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updated byregina August 31st, 2002 7:30PM  
Judge Rules in Mariah Carey's Favor
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mariah Carey and a team of songwriters did not steal the work of two other composers when she recorded the song ``Thank God I Found You,'' a federal judge has ruled.

Songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell sued Carey two years ago, claiming her song was actually a copy of their composition ``One of Those Love Songs.''

But in a written ruling Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder said there was a ``lack of melodic similarity between the two songs.''

The judge did not find any ``similarity in key, harmonic structure, tempo or genre'' between the songs, the ruling stated.

Carey's song was included on the 1999 album ``Rainbow.''

AOL News

September Calendars
Check out the Calendar Wallpaper page for September's calendars.

Mariah Wannabe in UK
Gurjeet told me that the Mariah Wannave episode will air in the UK on Monday, September 30th at 7pm on MTV Base.

Shawn Stockman On Mariah
Here is what Scrappygurl385 told me...
I was at work when I turned on my walkman to KJLH (102.3 FM) this morning (8/7/02) morning with the Home Team talking with Cliff & Janine. They talked about the history of Boyz II Men and the new album "Full Circle" while playing some old songs from quartet such "I'll Make Love to You" and "Ode to Mama" from the Soul Food movie soundtrack. The next track that was played was "One Sweet Day". Cliff & Janine asked what was it like working with Mariah. Shawn replied, "Mariah is the downest chick you would ever meet and that many people don't realize it. She is very professional and laid back and we had time with her studio."

Mariah Mentioned in US Weekly
Whitney told me that Mariah is mentioned twice in the September 9th issue of US Weekly. First she is mentioned on page 50 in the Hollywood Hot List. It lists star's favorite things and she is listed in the "pet" column for her Yorkie and also in the "communicator" section for her moterola timeport two-way pager.

TV Guide On Glitter
Glitter is premiering tonight on HBO and Gary sent me the little blurb about it in next week's TV Guide...

Glitter (2001) PG-13: SL, V, SS. Mariah Carey's first starring vehicle is a cliched rags-to-riches story about a woman who overcomes a troubled childhood to become a singing sensation. Julian: Max Beesley. Louise: Da Brat (1:45 *)
Saturday, August 31st at 8pm (HBO)
Sunday, September 1st at 5:10am (HBO)
Tuesday, September 3rd at 9am and 7pm (HBO)
Thursday, September 5th at 8pm (HBO2)

Japan News
Shino, from Love Love Jack, informed me that if you want to see the cottage that Mariah rented in the Caribbean Sea, you can click here. Plus, Mariah's new album will be released in Japan on November 27th. The new single will be released on November 13th or 20th.

Mariah Posters
Gary told me that if you go to PixPosters.com and type in Mariah Carey, you can order two posters or three 8x10s of Mariah. Check it out if you like.

updated byLiron August 30th, 2002 1:00PM
Mariah On Guiness Book Of World Records 2003
EJ (From FOMM) wrote that Mariah is mentioned twice on the book, once for the "Biggest Record Deal" (with Virgin Records) and the other is a "One Sweet Day" record by Mariah & Boyz II Men, I'm assuming for most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. If anyone has more info about it or a scan, please let us know.

"No More Drama" Wins VMA
Last Night at MTV's VMAs, Mary J Blige's video "No More Drama" won the category for best R&B video. That's probably the closest Mariah's been to winning a VMA as she appears in the video for about 2-3 seconds. Lets hope Mariah gets some recognition next year!

Jaheim Story Made Up
Apparently the story about MC working with Jaheim was made up and unfortunately we fell for it. On a good note, the supposed "J" artist is still a mystery.

Mariah's Competition
Jam! Music lists the upcoming releases for the next 4 months. Right now, Mariah's "TBA" release is listed as the only one under December 10th. Check it out if you want to see what other releases are coming up around Mariah's album release date.

Mariah on "AOL IM Today"
Mariah's featured on the "Today" window of AOL's AIM and the link takes you to an article on Netscape Music about Mariah & Whitney's comebacks (Original article from EW).
There is also a "Mariah Timeline" which has some really nice pictures, some of them I added to Gallery 3

updated byregina August 29th, 2002 5:30PM  
Calendar Scans
Gary scanned the back cover of the calendar and sent me small versions of the pics. None of the images are new, they are all taken from the UK Cosmo, Movieline or FHM magazine. However, they are lovely pics, so if you want to order it still, check out Amazon.com
updated byLiron August 29th, 2002 4:40PM
MonarC Logo
The official website for Monarc Music now has a logo on the front page which I'm assuming is the official logo for the label.
It still says "Coming Soon" so hopefully we can look forward to seeing a full site in the near future!

"Through The Rain" - Sept 30
All Access keeps changing the radio impact dates to "Through The Rain", so just to keep you updated, it is now listed as September 30th. (Thanks Terrence.)

Bedingfield Track Not On The Album?
According to an article from NY Daily News, the song that Daniel Bedingfield wrote for Mariah may not end up on her album:

...Despite the song's club bent, Bedingfield does not consider himself a dance artist.

"I'm R&B-pop," he asserts. In fact, the album draws on many styles, encouraged by Def Jam. "I wouldn't have had the confidence to try so many things if they didn't believe in me," he says.

The label also matched him with its new signee Mariah Carey, for whom he wrote a song that may appear on her upcoming album. "If not, I'll give it to Whitney Houston," he says...

NY Daily News

US Weekly Editor on MC
Mariah was mentioned on Fox News on Thursday. The editor-in-chief of US Weekly was discussing Britney Spears with the host of the segment and the host mentioned that many people say she's "on the verge of a Mariah". The editor said Mariah admitted to being exhausted, and said that her career was still good in spite of Glitter and that's she's making a phenomenal comeback with her new album and Wisegirls. (Thanks Alyssa.)

updated byregina August 29th, 2002 9:30AM  
Without You on American Idol
Kelly Clarkson performed "Without You" (chosen by the judges for her to sing) and did an amazing job, I am told. Randy Jackson said, "And yes, I did have the pleasure of recording that with Miss Mariah Carey." Thanks to everyone who told me about this. There were quite a few of you!

2003 Calendar Cover Image
calendar Tell and Amanda sent me the cover image they found on Amazon.com of the Mariah Carey 2003 Calendar. I do believe Calcom will also be putting out their own version of this calendar also and shortly I will have that information for you.

Gary told me that the pictures are new ones he has never seen before and he will be trying to send me scans of the calendar around 4:30pm today. The pictures are large, so he has to figure out how to fit them on his scanner and I will add the scans to MD later this afternoon, as soon as I receive them.

Y100 Radio Station
Olivia informed me that the reason Kenny Walker mentioned Mariah last week and was talking so great about her is because the Florida team, from the Rainbow Princess Network, have e-mailed Kenny earlier about some negative comments he made about Mariah. This is great news to hear to see how fans are working together to help fight for Mariah. If you want to join the Florida team, contact Olivia at og0122@earthlink.net

Picture Site
Whitney found a nice site where you can check out some lovely quality pictures of Mariah. To check them out, just click here.

Cidalia Castro
Thiago from Brazil/Rio de Janerio told me that there is a singer in Brazil that has been a huge Mariah fan and has an amazing voice. She's 27 and can hit some of the same notes Mariah can, I am told. She's not really famous yet but Thiago has created a website dedicated to her. In the download section, you can download a short mp3 of Cidalia singing Someday acapella I am told. To check it out, just click here.

Picture Updates
Alan sent me an amazing older picture of Mariah I have never seen before and Tell sent me a nice Glitter Spanish promotional poster on Mariah. You can check them out in Gallery 3.

Below are exclusive interviews with Jessica Russel and european press office:
Jessica Russell, Executive Producer/Producer of Wisegirls, has done a little interview with RPN. She talks about the stars and the plots of the movie, she even mentions Sweet Science.
Q1) Whats the concept behind Wisegils, and how did the project come about?
Wisegirls surfaced with producer Jack Sojka (a producer on title).He had the script and eventually It was developed by many producers in our camp to make it happen with the intent to hit the big screen. Jack obtained the script and the process began. The cast originally involved different actresses. The first actress was Mira Sorvino who loved the script. David Anspaugh came aboard, Mariah was a new idea. She was then circulating in Hollywood to star in Glitter. She read the script and we were lucky. The rest of the cast just fell into place. By that time we already had a comittment for a Theatrical release in the States. With this to look forward to it began positive.

Q2) You have a great cast in the movie. Mira is a Oscar winning actress, Melora who is very talented and Mariah who finally got really nice reviews for this character. How was it to work with such talented people?
For me it was amazing. I love Mira. She is so talented and great to watch. All the girls are so different in real life, All backgrounds- personalities, Mira loves what she does acting seems to come easy to her and she has a great part. In real life she is quiet and more reserved until she is familiar with her enviroment. Melora is quiet and shy in appearance and has a bubbly personality which shines through and Mariah of course is outgoing. Mariah worked hard and by the time Wisegirls was filmed it was during her film time with Glitter. She put 101% in every way for the behalf of the movie. I think the story of the movie is so different, we all wanted it to look serious yet the idea of what the film is is so exciting because of "Mafia" the girls had fun.

Q3) Mariah Carey got bad critics for "Glitter". With Wise Girls she showed she has a great talent for acting. What do you think we can expect from her future projects?
It amazes me that most people never had the chance to see Glitter and people have such negative views about the film or should we say Mariah's acting ability. If they saw the movie it was a feel good movie. It was cute and mariah was good. Unfortunately we dealt with Mariah's health scare and the movie fell into "Hollywood Politics" which I believe created problems for the sucess. We all then felt the problems of Sept 11th throughout the world. To make things just as unfortunate, in America Mariah's album for Glitter was released on Sept. 11th. Our whole country was in front of the television set for days. who is going to think of running to the record store. Anyways I would say only a tiny number of industry individuals and critics have seen Wisegirls. I say 98% of the reviews were very positive and the excitement for us producers was at our Sundance Festival in Utah. We were asked to show the movie for a special premeir screening. We were all there- the girls, David Anspaugh and Johnny Jenson the Director of Photography, some stars a few of us producers and many Hollywood bigwigs. The most amazing feeling was when our movie at the end received a standing ovation which we understand is not common and very special for the festival. More amazing and very important was the love and respect they gave Mariah for her performance. She was given a separate standing ovation when she was announced. She must have felt so good. Could you imagine how it would feel to have everyone make jokes and criticise your abilities when you know most people never saw your performance to make this judgement valid? I was so happy I was there to see the people offer her this praise, and it was the rave of Hollywood and beyond. Did you know Glitter did exceptionally well in the United States? Mariah is so talented. When people see her in Wisegirls they will enjoy her performance. They will eat their old words of criticism. I was fortunately involved in her next movie Sweet Science. She is not making the movie anymore due to changes in production plans however, when she decides to film another movie it will be with the endless choices offered to her, including from the famous and prominant. She deserves it. She has talent.

Q4) Do you see her growing and improving as an actress?
Definately. I feel many singers have some experience as many are involved in music vidio-drama's. Mariah is a hands on person and she gets this. She has range. I think Wisegirls once viewed by he public will be a blockbuster due to the fact people are waiting for Mariah. With the duo Mira and Melora exceptional talents they will enjoy the movie. It is a good movie and watching the girls is like watching friends in real life. Even when all the mafia men involved in the story it is if you are part of real life not watching a movie. You have to have talent to achieve this. We will se more of Mariah.

Q5) What was the best thing on working with Mariah?
She has heart. She is a kind and smart girl. She listened and learned. There was no negative or diva attitude. She has a good team behind her. She was there to make a movie and boy did she help make one. I am excited for the movie.

Q6) Did anything funny happen on the set during the footages?
So much goes on a daily basis. Nothing dramatic or extended interest for tabloids. Thats why people made stuff up. They always do. If there was any real drama it was among the producers.

Q7) What the public can expect from this movie?
They will love it and want to see it again. We say it is not a chick flick. It is a cross between a Sex in the City and a Goodfellas. It is a movie people won't feel bad about spending there money to see. It is a drama comedy, there is heart, humor, and gore and lots of mafia talk and action. I think the meat grinder scene will be one to remember....

