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»December 2001

Update by Regina
December 31st (7:45 pm EST)

Mariah on Ally
ally TV Guide has a half page ad in the Jan5-11th issue, which features a new picture of Mariah. It's all about her apperance on Ally McBeal on January 7th. I scanned the page and added it to Gallery 5

Plus, TV Guide mentions Mariah on January 9th for her Cribs special at 10 pm saying...
Mariah Carey offers a tour of her palatial digs.

Mariah Will Carey On Without Record Label
The word came out yesterday from the Los Angeles Times, and then on Reuters, that Mariah Carey is negotiating her way out of her $20 million per album deal with EMI Music/Virgin Records. This is supposedly because Mariah's Glitter album was such a stiff. Since Glitter was released, and Mariah recovered from a nervous breakdown, the people who signed her to EMI were fired, and Mariah was left without an advocate at the massive, anonymous company.

In truth, EMI knew what it was getting into when they signed Carey and took on the Glitter project. No one there can say they didn't know what the album was, or how it would be marketed. What they couldn't have counted on, though, was interference by Sony Music with Carey's career. Mariah even hired a private detective to investigate rumors that Sony - really, Sony COO Tommy Mottola, Mariah's ex husband - was conspiring against her. The coup de grace was Sony's release of Mariah's greatest hits album two weeks ago - this release cut into her new career and, dumped by Sony into the marketplace without promotion or marketing, was guaranteed to flop like a flounder. And so it has.

If Mariah is indeed leaving EMI after one album, it's no embarrassment for her, and no precedent either. Bob Dylan went over to David Geffen's Asylum Records in the mid-1970s and recorded two albums before returning to the old Columbia Records. Paul McCartney drifted over to Columbia Records from Capitol (now EMI), fizzled, and went back to Capitol. Diana Ross went from Motown to RCA and back to Motown. It happens.

Not to say Mariah will return to Columbia, or Sony - that's highly doubtful given her antagonistic relationship with Mottola. But plenty of labels could remake Mariah into a star. Most often mentioned is Clive Davis's J Records. Of course, Carey would have to listen to Davis and do what he says - which would include advice to lose the cleavage and the hip-hop friends. Other labels where she could find money and fame would be Warner Bros., Dreamworks and Arista.

With the right management, and some thought, Carey will be back on top in no time. The question is, how will EMI save face after this - among other - debacles? My guess is big name acts will be reluctant to sign with a company that can't stand behind its artists. This hasn't been a kind year for this company - witness the flops of new albums by McCartney and Mick Jagger.

Thanks to Francis for this article from Fox News

More News Coming Tomorrow...
It's New Years and party time so I'll have more updates tomorrow. Have a safe and wonderful New Years.

Update by Liron
December 31st (1:45 pm EST, 6:45 pm GMT)

Mariah on Ally Details
I'm sure everyone is already waiting on their seats' edges for Mariah's performance on Ally McBeal. Thanks to Nacho, we can all read a few more details about her appearance on the show!

Mariah Carey Performs on "ALLY McBEAL" (1/7/02)
Mariah Carey guest stars as a key figure in a lawsuit filed by Kimmy Bishop (guest star Jami Gertz) and handled by John Cage. Bishop is suing a matchmaking company who refunded her money because the company said she was "unmatchable."
Carey will also sing "Lead The Way" off her new album, "Glitter."
Guest Cast: Mariah Carey as Candy Cushnip, Jami Gertz as Kimmy Bishop, Jacqueline Bisset as Frances Shaw, Nell Carter as Harriet Pumple, Jeremy Garrett as Tim Boyle, John Michael Higgins as Steven Milter, Joe Colligan as Atty. Ronald Spaner.

Captures from the TMF Special
As promised, we now have screen captures (and will add more during this week) of the TMF special that was aired yesterday in Holland.
I am not sure but I think the miniconcert is the one that was filmed last month in New York in the Sony Studios (Regina was there!). You can see the pictures in Gallery 5.

THANK YOU SVEN from Mariah Style for these lovely pictures!

Best Buttocks of Pop Without Contract?
Anna found an article about the latest big rumor regarding Mariah's contract in a Polish newspaper. Here's her translation:
Best Buttocks of Pop without contract?
According to "Los Angeles Times", Mariah Carey was offered a multimillion dollar dismiss from Virgin Records.
Known from her hit "Heartbreaker", singer broke contract with Sony Records soon after signing it, becouse she had problems with getting on with her boss and, at the same time, ex-husband, Tommy Motolla, and in April 2001 signed 80 million dollars agreement with belonging to EMI Virgin Records.
But during summer she took off becouse of "physical and emotional breakdown", and her album "Glitter" wasn't a success commercially. Experts from music industry say that new Virgin boss, Alain Levy, who directs it since October, doesn't like the conditions, on which his predecessor signed contract with Carey. He wants to convince the star to resign from it.
In this situation, a little consolation for Mariah Carey may be tha fact that she is conceived as the most serious rival for Jennifer Lopez in rivarly for owing Best Buttocks of Pop Music. The vocalist admitted wearing special knickers which lift buttocks. When my friends watch my video, they always ask if these shorts have to be that short, says Carey I don't see any problem. I have nothing against my buttocks.

New Mariah Site
Louis made a really nice new site about Mariah and it's called "Jamaica FUNK"! He wants you all to visit it so click here and enjoy!

Mariah Fan on TV!
Minerva from Spain sent me a really nice story about a Mariah fan from Spain:

Hey, I am writing you because I would like to talk you about something. In Spain there is a Spanish famous music program, which is actually a competition and it is called Operacion Triunfo (in English it could be something like 'Success Operation'). It's a program where contestants learn in an academy how to sing and stuff and they have to give their best at the moment of singing on a special show. Every week a contestant is excluded from the academy since the program consists on a group of beginners who want to force one's way through the world of music and only one can win. Well, Natalia,19, is a girl of those participants, but she was already excluded. It was a shame because she's got a great voice. She's a Mariah's fan and she sang in one of the shows 'Heroe' by Mariah Carey. I think she did a good job and everyone who wants to watch her performance can go to the following address:
Natalia's SoundClips (pick up "Gala 7 Natalia canta en solitario 'Heroe'")
and you can also visit her site at:
Natalia's Site

I was having a look at her site and suddenly I found this postcard which made me laugh a lot. I am sending it as attachment. I can tell you that she looks like Mariah (JUST a little) and she assures that she's not only a Mariah's fan, but also she learned to sing by listening to her. A lot of national and also international music artists like Anastacia, Laura Pausini and Sting have visisted the academy and it is said that Mariah could also visit it as long as she visits Spain. I'll let you know if it is so!

Update by Liron
December 30th (0:20 am EST, 5:20 am GMT)

MC on MTV Countdowns
During this weekend, MTV Europe has been showing different shows that sum up the year 2001. Hontasy let us know that on the best 100 videos for 2001, Loverboy made it to #75

And on MTV America, they had a countdown of live videos from A to Z and on M, Mariah came up with "I'll Be There" from MTV Unplugged (Thanks Raquel)

News from the UK
If you live in the UK, or get any of the following channels, you might really want to check out the information that Ashes sent me:

UK FHM cover:
FHM Cover
There are 3 different covers to choose from with the current edition so don't worry if you see somebody else on the cover, don't panic, just look behind it and try and find Mariah!

Sunday 30th, Channel 4 at 9pm "Viva La Diva" - looks at the biggest divas in music today.

Sunday night (or early Monday morning) C4 at 12:10am "Divas Live"- Aretha Franklin Tribute from a couple of years ago, features Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige abd Janet Jackson.

Monday 31st, BBC 1 at 11:15pm "It's Your New Year's Eve Party" - Jonathan Ross hosts a celebration of the year's most memorable entertainment events, aided by celebrity guests including Neil Morrissey, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Ulrika Jonsson, and Terry Wogan. With music from Mariah Carey, the Corrs and Ronan Keating. Thanks to Sara, Myke and Victoria for confirming the above.

MariahMM Big Update
j0e & friends from MariahMM.net have updated their site with lots of new Mariah videos including the beautiful performances on the BET Christmas Special

Update by Liron
December 28th (4:40 pm EST, 9:40 pm GMT)

TV Guide's Holiday Jeers!
Earlier today, Regina reported about Mariah being on ET yesterday regarding "TV Guide's Jeers". The magazine will be available in stores on December 31st. You can read the ET article Here.

Thanks to Farshad, Entertainment Tonight Online.

Update by Liron
December 28th (3:10 pm EST, 8:10 pm GMT)

New Magazine Pictures
Igal (AKA mcfanatic) scanned 3 pictures from People Magazine (December 24th Issue) and one picture from OK Magazine (December 21st Issue)
You can see all of them in Gallery 5.

In addition to that, I've updated Gallery 11 with many old pictures of Mariah so make sure to go there and see them!

More reports about Mariah leaving EMI
DotMusic.com (Thanks "Last Night A Diva Saved My Life")
People News (Thanks Nacho)

Update by Regina
December 28th (10:10 am EST)

EMI doesn't want Mariah Carey
premiere EMI wants to resign from the multimillion contract with singer Mariah Carey - as American Media say. 31 year old Mariah Carey overcame a serious emotional breakdown half a year ago. There were also rumours about suicide attempts. Her new album appeared to be unpopular as well as the hollywood movie "Glitter" in which the star played the leading role.

Los Angeles Times claims that EMI offered her a multimillion dismiss. Mariah Carey signed a 118 million dollars contract with belonging to EMI Virgin Records in February 2001 and obligated to record 4 albums and few singles.

"Glitter" - first Carey's album for Virgin Records - didn't do very well. In 90's Mariah Carey's career was outstanding. Her album "Music Box" (1993, Sony) sold in 20 mln copies. Acording to some people, Carey too long wanted to stay teen idol instead - like Madonna or Janet Jackson - be more mature.

Thanks to Anna for this article from one of the Polish sites.

Entertainment Tonight on M
Diana informed me that Entertainment Tonight just mentioned Mariah on yesterday's show. They were showing the list of TV Guides Cheers and Jeers and they said Mariah was on the list for announcing her breakdown on her website. I am guessing that was a Jeer. They also said that Mariah's label wants to end their relationship with her but her publicist replied with a no comment since everyone is away for the holidays and is unable to be contacted.

NRJ Awards
Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, informed us that the NRJ Music Awards 2002 will take place on January 19th in Cannes (France). Mariah won this year for "Best Female" and she is nominated again for the same category. To vote online, click here. Geri Halliwell, JLo, Madonna and Kylie Minogue are up against her.

Another Setback
NEW YORK (AP) - CBS turned less of its schedule over to reruns during the week before Christmas and was rewarded with an easy prime-time ratings victory, according to Nielsen Media Research.

New episodes of ``CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'' and ``Everybody Loves Raymond'' were the only two programs with more than 20 million viewers.

ABC, which had two prime-time NFL games, won among the 18-to-49-year-old age demographic craved by advertisers for the first time this season.

The holidays weren't too kind to singer Mariah Carey. Her CBS television special, ``A Home for the Holidays,'' finished a dismal 75th place in the ratings, adding to a bad year for the singer.

For the week, CBS averaged 11.9 million viewers in prime-time (8.0 rating, 14 share), ABC had 10.6 million (6.8, 12), NBC had 8.7 million (5.9, 10), Fox had 6.6 million (4.1, 7), UPN had 3.9 million (2.4, 4), the WB had 3.5 million (2.3, 4) and Pax TV had 1.2 million (0.9, 1).

In the evening news ratings race, NBC's ``Nightly News'' won with an average audience of 11.2 million (7.9 rating, 16 share). ABC's ``World News Tonight'' had 10 million (7.2, 14) and the ``CBS Evening News'' had 9.2 million (6.7, 13).

A ratings point represents 1,055,000 households, or 1 percent of the nation's estimated 105.5 million TV homes. The share is the percentage of in-use televisions tuned to a given show.

For the week of Dec. 17-23, the top 10 shows, their networks and ratings were ``CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,'' CBS, 15.0; ``Everybody Loves Raymond,'' CBS, 14.2; NFL Monday Night Football: St. Louis at New Orleans, ABC, 12.9; ``Yes, Dear,'' CBS, 11.6; ``Survivor,'' CBS, 11.3; ``King of Queens,'' CBS, 10.8; ``Law and Order,'' NBC, 10.8; ``NFL Monday Showcase,'' ABC, 10.2; ``Judging Amy,'' CBS, 9.9; ``Friends,'' NBC, 9.8.

AOL News

Mariah Poem
Anna wrote the following poem for Mariah and here it is...
You may be down
You may feel unsecure
But remember
There's always a reason to go on
It's not that nobody cares about you
And it's not that you're worse
You just have to find your own way
To live your life
And be ok
There's always somebody to look for
There's always somebody who feels the same
Help them
And you'll help yourself
You need to take care of yourself
No matter how many friends you have
They need your support as much as you need
Give it to them and they will appreciate
You'll always get from people what you give them
That's only fair thing in our world
Mariah! I'm so happy that You are alright
My faith in you is rewarded!!!

Help UK Fans
Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, needs your help to keep Mariah in the Top 40 for another week.

Don't Stop - remember no bulk mailing [everyone]

By phone... [uk peeps only]
[thursday 8pm -8.30pm]
Capital FM - 08700 700  958
Radio One - 08700 100 100

[friday 4pm to 5pm, 7.30pm to 9pm]
Kiss FM - 02079 758 237
Choice FM - 02074 030 969
MTV Request - 09009 115 595
trevor.nelson@bbc.co.uk - saturday [everyone]

Never Too Far in Phoenix
Jason informed me that in Phoenix AZ, The Rep (Newspaper) had the Top 10 Singles and here is where Mariah stands...

Valley Singles
1. How you remind me - Nickelback
2. God bless the USA - Lee Greenwood
3. Never Too Far - Mariah Carey

Valley R&B singles
1. Never Too Far - Mariah Carey
2. AM to PM - Christina Milian
3. Start Spangled Banner - Whitney Houston
4. Its the Weekend - Lil' J
10. Loverboy - Mariah Carey

Update by Liron
December 28th (9:30 am EST, 2:30 pm GMT)

NTF / Hero Down To #92 on Billboard
Unfortunately, "Never Too Far / Hero Medley" is down to #92 on the Billboard hot 100 chart.
Taken From Billboard Radio (Thanks Andreus Santi on FOMM)

In other Billboard news, "Greatest Hits" is down to #81 selling 59,000 copies this week. (Thank you thebigham on FOMM for that info)

Mariah on MTV Cribs
To remind you, Mariah will appear on the season premiere of MTV Cribs on January 9th at 10:00PM ET/PT (9:00PM CT). Joel let me know that MTV has a few pictures from the show on their site, and you can see them on Gallery 5 and on MTV's site

Mariah #5 on USA Today's Worst Albums of 2001 List
Apparently USA Today has writers with lack of good taste in music. "Glitter" came as #5 on their worst albums list for 2001. Jeterluva from FOMM typed what they wrote:
5. Mariah Carey, Glitter. The screen-turkey soundtrack finds the pop diva again gobbling attention with vocal acrobatics, emotional overkill and desperate ploys for hip-hop credentials.

Mariah on Power 106 Mix-Max Countdown
HumptyDumptyla@aol.com asked me to tell all of you to go vote for Mariah's songs on the "12 Dayz of Mix-Max" countdown on the LA radio station - Power 106FM.
Click here to vote for Mariah on the countdown! Two of her songs are on the voting list - "Loverboy" & "Don't Stop".

Update by Liron
December 27th (6:00 pm EST, 11:00 pm GMT)

Mariah on People Magazine
A few days ago, Regina wrote about Mariah being on People Magazine (Dec 31/Jan 7 issue) and Josh was kind enough to type it down! Here it is:

Striking A Sad Note
Mariah Carey
The message Mariah Carey posted on her web site was poignantly undiva-like: "I'm in a very bad place," she announced on July 25. Within 24 hours, following weeks of erratic behavior, the bestselling female artist of the '90s entered a Connecticut psychiatric hospital. During her two-week stay she was treated for what her publicist called "an emotional and physical breakdown." Denying rumors of a suicide attempt, intimates pointed to exhaustion, and certainly Carey, 32, had more than chronic insomnia to keep her up nights: sluggish sales of her "Loverboy" single; a $117 million recording contract to live up to; and a faded three-year romance with Latin singer Luis Miguel, 31. Weeks later she would earn scathing revews for her major film debut, Glitter, which became the butt of comics' jokes. ("Reports suggest that Osama bin Laden is most likely hiding out somewhere remote and bareren: theaters showing the movie Glitter," quipped SNL's Jimmy Falon.) "She was devastated," says one close friend.
After an alleged set back in early September, Carey emerged from a reported three-week hospitalilization at UCLA Medical Center to perform at the Sept. 21 America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon. She has since appeared at awards shows, filmed an upcoming episode of Ally McBeal and made plans to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in February. "I tend to work myself into the ground," she has told reporters. "And guess what? I'm human."

Thanks Josh (thebeautifulone from FOMM)!

Update by Liron
December 27th (4:00 pm EST, 9:00 pm GMT)

Is Mariah Getting Dropped From Virgin?
Like I said yesterday, nothing is confirmed. However, many different news sites are beginning to report this. I won't post all of the full articles here but you can read them at the following links:
Billboard.com (Thanks to Nickad100 from FOMM)
FOX News (Thanks Eran)
CDNow Music News (Thanks Lori)

E! Celebrity Profile on Latin America
Tomas would like to let everyone know that the E! Celebrity Profile with Mariah will be aired on E! Latin America on January 29th at 7:00PM (Argentina time).

Update by Regina
December 27th (9:10 am EST)

Never Too Far/Hero Singles
Erika informed me that she has five Never Too Far/Hero singles for fans living outside USA that would maybe like to trade. If you would like one of them, contact her at sweeterika19@aol.com

Brazil Interview
Mariah Vision Brazil informed me that you can check out a show interview Mraiah gave to MTB Brazil about her Greatest Hits cd by clicking here.

Natia checked out the You Know You're A Mariah Fan When section and was inspired to write the following poem...
I Know I'm a Mariah Fan
I know I'm a Mariah fan
When I talk to her in my dreams
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because when I see her I want to scream
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Everytime that I feel alone
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She gives me strenght to carry on
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she's brighter than the sun
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She's in my heart doesn't matter is she near or far
I know I'm a Mariah fan
When I see her picture on my wall
I know I'm a Mariah fan
I know she'll catch me if I fall
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she's part of my life
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she is my light
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She keeps me warm when I feel cold
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She tells me things nobody's ever told
I know I'm a Mariah fan
When I see her clear eyes
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she's undisguised
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she is MARIAH!
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she is no lier!
I know I'm a Mariah fan
When people break me down
I know I'm a Mariah fan
I call her and she comes around
I know I'm a Mariah fan
Because she taught me how to dream
I know I'm a Mariah fan
When i come to extreme
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She always helps me out
I know I'm a Mariah fan
And there can be no doubt!
I know I'm a Mariah fan
I know I'm a Mariah fan
She's with me when i'm happy and when i'm in need...

New Site
I added a new site to the links page. Jonathon has a Filipino fansite that has the largest collection of MC Ring Tones and other M stuff. If you want to check it out, click the link below.
Barangay Mariah Carey

Update by Regina
December 26th (8:40 pm EST)

Ally McBeal Image/New Pic Galleries
First off, the picture galleries are changing a bit. Liron figured out that we only used less than half of our alloted memory for Mariah Daily, so we are adding more picture galleries on, plus some other things. Gallery 1-10 will include all the latest pictures, giving you more time to check them out before they get replaced! Gallery 11-12 will be older pictures which will change from now to then! So, we are starting from Gallery 5 now and working our way up to Gallery 10. That's why you will see the Construction image in some of the galleries.

ally US Weekly, the Jan7-14 issue, features four images of Mariah, plus her picture is on the cover. The first picture is of her ouside Letterman, the second features a new shot of her at the FAF Charity, the third image is of her in Kosovo and the final image of her on Ally McBeal (sneak peak of Ally pic on right). Check out all the images in Gallery 5.

Download Mariah Music
Terrence informed me that at the Mariah Chinese Site, you can download a bunch of the Never Too Far/Hero remixes. The remixes available are...
N2F / Hero (Extended Remix)
N2F / Hero (Radio Mix)
N2F / Hero (Al B. Rich Inspiration Remix)
N2F / Hero (Al B. Rich Inspirational Extended Mix)
N2F / Hero (Mike Rizza Extended Club Recall Mix)
N2F / Hero (Mike Rizza Radio Recall Mix)
There For Me

Virgin Brazil Information
Here is some information that Tahiana, from Mariah Connection, sent us:
"Mariah´s week"
The pop Diva Mariah Carey was at "The View" last Monday where she was interview by Barbara Walters and talked about her recently trip to Europe where she visited american troops in Kosovo and brought music and hapiness to the soldiers.

The same subjects were brought on her interview with David Letterman. On this interview Mariah said she learned a lot with the breakdown she had sometime ago and that she´s resting and taking a lot of care of herself now.

Here in Brazil Mariah proved that she´s gotten great fans! recently, the singer´s fans got a surprising effect. Disappointed with the Glitter movie realease´s change they fouhgt for it and they got the movie in January!

Congratulations for that Mariah fans!!!! You can be sure that Virgin is gonna have lots of surprises and contests for you next year.

Also, Virgin brazil has got a section for the most important things that happened this year and the following Mariah related notes are on it:
"Pop Star Mariah Carey hospitalized from exhaustion"
"Mariah getting better"
"Mariah Carey gets awesome critics"
"Mariah Carey in special presentation"

You can check Virgin Brazil website at www.virgin.com.br

French Charts
Matthieu from France informed me of the latest French charts. Greatest Hits is down 2 places to #14 in the Compilation Charts. Glitter is up 12 places to #76 in the regular chart.

Attn: Dutch Fans
Anne sent me this following information...
  I heard the Weekendspecial on TMF in Holland this coming Sunday, will start at 19:30 CET,instead of 20:30. I doubt that they will only show Marish between 19:30 and 0:00 but hey, they might as well...

Also TMF will show a new VIG (they had one with Mariah a few months ago, which was recorded last July in Paris). VIG stands for Very Important Guest and basicly it is one hour in which a celebrity introduces his of her favorite videos. It's recorded in New York earlier this year. It's also this Sunday, from 18:00 till 19:00 CET.

Important Dates
I added a new show to the Important Dates for Mariah. It's a show on E! and it's called Celebs in Crisis. Below is a description of the half hour show. The next time it airs is December 29th.

About E! News Special: Celebs in Crisis
E! News has the latest on Ben Affleck's fight against alcohol addiction and Mariah Carey's treatment for an emotional and physical breakdown. This half-hour show looks at the Hollywood pressure cooker and examines why some stars are simply unable to cope. Plus, E! takes an inside look at one of Hollywood's most exclusive treatment facilities--and hears a big-time Hollywood publicist's advice on how to rehabilitate a career.

Song For Mariah
Ivory, an aspring singer and a HUGE Mariah fan, has an official website about herself where you can download a song she did for Mariah. The song is called, Great Like You and you can download it at www.ivorydaily.com/ Go check it out!

Update by Liron
December 26th (6:00 pm EST, 11:00PM GMT)

"EMI Seeks to Buy Out Mariah Carey Contract"
Or so LA (Reuters) claims. Here is the article, but remember nothing is confirmed yet.
It didn't take long for the glitter of pop diva Mariah Carey's new multimillion dollar record deal with EMI Group Plc to lose its luster.
Three months after the commercial flop of her first EMI release, the British-based music giant is seeking to buy out Carey's contract by offering her a huge lump-sum payment in exchange for her departure from EMI's Virgin Records label, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.
The Times put the value of Carey's EMI contract at $80 million for four albums, although other reports have said she signed for as much as $118 million for five albums.
Representatives for Carey, EMI, or Virgin Records could not be reached for comment.
EMI signed Carey in April after the singer had endured an increasingly unhappy stint at Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment, which is run by her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola.
Her shift to Virgin came at an awkward time for Carey, described by some observers as caught between teen stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and more adult performers such as fellow Virgin artist Janet Jackson.
"Glitter," Carey's debut album at Virgin and the soundtrack to the film she starred in, sold a disappointing two million copies worldwide since its release in September. By comparison, her 1993 album "Music Box," released by Sony, sold more than 20 million copies domestically and overseas.
Carey is one of numerous high-profile recording acts -- among them R.E.M., Macy Gray, and Shelby Lynne -- whose latest albums tanked during a year in which the music industry has seen declining sales overall.

The retail fizzle of "Glitter" also capped a personally trying period for Carey, who was hospitalized for a mental and physical breakdown in July and suffered a relapses in September.
Carey's health limited her availability to do advance promotion for the album and movie, a semiautobiographical film in which she starred as an aspiring young singer who dates a DJ to help her break into the business.
According to the Los Angeles Times, EMI agreed in April to pay Carey a $20 million advance for each of four albums under her contract and to provide a $6 million music video production fund and about $1.5 million to promote four singles. Sources cited by the newspaper estimated the label spent more than $10 million to market and promote the ill-fated "Glitter."
EMI executives are now in talks to pay a multimillion dollar settlement to Carey in return for her agreement to bail out of the label, the Times said.

Taken from Reuters (Thanks Jason from FOMM)

"Home For The Holidays" Media Files
As we all know, CBS has aired "A Home For The Holidays" with Mariah a few days ago. For those of us who weren't able to see it, you are now able to download the performance of "I'll Be There" on Mariah's Web. If you can't download the big MPG file, you can download the mp3 HERE. Thanks a lot to Mariah Style for that file!

A Romantic Christmas
Gilles from Heroes Of Mariah sent us a scan of a CD called "A Romantic Christmas" that was released by Sony Belgium on December 16th. The CD is a collection of Christmas songs and the first track on the first CD is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah! Click to enlarge.

New Mariah Site
Joel has a great new site called "La Mariah", check it out!

The Boston Pops To Back Mariah Carey's Super Bowl Performance
(12/21/01, 10 a.m. ET) -- The Boston Pops, led by conductor Keith Lockhart, will perform a selection of American classics during the Super Bowl XXXVI pre-game show at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans on February 3. The Pops will also team with Mariah Carey during her rendition of the national anthem, and the orchestra will perform with two soon-to-be-announced artists on "America The Beautiful."

The Boston Pops pregame show program also will feature two works by legendary American composer Aaron Copland: "Fanfare For The Common Man" and excerpts from "A Lincoln Portrait."

Additional pregame performers will be announced in the next few weeks. The NFL previously announced that U2 will perform live during the E*Trade Super Bowl Halftime Show. Fox will televise Super Bowl XXXVI to approximately 130 million viewers in the United States and 800 million viewers worldwide.
-- Jason Gelman, New York

Click here to see the article on Yahoo News. (Thanks Tom!)

More Voice Messages Added
I added 10 more voice messages to the Voice Messages page. They will be there for awhile until we replace them so make sure to download them before they're gone!

Update by Liron
December 26th (2:30 pm EST, 7:30PM GMT)

Even More Pics
JC Sent me a picture he took with Mariah while she was in England last month.
During that European visit, Mariah has filmed a TV show in Germany named "The Dome" where she performed the "Never Too Far / Hero" Medley and "Without You". You can see screen captures from that show and JC's picture in Gallery 1. Thanks to Daywalk3r for the original video :)

Update by Regina
December 25th (7:20 pm EST)

New Staff Member on MD
Liron, a lamb you probably all know, has now joined the Mariah Daily team. Liron is always online, usually on the FOMM or chatting with fellow lambs and can provide up-to-the-minute information, along with helping Daily in all aspects. Liron is going to be working on the other pages on Daily and will be working heavily on the Voice Message page. She uploaded 21 of the voice messages in .rm format and you can check them out by clicking here. There are the 10 latest ones and then 10 older ones, including the first ever Mariah message. Also, Liron will be changing the older messages often, in case you missed one or two, you can now get them. Liron's contact information is on both sides, if you would like to get in touch with her.

Update by Liron
December 25th (6:30 pm EST)

More Pics Added
I added a few beautiful pictures (from the old galleries of MariahDaily) to Gallery 5. I will continue to add older pictures to galleries 5 & 6 during this week. Enjoy!

Update by Regina
December 25th (12:00 pm EST)

Mariah Daily Contest
I got the signed cd singles yesterday afternoon and I scanned them all for you to check out below, if you want proof that the contest was real. Plus, I scanned the Loverboy Promo CD Singles 9 track, courtesy of Mariah Buzz. Congratulations to all the winners once again and thanks to everyone who entered. Once again, a HUGE thanks to Mariah and Maroon Entertainment for supplying the cd singles. The prizes will be sent out tomorrow morning, December 26th.

Mariah Daily Revamped
md I changed the images and colors on Mariah Daily a bit. If you don't see the layout that is shown on the right, please contact me and let me know what browser you are using so I can correct the problem. Thanks! Also, a huge thanks to Nacho, who created the top banner for Mariah Daily.

Plus, Michelle sent us an AWESOME Mariah Daily wallpaper and you can check that out in the Wallpaper section.

MiniConcert by Mariah
Darryl informed that if you are in Holland, you can check out Mariah on an upcoming special on TMF (Dutch Music Channel). It will air on December 30th at 20:30 till 23:00. Here is the list of what is going to happen:
Weekend Special with Mariah Carey
This time on WeekendSpecial: Mariah Carey!
Mariah Carey is one of the best singers ever and she gets #1 hits one after the other!! She has also done many Duets, one of them is Whitney Houston. This Girl is truely a Diva!!

This is what you can expect of the special:
-Tooske has done a interview with Mariah in New York
-We Wil show you a Top ten off mariah videos.
-Tmf Extra with Jonny, he has done also an interview with mariah before her breakdown in Paris.
-Special about her album Glitter
-A Miniconcert what mariah has done for TMF in New York!!!!

Mariah in People Magazine
I forgot to add that Mariah is in the December 31/January 7th issue of People magazine on page 64 as one of their 25 Most Intriguing People of 2001. It has a picture of her from the Glitter premiere and a full page article on her.

Voice Messages Coming Back
Liron is coming on Mariah Daily to run the whole Voice Message section and to also add up-to-the-minute information she hears in Daily's News section. We will most likely have the latest 5 messages plus each week or two, we will add 5 older messages that you can download and listen to. They will no longer be in zip format either, which might be very good news for a lot of you out there. We should have that up hopefully by the end of the week.

Merry Christmas
Everyone at Mariah Daily wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

Update by Danielle
December 24th (10:30 pm EST)

New Voice Message :D
Our Mariah left us an adorable new message and even had a baby lamb say hi to us!! He he :) Here is la transcript!

Mariah: Merry Christmas Lambs! Hold on everybody wants to say Merry Christmas to you

(Everybody): Merry Christmas Lambs!

Mariah: Sadie, say Merry Christmas Lambs

Sadie (baby lamb :D): Merry Christmas Lambs (too cute!!)

Mariah: (Cute laugh) Hope you all are having a great holiday, and uhm, enjoying yourselves, being festive, being safe and all those things, I love you much, and uhm, we'll speak to you soon. Buh bye. Merry Christmas!

New Pics
Honey and Kate (Butterflies Are Free) sent us 2 more pics of the BEAUTIFUL Miss Mariah from Berlin earlier this year, as well as 2 pics of Mariah in the UK. Here is what they said about that:

Hi(GH) lambz!
First of all we wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great and successful 2002! Second and the reason we're writing in fact, as you might know, Mariah taped a message on a fan's videocam when she was in the UK some weeks ago. We now managed to make an mp3 out of it (there still are some technical problems getting the complete video message online) and we made 2 screencaps.

To listen to the MP3, just go Here

O course to see these 4 gorgeous pictures, all u gotta do is run to Gallery 1!

Note From D-
I chose the pic to the above because I absolutely LOVE side pictures of her! I think Mariah has the most BEAUTIFUL profile I've ever seen, especially her LEFT side!! LOL There it is! (u gotta know what i'm tawkin about LOL)

Awesome Mariah Pics
My lamb Matte told me he has just completed some major updates to the MC IN UK section of his site, Mariah Carey UK. He said to pay attention to Sarah's story, where you can find some amazing pictures of Miss Mariah :)

BEAUTIFUL Poem For Miss Mariah!
A very talented lamb named Phil wrote this AMAZING poem for Mariah when she got out of the hospital and asked me to post it. I loved it and I know Mariah will as well! He told me that "The Rose" indicates Mariah :)

The Rose
The rose is steady blooming everyday,
And in the wind she'll never sway.
As the daisies die in the wind,
The rose stays strong, not scattering.

You cannot touch the rose,
Or the light she's shone.
No one can hurt the rose,
She is strong like a stone.
She is so beautiful,
She is so great.
She is the rose,
She has a positive fate.
Although sometimes she may get lonely,
She knows she is the one and only.
All the others crumble and fall.
But the rose, she can withstand it all.

Isn't that beautiful? He's soo sweet!

Mariah On Larry King Live?
I got this info from Matt:

One of my friends told me this morning at school that over the weekend he saw a commercial on CNN. He said that it was a commercial advertising CNN's show "Larry King Live." He said they were showing pictures of celebs and at the bottom or top of the screen it kept saying COMING IN JANUARY. And he said they showed Mariah's picture! He also noted that it was a gorgeous picture...hehe! But I thought you may wanna know about this, or post it, so the fans can keep a watch for the commercial.

Vote For Miss M
I got this info from Estevis:

Dotmusic.com is having a poll called "Vote for the Best 2001" and Mariah is in the Single's Category under "R&B" for Loverboy. The cool this is you can vote 3 times for MC at once. Go Here to vote

Mariah B4 Tha Breakdown
This article was written b4 Mariah's breakdown at CNN.com but I dunno if it was ever posted on the site, so I thought i'd go ahead and post the link so everyone can check it out if they choose to do so ;) There are also some gorgeous pics of Miss Mariah at the signing for Loverboy that we've never seen, so check it out by going HERE!

Mariah Shines Again
Mariah Carey seems to have had it all three years ago. Her cd Rainbow was racking up more number 1 hits and she had a steady lover, Luis Miguel. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. Mariah and Luis broke up, her cd and movie, both titled Glitter, stayed at disappointing spots in the charts, and the 31 year old beauty lands her self in the hospital because of a breakdown, caused by stress. But she has bounced back and has taken part in benefit concerts galore, the vouge awards, entertained the troops in Kosova and has showen the world that a butterfly can get a broken wing but can always come back even more beautiful than ever.

Thanx MUCH to Melissa for this article from "Best Beat" magazine!

AWESOME Christmas Greeting :)
Johnny took his time to make an ADORABLE little Christmas message for everyone and Mariah helped a lil as well (hmmm LOL) just go HERE to see what I'm talking about :D

Mariah Is Winning!
Tim told me that Loverboy is winning the poll at PopDirt.com! Yayness! We rock! LOL Christina A is Catching up tho, so go vote!

Help A Fellow Lamb
I got this info from Scott:

I'm looking for anyone who might have taped the Mariah special "Home For the Holidays", which I sadly missed. I'd be willing to pay for it. Thanks

Another Mariah Artist :)
Aram sent me 3 BEAUTIFUL drawings he did of Miss Mariah and you can check them all out in Gallery 1

Mariah really brings out the best in all of us doesn't she? :)

Coming Soon
I'm working on a little surprise for the page at this particular moment so I'll be around :D

Update by Regina
December 23rd (4:30 pm EST)

»Early Show Transcript
EarlyShow Maggie, from Mariah Angel made the transcript of the Early Show for us all to enjoy. It was really nice of her to do this especially since it took a long time to make it.

