December 31, 1999
Adorible20 sent me scans from a Japananese Cosmo. I have never seen these pics before and they are SO AWESOME! One of the three is old but the other two are wonderful! They are in Gallery 17. Also I scanned the pic from the Word Up Feb 2000 issue. It is the one about the Early Show and how it was too late for Mariah. Finnaly beetleboy sent me two scans from the March 2000 Latin Scene Magazine. So all together, there are 6 pictures!

Look Here Eryn!
FunkSoulBo sent me another recent Fan Address to send Mariah it is Eryn :)
Mariah Carey Fan Mail
c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90121

Carisa informed me that you can watch realvideos on her site of the entire #1's Video..Check them out by clicking here

Spanish Glamour
Two People saw the Spanish Glamour. Mia told me she saw it at Fry's Grocery Store in Arizona and RN arkan saw it at El Cajon in California. Maybe if you live in those areas that might help!

MORE News coming Friday night (when I get home from work :)

Who does he think he is?
Okay this just makes me mad!
One, I never ever said I was any better then any other Mariah Carey Webmaster out there! I do what I do because I am a huge Mariah fan and I enjoy doing the newsletter and this website.
Two, I do NOT appreciate being threatened. It's just not the smartest thing to do to me..ya know? are wondering..WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? Well you can find out by clicking here
HE messed with Yvonne, which really bothered me because she is such a nice gal and now he is messing with Anderz and I..big mistake! Here was my message to A Candler...
I do NOT APPRECIATE you dissing my site cause you are a Mariah Hater! I do not care who the heck you are or whether you care about MC or not but I swear if you TOUCH my site you will have a bigger problem then you can handle. You say you are sorry and then you say just plain old STUPID STUFF! Anderz and I do NOT think we are so "f***ing cool" as you said yourself. Never once did I say I was better then you! My gosh..who are you and get a life! You have to have better things to do then bother other people! Two can tango so be careful who you screw with cause you might get what you deserve! My only warning!

If you want to mail him about anything he said on the site or anything he did to Yvonne, then e-mail him at the address he listed on the site..

December 30, 1999..Lots of News!!
New Pics
I added three newly scanned pics to Gallery 17 today. One was from the Jan 4th Globe tabloid, one was from the Dec 28th issue of National Examiner, and the last one was a cute really tiny pic I just had to scan! Ha ha..hope you enjoy them!

National Examiner
Well it turns out Mariah was on the cover of National Examiner but it isn't the Jan4th issue but the Dec28th issue! Thanks to Beetleboy for straighting me up on this and also thanks for the scan!

Magazine News Galore!
I updated the Magazine section on the main page and here is some info. on the recent magazine Mariah is in...
MariahLamby told me that Mariah is in the latest issue of VIBE magazine on pages 70 & 76. One is a pic of her in a red shirt, green coat and her trade mark jeans. The other is a cartoon drawing of her talking about her last name. Anyone got a scan?
Fresh and Word Up Magazine-Feb 2000
Lillian told me that Mariah is in both these magazines with the same pic. Here is what she told me..
In "Fresh" there's a huge article on how it was working with Mariah in the studio from the viewpoints of jimmy jam and terry lewis on page 5. the article and the picture are on a whole page! the picture is when mariah is sitting down in a mens' button-up shirt with her hands inbetween her neck and chest. it's a black and white picture. Also in the magazine "word up!" it's the same black and white picture, but they only show her head. the article is a half page and it's about the Early Show and Today show conflicts.
Anyone got a scan???
Spanish Glamour Magazine-Dec 1999
Lynn told me that the Glamour Magazine with Mariah on the cover is not out. It is a tad different then the US cover because she is looking at us instead of off an angle! I do not know where you can get this as an import yet..I'll let you know if I find out :)
Billboard Magazine News!
I checked out Billboard Magazine yesterday and they are all old pictures. She is in there three times. One is the ISB cover, one is the pic from the NEWS section at and the final is a pic from the shoot of the Roof which we have all seen a thousand times. The magazine is either $7 or $9 about and I didn't think it was worth buying, but if you want to go get your copy :)
Billboard BOOK news
Beetleboy told me that the Billboard book is $24.95 and he didn't buy it due to lack of money. If anyone does and can scan the pics..I would appreciate it very much!

Vote for Mariah at TRL for Top 99
Okay guys "Thank God I Found You" is NOT doing well on TRL, which is NOT good! We need to start voting again for her but that is not the main concern at the moment. It seems that TRL is having a Top 99 of 1999 and we need to get Mariah as part of this. You can also vote for who your favorite artist was so CLICK HERE to vote for Mariah!

Vote for Mariah again!
Jaggs34 told me that you can vote for Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker video by click here

Canada News..I think?
Here is some information that Nicole sent me :)
MuchMusic (our national music station) held the annual Fromage special on Monday. It's the "chessiest" or worst videos of '99. Unfortunately, "when you believe" was one the "winners" for chessiest duet!! The MC (Ed the Sock, this station can be really juvinelle) dissed the video, and then Mariah!! Ed disses everybody, MuchMusic is usually very good to Mariah.
MuchMoreMusic (our second national music station) did a half hour special on Mariah last week. They played "always be my baby", "one sweet day", "anytime you need a friend", "butterfly", and "heartbreaker". In between the videos was an old interview with Mariah, around the release of "Daydream". She talked about how people like to take shots at artists who have great success and how she is taking more control of her career, how her music is changing because of this. She was wearing a short-sleeved mockneck turtleneck sweater, leather pants, and with her bangs covering her forehead.

Poll time gave me some good ideas for a new poll! I havn't done polls for a while now but there is a lot of concern fans dealing with the people that Mariah chooses to work with. I necessarly don't have any issues on this but I am starting up a poll to find out your opinions. Check the main page for that!

Twisted/A Candler must stop!
Okay Yvonne, old ownere of Cool Mariah, is having some problems with someone named Twisted/A Candler. He got her password and is destroying her Mariah Carey Site saying how Yvonne hates Mariah Carey, etc. If you know Yvonne or go to her site daily, please understand that this is NOT Yvonne but some creep who has nothing better to do with his time that harass others. You can personnaly talk to Yvonne herself by e-mailing at the address below..

December 29, 1999
New Pics!
I will be scanning in some new pics today. 2 are real pics that I will be adding and MC looks really cute and funny in the one! Make sure you check back for a brand new Gallery (17) and new pics!

A lot of people e-mailed me about the Y2K thing and how greatful they were for the help. I am glad it did help and if I hear any of tips I will not make sure to dish them out in InfoMC and on the webpage. Also Eryn asked for the address where to write to Mariah. I tried digging up some information but it seems that I failed. The only address I could find is her Fan Club. My suggestion to you is to e-mail
for info. You can sign up for her Official Fan Club by sending a request to:
Mariah Carey Fan Club
PO BOX 679
Branford, CT 06405
In there newsletters they said you can try and send them your letters and they will try their best to get it to Mariah! Sadly none of the addresses really work 100% because Mariah gets so many letters a day :(

MC in Billboard Magazine!
Lorah told me some great news! It seems that Mariah is in Billboard Magazine 3 times, all black and white pics though. The issue is the December 25, 1999/January 1, 2000. The cover says, 1999: The Year in Music. Make sure you go check this out :)

Emotion327 reminded me about something. Mariah's cover of Hip Hop magazine, which is a UK magazine, can now be found out some bookstores/record stores. It is the Nov. issue but since imports take a while to get here, it is just now hitting stands. Make sure you go get your copy now. You might be able to fid it at Borders/Barnes and Nobles or Tower Records!

Yvonne told me that you can rate Heartbreaker at MTVAsia Polls by clicking here!

Any news you got, send it to me! I would greatly appreciate it!

December 28, 1999
Jam Countdown!
Alex sent me some cool news. It seems that Mariah has 5 songs on the JAM Showbiz Top 100 singles of the 90's. IT's from a Canadian site, so he is not sure if it is just Canada or both US/ are the results!
7. Fantasy by Mariah Carey (95)
53. Dreamlover by Mariah Carey (93)
74. Vision Of Love by Mariah Carey (90)
86. I'll Be There by Mariah Carey (92)
93. Love Takes Time by Mariah Carey (90)

Mail Mariah Where?
Eryn can't receive e-mail, so she asked me to answer her question ont he webpage. Her question was where can she write to Mariah? Well Eryn, sadly nowhere. You can try writing to her at her fan addresses but she never gets them. I've tried that a couple times and got nothing back :( The best bet is to join the official fan club and mail her at that address. If anyone got a response from a certain address, e-mail me and let me know, so I can let Eryn know!

You go "Baby"
BaByDollLiz13 sent me some cool news. First Mariah is in the Feb. 2000 edition of Latin Teen Magazine. Mariah is also in the Jan 2000 issue of BB, which two black and white pics. (anyone got a scan?) and finnaly there is a picture of Mariah in Britney Spears Unofficial Book!! If anyone got scans..send them to me, please!

Mariah on TV show
First Ricardo e-mailed me and told me that Mariah was on the National Enquirer TV tv show and then Matt e-mailed me and sent the transcript of it. Read this..
Tanya:"Mariah, first of all, has a new CD out, and um...she was having a little trouble in Paradise because her current love, Luis Miguel was wanting to be on it, but he couldn't be."
Mike:"Oh I head that...Yeah!"
Tanya:"But she's talking about if she and her former husband, which of course is Tommy Mattolla, executive at sony, that made her career; she said if they had a baby she ould still be married to him and totally obesessed with making it work!"
Mike:"Now of course thats ridiculous! It's Probably better they didn't have a baby, but what this might mean is...she's sort of thinking aobout going back to Tommy."
Tanya:"Well...ya know the grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there, isn't it? Ha ha ha..."
Mike:"Very very interseting"
Then they changed subjects.
All I can say is that this is a tabloid show..need I say anymore?

ButtterfIi told me some NOT SO GOOD news on Mariah! It seems that Entertainment Weekly bashed Mariah in a Joey McIntyre article :( Read this..
Joey McIntyre (C2/Columbia) One of the year's most unintentionally hilarious trends was early-'90s teen idols desperately trying to play catch-up. Mariah Carey's regression into a gum-chewing mall rat in the ''Heartbreaker'' video was embarrassing enough, but this attempted comeback by ex-New Kid McIntyre was truly offensive, down to his borderline blackface mannerisms.
HOW RUDE! I love could they ever bash that video..darn EW!

MC on Cover
DitzEgurl5 told me that Mariah is on the cover of the Nation Examiner. She just saw it walking by, so she didn't have anymore info. on it. Anyhow got a scan? If not I will buy it at the mall and scan it in tomorrow night! It is the Jan 4th issue

New CD Out!
Chris told me that Jay-Z's new album was released today. In case you forgot, Mariah is on the song, "That Thing You Do" and you should go and get your copy soon. I will be buying mine tomorrow!

New Book
Beetleboy told me that there are some pics of Mariah in "Billboards #1's" Book. He will be scanning the pics for me, he said. Basically the book shows all the number ones from each week and obviosly Mariah is in there a couple of times.

#1's DVD News
Jimmy B, who works in the music buisness, told me that #1's DVD will be released on Feb. 1st, 2000 with one bonus track, Heartbreaker Remix video!

This next bit has NOTHING to do with Mariah, but I want to make sure you guys are all safe for the Y2K. Please make sure read this, print this out, so your computer does not crash. It turns out that I had to change mine and I am so glad Alex sent this to me!
You may think your PC is "Y2K" compliant and some little tests may have actually affirmed that your hardware is compliant, but you'll be surprised that Windows may still crash unless you do the simple exercise below. Easy fix, but something Microsoft seems to have missed in certifying their software as Y2K compliant.
This is simple to do, and VERY important.
Click "START"
Click on "SETTINGS"
Double click on "CONTROL PANEL"
Double click on "Regional settings icon (look for the little world globe)
Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page (last tab on the top right)
Where it says "Short Date Sample" look and see if it shows a two -digit year format: "YY."
Unless you have previously changed it, it will be set incorrectly with just 2 Y's. It NEEDS to be 4 Y's. That's because Microsoft made the 2 digits setting the Default setting for Windows 95 and Windows 98. This date format selected is the date that Windows feeds ALL application software and will not rollover into the year 2000. It will roll over into the year "00"
Click on the little arrow button for "Short Date Style" and select the option that shows "mm/DD/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy". Be sure your selection has four Y's and not just mm/DD/yy.
Then click "Apply"
Then click "OK"
Pass this info on to your PC buddies. No matter how much of a computer guru they think they are this might be a welcome bit of information!

December 27, 1999
Macy Who?
Okay I have seen this ladies videos, and I personally don't even know how she got a contract! I am sorry if I offended anyone, but I don't think she can sing hun! She is high on the charts in the UK but in the US, she is not heard of much. It seems now that she wants to FIGHT Mariah? WHAT? Ugh! Just read this!
Macy Gray and Mariah Carey appear to be on a collision course for a cat-fight, after Macy said she was very keen to land one on Mariah's chin. Macy seems to be extremely riled by Mariah's career and appearance and is very confident that she could 'take' her US rival. She revealed: 'I'd love to punch Mariah Carey. She gets on my nerves when I see those videos of hers. I'm six ft tall, so I think I could take her in a fight."
Many thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this article. I think you should all visit that site cause it is really one of my favorite TOP Mariah Sites. Plus Eric is part of Mariah Three :)

New Pics!
I added a new Pic of the Week. Plus I added 20 more pics to Gallery 16 last night! Go check them out if you like. Overall I scanned in 40 new pics and more are soon to come.

HuNniEMG sent me a cool little article about what MC said about Derek Jeter in some French Magazine. Read this..
MC: For a long time I was infatuated with him. Our romance ended six months ago. The rumors and the pressure from the media was unbearable. However we're still good friends. Ifell in love with him because,like me, he has an Irish mother and a Black father. I had never met a guy so wonderful. After my breakup with Derek I was incapable of having confidence in men, but not because of him. I was just really insecure since I didn't know what guys intentions were. So now when I get the blues about us, writing about it consoles me.

RN arkan told me that Mariah is in the Jan 4th issue of GLOBE tabloid. It is her in a white top and a white skirt. I am going to go get it today and I will have the scan for you all tonight!

Not much news coming in on Mariah, so if you have something, send it my way. I need your help with the Mariah News :)

December 26, 1999
Update Pics!
I added over 20 new pics to Gallery 16! All the pics are from my own books and are all pics I have never personally seen on the net! I am working on scanning more, so be patient with me! I will probably add more tomorrow since i am off from work! We'll see! Took me 4 hours to scan all those pics yesterday so please go check out Gallery 16!!

Speaking of Pics, I am up for "Best Photo Gallery" and "Website of the Year!" If you like this site, and think it should win either click here or e-mail and tell Nacho you want me to win! Hee hee..thanks guys!

