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DECEMBER 31, 2003 4:57PM
Mariah In Aspen

Check out these photos of Mariah shopping at the Christian Dior shop in Aspen, Colorado on December 26, 2003! Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view. We'll try to put up even larger images later, so keep checking back!

Mariah and Denise share ghosts of New Years past

Looking for a celebrity party to crash? Stars will be watching the ball drop tonight from a variety of vantage points. New Yorker Denise Rich is throwing open her Aspen home, where guests including Natalie Cole, Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson, Mariah Carey and Shannen Doherty will toast the New Year with Veuve Clicquot.

Source: New York Daily News

New Poll

Many thanks to Wally for inspiring our new poll, which asks what the ultimate Mariah event of 2003 was. Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked what your favorite track from Mariah's "Merry Christmas" album was. Here are the results:

  • 34% (995 votes) “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
  • 30% (896 votes) “O Holy Night”
  • 14% (427 votes) “Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)”
  • 7% (197 votes) “Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child”
  • 5% (146 votes) “Joy To The World”
  • 3% (100 votes) “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
  • 3% (78 votes) “Jesus Born On This Day”
  • 3% (75 votes) “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”
  • 1% (27 votes) “Silent Night”
  • 1% (25 votes) “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”
    Total Votes: 2,966

    Mariah dazzles in year-end specials

    Mariah Carey was featured in GMA 7's "Politics, Film, Etc," a special year-end special broadcasted and watched by an estimated 65 million viewers all through out the Philippine archipelago.

    The two minute clip featured Mariah as one of the most successful and alluring international artists that had made Filipino dreams possible by serenading her vocal acrobats to more than 30,000 concert goers last November 16 at The Fort, Philippines.

    The clip showed Mariah singing "Vision Of Love" while Filipino fans enjoying the moment including her hair-raising hyperspaced pitch note.

    On the other hand Mariah was also featured in 2BU section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer as the best concert ever that had struck Philippine shores in the annual Best Of 2BU in 2003.

    2BU is the Youth and lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines' leading newspaper broadsheet.

    Source: Hola Publishing | Carl Summers Roguel

    Mariah Carey is crooning for love

    Mariah Carey was recently spotted enjoying a romantic Aspen vacation with one time beau, Latin crooner Luis Miguel.

    Carey has reportedly been shuttling between a 100,000-dollar for 10 day, rented house on Red Mountain, and Miguel's house, one mountain away.

    A source from the New York Post saw Miguel eyeing a 20,000-dollars Art Deco vase at the Baldwin Modern store and saying, "This would be a perfect present for Mariah."

    Carey, meanwhile, blew 10,000-dollars on Dior skiwear, including a red "devil" jacket with matching pants. "She was so sweet. She was so happy, she's clearly getting action," says the source.

    However, there was no word on whether Mariah has run into her former husband Tommy Mottola, who has been hitting the slopes with his new wife, Thalia.

    Source: Yahoo! News

    Mariah's back with her old love

    Singer Mariah Carey is back in the arms of her on-off Latin boyfriend Luis Miguel. The couple split up two years ago, after he had a fling with Colombian sexpot Sofia Vergara. Now they're enjoying a romantic ski vacation together in Aspen.

    Carey has been shuttling between her rented houseon Red Mountain and Miguel's home nearby. Miguel let the cat out of the bag when he stopped by the Baldwin Modern store, eyed a $20,000 art deco vase and said: ''This would be a perfect present for Mariah.''

    Carey, meanwhile, wanted ''to look fetching'' for her beau and blew $10,000 on Dior ski wear, including a red jacket with matching pants.

    A source said: ''She was so happy she's clearly enjoying the attention.'' Her former husband Tommy Mottola is also in Aspen with new wife, Thalia.

    Source: Daily Record

    News Tidbits

    -- In Extra's Couples News yesterday, they mentioned Mariah spending time with Luis in Aspen. They showed a few old pics of them together and a few brief general clips of Mariah.

    -- It is confirmed that Mariah will perform in Indonesia at the Plenary Hall in Jakarta on February 15, 2004 at 7pm. According to Javamusikindo, the tickets should go on sale in mid-January with the following prices: Rp 500.000 (US$60), Rp. 1.350.000 (US$160), Rp. 1.750.000 (US$208).

    -- On Holland's Year-End charts, Mariah made several appearances with "I Know What You Want": on MTV's Top 100 Videos of 2003, it was #35. On the Mega Top 100, it was #38 and on the Top 50, it was #48.

    -- Two unofficial Mariah 2004 wall calendars, priced at £5.99, can be purchased online at

    -- From Utusan Online: In China, 2003 was the year of foreign acts. Mariah Carey performed her first China concert in Shanghai, while British bands Suede and Morcheeba played in Beijing.

    -- From 10NewsNow: Anna Allen comes to WTSP from Dallas, Texas where she was the morning meteorologist there. She was also an entertainment reporter there, and had the opportunity to interview Mariah Carey, P. Diddy, Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few.

    Source: Brian | Juan Fath | Sergio | Mister Cool

  • DECEMBER 30, 2003 1:24PM
    Aspen Heat

    It looks like Mariah Carey is back with Latin crooner Luis Miguel - they're enjoying a romantic Aspen vacation together. Carey has been shuttling between her rented house - which was a steal at $100,000 for 10 days - on Red Mountain and Miguel's, one mountain away.

    Miguel tipped off our spies this weekend when he stopped by the Baldwin Modern store, eyed a $20,000 Art Deco vase and said, "This would be a perfect present for Mariah." Carey, meanwhile, wanted to look fetching for her beau and blew $10,000 on Dior ski wear, including a red "devil" jacket with matching pants.

    "She was so sweet," one spy said. "She was so happy - she's clearly getting action." No word on whether Mariah has run into her former husband Tommy Mottola, who has been hitting the slopes with his new wife, Thalia.

    Source: New York Post

    Diddy moves closer to J.Lo, thanks to buys Mariah

    American rapper Sean 'P Diddy' Combs has recently bought a house in Miami, Florida, that was once owned by Grammy-winning songstress Mariah Carey, for a whopping 37.4 million dollars.

    The pad is located quite close to the one belonging to his ex-love Jennifer Lopez.

    "He still holds a torch for J.Lo and with all the problems she's been having with Ben Affleck, you just don't know what's around the corner," quoted one of his pals, as saying.

    Source: Yahoo! News

    Kathy Griffin makes wisecrack about Mariah

    On an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday night, comedian Kathy Griffin was on and made a wisecrack about Mariah, although it's a little confusing.

    According to Kathy, "Brendan Fraser's wife came three times to my show, and she re-enacted Mariah Carey getting her face clawed off by her own cat for my pleasure."

    Source: Pop Dirt

    David Spade knows how to shovel sarcasm

    "Sarcasm," David Spade notes, then pauses for effective comic timing, "you've got to reel it in." When Spade was a part of the Saturday Night Live cast over 10 years ago, he once commented, "Mariah Carey had a big hit this year with a remake of the Jackson 5's I'll Be There. Mariah, you know why Michael Jackson sang that song? So you don't have to. It's called originality. Look into it."

    Source: Houston Chronicle

    Mariah Carey: Strawberry Shortcake Soul?

    While Mariah Carey's Strawberry Shortcake soul still provides the template with which teen-pop cuties draw curlicues around those centerless Dianne Warren ballads, Mary J. Blige's earthbound influence informs the mama-don't-take-no-mess sweetness of Destiny's Child, Missy Elliott, Blu Cantrell, Alicia Keys, Pink, Lil' Mo, Sunshine Anderson, and the new schooler Blige most admires, Jill Scott.

    Source: Village Voice

    Jimmy Scott: Mariah overdoes her singing

    As to singers today, what advice can legendary jazz singer Jimmy Scott he offer them? "Study well the lyrics of the song," he says. "What is that story trying to say? Each writer writes a story of life and you have to learn how to project it. If it doesn't come natural, if they don't have that feeling, it doesn't work."

    When I mention the vocal gymnastics of Mariah Carey and company, Scott is unforgiving: "They overdo the thing, and I don't think they really benefit from it. If the song doesn't mean anything to them, how can it mean anything to you? It has to be part of life."

    Source: Independent News

    Naked Truth: Liz Phair steals Mariah's wardrobe

    In 2003, naked was in. Naked ambition was in vogue, too. Indie-rocker Liz Phair ambitiously sold off all her credibility to buy herself a hit with Avril Lavigne's songwriters, The Matrix, and what looks like Mariah Carey's wardrobe. Her single "Why Can't I?" became a modest hit with mainstream rockers but didn't come close to the blockbuster she so desperately wanted.

    Source: Newsday

    Prada bash hottest party in Aspen

    The party to be this week in Aspen is the VIP gathering at Prada, followed by dinner at the Caribou Club. Last time I went to a Prada party in Aspen I bumped into Ivana Trump, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Monica Lewinsky and Denise Rich. Now that's a guest list.

    Also due in Aspen: Music mogul Tommy Mottola with current wife, Mexican soap-star Thalia Sodi, and ex-wife Mariah Carey (not as a threesome!); Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.

    Source: Denver Post

    DECEMBER 27, 2003 1:28PM
    Mariah Carey Blackballed By Soho House

    W Magazine reports that word is, Mariah Carey was recently blackballed from the Soho House because of the size of her posse. "Nobody wanted to deal with her showing up with all those assistants and trainers and cousins and friends," a founding member of the club sniffed. "The whole point of this place is so that people don't have to deal with crap like that."

    Source: Pop Dirt

    Simon Tells Mariah: Don't Lose Touch With Reality

    Recording executive and American Idol judge Simon Cowell has released a book entitled "I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But..." in which he makes commentaries about various performers. Here's what he has to say about Mariah:

    "I quite like Mariah Carey, and I had the opportunity to spend some time with her in the studio, but I can honestly say it was one of the weirdest experiences in my life. During the entire afternoon I spent with her, there was only one subject that she could talk about: herself. It was also the only subject her entourage could talk about. At the time, she was beginning a period of decline in her career, but you would never have known if from the people around her. They agreed with her on everything, whether it was her publicists or makeup people or backing singers.

    In this particular case, we met because she had produced and sung a duet with one of my groups, Westlife. When the tape was sent to me, I played it and I was absolutely horrifed. It was terrible. I phoned her record company in London to tell them that I wasn't putting the record out. They fought, but I held my ground. Finally, they asked whether I would tell Maraih myself, and I said that I would be happy to. That's why I had to fly to Canada to meet her and, in the midst of her "yes" brigade, tell her that I thought the production was horrendous and needed to be changed before the record could be released. When I said as much, there was a deadly silence; it was as if I had spit on the Queen in court. But I couldn't care less. I just wanted a hit.

    In the end, we did change the record, and it went to number one. I have to say that I love Mariah. She is a genuine star and ironically her diva-ness is part of her appeal. But I wasn't surprised when her career went downhill: It was clear that she had no one around her to tell her the truth. Prince was probably in a similar situation, and it cost him dearly. I don't think he has put out a decent record in ten years."

    Source: Diva Central | Erik | MariahsRod

    Tommy and Thalia "bump" into Mariah in Aspen

    A very uncomfortable situation happened between Thalia and the ex-wife or her powerful husband. The singer was with Tommy Mottola in Aspen, Colorado when both ran into Mariah Carey, his ex.

    According to viewers and a TV show "Cotocorreando" from Telemundo, when Mottola (boss of Casablanca Records) saw Carey he decided to grap his wife as fast as he could and went back home, leaving the skiing for a more "convenient" time. Mariah, on the other hand, continued having fun with her group of friends showing no signs of stress.

    Source: Ofuxico Online | MariahsRod

    Stacie Orrico lists Mariah in Top 5 favorite albums

    Stacie Orrico recently listed her Top 5 favorite albums of the year in Teen People Magazine. Mariah's "Charmbracelet" was listed at #5, Aretha Franklin's "So Damn Happy" at #4, Justin Timberlake's "Justified" at #3, "Up!" by Shania Twain at #2 and "Speakerboxx/The Love Below" by OutKast at #1.

    Source: Stacie Orrico Online

    Mariah's calendar price cut in half

    The price of Mariah's Official 2004 Calendar has been sliced in half! Log on to now to purchase it for only $6.50! Stores such as FYE, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble and other calendar retailers should also be selling it at a similar price.

    Source: | MariahCharms

    KL stop for Mariah’s World Tour

    You've probably heard that singer/actress Mariah Carey is coming to town for her first-ever concert in Malaysia. Scheduled for a one-night performance at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 22 (7pm), the show will be part of the Mariah Carey Charmbracelet 2003/2004 World Tour.

    Hailed as the biggest-selling female recording artiste of all time, Mariah’s albums and singles have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. She catapulted to stardom in 1990 with the release of her eponymous album that yielded a record-setting four consecutive No. 1 singles — Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and Someday I Don't Wanna Cry.

    She followed up with albums such as Emotions, Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow (all under Sony Music) and Glitter (under EMI Music).

    To date, the Grammy Award-winning singer has had more No.1 singles than any female artiste, surpassing both the Supremes (with 12) and Madonna (11). She also has more No.1 songs than any currently-active recording artiste.

    Charmbracelet is Mariah’s ninth studio album (the first to be released under her new label, Def Jam/Universal) and it has spawned hits such as Through The Rain, Bringing On The Heartbreak and Boy (I Need You).

    So, how and where do you grab hold of the tickets for the glamorous diva’s show?

    According to a spokesperson from the concert promoter Galaxy Productions, tickets are priced between RM65 and RM385 (subject to change) and will be available from the second week of January.

    "We will kick off the ticket sales with priority bookings which will be offered only to MasterCard holders," he said. Cash purchases will be made available at selected ticket outlets a few weeks later.

    As for the choice of Stadium Merdeka as the concert venue, the decision was made by the singer herself, he said.

    "It was Mariah’s request to have an intimate concert with her fans in a smaller venue. We initially proposed the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil which has a seating capacity of 50,000. But her management decided on Stadium Merdeka. We’re aiming for 30,000 fans."

    After her concert in KL, she is scheduled to perform in Dubai before going on to London where she will star in a play at the West End."

    Mariah performed in Seoul, Korea and Shanghai, China last month as part of the World Tour before returning to the US to conclude the US-leg of the concert series in time for Christmas. The tour also includes Jakarta, Cebu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Pusan, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

    Presented by TM Net, the Malaysian concert marks the first English international act brought in by Galaxy Productions, which has given us shows by top Asian singers in such as Jackie Cheung, Emil Chau, A-Mei and David Tao.

    Source: New Straits Times

    Mariah Carey will perform at the JCC Jakarta

    Since last November, it was reported that pop diva Mariah Carey will perform in Jakarta and several other countries in South-East Asia. However, several tour plans failed, because of various reasons. Thankfully the organiser of the concert in Indonesia, Java Musikindo, continued to investigate and used various methods to bring the singer, who also acted with the actress Mira Sorvino in the film WiseGirls, to Jakarta.

    Java Musikindo succeeded in convincing the agency's team and the management of Mariah Carey, to perform at the Plenary Hall JCC, Senayan, Jakarta. For Java Musikindo, this Mariah Carey concert was the second concert that was advertised in the same month, the first one was the Korn concert, the rock group from Bakersfield, Los Angeles.

    Source: Gatra News | Heroes Of Mariah

    Fans have a Mariah little Christmas

    Mariah Carey closed her "Charmbracelet" tour Monday on a high note, though not nearly as high as some of those she hit on stage.

    The Christmas theme to her concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center meant that, for a change, the quality of a handful of her songs matched her vocal talent.

    The 33-year-old diva -- one of pop's rare few who can outperform her professional backing singers -- chooses to overuse her seven-octave voice, singing dozens of the notes surrounding each one she's reaching for.

    On the mediocre pop songs she crafts with her cadre of rap industry pals, this technique can be monotonous and grating. But on Monday night, it elevated trusty Christmas chestnuts such as "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" to new levels of enjoyment.

    Carey's voice is truly extraordinary, especially when it stays perfectly in pitch while knocking between the dog-high notes.

    Most of the concert was still standard Mariah, however. Fans got the skimpy, sparkly greatest hits ("Heartbreaker," "Honey," "Dreamlover") and the skimpy, sparkly outfits that almost outnumbered them (the gold dress, the red one, the black one).

    With no less than 10 costume changes, a good part of the show was turned over to Carey's supporting players -- four backup singers, five musicians and six goofily clad dancers. One dude spent 12 whole minutes singing his heart out while Carey was backstage, which was not something the audience paid to see.

    Carey's infamous 2001 emotional breakdown was referenced exactly once. Unfortunately, it was referenced less delicately than a club over the head. During the new "My Saving Grace," a giant monitor flashed troubled Mariah photos and press clippings screaming "Mariah's Breakdown," followed by hilariously contrived graphics to prove she's fixed now -- such as more relaxed photos and a positive recent album review.

