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updated byLiron December 31st, 2002 3:00PM
Happy New Year!!!

Check out these beautiful wallpapers wishing you a happy new year made by Denny, Eric and Mario, plus a wallpaper using picture from "Allure" by Alisha. Thank you Omri for the logo!

MC On Access Hollywood Tonight
Watch Access Hollywood tonight - apparently Mariah is going to be on! After seeing it, please report back to us! (Thanks Alfreda)

AOL Interview Link
Thanks to everyone who sent in the link (AOL Members only) Click Here to view the interview with Mariah at AOL Highlights Show.

Buy "Wisegirls" DVD!
Today, the Wisegirls DVD is released in the US, so go out and get your copy!

Gilles sent us the following bit:
For US residents
If you are a US resident and you're at least 17 years of age, you can enter this contest on Cinema Confidential to win a WiseGirls DVD. For the details click here. Good luck.

Jet Mag Top 20 Albums
In the January 6th issue of Jet Magazine, "Charmbracelet" is No. 5 on Jet's top 20 albums! Way to go Mariah! (Thanks Tray0217)

Vote For MD
Click on the picture below to vote for MD as your favorite site. Thanks Mark for nominating us :)

updated byLiron December 30th, 2002 7:20PM
Mariah's Video Requirements
TheEdge found a list of extras to be in Mariah's music video shoot in L.A. They can be seen on this talent page. From what it looks like, this is the same concept as was for "The One". Considering Mariah said she will continue shooting in L.A, we are not clear if this was meant for "The One" (which was supposedly cancelled) or whether "Boy" will be using a similiar concept.

Music Video - Mariah Carey - Los Angeles - (12/20-22/2002)*** UPDATED AGAIN***


Space Airline Building Attendant Women - $500
20 Salarymen - $150
8 Cops - $150
12 Swat Team - $150
Audio Technician in recording studio

Mariah Interview Sessions On AOL
Alan told me that AOL presents a short interview with Mariah (from the same set as the holiday message), talking about "Charmbracelet", playing the TTR video and answering a question from an AOL member regarding her songs being autobiographical. If anyone finds the links, please share them with the rest of us :)

New Film Article Part II
Kara sent me the rest of the article about the new supposed film Mariah's in (absolutely not confirmed).

"The film reportedly will be produced by Anthony Esposito, who has worked with diva Carey before , on the independent movie "Wisegirls"and "Sweet Science," in which Carey plays a boxing manager...the local tourism industry might welcome the attention generated by another major Hollywood film; in the mid-1980's, the already flourishing industry exploded, after "Witness" starring Harrison Ford as an FBI agent who hides out on a Lancaster County farm to protect anAmish boy, became a big hit. Still at least one of the reputed stars of Sinking Springs seems excited about the chance to exchange his usual gaudy wardrobe for Plain Threads. "I'm there; I'm there," Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler told Salon.com , which in a September story reported he woud be featured in "a buggy-riding role. "I love the Amish," said Tyler. "They've got it all together."

Quien Magazine Scans Part II
Thanks again to MariahMania for the scans:

Whitney Skids, Mariah Holds
Whitney Houston's album Just Whitney is in the red zone, on life support and in a free fall. According to Billboard and SoundScan, holiday sales of the new album are so bad that it fell this week to No. 30 after debuting on Billboard the previous week at No. 9.

Of course, there was a feeling among statisticians that SoundScan had been scammed in some way that first week, since Just Whitney came out in every other chart closer to No. 15. Now it seems that those lower numbers were right, and the album is headed toward disaster.

It doesn't help that Arista Records has been frustrated with radio, which doesn't want to play any of the tracks from Just Whitney. This is kind of ridiculous, too, since even the average tracks on the album are better than most everything out there. "Unashamed," "On My Own" and "Love That Man" should be naturals on radio stations.

Unfortunately, Houston isn't helping the matter with her refusal to do any more work promoting the album. Of course, her early efforts to do that were not very successful. I'm talking about her Diane Sawyer interview and her appearance on Good Morning America.

Mariah Carey is having the same problem with not getting her songs on the air. This is also a bit strange, since Carey has four or five potential singles on Charmbracelet, her latest offering.

The main difference between Carey and Houston is that the former is at least selling records — about 130,000 a week, which isn't bad right now. She's stayed in the top 20 for three weeks in a row after debuting at No. 3.

Caleb, Fox News

Mariah Romance RUMOURS
US pop star Mariah Carey and Hollywood action man Vin Diesel have been spotted together - sparking rumours they are dating.

The bald actor is said to have flown on a private jet to see Carey before he left for a family Christmas.

Vin's publicist admitted the star was at the US ski resort of Aspen, but said their meeting was a coincidence.

"Vin was in Aspen snowboarding and ran into Mariah," said the spokesman.

The publicist also said there was no romance, only that "they discussed the idea of working together".

The next morning, Vin flew to his family home in Connecticut, reports the Daily Star.

Mariah has been on the comeback trail since suffering a breakdown last year.

Sky News

Diesel's Cozy Night with Carey
Singer Mariah Carey and actor Vin Diesel have been spending cozy nights out together.

The muscle-man and the Charmbracelet singer had a romantic dinner at a restaurant in Aspen, recently and then went back to Mariah's rented abode.

A source says, "They were very cosy and intimate and together until the early hours."

However, Diesel's publicist Toby Fleichman insists the pair are just "friends" and that the liaison was for far more practical reasons.

He claims, "Vin thought she could do a song for a film soundtrack."

Teen Hollywood

News From The UK
TTR has risen in its 6th week of release from 45 to 42.

Sadly after 3 weeks Charmbracelet fell out of the UK TOP 75 Albums chart - selling approx 45k units. This is definatley above the sale figures of glitter for the first month.

More UK Sales:
* WHSmith - Price of Egypt DVD £9.99/ VHS £4.99 [ store by store promotion ]
* WHSmith - Greatest Hits £8.99 [store by store promotion ]
* Woolies - Merry Christmas £4.99
* Woolies - Charmbracelet £9.99 to £ 12.99 in most nationational stores
* VirginMega Stores - Don't stop/ NTF Vinyls £1.49 / Cds 99p / Cassettes 50p [store by store]
* Tower Records - Loverboy - European CD Version £1.49/ UK Cassette 99p
* HMV - Loverboy UK version CD 99p / European Version Cd 99p to £1.49/ Don't Stop/NTF cd 99p in most stores/ NTF HERO Medley £4.99 in a one or two stores in london

For more information - where to request TTR and help it rise on the UK chart, visit RPG (thanks Sian)

Lets all make a big effort and bring Mariah back to the countdown! She's already been on for 38 days and we only need 2 more weeks to retire the video. TTR hasn't been on TRL since Dec. 20th. (Thanks Alyssa)

updated byLiron December 29th, 2002 9:15PM
Mariah To Film A New Movie?
Kara wrote in to say: "Hi, I found this article in my newspaper, "Lancaster New Era", that reports Mariah's going to be in a movie filming this spring, here in my hometown of Lancaster, Pa. It says that "according to columnist Stu Byofsky, in the Dec. 18th Philadelphia Daily News, the movie tentatively titled Sinking Spring - and based on the Amish/Pagans motorcycle gang, cocaine trafficking scandal of the mid 1990's-is scheduled to begin shooting in Philadelphia and Lancaster in March. According to Byofsky and other published reports the film will star James Caan as an FBI agent...Aerosmith's Tyler as an amishman...and Mariah Carey as a drug addict...." ".

Mariah On The Cover Of Quien
Mariah is on the cover of the Mexican magazine Quien, which comes out tomorrow and includes new pics! Here are the scans thanks to Eva & MariahMania:

Mariah Puzzle On MSN
Dawn told me that MSN has Mariah as a featured artist/game. You can go and put pieces of Mariah together after the game scrambles the tiles up.

Mariah on Malaysia Cable TV (ASTRO)
Desmond told me that The Oprah Winfrey show which features Mariah Carey will be on Star World (ASTRO) Tuesday, 7 January 2003 at 13:00 (HKT). This is confirmed by the Customer Service Department of Star TV.

Aspen Summit (RUMOR Alert)
In case you haven't heard, Mariah Carey and Vin Diesel had a humid little dinner at Pinons restaurant in Aspen a few days ago, nuzzling there "till the wee hours." Both children of white mothers and black fathers, the pop princess and Hollywood's newest $20 million action star were just having a business meeting, their respective reps insist.

Carey had flown in from L.A., where she wrapped a futuristic video for her next single, "Boy," which features Cam'ron. She also sent a heat wave through Minneapolis earlier in the week, after appearing for a TV interview in a itsy bitsy miniskirt that sparked talk about her celebrating the Christmas season as Saint Knickerless. But, her rep insists, "She was definitely wearing underwear."

Pssst Mariah: Next time you're in Minneapolis, take your Polartec thong.

NY Daily News

Busta Rhymes Talks About Mariah
Q: How did you stretch yourself creatively on this record?
A: I feel like I introduce another level of my creative ability on every album. I base my new creative approaches on what I feel I haven't done. The Mariah Carey song ["I Know What You Want"], for example, is something that people ain't used to hearing me doing.

Q: Did you write it with her in mind?
A: Yeah, I definitely thought Mariah was the perfect person for it. That was the initial idea. I just wanted her to add her sexiness to it. I didn't want nothing over the top or nothing elaborate. I just wanted the right vibe and the right voice tone, the right feel and the right breathing -- the right sexy overall feeling. She was perfect for that. She's one of the greatest people I've met -- she's sweet. It ain't no bullshit with her. It's just real genuine love.

SJ, Rolling Stone Interview.

Vote For Mariah

  • FemaleMusic.info is holding its end of the year 2002 awards. Mariah is nominated in 2 categories for Best Album and Best International Female Artist of 2002. Mariah is currently dominating both polls. Click here to vote for MC.

  • The100sexiestwomen.com has a list of their 100 sexiest women by online votes. Currently Mariah is [#7] with 1,386 votes. The [#1] spot has over 5,000 votes but I am determined to make Mariah [#1] so click here to help make Mariah [#1].

  • Edge-inc.net has 3 polls up that include Mariah. Those are Favorite Artist, Favorite Album and Top 100 Top 40 Songs polls. Mariah currently has 2 votes in each category. So start Voting for MC here.


  • updated byLiron December 28th, 2002 7:15PM
    Billboard Update: January 4, 2003 Issue
    "Through The Rain":
    After 11 weeks on the Adult Contemporary chart, Mariah finally drops off with #27 being her final position (December 28, 2002).
    "Through The Rain" also falls of the Top 40 Tracks chart (#38 last week) and Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart (#20 last week).

    Canadian Singles Chart:
    This Week: #10
    Last Week: #11
    Number of Weeks: 5 (Peak: #5)

    Hot Dance Music/Club Play:
    This Week: #25
    Last Week: #25 (Peak)
    Number of Weeks: 3

    The Billboard Hot 100:
    This Week: #83 (New Peak)
    Last Week: #84
    Number of Weeks: 2

    Top 40 Mainstream:
    This Week: #29
    Last Week: #29 (Peak)
    Number of Weeks: 4

    "Irresistible" (West Side Connection):
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks:
    This Week: #81
    Last Week: #81 (Peak)
    Number of Weeks: 2

    Billboard 200:
    This Week: #18
    Last Week: #14
    Number of Weeks: 3 (Peak: #3)

    Top Hip-Hop/R&B Albums:
    This Week: #14
    Last Week: #7
    Number of Weeks: 3 (Peak: #2)

    TTR On MTVE's Best of 2002
    MTV Europe ranked the best 100 hits of 2002 and "Through The Rain" came at #73 (Thanks Liran & Eran).

    MTV Most Talked About Moments
    Alfreda told me that Mariah was #15 on MTV's most talked about moments of 2002 with her special on "MTV Cribs" (perhaps some of you remember we told everyone to vote on it a few weeks ago).

    AOL Mariah Theme
    Click here (AOL Members only) under Music - there are Mariah wallpapers and buddy icons for AOL. (Thanks Jimmy)

    Fan Sites

  • Mariah Charm and Shining Star Mariah Carey are two new Mariah fan sites you should check out! The latter is also looking for help on their website, so if you have a lil' extra time...

  • Maggie writes: I am collecting quotes for Cindy, the street team leader, as sort of a fan appreciation letter. In quotes, I mean just maybe a line of text from fans saying what they think of the street team, perhaps incorporating a line from a Mariah song into it. I am going to send all the quotes in an email to Cindy. For example, something like "Thanks for making the street team happen" (but better lol). Please email quotes to webmaster@mariahplanet.com.

    Also, MariahPlanet.com is completely revamped and has many new pages as well as additions to old ones. Check it out!!

    Rumor Time
    This is coming from the gossip column of the NY Post Page Six, so read it for fun and PLEASE don't take it for granted!

    JUST a month ago Mariah Carey asked reporters to help her find a man, but now it appears the sultry songbird has found one all by herself. Carey, who last dated South American cad Luis Miguel, is happily seeing action star Vin Diesel.

    On Monday, the two caught up with each other in Aspen. "Vin flew in on a private jet for a quick visit," said our spy.

    "On Monday night, Vin took her to dinner at Pinions and was canoodling with her. After dinner they went back to the house she's staying in with her entourage and I think they spent the night."

    Early the next morning, Diesel flew out of Aspen and headed for his family in Connecticut.

    Diesel's rep, Toby Fleischman, denied he was dating Carey, but acknowledged the two spent some time together.

    "Vin was in Aspen snowboarding and ran into Mariah," Fleischman explained. "They talked about her collaborating on his next film, 'A Man Apart.' Vin thought maybe she could do a song for the soundtrack."

    Diesel may have the hots for Carey but has reason to be wary of having her act in his picture. Her last efforts, "Glitter" and "Wisegirls," were roundly panned. Her flack, Cindi Berger, confirmed Carey was in Aspen.

    Carey was resting in the resort town after an embarrassing situation in Minneapolis, where she was accused of pulling a "Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct' " by the Minneapolis Tribune.

    Carey wowed observers when she showed up to an interview with a local television station in a micro-mini. But it appeared to witnesses she was wearing no underwear.

    "Mariah's skirt was so short, she couldn't step up on the elevated set and members of her entourage had to lift her," spies said.

    Carey was placed in a high director's chair on top of a raised stage - giving everyone a view under her skirt.

    At one point during the telecast, after Mariah crossed and uncrossed her legs, an assistant's arm shot out and tried to pull down her skirt. Moments later, a coat was placed across her lap.

    "I'm sorry," Carey said. "We didn't know that I was coming to sit up on a platform, or I would have had a little bit of a longer dress."

    Berger fumed, "First of all, she was wearing underwear! Mariah was wearing a short dress and she didn't realize it was going to be a telvision interview or that she would be so high up. A one-of-a-kind Dolce & Gabbana shearling coat was placed on her lap."

    VH1 Special Captures
    Check out the captures below from the VH1 Special "What It's Like: Mariah Around The World" (thank you dis for the video).

  • updated byLiron December 27th, 2002 5:55PM
    "Charmbracelet" At #18
    "Charmbracelet" dropped 4 places to #18 on the weekly Billboard albums chart. As previously said, it sold a great number of copies and manages to stay at the top 20 despite a very strong competition (42 albums sold over 100,000 copies each!)


    Vote For Mariah
    Anthony told me Pop Dirt's latest poll asks the visitors what in their opinion is the best album of 2002. Please vote for "Charmbracelet"!

    updated byLiron December 27th, 2002 3:40PM
    Fantastic 3rd Week Sales For MC
    On an extremely competitive 3rd week sales (Christmas sales), Mariah sold 191,000 copies according to SoundScan to get a total of 607,000 in 3 weeks (That's more than what "Glitter" sold in a year)!!
    The position should be revealed very soon, right now all we know is that #11 sold 270,000 and #19 sold 143,000 so Mariah is somewhere in the middle!

    (Thanks Matt & DJ Ron)

    MC #4 On the "Billboard Book of #1 Hits"
    Fred Bronson of Billboard's "Chart Beat" column rated the top 100 #1 Billboard hits and put "One Sweet Day" by Mariah & Boyz II Men at #4.
    In this week's column, he mentions talking to Mariah about the book:

    The fact that artists like Nelly and Ashanti dominated the Hot 100 in 2002 also gave me something to write about, as those artists helped rewrite the record books. And by the way, I owe some thanks to Nelly and Ashanti -- both of them spent time on the phone in the last few days doing their interviews for the fifth edition of "The Billboard Book of Number One Hits," along with Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Joe, and Mariah Carey.

    ALmc, Billboard

    Carey's Charmbracelet: A Fine Accessory
    By Joshua Klein
    Special to the Washington Post
    Sunday, December 22, 2002; Page G02

    Celebrity breakdowns don't get much messier than Mariah Carey's. Last year the singer posted a panicky e-mail on her message board, a veritable cry for help, and then had what seemed like a nervous breakdown, culminating in hospitalization. At about the same time, Carey's terrible high-profile film "Glitter" flopped, and the soundtrack flopped along with it. Later, adding insult to injury, Carey's label Virgin in essence paid the singer millions of dollars not to sing, buying her out of her contract.

    Carey, for her part, blamed exhaustion, and that may have been true of her dwindling fan base as well. But the singer somehow managed to come out on top -- leaping to a new label, emerging all smiles from seclusion, then releasing her ninth album, "Charmbracelet." It didn't hurt that Carey did this just as another diva, Whitney Houston, was publicly washing her own considerable dirty laundry. Suddenly Carey's breakdown paled compared with Houston's health problems and confessions of past drug use.

    "Charmbracelet's" initial success is a sign that not all abandoned Carey -- even if her comeback sometimes abandons all sense. How else to explain the heartfelt if curious cover of Def Leppard's power ballad "Bringin' On the Heartbreak," replete with Carey's five-octave histrionics where a screaming guitar solo once fit? Then again, in at least one way the choice of song makes perfect sense: The current crop of over-the-top divas are the obvious successors to the over-the-top hard rock bands of the '80s. (Shania Twain is even married to and produced by the man who was behind most of Def Leppard's biggest hits.)

    Fortunately, Carey recognized that her personal and commercial survival entailed toning down the excess, and for the most part the trimming worked. Carey claims that relearning the empowering word "no" helped save her from a complete breakdown. While "Charmbracelet" never completely sheds the corporate shackles in favor of more creative risk and independence, Carey does personalize the music in ways that don't seem shallowly tailored to the charts. "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy" pays tribute to her father, whose 2001 death only exacerbated Carey's emotional decline. "Lullaby" slinks along over a subdued yet still funky beat. "My Saving Grace" incorporates elements of gospel, a much more palatable use of Carey's virtuoso voice than the flights of high-pitched dolphin-speak she sometimes squeaks out.

    Carey's sops to the marketplace include collaborations with Cam'ron ("Boy [I Need You]"), Jay-Z ("You Got Me") and Westside Connection ("Irresistible"), though these tracks are less in-your-face than Carey's previous designed-by-committee confections. But it's Carey's ballads that buoy "Charmbracelet," revealing some of the nuance that often got lost between those flurries of notes. Granted, schmaltz is schmaltz, no matter who the singer, and for every subtle track like "Lullaby" there's a generic mood piece like "Yours" and the single "Through the Rain." Yet throughout "Charmbracelet" Carey sounds ready to have her singing serve the song, rather than the other way around.

    Michael, The Washington Post

    updated byLiron December 26th, 2002 8:40PM
    Winner of Shopping Spree With MC Tells Their Story
    By: Mary Field December 20, 2002
    Feeling like Julia Roberts woman wins shopping spree, but not with Richard Gere
    Whatever Bridget Albrecht decides to do this New Year's Eve, she won't have to worry about what she's going to wear.

    The 31-year-old City Hall accounting clerk already has her dress, her shoes, her coat and her jewelry thanks to a little shopping trip she took at the Mall of America last week with her new friend, Mariah Carey.

    Last week Monday Albrecht won a $5,000 shopping spree with the pop music diva by correctly answering a trivia question on radio station 101.3 KDWB.

    "I felt just like Julia Roberts in the movie, 'Pretty Woman,'" she said. "It was like a dream having personal shoppers bringing me things in the dressing room at Bloomingdales - and Mariah Carey pulling dresses off the rack like she was one of my girlfriends and telling me 'Here, try this one on. This will look great on you.'"

    Albrecht had been following clues in the contest for almost a week when her call to the radio station was connected last Monday morning. The contest, which was part of the station's "Morning Show," required listeners to answer yes or no questions and take one guess in an effort to locate a "Charm Bracelet" (the name of Carey's latest CD) that had been fictitiously hidden somewhere in the world.

    "I was just so excited to be caller 10," she said. "It never even crossed my mind that I could win."

    By the time Albrecht took her chance, the location of the bracelet had been narrowed down by previous callers to Elvis Presley's mansion, Graceland.

    Albrecht also knew from answering her first question that the bracelet was not in the kitchen of the mansion. When she asked the radio announcer if the bracelet was in the bathroom, he said he had some bad news for her.

    "He told me he was sorry but that I was going to have to take some time off from work on Wednesday because I was going shopping," she said. "I couldn't believe it. I just kept saying, 'Are you kidding? Are you kidding?'"

    Albrecht said once the shock wore off she started to get nervous about meeting Carey. She called the station back and got permission to bring her sister, Chelsei VanNurden, also of River Falls, along on the shopping trip.

    "I was so nervous," she said. "I know she's just another person, but I couldn't help thinking, 'Just what do you talk about with Mariah Carey?'"

    Albrecht said she discovered that her fears were unfounded when Carey asked to see pictures of her children, 11-month-old son Nicholas and eight-year-old daughter Taylor, and signed her daughter's autograph book.

    Albrecht said she was put even more at ease when Carey borrowed a ponytail holder out of the hair of one of the Bloomingdale's personal shoppers and gave Albrecht an "upsweep" hairdo to go with the evening gowns she was trying on.

    "She was very nice to everybody -- very genuine," she said. "It was very cool because I think she was having fun too. She said that she never gets to shop like that anymore and that people are always 'picking and poking' at her. She was pulling dresses off the racks and bringing me shoes and jewelry to go with them and saying, 'Here. How about this?'

    "As cool as it all was, it was kind of bizarre standing in the dressing room and realizing, that's Mariah Carey out there saying, 'Hey, Bridget. What do you think?'"

    When Albrecht told her supervisor, City Finance Director Julie Bergstrom, the reason she needed a day off, Bergstrom teased her saying, "Well, I don't know if we can give you time off just for that."

    "Everyone at the office was really excited and happy for me," Albrecht said.

    Although she did become comfortable shopping with the singer, Carey's two bodyguards, stylist and a couple of cameramen from E-TV and Access Hollywood, Albrecht said she wasn't comfortable spending $5,000 in one shopping trip.

    "I'm not a real frivolous person," she said. "It was really hard for me to think about spending that kind of money just for a pair of shoes."

    After buying things for herself, her sister and her children, Albrecht said she had only spent about one quarter of the $5,000 prize.

    "I had no concept of how to spend that kind of money," she said. "Now I just have to decide what to do with the rest of the money.

    "It was all really exciting, but I really would have been happy just to meet Mariah Carey."

    River Falls Journal

    Liz Smith Compliments CB

    AT THE other end of the spectrum we find Mariah Carey, declared a wash- out last year when hit with emotional turmoil and career disappointment. The songbird says all she needed was rest. Well, look at her - that's all she did need. She's back, as cheerful and scantily dressed as ever, with a popular new CD ...
    Newsday / NY Post

    No "Charmbracelet" On Billboard's Top 10
    The full billboard charts will be updated tomorrow but E! Online published the top 10 and unfortunately "Charmbracelet" isn't on it. However, it was a week with big sales numbers, so hopefully "Charmbracelet" managed to sell a good amount of copies on its third week. (thanks thebigham)

    Alyssa told me MC hasn't been on the TRL countdown for the past 4 days, Team Mariah sent out the following reminder to everyone:

    We can make it through the rain...(and the snow...) Keep Voting!

    Remember to vote for TTR during all the madness of the holiday season! Let's give Mariah a gift to remember...#1 on TRL this week!

    While you're at it, vote for Mariah as best international artist on the NRJ Awards (Thanks Alex).

    Blender Wallpaper
    Dan made the following 3 wallpapers using the gorgeous pictures from "Blender" magazine:

    updated byLiron December 25th, 2002 3:00PM
    Christmas Wallpaper
    Avichai made a nice wallpaper for us especially for Christmas. Special thanks to Omri & Rebecca for the nice logos too!

    A California Doctor Rocks With The Stars
    Part of his practice is to treat pop singers. It's only rock 'n' roll, but he likes it.

    Mariah Carey singing a roller coaster of notes. Britney Spears slinking across the stage in a sexy outfit. The Eagles rocking to "Hotel California."

    Stuart Finkelstein, MD, has seen them all, but not as part of the audience. You'll likely find him watching from just offstage. But you have to look closely: He dresses in black to blend into the shadows.

    His inconspicuousness, however, belies his importance. Dr. Finkelstein is doctor to the stars, the one who makes sure Mariah, Britney and the rest are healthy when they take the stage.

    The Cerritos, Calif., doctor works a handful of concerts a year, showing up at the Staples Center and other arenas to give flu and B-12 shots, treat respiratory infections and tend to the other ills of singers, band members and the crew. He was the doctor for Michael Jackson's world tour in 1993 and was the one who ordered Jackson to bed for dehydration, postponing the star's second Bangkok show.

    Hearing Dr. Finkelstein talk about his experiences is like listening to a boy who just got an autographed baseball from his favorite big leaguer.

    "If you wanted to script this much fun you couldn't," said Dr. Finkelstein, 47, an internist at Cerritos Family Medical Group, south of Los Angeles.
    Mostly, he does individual concerts in Los Angeles.

    He has been there for Nine Inch Nails. At Carey's rehearsal, Dr. Finkelstein's son and daughter got their picture taken with basketball legend Magic Johnson.

    American Medical News

    Meet & Greet Story
    Joseph met Mariah two months ago in the Dallas meet & greet, and his school's newspaper wrote an article about it, check it out:

    Chart Tidbits
    England: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" came at #2 on the all-time favorite Christmas songs at CapitalFM - biggest radio station in London. (Thanks ALmc)

    Japan: On the year-end Oricon chart (official Japanese chart), Mariah's "Greatest Hits" album is placed at #93.

    France: CB drops one spot and is currently at # 18, TTR is once again a non-mover, still at # 24 (peak). And a small correction, "Charmbracelet" has SOLD 100,000 copies in France to receive the gold certificate (not shipped as reported). (Thanks Matt & Magaly)

    updated byLiron December 24th, 2002 1:00PM
    Happy Holidays!!!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    "Blender" Scans
    Moni from the palace scanned the Mariah article and pictures from the Dec. 24th issue of "Blender" magazine:

    Site Updates
    Check out the new updates;
    Fan photo - taken in the Netherlands on Oct 30th 2002 when MC was visiting the "tros tv show" (thanks Miriam), quote from an interview with Extra on Oct 2002 (thanks Omri), Picture of the Week from the 1998 MTV VMAs and poll. Last poll's results:

    "Now that you have the album, what is your favorite song??"
    1.) Boy (I Need You) 569 5%
    2.) Yours 427 4%
    3.) You Got Me 408 4%
    4.) I Only Wanted 1979 17%
    5.) Clown 832 7%
    6.) My Saving Grace 2688 24%
    7.) You Had Your Chance 314 3%
    8.) Lullaby 483 4%
    9.) Subtle Invitation 494 4%
    10.) Bringin' On The Heartbreak 3178 28% (#1)
    Total Votes: 11372

    Take the new poll and tell us what's your own pick for the 2nd single, get ready for the next poll asking you about the 3rd single!

    updated byLiron December 23rd, 2002 6:00PM
    New Voice Message!
    Mariah: Helllllo, just calling to say thank you so much for everything, letting you know that I've been enjoying meeting you all everywhere around the nice country, the world, things of that sort.. Happy holidays! This is my last day of work before vacation, Marry Ann is right here a.k.a Tots
    Mary Ann: Hello and what's up people? My people, go pop that "Charmbracelet", don't make me have to sic big nasty on you coz I don't think you can handle that *laughing*
    Mariah: And we have an extra special guest right here...
    Cam'ron: Hey y'all, this is killa-Cam hanging out with MC, Sug a.k.a Tots, and we're watching that color, (Mariah mumbling in the backround.. "might as well" and laughing) yeah, oh yeah and also a.k.a Brownsville's finest also a.k.a .... you know what I'm talking about, Merry Christmas, MC, diplomants, one love.
    Mariah: We love you, happy holidays - buhbye!


