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Sunday, November 28 , 2004

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" resurges in popularity // 4:08 PM EST Updated by Will

Every year around this time, Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” resurges in popularity due to the Holiday season. When it was first released ten years ago, it became an instant classic and today remains one of the most celebrated contemporary seasonal tunes ever.

Even though December hasn’t began yet, the song already has about 16 million audience impressions from the thousands of spins it has been receiving on radio stations across the nation. Any track with this amount of airplay would usually merit a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, but Billboard created a rule in 2000 (after “All I Want For Christmas Is You” entered the chart at #83) stating that Christmas songs are only current during the first year of release and are unable to re-enter the chart in their original format.

Still, the tune lives on. Sandy from the former German girl-group No Angels recently performed the song live on German channel VIVA’s Christmas show. Swedish popgroup Play have also covered the song on their recently-released Christmas album "Play Around The Christmas Tree", and rock band Chemical Romance remade the song for radio station KROQ’s “Christmastime in the 909” CD, which is available at Best Buy stores in the Los Angeles area.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s original version is featured on Mix 106.5's "Holiday Collection Album", and is currently #2 on Launchcast’s Pop Holiday Station, and was named the #1 best holiday song of all-time at tophitsonline.com.

Source: Mariah Daily | Marbelous | mariahlovingfan | Martin | Raymond | David | Mia | Joshua

Saturday, November 27 , 2004

Marry Carey // 8:19 AM EST Updated by Will

How desperate is Mariah Carey to get hitched again? Desperate enough for the divorced songbird to dress up as a bride twice in the same week!

“Mariah Carey has everything a girl could want – except a husband,” says a music industry insider. “She’s so anxious to be a bride and walk down the aisle again that people are teasing her that her favorite designer is anyone who creates wedding gowns. I think she even has a few gowns in mind – the only thing she’s missing is a groom.”

Mariah, 34, who hasn’t had a serious relationship in more than three years, caused a commotion when she showed up at a Halloween party in New York carrying a bridal bouquet and wearing a saucy, lacy white wedding outfit similar to the one Madonna wore in her Like a Virgin video, complete with a long veil, quarter belt and satin gloves.

Days later, she donned a stunning Vera Wang tulle gown with full train and plunging neckline at a birthday bash thrown for her pal Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Mariah told her pals she wore them because she never felt sexy at her 1993 wedding to music mogul Tommy Mottola, which ended in a heartbreaking divorce less than five years later.

Since then, she’s had trouble meeting Mr. Right, failing to make it permanent with baseball hunk Derek Jeter and singer Luis Miguel. Now she wants a guy with a good sense of humor but preferably nobody famous. “With another celebrity, there are egos,” she says. “It’s like, ‘Which fan came up to me and asked for an autograph and didn’t ask you?’ Everybody wants to be a big power couple in Hollywood, but who really cares?”

Source: Globe Magazine

Mariah to appear in George Michael documentary // 8:07 AM EST Updated by Will

In an hour-long BBC documentary, George Michael discusses love, life and death, including his high-profile arrest in a Beverly Hills public toilet.

A BBC spokesperson said: 'There are also contributions, some of them critical, from the likes of Sir Elton John, Mariah Carey, Boy George, Simon Cowell and Noel Gallagher.'

"George Michael: A Different Life" will be screened at 10:35pm on Monday, November 29.

Source: The Daily Record

Giving in to the Holidays and Mariah Carey // 8:04 AM EST Updated by Will

One year while living in New Hampshire, my wife busted out the Mariah Carey Christmas compilation CD and popped it in while we were driving somewhere. I couldn’t take it for too long and I asked her to change CDs -- not an unreasonable request since it was the week after Halloween.

I think she was enjoying the sweet holiday melodies too much. I asked again, and she told me that she wanted to hear "just one more song." We agreed, and the ditty played to its conclusion. She then tried to eject the CD, but it was stuck in the player of our new car. Now not only was it too early to be listening to Christmas music, but I didn’t have a choice, because that was all the radio would play. It was Mariah Carey Christmas all day every day from then on.

Kristin couldn’t have been happier. It’s weird, I know.

It was sweet revenge a couple of weeks later when we took the car to the dealership. They had to replace the stereo and couldn’t get the CD out at the shop. The radio was going to be sent to California and the CD would then be mailed back to us in "about six weeks."

I tried not to smile when I heard the news, I didn’t want to hurt Kristin’s feelings. But she knew I was happy for the reprieve.

We left the dealership and headed for home. But there was one more stop Kristin wanted to make. She pointed to the BJs sign and said she wanted to quickly run in and pick up something.

I waited in the car, feeling satisfied that I would not be forced to listen to the Mariah Carey Christmas CD for a while. These happy thoughts were soon replaced with dread. She was walking toward the car with a CD. I didn’t have to ask which one it was, the smug smile on her face told me that she had purchased a new Mariah Carey Christmas CD. Now not only would I have to hear it again, but in six weeks, she would have two Mariah Carey Christmas CDs. Bah humbug!

I’m really not a Grinch, it was just too early for my festive juices to start flowing. But that seems to be changing, maybe because of Mariah Carey. While stringing up the lights at my house a couple of weeks ago, I had those same Mariah Carey songs running through my head and I couldn’t get them out. I think my wife planned it that way and brainwashed me. Judging by the number of cars that beeped and waved (I think they were all waving), she may have gotten to other folks as well.

Source: Kent County Daily Times

News Tidbits // 8:00 AM EST Updated by Will

-- Click here to view an interview Mariah gave with WB11 at the recent Thanksgiving Charity Dinner. Of her new album, Mariah said, "I love it. I love listening to it. I love playing it for people." You can see additional footage here.

-- Mariah's upcoming single with Snoop Dogg, "Say Something", is #2 on Rap Up magazine's Top 10 Hot List.

-- From Newport Daily News: When it comes to Christmas music, Newport Daily News Managing Editor Sheila Mullowney has a penchant for cartoon songs. Others, like editorial assistant Becky Morrissey, like to keep it traditional, while City Editor Pamela Berard goes for the more contemporary "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. "It's cheesy, I know," Berard said. "But how can you not be happy when you hear that song? It's infectious."

-- From Guam Daily News: The J.Q. San Miguel Elementary School cheerleading and dance group is yelling, but they're moving and grooving, twice a week after school, having fun while staying healthy. Currently, the group is learning a dance routine for Mariah Carey's Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas" that they'll perform in a couple of weeks at the school's Christmas program.

-- From Michigan Live: Riki Gheller, whose four-octave vocal range has been compared to pop diva Mariah Carey's, didn't even know she could sing until one night two years ago at Billy's Roadhouse, when she helped a friend with Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" at the karaoke mic. Now she's leaving for Hollywood on Monday, having survived American Idol auditions in Cleveland and Las Vegas.

Source: fan18 | Ricardo

Thursday, November 25 , 2004

Mariah’s Thanksgiving Dinner Accessed // 5:31 PM EST Updated by Lynn

Access Hollywood was criss-crossing the nation with the stars who are giving back this holiday season.

Mariah Carey served up a sweet Thanksgiving to 300 children and their families at the True Worship Church in Brooklyn as part of her work with the Fresh Air Fund.

Our auditioning correspondent Egypt was there alongside the superstar.

"She kicked off the glamour girl and dived right in. You started serving up the collard greens," Egypt told Mariah.

"Serving it up. I had a what do you call that?... an apron?" replied Mariah.

"Now do you cook?" inquired Egypt.

"I do actually cook. I don't really use an apron when I cook though. This is my first apron experience," said Mariah.

"She cooks in high heels," joked Egypt.

"I do cook in high heels," said Mariah.

But Mariah was serving it up in sweats today, bringing joy to hundreds of children. She told Egypt she'll spend the rest of the day eating turkey in bed and resting her voice to record her new CD "The Emancipation of Mimi." Mimi was Mariah's childhood nickname.

"I never really understood 'Mariah' as a name. It always kind of was like nobody could spell it at school. Nobody understood how to pronounce it, so 'Mimi' became my thing," revealed Mariah.

Source: Access Hollywood | Dino | Kyle

Mariah Scans // 5:31 PM EST Updated by Lynn

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

These are scans from recent issues of:

  • Heat (UK), issue #298, dated 27 November-3 December, 2004: “Mariah Carey – Errr, we’re not great experts on the subject, but we suspect that if Mariah is intent on bagging herself a new husband, frocking-up as a ever-ready bride may not be the best way to go about it. Perhaps she’s hoping to lure them in with her magnificent bosom, hypnotise them with her lovely, soothing singing voice and then whisk them off to a quickie wedding chapel before they can say, “Noooo!””

  • Red Eye (Chicago): “Mariah: Call Me “Mimi”: The “Emancipation of Mimi” isn’t just the name of Mariah Carey’s next album, it’s apparently the next chapter in the pop diva’s life.

    In a message on her Web site, Carey urges fans to start calling her “Mimi,” msnbc.com reports.

    “Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me,” she writes. “I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me.”

    Feel the love.”

  • Sun Times (Chicago): “Now it can be told. Mariah Carey says her personal nickname is Mimi. She’s willing to share this intimate private fact with you in exchange for just a few of your dollars. “Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me,” she says on Mariahcarey.com. So why call your new album “The Emancipation of Mimi,” then? Well, I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me… I now feel I can honestly say ‘this is me, the real me, take it or leave it.’” (Really you know, she means buy it or leave it.)”
  • Source: Chris (guylikeyou) | Aladerri

    "U Make Me Wanna" Rises on the Billboard Hot 100 // 1:52 PM EST Updated by Liron

    "U Make Me Wanna" - the new single by Jadakiss and Mariah, takes a giant leap of 19 spots from #66 last week to #47 on this week's issue of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles tally (December 4th, 2004). Please continue to request the song on your local radio stations.

    Source: therooftop | Billboard Magazine

    News Tidbits // 1:28 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- DJ Peter Rauhofer's official site states that Peter is currently remixing: Mariah Carey "Say Something" (November 22, 2004). We were first informed that Peter Rauhofer will remix Mariah's first single in the November 15th Billboard article which announced "The Emancipation of Mimi".

    -- "Para Todos" magazine listed Mariah at #6 on their yearly 15 most beautiful women list. This issue has Daisy Fuentes on the cover.

    -- In the December 6th issue of Us Weekly with Jennifer Lopez on the cover, Us asked celebrities, "How do you keep off the holiday pounds?" on page 58 and Mariah responded, "Be mindful of the mashed potatoes!"

    -- The British tabloid "The Daily Mail" doesn't seem to understand the meaning of Mariah's album title. The following appeared on their 'Wicked Whispers' column (Wednesday November 24 2004) :

    "Self-centred songstress Mariah Carey has renamed herself for her new album, The Emancipation Of Mimi. She twitters: 'Mimi is a very personal nickname used only by those closest to me. I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much nearer to me.' Mariah, why not just call yourself Me-Me-Me and be done with it?"

    If you're interested to write back to the magazine, click here to e-mail the column writers.

    Source: Dino | Para Todos | X Q | Tom

    Wednesday, November 24 , 2004

    Mariah Treat // 11:46 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey is spending Thanksgiving in New York for the first time in three years. In honor of the occasion, the songbird helped serve turkey dinner to 300 children and their families at the True Worship Church in Brooklyn this week as part of the Fresh Air Fund team. As for today, Carey, whose new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," hits in the spring, is taking it easy with some pals at her Manhattan pad and may take in a turkey dinner at a nearby eatery.

    Source: NY Post | Rima

    Mariah's Thanksgiving // 9:28 PM EST Updated by Will

    Below are pictures of Mariah hosting the 6th Annual Thanksgiving Charity Dinner at True Worship Church in New York City earlier in the evening. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view. More photos can be viewed at gettyimages.com.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Gives Back This Thanksgiving // 11:18 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey is taking the holiday meal giveaway a step further by hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn, New York, through the Fresh Air Fund organization. Children and their families have been invited to join the singer for the three-hour dinner on Wednesday evening.

