April 2000

April 30, 2000..
Crybaby Answers!
I got 98 e-mails on my Crybaby subject yesterday and was overwhelmed with all of you who e-mailed me. Thank you so much. However, I got two answers for you all and it seems that a lot of people want to know the answer to yesterdays question. I believe this is right and it's what Lauren and a couple of other people sent me:
Why is it 5 AM and
I'm still struggeling and
Walking 'round no

I don't get no sleep
I'm awful weak
Can't stop thinking of you and me
And everything we used to be
It could have been so perfect see
NOW, A LOT of people wrote me and told me that MC says, "Why is it 5 am and I'm still spiraling and.." Both words are kind of similiar so I don't know. I would still go with struggling over spiraling though.

New Title Pic
I will be adding a new title pic of MC today of her holding a lamb. I love the pic and thought it would look cute, even though I only have it in black and white :( Check it out if you like!

Not performing at BET Special?
Many thanks to my Mariah Three buddy, Mariah Online, for this next information:
"Just letting you know if you're interested, that Mariah will not be performing at the 20th anniversary gala on BET... She will instead be presenting Stevie Wonder with an award, and will possibly join in at the end during the finale."

Tracklisting for new CD Single?
Ibraheem told me that you can find the tracklisting of CTTA/Crybaby at cdnow.com and here it is:
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
Love Hangover
SO, I sure hope that it's the performance of Heartbreaker/Love Hangover that MC did at the Diva's Live 2000. That would be cool to have on CD! You can check it out for yourself at the direct link below:
Click Here

Request Mariah
Jasmine sent me two places where you can request Mariah in Canada. Please request Crybaby and CTTA. It will help MC out
milkman@planetkool.com (radio)
ondemand@muchmusic.com (music video)

Request Page
I am going to add a Request Page for the radio stations soon because we all want CTTA/Crybaby to be MC's #16 hit. I'll try and work on it today and see if I can get it up :)

Ashley and Pppooofffz both told me that MC won the poll on Nick.com of what celebrity you would wanna be with for a day. They mostly shows clips from the beg. of the #1's video. It seems that MC beat out Justin Timberlake, Julia Roberts, and someone else. Coolio!

April 29, 2000..
Magazine Update
I went shopping last night, for Magazines. Ha ha. I fournd MC in a ton of stuff and I even scanned some of them for Gallery 25, if ya want to check 'em out. Here is a review of all of them:
The National Enquirer-May 9
There is a nice tour pic in here. It's a pic of MC from Ex-Girlfriend and you can see it in Gallery 25.
Fresh-June 2000
There is a REALLY NICE pic of MC in this magazine. There is a pic of her from The Roof which goes along with a one page article on Mariah and then right across from that is a BEAUTIFUL pic from one of her autograph signings in a black jacket and a white halter top. I added a scan to page 25.
Jet Magazine
I bought this yesterday and the cover has the TGIFY cover on it. I added a scan to Gallery 25 and inside is a the cover of the Valentines CD and has a short paragraph about her.
Sophistagated Hairstyles-June/July 2000
There is a full page on MC with three pics all on the page. Also there is the Dutch Cosmo. cover pic inside too. See Gallery 25 for Scan. Very nice pics.
This has Mariah and Luis on the cover from his Yacht. Inside is a concert pic of MC and there is also four pics of MC in a multi colored bikini. I didn't scan these pics yet cause they are not that great. I understand that this is a hard to get magazine in the US and I will scan the pages soon :)
Star Tabloide-May 9
Mariah is on the cover of this one and I reported this yesterday. Lisa has added the scan to Page 19 on her picture website! Click the link below to check out the cover and the inside pic

Quote of the Week
Thanks for all the entries for Quote of the Week. I saved them and will be adding them over the next few weeks. I have updated it today so check it out :)

Pic of the Week
Joeho was the one who sent me the Pic of the Week and he told be that it is a pic of MC at the hotel, NOT at the airport. He also sent 4 other nice pics, which will be the next Pic of the Week. I'll probably change it tomorrow..stay tune!

The original version played today on VH1 between 8-11 am, I am told. (who told me that?) Also, SUMar235 told me some useful information for everyone who is trying to get the Crybaby video on tape from BET:
Hey Regina, On Friday, I finally got to see the "Crybaby" video during BET's "Hits on the Streets" that came on at 7:00pm. Now, they normally rerun a lot of their video shows (with the same videos) on the following day, but since it's the weekend, they'll show it again on Monday at 1:00pm. But I checked TV Guide Online and they're showing "Hits on the Streets" again on Saturday at 12 noon AND on Monday at 1:00pm. I don't know if they'll show the same episode on Saturday, but I'm pretty certain that they'll show that same episode on Monday (if the host is talking to people at Spring Break, then it's the same one that I saw on Friday). "Crybaby" came on about 40 minutes into the program, so I'd set my VCR for 12:35 to 12:50 to be certain that you get it on tape. Oh, btw, when I saw the video, they didn't show about the last 30 seconds of it (you know how BET is by not always showing their videos from beginning to end, a la TRL) so I'm just letting you know if it happens again in the reaired shows. I hope this helps!

Alan told me that there is a commercial promoting MTV and shows a couple second of CTTA, which is a good sign. Maybe CTTA will start to be played on MTV this week or maybe it will premiere on TRL finally this week!

Okay I know this may sound funny but I am trying to figure out what MC says in Crybaby in two parts because I LOVE this song and it's my favorite part in the song..
Part 1
"Why is it 5 am and I'm still (what does she say here?)"
Part 2
"I don't get no sleep
I'm up all week
(what does she says here?) And everything we used to be
It should of been (what does she say here?)
If anyone knows the answers to the above questions, please e-mail me. Hee hee

April 28, 2000..
Video Update
I taped BET today and VH1 today for 6 hours each in the morning. VH1 showed the Diva's Live 2000 version of CTTA and BET didn't show Crybaby :( Someone wrote me and told me that CTTA was on VH1 today, the orginal version somewhere between 12pm-1pm. So hopefully it will show Monday! The Box is now showing Crybaby too, by the way!

MC to receive Special Award with Jackson!
Bryan112 told me that MC will receive a special award at the World Music Awards on May 29th at 8 pm EST. Here is an article about it:
Actress Elle MacPherson and Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath host the world's best-selling recording artists at "The 2000 World Music Awards." Many of the music industry's hottest performers will appear on "The 2000 World Music Awards," including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, Lou Bega, Goo Goo Dolls, Eiffel 65, Savage Garden, Jamiroquai, Ronan Keating of Boyzone and the electrifying African artist, Femi Kuti. In addition, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey will each receive special awards.
Presenters include Goldie Hawn, Pamela Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Clark Duncan, Mary Wilson (of the original Supremes), Billy Zane, Cristian de la Fuente of "Family Law" and His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco.

Quote of the Week
You got a favorite Quote of Mariah's? Do you want to see it displayed as Quote of the Week? Well then e-mail it to me and I will add it. Send it to WildCatHG@aol.com

Pic of the Week
I am not sure if I announced this but there is a new Pic of the Week! It's a nice pic of MC in Singapore Airport. Also, if anyone has last weeks Pic of the Week saved on their hard drive, please e-mail it to me. I deleted it by accident :O

MC on STAR Tabloid Cover!
Chris from Chicago, John and Lisa told me that MC is on the cover of the May 8th STAR tabloid. MC is on the WHOLE front page and it's a pic from Diva's Live 2000. Inside there is a 2 page article about Alison's book. Also, Chris told me that MC is on the cover of the May 2000 Jet magazine!

Rise in Sales for Mariah
Many thanks to PhoenixLuna for this next article!
NEW YORK, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Record sales for the superstar singers headlining the VH1 specials "Men Strike Back" and "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross" have soared since the highly-rated shows aired recently on the network.
The stars of "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross," which premiered Tuesday, April 11 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT), also showed continued increases for the week ending April 23, with Destiny's Child clocking a 48.9% leap in sales compared to the preceding week (to 157,650 units, up from 105,849). Mariah Carey's sales moved up 32.7% (16,819 from 12,674), and Faith Hill rose 32.4% during the week (80,558 from 60,837).
To date, after nine airings, Divas 2000: "A Tribute to Diana Ross" has drawn 20.3 million viewers. "Men Strike Back," weighing in with eight airings, has brought in 16.1 million viewers.

Kiss 108 Concert
Kelly told me that MC was not announced on the commercial today to be at the concert for Kiss 108. There wasn't even a mention for Special Guests. However, maybe MC will still make a special appearance. She did last year!

April 27, 2000..
Crybaby and Mariah's Theme has Premiered!
I was told that this morning on VH1 they played Mariah's Theme, the normal, original video. I taped BET all morning today from 9 am-3 pm and I didn't see Crybaby once but they did have Honey on Video Link. I will tape VH1 and BET tomorrow morning to see if I can get either video on tape. MTV has still not premiered either one of these videos sadly and The Box has dropped Mariah's Theme but has added Crybaby to be requested! Thanks to everyone who sent me this news. There were too many to name :O

Mariah on BET Special
Mariah will be performing on at BET's 20th Celebration live on May 6th from 8pm-10pm EST. Many thanks to PhoenixLuna, DSKhoshaba and everyone else who sent me this information too. Here is an article about it...
WASHINGTON, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- "Black Star Power" will reign supreme on Saturday, May 6 in Las Vegas as Black Entertainment Television (BET) celebrates its 20th anniversary with a star-studded gala led by a two-hour live telecast. The BET 20th Anniversary Celebration begins at 8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT from the Jubilee Theatre inside the Bally's Hotel and Casino.
Some of the hottest acts in music are scheduled to appear and perform that evening, including LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Sisqo, Dr. Dre, Ginuwine, Shirley Caesar, Gerald Levert, Kirk Franklin, Brian McKnight and more.

Japan Commercial
Ayako told me that you can watch Mariah's new Japan commercial at the link below.
Click Here

Calling all Malaysian Fans-Get RS
Desmond told me that all Malaysian fans can now get the Rolling Stone with MC on the cover at their Tower Record stores. Go get yours now!

Official Release Date
Mariah's Theme and Crybaby will be released as single on May 23rd. At e-baby they have an auction for a Magazine Ad and here is what it says:
"Impacting Radio April 24th & 25th
Mariah's Theme
(Can't Take That Away)
commercial single in stores
Tuesday, May 23rd"
Check it out for yourself:
Click Here
I lost the information on who sent this to me. Very Sorry!

April 26, 2000..
Crybaby on BET now!
The new Crybaby video can be found on BET now. Two people wrote me and sent me a review:
I was just watching BET a couple of minutes ago and they played the brand new "Crybaby" video!! I was shocked cause I didn't think it was coming out for awhile. Luckily I saw the whole thing, and it was GREAT!! It starts off with Mariah in her bed in her pajamas. She's holding a little digital messenger thing and writing messages. Then it starts to get a little revealing. She goes into the bathroom, takes off her clothes (they just show her feet with the clothes coming down), and she goes into the bathtub filled with bubbles. Then she sings a little in there. After that, she goes into something like a living room/kitchen where she sits by the stereo, and then goes into the kitchen and gets some stuff to eat and drink. For Snoop Dogg's rap, she watches a TV with him on it saying the rap. After that, when the chorus keeps repeating, they just flash back and forth from all the shots they had so far. And that's about it. As I said, I thought it was great. It's directed by Sanaa Hamri, the same person who directed the TGIFY remix video. Also, the video doesn't take up the whole screen; it's sort of like a Hype Williams video where they just use the middle of the screen and the rest is black.
Hi Reg, Crybaby was shown on BET Video link today. The concept is MC is alone in an apartment and she seen doing different things there. Snoop appears on a video phone. First MC is in a bath tub later she is in a Crybaby tank and pair of boxers, she pours some cereal (Lucky charms) and milk into a bowl then she throws and champange glass which smashes into the window, it ends with her lying on the sofa wrapped in a comforter. Part of it is in slow motion. I liked it a lot. I thought it looked cool.

Lack O' News?
Well not really. I have a pretty bad head cold so I'll have more news tomorrow. Sorry I didn't add much today but I want to get to bed! Tune in tomorrow!

April 25, 2000..
Can't Take That Away HAS Premiered!
VH1's "The Daily One" show has just premiered the new video from Mariah Carey, Mariah's Theme. HOWEVER, sadly to say it is the Diva's Live 2000 version and not the normal video :( Alan informed me 2 minutes before it took place and I did tape it but I was very upset when I saw the Diva's Live version and not the normal video format. Hopefully, MTV will still premiere it soon! Also, at the end of the video, one of the girls wanted to know why MC did the hand movements when she sing and is is because she is trying to be like Christina Agulera. Now that is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard, especially since MC has been around A LOT longer then Christina has. Some people..

