January News!

TIMES for Ticket Sales Exclusive!
March 16 - Los Angeles, California - Staples Center - Tickets on sale 2/6 @ Noon
March 18 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Thomas & Mack - Tickets on sale 2/12 @ 10AM
March 21 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Arena - Tickets on sale 2/13 @ 10AM
March 22 - Dallas, Texas - Reunion Arena - Tickets on sale date TBA
March 25 - Chicago, Illinois - United Center - Tickets on sale NOW (1/29)
March 29 - Miami, Florida - American Airlines Arena - Tickets on sale 2/12 @ 10AM
April 1 - Atlanta, Georgia - Phillips Arena - Tickets on sale 2/5 @ 11AM
April 4 - Boston, Massachusetts - Fleet Center - Tickets on sale 2/12 @ 11AM
April 7 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Air Canada Center - Tickets on sale 2/12 @ 10AM
April 11 - New York, New York - Madison Square Garden - Tickets on sale 2/14 @ 9AM
(Please note the deletion of the 3/22 Dallas date.)

New Pics Galore!
I scanned 8 pics today which took me an hour to do and that is why the update is so late today. First of all, I created a new section called, "Minerva Pics." I added 4 EXCLUSIVE pics of Minvera and MC in Spain and you can check out those and some others on that page..thanks Minerva for letting me scan them :) Second, I have some good news! There is a 5 page spread on Mariah Carey in the Feb 2000 Biography magazine. Candice Bergen is inside and there is a long article on MC. I didn't read it yet, but you can read it within Gallery 21. All the scans are up in that Gallery..enjoy :)

Member of Month!
Brianne has been sending me a ton of exclusive news on the Rainbow concerts and other news so I decided that she should be Member of the Month! If you want to be member of the month, you have to join my MC fan club, InfoMC!

News for LA!
Jennifer sent me some news on the LA Concert...
Hi Regina, I just want to let everybody know that 102.7 KIIS FM, an LA radio station, was giving away MC tickets all weekend and qualified to win a trip to Atlanta to see her again. They might have more promotions, so keep listening LA fans! Also tickets will go on sale on Feb. 6th, at 12:00 noon on Sunday for Los angeles. That's all, thanks.

Promo Poster!
You can check out a Wal-Mart Promo Poster that Sabrina sent me by clicking the link below!

NY Post Article!
Nini, my VERY good buddy, sent me some news from the New York Post..
ENDQUOTE: "Sometimes I don't realize where I am anymore," says Mariah Carey in Mim Udovitch's stellar Rolling Stone profile, which perfectly captures the dizzy world of pop's bodacious princess. The accompanying photos of Mariah by David LaChapelle also do their job in crystallizing the over-the-top sex appeal of this girl. The one of Mariah in the locker room, being ogled by buff men in various stages of undress, is particularly amusing. With LaChapelle's penchant for creative photography, Mariah may never have laid eyes on any of these unclad beauties. They could have been added later. Not that it would have shocked the singing siren. She's a big girl, now.
P.S. She just called this office from London, happy we liked her Rolling Stone outing.


MC got a VERY bad surprise!
Alan told me some not so good news for Mariah. On Z100 radio this morning, they said that Mariah was on her way to do TGIF, the TV show in europe and in her limo, she was being intervieed by a guy from Smash Hits magazine but apprently the guy had too much to drink and well...THREW UP ALL OVER MARIAH!! Mariah got mad and angry. Anyone else here about this? I know I would be mad! She probably had her makeup and hair done and gives this guy her time and then he throws up on her? How rude!!!

Rolling Stone Website!
Larry told me that rollingstone.com has the full pics of MC and they have a really cool movie that shows Mariah pics and her talking in the background. I havn't check this out yet but click below and check it out for yourself!

Mariah Carey collection out in Feb.
InfoBeat has this information wrong with the date, since the Valentine CD came out on the 25th but read this little article anyway!
(Launch) - Mariah Carey is offering a new collection of previously recorded tracks, available in Wal-Mart retail outlets. The exclusive five-track CD features Carey's breakthrough ballad "Vision of Love," the chart-topping "My All" and the previously unavailable cover of the Diana Ross classic, "Do You Know Where You're Going To? (Theme From Mahogany)." The set also features 1995's "Underneath the Stars" and "Baby Doll" from Carey's 1997 "Butterfly" album. According to a spokesperson, the supplies are limited and are only available at U.S. Wal-Mart locations starting in February.

January 30, 2000..AOL's Fault!
Why No Update?
Majority of the 856 area codes were shut down yesterday and for half of today due to problems with the lines, so that is why I couldn't sign onto AOL to update or answer e-mails. If I didn't answer your e-mail, and it was important, please send it again because my mail box was extremly full due to concert info, the same concert info actually..ha ha! Read on todays news for more..

Ticket Sales!
A close friend sent this to me, here is majority of the US ticket sales. I don't have times on any of them yet!
Mar. 16- Los Angeles, CA at Staples Center. On sale date Feb. 6
Mar. 18, - Las Vegas, NV at Thomas & Mack Ctr. On sale date Feb. 12
March 21 - San Jose, CA at San Jose Arena. (On sale date Feb. 13.)
Mar. 25, 2- Chicago, IL at United Arena. on sale Jan. 29.
Mar. 29, 2000 - Miami, FL at American Airlines Arena. On sale date Feb. 12.
Apr. 1, 2000 - Atlanta, GA at Phillips Arena. (On sale date Feb. 5.)
Apr. 4, 2000 - Boston, MA at Fleet Center. On sale date Feb. 12
Apr. 7, - Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Air Canada Center. On sale date Feb. 12.
Apr. 11, - New York City, NY at Madison Square Garden. On sale date Feb. 14

Neil has a Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub and would like you all to check out his fab site..

MC Pics!
First things first, Anja (one of my VERY best friends) met MC outside her hotel room after her Wetten Das show and gave her 2 letters, one from me and one from Anja, and her Anja's, Peters, and Holgars fanzie MCFC (which I will have more info. for you all later!). Also she got some autographs and I was just so happy about this. OH...Uwe told me you can see some captures from her performances at the very best, that I have seen, German Fan Page...

Fan meets MC in London!
hey regina!!! Im Tatianna from London and well last night we saw mariah again and it was AMAZING!!! she performed TGIFY with Joe, and it was brilliant!! Before she started performing, we gave her letters and little pressies and then Trey recognised my friend Michelle(aka butterflyuk)and he came over to her and gave her a kiss and all, and she gave him a bday card since it was his bday a couple of weeks ago i think! oh well, you should relaly reald Michelles article, which im sure will be on the post at Andrez's site, so everyone go and check it out coz its in full detail!! MC hten gave an interview and was talking about hte tour and she said that its uncertain if her next single will be Mariah's theme or How Much?? she looked absoluetly beautiful, and i really think shes lost weight! not that she needed to at all, but...she has. Anyway, thats not important, whats important is that she was really nice to all the people there, which is not surprising as thats our mariah!! gotta go, but make sure you check out michelles detailed description of last night on andrez message board!! thanks!!
Tatianna from London

Spotlight Show on Much Music in Canada!
Nicole sent me some more news on this show!
hi, In regards to the spotlight show, it will most likely also be shown in Canada. "Spotlight" is a half hour show dedicated to one artist. Make sure to check the dates before + after Feb14, because "Spotlight" can have several parts, especially for big artists. To check whose going to be on "Spotlight" for the current month you can go to: http://www.muchmusic.com/spotlight

MC coming to Philly!
Though it is NOT final yet, Brianne told me that MC ****MIGHT*** be coming to Philly. I'll say it again, NOTHING is certain it is just that MC might be adding extra dates to the concert and if she reads my letter to her maybe she will come for sure! Brianne got this news from a Sony Rep. She was even asked if she wanted tickets already, so it might have a good possiblity!!

March Teen People!
FunkSoulBo and Phantasy Dreams told me that MC is in the March 2000 issue of Teen People three times. Phantasy Dreams typed out the articles and here they are...
Mariah, on page 44 is in the March 2000 issue of Teen People with 'NSYNC on the cover and it shows a pic of her with those top-cut-off jeans, a red shirt with that silver coat on she wore at her performance of Today's Show. Included in the pic is a NYPD (New York Police Department) officer. Here's what it says:
Butteryfly Caught?
No, Mariah Carey isn't under arrest. The Long Island native posed with one of New York City's finest outside Madison Square Garden as a thank-you after he escorted her to her car, (She had just appeared at 106.7 Lite FM's 15th-anniversary bash.)
On page 76 in Teen People with 'NSYNC on the cover, there is this calender that they always have showing the highlights on the celebrities out there. We all know on March 27, Mariah's birthday is on the 27th. So on the 27th, there is this picture of her. Unfortunatly they made an error which they always do. They said she will be turning 31
Mariah, again, is in Teen People with 'NSYNC on the cover and they are talking about her make-up technique. Shows a nice pic of her golden, straight hair and it says:
Celebs like Tara Reid, Mariah Carey, Nia Long and Michelle Williams favor a blush that's barely there, not in-your-face

Updates on Site and Poll Results!
Updates include:
New Pic of the Week
New Quote of the Week
Important Dates/Magazine Info is Update
Results of Poll:
Do you think the new Rolling Stone Pics are a bit too provocative?
Yes, Very Much So! (56) 14%
So So, but I miss the old Mariah (111) 28%
No Way Man! She looks Great!!!! (215) 54%
What Does Provocative Mean? (15) 4%
Total Votes: 397

January 28, 2000
MC in Tabloids and New Pics!
Mariah is in 3 tabloids this month. In the Feb 8th issue of Star and Globe you will find the same picture of MC and Guam curled up in a ball together. It is probably one of the cutest pics of MC I have seen in a while. In the Globe, you will find a tiny pic but in the STAR you find a half page of this pic so I would recommend buying the STAR tabloid. I scanned the little Globe one to save time and you can check it out in Gallery 21. ALSO Mariah is in the Feb 8th issue of National Enquirer. It has 3 pics of MC and it is worth buying. All three of these tabloids are on stands Monday, or if you know somewhere that gets magazines early. Go pick up yours!