    Make sure to also check out the new mission from Team Mariah!

    CNN's Top 10 Christmas Songs
    "Music Room" (CNN) chose the top 10 Christmas songs of alltime and Mariah entered the chart once at #9 and semi-entrance at #10 (doesn't she get credits for writing the song?!)

    9. Mariah Carey f/Jermaine Dupri and Lil' Bow Wow
    "All I Want for Christmas is You"
    10. Faith Hill
    "Where are you Christmas?"

    mcfanatic, Music Room

    When The 'Rain' Begins To Chart
    Talk about close calls. It looked like I was going to have to report that 2002 was the first year in her chart career that Mariah Carey did not have a song debut on Billboard's Hot 100. Beginning with her first entry, "Vision of Love" in 1990, Carey has had at least one new title debut every calendar year. As of last week, her most recent chart entry was the medley of "Never Too Far/Hero," which opened at No. 81 the week of Dec. 29, 2001 (Carey had already charted in 2001 with "Loverboy").

    In a last minute, 52nd-week save, Carey's "Through the Rain" (MonarC/Island) enters the Hot 100 at No. 84. Commercially released vinyl singles combined with airplay gave "Rain" enough fuel to drive onto the chart. It's the lowest-debuting song of Carey's 27 chart entries, but given that it keeps her string of chart songs intact, who cares?

    In an odd coincidence, Carey also has her first chart entry of 2002 Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. She has had at least one title debut every year since 1990 on this survey as well, and that accomplishment holds as "Irresistible (West Side Connection)" (MonarC/Island) enters at No. 81. Carey is joined on "Irresistible" by Ice Cube, Mack 10 & WC.

    EJ, Billboard

    Mariah's a "Hit" of 2002
    "...The agency's year-end "PR Hits and Misses" list takes a closer look at the role communications play in everything from company mergers, album releases, product launches and politics."
    Below are Stanton Crenshaw's 2002 "PR Hits and Misses:"

    Mariah Carey: In the tradition of her heroine anthems, Carey made a successful comeback through an exquisitely orchestrated series of appearances to support her new album and label. She stayed "on-message," maintaining that her collapse was due to exhaustion rather than emotional or substance problems, projecting both honesty and a little bit of 'tude that one would expect of a true diva.

    PRN Newswire

    Vote For Mariah
    Lori told me about the two following polls:

  • Tell bolt.com how excited you are about Mariah's CD
  • Vote for "Charmbracelet" as the best CD of 2002 on BET

    And Alyssa told me "Through The Rain" fell out of the TRL countdown today, so please keep voting - we only need 12 more days until the retirement!

    International Charts
    Philippines: Magic 89.9- Week 12: #8, previous week #3
    MYX- Week 6: #5, previous week #6
    MTV Diyes- Week 4: #1, previous week #3
    MTV Asia Hitlist- currently #10
    (Thanks Kenneth @ Mariahisms)

    Taiwan: After 12 weeks of up and down, Through the rain finally climbed to the top spot of the Taiwan Mandarin Billboard chart. It is the No.1 online and phone request and No.3 on single sales. (Thanks Carl)

    Pictures Update
    Two pictures that were sent in by Julian from the San Fransisco meet & greet and 5 nice pictures that Nacho found at VH1's site:

  • updated byLiron December 22nd, 2002 4:20PM
    VH1 Special Tonight
    Sunday, December 22nd @ 9PM EST

    Tune into VH1 and catch What It’s Like: Mariah Carey.

    Few if any in the music world have matched Mariah Carey's achievements. With a legendary voice, an amazing connection with her fans, and more number one singles than any woman in history, she’s been in the music stratosphere since her late teens. The superstar is also known as one of the hardest working artists in the business. All good reasons why those loyal Mariah fans would love to get an insider’s look at what it’s like when she travels the globe to spread the word about her 12th album, Charmbracelet.

    To find out more about the show please visit VH1


    Here are the rest of the airings, thanks to Alyssa:

    Monday December 30th - 9:00pm
    Tuesday December 31st - 12:00am
    Thursday Jan 2nd - 4:00am
    Saturday Jan 4th - 12:30pm
    Sunday Jan 5th - 4:00pm

    Mariah In Magazines
    Jan '03 issue of Twist - Pages: 10, 74 and 75.
    Jan '03 issue of J-14 - Page: 97
    Dec. 26, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone - page: 20

    Bringing back the ballads -- in a personal way (January 2003 issue of J-14 Magazine on page 97)
    After a year of stormy turmoil and label changes, Mariah Carey has made it through the rain. It's no coincidence that the first single from the new CD is called "Through the Rain." She's used her personal experiences in writing her songs. Says Mariah, "The way I try to word it is, 'it's okay once you say I can make it through the rain.' Not just me going, 'I can make it through the rain.' It's me telling people that if you believe you can get through whatever you're going through, you can get to the other side." The CD is called Charmbracelet. Mariah decided on the title because charm bracelets have always had a personal significance for her. "Charms tell a story, like a song," she says. The disc mix of soaring Mariah-style ballads and uptempo tracks. Look for appearances by Justin Timberlake and Jay Z as well as a cover of Cam'ron's "Oh Boy." Mariah receives the "sweet" mark = 4/4.

    Should she Fight Back? (January 2003 issue of Twist magazine on page 74-75.)
    It's another Eminem dis song -- but this time it's Mariah Carey who's doing the dissing! On her song "Clown," Mariah sings: "You should have never intimated we were lovers/I gotta break it to you delicately-who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care? Although Mariah will only say the song is about a guy who talks a big game but is a softie underneath his tough exterior, many say the song is a response to Eminem's claims that he dated and dumped her. But some like Carson Daly think Mariah has bitten more off than she can chew. "She's a lunatic to take on Eminem," he says, "keep it to yourself!"...Carson check billboard, Mariah is here to stay...Eminem, "eh."

    Mariah 4 Life

    updated byLiron December 21st, 2002 4:00PM
    Happy Birthday Regina!!
    On behalf of myself, dis and all of MD's visitors - Happy Birthday Reg!! Have the best one, can't wait to see you back on the site!
    If you'd like to send Regina a birthday wish, you may email her at Regina4MC@aol.com.

    More From "Allure"
    Allure January 2003
    Friday December 20, 2:42 pm ET

    Mariah's Second Act
    In the public consciousness, Mariah Carey's story reads like a bad screenplay. The superstar "had a complete physical and emotional breakdown" (according to a statement from her publicist), and her record company dumped her. Now, 18 months after this infamous stumble, Carey is back on her feet, and she's on the cover of Allure's January Makeover issue. When asked what explains Carey's compulsive work schedule, she says, "Longing for acceptance or stability ... Look, I don't want to wind up back living on a mattress on the floor."

    Yahoo! News / Allure Magazine

    Here are the beautiful scans from the magazine thanks to Khandi at the new and improved Mariah's Diary:

    Mariah DJs on AOL
    Knista found a really nice feature on AOL (AOL Members can see it by using keyword: Radio, look under Celebrity DJs) where Mariah chose songs she likes to be played on her own "station" on AOL. In between the songs, they also play some short interviews with Mariah. Here are some of the songs she chose:
    The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me, The Cars - Let Go, Earth, Wind & Fire - Devotion, Jay-Z - Things That You Do (F. Mariah Carey), Stevie Wonder - That Girl, Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes, Erykah Badu - On & On, Joe - What If A Woman, Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out, Blondie - Heart of Glass, Aretha Franklin - Ain't No Way, Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine, Mariah Carey - Emotions, Nelly - Hot in Herre, Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain, Mary J. Blige - You Remind Me, D'Angelo - Lady, Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel (F. Faith Evans), Refugee Camp All-Stars - The Sweetest Thing, Mariah Carey - Lullaby, Atlantic Starr - Silver Shadow, Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You, Deneice Williams - Free, N'Sync - Gone, Amel Larrieuz & The Roots - Glitches (The Skin You're In), Prince and the Revolution - When Doves Cry, Michael Jackson - Off the Wall, DMX - Get At Me Dog, Aaliyah - Rock the Boat, Ludacris - Rollout (My Business), Mariah Carey - The One, G.Dep - Special Delivery, Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing, Mystical - Shake It Fast, Jay-Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A.), Snoop Dogg - Lay Low (F. Master P., Nate Dogg), Chico DeBarge - No Guarantee, Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage, Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You, Jay-Z - Money Ain't a Thang (featuring Jermaine Dupri), LL Cool J - Luv U Better, Mariah Carey - Dreamlover, D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel), Chaka Khan - I Feel For You, Mary J. Blige - No More Drama, Brandy - Angel In Disguise, Clipse - Grindin' (Remix), Glenn Lewis - Don't You Forget It & Stevie Wonder - Do I Do.

    TRL Stats
    Yesterday, "Through The Rain" dropped 3 places to #9 on its 38th day on TRL. The countdown continues - only 12 days to go! We have the entire weekend to vote so lets do it! (Thanks Alyssa)

    French News
    Matt told me about the three following facts coming straight from MariahCarey.com's French section: * It is said that "Charmbracelet" has already shipped Gold in France.
    * 3 millions copies of CB have already been sold worldwide.
    * Mariah will sing TTR in the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes the 18th of January. She's also nominated for Best International Female.

    For more international news, check out the new update at the Team Mariah Headquarters

    Chart Tidbits / Pic
    Tom and Daniel wanted to inform everyone to watch the VH1's Top 40 Videos of 2002 because Mariah's "Through The Rain" comes in at #39!

    Paul told me that TTR is also #39 on its debut week on Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 show on KIIS fm. Here's a picture from Mariah's appearance at KIISfm's Jingle Ball on Dec. 19th (Thanks CalendarLive):

    updated byLiron December 20th, 2002 1:45PM
    KIIS FM Jingle Ball
    Last night, Mariah performed at the KIIS FM (L.A's #1 radio station) concert that took place in Anaheim.
    Just like the other two concerts, Mariah sang "Through The Rain" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on Santa's lap.

    ANAHEIM, CA - DECEMBER 19: Singer Mariah Carey performs on stage during KIIS FM's Jingle Ball Concert at the Arrowhead Pond on December 19, 2002 in Anaheim, California. (Photos by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

    Check out Wire Images and LFI for more pictures!

    Larry King Transcript
    Mariah's interview aired last night on Larry King Live, CNN and the transcript is now available to read.
    Click here to read it on CNN's site.

    MC To Do MTV UK/Europe Special
    Tom writes: "I e-mailed Mariah's friend Jasmine a few weeks ago asking if/when they'd be playing TTR remix on her station, I got an auto-reply saying she was away for a few weeks and she never responded, but this morning I got this:

    MTV are recording an exclusive and intimate live performance with Mariah Carey in London in the second week of January 2003 and we're looking for some of Mariah's biggest fans to be part of a small invited audience. So if you know your 'Butterfly' from your 'Rainbow', and are aged between 18-25, we'd like to offer you the chance to see Mariah up close and personal. There'll even be an opportunity for a lucky few to ask Mariah a question they've always wanted answering.

    Please e-mail Ashley Cowan (Cowan.Ashley@mtvne.com) at MTV before January 1st with your name and a contact number for more details."

    International Update / Pics
    Belgium: (Thanks Gilles)
    Official Belgian chart on December the 20th.
    Ultratop 50 Albums
    For the French speaking part: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet - 28 (entry)
    For the Dutch speaking part: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet - 48 (entry)

    Germany: (Thanks Honey & Kate)
    In the German album charts Mariah's "Charmbracelet" dropped to #47, after entering on #32 last week. "Through The Rain" is on #59 in its 6th week, last week it was on #54.

    Check out Ken's picture with Mariah at the Dallas meet & greet plus a scan from Dec. 17th National Enquirer sent in by mcfanatic

    updated byLiron December 19th, 2002 8:20PM
    'Blender' Article
    Blender Cover Why Is This Woman Smiling?
    One year ago Mariah Carey was suffering the most humiliating public meltdown in showbiz history: babbling TV appearances, a laughingstock movie, an ugly tryst with Eminem and — the topper — “an emotional and physical breakdown.” But look at her now: A new album, a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a tell-all session with Blender seems to have worked wonders. “I just want to have fun!” she giggles.

    To be truthful, Blender is both disappointed and delighted by Carey’s apparent normality. Disappointed because we had half-hoped she would arrive with a selection of fluffy animals and an attitude (great copy!); delighted because Carey is perfectly capable of stringing a coherent sentence together. Anyone who had witnessed her spaced-out performance on MTV Cribs last year — showing off her walk-in closets like a louche, lonely, Valium-conked housewife — would have wondered if there was anything at all behind those sparkling eyes.

    Two thousand one was the year Mariah Carey fell — splat! — from her pedestal. Throughout the previous decade, she had appeared unassailable — a superstar from the moment she burst onto the charts in 1990, just 20 years old, with the self-penned “Vision of Love.” Her debut album, Mariah Carey, sold 9 million copies, producing four number 1 hits. In the next 10 years, she sold a staggering 150 million records overall, posting more chart-toppers than anyone except the Beatles and Elvis Presley. These days, her five-octave voice is as familiar as your mother’s, and her flouncy vocal style is much-copied, not least by just about every female contestant on American Idol.

    Initially, cynics attributed Carey’s world-beating success to her then-husband, hugely powerful Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola, whom she married in 1993. Mottola, 20 years her senior, certainly had an excessively guiding — some would say controlling — hand in his young wife’s life, down to making her swap her tiny tops for less revealing outfits. But when they parted, in 1997, Carey rode the split apparently without effort: releasing Butterfly, following that with 1999’s Rainbow and squaring up her contract with the best-of collection #1’s. She dated both New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter and Latin American pop hunk Luis Miguel.

    In 2001, she left Sony, with great fanfare, for Virgin, which signed her to a four-album deal worth $80 million, the most lucrative in history. Her first LP was set to be Glitter, the soundtrack to the ’80s-style movie of the same name, which would showcase her acting in a story based on her life. But during that summer, before either the movie or the CD was released, Carey began to unravel.

    She split from her “too serious” relationship with Miguel. She acted strangely on TV, most memorably MTV’s Total Request Live, on which she prevented host Carson Daly from going to a commercial break and delivered a weird monologue about ice cream. At other times she announced that she was invisible and that Marilyn Monroe was speaking to her through her piano. She left strange, sad messages on her Web site: “What I’d like to do is take a little break or just get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or something.”

    Headlines blazed: She had trashed her room in New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel; she had been taken into North Western Hospital in Westchester County, New York, with bandaged arms; she had gone out for a burger dressed as Wonder Woman; she had checked into rehab twice, in Connecticut and Los Angeles. Suddenly, it was hard to find a report on Carey in which the word troubled didn’t precede her name.

    Events raced to a nightmare close. Glitter, the film, was a flop, costing $22 million and making just $5 million. Glitter, the LP, hit stores on the worst day ever to release anything: September 11, 2001. Though it finally went platinum, it was widely regarded as a failure, and in January 2002, Virgin bought out her contract for $28 million — in addition to the $21 million she had already been paid. Financially, she was riding high, but creatively and emotionally, Carey appeared to have drained her account.

    In May 2002, she signed, quietly, with Island Def Jam, which gave her a $20 million, four-album deal and her own label. Charmbracelet is the result, recorded over six months in Capri, the Bahamas and the U.S.

    “It’s called Charmbracelet because charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people, like a song,” she explains. The album is a return to Carey’s earliest, friendliest incarnation. There’s nothing here to scare her long-term fans: a couple of ballads, including the single “Through the Rain”; two cute, almost-urban tracks featuring Jay-Z and Cam’ron; a Latin-ish track; a gospelly one. Carey has returned to favored producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Randy Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. The subject matter is love, mostly: love failed, love wanted, love of God.

    One track, “Clown,” stands out, as it appears to be about Eminem — whom Carey was rumored to have dated last year — with lyrics like “I should have left it at/I like your music too” and “You should have never said that we were lovers/You know we never even touched each other.” It also refers to “Superman,” one of the tracks on The Eminem Show that mentions Carey (the other is “When the Music Stops”). Neither is a love song, to say the least. (“Superman” disses every woman who has ever come into Mr. Mathers’s life and includes the line “Am I too nice? Buy you ice Bitch if you died/Wouldn’t buy you life/What you tryin’ to be, my new wife? What you Mariah?”)

    But when Blender presumes that “Clown” is about Detroit’s mouthiest, Carey laughs.

    “No, we can’t presume that,” she says. “With all the clowns I’ve come across in my life, how the hell could we narrow it down to one?”

    He was rude about you, though.

    “For him, I don’t think he was that rude. For him, that was mild.”

    Carey shrugs and tosses her hair. Subject closed — but only for the moment, as we’ll see. We move on to the events of 2001. Though at one point she sighs — “This is so last year” — Carey has clearly made the decision to tell her side, to try to clear things up. She launches into an explanation that lasts the better part of an hour. Settle back for the story of a butterfly life.

    Thanks JClovesMC563!

    'Allure' Scans
    Alan took some pictures from the "Allure" magazine with M on the cover:

    TTR Media Stream At #1
    WindowsMedia.com Top Artists (Streaming)
    Top 10 Positions:

    This Week | Last Week | Artist | Title | Label
    1 1 Mariah Carey Through The Rain Island
    2 - Dixie Chicks NBC Special excerpts Columbia
    3 - Whitney Houston One Of Those Days Arista
    4 - Aaliyah Miss You Universal
    5 - Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Block Epic
    6 2 Eminem Lose Yourself Interscope
    7 - Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi Arista
    8 - Diana Krall A Case Of You Verve
    9 - Snoop Dogg From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace Capitol
    10 - Vanessa Carlton Pretty Baby A&M

    (Thanks JCLovesMC 563)

    updated byLiron December 19th, 2002 7:30PM
    'Boy' Confirmed As Next Single
    Yesterday's article from FOX News kind of gave it away, and today it is being confirmed both by MonarC and Team Mariah - "Boy (I Need You)" Ft. Cam'ron will be the second single released from "Charmbracelet" scheduled for release early 2003. "The One" is currently on hold.

    In other 'Team' news, Check out your e-mails for a new mission for members involving a Mariah snowglobe.

    updated byLiron December 19th, 2002 5:05PM
    TRL Stats
    Great news!! Mariah's up two spots to #6 on TRL today!! Way to go all the fans who are calling in and voting online! 37 days and counting! (Thanks Alyssa)

    MC At BET Studios
    Tom sent me a picture from today's NY Daily News (Dec. 19th) of Mariah exiting the BET studios (possibly to film next week's "106 & Park") :

    Last Night On Extra
    Last night, Extra showed clips of Mariah's appearance on Larry King and confirmed her appearance on the cover of "Blender" magazine that comes out on Christmas eve (Dec. 24th). (Thanks Lani)

    Holiday Wallpaper
    Jeffrey sent me a nice wallpaper for the holidays season;

    updated byLiron December 19th, 2002 3:15PM
    Mariah Carey: 'I'm Not Wacko'
    At Larry King Wednesday, December 18, 2002 Posted: 10:39 PM EST (0339 GMT)
    NEW YORK (CNN) -- In an hour-long interview on CNN's "Larry King Live" to be broadcast on Thursday, superstar singer Mariah Carey assured her fans that despite her well-publicized struggles with stress in recent years, she is not "wacko."

    "I'm not wacko. But my point is already made. I mean, we're all a little wacko sometimes, and if we think we're not, maybe we are more than we know," Carey said.

    "But my point was, these things are personal sort of messages to my fans, and they understand it. I don't expect, you know, whatever talk show host to understand my little lingo with my fans, you know what I mean?"

    The singer also denied rumors she attempted suicide.

    "That was the thing that really upset me the most. ... There are kids who are such fans that they emulate almost everything I do. So the last thing I would want them to think is, you go through something, or you're having a personal problem or whatever, and you go and try to commit suicide," she said.

    She described her marriage to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola as full of highs and lows.

    "I have to say there were some very good times and there were some very, very, very difficult times. And that's what it is. And we both benefited a lot from the relationship," Carey said.

    "I don't want to go into it, because I respect him, and I want the best for him, and I hope he's happy in his life now.

    "But it's difficult. It's difficult to take somebody like me and try to make me be a different way than what I am," she said.

    "I allowed myself to be controlled, but every time I got a chance, and I let myself go and had some fun, it was almost like, you know, a dark cloud would come over and we'd all have to go, 'OK. Let's not have so much fun now.'"

    But while telling King that she considers herself a romantic -- "I think I have to be romantic to write the kind of songs that I write" -- she questions whether she has been in love.

    "I don't know that I've ever actually really been in love," she said.

    Carey also questions whether she can sustain another romantic relationship.

    "I think it would be nice, but you know, my problem is I can't really trust people, because you never know what their agenda is. ..."

    Carey's appearance came on the heels of the release of her new album, "Charmbracelet."

    Carey, 32, one of the best-selling female performers of all time, was bought out of her last recording contract by Virgin Records for $28 million after disappointing sales of her previous album, the soundtrack of her movie flop, "Glitter."

    The axing by Virgin came as another blow to Carey, whose professional and private life has been the target of tabloid gossip columns since the collapse of her marriage to Mottola, who discovered Carey as an 18-year-old waitress.

    The launch of "Glitter" had been delayed and downscaled after Carey suffered a painfully public breakdown. It was then launched on a day when world eyes were elsewhere -- September 11.

    In July 2001, Carey checked herself into a hospital for "extreme exhaustion." Her publicist cited the singer's recent work in completing two movies, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls," while simultaneously writing, recording and producing the "Glitter" soundtrack album.

    "Glitter" came after an almost uninterrupted decade of success for Carey who won Grammies for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1990.

    Carey released nine albums on the Columbia/Sony label and has sold more than 150 million singles and albums worldwide.

    Melissa, CNN

    New Voice Message - Happy Holidays From Mariah!
    Check out MariahCarey.com for a new voice message from Mariah and read the transcript below:

    Mariah: Hey lambs, I'm just calling in to say thank you so much for all the support with "Charmbracelet" and let you know that I am just like enjoying this project so much, enjoying meeting the fans, you know, everywhere I've been, so much umm and thank you for just being here for me coz I'm having the best time ever and wanted to wish you all early happy holidays and umm we'll all be checking in again in a couple of days, Big Nasty is coming back to town, he wants to talk to you too but right now I'm just sitting up here being grateful and umm thinking about how fortunate I am to have all of you in my life. Love you much, talk to you soon! Buhbye!

    TTR Enters Billboard's Hot 100
    Last week "Through The Rain" peaked at #11 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles on Billboard. On Tuesday - Dec. 10th, the vinyl (12") of TTR was commercially released and this week and was the main cause for the big leap;
    This week, TTR enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #84!

    As for the album, as reported, it is #14 on its second week on the Billboard 200, but Roger Friedman of Fox News predicts the following:
    "After hearing all this, I will tell you that Houston is right now projected by this gang to drop 35 percent next week. The same people see Mariah Carey holding steady or doing a little better than the 170,000 copies she sold last week. The big holiday movers are Shania Twain and Norah Jones." (Thanks rbaine)

    Irv Gotti Talks About Stolen Song
    Last night on BET Testimony for Ja Rule, he (Irv) confirmed that I'm real by JLo and Ja was made because Tommy heard the track on the then unreleased Glitter sountrack. Tommy then demanded a duet with JLo and Rule now and Ja wrote and did the track for Tommy in 30 minutes. In the end, Irv said slyly something like--do I think Tommy did it because Mariah had it?---Yes (Thanks Kelise)

    Mariah Dazzles the Cover of Allure Magazine!
    People have the wrong impression of Mariah Carey. After 12 years of stardom, ten multi-platinum albums, and 15 number-one songs, the line between the real and the fake gets irrevocably blurred.

    After driving herself to the edge, Mariah Carey is back with a new album and a new, self-protective resolve.
    By Christian Wright

    For more, visit Allure or pick up a copy of the January 2003 issue on newstands now!


    Here's the cover of the magazine plus two new pictures from MariahCarey.com and DivaMC.de:

    Providence Jingle Mingle Review
    Nick went to the radio concert of Pro 92FM in Providence, RI on Dec. 15th:

    "Last night was the time of my life! i was surprised by my sister for christmas with tickets to 92 pro fm's jingle mingle! Ofcourse i was dieing because mariah was going to be there. Well i got theere around 630pm and around 7 the opening act performed. After them Uncle Kracker had his set. After his set was intermission where they passed out free mariah carey double sided posters! After intermission came destinys child. after them came Shaggy. Then the time came! 11:10pm came mariah! they started playing her music like honey, and hero and everyone was like "where is she?" Well, we all saw her and she MADE HER WAY THROUGH THE CROWD shaking hands and then she performed Through The Rain. After that she performed All I Want For X mas Is You. Towards the end of the song they through stuffed lambs out into the crowd! it was simply amazing. Mariah was wearing a jean button up skirt and a jean jacket. And yes she had her butterfly ring on! It was just awesome!"

    updated byLiron December 18th, 2002 6:00PM
    Mariah At #14
    According to Rolling Stone, Mariah ended up at a better position than what HITS predicted:

    "Beyond that, there wasn't much new action aside from sales going up, up, up. Only three albums in the Top Fifty -- Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet (Number Fourteen, 173,000), 2Pac's Better Dayz (Number Twenty-one, 142,000) and Snoop Dogg's Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss (Number Forty-four, 69,000) -- didn't benefit from a sales jump from the previous week."

    (Thanks Michael)

    "The sole album in the top-20 of The Billboard 200 to suffer a sales decrease is last week's top debut, Mariah Carey's "Charmbracelet" (MonarC/Island). The set took a 28% hit to sales of 173,000 copies, and nosedives 3-14 on the chart."

    Nacho, Billboard

    Mariah Calls, Whitney Falls
    Wednesday, December 18, 2002
    By Roger Friedman

    The new album charts were finished yesterday and the results are not so good for Whitney Houston. Her new album, Just Whitney sold just 177,407 copies according to Hitsdailydouble.com. That put Houston at No. 15 for the week, well behind several other well-known acts like Shania Twain and the late Aaliyah, who finished at nos. 1 and 2, respectively.

    On the other hand, there was some good news in Diva Land as Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet sold a healthy 170,000 copies in its second week. That brings Carey to around 420,000 copies in two weeks. At that rate, she should "scan" a million copies by the end of the year.

    Carey called me yesterday from her promo tour as she was getting ready to board a plane for Providence, Rhode Island.


    "There's a station there that's been very loyal to me," she said, "so I want to go see them. I don't mind at all. And then we head for L.A. to try and complete a video. First we have to pick a new single from the album."

    That, Carey says, should be the upbeat "Oh Boy." She said that Christian and gospel stations have already started playing my personal favorite from the album, "My Saving Grace," which will likely be a single eventually. "But right now, I want something upbeat," she said, "because that's really me. We've had enough of 'Through the Rain'," she said, referring to her current single. "Now we want to have some fun!"

    I asked Mariah what advice she might have for Whitney Houston. "I don't want to sound condescending," Carey said, choosing her words carefully. "It's not like she needs advice from me. She's been a big influence on me and I consider her a friend. I want her to be happy."

    Carey said once she finishes her video she will take a bunch of friends to Aspen for Christmas. She told me that she just wants to relax in Aspen, as opposed to last Christmas when the tabloids reported Luis Miguel, her ex-boyfriend, dropped in on her. "That was so not true. He wasn't there," she said, "it never happened."

    Then she's looking for a warm vacation spot for New Year's Eve, perhaps renting a yacht to float around the Caribbean. "It's the only time off for me," she said, "so I want it to be right. I've got to go someplace warm and where there's no paparazzi."

    Maybe she should try a retirement village in Arizona.

