December News

12/15/98 I just have to say three little words right now, I LOVE ALEX. Ha ha...Mariah Carey called in today to the Howard Stern show a little past 8:30 am to talk to him. She called him to talk about her UPN special and Alex heard this earlier in the morning and set his NEW stereo to tape it for me. He got it all and he said it was really funny. I'll have the entire conversation typed up when I get it from him tomorrow. Thanks Alex!!

As you all know, Mariah was on Entertainment Tonight today. I just finished watching it and it was great. MC looked really pretty. Some people said she looked fat, others said she looked fake!

Here is the article from on tonight's topic. Also the pictures from the article will be in Gallery 7 soon..........

Mariah Carey really knows how to raise morale. She's shooting a music video at Edwards Air Force Base... and basing her appearance on a legend in the morale boosting business. The video for "I Still Believe" is from Mariah's new album of number ones. Fly high with the sultry diva in this rare interview.

Mariah Carey Album Spotlight

Entertainment Tonight: This song has been described as a tribute to [singer] BRENDA STARR. Can you tell me why that is and what this song means to you?

Mariah Carey: I'm really glad that I got a chance to remake the song "I Still Believe," because the album is called "#1's" and this is the first song that I sang as a professional singer. I would go on the road with Brenda. I was a little skinny kid with no money that she took under her wing and she was so nice to me. I auditioned to be her back-up singer and she hired me and she used to bring me clothes and food, and she really took care of me like a big sister. A lot of people wouldn't have done that. The main thing was that she believed in me and it's really hard to get people to listen to your tapes. First off, if they're the star, they are like, "I don't have time for such things." She was always real cool and helpful and supportive. I always loved this song. When I sing it now, it reminds me of those times. She's doing salsa music now. She's been very successful in Latin America and we're going to work on some songs together for her English speaking album. We're going to co-write some songs and she's on my UPN special.

ET: I heard that she was originally going to be on the album.

Mariah: Actually, it was because we had to cut the time down. I couldn't leave in all my favorite things, but she and I are on the UPN special that is going to be on December 15. She's telling stories about when we were on the road someplace in California and there would be a bathing suit that I would really like. She'd say," Why don't you buy it?" And I'd say, "I have to pay my rent and I have to buy cat food." For some reason, my cats were this huge priority and they weren't even my cats. My brother dumped them at my house. But I'm an animal lover, so I had to save up to buy those Kibbles and Bits or whatever.

ET: She must feel a tremendous sense of pride to be a apart of this.

Mariah: It was great because we hadn't seen each other that much since I put out my first album. I haven't had a break at all. You lose touch with a lot of people and so this was really good that this happened.

ET: Tell me about the concert for the video with the troops.

Mariah: BRETT RATNER ('Rush Hour') is directing the video and he's a good friend of mine and he's also doing some great work right now. He had a lot of success with 'Rush Hour.' We were talking and I wanted it to be a live performance and we just started going back and forth and I was saying how a lot of people in the service had written me letters and talked about various songs. "Hero" being one of them. I remember when I put my first album out, people would write who were stationed overseas. It was in the winter of 1990, which was around the time of the Gulf War, so a lot of people were writing about listening to the album. I always used to watch old footage of performers going overseas, from BOB HOPE to MARILYN MONROE singing for people in the service. I thought this would be a nice thing to do. So, we're doing the video but I'm going to do some more songs if I have it in me.

ET: What's the story behind this beautiful dress?

Mariah: This is a very fifties-inspired ensemble, reminiscent of the RITA HAYWORTH and Marilyn days. The man who made the dress actually made dresses for Marilyn Monroe. So, he came and fit the dress on me. It's got a tight corset that's kind of sucking the life out of me, but we'll be all right.

Are you also going to wear Army fatigues?

Mariah: I was the first day.

ET: This is all very different. Is it a little extreme?

Mariah: Yeah, it looks a little bit extreme. I'm not going to be wearing this out to the mall. It's gonna look good on film. It'll probably end up being in black and white, so it's going to have a retro feel slash documentary.

ET: What's it like to work with these guys and what reactions are you getting?

Mariah: They're really nice. I've been signing people's uniforms and hats and I'm thinking I'm going to get in trouble for it. This is regulation stuff. I don't want to get in trouble.

ET: So, are you doing anything cool with the Army guys?

Mariah: They said they are going to take me on one of those, I guess, supersonic jets. Don't ask me, I know nothing about anything technical. They said it's an amazing thing and it feels like a rollercoaster. I'm a rollercoaster freak, so I'm like, "Let's do it." Someone told me your ears can get hurt, which I can't risk. But they told me they won't break the sound barrier. If I can get it done, I want to see if I can.

