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Mariah is on the set filming for her upcoming film Tennessee

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February 25, 2007
State Property 2
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February 26, 2007
20 Greatest Women in Music
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February 26, 2007
State Property 2
SHON 10:00pm ET

March 1, 2007
Forbes' 20 Richest Women in Entertainment
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March 1, 2007
101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment
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Outrageous Celebrity Feuds
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Outrageous Celebrity Feuds
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March 5, 2007
40 More Awesomely Bad Fashion Moments
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Death of a Dynasty
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Playboy Magazine (cover).


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What are you excited about most for Mariah's upcoming film Tennessee?

1. Her acting as the country girl Krystal Evans
2. Her upcoming duet with Willie Nelson
3. Hearing her southern accent!
4. Mariah playing guitar in the film

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Sunday, April 30 , 2006

Two Leads Cast for 'Tennessee' // 10:37 PM EST Updated by Maggie

The two leads in Mariah's upcoming film, Tennessee, have been cast, as reported by Heroes of Mariah. James D'Arcy and Ethan Peck will play the two brothers who go on a trip to find their estranged father. Pre-production is set to start soon.

D'Arcy, 31, has been such other films as An American Haunting and Exorcist: Beginnings. Peck, 21, is the grandson of Gregory Peck and has been featured in several TV shows, such as "That 70s Show."

Stay tuned for more updates on Tennessee from Mariah Daily!

Source: Aaron Woodley | Heroes of Mariah

Mariah Daily's Say Somethin' Team // 6:58 PM EST Updated by Liron

Mariah Daily is looking for serious Mariah Carey fans to help promote the new single Say Somethin' in the US. Fans who participate will receive special Mariah goodies for helping out.

Please fill in your information in the form above and check the 'team leader' box if you think you can be in charge of other team members. The team will concentrate on requesting the single on the radio and voting for the music video.

Let's support Mariah by giving Say Somethin' the support it deserves!

Note: The team is currently open for US fans only. Should the project become a success, we will open a team for international fans as well! In the meantime, fans around the world can help by voting for the video online! (links are available on top)

Source: Mariah Daily

Hazan Talks About Mariah's 'Honey' Hair // 6:46 PM EST Updated by Liron

Rita Hazan is the only person in the world who was allowed to touch the hair on the heads of Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. (...)

What really brought the famous clients to Hazan along with publicity was her ability to invent shades and create various color styles that no celebrity wore on her hair before. "I knew how to do manipulations with the colors."

The first famous head to go under Hazan's hands was Mariah Carey's. The singer and the diva was at her post-divorce and pre-breakdown phase and she came to Hazan's salon to get a new look for her hair.

Carey's personal hair dresser who started hearing the urban 'princesses' talk about Hazan's exceptional capabilities, sent Carey for a thorough renovation under the girl's helm.

"She came and told me she needed a change and even though I knew she was a public figure and there's a huge responsibility, I wasn't nervous. With Mariah I had a real challenge, because on one hand I needed to match a glamorous and sparkling color for shootings and on the other hand, I needed to make sure that the color will be practical for everyday life and wouldn't be too loud when she walks on the streets."

Hazan chose the revolutionary color - honey. "Actually, this was the first time Mariah went with her hair colored in this shade. Her pictures were published in many magazines and people started hearing about me."

The rumor spread its wings and reached Jennifer Lopez's ears. Those were the days prior to her debut album's release and she was still sporting a black curly hairdo and thick eyebrows a la Frida Kahlo. Lopez had worked with Tommy Mottola who was Carey's ex-husband. Mottola saw the honey threads of his ex-wife and decided Lopez needed a thorough make-over. That's how Mottola, Lopez and her famous behind (which was seated on Hazan's chair) came and asked Hazan to work her magic.

Source: Yedioth Ahronot | Translation from Hebrew: Mariah Daily

Adrian Belew Talks About 'Fantasy' With Mariah // 6:01 PM EST Updated by Lynn

Adrian Belew of King Crimson mentioned Mariah in a recent interview with The Celebrity Cafe:

Celebrity Cafe: What was the songwriting process for "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey?

Adrian Belew: You know, the music business is a funny ol' business. I didn't even know I was on that record until a fan at a Crimson concert asked me to autograph it. As it turns out, my playing was sampled from the song "Genius of Love", which I co-wrote with the Tom Tom Club in 1981. In fact, I've never met Mariah Carey; but I love the money she sends.


Source: The Celebrity Cafe

Carey 'Crib' Notes // 5:25 PM EST Updated by Lynn

A sassy Manhattan musician is charging that Mariah Carey's hit "It's Like That" deserves a new title - "It's Like Mine."

Rachele Chafir, 28, a sultry blonde who started off as a dancer and now performs in New York, L.A. and Europe, is taking on the pop diva in a suit claiming Carey stole music from Chafir's own single, "Sexy."

Chafir claims "It's Like That" lifts key pieces from "Sexy," including the music for the chorus. Her suit, filed April 19 in Manhattan federal court, names a bevy of producers, publishers and companies, including Island Def Jam Music Group.

Carey's representative did not return a call for comment.

Chafir says "Sexy" was copyrighted in 2004 and was accessible to the public through a Web site.

Source: New York Post

Saturday, April 29 , 2006

Mariah's song owes me - Kiwi // 9:00 PM EST Updated by Casey

US pop diva Mariah Carey has been drawn into a spat involving a Kiwi musician who claims he has not been paid royalties for her use of music he helped write.

Auckland musician Dominique Leauga arranged, co-produced and played many of the instruments on eight of the 13 songs on top Kiwi vocal duo's Adeaze's chart-topping debut album, including the platinum single "A Life With You", for which he is registered as a co-composer.

The song, which reached No 5 on the local charts in 2003, was used by Mariah Carey as a sample on the song "Your Girl" from her last album The Emancipation of Mimi. The album sold 7.7 million copies - the world's second biggest-selling record last year, behind Coldplay's X&Y.

Sampling, takes a piece of music from an existing song and incorporates it in a new work.

Leauga claims he has been cut out of receiving any financial benefits from Carey's use of the song.

"I am just a simple Samoan guy who makes music and loves music - the music business seems to get very complicated when there is big money involved... I don't understand how Mariah Carey can put a track on her album which has my music on it and I am not getting any money for it."

Leauga's lawyers are talking to Adeaze's record label, Dawn Raid, in an attempt to claim his share of the royalties.

Universal Music Publishing, which, with Dawn Raid, owns the master recordings and licensed Carey's use of the sample, has enlisted British forensic musicologist Peter Oxendale to determine whether Carey's use of the sample breached the licence agreement and constituted a copyright infringement.

Leauga is a long-time friend and former flatmate of Adeaze brothers Nainz and Viiz Tupa'i. The brothers are credited as songwriters on the album, but Leauga is also registered with the Australasian Performing Right Association as a co-composer, and has been receiving songwriting royalties from the track. A statement his agent obtained from Adeaze says he contributed to the track's writing, and was granted a 20% share in this and other songs he worked on.

Dawn Raid CEO Andy Murnane refused to discuss details of the dispute with Leauga, saying it was "a legal matter... I'm confident it will be resolved pleasantly".

An email obtained by the Sunday Star-Times shows Murnane believed only Adeaze's unaccompanied vocals were to be sampled by Carey, but after checking the contract, he determined Carey had permission to use the instrumentation as well.

An a capella version of "A Life With You" had been registered with APRA, naming the Tupa'i brothers named as the sole composers. But it appears Carey sampled the full instrumental version of the track, including Leauga's arrangement and performances.

Leauga's agent, Paul Harvey, said Oxendale had given him an initial verbal opinion that Carey's song was not an original composition, but an adaptation of the Adeaze song.

Murnane would not say how much money had been received in royalties for the sample. "It was an amazing opportunity for two local boys to be on Mariah's record."

The Tupa'is' manager, Adee Keil, and Carey's record company, Universal Music, did not return calls.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

Mariah's Intel Dress on Display // 12:31 PM EST Updated by Lynn

In this photo provided by Intel, a couture dress worn by Mariah Carey in an Intel advertisement, seen at right, is displayed in the Escada flagship store in New York City, Friday, April 28, 2006.

An on-line auction for the gown by VH-1 will benefit the station's Save The Music Foundation, which supports music education programs in schools.


Source: Associated Press | Deniece of VH1

Friday, April 28 , 2006

Another New Voice Message From Mariah! // 6:48 PM EST Updated by Casey

Visit MariahCarey.com to hear a new voice message from Mariah!

"Hi! Yeah... I'm just calling, checking in, ummm... man, I'm just like watching everything that you guys are doing, and just looking at the video just really... with the nice #1 on TRL. And I had to say, even though I'm by myself tonight, ummm... I don't have the nice cheerleaders with me, but I'm just sitting here reflecting and thinking about, you know, just everything and I had to leave you a nice message to let you know that I do not take you for granted, ummm... and that I'm so thankful. Really, I'm just looking at this like 'WOW! They are really doin' it, doin' it with the, ummm... nice video.' And, I don't know, I just, I really appreciate you guys and, yeah... it's just, I don't even really know how to express it except to say 'Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything, as always.' And just an extra special 'Thank you' 'cause ummm... you are the absolute best in the whole world. And I love you, appreciate you, and enjoy ya! And, ummm... you know, let's just keep it going and just know that no matter what I always, always, always thank you, and appreciate you, and love you from the bottom of my heart. Alright, talk to you soon. Buh-bye!"

Source: MariahCarey.com | Transcript: Mariah Daily

Mariah Tries Not To "Fight It" With Busta? // 5:54 PM EST Updated by Casey

In the May issue of Germany's hip-hop magazine, "Juice," there is a track-by-track rundown (right) of Busta Rhymes' forthcoming album, "The Big Bang." A track produced by Rick Rock titled "Don't Try To Fight It" is listed in the feature as a collaboration with Mariah. Below is a transcribed description of the song from the magazine.

"For a magical moment, Rick Rock holds the hyphy style at bay and with that allows the bizarre, but perfect couple an appropriate continuation of their first collaboration."

The album is due out June 13, 2006.

Source: Mariah Daily | Dennis

International Newsbits // 5:16 PM EST Updated by Lynn

--According to Radio 1's Forthcoming Singles In UK list, "Say Somethin'" will be released on June 5, 2006.

--To Air or Not To Air? The "Mariah Carey: Making The Video" for "Say Somethin'" has been rescheduled, yet again, on UK's MTV Base. Hopefully, the show will air this time. Below is the new airing schedule.

Monday, May 1 - 1:00pm-1:30pm

Tuesday, May 2 - 6:00pm-6:30pm
Wednesday, May 3 - 9:30pm-10:00pm
Monday, May 8 - 2:00pm-2:30pm

Also on MTV Base, immediately following the May 2nd "Mariah Carey: Making The Video" is "The Truth With", a brand new show that delivers probing questions to artists in an effort to gain the truth about their life and work. Tuesday's episode sees Mariah in the hot seat! Airs 6:30pm-7:00pm.

MTV Germany has slotted the half-hour "Mariah Carey: Making The Video" for 11:30am and 9:00pm CET Saturday, April 29th.

Latin America
--On Wednesday, April 26th, the video for "Say Somethin'" was premiered on MTV Latin America but has yet to appear on its "Los 10 Más Pedidos" (Top 10 Most Requested Videos). The video has not been added to the video list yet, but you can request it by adding it to the section called "Otro".

--The Mariah-hh team is looking for fans who can help promote Mariah in Latin America and Spain. The representatives will be responsible for making sure Mariah is getting a proper amount of promotion in his/her country and will also be responsible for fan gatherings and keeping track of local fans. For further details, email mundo@mariah-hh.com.

Source: Mariah Daily | Eran | Mini | Jeremy | Mike | Butterflies Are Free

Thursday, April 27 , 2006

No Cruise for Mariah // 10:45 PM EST Updated by Maggie

According to the New York Post, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera are considering a stint on a gay cruise on — what else? — the Queen Mary 2. Gossip columnist Liz Smith reports:

So, which singing divas do gay men who cruise the high seas want on board to entertain them? Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey! Both songbirds are being courted by RSVP, a gay tourism agency. The agency plans to charter the Queen Mary 2 for a seven-day transatlantic voyage leaving New York next May and docking in London.

The mind reels: Does this mean Cher’s over? Will their contracts read: “Mariah and Christina demand that Rosie O’Donnell must stay at least 50 feet away at all times”?

But since we are a blogger in search of the truth (and our editor made us) we called up the singers’ reps, only to find out that the same person represents them both — evidently, publicists buy their skimpy ballad-belting songbirds in bulk.

And? The girls RSVP’d “no,” according to their publicist. Aww, now we feel bad because you know they’ll probably end up with an a cappella group from Bucknell College called the “Snazzy Snappers” or something.

Source: Us Weekly Blog

Sea Cruisers Court Mariah // 6:55 AM EST Updated by Lynn

Which singing divas do gay men who cruise the high seas want onboard to entertain them? Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey!

Both songbirds are being courted by RSVP, a gay tourism agency. The agency plans to charter the Queen Mary 2 for a seven-day trans-Atlantic voyage leaving New York next May and docking in London.

Source: New York Post

Billboard Updates (Issue Date: May 6, 2006) // 6:03 AM EST Updated by Casey

Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date May 6, 2006.

The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #80 (Last Week #84)
Billboard 200: #79 (Last Week #83)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #28 (Last Week #30)
Sales this week: 11,786 (-22 %)
Total sales: 5,556,669

Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
Billboard Hot 100: #95 (Last Week #93)
Billboard Pop 100: #47 (Last Week #50)
Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #28 (Last Week #30)
Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #10 (Last Week #17, D. Morales Mixes)
Billboard Top 40 Mainstream: #28 (Last Week #33)
Billboard Rhythmic Top 40: #25 (Last Week #29)
Billboard Hot Videoclip Tracks: #15 (Debut)

Fly Like a Bird
Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles: #6 (Last Week #20)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #34 (Last Week #32)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #32 (Last Week #34)
Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #9 (Last Week #10)

Don't Forget About Us ●
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #12 (Last Week #10)
Billboard Pop 100: #72 (Last Week #62)
Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #42 (Last Week #35)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #3 (Last Week #3)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #3 (Last Week #3)

Shake It Off ▲
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #13 (Last Week #19)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #13 (Last Week #19)

We Belong Together ▲3
Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #22 (Last Week #19)
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #5 (Last Week #4)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #4 (Last Week #5)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #4 (Last Week #5)
Billboard Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #7 (Last Week #5)

  • "Say Somethin'" received 13 more airplay adds this week and is currently played on 178 stations. It had 15.468 million audience impressions from 3296 spins in 3 formats (Mainstream, Rhythmic, Urban).

