December 2000 Too Cool Mariah News!!

December 31, 2000...
MClogo -Updates and Happy New Year!!!
Well, first off Happy New Years to my fellow Mariah fans out there and I hope you all have a wonderful new year ahead of you!

It's Sunday, so we have a new Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week. Remember, if you have a poll o' the week idea or Quote idea, please feel free to send it in and I will get it up soon! Here are last weeks Poll results and check out the new one above, thanks to Ramsey for the idea!!
How many records will the All That Glitters Soundtrack sell in it's 1st week?
100,000 or less (47) 13%
200,000-299,000 (90) 25%
300,000-399,000 (81) 22%
400,000 + (140) 39%
Total Votes: 358

Hopefully tomorrow, I can change things a bit on this site :)

-New All That Glitters Picture
I added a brand new picture of Mariah (aka Billie) and Max (aka DJ Dice) on the set of All That Glitters. Check it out in the All That Glitters Gallery #2 among the Pic Pages! Many thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Mariah Online!!!!

-Mariah on Cover of Mira Magazine
I was walking out of work today and I saw that Mariah was on the cover of Mira Magazine, which is the Spanish version of National Examiner I believe. Anyhow, they had Thalia on the front cover and then a picture of Tommy and Mariah back in 1994 at their wedding. I'll check it out on Tuesday when I go back to work and I will tell you more about it hopefully if it's still there!

-Mariah Mention
Melissa was checking out directions to the Staples Center because she got tickets for the Lakers game for her birthday and she found an article that mention Mariah, which you can see by clicking here! It's also below...

Based in Los Angeles, Concerts West, Ltd. is one of the world's largest producers and promoters of live music events and tours. Run by veteran tour promoters John Meglen and Paul Gongaware, the company's primary focus is indoor arenas, which allows for an extension of artists' tours and increased revenue by eliminating seasonality. Concerts West recent promotions include Andrea Bocelli in 1999; Mariah Carey's International Rainbow Tour 2000; the sold-out Millennium New Year's Eve concert of the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne; and the Dixie Chicks tour.

December 30, 2000...
The ICAO building served as Hollywood North for two days this fall. In September, the atrium and Council chamber were the locations for a one-day shoot for the feature film All That Glitters. The movie stars pop artist Mariah Carey.

In October, the television series Nikita, with star Peta Wilson, shot scenes for an upcoming episode – again using the atrium and Council chamber as locations. Together, the two shoots brought in just over $20,000 in rental income, with virtually no disruption to building activities.

In fact, the ICAO building generates well in excess of $300,000 annually from permanent tenant rent and operating cost recoveries, short-term facility rentals, and from savings of external space charges through on-site PD and staff training courses and examination marking.
(Article from ICAO Online and thanks to Will from Mariah Carey World News Organization)

To check out the picture on the left bigger and the full picture, check out the All That Glitters Gallery #2 among the Pic Pages!

-All That Glitters Set Information
Joseph was on the set of All That Glitters and recently e-mailed me and told me about the day he was on the set with MC! He said that the scene he witnessed was the one that was featured on Access Hollywood a while back, where Billie (aka Mariah) first hears her song on the radio. He said, during the scene, Max and Billie are in the taxi and they are about to kiss, when MC hears her song on the radio and she jumps out of the taxi and she is jumping around in the street. She runs to the payphone and a little girl is on the other line. Next Mariah makes her own call to someone and then Max picks her up and swings her around. Basically we knew all that from watching Access Hollywood but still, it's cool to hear from people who were actually on the set of Mariah's first starring role!

-Lenny on Mariah
On the cover of Lenny Kravitz latest cd release, you can see him wearing Mariah style jeans with the waist band cut off. David was reading a magazine called "Code" yesterday and they featured Lenny. In the article, they said how he borrowed the style of "fellow 90's trend setter-Mariah Carey" and gave Mariah credit for starting the jeans with no waist band trend.

-Bits O' Info
Here is some various information on Mariah:

    When I was in the car yesterday, I heard "Hero" on the radio. While in K-Mart, they played "Dreamlover" (again). While driving home at the end of the night, I heard "I'll be there"!
  • Axzs5:
    Hey yesterday when I was watching BET Thank God I found You remix was number 55 on the BET 2000 countdown

    -Mariah on the Billboard Charts
    Someone sent this information to me yesterday but I forget who, but anyhow, Pier sent me some Billboard chart information:

  • One Year Ago...Rainbow was #9 (certified 3x's platinum)
  • Five Years Ago...Daydream was #1 (certifited 9x's platinum)
  • Ten Years Ago...Mariah Carey was #5

    -Mariah mentioned in USA Today
    Tom told me that Mariah is mentioned in this weekends USA Today, but not in a nice way sadly; Click Here to check it out for yourself. She is mentioned in the round-up of the years best/worst songs and Christina Aguilera was #1 worst singer by this one guy, Ken Barnes and here is what he wrote:

    The worst
    1. Christina Aguilera, What a Girl Wants. Genie in a Bottle could have made my 10-best list last year, but everything since (Girl was chosen to represent the complete works) has sorely tested a nation's patience. With a vocal-riff and midriff crisis reaching alarming proportions, Aguilera has in the space of a year replaced Mariah Carey as the most irritating singer in pop.

    December 29, 2000...
    MClogo -Mariah in the Photobooth
    Every celebrity that comes to TRL on MTV has to go in the photobooth and get their picture snapped and it seems that Mariah did it last year before Mariah TV. The pics are REALLY cute and funny and I made a screen cap of the screen so you can check them all out too! Click the picture below to check out the capture I made and many thanks to Taryn for this information.

    -Mariah's Name in the USA
    The name "Mariah" was given to 21 out 11,000 females that were born in the USA in the year 2000 Pete from Mariah Avenue told me! Coolio eh? If you want to see how other names ranked, click here.

    -April Fools
    The other day was the Spanish version of April's Fool and on one of the Spanish programs, they said that Luis and Mariah will marry on June 30th in Mexico City, within the Cathedral Metropolitana. However, we all know it's not true because it was all a gag! Thanks Eva for that tidbit!

    -Mariah in Cosmo
    Earlier this month, I reported that MC was in Cosmopolitan with a picture of her on the set of All That Glitters. Now, Nicole tells me that she is also mentioned on page 117 in "Ex-orcise your ex." It says that Mariah's "Heartbreaker" song is one of the songs you should play while burning your ex's stuff!

    -Mariah in Complete Woman
    Steph from All Mariah told me that Mariah is in the Feb/March 2001 Complete Woman Magazine and she was kind enough and typed it all out for us!

    Take a peek inside Sarah Jessica Parker's purse. Catch a glimpse at Mariah Carey's nails in any music video. Look at Cameron Diaz's digits on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Where the stars are, you'll find the work of Deborah Lippman, a celebrity manicurist and developer of her own line of totally glamorous nail polish. She gave Complete Woman the scoop on how to score a perfect 10.

    The magazine describes 10 tips on how to 'pretty-up' and take care of those nails and it lists a few artists/actresses with their photos and the photo of their favorite nail polish. The artists/actresses with their favorites in the magazine include Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cher, Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mariah Carey.

    Now, to the point - the part about Mariah. :) Mariah Carey matches her nail polish to her clothes. When Mariah wore a white dress to the 1999 Oscars, Lippman created a color - a silvery beige called Satin Doll.

    -Mariah mentioned on Today Show
    Here is what Gary told me:
    Hi, I was watching the Today Show this morning and they had someone named Steve from People Magazine telling us what the stars got for Christmas, and where they stayed. The guy said Mariah was in Aspen. He also said he thinks she bought Cher's old house. Then he said Mariah is being Mariah, walking around with few clothes on in Colorado, and was the first person to get frozen navel. Matt Lauer said to Steve he must be making this up as he goes along, but they both laughed.

    -Sorry Lack O' Update
    Sorry I didn't update yesterday and the update for today came a little later. I just have been so busy and other things have been happening in my life that prevented me from updating yesterday.

    Plus I want to thank everyone who sent in letters to me about Gizmo. Yeah, it's been a really hard week and I went through several boxes o' tissue but today I was actually dealing with it better and I guess overtime everything will go back to normal, whatever that is. If I didn't thank you personally, I am thanking you now because so many of you e-mailed me. Thanks again and yeah, I know Gizmo is "shinning down on me from heaven!"

    December 27, 2000...
    MClogo -Mariah on BET Top 10 twice
    Adele and Ruth told me that Mariah was on BET's 106th and Park yesterday at 6 pm. Mariah's Joy To The World was #9 and O Holy Night was #4. However, where was the All I Want For Christmas Remix? I guess it's cool that she got at least two on there :)

    -New Pictures
    Mari sent me two new picture of Luis and Mariah on a speedboat. They are from Spain last year but I havn't seen them anywhere on the internet so far. Check them out in Gallery 46

    -Escape Mariah Carey Style
    Thanks to Carmela who sent me this next article. Mariah is only briefly mention.

    The EMAZING Famous Birthday of the Day - (TEXT) Tuesday December 26, 2000
    Tycoon of Teen
    He may have been -- and continue to be -- the Fool on the Hill.

    But let's get one thing clear: As crazy as Phil Spector is, he knew how to produce emazing music.

    He is famous for his "wall of sound," whereby he added kettle drums and horns and glockenspiels and vocal chorales to rock & roll without taking away a bit of its teen rebelliousness and angst.

    His seminal concoction is "Be My Baby," recorded by the Ronettes. He layered 27 tracks of music on tape before putting Veronica Bennett--known to you perhaps as Ronnie Spector --in front of the mike for one unforgettable take.

    He later married Ronnie and tried to hide her away in the mansion on the hill before she escaped Mariah Carey-style.

    While he's long been in hiding, he isn't dead and even asked for another go-round in a recent issue of Vanity Fair.

    -Single Pushed Back for All That Glitters
    Shino from Love Love Jack just found out that the 1st single from All That Glitters release has been postponed to May 2001 ( SRCS - 2403 ).

    My VERY good buddy Mark did 2 drawings of Mariah. He wanted to share them with you and I think they are VERY good! Plus Jennifer, if you got a little extra time, maybe you can be a lamb and let Mark know what's going on; He's worried! Click the thumbnails to view larger!

    -New Mariah Calendar?
    MCCalendar On E-bay, someone is selling a Mariah Carey Calendar, which you can see to the right (click to view larger). It is definately not official because noone else has seen this calendar or has report it. The bid is already up but if you want to check it out on E-Bay, click here. Thanks Alan for this information!

    Kathleen contacted me moments after adding the above news and told me that is selling it for $5.99. But I believe they are outside the country and it cost at least $10 to ship it to the USA and I believe that is anywhere from 1-3 months shipping. I didn't order it because they only accept Visa and Mastercard and I have a Discover card, darnit! If you want to check it out though, click the above link and type in "Mariah Carey!"

    I lost a family member last night and no this family member was not human but she was part of our family for 12 1/2 years and she meant so much to me and now she is gone.
    I love you Gizmo, Rest in Peace!

    December 26, 2000...
    MClogo -Mariah is #4
    Alan told me that Mariah came in #4 for the AOL Poll! You can check out the results by clicking the link below. Wern't these the results that were printed in USA Today a week or two ago?
    Click Here

    -Post your messsge for MC
    This is from Allen:
    YEAH! We got a few message's for Mariah, and they keep coming. However we lost over 70, so if you called you can go to "The M*s*R Website" and check to see if yours is on there. If not you may leave another one. Right now we're receiving message's for a "Happy New Year" so if you'd like to leave on. Also for those of you who did not know you could hear your message on the site please go to "The M*s*R Website" and listen! That's all! Thanks!

    -And They Are Off....
    Well Tommy, Honey and Kate and everyone are leaving soon to come to NYC for the first fan meeting, I believe, starting this Friday the 29th. Several of you lambs are attending the fun in NYC and I am told that even Maroon Entertainment, Mariah's Management Company, will be helping out with a few surprises. If you want to read up click the link below! Also, they update the "Activities" list and I am adding it below for you all to check out:

    Hello everybody, this is important!!! We just made kinda program for the meeting. Below you can see, what it looks like! But if you wanna join us, please make sure you left your signature at our guestlist! Thanx!

    The first day of the meeting is Friday, December 29th , that will be our TRL-day. So we wanna try to visit MTV's TRL, but we don't know for sure if the show airs between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we tried a lot to get more details on that (-thanx Jim!), but TRL didn't response… Anyway we will be there! We are going to meet around 12.30pm on Times Square right in front of the Virgin Mega Store – make sure you arrive in time ;p When TRL is over we have to see if we wanna visit the Statue of Liberty or sth. like that together, or if we do sth. different – that will be decided right there!

    On Saturday, December 30th , you will have time to sleep in the morning ;p Actually you can do what you want to early Saturday, we will meet at 4pm in front of the Rockefeller Center, there we will take "the official picture" and after that maybe doing some iceskating or just laughing our butts off, while looking how the other ones are trying to move on the ice ;p Then you'll have enough time to prepare for the so called "main event", which will take place at Ellen's Stardust Diner private nightclub room (we will tell you how to get there, when we meet at the Rockefeller Center) from 9.15pm to 1am. That will cost you $30! Including all services, like appetizers, singing waitresses, and already a little gift for "Camp Mariah". So we will party the night away ;p

    Sunday, December 31st morning we will do a sightseeing tour – but a very special one! We will do a Mariah related sightseeing tour, at the moment it still looks like that won't cost anything. If we're ready with that one there is the chance to visit a Broadway show and after that celebrating the new year – actually it is the new millenium – in groups…

    We will sell caps saying "One Sweet Day in New York…", during the whole meeting (-thanx to Jonas!). You have to pay $8 for one cap, but maybe you could give $10, so there are $2 from each cap we can give to "Camp Mariah".

    That is what we created as our programm, so hopefully we will have a great time in NY! We really are looking forward to (m)c ya there! And please don't forget to sign the guestlist! Thank you!!! That probably was the last update before the meeting, coz I (Honey) will leave tomorrow evening… So (m)c ya in New York!!!

    -No news....
    There isn't much news today, so sorry for the small update.

    December 25, 2000...Merry Christmas
    MClogo -Merry Christmas
    I hope everyone got everything they wished for and I sure hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday! Merry Christmas to everyone in InfoMC Newsletter and that comes to this website!!! Tomorrow, whole new graphics will be up!

    -Mariah on Musical Holiday
    The normal version of "All I Want For Christmas" was played on ABC this morning. Mariah was featured with other big named artists, as ABC showed many different holiday videos!

    -Luis expecting baby in 2001
    Anna told me that a "Bruja" (witch) in Brazil was doing predictions for the coming year and she said that Luis will become a daddy in 2001!! Hmm, I wonder if this will be true??? Hee hee!

    -All I Want For Christmas on Disney
    Taryn told me that Mariah's animated video for "All I Want For Christmas" was on the music video segment on the the Disney Channel!

    MClogo -New Drawing
    Late on my birthday last week, I did a new drawing of Mariah. If you want to check it out, you can click the thumbnail to the right! I am not the best artist but practice makes perfect right? I put the picture I got it from at the top, so you know what MC pic it is from! Hope you like it!

