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Saturday, September 30 , 2006

Mariah Miscellaneous // 6:29 PM EST Updated by Casey

News Tidbits
--An after-party following Mariah's concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been scheduled at PURE Nightclub. Click here to RSVP! Below is an online advertisement for the event. Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.

--According to MTV News, Mariah is among the artists collaborating with rapper Paul Wall on his forthcoming album, "Get Money, Stay True." Wall's LP is expected to drop early next year.

--Sinvino, Mariah's official sponsor in Hong Kong, China, is holding a contest, offering chances to win tickets to MC's concert at the Tamar site on Saturday, October 28, 2006. Click here for more details! Below is a scan of an advertisement featured in various local newspapers and magazines. Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.

Mariah Mentions
--In a new interview featured on MTV Overdrive, singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado mentions Mariah. Below is a transcription of her remarks.

"The first singer I really got into was Mariah Carey when I was about 12. She kind of taught me how to sing 'cause, you know, couldn't really afford singing lessons. So, I would just listen to Mariah Carey's CD over and over again, and learn all her lyrics."

--From Southern Voice Online: The song isn’t on the version of “20 Y.O.” released this week, but is coming on a future re-release, along with a possible duet with Mariah Carey, which [Janet] Jackson says is still in the works.

--From SOHH Soulful: Mariah Carey wrote "Hero" for Gloria Estefan but later pulled it back when everyone realized how good of a song it was.

--From Newsday.com: The 10,000-square-foot estate has been featured in Architectural Digest, having been decorated by Mario Buatta, who also decorated the New York City apartments of Barbara Walters and Mariah Carey. (Greenlawn native Carey's "Moroccan room," Buatta says, was a lot of fun for him.)

Fans' Corner
--Raymundo has recorded a Spanish version of "We Belong Together." Recently, he performed it on 107.1 FM Super Estrella in Los Angeles, California, and received positive responses from callers. You can hear the version, "Te Necesito A Mi Lado," on his MySpace music page.

--Stéphanie has acquired a new URL for her French fansite, Monde Mariah Carey. Check it out!

Video Download
  • CCTV-10 (China Central Television) recently aired Mariah's 2005 interview with Paula Zahn from CNN's "People In The News." The Chinese version of this interview can be downloaded here or streamed online here.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Lisa | Bernard | Ricardo | Raymundo | Stéphanie | Liu Chuan/Bernard

    Friday, September 29 , 2006

    Carey talks new movie // 2:04 PM EST Updated by Casey

    "Glitter" wasn't a box-office success, and now Mariah Carey is pleased that at least one person missed the film. Producer Lee Daniels cast Carey in the upcoming "Tennessee" after catching her performance in the 2002 independent drama "WiseGirls." "I don't know if he's seen ["Glitter"] since then," Carey told MTV News, "but the great thing is, he's in the independent film world and that's where 'WiseGirls' was such a great validating moment for me — even though it was totally overshadowed by the debacle of 'Glitter.' " The singer, who plays a waitress in "Tennessee" — as she did in "WiseGirls" — said the role is a real departure. "The character is so not what you would think. This is not about hairdos and ensembles. The girl's in the trenches."

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah Carey: Adventures of Mimi // 11:49 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Yep. She’s still got it! MC, that is, as her fans call her. The rest of the world knows her as Mariah Carey.

    Carey performed on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at Arco Arena for her “Adventures of Mimi” tour and her fans loved every bit of it. She sang a mixture of songs, old and new. She performed her classics including, “Hero,” “Butterfly,” “Vision of Love,” “One Sweet Day,” as well as a compilation of tracks from her new album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

    Mimi, as she refers to herself, started the show in a skimpy black two-piece outfit and a cape. Even though she is 36 years old , she still looks beautiful and sexy.

    Her voice started out raspy in the beginning, but ten minutes into the show, she was sounding like her commanding diva self, belting out lyrics and hitting the high notes.

    Mimi kept what looked like a sold out crowd on their feet the entire night, with flashy stage of lights and videos, along with her background dancers and her powerful and mighty voice.

    A gigantic “Mimi” light sign centered the stage, as well as background videos that filled in for hip hop artists such as Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard, for her wildly popular duets.

    Although she is one of the greatest selling female artists of all times, Carey is still un-diva-like and was very personable with fans. At one point during the show, she asked the crowd if anyone would mind if she took a sip of her water to prepare for the next song.

    “This ain’t ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Carey said.

    While Mimi was busy with costume changes, a DJ kept the crowd pumped while playing snippets of classic hip hop songs. With each change of song, audience members would waved their hands in their air.

    She gave several shout outs to the crowd, thanked them repeatedly and told the audience how much fun she was having. She has come full circle and knows who she is as an artist and as a person.

    Fans of Mariah love her no matter what. Her concert was all glitz and glam, sometimes with the makings of a Vegas style show. Carey can hit ear-shattering notes, and still flirt with the crowd, as if she’s been your best friend for years. It’s her combination of diva and legend status combined with her down to earth home girl presence that keep fans loving her throughout her career.

    Source: State Hornet Online

    Why do men lust after women like Mariah Carey // 11:38 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Why I love Mariah Carey
    By Heart 106.2 DJ Jamie Theakston

    MARIAH CAREY IS THE PERFECT MODERN CELEBRITY - larger than life, glamorous and totally over the top. I think some women disagree with her diva-like behaviour, but without her, the world of entertainment would be a much duller place.

    I first met her in 1997 when she was promoting her album Butterfly and we hit it off immediately. With everything that had been written about her I had no idea what to expect, but she was smart, warm and very funny. She's a lot of fun to be around and unlike a lot of celebrities, can really laugh at herself. When she performed on Top Of The Pops we started a rumour she'd demanded puppies in her dressing room and it became instant Mariah folklore. But she loved it because it was all harmless fun, and that's what she's all about.

    So what is it that women don't like about Mariah? She embodies a lot of extremes. She's incredibly talented (with a voice that goes so high that only dogs can hear it) but she's also massively ambitious and not afraid to wear what the hell she wants. And I think the qualities that some people, particularly women, don't like about Mariah are exactly the qualities that others love.

    Sometimes people don't see humour in what she does, and don't realise that she's actually having fun. I did an interview with her once when she suddenly said, "Wait a minute - I'm going to do this in a bikini." It was hilarious. I know that would seem tacky to some people, but the way in which she did it, coupled with her personality just made it funny.

    Mariah isn't the most beautiful woman in the world, she's not the most fashionable and she's one of the worst actresses we've ever seen, but she just doesn't care. I think if a woman were to come up to her in the street and say, "Mariah, you're disrespecting what it means to be a woman," she'd just tell them to sod off. And in a world where a celebrity's every move is monitored, it's great to meet someone who genuinely doesn't give a damn. Mariah, you're one of a kind and for that I love you.

    Source: Glamour UK | Kevon

    Thursday, September 28 , 2006

    Mariah Concert in Sacramento, CA: Setlist & Tidbits // 8:59 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Last night, Mariah performed at ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California. The concert marked Mariah's first time visiting Sacramento and performing in the city. Below is the concert's setlist as well as various tidbits regarding the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    15. Joy Ride (A Cappella Snippet)
    16. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    17. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    18. Hero
    19. We Belong Together
    20. Butterfly Reprise

    --Mariah acknowledged the Sacramento area as the first in the country to play "Vision of Love."

    --When introducing Trey Lorenz, MC commented that his new album sold more copies last week than any other independent label release.

    --Mariah suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction when her bra started coming out during "Fantasy." One of the dancers alerted her and she laughed while attempting to fix it herself. Following the performance, a stylist assisted MC. When the lights were turned on for a brief moment, Mariah told the crew to turn them down again. Later on, MC thanked her "friend backstage" and laughed that the night truly was "The Adventures of Mimi."

    --An employee of Mariah's, who was celebrating a birthday, was brought onto the "B" stage (possibly by Jasmine Dotiwala). The ladies drank some champagne, which MC poured, accidentally spilling some.

    --Mariah performed a snippet of "Joy Ride" a cappella for a couple in the crowd who had recently gotten engaged. MC also thanked a couple who held a sign declaring plans to name their daughter Mimi.

    Source: Vijay | ronartest | princess121417

    Review: High-energy show thrills Carey's fans // 3:38 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Five octaves. Four costume changes. Three back-up singers. Two stages.

    One Mariah.

    When Mariah Carey's "Adventures of Mimi: the Voice, the Hits, the Tour" rolled into Sacramento for a sold-out stop at Arco Arena, the 36-year-old singer proved that, despite a very public 2001 emotional breakdown, she's currently at the top of her game.

    The show kicked off with a video clip of a rollercoaster with Carey's voice-over declaration that "whatever doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger."

    Amen, sister.

    When the singer finally took the stage (wearing a barely-there top, boy shorts and cape), breaking into "It's Like That," the first single from 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi," there was little doubt that Carey has more than weathered the rocky rollercoaster ride of public taste.

    (Question: What's more ear-piecing -- the sound of Carey's impressive voice reaching for that final octave or the glass-shattering shrieks of her fans? We may never know.)

    With a giant KISS-worthy "Mimi" sign, a medley that condensed several hit singles into 10 minutes and an elaborate two-tiered stage (complete with several video screens, wind machines, two sweeping staircases and a giant "MC" logo), the night often ventured into Vegas revue territory. That effect was further emphasized when Carey used video clips to stand in for actual guest vocals. Jay-Z, for example, was represented MTV-style on "Heartbreaker."

    But even those not normally fans of such theatrics or Carey's brand of hand-wringing vocal gymnastics (particularly on mawkish power ballads such as "Hero" and "Fly Like a Bird") would find it difficult to dismiss her charasmatic showmanship.

    Throughout the set, which came in at just under two hours, the Long Island native exuded a poised charm. Basking in the love of her audience -- tossing off coy waves, flirtations and no fewer than two dozen Sacramento shout-outs -- Carey was at once a seasoned diva and the homegirl next door. You admire her star power and awe-inducing voice but can still imagine that, just for kicks, Mariah might want to hang out with you at the mall on a Saturday afternoon.

    It's a heady charm and it makes it easy to understand the fierce devotion Carey elicits. When she took to the main floor's catwalk stage for three numbers, bringing her that much closer to a throng of delighted fans, the excited energy was infectiously giddy.

    Highlights of the evening included a saucy rendition of "Always Be My Baby" and an in-the-flesh duet with longtime collaborator Trey Lorenz on "I'll Be There."

    The show ended with a short encore featuring "Butterfly" and a drift of pink and purple butterfly-shaped confetti. As Carey disappeared from the stage, her voice still echoing throughout Arco, fans dived to the floor to grab for the tiny, glittery souvenirs.

    It was a fitting end that seemed to embody the rise and fall and rise of Carey's career. We imagine that if she'd taken one final look back over her shoulder, the Queen of Comebacks would've appreciated the scene.

    Source: The Sacramento Bee | Lisa

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Box Scores Update // 2:07 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Billboard has published the box scores for Mariah's concerts in D.C., Houston, Dallas, and Winnipeg.

    Venue: Verizon Center
    City/State: Washington, D.C.
    Event Dates: September 7, 2006
    Gross Sales: $839,643
    Attend / Capacity: 12,121 / 14,199 (85.4%)
    Prices: $125 - $19.50

    Venue: Toyota Center
    City/State: Houston, Texas
    Event Dates: September 14, 2006
    Gross Sales: $828,293
    Attend / Capacity: 11,252 / 11,830 (95.1%)
    Prices: $129.50 - $19.50

    Venue: American Airlines Center
    City/State: Dallas, Texas
    Event Dates: September 16, 2006
    Gross Sales: $806,096
    Attend / Capacity: 10,521 / 11,494 (91.5%)
    Prices: $129.50 - $19.50

    Venue: MTS Centre
    City/State: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Event Dates: September 19, 2006
    Gross Sales: $611,223
    Attend / Capacity: 8,915 / 9,557 (93.3%)
    Prices: $129.50 - $19

    Totals Reported To Date:
    Dates: 18
    Gross: $15,929,521
    Attend / Capacity: 218,595 / 232,936 (93.8%)
    Average Gross Per Date: $884,973

    Visit the Box Scores page of our "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section for previously reported box score figures.

    Source: Billboard | Marc

    Wednesday, September 27 , 2006

    Mr. Mista Checks In // 7:28 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Trey Lorenz, Mariah's longtime backup singer and friend, took time from his busy schedule to leave Mariah Daily visitors an exclusive message!

    [Download: Voice Message from Trey Lorenz]

    Make sure you pick up Mr. Mista, available on Amazon.com. You can check out a preview of the album on his Official MySpace Page.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Trey Lorenz

    Bloated Mariah show needed more music // 7:10 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Costume changes can't hide average vocals

    When she finally hit the stage, close to an hour after her opening act had left it, 36-year-old Mariah Carey came out in revealing black lingerie to her hip-hop single It's Like That, and you couldn't help but wonder why she was trying so hard to be young and sexy when her audience is so, well, middle-aged and female.

    And while we're griping, when did the word "diva" become a good thing? When did we collectively decide to pay this much respect (and hard earned money) to an entitled princess with one talent? Why did 12,000 dedicated fans wait an hour for Mariah?

    Don't get me wrong. Carey -- who composes her own material, has a five-octave voice and had a No. 1 single in every year of the '90s -- deserves to be a star.

    I respect her talent and like her on CD.

    But her live show is a lesson in excess, a calvacade of smoke and mirrors meant to distract from her tiny presence on a grand stage, a five-course place setting for gazpacho. Any momentum she wrung from her pipes was constantly disrupted by unnecessary costume changes, and instead of more material, we were treated to silhouetted dance routines and snippets of '80s pop from DJ Clue.

    And those pipes, which sound as honeyed as her skin on record, sounded fairly average here, nothing you wouldn't hear on American Idol.

    When she tried vocal gymnastics to hit those high shrieks, they sounded like wet fingerprints on clean glass, a mosquito stuck in a belljar.

    Carey did have some decent versions of A Vision Of Love, Fly Like A Bird and Fantasy, and because she came out late, I couldn't see or hear, but know that she also performed Hero, Make It Happen and We Belong Together. But mostly The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour was as bloated as the title and is in need of a few tweaks to become a much better show.

    Divas, please. How about you ladies all stay in that one costume you started the concert in and maybe sing us a couple of extra songs instead?

    No one's going, "Well, for $109.50, I better see her in five different looks" (or maybe you are, in which case, stop ruining it for fans of music).

    Opener Busta Rhymes was his usual killer self, treating the audience to his mile-a-minute gruff rhymes on tracks such as Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, Break Ya Neck, Fire It Up and Pass The Courvasier.

    The fact that he managed to squeeze out a standing ovation from an audience of mostly unfamiliar Mariah Carey fans is a testament to the Brooklyn rapper's talent.

    Attendance: About 12,000

    Source: The Calgary Herald

    One on One with Trey Lorenz: Part II // 3:05 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Daily is pleased to bring fans Part II of our exclusive interview with Mariah's backup singer and longtime friend Trey Lorenz. A week after his sophomore album Mr. Mista hit stores, fans are already raving about the soulful tone evident on the CD and flooding his MySpace with support. If you missed Part I of our interview with Trey, make sure you check out the interview to read about his experiences recording the CD, his early music career, and inside jokes with Mariah.

    As evident from their onstage quips and frequent giggles during "I'll Be There," Trey and Mariah share a lot of inside jokes.  "It's just honestly [about] being silly," he says of their good-natured ribbing.  He often tells Mariah that they need to explain their jokes to people, or else "they're gonna think we're crazy!"  Laughing, he explains two of the jokes that Mariah fans remember from the Charmbracelet Tour.  
    "The 'we met as teenagers' line comes from Aretha Franklin's gospel CD One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism," he says.  He stops the interview for a moment and plays the Aretha track where she tells the audience "Mavis and I grew up as teenagers.... and we met on a Mississippi road!"  Trey bursts into laughter "If [Mariah] busts that one out backstage, I just can't keep it together!"
    Trey also brings to the stage his smooth talking alter ego, "Big Nasty," which comes from an incident at the gym.  He and his friend Trina Broussard (a singer and fellow friend of Mariah's who is helping her develop a southern accent for "Tennessee") were constantly having run-ins with a grumpy receptionist at their gym.  According to Trey, the woman was "just being difficult."  One day the receptionist wouldn't let Trina into the gym and, despite the fact that he always had a smile for her; she looked Trey up and down and said "Oh it's YOU.  Big Nasty," before rolling her eyes.  
    The nickname stuck.  "When I call up Mariah on the phone just being stupid, and I go 'What's happening baby?' (he lowers his voice into a throaty whisper) and she's like 'You know, I'm in a meeting right now, I'll call you back' and I'm like 'Yeah baby, call me back' So we had to figure out a name for that character!"

    Going on tour with Mariah tends to be a grueling experience. There is a lot of downtime, but even backup singers need to rest their voices.  Mariah spends most evenings sleeping and resting her voice, but last week Mariah joined Trey and the other backup singers and dancers on the tour bus to watch a video from the Madison Square Garden show.  Trey explains that they have been recording Mariah's show almost every night of the tour but they hadn't had a chance to see the footage from a spectator's point of view.  "I'm almost positive they're gonna put out a DVD for her," he says, "and of course it's gonna be really nice, Mariah doesn't half-step when it comes to that kind of stuff!'  

    Despite their hectic schedule, Trey says he still loves touring and connecting with the fans.  "I think I can speak for [Mariah] as well, the best part of being on tour is when you're actually with the audience, and you kind of make a connection." 
    On the subject of Mariah, he comes to her defense concerning negativity and haters.  As her friend, he wishes people could see her offstage because he feels they would "love her just that much more."  But some people are just grumpy. "At the end of the day, I think some people just want to be mad at the world.  No matter what you do, you're not going to be able to please them."  

    Trey Lorenz has come a long way from the shy singer on his 1992 debut.  Mr. Mista shows a mature, soulful Trey with an underlying good-natured spirit that shines in everything he does.  He is already working on his next release, writing songs while on tour.  "Mariah and I have plans to do another duet," he says, which will appear on his next CD.  Besides Mariah, "I would love to do a song with Beyonce!" he laughs.  
    Make sure you pick up Mr. Mista, available on Amazon.com. You can check out a preview of the album on his Official MySpace Page.


    In honor of Trey's new release, he's inviting you to get to know him better by offering fans the chance to receive a personal phone call from him! Purchase a copy of Mr. Mista and scan a copy of your receipt (or send in a copy of your order confirmation from an online retailer). Send in your receipt to trey@mariahdaily.com. The winner will be selected randomly to win a personal phone call from Trey Lorenz!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Trey Lorenz

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 3:01 AM EST Updated by Casey

    News Tidbits
    --MariahCarey.com has added two exclusive videos to its Virtual Ticket page. Members can log in and take a peek at Trey Lorenz and Sherry Tatum (Mariah's friends/backup singers) backstage giving behind-the-scenes information about "The Adventures of Mimi."

    --"All I Want For Christmas Is You" has been certified 2x Platinum by RIAJ in Japan for digital downloads (over 500,000 sold).