  • "Fly Like a Bird" was the 3rd most added single this week scoring hits across Adult R&B and Urban formats. With 7 more airplay adds this week, the song is now being played by 110 stations. It had a total of 9.619 million audience impressions from 1629 spins.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Ritcher

    Wednesday, April 26 , 2006

    Nomination Competitive For BET Awards '06 // 9:41 PM EST Updated by Casey

    When it comes to the BET Awards ‘06, it seems as though it’s all in the stars.

    Members of BET’s exclusive Voting Academy are currently busy handling the nomination balloting for the BET Awards ‘06.

    50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T.I. and The Notorious B.I.G. are just some of the artists on the ballot for Best Male Hip Hop Artist.

    The Best Female R&B Artist category is heated as well with high-profile names like Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and Keyshia Cole, being just some of the nominees.

    Much of the same can be said about the Best Male R&B Artist category, which looks to be highly competitive considering Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, R. Kelly, John Legend, Trey Songz and Ne-Yo are among the artists nominated.

    Other categories include the Best Group, Best Duet/Collaboration, Video of the Year and Best New Artist.

    Voting is scheduled to close promptly on May 8 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Official nominations are slated to be announced on May 16 in Los Angeles, with the official ballot voting beginning on May 17.

    Winners will be announced at the BET Awards ‘06 in Los Angeles on June 27.

    Source: VIBE.com

    News Tidbits // 5:16 PM EST Updated by Casey

    --"Mariah Carey: The Definition of a Diva" arrived on DVD yesterday. This unauthorized release can be purchased on Amazon.com for $9.99. Below is the product description.

    For almost two decades, Mariah Carey has stood the tests of time. Through highly publicized failed relationships, rumors of emotional breakdowns, and speculation of a finished career due to declining album sales and unfavorable reviews concerning her acting endeavors, Mariah has proven to possess the most important attribute of any person who carries the label of DIVA...durability. "Definition of a Diva" takes an in depth look into Mariah's adversity-filled journey to superstardom; from her tormented childhood, all the way up through her re-emergence as one of the most powerful and influential voices the world has ever known.

    --"Say Somethin'" rises one position to #9 on the MSN Music Top 100 Videos chart and debuts at #86 on the Yahoo! Music Top 100 Videos chart. If you have a Yahoo! identity, please sign in and rate the video.

    Billboard Updates
  • The Emancipation of Mimi
    Billboard 200: #79 (Last Week #83)
    Sales this week: 11,786 (-22 %)
    Total sales: 5,556,669

    Mariah Mentions
    --International dance music producer and veteran DJ David Morales mentioned Mariah as his "personal favourite" to metronews: “She’s a workaholic like me,” notes Morales, who takes credit for giving Carey club credibility when he transformed her 1995 pop hit Fantasy into a high-energy house anthem.

    From then on, he’s remixed a string of Carey hits for the club: My All, Honey, It’s Like That, and her latest release, Say Something.

    --Teen singer/actress JoJo mentioned Mariah as an influence to the Contra Costa Times: "After I started talking, I started singing. It was just something that came naturally. My parents told me there was always music playing, even when I was in the womb. I was very feisty and ambitious, and I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be up onstage performing, like I saw Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston do," said JoJo, whose real name is Joanna Levesque.

    --From Monsters and Critics: There will likely be no need for such a superstar bailout this year given the strong spring/summer slate. Madonna`s upcoming tour will sell out arenas at comparable ticket prices to last fall`s heavy hitters. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band, Rascal Flatts, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Toby Keith, Ozzfest, Warped and others (including international dates by U2 and the Stones) are already selling lots of tickets or are as close to guaranteed winners as the industry can offer.

    --Former "American Idol" contestant Ace Young appeared on MTV's TRL today and was asked what type of music he listens to and who are some of his favorite artists. Young responded: "I listen to everything from Mariah Carey, Chris Brown... you name it, Juvenile. I'm right on that realm, I love that stuff."

    --Cynthia Gratzer, a player in a worldwide celebrity fantasy league, made the following prediction for this week (from Chron.com): Robin Williams, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Kate Bosworth will grab headlines and hog a seat on the View.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Jeremy

    Tuesday, April 25 , 2006

    VH1 Editors' Picks // 9:27 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey f/ Pharrell and Snoop Dogg "Say Somethin'" The Emancipation of Mimi

    Mariah invites the man she has her eye on to come over with all the confidence of a girl who knows he will. If you ignore Snoop's gibes on what they might do in a toilet stall together, there's a refreshing lack of frills to this single, and a woozy Neptunes beat that's their most overt Prince homage yet.

    Source: VH1.com

    Is Mariah Better Off Blonde? // 8:15 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Before she emancipated the blonde bombshell Mimi, Mariah was the beautiful brunette next-door. Which should she stick with?

    Vote now on AOL Music on whether or not you prefer Mariah as a blonde or non-blonde.

    Also on AOL Music, check out their Blender's 50 Worst Things to Happen to Music!

    Source: Kelly - AOL Music

    Making The Video for "Say Somethin'" to finally air on MTV Base? // 6:47 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Many fans have expressed their dismay due to the Making The Video episode for "Say Somethin'" not airing on MTV Base as expected. While reasons for the failures to broadcast are not clear, it appears the episode's showing has been rescheduled. Below are the details taken from the MTV Base schedule.

  • Wednesday, April 26 - 8:30 PM

  • Monday, May 1 - 1:00 PM

    If the episode indeed airs in the UK, we will do our best to provide a download for you here at Mariah Daily.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | MTV Base

    Pharrell To Design Jewelry For Louis Vuitton // 6:33 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Rapper and producer Pharrell Williams is teaming up with fashion label Louis Vuitton to design a special line of jewelry. The star was selected by designer Marc Jacobs to team with jewelry designer Camille Miceli for the collection.

    Miceli recently styled Mariah Carey for her music video "Say Somethin'," which also featured Pharrell and Snoop Dogg. The video was shot over four days in Los Angeles and Paris, France.

    Miceli explains the range, "Is going to be jewels with such scale, so large - and of course very, very unique." The Miceli/Pharrell collaboration will debut in early 2007.

    Source: Contact Music

    Monday, April 24 , 2006

    New Voice Message From Mariah! // 11:29 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Head over to MariahCarey.com to hear a brand new voice message from Mariah!

    Mariah & Friends: Hey everybody!

    Mariah: We just wanted to call and say "Whoo!" Very, very, very excited about the video doing so great on TRL, just how, you know, really just how amazing everyone's been doing. I know you've been voting, you've been doing your thing! This is Ray-child in the background listening. She sends her love and also, "Don't you want to thank them for mentioning you in all the nice..."

    Rachel: Yes, thank you guys! I love you guys.

    Mariah: She loves you, she does! Everybody that gets a nice mention in the fanbooks and stuff appreciates you just as much as I do, just so you know that. Anyway, back to the point, the point is I'm calling to say hi because I haven't called in a minute and just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you as always and just to reiterate how grateful I am for the amazing success so early on with this video for "Say Somethin'" And the more, you know, we keep on it with the video, the more we're gonna hear it upon the nice radio and things of that sort! And we're getting ready to do a tour, as you know, and we're getting ready to put the whole list together. All the excitement of the tour is what is on my plate right now! So basically, right now I'm at a photo shoot and I just figured I would take a few minutes out to give you a wonderful call, give you my love. And also to let you know I've already started writing some new songs and get you a little excited for that too. Got lots of tricks and treats and things up my sleeve, so I will keep you posted. I love you immensely and I will talk to you soon, okay? Keep it going, love you much. Buh-bye!

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Transcript: Mariah Daily

    Mariah to appear on upcoming MTV reality cooking show? // 5:49 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Celebrity chef Marc Cummings, whose grandfather founded Sara Lee, is working on a new reality cooking show for MTV. The show, tentatively titled Kitchen Music, will reportedly feature Cummings preparing food with celebrities. According to a recent article from The Desert Sun, stars like Mariah and Will Smith are likely to make appearances. Below are excerpts from the article.

    "I've got two new reality shows debuting next month," he says. Kitchen Music for MTV will feature Cummings cooking up quick, easy gourmet treats with guys like Will Smith or Mariah Carey.

    Like cooking with the stars or onboard a ship, "it's pretty much a captive audience," he says.

    The show is set to air in May.

    Source: Mariah Daily | The Desert Sun

    Mariah Down To Work With Janet // 2:24 PM EST Updated by Liron

    One is Jermaine Dupri's longtime girlfriend, the other is one of his closest homies and a collaborator he always finds success with. The latter, Mariah Carey, said she's definitely open to working with J.D. gal pal Janet Jackson if the super-producer has the right idea.

    "He never talked to me about that," she said. "But if Jermaine has a concept, we should go and write something. I love Janet. I've been a big fan of Janet since 'Con-tro-ol!' "

    Mariah wouldn't, however, tell us who her favorite DJ is. She said she has too many friends who are spinners and doesn't want to get in any trouble.

    Source: MTV News

    News Tidbits // 2:22 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Mariah makes a cameo in "Lockdown, USA," a documentary that chronicles Russell Simmons' quest to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws and how it effects the convicted's families. "Lockdown, USA" is one of 37 world premieres featured at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, April 25 - May 7, in New York City. View the film's screening schedule.

    --Abercrombie & Fitch has the David Morales remix to "Say Somethin'" playing in all its stores!

    --Kansas City's 95.7 The Vibe has a poll that asks, "What Tour should come to KC this summer?" Vote for Mariah!

    --UK's MTV Base did not air the "Mariah Carey: Making The Video" for "Say Somethin'" as scheduled on April 23. No new airing date has been announced at this time.

    --"Fly Like a Bird" is currently at #2 on Fit FM, Latvia's second biggest radio station! This is the first single from "The Emancipation of Mimi" that is enjoying success in the country.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From NY Newsday: "Of course, Long Island's pop stars hit No. 1 consistently in recent years, especially with Greenlawn native Mariah Carey putting a stranglehold on the top spot last year with her "The Emancipation of Mimi" (Island) album."

    --The New Zealand Herald mentions Mariah in its review of Pink's "I'm Not Dead" album: "But she sounds out of her depth on the confessional tracks. The themes of Conversations With My 13-year-old Self should be left in the Missunderztood days; Nobody Knows should be left to Mariah."

    --In another album review, Jim Farber of NY Daily News on Rihanna's "A Girl Like Me": "...the new "A Girl Like Me" works hard to present Rihanna as a girl who likes just about everything. Nearly every song draws from a different genre... reggae ("Crazy Little Thing Called Love"); dance hall ("Break It Off"), and a brand of pop shmaltzy enough for Mariah Carey ("A Million Miles Away").

    Source: Mariah Daily | NY Post | Ayako | John | Johny | Jo-Jo

    Say Somethin' Video Goes for Adds // 9:43 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Make sure you continue voting for "Say Somethin'" on MTV, BET, and VH1 as video airplay is instrumental to the song's success. Check out the updates at the top of the newspage for the video's latest chart standings!

    The video for "Say Somethin'" will be added to formats on MTV, BET, and VH1 this week.

    In addition, "Say Somethin'" is officially scheduled to go for adds on Urban radio stations on May 1, 2006.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, plans for a "Fly Like A Bird" music video have been cancelled.

    Source: Island Def Jam | Ritcher

    Sunday, April 23 , 2006

    Fans' Corner // 5:47 PM EST Updated by Liron

    --MariahTalk is running a competition to win the Australian exclusive edition of the "Get Your Number" single. All you have to do is register as a new member - on the Profile page, enter "Mariah Daily" under Occupation. Contest ends May 13, 2006 9:00am AEST. Good luck!

    --To all non-U.S. fans: Heroes of Mariah is working on a project to help promote "The Emancipation of Mimi" worldwide. Please take a moment to email staff@heroesofmariah.com with the following information: your country, album/singles promotion in your country e.g., ads, posters, campaigns or any other additional or useful information. For questions, contact Gilles using the provided e-mail address.

    --Attention all mobile users: Juanel has created a WAP site for Mariah! You can log on to her site at http://mariah.mywap.o2.co.uk.

    Source: Adrian & Lee | Gilles | Juanel

    Why Mariah Carey's closet show-and-tell is all show // 10:37 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    When it comes to cuddling up with a glossy/gossipy home magazine, peering into the lives and closets of people you will never know, there's nothing worse than being teased. Shame on InStyle Home, the Spring issue, for taking us into pop singer Mariah Carey's (over-the-top) 12,000-square-foot Manhattan triplex and showing us four (nearly full) pages of her incredible shoe closet (she owns 1,000 pairs) and walk-in closet (which is climate controlled) -- but not telling us much more than that. Climate controlled? Tell us more. Are fine clothes as temperamental as fine wine? One thousand pairs of fancy footwear? Give us the lowdown, please.

    Note: The Spring issue of InStyle Home is available on newsstands until June 20, 2006. You can read the full cover story, "Hanging With Mariah," by clicking here.

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    Saturday, April 22 , 2006

    Catch the Making The Video for "Say Somethin'" on MTV base // 8:47 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Tune in to MTV base on Sunday, April 23 at 8:00 PM to catch the premier of Mariah Carey: Making The Video - Another making the video with Mariah this time it's for Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg and super producer Pharrell Williams.

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Photos: Pepsi Promotion // 3:19 PM EST Updated by Lynn


    Source: Mariah Daily

    Download: Mariah's Pepsi Commercial Sneak Peek on Extra // 6:56 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Extra's A.J. Calloway caught up with Mariah during the shooting of her commercial for Pepsi where she took time out to discuss her upcoming tour and writing ringtones.

    [ Download: Extra - Pepsi Commercial Sneak Peek ]

    A.J. Calloway: Hey guys, I'm here exclusively on the big Pepsi commercial with Mariah Carey with a big announcement.
    Mariah Carey: And only Extra takes you there.

    Only Extra was with Mariah on the set of her new Pepsi commercial which hits the airwaves next month and we were the first to get the big news that she's heading out on a concert tour this summer - her first in about 3 years.

    AJC: The big, big news, you're about to go on tour. So tell me all about it.
    MC: Yes. I'm very excited.
    AJC: What do you do for like tour?
    MC: Well, here's the thing. I was like, do I do just The Emancipation of Mimi songs which kind of would be cool but then I know that people want to hear some of the old stuff too so I had to kind of like figure out how I was gonna do it, and I'm putting together the setlist and working everything out so it should be a stone-groove. I'm excited about it.

