February 2001 Daily Mariah News!!

February 28, 2001...27 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
MClogo New Glitter Pictures
Eric from Mariah Carey Archives e-mailed and told me about two new EXCLUSIVE pictures of Mariah from the Glitter movie that he had gotten! They are truly lovely pictures and you can check them out in Glitter Gallery 2! Also, a big thanks to Peter for sending me the pictures!

Revamping Website
I changed the links on the side a bit. First I organize them and then I spread them apart so they would be a little easier to read and to find. I have some maintence I have to do on this website and I am fully aware of it! Just bare with me and I will do a little bit a night, until it's all finished!

How Romantic...
Nothing in "Hannibal" made Mariah Carey scream. But something else sure startled her during the movie. The singer was with her boyfriend, Luis Miguel, at a recent showing of the hit thriller in Los Angeles when she began eating a bag of popcorn. Unbeknownst to her, Miguel had planted a belated Valentine's Day gift in the bottom of the bag and had to sit there silently until Carey finished enough popcorn to feel it.

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Mickey Rourke's character spring a popcorn surprise on an unsuspecting female in the Barry Levinson movie "Diner"? Yes, he did - but put that thought out of your mind. Miguel's surprise to Carey was a necklace containing a string of diamonds that added up to 38 carats.

Now that's something to scream about. But I'm told Carey was speechless - and thrilled - at being on the receiving end of her boyfriend's romantic gesture.
(Taken from the NY Daily News! Many thanks to Dana Marie, Anna and Maria for this information)

InfoMC and Mariah Article Central this Friday
InfoMC Newsletter will NOT be sent out this Friday because I will be in Washington all day sadly! Plus I will probably update Mariah Artist Central on Saturday, so everyone has an extra day to do the drawing. I will still be doing an update for Friday though, late Thursday night, so don't worry :)

Mariah donates a pair of jeans

On March 14 Heat and Crusaid the national fundraiser for HIV and AIDS are hosting an auction of celebrites' personal belongings at The Park Lane Hotel in London. For details of how to bid for items visit www.qxl.com/heat from March 12. Mariah Carey's Jeans

Mariah Carey has donated the pair of jeans that started the trend of last summer. Cutting off the waistband as low as you dare-a la Mariah in her Heartbreaker video-was the look everyone copied and now you can wear the real thing.

This information was taken from Heat Magazine and thanks to Laura for telling me about it. I was also told that on the left hand pocket it reads, "Love Always Mariah" and that Mariah drew four hearts in the corner!!

IMPORTANT Birthday Card Information
Well I sure hope I don't get in trouble for announcing this but I think it is pretty important to let you all know this, for the people who sent me birthday cards for Mariah. I just got a very nice e-mail from someone in Mariah's Management team saying that everything sounds great and that I can ship the package to this person! I was told that the package will then be sent directly to Mariah, right away! So this is good news that all of your birthday cards, well wishes, presents will get to Mariah! That's all I am really going to say about that!!

If you havn't sent a birthday card to Mariah yet, there is still 16 days. If you like outside the USA, you really only have about 8-9 days to get the card and ship it to me because it takes a week for me to receive packages over seas! Feel free to send me any drawings, artworks, presents, etc for Mariah! I bought a BIG box to send all the presents to her and I will gladly add anything you would like to give to Mariah for her birthday!! This is a huge present from all of us!!! I am hoping this project will be a success and thanks to everyone who has partcipated in it so far. I have already gotten over 100 cards/wishes for Mariah!! Remember, if you can't get a card to me in time, feel free to e-mail your birthday wish for Mariah and I will include it in the package!!!

NASCAR WCUP: Steve Park Remember Giving Rides to Skinny Girl Mariah Carey
This is an older article from 1998 but it's kind of cool. Thanks to Maria for this following article from Auto Channel!

#1 Pennzoil Monte Carlo driver Steve Park is a 1985 graduate of Northport High School on Long Island, N.Y. and, like most people, he has many stories about hanging out after school, riding around in his '71 Chevrolet Cheyenne truck driving friends to burger and pizza joints. But almost 15 years later, Park's high school stories take on a new twist considering the success of one of his running mates Mariah Carey - the biggest selling female singer in the 1990s.

Neither Park or Carey probably knew that racing or singing, seemingly trivial pursuits to their friends, would someday turn into lucrative careers. Park is now a rising star in NASCAR Winston Cup racing with Dale Earnhardt Inc. while Carey's recently released album Butterfly promises to add to the 80 million albums she has sold since 1990. Those high school acquaintances now share in fame, fortune, Internet sites, souvenirs and fan clubs. A long way from the days of sharing rides home on Long Island.

Here is the story in Park's words:
"I went to Northport High School on Long Island but I dated a girl at Harborfields High School in Greenlawn about a ten-minute drive away. This had to be about 1984. I had a drivers license and a truck so about three days a week I'd drive over to Harborfields after school to pickup my girlfriend and give her and her friends a ride home. Sometimes we'd go driving around or go get something to eat. One of her friends was this skinny girl named Mariah. My girlfriend and Mariah lived about two or three blocks from each other in Centerport. What I remember most about Mariah is that her mom was real strict and there would be times we would try to get Mariah to go out with us but she couldn't because she had to take singing lessons. Heck, I remember feeling sorry for her. But, she seemed like a really nice girl, kind of quiet, but really nice.

"I could kind of relate to her because I was in the same position. I missed a lot of time hanging out with my friends because of racing. It was hard for people to understand why I did what I did just as I remember thinking why in the world would that girl spend so much time on something as silly as singing lessons. After my girlfriend and I went our separate ways, we still remained really good friends. I remember one day a few years later when I had moved to Connecticut and my former girlfriend called to say, "you won't believe this but there is a radio station up here playing a song by Mariah." That was really cool. I had lost track of Mariah after I moved off the Island, but I remember that was the first person that I had ever known that was singing on the radio. I guess everyone knows the rest of Mariah's story.

"It seems like those silly singing lessons that I laughed at in high school really paid off. But, like I said, I can relate. I think all the time I spent working on cars and at the race track paid off for me. Her mom got her involved in singing and my Dad got me involved in racing. I'm sure my bank account isn't quite like Mariah's is right now, but whose is? Both of us have managed to get where we really wanted to go and I doubt she ever thought I would amount to much and I sure never expected her to be about the best singer in the world. She'd probably laugh if you told her that the guy that gave her rides in high school turned out to be a NASCAR driver. I haven't spoken to her and I don't even know if she remembers me. But, I remember her. It's funny how things work out. I guess it really is a small world."

Rainbow Tour Recap
ViJay added 3 more concerts to the Rainbow Tour Recap website! The three concerts are Cologne, Paris and London. The audio that was added was:
- "Make It Happen" - Live in Cologne
- "Vulnerability (Interlude)/Against All Odds" - Live in Paris
- "Always Be My Baby" - Live in London

Check it out at the link below:

Need the All I Want For Christmas Is You 2000 Single?
Well then contact Mattias at mattias.persson@hjo.mail.telia.com It's the one with the silver colver and cartoon of Mariah! Hurry, there is only one up for up for a trade!

Billboard Charts
Here are the latest Billboard Charts, thanks to Desiree:

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 4, 2000
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No PeakPosition   
    44     37     Mariah Carey: Rainbow  3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 2, 1996
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    4     3     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 23, 1991
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Imprint |Catalog No. Peak Position   
    1     2     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1   

    Mariah Cursor
    Desiree also told me that you can get a MC cursor, with MC's head from the back of the Rainbow CD, at CometZone-All Cursors Beginning with "M" Enjoy...

    February 27, 2001...28 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo MariahCarey.com updated again
    Mariah's website was updated yesterday; check out Mariah's official website for responses to fan letters! I really think that it is so cool that she takes the time to answer some of the fan letters!

    Can't stand all of Mariah Daily banners?
    On March 1st, the bottom banner will be removed from this website. Peel just contacted me and told me that it will only be the pop up ads and the top banner!! So for all of you who can't stand it, soon it will be gone!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!

    Mariah in YM Magazine
    You can check out MC in the April 2001 issue of YM Magazine. There is a tiny picture of her from the 1999 Billboard awards. It's a REALLY tiny pic and here is what it says:

    57,000 girls spill: If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
    38% say Christina A.
    27% say Britney Spears
    14% say JLo
    11% say Mariah Carey
    10% say Madonna

    Check out StarPulse
    Michelle told me that Mariah is in the StarPulse Music Spotlight. To check it out, click on the link below:

    February 26, 2001...29 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo DaBrat's Transcripts!
    Okay it seems that everyone is writting me and telling me it's the 2/2/01 message that mentioned Lover Boy! Well, I am hearing the 2/7/01 message and in it DaBrat says:

    "...going to the studio with Mariah and Lil'Kim, we've been trying to get this song done, we're finally going to get it done. We've been working on it for a few days..."
    She says more, but that is the MC related parts. Here is the transcript for the 2/2/01 message mentioned the song Lover Boy. Many thanks to Moneira and kmaoc@hotmail.com for this transcript since I can't hear this message for some reason!
    "Yo, party people in da house... What's the deal? This Da Brat-tat-tat.  RIght now I'm in chicago, it's like 2:25, y'know what I'm sayin'..."

    "I just got finished doing a joint with Mariah. Um... 'Lover Boy', that's the name of the joint... about to do a remix with me and Lil' Kim."

    "...we got it rollin', we got it going on, definitely. Plus, I'm on the remix with Lil' Kim, the one coming out [???] goin' to be a Mariah new joint..."

    "...you know Mariah [???] how to blaze and sizzlin' tracks, you heard me?"

    Updates on the Site
    I updated 2 pages yesterday. First off, You Know You're A Mariah Fan has been udpateded. Many thanks to Matt, Jeffy, Suzy, mschat99@webtv.net, and Dana Notes2001 for the suggestions! Plus, I updated the Glitter page! I moved some of the older news to a new page so the overall page would load faster! Check them out, if you like!

    There is a little shortage on Mariah news lately, so be patient and when I get new exciting information, I'll get it up!!

    February 25, 2001...30 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Gliters Song Confirmed
    Marc from Crybabyland.com just filled me in on some exciting news. He told me that DaBrat also leaves voice messages at her official website dabrat.com and she said that she just finished a new track for the "Glitter Soundtrack" with Mariah called "Lover Boy!"

    I just checked out the site myself and I saw the Feb. 7th voice message from DaBrat. DaBrat said in that one that she is hitting the studio with LilKim and Mariah to do a song that took a while for them to get together on. So I am guessing that Matt heard a newer voice message then I did becaues in the Feb. 7th message, DaBrat said nothing about the name of the new song, at least I didn't hear it! Thank you also to Joseph for telling me about this information! This is pretty exciting news, in fact!!!

    Latina Scan
    Gregory sent me the scan of the Feb 2001 Latina Magazine and you can check that out in Gallery 48

    Since there isn't much news today, I am working on some of the other pages of this website like "You Know You're A Mariah Fan When...," Glitters Page, etc!

    Plus, I just created a new account for e-mailing me. You can contact me at wildcathg@aol.com and also MariahDaily@aol.com! Either way is fine with me, in fact!

    February 24, 2001...31 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.

    Important--Mariah's Birthday Cards
    Okay I am receiving a lot of your birthday cards for Mariah now and we are getting really close to when the package will be sent to Mariah! My only request is that you send the cards in an envelope. Majority of you are slipping your birthday cards inside an envelope and then putting my address on it. So when I open the envelope, it's just the birthday card without an envelope for Mariah!

    So make sure you get a card with an envelope, decorate the envelope for Mariah, however you want. THEN, put the card/envelope for Mariah in ANOTHER envelope so you can ship it to me!! So you need one card and two envelopes!!

    Tomorrow I am going to be really busy probably so I won't be able to do a big update. So I am changing everything today. There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and Poll O' The Week. Someone sent me this poll idea, but I forget who? Maybe Chad? Let me know on that one; Check out last weeks results:
    Do you like "All That Glitters" or Glitter better for Mariah's Movie Title?
    All That Glitters (287) 82%
    Glitter (60) 17%
    Total Votes: 347

    New MTV Special--When Bad Videos Happen To Good Artists
    MTV is broadcasting a commercial announcing a new show that will be premiering next Saturday. Mariah is shown twice in the video, I am told, for the Butterfly Video!! Thanks to Meagan and Mariahnum1Lamb  for this information!

