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FEBRUARY 29, 2004 10:48PM
Mariah named Best International Diva

Mariah is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the Chinese magazine, Crazy English Reader. The readers of the publication participated in an online poll, which asked who the best international diva was.

77% of the readers voted Mariah as their favorite diva. Whitney Houston and Celine Dion only received 23% combined. A picture of the magazine is shown to your right. Click it for a larger view.

Source: Mariah China

Backstage With Mariah

Mariah Carey, supported by two keyboarders, a bass player and three vocalists, gave her long awaited performance at Dubai's Media City. It was a cold and windy night and a seemingly endless queue of people streamed during two and half hours at a slow rate of about sixty persons per minute into the fenced off lawn near the pond.

A half an hour into the announced start of the show, they opened a second gate and the crowd flooded the grand stand and the area in front of the stage where the most enthusiastic fans stood.

These admirers had waited for this moment in time, cheering madly throughout the show, knowing to sing along every word she sang and "feeling as one". Farther away and on the sides others watched and listened more quietly as this magnificent show of perhaps the biggest American music product from the unforgettable area that ended as the last millennium unfolded.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dubai, I appreciate you coming here for the evening, I love you Dubai, I dedicate this song to you: Hero."

Fans too shouted their appreciation back - "Thank you Mariah, we love you too." Khaleej Times was the media partner for the show.

Source: Khaleej Times

Mariah Carey-ing On

In the USA her career has fallen into neglect, but at the other side of the world, they haven't forgotten Mariah Carey yet. That much was obvious last Tuesday, when the popdiva gave her first concert on Arabian grounds in the Libanese capital Beirut. It was a pale Mariah who gave a pressconference at the Mövenpick Hotel. But at night the fans got to see a completely different Carey. The popdiva was swinging in a little silver outfit. She mostly sang songs from her latest album, Charmbracelet, which she nearly completely wrote by herself.

"I think that as a writer I've just been able to write about more personal things in a more honest way. As opposed to like kind of alluding to certain things, that I've been able to become more specific about what I'm, you know, actually writing about and talk about my life and talk about, you know, things that I really need to express. So, uhm, I think that would be the major difference."

In her own country Carey is burned after the film Glitter and the soundtrack which flopped. But at the other side of the world she is still very popular. Last month she got a Lifetime Achievement Award at MTV Asia. Hence this tour. "I just want to reach as many fans as possible and I get so many letters from people all over the world. And I just feel like, you know, I really wanted to try to come and see the fans here and put my show on and hopefully the fans would enjoy it."

And she's serious about it as well, because after the concert, Mariah extensively took her time to sign autographs. Two bodyguards made sure that everyone got their chance. Or perhaps they were just trying to avoid a "Janet Jackson incident".

Source: De Rode Loper | Heroes Of Mariah

What's up? Pas-se Mariah Carey

Pak Lah and Mariah Carey have something in common. Well yes, she says she loves Malaysia but can she really be sure on a one-day, first-time visit? That’s not it.

They both have a Pas thorn in their sides, hampering movement. But at least Pak Lah appears to be making headway. He had a larger attendance at his rally in Kelantan than Lady Charmbracelet did at her concert two Fridays ago.

Pak Lah had just ended his speech to a reported reception of 50,000 – I’m sure a handful were Pas members – on his first state visit to Kelantan since becoming Prime Minister. We watched, sideline conversations hushed up by my brother rudely increasing the volume each time.

The fact that he quotes from the Quran without reference to pieces of paper is impressive. Most important of all, he is reverent as Muslims should be, when speaking the words of the Quran. It makes non-Muslims feel at ease. I know it doesn’t needle at MY guilt at least, and I’m comfortable with the level of remorse I am made to feel.

True Islamic teaching does not make non-muslims feel uncomfortable, let alone threatened. I wonder what Mariah Carey thinks of Islam and Malaysia now.

Zeti doesn’t wear a tudung, Mariah doesn’t wear clothes. Why these petty things. How about the children who don’t wear school uniforms and the homes that don’t “wear” electricity? Can we get our priorities straightened out here?

Really, Pas got what they wanted at the Mariah Carey concert two Fridays ago, in a way. But it was not entirely on their Quran-wielding threats and exhortations. It looked more like poor judgment on the part of the promoters.

It was pretty much expected that the show would begin late so that’s not part of my grouse. In that wait, I stood outside the gates trying to sell off an extra unwanted ticket.

I ended up buying more food than selling tickets. I ate much kacang kuda and watched as the ground filled up with Ramli burger and other wrappers. The gates and its vicinity were filling up with umbrellas.

Long ones, short ones, pretty, frilled ones, staid, golf ones – were all not allowed in. I don’t remember such restrictions at the Linkin Park concert and that group was more of a rebel-rouser, if I may say. But then again, yeah, I guess an umbrella could look like a rifle.

There must have been some 300 umbrellas just literally hanging around, strewn when there was no more space on the railings. I seriously thought to set up an umbrella stall for RM5 a piece for those ownerless parasols...

I’d give the show a 6.4 out of 10 and that includes my personal bias for the Diva.

It was a tame show which eventually led to a subdued Stadium Merdeka. Could there have been more excitement in 1957? I don’t know, I wasn’t there but I’m certain some Friday prayers I have attended had more vigour.

And who’s to blame if not the organisers who okay-ed the less-than-Mariah quality sound system. The excitement built up during the hour-and- a-half wait was wasted when Carey began singing while still in the open top motorcade but from where I was, I didn’t realise she had.

Excuse me, my ticket cost me RM178, so those aren’t exactly the cheap seats, are they?

I couldn’t hear her voice and I think from then on people began to notice something was amiss.

“I usually change about eight times during a show,” the Carey girl began an apology of sorts more than halfway through the repressed performance.

“I’m sorry if I seem boring but, those are the rules you have to live by, you know...”.

The audience applauded with understanding. I’m sure many know of the intense lobbying Pas did to try and stop the show. As a last resort, members of the Pas-Mariah committee were planning to buy tickets and attend the concert, Jawi officials in tow, and prevent immoral behaviour among the audience.

No, I don’t suppose too many of those welcoming Pak Lah to Kelantan were Pas members. They’d rather attend a Mariah-Carey-jiggling act.

What, they were going to boo these fans to embarrassment? Either that or cause a scene dragging scantily-clad bodacious young men and women down from stadium fences.

Personally, I saw so very many Mariah wannabes wearing nothing but a butterfly boob-wrap and jeans tighter than sarung nangka. Pak Aji! Arrest that butterfly!

There was nothing wrong with Carey’s performance, however. My, my, my, that girl can shimmy and that girl can swirl at half pace. And she can sing and she can create new high notes we never knew possible since Ella Fitzgerald broke champagne glasses.

I hope Mariah will come back. I wonder if it’s too late to register to vote for another show?

Source: Malay Mail

News Tidbits

-- There is a shortfilm entitled "Who Steals Movies?" about bootleggers. In the film, one pirate says he was one of the first to bootleg Mariah's "Glitter" movie. To view the film, logon to

-- Daniela has opened a new Mariah fanlisting dedicated to the song "Close My Eyes." So, if you love the song, please check out Wayward Child: The Close My Eyes Fanlisting, and sign up!

-- Check out Bootylicious Celebrities, a new online forum dedicated to female celebrities, including our very own Mariah!

-- From Young Nation: Currently, the busy Elephant Man has wrapped up recording tracks with R&B sensation Mariah Carey and hip-hopper Da Brat for Mariah’s up-coming album. Making further forays into urban music, Elephant also appears on Lil’ Jon’s "Get Low" remix with rapper Busta Rhymes.

-- American Idol contestant Susan Vulaca mentioned Mariah in her online questionaire. When asked what the first CD she ever bought was, Susan replied, "Mariah Carey."

-- "WiseGirls," called "Evidencias Mortales" for the Spanish market, had its official theatrical release in Mexico on Friday, February 27. However, the film is currently only available in Mexico City.

Source: Mr. Cool | Daniela | dapshnyb | Robert | Ernesto

FEBRUARY 28, 2004 8:18PM
Mariah's Charmbracelet Tour concludes in Dubai

After eight months on the road, Mariah finally has completed her Charmbracelet World Tour. The global effort saw Mariah performing in 70 different venues across the world and brought her to many places she had never been before. She toured North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The following photos were taken in Dubai, where Mariah gave her final performance from the tour. The first picture is from a press conference that preceded the concert. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Mariah plans to record new album next month

Mariah has begun writing for her next album and plans to go into the studio to begin recording sometime next month, but there is no set release date at this time. Check back in the coming months for more updates.

Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

Mariah performs for Mediterranean fans

Has Mariah Carey's following slipped in the US or is she going to start putting Beirut on her tour list for the fun of it?

The singer made her debut in the Arab world with a concert before thousands of cheering fans in Beirut, performing her hits "Butterfly," "Hero" and "Dreamlover."

The Grammy award winning singer was greeted with a warm welcome of loud cheers and applause Tuesday night when she appeared on stage in a two-piece, silver outfit at an exhibition and leisure center on the Mediterranean seafront in downtown Beirut.

"Thank you for being so welcoming," she told the crowd of about 5,000. The wives of the president and prime minister of Lebanon were among those who attended Carey's 90-minute concert, her first in the Middle East, organized by the Beiteddine Festival Committee.

Carey, 33, arrived in Beirut Monday as part of a world tour to promote her latest album, "Charmbracelet." She also performed Thursday in Dubai.

Source: EURWeb

Lebanese youth aspire to American Culture

In Lebanon, not to say in the Gulf states, there is a massive national obsession with American culture. The result is that all this input of Americana ­ Lebanese youth hang out easily in Burger King, Starbucks and even McDonalds ­ has an impact on behavioral trends.

Consequently the biggest stars and idols in Lebanon are American rap musicians and Hollywood actors, and sportsmen, even past it singers like Mariah Carey as demonstrated by the 6,000 strong audience who turned up to see her at a recent concert. Naturally that large element of local youth begins to aspire to the lifestyle and image these icons represent.

Source: Daily Star

Mariah Style: Out of Style?

In the Nineties any celebrity worth her salt had multi-coloured streaked and bleached hair. Now, a more natural look has come to the fore. "This spring's colours are less blonde and more brunette, walnut and bronze," says Hansford.

Think Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker or Beyonce; the super-blonde tresses of pop queens like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey are so last season, darling.

Source: The Independent

FEBRUARY 27, 2004 3:56PM
Mariah Carey Takes A Chill Pill

Pop charmer looks to cool her heels in the Emirates, the last stop on her Charmbracelet tour.

She'd barely been here, yet American pop diva Mariah Carey confessed "she was loving every bit of it." It's her first visit to the sun-soaked Emirate and letting her hair down and kicking up the sands is something she's set her heart on, now that her Charmbracelet tour has concluded with the Dubai gig at the Media City late last night.

"I love Middle Eastern cuisine," the number one female artist who has over a 150 million CDs sold worldwide to-date, told a group of media people during a brief pre-concert meet.

Dressed in a skimpy brown singlet and snug jeans, her crimped golden-brown locks framing her delicate face, a translucent brush of make-up on and a chunky ring flashing from her finger, she arrived fashionably late with an entourage of publicists, bodyguards and the organisers who'd insisted "no political questions and nothing personal" from the local media that had gathered at the Royal Mirage to meet the star.

Mariah, soft-spoken, almost shy, looked refreshingly healthy - a far cry from the bulimic brigade of contemporary celebs. The much written about star has reportedly got "a heart of gold" and she loves to help in charitable causes. She spends her free time either sleeping or playing with her brood of dogs and loves to cook up some pasta impromptu or just take a roller coaster ride when she's on a high. Then of course, she's got her first love - writing lyrics and bringing them to life.

"I have a personal attachment to all the songs I write, but people really love Hero and Butterfly," said the star who reportedly loves charms and wears them for luck and love. "I forgot to put on my Charmbracelet today. It's lying upstairs," she laughed when asked about it.

The sold-out concert that had Khaleej Times as a media sponsor, was Mariah's second show in the Middle East - the first was in Beirut just two days earlier.

It was a sort of coup for organisers, Mirage Promotion who managed to confirm her to do the swansong of the global tour which kicked off in Osaka in June. Dubai was the last stop. "And post concert, Mariah's looking to cool heels in the Emirate without having to catch flights, rehearse and globetrot," City Times was told.

A child-star, Mariah worked her way up since the age of four when her mother first realised her talent. An unstable childhood, a struggling career and much heartbreak later, she says, she's finally, living her dream. And helping others live theirs.

The magnanimous crooner works with four charities worldwide and sponsors children to have dream vacations, to travel and realise those ambitions which only money can fulfill.

There was a lot more one could really ask the pop princess sitting so close yet so distanced. How does she identify with the culture here and how well does she identify with people in this part of the world? How much creativity in expression does she allow herself as an artist and just what price she has paid for fame?

Well, maybe another time, another day with Mariah Carey.

Source: Khaleej Times | Alharthi

Fans fall to Mariah's charm

Hundreds of rapturous fans welcomed Mariah Carey to Dubai with screams and whistles at her first ever concert at the Dubai Media City yesterday.

Clad in a silver two-piece costume, Mariah began the concert with a rendition of "Heartbreaker" much to the delight of her fans, with many of them jumping from their seats to take a better look at the ravishing pop diva. A spellbinding dance routine followed when "Give My All" was performed with many people singing along with the pop star.

The audience consisting of both young and old fans, were mesmerizsd with the many costume changes that the singer did along with her song routines. The show lasting for nearly 100 minutes saw many of her old hits being performed such as "Hero," "Rainbow" and "Honey."

Mariah having one of the best voices in pop music, combined with one of the best attitudes is one of the world's top recording artists, setting records for most No. 1 singles by a female artist, to most consecutive weeks at No. 1 with "One Sweet Day," her collaboration with Boyz II Men. Her chart accomplishments resulted in Billboard magazine naming her Artist of the Decade for the 90s. Mariah's first self-titled album uncovered a high-octave voice that could break sound barriers, as well as record sales.

She arrived in Dubai on Wednesday as part of a world tour to promote her latest album, Charmbracelet. The concert was organised by Mirage Promotions and was sponsored by Nokia, Qatar Airways, Mastercard, Coca Cola, Ahlan! Magazine, Areej, Budget rent-a-car rental,

Gearhouse, Emirates Radio 1 and 2, Hardrock Cafe, Khaleej Times, Music Master, UAQ FM, HUM FM, Showtime, iBuzz, Virgin Megastore Venue, Dubai Media City.

Source: San Francisco Gate

Never a dull moment

It's never easy being labelled a diva. Or having to live the ups and downs of your life in the public eye. But singer-actress Mariah Carey wouldn't have it any other way

Life in the fast lane isn't all it's made out to be. One day you are the media darling, the next, you are a has-been. After enjoying an incredible decade of popularity, today, Mariah Carey's struggling to get her career back on track.

Sure, she was big in the Nineties, but now, save her outfits, there isn't very much Mariah gets applauded for when she goes on stage. Without doubt then, many-a-tongues are wagging about whether following Mariah's Malaysia disaster, Dubai will be yet another on a fast-growing list of obstacles in the singer's path.

However, due to the sensitivities of this region, the diva has promised to tone down her act. Let's hope her performance rises along with her necklines.

Contrary to what it looks like right now, life wasn't always a downer for the singer. There was once a time when Mariah could do no wrong. I mean, this is an artiste who's had at least one No 1 hit in every year of the Nineties. Mariah has spent more weeks at the top than the Beatles. She has seen more singles debut at Number 1 than any artiste in chart history. Furthermore, she has more gold and platinum singles than any artiste during the 1990s and more platinum singles than any female artiste in history.

So, what went wrong?

Like any story, we need to start at the beginning. Born March 27, 1970, little Mariah always stood out. At first, it was because of her heritage. Born to a Irish mother and African-American and Venezuelan father, Mariah, the youngest of three, had already made up her mind, while still a child, that one day, her star would shine bright.

Although the early years were rough, destiny had big plans for Mariah. Fame knocked on her door in the form of a chance meeting with Tommy Mottola, Columbia (CBS) Records president and a man with a track record in music longer than your arm.

The end result was Vision of Love, the singer's debut single and first number one. Mariah described the song as not so much a love song, but a celebration of her life at the time. But deny it as she might, love seemed to be a central theme for most of her music. And why not? Mariah struck gold in her personal life, too. Four years into being Mariah Carey the star, the singer married her real-life hero, Mottola.

Six albums of musical genius and wedded bliss later, Mariah and Mottola called it quits.

Could that have been the reason behind Mariah's downfall? Butterfly, which Mariah released soon after, had none of the impact on fans that the previous albums did. Rainbow and Glitter too, were not extremely well-received. Then came addiction problems, tabloid rumours of all Mariah's relationships, stories of diva-trantrums…

With Charmbracelet, Mariah was determined to make a difference. Having overcome her "complete emotional breakdown", the singer put her seven octave vocals to good use, and it is this Charmbracelet tour that Mariah brings to Dubai. Let's hope that the trantrum-throwing, heart-breaking, plate-smashing Mariah was just a phase. A short-lived memory. And with fans waiting with bated breath for Mariah's Dubai concert, there's no doubt that if the queen of pop wants to reclaim her crown, there's many a fan applauding her on.

Source: Gulf News

FEBRUARY 26, 2004 3:37PM
Mariah tunes up to enthral music lovers

Mariah Carey poses for photographers at a press conference yesterday
American pop music diva Mariah Carey will enthral music lovers tonight with a mix of ballards dance-pop music.

Mariah at a late night press conference yesterday said she will be singing some of here favourite songs during the Dubai concert.

Mariah's concert in Dubai, part of her Charmbracelet world tour, follows the unprecedented success of Craig David concerts.

Mariah's live concert in Dubai is set to be the season's biggest and most highly anticipated live entertainment event. The concert will be staged at Dubai Media City amphithetre in association with Qatar Airways.

Doors open at 7pm, and the concert starts at 9pm. "Mariah Carey is one of the most talented, successful and best loved artistes around the world. She is a true Diva who can move from glossy ballads to hip-hop-inspired dance-pop hits with great ease and so appeals to audiences of all ages and nationalities," said Thomas Ovesen, Mirage Promotions Dubai, General Manager.

Since she began her career, Mariah Carey has gone on to become the best-selling female performer of all time.

Source: Gulf News

Mariah to perform at Nick Traina Foundation benefit

It's the biggest dilemma in town: Should one attend Danielle Steel's biennial Star Ball, a benefit for her late son's Nick Traina Foundation, or former runway model Tatiana Sorokko's 50th birthday party for her husband Serge? Both occur May 1.

Some people have been invited to both, and heck if they know what to do. Danielle's party features singer Mariah Carey; Tatiana tried to get Donna Summer, but no go. "For $250,000, I can sing myself,'' Tatiana said. Danielle's party costs $500 a ticket; Tatiana's is free.

Source: San Francisco Gate

Beirut swoons to the siren songs of a Western diva

There are so many things one could write about a Mariah Carey concert in Beirut. In an attempt to give a balanced perspective let’s start with the good things.

She sang many of her most popular songs ­ including “Heartbreaker,” “Dreamlover” and “Fantasy,” and her voice ­ though older and more tired than in her heyday ­ still did the trick. Carey smiled a lot, worked the crowd well, wore very little and looked surprisingly very Lebanese in her outfits and make up. She would fit perfectly alongside Haifa. Carey was polite and thanked everyone, explaining she had wanted to come to Beirut for a long time. It genuinely seemed she was enjoying herself.

The concert venue was packed with 6,000 people eager to see the singer, and with tickets priced from $20 to $175 this proves the pulling power in Beirut of even a fading international star such as Carey. That is a big boost to the credibility of the Beiteddine Festival Committee who brought her to the capital.

And the crowd, a mixture of young screaming teens and old screaming teens (and their parents) absolutely adored the glamorous star. From the minute she came on stage to the minute she left, there was an atmosphere of complete adulation from the audience. At every costume change, Beirut’s Mariah fans screamed ­ there were around 12 in between the 15 songs performed, from skimpy glittering miniskirt and crop top exposing her chest to bright pink hot-pants to long black evening dress.

Interestingly, the audience screamed almost as much before Carey came on stage when Bruno, one of the recently ousted kids from the popular Star Academy television show, arrived to watch the concert.