One more pics related thing, I created a New title Bar for the webpage on the front page. Plus I added the background that Adorible20 created before the Christmas Season..hope you like it!

Tracy told me that the 1999 Billboard Awards will air on Jan 2nd at 1:30 am on Sky One!
You got International News? Send it my way! E-mail! I can only make this webpage better with YOUR help!

Nini, my gosh what would I do without you..hee hee, sent me even more news! Isn't she great guys? Here is the entire countdown of The Top 80 Songs of the 1990's as heard on Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 Countdown!
7 -- MARIAH CAREY & BOYZ II MEN - One Sweet Day
17 -- MARIAH CAREY - Fantasy
28 -- MARIAH CAREY - Hero
42 -- MARIAH CAREY - Someday
61 -- MARIAH CAREY - Emotions
66 -- MARIAH CAREY - Always Be My Baby
79 -- MMARIAH CAREY - Make It Happen

Josh told me that MC is in "Latin Teen" magazine. She is on the cover along with other artists plus there is a Heartbreaker Poster and an article with more pics! Anyone got a scan? It's $3.99!

December 25, 1999..Merry Christmas!
No Update for today since it is Christmas but I did get a brand new scanner and I will be scanning in some pics of Mariah that are not easily found on the internet..including rare ones :) Tune in tomorrow afternoon for a full webpage update! Merry Christmas to everyone!

December 24, 1999..X-Mas Eve
I just want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Safe New Year! I wish you all the Happiness in the next year coming and look forward to bringing you all the new MC news..hee hee! Now go play your Mariah Christmas CD (Mines playing on my computer now) and go celebrate!

Brianne told me that you can vote for Mariah under #1's at Billboard online! SHe is currently #2. Go vote for her please (click Billboard link to vote!)

Robert told me that Mariah was #1 on B96.3's Nighty Top 9 with All I Want For Christmas Is You!

As of December 10, 1999, Mariah's self-titled debut album has been certified 9X (that's 9 times!!) PLATINUM by the RIAA.
Her more recent album, "Butterfly" has gone 5X Platinum.
Congratulations, Mariah!
and Thanks to all the fans!!

MCJeter told me that Mariah is in the new Teen People with Britney Spears on the cover! Here is more..
She is on page 54 GENERATION NEXT where they take a hot singer/actor/actress and say who is the one upcoming singer/actor/actress who will be as good SHE IS ALSO ON PAGE 108 as DIVA IN DEMAND she was voted diva in demand in that poll they had a while back its just a small pic of her and a quote from her.

Willem told me that Thank God I Found You will be released on Feb 7th in the UK, NOT the 24th of Jan. Sorry guys :(

Speaking of TGIFY, 2 CD Singles and a cassette are said to be released!

Beetleboy told me that MC is in Entertainment Weekly and now he told me the date of the's Dec 24/Dec 31. Plus EW has a bit on Mariah on their site..
"Just when the talk about Mariah Carey turning into a movie star had finally started to calm down, one of her long-gestating projects may finally get made. Sony is recruiting Vondie Curtis Hall (the "Chicago Hope" star who directed Tupac Shakur in "Gridlock'd") to take over "All That Glitters", in which Carey would play a poor orphan who grows up to be a famous singer."

Oprah Reair
Someone asked me to tell them if Oprah reaired since they missed it, but I forget who? Was it you Kathy? Anyhow it will reair this Monday...
Catch the re-airing of Mariah Carey on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, December 27 @ 4PM
It is added to Important Dates and if anyone has noticed it seems that the Important Dates are getting longer and longer huh? Ha ha..

Let me say something before I report this next message, if you have any news ANYWHERE in the WORLD, please send it to me. This webpage seems to mostly report news in the US, but I would like to have some international news too. Please send me news of all kinds..I would greatly appreciate it :)
Could you please let all the New Zealand fans out there that the billboard awards on on Monday, 7:30pm, Channel Two. Thanks!!
Thanks Mina and make sure you tune in if you live in New Zealand!!

DitzEgurl5 found an article on Mariah in the Jan 2000 issue of YM Here is more....
Mariah is on page 28 and it says:two-timing CELEBS these stars have hit it huge on the music scene and the big screen.We asked them which gig they dig more.Under Movie moves for mariah it says:Makes her film debut as an opera singer in this month's The Bachelor. Tune 'Tude:Flutters around the top of the charts with hits like "Butterfly" and "Heartbreaker." And the winner is..."Music is my heart, but a movie lets me work through more emotions."

December 23, 1999..X-Mas Approaching
My good friend Jasper told me that the release date for Holland yesterday was wrong and the real release date is January 17th. Jasper is part of DMCA and they got this info. straight from management themselves :)

DitzEgurl5 told me the following info..
the store Wet Seal that plays music videos while you shop for stylin' clothes,played "Joy to the World" music video last time I was there.Also,have you seen Britney Spears's new music video "from the bottom of my broken heart" in the beginning it looks like she is on a swing or a tire,and that reminded me of "Always be my Baby" :-)

Mina told me that Luis is being this!
Warner Music Argentina is being sued on plagiarism charges by an Argentinean lyricist, Francis Smith. Smith alleges that the Warner-produced hit "Nothing is the Same," by Mexican pop star LUIS MIGUEL, plagiarizes his song "And Tomorr!ow Will Return."

Beetleboy told me two things today. One there is a picture and article of Mariah in >B>Entertainment Weekly. It's the one with the Gold Cover and has "Best of 99" on it. Go get yours. Also he sent me the article from Flava which features a pinup of Mariah, that I was telling you about yesterday! Here is the very nice article!
"Mariah Carey is a true record breaker. With "Heartbreaker", her current smash, hitting #1, she surpassed The Supremes (who had 12) and Madonna (who had 13) to be the leading female recording artist ever. And check out this fact. Didja know that Mariah is the only artist, malem female or group, who has had a number one song in every year of this decade? It's true! Mariah Carey is hot. Her songs appeal to all ages and usually have a message about life or love. Maybe Mariah's next record should be called "Record Breaker" becuase that seems to be what will be happening the next time she releases a single, which should be very soon."

JCus2550 told me that Rainbow is now Number 8, meaning she is back in the Top 10. She sold another 305,000 copies! This is courtesy of Wall Of Sound!

December 22, 1999
New Pics!
I will be uploading news pics tonight. I have the Black Beat pics from Lisa(with a couple others), some AWESOME German pics from Anja (Best MC Friend, beetleboy (who sent me the Poster from Flava-silver dress one!) and BaByDollLiz13 sent me some pics from the Rolling Stone Site on Mariah. Make sure you check out Gallery 15!

Lisa sent me this article from Black Beat with Mariah on the cover!
Mariah On Fire!
She's been officially named the Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine, a multi-million seller who easily broke records held by the likes of Elvis and the Beatles for years. And she's smack-dab-in-the-middle of our oh-so-vibrant March 2000 cover. And for good reason: She's everywhere!! While her Rainbow disc effectively worked the international charts, going triple-platinum with ease here in the states, Mariah went all out on the media tip. An hour was dedicated to her on Oprah, her face and oh-so-hot bod graced many a magazine cover, she conducted in-store signings, her third television special recently aired, and yet she still had time to make the rounds on the streets. By that, we're talking about the day that she shocked many of her hometown New York fans by showing up in some highly unexpected places for a superstar. And we were right there with her, rollin' from McDonald's and Manhattan Mall, straight down to the subway.

I mentioned this above, but beetleboy told me that Flava, which features a nice pinup on MC, is the Feb 2000 edition!

Sam told me that "Joy To The World is airing on Disney now!

Thank God I Found You Single Release Dates!!
Many thanks to my VERY good friend Willem, from the AWESOME website Rainbow Warrior for this next info. Here is the release date for Thank God I Found You!
Holland : Jan 10th
Germany, Norway, Austria : Jan 17th
UK : Jan 24th
US : Jan 25th

Kristen told me the following info...
Hi! I was watching "Passions" when they mentioned MC on the show. One of the girls wants to impress a guy so she was talking about how she was going to buy these black shoes she saw MC wearing the shoes because they were so hot in one of her latest concerts.

Okay I reported about this yesterday, how a fan wanted TGIFY played on WDNA and they made of fun of Mariah and said NO WAY! Well someone wrote me and told me they are a JAZZ station? However I was REALLY upset when some fellow Mariah fans sent me the response of their e-mails to WDNA. Read some of WDNA's replys...
I bet you are big, probably around 400 lbs.......ugly and without a life
This is the worst..the MC fan said she was a BIG fan of Mariah's. That was their response..some more...
I am not impressed with those sales figures, she will always be a bubble gum music artist
pariah farey will be dead and gone, we'll still continue to play serious music which mena none of little miss prissy's over singing.
evenn if pariah was 127 years old, her music will still be for teeny boppers
They OBVIOUSLY have a lot of time on their hands to keep stooping to such imature levels. I guess the best thing to do is leave them alone. We are just going to keep getting imature reponses like these and it's not worth our effort. HOWEVER, if you want to e-mail them and tell them to grow my guest. E-mail is...

*** Pop stars most popular names on Web
(Launch) - Singers Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys top the list of the 50 most popular people, places and things users are searching for on the Web, according to the Internet search-engine, Lycos. The Lycos "50 Most Wanted" list for 1999 is based on user searches from Jan. 1 through Nov. 25 of this year. Spears tops the list of musicians on the "Most Wanted Women" list for 1999. Jennifer Lopez arrives in third place, Shania Twain in fifth place and Mariah Carey in ninth place.

December 21, 1999...My 19th Birthday!
BIG Birthday Day!!
Three of the hottest, coolest Chics are celebrating a birthday TODAY! Yup you heard me right..The 21st of December. Happy Birthday to Brianne (, InfoMC's Graphic Coordinator's Jen (Adorible20) and.....well look at that..ME :) It is so sad I wish myself a Happy Birthday but anyhow, Happy Birthday to my dear friends Jen and Brianne

If you didn't notice, I addede a TON of Important Dates for the reairings of The Box and times/dates of when Mariah will be on Comedy Centrals SNL..which are all REPEATS! But hey if you missed My All/Butterfly, Vision of Love/Vanishing or Can't Let Go/If It's Over then check those dates out!! Many thanks to MariahLov for sending them to me!!!

Mariah on Cover of Black Beat!
MANY people have e-mail about Mariah being on the cover of Black Beats March 2000 issue. Well I fought the traffic and got my own today. The magazine is $3.99 and it features a 3 page article with 12 pictures of Mariah inside from her outing on the town for the Heartbreaker Single release. Go pick your copy up today!

Make sure you pick up the Jan issue of Cosmopolitan. There is a picture of Mariah in there on page 168 from the MTV Europe Awards. It's kind of small but hey..still nice!

Mariah Carey's Former House Burns
BEDFORD, N.Y. (AP) - Mariah Carey's former dream house, an eye-popping mansion that sold for $20.5 million after her divorce from Sony Music executive Tommy Mottola, burned to the ground over the weekend. The home was vacant and there were no injuries in the blaze Saturday. The home had nine bedrooms, seven fireplaces, two swimming pools and a recording studio on 56 acres. The house was designed and built for the singer and the music mogul in the mid-1990s. Shortly after they divorced in 1998, it was bought by Nelson Peltz, the chairman of Triarc Cos., which runs Arby's, Royal Crown Cola and Snapple. Peltz's lawyer, Neale Albert, said firefighters told Peltz the fire was probably caused by faulty wiring.

SUMar235 told me that the ratings I put out on The Homecoming Special were WRONG! Here is an article SUMar235 sent me..
"That '70s Show" started the night for FOX with a 6.5/10 (5.5/9) at 8 p.m. "Ally" took a low 4.7/7 (4.1/6) in the 8:30 slot. At 9 p.m., "Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special" snagged a 5.5/8 (last week, "Party of Five," 4.5/7).
So the Homecoming Special BEAT the normal ratings of Party of Five and did pretty well!

You Want To Help Send Mariah A Birthday Card?
Okay here goes people, has come up with an idea of sending Mariah a HUGE Birthday Card for her birthday. This is such a huge project, we HAVE to start now! I am on her committe in the "Art Department" because I am drawing some stuff for it! The website is ALMOST completed for this event, but right now Jakki is asking you to send in VIDEO TAPES of your ONE MINUTE ONLY messages to Mariah, to wish her Happy Birthday. You can also sing Happy Birthday to Mariah. It is encouraged to send Mariah your message in your Native Language, so if you are outside US...speak in Spanish, German, whatever! Again, excluding the singing, your message may only be ONE minute long roughly and to get her regular address, to mail the video tape to, e-mail Deadline is March 1st, 2000..GET TO WORK!

Voice Messages
Along with your Video Tapes, you could send a Voice Mail. Soon, when the website is up, you will be able to post your 5 line Birthday message to Mariah! Send your Voice Mails to and your questions on the Video Tape. The more participation we have, the better this card will be! Thanks much!

Very Rude DJ!
Okay I know SuperStrMC pretty well a couple of days ago I reported how someone requested Thank God I Found You on a radio station and was turned down abruptly and the DJ made fun of MC on the radio. Well Danielle was upset, so she e-mailed the DJ's saying how it was rude of them not to play the song and how they shouldn't make fun of Mariah. Well here was THERE response to Danielle's e-mail..
She is the best at what? over singing perhaps? I have all the rights in the world to diss her or anyone else I wish. BTW, I did not diss her on the air as my lips will not even dignify her presence in the world by mentioning her name. It is NOT our job to promote all types of music and I gurantee you that you will never hear any of her music on our station as we are a seriuos music station catering to adults and not teeny boppers.
Well I was upset about this comment, so I e-mailed them at If you would like to express to them how rude they have been to my guest! Here is my letter to them!!
Hello, You wrote this to a fellow MC friend of mine, SuperStrMC... "She is the best at what? over singing perhaps? I have all the rights in the world to diss her or anyone else I wish. BTW, I did not diss her on the air as my lips will not even dignify her presence in the world by mentioning her name. It is NOT our job to promote all types of music and I gurantee you that you will never hear any of her music on our station as we are a seriuos music station catering to adults and not teeny boppers."
I am very distubed when someone e-mailed and nicely asked you to play Thank God I Found, in the beginning..not this particular e-mail, on your radio stations and was turned down by ONE of your DJ's, I am NOT saying you. If that was enough, a DJ at this station began to call Mariah names and denounce her name! First, reading your letter to my friend, Mariah is NOT a Teeny Bopper Artist. Do You see her in Teeny Bopper magazines? No I don't think so..she can even be classified as as Adult Contempoary Artist. She is more of a R&B Artist however. Also, she doesn't need to be put down by your Radio Station. I don't know what type of music you play nor do I care but why do your DJ's that you work with have to make fun of her. She is a Hero to many people and has touched many people's lives, including mine. It really upsets me to hear when DJ's are harsh to her! If you don't want to play her music, then that is your decision, but please do NOT make fun of who she is or what she has done, because let me refresh your memory...She is the Artist of the Decade and has the most #1 singles behind the Beetles and Elvis. So look past her image, you have to admit that is a pretty amazing accomplishment for any artist. So all I am asking is that you think before you or your fellow employees bash an artist..because that particulay artist's music may mean something to one or millions of your listens! Thank you for taking the time to read my letter..goodnight!! -Regina
President of InfoMC
Owner of WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!