ES: Mariah Carey, good morning
M: Good morning
ES: Nice to see you
M: Nice to see you
ES: You look great
M: Thank you (laughs)
K: A lot of your fans have been wondring how you have been doing the last few months. How are you feeling?
M: I feel great, I have been for awhile. You know what, it's just that I had a crazy schedule fo ryears and I never took time for myself and this summer it was just even more people pulling me in a million directions and me not taking care of myself at all and it was just like a wake up 'Hello, take care of yourself and you know, nobody's perfect, your human' and um I just had to just stop and take a break so I learned a lot from that.
ES: Did you realize the amount of attention, the amount of media attention, was surrounding all of that?
M: No, I had no idea and I like, when I saw it I was like 'What is this?' and when I realized people were like kinda stalking me. It was bizarre, the press or whatever and photographers and stuff. I really, I don't see myself like that. Other people say to me 'Oh don't you know, you're Mariah Carey...you're this thing' and I'm like 'No, why wold anybody sit outside my mom's house, ya know, waiting to take a picture of me'.
ES: Tell me about your special tonight.
M: This special is something that's really clsoe to my heart "A Home for the Holidays" and a great cause, it's for foster children to be, um brought together with people looking to adopt. And usually it's children that are a little bit older um and have been waitng in foster care and these families are just so happy when they come together. I watched um some, they have sorta these packages put together where they show you the children and the families and how they come together.
ES: Now, I saw a sneak peek of the special and I just, you heartstrings just tug, it's unbelieveable what these children have gone through.
M: Yeah (nods). Mm hmm.
ES: And the happy endings at the end of it.
M: The happy endings, and when you hear them say 'I have a mom now' or you know, 'this is all I ever dreamt of' and things like that and when you see how long they went through and the fact that some of the kids thought they'd never experience that feeling of having a family, so it was a really great cause and some of the kids were there, with the families, in the audience when we did the show and you know, they're…it's great, they're uplifting stories.
ES: Why is this issue so important to you?
M: Well, I feel like kids deserve to have families, deserve to be loved and if, if this type of show can push someone over the edge to the point where they were maybe on the were on the fence about adoption, 'cause maybe they weren't sure they wanted to adopt someone a little bit older mayve, then it's worth getting involved, and being a part of this type of charity.
ES: Now, you had a little bit of help with the special too, Destiny's Child, Enrique Iglesias, David Hoffman and a group of others.
M: Yeah, amazing talent there, mm hmm.
ES: Beyond that, you just got back from Kosovo.
M: Yes I did, which was a totally unique experience for me
ES: How was the morale over there, what were the troops saying to you?
M: (laughs) Um, they said a lot-
ES: (laughs) I bet they were really happy to see you, Mariah!
M: (laughing) They said a lot of different things! No, they were really, they were really, they were very up, um, it's very bleak in Kosovo, it's not like a Cosmopolitan area where ya know, they're hanginig out, when they're off, when they're off time and oh, it seemed like they had they're own sorta family on the base itself and there was a general there who they were calling "The Bachelor" and persuaded me to bring him up on stage and secretly give um a hug and a kiss, it was cute, and it was gun, we decorated Christmas trees and I wore three little red, white and blue ensembles.
ES: I think this album that you've done, this unreleased ballad that you've done "There For Me" is so terrific (shows SINGLE lol)
M: Thank you, this is just a single actually and um it's got
ES: Never Too Far-
M: Never Too Far and Hero and there's an unreleased song called "There For Me" and it's not from any album and it's a 'thank you' to my fans and Never Too Far and Hero uh the proceeds go to the Heroes Foundation, which is, it benefits the uh police officers' families, were from you know the 9.11 situation, victimized there.
ES: That and your greatest hits album is out.
M: That's a double album, there (cuts to GH)
ES: Double, well you'll need more than even two to get all your hits on there!
M: Well, it's weird because it feels like I haven't been doing this that long but, I guess you know (laughs)…
ES: The hits stack up, what do we say! Is it true you're singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year?
M: I am, yes, I'm looking forward to that.
ES: How do you think you're up to singing in front of 300 million people?
M: I guess…'hey!'!
ES: I guess if you're Mariah Carey, it's just another day at the office (laughs)!
M: You know, you get all geared up, right? And then 2 minutes and 30 seconds…
ES: You're done, right?
M: It's over, it's a strange feeling, but it's cool, I'm looking forward to it.
ES: And you're going skiining for the holiday.
M: Yes, I am.
ES: Very nice.
M: The intermediate skier that I am…
ES: I know, we were talking about that (laughs) !
M: We were talking about that (laughs)!
ES: No bunny courses, no black diamonds, somewhere in the middle.
M: Yeah, you know, I like the little outfits. I'm gonna try snowboarding this year, I think (laughs)! But the snowboarding outfits, they're not really as, they're not really me, so I'm just gonna try and figure out how to customize them (laughs)!
ES: (laughing) I'm sure you'll find a way. Well, it's nice to see you.
M: Nice to see you too.
ES: We should say the special tonight.
M: Yes.
ES: 8 o'clock.
M: 8 o'clock (nods)
M: On CBS (nods again)
ES: Alright, good luck, we'll be watching!
M: Thank you.
ES: Good bye!
M: Happy holidays!

»Home For The Holidays
Home4Holidays Kloewe56 sent us a couple caps of Mariah on Home For The Holidays with Mariah Carey and I added them to Gallery 1 Mariah opened the show singing Never Too Far/Hero and did an amazing live version of it. She later came out and sang Reflections in the black dress and finally did I'll Be There with Trey at the end. Her voice was amazing on the special and she looked beautiful. Check out the caps if you like!

»Magazine News
Mariah is in the January 1st issue of Star and National Enquirer I believe. I looked through them quickly at work and in both of them, they have pictures of her outside the David Letterman studios. Check out Gallery 1 for the scan of the National Enquirer pic. I didn't bother buying Star because it was almost the same exact picture and I am low on cash!

Jen told me that Mariah is in the new Teen People with Josh Harnett on the cover. She is on page 42 and there is a picture of her in a peach tank top with the world Delicious written on it. It's a pretty small picture.

Finally, Mariah is also in 101 Hairstyles( with Alyssa Milano on the cover), with two pictures, one in which a writer tells how she loves Mariah and her hairstyle, and the magazine saying they love her too! And another picture one of the glitter promo pics, of her under with some other female celebs who have great hair, Jen tells us.

»Double play
MARIAH Carey was looking pretty cozy with former flame Derek Jeter at One51 Tuesday night. The couple huddled on a small couch in the back of the nightclub's VIP room until the wee hours at a 28th birthday bash for New York Jet Damien Robinson. While PAGE SIX readers will recall that Jeter was regularly reaching home plate with Carey in 1996, we're told he didn't even get to first base this week - at least inside the club. Mike Tyson also turned up at the Cristal-soaked soiree, as did old school rappers Slick Rick and Grand Puba.

Afrodita sent us this article from NYPost.com

»Who Dissed Who?
Lori sent us this article from CDNow.com with the Miss Truth's picks for the Top 10 disses from musicians to musicians in the past 12 months and sadly, it seems Mariah is #1. I was really shocked to see even Usher took a stab, since he worked with Mariah on Rainbow.

1. Everyone to Mariah Carey: It wasn't just the press that had a field day with Mariah Carey's physical and mental breakdown in July, entertainers used it as comic material as well. Among the more famous quotes are:

  • "I'm having a Mariah Carey." -- Usher in US magazine on his stress level
  • On an episode of Will and Grace a character asked how bad something was, and the answer came: "Mariah Carey in Glitter bad."
  • Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon used it in his "Weekend Update" when he said the U.S. military was searching for Osama bin Laden in all the places no one would go: "Like theaters showing Mariah Carey's film."
  • And, even actor Brad Pitt got in on the action in Vanity Fair when he talked about his hard time with success, saying, "I thought about pulling a Mariah Carey, [but went through 18 months of therapy instead]." (allstar, Miss Truth, Nov. 7)

    »Happy Holidays/Note From Regina
    Well folks, that's all I have time to get up today. It's a crazy weekend due to the Christmas season and we are all running around doing different things with our families. I will most likely be getting an update up tomorrow night and maybe even Tuesday since all I will be doing is chillin' with family at my house. I like to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday.

    Update by Regina
    December 21st (7:00 pm EST)

    »Early Show Caps
    EarlyShow Robin was SO KIND and made us some nice caps for you all to check out of Mariah's apperance on the Early Show today. Someone else contacted me and said they will get the audio up shortly, so I'll hopefully have that for you shortly too. Check out the caps in Gallery 1

    »Top Ten Entertainment Stories
    1. A Tribute to Heroes
    All major television networks and most cable channels, for the first time ever, simulcast a show. Some 60 million people watched this commercial-free, two-hour telethon, helping to raise $150 million for the families of victims of the Sept. 11 tragedies. The cast included George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Billy Joel, Elton John and many others, plus a star-packed group manning the phones. And this was just the foremost in countless tributes.

    2. Pottermania
    Harry Potter got on his magic broom and made movie history, taking in an estimated $93 million in its first weekend. It heads into 2002 destined to become perhaps the highest-grossing film of all time. Director Chris Columbus has already started the sequel, set for a November 2002 release. After that, he's on board for two more.

    3. Soderbergh's Big Score at the Oscars
    Steven Soderbergh became the first director to have two films simultaneously nominated in the Best Picture category. He won the director's award for Traffic. Julia Roberts won for Best Actress in Soderbergh's other nominated film, Erin Brockovich. In other Academy Awards news, Gladiator won for Best Picture. Jennifer Lopez got lots of notice again, not for her acting, but for what she wore to the festivities. She was considered nearly naked, but this time, only on top. Meanwhile, Bjork was more than adequately covered in feathers as she sported a swan dress with an egg purse.

    4. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Break Up
    After nearly 10 years of marriage, one of Hollywood's most prominent and private couples called it quits. Actually, it was Tom who found the "Mission" of marriage quite "Impossible" and asked for the divorce. The whole thing turned Kidman many shades of pink as the Moulin Rouge star claimed she had no idea the end was near. Cruise has since been cruising with Cruz — Penelope, that is — while Kidman isn't kidding when she says she's still alone. Also on the Celebrity Divorce Court Callendar: Ted Turner and Jane Fonda; Eminem and Kim Mathers; Phylicia and Ahmad Rashad; Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin. Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt, although never married, also split up.

    5. Robert Blake's Wife Killed
    Bonny Lee Bakley was shot in the head at point-blank range while sitting in the couple's car outside Vesuvio's restaurant in Los Angeles. Blake says he was inside the restaurant when the incident occurred, retrieving the gun he had left behind at the table where they dined. To date, no one has been charged. Reports revealed Bakely had a past more checkered than a taxi. Blake got custody of the couple's young daughter.

    6. The Mariah Meltdown
    Just before the release of a new album and her first major motion picture, multi-octave diva Mariah Carey hit the skids. She had a virtual meltdown, displaying some bizarre behavior during a visit to MTV's Total Request Live. Afterward, she was hospitalized for exhaustion. She made it out in time for the premiere of the film Glitter, but she should've just stayed there. The reviews were so bad, they would've made anyone sick.

    7. Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Tribute
    The 40-something man of music reunited with his brothers for a two-night extravaganza at New York's Madison Square Garden. The concert, taped for broadcast, included various artists paying tribute to Jacko and collaborating onstage, including 'N Sync, Usher, Mya, Destiny's Child and a very skinny Whitney Houston, not to mention Jackson's dates, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli. The show was a success for fans, despite rumors that The Gloved One's nose fell off during the event.

    8. The Death of George Harrison
    Known as "the Quiet Beatle," Harrison lost his battle with cancer at the age of 58. He passed away peacefully, having said goodbye to fellow bandmates, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, just a few weeks prior. The music world also bade a tearful farewell to the very young Aaliyah, who died tragically in a plane crash in the Bahamas. The show business community also lost Jack Lemmon, Isaac Stern, Carroll O'Connor, Anthony Quinn and Joey Ramone.

    9. The On-Again, Off-Again Emmys
    The Primetime Emmys had been scheduled to air Sept. 16, but five days before the big show, tragedy befell the nation as planes struck the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It seemed callous to have stars strut on a red carpet under the circumstances, so the event was rescheduled for Oct. 7 — the very day U.S. airstrikes began. For a while, it seemed unlikely that stars from the East would fly West. Finally, the show ran on Nov. 4. Ellen DeGeneres hosted and did a fabulous job. West Wing took home a lot of Emmys.

    10. David Letterman's heart scare and return to TV
    The 52-year-old Late Show host had to undergo emergency quintuple bypass surgery at the beginning of the year. He was out for five weeks and came back better than ever. For his big night back, he had the Foo Fighters, his favorite band, singing his fave song, "Everlong." Dave is doing great, and it looks like he'll be around ever longer. Like most of America, he took a week off after Sept. 11, and returned with a touch of class. So, there you have it. See what I mean? Happy holidays and wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and entertaining 2002.

    Thanks to JcCcT2504 for this article from ABCNews

    »Arts and Lifestyle | Music |
    The holiday season's last radio-sponsored mega-concert was also its shortest. The real miracle behind Tuesday night's "Miracle on 34th Street" at Madison Square Garden was that WKTU (FM-103.5) managed to present 18 acts in less than three hours.

    With a 40-piece band backing performers such as Enrique Iglesias, Alicia Keys, Deborah Cox and Mya, the show's pacing was impeccably swift, as stars were hustled on and off the stage at a staggering rate. For producer David Gest, who also put together September's ridiculously ramshackle Michael Jackson tribute, it was a major accomplishment.

    But while having all performers share the same backing band helped the concert move quickly, it also made it more difficult for the artists to break out and turn their brief performances into something memorable. Opening acts such as Blu Cantrell, Amber and Christina Milian, especially, had trouble distinguishing their pop-y R&B tracks from one another.

    A few of the veteran performers, however, were able to make the most of a tough situation. With just one song, her hit "Whenever, Wherever," Shakira electrified the crowd with her gyrating moves and vaguely Middle Eastern beats and melodies. Shaggy's irrepressible personality and dance-hall toasting also won over a crowd that already had heard "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel" played untold gazillions of times on local radio stations.

    Mariah Carey turned up for her third local-radio concert in a week, again refusing to sing, but clad in a clingy black dress that incited hollers. Carey introduced Alicia Keys, who demonstrated the breadth of her young talent with riveting takes on "A Woman's Worth" and "Fallin'." Both Keys and Mary J. Blige showed that sophisticated R&B still has a place in the top 40.

    The night's most unlikely success, however, came at the finale as a buoyant Liza Minnelli, who is engaged to the show's producer, flashed an enormous diamond ring and declared herself "the future Mrs. Gest." The last time she played the Garden, at Jackson's tribute, she elicited gasps at her psychedelic makeup and evident weight gain, but she now appeared to be back in shape.

    She began with a pleasant version of Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child," but few seemed to recognize the song. Then she brought out a high-kicking chorus line of New York City cops and firefighters, reprising the version of "New York, New York" that she sang at Shea Stadium last September.

    It was another of those rare moments when a powerful performer and a classic pop song come together to transform an audience. After a year of public tragedy and personal health problems, an old-timer embodied the city's fighting spirit and broke out some well-needed razzle-dazzle to show the new kids how it's done.

    Thanks to Desiree for this article from the NYPost.

    »Message From Regina
    Yeah I do believe I have been on this internet all freakin' day since I am going out tomorrow and Sunday to celebrate my 21st birthday with my brothers/parents/friends. Danielle is at her parents house for the weekend due to Christmas on Tuesday. The reason I am informing you about this is Daily might not be updated much from now until Christmas due to our family get togethers. I will most likely be able to do an update on Sunday and Monday but I can't promise anything and Saturday is most likely out of the picture. But hang in there because we will come back full force Tuesday or Wednesday. Happy Holidays to everyone!

    Update by Regina
    December 21st (3:50 pm EST)

    Mariah Carey has certainly had a tough year - including a widely-publicized emotional and physical meltdown just prior to the release of her feature film debut, Glitter, which - as we all know - wasn't exactly box-office gold. Yet, the diva deserves her due for facing her public these last few months, gracing the America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon, visiting U.S. soldiers overseas and hosting "A Home for the Holidays with Mariah Carey," her third annual TV special celebrating - and promoting - adoption. Looking happy and healthy, Carey - sporting a Farrah Fawcett-inspired 'do and decked out in an assortment of tight-fitting dresses (what else?) - sings her heart out during the telethon/infomercial-style program, performing stirring renditions of "Reflections," "I'll Be There" and a medley of "Never Too Far" and "Hero." But - to Carey's credit - she shares the spotlight with other big-name acts, including Destiny's Child, Enrique Iglesias, Mandy Moore, classical soprano Charlotte Church and opera singer Josh Groban.

    The parade of talent performs on a simple stage in front of a live audience that includes adopted children and their families. Throughout the show, the camera cuts to a close-up of some kid's smiling face. The cynical part of me finds this manipulative. Still, I can't help but be touched by their excitement. After all, who wouldn't be thrilled to have Destiny's Child singing Christmas songs to them?

    Of course, stars like Destiny's Child are there to get viewers to tune in. The real goal of this program is to increase awareness of the need for people to adopt children. As Dustin Hoffman - one of the celebrity guests, who also including Everybody Loves Raymond 's Patricia Heaton and skating star Scott Hamilton - notes, the number of children in foster care has doubled in the last five years: There are now over 500,000 kids in the system, and they need permanent homes. Hammering home the point are slickly produced, TV-newsmagazine-meets-Oprah-style segments on adoption interspersed throughout the special. One of the most compelling stories is that of Shane Salter. Salter, who grew up in the foster care system himself, is now a successful businessman who, along with his wife, has eagerly adopted several children, including a 16-year-old boy.

    A Home for the Holidays also introduces us to Robert and Maggy Welling, who present a different perspective: They were actually resistant to the idea of adoption at first. But after learning more about the process, they took in two young girls and now have a happy family.

    Watch A Home for the Holidays with a hanky in hand. It is, without a doubt, tear-inducing television. But a little pull-at-your-heartstrings TV seems in order these days - especially when it is for a good cause.
    - Christine Champagne

    Thanks to Jeff and SUMar235 for this article from TVGuide.com

    Mariah on ET
    SIYWGF925 told me that Mariah will be on Entertainment Tonight tonight under the years greatest scandals. She was shown yesterday in the preview for today's show.

    New Opening Graphic
    Thanks to Alan for the New Years graphic now on the main page of this site. Check it out by clicking below:

    No Early Show Caps
    Sadly Steph from MariahsWeb.com didn't make caps because Mariah was replaced by the news this morning. I asked Alex to make some but he missed the show too. I would get up audio of the interview but Peel, the company that hosts my site, won't allow it. All I can say is, SORRY!

    Update by Regina
    December 21st (3:20 pm EST)

    The Winners
    Sorry I didn't post this at 2 pm EST but I was waiting for the mail and we just got it. Sadly the autographs did not come today but I am guessing they might of gotten delayed due to the Christmas holiday and will hopefully be here tomorrow afternoon. When I do get them, I will get the scans up right away. However, I still picked the winners of the contest. If you see your name and get an e-mail from me, please respond back with your address by December 26th! If you don't a new winner will be picked. Also, your e-mail address might be wrong below, so make sure you get an e-mail from me or write me right away. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and maybe we can do another one next year!

    Winners of one of the five autographed cd singlES:
    Naomi (wmays8687@iconnect.net)
    Leo (Icram321@aol.com)
    Steve (ziebart01@aol.com)
    Tahiana (tahiana_leal@yahoo.com)
    Matt (MMatsush@calfed.com)

    Winners of one of the five 9 track Loverboy singlES:
    Matt (mcmatthew@goamerica.net)
    Angela (rksu747@hotmail.com)
    Chris (booty_licious21@hotmail.com)
    Stanley (sbbrizz@yahoo.com)
    James (James.Ellis@rmdkwikform.com)

    Winners of one of the two Promo posters of M on bike:
    Jimmy (JamesJr1976@aol.com)

    Winners of one of the two When You Believe cassette singlES:
    Dennis (tigger_007@hotmail.com)
    Heaven (HevAletia1@aol.com)

    News Coming Shortly...
    I am working on another update for the site right now with more Mariah information. Thanks for all the birthday wishes too, you are all very sweet.

    Update by Regina
    December 21st (11:20 am EST)

    Home Is Where The Heart Is!
    ET MARIAH CAREY will be gracing your small screen Friday night in a heartfelt CBS TV special with a very special cause!  "A Home for the Holidays with Mariah Carey" celebrates the joys of adoption, with performances by Mariah, DESTINY'S CHILD, CHARLOTTE CHURCH, MANDY MOORE, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, and young opera sensation JOSH GROBAN.

    DUSTIN HOFFMAN, PATRICIA HEATON, and famed figure skater SCOTT HAMILTON will also appear on the program, which aims to raise awareness about adoption issues and will include adoption success stories from individual families and children.

    "I think it's really important that people focus on finding homes for children who really need to feel loved and be part of a family," Mariah told ET.

    Although adoption hasn't touched her directly, the pop diva said she is participating in the program as a way to give something back to her fans and community.  "I feel very blessed," she notes. "Whatever I can do to give something back for any charity is important."

    For BEYONCÉ KNOWLES of Destiny's Child, it was the previous year's special on the same subject that tugged at her heartstrings and made her want to join in.  "Last year, after seeing the special, everybody was in tears," the singer reports. "Everybody wanted to adopt kids! You can't help but be touched."

    The special will air on CBS Friday, December 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

    Thanks to Peggy for this article from ET Online and picture courtesy of MariahsWeb.com

    Mariah Daily Contest
    Europe I was told I would be getting the autographs from Mariah/Maroon today and the mail comes in about 3 hours. I will be announcing the winners today at around 2 pm EST. If I do not get the autographs today, I still will be announcing the winners and will get the scans up of the autographs when I can. If you see your name on Daily, you need to contact me by Wednesday of next week (December 26th) with your address! I will be contacting all the winners via e-mail also. Good Luck to everyone!

    Have a Mariah Christmas
    THIS is shaping up as a very merry Christmas for pop diva Mariah Carey, who just a few months ago was at death's door after a nervous breakdown and an alleged suicide attempt.

    Carey was spotted in town this week shopping for gifts at Saks with sexy Latino singing star Luis Miguel, the longtime lover who left her, causing her to spiral out of control.

    I understand the two have been in tune again for about a month. My spies say they looked radiantly happy and Mariah shows no signs of her recent ordeal.

    Next week, they'll fly to Aspen, where they've holidayed many times in the past. They will be among the A-list guests at the opening of the first Prada store in the resort and at the gala party after at Harley Baldwin's exclusive Caribou Club.

    Thanks to Anna for this article from the NY Post

    Glitter In Sweden Today
    Here is what David told us...
    I'm SOOO excited!! Glitter the movie will premiere in Sweden today, Friday December 21st.  In Stockholms biggest morningpaper, Metro, there was a quite big ad for it so there is some promotion being done for the movie, I thought there would be no promotion at all but at least they're advertising for it. Anyway make sure you let all tha lambs o' Sweden know so they can check out Glitter in it's first glittering weekend.

    German FHM
    FHM Alisha sent me the cover of the German FHM dated January 2002. Check out the small image on the right which is all I have for you right now!

    MTV Asia: Keep Voting
    You can still vote for Mariah at the MTV Asia awards, you can't see who is winning in the poll anymore. So make sure you go and VOTE VOTE VOTE for Mariah so Britney, Christina and JLo don't beat her. Click Here

    Care Enough Operation
    This next bit of info comes from the MariahFanclub.com

    Who said you can't be generous while having something back at the same time ?

    Actually, that is what Mariahfanclub.com, the French Mariah Carey fan-club, is trying to do.

    Indeed, Mariahfanclub.com has decided to give to everyone who asks some promotional Loverboy vinyls. These vinyls have not been released commercially so they are real collectibles! They have been given to us by the record company especially for this occasion.

    However, why just make one person happy when you can make 2 ? Throughout what we called the 'Care Enough' operation, we will have a charity goal as well !

    The charity we want to support is the Fresh Air Fund, and especially the Camp Mariah.

    Mariah Carey has invested herself a lot into that cause, financially as well as personally, by raising funds throughout charity concerts or by regularly visiting the camp. That's why this camp which belongs to the fresh Air Fund association has been named after her to become 'Camp Mariah'.

    Today, you have the opportunity to support this cause by winning a real collector item.

    On our website, you'll find a little word from the Fresh Air Fund to show their support to this operation along with all the details. It's in English and in French.

    Here are the details of the operation :
    You have the vinyl for free. You just have to pay for the shipping and handling costs. There is only one condition : you must add a donation for Camp Mariah. The minimal donation you can make is $5 but of course, you can make a bigger one !

    Furthermore, you can send us a letter for Mariah along with your donation. All the letters will be given to her in a special fan-book along with the money raised. We are actually dealing with her management to allow one person randomly chosen among all the donators to give her personally the money and the fan-book at Camp Mariah ! Moreover, the 5 biggest donators will receive along with their vinyl a poster or a dedicated CD.

    So, just listen to your heart and care enough about the ones who need your help ! Please send your donation before January 30th at the following address :

    MariahFanClub.com Operation Care Enough BP 327 75723 Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE

    For more information, please feel free to visit :

    Greatest Hits in Germany
    Tanja informed me that the Greatest Hits cd moved up to #36 from #77 on the Official German Album Charts (Media Control). It sold 86,000 copies within 2 weeks. It's really hard to find the album now though since Sony only shipped 90,000 copies to Germany.

    Early Show
    Mariah appeared on The Early Show this morning at around 8 am and she was on for about 5 minutes. She looked lovely in a black long sleeved dress and basically she talked about the single, Greatest Hits cd, Kosovo, her health and the special tonight. We'll have caps and more information later this afternoon.

    Update by Danielle
    December 20th (12:00 am EST)

    Did VH1 have a vision of loathe when it edited the recent My VH1 Music Awards? The cable network has removed from future airings a segment that mocked Mariah Carey for her bizarre summer appearance on MTV's Total Request Live - an event that preceded the singer's much-chronicled breakdown.

    VH1 insists the clip was cut because of time constraints encountered when re-airing the awards show. But a producer and writer for the My VH1 Music Awards tell Rolling Stone that the network was pressured by Carey's representatives to remove it.

    The beef is over a series of segments titled "Music 2001: What the Hell Was That?", in which writer and former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger takes jabs at everyone from Wayne Newton and Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson. Unger also targets Carey's infamous July 2001 appearance on Total Request Live, during which she performed a semi-striptease for the audience, read a love letter from her mother to host Carson Daly, and basically left everyone scratching their heads.

    Said Unger in the segment: "What the hell was that? What appeared to be a mental breakdown was actually a breakdown in communication. Somewhere in this schematic of Mariah's publicists, managers, agents and handlers, the message 'Give Carson Daly a warm welcome' became 'Take your top off.' Thankfully, Mariah is back in control, and will fire the people responsible as soon as she learns everyone's names."

    Unger claims Carey's people weren't pleased with the jokes. "Mariah Carey's people - and there are a lot of them, but apparently not enough to keep her mental breakdowns off the air - called [VH1 President John] Sykes and were offended by what I had to say, which tells me we were right on target," Unger tells Rolling Stone. Jay Karas, whose Kanpai Pictures produced the awards show, backed up Unger's story. "It was pulled because Mariah and her people were upset about the piece," he said.

    As Mariah-watchers can recall, the TRL episode occurred less than a week before she checked into a hospital for what her publicist called an "emotional and physical breakdown." Carey, 31, remained out of the spotlight through September, as she took time to recover. For her part, Carey defended herself during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. She didn't specifically mention the VH1 skit, but the diva downplayed her infamous Total Request Live appearance, insisting she remained fully clothed the whole time and was just having a little fun.

    "It's not like we were on Nightline with Ted Koppel," she said. "I mean, we're talking MTV, and it was a joke." Meantime, the bubbly songbird appears to be putting her summer ordeal behind her, performing at several September 11 benefits and returning from a whirlwind, morale-boosting trip to Kosovo, where she donned camouflage and met with U.S. troops. She's also just released a charity single, a medley featuring her hits "Hero" and "Never Too Far", and she's headlining an hour-long CBS special, A Home For The Holidays with Mariah Carey, scheduled to air December 21.

    As for Unger, the comedian doesn't appear too concerned about angering Mariah. "What I'm really nervous about is that this incident will keep me from being able to attend Mariah's summer camp," he said.

    Source: E! Online

    Thanx MUCH to my girl Lisa for this article :)

    Hey Mariah It's Your Youngest Fan!
    My lamb Lisa who sent me the above article has a 5 month old baby boy named Matthew who already adores Mariah.

    She told me he calms down when he hears Mariah's music and loves to stare at her posters and her #1's stand-up LOL.

    To see the full size of this ADORABLE pic of him at 2 1/2 months old (to the right) just go to Gallery 1!

    News For Canadian Fans
    Will sent me this info:

    I just wanted to give you a quick word that Mariah's "Glitter" album is only $9.99 (Canadian) at HMVs all around Canada this week as a special Christmas promotion! Please post this asap so everyone can stock up in time!! You can also purchase it online for the discount price!!

    New Mariah Site
    Todd just started a new Mariah page called "Fantasy" and would like everyone to check it out! He also told me that the first 5 people who sign the guestbook will win a Loverboy single

    Go Here to check it out!

    Artistic Mariah Fans
    A VERY talented lamb from Quebec in Canada named Benoit sent me 3 absolutely AMAZING drawings he did of Mariah!! You can view these gorgeous works of art in Gallery 1!!!

    New Pics
    Lena, a very sweet lamb from Russia, sent me 4 new pics of Miss M from a couple different "tabloid" magazines in Russia, but I'm not sure of the names because they're written in Russian LOL.

    You can check them out in Gallery 1 :)

    You Know You're A M Fan...
    Seba sent me MORE entries for our "You Know You're A Mariah Fan When" page and I personally LOVE the last one she sent lol cuz that's just completely ME! :P

    Check them out where else but You Know You're A Mariah Fan When...!

    UK Fan Gathering Pics
    My lamb Matte (Mariah Carey UK) has pics on his page of the UK Glitter Gathering he would like everyone to check out. To see them, just go Here

    Awesome Article

    Teenagers and celebrities agree that being multiracial means having a host of heritages to celebrate.

    "Are you black or white?" It's a question that Devon Sutherland, 13, has heard more than once. Sometimes in the cafeteria of his middle school in Montclair, New Jersey. Sometimes from friends when shooting baskets after school. "They're not hassling me or anything. They're just confused," says Devon, who has a white mother and a black father. "I tell them I'm both. You can be both, you know."

    Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Native American. These days, kids, parents, and most Americans are realizing that you no longer have to be of just one race. If your father is black and your mother is white, you can be both black and white. You name it: A person can be both Hispanic and Asian, or both Native American and European, or any. combination of races. A rich history and heritage comes with almost any racial combination.

    It is called being multiracial or of mixed race, and it means that you acknowledge or honor more than one race or heritage. There are at least 2 million multiracial people living in the U.S. today; some experts say that there are as many as 6 million. As that number rises, the notion that every person has to squeeze into one narrow racial classification is becoming a thing of the past.

    "I'm Not an 'Other'"
    "Not all Americans fit neatly into one little box," says Ramona Douglas, president of the Association for MultiEthnic Americans. "People should have the choice to identify themselves as they see themselves, not as others do."

    Recently, one famous young American identified himself publicly as multiracial. In doing so, he helped shine a spotlight on the issue. Tiger Woods was not just the youngest golfer to win the Masters tournament, last year at age 21. He also was the first black to win it--and the first Thai, Chinese, and Native American. Woods, whose father is black and whose mother is from Thailand, calls himself "Cablinasian": Ca for Caucasian (white), bl for black, in for Indian, and asian for Thai and Chinese.

    Now, even the U.S. government is agreeing that, when it comes to race, categories need to be expanded. A new law will allow people to describe themselves as more than one race on government forms, such as documents for public schools and census questionnaires.

    Until now, few forms had a category for multiracial people. Children were usually classified as the race of the minority parent. For instance, if your father was Hispanic, then you were listed as Hispanic, even if your mother was not.

    Multiracial people argued that they were being forced to choose one heritage and deny their others. Now, starting in 2002, government forms will allow Americans to identify themselves as more than one race. People with both white and black parents will be allowed to check both the black and white boxes. Before, they had to pick one or check "other."

    "I'm not an 'other'--I'm black like my mother and Puerto Rican like my father," says Carolyn Melas, 13, of San Francisco, California. "Sometimes my black friends make fun of me for being too Puerto Rican, or my Puerto Rican friends tease me for being so dark. And whites don't know what I am. That used to hurt me. But then I just decided to be both, and I'm much happier."

    A Thorny Issue

    Race has always been a thorny issue in America. On the one hand, we're a nation of immigrants. Since our country's birth more than 200 years ago, the U.S. has been seen as a place where people from around the world could go to seek freedom and the chance for a better life.

    On the other hand, the U.S. has a disturbing history of racial discrimination (unequal treatment). African Americans, whose ancestors were brought here as slaves, often faced the worst of it. Even after slavery was abolished, blacks and other minorities had to fight for equal rights. That included everything from voting to sharing the same bathrooms, park benches, and schools with whites. Not until 1967 did the Supreme Court finally strike down the last state law forbidding marriage between people of different races.

    Despite our troubled past, however, most kids today seem to think that the U.S. is on the track to racial harmony. Most teens agree that prejudice and discrimination are still big problems for the U.S. But, a recent Time/CNN poll showed that 76 percent of white teens and 55 percent of black teens say that race relations in this country are getting better.

    The growing number of multiracial kids might be a sign that attitudes are changing. "It used to be the great American taboo to cross lines in love and marriage;" says Gary Nash, a professor of history at the University of California at Los Angeles. But the number of mixed marriages has grown from 150,000 in the 1960s to more than a million in 1990. As those couples have kids, "We're seeing a multiracial baby boom," Nash says. Indeed, multiracial births are rising 26 times faster than any other births.

    Not everyone sees the growing acceptance of multiracial identity as all good news. Some people worry that kids who choose to embrace two heritages will end up losing touch with one of them. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Council of La Raza, a leading Hispanic group, both worry about this possibility. They have testified before Congress that allowing people to check more than one race category on census forms would hurt the government's ability to target aid to needy minorities.

    Jesse Jackson, a noted civil-rights leader, says that 75 to 90 percent of African Americans are technically multiracial. He calls the issue "a diversion" to decrease the number of Americans who consider themselves black.

    Why All the Fuss?

    Many kids are wondering what all the fuss over racial identity is about. "I really don't pay much attention to it," says Sean Sutherland, 15. "Maybe in my mom's day it was a big deal. But it's just a part of my life now.

    " For some teens, being multiracial doesn't make them question their identity, but gives them a variety of heritages to embrace. "I feel like a chameleon. I can fit in anywhere," says Peter Anderer, 16, of New York. Peter's father is white and his mother is Japanese American.

    One reason that multiracial identity rarely surprises today's teens is because they often hang out with friends from various ethnic groups. While kids in the past may have kept to their own race, Peter says that he has dated white, Puerto Rican, and Cuban girls. "Nothing could matter less to me," he says. "I like a person for who they are--not what race they are."

    Still, Peter's mixed heritage causes some confusion among his friends. "I've been mistaken for every kind of Asian, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican," he says. "People have to play 20 questions to figure out what I am. That's okay--even when people get mean-spirited about it and use racial slurs. It hurts, of course. But 1 can't change being multiracial, and I wouldn't want to if I could."

    PHOTO (COLOR): "I like a person for who they are--not what race they are," says Peter Anderer (center). His friends are Fabricio Bedoya (left) and Omar Delgado.

    PHOTO (COLOR): HALLE BERRY was teased for having a white mother and black father. "When I was younger," she says, "living in an all-black neighborhood, the other kids thought [that] I thought I was better than them because of my light skin and straighter hair.... Then we moved to an all-white neighborhood, and that was a culture shock in a lot of ways because I'd been used to being around all black kids."

    PHOTO (COLOR): MARIAH CAREY. This singer of hit songs has a father who is black and Venezuelan and a mother who is white and Irish. "And I'm tan, I guess," she jokes. When asked what growing up multiracial was like, Carey says: "Confusing. I felt like an outsider.... Now people get really bent out of shape when I refer to myself as a multiracial person. I have to identify myself that way, because that's what I am."

    PHOTO (COLOR): TIGER WOODS, who won the prestigious Masters tournament, is proud of his multiracial background. "My parents have taught me to always be proud of my ethnic background," he says. "Truthfully, I feel very fortunate, and equally proud, to be both African American and Asian. Ethnic background... should not make a difference. The bottom line is that I am an American... and proud of it!"

    I thought it was important to post this because not only does it have a LOT to do with Mariah, it also has a quote from her and I know a lot of lambs can identify with what is being said. My boyfriend has a black father and Irish mother and I'm so proud of that and happy to be the only person in my family in this situation :)

    Add the 10 apostrophes missing from this story. We've added the first one for you. Growing up multiracial, singer Mariah Carey didn't feel like she belonged with any one group. Our story describes her feelings about this sensitive topic. But there are 10 apostrophes left out. Review our rules for apostrophes below. Then, read the article on the next page, and add apostrophes where they are needed.

    You might think that superstar diva Mariah Carey has always fit in. You may believe that this singer and songwriter -- who has sold more than 120 million albums -- was always popular. But those things aren't true. In fact, Carey says, "I don't know if I was an outcast, but I felt completely different."

    What made the beautiful, talented Carey feel set apart? Growing up as an interracial child. "My mom is Irish," says Carey, "and my fathers mother is African-American, and my father's father is Venezuelan."

    Carey's varied background made her childhood more confusing that most peoples. Her parents tried living in different neighborhoods, looking for one that wouldn't discriminate against a multiracial couple and their children. But Carey didn't find any neighborhood completely friendly.

    "When I was with my father, people would look at us like, 'Whose child is that?'" Carey says. Carey says when she went out with her mother, whom she says is "very fair," peoples reactions weren't as extreme. But they still made it clear that they thought Carey and her morn didn't belong together. "It made me feel like what I was, wasnt OK," says Carey.

    Carey's feelings of isolation led her to start writing. "I used to write poems when I was in third grade. It was a way of getting stuff out," she says.

    Careys writing became an important part of her musical career -- she writes her own lyrics. Except for her cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," Carey has co-written all of her No. 1 songs. Carey's album Butterfly, features a song called "Outside." It is about her experiences as a multiracial child. "I felt that no friend, nobody I grew up with, could even come close to relating to my experience," she says. "That's why I wrote 'Outside.' Its about feeling ambiguous and without a sense of belonging."

    Carey's latest album, Rainbow, another smash hit, has drawn the critics' raves. Its first single, "Heartbreaker," became the No. 1 single on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

    Sharing her experiences of being interracial has helped Carey feel more comfortable. By writing songs and publicly talking about her background, she has shown pride in who she is, and become a role model for other interracial children. "I feel like Ive come a long way," Carey says.

    Mariah Carey has spent more time on the Billboard charts than any other singer or group.

    PHOTO (COLOR): "I'm so happy I can finally be what I am," Mariah says.

    I know this article is old now, but it's an awesome article so I just had to post it :)

    While his new album, Better Days, arrived in stores on Tuesday, Joe has started working on another LP that he promises will come "sooner rather than later." "I started already," Joe said of the record late last month. He hopes it will be an album of duets reminiscent of when "Marvin [Gaye] did the Tammi Terrell thing."

    Joe named Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, and Alicia Keys on his list of potential partners in the studio. "I'm going to get everybody," he said. "Mariah [Carey], the whole nine. I want an album like that. Eve - I'm a have hip-hop as well."