    Carey dedicated "Hero" to her fans, thanking them for believing in her through thick and thin. Then she waded into the crowd to sign autographs and clasp outstretched hands.

    She slipped into psycho diva mode when some closing-night pie-throwing erupted among the band members.

    "As long as nobody does it to me, I'm OK," she said, "because I will cut somebody in a minute!" (Yeah, off the payroll.)

    It feels relevant to note that her highness went on nearly an hour past ticket time and employed a well-mannered gentleman to stand on stage holding water and blotting tissues throughout her two-hour performance.

    Source: Daily Breeze

    Don’t Scorn Mariah’s Extravagance

    Below is a letter from Pablo Vargas to the editor of The Hoya, a newspaper which printed an article titled “Mariah Carey Doesn’t Deserve Extravagance" that critisized Mariah:

    "I would just like to comment on the article you recently wrote about Mariah Carey and her “extravagance”. It is true, I like her and her music, but I don’t consider myself a hardcore, blinded fan. However, I must object to the remark you make to Miss Carey. So she is extravagant, and wants 350 pairs of shoes on her show … tell me, what women wouldn’t want to have 350 pairs of shoes? Does that bother you? I like her music, but I don’t care if she has 350 or just two pairs of shoes. If she is demanding, well, most of us are. She doesn’t like being asked personal questions, do you?

    My point is, besides defending the artist and her undeniable talent, to make you reflect that you should not attack people the way you do just because people are stars.”

    Source: The Hoya

    News Tidbits

    -- From The Oregonian: Among the 2003 highlights was International superstar Mariah Carey making her first Portland appearance at the Schnitz, modeling a wide variety of striking outfits, from form-fitting formal gowns to sexy T-shirts and short-shorts. For added entertainment value, she also sang.

    -- From Press Of Atlantic City: The entertainment story of 2003 is the rebirth of Atlantic City as a destination that appealed to young audiences. People flocked to big shows at casinos at newly renovated Boardwalk Hall and the new Borgata. Among the star attractions were Korn, Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, and Mariah Carey.

    -- From The Straits Times: Are tummies the new clevage? In the 1990s, singers Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey started showing off their bellies in jeans that had their tops chopped off.

    -- Last week in Portugal, two different shows featured peformances of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Check out Katiliana and Sofia Barbosa performing the song at Operacao Triunfo Online.

    -- Mariah's "Through The Rain" music video landed at #17 on MTV Asia's 2003 Year-End Hit List Chart.

    -- Every year, Radio 2, a popular Dutch radio station, has a Top 2,000 countdown voted by the listeners. Last year it was the most listened program of the year. This year, Mariah's "Without You" and "Hero" made the list, coming in at #1,964 and #1,874, respectively.

    Source: RCardoso | HamC | Martijn

    DECEMBER 24, 2003 5:10PM
    Mariah Daily's Holiday Contest - Win an Autographed CD!

    Happy holidays everyone! Mariah Daily would like to wish you a great holiday season and a splendid new year!

    To celebrate the new year, we're putting up a creative contest in the holidays spirit. In addition, the Mariah Daily visitors will be the ones deciding the winner!

    In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is send us your creative idea to make Mariah fans happy this season.
    It can be a poem, a wallpaper, a song, logo - anything you have in mind.

    We will decide on the ten best entries, show them on the site and the visitors will vote on a poll deciding who the winner is. The winner's prize for the new year will be an authentic autographed CD of "Charmbracelet" by Mariah.

    ** Please e-mail us your entries by January 1st, 2004.
    ** Please take into consideration that if you intend on sending us large-sized files, we will not be able to host them on the site fully.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- Be sure to visit our Charmbracelet Tour Section for new pictures from the Seattle and Las Vegas concerts.

    -- In case you were wondering about your messages, Aladerri has managed to give Mariah the Las Vegas fanbook during the actual show while she performed "Make It Happen".

    -- In her recent Tucson concert, Mariah had wished the audience a "Happy Hannukah" as the 19th was the first night of the holiday. She noted that she wore her blue ensemble because it was festive for Hannukah.

    -- From The Age: "Kelly Clarkson's stepfather calls her Mariah Kelly, because it sounds a bit like Mariah Carey, who is a singer, like Kelly."

    -- The girl from the movie "Love Actually" sang "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on the Wayne Brady show today.

    -- In the MTV Cribs episode of Wilmer Valderrama from the TV series "That '70s Show", he was joking as he pointed down at his bathtub and said "Yeah--sometimes when I come home at around 6 in the evening after working, I come in here, and there's Mariah Carey. It's really random but she's just really sweet for coming over" and on the side it showed the part where Mariah was in her bathtub.

    -- Laura sent us the following message;
    "My name is Laura Crook and I am working as the Blackpool Mariah Carey Rep for Mariah Carey UK. I am trying to get in contact with as many lambs from the Blackpool and Preston are in Lancashire, UK. Any fan who contacts me will be able to gain information about UK fan events, maybe in advance of being made public on the web, information about local fan events and any local news concerning Mariah Carey, be it newspaper articles, requesting songs etc. If anyone would like to contact me: If anyone would like to contact me from other parts of the country, I can put them in touch with the nearest rep to you."

    Source: Nicho | Aladerri | Maggie | Jason | Jimmy

    DECEMBER 23, 2003 4:56PM
    Mariah Carey set to stir up a storm in Kuala Lumpur

    Diva Mariah Carey, who was named the “World’s Best-Selling Female Artiste of the Millennium” at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo last October, is set to stir up a storm here in February.

    Travelling the globe since June to promote her Charmbracelet album, the singer who has sold over 150 million albums during her career, will appear for Malaysian fans for the first time at a one-night concert at Merdeka Stadium on Feb 22.

    The show, billed ‘An Intimate Evening with Mariah Carey – Charmbracelet World Tour 2004’ is part of a global extravaganza which has taken her across Asia, North America and Europe.

    After the scheduled Christmas/New Year break, Carey will complete her world tour in several Asian cities which, besides Kuala Lumpur, also include Guangzhou and Beijing in China; Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong; Cebu in the Philippines and Pusan, Korea.

    Since her unplugged version of “I’ll Be There” in 1992, Carey has become a household name among music lovers worldwide, winning accolades, which include two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards and Billboard’s “Artiste of the Decade” award.

    Renowned for her vocal prowess, especially her spectacular five-octave range, her career had not been a smooth ride all the way. Two years ago when Carey, afflicted with personal and professional problems, was subjected to the constant glare of the limelight.

    But her darkest days seem to be behind her after she embarked on her first world tour in more than three years, in support of her latest release, Charmbracelet.

    Her Malaysian concert is organised by Galaxy Production and presented by Celcom and TMNet.

    At press time, according to concert sources, Carey’s show permit for her Malaysian showcase is still being processed. Further enquiries can be made to Galaxy at hotline 03-2282-2020.

    Source: The Star Online

    News Tidbits

    -- BET's Christmas Rememberances Special, which features Mariah performing "Joy To The World" and "One Sweet Day" will air tomorrow (December 24) at 6:00pm. It will also reair on Christmas Day at 12:00am, 9:00am and 1:00pm. All airings are in Eastern Standard Time.

    -- From The New York Post: We hear that Tommy Mottola and both his current wife Thalia and ex-wife Mariah Carey will be in Aspen over the holidays, keeping their distance.

    -- From The Las Vegas Sun: Mike Tyson took in the Mariah Carey show at the Aladdin on Saturday night.

    -- From The New York Post: Rao's - the 10-table East Harlem eatery with food so good, some would kill for it - exists in a realm beyond trendy and exclusive. To get a table, even the famous need to know someone. Madonna has been turned away. Not until last February - more than two years after he left office - did Bill Clinton get to eat there. Rao's regulars have included Elizabeth Hurley, Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey, Willie Nelson and Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin.

    -- Please continue to vote for Mariah on MTV France's Top 100 Songs of 2003 poll. She is currently #5 with "Through The Rain" and #7 with "I Know What You Want."

    Source: Maya Tzadik | PiCkSDu26

    DECEMBER 22, 2003 4:51PM
    Carey brings full range of gifts to Aladdin Theatre

    The new millennium hasn't been particularly kind to Mariah Carey, but you'd never know it judging from the first few rows Saturday night.

    A few dozen diehard members of the beleaguered pop star's international fan club descended on the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts hours early. Many toted Mariah scrapbooks, photos of Carey and giant signs intended to attract the attention of the 33-year-old vocalist.

    "All the way from Mexico to see you," read one placard held high by a young man in a Santa Claus costume.

    Carey's fanatics, who filled much of the theater's front section, stood for most of the 1-hour, 45-minute concert, ballads included. They screamed when the singer reached her high notes, jiggled to her dance numbers and hugged one another after moments of brief eye contact with the headliner.

    Those seated nearby seemed less than thrilled with the display. But Carey reacted warmly, smiling at her devotees and inviting a few to the stage for quick handshakes throughout the show.

    Near the end of the night Carey dedicated her 1993 hit "Hero" to the "fans who have supported me through good times and bad."

    During the 1990s, Carey reigned as one of popular music's unquestioned superstars. The Long Island, N.Y., native had at least one single reach No. 1 in each year of that decade, a unique historical accomplishment.

    The past several years haven't been as rosy for Carey, however. Bizarre public behavior, romantic misfortunes, a reported rehabilitation stint and the disastrous movie/album project "Glitter" soiled her reputation, the last causing Virgin Records to buy out her contract.

    Carey acknowledged those dark days with a video montage during "My Saving Grace," a reflective cut from her latest album, "Charmbracelet." Tabloid headlines such as "Mariah's Breakdown" appeared on the screen as she innocently crooned the lyrics, "I've still got a lot to learn."

    During such quieter moments, Carey's famous five-octave voice sparkled. Her upper-register squeals brought cheers from the crowd of around 5,000, but her work in her lower ranges was really more impressive, sounding rich and vibrant.

    Other times -- such as during an upbeat run through "Joy to the World," one of three Christmas songs performed -- a five-piece band and four backing vocalists overpowered Carey almost entirely.

    Two "duets" with nonpresent rappers Busta Rhymes and Ol' Dirty Bastard had an odd live-yet-not feel, with Carey's male counterparts shown singing their recorded parts onscreen.

    Carey was actually one of 16 onstage most of the night. Six dancers completed the ensemble, helping turn "Honey," "Fantasy" and other familiar tunes into full-stage production numbers.

    Carey's 15 castmates also helped pass the time while the star was off changing costumes, something she did nine times Saturday night.

    The outfits alternated from skimpy (pink hotpants and a blue tank top with an "Automatic Princess" decal) to stately (an elegant black cocktail dress). All were intended to accentuate Carey's shapely body, which was made quite visible with a variety of low-cut necklines and belly-baring bikinis.

    Revolving clothing aside, Carey's diva side kept a relatively low profile. An onstage attendant did hold her drink as she sipped from a straw early on, but by concert's end she managed to complete the feat all by herself.

    Dressed in a two-piece Santa getup, Carey finished with an encore of "All I Want for Christmas is You." Mariah's loyal fans felt the same way, and got what they asked for a few nights early.

    Source: Las Vegas Sun

    Two of Mariah's 'lambs' ruin concert experience

    For a while, I was supportive of the two freaky fans who screamed throughout Mariah Carey's concert on Saturday. On the one hand, I sympathized with them when people asked them to sit, not stand. Spending $200 on a seat should allow someone to get up and dance.

    I even appreciated it when they exaggerated their mouth openings to express how well they knew the words to each song as they swayed in the fourth row at the Aladdin Theatre. That was just living it up.

    But man, those two women, who looked to be in their early 20s, were The Most Annoying Fans of the Year. They ear-piercingly squealed "WHOO-HOOO" and "WHAH!" constantly. This wasn't merely the level of earsplitting that 'N Sync used to stir. It seemed to me they shrieked every 10 seconds during the entire hour and 45 minutes.

    These two fans apparently had seen enough Carey concerts to memorize the segment when Carey sang the names of her band members. They sang-screamed every name along with her, like this: "Lionel Cole! Woo-hoo!" Then they jumped up and down, and they waved their arms, and they hugged.

    Shortly after that, Carey was half-singing a supposedly true story about something or another, and the two fans screamed along to the words of Carey's story: "WE HAD A TOTAL AND COMPLETE MESS! WOOO!" Then they jumped up and down, and they waved their arms, and they hugged.

    For a moment, I thought Carey was peeved at them. She cautioned them several times not to scream out her punch lines before she got to the lines herself. They did so anyway.

    Then I realized that Carey couldn't be mad with the people she calls her "lambs." After all, she's the one who took a bath in her house on MTV and invited fans to show up at her home, which some of them did.

    Sure enough, near the end of this night, right before Carey hit the climax in "Vision of Love," she saw one of these two freaky women trying to reach her but who kept getting stopped by a security guard. Carey reached out and grabbed her hand.

    Carey even thanked them and "all the real, die-hard fans in the audience." That was nice and smart of her, I thought. But she wasn't subjected to those two women's screaming next to her all night.

    If you are wondering why I have spent so many words on the behavior of this happy twosome, it is because pop concerts are an interactive experience, unlike movies. And in rare instances, I get stuck seated next to a horror show such as this one, making me feel unable to evaluate the performer fairly.

    Fortunately, I had seen Carey perform in July at Caesars Palace. I was lured to Saturday's show at the Aladdin because it was said to be a holiday concert. This was not so. It was the same show as in July, except Carey threw in a few Christmas tunes.

    In July, the 33-year-old Carey wore eight tight costumes, including a rhinestone skirt and bra ensemble, pink short-shorts and a Harley Davidson T-shirt. This time, there were her eight outfits, plus a ninth, a slutty-Santa thing she wore for "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

    Carey used fewer dancers this go-round. Last time, she had 11, this time six. Once again, five band members and four back-up, gospel-trained singers breezed through her pop hits, inspirationals and ballads, from the good "Fantasy" and "Daydreamer" to the palatable "I'll Be There" and "Hero."

    Carey went over well enough with most of the rest of the crowd to merit several standing ovations. I'm guessing they were surrounded by saner types.

    Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Happy Holidays from Honey B. Fly

    This has been a great year for Honey B. Fly, the Official Mariah Carey Fan Club. Honey B. Fly and Mariah want to wish you a very Happy Holiday. May this time of year bring you as much joy and happiness as it does Mariah. We look forward to making Honey B. Fly even more fun in 2004.

    In a look back at 2003 these are some of the highlights: We sent more than 12 members front row tickets to see Mariah perform. Over 100 members went back stage after the shows on the tour to meet Mariah. We sent Lamb of the Month winners a signed poster of Mariah and provided one lucky winner the chance to meet Mariah and appear on the Today Show. We added a section to the site so you can upload photos and comments from appearance's Mariah has made and added a tour forum to the message boards so people were able to meet up at the shows, discuss their tickets and what they planned to wear to the concert. In addition, we just gave a member the signed bass guitar from Mariah and Randy Jackson as our Holiday Gift.

    Next year we will offer many of the ideas brought to us by you're the fan club member. One example is our chance to offer members email addresses. We also plan to have Honey B. Fly members work on the new shirt for all those that renew their membership.

    2004 will bring new contests, more opportunity to meet Mariah and a first glimpse at news and details of Mariah's career. Keep a look out in your mailbox for the first Honey B. Fly Newsletter. You will be able to see more photos from the tour and take part in a trivia crossword puzzle. There is even a surprise in the newsletter.

    Source: Honey B. Fly

    News Tidbits

    -- From The Scotsman: On the list of Britain's All-Time Greatest Chart Acts, which will appear in the 17th edition of the book of British Hit Singles, published by Guinness, next year, Mariah Carey moves up seven places from #45 last year to #38 this year.

    -- From The New York Post: St. Barts, once a semi-private hideaway for the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other wealthy families, is still one of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean. It attracts celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Elton John and Mariah Carey.

    -- It's Christmas time and the fans can vote for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" all around the world! The former is available for voting on Magic 101.9 and YTV Online, while the latter is available for voting on MTV Germany.

    Source: Pascal Bellerose

    DECEMBER 21, 2003 1:42PM
    Charmbracelet Tour 2004?

    An advertisement on Java Musikindo, an Indonesian music site, announced today that Mariah will give a concert in Jakarta at Plennary Hall’s 8,000-seat Jakarta Convention Center on February 15, 2004.

    The Indonesian concert date was first announced exclusively on several months ago, when it was scheduled beforehand to occur on November 20, 2003.

    It is currently unknown why the original deal fell through, although initial reports suggest that the concert’s promoter, Adrie Subono, had asked Mariah to dress conservatively because November was the month of Ramadhan for Muslims, who make up nearly 85% of the Indonesian population.

