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Monday, May 31 , 2004

Mariah Daily's Weekly Multimedia // 3:27 PM EST Updated by Will

MariahDaily.com will now be posting multimedia files on a weekly basis. For the next month, we will be presenting the Mariah Homecoming Marathon: every week for four weeks we will post two live audio files from Mariah’s 1999 FOX-TV Homecoming Special. Below are the first two files available for the first installment. Many thanks to JD for giving us the opportunity to offer these files for download.

Heartbreaker (Featuring Da Brat & Jay-Z)

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah's 'You're fireds' // 9:30 AM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey is washing her hands of some more handlers.

Having recently fired her longtime spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, the diva has now axed her agents at William Morris.

A spokesman for the talent agency, which has represented her since 1998, tells us: "While we're confused as to the reasons for her decision, we wish her well."

Insiders say Carey blamed her Morris team for not finding her the movie roles that have been slow in coming since her 2001 flop, "Glitter." She is also said to have held the agency responsible for her disappointing world concert tour, which lost several million dollars.

Carey's manager, Benny Medina, says, "She has the right to examine where she'd like to go, and who best can guide her."

Source: NY Daily News

Sunday, May 30 , 2004

More on Scram Jones // 5:00 PM EST Updated by Will

Several days ago, we reported that Mariah would be working with underground producer Scram Jones for her new album. Today we received additional information about his involvement. “I just did one track with her,” he said. “I wish I was rapping on her record but I’m just producing. S*** is on fire though. The song is melodic with hard hip hop drums.” Scram also said, “You can see how I met Mariah on N.O.R.E.’s ‘Whatup 2da Hood’ street DVD.”

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah considered for film cameo // 12:28 PM EST Updated by Will

“Nora’s Hair Salon” starring Jenifer Lewis and Tatyana Ali was released earlier this week for rent and purchase. The DVD edition of the film comes with a behind-the-scenes featurette, in which the movie’s screenwriter Jean-Claude Lamarre discusses a scene that the producers wanted to have a celebrity enter the hair salon.

According the Lamarre, several names were thrown out, including Mariah and Paula Adbul. He said that both Mariah and Paula were very interested in doing the cameo, but eventually the producers decided on Whitney Houston after they cast her husband Bobby Brown as Bennie, an abusive gangster.

Source: Mariah Daily | CaramelButterfly

Mariah's "Heartbreak" // 12:28 PM EST Updated by Will

Hands down the most anticipated club mixes for 2003 were Mariah Carey's octave remake of the Def Leppard classic "Bringin' on The Heartbreak". So did the mixes live up to the hype and buzz that we all expected?

After their combustive colllaboration for "Heartbreaker" -- the idea of Junior Vasquez and Mariah hooking up again only added to the anticipation of this single. Unfortunately the magic chemistry was much more tepid. This time around, Junior churned out two styles of mixes -- the first being his softer piano laden mellow mix called Junior's Club Mix -- which sounds very reminiscent to housey Maurice Joshua/Jon Cutler style mix, and the more harder and dark mix called Junior's Extended mix with his signature tribal loops, riffs, energetic synth work, which could of benefitted with vocals resung.

The next remixer to take their turn with Mariah (musically speaking) is Mike Rizzo, whom we recall a few years back delivered a lush club mix for Mariah's medley "Never Too Far Away/ Hero". Instead of going for the lush or disco style of remixes that he has been churning out lately, Rizzo decides to approach the song with an energy driven synth arrangement. Mike's mix is filled with juicy percussion, punchy bass, vocal loops, and powerful synth stabs, over a lush energetic keyboard that keeps the melody and harmony intact of the original. The highlight of Rizzo's mix is the culminating break with Mariah's wails of "No, No…", which then transforms back into a pulsating synth explosion. The mix is nicely produced with it's catchy synths and slamming beats, but if fleshed out even more, it really had the potential to be more exciting.

There is always one mix from the bunch that gets attention, and surprisingly it's from remixer Ruanne Emmenes. Ruanne's flawless mix has created quite a buzz with people asking who is Ruanne? Ruanne is a DJ/Producer/ Engineer who has exploded onto the London and NY scene last year, and has worked on many dance productions along side remixers Erick Morillo, John Garcia and John Kano among others, as well also djing, producing, and engineering at Ministry Of Sound, and also starting his weekly radio show at MOS.

Ruanne's Vocal Capture Mix is an exquisitely beautiful deep house/tribal hybrid filled with superb soft tribal kicks, sweet soothing keys and fierce percussive beats with many twists and turns along the way that showcases Mariah's vocals superbly. The mix begins as subdued padapella with a gradual building process that layers passionate textured sounds over a bed of punchy beat patterns, mesmerizing synths, tribal rhythms, nifty chord arrangements, and many creative dropouts with acapella interudes. The magical intro builds with ferocious onslaught of energy -- with Mariah's ethereal vocals resting over some alluring keys and effortlessly blending with the different sounds, which makes the mix hypnotic. Driving every beat with absolute perfection and using the power of Mariah's vocals and the energy of the bassline, the mix then build ups to shimmering crescendo break of sparkling spanish guitar similiar to Vicious' latin stringed break for Veronica's "Someone To Hold".

The quiet guitar interlude break seductively build ups again and lifts off back into a driving tribal pounding mix, with Mariah's signature octave screams getting a very fierce work out as they are stretched and tweaked to perfection. Ruanne's eclectic production has all the amenities of a full-fledged club mix filled with interesting twists and turns to be played in rotation and will definitely give Ruanne major exposure for his forthcoming CD set for release in 2004.

For Mariah fans, the time is now for the label to end the "heartbreak" and "bring on" these mixes for public consumption! (They are currently available for listening through Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly.)

Source: DJ Rico Mixshow | Lo Mejor de Mariah Carey

Saturday, May 29 , 2004

Mariah 2.0 // 2:48 PM EST Updated by Will

When music fan Tophe Azzo asked Entertainment Weekly music critic David Browne if he had “any tips on how to revive Mariah Carey’s career,” Browne responded by saying, “How about doing something, anything, different? When Carey left Sony for Def Jam two years ago, everyone assumed her R&B side would be beefed up.

“Instead, Charmbracelet was more of the same. Carey should unleash her inner disco diva by working with producers and writers who could supply her with great songs, as opposed to melodic mush meant to showcase her melisma. Why not consider one of Madonna’s recent, techno-drenched collaborators? More elegant threads wouldn’t hurt either.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly | The Mariah Network

News Tidbits // 2:45 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From Star Magazine: Superstar Mariah Carey was spotted dancing to Missy Elliot's "I'm Really Hot" at Club Marquee in New York City.

-- From VFS Online: Producers became interested [in John Meadows's screenplay Wisegirls] and then Mira Sorvino came on board and then Mariah Carey came on board and then John’s dream of making movies became a reality. John managed to avoid facing the stereotypical writer’s dilemma by being a cost effective solution. “Everything was being negotiated quite late in the process so there wasn’t really anyone else to do the re-writes unless they got someone to do it for free,” he says. “And I was the only one willing to work for free.” But since re-write meetings with director and cast were filled with laughs and often held in Mariah Carey’s luxurious penthouse hotel room, it seems like John’s philanthropic nature paid off. Wisegirls was premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

-- On June 22, 2004, an album entitled "String Quartet Tribute to Mariah Carey" will be released. You can pre-order the CD and listen to clips at amazon.com. Mariah fan Katelin Rowley says, "I have the same thing as a tribute to Beyonce by the same people. It's really kind of funny but entertaining to listen to the artists' work interpreted into the sounds of strings."

-- An online petition has been created asking Mariah's recording company to release a DVD of all of Mariah's music videos. If you would like to sign the petition, log on to petitiononline.com.

Source: Mariah, Inc. | Katelin Rowley | Steven Valentine

Friday, May 28 , 2004

Mariah working with Scram Jones and 9th Wonder // 2:17 PM EST Updated by Will

In addition to working with big-name producers like Kanye West, R. Kelly, Randy Jackson, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for her upcoming album, Mariah is taking it underground, reportedly working with more obscure producers like 9th Wonder and Scram Jones.

According to Planet Sound, a British teletext channel, 9th Wonder is rumored to be working with Mariah on her new album. He has previously produced the “God’s Son Remix” for Nas and “Threat” for Jay-Z; although his dealings with Mariah cannot be confirmed as of yet.

However, Scram Jones’s involvement on Mariah’s upcoming album is no rumor. Scram, who personally confirmed to MariahDaily.com that he is producing for Mariah, probably hasn’t done anything you’ve heard yet, but is working on upcoming albums from Lloyd Banks, Freeway, Fat Joe, and of course, Mariah.

Scram also has a pretty fresh outlook when it comes to music. “Hip-hop is so dry right now,” he says. “Everybody sounds the same, rhymes have no substance, people aren’t saying [anything worthwhile], everyone is using the same production. If you look at rock and roll, everyone has their own sound. You don’t see Pearl Jam asking Guns-n-Roses if they can get a beat or something like that. They come up with their own sound and that’s how I want it to be.”

Mariah’s new album is scheduled to be released later this year.

Source: Mariah Daily | twistersister03

News Tidbits // 2:13 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah is featured in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly magazine, on page 55. There is a large picture and a write up about her and Jack, her dog.

-- Mariah was mentioned this morning on Dallas' K104 "Gossip To Go With Flo." Gossip columnist Flo Anthony made reference that she believed Tommy Mottola, Mariah's ex-husband, was married twice before leaving his latter wife for Mariah. She went on to say that Tommy and his new wife, singer Thalia, may be headed to divorce court!

-- From Broken Newz: EGE Marketing stands behind their ideas past and present. They are still branded with the failures of the fake breakdown of Mariah Carey to help promote and over shadow her sickening acting in Glitter, and Vanilla Ice. (Editor's Note: Broken Newz is a satire news site. The stories listed on their site are not real are meant to be spoofs.)

-- From Sky News: Justin Timberlake seems to delight in upsetting the ladies. First there was the dumped duet with Mariah Carey that he refused to release. A planned song with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears went the same way. And then there was boob-baring Janet Jackson who also fell victim to his non-release schedule.