    Mariah also told me about guest hosting The View on ABC, which she did live yesterday. "People always tell me I should have my own talk show," she said. "But that would be too much work right now." She had a lot of fun with Star Jones and Joy Behar who, she said, reminded her of Bette Midler.

    So that wraps up Mariah for 2002. Her comeback is complete. As for Whitney, her abysmal sales are no laughing matter. It's obvious her Prime Time Live interview did more damage than good. I only hope she can see what's happening here, and do something decisive to help herself.

    Jason, Fox News

    International News
    Mariah On Belgium TV (Thanks Heroes of Mariah) :
    Depending of the part of Belgium you live in, you will be able to see the following:
    - December the 20th - CNN, Larry King Live show - 3h00am CET
    - December the 23rd to December the 29th - MCM, Le JDM - 1h15pm, 8h30pm and 1h45am CET
    - January the 2nd - RTL-TVI, Le Célibataire (The Bachelor, dubbed in French) - 8h05pm CET
    + The shows on MTV Europe which we reported about yesterday.

    Philippines: (Thanks Mariahism) :
    TTR made it to #1 in MTV Diyes (MTV's Local Countdown of Top 10 Songs in the Philippines).

    France: (Thanks Matt):
    * "Charmbracelet" is down 5 spots and is now # 17 for its second week
    * TTR is a non-mover, still at # 24 for its fourth week in the chart

    Miami Jingle Bell Pictures
    Ernesto sent me these beautiful pictures from Mariah's performance at the Y-100 Jingle Bell concert in Miami. Mariah attended another radio concert last night (PRO 92FM in Providence, RI) and in both concerts sang "Through The Rain" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Justin from LoveMariah.com told me you can see more pictures from the Mall of America at his site, so check them out!

    TRL Stats
    On its 36th day on the countdown, "Through The Rain" is at #8!! Keep voting, we're all doing a great job! (Thanks Alyssa)
    Some TRL Charmers received a special VHS with the TTR video. Vijay scanned the cover:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    More on The View
    "And finally, Mariah Carey sang her latest hit I Only Wanted from her new CD Charmbracelet, which is available in stores now. Additionally, Mariah's latest movie Wisegirls is also available in stores on DVD." (The View)

    Click here to download "I Only Wanted" from The View, thanks to Tom!

    Pictures from the show thanks to Getty Images:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    MC On Larry King Tomorrow
    Don't forget to watch Mariah's interview on Larry King tomorrow: "Will her new album charm the public? Pop superstar Mariah Carey joins Larry for the hour to share the true story behind her breakdown, what it's like to be the target of tabloids and why she says she's never been in love." (Thanks Tom)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3
    updated byLiron December 17th, 2002 5:40PM
    HITS Update
    HITS finished getting the reports for the sales in the past week and according to them Mariah's sales dropped by 29% as she sold 170,235 to slip to #17. Again, these aren't the accurate numbers from Soundscan (which will be published either tomorrow or on Thursday) / Billboard, but either way 170,000 is very impressive for Mariah's second week!

    MTV Europe To Air MTV Special
    "You will be happy to know that although we do not have enough Mariah programming to include in an exclusive Mariah weekend, we have scheduled a Diva Weekend on the 17th, 18th and 19th January.

    Included in the weekend will be a new live show from the US called "Mariah Shining Through The Rain" and this will air on Saturday 18th at 14:00 and will be repeated on Sunday at 11:00 CET. We will also show a Mariah Carey Concert Special on Sunday at 22:00, and include her tracks in the diva music mixes throughout the day."

    mcfanatic, MTV Europe.

    updated byLiron December 17th, 2002 5:00PM
    Mariah Tapes Larry King
    Larry King interviews singer/songwriter Mariah Carey during a taping of CNN's Larry King Live on December 16, 2002. The show will air on December 19. REUTERS/Handout/CNN
    Click on the picture to enlarge.

    Yahoo! News

    Mariah Carey's jingles melodic but abbreviated in Miami
    By Sean Piccoli
    Pop Music Writer
    Posted December 17 2002

    Mariah Carey sang a pair of tunes on Sunday night at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, tossed Christmas teddy bears to a near-sellout crowd and walked off beaming. For a pop star whose life was in free fall not long ago, the best-selling female entertainer of the 1990s looked and sounded believably intact.

    A 10-minute appearance at a radio festival, the second annual Jingle Ball presented by Top 40 station Y-100, clearly is not the measure of a public figure's recovery. But Carey, the biggest-selling female artist of the last decade, sang with her usual soaring enthusiasm. She also radiated good humor in a brief plug for the new album Charmbracelet, her rebound from a failed movie and soundtrack project, and from a meltdown that included a hospital stay for nervous exhaustion.

    The "special spotlight appearance," as it was billed, drew cheers from an audience that had peaked at about 15,000 people, and whose patience had been tested since the 5:30 p.m. start time. Escorted across the arena floor, she dropped in about midnight, nearly two hours behind schedule thanks in part to rapper P. Diddy's shambling performance and slow set changes between a few other acts culled from the Y-100 play list.

    Carey, 32, had no live band, just three backup singers, several dancers and a tape of the tracks for Through the Rain, a new and very topical ballad about survival, and the spirited All I Want for Christmas, from her 1994 holiday album.

    But she had her voice, and enough confidence to perform in a backless, floor-length black gown. She said she felt "festive" as she pulled on a white faux-fur stole -- no animal-killing for this queen of nice -- and she certainly did not overstay her welcome. With Charmbracelet charting respectably, and Carey again among the living, 2003 looks to be a year of fewer torments for a woman who has struggled at times with the imperial demands of diva-hood.

    That left rookie rocker Avril Lavigne to do mop-up for a crowd that was thinning out rapidly. Lavigne, 18, ran through six songs from her hit debut, Anything but Ordinary, a plainly ordinary set of pop-rock cues signaling the presence of someone "authentic." Lavigne is celebrated, apparently, because she writes her own material.

    Her singing on Sunday had a likable rhythmic snap to it, and the guitar hooks driving Sk8er Boi and Complicated were, cosmetically, a departure from teen-pop's plastic-coated beats. But the stock power ballad I'm With You further suggested someone whose ambition is airplay, not originality -- hardly a break with the Britney Spears ethic. Losing Grip was remarkable only for being such a bald-faced rip-off of fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette's eccentric vocal-ese and brooding arrangements.

    Earlier on, British r&b singer Craig David put out more energy and melody performing unplugged, opposite his acoustic guitarist, than Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter -- gone solo -- managed with a full band. The r&b trio Destiny's Child, singing to taped tracks, got by on their indisputable star quality. Ja Rule, the ghetto Romeo of pop-rap, had thousands singing out the Juliet parts of his string of hits. Australian import Kylie Minogue was a glitzy reminder that whatever changes scramble the Top 40 in any given year, U.S. audiences keep a place in their hearts for overheated dance-pop.

    Sun Sentinel

  • More about the y-100 jingle bell from the Miami Herald:

    "Carey made her entrance from the back of the arena, parting the crowd like a smiling, waving parade queen as American Idol judge Randy Jackson introduced her. Her performance was short but sweet (Diddy, take notes), confined to two songs: her current single Through the Rain and All I Want for Christmas Is You. In a tight black evening dress with a white stole she verified was fake fur when she threw it into the crowd, Carey looked like an old-fashioned star. With dancers/elves throwing stuffed animals into the audience, her set bordered on camp -- but was not without its charm."

    Mariah's Back On TRL / The View
    Alyssa told me that after 2 days of not being on the countdown, "Through The Rain" is back at #9 which marks its 35th day on the chart. 15 more days until retirement!!

    Mariah was also on "The View" today as a co-host and sang "I Only Wanted". Check out Mariah's Web for screen captures!

    Mariah On Magazines
    Sofia sent me a bigger scan of the "Touch" magazine cover (UK), the cover of the French magazine "R&B" (Dec. 2002 issue) and a scan of Mariah's cover on a Swedish magazine. Check them out below:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Spanish Fans Story In NYC
    Mini (who I had the pleasure of meeting!) sent me the (really long) story of her trip to New York with Mari & Rocio and their meetings with Mariah.
    It's a MS-Word document, click here to read it!

    Here are some pictures she attached with the story:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Mariah on Malaysia Cable TV (ASTRO)
    Desmond wanted to inform all Malaysian fans out there that The Oprah Winfrey show which features Mariah might be airing on Star World (ASTRO) next Tuesday, 24/12/02 at 1pm. It's not 100% certain but you should check it out just in case.
    The Larry King interview will air on CNN (ASTRO) this Friday, 20/12/02 at 10am!

    Check out this nice wallpaper made by Lynn:

  • updated byLiron December 16th, 2002 7:50PM
    Holiday Greetings From MC
    Mariah left a video message saying happy holidays to everyone on AOL, click here to see it! (Thanks Heather)

    AOL members can simply click here to see the feature. (Thanks Angel)

    Manuela who made a fanbook to MC with Christmas messages sent me the following note:
    "I would like to thank everyone who participated with the fanbook , Mariah will have it with very soon and im sure she will love it !! When I develope the pictures of the fanbook i'll show them !!"

    Mariah Tops Holiday Airplay
    This is the CHR/Pop ranking for holiday singles that are at least 1 year old:

    1 1* Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (1994) - 141-191 spins - #10
    3 2* Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (1996) - 103-176 spins - #17
    5 3* 'N Sync - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (1998) - 72-130spins - #32
    4 4* Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas (1984) - 75-123 spins - #37
    8 5* Bob Rivers - 12 Pains Of Christmas - 61-122 spins - #38
    7 6* Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1981) - 64-111 spins - #45
    18 7* Elmo & Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (1984) - 35-94 spins - #63
    10 8* Madonna - Santa Baby (1987) - 48-91 spins - #67
    9 9* Wham - Last Christmas (1986) - 56-91 spins - #68
    2 10 Adam Sandler - The Chanukah Song (1995) - 135-82 spins - #76

    The first number is its ranking last week, the 2nd number is its ranking this week. The very last number is its overall recurrent ranking

    Jason, JRKing, R&R Online.

    International Update
    Malaysia: Mariah's latest album, CHARMBARCELET is No #1 at Tower Record, Kuala Lumpur. For those who haven't buy the album yet, get yourself a copy for only RM36.90! (Promotional price for Christmas) You will get a Mariah's 2003 CALENDER as well, as a FREE GIFT! (Thanks fairozee)
    Brazil: Charmbracelet appears at #6 this week, up from #7 and is the second most seller album from a foreigner artist.
    Through The Rain bounces to #8, up from #14 and is the second most played song from a foreigner artist. (Thanks Felipe)
    Thailand: This week "TTR" still at #5 on "Get 102.5 FM" (#5 for 3 weeks) and "TTR" move down from #12 to #15 on "Easy FM 105.5" and "Charmbracelet" is at #7 on the album chart at "CD Warehouse". (Thanks Ballsath)
    Greece: Charmbracelet debuts #9 and Through the rain drops from #20 to #29. (Thanks musicdayflycharm)

    Vote For Mariah

  • Rate "Charmbracelet" at YM Magazine (Thanks Lori)

  • Vote on "Dueling Divas: Mariah vs. J.Lo" here. (Thanks Tom)

    Fans & MC
    Alis sent me her picture with Mariah in Brazil and Melynda sent me her picture with MC on the Dallas meet & greet:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    The View Tomorrow
    Don't forget to watch "The View" tomorrow morning with Mariah as a co-host (ABC, 11:00 AM EST)!
    Brian also told me that the repeat will be on A&E at noon and 6pm ET on Dec. 18th.

    'Vision of Love' MTV MPG
    Lydia uploaded "Vision of Love" live from the MTV Special to her website. Check it out at Mariah Timeline

    A Steamy Night In Chelsea
    NOW that alley-catting actor John Enos is co-managing Suite 16, things are getting steamier at the Chelsea nightspot. Enos, best known as "Mr. Too Big" from "Sex and the City," is a notorious ladies' man who counts Madonna, Jill Goodacre, Cindy Crawford and Traci Lords among his former flames. So it's no surprise that at a recent Christmas party at the club attended by Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez and a plethora of players from the Nets and the Portland Trailblazers, Enos stocked the room with models and, ahem, escorts to make sure there was enough eye-candy in the room. Out of courtesy to the players, we won't reveal if any of the jocks went home with a working girl.

    But we can tell you that Thursday night at Suite 16, an autograph-seeking woman lunged at Mariah Carey. After she was escorted outside by security the lunger and two ladyfriends started groping the doorman in a bid to get back inside. "They basically molested him," Enos crows.

    The amoral actor can be seen next in "Phone Booth" opposite Colin Farrell.

    Yahoo! News / Page Six

    HITS Update
    The first day of counting the reports by "Hits Daily Double" has finished. At 52.24% , Mariah has already sold 89,887 and is currently at #16. More to come tomorrow!

  • updated byLiron December 15th, 2002 7:10PM
    More Beautiful 'Mall' Pictures
    Lori sent me more pictures from the signing Mariah did at the Mall of America:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Mariah Unbound
    Her album "Glitter" tanked, but her CD "Charmbracelet" has brought Mariah Carey back, looking fleshy but gorgeous inside the Island/Def Jam bash.

    Adjusting an earring dripping with pear-shaped diamonds, the singer told us: "I think making this album - approaching it in an environment without pressure and writing from my heart, not overanalyzing anything, expressing myself from my point of view, from my own emotions, was the best thing."

    The biggest post-meltdown change for her? "I learned how to say 'no' and how to set boundaries in my life," she said. "Sometimes you have to go through the most difficult stuff to get to your best work. It's not about, 'Woe is me, I'm a celebrity, feel sorry for me.' I'm grateful for where I am."

    Then, getting down to what every girl wants to know, she dished on what she would like in a man.

    "The three qualities you want: Sense of humor, strength and not taking life too seriously."

    NY Daily News

    Success And Failure Has Taught Mariah All That Glitters Isn't Gold
    Dallas 12/15/2002
    By THOR CHRISTENSEN / The Dallas Morning News

    To Mariah Carey bashers, 2001 was the year she finally got her comeuppance for a decade's worth of cloying ballads and bombastic, octave-jumping vocals.

    To her devotees – including every last singer on American Idol – it was the year their hero was tarred and feathered by a merciless media.

    But to Ms. Carey herself, 2001 was "a blessing in disguise."

    "The world looks differently to me now," she says. "To go through everything I went through ... it just teaches you to have a deeper grasp on life and what really matters."

    She's referring, of course, to the failure of Glitter and her much-publicized hospitalization for exhaustion. And now, like all fallen pop stars – or at least ones with new CDs to promote – she's baring her soul on a worldwide media tour, complete with the obligatory heart-to-heart chat with Oprah.

    Yet even as she talks in hushed tones about her newfound humility, her old-fashioned divaness is impossible to miss. On a recent swing through Dallas to promote the new album, Charmbracelet, she kept 50 contest winners waiting for more than three hours to meet her at the sprawling Dallas Sound Lab in Las Colinas.

    "I've never worn a watch in my life," she explains when she finally arrives just before midnight. She's been out wining and dining local radio programmers – hence her boozy-smelling breath – and the curvaceous star is dressed to impress in stiletto heels and a revealing micro-dress.

    The Dallas Morning News (Click to read the rest of the somewhat odd article)

  • For a nicer, more positive album review, check out Maneater, the newspaper for the University of Missouri where Pier posted his review of the album.

    Fans Chat
    Wildwritings.com is holding a chat tonight, December 15, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. They have lots of promo stuff to give out, [Christina Aguilera music], and Mariah CDs / Singles! Plus some Mariah videos will be showcased. Tomorrow at Wildwritings.com

  • updated byLiron December 14th, 2002 9:30PM
    Please don't go to the website MariahFans.net - it will open hundreds of windows and end up crashing your computer and infect your computer with a virus. The webmaster told me he's willing to just give the domain to whoever wants to take over the site, so let me know if you do. Thanks Diana for helping me fix the problem!

    Dec 12 NY

    MARIAH Carey ditching her gridlocked limo and strolling down the Bowery with her sparkling $3 million Harry Winston necklace to get to the Island Def Jam party at Capitale . . .

    Melissa, NY Post / Page Six

    "Shining Through The Rain" In The UK
    MTV Base in the UK will premier the first showing on 24/01/03 at 19:00 of Mariah Carey: Shining Through The Rain

    Then it will be repeated on:
    MTV Base 4 27/01/03 21:00 Mariah Carey: Shining Through The Rain
    MTV Base 4 28/01/03 15:00 Mariah Carey: Shining Through The Rain
    MTV Base 4 31/01/03 10:00 Mariah Carey: Shining Through The Rain

    Team Mariah International

    International News
    France: "Charmbracelet" sold over 100,000 copies in its first week out, and "Through The Rain" up from # 29 to # 24 - peak position. (Thanks Matt)
    Philippines: On the channel MYX, Mariah left a message to her Philippines fans saying she is looking forward to having concert in the country. TTR dropped to #6 on their chart. (Thanks Gem)
    Mexico: Jacinto sent me this scan from a Mexican paper with a shot of Mariah from her performance at the Teleton:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Fantastic News (Hopefully)
    Remember when we all voted for "Hero" to be a part of the World's Top Ten songs?? Well, the voting has been finished and is being counted now, but Angel informed me that BBC published the following on their site:

    Contenders for the number 1 slot in the chart include:
    (in no particular order)

    Imagine (John Lennon), Vande Mataram (Various artists), Believe (Cher), Dil Dil Pakistan (Vital Signs), We Don't Talk Anymore (Sir Cliff Richard), Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu (Ilayaraja), A Nation Once Again (Wolfe Tones), Hero (Mariah Carey).

    Stay tuned as the results will be published on December 21st in BBC's Site.

    Mariah Mentioned on TRL / BET

  • Yesterday on TRL, the new R&B artist Nivea credited Mariah as inspirating her to be a singer. At the age of 7 she saw Mariah sing "Vision of Love" on the Arsenio Hall Show at which she knew that she wanted to be a singer.

  • On BET Nightly News they had a brief interview with Mariah while she was walking the carpet of the Island Def Jam Holiday party. The story was basically about if Mariah, Whitney, or Michael will ever reclaim the fame that they had in the 80's and 90's.
    There were great comments about MC and how "Charmbracelet" has been given critical acclaim.
    Radio Personality, Ed Love said, "There's a market for it...I mean it enough crap in the music business...That's why sales are down 35%...you got to let Mariah and Whitney shine....because they're legends...no one has had more #1 hits than Mariah Carey..."

    (Thanks Alfreda)

    Upcoming TV Appearances

  • Entertainment Tonight will cover the KIIS FM Jingle Bell concert in LA which Mariah will attend. The show will air on Friday - Dec. 20th at 7:00 PM.

  • More information about Mariah's appearance on "The View" (Tuesday, Dec. 17th 11:00 AM):
    *Celebrity co-host Mariah Carey*; "The Sopranos" star Lorraine Bracco (Broadway's "The Graduate"); Joe Boxer fashions come "Out of the Closet"; a musical performance by Mariah Carey ("Charm Bracelet").

    (Thanks Hill)

    MORE Pictures From The Mall
    Fans keep sending in amazing pictures from Mariah's visit to the Mall of America in Minnesota, here they are along with a nice wallpaper:

    Paul's Pictures:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Dan's Pictures & Wallpaper:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Fans pack Mariah Carey's 'Today' Appearance At Megamall

    Dec 11 NN
    Pioneer Press

    Pop diva Mariah Carey said she wanted to appear live on NBC’s "Today" show at the Mall of America because she wanted a chance to connect again with her fans, who gave her a string of No. 1 hits and supported her during a tough personal meltdown.

    Early Wednesday morning, they proved their loyalty.

    Thousands of fans, mostly young girls, waited in line for hours in the cold for a chance to see the vocal queen perform a few songs that were broadcast nationally from the Sam Goody rotunda at the mall.

    Many hoped to get a special ticket for an autograph session later in the day.

    Despite the long wait, the mood in the crowd was festive, at least for those allowed in. Mall officials stopped admitting patrons when the crowd grew to about 10,000, much to the dismay of some cold and disgruntled fans.

    "This will be our biggest televised event ever," said mall spokeswoman Monica Davis.

    Davis, who worked an autograph session with 'NSYNC in 2000 that drew about 25,000, said security was boosted and all mall staff were on hand to help out with this event. "We didn’t know what to expect, but this is unbelievable."

    Not everyone was there simply for Carey. Others flocked to the mall to see "Today" show co-host Matt Lauer and weatherman Al Roker, who both got their fair share of screams from an adoring crowd and responded with waves and handshakes.

    Roker worked his way through the mall talking with patrons, and the two showcased the 10-year-old Bloomington shopping and entertainment complex for the nation. In addition to the Carey mini-concert, the live "Today" broadcast featured several high-profile attractions, including Camp Snoopy and the Chapel of Love wedding chapel.

    Jakki, Pioneer Press

    Check out "A mega turnout for Mariah" - another great article from Pioneer Press.

    Fan Stuff

  • Check out Elise's new fansite called Mariah Carey Picture Archive.

  • Felipe sent me the following pictures of him alongside Mariah taken during her visit to Brazil:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

  • Here's Paul's picture with Mariah at the meet & greet.
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3
  • updated byLiron December 13th, 2002 5:50PM
    Mariah Celebrates "Charmbracelet" In NY
    Singer Mariah Carey smiles for photographers as she arrives at the Island Def Jam Holiday party in New York, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002. (AP Photo/Shawn Baldwin)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Rex Pictures (Pics 1-5), Yahoo! News (Pics 6-8), Getty Images (Pics 9-16) & Big Pictures USA (Pics 17-21). Check out Wire Images for more pics from the event.

    Mariah To Co-Host The View?
    daphilman16 saw "The View" yesterday and they announced that Mariah will be celebrity co-hosting when she appears on the show.

    Def Leppard Singer Comments on Mariah's Cover
    "During the '80s, it seemed every Def Leppard album was a new commercial breakthrough. "High 'n' Dry" introduced Def Leppard to much of America in 1981, thanks largely to "Bringin' On the Heartbreak," a song Mariah Carey covers on her new album ("There's some astonishing vocal histrionics on there," Elliott said)."

    Tom, The Salt Lake Tribune

    TRL / The Fridge Stats
    Lets try our hardest and vote more this week! Mariah fell off the TRL countdown again and "Through The Rain" was a TRL 'wannabe' (Thanks Alyssa, Heather & Diana) - and on "The Fridge" weekly countdown, Mariah fell from #3 to #5. Please vote for MC on the links to your right!!

    International Update
    Mariah & Will Germany: "Charmbracelet" debuts at #32 with 57,283 copies sold, while TTR is down to #54. (Thanks DRUnatic)
    Austria: "Charmbracelet" debuts at #34 (Thanks Luke)
    Holland: "Charmbracelet" debuts at #48 (Thanks DreamLoverBoy)
    Switzerland: "Charmbracelet" debuts at #9 (Thanks a dee084)
    Taiwan: From Diva Mariah: "Here is a news translation about an interview made by MTV Chinese VJ, Will. Mariah talks about Charmbracelet:" (To your right is a picture of Mariah and Will).

    "When the MTV Chinese VJ, Will Pan, handed in a glass bracelet in the shape of a butterfly to Mariah Carey at the start of her interview, the superstar was obviously pleased by this little present. During the interview, Mariah Carey was very candid about her father who died of cancer last year and how tremendously his death affected her life. Carey also took time to explain every detail of the custom-made bracelet by her jewelry designer for her latest album, entitled "Charmbracelet." According to Carey, the song "Irresistible" is signified by the design of the ice cream cone on the bracelet. The raindrops are apparently referred to the song "Through the Rain." The cheerleader's pendant is designed for the song "Boy." When asked why on her bracelet there's no butterfly, a symbol associated with Mariah Carey, the star responded wittily, "Fortunately, I have this bracelet you gave me. I have no regrets now." "

    Billboard Update
    Here's the Billboard information: Mariah's Billboard positions for December 21, 2002. Currently she has 3 singles from CHARMBRACELET.

    "Irresistible (Westside Connection)"
    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles :
    This Week: #22
    Last Week: #16 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 3

    "Boy (I Need You)"
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales:
    This Week: #46
    Last Week: #34 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 2

    Hot 100 Singles Sales:
    This Week: #66
    Last Week: #57 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 2

    "Through The Rain"
    Adult Contemporary:
    This Week: #23
    Last Week: #21
    Two Weeks Ago: #19
    Weeks on Chart: 10 (Peak Position: #17)

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles:
    This Week: #11 (Peak Position)
    Last Week: #12
    Two Weeks Ago: #16
    Weeks on Chart: 8

    Hot Dance Music/Club Play: "Through The Rain (Remixes)"
    This Week: #36 (Hot Shot Debut)
    Last Week: n/a
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 1

    Top 40 Mainstream:
    This Week: #30 (Peak Position)
    Last Week: #36
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 2

    Canadian Singles Chart:
    This Week: #11
    Last Week: #8
    Two Weeks Ago: #5 (Peak Position)
    Weeks on Chart: 3

    Jessica, Billboard.

    Fan Fun

  • Check out these beautiful pictures that Lori took of Mariah's performance in the Mall of America. The last one is from Paul taken during the signing!
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

  • Heaven sent me three pictures from the Chicago meet & greet she attended:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3
  • Check out the following "Charmbracelet" wallpaper sent in by Billie:

  • Felix called in the radio station - 95.1 WAYV at Atlantic city, New Jersey to request Mariah and even recorded it!
    Click here to listen to it, and be inspired!

    Check It Out - Mariah Carey 2003 GRAMMY Awards Sweepstakes
    I just entered the Mariah Carey 2003 GRAMMY Awards Sweepstakes and I thought you would like to know about it. You can enter to win an amazing trip for two to the 2003 GRAMMY Awards in New York City on February 23, 2003. The first 1,000 people to enter will receive a FREE 12 inch vinyl featuring remixed tracks from Charmbracelet.

    If you are interested, just click on this link.

    Mariah Carey Going For The One Next
    Mariah Carey's next single 'The One' will be released in January.

    This week, her Charmbracelet CD debuted at #3 in the US selling 241,000 units and becoming one of her fastest selling records ever.

    In Japan, Charmbraclet has now been number 1 for two weeks. Considering the disastrous 'Glitter' project on Virgin, Charmbracelet is bing hailed a comeback for Mariah.

    We're obviously thrilled and it's only the beginning," stated Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group. "Mariah's album for us fulfills all our expectations; it's pure and simply electrifying and it's Mariah at her best."

    Mariah Carey is the top selling female artist in history with a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard Magazine's Artist of the Decade Award and the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. She is the only artist to have topped the charts in each year of the 1990's, and with her single "Heartbreaker," she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Mariah Carey not only possesses a five-octave range voice, but composes all of her own material. In addition to holding an exclusive recording contract with the Universal Music Group's Island Records, Mariah Carey has also formed her own label, MonarC Music for which Charmbracelet is the debut release.


  • updated byLiron December 12th, 2002 8:00PM
    New Voice Message
    Head over to MariahCarey.com to listen to a new voice message where Trey Lorenz is fooling around as "Big Nasty" again. I think you can hear Mariah laughing at the background!

    More Mall of America Pics
    Thanks Federica from Mariah Crybaby for sending the following pics:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Check out Getty Images for even more pictures from the event.

    MC #1 In Chicago & NYC
    B96 & Z100 - Chicago & NYC's biggest radio stations (respectively) announced that "Charmbracelet" was the number one selling CD in those cities according to soundscan!

    updated byLiron December 12th, 2002 6:30PM
    Mariah's TRL Appearance Rescheduled
    On the Week of Jan 20, Making of the Video for the Joseph Kahn directed "The One" will premier on MTV, on that same week will be the TRL premier of the video, and Mariah will appear on TRL...this appearance will be in lieu of her previously scheduled appearance on the 16th.


    Variety Declares: Carey Carrying On!
    Mariah Carey proved that she can still work her charms on record buyers Wednesday, as her first album since cutting a new record deal with Island Def Jam opened at third place on the crowded holiday album charts.

    Carey's eighth disc of new material, titled "Charmbracelet," managed sales of more than 241,000 units in its first week of release, thanks in large part to heavy radio airplay for the first single, the ballad "Through the Rain."