What Does Mariah Mean?
Your name of Mariah creates an intense desire for association with people and new experiences, many of which have been rather bitter. This name has given you a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking, creative, and versatile nature, but one that is unstable emotionally. You desire change and travel and would enjoy opportunities that allowed you to be creative and to act independently, rather than to conform to system and routine. However, this name does not allow you to complete your undertakings, as farther fields always look greener. Although you may appear confident and positive, you actually lack confidence and feel self-conscious at times. This name spoils patience and depth of thought, and weakens your stand in matters of principle. You are too open to suggestion, and thus you could become involved in detrimental associations which could lead you into by-paths of thrill-seeking or emotional indulgence. Any weakness in your health would appear in the fluid functions as kidney, bladder, or circulatory problems. or in a sensitivity affecting your stomach.

New Zealand News
achha327@student.otago.ac.nz has informed me of the following:
Tell the New Zealanders, they will repeat the Oprah interview this Thursday afternoon (12.00pm) about the MC talk of the mix-racial thing. I missed that last time, so I'm definitely set my VCR on - or probably skip my lunch break from work ... he he he .

Billboard.com reviews Crybaby
Many thanks to Phoenix for sending this to me!
While top 40 fans digests the diva ballad ``Can't Take That Away From Me,'' R&B hip-hoppers are offered this sultry, groove-laced number. Musically, it's deep in the pocket of current trends (and it makes excellent use of a slice of Guy's ``Piece Of My Love''), and it inspires Carey to deliver one of her more raw and ultimately adventurous vocals to date. She deftly contrasts whispery vamps and fluttering harmonies with a guttural rant that is as soulful as it is aggressive. While listening to her play with the instantly memorable melody, it's clear that Carey's having the time of her life with the song. For that reason alone, this is a single for all to embrace - not just R&B/hip-hop specialists. Factor in a fun guest rap by Snoop Dogg and you've got the makings of yet another much-deserved hit from the singer's fine ``Rainbow'' opus.

Vote for InfoMC
Are you a member of InfoMC? Do you like the Mariah Carey Zine? Well then please do me a favor and vote for it at the link below, if you have a free moment or two!
Vote for InfoMC as the Number One Zine!

Kiss108 News
Rachel told me the following:
Ok I just read in your newsletter about the Kiss108 thing, how Mariah might be there. Well, we will find out if she will be there this thursday, that is when they announce the list!! I bought my tickets the day they went on sale because the concert is always good every year! After all, it is the MEGA CONCERT in the WHOLE USA!!! No other radio does it like KISS 108!!!!! I went to the Kiss Concert in 98 because Mariah was there!! It was my first time I saw Mariah in person!!!

April 24, 2000..
Joan Story
Bobby wrote me last night and was very upset. I was told that the interview with Joan Rivers was taken from a while ago and that it is NOT recent! So if that is true, then Mariah and Joan are still on good standings, as far as we know. Whew, okay cleared that up!

Painting of Mariah
In Fall 2000, I will be taking my first painting classes in college. Last night I completed my first ever MC painting and I added it to Gallery 25. It's not that great but let me know whatcha think or how I can improve it. Thanks :)

New Concert Pics
Sabine sent me her concert pics and pics she took outside a hotel MC stayed at a while back but today I FINALLY got a chance to upload them to xoom.com. So, check out Sabine pics in her own section on the pics page! She took them at the Germany concert

Kiss 108FM
Gary told me that MC might be singing at the Kiss 108FM concert in Mansfield, MA on June 3, 2000. Kiss 108 website doesn't list any of the performers so this is not certain.

Tony Praising MC
Thanks to Devin for sending this to me.
(Originally taken from my Mariah Three Buddy, Mariah Online!)
Toni giving props to Mariah
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Toni Braxton has this to say about Mariah:
Q:What artists do you admire?
A:"I'm a huge Celine Dion fan. I really admire Mariah Carey. I think she's so underrated, because she's a great producer, a wonderful writer, and no one gives her props for that. They always say, "Oh look, did you see what she had on?" And this and that. I'm like, she's 30 years old, she's not 70 with breasts hanging like chickens! She's young, she's beautiful, she has a great body! I just think she's wonderful, and I think people beat her up a little too much."

Rainbow on the Charts
Bon told me that Rainbow, for the week 4/20, is at 112 on the charts :O

Rainbow Reviews
I am adding one more new review today to the Rainbow Review Page from Michael, which is from the LA show. Check it out if you like

MFC Launch
Anja, Peter and Holgar are the presidents of a new German fanclub called the MFC, Mariah Fan Connection. Their webpage is almost done and I highly recommend this club. More news on this to come...

April 23, 2000..Happy Easter!
Rumors to Rest
Okay on Christina's Official Website, they put all the rumors to rest saying that she still loves Mariah. I don't understand this though since Christina said it herself that there was a problem. Maybe someone called her and let her know that it was all a mixup and now she realizes that Mariah had nothing to do with it? I don't know and neither do you. However, here is the report from Christina's Official website under the rumor mill. Many thanks to E17312377 and everyone who sent this to me!
* Mariah Carey refused to take pictures with Christina on 'Top Of The Pops.'
* Is it true that Mariah and Christina don't get along?
* I heard a rumor that Mariah Carey did not want Christina to perform at 'Divas 2000.' So VH-1 put Christina on 'Men's Strike Back.' I know Christina was a huge admirer of Mariah. I also heard that Mariah did not even want to take a picture with Christina.
Christina could not do VH-1's 'Divas 2000' because of a commitment to perform on Saturday Night Live the same night. It is completely untrue to say Christina and Mariah don't get along - they have never met. Christina looks forward to meeting Mariah one day and of course, would be honored to perform with her if the occasion ever arose

Rainbow Reviews!
Check out Kimberly's Review for the LA concert at the Rainbow Review Page! Remember, if you have a review, please send it to me at WildCatHG@aol.com

Update on Gary's Page
As you all know, Gary has created a huge and detailed page on the Boston concert and he updated page 3 and 4 this weekend. If you would like, please check it out at the links below:
Page 3
Page 4

After Tonigh in Spanish
PeeMami123 sent me a link where you can bid for the After Tonight Spanish version on E-Bay. Check it out if your interested!
EBay Here!

Happy Easter
I would like to wish all my Mariah friends from the webpage, InfoMC, and everywhere else a very Happy Easter today! Much Love goes to all of you and your familes!! Also, a BIG Happy Easter to Mariah Carey and her family!

April 22, 2000..
Christina and Mariah
Well I have been getting some e-mails from people saying that they want me to post all information on Mariah, not just the good stuff always. Also, I have come to realize that this is my website, I am not being paid for it and I am doing it on my own freetime, therefor I should do what I want on it :) So here is some news from next weeks US Weekly that Nancy sent me:
"Don't look for Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera to share a stage anytime soon. The 30 year-old Carey is apparently so threatened by the pop princess that she vowed to back out of VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross when she was told that Aguilera might perform. VH1 got nervous, an insider tells Hot Stuff {name of USweekly's gossip column), so the 19 year-old was asked to join the VH1 Men Strike Back concert instead. VH1's rep says that Aguilera couldn't join Diva's because her rehearsal time would have conflicted with an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Carey's rep says, "I haven't heard Mariah say anything about Christina, negative or otherwise."

Still no news on when CTTA will premiere on TRL. Hopefully it will be this week. Alex has informed me that there is a commercial running on The Box that says on Monday night, they will premiere, again, Mariah's new video, CTTA. I will be taping it Monday night at Alex's house since I don't get The Box. Check local listings to see when The Box airs new videos in your area. Also, the TRL link above has an old link to it and many thanks to Alan for sending me the new one :)

Sisquo Sexiest
The Heartbreaker remix made it on Sisquo's Sexiest Hip Hop Videos on MTV today. Thanks to Anela4ever for this news.

Joan Does it Again!
Well after insulting Mariah at the Oscars, Joan Rivers made a quick enemy. Mariah was very upset with Joan for being so rude to her, how could she not be! Well, Mariah recently said that Joan and her have put that behind them and Joan even appeared in Mariah's Tour Opening. However, Joan has been rude once again. On last nights Politically Incorrect, they were talking about sex on the 2nd or 3rd date. Joan said, "If elephant man was sitting next to Mariah Carey with 30 dollars in his pocket, she would jump him." I don't get Joan, I really don't. She is probably just jelous of Mariah and other celebs. Why bring people down Joan, WHY?!? Thanks to Paul and Romerolola for this information Romerolola.

After Tonight, Mariah's New Spanish Song?
That is what Thm328@cs.com told me. It seems that he asked Mariah in Chicago last year if she would be releasing another track in Spanish. She told him that she will but she hasn't yet. While he was checking out E-Bay, he found someone selling a cd featuring Mariah songs and After Tonight was listed on there. I know nothing about this but hopefully it is true cause I too love when MC sings in Spanish. I thought the Spanish Hero was SO beautiful and I like that recording better then the English one since MC's sings it differently.

Magazine News
Okay Beetleboy sent me this:
ok, it's actually magazine news. mariah is in 3 magazines to my knowledge, but i only have one of them. she is in some latin magazine, i know the cover is yellow, but that's all for that one. then she is in a teen datebook, it's cover is yellow too, and it has a pinup from the billboard awards and a small pic from the billboards. then it has an article about how (get this) mariah and ricky martin should hook up. on a scale of 1-10, they said the chances of that relationship lasting though is a 6. and finally, i have a scan of this one. mariah is in a magazine called muscular development. it is the may issue with wwf's chyna on the cover. it is a cartoon of her and jen lopez, and it talks about the rumors of mariah gettin 2 boob jobs and some kinda operation for her skin and how jen lopez thinks she is better than mariah when it comes to their bodies and how mariah jogs and does situps. the girl behind mariah in the pic is jen lopez. the first 2 magazines i found in the grocery store and many other bookstores, and the muscular development i found was in target.

April 21, 2000..
Christina and MC
Okay I KNOW I promised not to bring this up and again but we got MC's side. At least I think we do. Only one person e-mailed me saying that MC was on Z100 yesterday and that is such a big radio station, why havn't more people e-mailed me about it? Hmm, well anyhow I hope this is true and it really happened. Many thanks to Thm328@cs.com for this info...Read on..
I just talked to my friend who lives in New York and Mariah was on Z100 and she said that she never told Divas Live that Christina couldn't be on. Mariah said that it was a complete rumor and that the reason Christina was on Men Strike Back was because she was asked to because they wanted more men to watch the show and thought Christina would help that happen. Z100 also said for no one to buy Alison's new book. And today on the View the called Alison a snitch!!

Still no Mariah's Theme on TRL. I will tape it again today and see if premieres today. I hope the Official fan clubs announce when it will be premiered soon so we can stop guessing!

Nick Commercial
A while back, Nickelodeon showed a commercial of Mariah for The Big Help. Well, Nacy told me she saw it yesterday and it is still running. If you missed it, like me, maybe you could check it out.

Voting Time
Well Lopez and Carey are at it again, at least on the poll they are :) MC is only winning in 2 of the 5 or so catorgies but actually they are the more important ones..
Best Voice
Best Singer Overall
Ha ha. But if you would like to vote on this poll, you can click below. Many thanks to Butterfli.
Click Here

Tell Mariah What You Think
Well all concerts are all over with now and Anja and I would really appreciate it if you contribute to our book. We want to give MC possitive reviews of her tours. We are doing something different though. Please answer the questions below and send them to Anja at rainbowbook@gmx.de. Mariah will be getting this book later this year from Anja :)
You can submit more then one entry if you attended more then one concert
Name and E-mail Address:
1. Which Mariah Carey Concert did you attend?
2. What was your favorite performance/song?
3. What performance/song didn´t you like so much?
4. How was Mariah´s voice?
5. What do you like more: her lower Voice or her High-notes?
6. What was your favorite outfit of the evening?
7. Did you like the Bianca-videos?
8. What song was missed in your opinion?
9. What do you like more to hear: The Ballads or the uptempo songs?
10. How was Mariah, all in all?
11. Any comments that you have to say about the concert or anything else you would like to say to Mariah (Please 150 words or less!)
Plus we will be adding concert pics, so please send in your pics to us!!
Anja and I will create a statistic for each concert, plus add everything you wrote in, into the book!

New Title
I added a new Title pic for the main page and hope you all like it. I added a bunch of Mariah pics in it :)

April 20, 2000..
Updates on Site
2 Toronto and 2 Boston Reviews were added to the Rainbow Review Page
New Pic of the Week
Important Dates Updated
My Stuff was updated last night for the first time since December. Ha ha, check it out if you want. I added posters, magazines, cassette tapes, cd's, Rainbow Tour items, Displays, video stuff and more...

Mariah Theme Premiered on the Box
This was added to my Forum today..nice little review of Mariah's Theme. If you have The Box, go request it :)
Ok you guys, I guess I am one of the only few who saw it yesterday on the box somewhere around five somethin'. Like you guys I was all disappointed that it didn't show on trl but then my little sister comes running into my room to tell me that mc's new video is on the box and sure enough it was, in fact. well I came to it at the end of the 2nd chorus. She is wearing like this gray halter top and short like colored shorts( I forget what color) and she looks really pretty. She's in this apartment like whatchin' tv and on the tv it shows the peoples videos. Near the end she walks to the balcony and opens the door and it's like raining and she gets wet. It's funny because the video seemed to be going in slow motion while the song is regular pace but it still looks okay. that's basically it ! Hope I get to see the whole thing soon. Bye!.

