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Saturday, July 31 , 2004

"#1's" Photo Outtake // 11:58 PM EST Updated by Will

Here is an outtake from the photoshoot Mariah did in 1998 for Arena Magazine and subsequently her "#1's" album.

It's very similar to the cover shot but can you spot the differences? Click the thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 11:51 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Univision is polling its viewers and asking them, "What celebrity has the nicest clevage?" Mariah is currently in third place. You can vote for her at univision.com.

-- Mariah is currently nominated in three other polls at Top Hits Online: most beautiful female singer, best Christmas song, and best song of the 1990s. Be sure to vote! At the same site, Mariah was named the sexiest female pop star. Her song "One Sweet Day" also finished as the second favorite song of all time.

-- The British subsidary of music channel VH1 polled more than 25,000 people for their ultimate number one single of all time. Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" was voted the best. And Mariah sneaked into the top 10 with her ballad "Without You".

-- British singing group SugaBabes are Mariah fans, although they apparently don't know Mariah writes her own music. Group singer Mutya Buena says, "I love Mariah Carey's version of 'All I Want for Christmas is You.' She's a fantastic singer and I like the fact that she updated it." When member Keisha Buchanan was asked if there is any philosophy behind the group, she said. "Not really - we're just ourselves. Heidi's the Mariah of the group, Mutya's the Toni Braxton, and I don't even know what I am, I suppose my strength's in ad-libbing." Heidi says her childhood dream was to become Mariah.

-- Mariah was on Foxtel's Music Max Top 200 songs Of the 1990s, with "Fantasy" coming in at #95.

-- "Intimate Portrait: Mariah Carey" will premiere in Australia on Wednesday, August 4th at 9:30pm on Foxtel and is an Australian Exclusive on the W Channel.

-- Mariah's relationship with her boyfriend Mark Sudack was mentioned today in two major tabloids: the Daily Star (which said that Mariah is "keeping her boyfriend out of the spotlight" and that they "hope it stays that way") and the Daily Mirror (whose article was accompanied by a rare photo of Mariah).

Source: Aladerri | Luis | Steve | StarCrossdRomeo | Meindert | Cameron | Lee

Friday, July 30 , 2004

Mariah Recording in Florida // 5:44 AM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey, who was holed up at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach for a number of nights last week while in town to record her new CD. Although she remained free and clear of clubland, she did surface from time to time in the hotel, where she was apparently gracious and very pleased to be seen. Despite the fact that the low-laying diva used to make absurd requests at hotels such as the Shore Club, where she once demanded a treadmill, cases of red wine and Secret Service-like protection, at the Ritz, her only demand was for menus so she could order food. Lame, yes, but still, in this columnist's opinion, infinitely more interesting than an athlete with big feet.

Source: The Miami Herald | Dino

Mariah's Beau // 2:13 AM EST Updated by Liron

MARIAH Carey has a new boyfriend — Mark Sudack, a member of her management team. "They met during Mariah's world tour," tattled our spy. "Mark used to work with L.A. Reid at Arista and L.A. brought him over to work at Def Jam. Mark was Mariah's 'house photographer' and traveled with her everywhere. They are very close and spend a lot of quality time not in the spotlight together." Carey has other good news: The songbird's next album will feature a duet with Kanye West. "It is amazing," said a Def Jam insider.

Source: NY Post | Guido Carey

Thursday, July 29 , 2004

Mariah shared Thanksgiving with Foster Kids // 10:33 PM EST Updated by Will

Did you know that last Thanksgiving, Mariah visited with 50 young people living in the Good Shepherd Services group residences and foster care program who were unable to go home for the holiday?

The gym of the East 17th Street location in New York City was transformed into a banquet hall complete with a DJ, balloons, and beautiful centerpieces that were donated by Mariah.

Joining her for the feast was her mother, nephew, staff and their children, as well as her chef who helped to prepare the turkey dinner.

The young residents had the opportunity to chat with Mariah and one young woman even read a poem. Many were able to have photos taken with her, which she autographed.

Mariah’s visit was not only a dream come true for many of these young men and women, but a wonderful surprise on a day that is often difficult for young people in out-of-home care.

Good Shepherd Services is a non-sectarian, social service and youth development agency which positively affects the lives of more than 10,000 children and families annually.

Throughout their history, they have shown leadership in developing effective programs that help New York City's more vulnerable residents gain the support, skills and opportunities necessary for success in life. United by their shared mission and vision, these programs are characterized by a profound respect for the strengths inherent in individuals, families and communities.

Good Shepherd Services provides city-wide residential and foster care services with concentrations in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. For more information, log on to goodshepherds.org

Source: Mariah Daily

Bill Clinton dances to Mariah's music? // 10:10 PM EST Updated by Will

Everyone seems to be writing a Web log these days, and those without day jobs have a decided advantage. So perhaps it did not seem unusual to see Bill Clinton joining the ranks.

There were, for example, the jottings about a stay in San Francisco while promoting his memoir, "My Life", including a night out in which he and Robin Williams ultimately regaled their wives with a song and dance while playing a Mariah Carey CD:

"What happened was this. Robin put Mariah Carey's CD in the CD player, took the remote control, told the women me and him were going to get some wine and we went into the kitchen.

"In the kitchen we took off all our clothes except for our boxer shorts and socks. We put on ties and sunglasses. We both had one of those plastic microphones kids play with in our hands. Robin pushed the play button on the remote control and Mariah Carey started singing.

"Me and him went into the living room and stood in front of the women. We did this whole dance routine as Mariah Carey sang 'Oh, when you walk by every night, Talking sweet and looking fine, I get kinda hectic inside....'

"We must've looked like two drunken sailors. Oh God, what was I thinking? That's the kind of influence Robin has on me and all his friends. The guy is crazy, but he also manages to make us lose our minds.

"Oh and when Mariah sang 'I'm in Heaven, With my boyfriend, My laughing boyfriend, There's no beginning, And there is no end...' the two of us would look at each other like we were in love and put both of our hands on our hearts."

Delve more deeply into the postings at Bill Clinton's Daily Diary--at once thoughtful, educated and down home--and only one conclusion can be drawn: It's a hoax.

Source: cnet News

Wednesday, July 28 , 2004

Gavin Christopher // 2:31 PM EST Updated by Will

Not everyone can say that they’ve had Mariah Carey over at their apartment for songwriting sessions, but Gavin Christopher is one of the very few people who can. By the time Gavin had met Mariah as a teenager, he was already a hot property in the music industry and had worked with everyone from Herbie Hancock and Chaka Khan to Grandmaster Flash and Sheila E. He had also signed a deal in 1985 with EMI Records and would soon release his own album, which would spawn the hit club staple “One Step Closer To You”. Amidst all this, Gavin took time out to work with an unknown and inexperienced singer named Mariah.

Mariah Daily: What convinced you to write with this unknown singer called Mariah Carey?
Gavin Christopher: I was so impressed with her personality and voice that I jumped at the chance to work on some songs with Mariah. We made a schedule to get together at least twice a week. We began working on some ideas that Mariah had.

MD: When did you first become aware of her?
Gavin: I was first introduced to Mariah by her brother Morgan when she was 15 years old. Morgan had asked me to listen to his sister and tell him what I thought about her voice. I immediately walked into my living room after hearing her voice and told Morgan that his sister was going to be a huge success some day.

MD: Did you ever think this teenage girl you were working with would one day become a superstar?
Gavin: Yes! I knew immediately. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to work together very long. Maybe a few months at the most. But, it was the most rewarding.

MD: How did the writing process usually start? Did Mariah come up with something first, or did you?
Gavin: I had a small writing studio in my flat in New York. Mariah’s mother Pat would bring her to the house. We would spend a few hours at a time working on ideas for songs.

MD: Where did you usually write together?
Gavin: In my apartment on 23rd Street in New York, where I was living with Clarissa Dane, who became one of Mariah’s closest friends.

MD: Did you have set writing times or was it spontaneous?
Gavin: We were very spontaneous.

MD: Did Mariah usually write from her own experiences, or from things she saw going on around her?
Gavin: Well, from what I gathered, it was her own experiences and influences from artists like Stevie Wonder, who gave Mariah the inspiration to become who she is today.

MD: Did Mariah have a specific genre in mind for her songs or did you help guide her way?
Gavin: I think that initially we just had a few songs we were working on with no specific genre in mind. We were co-writing. So, there was a bit of guidance on my part. But, I think Mariah already knew who she was and where she wanted to go. That is where she went straight to the top.

MD: About how many songs did you and Mariah work on together? Do you have any favorites amongst those?
Gavin: Maybe two or three at the time. One I remember the most was the song titled “I Can’t Hold It Back”.

MD: You were the one that introduced Mariah to Ben Margulies, who Mariah wrote most of her first album with. How did that come about?
Gavin: Ben was my drummer in a band in Santa Cruz, California. After working with Herbie Hancock on several albums, I was playing at a club when Ben introduced himself to me and asked me if I wanted to sing in his band. I said yes and we played together for short while in California. I then moved to New York to pursue my career further. Then, Ben moved to New York and set up a small studio in his house and began writing. I am not sure, but Mariah and Ben first met at my apartment. Few years later, they started writing together. One day, I came home to a message on my machine. It was a recording of “Vision Of Love”. They were excited that they had gotten a budget to work on Mariah’s record. The rest is history.

MD: What do you think the world should know about Mariah Carey?
Gavin: Mariah is a truly gifted human individual, who has given the world a voice that is one of the great voices of the century. There will never be another like her. She is the one of a kind. I think we should all grateful that we have someone like her to soothe our souls with wonderful sound and grace. Thank you Mariah. I am happy to be a part of your story.