    --This week, "The Remixes" re-entered the UK Top 200 albums chart at #187. Last week, the album sold 966 copies, bringing its total to 39,487 copies sold in the UK.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From FOXNews.com: Oprah had a pretty good interview with Janet Jackson yesterday. But Michael’s one sane sister told Winfrey she’d gained 60 pounds to play a character in the movie “Tennessee.” However, insiders from that movie claim that no one ever asked Janet to gain that weight, and it wasn’t called for in the script. A very fit Mariah Carey will play the role now when the movie shoots in January …

    --From New York Post: Mariah Carey can't walk barefoot without walking on her tippy toes. She says she doesn't understand why, but she's done it since age 4. She does not say how she was sufficiently savvy to have recorded this oddity at age 4.

    --From SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mariah Carey recorded the US's top-selling album last year, which sold 5 million copies, but didn't go on tour. As a result, she wasn't even ranked among the 30 highest-earning music stars.

    --From Reuters.com: Young singer JoJo set a new Hot 100 record with the biggest jump into the top three, as "Too Little Too Late" zoomed 63 places to No. 3, fueled by digital sales; Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" held the previous record, with a 60-2 move in August 2001.

    --From ESPN.com: [Alex] Rodriguez shouldn't feel that bad, really. [Derek] Jeter apparently did the same to Mariah Carey a decade ago, cutting off their relationship so abruptly -- and remaining so determined not to let the singer back into his good graces -- that kids created the slang-verb "Jeter-ed" to mean getting forever dumped.

    Fans' Corner
    --Jenny created a tribute video in honor of Mariah's film, "Glitter." The video illustrates the turbulent relationship between Billie and Dice. You can view it here!

    --Can and Murat have opened a new website, MariahTürkiye.net, for Turkish Mariah fans. Check it out!

    --Jay is selling some of his rare Mariah items on eBay. Click here to view his auctions!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vag | Jenny | Can/Murat | Jay

    Diva at the 'Dome // 12:03 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey certainly loves herself. Or, at least, she desperately wants the world to think she does.

    How else could you explain the over-the-top diva screaming “Look at me! Look at me! Oh, pleeeease look at me!”) at the ‘Dome Sept. 25?

    It was not a concert, but rather a Vegas-style circus, opening with a short film in which Mariah talks about, you guessed it, herself.

    Comparing her life to a roller coaster, Carey declared: “If you don’t get on the ride, you won’t experience the adventure.”

    The aging pop princess made her grand entrance on a rising platform, dressed only in a black bra, matching panties, stilettos and a cape draped around her shoulders before breaking into It’s Like That.

    Yes, it was apparent from the very start, this was going to be an evening less about Carey’s massive catalogue of hits and more about creating a spectacle only Madonna could best.

    The M-shaped stage followed the gaudy theme with silver beads hanging from the second tier, a ramp and staircases down both sides, giant video screens (which depicted real and cartoon images of the main attraction — Mariah) and a massive, shining Mimi marquee.

    Then there were the dancers, band members and backup singers — all convenient distractions when the superstar needed to take a vocal break or change into one of her famous, barely-there costumes.

    But, unfortunately, they also overshadowed Carey’s best attribute — her pipes.

    It is almost impossible to find a singer in today’s world of manufactured Idols who compares to the 36-year-old in terms of her vocal range, power and technical abilities.

    As Carey belted out the high notes during her performances of Heartbreaker and Dreamlover, even the most cynical of those in attendance (A.K.A. husbands dragged there by their wives) had to be impressed.

    These were the moments that made the glitter and glitz tolerable. These were the moments when the star of the show was truly shining.

    For the most part, Carey looked comfortable and confident, a feeling no doubt bolstered by the near-capacity crowd and she really seemed to connect with her audience.

    “The shows I’ve been doing in Canada have been some of the most fun shows on the tour,” she told her screaming fans.

    In true diva fashion, Carey hit the stage late, but according to her set list, the rest of the show was to include a number of her radio hits such as Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Honey and We Belong Together.

    Regardless of which of her famous songs she belted out Sept. 25, it appeared her die-hard fans would have been ecstatic with just about anything she gave them.

    As for the rest of us, we can only hope next time Carey makes a pit stop in Calgary, she leaves the bells, whistles and porn-star duds at home and gives her fans what they deserve — a great concert highlighting her incredible vocal skills and career.

    As for opener Busta Rhymes, the rapper seemed an odd fit for this concert.

    Considering most of the people in attendance last night were obviously there for Carey and her special brand of pretty pop songs and slow ballads, Busta just didn’t seem to fit in.

    But he did try, by performing a number of age-appropriate tunes including a cover of the Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha and his past hit Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.

    Extra: Check out Mariah on today's cover of The Calgary Sun! Click on the thumbnail below for an enlarged view.


    Source: The Calgary Sun

    Sunday, September 24 , 2006

    Mariah Concert in Vancouver, BC: Setlist // 10:38 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Last night, Mariah performed at General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The concert marked Mariah's first time visiting Vancouver and performing in the city. MC sounded superb and the crowd was extremely enthusiastic. Below is the concert's setlist.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    15. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    16. Hero
    17. We Belong Together
    18. Butterfly Reprise


    Source: Terrill

    Mariah gives it her all // 10:19 AM EST Updated by Casey

    From My All to Fly Like a Bird, Carey nailed every note

    A Mariah Carey show is a big date night. Last night's near sell-out crowd at GM Place show boasted plenty of paired-up boys and girls. But girlfriend couples ruled.

    Repping expensive clubbing ensembles, they left their b-boys at home to get all hard with their Fiddy CDs and headed out for some of that fine, five-octave range romantic R&B. It's the sound that made Carey the best-selling female performer of the '90s and the first act to chart in each year of the decade, breaking the Beatles' record as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent in the Hot 100 singles chart.

    That was almost 10 years ago. The screams filling GM Place when the lights went down and the seven-piece band kicked in made it seem like yesterday.

    Rising up from under the stage, Carey appeared in the flesh, mostly, surrounded by six fully-attired dancers. Dancing is not her thing. Unless you call that body-rubbing manoeuvre choreography. Whatever. It looked great on the five big screens.

    Her voice sounded fine as well. By "My All" from 1997's Butterfly, she appeared to be nailing the highs, lows and points in between. Plus, the tune's disco refrain that accompanied the dancers' backflips is totally retro cool.

    New material such as The Emancipation of Mimi's "Fly Like a Bird" went over extremely well, if not quite as immediately as older hits. This song, in particular, showcased the vocal gymnastics that are a Carey signature and, sadly, have influenced a generation of Idol contestants to mimic. The thing they forget is you still need to strike a fine figure on stage and have some top-ranked material. She's got a lot of it, and the stage design was also tasty, particularly on the centre stage take on "Fantasy."

    Toss in the cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" and you might be wishing you had been.

    Source: The Province

    Saturday, September 23 , 2006

    Mariah in the flesh // 3:28 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Only when she’s on stage is Mariah Carey truly free.

    As soon as the R&B diva unleashed her five-octave range and voluptous hips on Thursday’s crowd of 12,500 at Rexall, all the tabloid tales of Mimi’s controlling ex-husband and her fabulous meltdown vanished into thin air.

    At least they did after the intro to her show, which featured a videotape of a roller coaster.

    “I’ve had my ups and downs,” Carey’s disembodied voice boomed over the speakers.

    “If you don’t get on the rollercoaster, you won’t experience the adventure.”

    Indeed, Carey’s first show in Edmonton was an unforgettable ride of ego, acrobatic vocals and slinky costumes — including a glittery bikini and floor-length, mid-riff baring gown.

    Sure, she was bolstered by an entourage of back-up musicians, singers and dancers to distract us during her costume changes — including one which involved Carey adding a pair of sunglasses and necklace to her bikini ‘n’ cape outfit — but the props kept reminding us of who we were there to see.

    Not only was the stage enveloped with a huge M, a sign with her nickname, Mimi, in lights, was lowered to her feet. As she treated us to an airy rendition of Shake It Off from her comeback smash, The Emancipation of Mimi, Carey grabbed on to the sign, and sensually rolled along the bulbs.

    In other words, she loves to be the centre of the attention — and unlike a lot of rock stars, isn’t afraid to revel in it.

    You could tell she cherished every minute on stage and loved teasing the audience with her dramatic poses, hand flourishes and come-hither looks during My All and Dreamlover— even though there were more girls in the crowd.

    Frippery and diva poses aside, there’s a reason why Carey has sold more than 100 million albums and notched 17 number one hits — the most of any female artist.

    Her voice — ranging from husky to girlish to squealy to glass-shattering — is phenomenal.

    At times, she was overpowered by her four musicians, three back-up vocalists and a DJ, but her somersaults on My All, Vision of Love and Heartbreaker, featuring Jay-Z’s pre-recorded rhymes, were loud and clear. And almost painful.

    Carey was one of the first big-name artists to collaborate with rappers, so it only made sense for the diva to bring along Busta Rhymes as her opener.

    (Though some of the older members of the audience probably didn’t appreciate the connection. At least one grey-haired Mariah fan fled the building during his set.)

    Carey appeared on one of Busta’s tracks, 2002’s I Know What You Want, but she didn’t bother to grace the stage when the rapper also known as Trevor Smith performed it with help from his partner in rhyme, Spliff Star, DJ Scratch and the ladies in the crowd.

    (Carey wouldn’t want to blow her grand entrance by dropping in on his 40-minute set, now would she?)

    Busta also chose to make a big bang with an abbreviated version of one of his more recent collaborations — Don’t Cha minus the Pussycat Dolls — and his latest single, In the Ghetto, featuring the vocals of late, great funk star Rick James.

    Despite his strings of hits, Busta isn’t as well-respected (or perhaps feared) as 50 Cent. It’s a shame, really, considering his rhymes are fast, fluid and funny.

    Unfortunately, Busta’s set was bogged down by the endless repartee with Spliff Star about ladies, joints, alcohol and breaking out the classics.

    “What could be better than Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Movement and Mariah Carey on the same tour?” he shouted at the start of his set.

    Uh, more rhymes.

    Extra: Check out Mariah on the front page of yesterday's Edmonton Journal! Click on the thumbnail below for an enlarged view.


    Source: Edmonton Journal | Lisa

    Mariah Carey's Emancipation tour "makes it happen" // 5:14 AM EST Updated by Casey

    "If you don't get on the ride…you won't experience the adventure." These words were part of an opening vignette on Mariah Carey's "The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour." The past year and a half has certainly been an adventure for "Mimi" (as she is called by her close friends and now fans). This tour was produced for the highly anticipated and now celebrated six-time platinum CD, The Emancipation of Mimi, which was released in 2005. The album sold over 400,000 copies in its first week, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, won three Grammy awards, produced two No. 1 singles ("We Belong Together" and "Don't Forget About Us"), and was the best selling CD of 2005. The album moved the number of Carey's No. 1 hit singles to 16, which places her just behind Elvis (18) and The Beatles (20) for the most No. 1 singles ever.

    On Sept. 9, a friend and I journeyed to Auburn Hills, Mich. to see Carey live in concert, and it was well worth the trip. Carey performed at the Palace, which is also home of the Detroit Pistons. Reggae artist Sean Paul energetically opened the concert singing all of his popular singles (including his latest "Give It Up to Me," featuring Keyshia Cole) and then some. While Paul's hip thrusting was annoying, his dancers were very entertaining; they moved their bodies in ways the average person cannot. Before I knew it, the concert started with footage of a rollercoaster and Carey's voice in the background saying: "Sometimes life can be kinda like a rollercoaster ride. It's like you're going along and everything seems cool…So, if whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess I'm strong…"

    Not surprisingly, Carey appeared on stage to "It's Like That," her first single from The Emancipation of Mimi. Clad in her signature skimpy shorts and top, Carey electrified the Palace and brought the crowd to its feet, dancing and singing along. Next, Carey performed "Heartbreaker," while portions of the music video played in the background. At one point during the concert, Carey took notice of a sign a fan was holding, asking her to sing "Melt Away," and acknowledged the request, singing it a cappella. Carey clearly knows that her fans are an important part of her success.

    Carey's sets were very elaborate and visually appealing. One of the backdrops looked like a beautiful countrynight sky. Both the microphone and stand were completely adorned with Swarovski crystals. The stage was framed by a large white "M" shape which constantly changed colors. Perhaps in reference to her "Shake it Off" video, on the stage, "Mimi" was spelled out in huge block letters and illuminated by lights. Carey's elaborate wardrobe included two floor-length dresses complete with cutouts on the sides. Considering her "diva" status and the number of wardrobe changes Carey has previously employed in concerts, I was expecting her to change a lot more than she did.

    As a longtime Mariah fan, I would have loved to hear her sing some of her less popular songs such as "Outside" from the album Butterfly, "Circles" from The Emancipation of Mimi or "Can't Let Go" from Emotions. Carey's voice was just as outstanding live (if not more so) as it is recorded.

    Carey's tour is set to make stops in Sacramento, Las Vegas, Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Phoenix now through Oct. 10. If you ever have the opportunity to "get on the ride," you definitely should. It will be well worth your while.

    Source: The Observer

    Friday, September 22 , 2006

    M is for Mariah! // 7:34 AM EST Updated by Casey

    This show was all about her

    Seeing Mariah Carey's big show last night got me thinking about divas and their spectacular diva concerts.

    No man can compare to the sheer scale of grandiosity and display of ego that is a diva working her trade - usually on a magnificent stage drawn from childhood fantasies of the ultimate Barbie Dream Tour.

    Countless spectacular diva events from Madonna to Beyonce to Gwen Stefani to Tina Turner and back through the ages attest to that. Trends may change, but the full-blown diva spectacle remains a powerful draw. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more fabulous.

    A respectable crowd of 12,500 turned up to witness the celebration of herself that is the Mariah Carey experience - the lights, the sounds, the dancers (great dancers), the costumes, the excitement! The closest comparison would have to be the farewell tour put on by Cher.

    Consider the following:


    Mariah: None needed.

    Cher: Each more gravity-defying than the last.


    Mariah: Plenty. Not many divas would perform in nothing but a cape, black bikini and high heels.

    Cher: She was, once.


    Cher: Yes.

    Mariah: Sort of.


    Cher: Absolutely.

    Mariah: Off the scale.


    Cher: Braying donkey.

    Mariah: Five-octave freak of nature as pure as the sweat of angels.

    Other than that, they're exactly the same - divas through and through.

    After an opening set from rapper Busta Rhymes - whose coarse yet charming ways threw the headliner into even sharper, more fabulous relief - this show was all about Mariah. The songs came second.

    It opened with a film where she talked about herself, comparing her life to a roller-coaster and offering wisdom like "eventually you have to face your fears." No you don't, but let's move on.

    The stage was as fabulous as we expected it to be: old-fashioned theatre curtains, sweeping ramps down the sides, the whole thing shaped like a giant "M" and the giant video screens, which, when not showing Mariah herself, would show a cartoon of Mariah or some other Mariah-related image.

    And don't forget the rising platform where Mariah made her grand entrance. Divas must always enter the stage on a rising platform of some sort. Preferably shrouded in fog and dazzling colour. In this case, it was a number called It's Like That. She sang a few notes, shouted "whassup, Edmonton?" - not for the last time - and started to really sing as glittery dancers writhed around her.

    The latest diva spectacle was underway.

    Mariah hit the "Star Search" moment early, unleashing a barrage of high notes so sweet they brought tears to the eyes of the toughest security man. Those pipes really went into overdrive in the love ballads - the high diving act we had all come to see. Songs like Heartbreaker and My Own featured notes so high they could only be heard by dogs, others that shattered every piece of glass in the arena. Yes, I exaggerate, but the point is made: Mariah can sing.

    By the time the giant lighted "MIMI" was lowered - Mimi is Mariah's nickname, as made clear on her comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi - I was wondering whether any substance could get past all this diva dazzle. There were times when potential soul was lost in a sea of glitter and blithering talent demanding to be shown off. She ruined the ending of one ballad by pausing for cheers after flurries upon flurries of notes, all rendered meaningless, undone by her own ego. How ironic.

    But do divas ever create meaningful music that is remembered after they're gone? Sometimes. For now, the diva spectacle seems to be the most important thing for Mariah.

    BONUS DIVA ITEM: On Mariah's orders, security was hassling fans about the "no cameras" rule, despite the fact that every person here seemed to have a camera in their cellphone - none of which were capable of taking a good picture from 50 feet away in a darkened arena. Geez.






    12,500 IN REXALL


    Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, Mariah ... enough about Mariah. What do you think of Mariah?


    3 1/2 SUNS OUT OF 5

    Source: The Edmonton Sun

    Mariah Concert in Edmonton, AB: Setlist // 7:09 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Last night, Mariah performed at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The concert marked Mariah's first time visiting Edmonton and performing in the city. The crowd was very enthusiastic and MC put on a fantastic show. Below is the concert's setlist.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    15. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    16. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    17. Hero
    18. We Belong Together
    19. Butterfly Reprise


    Source: KCS

    Thursday, September 21 , 2006

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section Updates // 4:18 PM EST Updated by Casey

  • Winnipeg, MB:
    --Visit the Winnipeg page of our "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section for newly added Fan Reviews from Natalie and Justin.

  • Dallas, TX:
    --Below are Video Clips from Mariah's concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, September 16, 2006. Many thanks to Soniecita and Nori!

    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker - MPG
    03. Dreamlover - MPG
    04. My All - MPG
    05. Shake It Off - MPG
    06. Vision of Love - MPG
    07. Fly Like a Bird - MPG
    08. I'll Be There - MPG
    09. Fantasy - MPG
    10. Don't Forget About Us - MPG
    11. Always Be My Baby - MPG
    12. Honey - MPG
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    15-17. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet), One Sweet Day (Snippet), Hero - MPG
    18-19. We Belong Together, Butterfly Reprise - MPG
    Bonus: I Know What You Want (Busta Rhymes Only) - MPG

  • Houston, TX:
    --Below are Fan Photos taken at Mariah's concert at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, September 14, 2006. Thanks to Robert and Mame! Visit the Houston page of our Tour Section for additional photos.

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Natalie | Justin | Soniecita | Nori | Robert | Mame

    Carey shows off strong vocals, dance skills and plenty of skin // 2:13 PM EST Updated by Casey

    SUPERSTAR Mariah Carey showed off two of her biggest assets at the MTS Centre last night: her powerful vocals and her dancing skills.

    The 36-year-old diva's first local appearance was a full-on spectacle of glitter and glamour as Carey dazzled a crowd of 10,000 fans -- covering a surprisingly wide demographic, male and female, young and old --on her comeback Adventures of Mimi Tour.

    After suffering a very public breakdown following the flop of her debut movie Glitter, the most successful female artist of the 1990s roared back to the top of the pop world with last year's Emancipation of Mimi, the top-selling album of 2006 with over six-million units sold so far.

    The crazy Carey days of 2001 -- when she famously pranced around MTV handing out popsicles dressed only in a T-shirt and posted bizarre messages on her website -- are over and these days the surgically enhanced diva with the fake tan is back prancing around stages all over the world dressed in other skimpy outfits.

    She addressed the ebbs and flows of her 16-year career during an opening video featuring a roller coaster with a voice-over about life's ups and downs before Carey took the stage to the club-thumping sounds of the first track from the new album, It's Like That, dressed only in a sparkling black bra and panty combo, high heels and a cape. She was surrounded by four dancers with flashlights who whirled around her on the top of a two-tiered stage flanked by two winding staircases which led down to the main-tier where her four-piece band played.

