August News

8/31/99 Okay I say this everyday but Mariah was #10 yesterday on TRL, so VOTE FOR HER TODAY. I don't know what's so hard about it and why we can't all get her up higher. There is so many of us..but not all of US are voting. *sigh* Oh well..thanks to Sara, here are yesterdays requests...
please play "heartbreaker" by mariah carey because my girlfriend thnks i'm a heartbreaker and I want to prove her wrong! FOREST, MI
"hey carson, please play mariah carey's new video "heartbreaker" because it's so funny and i love it when the "other" mariah has jerry o'connell kiss the dog. thanks. Rebecca, CA
carson, you gotta play mariah carey's new hit "heartbreaker" because it's the bomb and I'm so excited about her new album! mariah rules! Christiana, AK
i would like to request mariah carey's new video "heartbreaker" because I like the end of the video when they act like the characters from grease! Sarah, NC

Kristen told me that MC is nominated in Teen people for the catagory Diva in Demand. She is up against Aaliyah, Brandy, Foxy, Cher, Lil' Kim, Whitney, And Monica there are other catagories she can win it says other and you can fill in her name.

Joe told me that Mariah is released a #1's VHS tape on Sept. 7th??? I heard nothing more about this and with the new single coming, I don't know if this is going to happen!! Anyone else hear anything??

Radio News:
hey, guess what? Well, here, in houston...we have this thing where it's TOP 5 at 9:00pm every weekday and guess what? mariah carey debut #2!! it didn't even go through #5 , 4, or 3!! it just went to #2! pretty neat huh? yeah, i'm pretty excited about it. This really shows that the people in H-town love mariah. haha!!
Let me know what is going on in your hometown about Heartbreaker!"

Jen sent me three paragraphs of Christina's latest interview on AOL where she mentioned Mariah...
Question: Christina, I think you're very beautiful. I was just wondering, are there any artists you especially wanna work with? Question: Who was your inspiration?
Christina Aguilera: My inspiration, I've had many, again, starting with Julie Andrews at a young age. But growing up I sang Whitney Houston songs in talent shows. But when I discovered Mariah Carey and “Vision of Love,” that was a breath of fresh air, and I adored her from that moment on and idolized her. It's really amazing that in articles I've been compared to her. It's truly unbelievable, because whenever I was younger I would ask my mom, do you think I'll ever be as big and sing as well as Mariah Carey. And now that it has happened, my mom says, I knew it would happen. She actually runs my fan club. It's a lot of fun. So a lot of you guys may have chatted with her.
Question: How do you like the reactions that you're getting, positive and negative?
Christina Aguilera: Obviously, all the positive are very flattering, and being compared to Mariah, and I get a lot of Britney comparisons as well, and she's extremely talented, but we are two different artists. And even when I'm doing radio interviews and stuff, they want to ask me very personal questions about her, and you have to be a little protective of yourself and what you say, because there are so many people wanting to get you to say things and pulling you in so many directions.

Armando told me that Heartbreaker has now premiereed in Australia :)

Mia told me that MC is in Teen Celebrity TWICE in the Oct. issue. The first pic is in the front...a candid of Mc and Luis in the limo. Mc is wearing a black dress. It is similiar to the picture of the week in Jet magazine many onths ago. The second pic is a small one talking about Daydream and it comes after the Brittany Spears scrapbook in the middle of the mag.

Mia also told me that MC is in the new TV Novelas, August 10th issue. MC is on the cover on the right side once again the same pic of her and Luis in the car. Iside there are 4 large color pic of the same scene but I think they are worth it.

8/30/99 We have two MC missions today. First the above banner NOW and vote for Mariah on TRL. Let's get her higher people..SHOW THE LOVE!! Next my friend Ron, from the Philippines needs out help bad. All you have to do is send an e-mail to these two e-mails and say you want them to play Heartbreaker. The video hasn't even debut in the entire Asia region. Come on..let's help out each other!!! Here are the two e-mail addresses...

Andrew e-mailed me today and told me that Mariah is in some newspaper. His sister called him from Minesotta and said that she picked up the paper and it had a little pic of Heartbreaker on the cover and she opened it and there was a BIG pic of the CD Cover!! He e-mailed me to ask if I knew anything and I don't. It is not in the Philadephia Inquirer..which would make sence. Anyone know anything? I am going to go to the store now to try and find it. If I do, I'll update the page ASAP when I get back!!

Okay Nini sent me some news on the new 98º duet with MC, which she got from their mailing list. Supposedly the song is called "Thank God I Found You." I don't know if that is the real title, that is just what I am told!! The song also features Joe and is produced by the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Some people have been questioning me on this "Tv Special" Billboard said MC will have. I know nothing more then you do but someone e-mailed me and told me that it is the new Making the Video?? I don't think that is it though!! Too far away...Oct?? So I don't believe that. Anyone else think anything or know anything more..e-mail me!

Mihau sent me info. on Super Audio CD's. I was told that it is almost like a DVD. They can be played on ANY cd player just with less quality sound. Also the SACDs player cost about $12,000 to get so it probably won't do too good :( Oh well...

Radio News:
DragnflyG :
The other day I was listening to z100 and Lisa Taylor said: And here's my choice of the best new song . Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker. Its great. It really is Here it is Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker

8/29/99MR SlEEPYGUY e-mailed me some great news. He went to the mall and checked out MC in the Billboard magazine. Here are the charts...
Mariah's Billboard Positions for September 4, 1999

  • Hot 100 Singles
    #60 Heartbreaker (debut)
  • Hot 100 Airplay
    #51 Heartbreaker (debut)
  • Billboard 200 Albums
    #175 #1's (last week #189)
  • R&B Airplay
    #28 Heartbreaker (debut)
  • R&B Singles
    #33 Heartbreaker (debut)
  • Top 40 Tracks
    #39 Heartbreaker (debut)
  • Billboard Video Monitor
    MTV: #1 Heartbreaker
    Then on the back of the magazine, there was a Columbia Records Advertisement and it said this about MC...

    TV SPECIAL?!?!?!?! Oh soo cool!!! Ya heard it here first :)

    Speaking of the October "?" I have been doubting this Nov. 2nd release date we all know. Someone e-mailed me this week, forget who, and told me they went to Sam Goody and saw Oct. 5th on the sign for the release date of "Rainbow." Brendan, who's dad's friend works for Sony Classical, told me that his dad's friend said it was Oct. 5th also. Oct. 5th makes A LOT more sence since Heartbreaker is being released on Sept. 21st, which is 23 days away. MariahCD1s called Sam Goody and Blockbuster, today, and they BOTH said October 5th so everyone I would say that it is going to be released on OCTOBER 5TH, NOT Nov. 2nd!! Wahoo :) Hey it works for me!! I trust Sam Goody!

    Tomas sent me this news. I don't really know what a "CD Super Audio" is though. Anyone else heard anything about this?? 07-Sep-99 Mariah Carey #1's COLUMBIA 69670 CD Super Audio
    The site is (then click on release schedule)

    8/28/99 Well earlier this week I finnaly got my Year 2000 Mariah Carey Calender from the UK. Mariah Carey Archives has all the info. on ordering for that and the pictures. However, that calender is UNofficial. Right On magazine has the information for the OFFICIAL Mariah Carey Calender and it is different. I bought the magazine and I got all the info. for ya :) The cover pic is a pic from The Roof and it is $12.99 ($3 for shipping and handling for the US.) Canada has to send an extra $6 and Foreign has to send an additional $12. Man that stinks...what a ripoff. Anyhow send your check/Money Order(payable to Sterling/Macfadden)/Visa/Mastercard payment to:
    Dept. 2000-Cal-BM
    35 Wilbur Street
    Lynbrook, NY 11563
    Include with your $15.99 the following info...
    Card Number, Exp. Date and Signature(if you are paying by Credit Card)
    I think that's it :D Wahoo..make sure you order both cool calenders :)

    Rina told me that you can order your new Heartbreaker cd single now at

    I have some new scans of my bedroom thanks to Alex I'll be adding them to "My Stuff" section sometime soon...maybe Tonight if I can!!

    Eryn told me about the Larry King Show in which Donnie and Marie appeared on recently. It is so what she sent me..
    "Hey Regina, I just had to write you and tell you that just a minute ago I heard on Larry King Live Donny and Marie who are talk show people said that Mariah Carey was on their show and that they learned a lot just listening to her because she told them so much and since she had so much experience at being on tv shows and stuff she knew just how the lighting would look good and something about how people commented on Mariah after the show and stuff on somethings that Mariah said. Marie was just talking about people that she liked on the show and she said right off the bat she loved having Mariah Carey on the show and then Donny said that he also liked this guy that was on their show and Larry didn't even ask them a question to get that started. It was cool and took me by surprise because I was about to change the channel..."

    Ron e-mailed me and told me how MC is not doing too good in the Philippines. He asked me to ask you all to help him out by voting for Heartbreaker at either of the two address..
    It doesn't take long..let's help Ron out!!

    Armandosent me a tidbit on MC. MC is in the October/November issue of Jump magazine. They have a section called soundcheck. This is where they list the top 26 classic albums, in their opinion. Butterfly was listed! Here's what they had to say:
    "Love her or hate her, the girl can sing. Period."
    Cool Beans!!

    I got the next couple articles from my good pal Nini :D The first one is from New York Post/Entertainment Section...
    With striking good looks, a vocal talent that rivals the biggest divas in diva-land and a dozen tunes that ride the range from R&B to rock, Christina Aguilera is destined to become one of the biggest stars to debut this year. She's a lock as teen idol, but her self-titled disc won't just please kids looking for a pop- sugar rush in songs like her hit single "Genie in a Bottle." It wisely attempts to snag adult ears with tunes such as the grind-'n'-groove "Somebody's Baby" in which Aguilera's sexy vocals skip from growl to gospel in a heartbeat. Certainly, there's going to be a lot of bellyaching about how this young singer was manufactured in the lab of some evil genius producer, but even with a single spin the disc shows that Aguilera is a singer's whose four-octave range deserves the comparisons it's been getting to Mariah Carey's glass-breaking lungs. There are insipid, sappy songs like "Reflection," but zippy numbers such as "Genie," "What a Girl Wants" and "Come on Over" have the requisite pop hooks that could make a dead man get up and dance.
    Is it just me or is MC in EVERY Christina article..LOL

    This next info. is from and thanks to Nini again for bringing it to my attention. It is about some guy that interviewed Puffy about his new album and Puffy mentioned MC...
    What's the truth behind the tabloid rumors linking you with Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez?
    I've kissed Mariah on the cheek. She's my girl, but it's not like that. Jennifer, what do you want to know? We're friends. She's on the cover of my magazine, Notorious, next month. That interview I did myself.

    8/27/99 Update on TRL:
    Mariah Carey moved up to #7 today. Wahoo. Now ya have a break for the weekend on voting for her but once Monday comes along, I want ya all to start voting again. Hee hee. Anyhow someone e-mailed me about the comments that are made on TRL. They told me to type out the comments that are on the TRL shows to see if maybe anyone's got on?? Well I am starting it with today. If anyone wants to help me out with this by typing them out for me everyday, I would greatly appreciate it. If not...let's see how long this lasts with me doing are todays...
    "Hey Carson, what's up? Could you please play 'heartbreaker' by Mariah Carey because the song has been running though my mind all day and it has Jerry O'Connell, that boy is so fine. He can break my hear anyday." -Randi, MA
    "Hey Carson, whats' up? Can you please play 'Heartbreaker' because I like when she says sorry to the lady in the bathroom stall during the catfight. Thanks." -Natalie, CA.
    "I'm placing my vote for Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey because the video is really fly and the song explains guys in a nutshell." -Jen, NC.

    TalulaTA found an article at and if ya want to see it yourself, then just Click Here
    For everyone is the article that talks about Heartbreaker....
    If Mariah Carey's duet with rapper Jay-Z for "Heartbreaker," the first single from her upcoming album, Rainbow, didn't give the diva some hip-hop cred, the remix version that appears on the "Heartbreaker" single certainly will. On the alternate take, Carey is joined by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Da Brat and New York City mix tape guru DJ Clue. What's more, the song is based around samples from Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun." And, for Mariah purists, the single, which was released over the Internet on Aug. 16 and will hit traditional stores on Sept. 21, will also feature a "No rap" version. Rainbow comes out on Nov. 2...

    Radio News:
    "Here in Washington D.C. on our top 40 radio station called z104, Mariah hit number one for the first time on the top 5 at 9! I was so excited because i voted about 30 times!!!"
    Sad radio news from Sara :(
    "I'm getting really mad at my local radio station. WFLY 92.3 in Albany, NY still hasn't played any versions of Heartbreaker. I called in and requested it and they said that they don't and won't put it into rotation."