    Tickets are scheduled to go on sale soon. For information regarding reservations and pre-sale packages, Indonesian fans should contact the Java Musikindo offices by dialing 021-57988623-5.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Heroes Of Mariah

    Mariah spotlights her recovery, wardrobe

    Mariah Carey is doing just fine. She promises. Triumph was the theme of her Friday show at the TCC Arena and Carey whacked her audience over the head with it.

    During "My Saving Grace," childhood photos, press clippings ("Mariah's Breakdown" then "Mariah, Standing Again") and recent post-flip images of Carey looking relaxed were projected on the backdrop.

    In addition to her songs, which often alluded to the singer's 2001 physical and emotional breakdown and subsequent recovery, Carey sewed together the set with banter about, you guessed it, recovering.

    Though when she wasn't obsessing over her rough 2001 - worse things have happened to people - Carey was on.

    Her 2-hour show was a sort of seasonal take on her greatest hits, mixing Christmas songs with chart-toppers.

    The 33-year-old singer entered from the rear of the arena wearing a sequined skirt and a halter top. She walked down the aisle to a remixed "Heartbreaker." Once on stage, it took her 90 seconds to plug one ear and break into her signature high-octave squeal-singing - it's not a recording studio trick. Astonishingly, she was never out of tune in that tonal stratosphere.

    For the first few songs ("Dreamlover," "My All") the stage was crowded with Christmas decorations, three backup singers, five musicians and six goofily clad dancers - a tutu, a red-glitter top hat and gypsy attire were part of the wardrobe.

    Another interesting production decision had Edgar Degas and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec paintings projected on the backdrop during "Dreamlover."

    Carey went through nine outfits during her 16 songs, all of them designed to highlight the singer's physique - which is sort of like her second instrument. She plays it well.

    Arpeggio after arpeggio were followed by hip-thrust after hip-thrust, though the moves were a little classier when she wore one of four evening gowns. One of her skirts was so short that she had to cover up with a blanket as she sat down to sing "Through the Rain."

    During "Fantasy," which was a duet with Old Dirty Bastard thanks to the miracle of videotape, Carey wore gym shorts that would have gotten you kicked out of gym. Fast.

    Carey's thigh-bearing take on Mrs. Claus came during "All I Want for Christmas is You" a return to the wall-of-sound Christmas song.

    For "I Know What You Want," another video duet, this time with Busta Rhymes, she had on cutoff jeans and a Harley-Davidson shirt. This outfit lasted for about a verse before Carey left the stage to change again.

    The audience of almost 6,000 didn't seem to mind the long wardrobe breaks - thanks in part to the deft backup singers who entertained them with Southern-style soul during one of Carey's costume changes.

    Carey dedicated "Hero" to her fans and thanked them for sticking with her during the ups and downs. Then, dressed in a really shiny gold number, she went down to her people, many of whom were crying, and touched them.

    Source: Arizona Daily Star

    An Intimate Evening In Arizona: A Fan's Review

    If I have to describe Mariah Carey's concert in a few words, they should be exciting, full of energy, a perfect show and a lot of emotions. The TCC Arena was not a place where we could see Mariah getting inside the arena; as in other theaters and arenas, so the show started at 7 pm. Many fans were waiting, and Mariah's music was everywhere. There was a lot of expectation because Shania Twain was playing at the same time in Phoenix, which is a city about 1 hour from Tucson.

    When we got inside the TCC arena, the stage was almost the same than the average version of the tour, but this time with Christmas adornments, and huge Christmas trees. People went to buy merchandise, and find their seats. The show started at 8:00 when the opening number was a 7-year-old girl who sang a catchy song entitled “Automatic Princess.” When she left, we waited for almost one hour. The crowd started feeling angry and eager to see Mariah. A few people started screaming bad stuff to Mariah. It was really a not good moment. Then a group of fans started screaming Mariah’s name over and over. It was something nice from them, and then the whole audience was screaming "Mariah" instead of boo-ing.

    After just one or two minutes, the big screen played the intro video for the show; dancers and the host were preparing the audience. Mariah appeared from the audience singing and looking good with a blue sexy outfit. While she was performing "Heartbreaker" and "Dreamlover" everyone forgot the bad incident with all the angry people yielding to an hour and a half delayed Mariah.

    The next two songs were “Through The Rain” and “My All.” Both songs showed Mariah's amazing voice, which sounded perfect; even when we all knew Mariah has been sick during the past days. While Mariah was singing “Through The Rain,” a girl from the TCC security staff asked me for my camera, that really made me angry; so I couldn't enjoy this amazing song. When Mariah started singing “My All,” I though I had to enjoy the moment, so I forgot about the camera.

    One of the best moments of the night came when the first Christmas song was going to start; on the film shown on the screen, appeared an old cartoon with Santa Claus and his reindeers, then Mariah appeared with a large suit singing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Gloria (In Excelsis Deo)," she sang just like she sounds on the Merry Christmas album, a little bit stronger. When she was singing lights were shinning over me and my billboard with the "Mariah Carry Me" message, she smiled and she singled out for my area and said "I see you right there!" then I appeared on the big screen. That was so amazing!

    The next part of the concert was "Honey" and "I Know What You Want." Mariah kept the show in a climax the whole night, which is great for any singer. Mariah looked so sexy with the classic outfits for each one of the songs. Many people from Tucson know how to speak Spanish, so they were excited for hearing Mariah speaking Spanish during the introduction of the video of "Honey," even when Mariah has a pronunciation mistake on one word. Who cares!

    Mariah appeared on the stage with a large suit, the one she has been using to sing "Clown." She introduced "My Saving Grace," which was perhaps the most emotive song of the evening. Films and pictures showed of positive moments, Mariah with fans, and with her family. Mariah improvised a little because she add the "Jesus is the answer" phrase on the climax of the song. I really felt this song, and it made me feel closer to Mariah. This song means a lot for me too.

    Mariah changed her outfit once again, she appeared with a new black sexy suit. She introduced her musicians and singers with the jazz presentation. Mariah joked a little bit, she remained us that she has been sick and her voice was not perfect, she said "I'm doing the best I can, with what I got." She was introducing her band, she said she was not going to be able to reach low tones, but at the end of the day, she could.

    After introducing the amazing back up singers, Mariah and Trey Lorenz made a few comments about the #1 single "I'll be there," the whole performance was amazing, and both voices were perfect; I get amazed with Trey's voice. He also performed "Friend of mine," I really enjoyed these songs.

    The screen showed an old Christmas movie with Santa Claus, the musicians start playing and Mariah appeared with another outfit, this time she was wearing a large red outfit. She sang "Joy to the world" with her amazing voice, the performance was full of energy and the crow was singing along. By the way, Mariah's voice sounded here better than in the album. After the amazing Christmas performance, Mariah introduced the following song. Mariah: "I know all my fans know this song," of course, I knew what song she was talking about. "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)." The following songs were ! the classic "Fantasy" and the gospel track "Make it happen." During the "Make it happen" performance, Mariah looked two different outfits, including a large glittering dress.

    The last part of the show began when Mariah introduced her first single, she explained she wrote the song when she was very, very young, and that this song was her first single ever. Mariah even signed an autograph while she was singing, she said "I don't know if I can do this, but I'm gonna try!" After "Vision of love" Mariah thank her fans for being with her during the good and bad moments of her career, she knows this song means a lot for many people, and she know how to handle with the emotions of the fans. "Hero" was very special and the whole crowd was singing the fan hymn. She went into the crowd and show people's hands. When she ended "Hero" the butterfly chorus was being played and sung by the back up singers and the fans.

    Mariah said "Thank you" and she said "bye"...I was like ! "she is supposed to sing All I want for Christmas is you," the rest of the crowd was still seat, they knew Mariah was going to sing the last song. After all the mystery, Mariah appeared up the stairs singing "All I want for Christmas is you." She was wearing a sexy Santa outfit, My brother was like "OH BOY...look at her!" This was one of my favorite songs, a lot of cool music, dancers, snow falling, Christmas gifts, this is one of those moments when you really enjoy the magical season. When she was over her dancers who took her away from the stage, while she was saying "Thank You Tucson," she closed the show with the classic "Merry Christmas." and the film on the screen a Santa Claus saying good bye.

    After the concert I went to pick up my camera, and I was surprised because I saw many, many people waiting to pick up their cameras. When I had my camera and my photos I went outside the TCC arena, I wanted to see Mariah; I knew there were just a few possibilities to see her, but anyway I was eager to see her once again. I found her bus, so I waited for over one hour.

    I saw two guys waiting to see MC too. They were walking around, one of them asked me if I could see something, and I answered that I was waiting but I didn't see anything yet. A security guy came to us and he told us that he didn't want to disappoint us, but Mariah left in a limo. We did not believe a word, and we kept waiting. The two guys even trespassed the Tucson Convention Center, they couldn't see anything. Unfortunately, they were discovered, so they left. A few minutes after I left too.

    The whole evening was great! I enjoyed the concert as the first time I saw Mariah, she is very professional because she was sick and even so, she sang as a goddess of music. Every single thing of the concert was amazing, I really loved it...and I hope to repeat the experience. Every time I see Mariah I like her even more. I just have a recommendation, Mariah has be mo! re punctual because a fan can understand the situation, but any other person deserves to be angry if Mariah delays one hour and a half, as she did.

    Source: Mariah Hero

    News Tidbits

    -- Scott Alan, a huge Mariah fan and fellow musical artist and lyricist, has a new musical which will be opening soon in New York City called "Piece." Logon to to hear music clips and read the latest news updates. Be sure to sign the guestbook with your thoughts!

    -- Mariah's remake of Def Leppard's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" was named the #2 Top Cover Song Video of 2003 as voted by viewers. Kid Rock's rendition of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" was the #1 video on the survey, while Johnny Cash's cover version of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" rounded out the Top 3.

    -- Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has surpassed the 20 million radio audience impression barrier, placing it at #2 on Pop Radio with over 5 million audience impressions, #15 on Adult Contemporary Radio with nearly 12 million audience impressions, and #15 on Rythmic Radio with nearly 2 million audience impressions.

    -- It appears that Mariah made even more appearances than originally announced on Billboard Magazine's "2003: The Year In Music" review list. "Charmbracelet" placed #61 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, while "Through The Rain" made #7 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales chart and placed #26 on the Dance Music/Club Play chart.

    Source: Scott Alan | Mariah, Inc. | Rod | Jason | marbelous

    DECEMBER 20, 2003 6:29PM
    Carey belts out crisp, dreamy songs

    Mariah Carey came to Tucson last night for her first concert ever here and my daughter, Sara, and I both went.

    It was supposed to start at 7:30, but the five-octave diva didn't make it to the stage until nearly 9 p.m.

    Young people - those not in their 40s - apparently are used to this and can find almost anything to keep themselves occupied until showtime.

    Sarah, pointing to a child who looked about 4, said, "Look at that little girl over there, singing Mariah Carey songs to herself. See, I told you that you didn't need to freak about getting here right on time."

    Others spent their time in sarcasm. "I could have gone to the Shania Twain concert in Phoenix and still gotten back in time for this one," someone nearby said.

    Sara and I stood on our chairs to see Carey when she finally made her entrance, surrounded by her entourage and security guards, from the back of the arena.

    Her angelic voice soon soothed the near-sellout crowd as she sang "Heartbreaker" and "Dream Lover," songs that made her a nearly overnight sensation at age 20.

    Then Carey left the stage and changed outfits. She did this nine times during the hour and 45 minutes of her performance.

    "Maybe they were still ironing all those clothes and that's why she didn't get to start on time," I said. Sara gave no response, unless you count eye rollings.

    Sara definitely liked some of the clothing, or lack of it, more than I did.

    That aside, there was an exuberance and energy that showed her audience that the old Mariah Carey, the one before the nervous breakdown in 2001, was back and strong.

    The songs, including a sprinkling of Christmas carols, were crisp and dreamy and just what the crowd of "lambs," as Carey calls her fans, came to hear.

    The crowd got to hear some of the songs on her newest album, "Charmbracelet," including "Through the Rain," which like many of Carey's self-penned lyrics was fairly autobiographical.

    "Thanks to every one of you devoted fans for sticking with me through the good times and the bad time," Carey said. Then she dedicated her song "Hero" to them.

    "That was a bad concert, Mom," said Sarah. With feigned oblivion, I replied, "No, I really liked it."

    Again with the eye rolling. I may be in my 40s, but I do know the teenage definition of "bad."

    Source: Tucson Citizen | Gabe | DefJamMariah85

    Mariah's Well-Traveled Outfit

    Singing superstar Mariah Carey may be renowned for her diva ways -- but even she has been spotted recycling outfits. The singer has worn one of her skimpy, sparkly bra and skirt outfits on at least four occasions over the past few weeks -- very unusual for such a high-maintenance star.

    After she first wore the revealing combination in September in New York, it traveled with her to London's Wembley Arena and Glasgow in October and she slipped into it again on Wednesday night in California.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Ten new photos of Mariah performing in Tucson and Seattle have been added to our temporary Charmbracelet Tour section courtesy of Gina Shields and Francisco Medina.

    -- Mariah's Official 2004 Calendar is finally now available to purchase online through Honey B. Fly. The calendar features new photos of Mariah in a variety of settings. There is a limited quantity available while supplies last. Although Honey B. Fly members are offered a special discount, the calendar is actually cheaper on

    -- Every year, Billboard hosts an annual retrospective offering a look back at the past 12 months in the world of music. Mariah made several appearances on 2003's year-end chart. "I Know What You Want" placed #17 on The Hot 100 survey, #13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, and #8 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart, while "Through The Rain" placed #2 on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales chart.

    -- Mariah was featured on Much More Music's "Listed" as the #18 sexiest woman in music out of 20 and #2 on the most devine divas countdown right behind Whitney Houston. On Much Music, "I Know What You Want" is nominated for top video of 2003. Please vote for the video at

    -- Please continue to vote for Mariah in the 2003 GrooveVolt Music & Fashion Awards. She is nominated for Best Female Pop Album, Best Female Pop Song Performance, Best Unreleased Pop Album Track, and Best Hip-Hop Collaboration. Her competitors include Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. Winners will be announced on January 16, 2004.

    Source: Gina Shields | Honey B. Fly | Sergio | Jason McKenly

    DECEMBER 19, 2003 1:25PM
    Mariah adding Tucson to her Charmbracelet

    It was third-grade girls I remember being most infatuated by Mariah Carey as she started the steep climb that, by the end of the 90s, had earned her the title of Billboard Magazine's Artist of the Decade.

    Her Charmbracelet Tour brings her to the Tucson Convention Center tomorrow for the singers first concert in the Old Pueblo.

    One picture is forever fixed in my memory during the early Mariah Carey era: 17 little 8-year-old girls from my daughters school in sleeping bags strewn haphazardly wall to wall in the living room and our dog PJ gingerly making his way across the room, not stepping on anyones head. There were lots of giggles and chattering - and Mariah singing in the background.

    Those little girls, mine included, graduated from high school last year. They're young women now, having survived the trials and tribulations of those teens years and come out stronger for them. And it occurs to me that Mariah's career so far has mirrored their growing-up years.

    Back in those innocent years, the girls - and Mariah - just made you smile. They were so creative at that age, so willing to please. And so was she.

    "Mariah Carey writes all her own songs, really?" I asked my daughter, Sara, who was the one who introduced me to the singers five-octave voice and songs including "Love Takes Time," "Hero" and "Make It Happen."

    "Wow, see what girls can do when they work hard for something?" I told Sara. Mariah was an influence and an inspiration.

    Years passed, and those little girls hit their teens and everything that went with it: boys, overwhelming temptations, boys, bad choices, boys and emotions they hardly were old enough to understand.

    You could be there for them, give them guidance and always empathize. Who hasn't been through that period?

    And as my daughter's radio blared the emotional troubles of Mariah, I found myself empathizing with her. Even though she was well past those teenager years, wasn't Mariah paralleling them with her young fans?

    I sympathized with her emotional state. I shook my head as the DJs and the tabloids talked about how she felt competitive with Jennifer Lopez. Lopez's movie, "The Wedding Planner," was a hit; Mariah's "Glitter" wasn't sparkling. (Too bad she couldn't look into the future to "Gigli.") I wondered, if only for a split second, how much of that silliness was true and how much was just hype.

    Then came the breakdown, the not-so-role-model-type antics and finally I just exclaimed what every mother of a teenage girl had on her mind: "Girl, what are you thinking?"

    But that was a couple of years ago. And it doesn't negate these facts: The singer is the top-selling female artist in history and has 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. She even rushed past the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

    Since her breakdown, she has formed her own label, MonarC Music. And her often biographical music shows an emergence from her depression.