But bad aspects prevailed as well, despite the obvious delight and cheers from the crowd. Indeed, what it was exactly they were cheering for was difficult to fathom. Perhaps it was just the fact that someone who has been on everybody’s TV screens and numerous magazines for the last 15 years was there in front of their eyes in the flesh.

For though it was certainly entertaining, Carey’s show fell disappointingly short in terms of its musical accomplishment and performance. Mixed in with her singing, which was backed by both live and taped vocals, we had the opportunity to watch a mediocre dance show of simple, uninspiring moves in costumes so dated they looked like they had stepped out of the set of an early 1990’s episode of The Cosby Show. We also had the opportunity to watch sentimental video footage of Mariah on tour and of her duets with rap stars such as Busta Rhymes who obviously were not present.

The sound suffered from the poor acoustics of BIEL ­ it really is not the best place for a concert of this scale but, unfortunately, remains one of the only places in Beirut where it is possible to stage such an event.

By far the most disappointing aspect was the fact that for the most part the backing music to Carey’s songs was pumped through a PA system, prerecorded and mimed by the musicians on stage. For a couple of songs, they did play their instruments, for instance when the backing singers were improvising during another of Carey’s costume changes and when she introduced the band.

But for the price of these tickets, surely the audience deserved more than canned backing tracks, prerecorded sound or high-tech tricks. The audience deserved a wholly live performance ­ both in singing and music.

Ultimately, nobody seemed to mind however, and the screams kept coming as Carey left the building.

Source: The Daily Star

Last chance to get Carey show tickets

Mariah Carey fans still have a chance to get their tickets for the superstar's concert tonight at the Dubai Media City. Bahrain-based Mirage Promotions is the regional promoter for the Middle East leg of the award-winning artist's Charmbracelet Tour.

Mariah's Lebanon concert last Tuesday had a 5,000 strong crowd.

"Both the Lebanon and Dubai events are a fitting climax to what has been an amazing 12 months for Mariah, achieving a global sale of two million albums and receiving an MTV Lifetime Achievement award last week in Singapore," said Mirage Promotions regional managing director Elissa Murtaza.

"Fans at the Dubai concert can expect a fantastic live show of over 90 minutes." Fans can purchase their tickets in Bahrain at 195 dirhams (BD19.500), 145 dirhams (BD14.500) or 255 dirhams (BD25.500).

Source: Gulf Daily News

Mariah Carey performs in Beirut

More than 5,000 fans gave Mariah Carey a rapturous welcome in the Lebanese capital on Tuesday night as the US pop star gave her first concert in the Arab world.

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter, who has sold more than 150 million records and won two Grammy Awards along the way, is trying to kick-start her career after suffering a nervous breakdown last year.

She says that since being back on tour her choice of records she performs has changed.

"I don't really do the songs that make me cry anymore. It really all depends. Music has always been a prominent fixture in my life and because of that my emotions are so closely linked to the music and it's an emotional thing," said the singer.

Appearing in a two-piece, silver belly-dancing outfit, the blonde Carey was surrounded by bodyguards as she entered the downtown BIEL leisure centre facing the eastern Mediterranean.

Amongst some of the VIPs were Andree Lahoud, wife of President Emile Lahoud, MP Bahia Hariri, a sister of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, and the US ambassador to Lebanon, Vincent Battle.

Carey arrived in Beirut Monday and dressed in a deeply plunging, halter-top black evening gown, she declared in the press conference held in the Movenpick hotel on the coastal city of Beirut, that she was delighted to sing in Beirut as her first public concert in the Arab world, on tour to promote her latest album, Charmbracelet.

She continues her world tour on Thursday performing in Dubai.

Source: NDTV Online

News Tidbits

-- Click here and here to see video clips of Mariah performing live in Beirut.

-- There apparently is a small article in the latest issue of In Touch magazine about Mariah's 1993 marriage to Tommy Mottola. If anyone has a scan or furthur information, please contact us.

-- Also in a recent issue of In Touch magazine, on page 64, was an article titled "Mariah Carey fan club," which talked about the many new American Idol contestants who list Mariah as one of their favorite singers.

Source: JoelBCN | adee084 | Sophia | Ritchie

FEBRUARY 25, 2004 3:27PM
Is Carey latest celebrity to turn to Kabbalah?

Has Mariah Carey turned to Kabbalah? Sources report that the trouble-plagued diva has been wearing the red yarn bracelet that is a symbol of Kabbalah. The mystical branch of Judaism has become the rage among certain celebs lately, and has been embraced by Madonna and Britney Spears.

“It definitely looked like one of those Kabbalah bracelets,” says a source. “They’re supposed to absorb negative energy, and Mariah’s been surrounded by plenty of that over the last couple of years.”

Another source says that the Kabbalah bracelet isn’t all that Carey has picked up lately; apparently, she has a new man in her life. “She brought him along on tour,” says the source.

Carey’s spokeswoman denies that the singer has found a new religion, saying “it’s not a Kabbalah bracelet” — but she declined to comment on whether Carey has a new sweetie.

Source: Jeannette Walls Delivers The Scoop

Mariah Carey makes Arab debut

American pop diva Mariah Carey made her first debut in the Arab world with a concert to thousands of cheering fans in Beirut.

Carey, 33, was met Tuesday night with loud cheers and warm applause when she appeared on the stage in a two-piece, silver outfit at an exhibition and leisure centre on the Mediterranean seafront in downtown Beirut.

"Thank you for being so welcoming," Carey said to the crowd of about 5,000, who included the wives of the president and prime minister of Lebanon.

Impressed by the Beirut fans, Carey was heard telling her bodyguards, "Wonderful, wonderful."

Carey enchanted the fans with hits including Butterfly, Hero and Dreamlover. Her concert, the first in the Middle East, was organized by the Beiteddine Festival Committee.

Carey, who has sold more than 150 million records and won two Grammy Awards, arrived in Beirut Monday as part of a world tour designed to promote her latest album, Charm Bracelet. She will perform in Dubai on Thursday.

Source: Toronto Star

J.C. Chasez compliments Mariah

J.C. Chasez seems to think highly of Mariah. In a recent radio interview, he discussed working with socialite Paris Hilton on her upcoming album release and mentioned Mariah in the process.

"She has her own style, like Bob Dylan has his own style," J.C. says of Paris Hilton’s voice. "She ain’t no Mariah Carey but she’s alright."

Source: Mariah Daily | MariahCharms

Beirut Update

Mariah seemed to be in great spirits at her recent concert in Beirut. She joked around with the crowd and kept telling them what an amazing audience they were. She even said the Beirut audience was one of the best she’s ever encountered. In response, fans went crazy and started cheering, “Mariah, I love you!”

The audience was especially hyper when Mariah sang such crowd pleasers as “My All,” “Without You,” “Always Be My Baby,” “I’ll Be There” and “Make It Happen.”

At one point, when singing “Honey,” Mariah wanted to go down the stairs but wasn’t able to. So she called one of the dancers over and jokingly said, “Come here and give MC some help!” She continued to joke around with the band, crew, and audience the entire evening, and appeared to be in a really festive mood, unlike some of her previous concerts.

Mariah, who was described as sounding “amazing,” told the sold-out venue of 7,000 people that she wanted to come to Beirut for a very long time and that she loves the city. “The people have been so warm and welcoming,” she said. Even Trey Lorenz said that he loved Beirut and wanted to come back soon.

After the show was over, Mariah left the venue and went to a club called Crystal. She is leaving Beirut tomorrow morning to travel for a concert in Dubai.

Between resting, performing and enjoying some free time, Mariah made a special appearance on Star Academy, the Lebanese version of Pop Idol, where she talked to some of the contestants.

When asked what it’s like to be such a huge singing star, Mariah said, “It’s great but takes a lot of work. You really have to love music if you want to be a part of the industry, or else it will wear you down.” When asked what she thought about the show itself, Mariah said, “It’s a great opportunity for people who want to sing, but it puts you under a lot of pressure.”

The episode will be re-aired on Lebanese television this Friday.

Source: Mariah Daily | stopfalling

FEBRUARY 24, 2004 5:38PM
Carey delights fans in first concert in Arab world

More than 5,000 fans gave Mariah Carey a rapturous welcome in the Lebanese capital as the US pop star gave her first concert in the Arab world. Appearing in a two-piece, silver belly-dancing outfit, the blonde Carey was sorrounded by bodyguards as she entered the downtown BIEL leisure centre facing the eastern Mediterranean.

Most of the crowd were youths in jeans and T-shirt, but among the VIPs were Andree Lahoud, wife of President Emile Lahoud, MP Bahia Hariri, a sister of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, and the US ambassador to Lebanon, Vincent Battle.

On a world tour to promote her latest album, "Charmbracelet", Carey is to perform in Dubai on Thursday. The 33-year-old singer-songwriter, who has sold more than 150 million records and won two Grammy Awards along the way, is trying to kick-start her career after suffering a nervous breakdown last year.

Source: Associated Press

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Source: The Official Mariah Carey Fanclub

FEBRUARY 24, 2004 4:55PM
Security Tight For Mariah's Beirut Trip

Mariah Carey has arrived in Beirut on the eve of her first ever concert in the Middle East.

With a huge security presence, including around a dozen bodyguards, the global pop star is performing at the coastal resort of Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Centre, as well as Dubai later this week, to promote her recent album ‘Charmbracelet’.

At a hotel new conference arranged on her arrival, Mariah said she was ‘delighted to be performing in Lebanon’

Carey is using the Arabian dates to kick-start her career, in which she has sold over 150 million records worldwide, after recent disappointing sales and suffering a nervous breakdown last year.

Source: Sound Generator

Trying hard to get up close and personal with Mariah

I wanted to ask Mariah Carey if she felt solidarity with Muslim women at yesterday’s news conference at the Movenpick Hotel in Raouche. I wanted to ask her what her opinion of the Arab world was and how countries like Lebanon are viewed amongst celebrities in America?

Did she read about the country before she came? Was she afraid? Who is she currently dating? I was banned, however, from asking any personal or political questions. Still, she did tell me that whenever she has a day off her main pastime is sleeping. I laughed. Briefly.

Carey, in town for her concert at Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center tonight, was dressed in a dark black evening dress with a plunging neckline revealing her more than ample bosom.

To be fair, she was both pleasant and kind, signing autographs and politely listening to everyone, even a pair of tearful fans. She smiled constantly and looked like a million dollars.

But she reveals very little about herself and surrounds herself with an entourage of 16 bodyguards ­ four of her own and 12 provided by the Beiteddine Festival Committee who have organized Carey’s Beirut concert, her first in the Middle East. Although I couldn’t think of anyone who would want to bump Carey off, she is obviously a huge celebrity who travels nowhere in public without protection and enough to stop me getting a one-on-one on interview.

I settled for asking her about her musical evolution as a songwriter and whether she felt now she had more freedom to write what she felt without the shadow of a corporate record company hanging over her.

“Definitely I think as I have matured I am able to think more deeply about the songs that I write,” she replied with a smile. Tonight’s concert is definitely worth a look, with dancers, a band and Carey’s trademark five-octave voice. She will sing both her popular songs and some new ones.

After the conference, when Carey disappeared to meet the Star Academy kids, I managed to grab Louie, her hairdresser, who told me he was half Syrian, and his grandparents came from Beirut 100 years ago. What’s it like doing Mariah’s hair? “I better go in and check on it actually,” he told me, brush and hair spray in hand.

Source: The Daily Star

News Bits & Various Mentions

-- Charly Lowry, 20, from Pembroke, N.C. will perform a song by Aretha Franklin on tonight's episode of "American Idol". When asked "Who's your biggest musical influence?", Charly replied: "My favorite singer is Alicia Keys and I also like Mariah Carey.

-- "DURING the interview for this story, singer Nora spoke with passion about the things close to her heart. That would have been nothing new had the underlying theme been entertainment, but no, the theme here was computing technology.
Using her iPod, Nora listens to works by Laura Passini, Lara Fabian, Melly Goeslo, Kris Dayanti, Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sheila Majid, Siti Sarah and of course, her own albums, all eight of them."

-- In an article discussing the latest trend of hot tracks having off-key singers, Mariah was briefly mentioned as an example of an excellent vocalist. DJ Tedsmooth, one of the co-producers for the hit song "Never Leave You" (Uh Ooh Uh Ooh!), said of the song and its singer, "Lumidee's not really a vocalist like a Mariah Carey kind of figure, so it's a vibe thing."

The article also talks about the growing number of off-key songs and what it represents, asking, "If the idea that one should be able to warble like Mariah Carey is about to be expunged from the mainstream, should the music industry's impresarios now be looking for people who can't sing?"

-- Claire's specialty store, which was supposed to carry the the Automatic Princess product line in their stores in March, confirmed via e-mail that the the plans have been changed and the AP merchandise will not be available in their stores in March.

Source: USA Today | NSTP | The Observer | iMariah

FEBRUARY 23, 2004 9:15PM
Mariah and The Kabbalah?

Has Mariah taken an interest in Kabbalah? You might have noticed lately that Mariah is wearing a red string on her left wrist, something Kabbalists also wear as a badge of honor and a symbol of protection.

According to Kabbalah teachings, the red string is kryptonite to "the unfriendly state and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. Envious eyes and looks of ill will affect us, stopping us from realizing our full potential in every area of our life."

Kabbalah is the set of 4,000 year-old spiritual teachings, predating all religions, and is actually a form of Jewish mysticism. Yehuda Berg, the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre, says, "Sometimes when you're 35, 40, you think you've done everything. You think, 'I've got money, I've got power. I have everything a person could ever want.' And then you ask yourself, 'Now what? What am I going to do now?' That's where people say, 'Okay, let me try Kabbalah because the Kabbalah says, "Okay, you may have achieved all this but was there really a purpose?"

"In the last five to six years many high-profile people have been coming," he says. "Some celebrities, some in the scientific community. Many different people have come to study the Kabbalah."

Berg claims that even though famous celebrities come through his doors regularly, everyone is treated equally. Sometimes, he says, stars are even overlooked by other students. "When celebrities come to Kabbalah, people just walk by and almost totally ignore them."

Source: Mariah Daily | strawberries116

Mariah's new boyfriend

Today on Lebanese television, parts of Mariah’s recent press conference in Beirut were aired. One journalist asked her why she decided to come to the city during winter instead of summer, when the surroundings are more festive. Mariah responded by saying she has been on tour since June of last year and was only now able to come to Beirut. She also said that she has wanted to come to the city for a very long time and she finally got the chance.

Another journalist asked Mariah if she was seeing anyone. Mariah – who is usually very reluctant to talk about her personal life – surprisingly said, "I came to Beirut this morning with my boyfriend." However, when the media pressed her about exactly who her boyfriend is, Mariah wouldn't budge. She simply smiled and added, "I’ll keep that information for myself."

Source: Mariah Daily | stopfalling

"WiseGirls" International News

"WiseGirls", Mariah's film co-starring Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, has been dubbed in Spanish and renamed to "Evidencias Mortales" for release in Mexican movie theaters. For more information, logon to

In related news, "WiseGirls" was released on DVD and VHS today in the United Kingdom. Unlike the American edition, the British DVD comes with a behind-the-scenes featurette. Logon to to purchase it.

Source: Mariah Daily | Ernesto Hernandez

FEBRUARY 23, 2004 3:54PM
Mariah's Beirut Press Conference

American pop star Mariah Carey arrived in Labanon via Beirut International Airport late last night around 2am. The singer went immediately to her suite at the Movenpick Resort, where she posed for photographers during a press conference held at the hotel. Carey is in Beirut for a concert on Tuesday, February 24.

The songstress opted not to go out for dinner, and instead stayed at the hotel to get some rest. She later met with contestants from Star Academy, the Lebanese version of Pop Idol, and has plans to stay in the area until Wednesday. Apparently, Carey is hoping she'll be able to party in down town Beirut. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Associated Press | stopfalling

Nothing but the Diva

Mariah Carey danced just a little and didn’t get down and funky as much as the hip-hop flavoured songs on her recent album “Charmbracelet” might suggest. But she certainly didn’t disappoint her fans at her fully-packed concert last week in Bangkok’s Impact Arena.

The American diva entertained her 12,000-strong audience through what she has always been perfectly good at - belting her hit songs through a multi-octave vocal range.

Throughout 90 minutes, Carey left her fans spellbound with songs from her early career like “Make It Happen” and “The Vision of Love” to her latest “Through The Rain”. The wide span of Carey’s greatest hits is a testament to a spectacular career spanning over a decade. With no major special effects or mosh pit, the concert was all about the diva.

The Impact Arena presents a smaller setting than usual for an icon of her stature. But the full-house atmosphere that night was quite intimate for an artist who has recently managed to rebuild her career through the support of her die-hard fans.

“I want to thank you guys for supporting me throughout my career,” said Carey at one point.

The concert was presented not merely to promote her new album but as a treat to her long-time fans in Thailand. Mariah sang only a few songs from “Charmbracelet” and conspicuously skipped all those from her bomb “Glitter”.

Since the early 1990s, Carey’s songs have dominated music charts around the world. She has the glamorous looks, the powerful bird-like voice that became a prototype for a later generation of singers like Christina Aguilera and the suave song-writing skills to turn out material as diverse as the romantic ballads of her early career to her current hip-hop style.

The release of her movie “Glitter” and its soundtrack marked the lowest point of her career. “Glitter” bombed so badly that the Virgin label decided to terminate her contract. Later came news that Carey had tried to commit suicide and critics were predicting that she would become yet another fallen angel of the music world.

But Carey’s reputation as an exceptional artist was never seriously damaged. She puts her heart fully into her stage act whereas some artists (Britney Spears) need a little lip-sync help.

Looking prettier and fresher than in recent photos, Carey appeared in costumes which flaunted her full curves and tanned skin. She morphed from a skimpy two-piece silver sequin dress to a little black number to a sassy pink-top and blue-pants outfit to a glamorous evening gown to match the mood of her songs.

Carey sang exactly 16 songs according to the order that the concert promoter dispatched in advance. But she managed to play around by introducing each member of her band in a high-pitched musical voice. Performing with a less than 10-piece band, Carey didn’t care to include any special effects in the show, beamed live through huge video screens.

The most memorable moment of the night came when she sang “My Saving Grace” accompanied by footage of her life on the video screens - something that Carey wanted to do to send a message to her fans and rebut her critics.

The footage opens with the young Carey dreaming of being a singer, then a tabloid headline reads “Mariah Breakdown”, then she is being embraced by her fans at last year’s MTV show. The film closes with rave reviews for “Charmbracelet” and a headline that reads “Mariah smiles again”.

She was certainly smiling at the rapturous applause that greeted the end of her Bangkok concert.

Source: The Nation

FEBRUARY 22, 2004 9:13PM
Carey’s undeniable charm

Despite no costume change, only a couple of songs from her Charmbracelet album and a 90-minute delay, the local audience welcomes Mariah Carey with open arms at her first concert here.

Carey’s Friday concert at Merdeka Stadium was a bundle of surprises right from the very beginning. Fans who came expecting to see a scantily clad diva were thrown off guard when Carey, dressed in a bright pink spaghetti-strapped top and tight-fitting blue jeans, made her grand entrance perched at the back of a BMW convertible as it went around the stadium before finally stopping by the stage.

With no opening act and a one-and-a-half hour delay, the American pop-diva smiled and waved to the crowds as she opened the 90-minute set with the remix version of her 1999 No.1 smash hit Heartbreaker taken from her Rainbow album.

Looking conspicuously like a Barbie doll complete with her pink platforms and long blond curly mane, Carey’s concert had a happy, colourful and somewhat childish theme going on that seemed to enthrall the excited crowd of close to 30,000 who immediately took to their feet (and stood on their chairs) to get a better view of the 33-year-old international singing sensation who said: “I’ve waited a long time to come and see you.”

Royalty, celebrities and fashionistas were out in full force.

While pop-diva concerts are predominantly about the visuals, (Cher rode a fake elephant on her Farewell tour and Christina Aguilera steamed up her Stripped tour with a hunky guy who well, strips), Carey had none of that and, in fact, went all out to stage what could possibly be the most demure performance in her current world tour.

When after several stage exits Carey re-emerged wearing the same outfit, which had the words “Automatic Princess” splashed prominently across her chest, the slightly peeved crowd emitted sounds of disappointment (the best the audience got was half way through the show, when she switched from her bright pink platforms to strappy high-heels).

However, the songtress did apologise. “Typically I change clothes like eight times during the show and I’m sorry if I’m being boring but that’s the rules and we gotta play by them,” said the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter referring to the strict stage regulations imposed by officials and concert organisers.

