August 2000 News!

August 31, 2000...
MClogo New Pics!!
Minerva has sent me some REALLY cool pics of Mariah. They are all from Spain and she scanned them herself recently! One pic shows Mariah in a limo holding her WMA from this year and another pic is Mariah in Spain from a newspaper article, plus pics of MC performing Heartbreaker, plus more! Go check out these really nice pics in Gallery 36!!

Mariah Sends "Special Package to fan!
Okay you live in Spain, yesterday you get an unaddressed package from someone. You open it up and see a CTTA Single, a Rainbow Album and an autograph! What do you do? Scream really loud in excitement and that's exactly what Minerva did. Minerva has met Mariah in Spain twice and given her letters and such. So, when she was writing up the Double Rainbow Contest Autographs, she wrote one for Minerva too! How sweet Mariah is! Here is what Minerva told me herself and the autograph is below:
Hi Reg!!!! How are ya? Hope great! OMG!!! I still can't believe what has happened to me today!!!!!! I got a package from the Unite States and I thought that was your package but soon I realized I was wrong and I became really, really surprised! OMG!!!!!! It was a package from New York. Then I openned it and I could not believe what my eyes were looking at. It was a Mariah's autograph, yeah, you hear me right and it was also dedicated to me!!!. It says: "To Minerva Thanks for all your support! Love + Thanks, Mariah".
Reg! as soon as I looked at it, I started to cry a lot because I had never thought that Mariah could do that for me!! Then, I realized that it was a present she wanted to do for me. there was also an American Rainbow's album and the 'Can't take that away' single inside the package, the one with the song 'Love Hangover'. THe package was sent last July, 18th but I got it today. Now, I'm complete sure that Mariah ha read all the letters she has got from me and I have to thank you and Anja because Mariah has read some of my letters thanks to you both. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Spotlight on Mariah!
Okay I updated the Important Dates section on the website today and I found a special Mariah is in called, "Spotlight!" Anyone know what this is? I think it's the special that runs in Canada. Here is the show description and you can find out when it airs on the main page under Important Dates:
Show: Spotlight
Episode: Mariah Carey (Part 1)
Network: (MM USA) MuchMusic USA
Date: Monday - September 04, 2000
Time: 06:30 pm - 07:00 pm ET
Featured Artists
Mariah Carey
About Spotlight
Explores the career, music output, the heart, and the soul of a single artist or band. A different artist each day, front and center, for a full half hour. The best way to discover a new artist or trace the career of your favorite.
About MM USA: MuchMusic USA
MuchMusic USA, the channel for passionate music fans, is radically different with a live and interactive format and the world's largest collection of music videos. MuchMusic presents state-of-the-art music television, delivering a constant flow of live, spontaneous, interactive programming. Provocative and unrehearsed, anything can and does happen -- it is television without a net. MuchMusic plugs fans into a wide spectrum of musical experiences through videos and live drop-in performances by major artists and breaking bands. MuchMusic has established an international reputation for an informal, highly visual, action oriented style: one-of-a-kind showcase for musical series, concerts and videos featuring rock, pop, alternative, blues, metal, rap and jazz.

Bits O' Information
Here is some various news I have gotten:

  • Michael
    hey REH-GINA,
  • Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    It's not that exciting, but Mariah's former make up artist, Billy B. was on a show on MTV today called "Mission Makeover", so they mentioned how he's done her make up before, and showed a short scene from the Dreamlover video.
  • Janine
    Regina, I have some tidbits you may like to know for your news.
    1)William Shatner who does the commercials for says a few lines from the theme to "Mahogany" and the pianist plays the song in the background.
    2)In the current issue of YM, Britney Spears article says she is coming out with her own line of Britney Jeans (maybe mariah's?)
    3)On the 15 freeway going south, the last city beofre crossing the san diego county line is named Rainbow with a pop. of 5,000.
    4) On SNL weekend update Colin Quin makes fun of Tommy Matolla in a news article.
    "Mattel plans on coming out with a new Barbie in which she has bendable legs and can wear a midriff. She also has a new boyfriend coming out named Tommy Matolla."

    Britney Beats Mariah
    Well Hannah told me the following:
    Hey Regina! How are you doing ?So I was just listening to Z100 and the 5:30 entertainment "sleeze" came on with Danielle Manero. They were talking about the auction on yahoo and how they have celebrity jeans being auctioned. They then said that they have jeans from Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Gillian Anderson and more. They said that Mariah's jeans were only being auctioned for 500 currently and that Britney's jeans were the most expensive.

    Hannah checked the website on the how the Jeans were doing and yesterday, MC was at $680 and Britney's jeans were at $3,010,000. Wow, that's a big difference!

    Mariah Carey a Legacy
    Marc (Webmaster of Mariah Dreams of Butterflies) found an article yesterday on Compuserves Story of the Day, which is about MC!
    Carey was surrounded by music as a youth, as her mother, Patricia, was her vocal coach and an opera singer. Her family was of mixed heritage, and sadly, had experienced unfortunate incidents of bigotry and prejudice over the years. In part, these pressures caused her parents to divorce when she was 3 years old. After the divorce, Carey's mother discovered her daughter's noteworthy level of vocal ability and her nurture this incredible talent.
    By the time Carey reached junior high, she was writing her own songs, and upon reaching high school, she traveled to, and later moved to, Manhattan to further study her craft. To help pay her bills, Carey worked in a multitude of jobs, including as a waitress and coat checker, but the talented star has come a long way during the past decade. She has taken the world by storm with her incredible vocal talents, shattering industry records and receiving countless honors for her efforts.
    Now Carey plans to take on the acting world! In 1999, she made a brief appearance as an opera singer in "The Bachelor," but Carey's next big-screen outing will be a much larger one, when she stars in the upcoming motion picture "All That Glitters." In a story reportedly conceived by Carey--and one that, in some ways, could be viewed as mirroring her own life experiences--the film is set against the background of the New York club scene where a singer (Carey) overcomes great childhood adversity to climb the ladder of success.
    Halle Berry's fiancé, soul singer Eric Benet, will be making his feature film acting debut as--you guessed it--a singer opposite Carey in the production. Other performers include rap star "Da Brat," who portrays Carey's sister, and actresses Valarie Pettiford and Tia Texada. The film, directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall of "Gridlock'd," is currently shooting in Toronto and is being positioned for a March release.
    Reports suggest that Carey will launch a worldwide tour following the film's release to support the project and its soundtrack, which should come as welcome news for the millions of fans whose lives have been deeply touched by the challenges and triumphs of the biggest-selling female artist of the 1990s.

    TV y Novelas
    JoseAR95 told me that MC is in the Spanish issue of this Spanish Magazine. It's a pic of her and Luis and it talks about them breaking up, which is NOT true!

    National Enqurer TV
    I usually don't report this tabloid tv information but this time, they were nice to Mariah! Ashley and Liz told me more about it:

  • Ashley
    Hi I was watching National Enquirer Tv today and Mariah was on it twice. One part was about how tommy is responsible for her successful career off but then they pointed out that mariah is still successful and they're divorced.
    They also had her on a part where they showed a picture flashback and u had to guess who it was. I was like its mariah from like 8th grade! =)
  • Liz
    i watched National Enquirer Tv this morning and Mariah was on it TWICE! the first time they said that in the middle of her career when she was still married to Tommy that lotz o ppl thought she sold so many records because she was with him but then they said that currently Mariah and Tommy are divorced and Mariah has had more no. 1's and is selling just as much records as when she was with him possibly even more, then they were having a star flashback and they showed MC's 8th grade picture! i got so excited and i taped the whole thing!

    Japan's AAO Single with Westlife!
    Gary told me the tracklisting of the Japan single that is set to be released on September 27th!
    #1: AGAINST ALL ODDS (Mariah Featuring Westlife)
    #2: AGAINST ALL ODDS (Album Version)
    #3: AGAINST ALL ODDS (Pound Boys Radio Edit)
    #4: AGAINST ALL ODDS (Instrumental)

    Okay Michelle and Enrique sent me some artwork. The first one is from Michelle and it's a painting of the Nescafe ad that looks REALLY nice and the second one is a wallpaper that Enrique made, which is cool too!! Click on the links to see them below:
    Michelle's Painting-Click Here!
    Enrique's Wallpaper-Click Here

    This Website--Shut Down for School?!?
    No, not really! Just wanted to get your attention, hee hee. Okay guys, next Wednesday I go back to college. Meaning, the updates will be harder to do. I will still update everyday but I won't be able to read e-mails as often! Monday and Wednesday I have class from 8 am till 8pm at night, so it's going to be REALLY hard to update this site on those days, but I will still try my best!!! Also, here is a run down on when this site should be updated so you know when to expect your Mariah news!
    Mondays: Probably mid afternoon
    Tuesdays: Either early morning or around 6 pm EST (I word either 9-5 pm or 1-9 pm, so it matters on how my boss schedules me)
    Wednesdays: Probably mid afternoon
    Thursdays:Either early morning or around 6 pm EST (I word either 9-5 pm or 1-9 pm, so it matters on how my boss schedules me)
    Fridays: Around 10 am
    Saturdays: Around 4 pm, like always (I work 7am-3pm)
    Sundays: Around 4 pm, like always (I work 7 am-3pm)

    This semester, I will be going to school full time, working full time and updating this webpage, along with my own personsal life. So yeah it's going to be tough but hopefully you will all work with me and I will, FOR SURE, keep this webpage going!!! Thanks guys!

    August 30, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah Mission!
    Okay guys, Matt and fellow MC fans in Australia need our help. Matt called Sony today and was told that AAO will not be released as a single without more airplay, because at the moment it has NONE! So, recently we got AAO to #1 in Hungary and now, we must get AAO on the Australian charts so the fans can get MC's single and can help out Mariah's sales for the single. SO, what can we do? Request like heck...
    Here are the places/emails to request the song:
    (*Note- don't use an obviously non-Australian email address, free servers such as hotmail are great to send requests from because your location isn't revealed)

  • "All Music Video"
    (in the suburb field use the name of an Australian capital city such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide - although a city is not a suburb, it makes it look as though you are an Australian citizen. Use any FOUR digits for the postcode)
  • "Video Hits"
    (Use any FOUR digits for the postcode)
  • General Requesting Emails (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Please refer to this AMCF site:

    Your Mariah Story!
    A while back I started this section called, "Your Mariah Story!" Basically, it's a place where MC fans can send in their stories on how Mariah has inspired them or changed their life! Well, as you might know, I go back to college next week, so anyone who still wants to send in their story, I ask that you do it now so I can get it up! Also, I can't say much, but I will say that I REALLY think you want to do this! You'll find out later why, if we get lucky enough! Thanks guys! Click below to find how to send your entrees in and what other MC fans wrote so far!

    Bits O' Information
    Here is some various news and tidbits I was sent:

  • Julie
    Last night (aug 28th) I was watching t.v at around mid-night and VH1's show 20 to 1 was on. I decided to check it out and they were counting down the top 20 teen idols and I think number 11 was Boyz II Men and they were showing the hits that they sang and the last clip they showed was of them and Mariah singing "One Sweet Day" as I was watching it they showed a pretty good clip of Mariah singing her part. I just wanted to let you know that.
  • Nicole4404
    hey i have an MC story to share! i dont know if this is the right place to send it, but here it is! I was watching tv the other day, i was in such a bad mood because my crush of 4 years called me a bitch, so i was depressed!! well i saw a commercial, as i was lying down crying. I heard the song "Do you know where your going to."(its on the cd valentines from MC of course!) well i heard that song, and i heard MC singing it, i dont even know what the commerical was for, but i instantly felt better! MC ALWAYS does that to me! thats why i love her! well hope ya'll liked my story! bye*bye
  • Lauren
    i don't know if you saw, but i was watching Access Hollywood's 10 biggest people in 2000 (or something like that) show and Faith Hill was #7 and they mentioned that she sang with great singers at divas 2000 like diana ross and Mariah Carey
  • Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    Mariah was on a show tonight on VH1 called VH1 confidential. It was about stars who are stalked by obsessed fans. It only showed a picture of her tho. People like that scare me!
  • Bon C
    hey i just wanted to let you know that on Ally McBeal yesterday they played I'll Be There. Mariah wasn't singing it but it was the cover that Mariah did. I also wanted to mention that when you said that someone was singing I'll Be There for the graduation it wasn't Mariah's original song but it was probably sang the way Mariah produced it so she deserves credit.
  • Paula:
    Today in the morning, i was passing through channels and i stoped at FoX network at the show "National Enquirer Tv" which is at 11 0'clock. And they showed the previews tomorrow, and Mariah is going to be on it. They showed her and Tom Arnold asking "Did these stars sleep their way to the top?!) When I saw that I could not believe it! I was so mad, so i want to watch that tomorrow, Wednesday, to see what they say about Mariah.
  • JoseAR95
    hey there i was watching oprah and they showed a little piece of Mariah Whitney and Oprah, only Oprah and whitney were talking removing spots.
  • Ashley
    Hey I was at the mall today and over the loud speaker in the main part of the mall they were playing Can't Take That Away! I was so excited! =)

    MariahVision Song Contest
    Anderz, my Mariah4 buddy, asked me to post this:
    This contest is starting now! And I want many of you to take apart and sing a Mariah song, even if you don't think you are so great at singing. I will put all songs on a site and it will be fun for people to listen to. Read about the contest on the new site I just made by clicking the link below. Also please sponsor the contest if you have a site!

    Chicago Fan Club
    Gina (I think that is the name of the owner, I hope so!) has a Chicago Mariah Carey Club and she would like you all to check it out!!!

    Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart
    Mark let me know that Mariah has dropped one spot with AAO from #42 to #43!!!

    Workplace Today
    Yesterday I said that Mariah was on a poll that AOL was running in Workplace Today and here are the results so far:
    If you could make the annual salary of a high-profile person, who would that be?
    Bill Gates 61691 57.1%
    Julia Roberts 8911 8.3%
    Michael Jordan 16644 15.4%
    Mariah Carey 1720 1.6%
    Ken Griffey, Jr. 5662 5.2%
    Hot Dog Espisito 1135 1.1%
    Steven Spielberg 12192 11.3%
    Total votes: 107955

    Mariah and Britney undress for MS
    Muning sent me this next article that discusses the fact that Mariah gave a pair of her jeans up for charity! She also signed them, "Love Always Mariah!"
    Mariah Carey may not give you the shirt off her back, but you can have her jeans. The singer, along with Britney Spears, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Claudia Schiffer, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Danny DeVito, Drew Barrymore, Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Costner and Warren Beatty, will participate in the Undress for MS-- Yahoo!® Celebrity Jeans Auction. The auction kicked off today on Yahoo! Inc. More than 70 celebrities autographed and donated their jeans to be auctioned on Yahoo! Auctions, one of the largest, globally-branded free auction sites on the Internet, to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Southern California chapter. All monies raised will be dedicated to finding a cure for MS and to promoting and providing critically-needed programs and services to individuals living with the condition.
    Through the campaign, people can jump into the celebrity jean pool and raise awareness and funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Southern California Chapter by bidding on signed, well-worn celebrity jeans and/or apparel on Yahoo!® Auctions (
    People can also send online greeting cards with images of selected pairs of signed jeans to friends and family from Yahoo! Greetings ( “Through this charity auction, people can connect with their favorite celebrity and at the same time make a real difference in the fight against MS,” said Rich Godwin, brand manager, Yahoo! Auctions, Yahoo! Inc.
    The Undress for MS-- Yahoo! Celebrity Jeans Auction campaign will run through Sept. 10. Auction results will be announced mid-September and again Oct. 2 at the 26th Annual Dinner of Champions in Los Angeles. To participate or learn more about the campaign, visit

    Arista Joins With Jam, Lewis!
    Iriad sent me the following article which mentions Mariah in it. You can check it out yourself by clicking here and here is the article below:
    NEW YORK (AP) - Arista Records has made a three-year deal with Grammy-award winning producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to distribute, promote and market the duo's Flyte Tyme Records.
    Jam and Lewis, who are responsible for most of Janet Jackson's chart-topping recordings as well as hits from artists including Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, will produce music for Arista artists, Arista President Antonio ``L.A.'' Reid said.
    In addition, artists will be signed to Flyte Tyme and marketed by Arista. ``What I'm building is a music machine. I'm bringing in as many great producers as I can. We can find great songs for great artists - that's the key to success,'' Reid said on Tuesday.
    Reid was recently installed as Arista's president, replacing company founder Clive Davis. Davis left after Arista's corporate parent, BMG Entertainment, enforced its mandatory retirement policy. The 67-year-old Davis last week announced the creation of a new record label, J Records, with BMG. Arista is home to such superstars as Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana.

    Mariah Shinning Star
    Vincent recently had to shut down his website because he had to move it. Also, he had to temporarily shut down his newsletter but now he wants to bring it back. When he went to send the newsletter, a lot of the AOL members names have changed. SO, he is asking for anyone who was in his Mariah Newsletter or would like to be in it now, to please e-mail him to join. The first link below is for his website and the second one is the one you click on to join! Do you want my opinion? I suggest you all join; I am in it myself because it's a good newsletter! Thanks!
    Mariah Carey Shining Star
    and to subscribe to the
    *MC Shining Star Newsletter*

    Singer who LOVES Mariah!
    Here is what Ryan told me:
    This is just a small bit of something I stumbled upon and I thought it would be nice to mention at least . I don't know if most people have heard of Coco Lee but she is an Asian singer that recently made her debut in the States. Ms. Lee mentions that her one of her top influences is Mariah and included a host of other fine singers as well. It was cool to see.. What is of note is that she is an accomplished artist and singer in her own right, teaching herself Mandarin and writing most of her music. I believe her first language was English. She can speak English, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin. What is intersting is that she is an American Citizen of Chinese descent but only in the outside does she have high polualrity. Only recently she decided to bring it back home. If I am not mistaken I believe she is of mixed heritage as well and also has been wary of cultural biases and prejudices. The mixed heritage is almost as much of a problem in Asian culture as it is here. I believe she also had issues with it but was able to overcome it through music, one of her passions. Now many of her fans can relate to her there and love her dearly. She has many similarites to Mariah and the fact that she lists Mariah as one of her top influences denotes some sort of kinship, don't you think? I have listened to her music and have been very impressed. I just thought I would mention some similarities between them. Thanks Ryan

    August 29, 2000...
    MClogo New Pics!!!
    A couple people were asking me where the pic was that used to be the NEWS title gif! Well, I added the picture of Mariah waving in the pink dress to Gallery 36. In case you didn't notice, I added a bunch of new pics to Gallery 36 last night. Some are rare ones from Spain and the others are from a German TV Show! Check them out if you like! Also, there is a new Title gif for this NEWS page at the top. It's the second cover of Glamour Magazine from last year!

    Mariah Fan Sites Unite
    Dear Mariah webmaster,
    I would like to invite you to join "Mariah Fan Sites Unite" - a large collection of Mariah websites which promote fan friendship and togetherness. If you are tired of having to deal with jealous and un-friendly "fans" who are trying to ruin our online presence, please add your website to this list and show everyone that you are eager to preserve peace and friendship with fans and fellow webmasters. It's time we all come together and look out for each other. If you would like to join the list, please visit:
    The buttons that you can place on your site are one of the two:
    Webmasters who submit their URL will be provided with information about the campaign, and a username and password to access to webmaster's section. I hope that with your help, we can establish an online area for Mariah webmasters where we can discuss ways to promote Mariah... Together we can find many ways to make sure Mariah is getting the credibility that she deserves. Think of what we can do if we all work as an organised team! The "Mariah4" is a fantastic example of team work on a smaller scale - If 4 sites can achieve what they have, just imagine what all of us can do to help Mariah out even more! :o)
    Thankyou for your reading! Please let other webmasters know of the new campaign. Together we can build an even stronger web for Mariah. Carey-On!
    - Matt

    As you all know, I already support this and I think you should all too. We should be helping each other out and not arguing over who is better and whatnot! To all the webmasters out there, please join this. Thanks!!!

    Bits O' Information
    Here is some various tidbits:

  • Alan: has come pictures from the Rainbow Tour on sale. Mariah ranks #3 or #4 as best selling. Go Mariah!
  • Lauren
    hey, i think we should try to get mariah on this list, even though it's just an opinion type thingy....
    Title: | Best Dressed Poll
    To view this link, go to the following URL:
  • Salvador:
    There is a poll on AOL: Workplace called "Who's Overpaid?" and one of the questions is "If you could make the annual salary of a high-profile person, who would that be?" and Mariah Carey is one of the choices you can pick.
    hi reg, ok i just came back from france and i think i have news that might interest french fans or anyone who's in france for a holiday, i went to this music store called "fnac" and this store is supposed to be famous and i found the single and maxi-single of CTTA being sold, they also had the single and maxi for AAO. what really interested me is that they've got both versions of most of the singles, the US version and the export versions.. also they're re-selling most of mariah's old singles.