    Source: Sonicnet

    Thanx much to Jennifer for this info

    Mariah Shines Again
    Mariah Carey seems to have had it all three years ago. Her cd Rainbow was racking up more number 1 hits and she had a steady lover, Luis Miguel. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. Mariah and Luis broke up, her cd and movie, both titled Glitter, stayed at disappointing spots in the charts, and the 31 year old beauty lands her self in the hospital because of a breakdown, caused by stress. But she has bounced back and has taken part in benefit concerts galore, the vouge awards, entertained the troops in Kosova and has showen the world that a butterfly can get a broken wing but can always come back even more beautiful than ever.

    Thanx to Melissa for this article!

    Update by Regina
    December 20th (10:20 pm EST)

    Mariah warms up to Kosovo, entertains troops
    EuropeImage She had a cold, but it's gone. And after the 31-year-old singer caused a media frenzy last summer when she checked into a hospital for exhaustion, she's careful not to fuel new rumors about her physical condition. "Let's not have them saying, 'Now she's recovering from a cold,' " she says, her voice sounding earthy as a torch singer's in a phone interview.

    She says she is now making more of an effort to get proper rest and nutrition, but that apparently doesn't mean her schedule lets her move at less than the speed of sound.

    Sixteen days ago she flew to Kosovo to entertain troops in Operation Joint Guardian, a NATO peacekeeping deployment in the former Yugoslavia.

    Airlifted to the scene in a Chinook helicopter, she trekked with the troops, wearing zipper-front fatigues designed by her stylist, Blair Levin, and "an authentic Army belt, from the actual U.S. Army," she says.

    Like a living pinup, she unzipped her outfit to the sternum to flash -va-va-voom! — "a black, sparkly bra."

    "You know, it's not exactly cosmopolitan there," she explains. "I just felt like going over, giving them some glamour."

    The Army thanked her with the gift of a commemorative coin stamped with the KFOR (Kosovo Force) insignia. She thanked Brig. Gen. Keith Huber, commander of the U.S. troops, with a big hug and a peck on the cheek. "The soldiers were screaming for me to bring him onstage, and they kept screaming that he needs a hug," she says. The gallant general also gave her a coat, "which was very warm, compared to my fatigues."

    Before that, Carey taped A Home for the Holidays With Mariah Carey, a CBS special (Friday, 8 p.m. ET/PT) that features inspirational stories of adoption. For the past six years, she says, "I've done a lot of work with the Fresh Air Fund," the 124-year-old non-profit organization that places inner city kids with suburban and rural foster families for the summer. "Sometimes they go back to the same families for eight or nine years in a row," Carey says. "I know people who grew up doing that, and they say it saved their lives. It's a heartbreaking thing to see a kid who wants a family ... so I feel like this special is a good thing, something that would make a difference."

    On the special, Carey sings her new medley of Hero and Never Too Far. Proceeds go to "The Heroes Fund," set up to aid families of police officers who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 tragedy.

    After taking skiing and swimming vacations next month, Carey will sing the national anthem before the start of Super Bowl XXXVI on Feb. 3. How is it different preparing for such a song this year? "I think everybody's feeling really patriotic, and I'm going to approach it from that standpoint," she says.

    After that, she'll tape a second guest appearance on Ally McBeal and start promoting her new movie Wise Girls, about a waitress in a Mob-owned restaurant who witnesses a crime. Carey has said she wishes the movie had been released before her semi-autobiograpical Glitter, a critical and box office bomb.

    "It was real fun to play," she says of her Wise Girls role. "The character is so different from the Mariah Carey people are used to seeing."

    So, she doesn't play a sexy, workaholic blonde? Coyly, she replies, "I'm not allowed to talk about it" yet.

    USA Today.

    Check out this little ad TVGuide.com is running on their site for Mariah...click here. Thanks to Nacho for the link.

    Update by Regina
    December 20th (8:00 pm EST)

    ET/Early Show
    Mariah was just on Entertainment Tonight. They had a little interview with her backstage at Home For The Holidays with Mariah Carey. They showed her singing Hero, Reflections and I'll Be There, all in differnt outfits. She is in the black dress for Reflections, red one for Hero and finally the lovely white gown for I'll Be There. Don't forget that the special will air tomorrow on CBS.

    Also, Peggy and Hillary informed me that they showed part of Mariah's video All I Want For Christmas Is You on today's Early Show and mentioned how she will be at the studio tomorrow to talk about the special.

    The Charts
    Rhomeyn sent us the latest charts for Billboard ending December 29, 2001.

  • The Billboard Hot 100
    81 Never Too Far/Hero (Medley), Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Singles Recurrent
    22 All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay
    24 All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    66 Never Too Far/Hero (Medley), Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    3    Never Too Far/Hero (Medley), Mariah Carey
    47 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    4    Never Too Far/Hero (Medley), Mariah Carey
    52 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
  • Adult Contemporary Recurrents 18 All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  • The Billboard 200
    74 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top Pop Catalog Albums
    19 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey
  • Top Soundtracks
    14 Glitter (Mariah Carey), Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    46 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Albums
    6 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey
  • Top Holiday Albums
    24  Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey

    There is a new Pic O' The Week and Quote O' The Week. The new Pic O' The Week is a brand new scan that I just did tonight because my buddy Minerva sent me a little birthday package filled with lovely images of Mariah. So check that out.

    There For Me Lyrics
    A lot of you have been asking Danielle and I for the lyrics to There For Me and here they are...
    There For Me
    I never have known
    The way it feels to love
    Without the love you
    Shower down upon me
    Warm, warm as the sun
    Melting away the rain
    Giving me strength to face
    Another morning
    So many times I¹ve felt afraid
    And turned to you to find my way
    I reach inside and find you there
    You were with me every way

    Oh, it would take all
    All of my life
    To find someone more there for me
    There for me
    And I¹m never alone
    'Cause in my heart I know

    You¹re always there for me
    There for me

    I, I won¹t let go
    Of precious memories
    They have a light of hope
    That burns inside me
    And every time I lose my way
    You shine for me
    And I¹m okay
    You lead me there
    Beyond it all
    And you never let me fall

    It would take all
    All of my life
    To find someone more there for me
    There for me
    And I¹m never alone
    'Cause in my heart I know
    You¹re always there for me
    There for me

    You always catch me when I fall

    Oh, it would take all
    All of my life
    'Cause in my heart I know
    There for me
    And I¹m never alone
    'Cause in my heart I know
    You're always there for me
    There for me my Love

    My Love
    You're always there for me

    Update by Danielle
    December 20th (6:00 pm EST)

    New Voice Message!!
    Our Mariah left an ADORABLE new voice message on the Offical Site and Dennis (Butterfly MC) sent me the transcript! Here it is :)

    (Singing) Happy Holidays! (Saying) Hey Lambs! I'm just calling to say - too early - 'Happy Holidays' and uhm ... but you know that I'm just thinking about you and being grateful for your support all year and every year basically. I wanna let you know that I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya ... and uhm ... the TV special 'Home For The Holidays' is gonna be on on the 21st which is even today or tomorrow - whichever day this message gets up - and I will be calling in again soon. I hope you're all enjoying the holidays and feeling festive. Okay? Buh-bye!

    Another update coming...
    I'll be doing a bigger update later, so everyone check back for that!

    Update by Regina
    December 20th (8:50 am EST)

    Never Too Far/Hero Medley on Billboard
    Well the numbers are in and the new single debuted at #81 sadly. I know a lot of you are as dissapointed as we are sadly but there was no airplay for the song, which affected the single.

    The Early Show on Dec. 21st
    Once again, Regina screws this information up. Mariah will be on The Early Show TOMORROW, December 21st. I watched all morning and then I just came online and read that I got the date wrong again. I am truly sorry for my mishaps! So watch tomorrow morning okay? Thanks to Melissa and Hillary for informing me about the dates.

    A Home For The Holidays With M
    Don't forget that tomorrow night is the special with Mariah; One day to go!

    Mariah & AJ Have Found Comfort In Eachother
    The past summer was surely a surprising one for both Mariah Carey and AJ McClean of the Backstreet Boys. Both singers suffered some emotional distress but each dealed with their problems in a different way. By trying to cope with things, McClean did something no one expected him to do; and that was turning to alcohol and drugs. AJ took a leave from the group this summer to join a rehab program to get his life back on track. He has managed to stay clean and sober, and seems to be doing well for himself. Meanwhile, Carey was going through her own drama and stress. Carey was extremely exhausted. It was reported that Mariah had left rambling messages on her official web site that made very little to no sense, which in result frightened her fans. Carey spent most of the summer in the hospital getting the rest and care she needed.

    After learning what the other one has been through, McClean and Carey formed a bond that only they can relate to and understand. A spokesperson for McClean says, "after finding out about the drama Mariah was in, he sent her a nice bouqet of flowers and a card that she received the day after her Glitter Premiere, which read, 'You're strong Mariah and everyone was praying for you. You have been an inspiration to many, including myself. I knew you'd be ok because in some respects i know what you've been through. I'm glad you're back on your feet and may you continue to do well. God Bless - AJ'. He gave her his number in the note and Mariah called him a few days later to thank him." A Source from Carey's side says, "they've met a couple of times for lunch since then and speak on the phone from time to time. I think they have found comfort in each other which helps to give them both peace."

    Thanks to MooEyes3 for this article from Celebrity Profile

    Pre-Order Glitter
    Rusty told us that you can now pre-order Glitter at Suncoast video stores nationwide.

    Mariah's Music in NYC
    Alisha, from Mariah's Magic, sent us three flyers of Mariah from earlier in her career. You can check them out in Gallery 1. Plus, while in NYC, Alisha found some Mariah stuff in various stores and if you live close by, check it out...
    Virgin Mega - Union Square - Import Section
    -Glitter Japanese Edition - $20
    -Reflections (Care Enough) - Japan - $9.99!
    -Heartbreaker - Japan - $12.99

    Virgin Mega - Times Square - Import Section
    -Can't Take That Away - Japan - ?
    -I Still Believe - Japan - ?
    -#1's - UK Edition - ?
    -Greatest Hits - UK Edition - ?

    Tower Records - The Village - Singles Section
    -Against All Odds w/o Westlife - UK - $12.99
    -When You Believe - ? - ?
    Plus more...

    Mariah Is Back With Love
    MARIAH CAREY is back with LUIS MIGUEL, the man she tried to kill herself over. The pair have been secretly dating for four weeks and have even been buying joint Christmas presents. Mariah sank into depression soon after Luis ended their three-year romance. It led to her suicide attempt last July. Now her relationship with the Mexican singer is back on she has told friends she is "much happier. She admitted to one: The calming influence is back in my life." Mariah and Luis went shopping on Monday in New York and spent two hours buying gifts in the Saks Fifth Avenue store. Onlookers said the couple seemed very much together. The multi-millionaire singer suffered a nervous breakdown and slashed her wrist at the lowest point of her depression. Mariah had told pals she wanted to end her life after her relationship with Luis collapsed. Just days later she was found in a New York hotel room gushing blood and wearing just a black slip and high heels. Mariah was whisked to mum Patricia's house nearby. Patricia was so worried she rang police and told them: She's cracking up. I think she's going to kill herself. Mariah was admitted to hospital for more than a week after being classified as emotionally disturbed.

    Thanks to GncCatia for this article. Is it true or a rumor? I don't know and neither do you.

    Bush, Giuliani Make 'People' List
    NEW YORK (AP) - In this year of terrorist attacks and war in Afghanistan, President Bush and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani are among ``The 25 Most Intriguing People of 2001,'' according to People magazine.

    Also on the list, released Thursday, is ``The Firefighter,'' which represents all firefighters for their heroism on Sept. 11 and afterward.

    ``Our firefighters helped save more than 25,000 lives that day - the greatest single rescue mission in America's history,'' Giuliani said. ``They knew what they were up against, but they went in anyway. That's what heroes do.''

    As in previous years, the most-intriguing list features performers, including Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey and the cast of ``Friends''; and politicians, including Gary Condit and Condoleezza Rice.

    Harry Potter is included, even though he's a fictional character. So did ``The Corrections'' author Jonathan Franzen, who creates fictional characters but rejected being included in Oprah Winfrey's book club.

    The Associated Press

    NTF/Hero in Brazil
    Rafael informed me that you can order NTF/Hero single at CD Point if you are a brazillian fan.

    Update by Regina
    December 19th (8:20 pm EST)

    OSD Mariah At KTU
    Check out Gallery 1 for two pictures of Mariah at the KTU concert last night. Laney and Kelly informed us on what happened...
    Okay, I don't know if you knew, but there is a WKTU concert called "Miracle on 34th Street" every year, and this year, Mariah was advertised as being one of the performers.  I went there and they had TONS of singers, but when they finally announced Mariah, the crowd went WILD!  She got so much support.  One of the biggest appluases of the night.

    But then all she did was introduce Alicia Keys, and she didn't perform at all, that night.  It was messed up.  I couldn't find out how to contact the New York KTU radio station on their website, but I think all fans should try to call or email and ask why Mariah didn't perform.  As nicely as possible, though, because we don't know whether it was the station or Mariah that decided that she shouldn't use her name.  But a LOT of Mariah fans were there and we were totally gypped.

    well, i was at ktu's miracle on 34th street last night and it was great!! i thought she would perform and was so disappointed when she didn't :( but, the stage crew was setting up a keyboard for alicia keys, so everyone knew she was coming on stage. the announcer all of a sudden was saying something, then all i heard was "the LEGEND that is MARIAH CAREY!" i almost died right there. everyone screamed so loud you wouldn't believe it! louder than for anyone else! and they all stood up! i could tell she was happy with the reception - as was i! i don't remember exactly what she said cause i was caught up in the moment, shaking! i was so excited. i remember her asking if we liked the ensemble, and of course we all did. it was a long, black, low back, dress, she was beatiful as always, and her hair was like it was on the view. i think she also said something about us all having christmas spirit or something b/c we were cheering so loud, but we all know it was for her! she then introduced alicia keys. i have pics, hopefully they will come out ok, so when i get them developed i will send them to you. i was so upset b/c the whole show i was anticipating her performing and she didn't, but oh well! at least i saw her! thanks mariah for another awesome night!

    Reminder: The Early Show
    Don't forget that Mariah will be on the Early Show tomorrow morning. Mariah Daily will have a full report by 9 am.

    News For Brazil Fans
    Tahi, from Mariah Connection, informed us on the latest going on with Glitter in Brazil...
    I would like to let everyone know that the Brazilian fans made what they wanted!!!!!!! the Glitter movie was being postponed really often and this week Columbia announced that the movie was going to be on theaters February 22nd and not on Frebuary 1st as they said last time. We were afraid that the movie would go directly to DVD or VHS and we sent tons of e-mails to Columbia. And guess what? The movie will be out January 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!! So...I hope this makes all of Mariah lambs happy (even the ones that are not from Brazil because it shows how much we can do TOGETHER). Talking about doing stuff together I would like to ask everyone to buy the Never Too Far/Hero single...we still have more 3 days ´till the end of this week!

    Chart News
    Matthieu informed me that in France, the Greatest Hits album is up 17 place from #29 to #12. Glitter is also up from #96 to #88.

    Attn: UK Fans
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed us that at PopGross.com you can enter the contest for a Gltiter Denim Jacket, if you are in the UK. To win you need to buy Never Too Far / Don't Stop on all 3 formats (cd, cassette and vinyl) or 4 copies on the single on any combination of formats and prove this by sending a scan of the receipt[s] to mariahstheme@hotmail.com. The receipt must be dated BEFORE this Sunday. There can only be one lucky winner who will be drawn at random from all entries. We will announce the winner in the new year. So hurry up and buy the single and scan your receipts if you want to win this EXCLUSIVE denim jacket!!

    Please click the link to email them and politely ask when they are going to show the recording of Never Too Far Mariah did for them a few weeks ago. She made the effort to go there and record it so they should show it! They showed Without You and said they would show Never Too Far the following week so that should have been shown last week. Say Mariah fans have been waiting patiently and we are all really looking forward to seeing it soon. Thank you.

    Glitter Flyer
    Sieraaj sent us the flyer announcing that GLITTER will have a Cape Town (South Africa) Premiere on New Year's Eve at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. These flyers were distributed all over Cape Town's "Gay Village" of Greenpoint over this past weekend. The whole of last week was "Cape Town Pride Week", ending in the pride march yesterday, and it seems these flyers were distributed (thousands of copies) to venues dotted all over Greenpoint. So GLITTER will be released for sure on 4 January 2002 in South Africa, and there will be a Cape Town premiere on New Year's Eve, a party with some of South Africa's "Top DJs and personalities" that will go on into the early hours of 2002.

    Check out Gallery 1 for the scan of the flyer.

    Update by Regina
    December 18th (8:15 pm EST)

    Contest Done Friday
    I was just informed that I will have the autographed singles by Friday and that is the day I will be picking the winners of the contest. The autographed singles and promotional material will then be sent out next week to all the winners. All winners will be announced on Daily on Friday afternoon around 2 pm EST. If I do not hear from one of the winners by Monday, a new winner will be picked. Good Luck to everyone and if you havn't entered yet, time is running out. Please hurry! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and for Mariah/Maroon Entertainment's participation!

    BET Special
    In about two hours, Mariah Daily will give you the full report on the Christmas Special, plus some nice caps hopefully. They should be up by midnight! Stay Tuned

    Ally Commercials
    Mina informed me that the Ally McBeal commercials, featuring Mariah, are now airing. Check out Fox and you might see Miss Mariah.

    MSG Virgin Vs. Sony
    MARIAH Carey may be on the road to recovery, but she's still having a tough time. Music insiders say that Virgin Records was planning to give her album, "Glitter," a big holiday ad push to boost the CD's sagging sales. But then Sony flummoxed shoppers by coming out with yet another "Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits" album. "The Sony move deliberately shut out any hopes of Virgin recouping some money off of 'Glitter,' " said one source. A rep for Carey said: "Both companies were aware of each other's plans and both are working together."

    Thanks to Andrew for this article from PageSix

    Mariah At Spa
    CALVIN Klein has a new party pal. Spies saw Klein playfully plant a kiss on deejay Jared Abbott's forehead as they danced at Spa on Thursday, in full view of Mariah Carey and her posse. After Spa, Klein and the twentysomething Abbott - who has spun at parties hosted by nightlife creature Amanda Lepore - stopped by a bar on Second Avenue. The fun-loving pair returned to Spa on Friday to boogie the night away again.

    Thanks to Andrew for this article from PageSix

    Australian Charts
    Twinpeaks9 informed us that Mariah gained a 35 places since last week's #95. She is now #60.

    Mystical Wants To Tour With M
    Tyron told me that Mystical was on Monday's 106th & Park. He was asked who he would like to go on tour with and he replied with mariah. He said he really enjoyed working with her and he thinks it would be a lot of fun to go on tour with her.

    Update by Regina
    December 18th (9:30 am EST)

    Christmas Wishes Over
    I just deleted all the entrees out of the Merry Christmas Guestbook and saved them to my harddrive. Overall, the book will contain 240 pages with almost 700 messages for Mariah for Christmas. I will be printing them out all morning and hopefully be able to send the book later today, if not I will do it tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who sent in their wishes to Mariah. I am sure she will love them all.

    Premiere New Pictures
    My buddy Isabelle saw Mariah at the Glitter premiere earlier in this year and she sent me a copy of her pics. I scanned them this morning and you can check them out in Gallery 4.

    MD Contest
    Time is running out, so if you havn't sent in the scans of your recipts or contacted me about buying the singles, you better hurry. Already we have had a lot of fans send in their receipts/entrees for the contest. Good luck to everyone!

    Reminder: BET Tonight
    Don't forget to watch the Christmas special on BET tonight. It all starts at 9 pm EST and runs for 1 hour. Mariah sings Joy To The World and One Sweet Day. Keep an eye open for us lambs that were there and before midnight, Mariah Daily will have captures of the event. So stay tune for that, we will be working on it all night!

    #1 in Japan
    Mariahcareyon informed me that the Greatest Hits CD is #1 in Japan. That's nice to hear.

    Help A Lamb
    Dennis, aka sexy chop needs a copy of Never Too Far/Hero but is a little short on cash. If anyone needs the German version of FHM magazine and would like to trade, contact Denis at...mail@butterfly-mc.de

    Magazine News
    Mark sent us the latest information on what foreign magazines to check Mariah out in...
    - Gala (D)....2 pages of the Kosovo event.
    - A Actuelle (D)...1 page about M and Luis.
    - Break Out (NL)...Gossip about Mariah and Jennifer
    - OK (UK)...There's 2 different pics in it...I forgot what's it about though
    - Yam (D)...I forgot what's in that but M's in it

    Lack O' News
    As I reported yesterday, things are a tad slow lately in the news secton. So be patient and as soon as anything breaks, you will surely read it right here on Daily.

    Update by Regina
    December 17th (10:40 pm EST)

    View The View
    As many of you know, Mariah was on The View today for less than 10 minutes. They didn't ask her anything new but in the beginning, they showed a wonderful clip of Mariah frm the CBS special on Friday. Mariah was singing Hero and her voice was amazing. They asked her about her breakdown and she just basically said how she figured out how it was time to take care of herself, etc. Barbara asked Mariah why the adoption special and why does she do all the work for adoption and Mariah just basically said because she felt all the children in the land need to be loved. For some reason, Mariah's answer wasn't good enough for Barbara, so she asked again. Mariah looked very lovely in a long black dress and she had a beautiful smile on the whole time. For captures of the show, check out MariahsWeb.com

    BET Holiday Captures
    Tomorrow night, Mariah Daily will have exclusive captures of the Christmas Remberence show on BET. It all starts at 9 pm and ends at 10 pm. We should have the caps up by midnight hopefully with full details.

    MD Contest/Christmas Wishes
    If you still need the NTF/Hero single, please contact one one of the people on the list that I posted that are willing to send it. Thanks! Plus, tomorrow morning at around 11 am EST, the Christmas wishes guestbook will be shut down. All of your wishes will be sent to Mariah tomorrow night or on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who sent in a wish for Mariah. I am sure she will enjoy it!

    Look New Pics
    Mini, a very close friend of mine, sent me some nice scans of Mariah that are from a year or so ago. Check them all out in Gallery 4

    UK Single News
    Here is what Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, told us...

    Just a reminder that mariah is releasing her Double A Don't Stop/ NTF today here in the UK.  So if there are any peeps in the uk please please go out and buy as many coipies as possible...Just buy cassettes as they will either be 99p or £1.49...so you can buy two or 3 of those for the price of one cd.

    Spend all day requesting Don't stop from this DJ:

    Plus, make sure to check out MariahCareyUK.com for some nice fan stories and pictures of Mariah in the UK.

    Note From Regina
    My exams ended today, so I am officially back on Daily full time. However, there is no news really and that's why Danielle and I didn't add anything to Daily these last two days. Hopefully things will pick up shortly!

    Update by Danielle
    December 16th (9:00 pm EST)

    Important, My Regina's B'day...
    As some of you may or may not know, Regina will be celebrating a b'day the same day Mariah's Christmas special is on CBS! December 21st... I'm doing something very special for her and want everyone to be a part of it. I'll be sending it a little late since Christmas is so soon, but I know she'll love it, but she can't know what it is, so please e-mail me if you're interested in taking part in my gift for Regina :) Thanx everyone and have a good night!


    Update by Regina
    December 15th (3:30 pm EST)

    XmasSpecial New Pics Galore
    I picked up several magazines today. As reported last night, Mariah is in several tabloids/magazines this week about Kosovo and the Christmas Special this week. There was a brand new picture of Mariah from Home For The Holidays (sneak peak on right) in the new US Weekly magazine (December 24-31). Mariah is the first picture in the new People magazine and it's a full page picture of her and the troups. I scanned the picture becauseit was so large and lovely and we all needed a bigger scan of that. I think that would make an excellent wallpaper. Plus she is in all the tabloids for the Kosovo pictures, none of them are new really, so I didn't bother scanning them. US Weekly has a few large images of Mariah in Kosovo, so I suggest picking up People Weekly and US Weekly this week, if you get anything. The tabloids are dated December 25th. Finally, Mira tabloid has a picture of M with the troops and also a pic of M and Luis that I havn't seen before and I scanned that for Gallery 4 also. Check them all out and thanks to Steph, from Mariah's Web for the new Z100 picture.

    More Contest News
    Steph from Mariah's Web just informed me that she is willing to suply each of the 14 winners of the Mariah Daily Contest with movie size Glitter posters. So not only will you get either an autographed single or promo cd/poster/cassette, you could also get a lovely Glitter movie poster to hang on your wall.

    Stars Rock New York Jingle Ball
    NEW YORK (AP) - Tight clothes can be a working hazard - just ask Missy ``Misdemeanor'' Elliott.

    The rapper-producer needed help jumping on and off the stage at Thursday's Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden, which also featured Jay-Z, Enrique Iglesias, Pink, O-Town, Alicia Keys and others.

    ``My pants are too tight,'' a laughing Elliott told fans during a medley of her hits, including ``Get Ur Freak On.'' ``I needed help to walk on!''

    Elliott also revealed that she had recently been hospitalized, and asked the audience to pray for her. She did not reveal the reason, but a representative for the show later said she had been suffering from high blood pressure.

    Mariah Carey, wearing a revealing red dress that barely covered her thighs, was the evening's special hostess, though she only made a few brief appearances. Carey did not perform, except for one line from her holiday hit, ``All I Want for Christmas Is You.''

    Iglesias got the evening's loudest screams when he plucked a fan from the audience and serenaded her with his hit ``Hero.'' When he found out she was only 14, he yelped and joked, ``OK, we're going to have to do the clean version!''

    By the time he finished singing, the giddy fan grabbed him tight for a big bear hug.

    The concert was sponsored by New York radio station Z-100. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House and the Clear Channel Relief Fund, set up after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    The Associated Press

    Update by Danielle
    December 15th (3:00 am EST)

    Z100 Pics Removed
    My friend Nicole from Mariah Buzz received an e-mail about the Z100 pics, stating that they are copywritten, so I had to remove them. If any other webmaster has them on their site, I advise them to remove the pics right now, so they don't receive the same e-mail. Thanx!

    And yeaaah, I DO believe I need to go to bed now LOL

    Update by Regina
    December 14th (10:30 pm EST)

    KissFM New Pics
    Desiree sent me some pictures of Mariah at Madison Square Garden tonight for the Kiss 98.7 R&B Concert. You can check out those pictures in Gallery 4 Plus, here are some smaller pictures of Mariah at last night's show at Mars 2112. Once again, thanks to Desiree


    Magazine News
    Melissa informed us that Mariah is in the new Globe, National Enquirer, National Examiner, Star, People, Entertainment Weekly, etc this week for being in Kosovo. Here is what it says in the Globe, in which she is featured 2 different times with three pictures. "Carey on, Men! It's bombshells away as un-bra-lievable Mariah Carey wows U.S. troops serving in Kosova. The sexy camouflage- clad songbird, on a mission to boost morale, gets a boost of her own from a pair of lucky servicemen. Below, smiles abound as the zipped- down star gets help covering up."

    Also in the same Globe tabloid is "2001- What a year for scandals!" The picture of Mariah is the one when she is crying.

    "Mariah lands in mental ward" -Distraught over her breakup with Latin crooner Luis Miguel, songbird Mariah Carey suffered a shocking collapse and wound up in a psycho ward. "Call Luis- tell him I'm sorryand ask him to take me back," she sobbed to her mom before being checked into a New Yorkhospital July 25. Hours later, Mariah, 31, had trashed a hotel room and was seen bleeding from her arm.

    Update by Regina
    December 14th (5:00 pm EST)

    It's Confirmed--Autographed CD Singles
    It has been confirmed that Maroon Entertainment and Mariah will be participating in Mariah Daily's contest to help get her single to #1. They will be sending 5 autographed cd singles of Never Too Far/Hero Medley for the contest. I added the final list o' prizes to the right for you all to check out; I am pasting them below too. Time is SO LIMITED for this contest, so send in your scans of the receipts or an e-mail saying you bought them to MariahDaily1@aol.com We will most likely be picking the winners next week. Plus, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go out and buy several copies of the single. We really want it to debut at #1 next week. The whole reason MD is doing this contest is to help Mariah get the #1 single, please go buy several copies.

    The Winners:
    Top Prize: An unknown amount of fans (suspected is 5) will get an autographed cd single from Mariah of the Never Too Far/Hero medley single. They will be shipping to you in January!

    Runnerups: We have the following items for 9 lucky fans to choose from. Thanks to Mariah Buzz and Mariah's Lambs for contributing to the singles/posters.

  • Five Loverboy 9 track promotional singles
  • Two Promo Posters
  • Two When You Believe cassette tapes.

    Merry Christmas Mariah
    Time is also limited on the Christmas wishes for Mariah. I will be printing them out on Tuesday and sending it to Mariah on Tuesday afternoon. So, if you havn't added in your Christmas wish to Mariah yet, get a moving please because time is running out. Let's bring a smile to her face this Christmas and show her how thankful we are to have her...Click Here

    Fans Helping Fans
    Kristelle, from MariahFanclub.com, said that they are willing to purchase 100 singles of Never Too Far/Hero medley. However, they don't know how to get ahold of that many singles. I know one fan wrote in and told us that he/she works for a music store and could order them. Please contact us about that, thanks.

  • People Who Need The Single: (Friday's List)
    Nathy (nathy_honey@bol.com.br)

  • People Who Can Send The Single: (Friday's List)
    Stanley (sbbrizz@yahoo.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Thursday's List)
    Sandy (missy_tha_ghetto_queen@yahoo.com) USA
    Monka (chunk660@yahoo.com) Canada
    Ciro (tpkgal@tin.it) Italy
    Sid (mailsid@yahoo.com) Italy
    Courtney (chums@sentex.net) Canada
    Brandy (binnyboo@hotmail.com)
    Joe (fanatic2770@hotmail.com) Canada
    Oliver (oliver_chin@hotmail.com) Malaysia
    tlmc23@hotmail.com (Teresa) Canada
    Katez8@hotmail.com (Katie)

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Thursday's List)
    Torey (garland1980@hotmail.com)
    Chris (booty_licious21@hotmail.com)
    Jenn (LilDivaChop@aol.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Wednesday's List)
    Karol (mac42886@yahoo.com) Phillipines
    (wants 6-10 copies)
    Andy6 (Andyr nw@aol.com) UK
    Semih (lodgingturkey@superonline.com) Turkey
    (Semih wants 5 copies)
    Monka (chunk66@yahoo.com) Canada
    HP (yiwang@telusplanet.net) Canada
    Julien (evainmic@club-internet.fr) France
    Brad (dont_stop@hotmail.com) Australia
    Ron (Ifunkui@aol.com) Canada
    Maria (eliza_escano15@hotmail.com)
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Tin-Tin (tin_tin82@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Brandy (singbfly@twcny.rr.com )
    Denis/Peggy (d.harting@videotron.ca) Canada

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Wednesday's List)
    Matthew (matthew_o_hannon@hotmail.com)
    Naomi (wmays8687@iconnect.net )
    (Naomi has 40 singles to give away)
    Jimmy (JamesJr1976@aol.com)
    Jeanne (jeanneL2@hotmail.com)
    (Mufasa188 works at music store, can order copies)
    Scott (pacxdude77@hotmail.com)
    Stephanie (mariahcollector@hotmail.com)
    Kelly (KellyAorraol.com)
    Brian (rksu747@hotmail.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Tuesday's List)
    Eliza (eliza_escanol5@hotmail.com) Philippines
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Anan (anan_a@hotmail.com) London
    Choy (domino@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Rishad (rishad.dookoo@labour.gov.za) South Africa
    Aaron (SIYWGF925@aol.com) USA (having problems getting it)
    Adrian (adrianbriones1@hotmail.com) Australia
    Oliver (oliver_chin@hotmail.com) Malaysia
    Michael (mlucion@ifrance.com) France
    John (airharpist@hotmail.com) Australia
    Henry (hlam@pritchardadams.com) Australia
    Nina (ycp_nina@hotmail.com) Costa Rica
    Vio (buggend@yahoo.com) Philippines
    Tushar (tush_2k@yahoo.com) India
    (listening1108@hotmail.com) China
    Laura (movetothesoundofthebeat@hotmail.com) UK
    Sead (sejo82@hotmail.com) Sweden
    Ahmad (hiday82@hotmail.com) Singapore
    Zenda (zee_are@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Lawrence (llty24@hotmail.com) Brunei

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Tuesday's List)
    Jennifer (rainbowbutterflyj@hotmail.com)
    Anothony Smith (t-asmith@microsoft.com)
    Juan (JUANnMARIAHFOEVR@aol.com)
    Kris (baloo36@home.com)
    Matt (mcmattew@goamerica.net)
    Angel (galindomel@hotmail.com)

    Capital FM
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent us the following information:
    Capital fm r'n' b chart 
    1) Bubba Sparkxx – 'Ugly'
    2) Janet Jackson – 'Son Of A Gun'
    3) Beverley Knight – 'Get Up'
    4) Alicia Keys – 'Fallin''
    5) Dr Dre – 'Bad Intentions'
    6) Damage – 'After The Love Has Gone'
    7) Mariah & Mystikal – 'Don't stop Funkin 4 Jamaica'
    8) Blu Cantrell – 'Hit' Em Up Style'
    9) Mary J Blige & Common – 'Dance 4 Me'
    10) Alliyah – 'More Than A Woman' 

    Capital fm are compiling a hall of fame...they want you to chose your 3 fave tracks...so make sure you add your 3 fave mariah tracks
    Click Here

    Ask capital to put mariah on the online hitline by clicking on suggestion link

    It's becoming a trend: Get hooked on drugs or have a breakdown and you, too, can appear on Ally McBeal. Mariah Carey, whose movie debut this summer in Glitter was roundly panned and thoroughly ignored by the public, is following in the path of two other troubled performers, Robert Downey Jr. and Anne Heche, and making an appearance on Ally. Her show is set to air Jan. 7.

    A statement from executive producer David E. Kelley proclaims: "Mariah's an awesome talent and we're thrilled to have her as part of the show." Uh-huh.
    Dallas News

    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, wrote to the author of the Dallas News about that article and here is Ashes letter and the reply...

    Good morning
    I am currently visiting Dallas and happen to read the article you have written on mariah...as I have been here for a fews days i know that the average person is a hardworking person and that has to be admired, but when I read your comments on MS carey, I was rather shocked and upset.  I am a fan and having followed her career for years I know how hard she works and how little time she spends on herself.  People like you have taken a hand in this.  Instead of supporting her, you critise her for her exhaustion & considering what she does for the american public, you as a nation should be proud not ashamed.

    thanks for writing. i certainly wasn't criticizing mariah for having health problems. i sympathize with her. however, i think that she is being exploited by a TV show that has been exploiting troubled actors for quite some time. that's why i wrote what i did.

    Update by Danielle
    December 14th (4:00 pm EST)

    Mariah a Machine?
    I got this article from Judyna Papillon Diva):

    Thu 13 Dec 2001 14:12

    Mariah Carey has blamed her mental breakdown on being treated like a machine during her hectic promotional campaign earlier this year.

    Carey spoke of her emotional and physical collapse for the first time in public on the David Letterman Show, insisting she was now fully recovered from the breakdown.

    She said: My schedule this past summer was beyond ridiculous, one day in one country and the next day back here promoting all over the place.

    I was totally sleep deprived and I was exhausted. I had to take a moment and take care of myself like a human being, not a machine.

    Carey will become the latest in a long-line of illustrious pop stars to sing at next year's American Superbowl in February 3, where she will perform The Star Spangled Banner.

    Source: dotmusic.com

    Mariah Poll
    Andy informed me that on the MSN home page there's a link for 'Hollywood's Hits and Misses', from E! Online. Question 19 asks for your "Favorite Mariah Moment". He told me the results of the poll will be up on December 29.

    The question:

    19. Favorite Mariah Moment
    Her "did she or didn't she" fight with Mira Sorvino
    Those, um, messages on her Website
    Bringing an ice-cream cart and nearly stripping on TRL
    All 104 minutes of Glitter

    To vote for your "favorite Mariah moment", go to msn.com

    Mariah In Now Magazine
    My sweet lamb Angie informed me that in the December 19th issue of Now magazine, there's an article about Mariah! Here is what it says:

    "It's the new improved Mariah"
    Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female atrist in the worls, is a changed person since she checked out of therapy. It's fair to say that Mariah once had a reputation for being a tad difficult, but now it seems the singer could not be more obliging - or available. In the past couple of years, Mariah has had some of her thunder stollen by Jennifer Lopez, who also has a reputation as something of a difficult diva.Whether she's acting on advice or has just turned over a new leaf, it seems that Mariah's taken the decision to be the compleate opposite of her professional rival.

    J-Lo recently appeared on SM:TV, but turned down the oppertunity to participate in any sketches with Ant & Dec. Mariah, however, was happy to play a bridesmaid in an edition of chums. She's also recently returned from entertaining the troops in Kosovo and has even agreed to consider starring in Panto next year. However, this is no ordanary panto but LWT's famous star-studded one, which is broadcast on TV each yuletite. Mariah is being considered for the panto in which she would take the starring role as Cinderella.

    She told me there are 2 pictures of Mariah. One is Mariah in a long black dress with the qote "From diva to devine: Mariah is rapidly gaining a reputation for being an all-round good egg"

    The other is of Mariah playing the bridesmaid in the UK TV show "Chums" w/ the quote: Maid to messure: good sport Mariah played bridesmaid to Cat Deeley on SM:TV.........unlike spoilsport J-Lo who refused to get into the spirit of the show

    Brazilian Mariah Article
    Cintia from Brazil sent me the transcript to a recent interview Mariah did with MTV Brazil and here it is:

    MTV: I'd like to start by your Greates Hits album, does it cover the whole career?