Funnily enough, similar “strict guidelines” were ignored during her recent concert in Jakarta when curvaceous Carey performed in six of her tour costumes.

For a large part of her show, Carey was flanked by five dancers, all dressed in mismatched hip-hop circus wear – like the girl who had a tutu over her tight jeans. She was accompanied by five very good band members and three back-up singers led by long-time friend Trey Lorenz (who later joined her in an impressive vocal-Olympic version of the Jackson 5 classic I’ll Be There).

While the 33-year-old superstar did another one of her disappearing acts, a buffed up and very bald Lorenz took centre stage to render the song A Friend of Mine and also highlighted the vocal prowess of the other two backup singers as well as the band’s pianist. Much to the delight of everyone, especially the ladies in the crowd, Lorenz heaped praise on the nation’s capital saying it was one of the best venues they ever performed in.

As trademark of the true musical icon and gifted vocalist she is, Carey needed no elaborate set design or flashy pyrotechnics to prove that she can still deliver the goods. In fact, a simple, minimalist stage (with a set of steps), and two giant screens on each side showing accompanying videos to some of her songs, was all she had. This nevertheless added to the overall magical spell Carey cast on her audience.

Carey’s pure talent and superstar quality was never more obvious as she belted out emotive and highly inspirational ballads like Through The Rain and Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme). Both songs earned loud ovations as she dug deep to hit some spectacular notes.

In recent years, Carey has faced unfavourable media attention, which is hardly a surprise considering the tumult of a divorce in 1998 with ex-Sony Music Entertainment chairman Tommy Mottola, a record-label change, a universally panned movie and album (Glitter in 2001), and that very, very public “breakdown”. The gifted singer however, who has always sought refuge in writing songs, eventually produced Charmbracelet, which made its debut at No.3 on the US Billboard Charts.

And one of the most poignant parts of the evening was when Carey bared all (with her clothes on) in a very personal video presentation of her childhood, career highs and lows and her rise from it all as she rendered a deeply moving version of her gospel-inspired song My Saving Grace.

Although dubbed ‘An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004’, to promote her latest album Charmbracelet, only two songs (Through The Rain and My Saving Grace) from the album were featured. Carey also sang the single I Know What You Want from her newest Remixes compilation.

Instead, Carey, who sang a total of 16 songs, primarily delivered a series of her hits from the previous decade including Dreamlover, Make it Happen, Always Be My Baby and her first ever single and No.1 hit, Vision of Love, thus, endearing herself further to many Malaysians who have long said they missed the “old Mariah”.

Carey also maintained a steady and cheeky banter with the crowd – often throwing back “I love you’s” and asking the crowd to sing along as she teased and gyrated a few times by rotating her hips and thighs suggestively and flashing the sweetest smile.

Carey has also developed her own special lingo or Mariahisms like “love ya much” and “hey, lamb!” which she readily offered the Malaysian crowd.

While for the most part the concert went on smoothly, at other times the videos that were played between set changes created brief but obvious lulls in the show.

The song I Know What You Want is a case in point. As dancers performed intricate dance movements while the song’s video was played, Carey came out briefly, uttered a few lines as she walked across the stage, then quickly left.

A disappointment perhaps was Carey’s Fantasy number with its “been there done that” steps, which were not only old but showed moments where both her dance routine and singing were out of sync with the music.

But as the best selling female artiste of all time and as the only artiste to have a No.1 hit in every year of the 90s, Carey more than made up for it with her encore performance of the all-time crowd favourite and semi anthem-like melody Hero.

“In appreciation to all of you fans here in Malaysia, I say thank you for supporting me through my whole career. I want you to know that I really appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of my heart,” said Carey.

While what Carey projected on stage may have seemed fluffy and girlish or even childish at times, none of it seem calculated or rehearsed.

In her 14-year career, Carey’s appearance and style may have changed, but one thing is certain – her music continues to inspire.

Source: The Star Online

Mariah reigns supreme

"Typically, I'd change my costumes like eight times, but there're some rules here and I would have to follow them..." said American pop diva Mariah Carey during her concert at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, on Friday.

The crowd screamed disapprovingly. It was quite a bummer to know that your favourite singer, known as much for her sexy, glamorous outfits as for powerful vocals, had to bow to a dress code at her maiden concert here.

Clad in a pink tank top and tight blue pants throughout the show — billed An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004 — Mariah later said: "Sorry for being so boring but this is the only thing I have that's appropriate." More deafening screams ensued. After all, her previous shows in other countries — which were part of this tour — saw Mariah in colourful outfits with theatrical themes. Sexy and revealing they may be, but they made for a visual feast. And yes, they made the beautiful and talented songstress happy while on stage.

But that's not to say that our regulations dampened her spirits. Throughout the 90-minute show, Mariah showed her appreciation for her Malaysian fans by giving her all — with her clothes firmly in place, of course.

It seemed that Mariah, who had to undergo therapy for an emotional breakdown not too long ago, was out to prove that she still reigns supreme in the international arena 14 years after she made it big with her Grammy Award-winning eponymous album.

And if the Friday night concert was any indication, Mariah still has it. Every do, re and mi of her wide vocal range was intact. That's right, the biggest-selling female artiste of the '90s displayed her mind-blowing octave-jumping ability and trademark "glass-shattering" voice that never faltered during the show.

Most of the songs were taken from her earlier albums (Emotions, Music Box, Daydream) where her vocals soared powerfully and majestically, not the later albums (Butterfly, Rainbow) in which she showed a more whispery side.

The crowd responded enthusiastically, singing along to the familiar tunes which included My All, Without You, Always Be My Baby, Make It Happen, Dreamlover and Fantasy (Ol' Dirty Bastard Remix version).

Obviously, there were clear visions of Mariah's love for performing throughout the show, organised by Galaxy Production and presented by TMNet.

She opened her show with the remix version of Heartbreaker while being driven around the stadium in a buggy with her two big, burly bodyguards (jogging) by her side. Waving to her screaming fans in the stadium like a beauty queen on a parade, she coaxed the seated audience to jump onto the field to join her in a 1.4km run. By the time she completed the lap, hundreds of fans were already with her (luckily she made her way to the stage without major interruptions).

Mariah later said that she had waited a long time to see her Malaysian fans and thanked them for their support throughout her career.

A retrospective journey of sorts, the show was thoroughly enjoyable, fun and exciting with 15 hit songs from her past albums — Honey, Through the Rain, Can't Take That Away From Me (Mariah's Theme). She also gave her fans a glimpse of her troubled past in the haunting ballad My Saving Grace.

Featuring video footages of media coverage on Carey's much-publicised breakdown projected onto two giant screens at both sides of the stage, it was perhaps the most emotional moment during the show.

She also performed the first single which catapulted her to stardom, Vision of Love, which was a pleasant surprise since it was known that she seldom performed this vocally-challenging number in past concerts.

Her duet with R&B singer Trey Lorenz in I'll Be There was also one of the highlights of the night. Trey, first featured in Mariah's 1992 MTV Unplugged album, later belted out a solo performance of his song Friend of Mine.

Before wishing her fans goodnight, Mariah belted out her much-loved ballad Hero. She was immediately joined by the audience in a chorus which reverberated in the stadium and triggered an incredible warm feeling.

Well, if there's anything that Mariah achieved that night, it was a permanent place in the hearts of thousands of her fans.

Source: New Straits Times

Designer Ong gave his all for Mariah

Mariah Carey may not have worn the three outfits specially-made by Michael Ong for her recent concert in Kuala Lumpur but it was well worth the designer's effort.

Ong had five hours to work on the dresses. He says: "I've never done anything like this (in just a few hours!) but for a superstar like Mariah, I did." It's every designer's dream to dress a diva, he notes, before cheekily breaking into one of her hit songs "I give My All ..." Ong received a call at midnight, a day before the concert, from a member of Mariah's management team who said that she needed several outfits made in keeping with the country's strict dress code on performing artistes.

The next morning, her stylist Nikki Siegenberg met him at his boutique in KL Plaza, Kuala Lumpur bringing with her several of Mariah's favourite dresses, a hot pink Victoria's Secret padded bra and her measurements (36-30-38) to assist Ong in making the dresses.

Most of Mariah's favourite outfits that Siegenberg brought as samples were mainly stretchable long dresses in olive green and red, but one was a short, spaghetti-strap cocktail number made of silk chiffon in peach detailed with iridescent sequins.

Except for a stretchable dress in olive green which had the name Susanna Monaco, none of the sample dresses had labels on them, even though it is a known fact that the American singer often wears Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani.

"Siegenberg selected the materials from my shop herself which included silk lycra in black, fuchsia and royal blue to be made into simple, long tank dresses.

"She also requested the dresses be accented on the bodice with gold glomesh for the fuschia number and silver glomesh sprinkled with Swarovski crystals for the black and royal-blue dresses," Ong explains.

According to him, the silver glomesh with Swarovski crystals imported from Austria costs about RM4,000 for less than a metre. Each dress costs approximately RM10,000 each and Ong gave them to her for free.

"I must admit that I was stressed-out that day as I, together with my team of eight seamstresses, only had several hours to complete the outfits. I was a nervous wreck.

"The dresses were for Mariah, a superstar, and I had to make sure that everything was extra, extra perfect," says Ong, adding that thankfully Siegenberg was not fussy about the style and design.

After the dresses were completed at about 5pm on the day of the concert, an assistant from Mariah's team came to collect them at Ong's boutique.

She, however, did not wear any of the outfits at the concert, opting for a pink baby T-shirt and tight blue jeans throughout her 90-minute show instead.

Ong, who was in the audience at the one-night sell-out concert at Stadium Merdeka, was obviously disappointed.

"Every time she went backstage after several songs, my heart raced and I kept my hopes high that she would come out onstage in one of my outfits. I was waiting and waiting but she never did wear any of my creations.

"I hope she likes them. She did take them with her and my wish now is that she would make use of them. Who knows, we might one day see Mariah in the papers or magazines in one of the dresses?" Ong, 32, began his career 10 years ago without any formal education or training in fashion design.

Known for his extravagant creations that are either ultra-glamorous or downright unusual, the self-made designer has an impressive list of clientele that includes celebrities like Siti Hurhaliza, Ning Baizura and Ziana Zain, socialites as well as trendy women from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Although some feel his creations are rehashed versions of ideas from couturiers of the past, sometimes even present, Ong does not lack in originality.

One will notice in his designs his strong signature which lies in the ornate beading, and his quirky whims and fancies like slits and slashes to display a glimpse of leg, breast and torso.

In addition, he sometimes injects traditional Malaysian motifs into his works.

Source: New Straits Times

Mariah mentioned in new Lion commercial

Click here to download the video of the new Lion commercial. Lion is a very popular chocolate crisp and caramel bar in Europe. In the commercial, Anouk, a well known artist in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and in The Netherlands, is in a recording studio to record her new single.

While she is singing, one of the guys who is in charge of the sound, pretends to talk to Mariah on his cell phone. He says, "Mariah, baby, how are you? You're my favourite you know that... yeah sure."

Source: Heroes Of Mariah

FEBRUARY 22, 2004 10:22AM
Mariah to work with The Neptunes?

Philippine radio station 97.1 WLS FM reports that Mariah Carey and The Neptunes (composed of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) will collaborate together for Mariah's next album. Supposedly, they will work on two songs tentatively titled "Glow" and "Forgiven But Not Forgotten."

Please note that this information is strictly rumor and has not been confirmed by any official source. Until furthur, more creditable details start to come in regarding Mariah's upcoming album, please don't believe everything you read.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub

Backstreet Boys want Mariah-like duet

Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson tells Details Magazine the group would like to work with Christina Aguilera on their upcoming album. "There is a song we all co-wrote together." A ballad, which Kevin describes as "reminiscent of Mariah Carey's 'One Sweet Day.'"

"We have everything ready but we need a female vocalist to record the verses. Our hopes are set on Christina Aguilera, so we hope she can do it."

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah Concert To Draw Full House

Organizers predict a full house when Mariah Carey takes to the stage later this month. Billed the season's biggest and most highly anticipated live event in Dubai, the February 26 show is a part of the Charmbracelet World Tour and is expected to attract nearly 9,000 people from across all ages and nationalities.

She is the ultimate pop princess. The undisputable best-selling female performer of all time who has an incredible 15 number one singles and two Grammy Awards to her credit. An artiste who has moved from glossy ballads to hip-hop inspired dance-pop hits effortlessly and just as flawlessly.

And now she will be right here, singing her heart out at the Media City Auditorium where a special grandstand is being constructed to accommodate the crowds who will converge to watch the crooner in her element. Presented by Nokia and Qatar Airways, the concert builds on the unprecedented success of the Craig David show presented by Mirage Promotions late last year.

Tickets for the concert have commenced from their designated outlets across town and are currently available at all Virgin megastores in the UAE, selected outlets of Areej, Hard Rock Cafe and all Proof Woody Kiosks at the Dubai Media City. They are priced at Dh145 for the regular standing arrangement, Dh195 for key sponsor Nokia`s pit and Dh255 for the grandstand seating. For more information, call the Ticketline 800 4669.

Source: Khaleej Times | PMCF

News Tidbits

-- Mariah is mentioned in an interview with Joan Rivers, who is on the cover of this months' edition of the New York City local publication Next Magazine. Joan says she never called Mariah fat, she simply said, "People told me that you gained weight but I think you look great."

-- Aladerri is planning a special fan gathering event for Mariah's birthday on March 27. Click here for the details and furthur information.

-- A group of Mariah fans are trying to get the filming of Mariah's Charmbracelet Tour released on DVD. They have set up a petition to organize the effort. If you would like to sign the petition, logon to

-- Named in honour of the British supermodel Naomi Campbell, who not-so-memorably reached number 40 in the UK charts with Love and Tears in September 1994, the Naomi Awards reward all that is truly terrible about the previous year's music. The awards are voted for by artists, producers, managers, publicists, record company execs, music journalists and the wider media. Mariah Carey received the award for the worst international female singer.

Source: Adrian | Aladerri | Danielnico80 | Gilles

FEBRUARY 21, 2004 3:32PM
Carey's fans brave storm

Mariah Carey's concert at Stadium Merdeka last night saw no shortage of Malaysian fans who came dressed like the American pop queen. They gathered at the stadium's compound as early as 5pm, saying they could hardly wait to meet their idol.

"I am a great fan of her," said International School student Pacita Torre. Her schoolmate Georgina Robinson agreed. "This event is something I have been waiting for all the time," she said.

It had been raining heavily an hour earlier, but by the time the crowd started arriving at the stadium, the rain was reduced to a drizzle.

"The rain is not going to deter us," said M. Kula, another fan of Carey. "Michael Jackson's visit here in 1996 was a dream come true and now Mariah Carey's visit is another.

"I hope that some of the world's greatest kings and queens of pop would continue to turn up on our shores. Others on my list include Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder." Promotional posters of Carey were all over the stadium, as were scarves and stickers at stalls promoting her concert.

Another fan of Carey, identified only as Normah, said: "Ideally, I want to speak to her and tell her she has a great voice and loads of star appeal. If that is not possible, I would like to shake her hand and get her autograph.

"Finally, if that too is not possible, I just stand among the crowd applauding and feeling honoured to attend her concert. It is a wish come true. As she sang, there can be miracles when you believe."

Source: New Straits Times | dapshnyb | kennychia

Sisters spend RM10,000 to attend concert

They waited at the Mandarin Oriental in Jalan Pinang here yesterday, holding notebooks and cameras, some came as early as 7 am, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mariah Carey.

Two of these fans were Michelle Loke, 25, and her sister, Jessica, 13, from Perth, Australia. They said it was worth spending RM10,000 to fly here just to attend Carey's concert at Stadium Merdeka last night.

Michelle, a fan of Carey for more than a decade, and Jessica had been sitting at the hotel lobby's lift area from 8am, waiting for the pop diva to descend from her presidential suite on the 30th floor.

"We have seen her dancers, her stylists and even her back-up singer Trey Lorenz and I got to hug him too," said an excited Jessica.

Michelle said she planned the trip months ago, and even booked a room at Mandarin Oriental because Carey would be staying there.

"I attended the concert when she performed in Australia and it was fantastic. So I just could not miss out on her show in Malaysia. I own more than 200 of her albums and collected magazines in which she was featured," said Michelle.

So determined was Michelle in wanting to meet Carey that she tried to befriend members of the superstar's entourage.

Michelle said she hoped to hand some gifts she had bought - cuddly stuffed toys in the shape of a dolphin, lamb and Koala bear - to her idol.

"Dolphins and lambs are Carey's favourite animals, and I included a koala because I am from Australia," she said.

"We heard that Carey's only going to come down to the lobby about 5 pm but it's really interesting watching members of her entourage going in and going out. My sister and I certainly don't want to miss seeing Carey."

The Loke sisters' game plan for the concert was to exchange their seats for better ones upfront by paying extra for people willing to trade.

"We bought VIP seats but only managed to get the eighth row, so we are trying to find those with front row seats who are willing to exchange them for a price," said Michelle with a grin.

Among the other young fans of Carey who were at the hotel since morning were Chia Sook Mei, 23, her sister Soo Kim, 18 and Soo Kim's schoolmate, Yesotha Taramarajah, 18.

Sook Mei, who took a day's leave from work as a secretary, said: "We don't even own a single copy of Carey's albums but we felt it would be thrilling to see her up close before watching her perform at the concert."

The Malay Mail learnt that the hotel decorated Carey's RM16,000 a night presidential suite in pink as they knew it's her favourite colour.

On top of that, the hotel also left her a pink robe complete with her initials, and a silk shawl in - what else? - pink.

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FEBRUARY 20, 2004 8:56PM
Carey wows Malaysian fans

The fans went wild as Mariah Carey, seated at the back of a BMW convertible, made her appearance at the start of her 90-minute show at the Merdeka Stadium yesterday.

Clad in a pair of blue jeans and a pink spaghetti-strapped top, the diva kicked off her first-ever concert in Malaysia with the upbeat song Heartbreaker, taken from her 1999 Rainbow album as the BMW drove her into the stadium.

Fans rushed towards the award-winning singer to get a closer look at their idol, who arrived fresh from her sell-out concerts in Jakarta and Bangkok.

Carey's prima-donna attitude took a different turn when she made several adjustments in her appearance here to conform to local customs and sensitivities. Even though she made several disappearances from the stage, Carey reappeared wearing the same outfit again.

Later, Carey told fans that she normally changed costumes about eight times between performances but this time she had to make an exception. “I’m sorry that I’m so boring but I’m just playing by the rules,” she said.

The 33-year-old singer said she was abiding by the dress code regulations of the Government and decided to stick to one “safe” outfit. The fans were undeterred by her unprecedented compromise on her clothing.

Despite a slight drizzle in the late afternoon, about 30,000 excited fans, both young and old, thronged the stadium, with some of them coming as early as 5pm.

Paul Munro, a broadcaster from Australia who came to Malaysia for a holiday in November, even extended his stay just to catch a glimpse of his favourite singer.

Munro, a Carey fan who has all her albums and knows all her songs, said his extended stay was decided on at the last minute because he only found out about the concert four weeks earlier.

Local singer Vincent Chong, better known as Vince, was also spotted outside the stadium before the concert started. “I’m really a big fan of Mariah Carey and have always dreamed of doing a duet with her,” said the Akademi Fantasia 2003 winner.

The concert, which started at 9.30pm, saw Carey perform 15 of her hit songs, including My All, Without You, Hero, Always Be My Baby, Through The Rain and Butterfly.

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Carey charms fans with electrifying concert in KL

It was a show of love and devotion for fans of American superstar Mariah Carey when more than 26,000 people turned up for her maiden Malaysian concert at Stadium Merdeka here tonight despite clear signs of a stormy weather.

Throughout the 90-minute concert, themed "An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004", thousands of fans sang and danced along as Carey took them on a musical journey with a string of hits — from her eponymous debut album in 1990 right down to her latest release, Charmbracelet.

But it was her hip-hop flavoured tracks such as "Fantasy" and "Boy I Need You" that really got the crowd moving. Accompanied by five musicians, her show also featured three back-up singers and five dancers who helped set the night on fire with slick choreography and sensual moves.

Carey wore a tight blue pants and a pink tank top throughout the show, although the New Straits Times had earlier learnt that she would be wearing three dresses specially tailored by local designer Michael Ong.

