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January-March 2007
Mariah is on the set filming for her upcoming film Tennessee

Spring 2007
Exclusive perfume release

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February 25, 2007
State Property 2
TMC 10:00pm ET

February 26, 2007
20 Greatest Women in Music
VH1 6:00pm ET

February 26, 2007
State Property 2
SHON 10:00pm ET

March 1, 2007
Forbes' 20 Richest Women in Entertainment
ETV 11:00am ET

March 1, 2007
101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment
ETV 2:00pm ET

March 1, 2007
Outrageous Celebrity Feuds
ETV 8:00pm ET

March 2, 2007
Outrageous Celebrity Feuds
ETV 9:00am ET

March 4, 2007
Outrageous Celebrity Feuds
ETV 1:00pm ET

March 5, 2007
State Property 2
SHO 3:15am ET

March 5, 2007
40 More Awesomely Bad Fashion Moments
VH1 4:00pm ET

March 17, 2007
State Property 2
SHO 4:25am ET

March 18, 2007
Death of a Dynasty
SBLK 11:40pm ET


March 2007
Playboy Magazine (cover).


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Monday, January 29 , 2007

Mariah Bares Some - Not All - for Playboy // 6:59 PM EST Updated by Maggie

Mariah Carey has emancipated herself from most—but not all—of her clothing as the cover girl for Playboy's March issue.

Leaked photos from the shoot made their way onto the Internet last week, showing a shapely (and undoubtedly airbrushed) Carey strutting her stuff in a skimpy flesh-colored bathing suit.

Rumors that the singer would be making an appearance in Playboy had been floating around for several weeks. On Friday, a Playboy spokesperson confirmed to E! News that Carey would indeed be featured on the cover of the magazine, which hits newsstands on Feb. 9.

Carey's spread will accompany a feature on the "Sexiest Comeback," for which she provided the answers to 20 "revealing" questions.

The "We Belong Together" singer's decision to pose for the magazine comes on the heels of her legal battle to block adult-film actor Mary Carey from trademarking her name for video and audio recordings.

In court documents filed last month, the singing Carey expressed concern that her fans might confuse her with the Carey featured in oeuvres such as Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 2—a contention laughed off by the porn star.

"It seems humorous that a musician as popular as Mariah feels her millions of fans might purchase a Mary Carey adult DVD instead of a copy of The Emancipation of Mimi because they are confused by the name," the other Carey told avn.com last month.

However, with her foray into not-quite-nude modeling, it's possible that the Grammy-winning Carey could be upping the odds of being mistaken for her porn star nemesis. (A clever legal strategy, perhaps?)

Aside from taking a turn in Playboy, Carey is up for two awards at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards next month: Best R&B Song and Best R&B Female Vocal Performance for "Don't Forget About Us."

Carey is also rumored to be making a special guest appearance on American Idol at some point this season, though nothing has been confirmed by the talent competition.

Source: E! News

Sunday, January 28 , 2007

Mariah Daily Idol: Voting Closed // 2:14 AM EST Updated by Maggie

Voting for the 3rd Annual Mariah Daily Idol competition is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who voted, as well as all the contestants for sharing their musical talents with the fan community. Everyone in the contest was extremely talented. Votes are currently being tallied, and the winner will be announced later this week.

Source: Mariah Daily

Saturday, January 27 , 2007

Mariah's Playboy Cover Revealed // 2:15 PM EST Updated by Maggie

Rap-Up.com has revealed the cover of Mariah's appearance on Playboy's March issue. The article is titled The Sexiest Comeback. Mariah Carey: A Revealing 20 Q.

"Mariah Carey graces the cover of Playboy’s March 2007 “Sex and Music” issue on sale February 9. The photos were shot by Markus Klinko & Indrani, who also did Mariah’s Emancipation of Mimi album packaging. Can you see the similarities? Mariah does not pose nude inside the magazine (here’s wishing), but we are still surprised she agreed to appear in the first place. MC looks incredibly airbrushed, but still hot."

Source: Rap-Up.com | Sean John 411

Mariah Miscellaneous // 2:08 PM EST Updated by Maggie

  • Upcoming singer Typheon has a new single called "Shake It Off" which many are afraid may have too many similarities to Mariah's hit song. "Whether many people know it or not Mariah Carey actually has a song titled 'Shake It Off,'" says the Stabroek News, "and though we are making no comparisons here, it is a risk for a local to debut a song with the same title, given how popular Mariah's song is and how good it is."

  • The NY Post reportst that producer, rapper, and long-time friend of Mariah Jermaine Dupri is in talks with Universal Music to join its Island Def Jam team. While this is not officially confirmed, music executives are said to be in talks about bringing him to join LA Reid's team.

  • V V S Films has acquired all Canadian rights to TENNESSEE, the upcoming feature from acclaimed producer Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball / The Woodsman / Shadowboxer). "We're very happy to continue our successful relationship with Lee Daniels and his company" stated Ernie Grivakis, president and CEO of V V S Films "He's a talented producer with a proven track record and we're confident that TENNESSEE will be another winner."
    Principal Cast: James D'Arcy, Ethan Peck, Mariah Carey, Bernie Mac

  • IMDB.com now lists Bill Sage in the cast of Tennessee, presumably replacing James D'Arcy, who no longer is listed on Lee Daniels' Tennessee page. Sage worked with Mariah on Glitter, where he had a small part playing Billie Frank's father.