Mariah's Theme?
I hope you are voting for Mariah's Theme even though it has not been premiered on MTV yet. This will help get it on TRL and hopefully it will premire today. I'll have info. on it about 5 pm if it does show up on MTV today.

Lack 'O News
Seems to be a lack 'o news today but I have a pretty nice Toronto Review for you all to read. The Toronto Sun gave the concert a 4 out of 5 rating and here is the review!
T.O. turns on to Mariah It's been said in the past that pop music's uber-diva Mariah Carey doesn't like to tour due to stage nerves. But that certainly wasn't the case last night at the Air Canada Centre where the seven-octave singer finally made her Toronto performing debut with a relaxed and rambling 2 1/2-hour show. In fact, it was Carey's first-ever Canadian concert despite a staggeringly successful previous decade of No. 1 hits too numerous to mention and album sales of 125 million worldwide. The sold-out crowd of 17,000 screaming, sign-waving fans were obviously jazzed about finally getting to see her in a live setting, which -- incidentally -- was being taped for an upcoming TV special. Also adding to the drama was the fact that the 30-year-old performer had earlier postponed her April 7 concert here due to a case of food poisoning and dehydration. Bad raw oysters in Atlanta were to blame. "What's up Toronto? I finally made it," said Carey, initially dressed in a skimpy, silver halter top, hip-hugging jeans and silver high-heeled sandals, before making enough costume changes to make even Cher jealous. Carey's entrance was preceded by a way-too-long video skit in which she fought off her "evil twin" -- the black-haired Bianca -- while several stars, ranging from Aretha Franklin to Barney, made testimonials about their supposed rivalry. Still, being silly -- even cheesy at times -- seemed to be a high priority for the child-like Carey, who staged everything from a WWF-like boxing match during her recent hit Heartbreaker to a beauty contest (complete with a sash, tiara and red roses) during the older favourite, Dream Lover. Trust me, that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of play-acting. Carey also stopped repeatedly to sip tea, have her face attended to by makeup artist "Chris," who appeared in drag during the beauty contest skit, and was downright chatty and indulgent with fans. In fact, she invited several concert-goers -- one carrying a sign that said: "No more oysters! Stay diva-licious!" -- on stage with her. And she rewarded all of the young fans, even one from Ottawa whose introduction brought a chorus of boos given the current hockey playoffs with the Leafs, with champagne and chocolate. It turned out the Toronto concert was the last on Carey's month-long tour in support of her latest album, Rainbow, and her first North American jaunt in seven years. She told the crowd she was feeling down about the road trip coming to an end. "I'm kind of sad,"she said. "I've gone through a lot of emotions 'cause you know I don't tour a lot." The good news for local Carey-lovers is that the singer is scheduled to begin filming the often-made A Star Is Born in Toronto later this summer. In the meantime, they'll have memories of her often-thrilling voice as she hit the high notes during such guilty pleasures as Emotions and Vision Of Love. Some audience members may have something even more tangible, given Carey threw many of her costumes and set pieces into the audience as the concert wound down. "This is the last show of the tour," she said. "Everything must go! Alright, I'm losing my mind."
My All
Always Be My Baby
Against All Odds
Thank God I Found You/ Make It Last
Close My Eyes
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
Vision Of Love
Rainbow Interlude

April 19, 2000..
Mariah's Theme? What the heck?!?
Yeah I know, it didn't premiere on TRL as Carson Daly said it would yesterday. He didn't even announce it and I don't know why? I have a couple of GUESSES though. One could be that they wanted to add some finishing touches on the video, so that is why it was not shown. Another is that maybe Mariah wanted to make an appearance or call into TRL and she was too tired from last night's Concert. Whatever the reason is, make sure to continue to watch TRL Thursday and Friday to see if the video premiered.

Even though MC Theme did not premiere on TRL, there is a slot to vote for it on the TRL Request Site. I just went there and voted and PLEASE everyone go there tonight and vote. Maybe that will get MC on TRL tomorrow too. Ya never know. PLUS we want MC to stay on the countdown!! We want her to beat Brit and NSync and get in #1. I've already voted for today and I will vote again tomorrow. I need your help..WE CAN DO IT!!

Toronto Reviews
I got two fan reviews from Toronto today and they will be added to the Rainbow Tour Review Page. Check them out..

Nice Review on Can't That That Away
Pam sent me this nice review from Billboard.com
Carey delivers the single that her die-hard fans have been hankering for since the release of her fine ``Rainbow'' opus. Gossip-mongers will have a field day dissecting the lyrics, given that the song is subtitled ``Mariah's Theme.'' Ultimately, what they'll find is a sweet, well-crafted anthem of personal empowerment in which Carey deftly straddles the line between everywoman and soothsayer. She fleshes out her lyrics with a performance that comfortably glides from soft verses to appropriately dramatic belting at the chorus. While there's certainly a familiarity here that will trigger comparisons to past hits like ``Hero,'' a sharp ear will detect a raw, emotional edge in Carey's vocal that elevates ``Can't Take That Away'' miles above previous efforts. Added pleasure and inspiration can be found in David Morales' uptempo dance remix, which is destined for club saturation. The remix is also a suitable entry to radio stations in need of a respite from the ongoing glut of chirpy-voiced teen acts.

No Love Takes Time for Brit?
That is what Ibraheem found on the Britney website. Here is a track listing for her new album and Love Takes Time is not listed on it!
1.Oops!...I Did It Again
3.Don't Go Knockin' On My Door
4.Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
5.Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
6.What U See (Is What U Get)
8.One Kiss From You
9.Where Are You Now
10.Can't Make You Love Me
11.When Your Eyes Say It
12.Dear Diary

Taryn told me that at hitmakers.com you will find Crybaby as the 2nd most added in the rhythm top 40.

Vogue Magazine
There is a pic of MC in the April 2000 issue of Vogue Magazine on page 204. It's a pic from the AMA's. Thanks to GucciGurl317 for this info.

April 18, 2000..
New Message
My good buddy Willem has written out the entire transcipt and you can check it out at this site:
Click Here

No Crybaby
I taped BET this morning and did not see Crybaby at all. So I don't know when it will show on BET but CTTA is still set to premiere on MTV tomorrow :) Maybe MC will call in or will stop by TRL!

Whitney going to Sony?
Thanks to Alan for the following article:
Today you could read on Fox411 that Clive Davis, the founder and president of Arista, will leave the record company on June 30, the day his contract runs out. There are rumours that Whitney will also leave Arista because she is a close friend of Clive. Here is the Mariah related part:
"Sony, anticipating the departure of Mariah Carey, would be most pleased to welcome Whitney at the same time. Carey, long wooed by Elektra Records' Sylvia Rhone, is definitely looking for a new home. Her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, the head of Sony, won't be sorry to see her go, believe me."

Do you want Mariah in People's 50 Most Beautiful People?!? Well then you need to help her out. She isn't even on the list. You can go to the site below and type in Mariah's Name. Thanks to PhoenixLuna for this info.

Another Link to Vote
Ibraheem sent me a link where you can vote for your favorite Diva Performances at this years Diva's Live 2000. Click Below...

Ken sent me an article today talking about Allison's new book, "Mariah and Me." Allison **THINKS** she started Mariah's whole career by selling herself to men and then paying for a new dress for Mariah and sending her in a limo to meet Tommy. Also, that Allison helped Mariah become huge. Now it is a known fact that Mariah has paid for Allison to go to MANY rehab clinics and continues to take care of her children. Mariah has tried her best to help Allison but it seems that Allison just wants to hurt Mariah. If you want to read the article at dotmusic.com, then you can click on it below. I believe it is all fake and will not post it on my site.
Click Here to Read It

Rainbow Tour Reviews:
I got another Boston Review and a Singapore Review today and will be posting it on the rainbow tour review site. Check it out if you like!

Vote For CTTA
CTTA will be listed on MTV's Request site Wednesday night. I am begging you ALL to start to begin requesting CTTA on Wednesday night so that hopefully it will get on Thursdays TRL show. We want CTTA to be Mariah's 16th number one hit to tie her with The Beatles. Plus, this is an important song for all of us and we want it to get high on TRL so many other people will hear about this beautiful song. There is a link above in which you can click on!

April 17, 2000..
This Just In..
Check the official site for a new message from Mariah and Crybaby and Mariah's Theme CD Covers. Mariahs Theme=Tourbook Cover and Crybaby is a pic we have all seen thousands of times. Plus there is a message saying that Toronto will be taped for a Home Video release! She asked the fans to make REALLY awesome signs so they can get them on tape. Also she thanks all fans for being there for hre. Check it all out at www.mcarey.com

New Pics
There really isn't much news today, so I scanned some pics. 3 are from newspapers that shows pics of MC from the NYC concert. Two are from Diva's Live, which is from the April 25th Globe tabloid/April 25th US Weekly and the other one is from May 2000 J-14. Check them out in a **NEW Gallery**...Gallery 25.

Jane Magazine
Tausha told me that there is a tiny pic of MC in the JANE magazine with Whitney on the cover. She doesn't seem to look to happy in the pic, I am told?

Diva's Live Regina?
Ken wrote me this..
Dear Regina I am from Malaysia and I do not have a chance to watch Divas 2000 here, not yet anyway. I was wondering if you could put a description on your web page on what songs Mariah Carey sang and what she said during the whole show for the benefit of those who live outside the US. Thanks.
Okay here goes... The show opened with Mariah coming out and singing Heartbreaker. She mixed the song with a Diana Ross song, which is entitled, I think, "Love Hangover." The song sounded like the Heartbreaker Remix, a little bit. It was VERY well done and Mariah did an outstanding performance. The next time she came out she performered Mariah's Theme and said, "I wrote this song for anybody going through any type of adversity, any sort of struggle, any kind of pain. This is for you." She did the song very well. She was wearing a black long dress and her hair was pushed to one side. The next time she came out, she did two duets with Diana Ross. They did Baby Love and Stop In the Name of Love. It was really cute. Mariah wore a gold short dress while Diana wore a silver one. Then in the end, MC came out and talked in the one of the segments for the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Overall Mariah's voice was perfect and she looked really beautiful. My favorite parts were Heartbreaker and Mariah's Theme.

Rainbow Tour Reviews..
I have searched all my NEWS pages and put all the concert reviews onto one page. I have quite a few but I am still missing concerts like:
Japan Concerts
Koln (Anja?!? Hee hee)
If anyone has reviews for these concerts or would like your reviews added about any of the concerts, please e-mail them to me. I also need Toronto reviews, when the show takes place. You can check out the page at the link below...

InfoMC NYC Concert
The NYC Concert/Diva's Live Tapes have been made. I just need to wait for when I have enough time to do them. I know a lot of people have been asking for them but I will announce through InfoMC when they go on sale or when they are up for trades :) Stay Tune for information...

April 16, 2000..
TRL Wednesday
CTTA will be premiered on TRL on Wednesday, 4/19/00. This news is from Columbia Records and thanks to Vijay for this info. I don't know if Crybaby will still premiere on BET on Tuesday the 18th though. Anyone hear anything about that?

Mariah Commercials
SEVERAL people have e-mailed me about this commercial on VH1. Thanks for everyone for doing so. The balcony part is part of Mariah's Theme and you can download it at the link below :)

Concert Reviews
Well I have started to create a page for Rainbow Reviews. It is still under construction cause I have to dig up all the reviews, but visit it if you like. There are three new ones from today! Rainbow Tour Page

Message From Mariah
Chris told me the following:
As you all know, Mariah's shows haven't been getting the best reviews from the papers. Unfortunately, Mariah saw a few from the New York show. If you happened to have seen the one in the New York Post, or the New York Daily News, they are quite mean, these two especially. I don't have a copy of the articles to show you though. Anyways, Mariah gave IMCO a call letting us know that she saw them and asking if there was anything we could do. I think it would be great if we all write letters to these papers and give them our two cents. Just saying how the fans loved the show and all of that good stuff. Flood their e-mail boxes with letters, show them who's boss:) Try to stay away from profanity and what not, but be firm. Here's the info:
Dan Aquilante of the New York Post
If you haven't read it, READ IT HERE
Send your e-mails to the editor at letters@nypost.com and/or
smarques@nypost.com and/or jrobo@nypost.com
If you want, their snail mail address is:
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036-8790
And their phone number is 212-930-8000
Jim Farber of NY Daily News
You can e-mail him at jfarber@edit.nydailynews.com
You can e-mail the editors at voicers@edit.nydailynews.com
f you want, their snail mail address is:
450 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001
And their phone number is 212-210-2100

Please Don't
A couple people have asked my permission to take news from this site. I don't mind at all as long as credit is given to me or the news source that I take it from. However, please do not copy and paste my news into your site. Be a little more creative please!

Updates on the site
Coming Soon:
NYC Rainbow Concert Tapes/Diva's Live 2000 Tape being sold to InfoMC Members Only! (NYC takes up two cassette tapes and I am adding on Diva's Live 2000 to the end to take up space. Diva's Live is in perfect condition and NYC is about 80%)
My Stuff will be updated (adding Video stuff, Cassette Tapes: Paris/ Germany/NYC//Spain Rainbow Tour cassettes, Rainbow Tour Poster from Germany and more...Stay Tune!)

