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Thursday, September 30 , 2004

Nine Years Ago Today... // 11:37 AM EST Updated by Liron

On September 30th 1995, Mariah Carey made music history. Her single "Fantasy" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Mariah became the first female artist in history to have ever accomplished that.

Read more about Mariah's accomplishments in our Chartlogs & Sales Statistics section.

Source: Tobby | Mariah Daily

Divas, Songbirds and More // 11:36 AM EST Updated by Liron

Thanks to many of these women, the term "diva" has become part of modern vernacular. Though a few people will use the term reverently for legendary performers such as Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, the word usually refers to a woman with not only great pipes, but the attitude, body and wardrobe to make a complete diva package. Some artists may shun this image, but most embrace it and the level of fame it represents.

Of course, not all women of pop aspire to this type of attention; Alanis Morissette shot to fame with her emotional, gritty and angry songs. Avril Lavigne walked the line between pop and alternative, but dressed the part of a garage-punk princess.

Diva or not, however, most of these ladies are attractive, comfortable in the spotlight and have muscled diaphragms.

Mariah Carey and her distinctive five-octave voice dominated the '90s. She topped the charts with smash-hit ballads, R&B and dance songs, even writing her own material -- still a unique boast for most pop stars. However, recent times have not been so kind to Mariah; health problems, a laughable movie and low-selling albums have tarnished her pedestal.

Mariah essentials:

"Mariah Carey": Her Grammy-winning debut.

"Emotions": The title track became a record fifth consecutive hit single.

"#1s": All her biggest hits.

Source: MSN | Louise

Lamb Tribute Project // 11:36 AM EST Updated by Liron

Chris sent us the following note:

"I am doing a Lamb Tribute project as in trying to get as many lambs to participate as possible! You can be in the tribute video if you sumbit material to Lambtribute@yahoo.com!

The first thing I need from all Lambs is a picture or short 20 seconds video of a lamb saying why Mariah has had such a impact on them!

You do not have to submit those things if you do not wish to.

However I do need,

Your two favorite or most important songs off of each album! Then write 2 or 3 sentences why each song is so important to you! I will make sure at least a couple of everyone's songs are in the video!!

Please be part of this massive project!

Contact me or send your stuff into lambtribute@yahoo.com!

Thank you so much!"

Source: Chris Parker

Wednesday, September 29 , 2004

Mariah Mentions // 12:00 PM EST Updated by Lynn

-- From The Orion: “Now is too soon for '90s nostalgia. I too love the '90s. But that's because it feels like it was yesterday and I haven't quite let go. Mariah Carey is also, unfortunately, still around. She might not be belting out hits like "Someday" in her black leotard and acid-wash jeans anymore, but she still manages to make headlines.”

-- From UK Flava: Hip-hop industry satire Death of A Dynasty, which drew rave reviews when it premiered at the prestigious Annual Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan last year, sees Dash once again stepping into the director’s chair. With a host of celebrity friends to call upon Dash has coaxed the likes of Chloe Sevigny, Carson Daly and The Sopranos Jamie Lynn Sigler into guest appearances, not to mention a virtual who’s who of hip hop from P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre to Mariah Carey, Q-Tip and Flexmaster Flex.

-- From Laksamana: Grammy award winning Canadian pop/rock star Alanis Morissette has canceled her upcoming Jakarta concert due to concerns that terrorists could strike again in Indonesia. But some prominent performers have played in Indonesia recently, including veteran German soft metal band The Scorpions, British boyband Blue, US hard rock-metal band Linkin Park, American diva Mariah Carey, American pop veterans Toto, American rap-metal band Korn, veteran British rockers Deep Purple, Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias and Euro-West Indian disco legends Boney M.

-- From MSNBC: Joss Stone offers up herself up "Mind, Body & Soul" on her sophomore disc. The not-so-pop singer finds the emotional climax in every song on the 14-track disc. Her husky voice is both eloquent and vulnerable, more Taylor Dane than Mariah Carey. And Stone’s vocal acrobatics are intentional, not showy.

-- From MSNBC: Whatever side of the political civil war you happen to be on, it’s hard to deny that the present climate has served as a call to arms among pop musicians. Hip-hop entrepreneur Sean “P. Diddy” Combs formed an organization called Citizen Change - which includes Grammy winners Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey among its supporters - to light a fire under young voters.

-- From Omaha World Herald: Tiny dogs show star power. The paparazzi just caught Demi Moore buying her tiny pup a "Mama's Boy" T-shirt and Britney Spears shopping with Lacy, her Maltese. P. Diddy, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey all have toy dogs. The recent deluge of celebrity-with-dog images has increased interest in the tiny-dog category, people in the doggy business say. But they note that the dogs always have been popular.

-- From The Straits Times: Richard Marx gets tapes from wannabes 'but most are no good'. But his voice perks up considerably when he talks about a recent find. 'Her name is Jill Zadeh - she's from Los Angeles and is a bartender. We're shopping around for a record deal. I think she has a voice as great as Mariah Carey's,' he says, letting on that he has a deal with Sony to ferret out new artists.

From PhilStar: Rachelle Ann Go, Filipino Idol - Star For A Night champion had her own moment at the full-packed Golden Center for the Performing Arts at Queens College, Queens, New York for the Night of the Champions concert, doing a Sharon Cuneta Medley, segueing to Mariah Carey’s Through The Rain (Rachelle’s winning piece at the Star for a Night grand finals) and Don’t Cry Out Loud.

Source: --

Tuesday, September 28 , 2004

More Mariah from Prey Club // 10:44 AM EST Updated by Will

Here are more photos of Mariah at the Prey Club in Los Angeles after a night out with friends. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 10:38 AM EST Updated by Liron

-- MariahCareyPh.com is currently down because their server located in Florida, USA experienced an enormous damage due to hurricane Jeanne. MariahCareyPh.com expects everything to be back to normal in the next couple of days.