    -Mariah's and Tommy's Castle
    Here is what Rod told me:
    I just saw on TV a man who who made Mariah's entire parking area in her old house that she lived with Tommy Mottola... that huge castle remember? he did the entire parking area when it was being built... he is on TV right now in canal Globo in "Programa do Fautao" and he is Brasilian his name is Roberto Trevisan and I just taped lots of pics from the house that showed on TV (different angles of the house when it was being built, that he took).. He said that he saw Mariah arriving at the house with Tommy like 5 times when the house was building.. he said he has never talked to her and not even with Tommy because he was a simple rocksmith (sp?) and that there was about 30 rocksmiths that worked with him.. and like there was his boss who would talk to the architect or something from the house.. so didn't have direct contact with them.. But he said Mariah arrived once driving a black truck and he saw her from very near and said she is absolutely a great and beautiful person.. that is all he said about her...he also talked about how Mike Tyson is cool and stuff... he didn't speak english at the time and he was just a simple rockstmith. Besides MC's house he did Mike Tyson's parking area as well and Eddie Murphy's mansion parking area. He moved to New York city when he was only 12 with his brothers and was very very poor... he is a great example of struggle and success... he struggled for 3 years and finally got a job as a rocksmith(sp?)... today he has one of the biggest company's of pavimentation in New York... isn't that soooo interesting? I wish Mariah could read this story!!!!

    December 24, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -New Message From Mariah
    Well Mariah was very nice and left another message for all her fans. The new message is over 2 minutes long but the sad thing about it is that if you missed the voice message from yesterday, you can no longer hear it because it was replaced by today's message. If you missed yesterdays message you can read it by clicking here! I made a transcript of today's message and let me tell you it was hard! I think I might need to get a team together to help me out with making the transcript for the pages if she continues to leave one often! If you are interested in helping out, let me know :) Check out the new message at

    **Hi,** Yeah I do believe I went out last night and things of that nature and yeah, I guess what you would say is that I need to stay in bed all day, but I'm not going to do that, I'm going to go skiing and the thing about me going skiing is that it is a complete and utter joke because I'm really bad but umm it's festive and it's Christmas Eve and I am going to go.

    Merry Christmas Everybody. Umm I am sitting here looking at all the things posted, and I know you probably know that..I don't know and I was going to make a screen name and do all that nonsence but then I thought that maybe noone would believe it was me, I don't know, I don't know, I guess I don't know if that was the best thing for me to do. You guys write and say and tell me if you think I should do that and give me suggestions for names and stuff. I am going to leave it to you but I will say the cartoon sucks and we are working on the cartoon. I wanted it to be different and people always foil what I want. WHYYY? I don't know, I am going to get a better one, I am going to get a whole thing.

    This is just like temporaliy up so you that you guys can be in touch with me for Christmas and I can be in touch with you. But anyway this message is rambling and is basically saying nothing. Jack is here and went swimming in the hot tub last night, almost killing all of us becuase he was trying to get the jet under the water. He'll never get the jet, He can't get the jet, it's just physically impossible for Jack to get the jet. But how cute is Jack in the video? Come On, COME ON, How cute is the dog in the video. Anyhow I find him cute , I don't know about you (laugh). Alright and yeah, I love ya and I enjoy ya and I appreciate ya much and right now you all know this message is complete nonsence. So what I will do is hang up and that's the best thing I can do in the state I am in right now. Anyhow have a great holiday and I will talk to you soon. BYE!

    First off, today is Christmas Eve and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas for tomorrow! Since it's Sunday, I update the Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and the Poll O' The Week (thanks to BlueAFStarr for the idea for the poll). Here are last weeks poll results:

    Do you think it's Mariah who is singing the song
    Yes (172) 57%
    No (126) 42%
    Total Votes: 298

    -New Pictures
    I moved all the All That Glitters pictures to the All That Glitters Part 2 picture page on Xoom. Plus, I got a brand new picture from Elin (Mariah Online) from the All that Glitters set, which I didn't have before. So check out those 4 pics in that Gallery.

    Besides those pics, I added 6 new pictures to Gallery 46 which Val took of Mariah last year in Argentina, I believe! They are all very nice and they show MC at the Rainbow Record Signing and then MC in a blue outfit outside the Sheraton Hotel! Anyhow though, check them out if you like!

    -Mariah Shoots Video/Buys Luis Present

    Also in Aspen this weekend - but not apparently planning to get hitched - are Mariah Carey and her new beau, Latin heartthrob Luis Miguel. The songstress is shooting her next music video at the Caribou. She's giving Luis a $20,000 Brioni alligator jacket for Christmas and I just hope this hasn't spoiled the surprise.
    (Taken from NY Post Online and many thanks to Nini)

    -REMINDER: Mariah on TV Tomorrow
    Check out Mariah in the ABC Christmas Special which will air at 6 am! also says it will air at 12:35 am, but I am not sure if that will happen. Check local listenings for a special called "Musical Holiday!"

    -New Site
    Darryl created a new Mariah site, where you cna download MP3 quality of O Holy Night 2000 and All I Want For Christmas Remix, plus other goodies. To check it out click below:

    -Mariah and Jon Bon Jovi?
    Check out what Priscilla from Mariah's Angel's told me:
    Ok, I don't know how much of this is true but my roomate goes to an exclusive beauty salon down in central NJ where lots of famous-ish people and/or rich people go. She was told by her hairdresser that Mariah rented out a house,I think in this area called Colts Neck where you see nothing but huge estates (and when I say huge I mean HUGE b/c I've seen them in person). Anywho, it turns out that Mariah rented the place of someone who goes to that beauty salon or something like that. Anyway, she was told that Mariah was in that house with Bon Jovi and they were working together for several days! I was like "whoa, is this for real?" Somehow my roomate had sparked up a conversation with her and it led to her saying that I am one of Mariah's BIGGEST fans and that's when she told her about it. Guess we gotta wait and see if this is true....

    -Mariah on TV in Germany
    Dennis, aka sexy chop, told me that you can check out Mariah on the German Channel RTL2 on December 31st to see a repeat performance of Mariah at the The Dome at 08:15 pm. She will perform Against All Odds and Thank God I Found You.

    -Send a wish to Mariah
    This is from Allen:
    Want to wish Mariah a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? Well, all you have to do is call our voice message service TOLL FREE and leave a message. Mariah does have this number so she can call in and listen to them all. Also Mariah has the link that we will post all of your guys message's to her. If you don't want your message posted on the net then please do not leave one. You may leave a message up to 5 minutes. Please read instructions below.

  • 1.)Dial (1-877-271-9800)
  • 2.)It'll then ask for you to punch in the extension # which is (1219286)
  • 3.)Wait for the song to finish or you can just press 0 *zero*
  • 4.)You will hear a beep, say your FIRST name your age and where your from.
  • 5.)Wish Mariah a Merry Christmas and all that other good stuff.
  • 6.)Give MC feedback on both her NEW Christmas videos.
  • 7.)Tell MC what you think about the NEW site idea.
  • 8.)5 minutes should be up!
    That's all! 8 steps isn't a lot. Be sure to check back to to see/hear your message. Merry Christmas!

    December 23, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Update #3
    -Transcript of Mariah's Message
    Well, Mariah just left her first message on the site and I made a transcript of it. It's really cool the new service they use to listen to the message because you can listen to it a million and one times and it is very clear and nice. Plus, I think Mariah will be leaving us more messages, which I am so excited about because I love hearing from Mariah! For those of you who can't go to the site and hear her, I typed everything out for you:

    "I don't want a lot for Christmas" (She sings this)
    Yeah it's Christmas time; Merry Christmas and hey, I'm trying to go out and be festive today, do some more shopping and things of that sort. Umm the site is going to be updated as often as possible yeah, they got the little cartoon on there but I think we need a little bit of work with that particular facet but it's going to be cool because I can talk to you guys as much as I want. So, I've ben here working on the soundtrack. Umm, I'm in the mountains with the nice snow, listening to christmas carols yeah my cats here, one of my dogs, Jack, is on his way and you guys should be able to watch the videos on umm on the site, so naturally, well I am assuming that if you don't know, now you know. The videos are umm AIWFC remix with Jermaine and Lil Bow Wow and that was fun and it was fun to do the cartoon and I enjoyed doing that particular cut and then also, umm we did a new version of O Holy Night 2000, that I had a really good time doing as well. So umm, and I basically you can only see them, I guess they are some video outlets, but I did them for you guys to watch on the site and Merry Christmas. Hope you like them. So I hope you guys have a nice holiday and I will be calling in and I will be calling you with updates as they arrive. Alright bye...

    -Update #2
    -New Official Site Updated
    Well when you check out you see a cool new animation of Bianca and Mariah. Mariah opens the door to "Lamby's Salon" and knocks Bianca over, who happens to be just walking by. Bianca kicks Mariah and then it says to be continued, so yeah, I do beleieve that is pretty cool. Hopefully this new official site will continue to do creative things like this!! A new message will be left by Mariah shortly it says, when she wakes up! Here are three caps I made, which you can click to view bigger. Enjoy and make sure to check back later to hear a holiday message from Mariah!

    -Update #1
    Eric from Mariah Carey Archives sent me two new pictures which were taken from the 20th Century Fox 2001 Preview Kit. Click them to see the larger pictures. Plus the tiny article below comes with it:
    MClogo "Music legend Mariah Carey makes her feature film debut in this love story set against the backdrop of the New York club scene. Carey plays a young singer who overcomes a turbulent childhood and begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey to superstardom."

    MClogo -New Picture from the set of All That Glitters
    Thanks to Lexi for this following picture, which you can click to see bigger. It's a picture of MC from the set of All That Glitters and the picture in the back is slightly different then the other picture of Mariah walking Jack!

    -New Message from Mariah
    Make sure to check out for Mariah's first verbal message on her new site later today! Right now it is 12:22 pm, so hopefully by the end of the night the first verbal message from MC will be up!

    -Vote for Mariah on AOL
    Jenna and Pat told me that Mariah is in 3rd place on the AOL poll. To vote for her, click the link below (AOL USERS ONLY):

    -Excellent News...All I Want For Christmas Remix makes #1
    Kym told me that the All I Want For Christmas Remix is #1 on Tito's Top 4 at 4 on Power 106 in L.A.!

    -Single Released
    The new All I Want For Christmas Single is was released in Japan today, so if you live in Japan, go get your copy!


    (DEC. 20) WENN - SEVENTH - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - WESTLIFE AND MARIAH CAREY VOTED OUT WESTLIFE and MARIAH CAREY are No 1 - in a vote for people who should be evicted from the world of music.The unpopular duo came top of a poll of a host of stars conducted by British music magazine MELODY MAKER, which included STEREOPHONICS' KELLY JONES, BADLY DRAWN BOY's DAMON GOUGH and CYPRESS HILL's B-REAL.Westlife won themselves four votes while Carey got three. (KW/MM/NFA)(c) 2000 The World Entertainment News Network.-0-Copyright 2000
    (Thanks to Jake for this article)

    December 22, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Update #3
    -New Official Mariah Carey Site; Part 3
    Mariah was unable to leave a voice message because there were some technical difficulties sadly! But they typed out a message from Mariah and Mariah will leave a verbal one tomorrow for all of us. Here is the one that was typed out:

    Hi Lambs,
    Sorry, I tried to leave you a verbal message but for some reason it cut me off, probably because I was rambling for a long time… and things of that nature. But I hope you all have a happy holiday. Enjoy the two new videos I did for you and I'll leave you a verbal message as soon as possible! Thank you for everything you've done for me this year and always.
    Much love, MC
    P.S. I just found out I can leave a voice message tomorrow!
    This message was also added to the Mariah Carey Transcript Page! Check out all of Mariah's messages to her fans on this page!

    -Update #2
    -New Official Mariah Carey Site; Part 2
    The official site is now opened and you can check it out at Above you will see a screen capture I made for you all to check it out. IF you get the tour site, just refresh the page.

    Basically, nothing too special about the page yet but I think they are working on it still. If you try to listen to the message from MC, it just says, "Mariah, this is where your fans will hear your messages" or something like that. People say it is Jill's voice, but I personally don't think it sounds like her, but hey I could be wrong :)

    You can also download the 2 videos for All I Want For Christmas Remix and O Holy Night at the site too, plus you can send in your comments on how the site could be improved already. The only weird thing though, is that you have the option of registering to see the unveiling of the new site? What is that all about? I don't know and neither do you! Ha ha. Hopefully Mariah's message will be up soon!

    -Update #1
    -New Official Mariah Carey Site
    Check out for a new design, the 2 new videos (even though they are already on and a NEW Voice Message from Miss Mariah Carey! It's 7:31 am where I live right now in NJ and still no new site but maybe it will premiere later today while I am at school picking up my exams. I'll have another update ASAP when it premieres with all the information about the new site! Stay Tuned....

    -Thanks to all my fellow lambs
    Before I get into todays news, I want to thank all my fellow lambs for the birthday wishes. I got tons of animated cards, e-mails and even messageboard messages. I tried to respond to every one of you, but if I didn't reply to you, I saying thanks here! Hee hee! So Thanks Everyone!

    -Magazine News
    Jose told me that there is a little picture of Mairah in TV Notas.

    The pictures that were added to the Pics Page were originally scanned by Meski and were taken from his site. So Thanks to Meski for the pics also!

    -Luis and Mariah
    Well I got tiny thumbnails of the 3 new pics of Luis and Mariah from El Gordo Y La Flaca. Sadly, they are so small. Anna sent me the video and I should get it on Tuesday and I will make caps of the pics in bigger format then for this site hopefully on Wednesday! Anna sent me a description of the story on El Gordo Y La Flaca and a big thanks to Sandra for the 3 caps. She runs the site, Love That Luis!

    MClogo The comments as they showed the pix: Gordo still maintains that L&M had a fight and broke up , but now they're back together; the Flaca says that they both look happy, but that Luis looks happier than Mariah, and there's some speculation from both of them that it had to do with MClogoThalia's wedding in December to MC's ex-husband. Flaca also said that she wishes that next time MC goes to Mexico, they ask her again about Thalia. This stems from the fact that early last year, when Thalia and Motolla became "an item" the Mexican press asked MC what she thought about the romance, and she answered that she didn't know who Thalia was. Thalia is not that well known outside of the Latin media circle - although her "recognition rate" has certainly gone up over the past year and a half with her engagement and marriage to the Sony Honcho. MClogoAnyway, Flaca felt compelled to comment that "well, Mariah certainly knows who Thalia is now." It ended with both G&F agreeing that Luis and Mariah will be together for the Christmas and New Year holidays and have a big celeration. Anyway, as with all things presented on that show, I take their comments with a grain of salt, remembering that it is, after all, a gossip entertainment show, and appreciating the fact that we get to see recent photos.

    -Mariah on the Radio
    Mariah's new song "Alli want for x-mas (remix)" was #5 yesterday and #7 today :( on the Sexy seven at 7:00 on power 106 in L.A.
    (Thanks to Kim for this information)

    -Mariah in USA Today
    Steve told me that in yesterdays USA Today, they had the results to AOL's Christmas Song Survey. Mariah was #4 with All I Want For Christmas (Is You).