    Mariah's also excited about the new ringtones she created exclusively for the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion.

    AJC: You wrote all these ringtones yourself?
    MC: Yeah, I did. I had to do like, I don't know, 25 of them in like two days and so it was like crunch time.

    Speaking of crunch time, Mariah looked as good as ever, thanks to dieting and hitting the gym which led me to the obvious question.

    AJC: All the guys are asking me and I have to ask you, is there a man? Any man in life?
    MC: A.J., you're the man A.J. You're always the man.
    AJC: And you're the Mimi, Mariah.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah in Magazines // 4:54 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Below are scans from recent issues of Us, Star, Life & Style, OK!, In Touch, Heat (UK) and Closer (France) magazines.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Chris | Alex

    The Download Divide // 2:15 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey's 1999 music video "Heartbreaker" was something of a landmark in its genre. Made by "Rush Hour" film director Brett Ratner, it included an animated segment, multiple dance sequences and a fight scene between two characters -- both played by Ms. Carey. It cost at least $1.7 million to produce, according to a person familiar with the project (Sony, Ms. Carey's label at the time, declines to comment), but helped sell about seven million copies of Ms. Carey's album world-wide.

    Ms. Carey's recent video, "Don't Forget About Us," has no special effects or action scenes. Made with a budget of less than $600,000, according to people familiar with the project, it primarily shows closeups of Ms. Carey lounging in various poses as she lip-syncs the song.

    The music-video genre should be experiencing a renaissance now. After years of being pushed off MTV and VH1 in favor of reality shows, videos are once again easy to find. Fans can download them on iTunes, watch them on music Web sites or play them on mobile phones. But just as these options are exploding, record companies are cutting video budgets. The result is a new generation of videos that some fans say are a far cry from the lavish productions of past years.

    Most music videos today are made for less than $150,000, according to music-industry professionals -- a significant drop from a typical video budget in the late 1990s, about $700,000. And the products are nowhere near some of the big-budget spectacles that helped define the genre. Michael Jackson's "Thriller," made in 1983 for the then-unheard-of cost of about $800,000, remains one of the most popular downloads on iTunes today.

    Lately, however, musicians and music-video directors have been making do with less. For his last video, rock star Marilyn Manson was given a budget of about $200,000 -- significantly less than many of his videos of the late 1990s. Director Nathan Cox met with Mr. Manson before shooting to discuss possible concepts, but Mr. Manson's suggestions were all too costly. The end result was a relatively simple montage of Mr. Manson singing in front of a backdrop of political images.

    "It would have been the most brilliant Manson video ever made," Mr. Cox says, "But we didn't have the budget for the most brilliant Manson video ever made."

    To be sure, some of the biggest stars still command large video budgets. While "Don't Forget About Us" had a relatively modest budget for Ms. Carey, another of her recent videos, "Say Somethin'" had a budget of around $1 million, according to people familiar with the project, partly due to filming on-location in Paris. Still, even this budget was well below some of Ms. Carey's biggest productions of the 1990s.

    While budgets are dropping, labels are now earning new revenues from videos. Until recently, record companies gave away videos free to channels like MTV, using them as promotional tools for their artists. Last summer, however, labels began demanding licensing fees for videos shown on Internet sites like AOL Music and Yahoo Music. When videos were introduced on iTunes in the fall, labels arranged to receive about $1.40 for every video sold for $1.99. The Recording Industry Association of America estimates that sales of music-video downloads amounted to $3.7 million in 2005. The number is expected to grow in 2006, with the proliferation of video iPods and video cellphones.

    "We're no longer making commercials for albums. We're generating saleable content," says director Chris Milk, who has made videos for acts like rapper Kanye West and rock band Audioslave.

    Record labels say they've cut music-video budgets for several reasons. One is across-the-board belt-tightening. Labels have now faced several years of declining sales, hurt by piracy and the rise of music downloads online.

    But music executives also say the big video budgets of the 1990s are generally unnecessary, now that videos are most often watched on small screens like laptops and video iPods. Reality TV programming and the success of amateur "viral" videos that viewers watch and email to friends have changed the expectations of young viewers, says Monte Lipman, president of Universal Republic Records. Better and less expensive video technology has also helped keep costs down. And a big budget doesn't guarantee wide TV exposure. "For every video you'd see on MTV, there were 10 more that didn't make the cut, and that adds up to millions," Mr. Lipman says.

    Instead, labels often now focus on creating Internet-friendly clips that could take off as viral videos. They reduce budgets by shortening shooting schedules, using young directors hungry for work and often filming bands in front of a green screens, so that settings can be added later, rather than filming in multiple locations.

    "I can say that a lot more of the money is going into low-fi production," says Michael Nash, Warner Music's senior vice president of digital strategy.

    Directors, producers and musicians have responded to changing music video landscape in a variety of ways. Some have modified their production routines. Hype Williams, a music-video director best known for his big-budget videos for hip-hop stars like Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, says he's reduced his typical video crew from about 40 members to about a dozen in recent years. He also now designs his videos to be watchable on small screens like video iPods. "In the last four months, it's all been close-ups," he says. "You have to think like that now."

    Mr. Williams, who once spent almost $1 million constructing a faux mansion in the style of "Citizen Kane" in a New York shipyard for a video for singer R. Kelly, recently was given a $400,000 budget for a video for rapper Lil Jon. He filmed the rapper in front of a green screen.

    Some in the industry feel that the Internet video revolution is leaving them out in the cold. Music-video directors, who typically collect 10% of a video's budget, don't receive a cut from video downloads on iTunes or from Internet licensing fees. A group called the Music Video Directors Alliance is lobbying for royalties for directors.

    Musicians are coping in their own ways. Concerned about the difficulty of getting wide play on TV, the rock band Death Cab for Cutie also pursued another route. The band commissioned videos for all 11 songs on its album from a range of directors, each with a budget under $10,000. None of the videos showed the band members. The collection is being sold on DVD and iTunes.

    "In exchange for small budgets, we gave the directors full creative control," says the band's bass player, Nick Harmer.

    Source: Wall Street Journal

    Friday, April 21 , 2006

    News Tidbits // 10:48 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --The Escada dress worn by Mariah in the Intel Centrino Duo commercials is being auctioned off through 5/3/06. Proceeds support the VH1 Save the Music Foundation's efforts to restore music education programs in America's public schools. Bid now!

    --Mariah left a voice message to Team Mariah thanking everyone for making "Say Somethin'" number one on TRL! Listen to the message!

    --Since its April 13th premiere on BET's 106 & Park, "Say Somethin'" has yet to appear on the show's Top 10 video countdown. Let's keep on voting for the video! Vote online or call 1-800-617-LIVE (5483) between 5:30 and 6:00pm ET.

    --"Say Somethin'" is About.com's Friday Fun Video! "Yep, she's just gliding here, but Mariah and Pharrell look hot cavorting around Paris, and Snoop Dogg is the definition of cool. There are worse ways to spend a leisurely Friday afternoon than soaking in this video's atmosphere." Watch the "Say Somethin'" video.

    --The "Say Somethin'" video has now been added to both AOL Music and MSN Music as well as Yahoo! Music. If you have a Yahoo! identity, you may sign in and rate the video.

    --MSN's Celebrities Undressed (photo #5) shows a picture of Mariah outside the MTV studios with the caption: "The Procrastination of Mimi: As the years go by, it's becoming increasingly apparent that Mariah Carey has no real interest in changing up her style. Cleavage-revealing, Saran Wrap-inspired sartorial statements have worked for her in the past, so why shouldn't they work for her in the future, right?..."

    --On tonight's MTV Hits UK, Mariah was #1 on "Top 50 Female R&B Artists" with "Don't Forget About Us."

    --"Glamorized by Mariah Carey," Mariah’s jewelry line is now available at Claire's stores in the UK! Items range from earrings to necklaces and are sold in a variety of colors. Mariah’s picture and name are part of the presentation of all of these items! UK fans, check them out!

    --E!'s Fashion Police gives Mariah two stars for the purple dress/black boots ensemble she wore at the premiere of "Say Somethin'" on BET's 106 & Park. Have a say! Click here to vote for Mariah.

    --In a Q&A with the Pussycat Dolls at AOL Music Sessions, group member Melody Thorthon replies to the question: "What was the first album you ever owned that made a big impression on you?"

    "My first album was Mariah Carey's "MTV Unplugged" and I still listen to it on a regular, to this day. (And you played it the other day. Over and over.) All the time. I met Mariah and she was great and I really, really, like it's amazing when you meet someone with that much like (charisma), yeah. She's done this before. She's like blah-blah-blah talking to me and then I was like just couldn't talk and when she left us I was like crying for an hour. It was crazy. It was great! She said, 'Don't mess up my body make-up.' That's what she said!"

    --The TigerHeat® club in Hollywood, California celebrates the release of Mariah's new single, "Say Somethin'" in an all-night Mariah party, hosted by KIIS 102.7 FM on Thursday, April 27th. For additional details, click here.

    --Congratulations to Adrian and Lee on their brand-new Mariah forum, Mariah Talk. Be sure to check it out!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Robert | Team Mariah | Gabriel | Jeremy | Scotty | MariahConnectionUK | Alex | Deniece of VH1 | mccc9 | Natalia | Angela

    Brazilian fans expand annual Mariah party // 10:31 PM EST Updated by Casey

    For the past four years, Brazilian fans have been throwing an annual party in Rio de Janeiro. Previous gatherings have been held at private clubs and found fans celebrating for many reasons (Mariah's anniversary, the release of a new album, etc.). Not only have photographs from these parties attracted attention on Mariah's official website, Mariah herself recognized and expressed gratitude for the gatherings in a voice message.

    This year, aiming to reach more people, Brazilian fans are expanding their party to some of the biggest nightclubs in the country (in three state capitals at once). Clubs will be decorated with posters and Mariah's music/videos will play during the entire night. There will also be special performances of Mariah's remixes. Exclusive gifts such as albums and singles provided by Universal Music Brasil will be available. They plan on throwing the biggest Mariah Carey fan party ever!

  • May 27, 2006

  • Simultaneously in Rio de Janeiro (Le Boy), Porto Alegre (Cine-Theatro), and Florianópolis (Mix Café)
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Nadia

    Surveillance // 10:34 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey is learning how to drawl, y'all. The Long Island songbird will be going to a dialect coach to get the twang she'll need to play an aspiring country singer in "Tennessee." She's also learning guitar. The star of 2001's critically reviled "Glitter" is determined to make yet another kind of comeback. "She's hungry for it," producer Lee Daniels tells us. "She's jumping through fire hoops".... Meanwhile, the aforementioned Daniels, who guided Halle Berry toward her Oscar for "Monster's Ball," showed his latest, "Shadowboxer," to Lenny Kravitz, Denzel Washington and other friends this week. The movie opens June 9.

    Related Articles:
  • Mariah Carey to Learn How to Play Guitar and Country Twang for Tennessee Film (VIBE.com)
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: New York Daily News

    Thursday, April 20 , 2006

    Billboard Updates (Issue Date: April 29, 2006) // 12:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date April 29, 2006

    The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
    Billboard 200: #83 (Last Week #73)
    Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #30 (Last Week #29)
    Sales this week: 15,064 (+ 5%)
    Total sales: 5,544,883

    Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
    Billboard Hot 100: #93 (Debut)
    Billboard Pop 100: #50 (Last Week #55)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #30 (Last Week #30)
    Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #17 (Last Week #25, D.Morales Mixes)
    Billboard Top 40 Mainstream: #33 (Last Week #36, #2 Most Airplay Adds, #4 Greatest Gainer)
    Billboard Rhythmic Top 40: #29 (Last Week #34, #3 Most Airplay Adds)

    Fly Like a Bird
    Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles: #20 (Debut)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #36 (Last Week #34)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #34 (Last Week #32)
    Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #10 (Last Week #13, Greatest Gainer, Most Airplay Adds)

    Mine Again
    Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #64

    Don't Forget About Us ●
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #29 (Last Week #24)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #10 (Last Week #7)
    Billboard Pop 100: #62 (Last Week #58)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #35 (Last Week #36)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #3 (Last Week #5)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #3 (Last Week #5)

    Shake It Off ▲
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #19 (Last Week #13)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #19 (Last Week #13)

    We Belong Together ▲3
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #19 (Last Week #11)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #4 (Last Week #3)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #5 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #5 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #5 (Last Week #2)

  • "Say Somethin'" received 31 airplay adds this week and is currently played in 164 stations. It had 14.587 million audience impressions from 2765 spins in 3 formats (Mainstream, Rhythmic, Urban.)

  • "Fly Like A Bird" continues to succeed at the Adult R&B radio format where it received 7 airplay adds this week and is currently played by 56 stations. It had a total of 8.505 million audience impressions from 771 spins.

  • From FMQB: Mariah Carey f/Snoop Dogg "Say Somethin'" (Island/IDJMG) - "Someone is sure sounding and looking better than ever! All signs say MC has delivered another radio smash and the video is way hot! Are we surprised? NO!"
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Ritcher

    Wednesday, April 19 , 2006

    Pepsi Smash Live Mariah Carey Concert Sweepstakes // 2:00 PM EST Updated by Casey

    This is your chance to win an unforgettable trip to Los Angeles to see Mariah Carey perform live on July 29, 2006 at the Kodak Theater. Winner gets:

  • 2 Concert Tickets
  • Roundtrip airfare for 2
  • Ground transportation to and from Los Angeles airport
  • Standard room for 2 nights
  • Welcome dinner
  • Exciting gift bags and $200 spending cash

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Pepsi Smash

    Mariah Carey Hits Perfect Note With Pepsi // 1:30 PM EST Updated by Casey

    World's Top-Selling Female Artist to Produce Original Ringtones and Star in National TV Commercial for Pepsi's Summer Promotion - Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones

    Mariah Carey will take center stage with Pepsi in a unique partnership this summer. The Grammy Award- winning artist will write and record original ringtones that will be available exclusively through the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion.

    The Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion is giving music fans the opportunity to download more than 100 original ringtones created specifically for the program by some of the summer's hottest artists, including 20 original voice and music tones written and produced by Mariah Carey. This marks the first time top musicians and producers have written music and lyrics in the ringtone format for a large scale promotion.

    The consumers who participate in the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion will also have the opportunity to win their choice of Motorola phones including the Motorola RAZR(TM) and Motorola SLVR(TM). Additional information about the promotion can be found on http://www.pepsismash.com, powered by Yahoo! Music.

    "I had a lot of fun with this project. It was a great creative outlet because musically I could do things here that I would never think to do for one of my albums," said Mariah Carey. "This was a great idea by Pepsi, and I'm happy to be a part of it."