    Request Mariah on Z100
    ButtterfIi would like your help with requesting Mariah on Z100 since it's a hit music station and since it's Mariah's local station. She would like for you to request Mariah at 9at9 and enter three Mariah songs. The three songs she would like you to request are: Can't Take That Away, Crybaby and Against All Odds! Please help Mariah out!

    Mariah Saves a Life!
    Read below to the story that Melissa sent me. It's really sweet!
    I was listen to the radio the 27th of Aug and there was this guy named Joey who wanted to request a song for his wife ledia the song love takes time by Mariah anyhow he was a disc jockey at a radio station or club and this lady named ledia wanted to request love takes time cause she broke up with her boyfriend and she was sad so Joey talk to her to calm her down and they talked for two hours cause I guess they had a connection going on so a couple days later they met in person then got married. After that they wanted to have children but I guess she could have any cause of a disease she had don't remember which one so finally in 95 she gave birth to twins a girl and boy. Then after she delivered the twins the doctor said she wasn't gonna make it so the doctor told him he had to go home and go to sleep he went home and stayed up for 48 hours then finally went to sleep crying. When it was morning he went back to the hospital to check on his wife and this lady doctor said that his wife was fine and that she made it through the night so it was like a miracle come true so they went home and now their doing fine with their son Joey and daughter Mariah. So he requested love takes time cause it was a miracle that she made it.

    Buy Mariah's Jeans!
    Taryn and Sallie told me that you can buy Mariah's jeans that she wore and signed at Yahoo Auctions. The jeans are around $400 dollars right now and yesterday they were going for $205. So I am guessing, Mariah's jeans are going to sell for A LOT! The money goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

    American Music Online
    Okay sent me a pretty long e-mail on how we can vote for Mariah on the American Music Online Charts! Here is what I was told:
    Hi Regina! I just write to U this mail to let you(all MC fan) know that we can all vote for Mariah on the American music online chart ( i think it's a popular chart since they have got a website, and you can also subscribe to receive the weekly chart , just write to Alan), i hope it will work!!! here's the instruction:
    Response has been great so far for subscriber voting. Vote again this week or for the first time! Subscribers who may not keep regular charts or web pages have a chance to send in the songs they like. Anyone can do's what you do:

  • Write to this e-mail and delete the pre-existing text
  • Type your name in the body, press return
  • Submit your favorite one to ten songs of the week in the format below like so...
    Alan Elverum
    1:Divided:Tara MacLean (instead of this song you must put "Against all odds" or CTTA)
    2:Tonight And The Rest Of My Life:Nina Gordon
    3:What It Feels Like For A Girl:Madonna
    4:Send Down An Angel:Allison Moorer
    5:I Hope You Dance:Lee Ann Womack with Sons Of The Desert
    6:Here With Me:Dido
    7:Never Gonna Come Back Down:BT featuring M. Doughty
    8:Walk The Walk:Poe
    9:Where Are You Now:Trisha Yearwood
  • Stop typing at this point
  • Send the e-mail

    Here's a shortcut to the featured pages at the American Music Online website:
    The AMO 100 (updated this week)
    New Singles Reviews (updated this week)
    Radio Format Charts (updated this week)
    Reviews Archive (updated this week)
    Music Site Links

    August 28, 2000...Update #2
    MClogo New Pics!!!
    I just added about 10 new pics to Gallery 36. Four of them are from Uwe and ther rest of them are from my Japan from Ayako. Check out all the really nice pics in Gallery 36 (there is even a Japan Concert Pic from this year there!!)

    McCall Magazine
    FunkSoulBo told me that there is a picture of Mariah in the October issue of McCall magazine. She is on the back page and she is in her classic jeans and the butterfly top that she wore to Diva's 2000!

    In Your Prayers...
    Well for all my Catholic fellow MC fans out there, please keep my family and I in your prayers. Some of you might know that it has been a tough year but it has just gotten worse! That's all I can really say about that but any prayers can help right about now!

    August 28, 2000...Update #1
    MClogo Sorry Sorry!!!
    Sorry I didn't update again last night but I didn't get home till late from the party! BUT, I have a lot of news for you all today, so here goes:

    Mariah does good deed!
    Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Mariah's Diary for this next article. When I read it, it made me realize how sweet and kind Mariah Carey really is 20 times more! Read below and check out the picture of Carey and the kids in Toronto at the bottom of the article!
    When children in Fresh Air Fund programs head out to a farm, they usually meet the likes of Joseph, a rugged old sheep, and Cindy, a black and white cow, two of the farm animals that provide part of the city children's camp encounters with country life.
    But on Thursday, six children who attended one of the fund's camps arrived at a different kind of farm near Toronto to meet someone of a little more stature: the singer Mariah Carey.
    The children, most of whom had expressed an interest in the film industry, were participating in a career orientation program offered by Camp Mariah, the fund's career awareness camp. It is a summer sleep-away camp that shows the children something about their career interests, and lets them visit adult role models at work.
    Camp Mariah is one of five camps in Fishkill, N.Y., operated by the fund, a nonprofit agency. The fund also provides free summer vacations to children from low income neighborhoods in New York City by pairing city children with rural and suburban host families.
    The camp is named for Ms. Carey, who gave $1 million for its establishment in 1994 and 1995. The campers share a particular interest in the singer, who visits every summer. They make a commitment to attend the camp for three years, and the newer arrivals pepper the old hands with the most important question: "Have you met Mariah?"
    This year Ms. Carey did not have a chance to visit the camp because she was filming her first movie, "All That Glitters," which is based on her life.
    Instead, she invited six campers interested in the film industry to spend a day with her and the crew on location in Toronto as they shot some scenes.
    The children, four girls and two boys age 12 or 13, flew to Toronto to see some of the behind-the-scenes work of making a film. Some campers had never been on an airplane before, but the highlight of their day came when they met Ms. Carey, who has had more No. 1 songs than any other woman. On a farm outside the city, the children watched her and a crew of about 60 people run through several 78-second takes of the movie's final scene.
    Afterward, Ms. Carey, dressed in the beige evening gown used in the scene, greeted them.
    Daniel Potts, who attended the camp for the first time this summer, was obviously excited.
    "I'm so nervous I'm shaking," he acknowledged as the singer approached. "I'm scared of her."
    But he was able to overcome his fear. A few hours later, when Ms. Carey met the children again, he was the first to ask her a question: "Did you make the script?" (The answer: She helped revise it, but did not write it.)
    Children who go on the career excursions, which take place before or after the four weeks they spend at the camp, watch adults at work. They tour companies like management consultants, fashion design studios and television networks to hear adults talk about their jobs and how they prepared for them.
    In addition to meeting Ms. Carey during the visit to Toronto, the children saw many aspects of a movie production. Peter Grondy, the film's art director, showed them how he and his crew would make Copps Coliseum in Toronto look like Madison Square Garden did in the past.
    "We researched what Madison Square Garden looked like in 1983," he told them. "We'll be matching the seat colors and covering up the signs."
    The children also walked through the sawdust-covered cement studio, where a crew was building an apartment set, and spoke with the film's co-star, Max Beesley, who advised them on how to become an actor and how to change a natural London accent to something a little more New York.
    For most of their tour, they were joined by Isabel Gomes, 11, who plays the young Mariah Carey character in the film.
    At the end of the day Ms. Carey took the children aside, away from the cameras and the handlers and the assistants, to talk to them about making a movie and encourage them to follow their dreams.
    Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to the agency may call (800) 367-0003 or visit the Web site,, or send a check to the Fresh Air Fund, 1040 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10018.

    Mariah on cover of TV Guide!
    Well in France anyway! Tamara from Mariah Goes Online told me that Mariah on the cover of a French TV Magazine. She sent me the scan and you can check it out by clicking below:

    Mariah in Breakout!
    Nikki from #1 Diva Mariah Carey sent me a scan of Mariah in the August 28th issue of Breakout Magazine (foreign magazine). I added the scan to Gallery 36 of the Pic pages and also, Nikki translated the article and here it is:
    "Mariah has regrets"
    Mariah pitiless and selfish? That's what her sister Alison thought awhile ago, but now she changed her mind. Alison used to be a prostitute and infected with the AIDS virus . When she begged her rich sister for help, it was the the last thing Mariah thought about. 'I am not God, so I can't help you', was her hard reaction. But it seems that Mariah has regrets of that, because she changed completely. She supports her sister, pays all the medication and she even bought her a house. Maybe you are God, Mariah?

    Mariah4 helps set the record!
    Well, according to Zoli we did! Thanks to all the fans who helped out Mariah in Hungary by voting for her and getting her to #1. You should all lift the hand straight up in the air and then pat yourself on the back :) Here is what Zoli had to say!
    Dear Mariah 4,
    Can you believe what you have done, lambs? You have made a Mariah-song No1 in Hungary!!!! I can't believe that it have happened!!!
    Lots of radios started to play more often and Against All Odds became a huge hit here because of you guys!
    And maybe, maybe Mariah will read this on one of your sites and I am sure that she will be happy that the solo version of AAO became a big hit in a small land.
    Because I know that Hungary is a small market BUT this is a big evidence that "Mariah 4" is an amazing organization!!! Cos all of you and your readers were so helpful and voted in the past weeks. And it increased the airplays in a lot of radiostations.
    Thank you lambs. Unfortunately I don't know so many English words to express how much I appreciate Mariah4!!!!!!
    Zoli from Hungary

    I deleted all my guestbook entrees yesterday because it was becoming too big. If anyone would like to sign it again or sign it for the first time, you can do it by clicking the link above for it.

    Blockbuster Awards in UK
    Here is what Nigel told me:
    Dear Regina, There is a showing of the Blockbuster awards, according to my local newspaper The Surrey Advertiser, tonight 28th August 2000 on Channel 5 at 10:55 p.m in the United Kingdom.

    Mariah #8 and #4 in Spain's Chart Show!
    Here is what one of my best friends, Minerva, told me :)
    Some news now about Mariah: yesterday I was watching the VH-1, a program called 'The VH-1 Chart Show' to be exact. But it was an special edition because the vj was taking a look at the most selling albums of the 90th's. Mariah had got two of them: 'Daydream' was in the number 8 and 'Music Box' in the number 4 with 24 millions of copies sold worldwide. The soundtrack of 'Titanic' was in the number 2 and the first place was for the soundtrack of 'The Bodyguard'.Hopefully, Mariah will sell millions of copies with the soundtrack. Chica, I'm dying to listen to it!!!!

    Mariah in OK Magazine
    LisaAnn424 told me that there is a pic of Mariah in the UK Magazine, OK (August 25th issue). It's a pretty recent pic and it talks about the pregnancy rumors and All That Glitters!

    At you can choose what awards you want on their new awards show. Lillian and HoChun45 came up with some categories that maybe we should try :)

  • highest octave range
  • best songwriter/singer
  • best crossover - good girl to bad girl
  • best female you love to hate (cuz she's so gorgeous - LOL!!)
  • Most Underrated Artist
  • Most Emotional Singer
  • Hardest Workin artist in the biz

    Before They Were Rockstars Auditions
    Jennifer told me about this show. She said they showed a small clip about Mariah with a question on the street sort of thing. The question was who was on one of Micheal Jacksons tours? Mariah, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morristte. The answer was Sheryl Crow. Prinie told me they just showed a clip from the Heartbreaker Video too and that was it! Plus if anyone has any screen caps of the I Still Believe Remix video, please send them to Jennifer at She is dying to have some!

    Mariah Calls Herself Princess!!!
    Well at least when she is stayed at a 5 star hotel/restaurant she does. Alwyzbmbby told me that on Access Hollywood recently, they talked about a famous hotel that all celebs stay out. Mariah was said to be recently there and she stayed at the grande suite, signing herself in under the name of "Princess!"

    Grandma is hip!
    I thought this was a cute story that Jen sent me. Read below:
    Hey I was at a place called tilly's today. Cuz my brother wanted to get some clothes. And anyhow they play music videos throughout the store. And I was watching and listening to Riddle Riddle by en vogue and after I sat down with my grandma and all of a sudden CRYBABY came on ! lol I was like yeah baby! Than some girls in the back of me where like "Hey I like this song" and they started singing to it. Than towards the end of the video my grandma asked me if that was Mariah? and I was all Yeah! and shes all smiling and saying how she felt hip cuz she knew that! lol hehe Well I just thought I'd share that!

    Mariah in the theaters
    Mc2000crybaby16 recently went to the movies and Mariah was one of the trivia questions before the movie started. The question was what was the name of Mariah's dog. Obviously, the answer was Jack!

    News from Holland!
    My friend Mark, told me two things recently from Holland. One being thelatest magazines MC is in and the other how MC is doing on the Dutch Charts!

  • Beau Monde (NL), The August 25th Issue.
  • Ici Paris (F), The August 22nd Issue.
  • Break Out (NL), The August 24th Issue.
  • Top 10 (NL), The September Issue.
  • Star Club (F), The September Issue.
  • OK (UK), The August 25th Issue.
    Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart:
  • Mariah dropped 4 places from 38 to 42 in the week of August 26th....she's in the charts for 11 weeks. That amazing...AAO hardly gets airplay on normal stations and still she's there

    Send in your story!
    Courtney wanted me to post this:
    hey everyone, if you have ever met Mariah, please send us the picture of you two and your story to: for out "Mariah and YOU" section on the lambz o'mariah website that is now in the works... we really need your participation in this so if you can send us in your pictures and stories, thank you so much! and Regina...could you put this up in your news section? to make more awareness? the LOM would appreciate it sooo much. Thank you :)

    Luis Lovers
    Okay as we all know Luis Miguel is dating our hero, Mariah Carey! WELL, I know someone who is a big fan of Luis Miguels as well as Mariah Carey's. Her name is Anna and she sent me a lot of information about Luis. Read below if you want to find out more of the love of Mariah's life! I learned a lot of things I didn't know!
    In regards to Luis Miguel (full name, by the way, is Luis Miguel Gallegos Basteri - some people assume that Miguel is his last name, but it's his middle name. The American version of course, is Louis Michael, and Michael is where the "Micky" comes from) There's always been intense interest in his personal life, especially his love life. He was a child prodigy, has acted in movies, commercials, public service announcements, made dozens of videos, won countless awards worldwide, is an accomplished singer, writer, arranger, producer, plays guitar and piano, oversees every aspect of his tours and other productions. He's multi-cultural, multilingual He's an excellent cook, very good at sports like soccer, tennis, golf, horseback riding, but most of all aquatic sports. (One of my favorite videos features a beautifully graceful dive into the ocean, and continues with him swimming like a little fish with a dolphin.) He's an articulate and intelligent person, and yet, most of the ton of stuff written about him focuses just on his personal life, his love life, his clothes, his appearance, even his hygiene habits ("Mickey is a "shower king" - he bathes at least 3 times a day, usually more!" was the headline of one article.) Another talked about how he likes to keep his hands well manicured (he does have beautiful hands) and that he used to travel with his own dental hygienist to keep his teeth super white. Yes, an entire article about his teeth came out last month in a TV-notas magazine! Last year they photographed him entering and leaving Barney's of New York, commenting on the clothes he bought for his trip with Mariah to Puerto Rico; they even listed the colors, the cost, etc. When Luis and Mariah were first becoming an "item", the press camped outside a luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow waiting for Mariah and him to emerge. They got pictures of LM leaving about noon, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, with the caption (How was your night, Micky? You look a little sleepy!), and then photos of MC and her assistant leaving a few hours later. Very intrusive, yes, but even I had to laugh at the photo that showed several burly bodyguards waiting outside the bungalow looking after " Jack" - he's on a leash and his carrier is on the ground.
    All this attention on his personal life and his "look" takes away the focus from what he considers the most important thing - his music. Some of the media have shown a responsible attitude, but a lot of lies have been printed and published about him. He rarely gives interviews because he's been misquoted so often, and he always seems to be the subject of rumors and gossip. In a rare interview given last year around the time of his album release, he joked that he'll sometimes pick up the paper and read things about himself and wonder " who are they talking about? I never said that, I didn't do that, and I wasn't even there!" He acknowledges that it's what happens when you're a public figure . He said something like" people think they can write or say anything about you, because you're a public figure, and they have the right to treat you like public domain." When he was in his early 20's the press kept circulating a story that he had died and someone else was using his name. (!) Later there were rumors (untrue) about Daisy Fuentes "losing their love child" after a secret marriage (sound familiar?). His romance with Mariah, due to her "stellar" status, and the constant media buzz that surrounds them, have put even more attention on his personal life. Out of respect for their relationship, and because he wants to retain as much as he can of the little privacy the media allows him, he rarely discusses his private life, and hardly even mentions her name, but you know who he's taking about when he says "this person whom I admire so very much." , or when he talks about how (and I'm paraphrasing his words here) "it is hard for us to find time to be together, our careers ,both our careers, are very demanding, and it's difficult not only for you, but for this person that you love....but I think it's something beautiful, when you've been apart for a while, and then you reunite, it's like something brand new. So (being separated by work) does have it's positive side." He also said that the fundamental thing in a relationship between a man and a woman is mutual respect. He stressed that he respects and admires "this woman" very much. During Luis's last tour, which ended in May of this year, there were a lot of comments in the spanish language press about how he seemed looser, happier, more content, and his voice sounded better than ever. Many were of the opinion that his relationship with MC has been a very positive thing for him, and while many of his female fans were envious of her, at the same time, they appreciate the respect and love she's shown him.
    I'm including them for your own information and for anyone else who wants to know a little bit more about Luis Miguel However, since I can't give you the exact quotes or sources for the my statements above, that portion is not for general distribution, please. I don't want to be one of those people who gives out incomplete or unsubstantiated info! If I ever do come across the articles or interviews in question, I'll pass them along. Sorry to be so wordy in my email, but LM is a subject very dear to my heart and I could write about him for days! If you go to the Luis web site listed below (, be sure to scroll all the way down the first page to the portion where Sandy presents two fan reviews of the night in Quilmes, Argentina when Luis presented Mariah to his fans as "his official novia (girlfriend)." (MC Novia Official - GO!) It may be a story you've already heard or read about, but it's very sweet. The fan reviews are also interesting, and well-written, like the one describing the "chick fight" at the Anaheim Pond - Sue M's Anaheim concert review. My favorite is the one about his appearance at the Radio City Music Hall - great fan perspective on seeing him upclose and personal and good pictures (Barbara's Review and Photos of NY Concert) Here are the links to some interesting articles about LM, some with omments related to MC.
    Fall of 1999- Article in Vista Magazine about "Amarte" cd and tour, quotes from press conference. Includes picture of Luis and Mariah walking down the street
    "People" magazine profile about LM in June 1999
    An article about Luis in Las Vegas
    An article in English that was (clumsily) translated from the original Spanish; it cobbles together bits and pieces from his press conference and subsequent interviews last September. However, a good photo of Luis and some nice comments about life, love (MC) and music:
    A review of Luis's concert in Dallas on his birthday this year and comments about his adoring fans, dating Mariah,etc.
    Lastly, if there are any "true blue" Luis Miguel fans out there, I would direct them to a wonderful web site that is especially nice because (drum roll please) it's in ENGLISH! Sandy G. (the web master) isn't Hispanic, but she mastered Spanish to the point where she is an expert at translations, especially the very difficult to translate Spanish lyrics. She maintains a very user-friendly, respectable site (No bashing allowed). There are excellent audio files, video clips, pictures, reviews, and lyrics to many of his songs, and other resource info. She posts information about tours, latest releases, fan reviews, a message board and LM updates. No unsubstantiated gossip or speculation about him and MC, (good for her) but she does post photos released for general release, like the recent vacation pix, links to magazine articles and web pages. Information is in English and Spanish, but is primarily aimed at those LM fans who love his music but aren't especially fluent in Spanish. Her site address is:

    August 27, 2000...
    MClogo Updates!!!
    There is a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic of the Week! Check them out if you want!

    Teen People!
    A lot of people e-mailed me about this. There is a tiny pic of Mariah from the Blockbuster Awards 2000 in the October issue of Teen People! She is on page 160 under, "hair watch." It says, "Heartbreaking locks courtesy of Mariah Carey." Thanks to Lara, Lauren, Alan, Jesse, and Jimmy.

    Alan tells me that there's a girl group called "Dream" and one of the members mention Mariah as one of their idols.

    More News!
    Well I have more news to report like MC in magazines and VH1 voting but I have to go to a family party today! So, I will update more news later tonight and I am very sorry for the delay on MC news!!!

    August 26, 2000...
    MClogo New Design!!
    Last night, Alex and I decided to redo the main page of this website! It took about 3 hours to make and I want to send a big thanks to the very talented webmaster Alex for all of his help! Hee hee!! All of you said you liked the new design so far and if you havn't seen it yet, just click here! Also, I changed the color of this NEWS page from Purple to Blue! Oooo La La! Hee hee!

