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Tuesday, August 31 , 2004

New Album Release Date (Belgium) // 11:13 AM EST Updated by Liron

According to Universal Music Belgium, Mariah's new album will be released there on November 30th.

Source: Heroes of Mariah

Monday, August 30 , 2004

Mariah's New Single and Album Get Release Dates in Japan // 6:43 PM EST Updated by Lynn

Tower Records Japan lists the availability of Mariah’s new single & album on the following dates:

New Single
Release Date : November 3
Title : TBA
Catalog No : UICL-5018
Price : 1260 yen (US$11)

New Album
Release Date : November 10
Title : TBA
Disc : 1
Catalog No : UICL-1047
Price : 2600 yen (US$23)

HMV Japan lists the exact same dates for both the single and the album. It also says there will be a bonus track for the Japanese edition of the album.

Universal Japan has confirmed the above dates but could not confirm whether or not "Misty Moon" would appear on the album. A promotional tour in Japan is said to be planned as well.

Source: Love Love Jack | PIP and POW

Mariah in Magazines // 4:09 PM EST Updated by Lynn

-- In Touch, September 2004 issue, page 49: "Hair Trauma, Even Celebs Have Bad Hair Days", Mariah is shown in two photos with different hairstyles taken in June 2004 from her appearances at (1) Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Anniversary Party to which In Touch comments: "Hair Don't: Nothing to cheer about. Does Mariah Carey have two pom-poms pinned to her head?" and (2) the Fresh Air Fund gathering, In Touch says: "Hair Do: As sexy as she wants to be. Face-framing waves with a deep side-part add sex appeal to any style. 'It's not a look for the timid; it's a real attention-grabber,' Bond notes."

-- Glamour, September 2004 issue, page 208, Editorial section: "12 Tough Questions We'd Like To Ask Celebrities", Mariah, among other celebrities like Paris Hilton, Hillary Rodman Clinton, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Mischa Barton, Jane Fonda, Beyonce, Uma Thurman, and Kabbalah are in the hot seat. Here's the "tough question" for Mariah: “Your voice is a wonder, and your breasts are too. But the, uh, overexposure's not helping your career. Can't someone in your innermost circle tell you to cover up?"

-- People, Best of Star Tracks special issue, page 131: a full page picture of Mariah is featured with the caption: “One Sweet Day, Capri, Italy, July 2003. Mariah Carey took a break from entertaining her legions of fans with a sea cruise aboard a rented yacht. The vacation was well-deserved - the singer just wrapped the first leg of her world tour in Asia.”

Source: Mariah Daily

Sunday, August 29 , 2004

More Speculated Release Dates // 8:10 PM EST Updated by Liron

The New York Daily has published a list of upcoming album release dates. It listed Mariah under the category: "Old Reliables" and said:

"Mariah Carey (Title TBA) Nov. 19: One more attempt to regain the diva's former glory."

Pause & Play on the other hand, lists Mariah's upcoming album as an October release.

Editor's Note: This is just one of many speculations regarding the new album's release date. We are reminding you that nothing is confirmed and the author of the article says it the best:

"One serious caveat: Record companies are notorious for fiddling with release dates. So take these with a pound of salt. Also, some albums don't have titles or "firm" release dates yet. Feel free to make up your own."

Source: NY Daily News

Shanna Hife, the ‘Whistling Diva’ // 7:53 PM EST Updated by Liron

Shanna Hife, the newest addition to the comedy band K and the Boxers and one of the finalists of ABS-CBN’s talent search "Star in a Million," possesses a vibrant voice minted in platinum, so to speak.

Truth be told: Shanna has been dubbed the "Whistling Diva" by the show’s staff because of her uncanny ability to do what few singers can achieve: The whistle, "a note that is even higher than a head tone." The whistle has become Shanna’s trademark on the amateur-singing contest and in her nightly gigs with K and the Boxers. In fact, when she refrains from doing her "whistleslashharmonics" on the show, Star juror and musical director Mel Villena invariably misses and looks for it.

Indeed, she can scale the dizzying heights previously conquered by such divas as Minnie Ripperton and Mariah Carey with ease and skill. Among her winning pieces on the show, in fact, are Minnie Ripperton’s powerhouse ballad "Loving You" and Bituin Escalante’s equally potent anthem, "Paano Na?"

Needless to say, Bituin and Minnie are but two of the divas that Shanna admires greatly. She also seeks to emulate the success and performance prowess of such US divas as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé Knowles, and Alicia Keys. "I love the way Celine performs," Shanna explains her choices. "The range of her voice. The power of her voice. And when she’s onstage, you can’t help but stare in awe."

Mariah, Shanna also idolizes for the same reasons. "Mariah can reach any note you give to her," she elaborates. "In fact, she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the only female singer who can reach the lowest note and the highest note, the whistle." Truth is, Shanna was able to master the whistle by listening to and studying Mariah Carey’s old hit, "Emotions." After doing the whistle, Shanna owns up that her nape sometimes hurt. "That’s where the voice comes from, they say," she remarks. "Sometimes my throat also hurt. But I still try my best to do it right each and every time."

Read the rest of the article here.

Source: Manila Bulletin Online

News Tidbits // 7:52 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Check out a short analysis of Mariah's voice that includes clips of some memorable notes at this page.

-- Keith Martin, a local Indonesian star, came to the Indonesian "Talent Search" show to give a vocal coaching lesson to the finalists. When Mariah's name was brought up, Keith expressed his love for her and said thsy Mariah's advantage is her ability to sing the low notes up to high notes smoothly.

-- Mariah has been added to two polls at Top Hits Online. One is for top artist of the 90s (currently Michael Jackson is leading) - Vote here. The second is for top song of the 90s (Fantasy, Hero and One Sweet Day are nominated) - Vote here.

-- Mariah's official site and fan club are no longer hosted on MonarC.com, but on MariahCarey.com. Be sure to change your bookmarks!

-- Mariah is featured briefly in the current issues of both "People" and "Glamour" magazines. In People's special publication "Best of Star Tracks", there is a full page picture of Mariah in Capri on page 131. In "Glamour", Mariah is featured in the "Do's and Don'ts" section.

-- From Shore Publishing: "I've got a base of 18 writers that work for me from all over the country," [Dave Pottie, owner of "Sound Waves" magazine] said. "We do some national interviews, and we've had some pretty good ones lately. We've done Britney Spears; we've done Mariah Carey."
Often Pottie gets requests for a particular issue from around the world because people like to read his interviews. When he interviewed Mariah Carey, he received an e-mail from France requesting a copy.

-- From Rockford Register Star: Rubloff Jet Express, which before the Ryan deal owned nine aircraft -- mostly corporate jets -- and leased two 757s, offered charter service to customers ranging from the Department of Defense to singers Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson and then-presidential candidates Wesley Clark and John Edwards.

-- From The Age: In his new book, [Paul Hanna] writes that what his audiences enjoy more than anything is seeing his vulnerability, that he shares his mistakes and failures in the same measure as his successes and happiness. He quotes Oprah Winfrey as an inspiration, and, more oddly, he pays homage to singer Mariah Carey, who suffered a public nervous breakdown when her career unravelled.

Source: Meindert | Edwin | Steve | X Q | Tara

Thursday, August 26 , 2004

New Pictures from Capri // 2:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

Lee was kind enough to scan the new pictures of Mariah in Capri that appeared in the UK paper "The Daily Star" today.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger version of the pictures.


Source: Lee

New Album Release Date (Japan) // 11:17 AM EST Updated by Liron

According to Amazon Japan, Mariah's new album is scheduled to be released on November 10th, 2004 in Japan.

Price: 2600 Yen
CD (2004/11/10)
Universal International- ASIN: B0002Y4M1C

Editor's Note: While Amazon is a reliable source and the date is a plausible one, the release date for Mariah's new album is still tentative and has not been officially confirmed by her record label.

Source: PIP and POW | Ayako

Mariah is such yacht stuff // 10:25 AM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey shows the curves that have wowed a mysterious Italian count as she tops up her tan on a yacht in Capri.

Singer Mariah, 34, was sent a £50,000 bracelet and roses by the aristocratic local.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

Source: The Sun | Paul | Brian

Stunning in Capri // 10:21 AM EST Updated by Liron

She was once a troubled pop diva, but now Mariah looks like she hasn't a carey in the world.

The busty 34 year old songbird is the picture of health as she takes a rare day off from recording her new album.

Bikini-clad Mariah was causing a splash on the beautiful island of Capri off Italy after overcoming her well-publicized personal and professional troubles.