    The numbers on "Charmbracelet" were among the best in Carey's career.

    By: Justin Oppelaar for Variety magazine.

    Carey's Second Best Billboard Debut!
    Mariah Carey's "Charmbracelet", enters Billboard at No.3 after selling 241,000 copies, according to Neilson Soundscan. The second-highest debut of the pop diva's career. "Charmbracelet" holds its own in the context of Carey's track record. "Rainbow" premiered at No.2 in 1999 with 323,000 copies in the first week, a career peak. Charmbracelet bests the opening weeks of 1997's Butterfly (235,000), 1995's Daydream (224,000), 1993's Music Box (174,000) and 1992's Emotions (129,000).

    By: Edna Gunderson

    For more see USA Today


    updated byLiron December 12th, 2002 5:40PM
    Billboard Update
    As you all know, Mariah's "Charmbracelet" is a HOT SHOT DEBUT at #3 on the Billboard 200 (albums chart).
    In addition, it debuted at #2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart!
    Last but not least, "Merry Christmas" moves up 2 spots to #14 on the Pop Catalogue chart.


    TRL Stats
    34 Days and counting... "Through The Rain" was #7 on today's TRL. Keep voting, we're almost there! (Thanks Alyssa)

    Gente Scans
    Thank you Nacho for scanning these beautiful pictures from the Argentinian magazine "Gente":

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    New Pictures From The Mall
    Lucky Dan met Mariah in a total coincidence while she was shopping at the mall of America! Here are the pictures he took:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Marisa was lucky as well to attend the Mexican Teleton in which Mariah performed, and took these pictures:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Team Mariah Update
    Check out the Team Mariah Headquarters to see:

  • If your site won a spot on MariahCarey.com!! (Thanks for picking MD to be on the first top 5 list!)
  • The NEW international news page on the team's site.

    Carey Charms Album Chart
    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- Mariah Carey is ending her roller coaster year with a hit album.

    "Charmbracelet," the songbird's Island Records debut and her first release since being dropped by Virgin Records, bows at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 with 241,200 units sold. That marks the second best-selling debut week of Carey's career behind 1999's "Rainbow," which moved about 322,000 units in its first week.

    Yahoo! News / Hollywood Reporter

    Carey Glitters with Third-Place Debut
    NEW YORK (Variety) - Mariah Carey proved that she can still work her charms on record buyers Wednesday, as her first album since cutting a new record deal with Island Def Jam opened at third place on the crowded holiday album charts.

    Carey's eighth disc of new material, titled "Charmbracelet," managed sales of more than 241,000 units in its first week of release, thanks in large part to heavy radio airplay for the first single, the ballad "Through the Rain."

    The performance marks a formidable comeback for the pop superstar, whose career seemed headed toward implosion following lackluster sales of the 2001 soundtrack album "Glitter," the abrupt end of her record deal with EMI and a nervous breakdown.

    The numbers on "Charmbracelet" were among the best in Carey's career -- though they fell short of her personal best. The singer's 1999 disc "Rainbow" (Columbia), her final recording for longtime label Sony, scanned nearly 323,000 units in its first session.

    Despite her strong bow, Carey was bested in the charts by a pair of country megastars. Shania Twain (news) kept her hold on the top spot with "Up!" (Mercury Nashville), but her numbers declined substantially. Sales of "Up!" slipped 50% to 317,000.

    Tim McGraw (news) also suffered a major sales dip but nevertheless managed to hang on to the second position with "Tim McGraw & the Dancehall Doctors" (Curb). The album scanned around 251,000 units in its sophomore week, down 58%.

    Aside from Carey's latest, the charts were remarkably low on strong debuts, as the labels moved to consolidate their gains and market the flood of holiday blockbusters released over the course of the past month. In fact, only two releases managed to crack the top 100 this week.

    Yahoo! News / Reuters/Variety Music

    Read More...:

  • Carey carrying on (Variety)
  • Mariah Carey Charms The USA (Undercover)

    Stars Line Up For Tonight's Def Jam Holiday Party
    The New York Post reports Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey, Linkin Park, the Vines, Patti LaBelle and *NSYNC are expected at the Island Def Jam Holiday Spectacular at Capitale tonight. (Popdirt)

    "Charmbracelet" Listening Party In Boston
    John sent me scans from a local newspaper in Boston, one is announcing a listening party for "Charmbracelet" at AXIS on Monday, Dec. 16th:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    Mariah Carey: My Worst Year
    EXCLUSIVE: By Herald Sun's Cameron Adams
    December 12, 2002

    CONTRARY to popular belief, Mariah Carey does do stairs. The rumour surfaced a few years ago when Carey reportedly said "I don't do stairs" when faced with a flight of them.

    "The 'diva' rumours about me are ridiculous but they're very inventive," Carey says. "Apparently not only do I not do stairs but I won't walk on carpet and I refuse to walk on grass. What do I do to get around? Hover?

    "I mean, you live and exist under a microscope and at a certain point the rumours become amusing."

    While she's got a sharp sense of humour, Carey wasn't laughing much last year.

    Indeed, most jokes were directed at her.

    For the first time in what had been a stellar career (125 million records sold), things weren't going quite so well in Mariahland.

    She left Sony, the record label she loved so much she married the boss, Tommy Mottola, and lived the fairytale life that had eluded her as a child in a poor, dysfunctional household.

    "I had a very intense childhood," she says. "I saw a lot of things before the age of 12 that a lot of people never see in their whole life . . . there were people in my family who were involved in a lot of things not appropriate for a child to see. Because of that, I developed this really intense work ethic because I never wanted to end up back in the position where I started.

    "But then I went through a lot of struggles in my personal life which I had to keep quiet, and that was so difficult, with my personal life so attached to my professional life. That was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome."

    After four years she and Mottola divorced (Carey never even uses his name any more) and her relationship with Sony started to falter.

    She released an album called Butterfly and made videos with none-too-subtle metaphors about finally being free.

    And after years of sensible dresses, out came the plunging necklines, short skirts and collaborations with rappers, which confused some of her more mainstream audience.

    When her contract with Sony expired, she signed a $140 million deal with Virgin. The new partnership was christened by Glitter, her first movie and a resulting soundtrack.

    Glitter was far from a shining success. Ruthlessly panned by critics (one of the kindest called it a good showcase for her breasts), the movie was a major failure and the accompanying soundtrack the lowest-selling album of her career.

    However Carey, 32, feels the music, at least, was unfairly judged.

    "It was a soundtrack album; it wasn't a Mariah Carey studio album. So many other artists have been able to go off and do a soundtrack and it was never judged the same way their studio albums were judged."

    The sharpest knives were reserved for the film, where Carey admits she "stepped outside" her comfort zone.

    It started as her idea for "a gritty, edgy, cool" movie partially based on her life. But things changed. A lot.

    "It was watered down so much by the time we started filming," Carey says. "By the time we finished I was so disappointed. They changed writers in the middle of the movie because it was getting too edgy, which is what I wanted - something with substance to it. It was a good concept that was put through a washing machine."

    Does she cringe watching it now?

    "Some scenes I'm, like, 'Why?' But I also know there's footage they cut. I don't think it was the worst thing under the sun, but it was a PG-13 movie geared towards young, young kids, and that's not what I brought to the table.

    "I didn't realise that if you're going to venture into something like that, you need an amazing producer and director and everybody to be on your team and protective of your idea. I didn't have that. It's all about the power people behind the scenes. I had a lot of political weirdness because of the whole Sony situation. I'd left Sony, I had four weeks to set up the record with Virgin: it was all a big mess."

    The biggest mess of all was happening in Carey's life. Around the time Glitter was rusting, Carey was keeping up the work ethic ingrained in her from a young age.

    "I was working literally 23 hours a day . . . I'm not exaggerating. I was assuming I could make it better, fix it all myself. But I ended up hurting myself in the process. I overworked myself."

    She says her insomnia dates back to that dysfunctional childhood and divorce.

    "Those things tend to keep you up at night," she says. "And then when you're on a schedule like I was . . . well, I only learned how to say 'No' this year. The record company would say 'Jump' and I would say 'How high?' "

    Carey posted odd messages on her website detailing her inability to sleep, then made a cryptic remark about wanting "to go where the rainbows are".

    The next anyone knew she'd had a mini-nervous breakdown and had been admitted to hospital by her mother. Paparazzi stalked her mother's house, while jokes were made about Osama Bin Laden hiding in cinemas where Glitter was screening.

    Carey now believes that the media took their chance, for the first time in her career, to kick her while she was down.

    "Because of the success I've had in my career and the circumstances that occurred prior to that of me being exhausted and ending up in hospital and all the rumours, there was a steamroller effect of people gunning for me," she says.

    However it was the rumours that she'd tried to slash her wrists that hit the hardest.

    "All the other stuff I could handle. At one point, after reading so much garbage, I thought, 'You know what, now they're making me laugh.' It was my entertainment.

    "But the suicide story was something I thought was very important to clear up. If you have a 13-year-old fan who emulates everything you do or looks at you as a role model and it turns out they believe what they read in the paper and emulate your behaviour, that would be the most devastating thing that could happen.

    "So writing a song like (new single) Through the Rain was very important because I wanted to instil hope in people, that you can get through anything with faith and perseverance and hope.

    "But the suicide story was so disturbing. I'm such a spiritual person, it's not my place to take my own life. I have too much faith for that."

    Then Carey made one of the most public exits ever from a company. Glitter became her lowest-selling but most profitable album ever when Virgin paid her $50 million to leave. Hundreds of people worldwide lost their jobs soon after.

    She's now started her own label, MonarC, distributed by Def Jam (who paid her a reported $70 million), and has bounced back the only way she knows how: through music.

    Her new album Charmbracelet was, she says, her most therapeutic to date. She not only addresses her pain in Through the Rain, but also the death of her father.

    "With this album there was no record company saying, 'How about you write this kind of song,' nobody dictating what I was doing," Carey says. "Not that that's been the case for the past few years anyway, but with this album it was much more about me needing to write more than worrying, 'How should I present myself to the world after all this nonsense and lies?'

    "All my life was put out there and the stories were 99 per cent inaccurate, and while going through that storm was intense, it inspired me to dig deep and I wrote 21 songs. I just felt like having an album out this year."

    It also continues her mixture of big ballads with streetwise urban collaborations, something Sony reportedly had trouble with Carey doing five years ago, but which is now almost the blueprint for modern R&B albums.

    Carey talks fondly of her 1996 collaboration with Ol'Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Clan; groundbreaking at the time.

    "I sort of sneaked that past the record company. They didn't know who he was or what he was saying on his album. But he was my favourite rapper. The Wu Tang's 36 Chambers is one of my favourite albums. I grew up on hip-hop in New York, I experienced the birth of hip-hop, it's organic for me. But a lot of people don't understand that."

    Especially those who'd be happy to see her belting it out a la Celine Dion.

    "Society likes to put things in boxes because it makes us feel comfortable. Many people feel comfortable with me in the box of 'the diva who stands on stage in a gown and sings'. That is one box I can be put in, but my situation is that I'm not a one-dimensional artist or human.

    "I'll always do that, and I love doing that, but it wouldn't be fulfilling to just do that. I love ballads, they're therapy. But doing songs with Cam'ron or Jay-Z, that's part of me too. Being a multi-racial person, I don't think the masses fully understand what that is. It is somewhat new for a celebrity to be as ambiguous looking as I am and to be part black and part white."

    There is another rumour that hounded Carey. After she signed to Def Jam, a quote surfaced that they'd asked her to "tone down" her clothes, and cover up to be taken more seriously.

    Carey laughs. "Nobody's controlling me at this point in my life. Trust me."

    Charmbracelet (Universal) out now.

    Melbourne Herald Sun

    This is just a reminder to everyone to go and get the 12" (vinyl) for "Through The Rain" that was released on Tuesday in the US. While you're at the record store, pick up a few "Charmbracelet"s to give to your friends! :)

  • updated byLiron December 11th, 2002 8:00PM
    Mariah Returns to the Top of the Charts!
    Mariah Carey’s highly anticipated new album, Charmbracelet (MonarC Music/Island Records), has ratcheted up sales of more than 241,000 copies its first week in stores, giving the award-winning superstar songwriter/producer/recording artist one of the biggest opening weeks of her career.

    Despite the highly competitive and gridlocked holiday season, Charmbracelet earned a #3 debut. The album's stunning performance was buttressed by the power ballad, “Through The Rain,” which has made its way up the charts around the world in such countries as England, Spain, Japan and Brazil, among many others. The album itself has also topped the charts overseas, currently ranking as the #1 album in Japan for the second consecutive week. Her second single, “The One,” is set for release in early January.

    “We’re obviously thrilled and it’s only the beginning,” stated Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group. “Mariah’s album for us fulfills all our expectations; it’s pure and simply electrifying and it’s Mariah at her best.”

    Mariah Carey’s emergence as a musical superstar whose style continues to influence many of today's artists has been cultivated over a career of consistent hit-making. She is the top selling female artist in history with a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard Magazine’s Artist of the Decade Award and the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. She is the only artist to have topped the charts in each year of the 1990's, and with her single “Heartbreaker,” she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of the Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. Mariah Carey not only possesses a five-octave range voice, but composes all of her own material. In addition to holding an exclusive recording contract with the Universal Music Group’s Island Records, Mariah Carey has also formed her own label, MonarC Music for which Charmbracelet is the debut release.


    Mariah Visits Minneapolis to Spread Some Holiday Cheer!
    During her visit to Minneapolis where Mariah performed live on the Today Show from the Mall of America, she also made sure to set aside some time to spread some holiday cheer. Mariah was granted the opportunity to meet with an extraordinary young man, Caleb Boulter and his family; Al, Christina, Ben and Aaron for an extra special visit thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Mariah then hit the mall running as she set out on a shopping spree for "Sharing & Caring Hands" a charity that benefits families in need. She also managed to sneak in some time to ride the Mall's rollercoaster with some of her amazing fans!

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    MariahCarey.com, Photo Credit: Bill Boatman.

    Vote For Mariah
    Here's the chance to make your vote count!
    Just look through the list of current and upcoming hit songs and pick your favorite. Then tune into the FOX All Access Countdown this Sunday morning to see how your song ranks!

    Click here and vote for "Through The Rain". (Thanks Marcin)

    updated byLiron December 11th, 2002 5:40PM
    Congratulations Mariah!!
    Congratulations Mariah for having her 2nd best opening sales week with "Charmbracelet", selling 241,000 (SoundScan) copies and debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200 (Thanks Jason).
    Lets try to help the 2nd week of sales and buy "Charmbracelet" as a holiday present for everyone!

    WiseGirls Released to Home Video on December 31, 2002
    The critically acclaimed film WiseGirls, directed by David Anspaugh and starring Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey and Melora Walters will be released to Home Video on Friday, December 31, 2002.

    After moving in with her ailing grandmother to escape the demons of the past, Meg (Mira Sorvino) meets the tough talking Raychel (Mariah Carey) and secretive Kate (Melora Walters) when she takes a job as a waitress at Scantolini’s “family-run” restaurant. The three form an unbreakable friendship when they find themselves involved in the Mafia. Through back room deals, the women discover that their survival is going to depend on a lot more than just service with a smile.

    To view a trailer and purchase a copy of the WiseGirls DVD visit Lions Gate Films.


    TRL Stats
    Great job everyone! Mariah's 33rd day on the TRL countdown with "Through The Rain" - and it's #6! 17 more days till the video retires, 5 more days until Mariah's on the show! (Thanks Alyssa)

    Mariah Carey Continues Comeback At MOA
    Since the Mall of America opened its doors more than a decade ago it has staked out a national and international presence through a variety of means.

    Wednesday, the mall further cemented its brand on two fronts, drawing the co-host of the most-watched morning news show in the country and hosting a performance by a pop diva on a comeback tour.

    Mariah Carey, who re-emerged in the public spotlight in the last week by giving a string of interviews, sang at the mall with the performance broadcast live on NBC's "Today Show" in her highest-profile appearance since re-emerging on the music scene with her new album earlier this month.

    Her performance, and having it on the "Today Show," brought Matt Lauer -- a co-host to the most popular morning news show -- to the mall along with weather sidekick Al Roker to host half of the show live from the Bloomington megamall.

    The show gave viewers a visual tour of the mall and Camp Snoopy, and Carey was interviewed as thousands of fans watched live at the mall.

    She then performed "Through The Rain," and again showed off what's described as the amazing multioctave range of her voice. She also made appearances in the last week on "The Oprah Winfrey Show (news - Y! TV)," "Dateline" and MTV.

    Carey had a high-profile breakdown 18 months ago which she said was sparked by her inability to say "no" to commitments and working herself into exhaustion in a decade that began with her first album at age 19 and included an album a year.

    She spent nearly a month under the care of doctors while she rested and recuperated last summer.

    Some of the songs on Carey's new album were produced by Jimmy Jam Harris, a Twin Cities-based Grammy Award-winning record producer.

    Carey is scheduled to return to the mall in the evening to sign autographs at Sam Goody Central.

    Yahoo! / Channel5740.com

    Mariah, Matt and the Mall: Oh my!
    Neal Justin
    Star Tribune
    Published Dec. 12, 2002

    Al Roker, the world's most popular weatherman, popped out of the Chapel of Love Wednesday morning on the Mall of America's third floor. He had just wrapped a live segment for "The Today Show" and was speedwalking to his next assignment -- a ride on the Screamin' Yellow Eagle -- when a smile belonging to a middle-aged woman floated towards him.

    "Here are your Al Roker fans waiting to see you in person," she said with enough perkiness to make even Katie Couric wince.

    She was alone.

    If Roker felt slighted, it wouldn't last for long. Within minutes he was riding the down escalator into a sea of more than 10,000 people who had set their alarm clocks to what-in-the-world a.m. to participate in the biggest TV event in the mall's history.

    They screamed for Mariah Carey. They screamed for Matt Lauer. They screamed for the cameras that swooped overhead. They screamed just to keep awake. They screamed so much it was a holiday miracle that the glass elevators didn't explode.

    Lauer, whose new haircut has triggered more debate than President Bush's war threats, said the mall appearance was more intense than most remotes, but he was impressed that Minnesota Nice still prevailed.

    "This is one of our best behaved crowds," he said, shortly before ending the three-hour show by throwing a red beret in the air, Mary Richards style. "They're not running through barricades. They're staying quiet during serious segments. It's been very easy, from our point of view."

    But many fans who waited all night to get in weren't as eager to hand out gold stars for good manners. Mall officials wouldn't allow people to line up -- or even be on mall property -- until roughly 5 a.m. That meant a lot of people -- some of whom arrived at 8 p.m. -- made camp across the street. At some point in the early morning, there was a mad rush near the front doors.

    "We were smooshed," said Ladonna Formica of Hastings, who celebrated her 16th birthday by waiting more than five hours to get in. "It was like a mosh pit."

    As it turns out, there was plenty of room for everyone to catch at least part of the live broadcast. "Today" had three sets, one for the concert, one where Lauer interviewed Carey and another in Camp Snoopy, which featured an interview with St. Paul-born cartoonist Charles Schulz's son, Greg. (Couric stayed in New York.)


    Whoa. Steve?

    "We've been dating for 3 1/2 years and I'm ready," said Trisha Wasmund of Willmar, Minn., who thought it perfectly natural to declare her intentions on national television. If there was any doubt about her confidence, you just had to look at her backup sign: I'M SPOKEN FOR.

    Of course, most people weren't there to declare their true love for anyone else but Carey.

    The singer went on a glad-handing shopping spree on Tuesday, performed four songs Wednesday morning, signed copies of her albums, sat for numerous radio interviews, rode the amusement-park rides and did an afternoon shift at Orange Julius.

    OK, we made that last one up, but the way she waved to fans like an awestruck homecoming queen, it was easy to forget that she's sold more No. 1 singles than any female recording artist in history.

    Bringing you back to reality was the small army who surrounded her after every song to poof her hair, brush on blush and remind her that she rules.

    Which she did.

    Carey was clearly not lip synching, which one might expect from other divas, who might be just getting home for a champagne party at 7 a.m. For "Make It Happen," Carey got the wrong cue from "Today" producers. When she realized she wasn't on the air, she cut the number short by changing the lyrics to: "We've got to stop this song." It sounded so natural and pretty that the band and 17 backup singers had no idea that something was wrong.

    "You can feel down about yourself and she can make you feel better," said Lux Briar, 18, who flew in from Galveston, Texas, to see his heroine in such an intimate setting.

    Two 18-year-old girls from Edina burst into tears after Carey shook their hands.

    "That's the best thing ever," said Kristina Rode as she and her friend, Nina Lewis, dabbed their wet eyes.

    It was that kind of morning for all the celebrity visitors. Yes, even Al.

    "One teenager starting crying when she met me," Roker said shortly before the crew hopped on a plane back to New York. "I thought, 'Gee, have you been talking to my daughter?' "

    Marcin, Startribune.com

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

  • Slide show: Mariah at the Mall
  • Audio: The diva greets the crowd
  • Audio: Carey explains why she came to the mall
  • Audio: Carey performs

    Ninth album is a ‘Charm’ for Mariah
    Mariah At The Mall Dec. 11 — Mariah Carey is back after a difficult year dealing with stumbles in her career and an emotional breakdown that made international headlines — she’s trying to get off the pages of tabloids and onto the billboard charts with her new album “Charmbracelet.” “Today” host Matt Lauer talked recently with the best-selling female performer in history.

    MARIAH CAREY BECAME a star almost instantly. But her intense passion, drive and unrelenting schedule came to a head last year when she was admitted to a psychiatric treatment center for what was called an emotional and physical breakdown. It was simple words of advice from her therapist that gave her a new outlook on life.

    Mariah Carey: “And he’d be like, look, you did not have a nervous breakdown, you were completely exhausted and you were not taking care of yourself. Here’s an apple, here’s an iced tea, why don’t you take a bite? Are you hungry? How do you feel? And that almost made me cry because I was like, nobody ever says that. Like, why do I never even ask myself how I’m feeling?”

    Angel, MS NBC - Click here to view the videos of Mariah's performances.

    MC Doesn't Worry About Competition
    NEW YORK — Mariah Carey says she doesn't worry about the competition when it comes to her new album Charmbracelet. Her albums are for her fans. She claims after her flop movie Glitter a lot of artists would have taken a lot more time off than she did. But she says all her woes -- the lack of sleep that wasn't really a nervous breakdown and her depression -- made the album necessary. Matt Lauer called the lyrics "powerful" in his softball interview on The Today Show -- so you know it's good.

    Fox News

    Mariah's Charmed With a Strong No. 3
    Mariah Carey is alive! Her new album, Charmbracelet, finished third in its chart debut this week, selling 238,000 copies — right behind country albums by Shania Twain and Tim McGraw.

    Oddly enough, that makes Carey's release the top-selling pop or R&B album of the week, which is pretty wild considering everyone said her career was over a year ago.

    Jennifer Lopez, however, is not doing so well. After debuting at No. 6 last week, she fell one notch to No. 7 with her new This is Me Then album. More importantly, the album lost 54 percent of its sales from the first week, getting only 165,000 copies out the door.

    When Lopez was in trouble last time, she remixed all the songs and re-released her album with the clown prince of rap, Ja Rule, taking over. She may be on the phone with him right now. Or maybe Ben Affleck is learning how to run a mixing station.

    Fox News

    Mariah's Charmed With a Strong No. 3
    Mariah Turns On The Charm
    Country Cohorts Twain and McGraw Rule as Sales Take Post-Holiday Dip; Mariah Carey #3
    December 10, 2002
    It’s official—Mariah Carey has the monkey, along with the Glitter, off her back.

    Charmbracelet (MonarC/IDJ), the once-troubled diva’s first album in her new imprint deal with Lyor Cohen’s powerhouse Island Def Jam label group, made an impressive #3 bow on sales just south of 240k. Mariah’s strong first week was due in large part to a masterful TV blitz that had her featured on Oprah and Dateline NBC on successive days, just as the album was hitting stores. That Matt Lauer sure can sell records.

    Virgin Entertainment Group’s Jerry Suarez took some time out from shilling for the Salvation Army in a Santa suit to exclaim: "Although it would be hard to top last week’s sales burst, we’re still seeing very solid sales figures from the top selling artists. Mariah Carey had a simply terrific debut, taking full advantage of all of the TV exposure she had last week."

    Carey was bested only by a pair of country blockbusters in Shania Twain (Mercury Nashville), #1 for the third consecutive week, and #2 Tim McGraw (Curb), who edged out Mariah by 10k. Rounding out the Top Five were a pair of albums by the 11th edition of the ever-popular Now series (UTV) and Shady/Interscope/UMG Strx’s soundtrack to the Eminem-starring 8 Mile.
    Next week, we’ll see how Arista diva Whitney Houston fares with her just-released Just Whitney.

    "Mariah’s big debut should also bode well for Whitney’s new record," concluded Suarez, though at this point no one was listening…or reading, for that matter.

    Hits Daily Double

    The Island Def Jam Music Group Scores With Mariah Carey's 'Charmbracelet'
    Award Winning Superstar Returns to the Top of the Charts Besting Her Own First Week Sales
    NEW YORK, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Mariah Carey's highly anticipated new album, "Charmbracelet" (MonarC Music/Island Records), has ratcheted up sales of more than 241,000 copies its first week in stores, giving the award-winning superstar songwriter/producer/recording artist one of the biggest opening weeks of her career.

    Despite the highly competitive and gridlocked holiday season, Charmbracelet earned a #3 debut. The album's stunning performance was buttressed by the power ballad, "Through The Rain," which has made its way up the charts around the world in such countries as England, Spain, Japan and Brazil, among many others. The album itself has also topped the charts overseas, currently ranking as the #1 album in Japan for the second consecutive week. Her second single, "The One," is set for release in early January.

    "We're obviously thrilled and it's only the beginning," stated Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group. "Mariah's album for us fulfills all our expectations; it's pure and simply electrifying and it's Mariah at her best."

    Mariah Carey's emergence as a musical superstar whose style continues to influence many of today's artists has been cultivated over a career of consistent hit-making. She is the top selling female artist in history with a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard Magazine's Artist of the Decade Award and the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. She is the only artist to have topped the charts in each year of the 1990's, and with her single "Heartbreaker," she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Mariah Carey not only possesses a five-octave range voice, but composes all of her own material. In addition to holding an exclusive recording contract with the Universal Music Group's Island Records, Mariah Carey has also formed her own label, MonarC Music for which Charmbracelet is the debut release.

    The Island Def Jam Music Group

    Read More About Charmbracelet's Debut:

  • Mariah Carey Climbs Charts, but Long Way to Go (Reuters)
  • Mariah Can't Top Shania On Billboard Albums Chart (VH1)
  • Mariah's Charms Unable To Send Shania's 'Up' Down (Billboard)

    Mariah CD Auctioned For Charity
    Mariah's Autograph Mariah Carey Signed Spankin' New Music Week Pkg #2
    Mariah has become the best-selling female performer of all time. With an incredible 15 #1 singles and two Grammy awards, she is still the hottest female performer in the music business today. Her stunning good looks and incredibly beautiful voice gave Mariah the clout necessary to be called a true diva. And, in true diva fashion, Mariah gave her fans a little gift in November 1998. She released a compilation CD that included the 13 #1 hits she had at the time, and also 4 star-studded bonus tracks. All bonus tracks featured duets with such industry heavyweights as Jermaine Dupri, Brian McKnight, and diva pal Whitney Houston. She debuted the CD on MTV's 1998 Spankin' New Music Week and we have the event board to prove it. She even autographed it. Take this framed and matted, 46"x36" piece of promotional history home with you. It is framed in silver metal with a black ribbed cardboard matte. The label reads: "MTV Spankin' New Music Week/ Mariah Carey #1's/ November 16, 1998." We will also throw in an autographed Mariah Carey #1's CD for good measure.

    Lori, MTV - Click here for more info & to bid.

    Worldwide News

  • Norway: Mariah reached #15 at the Norwegian top 20! This is her third week, and she's only moving up on this list (Thanks Mariah_Hero).

  • Canada: "Charmbracelet" debuted at #30 on the Canadian albums chart.

