February 2000 News!

New Pics!
Maeli sent me scans from a magazine in Brazil, the scans are up in Gallery 23 if ya want to check them out!

I got an Award!
Dear Regina: Congratulations! You are the 2nd winner of the second award from Reigning Mariah, called, A Reigning Mariah Favorite. WildcatHG's Too Cool Mariah Page shows what expertise you have in making an astounding Mariah Carey page.

Joe the Opening Act!
Evelyn sent me a link to read up on an article that says that Joe will be the opening act at the Singapore and Japan concerts. He also said on a radio station that he will be doing MSG, but that isn't mentioned in the article. Click below to read it yourself!

Poem Time!
Jennifer wrote a poem for Mariah and if you would like to, check it out at the below link :)

February 28, 2000...
Sarah told me that MC was on Today's MTV News Brief. It showed Carey being interviewed and talking about how it means a lot to her to perform her personal songs. She says that when she sees a fan cry, she has to cry cause it really touches her. She also said singing her personal songs on stage makes her more vulnerable.

London info form Jennifer and review from Tatianna!
Regina~My fiancee was at the London concert and he got me a book, shirt, and a LAMB! I'm sooooooo excited! He said it was great, and he was at her last London concert on the Daydream tour...this one was MUCH better he said. He said she looked a little flushed, but was at ease for the most part. Can't wait to get my "Chops" in the mail :o) I'll let ya know what she looks like.
Review from tatianna5@hotmail.com
hey regina!!!!!:))))) the concert was amazing!!! mariah looked exceptionally beautiful and she has lost a little weight but she looks so good!! i mean, she never needed to lose any anyway! for me, her voice has not deteriorated at all, it is still very powerful and moving!! she was especially moving during petals(she had tears in her eyes, i looked around me and everyone was either cryin or had tears in their eyes!! aaawa!) and cant take that away!! WOW,also, the performance of HONEY blew me away!! she sang it and danced so well!!she started with emotions and hit the high notes perfectly!! the only dissapointment for me was that when she sang the make it last remix, her part was not as good but thats because she has to save her voice!! :) However, everything else was so so so good!! the ensembles as she called htem , were BEAUTIFUL, especially the dresses, and i LOVED her cut off jeans at the end with an amazing sparkly top and AHHHHH THOSE SHOES!!!WOW, oh well i dont wanna completely give everything away but as most ppl know it is not just a concert of her singing!! there are relaly cool, fun in between parts where she shows how kind and funny she is!i havent got time to give a more detailed review because i have soooo much homework but i just wanna say that i didnt think that it was possible to become an even bigger fan1! btw. these ppl were being very disrespectful to mariah by doing stupid things with hteir hands on mariha on the screen, it wasnt funnny at all but stupid!! mariha woulndt have been happy if she sawit, i mean ok, everyone has their opinion but for me that was very pissing off!! gotta go now but most importantly, we got to give her our fanbook created by the webmaster of M2K, nick!! it was sooo beautiful and she said"oh im gonna read this tonite before i go to sleep" and i know she will!! see ya

Mariah sells out tour dates
NASHVILLE (Billboard) - All nine dates of Mariah Carey's upcoming North American tour have sold out. The tour begins March 16 at L.A.'s Staples Center and ends April 11 at New York's Madison Square Garden. John Meglen of producer Concerts West says Carey's schedule prohibited multiple dates at this time, but he would not rule out more shows later in the year. "We would love to see her do some more, and we're keeping our fingers crossed," he says.

Fan Book!
Hi, my name is charley and I'm from boston. I am working on a fan book for mariah with someone else from new england. If you want to contribute a letter or a message or artwork I'd be glad to include it in the book. Be sure to include where you are from in the message. We also really need people from new england to contribute. Any message will be included as long as it isn't hate mail. Hope to hear from you soon, Charley

The Official Site Reads:
Congratulations again, Mariah!! "Thank God I Found You" has been certified GOLD by the RIAA as of February 23, 2000.

Mariah Attracts All-Star Audience:
Many thanks to Tomas for this next article!
Stars were out in force at a spectacular sell-out London gig by US pop diva Mariah Carey. The Grammy Award-winning singer took to take the stage at Wembley Arena in front of Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Mel C, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and her fiance Tim Jefferies, top girl band All Saints and former EastEnder Martine McCutcheon. Also in the crowd were TV presenter Denise Van Outen, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and footballers Ian Wright and David Ginola.

Magazine News!
News from Alli!
hi! I just wanted to tell you that Mariah is in the new J-14, the April 2000 issue, there is only one pic. and an article with it about her nails and here it is: "MARIAH Carey uses her hands a lot when she sings. WHY? Bet it's because she ahs naturally nice nails. In her case it's genetics. For the rest of us, weekly manicures should help." She is also #6 in their top 10 singers. I will try to scan the pic. tonight
News from GucciGurl317
i don`t knwo if you know but mc is in the new teen people with n*sync on the cover...she is on pg 44 i think and another pic of her in the back on the calendar......in every teen people mag i have of mc, they always get her birthday wrong! they think she was born in 1969! it said she was turing 31 and we all know she is turning 30!

MC Jeans!
SO MANY people are e-mailing me about the jeans that MC is wearing and how they are being sold. I am being told about ads and how people saw them in stores like DEB and other clothing stores. However, none of them seem to have MC's name on it?!? Oh and if you are trying to find a pair, check your major clothing stores. I know MUDD is featuring these jeans!

February 27, 2000...
Someone STOLE MC's Necklace!
Remember around last week how I wondered what happened to Mariah's Lucky Necklace that she has been wearing for SEVERAL years now. Well Debra informed me that last night Mariah announced ON STAGE at the London concert that someone had indeed stolen the necklace but now she has a new one. WOW, who would do such a thing?

London Review & Merchandise Pricing!
Debra also sent me a tiny review of what happened. The cool part though is that she wrote down how much everything pretty much cost at the concert. I was SO happy she did this :) However, I believe that it is the same price in US dollars, anyone know? Oh and I can't believe she is selling a lamb there..that is so funny. Have to get one :) Here it is!
For Crybaby there was a video of Snoop doing his part in the song and Mariah was in shorts and small top in a bed.For Fantasy she and the dancers danced on chairs, Heartbreaker they put a boxing ring on the stage and Mariah had a fight with Bianca which was great and of course Mariah won. she brought some people on stage and they eat fish and chips and she feed this guy with starwberrys and cream also beer (larger). there was three big screen one in the middle and one at each side, sometime during the concert people would put their hands in the camera and made hand gestuers on the pic on Mariah is was so funny. the standing room was not full but the seats were. You will have to take lots of money. I spent £57. there are 7 t-shirts 5 are £15 one is £18 and one is £20, keychain £5, poster £5, programme £8, flashlight £5, lamb £20, there was also posters and t-shirts outside. i don't know what the price would be in $.

German Concert Review!
I will be adding a VERY long German concert review by Sabrine in the Forum, check it out!

Tickets on Sale!
MCBFLY123@aol.com is selling her Official Fan Club tickets for the Boston show. The seats are in rows 10-20 and you can e-mail her for more info. Also prissy77@juno.com is selling 2 tickets to the Boston show, if anyone is interested e-mail prissy

Fan Books:
You know the routine, here goes!
I am attending the Chicago concert...and this is something similar to a Fan Book, yet a little different...I would like each fan to send me a picture of himself/herself, or of your walls that are plastered with MC posters, or your most prized Mariah possession. Also a brief letter. This letter can be about why MC has inspired you, why you look up to her, what your favorite song/CD is, or any general comment that you want Mariah to read! It is totally up to you, but because of the way I am going to arrange this, please try to keep it under a page or two! I have a definite way of getting this to Mariah, so please send your stuff to me ASAP! Don't forget the picture, that's important! If you want to participate in this, e-mail me at MCarey327@aol.com and I will give you the address to send your info. Please try to get this done within 2 weeks! THANKS!

MC Jeans Auctioned!
It seems that MC is giving a lot of her jeans up for auctions recently....here is what MARIAHcare told me:
Hi, Im from Pittsburgh, PA and the local radio station in the area B-94 had an auction at my local mall for raising money for Childrens Hospital, and they had a pair of Mariah's jeans up for bid starting at $200, im not to sure how much the final bid was but i had seen an actual pair of mariah's jeans with the waist band cut off, it was a great feeling. They had plenty of other auctions such as Smash Mouth, Kid Rock, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin and tons more. They had Hanson perform also, I couldn't believe the jeans were actually there, i had heard about it like 2 days ago and had to head out. It was so unbelievable! I thought is it was so cool. On the way down the mall, in the car one of anouncers was saying how the jeans were up for auction, he said if he would win those jeans they wouldn't be hanging on his wall, he would be wearing them day and night.

Vote for MC!
Desmond sent me a lot of places to vote for MC. I think they are all for a MTV vote, but I am note sure!
Fave Female Solo Singer
Fave Solo Artists
Fave Song
Another Fave Song poll
Favorite Artist
Another Favorite Artist poll
Best Vocal Skills (R&B Female)

Fresh Magazine!
Mia told me that MC is in the April edition of FRESH magazine. In Fresh, all the pics are from the AMA's. How many are there though? Anyone got the scans :) Also her local Borders store told her that the Spanish Vogue should be in sometime this upcoming week!

February 26, 2000...
New Pics!
Anja sent me some scans from a magazine called Cine. They are really nice pics and I added the pages to Gallery 23, so check them out. Thanks ANJA :D

Fan Book One Thousand and 23!
Okay, maybe not that much but wow there seems to be a lot, which is a GOOD thing cause MC loves her fan books, she said it herself. Here are two more to participate in:
Send all letters to above address, Ryan!
Hey!! This is Caleb from Maine and I will be attending the Boston, Massachusetts concert at the Fleetcenter April 4, 1999. And with the help of my friend, Charley, we are creating a very special fan book for Mariah. She has done so much for us and it is the slightest thing we can do for her. Anyhow, we were wondering if you could please post and place this letter in your news and your news letter to spread the word. It would be greatly apreciated. The guidelines aren't hard just let it be thoughtful. We dont care how long it is just as if it is loving. Please tell them to sent their letters to Mariah to the following address:

Magazine News!
Alex told me that there is a Mariah mention on the new cover of National Examiner. He said it is about that Plane Crash rumor but when he flipped through inside real fast, he saw no pics? I'll try and check it out tomorrow but Lillian sent me some magazine news...
hey Reg, i thought you would want to know that mariah is in 3 magazines. she's in Essence with missy elliot on the cover, but it's a really small pic and it talks about her pursuing movie roles. she's also in tv y novelas (feb. 28) i'm not sure on the date, but i think that's the right one. it has a pic of her from the AMA's, and she's also in "christina" magazine. it's a spanish magazine and it has a 3-page article on her and and her life with Luis. it doesn't have a date, but Jennifer Lopez is on the cover and there's a little headline that says "mariah carey: tiene un pasado que no conocia Luis Miguel" It has 3 pictures, two are from the Instyle magazine last year. one with jack in her kitchen and the other when she's in a pink nightie on the bed. the other one is also an old one with Luis, but it was in a magazine in like Mexico or something. this is the first time it's in an U.S. magazine. it's her and Luis hugging.

People Article!
Tanya told me that there is a short article on Mariah in the new issue of People weekly and she was kind enough to type it all out for us :)
On Feb. 17 in Manhattan a U.S. district court judge dismissed a copyright-infringement lawsuit that accused songbird Mariah Carey of basing her 1993 hit "Hero" on a similar tune written 1990 by would-be medleymaker Rhonda Dimmie. Dimmie claimed she had sent her creation to the 30-year-old chanteuse, but the court acknowledged that Carey "follow[s] a strict policy of refusing to review unsolicited recordings."

Billboard Article!
Zmick sent me the following article!
All nine dates of Mariah Carey's upcoming North American tour have sold out. The tour begins March 16 at L.A.'s Staples Center and ends April 11 at New York's Madison Square Garden.
John Meglen of producer Concerts West says Carey's schedule prohibited multiple dates at this time, but he would not rule out more shows later in the year. "We would love to see her do some more, and we're keeping our fingers crossed," he says.
Carey's current single, "Thank God I Found You" featuring Joe and 98 Degrees, is at No. 2 on The Billboard Hot 100 this week. She is currently in the midst of a string of European dates and will play London's Wembley Arena tomorrow (Feb. 26). After a date in Madrid, Carey is off to Asia for shows in Osaka, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Brandy Stealing MC's Jeans?
miss_bing_bong@webtv.net told me the following:
hi regina..i just wanted to tell u that last night on accsess hollywood they were doig a special "miami" addition...and they were showing fashion trends in miami..and they showed brandyon a photo shoot for DKNY and guess what?? she had on jeans w/ the band cut off! so i dont know if that means DKNY is gonna copy mc's idea too but brandywas modseling DKNY clothes so that my guess!!

February 25, 2000...
Tour Book Pic!
If you are not in InfoMC, you should be. Last night I sent out word that I added a Tour Book Pic that Jahjah sent me. He had to cut off the edges since it is so big but it seems that from now on out, there will be tour books at every concert. Anyone got the rest of the scans? You can check out the BEAUTIFUL pic in Gallery 23!

Rolling Stone Mention!
Mc numba 1 told me that on page 26 in the March 16th issue of Rolling STone, they talk about the All That Glitters" Soundtrack and here is what it says:
"MARIAH CAREY has recorded five songs with legendary producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for the soundtrack to the upcoming movie "All That Glitters", in which she also stars as an Eighties pop sensation."

