that people ask me about things that never have taken place.
Q: Have you ever thought if you would like to have a child?
A: Yes, but I would like to know that I do it the right way. I have a few aims that I want to reach before, to be able to focus on it in the appropiate moment. I´ve grown up with a single mother, and therefore, as far as it is possible I would like to have a child within a convenient relationship.
Q: More and more women think they are capable to race a child by themselves. Do you think different because of having grown up with a single mother?
A: Yes. If I had to raise my kid as a single mother I would do it, but tobe honest I always had wanted to have a united family and therefore I´ll try to do so.
Q: What do you dream of?
A: Well, it´s enough to try it as singer, actress and writer.Q: Writer?
A: Yes, I do not only write my own songs, but I also write short storiesabout things that have happened to me in life. It gives me so muchpeace...The last minutes of the journey Mariah replaces and her manager, wearing a black suite, reviews her schedule of promotion. When the cars will stop we know what will happen: fans, fingers, shouts. I had asked myself if stars lay there sunglasses by the side while they sleep, but they don´t. Thanks to Anderz for the news!!!

4/26/99 Tomorrow you can pick up your very own copy of Mariah Carey Around the World. All stores will carry it so make sure you stop by your local mall and pick one up.

There is a nice picture on Nick's website of MC in NY in her green attire. I tape Nick today for 3 hours to see if I could catch the commercial. There is a commercial running on Nick about the Big Help and it is really nice but I didn't get it yet. Make sure you tune it to see it :)

There is a cool picture of MC signing an autograph from the NICK website. I added it to Gallery 9 today for your viewing pleasure..ha ha. Go check it out :)

MC is in the May 4th issue of Star magazine. Here is the little article...(thanks Alex!)... "Pudgy Mariah positive she was pregnant -- wrong!"

There's more to MARIAH CAREY's sudden weight gain than meets the eye -- she thought she was pregnant. Mariah and Latino singer LUIS MIGUEL have been dating since last Christmas and their relationship is getting serious. Mariah suspected she might be pregnant after some weird cravings and a bout with morning sickness. Without telling Luis, she took a home pregnancy test that came back positive. Even though a subsequent test was negative, she felt the close call was a sign from above that Luis is the man for her. As for Luis, he loves Mariah's new fuller figure and is urging her to keep the newfound curves.

RedHawk32 sent me this article and yes read the whole thing cause in the second to the last paragraph they mention MC..LOL...read on... Scientific Research Proves Smoking Salt Is Really, Really, Really, Really Bad For You

After minutess and minutess of testing and experimenting with several brand name salts, the RHS and the FBI have found conclusive proof that smoking salt, Perinuia Puppy Chow, and pacifier will cause cancer of the motor and other yucky illnesses.

And who's responsible for ruining one of America's greatest pastimes? Why, it's Dr. Egbert Maklandier, head of scientific studies of Musicology for the University of Prussia.

The doctor has determined that smoking salt regularly (at least 345 grams a day) will lead to yucky health complications.

"I have been studying smoking-related illnesses for almost 55 years and I have been immersed in the project ever since. My wife left me, my kids have changed their names, people ignore me completely. I don't have a life anymore, WHY Apollo, WHY HAVE YOU TAKEN MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME!!!! .... uh, anyway, I have concluded from my research that smoking causes a lot of very nasty pimples."

Soduim Cloride company giant Malosivich, however, has regarded the content of these reports as scientific gobbledygook. "I think that the experiments Dr. Maklandier is conducting are absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Besides, the doctor is completely ignoring the fact that Mariah Carey is posing for Time's Women Of The Year next month." Upon hearing this new story, the thousands of reporters and photographers left the press room and ran to the nearest phone to alert the world of this breaking story.

These new scientific findings will be ignored for the next 363 years until another lab skunk dies from posion ivy in a Bill Gates funded laboratory.

4/25/99 I went and bought 3 copies of Mirabella so far. One from Borders, one from Barnes and Nobles, and one from Wal-Mart today. Mirabella will hit all newstands tomorrow. :D

Yesteday I got a magazine called "W" You can get it at Borders and any other local bookstore. The picture inside is AMAZING. It is a b/w picture of MC in a bikki and she looks REALLY pretty. It is HUGE and I put the two page picture on my wall..try and go get it..her name is listed on the cover.

MC is also in the YM special magazine entitled "Get Gorgeous" It is a picture from the pre-Women of Soul Train Award show. She is wearing that orange kind of slip dress and looks great. It says, "Slip into this: In need of primo party gear for those steamy nights? Make like these celebs and get decked in a slinky slipdress. It's simple-hey, what's easier than one piece?-and it's sexy. Finsih off with strapy sandals and the all-important cutesy bag. Check out your fave stars, from left: Mariah Carey glittes in gold, Minnie Driver bedazzles in beads, and Jennifer Love Hewitt (yes Alex I will give you the picture) blossoms in a cutout floral."

ALSO MC is in my local newspaper called Courier Post. It is a picture from a Georgio Armani benfit and she looks great. Here is what it says..."Q: Does Mariah Carey do anything besides get seen at parties? I know she'd like a movie career, but her love lide and lifestyle get all the notes. A: You can't blame the pop diva for partying. Her defunct four-yar marriage to much older Sony Records chief Tommy Mottola sounds like Dullsville. 'I missed so much fun,' says Carey, 30, lamented to Rolling Stone. She lives in Manhattan but had a great time at last month's Oscars soirees in Los Angeles. Her new beau, Latin singer Luis Miguel, wasn't there, but Carey was playful with Jim Carrey, among others. She does have a cameo in The Bachelor, with Chris O'Donnel, this fall." By the way..MC is 29 years old not 30 years old. I guess the author didn't know that. Again if you live in NK go check that newspaper out..I don't know what other state Courier Post is shipped to??

I found out some info. on the Nick Kids Help thing in NY City fro a friend which took place yesteday. MC had a bench put in her honor in the park and posed for pictures on it. She wore a green hooded top with Green pants. Her hair was in a double french braid and when they went amphitheater and thanked everyone. They wanted her to sing and when she said no they Booed her. She then went on to sing a couple lines from her #1 hit Hero. Everyone went crazy when she was done but it was pure silence when she did it. MC pics. should be in the new tabloids and People NEXT week hopefully :D

4/24/99 Well the new Mirabella pictures are now added to Gallery 9. They are so beautiful. There is 6 pictures counting the cover and all are so pretty. Go check them out...also the new Mirabella magazine is out and you should go get a copy this week.

On May 1st MC will be a host at the Kids Choice Awards..make sure you tune in. Also MC is in NY today, or so I am told :) Anyonw have anymore info.

There is a REALLY nice picture of MC in the W! Magazine. The picture is not scanned yet but if anyone can scan it...let me know. Please send it to me!! :)

The cover of the Mariah Carey Around the World is the same at the ISB cover. Remember it is said to be out on April 26th. It is already being sold on CDNow.

4/23/99 Did anyone see Access Hollywood last night? Well if you did then you would of saw MC talking about the Colorado incident. She was in DC to receive her award about her charity work with the kids. Way to go MC :) She looked absolutly beautiful and very sincere when asked about the chaos.

On a similiar note...here is an article Columbia Records sent to me about the award ceremony in DC:
MARIAH CAREY TO BE HONORED TODAY: Mariah Carey will be honored at the Congressional Award Foundation’s black-tie benefit in Washington, D.C. tonight. She’s being recognized for founding the Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York, and for recording a television spot urging people to adopt or become foster parents to New York City children.