Gavin Christopher is currently living in Los Angeles and working on several projects. He is also a contributing member for the band Aquabox. Their album release, "The Evolution Will Not Be Televised", is available for purchase from amazon.com.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 2:30 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Jadakiss' song with Mariah, "U Make Me Wanna" remains one of the top songs on WVEE in Atlanta. You can phone requests to 404-741-9833 or e-mail janetk.jack@infinitybroadcasting.com. The song has not yet appeared in rotation on any other stations.

-- Steve attended "Mariah Carey night" at Club Rich's in San Diego yesterday. During his stay there, they played "Loverboy", "Emotions", "Through The Rain (Dance Mix)" and "Honey". They did several giveaways. Steve says it was a decent crowd for a Tuesday night.

-- Kelly's website, Mariah Central, is down temporaily because her webhosting company has a problem on their end. She wants everyone to know that her site is down and it will be up as soon as possible when the techincians fix it.

-- From The Oregonian: Following a video vignette that showed her getting lost trying to find the stage and being befuddled by the buttons on an elevator, [Jessica Simpson] took the stage swathed in flowing pink silk and started singing some B-grade, Mariah Carey-style R&B lite.

-- From The Courier Mail: When Amy Wilkinson was 18, she thought opera was for big blokes with Italian accents. But then one of her girlfriends heard her belting out a Mariah Carey song. "She said to me, Amy, you've got such a beautiful voice, why don't you get some training?"

Source: Steve Burt | Kelly

Tuesday, July 27 , 2004

Mase to work with Mariah again? // 12:16 PM EST Updated by Will

Besides the Terror Squad and Kanye West, rapper Mase said he might also be doing tracks for Mariah Carey and Faith Evans.

Source: MTV News

Mariah turns down Westlife? // 12:10 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has turned down the chance to work with boy band Westlife again. The American Beauty, who sang with the Irish lads on a chart-topping cover of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" four years ago, feels they won't do her career any favours now. She told my source: "I like them and they are very talented but to be honest I have moved into a different musical direction."

This burning issue is second only to that of whether the whole Westlife enterprise can be dragged out any longer. True, their cover of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" had black-metal fans singing along, but that was just a tiny moment that roused an otherwise ballad-fatigued nation. After all, where does any band go after duetting with Mariah Carey?

Source: Diva Mariah | The Herald | Daily Star | vee1984

News Tidbits // 12:09 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Tuesday, July 27, 2004 will be "Mariah Carey night" at Club Rich's in San Diego, California. The night is called POPplanet and their will be lots of Mariah give-aways. This night is not like others because a giant screen on the dance floor projects all the videos that go with the song. Come and support Mariah (and win some Mariah prizes) at Rich's. Admission is $5, but free if you sign up on the VIP list on the website at clubpopplanet.com.

-- A petition has been created asking Mariah's record label to release a DVD of all of her music videos. The petition states, "We the fans of Mariah Carey would like to see a product that contains a DVD/EP of Mariah Carey's music videos. We believe a Mariah Carey musical collection is by far from complete without a music video release. Please consider this idea, as it would be highly appreciated by the millions of Mariah Carey fans, from around the world." If you agree and want to sign the petition, log on to petitiononline.com.

-- From Wired News: For inspiration [on getting my friends to comment on president George W. Bush], I turned to US Weekly's famously mean "Fashion Police" spread, in which a gaggle of comedians, fashionistas and pop-culture reporters bash celebrities' wardrobe choices. A recent one on Mariah Carey included comments like, "This dress eliminates the need to stand over a blowing vent" and "Victoria has a secret. Mariah does not."

-- From The State: The only obstacle that kept April Bradley-Spann from singing to “American Idol’s” Simon Cowell was her age. But that won’t stop her from facing local competitors in Sumter’s Palmetto Idol competition, being held tonight through Friday. Since about age 3, she has preferred inspirational tunes with other musically inclined members of her family. For the competition, she has selected Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”

Source: Robbie | Dinh Quang

Monday, July 26 , 2004

Busts and Butts // 8:49 PM EST Updated by Will

The August 2nd issue of Star Magazine goes behind the busts and butts of celebrities and features covergirls Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.

"The trend right now is bigger breasts -- more showy," says New York City plastic surgeon Dr.Cap Lesesne.The reasons:

"We passed the implants scare in the '90s," says New York City plastic surgeon Dr. John E. Sherman. Both saline and silicone implants are safe today.

"Implants are no longer just for topless dancers," says Dr. Sherman. Some great fakes are just B-cups.

The newest trend is to insert the implant via the armpit or the belly button, both of which cause minimal scarring. And by placing the implant under the chest muscle, it looks more natural.

Source: Star Magazine

Sunday, July 25 , 2004

News Tidbits // 6:05 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From a NY Times article about Zach Braff: "Mr. Braff's most back-breaking experience occured during Mariah Carey's 'Up on the Roof' video, when he and his colleagues had to schlep equipment up to the roof with no elevator. 'We worked 20 hours straight for a video that probably aired twice on MTV,' he joked, 'I told all my friends that I hoped her next video was called "In the Lobby".

-- In a song called "Fall Back" by Lloyd Banks with Brandy and Fabulous, Lloyd mentions Mariah 3 minutes into the song. He says: "I get smooth like Mariah's skin"

-- From Reuters: Truwarier is Allure's fourth label. Its first, Mariah Carey's Crave, folded after the release of the group's self-titled debut.

-- In an interview for The NY Times, Joey Fatone (of 'N Sync) and Joey McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block) brought up Mariah:

FATONE: Look, the transition from music to acting can be brutal. For instance, you got "Glitter."

ZINOMAN: With Mariah Carey?

FATONE: If you took her out of the movie, it wouldn't be that bad.

MCINTYRE: I don't think it would be that good, but maybe. People, mostly writers, underestimate young artists in the music business. They figure they're being told what to do because of the history of Hollywood and Motown. Yes, you need a great manager and you need a great producer, but you got nothing unless you got the talent. No one ever told us how to be. It was natural. I was the little cute one. Donnie was the tough leader. Jordan was the sexy lead singer. Danny gave his 110. Jon was the shy one. That's what we were. And then, that was exploited.

-- From The Miami Herald: As far as Winston Churchill is concerned, he may be the only visitor who never made it to the [Fort Lauderdale's] Elbo Room but he was supposedly one of the notable guests (along with the likes of Al Capone, Casey Stengel and Mariah Carey) at historic Cap's Place Island Restaurant, only reachable by boat in Lighthouse Point.

-- From The Journal News: At the tryouts to "Haverstraw Idol", a local version to "American Idol" in a NY county: Prior to going up on stage, Angelica Martinez, 20, of Haverstraw discussed with her sister, Alisa Martinez, 26, and cousin Natalie DeLacruz, 22, what song she would sing. The younger Martinez hoped that her a capella version of "Open Arms" as performed by Mariah Carey would win her first prize and $1,000.

"That would be nice for my college tuition," said Martinez, who plans to attend Hunter College and study elementary education.

Afterward, Martinez's sister and cousin were her toughest critic.

"It was dreadful," DeLacruz said. "I'm Simon (Cowell). It was too pitchy."

"And too long," Alisa Martinez added.

-- Stephanie scanned Mariah's pictures from the "Star" tabloid. Click on the following links to see the cover and the mention inside the paper.

Source: Carlos | Donnie | Tommy

Friday, July 23 , 2004

Mariah Expected at Protest Rally // 8:24 AM EST Updated by Liron

Security will be so tight during next month's Republican National Convention that protesters will be kept blocks away from Madison Square Garden - out of sight and out of mind for President Bush and his co-partisans.

But hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons - with the AIDS activist group Still We Rise, the New York Civil Liberties Union and other like-minded folks - has somehow managed to obtain a permit to march right up Eighth Ave. to the Garden, on the convention's opening day, Aug. 30.

There they'll stage a rally against the so-called Rockefeller Drug Laws, Simmons told me, noting that he expects to be joined by Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys and Mariah Carey.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Source: NY Daily News | Rima

Chart Beat Bonus: 'All' For One // 8:21 AM EST Updated by Liron

In all the excitement over Usher having three No. 1 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 in 2004, one fact was overlooked. He's the first artist to have three consecutive releases reach No. 1 since Mariah Carey did it in between 1995-98. Carey had a run of five No. 1s in a row with "Fantasy," "One Sweet Day," "Always Be My Baby," "Forever" and "My All."

It was the second time in her career that Carey put together a string of five No. 1s in a row. Her first five chart entries ("Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," "I Don't Wanna Cry" and Emotions") all topped the chart.

Source: Billboard | Paul

Thursday, July 22 , 2004

Mariah Casts Her Vote for P. Diddy's "Citizen Change" Initiative // 5:10 PM EST Updated by Liron

Trendsetters, fashionistas, rappers — P. Diddy wants you. Specifically, he's looking for the "sexy people" to help him entice young people and minorities to vote in the presidential election, as part of his new nonpartisan voting initiative called Citizen Change.

Citizen Change plans to link up with MTV, BET, Clear Channel and other media outlets to increase voter awareness, and P. Diddy said there will be registration drives on college campuses and education initiatives to make people more aware of the election and the issues.

The organization will hold functions tied to both the Democratic and Republication conventions. P. Diddy also said both President Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry will be invited to participate in Citizen Change events.