    Carey will kick off the Pepsi Cool Tones and Motorola Phones promotion with a national TV commercial in May, which will be directed by Paul Hunter and created by BBDO, New York, Pepsi's long-time agency. Hunter, an award- winning director of music videos and commercials, has directed the videos for a number of Carey's chart-topping hits.

    Carey's partnership with Pepsi also includes an exclusive Pepsi Smash concert this summer at the intimate Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, which will be the first stop of her highly anticipated tour. Music fans will be able to win tickets to the show, Carey's first full concert performance in over three years, via radio and retail promotions across the country.

    Mariah Carey has had more number one singles than any other artist in history. She has been recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the music industry, including five Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium," to name a few. Her current album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," was the biggest-selling album of 2005 and has been certified five times platinum.

    Pepsi has a long history in music, having featured the biggest recording artists and a diverse range of chart-topping songs in marketing campaigns, concerts and commercials. Recent associations have included superstars Kanye West, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Green Day. West and Stefani headlined the 2005 Pepsi Smash concerts.

    Las Vegas-based MEGA, INC., Pepsi's music marketing agency, facilitated the partnership with Mariah Carey.

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  • Motorola Rings Up Mariah Carey for Promotion (Brandweek)
  • Mariah Rings Up Pepsi (E! Online)
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: PR Newswire (Press Release)

    Oprah's "Legend's Ball" To Air on May 15 // 8:19 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    ABC has slotted the one-hour special "Oprah Winfrey's Legends' Ball" for 8 p.m. Monday, May 15.

    The special will feature behind-the-scenes footage from a private series of bashes Oprah hosted a year ago in honor of 25 women she deemed influential to her life and American culture. Honorees included a mix of historical figures (the late Coretta Scott King, the late Rosa Parks) and entertainers (Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner). Other celebs, including Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige, will also be seen on the special. The weekend event included a white-tie ball, luncheon and gospel brunch.

    The one-hour special will also contain original interviews with participants looking back on the event.

    From Mariah Daily's coverage of Oprah's Legends weekend last year:

  • High-quality photos of Mariah arriving at Oprah's Legends Ball at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, California Saturday, May 14, 2005.

  • Video capture of a special segment on the Legends' Luncheon aired May 24, 2005 on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

    [ Download Legends' Luncheon here! ]
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Variety | Marc

    Tuesday, April 18 , 2006

    Download: VH1's Most Amazing Comeback: Mariah Carey // 8:45 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    VH1's new series, "The Fabulous Life" premiered yesterday with the episode, "Hollywood's Most Amazing Comebacks" in which incredible stories of celebrities who've reached the pinnacle of success - twice, are revealed. The resurgence of Mariah is featured with weaving expert interviews, field segments and candid footage.

    What's that old saying about "things are better the second time around?" Oh, how true... and nobody knows that better than celebrities. In our "what have you done for me lately world" if you're not today's hottest thing you're quickly yesterday's news. Yet for some celebs hitting rock bottom means there's only one place to go - straight back to the top.

    In the 1990s, Mariah Carey seemed to be living every little girl's dream. She was the biggest selling female artist of the decade, got married wearing a $25,000 Vera Wang dress in a ceremony that included 50 flower girls, and was living in a $10 million dollar mega-mansion. It was a Cinderella story, but then the clock struck midnight. Practically overnight, she went from beautiful songstress to just a plain mess. But with her 2005 smash album The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah Carey is back on top of the charts and having her best year yet.

    Click on the links below to view screen captures and download a video file of VH1's Hollywood's Most Amazing Comebacks featuring Mariah Carey.

    [ Download: Most Amazing Comeback: Mariah ]

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Top of the Pops names Mariah #1 pop resurrection // 6:14 AM EST Updated by Casey

    BBC's Top of the Pops recently assembled its Top 5 Pop Resurrections list. Mariah beat out Madonna, guitars, Leo Sayer, and Lisa Scott-Lee to claim the #1 position. Below are the details from Mariah's rank.

    Mariah Carey
    It might seem strange to think about it now, but there was a time when Mariah Carey's career seemed dead in the water. She'd signed a new four-album deal with Virgin Records, only for them to release her from it at a cost of quite-a-lot-thanks-for-asking after the first album sold poorly, and her movie Glitter had reached official punchline-in-its-own-right status. Not only that, but 'Riah was suffering from what was politely called "nervous exhaustion" and being increasingly bizarre in interviews. No, even more than THAT. Seriously. People doubted she'd be able to recover from this to her days of high sales and worldwide lovefests. Hey, did someone say "worldwide lovefest"? What better event to relaunch new, improved Mariah 2.0 than an appearance at Live 8, where not only can she show off her still-impressive tonsils but she can also hug a bunch of photogenic children and show that she cares about ending poverty? Couple that with a far more commercially-appealing new album with an R&B slant, and Miss Carey was well and truly back. It's like that, y'all.

    Source: Mariah Daily | BBC - Top of the Pops

    Monday, April 17 , 2006

    Download: HQ 'Say Somethin' Video & More! // 3:25 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click on the links below to download high-quality video captures of Mariah's recent TV appearances. All videos are in MPEG (VCD) format unless noted otherwise.

    Say Somethin' - High Quality Video (on Direct Effect)

    Download: VOB | MPG | M2V (SVCD)

    Mariah's Commercials for Say Somethin' (Direct Effect)

    Download: Part 1 | Part 2

    Mariah Visits 106 & Park to Premiere the Video

    Download: Part 1 | Part 2

    Other TV Appearances

  • Mariah Wishing Happy Birthday to Aaron Reid (Super Sweet 16)

  • Mariah Featured on VH1's Awesomely Bad Fashion Moments

  • Many thanks to Grasshopper for the video files!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Grasshopper

    Sunday, April 16 , 2006

    News Tidbits // 6:09 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Mariah at MTV's TRL
    --From People Online's StarTracks: Emancipation Celebration - Mariah Carey shows her fan appreciation at MTV's TRL on Wednesday, the one-year anniversary of the release of her multiplatinum-selling The Emancipation of Mimi. The singer was given a card signed by the entire audience.

    --From Movies.com' Carpet Burn: We can always count on Mariah Carey to look stunning for the kids at home. Tiny denim jacket. Tiny cheerleader's skirt. Rebellious midriff-baring and no-bra wearing. She works harder than her hair-straightener to relate with her audience. Ahem, some applause, please?

    --The following videos have been added to Mariah's videos page on iTunes and are available for download for $1.99: Fantasy, Can't Let Go, Anytime You Need A Friend, Always Be My Baby (Remix), All I Want For Christmas Is You.

    --Universal Germany confirmed that the "Say Somethin'" commercial single will be released on May 19th, 2006 in Germany. They also provided this link to an exclusive pre-listening of the David Morales Remix of "Say Somethin'."

    Fans' Corner
    --Congratulations to Dennis, the webmaster of MariahsWorld.de who's celebrating 6 years of his site online that was recently re-launched with a brand-new layout!

    --Sylvain created a photobook including 120 pictures from the "Say Somethin'" video shoot in Paris. The book has a hard cover, the papers are glossy and include full page photos. You can buy the book for 49.9€ (including shipping). Please e-mail Sylvain for more information.

    --If you are interested to include the "Say Somethin' " video on your 'MySpace' personal page, just include this code in your page. The code was shared by Jeremy and Danny, formerly of MariahHispanoHablantes. Be sure to check out their new site, titled Mariah-HH.

    Mariah in Magazines
    --To the right is a photo of Mariah on the cover of "La Vista," a Friday magazine insert of the Rio Grande Valley newspaper, The Monitor. Click here to read the cover story: "Mariah...The Comeback Queen!!"

    --Below are scans from the April 24th issues of "Life & Style," "In Touch," "US," "People" and "OK" magazines:


    Source: Mariah Daily | DeVante | David | Dennis | Sylvain | Jeremy | Jorge

    Mariah and Intel team up for VH1 auction // 11:11 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Intel is collaborating with Mariah Carey to raise money to benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The Escada dress worn by Mariah in the Intel Centrino Duo commercials - her first commercial appearance ever - is being auctioned off from 4/19/06 through 5/3/06. Proceeds support the VH1 Save the Music Foundation's efforts to restore music education programs in America's public schools. Bid now.

    Source: VH1

    Saturday, April 15 , 2006

    HQ Photo Update: Mariah Leaving MTV Studios // 7:38 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on each of the thumbnails below to view high-quality photos of Mariah leaving the MTV Studios after her appearance on "Total Request Live" Wednesday, April 12, 2006.

    Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery for more high-quality pictures!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Katie

    Enter to win an exclusive Mariah customized laptop // 7:22 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Head over to Intel.com for a chance to win an exclusive Mariah customized laptop (right)!

    You can also enter to win an exclusive Mariah mousepad, get a free Mariah screensaver and watch an alternate version of Mariah's Intel commercial.


    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Friday, April 14 , 2006

    Carey's Late Perfume U-Turn // 6:03 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey never wore perfume before agreeing to create a scent for Elizabeth Arden, because she was unable to find a fragrance which compliments her natural smell.

    The 36-year-old finds the complex job of blending numerous fragrant ingredients comes naturally to her as it is a very similar process to songwriting.

    She says, "It's gonna be the first fragrance I'm ever gonna wear because people are always, like, 'What perfume do you wear?' And I'm like, 'Nothing, it's probably my hairspray or me.' So now I'll have an actual perfume."

    "I'm just sort of approaching it kinda like making a record... When you make a perfume it's like each little part of the fragrance is kinda like a note, so the fragrance is like a song."

    Under the new Elizabeth Arden deal, Carey will develop and market her own line of fragrance products which will debut in department stores next year.

    Source: Teen Hollywood

    Carey Loves Her New Boots // 6:01 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her comeback album THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI with a special pair of boots. The pop superstar was given a brand new pair of Louis Vuitton boots after she filmed the video for new song SAY SOMETHIN' in the fashion house's Paris, France store. The boots are a one-of-a-kind pair that won't actually hit stores until this summer (06). Carey boasts, "These are my 'I'm-the-only-one-who-has- them-so-I'm-gonna-rock-'em' boots."

    Note: Derived from Mariah's interview with EXTRA TV backstage at MTV's TRL on April 12th. You can download this interview by scrolling down this page to Mariah's TRL Backstage Interviews.

    Source: Contact Music

    They call the wine Mariah // 9:58 AM EST Updated by Casey

    A story has been passed around via numerous publications and picked up on the Internet over the past year or so indicating that pop star Mariah Carey has invested in a vineyard in Mendocino County that bears her name. But Jim Caudill, spokesman for Brown-Forman, the distributor of Mariah Vineyard zinfandel, said that other than drinking the wine and liking it, Ms. Carey has no connection with the wine.

    How does something like that get started? “Some blogger in the UK saw the TV show ‘MTV Cribs’ where Sir Richard Branson was showing some celebs, including Mariah, around his private island and she started talking about how she liked this wine and was shown drinking it,” Caudill said.

    (Robert Louis Stevenson called wine “bottled poetry.” Is Mariah “bottled music?”)

    Source: Napa Valley Register

    Download: Mariah's TRL Backstage Interviews // 4:50 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to view screen captures and download video files of Mariah's interviews with EXTRA and Access Hollywood backstage at MTV's TRL where she premiered "Say Somethin'" on Wednesday, April 12, 2006.

    Access Hollywood

    [ Download: Access Hollywood Interview ]

    Interview Transcript
    Mariah has a new video and a new body. Thanks to her new weight loss program.
    Mariah: "I have a trainer who's from St. Barts and she's like really strict."

    Wow! Take a look at Mariah Carey all toned up and slimmed down.
    Mariah: "So when she's around, I get in really good shape and when she's not there, I tend to be a little bit less in good shape but I do the best I can haha."

    Having shed 15 lbs., Mariah showed off her washboard abs on TRL where she introduced her brand-new video, "Say Somethin'" starring Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. Mariah and Pharrell play a superstar couple and shot their scenes in Paris. And after they were photographed leaving a hotel hand-in-hand, there were rumors of a real-life romance which Mariah shoots down.
    Mariah: "We knew that they were gonna do that because we worked in the scene together. It was very like, you know, flirtatious, and that was part of the whole vibe of the video."

    But the best part of it all? The flagship Louis Vuitton store was shut down one evening just so they could shoot.
    Mariah: "It was perfect for me 'cause it was nocturnal hours and ... shopping. "


    [ Download: EXTRA Interview ]

    Interview Transcript
    Tanika Ray, EXTRA: Hey everybody! I'm with the fabulous Miss Mariah. Girl, say somethin'.
    Mariah Carey: Hey! Here's my new video, "Say Somethin'".

    Ooh-la-la, it's Mariah on location in Paris - electrifying the city of love in her Louis Vuitton undergarments. EXTRA was with the superstar at MTV's TRL celebrating the one year anniversary of her megahit, "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    MC: I think I'm only allowed to have a tiny, like half of a forkful.
    TR: Yes, speaking of which, Miss chichichi...(points to Mariah's body)
    MC: (To the cameraman) Well, you're so close to me. If you back up, you can see it.

    Mariah dished the secret to her hot new figure.

    MC: I'm on a bleak diet but it's alright. Well, you know what? The other day it was my friend's birthday and I was like, 'Okay, I'm gonna have some cake but some cake turned into three pieces and some pizza haha.' So you know, like anybody else, we go up and down in weight. It is what it is.

    Mariah also set the record straight addressing a rumor about her friend, Whitney Houston who has reportedly been struggling with drugs again. Are they teaming up as they did in 1998 with the "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack?

    TR: I read that you said that your heart goes out to Whitney and that you wanted to do a duet with her? When is that gonna happen?
    MC: You know, I actually didn't say that but I do love Whitney. I mean, people make stuff up all the time 'cause who am I to say that there's even anything going on.

    As for Miss Mariah, she's the picture of health from her head to her Louis Vuitton heels.

    MC: These are not out until next Fall.
    TR: Are those your transitional shoes from Winter to Spring?
    MC: These are my 'I'm-the-only-one-who-has-them-so-I'm-gonna- rock-them'. Sorrrry!

    The Insider

    [ Download: The Insider's "What's Fresh" ]

    The hit song, "Say Somethin'" and you can definitely say curvaceous Carey is living out a fashionista's fantasy, taking over Paris' famous Louis Vuitton boutique. She even gets mobbed by the paparazzis with mix master Pharrell Williams by her side. Hey! There's rapper Snoop Dogg! That's what's fresh.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    HQ Photos: Mariah at BET Studios // 3:41 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on each of the thumbnails below to view high-quality photos of Mariah at the BET Studios, New York City for the premiere of her new video, "Say Somethin'" on 106 & Park, April 13, 2006.