-- From The Mirror: Lisa Blyth's long-term boyfriend secretly married another woman. She met him via the personal ads. "His advert struck a chord with me. It said he was looking for 'Endless Love', which was the title of a Mariah Carey song I liked at the time. I thought it was really sweet."

Source: Brittany | Raymond Valencia

Thursday, May 27 , 2004

Mariah inspires YMCA renovations // 11:29 AM EST Updated by Will

Seems like Mariah's influence can be found just about anywhere these days. Mariah fan Matthew Grant writes, "At the local YMCA I work for, we have been remodeling our Youth Center for the day camp that will be there this summer for middle school-aged kids. We’ve been painting pictures on the walls and one wall has a huge rainbow on it with a cloud on each end.

"On the first cloud, we wrote 'After every storm...' and on the second cloud we wrote 'A rainbow appears.' ...Just like Mariah has written in her Rainbow and Charmbracelet albums! I also made a poster that has a bible verse from the Charmbracelet album credits, the one about the mustard seed. So in the future, maybe some kids will be inspired by a quote from our lovely Miss Mariah!"

Source: Mariah Daily | Matthew Grant

Hi, my name is Emma and I'm a Mariah Carey fan // 11:22 AM EST Updated by Will

I have a secret. Actually I have several, but since this is a column not an epic poem, I’ll try to keep it brief. I love showbiz pap. You know, the crap stuff. The really dreadful, wouldn’t-confess-it-on-your-deathbed type of thing.

Yes, [Mariah Carey] does sing all those dreadful weepy ballads, and yes, some of those outfits do defy both belief and gravity. But her music is wonderfully bouncy. The sort of bubblegum pop that requires absolutely no intellectual thought whatsoever. Especially on headphones, in the summer, walking down the street. And anyone who can show a camera crew around her home and say the words: "This is the shoe room" with the sort of deadly serious tone more commonly heard at state funerals gets my vote any time.

Source: The Scotsman

News Tidbits // 11:20 AM EST Updated by Will

-- From CNN: Major new releases for the remainder of the year include new albums from 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Nelly and U2 in addition to Greatest Hits from Jay Z, George Strait and Shania Twain.

-- From Town Online: "My voice is more along the lines of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston," [stage performer Caren Manuel] said. "When you're labeled a 'soprano belt' that means you can really belt out the songs. I am a belter."

-- From Marshfield Mail: I try to be a good parent, but mostly when people see me acting like a 12 year-old, it's because I still am in a lot of ways. Friday night was no exception. We went to see "Shrek 2" at the movies. It was fun. I laughed louder and harder than I have at a movie in a long time. Last time I laughed that hard was when I saw "Glitter," but for far different reasons. The thought of Mariah Carey acting just gives me the giggles. But that's a story for another day.

-- From Laksamana Digest: Missy Elliott has canceled her planned concert in Jakarta after the US warned of potential terrorist attacks in Indonesia. Many international superstars have avoided performing in Indonesia following the May 1998 mass riots and more recently the October 2002 Bali nightclub bombings. But some prominent performers have played in Indonesia recently, including American diva Mariah Carey.

-- From The Scotsman: [Colin Mackenzie owns] a museum-like collection, including wax cylinder discs, the first CD played on radio in the UK (Dire Straits’ Love Over Gold, played on Radio Scotland in 1982) and the first SACD played on Radio Scotland and Radio Forth in 2000 (Mariah Carey’s Number Ones), he also owns the first rewind radio in Scotland, an ET-like creation called The Bug, made by PURE Digital, only unveiled this month.

Source: --

Wednesday, May 26 , 2004

"Wisegirls" In Australia // 6:30 PM EST Updated by Will

Following a tragic accident, Meg Kennedy (Mira Sorvino) moves from Missouri to Staten Island in New York City, taking up residence in her Grandmother’s home and landing herself a job as a waitress in a popular Italian restaurant owned by a mob family. Life starts to look up for Meg as she begins raking in some big money and making close friends with the other waitresses Raychel (Mariah Carey) and Kate (Melora Walters). One evening an incident in the restaurant sees her save a young man’s life, and it doesn’t take long for her to realize that being involved with these connected people and the high paying job, may come at a hefty price.

Apart from her Academy Award-winning performance in Mighty Aphrodite, Mira Sorvino has not chosen the best vehicles for her talents over the years, and when it comes to her involvement in "Wisegirls", you could easily assume that her decision-making skills are not getting any better.

Sorvino is hands down the only shining light in this clichéd mob melodrama, which dribbled onto selected screens throughout the US, and thankfully was overlooked here in Australia. "Wisegirls" is now available on DVD and VHS in Australia.

Source: Urban Cinefile

News Tidbits // 6:21 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Popular Los Angeles radio station 102.7 KIIS FM is counting down your favorite dance songs of all time. The Top 102 Dance Songs will air on KIIS FM on Memorial Weekend. Place your votes at kiisfm.com. You may want to vote for a popular Mariah dance song, such as "Fantasy (Remix)".

-- You can find Mariah in both The National Enquirer and Star Magazine this week (May 31st issues). Each magazine has a different picture of Mariah golfing with brief captions (pictures we've seen from last year).

-- MTV France is having a Beyonce vs. Mary J. Blige countdown. Mariah fans may want to vote for Mary's "No More Drama" music video, in which Mariah makes an appearance, at mtv.fr.

-- From Live Daily: [Courtney Love's new America's Sweetheart album is] like Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet, an intended return to form where nobody acknowledged that the songs didn't work and the singer's voice was utterly shot, they just carried on pretending everything was OK. Since Love is a far more interesting personality and musician than Carey, America's Sweetheart is a more interesting record, but it's interesting like a trainwreck or a tabloid scandal, something to gawk at for a while but kind of depressing and ultimately forgettable.

-- From USA Today: It's a fairly annoying trend, all those collaborations, but it's not going away. It's very useful to introduce new artists and give them instant credibility, and it can shore up a flagging career as well (Mariah Carey guesting on Busta Rhymes records, etc.).

Source: SJ | Brian | Pascal

Tuesday, May 25 , 2004

Mariah Carey planning a major comeback // 5:21 PM EST Updated by Will

After being off the scene for a while, Mariah Carey is reportedly planning a carefully constructed plan to make a big comeback. The singer is working on a new album, and she is set to star in the stage version of The Prince And The Show Girl. She also has a television reality show in the making. In addition, the singer is looking at working with R Kelly, LA Reid and Kanye West to add some spice to her upcoming album.

Source: Jamaica Observer

Mariah On Her Way Back // 5:09 PM EST Updated by Will

After taking several months off to shield herself from the public eye, Mariah Carey is apparently now set to make a comeback.

Sources say that the 34-year-old singer is set to launch a new album, star in the stage version of "The Prince and the Show Girl" and she may even have a new gig on TV.

Mariah is now under new management as she has moved under the watchful eye of star-producing mega manager Benny Medina. He launched Jennifer Lopez's career and he currently works with Ricky Martin.

According to recent reports Carey is taking her acting career very seriously. She will reportedly play the role once made famous by Marilyn in a stage version remake of "The Prince the Showgirl" in London's West End.

Medina also apparently has some of the biggest names in production lined up for Carey's next album. Music moguls R.Kelly, L.A.Reid and Kanye West are all said to have been lined up for Carey's album.

The first single from the album is set to drop in autumn and Carey apparently wrote a lot of the new album on the beautiful Caribbean island, Anguilla.

Source: MTV Online | Teresa Sapo

Monday, May 24 , 2004

Site Updates & News Tidbits // 8:19 PM EST Updated by Will

-- We have added 100 additional pictures to our photo gallery. So be sure to check them out now by clicking here! In related news, we have updated our Picture of the Week, as well as Mariah's television schedule in the Important Dates section, which is located towards to right of your screen.

-- From Guardian Unlimited: At Islands of Adventure themepark, one way to beat the queues is to purchase an Exclusive VIP Tour ($1,400 for one day, one park, $1,700 for one day, two parks, $2,600 for two days, two parks, for up to 12 people, plus admission, plus tax) is a customised tour of up to eight hours (Mariah Carey took one to go on just two rides).

-- From Fox News: The rumors were flying hard this weekend that Tommy Mottola, former husband of Mariah Carey and ex-CEO of Sony Music, was headed toward the end of marriage No. 3. Or is it 4? The word from Los Angeles and Aspen is that Mottola and wife Thalia Sodi, a Mexican singer/performer/soap-opera star, have gotten tired of fighting and are going to end it all.

-- From Courier News: Aspiring singer Edelina Joy Bustamante said her influences include Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, but her sisters have teased her about her "Mariah Carey hands" that seem to flail when she sings.

-- From The Monitor: Will Oldham’s stark compositions have been covered by legends like Johnny Cash and Marianne Faithfull. "Hearing Johnny Cash do one of the songs, hearing that, was one of the big moments of my life," he said. He admits the moment could be eclipsed if Mariah Carey or R. Kelly chose to cover his work.

-- From The Robesonian: Trevor Jones spent the last month at Duke University Medical Center undergoing radiation therapy to remove a brain tumor - the second brain tumor the 18-year-old has battled since he was 9. Friday was Jones' first day back to school in more than four weeks. A slide presentation with clips of family photos from the time Jones was a child through his senior prom was broadcast in the classrooms Friday morning. The presentation, which was set to Mariah Carey's "Hero," left nary a dry eye.

-- From Star Magazine: Britney Spears' bizarre behavior only seems to escalate. With the added stress of her The Onyx Hotel tour, some worry the 22-year-old is headed for an emotional breakdown -- just like the one Mariah Carey, then 31, notoriously suffered in a NYC hotel in July 2001.

-- From Korea Herald: One of the few bilingual Korean announcers in the industry from his high school and college years in California, Lee Ki-sang was assigned to attend press junkets around the world to interview famous Hollywood stars, such as Toni Braxton, Kenny G, Mariah Carey and Will Smith.

Source: --

Silence of the lambs // 8:09 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey is the cover girl of the upcoming issue of Autograph Collector magazine. But it’s not an accolade.

The troubled diva — who calls her fans her “lambs” — is singled out as one of the worst celebs when it comes to giving fans her signature.

“Mariah is yet another big name who would rather not be bothered,” notes the article. “Goes so far as to say she won’t sign photos because she doesn’t like how she looks in them. Can you spell v-a-i-n?”