The singer has donated over $1 million to the Fresh Air Fund and its Awareness Camp. The singer will accept the 1999 Horizon Award at the Congressional Awards dinner.

MC is in a Switzerlan newspaper called Blick and Jayzee sent it to me. Thanks to Anderz for the news..here is what it says
New York - Beautiful Mariah Carey! The american with the golden voice and the south american temper couldn't be happier. And the 29 years old looks like it. First Mariah Carey is in love (her beloved is a singer too and is named Luis Miguel), secondly she won recently an Oscar (for the duet "When you believe" with Whitney Houston) and thirdly Carey is this year for the first time in Hollywood in front of a camera."

Still no picture from Mirabelle magazine but we got the article for you..again thanks to Anderz for this article...
Mariah Carey is dead. She collapsed, at the young age of twenty-nine, suddenly, unexpectedly, right in front of me ---her eyelids fluttered, a gasp escaped her lips, her knees buckled, and wham, down she went. Even posthumously, she remains drop-dead gorgeous: Her motionless body, clothed (just barely) in a midnight blue silk robe, is sprawled across a shaggy white carpet that appears to have been made from a sheepdog. Her enowned hair fans out and delicately frames her face. I rise to my feet and applaud. Okaay, so Mariah was only playing dead, but it was quite the convincing impromptu performance (at the sound of my clapping, she leaps up and laughs off my praise). Although considering that it's nearly one A.M. in Marrakech, and that Carey awoke this morning at eight for a photo shoot that lasted 7 hours, that she still hasn't eaten dinner, and also that she's just completed a 2 week European promotional tour for her new greatest-hits collection, appopriately titled #1's, it's surprising the cause of her collapse isn't sheer exhaustion. But in fact Mariah was reenacting a scene from her movie debut in The Bachelor this fall, in which she plays a tempermental opera singer who is unsuccessfully courted by Chris O' Donnell. On the surface, this career move might seem as inspired as Whitney Houston's fris acing endeavor, The Bodyguard, in which she played, basically, herself. Mariah, who in person, and even on very little sleep, comes across as far more intelligent, articulate, and funny than her reputation leads one to believe, saw in this role an opportunity to a) parody her uberdiva image; b) attain some on set experience befor she begins production this summer on All That Glitters, her star vehicle about a struggling singer in early '80s New York City; and c) work in close proximity to O' Donnel, whom she's had a crush on sinche she was struggling singer in early -'80s New York City.

"It's over the top," Mariah says of the sassy soprano role she portrays in The Bachelor. "I'm singing La Traviata, which is a highly dramatic opera-and my character dies at the end of the scene. The director said, "Okay, you need a stunt double for that [fall] right?" And I said, "Nah, I can do that," not realizing that I was going to have to do 30 more takes. My hips, my knees were killing me. A medic had to bring me ice, and I was like, "Never again." Not that Mariah is complaining; she isn't a complainer. Actually, she's more of an apologizer---repeatedly saying she's sorry that she's so tired, sorry that she doesn't have more time to talk---which prove to be endearingly dissappointing since I had always imagined her as the type who, unprovoked, throws hissy fits and small blunt objects. She's grateful to have been given a shot at a movie career, as she has been studying with acting coach Sheila Gray for the past 2 years. "The problem whit smaller roles is that a lot of directors, well, they're afraid it might seem overwhelming for the viewer who knows me as---"

"Ma-ri-ah!" I say. By which I mean that even nonfans know her as the International-Superstar-Producer-Songwriter-Singer-with-the-Seven-Octave-Range and the Top-Selling Femal Artist in History.

"Yeah," she says, quietly. The she lays all five feet nine of her down on a white antique couch, props her bare feet on a pillow, wiggles her silvery painted toes, and stares up at the celing. We're talking in one of the dozens of ornate rooms in Moroccan villa that, I'm told belongs to an Austrian prince, who apparently increases his income by renting it to vacationing superstars. As it turn out, the current tenant is not Mariah but rather her obviously smitten "friend," Latin singing sensation Luis Miguel, who is sitting underneath a UFO-sized crystal chandelier in the dining room attempting to throw a lavish dinner party, despite the fact that his guest of honor is submitting to an interview. "The problem that superstars who want to make movies have is transcending your image," she says. "And my problem is that until 2 years ago, I wasn't allowed to transcend my image, even as a singer. But I dont' want to dwell on my old relationship---everybody's already beaten it into the ground."

Some clarification, in case you are unaware of the beating: The man on whom Mariah does not want to dwell is Tommy Mottola. Aside from being her husband of 5 years (they divorced in 1998), Mottola, 48, remains her boss, as he is the chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, and Carey, whom he signed to an 8 album deal in 1990, still owes 2 more to Sony subsidiary Columbia Records. At the age of 19, Mariah was too poor and naive to think twice about signing a contract that would require her to produce 8 records, through the fact that she churned them out at the asounding rate of nearly one per year suggest that she either prefers living in recording studios to apartments or else she is simply very eager to fulfill her contractual obligation. Mariah doesn't say which is the case, though she does, eventually, agree to discuss her marriage---which reportedly rivaled a lockup at Rikers.

The last time she talked about it in any depth was on 20/20 w/ Barbara Walters. Directly following their interview, the New York Post ran a story claiming that the recording industry was shocked and disguested by Mariah's alleged candor; in fact, she was annoyingly tactful. "Journalists have told me that there's a person out there who's trying to do a smear job on me," Mariah esplains. The fact of the matter is that I've kept my mouth shut about a lot of other things that I could have spoken about, it would have been an entirely different story."

From this point on, when discussing the correlation between her marriage and her career, it appears that Mariah is cleverly substituting phrases like "the powers that be" for Tommy Mottola. "This is what pisses me off about the whole public perception thing: It takes 5 years to create an image and, probably 5 years to change even slightly. First of all it was instituted by the powers that be: the young girl w/ the curly hair at the microphone. belting out a love song. My image was supposed to be a non-image. That's why I was in a field wearing a flannel shirt w/ cutoffs and sneakers---girls could relate to that. And yes, that was a part of my life, but ever since I've been 12 years old, it was just in me to want to be someone who could change their look and be glamorous." "And Sexy," I add, gesturing to her idea of a robe. "Yes, sexy," she agrees, not lewd, but sexy. But that was discouraged. Because peole in corporate positions felt it's much more mass-appeal to be nonthreatening visually if your voice is overpowering in terms of strength. It's just like any corporation---if a soft drink formula works, let's not change it, you know what I mean?"

It's the perfect metaphor to describe her work: pop. Despite her natural wonder of voice, Mariah's perky dance tracks and sentimental ballads have been dismissed by some critics as the musical equivalent of Diet Pepsi---too damn sweet, with a bad aftertaste. That I, until her first post Tommy Mottola release, 1997's Butterfly: Mariah, who has always written and produced her music---although she is generally thought of as a performer a la Celine Dion, rather than an artist, a la Lauryn Hill---says this was the first CD over which she had complete creavtive control. Hence, it was a radical departure from her saccharine oeuvre, as it showcased an informed hip-hop sensibility and an all around harder modern R&B edge. "Until Butterfly," Mariah says, "I couldn't do anything different, so I don't know what my image is now."

I tell Mariah that, to a large degree, the percetption of her is of a spandex-clad diva who live in her limo, parties the night away with everyone from Sean "Puffy" Combs to Donald Trump, and says things like "When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." That this fictitious quote was reported by respected publications all over the globe, as well as online, would tend to support Mariah's theory about a smear campaign. "That fucking ridiculous mess," she says. "Some pathetic soul is trying to make me look like an idiot. It's the price of fame int he age of the internet. What am I gonna do? Get in a tizzy about it? Whatever."

