February News

2/28/99 I am off till Thursday from work so make sure you check up with the news all week :D

Do you want Mariah to win the Blockbuster awards this year for Favorite Female Singer? Then it is simple..go here and vote for her. COME ON..lets make MC #1.

Have you ever heard the song "They Call The Wind Mariah" well if not you can see the lyrics now at my "Lyrics page" I got the song a tape from a friend so I wrote out all the lyrics for you guys. Hope you like it ("Mariah throws the stars around" WHAT?? She does?? Hee hee).

Little slow on the news..so bear with me :D

2/27/99 Okay you can check out a picture of MC in the TV Guide for next week. It is a little article on NAACP...like they announce who will be there and whatnot. It is the cover of the ISB single and it says that she will be cohosting it :D

MC's Makeover Show will take place on March 20th and 22nd. You can probably watch it in mid-April. Thanks to Jake and Jen for the info.

The New York Daily News compared Shania's skimpy outfit at the Grammys to Mariah Carey..
Shania Goes Mariah
Twain raised more than a few eyebrows by performing in a Marc Bauwer-designed micro-mini outfit that would have made even Mariah Carey blush and she seemed to know it. THanks to Alex for the info.

Thanks to Anderz for the following info. :D Mariah being honored in Washington!!
This is cool, Mariah is getting an award for being such a good person! Here is the clip:
We know how big stars can turn even tough pols to mush when they come to town. So we can't wait to watch Senate and House leaders fawn over Mariah Carey at the April 21 Congressional Award Foundation benefit. Carey -- who won't be warbling -- is being honored for founding the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah in Fishkill, N.Y., and for cutting a TV spot urging people to become adoptive or foster parents to New York City kids.
Colin Powell and Discovery Communications Inc. President Judith McHale will also be saluted at the black-tie gala at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center. The Congressional Award is a nonpartisan, noncompetitive program for Americans aged 14 to 23.

Mariah is nominated for Best Pop Female Album for #1's for the Blockbuster Awards this year! Way to go MC :D

2/26/99 BIG NEWS FOR THE WEBPAGE: I got this letter today and here is what it says...Due to the high standard of design and exceptional content your Mariah Carey web site at: http://members.tripod.com/~wildcathg/ has been voted a 3 star StarPages site by our visitors. This means that it has received over 300 votes and will appear at the top of the Mariah Carey listings. We would like to congratulate you and award you a small banner you may place on your web site. Once again congratulations on you Mariah Carey site.

Well you heard it here first. BackInTime told me that MC will be on the cover of Jane's APrill 1999 issue :D Yes I know..SO COOL. Thanks MC (yes those are actually his intials)

MCarey327 told me that MC was on E! News Daily about the World Tour that I mentioned earlier. Here is what it said, "It's still in the works, but Mariah Carey is thinking about kicking off her new tour in New York City on New Years. Her fans say it's about time - she's been everywhere around the world except the United States!" Cool Beans, thanks Christina.

A Sony official sent me lot os info. on the new DVD...

re mariah dvd video-in-store 4/6 45 minutes long it looks like the mariah around-the world tv special with four bonus vids- butterfly breakdown the roof [ on dvd only ] my all { on dvd only }

cover art is not yet finalized

special features- digitally mastered dolby digital 5.1 surround sound dolby stero lyrics in english, french & spanish interactive menus instant chapter access to songs biography complete discography exclusive promotional videos

Also I was told the video will be released on March 13th :D Wahoo..cool beans!!!

SunKiss627 told me this info..."ON oprah there was a story about the little girl that mariah was sponcering. It was on for a while. Just wanted to let you know. They also showed part of the comercial with mariah in it."

2/25/99 This is HUGE. I actualy met MC's nephew and he told me that even though this is unconfirmed, MC will kick off her #1's tour on New Years 2,000 at Madison Square Garden. Again this is UNCONFIRMED but this is like the best day of my life and I thank him for letting me release this!!

2/24/99 This article is form the Los Angelos Times. In sure hope they don't perform Michelle's edition on the Oscars..read on.. Houston and Carey have been asked to perform the song at the telecast on march 21, but academy officials say they won't be singing their hit pop single. Instead, they will be asked to perform a new arrangement of the michelle pfeiffer-sally dworsky song. "the songs are almost always rearranged for the oscar show anyway,"said bruce davis, the academy executive director. but tuesday, a publicist for Carey said the two singers expected to perform the Schwartz-Babyface rendition and only that rendition.