    -Mariah Charts
    Thanks to Desiree for the following charts from

  • Top Pop Catalog Albums
    Top 20 Positions / Issue Date: December 30, 2000
    This week Last week Week son chart Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. PeakPosition
    14 15 61 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas 4 Columbia | 64222 1

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 1, 2000
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    8 12 Mariah Carey: Rainbow
    3 Columbia | 63800* 2

  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: December 30, 1995
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    1 2 Mariah Carey: Daydream
    9 Columbia | 66700 1

  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: December 29, 1990
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    5 5 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey
    8 Columbia | 45202 3

    -Vote for Mariah
    Desiree also told me that BET is having a poll on your favorite Christmas Song and Mariah is on the list 3 times! Vote for her by clicking here and here are the poll results for MC:

  • "Miss You Most (At Chrismas)" by Mariah Carey 3.3%
  • "Joy To The World" by Mariah Carey 3.1%
  • "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey 18.5%

    December 21, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -New Official Mariah Carey Site
    Here is the latest Mariah Carey News from Jill from the FOMM:
    hey lambs!
    I have some exciting news from Mariah and Maroon Entertainment (home of Mariah management)for all of you! Friday of this week, December 22, will be the premiere of a completely restructured and relaunched
    On the site will be a personal holiday message from Mariah, both of the new Christmas videos available to see, and an opportunity for the fans to comment on the site and give feedback regarding what other information and/or material you might like to see available on this site!

    In the upcoming year Mariah will be involved in lots of new and exciting things and this site will serve as a great place for fans to come to to learn about them directly from Mariah! This is Mariah's holiday present to all of her amazing, wonderful and dedicated fans.

    And all of us here at Maroon Entertainment are wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday season and Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year!
    Much love,

    Well, this is pretty cool news because I thought the Sony site for Mariah was not very well managed and majority of the time, we would know the news weeks before the Sony site would announce it. So hopefully with the new official site, Mariah will give us the details on what's going on more often and she won't feel scared to leave more voice messages to us :) Can't wait to check it out Friday and I'll have all the details about it Friday, of course!

    This Just In..
    Mariah's Sony site, has just added the two videos in full format on their page. I just received this in the mail:
    For a limited time, watch two special
    full-length Christmas videos by Mariah!!
    "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
    (Remix featuring Jermaine Dupri & Lil Bow Wow)
    and "O Holy Night"
    ONLY on
    Happy Holidays! question is, is Mariah leaving her Sony Official site to make her own or is she just moving the Sony site and giving it a whole new look? I still think she is getting her own to get away from Sony, but maybe I am reading into this too much!

    MClogo EXCLUSIVE: New Mariah & Luis Picture
    Anna was very nice and sent me a cool new picture of Luis and Mariah in Los Angeles earlier this month. Maria told me that they showed the picture on the right and two other picture on El Gordo Y La Flaca! Anna saw it too and is sending me a copy, so if those other two pics don't appear on the internet soon, I will make screen caps of them next week so we can all seem them. In the one, Anna tells me that Mariah has a silly grin on her face and in the other one Mariah is opening the door to the limo.

    -Mariah Charts
    Pete from Mariah Avenue went to the library and checked out a book called, "Billboard Top 1000 1955-1996" and he sent me the following information:

  • Mariah in Top 1000 Billboard
    #001.One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men)
    #191.Vision Of Love
    #289.Love Takes Time
    #329.Always Be My Baby
    #429.I'll Be There
    #432.I Don't Wanna Cry

  • Mariah's songs in Top 40 in the following years:
  • 1990:
    #03.Vision Of Love
    #06.Love Takes Time
  • 1991:
    #07.I Don't Wanna Cry
  • 1992:
    #09.I'll Be There
    #21.Can't Let Go
    #39.Make It Happen
  • 1993:
  • 1994:
    #14.Endless Love
    #16.Without You
  • 1995:
    #01.One Sweet Day
  • 1996:
    #04.Always Be My Baby

    -Mariah played on TV Yesterday
    Pete from Mariah Avenue also told me that on yesterdays Today Show, they played Mariah's version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" outside while they were collecting toys!

    Plus, Erika told me that Nickelodeon played Mariah's "Joy To The World" during one of their commercial breaks, where they play Christmas videos once in a while.

    -Two New Pics
    Elin from Mariah Online was VERY nice and sent me two new pictures of Mariah. One is from the photoshoot of InStyle (July 1998) and the other one is from the cover of Self Magazine (December 1998). Check out both of these pics in a NEW gallery...Gallery 46.

    -REMINDER: Mariah on TV Today
    Check out Mariah on the VH1 Top 50 Countdown between 2:30 and 3:30 pm EST! She will be #36 for Thank God I Found You, I believe and there are some nice interviews with Mariah and Joe!

    -Updates on Site
    I fixed up the main page of this site a little bit last night. I took away some graphics and fixed up some of the html to make the site load faster and look nicer, hope you agree. Also, I fixed up the Request Mariah page, so if you want to request Mariah anywhere from TRL, to Asia programs, to e-mailing radio stations, to calling into the radio stations, you now have full access to do so!

    -Happy Birthday
    If you got a little extra time, please send a Happy 21st Birthday wish to my friend Brianne! Her e-mail address is:

    Plus, today I was born and I am now officially 20 years old, hee hee! So Happy Birthday to me, how pathetic is that, huh? HA HA HA!

    December 20, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -One Sweet Day on Pop Up Video
    Last night at 6:30 pm, VH1 played a new pop up video I believe. One Sweet Day was on during the show and the reason I think it was new is because they showed one of the pop ups of Derek and Mariah, unless I missed this show from last year somehow? Anyhow though, they said some thing I didn't know. MC and the Boyz had to sing the song over 100 times for the video shoot and plus weeks or months later, forge which one, Mariah went back into the song and added more of her vocals! Also, they had to redo parts of the songs because the cameras were causing interference in the sounding of the recording!

    -Mariah on VH1's Christmas Video Timeline
    Check out what LambyFrog1114 told me:
    She talked at the very beginning, when they r intro-ing the show, and says something bout how artist's christmas songs will live on forever, even after the artist is gone. another part showed an interview, where she was talking bout how she always knew she would put out an album because she was always sign x-mas songs...they showed a pic of mc with santa....and also showed part of the AIWFCIY video..and they also showed mc talking bout how she gave her mom a house for x-mas once....i thought it was cute :o) i dont 'know if they have showed this before...probably...but i don't know...i don't recall seeing it, but i'm sure they've shown some x-mas thing like this before... :o)

    -Mariah in Cosmo
    I just received my Cosmopolitan Magazine in the mail (Jan 2001 issue) and there is a tiny pic of Mariah on the set of All That Glitters. I added the picture to the All That Glitters Gallery #2 and here is what it says:

    Does Mariah Carey plan on acting in another movie in the future?
    After her cameo in the not-so-successful film The Bachelor, Carey is set to star in All That Glitters, in which she will play a singer whose deejay boyfriend helps her get into the music buisness, then turns jealous and controlling when she succeeds. SOme say the role might hit a little close to home for Mariah because the story line echoes her former marriage to Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola. Judge for yourself when it arrives in April.

    -Mariah on TRL last night
    Chad, Adam, and Andi told me that Mariah was on the NEWS segment in yesterdays TRL show. Here is what Andi told me:

    MC was just on TRL in a special news segment talking about her donation to the National Adoption Center. They showed clips of her playing with the kids in the snow (in Aspen) and showed her talking about why she was using all her proceeds from "Thank God I Found You" to help out the Adoption Center. Then after the segment, Carson said something like "I think now all the boys out there are wondering how they can adopt Mariah" because she was wearing a very cute outfit and doing her interview in front of a fireplace. Ha ha :o) They also mentioned she was working on her soundtrack for ATG, and said to expect both the movie and the soundtrack out in the spring.

    -Mariah in Magazines
    Jose gave me the rundown on what magazines you can check Mariah out in:

  • sister 2 sister, jan 2001 issue, there is a picture of her wearing the pink outfit from the blockbuster music awards, they talk about the rumors that are going around about her playing wonder women.
  • there is 2 pictures of her on the dec, issue of tv novelas one is from her wedding to tommy mottola and the other on is a picture talking about horoscopes.
  • she is also the year end issue of enternainment weekly, one picute is from the mtv europe music awards and they talk about her foodpoising incident she had last april and the other picuture is when she is wearing that black dress at the AMA, they talk about worst dress.

    -So Tell Me...
    Did you vote for All I Want For Christmas Remix video on TRL yet today? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO???? You got 2 minutes? Well then check it out NOW! Help out MC!

    -Do You Hear What I Hear? OMG It's Mariah...

  • Melbsb15
    It's pretty cool that every time I go to the mall they're playing a Christmas song from Mariah hehe! the other time i was at the mall and they played "santa claus is coming to town" and the other time they played "all i want for christmas is you" and yesterday they played "all i want for christmas is you" again and when I went to robinson's may at the mall.. i just went in and saw that the video for "miss you most" [at christmas time] was on all the tv's at the shop. That made my day! (i saw "miss you most" for the first time there) just a part of it.
  • Diana:
    Hey Reg! I noticed everyone has been telling little stories of when they've heard Mariah. Well, I was watching a recap on the past MTV Music Awards and they were interviewing someone but in the background was the dance remix to HeartBreaker. (Not the one with Da Brat and Missy) Then the other night I was getting the football game scores on the news and in the background they were playing the instrumental dance remix to Honey!! I was so happy. In my Sports in America class the next day I told everyone! Woo hoo.
  • Isabelle:
    I've been hearing MC everywhere. Twice at the Mall: A 11 year old gifted kid plays the piano there and I've heard Hero. twice already. Once it was a little boy who was singing, the last time it was a little girl. The little boy was awesome. When I heard the song, I was like 'WHO's that??' Also, this weekend, I heard All I want for Xmas at Souplantation (It's a salad bar and soup buffet) and I heard Joy to the World at the ice cream parlor which is close to where I live.

    -Article Translation
    Rachael was SO KIND and translated an article from Rincon Latino Online and here is the translation:

    Article: Revueltos sí, pero no juntos
    Luis and Mariah continue their relationship, as confirmed to from the publicist of Carey, Cindi Berger. Various mediums of communication affirmed that the diva and the Mexican singer they had broken up, but Berger explained the reasons of the seemingly true separation: and it is not the lack of love.

    Regarding the matter of Luis Miguel and Mariah, the paparazzi have been given the banquet, literally. Today they eat in Paris, yesterday had dinner in Puerto Rico, last week they danced lambada in Acapulco. But ultimately the couple has to diet. By the media not reporting constantly about the relationship, certain mediums assumed the incorrect thing; that had the two had broken up. However, the publicist of Carey, Cindi Berger, contradicted these rumors to, alleging that they were separated.

    "They are very much together. She [Mariah] is in Toronto make a movie and they will be spending this weekend together. They are very together and very happy," summarized Berger.

    Rumors of Depression? Mariah will be happy rolling a movie, but say that Luis is passing the days drowning his suffering in the sea. Acapulco, where sails are 15 million dollars.

    An executive of Warner Music Mexico said to our editors that the majority of the rumors surrounding the artist are uncertain, although chose for not summarizing upon this in specific.

    "We dedicate ourselves to taking care of and supporting the musical career of Luis Miguel. Of his private life, we are totally untied and when we are informed of something precise, it is only through reporters and various mediums. Luis Miguel is an artist that, by his importance and projection in the international level, has endless rumors generated about him ,and that the majority of the rumors are only that, rumors," indicated the Warner Music Mexico executive. It all seems to aim to that the single golden one has been hunted. You already know it's Mariah. Sorry, chicas.

    -Unofficial Calendar Question
    This is from Pat:
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone ordered the unofficial calender, Mariah carey, from Push Posters. If you did, can you please tell me how long it took you to recieve it, and what the pictures are, is it worth buying, althought anything mariah-ish is worth buying, but quality and so forth.....thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

    December 19, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Update #2
    Mariah Carey has taken 100 orphans for a pre Christmas treat-retreat to her favourite place, Aspen, Colorado, where she met lover Luis Miguel two years ago.

    Carey donated the proceeds from this year's hit 'Thank God I Found You' - her 15th US Number One record - to the National Adoption Centre and says the snow and countryside in Aspen are an inspiration to everyone, which is why she's taken the children with her.

    "There's over 500,000 kids in the system who need permanent homes and families and a lot of times in our daily life we don't think about things like that," " says Carey.

    "I love Aspen because it's where I met Luis. It's a special place."
    (Article taken from DotMusic Website and a HUGE thanks to one of my very good friends Isa, for sending the info to me)

    -VH1 LOVES Mariah this morning
    MClogo Sometime between 9 am and 10 am, forget exactly when, VH1 played Mariah's new video "All I Want For Christmas Remix." Then a litle before 11 am, they played "O Holy Night!" Lucky for me, I had my VCR's going since 6 am this morning and I caught it all. Tomorrow, they will most likely play these 2 videos again because VH1 is playing a TON of Christmas videos! I would set your VCRS from 6 am to 11 am because yesterday they played "O Holy Night" a little before 8 am!! If you need these videos, go set the VCR's! Thanks again to Jen!!

    MClogo -Update #1
    -Caps of All I Want For Christmas Remix and Access Hollywood
    While I was working on my exam, Alex was very kind and made screen caps of MC's new remix video for All I Want For Christmas Is You and also he made some caps of MC in Aspen.

    Check out caps of Mariah's new video in it's own gallery called "AIWFCIY Remix" on the Pic Pages It is the first link when you check out the Pics Page. I must say the video is just amazing and it is SO CUTE! Even my friend Alex said that it was the cutest Mariah Carey video he has ever seen and even he loved it, and he's not a MC fan! Anyhow though, the caps came out very nice, and check them out only if you want to. My favorite one is the one above right. I just think it's cute, hee hee!

    MClogo The video basically starts out with JD and Little Bow Wow. Lil' Bow Wow, which I will call LBW, doesn't want to go to bed and doesn't believe. So it's Mariah's mission to get this mess solved. Santa won't wake up, so she goes to his house to get him out of bed! She tried everything from cymbols, to a cannon, to even shaking him and Jack pulling his covers off. Finally, JD sends MC a message on her pager, and tells her to use her wand, which she does use and Santa wakes up. MClogoNext, they are off to load up the sled and to deliver all the presents. Mariah makes a stop at JD's/LBW house and Mariah slides down the chimney. However, Santa has a little problem and doesn't fit. So, Mariah pulls him out. She gives LBW a new key to a new car and then at the end, they show Mariah all by herself and she seems lonely. But she takes a look at the Snowman and gets an idea. She turns the snowman into Luis and then they are in Guam, and a Butterfly flys by. The End :)

    MClogo Check out caps of MC on Access Last night in Gallery 45 on the Pic Pages For the Access Hollywood segment, they basically showed MC playing in the snow with kids in Aspen. They talked about how the profits from her single, Thank God I Found You, went to benefit these kids! MC looked really pretty and she seemed so relax and like she was just having a great time! They also said how two years ago, Mariah and Luis met in Aspen and then MC talked about that! At the very end, she said that Mariah is not just in Aspen for all fun, she is also working on recording new tracks for her new movie All That Glitters. So maybe MC wasn't happy with how some of them turned out, maybe she is remixing them, etc! Who knows, but it seems she is working in the studio over her vacation!! Overall, it lasted a little under 2 minutes but it was really cute!!