Curvy Carey who has sold more than 150 million records, also made waves with a local count.

When the rich Italian discovered the singer was in town, he had 100 pink and red roses delivered to her luxury villa everyday.

Hidden inside one bunch of flowers, Mariah discovered a small box containing a 50,000 pound diamond bracelet.

It was specially chosen by the besotted aristo to tie in with her last album called CharmBracelet.

But despite the lavish gift, Mariah is going to have to tell him he's out for the count.

She is said to be dating Mark Suddack, one of her management team who has been on tour with her.

While the romance blossoms, Mariah hopes the new album will be out early next year and promises something special for fans.

As if the view on capri wasn't special enough.

Editor's Note: If you own a copy of the paper and you are able to scan the three new pictures that appear there, please send them to us!

Source: The Daily Star | Lee

Seasonal Selling // 10:07 AM EST Updated by Liron

Q: Hi Keith,

I just wanted to ask if you knew if seasonal or remix albums are profitable and big sellers? The reason I ask is because there are rarely ever any remix albums released, however I know there tend to be a lot of Christmas albums.


A: Hi Mints,

Many Christmas albums are very big sellers. Towards the end of every year, a bevy of holiday sets are released. Some sell big, like Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas" or Celine Dion's "These Are Special Times. Some don't sell quite as well. I won't mention those here.

Though it may seem like Christmas albums have a very short shelf life -- selling only significantly in November and December of each year -- if an album becomes a perennial seller, then the artist and label will have hit paydirt. Witness Barbra Streisand's "Christmas Album," released in 1967. Each year the album sells well, and to date, the Recording Industry Association of America has certified it quintuple platinum reflecting U.S. shipments of 5 million copies. Read the rest of the column here.

Source: Ask Billboard | Ernesto

Tuesday, August 24 , 2004

In conversation with Damizza // 4:41 PM EST Updated by Liron

The following article was written by Gilles Ollevier aka Cake;

Damion Young better known as Damizza is the biggest name in the Westcoast's hip-hop game. For a young man of 28 years old, he's probably the best producer of his generation. Damizza showed his talents on his first release, the all-star featured compilation "Damizza Presents...Where I Wanna Be", and on his latest release "The Baby Ree Mixtape Vol. 2" hosted by Pamela Anderson and a lot of other releases. He's also the Senior VP of Programming and Artists Relations of Power 106 in Los Angeles. He worked with artists like Ja Rule, Bone Thugs n Harmony and Nate Dogg and was personally asked by Mariah Carey, to remix her song "I Still Believe", after the best-selling pop diva heard one of his tracks in the background of a cellphone conversation they were having.
Damizza owns Baby Ree Entertainment, which is named after Damizza's grandmother.
He's also a really great and funny guy with a good laugh and above all, he's real.
Damizza has been so kind to answer a few questions. I selected the most interesting among all the questions sent to Heroes of Mariah / Go 4 Hit Promotions. Enjoy.

Q: How did you become interested in music?
A: It all started when I was 12 years old. I turned on the radio and it sucked me in. I kept calling the radio station KHTY in Santa Barbara until they hired me as an intern. I did all the jobs in between until I was 19 and started programming it. I was eventually in charge of three radio stations. It all began there to where I am today.

Q: Are there any new artists you would like to work with as a producer in the near future?
A: Stacee Adams, Lil’ Flip. I actually just did a remix with Korn their remake of Cameo’s 1986 hit song“Word Up”.

Q: How do you plan on reviving Westcoast hiphop?
A: Very very carefully…

Q: What is your advice to anyone looking to get into the music game?
A: If it’s in your heart than do it. If I’ve made it this far, than anyone can. And most importantly, do not give in to negativitiy.

Q: What has been the most gratifying or exciting moment during your career in the music industry?
A: Definitely working with Mariah Carey.

Q: What song or album are you feeling at the moment?
A: I’m feeling DJ Quik’s new hits collection. It’s like a greatest hit package.

Q: If you had the choice to start all over again, which other career would you choose?
A: Probably in movies, like acting.

Q: Why was your song with Mariah Carey, 'Mizza', never released commercially, other than a release on a mixtape?
A: We did it for the mixtape. We also did another one which is coming out on the Baby Ree Mix Tape Volume 3, which comes out September 2004, but it’s a surprise.

Q: What's in your opinion the best song you've ever produced for Mariah?
A: It has to be Crybaby. We are also doing another remix on the Volume 4 Baby Ree Mix Tape.

Q: What is the perception of Mariah from most industry insider's viewpoints?
A: That she is purely a hitmaker.

Source: Heroes of Mariah | Go 4 Hit Promotions

News Tidbits // 4:36 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- The Ukrainian gymnast Anna Bessonova has used Mariah's "My All" as a background song for her exhibition in the gymnastics gala yesterday night at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

-- Artgate Puppets features a caricature of Mariah in their "pop idol" section. The caricature was done by Vie Nolmans. Click here to check out the Mariah puppet.

-- According to Chloe, Claire's Accessories Automatic Princess merchandise is only available in-store and no home delivery is provided.

-- From The Portland Tribune: “I just heard that Prince was in a club last weekend when ‘Listen to Me’ was played,” says Chelsea Nutt, who was recently a featured performer at the New York International Music Festival in Las Vegas and counts Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey as professional role models.

-- From Oakland Tribune Online: The cast of "Noah's Arc", a new black gay TV series, includes Dwen Curry, a native of Detroit who moved to Oakland and opened a hair salon. Among his clients have been rappers Eve and Ja Rule, and singer Mariah Carey.

-- From ESPN: Derek Jeter's name appeared regularly in the gossip pages of The Post and The Daily News, and when he dated pop singer Mariah Carey in 1998, one of the tabloids sent a writer to Tampa specifically to dig out information on the two. His fame surrounded his life, in a way that it had encircled Joe DiMaggio, a Yankees' star of another generation.

-- From The Washington Post: The first hour of "American Idols Live!" performance at MCI Center was devoted to individual performances, giving each singer a chance to shine (such as La Toya London's outstanding vocal control on Mariah Carey's "My All") or falter (as in the case of Camile Velasco's moaning version of Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor").

Source: Zaloa | Meindert | Chloe

Monday, August 23 , 2004

Diva Duo // 8:34 PM EST Updated by Will

She’s taken a series of knocks in recent years from those who accuse her of drifting too far from her pop-soul origins, but now it seems Mariah Carey is going back to her roots.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carey, who’s early hits such as Vision of Love, Make It Happen and Anytime You Need A Friend showed the strong influence of her early heroes Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, is being lined up for an appearance of Aretha’s planned duet album.

The dream pairing previously collaborated on a rapturously-received live performance of Franklin’s classic hit Chain of Fools for 1998’s Divas Live extravaganza and were said to have struck up a close friendship.

Carey, who in recent years has preferred to focus on contemporary hip-hop seems to be happy to turn to the old school for her next album project, set for release in November.

Having already recorded a track for the album said to be a based around a sample from 70s soul act The New Birth, the first single is rumoured to be a collaboration with superproducer Kanye West, whose penchant for 70s soul samples has propelled tracks by Brandy and Alicia Keys straight to the top of the charts on both sides of ther Atlantic.

The Queen Soul herself has of course collaborated with a number of the younger generation of soul singers in recent years, including Mary J Blige and Lauryn Hill. But aside from Carey, the artist at the top of her list of dream duet partners is apparently Latino songbird Gloria Estefan.

Source: UK Flava

News Tidbits // 8:08 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Here are the latest Mariah scans from magazines across the world. Star Magazine from the United States features a story on celebrities with cellulite, Who Weekly from Australia lists Mariah as number two in the Worst Dressed list of the year, and Gala Magazine from Germany has an article on Mariah and her boyfriend. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

-- PopDirt.com is polling site goers to vote for the artist that they believe will be able to charge the most for tickets to do a performance in the year 2020. Mariah is on that list along side others such as Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Visit the link to cast your vote!

-- From MTV News: Aretha Franklin, who has performances scheduled in Los Angeles and Las Vegas next month, has studio time booked with Mariah Carey and Gloria Estefan for her upcoming duets album. Clive Davis, who oversaw Santana's star-studded Supernatural, is producing. Carey's fashion and accessories line, "Automatic Princess" — which includes key chains, necklaces, rings, tiaras, and, of course, charm bracelets — was to launch in October, but is now available at select Claire's stores nationwide. The singer is planning a children's book series of the same name.