Rolling Stone!
Alex picked me up three copies of the brand new Rolling Stone magazine. They will hit all shelves on Monday, so look around to see if any stores got them early!!

MC on Access
Mariah was on Access Hollywood last night. They talked about the signing where MC almost got crushed in Belgium. They showed her getting into the limo and talked about the incident pretty briefly!

Official News!
Log on to Mariah's website at http://www.mcarey.com/
to view a clip of her at the international music conference, MIDEM 2000, where she talks about the Internet, her new upcoming movie and meeting the Artist.
Also stop by your local Wal-Mart store to pick up an exclusive Mariah Carey Valentine's Day sampler featuring the following tracks:
- Vision of Love
- Underneath the Stars
- My All
- Baby Doll
- Do You Know where you're going to?
(the Theme from "Mahogany")
(exclusive previously unreleased track)
These samplers are limited in supply and only available at US Wal-Mart stores.

MC article on Wal-Mart release and MTV!
Alan sent me the following article!
Mariah Carey completists may have to make a beeline for Wal-Mart, as the retailer is offering a Carey sampler that boasts at least one exclusive track.
In addition to well known hits such as "Vision Of Love" and "My All," the "Mariah Carey Valentine's Day Sampler" will also feature Carey's cover of the theme from the 1975 Diana Ross vehicle "Mahogany." The track has surfaced in the States on import versions of Carey's 1998 "#1's" collection, but the sampler will mark the track's official U.S. release.
Mariah also delivered a new track to MTV recently with the arrival of her video for the remix of "Thank God I Found You/Make It Last Forever" featuring Nas and Joe. She will up her profile further as the cover girl for the new issue of "Rolling Stone."

LA Concert News!
Here is some info. on the LA concerts:
hi Regina, I called the radio station here in California (99.1) and I asked them if they are going to be giving out tickets or backstage passes. The guy said that they don't know if Mariah does the backstage pass give away, but that they're soon going to be giving out tickets for the concert in LA in the Staple Center.
hey ,im thanks anyways but i found when the tickets will go on sale here in los angels,they annoucedd it on the radio staion 102.7 kiss fm they said they will be giving them out and athey will go on sale feb 6 on sunday afternoon
DebCox Fan:
Hey, I'm going to the LA concert & I'm sure some other people on info MC are LOL. Well the tickets go on sale Sunday Feb 6th at 12pm.

More magazine news from Baby!
BaByDollLiz13 told me that there is a very small pic of MC in the Feb 2000 issue of Marie Claire! Anyone got a scan?

MC mention in YM!
ButtterfIi told me that MC is mentioned in the March 200 issue of YM on pg. 40 under "How to be Kool at Karaoke" it says "You're not going to sound like Mariah even if you do that wavy thing she does with her hand."

Spain News from Minerva!
My really good friend, Minerva, told me some MC news again :)
..Could you see by internet the Mariah's appearence yesterday in the benefic concert? Let me know, finally I couln't not but a friend of mine who went there told me yesterday that she sang a little bit of Hero a cappella and said some beautiful words, even she speaked a little bit in Spanish.Well, he also told me that Mariah sang two songs on Música Sí with audience, the songs she sang were TGIFY with Joe and Against All Odds. Also she recorded three songs but this second time without any audience.It was an special. My friend told me that when she was on the stage she said I'm hungry and after saying it in English she said it again but in Spanish!!!OMG!! (I do think she's going to sing any of her Spanish songs in the concert in Spain). She also said some other words in Spanish, I can't wait for that!!!!! when she recorded the program she went to LOS 40 Principales to give an interview as I told you yesterday. Mariah said that she had had some problems to come inside the radio because some fans were really exciuld play the program tomorrow. I'll let you know on Monday!!

Simpson Giving Props to MC!
Nicole sent me the following tidbit where Jessica reacts to being called the next Mariah (not going to happen in my opinion! I still can't figure out if she sings or screams?!?)
Last night Jessica Simpson was interviewed on MuchMusic (Canada's national tv music station). She was asked how she felt about being compared to Mariah Carey and being called "the new Mariah". Jessica replied that she could not even begin to compare herself to Mariah, that Mariah has been her idol, and that Mariah is "Mariah" (as in Mariah is such a legend, no one can come near her). She also said that for people to say that she is the new Mariah is a great honour. Jessica also said that she sees her music continuing in that direction.

More much Music News!
BaByDollLiz13 told me that Mariah is going to be on this show called "Spotlight" on Much Music USA. the channel in canada. february 14- 6:30 PM

New Site!
Check out Bryan's new MC site, if ya like by clicking the link below!

January 27, 2000
Chicgago Concert news!
Chicago's tickets are going on sale this Saturday and here is more info!
I called the United Center and I got all the information!!!!! Ok, here goes peeps! The tickets are 75 bucks for floor seats and the 100 and 200 level. Other tickets are 47.50 and 27.50 for the remaining level seats. I taped the call and heard it run through twice. Tickets go on sale at 11am this Saturday and you can get them at the United Center, any Ticket Master in the chicago area , by charging them on the phone (312) 559-1212 (it was busy when I just called) or by visiting www.ticketmaster.com.
Tickets for chicago definitly go onsale on Saturday at 11am. Its listed on the net and they are giving tickets away on B96. My friends are gonna try and get tickets this weekend for them and me so I will let ya know!!

MC #1
Hey Regina...
Its Armand again...and yeasterday I was looking at the World charts...the chart was the top 100 albums in the WORLD...and guess who was number 1 this week (week of 1-24-00) yes you got it..MARIAH CARER's RAINBOW ALBUM..not only that but she's been the number one album in the work for 5 weeks straight(including this one!!!)(she had votes from 30 different countries, thats so cool)..i have a feeling she'll be number one for a while...i hope..!! That is so amazing..concidering that the Backstreet Boys only held that spot for 2 weeks and Santana only held it for 1 week and Shania never reached that spot and Britany and Christina never reached that spot either...so she's doing AMAZING world wide...im SOOOO happy for her..

Chicago Help!
Lissa wants to know if anyone is going to the Chicago concert because she would like to talk to you about some things...e-mail her at:

MC on B96 & How Much Single!
NUMBER1MCFAN told me this...
i was reading ur news .. and just to let u know .. i herd an interview on b-96 (radio station) of mariah talking to eddie & jobo .. about her newset single TGIFY.. and they asked her what the next song was gonna be that she would release and she said "how much" feat: usher and that she chose this song cuz it was very mellow and it seemed like the type of songs that her fans would be intrested in ... so just to let u know its not gonna be crybaby .. if it is then its not going to be commercially released like breakdown was .. well just thought ud like to know .. and u could put it on ur site or newsletter so all the other mc fans know

MC in Fresh!
Taryn told me that MC is in the Feb 2000 issue of Fresh! On the cover it says, "What's Mariah Really Like?" Anyone got scans or more info, e-mail me!

News from Minerva/Spain
My REALLY good pal Minerva sent me some news :)
HI REG!!! Great news from Spain!!A friend of mine has just told me that the benefic concert where Mariah is maybe performing today (but she is going to say some words on the show)will be played on internet. But she told me that the concert will be showed on www.terra.es at 9.00 CET (CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) but I don't know where. Also, I've just listened to the radio (40 principales radio station)and they told that Mariah will be interviewed on the program called LO 40 this afternoon. I think you can listen to this radio by internet. Remember that it name is 40 PRINCIPALES. www.cadena40.es)
I'm minerva again, I've found a link where you can find more info about Mariah performing today on a benefic concert by internet for the people who live in Venezuela , here is the link:

Minerva Pics!
Minerva sent me 4 real photos of her and Mariah and sometime this weekend I will be scanning them and adding them to the site..make sure you tune in later!

Belgium Has A Crush on Mariah
Many thanks to Nini for this next article form NY Daily News
Mariah Carey causes a commotion — in or out of her clothes.
The songbird, who flashes her assets again in the new Rolling Stone, came close to getting crushed yesterday at a record-store appearance in Brussels. The Belgians aren't known as a rabid people. But when more than 10,000 of them show up at a CD signing, it can be a problem. So many of Carey's waffle-loving, loafer-wearing fans pressed against the store that one of its windows shattered, a witness tells us. We're also that two cars were damaged by the weight of fans who climbed up to get a look at Carey. Police ended up forming a human shield around the diva to get her to her limo.
"She was scared," says her publicist, Cindi Berger. "She was really scared."
Just wait till the Belgians get a load of Carey in Rolling Stone. Photographer David LaChapelle shoots her in a leopard bikini, in a lacy bra and fishnets, and in hot pants surprising a locker-room of towel-clad jocks.
There's also a bikini photo of her pre-pubescent days. Given that she was just a string bean of a girl then, she looks flatter. But some sources rumor that her present bosom, which she kept barely harnessed at the American Music Awards, has been enhanced through surgery.
Not so, says Berger. "She's just lost a lot of weight," says the publicist, who also shoots down next week's National Enquirer claim that liposuction helped the singer lose that weight.
Carey tells Rolling Stone that it was a snippy joke from Joan Rivers at the Oscars last year that goaded her into shedding pounds. She also reveals that she started her world tour in Guam because she has a hypnotic fascination with the island, after which she named one of her Jack Russell terriers.
Those dogs do live well, by the way. Berger confirms to us that when Carey vacationed in Aspen over the holidays, she rented a Winnebego just for the princely pooches.