    Carey seemed comfortable in the lingerie -- she obviously wasn't hanging outside yesterday -- and remained nearly naked for the hit Heartbreaker off 1999's Rainbow. The disco-esque number was the first of many times Carey would show off her multi-octave range and vocal hysterics; she has an amazing voice, but sometimes the high-pitched squeal she belts out is simply annoying. Think of the sound a cat makes when its tail is stepped on and you have a good idea of the shrieks Carey is fond of making. She kept up the vocal gymnastics on Dreamlover, but through binoculars in the press box Carey's own backing vocals being played through the P.A. made it appear she was lip-synching at times.

    She turned the microphone on to slow things down for the sultry R&B of 1997's My All before a giant Kiss-inspired lighted Mimi sign dropped from the rafters for the funky slow-burner Shake it Off with Carey prowling across the stage while her dance crew twisted around her.

    Then she was gone to change and D.J. Clue kept the crowd interested with some old dance floor standards before the star returned dressed in a skin-tight diamond-studded full-length canary yellow gown with a sliver of fabric connecting the bodice to the bottom, still revealing the sides of her trim stomach and back, to deliver her 1990 breakthrough single Vision of Love, another ballad which showcased her outstanding range.

    Because the show started almost half-an-hour late press time came in the middle of the Jackson 5 tear-jerker I'll Be There with Trey Lorenz. She had been following the setlist of her most recent shows, so fans could still expect three songs on a B-stage in the middle of the arena floor, a medley of old hits and at least two more costume changes.

    Rapper Busta Rhymes started the night with a 45-minute set of commercially friendly hip-hop which included plenty of crowd interaction and a censored version of his hit I Love My B--h.

    Rhymes, joined by fellow rapper Spliff Star and a DJ both wearing identical black and white shirts decorated with the name of his latest album, spoke almost as much as he rapped, spewing out gibberish about the hot girls in the crowd and other sexual innuendoes which got the audience screaming and shouting along.

    Attendance: 10,000

    3 1/2 out of 5 stars

    Source: Winnipeg Free Press

    Mariah Miscellaneous // 9:06 AM EST Updated by Casey

    News Tidbits
    --After spending an impressive 74 consecutive weeks on The Billboard 200, "The Emancipation of Mimi" has fallen off the chart. Below is a look at Mariah's albums and the number of weeks each spent on Billboard's top 200 albums chart. Collectively, Mariah's albums total an astonishing 722 weeks on The Billboard 200. That's nearly the equivalent of 14 years spent on the chart!

    Mariah Carey: 113 weeks
    Emotions: 54 weeks
    MTV Unplugged EP: 57 weeks
    Music Box: 128 weeks
    Merry Christmas: 13 weeks
    Daydream: 81 weeks
    Butterfly: 55 weeks
    #1s: 62 weeks
    Rainbow: 35 weeks
    Glitter: 12 weeks
    Greatest Hits: 11 weeks
    Charmbracelet: 22 weeks
    The Remixes: 5 weeks
    The Emancipation of Mimi: 74 weeks

    --Below are Mariah's sales figures for the week ending Wednesday, September 20, 2006, as reported by Nielsen SoundScan. Sales for this week totaled 3,545 units (down roughly 22.75% from the previous week).

    1. Greatest Hits: 1,575 (-37%)
    2. #1s: 594 (-5%)
    3. Glitter: 284 (-10%)
    4. The Remixes: 275 (-12%)
    5. Butterfly: 183 (-9%)
    6. #1s (Video): 146 (+7%)
    7. Charmbracelet: 123 (-13%)
    8. Music Box: 122 (+15%)
    9. Daydream: 120 (+22%)
    10. Around the World (Video): 107 (+2%)
    11. Mariah Carey: 98 (+24%)
    11. Rainbow: 89 (-25%)
    13. Merry Christmas: 35 (-5%)
    14. Emotions: 28 (-36%)
    15. MTV Unplugged: 19 (+6%)
    16. Through the Rain: 19 (+27%)

    --South Mississippi's home page, SunHerald.com, reports that Mariah is among 40 celebrities who have signed wooden "dog bones" for a charity auction benefiting the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. The celeb-signed bones will be auctioned off at the organization's second annual Fur Ball event. Proceeds will go to constructing a new animal shelter. MC signed the bone and added her pooch's name, Jack, as well. In related news, People.com has added a collection of photos of Mariah with Jack. Click here to view the gallery.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From New York Post: As for rumors that [Whitney] Houston has lost some of her vocal range, [Clive] Davis said, "She is talking enthusiastically and is articulate. We are going to make a great album. In my opinion, the best singers in the world are Aretha [Franklin] and Whitney. That's not to knock Mariah [Carey]. Mariah is a friend of mine, but I think Mariah would even say those two are the best."

    --From Detroit Free Press: [Whitney] Houston, wants to get back to hit-making, but at age 43, what about Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles and other younger, less problematic voices? Producer David Foster told Us [Weekly] Houston "shouldn't try to sound 18 again." Maybe she should chat with Madonna.

    --From The Honolulu Advertiser: Rihanna is still awed by famous people. "I'm star-struck every time. ... I met Mariah Carey at the BMI Awards about a week ago. ... We didn't talk or anything. We were just, like, 'Good meeting you.' But she was really sweet. She's someone that I always dreamed of meeting."

    Source: Mariah Daily | Marc | Caleb | Nielsen SoundScan | Jimmy

    One on One with Trey Lorenz // 3:10 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Trey Lorenz, best known for his Grammy-nominated performance in Mariah's "I'll Be There," released his sophomore album on Tuesday, September 19th. The album, entitled Mr. Mista, features a compilation of soulful, Jackson Five inspired tracks that Trey has collected over years of recording. Tracks like "Pisces," "Broke and Lonely" and "My Everything" will be sure to take listeners back to Motown days. Mr. Mista is in stores now and is available online through Amazon.com!

    Trey takes the time out of his busy schedule to chat with Mariah Daily in the following exclusive interview. Get to know the good-natured boy from Florence, SC behind Mr. Mista.


    Trey was born to parents Lloyd and Bernice in Florence, South Carolina, a small southern town "twelve hours from New York and twelve hours from Miami." With dreams of becoming involved in the music industry, Trey moved north to attend college. "I said to myself, I've got to get out of South Carolina." However, even after years of living in New York, he still finds time to embrace his roots. Mariah fans laughed when during one of his live performances of "I'll Be There" he raved to Mariah about "Florence, SC....home of the fish sandwich!" Trey spoke candidly about the meals on tour, and how the rest of the crew would tease him for his constant comments about how the food couldn't compare to the fish from Florence. "We put Florence on the map!" He laughed.


    "I've always been able to sing along with the radio," he says of his early singing years. His parents would play their old college records, mostly Motown and Soul, and he developed a distinct taste for music at a very young age. "The only thing that would keep me still when I was little was the Jackson Five's third album, which has 'I'll Be There.'" By the time he was in college, his passion for music lead him to play in various bands. One day a friend brought him to a recording session for a young girl he described as "a white girl that sings like Whitney Houston." Trey's interest was piqued and he went to check it out. "I honestly didn't go to the session as a singer, I was going as a spectator. I was humming along -- just my nature, singing along with the nice tune -- and she heard me and was like 'That's a stone winner!'" The two hit it off immediately and Mariah asked Trey to join her on her summer promotional tour. But Trey was in college over the summer and his parents refused to let him miss class for the then unknown Mariah Carey. However, fate caught up with him and Mariah talked Trey into joining her on her promo tour in the fall. He became part of her band and the rest is history. Now for the present…


    Trey's fans have been asking him for a new record since his 1992 debut album. After years of recording the odd song here and there, Mr. Mista is finally here! Fans are responding with enthusiasm and excitement to the three-song sneak peek posted on his MySpace music page. "Honestly, it's been so long since I've had a record out, I didn't think people would really remember!" The CD is closer to his heart, he says, because it represents the "old-school" music he loves. Songs like "Pisces" were recorded several years ago but still remain a favorite of Trey's. "It's not the sales that I'm really going for with this," he explained. "I just want to put a release out there for the dedicated fans and to share my love for soulful R&B."

    Also for the fans, Trey plans to do a small tour of clubs and local venues when he gets home from "The Adventures of Mimi" tour. He wants to keep them intimate because he enjoys connecting with the audience on a personal level. "I'm totally not the celebrity type. After seeing what Mariah goes through, I don't want to not be able to go the grocery store."

    The first single from Mr. Mista will most likely be "My Everything," a favorite of Trey's and other members on tour with him. He notes that the song is especially close to his heart because of its positive message. "One of the reasons I like it so much is not because of the beat or anything, but because of what I'm talking about." Making a positive impact is especially important to Trey. "I don't want anything that I make to affect anyone in a negative way."

    "All it took it was to believe / So now I bless your name / I only stand to gain / Truly you're my everything" he croons.

    Make sure you pick up Trey's CD, in stores now! It's available on Amazon.com. US fans should look for the CD in Best Buy, Virgin Megastores, FYE, and Wherehouse Music. In the meantime, you can listen to a few tracks from the CD on Trey's MySpace music page.

    Check back Friday for Part II of our interview with Trey! He talks about Mariah's plans to release a tour DVD, his nickname "Big Nasty," his desire to work with Beyonce, and more!


    In honor of Trey's new release, he's inviting you to get to know him better by offering fans the chance to receive a personal phone call from him! Purchase a copy of Mr. Mista and scan a copy of your receipt (or send in a copy of your order confirmation from an online retailer). Send in your receipt to trey@mariahdaily.com. The winner will be selected randomly to win a personal phone call from Trey Lorenz!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Trey Lorenz

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Box Score Update // 2:58 AM EST Updated by Liron

    Billboard has published the box scores for Mariah's concerts in Detroit Chicago.

    Venue: Palace of Auburn Hills
    City/State: Auburn Hills, MI
    Event Dates: September 9, 2006
    Gross Sales: $894,399
    Attend / Capacity:12,804 / 12,804 (100%)
    Prices: $129.50 - $39.50

    Venue: United Center
    City/State: Chicago, IL
    Event Dates: September 11, 2006
    Gross Sales: $919,268
    Attend / Capacity: 12,958 / 13,930 (93%)
    Prices: $125 - $19.50

    Totals Reported To Date:
    Dates: 14
    Gross: $12,844,266
    Attend / Capacity: 175,786 / 185,856 (94.6%)
    Average gross per date: $917,447

    Previously reported box score figures can be found at our tour section, in our newly added box scores page.

    Source: Billboard | Vag | Marc | Jason

    Wednesday, September 20 , 2006

    Marvellous Mimi // 11:48 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah throws one helluva of girls' night

    Even sans the lime-garnished Cosmos, Mariah Carey knows how to put on a helluva girls' night.

    The main ingredient? Herself, of course. Because everyone knows tabloid queens (hate 'em if you will) make the best -- if not, most interesting -- party hosts. Especially when they have a past as gossip-worthy as R&B diva Carey, whose wardrobe malfunctions, marital decisions and hospitalization for "exhaustion" have made her the curvaceous butt of many headlines.

    But the diva gave her 10,000 mostly-female fans little opportunity to whisper snidely about Mimi's less-than-perfect past at the MTS Centre last night, thanks to a little something called The Voice.


    Gliding from a hole in the stage a fashionable 20 minutes late, Carey opened with It's Like That off her much-lauded triple Grammy-winner The Emancipation of Mimi.

    Not that it mattered what she was singing. The honey-skinned hottie exposed less Voice and more of herself in her first track, where she sexily sauntered around in a sparkly black bikini top, boy shorts and cape. Finally, she's found a good use for glitter.

    Carey kept the tempo up for the next track, 1999's Heartbreaker, but kept down her stage pace, strutting her stilettos down a flight of stairs while a group of backup dancers did the sweaty work.

    Music Box smash Dreamlover called for more octaves, and Carey -- and her three backup singers -- delivered.

    But even so, The Voice was often overruled by the excessive stage show. At times, Mimi was a mere speck on the multi-level platform with black and gold decor, surrounded by three large screens.

    Carey's first spoken words were about Winnie the Pooh. Turns out she hadn't heard of the beloved Disney's bear's Winnipeg origins until yesterday (Like, who in Hollywood has?) and would be honoured if anyone passed on any Pooh memorabilia they had on hand.

    At press time, the word "Mimi" was glowing across centre stage in flashy, illuminated letters, and Carey had nabbed a chic pair of shades backstage for current club pumper, Shake It Off. According to a setlist, she was still expected to run through her hefty catalogue of No. 1 monster hits, including Fantasy, Always Be My Baby and Honey as well as Mimi ballad We Belong Together and several costume changes.


    Earlier, rapper Busta Rhymes courted Carey's fans with a 40-minute set of danceable hip-hop appropriately aimed at his headliner's female following. A cover of the Pussycat Dolls' Don't Cha, a censored version of radio rotator I Love My B**** off this year's The Big Bang and endless praising of the 'Peg's "sexy ladies" got Rhymes and sidekick Spliff Star in the girly good books, while past hits Break Ya Neck, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See and plenty of (OK, too much) between-tune gibber jabber filled out the set.

    Sun Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

    Note: The Winnipeg Sun is conducting a new poll, asking "Does Mariah Carey have the talent to be a star for at least another decade?" Please support Mariah by voting here. Also, check out MC on the cover of today's issue of the newspaper! Click on the thumbnail below for an enlarged view.


    Source: The Winnipeg Sun

    Mariah a must-see for fun-loving crowd // 11:41 AM EST Updated by Casey

    The voice, the hits . . . the body.

    When it comes to Mariah Carey’s best assets, local R&B fans got an earful—and eyeful—at the MTS Centre Tuesday night as America’s most diva-licious export descended on downtown Winnipeg.

    Nearly two hours after her dramatic ascent through the upper level of the main stage, curvy Carey had packed over 15 hit songs, five costume changes, and a sneaky strut to the secondary stage into her MTS Centre performance. Add half-a-dozen dancers, a trio of background vocalists, and a handful of musicians to the mix, and this Adventures of Mimi tour stop was as busy as the singer’s glittery get-ups.

    Dressed like a Victoria’s Secret super-villain, Mariah opened up her set with “It’s Like That” from 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi. Within the first four songs, the 36-year-old had delivered hits of three distinct flavours: the hip-hop “It’s Like That,” pop-y “Heartbreaker” and “Dreamlover,” and the dreamy ballad “My All.”

    After praising the home of Winnie the Pooh in her first chat with the crowd, Carey flowed effortlessly—and sometimes breathlessly—between songs, sharing stories with the crowd of 10,000 or casually applying lip gloss by the glow of a mini-flashlight.

    Alternating sexy, leg-baring mini-clothes (skirts, shorts, does it really matter?) with colourful, belly-baring gowns, Mariah’s got the diva thing down pat. Headlining a Carey-quality concert can’t be easy, but it helps when you’ve got high notes, high heels, and hot spotlights on your side.


    Mariah’s mile-high vocals and girly gowns contrasted nicely with Busta Rhymes’ deep bass, back-to-basics opening act. Sampling a decade of studio albums, the New York native opened the show with 45-minutes of catchy beats and call-and-answer interaction with the crowd.

    Promoting his newest release The Big Bang, Busta hit the stage in black and white Big Bang gear alongside loyal (and matching) rapper sidekick Spliff Star. The surprisingly chatty duo kept it clean for the young crowd, delivering fun, PG performances of big hits “I Love My Chick,” “Touch It,” and the Pussy Cat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha.”

    Source: MTS Centre | JusT BlAzE MC

    Mariah Concert in Winnipeg, MB: Setlist & HQ Photos // 11:28 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Last night, Mariah performed at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The concert marked Mariah's first time visiting Winnipeg and performing in the city. MC put on a great show and apparently even performed a snippet of "Love Takes Time" (by request of her backup singers). Below is the concert's setlist as well as some high-quality photos.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Love Takes Time (Snippet)
    15. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    16. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    17. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    18. Hero
    19. We Belong Together
    20. Butterfly Reprise

    HQ Photos:


    Source: Mariah Daily | JusT BlAzE MC | MTS Centre | Photos: Kent Hart

    Tuesday, September 19 , 2006

    June Ambrose: Style Architect // 9:18 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Remember the black garbage bag Missy Elliott rocked in her video for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” or the red shiny suits worn by Puffy and Mase in the “Mo Money, Mo Problems” video? Now meet the woman behind both those looks — celebrity fashion stylist and designer, June Ambrose. Ambrose has shaped the style of some of the biggest names in music including Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Mary J. Blige. In her new book, Effortless Style, she reveals the industry secrets that can help anyone exude genuine star power, regardless of body type or budget. Most recently, Ambrose designed the outfits for Mariah Carey’s “Adventures of Mimi” Tour. Rap-Up spoke with the style architect about her creations for Mariah, whose tour ends October 28 in Hong Kong. Read a more in-depth profile on Ambrose in the Fall 06 issue of Rap-Up, on sale this November.

    How much creative freedom did you get designing for Mariah on her tour?

    A lot of creative freedom, actually. Mariah and I sat down in the earlier parts of the tour and started going through song lists. Having worked on music videos with her before and dealing with her on personal stuff, I kind of know what would be a stretch for her and what could make a really great impression.

    What sort of theme were you going for?

    My objective was to design for an R&B, pop, hip-hop musical with elements of street, Broadway cabaret, and a little bit of that pop girl kind of stuff. The show is supposed to be like all these different sides of her, marrying the three things for “The Adventures of Mimi.” So you see sultry, demure, and all these different things that she goes through. But things change. When you look at a tour from the top of it, it’s very big. When you start running the show, it scales down tremendously and people make changes. But it’s done.

    When you style for Mariah, is there any such thing as being over the top?

    I’m really big at not compromising a person’s self. I worked with her on this album for The Emancipation of Mimi, all of her early promo, the morning shows, and all that. She rendered herself to me where she allowed me to show her other sides and other options of sexy. [The media] called it a makeover, but we played around with a lot of different things and had what we called “moments.” Whether someone sticks to those moments is another thing, but it was right for the times for when we did it.

    June Ambrose’s first book, Effortless Style, is out now on Simon Spotlight Entertainment. You can purchase it here.

    Source: Rap-Up.com | Devin

    Mariah Nabs Three AMA Nominations // 4:14 PM EST Updated by Liron

    For more than a dozen artists, nominations for the American Music Awards came in twos and threes.

    Mariah Carey, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Eyed Peas and Nickelback each captured three nominations, while Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, T.I., Rascal Flatts, Pussycat Dolls and former American Idols Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood earned a pair of nods each.

    Nominees in pop/rock, country, soul/rhythm & blues, rap/hip-hop, Latin, alternative, contemporary inspirational and adult contemporary categories were announced at a news conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    Nominees were chosen based on record sales. Winners will be selected by a survey of about 20,000 listeners.

    Mariah was nominated in the following categories:

    Pop/Rock Female Artist
    Mariah Carey
    Kelly Clarkson
    Nelly Furtado

    Soul/Rhythm & Blues Female Artist
    Mary J. Blige
    Mariah Carey
    Keyshia Cole

    Soul/Rhythm & Blues Album
    The Breakthrough (Mary J. Blige)
    The Emancipation of Mimi (Mariah Carey)
    Unpredictable (Jamie Foxx)

    Congratulations Mariah!

    The 2006 American Music Awards will be presented Nov. 21 at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium during a three-hour ABC-TV special.

    Source: USA Today

    News Tidbits // 10:05 AM EST Updated by Casey

    --Entries for our West Coast/Midwest Fan Book as part of The Mariah Daily Fan Project are still being accepted via westcoastfanbook@gmail.com. Submissions must be received by Monday, October 2, 2006.

    --"All I Want For Christmas Is You" has climbed to the #1 position on iTunes' Top Songs by Mariah Carey download chart.