She opened her show with the upbeat "Heartbreaker" and kept her audience enthralled with a selection of well-loved tracks from her previous albums. They included "Always Be My Baby", "Through the Rain" and "My All".

After wishing everybody goodnight, Carey returned on stage for an encore in response to the crowd's deafening screams. She thanked her fans for their continuous support towards her 14-year-long career and belted out her wellknown ballads "Vision of Love" and "Hero".

Also making an appearance in a duet with the diva was singer Trey Lorenz, who was first featured in Carey's MTV Unplugged album in1992. They gave a rousing rendition of "I'll Be There".

Earlier, local fashion designer Michael Ong told the NST that the diva, through her stylist Nikki Siegenberg, had yesterday requested him to prepare the outfits.

"They are made of silk lycra accented with sparkling glomesh and Swarovski crystals. The latter costs about RM4,000 for less than a metre. The three outfits — in fuchsia, black and royal blue — were designed based on several of Carey's favourite dresses which Siegenberg brought at RM10,000 each," he said.

Source: New Straits Times

Diva rising

R&B’s great white hope, Mariah Carey, hopes to conquer Dubai on Thursday February 26 – but if Whitney Houston’s lacklustre show on St Valentine’s Day was anything to go by, the divas are down.

Still, Mariah ain’t that old and she ain’t lost her voice yet. Thomas Ovesen, Mirage Promotions Dubai general manager, calls her “one of the most talented, successful and best loved artistes around the world.” Oh well.

Carey comes to town from Beirut, courtesy Nokia and Qatar Airways. She plays at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre which, with the addition of grandstand seating, has a capacity of 9,000. Doors open 9pm. The damages? Regular standing: Dh145, Nokia Pit Dh195, Grandstand seating Dh255. And 10 per cent off to those paying by MasterCard. Tickets available at the Hard Rock Café Dubai, Proof Woody Kiosks at Dubai Media City, Virgin Megastores in the UAE and the Time Out Ticketline.

Couldn’t be worse than Whit, what?

Source: Gulf Weekly

Carey's concert woes

Mariah Carey has been hitting some sour notes overseas. The multi-octave diva gave a concert in Guadalajara, Mexico earlier this month at the JVC Extravaganza Convention Center for some 25,000 Omnilife employees. Also in attendance, according to sources, was Mexican president Vicente Fox and his wife.

Carey has sound problems at the concert, according to sources, and got applauded more for her sexy outfits than for her singing, leading the concert promoter to reportedly complain that she was not worth the money he’d paid her to perform.

Then, not long afterwards, Carey upset some fans in Jakarta, where tickets went for as much as $212 - almost three months’ salary at the city’s minimum wage. And although Carey’s voice received rave reviews, the concert lasted less than an hour and was frequently off stage for wardrobe changes, according to the Jakarta Post, which reports that Carey was once off stage for an entire song, leaving a backup singer to perform. “Carey is still a diva at heart, and acted like one,” the paper reported.

Source: Jeannette Walls Delivers The Scoop

FEBRUARY 19, 2004 3:57PM
Carey-Ed Away By Diva’s Warmth

Shouts of “Mariah, I love you” and “Oh my god, oh my god!” from the public greeted Mariah Carey as she walked across the arrival hall at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) soon after her arrival last night.

The American pop diva, who was accompanied by an entourage, is performing a concert tonight at Stadium Merdeka, themed “An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey - The Charmbracelet Tour”.

Although her concert here has been well-publicised, the presence of the superstar at KLIA stunned locals and foreigners alike.

As Carey, flanked by burly bodyguards, made her way to a waiting car that would take her to her hotel in the city, she smiled and waved, prompting delirious shouts of appreciation by her fans.

Earlier, a crowd of curious onlookers gathered where the media were converging, outside the VIP lounge to wait for Carey’s arrival.

As soon as Carey emerged from the lounge, some of the fans screamed her name. This had a ripple effect as more and more people began to be aware of her presence, and even a group of Japanese tourists got interested.

Mohamed Zamir Abd Ghani, 22, a student at Uniten, jumped and shouted with joy as soon as he caught sight of Carey leaving the airport in her car.

“I cannot afford the tickets to her concert as all the cheaper ones were sold out, so I just wanted to see her up close at the airport,” said Zamir.

Azwani Azmi, 22, a student at the Multimedia University, was also happy to be able to get close to Carey as she walked past.

“I found out from the net (about her flight time) and decided to come and see her,” said Azwani.

Carey, fresh from her concerts in Thailand and Indonesia, wore a low-cut tight black dress... which made those who saw her wonder what she would be wearing tonight.

Source: Emedia

Charming and Beautiful

Mariah at KL Airport
American diva Mariah Carey waving to fans on her arrival at the KL International Airport Thursday.

The singer and her 50-strong entourage are in Kuala Lumpur for a one-night concert — 'An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004' — at the Stadium Merdeka tonight.

The 33-year-old singer arrived at 8.05pm from Bangkok and accompanied by airport security personnel and her bodyguards, she was whisked off to the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Source: The Star

FEBRUARY 19, 2004 7:14AM
Concert, fans and batik on pop diva’s mind

When Mariah Carey hits town tonight, top on her shopping list would be Malaysian batik. Her manager Michael Richardson said the American pop diva had heard a lot about this local craft and wanted to get some batik.

However, it is not likely that the multi-award artiste would be donning any batik wear when she takes the stage at the Merdeka Stadium here tomorrow for her one-night performance.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Richardson, speaking yesterday from Bangkok, where Carey had just completed a sell-out concert. Richardson said as soon as the Malaysia Airlines flight carrying her touches down at the KL International Airport, she would be whisked away to her hotel.

After a good night's rest, she would set out on a batik shopping spree. The 33-year-old singer, who conquered the pop world with her stunning seven-octave vocals, is on a world tour to promote her latest album Charmbracelet. After her concert here – the first time she will be performing in Malaysia – she is scheduled to be in Beirut and Dubai.

Richardson said Carey had been all fired up for Asia, after her successful shows in Jakarta and Bangkok. The talented star is expected to bring along a 50-member entourage that includes her personal make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe assistants and technical crew.

The singer is expected to deliver Through the Rain, My All, Can’t Take That Away, Without You, Hero and Always Be My Baby and other chart-topping hits, at the 90-minute concert.

She is expected to sing one of her earlier hits – I'll Be There – in a duet with singer Trey Lorenz.

The diva has sold more than 150 million albums over the years and continues to amaze her devoted fans. Charmbracelet, her eighth album, has already sold millions since its debut.

Her accolades include two Grammy awards, eight American Music Awards and Billboard’s Artiste of the Decade award. Last Saturday, she added another feather to her cap by receiving the MTV Asia Lifetime Achievement Award in Singapore.

Source: The Star Online

Mariah arriving Thursday evening in Kuala Lumpur

Proudly presented by TM Net and organized by Galaxy Production, An Intimate Evening With MARIAH CAREY Charmbracelet World Tour 2004 Live in Malaysia will finally kick off on Friday, 20 February 2004, at 8:00p.m. at Stadium Merdeka.

Fresh from her acceptance of the MTV Asia Lifetime Achievement Award at Singapore last Saturday, Mariah Carey will arrive in KLIA from Bangkok on Thursday, 7:55p.m. on MH 9425, and leave immediately the next day after the show.

Mariah’s entourage, amongst others, include singer Trey Lorenz who duet with her on the platinum cover hit of Jackson 5’s ‘ I’ll Be There ’ and the two will deliver the song to Malaysians at the concert. In most of the performances in the Charmbracelet Tour, Mariah usually comes out from the audience in the middle of the show; hence those who bought the tickets on the arena should be on the lookout for some unexpected surprise.

The standard performance duration for any international Artiste is less than 90 minutes, but with an array of #1 hits, Mariah Carey herself has expressed that her performance duration will depend on the response of the crowd at the Merdeka Stadium. As a tip, the more love she gets, the longer the encore!

For the convenience of last minute ticket purchasers - to avoid the Friday traffic jams and hassle, the Stadium Merdeka ticket counter will begin its operation from Wednesday, 18 February 2004, onwards, 12:00p.m. (noon) to 8:00p.m. daily. Only limited tickets are available. Don’t miss the one and only show by Mariah Carey, the second top selling international Artiste after Michael Jackson and the first biggest selling female singer of all time to hit our shores. For more information, kindly log on to the concert website at or contact the Galaxy Hotline: 03 2282 2020.

The entrance gate to the free seating tickets will open at 6:00p.m. while other gates follow accordingly. The concert-goers are also advised to use the services of Jalan Hang Tuah LRT and Stadium Merdeka Monorail in order to avoid parking and traffic jam problems before and after the concert. Due to security reasons and show requirements, the public is advised that strictly no cameras, whether manual or digital, to be allowed into the concert venue. The Organizer shall exercise the right to confiscate any films or demand to delete the pictures on-the-spot in the event of discovering cameras. We apologize of any convenience caused.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2004 3:57PM
Absolutely Charmed

WITH a dainty shuffle, an occasional flick of her mane, a subtly seductive teasing flutter of her eyes, Mariah Carey’s date in Jakarta was a charmer, promising to take Malaysians by storm tomorrow at the Merdeka Stadium. True to her promise made in Singapore just last weekend, she didn’t let any silly dress code regulations compromise her showmanship. And boy, did she show a lot last Sunday!

While concerts of such scale are hardly conducive to developing erotic fission, her tour does not stint on spectacle – dancers tried to outdo each other through their tight choreography, back-up singers strived to out-warble each other and Mariah stuck to her choice of costumes in the very bits and pieces (literally) that we’ve come to know and love her for. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about her in the past couple of years. Forget the fact that she suffered a breakdown in 2001. Forget the fact that her semi-autobiographical movie, Glitter, was universally panned, and forget the fact that she holds the unenviable distinction of being paid off to leave her previous recording outfit after just the first album of a five-record deal. While her reputation may have taken a scorching of late, (one reviewer pointed out in reference to her that while baubles are fine, you just don’t want to lose an hour and a half looking at one), onstage, Mariah was a real gem. Ticket prices reflected that well enough with many paying up to Rp1.7 million (about RM810) and Rp 1.35 million (RM645), with the cheapest at Rp500,000 (RM230). But the 5,000 in attendance proved that they were not going to allow that to stand between them and watching and listening to Mariah live for the first time in Jakarta. At most concerts, it’s easy to match the audience to the act, just by how the crowd looks.

But the 33-year-old superstar has the sort of gigantic and widespread popularity that renders her fans demographically diverse yet culturally homogeneous. The concert in the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) in Central Jakarta was attended by a majority of the local fashionistas, with local supermodels and designers, several celebrities, as well as enthusiastic members of the audience playing dress-up in the Mariah themes of either dressy/classy or flirty/flaunty. But they hardly typified the crowd, which really could have been a random population sample scooped up from a local mall and transferred en masse to the venue. Some audience members looked like folks you’d expect to see at the symphony rather than for someone who’s done duets with a Medusa-haired hip-hopper called Ol’ Dirty Bastard while others were decades younger and ethnically diverse. It was obvious they were there for the same reason. Which was to soak in Mariah’s brand of love songs which expressed hope, and not untethered fantasy, unlike more regular pop fluff.

This is one of the few misunderstood aspects of Mariah’s career. And, oh, she’s not trying to look like a sexpot, she’s merely having fun playing dress-up. And boy did she have fun, trotting out in six different costumes, none of which were the supposed locally designed outfits to safeguard local sensitivity. If that wasn’t enough visual stimulation for everyone, a half-dozen dancers pranced about through many of the songs, as videos beamed in canned guest appearances by rappers such as Busta Rhymes and impressionist art on two gigantic video walls. There was a playfulness and relative spontaneity to the show that was refreshing, at least in terms of the sort of top-heavy spectacles we usually get from top acts.

There were no pyrotechnics, no motorised runways, no lip syncing. Instead, there were lots of easygoing ad-libbing and interaction between the musicians with the crowd cheering over a dozen chart-topping numbers. Mariah occasionally showed off her peculiar vocal signature, those little passages of notes somewhere in the range of, er, Q over high Z, about half an octave down from a dog whistle, unrelated to the songs in either melody or meaning, but was technically amazing to say the least. The diva sounded like her hit- making self of the ’90s as she wrapped herself around one self-motivating ballad after the other, with her vocals in top-notch form throughout the one and a half hours performance. Moments where she faltered were far and few between.

She had the crowd grooving right from the start, kicking off with funky, foot-tapping Heartbreaker. If there were any reservations about how her dress code would have been affected by the stern warnings, the opener dispelled any fears that fans wouldn’t be able to enjoy Mariah’s trademark bust-baring outfits when she appeared in a very revealing glittery, silver two-piece comprising a short hula skirt (with a high side slit) and a bikini top. The hits came fast and furiously with boppy Dreamlover following, getting the crowd on its feet in no time. The grandiose ballad Through the Rain followed next and set the mood especially for couples (or those simply pining to be with their significant other). Her phrasing was fluid and soulful throughout, and on My All, her lower register was warmly expressive.

And when she uttered repeatedly the lyrics of ‘Feel your body... feel your body’, her body broke into orgasmic spasms much to the delight of her fans. Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme), moved her to fall to her knees as she sang the song’s very personal lyrics after a quick costume change to a more reserved gold halter top dress ensemble. A teddy bear was thrown onstage as if almost on cue, and she put it between her breasts (which threatened to jump out throughout the concert and join the fun), to the absolute excitement of the audience. Then it was back to the poppy groove of Always Be My Baby before another quick change saw her coming onstage in denim cut-offs and a Harley Davidson top to gyrate with the dancers in a raunchy set, turning up the heat on an already steamy evening, as she belted out the slinky, seductive, I Know What You Want. Yes, I said evening because the concert was held at 4pm, an ungodly hour, as concerts go.

Local dailies reported promoter Adrie Subono saying that the hour was such as they had to clear the venue by 6pm because President Megawati Soekarno-putri was to attend a wedding ceremony held just next door. Anyway, as I Know What You Want died out (which Mariah showed up for two thirds into the song after her costume change), Mariah went backstage for ANOTHER costume change and she appeared shortly in a signature little black dress for Without You. Mariah’s banter seemed mostly staged, but she seemed genuinely sincere as she showered the crowd with ‘thank yous’ and ‘I love you toos.’ She would have shocked look on her face when the audience roared in approval as she sang and flash her million-dollar smile and waved continually to her adoring following. Breaking into an impromptu song, Mariah musically introduced her lineup consisting of four musicians (on piano, keyboards, drums and bass) and her three backing singers. The sweltering evening heat (or it could have been a more cheeky motivation) got the audience roaring when Mariah went “It’s getting hot in here” which had some fans responding aptly in true fashion to the Nelly tune, ‘So take off all your clothes’! Mariah’s three back-up singers were phenomenal, especially the charismatic and talented Trey Lorenz. Just as he did 11 years before on MTV Unplugged, Trey joined Mariah during a stunning rendition of I’ll Be There.

After they were done, Mariah disappeared for another costume change as Trey took over with A Friend Of Mine in a free-for-all that even included the band’s pianist vocally chipping in. She then appeared in pink satin running shorts and a turquoise top emblazoned with the phrase ‘Automatic Princess’ and launched into the inspirational Make It Happen for the crowd to jump to its feet, singing along. It was then on to a final costume change to a short, blue and pink print dress for Butterfly before she bowed out and reappeared for an encore of Hero. Belting out what may have been another of her personal anthems through its lyrics of positivity and self-affirmation, it seemed the song’s theme hit home to no one more so than the singer herself.

Source: Emedia

FEBRUARY 18, 2004 9:35PM
ITP named as official magazine publisher for Mariah Carey live in concert

"ITP is delighted that concert organisers, Mirage Promotions, have chosen Ahlan! to support the show", said ITP's Publishing Director Walid Akawi. "This continues to demonstrate the peerless penetration and reach that ITP's consumer titles offer. A combination of print media and online resources, in the form of the region's leading online ticketing service, has ensured great market awareness for this world class event."

Mariah Carey's career is truly the stuff of legend. Since she began her career, Mariah has since become the best-selling female performer of all time, with an incredible 15 #1 singles and two Grammy Awards. Along the way she became the only artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s, and, with "Heartbreaker," she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop the USA's Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

Mariah Carey will performing as part of her Charmbracelet 2003/04 World Tour.

Tickets for the show are available from all Virgin Megastores in the UAE, Proof Woody kiosks in Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, selected Areej outlets in Dubai and Sharjah and The Hard Rock Cafe Dubai.

Source: AME Info

FEBRUARY 17, 2004 4:13PM
Mariah performs in Bangkok

Below are pictures of Mariah performing live in concert in Bangkok, Thailand as a part of her Charmbracelet World Tour. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

The setlist to Mariah's concert in Bangkok was as follows:

1. Looking In Intro / Heartbreaker
2. Dreamlover
3. Through The Rain
4. My All
5. Can't Take That Away
6. Honey
7. I Know What You Want
8. Without You
9. My Saving Grace
-- Band Introduction
10. I'll Be There (Featuring Trey Lorenz)
-- Friend Of Mine (Performed by Trey Lorenz)
11. Fantasy
12. Always Be My Baby
13. Make It Happen
14. Vision Of Love
15. Hero / Butterfly Outro

Source: Associated Press | CrybabyDoll

Mariah overwhelmed by warm welcome

Singer Mariah Carey arrived in Bangkok yesterday for her first Thai concert, at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani tonight.

The curly-blond singer greeted fans at the airport dressed in a spaghetti-strap, black evening gown. When in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, she was reportedly asked to cover herself to comply with the cultural restrictions.

"I want to say thank you so much to Thai fans for supporting me. It`s very nice to be here," she said. Eight young girls performed a traditional Thai dance before the superstar, who said she was overwhelmed by the reception. "It`s my first time here. I`m so excited. It`s such a warm welcome."

During her past 14 years in show business, Mariah has gained many accolades, including two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard`s Artist of the Decade Award and the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium.

On Saturday, the superstar received the MTV Lifetime Achievement award in Singapore. "It`s been an honour and I would like to thank for all the votes," she said.

Possessing a spectacular seven-octave range, Mariah, whose one-night concert here has already been sold out, has proven she is equally at home with sweeping ballads and pop, often incorporating elements of dance and hip-hop into the mix.

Her international hits include Vision of Love, I`ll Be There, Hero, One Sweet Day, and Without You. She composes many of her own songs. In 2001, Mariah signed up with Virgin Records, which released Glitter, the soundtrack album to the film of the same name, with Mariah in her first lead acting role. She also featured in the films The Bachelor (1999) and Wisegirls (2002). Her new project is to work on a theme song for the new James Bond movie to be released next year.

Source: Bangkok Post | Ballsath

Below are four additional pictures taken from Mariah's arrival in Bangkok at the Bangkok International Airport by Mariah fan Johan. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Surprise, surprise

She came, she smiled sweetly, delivered some polite thank-yous, and then with another flash of her perfect dentistry, she was gone, without even a sweet song for the audience to remember her by.

Stunning pop diva Mariah Carey, elegantly dressed in an eye-catching fuchsia ball gown, raised the roof off the Singapore Indoor Stadium when she made an unexpected surprise guest appearance to accept a special Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to her by cheeky Brit boy band Blue, who could not resist giving her a peck on the cheek and getting down on their knees to strike “we-are-not-worthy” poses, at the recent MTV Asia Awards 2004 held on Valentine’s Day.

Although Carey, who flew in from Busan, South Korea prior to the show, did not hang around long enough to deliver a tune for her adoring public (the singer left for Jakarta soon after receiving her award where she performed at a concert the day after), her fleeting appearance at the pan-regional awards show – the largest in Asia – was greeted with shrill screams and rapturous applause from the 7000-strong crowd nevertheless. It’s just a shame that she couldn’t bring herself to thank her Asian fans properly by singing a song or two as it would have truly made the night for the majority of the young revellers at the show.

Besides Carey, the big winners of the night were Linkin Park and Korean pop rocker BoA, who bagged two awards each. If Carey had decided to reward us with song, it really would have been truly magical. As it was, this year’s show was pretty decent entertainment. Roll on the next year.

Source: The Star Online

MTV Asia Awards: Who Is It For Anyway?

At award shows, artists, especially in the international categories, have often been ‘rewarded’ for their appearance, but as the MTV Asia Awards dragged on in the most mundane manner, a shocker came in the form of a well-deserved win by Christina Aguilera in the Favourite Female Artist category.