The lambs beg to differ.

Source: Jeannette Walls Delivers The Scoop

Saturday, May 22 , 2004

"Love Takes Time" sampled in rap song // 2:57 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah's second number one single, "Love Takes Time", has been sampled by German rap star Sabrina Setlur for a new song entitled "Baby."

It is unknown if "Love Takes Time" has been officially licensed as a sample, because there is no information regarding the credits of the Sabrina Setlur song. The use of Mariah is quite obvious, however. You can listen to a clip of the song by clicking here.

Source: Butterfly MC

News Tidbits // 2:53 PM EST Updated by Will

-- As you may know, Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" was nominated for Pop Video of the Year at the 2004 MVPA Awards, which were held last night in Los Angeles. Unfourtunately, it lost to Christina Aguilera's "Fighter."

-- The "Whatup 2da Hood" mixtape, which opens and closes with vocal skits by Mariah, Dame Dash and N.O.R.E., also comes with a bonus DVD. It shows Mariah in a studio joking around with the guys mentioned above. They are a bunch of friends who are being themselves and Mariah seems really relaxed, as she's drinking white wine from a styrofoam cup.

-- From The Sun Chronicle: Joe Mazzei, marketing manager for KISS 108 FM, recalled how Mariah Carey refused to drink champagne from plastic cups, instead insisting on crystal glasses, and how she would not walk on a grassy area backstage without a carpet being rolled out first. She didn't want her high heels to sink into the wet ground, he said.

-- From BET Online: Kanye West is blazing up everybody’s tracks nowadays and now he plans to bring Mariah Carey back to the people by using his patented production magic. Well, the return of Mariah is supposed to hit like a meteor of epic proportions. First, she is now under the management wing of Benny Medina, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez. She also finished a 60-city tour and has been writing songs in Anguilla. Lastly, the singer hopes to get back into acting, but after the reviews of “Glitter,” the verdict is still out on that.

-- From The San Francisco Examiner: A source close to Mariah Carey told "Extra" that the singer and manager Benny Medina have drawn up a three-point plan to help put Mariah back on top. She's got a new album due out later this year, she's set to star in the West End production of "The Prince and the Showgirl," and she's in talks with TV execs to star in a show. The source also said that Mariah has been practicing meditation to help her focus.

-- From The Philippine Star: Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo says, "I really hope to have a successful singing career someday," she chimes in. "And to break into the international recording scene." Among foreign artists, she counts Celine Dion and Mariah Carey as her main musical influences.

Source: Gilles

Thursday, May 20 , 2004

News Tidbits // 9:57 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah is featured on the cover of the June 2004 edition of Autograph Collector Magazine. Inside is an article titled "Elusive Signer", which claims that Mariah is among the worst autograph signers. "Mariah is yet another big name who would rather not be bothered. Goes so far as to say she won’t sign photos because she doesn’t like how she looks in them. Can you spell v-a-i-n?" Surely any true Mariah fan knows better.

-- In the new movie "Mean Girls", a Mariah poster can be seen in the bedroom of a gay friend of Lindsay Lohan's character. The poster apparently features the coverart from the "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" single.

-- BabyCenter.com, a popular website for new mothers, has a selection of pregnancy polls including one that asks "Would you ever give your child the same name as a celebrity?" One of the selected answers is "Absolutely not -- I shudder whenever I hear the name Mariah at the playground!", which is in third place with 12% of the votes. Vote at babycenter.com.

-- From All Hip-Hop: Speaking on Kanye [West], ole boy is on fire with the ladies and gentlemen – dude just signed on to jumpstart Mariah Carey’s comeback! Big Up, Big Up!

-- From The Australian: Family and friends at the funeral thought it odd when Sef broke into song with Mariah Carey's schmaltzy One Sweet Day. "Sorry I never told you all I wanted to say, and now it's too late to hold you because you've flown away, so far away," Gonzales crooned to the aghast congregation. He later told a friend he brokered a record deal out of it.

-- Happy birthday to Bianka K. Starr from the Bahamas from your mom Barbara and all your friends at MariahDaily.com!

Source: Jerold Chinn | SKS 2K4 | SJ

Wednesday, May 19 , 2004

Mariah Carey Plans Comeback // 9:03 PM EST Updated by Liron

She's the top-selling female artist of all time, but Mariah Carey's been missing in action lately. This week, though, Mariah made her first public sighting in some time, facing the world this week at a benefit for her charity, Operation Smile. And now, only "Extra" can reveal the three ways the superstar is planning to get back to the top.

First of all, Mariah has now put her career in the hands of Bennie Medina, the man who's launched dozens of stars, including Jennifer Lopez, and is now working with Ricky Martin. Medina has brought in some huge names to work with Carey on her new album, like R. Kelly and rap superstar Kayne West. The first single from the album is due out in the fall.

Mariah has just finished a 60-city tour, but along the way, she spent a lot of quiet time reflecting. "Extra" has learned she is now meditating, and wrote a lot of her new album on the beautiful island of Anguilla.

The third part of Carey's comeback bid involves her acting career. In 1957, Marilyn Monroe starred in "The Prince and the Showgirl," and now we've learned that Carey will be starring in a stage version of the movie in London.

She's also taking meetings with the networks to discuss a primetime gig. And we've learned she wants to get back into movies, preferably independent films.

It's clear that Mariah Carey is back on her game and ready to take the world by storm -- again.

Editor's Note: If you missed the segment, check your local listings for reruns of the show. In New York, Extra airs again at 4:00 am.

Source: Extra TV | Paul | Lani | Nacho

New Voice Message // 1:44 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah has left a new voice message on her official site to thank the fans for the birthday ("anniversary") wishes. Click here to listen to the message. This is what she says:

"Hey lambs, okay so I'm working on my record and I'm really excited about the music and that's a whole 'nother story, but...

I called to say thank you because, while I'm in the studio and waiting for things to get done and stuff like that, I've been able to look through some of these "happy anniversary" books, right?

And they are so very PIP, that I just have to say you guys are amazing like, okay, I'm looking at one, I think it's from "Lambs Incorporated" and umm, it's just the cake was a stone winner, it was so cute. I saw some pictures from a party in Brazil that you guys had, and it was just so nice of you to think of me on the day of my anniversary of the 12th birthday so, *laughs*,

I hope you like the new stuff I'm working on, I'm really really enjoying it and it's coming out really good. So I will call you back again soon but this is just a little call from me to you to say thank you so much for thinking of me. Love you much! Bye bye!"

Source: MariahCarey.com | Transcribed by Mariah Daily

Operation Smile Tidbits // 1:35 PM EST Updated by Liron

A Ms. Mariah memo . . .
Yada. Yada. Yada . . . on the heterosexual front: Singer Mariah Carey chirped at an Operation Smile benefit in New York: "One of the things I do for exercise is that I have a punching bag set up in my apartment that is designed to look like a man which I call Bob. I punch it regularly and I enjoy releasing anger like that very much."

There ya go.

Mariah Carey admired the monster 12-carat rock on Donald Trump fiancée Melania Knauss' finger at Operation Smile at the Whitney...

Source: Chicago Sun Times | NY Daily News

News Tidbits // 1:33 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From The Rugged Elegance: From Simon Cowell's Interview on the top three special of "American Idol":

After putting his ego aside, he called a diva someone who is "difficult, egotistical, talented." He cited Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey at their prime as prime examples.

-- From Nashville News: More than 500 people showed up for the funeral in the gym of Camden Fairview High School, where he graduated in 1998. Box was the seventh Arkansas member of the 39th to be killed in Iraq in the past month. An eighth soldier who was killed was from Simsbury, Conn.

Several in the audience shed tears when Box's sister-in-law, Shalunda Johnson, sang the Mariah Carey song "Hero."

-- From The Herald Sun: About the Eurovision contest:

Our favourite was Maltese couple Julie and Ludwig - she looked like an older Mariah Carey and his slick-back hairdo was hilarious.

Do you think the Maltese singer looks like Mariah? Take a look for yourself here.

-- Ayako opened a new Mariah fansite called Pip and Pow. Check it out!

Source: Sergei | Joel

Tuesday, May 18 , 2004

Mariah attends Operation Smile Collection Show // 5:51 PM EST Updated by Will

Last night Mariah was at the Whitney Museum’s Robert J. Hurst Family Gallery in Manhattan, New York, to attend a charity cocktail event and fashion exhibition called the Smile Collection, sponsored by Operation Smile’s New York chapter.

Top Italian designers, such as Versace, Moschino and Missoni, were highlighted for the five hundred guests from around the globe that attended the outing, which benefited children who suffer with facial deformities.

Mariah attended the event with her nephew Shawn McDonald, who is a member of Operation Smile’s executive committee. Other attendees included Donald Trump and Malania Knauss, Fabian Basabe and Zani Gugelmann, Paulina Rubio, and members from the cast of “The Apprentice.”

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah: Singing a Tune of Self Destruct? // 4:10 AM EST Updated by Liron

It was only three short years ago that Mariah Carey's career was in the toilet. But she seems to have forgotten that. Last week, Carey fired her longtime publicist, Cindi Berger, of powerhouse firm PMK HBH, because — I am told — she held her responsible for a stupid, unchecked gossip item that ran in a local newspaper.

On top of that, Mariah is all but severed from the record company exec who brought her back from the abyss of the infamous "Glitter" movie and soundtrack. Jerry Blair, who worked on Carey's records for more than a decade at Sony/Epic, started her new Monarc Records at Island/DefJam and helped make her "Charmbracelet" album a success following the "Glitter" debacle.

Now Blair is out too.

In their place: Jennifer Lopez's former manager, Benny Medina, who has systematically taken over Carey's career, sources say. Carey obviously doesn't realize that following her "nervous breakdown" in the summer of 2001, and the "Glitter" disaster, it was Blair and Berger who reconstructed her press image. This pair worked tirelessly to smooth over Carey's bad publicity and do something to make her seem sympathetic. Prior to the Blair/Berger resuscitation, Carey had the baggage of being a defendant in plagiarism lawsuits and a night-crawling trollop.

