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January-March 2007
Mariah is on the set filming for her upcoming film Tennessee

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Exclusive perfume release

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State Property 2
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101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment
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Death of a Dynasty
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March 2007
Playboy Magazine (cover).


Mariah Daily Poll
What are you excited about most for Mariah's upcoming film Tennessee?

1. Her acting as the country girl Krystal Evans
2. Her upcoming duet with Willie Nelson
3. Hearing her southern accent!
4. Mariah playing guitar in the film

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Wednesday, February 28 , 2007

Mariah to Perform at Nashville's Club Lyrix? // 3:58 PM EST Updated by Maggie

A user on Pulse message boards writes that Mariah is scheduled to make a "surprise appearance" at the Nashville Club Lyrix on Thursday, March 1st.

The bar is described as:
"Perched on a hill near LP Field, the round room at this family-owned bar lends a cozy vibe among its indigo walls and pitched roof. Floor-to-ceiling windows opposite the oak bar offer sweeping views of downtown, but the biggest draw here is music. Three weekday songwriters' nights and bands on the weekends attract young songwriters in baseball caps toting guitars and middle-aged couples in Wranglers and cowboy hats to the low tables before a small stage."

Fans interested in seeing if Mariah will perform can find the bar:
94 Peabody St
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 734-6426


Source: robbie23 | tl2mc | Nashville Music News

Mariah Carey: "I Can Only Sell My Lavish Home to a True Star" // 1:08 PM EST Updated by Maggie

Mariah Carey would only sell her lavish apartment to another diva. The singer, who lives in a 12,000sq ft three-floor New York apartment, says only a true star could live in such plush surroundings.

Mariah insisted to Britain's Hello magazine: "If anyone ever buys this place, they had better be a diva or they can't live here."

The 'Glitter' star recently confessed she has four clothes closets in the apartment.

Mariah, who showed off her property on popular MTV show 'Cribs', revealed there was more storage space that the viewers didn't see.

She said: "I have four closets if you count storage. I live on three floors of a block in Tribeca, so I have space.

"There's one for lingerie, a shoe closet I designed with the architect Mario Buatta, and a pretty area for clothes with moving wardrobes and a bunch of shelves where I do fittings with stylists.

"The closets are a big part of my life, it sounds obsessive - but they are pretty fabulous."

Source: The Post Chronicle

Tuesday, February 27 , 2007

Tennessee: Details from the Set // 8:47 PM EST Updated by Maggie

A Tennessee native shares with us some information about Mariah's filming in Tennessee, where Mariah was filming near his hometown. She apparently left today, rather than staying until Wednesday. Here are some tidbits:

  • Mariah stayed the first night in Pikeville, TN at the Fall Creek Falls State Park Inn, but left and stayed the next night on her tour bus at a the campsite because of an odor in the room.
  • On Monday 2/26, Mariah filmed in Dunlap, TN at the high school football field. On the way back, around dusk, her bus stopped and looked at a deer standing in a field nearby.
  • Mariah's bus was tan and black, and she had about 15 people with her on the set.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey Says She's in No Rush To Have Kids // 1:07 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey is "more or less" in a relationship right now, she reveals in a new interview – but doesn't name her beau, saying: "I don't talk about that anymore."

    The 37-year-old singer does reflect on her ill-fated marriage to Tommy Mottola, telling Hello! magazine, "If I could go back again, I wouldn't do it."

    Mottola – the former Sony Music boss who discovered Carey – split with the singer in 1997, after nearly four years of marriage.

    Carey has also dated baseball star Derek Jeter and rapper Eminem, who in November blasted her on his "uncensored hip-hop channel" for denying they dated.

    So, will Carey get married again? "We'll see," she answers.

    The Grammy-winning singer also says she's not in any rush to have children. "What I want is to have children in a good way, with the right husband, with the right family life."

    Asked if that means she'd only have children if she were married, "I think so," she says. "But who knows? Five years from now I might get hysterical and say, 'I have to have kids!' But I don't think so."