-- December 15, 1998

Also on a little side note....On Howard today, MC said that she will be hosting the ENTIRE UPN night from 8 pm till 10 pm. So she will be hosting Moesha, etc. Hope you are taping it :D

12/14/98 Well guess who was on ET tonight?? Yes that is right, MARIAH CAREY. She was at the ending and they showed her video and she was talking about it. Tomorrow on Entertainment Tonight they will be covering a story on her about the video. She shot it like Marilyn Monroe did. IT was done at a military base and MC looks...OH MY GOD..all I can say is wow. She was so funny on ET saying that she wore a coursette (spelling) and that the same designer designed her dress as Marilyn. She looks really pretty. The video was filmed at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. Sip5Alive sent me three EXCLUSIVE pictures of MC from the taping of the video. They will be in Gallery 7 VERY soon hopefully tonight. It is all up to Alex...Go Alex...GO :D ha ha!! Make sure you watch Entertainment Tonight tomorrow at 7:00 pm on CBS.

Mariah is in some tabloids this week. She is in the December 22nd issue of STAR and GLOBE. Between the both of them there is 4 pictures. One from a concert, one from the VMA's 1998, one from Blockbuster 1998, and one from VMA 1997. Go check them out.

Mariah is also in the December 21st issye of PEOPLE magazine. She is in one of the first couple pages and she is hugging Stevie. Go get it!

Mariah will be on the Year in Rock on MTV on December 19th (2 days before my birthday) at 4 pm!

Mariah WAS on Donnie and Marie this morning. It ROCKED. MC did not sing, but she stayed on for 4 segments and it was SO COOL. She looked really nice wearing a red tight sleveless top with tight grey pants. She had on REALLY chunky red shoes. They showed A LOT from the UPN special which I can't WAIT to see. My two favorite parts they showed were when MC was singing with the dolphins and then when she was trying to get that girl to sing HERO with her. It was SO CUTE..OH MY GOD. Hee hee. I also thought it was cute how she told the story about how she got in trouble after prank calling the girls when they teased her. I never heard that before, did you?

Mariah was also oN CNN todat at 2:40 something. Mariah was wearing the same thing she was for the Access interview. SO I guess they were the same day. Anyhow I didn't know about the gerbil thing either, did you? They showed a lot of performances from the UPN special and was pretty good.


Thanks for all the help with the webpage and everything else. You are such a special friend, thanks for everything. Hope your 20th birthday is the best rock :D Love Ya, Regina

12/12/98 LOTS of news :D

Today on the radio, Mariah's song "Without You" was the song of the day on B101. Hee hee..thought I would share.

Here is an article Alex found about MC beating WH: POP NOTES From Wire Services Wednesday, December 9, 1998; Page D05

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are locked in a battle of the divas, and so far, Carey is winning. Last week, the two singers released albums simultaneously for the first time in their careers. Carey's greatest-hits record debuted way up at No. 4 upon selling 210,000 copies, while Houston panted in at No. 13 after moving 122,813 of her "My Love Is Your Love." This week finds Carey not only staying in the Top 10 (at No. 7) but also increasing her sales to 220,393. Meanwhile, Houston plunged to No. 18 with 118,371 ho-hum runs at the cash register . . . Heavy-metal fans in Brazil went on a rampage last week, throwing stones and destroying equipment after a concert by Iron Maiden and Halloween was rained out. Police lobbed tear gas and fired rubber bullets at hundreds of rioters; four fans were hospitalized . . . Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, the rapper, producer and hip-hop icon, is reportedly investing millions to help revive the defunct Notorious magazine . . . Shania Twain's music studio was fined $25,000 for failing to get permits and damaging wetlands in connection with the construction of a recording complex on a 3,000-acre estate in the Adirondacks. Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

The premiere of Prince of Egypt will take place on December 16th. Mariah and Whitney are both appearing. SO MC and WH will be on ET, Access and E! on Dec. 17th about this. Here are all the details: (thanks Alex for both articles)

Thursday December 10, 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

ADVISORY/DreamWorks' ``The Prince of Egypt'' Comes to Royce Hall


Val Kilmer, Danny Glover, Steve Martin, Jeff Goldblum, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey will join other stars, from the film and the albums, celebrity guests and industry VIPs at a reception and special screening of ``The Prince of Egypt.''

``The Price of Egypt'' opens nationwide on Dec. 18. WHO: Scheduled to attend are the film's voice talents Val Kilmer, Danny Glover, Steve Martin and Jeff Goldblum; stars from the soundtrack and "inspired-by" albums, including Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey; directors Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner and Simon Wells; producers Sandra Rabins and Penney Finkelman Cox; and special guests, including Charlton Heston, Denzel Washington, Roseanne, Carrie Fisher, John Lithgow, James Woods, Noah Wyle, Vin Diesel, Djimon Hounsou, Barry Pepper and Blair Underwood, with more to come...