    Source: MTV | Chris

    Tuesday, November 23 , 2004

    Mariah? Now it’s ‘Mimi’ // 2:05 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey has a message for fans: Call me Mimi!

    The singer now joins the list of divas who’ve taken an alternative moniker, such as Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) and Madonna (Esther). In fact, Carey’s new name will appear in the title her forthcoming album: "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    “Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me... just one of those little things that I’ve kept for myself in an attempt to have some delineation between a public persona and a private life,” Carey explains on her Web site.

    By publicly adopting her private name, Carey explains, “I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me… Most importantly, I am celebrating the fact that I’ve grown into a person and artist who no longer feels imprisoned by my insecurities or compelled to try and live up to someone else’s vision of ‘Mariah Carey.’ I now feel I can honestly say ‘this is me, the real me, take it or leave it.’”

    Some Carey fans found the Mimi revelation interesting for another reason: in “Bling,” a dishy roman à clef about the music industry released earlier this year, one character was widely believed to be based on Carey. Author Erica Kennedy — an insider in the music business who is the godmother to Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons’s daughter Ming — called the character “Mimi.”

    By Jeannette Walls

    Source: MSNBC

    Latina.com: Mariah Is An Inspiring Latina // 12:39 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Latina.com includes Mariah amongst its list of exceptional Latinas. In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, Latina.com recognizes exceptional Latinas who made their great ideas happen and left a lasting impact on us all.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Mariah Mentions // 12:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    From New York Daily News: Allure, a Destiny's Child-style R&B act, has had an unusual number of setbacks. The New York-based vocal trio - Alia Davis, Lalisha McLean and Akissa Mendez - was the first act signed to Mariah Carey's bomb of a label, Crave, which Columbia Records ditched after it failed to produce any major hits. Then they went to MCA, but the group got dropped amid the label's corporate reshuffling.

    From Broadway: Crouch End X Factor star Cassie Compton has made it through to the final five of the TV talent show…Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh unanimously praised her performance of Mariah Carey's Hero…She told Broadway: "It really meant something to me. I sang the song at my niece's christening and concerts with my friends and it brings back nice memories.”

    From Forbes: St. Barts only takes up about eight square miles and has a population of less than 7,000. The miniscule airport can only accommodate puddle-jumpers. There are no big resorts, golf courses or booming nightclubs…The combination of quietude and culture have drawn notables ranging from pop star Mariah Carey to dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who visits aboard his yacht.

    From Daily Record: But apart from those who worked for the company, there have been plenty of celebrities through the years who loved to wear Chanel products. Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe famously said Channel No. 5 was the only thing she wore in bed. Modern-day diva Mariah Carey apparently won't venture out on the ski slopes unless she is dressed from head to toe in Chanel.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Monday, November 22 , 2004

    Carey courted for New Year's Eve show // 9:34 AM EST Updated by Will

    Pure nightclub, the sprawling $14 million addition to Caesars Palace, has been talking to Mariah Carey about a New Year's Eve appearance. Word is she might be ringing in 2005 by leading the crowd in Auld Lang Syne.

    Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Mariah Announces Her Emancipation // 9:31 AM EST Updated by Will

    She's become renowned in recent years for her girlish, one-word album titles such as 'Charmbracelet', ‘Daydream' and ‘Rainbow' but it seems Soul diva Mariah Carey is determined to surprise her fanbase with the announcement that her 10 studio album will go by a far more intriguing moniker: 'The Emancipation of Mimi'.

    The 34-year old singer’s latest album is tentatively scheduled for international release in February 2005. After a turbulent few years Carey is being tipped by industry insiders for a big comeback with her fresh new material. Journalists at respected US Music Industry paper Billboard, who were recently treated to a preview of the album, described it as a ‘return to her pop and R&B roots’. Apparently referring in the album’s title to a nickname, by which she is known by close friends and family, Mariah has promised fans her most personal work to date, ranging from Gladys Knight style old-school soul balladry to collaborations with contemporary hip-hop names.

    The first single from Carey's latest opus, entitled ‘Say Something' is now likely to hit the airwaves around January next year. The track, which is being described by US radio bosses as her hottest single in years features rap superstar Snoop Dogg, and production work by the critically acclaimed Neptunes, famed for their work with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Kelis.

    Source: UK Flava

    News Tidbits // 9:30 AM EST Updated by Will

    -- Universal Music Japan is reporting that the Japanese release of Mariah's new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi", has been pushed up to March 2, 2005.

    -- Attention French fans! Mariah will be on "Fan De" on Saturday, November 27 at 11:30am on channel M6.

    -- Evan Taubenfeld, the former guitarist of Avril Lavigne, who is now on the brink of a solo career, has confessed his appreciation of Mariah. When asked in an online chat, "Do you like Mariah Carey?", Evan responded, "Yeah! She's got a good voice." Read the entire transcript at etaubenfeld.com.

    -- Those who ordered the "Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live at Madison Square Garden" DVD may have noticed something extra that wasn't on the original VHS release. The bonus video which has been added to the DVD is the "Anytime You Need A Friend (Dance Remix)" video, which was previously only available on the international release. There is also a slightly-modified "Fantasy" remix montage which is arranged differently on the DVD than it was on the VHS. The DVD can be ordered from amazon.com for only $11.23.

    -- In related news, the "Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live at Madison Square Garden" DVD will be released on on November 29th in Australia, and December 15th in Asia.

    Source: Love Love Jack | Alex | Meindert | Marc | Edison

    Sunday, November 21 , 2004

    More from the Fresh Air Fund event // 4:23 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah fan Tom Webster was also at the recent Fresh Air Fund charity event and e-mailed us to share his story and the picture he took with Mariah.

    Tom says, "Mariah pulled up in a silver Rolls Royce Phantom, which she said she was just borrowing for the night, and looked great. She hugged a few fans and took a gift or two and a letter I handed her. After the event, she came out and posed for pictures and talked with fans."

    As far as the clips from Mariah's new album that were previewed, Tom said, "The music on the uptempo songs is really cool and there are some really great vocal arrangements." Click the thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view of Tom posing with Mariah!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Tom Webster

    "Say Something" leaked // 4:11 PM EST Updated by Will

    Although Mariah Carey has been relatively mum about giving away information about her upcoming album, any plans of secrecy have been thwarted by eager journalists and fans alike.

    The title of Carey’s forthcoming release, “The Emancipation of Mimi”, was prematurely announced earlier in the week by Billboard Magazine – a move that didn’t sit too well with Carey, who wrote on her official website, “It leaked out way before I intended. I had a whole explanation of the title to go along with the press release which was supposed to come out in February, but basically that got foiled.”

    Seeing how upset the singer was over the album title being disclosed, she probably won’t be too thrilled to learn that the record’s lead single was illegally distributed onto the internet yesterday morning – weeks before its scheduled radio impact.

    The song in question is the Neptunes-produced “Say Something”. Initial plans called for the single to be shipped to radio later this month, but everything was reportedly shifted when rapper Snoop Dogg, who appears on the track as a featured vocalist, was too busy promoting his own album to film the music video or partake in any other promotional events. As a result, the revised release schedule placed the single for release in January, which would also allocate time for Carey to properly finish the album, her first since 2002’s “Charmbracelet”, in time for release in March.

    But have plans changed now that the tune has been leaked early, purportedly by a fan who obtained a sample clearance-only copy of the single? Messages left with Island/Def Jam representatives hadn’t been returned at press time, but those familiar with the record industry say the incident could have a major impact on Carey’s comeback.

    “Now isn’t a very good time to be launching a new record. It’s hard to get a song added at radio during the Holiday season with all the seasonal songs and year-end countdowns going. If the single does start to receive radio play, however, it will force the label to hastily move forward with their plans; and by the time a video has been shot and distributed to outlets, it could potentially bypass the run of the single.”

    We’ll just have to wait and see how Carey and her new team, which includes record executive L.A. Reid, manager Benny Medina and publicist Marvet Britto, will handle the situation. In the mean time, you can hear Carey – legally – on Jadakiss’s new single “U Make Me Wanna”.

    Editor's Note: Mariah Daily will not be posting any audio clips of Mariah's new single until the track has been officially released by her record company.

    Source: Nuage9.net

    Mariah attended Yfke Sturm's birthday party // 8:41 AM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey got on the microphone during model Yfke Sturm’s birthday party at Marquee Thursday night to pay homage to dead rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Afterward, they played the song they made together, "Me and Mariah".

    Source: New York Post

    Saturday, November 20 , 2004

    Mariah: "Call Me Mimi" // 10:07 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey has become the latest singer to adopt a new name - and she's chosen to call herself Mimi.

    With Jennifer Lopez dubbing herself J.Lo, Janet Jackson taking on the moniker of Damita Jo and Madonna asking to be referred to as Esther, Carey will now be using her private nickname in the title of her upcoming album, The Emancipation of Mimi.

    In a letter posted on her website on Thursday Carey writes, "My album title has leaked out way before I intended. Knowing that the title was very different for me and might cause some confusion, I had a whole explanation to go along with the press release which was supposed to come out in February, but basically that got foiled.

    "So here it is... Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me... just one of those little things that I've kept for myself in an attempt to have some delineation between a public persona and a private life.

    "By naming the album The Emancipation of Mimi I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me.

    "Most importantly, I am celebrating the fact that I've grown into a person and artist who no longer feels imprisoned by my insecurities or compelled to try and live up to someone else's vision of 'Mariah Carey'.

    "For the first time in my life, I feel free and unashamed to be who I really am. And that's what the music of this album and it's title reflect."

    The album is due to hit stores on March 22, 2005.

    Source: Contact Music

    Friday, November 19 , 2004

    "U Make Me Wanna" updates // 11:47 AM EST Updated by Will

    In addition to being #66 on this week's issue of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart, Jadakiss and Mariah's new single "U Make Me Wanna" is #36 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. The track currently has around 27 million audience impressions at American radio (roughly 15 million at Urban stations and 12 million at Rhythmic stations), but needs more to become a certifiable hit. Please continue to request the song on your local radio stations and at major stations such as Z100 in New York. Requests to that station can be made by dialing toll free 1-800-242-0100 or online at z100.com.

    Source: Robert | Leo | marbelous

    New Mariah album previewed for fans // 10:27 AM EST Updated by Will

    A group of Mariah fans were treated to a real surprise when they met Mariah at the Fresh Air Fund’s Annual Fall Benefit Auction last night in New York City. They were given a first listen to Mariah’s upcoming album, “The Emancipation of Mimi”.

    The group has met Mariah on numerous occasions in the past and were instantly recognized by the singer. “She saw us on the way in and said she would talk to us on the way back out if we waited,” said Heather, one of the fans. Another fan, Lani, said, “Mariah was blasting [her new single] ‘Say Something’ in her car when she arrived. She told us that she wanted us to hear it. Once we went in we were able to listen to the entire CD.”

    The fans were able to hear fourteen one-minute clips of brand new material. “It’s so amazing! The production is really hot. We’ve got some serious hip-hop beats but with old school vocals to back them up. These are her best beats and some of her hottest vocals,” commented one fan. “This is definitely ten steps up from Charmbracelet and Glitter production wise and vocally,” said another.

    They seemed particularly impressed with the record’s vocals. “Her voice is strong mid-range. I remember her going into her lower register a few different times and it sounded great. The background vocals and harmonies are amazing, too.” Fan Amy gushed, “Her vocal styling is really soulful. It’s like she’s singing in a strong voice with a lot of attitude. The lyrics are also much more mature.”

    Among the tracks previewed were a bevy of up-tempos including the lead single “Say Something” featuring Snoop Dogg, which the group unanimously agreed to be an insanely hot track; the proposed second single “Shake You Off” featuring Jermaine Dupri (“It’s really, really catchy. We all started bopping to it.”); “Can I Get Your Number” featuring Nelly; “Hit The Floor”; and a racy number assumedly titled “Here Comes That Feeling Again”.