Edmonds said that he didn't want to speak out about the controversy until friends expressed outrage that the academy would have Houston and Carey perform his version of the song at the oscars, even though he was not eligible.

"I wouldn't want to take that chance away from them", he said, "but I don't think it's right for them to do my version of the song because I am not eligible."

When informed that the academy would have them perform another version, edmonds replied: "If they are asked to perform a different kind of version, I don't know if they would want to do that. I don't know if clive davis would be interested in that. we do so much to get them to sing that version that to change it now wouldn't be easy.

Edmond's attorney, peter lopez of century city, said that edmonds is contractually credited with writing 15% of the Houston-Carey version. "he was clearly the catalyst for the two singers to come together because of his unique relationship with both of them." lopez said. "...to have the academy's rules dictate that that song cannot be considered for academy consideration is unfathomable."

Did you all go and pick up the single that was released yesterday? Ha ha..okay well I did and it is a paper thingy including two songs. One is the ISB/Pure Imagination with DaBrat and Krayzie and the other one is the Morales Edit which is 3:51 minutes. Much shorter. Go pick it up.

Also I believe that ISB is #8 on Krayzie's new cd. So it is probably Pure Imagination one..darn. It is not a new song with MC :(

2/23/99 Well I found out that MC is doing yet again another World Tour??? Hmm I don't know. I was told #1's tour will start in Janurary of 2,000. I doubt it though cause that is WAY too far. Maybe it was meant to start mid this year because by the end of the year a new cd will be out for MC's new movie.

MC is in OK magazine. You can pick it up at your local Borders bookstore or anywhere else they sell imports. It is a picture of her from the Billboards awards. It is $5 and it is her whole body and she is looking forward. I don't know what month it is..sorry!!

Also new pictures are now in Gallery 8. More to come though, with new exclusive Austria pics. and pics from old magazine covers that are not on the internet. However if you want to read more about the Dutch Cosmo. go to Mariah Carey Archives

2/22/99 Well I just FINNALY picked up the Spice magazine with the Mariah Carey pullout. It is really nice actually. If you loved the Dutch Cosmo. cover then get this magazine cause that is the pullout picture. I was SO happy when I saw what the pullout pic. was. I think it is a GREAT MC picture. THe Cosmo. cover will be in the picture gallery by the end of the night. My friend is getting me the magazine because it is not in the US. See if you can try and find someone. I'll scan mine when I get it!!

Make sure you pick up the new singles tomorrow. The maxi of Pure Imaginatiom and the normal ISB single. Also there is a new MC piano book with a pic. from The Roof on the cover. Check that out. Make sure you go armed with money :D

Make sure you check out the pic. gallery. New pictures will be added soon.

2/21/99 This is courtesy of MC Archives: Win a "I still believe" CD-Single At Sony they have 45 Mariah Carey "I Still Believe" CD-Singles to give away. You must send email between 2/10 - 3/3 to be eligible. All posters will be sent no later than 3/30/99. Once they receive your correct entry you will be automatically entered into a random drawing. Deadline for entries is March 3, 1999. 45 Winners will receive a Mariah Carey "I Still Believe" CD Single! To enter, send us your name, address, age, phone number, gender to: colcontest@sonymusic.com. Write "Mariah" in the subject.

MC has been nominated for the Dutch Edison Oeuvre Price International. Other nominees are Phil Collins, Sting, George Michael, Celine Dion, Madonna and Eric Clapton. The show will be broadcasted live on Friday March 5 on RTL4. Mariah is in the neighbourhood, so maybe she will perform at the ceremony.

Billboard charts
Mariah isn't doing bad at all on the Billboard charts. "# 1's" is up to # 17 (last week # 20), "I still believe" is up to # 23 (last week # 56), and "When you believe" is at # 24 (last week # 22).

2/20/99 A little slow on the news but here is something Anderz sent me: News from Mariah's publicist! Here is what Mariah's publicist Cindy says Mariah is a very good friend of Luis Miguel, but not more than that. Mariah went to Acapulco but she was there with one of her friend (a girl she didn't reveal the name) and Luis Miguel. Mariah is too busy because of the projects she is involved in like she is deciding if she is singing When You Believe at the Oscar, she is preparing all the songs and spectacle she's gonna offer in her upcoming WORLD TOUR !!! She is also preparing her NEW ALBUM that should be out later THIS YEAR !!!!!!!