    Mariah in People Magazine
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me that MC is in the Sept. 4th issue of People Magaizne. She is on page 97 and it's under, "Style Watch!" It shows her in the blue dress from this years WMA's. It talks about short dresses! Also, thanks to JoseAR95 for this information!

    Guitar World Magazine
    Mariah is also in the Guitar World Magazine (September 2000). Nancy tells me it's a very small pic. The reason why she is in the magazine is because some artist (Nancy didn't remember the name) thinks Mariah's voice is like an angel! The artist would list to her voice all the time and Metallica is on the cover. Anyone got a scan?

    Before They Were Rock Stars Auditions!
    Did anyone see it yesterday at 3 pm? Cause I missed it, so I can't let you all know if MC was really on it. Anyone got info., please e-mail me! Thanks!

    Bits O' Information!
    Here is some various news on Mariah!

  • Dan
    Hey Regina, Mariah was #4 with "Honey" on VH1's Rock Across America Top 10 Sexiest Female Artists Ever Countdown.
  • Auragirl70:
    Hey!!! Here's a bit o' news! Heartbreaker debuted on trl on August 23,1999
  • MCbgstFAN1
    She was also #32 for fantasy on the vh1 summer countdown
  • Gary:
    Hi! My mother sells Avon and they are now selling the 1998 Divas Live CD. I will let you know if it's a special edition or something.

    Vote for Mariah on VH1
    SKETCH7761 wanted me to post the following:
    "I have a new category that us, Mariah fans should vote for on the "My Music Awards" at I just placed my vote for "Artist With Most Relatable Music Lyrics", for Mariah of course because we all know it's true, that she writes alot of songs from her points of view on her life, that alot of us can relate to! So hopefully we can make this vote successful with alot of help, and give Mariah a special award from her fans, in return, for everything that she does for us!"
    Vote here:

    Vote for Mariah on VH1; Part2
    Dan and Matt both told me the following information. It seems that VH1 is doing a poll for their Fashion Awards show and Mariah is not nominated for anything. However, they are doing a little poll on whether Mariah's AMA's dress from this year was Hot or Not! More people are saying Not than Hot, so please vote for her by clicking below:

    Clive and Mariah!
    Melbsb15 sent me this next article! It's about Clive leaving Arista and Mariah is mentioned in it:
    Less than two months after his official exit from Arista Records, Clive Davis is back in business. The Arista founder and former president has entered into a 50/50 joint venture with BMG Entertainment to form J Records, Billboard Bulletin reports.
    The label -- named for Davis' middle initial and that of many of his family members -- is valued at around $170 million by an industry source, based on the initial investment in artists and executive staff. Boy band O-Town, the subject of ABC television's "Making The Band," along with debut artists Olivia, Alicia Keys, and Jimmy Cozier, are the first acts on J Records; initial releases are due in October.
    Davis has established a team of executives that includes president/COO Charles Goldstuck, former executive VP/GM at Arista, and a host of Arista veterans in promotion and A&R positions. Davis says more staff announcements from outside the Arista camp will be made next week.
    Davis, while serving as chairman/CEO of J, will maintain hands-on production involvement in future projects by Arista artists Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana. He also will participate in a joint venture with Arista for the next project by Monica, for which Davis and new Arista president/CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid will each produce tracks. In addition, Davis tells Billboard he will "continue working with" Arista acts Next, LFO, Shannon Curfman, and Deborah Cox.
    BMG chairman/CEO Strauss Zelnick stresses he will play no active role in running the label, saying, "BMG's role is as financier and worldwide distributor. We will have zero management involvement, except to the extent that we can be supportive." A separate publishing deal with BMG is likely to be announced in the next few months, according to Goldstuck.
    Davis also refutes earlier press accounts that the new label had attempted to woo Mariah Carey and George Michael to its camp. "Those reports are erroneous. We have had no discussions with George and Mariah."

    August 25, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah in Saratoga?!?
    Okay Kelly wrote me last night and told me she thinks her parents were playing a trick on her, so she said she wasn't sure if the news was true. Also, Anderz checked the Saragota website and there was no horses with those names that were racing that day. So, I removed yesterdays news since it turned out to be false anyway!!!

    Mariah in Movieline
    Well now that Mariah is starring in her own movie, we should be seeing her in more magazines that discuss movies like Movieline. In the September 2000 issue, there is a pic of MC from this years Blockbuster 2000 awards in the Pink Satin Dress! I don't know if there is an article or anything but I'll check it out later today! Thanks to BriStuWalt for this information!!!!

    New Pics
    Well, yesterday I reported that Mariah was in TV Guide! I bought it yesterday and added the scan of it to Gallery 36. Also, I added a scan of a pic that I got from my friend in Spain, Minerva! Check both pics out in the new gallery, Gallery 36!

    Dan e-mailed me because he wanted to know when the Before They Were Rock Stars Auditions were going to air. I said Friday August 28th but today is Friday the 25th! It was a typo on my behalf and the show will air on VH1 TODAY, the 25th at 3 pm EST! Sorry about that boo's!!!

    Christina Offered Britney's Partner
    Ken found this article at MTVAsia's website and it mentions that Don Phillip wants to be like Mariah Carey!! Read below:
    Singer Christina Aguilera is set to follow in Britney Spears' footsteps by recording a duet with new artist Don Philip.
    The pair hope to cover "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful," first recorded by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson.
    Don got his big break when he provided vocals for "I Will Still Love You," the only duet on Britney's debut album, "Baby One More Time."
    Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell has also donated a song to the solo artist's forthcoming album and Don explains, "I want to be like Mariah Carey.
    "You know how for a few years Mariah was the person everyone did duets with? Well I'm trying to put together this next duet with a certain girl who is a 'Genie In A Bottle.'"
    Although the original version of "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful" is currently available on Whitney's "Greatest Hits" album, Don is sure people will love the cover.
    He says, "If you're going to remake a song, you ought to do it better or different, and I think I can take Jermaine.
    "And I don't know, but I think Christina can take Whitney right now, so it will be a great duet."

    Check out this site!
    Jad has put a lot of work into the following site but it is not complete at the moment. He said that when it is, he will be adding news, etc on it! It's called Visions of Mariah and you can check it out by clicking below!

    Crybaby gets airplay!
    Michele told me that the radio station, 107.1 in Florida,has been playing Crybaby a lot lately. She has already heard it 5 times. Good news :)

    Bits O' Information
    Here is some various news that I got:

  • Arlo:
    Please, tell everyone to help out Mariah by voting for her here-(
    Tell everyone to vote as many times for Mariah as they can, cause we cannot let Britney Spears win!
  • Gabby:
    Mariah was on vh1's summer countdown! she was # 18!!!!! The video was heartbreaker!!!! Go M.C.!

    August 24, 2000...
    MClogo Bits O' Information
    Here is some various news I got:

  • Gurlygirl389:
    I was watching Dawson's Creek and I don't know if anyone is familiar with the show but this girl Joey and her college boyfriend were in his bedroom and he got up and left and right next to the door was a picture of Mariah. It was the picture from the back of the rainbow album (the one with the rainbow on the panties and mariah is holding the lolly pop). I just thought that was really cool.
  • CrAzYxAnjeL3169/Danielle/Katie:
    Mariah was on the Sexiest Female Pop Artist hosted by the cast of V.I.P..Mariah was unfortunetly #4..damn Christina Aguilera was #1..and Britney was #2 and #3 was Faith Hill. Honey was the video!
  • Katie:
    Hi Regina! I was just watching Fox Family Channel and they had a countdown on...and Mariah's "Crybaby" video was #9!! I was ecstatic to see it cuz i haven't seen it lately on any music channels!! Well ok..that's all the news i have for now!!

    If MC can do it, so can you!
    CrAzYxAnjeL 3169 also told me that at her school, Marshall High in LA, in the window of a candy shaq there is a picture of Mariah from her high school days. There is a column next to it that says she on top of the world today and that she made it through high school and so can you! Well, something along those lines at least. Pretty cool though! Hopefully these will turn up in school across America this year and if they do, someone can scan it for us!

    New Pics
    The News is kind of slow today, so I thought I would spice it up by adding some new cool MC pics! I was looking through my hardrive and found some nice pics of Mariah that arn't really on the internet much and added those. Also, thanks to Michelle for the Rainbow Wallpaper and the pic of MC from the Rainbow Record Signing (cute pic of MC). If you want to use the one Rainbow pic by Michelle you have to ask her permission ( Also, there is a new drawing I did of Mariah on the cover of the Vogue Magazine! You can see it in the above NEWS banner or you can check out Artwork page 1. All the other pics are in Gallery 35! Enjoy!

    Before They Were Rock Stars Auditions
    Michelle told me that MC will be on Before They Were Rock Stars Auditions on Friday August 28th at 3 pm EST!

    Mariah beats Jess/Aguilera/Braxton and more!
    Gurlygirl389 told me that Mariah is winning Best Diva against Britney, Jessica, Christina and Toni. Please go vote for her if you got a little extra time! Thanks!

    MC in TV Guide
    Thanks to Hillary for this next information. It seems that there is a picture of Mariah ad Whitney at the VMA's in 1998 in the latest TV Guide (Aug 26-Sept 1). It is in the Most Memorable Moments and on page 26 you can check them out. It says:
    "Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston share a stage for the first time -- in identical dresses."

    Be on TRL
    Okay this has been up for sometime on the TRL webpage but "D" sent it to me yesterday. You can send in your home videos of YOU singing to your favorite celebs songs! "D" thinks we should send in some Mariah Carey Home Videos of us singing to her songs! Hee is the information:
    Hey TRL fans!
    We want to see more of your home videos (and not just for the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC). It can be for anyone on the countdown. Get creative and send your VHS tapes to:
    Total Request Live
    c/o MTV
    P.O. Box 2001
    New York, NY 10108

    Coming Soon...
    Instead of dealing and arguing with the haters of AntiMariah4, Matt came up with an idea of getting around them! He thinks we should start a links page that says, "Friends." On this site, we will list all Mariah webpages but this is NOT a group joining. Just a page featuring sites that get along and are all about Mariah. By doing this, any Mariah fan can click on this huge Links Page and find any Mariah page and people won't be upset about the whole "groups" thing. Look for this webpage soon fellow webmasters and how you can join!

    August 23, 2000...
    MClogo New Title Gif!
    Thanks to HoneyB Fly for the above new title gif! If you would like to check out her really nice webpage, filled with exclusive items and screencaps, to name a few, click below!

    Mariah on the Cover
    Last week I reported that Mariah was on the cover of Kleopatra! Well Lisa, sent me the scan that she found on Ebay! You can't get this in the US, only over seas! Lisa only had a small scan too!

    Mariah on Power 106 yesteday!
    Lilwillie told me that Mariah was on Power 106 yesterday in LA! It was a repeat from the Homecoming Special. Here is what I was told:
    There was this girl in the studio with them and she left her job to see Mariah and the girl was worried that she didn't have a job anymore. So they called her job and they asked the girls boss did she still have a job and he said yes. Then the D.J. asked Mariah could she do one of those high notes. At first she said she wasn't rested because she only had two hours of sleep and she couldn't then she said ok after the D.J. begged her so she did it. The D.J. said whoa I havent even heard that on mtv and thats was the major stuff from the interview.

    Translated Spanish Article!
    Anna was SO NICE and translated a spanish article which you can see by clicking here! Here is Anna's translation:
    "Mariah takes a break for Luis Miguel"
    The singer leaves her work obligations to rest a few days in Acapulco at the side of her love
    New York, USA
    Mariah finds herself in the middle of filming of her movie "All that Glitters" in Toronto, also working on the soundtrack for the movie, and a photo session for a northamerican magazine (Regina Comment: Vanity Fair Magazine). The singer, recently honored as the Artist of the Decade, has also been spending time doing charity work - visiting the kids at Cabbagetown Youth Center, and with all this activity she's a little worn out.
    For this reason Luis Miguel suggested to his love (his beloved) that she take a few days off and relax with him in Acapulco and relieve some of her stress.
    "She was in Mexico last week, but she's returned to work in Toronto" affirmed a source in Cindy Berger's office, Mariah's publicist. "We don't know how much longer the filming will take, but there still remains a few weeks more."
    This visit marks the latest of several trips to the Mexican Idol's mansion by Carey, who, like him, enjoys the climate in Acapulco. After finishing up his latest world tour, Luis Miguel decided to take a few days of vacation before working again. His latest project involves the concert DVD which was produced during his series of performances in Monterrey, Mexico. This DVD, as well as video and CD, will be on sale in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, Micky wanted to relax in his home in Acapulco, and hoped that Mariah would be able to join him there for a few days.
    It's a known fact that the singer (Mariah) is very excited about making movies, and now that she has the chance to star in a film, she's taken the opportunity. The critics, as well as other people involved in the production, have praised her work and predict great success for her as an actress. "People keep talking about how surprised they are by her acting ability" said columnist Liz Smith. "There's been a lot of positive comments."
    Although this isn't Carey's first acting role, it will be her first starring role. The movie also stars Terrence Dashon and Valerie Pettiford, and is directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall.
    Previously, the singer appeared in the movie "The Bachelor" with Chris O'Donnell and Renee Zellweger.

    Keep Fellow MC fan in prayers!
    DMX wrote me:
    Hi Reggie, It's Ricardo, and I'm in Guayama, Puerto Rico right now. There is a pretty bad hurricane (Debby) heading our way, so far we've just gotten some wind and rain. The last hurricane that hit Puerto Rico devastated the island pretty bad. I just wanted to let you know that if you or your page viewers pray tonight, please keep me and my family in your prayers. I would greatly appreciate that. Thanx alot.

    So please do keep him and his family in your prayers and e-mail him with your wishes, if you like!

    Britney Spears Copies Mariah, Carson says!
    CrAzYxAnjeL 3169 and DiVaLiCiOuS32770 both told me that yesterday Carson mentioned how Britney Spears has copied Mariah's style from the Heartbreaker video! I don't think it's a big deal though and I like both videos! Oh well, had to mention this because it was big talk on this sites messageboard a while ago!

    AAO Remix Video!
    Salvador told me that has a AAO Remix Video with Westlife. I tried downloading it but it would take 1 hour and 30 minutes and I have a pretty fast computer. So I got tired and canceled it! If you want to download it, let me know has it is!

    New Club
    Well, this really has nothing to do with Mariah, but maybe some of you are still interested. Read below for a new newsletter!
    Hi Regina. I'm starting a newsletter about an up-and-coming signed recording artist named J.C Fromm. She loves Mariah and even wrote a song called "Great Like You" devoted to MC (and the song will be on her debut album). If anyone would like to subscribe, please contact me @

    August 22, 2000...
    MClogo Cosmogirl
    Mariah is in the October issue of Cosmo Girl! Michelle got it by subscription, so it is probably hitting shelves next week. The article that Mariah is in, is called, "Get It For 5$ Or Less". It's on page 50, there's a pic of her face and she's in the dress from the AMA's and it says:
    Deborah Lippmann, Los Angeles-based manicurist
    Mariah Carey
    Vaseline Petrleum Jelly, $2
    Apply to tacky nail (a minute after polishing) to shield them from dust, lint, and other smudgers.

    Mariah's Diary..
    Mariah's Diary, a member of Mariah4, has changed locations. Anderz would like you all to become aware of this and can now visit his site at:

    10 years ago...
    Ramsey told me that the album "Mariah Carey" 10 years ago this week shot to number 4 on the Billboard Top 200 albums.

    New Site
    Danielle has created a new site and would like you all to check it out!!! Click below to check it out:

    Mariah's Shopping Sprees
    Sean told me that there is an article which mentions Mariah in it for the August issue of Bazaar magazine! They said the last Christmas, "Barneys New York stayed open late just for Mariah Carey so she could pick out preasents in private."

    Help Mariah fan who lost her video tapes!
    Here is what LiL dEz da sent me:
    "hi mariah fans! i need HeLP! See i recently lost all my mariah videotapes. I have been able to buy the ones at the store to replace those. But what i am really sad about is the videos i lost where i recorded Mariah everytime i saw her on Tv since the beg of her career.. my family moved and things got missplaced and stuff... i was wonderin if Any of you can help me out by sending me a video of Mariah (like cliipings of her perforamces and TV apperaaces and videos) and i will give you ANYTHING i can in return.. this means alot to me.. PLEASE E-Mail me back at i will pay for the shiiping and all that is needed.. and i will give you guys ANYTHING IN return... PLease contact me.... god bless:) <3dez"

    Mariah Jumps the Charts
    Ken told me that Mariah has jumped from #3 to #2 this week on the MTV Asia Hitlist, which is compiled from record sales and radio airplay all over South East Asia!!! Mariah was originally loosing to Britney and Christina, so it's cool that she is now ahead. To help make MC #1 though, please check out the links below:
    Please ask everyone to request for the song once in a every few days at:
    or e-mail at

    Terrence Howard Arrested
    Here is another article that XFile4x13 sent to me about Terrence Howard, a star in the upcoming All That Glitters Movie, being arrested:
    Big Momma Actor Howard Jailed
    Actor Terrence Howard was recently seen playing a thug on the run in Big Momma's House, and now he's being accused of acting like a criminal off-screen.
    Howard was released Friday after spending a night in jail for allegedly roughing up a female cabin attendant on a Cleveland-bound flight, police said. The actor could face federal charges for Thursday's incident on board a Continental Airlines flight from Toronto, where he is filming All That Glitters with singer Mariah Carey.
    The flight attendant claims that Howard grabbed her wrist and barked at her to get out of his way when she warned him to remain in his seat while the "fasten seat belt" sign was on, Cleveland Police Lt. Sharon McKay said.
    Howard was reportedly taking his 3-year-old daughter Heavenly to the bathroom, McKay said. Another passenger assisted the flight attendant, who was not seriously hurt, she said.
    On arrival in Cleveland, Howard was charged with assault and jailed overnight, but he was released when the local prosecutor said he lacked jurisdiction. The case was turned over to the FBI, which is currently investigating the incident.
    Howard also appeared in the romantic comedy The Best Man.
    Check out this story yourself by clicking below:

    Wrong Link
    Mel said I had the wrong link up yesterday to vote for Mariah on the awards! Please vote for her!!!

    Mariah and Bill Clinton!!
    Well, not really but this article that Nini sent me says MC has two letters from Bill Clinton! Interesting! This article is from the NY Post and read below to check it out:
    CARLY Simon on Martha's Vineyard posing for Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair ... *NSYNC soon to be on everyone's lips thanks to a line of assorted lip balms. Like Justin Timberlake's flavor is vanilla ... A Robert Redford burp: "If you were me for a month you might want to change it to two weeks." Aaaaah, poor good-looking famous millionaire movie star ...
    Tori Spelling trying karaoke spin class. It's singing whilst on a stationary bike. Look, what do you want from me? ... Christian Bale filming "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz on some remote island hates the food, hates the weather, hates everything. Did it only because his character swims with dolphins, which he was eager to do. That scene got cut out ...
    The male lover of a really famous married male movie star is talking about the longtime affair which he, not the movie star, broke off ... While Macaulay Culkin isn't running hot, brother Kieran is. Following "The Cider House Rules" Kieran's out in Jodie Foster's "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" and Touchstone's "Go Fish" ... Margaret Thatcher: "Clinton is a great communicator. Trouble is, he has nothing to communicate." ...
    In her next life, Ricki Lake might be a midwife. She'd love to deliver babies and is boning up on the subject ... Jennifer Lopez: "My cousin gave me great advice. Said to always wear pretty shoes, because the man I was dancing with would be looking down and if he saw beautiful feet, he'd probably fall in love with me." ... Kate Winslet: "I'm worrying about pregnancy stretchmarks on my stomach and thighs. Anyone knows how to avoid them, please tell me." ...
    Tina Turner, who lives in Zurich, sold her late mom's Studio City home. New owners rent it out for $5,500 a month ... Bruce Springsteen's Little Rock deal stipulated the venue supply him with "a special orange French champagne" plus chicken noodle soup and Hellman's mayo for his sandwiches ... People who have gotten to know Monica Lewinsky tell me she's a very nice girl, very bright girl and has a great sense of humor ... Boy George: "Jose Feliciano calls Ricky Martin ‘Ricky Marketing.'" ...
    Usher, the R&B, singer says the one who inspired him to start dropping his drawers was his grandma. Seems Granny said, "You should be flaunting your stuff." ... Howie Mandel: "I'm embarrassing as a dad. I have to drop my 14-year-old off a block from anywhere, and that includes our own home." ... Kenneth Branagh carries a snap in his wallet of semi-nekkid Helena Bonham Carter, taken during a time they were doing semi-nekkid things together. The inscription reads: "For your eyes only." ...
    Shania Twain's stepdad taught her the dangers of alcohol at 16 when he let her guzzle non-stop until she got sick to her stomach ... Leo DiCaprio's dad sold comic books. And Beverly Hills Madam Heidi Fleiss' dad was Leo DiCaprio's pediatrician ... Gene Simmons bringing his life story to the screen. Sort of a "Jazz Singer" modern style ... Bill Gates, who has his own private train of three cars, has increased it to eight including a diner and observation platform. With priority over regular commercial runs, it's aggravating West Coast travelers ...
    Mme. Tussaud spokesperson on Naomi Campbell's wax model: "She's so popular with young gentlemen that her dress is getting ruined." (And what that could mean I don't even want to think.) ... Hiccup from Dodi Al Fayed's daddy Mohammed Al Fayed: "I am far taller and more handsome than I appear on TV." (Not. I saw him two months ago in his Harrods in London, and he isn't far taller or far handsomer. That's far out.) ... Minnie Driver admittedly has sexual fantasies about Christopher Plummer ...
    Mariah Carey's biggest pride is two framed letters from B. Clinton ... Sandra Bullock on what she'd really like Santa to bring her? Boobs. Big ones ... Christina Applegate on movie sex: "I hate it. You're in front of people you barely know and having a fake orgasm, which we've all done in real life but now all of a sudden your cover is up." ... And if, from all of this, I haven't come up with anything in this whole column that interests you - then there's something wrong with one of us.