  • Sweden: Vote for Mariah on the NRJ awards here (thanks mcfanatic).

    Download MC At The Telethon
    Lydia uploaded Mariah performing "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" at the Mexican Telethon to her website. Click here to go there and download it.

  • updated byLiron December 10th, 2002 6:00PM
    HITS Update
    The count is final, with 100% reported, Mariah is at #3 with 238,639 copies sold. A quick reminder: these are only stats by HITS and the Soundscan figures (which BILLBOARD goes by) are more accurate. However, it looks like there won't be any drastic changes - neither in the position nor in the amount of sold copies. I think we should all be very happy for Mariah and proud that she's managed to sell such an impressive amount of copies on her first week and debut at #3 despite the tough competition.
    updated byLiron December 10th, 2002 5:50PM
    HITS Update
    With 84% of the sales reported to HITS, "Charmbracelet" is at #2 with an impressive amount of 202,734 copies sold so far.
    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Mariah's Charmbracelet a Charm
    We're watching the sales of Mariah Carey's new album, Charmbracelet, very carefully. Her last album, Glitter, was a bust. It was also sabotaged by people at her old label. The cards were stacked against her.

    With about half the record stores counted, Hitsdailydouble.com put Carey at No. 1 last night. She'd sold about 150,000 albums so far, way ahead of Eminem, Shania Twain and Jennifer Lopez. If that trend keeps up, by this evening she could have almost 300,000 total in the hands of customers. In other words, she's baaaack.

    Mariah did everything Whitney didn't — she understood her situation and listened to a crack team of specialists. On that team was Jerry Blair, the radio promotion guy who'd steered her to fame for 11 years at Columbia Records. Blair, like Carey, was pitched out of Columbia by the people in charge. Now they are having the last laugh. And it's a hearty one at that.

    Fox News

    Mariah #1 at Best Buy
    "Charmbracelet" is the #1 best seller on Best Buy! (Thanks Andrew)

    Autographed CD Catalogue Giveaway
    Go to Music Choice.com to enter for your chance to win an autographed CD catalogue set from Mariah Carey!

    Watch a Live Performance From Mariah’s MTV Special
    Watch Mariah’s performance of Through The Rain from her MTV special Shining Through The Rain.

    Mariah Charms HITS Magazine
    Mariah Carey's debut Monarc/Island album, Charmbracelet, is a winner! Indeed it looks like the diva's delivering, as her latest moves at rapid clip and initial sales appear to be right in line with forecasts.
    For more visit hitsmagazine.com

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3


    Today Show Summary (DEC. 10th)
    They opened with clips of "Emotions," "CLG," and "Heartbreaker." Then Matt had a similar intro to DATELINE where he talked about the international press and they showed copies of headlines and had words like "breakdown" across the screen.

    Then they went to the DATELINE interview, but it was new sections of the interview. The first clip was Mariah saying what really hit her was her therapist telling her she hadn't had a nervous breakdown; she needed sleep and to think about how she is feeling. She said he handed her an apple and a drink and said, "Take a bite; are you hungry?" She said it about made her cry as she realized no one ever asks how she's feeling, and she really doesn't ask herself.

    Then they showed clips of the Boston fan meeting and Matt talked about the fans. Then it went to the interview and Mariah said she has a special relationship with her die-hard fans as they give her what she hasn't had before - a sense of belonging - and also unconditional love.

    Then Matt talked about the crowded market and showed clips from the "Dirrty" and "Jenny From The Block" interviews. He asked Mariah what she thought about the competition, and she said she didn't see it that way. She said writing the album was like therapy and reading the lyrics are like her diary. She said it was for her and the fans, and it doesn't matter what other artists are doing. She said Whitney is a cool person and she wishes the best for her (Matt had mentioned her name as competition).
    (Thanks Jason)

    Today Show Rehearsals (DEC. 11th)

    Tom, Flyte Tyme

    * Note: Apparently Mariah's going to perform "Through The Rain", "Make It Happen" and "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" (Thanks Paul).

    Photo Opportunity: Mariah Carey to Appear At Sam Goody Central
    WHAT: Mariah Carey is scheduled to appear in Sam Goody Central at the Mall of America Wednesday, Dec. 11. The 'Today Show'will broadcast her performance live from 6 to 9 a.m. CST. From 4 to 6 p.m. CST, Mariah will autograph copies of her new album Charmbracelet.

    WHO: Since Mariah Carey began her career, she has become the best-selling female performer of all time with an incredible 15, No. 1 singles and two Grammy Awards. Along the way, she became the only artist to top the charts each year of the 1990s and with 'Heartbreaker,'she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

    Mariah's new album features her writing and co-producing with such A-list names as Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Jermaine Dupri among others. The album showcases Mariah's stunning voice, prolific songwriting and versatility. Her talent is fully evident on the first single, the sweeping epic ballad, 'Through The Rain.'

    WHEN: 'Today Show'broadcast, Dec. 11 from 6 to 9 a.m. CST Autograph session, Dec. 11 from 4 to 6 p.m. CST

    WHERE: Sam Goody Central Mall of America Bloomington, Minn.

    TRL Stats
    Mariah dropped to #9 on the TRL Countdown. The viewers could choose between "Through The Rain" & "Heartbreaker" and 3 callers all chose "Through The Rain" to make its 32nd day on the countdown. Keep voting!! (Thanks Alyssa)

    Worldwide MC News

  • Germany: "The new issue of the German magazine FOCUS features a new 2 pages long Mariah interview. Since it's quite nice we translated it and you can read it here.

  • France: "Charmbracelet" enters #12 on the Official French Albums Chart (Thanks Luis).

  • Thailand: This week TTR still at #5 at "Get 102.5 FM" and move down to #12 (last week #7) at "Easy FM 105.5". (Thanks Ballsath)

  • Indonesia: TTR just reached # 14 (highest position) on 100.5 Mustang FM in Jakarta. (Thanks Harry)

  • South Africa: - Not confirmed (Thanks Sieraaj)
    It could be one of the greatest concerts of all time: more than 20 of the biggest names in music have been invited to perform on Robben Island in February.

    This was announced last night at a gala dinner at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, hosted by former president Nelson Mandela to launch the dazzling concert.

    According to one of the sponsors, Diesel clothing, the extraordinary array of musicians who have been invited to perform includes U2, Will Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Prince, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, R.E.M, Gloria Estefan, Phil Collins, Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), Alicia Keys, Moby, Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Usher, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Wyclef Jean, Annie Lennox, Mariah Carey, Cold Play and Mary J Blige.

    The SOS To The World concert will be held on February 2 to mark the 20th anniversary of Mandela's departure from Robben Island after 20 years in prison.

    MC In Magazines Update

  • IN TOUCH WEEKLY The Bachelor on the cover (DEC 16th 2002) pgs. 37, 74, & 85

  • VIBE W/ Jay-Z on the cover (JAN 2003) HUGE FULL PAGE CHARMBRACELET AD ON pg. 47

  • PEOPLE WEEKLY Shania on the cover (DEC 16th 2002) pgs. 53, 68 & 141
    (Thanks Melissa!)

    Lucky Charms
    December 05, 2002
    By Tim Jaramillo

    MARIAH CAREY has had a truly exceptional career. The pop diva has the notable honor of being the best-selling female performer of all time, with over 125 million records sold and counting. She's a versatile artist, easily flowing from sweeping ballads to rugged hip-hop tunes.

    Twelve years after her self-titled debut, Mariah is releasing her ninth studio album, with the whimsical title, Charmbracelet!

    Mariah explains the concept of her new record: "Charm bracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me. Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people...items that tell your story, and that can be shared...like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings."

    The touching single, "Through The Rain," kicks off the album. Mariah's breathy voice delicately leads the tune from a somber intro to the uplifting ending. She earnestly sings, "And every time I feel afraid/ I hold tighter to my faith/ and I live one more day/ and I make it through the rain."

    "Boy (I Need You)" is a remake of Harlem-rapper CAM'RON's song, from his 2002 Come Home With Me. Mariah's version is a light-hearted love song that's sure to make your head bob. "The One" is a more conventional R&B tune, co-written by music-maestro JERMAINE DUPRI.

    Things slow down as Mariah settles into the groove on the smooth track, "Yours." It's a magical song that conjures up images of butterflies and fairy dust. Master rapper JAY-Z stops by to spin a few rhymes on the bumpin' number, "You Got Me." Mariah is the proud owner of a five-octave vocal range, which she explores on the soothing ballad "I Only Wanted." It's quite apparent that the sultry songbird's voice is a truly stunning musical instrument.

    Mariah poured her heart into this record. She says, "Writing this album was cathartic for me. I've been through a lot personally and professionally. I lost my father this year. It was very hard for me, and a lot of that emotion is on the album."

    Charmbracelet is in stores now!

    Nacho, Entertainment Tonight

  • updated byLiron December 9th, 2002 6:20PM
    HITS Update
    With 50% of the sales reported to HITS, "Charmbracelet" is still on top with 138,167 copies sold so far. Eventhough according to all other reports, Mariah will probably not stay at #1, it's great to see she's sold so many copies so far (Glitter sold around 116,000 copies on its entire first week).
    updated byLiron December 9th, 2002 5:40PM
    Week In Review: Carey Charming
    Despite Impressive Sales, Diva Can’t Dislodge Shania
    December 9, 2002

    Well, she certainly dusted off the Glitter.

    Mariah Carey’s debut MonarC/IDJ album, Charmbracelet, is a winner. Indeed it looks like the diva’s delivering, as her latest moves at a rapid clip and initial sales appear to be right in line with forecasts.

    Carey’s media blitz, which included an appearance on Oprah and an interview with Matt Lauer on Dateline, seems to have paid off as the songbird looks likely to move about 250,000 units and will likely end up Top 5.

    That tally still won’t be enough to dethrone Shania Twain’s Up!, which will hold at No. 1 for a third consecutive week moving well over 300,000.

    Carey, with the only major release of the week, entered a crowded field, competing with eight albums that logged over 200k in sales last week. As is the norm, sales figures will be down significantly from last week, which benefited from Thanksgiving weekend price wars.

    HITS Daily Double

    In the meanwhile, according to HITS, with 29% of the final sales reported, Mariah is still on top with 96,161 copies sold.

    NY Daily News
    Matt scanned the pictures from today's NY Daily News (article posted earlier) which are taken from January's Allure magazine (with Mariah on the cover).

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    VH1 Special On Dec. 22nd
    About What It's Like: Mariah Around the World
    Sunday - December 22, 2002
    Time: 09:00 pm - 10:00 pm ET
    Where : VH1

    Featured Artists Mariah Carey About What It's Like: Mariah Around the World "What It's Like: Mariah Around the World" will capture the rush of going from one country to the next, meeting fans in Germany and Japan, and every place in between to find out the logistics, the thrills, the surprises, the fortuitous encounters of a global launch. First, we'll watch Mariah getting ready for her whirlwind tour-what to pack? What is she worried about? What is she most excited about? What does she feel she wants and needs to prove at this point in her career? Then we'll jet with her to Europe and go backstage with her on several popular German TV and Radio shows. After that, it's more TV appearances in Germany, shopping in Spain, and a video shoot on the streets of Toyko... on Thanksgiving. All the while we're privy to plenty of the fun details of Mariah's life on the road. What does she like for room service? Does she remember what time zone she's in when she tries to call home to Mom?

    (Thanks MusicIsMyDrug21)

    Mariah's Back On TRL!!
    Great job everyone!!!! The hard work paid off, and "Through The Rain" is back at #6 on the TRL countdown. Please continue voting and by the time Mariah appears on TRL (Dec. 16th), we might be able to get her to a even higher position!! (Thanks Alyssa)

    Fan Site
    Check out Courtney's new Mariah website here.

    updated byLiron December 9th, 2002 1:30PM
    Sales Figures Updating
    HITS Daily Double are beginning to report their (almost accurate) sales figures. Believe it or not, Mariah is at #1 at the moment with approximately 82,574 copies counted already - 20% of the final count.
    We'll report more of the figures once it reaches about 40-50% scanned.
    Please keep in mind the chart positions NOR the sales figures are accurate and are not exact representation of the Billboard charts.

    Some More Chart News/Speculations
    Mariah On The Teleton Turning On The Charm

  • Mariah Carey may get some glitter after all.

    An industry insider tells us that Soundscan is set to report that some 220,000 copies of her new album, "Charmbracelet," sold in the first week of its release.

    That doesn't quite measure up to the 314,132 copies of "This Is Me ... Then," that Jennifer Lopez moved the week before last, but it does set a personal sales record for the newly serene diva.

    Carey, 32, is also the cover girl on Allure magazine's January issue. In an interview with the fashion-and-beauty monthly, the girl with the "Kewpie-doll face" says that fame - and her teenage marriage to Sony music boss Tommy Mottola, then 38 - forced her to grow up fast.

    "A lot of girls I knew were sexually active, but I wasn't," she says of her 18-year-old self. "I was apprehensive due to what I'd seen, like teenage pregnancy.

    "I may have walked around in tight-a--- clothing, but that's where it ended. [In my work] I've never done anything lewd."

    Now, rehabilitated from her self-proclaimed not-a-nervous-breakdown, she's ready to get her freak on. She plans to join new labelmates Ja Rule, Ashanti, Dru Hill and Kylie Minogue at the Island Def Jam Holiday Spectacular Thursday at Capitale, on the Bowery, to celebrate the holidays and the release of her album.

    Ny Daily News

  • Mariah Has a Hit
    The powers that be start counting sold units of Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet album today. I'm told that sales will exceed 200,000 copies, putting Carey in the Top 10 and returning her to past glories.

    Good for Mariah. I wasn't always a fan, but you have to respect someone who overcomes her problems. She listened to the right people, and she's back on track.

    Fox News

  • Again, these are just speculations and not official figures yet. But here are some official Billboard news regarding "Through The Rain":

    TTR is up to No. 32 on CHR/Pop with 1552 spins and 13.15 million audience impressions (Thanks twinpeaks9).

  • In Taiwan: Charmbracelet debuted at #7 on Taiwan International Weekly Top 20. As for a combination of local and international chart, Mariah is on #19. I do think it will go up next week because Mariah is the artist of the month on MTV Chinese. Mariah shot a video in Rome saying "Hi Taiwan, I'm Mariah Carey. I'm the artist of the month in Taiwan on MTV". Through The Rain music video has been contunued being played on MTV Chinese since December 1. (Thanks Diva-Mariah).

    More From Ru Paul's Weblog about MC
    by noon, i had already bought MARIAH’s new album. i love the songs CLOWN, MY SAVING GRACE, YOURS, I ONLY WANTED, BRINGING ON THE HEARTBREAK and THROUGH THE RAIN. i’m sure i will love all the other songs in time, as well. my only criticism is that i think she uses her breathy head voice too much. that night, me and TOM went over to director DEL SHORES’ birthday party at his house and met the genius that is BETH GRANT. she and i were both in TO WONG FOO, but we had no scenes together.

    I watched the WHITNEY interview over at TOM’s house. we also watched a videotape of MARIAH on OPRAH, DATELINE & MTV. in between commercial breaks, the local news showed MICHAEL limping into the courtroom.

    Molly, RuPaul.com

    Tribute To Stevie Wonder Album Released
    The tribute album to Stevie Wonder will be released on February 5, 2003:
    V.A. / Stevie Wonder [ UICT-1020 ]
    Mariah Carey “ You And I ”
    India.arie " Power Flower"
    Brian McKnight "Send One Your Love"
    Joe "That Girl"
    & more...

    Bounce.com, Love Love Jack

    Pictures & Videos From Brazil
    Marcio made a video file of Mariah in Brazil (arriving in the airport and singing TTR at the Fantastico special).
    Click here to visit his site and download it.
    Here are some pictures from the showcase, thanks to Shir & Fantastico - where you can see streaming videos from the show.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 3

    And here are two pictures from the Mexican teleton thanks to Nacho & Alex:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    Fan Site
    Check out Sabrina's french fansite "MissMariahCarey".

  • updated byLiron December 8th, 2002 7:15PM
    Remix Album On The Way From Sony
    Since Mariah's departure from Sony Music in April 2001, fans have often discussed whether Sony would eventually release a remix album with the greatest remixes from 1990-2001. According to the website of Sony Denmark, such a release is now on the way and currently slated for release in Europe on March 17, 2003. Sadly, that's all we know of the release so far, but we think it's a fair guess that the album will include such remix hits as "Fantasy" (Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard), "Heartbreaker" (Feat. Missy Elliott and Da Brat) and also "Honey" (Feat. Mase & Puff Daddy).

    MariahCarey.dk, Sony Music Denmark

    MD Gets a Site Award
    Thank you very much Mariah's Land of Lambs for awarding MD with the "Most Creative Site" award. It's much appreciated!

    MD Award

    UK News
    Matte from MC: UK sent us the following Mariah news in the UK:

  • According to DotMusic an impressive 16,000 copies of Charmbracelet were sold in British stores on Monday alone.

  • MTV Base plans to air the MTV "Shining Through The Rain" special in January. It is believed that it will be on screens at 7:30pm on January 21st but we will have to check TV listings nearer the time to be sure.

  • Mariah recently appeared on DJ Matt White's show on Kiss 100FM and he took a few moments to talk to mariahcareyuk.com about Mariah:
    MCUK: Rumours have been speculated that Mariah requires a certain amount of demands when it comes to interviews. Was she at all demanding? Matt White: No far from it, in fact she went out of her way to make sure that I was looked after whilst I waited to interview her.

    MCUK: In the UK, Mariah seems to be most popular within the Urban market. Do you think that she can still cut it within the Pop industry? Matt White: For many years now Mariah has made music that isn't straight pop, and that market has embraced her. This project will be no different. Nowadays pop and Urban are so closely linked that they might as well be the same thing.

    MCUK: You’ve met Mariah. How would you rate her as an artist and as a person? Matt White: On both counts I have always enjoyed my time with her. She is intelligent, thoughtful and has always been extremely helpful with me. Her vocal and songwriting ability could never be questioned. Few can come close.

    MCUK: Off the “Charmbracelet” album, what tracks are the choice cuts for the majority of DJ’s? And would they be played in the clubs? Matt White: Boy, You Got Me, Clown and The One.. Yes I don't see why they can't be played in a club.

  • updated byLiron December 8th, 2002 3:10PM
    Album Debuts on UK / OZ Charts
    Unfortunately "Charmbracelet" fails to enter the top 40 album charts on these markets:
    British charts - debut at #52 ("Through The Rain" dropped 7 places to #28).
    Australian charts - debut at #42.
    (Thanks Mush to the Kush / Gel)

    "Charmbracelet" IS Out In The Philippines
    Thanks to Kenneth, Allan, Cherry & Dave for informing me that "Charmbracelet" is actually out in the philippines. The reason some people may have not found it yet is because they don't live in the metropolitan Manila - but it should be out everywhere soon as it's been out since Nov 30 (in selected stores) and started spreading everywhere in Dec. 3rd.

    Here are other news from the Philippines!

  • A newspaper ad for MusicOne and Tower Records yesterday (Dec. 7), showed that "Charmbracelet" is # 6 in their weekly album charts.

  • On Magic 89.9 (Most listened to radio station), TTR is currently at #2 on it's 10th week.

  • On MYX Hitlist (#1 Music Television in Philippines), TTR is currently at #5 on it's 4th week.

    Lifetime's Intimate Portrait W/ MC
    January 6, Monday, 7:00 pm

    Possessing a vocal range of five octaves, and composing all of her own music, Mariah Carey has had one #1 single after another since her first album debut, and has sold over 80 million albums. After moving to New York City in the hopes of becoming a star, Carey was quickly discovered by producer Tommy Mottola, who she later married. With her music continuing to evolve, Carey's fan base has grown from appealing to a mostly youthful audience to audiences of all ages. Carey talks about her early childhood challenges, inspirations, her difficult divorce from Tommy, and her latest album, "Charmbracelet." [CC]

    Lifetime TV, Wisegirl Mariah

    Vote For MC On "The Lick"
    Vote for your favorite Lick tracks of all time which will be compiled into the ultimate Lick Chart.
    We will then put this chart onto a special Lick Anniversary CD which you will be able to buy from your local record shop.
    They only have 1 mariah song in thier "recommended list" which is 'Mariah Carey 'Fantasy' so lets vote for it HERE

    Pictures From Mexico
    Alan made some screen-captures from Mariah's appearance on the Mexican Teleton where she sang "My All" and "Bringin' On The Heartbreak". Tiffany found a picture on e-Bay from a Mariah signing in Mexico:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    The Diva Scorecard
    NAME: Mariah Carey
    AGE: 32
    FROM: Long Island
    MEMORABLE MOVIE MOMENT: Managing to be shot from only one side of face in nearly all of "Glitter"
    HIGH-PROFILE ROMANCE: Columbia Records president Tommy Mottola; Derek Jeter; canoodling with Eminem
    NEMESIS: Lopez; Lopez's mentor Mottola
    RECENT PRIME-TIME REVELATION: Told Matt Lauer at least three times that she is, in fact, "a human being." Also, that she really needs her sleep
    EXHIBITED SIGNS OF INSTABILITY? Stripping on "TRL" in summer of 2001; rambling messages left for fans on Web site; subsequent hospitalization for "exhaustion"; stripping on "Cribs"
    DIVA STUNTS: Insists that any posters of other rival "divas" must be removed before she arrives at venues or interviews; once refused to do an interview because she would have to walk down some steps

    NY Post

    Two More "Divas" Articles
    The media is pretty busy comparing between all the divas who are coming out with new releases at about the same time.
    Here are a few extracts from 2 different articles, click on the source to read them fully.


    December 8, 2002 -- Just who is the biggest diva of them all? Jennifer Lopez just released her new CD, "This Is Me . . . Then," her biggest record to date, selling more than 300,000 copies its first week. Last Tuesday, Mariah Carey released "Charmbracelet" - her first record since she suffered from "exhaustion" last summer - and went on a media offensive, telling both MTV and Matt Lauer that she is, in, fact, a "human being."

    Carey is coming off not just what was rumored to be a physical and mental breakdown, but last year's semi-autobiographical movie, "Glitter" (an instant camp classic); the "Glitter" soundtrack (also a bomb); and a truly bizarre episode of MTV "Cribs" in which she stripped down into a towel before submerging herself in her tub and later worked her Stairmaster in a strapless mini-dress and spike heels.

    Still, the 32-year-old has a legion of devoted fans, and Carey has politely made the media rounds, dutifully attempting to complete the final "triumphant" act in her career narrative (girl from nowhere becomes big star; hits personal and professional lows; emerges unscathed and a bigger star than ever).

    Even Carey's first single, "Through the Rain," is a typically vague Hallmark-card of a single about triumphing over adversity - in other words, tried-and-true Mariah.

    NY Post

    Celebrity careers sink as lives play out on tabloid TV
    'Tis the season for boob-tube confessionals, and the idols are pouring their hearts out.
    There's Mariah, on Oprah (and Dateline, and MTV), explaining that last year's public meltdown was a misunderstanding promulgated by a vicious press. There's Whitney, on Primetime Live, explaining in a shaky voice that she's not a drug addict, even while admitting to having had a drug ``habit.''

    Mariah Carey is the top-selling female artist in history, as her handlers will tell you again and again. Her self-titled 1990 debut showed off her multi-octave voice, won two Grammys, and promptly made her a superstar. She has had 15 No. 1 singles; she is the only artist to have a No. 1 record every year of the '90s.

    The New Yorker's personal life has been entwined with her professional life from the outset. Her career was shaped by Sony Records executive Tommy Mottola, who quickly became her husband. It got a perhaps even bigger boost when they split up five years later, and a sexier, more street-oriented Carey got to show off her survival skills, puppet strings snipped.

    But in the summer of 2001, after a month of strange public appearances and rambling postings by the singer on her own website, Carey collapsed at her mother's house and spent two weeks in a hospital. That fall, Carey's first film, the star vehicle Glitter, and its CD soundtrack bombed, thunderously. Shortly after, Carey's record label decided the singer was such a liability, they paid her $28 million not to record for them again.

    It was a stunningly swift series of public humiliations for an artist considered an American sweetheart. And Carey is staging her comeback just as swiftly.

    Other labels swooped to pick up EMI's castoff. Carey signed with Island/Def Jam, although the $20 million deal is worth considerably less than the $123 million EMI paid her a year earlier. On Tuesday, Island released its first Mariah Carey CD, Charmbracelet. That same day, Carey appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, an MTV hour special, and Dateline.

    Relatively candid, poised, calm and healthy looking, she explained last year's collapse as exhaustion brought on by too much work and that it was sensationalized by the press.

    Carey may need the help of the talk-show circuit. (On Wednesday, she appears on The Today Show.) Radio has reacted lukewarmly to the first single, Through the Rain, from Charmbracelet. And critics have savaged the album.

    South Florida's Y100 (WHYI-FM 100.7) is one outlet that has gotten behind the single. Rob Roberts, the CHR (contemporary hits radio) station's program manager and regional vice president of programming for Clear Channel, says that requests have poured in for the single since they first started playing it. He criticizes ''the fickle nature of the self-appointed tastemakers'' at other stations.

    ''It's important for radio people not to decide what people do or do not want to hear,'' he says. ``We haven't seen any indication that any audience is over Mariah. The only thing Americans like more than watching a spectacular crash is watching a comeback. People get what she's going through.''

    Craig Marks, editor of New York-based music magazine Blender -- which will feature Carey on its January cover -- also thinks her star has not dropped so far that it can't rise again. But he doesn't think she'll near the 10 million album sales of her career peak.

    ''Even if she hadn't had such an embarrassing year, I don't think she would be the same star she was seven years ago,'' he says. ``That's not the way things work in pop.''

    Jerry Blair, president of Island, doesn't see things quite the same as Marks. ''I don't see why she can't have the same success as with Butterfly and Rainbow,'' he says.

    Island has been savvy in its efforts to restore Carey's credibility. This fall the label trotted her out to show people in person she's not insane. ''We went out across the country in major markets and met programmers, retailers and fans,'' Blair explains. ``People got to see the honest and warm side of Mariah.''

    ''She still has the ability to talk with you and look you in the eyes,'' Roberts says. ``She hasn't lost touch with what's real, which is a common superstar failing.''

    Island then used a variety of TV appearances to make Carey's lucidity clear on a mass scale.

    Now, the proof lies in the music. A few songs on Charmbracelet are classic Carey hits: over-the-top ballads that show off her vocal range. Marks and Blair say the fact Carey writes or cowrites her own songs makes her a more serious artist than other pop divas. But only the track Clown shows any lyrical punch; it's reputedly an attack on Eminem, who has said the two had a relationship (Carey insists it was not physical). And Clown's verve is undermined by Carey's incessantly saccharine singing.

    Carey has always been exaggeratedly girlish, naming her albums Butterfly, Music Box, Charmbracelet. But at age 32, especially after the harsh life lessons she has obviously learned, the fluffy sweet act comes across as coy and ridiculous. Marks says she needs to ''put out good, mature records'' to establish her career longevity. But on Charmbracelet, he admits she's still in ``arrested adolescence.''

    The Miami Herald

  • updated byLiron December 7th, 2002 9:10PM
    New (Old) Mariah Song!
    bcrybaby found this unbelievably rare demo recording of a song that Mariah recorded prior to 1990 called "Weakness of The Body", and Tom received the following explanation from the producer of it, Ken Cedar:

    Mariah is the lead singer on the demo if that's what you mean. The song was cut by Judy Torres on Profile Records.
    I was working with a producer at the time who was producing Brenda K. Star. He knew of Mariah thru Brenda and always used Mariah to record his presentation demos for the label because she could do such a good impression of Brenda. When he heard WEAKNESS OF THE BODY he thought it would be great for Brenda's project so he got Mariah to sing the demo for me.
    Ken wrote me another e-mail about his work with Mariah and it says:

    Mariah came to my studio to do this demo the day after the infamous industry party where she met Tommy Matolla. I think she was 19 years old. I knew she was a star the minute she sang her first note. It's the only demo I have of her. She was a very sweet unassuming person.

    Go to Ken Cedar's Site and click where it says: WEAKNESS OF THE BODY (K. Cedar) / Original Ken Cedar Demo featuring Mariah Carey on vocals!!!!! - to download the song.