    Source: People.com

    Download: Oprah's Leadership Academy // 10:40 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Last night, footage from Oprah's trip to South Africa to open a Leadership Academy was aired during the Building a Dream Special. Mariah was briefly shown presenting Oprah with a book for her school and hugging school childen.

    Below are clips of Mariah's footage, but video only (no audio at the moment). Many thanks to Moony for this footage!


  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Moony

    Mariah Arrives in Tennessee // 1:09 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    A crew member tells Mariah Daily that Mariah arrived in Tennessee on Sunday night around 2:30 AM. She will film in the area until Wednesday.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Monday, February 26 , 2007

    Mariah Carey Plays Waitress in Tennessee // 2:45 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Pop diva Mariah Carey is playing a waitress in a new film produced by Lee Daniels of Monster's Ball fame.

    Tennessee will be the third film the Grammy-winner has made, following her debut in Glitter in 2001.

    The film, in which she played singer Billie Frank, flopped at the box office.

    The 36-year-old, who also played a waitress in the independent film Wise Girls, joins two men as they search for their father after one discovers he has cancer.

    Speaking about the film, the singer said: "It is a complete departure for me. It's a great role for me to play and it's totally different from my persona."

    Carey says that if it wasn't for Wise Girls she wouldn't have been chosen for the role. "Lee Daniels saw Wise Girls at Sundance (film festival) and we knew each other sort of and it all came together," she said.

    "He (Lee) is a creative genius. He is a risk taker but I feel safe. The script was amazing.

    "All three (characters) find their way in the end. It will hopefully come out in the fall."

    The film is being shot in New Mexico and filming is expected to finish by the end of March.

    Source: Yahoo! UK & Ireland

    Mariah Daily Poll Results // 12:05 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Thank you to everyone who voted in our last poll, Are you in favor of Mariah appearing (clothed) on Playboy? Here are the results:

    Are you in favor of Mariah appearing (clothed) on Playboy?

  • Yes - Mariah can do whatever she wants! 57% (4545)
  • Maybe - It depends if it's tastefully done 20% (1583)
  • No - Playboy is degrading! 23% (1836)

    Make sure you vote on our new poll!

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Sunday, February 25 , 2007

    Mariah Carey Filming in Tennessee // 11:40 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey will be in town this week filming the independent movie Tennessee. She's picked up a Southern drawl to play a waitress/ singer who flees her controlling husband to join two brothers on their journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to locate their estranged father. Lance Reddick plays her husband; Ethan Peck (Gregory's grandson) and Adam Rothenberg play the brothers.

    "It's not about my character, but she has an important part of the story without the whole thing resting on my shoulders," Mariah tells MTV News. (You may recall she was crucified by the press for her starring role in Glitter.) "Plus, I'll be able to get up and go to work and be somebody else for the day, and we like that because sometimes you just need to get away."

    She's writing a song with Willie Nelson for the project, which is directed by Aaron Woodley and produced by Lee Daniels of Monster's Ball.

    Diva Mariah balked at the movie's low-budget constraints, which require her to fly economy class. Writes Liz Smith: "Mariah had the last laugh. She did it. She bought out every seat in economy and flew alone in the economy cabin."

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Mariah denied the rumor regarding her buying an entire economy-class cabin to MTV]

    Source: Tennessean.com

    Saturday, February 24 , 2007

    Tennessee Cast Update // 4:01 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    The Tennessee page on IMDB.com has been updated with new cast members.

    The main cast is now listed as:

    Adam Rothenberg ... Carter
    Ethan Peck ... Ellis
    Mariah Carey ... Krystal
    Lance Reddick ... Frank
    Ryan Lynn ... Carter - age 18
    Michele Harris ... Karen
    Bill Sage ... Roy

    More minor cast members seem to have been added as well:

    Dylan Kenin ... Boyfriend
    Jerry Biggs ... Manager
    Robyn Reede ... Darlene

    Shooting has completed in New Mexico and is scheduled to to go to Nashville and Memphis through the end of March. Keep checking back for more updates!