    In "Through the Rain," the first single from Charmbracelet, she sings: "I can make it through the rain/ I can stand up once again on my own/ And I know that Im strong enough to mend/ And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith/ And I live one more day and I make it through the rain."

    Mariah seems to have survived her period of trials and tribulations - and come out stronger for them.

    Some of those former little second-grade fans are planning to be in the audience at Mariah's show tonight.

    Source: Tucson Citizen

    Dueling vocals: Pop star showdown

    Two of pop music's ultimate divas are gracing Arizona stages Friday night, and neither was available for an interview.

    So we decided that rather than rehash old biographies, we'd compare the pair, hit for hit, tryst for tryst, tantrum for tantrum to determine which of them - girl-gone-wild Mariah Carey or north country twanger Shania Twain - is the ultimate Diva Divine.

    Call it the diva donnybrook. Battle of the bellybuttons. Superstar smack-down. Let's begin.

    I write the songs: Shania pens all her tunes with producer hubby Robert John "Mutt" Lange. The pair's golden formula has earned Shania almost 20 hit singles, including several No. 1 country songs and 22 BMI Songwriting Awards. Mariah has similar mojo in her pen, although she doesn't record only her own tunes. She's racked up 15 No. 1s and displaced the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.
    -- Advantage: Let's call this one a big pop draw.

    Midriff: Both ladies have enviable midsections and know how to show them off. We'll give Mariah the edge, since she shows us more of her belly more often. But kudos to Shania, who maintained her quarter-bouncing abs after the birth of her son two years ago.
    -- Advantage: Mariah, but we wonder how that hot gut will look when she's 38.

    Visions of love: Shania and Lange aren't ever seen smooching in public, but don't be stupid; you know she loves him. The couple are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary - a milestone considering rumors of marital doom have haunted them since they said "I do." Mariah, after divorcing Tommy Mottola (who traded up for Latin songstress Thalía), has been linked with several dream lovers - and some who were not so dreamy. It's an exclusive club, though: Yankee Derek Jeter, Lat-pop heartthrob Luis Miguel (payback for Thalía?) and Eminem - sort of the "Glitter" of her romantic life. For more on her rumored hookup with Mr. Mathers, listen to his song "Superman." Her stage show reportedly includes a couple of dudes dressed up like the rapper.
    -- Advantage: Shania

    The buck stops here: If you skim down to the bottom line, Mariah wins with sales of albums and singles exceeding 150 million. That don't impress Shania much. If you look closely at the numbers, you have to give her cha-CHING! kudos. Her four albums have sold in excess of 60 million copies, including the history-making, 34-million-selling "Come on Over." It's the biggest-selling album ever by a female artist and the sixth-biggest-selling album of all time, equaling AC/DC's "Back in Black" and the Beatles' "With the Beatles." Her latest album, "Up," has sold more than 9 million copies.
    -- Advantage: Reluctantly, Mariah

    Blowing off steam: Amid speculation that her marriage to Lange was on the fritz, Shania quietly slipped off to Switzerland in 1999, rekindled her romance and had a baby. Meanwhile, Stateside, Mariah flipped on MTV's "TRL," rock-starred her hotel room and holed up in a psych ward.
    -- Advantage: Shania

    Fashion faux pas: Even though it's been several years, the image of Shania in fuchsia shorts, matching tube top, boots, tuxedo-cut coat, gloves and broad-rimmed cowboy hat still haunts us. Mariah used to do the whole cutoff-jean-shorts, curly-hair, good-girl thing. Then she went sort of bad girl. And once you go bad, you never go back. Her only clothing crimes are not wearing enough. Which we like.
    -- Advantage: Definitely Shania - and that's not a compliment.

    I wanna be a star: Someone slipped Sony top dog Mottola Mariah's demo tape at a party. He listened to it in his limo, then ordered his driver to go back to the party so he could meet the then-backup singer. Mottola signed, then married Mariah. In a less-exciting legend, Shania's manager slipped a demo tape to Mercury Records, which signed the Canadian to a contract.
    -- Advantage: Mariah

    Movie madness: Mariah made "Glitter." Shania did not.
    -- Advantage: Shania

    Who loves you, baby? Shania is making her fans travel 200 miles round trip to see her in Phoenix Friday night. Mariah's fans just have to drive Downtown.
    -- Advantage: Mariah

    So who wins Diva Divine? You decide.

    Source: Arizona Starnet | Gabe

    Don't call it a comeback: Mariah's show relies on hits

    With Mariah Carey's recent album "Charmbracelet" ditching the ghetto-fabulous/hoochie-mama look that led to the personal and professional breakdown of "Glitter," one would have expected a subdued performance on Monday night. What the Arlington Theatre audience of Carey devotees got was pure Vegas, baby.

    Looking a bit like coochie-coochie girl Charo -- in glittering silver bra and miniskirt, showing off a toned six-pack of abs -- Carey entered the Arlington from the lobby, coming down the aisle like a prize fighter.

    In a way, Carey is a fighter. On this night, she was battling a cold, "doing the best with what I got" as she told us. Professionally, she is defending herself against critics who are saying she's lost the one thing that's made her famous -- her five-octave range voice.

    Cold or not, it was disappointing that instead of making a stand and demonstrating that voice in a setting not unlike her "Unplugged" appearance, the Mariah Carey Show was a glossy and often tacky parade of costume changes, projected video interludes and an atrociously dressed gaggle of backup dancers on loan from an MC Hammer video.

    The audience, of course, ate it up, but it often seemed that we were all paying good money (more than $100 for the front 20 rows, really socking it to the average working people who make up her core audience) for a whole lot of padding.

    Carey's songs usually fall into two categories: light, fluffy hip-hop with the occasional rap star cameo, or power ballads where she really belts it out (or would do, if she weren't so low -- intentionally? -- in the mix). Here is Carey's bread and butter, with lyrics about holding onto dreams and "finding the will to carry on."

    These are phrases that creep into her songs whether or not she writes them herself. If early R&B took the spiritual longing of gospel and turned it into tales of earthly lust, modern worship music has taken the catchphrases of self-help gurus and turned them into quasi-Christian platitudes, a point where Carey's odes to the power of self and of the Lord converge.

    This meeting of the pop-sacred and the new age-profane resulted in one of the worst moments of the night, the unbelievable self-aggrandizement of "My Saving Grace."

    Meant as her post-trauma, soul-searching song, the moment could have be played as an intimate exchange between the diva and her fans. Instead, the large video monitor played a photo montage of Mariah's career from childhood to fame, up to breakdown and through to recovery, like an episode of "Behind the Music."

    Photos were one thing, but we also saw clippings from the press about the her nervous breakdown, a few glowing record reviews of "Charmbracelet" and what looked like a People magazine article on her "comeback."

    All that was missing were shots of her most recent tax returns. This was confession turned ego trip turned commodity.

    At one point Carey was up for another costume change and gave the stage over to her four backup singers, but not before introducing them. Carey was at her most laid-back here, carefree and improvising on her fellow performers' names over a soulful vamp. This and the subsequent number "Friend of Mine" by the quartet (leader Trey Lorenz vocally sparring with the three ladies) were two of the most honest and enjoyable performances of the night.

    Carey returned in a neon blue and pink rollergirl outfit to sing "Fantasy," her perky palimpsest of Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love," and then closed with her two most popular self-help ballads, "Make It Happen" and "Hero."

    If "Charmbracelet" is seen as some sort of comeback (at least by her own accounts), then it is mysterious that she only focused on two of the album's tracks, and did so earlier in the show to get them out of the way: the slow, bland "Through the Rain" and the above-mentioned "My Saving Grace."

    Of course, if you are only going to sing 11 songs, then give the people what they want -- all the hits. But for an artist who is still trying to maintain a viable career, it's dispiriting to see her falling back on her earlier material. Residency on the Las Vegas strip may be coming sooner in Mariah Carey's career than her fans might think.

    Source: Santa Barbara News-Press | Robert Blessing

    All in Vain: 'Diva' label being examined as Mariah Carey and Shania Twain visit Las Vegas

    Few words in the English language have been redefined as radically over the past several years as the term "diva."

    In 1999 Webster's New World College Dictionary provided two meanings: "a leading woman singer, especially in a grand opera" or a "goddess."

    The 2003 version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary also presents a pair of definitions. The first resembles its '99 counterpart: "a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality, especially a popular female singer."

    But in place of "goddess," the second now reads "prima donna," a term associated with vanity and ostentation.

    It's a sure sign that the diva tag has evolved from a term of respect in the opera world to a label with negative connotations in the popular-music era.

    Saturday night two women frequently associated with the diva designation hit Las Vegas for separate shows on the Strip. Country luminary Shania Twain plays the Mandalay Bay Events Center at 7:30 p.m., while pop superstar Mariah Carey holds court at the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts at 8 p.m.

    No one denies the vocal prowess of either singer. But veteran vocalist Lezlie Anders says that when it comes to attitude, the divas of yesteryear had a far different approach from their contemporary counterparts.

    "The term doesn't hold the respectful meaning it used to," said Anders, who has enjoyed a long career in the spotlight and still performs as a headliner. She and husband Buddy Greco - the legendary jazz singer, composer and pianist - reside in Las Vegas.

    "It has taken on a different connotation because it's being applied to a different category and class of performer," Anders said. "It's too bad that all the current divas are little snippy brats. They've changed the whole meaning of the word."

    Large entourages, severe photography restrictions and bizarre dressing room requirements have become more and more commonplace in the world of the modern diva., a popular website run by the staff at Court TV, collects concert riders - contracts between performers and venues - from some of music's most popular figures.

    Carey has been known to request lemon zinger honey tea, one box of bendy straws and 12 bath-size towels per night, and that only covers the vocalist's own extensive dressing-room needs. Her backing singers' requirements are addressed separately.

    Carey's rider (a written agreement between an entertainer and venue) also declares that "16-oz plastic bottles of Evian are the only acceptable bottles of water for the dressing rooms" and that Poland Springs Water - a somewhat obscure product bottled in Maine - must also be provided for use in tea service.

    Twain's 1999 tour rider made provisions for a variety of fruit to be placed in her dressing room, including three mangoes and three papayas every night. Also required: 24 small bottles of spring water (at room temperature), orange cheese popcorn and two packages of Mori-Nu Silken Soft Tofu.

    Twain's security demands are also quite revelatory. Her rider states that "A K9 sweep of the immediate stage area may be requested two hours prior to performance in order to lessen concern for crank bomb threats."

    Additionally, it notes that "artist security dog may be with her at any time and we would want advance notice of other dogs on site."

    Do such costly and rigid demands turn off fans of the divas? Not according to Daniel Green, managing editor of

    "The next letter that we get from someone saying that we're giving them a less-than-positive view of their hero will be the first one we received," Green said. "People live to see those ridiculous demands."

    Anders said today's divas aren't able to connect as intimately with their audiences, partly because they perform before such large arena crowds.

    "These divas are singing in such large rooms, I wonder if they've lost the personal contact with their audiences," Anders said. "Singers used to make eye contact with their audiences, and the music was very personal.

    "The business used to be about performing. Now, the divas are recording artists first."

    As the executive producer of VH1's annual "Divas" concert broadcast, Lee Rolontz has spent more time than most of her industry peers around music's top female vocalists.

    And while she concedes the term has taken on "both a good and bad connotation," she paints a fairly rosy picture of her experiences with Carey, Twain and their peers.

    "When you get a group of performers together, everybody's wants and needs are different," Rolontz said. "But a lot of times, they're more lenient than you'd think. There's tremendous professionalism, and everybody is extremely respectful of everybody else's talent."

    Rolontz did get a first-hand account of some rather curious backstage behavior from one of the show's production assistants, but said she has yet to experience any major scenes herself.

    "One of the things that we tend to forget is that it's hard do what they do," Rolontz said. "You are depending on this muscle, and preserving that muscle takes a tremendous amount of discipline and work."

    But Anders points out that the top singers of past generations didn't concern themselves with the issues of today's batch of divas.

    "The true divas -- Ella (Fitzgerald), Lena Horne, Peggy Lee -- didn't demand that you not make eye contact when you were in the same room," Anders said. "And Ms. Peggy Lee didn't demand that all the green M&Ms be picked out of the bowl in her dressing room."

    Source: Las Vegas Sun

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Over twenty photos of Mariah performing in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara have been added to our temporary Charmbracelet Tour section courtesy of Jimmy, Aaron, Katie and Robert!

    -- Congratulations to April Rodriguez from Nevada for winning one single ticket to see Mariah live in concert at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, courtesy of Aladerri.

    -- On the list of the Top 200 best selling R&B albums of 2002 in Canada, Mariah made three appearances: #40 with "Charmbracelet," #128 with "Greatest Hits," and #159 with "Glitter."

    -- "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is getting major airplay across the nation! It moved 22-3 in the past week on CHR/Pop Gold Radio Airplay, 21-19 on CHR/Rhythmic Gold Radio Airplay, and fell 14-16 on Adult Contemporary Gold Radio Airplay. From all three formats, the song has nearly 20 million audience impressions!

    On Billboard's Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay, the track moves 14-9 in its 6th total week on the chart. On the Adult Contemporary chart, the seasonal tune drops 11-16 in its 13th total week.

    -- Mariah is also doing well on various Billboard charts! "The Remixes" remains at #1 in its 9th week on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart, while "All I Want For Christmas Is You" climbs 2 spots to #7 on the Hot Digital Tracks survey. "Merry Christmas" drops 23-29 in its 77th cumulative week on Billboard's Catalog Albums chart.

    Source: IslandYacht | Jason | JRKing | Nacho | Aladerri

    DECEMBER 18, 2003 3:20PM
    Mariah as the stars see her

    Better late than never as they would say. Mariah Carey came to the Philippines a couple of weeks ago and we are still smitten. A lot has already been said and written about the Manila concert. This piece is about the stars who went to see in full force the diva from New York.

    Anyway, it was a cloudy evening when Mariah Carey performed at the Fort Open Field for her Charmbracelet World Tour. It even rained earlier. But the stars came to see the international singing sensation perform in a fabulous musical event.

    Seen enjoying the concert were Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen, Ara Mina, Power Four’s Jay Salas, Greg Martin and Frank Garcia with rumored girlfriend Sunshine Dizon, Aiko Melendez, Jay-R, Angelika de la Cruz, Kyla, Roselle Nava, Bituin Escalante, Anna Fegi, Luke Mejares, Nina, Tootsie Guevarra, Dessa, Bert Nievera, The CompanY’s Moy Ortiz, Andre Castillo and Sweet Plantado, myself, MTV VJ Sarah Meier, RJ Rosales, Franco Mabanta, Eagle Riggs, Richard Gutierrez, Anne Curtis, Bobby Garcia, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza, Willie Revillame, Bong Alvarez and Almira Muhlach.

    Says Ara Mina, "The show was good. Mariah really gave her all. Ang se-sexy pa ng outfits nya! My favorite outfit was the cheongsam which resembled what I wore in Mano Po. But hers was shorter."

    Says Dessa, "Mariah was magical and her aura was simply fantastic. It was a worthy experience. I really am her fan."

    Meanwhile, RJ Rosales declares, "Mariah is the ultimate sex, soul siren diva! Unmatched and unrivalled. She’s forever my goddess!"

    Ariel Rivera remarks, "The show was fantastic! We had a great time and all her outfits were awesome."

    Theater actor and VJ Franco Mabanta says, "She has more number one hits than any concert line-up can contain. You can’t go wrong with a repertoire like hers. High moments of the show were when she sang Hero and the band member introductions."

    Luke Mejares, on the other hand, says that his "favorite moment was before she sang Through The Rain, when they showed a video presentation about her career. I also liked the part when she sang Vision of Love and I’ll Be There."

    Greg Martin of the Power Four says, "My favorite part of the show was when she sensually introduced her band and amazing back-up singers and suddenly, in the middle of it, she was interrupted and said, ‘There’s some kind of bug on stage and it’s kinda scaring me.’ I yelled back, ‘Welcome to Manila!’ But she handled it quite well for seeing what was probably an ipis for the first time. My favorite outfit was the first one she wore – the one with the revealing skirt and very revealing top. Hmmm..."

    All in all, it was a memorable concert. Congratulations to Mariah and the producers, East West Global Entertainment. Mariah in past interviews said that in more ways than one, the Charmbracelet World Tour serves as her thanksgiving to her legions of fans, who never wavered in their support for Mariah, in spite of the ups and downs of her colored career. "I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans," Mariah told the media. "I’m used to doing arena tours. But this tour is about my music and my fans. It’s my way of thanking them."