But then Michelle Branch, the only present nominee, had just a day before stated that “The presenter never wins.”

Just as faith was restored to some extent, Mariah Carey’s appearance proved that attendance pays off when she showed up to everyone’s surprise picking up the Lifetime Achievement Award (which did not exist before the show started).

And of the three honorary awards, The Style Award was, without warning, scrapped, despite only being introduced last year to be handed to Avril Lavigne – who surprise, surprise, was present last year.

Wonder if Mariah looked closer to see what was engraved on her award.

Source: New Straits Times

News Tidbits

-- HoneyBFlyGirl is selling her one of a kind jean jacket, which has Mariah's face airbrushed on the back. It was autographed by Mariah during the taping of MTV's Total Request Live in January 2003. For pictures and more information, logon to

-- From USA Today: When asked who her biggest musical influence was, 21-year-old American Idol contestant Lisa Leuschner said, "Stevie Wonder has always been a big musical influence for me. When I was growing up, it was Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston."

-- From Yahoo! News: The only songwriters with longer spans of No. 1 hits than Burt Bacharach and Hal David are Lincoln Chase and Bob Crewe. Chase was credited on Bert Kaempfert's "Wonderland by Night" in January 1961 as well as Mariah Carey & Jay-Z's "Heartbreaker" in October 1999.

-- From BBC Entertainment News: "In general, both Arabic and English music is popular [in Lebanon]. Mariah Carey is coming [to Beirut] this month, so big names are very popular here.

-- From The Scotsman: Jamelia's interest in children stems from when she was a teenager. She reveals that she was planning to be a child psychologist before she was snapped up by Parlophone. Her signing to the record label came seven years after she "discovered" her singing talent, aged eight, in her back garden when she was singing along to a neighbour’s Mariah Carey tape. She says: "I was just singing and my neighbour came over said: ‘I didn’t know you had a Mariah Carey tape too’, and I said: ‘We don’t, that was me.’"

Source: HoneyBFlyGirl

FEBRUARY 16, 2004 3:15PM
Mariah's presence in Bangkok, Thailand tonight

Below is a picture of a huge, highway billboard advertising Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet World Tour 2004 stop in Bangkok for February 17th.

Source: Suriya

FEBRUARY 16, 2004 2:23PM
"Misty Moon" Extended Audio Clip and Lyrics

Logon to to hear an extended clip of "Misty Moon," the song Mariah recorded for Coca-Cola Japan's blend tea Sokenbicha. Simply click the "play" button on the bottom right of the screen. Below are the official lyrics to the entire song, as taken from the Sokenbicha website:

I see fields of golden flowers
Shine in the evening sun
Above are misty mountains
It's so beautiful
As the wind caresses my eyes
Gazing gently at the sky
The moon inside a halo
It's so beautiful

There's a dark and lovely forest
In the place where I was born
There's a farmer walking down the trail
It's so beautiful
I hear the sound of birds sing
And the echo of a bell
Every tree is wrapped in moonlight
It's so beautiful


When I think of all the beauty
That nature gives to me
From the flowers to the mountains
It's so beautiful
There's a glory and a wonder
Far wider than the sea
I say yes to all this loveliness
It's so beautiful

Click here to view the standard 15-second Sokenbicha Tea commercial featuring Mariah's "Misty Moon", and here for an extended 30-second clip.

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Carey fans flock to the airport

Hundreds of fans flocked to Don Muang airport yesterday afternoon to welcome American superstar Mariah Carey, who will perform in Bangkok tonight.

Carey was accompanied by a 36-person entourage. She flew in from Indonesia on a Thai Airways flight and was enthusiastically greeted by fans waiting at the airport.

The singer, clad in black strapless dress and black-rimmed sunglasses, waved to fans as she entered the arrivals’ hall. Two bodyguards had to work hard clear a path through the crowd to get Carey to her waiting limo. But the singer remained unfazed and smiling throughout the ordeal.

“I am very excited to be here in Bangkok,” she said. “I hope everybody will enjoy the show. It’s a great honour to be in Bangkok.”

The singer, who has had a series of number-one hits over the past decade, including “Hero” and “Through the Rain”, cancelled a planned press conference at the airport because a huge turnout of reporters was expected. Fans yelled out “I love you, Mariah” and “you are so beautiful”.

Carey is expected to feature songs from her recent album “Charm Bracelet” at the concert. The album has so far sold more than a million copies.

Source: The Nation

Pink sang Mariah songs in voice lesson sessions

There is perhaps no mainstream pop artist out there right now taking as many chances and crossing as many genre boundaries as Pink. In their conversation, Pink and Launch Music's Billy Johnson Jr. chatted about her rebellious youth, the pressure of being a role model for teen girls, her love of all forms of music, and shattering stereotypes. Here's what the missundaztood one had to say...

Launch: Did you listen to a lot of types of music as a kid?
Pink: I loved music. I mean, I loved it. Like, I used to make my mom take me to singing lessons. I would sing Phantom Of The Opera, Mariah Carey, and 4 Non Blondes in the same practice. I mean, I just loved all different types of music. I appreciate good music no matter what it is, something heartfelt and something that inspires me. I love all of it.

Source: Launch Music

News Tidbits

-- From The Washington Blade: Gay faves Bette Midler, Cher and Britney Spears are signed to star in "In the Pink." While Dish is excited about the prospect of Midler and Cher, reportedly friends in real life, about the best that can be said of Spears’ acting is that her film debut, “Crossroads,” wasn’t as excruciating as Mariah Carey’s “Glitter.” But it wasn’t as funny, either.

-- From My San Antonio: Pop singer Cristian Castro has a distinctive tenor, but like Mariah Carey and Jon Secada, he tends to oversing on tunes when a little more judicious restraint would be appropriate.

-- From Canoe News: Last week the music industry filed motions against 29 John and Jane Does who it alleges are high-volume music traders, storing thousands of MP3 files on their hard drives. On Monday, the Canadian Recording Industry Association started to work through the courts to learn the identities of those people, currently identifiable only through IP numbers and user handles like Jordana(at)KaZaA who, according to court documents, allegedly uploaded songs by Jay Z, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

-- From Kansas City Star: Bird flu has been detected in a previously unaffected Thai province and has resurfaced in eight other provinces that were under observation, officials said Monday. The virus, which has killed six people in Thailand, was found in some ducks in the northeastern Roi Et province, Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin Chidchob said. Singer Mariah Carey said the bird flu outbreak had made her think twice about extending her tour in Asia.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2004 8:17AM
Mariah arrives in Bangkok, Thailand

U.S. singer Mariah Carey receives bouquets of flowers and waves upon her arrival at Bangkok international airport in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, Feb. 16, 2004. Carey is here to perform a concert Feb 17. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Associated Press

A moment with Mariah

From the hundreds of journalists, Faridul Anwar Farinordin was handpicked to spend five precious minutes with pop diva Mariah Carey at the recent MTV Asia Awards 2004.

Pop princess Siti Nurhaliza was on her way to the media room at the Singapore Indoor Stadium during the recent MTV Asia Awards 2004 when she was told to wait. The reason? American diva Mariah Carey was still in the room being photographed by Pressmen. A few seconds later, Mariah, accompanied by big, burly bodyguards, walked past Siti on her way to the dressing room. The pop diva acknowledged Siti by nodding her head and smiled; after all, Siti, who won the Favourite Malaysian Artiste award for the third consecutive year, had given a rousing performance with British pop idol Gareth Gates earlier. Awed and clearly excited, Siti quickly gestured to Mariah that she wanted to take a picture with the star, who is one of her idols, but was disappointed when Mariah only offered an emphatic smile.

Well, Siti, if it's any consolation, Mariah didn't even meet the Press, all of whom clearly wished she'd make an appearance. Mariah, who arrived from Busan, Korea, for a short appearance at the annual award show to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, only gave exclusive interviews to two publications — the New Straits Times and Associated Press — who were handpicked by her bodyguards in the media room.

That's right, yours truly had a one-on-one — never mind that it was only for five minutes — with the singer, who will be performing at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur (her first Malaysian concert) on Friday. The show is part of her "An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004".

In the short interview (cameras were not allowed), the singer said her upcoming show will be a mix of "interesting theatrical elements".

"It's gonna be a surprise and a great show. This time, Bianca (her brunette alter ego who was featured in her music videos and past concerts) won't be there. I thank all my fans for their continuous support and look forward to seeing them soon," she said.

On the minor controversy surrounding her concert, she said: "As an artiste, I understand the cultural sensitivities of a country. I didn't mean to offend anybody. And I thank my Malaysian fans who continue to give me full support." That was it. I was then escorted back to the media room. Meanwhile, actress Datuk Michelle Yeoh, who received the Asian Film Award for her enormous contribution to the industry, said she was honoured with the recognition.

"This will motivate me to work harder," said the action star, who is currently working on a new Hollywood film project. Another special award was given to the late Anita Mui (The Inspiration Award). The night also saw performances by rap duo Too Phat in a group performance with American pop singer Stacie Orrico and Singapore R&B/hip-hop outfit Urban Xchange.

Other performances were by Grammy-nominee Black Eyed Peas, Canadian urban pop band Simple Plan, British all-girl vocal trio Sugababes as well as Asian artistes, including Thailand's Katreeya English and India's Isha Kopikar.

Source: New Straits Times

Mariah’s Improved Bottomline

With Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet tour just behind her, the five foot nine singer has been wowing the world with her newly chiselled figure and more sophisticated style. Her personal trainer, who’s been with Mariah for a while now, Patricia Gay, tells us: “She’s lost weight and now looks younger and stronger.”

Along with eating a healthier diet (full of chicken, vegetables, fish and fruit), Carey, 33, hits the pool several times a week for an hour of underwater leg lifts, arm circles and squats. “It tones up her arms, legs and butt,” says Gay.

As for those amazing abs, well “Mariah does Pilates twice a week to strengthen her stomach,” adds Gay.

Source: Hindusan Times

Julie Zahra downplays Mariah Carey resemblance

The surprise and joy of winning this year’s Song for Europe was still at its highest yesterday morning. Cynthia Busuttil caught up with an ecstatic Julie Zahra, part of the duo Julie and Ludwig who won the contest with their song On again... off again.

Many people say that Julie resembles renowned singer Mariah Carey. Asked whether she will play up this resemblance in a bid to do better in the Eurovision Song Contest, the young singer said “No”.

Although she claimed to be flattered that people compared her to the international singer, she said that she didn’t like the way Mariah Carey dressed, and was therefore not ready to try and be like her.

Source: Independent Online

News Tidbits

-- "They Call The Wind Mariah," the song from the "Paint Your Wagon" that Mariah was named after, is played during the end credits of the new Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler movie, "50 First Dates".

-- From The Age: American pop diva Mariah Carey stole the show at the annual MTV Asia Awards where she appeared to accept a Lifetime Achievement award in front of 7,000 fans. The 33-year-old star flew in from Busan, South Korea, to collect the award.

-- From Yahoo! News: A noted musician/producer, Randy Jackson previously was a major-label A&R executive (at MCA Records and Columbia Records) who has worked with many of the biggest names in music, including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Along with his "American Idol" gig, he manages up-and-coming singers Nikka Costa and Van Hunt.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2004 9:14PM
Concert costly and brief but Mariah still charms

The poor had the last laugh on Sunday as pop diva Mariah Carey wrapped up her concert here in only one hour, leaving dozens of fans who had paid up to Rp 1.7 million (US$212) for tickets -- almost three times the capital's minimum wage -- disappointed.

Other ticket prices were between Rp 500,000 and Rp 1.35 million.

The brief performance at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Central Jakarta, also included Carey's frequent exits backstage for outfit changes, leaving dancers and backup singers to take over.

Once, she disappeared for a full song sang by backup singer Trey Lorenz.

However, as part of a world tour to promote her latest album Charmbracelet here, Carey showed she still could deliver the goods with her flawless five-octave range. And of course, a set of provocative outfits.

Clad in tiny, glittery silver hula skirt and bikini top, she kicked off her performance with upbeat Heartbreaker, taken from her 1999 Rainbow album.

Two screens on each side of the stage showed a series of impressionist-style paintings to illustrate her song Dream Lover.

She then walked around stage, giving instructions, then, realizing the existence of the audience turned and asked "How're you feeling?" with a huge grin.

The some 5,000 audience cheered and applauded as she belted out hits like Through the Rain, My All, Can't Take That Away and Always Be My Baby.

One highlight was a duet with Lorenz on Jackson Five's I'll Be There, with the crowd singing along.

The 33-year-old supreme songbird frequently took a pose, waving her hands in true Miss Universe style, and sat on the floor.

In Fantasy, by now on her fifth or sixth outfit, she shook her hips and danced around a folded chair.

The concert was completed with the 1993 number one single Hero.

The concert, however, showed that Carey still has a long way to go to reclaim her diva status after a turbulent period in the last few years.

Carey hit big in the 1990's pop scene after debut album in 1990 Vision of Love which spawned four No. 1 hits, sold over six million copies in the United States and won two Grammys.

In 2001, however, she was dropped by her label Virgin as album Glitter failed to meet expectations, although it still registered platinum sales. The horrible movie of the same name, in which Carey starred in was also a flop, followed by news of a mental breakdown.

Her eighth album, Charmbracelet, is Carey's first under her own brand, MonarC, which she formed with Island record company.

Despite bad reviews, the album has been a reasonable success for Carey, and a chance to put her career back on track. Released in the United States on December 2002, the album sold 241,000 copies in its debut week.

With the diva status still to be reclaimed, Carey is still a diva at heart, and acted like one.

Aside from a long list of requests for local promoter Java Musikindo, she also refused to hold a conference for the local media here.

She touched down at Halim Perdanakusuma airport here on Sunday at 1:20 p.m., after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV Asia Awards.

Her concert was held at 4 p.m. on Sunday, relatively early for a music concert, which are usually held in the evening.

According to promoter Adrie Subono, they had to clear the venue by 6 p.m. because President Megawati Soekarnoputri was to attend a wedding ceremony held in the JCC area.

Well, look who's the diva here.

Source: The Jakarta Post | Fransiscus

FEBRUARY 15, 2004 11:51AM
Mariah performs in Jakarta, Indonesia

American pop diva Mariah Carey performed in concert at the Jakarta Hilton Convention Centre on Sunday, February 15, 2004, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Carey was in Jakarta after attending the 2004 MTV Asia Awards in Singapore on Saturday. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Mariah's setlist included the following songs, in order: Looking In (Intro), Heartbreaker, Dreamlover, Through The Rain, My All, Can't Take That Away, Always Be My Baby, I Know What You Want, Without You, Band Introduction, I'll Be There, Friend Of Mine (performed by Trey Lorenz), Fantasy, Make It Happen, Hero, Butterfly (Outro).

Source: Mariah Daily | Indra

Damizza discusses plans to work with Mariah again

In a recent interview with Bayridaz Entertainment, producer Damion “Damizza” Young mentions Mariah numerous times. Of major note, he says, “I’m working on something new with Mariah. We’ve talked about a couple of things. She asked me for two or three beats.”

In regards to how they first began collaborating, Damizza says that after hearing a Ja Rule record he produced, Mariah asked him to produce her “I Still Believe” remix with Krayzie Bone and Da Brat, which gave him the confidence to continue his aspirations of being a producer.

“What Would U Do,” the current single from Damizza’s upcoming May 4 album release, was actually a joke record made while Nate Dogg and Damizza were waiting for Mariah to come to the studio to record “If We.”

Damizza says, “Mariah always will be my favorite artist to work with because that’s one of my best friends. It’s not work to us. She either comes to the house, or I go to New York, or we meet in the studio.

“We wrote ‘Crybaby’ in my basement. We wrote ‘If We’ in New York on a boat trip – just in different places across the world. With her, she’s given me the opportunity to see the world. Writing in Capri, Italy – there’s nothing like it. She really affords me the resources and the possibilities to do whatever I want.

“Keep in mind that Nate Dogg had never done an international record until he met Mariah. So to be able to put Nate Dogg on an international scale like that, it’s got to be a really cool lady. So working with her is amazing.”

Click here to listen to the entire interview, in which Damizza discusses many other topics, including producing artists, running a record label, and managing a radio station. He even mentions Tommy Mottola, calling him a “dinosaur,” and suggesting that he’s a crooked businessman.

Source: Mariah Daily | Lionsgate02

News Tidbits

-- Out of the 12,000 available tickets to Mariah's concert in Bangkok, Thailand, all have been completely sold out. This is very good news for Mariah and her Thai fans, who are very excited and can't wait to see Mariah live in concert on February 17th!

-- On the last hour of VH1's 100 Greatest Love Songs television special, "I'll Be There" was #9, "Endless Love" was #7, and "Open Arms" was #4. However, the credit went to the original performers: The Jackson 5, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, and Journey.

-- Be sure to vote for Mariah at in For Him Magazine's Sexiest Woman of the Year Poll. You can vote every other day. Please also remember to vote for Mariah at, where she is nominated for Best Chart Act in the American Dance Music Awards.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2004 11:12PM
Welcoming Mariah Daily's new staff member

Mariah Daily would like to announce a new addition to our staff: Shayne Kent. For several years, Shayne helped to establish as one of the liveliest and most popular Mariah Carey fan sites on the Internet.

Now he will be lending his talents and services to our site, and together, we hope to continue to improve Mariah Daily and make it the ultimate online destination for Mariah fans. Look forward to big things coming your way in the year 2004 from Mariah Daily!

Mariah's surprise appearance at MTV Asia Awards

Pop music diva Mariah Carey got hearts raising when she made a surprise guest appearance to accept a special Lifetime Achievement Award at the MTV Asia Awards 2004.

The show will air across to 150 million homes across Asia on MTV SEA, MTV Mandarin, MTV China, MTV India, MTV Philippines and MTV Thailand, premiering at 10.00pm Singapore time on Saturday 14 February. Portions of the show will also be broadcast around the world via MTV's global network of channels, reaching a potential viewing audience of more than 1 billion.

Click here for photos of Mariah accepting the award from boyband Blue and here for photos of Mariah backstage in the pressroom. Click the "next" button on each respective page for additional images.

Source: MTV Asia

More on the MTV Asia Awards

-- From Yahoo! News: American multi-platinum megastar Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance at the MTV Asia Awards and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award. Carey said she was honored by her Asian fans — though added that the region's continuing bird flu outbreak had made her think twice about coming. "But the show must go on," she said. Ten Asian countries and territories have been hit by the flu — but not Singapore.

-- From The Sunday Times: Mariah Carey, who flew in from Busan, South Korea, was the surprise guest last night at the MTV Asia Awards. She took home a Lifetime Achievement Award, but left for Jakarta soon after, where she will be giving a concert today.

-- From Ananova: Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance at the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore and was honoured with a lifetime achievement award.

Valentine's Day Special: Celebrity Matchmaking

Ours is a nation that loves its love-hate relationship with the stars - just look at the millions of tabloids sold each week and the near-endless list of TV shows devoted to who wore what when they showed up with so-and-so. As we enter Valentine's Day weekend, however, it seems celeb coverage lately has been a little mean-spirited.

We're asking: Where is the love? We've found it. And now we want to pass it on to those who need it most. We've put our finest matchmaking skills to work, pairing you up with someone who'll give you just as much happiness as you've given us over the years. Really.

Eric Benet and Mariah Carey: His oft-delayed album is still in limbo, and mere mention of his name tends to elicit a hostile chorus of "How could he cheat on Halle Berry?" Mariah is still struggling to be taken seriously after her miniskirted meltdown in 2001. There's no better time than now for them to rekindle for real the on-screen chemistry they had together in "Glitter."

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

FEBRUARY 14, 2004 12:51PM
Mariah receives achievement award from MTV Asia

On Friday, February 13th, entertainment reports suggested that Mariah Carey would be coming to Singapore as a special guest for the February 14th taping of the 3rd annual MTV Asia Music Awards. After all, she was in the area for a concert performance in Busan, Korea. However, there was no official announcement and everything was purely speculation – until Carey showed up on the red carpet.

The show, which was hosted by teen pop queen Michelle Branch, featured performances from The Black Eyed Peas, Simple Plan and Stacie Orrico. Carey eventually made her way up to the stage – not to sing – but to accept a special Lifetime Achievement Award. Carey thanked MTV Asia Networks and her regional fans for sticking with her throughout her career. The award was presented by boyband Blue and, like all other trophies presented at the ceremony, was shaped as Cupid to represent the event's central theme of love.

