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Thursday, March 31 , 2005

Mariah Carey performs in Japan // 4:44 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Carey performed tracks from her new album The Emancipation of Mimi to an invitation only crowd of fans in Tokyo on Thursday.

The pop diva sang the first two singles taken from the album: It's Like That and We Belong Together for about 500 excited Japanese fans, 20 TV Cameras and 30 photographers.

The Emancipation of Mimi is Carey's first collection of new studio material since 2002's Charmbracelet.

The singer used her 35th Birthday celebrations to launch the album in London's West End on March 26.

Carey's visit to Tokyo is her first in two and a half years.

The star is in the city for five days as a part of a cross-media promotional push for the newly released album.

The Emancipation of Mimi is due to be relesed in the UK on April 4, and the US on April 12. (AP)

Above, U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey performs at an event for Japanese fans in Tokyo March 31, 2005. Carey is in Japan to promote her new album 'The Emancipation of Mimi'.

More from Japan...

-- "The Emancipation of Mimi" has debuted at #2 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on March 30th - the day of the album release. Among international artists, Mariah is #1!

-- On April 1st, Mariah will perform "We Belong Together" on the popular Japanese show, "Music Station."

-- Check out Ryan's site, MCTW for some pictures of the Japanese edition of "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Source: NDTV | Reuters | Pip & Pow | Steve | az_butterfly

Mad For Mariah // 10:32 AM EST Updated by Will

Dizzy diva Mariah Carey is in the midst of a triumphant return to the buzz. Searches on the multi-octave singer are up 16% over the past week and she's plopped her precious self into our top 100 search terms.

Attempting to put charm-deficient "Charmbracelet" and the titanic trainwreck that was "Glitter" behind her, the bodacious belter is declaring herself free once and for all. Her latest album, "The Emancipation of Mimi", is titled to reflect this newfound freedom.

Two-thirds of Carey searches come from ladies, a minor surprise given the sex-kitten image she cultivates. Those looking for even more Mariah are responsible for a spike in searches on "Mariah Carey Pics" (36%). Searches also show she's lost her appeal with anyone past their mid-20s. A whopping one-third of queries on the sexy singer come from the 13-17 age bracket and three-quarters are from those under-25.

Even if the adults don't understand, the first single off the album is zooming up the search charts. "It's Like That" is up 23% over the last week and is currently one of the top songs in search. Mimi is set to drop on April 12, and it'll be interesting to see if pre-release buzz carries over to sustained searches once the disc hits stores.

Source: Yahoo! Buzz Log | Sanjay | Ernesto Hernandez

Wednesday, March 30 , 2005

Free Tickets To See Mariah Carey Perform Live! // 4:31 AM EST Updated by Lynn

VH1 and Save the Music are putting together a special concert featuring Mariah Carey, and we want YOU to be a part of it!!

DATE: Saturday, April 9, 2005

To receive your FREE Tickets:
Include in the E-mail:

Make sure to put "MARIAH" in the subject line.
MUST be 18-35
MUST get to NYC on your own

Tickets are limited, and will go fast. RSVP ASAP! We will call you by April 7th to confirm if you will get your requested tickets.

Mike Fortino of MTV Networks is in-charge of the casting for Mariah's Save The Music segment. He writes, "I'm actually quite a big Mariah Fan, which is how I know your site. I just wanted to give some hardcore Mariah fans a chance to see her. I will let everyone know of the details when they e-mail me."

Source: Michael Fortino - MTV Networks | Mariah Daily

News Tidbits // 4:08 AM EST Updated by Lynn

--Mariah will be the cover girl of the April issue of Faces, a Malaysian entertainment magazine. She will also be highlighted in the May 2005 issue of Q, a UK music magazine with a 4-page featured interview. Click on the thumbnails below for larger scans.

UK Media Blitz
Below are scans from recent issues of various UK print media including Sneak, SmashHits, OK, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, and Daily Mail.

Banding Together Project Update
Jeremy invites all Mariah fans to participate in the The Banding Together Project's Contest. He writes, "The Refer-a-Friend Contest!" It's simple as filling out our form at devoted.to/bandingtogether and sending as many as you can to your friends. The more people you refer to the site to purchase a bracelet, the more points you receive. This contest will run from March 22nd to April 1st. You will receive one point for each person you refer! If you accumulate the most points, you will win the "Banding Together Prize Package!" Look for your name on devoted.to/bandingtogether to see where you stand. Updates will be made daily."

--Undray writes: "To everyone who is planning to be in NYC on April 12th for the The Emancipation of Mimi promo events. My name is Undray and I know there a few lambs coming from far far away and will need some guidance or assistance or whatever and don't want to feel lost or anything. A few of us definitely want to get together that day. So if you plan to attend the GMA concert, TRL, Best Buy signing or anything just drop me a line at NakedNiggie@aol.com. I will be more than happy to help coordinate ideas and plans if people want to meet up and do whatever."

Source: Mariah Daily | Ian SYY | Jeremy | Andrew Parker | Undray

Tuesday, March 29 , 2005

It's All Mariah! // 6:17 PM EST Updated by Lynn

Mark your calendars and be sure to catch these special appearances/performances from the lovely Miss M.

  • Tuesday, April 12 - The Emancipation of Mimi - Album Release Day!

  • Tuesday, April 12 - Good Morning America Concert live in Times Square on ABC Network @ 8:00am.

  • Tuesday, April 12 - TRL, Mariah drops by the countdown on MTV @ 5:00pm

  • Tuesday, April 12 - In-store signing for The Emancipation of Mimi at Best Buy located @ 622 Broadway, NY, NY 10012 at 7:00pm

  • Wednesday, April 13 - The Emancipation of Mimi special on BET @ 7:30pm. Mariah will perform NEW music from The Emancipation of Mimi album and chat with BET's 106 & Park host AJ.

  • Sunday, April 17 - Save The Music: A Concert To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation on VH1 @ 9:00pm

  • Monday, April 18 - BET's 106 & Park @ 6:00pm on BET. Mariah performs live with the winner from the Mimi I Wanna Sing contest.

    Be sure to check MariahCarey.com's Appearances page for all the latest scheduled Mariah appearances.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    "Mimi" Around The World // 4:35 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Reminder! Please continue to vote for "It's Like That" on TRL, BET & VH1. "It's Like That" managed to place at #3 on yesterday's TRL video countdown despite the phone system error. Click here to start requesting now.

    --"It's Like That" is currently #12 on iTunes' Top 100 Downloaded Songs and #25 on Walmart's. Download "It's Like That" for 99¢ at iTunes, Passalong/eBa, Musicmatch, MSN Music, Napster, Real Music Store, Sony Connect and at Wal-Mart for 88¢.

    --This week's Mediabase airplay update through March 28, 2005:
    "It's Like That" - 47.558M audience impressions, 6843 spins
    "We Belong Together" - 17.232M audience impressions, 1923 spins

    --It's Like That" is currently at #2 behind Kimberly Locke's Coulda Been on XM Satellite Radio's 20on20. Click on the link to vote or call (866) 267-0441.

    --"We Belong Together" is #11 on AOL's Top Played Songs.

    --Mariah is scheduled to perform "We Belong Together" on Japan's Music Station on April 1, 2005.

    --Mezamashi TV and Zoom In TV were able to film Mariah upon her arrival at the Narita International Airport. Download video clips from Mezamashi and Zoom In by clicking on the links. Thanks to LoveLoveJack for the video clips.

    --"It's Like That" has now stayed steady at #2 on the Hot30 Countdown for the past 5 days surpassing all but one of the current 4 Aussie Idols in the Top 5.

    --After a debut of #10 on TRL Australia, "It's Like That" slipped back out again. TRL had failed to list the song on their website voting form until requested to do so, 5 days after the fact. "It's Like That" needs votes at www.mtv.com.au.

    --Channel [V], Australia's most popular Music channel just added the video last week, and is already number 28 on their "Top 50 most requested" videos.

    --"The Emancipation of Mimi" is being released next Sunday, 3rd of April, and promotion is already under way. Last night on the Hot30.com countdown, it was reported that an "It's Like That" commercial was played during commercial breaks. Click on the thumbnails to view the posters that are located in the City of Sydney.

    --It is predicted by major UK retailer Woolworths that Mariah will reach #2 in the singles chart with "It's Like That!" This means that the single is displayed at the #2 position in-store for the duration of this week. Their predictions are based upon past chart positions by the artist in question, as well as airplay, promotion and general reaction to the track/artist. Other retailers, such as ASDA predict a top five position for the single too!

    --"Making The Video" aired on MTV Holland. "It's Like That" is #21 in its 2nd week on Tipparade.

    --"It's Like That" is #21 on the German singles chart.

    --"It's Like That" is #9 on TRL Most Wanted Top 10. Please vote by clicking here.

    South Africa
    --"It's Like That" is #35 on MetroFM's Top International Top 40 Songs. Click here to vote. The song is at #7 on 5FM's High 5@5. Vote online by clicking here. Other request links: East Coast Radio, P4 Radio.

    --"It's Like That" is #20 on the NRJ Euro Hot 30, the chart of the 30 most played songs on the European NRJ stations.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Geoff | MariahOZ | Ross | Steve | Sergio | Evasen | mariahlovingfan | Adi | Joey | jbro92 | LoveLoveJack | Greg | Midnite Blaze | Jeremy

    News Tidbits // 2:57 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Steve Harvey mentioned Mariah on 100.3 The Beat, Los Angeles, CA. During his hugely popular radio show, he launched into a dialogue about female artists "not looking the same in person...compared to their videos". However, he commented on exceptions including "Mariah Carey who is outstanding."

    --From ContactMusic: Mariah Carey has included her pet dog Jackson P. Mutley in so many of her music videos, he now has a string of fan clubs. The Jack Russell terrier, who Carey calls Jack for short, is now enjoying status as an international celebrity. The HONEY singer says of her pooch, "He's such a star! He's been in my videos and has built up his own fan base. "He has websites dedicated to him - one in Japan, one in the US."

    --From eMediaWire: Da Brat, readies to tell it all over again as she gets funkdafied all night long celebrating her birthday on April 9, 2005...She’s invited some of her fav celeb friends like Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, world-renown London turntable master, DJ Kofi, and two of Chicago’s all-stars, Lisa-Raye and Twista, to help raise up all the Aries!

    --From Female First: Mariah Carey, it seems likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground - encased in one of her 500 pairs of high heels, which she keeps at her $9 million penthouse.

    --From Guardian Unlimited UK: Mariah Carey's support team of 30 includes three animal wranglers whose sole function is to provide kittens for her to stroke.

    --From Detroit News: His passion for chintz and the English country have made Mario Buatta one of the nation's top interior designers, with a client list that reads like a who's who including Billy Joel, Barbara Walters and Mariah Carey.

    --"Mimi" wallpapers made by Nessa of Spanish Mariah & Gary, and a 'birthday' artwork from Laura. Enjoy!


    Source: Mariah Daily | Nessa | Gary | Laura | mrandrewjpham

    Fans Party With Mariah // 2:21 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    The day started out with me and all my Mariah friends meeting up to see Mariah on CD:UK. There was such a good line up with Do me bad things, Garbage and Good Charlotte also performing along with Mario and Rachel "No sound comes out my mouth" Stevens. We finally saw Mariah's performance about 1.30pmish (Look out for it on next week's show). The performance was great but as expected she mimed.

    That night Mariah was holding a joint birthday and album launch party at a club in central London. A lot of my friends had gotten on the guest list, but I hadn't managed it. I was determined to go in, and luckily one of my friends had won tickets but couldn't make it, so I posed as him. After a bit of arguing, I was in! There were three sections to the club. The normal area, the VIP area which requires a gold wristband, and Mariah's special area which required platinum wristbands to get into. All my friends had gold wristbands. I didn't get one, but that didn't stop me going into the VIP area. It meant I couldn't leave the area at all or I wouldn't be allowed in, but I managed!

    The celebrities started turning up. First was Frank Bruno, then Steve Brookstein. My friend Bobby ended up chatting to Steve for quite a while, and when he'd finished declared to me "He's such a nice guy. Sharon Osbourne is a bitch". I didn't talk to him as I'd have felt too 2 faced, so I just smiled. Estelle was next to arrive. She stood next to me, and I ended up talking to her – mainly about Adam, who she says she remembers. Other celebrities that turned up included Alesha from Mis-teeq and up-himself-Usher-wannabe Mario!

    Mariah finally turned up just after midnight. She walked past us and I managed to wish her "Happy Anniversary" (Her name for her birthday) and held her hand for a moment...

    To read the rest of Darren's story, log on to WorldMix.

    Source: Darren Gale - Worldmix Staff | Matthijs

    Monday, March 28 , 2005

    Reminder: Vote for Mariah on BET, TRL, VH1 // 4:24 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Let's continue to vote for "It's Like That" and make it #1!

    MTV's Total Request Live
    Slipped to #2. Let's put her back at the top spot!
    online or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688) during the following hours:
    4:25pm - 5:00pm Eastern Time
    3:25pm - 4:00pm Central Time
    2:25pm - 3:00pm Mountain Time
    1:25pm - 2:00pm Pacific Time
    TRL airs Monday-Friday at 5:00pm ET/PT.

    BET's 106 & Park
    #9 (Peak: #4) on last Friday's video countdown.
    Click here to vote online or by calling 1-800-617-LIVE (5483) between 5:30 and 6:00pm ET. BET's 106 & Park airs Monday-Friday, 6:00pm-7:30pm ET/PT; Saturday, 3:00pm-4:00pm ET/PT.

    VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown
    Moved up to #9 on the countdown.
    Post your vote online in the Top 20 Video Countdown Message Board. You can also request Mariah's video at VH1 by sending an e-mail to videorequest@vh1mail.com. Don't forget to watch the Top 20 Countdown on VH1 every week! Check out your local listings by clicking here.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Glitters at 35th Birthday Bash // 4:24 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey was looking a million dollars – quite literally – when she celebrated her 35th birthday in London at the weekend. The Glitter star made an appropriately dazzling entrance at the capital's fashionable Tantra club in a white Robert Cavalli dress with £1 million worth of diamond jewellery.

    And the birthday girl, who is in Britain to promote her new album, The Emancipation Of Mimi, was determined to make it a night to remember. "It's a very happy day for me and I'm very excited," she said. "I love being in London, I have fabulous friends here – it's been extremely exciting."

    Those lucky enough to receive an invite were left with sweet memories of the New York diva, who splashed out £5,000 on a spectacular birthday cake statue of herself. Chefs at Harrods spent 18 days working with sugar leaf and white chocolate to prepare the mouth-watering creation in time for the event.

    The glitzy celebration came just after Mariah had wowed her British fans with an appearance on Top Of The Pops. Among the celebs who went along to congratulate the chanteuse were Blue boys Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe, along with Mis-Teeq star Aleesha Dixon and footie ace Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

    Source: Hello Magazine

    Mariah Arrives in Japan // 5:59 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey smiles as she arrives at Narita International Airport in Narita, northeast of Tokyo, March 28, 2005. Carey is in Japan to promote her new album "The Emancipation of Mimi," which will be released in Japan on March 30.

    Additional photos can be found at Getty Images.

    Source: Reuters | Yahoo! News

    Mariah Carey Stops Traffic in Times Square // 5:43 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Good Morning America will close down street to present live outdoor concert on April 12th, in-store date for new album, The Emancipation Of Mimi.

    Island Def Jam recording artist and songwriter Mariah Carey has decided to kick-off the release of her upcoming new album THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, with her historic return to live performance - and only one location in America is worthy of hosting the premiere event: Times Square in Manhattan.

    The countdown is ON - leading up to Tuesday, April 12th, the album's in-store release date. ABC Television's Good Morning America will inaugurate its live outdoor concert season that day, when Mariah takes the stage on the street outside the show's studio. GMA will close down 44th Street to all vehicular traffic between 6th Avenue and Broadway, and only Mariah's hordes of fans will be able to access the performance area.

    With Times Square as the stage's backdrop, Mariah will perform five songs on GMA between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. (EST). A once-in-a-lifetime event, which is being hailed as "The Return Of The VOICE," the event is expected to draw thousands of spectators. Among the songs Mariah will perform: We Belong Together, the brand new single from the album, and It's Like That, the album's first single pick. Both tracks were written by Mariah and co-produced by her with Jermaine Dupri for the new album. We Belong Together" is scheduled to impact at Pop radio this Monday, March 28th.

    THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, Mariah's 10th studio album, is the long-awaited follow-up to 2002's RIAA platinum Charmbracelet, her IDJ debut, which hit #2 R&B and #3 Pop, and contained the #1 Dance Music hit, Through the Rain.

    The new album finds Mariah's broad range of musical talents on full display, as every one of its 14 songs bears her signature as writer and co-producer. Carey continues to work with today's top R&B and hip-hop producers, such as The Neptunes, whose distinctive production is heard on two tracks: To The Floor (featuring Nelly) and Say Somethin' (featuring Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams). The other featured guest is Twista, who shows up on One and Only. We Belong Together and It's Like That are among four songs written by Mariah and co-produced by Mariah and Jermaine Dupri, along with Get Your Number and Shake It Off. Fellow IDJ artist Kanye West collaborates with Mariah on Stay the Night. Other tracks find her working with Scram Jones (Your Girl), Young Genius (Joyride), and James Poyser (Mine Again). Three tracks are co-written and co-produced by Mariah and James "Big Jim" Wright (of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' Flyte Tyme Productions), including I Wish You Knew, "Circles, and Fly Like a Bird.

    Mariah Carey is an award-winning superstar, producer and songwriter with cumulative total sales of her albums, singles and long-form videos in excess of 75-times platinum in the U.S. alone and 150 million worldwide, making her the top-selling female artist in history. With a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard magazine's Artist of the Decade Award, and the World Music Award as World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium - Mariah Carey's ongoing career remains an unparalleled success story in the history of contemporary popular music.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Site

    Mariah on UK's Galaxy 105 Radio // 2:08 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download the MP3 files of Mariah's interview with DJ Steve Sutherland on UK's Galaxy 105 FM yesterday, March 26, 2005. Big thanks to DJ for making the files for us.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | DJ

    Sunday, March 27 , 2005

    "Mimi" Around The World // 9:04 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    --"It's Like That" is currently #13 on iTunes' Top 100 Songs and #29 on Walmart. Download "It's Like That" for 99¢ at iTunes, Passalong/eBa, Musicmatch, MSN Music, Napster, Real Music Store, Sony Connect and at Wal-Mart for 88¢.

    --Continue to request "It's Like That" at your local radio stations. Click here to start requesting now.

    --This week's Mediabase airplay update through March 26, 2005:
    "It's Like That" - 50.754M audience impressions, 7248 spins
    "We Belong Together" - 13.636M audience impressions, 1528 spins

    --"We Belong Together" is at #28 on the MSN Music Chart. The song is exclusively available for purchase as a digital download single at MSN Music. "It's Like That" is at #38 on the same chart.

    --Radio&Records writes, "While "It's Like That" was an upbeat party-starter, the diva takes us into slow jam territory with "We Belong Together." However, don't expect a ballad in the same vein as her sweeping ballads from the early- and mid-'90s. This one is an Urban-based slow jam with a rhythmic instrumental and melody line." For week ending March 25, 2005, "It's Like That" was #18 (prior week at #15) on Radio&Records CHR/Rhythmic National Play while "We Belong Together" was the Most Added Song and New & Active on 41 Rhythmic and on 40 Urban radio stations.

    --"It's Like That" is #11 this week (was #8 last week) on Radio&Records Canadian CHR National Airplay.

    --On Mix 96, Montreal, QC, "It's Like That" was #3 on the Top 8@8 countdown. Keep requesting, call (514) 989-2523. On CKOI 96.9's daily Top 6@6 countdown, it was #2 (unable to beat 50 Cent’s Candy Shop atop). Request Line: (514) 790-CKOI.

    --#7 on Weekly MuchVibe Countdown. This week, The Game was doing the countdown and he announced Mariah's "It's Like That" to be #7 on the weekly MuchVibe (a subsciption channel, part of Much Music) Countdown.

    --"It's Like That" is #13 (new peak) on iTunes UK Top 100 Songs.

    --Vote for "It's Like That" on TRL Most Wanted Top 10 by clicking on the link.

    --For fans in Spain, here's your chance to win tickets to attend Universal Music Spain-sponsored listening parties for Mariah's new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi"! These listening parties are going to take place in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona (April 1st) and Gran Canaria (TBD). Log on to MariahMariah.com for more information.

    --"It's Like That" will be released on April 25th as a single (including a Morales remix) and a limited edition Maxi with the video and "Sprung" as a B-side.

    --"It's Like That" is currently at #14 on Hit Skyrock. Click here to vote.

    --Jumped 51 places on the French airplay charts from #68 to #17.

    --"It's Like That" was played 24 times on Viva last week! It came at #9 on the Most Played Videos chart. Click here to see the full list.

    --MAD TV, Greece's biggest music TV station premiered the "It's Like That" video yesterday and has been showing it throughout the weekend.

    --"It's Like That" is up 5 places to #33 (from #38) in this week's Top 40 on Kiss FM and #16 (from #17) in this week's Hot 40 on Athens Radio Deejay.

    --"It's Like That" is #1 on MetroFM's Top 10 Airplay chart and #3 on Capital Radio, two most popular radio stations in the country. Click on the links to vote.

    --On the eve of its commercial release in Australia, "It's Like That" jumps to #15 (from #31) on the country's official club chart ARIA, Australia's version of Billboard.

    New Zealand
    --"It's Like That" was the 2nd most requested video clip last week on C4 Music Channel. Vote at Select Live or by sending a text message to 8824 with the video code s142. The show airs on C4 (TV4) daily, 4pm-7pm.