April 15, 2000..
New Pics
It's been SO LONG since I added new pics to the galleries. SO I picked out about 14 nice pics of MC and added them to Gallery 24. Alan sent me some scans of his pics and I added those, plus I have some Japan and Diva Live pics! Check them out, if you like!

Christina..OKAY here goes..
Okay Kimberly told me this:
Well on Z100 they read a statement from Mariah saying that she had no problems with Christina and that Christina was never asked to be on Divas 2000. VH1 wanted her on their Men Strike Back show to attrack a male audience. That was always their plan, although they did consider Britney. Rick Dees on 102.7 in California also said that he had it on good authority that this rumor was 100% not true earlier this week. Christina was just falling pray to the rumors like a lot of people do.
I sure hope that is true and that there isn't a fight. However I got this next message in my e-mail. I am not going to say who wrote this but I felt I should post it here. I agree with this person and I am not upset that she has sent me this letter!
Hi Regina. I love your site, don't get me wrong! I really respect the work you do on your news site, it's very good and very intersting, but I do have a complaint. Don't worry though, it's a small one :) I don't think you should be contributing to the Christina/Mariah "catfight" as you call it. First of all, Mariah hasn't said a word about this whole thing, and since she hasn't had the chance to have her say in this whole mess, I think we should at least give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe this is a mixup and nothing more. Also, since this is a Mariah site, we should back Mariah up until we know the full story and then we can make our judgements. Spreading stuff like this can do no good for either Christina nor Mariah and we should try to stop it now before it gets any bigger instead of promoting it on our website where tons of Mariah fans go every day and they will take this as FACT, believe me. Don't get people all upset until you hear Mariah speak on it. Just a suggestion!! Thanks!! Keep up the good work!
I will try my best to say nothing else until I hear from MC!

Concert Page
My buddy, Gary, has created a VERY nice concert page for the Boston show including a LONG and detailed review and nice pics..check it out :)
Click Here\

Mean DJ's
Katie wanted me to bring to your attention that MJ and BJ from Z1077 bash Mariah EVERYDAY. She is so upset and want your help. You can e-mail them at their website which is either www.z1077.com, or maybe www.z107.com

Magazine News
Lillian told me that MC is in the April 25th issue of GLOBE Tabloid too!

New MC Commercial on VH1
Josh told me that VH1 is airing a new commercial which shows MC on a balcony. That's all I was told..anyone got caps of it?

Concert Reviews

On Saturday, April 1st at 8:00pm in Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, I experienced the best day of my entire life!!! Seeing Mariah Carey perform live has changed my life forever! During the car ride to Atlanta, I wasn’t very excited until we parked our car at the train station. At that point, I knew this was the start of a long, but totally awesome night! My father and I rode the tram for about 30 minutes. Pulling up directly in front of the arena, I felt a wave of excitement, knowing that I was going to see her in less than an hour. My father and I stood at the door to give the ticket person our tickets when one of the security guards asked me to remove the battery from my camera. My first thought was "No!!! I have to get pictures!" My dad told the guard, "No way! This battery costs me $12!" Instead, we just took out the film. My dad had the disposable camera in his pocket so at least we could take a few pictures. The first thing I did when we entered the lobby was run to the merchandise stand. After standing in line for 15 minutes among herds of people, I finally got to the table and got a Mariah Rainbow Tour T-shirt and a poster. I was totally ecstatic at that point!! My father and I made our way to our seats in the arena about 15 minutes early. We had great seats! Even though we weren't on the floor, I was happy with our distance from the stage. I called my friend on my cell phone and told her that I was actually sitting down in my seat waiting for Mariah to show! My legs were shaking and my hands were sweating! Then at about 8:30 pm, Da Brat came out and performed as the opening act. I used my dad's binoculars to see what was going on. The view was so great; it was like I was standing on the stage. After Da Brat, there was a 30-minute wait. Everyone around me was wondering when Mariah was going to come on. Suddenly, all the lights went out, and the crowd started to scream. The enormous video screen from behind the stage showed a short video skit of the history of Mariah and Bianca. It was really cute! I watched the stage through the binoculars so I could see. All of the sudden the video screen behind the stage showed lightning and rain falling and then a faint rainbow appeared. A long purple curtain hung down from above and out of no where, a dark silhouette came into view from below the stage. It was Mariah!!!! When she came out onto that stage, I cried!! My heart was beating about a million times a minute. I swear, it was the best moment ever!!!!! She was beautiful and just everything I expected her to be!! She opened with one of her number one songs "Emotions" and hit all the high notes! My father and I were singing along with the music and having a great time. Next, she sang "My All." After singing for about 20 minutes, she took a short break and talked to the audience about her visit to Atlanta. She mentioned that she had eaten some raw seafood that morning and was feeling a bit under the weather. I thought that was nice of her to just sit and chat with us for a minute. That made her seem so real. During one song, my dad told me that he got the camera working again and starting taking some pictures. I'm still amazed about how he got it to work. At one point, Mariah did a Miss America skit where she was crowned Miss Treat (the other contestants were Miss Lead, Miss Led, Miss Conception, etc) and then Mariah sang "Ex-Girlfriend." It was awesome!! A little bit later, she sang "Petals" and "Mariah's Theme", she started crying and I cried along with her. She put so much emotion into her songs. Mariah was actually on her knees belting out the last few lines of "Can't Take That Away" and "Against All Odds." It was just so hard to believe that she was in the same room with me!! I just couldn't get ova it!!!! When she sang Honey she said "you guys like the ensemble?" That was so cute!!! She ended the night telling her fans "I love you all and enjoy ya." My dad and I got up to leave and she came out with her encore and sang "Vision of Love" and "Hero." When she sang "Hero", she started walking down the stage into the audience. I envied the people standing down there. Unfortunately, my dad wouldn't let me go down there. :o( What a great experience!!! ----Alexa C.
San Jose-Herman
San Jose concert......some notes...... ok lemme preface this by saying that i am just a die-hard mariah fan as the next guy. i luv me some mariah! i do think she is highly underated. (a point i often find myself defending from playa-haters!) however that does not mean that any sense of a critical eye is thown out the window! so....here goes. I thought the concert was just ummmm...... ok. i really was expecting more. first of all the bianca v. mariah thing was a cute idea. however it was so underdeveloped and yet overplayed. right from the start bianca was demonized and there was an obvious attempt to bianca-bash. i think it would have been better if there was some type of narrative created or some type of ongoing tension. (more that just bianca's a "bee-och", to paraphrase Snoop). an continuing rising conflict between the two helps to maintain audience interest. it would have been more interesting to let the audience think that bianca was going to prevail...but in the end of course mariah would triumph. so much more fulfilling than just bianca is a bad girl and will lose and mariah is a good girl and will win. boring! one more thing about this bianca thing, the boxing fight was a fab idea, but the video that prefaced it was excruciatingly long and drawn out. almost torturous to watch. same guy rephrasing over and over and over and over and over and over again. sigh..... they over did it on the video clip thing. speaking of video, the projection was so overwhelming. i mean it was so great to have such a huge screen with such high solution.......were it a movie. it was distracting to the audience to have this looming thing over us, overshadowing mariah. but then again, i can see why they wanted to distract attention from mariah. if u notice, the projection of mariah is not in the correct proprotions. the projection of mariah is stretched out vertically.....which makes her look thinner. ( i had primo seats and i had binoculars too. the screen image and the real mariah do not match up). i dunno whose idea it was but it worked. everyone looked at the screen more than mariah herself. (by the way, mariah admittedly is not the thinnest person, she's not buff-fit gym toned madonna nor pencil-thin waif like celine ,but i think she should just be proud of her bod. curvy is fine too. i think she should offer an alternative version of what can be considered beautiful instead of trying to conform to societal standards. what kind of example is she setting for her fans? and young girls (and boys)?--->basically, what people (ie joan rivers) say about u is important. u have to listen/adhere to their values/judgements or else u won't be accepted. the fact that she diets and obsesses changing herself over one silly comment is a revealing comment about her self confidence...............but i digress) back to the concert, yeah,i felt deceived and tricked over the projection. like why can't she (assuming she is responsible) keep it real!? why the shame? it was like one of my Hero's had fallen. hmmmm, heartbreaker. lastly, the concert overall lacked cohesion. it was like a hodgepodge of whatever thrown together. no artistic vision or journey. lots of cute little ideas here and there but nothing that held the concert together. no theme. no larger meaning, implication of society or comment on the state of life----> u know, all the things that make a performance Art, as opposed to entertainment. (was there no art director?) anyhoo, from her interviews and articles, mariah does not come off as being very intellectual. even said she does not care much about politics b/c she is an artist (?!?!!??....that is all the more reason why she should be interested in the state of affairs of the world) she is creative and has great vocal control and is prolific, mind u. but that is not necessarily a sign of an artist. i was highly disappointed. she has just this massive gay male following and she has does little to advance/acknowledge the movement. she doesn't like to get her hands dirty. ("my! wouldn't want to offend anyone now would we? could hurt our record sales")...so, like so many politicians, she sticks to safe things like kids and animals. however, i must confess she has a great personality. on stage she was easy going and pleasant. some accuse her of being a tad bitchy but i think they mistake her sense of humor. it is campy. she's alright. like when the table was supposed to be set but was not...she just made some quip and was upfront to the audience about how a part of her concert just screwed up. no biggie. then she won me over (as a person , not an artist) when some assistant named Jill(?) spilled water all over the front of mariahs' dress. oh god. poor thing! she just cracked some joke and moved on, with water marks stained all over. what a trouper. i could totally imagine some other primadivas throwing a hissyfit or running off stage to fix it/change. Mariah came off has being human (and a fag hag! hah!) which was endearing. the kinda person u wanna just chill w/. at times she was way corny (especially when she attempts to interact with the audience) and that got irritating. but whatever, if she's corny she's corny. it's what sells. as for the songs........for the insane amount of times she mentions how proud she is off her remixes, she sure didn't sing that many. i kinda wish she'd do more remixes in concert. Coming from a aesthetic/theatrical point of view , the concert was a disaster, but from a fan perspective, i was worth it i guess, only because i feel i got to know her a bit better. thanks for listening!

Make MC feel Better!
Hey! You guys wanna get back at the critics and make Mariah feel better? THEN CONTRIBUTE TO THE RAINBOW TOUR REVIEW BOOK! all u gotta do is send a ONE page review about the show to mmariah69@hotmail.com and tell what was your fave part and specify which show u were at. the critics have been TOTALLY cruel to Mariah and it really upset her so this is our way of showing Mariah that the people who really matter (the fans) enjoyed the show! AND! we want your pics! we are gonna incorporate photos into the book. we want your fave pic that u took from your seat! (no photos WITH Mariah please! thats for another FUTURE project. if u have a pic with Mariah that u want to send, u can but make sure u send a pic with her on the stage too ok? we will need pics of u and Mariah for another book.) and make sure u specify your seats! send us COPIES of your pics becuase there is not guarantee u will get them back ok? even if u were in section 244734 row ZZZZZZ and Mariah looks like an ant in all your pics SEND THEM ANYWAY! we want to show Mariah that even if u weren't at the front of the stage and could barely see her that u still had a good time. the addy to send the pics to is
ATTN: Kia & J
6750 132nd Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Let me know if u have any questions and Mariah WILL be getting this book so please contribute ok??

April 14, 2000..Did Ya Miss Me?!?
Back Now!!!
Okay I am back for good now..no more vacation. I thought it was funny though how people e-mailed me and told me that the page hasn't been updated. Hee hee. Anyhow, I did in fact tape NYC. A TON of people have been e-mailing me about this. The first time I tried adding it to the cassette tapes it turned out BAD, so I am trying to re-record it this weekend. I will be releasing it to InfoMC members if it does come out good..stay tune on that...