-- Tamika has started a public chat line for Mariah fans. It's called "J.A.M" and Mariah fans can chat there daily from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM CST. The number for the chat line is 985-425-2622 and the secret code is 327.

-- Golden Petals is a new Japanese fan site made by Kotaro. Be sure to check it out!

-- From Canada's National Post: Mariah Carey complains about her Maybach sedan: "The vanity mirrors are way too small." Maybachs start at about US$320,000, and if you've never heard of the brand until now, my guess is you'll never own one. Personally I couldn't even afford to buy the vanity mirror.

Source: --

Monday, September 27 , 2004

Size Matters // 2:13 AM EST Updated by Lynn

Madonna and Jennifer Lopez both own Maybachs, which start at $318,000, and they don't complain about the size of the mirrors. But Mariah Carey, who loves everything else about the luxury sedan - from twin DVD screens to the champagne fridge fitted with sterling silver flutes - grumbled, "The vanity mirrors are way too small." The songbird is in her Maybach in L.A. this week to shoot the video for "U Make Me Wanna," the hot new track by Jadakiss featuring Mariah's five-octave voice. The video is directed by Sanna Hamri, who shot the video for Mariah's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak."

Source: NY Post | Rima

Sunday, September 26 , 2004

"Stay The Night" to be released November 15? // 2:34 PM EST Updated by Will

Last month, Cool Clarity, an online music forum based in the United Kingdom, announced that Mariah's first single from her new album would be "Stay The Night" featuring Kanye West and that it would be in stores on October 11 (in the UK).

A few weeks later, it was removed from the release schedule, but it has re-appeared this week under a different date. According to the site, "Stay The Night" will now be released November 15.

In related news, the Japanese leg of HMV says Mariah's new single will be released on November 3 in Japan. They have also added a description of the single to their website. Please keep in mind there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

Source: Mariah Daily | Dino

Mariah still on for November 10 release? // 8:03 AM EST Updated by Will

Despite reports that Mariah's upcoming album has been pushed back to early next year, nearly all Japanese music stores are still reporting a regional release date of November 10.

The majority of those stores, including Tower Records and HMV, also just recently updated the price of the album, changing it to 2,548 yen ($22.99).

It also appears that "Misty Moon", the song Mariah recorded for use in Coca-Cola Japan's Sokenbicha Tea commercials, will be included on the upcoming album as a bonus track exclusively for Japan. Instead of being tacked on to the regular tracklist, however, the song will be packaged with the album as a limited edition 3" CD single.

Source: Mariah Daily | Love Love Jack

Bellamy and Daly recall Mariah Carey // 7:18 AM EST Updated by Will

Comedian Bill Bellamy was on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Friday night where they recalled first working together at MTV when Carson was a newbie on the network, and the first big guest on Carson's 'MTV Live' program: Mariah Carey.

Carson: When I got to New York when I was hired, it was me. I was the new guy and they really didn't know what to do with me. They gave me this hour show, 'MTV Live', and it was just me and it was kind of stupid. And then they booked Mariah Carey. And I was brand new and she was a huge name. And it was like, what do we do, and they brought Bill in. And so, the show was so incredibly -- it was awkward for, well for me, a little bit, because you were like the man. And so it was me, and it was just like, "All right, welcome to the show. It's great to have you here. And we have a huge guest today, Mariah Carey's here. And Bill Bellamy." Do you remember --
Bill: Yeah, and you were like --
Carson: And I would just be like, "Uh and, Bill, you know Mariah, of course." And Bill's like, "Thanks, Carson. Mariah, what's up, baby? How you doing? I'm sorry I couldn't call you back and how's your dad and how's your mom?" And this was Mariah and Bill here, and after ten minutes of talking, he would just be like, "That's funny, man. Ain't that funny, Carson?" And I go, "That is, Bill. We'll be right back with more of Bill Bellamy and Mariah Carey." [Laughter] That was the whole show.
Bill: We had Mariah before she went crazy, man. [Laughter]
Carson: Yeah, she went crazy.
Bill: We had the 100% -- she wasn't even crazy yet. Did we even know?
Carson: No, there was no early warning signs.
Bill: She wasn't like buggin'.

Source: Pop Dirt

News Tidbits // 7:14 AM EST Updated by Will

-- Mariah was seen at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) earlier this week by a fan's co-worker. Mariah quickly went through her terminal and drove off in a limo. She was apparently arriving to film the video for "U Make Me Wanna", her new collaboration single with Jadakiss.

-- Mariah, pictured in her "Vote or Die" shirt, is now the featured model for the women's babydoll top at citizenchange.com.

-- The finalists' performance of Mariah's "One Sweet Day" on the Indonesian talent search show Akademi Fantasi came at odd timing. Earlier in the afternoon, beloved Indonesian actress Sukma Ayu died after being in a coma for three months. The performance became so emotional that even last season's winner Tia, who has listed Mariah as her main influence, sang along to the song from the audience.

-- From Pop Dirt: Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera have been voted into the ultimate fantasy girl band, alongside British pop stars Nicole Appleton, Rachel Stevens and Blondie's Debbie Harry. The five women came top of a poll by British men's magazine Nuts, in which 7,000 readers took part. They also voted for their worst imaginable girl band, which included Ex-Spice Girl stars Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Madonna.

-- From World Of Britney: Ranging from Madonna to Mariah Carey, the most successful artists of the millennium, Britney Spears is just going through a phase that is seen by all of us.

-- From Greeley Tribune: Bjork is no pop princess. Just compare the movie careers: Britney took an uneventful role in "Crossroads," a sorry picture that belongs in the VHS bargain bins. Mariah Carey (a great singer with mediocre work) took the lead role in "Glitter," another terrible movie. When Bjork decided to make a movie, she made "Dancer in the Dark". The movie is a classic, a brilliant picture, and Bjork is amazing.