    --Taiwanese fans, visit Mariah Carey Taiwan for the latest "The Emancipation of Mimi" album promo news. The site suggests 5 ways to make a Mariah hit and offers the newest TV ad clips for download.

    Source: Mariah Daily | mbundaop | René | Mini | Rob | Kerina | Jay | Emanc1pate | Scotty | Can | Mariahfanclub | Cataclysm1 | adi | Michael | Sergei | Foni

    Saturday, March 26 , 2005

    Mariah on UK's Saturday Night Takeaway // 5:26 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download the video files (in AVI or MPEG format) of Mariah performing "It's Like That" at UK's Saturday Night Takeaway aired earlier today, March 26, 2005. Many thanks to DJ for making the files for us.

  • AVI (XviD codec required to play the video) or
  • MPEG: Part One | Part Two
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | DJ

    News Tidbits // 11:19 AM EST Updated by Will

    -- Smokin' or chokin'? What do you think of Mariah Carey's "It's Like That"? Cast your vote at Entertainment Tonight's website!

    -- Check out photos of Mariah outside the Baglioni hotel in Knightsbridge, London following her taping of Top of the Pops at World Entertainment News Network

    -- On March 21st, production team Mayhem & Craig C released a 12" vinyl single containing dance remixes of Mariah's "It's Like That". You can purchase the white label release at junorecords.co.uk for £5.99. Click below for samples of the remixes:
  • It's Like That (Mayhem & Craig C Vocal Mix)
  • It's Like That (Mayhem & Craig C Dub Mix)
    You can stream the Mayhem & Craig C Vocal Mix in full-length at ultimatedancemusic.co.uk.

    -- Want to spread the word about Mariah's new single, "We Belong Together"? Check out the brand new e-card that's ready and waiting for you to view and send to your friends. Click here to listen to the new track and pass it along!

    -- Mariah's official fanclub, Honey B. Fly, has got 500 copies of the limited edition versions of Mariah's new album, "The Emancipation Of Mimi", available for pre-order at their website for the below-retail-price of $11.98! Be a part of this limited, exclusive opportunity by joining at honeybfly.com.

    -- On March 30th, Dutch fans can buy Mariah's new album at Fame Music in Amsterdam, where Mariah has done two in-store album signings, starting at 20.00. The record shop will have a release party where fans can listen to and buy the new album. In addition, 100 limited editions will be on sale! Check out fame.nl for more information.

    -- Additional audio clips of all the tracks on Mariah's upcoming album "The Emancipation of Mimi" (including the International bonus track "Sprung") can be found at woolworths.co.uk.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Raymond Valencia | Ian Donaldson | Hendrik | Emanc1pate

    Alfred Roy Cancer Fund Revvs Up for Year Two // 10:57 AM EST Updated by Will

    The Alfred Roy Cancer Fund is revving up for another year and we expect it will be a successful one! Last year, the Mariah Carey Fan Association, a group of fans contributing to the fund, collected $730 which was donated to the American Cancer Society in the name of Alfred Roy, Mariah's late father.

    This was our memorial gift to Mariah, in gratitude for everything she's done for all of us. This year we continue the fund as a gift to millions of people all over the world suffering from cancer in some way or form. Please join us to make this year equally if not more successful. The fund opens for donations on March 27th, and closes on June 24th. Again, the donation will be made in the name of Alfred Roy and a fanbook that MCFA members will be permitted to contribute to will be sent to Mariah.

    Also exclusively offered for Honey B. Fly members, throughout the time span of the fundraiser, auctions will be held on the Honey B. Fly website's messageboards to raise money for the funds. Items to be auctioned include a lovely painting of Mariah, shirts, autographed items, and some rare trinkets, along with other Mariah-related items (butterflies, lambs, sunflowers, etc). The first auction will begin on the boards on March 27th.

    For more information, visit www.beautifulmariah.com/alfredroy

    Source: The Alfred Roy Cancer Fund

    "We Belong Together" Storms the Airwaves // 6:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Looks like this week’s FMQB cover girl Mariah Carey has her second hit single from her forthcoming CD, The Emancipation Of Mimi, due in stores on April 12. Last week’s Best Bet, "We Belong Together," is showing some early signs of being a major hit with a BIG week of reports including: WPGC, KPTY, KBBT, WZMX, KBMB and KSFM! Already on over 40 stations and WPOW’s Kid Curry is reporting #1 phones in Miami and MC is Top 5 phones at WKTU and KLUC!

    --Mariah graces the cover of this week's FMQB Magazine, Q-Beat Special Issue, "The Emancipation of...Mariah" with a featured interview by B96/Chicago APD/MD Erik Bradley.

    Source: FMQB

    Mariah in Magazines // 3:42 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Below are scans from People, Star, InTouch Weekly and Us Weekly magazines for weekending April 4, 2005

    and additional scans from recent issues of Cosmo Girl, Entertainment Weekly, Twist, Makeovers Magazine, New York Post, New York Daily News, New York Newsday, Parade Magazine, The Sun UK and The Mirror UK.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Janel | Andrew | MariahCarey.com

    Friday, March 25 , 2005

    Mariah to hold Album Signing at Best Buy // 11:23 PM EST Updated by Will

    If you are going to be in the New York City area on Tuesday, April 12th (otherwise known as the release day for "The Emancipation of Mimi") you should do everything in your power to meet Mariah Carey at the Noho Best Buy! A limited number of fans who purchase Mariah's new CD at the new Best Buy located at 622 Broadway when doors open at 10:00am on April 12th will get a special wristband that could allow them to go to the front of the autograph line! Mariah will be signing autographs at 7pm on April 12th and this is your chance to be one of the first to meet her!

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Setting Mimi Free: Mariah 'Digs Deep' On Upcoming Album // 7:38 PM EST Updated by Will

    On this severely cold March night, Mariah Carey is inside a studio at MTV taping an interview for an upcoming broadcast. Walking out of the studio, she is heard muttering to no one in particular, "The abuse I endure is never-ending."

    Minutes later, ensconced in one of the cable network's many conference rooms, Carey smiles and laughs. "I'm a little dramatic at times," she says, referring to the "abuse" comment. "I know, I know, it's tough to believe. But it's true."

    Sure, the multimillion-selling, two-time Grammy Award winner has experienced great highs and lows in the course of her 15-year career. But on the eve of the April 12 U.S. release of her eighth studio album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," Carey is confident, upbeat and spirited.

    "The Emancipation of Mimi"—the title comes from the singer's nickname—arrives March 30 in Japan and April 4 in the rest of the world outside the United States. In all territories, the set will sell as a standard CD and as a limited-edition Digipak (including a pull-out poster) with different cover art.

    The album is decidedly pop and R&B, with flourishes of hip-hop. Carey co-wrote the set's 14 tracks and co-produced the bulk of them. She executive-produced the collection with Island Def Jam Music Group chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid. The album features collaborations with several heavy hitters, including Jermaine Dupri, the Neptunes, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Twista and James "Big Jim" Wright.

    The collection of songs rightfully places her voice front and center. It is as if Carey—whose songs are published by Rye Songs, administered by Songs of Universal (BMI)—is returning to the place that put her on the map. Which helps explain the sniping campaign in major markets like New York and Los Angeles that proclaims "The return of the voice." Giggling (again), Carey says, "Oh, so you've seen the posters? That's good."

    On a more serious note, she says, "The voice has been here all along. Even if you listen to the oh-so-dissed 'Glitter' [soundtrack], there is a song called 'Lead the Way,' which is one of my best vocal performances ever." She continues, "People who only heard certain singles would be like, 'Why is she singing so breathy?' Some people are of the opinion that if you have a big voice you should use it all the time."

    Though Carey admits she is a fan of big-voiced singers, "I don't want to hear someone scream at me all the time." When Carey sings, she says, it's not about "showing off so everybody can hear me singing at the top of my lungs. But truth be told, I feel that my voice is in a better place than it has been in years." She credits this to her Charmbracelet tour in 2003: "It was my longest tour ever, and it got me in great shape vocally."

    This strength is not lost on Reid. "We are feeling her voice again," he says. "She has an incredible voice—and she is using that voice on this album." Island president Steve Bartels agrees. "There is a level of comfort with Mariah and these songs. She is digging deep into her soul." Because of this, Reid believes Carey will touch people again.

    This is already happening. The album's lead single, "It's Like That," is a top 20 hit on The Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. And the David Morales uptempo remix was recently sent to club DJs. Indeed, the infectious track is resonating with many.

    In fact, stations like rhythmic top 40 WBBM Chicago are playing the original version and the Scott Storch remix (featuring Fat Joe). "It's Like That" clearly got radio's attention, WBBM music director Erik Bradley notes. "Most programmers were excited to play Mariah Carey again on their station," he explains.

    Bradley adds that that was certainly an accomplishment, especially since her last studio album, "Charmbracelet," "was not the airplay monster" that previous albums were. That album has sold 1.1 million in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    In addition to championing "It's Like That," WBBM spiked funky album track "Say Somethin' " for a couple of weeks prior to pioneering a second single, the anthemic power ballad "We Belong Together." Bradley says the song should be another Carey slow-jam classic. "Great songs win, and there is zero doubt that 'We Belong Together' is a great song," he adds.

    Island has plans to send the album's closing track, the inspirational and spiritual "Fly Like a Bird," to gospel radio.

    While radio appears to be wholly embracing Carey this time around, the label is not taking any chances. Simply put, Island VP of marketing Eric Wong says, "we are reactivating her fan base." That process began months ago with the "Return of the voice" campaign and was followed by a promotion spotlighting the alluring album cover art.

    The Brett Ratner-lensed video for "It's Like That" has been a staple on MTV and BET; it was also the focus of MTV's "Making the Video." Ratner also directed the video for "We Belong Together," which concludes the storyline that began with "It's Like That."

    In addition to appearing on the covers of such magazines as Essence and Blender, Carey appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" March 2.

    In mid-March she commenced a three-week press and media tour of Europe and Japan. She will return to the United States for several release appearances in New York, including ABC's "Good Morning America," MTV's "TRL," BET's "106 & Park" and VH1's "Save the Music" concert special, as well as a Best Buy in-store.

    Also being discussed is an upcoming tour, which will be booked by Rob Light of Creative Artist Agency.

    At the center of all this activity is Carey and that voice. "Over the past several years, the [music] industry has produced many stars—not all of which can sing," Reid says. "Mariah can sing. Hers is an extraordinary gift."

    Carey is managed by Benny Medina of Handprint Entertainment.

    Source: Billboard Magazine

    Mariah on Tops Of The Pops // 4:48 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download the video files of Mariah performing "It's Like That" at UK's Top Of The Pops earlier today, March 25, 2005. Many thanks again to DJ for making the files for us.

  • AVI (XviD codec required to play the video)
  • MPEG: Part 1 | Part 2
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | DJ

    "Mimi" Around The World // 1:29 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Reminder to vote for "It's Like That" on BET, MTV & VH1. Quick links are provided on the right side of this page so please vote now! "It's Like That" was #1 (two days in a row!) on MTV's TRL and #9 on BET's 106 & Park.

    --"It's Like That" is currently #15 on iTunes' Top 100 Songs and #29 on Walmart. Download "It's Like That" for 99¢ at iTunes, Passalong/eBa, Musicmatch, MSN Music, Napster, Real Music Store, Sony Connect and at Wal-Mart for 88¢.

    --Continue to request "It's Like That" at your local radio stations. Click on the "It's Like That" banner on top and start requesting now!

    --This week's Mediabase airplay update through March 24, 2005:
    "It's Like That" - 52.389M audience impressions, 7505 spins
    "We Belong Together" - 11.614M audience impressions, 1364 spins

    --The "It's Like That" video was recently shown on MTV Direct Effect. The show airs Monday-Friday, 7pm ET/PT. Check it out!

    --In Dallas, "It's Like That" is being played every hour on Kiss FM 106.1 and the Latin Hip Hop station KDL 106.7.

    --"It's Like That" fell off the video countdown on MuchMoreMusic Top 10, the Canadian version of TRL. Please vote for "It's Like That" by clicking on the link. The show airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm & 11pm ET and Friday at 7pm ET.

    --"We Belong Together" is now in regular rotation on Vancouver's The Beat 94.5 FM. "It's Like That" had been #1 ten nights in a row a few weeks ago on the station's BlazinSeven. Request Line: (604) 280-0945

    --Other Canadian video request links: MuchMusic Power Shift, M Top 5, and MTV Canada.

    --Mariah will pre-record a performance on Top Of The Pops at the BBC studios today. Top Of The Pops begins recording at roughly 7:30pm.

    --It's Like That is the Most Played Video in the UK and makes a huge leap on the European Airplay Chart this week moving from 68 to 15!

    --"It's Like That" is currently at #3 on MTV Hits. Click on the link to vote.

    --Mariah's live performance of "It's Like That" on Germany's Wetten Dass was watched by over 14.6 million people!

    --MariahOZ reports that Mariah will not be doing any Rove [Live] interviews or any TV interviews for "The Emancipation of Mimi" release in Australia due to Mariah's hectic schedule. Also, Universal Music Australia has an ARIA target for both "Its Like That" and "The Emancipation of Mimi". Their target for the ARIA charts is Top 10 for "It's Like That" and Top 5 for "The Emancipation of Mimi". Visit MariahOZ for Mariah news updates in Australia.

    --"It's Like That" has hit the #1 spot on 104.1 2day FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show today! The show airs weekdays, 6am-9am. Request Line: 13 10 60

    --#4 on today's TRL Australia. Keep voting for Mariah and make her #1 by logging on to MTV.com.au, click on the TRL link, then click on Vote Now.

    --The "It's Like That" video was recently shown on Rage TV.

    --Continue to vote for "It's Like That" on the Hot 30 Countdown by clicking here or by calling 1800 15 11 00 or SMS on 1999 30 30.

    --"It's Like That" is #2 on Capital FM. Continue to vote by clicking here.

    --"It's Like That" was played on 2FM, the country's number 1 radio station and the DJs were "pretty positive towards the song despite the inclusion of Fatman Scoop, and agreed that it was going to be a hit."

    So far, the song has been in good rotation on all local county radio stations as well as all the bigger stations. Chart success in the UK is always mirrored in the Irish Charts.

    --"It's Like That" reaches #1 on the International Airplay Chart in Japan and is the #3 most played song in Japan overall!

    Source: Mariah Daily | MariahCarey.com | Jason | Sergei | Johny | Kyle | Martin | Daniel | Lisa | Christopher | Willie | Dean | Alex | MariahCareyUK

    Mariah on FHM Magazine // 12:02 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah appears on the cover of the May 2005 issue of FHM magazine, where she ranks No. 15 on their list of the 100 Sexiest Women, as tallied by the 15 million votes cast in the magazine's annual poll. The issue hits stands on April 5. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

    As a way of justifying her day’s look, Mariah Carey quotes ‘50s sex goddess Joan Crawford: “If you want the girl next door, go next door.” Indeed, the biggest-selling female vocalist in pop history is lounging on a love seat in a Beverly Hills hotel room, her honey-blond hair hanging to mid-bosom level to frame the assets we’ve come to know and love from videos. She’s wearing a wife-beater while squeezed into a pair of black Gucci jeans, her knee-high boots capped with four-inch high stilettos. She’s come a long way from the 20-year-old, biracial Long Island, NY, innocent the world met 15 years ago. Back then she employed her now-legendary four-and-a-half octaves by crooning about dreamlovers and emotions while dressed in high-necked evening gowns. At the time, the future icon said, “People think I’m the Mary Poppins of the ‘90s.”

    But that was all before she left her Svengali – Sony mogul Tommy Mottola – who had discovered her at 19, styled her, marketed her, married her and then, some say, all but imprisoned her in his virginal vision. After the acrimonious split, a free-at-last Mariah spread her Butterfly wings, stripped down to a bikini and introduced us to the sex kitten of today. All was multi-platinum well until 2001 when she left Sony, signed an $80 million deal with EMI, and was briefly institutionalized with “nervous exhaustion” (after a famously gonzo appearance on TRL). Her first EMI projects, the disastrous Glitter record and film, tanked like twin Titanics. A dirt-hungry public couldn’t get enough of the meltdown. EMI dropped her (by paying her a sweet $28 million to leave) and she signed up with Universal. Now with a kick-ass, old-school R&B album out – The Emancipation of Mimi (her nickname to her nearest and dearest) – the 35-year-old Mariah is back on top. Much to her delight, one Mimi song, “It’s Like That,” instantly became a No. 1-requested hit after it was leaked on the Internet.

    “The truth is, in a way, I am still the girl next door – I feel like I can sit down with anybody and get into a conversation,” she says. “People get glimpses of me in the press, but I wish they knew I actually am that girl. If I’m your friend and you have a problem, you can call me at 5 a.m.”

    Mary Poppins of the ‘90s? Now look at you – is a shoe not a shoe to you unless it has a foot-long spike heel on it?
    My feet repel flats – I have permanent high heels on. Without even knowing it, I walk on my tippy-toes with no shoes on to the point that people laugh at me. But I’ve done it since I was a 5-year-old girl and ruined my babysitter’s high heels in the garden. See, I was obsessed with all things feminine – some girls play with baby dolls, but I would play only with Barbie.

    Now some spoilsports say you go too far in your hoochie-mama-dom.
    Well, a lot of men have told me that it’s only women – like older housewives who can’t do the same type of revealing thing I do – who have issues with me being too sexy. But I’m very much a girl’s girl who likes froufrou things – if I’ve ever gone overboard, it’s out of rebellion.

    Against, say, Tommy Mottola and his control?
    I started out with this Mary Poppins image that nobody would allow me to even slightly play with. When I finally had my moment in Butterfly, it was like, “I’m going to wear whatever I want, I don’t care.” Sometimes because people look at you as a vocalist, they think you shouldn’t have a body. Or show it if you do. But the women stars of all the other decades have...Barbra Streisand had an album cover where her butt was out! But the minute I’ve got a bikini on, everybody’s like, [gasps]!

    The horror! Still, unlike yours, Streisand’s taste was never described as “tight and tighter.”
    Loose and flowing can be good, too – especially if it shows the right amount of leg. Look, I’ve idolized Marilyn Monroe since I was 6, and I’ve always tried to do some of the things she evoked in photos. She mainly featured her curves. Marilyn could go into that complete sex-diva world, but she seemed most comfortable as the ultra-feminine, almost childlike, ethereal sex goddess. Sweetness always came through, and I try to do that too.

    Do most guys who try to pick you up want you to be the 24/7 sex goddess they see in the videos?
    Yeah, and I’m so puritanical in my ways. I’ve never had a one-night stand in my life. That’s probably not appealing to FHM readers because guys like them so much.

    OK, but when you do finally get in the sack, how important is a guy’s kiss?
    I think the perfect kiss should initially be soft and communicative, not overbearing; it should be like an introduction. I feel like I always have to teach guys how I like to be kissed – I don’t do it so they know I’m doing it, I’ll just subtly coach them.

    Are you a size queen when it comes to a guy’s equipment?
    No, because I’m not that experienced. The first person I ended up being with was the person I married. As dismal as that is.

    Yeah, but you’ve had at least four or five boyfriends.
    Less than you can count on one hand. I’ve had more boyfriends, but I didn’t have sex with them.

    So you can count the guys you’ve actually had sex with on one hand?
    Less than one hand. I’m a big flirt, though – even though the fame thing hinders my flirtability. Even if I’m flirting mildly, the guy takes it as, “Oh, she likes me!” Then, because I don’t go home with every Tom, Dick and Harry, I’ll spend the entire night steering him away from that idea. So I can only do it with guys I think might be gay.

    But if you’re really hot for a dude, how do you go after him?
    Usually I prefer to be friends with the person first. Most guys hate that too.

    Why do you think that is?
    Because the sly hustler guys don’t want you to know what they’re like, because then you won’t want to be with them. See, they want to be with you, but then they might like the girl across the street, and the other girls walking by. That’s especially true with famous men who can get whomever they want and whoever they’re with will tolerate them cheating. I won’t.

    And you don’t have to because you’re loaded, baby. Tell us, what’s the best thing about having money?
    Freedom and stability. And, yes, this happened for me very young and I’ve mad a lot of mistakes, like paying for half of everything in that big mansion [with Tommy Mottola]. Somebody smack me for that one. But I didn’t want anyone to say that I was a kept woman. Meanwhile, I’m 20 years old, sitting there like, “I want to pay for half.” Who knew I was going to end up paying for half of a $30 million house down to the freakin’ electric bills. Sick.

    Can you stay friend with your exes?
    Not if it’s somebody like mine, [laughs]. Honestly, I would love to stay friends with them, because it’s uncomfortable not to be. Oh, well.

    Last question: Taking a cue from your new song, “Can I Get Your Number?”, how does a guy score your digits?
    In real life it’s not that big of a deal for me to give somebody my number, because if I don’t want to talk to him, I just won’t recognize the number and pick up. Sorry, baby.

    Source: Text: Mariah Daily | Scans: Magda

    Thursday, March 24 , 2005

    Mariah Album Release Party in Orlando // 11:06 PM EST Updated by Will

    Its the return of the voice! Join us for a Mariah Carey new release party like no other. Virgin Megastore in Orlando, Florida celebrates her highly anticipated album, "The Emancipation of Mimi", with prizes, Mariah trivia only a true fan would know, and even a chance to win the full catalog of her albums! The new album is set to go on sale on April 11th at midnight. The event starts that day at 9pm. Check out virginmegamagazine.com for more details.