Mariah on Australian Radio on Dec. 24th?
Hi there, My name is Licinio and i live in Sydney Australia and i heard on the radio hear in Sydney, on a station called "mix 106.5" and mariah will be the SPECIAL GUEST on this radio station on the 24th of December. I am not sure how, but i think by telephone. I will keep you posted on what happens

The New Links section WILL be up today and so will a NEW Lyrics section. Tune in later tonight to see it all :)

Mariah is in a magazine called "Euroteleviza." We have all seen the pic before, but in this Slovakan magazine, Mariah is compared with Celine Dion. I will add the scan to Gallery 15 either today or tomorrow!!

December 20, 1999
New Pics!
There are 8 new pics added to Gallery 15. 7 of them are from my best MC friend in the whole wide world, Anja! It's from the Instyle German magazine, where there is a huge article on her. There are 3 new pics but the others are ones we have seen before. And the 8th pic is something I MADE! It is the Heartbreaker cover as a CARTOON!!! I drew it yesterday and my Best Friend, Alex, scanned it for me and colored it in on Paint Shop Pro! I think it looks SO CUTE and I love the InfoMC logo on it! Let me know what you think of it :) I am drawing a bunch of them for the HOT new German club, MFC, which I will be telling more information to you about it in about a month!!

Updates on the Site! Tomorrow I will be redoing the LINKS section a LOT nicer! Tonight I will be updating MY STUFF in a BIG way, cause I havn't done it in a while. So make sure you check those out and sometime by the end of this week, I am hoping to redo my Lyrics page, to make it A LOT nicer! We'll see!

Results of Homecoming Special!
Thanks to Lauren for sending me this!
Mariah Carey had trouble scaring up an audience for her Fox special Tuesday night. The program, culled from her recent concert performance at her old junior high school on Long Island, finished fourth in its 9 p.m. time period, drawing 5,900,000 viewers about a million short of what "Party of Five" has averaged in the time period

Also, Lauren told me that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is playing on the Disney Channel!!

Tim told me the run-down on the Billboards end charts!
Regina, I'm pretty sure you haven't put this out yet, but Billboard's year end charts are up now & Mariah's #1's is #19 for the year (which I think is pretty good considering a #4 peak). Heartbreaker was the #36 single, and ISB was #37. Also, we can vote for our fave albums/singles on these charts, so I think that we all should vote for MC!

Nicky has some VERY distubbing news. It turns out that he requested Thank God I Found You on his local radio station and it turns out that not only did they refuse to play it but they MADE FUN OF MARIAH! Can you believe the nerve? If you want to help Nicky out, e-mail the following address:
And tell them how upset you are that they would bash Mariah!!

DitzEgurl5 told me that the Entertainment Teen that features Mariah is the January 2000 issue!

Columbia sent this to me in an e-mail!
As of December 10, 1999, Mariah's self-titled debut album has been certified 9X (that's 9 times!!) PLATINUM by the RIAA.
Her more recent album, "Butterfly" has gone 5X Platinum.
Congratulations, Mariah!
and Thanks to all the fans!!

NEW Mariah Carey Interview in Right On! Magazine
It turns out that Mariah will be doing a brand new interview with Right On! magazine when she gets back from South America meaning that she **might** be on the cover of a upcoming issue in the year 2000! Many thanks to Lisa for this info!
A lot of people are not into the skimpy sexy look of Mariah Carey and Lil' Kim. According to some online fans, they feel that both entertainers need to wear more clothing when they attend music award shows. Speaking of Mariah, she's on her way to South America, and when she returns, she'll do an exclusive interview with us!

December 19, 1999
Mariah's Old Mansion Burns to the ground! It turned out to be true! MCJeter told me that last night UPN reported that the 20 million dollar mansion has burned down and here is an article on it from today from the NY Daily News!
Afire that raged in a swanky Westchester County enclave yesterday consumed a stunning hilltop mansion that was the former home of Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola. The $20 million Westchester mansion owned by Nelson Peltz. The blaze destroyed the $20 million home in Bedford Hills purchased from Mottola last year by Nelson Peltz, the multimillionaire owner of Triarc Cos., the parent of Snapple, RC Cola and Arby's. "The entire building was burned to the ground," said Assistant Chief George Graniero of the Bedford Hills Fire Department, one of four departments that battled the blaze. "The flames were visible from miles and miles away." No one was injured in the 1:30a.m. fire. Neither Peltz nor any of his family was in the home, which was undergoing renovations, authorities said. Multimillionaire Nelson Peltz Firefighters, who had to stretch fire hoses from the hydrant on the closest street along a 2,500-foot driveway, had no chance to extinguish the blaze, Graniero said. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The posh area in the rolling hills of northern Westchester is dotted with estates and is home to a number of celebrities, including Christopher Reeve, Michael Crichton, Glenn Close, Ralph Lauren, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Chevy Chase.Peltz, 56, the Brooklyn-born ex-protege of junk bond trader Michael Milken, made his fortune in leveraged buyouts and also has a home in Palm Beach, Fla. He is divorced and remarried and has eight children. Mariah Carey and ex-husband Tommy Mottola Pop diva Carey and Sony music chief Mottola, who started building the house in 1994, moved out of the mansion after their breakup. The spread boasted 14 baths, seven fireplaces, two pizza ovens, indoor and outdoor pools, a skating rink and horseback-riding trails. Peltz owned a less lavish house next door described as a "stone chateau." He bought the Mottola property to create a 100-acre estate. The purchase price was nearly twice that of any previous residential sale in the county, according to the state. A recent visitor to the mansion likened it to a small hotel. "When you go in the front door there was an enormous entry hall with a sweeping double staircase, like Tara," the visitor said. "It's the biggest house I've ever seen in my life." Key features included a crystal ballroom, used for parties, and an enormous central hallway. "The scope of this house is so tremendous, it just never ended," the visitor said. Peltz was known for being extremely security conscious and visitors had to go through several checkpoints. Security guards on the scene reported the blaze. Peltz, whose worth was pegged earlier this year at $790 million, has been squabbling with his neighbors and the town of Bedford over his habit of commuting to Manhattan by helicopter from the landing pad he built next to the mansion. Neighbors involved in the protest included actor E.G. Marshall. One neighbor was charged with felony reckless endangerment for shining a flashlight into Peltz's low-flying blue-and-white six-seat copter.

Radio News!
I just thought I'd let you know that on my local radio station, PST 97.5, Mariah's Heartbreaker was No. 15 (i think, if i'm wrong, it's somewhere around 15) on the Countdown.

Nini told me that Mariah had 4 songs in The Top 80 Songs of 1990's on Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 Countdown. The other 40 are yet to be announced but here is the 4 songs she had in the group of 80-40!
42 -- Mariah Carey Someday
61 -- Mariah Carey Emotions
66 -- Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby
79 -- Mariah Carey Make It Happen
Part 2 of this will air next week!!

This is Ron again...Just wanna inform all the Filipino Mariah fans out there. The number 1's video is out already. Nice and cool!

DebCox Fan told me that "Thank God I Found You" video is now airing on the Disney channel! Cool beans huh?

Dustin told me that on VH1's top 90 video's of the 90's Mariah has been number 54 with One Sweet Day, and number 40 with Honey. I didn't see this yet, but I guess I will check it out now :)

Pavorotti & Friends will air on January 2nd at 7 pm too.

As I said before, next week I am redoing my LINKS section, so I can add more and get a lot of the awesome links that I use all the time. All the links up there now, are staying but if yours isn't and you would like it to be, e-mail me now. The only thing is that you have to have my site up in your links section! Okay?

Well I know I keep bugging you about this but this site is now #3 out of the Top 30 sites. I have made a NEW banner to make it more easiely seen and if you have nothing better to do today..please vote for me :) I would really appreciate it!

Courtney typed out the entire TRL Conversation for me..wasn't that nice of her and here it is for you guys!
Carson- right now, on the phone we've got our pal Mariah Carey
Mariah- (HIGH notes)
C- Mariah!
M- hows that?
C- you're actually in the shower?
M- I'm totally nude, in the shower
C- God...bless you
M- singin (high notes)
-studio sound- WOW!
C- hold on, lemme see if I can see ya here (lookin in camera)
M- (high note) hows that sound?
C- I don't know, I'm tryin to look for ya (looking in camera still)
M- come on! am I singin?
C- Chop, you're doin good! you sing good in the shower
M- It doesn't matter what I look like, if I'm singin...(starts to sing>) Heartbreaka' you got the best of me! But Carson keep on comin back incessantly (goes really low>) heeyyyyyy
-(both laugh)
C- Mariah!
M- What time is it there? I don't know (accent>) where I am darlin, Bianca is so upset
C-(cute but weird/jokingly look) are you okay?
M- No I'm a complete and total mess
C- Did you order eggs benedict and a bottle of Jack Daniels this morning from room service?
M- No baby. I've been up for 48 hours straight. I went from Venezuela which is where my grandfather is from, toooo.... LA to work on my Homecoming Special which is airing on FOX December 14th, which I went back to my Junior High and I did a whole show in the gym.
C- Tell us about tht, now this is going to air tomorrow night
M- yeah
C- what was that like for you?
M- thats like, Alot of the faculty members were still there, and kids that go to the school, had brothers and sister, who are older, who went to the school when I was there. So, its kind of coming full circle, and I felt really good about it, cause I, you know having my own issues, basically an insecure kid, you know, it was very (? word blurred out-good, or something)
C- Mariah, were the junior high years good years for ya?
M- No they were a complete and total joke! (lil laugh)
C- Did you go back with a little bit of revenge, saying...sayin 'hey look at me now'?
M- Nah, I mean we had fun, Jay-Z came, Da Brat came, 98 and I did a little thing at the end, and it was cool, I mean, ya know what..its not revenge, for me, I'm a very optimistic person, like for me, in my healing process, as like trying to grow up and become and adult
C- yeah
M- Its like uhm, do you know you're talking in the shower by the way?
C- yeah I know, you're naked in the shower right now
M- did my high notes sound good?
C- yeah they sounded very nice
M- mmm
C- I'm thinkin to do MTV unplugged special, you in the shower
M-(high notes) uh, yeah yeah we're a match right now. I told em we had to do it in the beginning
C- no its good
M- (singin>) go and break my heart!
C- I don't think I've ever done an interview with Mariah Carey while shes naked in the shower
M-(high notes)
C- this is good. Now tell us about what...
M- now I'm gonna get into the tub, okay outta the shower I'm (accent)> walking towards the bath tub < okay ready?
C- yeah
M- here we go, can you hear this? (you hear her stepping in-water sounds) Now I'm in the bath tub
C- So theres a shower and a bath tub?
M- yeah, because you gotta clean off the germs and then you get into the bath tub
C- (jokingly) you wanna have a little phone sex?
M- come on Carson, I have a new boyfriend...
C- (jokingly) c'mon what the hell
M- ...and I, I can't do that to him
C- worth a shot right? (laugh)
-audience laughing and kinda clapping-
M- no Carson, come on. How are you doing??
C come on, c'mon, (cute voice)> what, what're you wearing right now?
M-(cute voice!)> wearing??
C-(soft voice)>oh you're na...-
M-(cute voice!)> -nothing, I'm nude, I'm in the bath
C- I don't know, I thought ya might of put on some little nighties or somethin there
M- nighties?
C- do you have like the candles around the bath tub?
M- no candles, its freakin, hotel lighting, and a bath tub
C- whos your new boyfriend you were just speaking of moments ago?
M- I'm not talkin to anything, except the fact that I'm finally happy, finally feelin like somebody understands me, and finally feeling okay.
C- Just tell me what team he plays for
M- he doesn't play for a team. Hes a singer, hes an (accent)> international superstar < in Latin America
C-(joking) Ricky Martin has a girlfried finally!!?
M- No, Ricky Mar... its not Ricky Martin honey baby. Luis Miguel, he doesn't do english music, he doesn't have to
C- you're goin out with Luis Miguel?...damn
M- (cute voice) and hes the biggest selling artist in Latin American ever and he doesn't sing in english, he doesn't want to
C- I've heard'a him
M- He's the best, and he bought me (laugh) he tried to bring me all the roses that they had in, in Vegas (laugh) he liked to send me 10 dozen roses, but, they didn't have that many (laugh) so he sent me, for the congradulatory award
C- Oh, he sounds like quite the gentleman
M- hes amazing
C- good, what're you doing for New Years? You wanna come, you and Luis come and hang out here with us?
M we're having our own party, you guys can come with us
C- Alright, yeah, sure
M- (cutely)> Carson, don't ya miss me?
C- I do, but this is cool, ya know, you're nude in the tub and we got to chat and catch up a little bit. Congradulations on the, uh what'd you win last week, the artist of the year? the Billboard thing
M- Artist of the Decade
C- of the decade, yeah, thats great, congradulations on that
M- (jokingly) gimme a lil bit, thats great? thats not that..
C- well Mariah you've won every award known to man
M- no I haven't, they diss me quite frequently on many award shows
C- yeah? well..
M- can you just give it up for the.. I'm, I.. had no personal life this entire decade
-audience cheering-
C- yeah you're doin good
M- I've grown up in the freakin spotlight
C- yeah
-audience cheering loudly-
M- (cute, babyish voice)> Carson, come on... < give it up a bit more
C- Im applauding here for ya
M- (cutely, babyish voice)> no you're not, you sound like you sound when you're being kind of... I don't know.... < Carson c'mon, gimme an (yells)> ARTIST OF THE DECADE! <
C (loudly)> artist of the decade!! Mariah carey, you are unbelievable! incredible
-audience cheering loud!-
M- everybody in the studio, thank you, because what I said, which is really true, is that this award belongs to my fans, because I have the best most devoted fans in the history of the world.
C- yeah ya do, and the fans are responsible for pickin the videos on this show. Good luck in the tub we'll all be watching you re-visiting your junior high school tomorrow. Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special
M- yeah its going to be very cool, its goin to be kind of moving, but it was pretty cool. Thank you everybody for requesting Thank God I Found You, and keep it goin please cause its a very important song to me. And Carson?
C- yeah baby?
M- I enjoyed ya!
C- good luck in the tub, thanks for calling in. Mariah Carey everybody
M- (cutely) well I don't need luck in the tub...
C- (announcing next vid) at # 7...
M- bye Carson!

December 18, 1999
I am adding 12 new pics to a NEW Gallery today..Gallery 15! There are some pics from My Hero Mariah, Lisa, and from Alex. Check them out!