    --A new DVD containing 15 of Mariah's music videos is due for UK release on Monday, September 25, 2006. Below is a brief description of the compilation, its tracklist, and other technical details.

    All the best music videos from Mariah Carey on one DVD!

    1. Heartbreaker
    2. One Sweet Day
    3. When You Believe
    4. When Ever You Call
    5. My All
    6. Honey
    7. All I Want For Christmas
    8. Breakdown
    9. Always Be My Baby
    10. Forever
    11. Boy
    12. Shake It Off
    13. We Belong Together
    14. Through The Rain
    15. I Know What You Want

    Technical Details
    Actors: Mariah Carey
    Certificate: Exempt from Classification
    Languages: English
    Duration: 1 hour and 27 minutes (approx)
    Region: Region 2 - Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.

    The DVD compilation is available for pre-order at Play.com (UK).

    --Below are scans from the Russian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine as well as a magazine advertisement for Mariah's concert at the Tamar site in Hong Kong, China, on Saturday, October 28, 2006. Click on the thumbnails to view large-scale versions of the scans.

    Hong Kong residents can enter a contest held by MTV Hong Kong for the chance to win two tickets to see Mariah live in concert. Good luck!

    --Reminder: The new album from Mariah's longtime friend and backup singer, Trey Lorenz, hits shelves today! The CD, entitled "Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz - Mr. Mista," can be purchased online via Amazon.com for $17.98.

    Mariah Mentions
    --From The Baltimore Sun: On the cover of W for October there's Miss Jackson, looking rather alien-like in a gold bodysuit. Inside, the soft-spoken, intensely private Janet talks to Jenny Comita, and we learn that her drastic weight gain of 60 pounds was actually for a movie that was postponed. Janet's now out of that picture, which was titled Tennessee. Mariah Carey is attached to the project, but I don't expect Mariah to go all "method" and put on pounds to play a "waitress with a beautiful soul."

    --From The Voice - Jasmine's Juice: Another year a very flashy dude called Kuwayne gave me £50 for a promise of a meeting with Mariah Carey on her next visit and as it was all towards charity, which is close to Mariah’s heart, I accepted.

    He met her and it was all good!

    --From AOL Black Voices: Though [Rodney] Jerkins has worked with everyone from Whitney Houston to Michael Jackson and Madonna, he told me that he'd still love to make music with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Kelly | Richard | Erica | Elmira/Mirik | Bernard

    Monday, September 18 , 2006

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section Updates // 3:29 PM EST Updated by Casey

  • Dallas, TX:
    --Below are Fan Photos taken at Mariah's concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, September 16, 2006. Thanks to Troy! Visit the Dallas page of our "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section for additional photos as well as Fan Reviews from Troy and Robert.

  • Houston, TX:
    --Visit the Houston page of our Tour Section for Fan Reviews from Ralph, DeVante', and Paul. Anyone who attended this concert and took photos they'd like to share, please send an e-mail to tour@mariahdaily.com. Thank you!

  • Detroit, MI:
    --Below are Fan Photos taken at Mariah's concert at the The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan on Saturday, September 9, 2006. Thanks to Pamela! Visit the Detroit page of our Tour Section to view additional photos as well as download newly added Video Clips of Mariah performing "Fantasy" and "Don't Forget About Us." Many thanks to Grasshopper!

  • Wantagh, NY:
    --Below are Fan Photos taken at Mariah's concert at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, New York, on Sunday, September 3, 2006. Thanks to Antonio! Visit the Wantagh page of our Tour Section for additional photos.

  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Troy | Robert | Ralph | DeVante' | Paul | Pamela | Grasshopper | Antonio

    Mimi's "Adventures" Enters Top 20 Concert Tours Chart // 11:28 AM EST Updated by Casey

    The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

    1. (1) Madonna; $6,015,385; $177.53.
    2. (2) Tim McGraw/Faith Hill; $1,539,134; $81.07.
    3. (3) Dave Matthews Band; $1,452,552; $47.88.
    4. (4) Kenny Chesney; $1,380,203; $58.45.
    5. (5) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; $1,156,365; $84.01.
    6. (6) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers; $1,041,831; $49.62.
    7. (New) Mariah Carey; $998,311; $73.26.
    8. (7) American Idols Live; $746,038; $53.83.
    9. (9) Ozzfest; $706,184; $44.83.
    10. (8) Rascal Flatts; $695,999; $44.32.

    Click here to view the chart in its entirety.

    Source: Chicago Tribune | Marc

    The many bags of Mariah // 11:10 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Just what do Mariah Carey and the Washington Redskins have in common? Buses. The Redskins have more, but Mariah's are nicer. While the football team rolled up to the Hotel Crescent Court on Saturday in a police-escorted motorcade of five buses, Mariah made a more demure entrance at the Crescent's sibling hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek.

    At 5 a.m. Friday, Mariah's two tour buses arrived at The Mansion in preparation for her Saturday show at American Airlines Center. It took Mansion valets just under a half-hour to deliver the 100-plus bags brought for Mariah, her two assistants, her hair and makeup person and her Jack Russell terrier (appropriately named Jack).

    To protect her voice, her rooms were stocked with air humidifiers as well as her favorite white flowers.

    Source: Dallas Morning News

    Sunday, September 17 , 2006

    Carey's show full of glitz // 8:27 AM EST Updated by Casey

    DALLAS -- Bringing the glitz of Las Vegas, Mariah Carey stopped at American Airlines Center on Saturday on her Adventures of Mimi tour, where an audience of 12,000 of her best girlfriends gave her a warm welcome.

    The Vegas touch was evident on the handsomely mounted stage and in the battery of performers she brought along: a four-piece band, three backup singers and a crew of gymnastic dancers -- we're talking double flips -- who gave the show an enthralling exuberance.

    Sporting a black-and-silver color scheme, the stage was a stunner, with a theater-style curtain, a backdrop of shimmering silver beads and an elongated curving staircase bordered by butterflies. Later, a marquee-type sign that traced the word MIMI in lights was lowered to the floor as a backdrop.

    Multiple screens and cameras provided different views, including one at the top of the stage, a circular "porthole" that showed only close-ups of Mariah. It all sounds overdone, but it was actually quite classy.

    Carey has cause for celebration. Her 2005 CD, The Emancipation of Mimi, has sold more than 5 million copies and helped her score a major comeback. Her set, broken into segments in which she left the stage for costume changes, culled tracks from the new disc as well as older material.

    Pity that she entered the stage to sing It's Like That in what was basically underwear: a black bra and panties topped with a sheer black, hooded cape. As always with Mariah, it was a whole lot of skin.

    One especially effective moment was on Heartbreaker, a cut from the album Rainbow that features vocals by Jay-Z; he made his contribution on video while four male dancers wearing black pants and shiny black blazers executed a killer number.

    The show started with a video, showing shots of a roller coaster backed by Mariah's voiceover declaring that her life was like, yes, a roller coaster. She ended on the declaration that, if you don't get on the ride, you miss out on the adventure.

    GRADE: B

    Source: Star-Telegram

    Songbird supreme // 8:13 AM EST Updated by Casey

    With Mariah Carey, the voice is everything

    Lord knows that Mariah Carey has taken her lumps over the years.

    There's that nasty business with her ex-husband - former Sony boss Tommy Mottola, whom she divorced (along with Sony Music) in 1998. Cue suspicious run of bad luck and bad timing that hit bottom with the Sept. 11, 2001 album/movie release of Glitter, both of which flopped miserably. There's her reputation for being a "studio rat," a workaholic who labours obsessively to make every note absolutely perfect on record. There's the wacky conspiracy theory that she and her handlers effectively bought their way to the top by flooding the market with cheap or free CD singles.

    There are examples of diva behaviour, the spat with Jennifer Lopez, the stories of being hospitalized for stress-related ailments, the time when she was quoted with a straight face that she still believes in Santa Claus ... and the list goes on.

    One thing remains constant, though: holy frickin' hell, this broad can sing! Never mind J-Lo. Mariah Carey can sing circles around herself. She's that good.

    Fans of that God-given set of pipes are sure to attend next Thursday's performance at Rexall Place - marking the first time Mariah Carey has unleashed her moneymaker live in Edmonton.

    Sometimes it becomes difficult to enjoy the music of an artist when they have a lot of unmusical baggage in the press, as is the case with Michael Jackson or Bono or Paris Hilton.

    After I studiously ignored Mariah Carey for several years - even giving a pass to The Emancipation of Mimi, her 2005 comeback triumph, until recently - she was on the Grammy Awards. Her performance was riveting. While being terribly distracted by her fluttering hand that seemed eager to fly off and start its own solo career, I closed my eyes and was blown away by her voice - a wild, high-flying, five-octave freak of nature so pure, and so perfectly on pitch, it had to have been a computer - only it wasn't. In music, a five-octave range is like the three-minute mile. No one has a five-octave range. She's like that blue alien singer in The Fifth Element. Many have copied her style - along with her annoying tics that have become a hallmark of American Idol contestants - but none can compare in vocal ability.

    Perhaps it's genetic. Her mom was an opera singer. Named for the wind that calls her name in an old song, young Mariah quickly discovered her destiny, singing at the age of three, writing in junior high school, and made a name for herself in the New York music scene. The poor Long Island girl then got discovered by Tommy Mottola - and the rest of this Cinderella story is history. It's frankly a rather boring story, riddled with one chart-topper and award after another, but it goes on for quite a while. She has been called the best-selling female artist in history. Her trophy shelf is certainly one of the largest.

    If there's any cloud in this silver lining of vocal prowess, it's the idea that Mariah is just a big showoff - more concerned with impressing the listener than with expressing emotion. How many syllables can the word "love" have before it starts to lose its meaning? At full throttle this blithering, fluttering, five-octave-spanning songbird obliterates all meaning beyond herself, practically screaming, LISTEN TO ME SING!

    I can remember the Grammy performance vividly, but I honestly can't remember what song Mariah sang. It was probably something from The Emancipation of Mimi. Does this album mark the point at which Mariah Carey's songs have become as important as her voice? Critics doubt it. The album was deemed by the Sun as an "entirely predictable and typical R&B record." Of course, it's predictable and typical only because Mariah Carey was a big part of what made it that way in the first place. In short, the album is no better or worse than any of her previous albums - which is a good thing, given her track record. Mimi was the best-selling record of 2005; and Mariah won three Grammys, though none for best album.

    And who is Mimi? She is quoted in her new record company's press release, "I am embracing my independence and celebrating the person that I have become. Over the years I have evolved into a better person and an even better artist. For the first time in my life, I am proud and unafraid to be who I really am, and that's what the music of this album and its title reflects. By naming my album The Emancipation of Mimi and referencing 'Mimi,' a nickname only used by those closest to me, I am inviting my fans into my life."

    That may be true to a certain extent - she's said in the past that she isn't thrilled with being a public figure - but with that voice, she will always be Mariah to her fans. Besides, They Call the Wind Mimi just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    Source: Edmonton Sun

    Mariah sparkles // 8:06 AM EST Updated by Casey

    POP REVIEW: Songstress hits every note and more at American Airlines Center

    Mimi likes glitter.

    Even though that sparkly stuff denotes a low point in Mariah Carey's otherwise storied career, the much-emulated singer featured it all over her stage and five-costume changes Saturday night at American Airlines Center.It was particularly prominent when she slinked and strutted her way through "Shake It Off," one of the hits from 2005's 6-million-selling triumph The Emancipation of Mimi. Behind her a huge, brightly lit "Mimi" sign flickered as she sashayed in sunglasses, a black bikini and a long, billowing camisole. She looked and sounded sexy, injecting much more vocal power into a catchy, danceable if disposable song that doesn't require it.

    Ms. Carey made sure to showcase her vocal prowess every chance she got. Why waste that five-octave range in front of 12,000 adoring fans, right? Especially since she can still belt it out. Wearing a body-hugging yellow dress with a slit up to there, she dusted off "Vision of Love," her 1990 career-launching smash, to impressive effect. Sure, she gave the song even more vocal acrobatics than it needs, but she hit every note and then some.

    Ditto for her cover of the pop-soul classic "I'll Be There," which she sang with old pal Trey Lorenz. She then gave Mr. Lorenz some time to do songs solo, including a couple of Luther Vandross cuts. That was generous of her, especially since Mr. Lorenz was but a blip nationally in 1992.

    Still, her voice worked hard to be the star of the show, even while multiple video screens, flashy dancers, a two-tiered platform complete with staircase and even a DJ at the turntable threatened to steal all the attention. She played the game, turning hip-hop diva during updated renditions of "Dreamlover" and "Fantasy," which she sang on a riser in the center of the floor.

    Much of Ms. Carey's output post 1995 has been fused with rap and hip-hop in an attempt to keep her current and erase the big-ballad-singer tag she earned early in her canon. Problem is much of the reason the Mimi CD sold so well is that it's filled with expertly crafted, über-contemporary singles that any of today's sexed-up R&B singers could have done.

    She's gotta appeal to the kids, though. So rapper Busta Rhymes served as her opening act, and thrown in during her set were musical and visual snippets of Jermaine Dupri and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. That onstage DJ entertained the crowd with party tunes and shout-outs during one of her dressing-room breaks.

    The next-to-final dress, a flowing green gown, was all glamour. She used some of that elegance in her soaring take on "Hero."

    In some ways it clashed with her seemingly sweet, casual and girl-next-door persona while she chatted with the crowd. No matter. For a superstar who's had an erratic live-concert trajectory, Saturday night's gig bathed her in the right kind of glitter.

    Source: Dallas Morning News

    Mariah Concert in Dallas, TX: Setlist // 4:28 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah performed tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX. This was her second time performing in Dallas; she performed in the city in 2003 as well for the Charmbracelet Tour. Below is the setlist from the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06.Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    -- Begin "B" Stage
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11.Always Be My Baby
    --End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14.Thank God I Found You (Snippet) with Trey
    15. One Sweet Day (Snippet) with Trey
    16. Hero
    17. We Belong Together
    18. Butterfly Reprise


    Source: Stewart

    Friday, September 15 , 2006

    Download: Mariah's Chicago "Adventure" // 9:59 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Click on the links below to download audio (MP3) of Mariah's entire concert at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, on Monday, September 11, 2006.

    Audio Files

    01. "Life Can Be Kinda Like A Rollercoaster Ride"
    02. It's Like That
    03. Heartbreaker
    04. Dreamlover
    05. My All
    06. Shake It Off
    07. DJ Clue Intermission #1
    08. Vision of Love
    09. Fly Like a Bird
    10. I'll Be There
    11. Trey Lorenz Solo Medley
    12. Fantasy
    13. Don't Forget About Us
    14. Always Be My Baby
    15. Honey
    16. DJ Clue Intermission #2
    17. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    18. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    19. Hero
    20. We Belong Together
    21. Butterfly Reprise

    Many thanks to Vijay!

    Fan Photos

    Visit the Chicago page of our "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section for additional photos. Thanks to Terry and Liu Chuan/Patrick!

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vijay | Terry | Liu Chuan/Patrick

    Carey's multiple personalities come out -- in a good way // 7:33 PM EST Updated by Casey

    "I'm having my diva moment," Mariah Carey cooed to the crowd late into her Thursday night show at Toyota Center.

    The singer had just returned to the stage after a quick costume change (her fourth of of the evening), resplendent in a flowing seafoam green gown with peek-a-boo cut-outs. As she lapped up the adulation of more than 10,000 fans, a few strains of I Wish You Knew, an old-school soul track off 2005's The Emancipation of Mimi, played in the background.

    Carey has played many roles in her staggeringly successful career: winsome ingenue, hip-hop princess, fashion victim and -- pre-Mimi -- faded glitter girl. All are on display at various moments in her "Adventures of Mimi Tour."

    But wordly diva -- with a knowing wink -- seems to suit her best, and during her 100-minute set, Carey played the part with exuberance, confidence and delicious abandon. (This was her first major appearance in Houston; 2003's "Charmbracelet" tour only came as close as Dallas.)

    She strutted across the stage in dangerously high heels, sported sunglasses when the stage lights were too bright and took regular breaks to sip on her bottle of water. The crowd, many of whom sported butterfly wings and displayed homemade signs, ate it up.

    And then there's that voice. Throughout the evening, Carey did things with her instrument that most pop singers wouldn't even attempt in the privacy of their shower. The trademark shrieks came early, during the disco-throwback Heartbreaker and fluffy pop-charmer Dreamlover.

    "It's no big secret that my life has always been kinda like a rollercoaster," Carey told the cheering crowd via an introductory video clip, complete with amusement-park imagery. "If you don't get on the ride, you won't experience the adventure."

    She assumed the starting position amid the strains of sing-along party-starter It's Like That, the first of five radio hits from her Emancipation opus. It was a moment of extreme urban elegance. Carey, surprisingly toned and tanned to a honey-brown, swayed to the hip-pop beat in what looked like designer lingerie, surrounded by a stable of frenetic dancers.

    Her four-piece band and three backup singers were spread evenly over a mammoth stage that featured a winding staircase, multiple video screens and Carey's initials stamped in various places. It looked like the entrance to a grand ballroom -- in Carey's house, of course.

    She tore through her cavernous catalog with aplomb and kept things fresh with tweaks on signature hits. Mournful ballad My All morphed into a house remix, and Heartbreaker benefited from a stop-start reworking before settling into the original version.

    Recent hit Shake It Off found Carey posing in front of a mammoth, illuminated "MIMI" sign, similar to the music video. DJ Clue spun old-school favorites that kept the crowd pumping during Carey's costume changes.

    Mimi (the diva, not the sign) worked the crowd in a glittering canary-yellow dress -- cut-outs and slit included -- during debut hit Vision of Love and rousing gospel stomper Fly Like a Bird. Carey's slightly raspy voice added a layer of emotion to both songs, particularly Vision, which was first released almost two decades ago.

    Singer Trey Lorenz joined in for a sweet take on I'll Be There before Carey disappeared, then resurfaced, on a stage in the middle of the arena. An army of security guards lined the aisles as fans clamored for a closer look and, just maybe, a touch.

    It was here, so close to her fans, that Carey seemed to really come alive, relaxing her superstar persona a bit and just vibing with the music. She kept it all upbeat -- and acknowledged the disco ball above -- via uptempo stand-outs Fantasy, Don't Forget About Us and Always Be My Baby. It was the evening's most electric interlude.

    Houston rapper Mike Jones took the microphone for a few solo verses as Carey wiggled backstage into that seafoam green gown. She returned and ripped through a quick medley of ballads (Can't Let Go, Thank God I Found You, One Sweet Day) before launching into radio staple Hero. It was Carey's own greatest-love moment, complete with swaying hands and shots of misty-eyed fans.

    Carey brought her Adventure to a close (before one last change into a glittering, nude-colored gown) with We Belong Together, her mammoth summertime hit that -- in a sure sign of eternal invasion -- has invaded dance floors, high-school proms and weddings.

    She danced around the song's lilting melody before nailing the final third with a string of go-for-broke notes. It ended with an explosion of pink and purple confetti -- in the shape of butterflies, of course -- fluttering through the arena.

    Carey, Mimi or MC -- take your pick -- seems to have finally assumed her rightful place among music's premiere pop queens.

    Source: Houston Chronicle - SetList | S Monica

    Mariah Concert in Houston, TX: Setlist & Tidbits // 10:57 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Last night, Mariah performed at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Below is the concert's setlist as well as tidbits regarding the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    15. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    16. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    17. Hero
    18. We Belong Together
    19. Butterfly Reprise

    --Busta Rhymes opened the show at 8:15pm and concluded at 8:50pm. His set included a performance of "I Know What You Want."