    Okay this next info. was sent to me from Nini but it is taken from Anderz's Friends of Mariah Page It is a really cool newsbried about Mariah doing a bunch of ads in the falls magazines for DKNY. Here is what was posted on Anderz site...
    the news came today on every news paper and tv news the headlines said colombian photographer teams up with the woman of the billion dollar voice.If you didnt know, RUBEN AFANADOR is a colombian who has made a big career with photography he has worked with antonio banderas ,claudia shiffer,seal,madonna. etc.his work is catalloged as the finest and most artistic he was chosen the photographer of the decade by the fashion magazine W. the deal is mariah is going to work in some ads for DKNY and ruben is taking the photos.He was interviewd and they asked him how was mariah and he said with a sparkling face "She is a living leyend " he said that in the middle of athe photo shoot he told her to sing and even though he never heard of that style of music (only intrumental)he was petrified when he heard that voice,he said "you never realize how beautiful a voice can be and hers is so amazing you would kill to have a gift like that" he also said that she was so beautiful and that if she hadnt been a singer she could perfectly have been a super model . the ads for DONNA KARAN are expected to appear in this falls magazines and timesquare NY street adsvertisement.

    More News from today...
    Okay you know the drill by the above banner and show MC how much ya love her. She was #8 on TRL yesterday AGAIN. I think it is great that she is on the countdown at all but it would be the GREATEST to get her up even higher..maybe the Top 5. So please go vote!!

    I think someone told me that MC was #4 on Jams Countdown yesterday?? Hmm...oh and on TRL Carson and 702 were saying such kind things about Mariah. Carson says he really likes the video and the one 702 gal said she liked the fight scene and stuff. It was really nice :) Oh and please e-mail if your comment made it to TRL. I am taping it everyday to hopefully see one of my comments make it but if yours does, let me know cause I'll keep it :) Also let me know what count she is everyday just incase I miss TRL that day!! :)

    Armando and countless others keep sending me this link so I figure I better get it on the website for others to enjoy :) I know you probably all seen this, it is the interview MTV had with MC and they created like a little section for her. Click Here if you want to read it and look at the nice pics!!

    Radio Time:
    New little section on the NEWS section..let me know what happens on your local radio station and I'll post it in InfoMC and on the website!!
    Today I have my own little story :) I was driving home from work last night at 9:04 pm and I had Q102 on and this girl Sherri or something called in. The dj goes, "What do you want to hear?" And the girl said, "Can you PLEASE play Mariah Carey's new song 'Heartbreaker.'" Then they played the No-Rap version. I was jumping up and down and signing REALLY loud in my car cause it was the first time I heard it on the NJ/Philly stations. I've been listneing to the radio for a long time for it. SO Philly has the new song now :) I guess Q102 doesn't suck anymore :)
    Ricardo e-mailed me and told me this..
    "I was listening to Z100's Interactive 9 at 9:00. And Mariah Carey has moved up two knotches from #6 to #4. I was soo happy when I heard this news. Besides I had called Z100 like 10 times to request it."
    "hey I was listening to a local radio station in RI called kix 106 and I heard mcs new remix it is pretty cool but honestly I think it could do without missy and dabrat I honestly like the origanal better but I have to say it is a great dance song"
    "Hey Reggie, this is Jenn. Over here at my radio station (Z 95.7) they have the Hot 9 at nine which is like a countdown to the #1 most requested song. Mariah was #7, but I expect it to go a lot higher!"
    "oh on my radio station KWIN the dj was introducing heartbreaker and said it was so great they would definately play it over and over again. Not his exact quote but you get the picture."

    Couple people e-mailed me about this. Cosmo. is having a poll of which celebrity you like to see in the magazine the most. They have a list of celebs and you can vote on them from #1, being the lowest, and #10 being the highest. Just go and make MC #10 and leave everyone else at #1..LOL. That is what I did!! Vote Here

    Anderz told me GREAT news yesterday. Mariah's 'Heartbreaker' debut on the Hot 100 at #60 this week. That is pretty good I heard and Airplay was #51, which is also very good for a brand new song.

    Tomas and Armando both e-mailed me and told me that you can find the Front Cover, Back Cover, and insides Here This is a REALLY good site for Heartbreaker. However it is only temporary.

    Did You Know Fact:
    Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz are the Background Vocals on 'Heartbreaker?' Cool Beans :)

    Nini sent me an article from the USA Today. It is about the Fall Releases. Here it is..
    "The dearth of solid, sure-bet superstars could leave the door open for some midlevel act to shine," says Pete Howard, publisher of ICE magazine. Though he expects Mariah Carey's Rainbow to dominate fall sales, "a hip-hop act or hot soundtrack could snow that one under." Mariah Carey. The hitmaker won't be easily eclipsed. "She hasn't hit the graying edge yet," Howard says. "She's conservative but very contemporary. She has wide appeal." Adds Wonsiewicz, "Mariah's like George Strait. Talent flocks to her. She gets the best songs, the best producers." Carey wisely added the Internet to her promotional juggernaut. However, "even though she gets the benefit of the doubt, not everyone in radio will play her singles automatically or indefinitely," Ross says. "She has to earn each hit record."

    8/26/99 Okay Mariah was #8 on TRL yesterday and #4 on Jams yesterday. She went up one spot from Tuesday so we have to try and get her up even higher today. Click the above banner and vote. It takes 5 minutes. Some people told me they don't have cable and can't see it so why should they vote? HELLO?!? This is MC, out #1 singer. Any chart that we can get her high on is worth it. Plus it will get other people to like Heartbreaker and will sell more singles. Please Vote!!!

    Sara e-mailed me and told me that last night on MSNBC they showed previous interviews they had with Mariah. One was from 1997 after she released Butterfly and the other one was from May 17, 1991 when she was working on her second album. Darn..missed it!

    ButtterfIi heard the new remix of Mariah's song Hearbreaker and wrote me this...
    "I heard the REMIX for Heartbreaker w/ da brat n missy on 107.5 WBLS (a r&b/hip hop radio station in NY) it is SOOOO good i turned it up sooo loud n me and all my friends LOVED it!!!! THEN i was calling up radio stations to request the normal version, n Z100's line was busy so i called KTU (103.5 in NY) and requested it 3 times and RITE after the 3rd time they played it! Also, i heard it's been played a lot on Z100 (100.3 in NY) but i havent had time to listen for it. well, just lettin u know :)"
    Man stupid Q102 still hasn't played Heartbreaker NORMAL jealous I am :( Hee hee...

    Numbr-1 told me that Mariah is mentioned in a Christina article in Time Magazine. They said how Christina is the most talented singer since Mariah Carey :) Here is the article...Thanks Josh!!
    Christina's World
    A new teen star has a voice that goes way beyond mere kid stuff BY DAVID E. THIGPEN -AUGUST 16, 1999 Sometimes the gods of pop music like to play a little joke. Browsing the aisles of a Times Square record store the other day, Christina Aguilera got quite a surprise. Unrecognized amid the hurly-burly of fellow shoppers stood one of her heroes, Fred Durst, leader of the red-hot rock-hop band Limp Bizkit. Aguilera zeroed in, angling for an autograph, but it was not to be: her quarry slipped into the crowd and scurried away. What Durst didn't know is that the petite blond with the big eyes was not just another fan but one of the most strikingly gifted singers to come along since Mariah Carey. Aguilera, 18, is poised to become pop's next female superstar. Her debut single, Genie in a Bottle, took only a few weeks to rise to No. 1 and is generating the kind of genuine enthusiasm on radio and MTV that doesn't come around much anymore. The song reveals a crystalline voice full of wonderful shadings and with a soulful ring that sets her apart in the overhyped teen market. If bookmakers take odds on who will be a bigger star after Aguilera's self-titled debut album comes out Aug. 24, the smart money won't be on Durst. Aguilera got where she is using some familiar stepping stones. At nine she appeared on Star Search, and at 12 she began a stint on the New Mickey Mouse Club. But her musical tastes were always fairly mature for a budding teen queen. Growing up in suburban Pittsburgh, Pa., Aguilera, who is half Ecuadorian and half Irish, had only a passing interest in the pop music of the day. Instead she had a thing for Rodgers and Hammerstein. She not only learned every note of The Sound of Music but even began singing the songs at neighborhood block parties. Her big, broad roof raisers got her noticed: by the time Aguilera was 10, the legend of the little girl with the large voice had grown so fast that she was belting out the national anthem at Penguins, Pirates and Steeler games. The young singer also broadened her palette by studying the blues recordings of Etta James and B.B. King. Now Aguilera blends the whoops, swoops and clean lines of a pure voice like Whitney Houston's with the darker, more earthy tones of the blues, giving her singing a sturdy backbone. RCA Records heard her demo tape, brought her in to sing a cappella and signed her up. The upcoming CD shows off her range. Come On Over is a gospel-tinged R.-and-B. rouser that gives her a chance to shout; So Emotional is a Brandy-style midtempo ballad that she patiently builds to an motional climax. Aguilera's aspirations reach beyond dreams of mere pop-chart success. "If music becomes too pop, I lose interest," she says. "The studio can be confining. I need to be challenged." RCA executive Ron Fair says the label will "not shackle" Aguilera and envisions TV and even Broadway for her too. "She's our Streisand," says Fair. This week she'll perform with solo piano at Lilith Fair, a reflection of the label's confidence in her as a true singer and not just a studio act. From now on, Aguilera is more likely to be signing autographs than asking for them. And if Fred Durst happens by, he'll just have to go to the end of the line.

    Nini found this next article about Christina also which mentions Mariah. It's from
    The hype machine has begun in earnest around 18-year-old Christina Aguilera with features in Time, the Los Angeles Times, Vibe, and all of the requisite teen mags. You could chalk it up to a good publicist, but as music critics worth their salt know: hype doesn't amount to much. And for Aguilera, there's no need for a skilled publicist — her amazingly mature voice is one of the finest pop-soul instruments to come along since the auspicious debuts of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Aguilera's self-titled debut is a perfect vehicle for that voice, mixing up current-day pop, new jill soul, and old school torch in a potent blend. Used to best effect on energetic tracks like the Carey-esque "Come on Over (All I Want)," the bouncy "So Emotional," and the already half-million selling single "Genie in a Bottle," Aguilera's voice is a powerful, deeply soulful device. When she moves into ballad territory the result is not always terling, occasionally dipping into a pot of over-earnest pop. On the emotive "I Turn to You," Aguilera channels the early style of Houston through a rose-colored glass, helped along the way by Diane Warren-penned lyrics that spend a little too much time honoring the nameless, faceless "you" of the title. Yet on "Reflection," the track recorded two years ago for Disney's Mulan, Aguilera's then 15-year-old voice is as strong as someone's twice her age, and the song memorable. Unlike her former-New Mousketeer peers Britney Spears and J.C. Chasez and Justin Timberlake from 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera's appeal reaches far beyond the 12 to 22 set. Her debut will inevitably draw fans from that demographic because of her tender age. But her immense vocal talent and well-produced debut assure that she will soon become a darling of the adult contemporary set as well. And with a fan base spanning decades, Aguilera is going nowhere but up any time soon.

    And SINCE we are on the topic of Christina, right after MC's video yesterday on TRL, Christina mentioned Mariah in a little interview. She talked about how she wanted to come out with a balad like "Vision of Love" but Genie in a Bottle was a pretty good choice. It was so sweet!!

    Gina told me that Mariah was on Women First yesterday for Heartbreaker. I was watching this one VH1 show last night and I forget the name of the show but it was a special Women First type of Shows. It showed the 4 new Videos from some of the 4 best female singer. Of course Heartbreaker was shown along with Mary, Shania's and Jennifer Lopez's new video's. It was kind of cool!!

    Armandotold me that Heartbreaker is now being played in France :) It was just being played on the teenager radio stations but now it is being played in the big ones...

    Honey11682 told me that Mariah is mentioned in the new issue of YM magazine and they mention her in "The Bachelor" article. Here it is..
    The Bachelor
    It's 24 hours before the 30th birthday of Jimmie Shannon (Chris O'Donnell). In order to get the $100 million he stands to inherit on his big day, he's gotta be married. But since he can't convince his long-time girlfriend (Renee Zellweger) that he's changed his wild ways and is ready to tie the knot, his exes (including Brooke Shields and Mariah Carey) are in for quite a propositon.
    Underneath they said that it's full of romance and really funny!!

    Joe told me that Sony is now releasing Musicbox, Butterfly, and Daydream on minidisc. Unplugged has been out for quite sometime now. They are pretty expensive about $24 :O

    Ryan e-mailed about his Heartbreaker site. Here is what he told me..
    "Hi, It's me again. You might know me as I have made an all new updated "Heartbreaker" website with The full song, full remix, and full no rap edit. 3 Video clips in mov and DOWNLOADABLE real video. I also have a nice wallpaper I made, A winamp skin that I made, And A screensaver that I made too. I would really appreciate i if you could just add the link to one of the emails. I think you guys will like it."
    So if you want to visit his site for MC's latest single, Heartbreaker just Click Here

    8/25/99 Click on the banner above that links you to TRL cause we need to get MC up in the Top 5. PLEASE vote..I am begging you!!!