When you're a larger than life celebrity, people can't resist shooting at such a big target. For instance, pokin fun at Mariah seems to be the only thing that ex gal pals Madonna and Sandra Bernhard still have in common. The former said of VH1's recent Divas Live special in which Mariah sang...-that she had trouble seeing the performance through Mariah's hairdo. Carey, to her credit admits, "The hair was threatening to take over the stage. But when I see those remarks being made, it's disappointing. I respect her. No on'es going to take away her position as an icon, but when she makes such disparaging comments, I think it only diminishes from that."

Sandra Bernhard, who devoted an entire monologue from her Broadway show I'm Still Here... Damn It! to Mariah's ethnicity, doesn't get off so easy. For Carey, her heritage is a sensitive subject right up there with her marriage. "A lot of my life I've been in search of a way to come to terms with my ethnic background, and that goes beyond just my mother being Irish and my father being half-black and half Venezuelan. I was sort of displaced person growing up."

Born in Long Islan, the younges of 3 kids of an opera singer mother and an aeronautical engineer father, they divorced when she was 3-Mariah had a childhood defined by alienation, financial instability, and transience (she moved 13 times). These factors no doubt continue to fuel her workaholic nature and restless drive: it's as if she fears that , no matter how hardand fast she works, she can never fully outrun the past.

"So I'm not exactly like my mom, I'm not exactly like my father." Mariah continues. "And [recently] I placed so much importance on it that i took over almost everything else in my life. I got into a relationship [with NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, who comes from a similar racial background] because I was fixated on it. I realized what I needed to do was address my own background, and that meant just learning about my parents. I think I had always blocked out the fact that it was an important thing to me as a defense mechanism. That's the way Ive dealt w/ a lot of the issues of my life that felt unsafe."

Not anymore: "Sandra Bernhard" Mariah begins, "used words that every African American I know and deifinitly I, personally, find inapporpriate. If my skin were two shades darker, she wouldn't have done it. I think she perceives me as white, which is common perception. And yeah, I"m a freaking mutt, I'm a triracial freak, but she implied I was a white person trying to be black. And it's offensive to me, because I've beena a victim of racism on both sides. So Sandra Bernhard calling me a "phoney white bitch" and saying that I was "acting n*ggerish" is acceptable because she figures, "Who's gonna stick up for her?"

Yet another formidable rival on the horizon, and on Mariah's home turf of Sony is Jennifer Lopez; music industry insiders are referring to her debut album as "latin-mariah-can" Mariah is aware that sony is releasing Lopez' album: whats not clear is if she knows that Tommy Mottola is rumored to be romantically involved with his latest pet project. "She's a dancer isn't she?" Mariah asks. I say that Lopez is the actress who starred in the movie Selena. "She lip-synched Selena's vocals you know," Mariah says. "I don't think that as a singer, we're in the same category as artists."

When her manager, Louise McNally enters, holding open the door and flooding the room with rhytmic Moroccan music, Mariah sits up and slips on her black Prada sandals. All the while she's been reclinining on the couch while I've been perched on a chair beside her scribbling down notes, which has made our conversation more akin to a therapy session than an interview. "Have you ever seen a shrink?" I ask. "Mmmhmm," she says, "but it was more 'realationship management' and how to survive in that. This is going to sound bizarre, but woking with Sheila has helped me so much in terems of feeling at ease with being myself. Yes, it's a glamorous prospect to be in movies, but for me, actin is about releaing emotions that I"ve kept locked indside for so long."

In other words, for Mariah, acting has been therapeutic. And she admits that her issues---sexual inexperience and intimidation for instance---are substantial enough to warrant some form of treatment. "I have a self protective streak," she says, "which has been good for me in one way but is also very inhibiting. I was in this [mind-set] where I was like, If i'm going to be with someone, then I'll be with them forever. And that's not reality. I'd only been with one person in my life, and it's weird because [following the divorce] I was being linked to all these men. And I was feeling totally insecure about embarking on any new relationships, because I felt maybe I wasn't good enought. I felt that I didn't have enought experience. And I still have that sort of thing. I get close to people, I'm friends with people, I'll stay with people, but I'm very guarded in terms of whom I let into my... personal space."

Mariah takes a long, slow sip of red wine. "It all stems from deep-rooted stuff that I saw growing up [including reportedly, her older sister's teenage pregnancy and faild marriage, as well as her subsequent involvement with drugs and prostitution], and I don't talk about it because it's not my place. So it's definitely this self protective thing that I have. I'm not out, like, rip roaring, wild, living it up"---she claps her hands--- "with a million guys, because that's not me. And it's not safe. I guess I'm sort of a contradiction in terms, because I do feel it's okay to be sexy and free, but there's a difference between sexy and... promiscuous. I kind of wish I could be more that way, and I'm trying to learn how to be more comfortable with things, but it's been a strange situation for me. Last year, when i went from the initial transition period of a committed relationship to "here I am, out in the world," I never had a date. Now I've gone on dates, but really not very many. I don't know what the hell a date is."

And with that, Mariah rises, realizing it's about time she resumes what would be considerred, by anyone's standards, the date of a lifetime: The party Luis Miguel has put together resembles a Moroccan carnival of sorts, featuring camel rides, snake charmers, belly dancers, fire eaters, and a family of acrobats. "I never thought I'd be in Africa! I never thought I'd ride a camel!" mariah gushes, but her excitement instantly fades into insecurity about---what else?---her image. "Please don't let people think that I ride camels every day." Stepping out onto the porch and surveying the utter surrealness of it all--- exotic animals, acrobatic children, everyone dressed in freaky outfits---Mariah astutely surmises, "This is all too Michael Jackson."

*James Patrick Herman (journalist) is the music editor for ELLE.

4/20/99 I added a BUNCH of new pictures to Gallery 9, yeah you heard me right. Gallery 9 was created today by Alex..thanks Alex :D. 2 are new ones of Luis and MC and one is a NEW one from a Austria concert that is NO WHERE on the internet. I have 3 more I have to add. If you want to see more from the concert check out even Gallery 6 or Gallery 7 cause there are 6 other Austria pics. that only I have :D Also there is the UK single if anyone wants to see what that looks like..

I got 4 new singles and what not and I updated the "My Stuff" section of the webpage today..go check that out if you like!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Alex for this GREAT news. This means that MC will be part of the Nick BIG HELP campaign in a BIG way..read this GREAT article...
Grammy Award-Winning Mariah Carey Joins Nickelodeon's the Big Help Volunteer Campaign as a National Spokesperson
NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 20, 1999--Mariah Carey Joins New York City Kids For Park Events In Celebration of Big Help Week, April 19-25

Mariah Carey, one of the world's most accomplished recording artists, has been named a national spokesperson for Nickelodeon's The Big Help, the network's year-round campaign which empowers kids to volunteer in their communities.

As The Big Help spokesperson, Ms. Carey, a devoted activist on issues facing kids, will encourage kids across the country to connect to their communities by participating in a variety of Big Help volunteer activities. Additionally, Ms. Carey will join other stars in the world of film, TV, sports and music at the network's annual Big Help-a-thon this Fall, Big Help park events, public service announcements and more.

Ms. Carey will also participate in a park makeover in New York City on Saturday, April 24 to celebrate the network's Big Help Week, an annual event during which thousands of kids coast-to-coast volunteer in their communities by helping to rejuvenate local parks. Nickelodeon is joining kids and the City of New York to refurbish five parks on that day.