I found this REALLY bad article on Mariah and it is SO UNTRUE. Really mad me angry and upset. Here it is... Mariah (loser) Now next up is my good friend Mariah Carey (nicknamed Pariah Scary.) I guess 1998 wasn't a horrible year for the queen of whackness, she scored yet another undeserved #1 song, and was lucky enough to have Babyface convince Whitney to sing a song with her...a very bad song but hey beggars can't be choosers. Too bad her record sales are starting to stall and more and more people are getting sick of her. The Poptart thought she could flip the script, run around practically naked (with her bloated beer gut hanging over her belt) and buy off some hiphop and R&B names to make cameo appearances in her stale songs & videos but it just didn't work. Her music continued to be the definition of garbage. Sorry Mariah, you might as well go back into the studio and record "Hero" pt. 25 and hope that somewhere someone under a rock might still be interested because I'm not. MC bad article

New pictures are officially added. A BIG THANKS TO ALEX for uploading them all. One is my drawing and the rest are from my scrapbook. Hope you like them..they are in Gallery 8.

On the JawBreaker special, MC lost to JLHewitt for most clevage. "Oh darn" Yes I know..hee hee.

2/19/99 MC's new video for ISB was shown on BET today. It was the first song on the Jams Zone at 11 am eastern time. I personnaly didn't like it that much. It is like San Jose or something and I don't think that it is one of Mariah's best but maybe it needs to grow on me like the song did..we'll have to see :D

Tomas1284 reported that the DVD for Mariah Carey around the world is to be released on April 4th. Also we are hoping that the video will be too...probably :D

MC is in the new edition of Hype Hair on pg. 52

Gregis777 told me a great story and all about his Valentine's Day!! "just want to let you know i was at the naacp awards, best valentines ever cause i met mariah after the show ended and saw her during too, in all the chaos backstage it was amazing she was gorgeous, elegant, sweet, was very polite, and we only got to chat a few cause she was right off to new york after the show." Thanks Greg :D

A WHOLE bunch of new MC pictures are being added today and tomorrow. They are pictures my cool friend Ilene scanned for me today. They are all from my scrap book, also there is going to be added a drawing I did to my ARTWORK page. It is an abtract drawing of MC..hope you like it...let me know!!

2/16/99 MC was at the NAACP awards on Sunday (going solo--no date) and here is what Columbia Records had to say about it... Congratulations to our winners in the 30th NAACP Image Awards. Ceremonies were held on 2/13 and 2/14 in Pasadena, CA. The show will air on FOX on March 4 from 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. (check your local listings for tv channel) Outstanding Duo or Group: Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston "When You Believe" (Dreamworks) Congradulations to MC and WH..Wahoo!!

MC hosted the event with Blair, as we know, and Entertainment Tonight and Access BOTH covered the event yesterday on their shows. They showed MC among other stars and showed her walking out and everything. ET said that she was being a little daring and MC said, "Really? I thought I was being conservative." Then they both laughed. She looked pretty.

You can now see the BRAND NEW video by MC, Krayzie Bone, and Da Brat on BET television. The bet times are probably from 11 am to 3 pm eastern time because that is their video set. Check local listings.

Here is an article about the NAACP found by Alex :D Stars Show for NAACP Image Awards Mon, Feb 15, 1999 05:33 PM PST

The stars were out in full force Sunday night for "The 30th NAACP Image Awards" at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California. Top talent from television, film, music, sports, and literature attended the event sponsored by America's oldest, largest, and stongest Civil Rights Organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. From Jesse Jackson to Michael Jordan, the scope of star power was vast for the taping of the awards show filmed on Valentine's Day to air March 4 on FOX.

Crowds of reporters and cameramen squeezed into the spaces sidelining the red carpet in front of the auditorium where the arrivals took place, competing for the best shots as stars such as Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Pam Grier, and Chris Tucker entered the ceremony. Protesters marching across the street from the arrivals chanting "Hey Ho Uncle Tom Must Go," were taken by surprise when actor/comedian Sinbad crossed the street and talked to them for about 15 minutes. One protester was arrested after entering the closed off section at the base of the arrivals and refused to leave, insisting that police handcuff him.