    Fans' Corner
  • MariahTurkiye.net has opened their photo gallery, with over 3000 Mariah pictures including album artwork and video captures. You can check out the gallery here.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | VVS Films | Heroes of Mariah | Stabroek News | NY Post | MariahTurkiye.net

    Sunday, January 21 , 2007

    "Tennessee" Updates // 1:51 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    New Cast Member
    Melissa Benoist, the Post's Ovation Award winner for best younger actor of 2006, has landed a major role in the film "Tennessee," starring James D'Arcy and Mariah Carey. It's the story of two brothers on a road trip in search of their estranged father.

    Benoist plays the teen love of D'Arcy's character. She begins filming Valentine's Day in New Mexico, then in Tennessee. Her agent, Patty Kingsbaker, said she's trying to work it out so Benoist might still be able to star as scheduled in the Town Hall Arts Center's "Footloose," opening Feb. 23.

    Mariah Carey Film to Shoot in NM
    Tennessee, starring Mariah Carey, James D'Arcy and Ethan Peck, will be shot in and around Albuquerque this week through Feb. 13, Gov. Bill Richardson announced Monday.

    The production expects to hire more than 50 local New Mexico crew members. Aaron Woodley is directing with Lee Daniels producing.

    Tennessee follows the path of two brothers who must return to their hometown in east Tennessee from Albuquerque to look for their estranged, abusive father when one of them is diagnosed with leukemia and desperately needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

    Source: Denver Post | Simona | The New Mexican

    Saturday, January 20 , 2007

    Mariah Daily Idol: Final Voting // 7:19 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    The HEAT III votes have been tallied and we have the final four contestants who will be moving to the final vote off. Congratulations to:

    1. Free Vogue - Make It Happen
    2. Kyle - We Belong Together
    3. Michael - My All
    4. Lisa - Hero

    This week, we are asking visitors to vote on the FINALIST ROUND. Please select listen to each finalist carefully and send an email to idol@mariahdaily.com with the finalist's name in the subject. Any user suspected of multiple voting will be immediately disqualified. The top male and the top female contestant will each win a special prize!. Good luck to all the contestants!

    1. Abed - My All
    2. Adrian - Vision of Love
    3. Amit - All I've Ever Wanted
    4. Chris - Make It Happen (Male)
    5. Daniel - My All (Male, Sweden)
    6. Javier - No Te Olvides Jamas (DFAU - Spanish) (Male, Spain)
    7. Carlos - Baby (Don't Shake Me Off) & Circles Medley
    8. Free Vogue - Make It Happen (Carlos, Raquel, and Aday, Spain)
    9. Kyle - We Belong Together (Male, UK)
    10. Michael - My All (Male, CT, USA)
    11. Blondihess - Fly Like a Bird
    12. Christine - Forever (Female, Germany)
    13. Lisa - Hero (Female, UK)

    Or, if you would rather, you may download all the contestants' entries in a single ZIP file.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Thursday, January 18 , 2007

    Mariah the 6th Richest Woman in Entertainment // 1:55 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Forbes Magazine has released the 2007 list of the 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. Mariah comes in at #6 at $225 million, behind Celine Dion and Madonna. Oprah Winfrey tops the list with an estimated worth of $1.5 billion.

    Mariah Carey
    Rank: 6
    Net Worth (in $ millions): 225
    Age: 36
    Marital Status: single
    Kids: 0
    Source: music

    The Long Island songbird's career exploded in 1990 with her debut album released under the guidance of Columbia Records' boss Tommy Mottola. (The two endured a tempestuous five-year marriage before divorcing in 1998.) Her career was seriously derailed with the 2001 release of Glitter, a critically slammed semi-autobiographic soundtrack and movie. A year later, Columbia bought out her contract for a reported $28 million. No one could have anticipated her extraordinary comeback in 2005 with the bestselling The Emancipation of Mimi. To date, the pop diva has sold 160 million albums.

    Methodology: Net worth estimates were arrived at by tallying the total earnings, including salaries, record sales, tours, merchandising and royalties over the course of a career. When relevant, we included real estate holdings, shares and other assets. A conservative rate of return was applied, less taxes and agent fees. The list is limited to those female celebrities active in their professional lives.

    Source: Forbes | Simona

    Tuesday, January 16 , 2007

    News Tidbits // 1:26 PM EST Updated by Maggie

  • American Idol judge and producer Randy Jackson says of the contestants "I have heard no one yet to ever sing a Mariah Carey song and do it justice." He also mentioned that Mariah may be a guest on the show this season in an interview with Inquirer:

    You were quoted as saying on Entertainment Weekly that you're going to call up Mariah Carey and ask her to ... mentor the kids and sing on the show. Is that going to happen?
    I don't know. I've been thinking about it. We've tossed it around a bit. I think she'd be great because, for me, she and Whitney and Celine are the three great divas, I mean some of the better singers of our time.

    Have you talked with Mariah about it?
    I mentioned it to her. We'll see. You've got to stay tuned on that one.

    She was open to it?
    Yes. I mean, definitely. So we'll see what happens.

  • The NY Post reports that Mariah will be called to testify in defense of jeweller Jacob Arabov who is on trial for money-laundering. P. Diddy, Jay-Z, and David Beckham are also reported to be on the witness list.

  • Mr. Blackwell's 47th Annual Worst-Dressed List placed Mariah at #5 in the 2006 lineup. "Carey was dubbed a 'Fashion Pariah' and the 'Queen of Catastrophic Kitsch.'"