    Source: Virgin Mega Magazine | ADani1224

    Mariah on TRL UK // 9:07 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download video files of Mariah's appearance on the UK version of MTV's Total Request Live. The show was aired live today, March 24, 2005. Big thanks to DJ for making the files .

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
    *download no longer available
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | DJ

    Vote for "Mimi I Want to Sing" Contest Finalists // 7:51 PM EST Updated by Will

    The submissions are in and we've listened to the best and the worst renditions of Mariah's hit single "It's Like That." It was hard work, but we've narrowed it down to 10 semi-finalists in our "Mimi I Want to Sing Contest" and now it's your turn to weigh in.

    Listen to the 10 semi-finalists at bet.com and then vote for your favorite. You can help decide the three finalists who will get to go to 106 & Park, where Mariah Carey will pick the winner live!

    Source: BET Online

    "It's Like That" is #1 Again on TRL! // 7:09 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Good job everyone! The "It's Like That" video was #1 again on today's MTV's TRL video countdown! Let's keep Mariah at the top spot! Be sure to cast your vote online or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688) during the following hours:
    4:25pm - 5:00pm Eastern Time
    3:25pm - 4:00pm Central Time
    2:25pm - 3:00pm Mountain Time
    1:25pm - 2:00pm Pacific Time
    TRL airs Monday-Friday at 5:00pm ET/PT.

    Today's TRL also showed an interview segment with Mariah wherein she talked about American Idol and explained why she turned down being a guest on the show. Click here to download a short video clip.

    Screen Captures


    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny of storyofdestiny.com | Raymond

    Twin Cheeks: Mariah Carey and Geri Halliwell // 4:05 PM EST Updated by Will

    With two enormous egos in the same room, we were bracing ourselves for the battle of the divas. But there was only one who deserved the true superstar treatment at the Capital FM Awards - Mariah Carey.

    Wannabe diva Geri Halliwell, 32, tried to outshine Mariah by hounding organisers to let her bring along her pet pal, Harry the shih-tzu - to no avail. And the cheeky singer was left in the doghouse by the world's biggest-selling female artist, who showed Geri how to really make an entrance.

    Mariah, 34, swept into London's Royal Lancaster Hotel over an hour late - even though her hotel was nearby - with an entourage of 11 people, including two burly bodyguards. And as she picked up a special award for Outstanding Contribution To Music, watched by the likes of Rachel Stevens and Natalie Imbruglia, she poked fun at her reputation as a diva, saying, "I nearly didn't get here because there wasn't a red carpet for me."

    Later, Mariah - whose new album The Emancipation Of Mimi is out on April 4 - told 3am about the last-minute crisis that had delayed her arrival. "I had my nails done by this wonderful company when I arrived in London two days ago," she said. "Today I got a little chip, so some lovely girl fixed it for me.

    "I feel so under-dressed! When I got here and saw everyone looking glitzy and Geri Halliwell in her amazing dress, I thought I hadn't made enough of an effort."

    Mariah, who also posed for snaps with fans flanked by her minders, added: "I am absolutely loving being in London. But as I've been busy shooting my video I haven't had chance to go shopping yet."

    Meanwhile, Geri was still smarting about not being allowed to bring Harry. To make matters worse, when Geri presented the award for London's favourite West End show, she gushed about Mariah and mock-worshipped her. An onlooker said: "It was pretty embarrassing. Maybe Geri was trying to engineer a meeting, but it didn't go down too well with the audience."

    At the ceremony, Mariah only had eyes for Blue boy Simon Webbe, who was four tables away. And when he got up to present an award, she began clapping furiously. "It was hilarious," says an onlooker. "Mariah kept looking over at him, shyly. And he's single, so who knows?"

    Afterwards, when 3am told Simon about his famous fan, he said: "Seriously? She's fantastic. It's a shame I have to leave early!"

    Source: The Mirror

    "We Belong Together" Single Details // 3:50 PM EST Updated by Will

    The coverart to Mariah's new single "We Belong Together" has been revealed today. Currently, it is exclusively available for purchase as a digital download single at MSN Music.

    According to remixer Peter Rauhofer's official website, he is currently in the process of turning "We Belong Together" into a dance track. He previously collaborated with Mariah on the as-yet-unreleased club remixes to "Say Somethin'", another track from her upcoming album "The Emancipation of Mimi".

    Although the video has yet to be released, "We Belong Together" is already fairing extremely well at American radio with over 10 million audience impressions with nearly 1,500 spins.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Scot Hornby | Jake Jam | marbelous

    Mariah interviewed for Mezamashi TV // 3:39 PM EST Updated by Will

    Click on the link below to download the WMV file of Mariah's recent interview with the Japanese station Mezamashi TV. The report includes footage of Mariah's appearance at the Man Ray Club in Paris, France, where she is briefly captured performing "It's Like That" live.

  • Mezamashi Interview
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Video: Love Love Jack | Photos: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey Finds Freedom // 3:26 PM EST Updated by Will

    The music world is about to get carried away with Mariah once again. She's already charting blockbuster success with her new single, "It's Like That," and now she's set to release her first video from her new CD, "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    Only "Extra's" Jon Kelley was on the set with the superstar to get personal about her new album, her big return to music and her life in the spotlight.

    Jon Kelley: How fulfilling is it for you personally to have your highest charting single in five years?

    Mariah Carey: It's amazing. It's a really great feeling. I feel like it's just been a labor of love, and that's why it's a good thing. It's not about, "Okay, let me reveal, here are my dramas, let's have a pity party." No, this is fun. This is my art. This is what I love.

    Joining Mariah in the fun are "Extra" correspondent Brian McKnight, superstar producer Jermaine Dupri and "American Idol's" Randy Jackson, who all helped with her album.

    MC: This album, and the reason I called it, "The Emancipation of Mimi," is because Mimi is just a nickname my friends call me, from back in the day. Basically the vibe on this album is just like freedom and happiness.

    JK: I read somewhere where you said, "For the first time in your life, you don't feel ashamed of who you are." What did you mean by that?

    MC: I guess what it meant was, I've always felt I had to make excuses for a lot of things. People have always been like, "Are you black? Are you white?" "Are you R&B, are you pop?" It's always been some type of "let me explain myself and make apologies for who I am," and that's not what it's about. So it's a great feeling.

    "The Emancipation of Mimi" hits stores in April.

    Editor's Note: Log on to www.extratv.com to view a video file of this report, which includes an interview with Mariah on the set of the "It's Like That" music video.

    Source: Extra

    Wednesday, March 23 , 2005

    Jasmine's Juice // 6:55 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    "Bizarrely, Snoop's crew picked up slanguage from Mariah’s track."

    I've been having fun making it all month! Now I can sit back, glam up and get flossy 'cos my girl Mariah is in town and it's a double celebration 'cos it's her birthday -or the "anniversary of her born day," as she prefers to refer to it. This weekend we'll be partying and hitting the dance floor to her new single It's Like That, which has us all doing our 'girlz getting grimy' dance. Bizarrely, Snoop's crew on tour had picked up slanguage from MC's track and were using it in everyday life. For example: "them chicken's is ash and I'm lotion!" (which is also my favourite line!). Even naughtier: "Purple's taking me higher - I'm lifted, and I like it!"

    Source: Jasmine Dotiwala/The Voice

    Mariah proves she's a diva // 2:38 PM EST Updated by Will

    Sexy singer Mariah Carey proved her diva credentials today when she made a grand entrance at a music awards ceremony.

    The star, 34, swept into the Capital FM Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in west London with an entourage of no less than 11 people. The extraordinary assortment of staff included two big bodyguards to watch over her table as she ate lunch.

    Mariah was over an hour late for the ceremony despite having to travel just a couple of miles in a chauffeur-driven car to get there.

    The stunner received a standing ovation from her entourage when she picked up a special prize for outstanding contribution to music. She was honoured for being the biggest-selling female artist of all time.

    She said: “Thank-you for the love. Keep it going, darlings. I love you.”

    Source: The Sun

    News Tidbits // 2:17 PM EST Updated by Will

    -- Mariah is featured on the cover of the April 2005 issue of Adlib magazine, a Japanese publication. She is also the cover girl for Issue 18 of Soul R&B magazine, a French publication. Inside is a 7-page feature including a real interview and pull-out poster. Click the thumbnails for larger scans of each magazine.

    -- If you can't find Mariah's cover feature of America magazine anywhere, don't worry! According to representatives working for the periodical, the magazine won't be on news stands until April 1st. Outside of New York, the magazine will only be available at Barnes and Noble bookstores for $8 an issue.

    -- According to Billboard magazine, the David Morales dance remix of Mariah's song "Dreamlover" will be included on the upcoming compilation album "Superstars Remixed," due in stores May 10th.

    -- Which Mariah album best fits your personality? Take the quiz at www.quizilla.com to find out!

    -- MTV News posted a special report about celebrity alteregos and nicknames on their website. They included Mariah's "Mimi". Here's what they had to say:

    Mariah Carey's album catalog is a celebration of girliness: Charmbracelet, Rainbow, Butterfly, uh...Glitter. But the title of her new album, due out April 12, shows a flash of rebellion: The Emancipation of Mimi. And there's more in the classically rhymed lyric of "It's Like That," her current single: "It's a special occasion/ Mimi's emancipation/ A cause for celebration." Does anybody have a clue here?

    What she says: "It's not like Mimi is some alter ego or character, but really more the true person as opposed to the celebrity," she explained in a recent MTV News interview. "It's a very personal nickname. Only people who are really close to me use it."

    What we say: Noted ... Mariah. But the origin of this "nickname" is suspect — it doesn't really shorten "Mariah," but doubles a diva's worst tendencies: "Me-me."

    Source: Love Love Jack | Mariah Fan Club | Diana | Ernesto Hernandez | Hontasy | Daniel

    Mariah on German version of "Total Request Live" // 1:22 PM EST Updated by Will

    Click on the links below to download WMV files of Mariah's appearance on the German version of MTV's Total Request Live. The show was recorded on March 19th and aired on March 21, 2005.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four
  • Part Five
    *download no longer available
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Video: Fly Away 2000 | Photos: Mariah Daily

    Preview Mariah's New Album // 11:38 AM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah’s record label in Germany has provided JPC, a regional online retailer, with the opportunity to offer Mariah fans a chance to preview her upcoming album “The Emancipation of Mimi” weeks before it is released in stores! They have placed thirty-second clips of each of the album’s tracks on their website. You can download those clips using the following links from JPC Online:

  • It's Like That
  • We Belong Together
  • Shake It Off
  • Mine Again
  • Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
  • Stay The Night
  • Get Your Number featuring Jermaine Dupri
  • One and Only featuring Twista
  • Circles
  • Your Girl
  • I Wish You Knew
  • To The Floor featuring Nelly
  • Joyride
  • Fly Like A Bird

    If you live in Germany, be sure to pre-order Mariah's new album at jpc.de or pick it up when it is released on April 4th. Also be sure to visit Mariah's recently-redesigned official German website at mariahcarey.de for additional information and downloads.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Butterfly-MC

    Mariah attends Capital FM Awards // 11:05 AM EST Updated by Will

    Singer Mariah Carey received the award for London's Outstanding Contribution to Music at the 2005 Capital FM Awards, held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel on March 23, 2005 in London. The annual awards celebrate London's favourite music, musicians and entertainment stars voted for by listeners to the 95.8 Capital FM radio station. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey Joins Line-Up For 'Save The Music' Concert // 10:33 AM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey and Donna Summer will join previously announced performers Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Joss Stone, Rob Thomas, and John Legend when "Save The Music: A Concert To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation" will air on VH1 Sunday, April 17 at 9pm. Continuing in the tradition of events to benefit VH1's Save The Music Foundation, the star-studded concert will tape at New York City's famed Beacon Theatre on Monday, April 11. Additional performers and special guests will be announced shortly.

    VH1's "Save the Music" concert raises funds for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs in America's public schools, and to raising awareness of the positive impact that music participation has on students. Since VH1 Save the Music was created in 1997, nearly $30 million worth of musical instruments has been donated to nearly 1200 public schools in 80 cities, improving the lives of more than 500,000 children.

    VH1 "Save The Music: A Concert To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation" is executive produced by Joel Gallen and Lee Rolontz; directed by Joel Gallen; Ray Winkler is the Production Designer; Allen Branton is the Lighting Designer.

    Baileys, L'Oreal Paris, Crest Whitening Expressions, Mercedes, Pantene, Always, Listerine Pocketpaks and Chrysler Brand are sponsors of the VH1 "Save The Music" concert.

    For more concert and event information for "Save The Music: A Concert To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation" log onto http://www.vh1.com/save and check out the photo flipbooks, videos and artist interviews with those that have benefited from music education programs.

    Source: PRNewswire

    "We Belong Together" Premieres Exclusively on MSN Music // 9:04 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Island Def Jam recording artist Mariah Carey is preparing for one of the biggest success stories of her career, as "We Belong Together" jumps out as the second single from "The Emancipation of Mimi," her eagerly anticipated new album, set to arrive in stores April 12. If you want to be the first on your block to own Mariah Carey's hot new single "We Belong Together," MSN Music is the exclusive place to go. Beginning today through April 12, MSN Music is the only place U.S. fans can purchase the single.

    MSN Music also will host the world online premiere of the "We Belong Together" video in April. The promotional video for "We Belong Together" provides the stunning conclusion to "It's Like That"; the two videos were filmed together in Los Angeles by famed Hollywood director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour," "Red Dragon," "After the Sunset"). Ratner last worked with Carey in 1999 on the No. 1 Pop/No. 1 R&B "Heartbreaker" clip.

    But music and videos aren't the only treats MSN Music has in store for Mariah Carey fans. In April, MSN Music will offer exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from Mariah Carey's exclusive, star-studded "The Emancipation of Mimi" party in New York. Expected to attend the party are some of the hottest names in music, film and sports, including Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Sean Combs, Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Stephon Marbury, Nelly and Vince Carter, among others.

    "Being Mariah Carey fans ourselves, we're excited that MSN Music is the only place that people can purchase her new single, see her new video online and get a behind-the-scenes look at her white-hot 'The Emancipation of Mimi' party," said Rob Bennett, senior director of MSN Entertainment. "MSN Music is about helping music fans find what they love, and Mariah Carey's fans are among the most devoted in music. We're thrilled to be working with Universal Music Group to help bring fans closer to Mariah and the many other great Universal artists."

    "This is a terrific new opportunity for IDJ and MSN Music to collaborate on a campaign that centers on one of the most important artists in all of pop music history," said Steve Bartels, president of Island Records. "Mariah Carey has an enormous following in the U.S. and around the world. We value our ability to synergize with MSN Music in order to bring the 'We Belong Together' single and video directly to Mariah's fan base. Combined with consumer access to exclusive party footage from 'The Emancipation of Mimi,' an all-star album- release event, this is going to be an exciting and tremendous opportunity for all involved."

    Mariah Carey is an award-winning superstar with cumulative total sales of her albums, singles and long-form videos in excess of 75 times platinum in the United States alone, and 150 million worldwide, making her the top-selling female artist in history. With a record 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard magazine's Artist of the Decade Award, and the World Music Award as World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium, Mariah Carey's ongoing career remains an unparalleled success story in the history of contemporary popular music.

    The exclusive Mariah Carey content is the result of a close collaboration between MSN Music and Universal Music Group (UMG) that allows music lovers to get a sneak preview of UMG artists' latest creations. Recently, MSN Music and Universal Music Group premiered new videos from UMG artists Beck ("E-Pro"), Eminem ("Mockingbird") and JoJo ("Not That Kinda Girl").

    Source: Microsoft/Yahoo Finance

    Tuesday, March 22 , 2005

    News Tidbits // 3:50 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Vote for Mariah in E! Online's Fashion Poll.

    --From FMQB: With her new album, The Emancipation Of Mimi, right around the corner (as well as an appearance of the cover of the next issue of FMQB), Mariah Carey is a very busy diva. MTV.com is reporting she may be adding another project to her plate. Mariah could be joining the cast of the film Ladies' Night, which follows a group of women out on the town for an evening.

    --In the new spring issue of Abercrombie & Fitch Magazine Magazine, a rising star by the name of Xian Quon writes: "I'm one huge mix of Norwegian, Irish, German, and Chinese. Music is my love. As a kid, I'd go over to my girlfriend's house and dress up in her mother's clothes. I used to pretend that I was Mariah Carey belting out high notes at the Grammys."

    --From Ameinfo ME: EuroTrendz will also introduce fashion label Com8 urban wear from Paris, founded by French rap star Joey Star. Com8's trendy 'hip-hop' image has gained popularity with show biz and music stars such as Mariah Carey.

    --Dean from MariahOZ.com has an original and rare promotional poster for "The Return Of The Voice" to give away to the lucky winner of the Hot30/TRL Challenge Competition. For more details, visit his site MariahOZ.com.

    --Congratulations to Allan on his new Mariah message board, The Mariah Cafe.

    --"Mimi" wallpapers made by Peter and George.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Allan | Peter | Dean | Sam | Daniel | mcfanatic | Maggie

    Mariah in London // 3:27 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Saturday, March 19th
    Mariah arrived in the UK late Saturday night. She is staying at the Baglioni Hotel at 60 Hyde Park Gate.

    Mariah arrived at the hotel at 3:15am Sunday morning and was greeted by over 50 fans and members of the press. Mariah posed for some press photos and then spent time chatting to fans and signing autographs.

    Sunday, March 20th
    Mariah has spent the day inside her hotel being interviewed by members of international press.

    Monday, March 21st
    Mariah shot some additional scenes for the "We Belong Together" video inside her hotel.

    Tuesday, March 22nd
    Mariah will be interviewed inside her hotel. There are rumours that after this day Mariah will switch hotels. If we get any information regarding this we will let everyone know.

    Wednesday, March 23rd
    Mariah will walk down the red carpet at Capital FM's event for Help A London Child and will reportedly receive Capital Radio's Lifetime Achievement Award. This is around noon. She'll then go on to pre-record an interview on the Richard and Judy show and then visit some radio stations.

    Thursday, March 24th
    In the afternoon, Mariah will visit some more radio stations. She will then be appearing on TRL at 6:00pm. Tickets to the show are provided free from The Applause Store.

    Friday, March 25th
    Mariah will pre-record a performance on Top Of The Pops at the BBC studios.

    Saturday, March 26th
    Mariah will be at CD:UK. Tickets for this are also available at The Applause Store. Mariah will also be on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. Later in the night, Mariah will have her birthday party at Tantra nightclub. Choice FM's Morning Vybe is having a competition all week to win tickets to the party. Click here on how to join.

    Source: Matte/mariahcareyuk.com

    Monday, March 21 , 2005

    Single Review: It's Like That // 8:58 PM EST Updated by Will

    Last seen troubling the charts in 2003 with the summery sing-a-long of ‘I Know What You Want’ with Busta Rhymes, it seems that the once stalled Carey comeback is finally stepping up a gear on the evidence of this track.

    More than any of her big-voiced contemporaries, Mariah has been consistently committed to bridging the gap between pop and hip-hop, with uptempo tracks such as ‘Fantasy’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Heartbreaker’. This latest edition to the canon instantly establishes itself as one of her strongest releases. This first release from Mariah’s ‘Emancipation of Mimi’ project is a light, breezy ode to dancing the carefree night away.

    Where she once drowned in a sea of backing vocals, here Carey’s distinctive pipes are given room to breathe against minimal backing. So it’s just as well that her recent, overly restrained vocals have been replaced by the kind of swoops and wails which recall her mid-1990s peak.

    The intervention of Fatman Scoop in the song’s closing minute ups the pace, his shouts matched note for note by Carey at full volume, and thankfully enhances rather than detracts from the overall feel. But it’s Carey who dominates proceedings, on a short, sweet track which doesn’t outstay its welcome, yet establishes a hook which repays repeat listening.

    'It's Like That' is released in stores on Monday, March 28.

    Source: UK Flava

    "Mimi" Around The World // 4:55 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Reminder to vote for "It's Like That" on BET, MTV & VH1. Quick links are provided on the right side of this page so please vote now!

    --"It's Like That" is currently #16 on iTunes' Top 100 Songs, #10 on Napster, #45 on Walmart. Download "It's Like That" for 99¢ at iTunes, Passalong/eBay, Musicmatch, MSN Music, Napster, Real Music Store, Sony Connect and at Wal-Mart for 88¢.

    --Continue to request "It's Like That" at your local radio stations. Click on the "It's Like That" banner on top and start requesting now!

    --"It's Like That" was #7 on Carson Daly’s Top 10 Most Requested last Friday. Vote online here.

    --Billboard Radio Monitor says Mariah's new single, "We Belong Together" is her "second HitPredictor pick from her new album, and it is not even in stores yet!"

    --Power 96.5, a popular radio station in Florida, played "We Belong Together" and the DJ commented no matter how big "It's Like That" was, "We Belong Together" will be twice as big.

    --MuchMoreMusic's Power Shift has the "It's Like That" video on its countdown. Vote for Mariah by clicking here. Power Shift airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET. Other request links for the Canadian fans: MMM Top 10, M Top 5, and MTV Canada.

    --"It's Like That" is currently at #6 on CKOI 96.9 FM's Top Anglo and #2 on 6à6. Click on the links to vote.

    --Radio 1 has added "It's Like That" to its playlist's The B List.

    --Capital FM, Londons biggest radio station played "It's Like That" on Sunday afternoon. As the track was finishing, the DJ said over it: "Ladies and Gentleman, the Return of The Voice! That's Mariah Carey's new track there, absolutely amazing song. This is what we've been waiting for. Full vocals, brilliant beat, we've been wanting for this for a few years now and she's delivered. Fantastic song. The album is out soon, Mariah's here this week launching it, from the tracks I've heard it's an amazing album. Mariah Carey there people with "It's Like That." Vote for "It's Like That" here.