Q8) Wise Girls got really nice reviews from important critics. Why do you think the movie was such a success amongst them?
People were hard on Mariah for Glitter. Inside hollywood the people may be the first to criticise yet they are also the first to be proved wrong and I think the curiousity was so strong. They know how the business are and how people outside of hollywood can easily believe off of gossip. I think people wanted to see Mariah prevail. Mira is loved for her talent. Melora is known as a real dramatic talented actress. David Anspaugh was reserfacing as a sucessful Director and John Meadows? We have alot of talent throught this film. It has also been a Hollywood secret. Even today many critics or promoters don't have film clips for publicity. We made sure there were no tapes circulating to people other than the necessary individuals.

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Mariah´s European Press Office
Well we decided to do some serious interview to relauch the new look RPN homepage. Busy European Press Office which deal with Mariah Carey, took a well deserved break to chat to me about Mariah and the fans. Please note the answers are in precise content, to avoid a misunderstanding.
Q1) For how long have you worked with Mariah?
Just over three years now.

Q2) What do you like about working with Mariah?
What is impressive about Mariah is her humanity and how hard working she is.

Q3) Does Mariah talk about her fans to her friends? If yes...what does she say?
Yes, of course. Mariah adores her fans. She always speaks so highly of you and loves meeting you all.

Q4) What do you think we can expect from Mariah´s new album?
Expect to be blown away. Mariah's new material is fantastic.

Q5) What do you personally think of Mariah fans in Europe?
You are all great. So supportive to Mariah.

I added three new entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page, courtesy of DefJamMariah85 and hooray4greenday@yahoo.com. Plus, during updating MD today, my computer crashed and if I didn't post your news in this update, please resend it to me. Thanks!

updated byregina August 27th, 2002 3:00PM  
Mariah Carey 2003 Calendar
You can now order the 2003 Mariah Carey Calendar at Amazon.com It's $12.99 plus shipping and at the present moment, there is no image that goes with it. I ordered mine, so if noone sends us scans by next week, I'll scan mine. Thanks Gary for letting me know about it!

Mariah On The Radio
Here is what Maria told me...
Hi, this morning on Y-100 with Kenny & Footie (a very popular Miami station), Kenny started talking about the new pics of Mariah, and how great she looked. Then he went on to say that everybody misses and wants the old Mariah back. He then played a long bit of "Someday" and talked about how good she sang. Then he played "Always Be My Baby" and said what a great voice she has and how everybody loved her back then. He played "Emotions" and said he loved her voice and can listen to her sing all day, and said he hoped the new Mariah will be more like the old Mariah on her new album. They showed much love and really talked her up! It was great, normally these guys really rag on Mariah and make fun of her, so I don't' know what happen but it's good. It seems that Def Jam is already working on the promotion of her new album, you've been hearing her name a lot lately. I'm so excited for her and cant wait until Mariah shines again (she' s also on their website--check it out).

I usually add the weekly updates on Wednesday but I might not have much time to update tomorrow, so I am going to add them today. There is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week (thanks Andrew). Here are last week's poll results...
Lyor Cohen wants Mariah to focus on the music and leave the tight ensembles behind. Would you like Mariah to change her look or stay the same?
Change her look (1361) 30%
Stay the same (2343) 52%
Mariah should dress however she feels comfortable (800) 18%
Total Votes: 4504

updated byregina August 26th, 2002 9:55AM  
The Sound Of Suspense
Can struggling divas come back? Who'll beat the sophomore jinx? Will reliable hit-makers repeat?

Coming this fall: The Drama of the Troubled Diva.
For the next four months, many of pop's juiciest plot lines will feature female singers struggling back from the brink. They include Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and TLC, all of whom have spent far more time of late on the gossip pages than on the charts.

Here's what they face:
Mariah has to re-prove herself with her first release since going loco in public, and since foisting on the public her first stinkeroo album and movie, "Glitter."

Whitney has to create music good enough to make people forget the endless press speculation about her possible drug use, embattled husband and general mental state. Her last-minute cancellation of a video shoot last week, plus her decision to cut a cover of Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life," have only upped the tension.

Christina Aguilera, who has gone missing for the last few years, must overcome the waning of the teen movement by releasing her first album of all-new pop music since that trend began.

TLC has to face the public for the first time as a twosome, after losing their beloved "C" — "crazy" member Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, who died in a car accident last June but whose final work appears on the upcoming album.

And those aren't the only cliff-hangers set for the fall. An unusually large number of stars who broke through with their debut albums have to try to beat the common sophomore jinx with their followups. These include India.Arie, Disturbed, Sum 41, Three Doors Down, Lifehouse, Coldplay, David Gray, Eve, O-Town, Nine Days, Blu Cantrell, Crazytown, Uncle Kracker and Craig David.

This fall also will feature a host of big names coming back with likely hits, including the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Monica, Jay-Z, DMX, Santana, Matchbox 20, LL Cool J, Nas and Bon Jovi.

Then there are those prestige artists who will float down from their ivory towers with fresh manna for the discriminating — Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Rhett Miller, Beck and the Roots among them.

For a complete rundown of the fall's twists and turns, read on — but with one caveat: Record labels are notoriously fidgety when it comes to release dates. Many of the albums listed don't even have set titles yet. So expect lots of fiddling before these sounds hit stores.

NY Daily News

Since news is sort of slow this morning, I added a few more lines to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page (thanks Nikki/Melissa, Felix, Andrew) and also a few new links, which are also below for you to check out.
Mariah Sky
Visions Of A Fantasy
@MariahCarey@ (a club)
Guardian Angel

updated byregina August 24th, 2002 1:50PM  
Carefree Carey back in the swim
bikininew WITH her suicide bid and record label sacking behind her, these are the first pictures of the new MARIAH CAREY.

The singer is back in shape after a turbulent year and is recording an album on the Mediterranean island of Capri.

The only man who will not be happy to see the snaps is Mariah's new record label boss LYOR COHEN, who last week asked the sexy star to stop flashing so much flesh.

Island/Def Jam president Lyor told her: "If you have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that?"

Mariah has penned most of the numbers on the new album, due out in December, which she has yet to name.

She signed a £14million record deal with Island/Def Jam in May – four months after EMI dropped her with a £38million payoff after her album Glitter bombed.

The Sun, Carl, Tom
Check out the three lovely pictures of Mariah in Gallery 3.

New Picture
Along with the three new pictures from The Sun, I added a nice picture of Luis and Mariah getting in a limo that we haven't seen before. Check that out in Gallery 3 and many thanks to Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free.

updated byregina August 23rd, 2002 2:20PM  
Magazine News
Denis sent me a scan from the current issue of the german magazine, Gala. The article talks about Cohen's appeal to Mariah and it features two nice pics of M (scan in Gallery 3). Next, Jose tells me that Mariah is featured in the current issue of TV Y Novelas. There is an article about her new record label and it says he new cd will be titled "Mariah" (not confirmed yet though). FInally, Cassandra tells me that Mariah is on page 17 in the August 26th issue of Who Weekly.

Songs For A Diva, The Writings On The Wall
GOTTA Get Thru This earned Daniel Bedingfield the attention of the music world.

He wrote and produced the song, and songwriting offers have come in from Destiny's Child, Ms Dynamite, H & Claire (ex Steps), Barry White and Mariah Carey.

"I'm writing three songs for Mariah at the moment," Bedingfield says. "One might even be a duet.

"But of course if we do a duet I'll be looking at her eyes the whole time.

"It's very flattering to be asked to write someone a song. The whole thing is flattering.

"It's not my fault Gotta Get Thru This went so huge. I just wrote a song. I'm really humbled by it."

Hit (August 22nd), MariahDownunder.com

MonarC Website?
Shino, from Love Love Jack, told me that if you go to www.monarc.com it says...

Coming soon. Monarc.com Monarc Entertainment.
updated byLiron August 21st, 2002 3:40PM
"Through The Rain" New Radio Impact Date
Both All Access and Rate The Music list a new radio impact date for "Through The Rain" - October 1st instead of the 8th. (Thanks Diana)

More From "Idols" On Mariah
Jason told me that there's a new book coming out about "American Idols". Here are some "favorites" of the idols:

Favorite Album: Emotions, Mariah Carey

Favorite Female Pop Artist: It's a tie between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

Favorite Album: Daydream, Mariah Carey
Favorite Female Pop Artist: Mariah Carey

RobinGSU (From FOMM) wrote that on an MSN Chat with Kelly Clarkson (Can be found on her site), she answered the following question:
- gaboyee21 in Onstage3 asks:
Kelly will you sing a Mariah Carey song for me? PLEASE

- Kelly says:
I haven't done that because I don't want to be compared to someone now. I probably won't sing anyone current. I love singing Mariah because she's wonderful, but I will stick with older things so I won't be compared and be able to find my own style.

UK Pop Idol About Mariah
People from the UK will remember Rosie as a finalist from the UK version of Pop Idol here are some quotes from her on mariah:

- "Mariah Carey's your Pop Idol, so what would you chat to her about if you bumped into her in the supermarket?"
- "I reckon I'd be completely speechless but if I could muster up my voice I'd bombard her with questions then ask her to sing for me. I probably wouldn't mention her film 'Glitter' though!!"

- "Person you'd like to be stuck in a lift with"
- "Mariah Carey. She could sing to me and keep me occupied."

- "Who would you like you to duet with in Pop Idol?"
- "I'd love to duet with Mariah. She's amazing, she's just amazing. I mean, it'd be, oh my god, you wouldn't believe how much I'd love that. It would be the ultimate for me. I'd love to meet her."

- "What was your favourite song you sang in Pop Idol?"
- "Would be either my Elton John, 'Your Song' or the Mariah one from the first week."


updated byregina August 21st, 2002 3:15PM  
There is a new Pic, Quote and Poll O' The Week. The picture of the week is a brand new older picture of Mariah trying on dresses that Alan sent me. Here are last week's Poll results:
Would you rather of had an uptempo song for Mariah's first single or do you think her new ballad will top the charts?
1.) Ballad...M's got a strong voice (1908) 40%
2.) Uptempo would of been a better choice (2805) 60%
Total Votes: 4713

Mariah Mentioned On Four T.V. Shows

  • Family Feud:
    Maria-Elena told me that Mariah was mentioned in a question on Family Feud. The questions was, "What would Mariah Carey have to change about her looks to become Drew Carey?" The top five answers were gain weight, wear glasses, cut her hair, get a sex change and dress like a man.
  • American Idol:
    Emilee, Rory, Janet and Nikki told me that Mariah was mentioned by all three judges on American Idol. Randy said "You have put yourself in the league of Celine, Mariah, and Whitney, who are the top three female vocalists". Paula said "Move over Whitney, Celine, and Mariah". And Simon said "You are amazing, like Randy said, in the same leauge as Whitney and Mariah Carey". (Two were from the same contestant).
  • TRL:
    Nik-Man told me that in Pre-TRL, they introduced a new person they think will be making a huge impact on the music world and it happened to be Daniel Beddingfield. On the show they mentioned that he's writing and working on a duet with Mariah Carey.
  • Dog Eat Dog:
    Nela and Amanda told me that Mariah was mentioned on Dog Eat Dog the other night. She was in the "Music Trivia" question. The question was, "What pop music star has starred in a movie 'Glitter' and has more number one singles than any other female artist?" The guy got it right when he said Mariah Carey.

    Official Japan Website
    The Official Japan Universal website has been launched for Mariah. Nothing much there though. Thanks to coolxboyfriend from FOMM for this information.

    Pictures Updated
    I added two pictures to Gallery 3. The first one is from Virgil that we have seen before but it's a nice large scan. The second one is a painting Kane did of Mariah and it's really amazing.

  • updated byregina August 20th, 2002 2:20PM  
    Carey Offered ER Part
    Aug 19, 2002 (WENN via COMTEX) -- MARIAH CAREY has rejected a cameo in medical drama ER - because the role of a singer suffering a break-down is too similar to her own real life mental problems.

    The curvy songbird, who is now branching out into acting following her poorly-received movie debut GLITTER, had been approached to appear on the hit American show as a singer who is rushed to hospital who goes "off the rails" during a concert - which spookily reflected her own problems last year (01), when she suffered several breakdowns herself.

    Carey, outraged at the proposed part, rejected the offer - sending the script back with a angry note saying she didn't know whether to be "flattered or insulted".

