August News

8/30/98 Okay some people are saying they saw "Sweetheart" Friday around 6:30. Over the weekend it was not played at all but starting Monday you MIGHT see it during Jams Countdown, the morning video sections, and 7-8 during there hour of premiere videos/videos. Check it out.

"Whenever You Call" is now in Heavy rotation on VH1

MC is in the Vogue issue onstands now.

MC is also in Right On. It is a pinup.

MC WILL be appearing at the MTV Music Awards on Sept.10th. MTV is running a commercial and she is just appearing not singing. They showed a picture of her from Honey Remix.

MC will be performing My All/Stay A While on the Soul Train Awards. There is two pages on this event in this weekstands TVGUIDE. It is on page 193-194 I believe,

On the cd "When You Believe" half of the cd's will have Mariah's name on it first and vice versa for Whitney.

8/26/98 Regina is back..thanks SO MUCH oh so helpful Alex. Anyhow I got some news goes. Mariah is in the new "First" and the "Word Up" magazines. There are some nice pictures so check them out.

MC's new album will be out on Nov. 10th, confirmed by Sony.

MC's and Whitney's new albums will be out on the same day so you don't have to worry about buying Whitney's for the song "When You Believe."

The tracks for Sweetheart single consist of:1. Radio Edit 2. LP Version 3. Instrumental 4. A Cappella 5. Call Out Hook 6. Call Out Hook. Thanks to Bone897 for that info.

Rumor is that "Whenever you Call" is going to be a single. I don't believe it though

the book on MC by Chris can now be bought at You can prob. get it in bookstores now too. I don't know the release date..sorry!

8/24/98 Alex here! The lovely and talented WildCatHG will be back soon. In the meantime, I got some nuuz for ya!

Mariah's in the newest Star tabloid. There's a pic of her in a bikini chillin' with her bodyguard on a luxury yacht. Also, their gossip column talks about how MC taking private lessons in manners and behavior so she can hang with wealthy billionaires. She's even taking lessons in French and Art history.

8/18/98 Okay the NEW VIDEO CAN BE SEEN. Wahoo. As most of you know "Whenever You Call" was made as a video and can be seen on VH1. I saw it during the Cardiovascular morning show. It was the last video. Also VH1 is showing 2 commercials with MC on it. One is for Save the Music. It shows the Diva's holding a check for the amount of money they earned from the concert, the other one was for the program which took place tonight. It takes you behind the music of Mariah, Gloria, Tina, Madonna, and Janet. Mariah's was VH1 to One.

MTV is showing a commercial for the upcoming awards. MC is on from "Honey"

MC is on the Cover (in the corner) of the new Black Beat (Sept. 1998). There is a poster of her from the Z100 B-day bash and she is singing. Also she is in the new Cosmo. (sept. issue) THREE times, including the back..telling us that she will be in the next issue. Also she is in the NEW Globe (August 25th) about Leo and her. All fake, but oh well.

8/14/98 It is official. MTV news reported that Mariah WILL release a new cd this December. It will be a cd that will include ALL her number one single (this isn't a greatest hits album--just number ones--which is basically a greatest hits) PLUS Sweetheart and When You Believe (the song with Whitney). So on the cd, there will be 15 songs.

The repeat of Rosie was just shown. It was the Close My Eyes one. Thought I would let you know!

8/13/98 MC is in EVEN MORE magazines. The new SPICE is finnaly out and features a poster of MC from Honey. She is also in Faces of POP, Hype (on cover), A black hairstyle magazine (can't remember name :(, she is also in a magaziine of just Monica and Brandy too. SO go out and get them if you have the money. Spice is worth it.

8/10/98 MC is in Sister 2 Sister (Spet 1998). There is two pictures. One if from the recent Patti concert and Patti is looking forward and MC is cracking up (hee hee). That is on Page 21 and on page 23 there is a big picture of MC's face from the Essence awards. It talks about her moviecareer.

8/9/98 Mariah is in the August 19th issue of Star. It has a full page article on Christina and a big b/w picture of MC from the commercial. Check it out!

There is a lot of confusion about this Patti thing. All I can tell you is to check your local listings. Mine will take place on August 19th and a lot of people saw the concert this weekend. LUCKY ME!

8/8/98 Mariah's and Whitney's new song is called, "When You Believe." Babyface is writing and producing the song. It is set to be released sometime mid-December (around my b-day too!). Thanks to Sip5Alive for the information :D

8/7/98 Mariah is in the August 11th Globe tabloid. There are two pictures (one from the VH1 Fashion Awards and the other from the Blockbuster awards). This is what it says: "Mariah Carey: Comeback curl! Hair majesty Mariah fails the tress test with her slickeddown style." So I guess they like her curly hair better!

Team Celine had this to say: "If you receive MuchMusic, set your VCR for August 8, 1998 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern to record Divas Live, a two hour VH1 special featuring Celine, Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey among others. In case you miss it, the show repeats on August 9 at 2:00 a.m. Eastern." NOW...this show hopefully will be adding the extra sceenes. Last time they did. Aretha turned to Mariah during the end and MC just bursted out. It was so cool. SO make sure you watch it.

Mariah has the #2 Dance Maxi-Single on the billboard charts

8/5/98 Mariah will appear with Patti Wed. August 19th at 8 pm and 11:30 pm (channel 12 here in NJ..check your local listings). MC and Patti will sing: "Don't Make Me Over," "On My Own" and---naturally---"Over the Rainbow." Plus Mariah Carey will sing "Got To Be Real." Make sure you check this out.

Mariah was on Women First last night and they had a trivia question on her asking Who was her main influence growing up and the answer was her mother. They also played her video "My All."

8/4/98 Make sure you get Funk Master Flex's new album coming out August 10th because he remixed a Mariah song :) There is an ad in the Vibe which lists MC's name but not the song. If you have details on the song...e-mail me!

MC will be on Rosie on 8/14. It is a repeat

8/3/98 MC is also in the Sept. issue of "US" It is a picture of her from the Essence awards. Also she is in two foreign magazines called "Looks" and "OK"

A new book is coming out on the shelves Oct. 1998 and it is by the writer Chris Nichlson. He wrote a book a while ago on MC and he is doing another one called, "Mariah Carey Revisted."

Other magazines MC can be seen in are Vibe, POP, Jane, TV MOVIE (german magazine), Twist, Right On (new maybe not on the shelves), Looks, OK, Celebrity Hairstyle.

8/2/98 Finnaly back from Camp (even though I am now sporting a possible broken ankle :( ) MC is in the August issue of Spice and the Sept. issue of Teen People. So go check them out.

Mariah won the Aretha Franklin award at the Soul Trains which will all take place on Sept. 3rd and will be aired LIVE.

MC is also in the Sept. 1998 YM on page 22. It is a really pretty picture of her from the recent FAF benifit. This is the first published picture from this event I have seen. She was so pretty too in that white dress.

There is a rumor that MC's next cd will be out shortly and will be called "Ones" It will feature her #1 hits and also will feature the single with Whitney. WAHOO! :D