    Ten Years Ago...
    "Mariah Carey" finally peaked at #1, after several months of waiting! Thanks Ramsey for the information!

    Mariah's Fan Conference
    JetersCandy told me that you can check out Mariah's Fan Conference at the link below on the ARTISTdirect website!
    Click Here

    Tommy & Thalia
    In yesterdays New York Post Online Gossip section, it said that Tommy and Thalia had a post Grammy celebration at Ago Restaurant, the restraurant that MC and Luis recently went to. Thanks to Anna for this tidbit and here is what the article said:

    After the show, Tommy Mottola and his girlfriend, Thalia, held court at the Sony party at Ago with Macy Gray, Destiny's Child, Elton John and Fiona Apple

    Tommy & Thalia
    Heartbreaker0056 told me that on MTV's website, if you click on shows, you will then see Celebrity Sound Off where it says, "Did Christina, Mariah and 'Nsync make the grade?" Click there, register at mtv and then sound off. Go put in a good word for MC!

    February 23, 2001...32 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Mariah Artist Central
    Well it's Friday and I posted the drawings of last week and a new pic for all the artist to draw. Hopefully if I keep this going, eventually more artist will paritipate every week but hey, we'll see. Check out the 3 drawings, at Mariah Artist Central if you would like to and have a little extra time, in fact!!

    MariahCarey.com Updated Again..
    There is a new voice message from Mariah at her official website and I typed out the transcript for it, which you can check it out below. Plus, I added the voice message to the Audio section and the Mariah Voice Messages section.

    ANd I....(Mariah High squeal) HI! Yeah I'm just calling to check in and to tell you I love you and umm appreciative every single day of my life for every single one of you and you know that! I don't have anything particularly witty to say today because yeah, I do believe I was up all night with some nonsence and when I say that I am not trying to get sympathy or anything becaues that's just, hey, that's just life. But umm, I don't know, I am about to go jogging or something of that nature or sort, whatever you choose to pick. And umm, I am going to be finishing up recording and doing things of that nature. I am just checking in, as usual, and I hope you guys are enjoying the site and there are more things to come, I just have been real busy and I havn't been able to get that creative lately, so please excuse that aspect of the site and umm, I appreciate ya and love ya, Buh Bye!
    Also, there are new fan pictures on the official site. I am so happy because one of my best friends, Minerva, picture is shown with Mariah in Spain. It's the one where MC is wearing the black bikini!! Check out that pic and all the other lovely ones!!!

    MClogo Diva's Espanol
    Nacho told me more about the cd featured on the left. You can not get it in the USA yet and Mariah is Track #4 for Mi Todo!! All the artist's songs are featured in Spanish, so that's sort of cool. Hopefully we will get it as a cd import!!

    Looking for Mariah fan Ashley from LA
    Bogi would like to contact Ashley S. from Los Angeles California, which got her question posted on Mariah's Official website for 2/10/01! Ashley, if you see this, contact Bogi at closemyeyes84@yahoo.com

    Mariah and Howard Stern
    CrUnK0708 told me that Mariah was mentioned briefly on Howard Stern and here is what I was told:
    Last night I was flipping threw the channels and Howard stern was on lol and the guests were Kevin, Aj, & Howie from BSB and stern was like now did you ever have sex with any celebrates such as Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and they said no and then he started saying why your not into Britney and they were like we barley know her and Mariah and Christina. It was something like that I really can't remember what it was exactly, But they showed a pic of Mariah at the AMA's 2000.

    VJ 4 A Day
    Here is what Chad told me:
    There was a trivia question on VJ 4 A Day today about Mariah.  The question was, "What mtv host told off Mariah Carey's publicist?"  Of course it was Tabitha Soren and it showed the clip.  Also, Bryan Mcfayden on TRL was showing the 98 degrees video and mentioned they were nominated for a grammy with Mariah and Joe and that they lost.  Just a lil' bit o' info.

    February 22, 2001...33 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Mariah Loses Grammy
    So sad, but Mariah has lost her nomination to "Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)" by B.B. King & Dr. John. The nominee list was:
    Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals:

  • Thank God I Found You
    Mariah Carey Featuring Joe & 98°
    Track From: Rainbow
    [Columbia Records]
  • The Difficult Kind
    Sheryl Crow & Sarah McLachlan
    Track From: Live From Central Park
    [A&M/Interscope Records]
  • All The Way
    Celine Dion (& Frank Sinatra)
    Track From: All The Way...A Decade Of Song
    [Epic/550 Music]
  • Turn Your Lights Down Low
    Lauryn Hill (& Bob Marley)
    Track From: The Best Man - Music From The Motion Picture (Various) AND Chant Down Babylon
    [Sony Music Soundtrax AND Tuff Gong/Island Records]
  • Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
    B.B. King & Dr. John
    Track From: Let The Good Times Roll
    [MCA Records]

    On the Grammy website, they have a cool profile on Mariah and here it is:

    Mariah Carey
    BIOGRAPHY: b. 27 March 1970, Long Island, New York, USA. This rock diva enjoyed an unprecedented string of US chart-toppers that helped establish her as the most successful female solo artist of the 90s. Carey was the third child of an Irish-American mother, a former opera singer turned voice tutor, and a half-Venezuelan father. As a schoolgirl Carey began singing on R&B sessions in New York when she met keyboard player and songwriter Ben Margulies who became her songwriting partner and close friend. With Carey writing the melodies and most of the lyrics, and Margulies arranging the songs, they developed a simple blend of soul, gospel and pop that showed off Carey's amazing vocal range to the full. Carey struggled as a waitress until fortune smiled on her. While at a show business party, a friend of the singer thrust a demo cassette into the hands of Sony Music's US president Tommy Mottola. While driving home from the party Mottola played the cassette in the car and was so impressed that he immediately set out on a Prince Charming-like quest to find his Cinderella. Carey was duly signed and her debut single, 'Visions Of Love', was a smash hit. It became the first of five US number 1s. Managed by Randy Hoffman (whose roster also includes Hall And Oates ) the success story proved swift and efficient in construction. In addition to providing four chart-topping singles ('Vision Of Love', 'Love Takes Time', 'Someday' and 'I Don't Wanna Cry'), her debut album stayed on top of the US album charts for 22 weeks, as she duly picked up 1991 Grammys for Best Female Vocalist and Best New Artist, an extraordinary start to a career. The title track of Emotions gave Carey a record fifth consecutive US number 1. Subsequent number 1 singles included a cover of the Jackson Five 's 'I'll Be There' (from MTV Unplugged ), 'Dreamlover' and 'Hero' (both from Music Box ). Her only UK number 1 to date, however, came with a cover version of Badfinger 's 'Without You' in February 1994. In 1993, she married Mottola (they subsequently divorced in 1997). Her seasonal Merry Christmas featured another hit single, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. Her 1995 release, Daydream, exceeded all expectations and notched up sales of over six million in the USA within three months of release. Some critics did question whether Daydream was a controlled exercise in vacuous formula writing, with little emotion or heart. Nevertheless, it produced two further huge-selling number 1 singles, 'Fantasy' and 'One Sweet Day', the latter a collaboration with Boyz II Men that topped the US charts for a staggering 16 weeks. Butterfly featured Carey's most adventurous collection of songs to date, and inevitably repeated the success of her previous albums. 'My All' became Carey's thirteenth American number 1, placing her behind only Elvis Presley and the Beatles in the all-time US singles chart. 'When You Believe', a duet with fellow diva Whitney Houston taken from the animated DreamWorks movie The Prince Of Egypt, was a huge worldwide hit during 1998. Carey returned in October 1999 with yet another US chart-topper, 'Heartbreaker', featuring rapper Jay-Z. 'Thank God I Found You', featuring Joe and 98°, repeated the success the following February. Her records have already sold over 110 million copies worldwide, and she is the biggest-selling female solo artist of the 90s.

    Mariah cat's head stone says...
    CLARENCE   1979-1997

    Maria sent me the above information which was taken from NY Daily News. At the link, you can see a small picture of Clarence's head stone. The cat was buried at Harsdale Canine Cemetery in New York, along with other celebrity pets.

    Mariah's Official Website Updated
    Anne told me that mariahcarey.com has been updated again. When you check out Papillion, a collection of pics from Mariah's videos, you have to supply your e-mail address and zip code. If you are not register, you can not watch Papillion!! Also, Mariah has answered some more fan questions, isn't she the best? Did you know that Mariah is the opening voice for the Honey video. They used a filter to make the voice very low, how cool is that??? I never knew that personally, but anyhow you can check it all out at her fab website!

    Mariah and Tommy JUST miss each other
    Like ships passing in the night, Sony Music honcho Tommy Mottola just missed bumping into ex-wife Mariah Carey Sunday night in L.A. Mottola was at Mr. Chow's having dinner with his new wife, Mexican singer Thalia. Moments after they left, Carey came in for dinner with her boyfriend, Luis Miguel. I understand a lot of people there were breathing a sigh of relief.
    (Taken from NY Daily News and a big thanks to Dana for sending it to me!)

    MClogo New Picture of Mariah
    Okay I was cleaning up my hardrive and I found this pic of MC. I know someone sent it to me recently and I know she is in Guam or somewhere in this pic, but I forget where. Anyhow, check out the nice pic to the left by clicking on it!

    New Pictures
    I added 12 or so new scans to Gallery 48! The pics are taken from the Spain/Paris concert for the Rainbow Tour 2000! The pics are WONDERFUL and are very close. Check them out if you like.

    Plus, Nacho sent me a scan of a new Diva's CD, I believe. It is released by Sony Music and it's features some of the best female singers, Mariah included of course. Does anyone have more information on it, whether it has been released yet or when it will be? I have heard nothing about this yet!

    February 21, 2001...34 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Britney on Mariah
    Ibraheem sent me a little clip from "In The Spotlight with Britney Spears," where Britney talks about Mariah briefly. I might add this little clip to the Audio section, we'll see but I made a little transcript of it:

    When I was little Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and I love listening to Michael Jackson...Yeah I've always love Mariah Carey, I guess because she writes her music, most of her music and because she comes up with the best melodies. Her range is just from here to here and she is probably just like my role model!

    Grammy Awards
    Tonight s the Grammy Awards. Check out to see if MC gets an award and MAYBE, if we are all really lucky, she will make an appearance with Luis at the show!! I think though if that happened, it would of been announced on MC's site!! But we can hope right??

    Mariah's Birthday Cards
    So far, I have 20 cards from all of you that have sent them!! It's funny cause the post office lady was asking my why I am getting so many packages but anyhow, if you would like to participate, there is still PLENTY of time. Mariah's birthday is 34 days away and I will be sending the package to her on the 16th. So go out and get that birthday card and send it in!

    Calling all Detroit Fans
    Here is what Raquel sent me:
    hey!  a couple of fans wanted to see if there were a lot of you out there so if you're from Michigan & want to possibly participate on something for Mariah send an email to RaquelG@excite.com

    Starving Children Rumor
    SUMar235 sent me an article that discussed the whole "starving children" rumor started on the internet back in 1997. The author recaps how it started and how it pentrated into credible media outlets. If you want to read about it, you can check out the link below:

    DJ Remix CD at K-Mart
    Here is what KrzyMcKid17 told me:
    i was at k-mat today and i seen a cd called i dont remember then first part but the 2nd part was 2000 and a like a really good dj did remixes to songs and mariah careys heart breaker was on there i didnt buy it cause it was just a dj remix but i will buy it soon and give you the name j-lo, britney, christina were on there also.. I dont know if its a new cd or old just thought i would let you know

    Coming Tomorrow....
    I will be adding a bunch of new exclusive pictures of Mariah from the Spain and Paris concerts. I added a couple last week and I got permission to add the rest of the lovely pictures. Plus I have a Diva's Live Espanol cd scan to add, plus some wallpapers. I was going to add them today but I am still scanning the pics and ran out of time. So make sure to check them all out in tomorrow's update! Tootles..