    There’s always a time for everyone, even for Mariah, to say thank you. And it’s never too late to say thank you to your fans who have made you one of the greatest pop singers of this generation.

    And you’re welcome, Mariah!

    Source: The Philippine Star

    Ronnie King and Mariah Carey Debut Becca Solodon

    Producer and keyboard player Ronnie King, known for his work with multi-platinum artists including Tupac Shakur and The Offspring, opened up a show this week for Mariah Carey in Santa Barbara, California, during which he played keyboards, accompanying sixteen-year old Becca Solodon, a cancer patient whose left leg was amputated just six weeks ago.

    Becca, who had been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, lost her leg on October 31, after doctors determined it had a malignant tumor in it that was life-threatening. Becca, however, had a dream of being a songwriter and vocalist. She recently met King and producer Damion “Damizza” Young, who both took her under their wing, and co-produced a song for her in the recording studio. Damizza, who had previously worked with Mariah Carey, told the famous singer about the young, talented girl, who was suffering from cancer.

    Mariah then invited Solodon to open her Santa Barbara concert, where Solodon opened up with a rendition of “Simon,” a song by Lifehouse, and King accompanied her on keyboards.

    King was elated that Carey got involved in the situation to help Becca. “Mariah is just as sweet as ever.” King had previously recorded with Carey, and played on her Rainbow album on the track “Cry Baby,” featuring Snoop Dogg. “We were so touched by Becca’s talent,” he added. “I am so happy that I could help give to such a beautiful little girl.”

    Source: Rap News Direct

    News Tidbits

    -- Mariah performed in Los Angeles last night and Nate Dogg was a special guest at the concert and sang "What Would You Do" with her. Apparently, Mariah was a bit sick (which could be sensed towards the end of the concert) but went on with the show in spite of it and sounded great.

    -- Vote for "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey ft. Flipmode Squad as your favorite video of 2003 at Much Music.

    -- Mariah is ranked #5 on Soundscan's Top 20 Selling Artists from 1991 to 12/03 with sales that exceed 42 million records. The ones ahead of her are Metallica, Celine Dion, The Beatles and Garth Brooks.

    -- Talking to Stacie Orrico: "Drawing on her own personal experience, Stacie says she strives to make the music relate to everyone. Her music is heavily influenced by childhood idols Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as well as Lauryn Hill, whom she adores."

    -- From MTV News: "My dream is to do a Christmas album," Jessica Simpson said backstage at a recent holiday festival. "But I gotta have a really big hit album first." From Frank Sinatra to the Beach Boys to Mariah Carey, that has traditionally been the strategy, but is it still the route to go? Forget about "Do You Hear What I Hear?," the question singers are asking this holiday season is: When exactly is the right time to record a Christmas album?

    Christmas albums usually sell a small fraction of the artist's latest studio album — Ashanti's Christmas has sold only 37,000 copies, compared to 1.2 million of her Chapter II — but the potential to strike gold is there. Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas, for instance, has sold more than 4 million copies. Boyz II Men's Christmas Interpretations is almost double-platinum

    -- Students 'wax' eloquent of history: Still as statues until they were brought to life with a tap on the shoulder, Woodland Intermediate School fifth-graders invoked the presence of famous athletes and entertainers, fallen heroes and historical figures during a living wax museum event Thursday.

    Students chose whichever famous or historical figure they wanted to learn more about, and researched their lives through books and other resources like the Internet. Some of the notable people chosen by the students were scientist Albert Einstein, former basketball star Michael Jordan, actor Harrison Ford and singers Mariah Carey and Shania Twain.

    -- In Holland, ''All I Want for Christmas Is You'' made it at #3, at a Dutch TV program called: Every 15 Christmas.

    Source: Rima | Henna | Chris | Buffalo News | Grayslake Review | Sergio

    DECEMBER 16, 2003 3:54PM
    Mariah Invites Fan to Open

    Cancer patient gets dream gig in Santa Barbara
    Six weeks after having her left leg amputated, sixteen-year-old Becca Solodon stood in front of her hometown Santa Barbara crowd at the Arlington Theater Monday night as Mariah Carey's opening act. Clad in all black, Solodon sang a cover of the Lifehouse song "Simon," putting a triumphant cap on a year that began with a mysterious ailment.

    "My foot started hurting about a year ago and we went to a ton of different doctors, took X-Rays, I did physical therapy and nobody knew what it was," says Solodon. "Finally we asked if we could have an MRI and they found a soft tissue mass, a tumor the size of a marble and I went through surgery to get that removed and then they were like 'Yeah, everything's fine.' But then they called back five days later and said 'There's still some there and it's malignant.'"

    Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, Solodon underwent several chemotherapy sessions before having her leg amputated at mid-calf on October 31st, after doctors determined the operation was the only way to thwart the potentially life-threatening tumor.

    Solodon's path to the stage was paved by Damion Young, a songwriter and producer who has written songs for Carey and rapper Kurupt. A Santa Barbara native, Young helmed a recording session earlier in the year at Westlake Studios, where keyboardist Ronnie King (Offspring, Snoop Dogg) and a group of professional musicians backed Solodon in a fourteen-hour session.

    "I started telling her [Carey] that I met this little girl that changed my life," Young says. "I said that Becca made me realize why we do all this, because her only dream was to spend one day in the studio. And she was like, 'I'm on tour, what can we do?' I said, 'Santa Barbara,' and she said, 'Perfect. Opening act. Set it up. Bye.'"

    After performing "Simon" with King, in front of an audience that included her father, mother, brother, grandmother and a high-pitched contingent of classmates from Dos Pueblos High School, Solodon went backstage to meet Carey. "She said, 'Thank you for singing,'" says Solodon. "Oh, and, 'Hello.'"

    Source: Rolling Stone

    Mariah's Christmas Records Are Everywhere / Various Mentions

    -- "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was the most recent hit to appear on Britain's favorite festive tunes list. The vote by 8,000 listeners nationwide put the song at #9.

    -- Love Actually soundtrack: The Christmas theme, with its jingling bells and singalong syrup, is present with Billy Mack's Christmas Is All Around and Olivia Olson covering Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You. Otis Redding's White Christmas rounds out this Santa's sack with soul.

    -- "Merry Christmas" ranks at #9 on the South Korean November 2003 album sales chart (includes the most recent releases as well). The album, which came out 9 years ago, has sold 7,982 on November for a total of 513,445 copies sold in South Korea alone.

    -- Christmas is in the air in Indianapolis. Just not as thick as in St. Louis or more than 100 other cities where at least one radio station is playing holiday music 24 hours a day through Christmas. It's a mix that might find Mariah Carey back to back with Burl Ives. Edgar said it lures new listeners shopping on the weekend, putting up the tree or just sitting around drinking eggnog.

    -- With holiday music, as with almost every other kind, mainstream stations like Lite and 102.7 try to play the cream of what's available. They market-test the music to find what songs their listeners love and never get tired of hearing, which in the case of holiday music will be the likes of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song."

    -- Mariah's "Oh Holy Night" appears on the new Christmas compilation called "Evergreen: The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas". You can purchase the CD on Amazon.

    -- Celebrity Sightings: Pane Caldo Restaurant.
    Who'd close down a whole Gold Coast restaurant just for dinner with her gang? Mariah Carey's party of 10 commandeered this Italian fave until 2 a.m. (the kitchen usually closes at 10 p.m.), ordering $2,500 worth of food like lamb carpaccio, shrimp ravioli and, for Mariah, lobster risotto and white wine.

    -- "My Saving Grace" has been named Best Unreleased Album Track of the Year in the 2003 Wild Writings Online Awards.

    Source: | | mariahkorea | Indy Star | NY Post | NY Daily News | Chicago Tribune | Wild Writings

    J. Lo Changes Her Tune

    Apparently, Jennifer Lopez is rethinking all of her recent career decisions: Gigli, marrying Ben, and firing her manager.

    In a move that probably surprised everyone, including her current manager at The Firm, J to the Lo took some time to meet with her ex-manager, Benny Medina.

    There was speculation that the meeting was as personal as it was professional. Lopez was spotted having dinner with Medina at Madeo and fiancé Ben Affleck, who was credited with causing the split, joined them and things seemed to go well.

    "They've been talking a lot," stated a source. "Jennifer really loves him. It's more about their friendship than even business. But there will be business again."

    Now, all they have to worry about if Lopez re-hires Medina is dealing with songbird Mariah Carey, who hired him after Lopez dumped him.

    Carey and Lopez have a "history" and it ain't funny. Apparently, Carey believes that Lopez stole a song from her when they were both at Sony Music.

    If we thought Carey went off the deep end before, wait until she hears that she and Lopez may be sharing management.

    Source: Euroweb

    DECEMBER 15, 2003 3:54PM
    Mariah makes Frankie J sweat

    Keeping his palms from sweating was tough for R&B singer Frankie J when he met one of his musical idols -- pop diva Mariah Carey.

    "I was like 'Wow!' " he gushed. "I was in la-la land for real … I just said, 'Hi. How you doing? I love your music and you're beautiful.' I shook her hand, and I was like, I'm never going to wash this hand again."

    Source: The Times Online

    Mariah, Carry Me!

    Wake Up Frankie, a retail store supplying bedding for teens designed by teens, has announced their latest design set. Interestingly titled "Mariah, Carry Me!," the package seems to seek inspiration from singer Mariah Carey.

    Offering fabrics dyed in pink and purple, a satin comforter woven with gold-colored butterflies, a rainbow-themed beaded curtain, and other accessories dripped in metallic fuchsia (including pillows shaped like stars and moons), this eccentric set could be the ideal gift for any over-the-top hardcore Mariah Carey fan, although some may argue it’s a little too tacky to be so overpriced. Check it out for yourself at

    Source: Mariah Daily | Janel

    Tupperware and Mariah Carey

    We are in the grip of a nationwide container mania. We have Tupperware and Rubbermaid. There's Hold Everything and a chain called The Container Store. Soon the earth will need a special caddy to organize its container franchises.

    This is creating conflict in our home. We don't need conflict in our home, as we've got nowhere to put it. My husband, Ed, is one of those people made nervous by the thought of throwing things away.

    My stepdaughter recently informed us that Mariah Carey's closet is as big as our house. "So our house is the size of a closet?" I said, sounding hurt.

    "No." She gave me the implied duh. "I mean it's the size of Mariah Carey's closet." The conversation went on in this vein for a while.

    I told Ed I expected to get up in the morning and find Mariah Carey wandering forlornly through the dining room in her underwear. He raised a brow. "Wake me, will you?"

    Source: Reader's Digest

    See Mariah Live in Las Vegas!

    December 20, 2003 may be your lucky day! Aladerri is giving away a very special Christmas present to one lucky Mariah Carey fan, who will have the opportunity to see Mariah perform live in concert at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! If you are interested, all you have to do to win is e-mail Aladerri at and submit a message to be included in Mariah’s Las Vegas Fan Book. It is very important that when submitting your entry the subject line read "My message for Mariah & free ticket."

    Also be sure to include your full name, age, mailing address, and home phone number. Please note that you must live in the Las Vegas area or be able to provide your own travel to and from the venue, as hotel accommodations and airfare are not part of this contest. . Backstage passes are also not part of this contest. Entries are due in by Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 9:00pm Central Time. The winner will be randomly selected to receive a free single ticket (Section 103, Row F, Seat 1) Wednesday night and will be announced shortly after.

    Source: Aladerri

    Help promote "What Would You Do"

    If you live in Belgium, France, Germany or the UK, you can help Gilles as he promotes the latest single from Damizza's album, "What Would U Do" by Shade Sheist, Nate Dogg and Mariah Carey, in these countries by sending promos to the radio stations in an effort to get this single airplay.

    You can help by submitting the name, e-mail and eventually address of radio stations in your respective countries which play Hip-Hop and R&B music. Contact information for clubs or DJs in the countries mentioned above are also needed so vinyl singles can be sent to them.

    Feedback is needed immediately. If you are interested in helping getting this track airplay and promotion, e-mail Gilles at

    Source: Heroes Of Mariah

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Two photos of Mariah performing in San Jose at the HP Pavillion have been added to our temporary Charmbracelet Tour section courtesy of Fabiola and Vijay!

    -- Many thanks to Giliane Boulot for scanning Mariah Daily's new Picture of the Week, which shows Mariah (dressed as a mermaide) together with Alicia Keys (dressed as Catwoman) at Mariah's Halloween party in London.

    -- What does Mariah Carey want for Christmas? Is she Santa's dream come true...or his nightmare? Netscape Online wants to know! Write an amusing caption to the photo on Netscape's website and post it to their "You Write the Caption" message board. They'll post the best responses right on their site!

    -- Is Mariah Hot or Not? Entertainment Tonight and Yahoo! want to know, so be sure to vote positively for our girl in their online poll.

    -- Foundtains Of Wayne bandmember Adam Schlesinger included Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in his Holiday Mixtape column, which appears in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

    -- From Billboard Online: The sounds of the season are also affecting Hot Digital Tracks, as the contemporary classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey jumps 21-9 with 2,500 paid downloads.

    -- From The Crimson News: Amy M. Zelcer was Harvard’s “Idol” Saturday night, as her rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” and Natalie Imbruglia’s 1999 hit “Torn” won over the audience.

    -- From Pop Matters: Though new Christmas-themed recordings are strongly associated with the likes of Amy Grant and Mariah Carey, there once was a time when it was not unusual to hear respectable rock stars running through Yuletide tunes.

    Source: Dapshnyb | roi17 | Nacho | Jason

    DECEMBER 14, 2003 1:12PM

    At some concerts, it's easy to match the audience to the act just by how the crowd looks. But Mariah Carey has had the sort of gigantic and widespread popularity that renders her audience, considered collectively, nearly characterless.

    At her Tuesday night concert in the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, her fans appeared at once demographically diverse yet culturally homogeneous.

    Sure, there were several women, probably in their 20s and early 30s, who emulated the singer by wearing outfits that rode the line between dressy/classy and flirty/flaunting. But they hardly typified the crowd, which really could have been any random population scooped up from Christmas shopping at the mall and transferred en masse to the theater.

    Some audience members looked like folks you'd expect to see at the Schnitz for the symphony rather than for someone who's done duets with a Medusa-haired hip-hopper called Ol' Dirty Bastard. Others, decades younger and ethnically diverse, fiddled with their cell phones as they waited for showtime, checking text messages and the like.

    So, not everyone looked alike, but neither did anyone's appearance trumpet his or her Mariah fandom.

    Well, except for Eddy Hiram.

    You could tell he's a Mariah fan from his "Honey B. Fly" fan-club T-shirt. Or from the jeans he'd custom-decorated for concerts on her "Rainbow" tour (and updated for Tuesday's show) with "Mariah" spelled out several times in appliques, and rainbow stripes with faux sunflowers attached. Or the matching baseball cap with more of those mini-muffin-sized sunflowers crowded around the bill. Or just from the excited anticipation evident in his smile.

    "She's a musical goddess -- quote me (on) that!" he said.

    Hiram and his best friend, Zach Knock, both Hawaii natives who've lived in Portland for five years, were thrilled that Carey finally was coming to the Rose City and that she'd be playing a much smaller building than usual.

    "She wanted a more intimate show so she could be closer to us," Eddy said. "What people don't understand is she loves her fans more than most artists do. She wants to interact with us, to hug us and kiss us. . . . You know those rumors about her being perpetually late? She's late because she's talking to us."

    Eddy (it seems too formal to call someone festooned in sunflowers and rainbows by his surname) returns the love as often as possible. He's seen her "in at least 15 different states, more than 30 times, definitely," even flying to New York to be part of the street crowd when she appeared on MTV's "TRL."

    "She'd recognize my face," he said. "I can't say she'd know my name, but she'd definitely know my face."

    A bit over the top? Maybe. But it's hard to talk with the man, to confront his sunny appreciation of all things Mariah, and not warm to the subject a little.

    Frankly, Mariah Carey's never meant much to me, meaning I've tended to view her as a lot of critics do. "The Rolling Stone Album Guide" phrased it well a decade ago: "She has, of course, one helluva a voice -- a force of nature capable of swoops, sighs and flourishes, all squandered on pop-psych love songs played with airless, intimidating expertise. Like billion-dollar Naugahyde . . . ersatz soul music . . . skill and passion slaving over piffle."

    But what do I know? I've never heard her in person. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, Eddy knows something I don't.

    One of the dividing lines between Mariah fans and Mariah detractors is the fantasy world her work seems set in. Not an imaginary terra firma such as Tolkien's Middle-earth, but a "Vision of Love" as her debut hit called it, a windswept land of romance swirling with magical emotion and unashamed cliche. "She's the fantasizer in the lyrics and the fantasy object in the videos," noted critic Geoffrey Himes. Eddy's take is different: "Almost all her songs are about love -- finding it, losing it, longing for it. Who can't relate to that?"