WHAT: A special screening and reception for "The Price of Egypt."

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 16 Media check in: From 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Arrivals: Begin at 6:45 p.m.

WHERE: UCLA's Royce Hall Westwood

You can enter the UPN Sweepstakes at their site. You could win posters and signed pictures of MC.

MC was on MTV 1515 on Friday for the weekend edition. I didn't see it, but of what I was told it wasn't long at all. She was wearing a pink dress and talking about Jay-Z. The pink dress was in a recent STAR tabloid though...and is pretty. I couldn't find the times of the repeats for 1515. If you know it, e-mail me.

Mariah seemed liked she messed up on Jay Leno at the end. Did anyone else notice that? Well she sang great still..hee hee

Mariah might be on Donnie and Marie Show on Monday the 14th. It is still a rumor and nothing was confirmed but still..check it out.

Mariah was NOT on CNN on Friday. So if you missed it, you missed nothing. It was interupted with the impeachment thingy with Bill Clinton. They will probably repeat the same thing on the 14th.

Mariah is going to be on DJ Clue's album. It is rumored to be out on December 22nd. Again just a rumor. I'll have more later. Oh by the way, she is track 10 and it says: 10.) Mariah Carey (skit) I don't know either :D Ha ha

Mariah was nominated for some awards. This is what the official mailing list mailed me:


The following have received nominations for the 30th NAACP Image Awards. The ceremony will be taped in Los Angeles on 2/14/99 for broadcast on FOX in March. Exact air date TBA. Stay tuned:

Congratulations to all our nominees!!!

Outstanding Album "#1's"

Outstanding Duo or Group "When You Believe" (with Whitney Houston)

Outstanding Music Video "When You Believe" (with Whitney Houston)

Also Columbia sent me this: Mariah Carey will host "When You Believe--- Music From The Prince Of Egypt " this Sunday (12/13) on NBC. Mariah will also be featured performing "When You Believe" with Whitney Houston. This NBC-TV special starts at 8:00 P.M. (That's channel 4 in New York and Los Angeles.) Check local listings for the NBC channel in your area.

On Feb 15th, "I Still Believe" will be released. This is going to be done in the UK, but is suppsively the same day as the US release. The video should be out early Janurary which will be at a military base :)

"A Natural Woman" is going to be released from the Divas Live cd they say. I don't know if it is true but MC is on it :D

12/11/98 Mariah is on the cover of "8 Days" magazine. The pictures might be in Gallery 7 soon enough.

Mariah will be on VH1 Hollywood and Vinyl on December 17th at 12:30 pm. make sure you tune in...

Mariah was on Access Hollywood tonight. They talked about how she will be hosting the POF thingy this Sunday and they showed a part of Whitney and her singing. How cool...

12/10/98 Right after MC performed last night, there was a commercial for the Prince of Egypt special on Sunday. It showed MC with curly hair and she was wearing a tan dress. They were singing When You Believe but without the mics. So I guess it is another video type thingy. MC and WH are the hosts too they said.

Oh it is not confirmed that I Still Belive WILL be the next single. Sony released that information recently.

There is now a new commercial for Prince of Egypt. It only shows scenes of the love between Moses and his wife. In the background it is only MC Wh. Hee is really cool so I taped it. I saw it last night during my favorite show of all time..To Have and To Hold.

12/9/98 On December 11th and 14th, Mariah will be on CNN at 2:30 pm. Make sure you check it out.

12/8/98 Mariah Carey is not only inside the December 14th issue of JET magazine with Whitney, as someone reported, she is on the cover. WOW...she and Whitney look great and their is 3 never seen pictures. One is REALLY awesome of MC. She looks so pretty. Anyhow go buy it. It is only $1.25. It is so worth it.

Along with the Jet magazine, there is a COOL picture of MC laying on a couch in the December 15, 1998 issue of National Enquirer tabloid. It is a picture of her from the recent MTV 1515 special. Here is what it says: Rub-A Dub-Dub: Shapely songbird Mariah Carey takes a break on a funky bathtub-shaped sofa at a gala in a New York nightclub to celebrate the debut of her greatest hits album, "No. 1's"

Mariah is also in the STAR tabloid for the December 15th issue. It is a VERY tiny picture towards the back and it just says who's father is this?? It turned out to be Celine's. I didn't buy it, so you really have to know that it isn't worth it cause I buy EVERY picture on MC.

As I reported earlier, MC was on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and E! News Daily. Now if you missed ET and Access...sorry, BUT if you missed E! News Daily it will rerun tomorrow morning at 7 am. Check your local listings.