Rosie Disses MC to Macy Gray, of ALL PEOPLE!
Sadly Rosie did it again today, she disses MC. The bad thing is that the guest she dissed MC to was non other then Macy Gray! YuMmYuMz told me the following:
Rosie has really upset me. I's so sick of her saying stuff about Mariah. Well anyways today Rosie was about the grammys, and she was talking with Macy Gray (im sorry shes SO ugly and she lookes like Chewbaca with a afro puff) anyways Rosie was like "well what are you gonna wear?...the think you wore on my show was cute. Remember what Mariah wore to the AMA's....(and it showed like a split screen of the leather black dress Mariah wore when she wa performing in the begining)....thats not a good idea" and then Macy Gray started cracking up and they were laughing together at Mariah. I cant stand Rosie anymore. how could she say that after she kinda apologized to Mariah about calling her a slut?? oh well hopefully this isnt the 50th mail of the same thing. thanks for listening!! : )

No Can Do "Down Under!"
It seems that MC is NOT going to OZ for her Rainbow Tour and MSG still stands as the last concert for the Rainbow Tour!

Joe, Opening Act?
While being bored at college today, I skimmed some old article. I read one for the Toronto concert and it said that Mariah's opening act will be Joe!! WOW, cool eh?

MC working with Prince!
Jahjah told me that in a french interview that MC did recently she said that she might be working with Prince and she really wants to also work with Michael Jackson. These possible collaborations will be for the forthcoming "All That Glitters" soundtrack!

Fan Book!
Check out XKaTMaRiAh102@aol.com fan book site:

February 24, 2000...
New Pics!
I added 4 really nice pics to a new Gallery today, Gallery 23! 2 are from the Germany Concert and 2 are MC in a Pink top with Jeans and she looks REALLY pretty! Many thanks to K.Uwe.Langer for the pics :)

MC Looses Grammy and Aguliera Mentions Her!
Chris told me that MC lost both awards last night. One she lost to Madonna and the other she lost to Santana. However Aguilera beat out Britney Spears and others as Favorite New Artist and here is what she had to say:
Aguilera said she hoped to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Mariah Carey, who won best new artist in 1990. Carey sings, writes and produces much of her own material.
``I want more writing credibility on the next album,'' Aguilera said. ``It's really wanting to be seen as a vocalist, because that's where my heart is and trying to take pop a little bit deeper than it is now. I wish it wasn't just about image

OK! Article!
The OK magazine is now out at Borders and Barnes and Nobles bookstores across the land so pick up yours today. It is only $5 for the imported magazine, which is pretty good. Anyhow my VERY good buddy Meski typed out the article and you can check it out on his site:

MSG No Longer Final Concert Date!
I was a little sad when I read this cause I kind wanted MSG to be the final destination of the Rainbow Tour but hey, whatcha going to do. This has not been confirmed by Eric I have this article for ya!
After cancelling her last concert in Australia in 1998 due to a throat infection, Diva, Mariah Carey, looks set to return Down Under in April as part of her Rainbow World Tour. Australia was originalle left out of the tour, due to problems with promoters, but Michael Coppel has picked up the tour after receiving hundreds of letters and e-mails from distraught fans. Sony Music could not give confirmed dates as yet, but it looks like the concert will only visit Sydney and Melbourne, sticking to it's "One Night Only" theme, Mariah is expected to play at Sydney's Superdome on April 26 and in Melbourne at the MCG on April 30. Mariah, 30, is among a huge into-Winter touring front which will see the likes of Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Five and TLC visiting the country. Fans can expect top pay upwards of $200 to see the superstar concert, which will also hostst a huge line up of special guests including Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Mase and Joe. 98 Degrees and Luther Vandross couls also join the line up as they will be in Australia over Easter on promotional tours. Carey's latest offering and her 15th US # 1, Thank God I Found You will hit stores around the country this Monday.

Fan Book!
Dear all heads of MC mailing lists and MC websites,
I am e-mailing you to ask for a favor. I will be attending the Mariah Concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 11th and I am planning on doing a fan book. I have floor seats and there is a chance I will get backstage and I want to give this to her. I am hoping you can post and tell everyone about my fanbook so that it could be great with messages from fans all across the world! Please tell people if they want to include a message they should e-mail me (etans@aol.com) and include their name, where they are from, and their message. Thanks so much!!! Etan S.

February 23, 2000...
Singapore Album is a lie!
gray@shakaan.com sent me the scans of the Singapore album and there are NO new songs on it. The pics are all the same and basically all it has is the US single of TGIFY Remixes! So NOTHING is new on the Singapore album!!

Mariah Carey tour opens with varied setlist
(MCarey.com) - Mariah Carey's return to the touring stage came last week in Belgium and she treated her fans to a varied setlist that focused on all parts of her career. The show also featured videotaped skits, which were interspersed throughout the evening. The tour continues in Europe through March 13, when Carey will bring her tour to the U.S. For more, visit http://www.sonymusic.com/

Buy This?
Bid on this in-person autographed tambourine signed by Mariah Carey and help a worthy cause – all at the same time! It comes from Gotta Have It! of New York City – the world's greatest rock n' roll gallery in conjunction with VH1 Save The Music. Net proceeds from this sale benefit the VH1 Save The Music foundation. Winning bid – please allow 1 – 3 weeks for delivery.
To check it out, go to the below site. Many thanks to Daniëlle for this info! http://auctions.vh1.com/Scripts/ListingInfo.asp?LotNo=8649273

Dreamlover Mix! Sollart sent me the following link:
which take you to a site that discusses the best remixes. The first one listed is the Morales remix of Dreamlover by MC. Here is the article:
David Morales on 'Dream Lover' by Mariah Carey
Morales' mix on 'Dream Lover' turned the up and coming R&B star into a house diva with a mix that epitomised the 'handbag' genre of the early nineties. The bait was the percussive opening and the cut up vocal, then the catch was the piano drop…and what a drop it was. The mix was crisp, clean and oh so emotional with 'that' untouchable magic that Morales mixes quite often have. As Mariah went on to become a slightly more credible Celine Dion she clocked up credibility points by calling on the services of Morales every time she released a record. But like most one-way relationships the marriage soon hit the rocks. Mariah never recaptured a dancefloor in the same way, and though some say that was Morales' finest moment, remixes on Jamiroquai and Alison Limerick confirmed the man to be a true genius.

Vogue article!
People continue to e-mail me about the Vogue pics. One person said that the bikini pic is fake cause it doesn't have MC's birthmark. That may be so but what about the airbrushing technique? That could of easily erased that and I don't think Vogue would create fake pics and I KNOW I did not due it. Anyhow Meski translated the Vogue article and you can check it out on his site:

Do NOT e-mail me asking to buy tickets from the following people. E-mail the addresses in bold and talk to them about it cause I am very forgetful, hee hee :)
Fitchprep9@aol.com <--his e-mail address!
i am selling 1 ticket for vegas. ( the person wont be able to come to vegas with me and i dont know anyone in vagas.) the seat is112, N. if you go to www.tickets.com and click on vegas mariah . look at map of seating. and you will see its about half way. facing the stage, not behind it. if interested please email me. fitchprep9@aol.com, i dont want to do it on line i will do it in vegas in person. thanks.
Hey Regina...I saw that you will advertise ticket sales for concerts and so I also would appreciate if you could let people know that I have extra tickets for the San Jose show including some pretty good seats, and even floor tickets! Check it Out http://sabrina.seaporthost.com/show/pichome.html

Joe and Funkmaster Flex at MSG?
Read below what Desiree told me:
I heard an interview on NY's HOT 97 last Tues. with Joe. I think he's going to be at MC's NY show. I only caught the very end of the interview so I'm not sure. But what I heard makes me think so. He was asked by Funkmaster Flex "Where is it, the Coliseum?" Joe said "No, MSG, April 11." They never mentioned MC, I must have missed that part. I think that Flex may be there too b/c after Joe said MSG he said something like, "Oh good then I can really blow it up". After the interview he played the Thank God I Found You remix.

Against All Odds Video Premiered!
Fabio told me that the Against All Odds video has premiered in Brazil but it is only her performance from the Homecoming Special!

Enter Contest and Vote!
Columbia sent this to me!
Log on to the front page of Rolling Stone online at: http://rollingstone.tunes.com/ to check out the Mariah contest!
AND don't forget to put in your vote for Mariah for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Mariah has been nominated for Favorite Female Artist - R&B:
Favorite Song From A Movie (with Whitney Houston):
"When You Believe"
Winners will be determined by fans voting in over 6000 Blockbuster stores around the world Feb 8-28 as well as on the internet at www.blockbuster.com.
This year's Blockbuster Awards will tape in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium May 9th and air on Fox & VH1 in June. Stay tuned for exact details.

More news from Official Site!
Congratulations, Mariah!! The #1's album has been certified 4X PLATINUM by the RIAA as of February 22, 2000!!!!

Remember how I told you guys that MC talked to Anja on stage and mentioned the fact that Anja and I are friends? Well Anja typed out exactly what she said about us and here it is :D\ BEFORE WITHOUT YOU!!!
You say Please sing Close my eyes for you? Did you write me a letter about that song? I remember i read that letter! I´m gonna sing it for you tonight! Okay! You and your penpal right? Okay! Your penpal is from america right?? Okay! Make sure it´s for you, because your letter inspired me alot!
Where´s the girl that i was talking to before? What is your name...Anika?? Anja!!! Anja, wrote me a letter and i remembered it and she talked about this next song.......(asking 4 tea).............anyway, Anja, this is for you and for everybody else, but especially tonight it´s for you and for your struggle and for the beautiful person that you seem to be! It´s called Close my eyes!

Isn't that just so amazing? Couldn't of happen to a sweeter person..gotta love Anja :D

February 22, 2000...
New Pics!
My best friend Anja took over 100 pics from the Germany concert on Sunday and sent me 20 scans. All of them are in their special gallery called, "Anja Concert Pics!" Check them out on the PICS page!

Fake Pics?
I saw how yesterday people were posting on Anderz's messagboard that the Vogue pics were fake but to my understanding they are not. The one with the bra looks a tad funny but the others are heads I have never seen before. So as far as I know..they are not!

More Pics!
Due to lack of time, I did not add any other pics besides Anjas. However, Nick scanned 8 New Photos (actually 6 are new that I havn't seen) and you can check them and other exclusives at his site:
They are REALLY NICE PICS and I did some research and my local Borders book store will have this issue probably in tomorrow they told me. So hopefully it wil be in the US around later this week early next week :)

MC Still Perform?
Jake told me that MC performed Fantasy at the AMA's and then OSD at the Grammy;s in 1996 so it is possible for MC to perform on tomorrow nights show! So maybe the Dick Clark statement can be broken? I don't know and neither do you but tune in tomorrow night to the Grammy's! Thanks Jake!

Mira Magazine!
Chris from Chicago told me that MC is in a Spanish Tabloid called Mira. There are some nice big pics but they are all old. That is all the info. I got on that now!

'Mariah Fan helps others and wins her fantasy'
Pamela Zimmerman can call the win "Mariah."
She placed the winning bid Saturday night for a package of items donated by singer Mariah Carey to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation's annual Mardis Gras auction at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Mardis Gras is yet a month away, but more than 500 supporters celebrated the event Saturday night. The charity auction was created 6 years ago to appeal to young adults. Now the audience is from all generations. Billy Costa of WXKS-FM (Kiss 108) helped rev up the excitement for the silent auction, which included trips, special events, and the personal donation from Mariah Carey. Zimmerman, a legal secretary, placed the high bid on Carey's autographed poster, [it was the Rollingstone from last year] CD, [# 1's] tickets to the singer's April 4 concert at the Fleetcenter, and the jeans the singer wore in the "Heartbreaker" video, duly washed and autographed on the back pocket. Carey even cut off and hemmed the waistband, a signature look, Costa said. Zimmerman said she will look the look by wearing the jeans to the concert. The Carey package was donated through Columbia Records senior vice President Charlie Walk, whose mother, Judi Walk, is a board member and volunteers for the cause despite working for another charity. "I work for the American Cancer Society," she said. "But, I have Crohn's disease. So, this is my passion. I need a cure." Event committee member Alec Stern expected to raise $75,000.

Many thanks to Ashley for this article!

Tickets For Sale!
A couple of people posted in the Forum that they have tickets for sale and here are two more that are selling tickets! butterfly23@angelfire.com (Nicole N)
I wanted to know if you could let the list members know that I have one extra ticket to sell for the Toronto concert. Section FLR 6, row 36, seat 1. The seat is on the floor. I'm asking 96.25 'cause that's what the ticket cost me.
QT FaCe220
Hi Regina....i have 3 extra tickets for the MSG concert...can you please let evreyone know...whoever is interested can e-mail me! thanx so much!! <3Michelle

Mudd Jeans!
Couple people e-mailed me, including Jackie, that the Mudd Jeans featuring MC's style are out in stores now. They are around $30

Bachelor Movie!
Ricardo told me that the Bachelor hits store on April 18th.

New Mariah Song?
Many thanks to my Mariah Three partner, Eric from Mariah Carey Archives for this next bit. It seems that there is a special Rainbow CD release in Singapore which contains a remix (short one) of How Much, longer edition of Rainbow Interlude and an extra song. Here is the tracklistings:
01. Heartbreaker
02. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
03. Bliss
04. How Much
05. After Tonight
06. X-Girlfriend
07. Boyfriend / Girlfriend (like a How Much Reprise) (0:28)
08. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
09. Crybaby
10. Did I Do That?
11. Petals
12. Rainbow (4:10)
13. I Can See Clearly Now (3:27)
14. Thank God I Found You

What ever happened to Mariah's Lucky necklace? I don't see her wearing it anymore. Maybe she got rid of them because Luis made her see that she didn't need that false luck or maybe it was replaced by those bracelets she usually wears? Who knows?