Missy and MC on Record!
Jennifer told me some REALLY cool news and you heard it here first! Missy Elliot was MTV's Newslinkg and it says that she has a new album coming out in March which will feature a song with Mariah Carey :)

Atlanta US Concert News!
LYNZ N B told me the following!
I just called the ticketmaster in Atlanta because I am going to the concert there. The agent said that as of now there is no information on any Mariah Carey concerts.

Macy Gray and MC!
CRicci016 sent me the following article that kills the rumors that Macy wants to beat up MC!
Macy Gray to "warm-up" for Mariah in Belgium
Macy Gray will be the first act at Mariah's first "Rainbow Tour" in the "Sportpaleis" in Antwerp, Belgium. That is the latest news from Sony Music in Belgium. So, obviously it is not true what she said about Mariah earlier - that she wanted to punch Mariah in the face, because she was so sick of her apperances in her musicvideos, etc. If that would have been true, then I don't think that Mariah would want her as the opening act.

Superstars Magazine!
BaByDollLiz13 told me that there is pinup and a Black and White pic of MC in Superstars Magazine for Feb 2000. It is by the magazines like Bop and Teen Beat!

More from January 26, 2000
New Pics!
I added the three bungee jumping pics of MC in a BRAND NEW Gallery..Gallery 21! Plus I bought the Valentine CD today and scanned the front cover and inside cover. The inside cover shows all of her albums, which is kind of cool! Many thanks to Anderz for the Bungee Jumping Pics!

January 26, 2000..Ton of Concert News!
New Pic!
I added a scan of the AMA pic in the Jan 31st issue of People Magazine. Later I will be adding the Bungee Cord Jumping Pics from Tv Notas! Come back later for that!

Major Concert News!!
A couple of people e-mailed me yesterday about concert news in different locations within the US. I am presenting it here for you to read!!!
Chicago US Concert News!
hey guys i'm in chicago and B96 is already talking about the MC concert-mentioning it every time they play her songs. Last night they announced that tickets for her concerts are on sale this Saturday at 11 A.M at all ticketmaster locations. they also said to buy the tickets right away cuz theyll probably all sell out in minutes. They also played my favorite ABMB remix last night on the ten o'clock remix ;) just thought youd like to know...
This just in. My friend whom I met at teh #1s signing in NYC lives in chicago. He said that his radio station there said that the Chicago Show Tickets will go onsale this Saturday at 11am. And that the DJ advised you sleep out like friday morning, because they are predicted to sell out in 2-5 minutes. This is what he said and he wouldn't like. But this all strikes me as odd, because have the LA tickets even gone on sale yet? I mean thats the first show you know. And then when he called teh Arena that the show is supposed to be at, they laughed and said Mariah was NOT on their schedule to come. So he does not know what to do. This is absolutley crazy.
MSG US Concert News!
Brianne: (Works in Music Store!)
...I will keep working on more news for us. I have checked Ticketmaster and some shows go on sale on Weekdays, but the majority go on sale on Saturdays. Plus its usually progressive sales. Like LA would go on sale first, then the next day and NYC last. But the backstreet boys did that thing where they put all the shows on sale at once, so maybe that is gonna happen? Alright, well I should probably go do some homework or something!!
More from Brianne:
...So he gave me the number to SONY that he used last year when he needed info on her #1s signing because he was flying out there. He called 212.833.8000 and got connected to Cindy Berger, which is Mariah's publicist. So I said I would call 2morrow when all the snow lets up and try and get an answer. However, I think you should urge everyone to call SONY at either 212.833.8000 or 212.833.6800 2morrow. If enough of us call they would have to be annoyed enough to answer at least one of us. If you think of the past everything event wise Mariah has done is so last minute. The #1s signing, TRL they tell you like 2 days before and they cannot do this with a concert. So lets like start a Call Sony Until they tell they tell us something Campaign?! Okay just letting you know!
I called Ticketmaster for the NY show and they told me to call back thursday cause now they had no info
Boston US Show!
hey I called ticketmaster today about the mc show in boston and she said she is definatly coming but the tickets probably won't go on sale for a few weeks! I am sure you already knew this, but i figured I would let u know anyways
San Jose US Concert!
We should have Mariah Carey tickets for San Jose by the middle of February. If interested, you can call us then at (408) 371-2225 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. South Bay Tickets

Girl that Passed!
Yesterday I reported that the wrong girl died, which I feel terrible about! The girl that actually passed on was Colleen Wright! Brianne let me know yesterday about that! Thank you!

The Next Single?
Okay Lynn told me she was listening to her local radio station and they said they were going to play Crybaby since Snoop was there. After they said, "and that was another world premiere from my girl mariah." She told me that after that radio station premiers a song, they start playing it like crazy. She also said she believe that this is her next single, but read news below and you find out that it probably won't be!

MTV Shows TGIFU Remix Video and How Much New Single!
Jon told me that MTV has started to show the TGIFY Remix Video, for all of you guys who have been asking me about that, and afterwards Da Brat and JD came on because they were host of the show. Da Brat said "I hope you all enjoyed that video from Mariah Carey" and JD said that he was working with Mariah on the next single, and it was called "How Much" with Usher. So it seems that this is the next single! Personnaly I am little upset because I was hoping Mariah's Theme would be the next single. I think that would be a #1 hit and it is so much like Hero, which went HUGE!

People Weekly False News!
After scanning the pic from the AMA's, I was flipping throught eh Jan 31st issue. On page 62, in Behind the Seams, I read:
Meanwhile, I hear the forward-thinking Mariah Carey has her eye on a sequined Randolph Duke gown-in a naughty nude tone-for the Feb. 23 Grammy Awards in LA
I asked my very good buddy Anderz if he heard anything and he told me that it is NOT possible for MC to be at the Grammy's due to the fact that she will be doing a concert in Paris at the same time :(

Happy Birthday!
One of my very good friend on the internet, and someone who tells me a ton of news everyday, is turning the same age as me TODAY! Nini (ninichula@yahoo.com) is turning 19 years old. Please everyone, if you get a chance today, send her a Birthday Wish for me. She really is a very sweet gal!!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Nini!
Happy Birthday to you
And Many many MOREEEEEE!!

Not So Good Article on MSG Event!
Chris sent me this article from the MSG website. It talks about MC coming to NYC to give a concert and they are NOT so nice to her at all!!! I don't know what idiot wrote this but obviously they have something against Mariah. Plus I don't remember Mariah having an album called, "Honey?" I know she has a single called Honey with the album called BUTTERFLY but never an album called Honey. So this guy is just jealous MC and has to trash her. Makes me so mad!!!
Spring offers adventuresome New Yorkers plenty of reasons to daytrip out of the city. Many of Long Island's driftwood-scented beaches open early, to accommodate in-state tourism. The casinos of Atlantic City beckon with tight slots, severe table limits, fountains of watery well drinks and mountains of the tooth-cement commonly called salt water taffy. Antique marys who laid fallow during the long winter fling wide the casements of their picturesque Hudson Valley shops. West Chelsea (also known as New Hope, Pennsyltucky) welcomes city folk who want to ogle the very canal that claimed Jessica Savitch, before strolling the same string of shops as found on Eighth Avenue. And there are the glorious malls of New Jersey, as sprawling, toxic and difficult to navigate as the marshlands they call home. Yea, the invigorating snap of spring air begs us to frolic pastoral, perchance the wind carry errant wails from professional banshee Mariah Carey, who fouls the cityscape with her manifestation on April.
Diehards who don't flee an 80-block radius from the venue risk asphyxiation from the fossilized hairspray of the Carey nimbus and the FDS of the Carey unmentionables; whiplash from the heaving Carey cleavage and unairbrushed Carey hips, stuffed like a wurst into the Carey orlon; heberphrenia from the faux-retro posturings of purloined Carey album titles like "Emotions," "Honey" and "Rainbow"; nerve damage from the Carey yowl, which varies in scale from paddy wagon's siren to dogcatcher's whistle and in tone from fishwife berating lazy husband to porn actress faking ecstasy; and irreparably maimed sensitivities from the Carey stage presence, which is about as riveting and revelatory as an organ grinder's monkey. Then, of course, there's the risk of absolute annihilation from sulfuric clouds and white-hot flames, as the hounds of hell rent the night with their unearthly cries, heeding the soprano shriek of their mistress macabre. If you must, seats will be available—the dead, walking freely that baleful night, will not want to sit. But heed prophesy: Do you really want to enter the summer mating season with uncontrollable bleeding from the ears and hair turned irrevocably white?
Yours in Infamy,
Mr. Diva

January 25, 2000..New Single in Stores!
Sad Day for Some Mariah Fans!
Today, it was the worst snow storm since 1996. Meaning, there is no way I can even attempt to take the 20 minute drive to pick up the new Mariah Carey Singles. Some people told me that they are walking to the cd stores to get the new singles, MAJOR DEDICATION MAN! Do not risk your life to get the singles, but try your best to pick them up this week so we can help Mariah get close to the #1 spot. COME ON..we want that #15 hit for MC :)

New Pics!
I added 3 new pics today. One is the cover of the new MC book, or so I think. I havn't heard anything more about this but Danielle and Alex sent me a link to where you can order it:
Plus there are two other pics, which are from Anderz

Mudd Jeans Alert!
I reported this yesterday and now I have some more information from it from a couple of people:
Don't know who sent this:
About the Mudd jeans, I was at the mall the other day and I saw the jeans too, but I am not sure what they were called, I will be going to the mall tomorrow to pick up TGIFY and will see then.
Also..in your latest newsletter you said that someone told you about Mudd jeans making the "Mariah" jeans...well if it's not true..then there must be a big rumor going around..cuz early january my local radio station (jam'n 94.5) said that they heard that it's true that Mudd asked (not mariah herself..but her like manager or something like that) if they could kinda steal her idea and make a line of those pants...and the answer was yes! i heard on the radio they were supposed to be out in Feb-March..and they're called Mariah's Jeans!!!-but Mariah isn't part of the jeans co. Well that's all the news i gotta share with you...take care-bye!! *katie*

Little Girl is no Longer here!
My good friend, Brianne, told me that one of the little girls, Tatyani, died Sunday. She was one of the 2 girls who sat in Mariah's seat from the AMA's Awards show. Her wish was to meet Mariah Carey before she passed on. She made this wish from the Make a Wish Foundation. So Mariah made a little girls dream comes true! Kind of brings a tear to the eye, huh? Please keep her family in your prayers!