    Billboard Prediction For The Album
    twinpeaks9 writes:

    Billboard featured a small article saying that most retailers are predicting 200-225K opening week for Charmbracelet based on first-days, but that sources closer to MonarC are forecasting 250-270K

    The vinyl for Irresistible/You Got Me/Boy has charted at No. 57 on the Hot 100 single sales as well

    And in Brazil, FBO Br writes that "Charmbracelet" is already at #7 on the Brazilian Albums Chart and its first week of sales isn't even over it!

    Unfortunately The Observer doesn't predict a good debut for Mariah on the UK charts, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Mariah In Mexico
    U.S. singer Mariah Carey poses with Berenice (R) and Ingrid, two young girls who attend a rehabilitation center built with money from a Mexican television channel's annual telethon charity appeal December 6, 2002. Carey will perform in the telethon concert tomorrow and was visiting the rehabilitation center to promote the annual charity appeal. (REUTERS/Henry Romero)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    Yahoo (First pic), El Imparcial (Second pic) & Sergio (rest of the pictures).

    Mariah In Korea
    Thanks to Cabinmc.com, you can download the following Mariah files:

    File 1 - Through The Rain From Korean Fans Meeting in Seoul , 01/12/2002

    File 2 - Mariah in Korea 2002 - Korean Press Conference & KM Special with Mariah Carey Highlight

    File 3 - The Fan Letter From Korean Lambs To Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey Goes Gaga For Kaka
    SAO PAULO, Dec 6 (SW) - During a trip to Brazil to record a Christmas special, American pop diva Mariah Carey went gaga over Brazil's WC'2002 winning baby-of-the-squad, Kaka.

    Carey, who refused to be photographed with anyone; except the 20 year old sensation, whom she couldn't keep her hands off during the shooting of their photo, which led to rumors that the two stars involvement went beyond the photo shoot.

    Kaka, who is Brazil's most eligiable bachelor is said to be headed to Europe, with Bayern Munich, Milan, Juventus, and Manchester United the most likely spots.


    Album Not Out In The Philippines?
    Gem told me that "Charmbracelet" isn't available in the Philippines yet for purchase. If anyone has information about the release date in there, please let us know!

    CB Poster
    Alan (one of the interviewers at the MTV Special) bought the Charmbracelet vinyl and inside was the following insert:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    New Fansite
    Lydia created a new Mariah site, which is called Mariah Timeline - check it out!

    Another "Charmbracelet" Review
    Michell told me that Mariah is in the January / February 2003 issue of "Replay" magazine. It's a magazine for Replay members from Suncoast / Sam Goody.
    They have a section called Review and then a smaller section in that called Briefs. It says the following:

    Mariah Carey
    (MonarC Music / Island Records, Dec. 3)

    After the Glitter meltdown, Carey had a number of hard challenges before her. With Charmbracelet, it appears her goal is to rediscover her audience by using a soft touch. Her current single "Through the Rain," the spiritual balled "My Saving Grace," and a lovely duet with Justin Timberlake are some of her most personal and beautiful songs to date. Carey remains committed to some form of hip-hop, and appealing to street kids and soccer moms will be tricky. But no other singer -- besides the even-more-troubled Whitney Houston -- has the pipes and the star power to even attempt such a bold harmonic convergence.

    updated byLiron December 6th, 2002 4:05PM
    Billboard "Charmbracelet" Review
    Album Title: Charmbracelet
    Producer(s): various Monarc/Island 440 063 467 Label/Catalog Number: RELEASE DATE: Dec. 3
    Source: PRINT
    Originally Reviewed: December 14, 2002

    The title of Mariah Carey's new album (her first from her new Island Def Jam-distributed Monarc label) recalls simpler, more innocent times. And that's precisely what Carey pines for and ultimately delivers on Charmbracelet. While fans of her early-'90s material will find much to embrace here, those that rallied 'round the singer during her hip-hop days may feel lost and abandoned. Classically Carey, Charmbracelet opens with the autobiographical "Through the Rain," a tale of pressing on when the going gets tough. From there, it's primarily one ballad after another (too many, in fact), detailing the ins and outs of love. Songs of note include "Boy (I Need You)" and "Irresistible (West Side Connection)," which sample, respectively, Rose Royce's "I'm Goin' Down" and Evelyn "Champagne" King's "The Show Is Over." The set's crowning glory is a power-ballad cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak."—MP

    Vocalwonder, Billboard.

    Read More CB Reviews

  • CD Spotlight: Mariah Carey's 'Charmbracelet' (JS Online)

  • Mariah Carey makes it personal on her latest album (The Plain Dealer)

  • Listen To New Music From Mariah Carey (BET)

  • New Releases: Mariah Carey: Charmbracelet (Scotsman)

  • CD report: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet (Boston Globe)

  • Charmbracelet Mariah Carey (MonarC/Island) (People Magazine)

    Wayward Diva Week
    Mariah Carey redeemed and Whitney Houston unstrung.
    By Virginia Heffernan
    Posted Thursday, December 5, 2002, at 2:41 PM PT

    Mariah Carey—blond, fresh-faced, a happy weight—visited each of her famous five octaves on MTV on Tuesday night, when she performed a small studio concert on a triumphant special called Shining Through the Rain. On several of the slight songs from her new album, Charmbracelet, Carey laddered confidently up and down her scales on odd phonemes, gesturing, as she went along, at places in the air that seemed to have musical corollaries. This she is known to do—a pool shark calling her shots.

    In her interview with John Norris, in contrast, she stuck close to middle C. The interview, which was spliced into the concert, was Carey's opportunity to come off as cool, brave, and normal, in spite of having in the past year lost her label (to a failure of corporate confidence), her father (to cancer), and her bearings (to what her camp has called "an emotional and physical breakdown"). Now Carey is well-rested and smiley. To extenuate her past eccentricity, she copped to little more than exhaustion. She was tired, it turned out, when she did a strange striptease on MTV's Total Request Live; she was tired when she checked into a hospital; and she was very tired when she left what is invariably called her "rambling message" to fans on her Web site. Strikingly, the message, read now, doesn't seem to ramble much: "I just want you to know that I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music. … I just can't trust anybody anymore right now, because I don't understand what's going on."

    Having satisfied her MTV fans that she now trusts people, she understands what's going on, and she should be doing music, Carey dutifully sounded the same note for Matt Lauer on Dateline NBC, immediately after Shining Through the Rain. Wearing a half-zipped hoodie and an indeterminate silver pendant, Carey blamed her exhaustion, in part, on her racial heritage. "I never felt like I belonged, or fit in, because I'm the product of an interracial marriage," she explained, her diction a little stiff, as Dateline helpfully produced archival photos of her handsome parents (her father an aeronautic engineer; her mother an opera singer).

    As she had on MTV, Carey excused her flop film Glitter as a mistake, plain and simple, adding, "There were some cute things in it." This was endearing. She denied having had an affair with Eminem ("I can count the men I've been with on less than one hand, and he's not on the hand"). At the same time, she implied that they'd spent some unclassifiable, mind-bending time together. In the end, Carey seemed OK to me—shrewd, fun, in good voice—and I was persuaded that she'd gotten her rest.


    Mariah's Sunflower Tribute To Dead Dad
    The reference to sunflowers in MARIAH CAREY's new video THROUGH THE RAIN and on her latest album CHARMBRACELET is a final tribute to her late father.

    The singer admits sunflowers have become very special to her ever since her father ALFRED lost his battle with cancer last year.

    And now, not only has she written a special tribute song, SUNFLOWERS FOR ALFRED ROY, on her new album, she also performs among a sea of the yellow flowers in her video.

    She says, "At the end he couldn't have flowers because he would have an allergic reaction and the sunflowers had become his thing.

    "My mother told me that they used to grow sunflowers when I was little, so it became this thing. We had sunflowers at his memorial and that's kind of why there are the sunflowers in the video and on the album."

    mcfanatic, WENN

    Mariah On The Fridge / Oricon Charts

  • "Through The Rain" came at #3 for the 2nd week in a row on The Fridge. Please keep voting here. (Thanks Roi)

  • "Charmbracelet" is a non-mover on the Japanese "Oricon" album chart at #4 selling 71,206 copies on its 2nd week in the chart. (Thanks HeyMa)

    Tyrese On Mariah Rumor
    ...When asked about his rumored hook-up with Mariah Carey last summer, the rapper just smirked and said, "No comment." ..."

    Extract taken from Ny Daily News

    Vote For Mariah

  • Felipe told me there is a poll on VH1 asking: "Is Mariah Carey's new disc going to spark a full-fledged comeback?" Go HERE and vote to support Mariah (The poll is on the bottom right corner).

  • Pryme told me you can vote for Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as the best holiday song. Click here to vote (you can only vote ONCE).

    Download Japanese Interview
    Shino (Love Love Jack) encoded a nice interview that Mariah did for Japanese TV where she talks about "Charmbracelet" and shooting the video to "The One".
    Click here to download the interview.

    Magazine Scans
    Tom sent me a scan from the recent "People" magazine, Jay New and Albert from mariahchina.diy.163.com sent me a scan from China's biggest English newspaper where TTR has been selected as "Song of the week":

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    I also uploaded new fan photo (Thanks Glitter.S), picture of the week (Thanks Roi) and quote of the week - from MTV's "Shining Through The Rain" (Thanks Liran)- which might take a bit to get updated because of the server's problem.

  • updated byLiron December 5th, 2002 9:50PM
    TRL Stats
    Yesterday "Through The Rain" came at #8 on TRL and today it dropped one spot to #9. I think Mariah's run on TRL has been 30 days so far.
    This is a very important week in terms of promotion for the album, and TTR being high on the TRL countdown could help it a lot.
    So lets not be lazy and vote as much as we can at least so that Mariah doesn't drop completely out of the chart!

    Remixes CD Released?
    Rory and Alfreda both informed me that on today's TRL, the guest host LaLa said that Mariah has an EP with remixes. This sounds very odd since we haven't heard any official word about it, so if anyone knows what they were talking about, please let us know.
    Other than that, the guest hosts of TRL said nice comments about Mariah and that they love the new CD.

    More Pics From Brazil
    Thaisa (first three pictures) and Rui (same pictures from before but larger) sent me more pictures from Mariah's visit to Brazil:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Mariah on Dutch TV
    All fans in Holland, catch Mariah on the following TV shows this week:

  • December 13 : TROS TV SHOW (taped in weesp)
  • December 24 : OPRAH on RTL 4 (aired Dec. 3rd in the states)
    (Thanks Manuela)
  • updated byLiron December 5th, 2002 2:50PM
    Pictures From Japan & Brazil
    New pictures from Japan (Thanks Shino Love Love Jack):

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    New pictures from a Brazilian showcase where Mariah sang "Through The Rain", "I Only Wanted" & "Heartbreaker" (Thanks Rod & Ricardo)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Mariah Carey Holds Whistlestop Conference
    M In Korea Pop superstar Mariah Carey arrived in Seoul, Saturday, for a second visit following appearing in the June 25 charity concert "Michael Jackson and Friends" in 1999, and held a news conference at the Marriot Hotel. Carey is promoting her new album "Charmbracelet" to be released on December 3 and told reporters, after arriving from Japan, she was happy with fans warm welcoming her at the airport.

    Powered by 15 billboard number ones such as "I'll Be There" and "Hero," she has seen album sales of 150 million worldwide, an all time record for a female singer, and has been eight "Grammies" and names the 2002 Best Millennium Female Singer.

    Carey said, "The first single of new album 'Through the Rain' is a monologue about myself and a message of hope to the people in the world. I wrote the lyrics as for me writing is something like catharsis. I hope this song will motivate people."

    Since the 1997 album Butterfly, she has added hip pop rhythm into her songs and has worked with hip pop musicians, including JZ for this new album. "I was born and grew up in New York listening to hip pop. It's natural for hip pop flowing into my melodies. However, I don't want people to categorize singers into a genre because I want to be a singer beyond many genres," she noted.

    On the new album, she sings a remake of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" by UK heavy metal band Def Leppard. "Why not sing heavy metal? Songs with strong emotions are ok with me. I sang the remake my way." After singing her new single "Through the Rain" after meeting fans on music channel KMTV on Saturday, Carey left for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    M Is Predicted To Be Among The Top
    "...Next week marks the return of diva Mariah Carey, whose new record, "Charmbracelet," on her new label, Island Def Jam, is set to crack into the upper echelon. Also on deck is a second soundtrack CD from "8 Mile," featuring tracks from Mobb Deep, Outkast and Notorious BIG, among others..."

    Melissa, Reuters/Variety

    updated byLiron December 5th, 2002 12:50PM
    Billboard Stats
    Mariah's increased spins in pop radio airplay benefits "Through The Rain"s chart life this week on the Billboard singles charts (December 14, 2002):

    "Through The Rain"
    Adult Contemporary:
    This Week: #21
    Last Week: #19
    Two Weeks Ago: #19
    Number of Weeks: 9 (Peak Position: #17)

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles:
    This Week: #12 (New Peak Position)
    Last Week: #16
    Two Weeks Ago: #24
    Number of Weeks: 7

    Top 40 Mainstream:
    This Week: #36 (New)
    Last Week: n/a
    Number of Weeks: 1

    Canadian Singles Chart:
    This Week: #08
    Last Week: #05 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Number of Weeks: 2

    Elsewhere, "Irresistible (Westside Connection)" re-enters the R&B charts, boding well for the track's future release...

    "Irresistible (Westside Connection)"
    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles:
    This Week: #16 (New Peak Position)
    Last Week: n/a
    Two Weeks Ago: #19
    Number of Weeks: 2

    Here are Mariah's official sales numbers according to Nielsen SoundScan. It accompanied the Billboard issue (December 7, 2002) with the long Mariah article that was published last week.

    Album Title / Release Year / US Sales To Date / RIAA Certification / Top R&B Albums Peak (Weeks @ #1) / Billboard 200 Peak (Weeks @ #1):

    MARIAH CAREY / 1990 / 9x Platinum* / 9x Platinum / #3 / #1 (11 Weeks)

    *Released prior to SoundScan tracking

    EMOTIONS / 1991 / 3.6 million / 4x Platinum / #6 / #4

    MTV UNPLUGGED EP / 1992 / 2.7 million / 3x Platinum / #16 / #3

    MUSIC BOX / 1993 / 7.1 million / 10x Platinum / #1 (2 Weeks) / #1 (8 Weeks)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS / 1994 / 4.2 million / 4x Platinum / #4 / #3

    DAYDREAM / 1995 / 7.5 million / 10x Platinum / #1 (1 Week) / #1 (6 Weeks)

    BUTTERFLY / 1997 / 3.6 million / 5x Platinum / #3 / #1 (1 Week)

    #1'S / 1998 / 3.3 million / 4x Platinum / #6 / #4

    RAINBOW / 1999 / 2.9 million / 3x Platinum / #2 / #2

    GLITTER / 2001 / 557,000 / 1x Platinum / #6 / #7

    GREATEST HITS / 2001 / 357,000 / Gold / #36 / #52

    Jessica, Billboard

    Mariah On The Cover of US Weekly
    Mariah gives US Weekly an exclusive interview to respond to all the rumors, discuss her new album Charmbracelet and more! “There are a lot of things that I would have done differently if I could rewind time, but I can’t. You have to let things go” Carey says “I feel good where I’m at right now on many levels-physically, emotionally, spiritually, musically and just in my heart, and I realize that life is too short not to celebrate every day.” When asked about her latest release Charmbracelet, Mariah says, “This album has the essence of me. Making it was almost like my therapy. It was like an emotional release that I needed.” To read more pick up a copy of the December 16 issue of US Weekly.


    Nik sent me the scans from the magazine:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    More Pictures From Brazil
    Thaisa sent me the following pictures of Mariah in Brazil:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    The last picture was sent by Fanzokka.

    "Through The Rain" Topping The Charts Around The Globe!
    "Through the Rain" the first single from Mariah's just released album "Charmbracelet" is making its way up the charts around the world. The emotionally driven ballad is currently the #1 selling single in both Spain and Japan. It is also currently topping the chart at #1 on Korea's radio airplay chart and also #1 on the Anglo radio airplay chart in both Rio and Sao Paolo, Brazil!


    Smash Hits MC Interview
    Mariah Carey releases her eagerly awaited new album Charmbracelet on Monday 2nd Decemeber. And it's no surprise she wanted to tell you lot and Smash Hits all about it, so just click on the links below!

    How has it been to get out there and be close to your fans again?

    What have some of the reactions been to your first single, Through The Rain?

    How do you approach songwriting?

    Why is Through The Rain your new single?

    How was it to be working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again?

    What is the message behind Through The Rain?

    What were you going through personally last year?

    How has writing this song helped you personally to overcome adversity?

    What was your inspiration for the storyline of the Through The Rain video?

    Smash Hits

    December Wallpapers
    Cat sent me the wallpapers (Christmas theme) to December, check them out here and then go to her site to see a nice Christmas special

    Here are three extra wallpapers sent in by Sally:

    Mariah & Anastacia?
    Dutes:Mariah And Anastasia-Singing senation Mariah Carey and Anasticia are to record a duet for release next year.The sexy pair hopes combining their powerful voices will help them score a massive hit, ans win over new fans. Mariah is in need of a hit following the disappointment performance of her debut movie, Glitter, and its accompanying soundtrack last year. And Anastasia, although a big star in Europe, is relatively unknow in her native America, where she has only had two singles release. Anastsia says,"I want to write and record with her. I enjoy her voice and writing so much". The song wil be the first time Anastsia has recorded a duet, despite live performances alongside opera legend Pavarotti and Sir Elton John. But she insists the collaboration will not be a competition to see who can sing the loudest.Anastasia add,"It's not a sing off. I don't think that makes for a good duet. You have to compliment each other vocal styles".

    Alyssa, WENN, MC Archives

    updated byDis December 4th, 2002 6:20PM
    Oprah Videos For Download
    Mariah Singing On Oprah

    "Through The Rain" - Live - Download Mariah's first single from "Charmbracelet" performed live for the first time on US T.V.

    "My Saving Grace" - Live - Mariah's first and only (so far) performance of this beautiful, emotional song.

    Vote For Mariah On TOTP
    On BBC's site, there's a poll to vote for the favorite performance from last week's "Top of The Pops".
    Click here to vote for Mariah & Through The Rain. She's currently at #2.

    updated byLiron December 4th, 2002 5:40PM
    Mariah — Back Facing The Music
    A ‘Dateline’ exclusive
    Dec. 3 — She’s the best-selling female recording artist of all time. But Mariah Carey is finding that right now, she’s best known for something she’d rather forget — the highly publicized emotional breakdown last year that sidetracked her career. To put all that behind her, she’s facing the music again with the release of her new album, “Charmbracelet.” NBC’s Matt Lauer has this exclusive interview with Carey, talking about her breakdown, her music and her reported relationship with rapper Emimem.

    MARIAH CAREY’S NEW album is being billed as her comeback. It’s been a difficult year for the award-winning singer. She’s had to cope with a very public emotional breakdown, stumbles in her career, and the tabloid headlines that hound a celebrity in trouble. This new album is her chance at redemption — an attempt to get the spotlight off her personal life and back onto her music. It will help determine if Mariah’s past success can carry over to the new millennium.

    In 1990, at the age of 20, Mariah released her first album. The record made records, selling more then 12 million copies and producing four number-one hits. Mariah instantly became a star.

    MS NBC - Click here to watch a video and a transcript of the interview.

    When Mariah Carey checked into a hospital a little more than a year ago, she was described as having suffered a physical and emotional breakdown. Now, Carey says it was just a chance for her to catch up on some sleep. She makes the claim in her "let-me-get-it-off-my-chest, now that my album is coming out" interview with Matt Lauer. Carey says she checked in to the hospital because: "All I needed was, like, five hours' sleep." P.S. She never slept with Eminem.

    Fox News

    Pictures of Mariah In Brazil
    Thanks FBO Br for the following pictures from Mariah's appearance on a Brazilian TV show (she sang TTR & My All).

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Mariah Carey Rebounds With 'Charmbracelet'
    Copyright 2002 Houston Chronicle

    Most divas realize the secret to longevity is adopting new styles and personas. The careers of Madonna, Cher and Janet Jackson are dependent on their ability to transform from naughty to nice and back with each new release.

    As Mariah Carey prepares for the publicity onslaught that will follow her just-released Charmbracelet, she's tasked with a metamorphosis like no other.

    She has to prove that she is once again Mariah Carey: the sexy-cool, fully sane, octave-straddling vocal gymnast who is the top-selling female artist ever.

    Carey ruled the '90s with a mix of ballads and dance-pop that earned her 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammy awards and more weeks at the top of the charts than the Beatles. She saw it all nearly slip away last year in a lapse of rationale known as Glitter, a film about a rags-to-riches singer.

    The lackluster album that accompanied that flop cost Carey a multimillion-dollar record deal. She says the double duty she pulled to complete both projects caused her to act erratically in public and landed her in the hospital.

    But as the 15 songs on Charmbracelet attest, it may have been necessary for Carey to hit bottom before she could again hunger for the top.

    "I still believe that after every storm, eventually a rainbow appears," she writes in the liner notes of her new work. "This album is like a charm bracelet I'm passing down to you. Here's my story. ... "

    Happy-speak aside, Charmbracelet plays like the proper follow-up to Carey's multiplatinum 1999 album Rainbow.

    A music-box prelude followed by Carey's slightly raspy hum on first single Through the Rain will draw a smile from fans. The song is a soft piano ballad on par with favorites like Hero and Vision of Love. A telltale sign that she's back in form is how the instrumentation disappears as Carey builds from a whisper to a full-diaphragm belt.


    HoustonChronicle.com - Click here to read the entire article.

    Mariah Carey Is A Fan Of Friend Jay-Z
    Mariah Carey says that's she's always been a big fan of Jay-Z, who worked with the singer on her new album 'Charmbracelet'. "I worked with Jay-Z on 'Heartbreaker' obviously, and then you know, this time around it was really cool to do it again," she told Radio 1. "I'm a fan of his… we're friends and he's cool."

    Alyssa, Popdirt

    Mariah Carey On Access Hollywood
    Mariah Carey chatted with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush on Tuesday. The singer talked about her breakdown that she says wasn't a breakdown, the death of her father, and whether she's in love. Read on for a rough transcript.

    AH: And now, confessions from mariah carey, her new album, "charm bracelet" hits stores today. But before the world celebrates her comeback musically, we look at the past year and ask her about the loss of the most important man in her life and the physical shutdown that almost derailed the number one female selling artist ever.
    Mariah: I literally, like, physically collapsed. I had worked myself into the ground.

    AH: That is how mariah described her meltdown after the string of bizarre public appearances last year.
    Old Clip: And there's like people called haters, no no, no no. And we give them -- you see, I can't even --

    AH: She starred in in and produced her first movie," glitter" and recorded the accompanying soundtrack, both of which flopped. But she said it's the ended round of promotions that landed her in a psychiatric hospital.
    Mariah: There is a lot of work that goes into it and I had never learned how to say, no, I won't do this. Don't have me doing interviews with them and have me doing a bunch of photo shoots at 6:00 in the morning and working all day and doing it again for two sfos straight. Anybody would sort of melt under that pressure.

    AH: But here she is again, over a year later, on another worldwide promotional blitz for her new album, "charm bracelet." It's the first disk for her new label and also the first since virgin records reportedly paid her $20 million to walk away after her one album tanked. What have you exchanged in order for mariah to work peacefully with herself.
    Mariah: I set boundaries and made everybody work with me sign a contract they've to have at least six hours of sleep wherever we go.

    AH: Recorded over the summer on the island of capri, the disk is getting good reviews, both a career and personal triumph. And it's dedicated to mariah's dad. Your father passed away in july. That must have been really tough.
    Mariah: It's so tough to go through that with somebody and literally watch, you know, watch them go. But I feel like we got a chance to say everything we needed to say to each other.

    AH: What's the last thing he said to you or that you think about and sticks with you?
    Mariah: It's still kind of hard to talk about it because it's very recent, but I was playing songs when I could. I was doing that type of thinG. We were talking as much as we could until he couldn't anymore.

    AH: Back on the album for a second, there's some love songs on there. I didn't even ask you -- are you in love now?
    Mariah: No.

    AH: Not currently dating, right?
    Mariah: It's not the easiest thing, but, like, I don't really -- I mean, I don't really care and I'm not, I think when you're like in search of something, that's when you don't necessarily find it.


    updated byLiron December 4th, 2002 2:00PM
    Debut MonarC/IDJ Album Going Home with Many
    December 4, 2002

    Question: What floats like a Butterfly and sells like a hit?

    If you answered Mariah Carey’s debut MonarC/IDJ album, Charmbracelet, you’re a winner—just like she is.

    Indeed, after one day in the streets, it looks like the diva’s delivering, as her latest moves at a rapid clip and initial sales appear to be right in line with forecasts. According to early reports from national accounts, Charmbracelet should sell around 200k for the week.

    That number could increase substantially, however, depending on how Carey’s national television appearances yesterday, which included Oprah and Dateline, affect today’s sales. Unfortunately, we don’t know squat about today’s sales yet. But when we do, you’ll be the first to know.

    Carey will enter a crowded field on next week’s chart, competing with eight albums (including four debuts) that logged over 200k in sales this week. Look for at least a Top 10 bow for Charmbracelet.

    As the holiday buying season hits its stride, some of the biggest winners on the chart this week included Elvis Presley (up 153%), Faith Hill (up 126%), Nelly (up 108%) Avril Lavigne (up 97%) and John Mayer (up 80%).

    Gosh, we haven’t seen increases like that since we checked our post-holiday cholesterol.

    Hits Daily Double

    Larry King & BET Appearance Confirmed
    Teresa informed that the official site has been updated with the following Mariah appearances:

  • 12/19/02 09:00 PM EST Larry King CNN Interview

  • 12/25/02 06:00 PM EST BET Studios Appearance

    Amanda Calls Z100 To Support MC
    Amanda sent me the following e-mail:
    "At 6:30 am I was driving to work, and I heard the Z Morning Zoo on Z100 talking about Mariah and all of the specials she was on last night! So, of course, I called the station on my cell ohone, and I got through on the first try!

    They answered and put me into the group fo people who were interviewing the callers. They asked me what I thought of the television media coverage, and what I thought of Mariah's appearances.

    I said That I was Mariah's biggest fan in the world! :) and that I was so proud of her for being true to herself and being strong" then I said that I saw all three specials and that I was actually in the mtv audience, and that it was amazing to hear her singing live.

    Then they asked me what I thought of all of the things that Eminem said about them really dating. I said that "he is the KING of controversy" and that he always is saying things just to stir people up. That she was obviously honest and telling the truth about it. the radio host, said that yes, she though that they were probably just friends, and he wanted it to be more.

    Then I said that Charmbracelet was AMAZING, that I had listened to it 5 times already, and that everyone had to go and buy it! I also told everyone to listen to track #4 titled "Yours", that is was fabulous!" Anyway.....

    The radio hosts ended the segment by saying that Mariah is awesome and they loved her, and how she has been around forever, and they were reminiscing about when they hosted a party at the skating rick in Rockefeller Center for her release of her Merry Christmas album! :) it was very sweet And they again said that everyone should go out and buy the cd.

    Get "Oprah" Tapes / Transcripts
    Mac told me that you can purchase transcripts & tapes from the "Oprah" show on Oprah.com and also view the "Oprah After Show" with Mariah on that site.

    TTR #1 In Spain!
    On its 3rd week on the chart, "Through The Rain" peaks at #1 on the official Spanish sales charts! (Thanks Joel)

    In France however, TTR drops from #24 to #29 (Thanks Mathieu)

    AOL Poll
    AOL Users: there's a list of poll questions between Mariah and J-Lo in regards to their feud and asks who's the bigger diva.. Make sure to vote for Mariah.
    AOL Keyword is: TEENS

    New Fan Site
    Check out David's new Mariah site - Atlanta Lamb's Central.

    Promotional Postcards Given
    Darnelle attended the San Diego "Charmbracelet" release party and got lots of promotional postcards he is willing to send to the fans. For more info, contact him at downlowhomie69@yahoo.com.