Walter discusses MC!
Nini sent me a long article with Mariah's Ex-writing partner, Walter. Here are the MC parts:
The Grammy nominee for Producer of the Year is loath to say a bad word about Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or any of the other mega-stars with whom he has worked.
Carey nearly fired him when she found out he had been dating singer Samantha Cole. "I had a personal problem with Samantha and a professional problem with Mariah at the same time," is all he will say.
"Everyone is so unbelievably talented when it comes to singing these days, this new breed of singers, they've all sat for the last seven, eight, nine, 10 years studying the whole Mariah Carey-Aretha Franklin thing — these singers are just so good, they're too good.

February 21, 2000...
Not only do I have new pics from the Germany concert, I have 3 new pics of MC from the Spanish Vogue Magazine (March 2000) in which she graces the cover. Many thanks to Evelyn for those pics. Also many thanks to K. Uwe Langer for the 4 Germany pics. All in all, check out all 7 BRAND NEW Pics in Gallery 22!

MC Mentiones ME?
First I have to say, check out the Forum for a GREAT review from Katy on yesterdays Germany concert. Now...As you all might know, Anja and I are best friend and yesterday she was in the front row of the Germany concert. A while back, Anja has given MC two letters from us (on two different times she met her) and on Friday she gave MC a third letter from each of us. Last night Anja helded a sign saying, "MARIAH PLEASE SING CLOSE MY EYES 4 ME -ANJA" Well Mariah saw it and was talking to anja DURING the concert. Then all of the sudden she says, "Don't you have a friend in the USA?" and Anja said yes! I don't know if she said my name cause Anja didn't say that but Katy also e-mailed me and told me that MC mentioned me :) I was so happy for Anja cause MC sat down and sang Close My Eyes and made eye contact with Anja a lot because Anja was crying to this song. She had a difficult past so she can really relate to this MC song and Mariah read her letter and knew this! So I was so happy for ANja, and later tonight Anja will be hopefully sending me her review and plus she took over 100 pics of MC at the concert. Maybe shewill scan some :D It's cool that MC knows that the two of us are best friends now though and because of MC that is how we met :D

MC at Grammies?
Several people e-mailed me about this as did Devin. It seems that CBS is running a commercial featuring 2 clips of MC in it for the 2000 Grammy awards. There is a clip of HEartbreaker and a clip of TGIFY in the commercial showing MC. We all know that MC will be doing a concert in paris on that night but maybe they will go to her in Paris? She performed on the AMA's so she is NOT allowed to perform on the Grammy's so there is no way they will show a performance from Paris, if they are sticking to the rules (dumb rule Dick Clark created saying that if an artist performs on AMA's, they can't perform on the Grammy's since he is in chargeof both!) SO I know MC won't be there and I highly doubt she will be shown from Paris but keep an eye for her, just in case while watching!

Check out Chicago Fanbook Site!

Walter Disses MC?
Well maybe this is why Walter and MC don't work together anymore, read the last paragraph of this article to find why. DaRe uhL j sent me an article from the San Francisco Chronicle which talks about his special trophey he will be getting..here are the MC related parts:
- "His records with acts such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Dion and Kenny G have sold more than 300 million records, and, for better or worse, his hand has helped shape the sound of American pop"
It talks about how he got famous. He took piano lessions @ age 3 and studied classical music, and was playing jazz when Narada Miachael Walden landed him for an audition for a band. He didn't get the part, but was playing keyboards on sessions produced by Walden, and he became part of the studio cadre. He grew unhappy with Walden cause he felt he wasn't getting proper credit, and wanted a share of the royalties. Sorry if I went off on a tangent, some of you might've wanted to know how he rose to fame. Back to the Mariah parts...
- "About this time Sony Records President Tommmy Mottola brought Walen a new singer htat Mottola had personally signed, named Mariah Carey. "When Tommy Mottola gets personally involved and wants to oversee a project, it is a very important project," said Afanasieff. "He started listening to tracks and asking questions." What Motolla heard was that Walden's keyboard plaer was making crucial creative contributions to the unfinished album. Mottola gave Afansieff 2 days to prove himself. Afansieff didn't sleep - "I don't know what was going to happen to my life." But he emerged from the studio with a song, Love Takes Time, that was slapped on the already finished album at the last minute and eventually became a second No. 1 hit off the multiplatinum debut that launched Carey's and Afanasieff's remarkable career. "Mariah and I developed suh a profound relationship, I got to keep working with her on all her records," he said. She has sold more than 125 million records and changed the way female vocals sound throughout pop music. (sidenote, the don't include quotes for the last sentence, but I think it's a typo). "Some of these singers who are coming up- Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson- for hte last 10 years, they've been listening to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston records. They've been taught to over-sing." Afanasieff knows that he makes straightforward pop -"sometimes too pop"- but he does not apologize for the excesses of singers such as Carey, Dion, or Bolton. "It's part of their sound, part of their ability, so you've got to go pretty far with that," he said. "One of the special parts of My Hert Will Go On as there's no oversinging. It's not licks. It's not improvising- just pure, soulful melody." (I couldn't help but think that may have been a shot @ MC)
He said the current pop scene emphasizes young girls, boy groupos, and Latin Americans singing in English. "What are we going to do as a producer whowants to stay in the mainstream?" he said. "I'm going todo that for a moment. That's what people want at this phase. I got a taste. It's kind of cool to be a No. 1 selling producer. We're out of the Mariah Carey ballad phase. I've got to go along." (WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!) "Ballads are ballads. We're never going to be without them. I know in the next 6 months, I'm going to be able to go in and do my huge pop ballad. Somewhere in the near futue, the next No. 1 song is going to be a ballad."

February 20, 2000...
Ticket For Sale!
Check out the Forum for more information!

New Pics!
My pal, Jahjah told me that he has about 8 NEW pics of MC. I checked it out and they are pretty cool. They are from NRJ awards I believe and if you can read french, I am told that the guy who met who wrote a really cool story! Click the link below to check it out!

More Pics!
There are AWESOME new pic from the Italian concert in Gallery 22 now, which Evelyn sent me including silhouette of MC from the concert. Check them out NOW! Many thanks to Evelyn from her rainbow page! THANKS :D

There is going to be NO Mariah Weekend on MTV in the USA. It's for the European countries

French Contest
Jahjah told me that radio NRJ organized a concert to meet MC before her Paris concert and he knows the girl who one. He told me she is really nice and is going to go onstage with MC and is aloud to ask her a couple of questions. SO Jahjah is asking her if we can all write messages and give them to her and he is going to get back to me on more about this. When I find out, so will you. Stay Tune...

106 KMEL
Jenn told me:
For the residents of the bay area, they can try and win tickets from 106 KMEL by visiting their website at ... www.106kmel.com and clicking the Mariah banner. There you can enter to win tickets to the March 21st concert at the San Jose Arena. They will be giving out 2 front row tickets to the winners of the contest.

MC's Jeans for Sale
Courtney told me that there is an ad for the Mariah Jeans in the Seventeen Prom issue. It says nothing about the name of the jeans but they are manufactured by Mudd! Also she told me that Mudd got permission from Mariah's Management team to use this style. Anyone see them yet!

Someone told me, I forget who, that MC's TGIFY single is now #2 on Billboard and "I Knew I Loved You" is #1. Please go get some singles and vote for TGIFY guys :) Lets give MC 62 weeks at #1!!!!

MC gets back at Macy Gray-You Go Girl!
I was laughing my butt off when I read this. MC is so civilized but then again so sarcastic! Mel told me that MC is in todays UK Newspaper. She talks about Lopez, Luis, & Macy Gray...here are the highlights (thanks Mel!)

  • There is also, of course, the good feeling factor stemming from her year-long romance with 29-year-old Spanish pop star Luis Miguel. From the vast bed on which she lies stroking a huge fake fur black coat, Mariah points proudly to two vases filled wit hundreds of long stemmed red roses. "Luis sent me them for winning my award (AMA awards). He is soooo cute," she says, going all girlie. Are you in love with him?
    "I think so", she says coyly. "He's an amazing person. We went bungee jumping the other day in Acapulco. "He has a boat there called Hero after my song"
  • The pair met in Aspen, Colorado through mutual friends. "They told me he wanted to have a party for me at this restaurant" she says. "I was late and he was thinking, 'How rude is this woman?' Then we just clicked".
  • Mariah's busy schedule means Luis has to jet all over the world to see her. Over the past 12 months, they have met up in 34 different countries. I may dress provocatively now, but in terms of my experience with men people in like ninth grade have been around the block more times that me. I've never had a one night stand".
  • Interviewing her is like gossiping with a female friend. She moans about feeling "bloated" and bitches about her rival. Suggest that Jennifer Lopez appears to have modelled herself on Mariah and she can't conceal her disdain. "DO yo think she is in the same league as a singer" she asks me incredulously.
  • Newcomer Macy Gray, the rising star behind he hit I try, comes in for even more of a tongue lashing. It was Macy who recently announced: "I'd love to punch Mariah Carey. She gets on my nerves when I see those videos of hers. I am 6ft tall, so I think I could take her in a fight".
    Crows Mariah " That was interesting. It got her a lot of press. She's not really taller. When someone has only had one single they should wait a few years and see whether they are still around to make comments like that".

    Supernova News=MTV Brazil!
    Camurati and some other people told me that a clip in Brazil is another word for video and that MTV Brazil is going to premiere the Against All Odds video on the 22nd I believe. Darn it, wonder when we will get it here in the US :)

    New Graphic!
    Hey ya like the New Title Graphic? They are three cartoons that I drew of Mariah over the last couple of Months. Many thanks to Alex for helping me out with it :D Love ya!

    Fan Book Site!
    Check out the following site below for information on how to sign Evelyn's Fan Book for MC! Webmasters and fans are both encouraged to do so!

    February 19, 2000...
    New Pics!
    I added 4 new pics today. Many thanks to Evelyn for these pics and make sure you check out her site tonight because she told me there will be more later tonight:
    MC Daydreams!

    Concert News, A LOT! (Italy and Belgium!)
    Okay I added a review by Luke yesterday and the he e-mailed me saying:
    My name is Luke and I´m from Vienna, but I went all the way to milan for the milan concert. I just wanted to tell you, that MARIAH WASN´T LATE FOR ONE AND A HALF HOUR, BUT JUST FOR A HALF HOUR !!!! And about that, that Mariah was booed: It wasn´t that bad ! A couple of people from the audience just always began to whistle, everytime some songs were played to entertain the audience until Mariah came. THE AUDIENCE WENT CRAZY, AS MARIAH CAME ON STAGE. Just wanted to tell you. Bye, Luke
    Also Marco told me the following too:
    Hi Regina, I'm Marco from Italy and yesterday I was at Mariah concert in Milan. The review of Danielle isn't about the concert in Italy but that one in Belgium. Mariah wasn't so late in fact she started her concert at 21:30 (official time was 21:00) and at the show of Milan she didnt sing Sweetheart but Vision of Love. The concert was amazing MARIAH IS THE BEST. Her voice was wonderful (like the MSG concert) and she looked awesome. I LOVE MARIAH Bye Marco
    Then Jasper told me some good news and some bad news about MC's Belgium concert, seems the critics didn't like it but screw 'em, the fans matter the most and our opinions outranks theirs anyday right? hee hee...
    Hi Regina, I just read your news mail.Well I wanted to say something about the Belgium concert. The critics bashed the concert. (this really surprised me because it was so awesome, the only thing that was not nice was the long waiting). The review of the concert was full of bad lies (I even wonder if the guy who reviewed it was at the concert because everything he wrote was totally NOT true) It really was fantastic, her voice was in excellent condition, she gave a superb show (lasted 2½ hours). Never saw something amazing like this concert. I'm a guy and I didn't think Mariah's cloths were too little. Everytime she appeared in a great ensemble. She just wants to wear what she like and where she is happy in. That's fine with me. (I went to the concert to see a fantastic show and hear a fantastic woman, and not to drool because of her body). I've spoken to several girls who went to the concert also and they found it also great. Well about the intervals (when Mariah was changing cloths) I really did like the movies (I can imagine when you're not a real Mariah fan you don't understand the movies maybe that's why several people didn't like them). I actually played in one of those movies (when Bianca takes over during a signing session in a recordstore, I was one of the people waiting in line to get an autograph). And in another movie when Mariah is in the plane and Bianca is giving safety instructions. Mariah is reading a magazine and the cool thing is the magazine she is reading was our DMCA Fanclub Magazine "Carey On". (we gave her a copy of our mag when she was in Holland) I just think that people who dislike Mariah just can't stand when she is doing great and always will bash her no matter what she does and how great it is. Those people are just jealous. Jasper

    Mariah Tickets On Sale?
    2 people e-mailed me today saying they want to sell an extra ticket they have, so I told them to post it in the forum or I will in the NEWS section! So, one person told me to post it in the NEWS and here goes!!!
    E-mail ENCINOHERE@aol.com if you would like to purchase one ticket for the LA Concert on Marhc 16th!