-- From Daily Star: When Samantha Sayegh left Beirut in early August for the World Karaoke Championships in Finland, she never dreamed of winning. But when she did, a star was born. "Maybe the Japanese girl didn't choose the songs that suited her voice the best," mused Sayegh, who definitely had a clear idea what she would sing. Among her favorite stars are Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion; all of them great technicians with well-trained voices. "They are my idols, not just because of their great voices, but also because of the difficulties they encountered in their personal lives," the young singer admitted. Sayegh loves to interpret the songs of these stars, and apparently she was doing it extraordinarily well.

Source: Janel | Marten | Ross | Christopher | Richard

Sunday, August 22 , 2004

Site Updates & News Tidbits // 3:09 PM EST Updated by Will

-- We have added Mariah's upcoming television appearances to the Important Dates section in the sidebar to the right of your screen. There is also a new picture of the week, thanks to Keitha.

In addition, we have a new poll which asks, "Which reported Mariah vocal collaboration are you most excited about?" Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked, "Which director would you most like Mariah to work with for her next music video?" Here are the results:

  • 18% (504 votes) Jake Nava (Beyonce, "Crazy In Love")
  • 17% (482 votes) Francis Lawrence (Justin Timberlake, "Cry Me A River")
  • 14% (392 votes) Mr. X (Usher, "Yeah")
  • 13% (351 votes) Chris Robinson (Snoop Dogg, "Beautiful")
  • 11% (322 votes) Mark Romanek (Jay-Z, "99 Problems")
  • 7% (186 votes) Sophie Muller (No Doubt, "Underneath It All")
  • 7% (185 votes) Floria Sigismondi (Christina Aguilera, "Fighter")
  • 5% (144 votes) Sanji (Mary J. Blige, "No More Drama")
  • 4% (124 votes) Chris Applebaum (Hilary Duff, "So Yesterday")
  • 4% (111 votes) Bryan Barber (Outkast, "Hey Ya")
    Total Votes: 2,801

    -- Christie Green, a contestant on Australian Idol has performed Mariah's song "Anytime You Need A Friend" on tonight's episode. She is competing for a spot on the top 12. To vote for her - SMS 'CHRISTIE' to 19 10 10 or call 1902 55 55 63. On her contestant page on the official Australian Idol site, Christie mentions Mariah twice. When asked what the first CD she ever bought was, she said, "Mariah Carey’s ‘Music Box.’ It’s been stuck with me ever since." She also says her favorite song to sing is Mariah's "Hero".

    -- Mariah was recently the subject of AskMen.com's Fact of the Day: "Mariah Carey paid $3,200 US for a photo of Tupac Shakur sitting in a bubble bath."

    -- The remix of Mary J. Blige's "Ooh!" features G-Unit. During his verse, group member 50 Cent says, "I got her hittin' notes that's higher than Mariah's."

    -- Mariah fan Bobby Cipolla is looking for a copy of Mariah's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show on December 3, 2002, when she performed "Through The Rain" and "My Saving Grace". If you have a copy that you are willing to duplicate, please e-mail Bobby. He is willing to provide financial compensation.

    -- From SUR Online: If you happen to be famous, immensely wealthy and in need of a spot of privacy, head for the nearest harbour, drop anchor and set sail for the distant horizon. Everybody who has the money to pay for one of these floating palaces that the rich and famous like to call yachts is doing it. “Mariah loves yachting too, whenever she has a little time off,” says G. Kates, in charge of Mariah Carey’s travel schedule.

    -- From Mindanao Times: The highest new entry on the Filipino album charts is Rachelle Ann Go, the 17-year-old Search For A Star 2004 champ, with her self-titled debut album at #9. The 13-track album contains her version of Mariah Carey’s Through The Rain, the ditty that won her the recognition as the grand champ.

    -- From The Star: Musicians who tried to crack the silver screen have given us some of the worst movies of all time. Elvis Presley and Madonna head a list that includes dishonourable mention for Vanilla Ice and Mariah Carey.

    -- From The Daily Record: Surely Vin Deisel, who spends his time in some of the most sophisticated places on the planet and counts Mariah Carey and Nicole Kidman as rumoured squeezes, is in full flatter mode?

    -- From Douglas County Bank: American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino left the crowd with I Believe, a song penned by Idol alumna Tamyra Gray. It's a typical pop song -- the kind that has grown out of style with the passing of the good girl Mariah Carey; it's the kind of song that Gloria Estefan would have written in the early '90s after she had that horrible bus accident.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Donnie | Dave | Bobby

    Saturday, August 21 , 2004

    Mariah’s Caprician fashion lesson // 12:39 PM EST Updated by Will

    American singer Mariah Carey’s seclusion on Mount Tuoro continues at Capri Digital Studios, the Queen of R&B/Pop’s favorite recording studio, and the same one in which she is currently recording her new album.

    Despite her planetary reputation, the capricious star has received a style lesson from designer Stefano Gabbana in D&G arts. The famous fashionisto, who is also in Capri with his partner Domenico Dolce, had invited Mariah to supper, which she accepted with delight.

    The meeting was scheduled for 9pm, but it wasn’t until 11pm that Mariah showed up. It was then that Dolce, the other half of the Italian styling team, turned off the outer lights of his yacht and raised a footbridge for the beautiful Mariah, who was escorted by her athletic bodyguards.

    The singer and designers remained momentarily to talk and later returned to the Piazzetta, Capri’s famous plaza, and sheltered themselves at Franco Schiano’s restaurant, where they were consoled with spaghetti that was flavored with tomatoes from Franco’s home garden.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Automatic Princess at Claire's // 12:26 PM EST Updated by Will

    As previously reported, Mariah's accessories line, Automatic Princess, is now available at several locations within the United States at Clarie's stores.

    Claire's customer service representative Nicole Thomas states that the Automatic Princess line should be available nationwide by October. You can call 1-800-CLAIRES (1-800-252-4737) to see about getting the merchandise delivered to your local Claire's store, or even directly to your house! Visit claires.com to locate the closest store to you.

    Mariah fan Kat picked up the following Automatic Princess items (keychain, $3.50; necklace, $6.25; and jeans fashion piece, $8.50) at her local Claire's in Texas. Also available from the Automatic Princess line are rings, tiaras, charm bracelets, and a two-piece hair brush. Click the following thumbnails for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Janel | MCLoverKat | Love Mariah

    Friday, August 20 , 2004

    More on Camp Mariah // 5:25 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Kristin G, the Film Instructor at Camp Mariah, gave us some details about Mariah's visit there a couple of weeks ago, on August 3rd, 2004.

    Mariah arrived at the camp at approximately 7:00pm. She was accompanied by her manager Louise McNally, her beauty team, her nephew Sean and a reverend among other people who came to talk to the kids. Many press people were present at the visit and Mariah spent some time taking pictures and giving interviews.

    170 kids at the camp were divided into four groups and Mariah spent time with each group. She played games with them including one on the grass after which she noticed it was very dirty. She'd commented jokingly: "I didn't know there was so much goose poop here! Gotta have my feet cleaned specially."

    Afterwards, Mariah, the kids and the camp's counselors all had ice cream in the dining hall. Mariah originally planned to have a big camp fire, but the idea was scraped due to "complex logistics".

    When talking to her fans at the camp, she mentioned that something had happened to her pink pair of "Automatic Princess" shorts and that she needed new ones. Prior to leaving, Mariah made sure to sign photographs for all those who wanted. Her visit lasted for about three hours.

    Kristin will try to give us more details of Mariah's visit, but for now, here is a picture of Mariah with the kids taken that day:

    Picture credit: Tara Engberg

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Wanted for Broadway Show // 4:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The producers of "Bombay Dreams" are also hoping to line up some sort of pop star to boost sales.

    They made an offer to Janet Jackson, but so far she hasn't bitten.

    Mariah Carey is on their list, as is Brandy.

    Time is not on their side, however. "Bombay Dreams," a $14 million show, only did $475,000 last week, and is poised to go over the cliff in the weeks ahead.

    Source: New York Post

    Mariah's Cover Tops Tabloid Sales // 4:03 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The Star, completing its first year under American Media chief editorial director Bonnie Fuller, showed a 10.5% drop on newsstands.

    But the company said in its recent quarterly report, newsstand sales have grown since the Star's makeover in April - to a glossy mag from a tabloid.

    The "Best & Worst Beach Bodies" cover in late June, which showed a bikini-clad Mariah Carey (best) opposite an unflattering shot of Guess Who (Jerry Hall, worst), was the Star's newsstand topper, at more than 1.2 million copies.