    --Mariah took the stage at 9:20pm with the show ending at approximately 11:00pm.

    --The setlist was fairly consistent with previous concerts, although "Make It Happen" was excluded.

    --Houston based rapper Mike Jones made an appearance prior to Mariah performing on the "B" stage.

    --Mariah had the regular wardrobe aside from a "B" stage ensemble which consisted of a denim top and skirt.

    --Apparently, Roger Clemens of the Houston Astros attended the concert.

    Source: Ralph | DeVante'

    Thursday, September 14 , 2006

    Reminder: Bid on Mariah's Roberto Cavalli Gown // 11:10 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Click here to bid on the Roberto Cavalli gown which Mariah wore to Antonio "L.A." Reid's birthday bash in New York. The gown is up for auction through Clothes Off Our Back Foundation. Proceeds from the auction benefit the emergency relief efforts in Darfur, Children's Defense Fund and Cure Autism Now.

    Note: The auction ends September 15.

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Clothes Off Our Back

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Box Score Update // 10:42 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Billboard has published the box scores for Mariah's concerts in Albany and Wantagh in New York state.

    Venue: Pepsi Arena
    City/State: Albany, NY
    Event Dates: September 1, 2006
    Gross Sales: $449,248
    Attend / Capacity: 6,519 / 6,519 (100%)
    Prices: $157.50 - $37.50

    Venue: Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
    City/State: Wantagh, NY
    Event Dates: September 3, 2006
    Gross Sales: $654,534
    Attend / Capacity: 11,725 / 13,855 (84.6%)
    Prices: $93 - $53

    Totals Reported To Date:
    Dates: 12
    Gross: $11,030,599
    Attend / Capacity: 150,024 / 159,122 (94.3%)
    Average gross per date: $919,216

    Previously reported box score figures can be found at our tour section, in our newly added box scores page.

    Source: Billboard | Vag

    Entertainment Weekly: Summer's Tours de Force // 9:16 PM EST Updated by Casey

    How hot are this season's hottest tickets? EW finds out.

    Aug. 23, 2006
    Madison Square Garden, NYC

    THE EVENT: On this hometown stop of her three-month Adventures of Mimi tour across the U.S., Canada, Tunisia, Japan, and Hong Kong, the singer performed the hits from her 2005 comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi, along with 10 of her 17 No. 1 classics.

    COST OF TICKET: $19.50-$154.50

    OPENING ACT: Dancehall star Sean Paul

    GUESTS: Da Brat, Jay-Z, Diddy, Jadakiss and Styles P from the Lox, Trey Lorenz, and DJ Clue.

    ONSTAGE BANTER: When Rev. Clarence Keaton from Brooklyn's True Worship Church failed to join his gospel choir on stage for a rendition of "Fly Like a Bird," Carey stopped the show—midsong—and threw a hissy fit: "Where's my pastor? I'm not trying to be a diva, but we went over this! This is not staged, FYI."

    SPECIAL EFFECTS: A blinking "MIMI" sign that descended during "Shake It Off"—apparently to distract from Carey's inability to do more than teeter on high heels while waving a hand in the air.

    ENCORE: "We Belong Together," followed by an explosion of fuchsia and purple butterfly-shaped confetti.

    BOTTOM-LINE: Carey's voice was consistently superb, but despite four costume changes, she failed to hit the right notes with her skimpy wardrobe. And her dancers' outdated choreography couldn't make up for her lack of showmanship.
    B-—Margeaux Watson

    Source: Entertainment Weekly | Scan & Text: Mariah Daily

    Wednesday, September 13 , 2006

    Weekly Soundscan Numbers // 3:43 PM EST Updated by Liron

    The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
    Billboard 200: #190 (Last Week #197)
    Sales this week: 4,193 (+3%)
    Total sales: 5,704,060

    In its 74th week on the Billboard 200, "The Emancipation of Mimi" is up 7 spots from last week with a 3% sales increase, passing the 5.7 million sales mark.

    Source: SoundScan | Marc

    Mariah sets her chart toppers in glamor // 7:58 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey's globetrotting "Adventures of Mimi" tour arrived at the United Center on Monday night with the glitz of a top-dollar Las Vegas spectacle.

    The split-level stage was smartly decorated with an oversized staircase and butterfly railing, along with tiered platform risers for the musicians and a star-spangled velvet backdrop. Following a filmed montage which described Carey's true-life adventures as a roller coaster (apparently, the merely platinum-selling "Glitter" provided a particularly harrowing plunge earthward), Carey entered in a matching black silk cape and bikini, determined to prove that glamor wasn't confined to the set decorations.

    The show featured four segments in total, each punctuated by new costumes, and at least two of Carey's seventeen Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers.

    Carey began with "It's Like That," a declaration of personal renewal from 2005's comeback effort, "The Emancipation of Mimi." "Heartbreaker," a No. 1 single from 1999's "Rainbow" album, followed. With the album version's overlapping vocals dialed back, a song emerged exhibiting similarity to Tom Tom Club's 1981 dance hit "Genius of Love" (itself the basis of "Fantasy" from Carey's 1995 "Daydream" CD).

    Though noted for sheer vocal strength, Carey restrained her prowess for the intimate and lovesick "My All," the first act's most affecting performance. During "Shake It Off," Carey's nickname, Mimi, descended from the rafters in enormous, brightly lit letters, a la Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special.

    Following an intermission overseen by DJ Clue, Carey returned in a sequined yellow gown to sing her 1990 debut single "Vision of Love." Sixteen years later, the song remains a showcase for Carey's range as a pop-soul belter, with minimal emphasis on vocal gymnastics (at least until the song's coda). Carey's flamboyant skills were unleashed during songs like the glass-shattering gospel chorus of "Fly Like a Bird." Enormous cheers erupted anytime Carey approached her stratospheric high notes. Longtime backup singer Trey Lorenz joined Carey for a duet on the Jackson Five's 1970 hit "I'll Be There," a partnership featured on 1992's "MTV Unplugged" album. Lorenz then took a brief solo turn, during which he encountered difficulty finding his pitch while covering Luther Vandross' "A House Is Not a Home."

    During act three, "Honey" seemed more like an exercise in hip-hop production than a coherent song. Those hip-hop elements, however, have been increasingly important to Carey's music since this single from 1997's "Butterfly" album hit No. 1. Carey began fusing pop with hip-hop ahead of the pop radio trend -- a significant factor in her remarkable return to chart prominence following the dual commercial flops of "Glitter" and "Charmbracelet."

    Carey's embrace was recognized and reciprocated last Thursday in Atlanta, as she claimed five honors at Billboard's 2006 R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, including best overall artist.

    The set concluded as Carey remembered the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. "One Sweet Day" offered the promise of loved ones reunited in the hereafter. "Hero" was dedicated to those who saved lives or perished during attempts to help as the World Trade Center fell. Despite the grim topic, the memorial seemed a genuine expression of community, and appropriate to the occasion.

    Source: Chicago Sun-Times

    News Tidbits // 3:47 AM EST Updated by Liron

    --A mini biography of Mariah is today's "Feature Article" on Wikipedia's main page. Click here to see a screen capture of it.

    --Mimi kicks it in mid-drift blouses and mini skirts when she wants to feel like an around-the-way girl, but a tight-fitting gown does the trick when she needs to strike a diva pose. Click here to cast your vote: Mariah is better off... dressed up or dressed down?

    --Krayzie Bone of "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" talked to MTV News about the band's upcoming album, expected in late 2006: "We got Mariah Carey. She promised that she was gonna do a song with us once, and she kept her promise."

    --New Yorkers, if you ever pass by "Ray's Pizza" at the corner of 52nd street and 8th avenue, be sure to go in and say hello to Mariah! Check out this picture of Mariah visiting the place which is hung at the diner's wall!

    --According to Yahoo! Pulse, "Don't Forget About Us" (Pepsi Smash performance) is the #1 top video new exclusive. "The Adventures of Mimi" is the 6th most in demand concert tour.

    --Reminder: Two Mariah DVDs were released today by Sony Music. Here are the descriptions for both releases:

  • MTV Unplugged +3
    Recorded in 1992, this unforgettable performance features Mariah backed by an all-star band in the most intimate of settings. Included are the #1 hits "Emotions," Someday" and the Jackson 5 classic "I'll Be There" featuring Trey Lorenz.

    MTV Unplugged Performances
    1. Emotions
    2. If It's Over
    3. Someday
    4. Vision of Love
    5. Make It Happen
    6. I'll Be There
    7. Can't Let Go

    The 'Emotions' Videos
    1. Make It Happen
    2. Can't Let Go
    3. Emotions (Extended 12" Version)

    Plus an exclusive interview, behind-the-scenes footage and Mariah's home movies.

    Total running time: Approx. 52 minutes.

  • Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey, filmed at the legendary Proctor's Theatre in Upstate New York, captures Mariah's immense range as a singer, and now as a performer. Features unforgettable renditions of her numerous #1 hit singles, including "Vision of Love," "Emotions," "I'll Be There," "Dreamlover" and more.

    Mariah Carey was originally broadcast as Mariah's Thanksgiving NBC Special. This special home video package includes additional behind-the-scenes footage and a bonus music video of the #1 single "Dreamlover."

    1. Emotions
    2. Hero
    3. Someday
    4. Without You
    5. Make It Happen
    6. Dreamlover
    7. Love Takes Time
    8. Anytime You Need A Friend
    9. Vision of Love
    10. I'll Be There
    11. Dreamlover (music video)

    Total running time: Approx. 60 minutes.
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Mariah Daily | Danny | AOL | Markus | Marc

    Chart Flashback: Honey & My All // 3:19 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Entertainment Weekly recently reviewed two of Mariah's songs from their "Chart Flashback" section of the web site. Read below to hear what they had to say!

    1. ''Honey,'' Mariah Carey
    I'm gonna get letters — because I get letters every single time I write about Mariah Carey — but is this the one where she rides the Jet Ski in the video? That's really the only reaction I have to this song: It's The One With The Jet Ski. Maybe my ambivalence is because she never really busts it out here, except in a little descant thing accompanying her breathy repetition of the chorus — and I pretty much only listen to Mariah Carey songs to hear her bust it out. To the song's credit, though, it did give us the immortal phrase, ''Mari-yah/ You're on fi-yah,'' which, unless I am mistaken, comes straight from the mouth of none other than... Puff Daddy! I hereby crown him the King of 1997. And next week I will be retreating back to the safety of the '80s, where Mr. Combs is nowhere to be found, because I've officially had enough. B+

    9. ''My All,'' Mariah Carey
    Confession time: I've never been the biggest Mariah Carey fan... but if I had to choose, this is the Mariah I'd want to hang with. She kept the vocal histrionics to a minimum on this ballad — the one that broke Diana Ross' record for most No. 1 hits by a female artist, FYI — just grazing the surface of the accompanying Spanish-tinged guitar as she quietly, desperately begs her lover to come back. Even when she lets it out ('''Cause I can't go oh-OH-oh-aw-ohn / Living in the memory of your song''), she reins it right back in. For a woman whose strong suit has rarely been self-control, this is a major accomplishment. B+

    Source: EW.com | Jason

    Mariah in Chicago, IL: Setlist & Tidbits // 2:42 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah performed on Monday in Chicago, IL at the United Center. She was on stage 9:30 PM and performed for about an hour and a half.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06.Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    -- Begin "B" Stage
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11.Always Be My Baby
    --End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. One Sweet Day (Snippet) with Trey
    15. Hero
    16. We Belong Together
    17. Butterfly Reprise

    --Da Brat was a special guest and performed with Mariah during the "Heartbreaker" and "Honey" remixes.

    --Mariah dedicated "One Sweet Day" to the families and friends of victims of the 9/11 attacks. Some fans brought American flags in the front row, and Mariah asked the cameraman to show them on the screens.

    --Aladerri was able to deliver the East Coast Fan Book to Mariah following the show. He says Mariah said "You guys are the best... I love you!". Thank you to Aladerri for all his help with this project!

    --The arena was packed and looked to be sold out.

    --One fan had a sign that said "Whenever You Call" was his wedding song; Mariah said she couldn't perform it for him, but she did sing out the name of the song to the tune.

    Comments from Fans:
    -- "She SOUNDED amazing!!!!!! ... She brought Trey out to do IBT and it came out really nice ... IT sounds so much better in person i like it more now!!!!!!" --Danny

    --"She went on and did the normal set-list, although I think FLAB was better in person! You wouldn't believe how beautiful she is until you see her. The pictures online don't do her justice!" -- jbachelor

    --"I can't see her getting any negative reviews for this concert. It was just incredible!! Words can't even begin to express the amount of fun I had. I'm still on a high that will probably last awhile." -- coolbruhluvsmc

    Check back later for photos and videos from this concert.

    Source: Nicole | Danny | Aladerri

    Christmas Fan Project // 2:20 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Some fans have gotten together to put together a unique gift for Mariah this Christmas. They are looking for fans to help put together a cookbook for Mariah. Check out the details below to see how you can help!

    "This is a brand-new, unique Christmas project for the one and only Miss Mariah Carey. A cookbook, entitled "Lamb Confidential: So So Kitch", is going to be put together by Drea (a.k.a. temptadrea) , Leo (a.k.a. butterflied), and I (Maureen a.k.a. salsalamby), but we need YOUR participation. We want all of you to send in recipes for foods that are reflective of your heritage or where you currently live. The recipes can be holiday related or not, and can be any type of food (ex. appetizer, main course, dessert).

    * All recipes must include a list of ingredients and cooking instructions.

    * If you'd like to, you may include a picture of what the finished dish should look like.

    * Please include your NAME, LOCATION, and what country/place/etc. your recipe comes from.

    * You may submit your entries in a message at the Lamb Confidential: So So Kitch MySpace page or e-mail them to lambconfidential@yahoo.com

    * All entries must be received by November 25, 2006. A picture of the finished book will be posted on the Fan Club message board and on the project's MySpace page. The book will be sent to Mariah by December 15th."

    Source: Maureen

    It's Maximum 'Mimi' // 1:32 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    In 2003, the last time Mariah Carey played Chicago, she walked the stage in a haze, her reputation still on the mend following one of the more public career meltdowns in recent memory, her mind somewhere else. A few years down the line, she's once again thriving commercially, with "The Emancipation of Mimi" the top-selling album of 2005, at six million and counting. By any measure, it's been one heck of a comeback.

    As demonstrated by her efficient and mostly just-right set at the United Center on Monday night, Carey's definitely back on track. Yes, the smile permanently stretched across her face was sometimes creepy and cold rather than warm and inviting, and her stage moves occasionally seemed more about hitting her marks than connecting with the crowd. But Carey also looked comfortable and confident, a feeling no doubt bolstered by the near-capacity crowd.

    Of course, divas being divas, Carey couldn't just leave it at that. The stage often felt cluttered with dancers, band members, singers, video screens and giant light-up "Mimi" marquees, while indulgent sets by her deejay and backup singer Trey Lorenz took up valuable set time while Carey changed into a series of barely-there outfits. It's Carey's voice that made her famous, not her body, and fans deserved a real performance that spotlighted that instrument. Instead, they got the predicable Vegas-style glamour-and-glitz-gone-bling show.

    Maybe that was the idea. That famous voice, always a thing of virtuosity but not necessarily a thing of beauty or soul, was not always in peak form. If Carey somehow hit the freakishly high notes in "Heartbreaker," she had a rougher time with the mid-range material, often betraying a bit of a rasp. All those stage distractions served as convenient misdirection, allowing her to step briefly out of the spotlight (or away from the mic) when she needed to catch her breath or recover from a vocal blast.

    The result could have been disastrous, but Carey handled the rocky octave shifts and unnecessary sojourns to a satellite stage well. If anything, the subtle cracks in her singing brought her further down to earth, lending songs such as "Vision of Love" and "Fantasy" a grittier quality than their too-eager-to-please studio counterparts.

    The only time the set threatened to topple into self-indulgence came when Carey shifted the night into the obligatory 9/11 tribute, but it was a modest one. Maybe the next time out she'll shrink everything else down too. After all, what better way to make yourself look larger than life than to make everything around you disappear, until all that's left is that big, big voice.

    Source: The Chicago Tribune | Aladerri

    Carey's R&B puts her voice at center stage // 1:27 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Did you realize life is like a rollercoaster? Like, it has its ups and it has its downs - get it?

    That clichéd gem came courtesy of Mariah Carey in the opening segment of her show at the United Center Monday.

    "Whatever kills you makes you stronger," she added. She should know. The show was a survivor's comeback, not the personal kind, but of commerce.

    The 36-year-old singer was counted out earlier this decade when she suffered both an album and movie flop, a reported emotional breakdown that resulted in concert appearances best described as train wrecks. It's not everyday when record conglomerates write checks to make their stars go away but that's what happened in 2002 when Virgin Records handed Carey $28 million to break her contract.

    Then arrived "The Emancipation of Mimi" (Island/Def Jam), an album that happened to be very good. It became the best-selling album of 2005.

    Carey was in an up mood Monday and her confidence glowed. Unlike previous tours designed to fawn on her celebrity lifestyle, this was a stripped-down R&B affair. Backed by a four-piece band and three backup singers, Carey created an entertaining evening that focused on her essential talent: her voice. Over ballads and uptempo gospel revelry, Carey bounced between opposite extremes, from gruff, scratchy tones to bird chirping highs. Despite her legendary dexterity, she never worked the songs like a showoff; she dug into her best material - from the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" to the recent dancefloor jam "It's Like That" - with pacing that found pleasure in the songs and brought it forth with sumptuous depth.

    The show was slim by most standards - 16 songs in 95 minutes - with plenty of time allowed for costume changes, four total. Yet this suited the singer who operates best in segments with little opportunity to go off track. The show emphasized her ballads and older, more carefree hits rather than the jittery, club thumping hip-hop of her current album. Chicago rapper Da Brat made two cameos but they were brief. Pulling back rather than setting off bombast is not typical diva behavior, but Carey demonstrated that a more subdued backdrop makes her vocal torch brighter.

    Not to say Carey shrank into humility. Here was a singer with a roadie whose sole job was to bring her tissues. She played things big without the anxiety of her earlier days - what other singer can strut around in just her underwear and a cape and still have a childlike charm on songs like "Heartbreaker?"

    Unlike most divas, Carey stands out due to her common touch. Although her flag-waving tribute to Sept. 11 seemed perfunctory at the end, she was more in element up to that point. During the disco of "Don't Forget About Us," Carey stood alone on a second stage positioned in the center of the stadium floor, a disco ball shining above her head. Even though it was an illusion, the wall between singer and audience briefly vanished and both were united in having a very good time.

    Source: The Daily Herald

    Monday, September 11 , 2006

    "The Adventures of Mimi" Box Score Update: 3 More Sellouts! // 8:25 PM EST Updated by Liron

    Billboard has just published the box scores for Mariah's concerts in Toronto, New York, Montreal, Boston and New Jersey.