    No More!
    That is all the news on ticket sales so far, but if anyone else wants to sell a ticket or two, e-mail me. PLEASE do not e-mail me asking me how you can get tickets, if I get them, I will post it in the NEWS or FORUM, so make sure you check it EVERYDAY! Here is a look of ticket sales for the US Concerts:
    3.16 - Los Angeles, CA - SOLD OUT
    3.18 - Las Vegas, CA - Still Available through tickets.com
    3.21 - San Jose, CA - Still Available through ticketmaster
    3.25 - Chicago, IL - SOLD OUT
    3.29 - Miami, FL - Still available through ticketmaster
    4.1 - Atlanta, GA - Still available through ticketmaster
    4.4 - Boston, MA - SOLD OUT
    4.11 - New York, NY - SOLD OUT

    Supernova shows AAO video?
    Tereza told me that MTV said that on 2/22/00, on their live show Supernova, they will premiere a clip from the Against All Odds video from Mariah Carey. I am guessing it is a video, but Tereza just said Clip? Is Supernova on the US MTV, never heard of the show before? Anyone else got more info. on this?

    Mariah Carey Weekend!
    Evelyn told me that MC will be having her own weekend and here is the schedule:
    Saturday February 19, 2000
    11:00 Music Programming
    11:30 Mariah TV
    12:00 Music Programming
    12:30 Fanatic Mariah Carey
    13:00 Music Programming
    14:00 Mariah's Number Ones
    15:00 Music Programming
    15:30 Fanatic Mariah Carey
    Sunday February 20, 2000
    11:00 Mariah in her own words
    12:00 Music Programming
    12:30 Essential Mariah Carey
    13:00 Music Programming
    13:30 Mariah TV
    14:00 An Audience With Mariah

    TONS of Magazine News!
    I picked up some magazines today and here is a low down. First MC is in two tabloids with Jack and Aspen, both different pics. Check out the Feb 29th issues of National Examiner and The National Enquirer for those REALLY REALLY CUTE PICS! Next MC is in the magazine called Hollywoods Hottest Lovers. It is the Feb 29th issue and it has 4 pages of Mariah with 4 nice pics we have all seen a thousand times (Luis and Her twice, one of her in that white bathing suit and then a wedding pic!) Next, BaByDollLiz13 told me there is a pic of MC from the AMA's in the new issue of Rolling Stone with Leo on the cover. Also Mia told me that the Hello magazine (feb 8th, 2000) is now available in the US and you can get it anywhere that sells imports. This is a must because it has 6 beautiful new pics of Mariah! That's it for this week!!!

    Fan Books!!
    regina can you once again on your newletter im doing a fan book and please let em know if they have submited there letters to oither fan books then can submit the same letter to mine if they like instead of a whole new letter k cause i want this to a big fan book to give mariah please also tell then they can submit to me artowrk cause iwill be making some to make the book when i print it out ok so please let em know
    Hey!! Just writing to let you know that I am planning to create a beautiful fan book for Mariah and deliver it on the final day of her tour in NYC. I think this will be a very special book. Here's the plan: This fan book will focus primarily on the webmasters who devote so much time and energy to Mariah. They will be in the first section. The second section will consist of other fans. I thought it would be nice for Mariah to have a glimpse of who WE are and have our site addresses if she ever gets curious. =) So this is our chance to tell Mariah how we feel and explain to her why we decided to create our sites. Talk about your encounters and describe something special about your site. Have fun. I'm asking for not more than 3 paragraphs please. Please announce this on your site and let other webmasters know about it. E-mail entries to this address: mcmariposa@email.com Thanks a bunch!

    Yeah you heard me right! About 10 minutes ago, Mariah Carey herself called Bree, from the IMCO, and asked her to ask people to PLEASE send her their reviews so she can know how she is doing! So if you would like to participate in giving Mariah your own review, then send Bree an e-mail at:
    careyon327@aol.com OR:

    February 18, 2000...
    Italian Review, MC got booed!
    I couldn't believe when I read this following review from Danielle that MC got booed three times. I am guessing it is because she was an hour and a half late :O OMG, why was she so late? Also I thought it was sad that she cried during Petals. I know I am going to be crying at Petals/Hero/Mariah's Theme! Anyhow here is a brief review:
    Hi, I'm back! Mariah's concert was DA BOMB! There was a travistite (did I write this correct? hope you know what I mean) during X-girlfriend, she was throwing a big teddy bear during Crybaby, she played Bianca on a big screen (it was filmed), a choir during Make it happen, she sang TGIFY with Trey, she did her usual Fantasy (the mix with ODB) dance, during Sweetheart she plucked two guys from the audience to dance with her and her dancers, during Close my eyes, but especially during Petals she cried (!!), Mariah's theme blew me away, she was amazing (!), then there was a so-called fight between MC and Bianca. Mariah won off course. Waring a great sailors suit she sang Honey and after three minutes of waiting Mariah came back to sing Hero (some people thought that the concert was already finished...) That was the concert in HIGHlights. I missed out on one not so nice but important detail: Mariah was 1 1/2 (!!) hours late. She was booed three times...

    Ruud, man I love you, sent me two pics from the Belgium concert! The one is from the performance of Dreamlover, where she is in the green dress with the crown, and the other is from Petals, my all time favorite MC song :) Thank you so much to Ruud for sending them to me. Do you got pics? Do you got a review from Belgium or Italy's concert? What are you waiting for? SEND IT IN!!!!

    Fan Books!
    Wayne if flying 5 HOURS to get to the Toronto concert and really would like to make a fan book. Send your entrees to him at the below e-mail address!

    New Site!
    Meski created a new site where you can actually download and save the Official Mariah Posts that she has made, including the one where MC mentioned Anja and me! Also he has some other cool features like realaudio where MC says, "Complete and Total Mess" and "I don't know and neither do you!" I visited it today and I like it, so I think you should all check it out by clicking below!

    Bad Concert Review?
    I don't know what this tv show is talking about but from the things I heard SO FAR, cause not many people sent in reviews, I thought the concert sounds pretty awesome, and as a girl I KNOW I would enjoy it. It's kind of a sexiest comment too because if they were real fans of MC, why would they think that and I doubt that ALL the girls did not like the concert? Anyhow I am going to post this anyway and let you decide for yourself..
    Hi! I'm Desmond Choong from Malaysia. Today when I was watching Entertainment News from Taiwan's TVBS Asia televsion network, Mariah's concert in Belgium was one of the headlines. So I waited until the news on her concert was reported. It seemed that the female audiences (not sure whether they are Mariah fans or not) didn't like the show at all. The female audiences also complained that intervals between some songs were too long especially when Mariah had to change. Besides that, they also complained that she didn't sing well and her live performance wasn't good at all. They said they'd rather watch Celine Dion's concert. But on the other hand, the guys loved it, which is not an unusual phenomenon since I think the only thing they pay attention to is Mariah's body and good looks!! Hopefully not, though! But the best thing for me was being able to see her and some of the outfits. She looked incredible with a lime green long gown with Miss Understood and the crown!! I hope there won't be anymore complaints from audiences that aren't fans of hers.

    Italian Review?!?
    Evelyn, from MCDaydreams, told me that you can find an Italian Review from last nights concert and a cool 10 minute interview of MC. However I can't understand Italian, can anyone translate the review? Check out the link below!
    http://www.kwmusica.kataweb.it/kwmusica/news/sezione_new/1,4166,cover-1-4738 ,00.html

    InfoMC and NYC?
    Okay a couple of days ago I announced that maybe we could all meet up at a Pizza joint before the concert! However, it doesn't look like it will be that possible! However, I will hopefully be getting to NYC around 4 pm, 2 and a half hours before MSG opens, so maybe we can all meet outside and wait together for the doors to open? TRUST ME I already have the plan accomplished for how you will KNOW that it is me...ha ha! But that is a secret in which I will reveal the day before the concert! Also I am working on a poster at the moment, out of cardboard, that folds together and that I will slip in my pants and will go up in the back of my shirt..when you open it it wil say:
    InfoMC Loves Mariah! (won't say Loves, it will be a heart and I will make it big so hopefully MC can read it!)
    I was wondering if anyone else would like to make posters for the NYC concert for InfoMC and hold it in different locations saying something similiar, nice and big. I have a way of getting posters in and I somewhat mentioned it above because Security usually takes away posters! SO if anyone else has any ideas for how InfoMC could meet or something that we could do at MSG, let me know! We have 54 days to come up with something!!

    Germany/Spain/France Concerts!
    I have my best friend Anja, going to the Germany concert Sunday (she'll send me a detailed review on Monday with hopefully pics!) and my two good friends Meski and Minerva going to the Spain concert and Minerva going to the France one too. So hopefully they will give me a ton of reviews on it and I will have them all for you next week!

    February 17, 2000...
    Milan, Italy
    Tonight is the big night for Italian fans! Hopefully I will have a ton of reviews and maybe some pics tomorrow from newspapers or something?? Can we hope for that? PLEASE :D (hee hee!)

    Magazine News!
    I picked up Honey today with Lopez on the cover and there is a really nice little pic, as I reported earlier. I don't know if it is worth the $4 but hey I bought it and maybe I will scan it :) Also I picked up the March 2000 issue of Sister 2 Sister which has an article talking about MC's film career. Also it has a nice half page pic of MC from the #1's Party after the signing in 1999. I saw that MC was in the March 2000 issue of Entertainment Teen, but it's an old pic from the Blockbuster 1998 awards in the pinkish/peachish dress. There is a little pic of MC in the new Cosmo too, it's the March 200 issue I think? And finally I saw that there is a pic of MC in Word UP, March 2000. It's a pic from the Whitney benifit and it talks about how MC rewarded her fans for the Heartbreaker success by taking them with her to Oprah! That's the mag. news for today! Man that was a lot!

    Fan Book Update!
    Here is what I was told:
    Please could u put in your news that fans have until the 20th of Febuary to add their message to the "Mariah Fans 2000 book." the book will be give to mariah sometime during her UK vist messages can be sent to goldenchild@freenet.co.uk. thanx Nick

    Willem got the message!
    Willem wrote out the latest MC message from the official website on his site, as he did for everyone she has ever left (including the one where she mentioned one of my VERY best friends, Anja, and me :) So make sure you check it out at the link below!

    MC in Playboy, OH MY!!!
    Yup you heard me right, but it's only a pic from the recent AMA's and it's in the March 2000 issue (not that I expect ANY of you to go buy it!) Gwtwsaga sent me the article in it!
    "A little bit of Mariah, Mariah Carey finished off the nineties with more than 100 million albums sold (including her recent album Rainbow), as well as roles in two movies, The Bachelor and Double O-Soul. But there's more to her than belly buttons and breaking records. Here's a peek at the rest".

    Valentine Presents?
    buterflyz@juno.com sent me the following article from her local newspaper!
    Long-distance lovebirds Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day. She received roses. He got a steamy homemad video from the luscious Mariah. Carey, now in Belgium, is ridin' high these days. And not just with Luis. Tix for her Rainbow Tour sold out in 10 minutes in L.A., Boston, and New York. Miguel is in NYC, playing Radio City Music Hall.

    February 16, 2000...
    New Pics!
    There are five news pics in Gallery 22. One is from Jon, who sent me a tiny b/w pic of MC at Monday's Belgium Concert another is from HailQueenMariah from the local newspaper and the final three are courtesy of Mariah Carey Archives and Danny van Oosterbosch and are from the Belgium Concert also! Check out both scans...

    Mariah Rainbow Tour!
    So MANY people are flooding my mailbox asking me to PLEASE post on the website and in InfoMC about them getting tickets or selling tickets! There is just too many so my suggestion to you is to post your requests on the "Forum" on my page. Maybe someone will respond. If I had tickets, I would give them to you. Also check out ebay.com for tickets!

    Updated Official Site!
    MC left a REALLY nice message to us on her site. She was in her limo on the way to the airport while recording it going to the Belgium concert! She was thanking us for the #1 success of TGIFY! She said that out of all of her #1's, this means a lot, probably cause the song means so much to her! Everyone can now officially give themselves a pat on the back. Also if you are in the Official Fan Club, make sure you check the page tomorrow because Vicki is back. Thanks..

    Pics, News? Belgium Fans where are you?
    I am so upset that there are still not more reviews on the Belgium concert or pics! I am dying to read all about the concert from different people and there was thousands of people there but most of the reviews are in different languages. If you got a review, a scan of your newspaper, or any cool pics of MC from the Belgium concert PLEASE send them to me so I can get them up! Thanks :D

    Joan Doesn't Mean It!
    Joan has bashed MC at the Oscars and because of that MC went on a diet consisting of carrots and celery. Now Joan expresses how she doesn't mean it? (Yeah Right!)
    Rivers Says Jokes Not Mean Spirited
    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Plenty of celebrities have gotten their feelings hurt over Joan Rivers' caustic jokes. But the comedian denies that her wisecracks, which have targeted everyone from Mariah Carey to Willie Nelson, are mean-spirited. ``People say this and it hurts me so much,'' said Rivers. ``They say, 'You're so mean. And I say, 'Me? Why?' Because I say Elizabeth Taylor is fat. Everybody says that. They just remember me because I had the better jokes. ``I never want to hurt anyone. That's why I don't go after people in the audience. I only go after stars; I go after people who it doesn't matter one bit to.'' Rivers, known for her acerbic reviews of fashions at various awards shows, says stars who take her critiques seriously ``are idiots.'' Rivers' comments were published in Tuesday's editions of the News & Observer of Raleigh in advance of her lecture here Tuesday night. The comedian said she joined the lecture circuit about 2 1/2 years ago after audience members began asking her serious questions during live performances. ``I'd be in Vegas doing stand-up and someone would say, 'Can I ask you something?' And I'd say 'Sure.' And some woman would say 'My husband just killed himself. What should I do?''' Rivers' husband, Edgar Rosenberg, killed himself in 1987.