    February 20, 2001...
    MClogo Mariah song featured on new cd
    Kim was at Wal-Mart, picking up a Valentine CD of Mariah's, when she noticed some compilations cd's near the registers. She looked at them and on one of the cd's entitled Sensuous Sax, Mariah's "I Don't Wanna Cry" is featured on it. It's a saxaphone instrumental version and Kim says it's very pretty! Check it out if you like!

    New Pics
    Peter sent me some images from the Against All Odds cd single with Westlife. They are 800 by 600 images, so they make perfect wallpapers, if you want to!! Check them out in Gallery 28

    Rainbow Tour Recap
    Vijay started a website where you can check out a recap for each of Mariah's Rainbow concerts. So far, Vijay has got Antwerp and Milan up, where you can check out images, fan reviews, exclusive audio and more. Check it out today!!!

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from Billboard.com and here they are:

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 26, 2000
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Peak Position
    37     29     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3  2
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 24, 1996
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Peak Position 
      3     4     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9     1 
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 23, 1991
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Peak Position   
    2     2     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8  2    

    Sony Removes information
    Mark told me that Sony Holland mentioned that Mariah's new album was going to be released in March but now they have removed that information!

    Vote for Mariah on Global 100
    Uwe, from one of the BEST German page (not to mention pic sites), told me that Mariah is down from #3 to #12 on the Global 100 Internet charts for female stars. She really needs our help guys, so go take 5 seconds and vote for MC!

    New Mariah Carey Interview CD?
    Alan told me that you can order a new cd of Mariah's for $5 at 101cd.com It was released yesterday and it's called Mariah Carey-Story! It's most likely an interview cd, thanks Alan!

    Mariah is "Favorite Female Artist of Our Generation!"
    Check out what Matt told me:
    Just wanted to tell you that I am a senior this year and that we always have a small book published at the end of the year called the "Senior Edition."  It has stuff that each senior writes about what they will miss, wont miss, their favorite things.  It also has stuff the whole class votes on together.  One of the categories was "Favorite Female Artist of Our Generation."  There were no nominees or anything, you just wrote who you thought should get it.  Mariah Carey won it too!  I was so happy, because of course that is who I wrote down no questions asked!  Christina Aguilera won "Female Artist Who Will Follow in Her Footsteps" LOL!  Talking about the footsteps of Mariah!  Well just wanted to let you know Mariah rules my senior class...HA HA HA!  Thanks again for the great website and updates!  BYE! :)

    The Critic Internet Awards
    Leo told me that Mariah is the Artist of the Millenium for the Critic Internet Awards. This website created a special little site dedicated to Mariah. Check it out if you like at the link below:

    February 18, 2001...
    MClogo Updates
    First off, I spent 2 hours yesterday revamping all the pages, excluding the NEWS one. Basically, I took away the big graphics, so the pages would load easier and then also, so all the pages would match, pretty much!! They are all very simply designed, like this website, so everything is easier for you to view!!

    Besides that, in the AUDIO section, you can hear the latest message from Mariah from yesterday. PLUS, Honey and Kate sent me a little snippet from the Germany concert where Mariah is about to drink Germa beer. It's REALLY funny and MC says what will happen if she actually drank the whole thing. To hear it, check out the AUDIO section!

    Finally, the normal Sunday updates. There is a new Pic O' The Week, Quote O' The Week (above), and a new Poll O' The Week. Thanks to Danielle for this weeks Poll idea and here are last weeks results:
    Do you think Mariah and Michael Jackson should duet in the near future?
    Yes  (272) 68%
       No  (126) 31%
    Total Votes: 398

    Terrence Howard Is a Player
    MClogo A promising young actor confronts ever more challenging characters -- and himself. By LYNN HIRSCHBERG
    Kicking back after a day on the ''Boycott'' set in his Atlanta hotel room with Jeffrey Wright, left, and Shawn Michael Howard, rear, who is also in the movie. Photograph by Gillian Laub.

    If I was white," says Terrence Howard, the best actor you've never heard of, "I would be huge. No question. But if you're black, you're going to struggle. It doesn't matter how much good work you do. You will struggle." Howard, who is calling from Philadelphia, where he lives near his estranged wife and three children, laughs softly. "I'm going to Prague in four days to do this movie with Bruce Willis and this other guy named Colin Ferrell. He's new. He's made only a couple of movies, and he's getting $2 million for this film. I'm still fighting to get half a million dollars after making a dozen movies. So I want to see what this kid's about. I'm like: Let's get in the ring and box. We'll see who wins." ....

    "Like everyone else, I first noticed Terrence in 'The Best Man,"' says Mariah Carey, who will star opposite Howard in the tentatively titled "All That Glitters," to be released this fall. "He was so subtle, but watching him, I also got a chill up my spine. It was kind of a standard part -- the friend who gets every girl -- but Terrence made it scary. Sexy and scary. That's what's so great about Terrence. He's never just one thing." ..

    Many thanks to Maria for the pic and article taken from the NY Post! You have to be registered to get this article though, so this is an exclusive, thanks again to Maria!

    True or Rumor...
    Darryl from Mariah Illusions sent me the following information. This information has NOT been 100% confirmed!!!!
    According to my local radio station, it is said that Mariah is to be recording a song for her soundtrack with rap artist LUDACRIS.  I know this may be hard to believe but I heard this with my own ears. 

    Mariah in J-14
    Here is what Hillary told me:
    I was looking through the March 2001 Issue of J-14 and Mariah is on page 32.  There is a small picture of her in the white "I Love You" tank top (which I believe she was wearing at a signing).  The article and picture are in the "What's Hot" section:

    "T-Shirts that make a statement!
    Word Up! If you've got something to say, don't be afraid to let your clothes speak for you. Take a tip from these stars and wear a T-shirt that gets your message across.  Wanna say something positive like MARIAH CAREY? Political like Johnny Depp (his tee supports the American Indian Movement) or sassy like Ananda?  Be like these celebs -- and wear your words!"
    Although they left Mariah's B-day out of the March calendar they did include a nice little quote on the 31st:
    "Watch out for sheep today. 'March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.'"

    True or Rumor??
    Here is what Warren told me and this information has not been 100% confirmed. If anyone knows anything else about this or has heard anything more, please contact me!
    Can you help verify the following? On Friday 2-16-01 I was listening to Cleveland Radio station 93.1 FM at around 7:30 AM EST. It was the Tom Joyner Morning Show which I believe is syndicated. They were airing a live performance by the r&b group Cameo. The guy at the mike said we just recorded this song with Mariah Carey and it will be her next single. The next part of the broadcast was jumbled and I couldn't make out the lyrics. Can you check to find out if this is current stuff or old stuff? I'm guessing it's new because I don't recall Mariah doing anything with Cameo. If so, maybe I'm not as up to date as I thought. Keep up the great site and love to MARIAH always!

    Mariah in Blessed Union of Soul Song
    SparkleMC told me that Mariah is mentioned briefly in the song called Storybook Life and in the 2nd verse it says:
    "Mariah, she ain't seen me..."
    It goes on to name other celebrities, I am told!

    Mariah mentioned on Daria
    Here is what Tom told me:
    Mariah was mentioned on the mtv show daria today.  A football player had died and the principal said, "let's all sing one sweet day together."  it was the first season finale so i think it was 1996 when that song was popular

    February 17, 2001...
    MClogo Small Update Today
    There is only going to be a small Mariah update today because I am working on revamping all the other pages on this website, excluding this NEWS section. All the pages will look like the Glitter page and all the links will finally work, ha ha!! Thanks for your understanding...

    New Pics
    Kaori from Love Love Jack sent me 3 pictures of Mariah in concert. They are really nice and closeup pics, so make sure to check them out in Gallery 48

    Correct Address
    To check out Mariah as Artist of the Month, check out the link below. Thanks Leo!!

    You can also vote to get Mariah as Artist of the Month again!! They have a nice little animation page for her!

    New Voice Message on MC's website..
    You can hear a new message from Mariah on her official site. I should have the zipped version up on this site either today or tomorrow, depends! Here is a transcript that Danielle made:

    HI! It's me again, and I just, realized that the reason that I called, which, I'm like sitting here cause there's 20 million people around me, and I'm totally overlooking the FACT that, um...,

    You guys are amazing, and the letters that you've been writing me are, incredible, and you totally have gotten me out of the nice bad mood that I was in, and, making me happy, and I swear that I am reading the letters, and I'm answering as many as I can, and, you're seriously the best in the ENTIRE land, so, thank you.

    and, I am going to this club, because I said hey, (yelled) "I ain't gonna sit at home and be in a bad mood!"

    (someone in tha background; maybe Brat)  might as well get you're party on (MC in between) "might as well" (small laugh) if they got a little extra, might as well.

    Ok, love ya much buh BYE

    Mariah on USA Today website
    By clicking the link below, you can check out certain groups and they answer different questions like who their role model is, etc. Well Mariah is mentioned quite a few times and thanks to Anna for this information. Check it out, if you like!

    February 16, 2001...
    MClogo Update #2---Mariah Artist Central
    I forgot to add someone drawing to the Mariah Artist Central Page and I just found it! Check out BoogieWoogieBoi drawing of last weeks pic too at Mariah Artist Central

    I am working on some of the pages on this website today, doing new graphics, etc. So tomorrow, hopefully it will all be up and running...

    MClogo Update #1----Mariah Artist Central
    I updated this section of the website today since it's Friday, plus I added the new pic for everyone to draw. Last week got a good amount of people that participated in this but this week, sadly we didn't!! If you like to draw and got a little extra time, please do this!! It took me 30 minutes to do my sketch and if I can fit it in my schedule, so can you! Hee hee, check out Jan's and my drawings, if you want!

    Chit Chat with fellow fans
    Chit Chat With MC's Lambz is a brandnew chatpage for every MC-fan, c'me on and baaaah there, lambz! The "welcome-chat" is going to take place on Friday, Febraury 16th, at 8pm EST... the url you have to visit is http://www.fly.to/chitchatmc We'd really appreciate every single lamb joining us... of course you can chat any other time, if you can't make it to the welcome-chat. The site also contains an E-greeting card section with especially designed cards for MC fans and other stuff, so take a look at that now! (m)c ya! BYE! 
      - Honey & Kate

    Mariah at Grammy's??
    RedEclipse0217 told me that he heard that Mariah will be at the Grammy's this year. He wouldn't tell me his source and just for the record, I am NOT saying this is 100% confirmed. We'll just have to wait and see if MC makes an appearance.

    Happy Birthday Mariah
    IT is now 4 weeks until I ship the package to Mariah of all your birthday cards for her.

    Several of you have already shipped the cards to me and plus some of you have included little presents for MC. If you would like to give Mariah a little present, feel free to send it to me and I will include it.

    If you are outside America, I suggest you send your cards to me soon because it takes about 1 week to get cards to me outside the USA! Everyone else, I suggest sending the cards as soon as you get it, preferably before March 1st so I can get the package together and ready to ship on March 16th!!

    We want to make this project BIG for Mariah so go get your birthday card and slap and stamp on it and send it to me so you can wish Mariah a Happy 31st birthday!

    Mariah is artist of the month
    Leo told me that www.critic.homestead.com announced that Mariah is article of the month. I tried checking out that link but I just got a page not found on their server so I guess we have to take Leo's word for it then :)

    Leo on mariahcarey.com
    Leo also told me that he is one of the fans that got his letter on Mariah's Official website. Here is his letter and Mariah's response:
    Dear Mariah ,
    My Name is Leo. I'm 17 yrs. old. I have been your Fan ever since tou brought your Gift from the heaven's to my ears. My mom has had 4 Kidney Transplants , and a lot of other surgeries. When you were in the Mass. General Hosp. (by the Way i use to live in Mass. ) My mom was in the Hosp. fighting for her life All my life I've dreamed of meeting you you were my only inspiration . I never knew if i was gonna get a call saying "leo im sorry your mom passed away" . (my mom is still alive right now) You gave me the power to help her fight for her life . all throughout my life you have always been their when i had no one. Your my "Hero" - "Dreamlover" - "Fantasy" .You make me Be and give "MY All". You were always their "Anytime ( I ) need a Freind". You gave me the Strength to believe in myself even when every odd is against me. My mom is still sick Thats all i ever knew was . Haveing this life untill you and your music Showed me a new life a happy life and enabled me to have a ok life Mariah i hope you get to read this.