It always startles me when celebrities forget the work that professionals do to make them stars. A couple of years ago I heard one movie star tell Charlie Rose that she actually picked her own material for films, when everyone in the business knew it was her savvy business partner. But this is what happens when millions of dollars make stars feel insulated from reality. In Mariah's case, it's the $50 million which EMI Records paid her to leave their label after "Glitter" almost killed them.

Ironically, Carey seems blissfully clueless that Medina was Lopez's manager when J-Lo stole — or was given — advance music from "Glitter" for her "I'm Real" single remix with Ja Rule. The result was that Carey freaked out, as ex-husband Tommy Mottola made the handoff. But who does she think Mottola gave the "Glitter" samples to? Lopez herself? Carey was never the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but you have to wonder now if someone's forgotten to plug the lights in at all.

Source: Rima | Fox News

Monday, May 17 , 2004

Change of Spin // 8:58 AM EST Updated by Liron

After many years of loyal service, Mariah Carey has ditched her long-suffering publicist. Cindi Berger, who saw Carey through her marriage to Tommy Mottola, her mental meltdown two years ago and the cinematic stink bomb "Glitter," said: "I wish Mariah only the best." Carey is "trying to reinvent herself and needs fresh blood," explained an insider. And it seems she's found some. The songbird was on a date last Tuesday at 66 with a small, dark-haired man.

Source: New York Post

Sunday, May 16 , 2004

All That Glitters // 1:16 PM EST Updated by Will

When filming a movie, there usually isn’t much time to have fun. There are deadlines to meet, last minute script revisions, technical difficulties, and tons of daily stresses. If anyone is enjoying themselves, it most certainly isn’t the crew.

But during the filming of “Glitter”, the film’s composer, Terrence Blanchard, celebrated his birthday. Being the festive individual she is, Mariah took note and threw a party for the entire sound department. (A picture from that event can be seen to your right. Click it for a larger, full-scale view.)

Complete with cake and celebratory champagne, perhaps the special event gave the sound crew extra enthusiasm. After all, the Motion Picture Sound Editors Association nominated “Glitter” for Best Sound Editing in a Musical Feature Film at the 49th Annual Golden Reel Awards. Though, unfortunately it lost to “Moulin Rouge”.

Source: Mariah Daily | Tomas

News Tidbits // 1:11 PM EST Updated by Will

-- "I Know What You Want" is played during one of the scenes of the new Jamie Foxx and Gabrielle Union movie, Breakin' All The Rules.

-- "Vision Of Love" is featured on disc two of the new Time-Life compilation set, The Ultimate Love Songs Collection. The double-disc album collection can be purchased from timelife.com for $16.99.

-- From GrooveVolt: Mariah Carey is in the studio with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. She is recording most of her album in the Bahamas.

-- From Buffalo News: Elayne Rapping, professor of American Studies at the University at Buffalo, says the word "diva" is commonly applied to many "big, powerful, strong women." She says many modern pop-culture divas don't fill that bill, no matter how much they indulge thir ids. "Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and I would include Janet Jackson, they're not really big powerful women, they're just celebrities, and of course everyone is looking to bring down someone famous.

-- From The Japan Times: Avril Lavigne's "Under My Skin" doesn't go on sale overseas until the end of May, thus giving Japan a head start on helping the diminutive Canadian teen shift her millions of units. Why do the Japanese get to hear the new album first? Is it because the album was the first by a foreign artist since Mariah Carey to top Oricon's album chart? No, it's marketing. A two-week jump on the American and European releases means two weeks without competition. Once "Under My Skin" gets released over there it will promptly arrive over here as a "parallel import," which is not subject to fixed prices the way Japanese albums are.

-- From Chart Attack: Nickelback's Silver Side Up has just gone eight times platinum in Canada. Silver Side Up, which was released on September 11 2001, a day when the whole world had other things to worry about, is appropriately about the darker sides of life and personal experiences. Other artists who released albums that day (cough, Mariah Carey) have claimed that the events of that day prevented them from getting decent sales, a theory that Nickelback have proven to be a bunch of bull.

Source: Mike

Saturday, May 15 , 2004

Driving Pretty Women // 7:41 PM EST Updated by Will

Meet Keith Badgery -- limo driver to everyone from Madonna to Mick Jagger. In his 20 years chauffeuring the rich and the famous, he has learned a lot of secrets about a lot of people.

In his book "Baby You Can Drive My Car", which is available for purchase from amazon.com, Keith's anecdotes provide an insight into a world populated by international stars.

In that book, he writes about driving Mariah during her early promotional trips to London. Inside there is also copy of a signed picture from the "Emotions" era she gave him. She signed it, "Dear Keith...Lots of love and thanks! Mariah." Here's what he had to say:

I've been lucky enough to meet a number of divas in my time as a driver, women who often came from dirt poor backgrounds and, through sheer ambition, determination and talent, made it to the very top of the tree... Mariah Carey is the biggest selling female recording artist of the 1990s. She has sold 120 million albums and singles and despite her recent troubles- a breakdown and a split from her new record label EMI, remains one of the major stars on the showbiz scene. Mariah has had 14 number ones on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and spent a total of sixty weeks at the top of that chart, a record. She also wrote every single one of those hits herself, with the exception of her cover version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." I met her when she was just starting out, though, when she seemed to be little more than a shy little girl. I had no idea how big she would become but I witnessed the transformation - from disco baby to diva.

I first met Mariah Carey in 1991. At the time she was a little-known singer in Engalnd and as I picked her up from the airport with her entourage of just our people -- hairdresser, make-up artist and two dancers -- I found myself wondering, "Who's she?" The five of them piled in to the back of my Daimler limo, looking like nothing so much as a group of excited youngsters on their first trip abroad. Mariah herself appeared to be rather shy. I took them to the Mayfair Hotel, which is a nice hotel in London, but not absolutely the tops, and dropped them off, wondering what on earth they were all doing here. The next day I found out.

I drove the five of them up to the Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham. They were all chatting away in the back of the car, talking about America and their boyfriends -- I, like the rest of the world, had no idea who Mariah was going out with -- while Mariah issued instructions about what they were going to do when they got to the studio. When we arrived, I followed them in, curious to see what Mariah was going to do. I knew she was a singer, but I didn't know a great deal more than that. And then, quite suddenly, Mariah came on to sing. She opened her mouth and launched into "Emotions" -- and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I couldn't believe that this shy little girl had a voice like that; I later discovered she has a seven-octave range, which is extremely unusual even amongst very famous singing stars.

From then on, Mariah was much more relaxed and confident. "How was it, how did it look Keith?" she asked when she came off the set. "Fabulous," I replied. "I didn't know you had a voice like that." She replied, "Why thank you Keith."

The mood became increasingly jolly as the trip went on. The five of them would sing and dance in the car as I drove them around London, unless Mariah was going to a performance, in which case she would warm up her voice by going through her singing exercises in the car. "I do apologise for my screeching," she would say. And she seemed quite awestruck at the hand life had dealt her. "You know Keith, I used to be a waitress in New York before someone heard me sing," she once told me. "I just can`t believe that everyone`s making this fuss about me, laying on a car like this and everything."

In due course I began to learn more about Mariah`s background. She claimed that twenty restaurants had fired her because of her "bad" attitude, although she was always perfectly alright with me.

It was while working with Brenda K. Starr that Mariah got her big break: she got close enough to Columbia boss Tommy Mottola to slip him her demo tape. Tommy acted fast. He signed Mariah up immediately and, just ten months after she moved to Manhattan, she released her first album in 1990. It sold over six million copies and went to number one.

I knew nothing of this as I took Mariah around London, showing them sights such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben and the Tower of London; to me they were just a bunch of fresh-faced kids.

Mariah was greatly excited when I stopped on London Bridge to let her take pictures -- techinically its illegal -- and rather shocked when I began telling her about England's history.

"What went on in The Tower?" she asked. "It's where they beheaded people." Mariah was horrified. "No! That doesn`t happen in England does it?"
"Not any more, but it used to. And you know what they did to traitors?"
"They would chain them to the banks of the Thames, so that when the water level rose with the tide, they`d drown."
"Euow! No! I don`t believe it! Oh that`s so gross!"

Once she got over our barbaric history, though, Mariah fell in love with London. She particularly liked Trafalgar Square, especially Nelson`s Column and the lions. "Your architecture here is so great," she would say, "I can`t believe that a little while ago I was a waitress and now I`m seeing stuff like this. We don`t have anything like this in the States. Don`t you think it`s so great, you guys?." Her friends would agree and there`d be much commenting on the sights until they went back to singing, dancing and talking about their boyfriends.

On the last day of her visit, I drove Mariah to the airport. She was dressed entirely in leather and for the first time I began to realise what a spectacularly beautiful woman she is. Often celebrities who I don`t know that well would jump out of the car without saying anything, but Mariah didn`t. She hopped out, headed towards the door of the VIP lounge and then turned back and gave me a little wave, at that moment she looked exactly what she was back then: a sweet, shy little girl.

Times change. The next time Mariah came to Britain a few moths later, to appear on "The Des O`Connor Show," there was a visible difference in her. She was much more relaxed with the treatment she was receiving and there was no more talk of her past as a waitress. A lot had been going on in the States in those months: her album "Emotions" had been a huge success and Mariah was making the transition from up-and-coming singer to superstar. She was still friendly: "Hi Keith, how ya been?" she asked before giving me a peck on the cheek. There were no more jolly sing-songs in the back of the car though, and no cheerful talk about America and boyfriends. Mariah was on her own now, and concentrating on busness.

I didn`t see Mariah again until some years later. When I finally did, the situation couldn`t have been more different. For a start she was staying at the Lanesborough, one of London`s smartest -- and most expensive -- hotels. Secondly, her entourage had grown. Whereas before everyone had bundled in to the back of the limo, now everyone got their own car.
Her entourage had grown from four to twelve, with five cars and two people carriers to ferry everyone around. And Mariah herself was no longer the sweet little girl she used to be.

There are two words to explain this: Tommy Mottola. Her boss was now her husband and he wanted nothing but the best for his biggest star. This was 1994. The year before, Mariah and Tommy had formalised their relationship. Inspired by the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer -- perhaps unwisely, given the outcome of that marriage -- the couple spent $500,000 on their wedding in June 1993. There were fifty flower girls, an eight-piece orchestra, and a boy`s choir alongside a 300-strong guest list including Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro, and Ozzy Osbourne.