    Well 248 people voted on last weeks pole. The question was, "What's U're Favorite MC video now?!?" Here are the results..
    Heartbreaker (182)=73%
    Fantasy (15)=6%
    Always Be My Baby (28)=11%
    Love Takes Time (14)=6%
    Dreamlover (9)=4%
    Thanks to everyone who voted and a new one started up today, if ya want to vote on it, you can. If you have an idea for a cool poll, e-mail me and let me know :)

    Gina told me that she was listening to Z100 last night and it was the Top 9 at Nine and Mariah was #6. Cool beans :)

    Josh and several other people e-mailed me yesterday and told me that they were watching MTV News and they talked to Usher about the duet he was going to do with Mariah. Josh said he couldn't understand him that well but he said he thought he heard Usher say the song was, "This is How Much I Love You." Again he wasn't certain about that. Then they went on to talk about Rainbow :)

    Well here is the article about MC and Usher from
    Usher records duet with Mariah Carey
    Singer and love-man Usher has been so busy acting lately, you'd think he hasn't been able to record any new material. Not so. As Usher told MTV News' frighteningly well-informed Chris Connelly backstage at last week's 1999 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, he did free up some time recently to record a duet with Mariah Carey which may land on her upcoming album, "Rainbow." "Oh that's on the low, low. That's on the low, low. You['re] not supposed to know about that," Usher warned Connelly. "See, they always get the scoop before everybody. I hate it, man. I gotta love it though, you know, 'cause I was tuning in like, man! What is the song called? Um... it actually slips my mind all of a sudden. It's 'That's how much I love you.' I think that's it. Yeah, 'That's how much I love you.'" Mariah's album is tentatively due out in November, although whether or not the duet will make the final cut remains to be seen. As for Usher, he'll soon be seen flexing his acting muscles in "Light it up." The film was produced by Grammy Award-winning songwriter-producer Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and is due out this fall.

    Here is a cool article from about MC new song..
    Mariah Carey bites Snoop Dogg
    If you thought Mariah Carey's Puffy-produced "Honey" was a bit too hip-hop for the best-selling female vocalist of the '90s, a remix of her newest song, "Heartbreaker," takes her even further. Joined by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and Da Brat, Carey offers a complete interpolation of Snoop Dogg's "Ain't no fun," a hit album cut from the Long Beach rapper's 1993 debut, Doggystyle. Not only do producers DJ Clue, Carey, and Ken "Duro" Ifill use the music from the Snoop track, surprisingly, Carey emulates the vocal direction of Nate Dogg, who handles the singing for Snoop's version. Warren G, who also appears on Snoop's version, says he's happy Mariah chose to use their song. "I think it's a wonderful thing that Mariah brought it back to the old school like that," said Warren, who will release his third album, "I want it all," in October. "It will just bring more R&B over to the rap side of things and will show that we can collaborate on things more and more." Mariah premiered "Heartbreaker" via the Internet on Aug. 16. She's scheduled to release her first studio album in two years in October.

    VirtuKitty e-mailed me and told me a Sony Correspondent told her that Mariah's next single will be her mega-ballad "There For Me." Hmm..anyone else know anything about this??

    I don't know who sent me this next news, but it is really cool. It's from the New York Daily News....
    Denzel Washington, Mariah Carey, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock and Will Smith are due to jet down to St. Martin on Sept. 2 for FUBU Y2G, a three-day party hosted by FUBU co-owners J. Alexander Martin and Daymond John. The fun includes Latrell Sprewell, Roy Jones Jr. and Allen Iverson (flexing their pexs in a fitness challenge), Star Jones (hosting a day of spa treatments) and performances by the Sugar Hill Gang, Biz Markie, Run-DMC, Beres Hammond and Salt-n-Pepa.

    I wrote yesterday about MC and Diane Warren working together on a song for the movie "Anna and the King." Thanks to Anderz for bringing more news to me about this subject. This is so this..
    Dianne Warren ( was in New York the other day co-writing a song with Mariah Carey for the forthcoming film "Anna and the King". If she did that, I guess Mariah is also singing the song? "Phoenix" tells me about the movie: It's a remake (as you know) of the classic. Jodie Foster and Chow Yung Fat (sp?) are starring. The trialors (previews) of this movie have been out for some time now, since It is one of those films expected to be one of the BIGGEST Oscar contenders already. It is set to be released around Christmas as of now (the BIG Oscar season release date). Mariah could be singing an origional song for the film, which means we may see her again Oscar night. Anyways, BIG movie to say the least.
    That is SO cool!! I can't wait!!!

    8/24/99 See that link right above this news..Go Vote For Mariah Now on TRL!! She was #7 yesterday, let's get her to #1!!! What are you waiting for..DO IT NOW and then read all the news from today :)

    Well yesterday I received 2 of the 3 calenders I ordered. I ordered two Sandra Bullock Calenders and One Mariah Carey and I was shorted my MC one :O It should be coming in 28 days...did anyone else order early and get theres yet?? Well anyhow SLEEPFIGHT e-mailed me and told me that in Right On!! magazine there is a page where you can order a millennium calenders. They have Ricky, Tyson, Janet, and Mariah, as well as others. The calenders are $12.99 plus $3.00 for shipping. It's a tad more if you purchase outside the US. Now what I want to know are the calenders from the UK and this one the same?? I'll check it out tonight and have ordering information for you later tonight or early tomorrow morning!!

    I knew that there was a pic of MC from the Pavorotti and Friends concert in Instyle but little did I know that they mentioned her 2 other times. Thanks to Hydrogirl2 for telling me this. The pic of MC is on page 262 and it is a nice one. They also talk about her in a section called, "The Goods." Here's that article...
    What makes Mariah Carey shine? Maybe it's her attention to detail. La Carey has been known to change her nail color to match her outfit, and manicurist Deborah Lippmann even created the Satin Doll shade for her to wear at the 1999 Oscars. It's one of the 28 shades in Lippmann's line ($16 each), debuting this month at Henri Bendel. Call 888-929-9950 or visit

    They also mention her is the "What's sexy now" section. They asked who the sexiest singer is and MC came in fourth behind Shania (1st), Lauryn (2nd), and Sheryl (3rd). I made a statement in this next newsbrief that offended someone. I didn't take the time and effort to look up an artist name and therfor put down this musical artist, which was wrong!! I deleted what I wrote and I would like to say I am VERY sorry if I offended anyone else!! I truly and honestly did NOT mean too!! Here is the re-written newsbrief..
    Lots of people e-mailed me about Mariah NOT being in the previews last night for the Jennifer Lopez Making the Video. Chris Cornell's Making the Video will air next week at 10:30 pm on Monday, instead of MC. SO this could mean two things...
    1-Mariah Carey's new video will premiere on MTV throughout the day on the 30th as Kurt Loder said it would!!
    2-It is being pushed back a little bit due to some problems
    I don't know if either one of these are true, they are just my thoughts. Did anyone hear anything that I didn't???

    Adorible20 e-mailed me last night with some AWESOME news on is what she said...
    I was watching Moesha today and this guy named Haykeem's like "Hey did you get me that autograph with MAriah Carey yet?" and Moesha's like "I will when she drops by the office today." Brandy's working at Vibe magazine! STAY TUNED FOR MARIAH! prob. not today its gonna be Mary.
    Man, this means I have to start taping and watching that show!! I am not a big Brandy fan, nor have I ever seen the show but I will be watching now :) It airs on Monday night on UPN at 8 pm EST!!

    Dazzle3223 e-mailed me about a comment I made yesterday. I said how MC was being played on BET, VH1, and MTV constantly now and I was told I forgot MuchMusic station!! Ooops..sorry about that. Didn't know :) But that is good news, No??

    BriStuWalt e-mailed me news I have heard NOTHING about yet. It was an article in the Chicago Tribune about Diane Warren and the article mentions it is..
    Her pursuit of performers has been known to take her out of town occasionally - the other day she was in New York co-writing a song with Mariah Carey for the forthcoming film "Anna and the King".
    What is the film "Anna and the King." I never heard one mention of it. This is so cool!!!

    Ron sent me some news from the Philippines about Hearbreaker. Here is what he had to say...
    Magic 89.9 DWTM, the first local station to play Heartbreaker, has chosen Mariah's latest single to be the Pick of the Week for this week. The song has debut in the Early Returns Countdown which charts the top ten requested songs of the day. Unfortunately, though, Heartbreaker only entered at number 10 in its first day in the charts. The Final Countdown, which sums up the week-long Early Returns, will be this Saturday. Let us help Mariah go on top of the charts. You can request her song via ICQ number 44545104. Let us help Mariah here!

    This next article I got from Anderz. It is a Heartbreaker review from Billboard magazine. Billboard was very possitive to Mariah this time though, read for yourself...
    "Heartbreaker" Columbia
    It's always an event when Mariah Carey releases the first single from an upcoming album-in this case ``Rainbow,'' due this fall from longtime label Columbia. On ``Heartbreaker,'' a midtempo, rap-laced jam, she borrows heavily from the sound of her own 1995 No. 1 ``Fantasy'' via a persistent guitar lick that sounds as if it were gleaned right from that previous song, which itself copped a sample from Tom Tom Club's ``Genius Of Love.'' Certainly, fans will be eager to embrace the latest from one of the staple artists of the '90s, even if this single doesn't represent a creative step forward. There's an identifiable chorus here, and some semblance of verses, but more than anything, this song comes across as a blur of jumbled voices in the background (a la Lauryn Hill), including Carey's own repetitive harmonies, which in this case sound more like a competition than a complement. The addition of rapper Jay-Z on one version of the cut will no doubt add to its radio appeal, while a remix featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliott, and DJ Clue will further associate the artist with the hip-hop leanings that defined much of her previous ``Butterfly.'' This new track is more a groove than a song, which could alienate those who adore Carey for her rich catalog of perfectly crafted pop songs. Simply put: Yes, it's a hit, and her voice is in fine form, but ``Heartbreaker'' is a disappointment in terms of what we know she's capable of writing.

    These next two tidbits are also from Anderz The first is info. on Pavarotti and Friends release date. It seems that Heartbreaker AND Pavarotti and Friends cd's will be released on Sept. 21st :) Isn't that great news!!

    Then I have the Tracklisting for Junior Vasquez promo. Here are the tracks for the Vinyl Promo...
    Heartbreaker/"Ain't No Fun" 4:36
    Junior's Hartbreaker Hard Mix 10:20
    Junior's Heartbreaker Club Dub 10:11
    Junior's Heartbreaker Club Mix 10:18

    8/23/99 VirtuKitty sent me 2 things recently about MC...the first is an article and the second is about All That Glitters...
    According to "Mariah World Line Newsletter," Mariah decided to name the album "Rainbow" to show off a more serious edge of diversity on her music and her personality. "I decided on "RAinbow" because there's so much behind the "image" of Mariah Carey that people don't know about or either don't care to know about. I'm tired of being labeled and limited in terms of music. This album explores many more different styles of my voice and of my talents. For example, in "Heartbreaker," towards the end, I decided to incorporate my "signature" high squeals into the mainstream of the vocal arrangement. In the past, I've always either buried them deep in the back ground (Fourth Of July, Fly Away, Can't Let Go) or I'd belt out a few high notes for a moment that would be sharp but I wouldn't persist with it. At least, I left it all behind on the 1st album. And even then, that wasn't truly me. Like on Someday, the producers were just like "More and More and More" so. Also, I've done some rather "unlikely" collaborations on this project. Each of the people that I did a duet with represents a different genre of music and bring a more diverse edge to the track, making the album on a whole, more 'colorful' (Mariah laughs at the pun to the title of the album)."

    According to an official Sony statement, All That Glitters is set to be released Winter of 2000/ Early 2001 (between 12/00 & 2/01). No exact dates yet confirmed.

    Also MariahCD1s just told me that Mariah is in the Sept. issue of Jane magazine with Natalie Portman on the cover. She is in a section about Celebrity Lookalikes. This girl says she looks like MC and there is a pic. of MC to the right of her!!

    Mariah was #7 on TRL today and she was a debuet. I was so happy when Alex told me that I started jumping up and down cause I was waiting a week to see this!! Hee hee..MAKE SURE you vote tomorrow for Mariah..the link is right about this news!! It takes at the MOST 5 minutes. Let's TRY and get MC to #1!! Vote People..Vote!!

    98º was on TRL today and right after the 9th video, TLC, the one guy was asked a question on who their new duet was with and when can they hear and GUESS WHAT THEY SAID?? Tomorrow they are going to be RECORDING a duet with Mariah Carey!! They were saying how she was so cool and that the song is going to go to #1. cool!! Ya heard it here first :)

    I thought I was going crazy today when I heard a Brandy commercial for her show Moesha say that Mariah was going to air this season but I guess I wasn't cause Adorible20 heard the same thing. Here is what Jen sent me...
    "I was listening to the radio and there was a Moesha commercial...and they were saying there was going to be a new season and Brandy's like yea, with Mariah, Mary, and a lot of other artists!"

    YuMmYuMz and Jess told me that VH1 FINNALY premiered Mariah's new song Heartbreaker today at 9:40 am. It was on a show called "Back-to-Back" but Gina didn't know what song they played first. This means that Mariah will probably start being featured in women First and other popular VH1 shows. Also Heartbreaker is being well played on BET!!

    Gina e-mailed me and told me that Mariah was mentioned on her radio station, Z100!! Here is what was said :)
    "...I was listening to z100 and they had played heartbreaker in the z morning zoo and it was total request lunch hour or something and a girl called in and said " I wanted to know if you could play Mariah Carey's new song Heartbreaker? and then the guy said yeah isn't that song great? and then the girl said " Yeah its the greatest I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes out because its definetly one of her greatest..."