NYC, Atlanta and Boston Reviews
Anja and I wrote a review for NYC and you can check that out by clicking the banner on the front page. Here are some other ones..
Will Ward-Atlanta
Around 9:00 p.m. the Mariah/Bianca introduction was played on the screens. Then they went blank and we heard rain and thunder. Then thunder and rain appeared on the big screen. Then there was a picture of the rain clearing up and a rainbow and sunshine appeared and a woman, who most thought was Mariah appeared. (You could only see the out-line of her body.) She waved and went back down and as she was going down, Mariah came up from the stage and "Emotions" started to play. I almost had a heart attack. I could see her so very well! She was only a few feet away! She said some thing like "What's Up G.A.?" or something like that. She did "Emotions" perfectly and hit all the high notes without strain! She was wearing a silver top and her famous jeans. She more beautiful, more pretty, more gorgeous, more sexy than ANY picture of the pictures I have EVER seen of her!! Someone made the comment that she didn't have to sing, she could be a model! And when Joan Rivers Said Mariah was fat, I know she was speaking out of jealousy because Mariah is NOT FAT AT ALL! She is very skinny and in shape you could see her muscles (well, at least I could). People were taking a million pics of Mariah with their cameras and I felt sad that I didn't sneak it in because security didn't really care if they were taking pictures! They even let people come closer than their seats to take pictures! After "Emotions", Mariah told us that she had food poisoning from eating bad seafood. She then sipped on some Gatorade and told us that she was going to do a song from the "Butterfly" album and it was called "My All". She did "My All" and then she sang "Always Be My Baby" and the audience did the "shoo-da-doo-dum's" She sang both of those songs flawless!! After those, it was off for a clothes change. During that, they showed Don King talking about Mariah and Bianca. Soon, the "Heartbreaker" remix played and Bianca's supporters came on stage and people booed. Then, Mariah started to sing but no one knew where she was. Then we found her in the audience! She came down from the audience and onto the stage. Da Brat also came on to do her part. Then Bainca and Mariah had a little fight. Bianca bit Mariah's ear off and the fight paused a while and then it resumed. After a few swings, Mariah knocked Bianca down in a single punch. After Mariah won, she finished singing "Heartbreaker" but she did the Album Version this time. After that, another change was done and Mariah came out to in a lovely long pink dress to sing "Dreamlover" but first the "Beauty Pageant" contestants were announced and instead of Mariah being "Miss. Understood", Mariah was "Miss. Treat" (like mistreat) Mariah and the other contestants, which were her dancers, did a little dance which was really cool. After singing a lovely rendition of "Dreamlover", Mariah was awarded the crown and she was given two bouquets of flowers by the judges. Then the other contestants were very mad that Mariah won. They were mad at Mariah and the judges. "X-Girlfriend" started playing and cages came down form the ceiling. The other contestants locked the judges up in the cages and then tore up Mariah's flowers. They, along with Mariah sang "X-Girlfriend". Shortly, a "Miss. Ter" came out and started singing "X-Girlfriend" too and let me tell you, it wasn't good singing. That "Miss" was actually a "Mister". (Hence, "Miss. Ter") and Mariah ripped of his wig! It was actually Mariah's make-up person, named Kris and while he was out there, he "touched" Mariah up! HE! HE! After that, Mariah was sweating and I was so close I could see the sweat on her! She sipped on some Gatorade to cool her off. She called up some people on stage. She took a basket full of "Chops" Lambs and kissed them. She then gave one to every fan on stage and threw a few in the audience!! Also, she threw some roses out into the audience that were all over the stage after the fight in the beauty pageant. Before she threw them she was on her knees picking them up and was like "is there a broom anywhere because the stage is a total mess" so a guy came on the stage and started sweeping and she was like "do you want me to do that for you?" After that ordeal, Mariah sang her version of "Against All Odds" and the crowd was amazed! During the performance there was a glitch in the big screen and a guy climbed up on top to fix it. After "Against All Odds" was over, Trey Lorenz came down from where he was singing back up to do "Thank God I Found You". The album version started and then the remix began. After that, Mariah and Trey talked a little about where Trey was from ("Home Of The Fish Sandwich", Florence, South Carolina.) Mariah said the reason it was "Home Of The Fish Sandwich" was because they were the first one's to but fish on bread! Then Mariah said Trey had a new album coming out soon and he was going to sing a song from it. He sang "Make You Happy". After he sang that, he went back up to where he was to begin with. Then everything was dark. The "Fantasy" remix began to play and O.D.B. appeared on screen and did his short rap. Then Mariah appeared with others and did the chair dance and she was singing "Fantasy". (And she wasn't lip syncing people!!!) During "Fantasy", Mariah wore texas styled jeans and a tank top. Next, Mariah left stage and her back up singer, Melonie, introduced the whole Mariah band through a song! It was really cool! MC came back on and did "Crybaby" the stage was set up like a house. There was a bed, a table, a stereo, a refrigerator, etc. Mariah was wearing a tank top that said "Crybaby" and shorts with lambs on then and a sleeping robe. Snoop Dogg did his part through the screen. Mariah was on the bed for most of the time. Then, Mariah took the blanket from the bed and did "Close My Eyes". (Which is one of my all time favorite Mariah songs!!!) She sat on the stage wrapped up in the blanket and on the big screen it showed rare pictures and video when she was a child, most that I have never seen! After that wonderful song was over, it was a clothes change time again and Melonie introduced Mariah's dancers. After that ordeal was over, the beginning of "Petals" played and rain appeared on the big screen. When Mariah came out, she was wearing a long lavender tube dress with shawl. She sat in the chair and did "Petals". She tried to hide her tears as best as she could, and did pretty well. But after "Petals" was over, the lights went black and everything was dark, but only for a little while. . When Mariah appeared again, we could she had cried lots. She was crying lots and her make-up was running. They were real tears, unlike the critics think. Mariah was still crying when the "Mariah's Theme" intro came on. But Mariah whipped her eyes and carried on to sing "Can't Take That Away". With both of those songs sung back to back, and being very close to me, I got very emotional. But I was okay. Then Mariah left the stage and the "Honey" intro played. Then Mariah came out in her sailor outfit and said "do you like the ensemble?" Then sang "Honey" and did the dance to it along with her dancers!!! She looked very happy! After the "Honey" was over, she said "Good Night" and her and her dances did a bow together! A few people thought that was the end of the show and left, but I knew better! There was going to an encore! She came out wearing a light blue mini-dress and sang a blow out rendition of "Vision Of Love" and the crowd gave her a standing ovation!!! After that, Mariah did "Rainbow" and headed into "Hero" when "Hero" started, many, many people were crying, and so I gave in! I started crying too! "Hero" had been a very personal and helpful song with me for a long time now, so, I just had to! Mariah came down in the audience and I almost touched her!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? After "Hero" was over, small little silver papers fell and Mariah said good night and wished us well and sang a little bit of "Butterfly". Mariah was so curdious to her fans and the way she acted and spoke told you she was a very nice person. Mariah spoke to everyone during every song! Mariah's show was so heavenly, inspirational, fun, sensational, and everything else that can be described to fit "excellent"! Thank You Mariah for fulfilling my most sought of and desired dream. You gave the show of a lifetime and I returned home with a whole other layer of respect and admiration for you. I can't thank you enough! All I have to say is "Thank God I Found You"!!!
-My All
-Always Be My Baby
-Against All Odds
-Thank God I Found You
-Close My Eyes
-Can't Take That Away
-Vision Of Love
Hello all my dear friends, I'm gonna tell you about the greatest night of my life. Next to meeting Mariah, it was the best night of my life. As you all know, I went to Mariah Carey's concert at Madison Square Garden and wow it's was soooooooooo incredible and amazing. This was the first time I've seen Mariah sing live. I was so excited for months because Mariah's been my hero for 8 years and this was my dream come true. The whole day was very exciting, getting ready to go and just getting there. My best friend Maria and my friend Lisa were there to share this experience with me. When we got to the Garden we ran upstairs to buy all our Mariah stuff. It was really cool that I saw some people I met at Cocanuts when I met Mariah. We're all the true dedicated fans. when I walked into the theater, i was kinda in shock that I was actually there and gonna see Mariah. Our seats were very good and I was able to see everything very well, so I was totally happy. For an hour I sat there goin crazy b/c I couldn't wait to see her. At 7:30 the lights went out and everyone went nuts screaming. Da Brat came running out and opened the show. She was soo cool. She ran all over and kicked her shoes off and slid across the stage. Then she came running through the audience and was makin us scream as loud as we could for Mariah. DJ Clue was there and he had the music goin and the audience screaming and dancing. We were dancing on our seats. Brat was on for about 30 mins. and then while they set up the stage for Mariah, Luis Miguel, Mariah's boyfriend's music was played. That was cute. About 8:25 the lights went out again and a cartoon of Mariah and Bianca came on the huge screen and they were announcing the rematch between Mariah and her evil twin Bianca. (Bianca appeared in the Heartbreaker video as Mariah's evil twin and they had a fight, now she's back) then there was a Mariah/Bianca skit on the screen. after that lightning started,and thunder, and rain. My heart was pounding and i was screaming and jumping. Mariah came up through the floor. the crowd was goin wild, jumping and screaming. I was screaming as loud as I could, and as soon as I saw Mariah, I started crying. She was wearing a little silver skirt and silver top which she asked if we liked the ensamble and she said it was "precarious" and that was her new name "Mariah Precarious". The first thing she said was "what's up New York" and she was so happy to be home in NY and she loved us there. She started singing Emotions and it was incredible. she sang all the high notes perfect. She talked a little and drank some tea and water and wiped her face w/ tissues b/c she was really hot and sweating. She said she liked all the signs people made and thanked all of her fans who waited for her at Cocanuts, which I did, and she hopes we got all the stuff she sent us. Her next song was My All and then Always Be My Baby. this one she walked around stage and was yelling to everyone she wanted to hear us sing it and she held the mic out. During it her shoe broke and she was kicking it off and someone from backstage ran out and was trying to fix it for her, but Mariah said "just take it off I'm never wearing these again" and she was laughing and threw it into the audience. After the song she left stage for about 2 mins. they set the stage for the boxing match and Da brat came back out with the beginning of Heartbreaker remix. Missy Elliot came on stage as a big surprise singing her part as Mariah ran through the audience from the back. She had on boxing gloves and a little boxing outfit. she got on stage and had a fight with Bianca, which she won. she sang Heartbreaker remix into original Heartbreaker. It was really cool. she hit the high notes at the end awesome. The beauty pagent started, another live skit. Mariah entered the stage, as the winner, wearing a long pink dress and a tierra with a bunch of roses in her arms. she talked a little and sang Dreamlover. Next was Ex-Girlfriend. She sang this really cool and at the end the losers of the pagent were mad at her and one of them ran after her and stole her flowers and she finished the rest of the song. She said that was her makeup artist. She said the whole point was that she paid off the judges to win otherwise she wouldn't have won. It was cute. Mariah took some people on stage to try some food but when she opened it there was oysters, which got her sick, so she wouldn't let anyone eat them. instead she gave them all lammby's and threw kisses into the audience and said "kisses for everyone". She said now the stage was a "complete and total wreck". She said her next song was a remake off her new album, Against All Odds. As soon as I heard her say that I started crying because that was the song that was playing while I met Mariah and talked to her. Maria made me sit down b/c she though i was gonnna collapse. Through the whole song I cried hysterically. she sang it so incredible. she was waving her arms and stamping her feet and kicking as usual. Then Trey Lorenz came out and she talked for a while about how they were friends since they were 5. Together they sang Thankgod I Found You original into the Make It Last remix. that was awesome. Trey sang his song then while Mariah changed. Then the Fantasy remix with ODB. Mariah was wearing jeans and a tank the said Mariah. she sang and danced to this one. it was really cool. we were all singing and dancing too. the stage was set up with a bed and a stereo for Mariah to sing Crybaby. she walked out on stage in night shorts and a tank that said baby and night shirt over it and slippers. She took off the night shirt and threw it and kicked off the slippers as she got into bed to finish the song. she got out of bed and sat on the stage with the blanket and lamby and said she was going to sing a song off her Butterfly album that a lot of fans told her they really liked. it's one of her more personal songs, Close My Eyes. Again I started crying b/c I love that song and she sang it beautifully. During the song there were pictures of her growing up on the huge screen behind her. After that thunder, lightning and rain started again and Mariah entered the stage in a long light purple dress holding a single dandelion flower and she sat on a couch to sing Petals. I was already starting to cry again b/c i knew she was gonna cry and i love that song. Right at the beginnig Mariah did start to cry b/c the song is so personal to her. She looked up at all of us crying, but smiling and her eyes teared through the whole song but she tried to hold back from crying. when the song ended the lights went out immediately for a few seconds and when they came back on, Mariah was crying and wiping her eyes and nose with tissues. She said this next song was for all of you out there who feel discouraged b/c that's what she wrote this song for, Can't Take That Away/Mariah's Theme. Once again I was crying b/c this sone means so much to me and it's one of my favorites. she sang this song absolutely gorgeous. It was perfect and i cried through the whole song too. the end of the song she fell to her knees and ended it like that. She left stage for a minute and Honey started. Mariah was wearing a little sailor outfit and hat. She sang Honey and did a dance to it. After Honey she said thankyou and goodnight. A lot of people left then b/c they though it was over, so we moved up to the railing on the side. While we were all still screaming Mariah came walking out on stage singing Vision Of Love. This song was amazing. She sang it so powerful and strong and ended it with all high notes that she held. It was soo great. Mariah said she was going to come down in to the audience to sing this last song. She sang Rainbow Interlude as a rainbow appeared behind her and went into my all time favorite song in the world, Hero. She said it's for everyone here tonight, I love you all and don't ever give up. I was crying so much for this song and was screaming for her at the same time. She came down from stage and walked through the crowd singing. I was looking down to her but she was in a huge crowd. My heart was pounding again and i couldn't stop crying. Hero was the best song of the night. She sang it with so much emotion and it was beautiful. She went back on stage to end the song. Conffetti fell from the ceiling and Butterfly started while Mariah was saying goodnight. She sang part of Butterfly and kept saying I love you all so much. Then she dissappeared behind the rain and a huge rainbow appeared. Throughout the entire concert Mariah kept saying the she was so happy to be home in NY. She loves it here. She said she was having so much fun with us and wanted to know if we were having fun, which of course we were. she even said to the people all the way in the back i love you. She said over and over to all of you who always supported me I love you. I was so in shock from beginning when Da Brat came out to the end when Mariah said goodnight. When I left I still couldn't believe I saw Mariah Carey in concert and I still can't. Mariah sang soooooooo perfect live. Her voice was beautiful. Every part of it was incredible. I had so much fun singing, dancing and screaming with Da Brat. I screamed for Mariah through the entire concert and now have a major soar throat and no voice. Even though I cried through the majority of the concert I was soooooooo overwhelmed with happiness to be there and see my idol sing. I'm sure I left alot out about the concert but I was so in shock i can't remember it all right now. I can't even describe how I feel and how the concert was. It was soooo overwhelmingly emotional for me "in fact." I sang, danced, screamed, laughed and cried hysterically all at the same time. I didn't know how I would react next. All I can keep saying is WOW I can't believe how incredible Mariah was. But I will be talking about it forever, just like I am still talking about the day I met Mariah. Those are the 2 best days of my entire life and my dream come true. Now I can't wait for the next time I see Mariah again.
Well first off, I was able to get special seats by being a member of Mariah's Official Fan Club. I didn't win the backstage passes :( but I was able to send a special gift to Mariah that someone from the executive office at the Fleet Center promised to personally hand to Mariah's Tour Manager as soon as she saw her. Whether or not Mariah got the gift, I may not know until next week. So we went to the concert by limo, and being in the limo, listening to the #1s CD as the sun is setting, it feels like you're in an episode of MTV's Fanatic. I listened to the #1s CD on the way there, and it ended just as we arrived. The Fleet Center in Boston, MA on this night of April 13, 2000 was the rescheduled tour date of Mariah's "Rainbow Tour". As I'm sure most of you know, Mariah had to postpone the concert last Tuesday after eating raw oysters in Georgia and suffering from food poisoning. But it didn't matter that this show was rescheduled, as none of her fans cared as long as we got to see the concert. Arriving at the Fleet...very hard to find your way around, but after going through some kind of maze we're told to go through this curtain where a security guy is standing. We walk through and it takes us right on to the floor of the Fleet Center. Our seats were exactly 13 rows from the stage, very center!!! Obviously there were 12 rows in front of us, but row 13 is VERY CLOSE in a place as large as the Fleet Center. Oh, by this time I had bought 2 programs - yes Kojiro, I got you one :) So it was a very long wait as we got there very early, we didn't have to wait in any traffic! Immediately I recognized a guy that was at the MC Homecoming Special, and 1 other guy that I think was there. I was invited to attend that event, but could not make it :( Anyway, Mariah's Fan Club members were all in the same section and all seemed like very nice people! Of course, right? :) A couple behind us had been given their tickets by a friend who couldn't make the rescheduled date. They basically praised MC and said it was so nice that these young people had her to look up to. Oh, I brought 2 disposable cameras and wasn't sure if I could use them because I've heard it's hard to get them in. However, cameras were not only allowed, but WELCOMED. Ushers actually took photos of fans together, and allowed fans to get up closer to take pictures! Amazing. So I took about 60 pictures and as soon as they're developed you'll see them all over my site :) http://pubpages.unh.edu/~gwd/mariah.html I know they're gonna be great if both roles come out good! I didn't have a watch, but I noticed someone's said 8:05, then a few more minutes went by, and then the lights went down. So everyone was expecting Da Brat, but just before this I heard someone say Da Brat wasn't here??? I figured even if she wasn't there, then some other act would be. They start playing the skits of all the celebrities (Aretha Franklin, Donny and Marie, Joan Rivers, etc.) talking about Mariah and Bianca. The crowd is very in to this opening "film". For those of you not familiar with Mariah and Bianca, or some other things that I may refer to, I'll explain later (all MC fans will know though). Then, amazingly, all of a sudden, from under the stage, Mariah appears!!! How can this be? No opening act? nothing? All of a sudden she is there, in front of everyone!! And everyone is so excited. I won't go in to outfits seeing I hope to have photos, but I think some of her outfits were different from what I've been reading at other shows. She opened with "Emotions", and it was so hard to believe the concert had started. A show of only Mariah? Next she sang "My All" and "Always by my baby". Mariah talked to the crowd constantly between each song and said she knew she just had to get back to Boston! She also thanked the people at Mass. General Hospital for taking such good care of her. Early in the show she told us we were going to be on MTV!! She introduced the winners of the video contest, you know? the one where you had to send in a video and some lucky winners would get picked and then chosen to meet Mariah. She let every winner introduce themselves, gave them hugs, and said she would meet with them later backstage. So watch for this on MTV real soon! Sorry, I'm sure this isn't in order. I'll try to piece it together again later like I said. They set up the boxing ring for the next segment. Some dancers played with the crowd, each first getting the crowd excited by saying something about Mariah, but then showing their allegiance to Bianca. Mariah came through the crowd, and it didn't seem like many people knew she was going to do that. She didn't come by me though. She made her way to the ring and then Bianca was introduced. After a brief buildup, Mariah punched out Bianca and broke in to "Heartbreaker". She also sang "X-Girlfriend" and "Dreamlover". I hope to piece this together when I get the pictures back! She then said she wanted to sign a song that she loved in high school and figured she might as well do it too, "Against All Odds". Oh, Mariah also said early on that she wanted everyone to have fun. Like I said earlier, just constantly talked to the crowd, reading signs, saying hi to people, etc. For the part where she brought lucky fans onstage with her, she gave them Hershey Kisses, and threw some to the crowd. They had a plate of raw oysters on the table too, as a joke obviously! and Mariah offered them to her backsingers, again as a joke :) She also had a bottle of alcohol, but I don't remember what? Those over 21 got to have a glass, while Mariah had to drink from....oops, that's a secret between Mariah and the fans of Boston, sorry :) Let's see, her and Trey sang "Thank God I Found You". She introduced him as the one who sang with her on "I'll be there". They were acting silly of course before they started to sing. After that song, Mariah went offstage (which she did many times throughout the night to change), and Trey sang "Make You Happy". I believe that is the name of it. It was an awesome song and I think Mariah said his album is out now?? Trey also brought up about all Mariah's #1s and she thanked everyone. She did "Fantasy", the regular dance routine. She sang "Crybaby" on a bed on the stage. There was also a refrigerator and stuff, you know, the whole insomniac thing. She said how it's so hard to get out of bed, especially where she doesn't get any sleep. Oh I know I'm forgetting a million things. She sang "Petals", also sitting down. She had a hard time getting through it, but I was a little disappointed cause some people obviously didn't know the meaning behind this song and were actually talking during it. Oh well I guess. 99% of people though really seemed to be huge Mariah fans, from dress, to signs, to knowing all the words, etc. You would never know there's so many out there who can't wait to put her down. Oh yeah, she mentioned that, saying she didn't care what anyone said about her, and that we shouldn't either and to just be strong. She also sang "Close My Eyes" because she said it is a song her fans always tell her they really like from the "Butterfly" album. She then did "Can't Take That Away" and "Honey". "Honey" was done like usual, with the sailor outfit and dancers. She told us that she really hadn't had this much fun on the tour as she was having tonight. It's interesting because at the end of her 1993 tour she said Worcester, MA was her best show, and now maybe this Boston, MA show of the "Rainbow Tour"??? It was now encore time and the background singers stayed and helped everyone achieve a deafening applause for her to return, and she did!! She sang "Vision of Love", "Rainbow", and "Hero" to finish. She came in to the crowd for "Hero" and made her way from the front of one side of the stage to the other. Oh I missed so much! After one song she held up a picture of Luis. I'll definitely write more later! Oh, she left the stage as part of "Butterfly" was done and confetti fell from the ceiling (which was very hard to grab and I picked up some of it to take home). After the show I bought 2 t-shirts. No lambs were left though! I should have gotten one beforehand. So there it is, it's over :( It's also late and I'll write more real soon! If anyone was at this show or has an audio recording of it, please please let me know. I have many things I could trade for it, including an audio of the Italy concert. Good Night!!!
What an incredible night. I remember that I was 10 years old in November of 1993 when Mariah first came to MA to do a concert. I couldn't get tickets because they sold out in 45 minutes. I cried that night because my neighbors were going and I couldn't. I remember saying "it's only 20 minutes away." I live in Clinton, MA, very close to Worcester where the concert was. In 1998 Mariah performed "My All" at Kiss Concert 19, which I also couldn't get to, that was in Mansfield, MA. When I found out on Feb. 12 the Boston show was going on sale, I finally did it, and April 13, 2000 will go down in history as the best night of my life. I arrived in Boston @ 4:30, with my two friends Jess and Jill, and we met my friend Chuck. We all went to Burger King, right across the street from The Fleet Center. It was cool, they were playing #1's in Burger King, and I got a Rainbow T for 20.00 less. So 6:30 comes around and we find our seats. We waited for about two hours before Mariah came on. She went on about 8:25. The set list was the same. The highlight of my night was Mariah walking through the audience for "Heartbreaker." ABMB had just ended and I could see the security lining up on my side of the arena. I started to shake. She looked so beautiful. She was two feet in front of me, and I really didn't expect that. I was so close to touching her glove, no more than three inches away and her security guard pushed my hand away. But I don't care, I never thought I would see her that close, and I did. Surprisingly she looked the same as she does on TV. When she did her picnic thing, the caterers played a joke on her and they gave her raw oysters on a plate. Needless to say she didn't eat them. Her voice was in okay condition, but we all understood. She talked about how she didn't care what anybody said and that she was just here for us, and her to have fun. And we all did. The second highlight of my night is when she was pouring the champaigne and my two friends and I yelled, we love you Mariah. We are pretty sure she said I love you back, but not quite. I am so excited. In case you don't know it by now, here is the setlist:
Petals/Rainbow Intro
My All
Always Be My Baby
Heartbreaker (remix)
Against All Odds
Thank God I Found You
TGIFY (Make It Last)
Make You Happy (I felt bad because everyone sat down, but Trey was really great)
Fantasy (remix)
Close My Eyes
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
Vision Of Love
Rainbow Interlude
Butterfly Reprise
Now, I am very late for school, can you believe I am going. I didn't get home until 2:00 a.m. C-ya