    A source reveals, "Mariah needs to redeem herself because Glitter flopped. She is a huge fan of ER, which is still the top rated show in the US, so she was obviously delighted when they asked her to take part in an episode or two.

    "But she couldn't believe how insensitive they were when they asked her to play a loony-tune pop star. Someone was being very mischievous, or they have very short memories."

    Clinton Courier

    updated byregina August 19th, 2002 7:45PM  
    Jasmine Does Follow Up
    The sweetheart Jamine has taken another break from her schedule to answer some follow up questions from 350 + mariah fans who emailed me after the first interview!!!!

    Personnal Questions
    1) What made you interested in Music
    if im honest i was never into music as much as i was dancing and tv making. i was offered the job at mtv as a news reader and decided to try it out and now i love music!

    2) Did you have ambitions to become a singer or be part of a group?
    never. im tone deaf and sing worse than j ho!--(if thats even possible!). ive been offered recording contracts but i could never lyp sync and fake myself that way....and how foolish would i feel in front of real vocalists like mc?, no, its too dreadful to bear thinking about.

    3) What type of music to you like
    i love hip hop n rnb, the occasional hiphop rock is cool too...i like limp bizkit, n.e.r.d etc too,

    4) What will be your ideal job
    i'd love my own no holds barred talk show

    General Questions
    5) How hard is it to get into the music industry in any aspect?
    its a very closed circle--you either have to know someone who can get your foot in the door or persevere and send out cvs, letters, phone calls and tapes .

    6) What is the biggest music market?
    the american market is no doubt the largest

    7) With old artists relaunching and new acts being introduced to the market in the next month... what albums should we watch out for?
    craig davids new album is hot--heard it last weekuk female ms dynamite is great, her albums out now american teen star marios album is cool and of course mcs is coming in a couple of months too!

    Mariah Questions
    8) Why has mariah lasted so long?
    [Jasmine Dotiwala MTV NEWS EUROPE]
    mc has an unparrelleled history, her number one records, her image, she totally has the full package, she writes, sings and performs her own stuff--how many stars can truly do all that ?.

    9) Recently Nelly was on UK TV and he was asked what he thought of mariah. He said she was admired by lot of artists in the industry. Do you agree?
    mariah is admired by those in the industry who know her as they know none of the bullshit in the press is true. and of course shes an amazing singer. her friends stay loyal because shes a great friend.

    10) What is your favourate mariah Track?
    my favourite track from mcs work is the odb remix of fantasy when im partying and ''my all'' and i still believe'' when i want to get sentimental.

    11) Any plans to interview mariah for MTV Europe in the near future?
    we at mtv all over the world are always gagging for mariah interviews. so yes we plan to interview her again soon and for ever as long as she wants to stay in the music game.

    12. During the Rainbow tour you played Bianca in the London concert... how was that and is it true that the uk audiences are very quiet and reserved?
    i introduced mc onstage and voiced her show, it was fun, yes the uk crowd are very reserved

    Jasmines' next interview is with Dr Dres [truth hurts] its on mtv news all month.

    RPN/Mariah Connection/MC:UK

    More Details On Daniel Duet
    Feedback from Polydor UK
    Polydor UK Have confirmed that Daniel beddingfield is indeed writing some stuff for Mariah Carey. They provided the additional material:
    * It is a Stateside project
    * Nothing commercial may come of it
    * It may not necessarily be released outside the USA as a single, but should be easyily available to everyone if the stuff released is commerical in the USA, I assume they mean on an album formatt.


    Bedingfield Pens Song For Mariah
    Daniel Bedingfield has a completed a song which he plans to sing with pop diva Mariah Carey.

    The singer exclusively revealed to worldpop that the new track will be a love song called "A Thousand Life Times".

    'I haven't met up with Mariah to record the song yet but I have finished it so I will be singing it with her at some period in the future,' said Bedingfield.

    'I am looking forward to meeting her though and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.'

    Mariah, who is now on the same record label as Bedingfield in the US, has previously collaborated with Irish boy band Westlife.

    Bedingfield, who shot straight to the top of the charts with his debut single Gotta Get Thru This, is also planning on cracking America when he starts a world tour next February. 'It is supposed to be tough over there but Dido did it. I am just going to keep riding the wave over there at the moment and see how I do.'

    'I am going to go over there for two weeks in the next couple of days to do a few radio shows to promote the album. But I plan to do a lot more dates over there next year to try break it. Making it in America is central to making it in England as well.' Bedingfield's current single James Dean (I Wanna Know) entered the UK charts at No 4. Last week, Daniel told worldpop about his plans to work with Pop Idol contestant Darius Danesh.


    Mariah Buzz Chat Hosted by RPN
    Rainbow Princess Group & Mariahbuzz hold chat this saturday @:
    11.45 am uk, 2.30pm Kenya time, 4.30pm India Time and 8.45 oz [brisborne] time - saturday
    Location: Rainbow Princess

    updated byregina August 19th, 2002 11:20AM  
    New Pictures
    I added a few new pictures to Gallery 3. Mel scanned the September issue of Seventeen magazine which features Mariah in a section where people pick apart what they are wearing. The comments were not nice, so I didn't even bother posting them here. The picture is not new but you can still check out the scan if you like.

    Eduardo (dosveletas@hotmail.com) sent me three scans of the Mexican Glitter DVD. He is very excited about the possibility that Mariah might be coming to Mexico and said that if any other Mexican fans want to contact him, they can do so at his e-mail address.

    Finally, there are three nice pictures of Mariah taken from the Clubskyy website. Clubskyy was a club she visited on December 31, 2001 in Barbados. Thanks to MariahsBrasilianLamb, from FOMM, for those pictures.

    Daniel Duet Info
    Today at 6:30pm Jack Wilkinson told Ash that his contact revealed that Daniel Beddingfield is / will be recording a duet with Mariah Carey. He is unsure whether the collaboration will result in a remix of a future single or a full fledged duet in a similar manner in which Mariah featured Westlife on Against All Odds in 2000. This raises the possibility that the UK could receive a special edition of Mariah's album featuring Daniel Beddingfield on a track.

    Later this evening I received numerous emails informing me that during his appearance on "The Pepsi Chart" (the biggest chart rundown in the UK on radio) Daniel Beddingfield himself confirmed his duet with Mariah.

    Matte @ mariahcareyuk.com

    New Book From American Idol
    In the new book, "American Idol: Search For A SuperStar" two of the singers mentioned Mariah in their favorite album section. Tamyra said that "Emotions" by Mariah Carey was her favorite cd and RJ said that "Daydream" by M was his favorite. You can check it out by clicking here and many thanks to Jeff for this information.

    Fan Gathering
    Jae (baby_mariah143@hotmail.com) told me that the Southern California Fan Gathering is now set for August 24th at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The time is unknown but if you need more information, contact Jae at the e-mail address above.

    I updated the Links page with a bunch of new links and fixed some other one. I am also listing them below for you to check out if you like...
    Mariah Carey Dreamboat
    Mariah's Palace
    Glittering Daydreams
    Mariah-Fanatic (Land O' Lambs)
    Mariah China

    updated byLiron August 17th, 2002 3:15PM
    Mariah To Work With Walter A. Again??
  • The Mexican newspaper "El Norte" published an article about Mariah's new album, what Lyor Cohen had told her, the chances that Mariah will visit Mexico and also that Mariah will work with Walter Afanasieff again!! I wouldn't take this for granted but it would be interesting to see if this is true or not.
    Here's the translation by JAMIE:

    Mariah Carey will launch her new album on December; she's interested in visiting Mexico City (DF) to promote the album.
    By Juan Carlos García/Special Report/El Norte

    New York, USA. After months of negotiations, Mariah Carey signed a contract with Universal Music within she's launching her new album on December, which she could promote in Mexico.
    A PMK spokesman, who promotes the singer and writer, pointed that more than three months ago Universal and Virgin accordingly get to the point that Universal would kept Mariah's contract (well, they actually said "Luis Miguel ex-girlfriend").

    Mariah is interested in visiting Mexico because she knows it is a very important market and she really loves Mexico. Her visit could be on December or January; it all depends on her agenda.

    With not yet a title, the newest singer's album was produced mostly by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, known because they have done most of Janet Jackson's hits.

    "She is really happy right know, and she trusts that the company will give her all the support to promote this album and let it go to the first spots of popularity" expressed the source.

    In this album reappeared producer Walter Afanasieff, with which Mariah had worked in the past and with she had several hits, those to gave her to be one of Sony's best selling artists ever, her first home, which she left to sign to Virgin Records.

    After the failure of Glitter, both the album and the film that came by the end of last year, and after her mental breakdown she suffered after splitting with Luis Miguel, the singer stepped away of the public eye.

    Mariah Carey's new record company wants her to change her image once again, pointed a source, to a more formal and classy one and left the sexy image she've shown lately, as you can read on www.imdb.com

    DefJam boss, Lyor Cohen asked the singer to stop using see through stretched short outfits and to concentrate in music, since she has a lot to offer "as a great singer with great songs"

  • NACHO found another article on "Reforma" which basically says the same thing, here's his translation:

    "Mariah´s very interested in visiting Mexico because she knows it´s a very important market and she loves it. Her visit will depend on her schedulle but if it´s not in December will be in January" a spoke person from PMK,public relations from the star, states.

    Without a title yet, on the new record Mariah worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who´ve made almost every hit by Janet Jackson.

    "She´s very excited. She trusts the company will gave her all the support to make her #1"

    The record also includes work by Walter Afanasieff , with whom Mariah worked on her prior albums, the ones that took her be one of the biggest selling stars ever with her old label, the one she left to join Virgin last year"

  • updated byregina August 17th, 2002 2:00PM  
    New Pictures
    I added three pictures to Gallery 2. Chris sent me a nice picture of Mariah from one of her Butterfly Tour concerts, Kathi sent me a scan from a German magazine called Joy and I believe Kathi also sent in the last picture from a German magazine.

    Just Duet
    EntertainmentWeekly.com posted an article on their site saying six things Mariah should do to get her career going. I don't know who made the author, Liane Bonin, an expert but if you want to read the article click here. I refuse to post it on MD because I think that even though some of the things she said may be semi-truthful, the way they were stated were done with lack o' taste. Thanks to SNLMike5000 for bringing this article to my attention.

    RJ On Mariah
    Kristen told me that Mariah is mentioned on page 58 in the August 19-26th issue of US Weekly. R.J. Helton from American Idol talks about Mariah and says...

    Paging Mariah Carey: R.J. wants to talk.
    "One of my goals in life is to meet her and just pick her brain. She's been my music idol since I was in kindergarden. When I was in first grade, I was able to hit [her high] notes..but that quickly went away."

    Magazine News
    There is a tiny head shot of Mariah in the Women's World magazine for September 9th. It's a quote where she talks about being afraid to show the one side of her face. I saw it while I was at work and actually it could of been First magazine or Women's World. The picture is really tiny though and not worth buying anyway to tell you the truth.

    updated byLiron August 17th, 2002 10:00AM
    More From Jasmine About Mariah
    Jasmine who appeared on MC's last voice message also appears on a London RnB station called Choice (96.9fm) from 6-7 on Fridays and does a music celebrity gossip section. She often gives gossip about MC and was talking her up while everone else was letting her down in the media last year!

    Yesterday she didn't mention Through the rain but did confirm the album's HOT and that Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri are both on it!!! She said there's another person begin with J who she's not allowed to name at the moment!! She said MC's been working out and looks and feels really great and positive! She also implied MC would probably listen to her label boss's advice to cover up more cos she doesn't need to do that to compete with her rivals anyway! She also said Eminem 'didn't get past second base' with MC but there's a lot more to the story which won't come ut cos MC's 'a lady'. She also told some funny stories about an Italian count who fancied MC and sent her loads of presents including a jacuzzi on top of a mountain!!!!

    Victoria Kenny @ RPG

    MC-Customize Your MSN
    The MSN Messenger users are going to be happy. Download this ZIP file and exctract its content to the MSN installation folder (By default: C:\Program Files\Messenger). Windows will ask you if you want to replace the already existing files. Answer 'Yes.'
    When finished your MSN will have Mariah features on it (pictures & audio).

    Thanks MariahFanClub.com for that nice info!