    -Vote on TRL
    Well, we have changed the video we are voting for now on TRL! All I Want For Christmas Is You is an EXCELLENT choice for TRL and I think it would become a big hit but sadly, we have less then a week until Christmas and it is Christmas video! So, we need you all to vote, vote and then vote some more. Come on guys, it takes THREE minutes to do this, so I don't even want to hear you don't have the time to do it! If you don't know how to do it, check down below but if you do, which you should by now, just click on the link below and help out our lamb Mariah!!

    -All I Want For Christmas Remix premieres on radio
    Devin told me that he was listening to POWER 106 in LA and they world premiered "All I Want For Christmas Is You" remix featuring Lil' Bow Wow and JD. The song premiere on Big Boy's morning show and the song also repeats in the afternoon. So this is pretty cool information and I sure hope that other radio stations begin to play it soon :)

    -Recap of Luis and Mariah over last year
    Rincon Latino Online is recaping the last year with Mariah and Luis. They posted a bunch of their articles on them, sadly they are all in Spanish though. Thanks to Eva and Anna for this information and check it out for yourself by clicking the above link!

    -Mariah on Top of the Pops Christmas
    Dennis, a very good buddy of mine and who is also known as sexy chop, told me that on December 24th, Mariah will be featured on the German Channels:
    Top Of The Pops-Christmas Special: 7:10 pm on RTL
    (Mariah will perform Against All Odds Live)

    Plus, Dennis told me that Diva's Live 2000 will repeat at 8 pm on VH1 Germany.

    -Bits O' Info
    Here is some various tidbits on Mariah:

  • Carmela:
    hi regina! how are you? i just thought i'd email you and tell you that i just finished watching rock and roll jeopardy. it was a celebrity edition and the players were art from everclear, jane (don't know who she is), and shawn from boyz II men. in double jeopardy, they had a category called "'love' songs", and all the answers were mariah ones except the last one! i don't remember it all, but the first one for 200 was endless love with luther. the second was dreamlover. then it was love takes time and vision of love. jane said, "she writes a lot of love songs!" then art said, "let me just say mariah carey wrote every love song ever made". the last question did mention mariah though: "not mariah carey, celine dion..." shawn won most of the points there, but he did get a couple wrong. :) i thought it was the coolest thing to have almost an entire category on MC, so i just wanted to let you know.
  • Ramsey:
    On Monday's TRL, Carson asked what artist at number 7 worked with Mariah Carey and David Spade, and the answer was of course 98 Degrees.
  • Grinch5413:
    Hey Reg, Saturday I was shopping in Abercrombie & Fitch and they were playing Club Mixes and it was really weird because everytime I'm in their I never here Mariah until 2 nights ago when I was in it and it like just came on when I was leaving and I stayed I thought that was awesome, sorry I couldn't email you earlier :)
  • Desiree:
    Hi again Reg,
    I was just watching 'Don't Quote Me' on VH1. They play videos and put qoutes on the bottom of the screen. They played Jennifer Lopez's new one. One quote was "Do you think she is in the same league vocally? I was just wondering" - MC

    December 18, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Update #2
    -Now Catch O Holy Night on VH1 in the mornings
    Jen informed me that she saw the NEW Mariah Carey Video, "O Holy Night" on VH1 earlier this morning at 7:53 am. VH1 runs various videos in the mornings usually from 6 am until about 11 am! Jen told me that they usually play 2 normal videos and then a holiday video, it seems. So set your VCR's for tomorrow morning to see if you can get O Holy Night on video!!

    Hi, I'm Elin (from Mariah Online), and in February I went especially from Norway (where I live) to see Mariah's concert in Belgium. It would mean very much to me if those of you who have pictures from the concert can please e-mail me, and maybe we can trade/buy pictures from eachother? I'm also looking for audio/video from that concert. :-)

    If anyone can help me out here, in my never-ending search of material from this concert, please e-mail me at
    Thank you!

    -Update #1
    -EXCLUSIVE: Mariah on NEW TV Show Christmas Day
    Mariah will be featured on an ABC special on Christmas day at 12:35 am and 6 am EST! It will feature videos by Tony Bennett, MC, Dave Koz and Michael Bolton! I am hoping that they will play Mariah's new video, "O Holy Night," but they will most likely play her "All I Want For Christmas Is You" normal version! Here is the description from

    Musical Holiday
    Type: Music Special / Variety
    Duration: 1 hr
    Description: Holiday music videos by artists including Tony Bennett, Mariah Carey, Dave Koz and Michael Bolton. (In Stereo)
    Airing: Mon 12/25/00 12:35am 6 ABC
    Mon 12/25/00 6:00am 6 ABC

    -REMINDER: MC on TV Tonight
    Make sure to check Mariah out tonight on BET from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. She will call in sometime between that hour and a half and premiere her new video. Lil Bow Wow is expected to be at the show too, so I was told

    After checking out BET, turn to NBC and check out MC in Aspen on Access Hollywood!!!

    -Aussie News
    Here is what Neil (owner of Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub) told me:

  • Sony Music Australia is in negotiations at the moment to have Mariah visit Down Under next year for promotion of the soundtrack.
  • The next single for Mariah to be released in Australia will be from the "All That Glitters" soundtrack and has an expected release date of the 19TH FEBRUARY, 2001. However, there is no scheduled released for the actual soundtrack - yet!.
  • There is a possible March 2000 release of a Mariah Homevideo & DVD. It is untitled at the moment but is most probably the "Rainbow World Tour".
  • It is important that we all request Mariah songs at AMV - a very popular music video show. Online requesting can be done here: Click Here to Vote!

    -Mariah on Grand Slam Figure Skating
    Pete and André told me that Mariah's CTTA was used by Rudy Galindo for his routine! The hosts were talking about the song and saying how you should not give up on your dreams. Plus, it's great that everyone in the arena heard this song.

    -Download O Holy Night Video
    Check it out at It's a 47.9 MB file!

    -Bits O' Info
    Here is some various information on Mariah:

  • Salvador:
    Last night, 11/16/00, a woman named Christine Mowry was on "Showtime at the Apollo" and she sang "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston. What really surprised during her performance was her ability to hit really high notes like Mariah!! Check out her performance at
    I was in K-Mart and they played Dreamlover, and was in the 99 cents store and they played Endless Love. I ended up buying a cute Monarch butterfly picture w/ frame and butterfly plate there : ) Isn't it funny how MC fans always happen to be places where MC's playing? I love it!
  • Michelle:
    Hey Reg, I just wasted to tell ya that Nickelodeon (sp?) plays Christmas videos once in a while and yeasterday (16th) they played "AIWFCIY"! And today (17th) they played "Joy to the World."

    -Caps Tomorrow..
    Tomorrow I will have some cool caps of Mariah's new video and maybe even Access Hollywood for you all. I originally said I would have that up later tonight but sadly I have caught a pretty bad illness and after my exam tonight, I will most likely retire into my bed! So sorry they won't be up tonight but tune in tomorrow morning to check 'em out!

    December 17, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Updates!
    There is a new Quote of the Week (right above news) and a new Pic O' The Week Along with that, there is a new Poll O' the Week, right above and thanks to Dionne for that idea! Here are last weeks results. It seems Toni is the singer you all want MC to duet with, so take note Mariah! Hee hee, just kidding!

  • Who would you like to see MC duet with?
    Jennifer Lopez (27) 5%
    Madonna (33) 7%
    Backstreet Boys (34) 7%
    Janet Jackson (90) 19%
    Celine Dion (28) 5%
    Toni Braxton (102) 21%
    Barbra Streisand (12) 2%
    Christina Aguilera (94) 20%
    Thalia Mottola (15) 3%
    Britney Spears (33) 7%
    Total Votes: 468

    -Bad News for All That Glitters!
    As most of you probably already know, All That Glitters release date has been pushed back from April 2001 to Fall 2001! This information comes from and thanks to everyone who sent this to me. In my opinion, this is pretty upsetting!

    -REMINDER: Mariah on TV Tomorrow!
    SUMar235 told me I have made yet ANOTHER mistake on this whole video premiere on BET's "106th & Park." It seems the show airs from 6 pm until 7:30 pm, not 7:00 pm. I was told that this show is like TRL on BET, so MC might call in on the last half hour, so it's important you know this info! I will have video caps for you all hopefully tomorrow night too!!!

    Plus, make sure to check out Access Hollywood for Mariah and kids running around in Aspen! Should be very cute!

    -Vote for Mariah Video on TRL!
    Salvador and Joselito wrote me and told me that "All I Want For Christmas" remix video is a better idea to try and get on TRL rather then the "O Holy Night!" However, we only have 1 week to TRY and get a video on TRL for MC and I don't think that's enough time! I also, think that AIWFCIY is a better selection then O Holy Night!

    -Got a favorite Mariah Quote?!?
    If you have a favorite quote Mariah has said and would like it to be Quote O' The Week, please send it to me! It has to be at least 2 sentences and try not to be anything longer then 4 sentences. A lot of people sent me 1 liners and they don't work well as Quotes! So if you got a cool quote, please send it in and I will get it up with a thank you to you! Thanks!

    -Mariah on Top 50 Countdown on VH1
    Thank God I Found You was #36 on the VH1 show, Top 50 Countdown! I am told that there was an interview with Mariah and she was wearing her red tank top and then there was a interview with Joe on the reason why he sang the song with Mariah. Thanks to Lynn and Matt. Someone else sent me this but I didn't know your name, sorry about that mess :(

    IF you missed it, like me, it will reair on December 21st (my birthday) sometime between 2:30 and 3:30 pm EST.

    December 16, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Correction!
    Mariah's new remix video for All I Want For Christmas Is You will premiere on BET sometime between 6 pm and 7 pm and then will reair on the 19th sometime between 11:30 am-12:30 pm! Sorry about that mishapy yesterday! Thanks to my buddy Desiree for this information!

    -EXCLUSIVE..More All That Glitters Script Information
    "I Wana Be Your Lover" is set to be Billie's first number one dance hit that stays on the Billboard charts for over ten weeks according to the movie script, Scott tells me!! Plus, Desiree told me that Prince wrote a song called "I Wanna Be Your Lover" from his first album in 1979! So maybe that is the song Mariah covers??? So now the songs we know about or that we THINK will be on the soundtrack are:
    I Wanna Be Your Lover
    Touch me in the Morning
    Burning Up
    Everytime (if that's actually Mariah)

    None of these songs have been confirmed though.

    -Mariah on Access Hollywood Monday
    Well it's going to be a HUGE MC day on Monday. Not only will her new video premiere on BET on Monday between 6 pm and 7pm, not only will she call in about that, but NOW my best friend Alex told me that Mariah will be on Access Hollywood Monday night! He said they showed her on the preview last night with some kids, I believe! Access Hollywood runs 7:30-8:00 pm EST on NBC! Check local listings though because Access Hollywood changes from state to state I believe!

    -Mariah in Rolling Stone Book
    Nick from BBMC told me that in the US Weekly December 11th issue, there is a picture of Mariah from the Rolling Stone photo shoot earlier this year. It the pic of MC running through the locker room and the picture can be found in the new rolling stone picture book!

    -O Holy Night to premiere on TRL?
    Brian told me that Carson, host of the hit MTV show TRL, said that this upcoming week, they will have a bunch of Christmas Surprises on TRL! So, maybe they will premiere MC's new video O Holy Night. Make sure you request O Holy Night on TRL

    -Mariah's first single for ATG??
    Nick from BBMC told me that he knows one of the dancers for Mariah's NEW video??? It seems the first single to ATG is called "Back To Me!" It's a really funky song and the new album is set to be released January 26th. Nick says he has known this dancer for 2 years now. However, the first single is only suppose to be released around January 26th, so why would the whole album be released on Jan. 26th??? Plus the movie isn't due till around April and the soundtrack doesn't usually come out that far in advance! SO I don't know if this information is true or not???

    -Check out Brenda K Starr
    Vanessa told me you can check out Brenda for only $10 in Poughkeepsie, New York on Monday!! If anyone is in the area, maybe you should check out the person who helped Mariah get her big break!

    -MTV Tour Show
    Yesterday or the day before I mentioned that Mariah was part of the MTV special about tours. If you want to check it out, Desiree told me it airs tonight at 10:30 pm and Sunday Morning at 8:30 am! Thanks Desiree!

    -Lil Bow Wow on BET Monday
    Desiree told me that she was just watching 106 and Park on BET and on the screen, it reads, "3 days until Lil' Bow Wow!" So, maybe he will be there when MC calls in because he is part of the remix of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

    -Mariah on the radio
    Here is what Gina told me:
    I just thought I'd let you know that they've been playing Mariah's Xmas songs a lot on B96 in Chicago! (All I Want For Xmas Is You, O Holy Night, Joy To The World) I listen to the station all day at work, and they play the songs all day! Also, you can request songs at, and AIWFCIY is on the request list! Plus you can add songs... I've been requesting every day, just for the heck of it, so just in case anyone wants to know!

    December 15, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -EXCLUSIVE All That Glitters Song and Movie Information!
    Well, Scott got his hands on the script of the All That Glitters movie. The scripts date is March 17, 2000 though, meaning more changes could of been made since then. Scott gave me a whole story summary of the movie but I am not going to add that to the site because I don't want to give away the ending to you all.

    BUT, I have some song information. It says Mariah will do a remake of the Diana Ross 70's disco song, "Touch me in the Morning." Throughout the movie script, this song is mentioned several times as background music, etc! Plus, in other moments of the script, it says "MC Gospel/R & B song" probably meaning the song wasn't ready yet to add in the title, so we don't know what songs those are. No mention of "Burning Up" cover either, but maybe that was a later edition.

    During one scene, Mariah is walking down the street wearing headphones and she sings:
    Dont leave me this way
    I can't survive
    I cant stay alive
    Without your love

    Now this information could of been edited out of the movie, maybe MC changed her mind on the Diana song, so who knows! But as of March 17th, this information was part of the movie. We'll see if it makes it in next year!

    -EXCLUSIVE--Mariah's NEW video to premiere on BET this Monday!
    Well a couple people filled me in on this information! It seems that Mariah will call into BET's Top Ten Live and talk to AJ and Free to premiere her new video for "All I Want For Christmas" remix video on December 18th. The show airs at 11:30 am-12:30 pm on Monday and the repeats at 6:00 pm-7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Thanks to Allen, ViJay and Sexy Lamby Chop (aka Danielle).

    -People In The News!
    Dream on no longer: Aerosmith earsn mutiple lifetime awards
    Los Angeles-aerosmith learned it is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on the same day the band was told it is getting an American Music Award for distinguished acheivement.