Rumors are true about Christina and MC
Sadly it is true! I was listening to Q102 this morning and they were interviewing Christina live. She was asked if it was true that the reason she was not on Diva's Live 2000 was because of Mariah not wanting her there. There was a long pause and then she said, "Next Question Please!" They all were like, OH NO!! Then Christina said that she was dissapointed in Mariah because she has looked up to her for so long and she still loves her as an artist! She kept saying how she was so upset over Mariah! I really hope that this is a miscommunication between management or something and that MC didn't really say this to Christina. Maybe it is all a misunderstanding but Christina has confirmed that there is something going on between Mariah and her and it is NOT pretty :( If it is true, why would MC do that? Mariah is upset about how Madonna treats her, why would she do that to someone else?

CTTA Official Remix
So do you want to hear it? Well I got the link for ya due to Mike's help. It is the David Morales Remix and you can find it at the site below!
Click here

Updates on Site
I update Important Dates and Magazines. Mariah is in a TON of magazines next week due to Diva's Live 2000. Thanks to Alex for that info. and also thanks to RN arkanand BaByDollLiz13 for magazine information! :)

MC on TRL next week!
You heard it here first! Mariah's new video will premiere on TRL next week. I don't know whether it is Crybaby, Against All Odds or Mariah's Theme though :( Many thanks to BaByDollLiz13 for this info.

April 8, 2000..Did Ya Miss Me?!?
Fast Update
Anja is here and we are having fun! I thought I would add a couple of things to webpage to keep you guys up-to-date!!!! Here goes:

AAO Video
The Against All Odds video premiered on VH1 yesterday and it was pretty cool. It was a combination of the Homecoming performance and the performances at Belgium, Spain and Germany. Overall, Anja and I LOVED IT!! If you missed it, make sure you check it out on VH1 this week!

Crybaby Video
Many thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this next article:
Anton Smith from the Penn State University talked to a finance intern at Sony Music Entertainment in New York on Wednesday and he said that the rumors about Sony troubling Mariah about stifling the promotion of Rainbow are false. Since "All That Glitter" has once again hit another slump in pre-production, Mariah concentrate on promoting Rainbow. Look for the Crybaby video to be released to BET around April 18th. It will be released as a two-sided single with "Mariah's Theme." However, Anton's friend could not say how the video contest is being handled. read also: Glitters on hold (Jam! Music)

Mariah Mean To Christina :(
Read what Alan told me :(
From a recent interview on TOTP..
Interviewer: When you made your first appearance on TOTP, Mariah accually refused to be photographed with you..
Christina: Really? She did? For real? She's had nothing to do with me for some reason. I find it really disappointing. It was actually hard for me to take at first because I have idolised her for so long and I just wonder why? I mean, she was struggling at some point just like me. It's like, give someone else a chance.