    EW Shows MC BElly?
    DitzEgurl5 told me that there is a pic of MC's belly in the Feb 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's a pic from the Blockbuster Awards and it really isn't anything much, I saw it too! Check it out if you like :)

    Walter A. getting Producer of the Year!
    MC and Walter don't seem to work together anymore, sadly but here is a nice article...
    Record producer Walter Afanasieff isn't quite the Susan Lucci of the Grammy Awards. But Afanasieff -- best known for his work with Mariah Carey and for producing Celine Dion's smash hit ``My Heart Will Go On'' -- hopes that after several previous nominations, this finally will be the year he takes home the coveted Producer of the Year trophy....

    Fan Book!
    Jason is going to the April 4th MC concert and is asking all MC fans to contribute a leter and maybe a picture. Send your e-mails to the below address ASAP!

    February 15, 2000...
    I got Belgium Concert News!
    Willem sent me his review of the concert and EmotionsOfMariah sent me an Instant Message Conversation she had with someone who attended the concert. You can check out both of them in the Forum! I also have the list of songs that EmotionsOfMariah sent me. Now remember this is the basic lineup but MC does change it like she did with the Butterfly Tour. But again this is the basic lineup that will probably appear at every concert :)
    1. Emotions (Live)
    2. Dreamlover (Live)
    3. X-girlfriend (Live)
    4. Crybaby (Live)
    5. Vulnerability
    6. Against all Odds (Live)
    7. Without you (Live)
    8. Make it Happen (Live)
    9. BREAK!
    10. TGIFY + Remix (Live)
    11. My All (Live)
    12. Fantasy : Play-back (Mariah Dancing)
    13. Sweetheart (Live)
    14. Always be my Baby (Live)
    15. Close my eyes (Live)
    16. Petals (Live)
    17. Can’t take that away (Live)
    18. Heartbreaker Remix + Heartbreaker (Live)
    19. Rainbow
    20. Honey (Live)
    21. Hero (Live)

    Belgium news!
    If you have reviews or a list of what stuff was sold at the concert, please e-mail me them. I noticed none of the other sites have updated and I was really upset about that cause I was dying to see some reviews but right now Willems is very detailed so you can check that one out!

    Fan Book!
    can u announce in a newsletter that I am making a fan book and to email sweetdiva69@aol.com with a letter, poem, message or whatever they want to send to mariah and it must include their name, age and location!

    Aspire Awards!
    HuNniEMG told me that Mariah has 3 nominations for the 1st annual Aspire Awards. You can email them at the following address:
    and put in the subject:
    and in the body:
    Category 9- Mariah Carey and 98 degrees Category 11- Mariah Carey "rainbow" Category 15- Mariah Carey
    and that is it :D Let's get MC to win :D

    Request TGIFY in Canada!
    Nicole told me that there are two e-mail addresses to request Mariah in Canada. E-mail them at:
    dedications@muchmusic.com (for MuchMusic station)
    muchmoremail@muchmoremusic.com (for MuchMoreMusic station)
    that would really help Mariah in Canada.

    Joe on BET!
    Lamby Chop Chop (ha ha) told me that Joe was talking about MC on BET's "ALL" show yesterday and hree is what I was told:
    hey, just wanted to let you know that jow was on BET's show called ALL and he they asked him abpout his duet with mariah and he said: "that's my girl"....and went on to say how mc and him were in the studio and it was really late when she played thetrack for him and he said theres was no way he was leaving the studio that night without his voice being on TGIFY...and went on to say some really nioce things about her and how she is very spontanious and goes after what she wants and thats what he likes about her.

    Casey Casem Countdown!
    Dan told me that TGIFY aws #31 on Sunday's American Top 40 Countdown with Casey Casem!

    Buy Me!
    I really don't like to do this but read below!
    I have an extra (BRAND NEW, still with plastic wrap) single of "Honey". If anyone is interested in a trade (Honey in exchange for a different MC single), e-mail me at: jaggs34@aol.com

    Buy Me 2
    Okay last one, I PROMISE!
    Check out the site below to buy a Mariah Carey Valentine CD on E-Bay! It ends Feb 18th!

    Honey Magazine!
    Laura told me that there is a small, new pic of MC in the March issue of Honey Magazine. Anyone got a scan? Lopez is on the cover!

    February 14, 2000...
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Everyone out there, you have to play your new Valentine's CD from Wal-Mart all day today..ha ha :)

    New Pics!
    I added a **NEW** Gallery today, Gallery 22! It contains 2 new pics. One from Lisa, which is in this weeks People Magazine and discusses MC's clothes for the tour and a drawing I did of MC and Guam. Hope you like them both :)

    Concert Tonight!
    Tonight is the big night, MC is kicking off her world tour. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a basic idea of what songs she will be performing, even though the order and songs could change for each shows. Also hopefully people will takes pics and send me reviews but I don't know cause not to many people send me international news :( I feel left out so PLEASE send me the reviews! Thanks :)

    Okay I am still hearing different stories about security within MSG. SO for anyone who goes to ANY MC concert, please let me know how the security is when you enter the building and hand them your ticket! I want to know so I can make a cassette of MSG and also get a camera in there to take pics! Thanks :) Both things will be made available through InfoMC, that's why it is important!

    MCareyG and Alan both told me that Z100 is giving away MC tickets for MSG and backstage passes. Tickets and backstage passes will be given out on Wednesday. Tune in to check it out!

    Fathom84 told me that he heard Bliss on WLBI 107.5 today! He wanted to know if it was going to be a single which I would say no! I heard Breakdown on Q102 and that was never a US single! It is kind of cool though that stations are playing it :)

    Aspire Awards!
    I have checked this out yet cause I had problems getting to the page but SweetheartMC Fan told me that MC is up for an Aspire award and you can vote for her at the site below!

    Fan Book!
    XKaTMaRiAh102@aol.com is doing a Fan Book. You can send your message to him but it can be no longer then a page. He is going to MSG with this book :)

    February 13, 2000...
    Well tomorrow is the big day and many people are e-mailing me about it already. Mariah kicks off her world tour tomorrow in Beligium and I know my buddy Eric, from Mariah Archives, is going along with the DMCA and Elin from Mariah Online! If anyone has reviews or pics from this concert, please e-mail me your reviews. I'll be hopefully posting them in the forum :)

    Fan Books!!
    A couple of people are doing this due to the tours and two people e-mailed me and asked me to say something on the webpage about theres! Here goes:
    Hello. I am a huge mariah carey fan like you and Im really excited to say that I will be attending one of mariah's concerts when the rainbow tour comes to my town. I am also excited to say that I have front row tickets and that I would really want to help her fans get messages to her. By making a fan book with fans sweet messages to her and giving it to her at the concert. So if you want to contribute read the following info and email me back. Remember all the personal info is optional I can write you as annoymous in the book. Thanks Write Mariah A sweet short Message for the March 16th Concerts Fan Book:
    And a message no longer than 2 paragraphs.
    All messages must be sent to me by : Feb. 22nd 2000.
    Send them to : mssfijunke@aol.com
    Ps. Hopefully she will get them ..Im making a huge sign saying Mariah I've gotta fan book. In hoping she will notice and ask for me to give it to her. Thanks you guys! ps. put MC Book as the subject
    Gabriel Reina is making a book because he is going to the Chicago concert on March 25th. Send him a letter if you like for his fab. book :)

    Open House Transcript
    Jon did a transcript of the Mariah Carey radio interview on "Open House Party" and you can check it out by reading below :)

    Jess Mentiones MC!
    DitzEgurl5 told me the following!
    I was at the website Ygeneration.com and I downloaded their interview with Jessica Simpson and the interviewer asked her what her favorite c.d. is and she said it is Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album,she said she has had to go out and buy it four times.

    MC's Billboard Postitions for 2/19/00
    Billboard 200 Albums
    #29 Rainbow (last week #27)
    #194 #1's (last week #178, 2 wks. ago #167) 60 weeks on chart
    Hot 100 Singles
    #1 Thank God I Found You (last week #2)*
    Hot 100 Airplay
    #15 Thank God I Found You (last week #21)*
    Hot 100 Singles Sales
    #1 Thank God I Found You (2 weeks at #1)
    Billboard Video Monitor
    MTV: #8 Thank God I Found You
    BET: #20 Thank God I Found You
    VH1: #17 Thank God I Found You
    #50 Dreamlover
    Top 40 Tracks
    #21 Thank God I Found You (last week #31, 2 wks. ago #34)*
    Top Video Sales
    #29 Mariah's #1's (last week #20)
    Hot Dance Music-Maxi Singles Sales
    #33 My All/Fly Away (last week #36, 2 wks. ago #32)* 94 weeks on chart
    #41 Heartbreaker (last week #41, 2 wks. ago #37)
    #45 I Still Believe (last week #43, 2 wks. ago #39) 53 weeks on chart
    R&B/Hip Hop Albums
    #38 Rainbow (last week #24, 2 wks. ago #21)
    Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales
    #1 Thank God I Found You (last week #2)
    #54 Heartbreaker (last week #46)
    #74 I Still Believe/Pure Imagination (re-entry)
    Hot R&B/Hip Hop Airplay
    #15 Thank God I Found You (last week #16)*
    Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks
    #2 Thank God I Found You (last week #2)*

    I finnaly saw the MTV Rainbow Commercial about the concert but Alan told me that MTV.com is offering tickets to some of the shows. He said he just saw a commercial on MTV. I know nothing more about this! Sorry!

    Black Dogs Name?
    I don't know who told me this, cause I lost his/her name in the untitled, but someone told me the little black dog that noone knew the name of is "Damash." Hmm..

    Getting Caught?
    Okay yesterday I asked in the newsletter and on this page whethre MSG has tight security because I want to take pics and record the concert onto a cassette which will be sold through InfoMC. However, two people came back with COMPLETLY different answers. I did get more answers towards the "they don't care" side but here is the reviews!
    Who is this from?
    I've been there before since I live right near there, in fact I was just there last month for the TLC concert and I can tell you there isn't that tight security. You basically just walk in and go to your seats, if you're carrying a big bag they'll make you open it and check what's inside but that's cuz they're checking for weapons and dangerous stuff like that, not for tape players. I'm sure you'll be fine with ur tape recorder.
    hey. msg has really tight security i had my camera and recorder taken away from me ata whitney houston concert and a i had my camera taken away at the beastie boys and jingle ball. they dont take that crap. u can hide it in your pants cause they frisk u hen u walk in, but if they see a flash they come to your seat and take it away and take your name so u can get it after the show. no flashes are allowed. but people do it anyway. i got some awesome pics of whitney. u just gotta be careful bout it.

    February 12, 2000...
    MC Nominated for Soul Train..EXCLUSIVE!
    You heard it here first! According to MTV, Mariah is nominated in one catorgory for the Soul Train Awards which will air March 4th! Here is more...
    Hip-hop trio TLC, who are already up for eight Grammy Awards, received another batch of accolades last night, as the group received three nominations for this year's Soul Train Music Awards, leading all artists.
    Nominees for the 14th Annual Soul Train Music Awards were announced last night by Montell Jordan and Tamia during a press conference at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California.
    Aside from TLC, the nominees for the Soul Train awards were evenly divided among the ten categories, with seven artists including Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, and Donell Jones each receiving two nominations. DMX, Mariah Carey, Juvenile, and 20 other artists each picked up a single nomination.
    In addition to the competitive categories, organizers for this year's Soul Train Music Awards have announced that DMX and Mary J. Blige will both receive the Sammy Davis, Jr. Award for "Entertainer Of The Year," while Prince will be named "Artist Of The Decade."
    The 14th Annual Soul Train Music Awards will be handed out at a gala event scheduled for March 4 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with Eric Benét, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Tamia, and Shemar Moore set to co-host.
    The complete list of nominees for this year's Soul Train Music Awards:
    Best R&B/Soul Single, Female
    "Ex-Factor" - Lauryn Hill
    "Heartbreaker" - Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z
    "My Love Is Your Love" - Whitney Houston
    "Chante's Got A Man" - Chante Moore
    Best R&B/Soul Single, Male

    Magazine News!
    Mariah is in three magazines hitting shelves Monday! Here is a rundown on all three:
    Feb 2000 issue of Allure.
    First, she is on page 44. It is a freeze from the Heartbreaker Remix video and it talks about the Gucci shorts that she is wearing. Next she is on page 97, and it has three little pics of her in a row talking about how she bends on knee, clasps her hands and wears revealing black outfits. (pics are from 1999 Essence Awards, 1997 MTV Awards and Puffy Party!) And lasty she is on page 109 about her hair. It's a pic from the 1998 Diva's Live Show! I think this is worth the $2.50 to buy!
    Mademoiselle, March 2000
    Mariah, of what I saw so far-didn't look through whole mag, is only on the last page. HOWEVER, she is on the entire back page. It is a pic of her and her little black dog, which noone knows the name of. We have all see this pic but it is a full size pic now. It is really nice, it talks about her Hair, Fresh air Fun, Luis Miguel, etc! Pick it up, the magazine is $2.99
    People Weekly-2/21/00!
    There is a nice pic on page 86 of MC. It is a whole body pic of MC from the 1999 Essence Awards. There is a little article discussing her tour and I will type it out for you :)
    Just days before her world tour-beginning in Belgium on Feb. 14-Mariah Carey decided she needed a slew of daring new costumes. Deploying an army of seamstresses, New York City designer Pamela Dennis threw together 12 outfits while L.A.'s David Cardona whipped up beaded hot pants, sexy tube dresses and a dazzling gold satin boxing robe emblazoned with Carey's initials..."
    SO it looks like MC will be wrestling with someone on the concert stage..man can't wait to see this..ha ha!