    If you do read this i have to tell you a great idea I have I'm not writting this to try to get to meet you or anything cause if i did meet you i would'nt be able to remember it cause id pass out or cry so much i could'nt see you cause my eyes would be so fulled with tears i'm starting to cry just writting this now i love you thank you and idolize you Mariah . I haded out missing people flyers when The girl was missing that was a fan of you .

    Dear Leo,
    Keep your head up - my prayers are with your mom. I appreciate you and thank you for your appreciation of my music. You seem to have a beautiful spirit.
    Keep flying,
    Love MC

    Here is what Michelle told me:
    Hi Regina! I just wanted to tell ya that this show we watch @ school called WBN played one of Mariah's songs today (2/15/01) . It was "Endless Love" which she dueted with Luther Vandross. They meant to play it on Valentine's Day but they had some technical difficulties. Hearing Mariah brightened up my day!! :0)

    Ann on Mariah
    ...A future Hall of Famer, the adorable Ann Magnuson, is in career high gear, having done everything from the very muscular The Vagina Monologues to a bunch of upcoming movies that have given her a pipeline to Hollywood. Ann's in The Caveman's Valentine as "the free-spirited bohemian sister of an artist suspected of murder," as she told me by phone from L.A. "Samuel L. Jackson, who's great, plays a homeless schizophrenic who's a onetime piano prodigy schooled at Juilliard. There's a fair amount of suspension of disbelief here." And some suspension of trousers too. Explained Ann, "Samuel and I have a black-and-white rolling in the hay—literally in black and white. Roger Ebert calls it 'the most unexpected sex scene of the season.' " I guess he hasn't read about Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg.

    Ann replaced Farrah Fawcett in an unexpected flick called Night at the Golden Eagle as "a skanky crack whore with a heart of gold." And in the Mariah Carey vehicle All That Glitters, "I play a crazed publicist. Is there any other kind? Mariah was fine. She's very committed to having a movie career, so she took it very seriously..."

    February 15, 2001...
    MClogo Heartbreaker on TRL
    Heartbreaker was #7 yesterday on TRL's Valentine Countdown of the Top 10 Love Songs. It's cool that MC was on there :) Thanks to Meg, Art and DiVaLiCiOuS32770 for this information!!

    Download soundfiles from Germany concert
    EJ added about a half dozen or more songs from the Germany concert last year to his site. You can only get these downloads for 1 week though, so hurry up and download them now if you want to hear Mariah in concert from Germany last year. Click Here

    Speaking of Rainbow Concerts, last year yesterday Mariah started her tour in Belgium. I forgot to mention that yesterday and thanks to Ramsey for reminding me!

    Anytime You Need A Friend on Rock of Ages
    Jason told me more about the Anytime You Need A Friend video on VH1's Rock of Ages show and here is what I was told:
    They did "AYNAF" with a children's choir and with a gospel choir (of older people). This little boy said Mariah puts rhythm and feeling into her music. This old lady said Mariah has real soul (another added soul is when you can feel what they sing). Another lady said Mariah could be a member of their choir. The guy asked if they have any divas in the choir, and they said yes.

    Mariah is No Airbrush Queen
    Pop diva, Mariah Carey is known for her scantily clad outfits and barely-there tops, but as the saying goes, "if you got it, flaunt it." Mariah sure does flaunt it – and she sure does got it.

    While many people have speculated that her album covers and magazine photos were airbrushed, Mariah seems to have proven them wrong with just one photo. On Mariah's new official website (mariahcarey.com), established by Maroon Entertainment in December 2000, a brand new candid photo of Mariah has been posted in which Mariah is wearing nothing more than a string bikini.

    The photo shows Mariah standing tall on the ridge side of a yacht in the middle of the Caribbean Sea wearing a florescent red top and a Peter Pan-esque bottom. Just like those controversial album covers, her legs are muscular, abs tight and arms firm. And as far as skin, yes – she does have that bronze tan we all linger for. Meanwhile, Mariah's much lighter friend; Josephine is decked out on cushioned towels trying to catch some rays herself.

    While Mariah's weight does fluctuate like everyone else's, she is truly on top as far as this picture is concerned. And for those people who some how seem to think she is in some way fake, think again.
    (Many thanks to my buddy Elin for this article taken from Music News)

    February 14, 2001...Happy Valentine Day
    MClogo New pics on mariahcarey.com
    Check out Mariah's Official Site for 13 brand new pictures in the candid section of the photo gallery!!! It's really cool that MC is sharing her personal photos with us and they are all really nice pics, so make sure you check them out!!

    Happy Valentine Day Everyone
    MClogo I just want to wish everyone a very lovely Valentine Day!! For those of you who are lucky enough to have a "honey" hope you have a VERY romantic day! I, on the other hand, don't have a love this year sadly so everyone can chear me up by sending me a valentine day message on my celly at wildcathg@myvzw.com!! Especially you sexy chop!! Ha ha ha, all the lonely lambs out there, we can celebrate together!!!

    Mariah mentioned in US Weekly
    Mariah Carey in a brown tube top, with beau Luis Miguel, turning heads as they exited Ago restaurant in L.A....

    Yup, that's all it says. Mariah is mentioned in the new US Weekly! A big thanks to Matt from Mariah Network!

    New Pics and Wallpaper
    First off Ruud sent 4 real pics of Mariah last year. I don't know where the pics are from but she is wearing the "I Love You" shirt and look pretty :) Also, there is a shot of the hood of a car where Mariah is painted on it and Mariah actually signed the photo, pretty cool! Plus, Molly sent me a scan of a Mariah Carey dollar bill, hee hee. Check those out in Gallery 48!

    Also, Kristin made a nice wallpaper of Mariah pics and I added that to the Wallpaper 2 Gallery!

    Mariah on Revista Website
    There is a couple articles, 3 to be exact, about Luis and Mariah at the address below. The funny thing is that they took a picture from All That Glitters, replaced Max's head with Luis! Check it out, because it made me laugh! Big thanks to Maria

    Mariah in TV Y Novelas--Feb 19th
    Maria also told me that Mariah and Luis are on page 12/13 and on page 60 in the new issue of TV Y Novelas. On page 12-13, there is an article about them in Aspen. The on page 60 is a picture of Luis and MC and then a pic of what their daughter would look like.

    Mariah on Rock of Ages
    Three of Mariah's videos were on Rock of Ages, I was told. First Crybaby, then I Still Believe and then Anytime You Need A Friend. Thanks to Meg, Kristy and Jason for this information and Jason sent me pretty detailed reports about the show and you can check them out below:

  • Crybaby:
    Mariah is on a new ROCK OF AGES with "Crybaby." I have seen 2 others with her - "Fantasy" and "Always Be My Baby." Oh - maybe "Heartbreaker" too. Anyway the people on ROCK OF AGES always trip me out. They showed these kids and old people "Crybaby." This old lady said it was pretty usual for Mariah, and another old guy said it would be better if Snoop wasn't in it as Mariah is good but he is not. These little kids said Mariah has a psycho guy. The old men said she is boozing to get over the guy. This little kid said Mariah is not lonely in real life, that he thinks she has "a lot of butlers." Too funny.
  • I Still Believe:
    I just saw another ROCK OF AGES. This one had "I Still Believe." When it came on the old people and the kids began to smile. This old man said Mariah is very pretty. This little boy said Mariah and the military do not mix. The host asked what the minitary was yelling. The old lady said, "Give us more!" and this little girl said, "I love you Mariah!" The host then asked what part of the military Mariah would be best in if called to serve. The little boy said, "cooking!"

    February 13, 2001...
    MClogo Exclusive New Pictures
    Well, I updated Gallery 47 a lot today! First off, I scanned 8 new EXCLUSIVE pictures! A sneak peak of one of them is to the right. Each picture is VERY close up and they were all taken at the Madrid or Paris Rainbow concerts. I do not have permission to have these pics on my site at the moment though and maybe later tonight I will have to remove them. Check them out, if you like though while they are still up and I am asking other webmasters to please not use them unless I get permission to keep them up on my site! Thanks!

    Along with those 8 lovely pictures, you can find 6 others. First off, Mari sent me a picture of Michael Jackson and Mariah, arm in arm. Sadly, it's a fake pic but the picture they used of Mariah is taken from the BET 50th Anniversary and it's a really nice picture of her. So check that out. Next off, my buddy Mark sent me a nice picture of Mariah from Holland I believe. Mariahlamby, aka Danielle, sent me 2 pics from the Cocunuts Rainbow cd signing, Ashley sent me a scan of the Nick magazine (March 2000) where Mariah is mentioned about her birthday and finally, Dieter sent me a nice butterfly capture they made. You can check out more Butterfly caps at Dieter's website!

    That's it, enjoy all these lovely pictures :)

    Can't take that away (MAXI SINGLE) Mariah Carey
    This CD is the best overall workout music that will not only get you moving but inspire your inner spirit to take action.  You will stay focused.  You  must get this CD... your workouts will never be the same.

    That above tidbit was taken from changeyourbody.com and on this website, they list 3 cd's that are great to work out, CTTA being among them. Thanks much to Asad for this information!

    Mariah on MTV Cribs
    Ashley told me 2 of Mariah's remixes were played in the background on MTV's Crib show. First off, they were showing Pamela Anderson's home and they played Honey instrumental in the background. Next, the played the Junior's heartbreaker club remix.

    20 Greatest
    Dave told me that you can vote for Mariah in the Tearjerkers section (One Sweet Day) and the Kick Ass section (Honey). Go vote for Mariah...VH1's 20 Greatest!

    February 12, 2001...
    MClogo New Picture
    Vicky sent me a really cool scan of a two page article of Mariah in Madrid for the Rainbow Tour last year. There are a bunch of pics from when she sung Emotions and some are pretty nice!! Check that out in Gallery 47!!

    Valentine CD
    For those of you who do not have the cd yet, you can still get the special 5 trcak Valentine CD at Wal-Mart! Some Wal-Marts brought them back out to stock recently for the Valentine season. Thanks to Maciej for the 411!

    Diva's Survivor
    USA Today is having a poll today and today, Mariah is mentioned in it! The topic is: If trapped on diva's Survivor, who would you vote off? Check it out, by clicking here! Big thanks to bookchv@yahoo.com

    Listen to Christina talk about Mariah
    Christina talked about Mariah in Korea on 3/2000, in an interview. IF you want to check out the clip, you can do so below! Thanks EJ!

    Happy Birthday Mariah
    A lot of you have already sent me your cards and I just wanted to remind the rest of you to start picking your special card out for Mariah and get it to me. There is a little more then 4 weeks left and for those of you out of the country, it takes longer to get them to me!! Just a little reminder!

    Lack O News
    Sorry for the small update today but there really isn't anything exciting to report today. ALso, I had to update the page later today because there was a bomb threat at my work and we had to stay outside for over an hour! So sorry for the late update but hey, it could of been the end of Mariah Daily today :O Eck....

    February 11, 2001...
    MClogo Updates
    There is a new Quote O' The Week (above) and new Picture O' The Week. Plus there is a new poll. Last week, the final results showed a tie with DaBrat and Boyz II Men both getting 99 votes, how funny! Here are the results:
    Which artist do you think worked/works best with Mariah?
    DaBrat (99) 24%
    JD (57) 13%
    JayZ (15) 3%
    Boyz II Men (99) 24%
    Whitney (30) 7%
    Westlife (1) 0%
    Bone Thugs (58) 14%
    Puff Daddy (24) 5%
    Missy (8) 1%
    Other (19) 4%
    Total Votes: 410

    Translations of Gente Article
    Anna, my Luis correspondent, translated the article I talked briefly about yesterday and you can check out the translation below, isn't she so nice?