    August 21, 2000...
    MClogo Anti Mariah4
    Well, yes! Three webmasters have come together and created a webpage against The Mariah4 saying they hate "groups" like us! However, one of the webmasters is in two differnt groups that copied the idea from Mariah4 in the first place! So what can I say? Hypocrites! I am not even mentioning the names of the sites nor the webmasters nor the address to this hate Mariah4 site! All I say is that they do not present the news correctly and that it's sad that fellow Mariah fans are creating hate pages rather then coming together and helping each other out!

    Video Caps Part 2!!
    Okay if you couldn't click on the links yesterday for the AAO Video Caps, try copying and pasting them in your keyword box because sometimes xoom doesn't allow direct links. All the links work though and if you STILL can't see yesterdays caps, I added 4 of them into Gallery 35.

    New Pics
    Art sent me the 3 page scan of the TV Notas magazine. It includes the two pics from yesterday and some older ones. It also has the pic of Mariah and Luis in NYC and it was recently in the GLOBE tabloid. They only showed their heads but in this pic, they showed their whole bodies and surroundings and MC looked so pretty :) Those 3 pages are in Gallery 35. Also, in Gallery 35 is a tiny collage I made of screen caps from the Allure Video which features Mariah! I like the pics of her in the cowboy hat! One of the pics is the new Quote of the Week pic! Enjoy..

    Mens Fiteness Magazine
    There is a pic of Mariah in this magazine in a brown top and navy green skirt! I am not even going to discuss what the article is about but it's pretty typical. Thanks to Alan for this information and someone else sent me this a while back and I never posted it! Sorry forget who :(

    Okay Magazine
    JoseAR95 told me that MC is in the latest issue of the british magazine OK! It's a pic of her from the WMA's in the black dress and it talks about the little girl who was suppose to play her in the movie!

    Bits O' Information!

  • VanishingXPhile: Hi Regina! There is another girl who has been out for about since 94. Her name is Debelah Morgan. ( and says that she loves Mariah Carey. This is a very talented girl with a five octive range and she hits the notes almost like Mariah but she can't go as high. So since this is said, I have heard that Mariah has anything from a 5 octive range to a 8 octive range. Do you know exactly what is is? I know it is more than 5.
  • Dennis
    I subscribe to Columbia House under Country interest, and they give a larger section for country music, obviously. Well they have this little spotlight for a new artist named Rebecca Lynn Howard. Here's what it says:
    Already a hit-making songwriter for the likes of John Micheal Montgomery and Reba, this 20-year-old Fan Fair sensation describes her recording debut as "rock 'n' roll meets bluegrass meets r&b meets country." With influences from Patty Loveless to Mariah Carey, the only constant is vocal power."
  • Dennis (again)
    Tonight on MTV they had a show called "VMA's 99 Uncensored" or something like that and for one of the parts they had they TGIFY remix in the background. (no words, just music)

    Well I don't usually support these petitions because there are so many of them now but Lauren made an interesting one! I was really mad MC didn't get a nomination for the MTV Video Awards and that is what Lauren made the petition for. So please, everyone sign it if you got a little extra time today! Hee hee..

    New Webpage
    Kristen is working on her page a lot and soon there will be a news page, pics page, video gallery, links and more. Please check it out if you gotta a little extra time today!

    All That Glitters Website
    Jake found an unofficial one but still amazing one for All That Glitters. Check it out if you like!!

    San Diego Newspaper
    Johnny told me that in his local newspaper (San Diego Union-Tribune) yesterday, there was an article about Mariah and All That Glitters. Here it is:
    R&B singer Eric Benet will make his acting debut opposite Mariah Carey in "All That Glitter" for Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox. The project is in production in Toronto with director Vondie Curtis-Hall("Gridlock'd"). Written by Kate Lanier, "glitters" is set against the background of the new York club scene and centers on a singer who overcomes a troubled childhood to rise to the top of her profession. Benet will play the supporting role of Ceasar, a popular R&B singer and songwriter. Rounding out the cast is singer Da Brat and Tia Texada as Carey'a best friend and British actor Max Beesley as Carey's DJ love interest. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety contributed to this column.

    Teen Magazine
    Mariah is up for Favorite Female Artist in the teen magazine awards! Thanks to Mel for this information and you can vote for her by clicking below!

    Spanish Articles
    Okay who is good at translating articles from Spanish to English! Hee hee! Anna is a big fan of Luis and likes Mariah Carey a lot too and found two articles that discuss the couple! IF anyone is a big Luis fan, maybe you would want to check this out too! Here is how to access the first article:

  • Go to
  • You will now see Luis on the cover. Click on his name in the left hand column
  • Click on "Fotos" (photos)
  • The article should appear about how Luis makes frequent visits to New York City "para amar" (make love) to Mariah. Now, there is another article that talks about how he rented the presidential suite at the Four Seasons so that he could spend a week with MC. Supposedly the cost was $10,000 per night, not including taxes.
    Then, there is the Mexican Reforma Newspaper, Anna told me! Here is what she told me:
    They had an article (in Spanish,of course!) about MC's recent visit to Acapulco. Unfortunately, it's no longer accessible, but I printed out a page when it was current. The article spoke about her hard work and good reviews on the film (Glitters), her visit to Cabbagetown, her photo shoot with a northamerican magazine (I'm assuming Vanity Fair), the same stuff that was mentioned in the NY newspaper, and the fact that because of all this, she needed a little R&R, and so Luis suggested she take a few days off and visit him at his mansion in Acapulco (so that she could release some "stress" the article stated :) There was a photo of Mariah (on stage) with the caption "Mariah takes a break from her commitments to spend a few days in the company of her lover, Luis Miguel, in Acapulco." It mentioned that this visit makes several times that MC has visited Acapulco, and that she and Luis both enjoy the climate there. Nothing we didn't already know, but nice to read all the same.

    Okay I don't announce trade information on this site because it's a NEWS Site. BUT, Alan made a ballad cd and he is selling it. I posted all the information on the messageboard, so check it out if you like!

    August 20, 2000...Update #2
    MClogo Video Caps!!
    My good buddy Liron made some captures from the AAO video with Westlife and here is 8 of them. I like the first one the best and it's my wallpaper at the moment!

    Request Magazine
    Mariah is in the September 2000 issue of Request Magazine. At the bottom of page 9 is a section called "10 Questions, 9 Answers!" There is a small pic of Mariah holding an award and it says, "Which Side is Mariah's Best?" On the page 12, the next page, there is an article that reads:
    Millions want to know:
    Will diva serve a burger with that shake?
    On a recent glamour shoot with a celebrated fashion photographer, Mariah Carey requested that as many pictures as possible be taken of her 'good side.' The shutterbug was flummoxed, wondering exactly what Mariah meant, until she turned around and stuck her pooper right in the photog's face. This may also explain why the folks at BBC's Radio One are auctioning a toilet seat that the former Mrs. Mottola used when she visited the station earlier this year. With an eye toward auctioning it for charity, the clever Brits unscrewed the very throne upon which Mariah had bestowed her grace."
    Now I don't know why this "Request" magazine likes to bizarre stories like this. In the last issue they wrote a not so nice one about her concert too! I don't believe this story either, do you? Thanks to Hillary for this information!

    Jen sent me Mariah's Horoscope but it was SO LONG I had to edit out most of the middle and ending. If you awnt to read the whole thing about Mariah, click here! Otherwise, here is the basis of it:
    Mariah's Horoscope:
    'Shrinking violet' is not a term that describes Aries Mariah Carey. The songbird in the short, short dress knows that glam plus vocal prowess equals megasuccess. Even so, life wasn't always so simple for this diva, who penned tunes in high school in the hopes of being recognized by someone in the music business. Her dream came true thanks to Sony honcho Tommy Mottola, who saw promise in the young singer and signed her right up. Tommy married Mariah, too, but that deal turned out to be less than successful. Numerous hit albums and Grammy Awards later, Mariah continues to dazzle her fans while being escorted around town by some of celebrity's most eligible bachelors (including the Yankees' Derek Jeter, Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Luis Miguel).
    Birth Details:
    March 27, 1970
    New York, New York
    Born under an Aries Sun, Carey is a feisty and independent woman who wants to be the best. Can you say competitive? The songstress is an 'A' student in the school of 'Me First,' and much to her credit, has the enthusiasm and initiative to be front-page news. With her Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mariah's will to act is further strengthened. Nervous energy is the order of the day here -- both good and bad. Carey's Sun and Mercury both find themselves Opposite Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, in this chart. The Sun's Opposition to Uranus is anything but subtle, presenting us with a woman who is willful to the point of being dictatorial. Mercury's Opposition to Uranus sounds off in the form of inconsistent ideas, radical points of view and myriad controversies. The singer's actions will get her into trouble from time to time, but she'll get a lot done, too.
    Thanks to her Mercury in Aries, New York's finest won't always think before she speaks. That may be why she's quick to talk about a very familiar subject -- herself! Yes, marvelous Mariah is fast on her feet, loves to mix it up and is a formidable foe in a verbal joust. With her Venus in Aries as well (the Ram really does love this girl!), Ms. Carey can be a bit selfish in the game of love. The singer is aggressive and competitive when it comes to love, although she is also deliciously sociable and delightfully romantic. This placement further indicates that Carey is likely to spend her money as quickly as she makes it. Lastly, with her Venus unaspected in the heavens (making no aspects to any planets or points), look for Carey's romantic persona to be somewhat disconnected from the rest of her self.
    It's Mars in Taurus which brings Carey back to terra firma. The Bull's meeting with the Planet of Passion signals strength and determination, but of a more measured and purposeful variety. The songstress will get the things she wants (like money), albeit in due course. Since Mars is Conjunct to stern Saturn here, Carey will see to it that she's always got a plan and is working it. Mariah? Working it? Ask her fans!

    Twenty One
    Joe was watching the rerun of Twenty One and they had a question on Mariah.The question was worth 9 points.
    The question went something like:
    In 1999, Mariah Carey released her ninth consecutive album. What the name of that album?
    The choices were:
    A) Rainbow
    B) Butterfly
    C) Daydream
    D) Musicbox
    The contestant got it wrong, but he still won the round.

    August 20, 2000...Update 1
    MClogo Updates!
    There is a new quote of the week and new pic of the week! Check them out if you like!

    Exclusive! Mariah on Cover!
    Art saw Mariah on the cover of TV Notas, a Spanish Magazine. Inside are two pics of Mariah and Luis on vacation. It's similiar to the Globe article and talks about over 30 places the 2 have been together! Here are the two pics in the inside and the one is a new pic :) Enjoy and thanks again to Art!

    Pat yourself on the back!
    Remember how last week Zoli e-mailed me asking for us to vote for Mariah again in Hungary? Well, she moved from #43 to #23 and now this week, she has moved up to #10 with Against All Odds. Zoli wants to thank all of you who voted to help Mariah out in Hungary because this is the top station for them! He would like for all of us to vote again to help out Mariah. It's so simple guys, so please help once more time!
    -First click here: -Scroll down and choose AAO (at the moment it is #10) -Then click the orange-blue arrow that says, "Tovabb."

    Rachael Lampa mentions Mariah!
    Tom heard about a new singer that is only 15 years old and he said her voice is amazing. He went out and bought her cd after seeing her on Jay Leno and he loved it. He went to her website to find out more and in her biography it says that she loves the pop divas: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and their likes. Pretty cool eh?

    "All The Way" with Britney Spears
    Remember that pic of Mariah and Britney Spears from the MTV Europe Awards? Well, Romerolola told me that she saw the book and you can pick it up now! I think it is about $12?

    Lucky Fan at NYC Concert
    Jackie was the lucky fan who Mariah threw the shoe to at the MSG concert earlier this year. Just thought I would share that! Hee hee!

    Buttefly Review
    Tim found an older "music reviews" article from a local magazine of his. It for the Butterfly album. I read it and some of it ticked me off and some of it I liked. I thought I would post it here anyway!
    Soul diva or queen of schmaltz ? To the die-hard Carey freak , this women's voice can ^^MOVE MOUNTIANS^^ . For other , she just a heavy bimbo who bellows out all the high notes without any self-restraint . The fact is that her sort of lovely dovey ballads will always have a place in pop . After all , people fall in love all the time and there must be an accompanying soundtrack , right ? ( absolutely ) Already the sugarcoated " Honey " has reached no 1 and just for good measure three different versiond of the song r included here . Tune to inspire an all-out snogathon come in the form of the title track , " My All " and " Fourth Of July " . Schmaltzy they may but Mariah herself has declared " So What? " A very punk rock attitude , it must be said , and the women must be commended for not playing the critic's tune . After all , the 55 million records sold must indicated that she's doing something right . Another hit and a population boom is imminent ( they gave this album 7 out of 10 )

    More News Coming
    There is still a couple more things I want to add but I have to go back to work now! There really isn't too much news right now though but if you find anything, please e-mail me! Thanks!

    August 19, 2000...
    MClogo Tiny Update!
    Got some family events and parties to attend to today/tonight and I actually have no time to update the page. So, I am doing it on my lunch break from work, ha ha! So right now, I am only giving a tiny update. There is much Mariah news right now anyway! Big update tomorrow!

    Download Video
    Mia told me you can download the new video with MC and Westlife at the following location:
    Click Here to Download the Video!


  • MariahsTheme2000
    Hi Reg Mariah's Heartbreaker video well not all just a lil clip like a pic from it was on the daily one today well just like the start of it they showed all other videos on there to they always show heartbreaker at the beginning and also on TRL when they retired "The One" by BSB today and they also showed all other videos that were retired also! well, ttyl Reg! C-ya
  • Asad
    Today at around 9:00am They played "Crybaby" on Rock of Ages on VH1 and asked a group of kids and some older people from a fish market what they thought of the video and most people said that the video was great but it would have been better if Snoop wasn't in it, but the comments were nice overall.

    That's It
    That's actually all the news I had sadly. Please send me pics/news/anything Mariah related cause things are really slow right now!

    August 18, 2000...Update #3
    MClogo New Message from MARIAH herself!!
    Mariah left a new message on her official website. It's quite bizarre though because the message just stops. Did she say something Sony didn't want released or maybe she just left a cute brief message. I don't know and neither do you but I hope "someone" can let us know soon :) Here is what she said though:
    "Yeah I do believe the put my nice message up on the board, in fact *laugh* it's Mariah...... so u guys know where to direct this new message tonight and I just wanted to say that Im reading a nice message from the wonderful lambs out there - you know who you are and I just wanted to say you guys are the freakin best! who does stuff like this? come on!"

    August 18, 2000...Update #2
    MClogo Mariah performed with WET Nails!
    According to this little article in Cosmopolitan's September 2000 issue, Mariah Carey performed one of her Rainbow Concerts with wet nails and changed the color FOUR times during the show. They talked to the woman who does Mariah's nails for that information and if you would like to read the whole article, click below on the pic!

    Auctioning Posters
    Lissa is auctioning off her posters and some are Mariah. You can check it out by clicking below!

    There is a new NEWS Banner and a new Title banner! Hope you enjoy them both and also, the links page was updated!

    Please send your stories of how meeting Mariah, seeing her in concert, listening to her music or simply seeing her on tv, changed your life! Send all stories to:

    Thank You Mariah
    Well I havn't sent in my entree yet, but I soon will because I think Nikki came up with a cute idea. It's basically a tell Mariah thank you story but it's more then that! You can say how she inspired you or how she has changed your life along with your favorite song and other basic information. You want to know more don't you? I thought so, so click below boo! Do it now!
    Thank you, Mariah

    August 18, 2000...Update #1
    MClogo New AAO Video with Westlife!
    Here are some people who saw the new video and let us know how it was:

  • Paul
    I just saw the new Mariah & Westlife video on Select MTV in the UK! It was basically clips from MTV News that I had seen a few months ago with them all in the studio. Mariah was also on a boat in the water singing. It was really cool! The only horrible thing is that they didn't show the whole song. It should be on everyday now!! yippee
  • Mark
    This afternoon on MTV Select the new video of AAO with Westlife premiered here in the UK!!! It was very good. It was like a fly-on-the-wall video showing Mariah with Westlife around Capri and then them recording in the studio. There was a nice bit where Mariah was sitting on a boat singing her solo verse, she looked very fit!! LOL!! Anyway to all the UK fans or anyone who can access MTV:UK you will be able to catch the new vid again Friday morning on MTV Select Replay it is on at 6 am so get up early

    New Drawings
    I added 3 new drawings to Artwork Page 3 today. Two are from "Old Navy" and 1 is from Jad! Check them out if you like :) Very nice!

    Westlife/MC Duet in USA!
    Here is what Danielle told me:
    Okay Regina, I have some GREAT news on the duet with Mariah and Westlife. Today I was just listenin to my radio, talking on the phone, usual stuff. I had on B96 (A main station in Chicago) and I was listening to the 12 O'CLock Street Mix. I'm pretty sure the Mixmaster Tim "Spinnin" Scholmer as he's most reconized as, and I heard a Honey remix, then they played the AAO mix! I'm still trying right now to call back to get any info on it, but no one is answering my all! (Which it is now 1:07) :P Anyone else hear it?

    There is a little 14 year old girl, don't know her name sadly, who is creating a special fanbook for Mariah. Stephanie from All Mariah will be putting the information on her site later today, so if you would like to add to it, you can :)

    Mariah Needs Our Help in Australia!
    Here is a message that Raphael wanted me to post on this site!
    Hi Regina, and my fellow Mariah FANS
    It's Raphael from Australia
    I just recieved a letter from AMV, (the video show that i've been asking you to request from in the last few dayz) GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! They're going to play "Against All Odds DUET with WESTLIFE".
    They said before they play it, they want and NEED more requests. NOW this video show is very VERY VERY popular in Australia
    so my friends, please REQUEST and REQUEST for Mariah Carey in Australia ........
    go to the AMV site at
    Also, I received an e-mail from a POPULAR radiostation in Australia. They said that they would play "AGAINST ALL ODDS DUET", BUT, they still want MORE requests
    SO please e-mail them at
    PLEASE, pass this message on to your friends
    ALSO, BE NICE 8-) in the e-mail
    don't say anything RUDE, this station likes Mariah Carey and plays her all the time. So we don't want to lose them. Thank-you very much

    Mission Crybaby and are starting "Mission Crybaby". It's like "Mission Rainbow", only you don't have to spend money. They want all the fans to request Crybaby and send e-mails and stuff to MTV telling them that we need to request it until they play it. We need to show them that we wanna see "Crybaby". We can't give up! Anything for Mariah!

    Mariah Jumps the Charts!
    Mariah has jumped from #5 to #3 on MTV Asia Hitlist!!! Check out this page:
    Big thanks to Ken :)

    Scanned Promo Copy of AAO
    Zoli told me that his friend that works at Sony scanned the advance promo copy of Against All Odds! You can check it out by clicking below:

    Vote/Fanbook would like you to vote for her Mariah Carey Page:
    Also she is making a fanbook and she would like you to send her stories on how MC has inspired you. Also, you can send in your poems, artwork, etc!

    New website for fans!
    Here is what Cordelia told me:
    Hey! I'm making a website all about Mariah fans. The main object is to list new Mariah fans, who were convinced by us long-time Mariah fans. For example, my non-mc fan melissa asked me to borrow my I still Believe single because she saw when Mariah performed it on Oprah! Voila! A new mc fan!!! This is basically what i'm after! Hope you can help out!
    MaRiAH FaN BLiSS

    August 17, 2000...
    MClogo Download new Westlife and Mariah duet!
    John and Mia told me that you can now download the new Westlife and Mariah Carey duet for AAO at Check it out!