    Of course, there were also a handful of ballads, including one that made the group sad with its heartbreaking lyrics. “Another ballad sounded like it was supposed to be a live track with a crowd in the background and Mariah introducing the song. It was really good.” However, the tune that had everyone talking was “Mine Again”, an old-school flavored ballad. “It is officially my favorite! I swear I almost peed my pants when I heard Mariah singing!”

    The group only had a moment to reflect on the new songs before Mariah was ready to meet with them. When Mariah had finally exited the building, she noted to a member of her entourage, “I know them,” as she stepped around the barricade to have a chat and take pictures with the group. “She told us she’s going to Atlanta tomorrow to do one more song. She said she has too many already. I hope she keeps at least what she had though, because it was hot.”

    Heather summed everything up by saying, “Mariah is amazing. Everyone inside the party kept commenting on how great she was. I really am still in shock. I woke up and thought it all possibly to be a dream.”

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Carey Laughs Off Money Trouble // 10:25 AM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey has shrugged off rumours she is running out of money after struggling to curb her lavish tastes and lifestyle.

    According to recent media reports, Mariah has flittered away most of the US$28 million she was paid to terminate her contract with Virgin Records three years ago. But a spokesperson for the 34-year-old says, "She wrote the majority of songs on every album and songwriting is a very lucrative business." Carey is set to release her tenth studio album under the Def Jam label next year.

    Source: Launch Music

    Mariah Attends The Fresh Air Fund Benefit // 1:25 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah attended The Fresh Air Fund: An Evening In Oz Benefit at Chelsea Piers last night, November 18, 2004 in New York City. Here are some photos from the event. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Getty Images

    Mariah Extinguishes Naomi's Butt // 1:25 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click to enlarge
    In Us Weekly, November 29th edition, page 54: Mariah Carey is one brave woman! During a bathroom break at P. Diddy's 35th birthday bash on November 4, Carey dared to snatch a lit cigarette from the fingers of temperamental supermodel Naomi Campbell. Carey even delivered a gentle scolding on the evils of nicotine! "Mariah hates smoking; she thinks it's awful and won't be around it, ever," says a Hot Stuff source who was in the bathroom. Carey clearly has a gift for mending fences: After she extinguished Campbell's butt in the ashtray, the supermodel happily posed for photos with her - right in the bathroom!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Thursday, November 18 , 2004

    Mariah Bids Final Farewell to O.D.B. // 7:26 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    The body of rapper O.D.B. was returned home today to Brooklyn, where mourners included multi-platinum singer Mariah Carey and fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man.

    Grammy Award-winning singer Carey, who had collaborated with Ol' Dirty Bastard on a remix of her hit "Fantasy,'' wore sunglasses and a black outfit as she walked up to his casket during a wake that preceded the service.

    O.D.B., whose real name was Russell Jones, collapsed and died Saturday inside a Manhattan recording studio. The cause of death remained undetermined, but the 35-year-old co-founder of the seminal rap group Wu-Tang Clan had struggled with drug and alcohol addictions.

    Fan Gary Harrington, of Brooklyn, said O.D.B was just a natural.

    Jones' troubled life landed him in jail for drug possession and escaping from a rehabilitation clinic. He had just finished his prison term a few months before his sudden death.

    -- Here are some photos of Mariah at O.D.B.’s funeral. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: CBS New York | AP | Reuters

    "U Make Me Wanna" rises on Billboard Hot 100 // 5:40 AM EST Updated by Will

    Jadakiss and Mariah's new single "U Make Me Wanna" jumps 9 places with a bullet to #66 on this week's issue of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles tally. The track debuted on the chart last week at #75. Please continue to request the song on your local radio stations.

    Source: Billboard Magazine | jamesanthony2003

    Mariah's Message to Fans about The Emancipation of Mimi // 5:33 AM EST Updated by Will

    So obviously my album title has leaked out way before I intended. (the single isn't even out yet...hello???)

    Knowing that the title was very different for me and might cause some confusion, I had a whole explanation to go along with the press release which was supposed to come out in February, but basically that got foiled.

    So here it is..."Mimi" is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me...just one of those little things that I've kept for myself in an attempt to have some delineation between a public persona and a private life.

    By naming the album The Emancipation of Mimi I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me..Most importantly, I am celebrating the fact that I've grown into a person and artist who no longer feels imprisoned by my insecurities or compelled to try and live up to someone else's vision of "Mariah Carey" I now feel I can honestly say "this is me, the real me, take it or leave it" For the first time in my life, I feel free and unashamed to be who I really am..And that's what the music of this album and it's title reflect..

    As always, I love ya, appreciate ya and I enjoy ya!!! MC a.k.a Mimi.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Wednesday, November 17 , 2004

    Madison Square Garden DVD in the UK // 8:08 AM EST Updated by Liron

    The DVD of Mariah's 1995 performance in the Madison Square Garden was released yesterday in the U.S. Don't forget to pick it up!

    According to Amazon, UK fans will be able to own the region 2 (Pal) version of the DVD on December 13th, 2004.

    There is no extra material on the DVD than the one on the VHS release of this concert.

    Lastly, a reminder to Japanese fans: Don't forget to pick up your copy of "The First Vision" DVD which was released by Sony today in Japan.

    Source: cristal | Amazon UK

    "Glitter" - Movie of the Day at IMDB / Movie of the Week in NZ // 8:02 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- The Internet Movies Database picked "Glitter" as their movie of the day for November 17th, 2004.

    IMDB Movie of the Day
    The musical fantasy biopic has historically proved to be a dicey prospect for many crossover artists. For every Purple Rain there's an Under the Cherry Moon; Lady Sings the Blues but she doesn't talk about Mahogany; there's The Jazz Singer and...The Jazz Singer. But as the squeakiest, most tabloid-friendly entry to date, Glitter brought a new sense of shame to the big screen, and caused many who had never spent a moment's time pondering Mariah Carey to take notice. Glitter towed the same "semi-autobiographical" line as 8 Mile, re-creating Mariah as Billie, a foster kid who becomes an ingיnue on the New York city club scene before ascending to superstardom and superheartbreak. Gladness and sadness abound on her trip to the top as she boo-hoos over her lover/producer (Max Beesley) and tries to stay real for her homegirls. But all the on-screen drama paled in comparison to Carey's real life, effectively rendering Glitter irrelevant. There were "Mariah's Messages," those zoned-out voicemails on her official site, followed by the infamous striptease on Total Request Live. Then, the first of several mental-health hospitalizations caused Glitter's release date to be pushed back (it opened 10 days after 9/11). And before the movie limped out of theaters, Virgin, Carey's record label, essentially paid her $50 million to leave the nest. It's a shame that the people behind the movie, who had enough insight to cast Ann Magnuson as Billie's publicist, weren't able to put the kibosh on the project before it caused Mariah's career to grind to a halt. What remains is a serious contender for your next slumber/cocktail party.

    -- "Glitter" will be airing on TV2 in New Zeland on Saturday, November 20th, 2004 at 11:05pm. Click here to read their review of the movie.

    Source: DreamLoverBoy | IMDB

    "Music Box" - A Top 100 Essential Pop Album // 7:55 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Following our posting of the inclusion of "Butterfly" as an essential pop album (according to "Slant" magazine), here is another inclusion of a Mariah album, this time on an older list of the top 100 essential pop albums of the 90's by "Pause & Play".

    Providing some guest commentary are the king of parodies, "Weird Al" Yankovic and vocalist Karina Deniké of the ska-pop band Dance Hall Crashers.

    MUSIC BOX, Mariah Carey (Columbia, 1993):
    Don't laugh, this is fairly decent for what it is, an inoffensive pop record. Digging deep into her gospel and opera roots, Carey showed off her pop sass and smarts more than ever before.

    Yankovic: "What can I say? She's your pop diva, she's good Top 40 fodder, but she's an incredible singer."

    Deniké: "I have to give her some credit for carving her own path. She's obviously an amazing singer, but I'm not crazy about some of her style and some of the songwriting is a little boring to me."

    Prime cuts: "Dreamlover," "Hero," "Anytime You Need a Friend," "Without You."

    Source: Jason | Pause & Play

    Tuesday, November 16 , 2004

    Carey makes another acting attempt // 5:13 PM EST Updated by Will

    Singer Mariah Carey is planning to star in another movie - despite the critical mauling her autobiographical film Glitter received.

    The Honey star, whose '80s-themed movie was panned by critics and avoided by fans, will play a scantily clad beauty in the remake of James Bond spoof Casino Royale, according to British newspaper the Daily Mirror.

    An insider says, "Mariah is going to play the part immortalised by Ursula Andress. It's a comedy so Mariah's going to be making fun of herself."

    Pierce Brosnan is currently in talks to play 007 in Quentin Tarantino's remake of Casino Royale.

    Carey has also agreed to team up with fellow singers Patti LaBelle, Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys and Macy Gray for independent film Ladies' Night.

    Source: Contact Music

    "Say Something" Release Pushed Back // 12:35 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The release of "Say Something" has been pushed back, presumably to be closer to the March release of "The Emancipation of Mimi". Many dates are being thrown around ("Billboard" reports January, radio sources report December) but nothing concrete or unanimous has been announced yet. In addition, the AOL "First Listen" premiere of the song has been cancelled.

    In regards to the album release dates (USA, Europe) - we would like to emphasize these are tentative dates and contradictory dates are likely to be reported by various outlets. Please consider all the current reports as unofficial and with likelihood of changing until there is a confirmation from Mariah's management or record label.

    Source: All Access | FMQB | Mariah Daily

    Monday, November 15 , 2004

    Mariah 'Emancipated' On New Album // 2:11 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah Carey returns to her pop and R&B roots on her new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," albeit with major dollops of hip-hop. On several tracks previewed for Billboard.com, Carey offers less vocal acrobatics than on recent efforts, proving that less can indeed be more.

    Due March 29 via Island Def Jam, the new set will be preceded by the single "Say Something," produced by the Neptunes and featuring Snoop Dogg. Due to hit U.S. radio outlets in January, the slinky, sensual hip-hop jam sports intermittent machine gun-styled beats,

    A longtime supporter of club remixes, Carey has commissioned David Morales, Peter Rauhofer and former Pound Boys member David C. to remix "Say Something."

    Other album tracks previewed for Billboard.com include the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Get Your Number," a feel-good, dancefloor-primed R&B number that smartly references Imagination's early-'80s top 30 R&B hit, "Just an Illusion." It spotlights the vocals of Dupri, who also helmed the track "Shake You Off."

    Carey handled the bulk of the writing on "The Emancipation of Mimi" and also produced the power ballad "Mine Again." Less adult contemporary and more Gladys Knight, the old-school song is signature Carey.

    The album also features contributions from producer Kanye West and rappers Nelly and Twista. It's the follow-up to 2002's "Charmbracelet," which debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 and has sold more than 1.1 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    -- Michael Paoletta, N.Y.

    FYI: Mariah was previously referred to as "Mimi" by Cam'ron in their song "Boy (I Need You)".

    Source: Billboard

    Mariah Phones Hot 97 in Memory of O.D.B. // 11:12 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah called in to Hot 97 (NYC Radio station) this morning to express her condolences over the passing of O.D.B. It was early morning and she sounded very raspy, like she had just woken up. In her message, she said she sends her condolences to his family and was appreciative of their collaboration but most importantly, their friendship. She also said that he was an original and would truly be missed.

    Source: Spooky21 | Hot 97

    Mariah to be on the cover of "Para Todos" // 9:58 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah will be in the December / January issue of "Para Todos" magazine as one of the 15 most beautiful Latinas of the year (Daisy Fuentes will be on the cover).

    In addition, Mariah will grace the cover of the magazine in the issue of February / March.

    Both issues will feature previously unseen photos of Mariah from her concert last year in Orange County, California as a part of the "Charmbracelet World Tour".

    The magazine's staff is offering a free subscription for 2 years for new readers. Click here to find out how you can receive the two aforementioned issues of the magazine. The magazine is in Spanish and has subscribers all over the nation, but is distributed only in Southern California and parts of Mexico.