Billboard Pics in Tabloids!
Mariah is in the National Enquirer and STAR tabloids! All three pics are up in Gallery 15. There is a HUGE pic of MC from the Billboard awards in the STAR which anothe AWESOME pic. of her in a black top and blue jeans, earlier in the mag. In the National Enquirer, there is a pic. of MC from the Billboards also. Many thanks to Lilian for also telling me about this! Mariah will PROBABLY be in the PEOPLE magazine too for the awards show, but I didn't see that magazine yet. I'll tell you more about that later!

If you missed Pavorotti and Friends since it aired at the same time as the Billboards..DON'T WORRY! is out on video (how come you don't have it yet?), is reairing January 1st at 10:30 pm EST on PBS.

Updates on Site!
New Quote of the Week
New Pic of the Week
New Pics!

Next week I will be redoing my LINKS section on the webpage to make it look a lot nicer! Also on Christmas Break I will be hopefully workong on My Stuff and the Lyrics section, along with scanning in new pics for the website! So tune in to next week :)

Ron from the Philippines here. Good day. Mariah's THANK GOD I FOUND YOU has just moved to number one in this week's The Final Countdown of Magic 89.9 DWTM. This is TGIFY's first week in the top spot and is the second song off Mariah's Rainbow album to be number one as well. (The first was of course Heartbreaker.) Let's just hope that Mariah stays there for quite some time. As you can see, sales and radio airplays are really going for Ms. Carey in the Philippines.

Many thanks to Eric, of Mariah Carey Archives and co-member of Mariah Three, for this next article.
Artists of the decade
The artist of the decade, as determined by the same formula that we use to calculate each year's top pop artists list, is a singer who launched her career in 1990: Mariah Carey. The formula awards points according to chart position and total chart weeks on both The Billboard 200 and The Billboard Hot 100, and a quick look at her chart history easily explains her standing. She has sent 14 songs to No. 1 on the Hot 100, more than any other female artist in chart history, trailing only Elvis Presley and the Beatles among all acts. She debuted at No. 1 three times on the Hot 100, an all-time Billboard record, and her 60-weeks-at-No.-1 mark trails only Presley. Carey also reigns as the top R&B artist of the '90s, as determined by the formula of performance on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums that establishes each year's top R&B artist categories. She has had 18 top-10 singles in the format, including six No. 1s. She's also had eight top-10 albums on the R&B list, including two No. 1s. The highest-ranking male on the pop-artists list is Garth Brooks, third among all '90s acts behind Carey and Janet Jackson. Brooks never appeared on the Hot 100 until the 1999 chart year, which means he earns his rank by virtue of his prodigious album sales. Brooks, not surprisingly, also rules as the decade's top country artist. Through the end of the '99 chart year, all but two of his albums had reached No. 1 on the country chart. Of his 32 top-10 hits at country radio, 18 went all the way to No. 1. Ranking fourth among all pop acts is Boyz II Men, the top-charting group of the '90s. Of the five No. 1 singles in its career, three had some of the longest reigns in Hot 100 history: "End Of The Road" chalked up 13 weeks in 1992, "I'll Make Love To You" held the summit for 14 weeks, and "One Sweet Day," recorded with Carey, was No. 1 for a record 16 weeks. The late Selena is the top Latin artist of the '90s. The Tejano singer placed 20 songs on Hot Latin Tracks, with all but six of them reaching the top 10, including seven No. 1s. Her five No. 1 albums on that list include four that were released after her death.

I know I asked for this before, but please vote for me if you think I should be #1 in the Top 30! Right now I am in #4 with 100 votes. Thanks to everyone who voted..appreciate it so much!

Melbsb15 told me that Heartbreaker is #1 in Minniapolis! Some good news to hear huh?

December 17, 1999
Mariah Three!
Well Anderz e-mailed me about this sometime ago but we just got it all up. Mariah's Diary, Mariah Carey Archives and myself have come together to create the Mariah Carey Three!!! Each of us present a differnt unique quality and by clicking the image below you can find why we became Mariah Three to better bring Mariah to you!

Well it turns out that the Extra interview was on last night. I missed it too but Nini sent me this, which was typed out by Bebedoll on Anderz's Messageboard!
Extra: Ricky,Mark(Antony),and Enrique, lead the latin explosion of 1999, now get ready to meet the sexy singer who's carrying the trend to 2000,........she's already taking the place of one of the biggest divas......her suductive moves(Thalia)...supermodel looks...and soultry sounds have made Thalia the gold record rating queen of latin could call this mexican sex kitten..of mexican Mariah Carey..not just for the hit music she makes.but the company she keeps..(shows pic:Thalia and Tommy)..her boyfriend Sony honcho Tommy Mottola..Mariah's ex-husband
Thalia: we have beautiful communication..and we are very similar in many things..
extra: extra caught up with the mexican native at a cover shoot for Latin magazine..(skip boring stuff..)..extra: but we couldn't stop notice that giant rock on her left this the next Mrs.Mottola?
Thalia: It's part of the costume (for the photo shot)...(skip boring stuff).
Thalia: we're having a nice time...
extra: we talked to Latina Magazine( the head people of the magazine)..and they said that the 27 yr old singer admitted that she is making serious music with her 49 yr old lover....and they are talking about marriage...that's about it..the rest of the stuff was not important to Mariah fans..oh the two were introduced last spring by Emilio Estefan..Gloria's husband...a year after Tommy's break up with Mariah...and Thalia is having a cross over..and Thalia..says that shes already made it and that she doesn't need anyone to make it for her..meaning her the music industry..since she is engaged with Tommy..who made Mariah a star..thats all .hope you enjoyed it..i wonder what Mariah thinks..and if these two..Thalia.and Tommy are really in love..and i wonder if he's going to control he did with Mariah...and i also wonder..if Tommy is trying to replace a Mariah for him...

Well since there isn't much news today, I decided to type out the interview with Mariah from the January 2000 issue of US Magazine. She talks about how Green is her new favorite color and her outfits at home!
Who has inspired your personal style?
Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress; I like their little ensembles. It's all about the hair, the body and the eyebrows. You've got to throw Farrah Fawcett in there, too. I had the Farrah doll. She was my little style inspiration.
What about in the music world?
Diana Ross was really slaying them in the 80's. She had her own kind of sexiness that was simple but very glam-diva; Debbie Harry. Today, Jay-Z, because he can wear whatever he wants and be himself, and he still looks cool. e's not trying too hard.
Favorite Accessary?
I'm into shoes, and Sergio Rossie did these amazing ones: They're stillettos and they're banging. I love a stiletto, particularly when it's bejewled.
What's Your color by choice?
Today I'm wearing an olive -green coat by Helmut Lang. Olive green in my new favorite color. It's very military base. I'm very action woman. I like it as an alternative to black, because black always looks great, but it gets boring after a while.
What Do You wear at home?
Boxers and a tank top!
Who's your favorite designer?
I like Steal McCartney. She says doing really new, interesting clothes, Being from such a legendary music family and then having an influence on people's style, too, is a pretty amazing accomplishment.
Have you ever made anything for yourself?
I couldn't thread a needle if you paid me!

Please continue to vote for Thank God I Found You on TRL!!

Eight days till I get my scanner, and eight days until I bring EXCLUSIVE new pictures to this website! told me that there is a picture of MC in this weeks (Dec. 21st) issue of National Enquirer. She is wearing blue jeans and a black tank top..sounds like the Europe Awards but not sure!

If you find out any magazine news, PLEASE e-mail me, especially the tabloids cause I just don't have the time to look them always anymore :( College is slowing me down! Same goes with TV...Like Access and Entertainment Tonight!

Thank God For Ricardo!
Ricardo has been bugging the creator of the "" for some time now to create a site on "All That Glitters." Well guess what..he DID! It's pretty cool too, he obviously put some work into it! If you want to check it out, Click Here!

December 16, 1999
I added a webpage today featuring the Mariah Carey Chat which was on Yahoo on 12/10/99..Click Here to read what happened!

My friend Josh told me that he was doing homework which was to find Surgeion General Cigarette Warning in magazines and he found a little colum on how you could look like MC...
The caption read:
Cover Dos
Mariah Carey was photographed by Wayne Maser.
Get Mariah's Hair:
Stylist Roque for artists applied defrizzing blam (try Avon Spa Silky Sage Frizz Relief) to Carey's damp hair. Then he seperated it into sections and worling from the front hairline. to the back of her head, blew her hair straight with a large round brush. To add luster he rubbed in a silcone shine shine enhancer (try Avon Spa Henna Radiance Shine Gel)
Get Mariah's Makeup:
Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle for Artists evened out Carey's skin tone with a few dabs of foundation and a dusting of bronzer, then blended rose blush (try Avon True Color Powder blush in Earthen Rose) onto her cheecks. To do Carey's eyes, Buckle applied brown shadow (try Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad #201) to her eyelids, and taupe shadow to the crease of her lids. Buckle finished by filling in Carey's lips with Pinkish beige lipstick.
Get Mariah's Look:
Silk jersey cross- black dress by Ralph Lauren Collection.
Mariah chills out in a DINKY jeans camisole and pants. Photography: Michael Thompson. Styling: Joe Zee. Hair: Serge Normant. Makeup: Laura Mercier for Laura Mercier Classique. If you have any intrest in mimicking Mariah's look, try L'Oreal's Feel Naturale Makeup in Honey Biege, On-The - Loose Face and Body Powder in Angelic, Soft Effects Single Shadow in Earthren, Voluminous Volume Building Mascara in Black, Quick Strick Face and Body Blush in Cooper Gleam, and Virtuale Longwearing Lipcolour in Tendre Mauve. Now go be a superstar.

Nini said that she found this following article from Kay which was posted on Anderz's Messageboard! It's about a little comment Mariah made about Jennifer Lopez!
Published on 12/15/1999.
Music diva Mariah Carey doesn't pay much attention to the reports of a rivalry between her and the singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, or others.
"I'm a singer and I write my own songs, I don't know about anyone else, and if someone happens to have the same hairstyle as me . . . that's not my problem," Carey told the Jam'n 94.5 morning radio show yesterday.

Carisa has the Homecoming Special in Streaming RV and downloadable RV on her her site and you can see caps at My Hero Mariah!

Radio News!:
Katie and Lana told me that Mariah was on two other radio is the info. on them!
Hi!! What's up? First, i just wanted to compliment you on your awesome mariah website!! You have alot-it's one of the best!!! Anyways....i just wanted to tell you that Mariah phoned in to a radio station that i listen to in's jam'n 94.5....she talked with the dj's...their names are balthazar and pebbles....she phoned in before she went on Regis & Kathie was about a 5-10 min. phone was funny too!! At the end they always ask 3 was 1.) what are you doing New Year's Eve..she answered having a party on the beach...2.) are you naked right now...her answer..NO..and 3.)hmmm...i can't remember right now.-sorry! :) I wish i would've recorded it on i could listen to it again....but oh well!! Just wanted to share that information with you-hopefully you share it with everyone on the list!! thanx...bye!! *katie*
Hey I'm so happy this morning I listened to the radio (96.3, B96 in Chicago theyre obsessed with Mariah) and then I heard them say "mariah carey told Eddie to shut up yesterday..." so i grabbed my tape recorder and recorded them saying "later on we'll talk to Mariah Carey" heh heh heh so i waited and finally they say theyre gonna call her, you hear beeping numbers and theyre saying "machine or live?" of course they guess machine, and of course she answers the phone, sounding half asleep. they said "Mariah, wake up! its eddie and jobo from b96!" She goes "hello darlings" and "how are we today?"in the bianca voice! They start talking about how great it is talking to the billboard artist of the decade and she goes "you believe that?" They said how they loved her acceptance speech "spine tingling" they called it. Then they said how they loved her dress (go figure). she said her "brazilian, um, executive housekeeping assistant chef made it for me and was doing the last few stitches as I was walking onstage" (thats a mouthful!) They talked about her Fox special and made fun of Jay-Z, saying he was "sprung" for the show, they wanted to know if Mariah bailed him out("i did not need to bail him out, he's got more than his share of his own money first of all...") and then Eddie rapped "she wanna die her hair blonde and post my bond, she wanna [something] while I try to plea bargain" he did it to the rhythm of Jay-Z's heartbreaker rap. then mariah said that they shouldnt say anything bad about him, its not in his character to do anything like that {side:what was he in for? i never heard about this!} and that "rappers get a bad rap, no pun intended". she went on about jay-z writing raps for all these big time rappers for years and he never gets credit for it, and about how hes smart, and shes angry the media blew him up. Then Jobo said they have a videotape in his defense now that proves him innocent and mariah said she believed him before the videotape ;) Then eddie said she had to admit that she liked his rap lyrics so mariah goes "die your hair blonde..!" and he goes "well I needed something to rhyme with bond!" so mariah said she expects more love and support from them and they foiled her. hehe They went back to talking about her homecoming special and jobo asked her to be honest, what was she like in junior high so she said "a complete mess!" and went on to talk about the eyebrow (or lack thereof) incident as well as the sun in incident (though she told it a little differently-she said she dyed her hair to get it back blonde and it got a little orange and THEN she used golden blonde sun in and it turned bright orange) it was funny cuz she told them that her hair was blonde when she was little and they should look in the #1's album to see the picture of when she was little. She also told them she was a beauty school dropout and she stopped in twelfth (couldnt really hear if she said twelve or eleven) grade cuz she was already writing songs for her first album then. she said she learned pin curls, thats all she needed to know! (lol but isnt her hair naturally curly? whats with that?) They asked if she went to her old locker and she said she didnt remember where it was, she didnt even know where it was when she went to the school as a student cuz she never brought any books to school. she talked about seeing the principal and old teachers, plus some students siblings had known her too from school. she said it was very much like a homecoming.. She said she wanted to do a concert in a school cuz of the Columbine thing, cuz she remembered how hard it was growing up and being understood by people. she said she feels that people dont realize how hard it is growing up and thats why these all the messes going on. Then jobo asked her what her favorite toy was as a kid and mariah goes "superstar barbie. but anyway, what i was saying was a serious thing we have to discuss..." and she talked about cant take that away and her message about inner peace. [she couldnt be distracted from saying her message-good job mariah!] They asked where she'd be for christmas, she said she just bought her outfit "its going to be a red number, velvet, a little like santa clause" i think thats what she said lol. he asked where she would be (again) and she said something about a snowy place. then they asked where shed be for new years and she said a warm place. They talked about Luis Miguel, what did she buy him for christmas. she said he has everything and shes "freaking out" cuz she doesnt know what to get him and "every time I ask him what he wants he says its me!" and then she laughed. {side: is that not the cutest thing youve ever heard?"} then eddie said "hooked on phonics" (i guess it was meant as a rude joke or something) and jobo goes "that was eddie! eddie said that!" and mariah goes "shut up eddie!" lol! eddie said "im just having fun!" and then she defended luis, it was so cute! " i dont care. Say what you want to say about him but he has more integrity...because hes the biggest latin selling artist and the best singer and he didnt sing in english to jump on the bandwagon so we have to give it up for that because everybody else did." They asked if Thank God I Found You was written about him and she said yes. they also asked if she was really ashamed of her forehead and she said she used to be, cuz people told her she had a big forehead so she would always wear bangs or cover part of it and until the honey video nobody could even get her to remotely agree to not have hair in her face. "so now i just say [beeeeeep] the forehead." {side:LOL!!!!! i was ROTFL!! they actually BEEPED her out!! lol!!!} they talked about her acceptance speech again and how they like the part about being "free to be yourself, and doesnt it feel good?" and she said "it really does, because it was a complete mess the other way. You can only go on for so long when youre not allowed to be who you are, if you have a strong spirit like i do and i grew up so independant, you know?" she said she didnt have a "stage mom" that told her what to do, she lived alone as a teenage girl and not being able to express herself was really a complete mess. They asked what she really wants for christmas and she goes "a day of rest, in fact!" they said theyd better go and let her get some sleep and she said shed talk to them soon {yes!} and theyd better be good for christmas. They ended it by playing a little of All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Nini told me that Mariah should be on Extra today and Access Hollywood about Thalia, Tommy's new girlfriend and her looking alike. I am not really sure if she said yesterday she was on or today she was on? All in all it is probably nothing much. OH but she also told me that Wal-Mart (I work in the Pharmacy at 1869's Wal-Mart!) now has a commercial featuring Mariah. They talk about how much they love her and her music plays in the background..thanks Nini!

