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Wednesday, June 30 , 2004

Mariah to sing Olympic Anthem? // 1:39 PM EST Updated by Will

Apparently, the August 2004 issue of Seventeen Magazine (with covergirl Hilary Duff) reports that Mariah is scheduled to sing the Olympic Anthem at the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Olympic Games, which will be held on August 13th in Athens, Greece.

Source: Mariah Daily | Miss Glitz

News Tidbits // 1:28 PM EST Updated by Will

-- On the second season premiere of the FX television show Nip/Tuck, there was a mention about Mariah's movie Glitter. A friend of a woman who had just had plastic surgery was telling her he'd see her the next morning. She said, "I thought we were going to watch Glitter tonight."

-- From The Situation: Fans of Mariah Carey will like the track ‘U Make Me Wanna’ [from the new Jadakiss album], the distinctive Mariah vocals with Jadakiss laying down lyrics, the track plays on an Egyptian like sound with added synthesised beats, not one of the best singles but it is one you can listen to.

-- From AOL Music: The most startling thing about Kiss of Death is that Jadakiss dumped a bunch of Neptunes productions and kept only "Hot Sauce to Go," one of the record's poorest tracks. This, along with a particularly ill-suited "soft and smooth track for the ladies" featuring a carted-in Mariah Carey, as well as a too-familiar-sounding Scott Storch production, are thankfully the only outright blights on an otherwise satisfactory showing.

-- From CBS News: Over the years, several artists have dabbled with their own label deals, some enduring longer than others. Mariah Carey's Crave label, which she launched with Sony Music Independent Labels in 1997, closed its doors in less than a year. In an industry where more than 90 percent of artists fail, the chances are slim an artist-label venture will turn a profit.

-- From The Mirror: According to top New York astrologers, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, the zodiac offers one of the best clues to our sex lives. Aries women (the "original Eve") include Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley. Notoriously cool customer, she sees herself as the 'Catch of the Century'. Aries woman has strong physical needs for sex every day and craves instant gratification. Sexy secret: Likes it on top and a little rough. How to turn her on: Introduce a shock factor such as outdoor sex or nookie on the train - Aries woman would just love to be caught!

Source: Jason | Donnie

Tuesday, June 29 , 2004

Mariah working with Traxster and Twista // 4:38 PM EST Updated by Will

Having cooked so many classics for his city, will anybody outside Chicago get mixed into [producer Traxster's] recipes? Apparently, Cam’Ron, Mariah Carey and Tech N9ne plan on being the new vocal ingredients. ...Next on his agenda, the legendary beat maker has work to do with singing-sensation Mariah Carey! Trax is involved for one song on her album, and finds himself again with Twista (long live guest appearances), who will be featured. America’s diva should certainly mesh well with two of Chicago’s finest.

Source: Chibangin Online | jakejam

It's Good To Be Mariah Carey // 4:01 PM EST Updated by Will

"It's Good To Be Mariah Carey", the brand new television special we exclusively reported about last month, will premiere on E! Entertainment TV on Tuesday, July 13th at 10:00 pm.

The program comes as part of the series "It's Good To Be...", and will give a behind-the-scenes look at the financial world of Mariah Carey by revealing salaries, spending habits and consumption sprees; and detailing Mariah's rise to fame and the money she made on the way to the top.

Mariah’s complete television schedule can be found to the right of your screen under Important Dates.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah at the Trump Restaurant // 3:25 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah is featured in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly magazine on a page about divas at the Trump International Towers in New York City. She was seen leaving the Trump Restaurant on June 15th. Below are two photos from that event. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


Source: Diva MC | Spooky21

Mariah clawing her way back // 3:17 PM EST Updated by Will

After a volatile two years that saw Mariah Carey suffer a nervous breakdown, not to mention ugly reviews for her film "Glitter," the seven-octave singer is plotting a massive comeback with a new album in the works, and a forthcoming children's book that could turn into an animated series.

Her management company Creative Artists Agency and personal manager Benny Medina are spearheading this cattle-drive to remake Carey into a multi-media star.

She's currently penning an illustrated children's book about a biracial orphan girl, and according to CAA, is eyeing opportunities to write music for other artists, as well as television commercials. She's already set to star in the stage play "The Prince and the Showgirl" early next year in London's West End, and Medina says Andrew Lloyd Webber's wants to work with her on Broadway.

We'll also get a new Maria Carey album, her first under new Island Def Jam chief Antonio "L.A." Reid, by the end of the year. So far, she's worked with producers Kanye West, Swizz Beats and R. Kelly. After the album drops, Carey is likely to hit the road for a tour.

Source: EURWeb

Monday, June 28 , 2004

Mariah Invited to Sorvino's Wedding // 5:34 AM EST Updated by Liron

Actress Mira Sorvino who played alongside Mariah in "Wisegirls," is getting married to actor Chris Backus on July 2nd. The wedding will be held in Villa Monte San Michele on the island of Capri. Mariah Carey, Woody Allen and Sophia Loren were among the friends invited to the wedding.

Source: MariahLive.TK

Sunday, June 27 , 2004

Mariah's In Toon! // 10:32 PM EST Updated by Will

Critics would say her life is already a cartoon but news reaches us that a new children's book written by Mariah Carey could become an animated TV series.

Mariah's illustrated book is about a bi-racial orphan girl who eventually makes it in the big city. [Sound familiar?]

Mariah's agent said: "It's something she's worked on without the help of ghostwriters. She has a whole idea based on her bi-racial heritage. She thinks there will be a huge audience."

Yes, almost as huge as her flop film debut Glitter eh?

Source: Top Of The Pops News

Saturday, June 26 , 2004

Mariah reaches out to fan // 11:55 PM EST Updated by Will

Here's a message we received: "My name is Undray. I live in Maryland and my long term goal was to always move to New York City. I also wanted to go to college. Well a few months ago, I was broke, with only a high school education and there was no way I was going to get a good enough job in NYC to pay for an apartment. At the time I was also contemplating joining the Army National Guard. Well by doing this it would give me some structure and give me a chance to save some money to be able to move to NYC.

"Well after listening to 'Make It Happen' so many times I was crazy enough and I went ahead and did it. On Febuary 17th of 2004 I shipped out to go to BCT (basic combat training; bootcamp). I would spend 10 weeks there training, being yelled at, being trained to fight and kill and do lots of push-ups and you know how it goes. Well everyday that I was there I would sing 'Make It Happen' to myself just to keep myself motivated. Well towards the end of BCT on April 17th I had just returned from a 10 mile road march coming from a three night stay in the woods. During the march home we had to carry our m16 rifles, and had about 65 pounds on our backs. It was crazy. However the night I got back I recieved something in the mail that I would never forget. It was a 8x10 signed photo of Mariah saying I was her hero! I went crazy! At first I thought, 'Wait this can't be for real! How on earth would Mariah have gotten the address to my BCT to send this to me while I was here?' I thought one of my lamb friends was playing a sick joke on me. Well after I asked everyone if they knew anything about it and they all said no, I was sure it was the real thing. It was mailed from Universal Music in NYC. It was just the right gift to recieve at a perfect time.

"I graduated BCT on April 29th and then had to go straight to AIT (advanced individual training) and learn my job skill. I lived in the same barracks and have the same job as Jessica Lynch so the company I stayed in was much harder on us than they had been to others in the past. It was a little harder than BCT to live there and deal with all the drill sergeants. I just graduated from there on June 25th. The entire time I was there I had the signed picture of Mariah hanging in my wall locker. It motivated me and reminded me that I can make it happen.

"Now I am home, I do my one weekend a month for the army, I have a job skill under my name and now I can start applying for jobs in NYC so I can get an apartment with my wonderful soon to be roommate Cesar. And now I can start my online college classes for free because the army is paying for it.

"Thank you Mariah. 'Make It Happen' is the only thing that helped me make it through BCT. Mariah's music was really put to the test when it comes to inspiration. So if anyone out there ever feels like they can't make it through the rain. Think again! Because I've made it through a lot worse but I don't think I could have done it without Mariah! And let's not forget that the entire 17 weeks I was gone (10 for BCT and 7 for AIT) I wasn't allowed to have a cell phone or discman so I never heard any Mariah music until I came home two days ago!"

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 11:55 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Another picture from the InStyle Magazine photo shoot can be viewed at mariahcarey.com.

-- From The Wall Street Journal: "Home-Improvement" television star Bob Vila has sold a home of his own: his 5,000-square-foot apartment in New York's TriBeCa neighborhood. The property, just under the triplex penthouse owned by his neighbor, singer Mariah Carey, sold for $3.73 million after about a year on the market at $4.1 million, says listing agent Robbie Brown of Corcoran Group.

-- From The Times: Acutely aware of the lure of celebrity endorsement, [disc jockey Erick Morillo] is not ashamed to use it. His Subliminal nights are famous for their starry clientele; at the annual Miami Winter Music Conference in March, he turned up to his own party with P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell, while U2 and Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey and Mick Jagger have been to hear him play.

-- From All Africa: [On Project Fame Academy, an African talent show] Lindiwe Alam, 25, from Zambia, is a wife and a mother, and is in the Academy to mould what is agreeably an amazing and dynamic voice that literally blew the judges away during the auditions. An ex-Miss Zambia finalist, she likes both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in equal parts.

-- From Inquirer News: This early [in a Filipino talent show called Search for a Star], industry pundits have been pitting one against the other. Comparisons are flying thick and fast. Sarah Geronimo can supposedly give Celine Dion a run for her vocalization, while Rachelle Ann Go, they say, can scale the dizzying musical heights of Mariah Carey. Still, the two girls seem largely unaffected by all the fuss and frenzy. Truth is, they act more like sorority sisters than cutthroat competitors.

Source: --

Friday, June 25 , 2004

"In Style" Clip on TRL // 4:21 PM EST Updated by Liron

Click here to download an MPEG video file of TRL's segment on Mariah's photo shoot at Dramatics Salon in New York City for the July issue of InStyle Magazine. The clip is very similar to the one from Entertainment Tonight but in this one, Mariah adds: "Maybe if I had this uniform, I would've stayed!"

Many thanks go out again to Richard for making the file and JD for hosting it for us!

Source: Mariah Daily | JD

Butterfly Effect - Mariah's Big Makeover // 4:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

These days, when we think Mariah Carey, two things come to mind: the craptacular cinematic experience that was "Glitter" (along with the post-release meltdown it triggered) and wide open expanses of cleavage. But if the chart-topping chanteuse's reps have anything to say about it, those negative images will soon be forgotten thanks to a carefully coordinated career overhaul.

The transformation seems only fitting for the butterfly-loving Carey, who has re-teamed with CAA in a bid to emerge from the cocoon of so-so sales and personal problems.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the talent agency and Carey's manager, Benny Medina, are developing a "multi-pronged approach" to make over Mariah into a "multimedia star."

To that end, the octave-leaping singer will not only release a new album this year, but is making like Madonna by penning ("without the help of ghostwriters," her agent is quick to add) an illustrated, semi-autobiographical children's book about a biracial orphan girl, which CAA hopes to turn into an animated series.

The trade says there are also plans to have Carey parlay her song-writing skills (she's written 15 No. 1 tunes) into a separate entity that could possibly have her churning out hits for other artists or creating commercial jingles (just ... no). And what of Mariah's stalled acting career? Look for her to emote her little heart out as she treads the boards in the London stage production of "The Prince and the Showgirl" next year. Medina claims there's also talk of an Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway production.

"For everything she's done to this point -- she's been credited as being an incredible vocalist -- but everything else, from acting to songwriting, kind of gets pushed down," Rob Light, head of music at CAA, tells the Reporter. "Our goal is to just take the lid off that talent and let people know who she is." Judging by Mariah's recent outfits, that lid came off long ago.

Source: MSN | Louise

News Tidbits // 4:06 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Smooth Magazine wants know who are the hottest women in the world. Smooth is showcasing their 'Smooth 100 Hottest Honeys' list in their first ever Hot 100 issue, which is due out later this year. Pick your top 10 honeys and be sure to vote for our lovely Mariah. You can vote as many times as you want! Click here to vote.

-- From Tenterfield Star: The North West Country Schools band tour rolled into Tenterfield this week entertaining locals with an eclectic repitore of music. With an average age of 13.7, the fifty-four students performed at the School of Arts Tuesday night. From James Bond, to Lord of the Rings and Mariah Carey to Peter Allen, the band showed their diversity in their range of musical items.

-- From Riverfront Times: When newcomer singer-songwriter Dayna Kurtz was asked: "Is there any music that you've always wanted to perform but haven't been able to nail?" she replied:

As a singer, when I hear stuff that I don't know how to do -- like Mariah Carey's dog-whistle stuff -- I give it a try. You know, like, "Can I do that?" It's interesting to try to test the limits of your ability. One thing I've never been able to do that I'd really like to do is scream like Prince or James Brown.

-- From The Globe and Mail: A man with five guns and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition set himself up beside a Beaches water plant yesterday planning to commit mass homicide. But a dog's affection apparently persuaded him not to go through with his plan. The man's automobile, a red two-door Subaru, was also on display. A yellow plastic dog's bowl, a quarter full with food pellets, balanced on the back seat. The upholstery was almost invisible under a mish-mash of food wrappers, packets of medication and assorted papers. In the trunk, a collection of CDs revealed a taste for the music of Mariah Carey, the Doors, Abba and Judas Priest.