Carey later attended an after party at the Equinox Bar. The songstress didn't stick around for long, however, as she has a performance to prepare for tomorrow in Jakarta, Indonesia. Carey is currently in the middle of her Charmbracelet World Tour, which has upcoming stops in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Beirut and Dubai.

Stay tuned to Mariah Daily for more pictures and further updates regarding this event, as well as other upcoming events and tour performances. For more information on the MTV Asia Music Awards, logon to

Source: Mariah Daily | Jinesh

Blue star-struck over Mariah

While Vanness Wu admitted to being star-struck when he met Michelle Yeoh at the MTV Asia Awards, British boyband Blue could not believe the news when they were chosen to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mariah Carey, who personally received the award -- much to the surprise and joy of the 8,000-strong crowd.

A total of 19 awards were given out, 16 of which were based on votes by viewers and the remaining three -- The Asian Film Award, Most Influential Asian Artist and The Inspiration Award -- were based on industry votes.

Channel i will be broadcasting a delayed telecast of the show on February 15 at 9pm.

Source: The Straits Times

News Tidbits

-- Mariah was featured three times on MTV France's "Best Love Duets." She was #2 with "Endless Love" (Duet with Luther Vandross), #5 with "Thank God I Found You (Remix)" (Duet with Joe & Nas), and #6 with "I Know What You Want" (Duet with Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad).

-- Mariah is currently #28 as "2004 Artist of the Year" and #19 as "Miss 2004" in a Dutch website survey. Please vote daily here and here to move Mariah up the list. She finished at #18 and #14, respectively, last year.

-- From The Jakarta Post: Grammy Awards winner singer Mariah Carey will perform at the Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan on Sunday at 4 p.m. and could be a perfect Valentine's gift for your partner. The cheapest tickets on offer at Rp 500,000 are already sold out.

-- From Yahoo! News: According to American Idol judge Simon Cowell, Madonna is "Over." Enrique Iglesias "Can't sing a note." Bob Dylan is "Too ugly, too boring, too whiny and too serious." And Britney Spears "can't sing" while Mariah Carey has a "Great voice" but must "Lose the attitude."

-- From ThisWeek Newspapers: In the increasingly sex- and youth-obsessed entertainment industry, female entertainers seem compelled to use their bodies as marketing tools. From pop stars like Mariah Carey to country singers like Shania Twain, talented women in nearly every genre of music seem to think that their talent isn't enough.

-- From This Is London: Jenny Packham, third season for St Martin’s graduate known for hand-beaded evening and bridal wear. Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey, Rennee Xellweger and Naomi Campbell have flaunted her frocks.

Source: Amina Astite | Steve Burt

FEBRUARY 13, 2004 4:22PM
A chance to catch Mariah in Dubai

Mix FM is not content with giving 120 listeners the opportunity to catch songbird Mariah Carey in her Charmbracelet World Tour 2004 in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, on Feb 20.

Now, Mariah Mania will give you the chance to pick up more concert tickets and maybe even fly to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with a partner, to enjoy still more of Carey's never ending chain of charms at her concert there on Feb 16. You will also be given RM1,000 pocket money and the opportunity to meet the singer backstage after the concert in Dubai.

All you need to do is call through to 03-95433322 after the cue to call, weekdays from now till Feb 20, and answer correctly as many Mariah Trivia questions as you can within 30 seconds.

Source: The Star Online

Thailand Update

Nearly all of the tickets for Mariah's February 17th concert in Bangkok, Thailand have been sold. Only 114 tickets priced at 4,000 baht remain. (5,500 baht, 2,500 baht and 1,000 baht-priced tickets sold out during their first week of public sale). The remaining tickets can be bought at

Mariah is scheduled to arrive in Thailand from Indonesia on Monday, February 16th at 4:40pm by Thai Airways (TG 434). All of Mariah's fans are very exciting to meet her at the airport and are looking forward to her concert.

Source: Mariah Daily | Ballsath

Valentine's Day and Mariah Under Fire In Malaysia

Expected celebrations of Valentine’s Day came under criticism from Malaysian officials, with some scholars warning Muslims not to celebrate the particular ‘lover’s day’, as Malaysia showed it was still a pristine nation when it criticized the organizers of a Mariah Carey concert due this month, according to news reports Friday, February 13.

Harrusani Zakaria, the Mufti of a remote state near the border with Thailand and controlled by the ruling National Front (NF) coalition government in Kuala Lumpur, said the act of celebrating the day was against Islamic teachings, particularly if it was related to commemorating, as stated in ancient Rome history, the death of a priest, reports the Bernama news agency Friday.

Youths interviewed in Kuala Lumpur said that they were confused with the warning of the Mufti and the almost ‘official’ declaration of Saturday as Valentine’s Day in Malaysia.

“The television, the newspapers and almost every body at the top are saying this is a great day for lovers, a day to woo the loved ones or to get new girl friends,” said Shamsyul, who is a student in a college in Kuala Lumpur.

He added that the authorities seemed to have found a “new reason to become very Islamic all of a sudden by condemning Mariah Carey for her upcoming show.”

A concert to be given by Mariah Carey - the U.S. singer - due to organize a tour of South East Asia this month, has also been criticized by government officials in Kuala Lumpur.

Organizers of the concert came under fire after it was learnt they would hold the show “An intimate Evening with Mariah Carey Charm bracelet Tour World 2004" on the eve of the Muharram, which is the Muslim New Year and is called the Maal Hijrah.

Carey has been warned that she should not perform in sexy attire on stage in Malaysia and that the holding of the concert February 22 was not appropriate.

“I am going to her show, I watch her always on TV and I love her songs,” said Munira, another student at a local institution in Kuala Lumpur.

She said the authorities allowed Linkin Park to hold a concert during the Organization of Islamic conference (OIC) summit and now they are shocked by the date of the Mariah Carey show, “Just postpone the date, why make a fuss of it?” She charged.

On Friday, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) Youth said it was not happy as the new date of the Carey concert is still too close to the Maal Hijrah celebrations.

UMNO Youth Religious Affairs Secretariat Chief Shamsul Najmi Shamsuddin said that since ‘Awal Muharram’ was a significant event in Islam, the proximity of the concert was a cause for concern.

"We appreciate the organizers' initiative to change the earlier date of the concert but the new date is still too close," he said in a statement carried by Bernama Thursday.

After protests from Islamic groups, the organizer of the concert at the Merdeka Stadium, decided to bring forward the date to Feb 20.

In Indonesia, too, the Carey concert came under fire from officials who said the singer was not allowed to perform on stage in skimpy sexy clothes and advised her to use less ‘daring’ clothing.

Source: Islam Online

News Tidbits

-- Shino has launched a campaign to get Mariah's "Misty Moon" released as a single in Japan and needs your help! All you have to do is e-mail her at with your full name and e-mail address. Your information will be added to a petition. The deadline is February 21st.

-- According to Click On Detroit, and apparantly Billboard Magazine, Mariah has been the most played artist on American radio in the last 5 years.

-- From The Daily Star: Face it, men: For most of the year, women don’t ask that much of us, really. In fact, they let us get away with all sorts of stuff: our fascination with Haifa Wehbe, our fascination with Mariah Carey, our fascination with Haifa and Mariah together at a slumber party wearing nothing but … uh, oops, maybe I went too far.

-- From Statesman Journal: The B-list celebrities of 2004 are going to have to do a lot more to hold the American public’s attention for more than five seconds. Here are my thoughts on what some slipping celebrities might have to do to stay in the headlines in 2004: Mariah Carey recovers from her 15th nervous breakdown, only to light herself on fire while running down the streets of Los Angeles. During the stunt, she sings “Emotions” in her seven-octave range.

-- From Village Voice: Since I am fashion-retarded, I steered clear of the Fashion Week shows out of fear that they'd throw me out for wearing clothes from the Gap. But over at Marquee, the fabulous likes of Sophie Dahl, Harmony Korine, and Ellen Von Unwerth mingled with Mariah Carey and Alanis Morissette at the Saturday-night party for the London mag Cheap Date.

Source: Shino | Shayne | Tommy

FEBRUARY 12, 2004 3:28PM
New Mariah Song, "Misty Moon", used in commercial

-- Click here to download a clip of the new Mariah song, "Misty Moon", as featured in a new Japanese beverage commercial.

Sokenbicha Tea
-- It was announced yesterday that Mariah Carey has remade a Japanese song. The original English translation of the song “Oborozukiyo” has been recorded by the songstress for a new commercial for the Coca-Cola Japan blend tea Sokenbicha.

Mariah, who sang the peaceful song in an elegant whisper, said with confidence, “The song turned out very well.” The commercial featuring the song will start airing from February 18th, 2004.

The joint venture between the American singer and the traditional Japanese song finally came true after talks to Mariah’s management. They agreed and now under Sokenbicha’s present-year campaign slogan “So Beautiful,” the effort has been officially launched.

The song Mariah covered, “Oborozukiyo,” was written in the Japanese Taisho period (1912-1926) and incorporates a lyrical masterpiece describing the peaceful Japanese spring’s pastoral landscape. This time, however, the song has been translated in English and re-titled “Misty Moon.”

Mariah recorded the song in New York from the end of last year to the beginning of this year. To fully concentrate on her work, just Mariah herself, the pianist, and the sound engineer were in the studio during the entire session. Since the song is also the first of Mariah’s to be announced in 2004, she worked harder than ever before. She presented the song with her beautiful voice, which is familiar to the Japanese and has been described as “the 7 octave diva.”

Mariah said, “I sang with all my heart so the sound of the song will properly suit the beauty and elegance of Japan’s blend tea.” It was her first time covering a Japanese song but the recording process went smoothly. “It has been a wonderful opportunity. The song’s melody is beautiful and I think it turned out well.”

Mariah, who has done four concert tours in Japan, also said, “Speaking of Japan’s springs, I heard that it is a beautiful season with Sakura. I would be happy if I get to go to Japan in Spring.” After singing the song, her interest in Japan seems to have increased. Right now she is still in the middle of her world tour and has no plans of visiting Japan immediately but she did give her fans a message: “I hope you all like the song. I’ll see you again soon.” There are also currently no plans to release the track commercially, so for now, the song is limited to the commercial. But it seems like there will be a rush of requests for the song to be released, and for Mariah to personally return to Japan as well.

Source: Hochi Web | Ayako

New date for Mariah concert too close to Maal Hijrah

Although the organisers have decided to change the date of the Mariah Carey concert, UMNO Youth is still not happy as the new date is too close to the Maal Hijrah celebrations.

UMNO Youth Religious Affairs Secretariat chief Shamsul Najmi Shamsuddin said that since Awal Muharram was a significant event in Islam, the proximity of the concert was a cause for concern.

"We appreciate the organisers' initiative to change the earlier date of the concert but the new date is still too close," he said in a statement Thursday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Zainal Abidin had opposed the organising of the concert involving the international entertainer on Feb 22, which conincided with Maal Hijrah

After protests from Islamic groups, the organiser of the "An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet Tour World 2004" at the Merdeka Stadium, decided to bring forward the date to Feb 20.

Source: Utusan Malaysia Online

Mariah's Concert in Mexico gets negative feedback

A few days ago, American singer Mariah Carey gave a special concert in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was a condensed version of her Charmbracelet World Tour, and it was set to please twenty-five thousand Omnilife employees at the JVC Extravaganza Convention Center. Another important fact about this concert is that Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, attended the concert with his wife.

However, the mini concert gave a wrong impression of Mariah in that country for some reasons: the show had a lack of sound quality; and Mariah received bad press. A few articles said that Mariah was "un-cool" and that she received ovations because of her sexy physical appearance, instead of her music.

Also, according to different sources, Mr Jorge Vergara, the organizer of the annual event called "Extravaganza," said Mariah was not worth the money he paid for her show (reportedly $500,000) and that she hasn't been successful in almost five years; however, there is not an official statement about this and Mariah has not commented.

An article from the publication Mural wrote "Jorge Vergara hired Luis Miguel's ex-girlfriend, but Luis was his first choice to entertain his guests. It wasn't Luis Miguel, but his ex-girlfriend Mariah Carey." What it means is that Luis Miguel is more important than Mariah Carey; perhaps in Mexico Luis Miguel is more popular, but in a world view, Mariah Carey is still one of the biggest music icons ever.

Even when at this moment Mariah Carey is not the biggest seller on the planet as she used to be, her career is still fructose; her latest studio album debuted at #3 in Billboard 200 albums chart, and her single "Through the rain" sold well worldwide; those are recent achievements that other artists dont get so easily.

Source: Mariah Hero | Miriam Salcedo

Glitter: Coming up on VH1

On Saturday, February 14, VH1 will host the cable network premiere of "Glitter" in their "Movies That Rock" series. The film premieres at 9:00 p.m.

In "Glitter," pop star Mariah Carey plays Billie Frank, a shy, young girl who is sent away by her alcoholic mother at a very early age. At an orphanage, she befriends Louise (Da Brat) and Roxanne (Tia Texada). Flash forward to 1983. Billie and her friends are spotted by a record producer, Timothy Walker (Terrence Howard), who wants them to sing backup for his latest pop-music discovery.

But when super DJ Dice (Max Beesley) hears Billie's incredible voice, he makes a shady deal with Timothy to get her out of that dead-end situation. Soon, Billie and Dice are making hits inside the studio, and falling in love outside of it. Eventually, the pressure of her newfound celebrity puts too heavy a strain on Billie, forcing her to decide what it is she really wants from Dice, and what she wants for herself.

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News Tidbits

-- A male contestant sang Mariah's version of Journey's "Open Arms" (from her 1995 "Daydream" album) last night on American Idol.

-- From City News Ohio: In the 10 years since Joe hit the music scene with his debut album, "Everything," he has garnered multiple Grammy nominations, and has written and produced songs for such artists as Mariah Carey, Tina Turner Barry White, The Backstreet Boys, and Chico DeBarge.

-- From Casino City Times: I'll bet if a honed handicapper had gone to the film library and timed preceding Super Bowl National Anthem performers like Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston,Garth Brooks, Natalie Cole, Vanessa Williams, Luther Vandross, Jewel, Cher, Faith Hill, the Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey and last year's group the Dixie Chicks, most, if not all of them, would be more than 1:50.

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FEBRUARY 11, 2004 5:47PM
New Scans

The British press loves to keep Mariah in their headlines and publications! Below are five scans from Heat Magazine, Mirror Magazine, M Celebs Magazine, and What's Hot Magazine. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Andy Parker

Carey ‘yes’ to Feb 20 date

American pop diva Mariah Carey has consented to her concert in Kuala Lumpur to be held on Feb 20, saying that it will fit in with her world tour in the region.

Carey will kick off her concert in the region in Jakarta on Feb 15 followed by Bangkok before arriving in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 19.

According to concert organiser Galaxy Production's spokesman Eric Chen, Carey told him that “this will make my plans fit in nicely with the itinerary.”

Carey agreed to the new date after her concert in Beijing was cancelled. “When Mariah's concert in Beijing which was slated for Feb 20 was cancelled, we acted on it to take over the date and she agreed,” said Chen yesterday.

He also said the new date would be good news to her fans. “We received a lot of calls at our ticketing office two weeks ago asking for the date to be moved to Friday so that outstation fans have ample time to travel back to their hometowns.”

“An Intimate Evening with Mariah Carey – Charmbracelet World Tour” kicked off last June. Chen said ticket-holders who could not accommodate the new date must get a full refund by Sunday. For more information, call the ticketing hotline at 03-2282 2020 or visit the website www.

Source: The Star Online

Mariah concert tickets on sale

Fans of Grammy-award winning singer Mariah Carey can now reserve and purchase their tickets in Bahrain for her debut concert in the Gulf on February 26.

The concert, presented by Bahrain-based company Mirage Promotions, is set to be held at the Dubai Media City as part of the artist's Charmbracelet Tour.

Mariah is the best-selling female performer of all time, with 15 number one singles. She was won many accolades throughout her career including two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's Artist of the Decade Award and the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium to name a few.

Along the way she became the only artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s and, with Heartbreaker, she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

Concert tickets are available at 195 dirhams (BD19.500), 145 dirhams (BD14.500) and 255 dirhams (BD25.500). For more information, Bahrain fans can contact Mirage Promotions on 17715277 or fax 17715377 or email

Source: Gulf Daily News

"WiseGirls" British Press Release

At Santolino's Restaurant, mobsters, murder and mayhem are on the menu! Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite, The Replacement Killers, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Mimic) turns in a stunning performance as the waitress who gets drawn into the deadly mob run activity at Santolino Restaurant’s in Momentum Pictures February 23, 2004 rental and retail release "Wisegirls."

Co-starring Melora Walters (Magnolia, Cold Mountain, The Butterfly Effect) and music superstar Mariah Carey, you’d be very foolish to miss an opportunity to see this criminally entertaining film.

Filled with enough twists and turns to ensure optimum suspense, "Wisegirls" is deftly directed by award winning David Anspaugh (Moonlight and Valentino, Rudy, Hoosiers) as he tells the story of Meg (Sorvino), a former medical school student who is desperate to escape from a tragic past.

Moving back to her hometown and bluffing her way into a job as a waitress in a “family-run” Italian restaurant, Meg strikes up what appears to be an unshakeable bond with her two fellow waitresses, Raychel (Carey) and Kate (Walters). But when Meg unwittingly gets involved with the Mafia due to a string of circumstances beyond her control, and all three women discover that survival is going to depend on much more than just service with a smile.

"A fantastic thriller with a jaw dropping twist. If you like The Sopranos, this is a must." --John Marrs, News of the World.

"If you know what’s good for you, you’ll check out this strong female thriller." --Jessica Mellor, Daily Mirror

Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

FEBRUARY 10, 2004 4:34PM
Mariah Concert Rescheduled

The Mariah Carey concert, initially scheduled for Feb 22, has been brought forward to Feb 20. Apart from the change in the date, everything else on Carey’s Charmbracelet World Tour 2004 Live In Malaysia remains the same, according to a statement by organisers Galaxy Production.

Deputy Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said yesterday the date change came about because of requests from fans. “They wanted the concert to be held on Friday so that they could enjoy the weekend.”

The organisers, in a press release, said those who had bought tickets to the concert must present them at Stadium Merdeka. “We will make a full refund for those who cannot make it on Feb 20,” the statement said.

Tickets to Carey’s concert have been set at RM68, RM138, RM178, RM228, RM268 and RM338, excluding the RM1 processing fee per ticket. The concert begins at 8pm. For details, call the ticketing hotline at 03-2282-2020, or browse

Source: The Star Online

Mariah's Change Of Date

After more than two weeks talking to the artist and the related government departments, Galaxy would like to announce the change of date for "An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey: The Charmbracelet 2004 World Tour Live in Malaysia," from Saturday, 22nd brought forward to Friday 20th February 2004.

The main reasons for the date change are as follows: We received overwhelming response from the public and all races requesting that they would like the concert to be held on Friday so that most of them could leave KL immediately for the long weekend holiday; Mariah Carey’s concert date in Beijing, which was supposed to be scheduled before Kuala Lumpur, has been postponed to a later date.

We would like to stress that the relevant permits and licenses have been issued to us, hence, kindly do not take this change of date as cancellation and the concert shall take place at the new date. In fact, we are joining effort with the Government to promote the concert overseas. Hence, with this change of date, we look forward to be working even more closely with the Government.

Those who has already purchased tickets must keep the original tickets and present it at the concert entrances of the Stadium Merdeka, and we will make a full refund for those who could not make it to the concert on Friday, 20th February 2004,

RM68 and RM228 tickets have all been sold out and the remaining tickets are selling very fast. Since the concert is now brought forward two days earlier in line with the public requests, we expect the tickets to be grabbed up even faster.

In view of the above, we appeal to the Members of the Media to help us to deliver the “change of date” message to the public at large. For any public enquiries, please contact the Galaxy Hotline at 03 2282 2020

Source: Glaxy Productions | Razzaq Sulaiman | EJay

Mariah Carey meets Islam

Even before Janet Jackson's top got undone before 140 million Super Bowl viewers, Islamic leaders were protesting upcoming scheduled appearances of one of Jackson's pop contemporaries in Lebanon and Malaysia later this month.

Malaysia's Muslim opposition party is calling for the cancellation of a Feb. 22 concert by Mariah Carey in Kuala Lumpur. Two days later, Carey performs her first concert in the Arab world when she appears in Beirut, Lebanon.