    Gente On Line  February 2001
    Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey
    She completed filming the very first movie of her life: "All That Glitters" with the British actor Max Beesly, boyfriend of Spice Girl "Mel B".  He found himself with a little bit of space in his tight schedule as a busy Latin star. And so, without giving it a second thought ,Mariah and Luis  set off for their winter holidays. Happy and more in love than ever, they headed out to the snow covered mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

    Snowball fights, walks along snow covered paths, a bit of skiing, and at night, romantic candle light dinners in a beautiful resort in one of the most exclusive areas in Aspen. Day after day they enjoyed their time together with hugs, kisses, and private jokes during their winter vacation.

    "I was very happy with my career in the world of music, but inside there was a bit of frustration, Finally, I realized that what I always dreamed of doing was acting," said Mariah, "and with this production, I've realized one of my fondest dreams." The singer, and now actress, was married to the Sony CEO, Tommy Mottola, from whom she separated in 1998. "Tommy and I had our good times together, but they were few and far between" she declared. Luis Miguel, for his part, looked very happy, very relaxed, and very secure in this long-term relationship; he never stopped holding her hand, even for a moment, and that big smile never left his face.

    The year 2000 was one of the busiest ones ever for Luis Miguel.  It included a long and intense tour schedule throughout the United States ( Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York), as well as series of concerts in his homeland, Mexico.  All this work convinced him of the need for a well deserved rest. Here we find them on vacation in Aspen. She, like a bride, is dressed all in white, enjoying the snow covered landscape, running, playing until she's exhausted. He, in perfect color contrast, is dressed all in black; different but equal; separate but together.  For Luis and Mariah, the romance continues.....

    Caption under photo: Holding onto each other, not wanting to stop touching for even one moment, Luis and Mariah leave all rumors of a breakup buried under the Aspen snow.

    Alex C.C. Lowsky
    fotos: Agencia Fotonoicias
    translation: Anna S.

    Translations of Mira Tabloid
    Anna was also very kind and translated the Mira tabloid article. Yesterday, I posted the scan into Gallery 47 and here is the translation:

    Mira Magazine---February 6, 2000
    Mariah Carey Parties In Puerto Rico  (and Luismi?)
    In the middle of the mystery surrounding her relationship with Luis Miguel, singer Mariah Carey spent a few days of vacation in Puerto Rico, and according to those who saw her in the discotheques of San Juan, she spent her time alone.

    Carey stayed in a hotel in the capital city, surrounded by her bodyguards and security staff at all times, but no matter, she was seen in the commercial shopping center Plaza Las Americas, where she spent hours shopping.

    Later, she was seen in various discotheques throughout San Juan having fun with her friend, the American rap singer "Da Brat". The pop Diva was dressed in a black top that left  little to the imagination, and a pair of "hot pants".

    When she was questioned by the paparazzi from the program "Xclusivo" Carey requested that they not ask her about Luismi. "He's in Mexico. We're okay, things are okay with us, we love each other, but please, don't ask me anymore questions about him."

    Could it be that they had quarreled? According to some sources near the couple, Luis Miguel planned to travel to San Juan a few days after Mariah's arrival to take her on  a yacht  and cruise through the Caribbean. But according to other stories, the couple has separated.
    (Note: this rumor was subsequently denied by Cindi Berger).

    Photo captions: With the Rapper Da Brat, she frequented the "discos";here she is with two Puerto Rican fans.
    With her sexy hot pants "La Carey" left the boricuas (Puerto Ricans) with their mouths open.
    Translation: Anna S.

    Happy Birthday to Tim
    Shiloh is a HUGE MC fan and is one of my good friends. His family has been through a lot this last year and today is his fathers birthday!! It would mean a lot to Shiloh if you could maybe send his father a little birthday wish to help cheer him up and make his birthday even more special!! It takes about 30 seconds, so please take the time to do so. It would be appreciated!!

    JayZ and Mariah
    Mariah Carey and Jay Z tucked into a banquette with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot at SoHo's NV club Wednesday night ...
    (Thanks to Nini and Maria for this tidbit taken from NY Daily News. Check it out yourself, by clicking here!)

    Mariah mentioned in The Mirror
    Check out what Vicky sent me:
    Hi Regina, just thought i'd send u a quick email 2 let u know that MC was mentioned in an English newspaper called "The Mirror". It was a transcript of an interview Ali G (he was the guy in Madonnas 'Music' video) did with Victoria & David Beckham (Posh Spice & the Manchester United footballer). Heres the bit about Mariah, they are talking about Posh & Becks son 'Brooklyn':

    ALI: So, do you want him to grow up to be a footballer like his dad, or a singer like Mariah Carey?
    VIC: I'd like him to grow up to be a footballer like his dad, and I'd like to grow up to be a singer like Mariah Carey!

    Grammy Uncensored
    Jason told me they they showed Mariah's picture a few times from the One Sweet Day performance during little collages, but basically this show was not worth watching since MC was barely seen!! I mentioned this in yesterdays news!

    Billboard on #1 hit Fantasy
    Okay, I am almost postive I have reported this information before but what the heck, let's do it again. If you click the below link you can read about Mariah's #1 hit Fantasy on the Billboard website!! It's a pretty cool article! Thanks much to CrAzYxAnjeL 3169 for sending this to me!
    Click here: Billboard Books Presents ...

    February 10, 2001...
    MClogo -MariahCarey.com updates once again
    Check out the Music section on Mariah's Official Site. You can now find lyrics to the songs Heartbreaker, CTTA, X-girlfriend, Against All Odds, Crybaby and Petals. Plus you will find the raps to Heartbreaker and Crybaby!! Also, the picture of Mariah opening the present was added to the Fan Letters section. Who sent her that package? Thanks Anne for the 411!

    -New Mariah Pics
    MClogo I picked up the Mira tabloid today and inside was 2 articles and I mentioned earlier this week. There is a new picture of MC with her friends, which I added to Gallery 47 (sneak peak of scans to right) and also on the next page are 2 pics of MC in Aspen, we have all seen a million and one time. The tabloid is only $1.70, so I would get it if you can find it. They carry this tabloid at most food stores.

    Nacho was VERY kind and sent me a funny pic of MC. They took her head from one of the Rainbow signings and stuck it on a Santa type body. Check out that scan in Gallery 47 also.

    -Kathie Lee calls her fans lambs too
    Howard Stern checked out Kathie Lee's site on Wednesday show, Alex told me that Howard mentioned Mariah briefly. They said how Kathie calls her fans lambs too and started a whole lambchops club for her fans. Howard also mentioned that Mariah Carey called her fans lamb. I went to Kathie's site, which you can too at http://www.kathielee.com/ and they have lamb graphics up and everything!! *sigh* Here is what Kathie said about Frank's and her charity organization called, "On The Lamb..."

    Why "On The Lamb"? You may think this a strange name for a record company so let me explain its origins. Several years ago, Frank and I started our own production company called "Lambchop Productions." We have used this company for many of the projects we have been a part of.

    Last summer when I decided to start a small record label to produce my music, the question that came up was, "What should we name it?" After careful consideration, we thought the name "On The Lamb Records" fit the bill. We've since had a lot of fun with the logos and the letterhead.

    We're hoping that the whimsical spirit of the name carries through to our experience making music.

    -Breakups and Makeups/Grammy's Uncensored
    Paul and Brian told me that you can check out MC on two MTV shows. The first one is called Grammy Uncensored and they show clips of performances and interview/behind the scenes stuff. Paul didn't tell me what they showed of MC but it was probably her during the 1996 Grammies for the Daydream album.

    Next, Mariah was featured on MTV's Breakups and Makeups.They showed video clips of Mariah's, they talked about Tommy, Derek and Luis. The show airs for a half hour and Brian sent me times you can all check it out, in case you missed it!!
    All times are Eastern Standard Time

  • Sat. @ 11pm
  • Sun.@ 9:30am
  • Mon.@ 3pm and 9pm
  • Wed.@ 2pm, 7pm, and 10:30pm
  • Fri. @ 11:30am

    -Mariah on Rock of Ages
    On the VH1 show, Rock of Ages, they have different audiences give their opinions on music stars videos. Mariah is featured on one coming up and I am not sure if it is a repeat or a new one. Here is the info:
    Rock of Ages
    Type: Network Series / Music Duration: 30 min
    Description: Comics, wrestlers and cabbies review videos by recording artists Mariah Carey, Hanson, R.E.M. and Michael Jackson. (In Stereo)
    Parental Rating: TV-PG
    Airing: Tue 2/13/01  1:00pm

    -Twain is top choice for sweethearts
    (Launch) - Shania Twain has done it again. Well, Twain didn't do much this time, but her male fans did. The singer was the top pick for the second year in a row in a Valentine's Day survey. Conducted by SurveySite Research, the survey asked men what background music they would most like to hear while they cozy up with their sweethearts by a warm fireplace with a bottle of wine on Valentine's Day. Twain's music was the top choice, followed by the melodies of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.
    (Thanks to Elizabeth for this article taken from InfoBeat)

    -Mariah and Luis announce they are NOT seperated

    "As you can see is not true we are not longer together"said Luis Miguel hugging her girlfriend(the pic of them together in the snow)

      "yeah we do discuss like any other normal couple, but there was no fight. Actually, we can say we are living a new romance. Our relationship is better than ever and I hope it stays ike this for a long time"

      "This is not an EASY GOING relationship, Mariah said, we are both very busy with our cariers and we don´t have a lot of time to see each other. This year several times we tried to see each other in our free days but they would never match.But we´re still together cause we love each other very much. No question about that!"

    So those quotes were taken when MC and Luis were playing around in the snow in Aspen. Thanks much to Nacho for typing out this article for me!!!!!

    -Mariah in USA Today?
    This next question and answer was taken from usatoday.com A big thanks to Anna, my Luis correspondent, for the 411!

    The Celebrity Inbox
    answers your questions each Friday. Send inquiries to celebrity@usatoday.com
    Q. What is Mariah Carey up to now? What are her next projects?

    A. This fall Mariah Carey stars in All the Glitters, a film about an aspiring young singer (Carey). In 1999, Mariah Carey told USA TODAY: "The film is set in the club scene of the early '80s. My character is in a girl group. She's discovered by this DJ, and they have a relationship. But the film is more about her getting in touch with herself and her mother — because she gets taken away from her mom at an early age." Despite the comparisons to Carey's own life — Carey and the character are both multiracial; some have compared the DJ and Carey's ex, Tommy Mottola — Carey says the film is not at all autobiographical.

    -Mariah's dolphins poisoned!!
    Check out what Matt from Mariah World sent me:
    You probably are already aware that the dolphins Mariah swam with during her visit to Perth in 1998 were tragically poisoned last year. I was watching my local news a few weeks ago and there was a report about a special dolphin memorial statue which they are hoping to establish outside the marine park. The reporter said that in order to build the memorial, donations from the public would be needed. They then said that celebrities would also be asked if they were interested in providing a donation for the memorial. Footage of Mariah swimming with the dolphins was then showed.

    -No Authority on Mariah in October
    Question: If you could sing a duet w/anyone, who would it be and why? Luv, Roxxan

        Eric: I would like to do a duet with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.Tommy: Eminem.Danny: Mariah Carey. Ricky: I would like to do a duet with a rock group. We love Limp Bizkit and stuff like that. I think it'd be cool to have a rock band as the opening act on our tour.

    -Mariah in Gente--New Pics
    The Feb. 7th issue of Gente magazine has an article that talks about MC and Luis in Aspen. There are also 5 pics of MC in aspen, two of them never seen before I am told by Maria, another one of my Luis correspondents! One pic is where Mariah looks like she is running and the other one is MC's back to the camera walking the dog away! You can check out the article online by clicking here. Tomorrow I will have the full translation for you from my Luis correspondent Anna. Not all of the article is featured on the website and Maria sent me the full article, which I forwarded to Anna!!