Blair Underwood and Mariah Carey hosted the event; both looked stunning, Carey in a sultry shinny black dress and Underwood in a black tux. Awards that highlighted the event include: Entertainer of the Year, which went to Will Smith; the Jackie Robinson Sports Award, which went to Michael Jordan; the Chairman's Award, which went to Harry Belafonte; the President's Award, which went to Lauryn Hill, Image Awards Hall of Fame Award, which went to B.B. King and Kathleen Battle; and the Corporate Award which went to Hugh L. McColl Jr.

2/14/99 I got a BRAND new equipped computer today..MAN I LOVE IT. So hopefully I can start adding new features to the webpage or pep it up more. Stand tune for future changes.. :D

CHeck out new pictures in a BRAND new Gallery 8. Hee hee..yeah. Alex made a I Still Believe collage which is SO AWESOME as are all of his collages. Go check it out in the Artwork section..I have it as my computers wallpaper :D

MC news...This is from Anderz
Mariah taking part of Miss Spain beauty contest! But no, she will not be in the contest, that would be unfair to everyone else. But she will perform there, and this happens on March 2 in a city called Jaen in Spain. Now I know that Mariah will be in Spain, Italy, maybe Sweden and in Germany on her European promotion tour. I can guess that she also will be in countries like UK, Holland, France but everytime I ask someone to contact Sony from those countries they never get back to me. So if you live there, call Sony and ask wazzap with Mariah's European visit!

Sunday 14th of February 1999 - 100 million Mariah. Before #1's was released Sony reported that Mariah had sold 92 million albums so far. And now it's at 3 million in USA, 3.5 million in Japan, 1.5 million (about) in Europe, 200.000 in Canada, 100.000 in Australia, 200.000 in Malaysia, 300.000 in Taiwan (according to reports), so that means Mariah is over 100 million!!

Also check out the magazine and timeline on the main page. MC is in a bunch of new magazines. I foudn 4 tonight. She is in the Globe and Star tabloid. One from the set of the Bachelor again (Globe) and the other from the museum premiere thingy (Star) go check them out. Also she is in the new Cosmo. twice (once in a white dress from the Fresh Air Benifit and the other from the Butterfly signing) and she is in Teen Celebrity twice (once with Derek and once from the Billboard 1998). Other magazine she is in is Spice, they say it is a pinup. Go check it out.

Did you see the Pax Tv special? They showed the My All video from the Mariah Carey Around the World special plus they talked about her.

Also on the MTV Valentine Special, one of the songs the #2 group sand two was Mariah and JD's SWEETHEART. Wonder why..ha ha. Valentines Day=Sweetheart :D

2/12/99 I did not know this but on Februrary 23rd MC will release more singles for ISB. She will release the cassette Maxi (that's why I couldn't find it in the store) and the ISB-Pure Imagination cd single. SO cool..thanks to Tomas1284 for the 411 :D

My friend BackInTime told me that MC is also in the April 1999 issue of Fresh. I havn't seen it yet, but when I check it out..I will let you know.

Also I found out today from Bone897 that it is OFFICIAL that MC's #1's went triple platinum!! WAY TO GO MC :D

Rosie.com has some MC pictures from Thursdays event. You can check them out there and MAYBE Alex will add the pics. sometime this weekend if you can't :D

2/11/99 Okay to start off today's news I have a tidbit for you. I had to pick a senior quote this year and I picked my FAVORITE ever quote by Mariah Carey. I have a favorite Sandra Bullock quote but I will get that in the yearbook somewhere else hopefully. Anyhow this is what my quote is, "If's not a realistic goal, it's not a realistic thing; and if you have that attitude, it's not realistic." (Mariah Carey) Gosh, that was such a good quote if you really think of it.

Okay here is something Alex found..you heard it here first... Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates 'The Rolling Stones: A Life On The Road' By Author Dora Loewenstein
WHO: Tommy Hilfiger, Dora Loewenstein, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Paula Abdul, Sarah Michelle Geller, Jimmy Smits, Kelly Rutherford, Dan Cortez, Rob Estes, Paula Deviq, Josie Bissett, John Henton, David Boreanaz, Regina King, Rebecca Gayheart, LeAnn Rimes, Keanu Reeves, Meredith Brooks, John Singleton, N' Sync, Jeremy London, Fran Drescher, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jeremy Jordan, Tommy Davidson, Sheila E. Russell Simmons, Diane Warren