    --The "It's Like That" video debuted at #2 on TRL Italy. Vote for the video by clicking here.

    -- Mariah is currently #1 on RMF FM's Hop X Bec Top 20. RMF is one of the largest and most popular radio stations in Poland. Vote for "It's Like That" by clicking here.

    --It's Like That" debuts at #7 on MetroFM's Top 10 Airplay chart. Turkish listeners can request the song at any time from this link: www.metrofm.com.tr and from Capital Radio, the most popular one: www.capitalradio.com.tr or call (0312) 419 99 99.

    --"It's Like That" is currently at #4 on Hot 30 Countdown. Vote for Mariah's "It's Like That" by clicking here or by calling 1800 15 11 00.

    --"Get Your Number" was reportedly announced as the 3rd Australian single off the "The Emancipation of Mimi" at the recently held listening party in Australia.

    New Zealand
    --Vote for "It's Like That" on Select Live by sending a text message to 8824 with the video code s142. The show airs on C4 (TV4) daily 4-7pm. Another local music channel Juice TV, songs can also be requested by sending text messages to 288 or email to mailbox@juicetv.com with subject heading Choice.

    --Other online request links: Mai FM 88.6, ZM (click on Music Panel), More FM, The Edge, Flava.

    --"It's Like That" Japan Radio Hit Chart. Click on the links to vote.
    J-Wave / TOKIO HOT 100 - No.16 (Last Week No.25 )
    FM Noth Wave / SAPPORO HOT 100 - No.6 ( Last Week No.8 )
    ZIP FM / ZIP HOT 100 - No.2 ( Last Week No.9 )
    FM 802 / OSAKAN HOT 100 - No.62 ( Last Week No.81 )
    CROSS FM / KYUSHU HOT 100 - No.4 ( Last Week No.30 )

    --The "It's Like That" video premiered in the Philippines unoffically at MYX last Tuesday when they aired an episode of Top of The Pops which featured a clip from the video and an interview with Mariah talking about her collaborations for The Emancipation of Mimi. MTV Philippines aired the full video last Thurday with the delayed telecast of the TRL episode which premiered the video.

    --"We Belong Together" has been added to the playlist of Wave 89.1. The song has been played only on this station for several days already. We may recall that Wave was the first Filipino station to play To The Floor, Say Something and It's Like That.

    --"It's Like That" moves one notch to #19 this week at Power 98, one of the largest English radio stations in the country.

    El Salvador
    --Mariah is featured on the current issue of "La Prensa Grafica," El Salvador's biggest newspaper. The article talks about her new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" and the world success of "It's Like That." Here's the article.

    --The "It's Like That" video premiered today on MTV Latin America. Request the video to be on "Los 10 Mas Pedidos".

    Source: Mariah Daily | Tobby | Michal | Ofir | Bluesky | Can | myheart76 | Luke | Greg | PMCF | LoveLoveJack | Eric | JoWin19 | Sean

    Sunday, March 20 , 2005

    News Tidbits // 6:47 PM EST Updated by Will

    -- Log on to World Entertainment News Network to view photos of Mariah signing autographs outside the Adlon Hotel prior to her appearance on the "Wetten Dass" TV show in Berlin, Germany.

    -- Additional photos of Mariah performing "It's Like That" on "Wetten Dass" can be found at www.londonfeatures.com, as well as www.wireimage.com.

    -- Visit www.butterfliesarefree.de to read a detailed report of Mariah's visit to Berlin. There you'll also find photos of Mariah's trip in the "In Touch" section of the site. For those who receive MTV Germany, Mariah will be on Total Request Live tomorrow from 4:00pm to 5:00pm CET. She was there for the entire show, so make sure you don't miss it!

    -- On March 23rd, French music channel RFM TV will broadcast a two-hour Mariah special featuring a collection of her music videos and information about her upcoming album. Check out www.tvmag.com for more information.

    -- It seems as if there will be yet another edition of Mariah's upcoming album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" released in stores. Those purchasing the album from Wal-Mart will be given access to download an exclusive bonus track! Log on to www.walmart.com for additional details.

    -- Visit People Online to see a picture of Mariah with Justin Timberlake. The caption reads, "Mariah Carey (whose album Emancipation of Mimi is due in April) hooks up with Justin Timberlake, who arrived solo at Monday's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. The 'N Sync-er was there to induct another all-male group, legendary soul singers the O-Jays."

    -- Attention all Mariah fans in the Michigan area! On Friday, April 15, the highly-popular Nectorine Club (better known as the Necto) located in Ann Arbor is having a Mariah-themed night in which songs from "The Emancipation of Mimi" will be played throughout the course of the night. There will also be "Mimi" CD and poster giveaways. Let's all go out and show our support. This is a very large place usually filled to capacity and will be great publicity since many Gay magazines will be there taking pictures! Please note that Fridays at the Necto are gay-pride nights. It is an 18 and over club. There is a $8 cover for persons 18 to 20 and $5 for 21 and over.

    Source: Honey & Kate | Brian | Adam Gacs | Nathan & Shawn | Jay | Heather | Hotsaad

    Mariah on "Tout Le Monde En Parle" // 2:55 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's appearance on the French show, "Tout Le Monde En Parle." The show was recorded on March 17th and aired on March 19, 2005. Thanks again to Sam for making the files for us.

             Part One       Part Four      Part Seven
             Part Two       Part Five      Part Eight
             Part Three     Part Six        Part Nine

    Screen Captures


    Source: Mariah Daily | Sam

    Photo Update // 1:40 PM EST Updated by Will

    American singer Mariah Carey leaves the Four Seasons-George V hotel in Paris, France, on Thursday, March 17, 2005 to reach German radio and TV stations for interviews as part of a European tour to promote her latest album, "The Emancipation of Mimi". Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah's Next Movie Role // 12:22 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah Carey's not going to let "Glitter" bring her down — she's hoping to bounce back with her next movie role, which just might be a part in an upcoming ensemble pic called "Ladies Night," about a group of women who spend a night on the town discussing everything from careers to sex and love. The project's being produced by "Monster's Ball" producer Lee Daniels, whom Carey called "amazingly talented" and "very edgy." "We'll see what happens," Carey said recently. "It'll be great. I'm sure whatever he does is going to be special."

    Source: MTV News | Ryan

    Bye Bye Bosom // 12:21 PM EST Updated by Liron

    BID adieu to Mariah Carey's overexposed cleavage. The sexy songbird is trying out a whole new look in preparation for the release of her album "The Emancipation of Mimi" next month. After almost 10 years of deep cleave, Carey has allowed a new stylist to cover her up and dress her in a more adult manner. She made a brief appearance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the other night but made her excuses after five minutes, saying she "had to fly to Paris to promote the album."

    Source: NY Post | Tom

    Saturday, March 19 , 2005

    Mariah on "Wetten Dass..?" // 9:35 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's performance of "It's Like That" and interview on Germany's popular show, Wetten Dass..? The show was broadcast live at 8:00pm today, March 19, 2005. Many thanks to Hicham for the files.

    Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four    Part Five

    Screen Captures


    Source: Mariah Daily | Hicham

    "Mimi" Album Booklet Scans // 5:40 PM EST Updated by Lynn


    Source: Love Love Jack

    Download Mariah's Interviews in France // 10:16 AM EST Updated by Lynn

  • Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's interview with the French channel, Canal+. The interview was recorded on March 17th and aired today, March 19, 2005. Big thanks to Sam for making the files for us.

    Part One        Part Two

  • Download Mariah's March 17th interview with Fun Radio, courtesy of Mariah Mimi France by clicking here.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Sam | Mariah Mimi France

    Friday, March 18 , 2005

    "Mimi" Around The World // 9:00 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --"We Belong Together" is AOL's New Song! The lead blurb on the AOL website reads, "Honey-voiced Mariah Carey, or Mimi to her pals, begs her man not to leave in the slow jam 'We Belong Together.'" Click here to listen to the song.

    --On Power 98.7 Amarillo, TX, Mariah's song "We Belong Together" debuted on the station as a challenger on the "Battle of the Fresh Beats" and won against Ryan Cabrera's "40 Kinds of Sadness" in his attempt as a 4th-time champion. Request Lines: (806) 355-9777, (806) 355-5832.

    --"We Belong Together" was #4 last night on Bob's Big 8@8 on 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas. Request Line: (702) 364-9898.

    --"We Belong Together" is AllAccess.com's Top 40/Rhythm Crossover "Most Picked" and the 4th "Urban Most Added" on RadioandRecords.com.

    --"It's Like That" is #18 on iTunes Top 100 Songs.

    --After dropping from #1 to #6 in 3 days, "It's Like That" moves back up to #4 on the Australian Hot 30 Countdown. Meanwhile, "It's Like That" debuts at #10 on the Australian TRL. Click here to vote for the video.

    --On Mix 96, Montreal, QC, "It's Like That" made it to #1 for the first time on the Top 8@8! Keep requesting, call (514) 989-2523.

    --On its seventh week on CKOI 96.9's daily Top 6@6 Countdown, "It's Like That" holds steady at #3 (it has been #1 for 17 nights). DJ Denis, who’s been hosting this show for fifteen years said, "Most people thought it was over for Mariah, but hey she's back in a big way." Request Line: (514) 790-CKOI.

    --'It's Like That" has been added to MuchMoreMusic Top 10, the Canadian version of TRL. Continue to vote for the song by clicking here. Mariah debuts at #17 on another countdown on MuchMoreMusic called Countdown Top 20.

    --"It's Like That" was #5 on TRL Germany last night. Please vote and make her #1 when Mariah visits the show tomorrow (airing of the show will be on Monday). Vote now by clicking here, limited to one vote per hour.

    --"It's Like That" is Download of the Day on Germany´s biggest newspaper, Bild's website.

    --The "It's Like That" video is now being played on MTV Fresh.

    MTV Europe
    --Catch "Making The Video" for "It's Like That" this Saturday, March 19th at 9:00pm on MTV Europe.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Curtis | Robin | Justin | idream24 | René | Victor | Sergei | Geoff | tl2mc | wuschelki | mcflyingfree

    News Tidbits // 7:21 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Mariah arrived in Berlin, Germany early this morning at around 1:30am. She was greeted by adoring fans infront of her hotel, Adlon, Unter den Linden 77. Mariah stayed and spent some time to pose for pictures and sign autographs for the fans. Here are some photos of Mariah in Berlin later in the day.

    --Mariah is reportedly joining Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Joss Stone, Rob Thomas, Queen Latifah and John Legend on "Save The Music: A Concert To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation." The show will air on VH1 Sunday, April 17 at 9pm.

    --In New York Daily News, Rush & Molloy write: "HER NIGHT TO SHINE: Mariah Carey had plenty of reason to party the other night, She was celebrating her birthday (actually, the big day is March 27) and the upcoming release of her new album, The Emancipation of Mimi, at Man Ray in Paris."

    --The official Mariah Carey website, MariahCarey.com has updated its Bio page with "Mimi" information, be sure to check it out.

    --The Promo CD Single for "We Belong Together" is now out. It has 4 tracks: Main, Instrumental, Call Out #1 and Call Out #2.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From L.A. Independent: J. Lo’s bangin’ new single “Get Right” exemplifies everything that’s right and everything that’s terribly wrong with the hip-pop diva’s fourth studio album Rebirth. The jazzy dance track kicks off Lopez’ love-sick record with an infectious dance groove. Brooklyn emcee Fabolous slides in with the introduction, spitting a hot verse that serves as the jump-off - very promising. But unfortunately J.Lo has to start singing, and the whole track suffers. Like Madonna, Janet and Britney, J.Lo is a performer, not a pure vocalist like a Joss Stone or Mariah Carey.

    --From ContactMusic: Mariah Carey is in no rush to find a man because she insists sex is no big deal for her. The pop superstar admits to US style magazine America that she waited until her wedding night to lose her virginity - at 23 - and she still isn't highly sexed. She says, "I've never been driven by the need to be with a lot of people. I was always focused on other things."

    --From PR Newswire: Promo Only MPE is a highly sophisticated security system, which locks down the distributed content and allows labels to track who is accessing their property. Each song is uniquely encrypted so that only those with the MPE program can access it. Universal Music Group is currently under contract to use the Promo Only MPE System. Its tracks distributed to date include those from Will Smith, U2, Mariah Carey, Three Doors Down and 50 Cent among many others.

    --From IT Business: Faced with a smaller canvas on CD cases, most music collections now feature a simple image of the artist’s face (think any Mariah Carey album) or images that look like logos (the heart-shaped grenade on Green Day’s American Idiot).

    --From Bridgeton News: Torrie Nicole expressed great pride that she wrote all the lyrics for her album, an inspiration she received from another icon of hers, Mariah Carey. "It comes from your heart," Nicole said, adding that lyrics written by the artist are much more personal and meaningful.

    --From Mail&Guardian: Confused, miserable and in perpetual limbo, we are now apparently abundant in the world of celebrity. There is the soul singer Alicia Keys (raised in Hell's Kitchen, absent black father); the actress Halle Berry (abusive, absent black father); the Olympic medallist Kelly Holmes (runaway daddy tracked down in Jamaica); and the pop star Mariah Carey (absentee black father, racially ambiguous look).

    Source: Mariah Daily | Josh | Jeremy | Frank | Honey & Kate | Yahoo/AP Photo | MariahCarey.com | Sunny

    Thursday, March 17 , 2005

    "We Belong Together," A Chart Topping Hit? Bet On It! // 8:02 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Burke's Best Bet
    MARIAH CAREY "We Belong Together"

    While "It’s Like That" proved that Mariah Carey still has a lot more to offer, "We Belong Together," her next single from The Emancipation Of Mimi, is sure to ignite even more support. We told you that this CD was loaded with soon-to-be-hits, and this record tops the list of single choices that will have MC chart-bound again in no time! Imagine that, two chart topping hits before Mariah’s CD is even released on April 12. Who would have ever thought Mariah could pull it all together and deliver one of her best performances in some time? While "It’s Like That" is the type of party record that Mariah likes to hit her fans with out of the box, "We Belong Together" is the type of record that will tug at their emotions, with Mariah delivering her passionate plea. Mariah being back in play, and at the top of her game is not only a great thing for music, it’s a welcomed returned from one of Pop music’s top divas who’s signature vocal helped define the ‘90s and still sounds great in 2005… if not better! It’s gonna take a lot to derail this diva who’s definitely back on the right track. BET ON IT!

    Source: Friday Morning Quarterback

    Billboard Chart Watch // 7:38 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date March 26, 2005.

    It's Like That
    Billboard Hot 100: #17 (Last week #16)
    Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #17 (Last week #15)
    Hot 100 Single Sales: #14 (Last Week #15)
    Billboard Pop 100: #20 (Last Week #23)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #17 (Last Week #21)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #23 (Last week #19)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #24 (Last week #21)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales: #4 (Last Week #5)
    Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #32 (Last Week #46)
    Billboard Hot Digital Tracks: #25 (Last Week #43)

    We Belong Together
    Billboard Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles: #117

    Source: Billboard Magazine

    Album Running Time (Japanese Edition) // 3:54 PM EST Updated by Liron

    1. It's Like That 3:22
    2. We Belong Together 3:21
    3. Shake It Off 3:52
    4. Mine Again 4:01
    5. Say Somethin' 3:44
    6. Stay The Night 3:57
    7. Get Your Number 3:15
    8. One And Only 3:14
    9. Circles 3:30
    10. Your Girl 2:46
    11. I Wish You Knew 3:34
    12. To The Floor 3:27
    13. Joy Ride 4:03
    14. Fly Like a Bird 3:53
    15. Sprung 3:25
    16. Secret Love 3:09 (Written By M CAREY / K DEAN, Produced By SWIZZ BEATZ)

    Total Time 56:42

    Note: K Dean stands for Kaseem Dean which is Swizz Beatz's real name.

    Source: Love Love Jack

    New Voice Message from Mariah In Paris // 3:04 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Go to MariahCarey.com to hear a new voice message from Mariah.

    "Yeah *laughs*, just wanted to say hello! Bonjour! We're calling you from Paris, and just wanted to say seriously, thanks to everyone who's been coming from overseas and it's a lot of fun, and I love you, had a party last night and it was 'hot potatoes!' *laughs* but no, I just wanna say thank you so much for the response to the video because I heard through the grapevine that it was #5 on TRL yesterday! (background: "That's hot tamale!") Yes, we're very excited about it so thank you so much, really. Really really really. I love you, appreciate you and enjoy you as always. And I'm just gonna keep checking in from various locations on this trip and things of that nature. But anyway, thank you thank you thank you to everybody out there who voted for the "It's Like That" video .... (inaudible) And anyway, everybody - I love you and I will check with you soon."

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Mariah Daily

    Photo Update // 10:51 AM EST Updated by Will

    Below are high quality photos of Mariah arriving in Paris, France on Tuesday, March 15, 2005. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Throws Fanparty in France // 10:21 AM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah threw a fan party at the Man Ray club in Paris, France yesterday to showcase her upcoming album "The Emancipation of Mimi".

    After arriving at 1:00am, Mariah posed for photos and then directly entered the club through its VIP section. She then came down into the center of the pit, surrounded by some 1,500 screaming fans, said "Merci Boucoup" ("Thank You" in French) and personally introduced a selection of songs from the album (including "Say Somethin'", "To The Floor", "Get Your Number" and the "It's Like That" remix).

    Although it was extremely hot inside the club, Mariah was very interactive, dancing, singing parts of the songs and waving at the crowd. She even climbed on a table so everyone could see her. There were two dancers with her on the table and her manager Benny Medina even pulled the DJ for a minute to dance!

    She later cut a huge cake that was brought in by the masquerade guys from the "It's Like That" video to officially commence the evening, and left at around 4:00am.

    For more photos, log on to www.mariahfanclub.com and www.mariahfrance.com.

    Source: Photos: Mariah Daily | Text: mariahfanclub.com

    Wednesday, March 16 , 2005

    A Picture of Class // 9:30 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    White Poise: Do our eyes deceive us? Is that sophisticated lady in the elegant snow white ensemble really Mariah Carey? The octave-leaping diva has us singing a chorus of hallelujahs now that she's ditched her tired uniform of age-inappropriate fairy tale princess dresses and cleavage-swollen, butterfly-laden halter tops. Mariah, currently out promoting her make-or-break album "The Emancipation of Mimi" (hee), is a picture of class from her tip of her sleek 'do with side-swept bangs to the bottom of her slingback-clad feet. Mariah's mini-makeover couldn't have come at a better time: Shortly after this photo was snapped, she bumped into her ex, Tommy Mottola, and his new wife, Thalia, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Turns out looking good really is the best revenge.

    Source: MSN | Nick

    Pictures: Mariah in Paris // 9:22 PM EST Updated by Will

    March 16th
    American singer Mariah Carey leaves the Four Seasons-George V hotel in Paris, France, on March 16, 2005, to reach several French radio stations for interviews as part of a European tour to promote her latest album "The Emancipation of Mimi". Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

    March 17th
    Singer Mariah Carey was sighted in Paris, France on March 17, 2005 at the Gorge V hotel. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    News Tidbits // 8:23 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --From ET Online: Mariah Steams Up 'America'

    Songbird MARIAH CAREY is flirting with America. The Grammy®-winning singer is the cover girl of the new spring issue, on stands Friday. Inside, the sultry star is steaming up the pages with talk about her divorce from music mogul TOMMY MOTTOLA, how few lovers she's had -- and how she remained a virgin until she was married at age 23. "I've never been driven by the need to be with a lot of people. I was always focused on other things," she tells the magazine.

    --If you missed Mariah's interview with 106.1 BLI's Steve & Kristi (substituted for the vacationing Maria) this morning, you can listen to it by going to the station's Celebrity Interviews page. The full, unedited version of the same interview, transcript and audio, can be found at Kristi's website, A Musical Paradise For Mariah Carey.

    Source: ET Online | Tom | WBLI | Kristi

    "Mimi" Around The World // 8:13 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --The "It's Like That" video landed at #5 on today's TRL countdown. This is Mariah's highest chart position to date for "It's Like That." TRL host Damien mentioned that Mariah had now "cracked the top half of the countdown." New VJ host Susie then said as the video was ending, "Mariah is creeping her way all the way to the top at #1." Please continue to vote for the video.

    "It's Like That" has also climbed 10 places from #20 to #10 on the Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1.

    --'We Belong Together" was "Catch of the Day" on 99.7 WDJX in Lexington, KY yesterday, March 15th. It won with 70% of the votes. Per Mediabase, total audience impressions through March 15, 2005 for "We Belong Together" were 7.794M with 280 in total spins.

    --MTV Europe has added "It's Like That" to its Wishlist for Friday's New Music Hour. "It's Like That" is currently at #1 with 32% of total votes. Click here to vote for the song now!

    --The UK airing date for Making the Video of "It’s Like That" is pencilled in for Sunday, March 20th at 8:00pm on MTV Base.

    --Vote for the "It's Like That" video on Musique Plus (French channel of Much Music).

    --"It's Like That" is currently at #3 on CKOI 96.9's Top 6@6. Quebec listeners, vote online here or call (514) 790-CKOI. Also vote for the song on CHLC FM 97.1's Top 3 Anglo by clicking on the link or calling (418) 589-3771.

    --"It's Like That" plunged to #4 on the Hot 30 Countdown. The song faces stiff competition with new releases by Idols contestants. Please continue to vote for Mariah's "It's Like That" by clicking here or by calling 1800 15 11 00.