    The group will be honored at the AMerican Music Awards on Jan. 8 for it's more than 30 albums, it's concerts and it's trailblazing videos.

    The group will perform it's new single, "Jaded," on the show. The only previeous recipients of the AMA acheivement award have been Michael Jackson, Prince and Mariah Carey.
    (Thanks to STELLARBJ for this information)

    -Bit's O Info!
    Here is some various Mariah News:

  • Hannah:
    Dear Regina,
    Hi and Happy Holidays! I am just writing to let you know that twice already for today I heard on Z100 (a local NY,NJ and Conn. station) played "All I Want For Christmas Is You", by the one and only Mariah. I thought that this was pretty cool being that Mariah does not even have a new X-Mas album out this year. I thought that maybe more people should request her song and then it would get more airplay.
  • My VERY good buddy, Mark:
    I got a few new magazines today:
    - TOTP (UK), The December Issue
    - Story (NL), The December 13th Issue
    - Break Out (NL), The December 14th Issue
    - National Enquirer (USA), The December 19th Issue.

    -Download MP3 of O Holy Night video edit!
    You can now download that at You can find it under Mariah Multimedia!

    -MTV News Now 2000 Tour Edition
    Brian told me that Mariah on MTV News Now 2000 Tour Edition. They showed about 6 or 7 shots of MC taken from the MTV News-Mariah Tour Edition which aired earlier this year. The show will probably air a couple more times before the end of the yet. I tried looking it up and found nothing, so if anyone knows, please contact me! Thanks!

    -Vote for Luis and Mariah
    Anna wants us all to go vote for MC and Luis as Couple of the Year at Rincon! All you do, just double click on the aread weher it shows Mariah and Luis in Barbados aiport. It's in Spanish, but it's not hard to figure out! You need to enter your name, e-mail address and ciry and then choose from various selections. Anna would also like us to vote for Luis as Person of the Year! And finally, vote for Mariah and Luis for wedding of the year (hopeful anyway)! Check it out at the link below:

    Thanks to Desiree for the following Chart Information:
    Top Pop Catalog Albums
    Top 20 Positions / Issue Date: December 23, 2000
    This week Last week Weeks on chart Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. PeakPosition
    15 13 60 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas
    4 Columbia | 64222 1

    Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: December 25, 1999
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    12 12 Mariah Carey: Rainbow
    3 Columbia | 63800* 2

    Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: December 23, 1995
    This week Lastweek Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    2 3 Mariah Carey: Daydream
    9 Columbia | 66700 1

    Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: December 22, 1990
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    5 3 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey
    8 Columbia | 45202 3

    December 14, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -VH1 Lied once again!
    Well I don't know about you guys, but I was watching VH1's Greatest Rock & Roll Moments and Mariah was NOT on it last night! They showed a one second clip of her during the Michael Jackson World Music Awards segment! This is the 3 or 4th time VH1 has announced that Mariah will be in the show and turns out not to be, this year. Remember Sesame?

    -Mariah clock, posters and more
    Honey11682 told me you can order a cool Mariah clock, check out 2 MC posters and more at this one celebrity site. I checked it out for a couple moment and I might buy the clock actually! Check it out by clicking the link below:

    -Mariah on Diva's Carol and also on Most Expensive Videos
    Check out what Krisse told me:
    Mariah was mentioned on this vh1 show, it was really funny, in fact! vanessa williams was watching her own "Behind the Music" and the people on the show were saying what a bitch she was. then one person says "one time at a tv shooting, she stole mariah careys dress right off the rack! mariah had to go out in her underwear.......nobody noticed" it was hilarious!!!

    Mariah was also on this mtv show. honey was at three, and then they showed heartbreaker and how it cose 2.3 millions dollars to make. she was also mentioned for the mini-segment called "mega mergers" with her and whitney, the her and joe/98 degrees, and westlife.

    -Contact Phil from Fanatic!
    Phil was very lucky and was titled Mariah Carey's #1 fan in the USA on the hit MTV show Fanatic. Just recently, I have been chatting with him and he's a really nice guy! He said if anyone would like to contact him, feel free to do so and you can do so by e-mailing him at the below address:

    -Addition to Webpage!
    Well I should of done this earlier but I never got a chance to. I am going to add a wallpaper section to the Pics pages. Two people sent me in their wallpapers and you can check them both out in the new section! Plus, I found two random ones saved on my hardrive from a while back. Also, one is a VERY nice Christmas wallpaper, which is actually my desktop wallpaper at the moment! If you have any nice wallpapers and would like me to add them, feel free to send them in. I only have 4 right now. Check out the wallpers by clicking here and scrolling down until you see Mariah Wallpapers!

    -Mariah on Millionaire!
    Carmela and Alan told me that Mariah's name is mentioned in the beginning of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!" It seems they show questions and then the answers and Mariah's name was one of the answers.

    -Wedding Songs
    Well Melissa is getting married on 4/28/02 and her wedding song will be "When I Saw You" by Mariah. She was looking at two different lists on the top wedding songs used from Mariah is listed on the charts a couple times. The only thing I wonder is where is "Thank God I Found You?" That would be a PERFECT wedding song, I think. Anyhow though, here are the results:
    1. "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" (from Disney's Cinderella)
    2. "A Groovy Kind Of Love" (The Mindbenders)
    3. "After All" (Peter Cetera & Cher)
    4. "Always" (Atlantic Star)
    5. "Always" (Erasure)
    6. "At The Beginning" (Richard Marx & Donna Lewis)
    7. "Beautiful In My Eyes" (Joshua Kadison)
    8. "Beautiful" (Gordon Lightfoot)
    9. "Crazy For You" (Madonna)
    10. "Don't Know Much" (Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville)
    11. "Dreaming Of You" (Selena)
    12. "Eternal Flame" (The Bangles)
    13. "Every Breath You Take" (The Police)
    14. "Everything I Do" (Brian Adams)
    15. "Falling Into You" (Celine Dion)
    16. "Friends" (Elton John)
    17. "Glory Of Love" (Peter Cetera)
    18. "Heaven" (Brian Adams)
    19. "Here We Are" (Gloria Estefan)
    20. "Hero" (Mariah Carey)
    21. "Hold Me" (Whitney Houston & Teddy Pendergrass)
    22. "I Swear" (John Michael Montgomery)
    23. "If I Never Knew You" (Brandy & John Secada)
    24. "If" (Bread)
    25. "In The Still of the Night" (The Five Satins)
    50. "When You Believe" (Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey)
    51. "You Are My Special Angel" (Bobby Helms)
    52. "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" (Stevie Wonder)
    53. "You Must Love Me" (Madonna)
    54. "You're Still The One" (Shania Twain)
    55. "You're The Inspiration" (Chicago)
    56. "You've Got A Friend" (James Taylor)

    And in another list.... 5 songs of 350
    107. " My All"
    167. "Vision of Love"
    170. "Whenever you call" with Brain Mckight
    264. "Hero"
    295. "When you Believe" with Whitney Houston

    -Mariah in Madrid for Rainbow Concert
    Scott, webmaster of Forever MC was very nice and sent me three links where you can download Always Be My Baby, My All, and X-Girlfriend from the Madrid Rainbow Concert.

  • Always Be My Baby
  • My All
  • X-Girlfriend

    -Mariah News
    That's it for the Mariah News today. I am going to the movie premiere of Miss Congeniality with my friend Alex. If anyone is a big fan of Sandra Bullock, like me, and wants to know how the movie is, feel free to e-mail me. This is my first movie premiere, wahoo!! Tootles...

    December 13, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Mariah and Luis jet to Aspen on the 18th...
    Nacho told me that a tv host that is a friend with Luis's best friend said that on December 18th, Luis and Mariah will be going to Aspen to spend Christmas. This is where they first met, so it's own suiting that they go there to relax and celebrate the holiday. They rented 2 mansions. They didn't say who would be staying in the mansions though. It is thought maybe one for Luis and his friends and then one for Mariah and her friends, OR Luis and Mariah in one with their closest relatives and family and then another for all their friends! Either way though, after the holiday, they will be jetting off to Acapulco, Mexico or NYC to celebrate New Years on December 28th.

    Karina also e-mailed me and told me she heard that Luis and MC would be spending Christmas in Aspen. She thinks for New Years Eve, they will most likely be in Aspen or Acapulco.

    -If ya got a little extra time...
    Would you be so kind to send my best friend Alex a happy birthday wish. Today is his 22nd birthday and he runs Cyd's Too Cool Sandra Bullock Page (stole name from me, just kidding). He helps me out A LOT on this site and is my real best friend in real life. Send all your birthday wishes to Alex at :
    It would mean a lot to me if you could do this, thanks!

    -Request Mariah on TRL!
    Here is what Jen sent me:
    Starting Friday December 15th 2000 at 2:30p...Till Friday December 22nd....
    Vote for "O Holy Night" By MARIAH CAREY on TRL!!!
    Jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)
    CALL from 2:30 - 3:30P (Eastern Time)
    CALL from 1:30 - 2:30P (Central Time)
    CALL from 12:30 - 1:30P (Mountain Time)
    CALL from 11:30 - 12:30P (Pacific Time)
    This is the MOST effective way, so CALL CALL CALL!!!!
    (Yes, you will get a busy signal often, but keep hitting re-dial)
    (Call-in votes count more than online votes!)

    Vote ONLINE at any time as many times as you can at MTV Online
    and the video "O Holy Night" will most likely not be on the site to click to vote so all you have to do is..
    1. Click Other
    2. Type in where it says Artist Name write Mariah Carey
    3. Type for Video Title "O Holy Night"
    4. Then fill out all the info. about you and the video!
    Thanks for all your help and please spread the word!

    December 12, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Mariah releases NEW video for O Holy Night!!
    Mariah Carey CDs wrote me last night and told me you can now order Mariah's new Christmas Video, O Holy Night, on The Box (order #=351). It's a new video and Mariah is wearing a long red dress and her hair is parted on the side.

    You can watch a small part of the video at
    Here's how:

  • Go to the website, and scroll to the bottom.
  • Type in "O Holy Night" and click on the button to search for a "video" not an "artist." (trust me it's easier to find that way
  • A link to the video should show up, click on it!
  • Then the video information and the video preview should load up! If you get a box and don't see a "preview" button underneath, try everything all over again. If server is busy, it won't allow you to watch the preview!

    If all that does NOT work, then there is a direct way to check it out, if you have realplayer! Click the link below:

    Thanks to Jon for the moving gif and thanks to Shayne and Mariah Carey World News for the caps below!!! To check them out, click on the thumbnail!Hopefully MTV and VH1 will start airing this video and I will be getting the video on tape hopefully later this week and I will get good screen caps up, if some have not been made already! Isn't MC the best :)

    MClogo Well during the release of the #1's album, Mariah was on the hit MTV show Fanatic! Well recently I was in contact with Phil, who was on the show and got to interview Mariah. He told Mariah how much "One Sweet Day" meant to him and now Phil would like to share the two lovely pics he got to take with Mariah! You can check both of them out in Gallery 45 and there is a sneak peak on the right!

    -Greatest Rock Moment!
    Don't forget to check out Mariah on this VH1 show tonight at 10 pm EST!

    -Christina a Mariah Jr?
    Michelle sent me a review of Christina's X-Mas CD called "My Kind of Christmas" and in it, Christina is called "Mariah Jr." Michelle told me that in the article it says:
    Christina Aguilera
    My Kind of Christmas (RCA) C+
    Mariah Jr. has great pipes, sure.....

    Yeah, that's it. Hee hee! You don't even want my opinion on this because I know there are a lot of Christina fans who are also big Mariah fans! You can even confirm that on this sites Messageboard, hee hee!

    -Mariah Nomintated for Grammy for Rainbow?
    Well according to the AOL website on her she is? It says and I quote:

    How does the biggest selling female recording artist of the 90's welcome in the 21st century? By going on tour, releasing an exclusive EP and getting nominated for a Grammy for her latest album Rainbow
    However, isn't this old? I thought I read this earlier this year and reported it and also, the Grammy nominations havn't even been released yet as far as I know because I havn't heard anything??? Thanks to Sean for this information and you can check it out for yourself on AOL if you go to keyword Mariah Carey.

    -Christinas Top 10 List!
    Ibraheem told me that the Christina Top Ten list that Alan sent me yesterday, which had Mariah at #1, was from TRL since Christina was hosting the show all week! Thanks Ibraheem!

    -The "Everytime" song!
    There is still a lot of talk about this song. Several people have e-mailed me, some thinking it is her and some don't. Plus the Mariah messageboards have been going crazy about the subject! I still don't believe it is her and I guess we won't know until All That Glitters comes out! Anyhow though, the only thing that bothers me, is why would the song title be the first word in the song? Doesn't the song title usually come from the chorus?

    -Screen Caps of Joy To The World!
    Dieter told me that you can check out 359 screen caps from the video Joy To The World, the live version! To check 'em out, click the link below:

    December 11, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -LISTEN to a new song from Mariah
    Okay, I was checking out the Friends of Mariah Messageboard and I came across a post by Shayn. It seems there is a song snippet that Mariah has sung, maybe for the All That Glitters soundtrack that was originally taken from cravenet The lyrics to the song are:
    Everytime you're near
    I burn up inside
    I get emotions that I try
    So hard to hide
    If you only knew
    What I felt for you
    Just to hold you now
    Would mean the world to me

    I listed to the song from Mariah Online and I don't really think it sounds like Mariah at all now, nor do I think it is for the All That Glitters Soundtrack! If you want to check out this song and listen to the above lyrics, you can do it in two ways. Check out Shayn's post on the FOMM by clicking here and looking for the post called "OMG THIS SONG NEW?" Or, you can check out Mariah Online for the download.

    NOTE: This song has NOT been confirmed. Some people, like me, don't even believe it sounds like Mariah.

    -Christina's Top Ten Artitsts
    Okay Alan sent me Christina's top ten 2000 artists but he didn't tell me where it is from sadly! Anyhow here is the list:
    10. jennifer lopez
    9. britney spears
    8. *nsync
    7. enrique iglesias
    6. julie andrews
    5. whitney houston
    4. lenny kravitz
    3. etta james
    2. brian mcknight
    1. mariah carey

    -News from Spain
    Check out what one of my best buddies Minerva told me:
    Yesterday I was watching the VH-1 the program called 'Women First Special' and Mariah was the first female artist to be presented but I had already seen the interview they put. It was one taped in 1998, when Mariah wanted to film Double 00 Soul and she was also thinking about the All that glitter's proyect.

    -Mariah Who
    Mariah Carey's ex-husband, record producer Tommy Mottola, has put their bitter breakup behind him by tying the knot with Thalía Sodi, the star of the popular Mexican soap opera Rosalinda. "Now when anyone asks him about his famous ex, Tommy responds: 'Mariah who?' " says a source.

    Pals say a beaming Mottola, who has two grown children with his first wife Liza, has learned hard lessons about possessiveness from the breakup of his 1993 marriage to second wife Carey.