    Source: IMDB.com

    Mariah Looking to Buy a Flat in London // 2:48 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey is the latest diva to sign a mega deal with a fashion giant - she's now the new face of Pinko. On the subject of size zero fashion models, Mariah balked at the issue and told me she had no idea why girls would want to look like that.

    The multi-octave diva also let it slip that she was looking to buy a London flat in the heart of Knightsbridge. Her reason? "Well, a girl loves to shop," she told me.

    Mariah was viewing properties up to the value of £8 million, but stipulated: "They must have high ceilings so that I can practice my vocals."

    Source: Sky Showbiz | Simona

    Thursday, February 22 , 2007

    Mariah Wishes Hong Kong Fans a Happy New Year // 3:16 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    An interviewer from the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily got a chance to speak to Mariah at the Pinko photo call in London. The interviewer asked if she could wish fans a Happy New Chinese Year.

    In the interview, Mariah said she felt disappointed she had to cancel her Hong Kong concerts, and always loves to meet fans wherever they are. She asked the interviewer to write "love" in Chinese characters, and signed a nice note for fans. Thanks to star521 for this scan!

    "To Apple Daily Readers --
    Kung hei fat choy!
    Mariah Carey
    Best wishes fo the new year!"

    Source: Apple Daily | star521

    Download: Mariah Interviewed by Metro // 12:34 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah was interviewed at the Pinko Photo Call by Metro. Below is a download of the video; many thanks to Moony!

    [METRO: Mariah Interviewed at Pinko Photo Call]

    Source: Metro | Moony

    Wednesday, February 21 , 2007

    Mariah Hooks Up With Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony - And Willie Nelson? // 10:18 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey is just getting started on her new album. And although she hasn't said yet who she'll be working with, if some of her recent collaborations are any indication, we could be in for some surprises.

    First, Carey recorded a track with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for the group's comeback album, Strength and Loyalty, due April 17, according to the group's label rep. "She promised that she was gonna do a song with us once, and she kept her promise," Krayzie Bone previously told MTV News (see "Bone Thugs Dropping Two New LPs; Second Disc To Feature Dre, Kanye, Mariah").

    Carey not only kept her word, but she brought along Bow Wow to sweeten her offering on the song "Lil L.O.V.E." "I call it 'Little Little,' " she told MTV Europe. "It's a favorite of mine. It's a nice song, and I think it really kind of gives you the back-in-the-day Bone vibe but also a very new take on who they are as artists."

    Carey said that she and other artists owe a debt to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony because their influence is so widespread in rap and hip-hop. "A lot of times people are like, 'I will make up a part,' and people actually think they made up that part," she said. "But I am so influenced by their style that it kind of merges together. It's funny, because so many artists today are influenced by Bone, and they may not even realize it."

    Carey's got another influence her fans might not recognize — at least for the song in her upcoming movie "Tennessee." Her character, Krystal, is a waitress — just like Carey's role in 2002's "WiseGirls" — but this time, she's also an aspiring songwriter. Through the course of the story, as she joins two brothers on their journey to find their estranged father, she writes a song and performs it in a bar.

    Krystal's song is being co-written by Carey and Willie Nelson. Carey hasn't shot the scene yet (it will be filmed next week), but in another part of the movie, she'll hint at her influence by singing a bit of Nelson's "Help Me Make It Through the Night" a cappella, according to the film's rep.

    "This character is really far from who I am in a lot of ways," Carey said. "There are some parallels, some internal things, nothing that people would ever look at and go, 'That's very Mariah.' But this is not me at all. The character is so not what you would think. This is not about hairdos and ensembles. The girl's in the trenches. And I'm the third lead, so it's nice to work with an ensemble cast and to really just be able to do my work and go home at night."

    Carey started shooting "Tennessee" in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, last month. She's back there shooting this week, before shooting her bar scenes in Nashville and wrapping her one month of production. No release date has been set for the film.