    Contrary to previous reports, it is now confirmed there will be no bonus DVD for the Australian limited edition release of "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    --"It's Like That" climbs 6 places to #20 this week from #26 at Power 98, one of the largest English radio stations in the country.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Ashes | Kevin | Pascal | Saraybell | Geoff | bluesky

    Mariah Has Brush With Her Ex, and His Next // 12:22 PM EST Updated by Liron

  • Mariah Carey came pretty darn close to meeting her ex-husband's new wife on Monday night.

    Carey made a surprise appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinner at the Waldorf Astoria before the music part of the show began.

    Accompanied by her publicist Marvett Britto, Carey — in a beautiful white fake fur — was shown to the very front section of tables to meet and greet.

    What she didn't realize is that Tommy Mottola and his present wife, Mexican singing and soap star Thalia, were sitting dead in her sights.

    "It wasn't a good moment," said one observer.

    But Carey held her head high as many performers came to say hello. She met the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, soul legends Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and had her picture taken with Bo Diddley.

    Luckily, she had a built-in excuse for leaving: an overnight flight to Paris.

    "We're leaving to start promotion for the new album," she told me.

    She will return stateside around April 4 to kick off the release of her new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," which I gave you an exclusive preview of a couple of weeks ago.


    THE organizers of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have a good sense of humor. At the hall's annual dinner Monday night at the Waldorf, Mariah Carey arrived with Island/Def Jam president L.A. Reid — only to find out she was seated next to ex-husband Tommy Mottola, who wasn't very sweet to her during their divorce. Our spies said Carey "handled it like a pro" and greeted Mottola and his new wife, Thalia, warmly. But tensions at the table were high as, "Mariah was getting a lot of attention and Thalia wasn't." Carey tells next month's Essence that Mottola was "mentally abusive" toward her.

  • Among those at the Waldorf-Astoria, BONO, who was inducted with U2; DAN AYKROYD sitting with B.B. KING; ROD STEWART; RICHARD GERE and CAREY LOWELL; MARIAH CAREY, who went to the table where her former husband, TOMMY MOTTOLA, sat with his wife, the singer THALIA. They shook hands (Mr. Mottola and Ms. Carey we mean) and had a brief chat.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Fox News | NY Post | NY Times | Tom

    Reminder: Mariah on New York's 106.1 BLI Today! // 7:02 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah's interview with New York's 106.1 BLI's Steve & Maria will be at 8:00am EST today. If you are not from New York, you can listen online here.

    Source: Bob Kern

    Tuesday, March 15 , 2005

    "Mimi" Around The World // 5:02 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The song's airplay took a big plunge and is decreasing daily. Please call your local radio stations and request "It's Like That" to be played! Find Mariah Daily's full radio stations request list by clicking here.

    Below are stations in the biggest markets across the country where the song is losing spins. If you live in the area please call and request "It's Like That" in these stations once a day!

    New York City, New York
    Hot 97: 1 800 223 9797
    Power 105.1: 1 800 585 1051
    Z100: 1 800 242 0100
    KTU: 1 800 245 1035

    Los Angeles, California
    KDAY 93.5: 310 552 9935
    BEAT 100.3: 888 696 1003
    Power 106: 818 845 1059

    Chicago, Illinois
    WGCI: 312 591 1075
    Kiss 103.5: 312 591 1035
    Power 92: 773 375 9248

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Q102: 1 800 521 1021
    WPHI: 215 780 1039
    WUSL: 1 800 669 99FM

    Dallas, Texas
    97.9 Beat: 214 787 1979
    K104: 214 787 1104
    Box 97.9: 713 390 5979
    Hot 99.5: 1 877 995 HOT 1

    Detroit, Michigan
    WDRQ: 313 298 9393
    WKQI: 313 298 9595
    WDTJ: 313 298 1059

    Atlanta, Georgia
    WBTS: 404 741 0955
    WVEE: 404 741 9833

    Miami, Florida
    WEDR Miami: 866 991 JAMZ
    WMIB: 866 964 BEAT

    "It's Like That" is currently at #5 on XM Satellite Radio's Top 20on20. Click on the link or call (866) 267-0441 to vote.

    "It's Like That" has been officially added to MTV USA. The video will now be under steady rotation in the channel.

    "It's Like That" was #1 on the Top 30 at 92.9FM in Perth on the weekend. The song is also placing on the Australian I-Pod top 10 daily download charts.

    The "It's Like That" video has not played on Canada's popular show, Much Music. Request the video by sending an email to ondemand@muchmusic.com.

    "It's Like That" has been added for rotation on the biggest national radio station P3. Other radio stations are expected to follow shortly. As for the video, it should premiere either this week or next week and we have high expectations for it. Click here for a list of radio/tv request links in Denmark, courtesy of mariahcarey.dk

    France's largest radio station, Fun Radio paid tribute to Mariah by playing her live concert songs, some of them very rare. They also offered places to see Mariah when she visits the country later this week. View the radio ad for Mariah's visit of the station on March 17th here. Request "It's Like That" by calling 33 (0)1 4070 4848.

    "It's Like That" came at #5 on TRL Germany. Continue voting online here.

    The song jumps on 98.8 Kiss FM from #14 to #12. On the biggest German urban station JamFM the song this week jumped from #12 to #5!

    Check out Helen's site for scans from the Wetten Dass magazine, and for further links to request "It's Like That" in Germany. Fly Away 2000

    Request "It's Like That" on MTV India. Enter "It's Like That" for song title and Mariah Carey for artist then click OK. No registration is required.

    "It's Like That" has debuted at #3 on TRL Italy! Continue voting online here.

    According to Universal Italy, both editions of "The Emancipation of Mimi" will be released in Italy on April 1st. The maxi CD single for "It's Like That" will be released on March 25th. No promotion tour is scheduled for Mariah in Italy at the moment.

    "It's Like That" debuted at #10 on Capital FM. Click here to vote for it.

    Norwegian fans can call this number to request "It's Like That": 47 22 79 75 00

    "It's Like That" continues to rule the 10 Biggies Countdown - #1 for 5 straight days and has been on the Top 40 Countdown for two weeks. Request the song by calling 632-976-1995.

    South Africa
    Metro FM: It's Like That climbs 4 places and enters the Top 20 at No. 20 on Metro Fm's International Top 40 countdown. Metro FM is South Africa's largest Urban Station.
    East Coast Radio: On East Coast Radio's Global Hot Hits, It's Like That Climbs 6 places to No. 34 in it's second week on the Chart.
    Good Hope FM: It's Like That is a non-mover on the Chart and remains at No. 4 on the Hot 30 countdown.
    5FM: It's Like That rockets up 8 places on the High 5 @ 5 and sits at a new peak of No. 12.
    MTV Base Africa The It's Like That Video has been getting regular spins on MTV BASE AFRICA. Continue requesting online here.

    --"It’s Like That" debuted last Saturday at #47 on Cadena 100, the most important radio station in Spain. Call to request! 91-595-1200 or 91-595-1244.

    --The video for "It's Like That" has premiered on "Sol Musica" and "MTV Spain." Request the video by sending emails to solmusica@solmusica.com and select@mtv.es.

    The two biggest online music stores in Sweden, www.cdon.com and www.ginza.se list the release dates for "It's Like That" CD single as March 29, 2005 and "The Emancipation of Mimi" album as April 6, 2005.

    The video for "It's Like That" has been added to the N1 rotation at Viva Switzerland. This means that the video will be played 18 times a week!

    Thursday 17th: GMTV on ITV 1 will air an exclusive interview with Mariah in 7.00-8.35am time slot. GMTV says: "Mariah Carey - The worldwide superstar chats to our NY correspondent Cordelia."

    Saturday 19th: Mariah will land around 11:00pm and head to her hotel from there. She's staying at the Baglioni Hotel at 60 Hyde Park Gate. She's not stayed at this hotel before. Fans wanting to greet her should note that the nearest tube station is Kensington High Street.

    Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd: Mariah will be interviewed for various magazines inside her hotel.

    Wednesday 23rd: Mariah will walk down the red carpet at Capital FM's event for Help A London Child. This is around noon. She'll then go on to pre-record an interview on the Richard and Judy show and then visit some radio stations. Mariah will be presented with a special Award at Capital Radio - Red Carpet Event.

    Thursday 24th: In the afternoon Mariah will visit some more radio stations. She will then be appearing on TRL at 6:00pm (1 Leicester square).

    Friday 25th: Mariah will pre-record a performance on Top Of The Pops at the BBC studios.

    Saturday 26th: Mariah will be at CD:UK. In addition, she will have special TV recordings at GMTV Studio and tape Ant & Dec - Saturday Night Takeaway.

    "It’s Like That" video enters in at #11 on the Official UK TV Airplay Chart.

    MTV Europe
    --MTV Europe's "Wishlist" and Friday's show "New Music," Mariah is mentioned but her votes are low. Let's make her #1 and make them to add her video on the show.

    --"It's Like That" is now "Fresh" on MTV Europe. Fresh - every round hour a new hot clip is aired, and this time it's Mariah's. "It's Like That" will be "Fresh" for the whole week, from Monday to the next Monday, and will be shown every full hour.

    MTV Asia
    --The music network MTV Jams, which can be seen on many digital cable or satelite systems, is now playing the "It's Like That" video.

    --Let's get the video on MTV Most Wanted by sending requests to: MTV MOST WANTED, P.O. Box 2088, Robinson Road, Singapore 904088; or fax: 65-6325-4893

    Mariah has the top 3 positions this week on eil.com sales. The "It's Like That" CD and Vinyl singles are #1 and #3 sellers, respectively. The album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" is #2.

    "It's Like That" needs our help! In order to help the song's airplay rise, we must continue to request it daily.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Bob Kern | Edgardo | Brendan | Varun | Johny | VNJ2005 | Mathos | izzet | Daniel | Tobby | David | bristu72 | Jeremy | Mini | Fede | BoyMF | Adi | Dan & Ila | Cathrine | Matt | Zane | Mariah Connection | mariahcareyuk.com | Fly Away 2000 | mariahcarey.dk

    News Tidbits // 5:01 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Mariah arrived in Paris at le Bourget airport at around 6:00pm today. She proceeded to the George V hotel at 8:15 pm and was greeted by fans outside of the hotel. Mariah stayed and talked with the fans for 10 minutes.

    Here are photos of Mariah upon her arrival at the le Bourget airport. Special thanks to Mariahfanclub.com for the photos.

    --From Westcoast RendezVous: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Celine Dion and Angie Stone are one of the few stars who are taking part in a new Luther Vandross tribute album, "Forever, For Always, For Luther." Producer Jimmy 'Jam' Harris says, "Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson both called and said they were interested in doing something for it. This is really the best of the best singers coming together. It's going to be an incredible project. It's basically artists doing Luther Vandross songs, but they're doing them their way. Some of the arrangements are very similar to Luther's arrangements."

    --According to RadioandRecords.com, "We Belong Together" has been designated as going for adds at Urban radio formats.

    --From NY Post: Wafah Binladin left the city in the months before her uncle's ghastly attack, but she's back now, pursuing her career as a pop star. "I love American movies and American music, like Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey," Wafah once said. "I love Madonna and Michael and Janet Jackson, too."

    --Jeremy invites everyone to take part in The Banding Together Project. This project is the selling of rubber bracelets with Mariah themes. The money earned will be donated to support Mariah, her new album, and a portion will be donated to the Save The Music Foundation. He writes, "The Banding Together Project" is back with an all new revamped site. You can now order your bracelet to support the new album and to help the Save the Music Foundation by visiting devoted.to/bandingtogether. A picture of the bracelets will be available to view by next week, as well as a contest. Please stay tuned for further updates as they will be posted on our site."

    --A "Mimi" wallpaper from Rober of Spain. Enjoy!


    Source: Mariah Daily | Jeremy | Marc | Mariahfanclub.com | Rober

    Mariah Greets Ex-Husband // 2:56 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- From Fox News: Three decades after forming in a Dublin high school and still on top of the music world, U2 was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, joined by the O'Jays, Percy Sledge, The Pretenders and Buddy Guy...

    ... The dinner offered a clash of celebrity cultures: Mariah Carey breezing in, offering a brief kiss to ex-husband Tommy Mottola, Richard Gere sharing a laugh with King, The Edge checking his Blackberry during the O'Jays' performance.

    Highlights of the induction ceremony will be televised Saturday on VH1.

    -- From the NY Post: Catherine Zeta-Jones showed up in a low-cut black dress and gabbed with Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner. Dan Aykroyd and B.B. King shared a table. Clive Davis was up front, and Mariah Carey butterflied from table to table.


    Source: Mariah Daily | andateacagar

    Mariah Pays Homage to Rock & Roll Icons // 11:00 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey and other celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart, Tommy Mottola were in attendance at last night's 20th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York to pay homage to time-honored icons Buddy Guy, The O'Jays, The Pretenders, Percy Sledge and U2. The ceremony will air on VH1, Saturday, March 19th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

    More photos at FilmMagic and WireImage; and news in USA Today.

    Source: Mariah Daily | FilmMagic | WireImage | USA Today

    Monday, March 14 , 2005

    Download Mariah's Interview with Wendy Williams // 5:57 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on the links below to download Mariah's over-hour long interview with Wendy Williams.

  • Part One: MP3 | WMA
  • Part Two: MP3 | WMA
  • Part Three: MP3 | WMA

    You can also view photos of Mariah arriving at the WBLS FM building for the interview at wireimage.com.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny | Sergei | Webby28

    Mariah to arrive in England on Saturday // 4:56 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah will land in the UK this Saturday night via private jet. She'll land around 11:00pm and head to her hotel from there. She's staying at the Baglioni Hotel at 60 Hyde Park Gate. She's not stayed at this hotel before. Fans wanting to greet her should note that the nearest tube station is Kensington High Street.

    On Thursday 24th Mariah will be appearing on TRL. Tickets to the show are provided free from The Applause Store. Visit their site where you need to register with them and then select what show / day you would like tickets for. You should receive an email and then a call back the next day.

    On Friday 25th Mariah will pre-record a performance on Top Of The Pops at the BBC studios. It's very hard to get tickets at such short notice. Well done to anyone who manages it!

    On Saturday 26th Mariah will be at CD:UK. Tickets for this are also available at The Applause Store. Make sure you hurry to get those. Mariah will also be on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway but tickets for that have already all gone.

    Stay tuned to the site and our messageboard in case any information changes or is added! Mariah loves to see fans out supporting her, so we hope to see lots of you outside the hotel between Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th to see Mariah, get some photos and maybe some autographs!

    Source: Matte of mariahcareyuk.com

    Mariah on the Wendy Williams show - Now! // 3:49 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Tune in to 107.5FM in New York or listen online here for an interview with Mariah that's coming up in a few minutes.

    Mariah was also interviewed on 105.1 FM in New York earlier.

    Source: Sammy | Sean | Christine

    UK eagerly awaits "Mimi" // 8:47 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Island Def Jam recording artist Mariah Carey's eagerly anticipated new album, THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, is shaping up to be one of the early success stories of the new year, as its first single pick, "It's Like That," written by Mariah and co-produced by über-producer Jermaine Dupri is proving a smash hit at US radio. Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, St. Louis, Miami, Detroit and Denver. It gets its UK release on March 28th 2005.

    The music video for "It's Like That" has been shot by Hollywood A-list director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon). Ratner last worked with Mariah in 1999 on the #1 Pop/ #1 R&B "Heartbreaker" clip.

    THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, Mariah Carey's 10th studio album, is set to arrive in stores on April 11th. It is the long-awaited follow-up to 2002's RIAA platinum Charmbracelet, Mariah's IDJ debut, which hit #2 R&B and #3 Pop.

    The new album finds Mariah's broad range of musical talents on full display, as every one of its 14 songs bears her signature as writer and co-producer. Carey continues to work with today's top R&B and hip-hop producers, such as the Neptunes, who lend their signature production style to two tracks: "To The Floor" (featuring Nelly) and "Say Somethin'" (featuring Snoop Dogg ). The album's other featured guest is Twista, who shows up on "One and Only." The first single, "It's Like That," is one of four songs co-produced by Mariah and Jermaine Dupri, along with "Get Your Number," "Shake It Off," and "We Belong Together." Fellow Def Jam artist Kanye West collaborates with Mariah on "Stay the Night." On other tracks she works with Scram Jones ("Your Girl"), Mahogany ("When I Feel It") and James Poyser ("Mine Again"). Three tracks are co-written and co-produced by Mariah and James "Big Jim" Wright (of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' Flyte Tyme Productions), including "I Wish You Knew," "Circles," and "Fly Like a Bird."

    Mariah Carey is an award-winning megastar who holds the title of #1 Female Artist of the '90s - the only artist to have topped the charts in each year of that decade. With cumulative total sales of her albums, singles and long-form videos in excess of 75-times platinum in the U.S. and over 150 million in sales worldwide, she is simply the top-selling female artist in history. With a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard magazine's Artist of the Decade Award, and the World Music Award as World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium - Mariah Carey's ongoing career remains an unparalleled success story in the history of contemporary popular music.

    Source: UK-Flava

    Sunday, March 13 , 2005

    A Mariah Carey Retrospective // 1:27 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    In honor of Mariah Carey's tenth studio album (and fourth or fifth liberation), The Emancipation Of Mimi, I've gathered three of Slant's music boys to dish the dirt on the multi-octave songbird's first nine releases (yes, we're counting her Christmas album). At times the discussion wasn't pretty: There were catfights about which is better, "Fantasy" the album version or "Fantasy" the remix, Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" or Mariah's cover with Dru Hill, Mariah with or Mariah without breast implants. Okay, so I made that last one up. And they weren't really catfights so much as casual, borderline mundane conversations. But the words "slut" and "orgasm" were used in one form or another at least three times each. And Rick James's corpse and "Hero"-as-masturbation-anthem each received one mention apiece. That should count for something, though I'm not sure what. But don't worry, I chimed in from time to time to keep the boys on point. -Your ringmaster, ALEXA CAMP

    Mariah Carey (1990)
    RICH JUZWIAK: I really thought Mariah's debut single, "Vision Of Love," was a Whitney Houston song when I first heard it on the radio. I think it was a vision of the future world of American Idol, where we have these doe-eyed robots who think melisma is godliness. As on Whitney's first album (and, actually, most that came after it), Mariah showed just how much of a diva she was by being a million times better than her cloying, forgettable songs. ERIC HENDERSON: That song was so ridiculously popular that it's sort of compelling to return to it today and discover restraint where we remember abandon. Like the doo-wop ballads it emulates, it's demure in how it doesn't pretend that you can work foreplay, intercourse, and the climax into the space of three-and-a-half minutes. So it settles for foreplay. The end of the song has a lot less caterwauling and a lot more stage-whispered promises of things to come. RICH: Who needs sex when you orgasm so massively and so often? Come on, Honey climaxes easily. The last half of "Vision Of Love" (starting with the belted bridge) is a series of crescendos that get so intense that another Mariah has to step in to keep up the momentum. And then there's the whistle note. And then there's the final vocal run that's more like a roller-coaster track. If you think these aren't climaxes, she proves you wrong with her denouement, the way the last word, "be," sort of wanes into an "mm hmm hmm." Unsurprising that there's so much drama, even passion, in a vocal arrangement that's constructed like a short story. SAL CINQUEMANI: I think we should title this piece "Finding Subtext Where There is None." But seriously, do you really think the songs on Mariah's debut were forgettable? In particular, "Vanishing" and "All In Your Mind," which I think prefigured "Always Be My Baby" (but with a healthy dose of soul), are pretty damn memorable. And I used to really love that song "Prisoner" (I was 11, okay?). I think it's funny that people got their panties all in a twitch over Mariah's latter-day hip-hop excursions. I mean, the girl raps on this song. Badly. And no one seemed to mind. RICH: I did. SAL: Of course you did. ERIC: Mariah's penchant for spinning the roulette wheel with her producers and songwriting collaborators admittedly didn't announce itself with much kaleidoscopic diversity. "Someday," with its pristine synth ascensions and rubbery bassline, sounded great the first time, mostly because it reminded you of one of those other 1990 dance singles that you could never be bothered to learn the name of. That is until the voice slipped (like an obdurate water balloon out of your hands) into the upper octaves. SAL: I didn't really notice Mariah until "Someday" came out (again, I was 11). Maybe that speaks to the fact that I was just much less interested in "singers" than good pop songs, but Mariah the balladeer just bored me to tears. RICH: Ah, "Someday": the rare Mariah swing track. She really came off as an AC-blooded new jack hack. Doesn't she do the Roger Rabbit in the video? This song was sort of the pinnacle of the marriage of obsequiousness and genre resistance that made Sony so much money.