    Venue: Air Canada Centre
    City/State: Toronto, Ontario
    Event Dates: August 13 & August 29, 2006
    Gross Sales: $2,039,161
    Attend / Capacity: 27,064 / 27,064 (100%)
    Shows / Sellouts: 2 / 2
    Prices: $109.50 - $18

    Venue: Madison Square Garden
    City/State: New York, NY
    Event Dates: August 23, 2006
    Gross Sales: $1,300,140
    Attend / Capacity: 13,930 / 13,930 (100%)
    Shows / Sellouts: 1 / 1
    Prices: $150 - $19

    Venue: Bell Centre
    City/State: Montreal, Quebec
    Event Dates: August 15, 2006
    Gross Sales: $1,046,560
    Attend / Capacity: 13,200 / 14,161 (93%)
    Prices: $125 - $19.50

    Venue: TD Banknorth Garden
    City/State: Boston, MA
    Event Dates: August 21, 2006
    Gross Sales: $1,034,794
    Attend / Capacity: 11,993 / 14,922 (80%)
    Prices: $127 - $17

    Venue: Continental Airlines Arena
    City/State: East Rutherford, NJ
    Event Dates: August 27, 2006
    Gross Sales: $1,076,790
    Attend / Capacity: 12,697 / 13,525 (94%)
    Prices: $150 - $19.50

    Source: Billboard | Vag

    Mariah Carey Balances Singing, Showmanship at Palace // 5:48 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    AUBURN HILLS - Say what you will about playing it safe, but Mariah Carey was careful to hedge her bets on Saturday night at the Palace.

    "They kept telling me, 'Don't say Detroit. Say Michigan,' " the pop diva, playing her first-ever full-fledged concert in the metro area, told the crowd of 13,000-plus. "I'm trying to say both. We've got to talk about this later."

    A sense of place, however, wasn't as important to Carey as a sense of self. In an introductory video, she spoke of living a life that's been like a roller coaster - full of ups and downs, get it? - and how it's given her "a deeper kind of faith" and the realization that "if you don't get on the ride, you don't experience the adventures."

    Over the next 100 minutes, however, Carey's sojourn was that of a virtuoso vocalist existing in a pop and hip-hop world - succeeding far more often than not but occasionally letting herself be sold short by some of the perceived strictures that come with being a multi-platinum artist.

    The conflict at Saturday's show - part of Carey's The Adventures Of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour trek - pit her primary appeal as a singer, all seven-octaves, against the seeming desire to be a skin-bearing queen of hip-hop soul in her own right. That meant five costume changes into some highly unflattering, midriff-baring outfits and stiff production numbers on the two-tiered stage in which six dancers twirled around a clearly ill-at-east Carey during "It's Like That," "Heartbreaker" and "Shake it Off."

    Fortunately, most of the show eschewed such trappings and let Carey's voice carry the show. She perceptibly loosened up in the second of the show's four "acts," delivering strong versions of "Vision of Love" and "Fly Like a Bird." And her stint on a second stage situated in the middle of the Palace floor - which Carey entered and exited with the help of a carefully deployed security batallion - was the night's strongest segment; besides performing "Fantasy" and "Don't Forget About Us," Carey also responded to a request on a fan's sign by tossing in a short a capella bit of "Melt Away," a nicely unscripted moment that injected some personality to the evening's script.

    There were plenty of diversions throughout the night. Rappers such as Jay-Z, Mase and the late ODB made taped "guest appearances" on the video screens - which were effectively used to accent the show as well as beam close-ups of Carey. Backup singer Trey Lorenz previewed some songs from his upcoming debut album during one of Carey's outfit changes. And she took time to hype her souvenir lip gloss, directing the spotlight operators to shut down while she demonstrated the lighted mirror that was part of the packaging.

    But the show's most notable and memorable remained Carey's vocal performances, whether it was snippets of "I Wish You Knew" and "Thank God I Found You" or full treatments of "Honey," "Hero" and "We Belong Together." That will always be the strength she should lead with - in Detroit, Michigan or points beyond.

    Source: The Oakland Press

    Download: Detroit Concert Video Files/Photos // 7:24 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Click on the links below to download video files of performances and view photos from Mariah's concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan on Saturday, September 9, 2006.

    Video Clips

    00. "Life Can Be Kinda Like A Rollercoaster Ride" - MPG
    01. It's Like That - MPG
    02. Heartbreaker - MPG
    03. Dreamlover - MPG P1 | MPG P2
    04. My All - MPG
    05. Shake It Off - MPG
    06. Vision of Love - MPG
    07. Fly Like a Bird - MPG
    08. I'll Be There - MPG
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Melt Away (A Cappella Snippet) - AVI
    12. Always Be My Baby - AVI
    13. Honey
    14. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    15. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    16. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    17. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    18. Hero
    19. We Belong Together
    20. Butterfly Reprise

    Additional videos will be added soon! Many thanks to Grasshopper!

    Fan Photos

    Visit the Detroit page of our "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour Section for additional photos. Thanks to Krissy and Michele!

    Related Updates:
  • Check out the Washington page for newly added photos and reviews.
  • Visit the Toronto page to download a video clip of Mariah performing "Don't Forget About Us." Many thanks to Cara!
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    Source: Mariah Daily | Grasshopper | Krissy | Michele | Cara

    Carey: Mimi or Me-Me? // 5:11 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Discussing Mariah Carey can be as divisive as talking politics or football; before entering the fray, you need a steadfast stance, hard supporting evidence and, in the end, a willingness to drop the issue, unresolved.

    Take her Thursday night performance at Verizon Center, for example, after which the streets echoed with mini-arguments: Which one of her ballads was the most heartfelt? Was the singer too chunky to be wearing glorified lingerie? Does she put on a better show than Beyonce?

    But after seeing her live, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Even 16 years into her career, she's got a voice like a Ferrari. When she wants to take you for a ride, she kicks it into gear and floors it until your ears feel like they're going to pop.

    Miss Carey's stop in the District was part of her current Adventures of Mimi tour, which follows the mega-success of her 2005 album, "The Emancipation of Mimi." More resurrection than emancipation, the disc marks the pop queen's return to rule after an all-too-public coup d'etat. For the tunes she sang and co-wrote on "Mimi," Miss Carey secured three Grammys and a mountain of other accolades. The disc became the best-selling album of 2005, proving that the diva still knows how to dominate charts and dance floors alike.

    At Verizon, the songstress showed Washingtonians just how well her fresh tracks fit into her oeuvre. She mixed recent chart-toppers like the booty-shaking "It's Like That" and slow jam "Don't Forget About Us" with perennials like the upbeat "Fantasy" and tear-jerking "Hero." (The Jumbotron showed people crying. Seriously.)

    Despite the rumors that have plagued the singer throughout her reign that her voice is going, she proved otherwise, managing equal parts belt and croon. That's not to say she didn't hit a few flats, drop a few notes, or de-emphasize some parts you wanted her to nail; it's just that her machine is so impressive this hardly matters.

    What is harder to overlook is the ego fueling this drive train.

    Lest anyone forget her initials during the concert, the stage was framed by a behemoth M-shape, its middle pointing below to center stage, where a 5-foot-tall silver "MC" emblem rested. Later, an illuminated MIMI sign -- so bright the star put on shades -- dropped from the ceiling.

    Miss Carey's costume choices also displayed her, uh, confidence. She first appeared in a glittery black bikini thing "covered" by a matching dressing gown, and subsequent peek-a-boo dresses didn't conceal much more.

    While she changed outfits some four times, the impromptu talent showcases for her DJ, back-up singers and dancers reeked of mediocrity (no offense, DJ Clue, Trey Lorenz and Da Brat) -- perhaps purposely so that no one would upstage the diva.

    But most caustic was Miss Carey's insincere banter. She repeatedly queried, "Do you know this one?" and dropped her album titles as if everyone in the audience hadn't listened to each five thousand times.

    During "Hero," the artist grasped a bouquet of sunflowers an audience member had passed toward the stage. "I'm gonna put these right here," she told the fan as she scuffled her stilettos stage right, chucking the flowers onto the ground without stooping down even an inch. "Thank you, baby," she said, batting her false eyelashes.

    So she's a little high-maintenance, maybe a little temperamental; just because the clutch sticks doesn't mean those moments of sheer unadulterated power felt in, say, her classic "Vision of Love" are any less breathtaking.

    Coupled with opener Sean Paul's boisterous dance-hall set, brought to life by bootylicious dancers who taught everyone how to wind and clap (and I'm not talking hands here), the evening provided many opportunities for dancing, singing-along, and future debates among friends.

    Source: The Washington Times

    Sunday, September 10 , 2006

    The Detroit News Review: Mariah Carey shines at the Palace // 9:13 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Pop, hip-hop and R&B diva Mariah Carey performed her first-ever Detroit concert Saturday night, and proved to a crowd of more than 13,000 fans that it was well worth the wait.

    Carey's 90-minute concert featured wall-to-wall hits from nearly every era of her career (unsurprisingly, her disappointing "Glitter" and "Charmbracelet" CDs were overlooked entirely), and aside from a number of tacky wardrobe choices and abbreviated versions of some of her hits, the show was pretty close to magical.

    Carey is not a dancer like Janet Jackson, nor is her stage show as elaborate or metaphorical as Madonna's.

    Carey's strength is her voice, and that amazing, soaring instrument was what took center stage Saturday night - there was no lip-syncing to be had - and it towered in songs such as the gospel-flavored "Fly Like a Bird" and her first-ever hit, "Vision of Love."

    Carey - who took the stage wearing a black bikini-type number, accented by a flowing sheer cape and with black stilettos on her feet - was joined on stage by a band, three backup singers, a half-dozen dancers and a smattering of well-placed wind machines.

    She opened with "It's Like That," the opening track from her 2005 career-resuscitating "The Emancipation of Mimi" CD, and assertively rolled through a number of hits such as "My All," "Shake It Off" and "Fantasy."

    She made room for a number of spontaneous moments in the show, reacting to a fan holding up a fan asking for her to sing "Melt Away" by belting out the song's chorus a capella, and even took time to plug her "Mimi" lip gloss on stage by applying it between songs.

    "I can't wait until you review this, 'She was so ridiculous she pulled out her lip gloss on stage,' and I don't really care!" she said.

    Carey's curvy body was in full display Saturday, as she slipped into a number of skin-baring gowns which featured more slits than fabric.

    Though her choice of attire may earn her a spot on Mr. Blackwell's worst-dressed list, she was confident in her body and that confidence shone through in her performance.

    Source: The Detroit News Online

    Concert in Detroit, MI: Setlist // 4:07 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah performed tonight at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI. Below is the setlist from the show; aside from the regular setlist, Mariah sang a snippet of "Melt Away" by fan request.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06.Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    -- Begin "B" Stage
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Melt Away (Snippet, by fan request)
    12.Always Be My Baby
    --End "B" Stage
    13. Honey
    14. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    15. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    16. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet) with Trey
    17. One Sweet Day (Snippet) with Trey
    18. Hero
    19. We Belong Together
    20. Butterfly Reprise


    Source: HuntingtonM15

    Saturday, September 9 , 2006

    Mimi's back on top // 5:20 AM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey makes rare Detroit stop to reconnect with her fans

    Over the last 16 years, Mariah Carey has been one of the most talked-about artists in pop music, selling more than 61 million albums in the U.S. alone -- more than Michael Jackson, just shy of Madonna -- and earning an astonishing 17 No. 1 singles.

    It's about time she played a concert in Detroit.

    The multi-octave diva with the voice that can shatter windshields has performed in Detroit before, during sporting events such as the 1990 NBA Finals and last year's Thanksgiving Day Detroit Lions game.

    But Saturday's "Adventures of Mimi" concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills (it's not quite Detroit, but you get the picture) marks the first time Carey has ever staged a full-scale concert in our fair city.

    So why did it take so long? Carey rarely tours. Prior to her current outing -- her biggest production to date -- she had only hit the road sporadically, at best.

    "No one will ever mistake her for James Brown," says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of concert industry-tracking Pollstar magazine, of the touring machine.

    Carey's first tour, in 1993, included only a handful of dates and was poorly received by critics. She didn't hit the road again until 2000's Rainbow tour, which saw dates scheduled in only nine North American cities. In 2003, her Charmbracelet tour skipped Detroit; the closest it came was Chicago.

    But after staging a career-saving comeback with last year's hit-heavy "The Emancipation of Mimi" LP, Carey seems committed to connecting with fans like never before. Hence her excessive tour schedule, and her desire to get out in front of audiences to whom she hasn't previously played.

    As Carey knows better than anyone, however, all that glitters isn't always gold.

    Mixed reviews

    So far, box office receipts for the tour have fallen short of blockbuster status, with several shows being canceled or rescheduled due to soft sales. As of Wednesday, nearly 2,000 tickets were still available for Saturday's show, and some local corporations were offering discount tickets to employees.

    The tour has been garnering spotty reviews, as well. Crowds have complained her multitude of costume changes (and the time burnt changing into said costumes) distracts from the show, and fans at her recent concert at Uncasville, Conn.'s Mohegan Sun Arena -- who paid up to $150 for tickets -- were outraged when Carey left the stage after a mere 75 minutes. (Do the math, kids -- that's a buck every 30 seconds.)

    The 36-year-old songbird's stage presence -- or relative lack thereof -- has also been called into question, but it's a charge that tour-opener Sean Paul refutes.

    "I've seen some people say she doesn't have much rhythm, and she's not dancing on stage," the dancehall sensation says by phone. "I don't understand why they just don't appreciate a good voice.

    "I don't know anybody else who could sing so high it sounds like a whistle, and that, to me, is a special person. When she goes -- God bless her, which is going to be many years from now -- you're not going to find that again. You have to respect people for what they do, for their talent, for what God gave them."

    The return of 'The Voice'

    What Carey's been given -- that booming, glorious voice -- has always been her No. 1 asset.

    When it was time to mount a comeback after 2001's disastrous "Glitter," and its accompanying soundtrack threatened to derail her career (the movie grossed only $4 million and became a national joke; the soundtrack struggled to sell 500,000 copies), it was the voice that was put front and center: In early print ads, "The Emancipation of Mimi" was touted as "The Return of the Voice." In truth, the voice never really went away. It was there on 2002's limp and uninspired "Charmbracelet," which didn't do much to resuscitate Carey's flagging album sales. But "The Emancipation of Mimi" -- Mimi is Carey's alter ego -- was her smartest album to date, melding that voice with beats by some of the hottest hip-hop producers in the business (Kanye West, the Neptunes, Jermaine Dupri). The result was pure platinum magic.

    Before "Mimi," "We wondered if (Carey) might have crossed the hipness threshold to the point where she might not be able to come back," says Dom Theodore, vice president of programming for Clear Channel Detroit, which owns WKQI-FM (95.5) and WJLB-FM (97.9). "But ('Mimi') had great music, and it just goes to show, first and foremost, it's all about the music."

    On its way to becoming 2005's best-selling album -- it edged out 50 Cent's "The Massacre" -- "Mimi" spun hit singles out of clubby tracks "It's Like That," "Shake It Off" and "Say Somethin'," and the ballads-with-bounce "We Belong Together" and "Don't Forget About Us." Suddenly, Carey became hot property again.

    Tour opener Paul says he didn't blink at the opportunity to tour with Carey. "I said, 'Most definitely.' Both of us are having a hot year. She's been having a comeback year; to me, she never went away, but a lot of people doubted her for a moment. But I don't know how people could doubt that voice, you know what I'm saying?"

    Source: The Detroit News Online

    Mariah's Entrances // 2:23 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey is not the most kinetic of live performers. The pop diva with the glass-shattering voice doesn't really dance, and she doesn't race around the stage -- preferring to take dainty, deliberate steps in her designer stilettos. And who can blame her? It can't be easy keeping your balance on heels so high that they look like knitting needles.

    Mostly, then, the movement is limited to Carey's vocal acrobatics -- and there were plenty during her concert at Verizon Center on Thursday. Though she's been showing off a more breathy style in recent years, Carey still has a propensity for taking off on runs that sound like a boiling teakettle with perfect pitch.

    "Dreamlover" even opened with Carey playing the role of wailing soul, as she unleashed a series of piercing, whistle-register notes before swooping back down to alto- and soprano-range normalcy. (The song also had her playing another role, for which she wore spangly black undies and a matching bra, a chiffon boudoir robe scarcely covering her back. Later adding sunglasses to the outfit, she resembled an incognito Frederick's of Hollywood model.)

    Still, Carey somehow managed to cover quite a bit of ground during the show. Of course, most of it was the ground leading backstage, but who's counting? Oh, right: Us!

    Carey exited stage right a half-dozen times during her 90-minute concert, sometimes for just a minute or two but also for lengthier periods that usually signaled a costume change. (Total outfit count: five.) Some of the breaks dragged on long enough for a deejay to spin parts of at least two dozen hit rap and R&B records as a hype man barked about taking it back (Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison"), waaaaay back (Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ").

    The frequent strolls backstage repeatedly derailed the concert's momentum, which was a shame since Carey was in such fine voice; no longer an emotionless vocal technician, she even sounded like a credibly gritty soul singer during an inspired reading of her first hit, 1990's "Vision of Love." Ultimately, though, the walk-offs did her in: When Carey left the stage, yet again, after a powerhouse performance of her soaring (if saccharine) ballad "Hero," the crowd cheered briefly, then turned nearly silent -- not realizing that it was time to call Carey back for an encore.

    It took flashing stage lights to prompt the audience, and eventually Carey returned to sing "We Belong Together," the biggest hit from her enormously successful comeback CD, "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    One of the best-selling titles of 2005, the album reestablished Carey, 36, as a bona fide hitmaker after a series of artistic misfires and a very public meltdown. Thus, this is very much a triumphal tour. The show opens with a video of Carey saying that if whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, then, well, gosh, she's really strong -- apparently to the point that she can even turn references to her failures into symbolic celebrations. The concert here closed with two confetti guns spraying the crowd with . . . glitter! "Glitter," of course, being the title of Carey's semi-autobiographical movie and an accompanying album, both of which were tremendous, potentially career-killing flops.

    Carey didn't exactly gloat about her return to A-list status, however, and she never fully indulged her inner diva. Not even when the stage lights came back up prematurely between songs while the star was dabbing her glistening face with a tissue. "You caught me," she said with a giggle. If anything, Carey seemed charmingly awkward, coming across as a regular gal blessed with an exceptional voice. She may have 17 No. 1 singles, but she's still just Mariah from the block. Or, as it were: Mimi from the block, as she performed 2005's "Shake It Off" in front of Broadway lights that spelled out her alter ego's name.

    The song married a pop vocal to a hip-hop beat -- a formula Carey first started using more than a decade ago on hits including "Fantasy." She performed that tune here as a virtual duet with the late rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, who rather creepily delivered his vocal from the grave. Several living rappers also appeared via canned studio tracks, including Jay-Z on "Heartbreaker," as Carey loaded the set with hip-hop-infused material.

    But she didn't exactly ignore the ballads and, in fact, the highlight of the show was a fiery cover of "I'll Be There," the Jackson 5 tune that Carey originally recorded 14 years ago during a live MTV special. The song was performed as a duet with one of Carey's backup singers, Trey Lorenz, who spent most of the show seated on a stool at the back of the split-level stage. He couldn't sit still for the entire show, however: Lorenz disappeared backstage before the song, precisely so that he might make a dramatic entrance moments later. Mariah's kind of move, without the high heels.

    Source: The Washington Post

    Mariah Wins Big At Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards // 2:16 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah Carey was the big winner at the 2006 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, held last night (Sept. 8) in Atlanta. Carey won top R&B/hip-hop artist in both the overall and female categories, as well as hot R&B/hip-hop songs artist, top R&B/hip-hop albums artist and top R&B/hip-hop album for her multi-platinum set "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    Kanye West took home top rap album for "Late Registration" and also won hot rap track for "Gold Digger" featuring Jamie Foxx. Foxx himself took home top R&B/hip-hop artist -- male, while Young Jeezy won top R&B/hip-hop artist -- New.