    Meanwhile, her next album, "which is really early on in the creative process," is due this fall, according to her label rep.

    Source: MTV.com

    Carey Confronted by Priest // 6:06 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Singer Mariah Carey was taken aback at the recent opening of designer clothing store Pinko in London, when she was confronted by a Venetian priest who told the star he was praying for her.

    Friar Nasr, a friend of Pinko president Pietro Negra, was flown out to the UK to deliver a special message to the We Belong Together hitmaker after she became the new face of the Italian firm on Thursday.

    He says, "I handed her the prayer card of St Benedict. She looked pleased."
    However, Negra denied Carey - whose mother is Catholic - was expected to behave in any particular way because of the message.

    He says, "Religion is important to our family - we are all churchgoers. But we didn't ask Mariah to work for us for any religious reasons - business is business"

    Source: TeenHollywood.com

    Sunday, February 18 , 2007

    Photos: Mariah Arriving at JFK Airport // 10:09 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah arrived home in New York last night at JFK Airport. She looked stunning in chocolate tones, boots, and a pair of sunglasses. Here are HQ photos of her arrival:


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Friday, February 16 , 2007

    Download: MSN Interviews Mariah // 11:06 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah was interviewed by MSN at the Pinko photo call in London. She discusses the recent ban on "size zero" models and her how she sees herself in the fashion world. Below are screen caps and a link to download the video. Many thanks to Moony!

    [MSN: Mariah at Pinko Photo Call (MPEG)]

    Source: MSN | Moony

    Mariah Arriving at San Lorenzo Restaurant: HQ Photos // 10:32 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Here are some HQ photos of Mariah leaving San Lorenzo restaurant in London last night. She went to the restaurant for a quick bite after the Pinko cocktail party, looking lovely in a black dress and sweater.

    Keep checking back for more photos and news from the event!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Pinko Photo Call: Photos & News // 2:23 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah attended a photo call for Pinko in London, and later hosted a cocktail dinner party with the president of Pinko Pietro Negro.

    Below are photos from Rashmi Shastri who attended the event:

    More high quality photos from the event (check back later for more added to our photo gallery!):

    UK Fans: Mariah has decided to stay an extra day in London. She is now expected to leave between 11.30am and 12.00pm on Friday, February 16th according to Mariah Connection UK.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Rashmi Shastri | Mariah Connection UK

    Tuesday, February 13 , 2007

    Mariah's UK Schedule: Updated // 12:30 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah will be in London this week to do some photoshoots for Pinko, an Italian fashion company. Below is her updated schedule, courtesy of Mariah Connection UK.

    14 February, 2007
    9.00am - 9.45am: Mariah is expected to arrive at Claridge’s Hotel, London.
    - - - > Mariah is expected to stay in hotel and conduct press interviews.

    15 February, 2007
    11.00am - 11.45am: Mariah is expected to leave hotel and arrive at "Pinko UK" flagship store.
    12.00pm: Mariah will do a press conference/photo call - We recommend that if you can only make it to one event, then this is the one to come to. It will be an ideal opportunity to get great quality pictures as Mariah will be posing for the cameras and also for the press to see that she is still popular in the UK.
    12.30pm - 12.45pm: Mariah expected to leave store.
    1.00pm - 1.30pm: Arrive back at hotel.
    7.30pm - 7.45pm: Leave Hotel to go to "Pinko UK" flagship store cocktail party.
    8.00pm: Expected to arrive at "Pinko UK" cocktail party.
    8.30pm to 9pm: Leave party, grab a bite to eat and fly back to the USA.

    Source: Mariah Connection UK

    Monday, February 12 , 2007

    Tennessee Update // 1:58 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Director Aaron Woodley has confirmed the following cast for Tennessee:

  • Adam Rothenberg as Carter Armstrong
  • Ethan Peck as Carter's brother Ellis
  • Lance Reddick as Krystal's (Mariah's) husband Frank

    Woodley says "All of the performances are wonderful and exciting and the film looks beautiful." Keep checking back for more updates!
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Aaron Woodley

    Mariah Daily Idol: Winners Announced // 1:50 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    We are pleased to announce our winners for the 3rd Annual Mariah Daily Idol. We would like to thank all of our entrants and congratulations to all of our finalists -- Mariah has some exceptionally talented fans!