    Source: Para Todos Magazine | Mariah Daily

    Fans Tell Australian Magazine: "Lay Off Mariah" // 9:49 AM EST Updated by Liron

    After reading the article "Mariah's New Low" (Sunday, November 7th), many angry fans e-mailed the crew at "New Idea" to complain about the inaccuracy and cruelty of the article.

    The result - the editor of the magazine published a note and a letter from a fan in this week's issue:

    "Editor's note: We were overwhelmed with responses to our story 'Mariah's New Low' (NI Nov 6), with many of her loyal fans writing to us not only from Australia, but also from the US. The following e-mail is from Texas."

    Fan letter: "I am writing to express my concern about 'Mariah's new low' and that her friends are saying she is once again mentally and physically unhealthy.

    Yes, Mariah fired, her manager and publicist, but perhaps she thought it was time to get fresh career advice. Every performer is entitled to make these changes as they see fit.

    The film Glitter was three years ago, it's a tired old subject for her fans. As for Charmbracelet having non-blockbuster sales, with so many consumers downloading songs from the internet, Mariah naturally won't have the impressive statistics she had in the first half of her career.

    Her fans will still buy her albums and she will be just fine.

    Dan Shannon, Texas, USA."

    Source: Jessica | New Idea Magazine

    Mariah's (Recurring?) Princess Dress // 9:43 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Belle of the Ball: Mariah made a grand entrance in a Vera Wang gown and tiara. "I used it for a video a long time ago," said Carey of her dress. "Vera made it for me." (...)

    "P. Diddy wanted everyone to vote, and I did" - Mariah Carey on her gift to the birthday boy.

    Editor's Note: It seems like Mariah may have been talking about a dress she wore in the "Forever" video that has gone through some changes. Judge for yourselves:


    Source: Undray | Star Magazine | Linhgo

    Sunday, November 14 , 2004

    "Shake 'Em Off" Planned As Second Single // 3:56 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Reliable sources in contact with "Universal Music" are reporting that "Shake 'Em Off" will be the second single from Mariah's upcoming album, following "Say Something". The song, produced by Jermaine Dupri, has been described as a mid-tempo R&B ballad. Promos for it are being issued these days.

    Please note that the second single may end up being a different song, such was the case in "Charmbracelet" - "The One" was planned to follow "Through The Rain" and was later replaced by "Boy (I Need You)".

    Source: Shayne | Dino

    "Butterfly" - A Vital Pop Album // 2:55 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah Carey

    Columbia, 1997

    With her hypersonic wail, dewy-eyed platitudes, and accompanying deaf-dumb interpretive gestures, Mariah Carey was always a bit camp. But before 1997's Butterfly, we had no idea how fucking weird the woman was. Her sixth studio album came on the heels of her split from Tommy Mottola, who, to hear her tell it, shoved Mariah the b-girl and her music into the gray area that made her such a huge commercial success. The first seven years of Carey’s pop reign ingeniously and maniacally avoided commitment to one musical format, the philosophical and commercial epitome of the blurred soul that owned the first half (or make that all) of the 1990s.

    And blurry is how Carey appeared, at least early on, when what was most apparent about the woman's psyche was her work ethic (she averaged almost an album a year during the first half of the decade—an amazing feat compared to her diva counterparts). Mariah the workhorse, per the liner notes of her albums, was co-producing and writing most of her material. Maybe in a bid to be as inoffensive (hence, appealing) as possible, she sang little about the specifics of being herself and only occasionally let on about her supposed first love, R&B. 1995’s Daydream, though, could have been called Caterpillar, what with its pronounced sampling and beats that actually bounced. But it came with a catch: Carey’s over-emoting, her uncompromising voice that announced her music as primarily vocal and not the same equal-opportunity mesh of words and sounds that defines hip-hop-soul (looking at you and blowing kisses, Mary J.). But for someone whose mouth was always gaping, Carey was surprisingly tight-lipped, even when signing off Daydream with her version of a “fuck you” to the haters: “They’ll never know the real me.”

    Oh, but we’d get to see a whole lot more of Carey on Butterfly (the cleavage! the bellybutton!), an album obsessed with the notion of identity and carving one out for its central character. We’re greeted by Mariah the burgeoning hoochie moaning “Oh, oh,” as the album begins. Via “Honey,” Butterfly immediately presents itself as an awakening, both sensually (witness the elusive, cummy imagery: “And it’s just like honey/When your love comes over me/Oh baby I’ve got a dependency/Always strung out for another taste of your honey”) and musically (Sean then-“Puffy” Combs bases the track around samples of Treacherous 3’s “The Body Rock” and World Famous Supreme Team’s “Hey DJ,” while Q-Tip programs the spunky beats). Carey and her producers had sampled liberally before—1993's “Dreamlover” incorporated the Emotions’ “Blind Alley” as sweetly as possible while Daydream’s “Fantasy” unabashedly replicated Tom Tom Club’s “Genius Of Love.” Though the Bad Boy (and best) version of “Fantasy” featured the late Old Dirty Bastard, there was no mistaking the song for mom-friendly pop, thanks to Carey’s over-the-top belting (Combs wisely did away with the album version’s screechy chorus and replaced it with a melodic hook from “Genius”). “Honey” finds Carey cum-hungry (or something) in virgin territory, playing it cool (or, as cool as she can) for the kids and not worrying about what moms might think.

    But not for long. The title track reteams Mariah the injured with partner-in-schlock Walter Afanasieff, the man responsible for co-writing and co-producing much of her pre-Butterfly output (not to mention over half of Butterfly itself). The agonizingly slow “Butterfly,” with its predictably soaring chorus and if-it-comes-back-it-was-meant-to-be message, would have been ignorable tripe. Here, it's a show for the peeping. Echoes of her newly failed relationship with Mottola bounce off the gospelly song's cheap stained glass and then garble so that it sounds like some insane document of Stockholm Syndrome. “Blindly I imagined I could/Keep you under glass,” coos Carey, but surrounded is exactly how she felt by Mottola's iron fist (she has referred to the Bedford, New York mansion they shared as “Sing Sing” because that’s what she did there and prison is how it felt). She even goes beyond empathy—it’s as though Carey’s singing what her own self-professed eighth-grader spirit wants to hear: “Spread your wings and prepare to fly/For you have become a butterfly/Fly abandonedly into the sun.”

    It isn't just subject matter that elevates “Butterfly” above Carey's usual melodrama. Carey's vocal delivery and her willingness to experiment with it helped define the album, so it's only appropriate that its title track is the first of many to showcase Carey's much-debated “whisper voice.” The relatively high and thin register that she sings in when not belting (and that's often) is sometimes cited as a sign of a waning vocal prowess. But it could be the most important of Butterfly's changes, as it marks the first time that Mariah the vocalist seems consistently real. She's not a robodiva and she isn't even on autopilot. She's utterly soulful. We often think of guttural growling and belted vocal runs as the height of soulfulness (thanks, no doubt, to gospel's values, which gave us the notion of soul in the first place), but when Carey sounds almost hoarse and entirely heady, she's just about tangible.

    “Honey” and “Butterfly” together exemplify the abrupt gear shifting that appreciating Mariah the artist requires. Butterfly's pop brilliance doesn't always come easy, where detecting it depends on the audience's newfound ability to apply Carey's pop life to her pop music (the divorce shaded her in and put some real-life behind her on-record misery). Like very good camp, Butterfly requires work. Russ Meyer knew and Paul Verhoeven sometimes remembers that the most enthralling camp is that which doesn’t always announce itself as such (ahem, John Waters), but which alternately winks knowingly and blinks blindly at the consumers, awarding them the decision of what’s good, what's bad, and what's so-bad-it’s-good. Though Butterfly does a lot more blinking, there's a similar mechanism at work that’s actually inherent to all of Carey’s music, since all unbearable sappiness, to varying degrees, counteracts with her extremely listenable, extraordinary voice. Butterfly heightens the effect as Carey swings wildly between emotional extremes (cool and, to use one of a few ten-cent words Carey drops throughout the album, fervid), between mushy subject matter and specificity. Carey's means may not be as astute as those of Meyer and Verhoeven, but her end has the head-spinning effect that the aforementioned auteurs ideally achieve: entertainment by any means necessary.

    Butterfly is too eager to please for it to merely settle into guilty pleasuredom. Yes, it’s incredibly slow and the flutter turns to a crawl during the album’s final third, which becomes audacious with a how-slow-can-you-go cover of Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones” with Dru Hill. But a moderate pace more often suits Carey, who’s less prone to running (thematically and vocally) to the bigger picture during Butterfly’s wonderful middle. Little more than yearning, kissing, and remembering happens during the course of “The Roof,” a rough-enough R&B revision of Mobb Deep’s “The Shook Ones.” But lyrically Mariah the writer is vivid, sometimes shockingly clever (rhyming “liberated” with “Moet” is a stroke of genius).

    Butterfly peaks exactly where it should, with its sixth track, “Breakdown.” It’s the song of Carey’s career, where the lyrical strokes are as broad and obvious as they are naked. The song’s central question, “So what do you do when/Somebody you’re so devoted to/Suddenly just stops loving you?” is so naןve and bare, it’s almost as devastating as a child asking hard questions about death. The song finds Carey paired with half of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone. Mariah the chanter flawlessly adapts to their singsong style, largely boxing her multi-octave range into a sly, hypnotic melody so that when she really wails at the end, you really feel it. As with “The Roof,” Carey lunges toward musical maturity by embracing, not shunning hip-hop. This is the height of her elegance and maybe hip-hop-soul’s, too.

    The comedown after "Breakdown," and the last in the album's mid-game rally, is "Babydoll," Carey's sole stab at Timbaland-styled skitter balladry to date. No longer able to seem nonchalant about the breakup that surfaces repeatedly throughout the album, Carey wants to be smothered once again (“Wrap me up nice and tight/Love me all through the night”). And here Mariah the confessor explicitly reveals what post-“Honey” Butterfly lacks: “I wanna get intimate/But you're not within my reach.”

    A quiet storm album without the fucking, Butterfly is, above everything, idiosyncratic. Here, like never before, we're asked to take Carey for what she is: unabashedly chaste, but ultra femme; unrelentingly precious, but undeniably vulnerable. It’s this perceived waffling that makes Carey such a divisive pop artist (certainly the girliness doesn't help either, since femmephobia is perhaps the status quo's least-questioned fear). And it’s Mariah the inconsistent that makes Butterfly so ultimately fascinating and endearing. Viewing her character from a completely different angle on the album’s weepy last track, “Outside,” Carey observes that she’s “always somewhat out of place everywhere/Ambiguous/Without a sense of belonging to touch/Somewhere halfway/Feeling there’s no one completely the same.” Whether she's talking about her mixed-race heritage, her career, or both, it's the old Carey one-two, a seemingly unhappy ending fueled by the know-thyself philosophy that otherwise makes Butterfly joyous. As Carey's most bizarre moment of self-celebration, it's also a triumph, since it could only make sense coming from Mariah the person.

    Editor's Note: "Slant" is a respectable online magazine that has been compiling a list of 50 essential pop albums for awhile. "Butterfly" was added today with the above commentary by Rich Juzwiak. Its rating on the site is 4.5 stars.

    Source: Jason | Slant Magazine

    News Tidbits // 4:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    -- From Fox News: What's happened to pop-star manager Benny Medina? In the last few months he's lost both Monica and Brandy. He's even parted company with "American Idol" singer Justin Guarini. Now Ricky Martin has left Medina's stable, leaving J-Lo's former manager with just Mariah Carey. And even that relationship might not be so solid: Medina did not accompany Carey to P. Diddy's birthday bash last week.

    -- On the UK show X-factor, patterned a la Pop Idol, contestant Casey gave a rendition of Mariah’s Hero but did not cut it fairly close to the original. A dissatisfied judge Simon Cowell commented, “I don’t like when someone tries to sing a Mariah Carey song. I hate it when people try to outsing her. You will never outsing Mariah." Casey got the most votes on the show because she was first to secure the spot of not being voted off.