    February 9, 2001...
    MClogo -MariahCarey.com updates once again
    Wow, we can't keep up with them and it's so great! mariahcarey.com has been updated with brand new pics of Mariah over the holiday season!! It shows her with her doggies, opening presents, RUNNING in the snow in a bikini (MC you wonder why you are sick--you are CRAZY, ha ha) and a pretty pic of her standing in front of a HUGE Christmas tree.

    I personally think MC should share one of her doggie with me or at least let me doggiesit them because they are just too cute and my doggie passed on December 26th. Don't you think she should? Ha ha, just kidding!! Check out the official site for these LOVELY photos of the oh-so-beautiful Mariah!

    -Mariah Artist Central
    MClogo Well this week we got 5 people sending in artworks, which is GREAT!! Check out all the drawings on the right and find out what is the new picture to draw for next Friday!! The more people that participate the better. You don't have to be Picasso to volunteer, as you can see none of us are, except maybe Aurelie! Ha ha, as they always say, practice makes perfect and in a few months we will all be able to draw Mariah in our sleep perfectly. So come on, have some fun and draw with us!! Mariah Artist Central

    -Mariah Audio
    Someone e-mailed me and told me she wanted the American the Beautiful that MC sang at the NBA game back in 1990!! Access Hollywood talked about this on their show in 1999 and now you can hear it in the audio section. It's another exclusive to the site, so have fun and check it out if you like! Also, if you want to hear something, contact me and I will see what I can do to get it up for you!

    -MC in magazine
    Breakdown63 told me that Hawaiian MC fans can check her out in the magazine called Aloha. It was given out free on the Aloha Airline and there are pics of her, the famous Mariah cake and a picture of the VIP/Backstage passes her concert in hawaii! I was told the pics are REALLY nice so can anyone scan them if they have a little extra time and want to share them with fellow Mariah fans???

    -Sites to check out
    Here are some sites to check out:

  • Kelly's Mariah Page and more...
    Kelly created a MC site (still under construction though) and she would like you all to check it out, if you got some extra time! Also, she wants to become a professional singer and will someday, so check out the website on her by clicking here.

  • Scott's All That Glitters Page:
    Check out Scot''s new All That Glitters page!! Very nice, so make sure you check it out!

    Thanks to Desiree for sending me the following Billboard charts:

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 19, 2000
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    29     27     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2  
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 17, 1996
    This week    Last week    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition 
      4     4     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: February 16, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    2     2     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     2    

    -Diva's on VH1
    Kristy sent me a cute section whre you can check out Mariah on VH1. To do so, click below:

    -Vote for Mariah on Alloy
    It's Mariah against Gwen, vote for MC now--Click Here
    Thanks Kristy!

    February 8, 2001...
    MClogo -New Pics
    Ginger sent me a picture of Mariah from 1990 and Tavie sent me a picture of the Chicago Rainbow concert last year. In Tavie's pic, Mariah is walking through the crowd, just getting ready to belt out heartbreaker! She is laughing really hard and it's a cute pic because you can see all the fans excited faces!! Check out both pics in Gallery 47

    -Vote for MC on FHM Poll
    Raphael told me that we can now vote for MC on the FHM's annual "100 Sexiest Women in the World Poll." For the last two years Mariah Carey has been a very popular contender in this WORLD WIDE POPULAR Men's Magazine, ranking in the top30 and top20 respectively. The results are later in the FHM magazine, so we want to get MC up high! Please vote for her at the link below. Plus, I added it to the voting section below, along with the VH1 spots where you can vote for MC!
    Vote Here on FHM Poll

    -Luis to work with Baby because of Mariah
    Check out what my buddy Nini told me:
    Okay, this news was reported on some new gossip that's shown on Telemundo called Cotorreando. Mariah is helping Luis out with his new album. She introduced Luis to Babyface and he's now going to produce a song on Luismi's next album that he'll start recording next month. The show said Mariah and Luis are not breaking up!!!  They're relationship is stronger than ever and are now seriously talking about having a child in the near future. 

    -Mariah mentioned in Rolling Stone
    MaRiAhSnUm1FaN told me that MC is mentioned in the latest issue of RollingStone Magazine. Here is what it says:

    "After Humbling the likes of MARIAH CAREY, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain during the 1998's inaugural Divas Live, Aretha Franklin will get the full tribute treatment in VH1 Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin, scheduled to air April 10th from New York's Radio City Music Hall"

    Mariah Carey's much-talked-about film, which has been condensed from "All That Glitters", to simply "Glitter", seems to now have a definite release date of October 5, 2001. Earlier this year Cinema.com reported that the movie would be opening March 2 - but it seems that "Glitter" was pushed back several months from the original March 2001 release slot, as part of a group of films that includes "From Hell" and The Dubbed Action Movie: Enter the Fist"

    "Glitter" will be opening along side "The Queen of the Damned," which stars fellow diva, Aaliyah.

    "Glitter" is a fast paced, cutting edge love story set in 1983 against a backdrop of the hip New York City club scene. Mariah Carey portrays Billie Frank whose drug and alcohol addicted mother loses custody of her at the age of ten. Billie grows up in a foster home in one of the roughest neighborhoods in New York with her two best friends Roxanne (Tia Texada) and Louise (Da Brat) who help inject a lot of humor and fun into what is a very difficult and wounded childhood for Billie. While struggling to make ends meet, she finds somewhat of a soul mate in the hot, influential DJ named Dice (Max Beesley) with whom she pursues her dreams of becoming a singer and in hopes to one day be reunited with her mother. Throughout the movie we watch this romance develop along with their dreams and we are carried along on Billie's journey to find her mother and come to terms with why she was abandoned.

    Obviously, Ms. Carey will be providing the music for the film. A soundtrack will be release to accompany to soundtrack, and is slated for a September release. The music of "Glitters" has been carefully selected to reflect the time period as well as the emotional through-line of the film. It has been reported that Mariah worked on the soundtrack with authentic producers of the early 80's era such as Rick James, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Prince and others.

    Originally taken from Music News and a big thanks to Will for this article!!

    February 7, 2001...
    MClogo -mariahcarey.com Updated AGAIN
    Art let me know that if you check out the Music section, some of the songs have video links where you can check out small samples. Plus, it seems that the Rainbow section isn't fully up yet because it say...
    This song is currently being transcribed. Coming Soon! 
    Maybe lyrics will be there? Who knows! Check it out, if you have a little extra time at mariahcarey.com

    -New pics of MC in Mira Tabloid
    MClogo Maria told me that you can check out two pics of Mariah in Puerto Rico with DaBrat from earlier this year. One picture shows the picture on the right in bigger format and the other is DaBrat, MC and two other women. Those two pics and article is on page 3.

    Then on page 5 are two pics of MC in Aspen. One where MC and Luis are together and the other of MC walking the dog. The issue is the February 13th issue, which will most likely hit stands on Friday! Christina A, JLo and Thalia are on the cover!! Anyone got the scans of the pics of MC in Puerto Rico?? Thanks Maria!!

    -Help out MC fan on project
    Mail all suggestions to Chicscamaro67@aol.com
    Read this....
    hi regina ok so iam so mad becayuse my englifh teacher assigned a music and culture project and obviously i am going to choose mariah but since she the teacher is like anti mariah she really is trying to fight the whole idea that mariah has not changed or affected culture but i really diage. so i was really hoping that you could give me some more convincing ideas on how she really did change culture. i would really appreciate it. thank you christina

    The name "Mariah" was ranked 90 and was number 21 on the list for "Most Popular Names for Births in 2000." Thanks Meg for this information!

    -March 14th release
    Sieraaj told me that at his brothers work, one of the biggest cd stores in Cape Town (South Africa), the release sheet says the following:

    Sadly this information can not be true because Mariah said herself on her official page that it will be release around August 2001! So they probably just need to update their systems!!

    -Send MC a SPECIAL Message
    Send Mariah a message of love and appreciation. Mariah's going through some drama right now so email welovemc@yahoo.com as soon as possible and show your gratitude with a few words of kindness. All messages will be collected and sent to Mariah. This is going to be a huge coming together of fans in support of Mariah, so don't miss out on your chance to be a part of it!

    February 6, 2001...
    MClogo -mariahcarey.com Updated
    Check out Mariahism's for new one! It seems like Mariah wrote them herself, sort of! Also, Mariah answered a bunch of fans questions, including one about the Rainbow Toronto Video being released. Let's hope she still decides to release that video or at least make another tv special! Check out all the excitement at MariahCarey.com

    -Mariah Carey Catches Up With the '80s Revival
    By Teri vanHorn
    Mariah Carey, has, like, gone totally '80s. Not only is the singer's upcoming film All That Glitters set in the decade of Rubik's Cubes, big hair and acid-washed jeans, but the soundtrack will be dominated by the era's pop sound.

    Though the film was originally expected as early as March, a representative for 20th Century Fox said Friday (February 2) that All That Glitters will not hit theaters until the second half of 2001. The picture, which co-stars Da Brat and Eric Benét, wrapped shooting in October. It was filmed in Toronto and New York.

    Carey collaborated on the soundtrack with "Super Freak" singer Rick James and production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The record will also feature contributions by Da Brat and a duet between Carey and Benét.

    "We tried to create the feel and the sonic landscape of the time, which was pretty easy for us to do, because in '81 we were in the Time and starting that whole Minneapolis sound," Jimmy Jam said. "We actually pulled out a lot of old keyboards and drum machines we used back then. [Carey] said it would be cool to do something like the S.O.S. Band, so we pulled out the drum machine that we used for the S.O.S. Band records in the '80s. It's amazing, you plug that stuff up, and you're really, like, back there."

    Jimmy Jam said Carey is "the quickest and most creative" artist he and Lewis have collaborated with. "Usually when we're with her, we don't have a lot of time. She'll fly into town for six hours and say, 'We have to write three songs.' "

    Carey told MTV News in October that the soundtrack will also include a few covers, but she would not disclose which songs she's revisiting.

    All That Glitters marks the first starring film role for the songstress, who had a small part in 1999's The Bachelor. Carey, who plays and up-and-coming singer named Billie, is also producing the picture.
    (Taken from here Thanks to Alan and Honey11682)

    -New Picture of Mariah
    I added a new cool picture of Mariah in Gallery 47 today. Check it out, if you got a little extra time. Many thanks to Crybaby Land for the pic!

    -New release in March?
    Nick e-mailed info@sonymusic.nl and asked about the "Mariah release" in March 2001! They said that there is a planned release in March for Holland! However, Mariah answered one of her fans questions on her official website saying that no, there will NOT be an album release in March, only in August 2001 for the All That Glitters Soundtrack. So we can forget all talk about the March release now! Maybe someone should inform Sony; hee hee.

    February 5, 2001...
    MClogo -mariahcarey.com Updated
    MAriah has left a new message on her official website. She said that responses to our questions will be added later today, probably anywhere between 11 am and 5 pm EST! Plus, she loves the images that her fans have left her about Sony on her messageboard, go post one for her if you like!!! Here is the translation of the message, thanks to Shayne and you can listen to it at her official website or this websites audio page! Enjoy!!

    OK. I'm reading, I'm scrolling through *laughs* I'm scrolling through this lovely artwork *laughs* that you guys have prepared for me and for each other and it's a classic, I'm sorry but you're really, really making me laugh. Yeah! You brought a nice smile to my face. I'm nursing a cold right now so umm, I sound a complete mess *laughs* I'm sorry We're just like scrolling through this and it's really funny. Anyway, Umm I answered, I guess, I'm not sure how many - like 20 or so? And I they're going to be up on the site Monday. Umm and I hope that I did an ok job. I kinda felt like one of those people that you write in and that you're like, a columnist that's answering people's...but I'm not equipped for that. So, I hope my answers are ok. But anyway, you guys are the best. I love you much! And I love you, love you, much! And I will talk to you soon. Bye!
    Check out the transcript also in Mariah's Voice Transcripts section and make sure to tune into mariahcarey.com later on

    -New Pics
    Ginger sent me 3 caps from 3 different MC videos and you can check them out in Gallery 47! The caps are from Emotions, Love Takes Time and I Don't Want To Cry! Plus, I scanned a picture from Top of the Pops magazine (December 2000) where they made a little cartoon/image of Mariah as Wonder Woman! Check all 4 pics in Gallery 47!