    Source: NY Daily News

    Scram Jones Preps New Album, Produces For Xzibit & Mariah Carey // 4:00 PM EST Updated by Liron

    With production on songs like Terror Squad's "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and Lloyd Banks' "Work Magic," Scram Jones is one of the fastest rising producers in the game.

    Currently Scram is working on tracks for Xzibit and Mariah Carey's uncoming LP's and was recently featured in XXL Magazine for his production skills.

    Even though he is mostly know for the beats, Scram can also hold down the mic. And is preparing to unleash his talents with a new album titled Loose Cannon's where guest appearances include Saigon, Havoc of Mobb Deep, N.O.R.E., Jim Jones, Cam'Ron, Terror Squad, Sadat X, T.I., Tragedy Khadafi, Jae Millz and Drag-On to name a few.

    Source: Ballerstatus

    News Tidbits // 3:58 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Waiting for Mariah's New Album
    From Windy City Times: In case anybody is going through withdrawal for some big hair and big voices, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera are both on the verge of releasing new material. Mariah’s forthcoming CD is due out this fall and is supposed to be a more radio-friendly Mariah. Hopefully the LP will be something like her first two albums, because Lord knows we don’t need no more Charmbracelets girl.

    Mariah on Worst Dressed List
    -- From The Herald Sun: WHO magazine today unveils its Best and Worst Dressed for 2004. The usual offenders copped a caning this year, but there're a few surprise inclusions.
    Topping the worst list is rapper Lil' Kim, followed by pop diva Mariah Carey and Queer Eye fashion guru Carson Kressley.

    Newcomers, Idol Winners Mention Mariah
    -- From The Guardian: Raised on the mean streets of New York, Nellie McKay is a jazz sensation who also raps. ... Contemporary pop music didn't really turn McKay's head. "I remember not responding to tapes my friends had: Madonna, Mariah Carey. There was a teacher at our school who was Mariah Carey's cousin, which was meant to be a big deal.

    -- From Cheshire Online, UK: Sarah-Jade Rimmer, who hails from Prescot, has already grasped at fame by winning a string of televised competitions - and this weekend she managed to wow the crowds at Halton Lea.

    Singing the karaoke favourite Hero by Mariah Carey, the 15-year-old fought off tough competition in the Youth Idol contest which involved 80 youngsters taking part in a total of nine heats.

    -- From Malay Mail Online: At the first Malaysian Idol, Faradina Mohd Nazir, the 19- year-old Johorean, pulled a surprise when she did a great cover of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s When You Believe.

    She started well midway through the song but the shine was gone when she appeared to be trying too hard to stay true to the original.

    -- From The Sun Sentinel: Highlights from the American Idol tour stop show at the Office Depot Center in Florida, included DeGarmo's performance of her single Dreams; LaToya London's rendition of a Mariah Carey song was well received, and dorky redhead John Stevens even surprised the crowd with sultry version of Come Fly With Me and My Funny Valentine.

    -- From Metro Weekly: On Tamyra Gray's first single, "Raindrops Will Fall, " [She] seems intent on out-belting Mariah Carey, in reconstituted Carey territory. ... Gray draws most of her influence from Whitney, Mariah and Brandy.

    Various Mentions
    -- From SMH.com.au: To be a plaything takes talent and usually a splash of sex appeal. But Hello Kitty - a mute, cartoon cat - has neither. Yet she's a favourite of Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey and other ditzy starlets, is at the centre of a billion-dollar toy, fashion and gift industry and is the subject of serious biography.

    -- From ABC Australia: Venetta Fields talks about recording background vocals for Bob Dylan's first album: "It was a very unusual session. It felt and sounded like a negro spiritual. There were no other parts. It was all in unison. I had no idea what was in both Bob's heads. Dylan didn't even sing on it. It's high. Like a Mariah Carey voice. But I had to do it. There was no looping in those days so you had to sing it all the way through."

    -- Jerry O'connell was recently asked by Page 3 about his appearance on Mariah's video "Heartbreaker". As you can see below, his did not even mention Mariah in his answer:

    Q: You starred in Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" video. Who is tougher to work with, and who is the bigger diva: Mariah Carey or Kangaroo Jack?

    A: These days, Rebecca Romijn is Jerry O'Connell's leading lady.I've got to tell you that "Kangaroo Jack" has made me popular. Now, all of the guys I work with don't want to hire a Princess Bell or the Teletubbies for their kids' birthday parties, they expect me to show up as Kangaroo Jack. So I get to make a little extra cash on the side.

    Source: --

    Thursday, August 19 , 2004

    Camp Mariah // 11:11 PM EST Updated by Will

    Below of a picture of Mariah's recent visit to Camp Mariah, her Career Awareness camp in conjunction with the Fresh Air Fund. Click the thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Ernesto Rodriguez

    Automatic Princess // 11:04 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah's accessories line, Automatic Princess, is apparently available at the following locations within the United States and its territories:

    Anchorage, AK - Dimond Center
    Wasilla, AK - Cottonwood Creek Mall

    San Bernardino, CA - Inland Center
    Palmdale, CA - Antelope Valley Mall
    San Diego, CA - University Towne Center
    Glendale, CA - Clendale Galleria
    Redondo Beach, CA - South Bay Gallera
    Cerritos, CA - Los Cerriots Mall
    Montclair, CA - Montclair Plaza
    Torrance, CA - Del Amo Fashion Center
    Montebello, CA - Montebello Towne Center
    West Covina, CA - West Covina Plaza
    Fresno, CA - Fashion Fair
    Riverside, CA - Tyler Gallera
    Citrus Heights, CA - Sunrise Mall
    Pleasanton, CA - Stoneridge Mall
    Sacramento, CA - Arden Fair Mall
    Northridge, CA - Northridge Fashion Center
    Lakewood, CA - Lakewood Center Mall

    Ontario, CAN - Ontario Mills
    Temecula, CAN - Promenade Mall

    Danbury, CT - Danbury Fair
    Waterford, CT - Crystal Mall

    Miami, FL - Dadeland Mall
    Orange Park, FL - Orange Park Mall
    North Miami Beach, FL - Aventura Mall
    Pembroke Pines, FL - Pembroke Lakes Mall
    Forty Myers, FL - Edison Mall
    Plantation, FL - Broward Mall

    Honolulu, HI - Kahala Mall
    Honolulu, HI - Ala Moana Center
    Hilo, HI - Prince Kuhio Plaza
    Aiea, HI - Pearlridge Center
    Kaneohe, HI - Windward Mall

    Lomboard, IL - Yorktown Shopping Center
    Aurora, IL - Fox Vallery Center
    Orland Park, IL - Orland Square Mall
    Joliet, IL - Louis Joliet Mall
    Schaumburg, IL - Woodfield Mall

    Indianapolis, IN - Castleton Square Shopping
    Merrillville, IN - Southlake Mall

    Peabody, MA - Northshore Mall
    Braintree, MA - South Shore Plaza
    Leominster, MA - Searstown Mall
    Saugus, MA - Square One

    Annapolis, MD - Westfield Shoppingtown
    Baltimore, MD - White Marsh Mall
    Bel Air, MD - Harford Mall

    Sterling Heights, MI - Lakeside Mall
    Westland, MI - Westland Mall
    Grandville, MI - River Town Crossings

    Bloomington, MN - Mall Of America

    Fayetteville, NC - Cross Creek Mall

    Fargo, ND - West Acres Shopping Center

    Nashua, NH - Pheasant Lane Mall
    Salem, NH - Rockingham Park Mall
    Newington, NH - Fox Run

    Bridgewater, NJ - Bridgewater Commons
    Wayne, NJ - Willowbrook Mall
    Rockaway, NJ - Rockaway Town Squate
    Phillipsburg, NJ - Phillipsburg Mall
    Paramus, NJ - Garden State Plaza
    Deptford, NJ - Deptford Mall
    East Brunswick, NJ - Brunswick Square

    Reno, NV - Meadowood Mall

    Plattsburg, NY - Champlain Center North
    Huntington Station, NY - Walt Whitman Mall
    New York, NY - Lexington Street Store
    Bayside, NY - Bay Terrace Shopping Center
    Massapequa, NY - Sunrise Mall
    Hicksville, NY - Broadway Mall
    Bay Shore, NY - South Shore Mall
    Brooklyn, NY - Kings Plaza
    Garden City, NY - Roosevelt Field Mall
    Buffalo, NY - Boulevard Mall
    Buffalo, NY - Walden Galleria
    White Plains, NY - Westcester Mall

    Columbus, OH - Easton Town Center
    Cincinnati, OH - Eastgate Mall
    Toldeo, OH - Franklin Park Mall

    Tigard, OR - Washington Square

    Whitehall, PA - Leigh Valley Mall

    San Juan, PR - Plaza Las Americas

    Warwick, RI - Warwick Mall

    McAllen, TX - La Plaza Mall
    San Antonio, TX - Ingram Park Mall
    San Antonio, TX - Northstar Mall
    Friendswood, TX - Baybrook Mall
    Cedar Park, TX
    San Marcos, TX - Tanger Factory Outlet

    Chesapeake, VA - Greenbrier Mall
    Woodbridge, VA - Potomac Mills
    McLean, VA - Tyson's Corner
    Virginia Beach, VA - Lynnhaven Mall
    Norfolk, VA - Macarthur Center

    Puyallup, WA - South Hill Mall
    Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Mall
    Bellevue, WA - Bellevue Square

    Appleton, WI - Fox River Mall

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Automatic Prince

    Wednesday, August 18 , 2004

    New Aretha Franklin and Mariah Duet? // 10:18 PM EST Updated by Tomas

    As soon as her concert stints are done, Aretha Franklin will head back into the recording studio. She and music legend Clive Davis, chairman of BMG North America, are teaming again for her new album.