-- From The Hollywood Reporter: Hey kids, let's put on a show. That was the feel of this third tour of winners and finalists from Fox's "American Idol." It was amateur time, karaoke night. No wonder the tour sponsor is Pop Tarts. La Toya London's take on Mariah Carey's "My All" mimicked Carey's worst vocal tendencies. In contrast, Jennifer Hudson came off more in control, while Jasmine Trias oozed sexuality onstage whenever she appeared, even if her cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" lacked the original's innocent fun.

-- From Press World: Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and even J. Lo have coaches - people they consult with about various aspects of their careers. Now it's time for the everyday person trying to break into the music business to have the same opportunity. The launch of Inside the Music Business: Personal Coaching with Eric Kline (www.musicbizbook.com) is a remarkable educational and real-life strategic approach for those trying to break into the music industry.

Source: spongebob03 | Nacho | Edwin | Jeramiah

Saturday, September 25 , 2004

Mariah spotted at Prey Nightclub // 10:10 AM EST Updated by Will

Check out these brand new photos of Mariah leaving the nightclub Prey in Beverly Hills, California on September 23! Click each photo for a larger, full-scale view.


Source: Mavrix Photo | Brian

News Tidbits // 2:21 AM EST Updated by Lynn

-- Greatest Hits has entered Billboard’s Pop Catalog 200 chart at #185. It sold 1,873 copies, up 12% from last week. Its cumulative total now stands at 550,976.

-- Initial tally shows Mariah Carey at #53 on Australia’s Max TV Sexiest Women In Music. Votes are still taken in, click here to vote now.

Mariah Mentions
-- From Sydney Morning Herald: American Idol didn't snatch the reality Emmy. Like Survivor and The Apprentice, Idol is a phenomenon in the US. What's truly phenomenal is the American audience's willingness to hear Mariah Carey ballads week after week and still manage to whip up some hysteria. It's a highly polished, finely calibrated talent quest. Our own second series (Ten, Sunday, Monday, Thursday) has all the formatted ingredients for success and a little something that the US mothership is missing. Our contestants take risks.

-- From Herald Sun: Choreographers Kevin Maher and Teresa Epinosa are in Melbourne this weekend conducting dancing workshops for Australia's budding stars at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. The choreographers have worked with the who's who of the music industry, including Mariah Carey, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim and George Michael.

-- From Jamaica Observer: The song “Goodies” by 18 year-old newcomer Ciara featuring rapper Petey Pablo is the 11th combination song featuring a female singer and a rapper to reach number one on the US Billboard pop singles chart. In 1999, “Hearbreaker” by Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z, went to number one, while in 2001 Jennifer Lopez teamed with Ja Rule on “I'm Real” (3rd and 4th, respectively).

Source: Mariah Daily | Billboard | Michael

Thursday, September 23 , 2004

Mariah to shoot video for "U Make Me Wanna" // 1:50 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah is heading off to Los Angeles this week to shoot the video for "U Make Me Wanna", the hot new track by Jadakiss which features the sultry vocals of the Lovely Miss M.

This is not the first time this dynamic duo have paired up. Jadakiss appeared on "Miss You" from Mariah's The Remixes album. The video is being directed by Sanna Hamri, who previously shot Mariah's video for "Bringin' on the Heartbreak".

Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

"Death of a Dynasty" Out on DVD // 9:53 AM EST Updated by Liron

"Death of a Dynasty" is the 2003 film directed by Damon Dash that includes a short appearance by Mariah as herself. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 2003 but was not released nationwide. After a long wait, the movie is coming out on DVD in the UK on September 27th!

Death Of A Dynasty (2003) DVD Details:

A young Hip-Hop journalist starts following a music mogul as part of a story. However, he finds himself being sucked into that world, which leads him to writing an article that starts a fierce rivalry between the music mogul and his top rapper.

Technical Information:
DVD Genre: Music, Special Interest / Documentary
DVD Rating (Certification): 15
DVD Duration: 91 mins
DVD Year: 2003
DVD Release Date: Monday, 27th September 2004
DVD Regional Coding: Region 2 DVD - UK & Europe - This DVD will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.
DVD Number of Discs: 1
DVD Screen Ratio: Anamorphic
DVD Sound System: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
DVD Studio: Int Licensing & Copyright Ltd (ILC Prime)
DVD Catalogue Number: IPD10990
DVD Barcode Number: 5031932109900

The DVD can be ordered on the following webpages:

-- Loaded 247 (£11.99 and free delivery around Europe)
-- Sendit (£12.99)
-- Choices Direct (£13.59)
-- Amazon UK (£11.99)
-- Bensons World (£12.79)

Source: Jake | Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 12:26 AM EST Updated by Lynn

-- Max TV, one of Australia’s most popular music cable channels is running a poll of the Sexiest Woman in Music. Countdown for the Top 200 Women in Music will be this coming weekend (September 25th & 26th). Please vote for Mariah now by clicking here.

-- On the third audition show of "X-Factor", two contestants auditioned with Mariah songs: Samantha Boyd cancelled her honeymoon to make the audition with the song "Hero" and 20-year-old Xiong sang "Emotions" to which Sharon Osbourne commented she would like to see him singing it in one of Mariah's dresses. Both contestants got through.

-- BMI lists an unnamed Mariah song as Sony Loews Theater Jingle. Details are as follows:

SONY LOEWS THEATRE JINGLE (Legal Title) BMI Work #7163967

Songwriter/Composer Current Affiliation CAE/IPI #

RYE SONGS BMI 239320676

Mariah Mentions
-- From Shanghai Daily News: The legendary Herbie Hancock Quartet comes to Shanghai as part of the Toshiba Jazz Festival this weekend. Though Hancock’s initial interest was always traditional jazz, he has skillfully promoted his music in other directions and has produced albums for Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

-- From The Hindu: Teenage pop sensation Neha Nagpal is one of those who will vie for MTV India’s the "most stylish woman in music" title. "I really love Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and I like Britney's dancing skills and Christina Aguilera's voice." She has been training under Sam for almost a year in western classical, learning different techniques.