"I am thrilled to be part of this ongoing commitment to encourage kids to pitch in within their own communities," Ms. Carey said. "I know this will have a great impact on their future and ours."

"Mariah Carey has proven through words and actions that the well-being of kids is an important part of her life," said Herb Scannell, President, Nickelodeon. "Her commitment to the Big Help will help us convey to more kids than ever that they can make a difference in their communities when they volunteer."

"We're thrilled to have such a great partner as Mariah," said Marva Smalls, Executive Vice President Public Affairs and Chief of Staff, Nickelodeon. "She shares our commitment to kids and empowering them to make a difference in their communities. We welcome her inspiration to the Big Help team."

Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female recording artist of the 1990's, has sold more than 100 million records worldwide since her 1990 debut, and is the recipient of numerous music industry awards and honors. Since 1994, Ms. Carey has been the spokesperson for the Fresh Air Fund, an organization dedicated to providing inner-city children with the opportunity to spend summers in the country camping and enjoying a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities. The organization named a camp in her honor, Camp Mariah.

In response to its ongoing commitment to grow the kid volunteer movement, Nickelodeon continues its national Team Big Help Expedition 1999 with a Big Help Week New York City park renovation effort in all five boroughs. New York City kids and the New York Parks and Recreation Department will join Nickelodeon's Team Big Help to renovate the following parks: Marcus Garvey and Riverside Park in Manhattan; Bronx River in the Bronx; Prospect Park in Brooklyn; Forest Park in Queens; and Silver Lake Park in Staten Island. Big Help Week takes place this April 19-25. Nickelodeon will air the New York City park event.

Remember how I told you about my friend Anja in Germany, about MC being in her Daily Newspaper about Luis and her. Well she was nice enough to translate it for me and here it is...
"He sings too – Mariah Carey don´t hide her love anymore A romance hot like salsa: Popstar MC – now her love to the mexican singer Luis Miguel is clear! Since a few months you could see them flirting. Now they were a few days in Los Cabos, Mexico, and then they went to Acapulco where he owns a Villa. Without being embarrassed they were partying in clubs and they smiled for some photos wich their fans wanted to make. The Hide and Seek is finally over." Again the picture is a picture of MC from the 1997 VMA's!! Thakns Anja :D

Also MC is on the cover of Mirabelle magazine and no it is not out yet :( Hopefully it will be out next week due to the fact that the subscriptions were sent out this week :) This is from the New York Daily Post...
'SANDRA BERNHARD used words about me that every African-American I know - and definitely I personally - find inappropriate. If my skin were two shades darker, she wouldn't have done it. I think she perceives me as white, which is a common perception. And yeah, I am a freaking mutt, and interracial freak, but she implied I was a white person trying to be black. And it is offensive to me, because I've been the victim of racism on both sides!''

That's the devastatingly seductive singer Mariah Carey - who is of Irish, Latin and African-American lineage - dishing it out in the May issue of Mirabella. (Sandra B. was scorching about Mariah on stage in her recent Broadway show.) Mariah talks candidly to James Patrick Herman, and though she skirts, as usual, any real dish on her ex, Tommy Mottola, she admits, significantly: ''The fact of the matter is that I've kept my mouth shut about a lot. What I said on Barbara Walters was nothing! ''

Mariah says she is distressed by her image as a scantily clad airhead, and one who is promiscuous, to boot. ''I guess I'm sort of a contradiction in terms, because I do feel it's OK to be sexy and free, but there's a difference between sexy and promiscuous. I wish I could learn to be more that way, and I'm trying to be more comfortable with things.''

Mariah, honey, there are plenty of people only too eager to help you become more ''free.'' And wait till those fans get a look at the many Sante D'Orazio photos that decorate the article, all paying obeisance to her overflowing bodice.

MellaMT sent this to me..what do you think??
"They said that Mariah and Luis are celebrating Luis's Birthday at the french island called Bart or Bard something like that...they left on a private plane to it....also they showed footage of mariah and Luis coming out of 'Melrose Place' a club in California. Mariah looked so beautiful she had her hair parted in 2 braids and curly....sooooo pretty! then they got on a limo and left...it will be back on late at night tonight on Univision which is channel 34 in Los Angeles." Thanks Mella for the info :D

4/19/99 NO MC NEWS..can you believe this..LOL. Anyhow I do have a little tidbit for you all. My frind Anja told me that today MC was in their Daily Newspaper. There was a pretty big and nice picture of MC from the VMA's 1997. She said it talked about Luis and her. She got me a copy and she lives in Germany. So if you live in Germany..go check it out :D Thanks Anja. OH and i am trying to get the article for you all..stay tune for that...

4/18/99 MC is #1 in Southern California with her song I Still Believe. Right behind her is TLC's Scrub. Go MC!! (thanks to Anderz for the info.)

So SHORT on MC news lately..bare with us. OH MC was on Hard Copy on Friday morning (here in NJ) and it was pretty cool. They showed some cool pics. and basically just talked about the two. Nothing too big!

4/17/99 MC is in the NEW Black Beat. I forget which date but it is a pinup of MC from the cover of FHM. Instead of looking straight she is looking to the right. It is really nice. Also there is a little article and another picture from FHM earlier in the magazine. IT is the one with Janet up in the right hand corner with the HUGE poster inside. Go check it out!!

Honey3537 told me that MC is on the cover of Mirabella. It is on newstands for this week. Make sure you go check it out. It includes a three page article :D

I heard last night from my friend that there is a Mariah Carey Around the World from Sydney VCR tape. I am in talks about getting my hands on one. It is said that it will be released on June 15th?? I don't know where but I think it wouldn't be too many made due to the making of Mariah Carey Around the World?? Any info? Let me know...

There is a nice picture of MC in the Star tabloid for April 27th. It is a picture of her hugging a fan in a wheelchair. I didn't buy it yet but it is a touching story about how MC changed her life. SO SWEET!!!

You think MC is the BEST Diva of all time..then do us all a favor and go VOTE for her. She is #3 now on the People pole with Whitney and Tina above her. Aretha was in 3rd but we helped MC push her out.. Click Here

4/16/99 Okay to kick off todays news, I have a quiz question for you. It is real tough and if you have an idea or guess, e-mail WildCatHG@aol.com....In the Puerto Rican commonwealth territory which song of Mariah's is the most popular as of 4/4/99? I'll give you a hint too, it was NOT a US release single. Thanks to RedHawk32 for the question :D

Okay I got TWO articles now from two different people about this whole Hero Lawsuit. Thanks to Headback and TommyBMC for these articles. Read on... "The Docket"
Bad news for Mariah Carey. A court has just reinstated a copyright suit filed by a Long Island man against the pop diva. Two years ago, a lower court tossed out the suit filed by Christopher Selletti, who claims he wrote the lyrics to Carey's hit "Hero" The reason: Selletti refused to pay some court filing costs. But yesturday, a three-judge 2nd Circut panel brought his suit back to life, ordering the lower court judge to hear Selletti's argument that he can't afford the fees...

"Lawsuit Against Mariah Resurrected"
A New York court has reinstated a copyright lawsuit against Mariah Carey, filed by a former bodyguard who claims he wrote the lyrics to the singer's 1993 hit "Hero." Christopher Selletti, a onetime bodyguard for Sly Stone, filed the lawsuit in 1996. Selletti claimed that he had written music and lyrics "substantially similar" to "Hero," and that he had mailed himself an envelope in 1989 containing the material, which he had never opened.