    -JLO--duet with Mariah?
    Digital Dish Diva says:
    seacrazy_1 Asks: Would you like to duet a song with Mariah Carey?
    Jennifer Lopez says:
    I've done a couple of duets. I did one on the new album and I previously did one with Mark Anthony on the last album.
    (Thanks to Marjolein for this info, originally taken from MSN chat with JLO)

    -New Website...
    Jad has a new website on Mariah and it's called Planet Mariah! Check it out if you like below:

    February 4, 2001...
    MClogo -Updates
    There is a new Quote O' The Week and new Pic O' The Week Also, there is a new Poll O' The Week. It seems the favorite part of this website is the Picture Page, excluding the News. Thanks for all the input! Here are last weeks results:
    What's your favorite part of mariahdaily.com, excluding news?
    All That Glitters Page (21) 11%
    Picture Pages (67) 37%
    Mariah Artist Central Page (4) 2%
    Mariah Voice Messages Page (13) 7%
    Audio Page (9) 5%
    You Know You're A Mariah Fan When Page (28) 15%
    Rainbow Tour Review Page (2) 1%
    Your MC Story Page (1) 0%
    Mariah Quote Page (15) 8%
    Other (17) 9%
    Total Votes: 177

    -Happy Birthday Mariah
    I have gotten over 200 e-mails about sending Mariah a birthday card in less then 1 week, so again it's looking good. However, my mailbox is overflowing, so I created a seperate e-mail address, if you want to know the information on where to send the birthday cards. You can e-mail me at happy31bdaymc@aol.com.

    Plus, the cards will NOT be sent to Mariah's Official Fan Club, as some of you were thinking. They are being sent directly to MC, so she can get them before her birthday! I will also be buying a present for her to include inside the package from all of us. If you have something you would like to send MC, along with your card, contact me and we can talk. Since so many people are sending birthday cards, I can't take too many things but if I have to, I'll buy a huge box!! I bet Mariah would love to get some presents from her fans too :)

    Also, if you can not afford to send me a card, as Asma brought to my attention, e-mail and we can figure something out. I'll buy one for you and you can e-mail me what you want to say to Mariah for her birthday wish! Overall, we can work something out!!

    -Mariah digs for '80s gold on 'All That Glitters'
    Mariah Carey, has, like, gone totally '80s — the singer is putting the finishing touches on the soundtrack to "All That Glitters," her upcoming flick based in the decade of Rubik's Cubes, big hair and acid-washed jeans.

    The disc will be dominated by her vocals and music steeped in the sound of that era. Though the film was originally expected as early as March, a representative for 20th Century Fox said Friday (February 2) that "All That Glitters" will not hit theaters until sometime in the second half of the year. The picture, which co-stars Da Brat and Eric Benét, wrapped shooting in October. It was filmed in Toronto and New York.

    Carey collaborated with "Super Freak" singer Rick James and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige) on the soundtrack, which also is expected to feature contributions by Da Brat and a duet between Carey and Benét.

    "We tried to create the feel and the sonic landscape of the time, which was pretty easy for us to do, because in '81 we were in the Time and kind of starting that whole Minneapolis sound," Jimmy Jam said. "We actually pulled out a lot of old keyboards and drum machines we used back then. [Carey] said it would be cool to do something like the S.O.S. Band, so we pulled out the drum machine that we used for the S.O.S. Band records in the '80s. It's amazing, you plug that stuff up, and you're really, like, back there."

    Jimmy Jam said Carey is "the quickest and most creative" artist he and Lewis have collaborated with. "Usually when we're with her, we don't have a lot of time. She'll fly into town for six hours and say, 'We have to write three songs.'"

    Carey told MTV News in October that the soundtrack will also include a few covers, but she would not disclose which songs she's revisiting.

    "All That Glitters" marks the first starring film role for the songstress, who had a small part in 1999's "The Bachelor." Carey, who plays and up-and-coming singer named Billie, is also producing the picture.
    (Thanks to Mariah Online for this article originally taken from MTV.com)

    -Mariah on Radio
    Yesterday I said that maybe MC called in for a special "Valentine" message for Kiss Fm 102.7 because that is what Anna's friend told her. However, yesterday, Anna actually heard it. There is an afternoon DJ named "Valentine" and Mariah did a small promo for the stations saying, "Tune in to 102.7 Kiss FM. Love ya Valentine!" So now that's cleared up!

    -Crybaby #1
    Check out what Uwe told me:

    "Crybaby" by Mariah Carey is  # 1 again on the VIVA Text Readers Chart. (VIVA ist the biggest German Music TV and the VIVA Text Readers Chart is made by fan poll.) Unfortunately "Crybaby" isn't on the VIVA playlist. So the fans show with their voting how much they love this song.

    -Yesterdays All That Glitter Pictures
    Aurelie told me that yesterdays pictures of MC on the set of All That Glitters were not from a recent magazine but one that was published a month ago. The magazine is not available anymore.

    However, in the French magazine, there is an article about Mariah's apartment in NYC and there are pics of her from the InSyle photo shoot a year or two back.

    -New Mariah Site=Mariah Buzz
    Shayne created a new lovely site on Mariah and you can check it out at the link below:
    Mariah Buzz

    -No Angels on Mariah
    No Angels was on a German talkshow a few days ago and one of them was asked to sing something and she sang part of "Hero." Thanks to Bogi for this information!

    -Rumor Ville
    Eva told me that last Thursday on a tv show called Hoy (Today), the host said that Luis was very upset about his breakup with Mariah and canceled the recording of his new cd. He locked himself up in his Acapulco house and is drinking a lot! Eva said no other program has talked about this!

    My thoughts is that, like all the others, it just a rumor. Luis and MC looked so happy together in those pics taken from Aspen, so sadly, it's just more rumors about a "breakup!"

    -Bit's O' Info...
    Here is some various information on Miss Mariah:

  • mschat99@webtv.net:
    Today in the car I heard Hero, and also, my mom who works at Bally's casino in Vegas, said they always play MC in the morning in the coffee shop..
  • Kristy:
    I was watching MTV snowed in and during commercial break a commercial celebrating black history month and it showed various artists and one of them was mariah and it was a picture clip of her from the "Thank god I found you" single and it simply said her name. I thought I should tell u so u could check it out! enjoy!
  • Ma'ayan:
    Today i saw the 'Ricki lake show' (from 1998 or 99)and the show was about kids that look like celbrities, so they bring a kid that look like Mariah!

    February 3, 2001...
    MClogo -New Voice Message from Mariah
    Mariah has left a new message on her official website at mariahcarey.com She talks about how she is in a drama right now, probably about her contract with Sony but not sure if that is correct. There is something us fans are doing special for her to help bring her out of her drama and to reassure her that her fans are here for her whenever she needs us. Check this out:

    Send Mariah a message of love and appreciation. Mariah's going through some drama right now so email welovemc@yahoo.com as soon as possible and show your gratitude with a few words of kindness. All messages will be collected and sent to Mariah. This is going to be a huge coming together of fans in support of Mariah, so don't miss out on your chance to be a part of it!
    You have about a week to do so, so make sure you send in your letter. Include your name and your location, plus remember, keep the message short. Mine was only about 2 or 3 sentences!

    You can check out Mariah's latest message on her official site and I also added it to this sites audio page as a zip, if you want to store it on your hardrive. Here is the transcipt of Mariah's latest message for those of you who can not hear it. The transcript was also added to Mariah's Voice Messages . A HUGE thanks to Shayne from FOMM!

    LAMBS! Hi! Yeah, I do believe I'm in the middle of a *whole* bunch of drama. But what I'd like to say is, if that's gonna make them happy to keep me in the drama, I'ma stay in the drama! But, no, no, no seriously, I'm working hard and I'm working hard to be able to basically, just get on through the day, each and every day. But that's what we all do. And I do believe that your letters reflect that. And I wanted to say that I have been reading the letters. I know you guys think that it's like a complete long shot, that I'm not, but I really, really have. Listen to this *ruffles paper*. Those are all the letters and I'm writing my responses down so that you guys can get them and know that I really do care and it really meana a lot to me, what you say, the stories you tell me, and what you're asking me and I'm trying to be as correct as possible in answering these things and as honest as I can in answering these things. And I'm still working on my soundtrack and the movie's coming along really well. And I'm so excited about the movie! Tatum tots is here. Say hi Mary-ann.
    Mary-Ann: Hello!
    Jillian is here.
    Jillian: Hello.
    And we're just looking at the website and I don't understand why, I mean not that you guys are gonna answer this for me, but why are the videos so blurry? I mean is that like a problem that I need to deal with? Help me out. No, honestly, with all the jokes and all the nonsense I call up with, I know it's so hard for me because my way of dealing with, when I'm in a kinda like, bad place is turning it into a joke which sometimes gets me through it. But, honestly, what I wanted to say is, I appreciate you so much that looking at these letters just, yeah you bring a nice tear to me eye sometimes. That's good cause I kinda need to release that energy aswell. So I love you, I appreciate you, I enjoy you and I revere you in the highest regard and ie - you keep me alive. So hey! *sigh* We're gonna get through the struggles. We're gonna get through the dramas and I'm gonna see you at, I think it's gonna be called 'Glitters' now. So umm, ya heard? Holla back. Ya holla back. Bye!

    -Other Updates on mariahcarey.com
    Lamby let me know that the front page picture has changed. The cartoons are no longer there and instead, is a picture of Mariah from the cover of the Valentine's cd! Inside the "News" section too, you can vote for Mariah on the VH1 polls for Best legs, heart and diaphragm!!! Plus, one of the "young mariah" pictures has been removed. It was the picture of Mariah from her teenage years, wearing the glitter. Several of you have contacted me about this and I added the picture to Gallery 47! So check it out, if you want to save it on your hardrive! Hope I don't get "anyone" mad at me for doing that though..Eck!!

    -Happy Birthday Mariah
    Well, a lot of websites are now supporting Mariah's Birthday Card Project. The cards will be placed in a little mailbox for Mariah, which I will be working on over the next couple of weeks! Plus, there is now confirmation on the place that I will be sending it to, which is VERY good news. So if you want to send a birthday card to Mariah, you can do so by clicking here. Remember to let her know how you feel about the new website, how you hope she fly's free from her drama, how much her music means to you, along with wishing her a Happy Birthday! Be creative and have fun!!!

    -Mariah Carey & Michael Jackson to duet?

    There are rumours going around that Mariah Carey recorded a duet with Michael Jackson. The song is supposed to be on the long-awaited new studio-album of the King of Pop. The album is scheduled to be released end April. At this moment nothing has been confirmed about this already much discussed duet, but we'll keep you posted! What's defenitely for sure is that Michael Jackson will release a Greatest-Hits album in the end of February.
    This is the translation from Mariah's Official Sony Site about the possible duet. Many thanks to Elin, Val, Marten, Liron, Lucie, Marjolein, Alen and anyone else I forgot. Several of you sent me this translation and I appreciate it!

    -New picture of Mariah
    Well actually it's taken from the Music Box era but I have never seen this picture before. It was taken during the photo shoot for the Without You single, but MC is standing and it's a full nice shot of her. So check it out in Gallery 47 and a big thanks to Racheal for sending me the scan!

    -Mariah at Las Palmas
    Here is what Tom told me:
    Hi, I was listening to Howard Stern this morning and it was actually taped Thursday night at the Playboy mansion in LA.  Howard said that the night before (Wed. night) his friends called him at his hotel room and said he should come to a bar/restaurant call Las Palmas which is THE place to be on Wed. nights in LA. His friends told him that "Mariah Carey and Hugh Hefner were there."  But he didn't go.

    -Valentine Promo?
    Anna, my Luis Correspondent, told me that her friend told her that she heard a special Valentine Promo on L.A. radio station Kiss.fm (102.7) from Mariah. MC says something along the lines of, "I love you Valentine." Has anyone else heard this or even know if this info is correct. Anna didn't hear it herself, so she isn't sure if it is true either!