-- From Record Journal: Meriden, Connecticut musician Jason Castonguay talks like a guy who has gotten over the disappointment of not making it on the air for "American Idol." During the auditions in Vegas, Jason Castonguay sang pop tunes — "Nobody Does it Better," Mariah Carey's "Emotions," and "Always and Forever." Back home, he seems to really get into jazz standards.

Source: Mariah Daily | Dean | Shayne

Tuesday, September 21 , 2004

Mariah leaves new message // 3:19 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah has left a brand new voice message for her fans at honeybfly.com, her official fanclub website. Please visit the website to listen to the message where Mariah talks about recording the album nowadays and being very excited about it.

Source: Mariah Daily

New Album Postponed to 2005? // 10:52 AM EST Updated by Liron

According to a Universal Germany representative, Mariah's upcoming album has been postponed to 2005 with a possible release on February. The news has not been confirmed by any other sources so far.

Source: Universal Germany | Dino

News Tidbits // 10:48 AM EST Updated by Liron

-- A 2005 Mariah calendar is available for purchase on Calendar Empire. The calendar costs £5.99 ($9.89).

-- A new compilation CD, titled "All Time Greatest Love Songs" came out in the UK. Mariah's "Hero" is track #3 on it. The CD is available at Virgin Megastores in England.

-- In a recent episode of Room Raiders on MTV, they zoomed in on an autographed copy of "Loverboy" in one of the girls' rooms.

-- "Akademi Fantasi", the Indonesian talent show will have a special performance of "One Sweet Day" by all contestants this Saturday.

-- Thank you to the voters of Mundo Mariah who voted for Mariah Daily in the "Mariah Spanish Awards".

-- Bad news for Turkish fans: Universal Music Turkey is no longer in function. While "Charmbracelet" was not released until June 2004 in Turkey, the new CD will be imported from foreign countries instead of being locally released which will increase its price.

-- From Golden Skate: Canada's Meagan Duhamel upset 2004 world junior silver medallist Kimberly Meissner of the United States to win the ladies event at the season's first Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France in August. "My win in Courchevel was a total surprise," Duhamel exclaimed. Duhamel was so surprised by her win that she didn't even have an exhibition program ready. "I made something up to Mariah Carey's Hero," she added.

-- From Scotsman: Victoria Beckham joins former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in the Ultimate Nightmare Band. Madonna, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey have also been voted a place in the nightmare band line-up. Hans Seeberg, editor of Nuts magazine, which conducted the survey, said: “The great pub debate has been answered. “We now have the band of our dreams and our nightmares to admire and lampoon.” A total of 7,000 readers were polled by the men’s magazine.

Source: Lee | Leo | Edwin | Omar | Can

Monday, September 20 , 2004

What Fashion Label // 10:18 AM EST Updated by Lynn

From Kylie’s raunchy Love Kylie lingerie to Jay-Z and Damon Dash’s Roc-A-Wear (once promoted by a certain Mrs. Beckham), celebrity clothing ranges can prove to a lucrative side project for pop music’s elite.

The latest megastar to add a new string to her bow is the unlikely fashion icon singer/songwriter Mariah Carey. The 34-year-old "Through The Rain" hitmaker has just launched a range of accessories under her own Automatic Princess brand name. The range of bracelets and necklaces, have hit Claire’s Accessories stores in limited quantity across America and plans are apparently afoot to launch the range in their global stores early next year, if USA sales are strong.

Carey, currently recording the follow up to 2002’s Charmbracelet album, has been spotted sporting Automatic Princess branded jewellery and clothing both in the video for last year’s summer smash "I know What You Want," with rapper Busta Rhymes, and during her sell out UK Charmbracelet Tour. She has previously announced plans to extend the brand to include children’s clothing and a range of children’s books about a bi-racial orphan.

Much derided for her revealing outfits, Carey may initatially seem an unlikely fashion icon. However her liking for jeans with the waistband cut off and football jersey-design dresses have sparked a number of fashion trends in the US. No doubt she’ll be hoping Automatic Princess is equally popular.

Well who can say we won't be asking for the latest "AP" collection in a few years time?

Source: UK Flava | hontasy

Saturday, September 18 , 2004

Latest Scans // 6:10 PM EST Updated by Will

Below are the latest images of Mariah featured in various publications and periodicals. The scans are from Premiere, People Weekly, Us Weekly, In Touch, Star, National Enquirer, Globe, and Glamour. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


Source: Mariah Daily | Janel

News Tidbits // 6:05 PM EST Updated by Will

-- Jadakiss and Mariah's new single, "U Make Me Wanna" is featured on Polish station Lista Muzyka's "Waiting Room" poll. The track is going up against four other new singles for an add to the main playlist. Please vote now at www.lista-muzyka.pl.

-- Mariah was mentioned in Friday's edition of USA Today as one of the "platinum divas" with an album coming out this Autumn. In Entertainment Weekly, she is also listed as having a new album coming out, underneath the magazine's "Top 25 albums for Fall".

-- From Hits Daily Double: Major new releases coming from UMG in Q4 include albums from Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Nelly, Gwen Stefani and U2, as well as greatest hits packages from Jay Z, George Strait and Shania Twain.

-- From San Francisco Examiner: Speaking of off-their-rocker songbirds, a source close to Mariah Carey says the singer is planning to release a jingle she recorded for a Japanese tea commercial as a single.

-- From USA Today: Songwriter Donald Yetter Gardner, who wrote the international children's favorite "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth", died Wednesday. He was 91. The song has been recorded dozens of times by artists that cut across musical genres, including Spike Jones, George Strait and Mariah Carey.