-- From Sky News: Can Westlife finally crack the US market without Bryan McFadden? They famously teamed up with Mariah Carey for a version of a Phil Collins classic that never saw the light of day in the US. So will it be any different with 70s disco diva Donna Summer?

Source: Mariah Inc.

Thursday, June 24 , 2004

CAA to get Carey back to famous high notes // 3:06 AM EST Updated by Liron

Rob Light, managing partner and head of music at CAA, asks the important question, "How do you take Mariah Carey, arguably the most successful female singer in history, and reinvent her for the next stage of her career while staying true to exactly who she is?"

The past few years been a roller coaster ride for the songbird, who has sold more 150 million albums worldwide since her 1990 debut. In 2001-02, her film "Glitter" flopped, she had a nervous breakdown, and Virgin Records dropped her. Yet, she received critical acclaim for her role in the indie film "Wisegirls," and only six months after she left Virgin, Island Records signed her to a multialbum deal and gave Carey her own label, MonarC. While her first album under the Island deal, "Charmbracelet," wasn't the smash many hoped it would be, it did sell more than 1 million copies in the United States, and her 2003 tour in support of the record grossed $6 million-plus.

Now she has re-signed with CAA for representation in all areas, and Carey's manager, Benny Medina, and Light are planning a multipronged approached to remaking her into a multimedia star.

Carey is in the process of writing an illustrated children's book about a biracial orphan girl, which Light says could be turned into an animated series.

"The children's (project) is a very natural step," Light says. "It's something she's worked on without the help of ghostwriters. She has a whole idea based on her biracial heritage; she thinks there is a huge audience."

While Carey is best known for her seven-octave range, she also has penned 15 No. 1 singles. Light says CAA will be looking to utilize her songwriting talent to possibly write for other artists, as well as for jingles, commercials and television.

Carey also is looking at theater opportunities. She is set to star in "The Prince and the Showgirl" early next year in London's West End, and Medina says Andrew Lloyd Webber's office has expressed interest in working with Carey on Broadway.

Says Light: "For everything she's done to this point -- she's been credited as being an incredible vocalist -- but everything else, from acting to songwritng, kind of gets pushed down. Our goal is to just take the lid off that talent and let people know who she is."

Carey's next album, her first with new Island Def Jam chief Antonio "L.A." Reid, is due out this year. Medina says the record will "hit all the marks," from her signature ballads to R&B crossover songs and high-energy dance tracks. She's been working with such A-list producers as Kanye West, Swizz Beats and R. Kelly.

"She's an interesting iconic phenomenon," Light says. "Every time a record comes out, it feels as relevant today as when her first record came out. Very few artists can do that."

Of course, Carey is likely to tour again after the album's release. "She really enjoyed the last touring experience," Light says. "She really felt she put on a show that was her and connected with the audience. We're looking at the big picture. I think touring will be a part of it."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Dino

Wednesday, June 23 , 2004

Bionic Woman // 11:04 AM EST Updated by Liron

Corkscrew-curled Mariah Carey manages a miracle of modern engineering at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club anniversary bash in New York. Her slinky angled white satin gown not only flashes her thunderous thighs but forklifts her bionic bosom. If those biohazardous babies get hiked any higher, this songbird won't be able to swallow, much less sing.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

E! Online's Fashion Police Rating: 3/5.

Click here to give Mariah a higher rating!

Source: E! Online | Ernesto

News Tidbits // 11:04 AM EST Updated by Liron

-- Lea, the singer who sings the hook on "Sunshine" by Lil' Flip named Mariah as one of her inspirations on the show "Access Granted" which aired last night on BET. She also mentioned Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston as her other inspirations.

-- From ic Teesside: If you decide to take the aquatic plunge you'll be in good company - Missy Elliot has an amazing double sided aquarium in her home (rather like the one in Romeo and Juliet) as does Mariah Carey who freely admits to being besotted by her underwater world.

Source: Keinan

Tuesday, June 22 , 2004

"In Style": New Scan & MPEG // 6:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

Click here to download an MPEG video file of Entertainment Tonight's behind-the-scenes report on Mariah's photo shoot at Dramatics Salon in New York City for the July issue of InStyle Magazine.

When the issue hits newsstand on June 25th, be sure to pick it up! Many thanks go out again to Lynn for making the file and JD for hosting it for us!

Click on the thumbnail to see a large scale version of the scan from the magazine. This is the only Mariah picture in the magazine with Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover and ironically a title that says "how to get the silkiest sexiest legs" -- perhaps they should get some notes from Mariah!

Editor's Note: Download currently disabled.

Source: Mariah Daily | Richard

Knee-d To Know // 5:50 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey made sure all her best assets were on show at the anniversary party of Jay-Z's New York nightclub, 40/40, choosing a busty white satin number with high-cut skirt. How many marks out of 40 would you give her?

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the photo.

Is Mariah's dress a 'Do' or a 'Don't'? Click here if you think it's a 'Do'!

Source: Glamour | Kalada

Mariah's Angry Hairdressing Memories // 5:41 PM EST Updated by Liron

Pop diva MARIAH CAREY quit her first job as a hairdresser's assistant because she refused to change her name to ECHO.

The sexy singer swept up hair in a beauticians called DRAMATICS but was furious when bosses complained her name wasn't unusual enough and attempted to rename her.

She says, "The problem was they had this thing where they gave you a new name, and Mariah wasn't exotic enough for them, and they named me Echo.

"I walked out because I thought it was degrading."

Carey gets to recreate her life as a one-day wannabe stylist in the new issue of glossy American magazine IN STYLE, where today's pop, rock and hip-hop stars like NELLY, AVRIL LAVIGNE and LL COOL J agreed to go back in time for a special photospread.

Nelly recreates his first job as a UPS delivery man, Lavigne revisits her youth spent mowing lawns and LL Cool J poses as a newspaper delivery boy.

Source: Contact Music

News Tidbits // 5:40 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From MSNBC: Still, the disc [“Kiss of Death,” Jadakiss] has its share of undeniable bangers. A cooing Mariah Carey breezes through the sexy “U Make Me Wanna.”

-- From Delusions of Adequacy: Gordon’s [of Sonic Youth] already infamous “Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream” (re-christened on finished retail copies to “Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream” for litigious reasons), provides the latest twist on her bubblegum-pop-meets-feminist-politicking schtick. Blatantly aimed with acerbic aplomb on the song’s original title-star, Gordon mocks the whole sex-as-music commercialism of the multi-channel MTV generation; “Your bounce to the ounce makes us want to pounce” she quips. Whilst it’s a tad rich for someone who has been a major-label-signed-indie-pin-up over the years, to snipe on the sexuality-charged side of the music industry, the song’s scolding melody and bitter wit wins her through.

-- From The Voice (Jasmine's Juice column) : I began my week in New York for LA Reid’s birthday/Grammy party, where all the artists in the urban royal court came out to show their support. Mariah Carey looked the superstar in a tight, short, deep-blue vintage dress. She sat right next to LA as his guest of honour. Also in the house were Andre 3000, Mary J Blige, Ashanti and her mom, Irv Gotti, LL Cool J, Damon Dash, Jay-Z and Puffy.

... [Brandy] has always been a hip-hopper at heart but was marketed (like Mariah) as the sweet little girl next door.

-- From NY Daily News: Kelly Clarkson: Though declared by meanie Simon Cowell as the only "Idol" he could actually stand to see in concert, Clarkson suffers from a tendency to give us 10 notes when two will do. Her unfortunate role model: Mariah Carey. Kelly treats her performances like sporting events, batting every note out of the ballpark rather than ferreting out what a song really needs: Finesse.

-- Aladerri is organizing a fan gathering in Illinois, here are the details he sent us:

When: Saturday June 26th, 2004
Time: 5:00pm
Place: Buca di Beppo Lombard
90 Yorktown Road
Lombard IL 60148

Each and every Mariah Fan is invited! all you have to do is RSVP to aladerri@yahoo.com or laurenjacob@cs.com and let us know how many people are coming, it is very important we receive your confirmation because we need to make reservation and hold your seat or for any other question.

The main thing about this gathering is to meet more Mariah fans, talk about our beautiful Miss M and of course feel free to bring some extra goodies you have to share with other fans. We might have a few presents too!!! We hope to meet you all this saturday!

Source: --

More on InStyle Magazine shoot // 12:38 AM EST Updated by Will

InStyle Magazine is checking out how rock stars made their spending cash before they were stars – and they have the pictures to prove it in a layout entitled "Before They Were Stars: Rockers’ First Jobs"! The celebrities featured include Avril Lavigne, Eve, LL Cool J, Nelly, Liz Phair, Martina McBride, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and of course Mariah.

Mariah was a beauty school dropout who only lasted three hours working as a sweeper at New York’s Dramatics beauty salon. When her boss tried to nickname her Echo, she took a hike – or rather a bus ride – home.

Mariah, a former junior stylist at the salon, visited the 47th Street location for her shoot. There she met up with stylist Omega and boss Rock. Can you guess where on her body she had her former nickname Echo temporarily tattooed? Watch for the pictures in the July issue of InStyle Magazine, on newsstands June 25.

Source: Mariah Daily | JCLovesMC 563

Monday, June 21 , 2004

Multimedia Updates // 9:59 PM EST Updated by Will

Click here to download an MPEG video file of Mariah singing "Happy Birthday" to Island/Def Jam president L.A. Reid at his birthday party. The clip comes from a feature on Entertainment Tonight.

In related news, we have added the fourth and final installment of mp3s in our Mariah Homecoming Special marathon. Those files are located under the Weekly Multimedia section of our sidebar.

Editor's Note: Download currently disabled.

Source: Mariah Daily

Derek Jeter fans share Mariah stories // 12:55 PM EST Updated by Will

As you probably know, Mariah dated New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter for a few years. Several of his fans posted about their experiences meeting Mariah on a fan message board.

ruffnstuff23 writes, "I worked at L.A. Reid's birthday party, and she was there. Here's just a couple of observations for those that care: she has some line backer shoulders and no booty; but on a positve note, her skin is flawless, legs are toned like whoa, and she has Bambi eyes; on a suprising note, she's skinny and the boobs are the biggest thing on her. The girls are even bigger in person.

"On a personality note, she's definitely a Long Island girl. She comes across as uber charming. I was in the bathroom cleaning up when she busted in. She goes, 'Hey, I use to do a job like yours. But, girl you are really trying to clean. I just use to dump the bucket water on the floor, and chill out for 15 minutes. Then I would walk back out like I did something productive.' I just stood there and looked at her. I mean I have actively hated this woman for so long, and then here she was chatting it up with me. Well it was a pretty one-sided conversation; I just stared at her. I didn't know what to else to say. I could actually feel myself starting to like her.

"She is a funny girl though for real. I overheard her and AJ from 106th and Park discussing bands. AJ was saying that people think up the weirdest names for groups. She asked if he could come up with a cool name if he had a band. He couldn't do it off the top of his head, and asked if she could. She grabbed one of his braids and said, 'You could call it AJ and the Attachments.'

"I practically stalked this woman listeing to her mix and mingle. She invited Mary J. Blige to a dinner party. Mary laughed and then asked her could she even cook. Mariah paused and then said, 'I like to think my dancing is like my cooking. It might not look right but I try.' That's pretty much the only other conversation I was able to eavesdrop on. Her and Jay-Z look like they have a very close relationship. He looked really upset and they sat and talked for a long time.

"On a side note don't know what her boyfriend does or who he is, but he is cute. She really looked into him too. I don't know what nationality her boyfriend is but he is pretty. He has really long eyelashes, dark hair, nice build, and is about average height. He's not even cute the boy is just outright pretty."

Another person, mekmek, commented about her experience with Mariah. "I met her during a meet and greet when she was on tour and did a sow in Tampa. She was very beautiful in person and smaller than I thought. She was very mild and even seemed kind of shy when talking to the fans. I only went because of some friends and family who were big fans of hers (i.e. my brother) wanted me to. Not that I didn't like her or anything.

"We had a chance to talk to her for about 20 minutes. She was cool to my surprise. I wasn't saying anything to her. I stood off to the side kind of. I remeber waving my tour book in my face because it was hot and she looked over at me and asked if I was ok. I said yes even though I was not and I think she saw that so she had some man bring me a drink. Than she had me and my brother to come over and stand next to her in some lobby area.

"The meet and greet was over and the fans had left but we stayed there because my brother had won some radio thing were he got a chance to have some one on one time with her. I came along because I was his ride. She asked us our name my brother told her his and than I told her mine. She looks up at me and says " I have a cousin with the same name; it's very pretty." I told her thanks and than some lady named I think Mary walked by and pushed her kind of hard in the back and she went off. She goes, 'Okay were going to see how good you can fight if you push me again', then the lady turns and says, 'and I'll see how quick you can get up off the floor .'

"I thought they were going to fight but they both started to laugh and said, 'I'll see you in an hour.' It was fuuny because for a second Mariah looked like this hard ass who might have some fight in her. But all in all she was very nice and down to earth even close to the people who worked for her she was not the person I thought she was at all after that I think I started to like her. And as for all those stories you hear about her you forget about them after you meet her."