"When I look back on it, it`s so unbelievable! I mean, it really is like Cinderella" said Mariah and the couple -- she was twenty-four and he was forty-four when they wed -- went to live in a large mansion outside Manhatten. But the marriage went the way of Charles and Diana`s and in March 1998, Mariah flew to the Dominican Republic to obtain a divorce. She then flew to Tampa, Florida to watch baseball player, Derek Jeter, with whom, she had been romantically linked, though that romance fizzled out.

"Media pressure was too much for them as a couple," said a spokesperson for Mariah. It was a long way from the little girl I had known, who was so excited about driving around London and who couldn`t believe she so recently had been a waitresss, but the signs were there on that last trip. Success has many benefits, but it can harm you as a person and is no good at all for your long-term relationships.

Mariah Carey has had a difficult time in recent years. Now divorced from Tommy Mottola, she has had a series of breakdowns, and in 2002 was dropped by her record company, EMI, with a reported settlement of £35m. However, a new deal is in the offing, and her career looks set to reignite.

Source: Mariah Connection

New Mariah song with Dame Dash and N.O.R.E.? // 7:39 PM EST Updated by Will

On the new Capone and Noreaga mixtape, "Whatup 2da Hood", both the opening and closing tracks are listed as "Dame Dash featuring Mariah Carey and N.O.R.E." It is unknown if these are actual songs, interludes, or skits. What is known, however, is that the CD is available for purchase from HMV. Stay tuned for any furthur updates.

Source: Love Love Jack

Serena Williams mentions Mariah // 7:39 PM EST Updated by Will

Tennis champ Serena Williams says she's "into someone who has high morals, loves his mum, gives me respect and treats me like a princess." What can you say? That this is not quite the template into which Neanderthal man has evolved. "Oh I know," she sighed with resignation, than chuckled. "I like to look at Mariah Carey, Sandra Bullock. Beautiful women. Talented women. We're all in the same situation. It's hard to find a good man."

Serena and her sister Venus Williams appeared in the music video for Mariah's song, "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)".

Source: The Telegraph | Kaiyan

Friday, May 14 , 2004

It's Good To Be Mariah Carey // 6:25 PM EST Updated by Liron

Coming this summer will be a brand new television special entitled "It's Good To Be Mariah Carey." The program comes as part of the weekly series "It's Good To Be…", which reveals the salaries, spending habits and consumption sprees of Hollywood stars; and details their rise to fame and the money they made on the way to the top. "It's Good To Be Mariah Carey" will premiere on E! TV in July.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 6:20 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From LA Times: Claremont High will be site of Relay for Life, an annual event to honor cancer survivors, pay tribute to those who've died. At the relay ceremonies, Shanna Roenicke, an 18-year old Alta Loma High School graduate, will sing "Hero" by Mariah Carey. She is a three-year leukemia survivor.

-- From Duluth News Tribune: An excerpt from an interview with Jack Norton from The Mullet River Boys;

Q: Are your shows all original work? If you do covers, what would be an example of something you would cover?

A: Ninety percent are originals, or handmade from scraps of old field hollers, blues chants and Methodist hymns. The songs we cover are covered not based on style but on quality so we do a lot of Christina Aguilera ("Genie in a Bottle"), Mariah Carey and Gloria Gaynor songs.

-- Mariah appears on the first few pages of both The Enquirer and The Globe tabloids this week. The pictures are from Mariah's trip to St. Barts.

-- Make sure to stop by and visit two new Mariah forums for fans: Mariah Lambs United and Mariah Chat.

-- Stephanie, the former webmaster of "Mariah's Web" is facing some financial difficulties and decided to sell her Mariah collection on eBay. Click here to visit her selling page.

Source: Brian | Mini | Joe

Thursday, May 13 , 2004

Shoe Divas // 4:21 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey and Lauren Holly are sharing a taste in shoes. They both bought the Cranberry, a silver high-heel thong, at Jimmy Choo in Beverly Hills. Carey first discovered Choo when she wore them at the VH-1 Divas gala, but Holly is the bigger shoe diva. She snatched up 11 pairs in her spree, versus two for Mariah.

Source: Fashion Dish

Sonic Youth comment on Mariah // 4:17 PM EST Updated by Will

On Sonic Youth's new album, like she did with Karen Carpenter on 1990's Goo, band member Kim Gordon dissects another troubled pop icon with "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream."

Gordon and band guitarist Thurston Moore are well known as thoughtful music zealots, so we played a little "who can it be now?" game with them. We spun discs without showing them the covers, and they guessed who the artist was.

"Is that Mariah Carey?", Gordon asked as the intro to Carey's 1995 hit "Fantasy" played. "That's Mariah", laughed Moore.

"I saw her doing a cover of the '70s disco song, 'Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.' I just couldn't get it out of my head. She was bouncing through this set of gangsta rappers. It was right after her breakdown and she seemed so vulnerable. And she was barely singing! It stuck with me.

"She and Karen Carpenter [the anorexic subject of Sonic Youth's "Tunic"] are both about the body. Karen was trying to get rid of hers. Aesthetics have changed a lot since Karen. I'm sure they're similar A-type personalities...driven perfectionists who just want to please people so much. Karen's voice showed a lot of vulnerability - more so than Mariah. She made the words she was singing her own. That's a scary thing to do when you're standing in a media spotlight. You lose a sense of your identity. It's a narcissist thing."

Source: VH1 Online

News Tidbits // 4:09 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah’s “Heartbreaker” music video was played on the Tuesday edition of MTV’s Total Request Live. An audience member had to pick a number in order to play a retired video. The chosen audience member selected #21, which was Mariah’s “Heartbreaker.” The show’s host, LaLa, asked if he wanted to play it through or pick another; and he said, “Let’s play it! I like this video.” LaLa liked it also.

-- China’s largest music site, Crazy E Music, recently posted two polls that asked “Who is your favorite female artist?” and “Who is the most beautiful female artist?” In the latter poll Mariah came in at #2. Christina Aguilera was #1. However, in the favorite female artist poll, Mariah rose above the competition, coming in at #1 with over 35% of the total votes.

-- From The Scotsman: "I’ve gone mad"...This translation became known as Mariah Carey syndrome after the singer was placed into psychiatric care a few years back. Before long, her publicist had swapped the phrase "extreme exhaustion" for "emotional and physical breakdown". For a celeb who’s gone off the rails - think Robert Downey Jr or Whitney Houston - "exhaustion" is a prelude to rehab or jail.

-- From The Sydney Morning Herald: Missy Elliott looks back on the times she has worked with stars such as Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Mick Jagger as her big moments. "These are people you don't normally get within breathing distance of, or even within turnpike distance. To be in the same room as them and hear them say, 'I love your music,' that is a big event."

-- From Las Vegas Sun: Christophe, an acclaimed celebrity stylist, and his internationally trained team of specialists will "swap hair care for cancer care" by contributing all money raised during the 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. styling sessions to Nevada Cancer Institute. Among the many celebs who flock to Christophe Salons are Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler and Mariah Carey.

Source: Janet | Jay New

Wednesday, May 12 , 2004

Babydolls...half-off // 7:14 PM EST Updated by Will

There's certain people you just don't want dressing your children: Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, tarty Russian singers t.A.t.U. ... and Mariah Carey.

Rumour is the once-institutionalized diva wants to start a line of children's clothes. Sources say the kids' outfits will be less provocative than the singer's own clothes but still a lot of fun.

Granted, most of the clothes in Mariah's closet could fit a six year old, but that doesn't make it right. Nobody needs to see babies sporting boustiers or toddlers in mid-riff-bearing halter tops and daisy dukes.

Let the Olsen twins and Hillary Duff worry about the clothing lines for little girls. Mariah could see if the cast of Cirque du Soleil needs some fashion advice.

Source: Calgary Sun

Thigh Hopes // 7:13 PM EST Updated by Will

One of our favourite quotes about the perils of being a celebrity looking for love comes from leather-lunged songbird Mariah Carey ("It'd be nice to go out with a man who doesn't think segue is a made-up word."), but it looks like Mariah could use some pulling tips.

The Daily Star claims that the scale-happy singer was left a bit miffed while out clubbing, after a session of suggestive thigh-flashing prompted her quarry to scarper sharpish!

One source picked up the story: "One buff-looking shaggy-haired fan caught her eye... and she invited him over for a chat. Suddenly she lifted up her skirt, flashing a healthy expanse of thigh... and Carey's candidate took one look at her offerings and disappeared back into the crowd."

Never mind, Mariah. Even if it did really happen, we still reckon your chances of pulling are neither slim nor shady.

Source: Top Of The Pops

Tuesday, May 11 , 2004

Mariah causes trouble in Puerto Rico // 10:33 PM EST Updated by Will

Mexican magazine Miguía published a new article discussing the latest diva attack from singer Mariah Carey. Apparently she was invited to participate in a famous TV show in Puerto Rico. Everything was confirmed, but then she cancelled the trip.

The reason? She found out the show's producers weren't able to rent, for the two days she was spending on the island, a limosine with gold doorhandles like she had asked.

Source: oFuxico Online | MariahsRod

News Tidbits // 10:31 PM EST Updated by Will

-- DarkerThanBlue.com has posted a new poll which asks "who is the best R&B diva?" Naturally, Mariah is one of the choices, but sadly she nearly at the bottom of the list. Even Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez are ranking higher than Mariah! Please logon to the site and cast your vote!

-- Be sure to check out mariahdownunder.tk, Australia's leading Mariah Carey fan community. At this online forum, you'll be able to discuss a variety of topics, as well as buy, trade and sell memorabilia.

-- Patti LaBelle was recently interviewed on Good Day Live and mentioned Mariah in the process. She said Mariah is her god-daughter and that she gives her advice about life and music.

-- Mercury News has listed Mariah's "Emotions" as one of the worst songs of all time. "This song is punctuated by a series of self-indulgent, piercing shrieks that I imagine were included to showcase her amazing vocal range. Whatever."

Source: Markus | Dean | Caleb

Monday, May 10 , 2004

Mariah's A Flashdancer // 6:20 PM EST Updated by Will

Lifting your skirt may not be the best way to get a date -- Mariah Carey learned that the hard way while flirting with a particularly handsome male suitor last Tuesday night at nightclub Marquee.