US Concert News
Brianne told me mroe news on the US Concert Tix. She said that she believe the concert tickets won't go on sale on Feb 3rd because they normally go on sale on a Satuday! She is going to call Sony today and tell me more later tonight. I'll keep you posted!

MC on Howard Again!!!
My best friend Alex told me that for no reason, whatsoever, Mariah was mentioned on Howard Stern yesterday. They were talking about the Golden Globes and all of the sudden Howard started to talk about how Mariah sent him a Birthday Card and Flowers for his birthday show on Friday. His is a run down on the show from Marksfriggin.com
Howard spent a little bit of time talking about the ''Golden Globe Awards'' that he watched yesterday. He brought up Mariah Carey and said that she looked really great. This is a little different than his thoughts last week when he called her a pig after saying how chubby she was. He then revealed that she sent him a birthday note last week. That's probably why he changed his tune.

Boston US Show!
Katie told me:
Hey! I just had two things to tell you. First of all..i work at a video store in Massachusetts..and we have a ticket master outlet...and we haven't gotten any information on Mariah's concert (in Boston) yet...but i'm gonna keep checking cuz i wanna go to the concert so bad!!! I'll let you know the prices when we get the info.

MC not Happy?
Here is something that Danielle and Alex told me:
Mariah was on MTV Europe (weekend edition) and I saw it. She talked about her Rainbow tour. She said that she didn't do that many concerts because of her voice. As you know MC has to rest at least 2 days between every concert. Mariah said: 'My songs are very demanding and the people want to hear the notes (sighs). I try to change the songs sometimes,because... Well, it gets boring!' When MC said '...the people want to hear the notes...' she was looking down and she looked very sad. Like she didn't want to do any concerts. Believe me, she didn't look happy! Does anyone have pics of this? See for yourself!
Mariah was also on a French channel called TV5, the programme Tapis Rouge. She sang Against All Odds and TGIFY with Joe. Well, hmmm, she playbacked! (or however you Americans call that!) Does anyone have pics of this too? Thanx!

New straight from Sony!
Mariah Carey is going to be performing a couple of her tracks live on SMTV on Friday 28th January. If you'd like to be in the audience then, as long as you're between 16-28yr old and can make it to the SMTV studio in Waterloo, London, (United Kingdom) then call Phillipa on 0171 2870045. Tickets are strictly limited so its on a first come first serve basis.
However, if you can't make this date then don't forget, Mariah Carey's world tour will be arriving in London for a date at Wembley Arena on February 26th.
Other international dates include:
February 14 - Antwerp, Belgium - Sportspaleis
February 17 - Milan, Italy - Filaforum
February 20 - Koln, Germany - Koln Arena
February 23 - Paris, France - Omnisport
February 26 - London, England - Wembley Arena
February 29 - Madrid, Spain - Palacio de Deportes
March 4 - Osaka, Japan - Osaka Dome
March 7,9 - Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
March 13 - Singapore - T.B.A.
United States/Canada dates:
March 16 - Los Angeles, California - Staples Center
*March 18 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Thomas & Mack
**March 21 - San Jose, California - San Jose Arena
March 22 - Dallas, Texas - Reunion Arena
March 25 - Chicago, Illinois - United Arena
March 29 - Miami, Florida - American Airlines Arena
April 1 - Atlanta, Georgia - Phillips Arena
April 4 - Boston, Massachusetts - Fleet Center
April 7 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Air Canada Center
April 11 - New York, New York - Madison Square Garden
*note venue
**added date/venue

January 24, 2000..
Big Day For MC Fans Tomorrow!
Tomorrow is a big day for Mariah Fans in the US! The CD, CD Maxi, Vinyl, Maxi Cassette, and Single Cassette will all be released tomorrow. If that wasn't enough, a Valentine CD and #1's DVD will also be released! Make sure you pick up all these fab items!

Already out!
Two people e-mailed me and told me that they already picked up their TGIFY singles. ONe of them said that they LOVED the Celebration Remix and the other said that they were disappointed by the lack of remixes! I guess I have to wait till tomorrow to check it out!

EXCLUSIVE! MC and Luis Doing Duet!
I really don't know what I would do without Nini! She is my right arm sometimes, I swear. She told me that Despeirta America talked about MC's tour! They said that MCwill be doing a new duet with Luis. Nini doesn't know what for but she thinks it could be the "All That Glitters" Soundtrack! She will be checking El Gordo Y La Flaca at 3 pm to tell me more news on it, hopefully :)

MC on Radio!
Sara told me that MC was on her local radio station, Star 94 this morning around 7 am. SHe was on the Steve and Vicky Show and she talked about her tour, cut off jeans and Luis Miguel. She will be sending me a transcript hopefully soon!

EXCLUSIVE! Ticket News for US!
Amanduh told me some GREAT news! He called the ticketmaster centers in Des Moines, Iowa and she said that the tickets will go on sale on Feb 3rd at 10 am in Central Time! I don't know if that is for all concerts or what and as soon as I know, I will tell ya more. Please don't fill my mailbox with question cause I swear this is all I know..ha ha! PLEASE continue to call the Ticketmaster Locations and let me know if you find anything out on when the tickets go for sale! Thank you!

Mudd Jeans and Mariah!
Emotion327 told me that her friend told her that Mudd Jeans is putting out a new jean with the waist band cut off and they are called, "Mariah's!" I don't know if this is true and something tells me it isn't. Guess we will have to wait and see :)

January 23, 2000..
New Pics!
I have 4 new pics that are added to Gallery 20 tonight. Many thanks to my good buddy Anderz for these pics. Then I found a pic of MC in a magazine called Latin Girl! I got it at Waldenbooks and it is a nice pic of MC. It is also pretty dark! If the pics are showing up in Gallery 20 tonight, make sure you check them out tomorrow :D Plus tomorrow I might be having some EXCLUSIVE real photos for ya! So make sure you stop by :)

News on Concerts
FunkSoulBo told me the following info!
Ticketmaster told me the reason why they don't have any info is the promoter hasn't committed yet eventhough mc has. It will be announced! Keep checking with ticketmaster!
I still know nothing on when any of the tickets go on sale or anything else, except for the information I have presented so far!

Toronto Help
Read This:
great job on the site + newsletter! love them both. if you can, i need a favour from you. I need to get in touch with people who will be going to the concert in Toronto. I want to go but I need transportation. If anybody would be willing to pick me up from Regina (in Saskatchewan), I'd be willing to split gas. If you could put that in your newsletter, i'd be very grateful. my email is butterfly23@angelfire.com

#4 on Top 20 for MTV
Armad told me that for MTV's Top 20 Videos, MC is #4. That is pretty cool, isn't it?

TGIFY Single!
The TGIFY single is coming out Tuesday in the US and when it is released in the US, or whatever Country you live in, Please be sure to buy it in the first week. We want MC to have a 15th #1 single, don't we? Let's get her to break more records!!!! Buy some for your friends, for yourself, for your next door neighbor, for your best friend who only listens to Hagfish, for ANYONE you know!! Ha ha!

Glitters Script
I forgot to add this a while back but someone who goes by the name of "Glitters" e-mail me and told me you can check out 3/4ths of the All That Glitters Movie Script! Check it out if ya like!

Poll and Updates!
Here are last weeks poll results!
What should Mariah do with her last name?
Keep It (287) 74%
Drop it and only use Mariah (62) 16%
Change it to Nunez (9) 2%
Marry Luis and take his name (29) 7%
Total Votes: 387
There is a new poll up today. Plus I added a new Quote of the Week which Lauren sent me and I think it is a GREAT quote and should be added to the list on my Quotes page! PLUS I added a new Pic of the Week! Make sure you check out all these cool updates!

mail icon J O I N M NewsLink -- The latest on Mariah Carey
globelists.com your email address:

January 22, 2000..
New Pics!
There are 4 pics from the 1999 Billboard awards that lisa sent me and a pic of a Wal-Mart Advertisement that Lisa scanned for me in Gallery 20. Plus Edearth sent me a Brand New really nice pic of MC getting out of the limo! Check all 6 pics out in Gallery 20!

Valentine CD!
Nini sent me the tracklisting of the Valentine CD!
Vision of Love
Do You Know
My All
Underneath the Stars!
The cd is $4.96 and it will be available on Tuesday at Wal-Mart!

Q102 is giving award MC tickets for the LA concert Dan told me. The air fare will be paid for too. Make sure you tune in to 102.1 if you are in Philly and NJ! Also Heartbreaker is #16 on their Top 20 for Jan 17th!

AMA Comment!
Taryn told me you can go to the Teen Hollwood Site and talk about MC's dress..

CNN News
Julie told me this about MC being on CNN!
Sorry it has taken me a few days to let you know about this(if you didn;t already know) but Mariah was on CNN a few days ago talking about her tour and her new puppy that was sleeping on her lap! It is such an adorable dog! She was asking CNN to help her so she could bring her new puppy on tour with her(Not sure if she was kidding about that or not.). It was probably less than 5 minutes long, but just thought you would like to know!
PS--She also was talking about how Bianca(is that her name?) will be the "host" of the tour and will be at the concerts!