    In addition to winning top R&B/hip-hop songwriter and top R&B/hip-hop producer, Jermaine Dupri was named the first recipient of the Otis Redding Excellence Award for his achievements both in and outside the studio. The award was launched this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Redding’s death.

    Public Enemy received the 2006 Hip-Hop Founders Award in recognition of their long-standing influence throughout hip-hop.

  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album: Mariah Carey, "The Emancipation Of Mimi" (Island/IDJMG)
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Artist: Mariah Carey (Island/IDJMG)
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Artist: Mariah Carey (Island/IDJMG)
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Artist: Mariah Carey (Island/IDJMG)
  • ______________________________________________________________

    Source: Billboard

    Win a Trip to See Trey Lorenz in Phoenix! // 12:10 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Artist Direct is offering fans a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Phoenix, AZ to catch Mariah's last show of the tour and meet her backup singer Trey Lorenz, who performs with Mariah on "I'll Be There." Trey's new CD entitled Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz: Mr. Mista is dropping on September 19th.

    The winner will get tickets to the show, hotel, and flight as well as en exclusive tour of the the tour bus with the man himself, Trey Lorenz. To enter, click here.

    Remember, Trey's album Mr. Mista hits stores on September 19th. It features the new single "Pisces" (feat. Mariah) as well as "See You Sometime," which fans know from his performances on tour with Mariah. Be sure to check out Trey's MySpace Music Page for exclusive clips, photos, and information on Trey.

    Keep on eye out for more information on Trey, including an interview, and make sure to pick up his CD on September 19th!

    Source: X-Ray Records | Trey Lorenz

    Friday, September 8 , 2006

    Diva Carey Still Learning How to Put on a Show // 7:25 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    As befitting an often over-the-top pop diva, Mariah Carey's show Thursday night at the Verizon Center was a sparkly, narcissistic affair. The set was definitely expensive -- and impressive.

    Over the two-tier stage stood a giant, ivory "M" flashing shades of red and blue. There was a grand staircase to the left, a huge neon, block-lettered sign that spelled out the singer's nickname: Mimi. Even Carey's mike stand glittered.

    And such a spectacle wouldn't be complete without a troupe of limber, gyrating dancers. (Carey had six in all.) Her seven-piece band, which included the famed DJ Clue, was tight and high-powered. So with all of these superstar stage trappings, a multiplatinum career spanning 16 years and a behind-the-scenes reputation for being a demanding businesswoman, why did Carey come off as a diva with training wheels for most of the show? She seemed so tentative, breezing through several of her songs and disappearing backstage for long stretches to change costumes. (She did this five times.)

    Well, we have to cut her a little slack. Although Carey has garnered envious commercial success since the start of her career in 1990 (she has scored 17 No. 1 hits, the most of any female pop performer), the New York-born singer-songwriter has never really gotten around to establishing herself as a concert draw. And her current world tour, The Adventures of Mimi, feels belated. It's in support of her latest album, the calculated but memorable The Emancipation of Mimi, which sold more than 6 million copies and was the biggest-selling CD of last year. Granted, she currently has a No. 1 hit on R&B radio, the gospel-touched "Fly Like a Bird." But it still feels as if the gaudy, wailing songstress has lost some momentum.

    All of that doesn't really matter, though. Carey is out there working hard to ingratiate herself with her fans, even if it seems the world-renowned pop veteran is still learning to put on a show.

    The concert's first half was dominated by the hip-hop flavor she has been blending into her substance-free pop formula for nearly a decade.

    Wearing what looked like a shimmering black bra and panties set with a sheer duster and spike heels, Carey opened with "It's Like That," the Jermaine Dupri-produced club burner from her latest album. During the performance, the singer preened and pranced around and did a few very simple dance moves. (She may have an amazing vocal instrument, but Carey certainly wasn't blessed with rhythm.)

    That segued into one of her most hip-hopped songs, 1999's "Heartbreaker," during which the 'hood-rat female rapper Da Brat made one of two dismissible cameos. Carey mentioned several times between songs that the two were the best of friends. She also graciously shared the spotlight with another pal, the lame R&B vocalist and longtime Carey collaborator Trey Lorenz. The two gushingly revisited their 1992 remake of the Jackson 5's ever charming "I'll Be There." Afterward, Carey disappeared while Lorenz did a mini-set of Luther Vandross classics ("Never Too Much" and "A House is Not a Home") and an overwrought take of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."

    With fun mixes of old-school R&B and hip-hop cuts with a little reggae and go-go thrown in, DJ Clue kept the near-capacity crowd up and dancing during Carey's long costume changes. For the second half of the nearly 90-minute show, she settled into her early schmaltzy pop diva image, replete with flowing, tight-fitting (and unflattering) gowns. This was the segment where Carey could have worked even more of her "vocal magic" because the distracting troupe of dancers was gone. Instead, she opted for an anti-climactic medley of such wail-fest ballads as "Can't Let Go" and "One Sweet Day." She did, however, give full treatment to one of her more touching self-penned tunes, "Hero."

    Then Carey predictably ended with the dramatic ballad "We Belong Together," last year's biggest pop single. Her exit was quick as a shower of purple metallic confetti fell on the house.

    Source: The Baltimore Sun

    Update: The Mariah Daily Fan Project // 1:28 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Phase I and II of the Mariah Daily Fan Project have been complete and delivered to Mariah! Both the Ultimate Fan Basket (which turned into FIVE baskets) and the Canadian Fan Book were hand delivered to Mariah at her show in Albany, NY on September 1st.

    We would like to thank everyone who contributed to both the Ultimate Fan Basket and the Canadian Coast to Coast Fan Book. Mariah was extremely surprised and touched by all the items in the fan baskets. The fan baskets included DVDs, stuffed animals, tea & honey, a blanket, fan-made t-shirts, hello kitty and betty boop accessories, snacks for the road, and many other goodies! She took many of the items out of the baskets and told visitors that she will be reading all the accompanying letters on her tour bus. "I might have to ship everything home!" she laughed when she saw how much was in the baskets, but one of her team members convinced her that there was room in the "belly o' the bus" (as Mariah put it) for the baskets.

    Mariah said she is looking forward to the "big surprise" at the end of the tour, which will of course be the delivery of Part III: The Ultimate Fan Video. We would like to thank all the fans who took pictures and videos for us after the Jones Beach concert.

    Also at the Albany, NY show, Mariah fan Alyssa had the chance to meet Mariah backstage as part of her 15th birthday celebration. She is an aspiring singer and was able to tell Mariah about her passion for music.

    Thank you again to everyone who contributed to both projects. If you have not yet participated, we encourage you to submit letters to the East and West Coast Fan Books, and send in videos for the Part III. Check out The Mariah Daily Fan Project page for more information.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Concert in Washington, DC: Setlist & Tidbits // 3:49 AM EST Updated by Maggie

    Mariah performed earlier tonight in Washington, DC at the Verizon Center. The show was sold out and the crowd was extremely enthusiastic.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06.Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    -- Begin "B" Stage
    09. Fantasy
    10. Don't Forget About Us
    11. Always Be My Baby
    --End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    15. One Sweet Day (Snippet) with Trey
    16. Hero
    17. We Belong Together
    18. Butterfly Reprise

    -- Sean Paul took the stage promptly at 8:00 PM. Mariah was onstage by 9:30 and performed until about 11:00 PM.

    -- Da Brat appeared as a special guest and performed during the "Heartbreaker (Remix)" and the "Honey (So So Def Remix)." She remained in the front row following the show, and Mariah mentioned she had a new album coming out.

    -- Randy Jackson was at the show as an audience member.

    --"Fly Like a Bird" was performed without an accompanying choir.

    --The show was sold out and the crowd was very energetic. Mariah commented about the audience being great. The crowd especially responded to "Don't Forget About Us", "I'll Be There", "Hero" and "We Belong Together".

    Comments from Fans:
    --"She looked confident and poised and someone is right when they say that she looks better in person. I can't believe how beautiful that woman is. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! I'm serious guys." -- Colson

    -- "Man I just got back from the concert too and it really WAS amazing.. and Mariah, Mariah, Mariah!! Girl can still saaaang, I don't care what anyone says. The crowd was great too. " --Jeremy

    Here are some photos Jon took from the show:


    Source: Richard | Colson | Jon | Jeremy

    Thursday, September 7 , 2006

    Janet Talks About Mariah Duet // 9:05 PM EST Updated by Casey

    In a recent interview for Billboard magazine, Janet Jackson answered the following question about the rumored duet with Mariah:

    Jermaine has said the album will include a duet between you and Mariah Carey. Is that still in the works?

    We want to do something together, and we're trying to make something happen. However, it's been really tough since she's on tour. But it's something we definitely desire to do.


    Source: Billboard

    Bid on Mariah's Roberto Cavalli Gown // 8:54 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Click here to bid on the Roberto Cavalli gown which Mariah wore to Antonio "L.A." Reid's birthday bash in New York. The gown is up for auction through Clothes Off Our Back Foundation. Proceeds from the auction benefit the emergency relief efforts in Darfur, Children's Defense Fund and Cure Autism Now.

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Weekly Soundscan Numbers // 8:43 PM EST Updated by Casey

    The Emancipation of Mimi ▲6
    Billboard 200: #197 (Last Week #178)
    Sales this week: 4,086 (-8%)
    Total sales: 5,699,867

    Soundscan Year-To-Date Album Sales
    According to Nielsen Soundscan, Mariah remains the top-selling female artist of the Soundscan era (US sales since 1991) and the third best selling artist overall, behind The Beatles at 51.3M and Garth Brooks at 66M. Below, find Mariah's year-to-date album sales and new totals in brackets.

    01. Greatest Hits: 86,335 (865,404)
    02. #1s: 25,650 (3,547,744)
    03. Glitter: 13,070 (624,329)
    04. Remixes: 12,760 (240,584)
    05. Butterfly: 9,650 (3,700,058)
    06. Charmbracelet: 8,015 (1,140,064)
    07. Music Box: 5,395 (7,159,113)
    08. Rainbow: 5,495 (2,922,230)
    09. Daydream: 3,760 ( 7,538,475)
    10. Mariah Carey: 3,280 (4,832,367)
    11. Merry Christmas: 2,550 (4,602,700)
    12. Emotions: 1,140 (3,569,987)
    13. MTV Unplugged EP: 665 (2,727,972)

    Source: Soundscan | JRKing | Holiday Guy | Michael | Marc

    Mariah Emancipates Her Gay Fans // 8:32 PM EST Updated by Casey

    It was the first time Timothy French had been away from home for an extended amount of time. And during the period French, 27, trekked from Birmingham to attend college in Chicago, Mariah Carey's life had also unraveled.

    Carey left her husband - also the man who helped launched her career - and chronicled her personal experiences on 1997's "Butterfly." The album gave French a silver lining in the midst of personal turmoil. "I had to grow up a little bit quicker than most people do," says French, who now lives in Ferndale and will see Carey live on Sept. 9 at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

    While one of the album's most personal cuts, "Close My Eyes," was in constant rotation in French's dorm, he came to terms with his sexuality and constantly reminisced about the abuse he and his family had endured from their alcoholic father. "It was definitely a very, very dark time," French says. "No kid should have to go through something like that."

    A musical 'Hero'
    If it weren't for a girl in one of French's sixth-grade classes, he wouldn't have had the comfort of Carey's music. One day the girl played Carey's bombastic ballad "Vision of Love" from a cassette single, and Carey's voice struck a cord with French. "Her music really spoke to me," he says.

    When he was 12, his mother left his father, and French - the oldest of four children - took on a patriarchal role in the family. "I had to fill in and help my mom."

    Carey dealt with the same issue. Her father left the family when she was young. She also felt like an outsider because of her mixed race. "There's an underlying theme of love and strength in all of her music, and I've soaked up as much of that as I possibly can," says Kelley Ann Hornyak of Allen Park. "I learned from Mariah that I can be strong on my own, and that I don't need everyone in my life to accept me as I am - and also that if they don't accept me, they don't need to be a part of my life at all."

    Hornyak, 24, has gradually come out to the important people in her life over the past 10 years and feels her life has paralleled with Carey's music. She's found solace in Carey's gospel-tinged tunes, "My Saving Grace" and "Fly Like A Bird," the latter from her comeback album "The Emancipation of Mimi." "I've grown along with Mariah's songs over the years, and it always feels like each album is telling my life story right alongside hers; like we're on a parallel path somehow," she says.

    Like French, Hornyak has been a fan since Carey's first single. Hornyak, who's also a singer/songwriter, says, "I emulated her. I copied her outfits and I learned to sing the high notes just like her."

    'A kindred spirit'
    French hasn't exactly emulated Carey's risque attire, but he's tailored a couple of Mariah-themed shirts for himself. He'll work on a white tank top featuring a Mariah photo and rhinestones that will read, "I (Heart) Mimi," to wear at her upcoming concert. He might even wear it to Urban Outfitters in Somerset Mall, where he works. "Everyone I work with totally knows I love her," he laughs.

    It wasn't a secret in Chicago, either. While browsing Tower Records, he noticed a stand-up Carey display. He asked the clerk whether he could have it. "None of us like her here," the clerk told him. So, she gave it to him. "There I was walking through the streets with a Mariah stand," French laughs.

    When Carey's next album, "Rainbow," came out French received a phone call from his friend Jenny who managed Dragon Room, a club in Chicago. She called to tell him, "Mariah's here!"

    It was a Friday night. French was lounging in his pajamas. "I threw on some clothes, grabbed a CD and jumped in a cab." At the club, he rushed through the crowd with Jenny to the VIP section in the back, where Carey was surrounded by her entourage. "I was really, really nervous," he remembers.

    Jenny pointed to French, who was pale in the face and shaking, and told Carey: "He's like your biggest fan!" French cried. "Are you OK?" Carey asked him as she reached in for a hug.

    When Hornyak and her girlfriend of 10 years met the diva for the first time at a meet and greet for her "Rainbow" album, it was like encountering "a kindred spirit." The second time was during a listening party for "Charmbracelet," Carey's first album after her publicized breakdown.

    "The second time was really special because she gave me a big hug, and I got to express to her how much her music has affected my life," Hornyak says. "Listening to most of the 'Charmbracelet' tracks for the first time in the same room with her was incredible, and I cried during 'My Saving Grace.' It was a kind of epiphany, realizing how far I had come and how different I was from the girl I used to be."

    Also from Pride Source: Music Proves Therapeutic For Mariah: Mariah Carey's personal life hasn't always, well, glittered. Despite the chaos, Carey has prevailed and recorded a slew of songs that encompass her adventures. BTL entertainment reporter Chris Azzopardi counts them down here.

    Source: Pride Source

    Busta Rhymes Joins Mariah Carey On Tour // 8:25 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Busta Rhymes will be joining Mariah Carey on her current North American concert tour titled "The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour."

    Busta will be opening for Carey beginning September 14th in Houston, TX and will tour the U.S. and Canada with the R&B singer until October 10th in Auburn Hills, MI.

    Prior to hitting the road with Mariah, the Brooklyn bred rapper will perform today (September 7) at the House of Blues in LakeBuena Vista, FL. Tickets to all the dates can be found on ticketmaster.com

    Following are Busta's scheduled dates on "The Adventures of Mimi" tour:

    9/14 Toyota Center Houston, TX
    9/16 American Airlines Center Dallas, TX
    9/19 MTS Centre Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    9/21 Rexall Place Edmonton, Canada
    9/23 General Motors Place Vancouver, BC Canada
    9/25 Pengrowth Saddledome Calgary, AB Canada
    9/27 ARCO Arena Sacramento, CA
    10/02 Oakland Arena Oakland, CA
    10/06 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA
    10/08 The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, CA
    10/10 U.S. Airways Arena Phoenix, AZ

    Please Note: In other tour news, the previously reported Mariah tour dates in India were a mistake. Mariah will not be doing any concerts in India on this tour.

    Source: SOHH.com

    Oneida Daily Dispatch Review: Carey wows casino crowd // 8:19 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Verona, NY - Ah, Mariah Carey. So sweet and so scantily clad with her kinky auburn tresses. She's a natural concert performer with a killer voice and looks to match.

    The saucy songstress proved that again at Turning Stone's Event Center last night with a diva-scale performance for her "Adventures of Mimi" tour, a follow-up to her 2005 triple Grammy-Award-winning album, "The Emancipation of Mimi."

    The tour is her first since the "Charmbracelet World Tour" in 2003.

    But the chatter invariably starts with that body. "She's not skinny," said Sarah Dorman, 21, of Batavia, who was at the concert with her friend, Erica Golden, 20, from Malone. "She's actually, like, a real woman."

    She was no bony Beyonce, the two agreed. Carey was definitely thicker, but toned with no cellulite. That was obvious in Carey's wardrobe choices in the early going-actually more skin than fabric.

    She opened in a two-piece black bikini with a clingy black, diaphanous cape. She re-emerged later in less-revealing gowns, alternately of gold and sea-green taffeta, that became her well.

    The wardrobe comes with risks. At her concert at the Bell Centre Arena in Montreal on Aug. 15, the U.S. supermarket tabloid The Globe reported that one of Carey's breasts briefly slipped out during the performance. "The twins didn't want to stay where they were supposed to," she reportedly joked.

    Well, face it. Carey's upperworks and upper register are both impressive. Her act may rouse ire in Islamic republics, but here it's heaven on earth.

    The woman knows how to work a room with that lovely smile. "We're going to know each other a little better tonight," she cooed to the crowd.

    On the song side, Carey excelled with the 1993 massive hit ballad "Hero," which along with Whitney Houston's 1988 "One Moment in Time," is one of the great ballads of the last 20 years, and the torch "My All," from the album "Butterfly," her first effort after her breakup with husband Tommy Mottola. I yearned for her to do a take on Roy Orbison's "Crying."

    Earlier, Trey Lorenz, her long-time friend, joined her for "I'll be There," a Jackson Five standard before things got a little crazy.

    The sultry sweetie filled the Event Center well with her voice and personality. The program was well-put together, opening with "It's Like That," from "The Emancipation of Mimi" album, followed by "Heartbreaker" and "Dreamlover." "Fantasy" revealed Carey's voice at full play. Her renditions of "Always Be My Baby" and "Don't Forget About Us"- her 17th No. 1 single and most recent on the Billboard Hot 100 list - were the standouts of the night.

    Backup vocals were strong and the multimedia stagecraft was excellent, emphasizing the Event Center's adaptability. The bi-level stage worked well. But what Carey didn't need was her opening commentary-cliché roller coaster metaphor on life.

    On the other end of the concert, she gave a last over-the-shoulder look, smiled, and was gone. And that was the characteristic of the night for Carey-find and hit one sweet spot and quickly move on to another.

    She hit many.

    Source: Oneida Daily Dispatch

    Truly Gold Tan // 5:02 PM EST Updated by Casey

    Mariah Carey has to look good and tan on her "Emancipation of Mimi" tour, especially in her tiny outfits - but what's a girl to do if she doesn't have time to lay out? Carey solved the problem by hiring Portofino Beverly Hills' Jenny Phillips to accompany her on tour through October and "spray her tan before every show," said our source. Carey's rep said, "She is on tour with Mariah and they are developing an exclusive line of bronzer containing real 24-karat gold dust."