    Make sure you ALL watch the end of Jennifer Lopez's Making the Video tonight at 10:30 pm cause they are going to show Mariah again for next weeks show where they will premiere the new cut of Heartbreaker featuring Jay-Z.

    Mia sent me AWESOME news today but I went to Towers and couldn't find it :( I did however find The Roof 2 track import :) Anyhow she told me that MC is on the back cover of R&R Magazine. It is the pic of MC pulling her shirt with the logo, Heartbreaker, on it. It is REALLY big and the magazine itself is the size of the Billboard magazine. It is $6.50 but worth it!!

    I was watching the Heartbreaker video today and did you know that the one Chinese gal is wearing a Heartbreaker shirt?? least I think that is what it says?? Maybe I am wrong?

    Less then 30 days until Heartbreaker single is released. Tomorrow it will be a month away. There is a counter on the front page showing the countdown in pink under the Quote!!

    Sip5Alive told me this, "Did You Know Fact..."
    9 years ago today (August 20, 1990), Mariah Carey's eponymous debut album was certified platinum by the RIAA.
    Did ya know that?? I didn't :)

    Alex told me that at you can watch Mariah Carey's latest "Heartbreaker." Well I went there and got the exact address for you, so just Click Here

    YuMmYuMz wrote to me and told me about her friends new site. This person is supposively a movie buff and you can check out their Bachelor Site if ya like. It also has a link to get to the main page of The Bachelors Official Website.

    I found this little article that talks about where Mariah ended up recording her album..the place she didn't want to mention on MTV. Here it is...
    Mariah finishes off album on Capri Mariah Carey, the nineties' best-selling female artist worldwide, is mixing her next album 'Rainbow' (released November 1) on the Italian island of Capri. The first single 'Heartbreaker' - which features rapper Jay-Z and remixes featuring Missy Elliot and Da Brat - is released on October 18 and was co-produced by New York mix tape meister DJ Clue with Carey acting as executive producer for the entire album.
    If you want to see the article for yourself Click Here

    There's an error in the above article. Nov. 1st in a Monday and that is NOT the release date for Mariah's album, Rainbow. People have been Iming me and e-mailing me about the new album. So far, the known release date is November 2nd. However people have been asking their local cd stores and they have been saying October 5th??? So I don't know what to believe?? I would go with the Nov. 2nd though for the moment!!

    8/22/99 Sorry I didn't update yesterday but I was just too sick to do anything!! Here is the MC news..
    The pics for the NEW Mariah Carey year 2000 calender I told you about several months ago, pics are now on the internet. All you have to do is check out Mariah Carey Archives The link is right at the top of the page..just click on it. Also you can get the info. on how to order if you didn't yet!!
    Here are the pics from January to December all in order...

    Adorible20 sent me some cool caps from Making the Video and 2 of them were used today to make the Quote of the Week pic. I will have some more different ones throughout the week so check those out if you like :)

    Honey11682 told me that on Friday she was watching VH1 and they had this quiz/game before the Top 10 Countdown and they would give ya a sentence and you have to guess what song it is from. Well on Friday it was..."you can have me when you want me" Only one person got it right and of course we all know it was MC's "Honey." They still havn't played Heartbreaker either I was told :(

    Gina told me that she has seen MC's new video on "The Box" and also Alex told me he saw it too. So if you want to check it can now do so there!!

    This next info comes from Anderz and it is about a new duet with Usher..Only thing is that this articles mixes Heartbreaker for Always Be My Baby!!
    Jermaine Dupri Produces Mariah Carey/Usher Track
    Noted hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri says the Mariah Carey/Usher collaboration that he produced for Carey's forthcoming album, Rainbow, is "going to be ghetto, but it's Mariah." The album, due Nov. 2, also features "Always Be My Baby," a duet with rapper Jay-Z that will be the first single. Dupri, who produced Carey's 1996 hit "Always Be My Baby," said he also is working on his own upcoming album, Instruction.

    Mariah's Heartbreaker was #4 on the Jams. So many people told me about thanks to everyone who did!!

    Jen sent me the "Flukes On The Floor Remix" of Heartbreaker. It took 52 minutes to download and I don't know if it is somewhere on the internet or where she got it from. I think she told me she got it from a chat room. Ol' Dirty Bastard is in it for like 3 seconds from the Fantasy remix???? It is a little weird and FOR SURE not my favorite remix!!! Maybe it has to grow on me?

    On a personnal moment, last night I went Bowling and I was sitting at the computer typing in everyone's names and guess what my intials were?? "MC" LOL..everytime I got up to boal I would hear, "Come on Mariah..throw that Ball. You can do it..MARIAH MARIAH!!" Man..ha ha. IT was too funny!!

    Everytime I use a piece of info. from anothe site, I am going to start providing links so if you use any of my info, hopefully you will do the same for me :) Thanks webmasters!!

    Sara was searching for Baby Names for her mom and she decided to look Superstar Mariah Carey has undoubtedly been the prime influence on the growing popularity of this nineteenth-century variation of Maria. Most parents are aware these days that the name is pronounced Mar-eye-a, which is denoted by the final h. The ah ending relates to other girls' favorites of the day: Sarah, for instance, and Hannah. The song They Call the Wind Mariah'' has also been an influence. The name Mariah is listed in these categories:
    Most Fashionable
    Spanish, French, and Italian
    Also parents could vote on the name Mariah and here is the poll results...
    3 people said the name would lead to playground problems, 14 people said it wasn't for my kid, 44 people said it was short listed, while 89 PEOPLE said it was a PERFECT NAME!

    8/20/99 COOL Pics of MC from a recent All-Star Power House concert...Click Here

    Mariah is in two tabloids for next week..I think it is the August 30th issues. First she is in National Examiner on page 22. It is a pic of Whitney and MC and is pretty well known I am told. The title is, "Who Hates Who in Pop Music." She is also in the Globe on page 37 with NINE PICTURES of her from the Heartbreaker video. Man I can't wait to see these :D Mia told me all this and told me they are really nice shots of Mariah. Besides Tabloids Mariah is in InStyle magazine, Sept. issue. Jen and Mia told me this and it is a pic. of MC from the Pavorotti concert singing at the mic.

    Make sure you vote for TRL today. Anderz told me that it's not going to make much of a difference until the video is premiere on TRL. However, still vote if you want to show TRL that we want Mariah on TRL ASAP. It will probably premiere when the new video is shown in less then 2 weeks with Jay-Z.

    Mariah is in the 2 magazines for articles. The first one is Moveline. The Bachelor is the #6 most fashionable movie of the year :D
    The other one is the Entertainment Weekly August 20/27, 1999. There is an article and MC is mentioned in it is..
    "Director Gary Sinyor (Stiff Upper Lips) remakes Buster Keatons 1925 silent classic Seven Chances, with Chris O'Donnell as the title character, who has 24 hrs. to find a bride if he wants to inherit a fortune (happens all the time!) Renee Zellweger (One True Ting) is his dream catch, while Brooke Shields and Mariah Carey cameo as two of his sexes.
    The Bottom Line:
    Sounds contrived, but O'Donnell and Zellweger have to be the falls cutest couple. (Nov. 12)
    There is a picture of Whitney and MC at the 1998 VMA's. It was in one of the tabloids a while back but it is pretty big and it is in an article with Whitney. It's the Sept. issue and Whitney is on the cover, so check it out if you want. It's a nice pic!!

    This next article is from US magazine, Sept. 1999...
    Mariah Carey can't seem to settle down
    Earlier this year, the diva was blocked from buying two different appartments on New York's Central Park West, which led an insider at one of the buildings to speculate. "The board probably wasn't impressed with the company she keeps." No matter. She and her new beau, Mexican pop star Luis Miguel, holed up for a spell in the city's Four Seasons Hotel and spent time in the studio recording a duet for Carey's upcoming album."

    This next article is from Nini...
    Duet with Mariah Carey August, 1999. Luis Miguel has recorded a duet with Mariah Carey and it is called "Till the End" which will be included in Mariah Carey's new upcoming album called "Rainbow". Mariah's new single "Heartbreaker" is coming out on September 21st, exactly one week after the world release of Luis Miguel's newest album "Amarte Es Un Placer" which comes out on sale worldwide on September 14th.

    8/19/99 Okay look straight above this news..see the banner I made of Mariah for TRL?? Click on it now and VOTE for her. LOL...MC still wasn't in the close calls or anything as we all know and let's try and get her on. Don't give up hope.."I Still Believe" Mariah will make it to the countdown very soon :D

    Make sure you tune into MTV Jams today. MC was #9 yesterday and she might start climbing. Also Jams has the Making the Video Preview which is cool to have on video tape :D It plays from 5 pm-6 pm EST.

    BIG news and thanks to Anderz for this Info. There is going to be another Making the Video with Mariah. It will air on August 30th at 10:30 pm and it will feature the new video with Jay-Z. Yup you heard me right..Jay-Z will be in and the Cartoon will probably be out :( HE couldn't do the other video due to some legal contract which restricts him for 2 weeks from making other videos. Do we really need Jay-Z though? We need the remix with Da Brat and Missy too!! But anyhow this was reported by Kurt Loder himself!!

    I just saw the Heartbreaker video again on HotZone at 10:35 am and I am so dumb that I didn't think more of the sign that the Cartoon Mariah holds. It reads something like Jay-Z Coming in 2 weeks. DUH..I am so dumb. Ha ha..that was a hint to all of us MC fans that there was going to be a new video coming up featuring Jay-Z. Anderz just e-mailed me about the comment that I made yesterday about MC have 280,000 hits on MSN's site and told me this...
    Hey, it's 375.000 now! Tell people to visit the Microsoft site alot and help Mariah to break the record!!!!!! The record is 500.000, and Mariah still has thursday and friday to go.
    So what are you waiting for...Click Here NOW to beat Woodstock 99's Record!!

    Alan sent me a cool article on MC which is an interview she did with MTV...
    We weren't even expecting her, but Mariah Carey just swept in to save our summer. Suddenly she's busting out all over with "Heartbreaker," a Jay-Z-enhanced number that's sure to send a warm breeze through your speakers when it hits radio. It's the first single from her upcoming album "Rainbow," which is tentatively due out in the fall. (First "Butterfly," now "Rainbow"... does it get any girlier?) When MTV caught up with Carey on the set of the video shoot for "Heartbreaker," the sassy lassie was pretty secretive about everything from her producers and collaborators to where she was going to finish up recording. (Who could blame her?) Yet we still managed to get a few choice items out of her, including the photographer behind those ultra-suggestive promo shots you've been seeing... indeed, the same artist responsible for those Britney Spears pics that caused such a stir a few months back. So sit back, relax, and get ready to relish a quick one with Mariah Carey...
    MTV: So you've been quietly working on this new album. What can you tell us about it?
    Mariah Carey: I don't want to tell the title of the album yet, because I'm not 100 percent sure of the title of the album, but I have something in my head. [Note: On August 13, it was announced that the title of Mariah's record would be "Rainbow," with a tentative release date set for November. See "Mariah Carey Casts 'Rainbow' For Next LP..." for the scoop.] I'm actually really excited, because I'm doing a photo shoot with David LaChapelle... I've never worked with him, but he's really genius and really innovative, so I think it's gonna be a whole new twist to [my image]. I have done a lot of collaborations. I'm working on collaborations, I don't want to talk about them, because they are not done, and you never know what could happen when you are dealing with other political stuff. But I'm into it. I'm on my way to a studio... on an island kind of in the middle of nowhere, and I'm gonna lock myself in a room and I'm not gonna leave until I'm done.
    MTV: Are you producing it yourself? Who are you working with?
    Mariah: I always pretty much co-produce everything I do. I'm pretty much involved in every aspect of my career, but the first single I did with DJ Clue, and it's called "Heartbreaker." The original features Jay-Z. A lot of people say it's pretty much [in] the classic style of my up-tempos, like "Fantasy" or "Dreamlover." But it's kind of fun, and it has a new edge to it, I think, and definitely having Jay-Z takes it to a whole 'nother level. And Clue makes it really fun and stuff. And then the remix... I'm so excited about the remix. It's also gonna go on the album, and it features Missy Elliott and Da Brat, and it's kinda like a girl-power answer record, and it's to the loop of Snoop [Dogg]'s "Ain't No Fun." They're not ready for that one! And I gotta do the remix video. Everyone is dying for me to do the remix video for that, because it's really, really hot.
    MTV: Last question. What do you think about the whole Latin pop explosion?
    Mariah: I think it's great that people are embracing [Latin pop], especially Americans. A lot of times we tend to think that our world only exists within America, and our frame of reference is kind of there. So I think it's great... it's not like it's something new. It's great that people's minds have been opened, and people are starting to embrace another culture musically.

    SuperStrMC saw two shows that mentioned Mariah recently and she shared them with me...
    "Today on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will was looking into his future, and his annoying cousin Carlton sent him a postcard that read: Hi Will,
    I'm having fun on my vacation. It's great to be rich. Ha. Having fun with the kids and Mariah. Did I mention it's really really great to be rich? Ha Ha...Your cousin Carlton
    And on Martin last week Martin and his Friend Cole had jury duty and had been in the confrence room for a long time. Everyone was arguing, and Cole shouted,
    "I have one thing to say to all you people. MARIAH CAREY IS BLACK. Blackety-black-black-black!"