    Mariah in TV Y Novelas
    Mariah is in the latest TV Y Novelas (don't know date) and it's a 1/2 page article about the movie she is doing, All That Glitters. There are 2 pics of her. One is a pic of her from Lady Of Soul with the gold dress and the other is from her Rainbow concerts. Thanks to Jose for this information. Anyone got a scan?

    MC Calendars
    Okay there are two different calendars you can get of MC for 2001. One being an official calendar and one being an unofficial calendar. Danielle told me that you can get the unofficial calendar for pretty cheap at Push Posters. It's either £5.99 / $9.29. To order yours, check out this site:

    2 New Drawings
    Okay, some of you enjoy looking at my work and other MC fan artwork and others of you don't. Well, for the ones that do, I personally add 2 new drawings I did of Mariah into the first Artwork page and then I added 2 new drawings from another MC fan into the second Artwork page! Check them out if you like!
    Sneak Peaks:

    Mandy Discusses Mariah!
    Melissa found an interview with Mandy Moore on her website and here is what she was asked and her answer!
    Mandy, do you consider Mariah Carey an idol?
    answer: Yeah, I think she is a positive role model and ultra talented. She is a true diva.

    Mariah on Cover of Magazine!
    Oscar e-mailed me last night because Mark wanted to let me know about something. It seems that Mariah is on the cover of a foreign magazine called, "Kleopatra!" Also, it's from Tsjechie, whatever that means? Does anyone have a scan of this?

    Heartbreaker Released!
    1 day and 1 year ago on August 16th, Mariah's first single from Heartbreaker was released guys! How cool :) Thanks to Paul for this information!

    AAO Video has been seen!
    Russell said he saw the new video with Mariah and Westlife and here is what I was told:
    Nobody's gonna believe me but i saw the MC/ Westlife AAO video. Well Kind of any way. I was channel surfing and on MTV UK I saw the AAO video bu there was no sound except for this really annoying MTV sound ( U hear it when it's going into adverts and it says MTV letter by letter on red background , just so u know what it sound s like!) Obviously i couldn't hear it but from what i could see the video was really good. It's MC and westlife in the studio, Doing Photo shoot's , In various different places in Capri and on Boat at sea.( Just like that picture from a magazine we saw ages ago.) I thought westlife were just doing Backing vocals but although i couldn't hear it I see what they were saying and Mark (Geeky Brown haird one) was singing the second verse. (probably cos he's the biggest MC fan out of all of them) I know probably none of you believe me but it's True i saw most of the video. But I think that Maybe MTV didn't show it in the Making the video premier like they said they would because the video needs to be changed or something and thats why there was no sound when i saw it.

    Joe is putting together a huge fanbook for Mariah and would like you all to participate in it. He wants the letters addressed to HIM, but they are suppose to be about Mariah. By doing this, he is hoping to give a new angle on the fanbooks! Send your letters on how Mariah changed your life to:

    My Music Awards
    Hillary told me about VH1 creating "My Music Awards!" It seems we pick the nominees, we pick the awards, and we pick the winners. Right now, you can put in any category you want. I think we should all pick one and have everyone put that in. Like:
    Favorite Female Singer!
    Then put Mariah Carey as a suggestion!
    To put something in, check out:
    This show will air on November 30th at the Shrine Auditorium!

    Vote for Fanpage!
    Daniel has created a site for the teen choice website award and would like you all to go vote for it! It seems you can only vote once a week for it so if you would like to help her out, click below!

    August 16, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah Leaves Official Message!!
    Well half my mailbox today was filled with fellow MC fans saying that Mariah has left a new message, so thanks to everyone who wrote me about this! Pretty ironic that I mentioned this yesterday, ha ha! Oh well, check out the Official Mariah Carey Site for a new, REALLY CUTE, message from Mariah! Also, thanks to Muning for typing out the message!!!
    Hi (high).
    I’m sorry I haven’t left a message in a really long time but, yeah.. it’s Mariah and I’m up here in Canada uhmm., I’ve been here longer that ive been in 1 place for the past three years, in fact. And uhm….uh- uhm. Im sitting here with my new pair of lambs slippers and an entire lamb outfit. And listen to what my lamb slippers do. Hold on, wait….. Wait why aren’t this working? oh.(baaaaa!) (laughs… ) c’mon they baaaa! How cute is that?
    Anyway, I know I haven’t left a message in a long time. ‘Cuz I didn’t know of you guys will be getting my messages and hopefully you’ll get this one but I wanted to say thank u so much for everything as always. I owe everything to you, in fact! and uhm.. there was like a little weird nasty people and listening to my messages and commenting on them in the press and stuff like that so it became a little hard for me to do it! So, just so you know it’s not that I’m neglecting you. I love u as always and uhm I appreciate u and enjoy u as u already know. And I hope everybody’s having a great summer and im having so much fun doing this movie and uhm doing the soundtrack and yeah ive met some nice fans recently who came a long way and brought me a beautiful plaque and uhm I believe they call themselves the lambz o’ MC. And they made me really really great fan book and stuff so u guys know who you are thank u. and uhm everybody thanks for everything with “Can’t take that away” again. And you know I appreciate you and I love you and hopefully you’ll get this message and I’ll be able to leave a message periodically for you again okay? I love u guys bye.

    Well I was glad to see this message from The Mariah Carey Archives. Thanks to Jackie for telling me about it and I wish that Jessica Simpson would see this!
    First let me start out by saying this is a legitimate email and nothing in this letter is false. For a few month I was interning at a radio station. During my time there we had several upcoming artists and big name artists to visit, one being Mariah Carey. In the studio, during the time of her visit, there were several reporters from local newspapers and magazines. Mariah talked on a variety of topics one topic being: "Out of the new rave of young female pop artist who do you think have staying power?" Mariah replied "Mini Me", the host then said you mean Jessica Simpson? And Mariah replied "No, you know 'Austin Powers'," and she started laughing. She then replied, "No, seriously, I really don't listen to pop radio and so I haven't really heard any of the new artists. I did meet Britney Spears a while back and she was a really down to earth girl." The host then went on talking about Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera and he asked Mariah if she had any advice to give to them and she said, "Make sure you know what everyone is doing around you." I know it has been a rumor for awhile that Mariah called Jessica Simpson "Mini Me", but that just was not the case. Her response was taken out of text. With various reporters around, you can be sure that one would create an interview, he or she wants.

    Listen to AAO Remake!
    John told me that you can hear a sample of Mariah and Westlife's new single "Against All Odds" on an Irish Radio Station site! Just click below!
    Also, make sure to check out John's Mariah Comunity called Honey B Fly!

    Charlie Rose-Did Ya Miss It?
    Lauren e-mailed me and told me that if people missed the Charlie Rose show, they can order the video or transcript. This information was at the end of the Charlie Rose show:
    Transcript : $7
    Videocassette - $29.95
    send to:
    Charlie Rose
    800 All - News
    1535 Grant Street
    Denver, CO 80203
    Include name/address (obvious stuff), the date of the show(when it originally aired) and the guest

    AAO in United States!
    Most likely, the AAO single with Westlife will NOT be sold in the US! But don't fear because Tower and Sam Goody should be getting it in as an Import; Just like they did with the first AAO single!

    AAO in Europe
    Here is what Julientold me!
    Hey Reg! Just to let you know that AAO is available as a single and as a maxi single, but it's not the version including Westlife. I found mines at Virgin Megastore in Paris, so i guess it's also available all over Europe (as you know, the Westlife version of AAO will be here in Europe on september 25th). And plus i'm so happy cuz we have a lot of commercials on TV here (especially on a channel called "TF1", the most popular here) for Rainbow, even thought i think Sony should have done those commercials in late '99, when Rainbow was released, cuz now in the summer ppl are more likely to go out and therefore don't watch TV that much.

    News From Sam Goody!
    Chris told me that Sam Goody did carry Mariah's Official Calendar last year and they have already gotten from 2001 calendars from NSync, Blick 182, Monica and Madonna. So he is guessing that it shouldn't be long until they get the Mariah Carey calendar in. Plus, he said that Diva's Live CD can still be ordered but there is no word on when the cd will be released. Also, there is no word at all about a video or DVD yet!

    Vote for Fellow MC Fan Sites
    Below, you can vote for two fellow MC fan sites!!

  • Alan:
    Vote by clicking below:
  • ButtterfIi:
    Vote by clicking below:

    Variety tells address? said that Variety reported the address where Mariah was shooting her movie a while back and she was wondering if anyone knew it. Her friend is going to Canada and she wants her friend to take a picture of the building or whatnot! E-mail Christina if you have any information!

    Vote for Mariah in Europe!
    Irina wants me to post this for you guys!
    On MTV UK there will be a special weekend where people get to see the the songs they request on MTV UK's Web site. All the Mariah fans MUST vote for Mariah so that MC's videos will be on the show, so please go and vote for Mariah at There are 3 songs to pick from. And also I wanted to tell all the guys out there to visit my New Mariah web site at

    Top 10 Artist Searches
    Jake sent me the Top Ten Artist searches on the web for the month of July and here they are and also, where MC is:
    1 1 Eminem 157,548
    2 2 Britney Spears 81,896
    3 3 N'SYNC 62,695
    4 20 Nelly 35,730
    5 5 Metallica 35,420
    6 4 Kid Rock 30,474
    7 6 Backstreet Boys 28,919
    8 10 Creed 28,295
    9 9 Bon Jovi 27,170
    10 11 Limp Bizkit 25,471
    33 31 Mariah Carey 10,191

    Mariah mentioned in song!
    Honey11682 told me the following:
    My fiance has this cd by Rodny O and Joe cooley, they are an old rap group from early 90's. They released a song, i forgot which one, but it says "i have visions and it's not like Mariahs". I heard it last night for the first time. I thought it was pretty cool! :-)

    Vote for Mariah against Celine and Toni!
    Nick let me know that Mariah is loosing to Celine and Toni on a best diva voting booth! Click below to vote for Mariah!

    August 15, 2000...
    MClogo Exclusive--Buy Mariah's Official Calendar Now!
    Last year, Mariah released the first Official Calendar and it seems she is doing it again. Last year, you could get the Official Mariah Carey 2000 calendar through Black Beats ads and now you can get the Official Mariah Carey 2001 Calendar through Black Beats ads again. Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me about this and I went out and bought the magazine for the information. Here is all the information you need to get yours delivered!

  • The Mariah Carey Calendar is $12.99 plus $3 for shipping (for US residents!)
  • Make Check or Money Order out to Sterling/Macfadden
  • They accept Visa or Mastercard (they need the # of the credit card and experiation date along with your signature somewhere!)
  • Make sure you include this information:
  • The address:
    Sterling/Macfaddan Dept. 2001-Cal-BM
    35 Wilbur Street, Lynbrook, NY 11563
  • If you live in Canada, you have to send an additional $6
  • If you live out of the country, you have to send an additional $12 plus if you send a money order, make sure it is for U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. Bank!
  • Important:
    This calendar WILL BE in stores later this year, just like it was last year for the 2000 calendar. So, if you don't have the money, or your parents won't let you get it through the mail, never fear it will be in bookstores probably around October or November 2000.
  • Print:
    IF you want to print this out and send it in, it would probably be easier for the company. I'll leave it up to your decision though!

    Much Love for Japan Fans!
    Well I got a Rainbow Minidisk recently from Japan and I was looking through the inside and it seems that Mariah signed a personal note to all her Japan fans! How sweet :) You can check it out for yourself by cliking below!

    New Pic
    Along with buying black beat yesterday, I bought the new Fresh magazine, which features a nice article on Mariah and has a lovely pinup of her at the Blockbuster 2000 awards. You can check out that scan in Gallery 35.

    Mariah mentioned in EW
    Dan told me you can check out a little article about All That Glitters in the Entertainment Weekly Magazine for this week. Dan also told me that there is no pic in this magazine!

    Okay What's Up MC?
    A couple of you have e-mailed me lately asking why Mariah hasn't left a voice message to her fans lately. I e-mailed Jill, Mariah's personal assistant, about this a month ago because I was wondering the same thing. Sadly, Jill didn't reply to my e-mail, so I don't know what is up. I am guessing though that Mariah is just extremely busy with the movie at the moment and is unable to call in somewhere to us. Also, Sony is giving her problems too so she would probably have to call someone who owns a fan site like Bree or someone in Mariah4 again! I sure hope she leaves another one soon though! I know I miss hearing from her!

    Vote for fellow fan
    Okay, I got this next bit from Liz:
    Hey fellow MC fans! I need your vote and support to win this fan contest. My friend is representing Mariah and has written two pages on how she inspired her (my friend has met her!). The one in first place is an nsync fan , so we need help representing Mariah!! Please vote!! Thanks!! P.S. send me an email once you've voted, so I can thank you =0) Vote here:

    Heartbreaker on Q102
    I have been talking about this for some time now but a while back, someone called my local radio station, Q102, and told them the Sony situation. Well Q102 said they would play Heartbreaker more often and last night I was in the car and Alex and I heard it on the radio. Coolio huh? A big thanks to the Q102 people for thier help!

    AAO released August 22nd
    Ove told me that the Against All Odds single will be released on August 22nd in Sweden.

    AAO in Sweden
    Here is more information of AAO in Sweden that Ida sent me:
    Hi Regina! I´m so happy!!! I have just heard AAO with Mariah and Westlife on radio "NRJ" here in Sweden. It was the first time they played the song on swedish radio. The song was GREAT!! It was mostly Mariah who sang so I don´t understand why Westlife claims the single to be theirs.

    93.7 Special Mariah Carey Promotion
    Kristen called her local radio station in Buffalo, 93.7 WBLK, and told thme the situation with Sony. The program director, Skip Dillard, e-mailed her this back:
    Thanks for your letter! We'll get Cry Baby on as often as possible!
    We're also doing an exclusive Mariah promotion at the end of the summer! Look out for it!
    Skip Dillard
    Kristen would like all of you to request Crybaby at: or at
    Here are more stations that you can request CTTA or Crybaby! - request CTTA & Crybaby - request CTTA - request CTTA

    Tidbits from Israel
    Ma'ayan sent me some tidbuts from Israel and here they are:

  • The video type of the movie 'The Bachelor' is #3 in Israel.
  • Yesterday 'So 90s' on mtv europe Mariah was with the video Butterfly.
  • Please vote for Mariah on mtv europe, because on the 26- 27 will be the top 100 best songs weekend and Mariah is there with the songs: Honey, Butterfly and Dreamlover. I think that the best idea is that everybody will vote to Honey.
    So if you want to vote please go to:
  • Mariah's first album 'Mariah Carey' was #4 on the billboard chart 10 years ago.
  • #1,s sold gold in Israel means at least 20,000 copies.
  • In Da Brat latest album 'Unrestricted' she wrote to Mariah in the thanks page:"Mariah carey we're friends till the end of the Rainbow".

    B12 e-mailed me and told me that the pic of Mariah from Japan for Nescafe commercial is a new cd cover of a E-Bay auction for a "Dreamscapes" cd, a MC remix cd! Of course this cd is un-official but the tracklistings are:
    1.Heartbreaker (Flukes On The Floor Mix) 4:31
    2.Looking In (Hani's Num Extended Club Mix) 7:51
    3.I Don't Wanna Cry (Mike Coorbet Radio Edit) 4:17
    4.Mi Todo (Spanish "My All") 3:46
    5.Fantasy (X-Mix) 4:59
    6.Bliss (Sweet Radio Mix) 3:36
    7.Someday (Ultimix Remix) 5:37
    8.Sweetheart (Lenny Bertoldo Unreleased Mix) 4:26
    9.Emotions (Original Promo Remix) 7:12
    10.Do You Know Where You're Going To (Classic Club MIx) 3:51
    11.Thank God I Found You (DJ Amanda Remix) 4:24
    12.Dreamlover (Def Club Mix Edit) 4:04
    13.Petals (Pound Boys Vocal Club Mix) 7:18
    14.Endless Love (Mariah Only Vocal) 4:18
    You can check out the picture by going below and if you want to be part of this auction, go to to look it up!

    Crybaby on Rock of Ages!
    Well, sadly I missed it but 2 people e-mailed me about it:

  • MariahLamby (aka Danielle)
    First they showed the bath tub scene. A little girl was dancing to it, and a little boy said "that was pretty disgusting" lol. An older guy said "It's the usual... for Mariah". (Oh dear) Then they showed Snoop, and another old guy said "She's good, but when that otha guy that popped in", "what's his name?" ("snoop dog" -said by a little boy he he) " I think if he wasn't in it, it would be 100% betta" lol. Then the host said "what's wrong with Mariah?" and a little girl said "She's got this weird man who she doesn't really wanna be ("there?" can't tell lol) (host) "kinda like a stalker"? (little girl) "yeah kinda like that".
    Then they show her throwing stuff, and breaking oreos and all that lol. The old guy says "she lost her lover, so she's trying ta forget about him, she's 'boosing'"(word for drinking I guess, lol) and eating her cookies, she's doin what girls do usually ya know"?. (host) "and what do guys do, do ya know?" (old guy) "guys just drink, they forget the cookies". (laughter).
    (host to kids) "do u think Mariah is lonely in real life?" (little boy) "no, I think she's got a lot of butlers". (host) "I've heard about the butlers".
  • Kristen
    Hey Reg, I saw the Rock of Ages with Crybaby on it. They asked some little kids and some old people what they thought. This one boy said the part where she was in the tub was disgusting. When they showed that part to the older people, this old guy said, it's the same thing from Mariah, or something like that. The old guy also said that it would have been 100% better if Snoop wasn't in it. Then the host asked the kids if they thought Mariah was lonely and the one little boy said she has a lot of butlers. Ummm? What? And the host said, yeah, I heard about the butlers. Um, okay, well that's very informative, uh, not. Why do they ask people about Mariah who have no clue what's going on? Oh well, if you missed it, be glad, it was a waste of time. LOL, I mean, they really didn't diss her or anything, but I think their remarks were ignorant because they know nothing about MC. Oh well, what can ya do?

    Charlie Rose
    Okay I taped Charlie Rose earlier this morning and Mariah was on for 40 minutes of the hour while Alanis was on for only 20. It's a nice interview because there was no commercials to worry about. Was it the whole interview though? Wasn't the original airing on 11/2/99 a full hour? I missed the beg. of the interview on 11/2/99, so I am not sure! Oh well, all in all, Mariah discussed Tommy, her Rainbow CD, her childhood and how she was dissed in the one magazine for only being called a singer and not producer/songrwriter/singer! She also talked about Petals, my favorite song and several other things!

    Vote for Mariah!
    Koh would like you all to vote for Mariah on Channel [V] International because they are asking for the Top 10 Sexiest Videos Ever. Choose 10 videos including Honey from the list. You could also fill in other songs. I suggest you put Heartbreaker remix or even Breakdown as these are sexy videos too. Thanks or just visit

    August 14, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    Globe Picture

    Well earlier today I reported that Mariah is in Globe Tabloid and asked if anyone has a scan. Well, I went out and bought it myself and you can check it out yourself by clicking below:

    Update #2
    Rainbow Jumps the Charts!!!
    Well look at that, according to Soundscan, Rainbow was #181 last week and this week it is #158!!! So we did make a tiny difference and it is on the charts for the best selling R&B Album. Thanks to Nacho for this information and everyone, give yourself a pat on the back if you bought Rainbow again!!

    More Good News
    Last week Zoli from Hungary e-mailed me along with Orsi and asked if we could all help Mariah out in Hungary. I got the link up and you all voted and "Against All Odds" moves from #43 to #23. So thanks to everyone who helped out Mariah on this chart and Zoli e-mailed me again asking for all our help again. So please, take 2 minutes again and help out Mariah!!!
    -First click here:
    -Scroll down and choose AAO (at the moment it is #23)
    -Then click the orange-blue arrow that says, "Tovabb."

    New Pics
    While Alex was in the Phillipines, he saw a magazine which featured Mariah Carey on the cover. The magazine is called, "Popsicle Lite" and it has 9 pages on Mariah and a pinup in the back. I scanned all 10 pages, which took forever, and added them to Gallery 34! Hope you enjoy!