    This year's winners were Kyle (We Belong Together) and Lisa (Hero). Congratulations to both of you!! Please get in touch with Mariah Daily so we can award you your prizes.

    We would also like to congratulate Javier (No Te Olvides Jamas) and Christine (Forever) who were our runners up!

    A CD of all the finalists and their songs will be given to Mariah.

    We encourage all our visitors to listen to the winning songs -- and congratulations and thank you again to all of our contestants. See you next year!

    Kyle - We Belong Together (Male, UK)
    Lisa - Hero (Female, UK)

    Runners Up:
    Christine - Forever (Female, Germany)
    Javier - No Te Olvides Jamas (DFAU - Spanish) (Male, Spain)

    Source: Mariah Daily

    49th Annual Grammy Awards // 1:34 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    The 49th Annual Grammy Awards were held tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Mariah was up for two awards:

    Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
    Ring The Alarm
    Track from: B'Day

    Be Without You
    Mary J. Blige
    Track from: The Breakthrough

    Don't Forget About Us
    Mariah Carey
    Track from: The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition)

    Day Dreaming
    Natalie Cole
    Track from: Leavin'

    I Am Not My Hair
    Track from: Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship

    Best R&B Song
    Be Without You
    Johnta Austin, Mary J. Blige, Bryan-Michael Cox & Jason Perry, songwriters (Mary J. Blige)
    Track from: The Breakthrough

    Black Sweat
    Prince, songwriter (Prince)
    Track from: 3121

    Deja Vu
    Shawn Carter, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Beyoncé Knowles, Makeba Riddick, Keli Nicole Price, Delisha Thomas & John Webb songwriters (Beyoncé Featuring Jay-Z)

    Don't Forget About Us
    Johnta Austin, Mariah Carey, Bryan-Michael Cox & Jermaine Dupri, songwriters (Mariah Carey)
    Track from: The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition)

    I Am Not My Hair
    Drew Ramsey, Shannon Sanders & India Arie Simpson, songwriters (India.Arie)
    Track from: Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship

    Unfortunately, Mariah lost in both categories to Mary J. Blige.

    Source: GRAMMY.com

    Friday, February 9 , 2007

    Tennessee Updates // 10:31 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Lights, camera, action!

    The Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill in Estancia was temporarily transformed late last week into a set for a movie starring Mariah Carey and Ethan Peck.

    Trucks, vans and trailers lined Estancia's main street and the bar was closed off from outside view with plastic sheets as shots were filmed for "Tennessee."

    "It's a film about two brothers who make a trip cross-country in search of their father who they've been estranged from," said Reid Rosefelt, a publicist for Lee Daniels Entertainment, the production company behind the film.

    The movie's characters take a trip from New Mexico to Tennessee in search of their father, according to a synopsis for the film on the company's Web site. On the way, the brothers meet Krystal— played by Carey— "an aspiring singer who flees an unhappy marriage to join them on their journey," the synopsis says.

    Daniel Ortiz, who owns the Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill, said film crews worked in his bar from about 10:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

    "Last year ... (the) Sci Fi Channel shot a sequel here ... and one of the gentlemen that was a locations guy talked to me then and told me he thought they might be coming back a little later for another movie," Ortiz said.

    Ortiz said about 16 to 18 people came to survey the location to make sure it was suitable for the film.

    "I guess they kinda liked this old, western setting," Ortiz said.

    The bar closed Feb. 1 so the film crew could use the space, Ortiz said.

    Ortiz said the experience was a positive one and ended up with a special present for his daughter's birthday, which was also Feb. 1.

    "We managed to get a couple of shots with Mariah and they talked for a while," Ortiz said.

    Ortiz said the production company was also utilizing a local church for a set on Monday.