    Premiering "Say Somethin'" on 106 & Park

    Leaving the BET Studios

    Additional pictures are available in our Photo Gallery!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Katie

    Thursday, April 13 , 2006

    Download: Mariah's 106 & Park Appearance! // 9:50 PM EST Updated by Vinny

    Today, Mariah stopped by BET's 106 & Park for a quick interview with VJs Julissa and Tigger, and also to premiere her hot new video "Say Somethin'"! She discussed her new fragrance, the video, and played a game called "Mimi or Me?" Of course, you can download this interview below! Enjoy!

    [ Download: Mariah's 106 & Park Appearance ]
    [ Download: iPod-ready MP4 version ]

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Catch Mariah Live on BET Today! // 2:15 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Tune in to BET's 106 & Park today at 6:00 PM (ET/PT) to catch Mariah LIVE for the 106 & Park premiere of her brand new video for "Say Somethin'".

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Mariah Carey Evolutions // 12:24 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Watch Mariah Carey's fashion evolution from plain Jane to dashing diva. You won't believe how far she's come.

    New Kid on the Block

    Fresh from Long Island, Mariah Carey was just a newbie in 1990 when her a self-titled debut album, spurred on by the instant hit 'Vision of Love,' sailed up the charts. But while the emerging diva and one-time backup singer was a star with fans and critics, she was still the girl next door as far as her image was concerned. Here, she looks almost au natural in curly locks and an understated black dress.

    Pretty in Pink

    In 1991, with her second album 'Emotions' cementing her reign on the charts, the five-octave diva started to take her fashion statements seriously. Here, she embraces her newfound sex-kitten style in a low-cut mini dress and sexy up-do.

    Black and White and Gorgeous All Over

    Frizz be gone! In 1996, Mariah truly embraced her superstar stature, straightening her trademark locks and taking a liking to elegant gowns, like this stylish Giorgio Armani creation.

    Leather Queen

    In 1997, a newly-single Carey began expanding her musical palette by embracing hip-hop on her 'Butterfly' album. Her newly-found urban appeal starts to explain this ultra-tight black leather number, accented by her perfectly coiffed auburn locks.

    Ice Ice Baby

    By 1999, the same year she dropped the 'Rainbow' CD, Mariah had hit on her classic look; the curve-hugging halter dress. Now recognized as the greatest diva of the decade, her choice of style was cleverly chosen, as it recalls the classic divas from an earlier age.

    American Girl

    Months after being hospitalized for what was widely reported as an emotional breakdown, Mariah emerged from a screening of her film 'Glitter' in Sept. 2001. Normally a glamour girl, Mariah opted for a subdued political top and jeans, showing her support for the victims of 9/11.

    Busting Out

    Showing off her dazzling figure, Carey picked up a Life Achievement Award from NYC radio station Z100 in a bikini top, hot pants and ...not much else. The year was 2003, and her current effort, 'Charmbracelet,' was getting panned by critics.

    Grin and Bare It

    The 2003 World Music Awards rewarded Carey with a Diamond Award for selling more than 150 albums worldwide. She, in turn, rewarded the international crowd with this revealing, plum-colored dress, accented by well-placed pasties.

    She's Got Legs!

    In 2004, Carey turned up the va-va-voom in this satin frock to celebrate the anniversary of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club. The two are old friends; the Jigga Man was one of the first rap artists Carey worked with on 1997's 'Butterfly.'

    Free Mariah!

    After years of struggling on the charts, 'The Emancipation of Mimi' marked Mariah's return to dominance, and ended 2005 as the year's high-selling CD. A pink wrap shirt, a favorite color of Mariah, is paired with short shorts for a performance celebrating her comeback.

    Red Carpet Perfection

    Carey donned a black halter dress with a plunging neckline in curve-lovin' satin to wow her fans, and the cameras, at the 2006 Golden Globes. Long Island seems so far away.


    Source: AOL Music

    Mariah Working With Dialect Coach // 8:01 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    According to Contact Music, Mariah is getting in gear for her new movie, Tennessee. Since she'll be playing a waitress from Texas, she's working on her southern accent. She says, "I'm working with a dialect coach and going the whole route."

    Keep checking for more updates on Tennessee!

    Source: Contact Music

    Billboard Updates (Issue Date: April 22, 2006) // 6:57 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date April 22, 2006.

    The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
    Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #74 (Last Week #57)
    Billboard 200: #73 (Last Week #56)
    Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #29 (Last Week #26)
    Sales this week: 14,412 (-14%)
    Total sales: 5,529,819

    Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
    Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles: #5 (Debut)
    Billboard Pop 100: #55 (Last Week #58)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #30 (Last Week #37)
    Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #25 (Last Week #40, D. Morales Mixes)
    Billboard Top 40 Mainstream: #36 (Last Week #38)
    Billboard Rhythmic Top 40: #34 (Debut, Most Airplay Adds)

    Fly Like a Bird
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #34 (Last Week #38)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #32 (Last Week #37)
    Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #13 (Last Week #16)

    Don't Forget About Us ●
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #24 (Last Week #21)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #7 (Last Week #4)
    Billboard Pop 100: #58 (Last Week #56)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #36 (Last Week #39)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #5 (Last Week #3)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #5 (Last Week #3)

    Shake It Off ▲
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #22 (Last Week #17)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #13 (Last Week #9)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #13 (Last Week #9)

    We Belong Together ▲3
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #11 (Last Week #7)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #3 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #2 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #2 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #2 (Last Week #2)

    Source: Mariah Daily | Ritcher

    Wednesday, April 12 , 2006

    HQ Photos: Mariah on MTV's TRL // 10:05 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on each of the thumbnails below to view high-quality photos of Mariah from today's Total Request Live.

    Arriving at the MTV Times Square Studios

    Premiering "Say Somethin'" on the show

    Posing backstage after the show

    Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery for more high-quality pictures!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Katie

    Download: "Say Somethin'" Video World Premiere! // 7:24 PM EST Updated by Vinny

    Today, Mariah stopped by TRL to premiere the video for her new single, "Say Somethin'"! While there, she discussed her new film "Tennessee," her upcoming fragrance, and celebrated the one year anniversary of "The Emancipation of Mimi"!

    [ Download: "Say Somethin'" Music Video ]
    [ Download: iPod-ready MP4 version ]

    [ Download: Mariah Interviewed on TRL ]

    [ Download: iPod-ready MP4 version ]

    Following her live interview on TRL, Mariah was interviewed backstage for "MTV Overdrive" by the new MTV VJ Cipha. They discussed Mariah's Hip-Hop influences, rap collaborations and Jermaine Dupri.

    [ Download: Mariah's Backstage Interview - MP3 ]

    Also, here's another video in which Mariah announces the video premiere of "Say Somethin'" on MTV's Direct Effect.

    [ Download: Mariah Announces "Say Somethin'" on Direct Effect ]

    Source: Mariah Daily | Grasshopper

    Mariah Carefree! // 4:15 AM EST Updated by Casey

    We bring you sightings of that rare and exotic creature Mariah Carey - but as you can see from her new slimline figure, there's a little bit less of her... The bird of paradise flaunted her toned abs and thighs while walking her pooch on a beach in Antigua. Our sunbathing snitch reveals: "Mariah had no make-up on but she still looked amazing - all eyes were on her.

    "She's obviously spent many hours working on her figure and now wants to show it off."

    Last month Mariah, 36, who releases her new single Say Somethin' in June, told us: "I've been working out like mad. But I've gotta slow it down because the other day someone told me my ass was disappearing - and I don't want to lose that."

    Now that really would be a bummer.

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  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mirror.co.uk - 3am

    Tuesday, April 11 , 2006

    Updates For Latest "Mimi" Singles // 7:36 PM EST Updated by Liron

  • Mariah Carey To Premiere 'Say Somethin' Music Video
    MTV announced today that Mariah Carey will appear on “Total Request Live” on Wednesday, April 12th to exclusively world premiere her new video, “Say Somethin’” featuring Snoop Dogg and Pharrell. The video will premiere simultaneously on MTV and MTV Overdrive during “Total Request Live” which airs weekdays at 3:30pm ET/PT.

    MTV Overdrive will have the online exclusive premiere of the video for 24 hours following the broadcast premiere.

    You will also be able to catch an encore premiere of the video on Wednesday at 11pm immediately following the one hour season premiere of “My Super Sweet Sixteen”.

  • "Say Somethin'" Video Airing Times
    Tomorrow - April 12:
    TRL - MTV, 3:30pm ET
    MTV Overdrive - Online following TRL premiere.
    Direct Effect - MTV, 7:00pm ET
    Encore Premiere - MTV, 11:00pm ET

  • Mediabase Airplay Figures
    Say Somethin'
    Total audience impressions: 17.525 million.
    Total spins: 2458 (Pop - 1660, Rhythmic - 761, Urban - 35, Hot A/C - 2)

    Fly Like A Bird
    Total audience impressions: 15.678 million.
    Total spins: 1672 (Urban - 798, Urban A/C - 789, Rhythmic - 78, Hot A/C - 7)

  • Billboard Radio Monitor (BDS Airplay)
    Say Somethin'
    Hit Predictor - Rhythmic Top 40 Score: 68.4

    "Say Something” by Mariah Carey Featuring Snoop Dogg leads a trio of debuts on the chart at No. 34 and takes the Most Airplay Adds with 14 new stations.

    Total audience impressions: 3.415 million.
    Total detections: 567 (Last Week 275)

    Fly Like A Bird:
    HitPredictor - R&B/Hiphop Score: 90.1

    "Fly Like A Bird" debuts at No. 37 on the R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart.

  • iTunes Chart Positions
    Say Somethin'
    Top 100 Pop Songs: #90
    Top Mariah Downloaded Songs: #4

    Fly Like A Bird
    Top Mariah Downloaded Songs: #18
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily

    New Photos: Mariah Enjoys The Caribbean Water // 6:18 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Life's a beach for Mariah Carey who basked in the warm Caribbean water while on vacation in Antigua recently. Click each thumbnail for a large, full-scale view.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Katie

    Jasmine's Juice // 12:10 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Quincy Jones kept calling Mariah "Annie Rexia"
    by Jasmine Dotiwala

    As you know, making a video for three A-list artists was never going to be simple. A couple of weeks ago I told you all about joining Mariah and Pharrell in Paris for the shoot for MC's next single Say Something. Well, this past week I returned from LA where we had to do all Snoop's parts with him. It was a blast!

    MC's first shot of the day was in a bikini that only 24 hours earlier had been two Louis Vuitton scarves! Snoop and MC together are a blast! Can you imagine the jokes?! We were teaching Snoop all our phrases like “bleakosity”, “fabulosity", “moments", “opulence", and our very secret cocktail-toasting ritual.

    The very first shot was well on its way when I heard all the security in their walkie-talkies getting over excited about the imminent arrival of a “Mr Jones”. I'm there thinking “who?” Then, as quiet as lil’ mice in walks... (are you ready for this readers?... I mean really ready?) In walks the legendary music impresario that is the great Quincy Jones with his sister!

    Quincy sat and watched Mariah's takes and cheered and clapped to encourage her, and even told me that: “Mariah has a great body – and there's not one brick out of place!” SAUCY DEVIL!

    Quincy also explained to me that it was his birthday week - shared with his friend Michael Caine - and they've celebrated it together for years!

    Quincy watched MC on set and hung with us in her dressing room all night where we all stole quick moments of delicious Chinese food and champagne in between filming - so if the footage on the Making of the Video is a lil’ out of focus, I apologise. Hic! (Only kidding MTV bosses!)

    To my delight, Quincy was so nice and seemingly unaffected by his own legendary status. He was really warm and friendly and asked me to keep saying lots of English words that he liked hearing in a British accent that amused him like “aluminum” and “schedule”.

    Looking fit and glowing, MC did her thing all night till 8am and still looked fine. The camera crews were salivating as she worked her stuff in bikinis, dresses and more pip outfits that you can dream of! But afterwards Quincy kept calling her ‘Annie Rexia’ due to her ultra fit and slim new physique. He insisted she should eat some more food. Bravo Mr Jones! The press are constantly picking on her curves which, to most folks, is derogatory to a woman of colour who is born to be curvy. Also answer me this, why are Beyoncé's curves celebrated and Mariah's criticised?

    When the shoot was over, Snoop, who looked fly in a blue denim trilby hat, gave it to MC and I persuaded her to wear it for one more take – she rocked it!

    As we began to leave for breakfast at 8am and the Louis Vuitton store let MC choose gifts and we spent at least an hour deliberating exactly which pimp daddy patent shoes Snoop Dogg would like.

    US Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley suggested red as we all reclined in horror trying to explain to him that Snoop and red is touch and go with the whole wrong gang colours issue - though I have seen him in a red fur before.

    With the shoes chosen for both Pharrell and Snoop, Mariah and her team zoomed off to their private jet which, by this time, had been waiting four extra hours to take off. But they kindly sent me back to our hotel in style in a Rolls Royce Phantom which was so big it was nearly the size of my whole flat!

    Source: The Voice

    Monday, April 10 , 2006

    Carey considers Janet Jackson duet // 3:15 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Jermaine Dupri has been saying he'd like to pair up his two favorite female singers — his girlfriend Janet Jackson and his longtime collaborator Mariah Carey — for a duet. But Carey says that while Dupri hasn't approached her with the idea, she'd consider doing it. "I love Janet," Carey told MTV Radio. "I've been a big fan of Janet's since 'Control.' So if Jermaine has a concept, we should go and write something."

    Source: MTV

    Gossip: Caring Carey sticks up for Houston // 3:11 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey was so heartbroken after reading reports of Whitney Houston's alleged descent into drug addiction, she has invited the fallen star to duet with her on her next album.

    Carey is keeping a close eye on the troubled singer - and is determined to help Houston beat her demons and make a glorious comeback. She says, "My heart goes out to her, she's such an immense talent. I'm right there for her."

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  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: PR-inside.com

    Strange interlude // 6:48 AM EST Updated by Casey

    In an unusual bit of post-game analysis, morning host Elvis Duran of WHTZ (100.3 FM) explained Thursday why Mariah Carey sounded so nervous and hyper during Wednesday's "Morning Zoo" interview.

    Carey seemed to be doing a monologue for much of the interview, talking through questions. "It was uncomfortable in here," admitted Duran. "It was a pressure cooker. She was very, very defensive."