PRQueen shared her story. "Meeting her was very strange. I was eating with three other girls. All very attractive but none of us are model material. Still, we are regular pretty chicks (if I do say so myself). Well Miss Mariah and her entourage come strolling in. Now, if any of you have been to Mistral [a restaurant in Boston] -- it's kind of an upsale place. On the conservative side. So MC and friends come in loud as all hell. Basically drawing all sorts of attention to themselves.

"Mariah was wearing a black mini skirt that kept riding up as she walked, so she was tugging at it. She was also wearing her trademark tube top. Anywho, they ended up sitting in the booth right next to us. It was Mariah, a light skinned black girl and two male friends, plus two big body guards. They were all very immature and the two guys started hitting on us. Inviting us to some after party at the Park Plaza Hotel. It seemed sketchy. She just kept giving us the evil eye and the whole time I am thinking to myself, 'You are Mariah Carey! Don't be hating on us!'

"So of course we all ended up in the bathroom at the same time. We were putting on lip stick and she came in. She was really staring at my pants. But in a very uncomfortable way for everyone. It's so hard to explain. Finally she was like, 'Those pants are hot!' and she sort of tugged at my side. It was so odd. This was like two weeks before her mental 'breakdown' or whatever you want to call it. She just seemed very out of sorts. Very weird the way she kept looking around. Shifty eyed. Also she was much bigger then I thought she would be. She was wide. Not fat but wide. Her boobs are huge. And she has a big face. If any of this makes sense."

PUTmeONtheHOOD also met Mariah. "I worked for Clearchannel Radio in Colorado Springs and I have to admit I am a huge Mariah fan...I have every album, poster, single, whatever. Well the last day I worked there I found out they set up a meet and greet for me and ten of my friends and family. They were supposed to give them away on-air, so I took my mom and dad who thought she was crazy. Dad being a colonel in the airforce at a Mariah show, I thought would be interesting.

"The show went great. My dad loved her actually. I was afraid after the show waiting to meet her because I thought she would be a snob and squash all my thoughts and blocking out crazy talk from people.

"We walked up to her and she was short just like you described her...very tiny except for boobs. She was so nice. Looked me in the eye when talking and just chatted for a few. We are not supposed to touch her said her bodyguard but she gave me a hug and signed an autograph which I guess she normally doesn't do. They tell you before you meet her no autographs."

To view comments on these stories, log on to The House That Jeter Built message board.

Source: Mariah Daily | Lynn

News Tidbits // 12:27 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From BET Online: “I sang background vocals for Bobby Brown, Pebbles, Babyface, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Be Be & Ce Ce Winans when I moved to Atlanta,” says [Trina] Broussard. Through her association with Trey Lorenz, she began writing and then later signed with So So Def.

-- From New York Daily News: Pulling a Mariah Carey, [Jessica Simpson] belted every note to the rafters. While she clearly lacks Ms. Carey's pipes, a gross excess of amplification, and some apparently recorded vocal helper, allowed her to simulate diva-status. Too bad the songs from her three CDs all sound like pieces fished out of Britney Spears slush pile.

-- From Newsday: Britney Spears has become a stateside Kylie Minogue, churning out one dance pop hit after another. Christina Aguilera continues to walk the line between Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson; and with both film and music careers cooking, Mandy Moore is like a Vanessa Williams minus the Penthouse scandal.

-- From Stars & Stripes: As the new arrivals [of military troops] walk into the reception area, they are told to drop their bags and head into the briefing room, where there are plenty of chips and sodas to be had. In the briefing room, they are greeted by images of the work they’re doing in Iraq while the song “Hero,” by Mariah Carey plays. “We want them to know that they truly are heroes,” [Ellie Walbridge, the program’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation supervisor] said.

-- From Ask Men: Check out [Jadakiss'] sophomore effort, which features fellow artists like Nate Dogg (on "Time's Up"), Snoop Dogg & DJ Quick (on "Shine"), Pharrell (on "Hot Sauce To Go"), and Mariah Carey (on "U Make Me Wanna"). If you liked Jadakiss' platinum debut album, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, you'll be pimping it up with this one.

-- From The State: Backed by China's highest family incomes, Shanghai has recently hosted shows by acts ranging from Mariah Carey to aging British hard rockers Deep Purple and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

-- From Online Entertainment: [Jennifer Lopez] and her spokespeople have still not officially announced the secret wedding at her Beverly Hills mansion earlier this month did take place, despite the fact pictures of the couple in wedding outfits have been published across the world. Instead, J-Lo moved to quash rumours she is poised to hire Mariah Carey's ex-husband [Tommy] Mottola - who used to head up Sony Records - as her new manager.

-- From News & Observer: [Hip Ksor] cannot go home, so he buys his youngest child [Treh Nay] an airline ticket to Vietnam. She cannot remember the village in the highlands or her four grown siblings, so she spreads out the old photographs on the coffee table at home in Raleigh. "I feel like I will be seeing it for the first time," she says. She packs her flared pants and silvery heels, the tight dresses that show off her figure and a Mariah Carey CD.

-- From The Scoop: While at the helm of Flyte Tyme Records, based in Los Angeles and Minnesota, ["Jimmy Jam"] Harris and [Terry] Lewis have been responsible for the development of such young talent as multi-platinum selling artists Janet Jackson, TLC, and sultry Pop diva Mariah Carey and has had a hand in the popularity of other such artists as Rod Stewart, Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson, Sting, Luther Vandross and Herb Alpert, to name a few.

Source: --

Sunday, June 20 , 2004

Behind-the-scenes of "InStyle" photo shoot // 1:35 PM EST Updated by Will

Here are a few screen captures taken from Entertainment Tonight's behind-the-scenes look at Mariah's InStyle Magazine photo shoot. The full segment will be airing Monday. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


Source: JCLovesMC 563

News Tidbits // 1:18 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Twelve years ago, on June 20, 1992, Mariah Carey scored her sixth US No.1 single with 'I'll Be There', a No.2 hit in the UK. The song was also a US No.1 for The Jackson 5 in 1970.

-- Singer Kyla, known as the Filipino R&B Princess, joined in on the Filipino television program "Million Video-oke Challenge" on June 20, 2004 and won the jackpot round with a performance of Mariah's Through The Rain. Kyla, a very big Mariah fan, had joined the show three times previously before she finally hit the jackpot. You can hear her performance at kylaonline.com.

-- From New York Daily News: In the song "The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream," [Sonic Youth's lead singer Kim] Gordon curls her deepest sneer. A little late in the day, the lyrics weigh in unsympathetically on Mariah Carey's breakdown. But its zingers could just as easily apply to Britney Spears, Courtney Love or any number of dedicated publicity hounds.

-- From New Zealand News: Another track on Sonic Nurse, initially titled Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream, is sure to reinforce [Sonic Youth's] viewpoints. "We had to change the name of the track for the album, we've changed Mariah Carey to Kim Gordon for legal reasons. The song came about at the time when Mariah was being dropped by her record company, Virgin, after they'd spent $80 million to sign her to the label. It's a comment on her as a pop star, but also it has a lot to do with that situation where a label signs an artist that sells 15 million copies of an album, then if the next record only sells five million copies they think the artist is a failure all of a sudden and they give them the boot. It's so ridiculous the way the labels think about this medium that is supposed to be art. It's just so crassly commercial and commodified."

-- From The Statesman: The International Chamber of Commerce states that counterfeiting has spread in recent years from luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton handbags and Cartier watches to drugs, including Viagra. The most widely intercepted product was cigarettes. Madonna and Mariah Carey are among the most pirated artists. In 2003, Nintendo says it lost about $720 million in sales to counterfeit goods.

Source: Emilee Milton | Ashzqo

Saturday, June 19 , 2004

40/40 Club Anniversary // 5:32 PM EST Updated by Will

On June 17th, Mariah joined stars like Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, Ashanti, LeBron James, Wesley Snipes, Damon Dash and American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino at the one year anniversary party for Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club on West 25th Street in New York City.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah to be on Entertainment Tonight // 1:13 PM EST Updated by Will

Be sure to tune into Entertainment Tonight on Monday! They will be going behind-the-scenes of Mariah's InStyle Magazine photoshoot (the one MariahDaily.com exclusively reported about on May 6th), in a segment about celebrities talking about their first jobs. For Mariah, that was her start as a worker in a hair salon. For local listings, log on to etonline.com

Source: Mariah Daily | Brian

News Tidbits // 1:03 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From Times Union: Mariah's version of "I'll Be There" is the 4th current favorite dance at wedding songs, according to weddingtips.com.

-- From Reuters: In the rock era, the record [for the longest running #1 single] is held by Boyz II Men, with two 16-week runs. In 1994, "I'll Make Love to You" was on top for 14 weeks, followed by the first two weeks of the reign of "On Bended Knee." In 1995, "One Sweet Day," recorded with Mariah Carey, ruled for 16 weeks.

-- From All Africa: Yvonne Nabeta was eliminated from the Project Fame show [Africa's newest television reality show] on Sunday, and will not go into the Academy, but she has no regrets. Second last born in a family of five daughters, [Yvonne's father] was Uganda's Ambassador to Rwanda and then Belgium, where Yvonne spent much of her childhood, dreaming about being a singer, just like Mariah Carey. She thought she would be like her music idol when she grew up, and tried to do everything that Mariah could. When she grew up and found she could not be exactly like Mariah, she almost gave it all up.

-- From Yahoo! News: She first attracted attention on the "Love Jones" soundtrack with her mesmerizing cover of Minnie Riperton's "Inside My Love." That was in 1997. Seven years later, R&B singer/songwriter Trina Broussard is finally realizing a career dream. Universal/Motown Records Group will release her solo set "The Same Girl" June 22. The Houston native began pursuing a music career in 1990. She had relocated to Atlanta, where she landed background vocal gigs for Bobby Brown, Babyface, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton, among others.

-- From The Daily Record: 12 years after the last days of [British singing group] Bros and after a brief return to the charts with his top 30 hit I'm Coming With Ya, which saw him tour the UK with Mariah Carey, Matt [Goss] finally has a solo album ready to sell.

Source: --

Friday, June 18 , 2004

News Tidbits // 2:07 PM EST Updated by Will

-- According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Mariah is the third best selling female recording albums artist in the United States, with 57 million albums sold. Madonna is second with 60 million, and Barbra Streisand is first with 71.5 million. For the complete list, log on to riaa.com.

-- From Express & Star: Hundreds of mourners packed a Bilston church today to pay an emotional tribute to heroic teenager Jason Mansell who died saving the life of a friend. The congregation which had tried so hard to fight back tears during the moving ceremony, could do nothing to stop them as Mariah Carey's "Hero" filled the room. Parkfield High School in Prosser Street was closed today as a mark of respect to the pupil.

-- From Web India: Guess who all feature in 'Who' magazine's list of the world's sexiest people? Well Kate Hudson, Beyonce Knowles, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhall and Paris Hilton and Halle Berry to name a few. And those who did'nt make the cut this year include Mariah Carey, Carmen Electra and muscleman Claude Van Damme.

-- From MTV Europe: Since it launched on MTV in the States in 1998, TRL US has become an entertainment phenomenon. Want to know how important the show is? Just ask Britney Spears, whose first step to global fame came when she performed her debut single ‘Baby, One More Time’ live on the show. Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Mariah Carey are all regular TRL guests.

-- From USA Today: Whatever his lingering qualms about the music business [George] Michael has patched up his differences with Sony. He signed a new deal there last year, shortly after chairman and CEO Tommy Motolla stepped down. Asked whether the reconciliation had anything to do with the departure of Motolla, who has also been taken to task by ex-wife Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, Michael says, without elaborating: "It had everything to do with Mottola leaving. I never had any problem with Sony in the U.K., but America holds the purse strings. If you fall out with the boss, you're in trouble."

Source: Josear95 | Kodman00

Thursday, June 17 , 2004

Mariah Daily Summer Style Report // 7:16 PM EST Updated by Will

Every quarter, Mariah Daily posts tips on how you can buy Mariah's latest fashions and duplicate her style for the current season. The report for summer 2004 can be found below. Be sure to check out our Mariah Style section for additional fashion tips and links.


Even though the first day of summer doesn’t officially commence until later this month, temperatures – along with hemlines and midriff exposure – have been steadily rising for the last few weeks across the northern hemisphere.

When Mariah visited Saint Petersburg, Russia last year – in October – she was sporting the ideal summertime getup. Her simple top and bottom are not only trendy and stylish, but also sexy and colorful. Whether it is walking along the beach, dancing it up in a club, or sitting down for dinner; this outfit is perfect for any summer festivity.

If you like this look, copying it is quite easy since this style is very popular; and even though Mariah’s originals most likely didn’t come from GAP, getting the look for less and looking just as good is only a few clicks away. Here are some suggestions:

For the top, try Liz Claiborne’s ring halter in cornflower blue, available at lizclaiborne.com. The $39 item is also available in walnut brown and navy gray. For the bottom, shop at Fetish by Eve, where you’ll find a slim fitting corduroy cargo miniskirt – originally priced for $65 and now on sale for $39.