In her defense, Carey provided a diary in which she had penciled the lyrics, with several revisions of the song, dated Nov. 20, 21, and 23, 1992.

In May 1997, Manhattan Judge Denny Chin fined Selletti $5,000, after Selletti failed to turn up the aforementioned proof. He called the suit "questionable" and said it was "little more than a strike suit brought against potentially deep-pocket defendants," reports the New York Daily News. A month later, after Selletti didn't pay the sanction, Chin dismissed the suit.

Unfortunately for both the judge and Carey, the story doesn't end there. The Daily News reports that a three-judge 2nd Circuit panel gave new life to the suit, ordering Chin to hear the case, based upon an argument from Selletti that he simply couldn't afford the $5,000 fine.

Some chart news for ya... I Still Believe single is at #7 and the ONES album is at #55 now :( Tis a shame. 4/14/99 Well not too much news going on..I mean take a look at the Important Dates..anyhow..this is what I dug up :D

Okay so who saw Diva's Live last night? Well if you tuned in you would of saw TWO MC commercials. Well actually one commercial and another thing during the show. The commercial was shown last year but I never got it. It is ALL MC too noone else and she is just sitting there talking. It was about an hour into the show, so check your tapes. Also in the middle they showed this special thing and MC was at the end. OH and then they did a SPOOF on MC..it was so funny. Make sure you tune into the reruns :D

HeadBack sent me this great news..hee hee. It is from New York Daily News. Check this out!!!!
"Same Park, Different Views"
Mariah Carey and ex-hubby Tommy Mottola are being reunited on Central Park West. Carey has just closed on a $9 million duplex penthouse that once housed another songbird, Barbra Streisand, reports The New York Observer. About 30 blocks downtown, Mottola paid just under $8 million for three apartments in a building near Columbus Circle. The Sony mogul plans to knock down the walls to create a dramatic entertainment space with a 200-foot terrace overlooking Central Park.

MC is in the new Teen People on page 60 and here is what it says.. MUSIC NOTES: This supercrooner's most recent musical release is #1's, a collection of her hottest hits from almost 10 years on top of the charts.
FILM FORAY: The Bachelor, with big-screen vets Chris O'Donnell and Renee Zellweger. Mariah plays an opera singer who also happens to be Chris' ex.
HIT OR MISS? Could be a miss unless she pulls a Whitney and sings in her film roles.
Thanks to diva12@juno.com for sending me this information. I was also told that there is a small picture!!

This is from MTV NEWS: Mariah Carey To Receive Congressional Award For Charity Efforts

R&B diva Mariah Carey will join retired Army Gen. Colin Powell and others in Washington, D.C. next week to receive a Congressional Award in honor of her contributions to youth charities and nonprofit organizations. Carey will be recognized for her work with the Fresh Air Fund and the Administration for Children's Services in New York City. The singer has donated over a $1 million to the Fresh Air Fund and its Awareness Camp, which assists youth in education and career planning. She has also participated in Children's Services' programs to ensure that kids are raised in a stable family environment. Carey will receive a 1999 Horizon Award during a gala ceremony scheduled for April 21 at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center. The dinner and awards presentation will be attended by several congressional leaders, including Sen. Trent Lott and Rep. Dick Gephardt. Powell and Discovery Communications' Judith McHale will each receive Leadership Awards for their respective work in encouraging volunteerism and community involvement by America's youth. The Congressional Award Foundation was formed in 1979 to help promote personal development and exploration for those between the ages of 14 to 23, and its award is only one of two (the other being the Medal of Honor) legislated by a Congressional Act

Columbia Records sent me this in an e-mail about the release date for Mariah Carey Around the World..looks like it is the 27th now. Anyonw got the cover scanned yet? Send it ot me if you do!! Mariah Carey Around The World will be released as a home video and DVD On April 27th, 1999.

Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female artist of the Decade, invites her fans to join her on-stage and backstage as she travels “Around The World” on a concert tour with stops in Australia, Hawaii, Japan, and glittering Manhattan. Through the magic of Dolby digital multichannel surround sound, you'll experience the full power of some of Mariah's biggest hits and revel in a series of very special exclusive performances.

“Mariah Carey Around The World” takes you from Australia -- where Mariah sings “Hopelessly Devoted To You,” from Grease, with Olivia Newton-John -- to New York City’s intimate Spy Bar -- where you’ll find Mariah dueting with Brian McKnight on “Whenever You Call.” In other performances, she teams up with Trey Lorenz to sing the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” into the stratosphere and cooks up a sensuous rendition of Brenda K. Starr’s “I Still Believe.”

You’ll join Mariah behind-the-scenes with exclusive backstage footage including her massive New York in-store appearance and her party-for-fans at Webster Hall celebrating the release of #1's.

“Mariah Carey Around The World” is an unforgettable musical journey you'll want to take over and over again. The Program Includes Bonus Videos & Special Features More Info at: http://www.mcarey.com/cmv.html

My friend Flute69 sent me a cool little tidbit..check this out... "I don't know if this really matters to you but one of my mom's co-workers talked to Mariah Carey. It wasn't anything spectacular. The co-worker lives with a telephone operator and ahe was taking over for her and Mariah was calling through trying to get through to the vet for her dog Jack. She said she sounded so sweet and sincere on the phone in her nice sultry voice."

4/12/99 MissMCMod sent me a great article that was in her newspaper a while back. It included a picture of MC from the WMA's and it is about the Jane article kindof. Thanks Lani...."Mariah Carey: She's Got Issues" "I have a lot of issues with myself. I'm not in therapy, even though I probably should be," says Mariah Carey in the April cover story profile from the special music issue of Jane magazine. "Theres the undercurrent of insecurity which drives me to be a workaholic. It stems from my childhood and the whole race issue," she says in the article. "My family history is a little more turbulent than most people's, and the stories are--nobody would believe it if it were in a Movie of the Week." Carey, 29, describes herself as a "mutt." "My mom's Irish, and my father's mother is African American, and my father's father is Venezuelan....People look at me and they don't see one specific thing, so they'll say things in front of me; you hear people's prejudices." She says that when people see someone who's race-heritage they can't discern, "they have a disdainful thing going on. I remember detecting that in people, and it kind of shaped my self-image. It made me feel like what I was wasn't OK." Her marriage to music producer Tommy Mottola ended in 1997. "It was a moment in time...and it's over. I don't dwell on it," she says. "My sanity is more important. My independance, which contributes to the sanity." Carey is now finding out that there is life after divorce and it's sometimes confusing. "Sometimes guys feel threatened by me, and I don't understand it. When you look at someone who's big in the world, you assume they're OK." The superstar explains one problem she encounters with famous men: "I would be happy when people would ask them for their autograph. But when someone came up to me, the whole table would tense up. It was enlightening to see how other people's emotional issues came into play. A lot of those issues might be feelings of inadequacy; I'm very insecure so I dont know why I don't assume other people are."

Also Lani told me "Also I saw that theres gonna be a Charlies Angel movie coming out and they only have two angels picked out so far! they listed candidates for the third (like Halle berry) but unfortunately the did not mention Mariah...." Thanks again for the great news :D

Tomas1284 told me about MC in the June issue of Sister In Style magazine. Here is what it says... Mariah Carey
The fun-spirited Mariah gives off a refreshing carefree vibe in an industry where negative energy can consume. Her voice is angelic, bolstering an uncanny range few can achieve.