Editor's note: The last tidbit is obviously another case of poor journalism. Mariah's song is titled "All I Want for Christmas is You" and is an original song that was written by her.

Source: Marcin | Janel | Marc

Friday, September 17 , 2004

Aretha Franklin's Duet Album Out in November // 2:31 PM EST Updated by Liron

Aretha Franklin's next CD "Franklin's Duets" is due in November, featuring three new duets and remixed and remastered classics with Elton John, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Frank Sinatra, Mary J. Blige, Annie Lennox, Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald, Mavis Staples and more.

Source: Detroit Free Press | Dino

Mariah’s puppy love // 1:27 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has had her heart broken more than once, but when it comes to Jack, her Jack Russell terrier, it’s always been a match made in heaven. He has spent a lot of years making cameos in many of her videos, hanging out with her on tour and even joining the singer in the recording studio.

Like his mama, Jack also likes to look his best, enjoying ultra-luxe grooming from Karen’s for People Pets, one of New York’s most prestigious pet grooming salons (prices start at $90). And Mariah, 34, keeps Jack on his best behavior with the help of celebrity pet trainer-to-the-stars Bash Dibra, who reportedly charges $200 an hour.

This spunky terrier is happiest when kicking back with Mariah at home in New York on his $375 Barks Pup Avenue designer chaise lounge and checking out his growing fanbase online. “There’s one girl in Japan who dresses up like my dog and comes to my concerts,” says the singer. “That’s pretty amusing!”

Source: In Touch Weekly

Carey’s Colonics // 1:25 PM EST Updated by Will

Sounds gross, but colonics can “help you lose one to three pounds in a day,” reports Susan Lombardi of We Care Health Center and Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Just ask Mariah Carey, 34, Gwen Stefani, 34, and Liv Tyler, 27. They have all forked over $3,500 for the We Care’s one-week juice fast and daily colonic, “to flush out their systems and rid themselves of unwanted toxins,” Lombardi says of the program. “Afterward, you gain three times the energy, and your skin just glows.”

Source: Us Weekly

Thursday, September 16 , 2004

"Vote Or Die!" t-shirts now available // 5:22 PM EST Updated by Will

In July it was announced that Mariah would be lending her time to Citizen Change: a national organization created to educate, motivate, and empower the more than 42 million Americans aged 18 to 30 that are eligible to vote on November 2nd.

Founded by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Citizen Change has one mission: to make voting hot, sexy and relevant to a generation that hasn't reached full participation in the political process.

To further this effort, special clothing was created using the Citizen Change slogan, "Vote or Die!"

Mariah can be seen above wearing an outfit featuring that motto. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt like Mariah's, log on to citizenchange.com. Various sizes are available for females, as well as males.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 3:04 AM EST Updated by Lynn

From MSNBC: Mariah Carey is turning a song she originally sang for a Japanese Tea commercial into a single on her next CD.

From Rolling Stone: Aretha Franklin’s next record will reportedly include duets with Mariah Carey and Gloria Estefan. The singer also recently formed an independent label, Aretha Records, to put out her future albums and possibly those of other artists.

From Washington Post: In her first CD in 10 years "My Everything," Anita Baker's sound hasn't aged a day. Hers is one of the great voices, husky, rich and plush. And that can be a problem, because great voices -- Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan -- aren't frequently matched with quality music. Baker writes all her material, and she could have used a little intervention, as she is not the most deft of lyricists.

Source: --

Mariah to do a sitcom? // 2:12 AM EST Updated by Lynn

The comeback trail might include a sitcom for Mariah Carey, who flew into New York Tuesday for a meeting with UPN heads. "She's very funny and has a lot of acting talent," one insider said. In an effort to explain Mariah's last acting stint, the bomb "Glitter," the insider said: "It was a simple project that was taken out of her hands and made into a disaster." Carey's new album with Island/Def Jam, which has tracks with Kanye West on it, should be ready later this year. A rep for Carey declined comment.

Source: NY Post | Rima

Tuesday, September 14 , 2004

Mariah Carey's new album // 6:41 PM EST Updated by Will

Mariah Carey has been hard at work on her upcoming album on Island/Def Jam. "She really is expecting this album to put her back in the mix," a label exec said. "The album has your usual Mariah tunes with a twist and many surprises." One of those surprises could be a duet featuring rapper Nelly. The track "Misty Moon" was originally recorded for a Japanese tea commercial but now could see the light of day here in the States. Mariah is also enjoying some success with Jadakiss's new single "U Make Me Wanna."

Source: GrooveVolt

Utada breaks Mariah's Japanese record // 6:13 PM EST Updated by Will

According to the Oricon Charts, singer Utada's debut album "Exodus" sold 524,000 copies in its first week of sale in Japan. This is the largest-ever first week sales for any English-language album in Japan, edging out Mariah Carey's 1995 "Daydream" album by roughly 37,000 copies.

Source: Love Love Jack

Mariah Mania In Manila // 6:09 PM EST Updated by Will

Filipino fans got one good raison d'être in spending more time in front of their TV sets this time as Mariah Carey's songs is presently re-becoming a proverbial tune specifically on every, if not all, local musical variety shows in the Philippines.

In fact earlier today, 3 Mariah hits have been once again showcased on ASAP Mania during their 'Divas' segment. Led by Philippines' premiere performer Gary Valenciano, the segment fired up with his performance of Whenever You Call which later shared on stage by local divas Zsa-Zsa Padilla and Anna Fegi. It was then followed with the song One Sweet Day, which Gary V. collaborated with the two new finalists from 'Born Diva', ABS-CBN's newest reality-based singing contest. The segment ended with the group's rendition of Mariah Carey's 15th No.1 hit and a certified-Filipino favorite Thank God I Found You. ASAP can be seen worldwide through the Filipino Channel.