    Anastacia Compliments Mariah
    Singer Anastacia told Dope Music Magazine in Sydney that one of the most intimidating performances of her career was at the United We Stand concert last year, with Michael Jackson and Mariah;

    "Before it, I was so nervous. I was sweating like a pig, seriously. The thought of singing with Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey at the same time was indescribable. I never imagined singing with my life time idols".

    Q. DID YOU MEET ANY OF THEM? "Actually I did. Well I didn't really get to meet Michael properly, but backstage, just after her individual performance, I met Mariah. She actually came up to me, it was so weird. I had no idea that she even knew I existed. She came and told me that she loves my voice and she loved my "Not That Kind" album. I freaked out, haha! I couldn't believe how nice she was, I never expected it from all the rumours I hear. But she's extremely kind and down-to-earth and you know what? We chatted for a while and she told me to sing at the front with her at the end when we performed "What More Can I Give". It was an honour".


    RPN Interviews Regina
    Tahi & Ashes from RPN asked Regina some questions about having a site and being such a big Mariah fan. I loved it!
    A personal note to Reg: They can't take that away from you. All of us (friends & MD visitors) know how hard you work on the site and if anyone tells you otherwise.... (you know the rest :D )
    So check out the interview on RPN

    updated byLiron August 16th, 2002 4:50PM
    Mariah's Album Preview a Hit Under Tight Security
    If you were on the Isle of Capri the other day and saw a bunch of crazy Americans splashing in the Blue Grotto, I'll tell you who they were.

    It was Mariah Carey and friends including Island Def Jam Records President Lyor Cohen, all celebrating after hearing tracks from Carey's new album. She's been recording in Capri for weeks, and the sessions are said to be a great success.

    Some song titles have already hit the Web, including one called "Through the Rain," which may be the title track. I'm told that after playing the songs for European accounts, everyone who was invited to the session -- including Carey -- took a swim in the Mediterranean.

    Meanwhile it may be hard to get too much info on song titles and credits until right before the December release date. "We don't want what happened last time," a source said, referring to the theft of a Carey song by Jennifer Lopez during production of the Glitter album.

    Fox News, Mariah's Web

    Mariah's Emcees
    Jennafer found a voting place on BET that wants to know your favorite Mariah hip hop remix. The choices include the remixes to Honey, The Roof, Always Be My Baby, My All, Fantasy, Heartbreaker, Breakdown, Loverboy & Sweetheart.
    Click Here To Vote.

    updated byLiron August 16th, 2002 1:10PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    This week, you can download Mariah's short appearance on the DJ Clue 1998 release "The Professional".
    Basically it's just DJ Clue trying to convince Mariah to say things such as "This is Mariah Carey A.K.A MC" and instead of playing along, Mariah keeps laughing and says:
    "Clue, I don't really think this is like ... necessary" and then "I am not saying A.K.A MC!".
    Anyway it's pretty funny and you can download it below:
    DJ Clue Ft. Mariah Carey - Skit

    Oscar-Winning Sorvino Insists Carey Can Act
    [International - 16 August 2002]
    Mariah Carey's much-maligned acting skills have received the thumbs up from Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino.

    The actress stars in the forthcoming mob movie Wisegirls alongside the singer, who was roundly knocked by journalists following her starring role in the box office flop Glitter.

    Now Sorvino says critics may have to eat their words after watching the new film. She says, "She's very talented actually. I don't think people have yet given her credit as an actress, but they will when they see this."

    Sorvino also pours scorn on suggestions that she failed to get on with her co-star on the set of the David Anspaugh-directed flick. She says, "Mariah was out of town a lot promoting her album. When she was around, we were friendly but there wasn't much time - I was in every scene of the movie." (WENN)

    Jeanette, SoundBuzz

    updated byLiron August 16th, 2002 9:25AM
    Interview With Jasmine (Mariah's Friend)
    Q 1) For how long have you been friends with Mariah?
    A 1) We've been friends since 1998

    Q 2) Did you meet her because of your work as a MTV Europe DJ?
    A 2) Yes , i interviewed at the last minute standing in for my boss and was flown to capri in italy at the last minute, i was really worried about the filming as i had heard the usual diva rumours and was dreading it, so i did my research and off i went!

    i fully expected to hate her but she was so real and genuine that i was won over and im a very hard person to impress. we ended up with a great show on mariah which rated number one all over mtv europe and showed her witty fun side.

    Q 3) What do you like better about working on MTV?
    A 3) MTV gives me great opportunities, to travel the world, speak to interesting talented people and still live a relatively normal life--i have like r kelly n jay z said '' the best of both worlds''.

    Q 4) Does Mariah talks about her fans to her friends? If yes...what does she say?
    A 4) MC often talks about her fans. shes very strict in that she wants to hear from them, meet them and really cares about staying in touch with them. when i first used to visit her i would be sent loads of letters n cards from fans for her n used to wonder whether or not i should really give them to her....but she insisted that i do.,....so ever since then, i have done. ....not good for my luggage weight at the airport but hell...i treat it as a workout...she most definately cares more about her fans than alot of stars i meet in this game.

    Q 5) You have been on a "Mariah Voice Message"...do you know what a celebrity you have turned between Mariah fans after that?
    A 5) Ive now been on 2 mariah voice messages and it proves how popluar she is even when shes not in the promotional loop as i always get sent hundreds of e mails from her fans the following day!. i'm happy she has so much support and we have fun leaving them.

    Q 6) We know you were there...watching Mariah record and all...what do you think we can expect from Mariah´s new album?
    A 6) MC's new music is very classic mariah, the ballads are emotional--especially the first single-- there are uptempo and slow tracks, its like her life story.....with a bit of a guest line up of her musical mates but not too many. her vocals are as strong as ever and the song writing is as ever classic.

    there are a couple of great surprises onb there this time too...cant tell tho--or what kind of friend would i be! ;-)

    Q 7) As fans we really care about MC and we were very happy seeing the latest pictures she put up at her website...she seemed really happy. Do you think that she´s going through a good moment of her life? (like living her phylosophy of "After every storm if you look hard enough a Rainbow appears"?)
    A 7) MC's one of those people that gets thrown many challenges but like the survivor she is she rolls along with them, rides her storms and comes through the other side as calm and fresh as ever. like my mum says when i'm worried about mc ........''lifes tough, but mariahs tougher''. shes definatly very calm and content right now enjoying her life, she loves a challenge and i defy anyone to name me another artist who can go through as much as mc at her still young age and come out of it looking as fresh and sweet smelling as a daisy. never responding to the tabloid crap or other controvery is just proof that she doesnt have to wash her dirty linen in public or prove herself to anyone. shes the best.

    Q 8) A Mariah fan said you had confirmed that mariah´s new single will be called "Through the Rain" but Def Jam gave us no confirmation on that. Was the fan just wrong?
    A 8) As far as i'm aware thats the title , but hey mariah is def jams biggest newest princess so of course they want to break the news about their new ''baby'' themselves.

    Q 9) What is one thing about Mariah´s personality that only those really close to her can notice? (good and bad ones)
    A 9) No one knows how much of a hiphop head mc is--shes really off the hook!, she can recite lines from every commercial n obscure rap group--shes a true music lover.

    Shes very intelligent, you cant slip a sly comment past her and even though its all smiles and sexy clothes on tv, this girls brain power is very quick--she always wins the mental games that we play on our vacations and the people we hang out with are the best at what they do and not slow by any means.

    Shes got the nerves of high-wire walkers, the courage of bomb-disposal agents, and the self-assurance of brain surgeons when she leaps into the ocean, bungee jumps, jumps off mountains, you name it she does it!.

    I love her cos after all the music chat is done we can talk family, homes, boyfriends anything and be normal girl friends, she occasionally educates me with movies like alex haleys '' queen'' which is about adrican american history so yeah...i guess we're good for each other.,

    bad things about mc are that as she worries about her fans, her business, her music, the world....too much,,,,..she will stay up to deal with everything and not rest and relax as much as she should, she needs to sleep more....and not 2-3 hour spurts.

    Also, she has pioneered the skill of walking up and down mountains in stilletto heels holding a glass of water and manages not to break anything--thats dangerous but so mc!!!!!!!!!

    Ashes, MC:UK & RPN

    "What More Can I Give?" - Full Studio Version
    Xavier tells us that a German Michael Jackson site (under "Downloads") has the full studio version of "What More Can I Give?" that includes Mariah in it with really nice high notes at tne end.

    Mariah on American Idols
    On the new "US Weekly", RJ (a contender who was voted off the show) said Mariah is his idol since he was young. (Thanks Jeff)

    On the show's message board, a girl claims to have met Mariah in Capri and that Mariah said that Kelly's version of "Don't Play That Song For Me" 'floored her'.

    updated byregina August 15th, 2002 9:45AM  
    Behind The Music
    While updating the Important Dates side bar on the left, I found out that Mariah is going to be featured in a Behind The Music special. I believe the special is about Boyz II Men, so I am guessing they have an older interview with her where she says something about them! Check out the side bar for the times and dates of when Mariah will be on t.v.

    Carey Told To Cover Up
    reddress Mariah Carey's record company boss has told her she should not be wearing such revealing clothes, according to reports.

    Island/Def Jam president Lyor Cohen wants her to concentrate on music instead.

    Cohen is quoted in The Sun as telling her: "If you have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that?"

    Mariah is known for showing her midriff and often wears tight and skimpy tops. Her as-yet-untitled new album will be released in the US in December.

    Glitter panned
    Carey's career has nosedived in recent months. She has suffered nervous breakdowns and had been dumped by Virgin Records.

    She reportedly received a £19.5m golden handshake from the company after initially signing a £70m five album deal just last year.

    Her movie soundtrack to Glitter was also panned by the critics.


    updated byregina August 14th, 2002 6:35PM  
    There is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week. Here are last week's poll results...
    With all the hype, do you think that Mariah's new album will be a huge hit in December or follow Glitter's path?
    Yes, it will do VERY well (1540) 76%
    No, doubt non-M fans will buy it (178) 9%
    Undecided at the moment (317) 16%
    Total Votes: 2035
    updated byregina August 14th, 2002 5:40PM  
    Refashioning Mariah
    The president of Mariah Carey's new label thinks she needs a makeover.

    Lyor Cohen, who runs Island/Def Jam, says he recently told the cleavage-flaunting, belly-baring pop star: "If you have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that?"

    A source close to Cohen says the comment, published in the Financial Times, wasn't a dig. "Lyor was just saying, 'Let's get away from the image and back to the music,'" the source assures us. "He wants her to forget about the glitz and concentrate on songwriting."

    Carey's rep says, "Mariah trusts Lyor and his terrific team."

    Taking Lyor's advice to break free of collaborators, Carey has written almost all the songs on her next CD, due out in December on her own MonarC label.

    NY Daily News/SKOGER2000@netscape.net

    Exclusive: Two Mariah Song Titles
    The FlyteTyme.com website was updated yesterday and includes another new song title that Jam and Lewis worked with Mariah on. So now we know two song titles (thanks McCal)!

    MARIAH - 8/13/02

    Baby, One More Time
    cutepic Will Mariah and Whitney's comebacks succeed? Now that Britney is taking time off, Evan Serpick speculates on the chances of Carey and Houston returning to fill the pop spotlight

    Distressed baby-diva Britney Spears' recent decision to take six months off to ''regroup'' couldn't have come at a more perfect time for some in the music biz. After all, there are two mature divas (both now well rested) who are preparing their comebacks and could use some time in Brit's spotlight. We're talking, of course, about Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. How will they fare? Is America ready for their return? Here's our best guess.

    With a single hitting radio this week, Whitney is the first of the drama-drubbed duo to enter the comeback-o-rama. You'll remember that Houston had a problem with canceled shows, reported drug busts, and rumored spousal abuse at the hands of hubby Bobby Brown. When she took the stage at Michael Jackson's comeback concerts last fall, she looked so emaciated and ill that CBS scrambled to alter the footage while some proclaimed that anorexia and drug addiction had left her on death's door. If she's hoping to make people forget the past, Houston still has a problem. Her new single, ''Whatchulookinat'' (produced by Brown), does everything but systematically list her travails: ''Messing with my reputation/Ain't even got no education/Trying to mess with my concentration/Don't even have a clue of what I'm facing/All you know you need to stop it/Defaming my name for a profit.''