4/11/99 diva121@juno.com reminded me that MC is in the NEW Teen people with Drew on the cover on page 95. It is a small picture of MC from what event I do not know but go check it out :D

Diva also told me that there is a MC related topic in Seventeen May 1999 issue pg.24. They had stars reveal their trauma-rama and Brooke Shields has something to say, "I had to chain-smoke in the movie I just finished, The Bachelor, but I couldn't use fake cigarettes. I did my best with real cigarettes and everyone on the set applauded. But afterward, I got unbelievably sick and threw up. There was Chris O'Donnell right there and the assistants were bringing me a bucket. It wasn't the way I wanted to be remembered."

At www.starmagazine.com there was an article I found about MC..check it out..."CHER is on the prowl for a new SONNY BONO, and she might have found him -- the lucky guy is MARIAH CAREY's ex-husband TOMMY MOTTOLA. Now that she's back on top, Cher wants to stay there and she turned to her friend, music honcho Tommy, for career advice. Lately she's telling pals she wouldn't mind if the friendship turned to romance. "Tommy reminds me of Sonny," Cher told a pal. "He's Italian, sexy and smart - plus we're friends. He's perfect for me." For his part, Tommy - who was recently linked with KATIE COURIC - is available and in the mood for romance."

Tomas1284 sent this to me..check it out..Mariah is in the April 12th issue of Jet magazine here is what they write about her: Mariah Carey, Carl Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Hal Jackson, Tom Joyner, Danny Glover and Lauryn Hill recently were honored at National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) 15th annual Communications Awards Dinner in Washington D.C. More than 900 guests attended the black-tie affair hosted by comedian Cedric "The Entertainer." The first recipient of the evening, Mariah Carey, was saluted as Entertainer of the Year. The sultry songstress who has sold more than 90 million records worldwide, making her the biggest-selling female artist of the '90's, was very grateful to the Black media for supporting her career. "I know how very important it is to be here to thank the Black media," said Carey. "You have given me so much support." Thanks Tomas :D

4/10/99 SO MUCH MC news...where to start. Okay MC was in the April 14th issue (I believe) of People magazine. I had no idea until my friend Lori gave me the pics. They are huge MC pics. from the Oscars. She is in the table of contents and then she is on page 149 in the back. It says, "Tight Squeeze: Mariah Carey Forced to wear white at the last minute to match duet partner Whitney Houston, Carey (aove) squeezed in two fittings with designer L'Wren Scott. 'Was it too tight?' 'No' insists Scott. 'She's a woman with curves.'"

MC is ALSO in the new Celebrity Style with Cher on the front :) It talks about how celebrities dress like other celebrities and there is a tiny but REALLY cool MC picture. It is from the Puffy Party. She has her hands on her hips and look pretty. Go get it...

MC is ALSO in the new InStyle in the VERY front. It is a new picture of MC and Jim Carrey and MC is just going for Jim's cheeks..she didn't get to squeeze them yet. It is really cute...Ally McBeal's Flockheart is on the cover. Sadly that is the only picture :(

MC is also in the Star and Globe tabloid. They are both the April 20th issue. STAR is the one to buy though. As soon as you open the tabloid, there is a page about MC entitled "Viva Mariah!" There is two picture of Luis and her in a pool. There is a side article about them too that just talks about what they did. Go check it out. In the GLOBE tabloid it is just about MC battling Cameron Diaz which was taken from the FHM magazine..OBVIOUSLY. Tis tis tis..shame shame Globe. Hee hee...here is the article, "Songbird Mariah Carey stunned diners at a Big Apple eatery when she stood up and gave Cameron Diaz a loud piece of her mind as the blonde waltzed past her table, say sources. Mariah was furious because the There Something About Mary star has been bad-mouthing her in the interviews after believing rumors the singer was kissycozy with Matt Dillon at a nightclub while he was still dating Cameron. Mariah smuggly told pals, 'I let her off with a warning.'" Ha ha..ahem moving along...

You can also see a little article with a Honey picture that we all have a MILLION and ONE times in the new Fresh magazine April 26th issue..."Is Mariah Carey really seriously involved with Latin Singer (some say lover!), Luis Miguel? Well, they did get together over the New Years eve holiday in Aspen and they have seen each other since then, too. Insiders are reporting they are a dating duo, but unlike the gossip, don't look for a quick marriage. Mariah will taker her time before she plunges into the marriage pit again. It was reported in the medita that Luis was bidding on a diamon ring, but sources say the ring was a friendship diamond, not an engagement one. It was only 1.45 carrats(Reggie will take it, Reggie will take it..ha ha) and Mariah Carey is used to diamons a lot larger than that!! Please, she was married to a CEO! Keep your eyes on Mariah and Luis, however. HE is a charmer and so is she!"

Some international news for you all...My friend Aaron sent me some more MC news...."Mariah's #1's is still in the top ten albums in sales in the countdown disclosed by Music One. (Music One is a record bar here in the Philippines.) In the CD sales, it is still at number 6 and at number 3 in tape sales. #1's is really making a record here -- it has been in the top ten since its release in the Super Tuesday." Thanks aaron...

Looks like MC is NOT going to be at Diva's Live. Tis a shame. Here is what VH1 sent me, "Next, if you haven’t heard by now, the Divas are coming to VH1 and we hope you’ll tune in on Tuesday, April 13 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) for the big event. This year’s Divas include Cher, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Brandy, and special guest Diva, Sir Elton John (c’mon, he’s earned the title!). There will also be performances by LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, and Mary J. Blige. In addition, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elizabeth Hurley, Ashley Judd, Gloria Reuben, Claudia Schiffer, and "Saturday Night Live’s" Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri And Molly Shannon will each appear to introduce segments of the program."

SUMar235 sent me an article that was in The Wachington Post a while back...."We know how big stars can turn even tough pols to mush when they come to town. So we can't wait to watch Senate and House leaders fawn over Mariah Carey at the April 21 Congressional Award Foundation benefit. Carey -- who won't be warbling -- is being honored for founding the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah in Fishkill, N.Y., and for cutting a TV spot urging people to become adoptive or foster parents to New York City kids. Colin Powell and Discovery Communications Inc. President Judith McHale will also be saluted at the black-tie gala at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center. The Congressional Award is a nonpartisan, noncompetitive program for Americans aged 14 to 23."

4/9/99 Mariah1Fn sent me this information..ha ha. Don't ask about the egg thing. Too funny :D........
I was at CVS buying a Cadbury egg (I am just going to die when all the stores are sold out) and MC is in glamour magazine on page 210. It's an article about women who donate to charities, and here's what it says:
CELEBRITY: Mariah Carey KEY CHARITY: The Fresh Air Fund, a network of summer programs for inner-city youth.
WHY SHE CARES: The fresh air fund will always be Cary's baby. She has said, "When I visit [one of the] camps [year after year], I can see the same kids and develop relationships with them." THE BOTTOM $ LINE: At lease $1 million raised. In just one benefit concert, she raised a cool $650,000. In 1994, a Fresh Air camp was named Camp Mariah in her honor, and she's been known to stop by.

Trina also told me there is a very tiny picture of MC in that glamour magazine too :) Thanks Trina for the info.