  • Liz Smith defended Mariah after she was placed on Blackwell's list:
    "I SEE that Mr. Blackwell put Mariah Carey right up there on his worst-dressed list, but some people think this is a compliment. I did recently see a photo of Mariah in Aspen. She was outdoors. It was snowing. She was wearing skin-tight, cleavage-baring black leather from head to toe. Four inch heels. She was holding a glass of champagne. Why do we love Mariah? Because this talented star doesn't pretend to be the girl next door!"

    Liz Smith was also on Fox News discussing Mariah while in Aspen. Check out the video below - many thanks to Moony!

    [Fox News: Liz Smith Talks About Mariah]
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: WSLS.com | Ricardo | Moony | Fox News | E! Online | NY Post

    Saturday, January 13 , 2007

    3rd Annual Mariah Daily Idol // 10:38 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Congratulations to the finalists from HEAT II! The votes have been tallied, and the four finalists will be moving to the final vote-off:

    1. Christine - Forever
    2. Chris - Make It Happen
    3. Daniel - My All
    4. Javier - No Te Olvides Jamas

    This week, we are asking visitors to vote on the HEAT III contestants. Please listen to each song carefully and send the name of your favorite contestant to idol@mariahdaily.com. Any user suspected of multiple votes will be immediately disqualified.

    DOWNLAD: Heat III Finalists
    1. Free Vogue - Make It Happen (Carlos, Raquel, and Aday, Spain)
    2. Juan - Mine Again (Male, Indonesia)
    3. Kyle - We Belong Together (Male, UK)
    4. Laura - We Belong Together (Female, Spain)
    5. Lisa - Hero (Female, UK)
    6. Mark - Prisoner (Male, Canada)
    7. Matthew - We Belong Together & DFAU (Male, RI, USA)
    8. Michael - My All (Male, CT, USA)
    9. Mike - Melt Away (Male, Canada)
    10. Ricardo - Vision of Love (Male) (YouTube Video)
    11. Tristram - Reflections (Male, CA, USA)

    Or, if you would rather, you may download the entries in a single RAR file. Good luck to all the contestants!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Wednesday, January 10 , 2007

    Mariah to be a Guest on 'American Idol'? // 5:13 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Last year, Prince. This year, Paul McCartney and Mariah Carey?

    As “American Idol” starts singing again Tuesday, those connected with the Fox blockbuster acknowledge few limits when it comes to guest stars or ratings or product spinoffs. Or even rampant enthusiasm.

    . . .

    McCartney, an iconic figure who’s an impressive “get” for any venture, is being courted and is rumored to be part of the new season. Carey may also end up on the guest list.

    “Nothing’s locked,” Frot-Coutaz said of the ex-Beatle. “We’ve had discussions with him over the years. It’s always a matter of making it work.”

    In Carey’s case, record producer-cum-judge Jackson may be the key: He and the singer are friends and have a long professional association. Jackson said they have “tossed it around a bit” but have yet to set her appearance.

    Read the full article here.

  • From Entertainment Weekly:
    Expect more marquee names as [American Idol's] season 6 progresses, and if all goes according to plan, look for them to reach an epic scale. Confides Cowell, ''Everyone wants Paul McCartney, and there's a chance this year. It would be fantastic to do the Beatles songbook.''

    [Randy] Jackson, who's always boasting about his connections, says he's finally ready to start calling in some favors: ''I don't cross my 'Idol' life and my producer life that much, but I may call Mariah this season and say, 'Yo, come on, dude. Get in this game.'''
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: MSNBC

    Tuesday, January 9 , 2007

    Jasmine's Juice // 10:59 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    “I can’t talk about MC’s other gifts as they’re a bit naughty”

    Just before Christmas I flew out of Heathrow to NYC's JFK airport to begin my yearly adventure with my Xmas cousin Mariah Carey.

    Once settled in MC’s Manhattan apartment, 15 of us (including MC's bestest mates Maryann, Rachel, Trey Lorenz, and brothers Shawn and Mikey), took off in a convoy of black Maybachs to the sound of carols as we made our way to a private airfield where a Christmas-themed jet awaited us.

    We toasted the start of our adventure with DP champagne as we headed to Aspen, Colorado. On our decent into Aspen the snow fell wildly and we could see reindeer and wild horses running about beneath us - it looked so cool!

    Our first night was spent exploring Mimi’s lodge in the mountains where we were staying: A marvellous six-bedroom house.

    Many 4am-moments saw us swigging the Pinot in MC’s jacuzzi with the night sky twinkling above us as Evil G, MC's brother Shawn, played the best hip-hop sets on his iPod.

    MC encouraged us all to slip into our bikinis – with the boys in their trunks - and jump in and out of the house hottub and snow.

    Our housekeeper Maggie woke us daily with the aroma of breakfast cooking and boy could she rustle up a fingerlickin’ brekky!

    On our second night in Aspen MC had a surprise planned. She had 50 kids from a special care home driven from Denver to Aspen where she arrived with Santa on a sleigh pulled by nine real reindeer. The kids had the time of their lives as MC and Santa gave them gifts of cameras and CD players.

    The following night our really cute 18-year-old driver Cody told me that Method Man and Redman were performing that very night. Yes. Really. This really rich, white, city had a hip-hop scene! It had to be seen to be believed so I told MC and we excitedly went to Bellyup, where the troublesome duo were in the flesh.

    The club show was ultra fun but not a touch on a real gully London street vibe.