P. Diddy already has enlisted stars Mariah Carey, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres for the effort, and labels such as Ecko, Phat Farm, and his own Sean John have been tapped to create clothing featuring the initiative's motto — Vote or Die! — which Diddy himself wore at the news conference.

Source: The Herald News | MariahCarey.com

News Tidbits // 4:56 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- At a party that was held last night in NYC, Mariah Carey's manager Benny Medina, looking buff, stopped by to say that Carey's new album is underway here in New York. For the first time in years, Carey is not recording on the Isle of Capri.

"We're not doing the diva thing," Benny said.

-- In his new single "Everywhere", Bizzy Bone from "Bone Thugs 'N Harmony" mentions Mariah towards the end. Extract from the lyrics: "No baloney, I been diggin' on Mariah, Since back at the days of Sony"

-- Yesterday, Mariah was on the cover of the "NY Daily News". The picture they used was from Mariah's visit to McDonald back in 1999 at the day of the "Heartbreaker" single release. Take a look at the cover here.

-- Yesterday on "Good Day Live", the cover of "Star" magazine's next issue was shown and Mariah is on it. The two pictures they are using are from 1997's "7 Years in Tibet" premiere and from last month's Fresh Air Fund event.

Source: Fox News | Shayne | lljoe143

Wednesday, July 21 , 2004

New Mariah song, "To The Floor", played during vacation // 11:29 AM EST Updated by Will

The following report was written by Mariah's friend and MTV News reporter Jasmine Dotiwala:

I am truly blessed! I’ve just spent the past week at Sir Richard Branson’s private place in the Caribbean – the very isolated Necker Island. Mariah Carey and I had arrived simultaneously and were required to quickly change into all-white clothes for Richard’s "all-white beach party", which was under way. It was lavish with silk cushions scattered around the sunset-lit beach and the choice of drinks was mimosas.

Myself, Mariah, Mariah’s choreographer Rachael and friend Karen were all put up in Bali-Hi, which was just stunning. It’s a three-tiered Balinese fashioned house with its own plunge pool, huge outdoor kitchen, dining room and lounge with lovely princess-like bedrooms. The open-air lounge was a bit unnerving at night, but it’s at the top of a cliff so the panoramic hillsides, ocean and beach below were spectacular.

We had to use the craziest bathroom ever. It was an actual room cut out of the cliffside with no fourth wall, so you’re showering and sh***ing in the open air, with a view of the whole ocean. So now all the wildlife on Necker have seen my butt and other bodily parts. I guess that’s one toilet that never needs air freshener!

One night there was a steel and reggae band, so we were able to teach the posh folk how to "blasé, row de boat and do the dollar dance".

After dinner on a couple of evenings Richard took us to his rooftop to lie on the outdoor beds and watch shooting stars light the sky. Heavenly. We also indulged in some religious and spiritual conversations on the rooftop – how adult of us! He informed us that in the past he’d also had Peter Gabriel, Princess Diana and Janet Jackson out there, so we were in good company.

Then July 4 came around so Mariah showed us Brits how to celebrate Independence Day in style with a huge red-white-blue dinner and an amazing fireworks display. As if that wasn’t enough I was treated to numerous exclusive listens to Mariah’s new music, which is gonna blow up.

My favourite track is possibly going to be titled To The Floor, which is where I’m headed now to recover from my astounding adventure!

Source: The Voice

It's Good To Be Mariah Carey // 11:29 AM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey pulled in an average of $7K a year as a waitress/coat check girl. She then auditioned to be a back-up singer for Brenda K. Starr and was being paid an annual gross of $55k. She then was signed to Columbia Records for $350K contract with them.

She then grossed in over $30M for her debute self-entitled album Mariah Carey and $10M for her sophomore efforts Emotions and $12.5M for MTV Unplugged and in 1993 grossed in over $60M for her best selling album to date "Music Box" and married President of her label Tommy Mottola, wearing a $25K Vera Wang Dress styled similiar to Princess Diana's. Then went out on her first outing and sold out her World Tour for her promotion of her best seller Music Box.

After the success in 1993, she took a break from her power ballad studio albums and recorded her first and ever Christmas album getting paid over $20M just to sing jingle tunes.

She then followed the success of the best selling Christmas album in Japan and went back into the studio to record her next best seller to date "Daydream" grossing in over $47.5M and followed the success of the second biggest selling album of her career and her best #1 single on the charts and sales she went out on another World Tour, touring more dates from the previous.

She then released her metaphoric meaning of her life entitled (what other than) "Butterfly", producing every single track on the record. The sales of this record didn't match previous success, but she still grossed in over $12.5M. And a new image of Mariah Carey with self empowerment divorced her husband the following months afterwards. She then decided to Tour the world again.

The following year, Columbia Records, decided to release an album solely honoring Mariah's chart-topping 13 #1 hits. This album grossed in also $12.5M for the star. She also got to duet with her (reported rival) but friend, soulful R&B singer/actress Whitney Houston. The power house divas joined forces again to sing at the Academy Awards and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The following year, Mariah released another metaphoric meaning to her life, titling the album "Rainbow." This album grossed in over $7.5M for the Best Selling Female Vocalist of the 90's and earned her two additional #1 hits. She now tally's in 15 chart topping #1 hits. She also was inspired to Tour again with a star studded roster of entertainers.

She then felt stressed and wanted to leave the label that was run by her ex-husband. She owed Columbia Records another album and Carey bought out the rights to her contract reported to be worth over $9M.

But she was then catered to every label wanting to sign her. And she decided to go with Virgin Records. They signed her for $100M for a 5 album deal and movie. Making Carey the highest paid female entertainer of all time. But it didn't work out and they bought her out of contract for a reported sum of over $30M. Mariah got the last laugh, though. Because they shelled out over $22M to film the movie that barely grossed in $2.5M. They also had already paid her $14.5M for starring in the movie and recording the soundtrack. So Virgin records earned that year an average of $4,000,000 and Mariah walked away with over $44,500,000.

Mariah wasn't a free agent for long, though and was signed to Island Def Jam Records willing to sign her to a contract worth $21M and giving the Butterfly loving singer her own label.

Charbracelet was then released in December of 2002. And grossed in over $2.5M for her plus a $7M advancement. She decided to really connect with her lambs (her fans) and toured for the first time at intimate venues. Still selling out almost everywhere.

Columbia Records knows Mariah sells and almost every other year they try to release an album on her. They've already released, Greatest Hits, The Remixes, and reports of releasing a Legacy Edition album entitled from her debute chart topping single, "Vision Of Love."

Carey was getting paid $2.00 for every album sold and .50 for writting. Plus the summed earnings of her sold out World Tours. I haven't heard any figures yet. So I didn't post them. I only know from Billboard that Mariah earned over $20M from her Asia leg of the Charmbracelet World Tour. Her North American Tour earnings were never reported. Although you know it's in the sums of millions.

Mariah Carey has sold more than $150M records worldwide and has had a #1 single in each year of the 1990's. She cemented herself as the best selling female performer of all time and in the rock era. Mariah Carey is a "living legend."

Source: E! Television Network | Eddie Stephen

Tuesday, July 20 , 2004

Mariah helps P.Diddy make voting "fashionable" // 11:26 PM EST Updated by Will

Trendsetters, fashionistas, rappers — P. Diddy wants you. Specifically, he's looking for the "sexy people" to help him entice young people and minorities to vote in the presidential election, as part of his new nonpartisan voting initiative called Citizen Change. P. Diddy already has enlisted stars Ben Affleck , Leonardo DiCaprio , Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige for the effort, and labels such as Ecko, Phat Farm, and his own Sean John have been tapped to create clothing featuring the initiative's motto — "Vote or Die!" — which Diddy himself wore at the news conference.

Source: Yahoo! News | Nacho

UMPG Sings Carey's Tune // 11:23 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has signed a new long-term publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. The worldwide pact includes 135 copyrights, including 14 of Carey's 15 No. 1 hits on The Billboard Hot 100. (Her remaining No. 1 was a remake of "I'll Be There.")

Carey previously was signed to Sony/ATV.

UMPG worldwide president David Renzer has had his eye on Carey's catalog for some time.

"There are certain artists that you always inquire about," he told Billboard. "I had been asking [Carey's attorney] Don Passman for years about her and when her catalog might become available. She was an artist who I respected, not only for her vocal range but for her songwriting."

After Carey's deal with Sony/ATV expired and her catalog reverted to her, Renzer says UMPG "stepped up in terms of how aggressively we were chasing her."

He declined to give a dollar figure for the multialbum deal, but called it a "very significant commitment. We made a deal where we're obviously projecting aggressively on her new studio album, but also looking at her back catalog."

Carey's next album for Island Def Jam (which, like UMPG, is part of Universal Music Group) is tentatively scheduled for fourth-quarter 2004. Among the producers on the set are Kanye West, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell.

Renzer says UMPG will launch a campaign around the release of Carey's new album to trumpet her catalog. The plan includes sending a sampler to music supervisors and ad agencies worldwide. Carey's strongest territories are the United States, Europe and Asia.

"Our synch people around the world are very excited," Renzer says.

Carey's music has not been widely exploited in commercials or soundtracks. Pursuing those options is something Renzer says UMPG is discussing with Carey's manager, Benny Medina.

"His first comment to me was 'How are we going to aggressively work this catalog?'" Renzer says.

Carey released "Charmbracelet," her debut on IDJ, in 2002. It has sold 1.1 million units in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The singer came to IDJ following a tremendous run at Columbia Records, where she sold more than 40 million albums in the United States alone, according to Nielsen SoundScan. She was signed briefly to Virgin Records between Columbia and IDJ. The only release during that time was the soundtrack to "Glitter," which has sold 596,000 copies.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to break artists, Renzer notes, catalogs from career artists are more valuable because of the income stream they can generate.