MC9114ever sent me this information he found. Thanks Alan :D "A brief look at the week that was finds Mariah Carey posting the highest reported gross for her Aloha Stadium show in Honolulu, which pulled in $1.7 million while drawing a sellout crowd of 30,415 "

Aaron sent me this great news for the Filipino MC fans :D Read on.. "At last, at last... Mariah's newest single I STILL BELIEVE is now released here in the Philippines. If you want to catch it out, just go to Megamixx Music Bar in Megamall A (Third Floor). It's really weird because ISB is released here a month after its official release in the world market. Too bad for us. But at least, it's now out. Better late than never!" Thanks Aaron for the news :D

Thanks to Anderz for this next interview. It was taken backstage at the Dome in Stuttgart, Germany....
Q: You travelling around very much. Do you have
an idea where you are all the time?A: No, I never know where I am. Q: Do you know where you have been yesterday?
A: Where was that?? Oh yeah, I was in London
Q: How do you relax?? What music do you listen on the road?
A: I listen to everything. At the moment I like 2Pac's Greatest Hits Then a history was shown about Mariah, with different older videos from her. One together with Brenda K Starr. They said that Mariah was born on the 22nd of March 1970. And One sweet day she wrote for her sister, who died because of AIDS. Then that the album Honey was released in 1997.< Q: Is it something special for you to see yourself on covers of magazines?
A: Defenately it's something special. I think although of all the travelling and meeting it's still great to talk to fans in different countries. Many give me little presents (there she was holding a cat into the camera from a fan). A lot of people talk about the music and that and it makes me feel good that my music reaches so many all over the world
Q: Although you have success, there have been harder times...
A: It's all reality. It takes time to get what you want, it's never perfect and always hard work/
Q: You brought out a new cd. I heard that you had problems to release a greatest hits album. What's the difference between a greatest hits album and#1's??
A: There aren't many artists who released so many albums in that short time like I did, because I work so much. One of the main issues that I thought that it was to early for a greatest hits album
Q: There are 4 new songs on that album, which ones??
A: Sweetheart, When you believe, I still believe and Whenever you call, a duet with Brian McKnightQ: Whis is your favourite?
A: Fantasy, especially the ODB remix
Q: In the booklet is written that you put Sweetheart on the album, because you have none.
A: That was just for fun
Q: So this is wrong??A: Hmmm...I don't know (it takes some time for her to saythat!)
Q: As I heard the first time that duet with Whitney I thought of that rumours about problems between you an her...
A: Some people created that because they were bored. We didn't knew each other. We had a great time together, Whitney is funny and very talented.
Q: What do you combain with a diva?
A: I don't know. It's such a often used word. It has no meaning for me anymore. It just means singer or star, supposed to be a primadonna, just someone with a good voice or something. I don't know. Now some divas were shown: Madonna, Cher Celine Dion, the newer ones Brandy and Monica.....
Q: You were together on stage with Celine Dion on Divas live. How was she??
A: We had not much contact, there were so many musicians. We don't know each other, but she seems nice.
Q: Which designer or clothes you like most?
A: Really depends. I don't have to be designer clothes at all. (that day she was wearing a Gucci skirt)
Q: Can't imagine that you go shopping...
A: I do that sometimes. But I don't have that often time. I have a lot of clothes home to choose from. Normally my stylist does that for me. But Ilove shopping.
Q: How are you private?? Do you hang around with friends? Watching tv while eating chips?
A: that summs it up. I like to have people around me and playing with my dog
Q: Do I need to watch the Bachelor and 00-Soul?? Because I heard you wrote some songs for the soundtrack??
A: 00-Soul hasn't started yet, because Chris Tucker isn't ready yet for it. But in Bachelor I play a little nice role. And I'm doing my own project, All that Glitters. Kate Liniard (sp?) who wrote the script for Tina and Set it off is working on that and I work on the soundtrack for it. Now, some live cuts were shown from almost all over the world
Q: When you travelling around, do you have time to go to clubs?
A: I don't have really, but I do it anyway. I like Hip Hop clubs. I go out often in New York, so I'm interested what's hip in other clubs.
Q: Is it possible to meet you in clubs then?
A: Yeah, I'm really friendly.
Q: Is it difficult for you to meet someone in clubs?
A: Probably, I have a lot of security around but it happens that I meet someone.
Q: Some future plans?
A: We talked about my movies already, I started to study acting, which I really like, so I do that!

4/8/99 Four new MC pictures were added to Gallery 8 this morning. Make sure you go check them out. One of them is Luis and MC from her b-day part in Mexico. The others..well you will have to go and see.

I was sent this article. It is about Tommy and his new "Honey"..... "Latin love-in"
TOMMY Mottola sure has an eye for talent. The Sony boss has quietly been keeping company with Mexico's hottest soap star, a voluptuous stunner named Thalia. The amorous duo was recently caught in a poolside canoodle by a Mexican TV show, much to the chagrin of Thalia's legion of male fans. ''She's the most beautiful woman in all of Mexico,'' gushed one jealous admirer. Mottola reportedly met the 28-year-old stunner at Christmastime. Though pals tried to give us the ''they're just good friends,'' routine, spies say the couple regularly rendezvous in Miami, where the record honcho is looking to buy a home.

Hmm so it looks like Tommy is meeting some new people too :) Thanks to Mariahs1Fn for the info. It was taken from NY Post.

There is a poster of MC in a magazine called "Like It" It is not in the US but it included 4 pictures. One is from the VMA's 1998, one from the Brad Pitt premiere, one from VH1 Fashion Awards, and one from the Billboards award.

Did you know?
Did you know that the European single for I still Believe features the inside picture of the US cd on the cd? I found that out today :D

4/7/99 MC is in the April 6th issue of HELLO! There is two nice Oscar pictures and one of them is HUGE. The other one is a picture of MC and Whitney performing. You should go check them out. The magazine is $4.95 and if you live in the US check out your local Borders bookstore.

MCarey327 told me that MC is in the Teen magazine two times. It is the May issue :)

Thanks to Alex for bringing this article to my attention. MC was on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday night about the same thing..read on.. "Mariah Carey's Mexican Fling"

Mariah Carey must think beau Luis Miguel is made of honey. The sexy songbird is so smitten with the Latin crooner's love songs that they've been almost inseparable for months.

Carey flew down to Mexico last weekend to spend some time with Miguel and his family. "They are really hot and heavy . . . Luis gave her a ring while they were down there," says a source.

But people close to Carey say it couldn't have been that kind of ring. "They just met in December," a friend says. "They've been spending time together."

Either way, the lovebirds are spending a lot of time together. Miguel flew to Paris early last month to meet Carey, who was on a press junket in Europe. And they'll be back in L.A. this week while she meets with movie producers to talk about acting gigs. "The Bachelor," in which Carey stars opposite Chris O'Donnell, doesn't hit screens until October.

Sunkiss672 told me that you can get a MC clock at a store called BMG. It is a picture of her on the clock and the clock goes for about $12.

Mcarey 327 also told me this:
I just saw in the March '99 Mademoiselle magazine that Mariah was awarded a "Whammy" award. The award was called "Celebrity least dressed" or something to that effect. It said that MC should take a look in a fashion magazine - if she's not too busy with acting classes - or a girlfriend should tell her that long skirts are back. I wish they'd all get off her back! Thanks Chrissy!!