Mariah is also in the new TV Guide with the CHARM cast on the cover. Inside there is a Music Close Up on page 160 on the UPN Special. They used the same new picture of MC from the JET magazine. I guess that was the photo shoot for that (gosh I hope she is on the cover from that pose..she looks so pretty. I wish that was the cover of the ONES cd) and it talks about it. Also there is a picture of MC from the PAX special. Go check it out...

Last night was AWESOME. Mariah performed "I Still Believe" and she got an award from Stevie Wonder for the most #1 singles. It was cool. Anyhow make sure you check out Access and ET tonight okay?

Here is an article on MC from the Guiness Enclyclopedia:

b.c. 1970, Long Island, New York, USA. With a voice that spans seven octaves, and with five US chart toppers already under her belt, it is little surprise that Carey is being billed as the next Whitney Houston. Carey was the third child of an Irish-American mother, a former opera singer turned voice tutor, and a half Venezuelan father. As a schoolgirl Carey began singing R&B sessions in NY when she met keyboardist and songwriter Ben Margulies who became her songwriting partner and close friend. With Carey writing the melodies and mmost of the lyrices, and Marguilies arranging the songs, thye developed simple blend of soul, gospel, and pop which showed on Carey's amazing voice to the full. Carey struggled the self-professed World's Worst Waitress until fortune smiled on her. While at a showbusiness party,a friend of th esinger thrust a demo cassette into the hands of Sony Music's US president Tommy Mottola. While driving home fro the party Mottola played the casssette in the car and was so im pressed that he immediately set out on a Prince Charming-like quest to find his Cinderella. Carey was duly signed and her debut single, "Vision of Love" was a smash hit. It became the first of five number 1s in the US. Manager by Randy Hoffman (whose roster also includes Hall and Oates) the success story thus far has proved swift and efficient in construction. Her debut album stayed on top of the US album charts for 22 weekes, ans she duly picked up 1991 Grammys for Best Female Vocalist and Best New Artist, an extrodinary start to a career. In three years her albums have already sold over 20 million copies. Albums: Mariah Carey (1990), The Wind(1991), Emotions (1992), MTV Unplugged (1992, EP), Music Box (1993). Video: Mariah Carey (1994).

12/6/98 Mariah will be on Access Hollywood this Tuesday..the 8th. Mariah will be talking about how to manage success with a personnaly life.

MC and WH are in JET magazine which is now in stores. Go pick up your copy today. They said that they are 2 never before seen pictures of them :D

MC might be on Entertainment Tonight too this Tuesday due to the Billboards, which will take place Monday.

12/5/98 Mariah was on Access Hollywood on 12/3/98. Basically it was talking about that she made 6 million sales on the ONES cd around the world in 2 weeks..WOW. Go MC. Also it talked about a skin disease she has and she blew out rumors.

Here is a tidbit on the skin disease:

Celebrity Skin From Showbiz Today:

SYDNEY: Billboard favorite Mariah Carey is giving us the skinny on her skin condition. She says it is nowhere near as bad as a "New York Post" article implied, which suggested she breaks out in welts whenever she gets stressed. Carey tells us she can't understand the rash of attention over a minor problem.

MARIAH CAREY, SINGER: And I got a little specific about the fact that I have sensitive skin, and, you know, if I get scratched or something like that, then it gets red, but it goes away. It's not a disorder. It didn't deserve any newspaper space. That was a waste of ink. I don't know.

There is also a rumor that Mariah's new video will be out in Janurary. It will take place on a military base and that Brenda may appear in it :D

12/3/98 Mariah's ONES album fell from number 4, to 7. She did, however end up selling 20,000 more copies this time around. So...that is still good :D

Did I mention that MC is in People Espanol? It is a picture of her and Jackie together smiling from the Rush Hour premiere. Very nice picture :D

Also UPN is not running a commercial on MC. IT shows scenes from the Whenever You Call video and others. Tune in to see it :D

12/1/98 The Sweetheart single will now be released December 22nd, 1998. Wahoo. I just hope they don't back down again.

Mariah is in two tabloids again. First she is in Enquirer (December 8, 1998) which features a picture of her from the signing at Towers. Nice picture! She is also in GLOBE tabloid (December 8th, 1998) in a pink dress talking on a cell phone. I don't know where it is from but the it is a nice picture.

Mariah is also in the NEW Tv Guide with all the different wrestlers in it. It is about the Billboard awards and she is the first picture to the left :) Go MC!

11/30/98 HAPPY we can all play our Mariah Carey Christmas Albums because December is going to begin tomorrow. I love holds the days of Alex and mine B-days. MC news will come soon.....