"You can work the entire catalog," he says, "instead of one hit album that may be gone from the public consciousness 6 months from now."

In the past several months, UMPG has signed Prince and inked long-term administration deals with Paul Simon and Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

Source: Billboard Magazine | Dino

Sunday, July 18 , 2004

Album News // 8:41 PM EST Updated by Will

According to Japanese fan site Love Love Jack, Mariah's new album will be released in Japan in November, earlier than the rest of the world. And the new single is scheduled for October. "Misty Moon", the theme song Mariah sang for the Japanese tea drink Sokenbicha, might be released together with the first single as a double a-side single in Japan. If "Misty Moon" couldn't make it to the first single, it would probably be the bonus track for the new album. Also, Mariah is planning to visit to Japan again to promote the new album.

Source: vee1984

News Tidbits // 8:36 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Don't forget to tune into E! tonight to watch "It's Good To Be Mariah Carey" at 10:30pm.

-- worldofbritney.com has a video for download showcasing Britney Spears' greatest moments over the past few years, and the background music is set to Mariah's "Can't Take That Away".

-- Mariah's edition of OutSmart, the online game where you play against a celebrity opponent to try to beat them at their own fame, has been re-added to MSN Zone. Click here to play against Mariah!

-- A contestant on the Malaysian edition of Pop Idol contestant sang Mariah's "Emotions" and even did the high notes. Click here to view a clip!

-- Jadakiss' "U Make Me Wanna" featuring Mariah is getting spins on WPWX in Chicago. That makes at least 4 high impact stations playing the song: WVEE (who has the song in its top 20; 404-741-9833) and WGCI (404-741-0955) in Atlanta, WPWX in Chicago and WBOT in Boston (617-931-1977). Be sure to request the song if you'd like to hear it! Other places you can send requests to are: requests@kube93.com, requests@955thebeat.com, feedback@wgci.com and through forms at thebeatla.com and power106.com.

-- Magic 92.5 of San Diego counted down the 500 greatest oldies songs of all time (Urban AC format). Mariah had 5 songs make the list, including Someday, I'll Be There, One Sweet Day, Can't Let Go and Emotions (coming in at number 12). You can check out the list at magic925.com.

Source: Craig | Donnie | Gabriel | Kok Pooi Kit | Steve

Friday, July 16 , 2004

Universal Publishing Signs Mariah Carey // 3:08 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has signed a long-term publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. The worldwide pact covers 135 copyrights -- including 14 of Carey's 15 No. 1 hits on The Billboard Hot 100 -- and future works. (Her remaining No. 1 was a remake of "I'll Be There.")

Source: Billboard | Ernesto

Mariah spent Independence Day on Necker Island // 3:06 PM EST Updated by Will

The following report was written by Mariah's friend and MTV News reporter Jasmine Dotiwala:

"Speaking of partying, I’m off to re-energise my A-list, top-notch, jet-set, diva lifestyle at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker island – I’ve been invited to film an MTV Cribs show at his home. Being the polite young lady that my mum brought me up to be, I thought I’d better not turn up without a gift, so I took… Mariah Carey!

"I figured what with it being Independence Day and Mariah loving to spend time on tropical islands, we should buck up and kill three birds with one stone. Richard Branson would meet Mariah, Mariah would get a free party on an exclusive island with her mates, and I would get to mix bizness with pleasure and top up my tan. So I’ll catch you rain-dwelling Brits on the other side. First-class everything, palm trees and butlers to do my every bidding – Necker island here I come!"

Source: The Voice

How Mariah Got In Bikini Shape // 3:03 PM EST Updated by Will

In Touch Weekly named their 20 hottest stars in swimsuits, including Mariah Carey at #20, Jennifer Lopez at #15, and Britney Spears at #4. Mariah said, "I started to pack on too much extra weight, so I began a crash exercise program, sweating it out on the treadmill and bike." She added, "I'm in the best shape I've been in for years."

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah's Literary Help // 3:03 PM EST Updated by Will

Pop star Mariah Carey's forthcoming foray into literature will be ghost written by another author.

The "Thank God I Found You" singer is busy writing an illustrated children's book to compete with her bookish chart rival Madonna, whose third children's book Yakov and the Seven Thieves reached seventh place on The New York Times' best-seller list last week.

But Carey's own record boss has admitted Mariah's getting a lot of help. CAA head Rob Light, "She has an idea based on her bi-racial heritage. It's something she's worked on with the help of ghost writers."

Editor's Note: The writer of this article must have confused the facts. The original, true quote stated, "It's something she's worked on without the help of ghostwriters. She has a whole idea based on her biracial heritage; she thinks there is a huge audience."

Source: Contactmusic

Thursday, July 15 , 2004

Hot 100 Airplay Records Held By Mariah // 5:15 PM EST Updated by Liron

The following records were taken from the BDS (Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems) records book. Notice these are records on the Hot 100 airplay charts and not the Billboard Hot 100 singles.

-ALL-FORMAT DETECTIONS: "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey (Columbia), with 10,122 detections (9/20-26, 1993).

-MOST ADULT CONTEMPORARY WEEKS AT #1: "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men (Columbia) and "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion (550 Music), both at 13 weeks.

-MOST HOT 100 GROSS IMPRESSIONS: "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey (Columbia), 89,177, 800 (9/15-21, 1993).

-MOST HOT 100 AIRPLAY WEEKS AT #1: "I'll Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men (Motown), "The Sign" by Ace Of Bace (Arista) and "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men (Columbia) at 13 weeks.

-MOST TOP 40/MAINSTREAM WEEKS AT #1: "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men (Columbia), 13 weeks.

-MOST TOP 40/CROSSOVER DETECTIONS: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey (Columbia), 1,951 detections (10/30-11/05, 1995).

-MOST TOP 40/CROSSOVER WEEKS AT #1: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey (Columbia) at 11 weeks.

Source: BDS | MC - The Complete History

Ask Billboard: CLARIFICATION, PLEASE! // 5:11 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Hi Keith,

I must say that I have always admired how you are able to answer some of the most ridiculous questions that people can come up with. But, I was so confused by last week's "Ask Billboard" question about the top selling female recording artists. Now, were the totals based only on U.S. sales or on worldwide sales?

I distinctly remember last year's Super Bowl halftime show where they introduced Mariah Carey as "the biggest selling female recording artist in history". I have also heard that she has sold over 120 million albums, definitely beating out Celine Dion.

Shania Twain is trying to steal Mariah's glory. Just because she had a bad movie, an even worse soundtrack album and a nervous breakdown doesn't mean that Mariah is gone. She will always be the best, along with Whitney Houston.

What do you have to say about this? Can people make up things like what happened on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" [where Shania was introduced as the top selling female artist of all time]? Defend your answer!

Thanks buddy,


-- Hi John,

I received a few e-mails this week, questioning the figures that I quoted in the answer to that question. As I stated in the last column, the figures were only for U.S. sales and/or shipments. There is no firm that tabulates worldwide sales, and therefore, accurate tallies of worldwide sales are subject to interpretation.

When Mariah Carey is introduced as the "biggest selling artist" at an event, that's usually because her press materials suggest that fact. With artists like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and so forth, each one of them will often lay claim to some sort of sales feat or crown. Such information stems from an artist's record company's figures regarding worldwide sales or shipments.

When Shania Twain was introduced as the biggest selling female artist on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," it was a rather large error. Twain has the biggest selling album in the U.S., in the Nielsen SoundScan era -- 1999's "Come On Over," which has sold 15.1 million. But Celine Dion is the biggest selling female artist overall, in the U.S., in the SoundScan era.

And for all-time U.S. shipments, per the Recording Industry Association of America, Barbra Streisand is tops.

Source: Billboard | Ernesto | Farshad

News Tidbits // 5:08 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From MTV News: On the third edition of the American Idols Live Tour which got under way on Wednesday, [Jennifer] Hudson and [LaToya] London had plenty of chances to show off their big voices, including their solos of Aretha Franklin's "Since You've Been Gone" and Mariah Carey's "My All," respectively, and their rip-roaring version of "Dangerously in Love."

-- Mariah mentions on TV:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Derek Jeter was being interviewed and was asked: "What would you rather be in; the All-Star game or Mariah Carey?"
Derek reacted with a shy laughter and the segment cut off to another person.

The Early Show - On an "I Love the 90's" trivia game, the contestants were asked a question to which the answer was Mariah. None of them were able to answer it correctly.

-- From Chart Attack: Lindsay Lohan just signed a deal with Casablanca Records, the label run by Tommy "I Was Married To Mariah Carey" Mottola.

-- From Perfect Beat: There's pretty much nothing redeeming about this single. Ballad singles need to be pretty amazing, or by Mariah Carey, to get any recognition, and [Jennifer Lopez's] Baby I Luv You is neither.

-- Amazon.com reports that a CD single of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" will be released on July 20th, 2004. However, the release is titled "Import" and includes the same tracks as the European release of the single. It is most likely the same European single, which is now available to order on Amazon.

Source: Dino | EJ | Aaron | Alexx

Wednesday, July 14 , 2004

An Interview with Preston Mui // 1:24 PM EST Updated by Will

Anyone in attendance at any of the 70 shows of Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet Tour couldn’t help but notice Preston Mui, a young, charismatic dancer exuding talent and confidence. Always upfront and always wearing a smile, Preston makes it quite obvious that performing is a personal passion and not just a routine job.