    Rock of Ages
    Lauren e-mailed me and told me when Mariah would be on Rock Of Ages today. I watched the 10 am one this morning and she wasn't on sadly!
    MON 8/14 at 8:30pm/7:30c
    SAT 8/19 at 10am/9c

    Charlie Rose-What the Heck Reg?
    Well a lot of you e-mailed me about this show tonight. Some want to know what channel and some want to know what time. Sadly, I can't tell you neither and you need to look it up on your own. The channel is PBS, but that station differs from town to town and state to state. It's channel 12 here but for you, it might be 34 or something. Also, the time changes. It is 12 am here but it might be 10 pm where you are. The best way to figure it out, is to go to and look up your own listings. I hope you find it in your neck of the woods :)

    Older Rolling Stones
    Alyssa was checking out some of her older Rollingstone Magazines and found out that MC is listed at the 4th best vocalist. Kid Rock was on the cover and here are the results:
    1. Frank Sinatra
    2. Elvis Presley
    3. Aretha Franklin
    5. John Lennon
    6. Bob Dylan
    7. Janis Joplin
    8. Madonna
    9. Mick Jagger
    10. Robert Plant

    Against All Odds Single
    Well on May 28th, I talked to MC on the phone and she told me that the Petals Remix would be released on the European Single for AAO. Well the tracklisting has finally been released from Sony Music and look at that, Petals will be featured on it. Can't wait to get my hands on the remixes.
    1) Against All Odds - Single Edit (With Westlife)
    2) Against All Odds - Backing Track (With Westlife)
    3) Against All Odds - Instrumental (With Westlife)
    4) Petals - Pound Boys Main Mix
    5) Petals - Pound Boys Radio Edit
    6) Petals - Pound Boys Deep Dub
    7) Petals - Pound Boys Dub
    Look for the release of this single on September 25th in Europe. It doesn't seem that it will be released in the US but don't worry, stores like Sam Goody and Tower Records will get them in as imports soon enough! Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Elin!

    Teen Choice-Mariah's a no show!
    Well, even though the official site stated that Mariah was up for an award for the Teen Choice Awards, it seems she has already lost. The show was already taped and you can check it out on FOX at 8 pm on August 22nd (thanks Michelle). Nacho informed me that Britney Spears won the Female Award and Mariah isn't even in the preview for the show. Also, thanks to Joe for informing me of this too! And, Nicole sent me a list of the winners and sadly, no MC!
    Choice Female Artist -- Music: Britney Spears
    Choice Male Artist -- Music: Sisqo
    Choice Pop Group -- Music: 'NSync
    Choice Breakout Artist -- Music: Jessica Simpson
    Choice Album -- Music: Backstreet Boys, Millennium
    Choice Love Song: "Where You Are," Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
    Choice Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Track -- Music: "Thong Song," Sisqo
    Choice Single: "Bye Bye Bye," 'NSync
    Choice Rock Group: Blink-182
    Song of the Summer: "It's Gonna Be Me," 'NSync
    Choice Music Video: "It's Gonna Be Me," 'NSync
    Male Hottie of the Year: Justin Timberlake
    Female Hottie of the Year: Britney Spears

    Updates on Site
    There is a new Background and I redid the Magazines/Important Dates so they always line up at the bottom. Also, above I redid the links under the NEWS pic so this page loads faster and plus, I think it looks cuter! Just thought I would inform you of all that!

    Dave Cuts it Off!
    Ha ha, the top of his jeans that is! Daniel told me that you can see David Morales wearing a pair of Mariah inspired Jeans in the September issue of VIBE Magazine.

    Thanks to Nini for this next article from the NY Post! This is the Mariah Part Only!
    The veteran label exec is also one of many music chiefs looking to ink a deal with pop diva Mariah Carey, who is expected to leave her long-time home, Columbia Records, when she completes the final album of her contract with the Sony Music label.
    But, without the full backing of a media giant, it is highly unlikely Davis Entertainment will be able to afford the pop diva, who is expected to command about $60 million for a multi-album contract deal.
    Industry insiders say that while Carey and her management team have not begun the negotiation process, L.A. Reid and his stable of pop and R&B divas has the money - BMG reported worldwide revenues of $4.7 billion for the year ending June 30, including Arista's $550 million - and the know-how to work with the chart-topper.
    And he has as his executive vice president former top Sony exec Jerry Blair, who worked closely with the pop singer at Columbia Records.

    Mariah in Globe Tabloid!
    My buddy Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me that Mariah is in the August 22nd issue of Globe Tabloid! It has a pic of Mariah and Guam and a pic of Alison. The article talks about how Mariah is "FINALLY" helping out Allison with her AIDS treatments. I personally think that it is NOT Mariah's responsiblity to help out Allison and Allison should be THANKFUL Mariah is willing to help her out after everything Allison has done to Mariah. Poor MC, she always has a heart of gold! Here is the article (anyone got a scan?)
    Mariah's Mission Of Mercy
    Pop diva Mariah Carey has thrown out a lifeline to help save her estranged AIDS-stricken sister, offering to fund cutting-edge medical treatments for the killer disease, reveal family friends.
    The guesture reflects a change of heart by Mariah toward Alison Carey, an admitted ex-hooker, who says the singer once snubbed her plea for AIDS medicine by coldly declaring, "I'm not God. I can't save you!"
    But pals say that Mariah is now proposing to sponsor Alison's visits to specialists in New York City and Atlanta, and pay for expensive AIDS treatments, travel and accommodation.
    When Alison (right) learned of her superstar sibling's surprise offer, she thought it was a cruel hoax.
    "So she called her mom, who's very close to Mariah," says a pal, "and she asked 'Is it for real?' Her mom said. 'Yes, it's what Mariah wants.' Alison now believes this is the beginning of the end of bad feelings between them.
    "She says her mom told her, 'Mariah says what's in the past is in the past, that she never stopped loving you as a sister and she's now ready to do whatever she can to help.'"
    It's about time, says another pal- "If Mariah comes through for Alison, she'll be doing the right thing for her sister, at last."

    Mariah Kingdom
    Okay this is what Jad wrote me and he wanted me to add it to this site. E-mail him if you are interested in joinging!
    hey regina! i was wondering if you could post something in your site...i am starting this thing that joins five of the best sites in and it's going to be called Mariah Kingdom and going to be so if its possible can you post this in your site asking all the webmasters to contact me (Jad Foley - if they're interested. thanks soooo much!

    Calcom Sells Mariah Calendar
    Well Calcom, a Calendar Company, has announced that the Mariah Carey 2001 calendar is now for sale. They have two listed. One has a picture and one doesn't because it's unavailable at the moment. One is $20 and one is $22. What's the differnce? I don't know and neither do you. But does anyhow have an idea why?!? You can order your Mariah calendar now by clicking below!

    August 13, 2000...
    MClogo Oh how I missed my lambs!
    Hey guys, I am back. Did ya miss me?!? Hee hee, well I have a lot of updates to do on the site and most of them will come tomorrow since I have major lack o' time today. If I didn't reply to your e-mail and you wanted a response, please e-mail me again. I got a load of e-mails and couldn't reply to all of them, hope you understand! Anyhow too Mariah news..

    New Pic
    Ayako sent me a Mariah package while I was away and inside was a Nescafe magazine ad! It had one of the most beautiful pictures of Mariah I have ever seen and plus, I have never seen it on the internet. So, I scanned it exclusively for this site and you can click the thumbnail below to see beautiful MC :)

    There is a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic of the Week. Hope you enjoy!

    Rolling Stone Article
    Well there is a tiny little pic and article of Mariah in the August 31st issue of Rolling Stones, with the oh so hot Keanu Reeves on the cover! I bought it last night and scanned it today so you can all see it and thanks to "b12" for the scan too!

    Do's And Don'ts Magazine!
    Along with picking up Rolling Stone last night, I also picked up a special magazine from the makers of "Glamour Magazine!" It's the Fall 2000 magazine and it's called "Do's & Don'ts." Mariah is in there on page 82 and you can click below to see the pic, which I just scanned!!

    Charlie Rose and Mariah!
    Did ya miss Mariah on Charlie Rose last year on 11/2/99. I surely did because it was unexpected and unannounced. Well lucky for us, Mariah's 1 hour special, NO COMMERCIALS, interview with Charlie Rose will repeat on August 15th at 12 am. It will air on PBS and I suggest everyone look it up because the time changes from town to town. It might be 12 am in NJ but it might be 3 am in another state or another town. I have 45 minutes of the interview on video and trust me, it's a nice interview to have! Hope you can catch the reairing of it and thanks to ALEX for this information :)

    Official Website Updated/Mariah at Teen Choice
    Lauren informed me that the official website has been updated. It says:
    Mariah at Teen Choice Awards
    Updated 8.9.00
    Congratulations, Mariah, for these nominations!!
    Choice Female Artist
    Choice Love Song ("Thank God I Found You")
    The show airs Tuesday, August 22nd on FOX.
    So what does that mean? Will Mariah be at the Teen Choice Awards on August 22nd? I don't know and neither do you but hey, it looks like there is a good chance!

    Mariah in Fresh
    I think I reported this information but Iwill say it again. It seems that Mariah is in the Sept. issue of "Fresh" magazine. There is a pinup of her and an article about how she saved a young girls life. Anyone got the scans for me? I am told it's a pinup of her in a pink dress? Maybe the Blockbuster 2000 awards?!? Thanks to Bob and Kim for this information

    Here is some information on Mariah that I got from various people while I was on vacation:

  • Kaho
    Hey Regina, Just like to give you some news on Mariah in the UK side of things! I was watching MTV UK's R'n'B shwo The Late Lick and they showed the full video for 'Cry Baby', and i was like soooo happy cos i have never seen that vid b4! I think that Cry Baby will be Mariah's next single to be released in the UK. I actually don't really think that Against All Odds will be released as Mariah's own single as Westlife has been on UK TV saying that there next single will be Against All Odds featuring Mariah Carey! I don't really understand how Westlife are taking full credit for the song as from what i have heard of the song Mariah seems to be the lead vocal in it and Westlife are just on backing vocals! Well hope the info helps you!
  • Mrinehart
    Mariah was on MTV's show "Sex in the 90's" First it said that artists are now using sex to sell albums, and they showed the back of "Rainbow." Then they were talking about fantasies, and they played mariah's "Fantasy."
  • CKbe608
    This is from the live chat at, when asked who had the biggest influence in Destiny Child's musical careers they responded:
    Beyoncé Knowles: We all definitely share a lot of the same influences.
    Beyoncé Knowles: I know Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, En Vogue, The Supremes...
  • Alan
    MC9114ever at they have a new rainbow import that includes bonus comes out 8/15/00 it doesnt have any other info though
  • Jake
    This website will soon contain the script for Mariah Carey's first film, All That Glitters.
    Coming September 2000

    Mariah mentioned in Walter article
    Shawna told me she got a magazine called, "Roland Users Group:The Magazine for the Electronic Musician" in the mail. She gets it every few months and on the cover this time was Walter Afanasieff. There is a big article on him and MC is mentioned in the article:
    "It was there that Walter also began his relationship with an unknown singer who would eventually become the top-selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey. Walter began producing and co-writing with Mariah by her second album, "Emotions" (1991), and his writing and producing were instrumental in her phenomenal success."

    Crybaby on Rock of Ages Monday
    You can check out Mariah's "Crybaby" video on the VH1 show called "Rock of Ages" on Monday the 14th. The description of the show says:
    Little kids at the New York Aquarium and older folks at the Sea Breeze fish shop watch and comment on videos by Mariah Carey ("Crybaby"), 'N Sync ("It's Gonna Be Me"), Lit ("Miserable"), and Metallica ("I Disappear"). Henry Alford hosts.
    Mrinehart sent me this information but I wasn't told what time the show started. I went to the VH1 website and I believe it is on at 10 am! Here's hoping I am right because I would love to see what is said about Mariah's Crybaby Video!

    New Webpage
    Andy from Italy has just finshed his own site called "Symply Mariah" and would like you all to check it out! You can do so by clicking below :)"

    Anderz And I
    Okay I have to clear this up cause I read the post on my messageboard about us; We are just friends! There is nothing going on and it was all a joke from the beginning. Anderz is someone who has helped me through a lot of things and he is just a really nice and sincere guy! We are not an "item" because we live thousands and thousands of miles away. Just very good friends....

    Thanks to Heartbrkr1802 for this next article which you can see at vh1 by clicking here:
    All That Glitters is no longer a shimmering phantasm existing only in Mariah Carey's fine head. For the diva's feature film debut actually began shooting in Toronto last weekend, and The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that sultry soul person Eric Benét has joined the cast to play...a sultry soul person.

    The Carey vehicle combines the best elements of Dreamgirls and Carey's own improbable rise to fame, telling the story of a singer who puts a violent upbringing behind her to become one of the most popular performers in the world. There are some original elements: Carey's character won't be "hanging" with Ol' Dirty Bastard. Kate Lanier, whose credits include last year's Mod Squad, wrote the story.

    Although the first two days of shooting were rained out, Carey was getting ready for her closeup by the end of last week. The Toronto environs are filling in for Georgia, where Mariah's character endures a hardscrabble childhood.

    Milwaukee's own Eric Benét fits into the mélange as soul singer/songwriter Caesar. He joins a cast that includes Carey pal Da Brat as a pal of Carey's character, Tia Texada as a Carey pal who isn't Da Brat, and British actor Max Beesley. According to the New York Post other cast members include ex-Bongwater singer turned actress Ann Magnuson, who plays a publicist, and Salman Rushdie's reported girlfriend, model Padma Lakshmi.

    Beesley made his mark in the A&E miniseries Tom Jones. His role, Deejay Dice, has been described as a with-it DJ who is big in the underground. Carey finds out just how big that underground is when she falls in love with him. Don't worry, Luis Miguel, it's only a movie.

    Benét started his career as a teenager with his sister and cousin in a group appropriately called Benét. He released his first solo album in 1996, but made his greatest impact with last year's A Day in the Life album. The record spawned the hit R&B single "Spend My Life With You," a duet with Tamia. Benét has also paid the bills with the odd acting gig. He was a recurring character on the WB's For Your Love.

    Although Carey has talked up the film since the beginning of the year - even going so far as to contact Prince for soundtrack advice - the deal for Glitters has come together only recently, with Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox teaming up to produce the movie. All That Glitters will be directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall, who worked with the late rapper Tupac Shakur on the 1997 film Gridlock'd.

    "I always wanted to act as a little girl," Carey told VH1 News in January. "I was in a lot of different workshops and theater workshops when I was little. And now I've been studying with a really great teacher for the past, about, two-and-a-half years. And it's been really rewarding to me as an artist and just as a person."

    Compared with aspirant blockbusters like Gladiator, All That Glitters is budgeted closer to the Cool as Ice level. Columbia and Fox are ponying up $20 million-$25 million to tell Carey's tale.

    Coming Tomorrow:
    Well that's all the news for today but coming tomorrow, you can see exclusive scans of a cover Mariah has appeared on called "Popsicle Lite!" Alex picked it up for me while he was in the Phillipines these last two weeks and there are SEVERAL pages on Mariah plus a cover shot! So I will scan that and more new pics for you tomorrow! Till then, have a nice night!

    August 9, 2000...
    MClogo Bye Bye Bye!!!
    Well today is the last update I will do for a couple o' days. I am going away on vacation this afternoon and will be back this weekend! You can continue to send me news/pics whatever! Sorry for the lack o' updates but you can check out the other Mariah4 websites for all your information while I am away! Tootles...

    Thank You!
    I want to thank everyone you contributed to the fanbook that Anderz made for me. It's been a really hard year and Anderz was so sweet and so kind and he made me a little fanbook for me. So many of you said how you liked the site and the newsletter and I wanted to thank you all because later this year, this site was going to be shut down but now I see I should keep it going longer. Especially since Mariah herself asked me to please not shut down the site, what a sweet lamb. So thanks again to everyone and I will treasure it forever :)

    New Pic
    I got a very lovely pic from Uwe's website and I thought I would attach it here for you all to see. It's from the TOTP show, where MC got the Rainbow Review Fanbook. She looks so lovely, as always!

    Faith Hill AND Shania tackles Mariah!! OH NO!!
    Now Mariah is in third place behind Faith Hill and Shania. Now I KNOW VH1 is adding votes to Faith Hill and Shania because I know we have all been voting like crazy for MC. Please go and vote for her, it's important because VH1 always is rude to Mariah and if we make them see that she has a huge fan base, then maybe they will lay off!!Also, when I come back from vacation this weekend, I want to see MC at #1 guys! Don't let me down..HA HA HA!!!

    Here is an article from Nini that's from today's NYPost!
    POP diva Mariah Carey is counting on novelty casting and her own sex appeal to spark interest in her schlocky fictionalized biopic "All That Glitters."
    Singer Eric Benet, fiance of vehicularly challenged actress Halle Berry, and condemned "Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie's model-turned-cookbook-writer girlfriend Padma Lakshmi will make their big screen debuts in the Columbia-TriStar flick Carey is producing and starring in, reports's Roger Friedman.
    For better or worse, Ann Magnuson, who portrays a music label publicist, is the only experienced actor on the set.
    The movie has been riddled with casting conundrums since Carey supposedly "fired" an 11-year old girl at the last minute who wasn't appealing enough in the role of the young Mariah.
    But the diva's rep, Cindy Berger, insists the girl, Bianca Collins, only had three auditions with casting agents and never met with either Carey or director Vondie Curtis Hall, who made the final choice.
    Meanwhile, sources tell PAGE SIX Carey is pushing the picture ahead as fast as she can because the soundtrack will be her last recording for Sony Music before her contract expires. Insiders say she had been in talks with Clive Davis to join his about-to-debut label at BMG, but called it off when Davis wouldn't meet her terms.
    "She was asking for up to $15 million in upfront money, a piece of equity in his entertainment company and her own label besides," our source says. Carey had been promised her own label by Sony, but those plans were shelved due to budget cuts.
    Insiders say Davis' problem is that although he'll be getting $175 million over five years once his deal with BMG is inked, he's not allowed to sign big-money artists without approval from BMG boss Strauss Zelnick.
    Zelnick is said to have signed off on Carey, but she decided to look elsewhere after Davis said he'd only go as high as $9 million. He then trained his sights on George Michael, but Zelnick balked at the lukewarm Brit pop star's $10 million pricetag. "He hasn't had a hit in a while," one source snarked.
    Berger denies that Carey's engaged in discussions with any record companies.
    "Conversations between Clive Davis and BMG are ongoing and an announcement will be forthcoming," BMG spokesman Keith Estabrook promises

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Here is what I got from (brandy)
    hi id just like to let u know that tomorrow is my 18th b day an i plan on playing mariah carey music all day because she is the reason i have survived an gotten to this age an im gonna celebrate it.
    So, if you have a little extra time, why not send Brandy a big birthday wish from one MC fan to another!

    Dieing Mariah Fan need our help!
    Well I was really sad when I read what Kelly sent me. It's seems that there is a fellow Mariah fan dieing from AIDS and is only 14 years old. Mandi, the little 14 year old, left the following message on the Mariah Carey Fantasy, a yahoo club:
    "Hello, my name is Mandi. I am 14 and live in Topeka, Kansas. in a matter of a few short weeks I will die of AIDS. I am sitting right now at home. :( i cant be helped. my mom is too poor and the medication didnt work. i got AIDS through a blood transfer a few years ago. right now I am listening to One Sweet day by Mariah and boys 2 men. i am frightened. i dont wanna die. i joined this club because it looks like a club that cares about other people and not fight at all. sorry if your cyring by reading this. well i g2g now. bye. Mandi"
    If you would like to send your thoughts and prayers to Mandi, please send her an e-mail at: jewelcasesloxs@Hotmail.Com

    Yesterday, I reported I didn't know who sent in the college jeopardy information and it was Michelle. So thanks Michelle :)

    Rainbow Goes 4x platinum in October most likely!
    See I don't know much about Billboard or what the charts are all about but William e-mailed me and told the following information, which made me kind of happy, in fact!
    Hello, RIAA certified albums by the number of units is shiped rather then number of sales. As Rainbow sales, new shipment of the albums will be sent to the stores to replace the ones that sold. Right now Rainbow have sold 2.95 million copies. When it sales 3.1 million copies it will be certified 4x platinum. I have kept up with all of Mariah's albums sales and rainbow will follow along with other Mariah's album. Rainbow will sell more copies in the long run and will be on the top pop catloge chart for a long time. Around October it should be certified 4x platinum. I have all of my faith counted on it.

    Eric Benét "Glitters" With Mariah Carey, Da Brat
    Thanks to Victor for this next article:
    Soul singer Eric Benét is the latest musician to be added to the cast of Mariah Carey's forthcoming rags-to-riches flick "All That Glitters," a project that is currently before the lens on location in Toronto.
    "Variety" reports that Benét, who previously had a small role in the WB series "For Your Love," won't have to stretch too much in his feature film acting debut, as he's set to play an R&B singer named Ceasar in "All That Glitters."
    In addition to Carey and Benét, the Vondie Curtis-Hall-directed movie will also feature rapper Da Brat as Carey's best friend in the flick, which details the dramatic rise to fame of a young singer (Carey) from a foster home in the inner-city projects.
    "All That Glitters" is scheduled to film in Toronto and New York City through the end of September, and is tentatively set for release in March 2001.
    In addition to the movie career, Benét is also working on his third solo album, the follow-up to his 1999 sophomore effort, "A Day In The Life," which has sold more than 752,000 copies, according to SoundScan.