    Okay has a Heartbreaker site that features a MP3 version of the song that she did herself from the radio. If you want to check it out..Click Here

    MirageMC sent me a article that Legend2562 sent to her. Hee it is...
    According to an article in "Mariah World Line Newsletter," Mariah is thinking about leaving the music business after the release of her final album for sony (All That Glitters Sndtrk). "For this entire decade, my life has been music, music and more music. Yes I have made an impact in the music business and yes I am appreciative for all those who supported me and for all the awards I've achieved, but I feel as if a chapter in my life will finally close forever with the release of the final album for Sony. Music was my first love but after the last album, I'm probably going to pursue other venues for a while. I long to really become more into acting and get some movie roles under my belt. Though this decision is purely based on the success of "All That Glitters." If It does do well, I'll pursue movie roles more fiercely, but If it doesn't go well, I believe I'll still leave recording for a few years and take some time to grow spiritually and become more aware of myself." Mariah also goes on to say, "After the last album, I'm really going to focus on my personal life and take the opportunity to possibly start a family. That's another dream other than music I'd love to fulfill." Mariah has currently turned down all other recording contracts offered to her after her's at Sony expires which would support the fact that she does plan to take a vacation. "I mean, there are so many opportunities I had to turn down or miss out on because my music was first priority. I plan to take this time in my life and use it to do all I couldn't before." On the subject of Luis Miguel, Mariah says, "He's . . . . . he's a very close, intimate friend. We enjoy each other's company. He really inspires me to just let go and live and I love that about him." When asked if she plans to return to her fans she'll be walking away from after "Sony," Mariah says, "Most definitely. I couldn't just leave music forever. That would be the death of me. I don't know exactly how long this "vacation" will last, especially if I choose to start a family but somewhere down the line, I'll be back. Besides, I'll still be writing, producing for other artists and collaborating on other projects with artists, possibly even starting up my own label again and try my luck once again. But so much drama went on this past decade, this vacation is much overdue."

    The webpage has been doing really well lately. It now averages over 200 hits per day and it's only a little over a year old so I think that is pretty good!! Each day it is getting more and more hits and the counter is thanks to everyone who visits everyday :D I'll try and keep up the daily updates of MC info. and pics for ya :)

    8/18/99 Mariah was just on Access Hollywood and thank God to Alex for calling me and letting me know. They showed scenes from her new video and at the end the lady said that Mariah had gotten, so far, an amazing 280,000 hits on her website and that it will be shutting down on August 20th. Now here comes the good news..she said that the OFFICIAL release date for Mariah Carey's new album, Rainbow, will be on Tuesday, November 2nd. So there, it is now confirmed because Access Hollywood is a big show in the US! (thanks to SwtFantsy7 for e-mailing and telling me about it also)

    Well Mariah didn't make it to TRL today AGAIN. So sad....I am so upset. Did everyone vote??? MAN! Well anything here is something to cheer me up and hopefully you too. Alex, the incredible/talented computer expert made me and you a collage of Heartbreaker. He did other ones like Honey, My All, Breakdown, ISB, and more, which you can check out in the Artwork section of the webpage but here is the new one..SO COOL. Thanks Alex...

    I just saw the lastest Mixology on VH1 and Mariah was in it three times with Fantasy, My All, and Honey. They didn't play her music but she was shown during other music. Did Heartbreaker hit VH1 yet?

    Lalala27 told me that there was a Fresh air Fund article in the New York Times this weekend. It showed a pic of MC in pigtails. I don't have the article yet but I am getting a copy of it so I'll type it out.

    My boss at work told me that Q102 mentioned that Mariah was in some magazine in a tube top and looked REALLY hot??? Anyone know anything about this? Also Q102 STILL hasn't play hearbreaker and it is the main station in Philly and NJ and I am SO UPSET cause their phone lines don't work :( Just thought I would share...

    Mariah's Heartbreaker was #9 on Jams Countdown yesterday..make sure you watch for her today :) Mariah was #10 today :(

    SuperStrMC sent me an article on Mariah. It is called, "Stars on Stars" and the title at the top of the screen is "Visonary Vocalist." They make a mistake though, they say Tony motolla instead of Tommy!! Mariah Carey: Visionary Vocalist
    March 27, 1970. New York, NY
    Life is never easy for Aries because, when no challenge exists, they will create one just to avoid boredom. Aries Mariah Carey, the bestselling female recording artist of the decade, had some major hurdles to overcome as a youngster. Born to an Irish mother and Venezuelan/black father, Mariah's parents were victims of cultural bigotry that tore the family apart when she was only three. Later on, Mariah drew on the strength she gained from her early experiences to advance toward her goals. Vision is the keyword for this fire sign. She set her sights high as Aries always do. Mariah's horoscope reveals her talent, determination, and success. The stars assisted her every step along the way. First, she was fortunate to be born with helpful parents. Mariah's Moon makes a supportive trine aspect with her Sun/Mercury conjunction. In the natal chart the Moon represents the mother and the Sun signifies the ego and Mercury, the voice. Mariah's outstanding vocal gifts were recognized and developed by her mother, who was an opera singer and vocal coach. Second, Mariah has an abundance of stamina and determination. Her Mars, showing the quality of her physical energy, and Saturn, representing self-discipline, are both in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Once Mariah knows her goals, she pursues them relentlessly and in a very focused way. Finally, Mariah's success was certainly enhanced by her ex-husband, Tony Mottola, president of Sony Music Entertainment. Because several of her personal planets, i.e. the Sun and Moon, make close contacts with outer planets Uranus and Neptune, Mariah will always have access to important people who will help her career. It was Tony who first discovered the budding artist and helped make her a star. Theirs was an unusual relationship, but then Mariah has unconventional Uranus in her 7th house of partnerships. Mariah met Tony at a party and gave him a demo tape. The tape made an impression and so did she. Tony left his wife and, in a flamboyant half million-dollar ceremony, married Mariah. The union lasted four years but perhaps Mariah felt stifled. Aries females enjoy the chase but sometimes wither under the routine and repetition of married life. Her husband's horoscope indicates he does the same. Uranus causes sudden changes so partners will enter and leave Mariah's life quickly. What do the stars have in store for Mariah Carey? As she approaches her Saturn return in May of 1999, Mariah will have some difficult decisions to make. Because her Saturn is in the money sign, Taurus, this will involve finances and how she makes and shares her personal resources. Because Mariah has been generous with her earnings and support of children's charities, Saturn, the Great Teacher, will probably treat her kindly. She will, however, face the challenge of choosing a reliable financial manager, agent and other staff. Her ex-husband is no longer making the career decisions, so Mariah has more control over her own talents. Mariah's 1998 solar return chart suggests a new overall seriousness in the tone and depth of her work. She'll give some performances that will electrify audiences and gain her the adoration of an entire new group of fans. Mariah is currently following her established patterns for success, and it's working, but expect some major changes by the middle of 1999. She'll then enter a year-long Mercury/Venus period and initiate a new form of artistic expression. Mariah's songs will express more universal themes and the issues of her generation of women will be prominent in her lyrics. She'll continue to be on top of the charts through the new millennium.

    Kristen told me that Mariah song with Luis is going to be called, "Till the End" and it will be on Rainbow. It was in some Spanish article about Luis.

    Armando said on a show called "Despierta America" and they asid that Luis and MC were spotted in a fancy hotel in New York. They, also said that the couple is looking for a hoouse in the US because they want to live together.

    8/17/99 Okay this is big, you HAVE TO GO VOTE FOR MARIAH at Total Request Live If you want to call in, you have to do so between 2:30 and 3 pm at 1-800-dial-mtv but you can vote all morning..that doesn't matter when you vote on the computer!! We have to get Mariah to number one. Ask your friends to request Heartbreaker..if you have more then one screen it on both. We need to get Mariah on TRL HIGH today. I want everyone voting everyday too..LOL. I will be..I swear!! Go Vote!!

    Okay who saw it last night? What did ya think? I think the video for Heartbreaker is her best video EVER. There was a good plot, there was dancing, acting, Mariah looked So Cute, Mariah kicked her own butt (ha ha), and in the end she proved strong and the video is AWESOME. That is all I can say. I played it like 20 times before going to bed last night..ha ha. If you missed it..don't fret cause it will rearir several times.

    Our next thing to look forward to it in 35 days, the Heartbreaker Single will be released. There is a counter on the main page under the quote!!

    Mariah is in the Spanish Magazine named, "TVyNovelas" and it has a pic of MC and Luis. There is also a pic of a speed boat Luis gave to MC :O Here is what Armando told me about it...
    luis gave mariah a small speed boat named 'hero'. it's near luis' residence in acapulco. the speed boat is white and has black lines. it's kinda cheap. even the price says it. it costs between $30,000 and $40,000. even tommy mottola gave thalia a more expensive one that costs $200,000 and is one of the fastest ones. don't you think mariah deserves a better one that??

    Sheryl Crow mentioned MC on VH1 yesterday and thanks to Nick, courtesy Anderz, here is what she said...
    Today on VH1 they had Sheryl crow in an interview. She was saying that it was great and a flattering dream to have a Grammy Nomination for Best Producer. She said that Women are making such strides through producing and writing. She said that artists that she respected who write and produce are Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Lauryn Hill. That's all. I thought that was really cool and nice of her seeing that they are in two totally different types of music.

    I found an article today on MC and here it is :D
    Mariah Debuts New Single On The Web
    A new single from Columbia artist Mariah Carey will debut on the Internet. "Heartbreaker" -- the lead track from Carey's forthcoming studio album "Rainbow," due in the fall -- bows today at 6 a.m. ET on Microsoft's site ( The site has a 12-hour exclusive on the tune before its release to radio; after that, the song will be able to be accessed on-demand at the Microsoft site through Friday. "Heartbreaker" will be released commercially in the U.S. on Sept. 21. In addition, the video -- which was directed by Brett Ratner and features rapper Jay-Z -- will debut this evening on MTV. The channel will also showcase the clip in its series "Making Of A Video.""Rainbow" will be Carey's first new disc in two years. Her last set, 1998's "#1's," a collection of her No. 1 hits, peaked at No. 4 on The Billboard 200; her last studio set, "Butterfly," debuted atop The Billboard 200.

    Here is another article I found that features MC...
    Sony Music plans net sales
    Sony's recorded music subsidiary says it will begin selling over the internet as early as December, becoming the first Japanese company to distribute music online. Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Ltd, whose top international artists include Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, would offer both new releases and past works from its catalogue of performers at prices from ¥200 ($2.60) to ¥500 a song, said spokesman Mr Akira Takayasu. The company has yet to decide on a compression protocol but said the downloaded music would deliver compact disc-quality sound. Sony Music's online plans come two months after the world's largest music companies and their technology industry counterparts agreed on a preliminary set of security guidelines for selling music over the internet. Though many analysts see direct downloading as the future of the industry, record companies have been reluctant to embrace the internet, in part because digital technology has made it easy to copy and distribute CD-quality music without regard for copyrights. "We have to start selling music online, considering the prospects for an explosion of internet usage and a proliferation of distribution technologies," Mr Takayasu said. Music sold through the internet, including online sales of compact discs and other so-called packaged media, will account for 8 per cent of the $US47 billion ($72 billion) worth of music expected to be sold in 2004, according to London-based Market Tracking International Ltd.

    Click Here to Read more August News..

    8/16/99 So do you want to hear the Remixes of Heartbreaker? Maybe the No Rap version? Well then it is so simple..just Click Here

    Mariah was JUST on Entertainment Tonight with a preview of Making the Video tonight. It was pretty cool and they showed some scenes 1515 didn't. At one part the director, which is the same director from the I Still Believe video, was pointing out how she is all decked out in pink..from the nails, to the shoes. It looks AWESOME and there is only a little more then two hours to go people :) Are you counting down with me??

    Here is the cover of the new single Heartbreaker. The webpage says 36 days left until the released date of Heartbreaker, which is the 21st of September. Click to see bigger version...

    Armando sent me an article from "La Opinion." It is an article with Luis and MC is mentioned..
    People say that Luis Miguel has been sad in the past few months. And that his "romance" with Mariah Carey hasn't been able to fill up the space that Daisy Fuentes has left in his heart. That love seems to be reflecting in the mexican idol's latest discography Sol, arena y mar, and it can be heard in the continent. The theme is about a frustrated love. "She loved me and I was her king, but that dream was short. It's driving me crazy, I don't know what will happen", says the song. Some say the theme of the song is a message to the beautiful Cuban-American and host of the show America's Funniest Home Videos. During recording the show Luis Miguel will jump in like if he was the director or something. Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes never announced their seperation, there are two points of view. This is Luis' theme: "We always argued, we almost never laughed, I can't continue with this love". What Luis Miguel doesn't know is that when a women wants to get married, and the man doesn't propose matrimony to her, she will lose her patience and will be in a bad mood. And besides drinking margaritas, Daisy Fuentes radther continue by herself.

    Okay I set my alarm for 5:50 this morning and my eyes are barely open but I was one of the first to download the new Mariah song, "Heartbreaker." However, not one of the first to hear it though since it has been on the radio a lot already. Man it is so aweomse..Over 2 months of waiting is all done. If you want to hear it yourself, it is SO easy...
    1...Click Here
    2...Click on the 28.8 (it's the best one..the other skip a lot) 3...Go to the View button in the Windows Player..choose Options and then click, "Play Forever!" and you are set all day with Mariah and HEartbreaker on your computer!!