    Carey, for her part, probably would say that her love songs express hope, not "untethered fantasy," to use Himes' term. And that she's not trying to look like a sexpot, she's merely having fun playing dress-up. (The souvenir table had $15 Mariah Carey thongs available, for those wanting to try the dress-up thing at home.)

    On Tuesday, she played dress-up a lot, trotting out nine outfits during a 90-some-minute show -- from form-fitting gowns that looked nearly like mermaid costumes to denim cutoffs and a cropped Harley-Davidson shirt to a barely-there halter-and-mini combo in traditional Santa suit material.

    If that wasn't enough visual stimulation for everyone, a half-dozen dancers, clad in no coherent style, pranced about through many of the songs, and videos beamed in canned guest appearances by rappers such as Busta Rhymes.

    Merry Carey Spare and no-nonsense, the white-light/white-heat ideal, it wasn't. But it didn't support Carey's reputation for artistic overkill, either.

    That this was the first tour stop this year to feature a seasonal Christmas format -- the stage decorated with trees and wreaths and such, the set-list studded with a handful of holiday tunes such as "Joy to the World" and "All I Want for Christmas Is You" -- might have had something to do with it. Frankly I felt a little cheated at not getting to see some of the ridiculous stage biz mentioned in recent reviews, such as a guy in a clown costume who sat onstage and painted quickie portraits of Mariah throughout the show.

    Carey did occasionally show off her peculiar vocal signature, those little passages of notes somewhere in the range of Q over high Z, about half an octave down from a dog whistle, unrelated to the songs in either melody or meaning.

    But I'm more inclined now to forgive her greatest crime -- the way she's inspired a generation of singers who think more notes equals more music, that melismatic overdecoration spells passion and expressive technique. After all, it's not her fault that other singers lack the equipment she has.

    Her phrasing was fluid and soulful. On such tunes as "My All," her lower register was warmly expressive in a manner recalling Stevie Wonder. She handled everything from a grandiose ballad such as "Through the Rain" to the slinky, seductive funk of "I Know What You Want" with equal aplomb.

    And there was a playfulness and relative spontaneity to the show that was refreshing -- at least in terms of the sort of top-heavy spectacles we usually get from multiplatinum pop or R&B stars. No pyro, no motorized runways, no lip syncing. Instead, lots of easygoing ad-libbing and interaction between the musicians as well as with the crowd.

    "I like the ensemble," she interjected at one point in midverse, as she looked into the front rows. From where I was seated, I couldn't see whom the comment was directed to, but I like to think she'd just spotted Eddy.

    Source: The Oregonian

    Charmbracelet Tour Section

    Click here to check out 20 pictures of Mariah performing at her recent Christmas-themed concerts in Portland and Seattle. Check out the three next outfits Mariah is sporting!

    Also be on the look out for the upcoming re-opening of's Charmbracelet Tour section, which will service you with more photos, reviews and information from all of the stops on Mariah's Charmbracelet World Tour!

    J.Lo and Mariah: Future business associates?

    Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina, Lopez's former manager, have reached a "rapprochement," according to friends. In fact, I am told that Lopez will more than likely be back in business with Medina before long.

    Since splitting with Lopez, Medina has signed on as a management consultant to singer Mariah Carey. But Carey and Lopez have a bad history — Lopez allegedly "stole" music from Carey two years ago when they were both at Sony Music. It's uncertain how Carey would feel about Medina if he re-signed Lopez or worked with her in any capacity.

    Lopez, by the way, disappointed fans on Thursday night at Z100's Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. She hosted the show but didn't sing. She didn't even hum. But of course, for Lopez to sing involves a lot of production. Unlike Carey, impromptu bursts of song are not a Lopez trademark.

    Source: Fox News 411 | Ronald Guzman

    News Tidbits

    -- Mariah's "Miss You" featuring Jadakiss has gone #1 on the RockFM (one of the leading stations in the Midlands) Smooth Groove Chart. Please continue to vote for the track at

    -- Mariah's "The Remixes" remains at #1 on this weeks' edition of Billboard Magazine's Top Electronic Albums chart. The compilation album has been on the survey for eight weeks.

    -- "Through The Rain" moves up five spots from #19 to #14 on Billboard's Dance Singles Sales chart. It has been on this chart for 43 weeks and is currently the longest lasting single on this chart.

    -- "What Would You Do," Nate Dogg's single that samples "If We" and includes background vocals and adlibs from Mariah, hit #70 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks chart. Most of it's airplay is coming for Power 106 in Los Angeles.

    -- made the highest Mariah-related site showing at #46 on the People's Choice Award ballot for the 2003 Interactive Music Awards. We'd like to thank everyone who voted and showed their support. It means a great deal to us and we are thankful for the positive feedback.

    Source: Tray | MariahsRod | IslandYacht | SJ

    DECEMBER 12, 2003 2:12PM
    Mariah invites cancer victim to open show

    Becca Solodon, 16, who just two weeks ago had her leg amputated due to the progression of her cancer, will be the “opening act” for Mariah Carey on Monday, December 15, at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara. Carey personally extended the invitation to Becca, after hearing about her condition from producer Damian Young, who has produced Carey and is part of a group of recording industry professionals spearheaded by Sam Frankel and Jerry Heller of HQZ Management, which organized support of Becca’s dream of becoming a recording artist.

    A student of Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, Becca plays guitar and piano and has been singing for as long as she can remember. She suffers from soft tissue sarconia, a progressive cancer the victims of which are generally teenagers. Last month, Becca’s condition came to the attention of Frankel and the legendary Jerry Heller. Frankel put together a recording session, with Damian at the production helm, Ronnie King (producer and keyboard player of Offspring), and a slew of studio musicians who donated their time so that the high school student could record a song before she underwent surgery for the amputation of her leg.

    “I was so inspired by Becca’s determination in the face of her illness, we marshaled the forces to get her into the studio before listening to her voice,” says Frankel. “We had a great day. And low and behold, when Becca started to sing, she blew us away. She was great!”

    Becca says, “It’s amazing unbelievable that I was able to record. I’m a member of my school’s jazz choir and have performed live, but I didn’t realize how much work that went into the recording process and how much fun it was going to be.”

    Becca recorded “Simon”, a hit track by platinum recording group Lifehouse, and she will perform it on Monday when she opens for Carey. “I was stunned when she asked me. I was just blown away. I think I’m just gong to stand because I can’t move a lot,” Becca explained. I am very excited. I have butterflies – but since it’s Mariah, that’s appropriate.”

    Becca performs with Mariah on Monday, December 15, at The Arlington Theatre

    Source: Gawker Online | MusicIsMyDrug21

    Mariah hits right note belting out holiday favorites

    Fortunately, it was a Christmas-themed concert, so Mariah Carey actually had some good songs to sing in her busy, glitzy, slightly daffy show Wednesday night at McCaw Hall.

    Among the disposable, forgettable hip-hop and disco numbers were such welcome carols as "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" and "Joy to the World." The big closer had Carey, in the briefest of Santa suits, being carried on the shoulders of two of her dancers while belting "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

    As expected, the evening was as much a fashion show as it was a concert. There were at least 10 costume changes, ranging from a glittery pink and silver leotard to a gold lamé gown; cut-off-to-almost-nothing jeans and T-shirt; a shimmering black evening gown; a low-cut, sexy red dress; and pink short-shorts with tiny top.

    She could afford to show lots of skin. She looked in great shape, as she entered the hall by gliding down Aisle E, surrounded by bodyguards. Her thousand-watt smile was radiant, and so was her long, copious blond hair.

    It was the first diva extravaganza in beautiful, classy McCaw Hall. The glittery production, with its big multilevel stage, could hardly fit. Although the hall is relatively small — with a seating capacity of about 2,900 (it was close to sold out) — and sightlines are good from every level, there was a huge video screen showing the stage action and other visuals (mostly Carey music videos). An annoying camera on a big crane often blocked a view of Carey — but she looked great on the big screen.

    With so many costume changes, a good part of the show was turned over to the dancers, singers and band, while Carey retreated backstage. Those numbers were OK. But nobody paid big bucks to see them.

    The carols weren't the only decent songs. In one of the quietier moments, she sat in a big, overstuffed red chair and sang "Through the Rain" quite nicely, with few vocal affectations. "Hero," one of her many songs with an uplifting, you-can-make-it theme, was also well sung. The best song was a cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," a duet with backup singer Trey. Again, it was a slow number, in which Carey's remarkable voice could shine.

    Too much of the time she wailed through tacky disco songs, the worst of which featured no-talent rappers like Busta Rhymes and O.D.B. on film. Why she attaches herself to such losers is a mystery. She has the talent to sustain a career like that of Tina Turner or even Barbra Streisand. But she keeps making bad song choices, which is why her career has stalled. Unfortunately, there were too many of them in the show.

    Source: The Seattle Times | Jeanne

    DECEMBER 11, 2003 3:32PM
    Carey fills first Seattle performance with color

    Mariah Carey made her Seattle debut with a colorful, choreographed, Christmas-themed musical extravanganza Wednesday night at McCaw Hall.

    The Grammy-winning pop singer went through more than a half dozen costume changes, closing her show in a skimpy, two-piece, red-and-white Santa outfit, featured in a sultry rendition of "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

    Some of her songs were bland and forgettable, but Carey exuded a sensuous, good-natured charm throughout the 100-minute show, mixing the right amounts of sweetness and sass. Her famous five-octave voice soared to the rafters, thrilling an audience that spanned several generations. But the sound was somewhat cluttered, occasionally burying her beautiful voice under an avalanche of keyboards.

    Carey started her show nearly an hour late, offering concertgoers little more than a brief warmup set by three unidentified girl rappers. But when the pop diva strolled down the center aisle in a bejeweled pink costume, fans leaped out of their seats to cheer her grand entrance. It was a moment for which local fans had waited more than a decade.

    Carey's show featured a five-piece band, a bevy of costumed dancers and four background singers led by Trey Lorenz, who joined her in a duet of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" late in the show. The multi-level stage, which included a wide staircase and a large video screen, was decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, old-fashioned street lamps and potted poinsettias.

    The video screen showed dramatic closeups of the singer, as well as video and film clips and French poster art from the early 20th century. Carey showed her vulnerable side during the inspirational, autobiographical "My Saving Grace" while childhood and young adult photos, magazine headlines about her nervous breakdown and other career images played on the video screen.

    The singer settled into an oversized blue chair for a rendition of the wistful "Through the Rain," the lead song from her current album, "Charmbracelet." She followed it with the aching ballad "My All," from her "Butterfly" album.

    "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," Carey's first Christmas song of the evening, featured the singer in a gold, floor-length gown. A red gown slit to the upper thigh was the costume for a soaring, gospel-style "Joy to the World."

    Personal empowerment was a common theme in the show. "Is everybody out there reaching for a dream?" Carey asked before launching into the inspirational "Make It Happen." The crowd jumped to its feet, singing along while the singer strutted around the stage in pink satin shorts and a turquoise top emblazoned with the phrase "Automatic Princess."

    During the final song of her main set, Carey strolled into the crowd, shaking hands with fans, posing for a couple of snapshots and collecting a bouquet of flowers before returning to the stage and descending a staircase at the rear.

    The encore was among the most colorful moments of the show. While fake snow fell from the rafters, Carey sashayed down the staircase in her two-piece Santa outfit, flanked by two dancers holding white teddy bears. She teased the audience with her slinky moves and infectious grin.

    Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer | Jeanne

    Mariah's Mixed Race: An excuse to act black?

    A few days ago, Africana Online ran an article written by journalist Tiara Dungy which stated, "I am sick of press conferences opened with declarations of racial injustice when clearly there is no connection between that person and their ethnic background. This goes for Mariah Carey trying to turn black for the Source Awards and claiming the Nunez surname and Caucasian look when she is at home."

    Paul-Joseph Winter, a man of mixed heritage, defended Mariah vigorously, calling her a role model more than a few times. "After recently reading the letter received from Tiara Dungy, I feel sick, disgusted and personally insulted by her attitude towards celebrities and their ethnicity," he said.

    "To comment on Michael Jackson is one thing, the man obviously has mental issues of some sort regarding his upbringing, gender, and race, whatever. But to comment on Mariah Carey and her race is another matter.

    "I'm not particularly a Mariah fan but one thing I will say is that as a mixed raced person myself, Mariah has stood as a positive role model. To say that the highest selling female artist of all time, only outsold by Elvis Presley, is of mixed heritage is something that I am amazingly proud of. Who, 50 years ago, would have ever thought something like this was possible, especially seeing as all her close rivals are white women?

    "Mariah Carey, contrary to popular belief, has never denied her mixed heritage. She has always, from when her career started, spoken openly and honestly about it. You only need to see her numerous TV appearances over the years to see that. Thousands, if not millions, of people see Mariah as a role model for people of mixed heritage, which is something dear to Mariah's heart, and something she is amazingly proud of.

    "I've been fortunate to come into contact with Ms. Carey on numerous occasions. Her closest friends are black. She uses the name Carey in her private life (not that that was her black father's name anyway — I suggest Tiara refer to her sources again).

    "Her music has always incorporated Hip Hop and R&B and I defy anyone who claims that she hasn't been a major presence in that world. She's statistically the biggest cross-over artist off all time. Her first single, Vision of Love, entered the R&B charts long before it entered the Hot 100 in 1990, and her most recent hit with Busta Rhymes in 2003, "I Know What You Want," debuted at #1 in the Rap/R&B charts and #3 on the Hot 100 as well as going to #1 position in numerous countries around the world.

    "Mariah doesn't ever say she is black. She's mixed. She's always maintained this and is immensely proud of the fact. She appreciates her black side as much as her white. As a mixed raced person I, among many others, view her as a positive role model for a collective of people that are often overlooked and labeled by society.

    "As a mixed Jamaican/English male I respect both of my cultures equally. As much as English traditions are immensely important to me, my black heritage is just as important. I continue to learn my blood history, my respective countries history — not just Jamaica's but black history as a whole — and enjoy and absorb this information so that one day I will be able to teach my children the pride I feel in having black as well as white blood. I will be able to teach them my pride in black history, how black people, although they still suffer and face a lot of injustice — something that I myself face — have come a long way from as little as ten years ago.

    "Anyone who doesn't wish to acknowledge the fact of mixed heritage needs to wake up. Mariah Carey is one of the few people who have acknowledged this and campaigned for recognition and for that alone she will continue to have my utmost respect."

    Source: Africana Online | Jennifer Moore

    DECEMBER 10, 2003 6:46PM
    A Mariah Carey Christmas

    Mariah performed "Silent Night," "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," "Joy To The World" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" during her concert last night at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon. MonarC Music recording artists Belle and Nae Nae served as the concert's opening act.

    Stay tuned for news, reviews, pictures, and more information regarding this concert, as well as Mariah's concert in Seattle. If you attended these concerts, or will be attending an upcoming concert, be sure to e-mail reviews and pictures to

    Source: Mariah Daily | Joe

    News Tidbits

    -- If you would be interested in joining an organized request campaign to get Mariah's "Miss You" more airplay on British radio stations (which is possible seeing the recent popularity of the track), please e-mail Tray at

    -- Attention Filipino fans! Do you want access to buy exclusive Mariah merchandise including CDs, VCDs, t-shirts and more? Check out Mariah Xclusive for further information.

    -- Polydor Island, the German distributor of Mariah's record label, has opened up an online store featuring several Mariah t-shirts. Check it out at

    -- From New Zealand Hearald: At his concert, 50 Cent cracked crude jokes by simulating sex with his microphone and replacing the lines of a Mariah Carey track with something we probably can't print.

    -- From The Sentinel Online: By contrast, the 1990s and the 2000s have been a Christmas song bust, with the possible exception of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," which remains high on the holiday charts at the iTunes Music Store but isn't something you're likely to hear carolers singing outside your door.

    -- From Picayune Item: Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey have dynamic voices, and on the radio, their music may sound good, but after seeing their performances, I am not impressed. As for Britney Spears, she has her own style of singing and just like underwear, we all have our preferences.

    -- From VH1 Online: Justin Hawkins of The Darkness believes in a thing called love. " think people don’t necessarily like writing [songs] about love, or, if they do, they don’t actually like using the actual word. People see it as being sort of cheesy. Why are people so afraid to use that word? If they’re not Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, you hardly ever hear it. I think that should change, so we are hopefully administering the first steps towards a more honest world."

    -- From The Straits Times: They may not know it but Mariah Carey, David Tao and Leon Lai played a big part in helping Singapore to their first wushu gold at the Trinh Hoai Duc Sports Centre yesterday. Not that the pop stars have turned wushu exponents. Rather, they helped a tense Goh Qiu Bin stay relaxed when the noise from a 5,000-strong crowd threatened to disrupt his concentration.