    Twenty of us spent Xmas day opening gifts, screaming, eating and lazing about in our Xmas T-shirts.

    Amongst my gifts were a Gucci candle, Juicy couture socks and bracelet, a Ralph Lauren cashmere scarf, a sexy little black dress, a shower scrubber with ‘nuff accessories, a sequin clutch handbag, Elton John fireside aroma rocks, lots of silly board games, and some very pip jewellry.

    I gave MC some cute undies (just the type she likes), a solid silver yo-yo (engraved with ‘MC you make my world go round, JD’) which she showed off doing tricks with, a very sexy slinky dress by London designer Kesh who made it extra low at the front and back with a big bow at the booty and a diamond hanging slinkily down MC’s back (which she paraded in), a blinging gold and grey Rolling Stones lips T-shirt from Topshop and the one she really loved - a black hoodie graffiti tagged by London-based graff artist Batlow who blazed the piece up with pink and violet diamonte! Heavy! (I can't talk about her other gifts as they're a little naughty!)

    On our last night we attended a party for Aspen Peak magazine, where MC was the guest of honour. She wore the Rolling Stones lips T-shirt and looked ultra fly with her limited edition not-in-the-stores-yet Louis Vuitton boots.

    Once MC had worked the red carpet the party could really begin as she held court in the DJ booth with DJ Suss who was flown out from NYC specially. Suss threw down crazy beats but as you can imagine the Aspen crowd weren't familiar with all the ones we were going crazy to. (In fact they requested stuff like Harry Connick Junior. Sheesh.)

    Then Seal and his missus supermodel Heidi Klum joined us and we all hung out, danced and chatted for a bit - they were SO sweet.

    At midnight we sped off to the Caribou Club before being whisked straight to Rifle (private) airfield at 2am for our flight back to NYC.

    MC has given me a lifetime of memories and adventures that I won't believe took place when I look back at 80 years of age!

    My holiday adventure didn’t end there, eight hours later we jumped on another jet en route to South Africa for Oprah Winfrey’s New Year’s Eve party.

    Source: The Voice

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 10:51 PM EST Updated by Maggie

  • Make sure to vote for Mariah on the LA Times online poll as your favorite Grammy nominee.

  • Vote for Mariah on iBaller.com as the person with the sexiest body in music.

  • 106 KMEL has a downloadable audio file called "Mariah Carey's Full Story." Check it out!

  • Mariah is the #3 best-selling artist of the Soundscan Era (1991-2006), behind The Beatles and Garth Brooks. Daydream, Music Box, and The Emancipation of Mimi are all listed in the 100 best-belling albums of the Soundscan Era, coming in in at #45, #55, and #92, respectively.

  • According to the New Mexico Film Commission, a casting call has gone
    out for extras for Tennessee. No locale is mentioned:

    Lee Daniels Entertainment is seeking extras for an independent film called
    "Tennessee". This film stars Mariah Carey, Ethan Peck and James Darcy. The
    shoot days are Jan. 22-Feb. 21.

    They are asking for reliable actors whom are passionate about their craft!

    Please submit headshot and resume ASAP to: tennesseeproductions@hotmail.com or drop them off in person at:

    c/o Lee Daniels Entertainment
    500 Copper Ave. NW, Ste. 100
    Albuquerque,NM 87102.

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: MariahCarey.com | empeel85 | UKMix.org | thebigham | Simona | Stephanie

    Sunday, January 7 , 2007

    2006 Recap: Experiencing The Adventures Continues // 4:12 PM EST Updated by Liron

    We continue our 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures with the 2006 PUBLIC TV/RADIO APPEARANCES. If you missed yesterday's post, check it out here.

    With all the buzz surrounding her Grammy wins, hit tour, and promotional campaigns, Mariah was all over the media in 2006. Her television and radio appearances showed her at her most playful, sexy, and successful as she caught the attention of the public.

    Downloads are AVAILABLE for most of the media appearances below. We have updated our Multimedia page with new download links.

    TV Appearances
    Mariah's television appearances of 2006 were some of her most memorable. She joined Oprah at her "Legend's Ball" and luncheon, which made headlines all over the world, and battled in a trivia contest with one of her biggest fans. She made countless appearances on talk shows promoting her summer tour, new singles, and music videos. Relive them all here!

  • Mariah Rings in the New Year at Times Square

  • Mariah Whistles 'Happy Birthday' To Ellen

  • Mariah On the Dutch Show "Idols!"

  • MTV's "My Own Mariah Carey"

  • February
  • BET's "Setting The Record Straight" with Mariah

  • Mariah Interview on MTV Overdrive

  • Mariah on The Tyra Banks Show
  • March
  • Mariah’s interview with Barbara Walters
  • April
  • Mariah on MTV's TRL AND Mariah at BET Studios
    Mariah attends TRL and 106 & Park to premiere her new music video: “Say Somethin’”
  • May
  • Oprah's "Legend's Ball" Airs

  • Mariah on The Today Show and Regis & Kelly

  • Mariah on MTV's TRL AND BET's 106 & Park
    Mariah pays a double visit to TRL and 106 & Park again, this time to promote "The Adventures of Mimi" tour.
  • June
  • Mariah on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

  • AH: The Adventures of Mimi and Billy

  • Mariah Carey on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

  • “Trim-endous”: AH & Extra with Mariah
  • August
  • Mariah on LOGO's Advocate Newsmagazine

  • Mariah Interviews with MTV's John Norris

  • Entertainment Tonight's One on One with Mariah

  • Radio Interviews & Voice Messages
    With her soaring voice, Mariah has always been an aural delight. Her 2006 radio interviews showed a more playful, comfortable Mariah as she chatted with radio hosts like old friends. She, like usual, also remembered the fans and made phone calls to her official web site periodically thanking us for voting on TRL and just checking in.