    -Bit's O' Info...
    Here is some various pieces of information that fellow Mariah fans told me:

  • Kristy:
    On TRL today, February 2, 2001, for an old school christina aguilera flashback for her video "what a girl wants" they showed a clip of Carson saying to Christina "Has anyone ever told you that you sing better than mariah?" she then laughed and it went to the next clip! JUST WANTED 2 LET YA KNOW! carey on!
  • Dennis aka Sexy Chops:
    Moreover, I've got some bits for you: Debelah Morgan was invited to the German TV show "Interactive" which is broadcasted by VIVA, a music channel. She said she loved Mariah and considered her as big idol.
  • Asma:
    I don't know whether you know this or not but there is a new The Roof remix on the Napster program. It's called The Roof (Dope remix).
  • Federica:
    Hey! Domainnames.com is a site where one can register for a domain name.  Throughout the search, there are cute word games on celebrities such as "Peg Ryan" (showing a peg) etc. Today I saw one on our mariah... Mariah Curry :)  original
    Check it out and hugs to all Mariah fans

    -Mariah in Teen People
    Crave sent me the picture you can find in the latest issue of Teen People (March 2001). Mariah can be found in the calendar section. Pick it up, if you like!

    February 2, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah Artist Central
    Calling all artists, where are you? Ha ha! Anyhow, Mark and I did the latest drawing of Mariah and I added a new picture that you can all draw, if you want to! I did two drawings of this picture, one in pencil and one in charcoal, because Mark and I both agree, it was sort of hard to do! Hopefully this weeks will be easier. Remember, you can send a cartoon of the pic or a realistic view of it. Just Be Creative, it's all for fun-Mariah Artist Central

    -Happy Birthday Mariah
    Well in one day, I have gotten over 50 e-mails about this, which is cool, keep them coming! Mariah World and Friends Of Mariah Messageboard are joinging up too on the project, so Mariah4 is hoping to get a lot of cards for Mariah's birthday!! You got a month, so if you want to send your card. Check out the Happy 31st Birthday Page!

    -New All That Glitters Pictures and more
    Aurélie sent me 4 pictures of Mariah on the All That Glitters set in New York with Max. 3 of them, I have never seen before and you can check them out in All That Glitters Gallery #2

    Plus, Lisa from the AWESOME picture site, Mariah Mania, sent me a cool picture of Mariah performing back in 1996! Check that out in the brand new gallery...Gallery 47!

    -Public Lives
    Most of us are fortunate enough not to be rich and famous. You disagree? You'd rather be in that category? Yes, of course it would be nice, at least with a cursory examination. But there's a heavy price to pay and I'm not sure a lot of us could handle it.

    A couple of things we saw this weekend brought the discussion on this subject into focus. The first was George W. Bush. Needless to say, he has his fame and has cameras and microphones recording his every move and utterance. While at a speaking engagement, not noticing an open microphone at a nearby podium, he leaned over to Dick Cheney and pointing out into the mass of reporters, singled out a New York Times scribe and said, "He's a major league asshole." Oops. People heard it. It's now a big political news item. I have too many candid asides to make to have to think about being wired to the world. No thanks.

    The second instance, we were watching the VH1 rerun of the Divas show. Before the singing portion was a countdown listing women who qualify to be in the top divadom spots. With each presentation there was some biographical, gossipy even, information the announcer gave us. When they were showcasing Mariah Carey, one of our favorites, they were really dishing. "And at such-and-such hotel the Diva requested pink toilet paper and..." At first thought you might think, what a demanding b**ch!

    We have seen Mariah interviewed many times and there's a certain truthfulness we see that cuts through all the bulls**t questions she's asked. I thought, what an affront. She never personally requested any such pink toilet paper. As if someone with her time schedule can make all the arrangements for her tour herself, calling up hotels and making demands. It was obvious a staff person made the request, if at all. If it was, it might have been someone loyal to Mariah who knew she liked pink, and made the request of her own volition without consulting the star. But look how it was played off. 

    Being in the limelight whittles away at your integrity and there are always people out there, well-intentioned or otherwise, who are constantly presenting you through their own personal filter. It is bad enough to work for someone who sometimes puts you into a position of compromising yourself without having your staff, media hounds, and others stripping you bare daily.

    We started thinking of the hundreds of famous people we've seen interviewed over the years and the most constant theme is how they have given up so much privacy once they became well-known. Of the constraints put on them. Of the protection people who shadow them night and day. Of the freedom lost. Of the social lives that don't exist because they can't go to public events.

    So it's a dream of many people to become rich and famous. But for many of the ones who actually get there, they find it isn't a dream they stepped into, but a nightmare. They have paid a very high price. 

    Sometimes, when I go through my gargantuan mood swings, and wonder what went wrong, why I didn't become a star, why I am not rich, I think maybe there was some guardian angel watching out for me, making sure I didn't trade away something really valuable. I have privacy and freedom and the happiness of knowing that no one cares enough to follow me around and record my screw ups and personal quirks. Or maybe it wasn't a guardian angel. Maybe the screw ups and the personal quirks alone were enough to insure my station in life.
    (Taken from Humor of the Day and many thanks to SUMar235 for sending it to me)

    -Eminem Loves Mariah
    Below, you will find an excerpt of an interview Eninem did with MSN. It's nice that he loves Mariah Carey but I doubt MC and Eminem will be getting together anytime soon, well at least if Luis has any say in it :) Thanks to SUMar235 for this info. To read the whole interview, click here.
    Is there a female celebrity out there that you'd like to get with?
    Female celebrity? Mariah Carey. If she's reading this...I love you!

    -Mariah Carey duet with Michael Jackson?
    On Mariah's Official website for Sony, in the European News section, they talk about the duet with Michael. However, it's in another language! Couldn't figure it out at altavista, anyone got the translation because I would love to know what it says! Thanks Lance for the info!

    Mariah Carey in duet met Michael Jackson ????
    Geruchten doen de ronde dat Mariah Carey een duet heeft opgenomen met Michael Jackson. Dit nummer zou op het langverwachte nieuwe studio-album van de King Of Pop komen. Het album staat gepland staat voor release eind april. Momenteel is nog niks officieel bevestigd over het nu al spraakmakende duet, maar we houden je op de hoogte. In ieder geval is zeker dat eind februari een nieuw Greatest Hits-album van Michael Jackson verschijnt.

    -Mariah in TV Y Novelas
    In this magazine you can find the pictures of Mariah and Luis in Beverly Hills. Cheyanne is on the cover and the article gives more details. Here is what my Luis Correspondent, Anna, told me about it:
    The restaurant is called Mr. Chows, and it also discusses how even though Luis has a 12-cylinder Mercedes that he drives around L.A. like an expert, when he and Mariah go out to restaurants. They usually like to enjoy drinks with dinner, and rather than drink and drive, Luis will call for a limousine to transport them. Smart move!

    -First All That Glitters Release-Back To Me?
    First of all, let me say this has NOT been confirmed. But at dotmusic's chart forum, it lists that Mariah Carey's next single will be Back To Me! There is no release date listed, just says for "future releases!" So obviously, Back To Me should be from the All That Glitters Soundtrack! We'll have to see if this is true! Many thanks to Matt from Mariah Network

    -All That Glitters hits stores in August in Japan
    Nick e-mailed the webmaster from Sony's Japan Site with a question on the All That Glitters Soundtrack. Here is what he wrote and the response:

    Hi I was on the sony music australia website recently and it said there was going to be a new mariah release in march I was wondering if you could give me any information on this.
    thank you for your time,

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your interest in Mariah Carey. Please be informed that in Japan, her new album is scheduled to be released at the end of August. Specific information is still not known at the moment, but the new album is to be a soundtrack of a movie starring her. Since there may be slight differences in her release schedules around the world, may we suggest that you also forward your inquiry to your local Sony Music? ( If you happen to live in Australia, the e-mail address should be:   web_admin_au@sonymusic.com )
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sony Music Online Japan e-webmaster

    -Fellow Mariah fan in need of some prayers for death of father
    Ricardo lost his father last week and he would like you all to keep his family and him in your prayers! I nearly lost my father last year to cancer, so it's really hard to deal with. If you would like to e-mail him, you can do so below:

    -Bit's O' Info..
    Here is some various information on Mariah:

  • Ricardo:
    "The Bachelor" is gonna be released in Czech Republic on February 15, 2001.  That's mad late...well...that's about all for now..
  • Kym:
    Hey Regina, Well I was just listening to Power 106  ( In LA) and every show before they announce the #1 song the d.j.'s give their shot outs and on today's show one of them said "I'd like to give a shout out Mariah Carey that's right Maria Carey" and another d.j. said "Yeah M.C."
  • Andrea:
    Mariah was mentioned in the latest issue of J-14 magazine.  The article was titled "T-shirts that make a statement!"  It had a picture of Mariah in her "I Love You" t-shirt and said if you want to get a positive message across take a look at Mariah's shirt. 

    February 1, 2001...
    MClogo -mariahcarey.com updated
    The links section has been updated on the Official Mariah Site, www.mariahcarey.com Also, the opening page has changed a bit and it says:
    A Special Gift From Mariah Called "Papillon"
    Papillon means "Butterfly" in French, so that's coolio!

    -Happy Birthday Mariah
    Part of Mariah4 is preparing a special gift for Mariah's Birthday! It's a month and a half away now! We were thinking that we have done the fanbooks, we have done the birthday website, we have done the video tape, we have done the artwork thing, what's left to give Mariah that's unique? Well, how about a special card especially from you?

    You all have a month to go out to your local card stores and pick out a special card for Mariah from you! Inside, you can decorate it however you want, include a special letter to her, tell her how much you love her music, the new website, etc! Then you can also insert the card/letter into the envelope and decorate the outside too! You then send the cards to me, and I will insert them into a special birthday package to Mariah, which will be sent to Maroon Entertainment!! For more information, check out the special Birthday Page at the link below!! Mariah will be turning 31 on March 27th!

    -Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel enjoy cold holidays.
    Akane was very nice and translated the article I posted yesterday. Also, a big thanks to GBStud2004!!! 

    Aspen, United States, 28th January, 2001.- The couple conformed by Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey use their several obligations they have wround the world for travelling and going for walks together as long as they can.

    After almost 2 years of relationship, the singers, who have been hounded by the press since the beginning of their relationship, love travelling to places that they can walk unnoticed. However, they haven't succeded at it because they are always followed by the paparazzi. Just a couple of months ago, they were in the Bahamas, where they were sunbathing almost the whole day. On this ocassion, the famous singers decided to change the weather and they went to Aspen, Colorado, where they enjoyed cold but romantic holidays. The "Emotions" performer had fun with her dog and the snow, and the mexican singer observed her attentively while he tolerated Colorado intense coldness, which didn't affect Carey

    -New Picture of Mariah from the set of All That Glitters
    Marjolein was very nice and sent me a scan of Mariah from the Dutch magazine called "Yes!" I added the picture to All That Glitters Gallery #2 It has two pics of Mariah on the set of All That Glitters in New York! Here is the translation of the article:

    Mariah Carey is busy filming All That Glitters. In this movie she's playing a girl that will do anything to get famous. The movie is expected to be released spring 2002.

    -Mya on Mariah
    mariahvbianca@hotmail.com told me that on a UK TV program called This Morning, singer Mya was on and said that Mariah was her inspiration and was the inspiration for most USA singers these days. Plus, she said she used to work for "Camp Mariah!"

    -Mel kisses better than Mariah?
    On a UK show last Saturday, Mel B (aka Scary Spice) said that Max Beesley told Mel that she was a better kisser than Mariah. The interview, Declan Connelly, replied "Well, of course he's gonna say that." Mel also said , "Mariah is a beautiful woman, but I'M a better kisser."

    My opinion is that Mel is a little insecure about locking lips with Max since she needs to discuss this on tv!!!!!

    -Mariah in Magazine
    Ashley told me that there is a small picture of Mariah in the new issue of CosmoGirl (March 2001). She is the birthday section!

    Click here for January News!
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