    -- VH1 ranked Mariah’s cover of Bringin’ On The Heartbreak as the 23rd Least Metal Moment. It said, “Mariah has metal vocals, but the video was bad because of the sunflowers.”

    -- Natalie requests all Australian fans to visit The Official Mariah Downunder Forums. She says, “We are currently running ‘Mission: Looking In’ which will be a gift to Mariah from Australian fans, all details can be found on the forums, and they also can check out our new look.” Click here to go directly to the “Mission: Looking In” thread.

    Source: Fox News | DJ | Scotty | Pat | Natalie

    Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard Dies // 4:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click to enlarge
    The rap artist O.D.B., whose utterly unique rhymes, wild lifestyle and incessant legal troubles made him one of the most vivid characters in hip-hop, collapsed and died inside a recording studio Saturday. He was 35.

    O.D.B. had complained of chest pains before collapsing at the Manhattan studio, and was dead by the time paramedics arrived, said Gabe Tesoriero, a spokesman for O.D.B.'s record label, Roc-a-Fella.

    Click here to read more on the untimely demise of O.D.B.

    We at Mariah Daily extend our deep and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Ol' Dirty Bastard.

    Source: Yahoo News

    Saturday, November 13 , 2004

    New Poll: Which new song are you dying to hear? // 5:41 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Please take a minute to cast your vote in our new poll which asks, "Based on their titles, which of the following new songs are you anticipating the most?"

    Our last poll asked, "Which magazine would you like to see Mariah on the cover of?" Here are the results:

  • 44% (1439 votes) Rolling Stone
  • 17% (547 votes) Vogue
  • 15% (488 votes) Vibe
  • 6% (210 votes) GQ
  • 6% (209 votes) Vanity Fair
  • 4% (122 votes) W
  • 3% (110 votes) Entertainment Weekly
  • 3% (93 votes) Marie Claire
  • 1% (44 votes) Harper's Bazaar
  • 1% (26 votes) Esquire
    Total Votes: 3288
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Jadakiss on Mariah and "U Make Me Wanna" // 5:27 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click here to view a video interview with Jadakiss where he talks about working with Mariah. Here's a rough transcript for those of you who can't watch the clip:

    "Mariah Carey got on the record 'cause I originally had a beat from Scott Storch that had Beyonce on it but all samples, clearances and all that, screw it… so and we happened to get somebody else but who better to get but the most selling female artist in history? MC, she came through and blessed the track for me. But I was already cool with her. You know, I did a song with her when I was on Bad Boy. I did another song with her that never came out off the Benjamins beat so you know, we got a good relationship. Big up to MC."

    “U Make Me Wanna” Chart Updates

  • According to Radioandrecords.com, “U Make Me Wanna” is the third most added song on CHR/Rhythmic radio format where it stands at #50, as well as on the Urban chart jumping up to #36 this week. These charts are based on the total amount of plays (spins) across the USA.

  • In the Philippines, “U Make Me Wanna” entered Magic 89.9's (#1 radio station in the country) weekly countdown at #26 last week. Last Monday, it entered the daily countdown at #10, and is currently at #5! On 99.5RT (one of the most influential radio stations in Manila), the song entered the Top 40 chart at #17.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: George | René | Francis | Rolling Stone

    N.O.R.E Favors Mariah Track // 5:17 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The following is an excerpt from an interview with rapper N.O.R.E, whose album "One Fan A Day" comes out on December:

    SixShot.com: What’s your favorite track on the album?
    NORE: My favorite track right now is this joint with Mariah Carey and Big Pun.

    Source: Sixshot | Heroes of Mariah

    Fan Projects: Christmas Book, Promotion Group, Support a Cause // 5:10 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Manuela at Love Mariah is creating a Christmas wishes book for Mariah. Click on the button below to read more information about it.

    -- George has created an MSN Group designed to help promote Mariah's new singles and albums. Click here to join the group.

    -- Courtney Levee has created a webpage to explain more about her battle with AT (Ataxia Telangiectasia). Please visit the webpage by clicking here.

    Source: Manuela | George | Courtney

    Mariah in Magazines - Week of November 22, 2004 // 5:00 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click to enlarge
    In Us Weekly, “Fashion Police: P. Diddy’s Birthday Bloopers”, page 96: "Guests rose to the occasion for his 35th with scary satins, frightening furs and, yes, wardrobe malfunctions! Us Fashion cop Matt Iseman says, “Never thought I’d say this, but it makes me long for the days of Glitter.”"

    Click to enlarge
    In InTouch Weekly, “Puffy’s biggest bash ever!”, page 23: “Mariah Carey looked like a princess in a Vera Wang gown with a long train. And the tiara was a royal touch!”

    Click to enlarge
    In People, “Birthday Boys”, page 70: "The invitation said P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City would be “fit for a king.” And how. Trumpeters, harpists and violinists heralded the arrival of guests, the rapper sat on a throne, and the Boys Choir of Harlem sang him “Happy Birthday.” The night before, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey hit a surprise dinner for P. Diddy."

    Click to enlarge
    In Entertainment Weekly, “You Had Me at Cello”, page 82: Excerpts from the article read, "...Vitamin Records has tapped that same symphonic spine with its String Quartet Tribute series, which takes rock music and puts it through an orchestral filter. Aimed at collectors, completists, and fans open to reworkings of their favorite songs, the Vitamin catalog includes 140 classically gassed homages to every three-chord wonder from Metallica to Darkness... The label recently gave late punk-folk singer Elliott Smith and R&B star Mariah Carey the string treatment, proving it's willing to salute any kind of music - or just about. "Rap music wouldn't work," [Vitamin president David] Haerle insists. Too bad. We were really looking forward to that string tribute to 50 Cent." Click on the thumbnail to read the full article.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Nevada

    Friday, November 12 , 2004

    FMQB: “Say Something”, a record to watch // 2:08 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey f/Snoop Dogg & Pharrell "Say Something"... Get ready for a change of style, substance and texture. If you’ve had the good fortune to get a sample of the new single from your Island rep…lucky you. We felt inspired after we heard Mariah’s forthcoming single. The production is way fresh and Mariah’s approach is just as refreshing. Carey's 10th album isn't due until March 2005, but some in the media are already predicting it's one of her best. If the new single, which drops at the end of the month, is any indication, Mariah should be back in Pop music’s prime time in no time!

    -- The Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB) has updated its Available For Airplay page and listed the following airplay schedule for “Say Something”:

    11/29 Mainstream
    Green Day, "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (Reprise)
    Mariah Carey f/Snoop Dogg & Pharrell, "Say Something" (MonarC/Island)

    11/29 Rhythm/Crossover
    Game f/50 Cent, "How We Do" (Aftermath/G-Unit/Interscope)
    Mariah Carey f/Snoop Dogg & Pharrell, "Say Something" (MonarC/Island)
    Tango, "Wobble and Shake It" (Virgin)


    Source: FMQB

    Mariah Scans // 2:08 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

    These are scans from recent issues of:

  • NY's NEXT magazine: "HER ALL. Mariah Carey popped by elmo last Friday for the joint birthday bash for Phil Hendricks (left), and Fly Life’s Carmen Cacciatore (right, with Tracy Cloherty)."

  • Dag Allemaal, a Belgian magazine: Short article about Mariah with some pictures from the Halloween party.

  • Chicago Red Eye: "Trend-setters. P. Diddy and Mariah Carey – fashion-forward as always."

  • Chicago Red Eye: "Mariah’s cool with Kanye. Mariah Carey is looking to add some Chicago flavor to her upcoming album. MTV reports that Carey rounded up a number of producers and stars – including Chicago’s Kanye West and R. Kelly – to add some spice to her album, which is set to drop in the spring. “The record is cool,” she said. “I’m happy with it.”"
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Amy | Elise | Aladerri

    News Tidbits // 2:08 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    From NY Daily News: For new fashion mag Suede's winter issue, four celebs get makeup makeovers, literally. Illustrator Jason Mecier used nothing but makeup (from bits of powder for skin to polish bottles and gloss applicators for hair) to create striking images of Rosario Dawson, Ashanti, Missy Elliott and Mariah Carey. Next to the images, readers can find recommendations for the best beauty products for their faces. Check it out on newsstands now.

    From Ask Men: Mariah Carey, who has managed to steer clear of the tabloids of late, is in the news because -- get this -- she's almost broke. When Virgin gave her $28 mil to "go away" in 2001, one would've thought that she'd be rolling in the dough, but oh no. Considering her $7,200 a day hairdresser and makeup artist, it's a wonder she has enough money to eat.

    Lucky for her, her 10th album, this time with Def Jam Records, is set for release in March 2005, and her first single, entitled "Say Something" features both Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg, who probably managed to double-team her before the video shoot.

    From The Cavalier Daily: One room of the exhibition housed a large and incredibly detailed piece called "Mulatto Nation," by Lezley Saar. Saar's life-size construction was set up like a gift shop, displaying items for sale that featured images of famous bi-racial celebrities, such as Mariah Carey and Sinbad. Items for "sale" included bumper stickers with provocative statements such as "Make Mulattos, Not War" and "Uppity Mulattos Unite." Abstract images and representations of the combination of whiteness and blackness also were included in the piece.

    From Boxing Talk: Lance Cpl. Elizabeth Quinones, United State Marine Corps, has been invited again by promoter Don King to sing the national anthem at his blockbuster heavyweight card Saturday night at the Garden. Quinones, whose musical accomplishments include singing in a gospel choir backing Mariah Carey.

    Source: Shayne | Mariah Daily

    Thursday, November 11 , 2004

    "U Make Me Wanna" debuts at #75 on Billboard! // 12:17 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    The artists in the last two slots of the top tier also debut new songs on the chart this week. Ja Rule moves 13-9 with "Wonderful" featuring R. Kelly and Ashanti and enters at No. 72 with "New York" featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Eminem's "Just Lose It" falls four spots to No. 10, but he makes up for it with the chart's top debut prize for "Encore" featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, which enters at No. 60.

    Also debuting this week are Ashanti's "Only You" (No. 63), Ludacris' "Get Back" (No. 66), Lloyd Banks' "Karma" featuring Avant (No. 71), Jadakiss' "U Make Me Wanna" featuring Mariah Carey (No. 75), Chevelle's "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" (No. 77) and Nas' "Bridging the Gap" featuring Olu Dara (No. 94).

    Click here to read the full article.

    Source: Billboard | Farshad | Dan N.

    New Song Titles & Release Dates // 12:16 PM EST Updated by Liron

    A new song written by Mariah & the Neptunes, titled "Tonight", presumably to be included on Mariah's upcoming album, has been added to the BMI Songs Database along with "Say Something" and "Yur Girl".

    Important Release Dates:

    "Say Something" Radio release (Rhythmic): November 30, 2004
    "Say Something" Radio release (Top 40): December 14, 2004
    Album release: March 1, 2005

    "Say Something" Commercial single release: February 7, 2005
    Album release: February 21, 2005

    Editor's Note: Please note that all of the release dates mentioned above are tentative and not officially confirmed.

    Source: Dino | MariahCarey.dk

    Mariah's multi-million dollar deal // 11:55 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Reports have been flying around about Mariah Carey's cash flow, but word is she is doing fine on the financial front.

    With her new single expected out in January and an album following, she's also been offered a lucrative multi-million dollar publishing deal with Universal, and she's rumoured to be appearing on the big screen once again, starring in a remake of the 1967 Bond spoof, Casino Royale.

    The Manhattan-based singer is also considering insuring her long legs for a big sum, according to an insider.

    "Mariah is 5ft 10ins and she often wears high heels to go about her daily business, so it is important that nothing happens to her legs," they added.

    Source: Yahoo! UK | Heroes of Mariah

    Mariah's Fashion Reviewed // 11:51 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Click to enlarge
    Big Gulp (E! Online)

    Clear the aisles! Make way for Mariah Carey's enormous lime chiffon ball gown and tulle wrap that swallow the entire red carpet at P. Diddy's Royal Birthday Ball. Looks like tiara-topped Mariah took Paris Hilton's Confessions of an Heiress advice: "People treat you differently when you wear jewelry on your head." Boy, do they ever. Rating: One Star. Click here to give a higher rating for Mariah.