If you’re interested in flashing your Mariah style while tanning, be sure to check out aeropostale.com and pacsun.com, where you’ll find bathing suits similar to the ones Mariah wore for her 2004 official calendar photo shoot.

Source: Mariah Daily

Jessica Simpson mentions Mariah again // 6:35 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah fan Marc saw Jessica Simpson live in concert last night in Charlotte, North Carolina. During a question-and-answer session, which Jessica does at each of her shows, one girl asked, "Who is your favorite singer?" Jessica thought for a minute and then said, "I would have to say Mariah Carey!" and the crowd eruppted in appaluse.

Jessica added, "Actually part of the perks of being in this business is that I get to meet celebrities and I actually got to meet Mariah about two weeks ago when I was in New York". She continued saying, "You know I did not know really what to expect, because you never know if people are gonna be all 'diva' or whatever, but she was just the nicest person and she sat and talked to me for a few minutes. I could not believe I was meeting my idol. So yeah, Mariah is the best. I grew up listening to 'Vision of Love', 'Hero', 'Dreamlover', 'Fantasy' - and she was so nice!"

Jessica also mentioned that her husband Nick Lachey had worked with Mariah on the song "Thank God I Found You" when he was a member of 98 Degrees, and that she was signed to Columbia Records the same time Mariah was.

Source: mcmyhoneybfly

News Tidbits // 6:23 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah is mentioned in the latest issue of Brazilian Vogue Magazine. They show this picture with the caption, "Woman of Style: Singer Mariah Carey is known for her extremely short skirts and incredibly small tops. Looks like she loves a little bikini too. The star was caught relaxing in Capri." According the the magazine, Mariah's Dolce & Gabanna bikini cost about $350; Manolo Blahnik sandals, about $815; Chanel towel, $435; Vera Wang sunglasses, $350. They also have some of the lotions and other stuff that is in her Louis Vuitton swim bag ($7,200).

-- Finally there is a chance to cast your vote for Indonesian Idol contestant, and big Mariah fan, Rudhyni, who was chosen as a wild card. Rudhyni always sang Mariah songs like "Love Takes Time" and "I Still Believe" but unfortunatelly she failed during the Workshop Sessions. Everyone in Indonesia can watch out her performance this Friday at 7:00 pm.

-- From Star Telegram: Isn't the world content with one Mariah Carey? So why does LeAnn Rimes seem intent on following in her footsteps, as she often did during her Wednesday performance at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center? Rimes is blessed with natural pipes and they were on full display throughout her show. Let Rimes sing with an orchestra and it would most likely move grown men to tears. Put her with a pop band, their skill notwithstanding, and she's just another Mariah Carey.

-- From New York Newsday: [Golf player David] Duval wants desperately to connect with a game that has disconnected from him. He's the golf version of Mariah Carey: once No. 1, now done. His swift fall since winning the British Open in 2001 sent golf historians scurrying to find anyone who suffered the same fate.

-- From Baltimore Sun: Ventures by record companies and artists, including Michael Jackson's MJJ label and the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label, have failed to produce the hoped-for hits. "The industry is very wary of [joint ventures] because not too many of them have worked out," said attorney Don Passman, who has represented such artists as Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Source: MCBfly | Silent Moon

Wednesday, June 16 , 2004

Mariah Carey 'looking for London pad' // 5:49 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey is reportedly looking for a house in London.

The singer is spending six months in the capital later this year when she stars in The Prince and the Showgirl in the West End, says the Daily Star.

She has instructed her aides to find somewhere to buy.

A source said: "Mariah's going to be here for a while, and, since money's no object for her, she's going to buy a home in London.

"She's interested in somewhere central, or possibly a penthouse development in the Docklands area."

Source: Ananova

News Tidbits & Site Updates // 5:47 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Don't forget to download the latest weekly multimedia files from Mariah's "Homecoming" special on our sidebar.

-- From The Nation: The overwhelming success of Mariah Carey’s February concert has sparked huge demand for live performances by single female artists across Asia. Next month pop diva Whitney Houston is due to perform, to be followed by sexy siren Britney Spears, who is committed to a Bangkok performance early next year.

-- According to the Orlando Sentinel, Jessica Simpson says she really wants to work with Mariah Carey.

-- From NME Online: Aussie rock band INXS have played a gig in Singapore in an effort to show the world that it is safe to travel there in the aftermath of the SARS outbreak. Since the health scare began, more than 25 bands have cancelled shows there, including Moby, Santana, Mariah Carey, David Gray and Dionne Warwick.

-- Click here to see a video of Filipino singers performing Mariah songs such as "Love Takes Time" and "Whenever You Call".

-- The National Enquirer named "Glitter" as the 5th worst movie ever. Click here to see the full list.

-- At The Daily Telegram, "When You Believe (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)" was named the 3rd worst song ever by David Frownfelder. His commentary was: "all-star screechers presented in the vocal pairing from Hell."

Source: Ronie

Monday, June 14 , 2004

Talib Kweli’s Hit “Get By” Intended For Mariah // 8:05 PM EST Updated by Liron

Successful producer/rapper Kanye West can now change serious dollars for his beats.

Rather than just working with popular artists these days, West says he’ll work with new artists. He believes this way people are more likely to notice his standout products.

New artist Talib Kweli’s semi-hit “Get By” may not have become as large as it did, had it gone to who it was originally intended – Mariah Carey. “It’s better that Kweli got it,” West says. “When you work with someone who’s already established as a major aritst, like Mariah, it’s like putting Legos together.”

West is currently working with Mariah on her new album, which is due out later this year.

Source: Mariah Inc. | Scion Magazine (Winter 2004)

"Bling" Character Inspired By Mariah? // 1:45 PM EST Updated by Liron

The spinmeisters at Miramax Books are busily manufacturing buzz about "Bling," the first novel by 31-year-old Erica Kennedy, for which she got a reported seven-figure advance. (Of course, she had to give Miramax the film rights.) This voyeuristic close-up of the hip-hop industry has already made it into the New York Post's Page Six gossip column—not once, but twice. Music-biz playas are supposedly scrambling to get galleys to see if they can recognize themselves in any of the characters, and Naomi Campbell is supposedly bent out of shape over the novel's portrayal of a temperamental, fading supermodel. "I sent a copy to her," Kennedy coyly told NEWSWEEK. "I hope she likes it."

"Bling" centers on hip-hop mogul Lamont Jackson (Def Jam boss L. A. Reid—or not), whose motto is "If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense." In order to sell his Triple Large Entertainment label and succeed his aging mentor (Clive Davis—or not) at the major label Augusta Music, he must find a crossover artist, and he discovers Mimi Jean, a gorgeous young biracial singer (Mariah Carey—or not). And then there's that witchy supermodel Vanessa de la Cruz (well, she isn't Heidi Klum), hired to restyle Mimi into a ghetto-fabulous diva. Will Mimi sell herself out for worldly success? And will Miramax recoup its investment? We won't spoil the suspense.

Kennedy, a writer for such magazines as In Style and Vibe, grew up in the New York suburbs, graduated from Sarah Lawrence and went to Oxford for a while. "I wasn't living the thug life," she says. But in high school she did meet hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons and became part of his clique. She either has a good memory, good notes—or just a good imagination. Kennedy says most of the book is fiction, and while all these roman a clef rumors may help sales, she believes "the talk diminishes my skills as a fiction writer." So she doesn't want us thinking this is real inside gossip? Like her heroine, she (and Miramax) should be careful what she wishes for.

Source: Newsweek

Mariah Does Madge // 1:44 PM EST Updated by Liron

Is MARIAH CAREY trying to model her career on Madonna's? She has already made the requisite ill-conceived movie. She's recording a new album and, just as Madonna did, is set to appear on the West End, in a production of The Prince and the Showgirl. Now Carey has announced she'll also be writing a series of children's books — in response to letters she has received from fans — about growing up biracial. Can a Brit accent be far behind?

Source: Time Magazine

News Tidbits // 1:43 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From The NY Post: German media giant Bertelsmann is likely to sell off its music publishing business if the European Commission gives the green light to the planned merger between Sony Music and BMG, The Post has learned.

BMG Music Publishing, which owns the rights to songs by artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, B.B. King and Luther Vandross, is worth between $800 million and $1 billion and is likely to garner significant interest from private equity firms, sources said. Read more about the deal here.

-- From Times Recorder: Inspiring, humbling, hopeful. These are only a few of the words used by those who participated in the Relay for Life, which began Friday evening and continues today until noon at the Philo Athletic Complex.

As the survivors took their lap "There's a Hero," by Mariah Carey played in the background. The crowd, some who came to watch or some to walk, came to their feet to cheer on the brave men and women as they made their way around the track. Some walked alone and proud. Others held each others hands. But they all walked around passing by the giant letters that had been laid out on the hillside. The letters spelled out the message in which they all believed -- HOPE.

-- From Indian Television: Local radio station, Radio City 91 FM, emerged winners in the Corporate Karaoke Championship last week, thus beating British Council Limited (BCL).

Sixty four companies participated in the Corporate Karaoke Championship and were divided into Group A and B who went through eight rigorous rounds before coming to the finals. Radio City was against Jet Airways in the semi finals and against ICICI in the quarter finals. Being primarily a Hindi radio station, Radio City RJs sung to the tunes of Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey and Elvis Presley.

-- Today, "The Wayne Brady Show" will air a re-run of the episode with Mariah. Be sure to watch it at 2 p.m. on WISE, Channel 33.

Source: Anthony

Sunday, June 13 , 2004

Rooming With Mariah // 12:28 AM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey and Clarissa Dane
As soon as she graduated high school, Mariah had her bags packed and was prepared to begin a new life in New York City as a serious musician. But first she needed a place to stay; so she anylized her options and soon found herself sharing a one-bedroom apartment owned by fellow singer Clarissa Dane.

But life wasn’t so easy in those early days. Although Mariah was on her own, both money and food were scarce; and because the apartment she lived in was so small, she had to settle for sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor. Obviously things eventually picked up and Mariah turned her dreams of musicality into a wildly successful career.

But her roommate Clarissa Dane (whom Mariah says is full of "talent" and "integrity") turned out to be pretty successful as well. Clarissa has written and worked with major producers like Walter Afanasieff, Gary Cirimelli, and Ed Tuton; and in 1993 she signed a publishing deal with Sony Music. Since then, she did an alternative album and two videos for Epic Records and has continued to work as a songwriter and singer, collaborating with the likes of Amy Grant and Deborah Gibson.

MariahDaily.com talked with Clarissa about her personal friendship with Mariah and the times they faced together years ago as two struggling performers.

Mariah Daily: How did you first meet Mariah?
Clarissa Dane: I first met Mariah through her brother Morgan, who I met working at Studio 54. He told me his "little sister" was a singer and wanted to do some demos and could we work with her. I said sure! When I saw her, there was nothing little about her -- she was a strikingly beautiful, tall 16 year old (going on 25)! She was really sweet, quiet, and sort of shy at first; and then I got to know her -- very funny and very smart and very talented. Something we had in common was that she didn't really know her father growing up and I was given up for adoption. I found my biological mother 14 years ago. We were friends through all of that.

MD: What did you observe about Mariah and her talents? Did you ever think she would reach this level of stardom?
Clarissa: One thing we always had in common was the determination to "make it". When Mariah and I were roommates, we used to record fake interviews on cassette tapes all the time to rehearse for the "real thing". There were the pessimistic people that we tried to avoid or just ignore. She had such drive and a great work ethic that I knew there would be no stopping her. She had the talent, it was just a matter of the right record company getting behind her and selling it. As soon as I heard the first cuts from her first album, I knew she would be huge or I would have lost faith in the entire music industry. It was awesome, flawless. I was telling everyone, "You watch. She is going to be as big as Michael Jackson." But I think she exceeded everyone’s expectations.

MD: Do you remember what it was like for Mariah when she signed her record deal?
Clarissa: It was truly a dream come true and I think more of a fitting reality -- it was all she wanted. She was relieved and of course very happy. She was always very professional and a step by step kind of person. She knew how much work it would take, and though it seemed to the world an overnight success, it was really years in the making. Hard, hard work and long, long hours.

MD: What was life like sharing that apartment with Mariah and your other roommate Josefin? We hear at times it was pretty dramatic...complete with fires and floods.
Clarissa: It was nuts. It is always nuts in New York when you're young and following a dream. Before we were living with Josefin on 22nd street, it was bigger drama. We lived on 85th and Columbus Avenue and had like six roommates -- all in and out all the time. One had a rat that sat on her shoulder wherever she went. One sliced up our furniture and clothes. We got robbed -- wonder who did that -- you name it.

MD: Is it true that money was tight and food was almost an afterthought?
Clarissa: Money is tight for everyone starting off. You got food where you worked and that was usually one meal: dinner. But the thing is, you only work toward what you want. People do whatever it takes.

MD: Did you ever collaborate with Mariah on music?
Clarissa: Yes. We wrote a bunch of songs. (One was called "Fade Away".) We wrote it one night -- all night -- the whole thing. She came up with the first line and melody for "Just another lonely night..." and then we went off on that. It was more of a rock song. I did the music on my home studio and we both sang different verses and background vocals. I still love that song. I haven't heard it in years. We did a more final demo with producer Ed Tuton, before he was known, at his home studio but never did get to do a recorded version.