“I have been a performer my entire life,” he says. “My mother took me to my first music class at age 5. I was in acting classes at age 10. I've taken dance, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics; anything that involves movement, I have done. I did plays and musicals throughout my childhood. So, my entire life has been full of music, art and dance.”

Mariah Daily: So what initially attracted you to dancing?
Preston Mui: I took my first dance class when I was 10 years old. I was originally a gymnast, but after a long-term recovery from an injury, I strayed away from gymnastics and I stumbled upon dance. I took my weekly dance classes for a couple years, but I was by no means a dancer. Half way through high school, I transferred from a regular high school, to an arts high school. Then I started to train and really learn to love dance. After high school I moved to Los Angeles and was on scholarship at a dance studio called The Edge Performing Arts Center. It's a one year program, at an open dance studio, that trains and prepares you for the professional dance world. It was a grueling schedule, with 30 hours of dance, plus 15 hours of non-dance classes, like voice lessons, gymnastics classes and acting classes, a week. It's a wonderful program for young aspiring dancers.

I grew up in a very traditional household. My background is Chinese, and I was raised with more of a Chinese influence. ... For me, performing was like an escape from my traditional, conservative family. Onstage, I was free. Even today, when I'm onstage, nothing else matters. It doesn't matter that my car broke down, or that I barely make enough money to eat. Being onstage is an escape for me. I feel like I’m truly alive. If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am a performer. Performing has been my life, is my life and will be my life forever.

MD: How did you get the job to be a dancer on the Charmbracelet Tour?
Preston: I first found out I got the job in late April of 2003. After I did a series of auditions, I got a call from my agent telling me I had booked it. The first audition was a private call, meaning, if you were not invited to the audition, you could not audition. To audition at a private call, you either have to know the choreographer or be submitted by your talent agency. There were about 100 people, mixed with boys and girls. That is a fairly small audition, considering Janet Jackson had over 1,000 people at her audition. Every audition is usually run the same. Everyone shows up and you sign in, fill out information sheets, turn in your headshot and resume, get a number and get your picture taken. Usually, they then teach you a dance combination and you perform it in groups. We learned a hip hop dance combination and performed it in groups of 10 people in numerical order. Then, they made a first cut. They called everyone into the room and read a list of numbers that was the list of people that would stay. I was confident I would make it past this first cut, I felt like I had done well. Thankfully, I heard my number and prepared myself for the next part of the audition.

Then, we had to dance in groups with our same type to put on video tape. So, the tall black boys danced in a group, the little latin girls danced in a group and so on and so forth. After that, we were free to go home. The next day, I was called to go to a small callback, and was put on another video tape. A few days later, I was called to another callback, but this time we only needed our polaroids taken and filled out more paperwork. A few days later, I was called for another callback and we were put on tape again. But with each callback, there were fewer and fewer people. It was exciting for me to be going on all these callbacks for a world tour. I had never done a tour before, and I had little experience with the dance world. So this, for me, was big.

MD: During rehearsals, did the dancers run through the routines by themselves or with Mariah? How does the entire rehearsal process work?
Preston: During the first three weeks of rehearsals, we, the dancers, rehearsed on our own. We were taught all the choreography and staging, at a dance studio in Manhattan. Each day, we learned something new. There were always changes, whether it had to do with music, the stage layout or costumes. After three weeks in the studio, we then moved rehearsals to a warehouse in New Jersey where the stage was set up. There we met the crew, band, and Mariah. The fourth week of rehearsal was done in full costume, with full band, backup singers, lights and with the vocal stylings of the lovely Mariah Carey. It was so awesome to see how everything came together. What was even more amazing, was listening to MC sing all of her music, live with the band and backup singers every day, for a week straight. It was a lot of grueling work, but listening to her sing every day made me forget that I was even in rehearsals.

MD: What are the advantages or disadvantages of working with someone as well known as Mariah?
Preston: One of the advantages of working with someone as well known as Mariah is that we travel to exotic places that I would probably never have a chance to visit. Another advantage is that my dancing has been recognized because my talent, dance, is strong enough to perform along MC’s talent. I still receive e-mails from MC’s fans telling me how great of a job I did in her concert. Also, it’s a great name to have on my resume, and a great story to tell my kids! As for disadvantages, I don’t think there are any. Honestly, it was an awesome experience to work with MC.

MD: Is the tour schedule as difficult as it seems?
Preston: The tour schedule, normally, is very difficult. Some tours perform one night, leave after the show for their next destination. Where they travel all night and arrive the next morning, to perform that same night. Then do the same process again. With the Charmbracelet tour, we performed one night and left the next morning for our next city. Sleep the night once we arrive, then perform the next day. Mariah’s voice is sacred. To preserve it, we had a day or two off between each show. So our schedule wasn’t so bad. Being in a different city every couple days wasn’t bad either, unless each city was in a different time zone. When we traveled thru time zones, it was hard to get a good nights rest. My body never really adjusted very well. So I was very tired a lot. It was most difficult when we traveled overseas.

MD: Mariah will be the first to admit she’s more of a singer than a dancer. However, does she have any say on the choreography of the routines? Who teaches her the dance moves?
Preston: MC has say when she has to do the choreography herself. The choreographer will modify it if it’s too hard for her. She made up a little part in “Honey” on the Charmbracelet tour. When it came time to learning choreography, Rachel McIntosh was in charge of teaching it to her.

MD: Any favorite memories from the tour?
Preston: I have so many wonderful memories from the tour; it would take forever to tell you about all of them. But one of my personal highlights was riding on the tour bus with all the rest of the dancers. We, the dancers, became such a little family on the tour. We still talk to each other today. One favorite memory was in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was one of the dancer’s birthday and we totally got her soaked with silly string, whipped cream, water guns and cake. She was drenched, from head to toe, in nothing but food. It was great. But the most incredible part about that night, was that everyone started to turn on each other. It had become a food fight and everyone ended up with whipped cream in their hair. It was the best night of the tour.

MD: Have you become close friends with any of the touring crew and personnel while being on the road together?
Preston: Besides the dancers, I became close with the band and backup singers. We, the band, singers and dancers, traveled together a lot. We stayed at the same hotels and always rode to the venues together. So we all became great friends. I think that if you are not friends with those on tour with you, it would make the experience miserable. So it is very necessary to make friends with those you work with.

MD: What advice would you give to any aspiring dancers?
Preston: My advice to aspiring dancers is to express when you dance. Dance like it is the last dance you’ll ever do. Dance with emotion and intent. When you dance, let everything go. Forget about who is watching, how high your leg kicks, how hard you pop. Just dance with your heart and you’ll experience the beauty of dance.

MD: What should be known about Mariah Carey?
Preston: Mariah is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She loves music and loves to sing. I think the world should know that Mariah Carey is as human as you and I. With one added bonus, her amazingly angelic voice.

MD: What is next for Preston Mui?
Preston: I’m in rehearsals for Paulina Rubio’s world tour. After that, I hope to pursue my own career as a singer and actor in Asia. So watch out for me!

Source: Mariah Daily

Tuesday, July 13 , 2004

Mariah To Head Back To Court // 8:34 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey sang "Thank God I Found You" on a 1999 album, but the song has since been at the center of a long legal battle, and now the tune is taking Carey back to court.

Songwriting legend Seth Swirsky claims he and his partner, Warryn Campbell, actually came up with the tune. And while two years ago a judge dismissed the lawsuit Swirsky filed against Mariah Carrey, now, an appeals court says Swirsky and his partner can go ahead and sue.

"When I first heard her song on the radio, I pulled over to the side of the road, and I just couldn’t' believe what I was hearing," Swirsky tells us. "It was my song. I have to defend my songs. My songs are like my children."

"CJ" ran both songs simultaneously through a frequency analyzer and the similarities were striking. Swirsky has written dozens of hit songs for everybody from Taylor Dane to Al Green, but as for the Mariah song, it'll be up to a jury to hear the facts.

"I just really want people to hear the songs back to back and make that decision," Swirsky insists.

Source: Celebrity Justice | Caleb

News Tidbits // 8:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From Fox News: [Prince] finished the show with a purple suit and performed the entire 2 hour, 40 minute set in platform shoes. The Prince who turned up later, around 1:20 a.m., at the new nightclub PM (which I think stands for "Please Move" since if you're not a celebrity or a model the club's goons don't let you sit), Prince arrived wearing a dark cape and a white knit cap that made him look like Carol Channing in "Thoroughly Modern Millie." He chatted amiably with both Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Mariah Carey, although neither one of them, I believe, caught Prince's extraordinary show. Maybe they'll come tonight or tomorrow night, after the Garden appointments, when the long lashed musical savant takes over BB King's in Times Square.

-- From MSNBC: Making jump from concert stage to screen -
For every Cher or Sinatra who shines, there's a Mariah who stalls.

The Worst
Mariah Carey: She is a marginally talented singer to begin with, but at least she managed to establish herself in that realm with 15 No. 1 hits and sales of more than 125 million records worldwide. But then came “Glitter” in 2001 and the question: “What was she thinking?” It was a cringe-inducing vanity project about a singer dreaming of being a star. She should have to pay a fine and do community service for this.

"The Worst" list also includes: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Simon, Madonna, Shaquille O’Neal, Whitney Houston, Rick Springfield, Ringo Starr & Eddie Fisher.

-- Click here to vote for Mariah's "Cribs" special to be aired in the "I Want My MTV Weekend" on MTV Europe.