MC #1
Do you want TGIFY #1 on Radio Stations? The take ONE TO TWO minutes and follow these instrustions that NazTraDamus 17 sent me!
1. Copy following text into "Send To": (requests@z100.3, KTULIVE, jc@wbls.com, sergio@wbls.com, contact@1067litefm.com, simmsg@star987.com, race@plj.com, marcusd@kzqz.com, requests@q102philly.com, Studio@b101radio.com, music@kissfm.com, michael@z104.com, troy@z104.com, klein@z104.com, jay@z104.com, thebox@kbxx.com, mailbox@104krbe.com, bbrown@star94.com, tstgeorge@star94.com, jims@fisherradio.com, jims@fisherradio.com, priestly@b1027online.com, kristin@b1027online.com, midday@b1027online.com, requests@kdwb.com, Jeffs1017, request@mix93.com, request@mix93.com, wtic@wtic.com, WXKB@B1039.com, cc@b1039.com, suzy@y-100.com, Richr@y-100.com, Kenny@y-100.com, WKYSDC)
2. In subject write Mariah Carey, Thank God I Found You Request!
3. Write how you want them to play MC's new song and hit send!
4. You have just now succesfully requested Mariah's New Song at all the Radio Stations! Give yourself a pat on the back :D
5. Continue to do this everyday!

MP3 Site!
My good bud Dan is making a MP3 site. It is still under constuction but he said he added the follow four to the site already:
DJ Fluke Heartbreaker Remix, the HB Remix feat. Missy and Da Brat, and the Sweetheart Remix! Visit his site to see these and soon to be more!

January 21, 2000..
New Pics!
I intended on adding new pics to the webpage but xoom/FTP is down so I can't do it. I'll add them tomorrow. However, Daniëlle (a.k.a. Adjoa') and Alex, sent me a picture of the Thank God I Found You Holland Single. It is the pic of MC with her arm over her head and the rainbow in the background! I was told that the guy in the shop was not alowed to sell it yet but dear old mom convinced him to do so. SO it is not released early, they are just lucky! Here are the tracks to it!
1. The normal verse
2 TGIFY with a great dance beat behind it!
3 The Make It Last Remix Edit Featuring Joe & Nas, that we all know!
4 Make It Last Remix Instrumental
I'll have the cover pic up in Gallery 20 tomorrow along with 4 pics from Lisa from the 1999 Billboard awards!

MC in People Magazine!
MC is in the Jan 31st issue of People Magazine. It is a pic of her last dress at the AMA's! Also she will probably be in some of the tabloids from the AMA's, if not all of them! I'll let you know later!

Rolling Stone on MC
rollingstone.com has this article on Mariah's Upcoming concert. Don't forget that Mariah's Cover Issue will hit stands Friday the 28th! (I believe!)
Breaking hearts in every city
Near the end of last year, you may have heard the remarkable statistic that Mariah Carey is the only artist to have had a No. 1 single during every single year of the Nineties. But what's even more remarkable is that she managed to achieve that feat without going on an extended tour once in the decade's last eight years. Now Carey's finally ready to trek around the world, and will kick off her "Mariah's Rainbow Tour -- One Night Only!" jaunt on Feb. 14 in Belgium. The North American portion of the jaunt begins on Mar. 16 at Los Angeles' Staple Center arena. Carey's only hitting major cities this time out, but you'll just have to take what you can get. The itinerary is as follows: 3/16: Los Angeles, Staples Center; 3/18: Las Vegas, TBA; 3/22: Dallas, Reunion Arena; 3/25: Chicago, United Arena; 3/29: Miami, American Airlines Arena; 4/1: Atlanta, Phillips Arena; 4/4: Boston, Fleet Center; 4/7: Toronto, Ont., Air Canada Center; 4/11: New York, Madison Square Garden ...

News on Toronto Concert!
I found this article at this address: http://www.canoe.ca/JamMusic/jan20_carey.html Here is the article at that site (does this help Joshie?)
About Toronto Concert
Carey's Rainbow shines on T.O.
By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun
Mariah Carey has just announced an April 7 show in Toronto -- the first time the R&B-pop superstar has ever played in our town, if you can believe it.
It looks as if it will be an Air Canada Centre gig, although neither the venue, concert promoters or Carey's record reps could confirm anything yesterday.
But the 20,000 seat arena has been the venue of choice for fellow divas Cher, Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Jewel since it opened last February, so why would Carey be any different? Unless she wanted to tackle SkyDome. (Yikes.)
The Toronto date -- announced by Carey herself on MTV this week -- is one of nine North American shows making up her first dates on this continent in the last seven years.
The tour, in support of her latest album, Rainbow, begins March 16 in L.A. and wraps up April 11 in New York. The other dates are Las Vegas (March 18), Dallas (March 22), Chicago (March 25), Miami (March 29), Atlanta (April 1), Boston (April 4).
Carey, who picked up the Award Of Achievement at the American Music Awards earlier this week, is currently gearing up for a small European tour that begins Feb. 14 in Antwerp.
She told MTV some of the guests on Rainbow may show up on her North American dates.
"When I'm in the States, I'm going to see who's around whatever city we're in," Carey told MTV News. "Hopefully, in Atlanta or Chicago, maybe we'll have Da Brat. I haven't asked her yet. I have to give her a call and see what's up with her. I was paging Jermaine (Dupri) last night. He said he'll be there."

Howard Stern on Mariah!
Alex told me yesterday that Howard wouldn't stop talking about Mariah on Tuesday's Show. What he said really wasn't nice at all? Alex told me somehting different! He said that he kept saying she looked hot not chubby. But anyhow, Marksfriggin.com post a summary on what happens on the show and here is what was said..
Howard also took a bunch of phone calls and talked about the American Music Awards which took place last night on ABC. Howard said that for some odd reason he really loves Mariah Carey. Even though she's ''chubby'' according to Howard, he'd love to bang her. He said if he were with her he wouldn't allow her to shower for a week so that her stink would be all over him. He said she's a ''little pig'' and he usually doesn't like fat chicks but Mariah's different.

Mariah Carey to tour U.S. in spring
NEW YORK (Billboard) - Mariah Carey has announced a string of U.S. tour dates, as well as new gigs for a previously announced world tour. A Feb. 29 show in Madrid will conclude a short tour through Europe, which will be followed by shows in Japan and Singapore. A nine-city U.S. tour will kick off March 16 in Los Angeles and wrap April 11 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Carey will be promoting her latest release, "Rainbow," which sits this week at No. 17 on The Billboard 200. A new single, "Thank God I Found You," will be released next Tuesday in the U.S. and Feb. 28 in the U.K.

TV Guide Online!
TV Guide Online has a pic of MC from the Billboard awards. Click the below link to check it out!

Ticket Sales!
Jackie told me that she called Ticket Master two nights ago and was told to call back in a week. However tickets probably won't go on sale till late Feb. I still know nothing but I will keep ya updated as best as I can. PLEASE stop e-mailing me about the tickets! I still don't know..ha ha!

Thank God for Willem!
Willem has the Make It Last Remix of TGIFY without the rap and you can download it at his site at the link below!

Christina Giving Props again!
Sev7eN sent me an article about what Christina thought about being compared to MC..
Q: You've been compared frequently with someone you admire, Mariah Carey.
A: It's an amazing compliment. She's amazing. I still have yet to really formally meet her but I've seen her a couple times backstage. I just think she's amazing. She continues to be such an inspiration. I love the fact that she writes her own music, unlike a lot of other vocalists out there. To be compared to her is an amazing thing. But we still are different. [Pauses] As time will go on, I'll bring a little bit more of a Madonna side to things. I want to re-invent myself as my career continues. Also, in my live show I'll go from a full-out dance choreographed song to a really heartfelt ballad.

Update on Valentine CD!
I was really upset cause our Wal-Mart store has no ads for the new Valentine Single. SO since I work there, I asked the manager in that department. He said that the shipment will be in on Jan 25th for sure! I was so happy and said thank you :) So if your local Wal-Mart has no ads up, don't worry! They are still getting it in Tuesday! More to look for on Tuesday!
#1's CD
Thanks God I Found You Single CD/Cassette/Vinyll

More News from the 20th..
Mariah on Z100 and Rolling Stone!
I had to add this news tonight because it is really cool. Mariah's issue that she appears on the cover of for Rolling STone will be out next week! That is all I was told. Thanks to Lisa and Alan for this information. PLUS Mariah was on Z100 today and here is the the highlights that Alan told me..

The rest of the Daily News will be added tomorrow, make sure you stop by becaue I have 4 new pics of MC from the Billboard awards also that Lisa sent me!

January 20, 2000..
Lisa told me about the German Cosmopolitan that Mariah is on the cover of. All 4 pics are in Gallery 20 Also there is another AMA pic that is new and it is all from the following site:

My good friend Brianne, who works at a record store, told me that the tickets probably won't go on sale untill Late Feb. or early March! The tickets will PROBABLY be under $100 she said also! I thought they would be about $150 for good seats but I guess you can tell I have only been to one concert in my life, Celine Dion last year. The tickets cost $65 though and they were FAR away from the stage so I personally think they could be more for a big concert like this. The MSG holds 35,000 people about, so we should panick! PLUS the TICKETMASTER website has now listed MC as one of the concerts but it says tickets are NOT on sale yet but to stay tune. Check it everyday, like I will be doing, by following this link: http://newyork.citysearch.com/page/gen?_template=calendar/calendar_results.html&start_day=11&month=4/2000&start_month=Apr&start_year=2000&recommended=&context_id=UIT_00000283 Besided what I just said, I know NOTHING about where to get tickets, when they go on sale, etc. The SECOND I find out ANYTHING, I will be announcing it on the webpage and in InfoMC, as always! So relax people...Mariah Three has got you covered!!!!

Entertainment Teen!
I forgot to add this last night, but there is one pic of MC in the Feb 2000 edition of Entertainment Teen Magazine. It is a pic of her from when she sang Hero at the benifit that took place the same day as the 1999 VMA Awards. Here is the article that I typed out..
Mariah Carey: Mariah became quiet when asked if she keeps her figure in shape with a regular fitness regime. "No I don't. I should thouhg. I started doing sit-ups and leg raises at night, but I only did them for a little while. When I go away, I try to run on the beach and take runs and walks when I can. I don't have much time, so it's hard to do it. Fortunately, when I do a little bit, it works pretty quickly on me."