MD: Tell us about "As Long As I Can Sing."
Clarissa: David Freidman approached me with the idea to write a song for Mariah. I knew she wrote all her own stuff very well, and thought it wouldn't fly with her. To this day I don't know if she ever even heard it. David had a singer do the demo who really did a great job on it. It isn't quite a Mariah Carey song but perhaps someone out there will record it one day to radio.

MD: You attended Mariah’s wedding. Was the event as surreal as it looked on the outside?
Clarissa: That wedding was the most unreal thing for all of us. It was the first time we understood how famous Mariah was becoming. There were just tons of people chanting her name. It was wild. I was in the wedding and had to walk down the longest isle you ever saw. I was actually a brides maid. There were four of us all together. Mostly everyone who was invited to the wedding was a celebrity in their own right and to have all these faces you've seen all your life and admired for years watching you was totally surreal. A couple of ushers were huge celebrities. Super talented people. The reality of it is that we are all human. Everyone was very normal and nice and fun to talk to. It put it all into prospective. We all have to do our laundry.

MD: What do you consider to be your most memorable experience with Mariah?
Clarissa: The most memorable and fun experiences with Mariah were when it was just the two of us. It has been years since we just hung out without bodyguards and all of that. Let's see...staying up all night recording the "perfect" answering machine outgoing message, writing notes and getting in trouble at work, sneaking around looking for the guys we had a crush on, writing songs and singing, doing some crazy records together, running away from everyone for ice cream, lunch in Paris -- the simple things. (And also hanging out with Josefin. I love Josefin!).

MD: Do you still keep in touch with Mariah?
Clarissa: She sent my baby girl Cadance a beautiful dress, cashmere blanket, and silver rattle for her birth last year. We haven't spoken in a long time. We are leading very different lives and she is the busiest person I know. I barely have time to call my own mom, so I can only imagine what it is like for her to keep up with everyone. She's been through a lot and I think of her often. I know she has good people around her and that's all that matters. I'm always here and she knows that.

MD: Are you interested in Mariah’s music? You seem to have a different taste in music than she does.
Clarissa: We do different styles in music but we also both like all styles. She is one of the most versatile people I know -- which is something else not many people know. She can sing anything, any style. I have favorite songs of hers for sure. "Anytime You Need a Friend", "Hero", of course "Vision of Love"; and "Looking In" is one of my all time favorites of hers. She is as real as ever on that song. It is perfect.

MD: Do you think Mariah has changed as a person since the time you knew her?
Clarissa: If I have a bad day and happen to snap at a cab driver, it goes unnoticed like most of us. The thing about being in the public eye is, if it is "Mariah Carey" or any celebrity, they are pegged as such and it's in some paper the next day. We all have our moments of frustration, just most of us aren't recorded and penalized so harshly for it. It's funny. I don't see her very often and so I can easily be drawn into the "Mariah Carey" image that we all see and she seems like a distant stranger, but the minute I see her and hang out with her, it's right back to how it always was. Just like with any friend you see over time, there is no time. She is just Mariah. She is the same.

Clarissa Dane's song "Silent Lullaby" is available on "The Songs You Love", a compilation album promoting adoption. Her duet with Gary Cirimelli called "We Will Always Survive" is available on "Friends For Life", a compilation album featuring such artists as Aretha Franklin and Elton John for the benefit of breast and prostate cancer research.

Source: Mariah Daily

Dash and Carey // 12:06 AM EST Updated by Will

Singer Mariah Carey has an appetite for Singapore food. Before she flew off to Indonesia after a brief appearance at the MTV Asia Awards 2004 show, she asked for local food for dinner.

Event producer Mishal Varma said: "She has been here before and remembers Singapore for its food. She said she'd rather have dinner here than on the plane."

It is not known what she ate, for the American superstar was chaperoned by a secretive, security-conscious entourage.

Earlier, Carey, 34, received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the show.

She had flown in from Busan, South Korea, with a group of nine on Saturday at about 3:30pm and was shuttled to the Fullerton Hotel. She stayed at its Far East Suite, a luxurious $5,000-a-night room.

She appeared at the show in a flowy pink dress with slits at the sides, but did not go into the press room. However, she did show up at the photo room with two burly bodyguards.

After a brief appearance at the awards at about 10pm, she was driven straight to Changi Airport where she left at about midnight for Jakarta. MTV Asia said she was scheduled to perform a show there last night as part of an Asian tour.

Mr. Varma said: "She's a fantastic person, very easy to work with."

Source: The Straits Times

Site Updates & News Tidbits // 12:03 AM EST Updated by Will

-- We have added 100 additional pictures to our photo gallery. So be sure to check them out now by clicking here! In related news, we have updated our Picture of the Week, as well as Mariah's television schedule in the Important Dates section, which is located towards to right of your screen. Weekly Multimedia will also now be located in the sidebar, and the latest site updates are posted in the scrolling marquee at the top of this page.

-- From The Daily Astorian: Automobiles are capturing America’s imagination, both male and female. Television shows like “Ride With Funkmaster Flex” on Spike TV and “Pimp My Ride” on MTV promote turning even the most ordinary vehicles into customized works of transportation art and often feature celebrity female guests like Mariah Carey and Tyra Banks.

-- From Greenwich Time News: The Usdan Center for the Performing Arts in Wheatley Heights, N.Y. is the nation's largest summer arts day camp. Visiting artists include some of the nation's most accomplished ensembles and dance companies, and the center's list of 40,000 alumni includes the Tony-nominated actress Natalie Portman, Grammy-winning singer Mariah Carey and acclaimed jazz singer Jane Monheit.

-- From Brunei Online: At the Hard Rock Hotel [in Indonesia], I managed to get some photographs of collections that were showcased near the spa. The pop star clothes collection included well-known names like Elton John, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and many others.

Source: --

Saturday, June 12 , 2004

Mariah Reunites With Old Catalogue // 4:27 PM EST Updated by Liron

Universal Music Publishing Group has signed superstar artist, songwriter Mariah Carey to an exclusive, worldwide publishing deal. The deal will bring her extensive catalog of hits into UMPG including such great songs as Whenever You Call, When You Believe (The Prince of Egypt), Dream Lover, Always Be My Baby, Emotions, and Someday.

Since she began her career, Mariah has become the best-selling female performer of all time, with an incredible 15 #1 singles and two Grammy Awards. Along the way she became the only artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s, and, with “Heartbreaker,” she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart.

Source: Universal Music Publishing Group | Elizabeth

Happy Anniversary "Mariah Carey"! // 1:03 PM EST Updated by Liron

14 years ago today, Mariah's debut album was released to stores all over the world. It debuted at #80 on the Billboard Hot 200 (albums chart) and peaked at #1 where it spent 11 weeks of its total 66 weeks in the top 40, more than any other Mariah album. The album sold close to 10 million copies in the US alone, and received a 9x platinum certification on December 15th, 1999.

"Mariah Carey" produced four consecutive #1 singles: "Vision of Love", "Love Takes Time", "Someday" and "I Don't Wanna Cry".

For further information about Mariah's albums and singles chart statistics, check out our Chartlogs & Sales Statistics page.

Source: Mariah Daily

Carey's kids' books // 12:46 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey is planning to turn her life story into a series of children's books.

The troubled diva held talks with publishers about an autobiography late last year, but is reportedly now planning to fictionalise her struggles for young readers instead.

The proposed series would carry the same name as her forthcoming clothing line - Automatic Princess - and feature a mixed-race girl "navigating difficulties and misunderstandings [and] making the world a better place."

Carey, who is part-African American, Venezuelan and Irish, played a similar role in the flop semi-autobiographical movie "Glitter" as aspiring singer Billie Frank.

Children's books have become big business for celebrity writers - Madonna's third book, "Yakov and the Seven Thieves", will be published on June 21. Her previous efforts, "The English Roses" and "Mr. Peabody's Apples" have topped bestseller lists.

The proposed Automatic Princess titles are still in the planning stages, and no books are likely to be published until 2005 at the earliest.

Source: Launch | Dotmusic

News Tidbits // 12:44 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Mariah is featured on the cover of "Star" magazine, the caption says "Best and Worst Beach Bodies" and Mariah's is their choice for the BEST one. Check out the picture of the cover here.

-- From The Star Bulletin: Performers like Mariah Carey and Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan have retooled choice bits of past Emotions compositions into tunes for an entirely new generation.

-- From Extra! : Mariah Carey bought [Sandra Leal Handbags] for her friends, and now you can customize your own handbag by choosing a Swarovski Crystal design. The bags come in all shapes and sizes, and Sandra Meares says they're reversible -- just turn them inside out for a different look. "We want you to have fun with our product, we want it to become a conversation piece for you," says Meares.

Source: Charles | Raymond

Fan Projects // 12:36 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Alfred Roy Fund: Jae wants to take up a collection of money to donate to the American Cancer Society as a whole from the fans in Alfred Roy's name. The donation will be made on July 4th for his 2 year memorial, and then a letter will be sent to Mariah informing her of the donation along with a list of
names of the fans that donated.

"I know money is probably tight for most people, but a lot of people were excited and ready to donate for the star, i thought this would be an even more legitimate cause to help. Even if you could just send a dollar or two, every little bit helps.

I have no set amount that I hope to achieve, i would just like to make some donation, no matter how much, to help those still fighting the losing battle every day with cancer. Please help. For more information, visit this site."

-- Contest: In honor of the official 14th Anniversary of Mariah Carey's Debut cd on May 15, 1990, Marc would like to sponsor a contest with prize giveaways of Mariah merchandise.

Here are the contest rules:
1. All contest entrants must purchase a copy of Mariah Carey's Debut cd by June 15, 2004 at 8:00 PM CST.

2. You must purchase the cd at any of the following music retail outlets: Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Sam Goody, Virgin Megastore, Wherehouse, K-Mart, Wal-Mart or any other outlets which carry the cd.

3. All contest entrants must copy and mail their receipts no later than June 20, 2004 in order to be eligible for prizes.

4. There will be a total of 3 prizes given out to contestants. The winners will be selected at random and notified via mail or e-mail.

5. You must live in the 50 United States or U.S. territories to enter contest.

Remember, you must only purchase Mariah's debut cd. So if you have an old copy, dust it off and get a new one, or surprise some friends and introduce them to the album that started it all! Good luck!

Mail receipts to:
M. Wilson
606 W. Church St.
Champaign, IL 61820

-- Appreciation Project: MariahInfo.com's Team: LEOlamb, WiSeGuY & Janel have organized a project to show Mariah the Fan's Appreciation. The Appreciation project consists of two parts. First, we are going to present Mariah with an award in appreciation of her outstanding dedication to her fans around the world. The Award is a 9X12 inch black glass plaque with a brass plate. The Award will say, "Presented To MARIAH CAREY In Appreciation For Your Outstanding Dedication To Your Fans Around The World 2004". The second part of the project is a FanBook. The theme of the FanBook will be telling Mariah how she "Inspires" you, though all positive letters will be put in the FanBook we would like to spread allot of positivity to Mariah by telling her how she really has inspired so many people, and through her music has helped them through very difficult times in their lives. This Project will now be given to Mariah from Gina, of MonarC Music.

All the Fans that participate in the FanBook will get their name mentioned on a list that the Award is from.

FanBook Details:
Deadline: July 3, 2004

How To Send: You can send your letter for the FanBook either by E-Mail or through Regular Mail.

Extras: We encourage you to include Photographs (Most Photo's that are sent via e-mail will be printed on Kodak Paper as long as they are good enough quality), Quotes, Lyrics (from Mariah's Songs) or anything else you think Mariah would like!

Size Requirements: You may have your letter as long as you want! The pages in the book will be 8X10 inches, blank area's will be filled in with stickers and cute little page fillers to make the FanBook Beautiful.

E-Mail Submissions: mariah@mariahinfo.com

Regular Mail:
Leo Porter
16 Franklin Street
Office 1
Brandon, Vermont 05733
United States Of America
ATT: Mariah FanBook

-- The Complete History: Mariah Carey Lambs": Jill wants all the fans across the globe to write a history of their fandom (is that a word). Each entry will be put into a category depending on what year he/she became a fan. Write this in the third person like you would write an essay about Mariah, not to Mariah. So these are the basic questions you need to address...

1. What made you become a fan??
2. Why do you consider yourself a true bonafide lamb?
3. And why are you still a fan and why will you remain one forever?

Also include for organization sake:

1. Year you became a fan
2. Name, Age, Location

Send all entries to MariahsLullaby327@yahoo.com .

Source: Jae | Marc | Leo | Jill

Friday, June 11 , 2004

Mariah bails restaurant with doggy bag in tow // 11:30 AM EST Updated by Will

As for the cuisine [at CuisinArt Resort in Anguilla], most of our meal was pretty good, although the local lobster was overcooked and tough. The resort has its own hydroponics farm for growing veggies and herbs, though the farm was not up-to-speed for the season when we dined. During our meal, more noteworthy than the food was the table immediately next to ours, which contained none other than Mariah Carey, looking particularly luscious, accompanied by a handsome date - a pair of bodyguards lurked just out of sight with cell phones at the ready (gee, and we thought this was a fairly relaxed island). We're not sure why, but before Mariah's entrée could be delivered, she decided the appetizer was enough and bailed for a villa somewhere else on the island, doggy bag in tow.