    "Clive and I are working on a duets (album)," she says. "I'm also going to do three or four new cuts for that." So far, she plans to sing songs with Mariah Carey and Gloria Estefan, among others.

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Dino

    New Mariah DVD Release? // 8:23 PM EST Updated by Tomas

    According to an upcoming music/DVD release sheet posted on Universal Switzerland's site, there is a DVD tentatively set for release sometime later this year (4th Quarter '04). However, the information appears to be dated so it's quite possible that they might have scrapped the release altogether. There is no indication as to what specifically this sheet was referring to but we will definitely keep you posted.

    Source: Universal Switzerland | Dino

    News Tidbits // 6:18 PM EST Updated by Tomas

    -- You can listen to a clip of the Japanese version of "Misty Moon" recorded by Mika Nakashima here.

    -- Mariah is featured with numerous other celebrities in the August 23rd edition of the National Enquirer with the cover headline "Hollywood Hotties with Cellulite." On page 34 there are two photos of Mariah - one showing her thigh and what they claim is cellulite and another photo allegedly showing her trying to hide it with her hand. The caption states: "Cover-up? The songbird moved her hand into a strategic position when a photog approached her and Jay-Z. But she's all 'Glitter' in this outfit."

    -- Frommer's Online recently updated their Florida section with a Mariah mention: "If you're looking to splurge, there are places for that, too, including The Ritz-Carlton South Beach's Americana where the likes of Spike Lee and Mariah Carey have been spotted dining on Kobe beef meatloaf and lobster Rockefeller."

    -- Becky recently wrote us to let us know that she recently ordered customized (Mariah-themed) checkbook covers, calendars, and address books from Steven - steven1213@comcast.net. She informs us that she was pleased with what she had received and wanted us to pass the info along to fans. If you are interested, send him an email with a note that Becky referred you and you will get a good deal.

    -- Lee writes: The Daily Star (UK publication) reported recently that Mariah was spotted vacationing on one of Richard Branson's islands this week and noted that the two have become good friends.

    -- Raina from Lancaster, CA says that on a recent trip to a local mall she stopped by Claire's and saw Automatic Princess merchandise for sale including bracelets and necklaces. Be on the lookout for AP items at your nearest Claire's location!

    -- Be sure to check out the new and improved 'La Mariah' fan site @ www.lamariah.com

    Source: ryanxx | Maggie Kutyreff | Frommer's | Becky | Lee | Raina

    Mariah's release date? // 5:40 PM EST Updated by Will

    After record store HMV reported that Mariah's new album would be released internationally on Monday, October 4, they received several e-mails regarding its authenticy.

    An HMV Customer Service representative stated that, "The October 4 date is not officially confirmed, but is a tentative date given by the record company. We will update our site with any date changes as we are made aware of them. Hopefully it wont be too long. It should be a great album, as are all Mariah records!"

    Meanwhile, a Universal Music Group representative reportedly told a Mariah fan in the retail business that the new album, which is "not finalized yet", will be released in the United States on Tuesday, November 23.

    As previously reported, Mariah's management has told MariahDaily.com there is no official date set for her new album.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Dino | MariahsLegsRule

    Monday, August 16 , 2004

    Mariah in Capri for Summer Holiday // 5:49 PM EST Updated by Will

    In July and August, the Bay of Naples and the little island of Capri become the forestage of a huge superyachts show.

    Recently, Regina d'Italia, a yacht measuring "only" 30 metres long, stopped for a few days at the Mergellina piers and waited for August 13 when Dolce & Gabbana, the trendiest fashion stylists couple, set out for Capri.

    On the contrary, Mariah Carey, the U.S. pop queen, boarded the 46 metres charter called Istranka last Friday when she also left Naples to set out for Capri.

    This year for her italian summer holiday, she chose a very comfortable charter to visit all of the Bay of Naples' beauties, but she's considering coming back to Naples as soon as she can to visit the city too.

    Source: Il Mattino di Napoli | Luca (MaMi Mariah)

    Sunday, August 15 , 2004

    Melonie Daniels talks Mariah // 6:36 PM EST Updated by Will

    Joe, who has met Mariah numerous times, caught up with frequent Mariah backup singer Melonie Daniels at Coach Leather Goods in Garden City. Melonie says she just finished doing background vocals for two Mariah songs in New York last week, and that Mariah is in Capri, Italy right now finishing her new album. Promotion for that record, according to Melonie, should begin sometime in September.

    Source: Joe

    Kanye Dig It // 6:28 PM EST Updated by Will

    For a rap star, Kanye West is extremely soft-spoken — though without any modesty when it comes to his abilities and influence. "I think my work is the reason album sales are up this year," West told The Post.

    Strange thing is, the guy may be right. Not only has "Dropout" sold a couple million in the U.S. since dropping in February, but his production prints can be found all over records by top-selling acts from Brandy, Jadakiss and Dilated Peoples to Maroon5. Currently he's in the studio twisting knobs for Mariah Carey's next album.

    Source: New York Post

    Saturday, August 14 , 2004

    Camp Thrills: Seeing the Stars, and Then Seeing a Star // 9:45 PM EST Updated by Will

    Fresh Air Fund campers were playing a hillside game of tag when, just before sunset, a black Mercedes limousine emerged from the woods and rolled to a stop.

    The children froze. A car door opened. Then came a collective, ear-splitting scream: "Mah-ri-ah!"

    Mariah Carey, who donated $1 million to the Fresh Air Fund in 1995 and has a camp named in her honor, was walking up the grassy slope in open-toed heels, a cropped top and jean shorts with the words "Automatic Princess" across the back.

    "What are we playing?" Ms. Carey asked as the young residents of Camp Mariah engulfed her, fingering her long, crimped hair, reaching their arms around her bare waist and taking turns balancing her sunglasses on their noses.

    They stood there in the dying light, speaking in hushed tones, occasionally erupting into laughter, as if sharing secrets at a sleepover party. The octave-scaling voice that Ms. Carey shows off in songs like "Hero" and "Emotions" was husky and low as she responded to a flurry of questions about her music and her life.

    When their patter subsided and the game of tag resumed, Ms. Carey joined right in, slipping out of her high heels and running barefoot through the grass.

    She is a swift runner. As a teenager she sprinted toward a Grammy Award-winning future, secure, she said, in herself and her talent. She was also running from something.

    "I knew I didn't want to be where I was," Ms. Carey said while taking a break from the evening's activities in the camp director's cabin. "I knew that I needed to elevate myself in terms of just living. You know what I mean? Just having the life that I wanted to live. I didn't want to open the refrigerator and not have food. I didn't want to feel like the kid with the holes in her sneakers."

    While shabby shoes are no longer a concern, Ms. Carey still identifies with Fresh Air Fund children because, like them, she grew up poor with big dreams. Fittingly, Camp Mariah, one of five Fresh Air Fund camps in Fishkill for children from New York City, is a career awareness camp, where work can turn dreams into reality.

    Over the course of three years, campers from 12 to 14 explore career paths and attend classes including journalism, photography, television and video production. There are also events in New York City during the school year, including a career fair and visits to successful companies.

    It is the kind of camp Ms. Carey said she wished she could have attended. Instead, she went to a publicly funded camp, which she called horrible. She also attended a performing arts camp, for which her family had to "scrape together" money. But Ms. Carey said she believed that hardship could be a source of motivation.