AMA Article!
BaByDollLiz13 sent me an article from Lauch.com about the AMA's.
Mariah Makes Two Fans' Wishes Come True At The AMAs
(1/18/00, 3 p.m. ET) - Singer Olivia Newton-John presented Mariah Carey with a special Award of Achievement in recognition of Carey's extraordinary musical accomplishments and her humanitarianism last night (Jan. 17) at the American Music Awards (LAUNCH, 1/18). During her acceptance speech, Carey acknowledged the presence of two young fans attending the ceremony courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to seriously ill children. Carey was able to get the audience cheering for the youngsters.
"When I was a little girl, I made a wish that one day I would be singing and writing professionally and…doing what I love for a living, I never really imagined that it could get to this level," Carey said. "Who would think it would get to this level, where I would be sitting here with so many incredibly talented people? But tonight, I'm not sitting in my seat because there are two kids here who also made a wish and we're all making it come true tonight. I'd like to thank Titiana Charles, right there, and Colleen Wright from the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their courage and their strength. Could we please give them a hand? Could we get up and stand up for these beautiful girls? Could we stand up for these girls? And I would like to accept this award on behalf of them because their achievements are a lot more special than mine."
Backstage a few minutes later, Carey was asked to explain her feelings about winning the Award of Achievement, and also about her relationship with Newton-John and AMAs producer Dick Clark. "I feel very honored, I feel very grateful. I'm very thankful to Olivia Newton-John, who's been someone that I've admired my whole life, and to Dick Clark, who's also been someone I admired my whole life, for giving me this…It's just this euphoric feeling of finally being in a place where I feel really like what I've done is paying off for the first time personally and professionally."

Statement by Sony Themselves!
I got this in the mail yesterday from MC's Official Site!
International music superstar Mariah Carey will embark on her first world concert tour in eight years, on Saturday, February 14 in Antwerp, Belgium. Mariah's Rainbow Tour - One Night Only! will include performances in five European countries, the United Kingdom and the Far East, before hitting U.S. shores on Thursday, March 16, when she performs in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center arena. Mariah enters the new millennium having sold more than 128 million records worldwide and established herself as the most popular female artist of the nineties. She closed the last decade with the release of her ninth album, Rainbow, which has already been certified triple-platinum and spawned the hit singles "Heartbreaker" and "Thank God I Found You." The release of Heartbreaker made music history when it became Mariah's 14th #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, a feat rivaled only by the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (17). When Heartbreaker entered its second week at #1, it marked the 60th week Mariah has been in the top spot on the charts, breaking the long-standing 59-week record established by the Beatles. Mariah's Rainbow Tour - One Night Only! will feature many of the hits which practically defined the musical soundtrack of the past decade -- from 1990's "Vision Of Love" through 1999's "Thank God I Found You," and countless hits in between - and earned the artist countless accolades, including 2 Grammy Awards, 8 American Music Awards, 7 World Music Awards and 4 Soul Train Awards. She was named Artist Of The Decade by Billboard Magazine during the music industry bible's annual televised awards show in December, and, just yesterday, Mariah was honored with the American Music Award Of Achievement -- only the third such award to be given out during that show's 27-year history.
The complete itinerary for Mariah's Rainbow Tour - One Night Only! is as follows:
February 14- Antwerp, Belgium - Sportspaleis
February 17- Milan, Italy - Filaforum
February 20- Koln, Germany - Koln Arena
February 23- Paris, France - Omnisport
February 26- London, England - Wembley Arena
February 29- Madrid, Spain - Palacio de Deportes
March 4- Osaka, Japan - Osaka Dome
March 7,9- Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
March 13- Singapore - T.B.A.
March 16- Los Angeles, California - Staples Center
March 18- Las Vegas, Nevada - T.B.A.
March 22- Dallas, Texas - Reunion Arena
March 25- Chicago, Illinois - United Arena
March 29- Miami, Florida - American Airlines Arena
April 1- Atlanta, Georgia - Phillips Arena
April 4- Boston, Massachusetts - Fleet Center
April 7- Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Air Canada Center
April 11- New York, New York - Madison Square Garden

DVD News!
The #1's DVD will be released this Tuesday, so make sure you save up your money for it!

Please make sure you vote on TRL today and everyday for Thank God I Found You! PLEASE! (Click above Banner to do so!)

January 19, 2000..
New Pics and Magazine News!
Mariah was in 2 Newspaper today, in my area, and 3 Magazines that I found. Firstly, there was an article about the AMA's in The Press Newspaper and it had a little pic of MC. There is a NICE pic of MC in USA Today
It is from the AMA's also and the article with the scan is about her Rainbow Tour. On the next page there is a little article saying..
Mariah Carey wore a Michael Kors dress she called her 'little ensemble'-little being the operative word. Besides Newspapers, MC is in the new Cosmopolitan with Love Hewitt on the cover. There are two pics of Mariah, one on the very last page and another in the middle of the magazine about her hair! Finnaly, Mariah is on the COVER of Latin Teen She is in the first 3 pages. One is a 3 page poster of the Heartbreaker Cover, one is a pic from the Essence awards and the other is the cover of the Dutch Cosmo. All three magazines are on stands now and they are the Feb 2000 editions. ALL the following photos are in a NEW Gallery right now, Gallery 20

ET, TRL, Acccess, and E! News Daily!
Mariah was on several TV shows yesterday. The ones I saw are listed above. ET barely said ANYTIHNG on Mariah and I was very disappointed. However, Access Hollywood talked about her on the AMA's and then had another whole segment just on the Rainbow Tour, as did TRL. Both shows interviewed Mariah, as she was wearing a BEAUTIFUL pink top and jeans (I have part of the interview below!). ALSO E! News Daily did the same thing. They discussed her on the AMA's and then showed an interview with her later in the show about the concert. All in all, Mariah was on the tv, within these four shows, for 15 minutes straight! Pretty cool :)

Mariah Lines Up First U.S. Tour In Seven Years
Mariah Carey will be touching her "Rainbow" down in several American cities this spring on what will be the singer's first U.S. tour since 1993.
So far, Carey's camp has only confirmed nine cities where the tour will touch down and has revealed that her "Rainbow" tour will kick off on March 16 in Los Angeles.
Carey, who played a one-off show in Hawaii in 1998, hasn't put together a full U.S. tour since making the rounds in 1993 in support of her "Music Box" album.
In addition to being her first U.S. tour in seven years, the trek will also mark Mariah's first bit of touring behind her "Rainbow" album, a collection that sees the singer sharing time with more than her share of guest stars, many of whom may turn up on the road with her.
"When I'm in the States, I'm going to see who's around whatever city we're in," Carey told MTV News' Chris Connelly of her plans to recreate some of the more star-studded tracks on "Rainbow." "Hopefully, in Atlanta or Chicago, maybe we'll have Da Brat. I haven't asked her yet. I have to give her a call and see what's up with her. I was paging Jermaine [Dupri] last night. He said he'll be there."
Despite the time away from the road (or perhaps because of it), Mariah has managed to maintain a high profile since the album's release last November, turning up in videos, films, and one televised concert special.
While venues for the tour have yet to be confirmed, here's where "Mariah Carey's Rainbow Tour" will touch down:
3/16 - Los Angeles, CA
3/18 - Las Vegas, NV
3/22 - Dallas, TX
3/25 - Chicago, IL
3/29 - Miami, FL
4/1 - Atlanta, GA
4/4 - Boston, MA
4/7 - Toronto, ON
4/11- New York, NY
-- An MTV News staff report

NYC Concert with InfoMC!
There is a good chance that I will be attending the NYC concert at MSG and if so, there might be a way for some of the InfoMC members to meet. I am talking to Alan about this and I think it would be cool to meet some of you guys and talk before Mariah performs. I'll get back to you with more about this next month!!

TV WEEK article
Thanks Licinio, here is the TV WEEK article from Australia!
"All the colors of Mariah"
With worldwide sales of more than 120 million albums and singles in the past decade, Mariah Carey is without doubt one of the top-selling artists of all time. Despite that, the self-concious and shy superstar remains modest about her success. "When i hear these things, it's almost like there unreal," 29-year old Mariah says of the sale figures that see her favorably compared to the likes of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Madonna. "These are legends we're talking about ... I have to be humble about it." Because of her success, Mariah is considered a "pop diva", a label she's not comfortable with. "The whole 'diva' thing ... it's always 'diva this, diva that' nowadays," she complains. However, she deserves every single bit of the status and adoration that comes with it. Only weeks after its release, Mariah's new album Rainbow has climbed to the top of the charts in Australia and overseas. It's a great result for an album contemplated one rainy afternoon! "I had a rough day one day and it rained, Mariah says. "But after that, I saw a rainbow - vivid and clear - and that gave me the inspiration I needed. "I'm into symbols of that sort. So, with the varied artists that are also featured on the album [such as Snoop Dog and Missy Elliott], it's like each of them represents the different colors of the rainbow." Rainbow celebrates Mariah's first album in which she has retained complete creative control over not only her musical collaborators but her image, her interviews and her sexy video clips. "Until [her previous album] Butterfly, I couldn't do anything different," the pop princess says. "So I don't know what my image is now." We know the answer to thet "crisis" - her image is ultra-sexy! The transition began after her divorce in March, 1998 from Tommy Mottola, the chairman of Sony Music. Not long ago, the press dubbed a "chubby cherub", but there's no sign of that now. Her alluring album cover for Rainbow has received some negative attention, but that doesn't seem to have worried the spirited singer. "Yes, I'm scantily clad, but I have a rainbow painted across me," Mariah says. "It's fun, not crude." "If I'm in good shape, I should be allowed to show of my body."