Source: Rum & Raggae

News Tidbits // 11:27 AM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah was featured on yesterday's edition of Entertainment Tonight. They showed a clip of her singing "Happy Birthday" to the camera at L.A. Reid's Birthday Party. She said, "That probably sounded horrible because I can't hear myself over this loud music!"

-- During her concerts, Jessica Simpson brings fans up for a question and answer session. One of the questions asked at her recent Jacksonville concert was, "What are some of the benefits of being a celebrity?" Jessica stated the best thing was "getting to meet people you look up to. I got to meet Mariah Carey, who's great, the other day and I'm a huge, huge fan, so that was awesome." Then the crowd gave a happy response to that.

-- Jadakiss was on BET's 106 & Park yesterday and mentioned that Mariah appeared on a song on his new album. The audience seemed pretty excited when he mentioned her name.

-- Mariah was mentioned on 101.3 FM in South Carolina during yesterday's morning show. They mentioned that Mariah was working on a childrens book to coincide with her clothing line Automatic Princess. In their commentary, they said, "Mothers: now you can buy your little girls reading material that will teach them how to dress in slinky clothing." But then the host said that she was a big Mariah fan and wishes Mariah all the best of luck.

-- The Automatic Princess book and clothing line was also recently mentioned on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. All Steve Harvey could do was talk about Mariah's breasts and her repackaging the "Glitter" story for the Automatic Princess book.

-- According to The Daily Yomiuri, an employee of Wowow Inc., one of Japan's two main satellite pay television service firms, resold on Internet auction sites about 300 tickets to concerts by popular musicians, including Mariah Carey, that he had acquired through his connection with their promotion company.

Source: Knista | Mary | JMac | Raynard | mimeNo9

Thursday, June 10 , 2004

More from L.A. Reid's Birthday Party // 12:24 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From The New York Post: Island/Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid's dramatic weight loss last year has had an effect on his artists. At his birthday dinner Tuesday night at Cipriani Downtown (hosted by his wife Erica and Def Jam honcho Karen Kwak), Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey all looked trim. "Everyone is in such amazing shape, it's unreal," said one onlooker.

-- From The New York Times: The Reids were looking like a light rum commercial: She was stunning in a white gown, he was dapper in white linen pants and shirt and a pale green sports jacket. But it was Mariah Carey, in a snug gray dress, who had the attention of the guys in the room. (Damon Dash, get your hand off that woman's leg this instant! We all know you're the co-founder of Rocafella, but we're not sure Miss Carey is radiating delight.)

Even Ms. Carey, however, could not compete with the L.A. Lakers in the N.B.A. Finals against the Detroit Pistons. Guests asked about the score all evening and at one point a group went to Jay-Z's Mercedes-Benz Maybach to watch the game.

Source: Kaiyan

Does "Bling" borrow from "Glitter"? // 12:20 PM EST Updated by Will

The protaganista [in "Bling", the ingenue-turned-hip-hop-hottie novel written by Erica Kennedy] is Mimi, a naive Toledo-born warbler who is transformed into an R&B A-lister under the auspices of Triple Large Entertainment mogul Lamont Jackson. She is schooled by New York's VIP microcosm of models, socialites and thugged-out stars, a world of crashing egos and libidos that ultimately land her in Lamont's bed.

In real life it's Kennedy who's hit it big: Miramax bought the book and film rights to "Bling" for a high-six-figure sum.

Though the film adaptation, already in the works, sounds dangerously like the Mariah Carey mishap "Glitter," studio execs say there's no comparison.

"It doesn't become 'Glitter' because Erica has a very strong voice," says Michelle Raimo, senior vice president of production and development at Miramax. "She uses a lot of humor in her piece. That keeps the story alive, the fun going, so you don't turn it into a soap opera or melodrama."

Source: New York Daily News

News Tidbits // 12:15 PM EST Updated by Will

-- In October 2002, WildWritings.com president Jimmy Tickey met Mariah Carey and hand delivered a book made by WildWritings.com fans! Mariah enjoyed the book thoroughly, and in honor of this moment in Wild Writings history, the "Through The Rain" single is being given away as a part of the two year Wild Writings anniversary! All you have to do is fill out the easy form and a winner will be announced on June 12. Contest ends Saturday, June 11th at 11:59PM. Just click "Contest" on www.wildwritings.com!

-- From The Times-Picayune: Curvy, goofy, sexy and prim, Jessica Simpson is the perfect calendar girl for these times of uncertain moral clarity. And the woman's got pipes. She's been in town all week rehearsing. We spoke on the phone Tuesday. According to Simpson, a real pop song has "easy melodies. Something you can sing along with. Something everybody can relate to. I think the last true pop artist was Mariah Carey."

-- From SuperOnda: Admittedly, Christina Aguilera is not the only pop singer with some Hispanic ethnicity. The multi-racial, multi-ethnic Mariah Carey includes Venezuelan heritage in her family tree. But she refuses to play up the ethnic label, saying, "Why is it such an issue? I'm me."

-- From PR Newswire: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum today announced a first-of-its-kind, quarterly special, entitled Baileys In Tune that will connect rock legends with the superstars that they have influenced. Rock Hall inductee Paul Simon and Grammy award winner John Mayer will kick-off the series on VH1 on June 15, 2004 at 8 p.m. "I've been in the music industry for more than twenty-years and have recorded, toured and performed with the likes of Journey and Mariah Carey,"said Baileys In Tune host, Randy Jackson. "But never before have I been so excited to share the stage with a rock legend and a Grammy award winner as they get to know one another intimately through conversation and music."

-- From Access Magazine: For demoing purposes [Destiny's Child] laid down over 40 songs in the same studio in which Mariah Carey was recording in Orlando, and by the time Columbia was interested in the group, they had opened for SWV, the O’Jays and Dru Hill. Then came the tour with Wyclef Jean (who ended up remixing ‘No, No, No’ on their debut album).

Source: Prime Time

Wednesday, June 9 , 2004

Mariah attends L.A. Reid Birthday Celebration // 9:56 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah attended Antonio "L.A." Reid's Birthday Celebration last night at Cipriani's in New York City. L.A. Reid was named the new chairman of Island/Def Jam, Mariah's record label, on February 10, 2004.

Those in attendance included L.A. Reid of course, and his wife Erica Reid, as well as LL Cool J, Ashanti, Cedric The Entertainer, Damon Dash, Fefe Dobson, Irv Gotti, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, OutKast, P. Diddy, and AJ Calloway.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah Carey Plans To Pen Series Of Children's Books // 7:59 PM EST Updated by Will

Having shelved the idea of writing a memoir, Mariah Carey is pulling a Madonna and wants to do children's books instead.

Carey originally planned to write a book focusing on her childhood and growing up biracial, but she took her memoir proposal off the market after discussing a deal with HarperCollins in the fall. Now she hopes to fictionalize her tale and tell it via a series of illustrated children's books, which would carry the title "Automatic Princess" — the same name she uses for her fashion and accessories line. The book series would focus on a biracial orphan girl who goes on a journey of "self-discovery, navigating difficulties and misunderstandings, making the world a better place," a source close to the singer said.

There's no proposal for the children's book series in writing just yet, as the project is in the beginning stages.

Carey is also focusing on finishing her next album. She's currently collaborating with Kanye West, R. Kelly, Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz and James Poyser for the LP, according to her agent at Creative Artists Agency. The project is expected to be released on her own imprint, MonarC, via Island/ Def Jam later this year.

The singer is trying to schedule her next acting gig as well. She plans to join a London West End production of "The Sleeping Prince," a stage adaptation of the 1957 Marilyn Monroe film "The Prince and the Showgirl." Carey will play the part of the showgirl Mary, and might sing a song in that role.

Source: MTV News

Next Up For Mariah: Album, Film, Book // 2:16 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey is working on a new album for Island Def Jam and her MonarC imprint with such producers as Kanye West, James Poyser, Swizz Beats, Scott Storch and R. Kelly. Carey, who received critical acclaim for her performance in "Wisegirls," also is looking at various film projects. Additionally, she has an illustrated children's book about a bi-racial orphan girl in the works.

The new album will be the follow-up to 2002's "Charmbracelet," which debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 1.1 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The singer signed to Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam in 2002 for a three-album deal with an option for a fourth, plus her MonarC imprint. Her move to UMG came only six months after EMI's Virgin Records paid Carey $49 million to leave the label.

Source: Billboard | Teresa | Marc | Casanova

News Tidbits // 2:13 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Yesterday Stevie Wonder appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show to celebrate his first new album release in ten years. They showed a clip of Mariah singing "You And I" at BET's Walk Of Fame: A Tribute To Stevie Wonder from 2002.

-- Mariah's MMM Profile will re-air at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on MuchMoreMusic in Canada. Mariah's complete television schedule can be found to the right of your screen.

-- From News Register: A brief shower fell late Saturday afternoon, but nothing could have dampened the enthusiasm of the Class of 2004, Dayton High School's largest graduating class ever. A graduating senior, Michelle Loften, performed the Mariah Carey song "Hero" for her classmates and the standing-room-only crowd.

-- From Jam! Showbiz: The impact of the Internet and free downloading has caused record companies like Sony to dispense with superstars like Mariah Carey.

Source: Alfreda Kessellie

Tuesday, June 8 , 2004

Barry Danielian talks New Mariah // 11:50 AM EST Updated by Will

Trumpter Barry Danielian, who recorded a song produced by Randy Jackson for Mariah's upcoming album, was interviewed for El Sancarlista, the most important school newspaper in Colombia. He mentioned Mariah in the following questions:

El Sancarlista: You hadn’t work with Ms.Carey, but did you previously worked with Randy? What’s it like working with the best selling female artist in history?

Barry Danielian: I hadn’t worked with her or Randy. Although, I’m a fan of both of them. Mariah was great. She was very easy to work with. She came up with great horn parts. The whole session was a lot of fun. I don’t get impressed by celebrity status. What impresses me is great musicianship and that she has.

El Sancarlista: How were those sessions? Mariah comes with the lyrics and you guys start working on melodies or is it simultaneous? Or does she come with an idea of how she wants it to sound and you work based on that? How free are you normally to change stuff and add things when working with people of this stature?

Barry Danielian: She had specific ideas in mind. They were actually building the track around the horn part. My job was to take the ideas she came up with and make it work for the horn section. When you work with great musicians, it's all pretty easy going.

El Sancarlista: How long did you work with Randy and her? How many songs did you work on? Tell us a little about the sound, the instruments used, the production elements used and how you were able to add your own style to the final result? And finally, were Mariah and Randy happy with the result?

Barry Danielian: We did an afternoon. One song. Randy and Mariah were very happy!

Source: Mariah Daily | Felipe

Always Be My Baby // 11:14 AM EST Updated by Will

Fort Collins medical assistant Jamie Zimmerman-Foust, a kidney transplant recipient and long-term dialysis patient who astonished kidney specialists when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy two years ago, died May 29 of a stroke. She was 25.

As a high school senior, she was nominated for prom queen. Shortly before the prom, doctors at University Hospital called to say that a kidney was available.

On the night of the prom, [her boyfriend] Jed Foust walked into her hospital room with a Walkman and a CD containing the couple's favorite Mariah Carey song. She wore a hospital gown as they slow-danced in the hospital corridor, listening to Carey sing "Ooh, darling, you'll always be my baby/and we'll linger on/Time can't erase a feeling this strong."

A few years later, after she became certified as a medical assistant, she and Foust played the same song, "Always Be My Baby," at their wedding.

At her funeral Thursday, Jed Foust played "Always Be My Baby" one last time for his wife.

Source: Denver Post

News Tidbits // 11:14 AM EST Updated by Will

-- MTV France is counting down your favorite Beach Music Videos! Mariah is currently is second place with "Honey", behind Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat". Cast your vote at mtv.fr.

-- Sonic Youth's new album Sonic Nurse, which features the song written about Mariah called "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" was released today. Entertainment Weekly called the song "a true sign of maturity" and "a surprisingly sympathetic ode to Mariah Carey's career meltdown."

-- From Yahoo! News: Mariah Carey has signed with Creative Artists Agency, which previously worked with the singer during the 1990s. Carey's career highlights include sales of more than 150 million records, 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammys and one infamous movie.

-- From Honolulu Star Bulletin: At 268th, Mariah was not a particularly popular name in 1990, the year the most famous of all Mariahs, Mariah Carey, debuted on the music scene. The following year, however, after a string of hits for the singer, the name Mariah skyrocketed to the 69th position, staying in double digits for the next decade. The Social Security Administration's Web site makes no assumptions here, but methinks it's more than coincidence.

-- From Manhunt Online: [Tarralyn] Ramsey has another single, "Baby U Know" featuring Murphy Lee, that is currently being released to radio giving that demographic what it wants, a radio friendly track with a rapper doing his thing for a few bars. It is a nice number that sounds like a Mariah Carey inspired song, a possible #1 hit in the making, once the machine called promotion kicks in.

-- From Six Shot Online: On the production side, Kanye [West] may work with Mariah Carey and as also reported on the Weekly Report that he is also working on a remix for Ruben Studdard's song"What If".