Love Takes Time Remake
Thanks to Anthony and Rachael for this next information from http://www.101britney.com:
"Mariah and Britney are going to redo "Love Takes Time" on Britney's new album "Oops... I Did It Again". Britney gets help from Max Martin, Diane Warren, Shania Twain, Mutt Lange, and Westlife on her new album. Shania and Brits song is rumored to be called "How Dare You?"

April 6, 2000..Vacation Time!
Vacation Time
Look at that, I am Anderz! Hee hee, just kidding! I have to take off a couple of days from the webpage because my friend Anja is coming in from Germany to visit me and then we have the concert on Tuesday in NYC! I will be e-mailing InfoMC members this weekend about where we are going to meet. I am talking to Bree to see if maybe IMCO and InfoMC members can both meet somewhere. But, I don't know when I will update this webpage next. Sorry for having to take a break but I must prepare for Tuesday! The webpage will be updated again next week...I'll keep in touch!!

Chris's Idea for InfoMC Meeting
So far, this is what I am going with. Anyone else got any ideas? E-mail me!
Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we all meet infront of MSG at like 5:30 or 6? I mean we all are going to know where MSG is because we are all going there for the concert, once we meet in front of the main gate at MSG, we can find a place thats close to MSG just by looking around or we can just sit in front of MSG and talk and take pics or what not. I mean we don't have to do anything special, just meet :) I think thats a great idea because we will all have time to do our own thing, leave if we need to, but we will all definatly know where the main gate to MSG is because we are all going there. Let me know :) Chris

Onto Mariah, Not Artist of the Month?!?
That was what Yvonne told me. I was told that Santana is the artist of the month according to VH1?!? Or were they last month and they just never updated the webpage? Hmm...

VH1 Commercial
There is a new Commercial on VH1 for Diva's Live 2000 that is only about Mariah! It sounds like MC is calling in from the phone and she is talking about how excited she is to be performing on Diva's Live 2000! It was a nice commercial, try and see it, if you can!

Diva's Live Lineup
Mariah News Central told me that Destiny Child has been added to the lineup (Wonder if they are going to wear MC's jeans like they did on MTV Spring Break?) Here is the linup, so far
Diana Ross
Faith Hill
Mariah Carey
Destiny's Child

Daily One Show
Tomorrow on VH1's Daily One Show, they will go to the rehearsals of Diva's Live and will premiere the Against All Odds video..thanks to Chris for this info.

Updates on Site
New Quote of the Week
New Pic of the Week (includes wedding pics (?)

Mariah out of the Hospital
Mariah has left the hospital and she is at home, wherever that could be! Thank God she is okay now :)

Westlife to Record with Mariah!
Elizabeth told me that Westlife will record with Mariah in May, according to Lauch.com
(Launch) - Irish boy band Westlife celebrated its new, record-breaking U.K. No. 1 hit with a nonstop party Monday in New York. The groups fifth single, "Fool Again," debuted on the top of the U.K. singles chart, making the band the first act ever to top the chart with its first five singles. Westlife landed in the Big Apple just as new U.K. chart details came out and promptly went on a well-deserved tour of the city's Irish bars. Westlife comprises Mark Feehilly, Kian Egan, Bryan McFadden, Shane Finlan and Nicky Byrne, the latter of whome - at 21 - is the group's oldest member. The boys said that they hope their widespread European appeal will carry over to the U.S. With its sights set on winning over U.S. audiences, Westlife will likely get a huge boost shortly by recording a track with megastar Mariah Carey. The said the session with Carey is set to take place sometime in May. Westlife's eponymous U.S. debut album was released Tuesday and the first single from the album is the ballad "Swear It Again."

Singapore Pics
A lot of people have been sending me pics and I am so sorry I havn't been adding them, but I will later this month (lack o' time!). However, EJ Seo told me that you can check out 18 pics of MC in Singapore that his friend took at the link below! However, I had some problems getting to the site, maybe you can get there:

Wedding Pics?
Okay I finnaly got the scans for you and I don't think they are wedding pics at all! Yes, MC is wearing a white dress but it was probably just a party. I truly believe that if they were married, this would be all over the media in a second! If you want to check out the pics, click the link below! Many thanks to Maria :)

Whitney Dissing Mariah?!?
Okay Tonio told me about this. I am not sure if it is true and Whitney actually said this or Jane Magazine screwed it up and switched around Whitney's words cause Whit and MC are friends! This article is also from www.whitney-fan.com Here goes:
When Whitney mysteriously "passed" on the first round of the fast food of female belters, VH1's Divas Live, everyone wanted to know why. Her initial response is to say that she missed it because it was "kind of, like, thrown together." But like any good diva, she shared a few more thoughts on the subject: "If you looked at the first one, the only true, true, true diva was Aretha. The rest were just babies, crawling to get walking. They're learning. If they think they're big, think they're bad, think they're stars, they got another thing coming."

April 5, 2000..No Toronto
Toronto Has Been Canceled!! EXCLUSIVE!
Well sadly Boston and Toronto has been cancelled. However, she is still expected to perform at Diva's Live! Thanks to Alan for this next article from MTV.com
After calling off her Tuesday night appearance at Boston's FleetCenter due to illness, Mariah Carey has been forced to delay another date on her tour. Carey's Boston show is now slated for Thursday, April 13, while an April 7 concert at Toronto's Air Canada Center has now been postponed as well (a new date has yet to be set). While in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, Carey ate some raw oysters and became seriously ill. Despite her illness, she did manage to perform in Atlanta on April 1. During the sold-out show at Atlanta's Philips Arena, Mariah jokingly said to her fans, "My manager didn't want me to tell you guys this, but I have food poisoning and am completely dehydrated, but we're going to have a good time tonight, even if it kills me. So if I pass out, I hope someone will call 911 for me." Mariah was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital on Monday to be treated for dehydration and complications from food poisoning. According to her publicist, Carey remains in fair condition and will spend the next few days in the hospital. The singer is expected to perform at VH1's "Divas 2000" concert on Sunday and at New York City's Madison Square Garden on April 11

Please Note
I got SO MANY e-mails yesterday asking about Boston/Toronto/MSG concerts. Whatever I know, I will post on this website! Please do not e-mail me questions about the concerts being canceled because I can't answer them sadly :( I am very sorry if I didn't respond to your e-mail! Make sure to check the website everyday for the latest on Mariah!

InfoMC Members Meeting
A lot of people are e-mailing me asking where I am going to set up to meet everyone...I don't know! Ha ha. Does anyone have any suggestions who lives in NYC or have been to the garden? I would LOVE to meet you guys but I have never been to NYC and don't know where to meet everyone! I will be e-mailing all InfoMC members this weekend about details, hopefully!

Marriage News
Okay, I still don't know what to say about this! I personally DON'T think it is true because it would of been broadcasted EVERYWHERE! However, here are two sides about this Marriahe Issue!
Hi Regina, Thanks for responding. Guess what? Remember a couple days ago when i told you about the "Mariah Siting" Well the same show showed Mariah Wedding pictures, I didn't want to believe it either, but its true. The pictures speak for themselves. When you get the pictures, you'll understand. The show said that many "American" newspapers and magazines have bought the pictures and will be published very soon. I guess she did get married in Africa in September. I don't know what else to say, except to see what Mariah has to say about this.
BTW I wanted to make a comment about the marrige story. I saw the report and the pics on a spanish TV show Primer Impacto. They said that Luis and MC were married in Morocco in a traditional ceremony but that the marriage isn't recognized legally in the US or MEX. Do you remeber when MC went to Morocco? I think it was last spring or summer. MC and all her friends went while they were working in Spain and Luis threw a party for them. The photos were in Mirabella magazine, they interviewed her while she was there. I think they just took those pics and made up this ridiculous story to go along with them. TV y Notas is a gossip magazine and the TV show is similar to Hard Copy.

Movie has been put on hold!
Thanks to Charm728 for this next article
Mariah Carey's movie on hold
(Jam! Showbiz) - Mariah Carey's feature film debut keeps getting pushed back. The production date for the diva's star turn in the upcoming "All That Glitters" has not been firmed up yet, even though Carey and her team have been working on the pre-production for close to two years. The film, an update of "A Star Is Born," is set in the early '80s and features Carey as a club singer looking for her big break. For more, visit http://www.canoe.ca/JamMusic/apr4_carey.html

Rainbow Concert in Brazil
Ma told me that he is not sure if the concert will be taking place. However, the dates that he was told was May 26th and 27th! Credicard Hall said that tickets will not go onsale on April 7th because now it seems Sony don't want to bring her there. I think this is all a rumour now and I think Ma is getting is leg yanked on by this lady. If it is true, I will have more for you later on it!

Spanish Vogue
By dumb luck yesterday, I found the Spanish Vogue with Mariah on the cover (March 2000). All the pics are real and none of them are fake! So there, settled that rumor!

Atlanta Reviews
Yeah I know they are late but anyhow here goes:
Hey everyone! I just got back from attending the Mariah Carey concert in Atlanta this past weekend. I just want to say before anything else to not believe any of the news papers that have bad reviews about the concerts b/c this was the best concert I have ever been to in my life! Mariah was wonderful and the show never kept you waiting in-between breaks. Well, it all started when I got there around 6:45 and my whole family loves Mariah so we all went but my brother and I had better seats so we decided to go and find them to see exactly where we were before we went to buy anything. I decided we should just go in the first section closest to the one the ticket. I was so surprised to find that we couldn't get to our seats from just any sec. b/c we had VIP seat! I was so excited and when we got to our seats my brother and I were freakin out b/c we were closer than we thought we would be! In the VIP section there was a restaurant and a bar and lots of TV's and also you could get to the floor from the section. My brother and I went to the handy cap sec. during parts of the concert so we could see Mariah better. Also one of the advantages of being in the VIP sec. was that they had a special store set up in the middle and I think there was only one more in the arena so if you want to get certain things make sure u get em before the concert. They ran out of the Pink Lambs at the end when I tried to get one. So instead of gettin Lambs I got Chops and he is very cute! At first Da Brat came out around 8:15 and she sang "thats what i'm lookin for" and a couple other songs. There was also a local DJ there that plaid a little, they got the crowed goin> That lasted about 45 mins. So It wasn't very long. But before I knew it was time fore Mariah! She took the stage around 9:20 and first they showed a little movie cartoon thing w/ Bianca and Mariah differences< I thought that was cute. Then some lightning started and MARIAH came out from under the stage and started singin Emotions! I really don't remember the track listing of all the songs b/c I was soooooo shocked. This was the first time I had ever seen Mariah live. She was absolutely incredible! her voice was so beautiful and she hit all the high note on emotions perfectly! One of my favorite performances was Can't Take That Away b/c she sang this after Petals and during petals she had a flower that she was taking the petals off and she didn't cry during that song cause she was tryin not to. But when the lights came back on for CTTA you could see all the tears fallin down, and it made me so sad b/c she always cries when she sings the part at the end about Tommy. At the end of the concert was one of the most emotional times for the audience and Mariah b/c she said something that was really sweet right before she went down into the crowd for Hero. She said "I'm not gonna be able to reach everyone but I'm gonna try, you'll all be close to me in my heart." Then she came down for a little bit but the side I was on all the people got up and walked down to the floor area. So she had to go back cause the body guards made her:O( I was trying to get close enough to touch her but it was too late and before I knew it the song was over. At the end of the concert I was so sad b/c it seemed so short but I was so happy at the same time b/c I finally got to see Mariah and I am definitely goin to another concert when she comes again! After the concert it was raining and I had to run all the way back to the hotel so know I have a bad cold but it is all worth it to see Mariah, and seeing her in concert is something I will never for get.
Hey Regina! Okay, I promised you i would send a review about the Mariah concert we had on April 1st in Atlanta, so here it is: Ok...My name is Cindy. My bestfriend Ronnie and I got first row tickets. We had to buy them from a broker for 350.00 each! But it was well worth it. Ok, when we first arrivied, we were about an hour early, so we went and bought alot of things. I bought these t-shirts: valentine cd cover t-shirt, rainbow tshirt, rainbow inside cover (laying on bed) t-shirt, pink mariah animated ball shirt, blue and white animated mariah\Bianca shirt, and Thank God i found you single cover shirt. Basically i bought all of the shirts..just not the tank tops. Then i bought a Mariah key chain, 2 tatoo sheets, mariah necklace, tour book and the 2 mariah posters (Rainbow cover and inside rainbow cd picute). I spent about $240.00 on all that stuff. After we bought all our stuff, we decided to go back to our seats. Da Brat did not come out till about 8:45...so she was 45 minutes late. She performed , went off stage, and then came back on and peformed. We were so close to the stage. Then after she performed, they turned the lights back on to set up the stage for Mariah. FInally, the time had came...they turned off all the lights, and the the screen stared to show MARIAH VS. BIANCA segments. They had alot of people discussing things about Mariah and Bianca..SOme of the people i remember were Jerry Springer, Pamela Lee Anderson, Snoop Dogg, Mini me, Barney , Burt Reynolds, and a few other people. That was funny....Then all of a sudden it got very very very quiet and dark,,,then it stareted lightning on the screen , the rainbow music started up, and mariah popped up out of the floor. As soon as i saw her, all my problems went away. I was too shocked to cry, and not to mention the fact that it felt like i have known her all my life. Well, she started singing "emotions"..I honestly couldnt tell you the songs in order, but alot of things went on. They had a real live fight scene with Mariah and somone looking like Bianca. Okay, here is the part i will never forget! After the little beauty pagent, she decided to sing "Dreamlover" and thats when she was like "oh i want to give out some of these lambs" and she had a basket of lambs and she kissed all of them and signed the. She then said "shine light on the audienece" and she walked right over to my bestfiend and i , and then she said "HIM" and pointed to ROnnie. I am a huge fan, but he has loved her more and longer! He tried to jump over hte bars, but hte security came and got him. THe told him if he touched Mariah before she gave permisision, that he would come up there and beat his A_ _ , so Ronnie tried so hard to stay calm. He went up there crying and everything. They showed Mariah and him really big on that screen. I was so much in shock. She gave him a hug, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek! And she also gave him a lamby! It even had her smell on it! Well, when he came back, he was all talking about how much prettier she looked in person..ect..Well, i got my chance to give her my 7 page letter and butterfly hairclips i bought her. Because when she sang "Hero" she came into the audience!!!! She came right over to ronnie and i , and i hand gave her that stuff! She looked at me and i touched herleft arm, and she grabbed my hand! I have never been so happy!!!!! That was a dream come true, My bestfriend was sooooo popular after the concert! SO many people were like wanting to take pictures of him and stuff. Beleive it or not, we didnt take cameras, because being front row, they would have taken them up, cause we had a million body guards around us! But we are tryign to find people that did take pictures of it! It was so amazing! Also, she tried her best not to cry during "Petals" but after the lights went off, she came back on crying real bad. Then she said "i want to sing something that might have helped some of you through things" and thats when she sang "Mariahs theme". She did so awesome on that!!! Altogether, she changed my life and i will never forget how big of a heart she has and how beautiful she was in person. Im sorry i dont have pictures, but i do have an audio sample.. A firend of mine called her friend on a cel phone while she was singing "Hero" and i got a few seconds on there...so that was cool! Also, at the very end, she sang "Butterfly" and thats when she dropped all the confetti on the audience. It was so beautiful. This one experience changed my life for ever! Mariah is the best, no matter what anyone says, i would never hurt her and i would never turn against her! P.S. By the way, tell everyone that it was Ronnie,,,,the guy that had the really colorful clothing on....and i had hte same clothing on as well! He was the guy that ran to help mariah give the lambs out :0)!!!!!!!!!