    MSG Security?
    Well I found out that have access to a tiny handheld recorder and I really want to tape MC's concert and convert it to cassette tape. However, I do not know if MSG has tight security and you walk through a security gate or they frisk ya or something. I don't want my recorder or my cameras taken away, so does anyone know anything about this? Also I encourage others to record the concerts and then maybe you can sell them in InfoMC, or do trades! Wouldn't that be cool? Have one or two cassettes for each of MC's concerts!

    New Mariah Project!
    Bryan is setting up something similiar to a fan book, a fan website where you can add your own personal touched too. Read below to see what I was sent!
    Hey Regina, I have just created a new Mariah project that i think Mariah would really love. I have created a BLANK web site and I am leaving it up to ALL Mariah fans to build together as a team. After the site is completely finished, the goal is to somehow get Mariah to see it. Hopefully, its a BIG hit like the Fan Books. Please mention it on your site and you can also see what im talkin about by going to my site http://come.to/mariahsrainbow and the URL for the Mariah fan site is going to be
    http://www.angelfire.com/music/mariahfans.index.html I have JUST created this and i would really appreciate your help in getting this advertised. If you can think of an easier setup than what it is now, PLEASE help it to become more organized. I really appreciate it. I hope its a success. =)

    Bachelor in Norway!
    Ricardo told me that "The Bachelor" will be released in Oslo Norway tomorrow :)

    Vote for MC Weekend!
    If you havn't already, please go vote for a MC weekend in Europe on MTV. It would be really cool if it happens! Many thanks to Antonio from Portugal for this info!

    February 11, 2000...
    New Pics!
    I added 6 new pics today which Magicgirl sent me :) They are all pretty nice older shots of MC, so check them out in Gallery 21!

    3 Days in Counting!
    We are three days away from the kick off performance of Mariah's World Tour. If you are going to the concert in Belgium, please send me pics, reviews, etc. Also note that NONE of the reviews will be posted here in the NEWS section. The "Forum" will be getting all the post so hopefully that will get people to actually go and use that on this site. Also we are three days away from the On Sale Date of MSG Tickets and Valentines Day :) Does everyone have their "Sweetheart?" Cause I don't :(

    News from Ron!
    This is Ron from the Philippines. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU (Single) is now released in the Philippines. I just purchased my copy. Please post this to let other Filipino Mariah fans know about this good news. The cover is the one in the remix video and the tracks are the Make It Last Remixes.

    Jay Z's New Video!
    Tom told me that yesterday on BET they showed Jay-Z's new video. It wasn't "The Things You Do" with Mariah. Meaning the rumors that MC and Jay-Z are the next single was another lie I guess?

    MC on Trivia Question
    Gary told me the day after MC was on Regis & Kathie Lee, MC was the trivia question. The question was Where is Mariah starting her world tour? The caller wasn't a MC fan though cause he or she got it wrong :(

    MC in PRIDE Magazine!
    Bugscreens told me that MC is in the January 2000 issue of PRIDE magazine, with T-Boz on the cover. It can be found in the US, but it is not easily found. The title says, "Mariah's Men-From 'Virgin to Vamp!'" I was told the title may sound harsh but the article is nice. There are a few pics inside, one being a new one, so I am told. Anyone got the scans? Pretty please :D

    World Tour Commercial!
    Dan told me that MTV is now running a commercial about the Rainbow Tour. It has a split screen. One side has a list of the tour dates while the other side shows scenes from the Homecoming Special!

    Can't Get Valentine CD? Good News!
    Denise told me some great news for all you fans who don't have a wal-Mart near you. You can check out there website at www.walmart.com and select "Music." There you can purchase the Valentine CD and it only takes around 3 buisness days to get it! Cool beans Huh?

    February 10, 2000..SPECIAL NEWS!
    InfoMC going to NYC Concert!
    I just won 2 tickets for the first 10-20 rows at MSG for April 11th. That means that InfoMC is going to the concert. We are thinking about creating a contest for fans who are not going to the concert to win a tour book, t-shirt, poster or other fan stuff from the Rainbow Concert. Nothing is certain yet but make sure you sign up for InfoMC because you don't want to miss out on this offer and other possible offers coming soon! Look for them within the next 2 weeks possibly!

    February 10, 2000..
    Big Day for All MC Fans!
    I feel like I am the last one to report this..how sad. But anyway, good news for all us MC fans and for MC herself. All the hard effort and lack of money that we now have has paid off because Mariah NOW HAS 15 #1 HITS!!!! Oh geeze, I am so happy. PeeMami123 sent me a listing..
    1. Thank God I Found You - Mariah Carey featuring Joe & 98º
    2. I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
    3. What A Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera
    4. Get It On Tonite - Montell Jordan
    5. Smooth - Santana featuring Rob Thomas
    6. All The Small Things - Blink 182
    7. Hot Boyz - Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott featuring Nas, Eve & Lil' Mo
    8. Maria Maria - Santana featuring The Product G&B
    9. Bring It All To Me - Blaque
    10. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys
    I don't know if that list is correct but for right now that is the most info. I have because not even Billboard lists TGIFY you at #1 yet.

    Pinup in Fresh!
    Lillian told me that there is a 2 page Pinup in the March 2000 Fresh Magazine. It is from the LA signing I believe where she wore the pigtails. Plus there is a page article inside on her!

    The Garden!
    Mariah's MSG tickets go on sale this Monday and at www.thegarden.com they list MC and where you can order them. Check them out if you want, thanks Alan!

    Tv Guide and JET!
    Mia told me that there is a pic of MC and Luis in this weeks TV Guide. Also there is a pic of MC from the AMA's in JET magazine with Gladys Knight on the cover.

    Access Hollyoood
    Sara told me that MC was on Access Hollywood last night but she didn't tell me info. on it. I missed it sadly so if anyone got th 411, I would appreciate it :) Alan told me that MC was on Access Hollywood two days ago besides the Access Moment..here is what I was told:
    ...they sowed her with her new dog "aspen" and you see all these kids eating with her and then signing for them. mariah was saying how important it is for kids to have homes and then she said that is she ever wanted kids, she would take care of them instead of going around the world

    Access 2
    If you ever see MC on TV on Access Hollywood or ET, please inform me ASAP and don't assume that I saw it cause usually I rely on Alex to tell me if she is on and he doesn't watch it everynight. Hee hee..thanks much :)

    Official Message
    The very sweet and kind Willem has typed out the latest Mariah message and added it to his fab site with all the others. You can check it out by clicking the link below!

    Radio News!
    Okay a couple of people sent me in radio news and here it is:
    MC was on HOT97 this morning... she called in... BUT i was on my way to school when i heard this and couldnt tune in and listen. just thought i'd tell ya
    Today Mariah was on the radio station Hot 97. I was listening to my walkman in chem class and I heard them interviewing her, then they played the Thank God I Found You remix (it's a rap/r&b station) then they interviewed her some more. She had Guam with her again and they were talking about Guam (the dog), the Thank God I Found You single and the National Adoption Center and how profits are going there, etc., Luis, her tour, and some other stuff I couldnt hear that well (cuz of some funny stuff that happened in class, long story). Also, she was on the welcome screen on AOL yesterday (incase u missed it ) and they had 8 pics of her at rollingstone.com, they were rolling stone pics, AMA pics, pics from her concert in Hawaii (I saw it on Mariah Around the World), and pics from the Thank God I Found You photo shoot. That's all for now :)

    Rosie in Realvideo
    Sweet Carisa has a ton of new realvideos on her site from the Regis & Kathie Lee Show and the Rosie Show. You can check them out by clicking the link below. Also I begged Carissa to make some screen captures from Rosie and she MIGHT try this weekend, so everyone keep your fingers crossed..hee hee :) (Did I add the right pressure Carisa? HA HA!)

    Toronto Concert News!!
    GucciGurl317 told me the Toronto concert tickets go on sale Feb. 12th, Saturday, at 10 am. They are $85, $65 and $45. You can get them at www.tickermaster.ca.

    February 9, 2000..
    New Pics!
    I added two new pics to Gallery 21 today and many thanks to MellaMT for sending them to me :) The one pic can be found in the March 2000 issue of VIBE magazine and the other one is a pic of MC and Aspen from the todays New York Daily Post!
    PLEASE do not go into my galleries, save a picture and then send it to another webmaster or webmistress, without saying WHERE you got it from and claiming it as your own. It messes up the webmaster and plus it is just plain old wrong. Save them as your personal files, fine. But PLEASE do not claim to have scanned something when you havn't. It's just plain old cheap, especially when people take time to scan stuff! Give credit where it is deserved and we will all be happy :) THANK YOU!!!

    Download MC!
    Follow the below instructions, which were sent to me by D.L:
    http://www.videoseeker.com and type mariahs name in the search. Only one video clip, but i dont know if you have got to hear it yet or not. Just thought you'd like 2 know :)

    Blockbuster Nods!
    Alan told me that MC is nominated for the following catorgories at this years Blockbuster Awards:
    Favorite Female Artist -- R&B
    Mariah Carey Rainbow, Lauryn Hill Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston My Love is Your Love
    Favorite Song from a Movie (Internet Only)
    When You Believe Prince of Egypt by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston, Music of My Heart by Gloria Estefan & 'N Sync, Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias, Fortunate Life by Maxwell, Wild Wild West by Will Smith

    New Site!
    Nick created a new site called M2K (Slogan= "She reigned the 90s, now it's time for there to be an M2K")and you can check it out by clicking the below link!
    http://www.angelfire.com/rnb/m2k or http://hello.to/m2k

    MC on Access And ET!
    Last night, the Access Hollywood moment was MC on Regis & Kathie Lee. Tonight, they MIGHT be covering MC taking 42 children in NYC out to eat! Diana said that today on her local news, they showed MC taking out the 42 kids. Her grandmother saw it so she couldn't tell me much about it but I bet that Access Hollywood will cover it for sure cause they are always giving props to Mariah! PLUS check out E! News Daily and Entertainment Tonight, just in case! I'll tell ya more about it tomorrow if she is on!

    NYC Concert News!
    The Garden lists tickets for the NYC concert on April 11th at $88 a piece, which go on sale this Monday. Also the link to buy the tickets is on ticketmaster.com. Many thanks to my very good friend, Brianne, for this information!

    February 8, 2000..
    MC on Regis and Rosie!
    My Opinions:
    I thought Regis and Kathie Lee was okay! I thought MC looked really pretty but I was kind of hoping she would be performing there too, I know expecting too much! Her dogs were SO CUTE! However, I REALLY loved the Rosie show! MC perfromed my favorite track on Rainbow, Petals with the Rainbow Interlude at the end! Then her and Rosie goofed off and talked for two sessions. It was AWESOME! It seems like she was on there so long. I really hope everyone saw it! :)

    If ANYONE does captures of the Rosie and Regis show, please send them to me. MC did some funny stuff and I would love to have a pic or two from Rosie as the Quote Pic, cause as you all know, I like to have funny pics there :)

    German Single!
    Anja said that the Germany single was released yesterday and here are the tracks!
    1. Make it last Remix Edit feat. Joe & Nas (4:12)
    2. Make it last Remix Edit w/o Rap feat. Joe (4:12)
    3. Celebratory Mix feat. Joe & 98° (4:19)
    4. Album Version

    New Downloadable CD!
    Eric (Agent E) sent me this:
    On June 15, My Downloadable Album Will Be Released. The Preview Site Should Be Up Soon. I Decided To Do This Because There Have Always Been Mariah Mixes I Thought Could Have Been Better (Or At Least Shorter). So I Decided To Make Them. The Album Will Feature 25 New Mixes And Edits Like, My All/Club Mix, Babydoll (Edit), Rainbow Interlude/Hero And Lots More. Even Some Bonus Tracks! The Album Is Totally Downloadable, Songs Covers Everything! I'm Really Excited About It! For More Info You Can Contact Me At i_still_believe7@hotmail.com. Thanks!

    Vote for MC!
    Uwe sent me the following info:
    Hi Regina, here is Uwe from Germany. Please support Mariah on "Global 100 Internet Charts" (fomerly known as "Internet World Charts"), especially in the category "Female" Mariah needs more points!
    URL: http://www.global100.com

    Articles from UK!
    Kirsty sent me some articles from UK magazines:
    3 pics in this magazine. The first is an small article, and the other two are small pictures advertsisng her Capital gold radio interview. The articles are as follows.
    It seems that Mariah Carey is fed up of spilling out of almost every dress she wears Rather than move up a size, however she's cutting back on her food intake, during a recent interview with rolling stone magazine, the singer turned down a substantial meal and restricted herself to carrots and celery. It seems to have worked because at a later photoshoot Mariah had visibily lost a shed load of weight and was looking less curvaceous. The real reason for the weight loss however seems to be Joan Rivers, the singer was upset when at last years oscars Joan remarked that Mariah was getting rather fulsome, and she decided to slim down. If she's using Joan Rivers as a role model, this time next year she'll be a walking exray.
    2ND article
    Mariah Carey has gone from budding soul diva to one of the last decades most successfull performers. With her latest single "thank god I found you" about to be released, british fans will get to hear her first hand when she plays a rare one off concert in London this month. Before that she dropped ito capital gold to talk to OK on air about her music and private life. ( Pretty picture of Mariah in a black tp and sereal pink lipstick )
    3RD article
    Todays show includes an exclusive meeting with Mariah Carey flushed with the sucess of winning the prestigeous American Music Award of acheivement earlier this month.