Source: sburt | Jason

Monday, June 7 , 2004

Creative Artists Agency Signs Mariah Carey // 5:29 PM EST Updated by Liron

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 7, 2004

Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the world's leading talent and literary agency, has signed multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning artist Mariah Carey for representation.

Carey's extraordinary career success stands as a testament to her exceptional talent. With 15 #1 singles and two Grammy Awards, she is the only artist to top the charts every year of the 1990's, pushing ahead of The Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop BILLBOARD'S Hot 100 Singles chart with "Heartbreaker." Her signature seven-octave range and her remarkable aptitude as a composer have driven her worldwide album and singles sales to well over 150 million records.

Carey has garnered several accolades throughout her career, some of which include two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium."

She is currently working on her new album, a highly anticipated release under Island/Def Jam and MonarC, her own imprint, for later this year. A-list hit-makers and producers, including Kanye West, James Poyser, Swizz Beats, Scott Storch and R. Kelly, are contributing to this effort.

On the heels of receiving critical acclaim for her performance in WISEGIRLS, Carey is looking forward to pursuing additional acting opportunities. She is also working on an illustrated children's book that tells a meaningful story about a biracial orphan girl.

Benny Medina at Handprint Entertainment is her manager. Her attorney is Don Passman at Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, Inc.

Source: Business Wire | Sergio

New Feature: Mariah's Current & Upcoming Projects // 9:36 AM EST Updated by Liron

Check out Mariah Daily's new site feature: Mariah's Current & Upcoming Projects that lists all the important information we've gathered from various news reports throughout the past months.

We will be updating this section whenever we have new and relevant information about Mariah's projects such as the new album, the london play, her record label and her clothing line.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah Daily's Weekly Multimedia // 9:23 AM EST Updated by Liron

Continuing the Mariah Homecoming Marathon on our weekly multimedia update, here are two more live audio files from Mariah’s 1999 FOX-TV Homecoming Special.
Many thanks to JD for giving us the opportunity to offer these files for download.

Against All Odds
Vision of Love

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 9:18 AM EST Updated by Liron

-- From The NY Post: Meanwhile, one insider says Mariah Carey ditched her longtime p.r. woman, Cindi Berger, and agents at William Morris because she "is reinventing herself and needs a team that can help her do that." Carey's manager is [Jennifer] Lopez's ex, [Benny] Medina - and "if anyone can help her reinvent herself, he can."

-- From VH1 News: Finally, Mariah Carey has been hollering at [Kanye West] the Chi-Town native about rustling some beats from him for her next album.

-- From The NY Post: Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains are overworked. In addition to making Anthony Kiedis a white, airbrushed suit for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' summer tour, they just received a call that Courtney Love needs a dress in less then 12 hours. They started selling T-shirts at Patricia Field, and their creations flew off the rack. Since then, Gwen Stefani, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, Liza Minnelli and Lil' Kim all have become fans.

-- From KSDK News: The Today In St. Louis Concert Series began Friday morning on Television Plaza. Our first act: a native St. Louisan who is described as original, dedicated, and creative. Her name is Jzanell. Jzanell describes her style as R & B with a touch of hip-hop. It is a style that was influence by Sade, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, LeAnn Rimes, and Nelly.

-- In Style magazine launched its 7th annual "What's Sexy Now" poll. Click here to vote for Mariah in the "Sexiest Songbird" category (#14). The results will be published on the September issue of the magazine (on newsstands August 20).

-- "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" is the most voted and most played song on Mix FM in Malaysia. Please continue to vote for Mariah, fans would have to sign up for an epass in order to vote. Mix FM was part of the organizers for Mariah's Charmbraclet Tour 2004. Click here to cast your vote for the song.

-- On Indonesian Idol, a contestant named Rudyni sang "Love Takes Time" and even though she'd received great comments from the judge, she did not get enough votes to continue to the next round. Both Rudyni and Imayuri who sang a number of Mariah songs on the show will be able to participate in the wildcard round and try to come back to the show.

-- From MTV Asia: "I think that we haven't seen the most successful winner yet," the judge [Randy Jackson] said earlier this season. "At some point, the odds are in our favor that we'll find the next Mariah, Whitney, Justin Timberlake, Celine. I don't think we've found that yet, but I think at some point, the odds are we could discover that."

-- From Pantagraph News: As a little girl, Amber Hany looked up to such singers as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, hoping to one day climb to their level. Though she has not yet reached diva status, the 19-year-old Bloomington native will sing in front of a crowd of roughly 42,000 when she opens the Cincinnati Reds Aug. 15 home game against the San Diego Padres. She'll perform the national anthem at the Great American Ballpark.

-- From Newsday: As usual, Sonic Youth mixes things up. There's a powerful anti-war rave-up, "Peace Attack," which sounds like Neil Young with a big backbeat. But there's also the delightfully petty "Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream," a not-so-subtle retelling of Mariah Carey's public breakdown, which builds into a feedback- filled, minor-key hoot. "How's the label gonna remake you? How was your date with Eminem?" Gordon snarls, before counseling, "Hey, hey, little baby, get down, button up baby, you've come undone. Hey, hey, little baby, getdown, before you fall and hurt someone." Sonic Youth's album, "Sonic Nurse," is in stores today.

-- Jae e-mailed us concerning a new project named "Alfred Roy's Fund":

I've decided that for the next month, I want to take up a collection of money to donate to the American Cancer Society as a whole from the fans in Alfred Roy's name. The donation will be made on July 4th for his 2 year memorial, and then a letter will be sent to Mariah informing her of the donation along with a list of names of the fans that donated.

I know money is probably tight for most people, but a lot of people were excited and ready to donate for the star, i thought this would be an even more legitimate cause to help. Even if you could just send a dollar or two, every little bit helps.

I have no set amount that I hope to achieve, i would just like to make some donation, no matter how much, to help those still fighting the losing battle every day with cancer.

Please help. For more information, visit this site.

Source: Iris | Nick | Silent Moon

Sunday, June 6 , 2004

Jadakiss Ft. Mariah - "U Make Me Wanna" // 10:36 AM EST Updated by Liron

Click here to hear a short clip from the new collaboration between Jadakiss and Mariah. The song is called "U Make Me Wanna" and appears on the new Jadakiss album that will be out in stores on June 22nd.

Here's a rough version of the lyrics:

Jadakiss: Let's go

Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love
Jadakiss: I love it when you say
Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love

Hey yo
The crib got your friends working
We travel to France for French curtains
You was there when I was on the bench hurtin'
Now that I own my team
It's only right that can I dole my queen
Try to show her my dream
And I can't let her get lost now
She carries the money
The --- is immaterial across town
And understand she's fine
And understand she's mine
She understand the grime
Cook, cleans, and irons

Whenever she wanna push
I'ma co-sign it
If I ain't got it already
Then I'ma go find it
I guess I'm a lucky Don
And she a lucky queen
'Cause the jewelry box
Look like Lucky Charms
All color stones
ANd she know I'm in the hood
But she also knows that I'm comin' home
Mr. Raspy
Thought I was in love with money
'Til the first time we did the nasty

Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love
Jadakiss: I love it when you say
Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love

Yo, whatever the road to paradise is beyond it
Gave me your income tax checks
So I could get on wit'
Those were the days
These are the times
You held me down
With nearly damn near everything
Even my rhymes
I will play a song for you
And you will tell me exactly
How the ladies will respond
From a woman's point of view
(Mariah: From a womans point of view)
And thats why my girls with me
I love it when she layin' in the bed
In the --- Vicky

The next best thing to a soldier
Go hard with the fat ass
And a head full of rollers
Just look in her eyes
And tell she real
Just imagine the way she smell
The way she feel
The sex was crazy
Then it's crazy still
(Mariah: Crazy still)
You know I'm from the streets
So it's crazy ill
(Mariah: Crazy ill)
We waitin' on a new island
We been to all of them
Four or five times
Come on mami

Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
MARIAH: Love love love
Jadakiss: I love it when you say
Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love love love

When things was rough
Only person I could call was you
Now everything I do
I do it all for you

Come touch me
Come kiss me
Come love me
Any way you want to boy

When I'm good
As long as I'm close to you
And we doin' what grown folks
Are supposed to do
Come on

Come hold me
Come feel me
Come take me
Any way you want to boy

Money is great
But what we got is more better
We got the four letters
When it comes from the heart
It's more pleasure
And for the fact that you trust me still
Thus far I appreciate what we've built
All the minks that I've bought you
That drag the floor
And all the nights that you sat up
And bagged the raw
Damn, I'm thinkin' you gotta hate it
But yet still we tolerate it
(Mariah: We gon' make it, we gon' make it)
That's why I'm thinkin'
We gotta make it

Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love
Jadakiss: I love it when you say
Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love

Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love
Jadakiss: I love it when you say
Mariah: K-I-S-S me
Jadakiss: And I just wanna make
Mariah: Love, love, love

This is official
This is official

Editor's Note: We will not be able to provide a full downloadable version of the song due to copyright issues.

Source: Shayne | Moni

Saturday, June 5 , 2004

Mariah working with Mahogany // 4:09 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah is working with yet another producer for her new album. This time around it's Mahogany, who has previously produced songs for the likes of Jay-Z ("It's Alright"), Jadakiss ("Keep Your Head Up") and Dr. Dre ("Bad Intentions").

Source: Mariah Info | Dino

Mariah working with Mario Winans // 12:05 AM EST Updated by Will

Mario "Yellow Man" Winans of Bad Boy Entertainment announced live on BBC's Radio 1 earlier this evening that he is producing music with Mariah for her new album. He didn't elaborate with details, however.

Mario has previously produced songs for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, 112, Brian McKnight and many others; and recently scored a solo hit himself with the single "I Don't Wanna Know".

Source: Mariah Daily | yodj11

Super Plans from Superstar Mariah Carey // 12:01 AM EST Updated by Will

Pop superstar Mariah Carey is all set to make 2004 her year. Mariah told Extra! about all the magic she’s planning.

Carey was looking pretty in pink and radiantly rooming the red carpet when Extra!’s John Kelly caught up with the dazzling diva at the Fresh Air Fund in New York City, an organization that sends inner city kids to camp. “I thought it would be something that I could put my efforts towards, and give the kids hope by saying if I can do this – you know, succeed in what I dreamt of succeeding in – they could do the same thing.”

These days, Mariah is recording a new album and an acting gig will have her in London early next year. “London, I’m totally excited about.”

Yes, Mariah will be taking the stage in Great Britain, bringing the 1957 Marilyn Monroe classic, “The Prince and the Showgirl” to life. “I don’t want to jinx it. I don’t want to talk about it because I want to get everything straight and together first.”

Talk about together. Mariah recently teamed up with manager Benny Medina who says Mariah is “honing her skills in every department right now. We were up until four o’clock in the morning last night literally in a room of her house just listening to a variety of different mixes of new songs she has just written.”

Medina says expect great things of her new album due out this fall, promising more Mariah hits. And for the new album, Mariah spent time on the island of Anguilla writing music that producer Randy Jackson says is pure heat. “It’s a very different record. It’s just more growth from her. There are some amazing vocals. She’s singing her face off on this record.”

Look for not one, but two, new exciting new adventures from Mariah Incorporated: a clothes line and series of books. “It’s called Automatic Princess. There’s a whole concept behind it. There’s a deeper message that’s behind it, but we’ll talk about that later.”

And of course we’ll be listening.

Source: Extra!

Does Mariah need an emo boy? // 12:01 AM EST Updated by Will

If one band has schooled the indie rock world in feminism and egalitarianism, it's Sonic Youth. The band, which has for 23 years featured couple Thurston Moore, 46, and Kim Gordon, 51, next week releases Sonic Nurse, its 19th studio album.

The pressing of the album I was sent features a tune called Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream, but I understand the song's actual title is, or was, Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream. Gordon wonders about the life of Carey, who suffered a very public nervous breakdown a few years ago.

Gordon cites specific events in Carey's life, including a Larry King interview in which the star said, in a foreshadowing moment, that she was tired, and a dish-breaking incident in which Carey cut herself.

A sympathetic Gordon chides Carey's record label, singing to the star, "Button up, baby, you've come undone."

She goes on, like Florence Nightingale, or a sonic nurse, advising Carey to get out of the picture, relax and take a bubble bath.

"Maybe you need an emo boy," Gordon sings, suggesting that the stressed-out diva find a sensitive punk rock boy to run around with.

Source: St. Petersburg Times

News Tidbits // 12:01 AM EST Updated by Will

-- Ginuwine appeared on Much On Demand yesterday as the featured guest. When asked who he wants to work with, the first words out of his mouth were "Mariah Carey". He will be returning to the studio soon for a new album, which he said he wanted Mariah to be on.

-- From People Weekly: Mariah Carey was seen partying in Cancun at All-Star Fiesta with basketball phenom Lebron James and record producer (and Janet Jackson fiancé) Jermaine Dupri. The weekend of rap at the beach included acts Bonecrusher, Lil' John & the Eastside Boyz and YoungBloodz. "It's partying, partying all the time here," said Dupri, who attended without Janet and co-hosted the affair with LL Cool J.