WHAT: Tommy Hilfiger welcomes Dora Loewenstein, author of "THE ROLLING STONES: A LIFE ON THE ROAD" and celebrates his sponsorship of the Rolling Stones "No Security Tour"
WHEN: Wednesday, February 10th
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
WHERE: Tommy Hilfiger Beverly Hills
468 North Rodeo Drive

Also the Mariah Carey Newswire reported that MC and WH WILL perform at the Oscars like I said a while back. No surprise because it happends every single year like this :D

Also MC was on Rosie today. She wore a black, sleeveless top with black jeans. She wore her hair up like the ISB video. She looked pretty but does anyone think she is starting to look a tad chubby. Maybe it is just me. ISB sounded great..hope you all saw it...

2/10/99 The I Still Believe Vinyl has an extra MC picture inside. It is a 2 disk Vinyl and it is a picture of MC standing up and looking down. It is SO COOL. It opens up to the inside cover of the cd single and on the right side is the other exclusive picture. Plus the back and front pictures are so much bigger and better quality. AND PLUS it has more mixes...here is the track listings... Side 1:
Stevie J. Remix Featuring Mocha and Amil
Stevie J. Clean Remix featuring Mocha and Amil
Stevie J. Remix Instrumental
Side 2:
I Still Believe/Pure Imagination:
Damizza Reemix featuring Krayzie and Da Brat
Damizza Reemix instrumental
Damizza Reemix A Cappella featuring Krayzie and Da Brat
Stevie J. Remix A Capella featuring Mocha and Amil
Side 3:
Morales Classic Club Mix
The Eve of Souls Mix
Side 4:
The Kings Mix
The Kings Mix Instrumental

2/9/99 Okay Mariah is in FOUR magazines this week. Here is the low-down :D

Celebrity March 1999--2 good pics of MC. One of her in a brown outfit with some article. It says it is a picture from the Vibe party?? Anyhow there is another pic. of her and Stevie. both are towards the front.

MC is in Sister N Style April. It is a HUGE picture of her from the Blockbuster awards 1997. It is with an article called Head To Toe. Says NOTHING about MC but the picture is AWESOME.

MC is in Fresh April 1999.There is a whole bunch of MC pics including a pic. on the back of MC from the Billboards. There is also a pic. of MC from the MTV's VMA's 1998. Here is what it says: Mariah Carey:
Since her divorce from her recoerd company exec hubby and the break up with her baseball playing beau, Mariah Carey has been out on the town having fun. If you like to party, dance all night and fo the night life thing, then Mariah Carey is your kind of lady. But men with solid careers seem to have an edge with the songbird, who is career orinated herself.

It is now official. MC will co-host the NAACP awards with Blair Underwood. It willl take place this weekend in Pasadena and it will air on March 4th. Thanks to Anderz for the info.

On the NBA cd, that I reported about earlier, Make It Happen is the song being featured.

Mariah and Whitney's "When You Believe" was nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars :D It will be televised on March 21st. Maybe they will appear and sing. Thanks to the amazing ALEX :D

Always Be My Baby was the video shown on the Vh1/Billboard Top 40. They showed some interviews too. Kind of cool :D

Also MC is in the NEW Vibe magazine someone told me. It shows some picture from the #1's party. Havn't picked it up yet, I'll let you know more later.


I updated My Stuff today too. Go Check it out :D

Mariah Carey has gotten her first taste of Hollywood, and she wants more. The singer recently wrapped "The Bachelor," a comedy that stars Chris O'Donnell as a guy who has 24 hours to find a bride so he can collect $100 million. Carey plays Ilana, an opera diva he once dated and might marry. "It was supposed to be a cameo role, but the part became bigger," Carey tells us. "I get to die onstage. It was a lot of fun." Wags might say that Carey knows something about playing the diva. But the part actually called for her to sing an aria in Italian. "Even though I'm just lip-synching, I wanted to do it right. So I learned Italian at 3 a.m. for an 8 a.m. shoot." Carey grew up listening to her mother, Patricia, who sang with the New York City Opera. But she has no plans to try to cross over into classical. "Opera singers are the greatest singers in the world," she says. "But that's not my bag. It has too much structure for me." She does want to act again. In fact, she's devised her own movie. Titled "All That Glitters," it's about a singer who falls in love with a New York deejay who discovers her. "It's a messed-up relationship," says Carey, whose character leaves the deejay after she becomes a star and accuses him of being too controlling. People will inevitably see comparisons to her marriage to ex Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola. But Carey, who will write six songs for the flick, maintains: "It's not autobiographical." Meanwhile, all parties are scoffing at rumors that Sony Music is ready to let Carey out of her Columbia Records contract so she can move to Elektra.