VirtuKitty told me that Christina Aguilera said this on her new Home Video...
"Mariah Carey... she was a huge influence on me. I mean, she's amazing,"

Sid from India sent me some great news on MC in his neck of the woods :D
Hey Regina, I'm Sid from India and i am a big fan of MARIAH CAREY. She is doing sooo well here in Asia - especially Philippines, Japan and South Korea :-) And here in India, Rainbow just moved up from #10 last week to #8. The top 3 are Lou Bega, Savage Garden and Backstreet Boys. Hope it'll move even higher next week. By the way, #1s had reached #2 earlier this year and Music Box was #1 in 1993 & 1994. So we can hope Rainbow will do well. CIAO - Sid

Okay Sam sent me an e-mail asking for me to bring this next bit of info. to your on!
Dear Regina,
Close to two months ago, I started a channel on mIRC. It is called, "Mariahs Lambs." In the channel are Mariah's most hardcore fans. I was wondering if you would spread the news in a newsletter to InfoMC about the channel. In the newsletter, explain that you can only visit Mariahs Lambs with mIRC. mIRC is a part of IRC...You can dowload it for free of charge at Once you have downloaded mIRC, you choose any nickname you would like. After that...Visit a channel called #MircHelp. You do that be clicking on"Commands," then "Join Channel." You MUST put a number sign (#) before each channel you join. Also, there are no spaces between channel names. Another thing, channel basiclly means chat room... Join #Mariahs_Lambs and I will be there. Everyone there is kind, and you can find me there with the nickname, "LambOfMC", usually. I have told them about your fab. newsletter, so in return I would like for you to spread this news to InfoMC'ers! Mariahs_Lambs is one of the only places that a MC fan belongs...!!!
(Founder of #Mariahs_Lambs)
ALSO- They are all aware of the help Mariah needs with her singles!! We're pushin'! We'll make this happen! MC won't stop...

December 15, 1999
Hey guys, did everyone enjoy MC TV yesterday? I must say that the Homecoming Special is my favorite concert since Here is Mariah Carey! She really showed herself last night and I was VERY happy she did not lip sync the Fantasy Remix. The whole Butterfly World Tour she never sang it live and last night she did. I loved how she did the Heartbreaker combing the remix and the normal version togther and Jay Z messed up the the rap..ha ha! He mixed the lyrics up! Hmm whatelse..oh I liked her prom picture she showed..anyone got a capture of that? All in all..GREAT CONCERT! If you missed it..don't fret because MTV will be playing it MANY times..check Important Dates!

Courtney and James have a webpage called My Hero Mariah and they have many screen captures from yesterday's Regis and Kathy Lee. Plus James told me they will be adding caps from the Homecoming Concert TODAY! So click above, go to the PICS link and enjoy this fab site!

Magazine News!
I picked up three magazines being the Globe, which I reported on. The second is called YM Special which is the Spring 2000 issue. There is a picture of Mariah inside from the one Whitney benifit where MC is wearing a black dress. She looks really nice..go check it out. Also I picked up the January 2000 US Magazine I also reported this about a week ago but there really is a FULL page picture of Mariah from Spain in a black dress and a little interview with her! It is a really nice pic and article so I suggest buying it! That is my Magazine News for today..ha ha!

Evelyn created a VERY nice site about this whole Sony E-mail letter thing and if you want to check it out, Click Here!

Radio News
Mariah was on TWO Radio Stations yesterday and I got the news from two differnt people on what happened :) Arn't they sweet..typed it all out for me!
Michelle: 102.7
Dear Regina,
I was on my way to work when I turned on my radio and behold, I heard my favorite artist. MC was on 102.7 KIIS FM here in Los Angeles today at around 7:45 in the morning. Rick Dees interviewed her but I don't think it was live since she was supposed to be at New York on the Regis and Kathie Lee show. Rick played a montage of MC's songs and she sounded like she was overwhelmed with memories. She said that she doesn't listen to her old records, but hearing them again brings back memories of where she wrote the song and so forth. Rick said he remembers MC when she used to sing back up for Brenda K Star... Rick congratulated MC on winning the Artist of the Decade award and MC said it was her idea to walk through the crowd because Billboard just wanted her to come out from the backstage, but MC said she wanted to go through the crowd since the award really belongs to the fans. Then they talked about MC's short lived beauty school career...MC talked in her New York/Bronx was funny.. Then MC told Rick that she went to Venezuela recently to try to get some info about her deceased Grandfather and she said because the interpreter made a mistake, the whole country thinks she is looking for her Grandfather and now they have a segment in a weekly show that features a man claiming to be MC's grandfather...MC said it is all so funny....She said "My boyfriend said to me, 'You don't know what you started.'"....(So I guess MC is still with Luis...) MC was on to discuss her TV special that airs tonight and MC said that it was important for her to go back to her school and she felt that she had come full circle. She said she was also deeply touched by the Columbine incident and said that her song "Mariah's Theme" is for those youngsters that go through things early in their lives that makes it seem like it's the end of the world. Then MC said her goodbyes and they played TGIFY... All in all, it was one of the best radio interviews MC ever gave. Too bad it was with Rick Dees since he's a racist and racism is an important issue in MC's life. Rick Dees is a very subtle racist in the sense that he makes sly comments that only a "minority" would catch....anyway, sorry, that was my editorial for the day...anyway, MC is also going to be on another LA radio station tomorrow morning, so I'll report back to you with that...take care...

Honey11682: Hot 106
Today at 2:30 on Hot 106 here in ma. Mariah was on the radio talking about her homecomming special tonight on fox. the dj asked her some other questions too such as "Is heartbreaker about Derek Jeter?" of course MC answered no she also asked if MC was happy in her love life and she said yes she's very happy..also if there is going to be a wedding, and mc said that she's not saying no and she's not saying yes, but anything is possible she said. then the dj asked her how many records she sold all together and she said 115 million. so cool huh? then it was funny but the dj asked mc if she could borrow 50 bucks. LOL well that was pretty much it. oh, and one more thing, mc wants to do a world tour but the movie is taking all her time and if she did do a tour at this time she would only be albe to do like 2 conerts in the it's a good thing she's waiting until next year. that's all for now..byenow :-)

Bree told me that the Rainbow Interlude will be a full length song on Mariah's New Soundtrack album for All That Glitters. Also check out her website to make a Poem for MC!

Brianne told me that MC was in the Courier Times yesterday about the Homecoming Special. Basically it said how at the end that mariah started planning it shortly after the columbine killings to encourage kids to reach for the dreams in school and avoid violence!

Click Here to read a special article on MC from BMI website. Thanks to Nini for this link!

Rose sent me a very touching story about herself! See she is deaf and she has a dream she wants to reach which was inspried by Mariah Carey and Joey McIntyre. She asked me to include her address and e-mail address in case anyone would like to contact her! Read on...
Hi Everyone,
I bet you all are curious to see why Mariah Carey and Joey McIntyre inspired me. Well.. I am going to tell you few things about myself and how they inspired me.
First of all, I'm deaf, I can hear very well ( it is very hard to explain and you can ask me in person by e-mailing me) and when New Kids On The Block exploded into the world with their Hangin' Tough album.. of course I went Gaa-Gaa over Joey McIntyre because he was the youngest, incredible adorable and he had the most beautiful singing voice I've ever heard. I was at least 10 yrs old at that time. I started to fantasize that I'd be signing NKOTB songs into American Sign Language then when Mariah Carey became successful in 1990, my brother told me that she was going to be my inspiration someday then when he died from drinking and driving. It had a strong impact on me so I thought about what he said about Mariah Carey.. so I bought her record.. the very first one, then when I listened to all of her songs ( THANK GOD SHE INCLUDED LYRICS IN IT) I immediately fell in love with her songs and I could even relate to it. Eventhough I was very young and so naive, but I could understand what she sang. So then I started to perform her songs into American Sign Language frequently and the fantasy of being on stage, performing any HITS song has stuck with me eversince. When I went to college in 1996, and there was a "performing club" so I joined the club and performed a song called "Melt Away" by Mariah Carey in her daydream album... EVERYONE was dazzled and told me that I should be doing this as my career.. naturally I didn't take it seriously because I thought they were just saying that.. then that next month, I performed "Long Ago" also in the Day Dream album, in front of almost 2000 people, a lot of people were very very impressed with my performance... then when I met a person whose wife is a director for Miss Deaf Maryland Pagent... he gave me the application booklet, so of course I went ahead and competed for it, performing Always Be My Baby, though I didn't want to win the title of being Miss Deaf Maryland, all I cared at that time was to win the "Best Talent" but I didn't win that title.. I felt like a failure and felt like that my dream was not worth for me to hold onto... then when I left college because I wasn't doing good... then when I went back for a visit.. everyone asked me to perform in several of shows eventhough I was not a student at that college.. but I performed anyway.. I performed, The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica... it was so much fun then later on, I performed Never Every by All Saints last April..also in front of almost 2000 people. So now to the point, after listening to Mariah Carey's recent album.. (Mariah's Theme)... it has gotten me to think about my passion in life.. and also when I watched Joey McIntyre's Disney special he said something about "You have to decide what is passion in your life.. even if you succeed or fail.. at least you LEARNED" I'm not sure if I got the quote right.. but at that moment, I felt like that he was saying that quote DIRECTLY TO that night I couldn't even sleep because ALL I EVER WANTED WAS TO PERFORM ANY SONGS ON STAGE IN AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE. Maybe you all wonder why I'm sending this out to you all.. the purpose of this e-mail is.. I wanted the whole world to hear a deaf person's deep passion in music..eventhough the stereotype shows that deaf people can not hear.. but not necessarily.. it depends on their ability to hear and how much hearing ability they have.. how much I can hear and the ability that I have to hear is pretty A LOT comparing to other who try to understand. Oh boy.. I'm rambling on and on and it is getting to no where.. at least I GOT TO TELL IT TO THE WORLD!
I hope that this e-mail will get me to wherever or get any advices, tips, connections, feedback..etc..etc...etc.. that I need for my future success..
p.s. excuse me for my grammar.. I know I have very very weak grammar, but at least I think my e-mail is very clear.
~Viola Rose Mohr
637 S. Lehigh St
Baltimore, MD 21224
FAX: 1 410 276 4677

December 14, 1999
22 NEW pics added to Gallery 14!
I added 22 new pics to Gallrey 14. I believe 19 of them are from Saul which he took himself at the Today Show. Check them all out if you like :)

Okay I started up a Mission on the Front Page about Sony not releasing Mariah Singles! A lot of you responded to yesterday InfoMC and webpage post and I think that it is really important as her fans that we come together about this. I know that I want more Mariah Singles and I always look forward to them. So look at the front page and start sending your e-mails! I have sent one e-mail a day ever since Mariah made that comment on the Fox Chat!

Also if you really feel as strongly as I do on this mission, please post your messages in my Forum for others to read! It will better unite all of us :D

Mariah on TRL Yesterday :(
Mariah called in to TRL yesterday and I missed it! How sad..anyhow Brianne told me all the details on it :D
Hey Regina, I do not know if ya know this so I will tell ya. I was studying for my finals today and arond 4 I realized TRl was on. I had fiqured by 4 I would have missed TGIFY if it was in fact on, but to my surprise I saw Carson talking to Mariah on the phone. They showed clips from the Homecoming Speical while she was on the phone. I caught most of it and my good friend in SC taped it all for me. She was so hyper and sounded really drunk or something. She was calling from the shower and then walking into the bath. You could hear the water splashing and she kept saying how she was in the nude. Then Carson asked her if she wanted to have phone sex and she no I have a boyfriend. Then she wouldn't say who it was. So Carson was like what team does he play for and Mariah was like no he is a latin singer. Carson was like oh Mariah is dating Ricky Martin. Mariah was like NO NO!! So she finally said Luis and how happy she is. Carson also congratulated her for winning Artist of the year and she went nuts about how it was Artist of the decade. And carson was like oh you win every award and she was like no i don't I get dissed quite often in fact. So then she was yelling really loud telling Carson to scream for her winning Artist of the decade. Then She started screaming. And it was like way to long and Carson wastrying to go, but Mariah just kept on talking. Then she was liek I want to thank my fans!! I have the best fans in the whole world, they are the most devotd and I love them. Carson also invited her to MTV for NYE, but she was like I am having my own party, wanna come? Carson declined...silly boy!! She was still talking all hyper when Carson finally introduced the #7 video. It was cute and Mariah sounded really out of it. Either she was really tired, had way too much sugar, or way to much Cristal!! It was funny nonetheless and nice how she always seems to remember us fans!!Hope you saw and if you did I just wrote all this for nothing, but oh well! Thought I would let you know!! I must return for more studying!!

Mariah on Regis and Kathy Lee Today!
It was really actually pretty funny! Mariah came out in a BATH ROBE with a lamb which she called "Chops!" and she looked really pretty! She had on a little white nighty thingy and she just looked really pretty. They talked about her Jeans, her Homecoming Special, where she has been, etc. She was on for a while too! It was really cute and hopefully someone sends me some nice captures from it soon!

Don't forget Mariah will be on Access Hollywood Tonight FOR SURE and maybe Entertainment Tonight. Also her Homecoming Special airs tonight at 9 pm EST! Tune in!