"Everyone knows Mariah Carey presents herself in a sexy, unacceptable and almost vulgar manner," said Ahmad Sabki Yusof, a leader of the fundamentalist Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party's youth wing. "She is not an appropriate role model for young Malaysians."

To make matters worse, say the Islamists, Carey's performance is scheduled for the start of the new year in the Muslim calendar – a religious holiday in Malaysia.

"Allowing such concerts promotes and condones values that are totally contrary to our way of life and our culture," said Sabki. "We don't want immoral values for our children, whether Muslim or not."

The government's position is to welcome Carey, but to advise her and other pop performers to "dress accordingly." Carey has reportedly agreed to dress modestly for her concerts in the Muslim world.

While American pop music is popular in Malaysia, some performers have been banned in the past. Janet Jackson's brother Michael, for instance, was prohibited from appearing in Selangor state in 1996, but a concert did take place in Kuala Lumpur. The most recent Western rock concert in Malaysia was by Linkin Park last year. The band was required not to scream too much or bare their chests during the concert.

Sabki's group sent a formal letter to Tourism Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir protesting Carey's appearance.

"To allow a western artist, especially Mariah Carey, who is well-know for her sexy clothing, to perform on Awal Muharram is disrespecting the sensitivities of Mulsims and can be seen as challenging the status of Islam as Malaysia's official religion," said the letter. "We cannot accept such an immoral concert to be held on Awam Muharram or on any other days. ... It is not only an insult to Muslims but will encourage moral degradation especially among youths."

Besides the Kuala Lumpur and Beirut appearances, Carey is scheduled for concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dubai and is working out details for one in Brunei. The Asian tour, which will also take her to China, is part of efforts to promote her latest album Charmbracelet.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation with about 25 million people – 60 percent of whom practice Islam.

Source: World Net Daily

Evan Marriott Disses Mariah

Evan Marriott of “Joe Millionaire” fame recently gave an interview with a radio station and took time to bash Mariah.

After playing clips of voice messages left on her official website, the DJ at hand questioned her sanity. Evan, who appeared in Mariah’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” music video as a helicopter pilot, commented, “You have to wonder what someone’s state of mind is when they want to do a video with a bunch of people screaming their name and asking for their autograph.”

Perhaps Evan failed to realize those “people” were Mariah’s fans and that the story of the music video is based on Bette Midler’s 1979 Academy Award nominated film “The Rose.” Mariah, by the way, stayed behind two hours to sign everyone’s merchandise.

It is unfortunate Evan didn’t learn from Mariah’s kindness. The biggest amount of gratitude he showcased during the interview was when he revealed a favorite pastime of his: fondling himself while watching Mariah’s music videos.

Source: Mariah Daily | Jimmy

Mariah Fans on American Idol

It's time again to vote for American Idols. And though you can't vote early, you can vote often. Eight of Idol's 32 semifinalists sing tonight; fans then have two hours to vote by telephone or text message. The top two on Wednesday's show will become the first of Idol's 12 finalists.

Two of the competitors and potential American Idol winners seem to be avid Mariah Carey fans.

23-year-old Ashley Thomas, from Irvine, California, says, "I have very eclectic taste in music. I grew up with Mariah Carey. I like Aretha Franklin, LeAnn Rimes, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, punk rock music. I studied opera for a while."

Katie Webber, 22, from Santa Cruz, California, says, "I grew up listening to Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey. I love all of them."

Source: USA Today | Mariah Daily

Whitney Follows Mariah's Tracks

US soul diva Whitney Houston will follow in the tracks of her pop rival Mariah Carey by entertaining a Kremlin concert crowd that is paying 10 times the country's average monthly salary for a ticket.

The singer, who is staging her first concerts in Russia, admitted in a television interview she knew little about Russia's music culture and could name only one singer -- the cult pop vocalist Alla Pugachova.

Russian news reports said Houston will get paid about one million dollars for her performances and that fans will shell out up to 1,300 dollars for top seats in the Kremlin Palace -- nearly 10 times the country's average monthly wage.

Carey charged similar prices during her first performances in Moscow last September.

The average monthly wage in Russia is around 150 dollars, although the figure in Moscow is closer to 1,000 dollars, with wide disparities between the wealthy and the poor.

Source: Yahoo! News

News Tidbits

-- Check out Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews for reviews of Mariah's album. They actually seem quite fair when compared to the brutal reviews some acts receive from the group.

-- From USA Today: Interpretive singing requires more than candor and grace. If the Mariah Carey wannabes prominent in Norah Jones' generation of female artists offer ostentatious emoting in lieu of accessible human feeling, Jones has the opposite problem: Her delivery can be subdued to the point of seeming listless and static.

-- From PSU Vanguard Online: Beyonce's performance at the Grammys was one of unbridled fecality. She showed none of the restraint or ingenuity she is so celebrated for. I blame the success of Whitney Huston for all this. If her uncanny ability to sustain a single note for an entire album had put her on "Ripley's Believe it or Not" with the other freaks instead selling a million records, none of this would have happened. We'd have never had to endure Mariah Carey's interpretation of dolphins' mating cries, or Celine Dion's lazy-eyed "Titanic" theme. The title of Diva would be bestowed upon a performer with soul, strength and strut, someone who redefines the role of women's music, not just some Barbie Doll chanteuse who chews her way through the lyrics.

-- From Press Of Atlantic City: One of the benefits to guitarist Pat Martino of his association with executive Joseph Donofrio is that Donofrio knew Kirk Yano, an experienced engineer who worked the recording studio console on CDs made by the rap group Public Enemy, Mariah Carey and Miles Davis, among others. Yano and Donofrio started working with Martino on the 1998 "Stone Blue" CD, which was Martino's second album for the Blue Note record label.

Source: George

FEBRUARY 9, 2004 3:21PM
Abdul Hamid Slams Mariah Carey-Maal Hijrah Clash

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Zainal Abidin Monday slammed the decision by organisers of Mariah Carey's concert to hold it on the night of the Muslim new year.

"It shouldn't happen, they should have respect as Muslims are marking the Hijrah new year (at the same time)," he said of the Feb 22 date for the concert titled "An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey Charmbracelet World Tour 2004" at the Merdeka Stadium.

The first day of the Islamic calendar, in the month of Muharram, falls on that date to mark the day the prophet Muhammad travelled from Mecca to Medina.

"The organisers should take into account that Muslims will be marking the (Maal Hijrah) as soon as dusk falls for the Maghrib prayers," he said after attending the National Islamic Affairs Council meeting at the Prime Minister's Office here.

There have been many objections to the date of the concert, including a reader who wrote in to a local newspaper a complaint entitled "To choose Awal Muharram or Mariah Carey".

Abdul Hamid said the sensitivity of the people concerning certain dates and events should be taken into account to ensure society lived in peace and harmony.

Source: Bernama News Agency

Mariah Daily's Chat Room

Do you ever feel like discussing the news items posted on Mariah Daily, or simply would like to meet new Mariah fans online? Be sure to check out Mariah Daily's Chatroom, located in our Fan Center section. The room is based in Undernet’s #Mariah and is dedicated to people just like you and provides Mariah fans worldwide with the ultimate outlet for sharing information and multimedia, discussing the latest Mariah related events, personal experiences, and catching up with online friends.

News Tidbits

-- Members of Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly, can logon to enter a new contest in which they can win signed copies of the "Charmbracelet" album import.

-- From Chicago Daily Herald: A while back, Mariah Carey performed at so many sporting events that she led voting for the Pro Bowl. At least she wore outfits so tight that a stick of dynamite couldn't have flopped anything out. Beyonce, Toby Keith and Jon Bon Jovi replaced Carey, and eventually they'll be replaced by music's next biggest, boldest, baddest acts.

-- From Staten Island Live: Monday night -- what a re-cap of all the American Idol auditions, good and bad and hilarious throughout the past two weeks. Lisa Leuschner, you may remember her as the one Simon told her she needed to lose a bit of weight and Paula went crazy on him. (She herself struggled with weight issues; she had an eating disorder). This year she came back and sang some Mariah Carey and everyone said she was good. Simon still said she was a bit over weight.

-- From Digital Post Production: A native of Argentina with a fine arts background, Art Director and Visual Effects Artist Patricio Motta most recently spent six years on staff at Hollywood Digital. His credits there included main tile design for films; as well as visual effects for videos by P.O.D. (Satellite), Mariah Carey, (Boy, I Need You), and Snoop Dogg (Church to da Palace). His commercial credits included a campaign for Virgin Mobile.

-- From MTV News: Christina Aguilera's over-dramatic-but-so-what performance of "Beautiful" at the Grammys, complete with serious string section, robed chorus and whole fog banks of smoke blowing by, might have stopped any lesser show. Her delivery still sometimes verges on Mariah Carey calling-all-dogs territory, but she pulls it back, and she's smart and she keeps getting better and I'd bet she's here to stay.

-- From The Auburn Citizen: The list of artists recording engineer Jim Caruana has worked with is impressive, and crosses all musical boundaries -- Missy Elliott, Tony Bennett, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Blue Traveler, Harry Connick Jr., and Wednesday, it was rising star Jessica Simpson.

Source: Matt

FEBRUARY 8, 2004 4:59PM
Adjie Notonegoro's special gifts for Mariah

Due to the protests against Mariah Carey’s upcoming concert in Malaysia, Indonesia’s number one fashion designer Adjie Notonegoro has created two pieces for the singer’s February 15th performance: a long evening gown and a pink mini-dress. The designs are sexy but still considered respectful in Indonesian standards.

Despite the effort, Notonegoro – who has purchased a VIP ticket to Carey’s concert – isn’t expecting the famous singer to wear his creations. They are merely a gift. He does note, however, that if she happens to showcase his designs on stage, or happens to thank him for the clothes, he has his response ready to go. “I will scream, ‘You’re welcome! I love you’.”

Notonegoro has specifically designed clothes for a slew of celebrities performing in Indonesia including Kylie Minogue and Natalie Cole. He also served as a wardrobe consultant to singer Inul Daratista after she was criticized for her stage behavior and outfits.

Source: Mariah Daily | Silent Moon

Mariah's Tour is Too Sexy for Malaysian Audiences

Sexy songstress Mariah Carey has caused quite a stir in Malaysia. The pop diva known for her sensational voice is causing conflict over her scheduled February 22 concert appearance at Kuala Lumpur. As part of her "Charmbracelet" world tour, Mariah Carey was set to take the stage, and indulge her Malaysian fans with her hit songs. However, Malaysia's opposition Islamic Party (PAS) protested the move to allow the pop diva to hold a concert, believing that her appearance would encourage moral degradation among the youth. In addition, they also said that Carey's concert would be disrespectful to Muslims because it coincided with a religious holiday.

In a letter addressed to Tourism Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, PAS representatives said that allowing Carey to perform would be "disrespecting the sensitivities of Muslims." They further went on to state that they "cannot accept such an immoral concert," for it "challenged the status of Islam as Malaysia's official religion."

This isn't the first time that PAS has interjected on a tourism ministry scheduled event. Back in October, PAS also disapproved of rock group Linkin Park performing. The youth wing of PAS called for an immediate cancellation of Carey's concert, and urged the government to apologize to Muslims. PAS feels that the government should organize programs that would benefit the Muslim community, who make up about 60 percent of Malaysia's population, and not programs that devalue their preception of good eastern values.

Source: Asia Pacific Arts Online Magazine

Atlanta Fan Gathering

Mariah's fans in Atlanta, Georgia are hosting their second fan gathering on Saturday, March 13th at Dave & Buster's from 1:00-5:00pm. Fans will be watching Mariah videos on a projection screen, playing Mariah-themed games, singing karaoke, and making a birthday gift for Mariah. There will also be prize giveaways and several surprises.

Fans from Atlanta and the surrounding area are encouraged to come out and enjoy a day of Mariah, music, videos, food, and more! To sign up, send $25 per person attending to Maggie at via PayPal. If you cannot use PayPal, please email Maggie and for other options. Deadline is March 1st, 2004. For more information, log on to

Source: RPN Atlanta

"What Would You Do" updates

"What Would You Do," Damizza's single featuring Nate Dogg and Mariah Carey, was added to three news stations this week (Phoenix, Riverside and Fresno). It is now playing on seven stations in rotation, several of which are high impact.

Please request the track at: Power 106 in Los Angeles (818) 845-1059, 92.3 in Phoenix (602) 260-6923, 99.1 KGGI in Riverside (909) 431-5991, U92 in Salt Lake City (801) 570-9200, Q1047.7 in Oxnard (805) 654-1526, 102.9 in Reno (775) 793-1029, and Q97 in Fresno (559) 255-9797.

If the song, which samples Mariah's "If We" and features adlibs and background vocals from Mariah herself, gets decent spins at the three new stations, it should hit "new and active" next week on the airplay charts.

Source: Mariah Daily | Steve Burt

News Tidbits

-- Be sure to check out The Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub website, which now offers multimedia, free e-mail and regularly updated news. You can also join the club's Yahoo! Group here.

-- From New York Daily News: At halftime of last year's All-Star Game, Mariah Carey looked like a candidate for a Janet Jackson moment when she sang a tribute to Jordan in a Wizards dress/jersey. Nothing went amiss.

-- From NEPA News: Eric Miller, 32, of Langhorne, Pa., was also ordered Friday to pay fines and restitution of more than $1,500 for peddling illegally taped concerts by artists including Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.

-- From New York Blade: Axis Danz, the flagging ensemble, has performed at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, GLAAD Media Awards, and at private parties for Playboy, MTV, Absolut and Saks Fifth Avenue. They were even featured in Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy” music video.

-- From The Straits Times: More than just about hitting the right notes and getting the groove right, a good voice stands out and is instantly recognisable. Examples include Faye Wong's mellifluous yodelling and Mariah Carey's lusty vocal gymnastics.

Source: CyriL

FEBRUARY 7, 2004 9:25AM
Mariah In Mexico

Singer Mariah Carey flew from New York City to Guadalajara, Mexico yesterday morning in a private jet, property of Jorge Vergara, president of the Omnilife Group, to perform for a crowd of 25,000 Omnilife emplyees at a private event called The Extravaganza Convention.

A white limousine, featuring six tinted windows on each side, as well as six vans were waiting for her at the airport for three hours. The security was so strict that they did not allow anyone to get close to the singer, who left the airport quickly and went to her hotel.

According to the clauses in her contract, set by her representative David Miller, OML Entertainment was asked to prevent pictures from being taken by the media.

At the 2:30pm gig, she sang a handful of songs including Heartbreaker, My All, My Saving Grace, Without You, I’ll Be There, and I Know What You Want in less than one hour. The performance was essentially a condensed version of her Charmbracelet Tour routine.

Apparently, Mariah signed on for the event two days after her ex-boyfriend, Luis Miguel, declined the offer. Click here to see photos from Mariah's performance in Mexico.

Source: Mural Online | Aladerri | Ernesto

Randy Jackson Talks About Mariah's New Album

"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson made a welcomed appearance at BET the other day and we were able to hit him with the questions you posted. Look out for Randy's book "What's Up Dawg: How To Become A Superstar In The Music Business" hitting stores soon. Check out what he had to say.Advertisement

mikemc84: Hey Randy, how are you doing? I hope well. I know that you and Mariah are good friends and that you work with her in the studio, and I was just wondering if your going to be working with her on her new album? And if so, what can we expect?

We just started working on a new record and I think you're gonna see a lot of different stuff from her. We're gonna pull out all the stops and try some different things. You gonna see her return to what she was doing years ago with the "Vision of Love" period. She's already got a couple of hot joints already but we're gonna take our time and make it right.

Peteyg84u: When Mariah Carey performed on "Saturday Night Live," was that you in the back with the flat top playing the keyboard?

That was me back in the day. Everybody has to go through those moment, I had many different doos: dreads, 'fros in all colors, I had to experience mines. I like to try everything, that's why cut it all off now. I can't deal with it. It's too much, man.

Source: BET Online | Mike McLafferty

Mariah wins in GrooveVolt Music & Fashion Awards

Congratulations Mariah! She has won four awards in the 2004 GrooveVolt Music & Fashion Awards.

She has been presented with the awards for Best Pop Album, Female for "Charmbracelet" (beating Christina Aguilera, Michelle Branch, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson), Best Pop Song Performance, Female for "Through The Rain" (beating Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion), Best Unreleased Pop Album Track for "My Saving Grace" (beating Christina Aguilera, Justin Guarini, Justin Timberlake and Jewel), and Best Hip-Hop Collaboration for "I Know What You Want" (beating Lil Kim featuring 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell, Jay-Z featuring Beyonce, 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg, and Fabolous featuring Tamia).

Thanks to everyone who voted for Mariah. For more information on the awards, including the full list of nominees and winners, log on to

Source: GrooveVolt | Alban

Mariah uses Simple Plan's toilet

The guys in the Montreal-based pop-punk band Simple Plan were partying with the guys in the similarly influenced Bowling for Soup on a tour bus in the parking lot of Giants Stadium in East Rutherford last spring.

Both bands were there for the Z100 (WHTZ-FM) mega Zootopia concert. There was a knock on the door. A big burly guy wanted to know if Mariah Carey, also on the bill, could use the toilet on the bus.

Simple Plan said yes, and then Mariah's assistants came in and spruced things up before Mariah came in.

Were Simple Plan a little insulted?

"Absolutely," said guitarist Jeff Stinco. "We're very clean . . . we're clean freaks. We have really high hygiene standards."

That they do. The band also has very high record sales. The band's major label debut, No Pads, No Helmets . . . Just Balls, has sold more than a million copies on Lava Records.

Source: Courier Post Online

News Tidbits

-- Mariah Daily and Melissa Ward would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Mariah fan Lauren Lewis. Today is her 21st birthday!

-- Mariah's "U Like This" Megamix, which features the David Morales remixes of Honey, Dreamlover, Fantasy, My All and Always Be My Baby, debuts at #3 on the February 21st edition of Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play Breakout chart.

-- American Idol contestant Ashley Thomas lists Mariah as her favorite female artist. Check out the link for more information.

-- A new commercial on MTV representing February, Black History Month, shows a picture collage of black artists. One of those artists if Mariah. The picture is from the "Rainbow" era.

-- From Beloit Daily News: The NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet program included a spiritual hymn from Jason Foster and an uplifting Mariah Carey tune from Tiara Purifoy. Both performances were peppered with applause and cheers.

-- From Yahoo! News: Upset over what he considers the unfair treatment of singer and friend Janet Jackson by the group that distributes the Grammy awards, rapper and music producer Jermaine Dupri announced Friday he was resigning as president of the group's Atlanta chapter. Dupri has produced hits for Jackson, Mariah Carey, TLC and others. In January, he was named a senior vice president of Arista Records, taking with him the So So Def label.

-- From Niner Online: The 46th Annual Grammy's will air on CBS Sunday, at 8 p.m. Recordings released Oct. 1, 2002 -- Sept. 30, 2003 are eligible to be nominated for the 2004 awards show. Past winners include acts like Mariah Carey, John Mayer and Norah Jones.

-- From Washington Blade: DJs Bob Mould and Rich Morel are both gay and have created a truly unique Saturday night event that attracts more than a few gay men. Mould is an icon on the punk rock scene. Morel is a longtime producer and re-mixer who has worked with acts ranging from Mariah Carey to Depeche Mode to t.A.T.u.

-- From New York Daily News: If Island Records chief Julie Greenwald leaves the company as well, L.A. Reid will have lost the A-team that backed Lyor Cohen in building Island Def Jam - the home of Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Ja Rule - into one of the country's most powerful labels. But Cohen could lose out, too, if he can't lure them to Warner Music.

Source: JRKing | SusanaDalia | Meshs2003

FEBRUARY 4, 2004 5:39PM
Feuding Divas

Feuding divas Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey ran into each other at a party given at the home of their manager, Benny Medina. But bad news for catfight fans: our source says the claws didn’t come out. “J.Lo seemed subdued,” says the source. “She and Ben had just split.”

Source: Jeannette Walls Delivers The Scoop

Mariah Carey's Music Can Torture Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz recently revealed the best way to drive her crazy - if she wasn't already there. "If you really want to torture me, sit me in a room strapped down to a chair and put Mariah Carey on, over and over again," she ranted. Diaz is currently dating Justin Timberlake, who ironically is good friends with Carey - the pair have even recorded a duet.