  • January 4: Happy new year message

  • February 6: Thank you message
    For the retirement of the “Don’t Forget About Us” music video from TRL.

  • February 22: Message with fan-club winner
    Mariah goes out to a dinner with fan-club winner Melissa.

  • March 22: Mariah in Big Boy's Neighborhood

  • April 5: Mariah's Interview on Z100

  • April 24: Message from Mariah & Rachel

  • April 28: Thank you message
    For fans' continued efforts with voting for Mariah on TRL.

  • May 3: Thank you message
    For the instant TRL #1 with "Say Somethin'".

  • June 2: Mariah Calls In To Detroit's Channel 95.5

  • Stay tuned for the rest of our 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Saturday, January 6 , 2007

    3rd Annual Mariah Daily Idol // 10:37 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Due to tampering with votes on the poll for last week's Heat II voting, we are nullifying the results and having visitors re-vote for Heat II. We are asking visitors to vote for their favorite contestant via email. Please send your vote (with the name of the contestant you are voting for in the subject) to idol@mariahdaily.com. Any user suspected of multiple votes will be immediately disqualified.

    This week, we are asking visitors to RE-VOTE on the HEAT II finalists. Please listen to each song carefully, choose your favorite, and cast your vote! Those top 4 with the most votes (3 male, 1 female) from the heat will go into the finalists vote-off!

    DOWNLOAD: Heat II Finalists
    1. Chris - Make It Happen (Male)
    2. Daniel - My All (Male, Sweden)
    3. Emmanuel - We Belong Together (Male, Phillipines)
    4. Javier - No Te Olvides Jamas (DFAU - Spanish) (Male, Spain)
    5. Jeremie - Hero (Male, France) (YouTube Video)
    6. Jesus - Hero (Male, Spain)
    7. Johnny - We Belong Together (Male) (YouTube Video)
    8. Cathy - Through the Rain (Female, France)
    9. Christine - Forever (Female, Germany)
    10. Helen - Hero (Female, Germany)

    Or, if you would rather, you may download all the entries in a single RAR file. Good luck to all the contestants!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Trey Lorenz Contest // 10:30 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah's backup singer and longtime friend, Trey Lorenz, will be calling the winner of the receipt contest this week!

    If you have entered but did not send us your phone number, send it our way to trey@mariahdaily.com. And if you'd still like a chance to receive a phone call from Trey, send us a copy of your receipt from your purchase of Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz: Mr. Mista to trey@mariahdaily.com!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mary is Still Carey // 10:25 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    An internet report published this morning indicated that a judge ruled in favor of Mariah Carey in her attempt to prevent adult star Mary Carey from trademarking the stage moniker she's been using for years. According to Mary's attorney, who is assisting her with the trademark application, the report is not true. There has not been a ruling in the case.

    Indeed, Mary hasn't even filed her response to Mariah's objection. Mary has plenty of time to file that response before a Judge would normally rule. So, as of now, there is no ruling saying Mary Carey cannot trademark her stage name and we're told the web report indicating otherwise is being taken down. Although she hasn't filed her formal, official response with the trademark office, you'll recall Mary already shared her thoughts with us on Mariah's attempted intervention into the trademark process.

    As for Mariah, besides being busy trying to make sure no one confuses her with a porn star, she's going to reveal a few things to Playboy in March. But, she won't be emancipating any body parts. Ms. Mariah won't be posing nude, but a source tells us she will be on the cover as she's interviewed in the issue and history shows that Playboy cover models are typically scantily clad. So, we'll see if Mariah comes out looking more like Mimi or Mary when it hits new stands in a couple months.

    Source: TMZ.com | Caleb

    Friday, January 5 , 2007

    Videos: Mariah in Aspen and South Africa // 12:50 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Here is some more footage of Mariah's visit in South Africa on The Insider. Many thanks to Josie for the video!

    [The Insider: Mariah Visits South Africa]

    Mariah was also featured on Extra about her holiday party on December 26th in Aspen. They showed footage of the party and interviewed Mariah about her vacation. Many thanks to Moony for the video!

    [Extra: Mariah's Aspen Vacation]

    Source: Josie | Moony

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 12:11 AM EST Updated by Maggie

  • Mariah's brother, Morgan Carey, is producing the first animated ringtone for his reggae artist, Skull. "Boom Di, Boom Di is a sex you up joint, so I knew we needed the right vehicle to drive that message home," said Carey via a statement. "There is a glut of graphic enabled cell phones in the marketplace this year and very little visually compelling ringtone content available for them. I felt this was a great opportunity to exploit that shortage while establishing a strong fanbase for Skull. We anticipate turning a profit before the album even hits stores." Read more on Vibe.com.

  • Mariah is currently featured in a poll on the Spanish web site PortalMix.com for the celebrity with the "craziest demands."

  • The Emancipation of Mimi was #14 in the Brazilian year-end sales for 2006. It sold 118,901 copies this year.

  • Vote for Mariah as who you think should win at the 2007 Grammy's on Voote.com.