Speaking of the Homecoming Special, there was a tiny ad in my paper today, Philadelphia Inquirer. Here is what it said..
Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special.
(9-10 pm EST, Ch. 29) You never know when Carey will go for one of those super-high notes, so lock the glass bric-a-brac in a soundproof vault and join her and guests 98 Degrees, Jay Z, Da Brat and DJ Clue for a concert from Carey's Long Island middle school alma mater. Fox.

If you have some pics or notes on the Homecoming Special in your local paper..send the news my way baby :)

Macey sent me some good news from the Philippines :) How come I only get news from the Philippines, noone else sends me anything? Hmmmm...well anyhow THANKS MACEY!!
hi! i'm Macey from the philippines and i just want to tell you that Mariah's "thank god i found you" is #1 at our local radio station, magic 89.9! isn't that great! i hope that it would become her next #1 single! Mariah's really doing great here in the philippines!- AS USUAL!!! :) let's just help her OK? thanks!!!

December 13, 1999...Happy Birthday Alex!!
Happy Birthday Alex!
First things first again, today is my BEST FRIENDS Birthday! For those of you who have been in InfoMC since the very beginning, Alex was at one point CO-President of InfoMC. He also helped me make this website into something beautiful, which I could of never done without his mastermind. He is SUCH a sweet guy and today he turns 21! Yup he is now officially an adult. If ya want to help me out, everyone send him a e-mail wishing him a HAPPY 21st Birthday! Let's see how much we can fill up his mailbox with birthday wishes..e-mail him at Cyd Also if you really want to, Click Here and send him a wish in his Guestbook at his Too Cool Sandra Bullock Page!

Speaking of e-mail, Mariah needs your help! Read this e-mail I got from Johanan!
Dear Wildcat,
On the Foxnews Mariahchat, Mariah made it clear that Sony was preventing her from releasing anymore singles from Rainbow. No doubt with Butterfly, Mariah complained about US single releases ceasing after My All because of Sony. Nevertheless we still got them in Asia and in Europe. This is a important time for Mariah. The press and experts say she is out because of the title. It poses the diva a huge problem if she is considered an artist who's career will stop after the Decade is out. If Mariah is prevented from Releasing anything until her project "All That Glitters" (delayed for 2 years) in Christmas 2000 (more that a year from now). It will be almost impossible for her to make a comeback in Dec2000. Sony has made it evident by not arranging Any publicity for Rainbow that they will not help her. And if you think the comeback is possible; you can bet the last nickel you have that there will be NO publicity for All That... In comparison with it's predecessors Rainbow is a flop for a MARIAH album. When You Believe peaked at 15!!!!!! Heartbreaker only stayed at the top for 2 WEEKS and is now at 41!!!!!!!! it is getting from bad to worse and with more acts coming out to put Mariah away for a year is almost suicide. PLEASE do Something. Mariah pleaded with us to email sony and asked them to release more singles. My E-mail appears to have had NO EFFECT. Please Help!!!!!!!

As you all know I can NOT do this on my own and we all need to come together and help Mariah out! Do you want her career to end, even though I don't think it will, but I surely don't! SO the first two e-mail addresses Nini, I and several other people tried did NOT work but I found one that did! Nini and I e-mailed them but I NEED YOU TO DO IT TOO! This is no Joke people..send them an e-mail! Here is the address...
Here is my letter!!!
Dear Sony Rep,
I was informed last night, by Mariah herself, that Sony doesn't think it is necessary to release more Mariah Singles. That is SO RIDICULOUS! As one of Mariah's BIGGEST fans, I am outragged at even the suggestionof this. Rainbow has touched me so much and there are so many awesome songs on there. How can you deny the Artist of the Decade from having even MORE #1 hits? Ex-Girlfriend, How Much and especially Can't Take That Away could be #1 hits. Don't underestimate her fan power to get her up there either. She has SO MANY fans on the internet waiting for her next single or waiting for the latest news from her. PLEASE take what I say serisouly and please RELEASE more songs from Mariah's New Album..especially Can't Take That Away! I am begging you!
President of InfoMC
Owner of WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!
NOW I am sending this e-mail ONCE a day until I hear something that it is making a differnce. If you are a die-hard MC fan like me, you will do it too! Mariah needs our help, so lets give it to her! Thanks to Willem for the Sony Address!! GO E-MAIL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to watch Mariah tomorrow..she will be on Regis, ET (maybe), Access Hollywood (for sure), and of course Mariah's Homecoming Special! Check Important Dates for times!

There might be adds in newspapers tomorrow for the Homecoming Special. Make sure you check your local newspaper!

Got more information from Ron :D
This is Ron from the Philippines. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU moved up to the number one spot in the Early Returns Countdown of 89.9 DWTM, a local radio station. It had been number two losing to TLC's I Miss You So Much but has dislodged TLC for the first time today. The countdown features the top ten most requested songs for the afternoon. Since THANK GOD I FOUND YOU has become number one, it has a strong chance to be on top on the weekly countdown this Saturday. I'll keep you posted on what's happening here in Manila.

Nini sent me this..
Exclusive: Mariah has just finished doing a photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone! It will be out in a few months, the exact time is not for sure yet, we'll keep you posted.
I will send you more information on it as soon as I find out more :)

Vijay has completed the "Fan Favorites" Mariah Carey List. Basically you go there and choose your favorite singles, videos, etc! Here is what I was told...
The idea basically is that from now until January 15, 2000, fans can vote for their favorite Mariah songs, remixes, concerts, videos, etc. This is so when we tally up all of the results, we can see what Mariah means to us collectively as fans. Anyone who submits their votes will be eligible to win Mariah prizes which will be announced later in December.

December 12, 1999
First things first, PLEASE vote for Mariah on TRL for tomorrow for Thank God I Found You. If you wont' be home tomorrow, vote today like I will be doing! Mariah needs YOUR help!

Speaking of help, does anyone have the address to e-mail Sony about Mariah singles? I was told that yesterdays address was wrong and I really want to send my thoughts into Sony about the NONSENCE of not releasing MORE Mariah singles. As a Mariah fan, you should also feel very stongly about this! Let's work together on this!

I added 16 new pics to a NEW Gallery entitled Gallery 14! Check them out if ya want. Many thanks to Lisa for some of them and thanks to Anderz for the Homecoming pics.

The Homecoming pics that are in Gallery 14 are from the commercial which is now playing on FOX. I saw it last night and it is like 10 seconds long but still nice! Check it out if you like!

Mariah was NOT on the Big Help Show on NICK last night. They advertised her in the beginning but never showed her part of the special in the 2 hours! They showed her during Elton John's section from Oscar night but nothing else. HOWEVER there is another part of the special on today at 4 pm EST. It is only a hour long today, compared with yesterdays 2 hour event. MAYBE they will show her half today. If you get this in time, tune in. I'll have the information for you tomorrow night!

Speaking of TV, I got some BAD news for Mariah. There was a parody on the Rainbow cd on MADTV which wasn't very nice. Daniele and SkY BoY 02 told me about the event! It seems that they were making fun of the Heartbreaker Remix with Deborah Wilson as Mariah! They had her rolling skatting badly and the song was called "Lovemuffin" from "CrazybootyRainbow." It was just a complete and total mess as MC would say it and I don't even want to get into the parody of the video! It sounds really stupid and Daniele told me it wasn't even funny. SNL has parodies on MC a lot and they are funny cause it is all done out of fun but the description of this scene on MADTV was just distastfully done!

Mariah in Parade Magazine
There is a picture of Mariah from the Blockbuster Awards and an article in PARADE Magazine found in some local newspapers! Thanks to Nini, I got the info. from it!
Q: Mariah Carey told Matt Lauer on the Today show that she's going to donate Marilyn Monroe's piano, which she bought at auction, to a museum. When will she donate it?-Bonnie, NY
A: Not anytime soon. Our sources say the white lacquer baby grand is of sentimental value to Carey, 29, who grew up watching Monroe films with her mom, a big fan of the late star. Marilyn originally got the piano from her own mother in 1933, for her seventh birthday. For the moment, the piano(which cost Carey more than 600,000 at Christie's auction of Monroe memorabilia) is in storage while the diva's decorator, Mario Buatta, puts the finishing touches on her $9 million pent house duplex in Manhattan.

New CD! is announcing a new Mariah cd set to be released to buy on Dec. 14th, 1999. It is called, "The Mariah Carey Story." I actually have this cd already. I got my copy at Borders Bookstore for $13. The front is a picture from the Daydream signing and inside there is the same pic and a Picture Disk which looks REALLY COOL! ON the back is another picture from the same event which is nice. HOWEVER the cd itself is 20 minutes long and all it is, is some lady talking with a bad accent about Mariah's life. It is SO LAME! BUT I didn't know that when I bought it. The cd itself is cool just to look at so I don't really know if I would suggest buying or not. Maybe buy it..just don't listen to it! LOL :)

Mariah is on the cover of Hot Press magazine. It is the December 8th issue and I got mine at TOWER records! It was $3.59 and it is just a little picture ofMC from the Europe Awards. Inside is the same picture with a not so nice caption..
In fact the biggest controversies were probably logistical. Ms. Maria (yes they spelled Maria insted of Mariah..FOOLS!)Carey, for example, was dissatisfied with her dressing room (which had been stuffed to the brim with fresh flowers and bottles of champagne, as instructed on her rider). "I wanna differnt room," the star whinned. "This one smells of gasoline."
Isn't that a good excuss for wanting a differnt room?

December 11, 1999
There is a ton of news today and hopefully tomorrow I will be adding a **NEW** Gallery..Gallery 14 with a bunch of pics! As for tonight..onto Mariah..

Updated Important Dates!
Mariah will be on Access Hollywood on Dec 14th. She will probably also be on Entertainment Tonight but it is certain that she will be on don't forget! Also Mariah will be on a new special on Christmas called, "Musical Holiday!" It is a special on Christmas Videos and here is more info. on it..
Musical Holiday
Type: Music Special / Variety
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Holiday music videos by artists including Tony Bennett, Mariah Carey, Dave Koz and Michael Bolton. (In Stereo)
Airing: Sat 12/25/99 7:00am 6 WPVI Remind Me

Alex and I added a new background for the News Section to make it easier to read..hope it helps and you like it!

Don't forget that tonight Mariah will be Nick for the Big Help O'Thon. I believe it is a pre-tape thingy with Mariah because obviously she WON'T be there!

Mariah is in the December 21st Globe tabloid! It shows a picture of Luis and Her and I will be adding the picture tomorrow to Gallery 14! Make sure you check it out tomorrow and if you are in InfoMC, you will get it tonight!

Mariah Chat
So were you there last night? There was said to be over 60 rooms filled with Mariah fans. I got really lucky and got one of my questions answered by Mariah :) Thanks to Nini, I got this nice long interview talking about the whole event from Click Here to read it!

Mail Sony about Singles for MARIAH!
Mariah mentioned twice last night that she wants the fans to e-mail Sony to tell the to release more Singles from Rainbow since they refuse it seems. Nini sent me this start sending them TONS OF E-MAIL about Mariah Singles and how you want MORE from Rainbow!

LambOdaDay told me he was watching the weekend edition of TRL and he said that he heard someone say that Mariah, Alanis and Celine will be some of the people on Total Request Live NEXT WEEK! Anyone else see this or can confirm this? Obviously she will be in NYC so who knows, she appear Tuesday? If you got info, let me know ASAP! Also I was told MC is on the new Ultrasound on MTV for about 2 minutes talking about her dressing style!

Taryn told me Mariah is in the new US Magazine. I don't know the date of it but it is hitting stands this week. It features a full page on MC with a big pic of MC in a black dress. The article is about the kind of styles she likes!

A lot of people were asking me about this and thanks to Jon of Visions of A Rainbow, I have the whole speech MC gave at the Billboard Awards!
Thank you. This is all very surreal to me because honestly, it seems like not too long ago I was a kid in high school with a demo tape and a lot of determination and just really the desire to hear my songs on the radio. I didn't know about platinum or gold records or like what you have to sell to get them. I mean, I didn't even know about the Billboard charts! Sorry but I didn't know! Then it all happened so fast and it's like my life became public. I lived in the recording studio, writing and singing. That's how I made so many records in so little time, pretty much having no life, but I'd like to thank my mom for inspiring me and thank Don Ienner and all my Columbia Records family for so much support and I'd like to thank all the amazingly dedicated Sony people around the world and obviously, obviously I have to thank Tommy Mottola for his support, specifically during the beginning of my career. And I have to thank everyone at Maroon Entertainment for their unparallel dedication. I've been traveling around the world, right, you know promoting "Rainbow," my new album, and it's kind of like my message of hope for the new millenium, and it's been so moving to see so many devoted fans in continents where we don't even speak the same language, where people are singing back the lyrics to me that I wrote and that means so much to me becuase I put all of myself into my music, so as a writer and a producer, I thank you. And I am so grateful to God, to have overcome so many obstacles, as a multiracial person with a very disfunctional history, until recently! I am not Cinderella, my life has not been a fairytale! Forget the image, forget the ensembles, forget the rumors, forget the short skirts, big hair, whatever! I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you so I want to accept this award on behalf of all of you. We've come a long way and I feel like I'm just getting started because as an artist, and more importantly as a person, I am genuinely happy and finally, finally free to be who I really am. Thank you."

PopGoddess sent me a link to see two nice pics of MC which will be up in the Gallery tomorrow. Click Here if you can't wait any longer to see them!

MTV has a nice long article on Mariah's Homecoming Special. Thanks to Alex for this and click here to see it yourself.
Here is the text of it!
Less than a week after being named the Artist Of The Decade at Wednesday night's nationally televised "Billboard" Music Awards, songstress Mariah Carey will return to the airwaves for a concert special in which she'll be joined by Jay-Z, 98 Degrees, Da Brat, and DJ Clue. Dubbed "Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special," the one-hour show is slated to air on the Fox network on December 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Carey taped the performances a few weeks ago at the gymnasium of her former junior high school, located in Greenlawn, New York. In attendance to the musical guests, the Carey concert special was attended by students from the school as well as children from her Camp Mariah program, a charity dedicated to inner-city kids. The special also features interviews with Carey's former principal, teachers, and old classmates, and in a statement announcing the "Homecoming" show, the singer said that she was inspired to return to her old school because of the outbreak of violence and trouble at schools this past year, including the April shooting at Columbine High School. "I have such vivid memories of junior high and high school and how hard it is just to exist from day to day," Mariah wrote. "But I feel it's important to relay the message that anything is possible if you find an inner peace which allows you to overcome any obstacle." Mariah Carey's newest album, "Rainbow," is currently number twelve on the "Billboard" album chart and has already been certified triple platinum.