    Daily Star Paper!
    Scorching singer Mariah Carey is learning the language of love ........Spanish. The chart topper is taking a crash course in the lingo for the sake of her boyfriend, mexican singer luis Miguel. Rumour has it they plan to record a duet together in spanish, but her spokeswoman Cindi Berger said : " for now, its only hen the're alone together "

    February 7, 2000..
    Make sure you check out Regis & Kathie Lee and Rosie tomorrow morning. Stephan told me that the TV Guide lists the show as a NEW one. Check "Important Dates" for channel and time!

    New Pic!
    Anja, one of my BEST friends and almost sister, sent me a scan of a pic of MC before she attended the Wetten Dess Show. It is outside her hotel, and you can find the BEAUTIFUL pic of MC in Gallery 21!

    MC on Jerry Springer?????
    Well not really! A Transexual looked like MC yesterday and someone said, "You arn't looking like Mariah Carey, you're looking like Mariah Scary!" Thanks to Honey11682 for that tidbit..hee hee!

    Much Music!
    I don't know who sent me this sadly cause I lost the e-mail name but read this:
    Much Music will have 3 episodes of Spotlight on Mariah. On Spotlight they show short clips of interviews over the artist's career and they show all their music videos. Mariah's episodes will be airing Feb 14,15,16. Each show is DIFFERENT (It's shown in 3 parts.. 1/2 hour each). MM is a Candaian channel but is available in many parts of the US.

    Lack 'O News!
    News is really slow lately, so if ya have anything important, e-mail me. Hopefully someone will have captures on tomorrows TV Shows and we will get more news :D

    New Site!
    Zoli from Hungary told me that there is a brand new Hungarian sites and it is still under construction for the next 3-4 weeks. However, right now there are some nice stuff including 3 MP3's of MC singing Hark the Herald Sing and a MTV interview. Check it out but clicking one of the links below!

    February 6, 2000..
    News Down!
    Somehow the NEWS section got deleted and I had to build it all up again. Due to that, there is a lack of updates due to the time it took me to redo the NEWS page. Plus there really isn't much news today anyhow! However, still look for:
    New Quote!
    New Pic of the Week!

    Regis And Kathie Lee News!
    JP told me that he saw two commercial announcing that MC will be on Mondays show! However, I check the Official website for Regis and Kathie Lee and this is the listings for Monday:
    Monday on LIVE!
    MARY TYLER MOORE joins Regis and Kathie Lee to chat about the television reunion of "Mary and Rhoda." The newly-crowned MISS USA makes a LIVE appearance. Singer BRIAN McKNIGHT performs from his album "Back at One."

    I am going to tape both days, just in case! I'll let you know tomorrow!!

    February 5, 2000..
    Rosie Old, Regis New?
    Kristen told me that the last Rosie show, MC came out and then Susan Lucci came out. While checking clicktv.com it shows the following listings for Rosie...
    Rosie O'Donnell
    Type: Talk Show
    Duration: 1 hr
    Description: Scheduled: singer Mariah Carey, actress Susan Lucci. Parental Rating: TV-G
    Airing: Tue 2/8/00 10:00am 6 WPVI Remind Me
    SO, Kristen believes that this is a repeat of MC that already aired a while back from the ISB single. I don't know if it this is true, but it would be strange to have Lucci and MC on the same show again? Also noone e-mailed me about Regis and Kathie Lee, so my guess would be that it is a new show. The Official Fan Page lists MC on Regis and Rosie too, so my suggestion for all this is just to tape both shows and we will see what happens on Tuesday :D

    MC in Jet!
    Will told me that MC is in the Feb 7th issue of JET magazine. There is a pic of her on Page 60 from the AMA's. Here is what it says!
    Mariah Carey received a special Award of Achievement for her phenomenal success in the 1990s. She turned heads as she carefully took the stage in a sexy dress that revealed too much. She modeled it for reporters saying, "It's a little ensemble, little being the operative word."

    Blockbuster Entertainment Awards!
    Will also told me that starting Tuesday, Feb 8th, you can pick up your ballots at your local Blockbuster to start voting MC in the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. She always wins this, so please vote for her :) She needs our help! It ends Feb 20th!

    Acting Quote!
    SilentFaery sent me a quote of MC talking about how acting is important to her!
    "It's very important to me, more than career-wise, in terms of my growth as a human being and as an artist. It's helped me in terms of studying… it's really really helped me become a much freer individual because before I was very blocked and very just uptight and nervous and just not dealing with a lot of the realities in my life and so studying acting has helped me a lot with that."

    News from Alan!
    It seems that MC was on Z100 yesterday and Alan told me this..
    mariah was on Z100 doing another interview yet again but i didnt hear much cuz i was on the subway and then when she came on, the signla was lost all i heard was them discussing the rolling stone article and whole vomiting isnt true and then they gave away FRONT ROW msg tix maybe other ppl heard it 2...
    Also he told me that if you are in the Official Fan Club, there are still available tickets for the first 10-20 rows at the Chicago and Atlanta shows. Remember, you must be a member to get this special article and visit the MCFC Fans Only Member Page for more info!

    Scope Magazine
    Pick up this High School paper if you get it..thanks to DebCox Fan for this following bit..
    ok well there is this magazine that they get at our school called Scope and there were 2 pages about Mariah w/ 2 pics. One old pic from like '94 (it's on one of the Xmas singles) & one resent. It told all about how she grew up & stuff. If ya are still in high school... they might have it. Well, my English teacher, who knows I love Mariah (who doesn't!?!? LOL) made the whole class read the article and no one really knew what Mariah's life was like until after reading that and one girl said "I guess I have a lot more respect for her now" which was cool =D

    New York Daily News Article!
    Nini sent me the following article and click the link at the end to see a nice pic of MC :)
    Spanish Becoming Mariah's Language of Love
    The things Mariah Carey does for love. The pop superstar is getting a crash course in Spanish for the sake of her boyfriend, Mexican singer Luis Miguel.
    "Mariah wants to understand Luis' language, as well as his culture," says Carey's rep, Cindi Berger. "They're together a lot in Acapulco, and that's why she wants to learn Spanish."
    Music journalist Anne Raso tipped me off that Carey needed to become better versed in Spanish because she wanted to record a duet with Miguel. Berger says a Carey-Miguel recording could happen, but there are no specific plans for it.
    "They enjoy singing together," Berger says. "But for now it's only when they're alone, in private."
    Carey is about get very public. Her worldwide tour begins Valentine's Day in Antwerp, Belgium. Her first U.S. stop will be in Los Angeles on March 16. Carey's New York date, if you want to pencil it in, will be April 11, at Madison Square Garden.
    Berger is unsure whether Carey's Spanish instructor from the Berlitz school will accompany her on the road, but it's a possibility.
    And a good idea, too, especially if she wants to say, "Call the limo," in Spanish.

    February 4, 2000..
    MC on Regis and Kathie Lee and Rosie?
    Clicktv.com has juts updated their site and it has MC listed for the Regis and Kathie Lee show at 9 am on ABC for Feb 8th. PLUS it has MC listed for the Rosie O'Donnell show at 10 am on ABC. It is possible for MC to be on both shows. I know for sure that the Rosie one is new but I am not possitive that Regis is new. I did some researching though and first of all here is the listing for the show!
    Live -- Regis & Kathie Lee
    Type: Talk Show
    Duration: 1 hr
    Description: Scheduled: singer Mariah Carey; cyclist Lance Armstrong discusses the "Cycle of Hope" campaign for cancer education.
    Parental Rating: TV-G
    Airing: Tue 2/8/00 9:00am 6 WPVI Remind Me
    NOW let me know if I am wrong but on the last Regis Show it was a Y2K special and it was Kathie's singing partner, NO cyclist named Armstrong. Unless they show the old clip, which would be so lame cause she is talking about the TV Special. SO I believe that this Regis and Kathie Lee Show is NEW! If anyone has any more info. on this, e-mail me ASAP and I will let you all know tomorrow if it is!!

    MC singing at Miss USA Pageant?
    I don't know who sent me this but someone said that MC will be performing at this event on CBS from 9-10:30 pm. I havn't heard anything nor was there any articles but I'll tune into it tonight and let you know tomorrow!

    5 Magazines!
    I picked up 5 new magazines today on MC. Check out "Magazines" for the full list. She is in the Feb 15th issues of National Enquirer and the Star. The Enquirer has 4 pics which Entertainment Tonight talked about the other night. Basically they discuss her jeans fads and there is a wonderful new pic of MC in there. The Star features a pic of Joe and MC kissing but you can barely tell it is MC cause you can't see her face. Mariah is in the $1 issue of J-14 magazine (March 2000) like 5 times, so you HAVE to get this one! She is also in Teen People 3 times, which we all know but it is the March 2000 issue! And lastly, she is in the April 2000 issue of Right On! magazine with a BEAUTIFUL picture of her from the 1999 MTV Europe Awards! Go pick up your mags today!

    TRL Updates!
    Julie told me that TGIFY was a Close Call on Thursday and Dan told me that TGIFY was #9 today. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to vote for the video! Thank you!

    More Mag News!
    MC Shinning Star told me that there is a small pic of MC and Armani/Rosie Perez in the new issue of Vibe. I am guessing it is the March 2000 issue?

    Inside Track article from Boston Hearald!
    Many thanks to Jon for this next article!
    "On The Run For Mariah"
    Then there's Magic 106.7''s Candy O'Terry, who had an interview all set up yesterday with pop diva Mariah Carey for her "Exceptional Women" series. Except that when Mariah called Candy, she wound up in the station's voice-mail hell! "She got transferred from one phone to another, to another and finally wound up in the computer room," O'Terry told the track. Well, by that time Mariah- and her publicist- were really wound up. Station salesgal Heidi Strasnick answered the phone. "I said 'hello,'" said Strasnick, "and I hear this woman yelling, "Who's this!' I have Mariah Carey on the line and if Candy O'Terry doesn't pick up in one minute, we're hanging up!" So with that, Strasnick did a 100-yard dash through the station, located Candy, and hooked up the two gals, who proceeded to have a lovely little chin wag. "When I finally got her, Mariah could not have been nicer," O'Terry saud. Meanwhile, look for Ms. Heartbreaker to make an appearance at the FleetCenter sometime this spring. File under: Whenever You Call.

    Seventeen Online Article!
    Click the link below to check out an article on MC at Seventeen.com. Many thanks to PopGoddess!

    News from RS issue Feb 17th 2000
    Many thanks to my buddy Dan for this next piece :) 1999's Top Ten Albums (R&B/Hip-Hop Category)
    1. TLC, Fanmail, 4.2 million
    2. Juvenile, 400 Degreez, 3.3
    3. Eminem, The Slim Shady, 2.8
    4. Lauryn hill, The MIseducation of Lauryn Hill, 2.7
    5. Mariah Carey, Rainbow, 2.1
    6. Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre-2001, 1.9
    7. Ruff Ryders, Ryde or Die, Volume 1, 1.9
    8. Jay-Z, Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life, 1.9
    9. DMX, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, 1.8
    10. Nas, I Am..., 1.7
    And this one was the last page of the magazine: Charts.
    BillBoard''s Top 50 Albums 9.9 Mariah Carey, Rainbow 9
    ***For a singer with such an impressive vocal range, Mariah Carey used to display a narrow understanding of her musical milieu. But with the hip-hop-lite makeover she initiated on the Ol' Dirty Bastard remix of "Fantasy" and continued on 1997's Butterfly, Carey traded a diva's timelessness for youthful relevance. She expands on that lesson with Rainbow. Her emotional stiffness is still evident, but the gamut of modern urban sounds and moods brought to these fourteen tracks by various guest vocalists and producers makes Rianbow a sterling chroncicle of the state of accessible hip-hop balladeering at the close of 1999. --Arion Berger, RS 826

    February 3, 2000..
    TGIFY #2 not #1!
    Steven told me that MC is #1 on the air play but Anderz told me that only counts for 25%. Savage Garden has her beat on the radio play, which is really upsetting. I was so excited when Steve told me she was #1. PLEASE request her on your radio station and buy the singles. I just bought 4 cassette tapes and one single today to hopefully help out with sales. We want MC at #1. Also to see a complete listings of Radio Stations, visit Anderz Site!! Here is the standings of TGIFY straight from Anderz himself!
    #1 - TOP EXTENDED SINGLES (12",MAX) (SoundScan)
    #1 - TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    #2 - R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    #2 - YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    #7 - YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    #12 - YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    YTD means from the start of the year, so TGIFY is already the #2 selling maxisingle in year 2000 so far. I wish Sony would write the airplay on their site as well. Lastly, Mariah might have broken a record. She has had a #2 single every year the past 11 years

    New Pics!
    Anja sent me 2 AWESOME pics of Mariah, I especially love the one where she is singing from the Butterfly Tour, and I also got the new Hello pics from the awesome German Site by K. Uwe Langer but I don't remember where the other 3 pics are from? Check out all 9 pics in Gallery 21!