    He suggested Carey may have had two concerns: that Duran would bring up an unspecified incident that happened backstage several years ago at a Z100 show, or that the interview might focus on "how long she's been around."

    Duran said Thursday he "never had any intention" to reference the earlier incident, which he described as "unimportant… and over."

    As for the length of her career, Duran noted "she doesn't like to talk about it. She's very image-conscious, which I don't think is any secret, so she doesn't like to talk about age or 'coming back.' I think she kept talking because she was afraid that's where we were going. "We weren't. Ambush isn't our style."

    Nonetheless, said morning show team member John Bell, "I don't think I took a deep breath until 20 minutes after the show was over."

    Duran said he hoped things were cool in the end.

    "I said to her, 'Come see us more often and we'll have a normal adult conversation.' We hope she'll be back."

    Source: New York Daily News

    Mariah Developing New Fragrance, Will Begin Acting in Tennessee // 1:38 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey knows the smell of success and she wants to share that scent with her fans.

    According to MTV.com, Mariah signed a licensing agreement with Elizabeth Arden to develop and market her own line of fragrance products, which will debut in department stores next spring.

    In related news, Carey’s video for “Say Something” is expected to air in the next few weeks.

    In addition, M.C. is scheduled to fly to New Mexico to film the independent drama, Tennessee. Mariah told MTV she’ll play a waitress who joins two brothers on a journey to find their estranged father.

    "It's not about my character, but she has an important part of the story without the whole thing resting on my shoulders," Carey told MTV.com.

    Source: Vibe.com

    Sunday, April 9 , 2006

    Download: Behind the scenes of "Say Somethin'" video shoot // 7:46 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Contrary to the MTV Base schedule, a full Making The Video segment for "Say Somethin'" was not broadcasted this evening. However, behind the scenes footage with Mariah and Pharrell was shown.

    Download: Behind the scenes of "Say Somethin'" video shoot
    AVI or MPG

    Mariah Carey: I feel like "Say Somethin'" is kind of like in a way it's retro but in a way it's kind of a little bit ahead of its time as well. And I think that it really is gonna be a different sound and style for me because The Neptunes have a very different specific style.
    Pharrell Williams: It's a fun song and the nature of the song is just you know it's about the interaction of two people. It's like that moment when you discover whether you'd like to get to know somebody. It was like really natural. All we have to really do was just take ourselves back to the moment when we wrote the song.

    MC: Being in Paris, doing this video for "Say Somethin'" is that I finally get to drive around the city, walk around the city a little bit, hang out. Usually I'm inside of a hotel room so I don't get to see anything so I love Paris, I love the Parisian fans. I love just the electricity that the city has.
    PW: I'm always back home in the States bragging about the Parisian culture because it's not about like the bling-y stuff here, and I admire that because it's about the finer things in life. I mean, people retire when they're 40.

    I've been wearing this suit for a couple of years. But I guess my press wasn't as good as I thought it was 'cause it was kind of like people are surprised at me, seeing me in a suit.

    MC: I think he looks fantastic in a suit. I think he looks very regal. He looks very handsome, you know chic - it's hot.
    PW: The times that I was spotted, it enabled me to get Esquire World's Best Dressed Man... ahem last year so it's doing something right for me but I like it. My mom loves when I dress up.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Daniel

    High hopes for Mariah's summer tour // 10:05 AM EST Updated by Casey

    A new Rolling Stone article focuses on the biggest touring acts for summer 2006. Mariah is mentioned twice. Below are excerpts.

    Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation -- the country's largest concert promoter (spun off from Clear Channel last year) -- has high hopes for Mariah Carey's first summer tour since 2003. "She's going to be huge," he says. "Her record being Number One in the world just put her back on the pedestal as one of the greats."

    * * * *

    On the Road: What to Expect
    First details on eight of the season's hottest tickets

    Mariah Carey Touring behind The Emancipation of Mimi, the biggest album of 2005 -- and of her career -- Carey will hit the road for a tour that Live Nation president Michael Rapino says will be "big -- it'll be amphitheaters or arenas."

    Source: Mariah Daily | Rolling Stone | ArabianLamb

    Wentworth Miller reminisces about working with Mariah // 9:46 AM EST Updated by Casey

    In a recent interview with Jo Whiley of BBC's Radio 1, actor Wentworth Miller (who plays Mariah's love interest in both the "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" videos) spoke candidly about his past experiences working with Mariah. Below is a transcribed excerpt from the interview.

    Jo Whiley: So, people know you as the tensive man in "Prison Break," but before that you did the Mariah Carey video.

    Wentworth Miller: Yes, that's right. That's right. We shot the "Prison Break" pilot in December of 2004. And Brett Ratner, who did the "Rush Hour" movies, directed that pilot. And then he went on and directed Mariah Carey's first two videos for her latest album, and so, brought me on board.

    JW: That was "We Belong Together."

    WM: "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That." And I got more attention off those two videos than anything I'd ever done before. It was incredible.

    JW: What did you have to do in them?

    WM: I had to steal her away from Eric Roberts, which was, you know, where the fantasy part came in, of course. In the first video, I crashed her party wearing a black mask, and in the second video I crashed her wedding. And she leaves Eric Roberts at the altar and runs into my waiting arms.

    JW: Perfect. How would you describe Mariah? 'Cause we've had her on the show.

    WM: She's lovely, she's lovely. I mean, she's someone who is obviously an icon and I've admired her for a long time. She's also got 60-70-some-odd people swirling around her at any given moment, so it's hard to have a real kind of heart-to-heart, but she did make sure that I was well taken care of and having a good time.

    JW: She nearly broke my arm when we did an arm wrestle as well.

    WM: Oh, is that right? [laughs]

    JW: How tall and strong is she?

    WM: She's a big girl.

    JW: She takes no prisoners either.

    Source: Mariah Daily | BBC - Radio 1 | Chris

    Saturday, April 8 , 2006

    InStyle Home: "Hanging With Mariah" // 6:58 AM EST Updated by Liron

    She climbed her way back to the top of the pop charts, but nothing's more satisfying to Mariah Carey than coming home to her penthouse pad in Manhattan.

    It would be difficult to describe the past year as anything short of a triumph for Mariah Carey. Her album The Emancipation of Mimi was the best-selling CD of 2005, won her three Grammys (she now has five), and helped the 37-year-old singer tie Elvis for the second most number-one singles (17) of all time. But Carey also staged a miraculous comeback on the domestic front: overhauling her 12,000-square-foot Manhattan triplex after a water tower burst, soaking much of her elaborately hand-painted, antiques-laden, chandelier-strung abode.

    "Everything was perfect and then - whammo! Talk about a leak!" says Carey's interior designer, the renowned N.Y.C. decorator Mario Buatta. "All the furniture had to be taken out and put into storage, every wall had to be repainted, the baseboards had to be ripped out - the place had to be completely redone. It was a nightmare."

    A garden-variety superstar might have lost her cool, but Carey, who rented a house in Bel-Air while the damage was being repaired, didn't get all worked up over the matter. After a few difficult years she's in a good place - literally and figuratively - and on this balmy March evening she's utterly relaxed in her newly dressed-up digs, despite being more than an hour late for a flight to L.A. The plane isn't going anywhere without her, though: It belongs to movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, who sent it to fly her to his Oscar party, at which she has agreed to perform. "Remember, Mariah, it's not your plane," her personal assistant anxiously reminds her. "Oh, right," Carey replies nonchalantly. "I forgot."

    Downtime is so precious to Carey that it's easy for her to overlook such relative trifles. But as far as her over-the-top image is concerned, she is always ready to have a good laugh at her own expense. "The greatest thing about this apartment is that it's the first place I've owned by myself, so it's all me," she says. "If someone else ever bought it, she'd have to be a total diva!" Plush sofas, taffeta curtains and hallways dripping with glittering sconces make the triplex "art deco-y and Old Hollywoodish, the kind of place I dreamed about having when I was little." After her parents divorced, when she was 3, Carey and her siblings grew up living with their mother in 13 successive houses on Long Island, which left her feeling "like a rug was literally being pulled out from under me. I remember saying to myself, 'I want to have a good life and feel secure,' I had to have faith. That's how I got over every obstacle along the way - by visualizing and believing in something better."

    During the early years of her career, Carey married music-industry titan Tommy Mottola and had a taste of the world she once could only imagine, living on a majestic 50-acre estate outside N.Y.C. (the couple later divorced). "Unfortunately this was a time when all I was allowed to do was sit there and pick out sconces," she says. "I can still spend hours talking about door handles." A remnant from that era, which sparked her passion for interior design, now anchors her informal family room: an ornate, hand-carved cherry mantelpiece featuring flowers, hearts and her trademark emblem, a butterfly. "This piece took two and a half years to finish," Carey says. "It's a little garish, but I love it because of what the butterfly represents: freedom."

    Both extravagant and comfortable, Carey's apartment reflects her hard-won maturity and independence in almost every corner. Hallmarks include glazed peach walls (they required eight coats of paint), a marble steam room with a waterbed (the humidity is good for her voice), and a brand-new Marrakech-inspired solarium that looks like something out of Arabian Nights. "After my roof garden is finished and I put a hot tub out there, I'm going to call this room Chez Mimi," she says, referring to her nickname. "I won't go to smoky clubs anymore. I'll party with my posse here, and we'll watch the sun rise."

    Surprisingly, her biggest indulgence looks anything but: a chipped white baby grand piano, which set her back $662,500 at a Christie's auction of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. "I could have gotten the 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' dress or whatever," Carey says, "but that would have represented Marilyn Monroe's stardom, whereas the piano belonged to her mother and was a piece of her childhood." The singer identifies strongly with the often misunderstood icon and has even accessorized one of her bathrooms with photographs of the star and other mementos. "She had such a childlike quality," adds Carey, who tends to embrace her own youthful impulses more often than not. Her fans love to send her stuffed animals, butterfly figurines and Hello Kitty keepsakes; she has created a sort of shrine to the latter in another small bathroom. "Lindsay Lohan, Sean Lennon and I had a jam session in there the other night. They were obsessed with my Hello Kitty bathroom."

    If the apartment has a pulsing heart, though, it is most certainly the family room. When Carey's father died of cancer in 2002, he left behind dozens of family photos that she had framed and hung from pink ribbons on the walls. Other inherited pieces include a flag from his stint in the army, cards that she had given him as a young girl, and her grandmother's pink hand mirror, which has a yellow butterfly painted on it. "My father was going to give the mirror to me as a birthday gift, but then he passed away," Carey recalls. "He had saved all kinds of things for me, and I never knew it. I never knew he cared about me like that. This is the stuff that really matters."


    Source: InStyle Home | Mariah Daily

    Mariah to premiere "Say Somethin'" video on Wednesday's TRL // 6:17 AM EST Updated by Casey

    According to the TRL schedule on MTV's website, Mariah will premiere the "Say Somethin'" video on Wednesday, April 12, 2006. Below are details from the listing.

    Wednesday 4.12
    Mariah shows off her new video and heats up Times Square. Plus, the legendary Cipha Sounds is here.

    Note: TRL is broadcasted live at 3:30pm ET on MTV.

    Source: Mariah Daily | MTV

    Coldplay upfront on Mariah // 6:11 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Coldplay's latest hit is an ode to the assets of Mariah Carey.

    Except you would have had to have been at the China Club on Thursday to hear its one-off performance.

    Chris Martin's band was giving a private concert for winners of a contest sponsored by radio station WPLJ, when he was asked about the competition between Coldplay's "X&Y" and Carey's "The Emancipation of Mimi" for biggest-selling album of 2005.

    When WPLJ reporter Brad Blanks asked Martin how he felt about having Mariah on his tail, he replied: "She's not, but one of her boobs is. They do most of her work. Last week I was chased down the street by an enormous boob. I think it was hers."

    Martin even made up a song on the spot, sitting at his keyboard: "Man's been traveling through space and man's been to the moon and man's spent most of his intelligence desiring Mariah Carey boobs."

    As the crowd laughed, he continued: "Mariah Carey's boobs are so nice, and she don't mess around. If she had been aboard the Titanic, there's no way that ship would have gone down."

    Can't wait for Mariah's response track.

    Source: New York Daily News

    Mariah's make-up artist nominated for 2006 MVPA Awards // 12:30 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Congratulations Kristopher!

    Nominees for the 2006 MVPA Awards have been announced and Mariah's make-up artist, Kristopher Buckle, received a nomination in the following category:

    Fiona Apple “O’ Sailor” (Pamela Neal)
    Madonna “Hung Up” (Gina Brooke)
    My Chemical Romance “Ghost of You” (Lorena Lopez)
    Pink “Stupid Girls” (Billy B)
    Mariah Carey “Don’t Forget About Us” (Kristopher Buckle)

    The 15th Annual MVPA Awards will take place on Thursday, May 11, 2006, at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California.

    Source: Mariah Daily | MVPA

    Friday, April 7 , 2006

    Billboard Chart Beat: Impacting in five seconds...four...three... // 6:54 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Dear Fred,

    What does it mean when a single impacts radio? I heard Mariah Carey's "Say Somethin'" on the radio two weeks before its official April 4 impact date. Just wondering.

    Also, why is it if you look on some album covers they say "including the No. 1 single..." when some of the songs they have listed did not reach pole position on the Hot 100? Does that mean they went No. 1 on another chart?

    Thank you,

    Quentin Wilson
    San Diego, Calif.

    Dear Quentin,

    I know that "impact" sounds like something you would hear on "Star Trek," especially when an object is about to collide with the Enterprise. But it's also an industry term used by labels when they send product to radio. The labels usually pick a date they would like radio to add a particular song. That focuses airplay on a specific date, so they hopefully have the most-added song at radio that day, which they hope will encourage other stations to add the record.

    Of course, radio stations are free to add songs whenever they wish. Any station could have been playing "Say Somethin'" from the moment Mariah Carey's "The Emancipation of Mimi" CD was released. Since it's been known for a few days that the single has gone to radio, a station anxious to add the song might not wait for the "impact date" designated by the record company.

    To answer your second question, there are a number of possibilities. In most cases, if the song didn't reach the top of the Hot 100, it was probably No. 1 somewhere else. Remember, the Billboard Information Group compiles dozens of charts every week. A song could be No. 1 on Adult R&B, or Mainstream Top 40 or the Pop 100, and it's fair to call it a No. 1 song.

    A song could also be No. 1 on a local radio station, or MTV's "TRL" or on a sales chart in one city. Or a record company might be stretching the truth, but that would only be in extremely rare cases. Right?