  • Daily Gawker: Apparently Mariah is back in New York, she was spotted yesterday coming out of Wolfgang's Steakhouse on Greenwich Street, looking good in a green dress and getting into her Maybach

  • People.com: As trendy as they may seem, many of you refuse to give up your Uggs. In fact, eBay Marketplace Research has reported that in the past two weeks alone (December 5-December 18) 2,330 pairs of these love-to-hate boots have been sold on ebay.com causing a sale increase of 104.4% in only 14 days! But it's not just about the classic shearling-lined Ugg anymore -- there's a new-generation style turning up on trendsetting feet. Mariah Carey and Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan have been sporting the brand's Fluff Momma fuzzy boots recently. Mimi kept her toes cozy with a pink pair while hanging out in Aspen while the actress threw a neutral pair over some grey sweats while last-minute Christmas shopping in LA. What do you think of the Fluff Momma? Would you wear a pair?

    Get Mariah and Nicollette's boots: Ugg Fluff Momma, $300, UggAustralia.com

    Fans' Corner
  • The Italian Mariah Carey Forum is holding a contest for fans. By answering trivia questions, fans will have a chance to win a rare 3" single for "It's Like That." Log onto the forum for more details.

  • Zoe and Jayson have made some lovely wallpapers for the fans. Check them out below!

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Vibe.com | Jose | Joao | Nick | Jayson | Zoe | Mariah Carey Live | Natalia23 | Heroes of Mariah

    Thursday, January 4 , 2007

    Videos: Mariah in South Africa // 12:58 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    More footage of Mariah in South Africa was shown on CNN and the German channel RTL, including a short interview. Many thanks to Reenah and Alex for the videos!

    [RTL Exclusive: Mariah Interviewed in South Africa]

    [CNN News: Mariah in South Africa (VOB)]

    [RTL News Clip: Mariah in South Africa (VOB)]


    Source: Reenah | Alex

    Wednesday, January 3 , 2007

    2006 Recap: Experiencing The Adventures Continues // 5:07 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Yesterday, we brought you the first part of our 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures with the Rumors and Scandals of 2006. If you missed yesterday's post, check it out here. Today, we continue our nine-part series with the 2006 MAGAZINE STAND.

    With the enormous success of The Emancipation of Mimi and the buzz surrounding her successful The Adventures of Mimi tour, it's no surprise that Mariah found herself on some of the hottest magazine covers in 2006. Check out all her cover appearances here!

  • V Magazine Interview: "Carey On"
  • February
  • Marie Claire: "Mariah Carey's Emancipation"

  • Rolling Stone Interview: "Mariah After Midnight"
    Rolling Stone Q&A with Mariah Carey

    Rolling Stone's Podcast: Q&A with Mariah (February)
  • March
  • Mariah on the Cover of Animal Times

  • Mariah Scans: Belgium’s P Magazine

  • Mariah the cover girl for Hungary's Cosmopolitan

    Also in March, outtakes from two magazine photo shoots were posted. Both photo shoots originally took place in 2005:
    Cosmo Girl Photoshoot Outtakes
    Esquire Magazine Outtakes
  • April
  • InStyle Home: "Hanging with Mariah"
  • June
  • Marie Claire UK Interview: All About Mimi

  • Life & Style: How Mariah Got So Thin!

  • "France Soir" Re-Launches with Mariah on Cover

  • Mariah on the Cover of Ebony Magazine!
    July: Ebony Magazine: Mariah Carey's Big Comeback
  • August
  • Atlantic City Weekly: Mariah!
  • December
  • Careyed Away: Aspen Peak Cover

  • Mariah on Japanese 'Blenda' Cover

  • Interviews
    While fans are initially won over by her breathtaking voice and musical genius, Mariah shines in interviews where she gets a chance to discuss the woman behind the voice. Relive the interviews of 2006 below.

  • Mariah At Lunch With Liz Smith

  • The Mirror UK: "Mariah Reborn"

  • SZ Magazine Asks Mariah 100 Questions
  • February
  • OK! : "I Learned The Word Diva Very Early On"
  • March
  • Spanish Aifos Costa Interviews Mariah
  • May
  • Blender Magazine: Mariah, The Incredible

  • AP: Carey Caps Off 'Emancipation' Run
  • June
  • TIME Magazine Interviews Mariah

  • Interesting Articles
    The year 2006 captured Mariah during one of her most successful years, and with it came some articles digging deeper into various fields of "Mariah Carey". We'll will be bringing you more music and other related articles later in the recap, but check out some of the year's most interesting below.

  • February: SPORTS: Who is the sports equivalent of Mariah Carey?

  • February: ASTROLOGY: Mariah The Fiery Butterfly

  • March: FOOD: Cook like Mariah's personal chef

  • March: FASHION: Mariah Wears Louis Vuitton Spring Collection

  • March: BUSINESS: The most foolish music deal

  • April: STYLE: Mariah Carey Evolutions

  • May: ASTROLOGY: Mariah's Pent-Up Anger

  • May: FANS: The Mail Bag
    December: Lambs: Will NOT Be Silenced

  • July: MARKETING: The Branding of Mimi

  • August: FASHION: Mariah Turning Into Superhero, James Bond On Upcoming Tour
    Hollywood Reporter Review: Time to Fire the Stylist
    September: June Ambrose: Style Architect

  • Stay tuned for the rest of our 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Videos & Photos: Mariah in South Africa // 12:14 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Footage from Oprah's school opening in South Africa was shown on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and Extra tonight. Many thanks to Moony and Jeremy for the videos and transcripts!