The singer arrived at the club around midnight wearing a precariously low-cut mini-dress, black fishnet thigh-highs and a towering blonde ponytail.

Accompanied by a single girlfriend and a phalanx of bodyguards, she sipped wine, wiggled to the music and waved to the crowd of gawking club-goers. One buffbodied, shaggy haired fan caught her eye and she invited him past the goons for a chat.

Suddenly, the simpering singer lifted up her skirt, flashing a healthy expanse of thigh, perhaps in hopes of sealing the deal. Carey’s candidate took one look at her offerings and immediately disappeared back into the crowd.

Apparently, actions don’t always speak louder than words — or maybe they say the wrong thing.

Source: New York Post

The Star Ball // 8:27 AM EST Updated by Will

When Danielle Steel hosted a gala benefit last week at the Ritz-Carlton, more than 500 guests gladly ponied up $500 (and then some) to attend the black-tie fete. Among the bon-tons: Arista Records founder and president Clive Davis (who was mistakenly asked by a non-MTV watching reporter if it was he who'd discovered Mariah [Carey]. "No,'' said the mogul, smiling graciously. "You're thinking of Whitney.'' Oops! Pass the People magazine -- please!).

The mellifluous Coyote served as emcee, keeping the boisterous crowd on track for the evening's events: "Please, ladies and gentlemen, take your seats. We've just gotten word that Mariah is in the elevator and on her way down to perform.''

Then it was show time. Mariah slinked onstage in a slip of a dress to great cheers. As she began hitting her trademark high notes, Gatti turned to Davis, and whispered: "She's pretty good.''

Not used to the small venue and shortened format, Carey was unable to make her usual number of costume changes. "This is what's known as rough-neck, diva-style,'' she joked, snapping open her compact and powdering her nose onstage in-between songs under the hot lights. San Francisco Botox king Seth Matarasso exclaimed (throughout much of the show): "Oh my God, I love Mariah!'' But it was homegrown legend Barry Bonds who proved himself Carey's biggest fan.

As the double-sided tape holding the fuchsia gown to Carey's generous décolletage threatened to slip away, the singer called out for her staff. Bonds immediately stood up, waved his arms and cried out, "Hey, I can do it!'' Alas, her dresser arrived onstage. However a second potential costume malfunction loomed. This time, Bonds strode purposefully up to the stage and gallantly offered his assistance.

Mariah's eyes grew wide as a security guard waved Bonds back to his seat. Holy smokes! Didn't she recognize the National League's six-time MVP? Perhaps in Carey's universe, there's room for only one superstar?

Source: San Franisco Gate

Sunday, May 9 , 2004

Mariah attends SHiNE Benefit // 6:24 PM EST Updated by Will

Did you know that on Thursday, November 25, 2001, Mariah attended the First Annual SHiNE Benefit Party? The event took place in New York City at the Roxy Club and was attended by a slew of celebrities including Carson Daly, P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Method Man, Kevin Spacey and Susan Sarandon.

They all gathered to salute the man of the hour, Muhammad Ali, who was being honored for his achievements in activism and humanitarianism.

Meanwhile, Mariah posed for a group picture with singers Moby, Denise Rich and Billy Gilman, which can be seen to your right. Click it for a larger, full-scale view.

SHiNE (Seeking Harmony in Neighborhoods Everyday) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization that promotes youth respect for diversity and an end to violence through art, music, technology and sports.

Source: Mariah Daily | Tomas

Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream // 6:22 PM EST Updated by Will

For several months now, the Sonic Youth song "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" has been making headlines.

Today it was announced that the song, which will be available on the band's June 8th album release, has changed titles to "Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" -- apparently because Geffen Records, the band's label, has been told they can't legally use the words "Mariah Carey."

Regardless of the title change, the lyrics remain the same. Some of the lines may come under scrutiny from Mariah fans. "Hey little baby break down / Button up baby, you’ve come undone / Hey little baby get down / Before you go and hurt someone / How was your lunch with Eminem? / Did he bake you? / And then forsake you?"

Even many Sonic Youth fans don't like the song. One even commented, "What's their beef? 'One Sweet Day' is only the #1 song of all time!"

Source: Heroes Of Mariah

Saturday, May 8 , 2004

Jimmy Jam on Mariah Carey // 10:43 PM EST Updated by Will

Producer Jimmy Jam says the level of input in the songwriting and arranging process varies with every artist he works with.

"Mariah Carey, for instance, is very much involved in the songwriting process. We sit in a room with her — usually myself, Terry [Lewis] and a couple of the other Flyte Tyme musicians — and we'll bang out maybe 10 or 12 ideas in a two- or three-hour period. Not fully realized, but just enough to know whether we're going down a path that we like.

"It could be based on a keyboard lick that I play or it could be based on just us having a discussion about something. It's a collaborative effort, but she's very much a songwriter in the sense that she enjoys the lyric-writing process and putting the format of the song together — whether it should have a modulation at the end, whether it should have a double chorus, et cetera."

Jimmy Jam and his production partner Terry Lewis are currently working with Mariah on songs for her upcoming album release. They have been working with her since 1999.

Source: Mix Online

"What Would U Do" live performance on DVD // 9:57 PM EST Updated by Will

Put Yourself Out Entertainment has released a mixtape entitled "The Best of Nate Dogg & Shade Sheist." The special edition of the album includes a remix of the Mariah collaboration "What Would U Do" and a bonus DVD including a live performance of the song, which was recorded last year at the Universal Amphitheater during the Charmbracelet Tour.

You can purchase this package at putyourselfout.net. The album is free, and you only have to pay for shipping. International orders must add $5 for processing and shipping fees.

Source: Put Yourself Out | mcbg1

Friday, May 7 , 2004

Mariah Carey to approach Justin Timberlake? // 7:16 PM EST Updated by Will

According to sources at Def Jam, Mariah Carey is reaching out to Justin Timberlake again. During the making of her last album Charmbracelet, the two recorded the track “Yours,” as a duet but the song was never released.

“She really wants to make this happen,” the source adds, “Justin and Mariah have been friends since they worked together in 2002. His label did not want him to be attached with Carey’s woes at the time and in return they shut down the idea of releasing the duet.”

Timberlake is currently working on a movie and contemplating his return to N’ Sync. Without a solo album in the pot, this is all the more possible. A close friend of Timberlake insists, “He would love to work with Mariah again. All she has to do ask and he is there.”

Source: GrooveVolt

News Tidbits // 7:15 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Kanye West recently made an appearance on the MuchMusic program MuchOnDemand. Kanye, who is working with Mariah on her upcoming album, mentioned her in the interview. "I showed her how to do gang signs and gang handshakes and stuff," he said. When asked by the show's host, "How was she at that? Was she good at it?", Kanye replied, "Yeah. She got it down."

-- On the recently-released DVD of "Love Actually", the film's director Richard Curtis talks about Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You", which was performed in the movie by child actress Olivia Olson. In the commentary, he says, "I'd listen to that song whenever I felt gloomy and it cheered me up. I listened to it so many times that I had to put it in the movie."

-- Mariah is featured at #94 in the Latvian version of FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women list, published in the May issue. The picture featured in the magazine can be seen here.

-- Mariah's appearance on the British show "Trevor Nelson's Lowdown" will reair tomorrow, May 8th, at 12:35am on BBC2. From BBC online: Trevor Nelson in Diva heaven. On the evening he arrives in NYC, he is invited to dinner with Kelis and the following morning, he flies to Boston to hook up with Mariah Carey.

-- BritSlang, a new book of British slang, compiles simple rhyming slang, puns, jargon and trendy phrases. The phrase "Mariah Carey" is included in the book, because it is often rhymed with the word "scary."

Source: LiL CAD | Jill | guy like you | Johny | Gilles

Thursday, May 6 , 2004

Mariah spotted in NYC // 7:29 PM EST Updated by Liron

Yesterday morning, Mariah was doing a photoshoot for the magazine "In Style" in New York City. Mariah's crew on the shoot included her new manager Benny Medina. An upcoming issue of the magazine will feature an article about Mariah's start as a worker in a hair salon.

Source: Mariah Daily

Evanescence's Amy Lee talks about Mariah // 7:29 PM EST Updated by Liron

On the new latin edition of Rolling Stone, there's an interview with Amy Lee in which she mentions Mariah:

Q: What posters did you have up in your room when you were a kid?

A: I had Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul posters. But later I took them all off and put Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Janis Joplin and Nirvana... I discovered grunge"

Source: Latin Rolling Stone | Translated by Nacho

Community says goodbye // 7:28 PM EST Updated by Liron

They came by the busload. Clinging to each other for support, their red eyes and tear-stained cheeks still expressing disbelief that their classmate was gone, hundreds of teens filed into Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Lindenhurst Wednesday to mourn Christopher Versace

Versace, a popular Lindenhurst High School junior, was honored by more than 900 relatives, friends and teachers at Wednesday's service. During a funeral Mass, the room's silence was broken only by the soft sobbing of mourners.

After several hymns, the Lindenhurst High choir performed "One Sweet Day," an homage to a lost loved one originally sung by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Versace's mother was so moved by the tribute that she stood and thanked the choir, and mourners applauded.

Source: Newsday

Mother Mariah // 7:28 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey, who last summer threatened to launch a line of golf wear, has now decided to try designing clothes for children. The pop diva, who is not known for wearing the biggest clothes herself, is designing jewellery and accessories as well as a kids' line, according to the latest gossip from the US. "She says she wants to have children, too, but first she needs to find the right man," says one source. "But she doesn't need kids to design clothes for them." The range, we're told, will be less provocative than Carey's own wardrobe choices, "but still a lot of fun".

Editor's Note: It's important to mention that this rumor has started when MSNBC's gossip columnist expanded the comments that Mariah said on the "Ride With Funkmaster Flex" show with her own made-up ideas.

Source: Vogue Daily News

Much Music Responds To Mariah Requests // 7:28 PM EST Updated by Liron

In a response to a fans request campaign to get the Canadian channel "Much Music" to air "Mariah Carey: the Complete History", Mary received the following e-mail:

No plans for us to pick-up that special yet, but I'll pass your suggestion along to our sister station MuchMoreMusic's programmers (since MC is more an artist that they play). Keep checking their website Much More Music to find out if and when it might be airing.