    If you are having problems, it might be for one main reason..You HAVE to load the MSN Windows Player...just click on the link under the little pink butterflys :)

    Jen heard the Remix last night and typed me out the lyrics to that and she typed me out the lyrics to the normal can check out both versions in the Lyrics Section

    8/15/99 MariahLov told me you can read an article on MC at RollingStone's Site...Click Here

    Tomorrow, starting at 6 am, you can download the entire version of Heartbreaker..make sure you tune in..I'll be up at 6:30 am if anyone wants to talk..LOL Mariah Heartbreaker

    Honey11682 wrote me and told me she found a new book on MC at The book is called "Mariah Carey (Galaxy of Superstars") It is going to be released in November of this year but you can order it now at Amazon! It is about $15

    A couple people wrote me today and told me they heard Hearbreaker on the radio several are some of the comments....
    oh my god!!! I just heard heartbreaker on the radio!!!!!!!!!! I heard it on Jammin 94.5 from boston at like 2pm and then i turned it on at 4 and it was on again!! wow this is GREAT airplay cuz they never played her as much after the song butterfly was on!!! Oh my the song is REALLLLY good!
    OMG!!! I just got into my car and HEARTBREAKER was on the radio!!! It was on B96 in Chicago at 8pm. It was already playing when I got in so I didn't hear anything about "World Premiere" or anything. But I thought it was coming out later, not today! It was soooooo cool, definitely NOT a disappointment!! I can't wait for the album!! Oh well, just wanted to let you know!

    Jen, BabyXOLove also wrote down the lyrics to her best ability of the rap on the song they are...
    Yo she wannt shop with Jay
    Play box wit Jay
    She wanna pillow fight in da middle of da night
    She wanna drop my benz wit 5 of her friends
    She wanna creep past the blocks spying again
    She wanna throw with Jay chace kids away
    She wanna fight with lane shakes blow my days
    She wanna respect the rest
    Kick me to the curb and
    she found 1 strand of hair longer than hers
    She wanna bigga jacuzzi, rub up in da movies, act into the old crib,
    keys to the new b's
    She wanna answer the phone, tatoo her arm
    That's when I got her in the bathroom with mom
    She called me Heartbreaker
    When we apart it makes her
    wanna piece of paper scribble down i hate ya
    But she kniw she love Jay becuase
    She love everything Jay say, Jay does and UH

    I drew a pic. of MC from the Heartbreaker to see bigger version and let me know whatcha think..(you can also see it in the Artwork section under PICS along with other work)

    Okay I e-mailed my friend again about the release date of Rainbow and he said that there is no way it could be released on October 5th, that it will be released on November 2nd or 16th. He said it is probably going to be the 16th, but no date has really been scratched in stone.

    Kristen e-mailed me today after visiting Sam Goody. The cashier guy seemed to know a lot about Heartbreaker. He said it wasn't hitting airwaves until the 16th, which we knew, and that the single was going to be released in 2 weeks! (okay that is wrong info. there!!) He also said the album would be released in Novemeber and that he saw the cover yesterday and he said it was pink and she was wearing a tube top?? Kristen wasn't sure if he meant for the single or the was probably for the album. I like that pic..he was talking about the pic I drew above :D

    8/14/99 Armando told me that you can see a bunch of screen captures Here of Mariah from the MTV News 1515 Show.

    Thanks to Tomas of Sweetheart Mariah, I have a internet site where you can go and hear even MORE of Mariah's new song, "Heartbreaker." It is not very good at all, quality wise, but hey you can hear MC singing the cool!! Click Here

    Katrina e-mailed me and told me that she went to "The Wall" today and asked the guy when Mariah's new cd will be released and he said that he was 100% possitive that it will be released on October 5th!!

    Alex added something new today to the webpage...a counter. It is right under the Pic of the Week link and it counts down the days until the new Heartbreaker single will be released.

    I would like to say I am VERY sorry for posting the 12 songs that were the "tracks" to Rainbow. They are NOT the tracks to Rainbow and I apologize to everyone for making the comment that they were.

    A HUGE thanks to Mia for bringing this next info. to my attention. Mariah is in the NEW Cosmopolitan on page 268. The section is called "Heartbreak Hair." It hit stands yesterday in some places and will hit stands everywhere on Monday. Also Mariah is in the new Star Tabloid. I am not certain on the date but I think it is the 23rd of August?? Anyhow, MC is on the back cover wearing a backless dress. It is a pic. of her from the Lady of Soul Awards.

    Also Kristen said that MC was on R&R Jeopardy. She was mentioned in the catagory "Same title, Different Song." It said something like, "Earth Wind and Fire had the asme name as MC's 1995 hit." The answer was "Fantasy" but noone knew it :(

    Well I have been hearing that Mariah was on Entertainment Tonight recently? When I do now know. However, try and check out the weekend edition because it might be that one. Anyone seen it? Supposively Mariah wanted to be called Vanessa Parry whenever she was decked out in the Black wig..LOL. She created the name herself to rhyme with her own name..Mariah Carey!!

    The USA Today newspaper, that features MC, will be on newstands untill Sunday night because it is the weekend newspaper. Check it out if you want to buy it!! I bought 5 right away!

    8/13/99-Friday the 13th My Gosh, I don't know if I can wait any longer..MTV News 1515 just aired and Mariah kicked off the show by saying something like, "Hi this is Mariah and you're watching MTV News 1515!" Or something like that?? Anyhow the segment itself was about 4 minutes long and it was SO COOL. They played the remix version in the background and they also showed some of the scenes. Mariah plays the ex-girlfriend and Mariah ALSO plays the new girlfriend, who's butt she kicks in the bathroom..HA HA. You have to check out 1515 if you missed it. Check out the air times for it to repeat over the weekend..this is so cool!! I am on Cloud 9..this weekend is going to be the longest 2 days of my life!!

    Even MORE news for to Flute69, Mariah Carey is in the Friday edition of USA Today, which is a newspaper. It is the pic. of Mariah with Heartbreaker on her shirt and again thanks to Flute, here is the article...
    On the Web, on the airwaves: Mariah's back with a new album
    Mariah Carey, the top-selling female recording star of the '90s, will squeeze in another album before the decade ends. Rainbow, Carey's first studio album since 1997's Butterfly, is expected to yield the usual pots of gold and platinum after its release in late October or early November. The first hint of first single Heartbreaker comes today in a 30-second a cappella preview (plus an audio greeting and exclusive photos) at Microsoft's MSN service (, where the full song will be available to on-line fans from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET/3 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT Monday. Also, Monday, Heartbreaker will premiere on radio stations nationwide via satellite at 6 p.m. ET/3PT, and MTV will air the video, featuring rapper Jay-Z, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. The song remains available through Aug. 20 at the MSN site and arrives in stores Sept. 21. The pop diva won't need Rainbow to secure her place in 20th century music history: Since her debut in 1990, she has had more No. 1 singles (13) than any other artist this decade, and she has tallied more weeks at No. 1 on the singles chart (58) than any other female artist in history.
    Under the pic is reads...
    Singer of the decade: The title of Mariah Carey's first single is, uh, obvious.

    Mariah was on Total Request Live today during the NEWS section. They showed a clip of her talking. If you missed it you can do two things..
    1. Tape it tonight at 8 pm EST on MTV 2. Watch the realaudio format of it Here
    Here is the article that you will find at that site..thanks Alex!!
    Mariah Carey Casts "Rainbow" For Next LP; Taps Missy, Da Brat For Remix
    As Mariah Carey prepares to release her new single, "Heartbreaker," to radio next week, the R&B songstress has just christened her upcoming studio album "Rainbow." The new record is Carey's much anticipated follow-up to 1997's "Butterfly" and will feature her first batch of studio material since the three new tracks that were included on last year's compilation, "#1's." On Monday, August 16, Mariah Carey will world premiere her video for "Heartbreaker" on MTV at 10:30 p.m. The clip for "Heartbreaker" was directed by Brett Ratner and features an appearance by Jay-Z, who also co-wrote and raps on the track (see "Jay-Z, Mariah Carey Break Hearts Together"). DJ Clue also lends a hand on "Heartbreaker," and as the songstress revealed to MTV News, the remix has some girl-power surprises in store. "It's pretty much [in] the classic style of my up-tempo classics like 'Fantasy' or 'Dream Lover,'" Mariah told MTV News. "But it's kind of fun and has a new edge to it, I think, and definitely having Jay-Z takes it to a whole 'nother level. And Clue makes it really fun and stuff." "And then the remix," she added, "I'm so excited about the remix. It's also gonna go on the album, and it features Missy Elliott and Da Brat, and it's kinda like a girl-power answer record, and it's to the loop of Snoop [Dogg]'s 'Ain't No Fun.' They're not ready for that one!" "Rainbow" is tentatively set for release in November, while "Heartbreaker" will be issued as a commercial single on September 21.

    I can't keep up with all this news being released..this is about the 19th time I have updated this site today...Lots of great news was release today..Thanks to Joe for this next article frmo the August 17th issue of National Enquirer.
    Mariah Carey, wowee in Maui with singing heartthrob Luis Miguel, got a hankering to see some hula - but didn't care to mingle with guests at their posh hotel's nightly luau. Mariah spent thousands staging a romantic Hawaiian hoe-down for two outside their private $1,500-a-day beach villa, complete with native dancers and musicians, plus gourmet roast pig and poi!

    Man and I thought Friday the 13ths were bad days, but NO, not this day!! There are new awesome pics. of MC from her new video Heartbreaker and what looks to be the cover of the new Heartbreaker single??? You can check it out for yourself and also on August 16th, they will have the whole song to download...Mariah's Heartbreaker has updated their site now, go check it out. On August 16th, starting at 6 am, you can download the whole song at MSN. Here is the article saying it..
    On Monday, August 16, at 10:30pm (EDT), MTV will World Premiere the "Heartbreaker" video, directed by Brett Ratner and featuring multi-platinum rapper Jay-Z, as well as showcase Mariah and "Heartbreaker" in "Making Of A Video." Mariah's online fans can get the very first taste of "Heartbreaker" when the song debuts exclusively on Microsoft's MSN beginning Monday at 6am.
    Click Here

    Updates on Site:
    New Pic added to Gallery 10 today
    New Pic Of the Week
    New Title Gif for the webpage (BIG thanks to Alex)
    New Quote of the Week will be added later

    Jen sent me a list of songs that are on Mariah's NEW cd.NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED but check it out never the less....
    1. Heartbreaker
    2. Rain (no doubt a big ballad and the 2nd single!)
    3. Lonely Nights
    4. Mi Vida
    5. A Love Once Lost
    6. Headlines (another Missy Elliott track apparently) 7. The End
    8. My Man
    9. Rainbow (Rain reprise)
    10. Only You
    11. A Memory
    12. Do You Know Where You're Going To

    Make Sure you tune into MTV News 1515 tonight at 7:30 pm EST to see Mariah. If you miss it, don't fret, just check out Important Dates on the Main Page for all the they are also...
    •Friday, August 13 at 7:30 pm
    •Saturday, August 14 at 9:00 am
    •Sunday, August 15 at 9:00 am
    •Monday, August 16 at 7:00 pm

    VirtuKitty told me that on September 8th at 9 pm, Mariah Carey Behind the Music will preview on VH1!!!

    Hydrogirl2 told me that you can rate how interesting Mariah Carey is to read about at Cosmopolitan Magazine online. Click Here Then scroll down to vote for your favorite celebrities!!

    Steph wrote me and told me that Will Smith, 'N Sync, and Michael Jackson are all releasing NEW albums at the same time as Mariah..WHAT?? Egads people, we have to make Mariah #1. We are going to be competiting with all the Teeny Boppers in the land for 'N Sync. We got trouble....

    This next info. is from Anderz...He told me that Aretha is having a new albuma and Mariah is featured on it :D It must be Chain of Fools..It is called Duets. Here's the article...
    Who doesn't remember the coool scene from "The Blues Brothers" movie in which ARETHA FRANKLIN tells her husband her opinion about that he wants to leave her? A real classic tune! Soon we'll get more from the Queen Of Soul, because her new album "Duets", full of such classics, will be released very soon. We just got the playlist, so we can tell you exlusively who joined her: GEORGE MICHAEL, KEITH RICHARDS, MARY J. BLIGE, ELTON JOHN, WHITNEY HOUSTON, MARIAH CAREY and GLORIA ESTEFAN.

    8/12/99 Well us Mariah Fans have to wait yet ANOTHER day for to released the important announcement. It says tune back in Friday now but hopefully it won't say tomorrow to tune in on Saturday cause I might have to kill myself from all this excitement..hee hee :D

    Does anyone live in NJ/Philly? I am dying to know when Q102 will be playing Heartbreaker so I can program my stereo to record it for everyone :D Please let me know..I tried calling their number=1-800-521-1021 but noone answers. Anyone call ANY radio stations and find out anything? MariahCD1s called a radio station in Austin Texas I believe and they said they already started to play it???