    Source: Billboard | Jevi

    Thursday, April 6 , 2006

    Mariah Wants All Fans To See Her — And Even Smell Like Her // 6:16 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey practically reeks of the sweet smell of success, so she's planning to bottle it — as soon as she has the time between her next video, movie and tour.

    The singer's just signed a licensing agreement with Elizabeth Arden, announced Thursday (April 6), to develop and market her own line of fragrance products to debut in department stores next spring. But she's still trying to figure out her schedule for this spring.

    While her video for "Say Somethin' " is expected to hit video channels soon, Carey's got another clip to shoot for the gospel track "Fly Like a Bird," since she sent both singles out simultaneously. Carey's still figuring out the concept, which she's hoping to keep basic with the main guest stars being her pastor and church choir.

    "We don't have a lot of time to do it," she said. "It's not a big-budget thing. But it doesn't need to be. It just needs to be about the song, capturing the song and the emotion of it."

    After that's taken care of, Carey jets to the film set of the indie drama "Tennessee," which starts shooting in New Mexico and Tennessee this month for five weeks. She'll play a waitress who joins two brothers on a journey to find their estranged father. "It's not about my character, but she has an important part of the story without the whole thing resting on my shoulders," Carey said. "Plus, I'll be able to get up and go to work and be somebody else for the day, and we like that, because sometimes you just need to get away."

    When "Tennessee" wraps, Carey will start to rehearse for her summer tour. She's still mapping out the dates, but don't worry — she's planning to keep ticket prices pretty reasonable.

    "People ask me, 'Why don't you just go on tour and charge huge amounts of money? Do these small venues, but charge thousands and thousands of dollars to go in,' " Carey said. "Because I have fans of all different ages and different money ranges, and they can't afford to go out and spend that kind of money. Not everybody has a budget to go out and go really high-end."

    Just because it won't be high-end doesn't mean it won't be high-concept. Carey's dream scenario would be to feature "every artist I've ever worked with."

    "I've worked with so many big names, it'd be so much fun, just for one show. That would be hot," Carey said. "You never know."

    Source: MTV News

    Elizabeth Arden Enters Exclusive Licensing Deal With Mariah // 8:09 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Elizabeth Arden Inc. (Nasdaq: RDEN), a global prestige beauty products company, has signed an exclusive global licensing agreement with Mariah Carey, the internationally acclaimed music star, to develop and market her own line of fragrance products.

    The licensing agreement includes the development, marketing, and distribution of fragrances with Mariah Carey's exclusive endorsement. The first fragrance will debut in prestige department stores in the spring of 2007. Mariah will be personally involved in all aspects of product development, packaging and marketing.

    "We are thrilled to begin this partnership with Mariah Carey," said E. Scott Beattie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elizabeth Arden. "She is, unquestionably, a star of incredible magnitude. All over the world, people aspire to the values she represents. We look forward to launching an inspiring new global fragrance brand with Mariah that will be a timeless classic".

    With her unique talent and signature vocal abilities, Mariah Carey is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents in music. As a singer, writer, producer and artist, Carey has been recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the industry including five Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium" to name a few. As the best-selling female performer of all time, Mariah Carey has continuously raised the bar with over 160 million records sold. She has had 17 #1's, tying her with Elvis Presley, and sets the standard of excellence within the music industry. As an artist revered worldwide, her boundless talent and success is unmatched across the globe.

    Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    About Elizabeth Arden:

    Elizabeth Arden is a global prestige fragrance and beauty products company. The Company's portfolio of leading brands includes the Elizabeth Arden fragrance brands Red Door, Red Door Revealed, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Elizabeth Arden 5th avenue, Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman; the Elizabeth Taylor fragrance brands White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, the fragrance brands of Britney Spears, curious BRITNEY SPEARS(TM), IN CONTROL curious BRITNEY SPEARS(TM), and fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM); the Daytona 500® and GANT adventure men's fragrances, White Shoulders; Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel; Halston® and Halston Z-14(TM), PS® Fine Cologne for Men, Design(TM); Wings; the Elizabeth Arden skincare lines, including Ceramides, Prevage(TM) Anti-Aging Treatment and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; and the Elizabeth Arden color cosmetics line.

    Source: PR Newswire (Press Release)

    Billboard Updates (Issue Date: April 15, 2006) // 7:46 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date April 15, 2006.

    The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
    Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #57 (Last Week #52)
    Billboard 200: #56 (Last Week #51)
    Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #26 (Last Week #25)
    Sales this week: 16,799 (-13%)
    Total sales: 5,515,407

    Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg
    Billboard Pop 100: #58 (Last Week #82)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #37 (Last Week #40)
    Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play: #40 (Hot Shot Debut, Last Week #53)
    Billboard Top 40 Mainstream: #38 (Debut)

    Fly Like a Bird
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #38 (Last Week #40)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #37 (Last Week #40)
    Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #16 (Last Week #21, Airpower)

    Don't Forget About Us ●
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #21 (Last Week #15)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #4 (Last Week #4)
    Billboard Pop 100: #56 (Last Week #57)
    Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #39 (Last Week #37)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #3 (Debut)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #3 (Debut)
    Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #24 (Last Week #24)

    Shake It Off ▲
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #17 (Last Week #14)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #9 (Last Week #4)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #9 (Last Week #4)

    We Belong Together ▲3
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Recurrent: #7 (Last Week #9)
    Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #2 (Last Week #3)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent: #2 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay: #2 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #2 (Last Week #2)
    Billboard Hot Ringtones: #39 (Last Week #29)

  • This week, "Say Somethin'" debuts at #38 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart (#34 ranked by audience impressions, 821 spins, +403). This is the first time that Mariah has charted with so many singles from the same album. Mariah and the Black Eyed Peas are the third and fourth acts this year, following Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani, to enter the Mainstream Top 40 list with at least the fifth single from an album. "Say Somethin'" has 16 airplay adds this week, tied as the #6 most added track on Top 40 Mainstream radios. 76 out of the total 119 radios under this format have played this song.

  • Also, "Say Somethin'" is #48 on Rhythmic Top 40 this week (275 spins, +112). It's likely to debut on this chart next week. It has 4 adds this week. 20 out of the 65 monitored radios under this format have played this song. It's also this week's "Hot Shot Debut" on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart (#40). Although it was actually #53 last week, this chart only publishes the top 50 positions.

  • This week, "Fly Like a Bird" is #21 on the Adult R&B chart and wins the "Airpower" title. 48 out of the total 63 radios in this genre have played this song (7 new adds this week).

  • Also, "Fly Like a Bird" is #47 on the R&B/Hop-hop chart (from Billboard Radio Monitor, ranked by spins). It received 655 spins this week (+55 from previous week). A total of 48 stations under this format have played this song (3 new adds this week).

  • Interestingly, this week, "Mine Again" is #48 on the Adult R&B chart. It's a mentioned track in chart bound and received 48 spins this week (+18). A total of 22 stations under this format have played this song (1 add).
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Ritcher

    Mariah Scans // 7:05 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Below are scans from various magazines including Blender, In Touch Weekly, OK!, Star, Celebrity Living, and Hype Hair. Click on the thumbnails to view large-scale versions of the scans.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Jjwest327 | Buddafliez

    Wednesday, April 5 , 2006

    New Photos: Mariah in the Z100 studio // 5:52 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Below are photos of Mariah in the Z100 studio this morning with Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo. Click on the thumbnails to view large-scale versions of the photos.


    Source: Mariah Daily | Z100

    Download: Mariah's Interview on Z100 // 12:14 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Click here to download Mariah's interview with Elvis Duran on the popular New York radio station Z100.

    During the interview, Mariah talked about working on the setlist for the upcoming tour, making plans for her Christmas Broadway musical, her new single "Say Somethin'" featuring Snoop Dogg and Elvis even brought up his personal beef with Mariah.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Weekly Soundscan Numbers For Mariah // 12:13 PM EST Updated by Liron

  • The Emancipation of Mimi
    Billboard 200: #56 (Last Week #51, 51 weeks on chart)
    Sales this week: 16,799 (-13%)
    Total sales: 5,515,407
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: djcharly

    Mariah receives 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards nomination // 1:12 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Congratulations Mariah!

    Nominees for the 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards were announced earlier today and Mariah received a nomination in the following category:

    Outstanding Female Performer
    Mariah Carey
    Jennifer Lopez

    Although performers and presenters haven't been announced, "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria will both host and produce the show. ABC is scheduled to air the presentation as an all new 90-minute special on Monday, June 5, 2006, at 8:00pm ET. However, it will tape on May 7, 2006, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

    Source: Mariah Daily | ALMA Awards

    Tuesday, April 4 , 2006

    Mariah to be interviewed on Z100 tomorrow morning // 4:25 PM EST Updated by Casey

    New York's #1 hit music station and one of the most popular radio stations in America, Z100, lists Mariah as an upcoming guest on the official web page for Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo. Below are the details.

    Mariah will be here to talk about her upcoming projects on Wed. April 5th at 7:45am!

    Note: If you live outside of the Z100 listening area, you can still catch Mariah via the online stream. Simply click "LISTEN LIVE" at the top of any page on the Z100 website.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Z100 | Ernesto

    Monday, April 3 , 2006

    On Top: Mariah Carey's Record-Breaking Career // 7:36 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey is thirty-six years old, and, barring a debilitating illness, or another movie as bad as "Glitter," her 2001 vanity project, she will likely break the world record for the most No. 1 songs before she turns forty. The Beatles had twenty, and Carey is currently tied with Elvis Presley for second place, at seventeen.

    She could almost break the record this year: her latest studio album--her tenth--"The Emancipation of Mimi," has what music professionals call "legs." It was the biggest-selling album of 2005--it has sold 5.5 million copies in the United States--and it has yielded two No. 1 songs: the gentle ballad "Don't Forget About Us" and "We Belong Together," an equally gentle but catchier number that held the No. 1 spot for fourteen weeks, longer than any other song so far this decade. There are two singles from "Mimi" on the radio right now, the hip-hop dance number "Say Somethin' " and the churchy vocal workout "Fly Like a Bird." If these songs don't take Carey to nineteen, she could still go on vacation for the next six months and finish the year with her rsum intact. She was the biggest-selling female artist of the nineties and is the first woman to have three studio albums sell more than eight million copies each in this country. She has written or co-written sixteen of her seventeen No. 1 hits, more than any other female composer, and has produced twelve No. 1 songs, more than any other woman.

    Not all Carey's achievements are commercial, though: she co-wrote one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon, the charming "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (from "Merry Christmas," of 1994, which also happens to be the best-selling Christmas album of all time, but never mind that). And when she sang her perky dance hit "Emotions" at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, she reportedly sounded a G-sharp three and a half octaves above middle C, one of the highest notes produced by a human voice in the history of recorded music. (Party poopers say that the note was actually an F-sharp.)

    Carey's freakish vocal ability explains part of her appeal. In the same way that people went to a San Francisco Giants game in order to see Barry Bonds hit a home run, people buy Carey's records in order to hear her do things with her voice that no one else can do. Her first No. 1 song, "Vision of Love" (1990), made it clear that her instrument was the story--and it has remained so, through a celebrity marriage (to Tommy Mottola, then the chief of Sony Music), rumored breakdowns, and the public's obligatory obsession with her weight. Carey can sing lower notes, like an alto, and extremely high notes, like a coloratura soprano, which says something about her range but little about her style. The brutish purity of her voice places her in pop's theatrical lineage, in the company of singers like Barbra Streisand, but Carey's aesthetic is not Broadway, or even particularly white. She is essentially an R. & B. singer, steeped in gospel, soul, and, especially, hip-hop, and she is a master practitioner of melisma, a vocal technique that dates back to Gregorian chant and is common in African-American church singing.

    Melisma describes the act of taking one syllable of a lyric and stretching it over several notes--or, in Carey's case, sometimes ten or twenty. "Vision of Love" is the Magna Carta of melisma. Whitney Houston popularized it, but Carey made melisma a required move for both R. & B. singers and contestants on "American Idol." (Five years ago, before a concert in Peoria, Illinois, Beyonc Knowles told me that she started doing vocal "runs" after hearing "Vision of Love.") The song is a florid composition that expresses the philosophy that Carey has disseminated profitably for sixteen years: love will triumph and everything will be all right. (As she puts it in the song: "I had a vision of love, and it was all that you turned out to be.") It begins with several bars of lovely, wordless melisma, as if Carey were warming up, and it ends with two very loud passages of melisma, one of them an a-cappella expansion on the word "all" that can be roughly transcribed as: "ah-ha-uh-uh-oh-oo-oh-ooah-ha-uh-uh-oh-oo-oh-oo-ah-oh."

    Calisthenics are only one aspect of "Vision of Love," however. The chord changes, which are played on electric piano, are reminiscent of early Billy Joel--obvious, consonant, and rich. Carey's sound changes with nearly every line, mutating from a steely tone to a vibrating growl and then to a humid, breathy coo. The melisma is what people remember about the song, like a ninth-inning grand slam, but that's not what made it a hit. Carey, who co-wrote it, knew that the singing should bob and weave while the verses move toward a climax--the words are secondary.

    Carey couldn't have succeeded simply by persuading people that she was a craftsman. Her big ballads--"Vision of Love," along with No. 1 bromides like "Thank God I Found You" and "My All"--appeal to people who otherwise don't listen to pop. These are people who probably also like Andrea Bocelli and Cline Dion, singers who avoid the sexual tug of the blues and the glorious noises of rock and hip-hop in favor of tremulous expressions of chaste emotion. Yet Carey, more than any other musician, established R. & B. and hip-hop as the sound of pop. One of her frothiest and most delightful No. 1 hits was "Dreamlover" (1993), which features a loop of The Emotions' 1971 soul tune "Blind Alley," a song made famous by the rapper Big Daddy Kane, who sampled it in his 1988 track "Ain't No Half-Steppin'. " Beginning in 1995, rappers started performing guest verses on Carey's songs. Suddenly, people who would cross the street to avoid listening to hip-hop were bringing rappers into their house, under the cover of Carey. It became standard for R. & B. stars, like Missy Elliott and Beyonc, to combine melodies with rapped verses. And young white pop stars--including Britney Spears, 'N Sync, and Christina Aguilera--have spent much of the past ten years making pop music that is unmistakably R. & B.