April 4, 2000..Mariah in the hospital!!!
Boston is canceled and MC is in the Hospital
Well sadly, it is true. The Boston shw has been canceled and I just visited Friends of Mariah and see that many people are kind of upset! Here is a sad article and I hope MC gets better ASAP!
Here's the latest from Fleetcenter.com
Singer Mariah Carey was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital last night for dehyrdation and complications from food poisoning. While in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, Ms. Carey ate raw oysters and became seriously ill. She will remain in the hospital for several days. Tonight's concert has been reschduled for Thursday, April 13th at 7:30 p.m. All April 4th tickets will be honored for the April 13th performance. Refunds are available at the point of purchase and should be made prior to show time.

ET/Access/E! News Daily
Make sure you check all the above shows tonight to see what is up with MC and how she is doing! I'll let you know if she is only any of the shows tomorrow

Boston nor MSG last Rainbow Concert
My very good friend Ma has been doing his research and found out that on April 7th, Mariah Carey Rainbow Tickets will go onsale over the phone for a May Concert in Brazil. I was told the date of the concert that Ma got from Sony but I forget it now sadly but Ma will probably tell me again, later tonight!

Artist of The Month-April!
Sherwin told me this :)
VH1 just named her their April's Artist Of The Month and they also mentioned to watch her on the "Diva's Live: Tribute To Diana Ross" which will air on April 11 (check your local listings).

New Website

Cool Pics from Japan
Uwe told me about this cool site that has nice pics of MC from her concerts in Japan. I found and posted below the direct link to the site because I know majority of you guys can't speak Japanese :) Hee hee..
Click Here for Cool Pics

Mariah and Luis Married
Okay Nini always sends me information that is 100% true and now she is telling me that MC and Luis are married. I don't really believe this whatsoever and I don't want to create a rumor that they are! It is said that it was a secret wedding and in Tv Notas, they showed the pics! I will have the scans of the pics for you probably by next week cause Nini is sending me the magazine but maybe it was like a fake little, fun wedding? I don't think they are legally married..here is what I was told
REG!! They got the pictures from Tv Notas. (spanish mag)I SAW THEM MYSELF! "El gordo y La Flaca" were just talking about it!! OMG! They got married last September after Luis finished his tour in Spain. It was a secret ceremony in Morocco!! It was an Africa wedding kinda like the one Celine Dion had. Mariah was wearing a long white dress and Luis was wearing some African outfit. (I dunno what it was!) I don't think the magazine is out here in the U.S. yet!! I'll get u a copy!! :) Nobody wants to believe me. The publisher of the (TV notas) magazine was on 'El gordo y La Flaca' She said they were trying for months to get those photos.!!

MC on Cover
MC is on the cover of FRESH Magazine. IT is a pic of her from the 1999 Billboard Awards.

DaBrat Mentions Mariah
Brianne got the new DaBrat album a couple days early and it does include the Heartbreaker Remix. Here is what DaBrat said about Mariah..
"Mariah, we're friends till the end of the rainbow".

April 3, 2000..8 days!!!
Atlanta Review
iriad@vt.edu Review
Hey Regina, I went to the Atlanta concert last night and it was a blast. I live in Virginia and I had traveled to Atlanta and I just wanted to share the concert with you. My tip to all others; get your t-shits and tour books as soon as you get in the door. I was the first in line and I bought a tourbook and the t-shirt with the TGIFY cover on it. Later on, the lines were so long and there was only one place to buy stuff. They didn't allow cameras or outside food but I had my camera in a hidden pocket in my coat and I had to throw away my water bottle. They searched purses and any other bags so don't put your cameras in your bags. My seats were ok. Not the best but i was close enough to where i could watch MC the whole time instead of the monitor. I was there with my mom and she is a mc fan too. The costumes and the order of the songs were the same as before so I will just tell you some of the things that were not stated before. MC came up from the hole in the stage and sang emotions. In the whole concert, she hit all the high notes perfectly. I was watching her and I couldn't believe that this was really Mariah Carey (I have never seen her in person before this)!! She looked so beautiful and looked like a princess. She was breath-taking, even on the video screen. After emotions, she told the audience that she flew in last night and was feeling fine but that she had eaten some bad seafood and that she was really sick in the morning but that she was gonna do this for us. She said that if anything happened to her that we were in-charge of taking her to the hospital because even though there was a doctor in the house, she trusted us more. The whole time, she was sipping gatorade. She didn't have a toast that night like all of the other concerts probably because she was sick. She also said that it was her first time in Atlanta. She was saying that this tour is for the fans and only for no one else and she was really sincere about that. In the middle of against all odds, the top center part of the screen froze on that frame while the other part was regular so that looked really weird. Another technical difficulty was when MC wanted to bring some fans up. The lights weren't working, only the spotlight so she could only see the people in the middle of the floor seat area. She was reading all the signs and saying that they were really creative and that she wanted to keep all of them. Then after about 2 min they worked. She brought up some people. 2 of them really stood out. This guy (i also noticed him coming into the arena before the concert) was wearing a white shirt and pants and written all over them in rainbow colors were things like I love Mariah and Mariah rules. Another was a girl that didn't stop crying. She gave all 4 people lambs that she had kissed and then she asked for a volunteer and immediately the guy with the white clothes jumped up and she laughed. He helped her throw some extra lambs all around. Mariah also threw some other things into the audience like some roses that were all over the stage after the fight in the beauty pageant. Before she threw them she was on her knees picking them up and was like "is there a broom anywhere because the stage is a total mess" so a guy came on the stage and started sweeping and she was like "do you want me to do that for you?"lol :o) During Crybaby, she also threw a big bear but it didn't make it across the open area between the stage and the audience. After all this throwing, the crowd was crazy. Every time she had something that could be thrown into the audience (even if she wasn't going to throw it) the crowd started screaming like crazy. For example, she was taking her bunny slippers off during crybaby so that she could sleep in the bed and everyone went wild. And after crybaby, she took the blanket off the bed to use for "close my eyes" and everyone thought she was gonna throw it to the audience as well. She did a very good performance of close my eyes. Then in Petals, she had tears in my eyes and it was so moving. It looked like she was trying to hold them back. After the song, there was a blackout and she went to center stage and then you could tell that she had cried because there were tears all over her face and she was using her sash to wipe them off. She sang CTTA and that was probably the best performance of the night. It was very powerful and she got a standing ovation and aside from after hero, it was the longest applause. I also enjoyed Fantasy a lot. I wasn't sure whether or not it was live but the choreography was excellent and she was wearing the same outfit as the homecoming special and it looked really good. For honey, they played the first part of the music video where she is handcuffed in a chair and she dives out of the window into the pool (but without the music of honey) and as she is climbing out of the pool on the screen, she rises from the trap door at the same time. It looks really cool!! Then the music starts and she says "ok, i got one question, do you like the ensemble?" and the crowd went wild! After Honey, she lined up with her dancers and they all took a bow and she said good night and left. I told my mom that it wasn't over and that we should move closer. She thought I was crazy but we made out way to the front (so many people were leaving so for anyone with bad seats, this is a good chance to move closer). We were so close to the stage and Mariah came back out again. She sang Vision of love so well and everyone was singing along (same with hero). There were ushers everywhere trying to keep people in their seats and threatening to take away peoples cameras but when MC came off the stage in hero, the people were out of control!! I got such a close look at Mariah and I couldn't believe my eyes. She sang Hero so well. After that she went back to the stage and stood in front of the big video screen and on that, was live footage of the audience. It was so beautiful, her in front of a big screen with the fans on it. Artist and her devoted fans. She had tears in her eyes and she looked so grateful and sincere! I can see why most critics didn't like the show and that was because of the fact that this wasn't like any other concert. It is definitely one that stands out from the rest. People have accused it of being a visual mess but it was put together very well and there was no waiting once the show started. It was all about Mariah and the fans having a good time and it is clear that that happened. To Mariah, that is all that is important. I enjoyed the concert very much and i took at least 3 rolls of film. I really hope that they decide to release this onto video because it was absolutely wonderful. We should all sign the petition to get this released on video. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the excellent work!

April Fool Joke
I got several e-mails about Saturday's April Fool Jokes and everyone except one person thought it was funny! I was told that I am obviously uneducated in creating rumors (isn't that a good thing?) and I have a stupid sense of humor. However, the April Fool's joke did what it was suppose to, trick ya! I did not mean to offend anyone nor did I mean to create a rumor that she was pregnant. I don't think I did anything wrong but if I upset you, then I apologize! Let's move on, shall we?

New GREAT Pic Site
Lisa, who I think has every single MC pic on the planet, has created a picture website. Lisa sends me tons of pics all the time and I feel so bad that I don't have time to add them to the site. She is still working on the site but she says it has recent and old pics, so GO there NOW!! Hee hee..

There is two pics of MC in the May 2000 issue of YM with TLC on the cover. On the back page, MC is part of a contest to guess who's belly is who's. It shows a pic of her from the 1999 Blockbuster Awards and the second one is a pic from the 1998 Essence awards and they talk about how frizzy her hair was :( I actually thought it looked nice?

April 2, 2000..9 days!!!
Not so nice article..
I got this next article from a future Mariah Three Buddy, Mariah Online and it is not really a very nice article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I don't have any news besides this right now but I should have Fan Reviews, good ones, by tomorrow! Read below:
Mariah Carey's better in the studio
Before we get to Mariah Carey's first performance in Atlanta - Saturday night at Philips Arena - understand one thing: She has become a best-selling pop singer by playing to inanimate objects. The microphone in the studio and the video camera. Not live audiences. And her first tour in seven years reflects that. Though it couldn't have helped that Carey went somewhere in the city the night before and had bad seafood, she said at the opening of her two-hour show, that still doesn't excuse what was often an incongruous production that only made sense when she sang. Not that the sold-out crowd cared about such matters. The girl-heavy audience was on its feet from the moment the almost insufferable video introduction ended, and she rose with a sun from underneath the stage, to the closers that included her first hit, the 1990 single "Vision of Love."In between that time Carey suffered through missing Gatorade at the start of the show, technical and video glitches - and of course that tummy ache - and still triumphed as a vocalist.Particularly on her unfortunately appropriate cover of the Phil Collins' ballad, "Against All Odds."As for her opening act, Atlanta rapper Da Brat ("That's What I'm Looking For") and fellow local talent DJ Nabs, proved to be the stimulant missing from Carey's ballad-heavy show.

Updates on Site
There is a new Pic of the Week which features 4 new pics from Japan..many thanks to Linda T.