    Details from the Set:
    Ortiz says the crew filmed two scenes at the bar. The first had Mariah and the two brothers sitting at the bar, drinking and talking, and then they moved onto the dancefloor. Things got tense when a fight scene breaks out on the dance floor. After that, the crew went outside and filmed scenes with Mariah and the two brothers in a car outside the bar, presumably talking before they went into the building.

    Ortiz was very impressed with Mariah, and described her as "very cordial" and expressed how happy was when she delighted his daughter for her birthday by taking photos and talking with her.

    The crew is going to be shooting more in Albuquerque and Santa Fe over the next week.

    Source: Mariah Daily | MVTelegraph.com | Simona | Danny Ortiz

    Monday, February 5 , 2007

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 11:13 PM EST Updated by Maggie

  • Mariah is listed as one of Blender's Hottest Women of Pop/R&B: "This legend saw both sides of the fame spectrum — and mounted one of the greatest comebacks ever."

  • Slant magazine, in a discussion on Mary J. Blige's chance at a Grammy for "Be Without You", references its similarities to Mariah's "We Belong Together."

    Sal: People seem to love Mary's single, but a win for that song would be a real slap in the face to Mariah and "We Belong Together," without which "Be Without You" wouldn't be.

    Jonathan: True, but does NARAS really feel so bad about slapping Mariah around? But, like Mariah last year, I think Blige will be shut out of the General Field awards.

  • Jen Schlefft tells the Chicago Sun-Times that Mariah should embrace being single in an effort to give several celebrities dating advice.

    FLUFF: She's had dalliances with Eminem and Derek Jeter, but this diva can't seem to find a strong enough man. Should she just embrace her fabulous singlehood?

    SCHEFFT: Mariah has survived a lot and knows she can take care of herself. I hope she's embracing her singlehood. If a man isn't strong enough to be with her, it's his loss.

  • Mariah was featured on E! News web site about her recent Playboy magazine interview. Many thanks to Moony for this video!

    [E! News: Mariah's Hot Spread]

  • Mariah's backup singer and longtime friend Trey Lorenz is back in the studio working on a new album. A video for his single "My Everything" is scheduled to be released soon, along with remixes to his song "Pisces." Check out his MySpace for more information!

    Fans interested in joining his street team can email treylorenz@gmail.com with their name, age, and location.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Blender.com | Brian | Chicago Sun-Times | Richard | Moony| Slant | TheWholeStory | Trey Lorenz

    Mariah is Junked from the Jukebox! // 10:39 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey may have been the biggest selling female music star of the 90’s with a string of top-selling singles and legions of fans - but drinkers in a Southampton boozer have had enough of one of her admirers.

    Regulars at The Gordon Arms in Southampton decided enough is enough after one customer, Geoff, selected Mariah Carey songs on the pub's jukebox, time after time.

    Landlord Roy Danns pulled the plug on most of Mariah's tracks on the jukebox after All I want for Christmas in particular was played - sometimes up to 20 times a day.

    Roy insists he gave the dedicated fan a fair warning about playing so many Mariah tunes before he took the drastic step of removing most of her songs from the jukebox list. Geoff has shyed away from the publicity ... and has had to look for another pub.

    Roy explained: "This has been happening over quite a number of years, 20 times a day, three or four times in a row. It was more than I and most of the regulars could take. I'm very relieved - the jukebox is a lot softer on the ears than it was."

    His stance has been backed by regulars and staff.

    Barmaid Keeley Wilson said: "It got quite boring to be honest - the same old Mariah Carey songs. I quite like All I Want for Christmas, but by January it's like 'please ssshhhh'!"

    Dan insists that Geoff is not barred and after a cooling off period will be welcome back in the pub - as long as he's not accompanied by the sound of Mariah's greatest hits again.

    Source: BBC.co.uk | Stephen

    Saturday, February 3 , 2007

    New Cast/Crew Information for Tennessee // 3:23 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    IMDB.com has updated its cast and crew listings for Mariah's upcoming film Tennessee. James D'Arcy is once again listed in the credits, but Bill Sage is still listed as well, though his role is still unknown.