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah Looking For Her Leading Man

Mariah Carey is scouting Britain for a leading man to appear opposite her in the superstar's London stage debut.

The diva is playing Elsie Marina, the part made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the 1957 movie, in a West End production of The Prince And The Showgirl.

And instead of casting a big name Brit to play Sir Laurence Olivier's role as Charles, The Prince Regent, Carey is looking for an unknown. Carey has agreed to work for the union minimum wage during her run in the show.

Source: Soundbuzz

Sweet destiny

For the first time ever, Mariah Carey will sing for Thai fans. "Mariah Carey Live in Bangkok" is scheduled for February 17 at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani.

A talented singer and songwriter, Mariah Carey has released more than 10 albums, garnering many accolades throughout her career including two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium".

With a spectacular seven-octave range, Carey has proven that she is equally at home with sweeping ballads and pop songs, often incorporating elements of dance and hip-hop into the mix. Perhaps even more impressive, she composes much of her own material. She has become the best-selling female performer of all time, with an incredible 15 No. 1 singles. She was the only artist to top the charts each year of the 1990s. With Heartbreaker, she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks atop Billboard's "Hot 100 Singles" chart.

In May 2002, Carey signed an exclusive recording contract with Universal Music Group's Island Records. She also formed her own label, MonarC Music. Carey's studio album Charmbracelet was released on this label in December, 2002.

"Mariah Carey Live in Bangkok" will be staged at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani on Tuesday, February 17, at 7:30pm. Tickets at 5,500, 4,000, 2,500 and 1,000 baht are now available at all Thai Ticketmaster outlets. For details, call 02-204-9999 or visit

Source: Bangkok Post

News Tidbits

-- Click here to view a clip of a candidate performing "Vision Of Love" on last Saturday's edition of Dutch Pop Idol.

-- Click here to see a collection of photos featuring President Bush's head on the bodies of popular female celebrities. You may recognize one of bodies, which is from Mariah's "#1's" album cover.

-- From National Review Online: Does John Kerry pronounce his name "curry," like the Indian food I love so much but have been recently forced to abandon, or "carry," like Jim Carrey, the actor, who happens to resemble John Kerry (and also has an extraneous "e" in his name) but looks 50 years younger, or "Carey," like Mariah Carey, who was in the headlines for years but, suddenly and mysteriously, dropped to the sidelines?

-- From New York Daily News: Before landing the "American Idol" gig, Randy Jackson was a musician and record producer, working with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Beyoncé Knowles, Mariah Carey and the Super Bowl diva of the moment, Janet Jackson, among others.

-- From The Mercury News: Hitting the stands today, the March edition of the specialist film magazine Empire lists "Crocodile Dundee in LA" as the worst movie of all time. Empire editor Matt Coyte said, "I was surprised by No. 1. I was surprised that things like Swept Away didn't come in closer (it reached 19). Glitter's up there at four, but I thought Swept Away was worse than that." Seems Australia does not take too kindly to singer-turned-actress movies. Madonna's Swept Away and Mariah Carey's Glitter were joined by Britney Spears's Crossroads (it made the Top Ten).

Source: Fam. de Weert | Donnie Mohler

FEBRUARY 3, 2004 3:38PM
Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill

Check out Mariah Daily's seventh installment of "Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill" for the month of February, located in the Fan Center section, for the answers to these questions:

  • Is it true that Mariah’s next album will be titled "Lollypop"?
  • Did Mariah record an unreleased remix with Mary J. Blige?
  • Is it true that Mariah has a scar on her back?
  • Was "Glitter" really that big of a commercial failure?
  • Did Michelle Branch diss Mariah?

    …and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions, but please be sure to read the questions and and answers already posted before submitting new ones. Enjoy!

    Mariah Carey is on a manhunt

    Pop singer Mariah Carey is currently busy in Britain looking for a leading man to be cast opposite her in her London stage debut.

    The 'Emotions' star is playing Elsie Marina, the role made immortal by screen diva Marilyn Monroe in the 1957 movie, in a West End production of 'The Prince And The Showgirl'.

    According to rate the music, Carey is looking for a fresh face instead of a big name Brit to play Sir Laurence Olivier's role of Charles. Meanwhile, Carey has agreed to work for the union minimum wage during her run in the show.

    Source: Yahoo! News

    Jeter's Jumpy Over His Ex

    Derek Jeter's going out of his way to avoid his ex-girlfriend. Both Jeter and MTV's "TRL" hostess Vanessa Minnillo were in Houston last Friday, Minnillo for work and Jeter for fun, but the slugger was still skittish about running into her. According to a spy, Jeter was at a local steakhouse complaining about her to friends. "She won't get the hint and leave him alone, even though he's given her the brush repeatedly," the source tells Page Six.

    Jeter's buds then warned him to avoid the slew of Super Bowl parties he wanted to attend "because of her and her dramatics." Reps for both Jeter and Minnillo said there is no stalking going on, but Jeter has always had a weird effect on women. After he split with Mariah Carey in 1998, the dumped diva reportedly began tracking him down at parties and confronting him. At one fete, Jeter was moved to shout, "You're crazy. You're crazy. Stop pushing me."

    Jeter also drove sexy cosmetics counter girl Kristielee Wilcox to storm the field and give him her number in 2002. And don't forget how he stole singer Joy Enriquez from Texas Ranger Alex Rodriguez in 2001.

    Source: New York Post

    Tickets to see the glittery pop princess

    The best selling female performer of the ’90s, Mariah Carey will be in town on February 26, showing off her legendary six-octave range with her glossy ballads and more recently adopted hip-hop approach. If you dream of seeing the big-haired pop poppet in action at DMC, get your tickets from the Time Out ticketline (800 4669).

    Alternatively, prove you’re a true fan and win one of three pairs by enterting a competition at Time Out Dubai Online.

    Source: Time Out Dubai | Heroes Of Mariah

    Islamic community constructs ideal image for singer

    Multi-platinum, Grammy-Award-winning recording artist Mariah Carey has come under fire from Malaysian officials concerning her upcoming performance scheduled for Feb. 22.

    Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party youth wing leader Ahmad Sabki Yusof has written a letter to the government arguing that Carey promotes "non-Islamic principles."

    Yusof also feels that Carey "presents herself in a sexy, unacceptable and almost vulgar manner." He further denounced Carey, saying that she is "not an appropriate role model for young Malaysians."

    Carey has been granted permission to perform as long as she adheres to regulations concerning suitable attire, but not without a second follow-up letter of complaint that Yusof has sent to the government.

    The concert is to be held in Kuala Lumpur with a stadium seating capacity of 55,000.

    The discontent expressed in regards to Carey performing is only one of the many ways in which Malaysian officials have recently protested Western entertainment.

    Because of the large Muslim population, state officials have expressed growing concern with the violent images, vulgar language and sexually charged themes that have become prevalent in music, television and film.

    Officials have long been worried about the effect these images may have on the people. The large Muslim-based population is the reason for such strict media policies, as the government is very keen in regards to what foreign influences it considers harmful.

    Consequently, Malaysia has some of the firmest censorship laws in the world. All news is subject to censorship, and television shows with scenes containing swearing and kissing are routinely edited.

    Movies such as "Daredevil" and the "Austin Powers" series have been banned from the country; making artists and groups such as Linkin Park have had to adhere to stringent policies concerning concerts.

    Linkin Park, after initial protest, was told they were only allowed to take the stage if they agreed not to perform shirtless and to make sure that their music was not "too loud."

    Whether or not one agrees with the policies Malaysia takes concerning the entertainment industry, this leads one to question whether or not Americans take too many liberties with their entertainment.

    50 Cent stands atop the music charts with gun-toting rhymes. First-person shooter games such as "Ghost Recon" and "Halo," which involve the realistic wielding of weapons, are played by countless children and teenagers around the country.

    And movies flagrantly portraying images of sex and violence have become box office successes. Protests by interest groups show that there is certainly a portion of the American population that feels the same way about American entertainment as the Malaysian government does.

    It is international incidents such as these that often shed light on similar domestic issues. The acceptability of such images, whether in the form of art or as inappropriate presentations, have become an increasingly growing concern in America.

    Even Sunday's "all-American" Super Bowl couldn't escape a little risqué persuasion with the suggestive nature of the performers (you know who you are.)

    Source: Daily Trojan Online

    News Tidbits

    -- Congratulations to Primavera Ramirez for winning a five-track "Loverboy" CD single in Mariah Daily’s January 2004 monthly contest. Please contact us to claim your prize. Be sure to keep checking back in the next few days for information regarding the February 2004 contest. Maybe you will be our next winner!

    -- From Fox News: Clive Davis got a hit out of pairing Mariah Carey with Busta Rhymes, put Angie Stone squarely on the playing field as an R&B powerhouse, and brought Annie Lennox back as a hit solo artist.

    -- From Sun Spot News: Clearly, musical ignorance is not bliss. Even the better voices on last Wednesday's Amerian Idol program, a preliminary round, were a colorless parroting of Top 40 radio. Specifically, it's that breathy sound, seldom fully supported from the diaphragm, with lavish embellishment of extra pitches connecting syllables. (Think Mariah Carey, who probably couldn't sing "Happy Birthday" straight to save her life.)

    Source: Mariah Daily

  • FEBRUARY 2, 2004 4:13PM
    The Un-Hip-Hop Party

    The following report was written by Mariah's friend and MTV News reporter Jasmine Dottiwala. You may remember several of her reports, which have appeared on our site in the past. Here's the latest:

    After a really long tiring day [on the set of Usher's new music video] I hooked up with Mariah at her LA residence so we could go to her manager Benny Medina’s birthday party. After years of managing Diddy and J-Lo, Benny’s house in Beverly Hills is ridiculous!

    The party was very un-hip-hop. The tunes were mostly Kylie and George Michael, a few transvestites were running around and guests I spotted were Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie (Lionel Ritchie’s daughter), American pop idol runner up Justin, Brandy and her lil brother Ray J who was hitting on Mariah all night even though he’s young enough to be our son! And butthead J-Lo who was looking quite drab and low key on the dance floor (probably ‘cause her publicist had just announced she and Ben were definitely over).

    People fawned all over Mariah throughout the night while we giggled at their conversation skills. Then Usher and crew arrived (I think they were stalking me!) During one real mad moment Usher dragged me on to the empty dance floor for an Earth, Wind and Fire track.

    Source: Jasmine's Juice

    Mariah "saw potential" in director Sanaa Hamri

    Innovative, resourceful and vibrantly entertaining, Sanaa Hamri is one of the most renowned music video editors, as well as a sophisticated director in the music industry. With a distinguished roster of high-profile artists, Hamri has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with—accomplishing this in just 3 years!

    Hamri’s directing break came with a low-budget, hardcore Bronx rap video for LaFace recording artists 1 Life 2 Live for their song “Blind Love.” Mariah Carey got a hold of the video, saw Hamri’s potential and called her immediately. Hamri recalls, “She liked the composition of the video and felt that the narrative was well-executed. She also saw my potential as a director.”

    Carey was so impressed with Hamri’s work that she asked Hamri to direct her “Thank God I Found You” remix video. Since then she has helmed several clips for Carey including her video for “Don’t Stop” featuring Mystikal and her video for “Crybaby” featuring Snoop Dogg. Hamri also directed Carey’s “Oh Holy Night” clip, a special Christmas video to benefit children in need.

    These projects were soon followed by videos for Bilal featuring Jadakiss “Fast Lane”, Destiny’s Child “8 Days of Christmas” and “Nasty Girl”, Solange “Feelin’ You”, Common featuring Mary J. Blige “Come Close”, Kelly Rowland “Stole”, India.Arie “Little Things”, Heather Headley “He Is” and Jay Z “Song Cry”.

    Source: WAFIN Online

    Writer of "Flashdance" planned movie on Mariah

    Joe Eszterhas is a screenwriter by trade, although, as he makes clear in his shy and blushing memoir, “Hollywood Animal”, he is hardly one among many, or even first among equals. He sold his first screenplay, “F.I.S.T.,” in 1974, and since then the Eszterhas style has bestrewn the world with gems: “Flashdance,” “Jagged Edge,” “Basic Instinct,” “Sliver,” “Showgirls,” and “Jade.”

    If that list makes you want to hide in the attic, you should hear some of his ideas that never came to fruition: a script entitled “Foreplay”; a remake of “The Red Shoes,” based on the story of Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola; and a film about Jesus Christ, to be developed with Paul Verhoeven. Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

    Source: The New Yorker | Shayne

    Wise Girls: Little gem waiting to be discovered

    Let's get straight to the point: can Mariah Carey act? Well, not that you'd ever have guessed it from the on-screen abortion that was "Glitter", but yes she can.

    Supporting Oscar-winning Mira Sorvino is quite a tall order, but as tough-talkin' Italian-American waitress Raychel in "Wise Girls", she is charming, charismatic, indeed a born star.

    Shame this highly watchable, if flawed comedy/thriller, went straight to cable in the "Glitter" aftermath, as there's great performances in this tale of three New Jersey waitresses who get caught over their heads in mob business.

    Even if the sudden switches from all-girls-together comedy to blood-drencehd mafia thriller often jolt, this is a little gem waiting to be discovered.

    Source: Attitude Magazine | Matte

    Indonesian Updates

    According to, all of the tickets for Mariah's upcoming concert in Indonesia have completely sold out. This comes nearly without any promotion.

    Several types of tickets were available including the festival seating tickets ($63 US Dollars) and the VIP seating tickets. It has been reported that the concert's VIP seating tickets, which cost about $220 US Dollars, is the highest-priced ticket ever in Indonesia, beating the previous records held by Westlife and Asian superstars F4.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Silent Moon

    "Barbershop 2" skewers Mariah

    A year and a half after the film "Barbershop" sparked controversy for derogatory remarks made by one character about civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, Ice Cube is back with a sequel, "Barbershop 2."

    In addition to Parks, the original film skewered the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil rights activist complained, but the movie went on to make $75 million.

    "It was just funny to me that some of our leaders would take that much time and energy to dismiss something that was loved by so many of our people," Ice Cube told the San Francisco Chronicle in Sunday's editions.

    This time, such cultural icons as Tiger Woods, Lenny Kravitz, Mike Tyson, Mariah Carey, Jackie Robinson, R. Kelly and Condoleezza Rice are skewered.

    "We wanted to be true to what a barbershop is, so every headline we could grab between the first 'Barbershop' and the second was in there," Ice Cube said.

    Source: Newsday

    British Mariah Fan Fest in the works will be holding their second fan fest this year. They have hired out an amazing venue where fans will watch a variety of rare Mariah videos and live performances!

    There will also be competitions and a chance to take part in a special birthday fanbook for Mariah because this event will be taking place on Mariah's birthday, Saturday March 27th! This will be a truly unique and fun way to celebrate Mariah, her music and her birthday with other fans!

    To add an extra theme, fans are encouraged to bring along spare Mariah CDs for a trading session! Fans are also asked to bring along Charmbracelet tour photos to show each other too, so they can relive those amazing concerts!

    There will also be great gift for the first 20 people who buy tickets! Go and view details on the next fan event by visiting


    News Tidbits

    -- Check out Mariah Daily's new picture of the week, which shows Tampa mayor Pam Iorio presenting Mariah with the key to the city during a tour stop in Tampa, Florida on September 3, 2003 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

    -- You can download the new version of "What Would U Do" at The new remix features Butch Cassidy instead of Shade Seist and features additional adlibs by Mariah and some instrumentation adjustments.

    -- Mariah's official fanclub, Honey B. Fly, has launched a new service for its members. As of today, club members have the opportunity to sign up for an e-mail account using the Honey B. Fly domain name ( For more information, log on to

    -- Apparently, Mariah is mentioned by name in Static's new song featuring R. Kelly. The track is titled "Toot Toot (Beep Beep)". If anyone has any further information, please contact us with the specific lyric.

    -- From Surrey Leader: Surrey's Vanessa Parto has emerged the winner in the months-long Filipino Canadian Idol contest, a national singing competition that mirrors the concept of the well-known TV show. The 16-year-old crooner, who cites Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Aretha Franklin as vocal heroes, competed in the final round last Friday at Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, out-singing her stage rivals.

    -- From Undercover Music News: LA Reid is seen as a perfect match for Island Def Jam. The former R&B producer has had a string of successes inside the studio working on albums for Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Pink, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige.

    Source: RCardoso | yodj11

    FEBRUARY 1, 2004 3:52PM
    Remembering The Super Bowl

    Tonight the Panthers and the Patriots will face off in Super Bowl XXXVIII. Although the Super Bowl is naturally all about football, Mariah is part of Super Bowl history. Two years ago, she sang one of the most memorable versions of "The Star Spangled Banner," the American national anthem. The performance remains one of Mariah's career highlights and came at a time when there was much drama in the lives of both the American society and Mariah herself.

    Above is a file photo of American troops, stationed at the Kandahar International Airport in Afghanistan, cheering as Mariah is introduced during the Super Bowl XXVI pre game show on Sunday, February 3, 2002. Today Mariah Daily remembers this remarkable performance by taking a look at some of the reviews:

    From Entertainment Weekly:
    It was just one note: a startling, near-ultrasonic squeal on the word ''free.'' But that impossibly high flourish was enough to make Mariah Carey's Sunday night Super Bowl performance her first unambiguous triumph in months. And judging from the look of relief on Carey's face as she finished the national anthem, the beleaguered superstar had needed nothing less.

    From The Chicago Tribune:
    Yes, a dose of patriotism is fair enough at the American professional football championship. That's what singing the National Anthem is for, an opportunity which, incidentally, the much-maligned Mariah Carey handled with aplomb. With her understated rendition, she demonstrated that at least one North American pop diva understands that singing the most notes does not equal being the best singer. Mariah Carey scored a victory before the game with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.

    From The Boston Globe:
    Performing the best rendition of the national anthem since Whitney Houston in '91 was Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female artist in history.

    From People Weekly:
    Marc Anthony and Mary J. Blige, accompanied by the Boston Pops, sang "America the Beautiful," and, on an even higher note, Mariah Carey -- wearing a full-length, royal blue dress and looking and sounding strong -- delivered "The Star-Spangled Banner."

    From The Contra Costa Times:
    First came a booming rendition of the national anthem by Mariah Carey, and some four hours later, a shower of red, white and blue confetti fell to the Superdome turf.

    From The New York Times:
    Mariah Carey sang the national anthem in a wardrobe and performance that were simple but elegant. Her straight hair, unadorned blue dress and diamond necklace suited her low-key, inflected delivery of the song.

    From The New York Daily News:
    Mariah Carey sang the national anthem just before the game, doing more to rehabilitate her career, and before a larger audience, than any other move she could have made.

    From The Sun Times:
    While the Fox Network missed no opportunity to trumpet this Super Bowl as a celebration of "the spirit of America," the producers somehow missed the fact that two of their three musical draws were Irish and English. Mariah Carey was the only American citizen, but she got extra points for being a New Yorker. Carey acquitted herself well during a low-key but still diva-esque reading of "The Star-Spangled Banner".

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey's Career "In Fairly Dire Straits"

    Ken Barnes of USA Today took part in an online chat with readers on Tuesday and was asked by a Mariah Carey fan what the state of "one of the most talented singers on the planet's" career was in.

    "I'm thinking it's in fairly dire straits," Barnes responded. "She may make a comeback or two (perhaps duetting with a rapper or a younger, admiring singer like Christina Aguilera), but she won't regain her former standing. I don't share your enthusiasm for her talent, so none of the above exactly breaks my heart."

    Source: Pop Dirt

    News Tidbits

    -- From The Star Online: KDU’s SoulSisterz sing at an AIDS benefit concert and chose Christina Aguilera’s "I Turn To You" and Mariah Carey’s "Can’t Take That Away" – poignant songs which represent love, courage, dignity and hope for those in times of sorrow and grief.

    -- From The Korea Times: To start off the series of Valentine’s Day concerts, MC the MAX has the weekend before the 14th already reserved to get fans in the romantic mood. On Feb. 13, pop diva Mariah Carey comes to perform live at BEXCO in Pusan for the concert she promised her fans last year but cancelled due to SARS.

    -- From p2pnet News: While the RIAA sues p2p files sharers and complains endlessly about lost revenues BMI, the music industry performing rights organization which represents Britney Spears, Eminem, Mariah Carey and Sheryl Crow, among others, says the dollars are rolling in.

    Source: EJ | Heroes Of Mariah | Alex | bOYinEEDmC