    MC: I think it covers a lot. I mean, there are a lot of songs that were big hits, and there were songs that are just some of my favourites songs. I's hard to cover my whole career in terms of where I'm coming from because somethings that are just obscure album cuts that are maybe my favourites didn't make it eventhough it'a a double album. And it's weird, 'cos I just started doing this so young and kept making records every year, it's hard to decide which ones.

    MTV: Can you name your favourite one in this compillation?

    MC: It's hard because they all kinda represent a different point of my life, but I would say I've always loved singing Fantasy. And there's a song called Underneath The Stars that's always been one my favourite songs but not many people know it, so it's nice it's on this album.

    MTV: What about videos, which is your favourite one?
    MC: My favourite one?
    MTV: Which one have you enjoyed the most?

    MC: I like Honey. Honey was the first video I really got to do whatever I wanted and I liked dressing up in the whole secret agent thing, it was fun.

    MTV: Do you have a moment before the concert... I mean, 1 hour left to the concert, what is Mariah doing?

    MC: Hopefully, well, usually I'm getting ready to go, but I usually like to sleep up until the last minute. Just because it's better for my voice.

    MTV: I saw a very special relationship between you and your fans here in the studio, and talking about fans, you have a LOT of fans down in Brazil. When are you going to perform over there?

    MC: I'd love to play and perform in Brazil. Do you think the fans are gonna come see me?
    MTV: For sure, no doubt.
    MC: Would there be like a place for me to perform there that's special for the fans?
    MTV: Yeah.
    MC: Where do you think would be the place?
    MTV: I think it would be great in a stadium, something like that, a huge place.

    MC: I'd love to come there, I really had a great time when I went to Brazil last time. I think it would be really cool to come back.

    Mariah and Joe?
    I got this article from Jackie:

    While his new album, Better Days, arrived in stores on Tuesday, Joe has started working on another LP that he promises will come "sooner rather than later."

    "I started already," Joe said of the record late last month. He hopes it will be an album of duets reminiscent of when "Marvin [Gaye] did the Tammi Terrell thing."

    Joe named Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, and Alicia Keys on his list of potential partners in the studio. "I'm going to get everybody," he said. "Mariah [Carey], the whole nine. I want an album like that. Eve - I'm a have hip-hop as well."

    Making beautiful music with a soulmate outside the studio, however, doesn't appear to be on the horizon for the lovelorn singer/songwriter.

    "The more I go, it seems like I need love," he lamented. "But at times I don't want it, then I want it. I'm confused right now. I really don't know. I think that's the hardest thing for me, knowing what I want, and it's probably gonna be too late [when I figure it out]. They might be here and I might overlook them. Then I'm gonna be a lonely, 50-something-year-old man, without somebody to love and nobody to love me.

    "It's really hard for me to see through a person - if they really love me for who I am," he continued. "It's exciting to be with a celebrity. I want that regular person, though."

    Better Days is the follow-up to last year's My Name Is Joe, which has sold nearly 2.5 million copies to date, according to SoundScan

    Fan Artwork
    Marcos, webmaster of One Diva Our Mariah sent me 6 amazing drawings he did of Mariah.

    To check them out, go to Gallery 4!!!

    Mariah The Sexiest Woman
    ilovemariahmore@hotmail.com informed us that Mariah is in a magazine called The Best Beat and is named Sexiest Woman. She said the pic is one we've seen before, of Mariah in the gold shorts and top from the heartbreaker photo shoot. Here is what the transcript says:

    "Mariah beats Lopez in a landslide" - Mariah makes us melt with her saucy looks, her beautiful music and her cute crazy ways."

    She also told me that Mariah is in the new issue of Maxin Blender magazine, mentioned on a page of the 12 most shocking things that happened, musically, in 2001. They mention her breakdown and there are two pics and an article.

    Janet Stands Up For Herself and Mariah
    Shantal sent me this article from popdirt.com:

    News.com.au spoke with Janet Jackson about whether she thinks about her fellow Virgin records signee Mariah Carey. Jackson said, "People talk about how we don't like each other and we're rivals. That's not true at all. She came to my (record) label and I sent flowers welcoming her to the family." As for her breakdown, Jackson said, "Yeah, she has to take it easy. It's one thing being a workaholic and another playing as hard as you work. I'm not sure if that's what she does, but my friends tell me when I'm being a workaholic or playing too much. If I feel myself getting too stressed out I will make myself take a day or a week and go away with friends. It's still going to be there when you get back. My heart goes out to Mariah, she's such a talented woman. She's going to figure it out for herself, I think she'll be OK."

    Isn't she the sweetest? I love Janet!!

    New Pics
    MCFanatic sent me 3 brand new scans of Miss Mariah from this week's "OK" Magazine, which is sold in the UK, but you can also find it at Borders or Barnes & Noble... There are 2 pics and one little article. One of the pics (to your right) is from Mariah's role on the SM:TV show "Chums" in her "bridesmaid" dress and the other is of Mariah with Westlife

    Check them all out in Gallery 4!!!

    Regina's Update Coming...
    My Regina is working on her update at this particular moment, so look forward to that! I'll have another update tomorrow of some nice Mariah pics I received in the mail today!!!

    Update by Danielle
    December 14th (9:30 am EST)

    Exclusive Pictures
    Ashes sent me 2 exclusive pics of Mariah from my lamb Matte's site Mariah Carey UK and he and Ashes' Yahoo club, Rainbow Princess. You can check them out in Gallery 4

    If you are not a member the UK Mailing List and would like to join, contact Matte at mariahstheme@hotmail.com

    Update by Regina
    December 13th (9:55 pm EST)

    Z100 Jingle Ball Pictures
    Prissy informed me that Z100 has already added some images of celebrities performing at the Jingle Ball concert tonight and there are three images of Mariah. Quick reminder, Mariah is the host of tonight's concert including performances from Enrique, Pink, Jewel and many others. The pictures are all pretty small but you can check them out tomorrow. Maybe we can get some fan stories tomorrow or the Z100 staff will talk about it on tomorrow's show!

    Update by Regina
    December 13th (7:20 pm EST)

    TOTP Smile Early Show Mistake
    Last night I read Mel's e-mail wrong. Mariah will be on The Early Show NEXT Thursday, the 20th. I am VERY sorry for this error on my behalf.

    Mariah Daily Contest--New Details
    Nic from MariahBuzz.com informed me that he would send me five 9 track Loverboy promo's for this contest to help Mariah's single go to #1. Plus, I changed the 10 cd singles, to only 5. So if you have bought 5 cd singles, you can now enter the contest. I have deceided that all lambs that have offered to send other people cd's will automatically be entered in the contest. If you do not have a scanner and can not scan your receipt, just contact me and we can talk it out and see what we can do. For more information, check above.

    TV Guide Scans
    Yesterday we reported that Mariah was in the latest TV Guide and today, we have the scans for you. Check out Gallery 4 for the two scans.

    Glitter Gear
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that at Popgross.com, you can enter an international contest where you can win Glitter gear. Check it out...

    Mariah on Extra and ET
    Lamb PrYme informed us that Mariah was on Extra and Entertainment Tonight last night as well as Access Hollywood. Here is what she told us.

    Well i watch most much entertainment shows tonite and mariah was on all.On Extra she was in a segment for 'extra,extra'...showing Mariah on the LATE SHOW talkin about what the truth about her breakdown also about her winter plans & how it was going to boost the morale of our soldiers.They also showed many pictures of her trip in kosovo.On Entertainment Tonite she was in a short little segment on the 'et insider' showing Mariah on the LATE SHOW as she talked about her breakdown and winter plans.Much of the same on both shows.Laterz Daily!

    Billbaord Charts
    Rhomeyn sent us the latest Billboard charts and here they are...

  • Adult Contemporary Recurrents
    14 All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    47 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    52 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
  • Top Holiday Albums
    25 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 4
  • Top Pop Catalog Albums
    18 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 4
  • The Billboard 200
    52 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    36 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Albums
    5 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 4
  • Top Soundtracks
    14 Glitter (Mariah Carey), Mariah Carey

    Rosie Magazine
    Jeff informed me that the Rosie O'Donnell magazine is currently accepting suggestions on what celebrity you would like on the cover. It would be nice to get Rosie to interview Mariah, so please send in your suggestions to them by sending in an e-mail to interview@rosie.com

    Fabolous on Mariah
    Lexi sent me a snippet of an interview with Fabolous from Katrillion...

    Katrillion: You've worked with a lot of artists on collaborations. What was it like working with Mariah (on the remix of "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life")?
    Fab: I thought she would be like a snotty, snobby type but she wasn't. She was real cool. I used to wonder why people say that she's like that because I didn't see that at all.

    Luis and Mariah To Meet Again...In Court
    At the conclusion of a romance that lasted for over two years, Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey could be reunited - only that this time it would be in a Miami courtroom.  Ellis Rubin, lawyer of Chilean paparazzi Angel Mora, may call upon them to testify on the aggressive conduct of the bodyguards of  the singer, claiming that Carey and Luis Miguel were witnesses two years ago when the same photographer tried to photograph  them in Acapulco. Two weeks ago Mora photographed Luis Miguel and Sofia Vergara as they  left a restaurant in Miami, but the security forces of the singer (LM) prevented him from taking the photos. As he (Mora) fled the restaurant, he collided with a woman, who subsequently accused him of assault and  robbery . He was arrested by local police but was later released when he posted  the $12,000 bail. Mora is now attempting to demonstrate his innocence. In an interview via telephone from his office in Miami, Rubin said he intends to subpoena Mariah and Luis because both will be able to "contribute important elements in favor of the plaintiff. " Ellis Rubin won a case against actor Sylvester Stallone by former employees who claimed that they were unjustly dismissed by the actor. Rubin has also previously represented actress Hedy Lamarr, who had legal problems caused by her kleptomania. Rubin declared that he will fight for not only the innocence of his client Mora, but for the "respect of the profession of photographers all around the world. " He revealed that his strategy will be to prove that Mora bumped into the woman, causing her purse to fall on him, and that "the allegation of robbery is a lie fabricated by the bodyguards." Rubin has represented more than five thousand civil and criminal cases. Rubin intends to hold a press conference in Miami on Friday 12/14/01 at 1:00 EST.

    The Chilean paparazzi  Mora has also been involved in legal encounters with singer Alexander Fernandez; he photographed Carlos Menem and Cecilia Bolocco at the start of their engagement,  singer Shakira and her fiance Antonio de le Rua at the start of their romance, and he also photographed Enrique Iglesias kissing Sofia Vergara.

    Thanks to our Luis Correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous for this article from Reforma.

    A Gentleman Who Would Never Kiss and Tell
    "A true gentleman must have a bad memory"  is a quote that Luis Miguel uses when asked for details about past relationships. "I would never discuss my personal relationships - I think discretion is very important". In his press conference on Thursday, November 29, 2001 in Miami Beach, Florida, Luis admitted that his romance with Mariah Carey had ended, and that "it was in the past" but he would not divulge any details about the breakup. When asked by a CNN reporter "why don't you want to talk about Mariah"?  he answered " it's not that I don't want to talk about her, but when a relationship begins or ends, I prefer not to make comments. I don't want to mix my professional and my personal life." In a later interview, he declined to comment directly about Mariah, but seemed to indicate that their separation was a painful experience for him. When asked by the  interviewer " are there scars, are there any open wounds"? Luis replied "there are scars, in the body, in the heart, in the soul.. I have an open wound that I hope will heal as time passes." He also spoke of his desire to become a father and have a family someday. "I think that for a couple to have a child as an expression of their love is something so beautiful and I hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to have that kind of love - the love of a family is something wonderful and beautiful, the most beautiful thing in the world."

    "I've only had three real loves in my life" Luis philosophical about his romances, and said that even though he has been singing about love for 20 years (since he was eleven years old), he has yet to find stability in his love life. And despite the fact that he's "been in love , romantically involved and been infatuated many times, I can say that there have only been three true loves in my life. Three important ones, to this point in my life."  When asked to name the women in question, Luis declined to answer, but most agree that Mariah Carey is definitely one of the three - one of the important ones."

    He went on to say that "each experience in love is different, each one bringing new understandings, new colors, new dimensions and  new aspects to your life; each one is unique; some are more intense than others, but all have been wonderful experiences in my life. I wouldn't change anything. I have no regrets. This has been an interesting year. I've learned a lot by what has happened to me ."

    Unconditional Love: The most enduring "love affair" for Luis Miguel  is with his fans. In a radio interview that aired 12/6/01 in Los Angeles, Luis was asked the inevitable questions about his personal life, and the balance of his need for privacy with the fans' desire to know if he's happy offstage. Luis answered that, for him, the most enduring and "unconditional love" of his life is the respect, support and love he feels from his fans. Theirs is truly an unconditional love. He then dedicated one of his classic songs "La Incondicional " to his fans and blew them a kiss across the airwaves.

    Mariah in Philippines
    Richie informed me that the Greatest Hits album is the Top Selling album since it was on sale there. Also, Never Too Far was the #1 most requested song for the last 4 weeks.

    Glitter Hits Brunei
    Koh informed me that Glitter will be showing at the Empire cinema in Brunei on December 20th. If anyone would like to get together with Koh and watch it, contact Koh at kcs2909@lycos.com

    Allen sent in some lines for the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section. Plus, there are a couple new links in the links section. I added them below for you to check out also, if you like. Mariah Weekly
    Mariah Scape
    Mariah Carey: Greatest Hits

    The site that I create the Mariah Polls is still down. I'll get a new one up as soon as the site is working again. Sorry about that!

    Fans Helping Fans (Part 3)
    Here are some more people who need the single and more people willing to help!

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Thursday's List)
    Sandy (missy_tha_ghetto_queen@yahoo.com) USA
    Monka (chunk660@yahoo.com) Canada
    Ciro (tpkgal@tin.it) Italy
    Sid (mailsid@yahoo.com) Italy
    Courtney (chums@sentex.net) Canada
    Brandy (binnyboo@hotmail.com)
    Joe (fanatic2770@hotmail.com) Canada
    Oliver (oliver_chin@hotmail.com) Malaysia
    tlmc23@hotmail.com (Teresa) Canada
    Katez8@hotmail.com (Katie)

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Thursday's List)
    Torey (garland1980@hotmail.com)
    Chris (booty_licious21@hotmail.com)
    Jenn (LilDivaChop@aol.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Wednesday's List)
    Karol (mac42886@yahoo.com) Phillipines
    (wants 6-10 copies)
    Andy6 (Andyr nw@aol.com) UK
    Semih (lodgingturkey@superonline.com) Turkey
    (Semih wants 5 copies)
    Monka (chunk66@yahoo.com) Canada
    HP (yiwang@telusplanet.net) Canada
    Julien (evainmic@club-internet.fr) France
    Brad (dont_stop@hotmail.com) Australia
    Ron (Ifunkui@aol.com) Canada
    Maria (eliza_escano15@hotmail.com)
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Tin-Tin (tin_tin82@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Brandy (singbfly@twcny.rr.com )
    Denis/Peggy (d.harting@videotron.ca) Canada

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Wednesday's List)
    Matthew (matthew_o_hannon@hotmail.com)
    Naomi (wmays8687@iconnect.net )
    (Naomi has 40 singles to give away)
    Jimmy (JamesJr1976@aol.com)
    Jeanne (jeanneL2@hotmail.com)
    (Mufasa188 works at music store, can order copies)
    Scott (pacxdude77@hotmail.com)
    Stephanie (mariahcollector@hotmail.com)
    Kelly (KellyAorraol.com)
    Angela (rksu747@hotmail.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Tuesday's List)
    Eliza (eliza_escanol5@hotmail.com) Philippines
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Anan (anan_a@hotmail.com) London
    Choy (domino@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Rishad (rishad.dookoo@labour.gov.za) South Africa
    Aaron (SIYWGF925@aol.com) USA (having problems getting it)
    Adrian (adrianbriones1@hotmail.com) Australia
    Oliver (oliver_chin@hotmail.com) Malaysia
    Michael (mlucion@ifrance.com) France
    John (airharpist@hotmail.com) Australia
    Henry (hlam@pritchardadams.com) Australia
    Nina (ycp_nina@hotmail.com) Costa Rica
    Vio (buggend@yahoo.com) Philippines
    Tushar (tush_2k@yahoo.com) India
    (listening1108@hotmail.com) China
    Laura (movetothesoundofthebeat@hotmail.com) UK
    Sead (sejo82@hotmail.com) Sweden
    Ahmad (hiday82@hotmail.com) Singapore
    Zenda (zee_are@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Lawrence (llty24@hotmail.com) Brunei

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Tuesday's List)
    Jennifer (rainbowbutterflyj@hotmail.com)
    Anothony Smith (t-asmith@microsoft.com)
    Juan (JUANnMARIAHFOEVR@aol.com)
    Kris (baloo36@home.com)
    Matt (mcmattew@goamerica.net)
    Angel (galindomel@hotmail.com)

    Update by Regina
    December 12th (9:00 pm EST)

    Fans Helping Fans
    Here are some more people who need the single and more people willing to help!
  • People Who NEED The Single: (Wednesday's List)
    Karol (mac42886@yahoo.com) Phillipines
    (wants 6-10 copies)
    Andy6 (Andyr nw@aol.com) UK
    Semih (lodgingturkey@superonline.com) Turkey
    (Semih wants 5 copies)
    Monka (chunk66@yahoo.com) Canada
    HP (yiwang@telusplanet.net) Canada
    Julien (evainmic@club-internet.fr) France
    Brad (dont_stop@hotmail.com) Australia
    Ron (Ifunkui@aol.com) Canada
    Maria (eliza_escano15@hotmail.com)
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Tin-Tin (tin_tin82@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Brandy (singbfly@twcny.rr.com )
    Denis/Peggy (d.harting@videotron.ca) Canada

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Wednesday's List)
    Matthew (matthew_o_hannon@hotmail.com)
    Naomi (wmays8687@iconnect.net )
    (Naomi has 40 singles to give away)
    Jimmy (JamesJr1976@aol.com)
    Jeanne (jeanneL2@hotmail.com)
    (Mufasa188 works at music store, can order copies)
    Scott (pacxdude77@hotmail.com)
    Stephanie (mariahcollector@hotmail.com)
    Kelly (KellyAorraol.com)
    Angela (rksu747@hotmail.com)

  • People Who NEED The Single: (Tuesday's List)
    Eliza (eliza_escanol5@hotmail.com) Philippines
    Sazril (umishah8@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Anan (anan_a@hotmail.com) London
    Choy (domino@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Rishad (rishad.dookoo@labour.gov.za) South Africa
    Aaron (SIYWGF925@aol.com) USA (having problems getting it)
    Adrian (adrianbriones1@hotmail.com) Australia
    Oliver (ronhohsr@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Michael (mlucion@ifrance.com) France
    John (airharpist@hotmail.com) Australia
    Henry (hlam@pritchardadams.com) Australia
    Nina (ycp_nina@hotmail.com) Costa Rica
    Vio (buggend@yahoo.com) Philippines
    Tushar (tush_2k@yahoo.com) India
    (listening1108@hotmail.com) China
    Laura (movetothesoundofthebeat@hotmail.com) UK
    Sead (sejo82@hotmail.com) Sweden
    Ahmad (hiday82@hotmail.com) Singapore
    Zenda (zee_are@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Lawrence (llty24@hotmail.com) Brunei

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA: (Tuesday's List)
    Jennifer (rainbowbutterflyj@hotmail.com)
    Anothony Smith (t-asmith@microsoft.com)
    Juan (JUANnMARIAHFOEVR@aol.com)
    Kris (baloo36@home.com)
    Matt (mcmattew@goamerica.net)
    Angel (galindomel@hotmail.com)

    Poll Still Down
    I still am having problems getting the poll up. Hopefully tomorow the site will be working again, so I can get the poll up.

    December 2001 Page Fixed
    I was adding all the news to the November page instead of the December by accident. So I deleted it from the November page and I added it to the December page finally. So if you missed any news in the last 10 days, catch up on it now in the December News page and thanks so much to Tin-Tin for informing me of the error. Silly me...

    Update by Regina
    December 12th (8:00 pm EST)

    Mariah On Letterman
    letterman Check out Gallery 4 for some caps from Letterman last night, courtesy of MariahsWeb.com There are a couple of places where you can watch it and here are the links...
  • MP3 Version:
    Click Here...Courtesy of Tommy
  • Realplayer:
    Click Here...Pop-Fantasy.com

    Mariah At SuperBowl
    For the past two years, Vincent, from MC Shinning Star, has created petitions to help get Mariah to sing at the Super Bowl and he even went as far as to write the NFL to request Mariah. It seems that this year, he helped to get Mariah in there. So, if you are happy that Mariah is singing this year, maybe it would be nice if you could write him and say thanks for all his hard work over the years. He is a truly devoted and loving fan! SkY BoY 02

    Billboard Charts
    Desiree informed me tha on Billboard 200, Tribute To Heros debuts at #17 and Greatest Hits debuts at #52.

    Magazine News
    Janel told me you can check out Mariah in the December 17th issue of Newsweek (pic and article on page 77) and TV Guide, December 15-21st (pic and article on pages 212 and 213)

    Vote For Mariah on AOL
    Please take 5 seconds and vote for Mariah at this AOL poll. Mariah is #3 and here are the latest results after I voted.
    YOUR nominations for the top Holiday Songs have been tallied. VOTE for your favorite song from these finalists: '
    Where are you Christmas' - Faith Hill 13707 20%
    'White Christmas' - Bing Crosby 11616 17%
    'All I Want for Christmas' - Mariah Carey 9066 13%

    Request Plan For Non-USA Fans
    Matte, from MariahCareyUK.com, came up with a way to support Mariah outside the USA and here is what to do...

  • Everyday for 9 days: non USA lambs
  • Friday & saturday:
  • Sunday :
    Ring capital fm on 08700 700958 between 6.50pm to 7.30pm [don't stop] 7.30 pm to 8pm [NFT] - UK lambs only.
  • Thursday & Friday
    http://www.smtvlive.co.uk/smtv/postbag.asp or
    studio@smtvlive.co.uk [request don't stop]

    Text CD:UK on 07740 700 900 and ask for the NTF/Hero performance to be shown again.

  • Monday onwards:
    - Mariah is in third position at the moment! They have nominated glitter the movie for the biggest turkey

    Mariah on Access Hollywood
    Mariah was just on Access Hollywood moments ago about David Letterman. They showed parts of the interview and then they showed her outside Dave signing autographs and posing for pics. They also showed her playing in the snow from last year, which was cool.

    Mariah Vs, VH1
    Did VH1 have a vision of loathe when it edited the recent My VH1 Music Awards?

    The cable network has removed from future airings a segment that mocked Mariah Carey for her bizarre summer appearance on MTV's Total Request Live--an event that preceded the singer's much-chronicled breakdown.

    VH1 insists the clip was cut because of time constraints encountered when re-airing the awards show. But a producer and writer for the My VH1 Music Awards tell Rolling Stone that the network was pressured by Carey's representatives to remove it.

    The beef is over a series of segments titled "Music 2001: What the Hell Was That?", in which writer and former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger takes jabs at everyone from Wayne Newton and Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson. Unger also targets Carey's infamous July 2001 appearance on Total Request Live, during which she performed a semi-striptease for the audience, read a love letter from her mother to host Carson Daly, and basically left everyone scratching their heads.

    Said Unger in the segment: "What the hell was that? What appeared to be a mental breakdown was actually a breakdown in communication. Somewhere in this schematic of Mariah's publicists, managers, agents and handlers, the message 'Give Carson Daly a warm welcome' became 'Take your top off.' Thankfully, Mariah is back in control, and will fire the people responsible as soon as she learns everyone's names."

    Unger claims Carey's people weren't pleased with the jokes.

    "Mariah Carey's people--and there are a lot of them, but apparently not enough to keep her mental breakdowns off the air--called [VH1 President John] Sykes and were offended by what I had to say, which tells me we were right on target," Unger tells Rolling Stone.

    Jay Karas, whose Kanpai Pictures produced the awards show, backed up Unger's story. "It was pulled because Mariah and her people were upset about the piece," he said.

    As Mariah-watchers can recall, the TRL episode occurred less than a week before she checked into a hospital for what her publicist called an "emotional and physical breakdown." Carey, 31, remained out of the spotlight through September, as she took time to recover.

    For her part, Carey defended herself during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. She didn't specifically mention the VH1 skit, but the diva downplayed her infamous Total Request Live appearance, insisting she remained fully clothed the whole time and was just having a little fun.

    "It's not like we were on Nightline with Ted Koppel," she said. "I mean, we're talking MTV, and it was a joke."

    Meantime, the bubbly songbird appears to be putting her summer ordeal behind her, performing at several September 11 benefits and returning from a whirlwind, morale-boosting trip to Kosovo, where she donned camouflage and met with U.S. troops. She's also just released a charity single, a medley featuring her hits "Hero" and "Never Too Far," and she's headlining an hour-long CBS special, A Home For The Holidays with Mariah Carey, scheduled to air December 21.

    As for Unger, the comedian doesn't appear too concerned about angering Mariah.

    "What I'm really nervous about is that this incident will keep me from being able to attend Mariah's summer camp," he said.

    Thakns to Andrew for this article.

    More News A Coming
    I am working on the list o' names for the Never Too Far Single and some other little things. I just charged a bunch of the singles onto my credit card, so I will be contacting some fans tonight too on how they can get them from me. PLEASE help out guys. PLEASE just go charge them on your credit card and then fans can pay you back. Let's buy all the singles to help out Mariah!! I don't know if I will get it up tonight, but whatever I don't get up tonight, I'll get up tomorrow night at the same time.

    Update by Danielle
    December 12th (5:00 pm EST)

    Mariah On Letterman
    Here is the transcript from Miss Mariah's interview with Dave last night, thanx to my lamb Stephanie (Mariah's Web). Regina will be adding the screen caps later, which are also from Stephy, so check back for that! Here is the transcript:

    Our first guest is A... ( laughter ) singer. She has sold over 150 million albums and she stars on a new CBS special, you can see it right here December 21st, entitled, "A Home For The Holidays with Mariah Carey." Here she is, Mariah Carey, everybody. (cheers and applause) ( band playing )

    Dave: Man, nice to see you.
    Mariah: Nice to see you.
    Dave: You look fantastic.
    Mariah : Thank you. You as well.
    Dave: Oh, really? Do you think so?
    Mariah : I think so.
    Dave: Oh, you're just saying that aren't you?
    Mariah : No. (Laughs)
    Dave: Sweet of you to say. (Applause)
    Mariah : See, the crowd agrees.
    Dave: What about now? (Applause)

    Dave: Let me tell you, when were these pictures taken and where were they taken? This is fairly interesting. If I can just get them here.

    Mariah : They were taken last week, I think a week ago
    Dave: Last week?
    Mariah : Yes.
    Dave: That recently? And what were you doing and where were you doing it?
    Mariah : I was in Kosovo.
    Dave: Uh-huh.
    Mariah : In a helicopter. (Applause)
    Dave: Good for you.
    Mariah: Actually it's called a shnook.
    Dave: A shnook?
    Mariah: A shnook.
    Dave: A shnook.
    Mariah: I hadn't heard the word either.
    Dave: What is called a shnook?
    Mariah: The helicopter.
    Dave: The helicopter. Really? A shnook?
    Mariah: A shnook.
    Dave: That's what I call my agent. (Laughter)
    Mariah: Well, I was in the shnook.
    Dave: Is it a chinook or a shnook?
    Mariah: You know what, I believe it's a chinook.
    Dave: Okay. I don't know. (Laughter)

    Mariah: Well, I don't know either. All I know is that I was a tad afraid sitting in the chinook when they said it was going to take us perhaps 45 minutes to get clearance from where we were taking off.

    Dave: And how were things over there? How's morale how are people doing?
    Mariah: The moral was great. The only thing that was, we didn't get clearance to leave for like 45 minutes and...

    Dave: This is why the morale was great. Look all the this. (Shows audience a pic of Mariah in her blue dress with troops surrounding her)

    Mariah: It was fun, and they were... (laughter and applause)
    Dave: You don't seem to be wearing camouflage gear.

    Mariah: Well, I did do the camouflage thing, but I don't think you can see it in either one of the pictures but mine was a little different.

    Dave: Yeah, that's very nice. Well, good for you. That's a very nice thing to have done.

    Mariah: Yeah, it was good. It was a nice feeling and... ( applause ) ...I was telling everybody at home loves them, and so it was nice. We were kind of trekking through the ditches and things of that nature andy y y would ask me for a hug and they had these huge guns by their sides. And I wanted to be patriotic and do the right thing, but I was, you know, kind of asked them to point the gun the opposite way.

    Dave: Yeah, you don't want a gun going off accidentally under those circumstances.
    Mariah: Nnno, no.
    Dave: That's not good for anybody's morale.
    Mariah: Not really. (Laughs) (laughter)
    Dave: Now tell me about your summer? Was that just weird? What exactly W.....(laughter)

    Mariah: You know what, so many things were so overly sensationalized over and over again. But basically, I've been a workaholic my whole life. My schedule this past summer was ridiculous. You know, one day in one country, the next day back here promoting all over the place. I was totally sleep deprived and I was exhausted and it was, like at a certain point, I just got a wake up call and it was like, "this has to stop." And, you know, I had to take a moment and just draw a line and, you know, get a wake up call and say, "hey, take care of yourself like a human being, not like a machine."

    Dave: Now had you done something... (applause)

    Mariah: Thank you. ( Applause ) and it's like something I never really thought of because i always put my career first.

    Dave: Sure.

    Mariah: And I always put everything before myself. And all my friends and everybody that, you know, knows me were like, "you know, this is cool, but when are you just you and when do you just take the time for yourself?"

    Dave: Right and was this... is it like a nervous breakdown? Is it a physical breakdown?
    Mariah : No, not at all
    Dave: Was it an emotional breakdown? Is it not a breakdown?

    Mariah: It was so bizarre because they were like, "a breakdown, a nervous breakdown, a mental meltdown," and all these things and, you know, that I shouldn't even be repeating because it's, like, tabloid fodder and all that kind of nonsense.

    Dave: The story kind of builds itself, doesn't it?
    Mariah: Right.
    Dave: Yeah.

    Mariah: Like before you were saying before I was watching, what did you say, "you were Oprah's first husband?"

    Dave: That's right. (Laughter) (applause)

    Mariah: And you know, people might believe that. They might tune in at that precise moment... (laughter) ...and basically, the truth is exhaustion is a serious thing. People look at you on tv and go, "Oh, come on? What are you exhausted from, sitting there?" But honestly, you know, it's just reality.

    Dave: It's lot of work.
    Mariah: It's lot of work.
    Dave: It's a lot of work and a lot of pressure, too.

    Mariah: And a lot of years that I have just not stopped and ever taken a break for myself. And, you know, some of the things that were said were just so outrageous like they made this whole big deal about "total request live," and blah, blah, blah.

    Dave: What did they say happened there? You showed up and took your clothes off, right?

    Mariah: Right. Now first of all I had on... okay, that's realistic. (Laughter) but first of all, I had on... (applause) I had on... I had on shorts and a tank top, right? It was the summertime.

    Dave: Right.

    Mariah: And then a huge t-shirt that was, like down to here that was, we went and it was an impromptu visit. We'd been all over the world... we went up there and I took the t-shirt off with the clothes underneath it. I kept the clothes on obviously, right? So when they were writing about it, I don't think half of the writers even knew what "total request live" was. I mean, it's not like we were on "nightline" with Ted Koppel. I mean, like, you know, we're talking MTV and it was a joke.

    Dave: It's supposed to, yeah, MTV, that's the kind of thing they do.

    Mariah: Right, it a a fun and it was a joke and it got, like, written about and evytything, like, "and then she did this." I'm like, "what arththey talking about?" This is, you know, "T.R.L." They know how many times I've gone up there talking about Guam and like, you know, lambs and done stupid things.

    Dave: They try to make something... the evidence won't support the story they're writing.

    Mariah: It's just not even worth discussing. It's like when you make jokes and you're sittingerere and it's part of entertainment. You know, whatever.

    Dave: That's right. Now did you have to do something? Did you have to stop?? Did you have to take medicine or anything?

    Mariah: No, you know what, basically...
    Dave: Did you change your diet or did you just slow down?

    Mariah: What I did and the thing that I've always learned to do that's the most important thing for me is just go and depend on myself. I had some very good people that are my friends and family that helped me just, you know, say, "hey, you're an important person because you tend to..." when you're in the media, it's, like, you can believe it when people take shots at you or whatever. And the most important thing for me is like, I sing this song, "Hero," which is about getting, you know, believing in yourself and all that. It was, like, taking a moment to kind of believe those words.

    Dave: Right, well good for you. I'm happy to hear that. (Applause)
    Mariah: It's that single that wanted to talk about that's coming out today.
    Dave: Here, is this the one?

    Mariah: Yeah. It's... the proceeds go for the New York Police Department's families, the victims of 9/11. (Applause) and it's a new version of "Never Too Far," which is one of my songs and "Hero." It's a medley that I did and there's a brand new track as well. So that's in stores today.

    Dave: Well good.
    Mariah: Yeah.
    Dave: Very nice of you. All right, we'll be right back here with Mariah Carey (applause)
    Dave: Mariah carey. I'll tell you something: I wish I had a nickel for every time I've been naked on MTV.
    Mariah : Well, honey, I've never been naked on MTV, so I wouldn't know about it.
    Dave: Tell me about the... tell me about the... it's a special? It's a holiday special for CBS here?

    Mariah: Yes, it's called "Home For The Holidays," and they've done it for three years in a row and what it does is it brings foster families together. It brings foster children to people who want to adopt. And it's a really, really good cause and a lot of people who are kind of on the fence about adoption, after they see this special, they decide to adopt.

    Dave: Really?
    Mariah : Yeah, it's really an amazing cause.

    Dave: Well, good for you. That's great. (Applause) you talked about how now you've learned to kind of rely on yourself. What does that mean as it applies to your daily life and your career and stuff like that?

    Mariah: Well, I've always relied on myself. I mean, maybe that's the issue. Like, since I was a little kid, I pretty much took care of myself and... but it was more being focused on, like, "oh, I've got to do this. I've got to keep running and keep having this career and keep going and doing all this stuff" rather than, like, what would be good for me, relaxation-wise.

    Dave: What are you doing now that's different than it was like a year ago?

    Mariah: Trying to just make time to sleep the amount of hours that, you know, people need to sleep. The basics. Eating food.

    Dave: Nobody gets enough sleep in this country, honestly. Everybody's sleep deprived, and it's a horrible thing.

    Mariah : Really?
    Dave: Oh, yeah.

    Mariah : Yeah, when you go on for a long time and then you really, you know... it becomes a habit or whatever.

    Dave: Yeah, it's nasty. I haven't slept since '68.
    Mariah : Really? (Laughter and applause) was that before or after the Oprah thing?

    Dave: It was about the same time. I found if I don't get enough sleep, I start snapping at interns and I hate that.

    Mariah: Really?
    Dave: I hate that.

    Mariah: Really? (Laughter) You know what? I think it's gonna be okay though. Something tells me it's all right.

    Dave: So now, what do you do when you want to have fun and stuff, because you look like a girl who likes to have fun.

    Mariah: I like to go swimming. (Laughter) I like swimming. (Applause)
    Dave: Yeah.
    Mariah : I do like to have fun, Dave.
    Dave: All right. Where do you go swimming? Is it like in a pool, lakes, oceans?
    Mariah: If there happens to be a pool there, hey, I might decide to go swimming in the pool.
    Dave: So you get in the pool. How long can you go in a pool?
    Mariah: How long can I go in a pool? (Laughter) no, like... I'm sorry. What?
    Dave: Yeah, that's what I want to know. How long can you go in a pool? (Laughter)
    Mariah : No, I didn't know what you meant. Did I know what he meant?
    Dave: Three minutes was my best. Three minutes.
    Mariah: Did I know? Come on. (Applause) I like the ocean. I like the caribbean.
    Dave: What I'm trying to establish here is, like, I get in a pool, I immediately want to get out.
    Mariah : Really?
    Dave: Yeah. And the same thing with the ocean. You get in the ocean, "oh, this is great; let's get out."
    Mariah: No, not me. I could stay in the ocean all night long.
    Dave: And you swim and do like laps? What do you do?
    Mariah: Not really laps. I sort of wade in the water.
    Dave: Yeah. (Laughter) oh, hell, I could stay in forever if I'm just wading.
    Mariah: Well, I'm not trying to win an olympic contest. I just want to go in the water. It makes me happy.
    Dave: I understand. And have you got a t time off for the holidays?
    Mariah: Yes, I do.
    Dave: Well, that's important right there.

    Mariah: I have time off. I'm very excited about that. I'm going to go skiing, I think. And then I'm going to go somewhere warm.