  • updated byLiron December 3rd, 2002 9:20PM
    Did You Get "Charmbracelet"??
    We sure hope you did. John got more than one copy and sent us the scans of what he got - way to go John!
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    I also replaced the poll of the week. The results for last week's poll are:
    "How many copies of "Charmbracelet" are you going to buy on the first week of release?"
    1.) 1 1414 54%
    2.) 2 576 22%
    3.) 3 and more! 521 20%
    4.) None 91 3%
    Total Votes: 2602

    The new question is for those of you who got the album, what is your favorite song? (I could only include 10 choices, sorry!)

    Download Z100 Interview
    Thanks so much Marcin for sending me the Z100 interview that we reported about earlier.
    Click here to download the interview!

    Win A Shopping Spree With Mariah
    Lori told me about a contest that's behing held at KDWB (Radio station in MN) where you can win a $5000 shopping spree at the mall of America with Mariah!. Below is the ad, for more details go to KDWB.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Watch A Preview For "The One"
    Nacho told me that on the MTV Streaming News (mtv.com/news/ - click on Streaming News), you can see a news segment from MTV with a preview of "The One" video shooting!

    Other MTV News - Mariah came at #8 on today's TRL. Keep voting!!

    Share "Oprah"
    A few fans e-mailed me and wanted to know if anyone is willing to help them get a copy of the Oprah interview with MC. If you're willing to help those fans, please e-mail me and for the requesters' information!

    Merry Christmas On A Billboard Chart
    Lior told me that "Merry Christmas" re-entered the Top Pop Catalog Albums on Billboard at #18.
    Click here to see the chart.

    updated byLiron December 3rd, 2002 5:30PM
    Mariah Interview on Z100!
    Kandi told me about a Mariah interview on Z100 where she called live from Brazil to talk to the hosts.
    Mariah discussed choosing "Charmbracelet" as the title for the new CD (she talked about the meaning it has to her and how her family members used to wear it).
    She also talked about the non stop work she did last year and not knowing when to stop. She said she was very excited about today and she wishes she was home to see all the stuff (she also talked about Oprah) but she's happy to be around the world with the fans during this day.
    Lastly, she denied the Eminem rumor again, said she thought she had a friendship with him but obviously they're not friends anymore.
    Then she gave a nice shout out to all the fans in NY!
    We'll try to have a soundfile of the interview up soon.

    Mariah On Oprah
    Fan reviews are already being sent in how amazing Mariah was on Oprah. Here's a bit from the interview:

    She's the best-selling female performer of all time with two Grammys® and 15 number-one hits. Yet, recently, everything began to unravel. In the midst of a publicity tour for her movie and soundtrack Glitter, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. There were even rumors about a suicide attempt. What really happened?

    Mariah Sets the Record Straight About Her "Breakdown"
    Oprah: When did you start to worry that you might be in the beginning phases of some sort of physical breakdown?

    Mariah: Before I even went out on a promotional tour for Glitter, my doctor said I needed a break because I have low blood-sugar. She said, 'You can't be working yourself this hard, you need five days off.' And I said I didn't have five days to take. I don't usually say 'No' [to my career].

    Oprah: You didn't know how to say 'No' for years? That will make you crazy!

    Mariah: I just learned to this year! At a certain point, I said I couldn't do a second video for the Glitter soundtrack, and they said, 'What do you mean?' Because I had never said, 'No.' I said, 'It's too much for me, it's too intense, I'm too tired, I haven't slept in two months. No more.' Nobody could believe I was saying it. They continued to call me. I ended up at my mom's house and collapsed. … I literally passed out on the kitchen floor. In addition to not sleeping, I wasn't eating properly.

    The Suicide Rumor
    Oprah: There were even rumors that you tried to kill yourself.

    Mariah: The suicide rumor really upset me, because I would never do that. I am too spiritual of a person. It is not my place to say when I leave this world, that's up to God. I was concerned that a 13-year-old fan who tries to emulate me and the things that I do might try to duplicate that behavior. And it did not happen.

    Oprah: Even the ambulance driver said that did not happen.

    Mariah: I went to the hospital because I thought that maybe the people who are trying to work me like a machine would see me as a human being and realize that this is serious. This is not me being a diva. This is not me playing a joke because I can be a prankster. This is serious.

    Oprah: How long did it take you to recover?

    Mariah: Just a couple of weeks. But the press continued their barrage. … Meanwhile, I was living in the solution, not the problem. There comes a time when you have to say 'That was then, this is now, and we're not going to rehash the past.'

    Mariah Carey Today
    At 32 years old, Mariah says her collapse was a wake-up call. She reveals the lessons she learned, and how she's preventing it from happening again.

    Learning to Say "No"
    After her traumatic experience, Mariah now recognizes that in order to remain healthy she needs to say "No" sometimes. "I never wanted to disappoint people. I never wanted to let the fans down. I never wanted to do less promotion than I could do, even if that meant four countries in one day. But by doing that, I was doing the opposite, and I hurt myself."

    Although she's changing her work habits, Mariah's determined to keep her good-spirited nature. "I don't want this whole experience to ruin me as an open-hearted person, or as a person who is vulnerable or who likes to joke around."

    New Contract on Life
    After Mariah rested for a few weeks, she realized she needed to rearrange her life. "I have to have at least six hours of sleep everywhere we go—I don't care how many countries we go to a day. I have to have a lunch break."

    Mariah also tackled her insomnia. "I've always had problems sleeping since I was a little girl. I talked to a nutritionist who helped me in terms of what foods I can eat that will help me sleep at the end of the day. [Sleep deprivation] is not good for your physical health—you can die—and I didn't realize it before."

    Here are some pictures from the show!

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Amazon "Charmbracelet" Review
    Mariah Carey's ninth album has been touted as her comeback album, coming as it does after the belly flop that produced the overwrought soundtrack to her ill-fated film, Glitter. With Charmbracelet, Carey goes out of her way to fix all those aesthetic glitches, tempering the overblown vocals, simpering lyrics, and uninspired funk covers of her last album and returning to what she does best--showcasing her magnificent five-octave voice and pillaging her lift history for inspiration. After her breakup with Mexican superstar Luis Miguel, MTV meltdown, hospitalization for exhaustion, and the death of her father, Carey had a lot of emotional baggage to sift through. She has and, as a result, has created an inspired and diverse 15-song opus that finds her skipping from an impassioned Aretha Franklin-like gospel ("Saving Grace") to an impish cover of Def Leppard's power ballad "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." Though he's not mentioned by name, rapper Eminem is given a pointed drubbing on "Clowns" for hinting in the press and in his own song "Superman" of a relationship with Carey. There hasn't been such a compelling musical soap opera since Carly Simon's '70s roman à clef, "You're So Vain." However, the disc's most inspiring moment comes on "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy," a wistful elegy for her father that recounts his final days in his hospital room. This is a stunning return to form for Carey. --Jaan Uhelszki


    Mariah: 'I Was Totally Exhausted’
    Mariah Carey Says Breakdown Reports Were Overblown

    Dec. 3 — Mariah Carey, who made headlines a year and a half ago when she was hospitalized after apparently suffering an emotional meltdown, is back with a new album, and says she wants to put speculation about her mental state behind her.

    In a new interview, the 32-year-old pop diva insists she did not have a nervous breakdown. She says she was simply exhausted from working around the clock. The problem, she says, was that she hated to say no when her career placed demands on her.

    "I was totally exhausted and I needed to go to sleep and I needed rest and I needed people to leave me alone and stop banging on my freaking door to get up and do a freaking video," Carey told MTV correspondent John Norris in an interview that was shown in part on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.

    The interview airs in its entirety tonight at 9 p.m. on an MTV special called Mariah Carey: Shining Through the Rain.

    "There has been so much written and reported about me over the past year … and I've been pretty quiet up until now," Carey said. "It wasn't like I went schizo and needed to be put in a straitjacket or tried to kill myself, what they were saying. I just think it's time to set the record straight."

    Since the episode, Carey has been working again and making public appearances. Last winter, Carey went overseas to entertain American troops in Kosovo, and she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Her new album, Charmbracelet, is set for release today.

    Glitter Wasn’t Gold

    In the summer of 2001, the singer suffered what was described as an emotional breakdown after a two-week whirlwind tour to promote her first movie, Glitter.

    The movie, autobiographical in some ways, bombed at the box office. Even more disastrous for Carey, the soundtrack album — her first under a milestone $80 million contract with Virgin Records — did poorly in stores. The record company bought its way out of the contract, and things looked bleak.

    Carey was taken to a hospital on July 26, 2001, in suburban Westchester County, N.Y., after she reportedly became so violently upset that she smashed plates. She was later moved to a facility in Connecticut, and was placed under her doctor's care after being released Aug. 27.

    Before the apparent meltdown, Carey was Billboard's one-time "Artist of the Decade, " with 15 No. 1 singles behind her. But the toll of her 1998 divorce from Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, slipping record sales and bad reviews for her film debut in Glitter piled up.

    ‘Not a Nervous Breakdown’

    It was her work ethic that hurt her, Carey said.

    "Basically, I exhausted myself, because I was working 21-hour days for at least two or three months straight," she said.

    Although people — even some from her own camp — referred to what happened as a "physical and emotional breakdown," Carey classifies it differently.

    "No, it was not a nervous breakdown," she said. "There were a lot of different things. It was emotional and physical. More than anything, it was [my] body saying, 'Stop.' Your body can only take so much. Sleep deprivation is real."

    So why didn't she take time out for a nap?

    "Right … go take a nap," Carey said. "I'm not blaming anybody. I'm saying it's my fault for not putting my foot down and saying 'No, I need a lunch break,' or 'No, I need a half-hour dinner break,' and 'Yes, I need at least six hours of sleep a night.'"

    ‘I Know Better Now’

    Carey says that her drive started when she was a child, growing up on New York's Long Island. She is of mixed race, and she grew up feeling that no group accepted her. Her family moved around from place to place.

    "I grew up poor … interracial family, afraid the rug would be pulled out," she said. "I had an incredible work ethic where I was afraid if I didn't work twice as hard I'd be back in a room in a shack."

    Even when her stardom was firmly established, her work ethic remained.

    "So if I had an in-store [appearance] and I hadn't slept in 20 hours, I would never blow off an in-store or not go because I might disappoint one fan," Carey said. "What I needed was some boundaries in my life, to take care of myself, to say no, because I never wanted to let the fans down."

    She says she has learned to give herself a break and to take care of herself.

    "I know better now," Carey said. "I never knew how to draw the line."

    ABC News

    New Releases: Mariah Carey, More Music From '8 Mile,' Josh Groban, DC Talk, & More
    With very little mainstream competition this week, Mariah Carey and her Charmbracelet can spread out and make themselves at home in this week's new releases column.

    Charmbracelet, the latest in Carey's middle-school throwback album titles, finds the singer back in the game after the temporary setback that was Glitter. Carey's latest effort — and first on new label Def Jam — features guest spots from labelmates Cam'ron, Jay-Z and Freeway.

    Just because the "8 Mile" soundtrack is still riding high on the charts doesn't mean it's too soon to release another CD of music from the film. More Music From "8 Mile" features such hip-hop staples as "Juicy" by Biggie, "Shook Ones" by Mobb Deep and "C.R.E.A.M." by the Wu-Tang Clan.

    Sad but true, our time above the new releases list has come to an end already. Unlike last week's robust selection of new albums, it's slim pickins for December 3. See for yourself.

    Amanda, Kristin, MTV News

    Watch Swedish Interview
    Sally told me that you can watch the interview Mariah did with the Swedish channel TV4 HERE.

    Pictures From Japan
    Shino from Love Love Jack sent us the following pictures of Mariah arriving to the Japanese airport:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.
    The last picture is from Stars2ya.com.

    Argentinian Fan Fest
    "We, the Official Fan Club of Mariah Carey in Argentina (gBA) are making our very own Charmbracelet Fan Fest: One day of music, videos and lots of fun. If you are from Argentina, we'd like to invite you, and anybody who you think would enjoy this event. Please pass it around. If you are from anywhere else around the globe, we welcome your suggestions. We are planning the meeting for Satudarday December 7 in Bernardo de Irigoyen 936 (Florida, Buenos Aires) from 4pm to 10pm.

    For more details, please visit our site or contact us at: glitterbuenosaires@hotmail.com".

    updated byLiron December 3rd, 2002 9:10AM
    'Charmbracelet' In Stores Now
    Mariah's new album, "Charmbracelet," is now available everywhere! It features the current hit single, "Through The Rain," and contains 14 other songs with guest artists such as Jay-Z, Cam'ron, Kelly Price and others!

    By purchasing the album you will have exclusive access to "Mariah Live" - your opportunity to see Mariah! Find out more and keep up to date on all things Mariah at mariahcarey.com.

    You can purchase the album now by clicking here.

    Charmbracelet Is Out!


    Mariah Cancelles "Heroes Awards"
    "...Mariah Carey, who was previously announced as a special guest, will not be in attendance, according to the publicist for the event. However, other special guests are expected to be announced shortly..."

    Ramon, Launch

    Mariah Day On TV
    Mariah will be on Oprah, Oprah after-show, MTV Special & Dateline today. Check the left menu to see the times but also check your local listings for the shows. We'll definitely post captures from all shows and we might be posting high quality MPGs of certain performances.
    Please don't forget to vote for Mariah on TRL A-LOT today. It would be great to get her on a high spot today!

    Carey Breaks Down Breakdown On ‘Dateline'
    NY Post December 3, 2002

    Part of Matt Lauer's "Dateline" interview with Mariah Carey, airing tonight (10 p.m./Ch. 4), deals with Carey discussing her hospitalization last year for emotional problems.

    "I pretty much blacked out, and my mother didn't know what to do," Carey says. "She called 911, which was not the superstar thing to do.

    "But [when things of this nature happen to other celebrities] we never hear about them because usually they have their professional people cleaning it all up," Carey says.

    "You know my mom is not in that category. She's just my mother, and she got concerned, and that's the way she deals with things. So I went with 'em and I said, ‘Maybe if I do go to the hospital people will realize I'm a person.' "

    Carey also tells Lauer about her group therapy while in the hospital.

    "Well, first of all I ended up running the group therapy sessions and solving everybody else's problems - as usual. So that's why I'm saying it wasn't exactly a restful time for me, you know?"

    NY Post

    NY Post Charmbracelet Review
    December 3, 2002 -- MARIAH CAREY
    "Charmbracelet" -- MonarC/Island

    The notion that the public will scoop up anything Mariah Carey cranks out (witness last year's "Glitter") has undergone a major attitude adjustment.

    While her shiny new "Charmbracelet" isn't perfect, it is an excellent effort by a singer who realizes her career is riding on the success or failure of this album.

    With "Charmbracelet," Carey offers a reminder to anyone who's forgotten she has an incredible, shivers-down-your-spine, five-octave range.

    In all, the 15 tracks of this disc are warmly human - a tough feat in an electronically charged pop world.

    Production, instrumentation, arrangements and even melody take a back seat to Carey's voice.

    It's clear throughout the record that the mandate from Carey and company, which includes the ace production team of Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, was to keep her voice in front at all times.

    The first few seconds of "Through the Rain," have Carey sexily sighing across the scales. She's really just warming up, but the effect is a small thrill that tells you how warm she can be.

    In other numbers, such as the pretty "Yours" and the upbeat hip-hop R&B fusion "Irresistible," Carey makes you think about her as a musician, a side often overshadowed by her gossip-generating personal life.

    The rest of the songs are consistently good, but never great - and that's where the disc misses.

    While there is no clear-cut mega-hit here, the album does stand up to repeat plays.- Dan Aquilante

    NY Post

    Tuesday's Releases: Mariah, Will Smith And Danish Fuzz Rock
    If there is nary a drop of rock ‘n’ roll in your heart, perhaps the latest from Mariah Carey is more to your liking. Charmbracelet is Carey’s ninth album and it marks a move away from the short-shorts, crop tops and dancey-ness of Rainbow and Glitter, returning to the sophistication and slow jams of Daydream. Rather than thinking of it as a big step backward, let’s call it a revitalization of vintage Carey


    2 December 2002
    The rags to richess story of Mariah turned sour last year when the New Yorker suffered a nervous breakdown and then witnissed the flop of her movie Glitter, and the collapse of her record deal with EMI. However on Charm Bracelet the first release on her own MonarC label has something to prove. Recorded in Italy where Carey wrote songs by day and sang them by night- it is the work of a performer with a bee in her bonnet. Making most of her angelic octave voice Mariah sings with feeling. Working with less poppy, less sample-orientated framework from J.Lo and the like. Carey incorporates contemporary Hip Hop with mellow RnB with seamless ease. Of all the divas she has achieved the most potent blend of the street and the stage. Highly recommended!

    ***** (5 stars)

    Cobus, Cape Argus (South African newspaper)

    Breakdown? Give It A Rest, Mariah Says

    Singer Mariah Carey may get the blues every now and then, but she insists she has never wanted to be a dead diva.
    The sultry songbird hits the small screen tonight to clear up the picture on her highly publicized mental meltdown.

    Carey says it's "absolutely not" true that she tried to kill herself July 25, 2001, when her mother made a frantic 911 call and had her rushed to a Westchester County hospital.
    "I'm far too much of a spiritual person to do that," the 32-year-old entertainer tells tonight's "Dateline NBC."

    "I would never get to that point. That's God's choice when it's time for me to go."

    But the Long Island-raised pop princess admits life has hit a few sour notes in the past year.
    "No, a nervous breakdown is not accurate," she tells NBC's Matt Lauer. "Because a nervous breakdown, you know, you don't recover from so quickly. All I needed was, like, five hours' sleep."

    Carey, who has sold more records than any woman in history, suffered a double whammy last year, when her movie "Glitter" bombed and her album of the same name flopped.

    Instead of seeing her debut film sparking an avalanche of Hollywood deals, the best she got was a guest spot on "Ally McBeal."

    Her appearance at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco, sporting bandages on her wrists and hands, made front-page news and fueled suicide rumors. That was followed by a two-week stay at Silver Hill, an exclusive Connecticut hospital that specializes in mental illness and addiction.

    Then came another stint in a Los Angeles psychiatric unit before her record label, EMI's Virgin Records, dropped her.

    'Overly tired'
    "At a certain point I said: 'You know what? Forget this. Forget this whole career at this moment, because it's too much for me. ... I'm overly tired. I can't do it as a human being,'" she tells Lauer.

    "Nobody was hearing those last two words, 'human being.' They were used to the Mariah that always gets up and goes. ... And I was, like, 'You know what, it's time for me to deal with myself as a regular person.'"

    Now Carey is trying to bounce back. Her new record label, Universal's Island Def Jam, has booked her on a whirlwind publicity tour to promote her latest album, "Charmbracelet."

    But although her life is a little rosier, she's still seeing red over bad boy rapper Eminem's comments about their dating. She says he's no Derek Jeter.

    "Did we go anywhere on a date? No," Carey says. "It certainly wasn't a physical one, that I'll tell you flat out."

    NY Daily News

    Carey Hopes Promotion Efforts Work Like A Charm
    by Sarah Rodman
    Tuesday, December 3, 2002

    Shhh! Mariah's back.
    After the infamous debacle that was Mariah Meltdown 2001 - a flop film, a matching flop soundtrack, public displays of looniness, hospitalization brought on by overwork on said flops and a notoriously enriching kiss-off from her record company - it's little wonder that Mariah Carey is choosing to reintroduce herself quietly. Musically speaking, that is.

    ``Charmbracelet'' (, out today) is Carey's first release in a new deal with Island/Def Jam Records.
    Carey hopes it will help right the listing boat in which she and many of her fellow '90s VH1-sanctioned divas - Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Shania Twain - have found themselves. Trying to woo a fan base that may well have moved on to younger models such as Ashanti and J.Lo.

    ``Charmbracelet'' could suffer the same fate as Dion's tepidly received ``New Day For You.'' Or Carey could blaze back a la Shania Twain, who deftly re-entered the atmosphere last week with the No. 1 debut of her exclamation point-happy ``Up!''

    Whitney Houston, dangerously on the edge of flaming out herself, is likely weighing those options right now, no doubt glad that her onetime duet partner is going first.
    Carey has chosen what should be a safe path. ``Charmbracelet'' is a musical white flag that finds the New York singer-songwriter surrendering to her most commercially appealing persona: the overwrought balladeer who has sweet, yet cliched, visions of love, hopes dashed and dreams fulfilled.

    This is the Mariah people swooned over in 1990 and who subsequently sold more than 100 million records on the strength of 15 No. 1 hits.

    Fans of the giddier, funkier, bikini-clad Mariah may be disappointed by the slow-burning ``Charmbracelet.''

    Not one song among the album's 14 tracks even flirts with a danceable tempo. Even the ``remix'' of the first single, ``Through the Rain'' - aptly described as a ``Star Search'' ballad by producer Jimmy Jam - fails to quicken the pulse.

    But those who loved the jeweled-gown sophisticate will likely fall for her all over again, given the album's irresistible, radio-ready hooks and Carey's powerhouse vocalizing, framed with contemporary flair by producers Jam, Terry Lewis and Jermaine Dupri.

    In addition to the engineered uplift of the self-referential ``Through the Rain,'' ``Charmbracelet'' features gospel-style fervor on the soaring, yet admirably simple ``My Saving Grace,'' the winningly jubilant ``Yours,'' the sincere, faux-Latin acoustic finery of ``I Only Wanted'' and the poignant ode to her recently deceased father ``Sunflower For Alfred Roy.''

    The 32-year-old hasn't abandoned her dreams of marrying the slinky sounds of hip-hop soul to her saccharine pop, however.

    This is when she gets into trouble, as incongruous, wheedling gangsta keyboard lines limp along under her weak, breathy, hiccupping coo. Plus, guest rappers, including Jay-Z, trample over her with boring drones about wealth and power, as on the monotonous ``You Got Me'' and the snappy ``Boy (I Need You).''

    ``Clown'' will undoubtedly be the most discussed track on ``Charmbracelet,'' as it seems like a thinly veiled slam at Eminem. Slim Shady claims to have had a fling with Carey, but she growls with self-regret here, ``I should've left it at `I like your music too' . . . You should never have intimated we were lovers when you know very well we never even touched each other.'' She ends the languidly sinister track with a poisonous ``Pow!''

    The album's standout track, however, is the warmly soulful ``Subtle Invitation.'' With its punchy horns, stacks of rolling organ lines and Carey's emotional vocal, the song has a down-to-earth quality her material often lacks.

    Of course, all this mellowness applies only to the music on ``Charmbracelet.'' The blaring, multimedia onslaught to promote the record - ``Oprah,'' ``Today,'' ``TRL'' - is just beginning.

    Even though the incessant pressures of promotion are ostensibly what drove her over the edge in the first place, Carey knows the only way to spell success is to spill her guts.

    Twain recently regurgitated her rags-to-riches tale for several magazines and Katie Couric and reaped the rewards. Not bad for someone who has been completely off the music industry radar the last few years. She also benefitted from having a hit single; Carey's ``Through the Rain'' has yet to dent the charts.

    No doubt a tearful ``Oprah'' appearance and any one of the better songs from the new album will help transform ``Charmbracelet'' into a multiplatinum trinket.

    Whitney Houston would be wise to examine Carey's methods, because her image may be even more battered due to husband Bobby Brown's legal woes, the persistent rumors of drug abuse and her unsettling changes in appearance. All of which likely contributed to the delay of her comeback attempt, ``Just Whitney,'' originally slated for release next week but now pushed into 2003.

    Carey, at least, can rest assured that her new album is filled with familiar ``Charm,'' which will likely translate into more familiar sales figures. If not, at least she has a nice soothing album to listen to in her quiet room.

    Boston Herald - Rated the album 3.5 out of 4 stars.

    TTR Worldwide

  • South Africa: TTR debuted at #6 in Cape Town (Thanks Cobus).
  • UK: TTR drops from #8 to #21.
  • Thailand: This week TTR move up to top10 on Get 102.5 FM and 105.5 easy FM. On "Get 102.5 FM" "TTR" move to #5 and move to #7 on "Easy 105.5 FM" (Thanks Ballsath).
  • updated byLiron December 2nd, 2002 11:10PM
    Carey Sounds Like Gold On 'Charmbracelet'
    By Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY
    Album Review: 3 stars (out of 4)

    There's no mistaking that rippling purr at the beginning of Mariah Carey's Through the Rain, the lead single from her new album, Charmbracelet. It's the voice that launched a thousand junior divas.

    However you feel about Carey or her music, it's impossible to deny the impact her vocal style, a florid blend of breathy riffing and resonant belting, has had on today's young pop and R&B stars. It's impossible to imagine how Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé Knowles or any of the female contestants on American Idol would sound in a Carey-less world.

    At 32, Carey is a 12-year chart veteran. And although she may not look grizzled, the songs on her new CD reveal, for anyone who hasn't picked up a tabloid lately, that experience has provided a few tough lessons.

    Yet Charmbracelet is no post-breakdown self-pity party.

    True to fashion, Carey has taken lemons and made lemonade, heavy on the sugar. There is more of a tartness to her new fare, though, suggesting that although hard times may not have clipped Carey's butterfly wings, they have grounded her.

    Rain, the first track, is an unabashedly sentimental bolero that recalls Carey's early-'90s hit Hero. But as a whole, Charmbracelet is less a calculated return to Carey's roots than a reflection on her musical and personal evolution, and a promise that it will continue.

    The girlish sass that has long been a hallmark of her up-tempo songs is evident on breezy tracks such as Boy and the rap-kissed You Got Me.

    Elsewhere, though, Carey makes a concerted effort to project more maturity and sophistication.

    The jazz-inflected Subtle Invitation wouldn't sound out of place on an Anita Baker album, and the elegantly wistful I Only Wanted and sharp-witted Clown evoke deeper conviction — and melancholy — than previous hits.

    Carey may not have lost the preternatural peppiness that always has driven her flamboyant singing. But her vision of love has seldom seemed so hard-won or firmly rooted.

    Chris, USA Today

    Mariah #1 Breakout!!
    Through The Rain - The Remixes is the #1 Breakout on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart, issue date 12/14/2002.

    Through The Rain - The Remixes Double 12" will be available in stores on December 10, 2002.

    Side A
    1) Full Intention Club Mix
    Side B
    1) Maurice Joshua Club Mix
    Side C
    1) Hex Hector Club Mix
    Side D
    1)Full Intention Dub Mix
    2)Maurice Joshua Dub Mix

    You can already pre-order it on CD Now.

    MariahCarey.com - Check also for new pictures of Mariah celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan!

    Mariah Talks to 'Dateline'
    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Mariah Carey will reveal exclusively how she's been doing since her emotional meltdown last year on "Dateline NBC" Tuesday (Dec. 3) night at 10 p.m. ET.

    Matt Lauer will host the first primetime interview Carey has given since the media scrutinized her nervous breakdown. Talking frankly about her childhood struggles, her father's recent death and her movie flop "Glitter," Carey will elaborate on her perception of what it means to be a "diva."

    Carey and Lauer will also touch on rumors about her alleged suicide attempt and her marriage to Sony Music President Tommy Mottola, as well as her short-lived relationship with rapper Eminem.

    Carey, who claims she was "overly tired" and was not considered a human being by anyone anymore, says the press just made it all worse when her nerves began to wear thin:

    "I never dealt with a flurry of that kind of press before and -- you know -- being stalked by the paparazzi when you're sitting at your mom's house and suddenly there's a person in the bushes with a -- with a camera because you take a walk outside in your pajamas."

    Her current album "Charmbracelet" is the twelfth for Carey, who is the best-selling female artist in history, with over 115 million albums in sales.

    Highlights from the interview will air Wednesday, Dec. 11 on NBC’s “Today,” followed by a live concert from the Mall of America in Minnesota, in which Carey will perform songs from “Charmbracelet.”