    Entertainment Tonight Transcript
    ET: Diane Sawyer, Chris Rock, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Star Jones
    Reynolds . they all came for today's incredible celebration.

    ET: The stars were all equally emotional and excited to be part of the
    Mariah Carey: This is such a huge accomplishment, and I know it's
    something so close to her heart.

    ET: After years of construction, the doors to the Oprah Winfrey
    Leadership Academy have opened.

    ET: Here's something you may not know. The original design for the
    library did not have a fireplace, but Oprah said that will never do, and
    after Mariah Carey saw the heart, she told me, "I can't believe it, it
    is incredible."

    ET: And Mariah has already volunteered for a teaching assignment: Music Producing 101.

    ET: So you could be like a visiting professor?
    Mariah Carey: Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, darling, but we'll
    write a hot song.

    [Entertainment Tonight: Mariah in South Africa]

    [Access Hollywood: Mariah in South Africa]

    [Extra: Mariah in South Africa]

    TMZ.com also has footage of Mariah at the opening.

    Mariah: My visit has been amazing. This is my first trip to South Africa and it’s just been overwhelming. You know, everything Oprah does is next level. I mean, obviously she’s very subtle when she’s wants to be. She’s just one of those anointed people who can change the world and we just don’t have many of those people left.

    [TMZ.com: Mariah Comments on Her Trip]

    In additon, there are more high-quality photos of Mariah at the event with her nephew, Shawn, below:


    Source: Jeremy | Josie | Moony | Ernesto | ET Online | Mariah Daily

    Tuesday, January 2 , 2007

    2006 Recap: Experiencing The Adventures // 5:57 PM EST Updated by Liron

    As we enter 2007, we are reminded of the tremendous year Mariah – and MariahDaily.com -- had in 2006. We’ve compiled a 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures that follows Mariah’s exciting year from the juiciest gossip, classiest ensembles, earth-shattering performances to her chart achievements and musical accomplishments.

    Over the next few weeks, we will be reliving the splendor of 2006 with Mariah. We will re-examine nine facets of her career and the news that surrounded them. Today, we're bringing you the RUMORS AND SCANDALS OF 2006....but keep checking back, because we'll be posting new ones!

    Because this recap is built from our archives, please note that all the video and audio downloads have been disabled in the popups. Instead, we've provided new download links in the recap below.

    We welcome you to visit our Photo Gallery as well as check out our full archives. Links to each month's news from 2006 are below:

    2006 was one of the most thrilling years for Mariah, a true adventure worth experiencing. Of course, Mariah is never one to slow down, and as we move into 2007, fans certainly have a lot of exciting new things to look forward to from Mariah.

    Plans for 2007:

  • Winter: Mariah starts filming her new movie, Tennessee, in New Mexico.
  • Spring: Mariah is set to release a new fragrance under Elizabeth Arden.
  • Spring: Mariah receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Fall: The Adventures of Mimi is slated to be released on DVD.
  • Fall: Mariah plans to release a new album.

    Mariah finds herself on her fair share of tabloid covers, gossip columns, and celebrity blogs. This year brought an extraordinary amount of rumors and speculation surrounding Mariah; many (if not most) later turned out to be false... some were true... and some we may never found out!

  • Mariah To Join "We Are Family" For Katrina? (FALSE)

  • Lost by a Lamborghini (FALSE)
    Mariah denies ongoing rumors about her dating model Christian Monzon.

  • Rumor Alert: Mariah to Launch Her Own Perfume (TRUE)
    In April, this was confirmed:
    Arden Enters Exclusive Deal with Mariah
    Mariah Wants Fans to Even Smell Like Her

  • A Duet Between Mariah and Janet Jackson? (UNCONFIRMED)
    April: Carey Considers Janet Jackson Duet
    April: Mariah Down To Work with Janet
    July: Mariah and Janet Interviews on Possible Duet
    July: Janet Chats With Ryan Seacrest About Mariah
    September: Janet Talks About Mariah Duet

    Mariah & Janet Comment on Rumored Duet (July 13)
  • February
  • 'Belong Together' drives Mariah, Madge apart
    Feud with Madonna in regards to the Grammys opening performance is being reported. While Mariah has never commented on the matter, her friend was quoted in Blender magazine about it:
    March: JD Talks About Mariah & The Grammys

  • Co-op Rejects Mimi for 'Mini' (UNCONFIRMED)

  • Mariah Carey to Star in "Tennessee"? (TRUE)
    This is one of few rumors that turned out to be true. More information quickly followed with details about Mariah's appearance in the film:
    March: Mariah to Play Krystal Evans
    March: Mariah's character to experience domestic violence
    April: Mariah Working With Dialect Coach
    April: Mariah to Learn How to Play Guitar and Country Twang for Film
    April: Two Leads Cast for 'Tennessee'
    June: Filming of Tennessee Delayed
    July: Producer Daniels Makes Directorial Debut
    July: Carey may be in ET for film shoot
    The writer for Mariah's upcoming film Tennessee speculates that she may do some filming in the East Tennessee area.
    September: Carey talks new movie

    In addition, Mariah Daily kept in contact with the film's director Aaron Woodley to provide fans with periodical updates in May, September, October, and December
  • March
  • Carey To Become Fashion Model (FALSE)

  • Are Mariah And Pharell Together? (FALSE)

  • Mariah Continues Broadway Plans (DELAYED)
    April: Mariah Heads for Broadway
    MTV UK reports that Mariah will star in a Broadway musical and a follow-up made-for-TV movie.