Here is what the Official Newsletter for MC sent me!
Don't miss Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special on FOX, Tuesday, December 14 from 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Special guests are Jay-Z, Da Brat and 98 Degrees. Mariah performs songs from her new album, Rainbow, and chats with students and faculty at her junior high school. Don't miss this special!!! (This special will be rebroadcast on December 24 on MTV)
It will reair twice before the 24th even on MTV!

Please Continue to vote for Mariah at the Entertainment Teen Website! It is a BIG deal that you vote her HERE!

Vote for Me!
I know I bugged you about this before, but please vote for me on the Top 30 Sites. I am #2 at the moment and if you think I should be #1, then just click the little banner and you were automatically vote for this site! Thank you!!

December 10, 1999
Don't forget that Mariah will be yahoo tonight in a live chat at 9:30 pm EST.

Robert told me there is a new pic of MC in US Magazine. I don't have any more info. besides that right now but I'll try and find out more Monday!

Carisa has the Billboard Awards speech on her site now in video so if you want to watch it, click here!

Liz was at the 1999 Billboard awards and here is what she told me about the night :D
OOOOO GIRL! i need to tell you about my night!!!!! GOD HER SPEECH WAS GREAT!!!! ok well she came down the audience from the side and i was like in the center of the balcony so i wasnt by her unfortunately! but i went down to the floor and took some pics when she got up there!! AND this security lady was like you need to take a seat. so i moved up three steps and took like fifteen pictures!!! and i was yelling. i have a reaaaallly loud yell. you know those noises she makes in like "emotions"? well i can do that. (i wasnt doing that but i was yelling just as loud) and these blonde bimbos with like implants looked up at me and were like ok thats nice...and i was like YEAH SHES MY FAVORITE SINGER SO IM GONNA YELL! and so i took all these pics and then the security lady came up and she said im sorry you have to take a seat so i walked off mumbling "i paid for my tickets so i will take pictures" and stuff becuase i DID!!! heeey! lol so i think i am getting one hour photo today!!! it was sooo much fun! and i LOVED her speech!!! you should make that your quote of the week!

Anyone can type up Mariah's speech and send it to me would be greatly appreciated! LOL :)

Beetleboy told me that ABMB was played on MTV's Webriot and they asked three questions including who invented rubber, what is the name of her latest album and what is the name of the camp she gave 1 million dollars too.

Metro found out some more information on Mariah's New Video. He told me that he also hopes that it is Ex-Girlfriend and here is some information saying that it might turn out to be just that :)
When asked what the next single from Rainbow would be, Mariah wouldn't say but she did say that for her next video, her evin twin, Bianca makes a cameo. What better song to prolong the ongoing catfight between the two than a song where Mariah is dissing her new squeeze's ex-girlfriend, played by Miss Bianca. The song will be hot for M, especially with producer, Shek'Spere's recent success with Destiny's Child's Bills and TLC's No Scrubs, which both went to Number One!!!!!

Devin told me that I have to start cracking down on the TRL thing and she is right. We need to get Mariah on TRL again people..we have been majorly slacking and yesterday she was on close calls. PLEASE vote for Thank God I Found You. If it is too late today start voting over the weekend. PLEASE! Click the above banner to takes you directly there.

December 9, 1999
Mariah on Regis..EXCLUSIVE!
You heard it here first people, Mariah will be on Regis and Kathie Lee on Dec. 14th at 9 am on Channel 6 to discuss her Homecoming Special!!! Here is more info...
Live -- Regis & Kathie Lee
Type: Talk Show
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Scheduled: singer Mariah Carey; actor Bronson
Pinchot; "Y2K Week" continues.
Parental Rating: TV-G
Airing: Tue 12/14/99 9:00am 6 WPVI

Mariah is NOT in or on the cover of Vogue Magazine for December, so don't even bother buying it! It turns out that information was not correct :(

I added 10 new pics to Gallery 13 today. One pic is a BRAND new one from the BIllboard awards and there are a couple of pics I have never seen, which were added. A BIG THANKS to Lisa for majority of the pics and 2 are courtesy of Anderz so check them all out if ya want!

Last nights Billboard awards was REALLY cool. It took Mariah about 2 minutes to get to the stage while confetti fell from the ceilings and people grabbed her hands! She looked really pretty with a tight green minidress on! She gave one of her most impressing speeches and put so much enthusiam into everything she said. It was really cool. Here is a article from last night which mentions Mariah..
Teen Acts Win at Billboard Awards
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys were big winners Wednesday night at the Billboard Music Awards, each getting four awards. The group Dixie Chicks picked up three awards during the ceremony at the MGM Grand Hotel, including country artist of the year, country album artist and country artist duo/group. Spears won female artist of the year, new artist of the year, female hot 100 singles artist, and female albums artist. The Backstreet Boys were recognized for artists of the year, artist duo/group, album of the year and album artists. Mariah Carey was honored as artist of the decade. Confetti dropped from above as she walked on stage. ``I feel like I'm just getting started. I'm so happy to be finally free to be who I am,'' she said. The awards were determined by the magazine's year-end charts, which are based on a combination of record sales and radio airplay.

Mariah posted a new message 2 days ago and thanks to Willem, aka Rainbow Warrior you can even check out or click here to read the transcript of it! Thanks Willem!

Edearth sent me a link where you can order some cool pics on here if you want to check the cool pics out!

Here is a really cool article from InfoBeat (kind of like InfoMC no? Hee hee)
The Latest on Mariah Carey
*** Mariah Carey's 'Rainbow' hits another sales mark
(Launch) - Since its release last month, Mariah Carey's latest album, "Rainbow," has been certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, for having shipped over 3 million units. The chart-topping set features 13 new tracks written by Carey, plus a rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)," which was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. "Rainbow" also gave Carey a chance to collaborate for the first time with writer/producer David Foster, on the track "After Tonight," which was co-written by Diane Warren. The album also saw Carey working with hip-hop stars Jay-Z, Da Brat, Missy Elliot and Snoop Dogg. Other guests on the album include Joe and 98 Degrees. The album is currently No. 7 on Billboard's top R&B/hip-hop albums chart.

As we all know Mariah will be online tomorrow night at Yahoo. I will be online from about 8 pm EST on so I better see you all there tomorrow night at 9:30 pm EST! Send me an IM to say Hi! Oh and thanks to Mariah Carey Archives, here is a nice article on it :)
Mariah Carey chats live on Dec. 10 9:30 pm EST Recording superstar Mariah Carey will be chat live on at 9:30 p.m. ET this Friday, Dec. 10. She'll certainly have enough to talk about. One of the leading performers in recent pop music history has been very busy of late. Just this year she became the first artist to have a number one single for each year of the 1990s. The 29-year-old has grown up quite a bit since she belted out that first top hit, Vision of Love, back in 1990. That single took the then-20-year-old from Brenda Starr backup singer to Grammy-winning, platinum-selling performer. Mariah's 1990 eponymous debut album launched an unparalleled, unbroken string of successes. She has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide and yielded a record-setting four consecutive number one singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday" and "I Don't Wanna Cry." It was Starr, in fact, who first introduced Carey to Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola at a party. Mottola was so impressed by her demo tape that he immediately signed her. But that's not all that caught his attention. The two began a relationship, and were married three years later. Along the way, Carey became the jewel in Sony's growing record industry crown, with album after album of top singles. And though their marriage ended last year, the Carey-Mottola business relationship is still fruitful: Mariah's latest album, Rainbow, spawned her 14th No. 1 single, Heartbreaker, this past September. Rainbow marks Carey's first collaboration with veteran producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, best known for their work with Janet Jackson and the Time. Personally, the album's significance is spelled out in Carey's liner note: "This album chronicles my emotional roller coaster ride of the past year. If you listen closely, there's a story here with a very happy ending. After every storm - if you look hard enough - a rainbow appears." Born and raised in New York by her mother, a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach, Carey began singing at age four. She began writing songs in junior high, and got her break with Starr after graduating high school. In addition to all she has accomplished at Sony, Carey has lately emphasized her newfound creative freedom and new partnerships. She looks to be an even bigger force in the entertainment industry in coming years: She has a cameo in the Chris O'Donnell film The Bachelor and is set to appear in the comedy Double-O Soul with Chris Tucker next year. Friday's chat will also be available on

Beetleboy told me that one of his friends knows Mariah dancers and they (meaning MC and her dancers) are getting ready to record a new video which includes lots of dancing. Beetleboy tells me he expects it to be "How Much" but I am hoping it is Ex-Girlfriend :) Hee hee...I'll keep ya updated on the new video as soon as I find out more!

Honey14688 told me that Mariah will be on Saturday Night Live tonight at 6 pm EST on Comedy Station. It is a repeat but I am not sure which one it will be so if you do miss it, didn't miss much!

Josephine told me that there is a new pic of Mariah in YM in the quiz on your attitude? I get that magazine too so I'll give ya a date on it and hopefully more info. on what the pic is!

December 7, 1999
I just picked up Mariah's Video "#1's" and it is AWESOME! I was really shocked while watching just the beg. I thought it was going to be kind of boring with just her videos but Mariah added this whole intro with the My All Remix playing the background and it is AWESOME. Plus between each video she is on a couch talking about them and she looks BEAUTIFUL! I REALLY love this video. I only watched up to My All though so I'll tell you more tomorrow but go get your copy now. It's only $14.95 at Sam Goody!

While at Sam Goody I found out that "Heartbreaker" sheet music HAS been released! It is $3.95 and the cover features the HEartbreaker single cover. It has the rap lyrics and everything inside and it is REALLY nice. Go pick yours up today while supplys last!

Thank God I Found You now has a whole section on the webpage. It seems that the BRE cover I showed you guys a while ago will be the cover of the least that is what I am thinking. Click Here to see the site! The single is still RUMORED for Janurary 18th and here is the tracklistings...
4. BABYDOLL+ (5:06)


Mariah is featured in TWO new pics in the TV Guide (Dec 11-17). They are AWESOME new pics advertising her Homecoming Special. I wish I had my scanner but I don't get it till Christmas (anyone can scan it for me?) Anyhow the one pic taked up half a page and featured her in a strong spotlight. She is smiling holding a microphone and the other is a closeup of her performing Heartbreaker. The TV Guide ONLY cost $1.79 so go pick it up! It is SO WORTH IT! Nice pics :D

Do you come to this site everyday and like it? Do you enjoy getting InfoMC Newsletters? IF ya answered yes then PLEASE vote for me :) I would really appreciate it..thanks! (Vote by clicking the below icon. It is also on the main page!)

Lillian told me that Pavorotti and Friends will air on PBS tomorrow from 9-9:30 pm EST. Check it out if you don't have the video yet!

December 6, 1999
Mariah on cover of Rolling Stone and will be at Billboards!
Make sure you tune in to the 1999 Billboard Award show Wednesday cause Mariah says in yet ANOTHER article, which I got from Anderz, that she is coming to the US to receive a special award. Also Mariah says that she will be doing a photo shoot for Rolling Stones meaning that she will probably be on the cover in one of the Feb. issues!! I'll keep you posted! Here is the article in which she mentions all this...
"...She's in her first encounter with Latin America. She's visited Mexico, Brasil, Argentina and Chili, the same countries that Luis Miguel has passed through with 'Amarte es un Placer', a tour with which he closes the millenium. "I have a lot of work. I haven't stopped. I'm recording a TV special, I have photo sessions for Rolling Stone magazine, I have to receive a Billboard award. But I'm here because I want to know what my origins are".

I got this next AWESOME article from Mariah Online! It seems that after Mariah releases her Soundtrack and movie she will release ANOTHER new album filled with B-Sided Songs and unreleased songs! Read this article..SO COOL!
Mariah: . . . . . The Rainbow Interlude was really supposed to be an actual song on the album but I was pressed for time on the album's completion so I just made it an interlude.
Roshumba: So the world's never going to hear Mariah's "Rainbow" song?
Mariah: Well, to tell you the truth, I was saving this to be a surprise for the fans but I've completed the song and was planning on placing it on an upcoming single as a B-Side. I figured that would be a nice surprise to all who decided to by the upcoming singles since I hardly ever release "unreleased B-Sides" with the exception of 3 or 4 unreleased ones I've done way in the past.
Roshumba: Oh well I hope I didn't ruin anything by asking you that question?
Mariah: Nah! Everyone was going to find out eventually. Though even if for some reason it doesn't make the cut for the future single, the label is planning a CD release of B-Sides and other Unreleased tracks that the world has never heard from me. It is projected to be released after the Launch of the movie and soundtrack sometime in the year 2001.
Roshumba: What will we hear on this B-Side collection?
Mariah: Well, of course the released B-sides: Do You Ever Think Of Me, Everything Fades Away, and Slipping Away. It will also contain "Do You Know Where You're Going To." It is being treated as a B-side since it was only released on the #1's CD in Japan. The CD will also feature some songs I've held in my own personal collection along with some revamps of some of my most popular songs and, of course, 1 or 2 new songs to launch the album off with. The first single will be brand new and will follow the style of all of my 1st single releases (Heartbreaker, Honey, Fantasy, Dreamlover). Though, this CD's release is very dependent upon the fact of whether I plan to take a vacation or not. I may choose to just pop out a brand new studio album if I feel like further depriving myself with months of no sleep. But if I don't, that is sort of the back up plan.
Roshumba: Now these songs that have been kept in your personal collection, why weren't they ever released?
Mariah: Well, some of them were projects that were done by myself and Walter Afanasieff. We did them specifically for album release. But certain execs didn't believe they should have been on the album so the projects were stopped right there and I just took them home with me at the end of the day for my own personal listening. And some are personal songs I did just for the sake of doing a song. Some personal songs and some fun songs that were never meant to be released until now.
Roshumba: Well, I remember reading an article in a newsletter one day and coming across a review of your first single "Heartbreaker." It seemed to go on about how it lacked originality and was just a bland remix of "Fantasy." What are your thoughts on that and what do you believe your fans expect from you in terms of music now a days?
Mariah: Well, I have heard that one time and again. But people must realize that I do have my own personal style. That's why all the 1st single releases do have a tendency to sound similar yet unique in their own way. Besides, I believe that is the kind of music the fans expect from me; up-tempo, pop-infused, fun songs as the 1st single release. I did get alot of heat from "Heartbreaker" and maybe it was a little too similar to past singles but at the same time, it was what I wanted to do. Though I think I succeeded in giving Heartbreaker it's own little personality which distinguished it from the previous singles. If that wasn't the case and the fans thought it was too much of a rip off of "Fantasy", I don't think they would have made it #1.

If you live in Canada or can get Muchmusic TV then you will like to know that the MTV Europe Awards will be airing on Dec. 9th at 9 pm EST.

Froggi1116 told me that Mariah was nominated for the Best Female Artist of the 90's on "Friday Night" The results will be posted this week, I am told!