    -- From New York Daily News: But the best thing about Ruben Studdard's "Soulful" is that it sounds nothing like the spawn of American Idol's other hitmakers. Where they issued albums filled with frothy pop, sappy ballads and histrionic attempts at emulating Mariah Carey, Studdard emphasizes a big heart rather than a big voice.

    Source: Tray | Candy Cushnip |

    DECEMBER 09, 2003 6:22PM
    Mariah Carey eBay Auction

    Universal Music Group presents an amazing opportunity to become one of the few people in the world to own a piece of musical history. This is your chance to have some limited edition and one of a kind Mariah items.

    Along with each item, the winning bidder will receive an official Certificate of Authenticity from Universal Music Group. Items up for auction include:

  • Autographed Dress worn on the Charmbracelet Tour
  • Pair of front row seats to Mariah's concert in Las Vegas
  • Autographed and personalized Mariah 2004 Calendar
  • Autographed copy of Japanese import of Charmbracelet
  • Autographed Charmbracelet CD
  • Autographed proof of the artwork for Charmbracelet
  • Autographed Honey B. Fly official fan club T-shirt
  • One autographed T-shirt from the tour

    Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Visit the Universal Music Store to take part.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Fan Club

    Charm school

    If you are giving a jewel as a holiday gift, make sure it is filled with charm. Make that charms. For the bracelet with dangling miniature sculptures is the story of the season.

    Once Mariah Carey named her album "Charmbracelet," Jennifer Lopez was pictured holding up a Louis Vuitton chain and all Hollywood was mad for the look, it was only a matter of time before the big jewelers produced their version of a style that had been out of fashion for half a century.

    Two things seem to have come together: the fun of "bling-bling" - named for the onomatopoeic chink of heavy gold metal as worn by flamboyant rappers - and the desire to personalize objects in a homogenous fashion world.

    Source: Herald Tribune

    Mariah's a no-show at Busta Rhymes concert

    Mariah Carey didn't show to pour sauce on "I Know What You Want" at Busta Rhymes' concert at Wembley Arena in London, but 2,000 women taking up the invite to "shake their jelly" and back Rhymes up is more than compensation. Not many rappers would chance their reputations in a hangar like this. It's only half-full, but still Rhymes has the high-wattage charisma to make it work.

    Source: Guardian Unlimited

    J.Lo, Medina kiss and make-up!

    Jennifer Lopez and her former manager Benny Medina have overcome their differences and are friends again. According to the New York Post, Lopez dropped her suit against Medina, which charged him for improperly acting as an agent while Medina too dropped his counter suit.

    Lopez may also want to go back to doing business with Medina, who flourished after she left. Not only did he sign Mariah Carey, Mya, Brandy and Ricky Martin, he also brought Cellboost (available in Staples) to the United States and started Kicks Cafi chain of coffee stores in Wal-Mart.

    Source: Times Of India

    News Tidbits

    -- Mariah is nominated twice on MTV France's Best Songs of 2003 with "Through The Rain" and "I Know What You Want." She is currently in second place, but voting just began. Please show your support by voting at

    -- Mariah has been nominated on Univision's Top 10 Christmas Songs. To vote for Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," simply log on to and click the song title.

    -- Mariah's taped performance of "Dreamlover" from her recent concert in Manila was shown on MTV Asia. It was professionally taped and audio mixed. Video sections that may have been too jittery were replaced with close ups of various paintings shown during the concert.

    -- According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Mariah's 1990 self-titled album ("Mariah Carey") ranks at #9 in the 10 best-selling debut albums survey.

    -- From New York Daily News: At WHTZ's upcoming annual Jingle Ball, Jay-Z will be given the Z100 New York Achievement in Music Award, whose first recipient was Mariah Carey.

    -- From PRNewswire: Anna Nicole Smith tops the Worst Dressed List, followed by rock stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Cher and Mariah Carey, whom one respondent considered "The Dean of the White Trash School of Fashion."

    -- Maggie is selling her Row 12 tickets (seats 1 and 2) to Mariah's concert in Tucson, Arizona on December 19th. Please e-mail her at if you would like to purchase these tickets or gain further information.

    Source: Ronald | PicksDu26 | Aladerri | Maggie

  • DECEMBER 08, 2003 6:23PM
    News Tidbits

    -- Please vote for Mariah at the GrooveVolt Music & Fashion Awards. She is nominated for Best Pop Album - Female, Best Pop Song Performance - Female, Best Unreleased Album Track - Pop, and Best Hip-Hop Collaboration. Her competitors include Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. Winners will be announced on January 16, 2004.

    -- There is just two days left on VH1's Top 40 Videos of 2003 Poll, so be sure to get your vote in and support Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" music video for Top Video Cover Song Of 2003.

    -- Mariah's "Miss You" featuring Jadakiss is currently at #5 on RockFM's countdown. It was #9 last week and #15 the previous week. Please continue to vote for the track at All you have to do is send an e-mail to DJ Adele on the mainscreen and request the song. Be sure to put down London in the space for location.

    -- After the success of "Miss You" on RockFM, some fans are trying to get the song played on Kiss 100, another popular London radio station. Please logon to for a list of DJs you can contact. Jez Welham is one known DJ that likes Mariah.

    -- Freddy has two Mariah concert tickets for San Jose on Friday, December 12, that he is trying to sell. They are great seats, Floor Row 20 seats 11 and 12 to be specific. For more information on how you can purchase them for original face value price, e-mail Freddy at

    Source: Mike McLafferty | Tray | Freddy

    New Poll

    We’ve added a new poll that asks which song from Mariah's seasonal "Merry Christmas" album is your favorite. Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked what your favorite track from Mariah's "The Remixes" album was. Here are the results:

  • 20% (1149 votes) “My All/Stay Awhile” (So So Def Remix)
  • 16% (936 votes) “Thank God I Found You” (Remix)
  • 15% (839 votes) “Anytime You Need A Friend” (Club Mix)
  • 10% (580 votes) “The One” (So So Def Remix)
  • 8% (470 votes) “Fantasy” (Bad Boy Remix)
  • 8% (463 votes) “Heartbreaker” (Remix)
  • 7% (423 votes) “Honey” (So So Def Mix)
  • 7% (408 votes) “Always Be My Baby” (Mr. Dupri Mix)
  • 5% (291 votes) “Dreamlover” (Def Club Mix)
  • 3% (179 votes) “Loverboy” (Remix)
    Total Votes: 5,735

  • DECEMBER 07, 2003 6:01PM
    Mariah to spend Christmas in Aspen

    Mariah Carey, who sometimes splits Christmas and New Year's twixt hot weather and cold, will visit Santa in Aspen. Friends, family, skiing, rented house. Until then it's touring Vegas, Arizona, Portland, Seattle, Santa Fe and points West.

    Source: New York Post

    Mariah her own master

    Mariah Carey makes no secret that she's tired of talking about her much-discussed emotional collapse of 2001. "Well, I feel like I've gone over this on 'Oprah' on 'Dateline,' on this one and that, so I'd rather not talk about it yet again because it was two years ago," Carey said.

    Yet there's no getting around the topic because it relates strongly to where Carey is in her life today. As even she points out, some songs (most notably "Through the Rain") on her current CD, "Charmbracelet," reflect on the changes that have occurred in her life since that time.

    "That's why 'Charmbracelet' is so important to me, because it marks a place in my life where I learned to take the initiative, to take care of myself more as a human being, not just as a product," said Carey, 33.

    Throughout the 1990s, Carey's career had seemed charmed, to say the least. Signed at age 18 to Columbia Records, the Long Island native blasted onto the scene with a 1990 self-titled CD that sold more than 9 million copies in the United States alone.

    She married Columbia Records President Tommy Mottola in 1993, and over the next four years Carey's career continued to prosper.

    Overall, during her eight-album tenure at Columbia, she scored 15 number one singles and four of her CDs topped the "Billboard" album chart -- "Mariah Carey," "Music Box" (1993), "Daydream" (1995) and "Butterfly" (1997).

    Her total sales were staggering, to say the least -- 150 million worldwide, according to Island Def Jam Records.

    But by the late 1990s, Carey was heading into choppier career waters. First came her breakup with Mottola in 1997. She remained with Columbia for two more albums, "Butterfly" (1997) and "Rainbow" (1999), which sold 3.6 million and 2.9 million, respectively, in the United States.

    But Carey said her partnership with Columbia grew uneasy when her marriage fell apart. "It felt really hard and really impossible to stay there and still thrive," Carey said.

    So Carey moved on, signing with great fanfare to Virgin Records. For that label, she recorded "Glitter," a soundtrack album to the movie of the same title. Carey played the lead role in the film, which was about a young girl who immerses herself in the 1980s club scene while trying to break into the music business. She was roundly thrashed by movie critics for her performance.

    The "Glitter" soundtrack album suffered, too, selling just 557,000 copies in the United States. (Carey said worldwide sales were 2 million). Some questioned Carey's future in music.

    Then things went from bad to ugly. In 2001, as she was promoting "Glitter" and dealing with the much-publicized failures of the project, Carey began to show signs of emotional overload.

    During a July appearance on MTV's "Total Request Live," her conversation dissolved into an odd monologue about ice cream. That same month, at a record store signing in Garden City, New York, her publicist seized the microphone from Carey after she began ranting to her audience. On her Web site, Carey posted troubling messages about needing to get a break from the demands of her career and her life.

    Then on July 25 came the real meltdown. That day, Carey threw a tantrum (and by some accounts although Carey has denied it some dishes and glasses as well) in her room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in Manhattan. She was taken from the hotel to her mother's home in Westchester County, where she literally collapsed. Her mother called for an ambulance for her daughter, who then checked herself in to Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn.

    Several news outlets reported that Carey had attempted suicide -- something Carey has vigorously denied.

    In Carey's view, her breakdown was simply a product of overwork, as she was trying too hard and doing too much to establish herself away from Columbia and Mottola. She said at that time she was maintaining a relentless pace of public appearances and travel, not eating right and frequently getting only three hours of sleep each night. The exhaustion and frustration, she said, finally caused her to break.

    "At that point in my life, I was really spiraling trying to keep everything together," Carey said. "I didn't have the right team around me. I was just neglecting myself. It was just like not treating myself as a human being with the proper respect that one would treat another human being."

    Carey emerged from her very public crash determined to put her life and her career back on track. And in many respects, she has come out smelling like a rose. Virgin Records, according to several published reports, paid Carey $19 million for the "Glitter" soundtrack CD and was on the hook for another $60 million for the duration of her contract. But stung by the disappointing performance of "Glitter," Virgin bought out Carey's contract, reportedly paying her $28 million.

    Then Carey signed with Island Def Jam, netting what's been reported as a $20 million deal for three albums. "Charmbracelet," her first release under the Island/Def Jam deal, however, has delivered mixed results. Released last December, its first two singles, "Through the Rain" and "Boy (I Need You)" fizzled. Sales of the CD, however, have topped 1 million, and Carey has gotten her share of favorable reviews for the record's characteristic mix of slow-jam ballads and hip-hop-inflected uptempo tracks, with some critics calling it her most mature work to date.

    And now "Charmbracelet" is getting a second life. A revamped version of the CD, featuring her recent top five hit duet with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," along with three other tracks that didn't appear on the original version of "Charmbracelet," was released in July. "I Know What You Want" had initially appeared only on Rhymes' CD, "It Ain't Safe No More."

    "The Busta Rhymes duet, 'I Know What You Want,' has become so successful and we always said I would put it on my album as well. So that was really the catalyst," Carey said, explaining the reasoning for releasing the revamped version of "Charmbracelet." "And then I have the other songs left, and we thought we would re-release it (with those tracks included) because the fans were requesting it. So that's the whole reason behind that."

    Still Carey's level of popularity remains under question, especially when this spring she scrapped a United States tour of arenas and instead downsized the tour to play theaters.

    The singer, though, said her decision to play smaller venues was not based on slow ticket sales. Instead, it's a sign of her independence as an artist.

    "I think that part of who I am as a performer is interacting with the audience on a personal level, not just standing there on an impersonal stage when you're how ever many feet away from the front row," Carey said. "You feel like you're a thousand feet away from the person who's up in the top, the nosebleed sections. And I've done that. I've already done that. I really wanted to just do clubs. I thought that would be a real cool thing to do, but it just didn't make sense financially. It would be difficult to do that in the way I like to hear my music done, with the band and the production and stuff.

    "I feel like at this point in my life, I'm in control," Carey said. "I'm in the driver's seat, and I can dictate what I want to do. So if I want to do something that showcases my talent as a singer and songwriter, yet also lets me have my personality, fun moments and the more theatrical stuff and the audience interaction, it's just the perfect thing for me to do."

    Source: The Columbian

    Dreamgirls Mariah and Shania are on fire

    It's a pop fan's dream week, a double-diva delight for mainstream ears. During a period of just three days, Portland will host concerts by two of the most popular female singers ever: Mariah Carey on Tuesday night at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Shania Twain on Thursday in the Rose Garden.

    Both shows likely will offer all the essentials of big-time musical entertainment. There'll be spiffy sets and lighting, costume changes by the stars, thoroughly planned and choreographed performances and, of course, hit after hit after hit.

    But perhaps most of all, what Twain and Carey each delivers is a dream. Having cut their paths from humble beginnings -- Twain grew up poor in rural Ontario, raising her siblings after the death of both parents; Carey supported herself early on as, in her words, the "world's worst waitress" -- to fabulous fame and wealth, they embody the aspirations, or at least the fantasies, of countless mirror stars. Yet more importantly, they connect with their millions of fans by selling idealized images of love and life that speak to the desires of their listeners.

    Judge them however you like -- by No. 1 chart hits, sales figures, media presence, influence on other performers -- but there's no disputing that Twain and Carey have reached a rare level of success.

    True, both of them have had recent career downturns. Especially Carey, whose reputation and sales power still haven't fully rebounded from 2001's double debacle of her public meltdown and the resounding flop of the "Glitter" film and soundtrack. Twain's latest album, "Up!," is posting healthy sales figures in the millions, but so far it pales next to the runaway popularity of 1997's "Come on Over." Even so, you'd have to say their work lives have been charmed.

    When performers achieve the sort of colossal recognition that Twain and Carey have, a lot of factors are at work.

    Looks aren't everything. For starters, there's talent; in Carey's case, a voice of uncommon range, power and control, in Twain's a Garth Brooks-like knack for the crowd-pleasing package of tune, attitude and upbeat presentation. And though Twain tries to discount the importance of looks ("There's a lot of beautiful singers who don't make it," she told Rolling Stone), surely she and Carey have been boosted by their beauty. They look like stars.

    And we might guess that looks and talent weren't hindrances to them in acquiring patronage. Or, should we say, establishing productive partnerships. In the mid-1990s, Carey was married to Tommy Mottola, at the time arguably the most powerful executive in the music business. Twain found a husband and creative partner in writer/producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who'd previously crafted megahits for acts ranging from Def Leppard to Billy Ocean. Twain and Carey might have broken through without such advantageous relationships, but they also could have wound up as beautiful singers who didn't make it.

    To their credit, Twain and Carey each brought a striking sound to their respective genres at just the right moment. Carey brought back a kind of soulful, powerhouse vocalizing that had ebbed from pop and R&B through the plasticized 1980s. Twain's unabashedly simple songs and brash, high-sheen pop-rock productions blew away the wheezing remnants of Nashville's early-1990s neotraditionalism. She got her foot in the country music door but quickly made herself at home throughout the popular music house.

    And there's even more to it. Yet even beyond talent, looks, connections, style and timing, their successes can be attributed to how well they sell a dream.

    It is not the same dream. The operative dream in Carey's work is about weathering emotional storms to find true love. Her songs are infused with soaring passions and often a sweet naivete, her elaborate melodic decorations meant to convey depth of feeling, whether that feeling is desire, vulnerability or self-righteousness. Album titles such as "Butterfly" and "Rainbow" offer girlish metaphors for transcendence, and the accompanying photos strive to balance an "ain't I hot" sexuality with an "ain't I sweet" air of innocence.

    The world of Shania Twain songs is one in which no obstacle is a match for the singer's pluck, perseverance and positive outlook. Romantic satisfaction, a lover's trust and devotion, independence, unlimited career choices, a big night on the town -- all are part of a woman's prerogative. Men are expected to behave. But in return, the lucky guy gets a tender-hearted woman who'll assure him he's "still the one." When she's not too busy being sassy and assertive and fun-loving, of course.

    Perhaps these images somehow are rooted in the biographies of the women who have created them. Carey's is the yearning and hopefulness of someone allowed to indulge her girlishness into her 30s. Twain's image is both more tenacious and more playful; hers is the determined optimism of someone forced to grow up too fast.