    Fans Chat
    "The RPN: Georgia will be hosting a "Charmbracelet Celebration" release party on December 3rd from 7:30-10:00 (Eastern Time) pm at the MariahFans.net #mariah chat room! Your hosts, Maggie and Chloe, will give away several Mariah prizes throughout the night, including the Charmbracelet album, vinyls, and import CD singles! Throughout the chat, we will be streaming songs from the album, talking about Mariah, and just having fun. There will be a special announcement from the RPN: Georgia, "The Mariah Story Game", trivia contests, and more! Come join the fun...

    MariahInfo & MariahConnection will be hosting a Online Release Party Chat Event on Dec 3rd from 5:00pm to 7:30pm EST in the #mariah Chat on MIRC! Many prizes will be there and directly to you is a Pre-Contest from the event. A Signed Promotional Photo.

    Go HERE for all the chat details.

    New Wallpapers
    Eran & Luv sent me the following wallpapers plus mcfanatic sent a TOTP collage and a nice new ad by Heather:

    Israel Release Date & Fan Meeting
    Finally, Israel has a release date for "Charmbracelet" - Israeli fans, make sure to go out and get it this Wednesday, December 4th!
    We will also be holding a fan meeting on Wednesday, for more details please contact me. (Thanks Eran & Helicon)

    updated byLiron December 2nd, 2002 8:00PM
    International Charmbracelet Out!!
    Everyone all over Europe & Australia - Go out and get your "Charmbracelet" right now!!!!
    Please keep your receipts for any future competitions by the official site or various fan sites.
    American people - get ready for the big day tomorrow!
    Below are scans of the T-Shirt that Spanish fans got with the album (Thanks Almu!) and yet another ad made by Rian!
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    New Voice Message
    Mariah: Hey lambs, I'm calling in and checking in from Brazil, and just wanted to say that I love you much and umm I'm very excited, the album's coming out tomorrow and yeaah we've been meeting so many nice fans, I know I keep saying this but it's true and they've been giving me some nicem you know, little trinkets and what not and I have a friend over here who wants to say hello, now it's not Big Nasty coz he couldn't get a visa as you may have heard on yesterday's message, but hold on, this is Tots!
    Mary Ann: Hello wonderful people, we just wanna say that we love this particular album, it's amazing and beauties and things of that sort. The album is coming out on December 3rd and we would like for you to go out and get that, you would go out and get it *tipitipow* because you know this is wonderful, this is great. And if you don't get it, we're gonna have to send big nasty up on you. Alright? Have a wonderful time, Buh-bye!
    Mariah: She just ad-libbed that one, but on top of it all, I just wanna say thank you to everyone I've been seeing all around the world, looking forward to seeing you some more and let you know that I love you, appreciate you and enjoy you and I will talk to you soon, buh-bye!

    Click here to download the message.


    MC On TRL
    Devin told me that Mariah was featured on TRL today, they showed her video at #8 and also talked about her MTV special tomorrow night, and also showed her in Tokyo for her new video "The One" and said that it will premiere on 'Making the Video' in January.

    AOL Listening Party
    John, Melissa & Mame told me that AOL members can preview the entire "Charmbracelet" album prior to buying it! AOL Keyword is "Listening Party" and this is the link for AOL members.

    Lots of New Beautiful New Scans

  • Pictures 1-3: Scans from the British magazine "M Celeb" which is a free supplement with the Sunday edition of the tabloid newspaper The Mirror. (Thanks MariahCareyuk.com)

  • Pictures 4-5: Scans from "Sain" magazine. (Thanks Mariah's Lambs Heaven)

  • Pictures 6-9: Bigger scans from yesterday's "NY Times" article. (Thanks Janel!)

  • Pictures 10-14: HUGE scans from "Blues & Soul" magazine - Mariah's on the cover! (Thanks James aka RandomHajile2!!)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Reminder To Vote
    Bianca & Mari wanted me to remind you to vote for Mariah on The Hello! Magazine Poll for the most attractive woman...
    AND, vote on MTV Spain for Mariah's "Through The Rain"!

    Mariah's Visit In Brazil & Brazilian Interview
    MC In Brazil First thing first - Mariah safely arrived to Brazil!

    Here is Mariah´s Brazilian schedule at the moment (some things might change):
    December 2nd - at around 4 PM Mariah arrives at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport "Galeão" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    December 2nd - after she arrives she will be going to the hotel to rest.
    December 3rd - I don´t know what she will be doing during the morning but she will probably be doing press conference and giving interviews...
    December 3rd - at 9:30 PM Miss Carey will be at "ATL Hall" to record "Show da Virada". It´s a concert with the best artists of the year in Brazil.
    Mariah is the only international one at the list and it will air on December 31st at around midnight (it´s like a New Year´s Eve Special).
    Mariah will be singing two songs: Through the Rain (the only one to air) and probably Heartbreaker (although Universal Brazil told me they would change this last one for something else).
    December 4th - I don´t know what she will be doing during the morning.
    December 4th - At 7 PM Mariah records the exclusive showcase to "Fantástico" ( a very popular tv show) and after that Mariah asked for a "after party" and there will be fans on it so...it will rock!!!!!!! LOL
    December 5th - Mariah leaves.

    The Mariah Connection Fan Club has a phone line available for the Brazilian lambs to call and check on updates about the hotel Mariah is staying and how you can meet our team and join us on the "Mariah in Brazil journey". Lambs can just call (21) 96898740

    Yesterday, Brazilian TV aired a new interview with Mariah that she recorded recently.
    Click here to watch it!

    Mariah Connection

    What The Stars Are Buying This Holiday Season
    MC & Hello Kitty Yahoo! Shopping and UsWeekly Launch ''Shop Like a Star''; Site Features Holiday Gift Picks From Celebrities Including Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey And Justin Timberlake.

    Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO) and UsWeekly Magazine today launched a special online holiday site featuring the hottest gift picks from celebrities including Selma Hayek, Nicolas Cage and Cher. UsWeekly will feature the celebrity gift picks in their magazine, while Yahoo! Shopping will host a special Web site showcasing the celebrities and their product picks. Celebrity hounds and shopping enthusiasts can view the star-studded gift recommendations and purchase the actual items at http://shopping.yahoo.com/usweekly.

    The Yahoo! Shopping/UsWeekly "Shop Like a Star" site will available through December 25. The site will provide an exclusive online look at the celebrities and products featured in a four-page holiday special in UsWeekly's December 9 issue, scheduled to hit newsstands later this week.

    "UsWeekly is a great source for the latest celebrity and entertainment news, and now Yahoo! Shopping is bringing their celebrity insights online for the first time," said Rob Solomon, senior vice president of Yahoo! Commerce. "Our exclusive UsWeekly celebrity gift picks feature, enables us to provide our shoppers with a fun and interesting way to search for, find and buy the hottest holiday gifts recommended by the stars."

    "Our four-page holiday special feature delves deep into the hidden world of what stars like Kirsten Dunst, Mark McGraff and Elle MacPherson are giving or hoping to receive this holiday season," said Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief of UsWeekly. "The perception might be that the gifts celebrities purchase are often exclusive or hard-to-find, but through our joint holiday feature with Yahoo! Shopping, consumers will see just how easy and affordable it is to shop like a star!"

    Yahoo! / Us Weekly

    Mariah - Artist of The Day in Billboard
    Mariah's Eager To Start A Fresh Chapter
    December 02, 2002, 12:30 PM
    By Larry Flick

    The media might want to tag Mariah Carey's imminent "Charmbracelet" as her bid for a pop comeback, but the artist begs to differ.

    "To compare a studio recording with a soundtrack recording isn't fair," she says, referring to 2001's Glitter, the Virgin album that accompanied the motion-picture box-office disappointment of the same name. With Nielsen SoundScan registering stateside sales of 557,000 copies, it is the first Carey-related set to miss the million-selling mark. Carey's previous studio collection, the 2000 Columbia release "Rainbow," sold 2.9 million copies in the U.S.

    "But it's cool," she adds. "I'm used to dealing with people who will manipulate facts and situations in order to create juicy copy and meet deadlines."

    Carey does agree that "Charmbracelet" -- the first offering from her new Island Def Jam-distributed Monarc label (due Dec. 3 in the U.S. and a day earlier internationally) -- marks the start of a fresh chapter, following a period of personal and professional problems.

    Last fall, the artist was hospitalized for extreme exhaustion, which was followed by a much-publicized split with Virgin in a reported $28 million contract buyout by parent company EMI Recorded Music. It was a one-two punch that Carey says provided invaluable life lessons.

    "First of all, I learned that if people see that you're willing to work at an inhuman pace, they will push you until you fall down," she says. "I've always been scrappy and willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. That's still the case, within reason. But last year, I learned that [I] eventually have to face the fact that I'm not a machine. I'm a human being with emotions and a threshold for exhaustion and pain, just like everyone else. I pushed myself hard, and I worked until I hit the wall."

    She now views her move from Columbia, where she racked up 15 No. 1 hits on The Billboard Hot 100, to Virgin as being "too quick," despite a strong relationship with then-label president Nancy Berry. "We tried to prepare for the release of a soundtrack in four weeks at a time when the label was going through internal changes," she says. "It wasn't terribly realistic, but we tried our best to make it work."

    While the media dined on the details of Carey's trials and tribulations, the artist concentrated on "getting some much-needed rest" and revisiting her original intention in life-making music.

    "I started writing and recording the songs that would later go on this album before I had a deal," she says. "I needed to be absorbed in the process of making music purely for the sake of expressing myself for a while. There were no deadlines, no pressures. I made music as a means of centering myself after all of the drama I'd endured. I found incredible inner peace and clarity in the creation of these songs."

    The artist's rejuvenated spirit can be felt throughout "Charmbracelet," a 15-song opus that is best described as classic Carey. She produced the set with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Randy Jackson, and Jermaine Dupri, as well as up-and-comers 7 Aurelius, Just Black, Dre & Vidal, and Damizza. Joining the artist on various tracks are Jay-Z, Kelly Price, Joe, Ice Cube, and Mack 10, among others.

    The set shows Carey combining richly textured pop ballads with earthy, R&B-inflected hip-hop, sewing them together with well-drawn lyrics whose themes dart between romance and self-empowerment. "Each song represents a moment in time," she says. "Of course, some stories are more obvious than others."

    The delicate "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy" is a mournful elegy for Carey's father, who died earlier this year. It's a song that she says she sang only once. "What you hear on the album is the only time I ever sang it straight through. It was too emotional an experience to revisit. I can't even listen to it in front of other people."

    More uplifting are two of Carey's favorites: "Subtle Invitation," with its smooth, swing-jazz inflections, and the gospel-flavored "My Saving Grace." "These are songs that just brought me such joy to sing," she says. "They're not punched in a million times. It's just me in front of the mike, performing from the heart."

    There also is a complex, string-laden revision of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak," which the singer says is an example of her musical diversity. "I love going from showing my Minnie Riperton influences to hip-hop to rock. It's all me. For 'Heartbreak,' it was fun to go back to a song that I loved singing when I was in school. I think we bring some fresh elements to it."

    On the day "Charmbracelet" is released, MTV will air a previously taped special where Carey hosted fans at an album-listening event. The program will also feature an interview with John Norris and a live-performance segment. On the same day, Carey will be the subject of an hour-long interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    Other TV upcoming appearances include a BET special and appearances on "Dateline," "Total Request Live," and "Larry King Live." Also, an autograph-signing appearance Dec. 11 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis will be captured live on "Today."

    For Carey, the ultimate element in promoting "Charmbracelet" will be a tour, tentatively planned to start in the spring. "I've been dying to sing these songs live," she says. "It will be exciting to hear them come to life in a new way."

    Most of all, it will be a moment of victory for the singer, who notes that "it's nice to be in a happy, serene place" after her recent life and career challenges. Still, Carey acknowledges that some of her strongest music has followed difficult times.

    "I could not have written this album, which I truly love, without having gone through those hard times. That was the case with my first album, and 'Butterfly,' and a few of my other albums. Sometimes, the greatest art comes from pain. It would be nice to not have to go through that, but I'm growing to accept that life is full of bumps in the road. The gratifying part is when you can come out on the other side tougher and wiser -- and with some great songs."


    Carey's Charm Offensive
    BBC published a not-so-positive CB review which you can read HERE

    You can voice your opinions on BBC! Click here to write what you think about the album!

    Carey: 'I'm Due Some Fun'
    23.14PM GMT, 1 Dec 2002
    Pop diva Mariah Carey has pledged to "live life" and enjoy herself following a tough year both in her professional and private life.
    The US singing star received a multi-million dollar pay-off from her EMI recording studio earlier this year following poor sales of her album Glitter.

    And she made herself the promise near the end of a year in which she was hospitalised for exhaustion and lost her father.
    "The way I bounce back is by not taking myself too seriously. My father died in July and we'd just become closer," she said.
    "It made me realise you should live life each day, celebrate it and enjoy yourself."

    The 32-year-old singer denied rumours she attempted to commit suicide or had a nervous breakdown following critical reviews of her movie Glitter.
    "I'd been hospitalised for exhaustion, the press were saying I'd tried to commit suicide - which is such crap, I'm way too much of a spiritual person to ever think about killing myself," she said.
    "I was working 22-hour days for two months without enough time for sleep or even breaks for food.
    "Nobody can continue for that long and I eventually just collapsed at my mother's house."

    Carey admitted that Glitter, in which she had starred along side Max Beesley, had not turned out as she had envisioned.
    "I saw it as much grittier, like a Saturday Night Fever vibe," she said.
    "But it was really toned down for the nine-year-old audience."

    But the harsh reviews have not put the pop diva off acting and Carey hopes her latest comedy, Wisegirls, in which she plays a drug dealing waitress, will go down better with the critics.

    Asked about her payoff deal with EMI the star said she had received "a lot more" than 30 million.

    Carey, who admits she was very insecure about her bi-racial looks when she was at school, said she was happy with her current single status.
    "I don't want a boyfriend just for the sake of it," she said.
    "I don't trust most people out there. There's too much at risk and I don't need to be a notch on somebody's bedpost.
    "I'll flirt with you all night long, but then it's bye-bye."


  • updated byLiron December 1st, 2002 8:25PM
    NY Times Scans
    Thank you so much Vijay for scanning these beautiful pictures:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    More Pictures From Holland
    Nilson sent me the following beautiful pictures he got from Mariah's latest visit to Holland:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    New Wallpapers
    Dan & Eran sent me the following wallpapers they made:

    New Site
    Kevin has a really nice site, called MCTK so click here to check it out!

    updated byLiron December 1st, 2002 5:05PM
    Magazine News
  • John told me that Mariah is on the cover of "Spotlight" magazine (scan below):
    Page 1, MARIAH'S new album features the songtress writing and co-producing with such "A" list names as JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS and JERMAINE DUPRI among others. The album, which is lyrically very personal, showcases MARIAH'S stunning voice, prolific songwriting and incredible versalility. This is fully evident on the first single, the sweeping epic ballad, "THROUGH THE RAIN" which is a perfect example of what Mariah does best. ALBUM FEATURES TRACKS WITH: JAY-Z, CAM'RON, AND FREEWAY...
  • Gretchen typed up Mariah's mentions on "Seventeen" magazine (page 82 of the January 2003 issue):
    Seventeen took over new York City's Roseland Ballroom for our tenth New Star Showcase - an annual event that puts lucky newcomers on the same stage as their icons. Mariah Carey, P. Diddy, Dream and Kelly Rowland showed up to share their words of wisdom with the show's young acts, including R&B singer Isabel.......The stars shared a few secrets of their sucess, too: Isabel (whom mariah discovered) told us she never takes off her lucky anklet...
    The caption on a pic of Mariah wearing a black top and jeans with a butterfly belt:
    Hey what happened to the bling-bling? P.Diddy and Mariah Carey turned out looking cool and casual.
    The caption under a pic of Isabel gomes:
    Isabel , 14, says Mariah gave her lots of advice, like not to get caught up in what others say
  • Ann told me that Mariah's on the cover of the British "Blues & Soul" magazine (scan below).

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    TV News

  • Wondered why is VH1 following Mariah all around the world? Rory told me they are already showing commercials for VH1 "MARIAH ALL ACCESS" show that features segments of Mariah touring the world. Stay tuned for more details on the show's premiere.

  • Alyssa sent me all the airing times for MTV's "Shining Through The Rain" special:
    Dec. 3rd, Tue, 9:00PM
    Dec. 4th, Wed, 2:30PM
    Dec. 4th, Wed, 11:00PM
    Dec. 5th, Thu, 6:00PM
    Dec. 6th, Fri, 8:00PM
    Dec. 7th, Sat, 9:00PM

  • Amir wrote the schedule of Mariah's European TV appearances this week:
    Dec. 2nd, Mon, MTV Europe, 1:00pm CET - "Becoming Mariah Carey"
    Dec. 3rd, Tue, VH1 Europe, 1:00am CET - "Mariah's Greatest Hits"
    Dec. 5th, Thu, VH1 Europe, 12:00pm CET - "Mariah Carey's Greatest TV Moments"

    Mariah In Japan Videos
    Shino from "Love Love Jack" saw Mariah in Tokyo, Japan and made video files of Mariah's TV appearances in Japan:

    Clip 1 - Airport
    Clip 2 - Press Conference
    Clip 3 - Music Station Opening
    Clip 4 - Music Station - TTR
    Clip 5 - Music Station Ending

    Mariah In Korea Video & Pics
    Click here to download a clip of Mariah in Korea. The clip & the following pictures - courtesy of MCKorea on FOMM.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2

    Mariah Already #1 on Target
    Click here to see a Target commercial for "Charmbracelet" (Thanks Marcin)
    And here to see "Charmbracelet" already located as the top seller at Target, could be because of pre-orders (Thanks Omri).

    Mariah: I'll Bounce Back
    Pop diva Mariah Carey has pledged to "live life" and enjoy herself following a tough year both in her professional and private life.

    The US singing star made the promise near the end of a year in which she was hospitalised for exhaustion and lost her father.

    "The way I bounce back is by not taking myself too seriously. My father died in July and we'd just become closer," Carey told the Sunday Mirror Magazine.

    "It made me realise you should live life each day, celebrate it and enjoy yourself."

    The 32-year-old singer denied rumours she attempted to commit suicide or had a nervous breakdown following critical reviews of her movie Glitter.

    "I'd been hospitalised for exhaustion, the press were saying I'd tried to commit suicide - which is such crap, I'm way too much of a spiritual person to ever think about killing myself," she said.

    "I was working 22-hour days for two months without enough time for sleep or even breaks for food.

    "Nobody can continue for that long and I eventually just collapsed at my mother's house."

    Sky News

    Mariah's Site Review
    Mariah Carey
    URL: mariahcarey.com
    TOPICS: Things Carey likes - her favorite album cover ("Rainbow" - "because it's happy and colorful," and her favorite animal - "[there are] too many to name and they change all the time."
    FUN FACT: Carey uses the phrase "Bing Bong!" because it can "quickly end an argument or conversation while still [sic] able to be funny."

    NY Post

    The Mariah Carey Story Isn't Over
    HOW do you turn a pop star into a movie star? Here is one formula: create a movie loosely based on the star's life. Let's say the hero is a poor kid blessed with virtuosic vocal abilities and chasing a dream of fame and fortune. The hero has problems with Mom — that's a good way to inject dramatic tension. To establish the importance of talent, there is a nightclub scene where the hero is handed a microphone and asked to improvise. And the movie ends on an ambivalent note: after a triumphant performance, the hero seems to walk away from the music industry, at least for the moment.

    Last month, this formula seemed foolproof: "8 Mile," starring Eminem, helped turn a controversial rapper into a mainstream celebrity. But last year, the exact same formula derailed one of this era's most successful music careers. The movie was "Glitter," and it was meant to be a star vehicle for Mariah Carey. Instead, the film and the accompanying album flopped, and the twin failures — accompanied by lurid reports about the singer's personal life — turned Ms. Carey into a laughingstock. Her record label, Virgin, was so spooked that it paid $28 million to release her from her contract.

    Now Ms. Carey is ready for her comeback. She has a new record contract, and her new album, "Charmbracelet" (MonarC/Island Def Jam), is due out on Tuesday. It's an odd comeback attempt, because most people can't be sure exactly what Ms. Carey is coming back from. She has to make her fans forget a movie they probably didn't see and an album they probably didn't buy.

    This is either a terrific time or a terrible time for Ms. Carey's revival. Her competition has thinned out, but so perhaps has her audience. The glamorous women with whom she once shared the spotlight aren't so popular anymore. Celine Dion put herself out to pasture in Las Vegas, Whitney Houston is trying to dig herself out of a deep hole, and Christina Aguilera may have just dug herself into one. Faith Hill and Shania Twain both have new albums, but they're not the dominant forces they once were. Right now, the country's most popular balladeer is probably what's-her-name, from "American Idol."

    Is there a vacuum waiting to be filled, or have people lost interest? So far, the signs suggest the latter. The lead single from "Charmbracelet," "Through the Rain," is the sort of self-help ballad Ms. Carey was singing a decade ago, but it hasn't been a hit with radio D.J.'s. So Island Def Jam has declined to release a retail version, and Ms. Carey is looking ahead to the second single, "The One," an airy midtempo song produced by Jermaine Dupri.

    Ms. Carey, 32, says she approached "Charmbracelet" in much the same way she approached her previous albums. "I didn't do it to answer people, or to justify my validity as an artist," she says, sitting on a couch in a recording studio in Manhattan, where she lives. "It really was just about an emotional outlet for me. That's what writing and singing always is."

    Writing and singing is also big business, of course, and Ms. Carey surely knows that if she sells, say, only a million copies of her new CD, it will be considered a failure. But she also knows that her best bet for success is an old-fashioned Mariah Carey album; for better and for worse, the new disc hews closely to her tried-and-true approach. Her task is not to reinvent herself; on the contrary, it's to convince her fans that she is more herself than ever.

    ANYONE who rents "Glitter" in the hope of seeing the worst film of all time will be disappointed. True, it has the leisurely pace and linear plot of a mediocre television movie, as if it were made to be perused rather than watched. But it's no "Battlefield Earth." And while the 1980's-inspired soundtrack did not have nearly enough catchy tunes, it did include a cover of the Robert Palmer hit "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On," as well as a new song written by Rick James. (By far the most entertaining artifact from Ms. Carey's disastrous 2001 is David LaChapelle's garish — and hilarious — music video for "Loverboy," a song from the movie soundtrack, in which Ms. Carey squeezes into a snug pair of shorts and waves a checkered flag at a bunch of car-racing rappers.)

    The movie and the album would not have been so damaging if they had not been accompanied by an unfortunate series of news reports and public appearances. She had split up with her boyfriend, the Mexican singer Luis Miguel, and, during a giddy interview on MTV, did what was widely described as a striptease. The description was misleading although not quite untrue: Ms. Carey doffed an oversized T- shirt to reveal a characteristically skimpy outfit.

    In July, Ms. Carey was rushed to a hospital after her mother called 911; she was treated for a condition that was described as exhaustion. She dismisses rumors that she attempted suicide. As she explains it, she was working so hard that hospitalization was her only option: "I just felt like if I went to the hospital and I went along with it and I actually could get some sleep, maybe everybody that worked for me would see the severity of the situation."

    These stories are becoming part of the myth of her life, a myth she feeds, and feeds off, but can't quite control.

    Ms. Carey grew up in Huntington on Long Island. Her mother, Patricia Carey, a former opera singer and vocal coach, is Irish-American; her father, Alfred Roy Carey, an engineer, was half Venezuelan and half African-American. (He died this summer.) The couple divorced when Ms. Carey was young, and she lived with her mother through high school, then moved to New York City. Her dream of fame and fortune was pretty ordinary, but her voice wasn't, and she caught the attention of the executive Tommy Mottola, who signed her to Columbia Records and also began dating her.

    By 1993, when they married, she had already released a series of smash hit albums, and by the time they split up, a few years later, the failed relationship had become a central element in the myth of Mariah: she called her 1997 album "Butterfly," and fans were welcome to assume that her now sexier image was a sign of newfound freedom. The split with Mr. Mottola gave Ms. Carey's music an added narrative power: "Honey," a collaboration with Sean Combs and Ma$e, wasn't just a beguiling hip-hop song — it was a declaration of independence.

    "When your career is you, and everybody around you treats you like a commodity rather than a person, it becomes detrimental to you at some point," she says. If this market-driven process is the disease that afflicted Ms. Carey, it might also be the cure for her slumping career: to keep people listening, Ms. Carey incorporates episodes from her private life into her interviews and songs, creating a grand story of triumph over adversity. (When you hear her tell it, it could almost be . . . a movie.)

    That's why Ms. Carey believes she can survive her recent troubles. By way of explanation, she paraphrases a letter she says she received from a 14-year-old fan. "I can identify with you even more now, because you're human," the fan told her. "I just feel like it's brought me even closer to you."

    Not coincidentally, "Charmbracelet" includes a number of songs that address Ms. Carey's recent problems. "Through the Rain," the single, is the kind of inspirational ballad that might seem self-centered if it weren't so vague: when she sings, "I know that I'm strong enough to mend," she could be talking about anyone. Another song, "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy," brings listeners into her father's hospital room: "Strange to feel that proud, strong man/ Grip tightly to my hand," she sings.

    While rehabilitating her image, Ms. Carey also had to reorganize her professional life. "Glitter" was her first and last CD for Virgin, which paid a total of $49 million to release the disc. Her new contract, with Island Def Jam, is worth $20 million, and it commits her to at least three albums.

    Ms. Carey is known for her voice, of course: she can hit high notes that barely sound human, and few singers leap around the octaves as gracefully as she does. But as she tries to regain her audience, her greatest weapon may be her versatility: Ms. Carey also knows how to make a hip-hop hit by holding back and letting the beat shine.

    Ms. Carey is credited as co-writer on every song on "Charmbracelet," but she recorded with a number of producers, including Just Blaze, who had a hit with "Oh Boy" by Cam'ron — one of the year's best hip-hop songs. Ms. Carey liked "Oh Boy" so much that she recorded a new version, "Boy (I Need You)," with a verse by Cam'ron that he recorded with her in Capri.

    Another high point is her version of the Def Leppard song "Bringin' On the Heartbreak." It starts out as a piano-driven slow jam; then the chorus is interrupted by a dramatic chord progression, and soon Ms. Carey's precise, fluttery voice is turning a power ballad into something more delicate.

    "Charmbracelet" is generally pleasant, although it's not always exciting, and a few of the collaborations go awry. (On "Irresistible," perhaps it wasn't a good idea to let Ice Cube record his guest vocals "in his trailer on a movie set," as it says in the liner notes.) There's a spirited kiss-off called "Clown," which seems to be aimed at Eminen, who has boasted of a dalliance with Ms. Carey. And "Yours," produced with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, is a delectable combination of breathy vocals and playful rhythms — it sounds like one long sigh.

    One of the things that makes Ms. Carey's music appealing — and sometimes infuriating — is her commitment to frivolity. She has a whim of iron, an almost perverse attraction to sentimentality in its most risible forms. Even hardcore fans probably have trouble taking her recent album titles seriously: "Butterfly," "Rainbow," "Glitter," "Charmbracelet." The imagery doesn't seem to fit her music, which can be sublime, or her voice, which is invariably astonishing, or her approach to her career, which is decidedly unsentimental.

    MS. CAREY'S popularity depends upon precisely this mixture, unlikely as it is, of easy sentimentality, canny professionalism and brilliant singing. (She'll be releasing the new album through her own imprint, MonarC. The name refers to three things at once: her own initials, her status as pop royalty and her infatuation with butterflies.) It's always tough to figure out where the sincerity ends — or perhaps where it starts — but maybe that's the point. Few performers would attempt a straightfaced version of "Bringin' On the Heartbreak," and even fewer would follow it with a tribute to a father who had recently died.

    So is Mariah Carey more herself than ever? It certainly sounds like it, although her comeback is still far from a sure thing. But maybe success isn't what really matters to her — or maybe it's all that matters. It's not easy to tell. First, she explains that music is an "emotional release" for her, then she talks about the process of choosing a single, then she changes her tune completely. "It's not that serious — it's only a fluff entertainment business," she says.

    Who knows whether the important word is "fluff" or "entertainment" or "business"?

    NY Times

    For a less positive review from the NY Daily News, click here. I didn't think it was worthy of putting on the site.

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