    "Obviously music was my love," Ms. Carey said, "But I think I worked twice as hard as a lot of people who maybe had the same dreams but they had it a little easier so they weren't as driven."

    For more than 125 years, the Fresh Air Fund has been providing city children with vacations at upstate camps and with host families in the Northeast and Canada.

    "People say their lives were completely changed, just by going up to a host family or to different camps," Ms. Carey said. "They say that before, they had never seen trees and grass and lakes or anything like that. Just that experience in and of itself is amazing, that you can just lie out and look at the stars."

    The only star the children were gazing at that night, however, was Ms. Carey. "I love her so much, it's not even funny," said Britnee Jackson, 12, of Queens. "I think she's so gorgeous. Some people you meet in person and they act conceited. She wasn't. She gave us hugs. She was very kind."

    Michael Mitchell, 13, of Harlem, agreed. "She's a great influence on children," he said. "She gave me a hug and said, 'Good luck in the future.' I'm going to take that and write it on my socks."

    It was after 9 p.m. when Britnee, Michael and other campers gave Ms. Carey the final hugs and high fives of the evening in the dining hall. "Have the best summer of your lives," she said. "And lots of love to you all."

    Families who would like to open their homes to Fresh Air Fund children or register children for a summer vacation can call (800) 367-0003. Tax-deductible contributions to the fund can be made through its Web site, www.freshair.org. They can also be sent to the Fresh Air Fund, 633 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.

    Source: The New York Times | Dino

    'Stay the Night' to be released Oct. 11? // 6:24 PM EST Updated by Tomas

    According to CoolClarity, an online music forum based in the UK, "Stay The Night" featuring Kanye West is scheduled to be released on October 11 (in the UK). However, keep in mind there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

    Source: CoolClarity | EddieR | Greg

    'U Make Me Wanna' Video in the Works // 3:08 PM EST Updated by Tomas

    The next video we'll see in support of [Jadakiss]' Kiss of Death LP is "U Make Me Wanna," which features Mariah Carey. The video should be going into production soon, according to the Black Babe Ruth.

    "I'm supposed to be shooting the me-and-Mariah joint," Mr. Raspy said. "I might do [a split video] like I did for 'Knock Yourself Out' and 'We Gonna Make It.' I might do the Mariah joint and 'By Your Side' at the end, give them a verse. ['U Make Me Wanna'] is gonna be real sexy, though, a little out of my element. That's how I want all my videos from this album to be. 'Why' hit you from left field. I just want it to be one of them joints; big house, big car, one of them videos the ladies like. This is strictly for the ladies, to get me over that hump. I understand the business."

    Jada is currently on the road as part of the Pepsi Smash Tour with Jagged Edge and Fabolous.

    Source: VH1

    Friday, August 13 , 2004

    Clarification: Mariah was not present in Olympics opening ceremony // 5:35 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Despite ongoing rumors and speculations until the very last minute of a possible Mariah appearance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, Mariah was not present at the show.

    Source: --

    Thursday, August 12 , 2004

    Pop stars add luster to Athens Olympic Games // 11:43 PM EST Updated by Will

    The Athens Olympic Games is a sports extravaganza as well as an entertainment pageant attracting many world famous pop stars.

    Four billion audiences across the world will be able to see the performances from top singers such as Bjork from Iceland roaring at the Olympics opening ceremony, China Radio International reported Thursday.

    Sources from the dress rehearsal say Bjork's performance will be a main part of the grand opening ceremony.

    But it is not confirmed that she will be the lucky singer to belt out the Olympic theme song.

    If she has been chosen, she will be the third world top singer to have the glory to sing the Olympics theme song following Celine Dion and Tina Arena.

    Mariah Carey will also be a highlight in the opening ceremony.

    In addition, it is reported that Julia Roberts, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Madonna will cheer for their beloved players.

    Source: Xinhuanet News | Dino

    Wednesday, August 11 , 2004

    Roger Friedman's Untruths // 1:41 PM EST Updated by Will

    Regarding the Fox News item "Mariah Carey Accused of Plagiarism" written by Roger Friedman that was posted yesterday, I sent the following letter to the Fox News editor regarding the false information within the article. Hopefully it will clear up some things for you as well:

    Dear Foxlife,

    It amazes me that Roger Friedman actually has a degree in communication, because his credibility as a journalist is increasingly damaged with every article he writes. He is contradictory, ill-informed, prone to hyperbole, biased, and dare I even say scorned when it comes to writing about certain celebrities?

    Take Mariah Carey for instance. Friedman was always a “hater” – writing false information and negative comments about her for years – until Carey’s publicist Cindi Berger allowed Friedman to meet Carey at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. Since then, he has been spewing nothing but positive remarks and had apparently completely changed his previous conceptions. That was, of course, until Carey fired Berger earlier this year – and now Friedman is back to his old ways.

    His latest Carey article, “Songwriters Get Permission to Sue”, is yet another piece of one-sided, erroneous fodder. It is filled with so many untruths that one simply cannot take anything in the article seriously.

    Friedman states that Jermaine Dupri is credited as a producer on the song in question (“Thank God I Found You”), which is untrue. He states that the singing group Xscape performed background vocals on that same tune, which is untrue. He calls Xscape group member Kandi Burruss a “regular Carey back-up singer”, which is also untrue. The two have worked together only on 2 songs, out of nearly 200 available in Carey’s repertoire. If Friedman cannot even get these basic facts about the song correct, how are his readers supposed to believe anything else in the article – let alone his general writings?

    Friedman also makes the suing songwriter Seth Swirsky out to be some prolific writer (probably because Swirsky granted Friedman an interview). Friedman does this by saying, “[Swirsky’s] got 30 gold and platinum records”. Naturally, he failed to mention Carey has over 100 gold and platinum records. “I don’t consider [Carey] a bona fide songwriter”, he states – despite the fact that she has written 14 highly-influential number one songs, and Swirsky has written, well, none; and in all truthfulness, the composition Swirsky is suing over (“One Of Those Love Songs”) is in itself, nothing but a rip off of the 1994 Regine Velasquez and Jacky Cheung duet “In Love With You”.

    Perhaps Friedman should get a job at the National Enquirer. His “work” would likely be better appreciated there.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    New Clip from "Ultimate Albums" // 10:06 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Although never aired, Mariah's episode on VH1's "Ultimate Albums" for the album "Butterfly" has a page of its own on the VH1 website. It was recently updated with a new video clip from the show in which Mariah talks about relationships. Watch Mariah explain why she has a difficult time trusting people on the VH1 "Butterfly" webpage.

    Source: Marc

    Mariah Clipping Coupons? Closes Label, Flies Cheap // 10:01 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Hot on the heels our report yesterday concerning Mariah Carey and plagiarism charges comes news that the singer is cutting corners. It's not like she's broke. After all, Virgin Records paid her $49 million to get out of their contract. But still, one worries when we hear that Carey was spotted flying business class to Rome recently before she connected to a commuter flight to the sparkling isle of Capri. Evidently she's doing some recording there despite assurances from manager Benny Medina only a few weeks ago that Carey was past her diva-like ways and was making her new album, like other pop stars, in Los Angeles.

    On top of that, it seems that Carey has shut down her much vaunted record label. She started MonarC, with a capital C, when she signed with Island/Def Jam Records two summers ago. MonarC has had a butterfly's mortality, I'm afraid, and is now a moth perhaps eating away at Mariah's wardrobe. (This would explain its scantiness.) Carey's new album, which will be released early this fall, will appear on Island/Def Jam itself under the auspices of Antonio "LA" Reid, late of Arista Records. This puts Mariah one step closer to ex-hubby Tommy Mottola, who is running Casablanca Records at Island/Def Jam.

    Source: Fox News

    Lavigne's Secret Pop Past // 10:01 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Canadian singer AVRIL LAVIGNE may be a rock chick now - but she used to love bubblegum pop group THE BACKSTREET BOYS.

    The MY HAPPY ENDING hitmaker admits she was a huge fan of the Florida five-piece and troubled diva MARIAH CAREY.

    Lavigne says, "I used to have Mariah Carey posters all over my room.

    "I'm not embarrassed - why should I be? I had Backstreet Boys posters too.

    "Now my bedroom's a beigey, sand colour with no posters in it at all. Not even my own."

    Source: Contact Music | Tommy

    A Medley of Mariah's Fifteen #1 Hits Sung by Chinese Lambs // 10:00 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Chinese lambs at MariahCN.com, the biggest Mariah fan organization in China, recorded a medley of Mariah's fifteen #1 hits entitled #1's. You can download this 25-minute medley here.