In an assessment, this trend of top local performers doing Mariah Carey songs on national TV is vastly an important thing for all Filipino fans and alike. Its enormous (free) promotion being given to Mariah Carey is very satisfactory and of great help especially that the release of her new album is just around the corner. Lets just hope that this trend on Philippine TV will continue for as long as it can be and inspire more artists to do the same.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub

Monday, September 13 , 2004

Mariah visits open mic session and works with Pharrell // 4:15 PM EST Updated by Will

The following news was written by Mariah's friend and MTV Europe correspondent Jasmine Dotiwala:

"While Stateside I also, of course, caught up with Mariah, who’s working in the studio with Pharrell on some new material. We visited an open mic session at the village underground hosted by Mariah’s one time backing vocalist Melanie Daniels."

Source: The Voice

Vote Mariah Daily! // 3:53 PM EST Updated by Liron

If you enjoy visiting our site, please take a moment and vote for us on the 2004 Digital Music Awards. Mariah Daily is nominated in the category of people's choice award for "Best Music Website". Thank you!

Click here to vote!

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News Tidbits // 2:43 AM EST Updated by Lynn

-- From CNN: At 30, Hello Kitty is still the cat's meow. Mariah Carey and Britney Spears, among other stars, are on record as Kitty admirers, and Sanrio has allowed cities to put the character's face on cookie packages, stationery and cell phone straps with local logos.

-- From Baltimore Sun: Teeny tiny dogs have made the latest celebrity fashion accessory. If it barks and you can stick it in your purse or carry it in your arms, consider yourself on the cutting edge of a trend. Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Mira Sorvino, Kelly Osbourne and tennis star Venus Williams all have much-photographed petite pooches.

-- From IndiaTimes: Padma Lakshmi, model, actress, cookbook writer, even boxer & artiste's muse and just being Mrs. Salman Rushdie talks about her stint in Glitter: “I made my film debut with Glitter, in which I'm Sylk, a diva-like character who gets to be rude to Mariah Carey!”

Source: --

Sunday, September 12 , 2004

News Tidbits // 1:14 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From Star Exponent: Hundreds of Culpeper residents paused Saturday to remember the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Culpeper resident Yolanda Dean dedicated her performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” to the officers, saying, “There are two things I love, and those are my freedom and the people who protect it.”

-- Gina Birch of the News Press talks about her vacation in the Fire Island: "Someone apparently had one too many and mistook a member of our party for singer Mariah Carey. The news spread like wildfire that the diva was at low tea! She had on a short skirt and matching jacket, a low cut tank, chunky flip-flops, a hat pulled low on her forehead, dark shades, braided ponytails and giant hoop earrings. It was hard to tell what was really under all that so she played along, refusing autographs — but accepting drinks, of course. We are still laughing at that one!"

-- APP describes Wendy William's new book:

Mariah Carey on the breast implant rumors. Wardell Fenderson on driving the getaway car for P. Diddy and J-Lo. Whitney Houston on Bobby Brown, drugs, her implants, and all the people who talk about her. Now this is the book everyone has been waiting for from radio personality Wendy Williams.

-- Wisegirls, or in its Mexican name "Evidencias Mortales" will be available for rent on Mexico's "Blockbuster" stores on September 13th.

Source: Ernesto

Saturday, September 11 , 2004

Mariah's "Hero" and its 9-11 connection // 12:05 PM EST Updated by Will

When it was first released as a single, Mariah Carey’s "Hero" became an instant inspirational classic. But since the tragic events of September 11, its impact has become even greater. It has re-emerged as one of the inspirational, heartfelt songs which have provided comfort and hope to many people during the terrorist crisis.

"Hero" was written by Carey and Walter Afanasieff in 1992, and was originally conceived as a theme song for the movie, Hero (starring Dustin Hoffman), which would potentially be sung by Gloria Estefan. "I had been asked by Sony's soundtrack division to write and produce the end, title theme for Hero," recalled Afanasieff. "Soon after, when I was in New York working in the studio with Mariah, I suggested we try to write a song for this movie. During a studio break, I was tinkering at the piano, playing the notes that would become the piano intro to 'Hero.' Mariah liked what she heard, and we started writing the song, with the 'Hero' theme in mind. She sang, 'then a hero comes along.' She was truly inspired; the words just flowed out."

It was during this writing session that Sony Music President and COO Tommy Mottola (who was Carey's fiance at the time) came into the studio and heard "Hero."

"I told Tommy we were writing a song for this movie," said Afanasieff. "He said, 'Stop, this song is brilliant. We need to save this song for Mariah's album. We decided to keep it for ourselves, and we recorded it for her Music Box album. As for the Hero film, Luther Vandross ultimately wrote and recorded the end title song."

Afanasieff produced "Hero" with Carey, and he performed all of the music tracks. "When I recorded the track, I tried to simulate an orchestral sound with my synthesizers," explained Afanasieff. "There's a huge, timpani roll, a swell of strings, and french horns, which were all done on keyboards. In the back of my mind, I thought we might have an orchestra re-create the string parts. However, when Mariah completed her vocals, she said the recording sounded fine just the way it was, and that we didn't need to bring in an orchestra."

"Hero" was subsequently released as the second single from Music Box, and reached number one on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart on December 25, 1993. It stayed atop the chart for four weeks. Upon its initial release, "Hero" was quickly recognized as a unique, inspirational song. At her Madison Square Garden concert in mid-December 1993, Carey dedicated her performance of "Hero" to the victims and families of a tragic, Long Island train shooting which had occurred on December 7. She also donated proceeds from "Hero" to the victim's families. In 2001, Carey's performance of the song was a focal point of the New York telethon, America: A Tribute To Heroes.