    Dave: Are you a good skier?
    Mariah: No. I like the outfits. (Laughter and applause)
    Dave: Oh, yeah.
    Mariah: They do. They have some good outfits. You've got to buy them in like, July and then, you know
    Dave: Yeah. Well, you know, I like the outfit you got here. Now, you don't ski in that because that's...
    Mariah: Something close. (Applause)
    Dave: Whoa, nelly. Well, this is great. I'm glad things are much, much better for you.
    Mariah: Thank you very much.
    Dave: And you look... you can tell from looking at you that you feel great, and that's the key right there.
    Mariah: I do feel great, especially when I'm here with you.
    Dave: Oh, god bless you. That's a very cute thing to say. (Applause) I see your show is on...
    Mariah: December 21st.
    Dave: December 21st.
    Mariah: "Mariah carey, home for the holidays." A lot of special guests.
    Dave: Enrique iglesias.
    Mariah: Uh-huh.
    Dave: Charlotte church.
    Mariah: Destiny's child.
    Dave: And destiny's child.
    Mariah: Uh-huh.
    Dave: So that's a nice night for you.
    Mariah: Dustin hoffman showed up in support of the cause.
    Dave: Dustin hoffman? Mariah: Yeah, a lot of great people.
    Dave: Good for you.
    Mariah: I'm really happy about that.
    Dave: Well, good and I'm happy for you.
    Mariah: Thank you.
    Dave: Nice to see you again we'll be right back with elijah wood.

    More Updates Coming...
    Regina will be doing another update tonight around 7:30 and I'll be doing one before or after that, so check back for that later tonight!

    Update by Danielle
    December 11th (11:00 pm EST)

    Mariah On David Letterman
    I just got this awesome story from Gabe, who saw Mariah today on David Letterman!!


    Get ready for a real treat tonight. I went to Letterman today to see Mariah and I have never been more in love with this true superstar.

    Mariah arrived at the studio minutes before the start of the show wearing a tan dress with a beige fur coat. That golden blonde hair almost killed me. Mariah seemed a bit nervous posing for the paparazzi. But when she heard me screaming Queen Lamb (a name I have heard on this website) her face glowed with the most beautiful smile. She waving directly at me every time I screamed out her favorite nickname. It was so magical. The photographers kept asking me to scream out those magic words again because every time I called them out she would look over and give the cameras a gorgeous smile. I certainly made her stay out there longer for the cameras and fans. She truly is the Queen Lamb.

    He also told me that he is going to all of her appearances in NYC this week and next week and will try to send me new pictures of Miss Mariah!!! I'm so excited about seeing her now! Only 30 mins! WOO :D

    Update by Regina
    December 11th (6:30 pm EST)

    hitmachine Hit Machine Transcript
    Michael translated the Hit Machine show for us. There may be mistakes Michael tells me since English is his second language.

    Interviewer : Hi Mariah. We are very proud of being at your side on the Hit Machine.
    MC: I'm very happy to be here. Thank you.
    I: We gonna talk about the Glitter movie which will be on screens on January. It talks about a young woman who wants to become a singer. We can see her when she was young, a little girl played Mariah Carey. Is it autobiographical?
    MC: No, she doesn't play Mariah Carey! She plays Billie Frank, a child who was abandoned by its parents. She wants to be known to find herself because there was nobody who loved her. So it's another story. She isn't Mariah Carey. Just believe me, my life is too difficult to relate!
    I: Maybe one day?
    MC: Yeah, maybe. You'll never know.

    Then they showed the Glitter trailer.

    I: Let's talk about the Glitter album! How did you work on this album? Was it as if it was an album for Mariah Carey?
    MC: It was very different because some songs were written for specific scenes, for the character who will not be the same if I have written for Mariah Carey. But I have already written songs for my next album : I have a lot of experiences and I'd like to put them in my songs and that's why I go on!
    I: We talked a lot about business but what are your hobbies?
    MC: I like swimming a lot. I have animals : one dog whose name is Jack. He likes swimming too. I also like theme parks and roller coasters. And being with my friends.
    I: You are implicated in lots of carritative actions like Camp Mariah
    MC: I think that when you are famous, you must share some of what you have with the world because there is a reason why you're there. I wasn't brought up with money nor privileges si I think it is important to help people. That is what I attempt to do.


    I: When did you fell that you were a star?
    MC: I still don't think I am. I am as everybody! (audience doesn't agree : she is special)
    I: I heard of that you did body jumping (with rubber band)?
    MC: Yeah, twice. It was great but I had to do it just to say that I did it. I don't know if I'll do it again but I did it!
    I: Thanks a lot Mariah Carey for being here. Please applause her!
    MC: Thank you very much.

    Ok it is the end and the most important is that she is preparing her next album (but don't work too hard Mariah!!). In the Hit Machine, they also made the promotion for her Greatest Hits.

    Mariah on French TV
    Mattieu informed me that french fans can check out Mariah singing Last Night A DJ Saved My Life on the "C'est Show" on France 2, 20h50, Saturday 15th.

    Letters For Mariah
    Okay the book begins. We have to get it to Mariah before the 21st, so they last day we will be accepting signatures on the fanbook is December 17th. All letters and Christmas wishes will then be put into a book, like the get well letters, and sent to Mariah for Christmas. She will be getting them!

    Greatest Hits in French Charts
    Mathieu also informed me that the Greatest Hits entered the Compilations Chart at #29 this week. It's not a very good premiere, infact. We should have the US stats shortly for you!

    Reminder: Mariah on Letterman
    Don't forget to check out the lovely Mariah on Letterman tonight! We'll have a full report about the show tomorrow, as always!

    Orin's Story
    Orin met Mariah and sent in her pictures and story and here it is...
    My name is Orin. I'm from Israel. I'm a huge fan of Mariah for 7 years now (I'm 21 years old girl) I saw Mariah for the first time in this latest promotion tour in Paris .It was a dream come true for me, and I wanted to share my story with you. (Pictures in Gallery4)

    hotel Here is my story:
    When I heard that Mariah is going to be in Europe I said to my friend (her name is Dana), "Ok we are going to Europe no matter what we are going to see Mariah, this is my chance!" So I get more info' about the promotion tour and decided to go to Paris! I bought the tickets 3 days before the flight! On Sunday 25/11/01 2p.m we landed in Paris. We ran to our hotel put our things and ran straight to "La bourget" (the airport) In the airport we almost came to a point of despair, because at first we couldn't fine the right Terminal, it was a huge place. But then somehow god showed us the right way (the way to Mariah, and it wasn't the only time we got lost J).In the airport we met a lot of French fans that were so nice and kind to us, they helped us in all the trip so I will like to thank them again in this opportunity!!! In 6p.m Mariah's jet landed and I found a great place on the fence to wait for her so I stood there and I was so nervous. And then the moment has come. Mariah got of her plane and came to us. Everyone shouted" Meria, Meria" (that's Mariah in French) and I shouted "Mariah we came all the way from Israel to see you", she heard me(I was really loud J ) and she looked up ( I was on the fenceJ ) and she smiled and said" Oh really, thank you" and then I gave her my letter and a gift that I bought her ,she said "Thanks" and she signed for me J . And then Dana talked to her (I was a bit far in that point) and she told Mariah the same thing that she came from Israel with a friend , and than Dana pooled me so that Mariah could see who is the friend that she talked about, and Mariah was so sweet she waited to see me! And then she said "ye ,ye" she knew me cos' I talked to her before, and she smiled and then she said" Are you coming to the hotel" and my friend said "yes"! Then I came closer to Mariah and said to her that my dream came true, she smiled and said "Thank you" and after that she waved goodbye to everyone and left. She was so sweet and so beautiful!

    On Monday 26/11 we waited next to her hotel but she went out only at 9p.m and ran into her limo' but I stood so close to her! On Tuesday 27/11 we went to the show "Tapis rough" Mariah was amazing there! After the song "Without you" she came to us, I was next to the stage, and she took a note that I wrote her a few minutes before (I didn't know that we could give her things, so it was a last minute idea J ) . And she talked a bit with her fans that stood there she was so cute ( as always ) ! In this show they showed us the new vid' for "Last night..." It was fantastic!

    On Wednesday 28/11 we went to the show "Hit Machine",the show was great and also the interview!!! After the show we were supposed to stay inside till the end but we wanted to go out and see Mariah before she will go from the studio . We didn't know what to do! And then it happened, it was like a magic ,we found someone that worked in that studios that speak our language and he helped us to go out and see Mariah outside, it was so amazing how it turns out and we were so happy!

    On Thursday 29/11 we stood next to her hotel "George 5" at 9a.m Mariah went out with sunglasses she look so beautiful, it was before her flight to England it was sad cos' it was the last time we saw herL . She was very nice and said goodbye to everyone and waved from her limo'J.

    This trip was amazing it was like leaving in a dream and I wanted it to last forever! And now All I have is great memories, and pic's J and I'm thankful for that!

    Well this is the end of my story. I hope you liked itJ!
    And Mariah if you ever see this, just know that I love always! You are an angel on earth!

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week. The site I do the poll on is down at the moment, so I'll get that up tomorrow. Here are last weeks results...
    What is your favorite Mariah Christmas Song?
    Silent Night (16) 0%
    All I Want For Christmas (Is You) (602) 37%
    O Holy Night (426) 26%
    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (53) 3%
    Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) (231) 14%
    Joy To The World (70) 4%
    Jesus Born On This Day (50) 3%
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (14) 0%
    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (46) 2%
    Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child (107) 6%
    Total Votes: 1615

    Update by Regina
    December 11th (5:20 pm EST)

    Fans Helping Fans
    Okay people, I just went out and bought 10 copies of Never Too Far/Hero and I am going out later in the week to buy the rest. Several people have e-mailed me and told me that they need the single or are willing to help out and list is below. You have to get the singles this week though. We want to buy them all out around the country and we really have to pull together and buy them. Here is the list...

  • People Who NEED The Single:
    Eliza (eliza_escanol5@hotmail.com) Philippines
    Sazril (umishah8@tn.net.my) Malaysia
    Anan (anan_a@hotmail.com) London
    Choy (domino@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Rishad (rishad.dookoo@labour.gov.za) South Africa
    Aaron (SIYWGF925@aol.com) USA (having problems getting it)
    Adrian (adrianbriones1@hotmail.com) Australia
    Oliver (ronhohsr@tm.net.my) Malaysia
    Michael (mlucion@ifrance.com) France
    John (airharpist@hotmail.com) Australia
    Henry (hlam@pritchardadams.com) Australia
    Nina (ycp_nina@hotmail.com) Costa Rica
    Vio (buggend@yahoo.com) Philippines
    Tushar (tush_2k@yahoo.com) India
    (listening1108@hotmail.com) China
    Laura (movetothesoundofthebeat@hotmail.com) UK
    Sead (sejo82@hotmail.com) Sweden
    Ahmad (hiday82@hotmail.com) Singapore
    Zenda (zee_are@yahoo.com) Indonesia
    Lawrence (llty24@hotmail.com) Brunei

  • People Who Can SEND The Single From USA:
    Jennifer (rainbowbutterflyj@hotmail.com)
    Anothony Smith (t-asmith@microsoft.com)
    Juan (JUANnMARIAHFOEVR@aol.com)
    Kris (baloo36@home.com)
    Matt (mcmattew@goamerica.net)
    Angel (galindomel@hotmail.com)

    We need more help so if you are willing, please let us know at MariahDaily1@aol.com We want this single to go to #1, so I suggest if you live in the USA, buy all the singles this week and then the people outside the USA will send you the money and you will in return ship it for free. I have a bunch of friends I am sending it to of course but if anyone can not find anyone listed to send them a copy, I will begin shipping them out myself. Just let me know!

    Update by Danielle
    December 11th (5:00 pm EST)

    3 New Flash Animations
    My friend Nicole, webmaster of Mariah Buzz Helped me out and now I have added 3 animations to the site. Two of them (Mariah and Jack) were sent to me from Judyna and the other one is from Leo!!! Here are the links to see these awesome animations:

    Mariah Animation
    Jack Animation

    When you go to the Mariah Animation, if you put the mouse on her eye, she makes a face, and when you put it on her mouth she sticks her tounge out LOL it's too cute!

    Leo's Animation

    N2F IS Being Sold In PR
    We just got this news from Gabriel:

    First of all, I want to congratulate you both for your excellent work on this website.

    This afternoon I was reading in your site that the "Never Too Far/Hero" Single would not be released in Puerto Rico. That information is NOT correct at all. The single has already been released in Puerto Rico...I am from Bayamon PR and I got my copy today. I want to tell to all Mariah Carey's Puertorican fans, that they can buy the single at SPEC's MUSIC Store at Santa Rosa Mall in Bayamon (where I bought it) or at Plaza las Américas in San Juan.

    Thanks, please publish this information on your site as soon as possible because it will really help Mariah a lot on sales in Puerto Rico. (Puerto Rico, as a part of the United States also counts in Sound Scan of Billboard Charts)

    Mariah In People Magazine
    I just got this info from Jennifer:

    Hey Danielle,
    Mariah is on the top of pg. 12 in People Magazine. It's just another picture of her in Munich, Germany. The caption talks about her promoting the Glitter soundtrack and makes a stupid joke about how the movie and ablum did here in the States. I'll try to send you the scan later.

    I'll add the scan as soon as she sends it :)

    Regina's Update Coming...
    My Regina is working on her update at this particular moment, so everyone look forward to that!! I know I am :)

    Update by Danielle
    December 11th (4:00 pm EST)

    Adorable New Drawing and New Pics
    Judyna, Webmaster of Papillon Diva sent me an ADORABLE Christmas wallpaper she drew of Mariah on Christmas morning, with Jack next to her bed. You can see a small pic of it to your right. To see the full pic (800x600) just go to Gallery 3

    While you're there you can also see a huge scan of the Greatest Hits cover that Peggy sent me, as well as another pic she sent of Mariah in Marbella this Spring. It doesn't even look like her in my opinion, but that's how some magazines are... horrible photographers I guess LOL. The ensemble is cute tho!

    Entertainment Weekly Gives Props To Miss Mariah
    I got this info from Aaron:

    This article is on Entertainment Weekly website under the television section. It is trashing on Ally McBeal, but gives snaps for Mariah.

    'Ally' Oops

    You might think that ''Ally McBeal'' (Fox, Mondays 9 p.m.) ended when Robert Downey Jr. walked out. Or maybe you caught a glimpse and said, ''Huh? Who are all those people?'' Yep, this season ''Ally'' is guilty of some serious offenses against discriminating TV viewers. And, though we are excited about the upcoming guest stars (Jon Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey), we will not accept them in a plea bargain. There's only one way for the show's producers to atone for these TV violations -- STOP THEM IMMEDIATELY!

    Adorable Pic For MD
    My lamb John, one of my close friends, and webmaster of Mariah News made an adorable little promotional picture (to your right) for our site, which was very sweet of him! He has made many banners and animations that are soo amazing! He even got a brand new site up and running within days after all of his Mariah files, pictures, and his whole website were deleted by his brother. He also made a little page just for me the night of the chat at Rainbow Princess. You can go Here to look at it. Thanx John for your undying support for Mariah and your creative artwork! Luv ya much!

    News For UK Fans...
    I got this from my sweet lamb Angie:

    Lets get goin on requsting Mariah as much as possible both on radio and TV! The music channels that have Mariah on their play lists are:

    Kiss Non-Stop Interactive
    Dont Stop-No. 342
    Telephone Number 09067 533 411

    Dreamlover- 409
    Never To Far- 206
    Telephone Number 09067 536 000

    The Box no Longer apears to have any Mariah listings so I've writen them a letter requesting Never To Far and Dont Stop to be put back on the play listings!!! MTV Base is playing Dont Stop frequently and MTV Hits is playing Never To Far well.

    So we all know to get Mariah to number 1 we must pull together and get going with TV requests and radio!!! Dont forget to buy the single!!!


    Nicky from Westlife has left a message at their official site, Westlife.com, where he talks about the fantastic duet performance of "Never Too Far/Hero" at the recent Top Of The Pops Awards and how it came about:

    "We're gonna be appearing on our own at the show but also with Mariah Carey. We're doing a duet of "Hero", it's like a medley version of "[Never Too Far/Hero]" so it's not the full song. She's already doing a song on stage and then it turns into a medley and then at the "Hero", when it turns into "Hero", we come on stage. So we've been recording and rehearsing and stuff like that. We just so fond of it last week [when we found out] that she was gonna be there and to be honest it's the first time that we've been at the same thing since we actually recorded the first song together, and Mariah was gonna to be there so we just decided that we'd do it."

    [Source ¦ Westlife.com ]

    Thanx much to our Ashes from Rainbow Princess for this article!!

    Rainbow Princess is a Yahoo Mariah club founded by Ashes and my lamb Matte, and has 1,287 members. I went to their chat on Sunday night, and the members are soo sweet! Especially Maggie, Matte and Phil! Show them some support by joining their next chat! I'll let everyone know when it will be :)

    UK Single Info
    Tracklisting and format details for the UK single - exactly same format as was used in Europe ie. as follows:

    Cat No: VUSCD228
    1. Never Too Far (edit) 3:58
    2. Don't Stop (album version) 3:38
    3. Loverboy (Drums of Love Mix) 6:36
    4. Never Too Far Video

    I believe the tracklisting for the US single is just -but I am not 100% sure on this:

    1. Never Too Far/Hero
    2. There For Me

    Spanish and French radios are playing DJ from the album, but at present Virgin doesn't have any plans to commercially release this single.

    Source: Virgin Music Group

    Thanx again to Ashes for this info

    Mariah On AOL
    I got this info from April:

    Mariah made it on to the voting for top holiday song. Currently she is in third place. Right now Faith Hill is in 1st with Where Are You Christmas and Bing Crosby is in 2nd. Please put this up on the site so Mariah can make a comeback. AOL keyword holiday song...thx so much

    How annoying is this? Even if Faith Hill wins this poll, the credit goes to MARIAH anyway, cuz it's her song!! Sony just wouldn't let her sing it! UGH

    I mean, I like Faith Hill and it's not her fault, but it's just not fair to Mariah :(

    Thanx also to Erika, Nathan and Mike for letting me know about this!

    Will Mariah Re-sing LNADJSML?
    I got this info from Gilles (A HREF="http://www.heroesofmariah.com">Heroes Of Mariah):

    Last Night or not Last Night? That's the question.
    All the efforts are made to find a solution for a new recording of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, to release this single in Europe. The more likely solution is that Mariah will resing this song with another rapper.

    Thanks to Virgin Belgium.
    Posted on December the 10th.

    He also sent me this info about his site's Christmas Page:

    You laughed with us at the special Halloween page, now Christmas is coming, Heroes of Mariah thanks you to be there for the special Christmas page. Here's the direct link: Heroes Of Mariah Christmas Page

    Bits O Info For German Fans
    I got this info from Honey and Kate:

    Hi(GH) lambz!
    Here we are again, Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free and well, no big news today, but some tid-bits you might wanna use for your sites, so here we go:

    The website of Virgin Germany (www.virgin.de) updated their Mariah section again. They have a section called "Backstage" where they comment Mariah's Germany visits shortly and they updated that one with the photos we took in Berlin on December 1st and 2nd now!! :) So that's really cool as we think... :)

    So "Bro'Sis" is the name of a new German band, that came out of the same concept like O-Town did with "Making The Band" in the States and on December 01st they had their first big performance at "The Dome". There is a show about all that here, too and they filmed everything on that day. Mariah performed at "The Dome", too as we already told ya and in yesterday's show Giovanni, one of the members was interviewed after he saw Mariah shortly backstage. he said that he just walked there and suddenly a bunch of people came and then he was like "OMG! That's Mariah Carey! This is the real Mariah!" He said he was in shock and that she looked at him shortly, smiling. Oh but he also said that she doesn't look as great as on TV...mmh, if he thinks so, we think tha she looks even more baah-utiful but whateva...

    UNBELIEVABLE... Yeah, "there can be miracles". :) Yesterday we saw a TV ad for a Mariah CD by SONY the first time ever. SONY Germany is really doing their best to not promote Mariah over here, and so it was really cool that with "Glitter" quite a few TV ads could be seen, too. But oh well, yesterday we watched TV and they really showed a commercial for "Greatest Hits". So, with "Glitter" the commercials helped, it debuted at #7 (which is great for Germany), let's see how "GH" will be doing.

    Soundscan Counts At Wal-Mart?
    I got this info from Jason:

    To let you know- Soundscan DOES count sales at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Soundscan cover over 90% of all music sales. If they didn't count sales at stores like Wal-Mart they would be useless.

    I dunno what to say, cuz I know NOTHING about Soundscan at all, but this is what he told me

    Glitta Dates Overseas
    I got this info from Kiddyphenil@aol.com:

    Hey, thank you for taking the time to answer. I investigated and I have the dates that are on a Spanish website of Mariah Carey:

    Dec 07,'01: Ecuador
    Dec 08,'01: Corea, Taiwan
    Dec 21,'01: México
    Dec12, 01: Suecia
    Jan 09, 02: Bélgica
    Feb 01,' 01: Brasil

    Here is the website:

    Lo Mejor de Mariah Carey

    Mariah In Magazine
    We got this info from Melissa:

    Hey guys!

    Mariah is in the magazine The Best Beat for the first week of December's issue. It calls Mariah one of the most inspirational and interesting women of the year and has a HUGE fold out picture of Mariah ! It is beautiful! I will try to get you a scan as soon as possible!

    Mariah has been played on 104.3 a lot lately! the lady , Delilah, always plays Mariah's really soft pretty music :)

    Thanx Melissa! We can't wait for the scans :)

    Mariah Site To Visit
    Marcos, webmaster of One Diva Our Mariah has a site he would like everyone to check out. Here is the info he gave me about it:

    And many many more

    Mariah In Newspaper
    My friend Eve and Miss Molly both informed me that Mariah has been in 2 different newspapers recently. Molly sent me a scan of the article she got from her newspaper and Eve will be sending me a copy of the one she got, so I'll be adding scans as soon as I get it :)

    Here is what Eve told me about the paper in Cali:

    Hey Danielle-
    I don't have a scanner here at work but I wanted to let you know that Mariah is on the front page of the Datebook section (section D) of Today's San Francisco Chronicle. The article is titled "Rap Pack". It just has a little picture of her.

    To see Molly's scan from her paper, just go to Gallery 3

    Reserve Your Copy Of Glitter
    Nick informed us that you can start reserving your copy of Glitta on DVD and VHS!! It will be released on January 15th, so reserve your copy today :)

    Greatest Hits Selling Out!!!
    I got this info from Elior:

    Hey Danielle,
    I just wanted to let u know that I wanted to pick up the Greatest Hits CD and both Best Buy and Target sold out on Long Island, NY. Go Mariah!

    No Single In Puerto Rico
    I got this info from Marcos:

    Hi Danielle I'm a Marcos from One Diva Our Mariah, and I'm soo sad beacose the single Never Too Far/Hero will not be realised in Puerto Rico. I contact all the musics stores includind SamGoody and they don't have the single also they don't even know about the single. So I decide to buy it in the internet.

    Please tell all that Puertoricans MC fans to request Mariah here in Puerto Rico by calling the most popular radio stacions

    La Mega Estación= (787) 622-9481

    KQ-105= (787) 750-5000, 750-7105

    Sistema 102= (787) 780-1025

    A Couple O Mariah Animations...
    Judyna, webmaster of Papillon Diva (Papillon is French for "Butterfly") and Leo, webmaster of Mariah's Lambs both sent me some AWESOME flash animations they made recently. As soon as I figure out how to add them (gotta get some help from my boyfriend) I'll put them up, so check back for that!!!

    Ann Magnuson Talks About Glitter
    I read this on popdirt.com:

    Star reports Mariah Carey's Glitter co-star Ann Magnuson has her own thoughts on why the movie performed so badly. She said halfway through filming, they decided to ditch the campy '80s era look and modern styling messed up the continuity of the film. In hoping to make a tribute to the 80's, the movie lost its point and wasn't the funny production it could have been.

    Update by Danielle
    December 11th (12:00 pm EST)

    Mariah To Sing At The Superbowl!!!!
    My girl Stephanie (Mariah's Web) just informed us that our Mariah will be singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl on February 3rd!!! Here is the article about it:

    Tuesday December 11, 9:00 am Eastern Time
    Press Release
    SOURCE: National Football League

    NFL Selects Mariah Carey To Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl XXXVI
    NEW YORK, NY--(INTERNET WIRE)--Dec 11, 2001-- Singer, songwriter and producer MARIAH CAREY will sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXXVI at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans Sunday, Feb. 3, the NFL announced today. Bowl XXXVI will be televised by FOX to an expected 130 million viewers in the United States and 800 million viewers worldwide. The Super Bowl is annually the nation's highest-rated TV program and the most-watched single-day sporting event. The NFL previously announced that U2 will perform live during the E*TRADE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW. Performers for the pregame show will be announced in the next few weeks.

    Carey is the top-selling female pop artist of the 1990s.

    Carey will add her name to the Super Bowl National Anthem performers' list that includes: Diana Ross; Neil Diamond; Billy Joel; Whitney Houston; Harry Connick, Jr.; Garth Brooks; Natalie Cole; Vanessa Williams; Luther Vandross; Jewel; Cher; Faith Hill and last year's group, the Backstreet Boys. (see below for list of National Anthem performers from past Super Bowls)

    Super Bowl Performer
    Super Bowl I Universities of Arizona & Michigan Bands
    Super Bowl II Grambling University Band
    Super Bowl III Anita Bryant (Pledge of Allegiance by Apollo Astronauts)
    Super Bowl IV Al Hirt (Pledge of Allegiance by Astronauts)
    Super Bowl V Tommy Loy (trumpeter)
    Super Bowl VI U.S. Air Force Academy Chorale
    Super Bowl VII Little Angels of Holy Angels Church (Chicago) Pledge of Allegiance by Apollo 17 crew
    Super Bowl VIII Charlie Pride, Andy Williams & Little Angels of Holy Angels Church (Chicago)
    Super Bowl IX Grambling University Band with Mardi Gras Chorus
    Super Bowl X Tom Sullivan
    Super Bowl XI Vicki Carr (America the Beautiful)
    Super Bowl XII Phyllis Kelly of NE Louisiana State University
    Super Bowl XIII Colgate University Thirteen
    Super Bowl XIV Cheryl Ladd
    Super Bowl XV Helen O'Connell
    Super Bowl XVI Diana Ross
    Super Bowl XVII Leslie Easterbrook
    Super Bowl XVIII Barry Manilow
    Super Bowl XIX Children's Choir of San Francisco
    Super Bowl XX Wynton Marsalis
    Super Bowl XXI Neil Diamond
    Super Bowl XXII Herb Alpert
    Super Bowl XXIII Billy Joel
    Super Bowl XXIV Aaron Neville
    Super Bowl XXV Whitney Houston
    Super Bowl XXVI Harry Connick, Jr. (Signed by Lori Hilary)
    Super Bowl XXVII Garth Brooks (Signed by Marlee Matlin)
    Super Bowl XXVIII Natalie Cole with Atlanta University Center Chorus (Signed by Courtney Keel Foley)
    Super Bowl XXIX Kathie Lee Gifford (Signed by Heather Whitestone)
    Super Bowl XXX Vanessa Williams (Signed by Mary Kim Titla)
    Super Bowl XXXI Luther Vandross (Signed by Erika Schwarz)
    Super Bowl XXXII Jewel (Signed by Phyllis Frelich)
    Super Bowl XXXIII Cher (Signed by Speaking Hands)
    Super Bowl XXXIV Faith Hill (Signed by Briarlake Elementary School Signing Choir)

    Super Bowl XXXV Backstreet Boys (Signed by Tom Cooney); "America The Beautiful" performed by Ray Charles

    Super Bowl XXXVI Mariah Carey!!!!!

    How freakin AWESOME is that??? I can't wait to hear that! OMG Mariah's voice singing that song!! To THAT many viewers! Talk about publicity! GO Mariah!!! We're all behind you 100 %!!!!

    Source: Yahoo and NFL.com

    Working On Update...
    I'm working on a full update at this particular moment, I just REALLY wanted to get this AMAZING news up as soon as possible! I'm so excited now!!! Look at that picture of Mariah to the left holding a present. How cute is her little pose? LOL

    Update by Regina
    December 10th (2:45 pm EST)

    Buy Mariah's Single Tomorrow
    I added a little note at the top and it's really important that we all go out and buy the single tomorrow. I will be picking up 27 copies of the single myself to help out with sales and to send them around the world to fans that can not get them. I believe this single will only be released in the USA, from what I heard, so if you are willing to pick up extra copies and ship them to people too, just contact me at MariahDaily1@aol.com and I will get your name/e-mail address up on Daily for people to contact you. If we all pull together, we can give Mariah the best Christmas present, a #1 single. LET'S DO IT!

    Here is a message Stanley wanted me to post... 

    I just wanted to remind everyone that SoundScan does NOT credit CDs on the Billboard Charts purchased from Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart.  I'm sure those are not the only stores they don't credit.  But the point is we do know a lot of the stores that do affect the Billboard Charts: Wherehouse Music, Camelot, FYE, Sam Goody, etc.

    Even though it is unfair that they don't credit every store, if we want to help Mariah on the Billboard Charts we MUST remember to tell everyone where to buy them.  The price is usually the same if not cheaper.  For example when "Loverboy" came out the 49-cent copies where at the stores that where counted on Billboard, but stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart had it for $2.99 or $3.99.

    So when promoting a single or album for Mariah, PLEASE always remind everyone to buy only from the SoundScan accredited stores.  A good place to find a list of credited stores is at this website: HITS Daily Double: Top Tens (http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/ is the main page).  There it lists Wherehouse Music, Virgin, Fred Meyer, Hastings, NRM, The Wiz, HMV, Anderson, & Newbury Comics as the top ten leading record merchandisers to buy your CDs from. This website also has a building album sales chart which updates all through Monday and Tuesday to give top sales figures for albums bought.  And they are usually very accurate with Billboard's Charts. 

    Otherwise we may be purchasing mass copies from stores that don't help Mariah on the Billboard Charts.

    Send Mariah a Merry Christmas Message
    Earlier this year, we created a guestbook where fans could send in their well wishes to Mariah while she was recovering. Now, it's Christmas time and the guestbook is being started up again. We got all the letters to Mariah last time and we are doing it once again. If you want to tell Mariah Merry Christmas, just click here. Time is limited obviously, so make sure you sign it as soon as possible.

    J.Lo Dazzles U.S. Troops in Germany
    RAMSTEIN, Germany (Reuters) - Latin actress-singer Jennifer Lopez swept into Germany to boost the morale of U.S. troops supporting the Afghan campaign, giving a rousing performance that had soldiers dancing atop tanks and aircraft.

    Rounding up the end of her European promotion tour, ``J. Lo'' was joined by performers Kid Rock and Ja Rule in a two-and-a-half hour show at the Ramstein base in southwestern Germany, sponsored by music channel MTV.

    ``Having her here is like having a one-woman humanitarian drop,'' MTV host Carson Daly said to shouts of approval from the troops, many of whom are involved in the packaging and dropping of aid packages over Afghanistan (news - web sites).

    Baring her midriff in a skimpy pink top and tight skirt, Lopez braved the cold in a giant aircraft hangar to convey America's thanks to about 1,500 soldiers, support staff and family members.

    ``I just want to say we appreciate everything you guys are doing. We want you to come home soon,'' she said, surrounded by some of America's most high-tech military equipment including a sleek Blackhawk helicopter of the type being used by U.S. forces to hunt down Osama bin Laden (news - web sites).

    The concert took place on Saturday night. Media reports on it were embargoed until Sunday at the request of MTV.

    Lopez proceeded to perform some hits including ``Love Don't Cost a Thing,'' ``Ain't It Funny,'' and ``I'm Real.'' Outside the hangar, soldiers clambered on to a tank, the Blackhawk and a number of aircraft where they started dancing on the wings.

    Lopez is the second major American star to entertain troops abroad in less than a week after pop diva Mariah Carey serenaded U.S. soldiers who are part of a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

    Thanks to Tommy for this Article

    New Pics
    Beassebug sent me scans of the pictures she took at the Glitter premiere. There are some cool pictures, especially the image of Mariah sitting in her seat in the theater. Bobbie (aka EJ) sent me an image of the Greatest Hits Mariah Carye 2002 calendar and also of the Glitter Sampler, that will be given out (see news below). Plus, Raymond sent me some pictures in real mail of a painting that was done on the main window of his family's store. Here is a special message to go with the pics...

    Hello fellow lambs, Every year during the holidays, w have a customer paint holiday scenes on the windows at my family's pharmacy. This year she asked for suggestions and at that time we were playing Mariah Carey's Christmas album. I immefiately grabbed the cassette cover and asked if she could paint a picture of Mariah kneeling by presents along with background scenery. Well, what she drew was amazing! It was beautiful. Next, I contacted our fellow lamb Regina and asked if she could help out and post them on the site. Thanks to Regina, you are all able to witness the paiting. This is my way of saying thank you for everything Mariah has done for us, and for being our saving grace. I know I'll never get the chance to say it in person, but this will suffice. Thank you mariah! A fan always...Raymond.

    To see the store, here is the address...
    Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
    1121 West Court Street
    Pasco, WA 99301

    Check out the pics in Gallery 3.

    The Box
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that The Box has shown Mariah and Westlife's TOTP Performance twice in the past four hours. So it must be on the playlist, go request it.

    Sydney's Mariah Day
    Joseph wanted us to post the following information...

    Hey people in Sydney get ready for the biggest event to date... no its not christmas... its MARIAHDAY!!!! Yes we are holding another mariahday, but its going to be bigger because we are on holidays and everyone that lives in Sydney are expected to come. Please email me at JDNAZTY@hotmail.com so i could see how many people are comming!!!!! thank you. Joseph!

    EMI Music Korea Contests
    Bobbie (aka EJ), sent me some more information after speaking to the manager at EMI Music Korea.

    There are some changes in the Event2.
    The event is started on January after ending of Diamond event, we can call it Mariah Carey Promotion Single Reflections(Jewel Case). And the track has 'Reflections album version' 'Never Too Far/Hero' 'There For Me' 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Radio Edit' 'Don't Stop Instrumental' ' Never Too Far Radio Edit' 'Loverboy Dreamy Club of Love Radio Edit' and Kylie Minogue 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'.

    Attn: Dutch Lambs
    MariahCareyOn wants to inform you that there will be a Mariah special on December 30th on TMF. It's a weekend special and they are going to show a Mariah interview and some other little tidbits.

    UK Information
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, wanted me to post the following...

  • Uk fan gathering Takes place saturday 1pm @leicester square outside empire just turn up
  • To promote mariah, why not try what we are gonna do in the uk: gather mariah goodies and take them to radio stations and tell them that this is for all the listeners on the station who have supported mariah...that way mariah will get some promotion
  • Tower records in the uk are now selling the australian import of ntf/ds.  Also they are selling the 2002 tv times mariah calander.  From friday next week they hope to stock japanese import of the greatest hits

    Help Mariah in Turkey
    Izzet would like you all to help Mariah out in Turkey. She is not promoted well there and you can help by checking out these radio stations websites and requesting Mariah...

    Note From Regina
    This is my final exam week, as for many others out there too and I am being slammed with work to do. I am going to try my best to continue to update the site but please be patient with me and coming Friday, I will be back in full force on Daily! Thanks!

    Update by Danielle
    December 9th (2:30 pm EST)

    BEAUTIFUL Mariah Banner
    An awesome lamb from Malaysia named Shahiran made a BEAUTIFUL banner to commemorate the "Never Too Far/Hero" single. You can see a small cap of it to your right.

    To see the full size of the banner, as well as 4 scans of the Greatest Hits CD sleeve (Thanx to Francesco!) go to Gallery 3

    I've received some banners from her before and she is SOO good at it! They were all SOO Beautiful!! I hope to get more from her in the future :)

    Rolling Stone News
    I got this info from paiyee1@aol.com, webmaster of Mariah 4 Life:

    This news was taken from the special double issue of Rolling Stone magazine, December 27, 2001-January 3, 2002. This issue goes over the highlights of 2001

    Top moment of July
    Warning: Mutiple-Celebrity summer meltdown dead ahead

    What was in the air this summer? Stars piled up in rehab like they were cannon balling into Puffy's hot tub. The Backstreet Boys had to postpone their flop summer tour when AJ McLean hit the 'hab for booze and substance abuse. (When the group went on TRL to break the news, Nick Carter tastefully wore his GRABABOOTIE & PINCH T-shirt.) Metallica's James Hetfield entered treatment for "alcoholism and other addictions." Ben Affleck, too.

    Mariah Carey took the public freakout tiara, almost stripping on TRL and leaving scary messages on her Web site ("I'm ready to take off my pager!") before checking into the hospital for exhaustion. "I allowed myself to be a little bit too paranoid about life," Carey said. "And life is for living, so...that's how deep this is." True that, Mariah!

    A few days later, Whitney Houston called 911 when husband Bobby Brown got "heat exhaustion." Will this rivalry end?

    Top selling singles for 2001:
    1. Mariah Carey "Loverboy" - VIRGIN
    2. Joe "Stutter" - JIVE
    3. Eden's Crush "Get over your self" - SIRE
    4. Janet Jackson "All for You" - VIRGIN
    5. Lil' Romeo "My Baby" - PRIORITY
    6. City High "What would you do" - INTERSCOPE
    7. Olivia "Bizounce" - J
    8. Lil' Mo "Superwoman" - ELEKTRA
    9. Case " Missing you" - DEF JAM
    10. Jahiem "Could it be" - WARNER BROS.

    Top selling Soundtracks:
    #14: Glitter: 338,504

    Go Mariah!!!

    Download "Hit Machine"
    Marc informed me that you can download the video file of Mariah on "Hit Machine" at his site: Mariah News!!! Go check it out!

    Mariah On Larry King Live
    I got this info from MariahCareyLamb1:

    Dear Danielle,

    Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that Mariah was on at the end of Larry King Live last night and they played footage of her in the beautiful white gown singing the Never Too Far/Hero Medley. Larry introduced Mariah and said she was in Macedonia at the time (the text on the screen said December 4th). At the beginning they showed her in the army suit among the soldiers (just like the pictures you have on your site) and while she was singing they showed lots of different clips of soldiers in action. She was amazing!!!!!!