    Luis Dedicates songs to Mariah
    On August 5 there was news a Spanish news channel called "Primer Impacto" and they talked out Luis Miguel's new album. He said that his new album is dedicated to 2 great women... One song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Daisy Fuentes and the rest of the album was dedicated to his girl.... Miss MARIAH CAREY !!!

    This next info. is from Sony Music Australia...
    Mariah Carey's brand new single is called HEARTBREAKER, and you can get a preview of this track exclusively on the Microsoft website from Mon, August 16!!
    From 8pm Australian EST, HEARTBREAKER will be available as a 'stream' in the new MS Audio 4.0 format. Tune your browser to
    HEARTBREAKER is taken from Mariah's new album RAINBOW.
    HEARTBREAKER will be released in Australia October 4.
    RAINBOW will be instore November 8.

    New Pic added to a New Gallery...hey look at that :D Check out Gallery 10 in the Pics is a sneak peak of the pic...

    8/11/99 Thanks to Tomas1284 of Sweetheart Mariah for this info. that comes from New York Daily News...
    Mariah Gets Photographed
    Mariah Carey will get police protection when she stops by fashion photog David LaChapelle's East Village studio today. That's because locals have been swarming his E. 13th St. offices this past week to catch glimpses of some of the other stars who have been photographed there, including Madonna, Kate Moss, Sean (Puffy) Combs, Mary J. Blige and Natalie Portman.

    At it says this about the new Making the Video...
    On the next Making the Video: Mariah Carey's new video -- see how it all gets done, from conception to birth, with the premiere of a recut version of her video airing at the end of the show. Then come back here for some extra behind-the-scenes stuff, and to see a clip of the recut as many times as you want. The show airs August 9th at 10:30 p.m. (ET) / 9:30 p.m. (CT).

    Okay I am supporting Anderz on this. He has a link on his site that you can start calling radio stations to request 'Heartbreaker' by Mariah. PLEASE visit and start voting the one closest to you...Click Here to Request Mariah

    8/10/99 Alex and I was talking last night and he brought up a cool point on Mariah's Albums. It seems that in the past all her albums had a theme, color with the new title Rainbow, it is bringing something new into her album covers...take a look..
    Butterfly--tanish theme
    Daydream and Ones...Neutral theme
    Music Box-Palish theme
    Emotions-Brownish theme
    Mariah Carey...Black Background with just her face
    The only different one is maybe the Christmas Album. So maybe with the new album is will have many different colors on it, expecially since it is called "Rainbow." Hey maybe there will be like 8 different albu covers, all with different tints???

    Whew..I am still excited about yesterday's news. However if you watched Jay Z's Making the Video last night, you saw the preview to Mariah's Making the Video. My Gosh, it was SO COOL!! She wore a pink cut off top, with blue, baggy like jeans. Her hair was down with waves in it!! It was pretty long, I was surprised. They showed her in a theater throwing popcorn and dancing with her background dancers behind her. My Gosh..I am so excited. 6 days until the World Premiere of Mariah's "Heartbreaker!" I started a countdown on the main page....

    SuperStrMC sent me a Christina Aguilera article that mentions Mariah from Man it seems every article, Mariah is mentioned on... Her debut single, "Genie In a Bottle," rocketed to number one in the blink of an eye, but that doesn't mean Christina Aguilera is going to disappear just as quickly. The eighteen-year-old demi-diva has every intention of hanging around for a while. Cutting her showbiz teeth on "Star Search" and "The New Mickey Mouse Club" -- hasn't everyone these days? -- Christina struck gold at the age of seventeen when she got pegged to sing "Reflection" for the hit Disney flick "Mulan." RCA Records came a'calling around the same time, and now the soulful young singer is ready to drop her self-titled debut disc on August 24. But don't call her the next B-word. (Britney, that is.) Pouring emotion over tracks like "I Turn to You" and scattering sunshine upon upbeat jams like "Come On Over," Aguilera wears her Mariah Carey influences as proudly as a diamond-studded pop-princess tiara. Even so, Christina admits she's a bit queasy when it comes to comparisons; she'd rather just let her music speak for itself. And to the shock of most folks with an aversion to teen-idol types, "Christina Aguilera" does just that.

    The UK calender company now has updated their website so if you want to go order Mariah's Calenders from 1998-2000 you can now do so at UK Calenders You can also buy the Photo Book.

    Late Breaking News for 8/9/99 Tomas1284 just sent me info. that the name of the new album is...drum role please...
    Now this isn't 100% but a Sony Official who told him that Missy and Brat would be on the remix of "Heartbreaker" turned out to be true and MTV released couple days later the same info. This is what she wrote to Tomas1284, President of Sweetheart Mariah...
    "Ok, here ya go.....The single to her forthcoming album is called, Heartbreaker. Her album, Rainbow, will be in stores on Tuesday, November 2nd. I'm not sure of the release date of her single, but it will obviously be before then... probably in mid-to early October. The album is produced by her and DJ Clue, and Heartbreaker is featuring Da Brat, Mariah, and someone else... maybe Missy. Alright. later."

    Once again, my friend Jimmy said that the album would be out the 16th not the 2nd of November. They are both in the music buisness, so I guess we will just have to wait to see what happens :D

    "Heartbreaker, you got the best of me
    but I just keep on coming back incessantly.
    Oh, Why did ya have to run your game on me
    I Should have known right from the start
    you go and break my heart!!

    If you want to hear it for yourself Click Here

    8/9/99 Sorry I didn't upadte yesterday, it was my mothers 50th Surprise Birthday party and I was incharge of everything it seemed but she was surprised :D Anyhow onto Mariah...

    New Breakthrough on release seems that the album is no longer going to be released on November 2nd. My friend, Jimmy, works in the Music Buisness and he saw on the Sony Release Charts that Mariah's new album will be released on November 16th. He said this is certain!!! Again..ya heard it here first :)

    New section on the webpage...One Million campaign We need to get Mariah's album to sold as many copies as possible the first week of the release of her new cd...make sure you spread the word!!

    Thanks to Alan for telling me that Mariah is mentioned in the new Nickelodeon Magazine. She is mentioned in an interviwe with the DJ from 106.7, Lite FM and this is what they said...
    Q: What will you miss about this building? (regarding the studio moving to another location)
    A: My View. When Mariah Carey was here, she was blown away by the view of the Hudson River and NYC. She said "I wonder is I can get an apartment in this building"

    8/7/99 Today, the webpage now has over 30,000 hits. This Mariah Carey webpage has only been up for one year, so I think that is pretty cool :) Thanks to everyone who signed my guestbook and visits this webpage will continue to be updated daily!! Thanks again :)

    Thanks to Armando, I finnaly got the time for the Source Hip-Hop Awards on August 20th. The show will air at 8 pm EST on UPN with performances by lauryn hill, busta rhymes, snoop dogg and outkast. Finally singer-actress, brandy will host a half-hour pre-show special. Armando got this info. from the Los Angeles Times and Mariah is set to be presenting an award at this show!!!

    Agent magnum, wrote and told me that Mariah was mentioned on "VH1's Rock & Roll Jeorady" show last night. She was mentioned in the first round in the catagory of "Divas." The question had to do with what diva sang back up for Breanda K Star and someone buzzed in and said, "What is Mariah Carey!" Cool Beans :)

    Agent Magnum, hee hee, also requested that I add the lyrics to "Whenever You Call" to the Lyrics page, and so I will be doing sometime today. Check it out if you like :D

    Mariah will be on MTV News 1515 on Friday the 13th at 7:30 pm. Kurt Loder said that at the end of today's show!! Make sure you tune in!!

    The news just keeps coming in...this important News comes from Sony Japan courtesy of Anderz...
    *The first single will be Heartbreaker, scheduled to be commercially released in Japan on September 22.
    *Heartbreaker is a "pop love song with hip hop taste" with her high notes in the album version with Jay-Z.
    *The new album will be out in mid-October in Japan. The songs are all (co?) written and (co?) produced by Mariah, including collaborations with Dianne Warren and David Foster and other "big artists." The songs will include pop, hip hop, R&B, club and latin music.
    *Toward the end of this year, she will focus on recording and promoting the album, with TV appearances on Saturday Night Live, Rosie O'Donnell and a new TV special on ABC called "Mariah and Friends."
    *Around Christmas time, she will perform at the White House.
    *Early next year she will start filming All That Glitters, which is expected to be out in the fall, 2000.

    Also it is a proven fact that Mariah has sold WELL over 100 million albums worldwide. 15 million in Japan alone, with #1's selling 3.5 million, which is a new record for a foreign artist!! "Heartbreaker" commercial and countdown"
    "On MTV, they've began playing this advertisement for the World Premier of "Heartbreaker." When it comes on, you see this huge monitor in the background playing the video and Mariah is standing in front of it (all leather-clad and everything). She turns around and says, "Hi, This is Mariah Carey. Make sure you catch the world premier of my new video, "Heartbreaker." An MTV Exclusive. Then the screen like "shuts down" and you see CONFIDENTIAL written across it. Then you hear this really deep voice, "Initializing countdown sequence" and you see the time running.(Last night it was 12 days and counting. Anyone who sees it today will see11 days I'm sure). The best part about catching this advertisement is that you also catch a listen to about 5 or 6 seconds of the actual song. I can't describe it's sound. It resembles a mix of both honey and dreamloverbut with the introduction of severe hip hop and a lil' techno stuff. I smell another debut at no. #1 on the Hot 100."

    Mariah MIGHT be on MTV's 1515 tonight at 7:30 pm about the new album. This is not certain, it is just a possibility. ALso they could show her new commercial, so tune in tonight..

    Make sure you record the Jay Z's Making the Video which aires this Monday at 10:30 pm. Mariah WILL be featured at the end and they might show more into Mariah's Making the Video at the end!!

    Thanks to Viva Mariah for this next info..
    Junior remixed "Heartbreaker" at his home studio called "House Of Ellis" and also did some work at Sound Works, which is the Studio that Junior owns with two of his engineers. He worked with Mariah and his engineer, Gomi, for 4 days days about 2 weeks ago. They finally finished the remix early last week and he debuted it last Sunday morning at Twilo. He played 2 separate remixes during his set. The song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It's a really classy fierce song. Mariah really turns it out. It will be a HUGE hit. Junior's remix is in the same vain as the Morales Mixes of Dreamlover, My All, and Honey. It's an EPIC ANTHEM VOCAL, with Mariah singing samples from an old late 80s freestyle song called If You Should Ever Be Lonely is by Val Young This might be in the original album version of Heartbreaker,but I have a feeling that Mariah and Junior did the especailly for his remixes. The entire club was blown away the first time Junior played it. The second mix he played just brought down the house! The song is amazing and Junior's mix is phemoninal!!!! As for Mariah not working with Morales this time, David was actually the one who told Mariah she needs to work with new people. He has said in several interviews over the past year that even he though that their work together was getting stale, but Mariah likes to stick to what she knows and the record company kept sending him her stuff to remix AND throwing a ton of money at him. Both Junior and Hex Hector have repeatedly mentioned their desire to remix her. Junior has been one of her biggest supporters for the past 10 years and it is a dream come true for both him (and Gomi, who is a friend of mine) to finally work with her. Everyone will be pleasantly suprised about the caliber of the mix. It's STELLAR!

    MC9114ever sent me two articles in which Christina Aguilera mentioned Mariah..Here goes...
    But don't call her the next B-word. (Britney, that is.) Pouring emotion over tracks like "I Turn to You" and scattering sunshine upon upbeat jams like "Come On Over," Aguilera wears her Mariah Carey influences as proudly as a diamond-studded pop-princess tiara. Even so, Christina admits she's a bit queasy when it comes to comparisons; she'd rather just let her music speak for itself. And to the shock of most folks with an aversion to teen-idol types, "Christina Aguilera" does just that.

    MTV: How do you distinguish yourself from someone like Britney Spears or some other teen pop idols?
    Christina: Well, what's cool is that I'm a fan of Britney Spears. I'm a fan of Mariah Carey, who I've also been compared to, which is amazing. I mean, we are all our own individual artists, you know. I'm not a Britney Spears, and Britney Spears isn't me. But I think especially when people hear more of my music... it'll definitely distinguish who I am. On the upcoming album, it is a pop-R&B album, but I have a lot of soul, and there's some rangy vocals in there, so it gets kinda crazy. We've got everything from mid-tempos to really big ballads.
    MTV: Who are your influences?
    Christina: I would grow up in the talent shows singing Whitney Houston songs. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" from, you know, back in '90 or '91 or whenever that was. I have a love for her. I have a love for Mariah Carey. Her style and technique is amazing. Brian McKnight I really admire. He's my favorite male vocalist. As far as blues goes, because I'm a huge lover of blues, R&B, and gospel, I love Etta James. Completely. I have a lot of respect for Lauryn Hill, because she's so heartfelt and deep on everything that comes out of her.

    Updates on Site:
    There is a new Picture of the Week
    New Opening Graphic
    and a new Quote of the Week!!!

    Mia wrote me and told me that Mariah is in the August 2nd issue of Tv Novelas. She couldn't tell me what it said cause she can't read Spanish, like me also, however she told me that there is a new pic. of MC and Luis in there. Anyone got a scan??

    TommyB MC and magnum told me that yesterday on Isle of MTV, Christina Aguilera mentioned Mariah by saying, "When i was little i always asked my mom if i could be like Mariah one day," then they showed a clip of "Always Be My Baby."