    "Tommy's done a lot of growing up since Mariah," says a pal. "With Mariah, Tommy made a common mistake that happens with older men and young brides. He kept her like a bird in a gilded cage. But unlike Mariah, Thalía's no wannabe living in the shadows of a mighty mogul. She's been a wealthy star since her teens."
    (Thanks to Elin from Mariah Online for this article from STAR)

    -You Got Something To Say? Well Say It!
    Well in these last couple months, more and more people started to post on this sites messageboard. It's cool to communicate with fans and sometimes I don't get the chance to get everything up that you guys have to say about Mariah in the NEWS section, so the messageboard is your place to chat it on up on anything and everything Mariah related! Please check it out! No membership is required to post either!

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out from Friday the 29th till Sunday the 30th! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 10, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Updates
    Well first off, as some of you may noticed, I moved the NEWS onto the main page of this website! Important Dates/Magazines and everything else that was on this main page is still here, it's just below the news! So for anyone who bookmarked, please change your bookmarks to the main page which is, There is a new Quote O' The Week, which you can check out above and Pic O' The Week. Along with that, there is a new cool poll o' the week from Dan! Here are last weeks results:
    Do you think Mariah's voice is deteriorating?
    Yes it is less powerful (106) 34%
    Well, not really (42) 13%
    No, she is only experimenting (107) 34%
    Nope, exactly the same (52) 16%
    Total Votes: 307

    -Mariah Charts
    Matt was VERY kind and sent me the charts for the week ending on December 16th:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    138 135 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    198 160 TOP CATALOGUE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    165 165 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    35 34 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    37 35 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    59 59 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    70 76 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    80 82 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    23 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    169 169 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    87 87 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    13 19 TOP CATALOGUE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    20 23 TOP SEASONAL ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    142 144 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    MUSIC BOX(Album)
    34 32 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    ThisWeek LastWeek
    49 47 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    119 116 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    5 5 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 7 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    19 19 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    186 146 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)

    -Child of the Promise
    Check out what Tom wrote me:
    Hi Regina, what's up? Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh, PA to see a Christmas show called "Child Of The Promise". It had a bunch of Christian recording stars in it. Well, the first half of the show each one sang a Christmas song and then they all sang together on some songs. Guess what song the whole cast closed the first half of the show with? Jesus, Born On This Day!!! I couldn't believe it! And they sang it really well (not as good as the original, of course, but still, it sounded great). It was probably my favorite part of the whole show. This show is going to a lot of cities in the next few weeks, so if anyone is going, you can tell them what they have to look forward to!

    -Do You Hear What I Hear?!? OMG It's MC!

  • David:
    Well, I just wanted to tell you that yesterday, I was in the gym, and Mariah came on the radio (they play it over the loud speakers). It was the dance club version of "I Still Believe." About a minute into the song, this girl walked by and was singing along. If I wasn't lifting anything, I would have sung, too! lol

    -Mariah makes the people come together
    Well TJ informed that after reading a post about Mariah's concert in Miami earlier this year on this site, he has met someone that means the world to him! It was a really touching story and I thought it would be nice to add it here below! Mariah brought Anja and me together, amongst other great people I have met online and now she has brought TJ and Maria together! How sweet!

    It was the night after the Miami concert, a night I'll never forget! It was the night I met my very best friend in the whole world! I came back home from driving 300 miles to see Mariah in concert, and I was full of all sorts of strange emotions. I wasn't sure what these feelings meant, but I knew that it was the beginning of a whole new life for me! I went online and went to one of my favorite Mariah sites to see what kind of reviews had been written about the concert. One in particular really grabbed my attention and I decided I would like to be able to correspond with this person. So I e-mailed them and asked if it was ok for me to add them to my instant messenger buddy list. They agreed and later that night we talked for the first time. I found out her name was Maria, and she was the same age as me, 19, and we were both HUGE fans of Mariah! As we talked that night, it was like we understood each other perfectly! Everything we seemed to say was like, yeah, exactly, I feel the same way! Talking to her that night helped me so much to get things off my chest, and helped so much with all the weird emotions I had running through me! After that very special night, the rest is as they say, history! We continued to keep in touch and talked quite often, despite the fact that we were both busy finishing up our first year of college! We also began corresponding through letters as well as online. I wanted very much to be able to go back to Miami to meet Maria, so I began making plans to do so. Around the beginning months of the summer, Maria had to have a surgery on her feet. So since we both had many mutual friends, I decided to do sumtin to cheer her up. I made a "Maria fanbook" full of get well wishes and pics of MC! I also sent her a HUGE get well card with more get well wishes inside. And to top it all off, I made stickers of little lambs and some of them said Lamby across the bottom because she goes by Lamby online! It really did serve its purpose of cheering her up, and I'm pretty sure she appreciated it greatly! Soon after that I had gotten her phone number and we got to talk on the phone for the first time! It was so great talking to her like that. Me and her have the kind of great friendship that we could talk for hours and hours and never get bored with each other! Finally I got the chance to go and visit Maria in Miami, and another Mariah friend of ours named Courtney also got to go! We all had such a great time and it was so much fun spending time with this wonderful friend of mine! After we came back from Miami, I missed her immensely, but it was only a few weeks later that I moved to Miami to attend Florida International University. So me and Maria had about a week of time to hang out before she had to leave to go back to Ohio for college. We had so much fun together, and we can have fun like that and not even really be doing anything important, just as long as we are doing it together, we are having fun! It's just absolutely amazing how me and Maria have developed such a close friendship in such a short time, and we have a bond that will never be broken now! We are as close as friends can possibly be, and it was all because of our mutual love for Mariah! Now we will be friends for life and she is perhaps the best friend I've ever had in my entire life! It really is hard to put into words how greatly we care for each other, there is nothing that will separate us now and we are BEST friends for life! I know I would do absolutely anything for my friend Maria, and yes when I say that, I truly mean ANYTHING! She is going to be back in Miami on occasion every two months or so, and so we will get to spend more time together then. And then of course she will be back again in the summer and we will have tons of time to hang out then! In the future I'm certain we will spend many great hours together and make many great memories as well. This is just the beginning of what I like to think is the greatest friendship the world will ever see, and as great as it is now, I believe given more time, we will be even closer and even greater friends! And all this is because of Mariah Carey, and I'd like to tell her one day in person how much she means to me and also thank her for leading me to the best person who has ever entered my life! But for now this will do if Mariah gets to read it that is. So, THANK YOU MARIAH, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU!!!!


    -You Got Something To Say? Well Say It!
    Well in these last couple months, more and more people started to post on this sites messageboard. It's cool to communicate with fans and sometimes I don't get the chance to get everything up that you guys have to say about Mariah in the NEWS section, so the messageboard is your place to chat it on up on anything and everything Mariah related! Please check it out! No membership is required to post either!

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out from Friday the 29th till Sunday the 30th! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 9, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Tribute To Mariah CD
    EJ told me you can check out short samples of all the songs on the Tribute to Mariah CD by clicking here!

    Plus, STELLARBJ sent in a little review on the cd and here is what I was told:
    You mentioned the CD Tribute to Mariah the other day. I received my copy today from Amazon and it's not bad. Their are no list of singers but I think they did a fairly good job and MC would be proud. The songs are kept in true Mariah form as close to possible in the way she wrote and recorded them. Of course they are not the ''OFTEN IMITATED BUT NEVER DUPLICATED MC," but then again who is. I'll listen to it more than once.

    -Magazine news
    Mariah's Lamby (aka Danielle) and Jose told me that you can check out the Globe and Star's December 19th issue to see MC! In the Globe, there is a tiny picture of Mariah from 1997 in the black leather like outfit for Puffy's Party and it's about Tommy's wedding. In the STAR, you can find MC twice. They talk about the wedding again but it has a pic of MC from the Academy Awards last year and also, it says where Mariah will be for the holidays and I typed it out below:

    Songbird Mariah Carey, 30, wings off to the exclusive slopes of Aspen, Colo.; where classic yuletide settings include horse-drawn sleighs and cross-country skiing.

    So I guess Mariah will be hitting the slopes?? Along, with that, Mariah is mentioned in the US magazine about Tommy's wedding, Danielle tells me but there is no picture!

    Finally, Mariah is mentioned in People Magazine, December 18th issue, Megan tells me and she was VERY nice and typed it out for us! Here it is:

    Musical merger: New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral rocked just a bit as suave and slimmed-down Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola wed Mexican singer Thalia in a ceremony that drew 275 people. It was Mottola's third marriage (he and Mariah Carey divorced in 1998), and many of his artists came to play, including a solo Jennifer Lopez; Gloria and Emilio Estefan; and Bruce Springsteen, still recognizable despite the facial hair.

    Plus, today while at work, I saw Mariah is on the COVER of Mira magazine! Of course she is up in the corner, but they show all four pics of Mariah and Luis in Barbados last month! Mira is the spanish version of National Examiner I believe, and you should be able to find it in any supermarket! The Mira issue is December 28th.

    -Mariah sends flowers to Tommy

    And a few days before their (Tommy & Thalía) wedding and also on the day of, Mariah Carey, Tommy Motola's ex-wife, in a cordial and civil act, sent her ex-husband and his new wife her sincerest congratulations accompanied by a beautiful floral arrangement. It is also said that Luis Miguel, Mariah's current boyfriend, who is also an old friend of Thalía's, also sent a telegram to congratulate the newlyweds.
    Thanks to DivaLatina79 for this translation from!

    -Tina's Celebrate Video
    Alisha told me that you can now order the new Tina video called "Celebrate," at or During the video, Mariah is a featured guess and wishes Tina a Happy 60th Birthday, nothing much! I reported this information earlier this year, I believe :)

    MClogo -Mariah Cartoons
    Kathy told me that by clicking here, you can check out 2 cute cartoons of Mariah, one being on the right! These are pretty old but it's always cool to see artworks! Plus, you can see artwork on basically any celebrity by clicking here, I am told :)

    -Moby disses Mariah
    Taryn sent me an except from an article from zia records where artist Moby basically disses Mariah's music, which is not cool!
    ZZ: Is there anybody you're particularly interested in remixing?
    MOBY: You mean who I'd like to hire as a remixer, or who I'd like to remix?
    ZZ: Both, actually.
    MOBY: What I'd love to do as a remixer is remix stuff like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. I think it'd be so interesting to take an awful Mariah Carey song, take her vocals and completely recontextualize them.
    ZZ: See how you can totally redo the whole thing.
    MOBY: I would love to do that!

    Next week a special package will be sent to Mariah's Management for Mariah as a Christmas present from her lambs :) If you would like to send a little greeting to MC for the holiday, season, here is all the informaton you need! Plus, at the bottom I included my message to Mariah to see what you can basically write:

  • Write a message to Mariah explaining IF you could give her a charm, which charm would you give her and why you would pick that charm.
  • Next, you can add a little Christmas wish to Mariah.
  • Send all entrees to Amy at:
  • These Merry Christmas wishes will only be accepted until Tuesday of next week, so hurry and send yours in now! Here is what I wrote:
    Dear Mariah,
    I sure hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I also wish you all happiness next year and for the rest of your life because you truly deserve it. If I could give you one charm, I would give you a four leaf clover! Anja gave me one and I wear it everywhere I go and it brings me good luck and keeps me safe! I would give it to you so you always have good luck too and it also keeps you safe! Once again, Merry Christmas and remember, your fans are here for ya!
    Tootaloo and Much Love,
    (aka the WildCat from WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!)

    -Bits O' Info aka Tidbits
    Here are some various pieces of information from fellow fans:

  • ShaniaFn00
    Hey...I dunno if this was posted yet or not, but Contemo Casuals has the "Mariah jeans" also. They're $50, and there's 2 designs. One is just regular denim and the other has these little red patterns going down the side.
  • David:
    I had noticed that people occasionally write you to inform you that they heard certain Mariah songs on the radio. Well there is a new radio station here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sunny 95.1, that has been playing a large variety of Mariah songs. They have been consistently playing Mariah approximately every 2 to 3 hours. They have especially been playing Mariah Christmas songs a lot. In the past week I have heard AIWFCIY, JTTW, OHN, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Baby Come Home, and Hark the Harold. They usually play around two Mariah Christmas songs while I am at work during the day. I don't usually listen to the radio at night so they are probably playing her a lot more. They also play many of Mariah's regular songs during the day. I started a tally of which songs they play. Here are the songs they play on a regular basis: VOL, Emotions, CLG, MIH, IBT, Dreamlover, Hero, Without You, Endless Love, Fantasy, OSD, ABMB, My All, and When You Believe. The reason I thought I would inform you of this is because I think this is very rare. I have never heard a station play her as often and with so much variety as they do. I have written them many complimentary e-mails in the past couple weeks about this. They do have a website if any one is interested (
  • Pete:
    Well, I was watching The Drew Carey Show on ABC and I saw the part when Drew Carey went to work but found himself working in a church. His boss is black and so are most of the people that were in the church. Drew Carey is furious that his boss made him work in a chruch and a boy, who published newspapers for the chruch, said, "Lets just leave MARIAH CAREY alone." I couldn't get if it was offensive or not but my mind was leading towards that way.
  • Tyro:
    Mariah is being featured in the E!Online & MSN Year ENd 2000 Poll for Best Undressed Artist. Winners will be announced December 28th. Voters need to vote in all other categories before voting for the "Best Undressed Artst". The link is as follows:

    -HMV has Mariah Calendar
    Jimmy told me that you can pick up the unofficial Mariah calendar at HMV for $9.99.

    -Mariah on Billboards year end album charts
    Here is what Vu told me:
    ...I don't know if anyone has sent you this already but just wanted to let you know that Mariah placed 31st on Billboard's year-end album chart with Rainbow and 45th with Thank God I Found You. The rest of the charts are here -

    -Problems with the news
    If you sent me news and you didn't see it here within the last 3 days, please resend it to me if it was important because my computer crashed last night and I lost all the news I didn't get a chance to save!!

    -You Got Something To Say? Well Say It!
    Well in these last couple months, more and more people started to post on this sites messageboard. It's cool to communicate with fans and sometimes I don't get the chance to get everything up that you guys have to say about Mariah in the NEWS section, so the messageboard is your place to chat it on up on anything and everything Mariah related! Please check it out! No membership is required to post either!

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 8, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Update #2
    -Best X-Mas Song
    DMX MUSIC Lets Music Fans Determine The Best Christmas Songs Of All TimeContest Winners Receive Gift Certificates From DMX MUSIC Commercial Customers

    LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec 04, 2000 (INTERNET WIRE via COMTEX) -- DMX MUSIC, the worldwide leader in programming and distributing unique music experiences, today announced the launch of "What's Under the DMX-mas Tree", an online promotion to let music lovers determine the best Christmas songs of all time. In conjunction with the promotion, a contest is running where winners will be assisted in their holiday shopping by receiving gift certificates to several fine retailers that are DMX MUSIC commercial customers. The promotion runs from now through December 20th.