    "There For Me" Promotion On AOL
    I got this info from Kevin:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that "There For Me" the B side to Mariah's single for charity is getting much advertising on AOL. I went to sign in and on the startup page was a whole article on the song and there was a link to listen to it.

    Mariah's Dreams
    I got this info from my sweet lamb Angie:

    Hi Honey

    There is a short cute article bout mariah and her Dreams in the News Of The Worlds Magazine today it goes as follows:

    Singer Mariah Carey says "I have this recuring dream where I'm entering the New York subway. It's late and I don't have any money on me, so I can't get a ticket home. It's smoky and I wake feeling I need fresh air".

    The Doctor says:
    "This nightmare symbolizes a fear of losing her roots. Being penniless shows that money detaches her from real life and not being able to get a ticket home shows her sense of detachment from her roots. The smoke symbolises her fight through a haze of emotions".

    There is a tiny little pic with it showing Mariah deep in thought and looking a little sad.

    Update by Danielle
    December 9th (10:00 am EST)

    Hit Machine Caps
    A very nice lamb named Hanta sent me 13 BEAUTIFUL screen caps of Mariah from "Hit Machine", and Judyna, webmaster of Mariah Carey Papillon Diva, a BEAUTIFUL Mariah site, sent me 3 pictures of miss Mariah from "Oh La" magazine. Two of them are from a TV show called "Tapis Rouge" in France :) You can check out all 16 of these gorgeous pics in Gallery 3!!

    Look at that picture to the right, isn't she BEAUTIFUL?? I just LOVE her pretty smile :) And she's wearing her favorite color... pink :D

    Mariah Site To Check Out...
    Erica and Jennifer, two very sweet lambs, have a new site called Extreme Mariah that they would like you to check out! They even have a page dedicated to Mariah Daily, which was VERY sweet of them!!

    ET Mariah Article
    This news is kinda old now, but it was on Entertainment Tonight's website on December 4th, and here is what it said:

    Mariah Meets the Troops!
    Feeling a long, long way from home? Dust clogging your M-16? Just when serving overseas seems less than all it can be, here comes MARIAH CAREY to the rescue! The pop diva was greeted yesterday by shouts of delight from military servicemen as she landed in Kosovo by helicopter for a brief visit.

    As soon as she touched the ground, the glittery girl jumped from her chopper to sign autographs for the troops. Later, she rehearsed for a sound check, and then performed a handful of hits for an especially appreciative military crowd. Tonight on ET, we're with Mariah as she gives her all for the troops, on and off the stage!

    Source: ETonline

    Greatest Hits Sells Out!!!
    I got this AWESOME info from Richard:

    I just wanna let you know that when I went today to the Target store in Hackensack, New Jersey to buy it, there weren't anymore. I spoke to the salesperson there, and she said they had about 500 copies on Tuesday and now they're all gone.

    GO Mariah!!!

    News For Italian Lambs
    Simone told me that December 13 on the "Viva Italian" channel at 10 pm there will be a Mariah special called "Mono".

    Awesome Glitta Article!
    I got this article from a very SWEET lamb, who calls themself "The Wind":

    Romantic music drama with Mariah Carey.

    As child, her mother abandoned Billie (Carey), and she was placed on a children's home. Many years later she is discovered by DJ Julian Dice, who becomes her lover and producer. Together they start working to hit the top in the music business. But it's a hard, and sometimes hurting experience for Billie. She has to fight to find happiness. Premiere: December"

    New CD's:
    Mariah Carey - Glitter

    This is definitely the best music Mariah has ever written. Glitter is not the usual Mariah stuff - this is more varied than we are used to. But as usual she has some great ballads, which can become great hits! Since this is a soundtrack from the movie ("Glitter"), Mariah includes a lot of guest artists.

    Kosovo Article
    I got this info from Lupe:

    Hey Danielle,
    My name is Lupe i just wanna tell you that Mariah was in an article in the December 4th issue of "The Fresno Bee" and the article is as follows...

    Mariah Carey sang her hit "Hero" on Tuesday for U.S. peacekeepers in Camp Bondsteel, Yugoslavia, who snapped pictures of the pop star, clapped and cheered, and joined her in singing.

    Many of the soldiers in the NATO-led force held up pictures of the 31-year-old singer and held aloft U.S. flags. Some shot pictures of the entertainer, who in September released her first movie, "Glitter," along with the soundtrack.

    The commander of the U.S. troops in Kosovo, Brig. Gen. Keith Huber, introduced the singer. Carey then kicked off her one-hour show blowing a kiss to the soldiers, and ended it by signing her pictures for the troops.

    EW Article
    I got this from Estevis:

    Hey D,
    I typed out the article from the US Weekly Mag. 1st Annual Women of the Year Issue without MC in it. Here it is:

    Mariah Carey, For Coming Back:
    This summer, The voice that sold more than 140 million records was drowned out by gossip. In July, Mariah Carey worked herself to exhaustion, breaking down while promoting her movie, GLITTER. Carey thought her ex-husband, record executive Tommy Matolla, was sabotaging her career. She thought Jennifer Lopez was stealing her songs. She thought it would be a good idea to perform an impromptu striptease on MTV's Total Request Live.

    On July 25, she checked herself into a Connecticut sanitarium. "I really don't feel I should be doing music right now," she said. Carey deserves credit for promptly getting the help she needed. She understands herself better now. "There will always be an undertone of sadness in who I am." she said. "I can't change certain things, and I might as well make the best of it." Her recovery continues, but on September 1, wearing a simple black dress, she stepped into the spotlight for the telethon AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES and performed a version of her song "Hero" that reminded every one of why she was a star. The voice is back.

    Join A New Mariah Newsletter!
    I got this from Kelly:

    Hi Danielle,

    I was wondering if could put a little bit of information on your site. I am looking for people who are interested in receiving Mariah newsletters. I am planning to start a newsletter that gives people in Australia news about Mariah that may or may not affect them. For example, tour dates, chart information and just general news (on Mariah of course). My e-mail address is kelly.burt@xtra.co.nz

    SM:TV Audio Files
    My buddi John, a VERY sweet lamb, has 3 audio files for Mariah's SM:TV performance in Chums on his site Mariah News!!! To listen to these hilarious scenes, just go HERE!!!

    Join A Mariah Site!!
    I got this info from Sara:

    To all Lambs.
    Mariah Leads The Way is now looking for a new member of staff. To qualify for the position you have to own good computer graphical skills, able to update the site at least 3 times per week, keep an eye out for new Mariah news and last but not least you have to be a dedicated Mariah fan. To find out more check out Mariah Leads The Way, or e-mail sara_E_L@hotmail.com. All entrants will have to send us any Mariah graphic and they will be judged on the most imaginative and original designs.

    TONZ O MC Info
    mariahnum1lamb@aol.com sent us these bits O Mariah info:

    Mariah At a Chicago High school...
    Well not really, I went to my high school's father daughter dance last night and in the programs each class had a song Mariah was 3 or the 4 songs!!! Freshman- I'll be there Sophmore-Wind beneath my wings Junior-Without you Senior- Hero!!! I was a very happy girl! They also played Fantasy honey and my dad went on stage and made a special dedication to me and it was Always be my baby! It was all very cute so MC is getting played publically so we must keep hope!!

    There for me...
    Yesterday There for me was played on local radio station B96 in Chicago and so it is now time to request request request!!!!

    Mariah theme at a junior prom...
    I'm a junior in high school and junior prom is coming up. We will use a Mariah song at our prom the question is which one? I was wondering if you could have people send me their ideas as to which mc song they think I should use!! I'm going for there for me but please give me your ideas!

    Radio props for MC...
    100.3 in Chicago played "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and after they played it they said... "yeah so many wonderful things about the holidays, and Ms. Mariah right there is definitely one of them!"

    On 93.9 they played I Still believe and said "that was Mariah Carey and I still believe. Mariah is really on top of things now, she is out of the hospital has a new album out and she just visited the troops in kosovo, she is working hard and looking good! We wish the best to her!..

    Rolling Stone...
    In the RS 2001 yearbook there is singles of 2001 charts, and Loverboy, Mariah Carey-Virgin is #1!!!!!!!

    Mariah News On MSN
    I got this from Miss Molly:

    At the start up screen for Windowsmedia.com they advertise Mariahs new single...

    'Lady Mariah releases "There For Me" Dec. 10 as a seperate single not found on "Glitter". It then allows you to listen to it..and if you click on the words it brings you to mariahcarey.com... it shows the picture of the Never To Far logo MSN used

    Official Site Updated
    The news section of Miss Mariah's official site has been updated, so be sure and check it out!!!

    They give an honorable mention to Ashes also!! Congratulations lamb :)

    Update by Regina
    December 8th (5:00 pm EST)

    Magazine News
    Mariah is in basically all the tabloids this week. There is two big pictures of her in the Star and The National Enquirer (December 18th issues). Both show her in their fashion seasons and I scanned the pictures and added them to Gallery 3. I saw she is also in the Globe but I think it's the same picture that's in the Star and it's only her face. It's with an article that talks about her new diet which consists of basically bread, wine and cheese.

    Plus, Mason informed me that Anja's images were not working yesterday, so I went in and fixed the problem. If you want to check them out in Gallery 3 now, you can do that also! Sorry about that!

    Mariah on Hit Machine
    HitMachine Antoine sent me the following information about Mariah on Hit Machine. There is a cap of the show on the right, courtesy of MariahStyle.net I believe Danielle said she would be adding the caps tonight herself, so I won't bother....

    Hi, I'm a french guy and i've just seen mariah on tv's hit machine where she performed lnadjsml with dozens of dancers... And it was AMAZING !!!! She appeard very delighted, happy. Unfortunately, it seems that you're right for the cd single release, there simply won't be any single release, well they didn't shown any single after mariah's performance... Which is sad, because lnadjsml is really a big hit on radio here ! Anyway your site is wonderful and i hope you will see what mariah did on frengh tv and enjoy it !!!

    Mariah in Brazil
    Marcus informed me that Mariah is in first place with Don't Stop in the MTV Top 20. Check it out...
    2.Linkin Park "In The End"
    3.Backstreet Boys "Drowning"
    4.Shakira "Whenever Wherever"
    5.Westlife "Queen Of My Heart"

    Plus, the Greatest Hits album debut at #1 on the Brazilian charts. Never Too Far is the #1 single in Brazil for the last two weeks also.

    Banging The Charts
    Here is what Twinpeaks9 sent me...
    Mariah was on MTV's "Bangin' the Charts", a new show where the week's billboard charts are discussed. There was a segment this week on Greatest Hits collections, where they were telling you what the best ones were. Mariah's was the first one they discussed, and the showed the video for Fantasy while they talked about the album a little. They showed a very brief section of the Mariah interview with MTV. They said that with 15 number one singles on the album, it was by far the Greatest Hits collection with the biggest hits, but then of course, they had to start in with the Ones comparisons. They said the fact that her Ones album was released less than two years ago (which really it was released three years ago) indicates that record labels are looking to use cash cows too do well on the pop catologue charts. Gideon Yago did the report, and Mariah will likely be discussed on next weeks show when sales figures are in for her Greatest Hits album. The show airs on Fridays @ 4:00 or 4:30, I believe.

    More About Glitter Contest
    EJ sent me more information about the Glitter event happening in Korea. Here is what he told me...
    Would you see attached a picture of Didmond Pandant which is that EMI Music Korea will present to 12 persons.


    If you are here, and go to buy a copy of Glitter album on December, then you can find out extra flies within it. One is a free drink coupon at Snoopy Place, the other is about a Simple Diamond Pandant(Golden dew & Eberete) and event. You pick up one favortie pandant in 10 different pandants, cut off the picture and post it on a postcard, then send the postcard to EMI Music Korea. Now all you have to do is just waiting to their 12 winner list.

    And I'll tell you more about Korean Promo sinlge after meeting a manager of EMI Music Korea.

    Here We Go Round Again
    Lexi did some searching on the song that Mariah wrote with Ben Margulies in the U.S. Copyright Office Records. The got Mariah's birthday wrong. If you want to check it out for yourself, click here. Here is the info...
    1. Registration Number:    PAu-1-667-103
    Title:    Here we go round again.
    Claimant:    Been Jammin' Music & Vision of Love Songs
    Created:    1987
    Registered:    14Sep92
    Author on © Application:  words & music: Ben Margulies , 1963-, & Mariah Carey , 1969-. Special Codes:   3/M

    More News Coming...
    Danielle wrote me and told me she is working on an update and should have it up by the end of the night, including the caps from Hit Machine.

    Update by Regina
    December 7th (7:00 pm EST)

    Berlin Fan Pictures
    Sabine and Anja sent me some pictures they took of Mariah in Germany. Anja's are the first three images and I love the picture where Mariah is looking right into the camera. Bine's are all the other pictures. The very last picture, Ashes from Rainbow Princess, sent me. I am not really sure who the people are but I think he said the one guy is his friend Adam. Check them out in Gallery 3

    Help Mariah On The Radio
    PrtGarner needs our help! We really need to start requesting even NTF/Hero medley or There For Me on the top radio stations in the USA to help with singles sales next week. Remember, Mariah did not have a #1 single in the year 2001 and we really want to help her out.

    To request it at B96, go to this link and at the bottom of the page you can request NTF/Hero Medley or There For Me.

    There For Me was recently added to the following:
    Toll Free from USA)
    Z100: 1-800-242-0100
    WKTU/103.5: 1-800-245-1035
    HOT97: 1-800-223-9797
    KISS FM: 1-800-288-5477
    KIIS - Los Angeles (1-800-520-1027)   

    And since these #'s are toll free its just like requesting on TRL but this might actually work. For the rest of the phone numbers and how you can request M, check out the Request MC Page!

    Mariah on GMTV
    Simon informed me that Mariah was on GMTV (Good Morning TV) in the UK the other day and it seems she did a recording while in the UK last month. She sang "Without You" and it was not a live version. At the end, they said watch next week for her performance of "Never Too Far." So if you are in the UK, check it out Wednesday around 8:15 am.

    The View Date Change
    Joe called ABC to confirm Mariah's apperance and he was told that Barbara announced the wrong date on the air. Mariah will actually appear on the 17th, not the 14th.

    Korean Glitter Event
    EJ (windofmariah@pe.ky) sent me the latest news from Korea. It kind of confused me but in the end, he said he would be sending us more information. If you are in Korea and have questions, try contacting EJ because I won't be much help.

    Event1) Mariah & Diamond necklace
    EMI Music Korea plan to pick up 12 people and give a Diamond necklace a the end of month. People have to send a postcard with a diamond picture in the album within Dec. 31.

    Event2) Korean Speical Limited Promo single (8tracks)
    EMI Music Korea plan to give a Special promo single to people buying a copy of Glitter album(CD, MC) on December. It's not a comercial single but a promo single.

    The track is below. Never too far/Hero
    There for me
    Don't stop (instrumental)
    Last night a dj saved my life (radio edit)
    Reflections (abum version)
    Loverboy (Dreamy Club of Love radio edit)

    Mariah in Kosovo Video
    Lisa sent me the transcript of the Kosovo Video. If you would rather watch the video at EuroNews, just click here. I watched it and it loaded pretty quickly.

    Pop diva, Mariah Carey, has brought some early Christmas cheer to US peacekeepers in Kosovo. On a morale-boosting, whistle stop tour around three American camps, the singer is estimated to have met at least half the 6,000 US troops stationed in Kosovo. The New York singer said she wanted to bring a little glamour to the soldiers. And, not surprisingly, "Mariah mania" broke out, with soldiers pleading for photographs and begging for autographs. Following her Kosovo trip, the new forces' sweetheart says she would also contemplate entertaining US troops in Afghanistan. But Mariah made sure she did not leave the Balkans without doing what she does best, getting up on stage to serenade the troops.

    Request LNADJSML
    Ricardo would like all of you to request Last Night A DJ Saved My Life on the radio by clicking here.

    New Site
    I added Extreme Mariah to the links page, just out this lovely site if you like!

    Update by Regina
    December 7th (9:30 am EST)

    New Pics Galore
    Check out Gallery 3 for a bunch of Mariah pics. There you will find the Never Too Far/Hero CD single cover, a bunch of awesome caps from outside TOTP's (thanks to Mariah Chart History), scans from the Mariah Carey promo released a long time ago (thanks to rachy_oly@yahoo.com) and much more. Plus, in Gallery 5, you can see a bunch of older pictures I added. I havn't added a couple in a while, so I decided to do that. Check out those two galleries for those pictures.

    LNADJSML Re-Recorded
    VIRGIN Australia tell me today that LNADJSML may be re-recorded to avoid the legal issues that are holding it back from being released. Also, contrary to what some people are reporting - it WILL NOT be released in France in the coming weeks, even though it is big hit on radio over there. Therefore, the promo scans that have appeared online may be fake or simply for radio use only. Will let you know as news comes to hand...

    Thanks to AMCF for this information

    Never Too Far/Hero Download
    My buddy Peggy informed me that you can download Mariah's and Westlife's performance of Never Too Far/Hero at MariahStyle.net Go check it out if you want.

    Raw Footage of Kosovo
    kosovoimage SUMar235 informed me that you can watch raw footage of Mariah in Kosovo on Entertainment Tonight's website. Check it out by clicking here.

    A Lamb's Story
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent me Adam's story from the UK
    I'm Adam, a lamb from Manchester and this is my story about meeting my idol..Mariah Carey..lol!!! Anyway..On the 29th November, a thursday, i took the day off from my classes and went to the Lowry Hotel where Mariah was staying during her brief visit to Manchester., a sweet lamb named Ashes informed me of this..thanx baby!!..lol..so I called up my friend Vicky the night before and asked her if she wanted to come down! She is also a HUGE fan and was soooooo excited! Well i knew that Mariah was due to be arriving at the Lowry at around 11am so i picked Vicky up at 10.30 and made our way to the hotel. When we got there we went inside and TRIED to eat and drink something!! {Photo 1}. So just about as i was gonna go down to see if Mariah had arrived i got a call from my Ashes who told me that instead of going straight to the hotel Mariah had gone to some recording studio in Manchester..380 Deansgate..PWL studios. So we ran outside hailed down a taxi and tried to track down these studios, which was one hell of a job..at last we found it ..and guess whose car we saw parked outside..lol? {photo 2} Anyhow, i recognised Mariah's bodyguard who was soooo nice and sooo calming at the same time, he said Mariah would be out in ten minutes. At this stage Vicky and I were nearly dying of nerves and ..how appropriate..butterflies..lol..in our stomaches!! After about Five minutes the door opened and Louise said ' Here's Mariah!' I nearly cried. There she was THE vision of love, my idol..i couldn't believe it..she was so beautiful..it was like she had just stepped out of a picture. We were the only two lambs there, since the rest were back at the hotel, Mariah smiled and waved at us!!!! She then went onto the actual dock and spent about two minutes posing for pictures for the press and then came over to us..her bodyguard motioned her away and she said ' I want photos with the fans,,i just want photos with the two fans!'So we were escorted inside the studio by the bodyguard and there she was sooo lovely and kind and sweet she spent about twenty minutes with us,signing stuff, taking pictures, talking to us! She said she was recording Hero with Westlife  and that thats what she'd be doing at the TOTP awards the night after! Her 'people' then said that she was really busy and that she had to go..we understood and she hugged us, thanked us for coming and said ' see ya later'. We were just overwhelmed! We ran out onto the street screaming etc ..ringing everyone we knew! it was amazing. Eventually we decided to go and wait until she left. We waited for about one hour and a bit and then Westlife matierialised. They didn't have time for photographs so we understood and let them be..lol..Then out Mariah came ..donning a pair of Chanel sunglasses..this can't be good..i thought, but the press weren't there so she was actually in a really good mood. I started to sing Hero and she touched my hand and said ' I Love You. Thankyou.' I so nearly cried then..lol..i was an emotional wreck!! She got into the car and waved at us and blew kisses until she was out of sight! We then went shopping for Christmas presents for family etc and made our way back to the hotel where there were about 40 people ALL there for Mariah..4 other girls were there for Westlife! They said that Mariah had arrived a while ago and she waved and smiled at them. By this stage Vicky and I were really hungry so we went up to the security at the front of the hotel and asked if we could go inside for some lunch..they have a restauraunt upstairs. They said no! I can understand why they said that but aside from being a hotel it is a restauraunt as well So after a heated 'disscussion ' with the egotistical security guard we sent out for lunch via one of the lambs..lol..even though by this time it was like 5.30pm..Well Vicky and I were determined not to let him get the best of us and we found a back entrance and snuck through it!!! lol..we litterally crept into the elevator and went to the first floor and who was standing outside his room door but Mark from Westlife..in an old pair of jeans with no shoes or socks on. He asked us if we wanted a photo and we said yeah and after that we were speaking to him bout different things like Mariah and he said that he loved her when he was younger and that he cant believe all the luck HE has had with her! so we like him now..lol..Then i saw a room service lady and asked her if we could get a drink, she told me to follow her and she'd see. At that moment Shane came out of his room and Vicky asked for a photo. Meanwhile the lady said that she had no more Diet Cokes.I made my way back to the room where i saw Vicky with Shane. He grinned and said hi. I smiled back and took the pic for them. He then said ' Well do you wanta picture ten' in a cheeky, jokey way and then laughed. I said ok and laughed and Vicky took the picture. He spent a long time with us and then we had to go  coz vicky had to leave,he was fine with it and he said that hed see us later! So Vicky and I went home and reflected on our amazing day!! But no..it doesnt stop there!! On Friday after I had finished my classes i went home got ready for the Top Of The Pops Awards and set off to pick up the tickets and as i was in line at the Box Office I got a call from ' a friend'..lol  saying that Mariah would be leaving the hotel at 7.00pm and it was 6.45 now!! So after Vicky and I recieved the tickets went to the Lowry where there were over 60+ people and around 50 ..yep..50 of them were lambs! After 10 mins at exactly 7pm..Mariah emerged looking so beautiful ..words cannot describe..no photo could ever do,that night at least, her justice, she remembered us and smiled and waved! She also signed my pictures which i got developed that morning..lol..She then got into the car and waved us goodbye. We made our way to the show and took our seats with our huge Mariah poster..there were soooooo may lambs there too!!!! I couldnt believe it. Anyhow Mariah was second on and she started off by dedicating Never Too Far/Hero medely to 'George Harrison and to all those who we have loved and lost this year' and on the link into Hero Westlife came on..{Vicky and I are now officially fans.lol} and performed Hero with her. Then a big blast of pyrotechnics set off on the climax of the song..{'in time you'll find the way'} and all good things must come to an end and the performance was over..EVERYBODY..was in tears!!!! Well two more hours, one huge ass and a diva later..lol, and the show was over. But Vicky and I were unsure whether to get a lift from outside the arena or to go back to the Lowry for a drink...we decided to go back to the lowry. When we arrived we saw a bunch of Mercedez's and a red carpet..that could only mean one thing..after-show party!!!!  Vicky and I decided to wait outside and celeb spot..lol..until Westlife came out of their jeep! Shane recognised me, took my hand and pulled me out of the crowd..i turned round and grabbed Vicky's hand and he led us inside.It was like something out of a movie!!! He showed his ticket at the door and said to the bodyguard' He's with me!' I couldnt believe it.I was sat with Shane in HIS booth!! Celebs would come over and say hi and he'd say 'This is my friend Adam'!!!! I met Nelly Furtado who couldn't believe that i had met Mariah..She said that she was 'so jealous'..i met Atomic Kitten, Lulu, Ronan Keating, Mel B and Max Beesley..and told him i thought that he was really good in Glitter..i spoke to the other guys in Westlife loads too!! It was amazing..Westlife are such a nice bunch of lads!!! I met Wheatus too!! I met loads of celebs that night but none sparkled..or glittered..lol...quite like Mariah! Finally I would like to thank anyone and everyone who helped me out in any way,shape or form to make my dream of meeting Mariah come true.And Thanx To My best Mate Vicky.Thankyou For sharing this amazing experience with me. Hero really was wrote for me and you i love ya, I appreciate ya and i enjoy ya,:
    Much love Lambs,

    Demetrius told me that he bought 50 copies of Mariah's Greatest Hits to help with her sales and told me that he will be buying a ton of copies of Never Too Far/Hero to give Mariah a #1 single in the year 2001. As Mariah says, "That's DEVOTION!" What an amazing lamb!

    Japan Greatest Hits
    Shino told me that the Japanese disc set, being released on December 12th, will be in a thick jewerly case. There is a 56 page explanation book including tracklisting, discography, biography and lyrics. Along with that, they have five bonus tracks...
    Music Box
    All I Want For Christams Is You
    Open Arms
    Against All Odds
    Never Too Far / Hero ( Album Version)
    To check out the scans, check out Gallery 3.

    Opening Graphic
    Mariah Daily has a new opening graphic and if you want to check it out, since most of you hit this page first, just check out the link below...

    "Mariah Makes Me Feel Better!"
    Here is what Babyglitter119 sent me and if you got a little extra time, send her a get well message...
    Ok, you might not really care but, on december 6th i had to get 8 teeth pulled out. The night before I was very nervous, and not sure I could make it through. At that night(I don't remember the time), I was very sleepy actually half way in my sleep. Before I knew I heard Mariah's name, when I looked up there she was in Kosovo with the soldiers. They showed her giving hugs, and signing things, They also compared her with Marilyn Monroe.-All good things- But right before she went off she sang Hero, and waved. It felt like she was talking exactly to me, and pointing right at me. My mom began to cry, saying how Mariah must have had that played just for me, which I knew she didn't, but it felt good to think that way. She was the last thing I watched until after my surgery. Now I'm a little swollen but feeling fine...I luv u Mariah!!!! and Thanx!

    Update by Regina
    December 6th (5:30 pm EST)

    Janet Buys Mariah's CD
    A spokesperson for Janet Jackson said that the singer walked into Camelot Music Store early Tuesay afternoon and bought Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits double cd set. A worker at Camelot said Jackson had arrived at approximatelty 1:45 pm, escorted by a bodyguard and a friend, who too picked up Carey's album.

    Jackson, who had been in Las Vegas for the past two days preparing herself for last night's Billboard Music Awards, had some free time and asked her manager and staff workers where the nearest music store was located as she really wanted to pick up her Virgin family member's (Mariah Carey) album. While there, she also picked up her brother Michael's album titled "Invinsible", as well as Destiny's Child's Christmas album, "8 Days Of Christmas". Janet Jackson couldn't have been any happier last night after being presented THE 2001 AWARD OF ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT at last night's Billboard Awards.

    Pop News

    Mariah To Sing At Super Bowl?
    Lori told me that on Da Bomb, 102.7 in Honolulu, they said that Mariah is requesting to sing the national anthem for this years Super Bowl on February 3rd. The NFL is said to be declining because they are afraid of what she might wear. It would be really nice if she performs this year and blows everyone away with her amazing voice.

    Here are the latest Billboard charts from Rhomeyn. Hopefully next week, the Greatest Hits cd will be at #1...

  • The Billboard 200
    198 Glitter (Soundtrack), Mariah Carey 
  • Top Holiday Albums
    27 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Albums
    6 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 
  • Top Pop Catalog Albums
    20 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 
  • Top Soundtracks
    12 Glitter (Mariah Carey), Mariah Carey 
  • Adult Contemporary Recurrents
    9 All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    62 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    42 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo

    Message From M to Fans
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, told me that Mariah recorded a message for the fans but it is going to take a little while to get the video up. However, right now, you can check out the transcript of the short message...

    Hey Lambz
    Thankyou very much, I have had so much fun seeing you all in europe & I loved getting all the fan books & thingd of that sort & [um] I appreciate you & love you :o) [finishes with clssic mariah giggle and a thankyou]

    Mariah on Letterman/The View
    It was announced this morning that Mariah will be on The View on December 14th. I wonder if Barbara Walters will interview her then?? Plus, Mariah will be on Letterman on the 11th, so make sure you check them both out next week.

    Glitter Postponed in Brazil Once Again
    Here is what Tahina, from Mariah Connection, sent us...

    The Glitter movie has been postponed in Brazil once again. This is the third time Columbia Films decides to change the date of the movie's premier. Now, the movie will be in theaters February 1st. Lots of Brazilian fans are worried because of the possiblity of non-theater release but Columbia Films said they are changing the dates only because of markting strategies. I am sending you a really high quality picture of the Brazilian Movie Poster. I would like to thank Columbia Films Brazil for all their support on my website www.MariahConnection.Com

    Glitter Postponed in Brazil Once Again
    Nik informed me that you can watch the footage from Access Hollywood of Mariah will the troop at Pop-Fantasy.com There are also a few screen caps and tonight, Nik will have the ET footage too.

    New Mariah Site
    Ahernan24 informed me that at his site, they are giving away Glitter cd's, 10 autographs Mariah paintings, Greatest Hits CD, the new single, etc. All you have to do is become a member, I am told. So to find out more, just click here.

    Greatest Hits Promotion
    Tommy created a Screenname called "MCs GreatestHits" on AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger and as his regular e-mail address. He randomly sends out the following messages to people and encourages you all to do so because this is a great way to promote M's latest release...

    Mariah Carey Greatest Hits
    Do you like Mariah Carey? No...do you LOVE Mariah Carey? If so, then you'll LOVE her newest CD release, Greatest Hits! This 2-CD set includes many of her most famous hits, and some of her personal favorites. 27 of her greatest songs on two compact discs. The hits include: Vision of Love, Butterfly, Make It Happen, Hero, Anytime You Need A Friend, Can't Take That Away, Without You, Endless Love, and many more! Get your copy, today!

    LNADJSML/Don't Stop Mix
    Terrence told me at the same Chinese Mariah site, you can download the club mix of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life/Don't Stop. The song is 10 minutes and 22 seconds.

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Check out this section for two new entrees from AllthtgliterZ

    ntf/hero pic Coming Shortly...
    Danielle is doing a big update and told me she would be adding the Never Too Far/Hero Single cover, so I won't bother do that. I am doing some more work on Daily myself too, including getting everything together for the new single. So check back later tonight for all the information.

    Update by Regina
    December 5th (10:00 pm EST)

    cartoon New Cartoon
    If you check the left bar, you will see the BRAND NEW cartoon by Alan Watkins. To refresh your memory, Alan made a Christmas cartoon of Mariah and she used it on her "All I Want For Christmas Is You" remix cd single last year. Alan hopes that Mariah enjoys this just as much and if you want to see the larger version, just click on the picture. Alan said the colors were originally different, but he redid it to match Mariah Daily's theme. What a sweet lamb! Thanks Alan!

    Mariah was on all three of these shows tonight. Basically they just showed footage of her with the troops and singing for them. She went to three different bases in one day and the last base is what she performed at. She wore a red dress, white dress and a blue dress (red, white and blue=USA) to help show her spirit. She performed Loverboy (showed footage of that) for the troops, the first time EVER. Entertainment Tonight will have footage of Mariah singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on tomorrow's show, so make sure you catch that.

    Update by Regina
    December 5th (5:10 pm EST)

    newkospic New Pics Galore
    There are a couple new pictures of Mariah in Kosovo, courtesy of my friend Peter. Also Peter sent me the scan of Bild magazine. James sent me a picture of Mariah in a red dress, right before she left for Kosovo. Eric sent me two drawings he did of Mariah, which you can check out and finally Oscar sent me a ton of pictures of Mariah in Germany recently and below is his lovely story...
    (all pictures in Gallery 2)
    i send you some nice pics which i made by myself last week. the ones in the black dress where made i munich i went there with my two best friends (christa and jordy)en we drove over 8 hours to go and see mariah. that day was very cold and it was even snowing. when we arrived at the hotel we met oscarpic some fellow lambs which are now very good  friends too (anja and holgar ((love always)). mariah arrived at about one o' clock but because it was to cold there was no time for autograph but we didn't mind because the best things was that mariak looked happy again (and that she still knows who we are) when mariah was in the hotel we were invited too with the 5 of us and mariah send us a message that it was to cold for us waiting outside and she don't want us to be sick she also arranged some nice and warm chocolat which was very nice of her at about 7 o' clock she left the hotel sadly our german lambs had to go already because else they did't had a train home so we (the three dutch fans) were still waiting inside and louise and also the people from virgin promissed us that we could have a picture from us and M. so when M. arrived she took very long time for us she talked a littl bit and we get our picture and than she left the hotel... we were again very happy

    the next week we went to berlin to see mariah again we met there again our german lambs (anja holgar and peter). M. looked so happy again she signed my pictures which i made the week before and we talked a little bit and she was so happy to see us again she also gave me a bunch of white roses on sunday

    Mariah in USA Newspapers
    Check out USA Today and New York Post for the same image of Mariah sitting on the arms of the soldiers in Kosovo.

    Download Never Too Far/Hero Remix
    Terrence informed me that you can download the official club mix of Never Too Far/Hero at this Chinese Mariah Carey fansite. It's 8 minutes and 40 seconds lond and will most likely be on the cd single coming out next week.

    Attention Malaysian Fans
    Firah informed me that Malaysian fans can check out NTV on December 8th at 3 pm because they will be showing the Making of Glitter.

    RuPaul on Mariah
    Johnny was checking out RuPaul.com and RuPaul's #7 favorite movie of the year was Glitter and here is what RuPaul had to say...

    "7) "glitter" or "critter" or "litter" ,which ever you prefer. i saw it twice in its opening weekend. i'll be first in line for the dvd."-Rupaul

    Mariah Carey Entertains Kosovo Peacekeepers
    newkospic2 Mariah Carey has been entertaining about a thousand US soldiers serving in the NATO-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

    The troops sang, clapped and cheered the singer. Some joined in with her songs and many sported pictures of the 31-year-old.

    She first appeared in a glittering white dress then changed to a blue one before donning an all-red outfit.

    Some of the troops held up the US flag with Mariah and even decorated Christmas trees with her on stage. The performance took place in a military tent in the main US base in the province.

    Staff Sergeant Jerry Jerome, 31, from Columbus, Indiana, who has spent a little more than a month in Kosovo, said he was very excited to be at the concert.

    He said: "She is here because of us and we are here defending our nation and protecting our way of life. And after September 11, that way of life was infringed upon, and she is here thanking us for what we do and that's why it has meaning."

    Mariah kicked off her one-hour show with a kiss for all the soldiers in her concert. She ended it by signing her pictures for the soldiers.

    The singer praised her fellow Americans in uniform for what they are doing to keep the peace in a troubled region.

    She told her audience: "I have such an appreciation for what you are doing for our country and appreciation for the fact that not everybody does what you do.

    "Remember that when you are out here freezing, know that everybody home loves you."

    Thanks to Natalie for this article form Ananova

    Happy Birthday Anderz
    Please do me a favor and send my very dear friend, Anderz, a birthday wish because tomorrow is his birthday. He used to run the top Mariah site, Mariah's Diary, up to earlier this year and continues to help out Mariah and Mariah fans around the land. He is a great person and deserves a million and one happy birthday wishes. So go ahead and send him one....Anderz@visit.se

    Happy Birthday Anderz

    Update by Danielle
    December 5th (2:30 pm EST)

    Greatest Hits Post Cards
    We got this info from an AWESOME lamb named Tahiana, webmaster of Mariah Connection, (love her name) about some post cards that are available in Brazil (where Isabel Gomes is from:D) Here is the info she sent us:

    Columbia Films Brazil has made a "Glitter Movie" webcard.

    Because it's in Portuguese it's hard for you that don't speak Portuguese to send it. I tried to translate what you have to do, so just follow the steps and you are ready to go.

    First you need to go to this page

    Once you are on this page, if you scroll down you will find the following camps to fill in:

    Nome: (here you put the name of the person you are sending the card to)
    E-mail: (the e-mail of the person you are sending the card to)

    Nome: (your name)
    E-mail: (your e-mail)

    Uncheck the camp that says "Sim, desejo receber informações sobre novidades do ocarteiro.com e ofertas especiais de seus parceiros." (if you leave it checked they will send e-mails to you all the time about their partners and stuff like that).

    (this is the date you want the card to be sent)

    Here you enter what you want the person to read on the card.

    Then you just need to click in "Enviar Agora" (what means "Send it Now")

    There you go...now you know how to send the Glitter webcard to all your friends! Enjoy it!

    Mariah In Kosovo... More Pics
    Gilles made 14 screen caps from "Euronews" last night, and you can check them all out in Gallery 2!!! They're not the best quality, but they're still awesome and I wanna thank him very much for doing this!

    To see his page with the caps, go Here!

    He also informed me that you can see a video performance of Mariah on Euronews at This Address!!!!!

    Here is a transcript from the page, of what they say about the video clip:

    Singer Carey in Kosovo trip Pop diva, Mariah Carey, has brought some early Christmas cheer to US peacekeepers in Kosovo. On a morale-boosting, whistle stop tour around three American camps, the singer is estimated to have met at least half the 6,000 US troops stationed in Kosovo. The New York singer said she wanted to bring a little glamour to the soldiers.

    And, not surprisingly, "Mariah mania" broke out, with soldiers pleading for photographs and begging for autographs. Following her Kosovo trip, the new forces' sweetheart says she would also contemplate entertaining US troops in Afghanistan. But Mariah made sure she did not leave the Balkans without doing what she does best... getting up on stage to serenade the troops.

    IMPORTANT Mariah In Swedish Mag
    We got this info from Sofia:

    Hi girls!