-- From E-Online: A lawsuit against Mariah Carey accusing her of stealing a chorus for a 1999 song is back in play, a federal appeals panel ruled today.

(Note: The lawsuit in topic is one that was originally filed by the songwriters of Xscape's "One Of Those Love Songs" who claimed Mariah's "Thank God I Found You" was similar to their song. The judge ruled in Mariah's favor and dismissed the case.)

Source: DevilsAdvocate069 | Ronald

Monday, July 12 , 2004

Fan Encounter // 7:29 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah fan Paul M. was all smiles for the camera when he met the lovely "Miss M" at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California sometime last month. Click the thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: MariahCarey.com | Nacho

Mariah Daily's Casting Call // 7:23 PM EST Updated by Will

Want to help make MariahDaily.com a better site? We are currently looking for participation in the following areas. If you are able to help, send any information and submissions to info@mariahdaily.com.

Request Lines
When Mariah releases her new single later this year, it is very important that the song is played on the radio. More than anything else, radio play is the best promotional tool there is and it is usually what most significantly contributes to potential album sales. We already have a comprehensive list of radio stations and television outlets for every state in America (click here to view it). However, please review the list for your state and e-mail us any stations you know of that are not mentioned. Be sure to include the station’s call letters, play format (Top 40, Urban, Adult Contemporary, etc.), phone numbers and website URL where applicable. We are also very much interested in collecting information from foreign countries, so please don’t hesitate to send information regarding radio and television stations outside the United States.

Fan Art
Are you a Mariah fan and artistically enabled? We are looking for fresh new art submissions to add to our new Fan Art section. Please don’t send any digital art or computer graphics. For the time being we are only interested in sketches, drawings, paintings, and any other art of that sort. Please be sure to include your full name if you want to be credited for your work.

Web Links
If you would like your Mariah website to be added to our Web Directory, feel free to submit your link. Be sure to also include the title of your website just to clarify the deal. Please don’t e-mail us asking to make your Mariah website an affiliate of ours. We are only affiliates with non-Mariah websites. If part of the content on your site is blatantly stolen from Mariah Daily, we will not support your site by adding it to our database. So keep this in mind when submitting your link.

Source: Mariah Daily

Sunday, July 11 , 2004

Asia's Songbird did a Mariah Carey Medley // 7:57 PM EST Updated by Will

Asia's Songbird and Philippines' Pride Regine Velasquez did a Mariah Carey medley just a few minutes ago on their Sunday afternoon musical show, SOP. Regine, accompanied by San Beda Boys Choir, performed four Mariah songs during her part on 'SOP:In Concert' segment. Regine, wearing a red long gown, opened her number with Dreamlover followed by Never Too Far and then Through The Rain. Backed-up with beautiful pyrotechnics, she ended her performance with Maurice Joshua Remix of Through The Rain.

SOP, shown on GMA7 every Sunday afternoon, composes of Regine, Philippines' Queen of Soul Jaya, Philippines' Master Songwriter Ogie Alcasid, Philippines' King of Soul Janno Gibbs, Asia's Nightingale Lani Misalucha and Philippines' R&B Princess Kyla among many other talented Filipino artists.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub

News Tidbits // 7:55 PM EST Updated by Will

-- From PMCF: People say singer Nina is the Filipino Mariah Carey. When asked if she consciously follows Carey's style, Nina said, "I love her songs and I idolize her. They compare me to Mariah, pero I don’t intend to be her replica. She just has a big influence on my style." When asked to choose a song that reflects how her life is right now Nina said, "'Through the Rain,' by Mariah Carey because I’ve made it 'through the rain'-through the obstacles that came my way, when I was starting out as Nina."

-- From Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Producer-artist Jermaine Dupri added an indoor basketball court and bedrooms to his SouthSide Studios. Sunglass-clad clientele such as Mariah Carey and Usher no doubt appreciate the private garage.

-- From New York Post: Say you're walking down the street and you happen to notice some leftover plywood from that new condo building, or, perhaps, a "gently used" armoire that someone just kicked to the curb. Call Jim Killoran - he's your man. The treasure Killoran finds goes to Habitat ReStore, a shop that helps fund the parent charity's efforts. In the New Rochelle store (there are others in Suffolk County and Connecticut), there are items like plastic dishes ($10) and an Art Deco table that allegedly belonged to Mariah Carey ($1,500).

-- From Press Of Atlantic City: Every chef likes to believe he puts the same effort into every meal, but the truth is, celebrities get preferential treatment, often because they demand it. Mariah Carey sometimes sups at 2 a.m. Tom Jones likes to eat late, too, and tends to linger over his meal.

-- From Kansas City Star: As a “singer,” [Jessica] Simpson is a generic, lower-grade version of one of her heroines, Mariah Carey. She has some range and power, but little in the areas of expression, nuance and soul. As an “entertainer,” she is missing her strong point. Jessica, give us some levity, some self-effacing humor, some comic relief. Show us your ditz.

-- From Beacon Journal: On the funky Swizz Beats-produced Real Hip Hop, which rides along a funky Curtis Mayfield sample, [rapper Jadakiss] trades some quick tongued boasts and threats verses with his Lox partner Sheek. On the Eminem-produced Welcome to D-Block, he rejoins his Lox brethren Styles P and Sheek to rap for rugged rhymes about the ghetto, and U Make Me with Mariah Carey is the now-requisite ode to the "ride or die'' chick.

Source: --

Saturday, July 10 , 2004

A Golden Voice Commands Ski Trips, Wardrobe Fixes, a Mogul's Love and Filthy Piles of Cash // 12:38 PM EST Updated by Will

Her eight-octave voice is in the Guinness Book of World Records, but there's so much more to Mariah Carey than her chart-topping vocal cords. Where to start? How about her penthouse worth $9 million, or her 500 pairs of high heels, or even her a $2,500-a-day habit of looking beautiful.

This heartbreaker is living large as a pop diva should, but you'd never guess to what extreme! Our new episode, It's Good to Be Mariah Carey, premiering July 18 at 10:30 p.m., lifts the lid on her days of luxury.

Before this songbird raked in millions in album sales, Carey lived a humble life. She shared a one-bedroom apartment, unfurnished except for a mattress on the floor. Carey also worked as a waitress and coat-check girl for $7,000 a year, while dishing out her music demos to anyone who would take one.

Finally, a demo landed in into the hands of music-biz honcho Tommy Mottola, and the rest is money-minting (and romantic) history. With a fairy-tale wedding, hit records and sold-out concerts, Carey became a megamillionaire with a jet-set life to match.

There's the 10-day, $100,000 ski getaways at Aspen's St. Regis resort. (This ski bunny only wears Chanel when she hits the slopes.) There's also the $600,000 piano formerly owned by Marilyn Monroe that no one is allowed to even touch. And if you're Carey, it even pays to get fired. You won't believe how many millions she was given to leave her record label.

And that's the warm up. Tune in to find out why Carey's first nickname was Mirage; how much she's willing to shell out keeping her dogs sleeping soundly; and how many times a day she changes her outfits.

Designer clothes, expensive wines and courtside seats at Lakers games. Don't doubt that it's really, really good to be Mariah Carey.

Source: E! Online | mcharms2003

Friday, July 9 , 2004

Mariah Carey: Workin’ 9 to 12 // 8:03 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey says her former job as a beauty salon sweeper was no fun.

“[I earned] maybe $3 an hour. I was hoping to flirt with the customers and get better tips,” she tells InStyle Magazine. “I was a beauty school dropout. No graduation day for me! But I know about scalp treatments, and I’m good at nails. The salon was called Dramatics, and I thought, ‘Hey, I might as well work at a place that epitomizes my personality.’”

Carey, who says the duration of her employment only lasted “about three hours” noted, “[My skill was] the ability to sweep. But I’m not good at it. I was hoping to graduate to manicurist.”

The singer also had to rough it out with job hazards like hair splinters. “Hair can get under your nails and cut you. They’re worse than real splinters. [It’s] horrible!”

The real bugger, however, came when the boss tried to change the fledgling worker’s name. “The owner was into theater and he gave everybody a ‘stage name’—he felt that spiced up the atmosphere. He told me, ‘Your name is now Echo.’ And I was like, ‘Excuse me? Why’s that?’ He said, ‘Because I said so.’ I was like, ‘OK, um, I have to go out to make a phone call.’ I got on the bus and went back to my apartment. And that was the end of the job.”

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 8:02 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah is featured in the recent issue of Us Weekly on page 114 in a section titled "When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People", where fashion critics leave a line or two about each celebs ensemble. There's a picture of Mariah celebrating the anniversary of the 40/40 Club in New York City, and included are the following comments: "She's Got Legs, she just doesn't know how to use them"; "This Butterfly needs to get back into her cocoon"; "Victoria has a secret, Mariah does not"; "This Dress eliminates the need to stand over a blowing vent"; and "Desperately seeking a groom". While the comments all have negative bearings, at least she is labeled as a good person!

-- Mariah is also featured on page 144 of the August issue of Vibe Magazine. The section is called "Lab Notes" where they talk about various artist who are in the studio working on albums. There is a small picture of Mariah with the caption, "Mariah Carey's career is set to hit another high note as she gears up for her next LP. Sources say she's looking to LA Reid, Kanye West, and the Pied Piper himself, R. Kelly, for their chart-topping expertise."

-- On E! True Hollywood Story of the Spice Girls, they talk about the girls' early career, auditioning for the group and how the band came to be. In an interview with Geri Haliwell, she states, "I just went in there (to the group audition). I was loud and pretended I was Mariah Carey." Later Geri was explained as driven and ambitious.