    Okay, here's rule No. 1: Try your best NOT to remind your audience of why they left you in the first place. AT NO TIME should you make a reentrance bitching about how you were victimized by the system that made you a star. Michael Jackson did this once, in ''Leave Me Alone,'' and look what it's done for him. To wit, ''Whatchulookinat'' is getting no love at radio and critics are thrashing it (Entertainment Weekly graded it an F -- ouch!). Let's hope that when the album comes out in September, Whitney will exhibit the style, grace, and talent that set her apart in the first place. But we're not betting on it.

    Mariah, on the other hand, recovered from one of the worst years in the history of pop music (including a contract buyout and a personal meltdown) by retreating to Capri, gathering a competent cadre of hitmakers (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri, and man-of-the-moment Irv Gotti), and writing songs that, by all accounts, have little to do with the tawdry events of her last year.

    Carey's first single will hit radio in September and a full album is due Dec. 10. Most promising: The buzz is building that this is the welcome return to Mariah's balladeering roots.

    So, Britney, if you're listening, here's the scoop: Take time off, rebalance, and concentrate on the music. You might not have the vocal talent of these golden-voiced vets, but if you learn from their steps -- and missteps -- you'll be well prepared to hit us, baby, one more time.


    updated byregina August 13th, 2002 2:35PM  
    Wannabes: Mariah Carey
    If you miss this MTV special on Mariah, you can check it out on MTV at 2:30pm on August 22nd.

    Mariah Carey Prom Style
    Nikki sent me a link where you can check out how to dress like your favorite singer for your prom. I know prom is far away but here is what it says on Mariah anyway...

    Mariah Carey
    Style Profile:

    The ultimate diva illustrates that attitude is everything!
    Pulling off the look:
    Mariah's fashion choices may be a bit too bold and bare for a teen prom queen, but even young girls can relate to glammin' it up on their first big night out! A best dress option would be in a bold color like red, with a glimmer finish, that says "I'm here!" a slinky silhouette might have a plunging back (just below the shoulder bones) with keyhole detail and fishtail hem.

    Star Magazine Scan
    Dmitri sent me the scan from the August 20th Star tabloid. It features a picture of Mariah we have seen a million and one times but you can check out what they have to say about her in the process. Check out Gallery 2 for that scan.

    updated byLiron August 13th, 2002 2:15PM
    First Single: "THROUGH THE RAIN!"
    Finally! I am so happy to let you all know that Mariah's lead off single from the (as of now) December 10th release will be named: THROUGH THE RAIN.

    The confirmation comes from the following sources:
    All Access: (Thanks rsvp30)
    ARTIST: Mariah Carey
    SONG: Through The Rain
    RADIO IMPACT: October 8, 2002

    ..."Through The Rain is a beautiful ballad with Mariah singing only as she can and in a style that you haven't heard for quite some time. The voice is back and bigger than ever. Big time! If you think Mariah's days were numbered, well she's just gone and reset the counter all the way back to the start..."
    Of course this is the objective opinion of whoever heard the song, but I'd take their word for it!

    Plus, we now know that the first single is a ballad, and I am only assuming it was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis who have also commented on Mariah's voice in the album (read next item).

    JJ & TL About Mariah's Voice
    Regina added the scan of the latest article from "Entertainment Weekly" yesterday and I thought I'd post it typed out thanks to Matt (@ Mariah's Palace)
    After being bought out by Virgin in January, you'd think Mariah Carey would want to retreat to an island. And that's exactly what she's done. Post-meltdown, Carey hightailed it to Capri, Italy, where she bagan working on a new CD even before she had a new record deal. In May, she inked a $20 million, three-album contract with Def Jam, and now the Capri sessions are in high gear, with A-list vets and Carey co-producing. R&B gurus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have helped craft five tracks, while hip-hop heavyweights Jermaine Dupri and Irv Gotti have also stopped by. "It really hasn't been different this time than it was before, except that it's been a little more relaxed," reports Jam, who also worked on Rainbow and Glitter. "She's relieved to be back in the studio. She's very rested. Her voice sounds wonderful." And will this still-untitled disc, due Dec. 10 (The first single drops in September), improve on Glitter's bitter reception? "I feel good about its chances, sales-wise," says Jam. "We never get involved with projects to fail." Did we mention he worked on Glitter?

    MD Gets Fansite Awards
    Thank you Mariah Light and its visitors for voting MariahDaily as the best site and the best site in news :) Click Here to see the page Mariah Light has made for us.

    Thank You So Much!!
    I just wanted to thank Regina and EVERYONE who sent me such wonderful wishes for my birthday!! It made me really happy to receive all those wishes from fellow Mariah fans :) Thanks!!

    updated byregina August 12th, 2002 7:00PM  
    Magazine News
    Jasmine told me that Mariah is in the September issue of Seventeen magazine on page 70. The title of the article is "Star's Worst Looks" and Jasmine informs me it's an older picture of Mariah but she still looks great! Plus, Missy_Tha_Ghetto sent me the scan from the current Entertainment Weekly issue, which features an article about Mariah's new deal. Check that out in Gallery 2.

    Fashion Police Bust Mariah Carey
    Memo to Mariah Carey: Lose the slutty outfits. Now that the singer has signed up with Island Def Jam records, a source says that execs at her new label are urging her to clean up her act.

    "In the last few years, she's started looking and acting too provocatively," says a source. "She wasn't doing herself any favors. She shouldn't try to look like Britney Spears. She has her voice going for her. They've told Mariah to re-think her image."

    And Lyor Cohen, president of Island Def Jam records, recently told the Financial Times that he advised Carey: "If you have this magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that, why are you using all these collaborations [with other artists and other songwriters]? Why? It's like driving a Ferrari in first - you won't see what that Ferrari will do until you get into sixth gear."

    Says the source: "Mariah's not going to start wearing a potato sack, but [Cohen's] advice really hit home."

    Mariah's spokeswoman says the singer is unavailable for comment, but adds that "she trusts Lyor and his team".


    Attention Dutch Fans
    Tom, from Mariah Holland, is looking for all Dutch lambs out there to join his forum to help Mariah's new cd do well in Holland. To join the messageboard, just click here.

    Daniel Works With Mariah
    "Daniel Bedingfield, who has a great hit early this year with 'Gotta Get Through This,' has refused all the offers by the discographics, included a possible duet with Madonna, for work with Mariah Carey."

    Translated from a Spanish article by MadonnaRama/the Mariah Carey's E-MOTION

    updated byregina August 12th, 2002 9:25AM  
    Happy Birthday Liron
    Today is Liron's 20th birthday and it would be really nice if you all sent her a birthday wish for all the hard work and dedication she has to MD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIRON!!!!

    Magazine News
    The webmaster of Mariah4Life informed me that the date for Twist magazine was the September issue and she is featured on pages 59 and 76. Plus, in the September issue of J-14, she is on page 16.

    Contest Over
    Carolina, from Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore, informed me that the 200,000 hits contest is done and that you can now check out the 30 questions and the three winners at the site.

    updated byregina August 11th, 2002 1:55PM  
    Bits O' Info
    Not much happening in the news section this Sunday but I can tell you that you can check out Mariah in the September issue of Jane magazine (the scan is the 15th pic in Gallery 2) and also she is in Star tabloid for August 20th. The picture in Star is a picture we have seen many times from last year and is not worth buying, to tell you the truth. Star talks about Britney Spear's "breakdown" and discusses other stars who have had one.

    Mariah was not on last week's Cribs as we were told, even though she was mentioned during one of the Blink members segments, but JMac259BA told me that in the August 26th issue of US Weekly, there is a tiny tidbit on page 86 under "What To Watch This Week!" It says, "The rockin' home serious revisits the most memorable celebrity dwellings, from Fatboy Slim's to Mariah Carey's. (MTV Wednesday, August 14, 10pm)" It will most likely not show any new footage but check it out just in case.

    StarCrossdRomeo wants your help in making Mariah one of the Top 100 Females Of All Time. To vote for her just check out VH1.CO.UK

    updated byLiron August 10th, 2002 2:15PM
    Daniel Bedingfield Collabo. Confirmed
    Classy Combination
    09.08.02 (Aug 9th)
    Daniel is also set to work with the stunning diva Mariah Carey. These are all the details we have at the moment, so keep checking in and we'll fill you in!

    Mariah Illusions (on FOMM), Daniel Bedingfield's Official Site

    updated byLiron August 10th, 2002 8:15PM
    Mariah Wins Billboard Award!
    Awhile ago, we reported that on August 9th, the 2002 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards would be held.
    Yesterday, Mariah, along with Da Brat and Ludacris won the category of Top R&B/hip-hop single, sales for "Loverboy" (Virgin).

    By the way, the winner of "Top major label" was Island Def Jam Music Group. Fantastic news :)


    New Pictures of MC From Capri
    New Pic In Capri Mariah's official site has updated the pictures section with beautiful recent pictures of Mariah from Capri!
    To view the pictures that include Mariah with her friends Jay-Z and Trey Lorenz, go to Gallery 2.
    To read the captions that Mariah added to describe the pictures - visit her official site.

    Also added to Gallery 2 is a scan of the "Mariah Battles New Heartache" article from National Enquirer courtesy of mcfanatic.

    updated byregina August 9th, 2002 1:00PM  
    pink lady I added a few nice pictures of Mariah to Gallery 2, including one from Alan I have never seen before and is also on the right. Kathi sent me three pictures from a German newspaper and Maggie, from MariahPlanet.com, sent me the scan from the current US Weekly, which Mariah is featured in.

    Finally David sent me a picture of Mariah that was taken at a performance arts camp that Mariah used to attend in the 1980's. She came back in 1998 and donated the first annual scholarship for kids. To this day, David tells me she still donates money to the camp and on their site, there is a picture of Mariah with the kids. Check out the pic in Gallery 2 and also this is what it says under the picture...

    The beloved music star, Mariah Carey, appeared in Usdan's Junior Chorus shows and is fondly remembered for her portrayal of Hovel in the Usdan production of Fiddler on the Roof. Miss Carey has also been a patron of the Center's scholarship programs.

    All Access
    On VH1's show yesterday called All Access: Living Large, they had a segment with Faith Evans at Mars2112. Mariah introduced Faith right before she went on and was wearing a leather outfit. It wasn't a recent performance though but it was still nice to see Mariah in the special.

    Magazine News
    lilchama143 told me that Mariah is in the September issue of TWIST magazine on page 59. They talk about what she uses on her lips to make them full. I am told there is a really pretty picture in there and I'll try and hunt it down so I scan it for MD.

    Koibox Nailpolish
    Jacqui, from Koibox.com, informed me that Mariah's stylist recently bought some nail polish from them and Mariah's current favorite new color is "Caligula."

    updated byLiron August 9th, 2002 12:10PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    Someday - AMA This week, you can download Mariah's first appearance in the American Music Awards, in 1991 - Mariah performed "Someday".
    In the same year, Mariah won the 'Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist' award.
    To hear the entire performance (which includes an amazing high note at the very end), click below:
    Someday - Live at AMAs, 1991

    Mariah's Official Site updated the news section by adding the official press release from Universal regarding the new album.

    I added a really nice wallpaper that Eran made to the Calendar / Wallpapers section.

    Nacho found a few nice Mariah pictures on the net from various events, and I added them to Gallery 2.

    updated byLiron August 8th, 2002 5:10PM
    Mariah Plots Return
    Diva's new album due in December
    August 7, 2002
    Mariah Carey will return to the spotlight on December 10th when she releases her ninth album. The as-yet-untitled record will be her first since Carey's very public breakdown and the subsequent disappointing -- though two-million-selling -- Virgin Records debut, Glitter, which also served as the soundtrack to the film starring Carey.

    Following the disappointing sales figures, Carey was released from her contract with Virgin Records, which had signed the artist after her ten-year stint at Sony Music. Virgin bought out Carey's contract for a reported 28 million, leaving her to forge a deal with Universal Music. Carey's new album will be released on her own label, MonarC Music, distributed through Island Records.

    Along with past collaborators Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Carey has already written twenty songs for the new album.