    Keep checking back for more updates!

    Cast (in alphabetical order)
    Mariah Carey ...Krystal Evans
    James D'Arcy
    Bill Sage
    Ethan Peck ...Ellis Armstrong
    Chris Browning ...Bouncer
    Luce Rains ...Oklahoma Motel Clerk

    Directed by
    Aaron Woodley

    Written by
    Russell Schaumburg

    Produced by
    Lisa Cortes ...producer
    Lee Daniels ...producer
    Jane Kelly Kosek ...executive producer
    Simone Sheffield ...executive producer

    Cinematography by
    David Greene

    Casting by
    Kerry Barden
    Billy Hopkins
    Suzanne Smith

    Production Design by
    Aidan Leroux

    Makeup Department
    Dana Vargas ...key hair stylist

    Production Management
    Dusty Dukatz ...production supervisor

    Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
    Alisa Fredericks ...first assistant director

    Art Department
    Jeffri Welsh ...property master

    Other crew
    Ronald L. Carr ...location manager
    Carol A. Compton ...script clearance
    Jonathan Gray ...production counsel
    Jessica Kelly ...casting assistant
    Kim Thrasher ...locations assistant

    Source: IMDB.com | Simona

    Willie Nelson Working with Mariah? // 3:58 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    A new interview with Willie Nelso reveals that he is working on a song with Mariah for a film. Most likely, this is for her upcoming film Tennessee.

    Meanwhile, he said he's working with pop star Mariah Carey on a song and a film.

    "These things come up," he said, laughing, "and I just say, 'What a hell of a deal.'"

    Source: DallasNews.com | mariah2g

    Friday, February 2 , 2007

    Mariah Carey Goes Bare for Playboy Magazine // 9:50 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Busting out in a skimpy bathing suit and lounging in pink lingerie, “Extra” was first with Mariah Carey as she sexed it up for Playboy magazine.

    While Mariah doesn’t bare all in the issue, she did bare her soul to the magazine’s Jason Buhrmester, including why she’s not into one night stands.

    “She kind of jokes that she’s very, very prudish,” Buhrmester revealed.

    In the 20-question interview, Mariah opens up about her emotional breakdown after the failure of “Glitter.”

    “No one ever pointed out that it came out around Sept. 11, 2001,” Carey said.

    Mariah also revealed the hurtful comment that set her off:

    “Howard Stern had called her fat that morning and three seconds later she was before her fans, and she just kind of spouted off about it,” Buhrmester told “Extra.”

    Check out Mariah’s soul-baring interview when Playboy hits newsstands Feb. 9.

    Source: ExtraTV.com

    Mariah Talks About Eminem in Playboy // 12:52 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah: Eminem's Obsessed With Me
    Mariah Carey is really, truly concerned about rapper Eminem: "Something is clearly askew with him," she tells Playboy, "and I'm not quite sure what it is." Last year, when Carey publicly denied having had any relations with the rapper, he didn't like it – and called her a liar on the air and reserved some choice rhymes for her on his latest album, "The Re-Up." And Mariah simply doesn't understand: "I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me." (Uh, Mariah, you're the one still talking about him.) Adds Mimi, "I never got an apology letter, by the way... then again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it."

    Mariah in Playboy Interview
    Mariah Carey looks so steamy in the March issue of Playboy, she might even be hotter than Eminem's head. "Something is clearly askew with him," Carey tells the mag, "and I'm not quite sure what it is."

    The pair clashed last year when Carey - who doesn't take it all off for Playboy but still shows a Mimi-licious amount of skin - denied she'd ever had a relationship with the "Slim Shady" rapper.

    He retaliated, calling her a liar on the air and in some mighty foul lyrics on his December 2006 release, "The Re-Up."

    "I just heard something else he recently said about me," Carey says. "I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me. I never got an apology letter, by the way. ... Then, again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it."

    Source: TMZ.com | NY Daily News | Simona