-- From Log Cabin Chronicles: There are the DVD extras that don't exist but perhaps should, like a commentary from the makers of Gigli saying, "What it feels like to bump Mariah Carey's Glitter as the punchline to latenight talk show jokes."

-- From Newsday: Christopher Peacock, a kitchen designer known for blending traditional British craftsmanship with state-of-the-art American conveniences for a client list that includes Joan Rivers, Mariah Carey and the Clintons, put his signature on the expansive 20-by 18-foot kitchen [of a recently-built mansion].

-- From SoYouWanna Online: Considering that there are only eight or so tables, Rao's [Restaurant in New York City] features an amazing list of celebrities who have dined there, including Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Ron Howard, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Donald Trump.

-- From Metro Cafe: When asked, "Do you get the impression 'divas' like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera are just showing off their voices without meaning it?", Chaka Khan replied, "You betcha. They're thinking about tricks when they sing and not thinking about experience. But these girls have skills, there's no question; all they're lacking is the soul. It has been known for similar acts to just get it all of a sudden, however - to begin using that voice like they mean it."

-- From The Pitch: Jessica Simpson says her music influences range "...from Stevie Wonder to Amy Grant. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion ... all the big voices."

-- From Ask Men: It seems Honey actress Jessica Alba has been getting around lately, considering her newest boyfriend isn't an actor, but rather New York Yankee Derek Jeter, otherwise known as Mariah Carey's ex-boyfriend.

-- From CNN Online: SportsIllustrated.com's Top 10 list of Derek Jeter's clutch moments drew plenty of reaction -- positive and negative. Edgard from Miami says, "All these moments are great but dumping Mariah Carey makes my top 10!"

Source: Jeramiah | esettle10

Thursday, July 8 , 2004

Album Updates // 5:53 PM EST Updated by Will

As previously reported, Mariah has recently been in Los Angeles working with producer Damion "Damizza" Young. Even though Damizza played some tracks for Mariah and she liked quite a few, everything is still a work in progress; but expect at least one Damizza-produced song to appear on Mariah's new album.

We were told, "It should be fire, because Mariah is Mariah and she only picks the best." The tracks will be finished in New York.

Source: Mariah Daily | Dino

Ask Billboard: Mariah #3 best-selling female artist, #2 best-selling SoundScan female artist // 5:46 PM EST Updated by Will

Keith, [Recently] on "Oprah" it was stated that Shania Twain was the top selling female artist of all time. I was shocked. I would have thought it would be Madonna or Barbra Streisand. This led to a fun discussion in our house, and we were wondering who the top five female and male artists are. Can you give us a definitive answer? Thanks!
-- Zack Parsons

Hi Zack, The top selling female artist in the United States in the Nielsen SoundScan era (1991-present) is Celine Dion. She has sold 45.6 million units in America and is trailed by Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Britney Spears and Reba McEntire. The top five solo male artists, per SoundScan, are Garth Brooks, George Strait, Kenny G., Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw.

However, because SoundScan has only tracked sales since 1991, one has to look at the Recording Industry Association of America for a bigger picture. The RIAA is the organization that awards albums gold/platinum/diamond certifications depending on how many units an album has shipped to U.S. retailers. Also, the RIAA certifies multi-unit sets (such as double albums) often as multiple units, whereas SoundScan only counts a an album package (no matter how many discs are inside) as one unit.

Per the RIAA's Web site, the top selling female acts in the United States are Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.

The top five male artists, according to the RIAA, are Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

Source: Billboard | Teresa | Jose | Ernesto

Wednesday, July 7 , 2004

Mariah Carey buys sneakers for Randy Jackson // 8:44 AM EST Updated by Will

The New York Post reports Mariah Carey phoned an East Hampton sneaker store recently to secure two pairs of Nike HTM kicks for her producer pal, birthday boy Randy Jackson (size 13). The trendy white crocodile shoes retail for $400.

Source: Pop Dirt

Sony to re-release debut album? // 8:42 AM EST Updated by Will

According to CDON, Sony will release an old new Mariah Carey release on August 30. Confused?

Sony Music Sweden says to CDON that the CD "Vision Of Love (Legacy Edition)" is a digipack re-release of the debut album from 1990.

The release will most likely be a double CD and will hold the original album as well as a bonus CD pressumably with demos, outtakes and unreleased material. However, the tracklist has not been finalized yet.

So far, the release has only been confirmed by Sony Music in Sweden, Belgium and possibly the UK.

Source: MariahCarey.dk | Mariah Connection

News Tidbits // 8:39 AM EST Updated by Will

-- VH1 is currently running a campaign about the best and worst of UK #1 singles and have asked the public to vote. Mariah is up for nomination for either the best or worst with her first UK #1 "Without You". It'd be cool if everyone could vote as many times as possible to get Mariah high up in 'the best' charts....with as much help as possible from Mariah fans we can get the song into a great positon. Log on to vh1.co.uk to vote!

-- From Teen Music: Singer Jennifer Lopez's quest to abolish her diva tag has been dealt a massive blow - she's topped a poll to find "the stroppiest madam of pop". The sexy Jenny From The Block star landed the number one spot in a survey by British satellite channel Flaunt, beating out other demanding singers Mariah Carey and Madonna.

-- From Pitt News: On certain rainy days I've missed classes because I was too caught up in an episode of VH1's The Fabulous Life of [whomever]. If I can't spend $10,000 a night on a hotel room, I'd at least like to hear about someone who can. It's not about jealousy, it's about irrational fascination: Jay Leno owns 160 cars and Mariah Carey once filled her bathtub with 68 bottles of Cristal.

-- From MTV News: When discussing the differences between her and her sister Jessica, Ashlee Simpson said, "We're different in a lot of ways. We can look at the same outfit and I'll rip the shirt up and do all that kind of stuff, where she's very glam. And Jessica loves music like Mariah Carey, and that's really what she used to listen to when we were growing up." (Ashlee prefers rock singers.)

-- From Salisbury Post: Last night, as the fireworks blasted from above the midnight sky, Randall Barger knew one thing for sure -- he was glad he decided to put the Faith Idol contest together. Bethany Godair, who took the stage in a camouflage top and hat said, "This goes out to all of our troops tonight." She then belted out "Hero" by Mariah Carey. After the announcement of her win of $1,000 and a chance to work in a recording studio, she said she has her own hero and American Idol. "My dad."

-- From Market Wire: Music Choice, the premier music television network, announced today it is changing its channel line up in response to music industry trends, market research and customer feedback. In response to numerous customer requests, and the overall popularity of '90s music, Music Choice has added a '90s channel to its line-up. The channel features the pop, rock and R&B music that defined the decade. Featured artists include: Mariah Carey, Madonna, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Nirvana and Boys II Men.

-- From Guideposts For Teens: I must admit I did get a lot of calls to be a “front row” person at concerts. I have what MTV casting directors call the “MTV look,” so I landed a few free tickets to sit up front. It is kind of exciting. I’ve been within touching distance of Jon Bon Jovi, Enrique Iglesias, and Mariah Carey.

Source: JoWin19

Tuesday, July 6 , 2004

Mariah's Team Denies Olympics Rumor // 12:24 PM EST Updated by Liron

Unfortunately, the current official word from Mariah's management is a denial that she will be singing the Olympic Anthem this year in Greece, despite the rumors that were picked up by MTV & RollingStone.

Source: Mariah Daily

Monday, July 5 , 2004

Site Updates & News Tidbits // 6:18 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- We have updated our Picture of the Week, Important Dates, and Multimedia of the Week. For the next two months, we will be posting two live audio files a week in our marathon of Mariah's 1993 concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. The first two files are available for download below:

Love Takes Time

-- According to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Mariah's second studio album "Emotions" has been certified 5x platinum on January 30th, 2003. Even though the certification date is over a year old, it seems like it was just recently added to the database at RIAA's website. This certification brings Mariah to a total of 58 platinum album certifications in the US alone.

-- The collaboration between Jadakiss & Mariah - "U Make Me Wanna" is being played on two R&B stations in Atlanta (WVEE, 404-898-8900) and Chicago (WGCI, 312-591-1075). Please request the song at your R&B stations!

-- Apparently, Mariah's name is mentioned in the new European hit "Been Around The World" by Zena and Vybz Kartel. Please e-mail us if you are able to provide the accurate lyrics to the song.

-- According to The Voice, several athletes seem to be big Mariah fans. When Sydney Olympic super-heavyweight boxing champ Audley ‘A-Force’ was asked what’s in his CD player right now, he replied, "I’m listening to Mariah Carey, Isley Brothers, Chucky Star, Fabolous and R Kelly – I’ve got a five-disc changer." Sprinter Joice Maduaka, who is in training to qualify for this year’s Olympics in Athens, was asked the same question. Her reply was, "Mariah Carey, Brand New Heavies. I’ve got a six CD auto-changer." She also listed Mariah as her most inspirational singer.

-- From The Guardian: Richard Young's photographic experience knows no boundaries as his exhibition spanning 30 years of celebrity picture taking sets out to prove. Of course no star-studded photography exhibition would be complete without the diva and they were most definitely out in force. Included here were pictures of Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli, Mariah Carey and Boy George. (Richard Young is the paparazzi who shot the famous -- or perhaps infamous -- pictures of Mariah in Capri, Italy while recording her "Rainbow" album.)

-- From Washington Times: "Only the bad survive" is the slogan for the WB network's "Superstar USA," which dupes awful singers into believing they're about to be discovered as the next Mariah Carey, only to crown the worst performer at show's end.