    Among Carey's best and strangest collaborations with a rapper was a remix of her song "Fantasy," in 1995. After it was already No. 1, she invited Ol' Dirty Bastard, from the Wu-Tang Clan, to rhyme over the song, which is built around a sample of the chirping 1981 track "Genius of Love," by the Tom Tom Club. (Carey has often described herself as an "eternal twelve-year-old," an assertion borne out by her enthusiasm not just for rainbows, butterflies, and glitter--all of which appear on her album covers--but for the songs that were actually on the radio when she was a teen-ager.) Carey's sunny world view is a perfect match for the Tom Tom Club's twinkling keyboards; Ol' Dirty Bastard, on the other hand, who died of a drug overdose in 2004, was the last person you would imagine hiring for such a sanguine track, and the dissonance is entertaining. "Me and Mariah go back like babies with pacifiers," he begins his verse. At the end of the song, Carey coos about her "lucky boyfriend" while Ol' Dirty growls "sweet baby" behind her; he sounds drunk, as though he might fall over. (Ol' Dirty is apparently not the lucky boyfriend, but Mariah seems to like him anyway.)

    "The Emancipation of Mimi" includes no songs as effortlessly cheery or as durable as "Dreamlover" and "Fantasy," partly because Carey's melodies now meander, in keeping with current trends in R. & B., and have lost the clarity that pop demands. "Mimi" is Carey's most thoroughly R. & B. record; even the big ballads are in the "slow jam" vein and have little to do with Las Vegas, opera, or doo-wop. There are only a couple of Hallmark duds to skip over; you can enjoy Carey's expansive vocalisms without begrudging her moments of brassy self-affirmation.

    In some ways, Carey resembles U2, another veteran act currently having extraordinary success late in a long career. ("How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb," the group's most recent release, won the Grammy for best album of 2005 and has sold three million copies in the United States.) Both acts have left experimentation to their juniors and are sticking to what they do best. In the case of U2, this means using the heavy rhythms and glassy guitar sound that first gained the band notice, in the early eighties. In Carey's case, this means singing R. & B. but without the scenery-inhaling ballads that helped her sell millions of copies. Her decision largely to omit those ballads from "Mimi" is commercially gutsy--if multimillionaires can be gutsy--and it makes sense. The album's songs were produced by a host of people, including Jermaine Dupri, Kanye West, and the Neptunes, who have been guiding R. & B. and hip-hop during the past few years. Carey, having proved that she has the lungs of an opera singer, is now making the music that she has always listened to. Her idea of pairing a female songbird with the leading male m.c.s of hip-hop changed R. & B. and, eventually, all of pop. Although now anyone is free to use this idea, the success of "Mimi" suggests that it still belongs to Carey.

    Source: The New Yorker

    "Fly Like A Bird" Official Remixes // 7:34 PM EST Updated by Liron

    According to DJ Rico, "Fly Like A Bird" is offically being remixed by Richard Vission & David Harness.

    David Harness is known for his house mixes for R&B artists. Fans claim that one of his many great works was a deeply funky house remix of Aretha Franklin's "Wonderful" from 2005.

    A recent popular work by Richard Vission was the remix to The Killers' "Mr. Brightside."

    The picture to your right is the cover art for the "Fly Like A Bird" single, courtesy of Mariah's Official Website. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of it.

    Source: DJ Rico | Mike | Matt

    "Say Somethin'" video to premiere on MTV's Direct Effect // 6:29 PM EST Updated by Casey

    While MTV Base is currently scheduled to air the Making The Video episode documenting the "Say Somethin'" video shoot this Sunday in the UK, a new press release from PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance reveals that MTV's Direct Effect will premiere the video next Wednesday in the US. Below are excerpts from the release.

    MTV: Music Television invites the biggest names in hip hop to celebrate "Sucker Free Week on Direct Effect" beginning Monday, April 10th at 7pm ET/PT through Friday April 14th. "Sucker Free Week" will present a full line-up of appearances, video premieres and more each night during the week.

    Catch Direct Effect all week as it goes one on one with a few of your favorite rappers and brings you exclusive interviews. Artists set to appear include Ludacris, T.I., LL Cool J, Nas, 50 Cent, DMX, Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole, Christina Milian, Mobb Deep, Nick Cannon, Rick Ross, Olivia and more. During the week, Direct Effect will also premiere new videos from DMX -- "We In Here", Rick Ross -- "Hustlin", " Too Short -- "Blow The Whistle," 50 Cent Featuring Olivia -- "Best Friends," DJ Khaled -- "Holla At Me," Mariah Carey Featuring Snoop Dogg & Pharrell -- "Say Somethin," Mary J Blige -- "Enough Cryin," Kelis -- "Bossy," Chris Brown Featuring Lil Wayne -- "Gimme That," Field Mob Featuring Ciara -- "So What" and more.

    Wednesday, April 12th

    Direct Effect -- "Collabos Day" (7pm-8pm ET/PT) -- We hook it up a notch with a show dedicated to the tightest collabos in the country. G-Unit takes over with Mobb Deep and Olivia rolling through and 50 Cent checking in to premiere his latest. We'll also serve up the crazy new link up between Mariah, Snoop and Pharrell and a top five of the flyest collaboration videos.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Yahoo! Finance (Press Release)

    Mariah Heads for Broadway // 9:59 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Watch out, she's planning a musical...

    Queen of skimp-pop Mariah Carey could be heading to Broadway.

    She has plans to mix old and new material in a musical which she'll both star in and produce.

    Mariah told MTV.com: "I don't want to mention anything definitive until things are signed, but there's a very big company that just signed on to develop the project with me."

    But first she might star in a film. "It's not like a cheesy network movie," she says. "It's going to be made for the Broadway production."

    Related Articles:
  • Mariah: The musical (Yahoo! Music UK)
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    Source: MTV UK

    MTV Base confirms Making The Video broadcast // 7:31 AM EST Updated by Casey

    As previously reported, the episode of MTV's Making The Video documenting the "Say Somethin'" video shoot is scheduled to air on MTV Base this Sunday, April 9, 2006. Although there was some speculation on the credibility of this information, we are happy to report that MTV Base has updated its schedule and now confirms the episode's broadcast. Below are the details taken directly from the MTV Base website.

    07:00 PM Mariah Carey: Making The Video - Another making the video with Mariah this time it's for 'Say Something' featuring Snoop Dogg with a cameo appearance from super producer Pharrell Williams.

    Source: Mariah Daily | MTV Base

    Sunday, April 2 , 2006

    VH1 show to highlight Mariah's resurgence // 6:56 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Each episode of the VH1 series, The Fabulous Life, focuses on one particular person or subject and can be summed up as a lighthearted blend of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and the Forbes 400 list. The resurgence of Mariah, as well as other celebrities, will be the subject of a new episode titled "The Fabulous Life Presents: Hollywood's Most Amazing Comebacks." Below is a more detailed description of the episode.

    What's that old saying about "things are better the second time around?" Oh, how true... and nobody knows that better than celebrities. In our "what have you done for me lately world" if you're not today's hottest thing you're quickly yesterday's news. Yet for some celebs hitting rock bottom means there's only one place to go- straight back to the top. Teri Hatcher, Paula Abdul, Kate Moss, Patrick Dempsey, and Ellen are among those who fell from the mountaintop, only to climb to even more fabulous heights. The Fabulous Life Presents: Hollywood's Most Amazing Comebacks reveals the incredible stories of those who've reached the pinnacle of success, twice. In the 1990s, Mariah Carey seemed to be living every little girl's dream. She was the biggest selling female artist of the decade, got married wearing a $25,000 Vera Wang dress in a ceremony that included 50 flower girls, and was living in a $10 million dollar mega-mansion. It was a Cinderella story, but then the clock struck midnight. Practically overnight, she went from beautiful songstress to just a plain mess. But with her 2005 smash album The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah Carey is back on top of the charts and having her best year yet. Weaving expert interviews, field segments and candid footage, The Fabulous Life Presents: Hollywood's Most Amazing Comebacks will give viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of celebrities given a second chance to live large.

    Note: VH1 will premiere this episode on Monday, April 17, 2006, at 12:00pm ET. Refer to the Mariah Daily TV Appearances guide (left) for repeat dates/times.

    Source: Mariah Daily | RockOnTV

    Mariah remix makes Slant's 100 Greatest Dance Songs // 4:05 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Slant Magazine recently compiled a list of 100 dance songs, spanning disco to present, for their new feature, 100 Greatest Dance Songs. Mariah's "Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)" lands at the #98 position. Below is the excerpt from the feature.

    98. Mariah Carey, "Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)" (1993)
    A musical carbon copy of the Emotions' "Blind Alley" (Hammond organ and all), 1993's "Dreamlover" is one of Mariah's most enduring uptempo numbers. The basic musical concept of the song remains the same on the popular Def Club Mix, but Mariah's vocals are completely rerecorded to fit the essence of David Morales's house track, effectively creating an entirely new song in its own right. The chorus, once bouncy and girlish, is restrained and sexy, with Mariah exuding a come-hitherness that wouldn't fully be revealed on her albums until several years later. It's almost as if, in the dark, private confines of Morales's studio (and in the name of the down-and-dirty club scene), Mariah was given license to be who she wanted to be by a record label set on maintaining the status of their crossover chart princess. In other words, let Mariah do what she wants as long as it stays on the remix—this practice became even more prevalent once Mariah set her sights on hip-hop. Morales's deep bass, beats, and spliced-up vocals are patently a product of early-'90s house, but the ambitious arrangement was just a preview of his forthcoming remixes with Mariah, including his epic, multi-part dance floor suite for "Fantasy," which harks back to the days of Moroder and Bellotte. Though it's not exactly the influence-wielding track many claim it to be, "Dreamlover" was certainly one of the first massively reconstructed remixes of its kind to cross over in such a big way. It's also a testament to Mariah's commitment to club music and respect for the remix process.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Slant Magazine | Josh

    Mariah praises Rockford native // 3:41 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Grammy Award-winning songbird Mariah Carey sent a shout out to Jimmy Wright this week during her interview on Steve Harvey’s syndicated radio show.

    Rockford native “Big Jim” Wright, as the successful producer is known, co-wrote “Fly Like A Bird,” the gospel song on Carey’s best-selling 2005 album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

    The song has Wright’s soulful vibe and opens with one of my favorite Scripture-based sayings: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning light.”

    Wright has worked with Carey for years, writing and producing songs, as well as playing music for the singer famous for her five-octave vocal range. He also has worked with Janet Jackson, Sting and Usher, just to name a few.

    Before hitting the big time with Sounds of Blackness and superproducers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Wright played organ for several local churches, including Bethel Baptist and Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal.

    He returns to Rockford several times a year for various occasions. He and Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams made appearances at the ‘70s Landmark Gospel Concert Lori Flemming organized in March.

    It’s great to see hometown folks become superstars and remember their roots.

    Source: Rockford Register Star

    Saturday, April 1 , 2006

    Making The Video: "Say Somethin'" to air on MTV Base // 9:45 PM EST Updated by Casey

    MUSIC: Making The Video
    Channel: MTV Base 305
    Date: Sunday 9th April 2006
    Time: 20:00 to 20:30
    Duration: 30 minutes

    Mariah Carey
    Another making the video with Mariah this time it's for 'Say Something' featuring Snoop Dogg with a cameo appearance from super producer Pharrell Williams.

    Source: DigiGuide | Curtis

    Burke's Best Bet: "Say Somethin'" // 9:14 PM EST Updated by Casey

    MARIAH CAREY featuring Snoop Dogg & Pharrell
    "Say Somethin’" (Island/IDJMG)

    It seems like only yesterday that we heard this track and knew something special was about to happen with Mariah’s career. It was the first taste from the soon to be multi-platinum CD, The Emancipation Of Mimi, that we had heard. But word of Snoop Dogg’s unavailability put aside plans for it to be the lead track. It seems only fitting that the single is now ready for radio airplay, complete with a D-O-Double G video appearance. We told you back in September of 2004 that you would soon be hearing a lot of hits from this album for well over a year, and we were right. We even believe another track, "Be Mine," is still one of the Mariah’s finest performances to date and it’s great to see that song get some commercial exposure…literally, in the Intel TV spots! MC has definitely proved somethin’ this time out. She’s a true superstar artist who has the ability on any given record to deliver multiple #1 hits to radio and her fans. BET ON IT!

    Source: FMQB

    Mariah receives nominations all around the globe // 5:47 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Congratulations Mariah!

  • Nominations for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards Japan have been announced and Mariah's "We Belong Together" clip is nominated twice in the following categories:

    Best Female Video
    Hung Up, Madonna
    Butterfly, Kouda Kumi
    We Belong Together, Mariah Carey
    WoWa, Namie Amuro
    Glamorous Sky, Mika Nakashima

    Best R&B Video
    Story, AI
    All the Way, Craig David
    Kirakuni, Crystal Kay
    Stand Up For Love, Destiny's Child
    We Belong Together, Mariah Carey

    The 2006 MTV Video Music Awards Japan will be held at the National Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo (Japan) on Saturday, May 27, 2006.

  • In related news, Mariah's #1 airplay hit, "Shake It Off," has received a nomination for the 2006 Sony Ericsson Stylus DJ Awards in the International R&B Single of the Year category. Additional nominees in this category include Dwele's "I Think I Love You," John Legend's "So High," Ne-Yo's "Stay," Rihanna's "Pon De Replay," and T-Pain's "I'm Sprung." The ceremony will be held at the York Event Theatre in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) on Monday, May 29, 2006.

  • Reminder: Tune in to Nickelodeon's 19th Annual Kids' Choice Awards airing live tonight at 8:00pm ET to see if Mariah wins the blimps for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song ("We Belong Together").
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    Source: Mariah Daily | MTV Japan | Stylus Group | Nickelodeon

    Mariah Daily Anniversary Contest: Winners Announced // 9:58 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    We are pleased to announce the winners from the Mariah Daily Anniversary Contest. Congratulations to Brian S. (The Netherlands), who was the Grand Prize winner and won a Mariah-signed 12" of the "Don't Forget About Us" promo), and Indra K. (Indonesia), was the runner up and won a "Don't Forget About Us" CD promo!

    The answers the the Anniversary Contest are below.

  • Day 1: At what position did "Shake It Off" peak on Billboard's Hot 100 chart?
    --Answer: #2

  • Day 2: Which three Mariah songs share the same peak position on Billboard's Hot 100 chart as the song from yesterday's question?
    --Answer: Loverboy, Can't Let Go, Endless Love

  • Day 3: Out of the three songs you found from yesterday's question, find the one that was released EARLIEST in Mariah's career. What album is it from?
    --Answer: Can't Let Go was released the earliest, and it is from Emotions.

    Thank you to everyone who participated. Keep your eye out for more Mariah Daily contests later this year!
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    Source: Mariah Daily