    This year DMX MUSIC has created five dedicated broadcast channels and over 30 discs of holiday music. In celebration of this broad range of holiday music, more than any other music service, the company is asking music lovers to vote for their favorite Christmas song - both classic and contemporary. Nominees were determined by DMX MUSIC experts and include Bing Crosby's "White Christmas", Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song", Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and Elmo & Patsy's "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" (see bottom for full list of nominees). The leading songs will be updated on the DMX MUSIC web site every week.

    Music fans can visit the DMX MUSIC web site ( to cast their vote for each category. Voting participants can also enter into a contest to win gift certificates from prominent DMX MUSIC commercial customers, including retailers Kenneth Cole, Buckle, Nine West, Pearle Vision and the restaurant chain Macaroni Grill.

    "DMX MUSIC holiday music is the year's most popular programming. It's natural to interact with our listeners during this special time of year and ask them to chose their favorite Christmas songs," said Christy Noel, senior vice president music programming and brand marketing. "Having some of our premiere commercial customers participate in the promotion makes this even more exciting. Our listeners can win prizes that will assist them in their holiday shopping while enjoying DMX MUSIC as they frequent these outstanding retail establishments."

    The "What's Under the DMX-mas Tree" promotion will be cross-promoted on-screen and on "The DMX Listening Room" and "Holidays & Happenings" channels, as well as through the website.

    DMX MUSIC provides the industry's largest selection of channels in a variety of genres direct to homes and businesses around the world. Each DMX MUSIC channel features non-stop, CD-quality music in styles ranging from country, jazz and rock to world music, classical and hot hits.

    DMX MUSIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Digital, Inc. Liberty Digital recently announced plans to merge DMX MUSIC with AEI Music Network, Inc. to create an international, multi-media, e-business, music entertainment company. DMX MUSIC is a global leader in digital music, distributing more than 100 unparalleled, satellite-delivered programs of non-stop music and over 400 unique digital music styles via its proprietary on-premise technologies for personalized at-location play. DMX MUSIC is also available to businesses via DMX Axis - a groundbreaking, digital audio and video delivery system that combines the power of the Internet, the latest IBM e-business platforms and Microsoft software.

    The company distributes its digital music services to more than 5.2 million homes and 70,000 businesses around the world, with a daily listening audience of 40 million. Liberty Digital, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ National Market through its Series A Common Stock under the symbol LDIG. For more information about DMX MUSIC, access the company's web site at

    Complete List of Best Christmas Song Nominees Best Classic Christmas Song:
    Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley Home for the Holidays - Perry Como It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Johnny Mathis Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms Let it Snow, Let it Snow - Bobby Helms Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole White Christmas - Bing Crosby

    Best Contemporary Christmas Song:
    All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - Elmo & Patsy Happy Xmas (War is Over) - John Lennon Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Someday at Christmas - Stevie Wonder Step Into Christmas - Elton John The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) - The Chipmunks

    -Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You
    Jake tells me that according to a George Strait Article, Mariah Carey is the most played artist on the radio for the past 5 years!

    -Mariah's Christmas Media
    Joe tells me that has updated their site with Mariah's Christimas videos as well as interviews, news clips, etc! Check it all out by clicking below:

    -All I Want For Christmas CD single cover!
    MClogo To your right you can check out the new cover of the All I Want For Christmas Is You cd single cover! I believe that cartoon was designed my Alan Watkins and Mariah used that cartoon picture as her 1999 Christmas Card cover! So Alan must be really honored to see his artwork on the cd single because I know I would be! Anyhow the tracklisting is:
    1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    2. All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix feat. Jermaine Dupri & Lil Bow Wow)
    3. O Holy Night 2000 (Live)
    4. Joy To The World (Club Mix)

    You can hear a bit of the remix on my buddy's Mariah Online website! All I can say is that the people in Japan are very lucky :)

    -Reminder: MC on tv tomorrow
    Catch MC out on MTV tomorrow for the new show, "When Sex Goes Pop; I'm not that innocent" at 2 pm, 7:30 pm or midnight!

    -Update #1
    -Mariah in LA
    First off, if you want to check out some cool videos, remixes of Mariah songs and tv appearances all in MP3 format, click here. That's EJ's page and it's VERY cool! Also, if you would like to hear Mariah's LA performance for the Rainbow Tour for three songs, which I believe are Emotions, My All and Dreamlover, click here!!! EJ has a bunch of the MP3 from the Rainbow Tour and I am trying to figure out that address because everything is in a different language!

    Desiree sent me the following charts from Billboard:
    Top Pop Catalog Albums™
    Top 20 Positions / Issue Date: December 16, 2000
    Thisweek Lastweek Weekson chart Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    13 19 59 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas 4 Columbia | 64222 1

    -Correction-MC in Rolling Stone
    Justin told me that Mariah is mentioned in the Rolling Stone magazine, which features her on the cover, which I reported yesterday. If you go to the February 2000 part is names "Thank God I Found You" by MC as the number one single of that month.

    -Thalia and Tommy
    Want to check out some pics of Tommy and Thalia at the wedding??? Well Love2singmc sent me a link where you can do so. All I can say is that the one birds eye view of the church, where they show Thalia's train, it seems noone is in the church! Maybe it is because the church is so huge maybe? Anyhow, click here!

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 7, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Mariah on cover of new Rolling Stone
    Sadly, Ashley told me there is only a tiny pic of her on the new cover of Rolling Stone. Inside there is nothing about her I am told too sadly!!!

    -Mya and Mariah
    Desiree checked out the Mya chat the other night and Mya was asking what she though about working with MC in the future. Here is the question and the response from Mya!

    Hi, Mya, Do you think that a collaboration with Mariah Carey is possible since you both have beautiful voices?

    Mya: Wow! That rings a bell - Mya and Mariah, that would be nice, she's one of my influences as well. Anything is possible -she has a beautiful voice!

    -Request Mariah's Christmas Songs
    Here is what André told me:
    Hey there, Regina. This André from Canada. I heard "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) on the radio today, and I had an idea. Perhaps MC fans can request MC's Christmas songs during the month of December. If more people heard them, it may boost holiday sales for the "Merry Christmas" album. I would suggest "Miss You Most" or "All I Want For Christmas is You", because those songs seem to be played more on the radio during the holidays. Maybe you could post this on your website so as many people as possible can see this. This could be MC's Christmas gift form all of us. Bye for now!

    -Lenny and Mariah
    The following article was taken from AOL Press! You can only check out the article if you have AOL though and what I posted below is an exerpt from a very long article on Lenny Kravitz and thanks to Matt for sending me the article too!

    ...He also needs to schedule his sudden flood of side projects. Kravitz has done occasional work with other musicians through the years, most notably co-writing the hit song ``Justify My Love'' for Madonna, but now he finds himself in real demand.

    Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige and Destiny's Child have requested his help, he said. They're asking for his song-writing or production acumen, sometimes both.

    ``They're all challenges,'' he said. ``I like to take on things that are completely opposite from what people would expect me to do, purposely because it stretches you as a musician. And I have the ability to play in a lot of different kinds of styles.''

    Carey and Kravitz may seem like a particularly unusual pairing, but the two are old acquaintances from their days as scuffling musicians in the New York area.

    He still has a wish list of artists he'd like to work with, topped by Aretha Franklin. Kravitz also recently performed a song with James Brown, and he'd like the chance to go into the studio with him....

    -Mariah in Pakistan
    Hamza told me that MC was shown on the MTV in India the other night. It seems that they were giving fashion tips and they mention that if you wanted to be styling for the holiday season, to grap a pair of jeans and cut the waste band off. They by doing so, you would look like Mariah Carey and then Hamza told me they showed a couple seconds of the Heartbreaker video!

    -Mariah in Magazines
    My VERY good buddy Mark told me about 3 magazines you check MC out in:

  • Hit (D), The January 2001 Issue.
  • Beau Monde (NL), The November 17 Issue.
  • Gala (D), The November 30 Issue/

    -I used to sing Mariah Carey
    Zafirah told me that in the latest issue of Smash Hits, a UK Magazine, there is an interview with a newcomer, Jamelia from UK! She mentioned MC in the interview:

    Did you sing in front of the mirror?
    In the bathroom, yeah! I'd put my mum's lipstick and pretend I was a singer - Mariah Carey, usually. I couldn't sing all her high notes, but I tried! My mum and my brothers used to hate it!

    -Bits O Info
    Here is some various information I got on MC from fellow MC fans! Some are places people have heard MC's X-Mas songs and other is about calendars/cd's, etc! Enjoy!!

  • Meg:
    hey reg- recently while i was in New York City (Sat, Dec. 2nd), i went to HMV (a music store) and they had plenty of copies of both the AAO single with Westlife and the 2001 calendar with Mariah. i was also there the day Tommy and Thalia got married and it was absolutely hectic on the streets outside the church. There was a huge mob of people on both sides of the street and on the steps of the church. news crews were everywhere and me and the person i was with got caught outside, across the street in a total stamped-type-deal. it was crazy. well just thought i'd tell you about it.
  • Adam:
    I just wanted to let you know that around where I live, which is close to Detroit, they have played almost every Mariah song from Merry Christmas on the radio. It is on 101.5, The River, which is playing all Christmas songs. So far they have played AWIWFCIY, O Holy Night, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Silent Night, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. I just thought that was really cool that Mariah is getting so much airplay!

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 6, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Magazine News
    Jose told me you can check out Mariah in the new Word Up magazine. They talk about successful R&B Diva's and there is a pic of MC from the Fantasy Video.

    Yesterday I said that Avalon sang All I Want For Christmas Is You when actually they sang Jesus Born On This Day! Just a minor mishap! Thanks EJ!

    -No more voice messages from Mariah?!?
    I had a couple fellow MC fans e-mail me and ask why Mariah hasn't left a voice mesage to her fans on her official site since October 25th. Sadly I do not know but hopefully she will let us know what's going on soon. She is probably relaxing and preparing for the big promotion she will be doing for All That Glitters and plus, preparing for the upcoming Holiday! Maybe if someone sees this, she will leave a message soon!

    -Tribute To Mariah CD-The Truth Behind IT!
    Noloc78 told me the truth behind the Tribute to Mariah CD! Noloc78 got it at Virgin Megastore yesterday and told me that the artists on the cd are noone famous and that they can not hold any of the Mariah notes sadly. So I guess you can go out and buy this cd anywhere now and here is the tracklisting:
    1-Always be my baby
    8-I'll be there
    9-Just to hold you once again
    10-My all
    11-Thank god i found you
    12-Vision of love

    Luis Walsh, the manager of Westlife, told us that Mariah Carey wanted to make the duet for "Against All Odds" with Ronan Keating. Ronan was very busy, and as a replacement he suggested her to make it with Westlife. In about 48 hours, they did it all, a single and a video. Because of all the pressure the boys look bad in the video. They didn't even have the time to edit the video like they should have, and that is why Brian is peeping into Mariah's décolletage.
    (Thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for the above article) told me that Mariah is #47 out of 50 most beautiful women at She beat Madonna, Sandra Bullock amd Yasmine Bleeth. Also, she is voted as singer of the week and they say a lot of good things about her, I am told. Check it out if you like at the above link!

    -Bit's O' Info
    Here is some various information on Miss Mariah that fellow fans have sent in:

  • Michelle
    Hey Reg! I jus wanted to tell you about something weird that happened to me on today and yesterday. On the 4th, I was Elder Beerman's and I was looking at clothes. Then suddenly "AIWFCIY" came on. I knew it was it before she started singing cuz I can tell by the first couple note. Then today (the 5th) at school, I was going into a room and getting something and on the little radio was "AIWFCIY" was on! And we have this little news broadcast show at school that we watch called Channel 1 and they were doing a new segment called "Cash Money." Its about teens spending cash. Anyways, today they were doing a thing on Holiday shopping and then they played a little part on "AIWFCIY"!!!
  • MaRiAhGuRl2000
    Hi reg what's up? well today I was watching Martin (the old show staring Martin Lawrence) well anyway martin's girlfriend (Regina), her best friend (Pam) was at a record company trying 2 get a job and she was talking 2 a guy who works there and all of a sudden the guys boss came out all mad and said "I HEARD ABOUT U TRYING 2 STALK MARIAH CAREY AND TRYING TO FOLLOW HER INTO HER HOTEL HOT TUB"!!!!!!! And the guy said i was trying 2 sign her 2 the company! (i just thought that was cute)

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 5, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Mariah on VH1 last night
    Mariah was on VH1 last night but for some reason she wasn't on the show earlier at 1 pm, even though some people said they saw her. It was the VH1 show, 20 to 1 Duets and Mariah was #4. They showed 2 different interviews Mariah gave during the Christmas era, one for a special X-Mas show on VH1 and another at the release party! Anyhow though, Mariah has been on three of the 20 to 1 shows on VH1 and has been in the top 10 everytime:

  • 20 to 1 Divas= #7
  • 20 to 1 Duets= #1 (One Sweet Day)
  • 20 to 1 Holiday Songs= #4 (AIWFCIY)

    If you missed 20 to 1 Holiday songs on VH1 it will reair on December 8th at 6 pm

    -New Pics
    I added two new pics to Gallery 45. One is a new picture of Luis and MC holding hands from last year and the other is a picture of Mariah in a limo that Eun Joo Seo sent me. Check 'em out!

    -Mariah's Charts in Korea for X-Mas Album
    Eun Joo Seo was very kind and sent me the latest charts in Korea:
    - Best Pop Album Top 10 from the
    1. Black & Blue - BSB
    2. Coast to Coast - Westlife
    3. Max7 - Varous
    4. My Kind of Christmas - Christina A. ** New
    5. Merry Christmas - Mariah Carey ** New
    6. Millennium Christmas Songs - Various
    7. Music of The Millennium - Various
    8. Gold - Abba
    9. Forever - Spice Girls
    10. Nathan/ Michael/ Shawn/ Wanya - Boyz 2 Men

    - Pop Top 30 from the
    1. The One - The Beatles
    2. Black & Blue - BSB
    3. Holy Wood - Marlyn Manson
    4. The Best of Blur - Blur
    5. Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavor Water - Lipm Bizkit
    6. Platinum christmas - Various
    7. A Day without Rain - Enya
    8. All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2
    9. Coast to Coast - Westlife
    10. Merry Chritmas - Mariah Carey

    -Vote for Mariah
    Rolling Stone Magazine is now running it's 2000 Readers Poll. You can vote for MC in 2 ways:

  • Pick up Dec 14-21, 2000 issue of RS
  • Visit Rolling Stone's Online Ballot

    What are you waiting for, GO VOTE NOW!

    -Candy Butchers version of AIWFCIY and more
    Eun Joo Seo sent me Candy Butchers version of Mariah's hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You!" You can download it by clicking below:

    Next, check out Shania singing AIWFCIY from 1996 I believe:

    Finally check out Avalon singing Jesus Born on this day:

    Some of these files may be hard for others to download them! Hopefully they work for you and if they don't, sorry!

    -Sammy Welk Celebrity Predictions
    Scrumptious song-bird MARIAH CAREY outs her billion-dollar career on hold for two months to visit a $12,000-a-day health spa in Switzerland--where she's fed a "youth-restoring" diet consisting mostly of walnuts and crushed grasshoppers. Friends say the 30-year-old pop diva endured the regimen because she fears she'll soon no longer be able to keep up with today's more-bounce-to-the-ounce bubblegum queens.