  • Carey invests in her namesake wine (FALSE)
    Reports of Mariah wanting to invest in her namesake wine (Mariah Wine: 2002 Year Now Available) are denied by the wine distributor itself:
    April: They Call the Wine Mariah

    Collaboration Rumors:

  • Bryan Michael Cox Prepares for Mariah's Next Album (UNCONFIRMED)

  • Future Mariah & Jodeci Collaboration? (FALSE)

  • Mariah To Be Featured on Busta's New Album
    April: Mariah Tries Not To "Fight It" With Busta?

  • Mariah collaborates with The Game (FALSE)

  • Mary J. Blige considering touring with Mariah
    Later that month, Mary J. Blige went on TRL and confirmed that she is interested to tour with Mariah. However, this did not end up happening.
    Mary J. clears up Blige/Carey tour rumors
  • April
  • High Hopes for Mariah's Summer Tour (TRUE)

  • Mariah to Appear on Upcoming MTV Reality Cooking Show? (FALSE)

  • Caring Carey sticks up for Houston (FALSE)
    Mariah offers Whitney to do a duet?
    June: Carey Laughs Off Houston Duet Rumors

  • The NY Post reports that Mariah will entertain gay men on a Trans-Atlantic cruise (Sea Cruisers Court Mariah) but her publicist quickly denies the claim (No Cruise for Mariah) (FALSE)
  • May
  • Chris Brown to Open Mariah's Pepsi Smash Live Concert (TRUE)

  • Mariah is set to perform twice at NY's Madison Square Garden (FALSE)

  • Mariah to Star in a CBS Special? (DELAYED)
    Speculated after Mariah performed "We Belong Together" at the CBS Upfront event (YouTube Video).

  • Mariah's legs to be named "Celebrity Legs of a Goddess" (TRUE)
    While this specific item was true, it was later reported that Mariah took out a $1 billion insurance policy on her legs in light of her Gillette Legs of a Goddess campaign (Mariah: Gillette's New Leg Model?) (UNCONFIRMED)

    Mariah Discusses $1 billion Rumor (May 30)
  • June
  • Lil-Jon to work with Mariah on upcoming album (FALSE)

  • Mariah Prefers "Pink" Food? (NY Daily News) (FALSE)
    Rumor Mill: Mariah Only Eats Purple Food
    The Sun reports that Mariah is on an all-purple food diet. This story continued spreading until Mariah finally laughed off the reports. In a July interview with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM, Mariah said: "Does that sound realistic to you?"

    Tour Rumors:

  • Mariah's "Adventures" Coming to Japan? (TRUE)

  • Megan Rochell to Join Mariah on Tour (FALSE)

  • Hershey Concert Cancelled? (TRUE)
  • July
  • Mariah Guests on DJ Clue's New Mixtape (TRUE)
  • December
  • Memoir of a Beauty School Dropout?

  • New Mariah/Sean Paul Collaboration?

  • Mariah to Perform Aboard the 'Flying Titanic'? (UNCONFIRMED)

  • Modest Mariah (UNCONFIRMED)
    Mariah to be fully clothed on the cover of Playboy?

  • Scandals
    Though Mariah tends to keep a positive, peaceful attitude, sometimes scandals erupt despite her best efforts. Newspapers were busy this year with Mariah's lawsuits, look, and relationships with other celebrities.

  • January: Mariah Carey Is Not Fat, She's Hot!
    March: Mariah At Oscar Parties: "Now I'm Fierce!"
    March: Mariah's Got It All Worked Out
    March: Mariah's New Skinny Bod!

    Mariah Discusses Publicized Diet (June 9)

  • April: Strange interlude
    Elvis Duran of Z100 feels awkward during an interview with Mariah.

    Mariah's Awkward Z100 Interview (April 5)

  • May: Mariah Responds to Aguilera's Accusations
    Mariah's elegant response to Aguilera's diss in GQ magazine.
    August: Aguilera Still Needing Attention
    November: Aguilera Acknowledges Mariah's Voice

    Mariah Responds to Aguilera's Diss (May 16)

  • May: Mariah's 'Dinners With The Mafia'
    Mafia boss Greg DePalma says he dined with Mariah and ex-husband Tommy Mottola on several occasions.

  • June: Scam Claims Mariah Carey Performance

  • October: Mariah Cancels Hong Kong Concert
    Blame Flies After Mariah Hong Kong Cancellation
    November: Mariah Sues Hong Kong Promoter
    November: Mariah sues concert promoter for axed Hong Kong show

  • December: Mariah Carey battles porn star over stage name
    Mariah Takes on Porn Star
    Mary Carey Comments on the Lawsuit

  • Stay tuned for the rest of our 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures!
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Photos: Mariah in South Africa // 3:58 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Singer Mariah Carey arrives at the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside Johannesburg January 2, 2007. Winfrey started the private learning and residential institution for girls in grades 7-12 who show outstanding promise despite their social circumstances.


    Source: Yahoo! | Mariah Daily

    Monday, January 1 , 2007

    Happy New Year! // 10:55 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    On behalf of the staff at MariahDaily.com, we would like to wish all of our visitors a very Happy New Year! We thank you all for your continued support in 2006, and look forward to another exciting year in 2007. Tomorrow, we will be bringing you the first of a nine-part series called A 2006 Recap: Experiencing the Adventures, so make sure you check back for that! May 2007 bring you happiness and good times....and Mariah another #1 record!

    Source: Mariah Daily