    Undressed! (MSN)

    Mariah Scarey: In 1993, Mariah Carey had the fairy tale wedding every little girl dreams about, becoming Mrs. Tommy Mottola in a fit-for-a-princess Vera Wang gown and bejeweled tiara. Since the couple's 1998 divorce, the meltdown-prone songbird's love life has been bumpy, but it doesn't take a fairy godmother to figure out she's more than ready to take another stab at knot-tying. At her Halloween party this year, Mariah dressed up in a sexy, skimpy wedding dress, complete with veil and elbow-length gloves. At P. Diddy's "royal" birthday bash four days later, she made the scene in yet another bridal look, this time opting for a Cinderella-ish (well, if Cinderella was really into freshly squeezed cleavage) Vera Wang ball gown and bejeweled tiara that most definitely violates Diddy's directive to guests to "dress as you have never dressed before." Potential Prince Charmings take note: Unless you're prepared to commit -- and fast -- you'd better drop that glass slipper and run. Click here to give Mariah a higher rating.

    Source: Jeremy

    News Tidbits // 11:46 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- San Fransisco Examiner: It looks like Mariah Carey's money troubles are over. Earlier this week, we reported that Mariah was running low on cash, but now The Sun reports the singer has inked a multimillion dollar songwriting deal with Universal and used her first check to buy a home on the Mediterranean island of Capri.

    -- From The Sun: MARIAH CAREY has signed a multi-million- pound songwriting deal with Universal after claims she has spent her vast singing fortune. She’s already bought a £5million pad on the Isle of Capri. A pal said: “Mariah has loads of money.”

    -- From Vibe Online: Although her previous career setbacks would have had most entertainers claiming premature retirement, Mariah Carey is still on the grind. The lead single "Say Something" from her new untitled studio album will feature billboard staples Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg. According to Island Def Jam, a new Mariah product will be in stores on March 1. However, if this album fails to catch on with fans, we should expect to hear some retirement news in the near future.

    -- From SOHH.com: In related news, Nelly and Tim McGraw's collaboration, "Over and Over" has just jumped six positions to reach #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 chart. According to Billboard Monitor, the song has tied Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for the fastest rise to #1.

    -- From PRNewswire: "Over And Over" is Nelly's fourth No. 1 record which gives him the most by a male artist in the Top 40 format and ties him for most No. 1's overall with Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Alanis Morissette.

    -- From USA Today: The following is an excerpt from an interview with Shania Twain:

    Q: What one thing told you you had succeeded far beyond anything you had imagined?

    A: I think when I did the (VH1) Divas (in 1998 with Celine Dion (news), Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan (news) and Aretha Franklin). I was humbled by it. And I realized that, wow, if nothing ever happens, ever again in my career, this has really stamped some great level on success (for me).

    -- "It's Good To Be: Mariah Carey" will be aired on November 17th on SBS 6 in The Netherlands. They translated it to 'Rijk & Beroemd' which means "Rich & Famous."

    Source: Randy | Meindert | Nacho | Sergio

    Wednesday, November 10 , 2004

    "Say Something" to Premiere on AOL First Listen // 12:55 PM EST Updated by Liron

    "Say Something", Mariah's new upcoming single featuring Snoop Dogg, will premiere exclusively on AOL's "First Listen" on November 19th. Radio stations will get the song a week later with an official impact date on November 30th.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    "Say Something" Is A Killer Hit, says FMQB // 12:48 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Burke's Best Bet


    Hard to believe that Mariah Carey is preparing to drop her 10th album of a career that has seen its share of peaks and valleys. While there’s been more good than bad since her 1990 debut, MC sure has seen her share of bad press, which is what makes this record so interesting. The press is the one who is generating a buzz on Mariah as some key radio tastemakers are just getting their ears on a track that features Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. The Neptunes-produced track is just a sample of what’s reportedly some of Mariah’s best music in years, and if the early reports are to be believed, Carey’s new CD, due in March of 2005, could put her back in the Pop music spotlight. Carey has been laying low and it seems there is a new energy in the Carey camp with new management and a new executive overseeing her CD in Island/Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid, plus now fans get an early Christmas present with a new track that is fresh with a killer beat that is sure to if anything put Mariah back in play in a big way. BET ON IT!

    Source: Friday Morning Quarterback

    Tuesday, November 9 , 2004

    First Review of "Say Something" by Erik Bradley // 12:10 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Erik Bradley, Music Director at WBBM-FM/B-96 Chicago has kindly shared his input on Mariah's new song "Say Something" with us:

    ""Say Something" by Mariah, Snoop & Pharrell is going to be an instant mega-smash. Radio should be receiving it within the next few weeks and the new CD is tentatively scheduled for first quarter 2005. Everyone will be so stoked to hear the lead single - it is THAT good. I'm more than excited to have Mariah back on the radio, especially with a song that I truly believe is going to be such a major success for her. Early reviews from people that I trust have been stellar - many music industry insiders are calling this the project that brings Mariah back to the very top of the charts...we shall see but I certainly expect that to be the case!"

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Monday, November 8 , 2004

    December 6th - "Say Something" Hits the Airwaves and More Album News! // 3:36 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The Friday Morning Quarterback lists Mariah's upcoming single to be available for airplay on December 6th, 2004. The site displays the following details for the song:

    Mariah Carey f/Snoop Dogg, "Say Something" (MonarC/IDJMG)

    On All Access Music Group, the hot picks from Erik Bradley, programming director of B96 (radio station in Chicago) are listed as follows:

    WBBM/Chicago, IL
    APD/MD: Erik Bradley
    Destiny's Child "Soldier"
    Eminem "Encore"
    Lil Jon "What U Gon Do"
    Mariah Carey "Say Something"

    Erik has commented that he loves the song and Mariah's vocals are very strong on it. We hope to hear more from him soon.

    -- Universal Japan confirms the song titles "Shake 'Em Off" and "Can I Get Your Number" for Mariah's upcoming album.

    -- UK-Flava has published a series of articles regarding Mariah's recent and upcoming activities. No new information is given. Follow the links to read the full articles:

    - Not So Scarey Carey
    - Mega Rich Mariah Splashes Out
    - Mariah's Singles Plan Revealed
    - Mariah Carey Drops New Album (RWD)
    - Mariah Carey readies new material (Sound Generator)

    Source: Dino | FMQB

    Mariah Encourages Fan to Vote! // 3:22 PM EST Updated by Liron

    My Vote Didn’t Count – No, Seriously, It Didn’t Happen
    Dashed dreams of voting
    Commentary by Jessica Valadez,
    Nov 05, 2004

    It was back in June when I registered myself to vote. When a friend asked me if I wanted to register, I was not too thrilled about it. The question came up if I cared about voting and honestly my answer was no. I did register, but only because my friend was going to a Youth Voter conference and for every person they got to register, they would get $5. So, I wasn’t doing it for my future, the future of America or anyone else’s. I was doing it to help out a friend.

    It was around that time when I was Fahrenheit 9/11 and started realizing that President Bush wasn’t all I made him out to be. I thought a president knew how to run our country, that he cares about all Americans and would do what was best for us. I didn’t know our president was a money-hungry, oil-obsessed terrorist. Then towards the month of October I saw all this voting propaganda going around and it made me think twice about voting. When Puff Daddy started the “Vote or Die” campaign it hit me, all my favorite celebrities were encouraging teenagers in my age group to vote. I knew I absolutely had to go out and vote. When I saw Mariah Carey wearing the “Vote or Die” shirt – it was settled. Being a huge Mariah fan, I knew I had to go and support.

    But after I was ready, I had to wait a whole month to make my vote count. For sure, I was ready to vote and to set my ballot for Kerry. I did not want Bush running the country, because of Bush we are in this war. Thousands of innocent soldiers have died in action and people across seas are getting their heads chopped off.

    Then the week of voting came! I was ready. I am a legal citizen and of age for the first time, and this was my time to let my voice be heard. All my friends were hyped, people of all ages we talking about who they were going to vote for and it was all over the news, MTV and even on the community channel.

    As the days were getting closer, the registered voters were getting their ballot informational guides mailed out and I realized that I didn’t get one. Then again, I wasn’t too worried about it because they had to send these booklets out to millions of people. Then the days were numbering down and up to the day before the election, I still didn’t receive a damn thing! Maybe my name got lost in those millions of people. Then my friend broke it to me that he wasn’t sure if he did the registration right. Now, I have to wait a whole four more years to vote. By that time I’ll be 22. Hopefully, my vote will count then.

    Source: Jessica Valadez | Silicon Valley De-Bug

    News Tidbits // 3:10 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Thanks so much to everyone who voted for "Mariah Daily" and helped placing us at #38 and the highest rated Mariah site on the people's choice award at the 2004's "Digital Music Awards".

    -- "Merry Christmas" is #37 on Billboard's holiday album chart for this week.

    -- From The Boston Herald: BIRTHDAY FLOAT: You've got to love Mariah Carey, who went all out for P. Diddy's bash in a ballgown dress complete with train. We expected the tiara, but the full layered dress was a sight to behold. Even getting through the door must have been no small achievement.

    -- From The NY Daily News:Elsewhere at Combs' ball at 55 Wall St.: Mariah Carey, who was followed the whole night by an assistant with Handi Wipes to dab her face, tried to get the attention of "King Diddy" as he stood on his gold throne issuing proclamations through a microphone. After a few pulls on his jacket, His Diddyness finally descended from his perch to plant a kiss on the singer, who wore a tiara and long-trained Vera Wang gown.

    -- From The Seattle P-I: Who doesn't miss the NHL?

    This has been a miserable eight weeks -- worse than the dark autumn of 1993 when Fox aired "The Chevy Chase Show" -- and my therapist, a fellow hockey fan and Krispy Kreme aficionado, suggested I keep a journal of how I have filled all these empty nights so that one day I might better understand the hurt.

    Day 29. Like Mariah Carey once sang, "I can't live/If living is without the NHL/I can't give anymore/Can't live/If living is without the NHL."

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny

    Sunday, November 7 , 2004

    'Out of Cash' and Carey // 1:36 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Despite her whopping $50 million settlement to leave Virgin Records, Mariah Carey is said to be cash-strapped. "Mariah does not have a lot of cash left," said a source. "She got like $28 million after taxes, but went through a lot of it.

    "She has a hairdresser and make-up artist who she keeps on a regular basis and they cost like $8,000 a day. She won't leave her house for anything without getting her hair and make-up done."

    But at least Carey looks great - she stunned onlookers at her Halloween party at Cain and Sean Combs did a double-take when he saw her in a Vera Wang gown at his birthday party Thursday night.

    Another problem seems to be Carey's houses. "Mariah has houses all over and she redid her TriBeCa apartment last year and it was very expensive," we're told. "She just goes through money like water."

    Island Def Jam records publicity chief Laura Swanson denies Carey has any cash-flow problems, saying: "She wrote the majority of songs on every album and songwriting is a very lucrative business. I think renovating an apartment is just fine."

    In any event, word is that Carey's having an auditor look at all her expenses and review the books of her financial manager and her music manager, Benny Medina.

    "Nothing is wrong, she just wants to look at everything and make sure it's all in order," our source explains.

    Carey seems to still be happy with Medina, who showed up with her at Bungalow 8 last week. Later Carey, Medina and L.A. Reid went to Lure Fishbar for a late dinner. "She talks to them constantly," the source said.

    And she should - Medina and Reid have been hard at work creating her next album, set to hit shelves on March 1.

    Carey's first single, titled "Say Something," will drop at the end of the month and features Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. The number is produced by prolific hip-hop hit-makers the Neptunes.

    The album also has tunes produced by Janet Jackson's fiance, Jermaine Dupri, and Kanye West.

    "Mariah is getting ready to shoot the video for 'Say Something,'" Swanson said, "It is an amazing album that crosses all boundaries of R&B, hip hop and pop."