    Thanks to Tavie for sending me this article and we both agreed that we HIGHLY doubt that Mariah would use grasshoppers, ha ha! How bizarre people are!

    Here is some various information I have received from different MC fans:

  • Lauren:
    hey, on the tv show Extra, they mentioned mariah when they were talking about tommy and thalia's wedding, and how tommy had been married 2x before, most notabely to Mariah Carey, and they showed a lil clip of mariah, like a few seconds long. just a slight lil thing
  • Chad:
    well, not big news but I thought this was funny. I was watching ESPN's 2 Minute Drill (a sports trivia show), and this guy needed 12 pts. to stay alive in the game. They gave him a bunch of horse racing questions, and read the questions a bit slow so I wouldn't blame him for throwing something or going nuts when he lost by 1 point. The host Kenny Mayne said "well you've still got 10,000 dollars, they can't take that from ya". I expected the guy to explode, but instead he calmly sang "but they can't take that away from me" I thought that was so cool.
    hey Reggie.. I just wanted to let you know some info on a new R&B singer named Joy Enriquez. She said her idol is Mariah and she even sang back up for Mariah's song with Whitney "When You Believe". I looked on the #1s credits and it does list Joy Enriquez as a backup singer for the song. Joy's debut song is "Tell Me How You Feel". I have the single and it has snippets from her debut album (coming out 2/6/2001) she has an R&B/ Latin vibe going on and from what I've heard she's gonna do very well. Babyface produced her album so you know the lyrics are going to be good. But NO ONE will ever compare to the QUEEN MARIAH... also the AOL Christmas song... Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas" is in the lead so far. :) Later Lamby

    -Mariah in Teen People again
    Michelle told me that Mariah was mentioned on page 34 in a Christina A. article:

    Blone Ambition:
    Christina hopes to have as durable a career as those of her all-time idols, Madonna and Mariah Carey.

    -This Webpage
    Well these next 2-3 weeks are going to be hard for me with Christmas coming up, my birthday (hee hee) and the ending of the semester for my college classes! So, be patient with me with the webpage if I am unable to update one day or the updates are not up to the standards they normally are! I bet the rest of you are going through the same things I am with school and everything also, so hopefully you will all understand! Thanks :)

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 4, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -New Poll
    I finally got the poll up today, so you can check out this weeks poll and please vote on it. Thanks! Also, I forget who originally sent me this idea sadly because I am at school and don't have that information on me, so I apologize for that!

    -Tommy and Thalia
    MClogo There was a nice picture of Tommy and Thalia in today's Philadelphia Inquirer and the caption underneath the picture mentioned Mariah! I typed out the article below and you can also click on the picture to the right to check out the full picture!

    Tommy Mottola, chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, with his new wife, Thalia, a Mexican actress and singer. They married Saturday at New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral. Motolla was married twice before, last time to Mariah Carey.

    - "All That Glitters" to hit theaters in March 2001
    Mariah Carey always seems to be keeping busy sustaining one of the most successful careers in recording history. Mariah is currently working with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on a number of songs that will appear in the up-coming feature film "All That Glitters," in which Mariah will also be starring in.

    The movie is scheduled for a March 2001 release and marks the first time the hit maker will take on a major motion picture role, following in the footsteps of fellow recording artists such as Will Smith, Madonna, and most recently Aaliyah. Needless to say Mariah is excited about the prospect of branching out on her past success by making the jump from singer to actress, although she has been dealing with some dark clouds that have surfaced over the last few months. It seems the multi-platinum recording artist is dealing with a lawsuit filed by a pair of songwriters (Seth Swirsky and Warren Campbell) who feel that her hit song "Thank God I Found You," is a little to similar to one of their songs, "One Of Those Love Songs," which was originally released 1998 by Xscape.
    (Thanks to Careyism and Mariah Online for this article from Blast Magazine)

    -Mariah and Luis in Las Vegas
    "Third C" sent me the following info:
    I was watching the Vargas-Trinidad Boxing fight on TV (which was held in Las Vegas) and the announcer was announcing the names of the famous people who are attending, and Mariah's name was mentioned. So I guess she was in Las Vegas. And Vargas is from Mexico, so maybe Luis Miguel invited her. Vargas lost =( !!!

    Also, I got this next information from Mariah4 buddy Mariah Online, so I guess MC really could of been there!
    "Well Mariah was at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino last night with her boyfriend Luis, to see the Vargas-Trinidada boxing match. She was spotted by my boss, who attended the fight. I work in the Hotel at this restaurant called Aureole, where Mariah has eaten twice. I was so hoping she would come in for dinner again. She requested Brie Cheese last time. Then Mariah was spotted by my friend who works at the Prada store in the Bellagio Hotel. All the shops like Gucci and all those designers stayed open late for Ms. Mariah to shop her heart out!"

    -Artist to cover Mariah
    Scott told me that there is a new cd released called Now. It's an album for different Christmas songs and it's being sold at the Virgin Megastore as an import. Track 9 on the first cd is by an artist named Samantha Mumba who had a hit called "Gotta Tell You!" Mumba remade Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You!" Scott tells me that the beginning starts off very calm but the the tempo picks up and gets quite funky. It's pretty cool that other artists are already covering Mariah hits!

    -Mariah at Sky Bar
    Mariah Carey, lounging at Sky Bar on a Saturday night. Hell-Ay. Looked divine dressed in black, with a glowing complexion. Her largest accessory: a beefy bodyguard. The delish diva hung with a bunch of buddies at a table by the pool--and actually gabbed with the commoners who dared to make contact. Even wished good luck to a dude holding his bachelor party at the swank bar. Just the kind of behavior some of the gal-pals of Jerry O'Connell should adopt. Also at the joint that night, Jerry was flanked by ladies who weren't terrifically tempting but had total 'tudes.
    (Thanks to SUMar235 for this info)

    -Mariah gets thanked
    Michelle told me that on Kandi's debuet cd called "Hey Kandi" she thanks MC:

    'Especially, thank you to all the artists I had a chance to write for ['NSYNC, BIIM, Mariah Carey.....]. Thanks for letting me "experiment" in you all! Just joking!'

    -MC on new MTV Show
    Victor told me that Mariah will be on the new MTV show called, "When Sex Goes Pop: I'm Not That Innocent!" It will air on Satuday (December 9th) at 2 pm, 7:30 pm and midnight EST!!

    -Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Check out what Ashley told me:
    Hey Regina, I'm just so excited about what happened today, I had to tell my fellow mariah fans! Well I was at osco drug, and I heard Mariah's version of "santa claus is comin' to town" then later I was at old navy and I heard one of the "joy to the world" remixes and I also heard "all I want for christmas" in cvs and then in the car. also, at sam goody I saw 2 different people buying "merry christmas." =) All this mariah christmas stuff has put me in such a good mood! :)

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 3, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Updates
    First off, I am sorry that the update came so late tonight, I had some things to attend to! Anyhow though, it's Sunday so I wanted to add the new Quote O' The Week and the new Pic O' The Week Tomorrow I will be adding the new Poll O' The Week because I can't access the site I usually make the polls on for some reason tonight! Here are last weeks results:
    What is your favorite Mariah Carey home video?
    Mariah Carey-First Vision (24) 9%
    Unplugged (11) 4%
    Here Comes Mariah Carey (27) 10%
    Fantasy at Madison Square Garden (73) 28%
    Around The World (85) 33%
    #1's (35) 13%
    Total Votes: 255

    -Mariah in Magazine
    RN arkan told me that MC is in Blast Magazine (the holiday spectacular). It's a pic of MC singing CTTA at the 2000 Blockbuster Awards. She is on stage and it's her whole outfit!!!

    -Reminder: Mariah on TV Tomorrow...
    Don't forget that Mariah will be on a new VH1 show tomorrow called 20 to 1 Holiday Songs. Most likely "All I Want For Christmas Is You" will be on the list; hopefully pretty high! It airs at 1 pm and 10 pm EST!

    -Tommy Marries
    MClogo Well it truly happened yesterday and the picture on the right is one of the first pics of the newly weds (personally, MC was a prettier bride but whatever). Anna told me that stars like Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson and Rosie O'Donnell were on hand for this wedding between Mariah's ex husband Tommy and new singer Thalia! The funny thing is that Anna found a story from Rinco Latino online that said noone knew who the people were that were getting married. American tourist and New York residents were asking who those two people were. Finally they said Tommy and Thalia and the people replied with a "who?" Next someone said it was Mariah Carey's ex-husband and everyone finally realized who it was! I thought that was pretty funny and here is the article talking about that incident, which you can find by clicking here!

    Mientras tanto, otros muchos miles de estadounidenses y europeos pasaban por la puerta de la iglesia sin entender el porqué de semejante tumulto. "¿Por qué se encuentra toda esta gente aquí?", "¿Qué pasa?", "¿Quién se casa?". Muchos no lograban identificar a Tommy Mottola hasta que se les aclaraba: "Es el ex de Mariah Carey". De Thalía, jamás en sus vidas habían oído hablar.

    -You knew you were a Mariah fan when...
    I added one more entry to this section; big thanks to GucciGurl317 for that! Also, found out that Sarah, Webmistresss ofMariah's Wings , originally was the author of this!! So thanks to Sarah for continuing to allow me to use this on my site!! Check out the page to see what all the fuss is about!
    You know you are a Mariah fan when...

    -More News...
    I have more news to report but it will have to wait till tomorrow since I have so much homework to do! Once again, I am sorry about the non big update today! Sometimes things are more important then MC though, I guess?!?!? Hee hee...

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 2, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Mariah on AOL
    Don't forget AOL users, you can still vote for your favorite Christmas song by clicking the link below. Yesterday, Mariah was on the AOL startup screen, to let you know about the poll they are doing. Thanks to Jenna for letting me know about this too:
    Click Here to VOTE for MC-AOL Users Only!

    -Article from Mexico Paper, El Diario
    Anna was very nice and sent me this next article from El Diario paper! It's an excerpt from it where it mentions Mariah:

    ³Micky (Luis Miguel) plans to rest a few weeks in a paradisiacal place at the side of his love (Mariah Carey), with whom rumors continue about wedding plans for next year. Among the projects of the singer could be a series of presentations that cross through a large part of the countries in which he's preferred by the public, in addition to visiting new cities.²

    -Luis and Mariah in Acapulco
    Yesterday I reported that Anna heard MC and Luis were spotted in Mexico, even though it wasn't confirmed and now she tells me that they were special guests at a music festival in a resort area south of Acapulco (a relatively tourist free area with very nice beaches and bays). In addition to enjoying the music, they spent their days relaxing on the gorgeous beach areas, and preparing romantic meals for each other in secluded bays. No one saw them in the evenings; they stayed in Anna told me!

    Once again, none of this has been confirmed and Anna told me she is not sure that any of this is true! This is just what she heard!

    -Help Mariah
    Val is very upset that her local radio station in Pittsburg PA is NOT playing any Mariah music. So she would like all of our help in getting MC on the radio there. It doesn't matter what song oyu request but she wants you to e-mail the dj's and ask them to please play something of Mariah's for you! You can check it out by clicking their website address below:

    -Mariah in the tabloids
    Jose and Mariah's Lamby (aka Danielle) told me that Mariah is in the December 12th issue of the Star Tabloid and the National Enquirer Tabloid! Both talk aout Astrological signs and how Mariah is an Aries. They're are also little pics we have all seen before, Danielle tells me!

    -Miss World 2000
    Hanta told me that Miss Kenya (she was in the Top 10) on Miss World 2000 last night was asked which celebrity she would like to meet and she replied by saying Mariah Carey. She said she is her idol and her loves how she sings!

    -You Know You're a Mariah fan when...
    Thanks to Julie, HuNniEMG, Maureen and Chad, I added 13 new additions to "You know you're a Mariah fan when..." You can check out the 13 new additions, which are #'s 88-101 by clicking the link below! There are now 102 entrees on this list, so if you can think of any other new ones, feel free to run them by me and I'll get them on the list. And if you STILL havn't checked this list out, what are you waiting for? I assure you will laugh your butt off and here is a sneak peak of my 4 favorite ones on the list:

  • know Mariah's middle name
  • knew as soon as you saw that, that Mariah didn't HAVE a middle name.
  • talk to your Mariah posters
  • make up what the posters say back
    CLICK HERE to check out: You know you're a Mariah fan when...

    -Mariah in Teen People
    Michelle told me you can check out Mariah in the Winter 2001 issue of Teen People with Christina A on the cover. She is on page 73 in a section called the Y2K Quiz:
    What fabulous fashionista put on pants for the Golden Globes?
    a. Kirsten Dunst
    b. Mariah Carey
    c. Gwyneth Paltrow
    d. Angelina Jolie
    The answer is NOT b. Mariah Carey, it's c. Gwyneth Paltrow

    -Fan Work
    Pete, webmaster of Mariah Avenue, sent me some artwork he did. He made a cover and back cover for Butterfly Single and also a cover for the Always Be My Baby Single. Check them out by clicking the below links:

  • Butterfly Cover
  • Butterfly Back Cover
  • Always Be My Baby Cover

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    December 1, 2000...Happy Holidays!!
    MClogo -Where is MC and Luis Now?
    Well Anna tells me that last week they were spotted in Mexico, so she heard. No word on where MC and Luis are now; maybe they are home preparing for the holiday season!

    -Just Cause
    "Just Cause" is Oxygen's one-hour special about celebrity and charity. Using the power of celebrities acting on behalf of their favorite charities, "Just Cause" explores compelling stories of individuals whose lives have benefited from these organizations. The purpose of "Just Cause" is to facilitate activism on behalf of these causes and to inspire viewers to make a difference in others' lives. Participating celebrities include Mariah Carey, Jasmine Guy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Debbie Allen. The special, debuting in March, is executive produced by Staness Jonekos.

    About Oxygen Media
    Oxygen Media is an integrated media brand that superserves modern women by combining the best qualities of the Internet and cable television. Founded in 1998 by Geraldine Laybourne, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach and Oprah Winfrey, Oxygen consists of a growing network of popular Web sites located at and a 24-hour cable network. (1)All Times ET/PT
    CONTACT: Oxygen Media
    Cheryl Smith, 917/568-8689 or 212/651-5442
    Laura Nelson, 917/821-3447 or 212/651-9093
    (Thanks to Jake for this article!)

    Desiree sent me some charts from
    Top Pop Catalog Albums™
    Top 20 Positions / Issue Date: December 9, 2000
    This week Last week Weeks on chart Artist:
    Album Imprint Catalog No. PeakPosition
    19 44 58 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas
    4 Columbia | 64222 1

    -Charts #2
    Daniel sent me a list of MC's Albums on Billboard 1, 5 and 10 years ago.

  • "Rainbow" #12 (was #7 last week)
  • "Daydream" #3 (was #2 last week)
  • "Mariah Carey" #4 (was #3 last week)

    -Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

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