    Emotions (1991)
    RICH: I like taking the first line of the title track's chorus as a statement in itself: "You've got me feeling emotions." I'll send that insight right back atcha, Mariah: on this unremarkable album, you've got me hearing sounds. SAL: Emotions is overproduced and was considered a bit of a sophomore slump at the time (which, looking back, is funny considering only three of her albums have sold more), but I think it's really classic-sounding. ERIC: "Classic-sounding"? I like that you know it's not classic in essence, but only in representation. RICH: This album came out a little over a year after Mariah's debut, and in many ways predicted her eventual identity better than her next few releases. Aside from her workhorsiness, her penchant for referencing is all over the album: "Emotions" sounds like the Emotions' "Best Of My Love" and Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real," "Can't Let Go" is a musical retread of Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee's "Make It Last Forever" (which she'd oddly go on to cover again in the remix of "Thank God I Found You"), and "Make It Happen" repeats the chord progressions and the disco-kinda-disco of Alicia Myers's "I Want To Thank You." I think there were lawsuits filed over a few, if not all of the aforementioned tracks. SAL: Hmmm, maybe that explains the so-called "classic sound" I was talking about. ERIC: Yeah, but, to be fair, the sample-happy production team of Clivillés & Cole were relatively convenient sitting ducks during the spate of anti-sampling litigations that characterized the early-'90s battle against hip-hop. I imagine that most of the charges leveled against sample-reliant songs in that era weren't filed by people who understood the element of artistic license of musical quotation. Incidentally, I'd forgotten all about "Make It Last Forever," though I'm talking about the Jocelyn Brown version with Inner Life. Mariah later ripped that one too, didn't she? [EDITOR'S NOTE: After extensive (read: a few minutes' worth) of research, we have found no tangible evidence of "a direct connection between the Inner Life track and any of Mariah's shit," as Rich put it so eloquently in one email exchange. Any congruity between the two is purely a product of Eric's retrofitted imagination.] SAL: I never realized how much Mariah used to scream. And can you imagine her singing those first few notes of "So Cold" today? My favorite songs here are "The Wind" (why doesn't she do songs like this anymore?) and "Make It Happen." RICH: I love "Make It Happen," but even though I admire her vocal conviction (see, she is a good actress!), the song's lyrics just ring so false to me. It just didn't take that long for the girl with one shoe to acquire many. ALEXA: You've been watching too much of MTV's Cribs, Rich. SAL: "Because I am a person who loves dolphins." Of course you do, Mariah.

    Music Box (1993)
    SAL: With each new record, Mariah claimed she was gaining more and more creative control, but Music Box is exactly what Tommy Mottola ordered: mild, unchallenging middle-of-the-road fluff. And 10 million people ate it up like Ovaltine. RICH: As wooden as its namesake. An inherent underdog, Mariah's endearment is directly at odds with her success. This was the apex of her popularity, so it's just hateable. "Hero" is total nonsense. I really just don't understand it. It's like "The Greatest Love Of All" on mind-fuzzing painkillers. There's a hero in me, but I need to find it. And then a hero comes along? Well that's confusing. Too many heroes. Who do I pay attention to, the hero in myself or this external hero? Is this a kindred spirit, or is my inner hero manifesting itself as another being? Am I to have some sort of romance with this hero that comes along? I think this song's about masturbation. Wait a minute, I think I love it. ERIC: As someone who attended high school danceline competitions for six straight years (shut up Sal, my sisters were on the team) and heard the song play out at the end of competitions and video yearbooks almost as often as Celine Dion's "The Power Of A Dream," I can assure you that no one thinks "Hero" is about anything other than self-promoting, instant nostalgia-stoking…oh, I guess it is about masturbation. RICH: The album version of "Anytime You Need A Friend" is miserable, but the Clivillés & Cole mixes are both theirs and Mariah's finest moments in house. One hundred percent garage done by the best singer in the world. I bet it had princesses, queens, and guidos all over the tri-state area crying on the dancefloor. SAL: Yes, weeping… ALEXA:…all over their Long Island prom dresses.

    Merry Christmas (1994)
    RICH: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is totally a classic. A lot of people think it's a cover, which I think is a testament to its success. SAL: Or maybe it's a testament to how derivative it is? RICH: Exactly!!! SAL: Still, this is Mariah's best album. Hands down. And can we mention how she completely re-recorded "Joy To The World" as an 8-minute house mix with David Morales? She's absolutely out of her mind. RICH: Love that Jesus was a bullfrog. ERIC: You queens are such completists. ALEXA: This is the only Mariah album I own…on vinyl.

    Daydream (1995)
    RICH: I think the scene in Glitter where Dice cuts all the "superfluous shit" out of "Loverboy" must have been based on Sean Combs's reaction to the album version of "Fantasy." It's amazing how just streamlining can turn something shrill and nagging into perfection. "Fantasy" is among her weakest tracks, and the Bad Boy Remix is one of her best. Go figure. SAL: It's telling that you think the remix is one of her best tracks, seeing as how her original hook is completely replaced with the part she didn't actually write. It might be cheesy but I love the album version. RICH: Well, what is she if not a fantastic appropriator? I don't look to Mariah's writing for innovation (though I may have picked up a 10-cent word here and there). I'm more interested in what her wacky, idiosyncratic filter lets through her pop-culture obsession and into her work. But then, she also hits on a much more visceral level with "I Am Free." It's faux-gospel, as manipulative as Sunday school and I'm just begging for her to take me to church. SAL: I like that song a lot, but I think Glitter has a serious S&M fetish. She's constantly writing the same songs over and over again. I think she likes being a "prisoner," and "wandering through the misery," just so she can be saved. Technically, she's not supposed to get free until Butterfly, right? Or is it The Emancipation Of Mimi? How many times can one person be liberated? ERIC: [wakes up] Wha?…Oh, sorry, reacquainting myself with this album laid me flat out cold. It's interesting that you can almost pinpoint the moment that Mariah gave up the pop crown to the moment she lost the Grammy for Best Pop Album to Joni Mitchell in 1995. She's been straight-up R&B ever since.

    Butterfly (1997)
    SAL: Butterfly is the album where Mariah's housekeeper, Pilar, accidentally shrunk all of her clothes in the dryer and she's been wearing them ever since. RICH: I wish she would have gone all out and got antennae implanted in her scalp. Or at least one of those headbands with the glitter balls attached to those long springs. ERIC: I must be a pervert, because Butterfly marks the exact moment when Mariah suddenly became truly interesting to me. For a moment (and this might be the result of the album coming out during my first few disillusioned weeks at a regressive, conformist, abnegatory Christian college), it seemed she had hit on that then-elusive formula of musical conservatism (all those "Hero" aphorisms about believing in yourself, not to mention your sense of entitlement) and risky "bad girl" sluttery. It had at least half of Mariah's core audience, specifically post-teen girls ready to embark on the marriage hunt, absolutely incensed! Here, I remember thinking, is this talented-but-vapid pop artist finally attempting to use her image to combat, rather than encourage, the apathy toward issues of image and identity that is pop's chief philosophical trade? SAL: No. I think any subversion or exploration of image is purely accidental. ERIC: Anyway, my momentary respect for Mariah's skanky introspection passed when Janet released the exponentially riskier and more sonically diverse The Velvet Rope a few weeks later. Mariah and Sisqo's torpid, lurching, indolent cover of "The Beautiful Ones" is an embarrassment. And, though the jokes write themselves with "Breakdown," the rip-off of the droning bassline and skittering high-hats of "Tha Crossroads" is seriously lazy. SAL: Funny, those are two of my favorite songs on the album. Then again, I think Purple Rain is a little overrated. ERIC: Oh, hold me back, Alexa! In this case, Mariah can't summon enough pain and regret to do justice to Prince's practically baptismal shrieks. ALEXA: Play nice. SAL: Eric started it. RICH: If the production on "Breakdown" is "lazy" (I actually think the song is a great sonic portrayal of bittersweetness, with those robotic, insistent skitters working against the sighing, broken-up piano riffage), that's the only thing that is. Mariah hones an album's worth of hustle into one track, at once breathy and breathless, stringing clichés together so specifically and naked. As far as I-want-you-back triteness goes, she hits the nail on the head with this one. ERIC: With her head…repeatedly. SAL: I agree with Rich here. I have to admit that Mariah really matured as a songwriter on Butterfly, effectively weaving stories with a sharp eye for detail (some might call it gratuitous but whatever) and allowing her lyrics and lower voice register to drip and meld with the impeccable sound design of songs like "Fourth Of July." And I love how "The Roof" is followed by another impending rainstorm. RICH: For someone who spent a career reveling in excess, it's amazing that the exercise in restraint that is "The Roof" not only succeeds, but quietly reveals itself as the song of Mariah's career (shame on you, Sony, for not promoting it better, and double shame on you, public, for not catching onto it anyway).

    The Butterfly Effect

    Rainbow (1999)
    SAL: Plastic! RICH: Enter the Hoochie! ERIC: I like corn on the cob! No seriously, the "Heartbreaker" remix with Missy and Da Brat is one of the first times I remember thinking that Mariah wasn't trying to be hip-hop but, rather, just simply was…at the very least in the Will Smith "Summertime" sense. RICH: I think she'd take that as a really big compliment. Is it any coincidence that Mariah's campiest moment up to this point came with such overtly gay imagery? I mean, it's called Rainbow. Oh yeah, Mimi, lick that lollipop against the rainbow background. What a fag. SAL: I remember seeing that poster all over the city and thinking, "Oh, dear. Something must have happened." She's got her ass all up in the air like a cat in heat. POST NO BILLS. RICH: I actually like a lot of Rainbow, perhaps more than I should considering how calculated, generic, and sometimes faceless it is. Sorry, but that run at the end of "Mariah's Theme" kills me. And, like many of her "comeback" performances of "Through The Rain" on awards shows that would come a few years later, this was a plea for sympathy over a slight fade in popularity. SAL: Aw, poor Mariah. Butterfly only spawned two #1's and sold only 5 million copies. ERIC: But times were legitimately tough. Two albums ago she was splitting the marquee with Boyz II Men and setting Billboard records for marathoning the #1 slot. Now she was slumming with 98º and watching their duet sit on top of the pop chart for a single week when, only a few weeks earlier, fucking Santana managed a 12-week run. SAL: Oh, thanks for putting it into perspective, Eric. I betcha anything she would kill for it to be 1999 again and have just one short week at #1. RICH: As plastically pop as she can be, she also has this practically unparalleled penchant for the bizarre. Take "Bliss" (because certainly no radio station on this planet would). I bet it's an accurate portrayal of her bedroom. You know she does those dog whistles when she fucks. Did I mention that I love her?

    Glitter (2001)
    RICH: The '80s-loving Glitter hit before electroclash truly exploded. She was so ahead of the fold when it came to going back in time. And "Want You" has some pretty crazy production. That bassline is paradoxical—it sounds like a 303, but it squelches like it's being used for the acid (not bass) sound. She beat all of today's retroist tech-head producers to acid. She really was progressive! SAL: I think you're giving her too much credit. She's always been obsessed with junior high. I mean, she covered Journey for Chrissake. RICH: I don't really know why people hate "Loverboy" so much. SAL: I don't hate it. The MJ Cole Remix was hot, though it came out just as it was becoming clear that U.K. garage was not going to be the Next Big Thing in America…so I guess it was serendipitous that the whole project failed. RICH: I thought Cameo's "Candy" was a really unobvious sample. Maybe it's the "li-I-I-I-I-I-I-ke" thing she does? Whatever, the melody's as appropriately lazy as a multi-orgasmic slut can be. ERIC: Probably the best career move for a multi-orgasmic slut to make is to recruit the sultan of early-'80s skeez-sleaze Rick James. "All My Life" is a true marvel, a pastiche that more or less eclipses the genre it intends to pay tribute to. In my fantasy world, Teena Marie is to this day digging James out of the ground to slap his decaying face around for not giving the song to her. RICH: Campiest moment of an incredibly campy project: "If I'm not quite good enough/Or somehow undeserving of/A mother's love/You could have had the decency/To give me up/Before you gave me life" in "Reflections" a.k.a. "The Abortion Song." ALEXA: Wow, Mariah was almost aborted? That's amazing. She truly is an underdog.

    Charmbracelet (2002)
    RICH: Charmbracelet is really Mariah at her most eager to please. You could hear the gears in her brain moving. They sound like songs of the past. So we get a pointless but fun remake of Cam'ron's "Boy," Mariah's take on Force MD's "Tender Love" ("Yours"), and tracks that misguidedly attempted to start a g-funk revival by sampling (or using the same samples as) Snoop's "Nuthin' But A G Thang" and Ice Cube's "You Know How We Do It." Nothing worked, but that's the public's fault. If you can't appreciate Mariah's moxie, her genuine talent, or her inherent humor and kitsch, you don't deserve her. ERIC: With this album, I am the public. I did like the basketball jersey one-piece she wore, though. SAL: "Bringing On The Heartbreak" is one of those songs I wished would have become a hit but just didn't. Who said Mariah ever stopped belting? And for the record, I think The Emancipation Of Mimi might be her first album since Emotions not to have a cover song. I wonder what that means. RICH: It means she's getting more devious with referencing in her old age. I bet half those songs, if not full-on covers, will be remakes in some capacity. Ah. Can't wait to pick her brain all over again. SAL: Not so much devious as desperate. The hook of "It's Like That" is from Kris Kross's "The Way Of Rhyme." I mean, she's diggin' really deep into Jermaine Dupri's catalog…for a hook that barely exists. Now, if she sampled "I Missed The Bus," that'd be a whole other story, but something tells me she isn't going to miss it this time around. ALEXA: Whew! I feel like I just made it through the Underground Railroad. Fried chicken anyone?

    Mariah's Greatest Moments

    Source: slant magazine | ALmc

    Not 'Today,' thanks // 8:44 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Speaking of "Good Morning America": Mariah Carey will appear on the ABC morning show to promote her album "The Emancipation of Mimi," due out April 12.

    She rejected NBC's "Today" show, says an insider, because she felt the "canyons" of Rockefeller Center were "too claustrophobic."

    Laughs the source: "They think the album will be so huge that the 3,000 people Rockefeller Plaza holds won't be enough. Times Square can hold 10,000."

    Source: NY Daily News

    Download Online Interview (Video) // 8:43 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Click here to download the exclusive video interview with Mariah which was available to be seen online in a Chinese web-site.

    Thanks to David for making the file for us.

    Source: mariahcareymedia.tk

    Vote now, vote often! // 3:12 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Let's vote for Mariah's "It's Like That" video and make it #1!

    BET's 106 & Park
    "It's Like That" was #10 on last Friday's countdown. Click here to vote online or by calling 1-800-617-LIVE (5483) between 5:30 and 6:00pm ET. BET's 106 & Park airs Monday-Friday, 6:00pm-7:30pm ET/PT; Saturday, 3:00pm-4:00pm ET/PT.

    MTV's Total Request Live
    Vote online or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688) during the following hours:
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    TRL airs Monday-Friday at 5:00pm ET/PT.

    VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown
    "It's Like That" comes in at #20 on the countdown. Post your vote online in the Top 20 Video Countdown Message Board. You can also request Mariah's video at VH1 by sending an e-mail to videorequest@vh1mail.com. Don't forget to watch the Top 20 Countdown on VH1 every week! Check out your local listings by clicking here.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    News Tidbits // 2:00 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    --The Spring 2005 issue of america Magazine with Mariah on the cover is now available at news stands. Pick up a copy today! The magazine can also be purchased online at www.americamag.us

    --Be sure to watch out for FMQB's upcoming exclusive interview with Mariah in their Rhythm Crossover special Q Beat issue, available on your desktop on March 25, 2005.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From Mercury News: Fashion-savvy juniors can head to THISIT.com, Macy's new Web site for young women in their teens to early 20s wanting an eyeful of the latest in fashion, music and celebrity styles. Content on the site comes from Teen Vogue, a fashion and beauty magazine, and Universal Music Group music company, which includes artists 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z.

    --From Washington Times: Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, at an address so exclusive that for years it was self-described simply as "on Sunset Boulevard." If these walls could talk, they'd tell how: Singers including Madonna and Mariah Carey have requested Bungalow 5's four bedrooms and private pool.

    --From New York Times: This live-and-let-live mentality seemed to prevail in much of the Bedford Hills area, where celebrities like Richard Gere, Glenn Close and Mariah Carey have all lived in relative calm for years.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Albert

    Saturday, March 12 , 2005

    Mariah's Birthday Celebration // 3:59 PM EST Updated by Liron

    MARIAH CAREY will celebrate her birthday and the launch of her album The Emancipation Of Mimi with a lavish party in London later this month. All her A-list pals will be dolled-up for the glitzy bash to be held at Tantra nightclub.

    Source: The Sun (London) | Lukey

    Magical Mariah! // 3:59 PM EST Updated by Liron

    MY, my - doesn't MARIAH CAREY scrub up well? The American songstress looks amazing on the cover of her new CD album The Emancipation Of Mimi which is released on April 4.

    The new image reminds me of BEYONCE KNOWLES. Mariah is certainly every bit as sexy.

    It's great to see the American diva back on top form.

    The Carey comeback will go into overdrive on March 28 when new single It's Like That hits the shops. It's so catchy that I reckon she could have a huge hit on her hands.

    Source: The Sun (Sydney) | MariahOz

    Fans report from taping of "The Return of the Voice" special // 3:34 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah has taped a mini concert and an interview yesterday for BET. The special titled "The Return of the Voice" was recorded in New York City for approximately 6 hours.

    More than 50 fans attended the recording and were let in the studios at 2:00 pm. Mariah was late so she had ordered pizza for everyone.

    When Mariah arrived, fans were lined up around the stage and Mariah came out to sing "It's Like That" wearing a short black dress, diamonds and heels. Her hair was straight and loose. JD and Fatman Scoop also appeared for the performance and Mariah gave them both shout outs. She danced a little and there were 3 couples doing some amazing choreography in the back! The song and intro were performed 3 times before she went backstage to get ready for the next song.

    In-between songs Trey and Maryanne talked to the fans and sang a little and Randy Jackson came out to talk about American Idol and keep the crowd going. Mariah then reappeared in a very formfitting, short brown dress with boots. Her hair was swept to one side and she sang "Shake Em Off". She resang this one twice and kept asking if they wanted an intro, but the BET people said no.

    Then she left again and they moved the microphone closer to the edge of the stage and turned down the lights. She came back out in a sweeping long black dress which was pinned at the bottom with a diamond butterfly pendant and introduced "We Belong Together"... she sang in perfect voice and really got into the performance! By the end the crowd was going crazy and chanting for an encore! She sang the song again and got the same reaction the second time around! She even commented on how wonderful it was to see fans who already knew all the words to a song that hasn't even been released.

    After that she told the crowd she was going to sing "We Belong Together" one more time, but surprised everyone when the opening notes of "Vision of Love" came on. Mariah sang probably the best rendition of the song she has done in years. By the bridge of the song the fans were screaming and jumping up and down and the special ended with a resounding chorus of "MC! MC! MC! MC! MC!"

    Mariah was then interviewed by AJ from 106 and Park for about an hour. They talked about Mariah's marriage, what she would have changed about her past if she could go back, the album's title, vacationing in Aspen, her childhood, her pet peeves and how she wants the public to perceive her as an artist. Then AJ played the word association game with her where he says a word and she responds with the first thing that comes to mind. She had fun throughout the interview and had some nice new things to say.

    BET has not announced an airing date for this special yet.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Amy | Purple Stine

    Essence Magazine Scans // 6:25 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Below are the scans of Mariah gracing the cover of the April 2005 issue of Essence magazine. The magazine is now available at news stands so pick up your copy today! Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily | MCKraver

    Friday, March 11 , 2005

    New Promotional Pictures // 5:15 PM EST Updated by Liron


    Source: HoneyButterfly | lovepj1210 | Team Mariah

    Exclusive Online Mariah Interview // 5:08 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click here to see an exclusive interview with Mariah on a Chinese site.

    Click here to download a preview clip for the interview.

    I'm Mariah Carey and watch out because "The Emancipation of Mimi" is on the way to China.

    "It's Like That" is basically just a fun party song. I recorded it with Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta and we were just having a good time in the studio and just wanted to make a real fun party record. I'm really excited that it's the first single.

    The video for "It's Like That" was directed by Brett Ratner who's a great director. He directed my video for "Heartbreaker" which is one of my favorite videos as well as a lot of great movies like "Rush Hour," "Rush Hour 2," "Family Man." There's actually two videos. Part one is "It's Like That" and part two is "We Belong Together," which is the second single.

    I love working with Brett Ratner, because first of all, he doesn't even really do music videos anymore because he does big movies and he's very successful. He's a really good friend and he's also got a great eye and he knows me really well and he knows what really works for me. I think it's just a good collaborative team that we have going.

    The video was shot in this amazing mansion in L.A. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It's probably the most beautiful place I've ever been in L.A. It's got an incredible view and it's this old castle in Los Angeles. It was really cool. I forget the name of it, but it was really cool.

    I have to kind of see how Brett is editing the video so it's hard for me to get too deep into the concept, but just like I said before, there's a part one and a part two. In the beginning you sort of see me in this fabulous mansion at this party and you see the different characters and the story unfold as we're in there, which takes us to the part two of "We Belong Together" which further explains the story and comes out to this surprise ending. I can't go much deeper than that, but that's the basic thing.

    "We Belong Together" is the last song I did for the album. I wrote it with Jermaine Dupri and I feel like it's probably one of the best song we've written together. We started working together when we did "Always Be My Baby" for the "Daydream" album and I feel like this song kind of picks up where that song left off. It's a really emotional song, but it's still a young record, as the beat is really hot because Jermaine Dupri is a great producer and so I'm excited for that single to come out.

    Another one of my favorites from the album is "Mine Again," which I did with James Poyser. It's very much like a big ballad, but we tried to keep the production really sparse so that the vocals would come through. A lot of people really like that song. It's one of their favorites on the album because it's very heartfelt, but it's not overly produced.

    One of my other favorite songs on the record is a song called "Shake It Off," which is another record that I did with Jermaine Dupri. It's just got a really cool story line to it and it's very catchy. The beat is really hot. I recorded it in Atlanta. Once we did that song, I was just listening to it over and over again because it's so catchy and it's one of my favorite songs that I've ever done. So I'm really looking forward to that one coming out and I hope it becomes a single.

    "Fly Like A Bird" is another one of my favorite songs on the record. It's very different from most of the album because it's an inspirational song. It kind of talks about what's going on in the world as well. I loved performing that song in the studio because I was very inspired by the lyrics and by the spiritual content of the song. So that's one of my favorites on the album.