    News on MC on TRL and more!
    Diana and several other people told me about MC being on TRL on Tuesday and Wednesday and here is more info. on it..
    hey regina. in your last letter you had asked if anyone knew about Mariah being on TRL and MTV news? Well i watched TRL yesterday and her video "Thank God I Found You" was at the number 10 spot! Go Mariah!! As for the news they were mentioning news about her tour...and that's about it! Hope i cleared up some things for you..keep the good news coming...bye!!
    mariah was on trl yesterday. TGIFY was #10, and they had a clip of her from when she announced her world tour in Beverly Hills, CA, but this time she was talking about Luis Miguel and how he understands her life because his life is very identical to hers. what she said exactly was:
    Kurt Loder: singer mariah carey, whom you just saw will be launching her first tour in 7 years, sponsored by MTV and tickets for the first show in Los Angeles on March 16 and another date in Atlanta on April 1 will go on sale this weekend or many dates will go on sale next weekend. Fans can check in with MTV.COM for details. Chris Connely talked to Carey about the upcoming tour and she said she's not nervous about it, maybe because it's only 9 dates long, but also, she noted, because of the presence of her current boyfriend, international Latin pop star, Luis Miguel, makes everything in her life just a little easier to deal with.
    MC: I think feeling like you're supported, in terms of someone that really cares about you for you, as opposed to, you know, just maybe, wanting to control you or caring about you because ... the image of what you are, you know or um, to manipulate you for whatever their own reasons are. I think someone that does what you do and comes from the standpoint of being an artist, um, is in a better position to make you feel unconditionally cared for. THE END.

    Ticket News!
    Alan told me that tickets for Atlanta show are now on sale at Ticketmaster's site and my good bud Brianne told me that they are also up for LA.

    MC being called names on Radio show!
    Jennifer sent me something very upsetting and would like all your help in getting this "complete and total mess" straightened out!
    Hi Regina, (Please publish this in the newsletter) I just want to ask all my Mariah fans to help me with something. This morning I was listening to an LA radio statio STAR 98.7, and the morning show person mentioned something abaout Mariah. Jamie from the Jamie and Danny morning show said," I always knew Mariah Carey was a bitch! She threw a fit because a reporter threw up on her. C' mon, Mariah is just an annoying bitch!" Then she went on to tell about the time she needed kittens and dogs to play with, and how she needed people to cheer for her when MTV had to gather up cheering spectators. She also mentioned the time Mariah refused to walk up stairs. Jamie was being completely rude to Mariah and kept calling her stuck up and a bitch. I really did not appreciate this at all and sent her an e-mail, stating how I felt. I would appreciate it if everybody went to the radio station site at www.star987.com, radio personnels, then Jamie and Danny. Click on Jamie, and you can send her a personal e-mail telling her how rude she was. Don't worry about being rude to her yourself, because she is very vulgar, like Howard Stern. This is a very popular morning show here in LA, and I would appreciate it if all the wonderful Mariah fans would help me out. It only takes a few minutes, but it would mean a big difference. Thanks for your support!

    Regina is Set Straight!
    StormyBliss told me that Rosie was not mean to Mariah on yesterdays show and that I reported false information (man twice in one week, maybe I should throw my bags in and quit?) Anyhow, read this..
    Actually she didn't EXACTLY say that, Rosie told Mandy to promise that she would not wear a Britney Spears/Mariah Carey tube top band-aid thing. Then she went on to say that she loved Mandy because she was smart and she wasn't going to dress trampy. Then she realized what she said and corrected herself by saying, Britney and MC are not tramps, their clothes are just a little too risque

    Minerva Tells me about Hello!
    Minerva told me that MC is in this weeks English edition of "Hello" magazine. There is a 3 page article called, "Award-winning, top-selling singer Mariah Carey Why she's only just learnt how to have fun in life." I have 4 of the pics in Gallery 21 but places that carry foreign magazine might have this magazine in the USA! Check your local bookstores and cd stores!

    February 2, 2000..
    100.000 Visitor!
    We are now 300 away from 100.000. Let me know if it is you :)

    No record broken!
    Wow I got some nasty e-mails from MC fans on the news that Backstreet Boys beat MC's record. I didn't research it, I just reported what I was told, which I understand was my fault. But, I make mistakes and please remember that! Thank you for setting me straigh and it turns out that Backstreet Boys havn't even had a single #1. The highest they came was #2 because they focus mainly on album sales!

    MC ON ROSIE!!!
    You heard it here first gang, clicktv.com now listed MC as being on Rosie on Feb 8th. Here is what was said on Rosie's site! Many thanks to MariahRcks
    A rockin' performance by chart-topping singer/superstar Mariah Carey! Plus, from TV's "All My Children," Emmy award-winning soap star Susan Lucci.

    New Pics Coming!
    My best friend and also somewhat sister, Anja, sent me some cool pics from Cologne and I will be adding them to Gallery 21 tonight or tomorrow. Make sure you check them out cause they are AWESOME. Especially the singing one :)

    New Quote Pic!
    I like using pics of MC that shows her sense of humor for the pic next to the Quotes. If you have any funny pics of MC, please send them to me and maybe I will use them!! I still like the pic from The View better but I thought I should let this pic up for a bit :D

    Tv Y Notas article!
    Nini found the TV Notas magazine, which is the Jan 25th issue and typed out the article for me..wasn't that nice of her? Here it is!
    Mariah and Luis Bungee Jump
    Acapulco, Guerrero- Who ever decided to travel to the Paradise last weekend never imagined that they would find Mariah and Luis Miguel having dinner, signing autographs and entertaining themselves by bungee jumping.
    It Was A Night of Surprises
    Like every weekend, the clubs and bars were crowded with many tourists and teens. Friday in the Paradise restaurant and bar Luis and Mariah discovered the bungee jump. To everyone’s surprise Luis and his famous girlfriend arrived at 10 p.m. with six bodyguards and sat at the best table, where everyone could see them. After saying hello to dozens of people they went on to eat dinner, drink white wine and tequila.
    He’s unrecognizable
    After dinner, the people yelled for the couple and asked for autographs. It was Mariah who decided to sign the books, T-shirts, and papers. Right after Mariah signed them she brought them over to Luis so he could also sign them. Meanwhile the bodyguards prohibited the fans to take pictures. The Mexican singer smiled and blew kisses to the crowd while chatting with friends. At the end, he was unrecognizable.
    She had to do it!
    Following the tequila, Mariah insisted that her love bungee jump, but he refused by smiling and shaking his head at her. Mariah decided to jump, but only after midnight. She called for a fourteen-year-old boy and asked him if he would jump a couple of times, so Luis could see it wasn’t a big deal. The boy jumped, but Luis still didn’t want to do it. He finally decided to go for it, but only after Mariah jumped. Even though Mariah wasn’t dressed for bungee jumping, she quickly changed into a white bikini and t-shirt. Accompanied by an instructor Mariah experimented how it would feel to fall fifty feet, and then jumped twice.
    He was scared
    Mariah showed Luis that bungee jumping was fun. He then was determined to show Mariah he could do it. Luis went on to jump without thinking twice. The bodyguards forbade anyone to take pictures. With his red face and nervous smile Luis did as Mariah asked. Mariah applauded for him and smiled. Around 1:30 a.m. the lovebirds returned to their yacht where it would take them to Mexico.

    Macy and MC make up!
    I don't remember if I reported this article before but I know it is not so long ago that it was published. Thanks to Mella MT for this :)
    Despite Macy Gray's recent insistence that she 'could take Mariah Carey in a fight', it seems the US rivals have kissed and made-up. According to a dotmusic source, the Calvin Klein model will support Mariah on the opening night of her 'Rainbow Tour' in Belgium. The show, on February 14, takes place at the 'Sportpaleis' in Antwerp and is part of Mariah's first tour in eight years. Last year, Macy insisted: 'I'd love to punch Mariah Carey. She gets on my nerves when I see those videos of hers. I'm six ft tall, so I think I could take her in a fight.'

    MC in Columbia
    Dan told me...
    Hey Regina,I'm a Columbia House member (ya know that music ordering club thing...) and well, on their Top 30 Countdown ("30 of the Club's hottest albums") Mariah's #1's is #25. And most of the time, on their catalogs, #1's is part of the Best Sellers Lists.

    Rosie Disses MC!
    Diana told me that Rosie mentioned MC to Mandy Moore and made her promise that Mandy would not were a Britney/Mariah Toob Top and won't dress like a tramp. Can you believe this? How rude of Rosie!!

    MC on TRL and MTV News!
    Diana also told me that MC was on TRL yesterday (does that mean or video or did MC call in?) and was on MTV News this morning. She dind't tell me anything about it, anyone got news on this?

    Special Advance tickets for MCFC Members!
    If you are an official member of MC's fan club, you can get tickets early within the first 10-20 rows. Visit the fan site, which only members are allowed to for more information. That is all I can say due to limitations! Just make sure you check out the official fan site!!

    February 1, 2000..
    100,000th Person?
    In less then two years, this webpage will get it's 100,000th visitor, within the next 2 days. If you come to the website and accidently see that you are the 100,000th visitor, let me know. It would be kind of cool to know :) Right now the counter is at..98,997 vistors, since May of 1998. In 2 days it will be breaking 100,000th :)

    Q102 News from Dan:
    Last night (Sunday) I was listening to the Rhythm Top 30 Countdown (on Q102, but I think it's from Las Vegas and nationwide or something), and Heartbreaker was #19.

    MC Record Broke by Backstreet Boys!
    SweetheartMC Fan told me that Mariah was the last artist to have 3 number one hits off of one album (Daydream), but now the Backstreet Boys have done it with 3 #1s off of Millennium. How sad :( I guess records are meant to be broken though!

    RollingStone Article!
    Dan sent me the following article which might be in the actual rolling stone magazine!
    As soon as MARIAH CAREY wraps up her first full-blown tour since 1993, she's heading to the big screen. Carey has studied acting since she was a small child, and for the past two-and-a-half years has pursued it with a vengeance with a renowned New York acting coach. Well, all that hard work has paid off, because she's set to star in All That Glitters, a story of a flamboyant Eighties singer, written by Kate Lanier (Mod Squad, What's Love Got to Do With It). Carey will contribute six songs to the soundtrack, including her recent No. 1, "Heartbreaker." Filming is due to begin at the end of April, shortly after she hits her last high notes at Madison Square Garden on the 11th...

    MC in Paper Magazine!
    Taryn told me that Mariah is in Paper Magazine with Jude Law on the Cover. It says, " Mariah Selling Dresses!
    CAT sent me the following Link:
    It takes you to E! Online and it has a nice pic of MC from the AMA's 2000. Also it has an article saying that after MC wore this dress, it sold out. I copied and pasted the article below! Thanks CAT!
    Pop Tart
    We used to wonder how Mariah Carey hit all those high notes. But after seeing the diva display her, uh, wares at the American Music Awards, we're wondering how she keeps everything in place with that skimpy Celine bikini top. "Gravity," say the folks at Celine. "You just have to have the body and the security and the guts to wear it." Get used to the look. Celine's so-called "Goddess dresses" sold out completely after Mariah's showing.

    MC mentioned in Making the Video!
    DitzEgurl5 told me the following!
    I was watching Making the video with Mandy Moore and at the end they were telling what was next on making the video,and No Doubt is on next time and Gwen Stefani was telling Mtv,that in the video she ''beats up" the boys in her band.She said something like "I just hope I can do this better than Mariah beating herself up" and the video is called "ex-girlfriend" but I'm not sure if they spell the same way Mariah does "x-girlfriend" or "ex-girlfriend"

    More News from Q! Magazine!
    The critics speak
    Mariah Carey found herself splattered with vomit on Friday after a journalist threw up on the diva. According to Q Magazine, Carey was being interviewed in her limousine by John McKie, an editor with the English teenybopper magazine, Smash Hits.
    McKie was apparently feeling ill, and not because he had the duration of a car journey in order to pick Carey's brains. The journalist was severely hungover from a wild night on Thursday. After travelling over several speed bumps, McKie asked the driver to pull over.
    In a scene familiar to alcoholic music journalists the world over, McKie didn't quite escape the car in time. Instead, he emptied the contents of his stomach on the multi-platinum-selling superstar's designer shoes.
    Carey, needless to say, was not pleased. She quickly ordered another car to take her to the television studio where she was due to be interviewed by another, more sober journalist. An assistant quickly wiped her shoes free of the regurgitated detritus. Reports say that it was clear from the effluvia that McKie had eaten carrots.
    Like McKie's meal, the incident will not have gone down well with the exacting diva. On a trip to London's MTV studios last year, Carey refused to perform unless kittens and dogs were supplied for her to frolic with. According to Q Magazine, Carey also refused to go to one studio because "she didn't want to walk up the stairs." It was also necessary to supply a large crowd to give the diva a rousing welcome upon her arrival. According to Q's source, "Everyone at MTV was made to go outside and people from Carey's record company were desperately rounding up anyone who happened to be walking past."
    Carey is currently in Europe prepping for her world tour and promoting her forthcoming film All That Glitters. Last weekend she discussed the contents of the soundtrack. "I was working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again," Carey said of the new songs. "I'm going to be singing six songs in the soundtrack. My character is in a girls group. She's not the lead singer. I actually also spent a brief few minutes with the Artist formerly known as Prince discussing the soundtrack, and he was giving me some possible things to work on and to write, too. I've been a fan of his forever and it was a great experience."
    Carey will no doubt be looking forward to returning to the United States, where the only danger posed to a diva is if Jay-Z or Puff Daddy go to the same club.

    Jay-Z's New Single!
    Many thanks to Mariah Online! for this next piece of information. It seems that CDNow has listed the Vinyl single of "Things That U Do" by Jay-Z which features Mariah as being released on Feb 15th. So I am guessing that this is Jay-Z's new single meaning that a video is sure to come with it!

    January News!
    To read yesterdays news or the rest of January News, check out the links below for January 2000!

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