AMA Article!
Thanks to Dan for the following article!
NO-SHOWS WIN AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: Man, she feels like a winner! Sultry country crooner Shania Twain won two American Music Awards Monday night, but she didn't bother to show up for the ceremony; neither did Lauryn Hill, who also won two awards. Garth Brooks won three awards, including one for Artist of the Decade, and did attend the ceremony, which was broadcast on ABC. Other winners included Britney (did you see what she was wearing?), Mariah Carey (did you see what she was wearing?), the Backstreet Boys and Santana, who won favorite pop/rock album for Supernatural.

Luis and MC Bungee Jumping?????
Yup, you heard me right. There are pics of MC and Luis bungee jumping after midnight in Acapulco in the *NEW* Tv Y Novelas. El gordo y la Flaca, showed the pics yesterday on the television program. It showed MC wearing a white bikini. I do not know if this issue is out yet but Nini told me that she will look for it and send it to me. Once I get it, I will scan the pics into the website! Can't WAIT to see these.

On this date in 1995 "Music Box" album by Mariah Carey was certified Multi Platinum

I'll Be There is #2
Jaggs34 told me on VH1's website, Mariah's remake of I'll Be There is the #2 cover song! Here is the results...
1. All Along the Watchtower / The Jimi Hendrix Experience (originally recorded by Bob Dylan)
2. I'll be there / Mariah Carey (originally recorded by Jackson Five)
3. Last Kiss / Pearl Jam (originally recorded by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers)
4. I Will Always Love You / Whitney Houston (originally recorded by Dolly Parton)
5. Knockin' on Heaven's Door / Guns N' Roses (originally recorded by Bob Dylan)
6. You Really Got Me / Van Halen (originally recorded by The Kinks)
7. Killing Me Softly / The Fugees (originally recorded by Roberta Flack)
8. Proud Mary / Ike and Tina Turner (originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
9. American Woman / Lenny Kravitz (originally recorded by The Guess Who)
10. Take Me to the River / Talking Heads (originally recorded by Al Green)

January 18, 2000..
TON of New Pics
Many thanks to Alex, I have added 34 captures from the AMA's last night! Mariah wore some interesting clothing, that is all I am going to say! Ha ha..she did however made an amazing speech and gave up her seats to two children from Make a Wish Foundation which I believe is pretty amazing of her! Thanks to Anderz to the 5 pictures in Gallery 19 also! Here is the speech that Mariah gave:
Hero plays as Mariah walks on stage from backstage.
Hug and kiss.
Thank you Olivia Newton John! I love you so much! Thank You! It's such an honor to receive this award especially from someone like this beautiful person I've admired for so long. Thank you GOD for these amazing blessings. I'd like to thank my family. Louise McNally, Maroon Entertainment and everyone at Columbia Records world wide. And I just want to say one little thing. (Crowd applausing--"What's Up?") (HUGE Crowd applause) When I was a little girl I made a wish that one day I would be singing and writing professionaly and (crowd applause--fans say "I Love You--Mariah says "I Love You Too") and doing what I love for a living and you know, like I never really imagined that it could get to this level. I mean who's going to think that it's going to get to this level, where I would be sitting here with so many incredibly talented people? But um, tonight, I'm not sitting in my seat because there are two kids here who also made a wish. And we are all making it come true tonight. I'd like to thank Tatiana Chiles (pointing--"right there") and Coleen Wright from the "Make A Wish" Foundation for their courage and their strength. Can we please give them a hand? Can we get up and stand up for these beautiful girls? Can we stand up for these girls? I would like to accept this award on behalf of them because their acheivements are a lot more special than mine. Thank You very much. I love you and I love my fans. Good night.

Dick Clark Doesn't like the dress!
Kristen told me that on a radio interview yesterday, Dick Clark said that he wish that MC would change her wardrobe for the opening act. Speaking of her outfit, Lani told me that she timed the time that MC ran off stage to when she appeared again and it was 59 seconds! MAN, that is a fast change!

Philly After Midnight on AMA's!
Last night from 12:35 am till 1:05 am, 3 DJ's and the host talked about the Billboard awards. MC was among the talk quite often but it turns out that the DJ's didn't think her dresses were that bad! The woman said that Lil Kim Started this trend and now everyone is hoping on it! Personally, comparing MC to Lil Kim is BAD NEWS!

MC on ET and others
Last night on ET it as said that MC will be making a special announcement on todays show, so make sure you tune in. Plus ET, Access Hollywood and E! News Daily, among others, will be going backstage at the AMA's. This means that MC will def. show up. Check local listenings!

MC Project
Evelyn tells me:
Just writing to let you know that the Mariah Millenium Project page has a new, shorter url. http://connect.to/mariah2000 Many of you have not posted the link on the page and I wanted to remind you that this is very important for Mariah's career and if we really are working to help Mariah, then this should be a priority. You can create your own picture or simply put a text link. Thank you very much! Here's the e-mail address where you should write to become an official supporter: mmpc99@yahoo.com

New Club
JFoley1993@aol.com has a very new nice newsletter on Mariah and if you would like to subscribe, please send Jad an e-mail!

Agent Magnum told me that they showed parts of the AMA's yesterday on CNN and they showed MC's dancers warming up. It is said that there was about 54 dancers on stage last night!

TV Week Magazine
Licinio told me that MC is in an Australian magazine called TV Week. I should be getting the article later today! Check back Wednesday for that hopefully!

Christina Giving MC Props!
Taryn told me that Christina had this to say about MC when talking about her Grammy Nominations:
"Best New Artist was the category that I would always single out as being, like, my dream nomination," Aguilera told Connelly. "It showed that, 'Oh, you're the newcomer. You're fresh.'... It was the one, you know? I watched Mariah [Carey] win it one year, and I was like [sighing]. I'm a huge Mariah fan, of course. [There's] just that something about it, and so it's kind of a dream come true."

InfoMC Tapes!
For those of you wanting to purchase one of the 4 tapes, you need to know that they are CASSETTE tapes not Video!

Jan. 22nd Billboard Postitions!
MR SLEEPYGUY was nice enough to send me MC's Billboard Postions and here they are :)
Hot 100 Singles
#26 Thank God I Found You (last week #37)*
Hot 100 Airplay
#21 Thank God I Found You (last week #32)* (listener increase of 7 million)
Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay
#15 Heartbreaker
Billboard 200 Albums
#17 Rainbow (last week #9)
#187 #1's (last week #168, 2 wks. Ago #177)
Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
#19 Rainbow
Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks
#22 Thank God I Found You (last week #27) *
Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales
#35 Heartbreaker (last week #30)
Hot R&B/Hip Hop Airplay
#15 Thank God I Found You (last week #16)*
Top 40 Tracks
#40 Heartbreaker (last week #38)
Hot Dance Music-Maxi Singles Sales
#18 Heartbreaker (last week #9)
#26 My All/Fly Away (last week #20) *90 wks. on chart
#36 I Still Believe (last week #26) *49 wks. on chart
Billboard Video Monitor
BET: #6 Thank God I Found You
MTV: #11 Thank God I Found You
VH1: #16 Thank God I Found You

January 17, 2000..
Don't forget about the AMA's tonight at 8 pm on ABC!

Teen People Poll on Mariah!
Dan told me that MC was mentioned in a survey! Here is more..
I was reading Teen People (i was bored and happened to be at Borders) and I found Mariah on a survey they had. It was her picture with a caption saying "Diva on demand" and a quote from Mariah, "The most important thing in my focus always has and always will be my fans."

Dan also told me that TGIFY was #39 on the America Top 40 Countdown with Casey Casem!

Tommy Getting Married!
Dan ALSO sent me this article but I originally read this from Mariah Online! It is from The Los Angeles Times and here is more..
Mottola's New Bride-to-Be: Mexican soap opera star and singer Thalia confirms in this month's Latina magazine that she's engaged to Sony Music Chairman and Chief Executive Thomas D. Mottola, the former husband of Mariah Carey and the man behind "crossover" successes Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony. Thalia will appear with Paul Rodriguez in her first English-language feature film, "Mambo Cafe," later this year. She also plans to release an English-language album but insists that her engagement to Mottola has nothing to do with her desire to break into the mainstream American market.

I posted a message today about Tommy getting married cause some people think it is all a stunt to make Thalia the next MC! Please post your thoughts in the Forum by clicking below!

Trey needs your help!
Maeli sent me an e-mail saying..
Hi Regina, It's me Maeli. Remember??? From Brazil. Well, I'm writting to you, because once again I will need your help, and the reason why I'm writting again, it's because worked last time you helped. The thing is like you know, we are helping Trey Lorenz to have a record deal, but we didn't have enough signs so we need more people to sign it. So, I'm writting to you to ask your help again. I'll be really thankful! Regarding, the address is: http://www.mariahbrazil.cjb.net/

Ask for Mariah!
Eryn told me that if you go to http://www.ask.com and type in Mariah Carey it will give you a list of stuff on MC. I went here and did it and it was kind of cool. You can download part of the Butterfly Video and buy stuff on Mariah! Check it out if ya like!

Please Vote!
If ya like this site and come to it everyday, then please vote for me by clicking the below image. Once click you automatically vote for this site so you don't have to type in anything! Thanks much :D

January 16, 2000..
One Day Away!
Don't forget that tomorrow MC will be opening the 27th Annual American Music Awards! She will be opening with "Thank God I Found You" and then will be coming back to receive a special award!

Rock & Roll Jeparody!
Agent Magnum told me that MC was mentioned on the show yesterday and here is more...
Hi reg, MC was mentioned on "Rock & Roll Jeparody" today during their marathon. It said something about a certain artist/song & then it said Mariah Carey redid it. The correct answer was "Fantasy". I think the question was referring to "Genius of Love" which MC sampled in "Fantasy."