    Source: NY Post | Geoff

    Mariah's New Low // 1:18 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    After failing to achieve the comeback she craved, Mariah Carey is dangerously close to the edge.

    Her latest album was panned, she's fired her loyal manager as well as her publicist, and her so-called comeback album was barely even noticed. In fact, friends of Mariah Carey are so concerned for the singer's well-being that they think she may be teetering on the brink of breakdown number two.

    'Mariah is having another meltdown', one close friend admits. 'After all she's been through she thought she was set for a big comeback. But it's all gone wrong and she's spiralling back towards the "bad a place" that sent her to a mental ward a few years ago'.

    In 2001, she ended up in hospital following her divorce to music mogul Tommy Mottola in 1998. Mariah, now 34, appeared on 60 minutes in Australia, saying it helped her to have a better life. "Everything happens for a reason and it's a miracle I made it as long as I did through the difficult situations. It wasn't a nervous breakdown but it was definitely a breakdown emotionally and most definitely physically, because any time you go for 6 days without sleep your body's going to collapse."

    And things aren't looking good again. Her autobiographical movie Glitter flopped in 2002 along with her album Charmbracelet. Her love life has been in tatters since her marriage ended, and she has a reputation in Hollywood as being 'tough' and 'difficult'.

    Mariah's first album in 1990 was a record-breaking hit and fame has taken its toll. When she fired her loyal manager Jerry Blair and long-time publicist Cindy Berger, friends began to suspect the singer was beginning to 'lose the plot'. 'That was a huge mistake,' the friend says. 'Mariah's a handful. She's no walk in the park and does so many weird things that it's hard to come up with excuses for her behaviour. She's also known for being needy. She needs a publicist to hold her hand 25 hours a day'.

    Then Mariah replaced Jerry with Jennifer Lopez's former manager, the flamboyant Benny Medina. According to our course, the pair had a blow out last week that was so bad Mariah had to be carried out by bodyguards. 'Benny is used to divas but he has no idea how to handle Mariah. She says what she wants, does what she wants and won't keep her big mouth shut'. 'Everyone's scared that these latest setbacks will put her back into hospital again'.

    *This article appears in the current edition of the Australian magazine, New Idea. For those who want to respond to this article, you can write to New Idea at newidea@pacpubs.com.au

    Source: Jordan | Dean

    Saturday, November 6 , 2004

    Mariah in Magazines - Week of November 15, 2004 // 4:41 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click to enlarge
    In People, Costume Drama, page 167: Host Mariah Carey arrived at her own Manhattan soiree at 1 a.m., not to strains of “Here Comes the Bride” but to her hit “Fantasy.” Held at hot, new South African-themed club Cain (it sports a zebra-skin bar and jungle noises in the loo), the party drew Pharrell Williams and one gutsy guest dressed as a faux Mariah.

    Click to enlarge
    In Us Weekly, Who Is Hollywood’s Real Bridget Jones? These singleton sensations have had v.v. bad luck with the blokes!, page 67: Us asked 100 women in NYC’s Times Square: Which star is most like Bridget Jones? Mariah Carey, 34: Romantic history – following a five-year union with older music-mogul boss Tommy Mottola (v. rich), Carey was linked with New York Yankee Derek Jeter and Vin Diesel. Bridget-esque moment - Two years after divorcing Carey, Mottola married singer Thali (a mini-Mariah). Grr. What she has said about love - “Very few people [have] been in my bedroom.” The poll results show Nicole Kidman as the most Bridget-esque with 31% of the total votes, followed by Sandra Bullock with 25%, and Mariah coming in at 3rd with 21%.

    Click to enlarge
    In InTouch Weekly, Up Close: One Crazy Night!, page 6: Mariah threw a star-studded bash at the new New York hotspot Cain, and she made sure everyone knew she was the guest of honor in a micromini bridal gown.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    New High Quality Pictures // 3:29 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on the thumbnails below to view large-scale photos of Mariah at recent events: Halloween Party (Oct. 31), P. Diddy's Surprise Party (Nov. 3) and P. Diddy's "Royal Birthday Bash" (Nov. 4).


    Source: Adi | Nicole-Richie.org

    P. Diddy Birthday(s) Reports // 2:32 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Click to enlarge
    -- From People Online: Birthday Presence: Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey compete for best head tilt at a surprise party for P. Diddy on Wednesday, a day before his official New York City bash.

    -- From MTV News: Thirty-five was live. After attending the New York premiere of Jay-Z's "Fade to Black" film at the Ziegfeld Theater, P. Diddy celebrated his 35th birthday with a party at Cipriani's in lower Manhattan. Usher, Mariah Carey and Clive Davis all helped P.D. party.

    -- From The Miami Herald: Pop diva Mariah Carey looked like she was ready to take a stroll down the aisle, in a white Vera Wang gown and tiara.

    -- From Fox News: Mariah Carey came in a white Vera Wang wedding dress with flowing tulle and sported a diamond tiara. Universal Music Group chief Doug Morris, with Island/Def Jam's L.A. Reid, kept an eye on Mariah and on the enormous cost of the party.

    -- From The Mirror: Mariah Carey, who finished her new album last week, thought it was a "bride" idea to wear a Vera Wang-designed meringue to the do. She wore a tacky bridal number at a Halloween bash, too. Scary.

    Source: --

    Filipino Lamb Reunion // 2:04 AM EST Updated by Liron

    "To commemorate the anniversary of Mariah's first ever concert in the Philippines last November 16, 2003, there will be a Filipino Lamb Reunion at the Sm Megamall this coming Saturday November 13, 2004. We will meet at 1:30 PM sharp before moving on to the booked KTV. Those who will come will be given MC related items. Those interested in participating please email tynnmariah@yahoo.com or text 09175048058."

    Source: Cyril

    Friday, November 5 , 2004

    More Pictures of Princess Mariah! // 7:28 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Here are some more pictures from P. Diddy's "Royal Birthday Ball" last night at Cipriani's in NYC.

    More pictures can be seen over at Rex Features and Wireimages.

    Source: Shayne | Elise | Adi | Kyle

    Mariah Sends Thank You Letter to Jae Marie & The MC Fan Association // 7:05 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Click to enlarge
    Mariah has sent Jae a card, thanking her and everyone else who contributed to the donation that was sent on behalf of Mariah's father to the American cancer society. Jae, the organizer of the project, scanned the card and this is what it says:

    "To Jae Marie and the Mariah Carey Fan Association,

    Thank you so much for your extremely generous donation to the American Cancer Society on behalf of my father, Alfred-Roy Carey.

    I am truly blessed to have such thoughtful and kind hearted fans. I know my father would be very honoured.

    Lots of love,


    Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the photo.

    Source: Jae Marie

    Mariah Featured on the Baby Ree Mixtape // 6:40 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Official Press Release:

    (Los Angeles, CA: November 4, 2004) Damizza Presents: The Baby Ree Mix Tape volume 3 hosted by platinum artists Mariah Carey, Ice Cube, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Young Buck, DJ Quik, Ashanti, Fat Joe, Nate Dogg, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Mack 10, TQ & Sly Boogy. “This time, I'm going to let the music speak for itself”, says multi-platinum producer Damizza (Mariah Carey, Westside Connection, Snoop Dogg), who oversaw and produced the majority of beats on the mix tape (with additional production from Scott Storch, DJ Quik and up-and-coming beatsmith Bear), which showcases the next wave of West Coast hip-hop talent.

    Baby Ree continues to brand itself as the leader in the mixtape scene. Coming off volume two of the Damizza presents series, which was hosted by world famous model and actress Pamela Anderson, Baby Ree brings fresh new concepts and hot music to the streets across the country. Power 106's Big Syphe and Eric D-Lux mixed the mixtape that includes new music by Mariah Carey, Korn, Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn'Al, Butch Cassidy, DJ Quik, Titus Fu*k, Stacee Adamz, Kurupt, Tristar, Nate Dogg and Fat Joe.

    For more information how to get a free copy of Damizza Presents: The Baby Ree Mix Tape Vol 3 visit Babyree.com

    Source: Baby Ree Productions/P3 Entertainment

    WiseGirls on Israeli DVD and Latin America's TV // 6:37 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- The Israeli edition of "WiseGirls" ("Na'arot Mavrikot") with Hebrew subtitles is now available on local Video/DVD stores for rent. Next month, it will be available for purchasing as well. The DVD was released by Globus United.

    -- Fans in Latin America can catch "WiseGirls" ("Implicadas con la Mafia") on the following schedule:

    Channel: MovieCity Este (LatAmérica)
    Nov 05 - 02:20 PM
    Nov 06 - 04:05 AM
    Nov 18 - 02:20 AM
    Nov 30 - 10:45 PM
    (All times in local Venezuelan time)

    Source: Omer | Lo Mejor de Mariah Carey

    Princess Mariah // 4:10 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click to enlarge
    Big thanks to Lani for providing us with the "very first" picture of Mariah as she arrives at Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' birthday party at Cipriani's restaurant last night. Mariah donned a light green chiffon gown with a long train and a tiara - looking every inch a princess! According to Lani, three people helped carry the back of the dress so it would not hit the wet ground. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

    Source: Lani | Mariah Daily

    Thursday, November 4 , 2004

    Mariah at P. Diddy's Surprise Birthday Party // 12:16 PM EST Updated by Liron

    While Sean "P. Diddy" Combs planned to celebrate his 35th birthday on Thursday with an A-list, ultra-exclusive, all-night party at NYC's Cipriani's restaurant, his friends had other plans for him.

    Last night, at a private location in NYC, friends held a surprise birthday party for P. Diddy. Among those who attended were Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell, Blu Cantrell and Steve Stoute.

    Click on the thumbnails below to see more pictures from the event.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Scram Jones Talks About Mariah Experiences // 11:59 AM EST Updated by Liron

    BallerStatus.net: You've worked with everyone from up-and-coming cats like Saigon to better known acts like Terror Squad. What are some memorable studio sessions you've had, and who are you working with now?

    Scram Jones: When it comes to the underground cats or artists that haven't been signed, most of those sessions are right at my crib. They're just informal sessions, we just kick it. I go to N.O.R.E.'s studio too, and that's where I met Mariah Carey and got something on her album. I recorded there with Beanie Sigel, that was a memorable time. He had all these constraints; he had to spend a lot of time, he couldn't be around weed and all that, with the whole thing he was going through. So we're in one room, smoking and chillin', and he was in another room writing to the beat. But he wasn't really writing, he was just listening to the beat and basically writing in his head, he didn't have a pad and pen. About half an hour or 20 minutes later, he said, "I was ready," and we knocked out a song for his album. That was pretty ill, that was pretty memorable.

    Another time, Mariah Carey and Damon Dash walked in, and I'm working the boards, and I'm thinking, "I've got my beat CD right here (laughs)." So I'm popping that in and going through the tracks, and one of them grabbed Mariah's ear. I grabbed the connects up and sent her the music; and she actually picked something else off of the CD, not even the one that she liked (before). That was a historical moment for me.

    Source: BallerStatus

    Mariah Returns N.O.R.E a Favor // 11:56 AM EST Updated by Liron

    N.O.R.E.'s album "One Fan a Day" (due December 21) features production from the Neptunes, Timbaland, SPK and Midi Mafia, among others. The album features guest artists Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and the Young Gunz's Chris. It also includes an unreleased verse from N.O.R.E.'s good friend Big Pun.

    "Pun was my man," N.O.R.E. said of the late MC. "When I entered the rap game I never wanted to make friends. I was the dude who would sit in the corner with the ice grill and wouldn't say anything to anybody. Pun was the first dude to make me break out of that. Pun embraced me like I was his brother.

    "I did a record with Mariah Carey [for her album], and I told her, 'I just want you to do a record back,' " he continued. "I asked her if she was a fan of Pun's, and she said she was. So I told her to think like he was still alive. I told her to think of [Pun's] 'It's So Hard' and 'I'm Not a Player.' I wouldn't send her the Pun vocals, so she laid a chorus without me sending her the Pun vocals. I know she was mad at me, but she laced it. The world is going to love it."