    How are you? Hope you´re fine and happy. Thanks so much for keeping up the AMAZING, WONDERFUL, GREAT, LOVELY, BREATHTAKING, FUNNY, SWEET...I--could-go-on-for-ours Mariah webpage! It´s a true Mariah fan´s DREAM! You´ve helped me get so many covers through my friends in Russia, Germany e.t.c. + Ebay, thanks to you putting up pics from all over the world, beeing sent to you by other fans or some of your own items. A BIIIG thank you and here is the 2nd cover to your site I send (First one was long time ago, earlier this autumn - FRIDA).

    It's the 2nd part of today's Swedish newspaper in Expressen, would love if you could mention it A.S.A.P on the site, so other Swedish fans will know about it! Thanks sooo much in advance!!

    You heard her fans in Sweden... betta go get it now!!

    Check out the scan in Gallery 2!!!

    Chinese News Covers M's Trip
    I got this info from Nick:

    You won't believe this.
    The local Chinese Evening News just covered Mariah's visit to the troops in Kosovo... I totally flipped out.

    When my friend told me to expect it on the phone I gave him the same response I did when he told me that South Tower had collapsed 5 minutes ago - to get lost.

    I mean the Chinese News caters to a very "heartland" portion of the population here. People who wouldn't care if Britney decided to have a sex change, and only listen to Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok and Coco Lee and all them Chinese popstars from HongKong and Taiwan.

    What does this mean? Well I bet the news station realises that their audience doesn't even know who Mariah is, nor would care if she were the biggest female star in America (They called her the Empress Dowager of Western pop by the way), but instead they featured her tonight because of the nature of her act. Whilst everyone is huddling away at home, Mariah is brave enough to fly into dangerous territory at the battlefront to comfort the peacekeepers, yes board that plane and risk possible life threatening situations.

    I think Mariah's been making leaps and bounds in her career and life as a selfless humanitarian these past few months, albeit mental trauma and signals of everything gone wrong with her precarious success and legacy. Never did I doubt that Mariah would leap back into action soon after her breakdown. You just can't keep Mariah down, and I don't care what all those inhuman critics back in the States say, SHE'S THE BEST!!! GOD BLESS MARIAH, GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    That is one AWESOME lamb!! I agree with him 100% and we all need this kind of enthusiasm!!!

    Mariah In Magazine
    I got this news from "The Wind":

    I visit MariahDaily every day, to catch up news about my queen! Today I bought a magazine called 4U (only in Norway..) and there was a mini poster of her when she's singing "Never Too Far" in Glitter. Very pretty!!:) There were also pictures from "Glitter", and they wrote positive about it! It will premiere in Norway in December (I have already seen it:)!!!) They also wrote about her soundtrack "Glitter", which they gave 4 points out of 6! They said that this was the best music Mariah has ever written! I hope Mariah can visit Norway soon, since I've never met her...There are a lot of Mariah fans here in Norway, since she got a poster in this 4U!! I admit I vote for her too...:)

    Thanks for updating MariahDaily every day! I can now get all Mariah stuff I need!!:)

    ... Stuff like this is what makes us so happy to do this site! Thank everyone soo much for all the nice things you always say!

    Mariah The Host...
    I got this info from my lamb Desiree:

    Hi Danielle,
    MC's hosting yet another Xmas radio show in NYC for 98.7 kiss fm at MSG on Fri. 12/14. That makes 4 radio xmas shows in all and 2 of them are on the same night. WKTU show isn't sold out yet, but the z100 and wbls ones are. I think the KTU show is the only one where she'll actually be singing. (Of course it has to be the most expensive.) The other shows advertised her as host or guest.

    Tickets are still available for those 2 shows, so go get urs now if you live in NY!

    Mariah News From France
    I got this info from Benjamin:

    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life will be Mariah's next single in France. It's out on December 11th, at the 3 shows she did in France she said it. The choregraphy of the song was made by a French guy and the video was played during one of the shows. There are Mariah, Busta, Fabolous in a car, and I'm so happy because LNADJSML is the 10th most played song in France this week, so it is very good I hear it on every radio station.

    MTV "Divas"?
    Adam told me that MTV might have their own "Divas" special of all their performances in Kosovo. We KNOW Mariah will be the STAR of the show, so I REALLY hope they do this!!!

    Mariah's Timeline From The UK
    Ashes sent us this info:


    Here is a fan summary of london activity:

    Friday outside Claridge's 11pm - 18 fans [Mariah signed for everyone]

    Saturday outside Claridge's 9.30am - 9fans [MARIAH recored a home video with three fans in the lobby of claridges & then posed for pics with the press in a stunning leather number & then signed stuff]

    Saturday inside SM:TV 10.15am - 10 fans [Mariah plays memorable bridesmaid]
    Saturday inside CD:UK 11:30am - 10 fans [Mariah dazzles audience with her NTF/Hero medley]
    Saturday inside CD:UK Cafe 12pm - [Mariah signs autograph's on napkins]

    Sunday outside Dorcester Hotel 11pm - 70+ fans [Mariah spends long time chatting and signing autographs]

    Monday outside Dorechester Hotel 12pm - 40+ fans [Mariah signs autographs and chats to fans]

    Monday outside London studio's 12:30pm - 8 fans [Mariah takes time out and chats to fans from her limo]

    Monday outside Dorcester 2.30pm - 25+ fans [Mariah arrives from lunch and waves and goes into hotel]

    Monday outside Dorcester 6.45pm - 25+ fans [Mariah poses for photo's in a drop dead red number and signs autographs]

    Monday inside BBC studio's 7.30pm - 10fans [Mariah records show and chats to some fans after]

    All in all mariah dazzled the uk audiences with her glittering performances and left all of us fans with a sparkle in our eyes.

    Ok Mariah, time to come visit us now (ST. LOUIS!!) LOL

    Vote For Mariah
    My lamb Nicole, webMASTER of Mariah Buzz, sent me this info:

    Virgin Australia have just given word CHANNEL [V] has recieved one of MC's NYC performances of 'Never Too Far/Hero'. We urge you to request this as much as possible, however, note: this will NOT be released in Australia as a Single, so to get them extra sales to get Mariah a US #1 this year, import your copy from the states. Channel [V] are yet to add "Dont Stop" & "Never Too Far/Hero" to their online Clip Library for requesting, so for now, email requests to bydemand@channelv.com.au

    Update by Danielle
    December 5th (2 am EST)

    Even MORE Adorable Pics!!!
    You know D... always doing late night updates! I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to post this!!! LOL

    My girl Nicole, an AWESOME lamb, and webmaster of Mariah Buzz, found this story, and 4 more BEAUTIFUL pics of our Mariah in Kosovo, plus a nice pic of the guys going crazy! LOL Thanx MUCH to her for that, and O course you can check out these gorgeous pics in Gallery 2!!

    Christmas in the Balkans, Mariah Carey-Style
    By Paul Majendie
    Tuesday, December 4
    6:44 PM ET

    CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo (Reuters) - On an icy winter's night in Kosovo, pop superstar Mariah Carey brought the house down when she told 700 wildly cheering American soldiers: "Everyone back homes loves you.''

    It was pure schmaltz but they loved it -- a chance for a Christmas singalong in Camp Bondsteel with one of the world's most famous pop divas.

    Patriotism reigned supreme. The New York singer wore a red dress, a white dress and a blue dress for her quick-change concert for the troops. Waving the Stars and Stripes, she had the soldiers bellowing with pride.

    She even had them up on stage to decorate the Christmas tree.

    The singer who has had 15 number one singles and sold 150 million albums worldwide was in her element -- singing to a live audience.

    The United States has 6,000 peacekeeping troops in Kosovo. By the end of her whistlestop tour around three American camps on Tuesday, the military reckoned she had met half of them. ''The rest are out on patrol,'' a U.S. Army spokesman said.

    Everywhere she went, testosterone reigned supreme. "I wouldn't know anything about that,'' she said, smiling coyly.

    Soldiers pleaded for a photograph and begged for an autograph. Each time, Carey obliged, sporting dark glasses and very revealing military fatigues for her big day with the boys in the Balkans.

    Carey, whose hometown was forever scarred by the September 11 attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center, is not one of those stars whose fear of flying has kept them at home ever since President Bush (news - web sites) launched his war on terrorism.

    "We want to give these people a little glamour,'' she told Reuters on the tour.

    And you cannot do that staying at home.

    "Traveling and being around my different fans around the world is what keeps me going,'' she said. "I have a different philosophy to a lot of people.''

    She was in and out of a Chinook helicopter all day. Every time, the reception was tumultuous. For the soldiers, all their Christmases had come at once.

    Suddenly at one camp, a soldier shouted out "Go on -- give me a hug.'' Carey duly obliged and he whooped off back to his friends in triumph, shouting "Way to Go, Kosovo."

    Carey, reflecting on an emotional day out with the troops, said: ``It was an honor and a privilege to give something back.''

    Asked if one day she might ever contemplate entertaining American troops in Afghanistan (news - web sites), she said: "Yes.''

    Update by Regina
    December 4th (10:00 pm EST)

    Mariah Stops By Letterman
    QuickSilver0218 informed me that Mariah will be a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman on December 11th at 11:35 pm EST. She will not be performing sadly but hey, it's going to be great seeing her on the show. The performer for the night is Stereophonics.

    Mariah on Entertainment Tonight Tomorrow
    ET announced tonight that they will feature a story on Mariah in Kosovo on tomorrow's show. That most likely means that E! News Daily and Access Hollywood will also have footage, so your best bet is to check out all three shows. (Thanks to gsi27746@gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu for this information)

    Mariah on TRL Today
    A couple of you wrote us and let us know that Mariah was on TRL today. Twinpeaks9 gave me a pretty good description on what happened and here it is...

    Mariah was on TRL today in the news section yeah!!! First they showed the pic of her on the troops' shoulders and talked about how she would be singing for the them all week long and mentioned that she would sing 4 or 5 songs for them from Glitter. Then it talked about her breakdown showing footage from the premiere, the movie, and the never far video, with DMTTYO playing in the background at one point. Finally they talked about the Greatest Hits album and ran the tracklisting while they showed the Don't Stop video. They mentioned that the album was similar to Ones, and then they showed Mariah's interview in a stunning red dress where she explained the differences. John Norris did the report and just said that mariah was getting her life back together and that sort of thing. Go MC!!!!
    Elior told me one more thing that was said. There will be a video for Never Too Far/Hero and it will be taken from the United We Stand concert.

    Official Announcement from Columbia Records
    Superstar's Definitive Career Overview--
    Featuring Previously Unavailable
    Remix of "All I Want For Christmas Is You"--
    In Stores Now

    Columbia Records is releasing Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits, the definitive career overview of the one of the biggest selling recording artists of all-time. Greatest Hits brings together, on two CDs, smash recordings from all of Mariah's Columbia Records releases--from her 1990 self-titled debut through 1999's Rainbow. In addition, the album includes Mariah's duet with Luther Vandross of "Endless Love," available for the first time on a Mariah album, and the previously unreleased So So Def Remix featuring Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bow Wow of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits is in stores now.

    Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits includes:
    Disc #1:
    1. Vision Of Love
    2. Love Takes Time
    3. Someday
    4. I Don't Wanna Cry
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Mariah Carey (1990)

    5. Emotions
    6. Can't Let Go
    7. Make It Happen
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Emotions (1991)

    8. I'll Be There
    Featuring Trey Lorenz
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: MTV Unplugged EP (1992)

    9. Dreamlover
    10. Hero
    11. Without You
    12. Anytime You Need A Friend
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Music Box (1993)

    13. Endless Love (Duet with Luther Vandross)
    Taken from the Epic Release:
    Songs by Luther Vandross (1994);
    previously unavailable on a
    Mariah Carey album

    14. Fantasy
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Daydream (1995)

    Disc #2:
    1. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)
    2. Always Be My Baby
    3. Forever
    4. Underneath The Stars
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Daydream (1995)

    5. Honey
    6. Butterfly
    7. My All
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Butterfly (1997)

    8. Sweetheart
    Mariah Featuring JD
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release #1's (1998)

    9. When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt)
    Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
    10. I Still Believe
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: #1's (1998)

    11. Heartbreaker
    Featuring Jay-Z
    12. Thank God I Found You
    Featuring Joe & 98 Degrees
    13. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    Taken from the Columbia
    Release: Rainbow (1999)

    14. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    (So So Def Remix featuring Jermaine
    Dupri & Lil Bow Wow)
    New recording, previously unreleased;
    original version on Columbia Release: Merry Christmas (1994)

    Connect with Mariah Carey Online at:

    Sweet Letter
    This was so sweet, I had to add this. It's nice when you can help someone else out and this is also all about all of you because you send in what you know and what you hear and that in return, it helps someone else out (shoutout to Ashes)...

    Dear Regina my name is Imran I am from London thanks to your web site and its links I got to meet Mariah at the Dorchester hotel in London on Dec 3rd at 12.15 PM I will try to send some pics from a home video of the meeting that was taken from another fan if I can get hold of it. I got her to sign a Music box CD cover and then she took my pen and started to sign autographs for other fans. I also tried to give her a cd I mixed my self with the vocals from Mariah's I still believe and boyz 2 men's four seasons. But I dropped the CD because there was a bit of a crazy crowd pushing to get to meet Mariah. I would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment to the site. I sent you an e-mail last July when I tried to meet Mariah and was not able to due to Lack of information and would like to thank you again for making it possible this time.

    Update by Regina
    December 4th (5:30 pm EST)

    New Releases
    Hope everyone went out and picked up their copies of the Greatest Hits. I picked up the cd and cassette set. The cassette set is just two tapes put together and they only had two copies of that, where I went. Plus, you can pick up the DVD/2 CD set of America: A Tribute To Hero. Mariah's Hero is on there and it was the first performance she did after her emotional breakdown earlier this year, so it might be nice to pick up, if you want to. It is the live version of the song too, not the album version. Plus, if ya got a little extra money, why not pick up an extra copy of Glitter. Let's get Mariah at the top!

    kosovo Mariah Carey Sings in Kosovo
    CAMP BONDSTEEL, Yugoslavia (AP) - Mariah Carey sang her hit ``Hero'' on Tuesday for U.S. peacekeepers, who snapped pictures of the blonde star, clapped and cheered, and joined her in singing.

    Many of the soldiers held up pictures of the 31-year-old singer, who first appeared in a glittering white dress, then changed to a blue one before donning an all-red outfit.

    Others in the NATO-led force in Kosovo held aloft U.S. flags and joined her in singing. Some shot pictures of the entertainer, who in September released her first movie, ``Glitter,'' along with the soundtrack.

    Staff Sgt. Jerry Jerome, 31, of Columbus, Ind., who has spent a little more than a month in Kosovo, said: ``After Sept. 11, (our) way of life was infringed upon, and she is here thanking us for what we do and that's why it has meaning.''

    The commander of the U.S. troops in Kosovo, Brig. Gen. Keith Huber, introduced the singer. Carey then kicked off her one-hour show blowing a kiss to the soldiers, and ended it by signing her pictures for the troops.

    ``I have such an appreciation for what you are doing for our country and appreciation for the fact that not everybody does what you do,'' she told the peacekeepers.

    She then dedicated a song to them - a combination of her previous hit ``Hero'' and a song she wrote shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks: ``Never too far.''

    ``Remember that when you are out here freezing,'' she told the soldiers. ``Know that everybody (at) home loves you.''

    Carey's concert was organized by the United Service Organizations and Armed Forces Entertainment. Other stars, including Selma Hayek, have visited the camp.

    The United Nations and NATO took control of Kosovo in 1999 after Western airstrikes forced then-Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to end his crackdown on independence-minded ethnic Albanians, who are a majority in the province.

    AOL News

    New Pics Galore
    pr Okay here goes, Peter sent me larger scans of Mariah on the cover of Bams and inside it features a lovely new picture of Mariah from her promotional trip in Europe. Next, Lestat81DC sent me a picture that her cousin took last year when Mariah was in Puerto Rico. Mariah was going to her limousine and her cousin asked if she could take Mariah's picture. Mariah said, "OK" in a very cool way, I am told, and you can see a sneak peak of that pic on the right.

    Next Pop-Fantasy.com sent me three caps from an interview Mariah did at Sony Studios on November 5th for MTV. This has been running on MTV News snippets I believe and it features a sneak peak of MTV's Cribs with Mariah. To download the interview, check out Pop-Fantasy and to see the three Crib captures, check out Gallery 2

    Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood
    Make sure you check out these shows tonight because they might show footage of Kosovo. If not tonight, they should have something on tomorrow's show but I am guessing Mariah will be on tonight. Check out E! News Daily too!

    Update by Danielle
    December 4th (5:00 pm EST)

    Mariah In Kosovo... ADORABLE New Pics!!
    One of my FAVORITE lambs, Eve, sent me the adorable pic of Miss Mariah to your right, which was posted today on the Yahoo website, as well as 6 more pictures. Thanx to Tom for sending me the links!!

    Mariah Carey Swoops Into Kosovo for Troops
    By Paul Majendie

    CAMP BONDSTEEL, Yugoslavia (Reuters) - Pop diva Mariah Carey criss-crossed Kosovo by helicopter on Tuesday to bring some Christmas cheer to U.S. peacekeeping troops.

    The troops loved it, whooping and hollering with delight as she swooped in on a Chinook helicopter for a performance to boost the morale of troops serving in the Balkans.

    The soldiers greeted her as if they had not seen woman in months, especially a blonde pop superstar bedecked in revealing military fatigues.

    "Boy, what a crowd,'' she said as the troops lifted her shoulder high.

    "`This sure is Mariah-mania,'' said one soldier as they surged forward to glimpse of one of the world's biggest recording stars, who has sold over 150 million records in a decade.

    Many American stars have hesitated to travel since the September 11 attacks on the United States. But Carey, a 31-year-old New Yorker, had no such qualms.

    "That certainly was quite some reception,'' she said. "They gave me a very nice welcome and I feel very safe and protected.''

    She did confess to Reuters: "It was little bit unnerving at the beginning. The helicopter ride flipped me out a little bit -- I ain't gonna lie.''

    "I could hear everything they were saying in the headphones in different languages. We weren't able to take off for about 30 minutes,'' she said of the delay before receiving clearance to fly out from Skopje in Macedonia to three U.S. camps in Kosovo.

    Carey, wrapping up her whistlestop tour with a concert for the troops, got a rousing reception everywhere she went.

    Soldiers, their weapons slung over their backs, queued in the canteen at Camp Monteith in Gnjilane to get her to autograph photos, baseball caps, T-shirts and her latest album ''Glitter.''

    Like a trooper, she trudged through the mud, braved the icy cold and clambered on to a Humvee jeep for group photos with the troops. The only pause came when her make-up artist quickly fixed Carey's hair for yet another photo opportunity.

    "She is a diva. Who wouldn't be a fan?'' said Private First Class Duane Stelzik from Chicago. Puerto Rican Roberto Quintana was euphoric: "This is so great for the soldiers, especially before Christmas.''

    New Yorker Jahmar Gordon was not disappointed: "I have been thinking about this for a week. For me she is way, way up there.''

    Mariah Carey in Kosovo to Entertain U.S. Troops
    By Paul Majendie

    SKOPJE (Reuters) - Christmas came early on Tuesday for hundreds of U.S. troops in Kosovo when pop diva Mariah Carey flew in to perform a festive concert for them.

    "We want to give them a little glamour,'' said the 31-year-old singer, sporting stylish military fatigues for her frontline "day out with the boys in the Balkans.''

    One of the world's most successful female artists of the past decade took a chartered jet from London to Skopje and then was off by helicopter for a whirlwind tour of bases in Kosovo.

    Her top priority, she told Reuters on the flight out, was to boost morale for the American peacekeeping troops stationed there. "I think it is important as they are not going to have much of a holiday season. We just wanted to come here and support them.

    "We were in Europe doing promotion and thought it might be something nice to do because not many people make it to Kosovo,'' said the star, who has had 15 Number One singles and sold more than 150 million records worldwide.

    Fellow popstar Janet Jackson canceled her European tour amid safety concerns after the September 11 attacks in the United States. Carey had no such qualms.

    "I have a different philosophy to a lot of people,'' she said. "Traveling and being around different fans around the world is kinda what keeps me going. It's a different thing. I don't do well just staying home and staying stationary in one place. I feel better being around people and doing things like this.''

    The year 2001 has been one that the New Yorker would be more than ready to put behind her. In July, the singer spent two weeks being treated for what her publicist called "emotional and physical breakdown.''

    Virgin Records had to delay the release of her first album under a lucrative new $80 million deal and then her biopic movie ``Glitter'' was panned by critics.

    But the roller-coaster year was put firmly behind her on Tuesday as Carey went to meet the troops. "This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and definitely never anywhere as remote as Kosovo. We are all excited.''

    And there certainly won't be any tantrums about the concert set, however makeshift.

    "On my live shows I just wing it and do whatever. If the worst comes to the worst I'll just sign autographs and hang out and trim the (Christmas) tree with them.''

    Check out all of the GORGEOUS pics of Mariah in Kosovo, as well as a scan of the Limited Edition Greatest Hits CD, (thanx to Mary for that) in Gallery 1!!!

    To read the stories on Yahoo, go Here and Here!

    Vote For Mariah
    Sound Off on the Biggest and Best of 2001
    Now's your chance to get in on the action with Rank: Top 20 Entertainers of 2001. Take the poll below and then tune in to the premiere December 12 at 8 p.m. to see the results!

    3. Who displayed the best fashion sense in 2001?
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Halle Berry
    Destiny's Child
    Julia Roberts
    Mariah Carey

    To vote for Miss Mariah, go to the MSN Website!!

    Thanx MUCH to Will for this info!

    Mariah Vision Sends Us A Virtual Postcard!
    Mariah Vision, Mariah's biggest and best known fan club in Brazil, sent Regina and I a BEAUTIFUL little movie they made, along with a message! To see this BEAUTIFUL message they sent, go HERE

    Fly star goes far for US troops.

    (Dec. 4, 2001) Mariah Carey is crazy all right, crazy for her country. The divalicious Carey will fly to the Balkans his week in a USO-sponsored trip to boost the morale of US troops who are unable to be with their families this holiday season. The singer was already in Europe to promote her Glitter album and her greatest-hits compilation. She decided to perform in Kosovo shortly before her November 30 Top of the Pops Awards appearance in Manchester, England.

    Thanx to Karyna for sending me this article

    Pages Dedicated To Mariah's Trip
    Gilles made a BEAUTIFUL page today in honor of Mariah's trip to Kosovo. I saw it, and It's awesome! He would like everyone to check it out! To see it, go Here!

    Eran also made a similar page! To see his, go Here!

    Another Fan's Story!
    Laura sent me her awesome story about meeting Mariah yesterday also! Here is what she told me:

    Just thought I would drop you a line to say I met Mariah on Monday, it was at the Dorchester like Max. I had an exam at university that day so I didn't think I would make it to London in time, but Matt kindly let me know what was goin on throughout the day. It was the first time I had met up with other fans, and they were all so nice, when Mariah came out of her hotel everyone one scrambled forward towards her. I went to the side nearest her car so I was the last person she signed an autograph for before she got in her car. She was holding the pen she was using out as if to say someone take this pen outta my hand please, I reached for it as she wanted to get in the car but one of her bodyguards took it before I reached it. I cant wait to meet up with other fans again because they were all so lovely. Especially Matt who kept texting me all day. Thanks Matt!!!

    Hope this story is ok, it was so good to finally meet her. She was so nice, I would encourage other fans to go and meet her!

    Congratulations Laura! I agree with you 100%!

    Fans Wanna See M At The Superbowl
    I got this info from Jennifer:

    Hey Danielle!

    In association with Mariah Shining Star, ExtremeMariah is presenting it's first ever Mariah campaign. Mariah has never performed at the SuperBowl, and we want to see her. Please help them out by putting this banner on your site.

    To see what it's all about, just click on the banner below!

    Update by Danielle
    December 3rd (7:15 pm EST)

    You Know You're A MD Addict When...
    Jay sent me some really funny entries for this topic, which he came up with himself. Here is what he told me:

    Hey! I really like your site and I'm there practically everyday! And I wanted to send you some of the "You know you're a Mariah fan when..." but I also thought it would be funny if I sent you some "You know you're a MariahDaily.com addict when..." since I know there are lots of people who like your site and who are addicts of it.

    You Know You're A MariahDaily.Com Addict When...

    ... you think something bad has happened to Danielle and/or Regina cos it has been almost half a day since the site has been updated

    ... you hit refresh every minute cos you know there should be something new

    ... you hit refresh again because you think that Regina or Danielle must have been finished updating the site

    ...you get excited because you saw your name on MariahDaily.com and say to yourself "All right!!! Recognition baby!!!"

    ...you have that website as your homepage

    ...you wish to meet Regina and or Danielle

    ...you meet Regina and or Danielle and freak out the same way you would freak out when you meet Mariah

    ...you tried to have Daily's site on your cell phone for the updates just in case you were away from your home or anywhere far from computers

    ...you mark yourself as away on an instant messenger handler when, in fact, you're trying to finish off the long stories and updates that Regina or Danielle added 15 minutes ago

    LOL those are too funny. Very cute. Thanx Jay!

    Check out his YKYAMFW entries also!

    (I added a couple myself- 327 & 339)

    CD:UK Transcript
    Andrew was a very sweet lamb and sent me the transcript of what happened when Mariah played a brides maid on CD:UK the other night, followed by some AWESOME news about the Greatest Hits CD!!!

    Here is the last "Chums" story just in case you're wondering what lines Mariah had:
    It starts as Ant (best man ) and Dec are waiting for Cat and her maid of honor (Mariah) they come in and start the wedding. Dec says "You're looking wounderful (Cat thinks he is talking to her ) I've got all your records pet!" Cat shouts Decland and punches him. He thens says "What, have you changed your hair?" so she punches him again, then Dec says "I was only joking, your are saucier than a bin full of ketchup". Then cat is fine

    So then Ant says it's tradition in England to get off with the maid of honor so Mariah punches him (LMAO). Then we get to the point "If anyone objects to this wedding speak now!" said the Vicar. In comes Denice "I've got somthing to say".

    Dec who is just about to marry Cat says "I haven't seen you for 8 months" he gets corrected. "Nine actually". Said Denice. All stared at her stomach. She said "Oh this... I had curry last night (holds her stomach) actually can I use your bog (then a big vart noise fills the studio from Denice)" hen the Vicar says "anything you want to get off your chest now is the time to do that"

    So everyone at the wedding starts to confess one said his beard was stick on, another said he had just varted, and Mariah said "Ok it's me that puts shoes on top of bus shelters" (WHAAT? LOL).

    Then Ant says "I do that too," then said "Do you like to throw bits of carpet in the road"? and Mariah replies... "Do you know that I do?" and the two couldn't believe how much they had in common. Then vicar states he only ment Cat and Dec.

    Then Cat and Dec are to kiss to be properly married. They have tried to kiss since the start of "Chums" episodes and are always interrupted. This was the moment of truth. Of course they get interrupted and Dec leaves.

    Mariah says "Poor Cat." Every time you're about kiss you always get inturrupted".

    Cat looking sad, Decland rushes in and kisses Cat but then leaves, leaving Cat in a terrible state. Then the Vicar starts to strip and all the guests on the show help him. Mariah gives up pulling his jacket off and bats him on the head with her flowers. The end!!

    There were other bits in between but that is what happened with Ant, Dec and Cat. I know it's badly written but it's suposed to be so that's what makes it funny. I bet Mariah was thinking what have I let myself in for, but all it shows is she is down to earth and knows how to have a laugh as she says fun is her middle name. Hope you enjoyed the script

    All I can say is OH DEARRR LOL

    He also told me that in HMV Mariah is number 30 with Greatest Hits, due to pre-ordering, and it just came out today in the UK!! Go M!!

    Mariah Going To Kosovo
    I got this article from Olga:

    Mariah Carey is shipping off to Kosovo.
    The pop diva will fly to the Balkans later this week in a USO-sponsored trip to boost the morale of U.S. troops who are unable to be with their families this holiday season.

    The singer was already in Europe to promote her Glitter album and her Greatest Hits compilation. She decided to perform in Kosovo shortly before her November 30 Top of the Pops Awards appearance in Manchester, England. Her statement coincided with an announcement that Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock and Ja Rule would play a concert for U.S. servicemen and women at an undisclosed military base

    Carey's Kosovo concert will be staged right on the front lines, her publicist said. Carey will likely perform four or five songs, and the show is expected to draw thousands of lonely soldiers.

    In addition to performing to the base in Kosovo, Carey will be flown by helicopter to four remote military locations to visit other troops.

    After returning to the states, she will play four radio station concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden. Her December 18 appearance at WKTU's Miracle on 34th Street fest also features Alicia Keys, Craig David, Enrique Iglesias, Mya, Shaggy, Shakira and others.

    Update by Danielle (Update #1)
    December 3rd (7:15 pm EST)

    Two More Mariah Stories...
    Phil, AKA MisterB, webmaster of Mariah Style asked me to post his Mariah story for everyone. Here is what he said:

    Hi Danielle,
    I'm MisterB, from www.mariahstyle.net. I've send u my story meeting Mariah, it's was freaking great!!!! Can u add it to ur daily news? Thx:)

    Here is his story:

    Well, this was my second time trying to meet mariah.

    The first time was in Paris and I got one handshake, several bad pictures, and one autograph (but this was my first time so it was cool:D)

    This time it would be in Manchester, where she did pop of the tops.

    The first day was soo hard, because she cancelled everything. She first cancelled the radio thing saying that she wanted to meet her fans before the rehearsal, but she did not, she was not doing well. She also cancelled the fan meeting and the rehearsal. I felt a little dissapointed at this moment because I don't like when Mariah is not doing well (and I think this is the same for you). I just got from this day one Mariah's wave, and 2 bad pictures. Well I met some UK lambs, and they were very cool :) But it hasn't been like I've expected (even if I have a really big chance to see her again), well I felt half-deceived.

    The second day I knew that something would happen. We got some infos saying she would go out of her hotel At 2 O'Clock. We were getting prepared and stuff, and getting very excited about that since she hadn't come out last night. And she went out, and as usual she was soooo gorgeous, and she signed everything, including some never too far don't stop posters. But she looked sad tho:/

    She signed me 4 autographs, and I talked to her a little bit saying that I was coming from france, and I was like soo happy that she thanked me for coming from so far. But in the meantime, some westlife hysterics fans were screaming out and stuff (because wl were going out of the hotel as well). And that thing added to the nervousity of the security guards. Then Mariah stood in the front door and the paparazzis took some pics. I wanted to touch mariah again so I rushed to her and took her left hand and brought her to her limo (which was very great) and i wished her to have a nice show:)

    Well after that every fans went to the arena to queue, and since i had seat tickets i decided to make some sight-seeing in Manchester. I went to chinatown which was very beautiful, and took several pictures after that. But suddenly, from nowhere, i noticed a limo....I first thought it wasn't Mariah's limo but finally it was because there was her bodyguard next to this car!!!!

    OMG how lucky I was at this moment of the journey to see the limo at this place (a chinese restaurant to be more precise), and I wasn't even thinking about MC!!! I asked her limo driver where she was, and he said she would come out from this restaurant in half an hour. I was soo excited, since there were no fans around, I would be the only one to see her and talk to her. This would be kind of a private meeting with me and Mariah:))

    I was getting soooo nervous and started to shake, when she came out, like a true angel, with this sexy and hot ensemble, with this face, with these eyes, I can't describe it. My first reaction was to say hi to her, but I think she first freaked out coz she didn't expect to see a fan at this moment. I immediatly asked her if she remembered me (I was expecting a answer like "No i don't") BUT NOOO, she said "yes, of course" and I was like "OMG really". I took her hand and started to talk to her about how great she was, how great she was in Paris and thank her about the fact she stayed so long in Paris, and things of that nature. She looked at me with this divalicious smile and cute look and thanked me back, and she was soooo cute, I mean how cute is her smile???:))))

    After that, she noticed my camera and then said "well let's take a picture of this meeting", and I answered:"Of course !!!". She was sooo sexy, she had this cute black dress like in the ELLE photoshoot, with the strings. I put my arm around her, and the limo driver took a beautiful pic:) But she had to go, the bodyguard was getting nervous, but I asked MC if I could take one last picture, and she said "ok". She was a little bit nervous as well, but I told her she was the diva, and that she was soo beautiful and stuff. Then she said "alright let's have this pic:)"

    After the last pic, she left saying me "goodbye and see you at the show tonite". This may be a incredible story, but I'm sooo happy coz she is really the nicest person in stardom, always kind and respectful with fans in every situation.

    I love you Mariah:)

    That's one lucky lamb!! How awesome is that?!? We all know how sweet our Mariah is, and now we have all of these lambs to prove it even more! I'm just waiting for her to call me now... LOL (yeah right)

    Max, who lives in London, also sent me his story! Here is what he said:

    Hi there!
    I was lucky enough to see MC today at the dorchester hotel in london earlier today. Really cool to meet some UK lambs too! She came out of her hotel around 1 hour after the expected 11am. then as soon as she stepped outside she acknoledged us and made her way over to sign stuff. (wow she really is so sweet!) i got glitter signed and took these 3pics.(sorry the pics are not that good - it was so hard to get a good angle!) It was quite frantic as the fans crowded round her and at one point even cornering her. she really did take time and care to make sure she got to everyone, then as she went to get in her car she decided to sign MORE stuff!

    Then we saw her later in the day as she left the hotel for the filming of the new years eve jonathan ross show. we waited from around 4.30 till 7. she was meant to come out at 5 but then it kept being put back, until she finally emerged wearing the most amazing red dress. she looked like an angel!!!!! Sorry no pics of this but i'm sure you'll see it soon. (I think it will be tomorrow's papers.) She posed for the press photographers for a minute or so (the fans at this time were told to "stay behind the barriers!"). While she was posing, 'loud lamb' shouted out "Mariah you are the most beautiful woman in the world!" I saw Mariah try hard to stop herself from laughing when she heard this - it was so funny!

    Then the fans rushed towards her to get stuff signed, but this time she had less time (i figured she was running 1 hour late!) I was holding out the butterfly booklet in front of her to get signed but a split second later there were 5 other things thrust in her face, then she got in her car! What a great (but cold and tiring) day! my feet are aching, I'm gonna sleep so well tonight!

    LOL what lucky lambs eh?? Congratulations guys!!

    Phil sent me 2 BEAUTIFUL pics of Miss Mariah, as well as the picture he had the privilege of taking with her just a few days ago, and Max sent me his 3 beautiful pics of Mariah TODAY!! Check them out in Gallery 1

    Last Night An MC Saved My Life...
    Juanan from Mariah Spain sent me 3 new scans of a LNADJSML Spanish Promo CD, Greg sent me a scan of the Glitter DVD Insert, and my lamb Stephanie from Mariah's Web made 20 beautiful screen caps of Mariah's appearance on Access Hollywood the other night from TOTP. Check them all out in Gallery 1!

    MC Site To Gaze At...
    My lamb Kelly has a BEAUTIFUL Mariah site she would like everyone to check out with daily news, an mp3 of the week, video of the week, almost 700 mp3's & MPEG'S and more! To see her site, just go to Mariah Central!

    Limited Edition Greatest Hits CD...
    Gilles sent me this info:

    For great collectors
    Here in Belgium the Greatest Hits is in stores since Friday November the 30th. Sony Belgium told us that there's a limited edition only available in December. You can recognize this limited edition by the gold sticker on the cd box: "Limited Edition - with bonus track - All I Want For Christmas Is You" and a number.

    Vote For Mariah...
    My girl Nicole, webmaster of Mariah Buzz asked me to post this banner for everyone to vote for Mariah. Here is what she said (part of it LOL):

    Mariah has been nominated as 'Fav Female Artist' at the Hot30.com Countdown People's Choice Awards. She's up against some stiff competition Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and Madonna. Voting is extremely easy - and extremely important. And you could win a trip to Hawaii to see Janet Jackson live! Visit the Hot30.com Award Voting page to cast your vote. Mariah needs this desperately to raise her profile in Australia.

    And we urge you - please do not over vote. If you vote more than once a day you'll harm Mariah's chances of winning. So bookmark the voting page and visit once a day to give Mariah the help she deserves. You can help out by spreading the word, and if you have a website then please place the above banner on your site and encourage your visitors to vote.

    If you could please post the following on your sites, thanks HEAPS if you can.. we really gotta show hot30 that Mariah isn't dead & burried like they think she is.

    To vote for Mariah, just click on La banner below ;)

    Mariah On MSN
    Grguzman2000@aol.com informed me that Mariah is featured at this particular moment on the main page of MSN, where you can hear "There For Me".

    Mariah Site For Christmas
    My Lamb John updated his Mariah page, and is very excited about it. Here is what he told me:

    Hey Danielle!
    I have lots of news on the main page, but I wanted to let you know that I have put all Mariah's Christmas MIDIs on the site, along with some lovely Christmas wallpapers and a new Guestbook so that lambs can have a nice Christmas feel! :)

    Here's the addresses:

    Mariah On CD:UK
    Laura sent me more info on this show, where Mariah performed as a beautiful bridesmaid :)

    Hi hun,
    I went to the recording of CD:UK the show that Mariah was on, on saturday. I know you already put a bit up on the site about it but I was just gonna say that her outfit looked much nicer in the flesh cause I've heard a lot of people being negative about it, it was a deep brown leather dress with matching boots and she looked amazing in it. I heard some production people talking before she came out saying that she was very nervous. When she came out I was screaming the loudest cause there did not seem to be that many fans in the studio, I also had on my glitter top I think she saw it, so hopefully she felt a bit more welcome knowing there were fans there. After she sang she looked really sad and she was helped off the stage by a minder and she just walked away, I really wanted to go and give her a hug.