    I got this next info. from The Mariah Carey Newswire and Armando also sent it to me!!
    This is unconfirmed, but for those who've asked, the word is that on August 24 Mariah's new single called "Heartbreaker", featuring Jay-Z, will begin playing on radio."
    August 24th eh??

    This next info. comes Anderz. Supposively a Sony Technician said..
    "Mariah's single is "Heartbreaker" coiming out Sept. 24, 1999. The album is untitled so far and is scheduled to be released Novermber 2, 1999. That is a tentative date. It took me forever to find the right person, but I finally found someone the 26th floor in marketing who knew about Mariah Carey.
    So the single is set to hit radio stations on the 24th of August, and the single is set to be released on The 24th of September??? That is the tentative dates of the moment..but NOTHING is confirmed yet!! Except the Making of the Video, which will be the Video Premiere!!

    8/5/99 On MTV News today, they have an article on Mariah and Jay-Z's new video, "Heartbreaker." Now MTV says the album is set to be released in November??
    Jay-Z, Mariah Carey Break Hearts Together
    Platinum rapper Jay-Z recently hooked up with R&B diva Mariah Carey, and the two superstars joined forces to record a song called "Heartbreaker" for Carey's next album, due out in November. The song was produced by mix-tape star DJ Clue, who released his own solo debut, "The Professional," last year, and a remix of "Heartbreaker" was also cut with the help of Missy Elliott and Da Brat. As for Jay-Z, in New York City on Wednesday, the rapper came forward to donate more than 50 boxes of his old clothing to two local charities for distribution to poor children and homeless people. The rapper cleaned out his closets after deciding to move out of his home in the Hamptons area of New York.

    Okay who can translate YuMmYuMz told me that Mariah is in the new issue of People En Espanol with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. There is an article a a pic. of MC supposively from the VH1 Fashion Awards!! Anyone got a scan?

    aaron sent me an idea. He told me that we should start a mission for the new single "Heartbreaker." We should ALL start voting for it on MTV Live, even though they havn't premiered it yet. That way they will KNOW that we want to see the new MC video and hopefully they'll get it into heavy rotation!! PLEASE spread the word to every club and website, as will I!! We want MC in that #1 position this time!! Here's How To Vote:
    Step 1: Click Here!
    Step 2: Scroll down on left to find Total Request Live
    Step 3: Click on "Play My Song"
    Step 4: Vote for Mariah!! (Click "Other Song," then type in Mariah Carey, Heartbreaker!)
    It's that simple!!

    Yesterday on the Oprah show, she was showing some of the greatest clips of celebs. on her show and Mariah was on it twice. The first time, you could see her while Whitney was talking and the second time you could see her in the section of the show for Hidding Talents. She did her hand whistle was cool :D Also they showed Oprah talking to Whitney's daughter during one of the commercial breaks which never aired on tv :)

    8/4/99 This information comes from Tomas1284's Sweetheart Mariah's Mailing List. The first is a description of the "Heartbreaker" remix and the second is the article from the Sept. Issue of US Magazine...
    I heard the dance remixes of Heartbreak this past weekend when Junior Vasquez premiered two of the remixes he did with Mariah. Let me be the first to say that eventhough I don't like Mariah all that much anymore, Heartbreak blew me away. It's a really classy fierce song. Mariah really turns it out. It will be a HUGE hit. Junior's remix is in the same vain as the Morales Mixes of Dreamlover, My All, and Honey. It's an EPIC ANTHEM VOCAL, with Mariah singing samples from an old late 80s freestyle song called If You Should Ever Be Lonely is by Val Young, this might be in the original album version of Heartbreak, but I have a feeling that Mariah and Junior did the especailly for his remixes. I don't know who origially produced the song, but Junior, Mariah and Junior's Engineer Gomi spent 5 days in the studio completely redoing all of the vocals. The song is amazing. I LOVE IT AND CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED.

    "Back-Seat Boy: Latin Crooner Luis Miguel Drives Mariah Carey Wild"
    Mariah Carey Can't seem to settle down. Earlier this year, the diva was blocked from buying two different apartments on New York's Central Park West, which led an insider at one of the buildings to speculate, "The board probably wasn't impressed with the company she keeps." No matter. She and her new beau, Mexican pop star Luis Miguel, holed up for a spell in the city's Four Seasons Hotel and spent time in the studio recording a duet for Carey's upcoming album.

    Armando sent me this little tidbit on MC...
    Mariah Carey confirmed to tape Making Of A Music Video from hershoot shoot for "Heartbreaker" on 7/30 and 7/31 in L.A. Airdate is either Aug. 16.

    MariahRcks wrote to me and asked me to please put the Hero and Butterfly Lyrics into my Lyric gallery cause they are MariahRcks favorites. Also ButtterfIi e-mailed me and told me When You Believe Lyrics and Do You Know lyrics were wrong so I am working on them today also...Check it out later to see the updates!! Mariah Lyrics e-mailed me info. on Black Elegance. Mariah is on page 36 and it is a pic. of her is a red dress she wore to the WMA'S pre-show. The caption reads...
    "Some stars, like Mariah Carey, have the right style and attitude to carry off couture fashions - like this stunning Dolce & Gabbana burgundy silk gown with hand-painted floral interests".

    Mariah is in the J-14 magazine on page 20. There is two pics. of her from the Essence awards. One a front view and the other is a back view. It says...
    Mariah Carey:Wow 'em wisps
    Framing the face with flattering wisps is a timeless look.
    What You'll Need:
    Dep straightening cream ($1.99, available at drug stores nationwide). At least six bobby pins (for added flair, try sparkle coated pics).
    How to do it:
    Good for straight and curly hair. Work Dep into damp hair and blow dry straight with a round brush. Scoop two sections of hair from sides (leave wisps in front), loosely twist and cross the sections over each other in the back. Secure with six pins. Finished!!

    Here is an EXCLUSIVE picture of Mariah from Japanese Seventeen (July 15th). Thanks to Adorible20 for scanning this pic. for me and allowing me to use to see bigger version...

    8/3/99 You heard it here, FIRST. Mariah's Making the Video will air on Tuesday the 17th of August at 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. NOW it didn't list for Monday the 16th for some reason but that is probably when it will FIRST air. Monday night at 10:30 pm on the 16th. But it is FOR SURE that it will air on Tuesday at 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm EST. So tune in on Monday the 16th..wahoo :)

    Last night on Britney's Making the Video (10:30 pm on MTV), they showed MORE behind scenes footage of Jay-Z's upcoming Making the Video so MAKE SURE you tune into the end of Jay-Z's next week cause they are going to show you more of Mariah's Video.

    Sip5Alive, Co-President of InfoMC, got Sun Poising on her vacation and is really sick. If you have a chance, send her a message hopeing for her to be okay soon :) She also sent me a link to a site where you can download a clip of the December 16th, 1997 interview with Mariah on MTV Live. If you would like to check it out, Click Here!!

    Tranquil20 sent me this LONG conversation he had with one of his friends that happened to hear the Junior Remix of Heartbreaker. I added some of the important parts of the conversation here for you...the screen name of the guy has been changed so he doesn't get bombarded with e-mails from MC fans...
    24: oh guess what I heard the new junior remix for heartbreaker. first. . its reallly long, cause the break is mariah singing a whole other song. Remember "if you should ever be lonely. . think of the time, byy think of the moments we shared..." Then it builds up and goes all the way back into heartbreaker. Its junior fast. . like 128. . 130. . the breakdown is maybe 120 122. It definitely breaks down noticeably slower but not as much as fantasy.

    Okay he said all that in the first conversation, of course I edited out a lot and fixed his grammar as best as I it was worst then mine is..LOL. The Junior Remix is VERY different then the original version supposively. Junior premiered it last month at a NY club and it is one of two remixes by Junior, whoever that is! Tranquil also told me that he knows for a fact that this song will premiere in 3 weeks!! So that should be Tuesday the 23rd then??? Also Tranquil told me that Junior will be playing his remix of the song at the TWILO next weekend if anyone in NY can make it. Let me know if you do hear it??

    Lots of people told me this and I just didn't add it to the site. However, MORE AND MORE people are e-mailing me about it so I figured I should add Sony Musix released that "Heartbreaker" is currently set to be release in Australia on September 24th. That means it will probably be out late August date is set for the single!!

    Tranquil20 sent me another piece of info. about a Britney Spears article that mentions MC in the L.A. Times. It was a review of her is what they had to say on the remake of Open Arms..
    Ms. Spears take on the bombastic Journey ballad "Open Arms" revealed more serious weakness. Though the band summond all the pomposity of the orginal as well as the remake of Spears idol Mariah Carey, Spears relatively unadorned and utterly emotionless vocals not only didn't come close to Mariahs or Journey front man Steve Perry's overwrought passion, but scarcely rivaled the capabilities of your average neighborhood karaoke bar champion.

    8/2/99 Last night I won a chat with Sandra Bullock with about 30 other people and today I came online and Sandy was back again in another chat which I was invited too. Anyhow We (Alex and Me) asked her what she thought of Mariah Carey and she said,
    "Not like a whole lot like I am the biggest fan but I like a few albums."
    Also a little later she went on to say..
    "...I like some of the albums but I am not #1 fan material. Well, talk later... Freelovin Sandra...Out
    My God, Sandra Bullock is SO COOL..that is all I have to say!! Best actress by far!!

    MCBFly123 called some local music stores in NY and they said that Mariah's new album with be released October 5th...also there is no official date for the single yet!!

    Honey31785 wrote me back and told me that MC is in the September issue of BE magazine!!

    JmeNicol12 sent me somehting that was taken from a recent online chat with the Backstreet Boys, here it is...
    AskZoog guest-brokberokinmybod says: nick, baby, is it true that you and the guys are doing a song with mariah carey?
    Nick_Carter: Sometimes it is funny how you guys find out things that we haven't even discussed yet but, It was an option. We were just really busy.
    So it looks like the duet isn't happening anytime soon but it is still open for possibility!!

    This is an article courtesy of Mariah Carey Archives:
    Mariah gets ready for hasty release
    The big surprise in the music industry this week will be the announcement of a new Mariah Carey album. Sony Music's marketing department didn't even know she was planning a new record until about a month ago, sources tell me. This will be Mariah's third album in less than two years, which is a lot of product to have in the marketplace these days. In November 1997 she released Butterfly, which was a hit, although some of the songs - in my humble opinion - could not be considered even hummable. Then, last November, she released #1's, a compilation of her no. 1 chart records plus a few items that were in the can. Now, on August 24, Mariah will hit the airwaves with a single called "Heartbreaker," featuring the rapper Jay-Z. No one seems to know if this is an original song or a rapped-up version of the old Dionne Warwick/Bee Gees hit. But soon after August 24, in time for the September 30 Grammy deadline, Mariah will release a new album. It may contain a version of Diana Ross's "Do you know where you're going to?" which Mariah had previously released as a single in Austria, of all places. Mariah likes to cover old hits; she's done it with the Jackson 5's "I'll be there" and Harry Nilsson's "Without you." On the Butterfly album she sampled an old Elton John song. And her hit Emotions was a remake of the Emotions' hit "Best of My Love." So what's the big rush to release records? Mariah, if she is covering old tunes, would do well to sing "Please release me, set me free." She has been struggling to get out of her contract with Sony Music since her divorce from CEO Tommy Mottola. With the new album's appearance she will have one or two records left on her contract. Mottola himself told me this year, discussing Mariah's desire to leave and Warner Records' interest in signing her, "We're not in the business of letting people buy out contracts." In other words, Mariah is stuck with Sony until the fat lady sings. She was quick to point out that #1's was not a greatest hits album when it came out last year. That way she can still release such an album sometime next year, which may fulfill her obligations. And then she will be free as a butterfly to flap away.

    8/1/99 Man in one month, we'll all be heading back to school. Doesn't that stink. Anyhow here's the news for today...
    ADayDream7 sent me some information on Mariah. It seems that she is in the new Sept. edition of Teen People with 98 Degrees on the cover. She is on page 74 and it has a little text article and a pic. of hre from the 1999 Blockbuster awards show!! Here's the article..
    Fact or fiction
    If the celebs' ears are burning, it's because the rumor mill has been churning. Now the truth can be revealed...

    Rumor has it:
    Mariah Carey is one ditzy diva: She doesn't know the difference between the late king of Jordan and former NBA star Michael Jordan. Fact or fiction? FICTION. When King Hussein died, an e-mail made the rounds claiming that Mariah told CNN, "I was a very good friend of Jordan. He was the greatest basketball player this country has ever seen." Mariah's PR says it's false.

    PopGoddess also sent me the above news statement and some more on the Teen People. She tells me that on page 248, there is a pic. of her from the Oscars in the red dress and they are talking about how stars get their faces to glow!!

    Honey31785 told me that MC is in the BE-Black Entertainment magazine twice. Once in the very beginning and once in the middle for some star dressing or something?? Anyone got a month or date of the magazine or more details? I havn't seen it yet!!

    Did You Know Fact??
    During the ceremony for her 1993 wedding she slipped an 1893 sixpence coin into one of her shoes for good luck.
    Thanks to Joshie2005 for telling me that!!

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