    Post your comments on the "Lambs around the world" forum which is created especially for international fans. No registration is required to post in this particular section.

    Listen to the song here, and take a look at the front and back covers the Chinese fans have prepared for it.

    Source: MariahCN.com

    News Tidbits // 9:57 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- On the last edition of "Sunday Star", the UK TV Guide, there was a picture of Mariah from the 2004 Fresh Air Fund gala and the caption reads: "Have you noticed how trim Mariah's been looking lately? Well no it isn't
    your imagination, the busty babe says she has been working out lots in the past 6 months and is in the best shape she has ever been."

    -- Much More Music in Canada has announced that on
    this Saturday, August 14th at 2:00 pm, they will be airing the E! true hollywood story on Mariah Carey.

    -- From Xtvworld: Songwriter Kelly Land: "I have no intentions of being the next singing sensation," Land says. "Nor do I think I'm Mariah Carey. But I have a lot to say, a decent voice, minimal guitar skills and passion."

    -- From Frommer's: If you're looking to splurge, there are places for that, too, including The Ritz-Carlton South Beach's Americana (1 Lincoln Rd., South Beach; tel.786/276-4000), where the likes of Spike Lee and Mariah Carey have been spotted dining on Kobe beef meatloaf and lobster Rockefeller. Foodies should keep their eyes on the Ritz Carlton, the hotel where stellar chef David Bouley will open a restaurant.

    -- From Pasadena Star News: Marc A. Antenorcruz, who was killed last year at the Dodger Stadium, was also an avid dancer and danced for Dellos Dance and Performing Arts Studio in Diamond Bar, appearing with Mariah Carey, Carl Lewis and Brooke Shields. Read more about his case here.

    -- From The Observer: Padma Lakshmi still hopes to make it as an actress - in spite of the various setbacks she has had so far (her role in Glitter, a truly dreadful Mariah Carey vehicle, was mostly cut, and Boom, a Bollywood thriller about three supermodels who steal diamonds belonging to Indian mafiosi, was panned).

    Source: Lee | Tobby

    Tuesday, August 10 , 2004

    Mariah: Songwriters Get Permission to Sue // 1:19 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey's in trouble again regarding plagiarism.

    A California appeals court has done the one thing Carey must fear most in life, aside from having to do business with Tommy Mottola again: It's reinstated a dismissed case and given two songwriters who claim Carey plagiarized them a chance to go ahead with their case.

    The song in question is "Thank God I Found You," a No. 1 hit Mariah had in 1999 with the group Xscape singing back up and Jermaine Dupri credited as producer.

    Songwriter Seth Swirsky — who's got 30 gold and platinum records and is married to the head of EMI Music Publishing — says that "Thank God" is in fact a re-doing of "Just One of Those Love Songs," a track he and Warryn Campbell wrote for Xscape.

    A chain exists linking Dupri and Xscape (featuring regular Carey back-up singer Kandi Burruss) to Carey. But more interestingly, Swirsky — who is also well-known as a writer of baseball books — may have the smoking gun.

    When he first discovered that he'd been ripped off, he called the studio where Carey recorded the song, and requested a copy of the work tape that was used when Carey was composing with producers Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis.

    "You can hear Mariah saying to them, I have a tune stuck in my head," Swirsky told me yesterday. "They don't know, they're just writing down what she says."

    Work tapes and notebooks of writing sessions have haunted Carey in other plagiarism cases, of which there have been plenty over the years.

    One contentious, unresolved case — morally, if not legally — involved the song "Hero." Christopher Selletti, a limo driver, claimed that he wrote the lyrics as a poem, then handed them to his passenger, R&B legend Sly Stone, who in turn passed them to Carey.

    Selletti was overpowered by Carey's lawyers at every turn through an arduous process, and the case was dismissed over and over by federal judge Denny Chin.

    Nevertheless, questions linger, since Carey's defense was that she was commissioned to write the song as the theme for a Dustin Hoffman movie of the same name. But the movie "Hero" was released six weeks before Carey's workbook says she wrote the song.

    Carey also got into trouble with a song she called "Can't Let Go." Writers Sharon Taber and Ron Gonzalez said it was their song, "Right Before My Eyes." Carey paid out $1 million to them in a settlement stipulating that no plagiarism ever took place.

    On the work tape for that song, Carey tells collaborator Walter Afanasieff: "It's too much like our other song. ... What was the section from the George Michael thing?" At another point: "You know what doing it this, this way that I was thinking is more like a Janet Jackson thing where it's like ... not that I want to be like her. ..."

    Before she spent the $1 million to make the Taber-Gonzalez case go away, Carey sent then-manager Randy Hoffman, partner of her then-husband Tommy Mottola, to see back-up singer Billy T. Scott, who had evidently played "Right Before My Eyes" for her.

    Hoffman went in with a wire and recording device, hoping to get Scott to contradict himself. The tape transcript wound up in the public court record, and I got to hear it a few years ago.

    "Your actions speak louder than words," Scott — who was also offered his own gospel album by Sony, according to sources — told an unsuccessful Hoffman at one point. "They always have."

    Carey has several other blots on her record in the songwriting department, including lifting the music from Maurice White's famous hit by the Emotions, called "Best of My Love," and re-recording it without his permission or knowledge as "Emotions." White called his lawyers, who secured a hefty payment.

    "Sampling is one thing," White said, "but she took the whole song."

    Carey and company paid roughly half a million dollars to Detroit songwriter Kevin McCord; a musicologist had testified that "Make It Happen," which was credited to Carey and C&C Music Factory, had heavily borrowed from McCord's song, "I Want to Thank You," which had been a minor hit for Alicia Myers some years earlier — albeit recorded in a different key.

    But Mariah has quite possibly met her match in Seth Swirsky, who says, "I don't consider her a bona fide songwriter." Unlike the writers in these other cases, he has the resources and the resumé to keep fighting for his rights.

    "I'm trying to defend one of my children," he says.

    Again, unlike in the other cases, Swirsky's other "children" are famous, including "Tell It to My Heart" for Taylor Dayne, and "Love Is a Beautiful Thing" for Al Green — currently heard in an Almay commercial.

    He's had songs recorded by Celine Dion, Rufus Wainwright, Smokey Robinson and Air Supply. His own new album, "Instant Pleasure," full of Beatlesque pop songs, can be heard at www.sethsroom.com.

    Source: Fox News

    Monday, August 9 , 2004

    New Mariah Album - October 4th? // 1:58 AM EST Updated by Liron

    According to HMV Australia, Mariah's new album is scheduled to be released on October 4th, 2004. This is the only source so far that states an accurate release date for Mariah's album and we will keep you updated as soon as there are other confirmations or denials for it.

    Editor's Note: We just got a word from Mariah's management that claims there is no official date set for Mariah's new album yet.

    Source: badboyluke

    Sunday, August 8 , 2004

    L.A Reid Appreciates Mariah's New Material // 1:05 PM EST Updated by Liron

    L.A Reid recently dropped by Mariah Carey's apartment with a song from her upcoming album on the Island label and played it twice, each time rewinding to a subtle verbal twist. "Most people wouldn't have appreciated it," Carey says.

    Source: Newsweek

    Newcomers sounding like Mariah? // 12:53 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Two participants of the first "Southern Oregon Idol" have said recently that their style and sound remind people of Mariah:

    Kelley Chaffee, the winner:
    "My favorite song to sing is 'Ho Sparse Tante Largrime' by Gaetano Danizetti. When it comes to my favorite singer it would be hard to do, being I like two equally. They are U2s Bono and Queen's Freddy Mercury. I have been told that my style is most like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey," said Chaffee.

    Jennifer West-Stowe, a finalist:
    "My personal goal is to be a professional recording artist for a major label. I love to sing 'Show Me a Little Shame' and my favorite singer is Fionna Apple. I feel my style is a mix of Mariah Carey and Tori Amos. I feel like I have worked for this all of my life," said West-Stowe.

    -- Danica Tisdale, recently crowned as Miss Georgia:
    On the big night, when she presented her well-rehearsed, flawlessly choreographed song - "Please Send Me Someone to Love" - to the audience, she elicited thunderous applause, proving the good taste and wisdom of the judges during the preliminaries.

    Danica's grandmother, Mrs. Carson, is in total agreement with the judges. "When she sang her song, she was like Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey all rolled into one," Mrs. Carson said. "She was the best. She did a great job. I knew she had it then."

    Source: Jacksonville | The Times and Democrat

    Mariah has a new beau // 12:42 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Singing diva Mariah Carey is dating Mark Sudack, a member of her management team. They met during her world tour and she says: "There was this immediate chemistry between us."