    Awww poor Mariah :( Here's a big hug from all of us! We luv you!!

    Mariah On "Tapis Rouge"
    Joee sent me this info:

    My friend Rody who lives in france just informed me about Mariah's performance on "Tapis Rouge" She will sing "Without You" and "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" - she's dressed in a black dress and in a red one for the "Without You" performance. She was very available to her fans, she constantly gets close to her fans so they can touch her hands and at the end of her performance, she takes time to interact with her fans!

    Schedule : December 31st - France 2 - 20h50

    Lambs Get GH Early
    A couple lambs had the privilege of receiving the Greatest Hits album early. Here is what Louis had to say about it:

    I've just got the Mariah Carey Greatest hits now! The UK version does not contain the Never Too Far/Hero medly, but it does contain the really good remix of "All I Want For Christmas" ft Lil bow wow. The album is excellent and will hopefully become number 1 over here. Hope you lot enjoy the album.

    You Know You're A Mariah Fan When...
    LOL MORE! I got some from John, Breakdown63@aol.com and Dan. Check them all out... where else, but "You Know You're A Mariah Fan When..."

    Update by Regina
    December 3rd (3:10 pm EST)

    Greatest Hits CD
    As many of you know, Mariah's Greatest Hits cd setis coming out tomorrow. Make sure you all go pick up your copy and let's see if we can get it to #1. I hope they have a cassette set too because then I will buy both. Go support Mariah and if you got a little extra money, pick up Glitter for someone for the holiday season or just an extra copy.

    Berlin1 Mariah in Berlin
    Okay a few of my best friends went and saw Mariah over the weekend and I bugged them all to send in their stories and pictures. I am still waiting on Sabine's pics and Anja's story and hopefully they will send those in and if anyone else saw her this weekend or earlier, please send in your stories/pics too. All pics, which yeah there are a lot of nice ones, are in Gallery 1. Here are the stories...

  • Mark Brands:
    Friday November 30th...16:00pm
    Today we start this project "Guide Queen Chop through Berlin" with waiting at the Train station where Christina is coming in...she has a delay so it takes another 30 minutes but then she arives...PACKED with presents for M...her clothes...food....medicine...Everything she needed in fact :) and when I got home I showed Chris.. my stuff. She didn't have some double issues I got on Magazines and so I gave them...we go to bed early after we desided to leave at 10:00am on Saterday...but then an insecure moment arrives...at 2:00am Chris... wakes me...she had pain in her ears...something she has so once awhile and the pain becomes worse and hardly to bare...then after a few painkillers we go sleep again...we desided to see what happens tomorrow when the pain wasn't gone...but it went OK...

    Saturday, Dec 1st...8:30am...
    We get up to get ready for the trip...make our sandwiches and pack our stuff...camera's....this is the first time in my career of seeing M that I bring my own camera so it's so exiting then...then at 11:15 we leave and after a few stops and LONG drive we arrive in Berlin. About 6 hours later or so...we search the hotel...which was in the Charlottenstr. somewhere in the east part of Berlin near "Unter Der Linden"...we drove trough the street but didn't see people YET :) So we went for a snack at "Alexander platz"...which is in the neighber- hood...we had Italian food :) After that we go back to the hotel... Four Seasons...and we got rid of our car there...we walk to the hotel and there I see 2 girls...Christina asks them if they're MC fans and yep they are :) I wonder around and then ask the girl with pink? hair.. R U Honey & Kate??????????? Because I remember their pic from their site..and YES....they where THEM, hee hee...so COOL. We started chatting and then after awhile Anja arrives as wel...with Peter and Holger...Tommy was there with Honey & Kate as well and that was a reunion for me...I didn't see him in 1 and a half years, hahaha... He comes to me because Anja was looking for me...so I went to Anja... We kissed on the cheeks and introduced our selves...and start talking. Anja told me that Regina wanted to say me hi and send me her love... It arrived Reg, hee hee....thanx for that...Anja is so different then I expected...she's great and nice AND looks so different then I tought.

    Also another Dutch guy came in...I didn't know him AT ALL...but then he tells me...I'm Eddie...I'm Rainbow Warrior and then I go...HEY??? I know that name....hee hee...he tells me about his site AND the fact that he got cut of because of HUGE data traffic on his site because Reggie got him linked on her site...so crazy when you think about it. Makes you think how much impact a site can have on so many people. Keep up the good work sweetheart :)

    But OK...I go with Anja, Peter and Holger to the other site of the road to find a shelter for the wind...and then my greatest German friend Sabine FINALLY came in...hee hee...I was so happy to see her...we didn't see each other SOOO long...since May 2000 and I kissed her and hugged for ages it seems...it felt soooo good and warm too. Sabine shows me her fanbook which was packed with stories of people I know so well....Like Kaori, Anne Martijn...Me, hahaha...so cool... And then my other "Friends" from Holland arrive...Sabine and me stay alone...and "lose" Anja and her friends to them...so we go back to the other site where more fans came in...also Harald came in...I know him from my first meeting in Köln at March 31st, 1998 where he was the first one to see M at the signing....I thought it was him :) Have to ask Sabine if he's that guy...forgot that but I remember Sabine naming his name earlier in our mails or calls...so....also Tanja came in. I know her because she was in this German TV Show called "Risiko" on ZDF in January...this is a show where you can win a lot of money with answering questions about your fave subject...hers was OFCOURSE Mariah...she nearly won the show but she missed the last question...so bad :) The girls KNOWS, guys :) She really knows a lot about M...also about singing in General...she can also sing very good...but OK...then THE moment arrives and M is showing up... She looks AMAZING and starts to sign goodies...I was in second row so I didn't get close enough to get something signed...but I managed to do some photo's...(I write now but don't know how my pics turned out) Christina gets her Glitter Movie Books signed and Sabine did a great job to...she got her pic from July this year signed...very nice pic BTW...so that was amazing for all of us...I'm OK with the pics... I get my chance another time :) I saw M and that was something :) then we after a short chat I go with Sabine and Suzi (Her friend) to my car to get her my magazines I still had left...and gave them. Then I call Reg...Sorry Reg that I sounded so tired and I guess not so clear :) and we go and find us a place to stay... Berlin2

  • Peter:
    Anja, Holger and I drove to Berlin by train at saturday. We arrived at 18.35 and searched a hotel first. Then we drove by underground to the four seasons hotel. At 19 o´clock there were not many fans there but then many came. We met Christa, Jordy and Oscar from the netherlands and it was so much fun. Anja and Holger met them last week in Munich too, but for me it was the first time. And i must say. Yo lambs you are so sweet and thanks for the great welcome. I felt like a real family member. Thanx Jordy, Christa and Oscar, you are so nice and one of the loveliest MC fans i met ever

    During the waiting we made jokes and tried to get warmer cause in berlin it was colder than we had expected. So it was a hard time for us there. At mitnight Mariah arrived and she looked so fantastic. She was wearin a black short skirt, a top and a wintr jacket. Her hair was done very well and she gave us a beautiful smile. Mariah gave autographs and made a group picture with the fans and then she came to the other side of the entrance where we were standing. Anja gave Mariah her letter and some letters and i gave her a golden cross with some diamonds on it. Oscar had a nice red heart for her which was surronded by some electric lights. It was a nice present. After 5 minutes mariah went into the hotel and we drove to the hotel too.

    The other day we arrived at 11 o´clock at the hotel. Christa, Oscar and Jordy came a while later by car and then our party could continue. While we were waiting Jordy and Oscar went shopping at the Hilton Hotle. An i must say they have some realy beautiful Bathrobes there:-))))))

    Later on Josephine came out to walk a little bit in Berlin. The other people havent detected her. As we were sitting in the car at this moment we couldn´t go to her. But when she came back we spoke to her and she told us that Mariah read all the letters together with her at the same night. And mariah got my golden cross and she liked it a lot, Josephine said.

    Than she went to her suit and we had to wait another hours. At 19.30 she fianlly came back and she looked sooooooooooo great. The best dress i ever saw!!! She was wearin a bright top and  skirt and a nice bright robe over it. Perfect hair and make up and a nice smile on her lips. As Josephine told Mariah that we were still standing there Mariah brought us roses. A bundle of rosé roses and one with white ones. she wanted to go to the other side first but then she saw us and came to us. She gave the white roses to Oskar and told "share this with your friends!" then she walked to the other side. But this time it was a real bad experience with the fans. While we were standing quiet and were waiting for our time the crowd which were consisting of many autograph hunters and fans freaked out and whas screaming and pushing to the sides. Therefore Mariah gave the flowers quickly to one fan and run walked away to the car. The people were so unfreindly that they even brake down the baricades the hotel people made in front of the crowd. When we saw this terrible scene Anja screamed." Mariah be careful" we were so shoked that the fans were out of control this way.

    When Mariah drove away, Oscar shared the roses with us. Anja, Holger, Christa, Jordy and i got each 3 roses. But the other fans don´t even got one as the flowers broke during the fight and the pushing!

    After this we said goodbye to our dutch friends and drove with the underground to the mainstation. At  2 o´clock in the morning we arrived in cologn. We talked a lot about this evening and we were realy shoked what happened. I couldn´t believe the behaviour of some Mariah fans. I think could spent more time with her if everybody would stay quiet and briefly. But after this i can understand why Mariah´s bodyguards tell her to leave fast and go into the hotel. I wish the fans will think about this and will work an their behaviour. So maybe we will have more  chances to see mariah longer next time she will visit germany.

  • Honey and Kate (from Butterflies Are Free):
    After we arrived at the "Four Seasons" on Saturday, Dec. 01st and met David there, every few minutes fans joined us - in the end we were 24 people waiting for Mariah, which was really cool! Friends were greeted and new friendships started, and the 4 hours of waiting went by pretty quickly thanx to nice conversations and a huge bottle of hot coffee (- Eddie and Tommy, you guys rock! :) LOL).

    About 20 minutes before Mariah arrived, barriers were put up and everything happened quickly. 2 black Mercedes arrived and in fact we didn't really think Mariah would already be in one of 'em. But before I (Honey) really realized is (okay, my brain was a lil frozen already :p), Mariah, dresses in black boots, a black mini and a black jacket, went straight to us. Tommy, Kate and I had made a Christmas calendar for Mariah and Tommy and I held it up. Mariah went straight to us and in fact she wanted to sign it but I said "No, it's for you!" She smiled at me: "For me? That's so nice!" and I answered "Yeah, it's a Christmas calendar." She smiled again (OMG, I LOVE that smile and these unbelievable eyes) "Thank you!" Then I gave her a stuffed lamb and she didn't give it away anymore. :)

    Becoz she had so much in her hads, I gave our letters to Michael (Richardson). After a while Mariah handed the calendar to one of her bodyguards but she always kept the lamb. :) Then she signed quite a few autographs (some were even dedicated) and she always kept thanking us for the nice presents and things. :) She signed a photo we took in July for us and well, it seems like she noticed how we were freezing (well, it was -3°C or sth.), becoz she looked at us and asked "You all are so cold, why?" Oh dear... :)

    Someone then asked if we could take a group picture and Mariah said "Yeah! Group-shoot!" She gave the camera to Michael and he took a photo. (probably there's only a lil bit of my pink hair to be seen coz I had Mariah's curls in my face the whole time :p) Then Sabrina asked if we could take another one and Michael just said "No! It's too cold for her!". But Mariah just took Sabrina's camera and was like "But I want another one!" :D So he took a second one and once again, Mariah's nice smelling hair covered my face. :) lol

    After about 6 minutes she waved once more and went into the hotel. Michael stayed outside until the rest of Mariah's crew went in as well and before he left into the warmth, he thanked us for waiting and applauded shortly. :) Well, Sunday was much more exhausting. We already arrived in front of the hotel at 1pm, and according to Virgin Germany and the British management Mariah was said to leave the hotel for rehearsals of the "Sat1 AIDS Gala" at 4pm. They said that they planned some time for the fans, to sign autographs and take pictures and so we waited and waited and waited. We sadly recognized some of the freaks that just wanted autographs and who already caused a lil trouble in July and at about 4.30pm Michael left the hotel, followed by Mariah's back-up singers. We hoped he would just check the place where they recorded the show and things of that nature but when he didn't come back after an hour the cold started to frustrate us. So we decided to put "Glitter" on and stayed a lil warm with singing and dancing along.

    Shortly one of the people from the hotels confused us a li, becoz he said, Mariah had already left the hotel through another exit. We decided that that doesn't sound like Mariah and the things her management said and so we kept waiting there, freezing and singing.

    At about 7.15pm Mariah's limousines arrived and her luggage was put inside. Mariah's friend Josefine left the hotel a few minutes later and she got into one of the cars. Then at about 7.40pm a baah-utiful Mariah in in a beige-colored coat, brown boots and a brown long dress left the hotel. In her hands she had 2 bunches of roses - one in white and one in light pink. She gave the white one to Oskar, a Dutch fan who stoof behing the left barrier, then she handed the pink one to Sabine, who stood on our site. Even though she needed to hurry coz she was set to perform at that show at 8.20pm she tried to sign some things. But the freaks started pushing so badly, they even were like jumping over the barriers. I gave my all to hand Mariah a letter with a song that all of us singed. When she saw it she smiled at me and said "For me? Thanks!" But then I got pushed back and I just saw how Mariah looked kinda scared and afraid suddenly, she just threw away the marker she had and got into the car very quickly. But even though everything happened very quickly and the freaks were nearly ruining it, the almost 7 hours of waiting in the cold were worth it all. Mariah looked amazing, and well, in the 2nd night she seemed a lil afraid becoz of the freaks but you could really see and feel how happy and thankful she was in the first night. And if that wasn't all, we even got a rose from her, so thank you for everything, Mariah!!

  • Sabine:
    Last night we saw Mariah leaving the hotel for the Aids-Gala-show and she looked amazing. She wore a long leather coat in beige and some more light colour clothes. Her hair was beautiful (I love how she wears her hair right now) and she even talked to me again. BUT, there were some awkward autograph hunters that ruined the whole situation. Well, what happened was that Mariah came out and there were about 30 people waiting (luckily, about 20 of them were fans). She came out carrying 2 flower bouquets and one she gave me and the other to a Dutch fan on the other side. She said to me that I should spread them out because they didn't have much time. And I asked her how she liked the fanbook and presents from last night and she was really thankful. Unfortunately she didn't sign autographs because nobody really had a pen ready and then the whole pushing began. They almost pushed me down and through all that and my shouting "Stop it!" and "Common, don't push so hard from the back, people!" Mariah looked at me with a sad impression on her face as though she wanted to say "Be careful with her! Don't do that!", but I think she didn't say something but just looked at me and I looked at her and then I started crying. Not because they hurt me but because it was such a sad thing Mariah had to witness. And I wanted to tell her "No, it's okay", but then she was gone. I was shaking all over and holding the flowers that I was careful not to get smashed also, and then everybody gathered around me and I spread them out keeping 3 for myself and Susi, my friend from Berlin. I calmed down and then we walked to the car. I was okay again, I guess it was just the shock of this stupid incident. I had barely seen her, maybe 30 seconds. Anyway, Susi and I then drove to the airport on which Mariah was supposed to leave, but when we actually got there and had found the right place to stand and wait some limousine came by from the area and told us that Mariah had already rushed through. So, we had just missed her for this time. We saw her plane but didn't wait until take-off. It was just too cold. All in all it was a great time we had in Berlin. I saw her two times, could talk to her both times and was even able to give her the things I wanted her to have - including the little guardian angle I had made for her. Then, what makes me even more happy is, that she seemed to have read the fanbook I made since she mentions Shino's website "Love Love Jack" in her latest message, so she definitely had read through the second letter in the book. :) About the worries Mariah's overworking herself again I can only say that she was absolutely in good shape, as far as I could tell. She looked healthy and how she appeared to me was that she was really calm, not as erratic as in July, and that she was concentrated. But lovely as ever and always. She seemed in good health and her voice was strong. I'm truely happy I could witness her being in such a good state. I hope she's not overworking herself again. Oh, i forgot to tell you that Josefin was with her at the hotel instead of Louise. She even talked to us (I guess she went shopping a bit). She is really cute and so small! :)
  • Eddie:
    Sat Dec 1st 2001 - Mon Dec 3rd 2001
    Travelling to Berlin to meet Mariah.
    Early on Saturday morning I got on the train from the Netherlands towards Berlin where I was going to meet up with Honey, Kate, Tommy and many more people. The journey started strangely. As many of you know, the Netherlands is often used for junkies to get their drugs and return to Germany again. At Hengelo, the last trainstation between the Netherlands and Germany a girl stepped in the car. She couldn't have been older then 20 years old. Even though the train was warm/hot ( I stripped down to my T-Shirt ) she wore 2 thick jumpers and put to two more one. She talked a little, but given my lousy German combined with her incomprehensible way of talking from being completely high on heroine made it very hard and she kept on falling asleep, giggling and waking up again. When we crossed the border there was the customs check. And since she didn't have a ticket either, they went through her luggage which has no more then a bag with some filthy clothes ( She already wore most ). Anyway she needed to buy a ticket and when the conductor finally arrived another show started. She fished a complete crumbled up note of HFl 25,- out of her bag and got a hand of various change out of her coat pocket. Two DM 5,- pieces where accepted but when she gave the HFl 5,- piece it was refused ( foreign change is no longer accepted as Europe moves towards the Euro ) so she had another problem; She started to look frantically through her stuff and found another even more crumbled up note of HFl 25,-. She got 19 pfenning back. So ( this is the real world ) she is now in Germany with about DM 10,- and HFl 10,- as total assets. She looked like she had been sleeping rough for a while and she was already cold in the train and if you read on there was some real cold to come and she probably wasn't even 20 yet and will need more heroine soon...

    Anyway I spend the remainder of the journey talking to two Dutch ladies in front of me and we had a wonderful time :) At around 15:00 we arrived in Berlin Zoo and I took a taxi to the hotel. Nice clean hotel with a sitting corner and a bath. Since I just have a shower at home, I immediately endulged myself in a hot bath :) Then I went outside to see the city a bit. It was really really cold outside. Even it was 13 C in the Netherlands, it was already close to freezing in Berlin. It's a beautiful city especially with all the lights and Christmas. Just round the corner from my hotel Kuerfurstendamm started, the main shopping street of former West-Berlin, and on the corner there was a woman collecting for the AIDS fund. So I gave her a coin ( Either DM 2 or DM 5, I can't tell the difference... ) and she handed me a little red ribbon which you could put on your coat and which I wore proudly ever since. ( Isn't funny that life sometimes give nice unexpected surprised :) )

    At about 20:00 I arrived back at the hotel and called Kate on her mobile phone. She was already in front of Mariah's hotel, so I called a taxi and went to the Four Seasons Hotel. Berlin is a huge city, the Four Seasons Hotel was located in former East Berlin which has been transformed into an extremely expensive shopping zone which expensive hotels and restaurants. The world managed to transform itself completely in just 12 years... I met Honey and Kate there. Honey looked like Pink. You know the famous model and I met Tommy, Tanja, Anya and many more fans there, who were already standing in front of the hotel. It was bitter and freezing cold ( I'm bound to say that again - I wasn't expecting weather like that ) but it was a beautiful night with a completely clear sky and a full moon shining brightly :) At about 10:00 Tommy and I went out to score some hot coffee for the group. The hotel wasn't helpful; They were a bunch of complete assholes! Most stores where closed and those who were open were expensive restaurants. Luckily Tommy spotted a kebab store ( Despite popular believe, if you need something then the Turkish/Maroccan restaurant with people making long hours are usually the ones most likely to help you ) and we could get a 1 1/2 liter bottle full of boiling hot coffee ( It was wonderful, just holding the bottle was great )

    At about 0:30 in the night Mariah arrived from the airport. She look stunning in her boots and she signed some pictures and CDs and got the fansbook/gifts ( Manuela : Your letter has been given ;) - I couldn't get her sign anything though... ) I had been talking with two other Dutch fans who were planning to sleep in their cars, but given the artic weather we drove back to my hotel, because I knew that they still had some rooms available. Of course we got lost and couldn't find the map of the city either. Nor was there any sign post to be found anywhere, but by following the U-bahn, railway line and big towerblocks we managed to find the hotel again :) Where my friends could still get a room. Mind you it was past 1:30 already ;)

    The next morning I got a big breakfast, met my dutch friends for a while and went into the city in the morning. At about 14:30 I once again took a taxi towards Mariah's hotel again ( capdriver : So you travel from hotel to hotel LOL ). I met up with Honey, Kate, Tommy and the others who were already there. Honey&Kate since 13:00 so they were frozen already. Even though Mariah's management said that she would appear at 16:00 she didn't show and nobody gave any information. Especially the hotel staff were very rude again and even claimed that she wasn't even in the hotel ! Finally at 19:45 ( She could barely make it to TV show. They must have driven like mad-men ) Mariah came out, but she didn't have time so she over some yellow and pink roses to the waiting fans and left for the show.

    Cartoon Mariah Cartoon Wallpaper
    Jagert made a really cute Christmas wallpaper, which features the adorable Mariah cartoon on the right. To check it out, check out the Calendar Wallpaper page. I just added it to my desktop, it's too cute.

    News From Japan
    Ayako told me that a Mariah interview was shown in a tv show called "Mezamashi TV." It was an interview about the Greatest Hits cd and about why she didn't come to Japan earlier this year. They showed Mariah performing Never Too Far/Hero from Sony Studios and said she things she saw Amanda in the footage too. That was the show we all attended on November 8th, in fact. Hopefully someone can make some nice caps??

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Yeah I do believe some more people sent in stuff for this section. Thanks to Miranda and Wrtkej101 for the new add ons and can I just say that everything in that section is meant to make you laugh and Mariah laugh. Yeah, some of it might really be true but it is all for fun. Don't take things so seriously!

    There is a new Quote O' the Week, Pic O' The Week and Poll O' The Week. Check 'em out.

    Last weeks Poll results:
    Would you like Mariah to do a world tour in 2002 or take a break and relax?
    Yes, I want to see her tour (395) 49%
    No, she needs to take a break (404) 50%
    Total Votes: 799

    »December News

    Update by Regina
    December 2nd (7:30 pm EST)

    aids benefit Sat1 Stars 2001: AIDS-Gala
    Check out some lovely caps of Mariah performing at the AIDS Gala in Germany earlier today in Gallery 4. She performed Never Too Far/Hero and a big thanks to Mariah Makes Chart History for these large and beautiful caps.

    Download Joy To The World Remix Video
    Pete fixed the link I posted earlier because there was some problems with it but you can now download the Joy To The World Remix video by clicking here.

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Click here to check out some new entrees from Rodrigo and Joey.

    Mariah Carey To Perform for Soldiers in Kosovo
    The recovering singer, who's promoting sales in Europe in the last few days, will entertain the American soldiers in Kosovo for a Christmas party.

      Mariah Carey will take advantage her staying in Europe these days to entertain the American soldiers in Kosovo with a Christmas party.

    Carey will arrive to the base and "bring a spirit of holiday to thousands of sodiers", as reported by the singer in a message she gave to the press. The singer is in Europe to promote her latest album "Glitter" and her Greatest Hits album, which expected to be released very soon.

    The Europe visit has also brought up a cooperation between Carey and the Irish band Westlife in the next future. The Singer and the band have already cooperated last year in a special duet of "Against All Odds" originally by Phil Collins. "There was such a real chemistry betwen them during the work on "Against All Odds", said Westlife's Manager to the "Sun". We would like to cooperate with Mariah once again, because it will be a great way to introduce Westlife to the Americans".

    Westlife and Carey have performed together at the Top Of The Pops ceremony the other night and sang together Mariah's "Hero".

    Translated by Omri from Walla.co.il

    berlin Mariah in Berlin
    Here is the story on what happened in Berlin from Sabrina...
    We got to the hotel at 21.30 and met a lot of other fans (Honey&Kate, Mark and Christina, Holger, Anja, Peter ...) and it was freezing cold out there. Anyway, nothing happened until midnight, then some 15 minutes later her limousine came and she came right out to us wearing all black (short skirt, anorak, boots) and she looked like an angel. And believe me, she appeared to be so calm and relaxed as never before. I really do think she's feeling better now. OK, so let me tell you this: Mariah came to me and I was able to give her the fanbook, Shino's present from Japan and the petition from the Spanish lambs (Mari, don't worry, she got it!). She was really appreciative and was so surprised that I had things from fans from all over the world and I said that it's just natural for me to do it since she cannot be all over the world at once. So, that was awesome. She took quite a lot of time - and considering the temperatures, the 5 minutes she took was just incredibly nice of her - we even could take a picture with her with my camera (I hope to have it for you next week) and she really wanted to do it. She was amazing. And what made me even more happy was when Mariah went inside Michael said "Thank you guys!" so we really seemed to have made a good impression. Really, Regina, everybody was really calm and relaxed and it was perfect that there were only few autograph hunters and a great deal of fans. Well, German lambs, we really did it... we really put a smile on Mariah's face.

    MC Cartoon
    Trina sent me this link and basically it says what you should get celebs for Christmas, who already have everything. Let's just say they arn't too nice to MC and I am not even going to both to post it here. However, if you want to check out the cartoon of her and what they said she should get, just click here.

    Update by Danielle
    December 1st (10:45 pm EST)

    YAY!!! New Voice Message!
    Miss Molly informed me that there is a brand new pop up screen and message from our Mariah!!! Yay, finally!! I've been waiting soo long! I'm so happy! LOL

    I added the transcript from Mariah's new ADORABLE voice message on the Official Site below. Here is what our SWEET chop, QUEEN CHOP, Miss Mariah had to say:

    Heyyyy lambs,
    I just wanted to call and say thank you because, I'm travelling around and I'm just seeing soo many of you and, getting so many incredible fan books, and just really nice gifts and everything, and YEAAAH, I wanted to let you know that you make me happy, and uhm, that's the most important thing, just like, being there for each other in life, and uhm, that's all I can say is thank you MUCH, and I'm trying to read through all the fan books and, it's a classic, there was a classic moment before, I was reading through one of the fan books and... Jack, my dog, has his own website (adorable little laugh :D) and that was the best, that made me laugh for like 10 minutes.

    So... I love ya, I enjoy ya, I appreciate ya, and I'll call again soon... bye :)

    Aww hearing my Mariah's voice makes me so happy!! To hear the happiness and love in her voice is soo reassuring :) You can always tell that she's a genuine person by the emotion in her voice... that she really means what she's saying, and that it comes from the most beautiful thing about her... her heart :)

    EXCLUSIVE Glitter DVD Promo Adds!!!
    An AWESOME lamb named Greg sent me two BEAUTIFUL scans from the Glitta DVD Promo, and I'm sooo excited!!!

    He'll also be sending me some scans of the inserts tomorrow, so look forward to that! I know I am! He said that Mariah Daily is his favorite site! What a sweet guy!

    To see the two GORGEOUS promo pics he sent me, run to Gallery 4!!!

    Another Update Coming...
    Tomorrow I'll be adding an update with 20 screen caps from Mariah's "Home For The Holiday's" Special, as well as a 30 second clip you can download, all thanx to my sweet lamb Stephy, webmaster of the beautiful site Mariah's Web, so look forward to that :D

    For now, you can see 3 new pics of Miss Mariah that she sent me. They are 3 larger versions of some thumbnails we saw recently from the Virgin Records Brazilian website :)

    Check them out in Gallery 4

    Update by Danielle
    December 1st (7:30 pm EST)

    New Pics
    I added 11 new pics to Gallery 4 from Mariah's performance on TOTP, as well as pics of Mariah posing for the camera. Thanx much to Stephanie (Mariah's Web) for these lovely pics :)

    Mariah's Recent Performances
    My girl Angie sent me the info on what went down on "Top Of The Pops" and "CDUK", and here is what she said:

    Hi honey just a message to tell you what Mariah was up 2 when she came across here!

    On CDUK (childrens tv programme) she was in a sketch (the sketch is called chums which is a piss take of friends)as a bride's made in a gorgeous baby blue halterneck long dress. She then appeared in a leather strarapless dress with knee high boots singing never to far/hero remix, was not live but still fantastic to watch!

    On the Top Of The Pops Awards Show she sang the same song only Westlife joined her when the song interlouded into hero! fantastic performance, was sang live, and was amazing!!!! She was wearing a long black sparkly dress!

    She also told me that she'll be sending me the transcript soon, so watch for that!

    Mariah's Memorable Quote
    I got this info from Lori:

    Say What? The Most Memorable Quotes Of '01: Mariah Carey
    Nov 30, 2001, 10:05 am PT

    Some were profound, some were wise, some were downright inspiring, but most of all, artists let a lot of zingers fly out of their mouths this year. Through Jan. 4, allstar will bring you some of the more interesting things said this year as part of our 2001 Year in Review news coverage.

    "I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now. What I'd like to do is just take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or a thing -- where all I really want to do is just be me."—Mariah Carey's post on her Web site just before checking herself into a hospital for a mental and physical breakdown.

    Source: CD Now

    Even MORE YKYAMFW Entries!
    Joee sent me 17 more entries for the page, and I received a few more from Karyna, Molly, Ayden, EPsychoeric@aol.com, MCButterfly77@aol.com and Mary. Check them all out in the infamous "You Know You're A Mariah Fan When..." section, one of my FAVORITE parts of the site!!

    Update by Regina
    December 1st (4:15 pm EST)

    Exclusive Message For MD Readers From M
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, met Mariah at the Claridges Hotel yesterday and explained to her about the new single campaign that is set to be launched on Daily and Mariah responded with a special message...
    "Tell Reg that her site and all the workers are doing an amazing job...tell them I luv all of ya and really appreciate ya!!!"
    Ashes also told me that Mariah recorded a message on video which will be on her official site in about two weeks and the video shows Carlos and then the fanbook from Ashes and her flipping through it.

    About the single campaign, it will be announced shortly on Mariah Daily. All I can say is we are taking her new single, Never Too Far/Hero to #1 this time because she needs a #1 single in the year 2001.

    peoplescan Scans
    I scanned the People and US Weekly pictures from the December 10th issues. You can check out the two pics in Gallery 4 and also, I added the Greatest Hits CD Scans back to Gallery 4 because I think Danielle accidently deleted them in her last update.

    Check Out This Site
    Aurélie would like you all to check out her Mariah fansite, Just for Mariah Carey. I just added it to the links page too.

    peoplescan Is Mariah's Career Over?
    Q. Is Mariah Carey's career over, or does she have a chance at reinventing herself?
    A. Despite her bomb at the box office with Glitter, Carey's career is hardly over. Her Greatest Hits double album arrives in stores December 4, the same day she releases Never Too Far and Hero on a Christmas maxi-single with proceeds going to the New York City Police Foundation Heroes Fund. Then, in a January episode of Ally McBeal, Carey plays the client of a matchmaking business who testifies at the company's trial. I'm betting the songstress will make an appearance at Ally's favorite bar. The episode also features Jon Bon Jovi in a recurring role as a potential love interest for Ally. And don't forget Hollywood's golden rule: You're never really gone. If John Travolta, Drew Barrymore and Rob Lowe can do it, so can Miss Mariah.

    USA Today. Check your newspapers people, Mariah might be in Sunday's paper about this.

    Check Out This Site Too
    Click here to check out a really cool page that divaslambs@hotmail.com told me about. You can enter to win a cool package from Mariah, check out some videos, read articles and SO MUCH MORE. They also say that the new single comes out December 17th instead of the 11th. I wonder if they just got the dates mixed up??

    Update by Danielle
    December 1st (2:30 am EST)

    New Pics
    I got 3 new pictures of Miss Mariah performing on Top Of The Pops recently from my girl Stephanie, webmaster of Mariah's Web!!

    The 1st one is a picture she took from her "live webcam" (not too bad!) of Mariah singing with Westlife on stage, and the other 2 are from the Yahoo website! To see these GORGEOUS pics, run over to Gallery 4!!!!

    I will be posting more "old skool" Mariah pictures from my "1990 scrapbook" tomorrow and Regina will have more beautiful pictures from that year also for everyone to see, so everyone be sure and check back for that!

    I can't wait to see more pics from my Regina! The pictures in black and white of Mariah with her mom, and in front of the dressing room mirror are from some of the very 1st Official fanclub newsletters I received in 1992, in case ya didn't know :D

    Everyone have a glorious night, and if you can't sleep, just count some lambs LOL

    What Luis Said
    Anna saw the press conference with Luis, and told us what he really said. As always, the media twisted his words around the way they've always done to everyone, including Mariah. Here is what she told us:

    Yesterday Luis Miguel held a press conference in Miami Beach. He was there to promote his new CD, Mis Romances, and to give information about his upcoming tour. The press was told they could ask anything EXCEPT questions about Mariah. They were, in fact, forbidden to ask him questions about their relationship.

    Nevertheless, one reporter asked "Are You Going to Record a Duet With Mariah Carey"? Answer: "No."

    "Are you still involved in a romantic relationship with MC"?
    Answer: "I don't want to talk about that. That relationship is over."

    He later on said that he is still hopes one day to find true love, that he dreams of one day having a stable life, a family, children..that he would like to have a child, but that it would be irresponsible at this time, and with the world in the situation that it is; moreover, he hasn't found someone with whom to share a stable relationship and start a family. He said that he is single again. "I am very single, more 'single' than ever.. and very much alone."

    He said that he has had a lot of experiences in love, and that it is a learning experience "an interesting voyage..." you learn from your experiences in life.

    He appeared very nervous, very uneasy when they asked him about Mariah. He clearly did NOT want to discuss something that is obviously painful for him, in front of all the latin media. Later someone asked him "do you miss her (MC)? He answered, "Yes, but I don't want to talk about it."

    In a "one on one " interview later, he opened up a bit more about his feelings. Without making direct reference to Mariah, he said that he was disillusioned, that he was hurt, and that he tells himself "when will I learn not to give myself over completely to someone when I'm in love? But I can't help the way I am. I live my life, I love, completely, totally, and with deep passion. That;s the way I am and I can't change. And it hurts when you give your complete love and trust to someone, and then find that it's not always returned... It is a painful experience, but I can put those feelings into my music, into the music that I make for my public (my fans). They asked him, "Do you have any scars? Any open wounds?"
    Luis: "I have scars on my body (my skin) , in my heart, and my soul.. and yes, there is a wound that remains open, and only time can heal that wound...."

    News For UK Fans
    I got this from my sweetchop John:

    Hey Danielle.
    I have the address to SMTV's official guest page, which has all the details of Mariah's appearance on the show tommorrow morning, and also you can send in your questions to Mariah if she is to answer them by using an email form on the page and there is also a number to text the show, and they read out your comments and questions at every break!

    Email Mariah questions at: studio@smtvlive.co.uk
    Text the show - 07740 700 900

    To see SMTV's official guest page, go HERE

    December Calendar/Wallpapers
    Patty sent me 3 BEAUTIFUL new wallpapers for the month of December and Asma sent 6 of them! You can view them all in the Calendar Wallpapers section.

    Mariah Vision Site Gets Recognition
    We got this from the webmasters of Mariah Vision:

    Hi Everybody!

    Sony Music has been a great support to the first official fan club of Mariah Carey in Brazil, Mariah Vision. We have been doing a great job since our fan club was founded, and have gained a lot of respect for the seriousness in dealing with the Diva's career. For this reason, we've been priviledged by Sony Music to presell her new album "Mariah Carey Greatest Hits" on our web site.

    Mariah came to Brazil two years ago; and, to celebrate her visit, Mariah Vision has made a video record of her arrival at the Airport of Rio de Janeiro available for the fans on its web site.

    To see this AWESOME video, click HERE!!

    Men Love Miss Mariah
    I got this info from my lamb Mike:

    Hey, I was searching on AskMen.com, it's a site for men about women ;-) and I came across the Top 50 Most Beautiful Women and Mariah is number 47!...here's the link about what they say about our Diva...

    How To Make Your Vote Count
    I got this info from Raistlin:


    You can vote multiple times for Mariah at the MTV Asia Awards by:

    1) Opening two browser windows, one is for the MTV Asia voting booth, another is c:\windows\temporary internet files.

    2) in your temporary blah blah window press ctrl-A and then delete.

    3) Make your vote (Mariah!!!) and when a new screen appears in the voting booth, repeat step (2) and (3) over and over again.

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    3) Check out RequestMC to find out how to request Don't Stop or Never Too Far/Hero on the radio!!

    4) Vote for Mariah on the MTV Asia Awards. Don't let Britney, J-Lo, Madonna or Christina beat her. Click Here.


    »The Latest With M
    Glitter, Mariah's New Album, is now in stores. Go get your copy now. On December 4th, fans are coming together to buy Glitter one more time. Please do your part and pick a copy up and help out Mariah. Let's get her to #1.


    Click here for Lyrics to Glitter album.

    Sony is releasing a 2 cd Greatest Hits Album. It will hit stores on December 4th.


    Mariah is releasing Hero over again in a brand new melody featuring Never Too Far. The medley will be released on a special cd single including an unreleased B side called "There For Me." You can pick it up on December 11th and all proceeds will benefit the victims families from Sept. 11th. The cover of the single is unknown at the moment.


    Ashes met Mariah on November 30th and told her about Daily and here is what Mariah had to say...
    "Tell Reg that her site and all the workers are doing an amazing job...tell them I luv all of ya and really appreciate ya!!!"


    »Mariah And Daily
    Over the last four years, Mariah has come to know about this website. I have gotten the priveldge of talking to her on the phone and seeing her in person four times. Check out this page for the whole success of Daily and how it is approved by Miss Mariah herself.


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