    New Mariah Carey Search Engine Webmasters!
    Eric's Mariah Carey Archives site is the first site to have it's own search engine. Fans can add their own websites in less than a minute and you can find good Mariah sites at a click of a button. All webmasters, please check out Eric's site to add your own website and fellow MC fans can check it out to see all the great MC fan sites out there on the net! Check out for more information!

    More Rolling Stone Information
    VanishingXPhile told me that Mariah is on page 34 in the new Rolling Stone Magazine. There is a section at the bottom called "What Are You Listening To?" Mariah is down there and it has a little picture of her from the homecoming concert. She says:
    "'The Gap Band -The Millennium Collection' My favorite songs are 'Outstanding' 'You Dropped A Bomb On Me' and 'Burn Rubber.' I fall to reminiscing of days gone by."
    Anyone got a scan of the picture?!?!?

    RockNRoll Jeopardy on VH1
    Thanks to Ricardo (owner of Ricardo's Mariah Carey Movie/Music and More Page!!) for this information:
    The question was:
    If you wanna listen to "Hero" and "DreamLover", go to this Mariah Carey album.
    *Noone knew. The players were Brian McKnight and some rockers. Brian didn't even know.
    Of course the answer was "Music Box".

    Lambz O Mariah
    Do you have something to say to MC?
    Hi Mariah fans!! Wassup? Well, the Lambz O Mariah is in the middle of starting a new Fan organization called LOMInc. (Lambz O Mariah Incorporated! Cute huh?!) This organization is going to be unlike any other and it’s solely for the purpose of giving a little something back to Mariah! That’s our motto, in fact... “Giving something BACK to MC!” Anyway, we’ll tell you more about the organization after we finish putting it together because we’re going to need all of your help to get this running! It won’t work without the fans! Right now we want to tell you about the first project and it’s the LOM, Inc. FANLINE! We’ve set up an 800 number where you guys can call in and leave a short voice message for Mariah to hear! Wish her good luck for the filming of All That Glitters, tell her that you miss her or just call to say hello. Mariah told us that she missed her fans, so we thought we’d try to help her out and bring you guys to her. If you want to leave a message call 1-877-328-2754. Please keep your messages positive and try to keep them short! They can only be 2 minutes in length!!! Please call in and give Mariah your love and support! And we promise, Mariah will be told about these messages by the end of the week! The deadline is Friday, and hurry because there is only 200 minutes on our account. Once these are used up, we can’t accept any more calls. Thanks guys, and look out for the opening of LOM, Inc! If you’re interested in being a part of this organization drop us an email at Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

    One of Mariah's gifted songwriting lambs is in search of a talented voice to sing her song "Untouchable Fantasy" to be included on the "Mariah's Lambs Tribute of a Decade CD" in honor of Mariah's music recording artist career. If you know how to sing or make/write music to accompany lyrics then send an e-mail to Jim at or Jen at and you will be sent the contest rules of how Jen (the songwriter) will choose the winner. There will be no losers either because everyone else who tries out will have the opportunity to collaborate on other original songs from other lyrically talented lambs that will be compiled on the tribute CD for our Diva's enjoyment!
    "Untouchable Fantasy" Listening to a love song that can't come close to the truth with you But I sing it to you anyway, because I feel that the love that I have is secretly venturing to you, If you don't see it now you will see it sooner or later catching up to you, Oh how I want it to... Chorus: And this is what happens when your heart takes control Your mind is filled with over imaginative thoughts And all the scenery turns to gold, for someone you cant grab a hold to Someone who keeps your hopes a far fetched dream Oh An untouchable fantasy Verse 2: My every breath somehow ties into you The reason I still exist at all My every song somehow fits into you The reason I still sing at all My every focus somehow is signaled out on to you The reason I stay stable at all But I think there is something still missing, something real But you will not allow your presence to die Keeping me tied down to you (Chorus) Verse 3: Oh how I perceive this danger Oh how I have this notion for caution But you disable me to be careful Letting me fling my heart and soul into you still I don't know what the real deal is or what I need you means to you But whatever it be, whatever can be seen better come true I can't obsess unreality anymore with you (Chorus) (What a shame this untouchable fantasy is of you) By: Jen 7/27/00. Always glad to help entertain our Queen Chop Mariah, Jim V.

    August 8, 2000...
    MClogo Faith Hill tackles Mariah!! OH NO!!
    Well Faith Hill is in the lead again. I wouldn't be surprise if VH1's staff is adding points to Faith Hill's position right about now. Anyhow though, PLEASE go and vote for Mariah. If ya got a little extra time, vote more then once; it works!

    Mariah doing photo shoot for NEW Vanity Fair Magazine issue
    This is great news..not only do we now know for sure that Luis and MC are still together, but we know that Mariah just did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair's Magazine. How cool is that? Here is the article that Nini sent me:
    PEOPLE ARE TALKING about Mariah Carey giving a surprisingly good performance filming "All That Glitters" in Toronto, finishing up that movie's soundtrack, posing for Vanity Fair's music issue and visiting young fans at Cabbagetown Youth Center. The kids drew pictures for Mariah and she decorated her trailer with the artwork. (Yeah, she still wears those hot pants and crocheted halter tops. But underneath, she's a child at heart herself.)
    But it's not all work and charity for Mariah. She'll relax in Mexico this weekend with her Latin lover, Luis Miguel.

    New Pics
    Well, there are four news pics in Gallery 33 today. Many thanks to berta_mac for the J-14 pic (the one with the MC head on the cartoon cute) and the Star Magazine scan. Also, thanks to Shino for the one very small but nice pic of Mariah!

    National Examiner-August 15th
    There are three new pics of Luis and Mariah together in the National Enquirer. Thanks to Adam and Josh for this information and you can see the scan of the article in Gallery 33 thanks to Uwe.

    Eric Benet to Make Film Debut Opposite Mariah Carey
    Thanks to Nini for this article:
    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Eric Benet, the soul singer whose album "A Day in the Life" went platinum last year, will make his feature film acting debut opposite Mariah Carey in "All That Glitters."
    Benet, appropriately enough, plays a hot young singer in the Fox/Sony project, which Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Gridlock'd") is currently shooting in Toronto. Carey plays a singer who has to battle adversity on the way to success.
    In the acting realm, Benet previously had a recurring role on the WB sitcom "For Your Love." His first album, "True to Myself," was released in 1996. Another release is planned for early next year. He is engaged to actress Halle Berry.

    Teen Magazine
    Prinie told me that Teen Magazine is doing a poll for thier own teen awards coming up, NOT to be confused with the teen choice awards. Mariah is nominated for Favorite Female Artist and you can vote for her by sending in the page from the Teen Magazine or voting for her at:

    It seems that the wrong address was up yesterday for the AMCF Neil told me but here is the correct address:

    Madonna Tackles Mariah!!
    Well everytime I mention Mariah vs. Madonna on this page, I get a TON of Madonna fans attacking me. It seems that the comments that Madonna has made were all jokes and Madonna didn't really mean ANY of them, so I am told! However, sometimes comments like the ones below are not funny and I wouldn't consider them a joke, but whatever! Whatcha going to do? Here is some news that Maria sent me:
    Ok i was watching "Don't Quote Me" today and they played Madonna's new video and it said "I respect Madonna as an icon" -Mariah Carey and Madonna said "Mariah Carey needs to get a life" what is this??? Mariah said something nice about her and she can't even say anything nice about her! And if that wasn't enough "Rock and roll Jeopardy" had this audio clue and they said people say this when they overplay songs by Mariah Carey and the song was "We're Not Gonna Take It " by Twisted Sister and they all laughed.

    E-Zines Comment on Mariah
    Lauren was checking out her e-zine and there was an opinion question that said, "We asked you 'What is the absolute best album you've ever bought and why?' Here are your responses."

  • NSyncs4moi says...
    I'd have to say that the best album I have ever bought is "One Wish" by Deborah Cox. There are some completely amazing ballads on there and Deborah's voice is just soooo beautiful. Her voice is up there with Mariah and Whitney's, but she doesn't get enough recognition. She just expresses each song so well. That CD has some of the most incredible songs I've ever heard.
  • WhattaGurlWants says...
    Eek.. the best albums so far would have to be Sarah McLachlan "Surfacing", Mariah Carey "Rainbow" and Hanson "This Time Around" All three artists write their material, are very talented, co-produce their albums, the works. "Surfacing" is great to listen to when you're depressed, "Rainbow" is awesome whenever you need someone to put your feelings into the words you could never put them into, and "This Time Around" is great because of all the tunes and the lyrics are great.
  • Flute69 says...
    Mine would have to be Butterfly by Mariah Carey because on this album she shows who she really is and all the stress she's been through in her life.

    Billboard--Rainbow Not even 3x platinum
    Matt e-mailed the following question:
    I know that you are extremely busy but Mariah Carey's album Rainbow was certified 3x in December of 1999 and since then she has released two singles and gone on a world tour....what is up with Rainbow going 4X is she really close? MATT

    Their Reply:
    The album has yet to sell 3 million units according to SoundScan, so she's a long way away from 4x platinum. Keith

    A couple webmasters e-mailed me and asked me to post their website information on this site. So please, check out these sites :)

  • Forever A Fantasy
    Becky is putting together a site of all up to date links to Mariah fan sites! It's called Forever A Fantasy and here is her banner!

  • Exclusive Mariah
    Honey B Fly has created a website that has a ton of exclusive screen captures/pics, etc. She is looking for people to send in entry's for her "ultimate fan" section also. Check out the website to learn more:
  • M2Kv2
    This site was just renamed to M2Kv2 from M2K. The site is re-opening again and containts a extra special preview of Vision of Love Acapella. Check it out if you would choose to do so!

    Buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st response:
    Adrian wrote me and told me the following information. If this is true, I will not be here this Thursday to report the information but I will get it up this weekend when I come back from my short vacation! Here is what Adrian said:
    Hi Regina. I'm Adrian and I wanted to let you know that after all I don't think you failed at all (i'm from Venezuela but if I was living there in the US I would've helped for sure) The reason I'm telling you this is because well the Billboard charts are kinda messy and for example if you visit the Billboard page you'll see that when you go the a certain chart the Issue date is in a week advance so that's not actually this week. When you go to the charts section at they post all of her positions from Soundscan and Billboard and they're always different 'cause the positions posted at the official site ARE for THIS WEEK when at Billboard are for NEXT WEEK. I don't know if you understand a word I'm saying but I have an example (go get a calendar to help you see it better): the single CTTA went on sale on june 6 BUT the song didn't debut at the Hot 100 until the edition for june 24 as a Hot Shot Debut, so the sales for the single from the week 6th to the 13th of june were reflected on next week's edition which was on the 24. So if you bought Rainbow from the 25th of june till August 1st, those sales won't be reflected until next week's issue which would be on august 10, which is next thursday. I hope this is how it works and I think is actually how it works on Canada as well. if you visit this site which is the chart positions in Canada it says: 05 AUGUST, 2000 and on the next line it says (FOR THE WEEK ENDING 29 JULY, 2000)
    It's kinda confusing and I've always tried to figure out when were the sales reflected on the chart and all that stuff until I came to the conclusion that this is how it works. I hope this "theory" is true and that Rainbow is on the next Billboard edition.
    And that's another thing! Unless Rainbow reached the Top 100 (not likely) we WON'T see it on the Billboard website 'cause in spite of the chart being called The Billboard 200, they only print the Top 100 positions. I'm sure Rainbow is back on the chart but we won't see it until the chart positions are posted at the official Mariah site on this next thursday (or maybe thursday after next thursday. I'm already all messed up!! LOL!)
    So as I said I don't think we've failed and that all the money and work was in vain. I really,really hope so!!! I can't find Eric's (Mariah carey Archives) e-mail and I'd really would like to let him know this 'cause he also posted the "failure" on his site so if you can forward this message to him that'd be nice. In fact, you might want to discuss this with the rest of the Mariah4 websites to see if they agree with what I said. Take care and keep up the good work, Adrian.

    They Played Mariah ALL DAY Boo!
    Here is what Gabby told me:
    Hey reg!!!!!!I went down the shore and i went inot this one shop they had all of mariahs playing all day.They started from her first album to now!I was in there the whole day! lol!!!!!! It was so cool! they do a diffrent person every weekend. and i told them about the mariah situation and they said that they would play CTTA more!Mabey more people will satart to like it!!!!!!!!!It was the best weekend! How was yours???? Talk to you soon!!!!!! your friend, Gabby:)

    Bliss on E-Bay
    TSpoon of Mariah told me that there is a "Bliss Promo" being sold on e-bay for $33. It is a 5 track promo cd made in Tawain and the tracks are:
    1.BLISS (Sweet Radio Edit) 3:36
    2.BLISS (Luscious Delight Radio Mix) 3:53
    3.BLISS (Callout Hook #1) :15
    4.BLISS (Callout Hook #2) :10
    5.BLISS (Album Version) 5:44
    However, this promo is NOT official. Mariah is not releasing another single from the Rainbow CD because she is hard at work on her next album already and the making of her first starring movie! It's a shame people are scamming others.

    Mariah on College Jeopardy
    Ooops, who sent me this information? Mariah was a clue on college jeopardy last night. It was the $100 question in the category of "Rock Stars" and the question was "Jay-Z joins her on Heartbreaker" and the answer was "Mariah Carey!"

    August 7, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah tackles Faith Hill!!
    Well in the poll at least! Hee hee. Please continue to vote for her because she is not far in the lead! VH1 will turn this poll into a show in September, so it's important we keep MC #1!

    New Pics
    Scott sent me some pictures of Mariah when she was at the America Airlines Arena in Miami on March 29th. I added 4 of them to a NEW Gallery..Gallery 33. Also, Zoli sent me a picture of Mariah singing Dreamlover. I already had this picture in the galleries but the other one had text over it. So, I added the full picture also, to Gallery 33. Check out all 5 pics, if you like!

    Billboard Charts
    A couple people have e-mailed me about this, including Jason. Some of you feel that Rainbow didn't come back on the charts last week because it will show up on the charts being sent out THIS Thursday! However, I won't be here to report on whether Rainbow is back on the charts this Thursday, so I am guessing if she does show up, please send the information to me and the rest of Mariah4

    Mariah and Phill together!
    Well I just downloaded it from Will Wards site entitled Mariah Carey World News! Basically, they just melted together Phil's and Mariah's voice and I didn't think it sounded too great, especially since Mariah is in the background and is hard to hear at times. Anyhow though, you can download two versions at Napster. The one I am talking about above and a version where half is Phill and half is Mariah. If you don't go to Napster, like me, just out Will's NEWS section on his page for the download!

    Rolling Stones
    I have two bits of information for you today from two different people concerning the Rolling Stones Magazine. Here goes:

  • Kristen:
    Hey Regina I have a little bit of MC news, u might already have it, but in the August 17th issue of Rolling Stone Mariah is #9 for the Hot Dance Singles Charts for CTTA/Crybaby...and she's #2 for the Top singles of 1990 for "Vision of Love"!!
  • Dan:
    Also, I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but Mariah is in the new Rollingstone. The Aug 31st Issue. She talks about what her favorite band is right now!
    (Anyone got the article and want to type it up? Is there a picture of Mariah in this?)

    What's My Name?
    Well a lot of you e-mailed me about this and it turns out, Mariah's name is "Billie" in the All That Glitters Movie. How could I of forgotten that? Silly me! Thanks guys!

    Vote 1
    Ken told me that Mariah is loosing to Britney Spears by a lot on this poll. Vote for MC!
    Click Here to Vote!

    AMCF - "Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub!"
    Neil has created the AMCF and has told me that it now has a new look to it. You can check out this lovely site, by clicking the banner below!! A little tidbit you might find interesting too, the membership to this fanclub is free!! Check it out now!

    Vote 2
    Well the first time, I had the link wrong and then yesterday when I fixed it, the server was down, so we are trying ONE MORE TIME! Here is what Zoli sent me:
    Dear friend!
    It is the most important thing I've every asked from you.
    In the Hungarian media a lot of terrible things happened with Mariah.
    -Did you know that Mariah's part was cut out from the World Music Awards 2000?
    -Did you know that the biggest radiostations haven't started to play AAO?
    Please ask your readers to request this song on the most important Hungarian chart! Please write this to your site as soon as it possible.
    -First click here:
    -Scroll down and choose AAO (at the moment it is #43)
    -Then click the orange-blue arrow that says, "Tovabb."
    Zoli from Hungary

    Well, I got the honor of meeting Sandra and Marlon at the NYC concert on April 11th. They run the DMCA club, a club that Mariah's loves and a club that has been around for some time now. Of course, it is a club for her Dutch fan but has hundreds of members and is now trying to get more fans from around the world. Majority of the article are in Dutch, but there are some in English now and plus the layout of the magazine itself, is amazing. I am now a member of this club and I urge the rest of you to join. For more information you can check out their website or e-mail them. For more information, read below!!!

    Welkom beste Mariah fan /Welcome dear Mariah fan,
    DMCA is an acronym for Dutch Mariah Carey Association, the Mariah Carey fan club in The Netherlands. This non-profit association has been founded in early 1997 to get more interaction between Mariah fans and between the fans and the record label. The DMCA is a fan club for (off course) Mariah Carey-fans and also run by Mariah-fans. The DMCA concentrates on the Dutch speaking part of Europe. At this moment the DMCA has over 350 members and is still growing.

    Four times a year the DMCA sends out a Dutch magazine titled Carey On. The magazine contains approximately 44 pages and its contents consists news and facts, interviews, a discography, stories from members, much info and lots more. We also have a merchandise section in the Carey On with special CD's, photographs, etc.

    Besides the periodical magazine, we send newsletters in case special events are coming up. Special events may be the announcement of a concert date, a promotional tour to radio- and tv-studio's and the release of albums/unscheduled singles. In case of the announcement of concert dates the DMCA will definitely know first. We have arranged that our members could buy tickets through the DMCA for Mariah's Rainbow-tour concert in Antwerp (Belgium) on February 14th 2000. The fan club also arranged transportation to and from Antwerp. The fans, that wanted to, could travel together in a coach. All the DMCA-members, including us, had a great time in Antwerp at the concert, as you can probably imagine.

    Earlier, on May 11th 1998, we had arranged that all the members (250 at that time) could join a Tv-show. You have probably seen this show (if you are Dutch), it was the TROS Tv-show. It was a wonderful experience and for most fans at that time that was the best day of their lives. After that time Mariah visited Holland more often and a lot of the members have met Mariah during her visits, because of the informing newsletters of the DMCA.

    Besides all this the fan club is the main medium to get in touch with other fans, to exchange information, to expand your CD collection or to swap video tapes. The DMCA has also a mailing list which makes a direct fan to fan contact possible (members only).

    We have met Mariah several times and the DMCA has full recognition by Mariah and Sony. She and her crew told us that they really appreciate our work. That's why the DMCA differs from other fan clubs. Mariah has already given her cooperation to our magazine Carey On twice: she wrote a message especially for the DMCA-members! We are positive that she will be happy to do that again for another issue of Carey On. We have personally given Mariah our magazines. So if you write a story for our magazine, remember that Mariah reads it too.

    The DMCA is one of the first (Mariah) fan clubs in the world. Many have tried to copy us, but there is only one DMCA.

    For more info visit our website ( or e-mail (

    With love & Carey On,
    DMCA (Marlon, Sandra and Jasper)

    Arc told me that this site has won the "Mdob 'Utlimate Award!'" Here is the award I was sent :) How sweet!

    August 6, 2000...
    MClogo Faith Hill to beat Mariah!
    We need you all to go and vote for MC at the VH1's Sexiest Diva section on their poll. It will be a show in September, so please go vote for MC. She is loosing to Faith Hill at the moment!

    AAO Remix
    Luke told me that a German station began playing a remix version of a version of AAO featuring Phil Collins and MC on the AAO song, but it is completly unofficial. Because of the Germany radioplay, Austria is now playing this version too. Luke says you can download it now but he didn't say where sadly, so hopefully I'll have that information for you tomorrow. Till then, enjoy three nice pics of Westlife and MC, thanks to Isa!

    Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby!
    Here is what Beth told me:
    Just thought I'd let you know that I went to Rye Playland today. Isn't that where the Fantasy video was filmed? I went on the same rollercoaster that was in that in the video. It was awesome, although not scary at all. It's a great play to go and it's beautiful. I know why Mariah filmed there.

    There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote of the Week. Also, I am starting to update the Quotes page again every week, so you can check that out too, if you want!

    What's My Name?
    Melissa ( e-mailed me and wanted to know what Mariah's name is in "All that Glitters!" Well, silly me, I forget. So does anyone know? IF so, please let Melissa and I know ASAP! Thanks!