    PREDICTION: Mariah will dump Mark -- he's too tame and not successful enough.

    Source: London Free Press

    Saturday, August 7 , 2004

    News Tidbits // 4:40 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Sexy Showy Carey: This Mariah Carey Look-a-Like travels the world performing in various shows and fund-raisers. Rate Mariah's look-a-like on AIM Today.

    -- Mariah was featured on the VH1 episode of "The Fabulous Life Of Super Spenders". The segment about Mariah talked about her love for Yachts.

    -- Canadian Schedule for Mariah TV Shows:

    "It's Good To Be Mariah Carey" will air on StarTV on Saturday, August 7th at 11:00 PM.

    "Mariah Carey - E! True Hollywood Story" will air on E! on August 13th at 9:00 PM.

    -- From The Asahi Shimbun: Ryu, a famous Japanese singer, was born in 1974 in Chungcheongnam-do. He set his sights on music as a career in his late teens when he heard Mariah Carey's 1990 debut single ``Vision of Love.''

    -- From Honolulu Star Bulletin: Woman accused of music piracy: According to the suit, the recordings allegedly downloaded by Lerma included "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA, "Kingston Town" by UB40 and "Underneath the Stars" by Mariah Carey. A message left for Lerma with a relative was not returned last night.

    -- From Front Page Magazine: Considering a mixed race individual an African-American is a typical liberal practice. They routinely refer to anyone who is partially black as black. Tiger Woods, Halle Berry and Mariah Carey are all mixed race celebrities regularly referred to by the liberal media as black. Tiger Woods has had the gall to complain about this. (With good reason; his mother is Asian.)

    -- From Out in America: Celebrity Train Wrecks: All Aboard! Lately I’ve been concerned about the lack of Next Generation divas. Madonna has become a joyless bore. Christina is trying to clean up her act, literally and figuratively. Whitney has given up on her career. Mariah’s nervous breakdown was a good first step toward train wreck status, but she’s disappeared from the radar. J-Lo is just a big ho humping her way through a veritable diversity handbook of African American, Latin, and Caucasian men.

    Source: Louise | Chris | JD

    Wednesday, August 4 , 2004

    News Tidbits // 12:52 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Mariah was featured on the E! series "The Ultimate Hollywood Blondes". She came in at #18 on the "Party Girl" blondes episode. They said she would still be known even if she wasn't blonde because of her amazing "8 octave" range and that even though she hasn't had sucess in the movie business, she is still working on it.

    -- Mariah is featured in Teen People magzine on page 78. She is pictured with Andre 3000 from Outkast.

    -- Today on "Good Day Live", several auditions from Cleveland to "American Idol" were shown. One of the girls was shown singing the chorus to "Through The Rain" on her audition.

    -- From Street Miami: The lush, full sound of the record [by the Helio Sequence] is even more amazing when you consider the whole thing was recorded on Cakewalk, among the cheapest computer recording programs on the market. How could this be? Brandon Summers, band member, credits the album's mastering studio, New York City monolith the Hit Factory. 'We were like, `Make it sound Jay-Z; you know, that Mariah Carey record . . . can you make it sound like that?' '' he laughs.

    -- From The Oregonian: Who: Owner, Geranium Lake Flowers. "I just got finished doing $25,000 worth of flowers for a weekend wedding. I also do high-profile events at hotels. I did a David Bowie party. Sometimes they don't tell me who the event is for, for security or privacy (reasons), but when they needed about a ton of purple flowers, I figured it was Prince. Mariah Carey wanted all pink flowers, all with glitter on the petals."

    Source: Martell | Brian | Melissa | Emilee | Kalada | Tommy

    Bedingfield Snubs Jackson and Carey // 12:33 PM EST Updated by Liron

    British pop sensation DANIEL BEDINGFIELD has turned down the chance to work with superstars MARIAH CAREY and JANET JACKSON to concentrate on his new album.

    The IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE singer, 24, has only just begun to compose again following his horrific car accident in New Zealand in January (04), which left him in a neck brace for months.

    A music industry source says, "Daniel's on a mission to make everyone else look dull in comparison.

    "When he started recording the album in Los Angeles, he specifically said he wanted beats better than JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He's determined to make sure the album is full of 'head-nodders' as well as housewife-winning ballads.

    "He's had requests from lots of big name stars to write for them, but all he's thinking about is making his own album solid.

    He;s turned down both Janet and Mariah recently, although he may look at songwriting for them when his album's complete."

    Editor's Note: Two years ago, Daniel Bedingfield wrote on his official site that he was going to work with Mariah. When she was asked about it, she said she had no idea who he was.

    Source: Contact Music

    Monday, August 2 , 2004

    "Stay The Night" // 11:09 PM EST Updated by Will

    The first single from Mariah's upcoming album will apparently be "Stay The Night" featuring Kanye West. This news comes from a Top 40/Mainstream director at All Access, the radio and record industry's leading information guide.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Dino

    News Tidbits // 3:14 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Jadakiss told Power 106's DJ Felli that his next single will be his collaboration with Mariah, "U Make Me Wanna", and that a music video will be filmed for the track. Felli said, "Damn! Mariah Carey did the damn thing. This song is retarded. Mariah hits the highest note. It's sick!" Jadakiss responded with laugher and said, "It was a beautiful recording session." He also mention that Mariah is working on her new album. "She's doing a little something."

    -- In the latest episode of "Australian Idol" that was aired last night, one of the contestants sang "One Sweet Day". As he was singing, the entire crowd started to sing along and some of them were crying including the judge Marcia.

    -- In the latest episode of the English comedy sketch show "Bo Selecta", Mariah was mentioned in a scene where they are sending up "Craig David". Whilst writing his diary, Craig David says "Tomorrow I'm gonna get myself a date with that sexy Mariah Carey." The show was aired on Friday and Saturday night.

    -- From Extra: Mariah Carey has snapped up a new boyfriend of her own -- her official photographer, Mark Sudack. According to published reports, the singer fell for the shutterbug after they traveled extensively together. Carey is currently in the studio working on a new album, which includes a duet with Kanye West. As for her new romance, insiders say Carey's enjoying herself and keeping out of the spotlight.

    -- From the Perfect Beat review of the video for "Lola's Theme" by Shapeshifters: "The amusement park video is included, with the first successful usage of that setting since Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" video."

    -- From a NY Times interview with Ashlee Simpson:

    Q. What does your mom think of rock?

    A. My mom loves rock. She jams to my CD. It's so cute. But if I turn a rock station on, sometimes she'll be like, "I feel like a nervous wreck." But I think my mom had rock living in her, so now I kind of got to open her up to it. Soul-rock is amazing. Like what Janis Joplin did. But my mom loves Jessica's music, too, though. She would listen to Mariah Carey with Jess, or Celine.

    Source: Lyricess_Princess | Shayne | Nisha | Terrence

    Mariah Carey geared up for new release and projects // 2:34 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah is gearing up for the release of new material around November this year with the first single release expected to hit European shores in mid to late October.

    The project, the tenth in Mariah's 14-year long career will see Carey collaborating with artists and producers including: Kayne West, R. Kelly, Damizza, Randy Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Mario Winans, and Swiss Beatz, to name a few.

    The first fruits of Mariah's time in the studio, a duet with rapper Jadakiss, "U Make Me Wanna" is featured on his current album "Kiss of Death" and is already impacting on Billboard's Hip Hop & R&B chart via airplay.

    However this Autumn's album release will be the first real evidence of the effect that a series of changes in Mariah's staff will have upon her highly successful career.

    Following the departure of Island Def Jam President Lyor Cohen, Mariah's new album is being closely watched over by her new boss, L.A. Reid, the man who guided artists such as Toni Braxton and Pink to superstardom.

    Earlier this year Mariah also parted ways with her long-time US publicist, Cindi Berger, and shortly thereafter ended her professional relationship with the William Morris Agency, re-signing with Creative Artists Agency who she worked with in her earlier career.

    Time will tell if Mariah continues to reorganize and restructure her team before promotion of her new album begins.

    Determined not to restrict herself to music making, Mariah will be keeping herself busy with side projects including a much talked about children's clothing and books line entitled Automatic Princess.

    Following her critically acclaimed performance in mafia drama "Wise Girls.", Mariah has already filmed a cameo appearance in the Damon Dash-directed movie "State Property II" and is set to tread the boards in a stage play in London's West End early next year, ensuring Ms Carey's will be keeping a high profile well into 2005!

    Source: Womens Lifestyle Magazine