2/7/99 Jawbreaker: No Candy Ass Special," premiering on Thursday, February 18 at 5:00 PM (ET)/4:00 PM (CT). Mariah Carey is nominated for artist with best cleavage.

This information come from Tomas1284:
Mariah is in the February Edition of US Magazine on stands now. There is a Dating Game section and here is what it says about Mariah: If you believe Mariah Carey, her social life was very hurting even before she was famous. "I've never even been out on a date - like, where you meet a stranger, he says, 'Hi, would you like to go out to dinner?' Never." Now that she's a superstar, things are even tougher. "When you get to this level," she said recently, "it's so hard to even be with anybody without hearing rumors." Also in the magazine in a section called "Going To Great Lengths" and the article talks about women in Hollywood that wear long skirts. They show a picture of Mariah wearing a long red dress.

Also, Mariah is in BE (Black Elegance) with Whitney and Bobby Brown on cover! They show a pic of MC and selling some eye glitter and they also show a pic of MC walking

2/7/99 Well as you all know, I reported that MC was on Access last night but guess what I forgot about it..ha ha. Oh well. If anyone can give me the 411, I would love it. Thanks...

You know the new song called "Do You Know" If you want to know the lyrics to it, check out the lyrics page. I finnaly got the song yesterday and I tried MY BEST to type out all the words to the song. GO check it out :D

Here is exclusive news that Alex found.... The NBA will be giving fans a free CD that includes a Mariah song: http://headline.gamespot.com:80/news/99_02/05_pc_nba/index.html
NBA Free-bie:
In order to help boost attendance of 1999 National Basketball Association season - which opens Friday - Sony, EA Sports, and the NBA will be distributing more than a half million multimedia CDs to all attending fans, free of charge.
The CD, called "I Still Love This Game!", will contain eleven music tracks from various Sony Music recording artists (including Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Tony Bennett, Luther Vandross, and The Emotions), a demo of EA Sports' NBA Live 99, a NBA team logo screen saver, and other official NBA niceties.

Liz Smith is saying that Luis Miguel is bidding on a diamond ring: http://www.latimes.com:80/excite/990205/t000010993.html Bejeweled, but Not Betrothed?
NEW YORK--I broke the news some weeks back that those two sexy singers, Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel, were dating up a storm. They met in Aspen, Colo., over New Year's and it's been fun, fun, fun ever since!
Now we hear that Miguel, who is touted as Latin America's Frank Sinatra--vocally and in his way with the ladies--is bidding on a 14-karat gold, five-row diamond ring, worth about $5,000. So could this 1.45-carat sparkler be an engagement ring for the delectable Carey? I think not. For one thing, her press rep absolutely denies any talk of a serious attachment--though the supermarket tabs have the pair close to tying the knot.
However, and much more to the point, the ring is sweet and conservative. But sweet ain't what rings Carey's bells. Remember, this miniskirted, high-heeled looker was married to Sony Music titan Tommy Mottola, and has become used to bijoux of a more spectacular kind. So maybe Miguel means the ring as a friendship trinket? After all, friends don't judge each other by carats. That's only for serious romancers.
Size really does matter before one takes the wedding plunge.


Mariah was, once again, voted as Fave Female Singer in a Singapore popular teens magazine. And here are the top five reasons they wrote:
1) She's the sexiest diva! She's not stick-thin and dowdy like Celine Dion but bares her sensual curves in micro-mini dresses with plunging necklines an thigh-high slits!
2) She churns out smash hit after smash hit! In her eight-year career, Mariah has sold more than 90 million albums, making her the biggest-selling female artist of the '90s. Oh, and let's not forget the countless trophies this champ has won at the Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards...
3) She ain't afraid of sharing the limelight with another diva! Mariah boldly joined voices with Whitney Houston on "When You Believe", the theme for Prince Of Egypt, which was an instant hit! And while both recently released new albums, Mariah's "#1's" was a top-seller but Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" hardly made a ripple!
4) She makes headlines! Since calling it quits with ex-hubby, Sony Boss Tommy Mottola, in 1997, she's been linked with baseballer Derek Jeter, Puff Daddy and (gasp!) Leo Dicaprio! There was also the fall of her private label Crave and a US$1.5 million lawsuit (for owing a limo driver money).
5) She's gonna be an actress, too! Soon you'll get to see the sultry beauty try her hand at acting! In her first big-screen role, "an extended cameo" in romantice comedy "The Bachelor" with Chris O'Donnell, Renee Zellweger and Brooke Shields, Mariah plays an opera singer who has to marry within 34 hours or lose a US$100 million inheritance! Next, she'll appear in Chris Tucker vehicle, spy comedy "Double-O-Soul. Hmm...maybe one day you'll vote Mariah your #1 actress in the LIME poll?