Source: Much Music | Mary

Wednesday, May 5 , 2004

Mariah Carey wins Booby Prize // 6:07 PM EST Updated by Will

Pop diva Mariah Carey had her breast assets on show in the Caribbean. Wearing a dazzling pink bikini, the 34-year-old star was a sight for sore eyes when she walked from a luxury catamaran on to the island of St. Bart's to top up her tan.

But being a megastar doesn't always get you what you want, as mouthwatering Mariah found out when she tried to check into the top hotel on the island.

All the premium rooms were booked and there was no way Mariah, famous for her diva-style demands, was going to settle for any of the others.

She had to decamp to the five-star Carl Gustav hotel instead. Never mind Mariah, we're giving you our Booby Prize to make up for your disappointment.

Source: Daily Sport | mfanatic

Mariah at Danielle Steel's Gala // 5:56 PM EST Updated by Will

Fabulous author Danielle Steel's fabulous weekend gala in San Francisco had an equally fab group. Mariah Carey sang wearing her usual few inches of fabric. The napkins were larger. Joanna Poitier came without Sidney. Tipper Gore stayed the whole time but Al, who'd been seen running around in his running shorts, had to run home. Danielle's nifty guest list, from Willie Mays to Princess Michael of Kent to Mr. & Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne, was such that some VIPs at one table had never ever heard of some VIPs at another. A few worried that the eclectic worlds could collide. As in maybe Ozzy telling the princess: "Pass the [four letter word]ing salt."

Source: New York Post

Kathy Griffin on Mariah Carey // 5:33 PM EST Updated by Will

Kathy Griffin, the actress and comedian perhaps best known for her role as Brooke Shields’ sidekick on NBC’s now-defunct sitcom "Suddenly Susan," is a reality-TV addict. Beside reality TV, Griffin says you can expect to hear pop culture stories and celebrity tales when she performs this weekend at the Improv in Tempe.

"My stories are always peppered with the good things about (celebrity) and the bad," she says. "I like to make fun of Mariah Carey and yet I went to see her in December and I cried like four times during the concert because it was so good. For me it’s not one or the other. I can make fun of them and be a fan."

Source: East Valley Tribune

Carey goes chopper shopping with Flex // 5:30 PM EST Updated by Will

Diva Mariah Carey called on mechanic-turned-rapper Funkmaster Flex to help her land her dream helicopter when she decided to hit the skies in style.
The singer had dreamed of owning a helicopter for years but had never found time to shop for a chopper, so she decided to enlist Flex's expertise when it came time to buy one.

The rapper agreed to help her look as long as he could film the shopping trip for his TV show "Ride With Funkmaster Flex."

The odd couple arrived at Helinet, a Van Nuys, Calif., company that specializes in top-of-the-range choppers, to look at prospective models, including $10 million ex-Army choppers used in the Desert Storm conflict in the Middle East.

Carey wasn't too impressed with the army helicopters, insisting, "It's a little butch for me, Flex."

But she did have a good idea about exactly what she wanted -- for her and her pet pooch Jack: "It's for short distances when there's a lot of traffic and you gotta get to the show quickly. You could do your show from the helicopter like the weather man does.

"I need a little more leg room. It's a little tight. Jack needs a seat."

The singer eventually fell for a $5 million Sikorsky model and took it for a test flight -- the first time Flex had been in a helicopter.

Source: San Francisco Gate

News Tidbits // 5:26 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Today on the Sharon Osbourne Show, she was discussing the Danielle Steel gala that Mariah attended. Sharon said Mariah performed for an hour, and that she soudned amazing as ever.

-- Today on the Ryan Seacrest Show, Kid Rock was a guest and Ryan was giving him "either/or" questions. One of the questions was "Shania or Mariah." Kid Rock responded with, "I wouldn't even try for either." Apparently, the comment was meant as a compliment and not a diss.

-- Independent artist Natalie Brown has listed Mariah's "Anytime You Need A Friend" as one of her favorite songs. Check out her official website at www.natalie-brown.com

-- From Times Leader: Mariah Carey has set her sights on a new venture. According to NBC, she's reportedly looking into overseeing a new line of children's clothing. Mariah has confessed that she can't wait to have children, and is still looking for the right man.

-- From Bayside Bulletin: Sheldon College vocal teacher Adam Lopez struck a high note in his singing career when he was accepted as an official Guinness World record holder as sustaining the highest vocal note ever recorded by a male. Adam has also worked as a backing vocalist to Mariah Carey, Human Nature, Bardot, Debelah Morgan, Vanessa Amarosi and Keith Urban.

-- From The Tennessean: Laura Hippensteel can run like the wind, turn on a fastball and cover every inch of center field. She is good enough to play college softball if she wanted. She can even carry a tune...by most accounts. ''My teammates call me Mariah (Carey),'' the Lady Cougars' leadoff batter said. ''I'm really not good. I just sing all the time.''

-- From Daily Star: Unfortunately, to many Western performers, Lebanon and much of the Arab world, is viewed the same way as it was during the Lebanese Civil War - as an unstable and murderous place. This despite bold advertising campaigns on CNN, sponsored by the Tourism Ministry, as well as the appearance of some big names in the country already this year - Jumblatt spared no effort to bring Mariah Carey to Beirut in February to great success. The carnage in Iraq, of course, does not help.

Source: Ronnie | Daphilman16 | Natalie Brown Fansite | Mariah J.

Tuesday, May 4 , 2004

Chronicling Mariah Carey // 6:04 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has garnished more success in just a little over a decade than most music acts ever do in their entire careers. As a child she faced racial injustice because of her mixed race and continued to be misunderstood into adulthood. As a celebrity she has had to endure the scrutiny of the unrelenting press and has been put in the awkward position of having her daily life documented in magazines and tabloids. She is more complex than most think and her music is deeper and more influential than most critics will admit.

With all of this given, writing about her in any format is not necessarily an easy task. But music journalist Chris Nickson has extensively done so...twice. In 1995’s Her Story and 1998’s Mariah Carey Revisited (both published by St. Martin’s Press), Nickson chronicles Carey’s tumultuous childhood, rise to fame, and life after worldwide acclaim. Although dozens of other biographies have been published before and after these two, the Nickson books remain the most in-depth and informative on the market.

MariahDaily.com talked with the author regarding his reasons for writing about Mariah, as well as the process of bringing a concept to a fleshed-out publication and the possibilities of turning his Mariah biography series into a trilogy.

Mariah Daily: Her Story was your first book. Previously, you had been a rock music journalist writing for various magazines. When you made the jump to being a biographer, why did you decide to write about Mariah first?
Chris Nickson: In all honesty, opportunity more than anything. A friend of mine had been offered the chance to write the book. Mariah was the publisher's suggestion, I believe. He didn't want to, and suggested me instead. Naturally, I was interested. She was a major figure, even if it wasn't the type of music I normally covered, and like most writers, I wanted to see a book with my name on it.

MD: When Her Story was originally published in June 1995, Mariah had only been singing professionally for five years. Still, there was a lot of ground to cover. What were some of the processes involved in properly researching and preparing for the book?
CN: The book itself was written in 1994, from April to June, as I recall, so there was even less to go on. Mostly it was a case of scouring magazines stands, and using the library. The [Internet] simply wasn't really a resource in those days. So there was plenty of detective work involved. I also had a couple of friends who worked for Sony Music in New York, who proved to be quietly valuable but anonymous sources.

MD: How long did it take you to compile all the information and write Her Story?
CN: It was a three month process, all in all. Now that seems like a long time to me, but back then I felt rushed. I was new, didn't really know what was expected.

MD: Would you consider yourself a “Mariah expert” because of the in-depth research you did for these books?
CN: I believe I was a Mariah expert at the time, although probably not as much as some obsessive fans, who follow every heartbeat. However, I probably knew more about her than most of America.

MD: Although these books are very factual, they are still unauthorized. To your knowledge, has Mariah or her camp ever commented about the biographies?
CN: I've only heard this secondhand, so I don't know if it's true. But I was told that a girl won a competition to spend a day with Mariah. She took along CDs and other things to be autographed, including a copy of the book. The only item Mariah refused to sign was the book. But, as I stated, this is hearsay. However, when St. Martin's Press was preparing to published Mariah Carey Revisited, her manager offered a new picture for the cover.

MD: When writing about Mariah’s albums, you were very positive, going through each track and detailing its best qualities. Does this mean that, unlike many others who write about Mariah, you’re actually a fan of her music?
CN: I can't say I like everything she's done, by any means. But it's rare for me to like everything any artist has done. We all have our individual tastes in songs. But ... she has some good pop songs and ballads, and a stunning voice.

MD: In October 1998, an updated version of Her Story was published entitled Mariah Carey Revisited. Although you’ve written many other biographies, Mariah’s was the first you decided to revise and re-release. Why was that?
CN: That was suggested by the publisher, and there certainly seemed to be plenty to add at that point.

MD: Some critics gave the Mariah biographies bad citations for supposedly relying heavily on magazine articles. Mariah fans, however, generally find the books useful, informative, and a good read. Why do you think the critics and fans have such varying views on the books?
CN: Well, in my view, you write for the fans - the people who are going to shell out hard-earned money for the book. If they're happy, then it's a job well done. I recall reading a review of my Mariah book from a girl who didn't especially enjoy reading. She'd gone through it in one sitting, or something similar. Obviously she'd enjoyed it. Hopefully it made her want to read more. To me, that was the most gratifying thing I read. I don't make claims for my biographies being high art or great literature - critics want original research, which is fair enough, and mine don't contain that. But if the fans are happy, then I've done a good job.

MD: Do you try to keep up with information about Mariah? Are you still interested in her?
CN: I don't really keep up with pop culture at all these days - certainly not to any great extent. But I do have an abiding affection for Mariah, simply because she was my first book, and also because someone important [to me] loves "All I Ever Wanted" - it's her favorite song. So I keep up periodically. I appeared on a British documentary last year about Mariah.

MD: Would you ever consider writing about Mariah again? After all, quite a bit has happened in Mariah Land since the publication of 1998’s Revisited. (Multiple albums, movies, world tours, etc.)
CN: Frankly, I think there's much more to write about now, but I also believe that it would probably be time for a much more in-depth book - which would involve Mariah's co-operation.