    Rolling Stone

    Here are different links to articles that reported Mariah's comeback:
    Undercover Music News

    "Glitter" & "Wisegirls" Premiere On HBO
    Premiere Date: Sat., Aug. 31, 8PM ET
    Rated: PG13
    Time: 104
    Genre: Drama, Musical
    Mariah Carey hits all the high notes in this heartwarming rags-to-riches tale that follows the life of a beautiful young singer. Billie Frank (Carey) is a struggling back-up vocalist until she meets a handsome, successful DJ named Dice (Max Beesley). Through his help and her lungs, Billie makes a meteoric rise to the top of the music charts. Along the way, she experiences the highs and lows of fame and fortune, love and loss...while always searching for the one piece of her childhood she desperately needs. With Da Brat, Tia Texada, Valarie Pettiford and Terrence Howard. Directed by Vondie Curtis Hall; written by Kate Lanier (What's Love Got to Do With It).

    Trailers & Showtimes: Available on HBO's site.

    Nacho, HBO

    HBO and Lions Gate Entertainment extend multi-year output deal
    "Lions Gate has also recently concluded two pay premiere deals with HBO for LIBERTY STANDS STILL, starring Wesley Snipes and Linda Fiorentino, and WISE GIRLS, starring musical superstar Mariah Carey."

    Lions Gate Press Release

    Mariah & Jasmine
    MC & Jasmine On Mariah's latest message, we heard her friend Jasmine who is also a host on MTV Europe. In a personal profile she wrote for "Choice FM", she lists these records as her top 5 of all time:
    1. Electric Relaxation - Tribe Called Quest
    2. So Special - Dru Hill
    3. Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G
    4. Heaven Can Wait - Michael Jackson
    5. Fantasy Remix - Mariah Carey feat ODB

    She's also added a picture of her and Mariah from new year's eve party which you can see in Gallery 2

    Choice FM, Heroes of Mariah

    Camp Mariah Helps Sept 11th Anniversary
    NEW YORK, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to honorably recognize the first anniversary of September 11th, Bloomingdale's has invited local children to create commemorative murals of hope and remembrance. This is a national initiative that includes all twenty-five Bloomingdale's locations across the country.

    Each store has partnered with a local children's educational organization or summer camp to create a mural with a unique theme ranging from bravery and courage to freedom and healing. The murals will be displayed in all stores from September 6th to September 12th.

    Bloomingdale's wanted to make this a national initiative to illustrate the strength and spirit inherent in our children, families and communities across the nation. "This first anniversary will be a day of remembrance for the Bloomingdale's family, one that we hope will extend beyond September 11th and New York City," says Michael Gould, Chairman and CEO of Bloomingdale's. "These murals, created by our nation's future, pay meaningful tribute to the ideals and values that hold us together today and everyday."

    In New York City, the entire flagship Store will be wrapped in "Visions of the Future" ... thirty murals created by children ages 12 to 15 at The Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York. The Fresh Air Fund is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million inner-city children since 1877.

    Bloomingdale's, MariahMania

    updated byregina August 7th, 2002 2:45PM  
    I will now be updating all MD's weekly features on Wednesday, since during the Fall semester, it's the only day I will be able to do it. So there is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week. Here are last week's poll results:
    Which actress would you like Mariah to star along with in a movie?
    Julia Roberts (458) 26%
    Meg Ryan (25) 1%
    Sandra Bullock (244) 14%
    Halle Berry (389) 22%
    Whoppi Goldberg (187) 11%
    Natalie Portman (34) 2%
    Reese Witherspoon (80) 5%
    Angelina Jolie (96) 5%
    Sarah Jessica Parker (91) 5%
    Nicole Kidman (150) 9%
    Total Votes: 1754
    updated byregina August 7th, 2002 2:00PM  
    Carey On
    ladyinred Mariah Carey prepares comeback. Newly signed with Def Jam, the diva plans to launch her own imprint with a new single in late September and an album in December.

    Forget Mariah Carey's breakdown last summer, or the ''Glitter'' movie and album flops, or her being unceremoniously dumped from a multi-record deal with her old label after just one album. At least, that's what Carey hopes you'll do, as she relaunches her career with a new record label, a new imprint of her own at the label, a new single, and a new album. MTV News reports that Island/Def Jam, which signed Carey earlier this year, has announced a Dec. 10 release date for her as-yet-untitled new CD, with a single on its way by the end of September -- just in time to meet the Grammy eligibility deadline.

    Known primarily for its hip-hop roster, Island/Def Jam signed Carey shortly after Virgin bought her out of her $20 million-per-album contract with a $28 million settlement. Accordingly, the label has teamed her with Murder Inc. producer 7 Aurelius, who's had a hand in hits by Ja Rule and Ashanti. However, she also recorded with such R&B producers as Jermaine Dupri and the team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who had produced some of her hit ballads in the past.

    Part of Carey's new deal also includes her own record imprint, which will be called MonarC, according to published reports. The name comes from Carey's well-documented fascination with butterflies, but the name ''Monarch'' already belongs to a jazz label. The creative capitalization emphasizes Carey's initials.

    As if Carey hadn't had enough trauma over the last year, she also lost her father earlier this summer. According to MTV, some of her ordeals will find their way into the music, since she cowrote many of the songs herself. At least she got to record them in pleasant locales -- the Bahamas and the Italian isle of Capri.


    Mariah Carey Makes Comeback
    After she suffered a breakdown, saw her "Glitter" movie and soundtrack tank, and was released from a record-breaking contract with Virgin Records, this 32-year-old superstar is ready to take the drama back to the streets.

    While no decision has been made for the title, a new album will be in stores Dec. 10, her publicist told Katrillion Tuesday (Aug. 6). This marks Carey's first release on Def Jam records.

    Although the New York Post cited Irv Gotti as the mastermind behind the new music, Mariah's publicist could not confirm his involvement. Earlier this year, Irv admitted to hip-hop magazine XXL that he was sent to lift Mariah's music for her "Glitter" album and give the beats to Jennifer Lopez.

    Want more? MTV Europe host Jasmine left a phone message on Mariah's official website dishing about the new music.

    "I've been listening to Mariah's new tracks today," she said. "I've got to say they're what they call in England banging and heavy, meaning amazingly great."

    At the above link, you can vote on a poll asking if you are excited about hearing new music from Mariah or not. Make sure you check it out and click yes!

    Mariah Carey Returns With New Album December 10th
    After a rocky year, Mariah Carey's back in action and is readying a new studio album for a Dec. 10 release date.

    As expected, the not-yet-titled album will be released on the singer's own imprint, titled MonarC Music, through the Island Def Jam Music Group's Island Records, which is part of Universal Music Group.

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri, and Irv Gotti are among her producers and co-writers for the new batch of material. As most should recall, Gotti scored a No. 3 album with Irv Gotti Presents the Inc., featuring Ashanti, Ja Rule, and others, in July.

    Carey inked the deal with Def Jam in May after leaving Virgin Records after just one album in January


    Mariah's New Record Label Takes Wing
    Drum roll, please. Mariah Carey -- still mourning the recent death of her father -- has chosen a name for her record label. And it is MonarC, as in the monarch butterfly. The M and C are capitalized for Mariah's initials.

    A San Francisco jazz label called Monarch Records wasn't interested in relinquishing its name, even though Mariah asked. Hence, the unusual spelling.

    After some brainstorming Carey and her management came up with this idea, rather than just winging it. MonarC will be distributed by Island/Def Jam Records, which is part of the Universal Music Group.

    As for Carey's recordings, her first single will be out during the last week of September, which will make the Grammy deadline of Oct. 1. The single was recorded, like the rest of the new album, on the island of Capri off the coast of Italy.

    What won't happen with this release is the same debacle that afflicted Glitter, Mariah's last project. Glitter -- the worst movie of 2001 -- was undermined by many things including possible theft of some of its music by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule, courtesy of Sony Music.

    But all that is behind Mariah now, I am told. And certainly it's incumbent upon Doug Morris and Lyor Cohen of Universal to have a big, big hit with Carey right away.

    Ironically, Mariah's single will debut just a week or so after Whitney Houston's new album is released on Arista. This column reported on July 10 that Houston's new single, "Whatchulookinat," had been leaked to radio stations.

    It was catchy -- no doubt about it. But according to Radio & Records, which monitors airplay, almost no one is playing it. (Give it a spin, guys! The voice is better than ever.)

    This is kind of interesting since I heard recently that one of the four major networks (Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS) inquired on Houston's behalf about a special featuring the two divas. I'm told however that Carey's advisors declined the opportunity.


    updated byregina August 6th, 2002 8:30PM  
    Regina's Room
    room I took some pictures of my room today and added the scans to the Room section of MsFanCenter. There is one picture from the Mirabella shoot that I haven't seen on the net, so I took a picture of it. It's longer but you can't tell since it goes down behind all the stuff animals.

    Mariah's New Studio Set Due In December
    Mariah Carey will begin climbing the comeback ladder with the Dec. 10 release of her new studio album, the first in a multi-album deal with Island Def Jam. The as-yet-untitled set will be issued on Carey's own MonarC Music imprint and features production work by Irv Gotti, Jermaine Dupri, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, among others. According to the label, 20 tracks have already been recorded; a single is tentatively due in late September.

    No other details have yet been released, and it is not known if the artist will attempt to mount a tour in support of the album. In a May interview about the set with the Hollywood Reporter, Carey said she was "going to wherever the creative energy takes me. I'm not trying to sound New Age-y, but it's true. I'm doing a lot of stuff with live musicians, and I'm doing a lot of ballads."

    "There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal," Carey added. "This album has a lot of those type of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs; I'm not going to sit there and dwell. People are always asking, 'Is everything OK?' Look, I was not depressed; I was freaking exhausted."

    Carey is referring to her much publicized breakdown in the summer of 2001, which some say contributed to disastrous box-office numbers for her feature film debut, "Glitter," and the Virgin soundtrack of the same name. "Glitter" was the only album Carey issued on Virgin after leaving her long-time home of Columbia Records. In January, she exited a long-term contract with Virgin for a buyout of close to $30 million.

    In the meantime, Carey's single "Loverboy" featuring Da Brat and Ludacris is among the finalists for top R&B/hip-hop single - sales at the 2002 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, to be handed out Friday (Aug. 9) in Miami.


    Mariah Planning December Comeback
    Fans of MARIAH CAREY have just four months to save up - the sexy singer plans to release her new album in December (02).

    The HONEY hitmaker's singing career seemed to be in tatters after the failure of her movie debut GLITTER and the accompanying soundtrack album, two nervous breakdowns last year (01) and the high-profile collapse of her record deal with VIRGIN earlier this year (02).

    But with a new deal at DEF JAM records and the help of rap mogul IRV GOTTI, Mariah is back. According to American tabloid the NEW YORK POST she's hoping her new project will be ready to hit the shops by 10 December and a first single could be released as early as next month (SEP02).

    Clinton Courier

    New Mariah CD slated for December
    After Mariah Carey's well-publicized troubles, many observers didn't expect her to have an album this year. But Carey may prove the doubters wrong.

    According to the New York Post, Carey will return with a new album on Island Def Jam Records on Dec. 10. The album, called simply "Mariah," is produced by Irv Gotti, the guy who's turned Ja Rule and Ashanti into household names.

    Expect the first single possibly as soon as September.


    TV Reminder
    Last week, we reported that on tomorrow's Crib show, they are expected to show scenes from past cribs that haven't been shown before. Mariah was shown during the preview, so she *might* be on the special. Check it out just in case tomorrow night at 10pm ET. We'll let you know Thursday if she was on.

    Please Note
    Since there is a lot of information coming in right now, Liron and myself are updating several times a day to keep the news coming to you constantly. To keep the loading time down for this main page of MD, we need to move the news to August02 news page often, so make sure you check that page out too if you see the news has been moved.

    updated byLiron August 6th, 2002 4:40PM
    Mariah Returning With First Def Jam Release In December
    08.06.2002 3:12 PM EDT
    Pop's butterfly is set to fly again, and this time around she's hoping her new set of wings will prove stronger than the last.

    Mariah Carey's first album as a member of Def Jam's predominantly hip-hop roster has been slated for a December 10 release. The as-yet-untitled collection is the result of intense recording sessions Carey recently held in such exotic island locales as Capri, Italy, and Nassau, Bahamas (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7").