    Source: MTV News

    News Tidbits // 11:54 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- From Seacoastonline: November 16 DVD Releases: Sony ports several catalog VHS video titles over to the DVD medium, including Mariah Carey’s "Fantasy: At Madison Square Garden," Kenny Loggins "Live from the Grand Canyon," Fishbone’s "The Reality of My Surroundings" and Indigo Girls’ "Live at the Uptown Lounge."

    -- From The Rocky Mountain Collegian: I love the holidays. I love the warmth and kindness they bring. I love that the holiday season disguises itself as an excuse to eat, shop, drink and socialize, and even though that is not what it is all about, it's still pretty fun.

    I love giving gifts and receiving cards filled with pictures and those updates I never read. I love the music; and despite the fact that it's a little ridiculous how early it actually starts playing, I will admit that I look forward to belting out Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas."

    -- The Holiday section of "Itunes" is back, and just like last year, Mariah is at #1 with "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Merry Christmas is a featured CD on the top of the Holiday section and is #6 of the holiday albums.

    -- From The Manila Bulletin Online:The stature of Dice and K9 now weighs in gold; that is, a Gold Record Award they just clinched for their "Mobbstarr" album on strength of the mammoth hit single, "Itsumo!"

    We recently spoke with Hi-C and uncovered what was, is and will be for Dice and K9:

    Why don’t you just request CD from Warner Music (their record company)?

    "We did! I requested for a Madonna CD kaso di pa nabibigay. (laughs) I’m a closet Madonna and Mariah Carey fan. Before I met Dice, I was into pop. Panay mga Mariah Carey ang kinakanta ko. Sayang nga lang at di gaanong bagay sa boses ko but her songs are what I used to sing during high school."

    Source: Robbie

    Wednesday, November 3 , 2004

    Mariah's Halloween Party // 3:33 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Here are some pictures of Mariah with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie at her Halloween party. Click each of the thumbnails below for a larger, full-scale view.

    -- From The Daily Record: It wasn't the most frightening costume, but Mariah Carey's bridalwear got them talking at her annual Halloween bash.

    The singer stunned New York's Club Kane by arriving in just sexy white undies and a wedding veil.

    But she was almost outdone by rapper P Diddy. Outside the club, he leapt on the roof of his Rolls-Royce dressed as a gladiator and waving a sword.

    Source: Katie | Nicole-Richie.org

    "U Make Me Wanna" chart updates from around the world // 3:32 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    From the Philippines: "U Make Me Wanna" has impacted 99.5 RT, one of the top and most listened to FM radio stations in the Philippines. This new track from Jadakiss and Mariah was their last week's Hot Track and claimed to be the most requested song. As of October 30th, the song has finally entered the RT40 Countdown where it landed in an impressive #17 position.

    You can vote for this song by text, key-in RT U Make Me Wanna and send to 2299, by phone at 633-8149 or through its website at http://www.995rt.fm/.

    From South Africa: "U Make Me Wanna" climbs 2 spots on the Metro FM International Top 40. The single, which debuted at Number 37 two weeks ago, was the chart's greatest gainer a week ago where it bulleted up 16 places to 21. The single now enters the Top 20 at Number 19. Metro FM is South Africa's largest Urban Radio Station with approximately 3.2 million listeners.

    Catch the countdown live every Saturday between 9am and 12pm South African time. Starting November 5, 2004, the station will be launching a link to listen live. So if you can, visit Metrofm.co.za.

    Source: PMCF | Zane Alley

    Oops! // 3:32 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    When asked the question: most embarrassing moment? Freddie Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles receiver, had this to say: "I was in Beverly Hills, eating at Mr. Chow with a tableful of friends, and I thought Mariah Carey was looking at me. I kind of made a move at her. Then the waiter let me know that she was really looking at the guy behind me."

    Source: Sports Illustrated | Rima

    Tuesday, November 2 , 2004

    Mariah explains sultry bridal dress // 7:16 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey tells pals she never felt sexy at her wedding to Tommy Mottola back in 1993, so she became a bride again on Sunday night, this time in a sultry dress reminiscent of the one in Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video.

    Carey swanned into her Halloween bash at Cain as Sean Combs, dressed as a gladiator, jumped on top of his Rolls-Royce screaming, "Vote or die!" Then he lifted up his gladiator tunic and flashed several photographers.

    Source: NY Post | Rima

    Monday, November 1 , 2004

    Mariah at Jay Z's Concert // 3:21 PM EST Updated by Liron

    As you know, Mariah paid a visit to Jay-Z's concert at the Madison Square Garden on Saturday, October 30th. Click on the thumbnail below to see a large version of the photo that was taken during Mariah's performance of the song "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes and Spliff Starr.

    Click here to see some more new pictures of Mariah, taken at her Halloween party. Guests included P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Andre Harrell.

    Source: gregtheone | MTV

    With Help From Kanye, R. Kelly, Snoop, Mariah Readies New LP (Now with Video Link) // 9:33 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah Carey's got more men than she knows what to do with — working on her upcoming record, that is. So far, the singer has enlisted a host of top rappers, R&B stars and producers for the project, now slated for a spring release.

    When asked about the album recently, Carey responded coyly: "Oh, you don't want to hear about that now. You can just wait. No, the record is cool. I'm happy with it. We got ballads, we got uptempos, we got a lot of things."

    So far, Carey has collaborated with Kanye West, R. Kelly, N.O.R.E., Jermaine Dupri, Swizz Beatz, James Poyser, Randy Jackson and, most recently, the Neptunes and Snoop Dogg. "I just did two records with the Neptunes, and one with me, Snoop and Pharrell," she said.

    Jermaine Dupri worked with her recently as well, putting what he calls the "JD bounce" on a track called "Shake 'Em Off" and then stepping out of the producer's chair to duet with Carey on a song called "Can I Get Your Number." "Mariah is singing unlike we've heard her in a while," Dupri said. "Sh-- is hot."

    N.O.R.E. concurred, saying that after he worked with the singer for her album, he immediately enlisted her services for his own forthcoming LP, One Fan a Day, due out December 21. One of his tracks — at first tentatively called "Friends" and now currently without a title — features a previously unreleased verse from the late Big Punisher. Carey, however, didn't have the benefit of hearing that verse before she came up with the chorus.

    "I told her to think like Pun was still alive," N.O.R.E. said. "I told her to think of [Pun's] 'It's So Hard' and 'I'm Not a Player.' I know she was mad at me [because she didn't get to hear it], but I know the world is going to love it."

    Yet another collaboration — this time with Scott Storch — was just as fruitful, but for someone else's album. Hearing a beat Storch made for Jadakiss' single "U Make Me Wanna" made Carey wanna ... be on the song.

    "I was just like, 'This is hot tamale. We need to do this together,' " she said. "And then we went into the studio, and basically they had the 'La-La-La' part, and I started singing 'K-i-s-s me' because I was thinking of his name ..."

    "She made it a hit," Jadakiss interrupted.

    "No, I'm not trying to take no credit," Carey continued. "It's just that it was cute, so I started singing it, and they decided to make it the hook of the song, and then it came to be."

    Now that she's softened up Jada's single, she's eager to have the rapper return the favor.

    "When are you going to get some Kiss vocals on there?" the rapper asked her.

    "I have a nice track that I would love for you to be on," Carey told him. "It's a Swizz Beatz record that's hot tamale, and we need you on it."

    "No doubt. It's a done deal," Jadakiss said. "And I heard it first."

    Since Carey's album is still in progress, it hasn't been determined which, if any, of Carey's pairings will make the final cut, her label rep noted.

    Video: Click here to see a short video titled "Mariah invites Jadakiss to be on her new record."

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah & P. Diddy Celebrating in NYC // 9:30 AM EST Updated by Liron

    -- From Hello Magazine: Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party has become something of an institution on the Big Apple social scene and despite recently becoming a mum, the model is clearly as enthusiastic about the holiday as ever.

    The catwalk stunner was almost unrecognisable in a sizzling red wig and fangs as she partied alongside boyfriend Seal, darkly handsome in Phantom Of The Opera garb.

    Heidi, who spends months working on her costume, had obviously put as much thought into her get up as she did last year when she spent several hours getting her teeth gold plated to help transform her into an alien. In the past she has dressed as everything from Lady Godiva to Betty Boop.

    After making such an effort herself, Heidi is determined to ensure her guests do, too. "I'm very strict," she admits. "If you don't wear a costume it ruins everything. But people need to get crazy, with fantastic costumes. Putting on a clown nose and a funny hat is not enough."

    Not surprising then that guests such as Mariah Carey, who wore perhaps the world's skimpiest bridal outfit, and P Diddy – a masked centurion – had gone all out on their own fancy dress.

    Also joining in the fun were reclusive Versace heiress Allegra, Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton.

    -- From The Mirror: The hip-hop star is throwing a party at swanky bar Cipriani in New York next month to celebrate his 35th and guests, including Bruce Willis and Mariah Carey, are said to have received the following invitation...

    "Throw caution, conservatism and trend to the wind. You must show your assets. Be a style icon. Dress as you have never dressed before. Marvel in the spectacle that is fashion.

    "Your code of dress shall begin with silk, velvet and other luxurious fabrics and end beautifully in hand-tailored suits and gorgeous dresses flown in from the fashion houses of Paris."

    Right. So it's smart casual, then?

    Source: Mariah Daily

    New "Mariahdownunder" Forums // 9:25 AM EST Updated by Liron

    The Official Mariahdownunder Forum for the Australian Mariah fans community has changed its address and is now located here.

    They are inviting anybody from Australia or its surrounding nations to join in an active board which has a great atmosphere and lots of great people.

    Source: Ross

    Support a Mariah Fan // 9:21 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Courtney Levee, a big Mariah fan who is diagnosed with A-T has written the following note. Lets all support a Mariah fan and a good cause at the same time!

    "Dear Friends and Family,

    On January 9, 2005, my parents will be participating in the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon as part of the Marathon A-TEAM - a group of runners, walkers and joggers who are raising money to support the A-T Children's Project whose mission is to find a cure and life-improving therapies for ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T).

    You can help us in our fight against ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) by making a donation now and emailing this page to your friends.

    Thank you,

    Click here for more information.

    Source: Courtney Levee

    Lamb Tribute Project - Update // 9:15 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Chris has sent us the following update regarding his project:

    "Thank you to everyone who has participated in this project so far! However, I still need more Mariah fans to participate. Remember I will be sending this tribute video to mariah.

    If you still would like to participate in the video please send me the following materials:

    1. Why you love Mariah Carey so much.
    2. Your Favorite 5 Mariah songs and Why.
    3. (optional) A picture of you.
    4. (optional) A short 20 sec video clip of telling Mariah why you love her so much.

    Please send all Materials to Lambtribute@yahoo.com.
    You can also contact me there for more information on the project!

    Thank you again, Chris"

    Source: Chris Parker

    Mariah says "I Do" for Halloween // 4:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Here are photos of Mariah Carey as she arrives at her Halloween party at Cain, October 31, 2004 in New York City. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Getty Images | Rima

    A monster hit for Mariah's new album? // 1:23 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey is out and about, looking good and looking confident. (At Usher's birthday party, she huddled and danced with Denzel Washington for most of the night.) Carey, who has seen her stock rise and fall, and then rise again, is said to have a monster hit with her new album from Island/Def Jam Records. And she hasn't even finished recording it yet! First listeners say it is "the strongest album of Mariah's career." In a career that has seen some stratospheric highs, that's saying a lot.

    The label's big honcho, LA Reid, has worked closely with Mariah on this effort, as has producer Jermaine Dupri, who has a current hit with Usher and Alicia Keys.

    I wish all the best for Mariah, a girl who has had her share of problems but who is, I think, essentially a young woman to whom fame — in the person of career-molder Tommy Mottola — came too fast and too furious. Her 1994 Christmas album remains constantly in my CD player during the holiday season. It is my favorite Mariah recording. (Her "O' Holy Night" is stupendous.)

    Source: New York Post | Rima