Now MC is featured in the Courier Post's USA WEEKEND (Feb. 5-7) issue. There is a picture of Whitney and Bobby. Here is what it says: Q:Rumors swirl about Whitney Houston almost all the time, from reports that she's on the verge of divorce to more recent whispers of a feud with her Prince of Egypt duet partner Mariah Carey. What's the Truth???
A:Houston and Carey sat they're not fighting. And Houston's marriage to singer Bobby Brown seems stable now....Diva-ish behavior, from keeping concert fans waiting to canceling talk-show visits on short notice, hurt her reputation.

2/6/99 Mariah Carey will be on Access Hollywood tonight about a look a like. Make sure you check out the weekend edition which airs at 7 pm standard time.

Here is what Alex sent me about the Billboard special: I looked up when the Billboard Top 40 Singles show on VH1 airs. It'll air Monday, the 8th, at 8pm and 11pm. Then on Tuesday, the 9th, at 11am. Finally on Saturday, the 13th, at 1pm.

aaron@i-manila.com.ph sent me some information about the status of MC in the Philippines. Here is what he had to say.... I just came from a record bar (Music One) and learned that Mariah's #1's has never left the top ten biggest sales. It is now on number 3, though, next to a local artist and a hit compilation. Imagine, it was still November when it debut and it is still hot in the charts here.

I STILL BELIEVE slowly moves from number 14 to 12 this week in the MTV AsiaHitlist. I know that this is really a very slow start for Mariah but whoknows, it will be number next week

2/5/99 I got this from VH1 and you heard it here first from this webpage......
I want to tell you about a great special that will premiere on Monday, February 9 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT). BILLBOARD 40 TOP 40 SINGLES is the second in a series of VH1 programs to be produced in conjunction with Billboard Magazine. The show spotlights the 40 year-end chart toppers from 1959 to 1998. Can you guess which diva was named after a Lerner and Loewe song? Tune in on Monday to find the answers, and much more.

Rumor is out that Mariah MIGHT co-host the NACCP awards with Blair Underwood. This news comes via CravinMC's Goofy636!!

Yes that is right, Mariah was name after the Lerner and Loewe song called "They Call the Wind Mariah" SO Mariah is FOR SURE going to be in this speicial. So make sure you tune in.

Also next week on Rosie, it is going to have GREAT female singers. 2 upcoming Diva's and then one Diva "O' the Day!" On Monday you can see Britany Spears (who says that MC is her idol) and then on Wednesday you can check out Love-Hewitt (also a preview for the next day which will feature MC)and then on THURSDAY you can see Mariah.....YAY. Thanks to Alex for the info :D

And this is what the OFFICIAL Mariah Carey site had to say about the Rosie show...
Mariah Carey will perform "I Still Believe" live on Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday, February 11th at 10am on ABC (Channel 7) in New York.

Also Prissy77@juno.com told me that MC is in the Valentine Issue of "Sister to Sister" magazine with Cher on the cover.

New pictures will be added to the Picture section today by Alex (Thanks Alex...you omnabean..HA HA) and it will consits of a collage from the timeline MC special. Now that special was AWESOME. It has a lot of never before seen baby pictures of Mariah and it was so cool how they mixed everything together the way they did. They showed videos like Love Takes Time, VOL, One Sweet Day, Someday, Fantasy, and others. It was really cool and if you missed it STILL don't worry cause it will repeat MANY times. Just check out MY Mariah Carey Timeline.,HA HA HA.

I will be updating "My List" with new stuff like a Mariah Carey concert from Taipei. Check it out when you get a chance...