    Working with LA Reid was such a great thing because although he's the CEO of Island Def Jam, he's also a great producer in his own right. So I was so happy and I felt like it was such a blessing that he came to the company and he was there to do this record, "The Emancipation of Mimi," along with me because he brought another vision to it. I think he really understands who I am as an artist, so he didn't come in and try to change me. He just would give different and ideas and it wasn't like anything he said was something that I had a problem with. Everything he said, I really kind of learned from and enjoyed so I think it was a really good combination. The two of us working together, it's like something that I've kind of been waiting for in my life.

    Working with Kanye is something that I really always wanted to do, and we've tried to get together a few times before this album, but it just didn't work out until now. So it was really great that we got the opportunity to work together. We did a song called "Stay The Night," which is one of the first records that I did for the album. A lot of people say it's their favorite song. It's got a really strong, powerful vocal performance and the track is really hot, so I'm glad we had the chance to work together because I think he's really talented. I loved his album this past year, so it was really great to have this opportunity.

    I really enjoyed working with Nelly on this song that we have called "To The Floor". When we first did it, it was one of my favorite songs that I had done for the record. It was great working with him in the studio. He really brought a lot to the table because he has a lot of great melodic ideas and so I was really impressed and I really enjoyed that collaborative moment. I was really happy that I was able to work with him.

    Snoop is just a really cool person. We worked together on the "Rainbow" album on a song called "Crybaby," which is one of my favorite songs. That song was produced by Damizza, who's a really good friend of mine. Snoop has always just been really cool with me. He's just always been a gentleman and he's one of my favorite rappers, so I'm glad we could work together on this album. The song we did together is a Neptunes track called "Say Somethin'" and a lot of people love that song. That's lot of people's favorite record. So it was cool.

    I love performing live for my fans around the world because it's interesting to see how people in different territories react to different songs, just to get a read on what really moves people and it's interesting to see how alike we all are in a lot of ways. By travelling the world and singing songs for fans around the world, it just shows me that all the boundaries and barriers that we have are so unnecessary because music is so universal that it brings people together. It's just enlightening to me as a person in a lot of ways.

    I'm hoping to tour internationally in 2005. I have to get the whole thing together and figure out how I'm going to do it, but I'm really looking forward to performing songs from "The Emancipation of Mimi" live because they're really kind of tailor-made for that.

    Source: HoneyButterFly | Josh

    Mariah's Promotion Schedule & International Update // 4:25 PM EST Updated by Liron

  • Australia
    Click here to pre-order the limited edition of "The Emancipation of Mimi" from HMV Australia. According to HMV, a bonus DVD will be included in this edition.

    "It's like that" has reached #1 on the Hot30.com countdown. For the past week, Its Like That, has been lingering around the top ten spots in the countdown. After reaching the number 6 position last night, it finally made a 6 position leap to the number 1 spot.

    Mariah's last number 1 on the hot30.com countdown was with Busta Rhymes in 'I Know What You Want', this single then became a top 3 hit and the 18th song in the country for the year ending 2003.

    Please continue to support 'Its Like That' over at the Hot30.com countdown to ensure it remains in the number 1 position, and as it guarantees an extra spin on the countdown during the night. Vote online here.

  • Belgium
    - The video was sent to the Belgian TV channels yesterday.
    - Radio stations have not yet officially added the track to their playlists.
    - For TV and radio requests, the Heroes of Mariah promo page will be up in a few days, don't forget, only Belgian fans are allowed and able to vote to reflect the real success of the track.
    - The "It's like That" single will be released on March 28th in Belgium. It will have a cardboard sleeve and the cover is the same one as the promo cd.
    - The "It's like That" remixes cd will only be sent to radio stations and will not be commercially released.
    - Belgium will release the 2 versions of "The Emancipation of Mimi". It's up to every country to release the Limited Edition or not. The copies will be very limited, 500 copies for Belgium.
    - Mariah will not come to Belgium for promotion.

  • Brunei Darussalam
    "It's Like That" has debuted at #20 and jumped to #7 on Kristal Fm's Weekly Top 20 chart.

  • El Salvador
    El Salvador's largest radio station, La Femenia 102.5 has just added "It's Like That" to their playlist. Request the song by calling 224-241.

  • France
    As confirmed by Universal, Mariah will arrive to France next week to promote the new album. Below is the complete promotion scheduled for France:

    TV: Channel: Show - Date
    The video will be sent to French TV stations during the week of March 14th.

    TF1: JT - week of April 4th
    TF1: Hits & Co - April 9th
    France2: PrimeTime hosted by Daniela Lumbroso - week of April 4th
    France2: Tout Le Monde En Parle - April 9th
    France2: Top of the pops - week of April 4th
    France5: "UBIK" - week of album release
    M6: Mariah Carey day on April 9th
    M6: Hit Machine, Fan De, Plus vite que la musique
    M6 MUSIC: Special weekend April 2nd and 3rd, video clips including "It's Like That" playing in high rotation.
    MTV: On the week of March 14th, "It's Like That" will be put in high rotation. Special reports and interviews on the making of the video. Special Mariah Carey week during the week of April 4th.
    MCM: On the week of March 14th, "It's Like That" will be put in high rotation. Mariah Carey weekend on April 2nd and 3rd.

    NRJ: Contest - week of April 4th.
    Fun Radio: morning de Cauet mid-march. Mariah will be on Fun radio on March 17th. Contest - week of April 4th.
    SKYROCK: Mariah Carey on Planet Rap. "Sky roulette" - week of April 4th.
    ADO FM: Contest - week of April 4th.
    EUROPE 1 RTL et FRANCE INFO: Interviews - week of April 4th.

    Newspapers and Magazines
    Cover of SOUL R&B March 23rd.
    Posters in the Metro from April 4th to 7th.
    Cover of Virgin L'hebdo.
    4 pages in Vogue in April.
    2 pages in Muteen Femme Actuelle Glamour Questions De Femmes in April.
    1 page in Le Parisien during the week of April 4th.
    Télé 7 jour, TV mag, Telestar: 2 pages in each one of them during the week of April 4th to promote the Primetime show on France2.

    Promotion from April 1st to 30th by Bouygues Telecom
    TV promotion on M6 and cable channels during the week April 4th.
    Radio promo on Skyrock and NRJ during the week of April 4th.
    1 page promo in the télé 7 jour magazine.
    Visibility in 500 'Clubs' stores from Bouygues Telecom

    Fan Party
    Will be held at Man Ray Paris on Wednesday, March 16th.

    Click here to pre-order the French limited edition of "The Emancipation of Mimi."

  • Germany
    Click here to vote for "It's Like That" on TRL Germany. Mariah was #4 on the countdown for two days in a row! The VJ also confirmed Mariah will attend the Echo Awards in Berlin.

  • Italy
    Click here to vote for "It's Like That" on TRL Italy.

  • Japan
    Mariah will be coming to Japan to promote her new album "The Emancipation of Mimi" on March 28th.
    Mariah requested to be with her fans so a fan event is being planned. The fan event is apparently a mini live concert that will be limited to 1000 people and it seems that the production will cost more than a hundred million yen. This was a sudden decision so the date and place have not been decided yet.
    The promotion video of "It's Like That" will be premiered on March 10th in Japan.

    Japan Album Final Tracklisting
    1. It's Like That
    2. We Belong Together
    3. Shake It Off
    4. Mine Again
    5. Say Somethin'
    6. Stay The Night
    7. Get Your Number
    8. One and Only
    9. Circles
    10. Your Girl
    11. I Wish You Knew
    12. To The Floor
    13. Joy Ride
    14. Fly Like a Bird
    15. Sprung (International Bonus Track)
    16. Secret Love (Japan Only Bonus Track)

  • South Africa
    "It's Like That" debuted at #20 on the 5FM Chart. Register and vote for it here.

    On Metro FM, "It's Like That" is at #35. Click here to vote for it.

  • Turkey
    "It's Like That" debuted at #28 on Capital Radio's Top 40 countdown. Help the song enter the top ten hit list and request it online or by calling (0312) 419 99 99.

  • UK
    TRL UK played "It's Like That" saying there was a massive demand for it.

    On MTV UK news, the presenter said that Making the Video for "It's Like That" will premiere on March 20th on MTV Base.

    Click here to vote for the video on MTV Base.

    On the radio, "It's Like That" has been added to Capital FM Playlist and has been C listed on Radio 1.

  • European R&B TOP 40
    "It's Like That" is #11 this week.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | bcrybaby | MariahOz | Adrian | Heroes of Mariah | Hal | Eric | Mariahfanclub | Greg | Dino | myheart76 | Adi | Love Love Jack | Pip & Pow | Cobus | Evasen | Can Cihan | monarcbutterfly | Johny | always be my girl

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 4:20 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Album Bits
    --"The Emancipation of Mimi" album is scheduled to be released in Taiwan on April 1, 2005.

    --The "It's Like That" video will premiere on Australian TV Show Rage (ABC) on Saturday, March 12th at 9:30am.

    --The "It’s Like That" video debuts at #20 on this week’s VH1's Top 20 Countdown. Click here for airtime schedule.

    Below are scans from InTouch Weekly, March 21st issue, pages 30 & 31: “Mariah Won’t Grow Up!” and New York Post, March 6th issue: “Louis Lover”.

    Fans Speak
    --Janel would like to thank those who contributed entries to the 2005 Mariah Birthday Book. Those who wish to participate have until March 22nd to do so. Email Janel at janelspiegel@aol.com. Here are some of the items Janel has collected so far for the birthday book.

    --"Mimi" wallpapers sent in by Johnny, Dina, Kokina and ZeShun.

    --Visit Lucia’s new Spanish Mariah fansite, www.mariahspanish.com and Ryan’s Mariah Carey Fans in Taiwan website at www.mctw.com.

    --From NY Daily News: Universal's gains come as the music industry overall continues to fret about piracy and stumbling CD sales. Universal Music chairman Doug Morris credits his team of label chiefs, including Iovine and Island Def Jam mogul L.A. Reid for investing in the right talent. "I think the next company to light up is Island Def Jam," Morris said, citing an upcoming release from diva Mariah Carey.

    --From National Post: If you've ever watched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV's Cribs or even Ride with Funkmaster Flex, you know that the rich do indeed buy, eat and travel differently from the rest of us. One can't help but look at 50 Cents' collection of fully blinged Mercedes, Mariah Carey's crib and John Travolta's lavishly appointed Boeing 707 (reputed to cost US$20-million) and realize those at the top of capitalism's food chain have different decisions to make than we mere proles.

    --From NY Daily News: Mariah Carey and Jay-Z were among those who called Angie Martinez on the morning show to buy Biggie spins. In the first two hours, she raised more than $40,000.

    --On last Monday's Jeopardy, the $800 question was, "Who had more hits: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Barbra Streisand?" Of course, the answer was Mariah!

    --In the March 14th Us Weekly issue, on page 46: "Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe and Regina King hit P.Diddy's bash at Koi, where Mariah Carey showed Witherspoon dance moves!"

    --Delta Goodrem, Australian pop star says Mariah Carey is one of her musical influences in an interview with Monica Attard of Sunday Profile, ABC. Delta explains, "In my house I wasn't really, we didn't really have commercial radio so much in our house; we didn't really listen to it. My brother and I were very active outside. So growing up I had CD's. I had a Mariah Carey CD, a Tina Arena CD, a Celine Dion CD, and Joe Cocker and the Giant Bunny album, you know."

    Source: Mariah Daily | Team Mariah | Janel | Lucia | Johnny | Dina | ZeShun | Kokina | Brian | XQ | Ryan | bcrybaby | Rima

    Wednesday, March 9 , 2005

    Third Time's A Charm For Mimi's Emancipation // 7:32 PM EST Updated by Will

    Once labelled Pop Music's Golden Girl before transitioning into global songstress-come workaholic nutcase, Mariah Carey has tried long and hard to rejuvenate her music career after suffering worldwide ridicule, physical and emotional breakdowns and a popularity slump of Chernobyl-like proportions.

    Carey's latest song "It's Like That" is doing the business on radio right now, but comebacks seem to have a way of back-firing for Ms Carey. Could it turn out to be a case of "third time's a charm" for Mimi?

    The "Glitter" project - as disastrous as it was - was as much a Carey comeback as any. Riding high from the success of "Rainbow", the 80's-styled disco album was supposed to solidify the comeback of Mariah's leading pop chart capabilities; rather, it showed how awful her music-to-movie transition and self-indulgent vanity project was and as such, was avoided like the Pop Plague. Finding herself dug deeper into her own hole, the singer quickly tried to cover-up her glittery mess with a charming new comeback.

    "Through The Rain", a traditionally-Mariah-styled ballad was the first cut from Carey's ninth LP, "Chamrbracelet". Although there was enough interest in the track to be released as a single in the US, it stalled on the Billboard chart, peaking in the No. 80's. It did however, become a huge hit on the Dance/Electronica chart in remixed form, and the song had enough impact to ensure "Charmbracelet" a top 3 entry in Billboard's Top 200 Album chart in its first week of release.

    Featuring rappers Cam'ron, Jay-Z, Freeway and Westside Connection, the "Charmbracelet" CD, despite mixed reviews, went on to sell in excess of three million copies globally. It fared much better than "Glitter" had 16 months earlier, but the response to "Charmbracelet" was only lukewarm, and not the huge success Mariah and Def Jam had anticipated. Follow up singles "Boy (I Need You)" and the cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" performed even poorer than "Through The Rain".

    In hopes of reviving the "Charmbracelet" project, the sexy songbird embarked on a world tour to support the album - her first in nearly four years. The "An Intimate Evening with Mariah Carey Charmbracelet Tour" did well - selling out arenas in many parts of it's global trail. On the road, Mariah continued to write songs and even enjoyed massive success the world over as a featured guest artist on Busta Rhymes' hit single "I Know What You Want".

    After wrapping up the CB tour, the songstress spent the remainder of 2003 and the most of 2004 working on her tenth album. In November 2004, a new Mariah Carey song hit the Internet. Featuring Snoop Dogg, the song, titled "Say Something" soon spread throughout cyberspace to intense fans' excitement. Shortly after, the Nelly-featured "Tonight" was unveiled online, as did the title of Carey's LP - "The Emancipation Of Mimi". Mariah felt obligated to explain herself:

    "'Mimi' is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me, just one of those little things that I've kept for myself in an attempt to have some delineation between a public persona and a private life," she explains. By naming the album "The Emancipation Of Mimi" I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me.

    "Most importantly, I am celebrating the fact that I've grown into a person and artist who no longer feels imprisoned by my insecurities or compelled to try and live up to someone else's vision of 'Mariah Carey'".

    Co-produced by Jermaine Dupri and Carey herself, with featured producers and artists including Kanye West, Scram Jones, Snoop Dogg and Twista, the "Emancipation" album, according to Carey, is a full-blown party record, celebrating MC's new-found self-confidence. Up-tempos like "Say Somethin", "It's Like That" and "Shake 'Em Off" see MC head for the dancefloor, while she also gets personal on trademark ballads like the gospel-sounding "Mine Again" - Carey's pick of the "Emancipation" bunch.

    "It's Like That", featuring JD and Fatman Scoop was chosen as the lead single. Being leaked prematurely, the beat-heavy track became increasingly popular and found huge rotation numbers on urban and pop radio. In it's fourth official week of radio release, the song shot to No.20 on the Billboard chart - her biggest song since "Thank God I Found You" five and a half years earlier.

    This new party anthem, with feel-good lyrics like "it's my night/no stress/no fights, I'm leavin it all behind... just making the most of life" is making waves all over the world, and looks set to continue its ascent up the Billboard charts, solidifying the big comeback Mariah had wanted since tarnishing her image and career in 2001.

    Mariah says, "I now feel I can honestly say "this is me, the real me, take it or leave it". For the first time in my life, I feel free and unashamed to be who I really am. And that's what the music of this album and it's title reflect."

    The new album hits record stores in April and no doubt Mariah's fans and MC doubters alike will be lining up in anticipation of Mimi's emancipation.

    Source: UK Mix | Jean Sneddon

    Vote for "It's Like That" on 106 & Park! // 3:45 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Vote for 4th video from the bottom
    Click here and vote for "It's Like That" on BET's 106th & Park daily video countdown.

    Note: Mariah's video is located 4th from the bottom.

    Registration is not required so anyone can cast their vote for Mariah with only one click!

    If you live in the US, please call 1-800-617-LIVE between 5:30 and 6:00 pm EST to vote for the video by phone.

    MTV's TRL is not being aired this week so we can concentrate on getting "It's Like That" as high as we can on the BET countdown.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    "The Emancipation of Mimi" Promotional Information Sheet // 3:30 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Below are scans of a promotional information sheet for "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    The list includes interesting plans and events such as:

    Magazine Covers
    Blender (February / March issue)
    America (April issue)
    FHM (May issue)
    Feature Story
    Essence (May issue)

    TV Appearances
    Oprah Winfrey show
    The Today show
    Late Night with David Letterman
    Regis & Kelly

    Music Channels
    MTV Diary of Mariah Carey (March)
    TRL Appearance (week of album release)
    The Leak
    106th and Park Appearance & Performance
    Blueprint special (April)

    Online Promotion
    Online Campaigns
    AOL, Launch, MSN, Rollingstone.com, Mp3.com and more.
    Online Chats
    MSN.com and AOL (scheduled in March.)


    Source: The Mariah Network

    Tuesday, March 8 , 2005

    Music Review: Mariah Carey's "It's Like That" // 3:20 PM EST Updated by Will

    In the latest issue of Blender, Mariah Carey finally admits "Glitter" was horrible. She said "it was all over the place. It was one of those things that was thrown together." She's also "a child at heart," according to L.A. Reid.

    Well, yeah. She's been "a child at heart" for several years. It's only now it's being acknowledged. She gives her albums titles which evoke childlike images (Music Box, Charmbracelet) or could be scrapped names for the new Bonne Bell lipgloss flavors (Daydream, Rainbow, Glitter.)

    In the Jermaine Dupri produced "It's Like That," Carey goes to a club to relax and forget her troubles. Carey sings in her normal voice, leaving behind the whispery vocals which hindered the album "Charmbracelet." She's surveying the men in the club and notices one looking at her. She's buzzed from the drink and beckons him to dance with her. ("I came to have a party/Open up the Bacardi/Feeling so hot tamale/Boy I know you watchin' me/So what's it gonna be?...I'm lifted and I like it...Baby, come and get it/If you're really feeling me").

    She's letting loose for a couple hours and only wants to have a good time. ("'Cause it's my night/No stress, no fights/I'm leaving it all behind/No tears, no time to cry/Just making the most of life").

    Everyone is dancing and flirting, including Carey and her girlfriends. ("Everybody is livin' it up/All the fellas keep lookin' at us ('cause)/Me and my girls on the floor like what/While the DJ keeps on spinning the cut/It's like that y'all").

    She brims with confidence, telling the guy who has been eyeing that he likes her moves. ("You like this and you know it/Caution, it's so explosive"). She says she's hot and smooth ("Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion"). She's done dealing with her insecurities and enjoying her newfound positive self-esteem.("It's a special occasion/Mimi's emancipation/A cause for celebration/I ain't gonna let nobody's drama bother me").

    Fatman Scoop's short rap is useless. He adds shouts of "let's go Now (what), let's go now (what)" until the end. Scoop is noisy and irritating. She still hasn't learned that less is more, in terms of a number of people in one song. Carey is youthful and exuberant in her delivery. It helps she's singing above a murmur. People will be able to actually hear "It's Like That" without having to turn the volume way up.

    Source: Joe User | Sarah

    "The Emancipation of Mimi" - Limited Edition // 1:23 PM EST Updated by Liron

    A limited edition of "The Emancipation of Mimi" will be released in the U.S on April 12th, 2005. Click on the thumbnail to your right to see a larger version of the limited edition's cover.

    You can pre-order the CD in Amazon.com for $19.98.

    According to Amazon, this is the tracklist for the album:

    Track Listings
    1. It's Like That
    2. We Belong Together
    3. Shake It Off
    4. Mine Again
    5. Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
    6. Stay The Night
    7. Get Your Number featuring Jermaine Dupri
    8. One And Only featuring Twista
    9. Circles
    10. Your Girl
    11. I Wish You Knew
    12. To The Floor featuring Nelly
    13. Joy Ride
    14. Fly Like A Bird

    The regular edition of the CD is also available to be ordered on Amazon.

    UK Album Tracklisting with Bonus Track
    According to Eil.com, the UK version of "The Emancipation of Mimi" which comes out on April 4th, 2005 will include a bonus track titled "Sprung". The song will be the 15th song on the album in addition to the similar 14 tracks of the American edition.

    Bonus tracks are likely to be added in other countries around the world but have yet to be announced.

    Source: Danny | Adam

    Monday, March 7 , 2005

    Mariah graces cover of America Magazine // 7:35 PM EST Updated by Will

    Be sure to hit the newsstands March 12 to pick up your copy of America Magazine featuring Mariah on the cover.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Continue requesting "It's Like That" on the radio! // 7:01 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Don't forget to keep requesting "It's Like That" on radio stations across the US. For the first time in a few weeks, the song has begun to lose impressions and spins at the larger radio stations.

    After peaking at 73 million audience impressions with over 9,000 spins, the impressions have now dropped to 70.177 million with 8995 spins.

    The video release has helped the song gain exposure and boosted its position on several digital download outlets:

    iTunes Top 100: USA (#20), Canada (#37), UK (#39)
    iTunes Top R&B: USA (#4), Canada (#7), UK (#5)

    The following stations monitor outside area requesting, so please dial only if you're in the local region where the station airs.