    But wherever they came from, the ideal of the grand romantic or of the quasi-feminist go-getter have proved at the very least to be powerful enough for Mariah Carey and Shania Twain to make their own dreams real.

    Source: The Oregonian

    News Tidbits

    -- From The Philippine Star: For skin care, Mariah Carey uses Laura Mercier Warm Ivory Foundation, Baby Lips Lip Colour and Coffee Ground Eye Colour.

    -- Be sure to check out Wojtek's Polish Mariah Carey fansite at

    -- Joe from the Epic Records rock band Chevelle left a voice message on his official website nearly a year ago in which he mentioned Mariah, saying "I'm in my hotel room, watching some TV show with Mariah Carey on. I realize she's really got it all together. She's not wacko. She said it herself. I'm suprised that Mariah leaves voice messages on her site. I feel like I have a connection with her so I decided to call in."

    -- On Cameron Diaz's "Love Chain" television special, which aired on E! today, they talked extensively on Mariah and Cameron's feud and how Mariah and Matt Dillon, Cameron's ex-boyfriend, made out at a club. Click here for re-air dates and more information.

    Source: Wojtek | Lynn | Nick

    DECEMBER 05, 2003 3:27PM
    She may have no taste, but there's no denying Mariah Carey has great talent

    Mariah Carey has one of the great voices in popular music. Her seven-octave range and dramatic vocal delivery make her performances, either live or on recordings, powerful and bracing.

    That incredible voice has allowed the R&B diva to sustain a career for more than a decade. But now she's in a slump. Her last two CDs, "Charmbracelet" and "The Remixes," were critical and commercial failures. Her semi-autobiographical movie debut, "Glitter," was a flop, as was the soundtrack. EMI paid her $28 million to get her off the label. And she suffered a nervous breakdown in 2001.

    The only bright spot in her recent career has been in the disco/dance charts, where she's had 13 No. 1 singles in a row. But the brain-numbing thump-thump-thump of disco is seldom heard outside the club culture. And a No. 1 in disco doesn't mean much in sales; the honor comes mostly from DJ spins.

    The knock on Carey has always been that she's all sheen and no substance. She can belt lyrics with amazing energy and unique vocal phrasing, but there's seldom any emotion behind it. She seems more interested in showing off her voice than making a song work, making it mean something.

    Carey has yet to find a song equal to her talent. She prefers vapid hip-hop and rap, such as the dreck on the two-disc "Remixes" album. That album alone shows that she has talent but no taste. None of the songs on it will have any shelf life.

    Her love of style over substance will probably be writ large at her show. You can bet there will be too many costume changes, too much stage business, and too many dance routines that will look like every other dance routine. Count on a slick session band and talented backup singers who will fill in her vocals while she does her dance moves.

    This will be Carey's first show in Seattle, so you can also be sure that those fans who have waited a decade to see her will go wild, no matter what she does. She'll arrive and leave to standing ovations; that's a given. But the talk afterward will likely be about her clothes and the opulent production, rather than the music.

    Source: Seattle Times | Jeanne

    Mariah Carey's McCaw concert is her first in Seattle

    Been there, done that.

    That's not something Mariah Carey can say about Seattle. She's never performed here. That's despite a career that has produced 15 No. 1 singles and garnered two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. Carey also topped the national charts in each year of the 1990s, the only artist to do so.

    But all of these achievements came with a price. In the summer of 2001, the pop/R&B singer suffered a headline-grabbing physical and emotional breakdown -- caused by extreme exhaustion -- throwing her future as a recording artist in doubt and landing her in the tabloids as another fallen idol. "No one was looking out for the human being inside the machine that pays everybody," she told Vibe magazine earlier this year.

    Now Carey is back with "Charmbracelet," out on a new label, Monarc/Island Records. Her extraordinary voice gets a good workout on the songs "Through the Rain," "Yours" and "The One." Another album, the throbbing, dance-oriented "Mariah Carey: The Remixes," also came out this year.

    Wednesday's concert will give Seattle fans their first opportunity to hear the singer's extraordinary voice in action at a first-rate concert venue, McCaw Hall.

    In January, Carey will begin rehearsals for the London stage adaptation of the comedy "The Sleeping Prince," which was the subject of the 1957 film "The Prince and the Showgirl," starring Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Carey also plans to star in the movie "Sweet Science." Both projects will allow the singer to redeem herself as an actress. Her 2001 movie, "Glitter," was a flop.

    Mariah Carey performs Wednesday night at 8 at McCaw Hall. Tickets are $49.5-$79.50 at Ticketmaster. A limited number of Golden Circle tickets are priced at $150.

    Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    Mariah expresses sympathy for Celine

    Radio station 97.5FM announced on their Entertainment Buzz program that diva Mariah Carey ordered a sympathy basket from Baskets To Reemember and had it sent to fellow singer Celine Dion to express her sympathy for the recent passing of Celine's father.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Martijn Leegwater

    All things music

    Everybody's got something to say about the music industry. What's your view on the latest releases? The state of radio? Are you happy with current releases, or are your tastes more old school? USA Today music critic Elysa Gardner is here to elaborate on her picks and pans, and to hear what you've got to say on the subject of music.

    Canton, MI: I'm a really big fan of Mariah Carey. She used to be so successful--she would sell millions of records and her songs peaked much higher on Billboard. Now, radio isn't even playing her, what is going on? Will she ever return somewhat to her status in the mid-90s? What do you think of her and her newer music compared to other female artists?

    Elysa Gardner: I've interviewed Mariah several times, and I think that what people don't get about her is that she's really an insecure and self-critical person -- or has seemed that way to me. She's less a diva than a perfectionist, I think, and is very easily hurt when people talk trash about her. That can really affect someone's longevity, if the person isn't thick-skinned ... But I think it's beyond question that Mariah is the most influential female pop singer of the past 15 years. Listen to any female singer with chops under the age of 25 -- Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce -- and you'll hear the influence.

    Source: USA Today

    News Tidbits

    -- Click here to view a video clip of Mariah performing "My All" on the Brazilian television show Fantastico.

    -- The import single of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" is available for pre-order at While you're there, be sure to check out a few of Mariah's albums, which are on sale for less than $10.

    -- Be sure to vote for Mariah on BBC and Trevor Nelson's Top R&B Albums of All Time at

    -- Vote for Mariah for Miss 2003 by clicking here and Best Artist of 2003 by clicking here. Even though it's a Dutch site, you only have to click STEM behind ''Mariah Carey''.

    -- Mariah's "The Remixes" album is back at #1 on Billboard's Electronic Albums chart. It had dropped to #2 last week.

    -- The latest edition of US Weekly magazine featured an article stating that Mariah bought her cat a Versace water bowl.

    -- "200 Meadows" by Amy Cook (as featured in Mariah's film "WiseGirls") can be downloaded at

    -- "Miss You" is beginning to get radio play in London on Rock FM. Last week it was #15 and is now #9 this week after 4 weeks on the charts. You can request the song so that it moves up on the charts at All we have to do is send an email to the DJ Adele on the mainscreen and request the song, and put down London in the space for location.

    Source: Sergio | BenMac | Mr. Cool | Marquis | Alz7790 | Mike

    DECEMBER 03, 2003 8:26PM
    Mariah Live In London

    “Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers,” sang ODB and indeed we do. Well, maybe not to birth but back to the days when there were “Visions Of Love” and “Emotions” a-plenty to be found. Yes, I can admit it, I’ve been a fan of Mariah Carey since those early days, so it was with high expectations that I popped along to Wembley one rainy evening to see the self-crowned diva, eagerly cramming in amongst young girls, couples and a large amount of gay men all very excited that their number one “Hero” was about to rock the house.

    Starting the show on a high note (she’s dead good at those as she proved over and over and over), Mariah dispensed with high-wires, trampolines, fireworks and other such grand entrances by cutting right to the chase and strutting through the crowd to the sounds of “Heartbreaker”. The crowd liked that. A lot. Onto the stage she went (aided by two men ‘cause, damn, those heels were high) in her skimpiest best and mingled amongst the peculiar set which was, possibly, a representation of the media circus she has recently endured: clowns, belly dancers and men on stilts mingled with the band and dancers. All was very hectic and a bit distracting from the main attraction, Mariah herself.

    “Dreamlover,” “Through The Rain,” “My All” and “Give It To Me” are interspersed with a staggering 48 (well, maybe not 48 but it was in the double-digits) costume changes (she does one change for a four bar rendition of “I Know What You Want”) before we get to the real good stuff. Up until this point there’s been the question of the absolute liveness of those vocals (not saying it was totally mimed you understand, but let’s say I wouldn’t be staggeringly surprised were a backing-track found), and the general stiffness of Mariah’s performance. It’s not that she didn’t communicate well with the crowd, she just looks a bit awkward and very low energy.

    The final third of the show (and, boy at two hours you can’t front on value for money) was easily the best when Trey Lorenz had Mariah visibly picking her game up for the gorgeous “I’ll Be There”. It’s back-to-back crowd-pleasers from then on with “Make It Happen” and “Vision Of Love” being highlights before the grand finale that is “Hero”. And then she was gone, leaving me somewhat disappointed and far from overwhelmed.

    It’s easy to take cheap pop shots at Mariah and not acknowledge how phenomenally well she has done: achieving huge, huge sales, crossing the color-lines and being, at one time, an amazing live performer. Without taking away from that, it just seems that Mariah isn’t the most natural performer, or maybe, in light of her breakdown, troubles and traumas, she’s lost a bit of confidence; there were certainly a number of notes not on display that night.

    While I for one don’t doubt she can reclaim that crown, Mariah needs to step up her game if she wants to compete with the outstanding Beyonces and Alicias rather than being stuck with the so-so Ashantis.

    Source: Blues & Soul Magazine

    Reports Of Mariah's Shoe Excess Exaggerated

    Mariah Carey's rep is throwing cold water on reports out of China that the singer arrived in the country with 60 pieces of luggage and 350 pairs of shoes. "According to Mariah's management, none of this is true," the rep insisted.

    Source: Pop Dirt

    Ja Rule credits Mariah for chance to prove himself

    Def Jam artist Ja Rule credits Mariah Carey as the first artist to give him a chance to prove himself. "My first chance ever to pen something with R&B was Mariah.

    "Mariah gave me a chance first. She called me in for a record to do with her on her Glitter album, and we did it and it came out hot. It's me, her, and Nate Dogg. And it came out real hot, but Mariah didn't choose to go with it as a single, she chose to go with the other record. It's not my business, you know, to call what records get put out there but I felt my record should have went first."

    Source: Groove Volt | Bobby Kern

    Gossip For Mariah Carey

    Have you ever wondered how much gossip and how many rumors an artist such as Mariah Carey has had to face during her life? Mariah has been seriously attacked by media and, in some cases, rumors have been negative for her career.

    In the beginning, Mariah was criticized because she married Thomas Mottola, president of Columbia Records at that moment. Some foreign press affirmed that Mariah was the reason why Mottola and his ex-wife broke up. What many people who have read this story don't know, is that Mottola divorced in 1987, he met Mariah in 1989, and he married her in 1993. This marriage came with other gossip, press said that Mariah was so successful because she had all the support because she was married to the president of Sony Music, and that he only paid attention to his young wife. These rumors were fading when Mariah Carey divorced and her albums were still selling millions.

    In addition, Mariah was seriously attacked in 1999, when some media published a story saying that she would love to be as skinny as those children in poor areas of Africa, but without all the flies. This gossip was too hard, and a few weeks after the nonsense article, people knew the truth...the article was false.

    Other gossip has been spread throughout the years. For example, in 1999 Mariah married Mexican singer Luis Miguel. A few months ago I was watching TV and the reporter said: "Did you know that some icons do some weird things. For example, did you know that Mariah Carey doesn't use stairs, she is a diva and she always asks her body guards for help." In 2001 Mariah said bad things about Mottola's new wife, and many other gossips and lies.

    However, the hardest gossips came out in 2001, when media affirmed that Mariah tried to commit suicide because she realized that her single "Loverboy" was not doing so well, and that Luis Miguel was not part of her life anymore. During 2001, press also said that Mariah was alcoholic, she used drugs, and that she was getting crazy. These are the hardest gossip in her career because a painful lie is always uncomfortable and sad.

    There are hundreds of rumors and gossip, some of them are just silly; other ones are evil and they can really affect anyone. When we hear another silly story; let's not repeat it, that's how everything starts, and let's not forget Mariah Carey is someone who feels and who can gets hurt easily, she is a sensitive human being not a cartoon without feelings such as Mickey Mouse; So don't believe everything you hear.

    Source: Pop Dirt

    News Tidbits

    -- In the January 2004 edition of Glamour Magazine, associate fashion editor Candice Dhakhwa chose Mariah as the "celebrity most in need of a new look," saying "I'd like to bring her good-girl-gone-bad image down a few notches."

    -- Elephant Man was on Rap City yesterday afternoon and gave great praise to Mariah. The host Big Tiga mentioned a list of artists that Elephant Man has done collaborations with and mentioned Mariah.

    -- Damizza's "What Would You Do" featuring Mariah, Nate Dogg and Shade Sheist has soared up the CHR/Rhythmic airplay chart and peaks at #141. The track has 72 spins and is impacting over 5.1 million people. 71 of these spins come from popular Los Angeles hip-hop station Power 106. You can vote for the song on the Power 106 countdown or if you live in the Los Angeles area, call and request at (818) 845-1059.

    -- Exactly 5 years ago, Mariah's "#1's" album was debuting on Billboard's Hot 200 album chart at #4, beating Whitney Houston's "My Love Is You Love" album debut entry of #13. Exactly 10 years ago, "Music Box" was enjoying its top 10 glory and would soon peak at #1 thanks to a boost from Mariah's NBC-TV special.

    Source: Dawn | MariahzGrad03 | Mariah, Inc. | Varun

    DECEMBER 01, 2003 5:52PM
    Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mil

    Check out Mariah Daily's fifth installment of "Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill" for the month of December, located in the Fan Center section, for the answers to these questions:

  • Is Mariah's next album going to be titled "Candyland"?
  • What's up with Mariah and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame?
  • Is it true Mariah hates the gay community?
  • Did Mariah win an Oscar for "When You Believe"?
  • What are Mariah’s plans for 2004?

    …and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions, but please be sure to read the questions and and answers already posted before submitting new ones. Enjoy!

    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- Congratulations to Michael Juarez for winning a deleted two-track "Never Too Far/Hero Medley" CD single in Mariah Daily’s November 2003 monthly contest. Please contact us to claim your prize. Click here to enter the December contest. Maybe you will be our next winner!

    -- Bond's New Girl: CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is in line to become the next Bond girl, if the latest Hollywood rumours are to be believed. Word is that Catherine also plans to go up against Mariah Carey in a battle to sing the film's accompanying theme tune. "Catherine is incredibly excited about the project," goes on the source. "She realised the potential of this becoming a worldwide hit."

    -- Nelly Furtado was on Rick Dees's morning show on KIISFM in Southern California and he asked her about singing and she said she grew up listening to Mariah. She said she couldn't afford vocal lessons so she listened to Mariah and she would practice to all of her songs and learn the licks, etc.

    Rick went on to say that he met Mariah at a Christmas party before she became famous. She was doing backup singing for someone, he didn't say who, and when he met her, she had a strong new york accent and she told him to remember her name because he would hear from her. When he asked her her name she said--I'm not even gonna tell you my full name. You just remember Mariah. You're gonna hear from me. He also said that she sang for him. And she sang up and down scales, from the lower range all the way to her whistle register and he told her he didn't care what her name was, he knew he'd hear from her with such amazing pipes. After his story he said "Boy! Did we hear from Mariah!" and Nelly commented again saying "yeah" and praising her again.

    -- In a phone call with Gilles today, Universal France denied ever talking about a release of the Charmbracelet Tour on DVD and confirmed only that the concert in Paris was shot.

    -- Merry Christmas enters the Billboard 200 Comprehensive Albums chart at #197. The Comprehensive Albums chart includes all general-release albums (like the Billboard 200) as well as those which are one-store exclusives or released to a limited number of stores and, most importantly, catalog titles, defined as those albums that are more than two years old and rank below No. 100 on The Billboard 200. Since Billboard adopted the Soundscan system in 1991, albums older than two years were taken off the main chart and relegated to a catalog chart.

    "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has gained a lot of radio spins for the past week, enough to appear on the following impressions charts: Pop/Gold - #73 (0.657 million impressions), Rythmic/Gold - #24 (1.224 mi), AC/Gold: #14 (7.505).

    Source: Mariah Daily | Vogue | SuperLoverBoy | Heroes of Mariah | Dotmusic | marbelous


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