Source: mariahfan150 | Steve | mcfanatic

Sunday, July 4 , 2004

Mariah Carey's Search for Leading Man // 7:24 PM EST Updated by Will

Singing superstar Mariah Carey is still searching for a leading man to star opposite her on the London stage.

The "Honey" hitmaker is due to make her theatre debut in The Prince and the Showgirl in the West End this autumn - and is reportedly pursuing Maid in Manhattan hunk Ralph Fiennes.

She tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "I need a strong Englishman, someone who can hold his own when next to me on stage and of course someone who is drop dead sexy."

Source: Contactmusic

Saturday, July 3 , 2004

Mellow Mariah? // 6:12 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey plays a disgruntled diva in Damon Dash's upcoming movie State Property II – but the sexy songbird was no prima donna on the set, says the hip-hop mogul. "She's very professional," he tells Daily Insider. "Didn't complain. It's not the biggest movie. She didn't have the biggest trailer. It was cold. She just weathered the elements. She was a real trouper."

Carey landed the cameo role just a few weeks ago after calling her pal Dash when she got home from her recent world tour. "I was telling her I was shooting a movie and she said, 'Where's my part?'" says Dash, who is directing and acting in the film, which he calls "an urban Snatch."

Two days later they met to go over the storyboards. "She said, 'Just make sure I look good.'" Apparently he did: When she showed up to the Yonkers, N.Y., set three days later, he says, "she had the whole set in a tizzy."

Source: People Magazine | Desiree

A Woman's Struggle // 6:11 PM EST Updated by Will

As soon as I started writing a book on depression I started noticing more not-so-helpful portrayals of mental illness on TV and in the press. While attitudes in the new century have certainly improved, there are still many instances of public stigma when it comes to mental illness. Few newspaper reports detailing the 2003 arrest and weekend detention of Sydney stockbroker Rene Rivkin failed to mention his medication, Prozac, or that he suffers with bipolar disorder.

Another hapless loon who's been derided about her mental state in recent times is, God love her, Mariah Carey. As if all her fashion faux pas weren't enough, she went and had a nervous breakdown. (Like you'd go ahead and have one if you had a choice.) In mid 2001 it was reported that she had checked into a hospital for "mental and physical exhaustion" after a suspected suicide attempt in the middle of promoting her new album, Glitter.

Two years later, in 2003, one newspaper still saw fit to remind everyone that, "Carey might be a certified nut bag but she has a good heart." ("...might have multiple sclerosis but she has a good heart". Nup, doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?) I don't think there's anything wrong with being a nut bag anyway - I have some good friends who are probably nut bags, but I don't think any less of them. It doesn't make them any less respectable and it certainly doesn't mean any of them deserve contempt.

They could do with a bit of slap over the head sometimes, sure, but I'm hard pressed to think of anyone who couldn't.

And I'm not saying that anyone who behaves in a manner you might think is inappropriate should be given the benefit of the doubt in case there is something wrong with their mind - there are plenty of perfectly mentally healthy people out there who happen to be a••holes, for example. And I'm not in favour of banning terms like nut bag either, which happens to be a personal favourite.

While I don't believe that mental illness should be a valid excuse for anything and everything, I also know that it can be so debilitating that everyday niceties and accepted forms of behaviour occasionally go out the window, simply because remembering how to act in polite company on top of managing your illness is sometimes too much to take on.

Source: News Interactive

News Tidbits // 6:09 PM EST Updated by Will

-- WildWritings.com, a popular online entertainment magazine (and long-time Mariah supporter) that recently celebrated its two-year anniversary, has redesigned their site. Be sure to check it out now!

-- From Rolling Stone Magazine: Mariah Carey will sing the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Olympic Games, to be held August 13th in Athens, Greece.

-- From Reno Gazette-Journal: Former “American Idol” contestant R.J. Helton says, "Growing up I loved listening to Elton John, and gosh, Luther Vandross and Lionel Richie and Gloria Estefan and as I got older Mariah Carey and Boys II Men — those were huge influences to me."

-- From Oregon Live: [Sarah McLachlan's] progression from folk-pop cult favorite to mainstream star to guiding light of the woman-oriented Lilith Fair took place with a grace that resembled inevitability. And while fans might not have relished her decision to end Lilith Fair after just a three-year run, nor the gap of more than six years between albums of new material, the careful pacing of her career has been a boon: No Mariah Carey-like meltdowns for McLachlan, thank you!

-- From The Globe And Mail: China...First the Mongols, now the divas. Mariah Carey led the charge with a Shanghai performance in November, then David Bowie did Hong Kong in March. Now Whitney Houston and Elton are scheduled to storm the stage.

Source: Jimmy Tickey

Friday, July 2 , 2004

Mariah at Powerhouse 2004 // 4:16 PM EST Updated by Liron

Powerhouse 2004 - the hottest Hip Hop event in L.A. took place on Thursday, July 1st at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. The event is hosted by the popular radio station Power 106 and Mariah was there to show her support along with friends Damizza and Randy Jackson. Damion "Damizza" Young is also the Senior Director of Artist Relations/Programming at Power 106.

Today, the station aired an interview with Mariah where they talked about the event. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the photo that was taken at the event.

Source: Power 106 | humptydumptyLA

It's Good To Be Mariah...for real? // 12:17 PM EST Updated by Will

When we got word that E!'s latest episode of "It's Good To Be" features Mariah Carey, it got us thinking -- is it really that good to be Mariah? Sure, she's got the moolah, a $9 million penthouse complete with Marilyn Monroe's $662,000 piano and that 17-person entourage. And, of course, her talent is undeniable -- she's one of the best-selling female recording stars ever and is loved by fans worldwide. Somehow, there's still a little skepticism on our part that being Mariah is all that it's cracked up to be.

Think about it. As if the complete and utter failure of her vanity film "Glitter" wasn't enough, the diva's record label bought out her contract after disappointing sales, she had a very public breakdown that included a really weird appearance on MTV's TRL, she's got relentless paparazzi hounding her, annoying write-ups (like this one) and numerous failed relationships.

"I'm not wacko," she told Larry King shortly after her breakdown. "I mean, we're all a little wacko sometimes, and if we think we're not, maybe we are more than we know."

So, are we a little wacko to think that it's not that good to be Mariah? Maybe having all that money, fame and talent makes up for the rest, but you can make that call when "It's Good To Be Mariah Carey" premieres July 13 on E!

Source: Time-Warner Channel Guide | Keitha

Mariahcn.com celebrates 5-year anniversary // 12:08 PM EST Updated by Will

mariahcn.com is the largest Mariah fansite in China, which was set up back in 1999. Its forum, called Mariah's Theme Garden, was established in 2001 and now has become the largest fangroup of its kind in China, with nearly 5,000 registered members. Over the years the Theme Garden has arranged several big parties and activities, some of which were reported on local newspaper and magazines.

Last year when Mariah first came to China, Theme Garden arranged an 'overwhelming' greeting fangroup to welcome Mariah, which deeply impressed Mariah as she recalled at the Press Conference, and hit various newspapers which called us 'Chinese lambs'. This is the biggest event they've ever made.

Now, both the site and the forum are celebrating their birthdays, which is July 15th. Check out mariahcn.com today!

Source: mariahcn.com

MTV News Confirms Olympics Gig // 4:38 AM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey has been tapped to sing the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Olympic Games, to be held August 13 in Athens, Greece.

Editor's Note: We are still waiting for an official word from Mariah's camp. Stay tuned!

Source: MTV News

Thursday, July 1 , 2004

Album News // 2:37 AM EST Updated by Will

Mariah has been in Los Angeles recently recording with Damion "Damizza" Young. The producer told Heroes Of Mariah that Mariah has made tracks with Kanye West, Nelly, Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg. The Kanye West song is called "Stay The Night", but Damizza likes to call it "Moonlight". He also commented that the song with Nelly is "hot as f---". Stay tuned for more updates in the next few days.

Source: Heroes Of Mariah

Site Updates // 2:24 AM EST Updated by Will

Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill
Check out Mariah Daily's latest installment of "Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill" for the month of July, located in the Fan Center section, for the answers to these questions:

  • Is it true Mariah has a new boyfriend?
  • Did Mariah film a video for "And You Don't Remember"?
  • What's going on with the Charmbracelet Tour DVD release?
  • What's the higest vocal note Mariah has ever performed?

    ...and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions, but please be sure to read the questions and and answers already posted before submitting new ones. Enjoy!

    Monthly Contest
    Congratulations to Maureen Garcia from Miami, Florida for winning a four-track "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" promotional CD single in Mariah Daily’s June 2004 monthly contest. Please contact us to claim your prize. For everyone else, click here to enter the July contest, in which you may be eligible to win the "Loverboy" single. Maybe you will be our next winner!
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    mariahcareyuk.com's National Fan Fairs // 1:23 AM EST Updated by Will

    On Saturday, July 31st, mariahcareyuk.com has organized for groups of Mariah fans to meet up at four of the United Kingdom's best theme parks. There is a great choice for this summer's UK fan event! Choose between M&D's Theme Park in Scotland; Drayton Manor Theme Park in the South Midlands; Blackpool Pleasure Beach; and for all the London lambs, Thorpe Park.

    Visit mariahcareyuk.com for all the details. Make sure you're free that Saturday and bring along as many friends as you like. As usual the whole day will be full of fun and chances to win some cool prizes. We'll be sure to get photos of each of the Fan Fairs to put together in an album for Mariah too!

    Source: mariahcareyuk.com