    Z100, New York, NY
    Hi-Noon & Top 9@9 | Request Line: (800) 242-0100

    B96, Chicago, IL
    Request Line: (312) 591-9696

    KIIS 102.7, Los Angeles, CA
    Jojo's Top 9 | Request Line: (800) 520-1027

    Channel 93.3, San Diego, CA
    Request Line: (619) 570-1933

    Jam'N 94.5, Boston, MA
    Phone Line: (617) 931-1945

    Hot 93.3, Austin, TX
    Request Lines: (512) 390-5933, (888) 331-9393

    106.7 KDL, Dallas, TX
    Request Lines: (214) 787-1067, (214) 887-9107

    Y100.7 FM, Miami, FL
    Request Line: (866) 645-Y100

    Click here to find the number for your local station and request the song daily!

    Let's continue supporting the song!

    Various radio updates:
    96.3 FM, Albany, GA
    The station has been playing the remix version to "It's Like That".
    Request Line: 229-439-9704

    102.3 KISS FM, Albany, NY
    "It's Like That" jumped to #3 on the 9 most wanted countdown.
    Request Line: 518-476-1023

    "We Belong Together" has been played in several stations including:

    KLUC 98.5, Las Vegas, NV
    Request Line: (702) 364-9898

    107.9 FM, Lexington, KY
    Request Line: (859) 280-2328

    Power 92.3, Phoenix, AZ
    Won the "War @ 4" battle against "Super Saucy" with 64.8% of the votes.
    Request Line: (602) 260-6923

    International Updates:
    "It's Like That", due for commercial release in Australia on March 28th, debuts this week at No.48 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Club Play chart.

    Radio airplay continues to grow since becoming the 2nd most added song to Australian radio when it first impacted a few weeks ago and has remained in the Hot30.com Countdown's Top 5 for the past week.

    "It's like that" entered the official German Black Charts at number 7 as the highest entry on the Top 40 Countdown. Last week, it climbed from #7 to #5.

    98.8 KISS FM: Dropped from 12 to 14 this week. Vote here.

    JamFM: On the most important German urban radio station, "It's Like That" jumped this week from #17 to #12! Request at 01378 88 66 33

    In addition, both Radio N-Joy and bigFM have introduced the song.

    German fans, please continue requesting the song at Helen's request page at Fly Away 2000.

    "It's Like That" is up 3 places from #5 to #2 on the top 20 countdown of Radio One.

    South Africa
    Metro FM: "It's Like That" now sits at Number 24 on Metro Fm's International Top 40 countdown. Metro FM is South Africa's largest Urban Station.

    East Coast Radio: After being the 'Pick of the Week', "It's Like That" impacts its first chart on Kwazulu Natal's biggest radio station. On the Worldwide Wednesday's Top 9 @ 9, it enters at Number 8.

    Good Hope FM: Three weeks on the chart and "It's Like That" rockets to the number 4 spot.

    5Fm: After officially being added to the playlist, "It's Like That" impacts its first chart on 5fm. It's Like That debuts at Number 20 on the High 5 @ 5.

    Moves up 4 places to #26 on Power 98.

    According to Universal Music Taiwan, "The Emancipation of Mimi" will be released there on April 1st, 2005.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny | Jay | bluesky | MariahOz | Rob | Zane | Anwar | Helen | Donnie | Belinda | Carla | Sarah | Gabriel

    More from Mariah's Radio Interviews // 3:38 PM EST Updated by Liron

    -- Click here to download Mariah's interview on the Ramiro and Pebbles show from Boston's Jam'N 94.5 FM. This interview was aired last month and has not been available to be downloaded previously.

    -- Click on the links below to download high quality audio files of both of Mariah's recent interviews on Z100. The files are provided by Z100.com.

    Interview with Cubby - March 4th, 2005
    Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three

    Interview with Shelley Wade - January 26th, 2005
    Full Interview

    -- Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures from Mariah's visit to NYC's radio station KTU on March 2nd, 2005. Mariah's pictured with the station's Baltazar and Goumba Johnny.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    "It's Like That" UK Updates // 3:21 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Singles Tracklisting:
    CD Single:
    1. It's Like That - Main Version
    2. It's Like That - David Morales Radio Mix

    Maxi CD Single:
    1. It's Like That - Main Version
    2. It's Like That - W/O RAP
    3. It's Like That - David Morales Club Remix
    4. It's Like That - David Morales Classic Mix
    5. It's Like That - Stereo Experience

    Catalogue No: 9881057
    Country of Origin: UK
    Release date: Monday 28 March 2005

    Note: March 28th has been confirmed by Mariah's label as the release date for the single.

    Click here to pre-order a double CD single set from Eil.com that includes both of the CDs listed above. The set costs £ 8.99, $ 16.90, € 12.74.

    Airplay Chart:
    After debuting at #84 last week, "It's Like That" jumps 38 places up to #46!

    Video Request:
    Call 09015420020 to request the video on the UK music channel "The Box."
    In addition, keep an eye out on ITV (CD:UK), Top of the Pops, MTV, MTV Hits, MTV Base, VH1, KISS, Smash Hits, B4, and Flaunt which have also been playing the video.

    Radio Request:
    BBC Radio 1
    Request Line: 08700 100 100

    BBC Radio 2
    Steve Wright has announced that Mariah will be on his show in a few weeks.
    Request Line: 08700 100 200

    Galaxy 102 FM
    Studio Line: 0161 832 0102
    Studio Fax: 0161 832 1102
    Studio Text Messages: 82200

    Rock FM
    Click here to request the song.

    Choice FM 107.1
    Request Line: 0207 766 6597

    Promotional Sheet
    The following promotional sheet can be found within the promo CDs that were sent to UK radio stations. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Fahad | Automatic Prince Vag | David | Andrew

    Sunday, March 6 , 2005

    106 & Park Arrival Photos // 11:49 AM EST Updated by Will

    Below are photos of Mariah signing autographs and posing for pictures as she arrives at the BET studios in New York City for her taping of 106 & Park (that aired on March 4th). Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Saturday, March 5 , 2005

    Download Mariah's 106 & Park Appearance // 8:57 AM EST Updated by Will

    Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's appearance on BET's 106 & Park. The show was recorded live and aired yesterday, March 4th, 2005.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three - Section A
  • Part Three - Section B
  • Part Four
  • Part Five

    Thanks again to Vinny from storyofdestiny.com who made the files for us.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny

    MiMi I Want To Sing Contest // 8:56 AM EST Updated by Will

    Think you've got the goods to sing with Mariah Carey? Mariah Carey wants to hear you singing your best version of her new single "It's Like That."

    Follow the directions below to enter our "MiMi I Want to Sing Contest" and you could win a trip for you and a friend to New York City to sing back-up for Mariah Carey live on 106 & Park, and $1,000 cash.

    Here's how to enter:

    If you've already done any of these steps, go to the next one.

    1. Register on our "Mimi I Want To Sing" Contest Page here.
    2. Get the lyrics to "It's Like That" here.
    3. Download the instrument track to "It's Like That" here. (Right Click and save, do not open!)
    4. Upload your recorded track to Ya Heard here.
    Make sure you upload to the "MiMi Contest" Genre.

    Good Luck! Mariah will be listening....

    Source: BET Online

    Friday, March 4 , 2005

    Mariah to tape BET-TV Special // 7:39 PM EST Updated by Will

    Next week, Mariah will be filming a television special for BET entitled "Return of the Voice". Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly, will be sending 15 members plus their guests to attend the taping. If you aren't a club member yet, you can join at honeybfly.com.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Download Mariah's TRL Appearance // 7:32 PM EST Updated by Will

    Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's appearance on MTV's Total Request Live. The show was recorded live and aired yesterday, March 3rd, 2005.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four

    Mariah was on TRL to promote the world premiere of her "It's Like That" video, which can be viewed online at MSN Music. Big thanks to Vinny who made the files for us.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny

    Mariah premieres "It's Like That" on 106 & Park // 6:56 PM EST Updated by Liron

    BET's 106 & Park Interview

    Mariah visited BET's 106 & Park today to promote her upcoming album and new single. Mariah was greeted warmly by the audience, which included members of her fan club. She announced a contest in which she was looking for a new background singer. The winner of the contest will have the chance to perform with Mariah on a future episode of 106 & Park and potentially on Mariah's upcoming tour. Details are to be posted on bet.com.

    Mariah also partook in a game called "106 Emancipation of Mimi", in which the show hosts asked Mariah about moments in her life that may have made her feel emancipated, such as her first kiss and first recording contract. Mariah also mentioned that her favorite song from her new album is "Fly Like A Bird", an inspirational ballad that features the pastor from her church, before she introduced the "It's Like That" video (captures from the video are featured below.)

    After the video premiere, audience members were asked to comment on it. They unanimously agreed that the song and video were hot, and that Mariah looked and sounded amazing. Please vote for the "It's Like That" video on 106 & Park by clicking here! If Mariah's video does not show up on the list, try calling 1-800-617-LIVE between 5:30 and 6:00pm Eastern Time on weekdays to request it. You can also e-mail videolink@bet.com to request Mariah and to get her latest video added to their playlist.

    "It's Like That" Music Video


    Source: Mariah Daily | DJ | Jimmy | Lester

    Download New Z100 Interview // 5:08 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on one of the links below to download Mariah's interview with Cubby on the popular NYC radio station Z100. The interview was recorded yesterday and aired today at 4:00pm EST.

    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2

    In the interview, Mariah played "We Belong Together", talked about some of her old hits, the Christmas broadway show she hopes would be complete by next Christmas which would include the original songs she wrote for her "Merry Christmas" album. She also said she hopes to tour for this album despite having difficulty to decide on a setlist.

    Source: Ricardo | MariahWontYaComeToBrazil

    Mariah Carey 'Essence' Cover // 2:07 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah Carey's 'It's Like That' jumps to # 16 on the Billboard hot 100 chart for the magazine's issue date March 12, 2005. "The Emancipation of Mimi", Mariah's upcoming album, is scheduled to be released on April 12, 2005.

    According to Roger Friedman - FoxNews the whole CD is excellent, especially a track produced by the Neptunes and featuring Snoop Dogg. Called "Say Anything," He predicts this single will help re-launch Carey and catapult her back onto the charts.

    If It's like that' is any indication of things to expect, 2005 could mark the return of Mariah Carey.

    Editor's Note: Mariah appears on the April 2005 issue of Essence magazine. Click the cover above for a larger scan. Stay tuned to Mariah Daily for complete scans from the magazine.

    Source: The Bosh | junobx19 | Kevin

    Mariah's Video Diary // 1:06 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey invites Us to the L.A. set of her steamy, two-part video for her new album, The Emancipation of Mimi, out April 12.

    Mariah's Journal

    February 9
    4 A.M. wake-up call - that's so abusive. I'm usually just going to sleep at 5 A.M.! For the video "We Belong Together" [part two of the series], I wear my old wedding dress [from her over-the-top nuptials to ex-Sony exec Tommy Mottola]. When I put it on, I thought, Oh, this is weird. But at least it still fits!

    February 10
    We shot the fabulous party scene for "It's Like That" today with people gambling and dancing ... and men in masks! It looks like Eyes Wide Shut, but it's actually based on an old art photo.

    February 11
    Today we shot the guys carrying me down some stairs. We filmed it over and over again, and they scratched me every time! By the end, I had welts all over my back!

    Us Weekly, March 14, 2005 Issue

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Thursday, March 3 , 2005

    Download "It's Like That" Music Video! // 7:35 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The eagerly anticipated music video for Mariah's "It's Like That" is finally here! The world premiere for the video took place today on MTV during the "Making of the Video" show at 6:00pm EST.

    Right click on one of the links below and "save target as..." to download an MPEG video file of "It's Like That"!

    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2

    BitTorrent Clients, download the file here and please continue seeding it.

    Much thanks for Vinny and Ross for making and uploading the video.

    Note: Please be patient if the download links don't work, there is a lot of pressure on the servers due to many downloads.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny | Ross | Sergei | Dom

    Download Videos of Mariah on the Oprah Winfrey Show // 7:24 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on the links below to download MPEG video files of Mariah's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show ("Wildest Dreams.") The show was recorded on February 17th and aired yesterday, March 2nd, 2005.

    Part 1 - Mariah Introduction.
    Part 2 - Clip from the "It's Like That" music video.
    Part 3 - Segment from the recording studio.
    Part 4 - Mariah introducing Paul Robbins.
    Part 5 - Paul Robbins singing "Hero."
    Part 6 - Paul gets another surprise from Mariah.

    Big thanks to Lori who made the files for us.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Lori

    Mariah on Total Request Live // 5:49 PM EST Updated by Will

    Above are the first images of Mariah appearing on MTV's Total Request Live. She showed up to promote her "It's Like That" single and the Making of the Video special that will be airing later today. She was welcomed warmly by the TRL audience, all of whom were cheering loudly. Some even cried and partook in a sing-a-long to "Heartbreaker."

    She stayed on air for about ten minutes. During that time, she talked about her upcoming album, "The Emancipation of Mimi", and previewed a clip of the music video for "It's Like That." She also got her hands dirty while signing her name and leaving her handprints in cement for TRL's "Touch of Fame" project.

    Stay tuned for additional screen captures, as well as video downloads.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vinny

    Wendy Williams to interview Mariah // 4:19 PM EST Updated by Will

    Radio personality Wendy Williams announced today that Mariah will be on her show for an interview tomorrow (Friday, March 4th). Although the interview will most likely air between 4:00 and 5:00pm, you may want to listen throughout the afternoon so you don't miss her! You can listen online at www.wbls.com.

    Just as a reminder, Mariah will also be interviewed on Z100 tomorrow at 4:00pm. You can listen to that station online at www.z100.com.

    Stay tuned to Mariah Daily for more information.

    Source: John Smith

    Carey's Treat for Young Hawaiian Fan // 4:08 PM EST Updated by Will

    Mariah Carey thrilled a young Hawaiian fan on pal Oprah Winfrey's show recently after falling in love with the 12-year-old's voice.

    Winfrey's producers delighted the youngster, Paul Robbins, on his 12th birthday by inviting him to appear on the US daytime show - after he sent a video message to Winfrey featuring him singing his favourite tunes.

    But the youngster had no idea his heroine, Carey, had agreed to meet him in Los Angeles to help him prepare for his big performance - with her pal and musical director, American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

    Carey says, "He had this beautiful tone and it was something that seemed like it was meant to be... His voice is just angelic."

    The youngster appeared on the Oprah show yesterday, where he sang Carey's hit "Hero."

    After his performance, Robbins was offered a recording contract by gospel label Verity. The track will be produced by Carey.

    Source: Contact Music

    Mariah's Exclusive Video Diary // 11:23 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Pick up a copy of the March 14 issue of US Weekly Magazine for a peek at Mariah's exclusive Video Diary for the filming of her "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" videos from her new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," in-stores April 12.

    *Full article scans will be available soon. Keep checking back.

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Wednesday, March 2 , 2005

    High Quality Photo of Album Cover // 6:45 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on the thumbnail below to view a high quality version of the cover art for Mariah's new album "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    Please take a minute to sign up for the wonderful Team Mariah by clicking here. Old members have to re-sign up to be on the team.

    The team is free to join and offers exclusive prizes and voice messages from Mariah herself! Members will receive e-mail updates with details on how to help promote Mariah's new single and album.

    Sign Up Now to hear a brand new voice message from Mariah!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah on Oprah TODAY! // 2:36 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Today is the day to fire up your vcr's and dvr's and tune into The Oprah Winfrey Show TODAY, March 2nd to see Mariah make a dream come true for one very lucky fan!

    Preview the Oprah Photo Gallery for some pics of 12 year old Paul & Mariah and a recap of how Mariah helped make Paul's wildest dream come true!

    Check your local listings for station and airtime information in your area.

    Click here to download a short clip from Mariah's appearance on the Oprah show.

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Sergei

    Download Mariah's Hot 97 Interview! // 1:16 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah stopped by Funkmaster Flex's show on New York's Hot 97 and talked about her new album "The Emancipation of Mimi," upcoming Essence and FHM magazine covers, her favorite album track being "Shake It Off," her dog Jack, among other things. Hot 97 listeners were treated to three exclusives off her forthcoming album - "We Belong Together," "It's Like That Remix featuring Fat Joe," and "Say Something."

    Click on the links below to download segments of the interview.

    Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7

    Source: Vinny

    Tuesday, March 1 , 2005

    "It's Like That" - The Daily Thread // 10:16 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    "It's Like That" needs your help! In order to help the song's airplay rise, we must continue requesting it daily. (Full Radio Stations List)

    From now on, we will display different stations from various areas every day and will rotate them.

    Please make sure to request the song only:
    1. In your local area.
    2. Once a day.

    Radio Stations Request Lines:
    KKFR 92.3 FM, Phoenix, AZ
    Request Line: (602) 260-6923

    KS 107.5, Denver, CO
    Request Line: (303) 631-2448

    B96, Chicago, IL
    Request Line: (312) 591-9696

    Power 92.3, Peoria, IL
    Request Lines: (866) 686-9292, (309) 686-9292

    Wild 94.9, San Francisco, CA
    Phone Line: (415) 356-0949

    Y100.7 FM, Miami, FL
    Request Line: (866) 645-Y100

    XL 106.7 FM, Orlando, FL
    Request Lines: (407) 919-1067, (877) 919-1067

    102 Jamz, Orlando, FL
    Request Lines: (407) 919-0102, (877) 919-0102

    KBTQ 96.1 The Beat, McAllen, TX
    Request Line: (956) 631-9696

    101.3 The Beat, Columbus, GA
    Request Line: (706) 966-0101

    WIOG 102.5 FM, Saginaw, MI
    Toll Free Request Line: (877) 330-9464

    WAPE 95.1 FM, Jacksonville, FL
    Request Lines: (904) 998-9595, (800) 475-9595

    XL 106.7 FM, Orlando, FL
    Request Lines: (407) 919-1067, (877) 919-1067

    WBLI 106.1, Long Island, NY
    Request Line: (631) 955-9BLI

    102.3 KISS FM, Albany, NY
    Request Line: (518) 476-1023

    WRVQ 94.5 FM, Richmond, VA
    Request Lines: (804) 345-9436, (800) 345-9436

    WFMF 102.5 FM, Baton Rouge, LA
    Request Line: 499-1025

    Kiss FM 104.1, New Orleans, LA
    Request Lines: (504) 260-1041, (800) 949-1041

    Q107.3 FM, Columbus, GA
    Request Line: (706) 322-1077

    95.5 The Beat, Atlanta, GA
    Request Line: (404) 741-0955

    The Hot 30, Perth
    Jumped five spots to #3 on the Hot 30 Countdown.
    Request Line: 1800 15 11 00

    Flow 93.5, Toronto, ON
    #1 on Top 7@7 AM Countdown & #3 on Top 8@8.
    Request Line: (416) 935-1935, SMS: 935935

    CKOI 96.9, Montreal, QC
    #5 on the Daily Top 6@6. Vote online by clicking here.
    Request Line: (514) 790-CKOI, (514) 790-2564

    Check out Indra's site for links and request lines for Indonesian radio stations.

    Chart Updates:
    Mediabase: 71.322 million audience impressions, 8741 spins.
    Billboard Hot 100 Position: #20
    Wal-Mart Top 100: #60
    iTunes Top 100: USA (#48), Canada (#53), UK (#37)

    Online Promotion:
    Team Mariah: Join Here.
    Send E-Card: US / International.

    Digital Downloads:
    Free (3 downloads only): click here.
    For 88¢: Wal-Mart.
    For 99¢: iTunes, Passalong/eBay, Musicmatch, MSN Music,
    Napster, Real Music Store, Sony Connect.
    Canada: Puretracks.
    Australia: Big Pond Music.

    Purchase 12" Vinyl / Single
    USA / UK / Australia / Germany.

    Please continue sending us information regarding It's Like That's performance on popular local stations across the country.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Mediabase | Jonny | Douglas | Scott | Mark | Teresa | Greg

    "It's Like That" Video Photos // 10:14 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Below are high-quality pictures of Mariah from the "It's Like That" video shoot. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    Source: emancipationofmimi

    New Album Release Dates in Australia & Japan // 5:44 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    The release dates for Mariah's album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" have been pushed up in Australia and Japan.

    A Universal Music Australia insider says that the album will be available for release on April 3rd, both in standard and deluxe editions.

    In Japan, reports have it that the release date has been changed to March 30th (from April 6th) to coincide with Mariah's scheduled promotional tour to the country.

    Source: Ross | LoveLoveJack

    News Tidbits // 5:23 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Mariah will be on New York's 103.5 KTU radio tomorrow, March 2nd for an Interview with Goumba Johnny. His show is from 6:00am to 10:00am ET, be sure to tune in!

    --From Fox News: And where was newly minted Oscar winner Jamie Foxx? Well, he was not at any of the big parties, that's for sure. Sources say he popped into a crowd put together at Koi by P. Diddy and his benefactor, Ron Burkle. Also seen there were Mariah Carey and a lot of hip-hop stars and actors.

    --Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner were videotaped leaving The Viacom Party in Hollywood, California ahead of Sunday's Oscar awards. Watch footage from Lulop (Mariah's about 3 1/2 minutes in). Click here to download the video clip.

    --"Death of a Dynasty" is scheduled to hit theaters in limited release on March 25, 2005. It is uncertain if Mariah's bit part will be shown. This film was released on DVD in the UK, and many of the celebrity cameo parts including Mariah's had been cut out. To find out more about this movie, click here.

    --Vote for Mariah on Black Voices poll which asks the question, "Which Diva Has the Best Voice?" Alicia Keys currently leads the poll with 50% of the total votes. Mariah is trailing behind with 21%.

    Source: Sergei | Jasmine | Danny | Bob | Merry