MD: You ended your Mariah biographies by saying, “[Mariah] gives herself to her music in a way most pop stars couldn’t even imagine. ...Whatever fads rise and fall, and whatever artists come and go, there will only be one Mariah Carey.” Do you still believe this holds true?
CN: Well, she's still around, although her profile is lower these days. I wrote that before the boom in boy bands and girl singers. ... But she does have a remarkable voice, and there are still plenty of people who want to listen when she sings. So I'm sure she'll keep on.

MD: What do you think the world should know about Mariah Carey?
CN: Oh Lord, that's a good question...and there's probably nothing I could tell you that you don't already know!

Chris Nickson recently completed a biography on OutKast. His books, including the two Mariah biographies, can be purchased from amazon.com.

Source: Mariah Daily

Carey clothing // 10:31 AM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey is known for her skimpy stage outfits — and now she says she wants to start a line of children’s clothing.

The diva has been developing a line of jewelry and accessories, and she says she wants to design clothes for kids. “She says she wants to have children, too, but first she needs to find the right man,” says a source. “But she doesn’t need kids to design clothes for them.”

The kiddie outfits will be less provocative than Carey’s own clothes, says the source, “but still a lot of fun.”

Editor's Note: Mrs. Jeannette Walls, if you are reading this, please quote directly and do not embellish the story. Thank you.

Source: MSNBC

Monday, May 3 , 2004

Mariah: Pickup on Aisle 5 // 7:01 PM EST Updated by Will

Note to Mariah Carey: There are people watching you. We hear that the doormen at her building in New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood have been giggling at what the diva wears to pick up her FedEx packages and deliveries at the front desk: pink sweatpants and Manolo Blahniks. What we find funny: that she doesn’t send someone down to get this stuff.

Source: Fashion Dish

Mariah & Flex Shopping Segment // 10:52 AM EST Updated by Liron

Last night on "Ride With Funkmaster Flex", Mariah and Flex went shopping for helicopters. Mariah seemed like quite a pro while Flex was afraid of the test ride. Flex commented on Mariah's "Automatic Princess" necklace and she said that it's a clothing line she's making for kids. Flex asked her if she's thinking about having children and Mariah said she does but she has to find a man first.

You can download the video clip of the segment here (right click and "save target as...")

Source: SpikeTV | JD | Richard

Sunday, May 2 , 2004

Mariah & Flex shopping for Helicopters // 1:33 PM EST Updated by Liron

On Friday's "Access Hollywood", it was revealed that on tonight's show "Ride With Funkmaster Flex", he takes Mariah to do Helicopter shopping. In the clip they showed, Flex and Mariah were looking at some helicopters. Mariah thought that the 10 million dollars helicopter was too "butch" for her, and she prefered one with room for the legs. "This is more of my style. I like the spaciousness, it's nice, it's big, you can have enough people, you don't feel confined." They eventually took the helicopter for a test ride. "That's what I'm talking about", Mariah concluded.

Here are a few captures from the clip, click on the thumbnails to see a larger versions of them:

Don't forget to watch the show tonight on SpikeTV at 8:00pm EST.

Source: Mariah Daily | JD

News Tidbits // 1:31 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From Scotsman: An excerpt from an interview with the famous Scottish comedians Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill:

Lust object? Kiernan is equally flummoxed by his cohort’s choice of the actress Angela Bassett ("I’ve never bloody heard of her") but Hemphill correctly guesses Mariah Carey, then despairs at Kiernan’s lack of refinement. "She’s a fantastic-looking woman," he insists. Yes, yes, never mind those impressive lungs, what about that show-offy, multi-octave voice? "Oh, I can only listen to three songs. When she does that ratsqueak, I’m off."

-- From Malay Mail Online: More criticism on the AIM Awards 2004:

Other moments worth capturing include Elaine Daly’s dress and the five women singers on stage all at once. It would have been a better moment had they just left Mariah Carey’s song as is.

-- From Scotland on Sunday: An excerpt from an article about Lorraine Kelly, a host on the British TV channel GMTV:

Kelly’s natural warmth also melts some of the more glacial showbiz personalities - although not everyone has succumbed. Michael Winner stormed out of her interview, Mariah Carey’s huge entourage irritated her and she describes Harrison Ford as "the most boring person I’ve ever met".

-- From Everything New Orleans: "Anyone who does 'Peter Pan' works with Flying by Foy," said Jason Wilson, the flying director from the company that is No. 1 in the industry.

Flying by Foy worked with actress Mary Martin in the original Peter Pan production on Broadway. The company also is known for its work in "The Wizard of Oz," "The Lion King," on tour with Mariah Carey, and now Covington High School.

-- Mariah's makeup artist, Kristopher Buckle, appeared on MTV's Diary with Lindsay Lohan. He was her makeup artist for her new movie "Mean Girls" and some promotional things. She mentioned how he is so much fun to be around and that he's "hysterical."

-- Micky is a contestant on AFI, an Indonesian talent show. He says his favorite song is Mariah's "Butterfly."

-- Note for FOMM visitors: The message board has been moved to a new server on EZBoard and can now be accessed through this address. Update your bookmarks!

Source: Matt | Edwin

Saturday, May 1 , 2004

Mariah Daily celebrates six years // 9:17 PM EST Updated by Will

This month marks Mariah Daily’s sixth year online anniversary! To celebrate, we’ve completely re-launched the site with a renovated design and added features.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the site is our new photo gallery. Although it is far from complete – and in reality is actually quite incomplete – it still boasts thousands of pictures of Mariah throughout her career. Many of the photographs are rare and are presented in high-quality format. The best part is...there are no watermarks or digital logos on the pictures, so you can enjoy them to the fullest extent! Please don’t take advantage of this opportunity to steal the pictures for your own site. If this occurs, we may be forced to close the photo gallery and halt any further updates there.

In addition, we have updated many of your favorite sections, including the Mariah Style Report and Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill. As the tradition goes, there is a new monthly contest, and we will be announcing a very special contest in the coming days!

We are also very interested in your feedback: thoughts about our new design, possible suggestions for additional site features, submission of correction, and any information or pictures you’d like to share! We are planning to add numerous more features to the site in the coming months and it is our goal to make Mariah Daily the best site it can be. We truly appreciate all of you that have supported us throughout the years and we promise this is only the beginning!

Source: Mariah Daily

Caribbean Cruise // 1:42 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey gains her sea legs — and shoes — as she disembarks the catamaran Scoobi Too to spend the night on St. Bart's.

Scarey... Is it just us or is Mariah Carey turning into a cartoon character? The voluptuous diva cut a Disney-like figure as she arrived at St. Bart's in the Caribbean aboard her yacht Scooby Doo. Never one to dress down — even on the beach — Mariah was kitted out in full-on neon pink high heeled sexy mules to greet the locals.

And when the island's best hotel The Guanahani, couldn't find her a suitably sumptuous suite she simply picked up her (matching) luggage and headed to the nearest five-star to slum it.

Now that's a girl who likes an adventure...

Source: Love Love Jack

Mariah to work with Kanye West // 1:34 PM EST Updated by Will

Producer and rapper Kanye West made an appearance on MTV’s Direct Effect yesterday. When asked about any upcoming projects, Kanye listed Mariah’s new album among them.

Kanye, who just this year released his first solo album, has been producing tracks for the likes of Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Monica for years. Most recently, he produced hits for Alicia Keys (“You Don’t Know My Name”) and Janet Jackson (“I Want You”).

In October 2003, MariahDaily.com held a poll which asked fans which producer they would most like Mariah to collaborate with. Kanye placed last among the ten choices with a mere 1% (only 35 votes out of the 2,926 total).

Source: Mariah Daily | Tomas | Tiffany

News Tidbits // 1:18 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From The Sunday Times: Just two months back, singer Mariah Carey wore three-inch heels to the golf links when one course requested she conformed to the dress code. She later said: 'I wasn't about to wear some golf shirt with a collar. I'm seriously contemplating designing sexy women's golf clothes.'

-- From Kludge Magazine: This "could have been a Mariah Carey" song, Chris Martin says, referring to the gentle melody of the song he’s about to play. For those who dislike Coldplay for being too mellow, this might ring true. "These six notes brought us here," he says, and the band performs their enormous hit "Yellow."

-- On the E! Television special called "Teel Idols of the 90s", there was a clip of Brandy at the Grammy Awards saying, "Oh my god! I just met TLC; and I'm just dying to meet Mariah Carey." The two would meet for the first time later that evening.

-- From Sydney Morning Herald: Which albums from ten years ago still rate? What trends are evident now? And will we want to hear that the biggest selling album in Australia in 1994 was Music Box by Mariah Carey? This will please one Herald reader, Jason, who recently wrote: "Mariah Carey's collaboration with rapper ODB on 'Fantasy' helped usher in the trend of the rap/sung collaboration. That trend is still going strong 10 years later, and it did more to change where music was going than Nirvana did. Why do we never see articles about Mariah's influence? I guess if she had killed herself in 1992 she would get more respect." Now there's a thought.

-- Congratulations to Shimon Tapeta for making the finals of the Israeli Pop Idol contest, "Kohav Nolad". Shimon is a huge Mariah fan and has mentioned on the show that his biggest dream is to sing a duet with Mariah.

-- In an interview with Music Force, Stacie Orrico lists Mariah's "Merry Christmas" as her favorite christmas album. In related news, Mariah's "Greatest Hits" is listed as one of Stacie's favorite albums at stacieorrico.org

-- Jill is working on a fanbook for Mariah. It is going to be a fan profile book where each person will give a detailed account of why they became a Mariah fan and why they continue to be one. It will be a personal fan history about Mariah, not to Mariah. For more details, click here.

-- From Kansas City Star: The recording industry sued 477 more computer users Wednesday, including dozens of college students at schools in 11 states, accusing them of illegally sharing music across the Internet. According to the lawsuits, the persons downloaded such music as Phil Collins' “In the Air Tonight,” UB40's “Red Red Wine” REO Speedwagon's “Keep on Loving You” and Mariah Carey's “Dreamlover.”

Source: whateverisisright | Nacho | Jason | Meindert | Jill