    To shake some of the stigma associated with last year's "Glitter" flops as well as a highly publicized emotional breakdown and split with Virgin Records (see "Mariah Carey And Virgin Part Ways"), Carey has regrouped with some of her favorite producers, such as Jermaine Dupri and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She has also collaborated with new talent, namely producer 7 Aurelius, who, as part of the ubiquitous Murder Inc. camp, had a hand in recent hits by Ja Rule, Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez.

    According to sources close to Carey, despite the diverse contributors, the new album will still be very personal and touch on many of the singer's recent tribulations, since Mariah wrote and co-produced many of the tracks herself. Fans can look forward to a first single off the album in September.
    —Minya Oh

    (Also reported on VH1)

    updated byregina August 6th, 2002 4:00PM  
    Countdown Begins
    On the right side bar, we started a countdown for Mariah's new single and album release dates. Now you can countdown each day until the single or album drops in stores!

    Beautiful New Wallpapers
    de_armas_robert sent four beautiful Mariah wallpapers and I had to add them to MD. Check them out in the Calendar Wallpaper section.

    Ally In Brazil
    Tahiana, from Mariah Connection, informed us that Ally McBEal will reair on August 8th in Brazil at 9pm.

    Beyonce On Mariah (Again)
    It seems that Beyonce is talking a lot about Mariah lately. "Xx" sent me a snippet from the June/July issue of DETAILS magazine, where Beyonce mentions Mariah once again...

    She's been listening to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and the gospel singer Kim Burrell. Beyonce is torn about the requisite cover but promises that in spirit, at least, it will be more Aretha than Mariah.

    "I totally relate to what happened to Mariah Carey," she says of her idol's breakdown last fall. "Sometimes you're just on the verge." She laughs. "I live on the verge. But then, the other day, I was looking at some old photos of Aretha. It all seemed so much calmer then. It's just her on the stage singing-it's not posed, there are no costumes, no hair, it's not overproduced. She pauses. "It's just hot."

    Painting Of Mariah
    My friend Mini sent me a painting of Mariah that is on one of the restaurants walls in Spain I believe. It's a pretty cool painting and you can check that out in Gallery 2.

    More To Come...
    I just took some pictures of my room, which has some pictures of Mariah not featured on the net yet. I will hopefully have the scans up later tonight.

    updated byLiron August 6th, 2002 2:00PM
    Island Def Jam Official Press Release
    Tuesday August 6, 1:15 pm Eastern Time
    Press Release
    SOURCE: The Island Def Jam Music Group

    Mariah Carey Set to Release New Studio Album December 10, 2002 MonarC Music/Island Records
    NEW YORK, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- MonarC Music/Island Records is set to release Mariah Carey's new studio album (title: TBD) [To Be Decided] December 10, 2002. The album features Carey writing and co-producing with such A-list producers as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri among others. Mariah, who has already recorded 20 very personal songs for the album, showcases her stunning voice, prolific songwriting ability and incredible versatility on this new album.

    Mariah Carey, the world's best-selling female performer of all time, signed to the Universal Music Group's Island Records in May 2002. In addition, Carey has formed her own label, MonarC Music. MonarC Music's first release will be Carey's new album through Island Records.

    The Island Def Jam Music Group is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and has fast become one of the most successful labels in the industry. It is comprised of Island Records, Def Jam Recordings and Def Soul, and is in partnerships with American Recordings, Lost Highway Records, Roc-A- Fella Records, Murder Inc, Bloodline Records, Java Records, Roadrunner Records and MonarC Music. In addition to Carey, the roster boasts an array of talented artists including Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Ludacris, Ashanti, Ryan Adams, Nickelback, Musiq, Slipknot, American Hi Fi, Method Man, Hoobastank, Ja Rule, Sum 41, Slayer, Kelly Price, Saliva and DMX.

    The Island Def Jam Music Group.
    (Thanks much to MariahMania)

    updated byLiron August 6th, 2002 1:45PM
    TRL: "Album Is Still Untitled"
    Today on TRL News, it was reported that Mariah's new album will be released as we know on December 10th and that we can expect a single next month. They also said that as of now, the album is still untitled.
    (Thanks Nikki & Hotboii).
    updated byLiron August 6th, 2002 12:45PM
    New Voice Message!
    Mariah has recorded a voice message for us last night and it has been added to the official site a couple of hours ago!

    Mariah and her friend Jasmine (A VJ for MTV UK) are talking in the voice message about the New Album and Jasmine says how great it is!

    I wrote the transcript and here it is:

    Mariah: "Hi Lambs! Anyway, I'm still here working on the album, and you know, doing the best I can to enjoy the beautiful surroundings when I get a chance, and umm just wanted to check in and let you know that I love you much and things of that sort. Now, my friend is here from England, Jasmine from MTV. You may know her, and umm we're practicing Bianca-ism again but I'm not ready to go back into that yet coz [goes into English accent] I don't have it down quite well enough, darlings. But hold on"

    Jasmine: "Darlings, I don't know who Jasmine is, this is Bianca [Mariah laughing in the background], I want to let you know as much as it pains me to say so, I've been listening to Mariah's new tracks today, I managed to sneak the exclusive and hear them and I've got to say they're what we call in England "banging" and "heavy" meaning amazingly great and so I know you'll be looking forward to that. I'll pass it back now"

    Mariah: "It is actually Jasmine, alright lambs, love you much, talk to you soon, bye!"

    You can download the voice message in the Voice Messages Page (Thanks Crave for all the help!)

    Mariah's Official Site

    Lyor Cohen Comments About Mariah
    The following is taken from a huge article about Lyor Cohen, the president of Island Def Jam records. I am only posting the Mariah related parts.

    Rap's Unlikely Mogul
    By Sathnam Sanghera in New York
    August 5th, 2002

    Lyor Cohen, president of Island Def Jam records, often works 20-hour days and has been known to go 72 hours without taking a kip. But given what his "work" involves, it's hard to feel much sympathy for him.

    ...Before that, the 42-year-old executive spent three days in Capri hanging out with recent Island Def Jam signing Mariah Carey, who is recording an album on the Italian island. "I don't see it as work really," says the most powerful man in hip-hop, slouching across the giant orange sofa in his swish offices in Manhattan and sipping a cup of tea. "Spending time in Capri, swimming the Blue Grotto, and eating for four-and-a-half hours isn't very hard. I have an enormous amount of fun through my work. You know what, I would pay to do this job."

    ...There's also a big question mark over Mariah Carey, whose first single with IDJ is out in September, and whose album is released worldwide in early December. Cohen signed a three-album deal worth an estimated $21m with the pop diva when she left EMI, after a series of disasters: her album Glitter flopped after being released around September 11, the movie of the same name performed badly, she had a breakdown and EMI eventually agreed to pay $28m to cut loose from its original $80m, five-album deal.

    "I cold-called her on the day of her release from EMI and I said, I think you are an unbelievable artist and you should hold your head up high," says Cohen. "What I said stuck on her and she ended up signing with us.

    "I said to her, what's your competitive advantage? A great voice, of course. And what else? You write every one of your songs - you're a great writer. So why did you stray from your competitive advantage? If you have this magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that, why are you using all these collaborations [with other artists and other songwriters]? Why? It's like driving a Ferrari in first - you won't see what that Ferrari will do until you get into sixth gear."

    Does he think that EMI did Carey an injustice? "Certainly I would have done things different. You know, Glitter was a soundtrack, tied to a certain release date. They signed the deal just a matter of weeks prior to bringing the album to market - it doesn't feel like enough time. The most important thing I would have done would have been to communicate that this was a soundtrack - soundtracks don't sell as much as studio albums. And that soundtrack was one of the biggest-selling soundtracks of last year, but it wasn't spun that way."
    ...Read The Full Article Here.

    Glitterchico (From FOMM), Financial Times

    Mariah On The Mend
    Tue 6 Aug 2002 12:29
    The man attempting to rescue Mariah Carey's career has spoken to a UK newspaper about how he plans to turn her fortunes around.

    In today's Financial Times, Lyor Cohen, President of Island Def Jam, has revealed how he phoned Carey up on the day she was released from her EMI contract.

    "I cold-called her…and I said, I think you are an unbelievable artist and you should hold your head up high. If you have this magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that, why are you using all these collaborations? It's like driving a Ferrari in first."

    Cohen, one of the most powerful men in the business, also comments on the relative poor performance of Carey's 'Glitter' soundtrack and how he'd have handled the situation differently.

    Following her much publicised departure from EMI and her $28m pay off, Mariah Carey signed to Island Def Jam and is working on her new album on the island of Capri, due for release in December.


    Release Dates CONFIRMED
    Both Universal Denmark (Thanks MariahCarey.dk) and Universal Australia (Thanks MariahBuzz) have confirmed the reports we've told you yesterday from Universal Portugal!

    There is no confirmation for the album title yet. As of now, the upcoming events & releases are as followed:
    September 30th - Single to Radio
    November 11th - Commercial Single Released
    December 2nd - Album Released Internationally
    December 10th - Album Released In US/Canada

    New Album News Hits Everywhere!
    UMG brass hitting fast-track key for Carey's Island Records debut
    Aug. 05, 2002
    Mariah Carey's debut album for Island Records is being fast-tracked, sources said. The first single will go to radio the second week of September, and the new album is slated to hit stores Dec. 10, in time for the holidays.

    Insiders said Carey has written 99% of the songs and has been in the studio with such producers as Irv Gotti, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

    Carey inked a $20 million recording contract with Island Def Jam Music Group in May, less than six months after Virgin Records dropped her. Carey's still-untitled new album is being positioned as her big comeback after the meager sales of her soundtrack album "Glitter," which was released last year.

    UMG's top honchos -- chairman and CEO Doug Morris, IDJMG president and CEO Lyor Cohen, Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine and Universal Music International chairman Jorgen Larsen -- are devoting time to the project, sources said. (Tamara Conniff)

    The Hollywood Reporter
    Same article also reported in Newsday.

    Showbiz Bytes
    August 6 2002
    After Mariah Carey's well-publicised troubles, many observers didn't expect her to have an album this year.
    But Carey may prove the doubters wrong.

    According to the New York Post, Carey will return with a new album on Island Def Jam Records on December 10.
    The album, called simply Mariah, is produced by Irv Gotti, the guy who's turned Ja Rule and Ashanti into household names.
    Expect the first single possibly as soon as September.


    BET Walk of Fame Reairs
    "BET Walk of Fame: A Tribute to Patti LaBelle," BET - TUESDAY, AUG. 6
    Featured Artists: Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey, Faith Evans, Nona Hendryx, Gerald Levert, Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross, Jill Scott, City High, Musiq Soulchild, India.Arie. (Taken from Tunes on TV)

    updated byLiron August 5th, 2002 6:35PM
    More About The New Album
    New Album - Mariah Mariah On The Move
    August 5, 2002
    MARIAH CAREY's first album for her new label, Island Records, has been put on the fast track, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Titled Mariah, fans can expect to see the CD on shelves in early December. The first single is expected to be released for radio play during the second week of September. Known for being very hands on during production, Carey herself has penned the majority of the songs.

    JARHoney7 (From FOMM), ET Online

    Jerry Blair - MonarC's president
    Jerry Blair is scheduled to appear in a Latin Alternative Music Conference next week. This is what they write about him on their site:

    Jerry Blair - President, MonarC Entertainment
    A staple in the music biz, former Executive VP of Columbia and Arista Records, Blair helped shape the careers of powerhouses such as Mariah Carey, Fugees and others. With Latin music as a major focus, Blair has been behind the US success of Ricky Martin and Aterciopelados.

    FrOmThE757 (From FOMM), LAMC

    Beyonce Encouraged Mariah
    Call it diva-to-diva outreach. Last September, after Mariah Carey weathered a very public emotional breakdown, fellow songbird Beyonce Knowles sent her a videotaped message. Having endured bad publicity over legal battles involving her group Destiny's Child, "she related to how isolated Mariah must have been feeling," says makeup artist Billy B., who works with both stars. Though they'd never met, Knowles "said if she ever needed a friend to talk to that she'd be there," says Billy B. "It was a nice thing to do, and that's just Beyonce."