    Source: New York Post

    Wednesday, September 6 , 2006

    The Post-Standard Review: Mariah Carey Turns It Up // 11:14 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey compared her life to a wild roller coaster ride to start her show Tuesday night at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino Event Center.

    The analogy came complete with a big-screen depiction of what might be the biggest twisting, turning, rising and dipping amusement park thriller out there.

    "If you don't get on the ride, you won't experience the adventure," Carey's voice told the crowd.

    And what a spectacle her show turned out to be, with plenty of ups to more than balance a couple of dips.

    To get the low points out of the way: Carey started a half-hour later than the scheduled time, and the crowd started to get restless. Also, with costume changes, a three-song mini-set in the middle for her friend Tre Lorenz and breaks for her DJ to spin old school, she might have spent as much of the 90-minute show time off the stage as on.

    But, oh, the upside of that 45 minutes on stage.

    The costume changes ranged from a small black outfit completed by 4-inch heels to start the show to a yellow gown to a hip-hop style get-up with black clam diggers adorned by a chain to a more flowing aqua gown for the encore. Carey wore a big smile with them all, appearing like a celebrity who's currently at ease with her fame.

    Best of all, Carey's voice was pure and golden. She easily reached her trademark high notes that sound like a happy bird singing its morning song.

    And the crowd loved hearing that voice, whether it was belting out R&B hits from her latest monster comeback album, 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi," or dipping into "Hero," the ballad she wrote in 1993, during her first wave of huge success.

    Source: Syracuse The Post-Standard

    Update: Mariah Live in Hong Kong // 5:42 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Press Conference
    A press conference took place on Wednesday, August 30th to officially announce Mariah's concert at Tamar in Hong Kong, China on October 28, 2006. The media talked to a group of local young singers about the diva and they unanimously said they liked the song "Hero" and were very much looking forward to her first ever concert in Hong Kong.

    Click here to download the video prepared for the press conference in which Mariah says, "Mimi is on the way to Hong Kong."

    Ticketing Details
    Public Sale: Ongoing (started at 2pm on Sept 4 (HK time)
    Ticket Price Range: HK$388 to HK$1,288.
    Offical Website: www.concerts-asia.com
    Hong Kong Ticketing Website: www.hkticketing.com
    Programme Enquiry: (852) 2824 8406 / 8407 / 8408

    Mariah News
    To the right are scans of an article that appeared in the August 31st edition of Ming Pao, a leading newspaper in Hong Kong. The article covered concert details from the previously held press conference and also talked about Mariah's successful show at the Madison Square Garden, New York and her being given diamonds worth HK$42 million by the Prince of Brunei just before her concert at the Garden.

    Source: Ken | Bernard | MariahCN | Ming Pao

    Mariah Concert in Verona, NY: Setlist & Tidbits // 4:29 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey performed in concert at Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, New York earlier tonight. Below is the setlist, and some tidbits from the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Stay The Night
    07. I'll Be There
    08. Fantasy
    09. Don't Forget About Us
    10. Your Girl (Snippet)
    11. Always Be My Baby
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Hero
    15. We Belong Together
    16. Butterfly Reprise

    --No opening act and B-stage at this venue. Mariah took the stage at 8:35pm and the show ended at approximately 10:00pm.

    --Mariah said that this show was thrown in for those who missed the Madison Square Garden and other shows in the area. She also said that since it was a very small and intimate venue that the audience would get to know each other real well by the end.

    --She threw her lip gloss into the audience before "Always Be My Baby" (she did this during "Shake It Off" at the other shows).

    --There was no proscenium arch with the circular video screen at the top. The top video screen was a regular square shape.

    --The disco ball that is usually over the B-stage was directly over the main stage this time.

    --The beige dress was cut this time. She performed the encores wearing the same green dress from the previous set.

    --Her hair was back to curly tonight. She had her hair straightened for the previous two shows.

    Source: Brian

    Tuesday, September 5 , 2006

    Mariah 'Nails' Her Long Island Comeback // 11:00 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Yes, we went to see Mariah Carey perform at Jones Beach on Sunday night - it was her local-girl-makes-good show, you know. Mariah is a proud Long Islander (and so are we, in part, so we can identify).

    The Jones Beach Amphitheater is an outdoor venue, but that didn’t stop Miss Mariah from wearing what was basically a black peignoir set for the first few numbers. Yes, this is lingerie, but it showed off her very toned body. The difference between Mariah and Madonna: yoga. Mariah doesn't do it, Madonna does. Take your pick.

    Even when she's hoarse or losing her voice, Mariah still sings like a bird and performs vocal tricks that no one should attempt at home. There's no augmentation - what she has at the moment is what the audience gets, and even with the wind blowing and her midriff bared, Carey managed triple lutzes and some gorgeous notes that were right on target. It's fascinating to watch her try and miss them, too, because her mistakes are often more interesting than her accomplishments.

    Sunday night's show was also very much about Mariah's personality - a little eccentric, kind of loopy and happily goofy. She'd changed the entire set list from her previous shows and didn't know which song was next. Some of it seemed like a surprise, even to her. This was kind of a welcome relief from all the pre-packaged performances of late (hello, Justin!).

    She brought out Trey Lorenz for the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" and a medley of some other hits, including "One Sweet Day." Mariah's original hits, "Vision of Love" and "Dreamlover," are still best, and the worst ones - things like "Honey" - remain insurmountable heaps of hip-hop junk that really serve more as filler than anything else.

    Certainly, all of that late Sony/Tommy Mottola stuff is far inferior to the material from her recent mega hit "The Emancipation of Mimi" album. And that's thanks to producer/musical chief Randy Jackson, who doesn't get enough credit for pulling Mariah out of that rut.

    Funny moments: Carey's long riff about not getting her nails done in time for the show, and telling her local pastor - who performs in the gospel number "Fly Like a Bird" - that she won't be wearing the revealing dress from the show when she sees him next in church. The whole thing works: She's a diva who doesn't take herself too seriously. Mariah is the anti-Madonna, which only means there has to be a Madonna somewhere out there in this universe to balance her out. And that's OK, too.

    Source: Fox News

    Download: Wantagh, NY Concert Sound and Video // 3:12 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Click on the links below to download video/audio files from Mariah's concert at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, New York on Sunday, September 3, 2006.

  • "Life Is Like A Roller Coaster" (clip) - MPG | MP3
  • It's Like That - MPG | MP3
  • Heartbreaker - MPG | MP3
  • Dreamlover - MPG | MP3
  • My All - MPG | MP3
  • Shake It Off (clip 1) - MPG | MP3
  • Shake It Off (clip 2) - MPG | MP3
  • Vision of Love - MPG | MP3
  • Fly Like a Bird - MP3 new
  • I'll Be There - MP3 new
  • Don't Forget About Us - MP3 new
  • Your Girl (snippet) - MP3 new
  • Always Be My Baby - MP3 new
  • Honey - MP3 new
  • I Wish You Knew / Close My Eyes (snippets) - MP3 new
  • Can't Let Go / Thank God I Found You /
            One Sweet Day (snippets)
    - MP3 new
  • Hero (low-quality) - MPG | MP3
  • We Belong Together - MP3 new
  • Butterfly Reprise - MP3 new

  • Many thanks to Moony for making the files for us!

    Source: Moony | Mariah Daily

    Monday, September 4 , 2006

    Tennessee Update // 10:33 PM EST Updated by Maggie

    Aaron Woodley, the director of Mariah's upcoming film Tennessee has provided Mariah Daily with the following details concerning the film. Check back in the coming months for more updates!

    "Mariah's character is a waitress in a diner in Texas who dreams of being a country music singer in Nashville. Her name is Krystal Evans and she's very full of life and energy. She meets up with the brothers and travels with them for a good portion of the movie, all the while being chased by her abusive husband who she's just run out on. Her husband is a state trooper."

    Source: Aaron Woodley | Mariah Daily

    Mariah Concert in Wantagh, New York: Setlist & Tidbits // 5:17 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey performed in concert at Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, New York last night, September 3rd. Below is the setlist, and some tidbits from the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Vision of Love
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    09. Don't Forget About Us
    10. Your Girl (Snippet)
    11. Always Be My Baby
    12. Honey
    13. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    14. Close My Eyes (Snippet)
    15. Can't Let Go (Snippet)
    16. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
    17. One Sweet Day (Snippet)
    18. Hero
    19. We Belong Together
    20. Butterfly Reprise

    --Opening act Sean Paul came on at 7:30pm, and Mariah at 9:00pm.

    --Mariah stopped "Vision of Love" to ask how many people knew the song and asked the audience to sing the first verse. Basically, the whole stadium did!

    --Mariah did not perform "Stay the Night" and dropped "Fantasy" from tonight's setlist. She dedicated "Close My Eyes" to fans Christine & Kelly who requested the song. "Your Girl" was a special dedication to friend ReRe who was in the audience.

    --Mariah made a lot of interaction with the audience. She toned the show down a bit and spoke with the fans about her broken finger nail. She also mentioned with a knowing wink, "us Long Island girls - we like to have our nails done nice." She jokingly said later on in the show, "If anyone takes a picture of my nail, I'll come down there and steal the film!"

    --She put on lipstick in the middle of the show and then tossed it into the audience.

    --She called all the oldies "nostalgic moments" of the show and referred to her favorite movie, "Mean Girls" a few times.

    --There was no B-stage at this venue. During "Honey," her guide vocal for her to sing over was delayed by like 4 or 5 seconds. Similar complications ensued during "Don't Forget About Us," since the microphone in her ear didn't work for the first half of the song and she thus couldn't hear herself singing.

    --Da Brat came out and rapped to the intro of "Heartbreaker." She later joined Mariah again in "Honey."

    --Mariah stunned the audience with yet another surprise guest - her dog Jack! She introduced Jack as her celebrity guest and pleaded with the crowd to make him win the Relly award. After singing "I'll Be There," she and Trey Lorenz played with the dog for a while before eventually introducing Randy Jackson to everyone in the audience.

    --Huge, beautiful fireworks blasted crazily after the show like it was the Fourth of July.

    Video/audio files will be posted soon!

    Source: Rudy | Moony | Rocco | Christine | TheRealStarmie

    Sunday, September 3 , 2006

    News Tidbits // 11:13 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --Please take a moment to vote for Mariah Daily on Digital Music Awards 2006's People's Choice for Best Music Site. Click on the image to the left or this link to vote for us! Last year, due to your votes, Mariah Daily made DMA 2005's Top 200 Sites at #24. Thanks!

    --From UK's Sunday Mirror: Stars who will make guest appearances on the ITV1 talent search, X Factor include Robbie Williams, Elton John, Westlife, American singer Mariah Carey and Il Divo.

    --After 14 years of waiting, Trey Lorenz will finally be releasing his second album "Mr. Mista" on September 19th. To celebrate this chapter in music history, Honey and Kate have revamped their website, TreyLorenz.us.tt and gave it a complete new layout. The site will start a "Mr. Mista" countdown on Monday, offering its visitors some new Trey extras each day until "Mr. Mista" is released. They will also be giving away a Trey CD single, so make sure to visit the site!

    --New photos from the August 30th BMI Urban Awards have been added to our Photo Gallery, be sure to check them out!

    --Mariah's "Heartbreaker" is one of the choices in Yahoo! Music's poll, "Meow Mix: Your Favorite Catfight Video." Current results show Mariah in 3rd place with 19% of total votes, behind Brooke Valentine's "Girlfight" with 34% and Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" with 28%. Vote for Mariah!

    --Below is an update from Mariah fan, Whitney Moaze who took part in MTV's "My Own" episode for Mariah Carey that will air on Tuesday, September 5th at 6:00pm.

    "In May 2006, I took part in the taping of the most current installment of 'My Own' for the MTV network. I was one of the 6 Mariah wannabes. All the girls were lovely and gorgeous (of course). The whole experience was so fun and truly a memory that I am sure I will forever cherish.

    The last segment of the show is where it really got fun. We were put in full wardrobe and makeup to look like Miss Mimi from a portion of her 'Shake It Off' video. I had sooooo much fun and I think they really did a good job of making me resemble her. I tried to do my very best in the performance and I hope that everyone enjoys the show."

    Source: Mariah Daily | Honey and Kate | Erica | Whitney

    Saturday, September 2 , 2006

    Albany Times Union Review: Carey hits the notes, but concert needs a tuneup // 4:08 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    And lo, The Voice did deign to make an appearance, finally, at the Pepsi Arena on Friday night, an hour after the opening act had finished. And lo, The Voice was good. At times, The Voice was great -- soaring, passionate, magnificent in its range and acrobatics.

    Mariah Carey still has a marvelous instrument. And if she's never met a note that she didn't want to filigree or use as a multi-octave launching pad, well, she does it better than anyone. You can't hold the flourishes against her by now. (Her negative influence on all those "American Idol" auditionees is a bone to pick another time.)

    At the Pepsi, as part of her "The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour" tour, Carey stormed through "Fly Like a Bird," which spent almost two months at the top of the R&B charts. She caressed the ballad "My Heart," from her smash-selling "Butterfly" album. "Fantasy," done from a midfloor secondary stage as a duet with a videoscreen version of Ol' Dirty Bastard, funked long and hard. And her duet on the Jackson 5 tune "I'll Be There," sung with Trey Lorenz, with whom she recorded it, was loose and lovely. (Lorenz got a few moments of his own, too, including a cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" that rightly riled up the arena.)

    But, really, between the unnecessary diva elements -- putting on sunglasses is a costume change? -- and the frequent waits, the concert entertained merely as much as it aggravated. Carey's breathiness seemed more frequent and annoying than her bravura vocal work, especially in songs like "Shake It Off." Worse, the drippy insipidities of her lyrics proved wearing throughout.

    Finally, you'd think that Carey, at 36, more than a decade and a half into her career, would be better at stage patter than this effort at a song introduction: "Um, so, yeah -- I love you back. And I'm not just saying that, too. What I wanted to tell you is that I'm going to do a song -- well, how do I tell the story different? Well, um, anyway, here goes."

    Jamaican dancehall sensation Sean Paul, accompanied by seven musicians, four singers and his own undulant pelvis, opened the show with 45 minutes of infectious, head-nodding reggae rhythms. He could have done with fewer exhortations that "the lay-deez" in the crowd should "make some noyyyy-ze," but his feel-good grooves more than compensated. And his sentiments seemed heartfelt, if crude, when he said, "Everybody who wants peace, make some (freakin') noise!" Why one of the backup singers did a strip routine before standing on her head is anybody's guess.

    MARIAH CAREY with Sean Paul
    Performance reviewed: 8 p.m. Friday
    Where: Pepsi Arena, 51 S. Pearl St., Albany
    Length: Carey, 90 minutes; Paul, 45 minutes
    Highlights: Carey's sultry, soaring ballad "My Heart" and her six sexy dancers, who kept things entertaining when she left the stage to, for example, put on sunglasses; Sean Paul's island-bouncy "I'm Still in Love With You"
    The crowd: About 7,000, fervent and diverse.

    Source: Albany Times Union

    Mariah Concert in Albany, New York: Setlist & Tidbits // 5:46 AM EST Updated by Lynn

    Mariah Carey performed in concert at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York last night, September 1st. Below is the setlist, and some tidbits from the show.


    01. It's Like That
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Dreamlover
    04. My All
    05. Shake It Off
    06. Stay The Night
    07. Fly Like a Bird
    08. I'll Be There
    ---"B" Stage:
    09. Fantasy
    10. Your Girl (Snippet)
    11. Always Be My Baby
    ---End "B" Stage
    12. Honey
    13. Don't Forget About Us
    14. I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
    15. Hero
    16. We Belong Together
    17. Butterfly Reprise

    --Mariah did an amazing show. Her high notes were flawless.

    --She did not sing "Vision of Love," "Make It Happen," and the usual snippets but performed "Stay The Night" and snippets of "I Wish You Knew" and "Your Girl."

    --She did "Your Girl" on B-stage after "Fantasy" and "Don't Forget About Us" on the main stage after "Honey." She said she was mixing it up a little and that it was the second time that she did "Your Girl" live.

    --There were no Spike Lee videos.

    --Opening act Sean Paul came on at 8:00pm, and Mariah at 9:40pm.

    --Mariah talked to fan Michael who had a sign up with his cellphone number. The jumbo screen showed it and the crowd laughed.

    --She put some lip gloss on during a song and threw it into the audience and said, "Now you know that's 'hot' lip gloss."

    --The show ended at 11:00pm - a good 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    Fan Reviews:
    Visit our The Adventures of Mimi Tour Site to read reviews of the show from Jenna, Rob and mimifan460!

    Source: Jenna | Rob | mimifan460

    Friday, September 1 , 2006

    News Tidbits // 8:17 PM EST Updated by Lynn

    --WHTZ 100.3 FM's N.J. Niko will be live Sunday, September 3rd, 7pm-midnight, from the Mariah Carey show at Jones Beach, New York. Be sure to tune in!

    --As previously reported, Trey's new album entitled, "Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz - Mr. Mista" is due out on September 19th. You can preview four songs from the album by visiting his MySpace music page! Check it out and be sure to add Trey as your MySpace friend!

    --Speaking of Trey, Aladerri caught him on video after the August 9th Atlanta concert, telling the story of how Mariah's infamous term, "Lamb" was born. Click here to download this Mariah Daily exclusive!

    --Last night, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight reported on the BMI Urban Awards and showed clips of Mariah accepting the "Song of the Year" award ("I appreciate the pink stage. That's hot tamale."), interviewing backstage at Radio City Music Hall (talked about her ongoing tour and upcoming album), presenting the trophy to Gillette's "Best Legs" winner.

    --Download Entertainment Tonight here
    --Download Access Hollywood here.

    --From Roger Friedman of Fox News:

    The funny thing, of course, is that BMI’s Urban Awards was like a pop-up version of this column's observations for the last few years. Every "song" is "written" by a dozen or more people.

    Sometimes when the winners came to the stage it looked like a convention. When Mariah Carey - who was there and looking hot in a short, tight black cocktail dress - won for "We Belong Together," she was trailed by an entourage that resembled one of those cell phone network commercials.

    And what of Mariah? They gave her special crystal awards - none of that cardboard stuff - for several of her hits from last year, plus a few she didn't pick up in years past.

    "I'm sorry I didn't come here in '92 and '98," she said, recalling her Big Diva years with Tommy Mottola. "I wasn't really hanging out then," she said wistfully, that whole period seeming like a distant - and maybe upsetting - dream.

    --Aziz spotted "Glamorized by Mariah Carey" items at a Claire's store in Kuwait, Kuwait and took some pictures!

    Tour Site Updates
    Just added, new video clips and photos! Click on the links to download!

  • Tunis, Tunisia:
    --Make It Happen, Dreamlover, Shake It Off, I'll Be There (July 22nd); and Dreamlover (July 24th). Thanks to Wiwi!

  • Atlanta, GA:
    --Below are photos taken by Aladerri of Mariah as she was leaving the Phillips Arena on August 9th. Late in the evening as it was, Mariah graciously chatted with and signed autographs for the fans.

  • East Rutherford, NJ:
    --It's Like That and Always Be My Baby. Also, 15 fan photos have been added, be sure to check them out. Thanks Andrew!

  • Toronto, Ontario, CA (August 29th):
    --Shake It Off, We Belong Together, and Butterfly Reprise. Fan photos from Chris (12) and Victor (8) have also been added.
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