Over the years, "Hero" has been regarded as one of Carey's most significant and memorable recordings. "It has become a song which has given a lot of meaning to people in times of despair," said Afanasieff. "Mariah told me she has received thousands of letters from people who were moved and helped by the song. For kids who were messed up on drugs, or were contemplating suicide, the song helped give them hope and strength."

In the wake of September 11 tragedies, the song's impact has risen to a new level. "The events of the world have resulted in certain songs [like "Hero"] being embraced by people." explained Afanasieff. "Following September 11, everyone involved has truly been a hero. All of the firemen, police and victims were heroes, as well as the military personnel. We're always going to live in a world where there are tragedies. Everyday someone has to be a hero."

Source: Nuage 9

Thursday, September 9 , 2004

Site Notice // 4:31 PM EST Updated by Liron

Thank you for bearing with us during our technical upgrade. We are back up but still experiencing minor difficulties and hope to get them all fixed by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience!

Source: Mariah Daily

Celebs Reach Out a Hand to Beslan Victims // 4:23 PM EST Updated by Liron

British football superstar David Beckham has joined a fundraising campaign organized to boost Russian hostages recovery.

Music legends Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Cliff Richards, as well as Mariah Carey, Will Young and Rachel Stephens have also contributed to the initiative.

"Anything that can be done to ease the suffering has my total support," former Beatle McCartney was quoted as saying.

Source: Novinite

Pharrell Produces Mariah Track with Nelly // 4:21 PM EST Updated by Liron

What’s more Nelly’s reported to have joined the growing list of rap’s finest who are working with Mariah Carey on her newest album, set for release later this year. A duet between the two has apparently been recorded with Neptunes producer Pharrell, (who previous worked his magic for ‘Hot In Here’), on production duties.

Source: UK Flava

Mariah on People's "Worst Dressed" List // 4:20 PM EST Updated by Liron

Even with stylists, not all celebrities look fantastic all the time. The special issue of People magazine's Best and Worst Dressed hits newsstands on Friday. The Early Show gets a sneak preview.

“We look at lots and lots of pictures throughout the year and separate them in different piles,” the magazine's Zorianna Kit tells co-anchors Hannah Storm and Julie Chen. “There are some who look good and will make the list, but there are those on the iffy side and those who are always in a disastrous outfit. You’re waiting for them to show up in some sort of God-knows-what type of frock.”

The following is the category Mariah appears on, of the magazine’s 20 categories:

30 Going on 13 – This category includes celebrities trying too hard to dress young, such as Mariah Carey, Jewel, Chloe Sevigny, and Tracee Ellis Ross - all wearing too-short skirts.

Kits says Carey hs been wearing the baby-doll dresses that are not age appropriate. “There is a difference between looking youthful and looking childish and she looks gorgeous in her gowns, but at 35 years old, she should retire that outfit. It definitely is past its prime,” Kit says.

Source: CBS News | Caleb

Filipino Singers Inspired by Mariah // 4:18 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey's presence was strongly felt on Philippine TVs as top Filipino singers performs her songs on thier respective Sunday musical shows.

First stop, SOP (GMA 7). On the combined presentation of 'Back-To-Back-To Back' (Regine Velasquez, Jaya and Janno Gibbs) and 'To The 4th Power' (Kyla, Jay-R, Malik and Karylle) segments, four Mariah Carey hits were sang. The group started thier powerful musical prowess through the song One Sweet Day. It was then followed by the solo performances of Karylle, Jaya, Malik, Janno and Jay-R singing thier various favorite hits. Regine and Kyla, who were last in line both sang thier favorite Mariah songs, Butterfly and Forever, respectively. For the closing number, the group joined once again on center-stage as they belted thier way out through the song "Thank God I Found You".

You can view the video of the performance here.

Source: Mariah Carey Philippines

News Tidbits // 4:13 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- Check out MariahCareyUK for a promotional video clip of "Lead The Way" from Taiwan. It features clips of Mariah behind the scenes of the "Glitter" movie set, clips of Mariah recording "Lead The Way" in the studio and various photos from "Glitter" era photoshoots. It's a great video to own and a must-have for any huge fan!

-- Be sure to visit Diego's new forum, called Mariah's Forum in Argentina.

-- From The Wichita Eagle: W.C. Handy nominee Renee Austin belts the blues through five-octave vocals. She says: "I had never had any formal training. I was old-school, playing a record and trying as a little kid to be Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey."

Source: --

McFadden: Westlife Song with Carey was 'A Shambles' // 4:00 PM EST Updated by Liron

Former WESTLIFE singer BRIAN McFADDEN has slammed the boyband's collaboration with MARIAH CAREY as 'a shambles'.

McFadden, who left the Irish group earlier this year (04) to pursue a solo career, believes musicians should only ever team up to record a track together if the moment is right.

And the 24-year-old star still cringes at the memory of Westlife and Carey's cover of PHIL COLLINS' AGAINST ALL ODDS.

He says, 'I don't think collaborations should ever be pre-planned. When Westlife did it with Mariah Carey it ended up being a shambles.

'The best collaborations are when you just realise it should be one and it just happens.'

Source: E TV

Nore Joins Collaborations List for Mariah's Album // 3:58 PM EST Updated by Liron

AllHipHop.com: What are some things people should expect from you in the near future?

Scram Jones: I got Loose Cannon dropping September 21st, self-produced mixtape. We’ve Beast Mode Part 3, me and Vin the Chin doing the mixtapes, hosted by Grafh. I’ve got a joint on Mariah’s album featuring Nore. And on Nore’s album I got a joint with him and Beanie Sigel.

Source: All Hip Hop | Mariah Ireland

News Tidbits // 3:57 PM EST Updated by Liron

-- From St. Petersburg Times-Floridian: With the Republican National Convention going down this week in the Big Apple, lots of folks in the music world are voicing their opinions about this year's presidential election. Scheduled Wednesday in New York was the gathering of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, featuring Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and P. Diddy, who has, admirably, been making his opinion known throughout the year on the need for young people to vote with his organization Citizens for Change.