I was told that Mariah Carey will sing as esmeralda in notre-dame de paris. Thanks to BadBoy0103 for that information :D

Wondering what MC was doing on her birthday? Well she was parting with Luis in Mexico. There are some cool pictures and I might add one or two tonight after I do some school work. She was wearing a brown outfit and had her hair up in a bun. Check out Gallery 8 for those pictures later :D

4/6/99 So who watched VH1 last night from 7-10 pm ET?? Well I must say the first show they showed MC's videos of Honey and I Still Believe and a bunch of cool little clips inbetween. I really liked that show a lot BUT then came the Pop-Up Video for Diva's Live. A LOT of bad things were said to make MC look bad. For example: MC wouldn't come on stage until Celine wa gone, MC wouldn't do the finalle until she saw Aretha running onstage, it talked about how MC complained that Celine's promotional poster was bigger then hers a while back, etc. I was shocked to read some of the stuff. Also MC wanted the biggest dressing room and had to have it her way or something? Well VH1 wouldn't of done that if it wasn't true. I was reading Anderz site and there is a new German article which talks more about Celine..here is part of it.."There's a big inteview with gorgeos Mariah in the German mag 'Gala' In the article Mariah was questioned what she would do when Celine Dion asks for a duet. Mariah said "Believe Me, Celine will never ask for that." Hmm..I guess there really was a BIG thing between the two stars. Wow..that is amazing.

Also from the article in Gala it talks about Luis and other stuff. Here is some more from that great article..."The other interesting thing is: Mariah was asked if she's in love with Luis Miguel and Mariah says: "I don`t want to talk about it because people are gonna write stupid things and make wrong conclusions. Yes, I`m in love again, but I don`t want to say more about that." - now we know it!!! Mariah also said that she has to leave her apartment in New York. She's also talked about doing the housework. Mariah said she can do the shopping and the cooking, but she hates to do the washing. As a she told her mother that she will always gonna pay someone to do the washing for her."

4/5/99 Well I stopped by Sam Goody today because someone told me that the new Mariah Carey Around the World is going to be released on the 5th. Well they were wrong because it is going to be released on the 20th. The guy at Sam Goody looked up on the sheet and told me. I thought it was going to be released on the 13th but I guessed I was wrong too. Anyone else hear a different date, let me know..maybe we can figure this out but as far as I know it is the 20th now.

Don't forget to check out MC on VH1 tonight from 7-10 pm ET. Check Important Dates on main page.

MC was NOT on Access Hollywood weekend as I reported earlier. I don't know why because they showed her on the preview TWICE. It was cool too..well anyhow sorry about that.

Luis's main site reported that MC and Luis are in fact a "couple." Wow isn't that cool..here is part of the first paragraph saying so, "Mexican singer Luis Miguel and his girlfriend, the USA Mariah Carey, are vacationing on the beach and are guest at the hotel Ventana al Paraíso (Window to Paradise), and enjoyed the main nightspots." WOW!

This webpage is now offcially part of the Celebrity Sites for Maria Carey. I got the news today that they added my site and I don't even know how I got on it :D They said that the webpage is going to be getting some more traffic which I think is great..thought I would share with you guys :D

4/4/99 HAPPY EASTER to you all!! I got lots of candy to make me fat..ha ha. How about you?

Well MC is going to be on THREE new VH1 shows and thanks to Tomas1284 for these times and info. on each :D Here goes: The Divas are coming, and VH1 is celebrating their arrival with a week of programming featuring Divas past, present and potential, April 5-April 13. "Divas Week" culminates in the premiere of "VH1 Divas Live '99," to be broadcast live on Tuesday, April 13 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) from New York's Beacon Theater. "Diva Week" includes:

POP-UP VH1 DIVAS LIVE '98: Premieres Monday, April 5 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The team from VH1's "Pop-Up Video" pops highlights from "VH1 Divas Live '98." Performances include: Mariah Carey (My All), Gloria Estefan (Turn the Beat Around), Shania Twain (Man I Feel Like a Woman), Aretha Franklin & Mariah Carey (Chain of Fools), Celine Dion (My Heart Will Go On) and the Divas with Carole King (You've Got a Friend) and (Natural Woman).

BEFORE THEY WERE ROCK STARS: DIVAS I & DIVAS II: Premieres Tuesday, April 6 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. From the cradle to the stage, "Before They Were Rock Stars" includes home movies, rare footage of early performances, childhood photos, vintage TV and film appearances and interviews with the stars and the people who knew them...when. These special Divas episodes include clips on: Whitney Houston, Brandy, LeAnn Rimes, Lauryn Hill, Gloria Estefan, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Sheryl Crow, Tina Turner, Cher, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Donna Summer.

WOMEN FIRST: THE DIVAS I & II: Premieres Monday, April 5 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Features various interview bites on current and future Divas plus videos. Artists include: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Cher, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Jewel, Madonna and Monica/Brandy.

Thanks to MCarey327 for this next information :D "Stone Cold Steve Austin is rumored to appear on the Oprah talk show sometime in May or June as a part of a special “Today’s Most Popular People” program. Also rumored to be on the show are Mel Gibson and Mariah Carey."

ALSO check this out: "Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson will be the stars among the stars in this years Pavorotti show. - The extravaganza is being organized by opera star and will be held at a 15,000 seat stadium in Moudiena, Italy on June 1st - the cast wil also include Gloria Estefan, BB King, Ricky Martin and Boyzone - Money raised will go towards 3 countries for the needy children in Guatemala, Central America."

My advice to you..Print out the Important Dates list on the main page and tape it to you tv so you don't forget. MC is going to be on A LOT of specials and you don't want to forget one do you?

4/3/99 MC will be on Access Hollywood tonight at 8 pm. It is more about the Oscars and it is a special weekend special. Make sure you tune in.

Also MC is in the New Jet twice. The first picture is the Oscar and it is this pic:

Below it, it says "Mariach Carey and Whitney Houston performed their Oscar-nominated song, When You Believe from the movie The Prince of Egypt. The song won for Best Original Song." Then there is another picture. It is the picture that is EVERYWHERE and is the cover of the When You Believe imported single. Here is what that says, "Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's inspriation duet When You Believe still touches the hearts and souls of children and adults alike."

You can see MC in the new Star tabloid. I believe it is the April 14th issue and it is about the Top 50 failed weddings. MC and Tommy are in there :( Tis a shame.

On a NON-Mariah subject. I saw an AWESOME movie last night. It is called The Matrix and Keanu Reeves kicked butt. Definetly his best movie since Speed. I suggest everyone to go see it..SO AWESOME.

4/2/99 You can see a nice picture of MC in the May 19th issue of Fresh. It is a black and white picture of MC from the NAACP awards. It is on pafge 52.

4/1/99 No MC news today...APRIL FOOLS. Anyhow it is a new month..let's get right into it....

Thanks to Eyrn for sending me some more times MC Around The World will air: You can check the show out on April 11th at 7 pm ET, and April 12th at 8 pm ET. Also VH1 sent out it's list of what is going on next week and Diva's Week is coming up. Here is what they had to say in the e-mail: "We’re getting ready for Divas Live/’99 (Tuesday, April 13 at 9:00 PM… mark those calendars!!!), and next week is Divas Week on VH1. We’ll air concerts featuring Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, and Cher, as well as Queen: Live in Rio." Cool Beans. The concerts from MC are Around the World. Also VH1 will be showing the Diva's Show Pop Up Video (MC's Honey is the video shown) and MC's Timeline. Make sure you check in Important Dates for all the times.

Okay MeLLaMT brought this to my attention and Mariahs1Fn brought the pictures to my attention. Here is was Mella told me "My friend tells me that she was watching a show on a Spanish channel and it reported that Mariah spent her birthday in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with Luis Miguel. They had problems going to Acapulco so they had to go back to the hotel. They had footage of them in a house swimming and just kicking it. They said that the party lasted until 7:00am. and they stayed in his house. They also reported that there are rumors going around that Mariah was pregnant at the moment. Remember that this show is probably not telling the truth but I'm starting to think that there is a good chance that Mariah & Luis are together."

Well there are pics. that proove MC and Luis are together and I got them. Check out two of them in Gallery 8 which I added tonight :D