    Orsi told me I had the wrong link, so here is the information again, corrected :) Sorry about that!
    Orsi would like you all to request MC on the Hungary music channel called "Z+." It pretty much refuses to play the video AAO. Their video countdown just recently put it on the offers list so Orsi would like you all to help out by requesting it.
    Here's how you help out MC in Hungary:

  • First click here!
  • Scroll down and choose AAO (at the moment it is #43)
  • Then click the orange-blue arrow that says, "Tovabb."

    August 5, 2000...
    MClogo New Picture of MC
    Orsi from Hungay, sent me a nice picture of Mariah I have never seen before. I added it to Gallery 33, so you can all check it out there!
    Sneak Peak:

    Vote for Mariah on VH1
    VH1 will be doing a show about these polls in September, so it's really important that we get MC high on the poll since majority of the time, VH1 gives MC lack o' respect! Mariah is loosing to Shania by about 100 votes right now, so PLEASE go vote for her! Thanks to Mrinehart for this information!

    Mariah in Coyote Ugly!
    Here is what Ricardo told me:
    This movie was partly about a girl named Violet who wrote songs and wanted famous people to sing them. She recorded one of her songs, sent it to a music company and said: "I just want you to send this song I made to Mariah or Whitney". But the receptionist in the movie said no. It's small, but cool. The person who wound up singing the song that the girl wrote was Leann Rhimes.

    People vote against Mariah
    Dan, Gary and a lot of other people told me that more people said they would not see Mariah in a movie rather then would. There were almost triple the amount of votes for no then yes on Ed the Sock's Poll :( Well, we all know we will go see Mariah in her first starring role, so who cares, right?!? You can check out the results yourself by clicking here:

    Q102 Plays Heartbreaker Again
    Dan also told me that Q102 played Heartbreaker at 6:15 pm yesterday. The reason why this is important, is because that someone called them and told them about Mariah's position. They said they would help her out by playing Heartbreaker more often now!

    Mariah's AOL Chat?
    CKbe608 sent me the following information:
    CKbe608:(214) hey host come u guys don't have mariah carey chat???
    HOST LIVE Dawn: (214) I have not heard yet if she will talk on AOL yet.
    CKbe608: (214) but.....u guys have looked into mariah chatting live?
    HOST LIVE Dawn: (214) Mariah was suppose to come on about a month ago but had to cancel because of something that came up.

    James told me the following:
    hey i bought a CD tower yesterday and i was just looking at the front of it and the picture is the CD tower upclose and it has CDs in it. well i saw 2 Mariah Carey CDs! Butterfly and Mariah Carey. just thought that was cute! mariah forever, james*

    Mariah on the Radio
    Justin told me the following:
    The other night when I was listening to the radio the orginal Against All Odds (the one with Phill Collins) came on. Well after it was over the DJ said that Mariah Carey did a excellent cover of that song,and that he (the DJ) thought it was one of her best songs! So I guess that DJ is a MC fan! Who knows! Just thought that was interesting!

    Vote for MC
    Raphael would like for all of us to vote again at:
    He would like you to request "Against All Odds" and "Mariah's Theme." Also, you can request the LATEST Mariah news on All That Glitters and her duet with Westlife. You can vote more then once, if you delete your cookies. Don't know what cookies are? Don't vote more then once!

    Yesterday, I didn't now who sent me the scans of the Top 10 Magazine that were added to Gallery 33. Well Nikki e-mailed me and informed me that she did. So thanks again Nikki and you can check out her webpage, "#1 Diva Mariah Carey" by clicking here!

    Vote for MC in Hungary
    Orsi would like you all to request MC on the Hungary music channel called "Z+." It pretty much refuses to play the video AAO. Their video countdown just recently put it on the offers list so Orsi would like you all to help out by requesting it.
    Here's how you help out MC in Hungary:

  • First click here!
  • Scroll down and choose AAO (at the moment it is #43)
  • Then click the orange-blue arrow that says, "Tovabb."

    Phone Card
    Do you want a phone card of MC? Well thanks to Isa, you can pick one of 3 at this site:

    Will Ward from the Fab Mariah World News has given this website the Gold Award :) Here it is:

    Lack O' Updates for couple of days
    This Wednesday, I will be taking a very much needed vacation, FINALLY! So, that means I will not be updating this site for a couple of days. Just a little warning of what lies ahead :)

    August 4, 2000...
    MClogo Rainbow Fails to Enter Charts!
    Well some sad news for today, with all our hard work, Rainbow failed to enter the Billboard Hot 200 again. Thanks to everyone who picked up another copy from July 25th to August 1st and I apologize greatly for this and I feel it is all my fault! I just wanted to help out Mariah and sadly, we failed!

    More Billboard News...
    Ramsey told me some things about this weeks Billboard:

  • vision of love peaked at number one this week ten years ago.
  • the album mariah carey rose from 10 to 6 this week ten years ago
  • cant take that away just fell off the top 20 on the dance / club play charts

    Tons of New Pics!
    Well I added 15 new pics to the galleries today. There are 13 new pics in Gallery 33. There are some nice ones, older ones and new ones! Thanks to Uwe from the fab German Page for the one pic and sadly, I don't know who sent me the Top10 magazine pics. Also, in the 2 artwork page, I added some drawings. Thanks to Gina and the other two people (also forget who) who sent me these lovely drawings. Check them all out!

    Teen Choice Awards
    Dan found a cool little section where you can up on MC. I personally liked the graphics a lot and you can check it out here:

    Modog sent me this information:
    I think that we should have a site that specifically gives out Mariah Awards. And not wack picture awards but good tight awards, or rewards for creativity, reporting and personality rewards. Also rewards for consistency, i.e are the news stories true, can they be verified, or are they jsut rumours, and also, fan awards. It would be tight, and if anyone is interested please email me at :

    Magazine News from Mark!
    Here is a list of magazines Mark sent me!!!

  • National Enquirer (USA)....The August 8th Issue.
  • Break Out (Holland)....The August 3rd Issue.
  • Privé (Holland)...The August 12th Issue.
  • Beau Monde (Holland)...The July 28th Issue.

    MTV Asia-CTTA #6
    Ken told me that CTTA is #6 on this week's MTVAsia's Hit List!!

    We need you all to go vote for Mariah at the link below. It's a poll on Ed the Sock's section of and it wants to know if you would watch a movie staring Mariah! Go check it out:
    Thanks to Abe and Moni for this information and originally thanks to Eric from Mariah Carey Archives!!

    Mariah in Toroto Paper
    Moneira e-mailed me and told me that MC was mentioned in the GTA (GTA=Greater Toronto Area) on Friday, August 4th! There is a pic of her from the Billboard awards and the article reads:
    By Vanessa Thomas
    A mystery Toronto girl is believed to have been hired to play a young version of pop diva Mariah Carey in her new movie, leaving a jilted 11-year-old American actress in tears. Bianca Collins of Los Angeles, a seasoned stage actress with Broadway experience including Annie and The Capeman, had been excited about playing the role of the young Carey in the film All That Glitters now shooting in Toronto. But she was abruptly canned from the movie by Carey, reports say, when Carey spotted another little girl in Toronto. "Mariah Carey wanted another little girl so they bought her out of the movie," said Bianca's mother Anita. Joe Everett, a publicist for the film, said it wasn't Carey's decision, it was the director. "The director liked her better for the role," she said. "Maybe he found her more appropriate or maybe she had a better look, I don't know. This kind of thing happens all the time." The film has yet to reveal the identity of the local actress who was won the coveted child role. Bianca's mother broke the news to her daughter who was flying to Toronto this week. "When I told her she started crying and crying and saying, 'Why, why, why did this have to happen to me?'" her mother said. "Everybody loved her and she totally loved her role."

    Look it's MC on my TV!
    Isabelle was watching tv yesterday and she saw a commercial for Mariah's Against All Odds Single. How cool is that :)

    Luis and MC
    Mariah's publicist has confirmed that Mariah and Luis have not broken up Christina told me. The reason they are not together at the moment is due to work reasons!

    August 3, 2000...
    MClogo How did we do with Rainbow?!?
    Well sadly, I don't know and neither do you yet. Anyone got the sale figures on how Rainbow did with the help of all the Mariah fans? Ramsey? Anyone got it? Please let me know ASAP! Thanks..

    Get Well Soon
    As some of you may know, Elin, webmistress of Mariah Online, is getting operated on. She is also a member of the Mariah4 union and I would like if all of you would e-mail her a "Get Well Soon" message. Here e-mail addy is:

    Raphael would like you to all vote for MC in Australia on the show called, "AMV!" It's a popular place to request videos and the link is:
    Request Mariah's Theme and Against All Odds

    Picture Update
    Tomorrow, I will be updating the Artwork galleries and Gallery 32 with pictures. Sorry for the lack of updates in the galleries!

    Radio News
    Dan told me the following:
    I was just listening 2 wkss Hartford CT. kiss 95.7 and the Hollywood report in the morning they were talking about Mariah and the whole Mariah firing the 11 year old girl and stuff and the girl Courtney said Mariah should do something nice for her, and Ross the other guy there said "no Mariah shouldn't what so ever, Hollywood is Hollywood and people get fired and that 11 year old girl should get over herself" it was something like that, I Don't think Mariah would have done it if the other girl wasn't better you know? And Ross is right though Hollywood is Hollywood and people get fired.

    August 2, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah's Dancers for ATG!
    Thanks to my Mariah4 Partner Elin for this next aticle!
    Mariah Carey's "All That Glitters" movie started filming here yesterday, but some local dancers were still sweating over whether they will get hired for the film.

    Loosely based on "A Star Is Born," the picture features Carey as an '80s club singer who becomes a megastar. Choreographer Neisha Folkes held auditions at the downtown Randoph Dance Theatre Monday morning to fill 20 dancer spots. More than 100 fit-looking hopefuls showed up.

    Folkes was searching for hip, young male and female movers and shakers. That left me out on so many counts I lost track. "And you'd have to wear a G-string," said Folkes at the try out, adding some playfulness to her mockery.

    Some of the selected dancers -- they'll be notified by phone tomorrow -- will appear in a video shoot within the movie. The guys will wear only G-strings and body paint. "And they have to be strong, masculine and sexy," said Folkes who will also appear in "All That Glitters" as a dance instructor.

    How tough is it to pick? "I can almost see them coming through the door," admitted Folkes, a Juilliard and Alvin Ailey troupe graduate.

    One of them was 21-year-old Rhett George, a graduate of Brampton's Mayfield School For The Arts. He's currently working in "The Lion King" ensemble as a dancer while under-studying Simba. He's an eye catcher. But like most dancers, he's not banking on the job.

    "If I get it," George said of the "All That Glitters' gig," "I'm hoping I can work something out with the "Lion King" scheduling." His first professional job was beating out the hundreds of dancers who tried out for the Toronto production of "Rent" five years ago.

    Melissa Leifer, 18, has less experience and was less confident about her chances. "I'm not really sure what to expect," she said, just before she was called on to dance before Folkes.

    Leifer has been dancing for 10 years and will start the Ryerson dance program in the fall. In the meantime, she auditions two or three times a week around town.

    Her approach? "Look like you're having fun," she suggested offering a begrudging half-smile, "even through all this stress."

    Q102 plays MC
    A while back, I reported that someone called Q102 and told them about the "Mariah Situation!" They said they would play Heartbreaker more often, and told me that yesterday, they were playing Heartbreaker Junior Vasquez's club mix on the noon workout! Coolio huh?

    Melissa told me that MC is looding at "The Best Superstar" poll and she would like you all to go and vote for her!
    (webmaster of Rainbow Of

    To Mariah:
    Here is a little poem Dan wrote for Mariah and would like me to post it here!
    Mariah is forever A piece of me
    Mariah is forever A part of me
    Mariah is forever The One I think of when im alone
    Mariah is forever In my heart
    Mariah is forever The one for me
    Mariah is forever What I am
    Mariah is forever Who I am
    Mariah is forever In my mind
    Mariah is forever Why I cry
    Mariah is forever The only one I will ever love and remember forever!
    I am a proud Mariah Carey fan since 1990. and I will continue until the day I Pass Away.

    Fan Story
    Well I got this e-mail today and it was pretty cool so read below:
    Hey Boo! This is Amy (sexchop, MariahzGirl) remember me? Anyway, me and my friends from the Lambz O' Mariah - Jakki (CuteChop, Glitterz) and Heather (4EverLookingIn, SSSLM-Chop) took a Mariah-related trip to NYC!!! We spent 10 days there doing nothing but Mariah stuff!! We went to TRL (did you see us! we were there!) with our Mariah Carey t-shirts on and holding up lambs and signs that said "WE LOVE MARIAH CAREY!". We figured it was about time somebody showed her some love on that show, so we did our best!!! We also went to the church Mariah was married in and we paid a couple of visits to Sony in fact. We wore our Mariah shirts right into the building and proceeded to tell every worker there that they should have more Mariah displays up and that they should treat Mariah better! LOL! And get this.. as we were leaving the bhilding the first time we saw Tommy Mottolla leaving the carport!! He had his window down and he was talking to the security lady! We started yelling his name and when he saw that we had Mariah shirts on he started laughing, rolled up his window and drove off! But don't worry, I got a picture of his car which I'm going to scan for you later. :) I don't know how relevant this is, but I thought it was kind of interesting to see!!!! New York is a fun city if you're a Mariah fan :)

    New Page Part 2
    Okay Wendy is creating a page dedicated to Mariah and Madonna. I know there are some Madonna and MC fans that visit this page so you probaly would want to check out this fab page!! Queens of Pop Webpage--Click Here to check it out!

    Mariah & Luis-Breakup?
    Nini is one of my very good friends and she e-mailed and told me that "El Gordo Y La Flaca" did report that they were secretly married but then reported that it was fake afterwards. So she believes that the breakup between Luis and MC is possibly true. I seriously don't think any of this breakup thing is true though and if it is, let's respect their privacy and not spread this any further. This is the last time I will mention this topic in the NEWS section because it's Mariah's personal life and we should respect that!!

    I got this cartoon from Aaron and he told me the story behind it too. I know I have to update the artwork galleries still, so please don't get mad at me if I havn't gotten your artwork up yet. Anyhow though, here is the cartoon and the story that goes along with it:

    i made it for the Las Vegas concert, but people told me that you wouldn't be able to bring i left it at home and then when i was at the concert there were lots of posters. then after the concert my mother and i waited with about 30 other fans in the back where her limo was for about 2 and1/2 hours and she came out at 3'o clock i think.when she was in her limo i saw her but my mom had the camera and she wasn't in the croud. i was like 3 feet away and she reached for my tourbook to sign it but her body guard pushed me outta the way i was ssssssssssssooooooooooooo madd. and also when jack came out and everyone was running for Mariah i yelled "Jack!, Jack! and he turned and looked at me. it was soooo cute. i have some pictures of Mariah when she is coming out to her limo. they are dark but you can make out her pink dress. and i have some concert pics that are kinda far away. i'll send them if you like.bye

    Little girl get's booted.
    I agree that it is NOT Mariah's fault that the little girl got booted from the film. Read below to find out what I am talking about and thanks to my Mariah4/boyfriend Anderz for this information!
    Mariah Carey's movie "All That Glitters" has only been shooting in Toronto for two days and already there's trouble. Bianca Collins — an 11 year-old stage actress with tons of Broadway experience including starring with Marc Anthony in "The Capeman" — had been hired to play a young version of Carey's character, an aspiring singer. Yesterday, Collins' mother Anita received a call telling her that young Bianca — who lives in Los Angeles and was over the moon about getting the part — has been abruptly fired. This, despite the fact that Collins had been through five auditions before she'd been hired, according to her manager and agent. What happened? Word is that Carey spotted another little girl in Toronto and hired her on the spot. "Bianca is devastated," says her mother Anita Collins. "They had said be ready to fly out Tuesday, today, and we were. Then we got the call. Bianca earned the role — but it was basically Mariah Carey pulled a fast one." A rep for Mariah insists the singer is not to blame. "The director [Vondie Curtis Hall] had never even met the little girl. She met with the casting people three times. The director found a little girl he liked and the director hired her." Collins's agent, Ellen Dranch, who's negotiating her client's departure, said only: "This happens all the time. It's the nature of the business."

    Final Note
    A BIG THANKS to my boytoy Anderz for the new "News" title gif. Isn't he a "sweatheart?" Hee hee...

    August 1, 2000...
    MClogo It's Over
    Today is the last day to pick up Rainbow and then later this week, Thursday, we will find out whether we made an impact on the Billboard Chart. Please, if anyone finds out ANYTHING, please e-mail me! Thanks!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah
    Well today is the last day I will do this section. I already lost 2 entrees for this section because my computer shut down before I got to save the page :( So sorry about that!! Anyhow, here are some other entrees:

  • Renzo
    Hey Reg! The other day I went to see Scary Movie and there is this one part in the movie where all these people are standing around this guys locker. In his locker, he had a bunch of PICS of hot ladies! LoL! Well, being the observant one that I am I noticed a PIC of Mariah in there! it looks like it was a PIC from sweetheart or something. I didn't get a very good look at it 'cause it was only there for about 5 seconds.
  • Beetleboy
    i just got back from vacation down at myrtle beach, and this one day, i went in this store called waves and i heard one of mariah's songs playing, and i got all happy, then another one came on, then another!! they were playing the #1's cd, and it was weird cuz it's not like a music store or anything, it's like this huge gift shop kinda place, so i was all happy. then, when i was at the amusement park, i believe it was there, they were playing Thank God I Found You. it was so depressing there cuz i met this guy that i will never ever ever see again :*(

    Don't Quote Me
    Mariahlamby (aka danielle) and Michelle both told me that the Heartbreaker Video was on VH1 last night. Danielle told me that nice things were NOT said about Mariah on this show and Michelle told me two times you can check it out, if you missed it:
    August 3rd..."Don't Quote Me" on VH1 at 6 PM
    August 5th..."Don't Quote Me" on VH1 at 9:30 am

    MTV Snubs Mariah
    Okay Dan and Exstink sent me this article which you can check out yourself by clicking here! At the bottom, there is a section where you can make comments to the authors. This author started out being nice to MC, but then insulted her at the last line, which made me mad! I just inserted the MC mentions of the article too, by the way! Read for yourself:
    Clip Up
    The MTV video nominations snubbed some of the year's best. No Doubt, TLC, and even the much maligned Mariah Carey deserve a nod, says Kristen Baldwin
    Last week, MTV announced its nominations for the 17th annual Video Music Awards, and as usual the list included the good (Toni Braxton's '''He Wasn't Man Enough''' for Best Female Video), the bad (six nominations for nasty knucklehead Eminem's ''The Real Slim Shady''), and the inevitable (Britney! Britney! Britney!).

    Of course, there were some puzzling nominations as well: Since when is Ricky Martin's glorified performance clip for ''Shake Your Bon Bon'' one of the year's Best Male Videos? And the ass-crack fest that is Sisqo's ''Thong Song'' video -— does that really merit nominations in the Hip-Hop, Dance, New Artist, Viewers' Choice, AND Best Video from a Film categories? The most disturbing part of the nominations, as always, were the videos that were overlooked by my fellow voters.

    ''Heartbreaker,'' Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z
    Normally, Mariah Carey's videos make me want to gouge my eyes out, but this candy colored clip -— featuring a Mariah on Mariah catfight, a ''Grease'' inspired cartoon, and an irrepressibly catchy rap interlude from Jay-Z (truly the best part of the whole song) -— was arguably Ms. Carey's finest ever. The worst part is, since she didn't score any nominations, Mariah may not even show up at the VMAs, and that'll deprive viewers the pleasure of making fun of her sure to be supertrashy outfit.

    Special Message
    Want to see an exclusive message from Anderz and I? Well then click below:
    Click Here to Check Out Exclusive Message!!

    Bye Bye Bye Luis?!?
    Okay a couple of you e-mailed me saying that "El Gordo Y Lo Flaco" reported that Mariah and Luis have broken up! Nini and MCFAN2G told me that the show featured video footage of MC and Luis with exclusive photos too. They said the couple havn't been seen together for some time now. Okay two things show that this article is most likely FALSE. One, there was a recent article where Mariah said Luis and her were NOT broken up. She said that she was shooting her movie right now and that they communicate on the phone. Two, wasn't the show "El Gordo Y Lo Flaco" the show that said Luis and MC were secretly married? I rest my case! This is just another rumor and you know how MC hates rumors, so I think we should end it!

    Dutch Mega Top 100 Charts
    Mariah remained at #23 this week on this chart and thanks to my very good buddy Mark for this information!

    100 Greatest Rock N' Roll Moments
    Shawna told me that Diva's Live 98 was #98 on this show last night. She told me that MC was shown many times in this show too!!

    New Pics
    I added these pics late yesterday, so I am keeping them up, incase someone missed them! Kaori sent me 3 pics of MC while she was in Japan for her Rainbow Tour. They are new pics but sadly they are so small! Check 'em out though!

    Click here to read July News!