Katy told me that there is a smal text on German's AOL Homepage and the headline reads, "Mariah's searching for her roots" and there Mariah is claimed to have said that she is on her way to venezuela where her grandfather roberto nunez emigrated from to the us in 1918 "I dont have a specific culture i could realte to - I've always felt homeless" - Mariah.

Kristen told me that Thank God I Found You Remix is #1 in Austin on 104.3. Also that Austin supports MC big time cause MC is always #1 there. Man I wish Q102 would support MC a little more and they NEVER answer the e-mails or phone lines!

Mariah's Official Website was updated and here is what I was sent..
Mariah's "Rainbow" has reached 3X PLATINUM status (as certified by RIAA)!!
MARIAH CAREY "#1's" VHS - In Stores Tomorrow: December 7th.
Since her 1990 debut, Mariah Carey has sold more than 115 million records worldwide and has earned an astounding 81 gold, platinum, and multi-platinum records. Her career has been an extraordinary succession of #1's and record-breaking firsts in the music world. With more #1 albums (4) than any female artist in the 1990's, Mariah was the first female artist to see two of her albums (Music Box and Daydream) reach the 10 million mark in sales and is the only female artist to have eight albums certified triple platinum or better. Mariah's her entire album catalog has achieved RIAA Multi-platinum status.
She has had more #1 singles than any artist during the 1990s and seen more singles debut at #1 than any artist in chart history. At 60 weeks total, Mariah Carey's singles have spent more weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 than any other female artist's in history. Her 15 gold and 8 platinum singles are more than those of any artist during the 1990's and her 8 platinum singles than any female artist in history has.
Now, for the first time ever, all 14 of Mariah Carey's #1 hit videos are now available to enjoy over and over again in this special home video collection.
Heartbreaker (Featuring Jay-Z)
My All
Always Be My Baby
One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)
Fantasy (Featuring O.D.B.)
Ill Be There (Featuring Trey Lorenz)**
I Dont Wanna Cry
Love Takes Time*
Vision Of Love***
* Taken from the Columbia Music Video release MARIAH CAREY (49179)
** Taken from the Columbia Music Video release MTV UNPLUGGED + 3 (49133)
*** Taken from the Columbia Music Video release FANTASY: MARIAH CAREY AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (50134)
Coming Soon on DVD!

December 5, 1999..Happy St. Nick Day!
Okay as a Catholic, my family celebrates today as Happy Saint Nick Day. I think we are the only one but after dinner, St Nick brings us presents in our stockings? My family has done it for years and I think we are the only ones but HEY I don't mind presents..So Happy Saint Nick to You who celebrate Christmas and Happy Hanukkah too cause that started Friday! Onto Mariah..

I added 5 new pics to Gallery 13 today. One is from BaByDollLiz13 of MC and Luis which she got from, 2 are from my BEST MC friend ever, Anja, and the last two are from one of my very favorite sites, Anderz's Mariah Carey's Diary! So check them out if you like!

I don't know if you have noticed but the webpage has a new banner and new background to celebrate the Holidays! Adorible20 made them and she is just SO TALENTED cause it looks awesome! Thanks SO MUCH to Jenn, co-president of InfoMC!

Beetleboy sent me some REALLY cool news. Mariah is in a NEW book called "Girl Power" with Britney Spears and Love Hewitt, among others, on the cover! THere is a BIG picture of MC from the Z-100 Bash which takes up a WHOLE page of the book. Plus there is a pic of MC from the Brat Pitt premiere that she attended. The book is only $12.99, so get it now. I know I will be getting it soon!!

Taryn told me some REALLY funny news. We all know that MC has been on SNL a couple of times in parodies..well it has happen again!
On Saturday night live, they did this skit for a fake tv special called "So this is Hanukkah", supposedly with all these music stars. They did impersonations of Lou Bega, Celine, Britney, and Mariah, and others. Cheri Oteri, one of the cast members, dressed up as mariah, with a light brown, slightly wavy wig, and an outfit that resembles the white one in the Honey Vid. They had her touching herself all over, and moving her hips alot. "Mariah" said something like, "This is a time to celebrate my great hair, my great a**, and the right side of my face." Then she gyrated her way out of the skit.

I added a new Pic of the Week yesterday from 1990. Go check it out if you like!

December 4, 1999
Well Mariah will probably be in the new Tv Guide hitting stores this Monday. I tried finding it in Wal-Marts stock in the back but it was too piled up back there sadly :( There should be an ad or two for the Dec. 14th concert. I'll try and find it tonight and tell you more about it later :)

Ron sent me even more great news today :)
This is still Ron from the Philippines. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU of Mariah Carey is now in number 6 of The Final Countdown of Magic 89.9 DWTM, a local radio station. The countdown features 30 of the hottest songs for the week. As you can see, Mariah has been enjoying warm Filipino hospitality with her release of Rainbow. She's really doing great in the radio, charts, sales, and all. I hope that she also is doing great in the rest of Asia at least.

Taryn send me some info. about MC, among others, attending the UNCF fund-raising gala which will air on tv on Janurary 8th. I don't have anymore information at the moment on what time but I will have it later this month for you! Here is the article...
Lauryn, Mariah, and Whitney in "Evening with Starts"
(INTERNET WIRE) -- 11/24/99 -- The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) will kick-off the year 2000 with its annual fund-raising TV gala, An Evening of Stars: A Celebration of Educational Excellence, which will air in national syndication starting Saturday, January 8. Check local listings for station, date and times. Hosted by Lou Rawls, Debbie Allen, Star Jones and Lynn Whitfield, the four-hour special will feature concert performances by superstars Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire and others. In addition, there will be special celebrity guest appearances by such notables as Quincy Jones, General Colin Powell and broadcaster Tom Joyner. Emmy Award-winner Louis J. Horvitz returns to direct and produce the upcoming special. For more information on UNCF, go to their website at

December 3, 1999..New pics Day!!
I added over 20 pics to a new gallery tonight..Gallery 13!! Some are from Lisa, Anderz and Mariah Carey Archives! Also, Mariah is on the Cover of BRE magazine and they are the first two pics in Gallery 13. It is the issue of Nov. 12th so the magazine is no longer on shelves. I got lucky at Tower and it was hiding behind another magazine and by some dumb luck I saw it! It is is a glossy cover and then right on back of the cover is a ad for Thank God I Found You single. It says it comes out on Nov. 16th but obviously we all know that is NOT true!

Mariah is nominated for the "Solo Artist of the Decade" for the 1999 Billboard Music Awards which take place Wednesday the 8th at 8 pm. Now Mariah said in a recent interview oversees that she had to fly back to the US to appear on the Billboard Awards to receive a very special award. MEANING that, I think, Mariah is going to be there
PLAYING SOLO: The "solo artist of the decade" will be unveiled during the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, airing Wednesday from Las Vegas on Fox (8 p.m. ET live/PT tape-delayed). Candidates in the new category are Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, Garth Brooks, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, Madonna and Shania Twain. The show, which celebrates the year's chart leaders, will include performances by Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica, appearing with a 79-piece orchestra.

PLEASE go vote for Mariah at the 1999 Teen Choice awards. I believe there are three catorgories you can pick her least that is how many I saw when I was voting. Let's get her some awards people... Click Here! (Please vote for Sandra Bullock under Movie Female for my friend Alex and me too! Cause she is out fav. actress and we want her to win too!)

Desiree told me that Mariah will be on VH1's "Rock of Ages" tomorrow at 10:30 am EST. They are going to be reviewing the Heartbreaker video, so check it out!

My good buddy Ron, from the Philippines, sent me some more news :)
Channel V previews Thank God I Found You. I just saw it yesterday while having lunch with my friends. The video of Mariah's single has been released here in Asia via Channel V's New Music. I just hope this will do as great as Heartbreaker here in Asia. Vote for the song through these emails:
Not to mention that Rainbow is doing really good here in Manila.

That is some good news to hear :)

Taryn told me that some guy's girlfriend was so mad that he was in love with Mariah Carey that she went on Maury to be made up like MC! Read more on what she told me...
Here's a little tidbit that i think you might find interesting. I was watching the Maury Povich show yesterday ,and they had a show called "men obsessed with celebrities". The first guy on was totally obsessed with Mariah! He had this $400 framed picture of her up on his wall, along with posters and lots of her cds. His girlfriend was extremely jealous of his obsession. She said about Mariah, "oh , she's nothing!" and said stuff like why would he want to be with her when he can have someone real, like me. The guy and his girl got into a big argument over his mariah stuff, and so he tore up his 400 dollar pic!( Comment: can you believe it? he should have sold it off or something. What a waste. ) Anyway, there were also other men's obsessions with Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson Lee, Shania Twain, and Marilyn Monroe. At the end of the show, they made over the gfs and wives of the obsessed men into the celebrities that the men fantasized about. The girlfriend of the guy who loved mariah came out in a big blond wig and a gold dress. The costume people were trying to copy her VH1 Divas Live style. The dress that this girl had on, though, was kind of a tacky gold. Overall, she didn't really look very much like her, but it was interesting to see someone being made over as Mariah.

December 2, 1999
Bad News for Mariah!
Rainbow went from #2 (for two weeks) to #7 and now to #12. This is REALLY bad people! If anyone didn't buy the album yet, go get it sometime soon! I bought two of them and at the moment I can't afford to buy anymore sadly! :(

Anderz told me that someone names Nacho, from Argentina gave Mariah the book with some of the fans letters. I don't know if I added anything to his book or not, so if you are reading this Nacho, send me a n e-mail and let me know :) Hee hee. I did 4 of them so far but I am loosing count..arn't you?

Make sure you vote for Thank God I Found You on TRL today cause Mariah was at #9 yesterday again! Let's get her higher!

My good friend Alan, had a birthday yesterday! Soooo..... Happy Birthday Alan!!
You can wish him a Happy B-day too by e-mailing him! (!

December 1, 1999
Man can you believe it is is December (20 days till my b-day..are you counting? I'll be 19. Hint Hint! LOL)first!! Wow..onto Mariah though!

This is probably old new to everyone but I have to add it anyway incase it isn't for some people :) The Official Mariah Carey website, better known as, updated yeterday saying that MC will be on a chat Friday 12.10.99 @ 9:30pm ET to support her Fox TV special that airs 12.15.99. This will be a one hour phoner chat in a Yahoo! chat room. Stayed tuned for call-in details...Cool Beans! You can count on that I will be here and I hope to see you all here to! I updated Important Dates to remind you!

Megan got Hip Hop Magazine, which is a magazine from England, at her Virgin Megastore as an import. Check Towers out near you and see if you can find it cause it has a bunch of nice pics I hear!

My good pal Lisa told me that there is a little review in "Request" magazine which you get free, with a purchase, at Sam Goody! She sent me the scan with the Rainbow cover pic next to it. I have to add some new pics this weekend! I promise I will Saturday or Sunday :)

Christine told me that 98 was NOT at Mariah's Homecoming..however she told me more about the concert event happening on the 14th..
Yep, DJ Clue, Da Brat and Jay-Z were all there. Trey Lorenz came out onto stage once but didn't perform. Mariah sang the Heartbreaker remix, Dreamlover, Mariah's Theme, Against All Odds, Fantasy remix, Vision of Love, Rainbow interlude, and Hero. It was the most amazing thing ever!!! I wrote out my experience of that evening in a very long, detailed e-mail. I can send it to you if you'd like!
And hopefully she is sending it to me and I will be adding it to the Forum if she allows me :)

Alex send me a link to an article about All That Glitters here to go to MTV News on Mariah!
Mariah Carey's much-discussed film project, "All That Glitters," finally appears to be heading into production, as Sony Pictures is currently in talks with actor-director Vondie Curtis-Hall to helm the flick.Carey recently made her big screen acting debut with a cameo in the Chris O'Donnell film "The Bachelor," and "Variety" reports that "All That Glitters" is now expected to start filming next spring, with the finished film due out in the summer of 2000. The singer has been eyeing "All That Glitters" after being passed over for the cinematic adaptation of "The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle." Another film Carey was hoping to do, the spy-thriller spoof "Double-O-Soul," is still mired down in pre-production. "All That Glitters" will tell the story of a young singer who is raised in a foster home in the projects after being abandoned by her mother. Carey's character then gets her breakthrough after a DJ hears her demo tape and lands her a recording contract. Hall has also been involved in another music-related film, as he appeared in "Ghetto Superstar," a film produced by Pras of the Fugees for New Line Cinema. Hall, who has had roles in such films as "Eve's Bayou," "Broken Arrow," "Crooklyn," and "Coming To America," made his directorial debut with the 1997 picture "Gridlock'd," which starred Tupac Shakur and Tim Roth.

Someone named Turbo Power told me that the Thank God I Found You Single and Maxi are set to be released on January 18th. I do NOT know if this is true and this is NOT confirmed. But I added it to Important Dates cause this is the date we have at the moment :)

Don't forget that the #1's video will be released on December 6th if you are in Europe, I believe, and December 7th in the US. Here is the videos that will be appearing that I announced a while back from Jimmy...
"Heartbreaker", "My All", "Honey", "Always Be My Baby", "One Sweet Day", "Fantasy", "Hero" (from NBC TV Special), "Dreamlover", "Ill Be There" (from MTV Unplugged), "Emotions", "I Dont Wanna Cry", "Someday" (from MTV Unplugged), "Love Takes Time" and "Vision Of Love".

If you want to check out a nice webpage by Jon, then click on the link :) Visions Of A Rainbow

Christine sent me her story about WHEN she met on..
Sorry I didn't write sooner, but my computer was broken. I am so excited to tell you that I met Mariah at Cocanuts on Nov.2. I got on line at 7:ooam and waited all day, in the rain and it was totally worth it. I've waited my entire life to meet Mariah, so 14 hours on line was nothing and I enjoyed and loved every second waiting for her. She sent us donuts, pizza and panchos. (that was really nice of her) When MC called Z100 at 9:10am, we were listening and she said she wanted to know who was at cocanuts so I called and they put me through to Mariah on the line. I started screaming and crying. I was saying we're here at cocanuts waiting for you, but then they had to hang-up b/c Mariah was going to sleep. When she got there we were all screaming and I saw her walk into the store. When I finally got in the store I started crying and as I got closer, I cried more and more. When I got to the front I was really hysterically crying, my legs were weak and I collapsed on line. I just couldn't stop crying and MC looked up at me and waved and smiled. When it was my turn to go up to her I couldn't move and Mariah was looking over to see if I was coming. I went up to her and burst out even more hysterically crying. MC felt bad that I was crying so much and I could hardly talk. She talked to me for a little bit and signed my Rainbow cd. Mariah was sooooo sweet and beautiful. It was my dream come true to actually meet Mariah and I couldn't believe it. She said she liked my butterfly necklace and hairclips. That was really cool! I also have a lot of pictures w/ Mariah that came out great but I don't have a scan. sorry. I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanx for all the MC updates. I love them and your web page is really great. Sincerely, Christine