-- From The Orlando Sentinel: Roger Moore, movie critic mentions Mariah in his review of Wicker Park, a romance/thriller starring Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Diane Kruger, Matthew Lillard. "And I want to share all my life with you," he thinks, perhaps remembering Mariah Carey's version of Lionel Ritchie's tune. "No one else will do." Her name is Lisa. She's a dancer, and dead sexy. He chased her, won her and never got over her. "My endless loooove."

-- From AskMen: Singer of the week. Delta Goodrem, the latest pop star from Down Under, is the best Australian export since Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia. While her brand of music is not exactly manly -- after all she does claim her inspiration comes from Celine Dion and Mariah Carey -- we can't help but have a look every time she shows up on TV.

-- From The St. Petersburg Times, Moscow: "You have to push through, not just sit and wait. They kick you out, but you come back," 20-year-old Natasha Tokareva said, before bursting into Mariah Carey's 1993 hit "Hero" as the cameras rolled, filming the crowd waiting impatiently outside the Kosmos Hotel, where the Moscow auditions took place. Natasha was one of the 7,000 hopefuls who turned up to audition for the second series of a television show called "Narodny Artist" (The People's Performer), the equivalent of “American Idol” and “Pop Idol” in Britain, to air on the Rossiya channel this September.

Source: Mariah Daily

Thursday, September 2 , 2004

Kanye West To Focus On Solo Material // 9:27 AM EST Updated by Lynn

He hit big with production work for the likes of Twista, Jay-Z, Monica and Alicia Keys, but now Kanye West has revealed he plans to turn down any future artist keen for him to work his old-school influenced magic for them.

Having established himself as a solo artist in his won right with the likes of All Falls Down and Through The Wire, Kanye, about to hit the singles chart with critically acclaimed new single Jesus Walks, is said to be keen to concentrate on his won material and avoid ‘diluting’ his distinctive sound, based around speeded up 70s soul samples.

In recent months West’s name has been linked to a number of highly lucrative commercial projects for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Backstreet Boys, but these now look unlikely.

However, there is one mega-star Kanye has willingly spared studio time for. The super-producer, celebrating a record breaking 7 MOBO nominations this month, has recently completed work on at least one track for the new Mariah Carey album, due for release later this year. One track, Stay The Night, is rumoured to be the first single from the much talked about project, and is said to feature a rap cameo from the man himself.

Source: UK Flava

Filipino Idol Sings Mariah // 6:38 AM EST Updated by Lynn

Philippine pop idol and champion Rachelle Ann Go performed the LP version of Mariah Carey's Fantasy earlier today on her top rated Sunday variety show ASAP Mania. The performance was made even more special since Rachelle was also celebrating her 18th birthday. Mariah is one of the main influences of Rachelle, as Mariah's Through the Rain was the piece that bagged her the championship. ASAP Mania is available worldwide through the Filipino Channel.

Source: PMCF

Bright Future Beckons For Damizza // 6:37 AM EST Updated by Lynn

He’s the hip-hop supremo with the magic touch, bringing his distinctive laid-back style to hits for everyone from Nate Dogg to Shade Sheist and heads his own Baby Ree entertainment empire. What’s more, lately L.A’s finest, Damizza, has found himself more in demand than ever.

When not concentrating on his day job as Senior Programmer at L.A’s Power 106FM he’s managed to fit in studio time with a number of high profile acts. Expanding beyond the confines of hip-hop, Damizza has reportedly produced a track for Nu-Metal band Korn. The band, fronted by Jon Davis, are set to launch their Greatest Hits collection in mid-October with a cover of Cameo’s 1986 funk anthem Word Up, with Damizza handling remixing duties. But before you go thinking that the main man is abandoning hip hop altogether, he’s also currently working on a more familiar project. Long term friend and collaborator Mariah Carey has apparently just completed work on a handful of tracks for her new album, due this November, featuring Damizza’s production magic.

Clearly a man who likes to keep busy, Damizza is currently combining work on his own solo debut disc with a new Ice Cube album set for release later this year. Rumour has it that these projects will be finding a home at Universal Records. After previous struggling with international distribution problems, Damizza is said to be close to signing a deal with Universal to head A&R at their West Coast division. The move would most likely see Baby Ree join the likes of Def Jam, Murder Inc and Roc-A-Fella under the Universal umbrella.

Source: UK Flava

Expect Temperature To Rise With Jadakiss Future Release // 6:36 AM EST Updated by Lynn

With a US number one debut for his latest album, Kiss Of death, New York rapper Jadakiss has well and truly established himself in rap’s mainstream, and it seems he’s determined to ensure 2004 is his most commercial successful year to date.

Currently hitting the charts with controversial new single Why, which targets everything from racism at the Academy Awards to 9/11, over the lush soul harmonies of the ubiquitous Anthony Hamilton, his next release is set to see him in much more commercial territory. The insanely catchy U Make Me Wanna, sees Jadakiss swapping tender rhymes with another honey-voiced vocalist, Mariah Carey, over an ear-catching Eastern influenced beat. The pair first worked together seven years ago on the popular urban remix of Carey’s mega-hit Honey, with Jadakiss putting in an appearance as one half of the Lox. For the past 5 years this busy man has combined roles in both that group and the Ruff Riders while embarking on an intermittent solo career which began with 2001’s Kiss Tha Game Goodbye.

Conceding that the video for the Carey duet will be his most ‘sexy’ to date, in a direct appeal to a wider female audience, Mr Raspy clearly expects the slow jam to be his biggest mainstream success to date. Given the across the board appeal of last year’s Carey/Busta Rhymes smoocher I Know What You Want, Jadakiss, whose album also sees him collaborating with the likes of Nate Dogg and Eminem, may well not be far wrong.

Source: UK Flava