    People Magazine

    Is Mariah A Fighter?
    Leo tells us that Popdirt.com is conducting a poll for the toughest female pop star fighter. MC is in the lead and if you think she's a fighter, vote for her on Popdirt.com.

    updated byregina August 5th, 2002 5:00PM  
    MariahDaily-fr.com Opens
    For all the french fans out there, there is now a french version of MariahDaily.com Dave took on the challenge and asked Jan to create the website using different colors but the same layout. Right now, to celebrate the opening of the site, Dave is doing a contest and has some nice prizes. Check out MariahDaily-fr.com for the details.
    updated byregina August 5th, 2002 10:15AM  
    December 10th=New M Album Hits
    Tiago, from Mariah Carey Portuguese Fanclub, sent me an e-mail from Hi, it's Tiago, from Mariah Carey Portuguese Fanclub, sent me the following e-mail from Universal Music Portugal SA:
    Dear All,
    The Island Def Jam Music Group is thrilled to inform you that we will be releasing the new Mariah Carey album this year. Having heard some of the music, I can only tell you that I am excited for the rest of you to hear it. The music will do all the talking.

    Mariah is ready to reclaim her title as the biggest selling female artist in the world.
    Sept 30 - Single to Radio
    Nov 11 - Commercial Single
    Dec 2 - International Album Date
    Dec 10 - US/Canada Album Date
    Spread the news. Details to follow.
    Best Regards,
    Faisel Durrani

    Carey Comeback
    NAYSAYERS predicted that Mariah Carey wouldn't come out with another album until at least next spring, but the sultry songbird has proved them wrong. Sources say Carey is making her comeback debut with Island Def Jam records on Dec. 10. "They will release a single in the second week of September," we hear. The album, titled "Mariah," is produced by Irv Gotti - the genius behind Ja Rule and Ashanti.

    Tom/NY Post

    updated byregina August 4th, 2002 7:50PM  
    New Pics
    Amberpic Dmitri was on the Official Website of singer Amber's and stumbled on some pictures she took with Mariah Carey. The one picture is of Mariah and Amber's personal assistant and the other is with Amber I suppose. Check them out in Gallery 2.
    updated byLiron August 4th, 2002 4:45PM
    Tiny Tidbit About New Album
    In an article on FOX NEWS by Roger Friedman about the recent job cuts by Sony, there is the following Mariah mention:

    But Sony gets the blame when things go wrong because in good times they are arrogant and flashy. They need to develop some new interesting acts now, and they'd better hurry up. Their former big star, Mariah Carey, I hear is busy completing her new release for Island/Def Jam. And it's said to be quite good.

    Read Full Article on Fox News

    New Mariah Pic From Jane Photoshoot
    Jane Mag 99 Lisa (Maz from FOMM) scanned an interesting bit from Jane magazine in which they reveal that the original photoshoot for Mariah's cover was supposed to look like the picture on the right, but after they saw the results, they decided to use other pictures.

    The larger scan can be found in Gallery 2

    Mariah's Demands
    Regina reviewed earlier Mariah's demands that were shown on ET & 20/20. Here's the article about it from ABC:

    Mariah Carey likes to have a tea service for eight people available in her dressing room — and insists that only Poland Springs water be used for the tea. But for drinking water, she likes another brand: "Please note that 16-oz. plastic bottles of Evian are the only acceptable bottles of water for the dressing rooms," reads the backstage rider to one of her tour contracts.

    updated byregina August 4th, 2002 3:45PM  
    MD Was Down
    Late Friday night, Mariah Daily went down until about one hour ago. We apologize for the down time.

    Magazine News
    There is a nice large picture of Mariah in the August 12th issue of US Weekly. She is towards the back and the picture is from the Rainbow era, one we have seen a million and one times. It discusses the rainbow theme on clothes, jewerly, etc and shows stars who are big on it. Check it out if you like. Plus, Steve tells me that Mariah is in the July 31st issue of OK! magazine. You can check out the scans of the OK! magazine and the W magazine in Gallery 2, courtesy of Steve.

    20/20 and Entertainment Tonight
    If you missed Entertainment Tonight ot 20/20 on Friday night, you didn't miss much. On ET, they showed Mariah for a few seconds and mentioned how she likes her tea set for 8 and only made with Poland Springs water. On 20/20, they said the same exact thing and showed two seconds of the Honey video. Yes, that was it!

    updated byregina August 2nd, 2002 2:05PM  
    Diva Demands!
    From WHITNEY and BRITNEY to MARIAH and J.LO, discover the backstage perks and particulars the stars enjoy that the public never sees! Tonight on ET, get your first look at the "20/20" segment that takes you inside the crazy world of concert "contract riders."

    "Everything in the entertainment industry is controlled to the nth degree," says ANDREW GOLDBERG, whose website, The Smoking Gun, has posted more than 100 concert riders. "I think people like to take a peek behind the manufactured façade."

    Divided into categories such as "Boy Bands," "Divas," "Arena Rock" and "Cut-Out Bin," the celeb wish list provisions on the site range from those of classic rock mainstays AEROSMITH and U2 to old-time crooners such as TONY BENNETT and FRANK SINATRA.

    According to her concert rider, Jennifer Lopez likes to have all surroundings peaceful and relaxing backstage, so her contract requires that everything be white: the entire backstage area, the couch, the table, the chairs, even the flowers and candles.

    In terms of available food, some divas can be very particular. Britney Spears likes to have Cool Ranch Doritos, Cap'n Crunch and flavored instant coffee, while CHRISTINA AGUILERA wants health food and Flintstones chewable vitamins. Mariah requests Evian water, but also seems to want to splurge while she's watching her weight.

    By diva standards, THE DIXIE CHICKS appear to be very low-maintenance. The all-girl country band demands only fresh flowers, breakfast cereals and mineral water while on tour.

    "We usually insist on cuter guys," jokes Chicks' lead singer, NATALIE MAINES, who says that the group likes to travel with their own things, including furniture, "because it is difficult to be on the road for six months."

    Tonight on ET, find out more unusual star perks! "20/20" airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


    updated byLiron August 2nd, 2002 6:10AM
    Damizza Shares Info About Mariah's New Album
    The list of producers for mariah's upcoming album keeps growing in strength, we can now exclusively tell you that Damizza has produced one track for Mariah's album and there may be another track if time allows so.

    Damizza joins the power-pack list producers that Mariah has in listed to get her back on top including the likes of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, 7 Aurelius, DJ Quik, Jermaine Dupri & a rumored Daniel Bedingfield.

    As to what the album is like, Damizza told MariahBuzz "her album is OFFFFFF TTHHEEEEE HHHOOOKKKK!!!"

    Damizza has worked with Mariah on previous albums such as Rainbow and Glitter and when asked about the new album he says "Its the most incred[ible] yet!"

    All credits to Shayne & Nicole from Mariah Buzz for this wonderful exclusive! Thanks guys!

    Rude Irv Gotti Produces Tracks For Mariah
    On a recent interview that Irv Gotti gave to Rolling Stone, he reveals he's producing some tracks for Mariah's new album. He also made a weird comment about Mariah but perhaps it was just a bad joke.

    He's producing some tracks for Mariah Carey's next album ("She's a diva," he says, "and I hate divas. I told Ashanti, 'If you ever get a little dog . . .' ").

    Sanyell, Yousef, Robbie (From FOMM), Rolling Stone

    Mariah On 20/20 This Friday

    "I was just watching ABC News and they had a commercial for an episode of 20/20 called "Diva's Backstage" and they basically were talking about the demands that big stars give! They showed Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler! The commercial said the episode will be airing Friday at 10/9 PM Central! So I'm assuming it is going to be airing this Friday, August 2nd! Be sure to check it out!"

    Many thanks to Case from Flutter

    Glitter DVD In France
    Mariahfanclub.com is proud to announce that we are the special partners of Columbia Tristar around the Glitter video release in France. In each video, there will have a leaflet with an operation on it to raise some funds for Camp Mariah and allow fans to receive special Mariah items. The DVD is planned to be released at 100 000 copies which is really huge for France and the VHS at 25 000 copies. DVD will be available on august 6th and the vhs on september 3rd. To celebrate it, Mariahfanclub.com organize a contest for their members with some Glitter dvd and vhs to win.

    More About MonarC Records
    Zephyr would like to remind to those of you who don't know, that Monarc(h) is a kind of a butterfly, the one that Mariah's holding on the cover of the "Butterfly" album, in fact!

    mimeNo9 (from FOMM) found out that the following websites are taken, and I further found out that they were registered by Jerry Blair back in May! So these might be MonarC's websites:
    MonarCrecords.com, MonarCmusic.com, MonarCentertainment.com .

    Kodi created a nice logo which you can see below. If anyone else would like to make a logo for MonarC, send it to us and we'll post it here!

    Kodi's MonarC
    updated byLiron August 1st, 2002 12:15PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    What More Can I Give? This week you can download the controversial "What More Can I Give?" collaboration led by Michael Jackson including artists like MARIAH, Billy Gilman, N Sync, Debelah Morgan & many more.

    This performance is taken from the "United We Stand" concert held in October 21st, 2001 (aired on November 1st) in the RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.
    The concert was held to help raise funds for the September 11th victims - as was the purpose of releasing "What More Can I Give?" as a commercial single.

    Unfortunately the single has never been released and this is the only full version of the song available. Enjoy!

    Download What More Can I Give? - Live at UWS Here.

    Is Mariah Doing "Husbands In Rent" Or Not?
    I've received several translations to the Italian article I posted here a couple of days ago, basically the information that's relevant to us (other than Mariah's in it, of course) is that the movie will be made in America in September and that one of the actors who read the script says he really liked it!
    (Thanks Federico, PG and Jennifer).

    However, on MSNBC's gossip column, it says Mariah's NOT doing the movie:

    "Mariah Carey's spokeswoman denies reports in Italian newspapers that the singing diva is getting acting experience by starring in an Italian-language flick..."

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Mariah's New Label Name - MonarC!
    I read the following information at Mariah Buzz! I have no idea where they got it from, but I trust Shayne completely so personally I 99.9% believe this exciting news:

    Previous reports suggested Mariah's new label under Universal/Island Def Jam records would be titled, 'Monarch Records'. We can now reveal that the official name is in fact, MonarC Records - with the M & C in capitals and the rest in lower case. Expect the label to be officially launched within the next couple of months along with the first single (September/October) from the upcoming album (December).

    Vote For Mariah
    Vote for Mariah on Vh1 100 Greatest Women!
    (Thanks BabyBoy20 From FOMM)

    updated byregina August 1st, 2002 9:15AM  
    There is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week. Here are last week's Poll results:
    During which year did you become a Mariah fan?
    1.) 1990-1991 (648) 29%
    2.) 1992 (113) 5%
    3.) 1993 (292) 13%
    4.) 1994 (186) 8%
    5.) 1995 (330) 15%
    6.) 1996 (110) 5%
    7.) 1997 (216) 10%
    8.) 1998 (97) 4%
    9.) 1999 (129) 6%
    10.) 2000-2002 (97) 4%
    Total Votes: 2218

    Plus, there are three new calendar wallpapers in the Calendar section for the month of August. Two new links were added to the LINKS page and you can also check them out below...
    Mariah Lamb Sites
    Mariah Mariah
    Mariah Carey Latina

    Ultimate Mariah Look-A-Like?
    Well, I have to admit that Laura is very good and looks a lot like Mariah. Heather sent me a link to Laura's website where you can view a lot of pictures of her in Mariah poses. She was also in the link yesterday that was posted on MD. To find out more, just click here.

    New Crib Scenes?
    "Diva" from IMariah-Online.com told me she caught the end of Cribs last night on MTV and they said next week, they would be showing never before scene footage and they showed a clip of Mariah. I checked it out and found out nothing about it except that they always premiere the new ones on Wednesday nights at 10pm ET. So check out Cribs next week at 10pm and maybe they will show some new scenes with M.

    Mariah "Dashing" Carey
    kmaoc@hotmail.com went to the Austin Powers Website and under the section, "What Is Your Spy Name," she put in Mariah's name and got the following response...
    Mariah "Dashing" Carey
    You save the innocent victim with such a flair that they almost forget to get out of the line of fire as they are mesmerized by your performance. Enemies try to bring you low, but you will have none of that! Not when the music is swelling and there is a perfectly good chandelier to swing from!
    Vital Gear
    Includes a cape that swirls around you when you dance, pearl white teeth for heart-stopping smiles and a clean white shirt for all occasions.

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