-- From All Africa: For BLU3 group member and Coca-Cola Uganda Popstars winner Jackie Chandiru, the dream of stardom was far out of reach as a child. She could not hit the high knots like her music icon, Mariah Carey. "To me, singing meant sounding like Mariah," the Bunga-based singer who lives with her elder sister, Cissey Leleru, said. "I sang in the kitchen, shower, corridors, along with the TV and radio but when I failed to hit Mariah's notes, I closed the whole chapter and resorted to dancing."

-- From USA Today: Artists such as Sugababes' Mutya Buena are grateful for American radioplay: "Pretty much all of what I listened to growing up was U.S. music or U.S.-influenced." Mis-Teeq's Alesha Dixon concurs, citing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Monica and SWV. "There aren't a lot of British artists who can go to America, then come back and say, 'We've done it.' That's what everyone wants. It's the dream."

-- From New Straits Times: After Mariah Carey took Malaysian fans by storm a few months back, here comes another diva - Sarah Brightman! The British singer will be performing at the Stadium Negara on June 20, as a part of her much acclaimed Harem World Tour 2004.

Source: Tobby Hilton | DaveStcc22 | DGMJr1980

Friday, June 4 , 2004

Mariah attends Fresh Air Fund Spring Benefit // 12:01 AM EST Updated by Will

Mariah was in attendance last night at the Fresh Air Fund's Salute To American Heroes at the Tavern on the Green in New York City.

Mariah, who arrived in a pink Marc Bouwer sequin gown with her boyfriend Mark and manager Benny Medina, greeted a group of fans by embracing them with hugs. She told them she can’t wait for them to hear her new album and loved that they came to see her.

She also mentioned that she is going to be taking new pictures, including those of The Butterfly Room (the room in her apartment where she keeps things she receives from fans), to put up on the website of her official fan club, Honey B. Fly.

Others in attendance included event host Randy Jackson, Wyclef Jean, Topher Grace, Ann Curry, Tommy Hilfiger, Tia Texada and the evening's honoree Natalie Portman.

Source: Mariah Daily

Can Mariah Carey Recapture Her Previous Status? // 12:00 AM EST Updated by Will

USA Today's Ken Barnes filled in for Edna Gunderson in an online chat with readers on Tuesday, and was asked for his thoughts on Mariah Carey's next album, which should be out later this year. "I would be surprised if Mariah didn't try to go back to her old ballad style, at least for much of the forthcoming album," he said. "But I don't think anything is going to bring her back to her previous status. Too many new divas (including a couple of Idols) and the reign of the big emotive ballad, while it can never be counted out, may be lessened, with hip-hop, R&B and upbeat pop on the ascendent. Or so I hope, anyway."

Source: Pop Dirt

Thursday, June 3 , 2004

Carey cuts again? // 7:29 AM EST Updated by Liron

Is Mariah Carey ready to ax another member of her team?

We told you on Monday that she'd fired her agents at William Morris - having recently jettisoned her longtime spokeswoman, Cindi Berger. Now we hear that she's ditching her business manager, Ron Nash.

Carey's manager, Benny Medina, insists that there "are no discussions" to replace Nash. Curiously, Nash wouldn't tell us whether he's still working for Carey.

Medina acknowledged that Carey's world tour lost money, but says, "We're booking some corporate dates to offset the negative balance."

Besides booting handlers, Carey is getting out her agression by pummeling a punching bag "designed to look like a man which I call Bob," she told Webster Hall's Baird Jones at the Operation Smile benefit at the Whitney Museum. "I enjoy releasing my anger."

Source: NY Daily News | Shayne

New Mariah Music Updates // 12:01 AM EST Updated by Will

-- From Mix Online: Co-producer Lofey and crew are currently at work on Mariah Carey's forthcoming album at New York's EastSide Sound, which has re-opened its new facility after spending 32 years at its old locale — only a few blocks away. The new studio can be found at 150 Forsyth St., New York, NY 10002.

-- From The Official Jadakiss Website: Despite other reports, it appears that Mariah will indeed be featured on Jadakiss's upcoming June 22nd album release, "Kiss Of Death". According to the official Jadakiss website, Mariah will sing on a song entitled "U Make Me Wanna". You can pre-order the album at amazon.com.

-- From MTV News: Randy Jackson has a full schedule for the off-season. He and songwriter Diane Warren are launching a record label (with Kimberly Caldwell as the first release), and he's producing both Mariah Carey and his fellow judge Paula Abdul. Jackson also manages Nikka Costa, whose next album is due September 28.

-- From The Voice: Kanye West insisted he would still produce hits for others like Brandy, Alicia, Ludacris and Common, but that his newest project is Mariah’s next outing. Can you imagine it? Her vocals and his beats? It’s over! Kanye says the biggest misconception about him is that he’s arrogant – he says he just knows he’s good. Amen.

Source: Felipe | Dino

Debut Anniversary Contest // 12:00 AM EST Updated by Will

In honor of the official 14th anniversary of Mariah Carey's self-titled debut album on May 15, 1990, Mariah fan Marc Wilson is sponsoring a contest with prize giveaways of Mariah merchandise.
Here are the contest rules:
1) All contest entrants must purchase a copy of Mariah Carey's debut album by June 15, 2004 at 8:00 PM CST.
2) You must purchase the cd at any of the following music retail outlets: Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Sam Goody, Virgin Megastore, Wherehouse, K-Mart, Wal-Mart or any other outlets which carry the cd.
3) All contest entrants must copy and mail their receipts no later than June 20, 2004 in order to be eligible for prizes.
4) There will be a total of three prizes given out to contestants. The winners will be selected at random and notified via mail or e-mail.
5) You must live within the 50 United States or U.S. territories to enter contest.
Remember, you must only purchase Mariah's debut cd. So if you have an old copy, dust it off and get a new one, or surprise some friends and introduce them to the album that started it all! Good luck!
Mail receipts to:
M. Wilson
606 W. Church Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Source: Mariah Daily | Marc

Wednesday, June 2 , 2004

Adam Lopez sees Mariah Carey as a threat // 1:43 PM EST Updated by Will

One of the very latest records logged in the Guinness Book of World Records has been set by Brisbane musician Adam Lopez, who has sung the highest vocal note on record for a male.

Lopez’s talents have taken him pretty far. He sang backing vocals for Mariah Carey. “It was back in 1998. I got a phone call asking if I was going to the Mariah concert and I had actually bought tickets but I was told I might need to sell the tickets because I’d be in the show!

“It was for the Brisbane concert that she did. She needed extra background vocalists for a particular song called ‘Make It Happen’. It was great. I met Mariah. She’s a lovely person. It was really inspiring to do something like that.”

He sings so high that he could likely sing higher than any other human, including females. “The only person I can think of that could potentially have some competition with is Mariah herself. She’s sung notes that I sing. But the highest I’ve heard her do is the last E on the piano, which I’ve also done as well.”

You can listen to Adam Lopez's high notes at abc.net.au.

Source: Mariah Daily | Joe Brown

News Tidbits // 1:26 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From Las Vegas Sun: The Dominican Republic offers quick divorces to foreigners as long as one of the spouses is present. Singer Diana Ross and her husband of 14 years, Arne Naess, were divorced in the Dominican Republic, as were boxer Mike Tyson and actress Robin Givens, as well as pop singer Mariah Carey and Sony record executive Tommy Mottola.

-- From Entertainment Weekly: Britney Spears is scheduled to bring her Onyx Hotel Tour to Shanghai and Beijing later this year, but already, she's getting warnings from the Chinese government that she'd better not reveal too much flesh. On the other hand, Mariah Carey sang in Shanghai last year, telling reporters in a pre-performance press conference, ''If its raining or its cold I'll still be in the same skimpy outfits that I would wear if it's hot.'' In fact, she was photographed performing in a low-cut bikini top and a miniskirt slit all the way up to her hip -- apparently, without any objection from the government.

-- From Pacific Business News: Mainstream artists who have recorded at Avex Studio in Hawaii include the rock group Godsmack, rhythm and blues group Destiny's Child, and Mariah Carey.

-- From The Houston Chronicle: In crafting the pleasant (if slightly uneven) new album, Lionel Richie employed Miami producer 7 Aurelius (known for his work with Mariah Carey, Ashanti and Ja Rule).

Source: Geoff

Tuesday, June 1 , 2004

Site Updates // 12:14 AM EST Updated by Will

Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill
Check out Mariah Daily's ninth installment of "Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill" for the month of June, located in the Fan Center section, for the answers to these questions:

  • Did Usher beat Mariah's Hot 100 record for most weeks at #1?
  • Is it true Mariah's wedding was a copy of Princess Diana's?
  • Is the "Honey" video nothing but a dis to Tommy Mottola?
  • What's the story behind Mariah and the "starving kids" rumor?

    ...and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions, but please be sure to read the questions and and answers already posted before submitting new ones. Enjoy!

    New Poll
    We also have a new poll which asks, "Which director would you most like Mariah to work with for her next music video?" Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked, "If another single had been released from the Charmbracelet album and fully promoted with a music video, what should that single have been?" Here are the results:

  • 21% (1,215 votes) “My Saving Grace”
  • 14% (791 votes) “Clown”
  • 13% (753 votes) “The One”
  • 11% (639 votes) “You Got Me”
  • 10% (566 votes) “I Only Wanted”
  • 8% (470 votes) “Subtle Invitation”
  • 8% (461 votes) “Yours”
  • 6% (370 votes) “Irresistible”
  • 5% (304 votes) “Lullaby”
  • 3% (201 votes) “You Had Your Chance”
    Total Votes: 5,770

    Monthly Contest
    Congratulations to Donnie Mohler from Katy, Texas for winning a three-track "Never Too Far" promotional CD single in Mariah Daily’s May 2004 monthly contest. Please contact us to claim your prize. For everyon eelse, click here to enter the June contest, in which you may be eligible to win the "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" promo single. Maybe you will be our next winner!
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    News Tidbits // 12:05 AM EST Updated by Will

    -- Mariah look-a-like Laura Pasqualoni has updated her webside with new pictures from recent gigs. She is also posting video clips of her television appearances and wants your input in which video she should post next! Be sure to check out her site at laurasmariah.com to cast your vote!

    -- Last Friday, the Indonesian talent show Indonesian Idol held its first workshop session. One of the contestants, Imayuri, sang Mariah's "Vision Of Love." Unfortunately she failed to go onto the next round. But the judges said she did a good job anyway. During the auditions and elimination sessions, some contestants sang other Mariah songs like "Hero" and "I Still Believe".

    -- From Yahoo! News: You might want to think twice before forking over your hard-earned cash to certain celebrity charities. An investigation into celebrity-fronted charitable foundations by industry watchdog Charity Navigator found that nearly half of them did a mediocre or downright miserable job of distributing funds to the programs they were supposed to support in 2003. Plenty of charities, however, scored high. Winners include Mariah Carey's Fresh Air Fund.

    -- From The Pamela Anderson Fanclub: World-famous model and actress Pamela Anderson has branched out to music. The blond bombshell behind the Stripperella cartoon is hosting Damizza Presents: The Baby Ree Mix Tape Volume 2, which features material from such platinum artists as Mariah Carey. "Damizza is gonna take over the world," Mariah Carey says. "Of course Damizza is gonna take over the world," Pamela Anderson adds. "Now can I put my top back on?" For information on how to get a free copy of Damizza Presents: The Baby Ree Mix Tape Volume 2, visit www.damizza.com.

    -- From New York Daily News: "People are starved" for standards, says [singer Linda] Ronstadt. "Modern singers like Mariah Carey borrow from Stevie Wonder, who will tell you he's stood on the shoulders of Duke Ellington, who got a lot of his inspiration from classical. It's really important to know who came before you."

    -- From Urban Tulsa Weekly: The title [of Kelly Clarkson's "Thankful" album] alone sounds like something Mariah Carey or Toni Braxton would name their third album to try and sound cute, approachable and domineering all at the same time.

    -- From The Montgomery Advertiser: Melissa McCord, winner of Montgomery Idol, faced stiff competition from the other three finalists, which included LaToia Jones, 19, of Montgomery, who performed "Hero" by Mariah Carey.

    Source: Laura | Silent Moon | Heroes Of Mariah

    Prizes galore for Mariah contest winners // 12:05 AM EST Updated by Will

    TM Net’s Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World tour SMS and Online Contests will always hold a special memory for Biotech and Biomedical student of Monash University, Wong Hooi Lin from Shah Alam.

    This was the contest in which she won herself a luxury six-day, five-night holiday package to Perth, Australia for two, which was the grand prize of TM Net’s Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World tour SMS and Online Contests held recently. Wong has sent in the most SMS with the correct answers and accumulated 8,000 points to emerge as the grand prize winner.

    The second prize winner, Ng Pei Fung from Subang Jaya, won herself a brand new Skuter Nitro NS 125, while Syahrinerwutty Mohamad Shahrizal from Segamat, Johor emerged as the third prize winner of the contest and walked away with a Panasonic Home Theatre System. All three winners also received an autographed Charmbracelet CD each.

    Apart from the SMS contest, TM Net through its portal, Bluehyppo.com, also organised the Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour Online contest. Four weekly prize winners of the online contest each received a Panasonic mobile phone.

    According to TM Net’s chief executive officer Datuk Baharum Salleh, the contest received half a million hits from the public during the one-month period. TM Net had given away RM60,000 worth of products as prizes, Datuk Baharum revealed.

    Source: New Straits Times