Several people email me about what they read in a Miami magazine, Miami Herald. Mariah rented a $30,000 mansion in Miami for 3 days for the super bowl parties. The mansion had 7 rooms and situated on Miami Beach. Also they write some gossip about Luis Miguel was there, bringing her flowers and acting "more than friends". Thanks to Anderz for this info!!

2/4/99 Mariah's Carey's ONES dropped from #14 to #15. Also Mariah has dropped out of MTV's Jam's. We need to get her back in so make sure you go vote for her :D

2/3/99 Wow. Lots of MC news. So great. Lets gets right into it. The new Rosie which will happen Thursday the 11th looks like it is NOT a repeat. How do I know? Well as far as I can remember MC did NOT appear on the Rosie show with Luke Perry. If she did...umm yeah then it is a repeat. All I have on my VCR tapes is MC and the beg. credits about MC. SO if anyone knows if MC has appeared with Luke let me know :D

Mariah is in the Star magazine out on stands this week. Here is what is says: LUNCHTIME CAREY OUT:Mariah Carey sips on a McDonald's soft drink during a break on the set of The Bachelor. In her big-screen debut, Mariah plays a singer whose ex-boyfriend (Chris O'Donnell) must marry within 24 hours to collect a $100 million inheritance.
There is also a nice picture of MC on the set. GO check it out!!

Thanks to Alex for finding this information: ``The World's Greatest Love Songs,'' with Mariah Carey, Billy Joel and Harry Connick Jr.; 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13, PAX TV. Hope it is better then that recent Christmas special with Barbara..ha ha.

On Feb. 27th, MTV will show the Mariah Carey Makeover show. They will be taking one fan and making that person look like MC. Check your local listings for more information :D

alfa.@iol.it sent me the following information about MC is Italy and voting for When You Believe!! So cool :D Now it's sure!!! MARIAH will be in Italy at the end of February!!! See the list of foreign guests of the "Festival di Sanremo"(important italian musical show): 23/02 cher
24/02 skunk anansie
25/02 r.e.m. - robbie williams
26/02 lenny kravitz - ricky martin
27/02 MARIAH CAREY - alanis morissette - elvis costello (other guests could join)
Please vote for "When you believe" on Web Chart of MTV-ITALIA( www.mtv.it/3.asp ):
the chart of this week;
1- cher - Believe
2- george michael - Outside
3- MARIAH e whitney - When you believe

There is a petition going around on the internet about the new VHS and DVD videos for Mariah Carey Around the World. The problem is that the DVD version has a bonus videos and it is not fair to us. Please e-mail dean@africanet.com and tell him your full name and your e-mail address. Let's stop Sony from doing this!!!

"Best Tressed Celebrities Revealed; Sally Beauty Supply Teams Up With Yankelovich for Fifth Annual Star-Struck Hair Survey" A survey was done asking a 100 men and women to see who had the best hair is the whole Hollywood Buisness. Mariah Carey was #1 for the best hair for a women in music. Go MC :D Shania was #2

2/1/99 In March Mariah will come to Europe to promote her new single "I still believe". She'll come to Spain on March 1&2 and to Germany on March 6. In Germany she will appear on "Die Lotto Show"

When You Believe is again down from number 4 to number 7 this week in the MTV Asia Hitlist. That's really a big drop. Anyway, the great consolation there is that it stayed in the number one spot for three weeks.

They played part of When You Believe right when the Superbowl came back fro commercial. However, they played Whitney's part :( Darn!!

You can see the Mariah Carey Timeline at these times and dates. So if you miss it, you can always see it at another time or date!! Feb 3rd @ 10:30 pm
Feb 4th @ 11:30 am
Feb 6th @ 7:00 pm
Feb 10th @ 10:00 pm

Alan told me that he saw this new commercial on TV that has MC in it. It is about adopting little kids but says NOTHING about the Fresh Air fund. If anyone else has seen it, let me know :D

Tomas1284 reported this:
Mariah at Pro Bowl??
Mariah is rumored to be at the Pro Bowl held here in Honolulu, Hawaii to sing the national anthem and to entertain with N'Sync for the halftime show. I live in Hawaii and I called up radio stations and asked them and they said they don't know who will be there. The Pro Bowl will be on Feb.7 and will be broadcasted on ABC.

Steven Spielberg's animated epic "The Prince of Egypt" has been banned in Malaysia. Government officials in the country said the film had been banned so as not to offend the country's majority Muslim population.

NAACP Awards will be recorded on Feb. 14th but on Fox in March

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