MC on Millionaire?
I think this is really funny and how could someone not know this! Tee hee hee. VirtuKitty has more on this!
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? was just on w/ a guy named Lawrence being asked the questions. He was doing very well, getting all the answers correct until he got up to the $500,000 question:
What single has spent the most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?
a. Macarena
b. One Sweet Day
c. Candle in the Wind d. I Will Always Love You
Let me tell you, I was YELLING at the tv screen even before they read off the possible answers!!!! Well, this GUY, Lawrence had no idea. He said, he 'for some reason' didn't think it would be Macarena, then he said he had never even heard of One Sweet Day. He decided it would be either Candle in the Wind or I Will Always Love You. He took about 10 minutes thinking it over and the friend he called to help him never even gave him an answer. I was like "CALL ME, CALL ME!!!!!!" He kept repeating that he had never heard of One Sweet Day so that couldn't be it. His final answer was "I Will Always Love You by Celine Dion." He looked sooooo dumb up there saying it was by Celine Dion. I couldn't believe he missed that one. Because he missed it, he walked home with $32,000 where if he had answered correctly, he would have made $500,000.

MC in poll!
Dan told me you can vote for Mariah at the following poll. The results from Dec. 17, 1999 say that Mariah was in first place, followed by BSB, Celine, and 98 Degrees. I think they have a vote almost every other month or something like that. It says we can vote every 6 hours. Vote by clicking below :)

TGIFY debuets at 39
Nini told me that TGIFY debuet at #39 on Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 Countdown! Cool Beans :)

MC giving to Charity!
gwd@nh.ultranet.com got an e-mail from a friend which read..
"Hey, I gotta tell you this... I heard it on one of the local radio stations here... It wasn't supposed to get out, but one of the DJ's accidentally said it- or was it an accident? Anyway, the station had a toy drive for Xmas, and I heard today that Mariah Carey donated 100 toys! I immediatley thought of you! Pretty generous, huh? I thought that may make your day to know she was quite the giver this year to Vegas!"
That is so sweet of MC :)

Poll Results
Question: What do you want Mariah's Next Single to be aftre TGIFY?
Against All Odds (48) 13%
Petals (18) 5%
Ex-Girlfriend (73) 20%
After Tonight (31) 9%
Mariah's Theme (99) 27%
How Much (18) 5%
Crybaby (63) 17%
Did I Do That (11) 3%
Total Votes: 361

MC poster in Black Beat!
There is a poster of Mariah in the April 2000 edition of Black Beat Poster Blowout. It is not a new pic but it is a VERY nice one! Go get your copy today! Many thanks to MCFantasy7 from Mariah's Rainbow fan club :)

January 15, 2000..
Still Sick but doing better!
Okay I am still really sick but I am slowly updating the webpage! I added some Important Dates today for the concert that MC will be doing! So check that out!

Announcement from Sony!
Here is what I was told..
Mariah Carey's European Tour Dates as follows:
Mon 14 Antwerp, Belgium Sportspaleis
Thu 17 Milan, Italy Filaforum
Sun 20 Cologne, Germany Koln Arena
Wed 23 Paris, France Omnisport - on sale January 8
Sat 26 London, UK Wembley Arena - on sale January 16
Tue 29 Madrid, Spain Palacio de Deportese

Mariah & The American Music Award
Next Monday (January 17) promises to be a big night for many artists at the 27th Annual American Music Awards. In addition to the awards being given across various musical categories, a special award is being presented to Mariah Carey. Producer Dick Clark says Mariah is receiving the award in recognition of her extraordinary string of hits: "Do you realize she has had a Number One single every year of the decade? She has more Number One singles than any other solo female artist -- fourteen in all."

Mariah's Grammy Nomination
Mariah was also nominated for a Grammy Award for best pop collaboration with vocals for "When You Believe," her duet with Whitney Houston for the animated film The Prince of Egypt. The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards will air live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 23 at 8:00PM ET/PT on CBS television.

New Pics!
New Pics are now added to Gallery 19. There are 4 pages from the Jan 3rd issue of Tv Y Novelas and there are some drawings I scanned in that I did! Enjoy :)

New Page!
Check out my friends Anja and her sisters new page by clicking below!

More on Tv Y Novelas
Mariahllenium sent me two article from the Jan. 17th issue of Tv Y Novelas and here they are translated!
"Mariah Carey was declared artist of the decade by Billboard
This ultra famous American singer and songwriter has just received a very important award for being the most popular in the world in the last decade, in a century in which music reached new heights Surpassing legends like Celine Dion, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton and Aerosmith, Mariah Carey was the biggest winner of the Billboard Music Awards last year. She was declared artist of the decade by the prestigious institution in charge of measuring music sales around the world. The high vocal and interpretative quality of the singer and American songwriter, Luis Miguel's girlfriend--even though she went to the awards without him--won her this award for favorite singer of the past decade. This era was a decisive one for the music industry due to the heights reached by music dominated by technology and competition. If you also take into account the many countries who were represented by singers this past decade you can understand the importance of the artist of the decade award that Billboard has just given to Mariah Carey. "
"Who is Thalia?
In a recent interview with the Mexican TV program La Botana Mariah Carey was asked what she thought about her ex husband, Tommy Mottola, dating Thalia. What do you think the diva and girlfriend of Luis Miguel answered? Well she said, 'Who's Thalia? I don't know her, I have never even seen a picture of her." In this photo Thalia is shown with her boyfriend, Tommy Mottola, at a concert in Madison Square Garden. They are surrounded by their bodyguards in the VIP area, reserved only for famous people."

MC in Teen Beat!
BaByDollLiz13 told me that MC is in Teen beat Magazine in the Feb 2000 issue. It is a pic. of her and 98º Anyone got a scan?

More on AMA's!
Alex sent me the following article from MTV! It seems MC will open the show with TGIFY and then be accepting an award from Olivia. Read here for more..
Mariah Carey To Receive Prestigious Award Of Achievement. Not only will pop diva Mariah Carey open next week's American Music Awards, she will also be honored with the Award of Achievement, which has only been presented twice before in the show's 27-year history.
Carey will open Monday night's telecast with a performance of "Thank God I Found You," then return later in the evening to receive the special award, which has previously only been given to Michael Jackson and Prince.
The Award of Achievement is being given to Carey because she was the only music artist to earn a number one single in every year of the '90s. "Heartbreaker," the lead single off her newest album, "Rainbow," reached the top of the charts last September (see "Mariah's 'Heartbreaker' Is A Record Breaker").

MC Birthday Wish?
If you want to send Mariah a Birthday wish, you better click the link below because the more the better! You can send in some artwork or send in a 5 line message to MC..do it now!

Book News!
Maria told me this...
Hi Regina, i might have some info that would be interesting to you and maybe the fans, and something you can add to your collection. A book called "Eyes of Prey" written by Barry Hoffman. About halfway thru reading this book the author mentioned Mariah Carey and her song "Anytime You Need a Friend" it was the favorite song of one of the characters. Mariah and her song were mentioned quite often after that. I was thrilled, i love seeing Mariah mentioned anywhere, but to see her repeatedly mentioned in this book made my day, Obviously the author is a fan. Just in case you do try to find this book, the first mention of Mariah is on page 229, it's a good book so you might want to read the whole thing. Bye, Maria

More news coming later tonight, including picture scans! Tune in!

January 11, 2000..
New Pic!
I did a drawing last night and I added it to Gallery 19, if you want to check it out!

New Background
Alex made a new background for the webpage..doesn't it look great? Thanks Alex :D

Regina is Down
I am getting operated on tomorrow so I had no time to add the news! I do now know though that Mariah will be opening the AMA's with Thank God I Found You, as reported by MTV. While you are waiting for Thursday, which is probably when I will be better from my operation, PLEASE vote for me at the following two places! Just click the image and you will automatically vote for me! Thank you so much and see ya on the 12th with the latest on Mariah in pics and news!

January 10, 2000..
Important Note from Regina!
I have to say this first, this week is going to be hard to update the webpage. We had a sudden death in the family (my grandmother), I am being operated on Wednesday, my brother is being operated on Thursday (both for our teeth. My wisdome teeth and Scott is getting sockets put in for his false teeth from an accident he had) and the Funeral is Saturday/Sunday. SO I am going to try and continue to update but be patient with me! I am trying my best! Oh and if you want to hear how MC ties into all this sadness? Last night, we had to get dog food after we went to Funeral Place and I was walking to the check out with my dad and One Sweet Day came on the loud Speaker. I just started to cry :(

Onto A More Happier Note!
I tried added 2 new pics yesterday but just ended up messing other pics up. BUT I uploaded them today and one pic is from InStyle and the other is from Disney Adventures! Check out Gallery 19 for those pics!

Go Nini Go!
Nini translated another article for me from Tv Y Novelas (Jan 3rd one)..doesn't she just rock?
Even though the two number one singers of the moment have been very occupied with the promotion of their new albums, they always come together to express their love for each other. When it isn’t Luis who tries to unite with the gorgeous American in some country, hotel, or nightclub, it’s Mariah who takes charge of sending messages or declarations of love to the press. “He is marvelous.” “I’m happier being by his side.” “He’s not a heartbreaker.” “I love him.” But that’s not all because the Mexican singer responds by singing “O Tu O Ninguna”, or telling the press “I now feel I’m a complete man.” Mariah comes back to dedicate a song to Luis titled “Thank God I Found You.”
A real, real love
The famous couple doesn’t mind anymore that photographers follow and take pictures of them. Many people believe the romance will grow more and marriage is soon to come. They are promoting their albums “Amarte es un Placer” and “Rainbow” respectively. Because of that some assume this has to do with getting publicity. Still Mariah has responded with dignity that her romance is something “very, very serious” real and very true. Luismi said in an interview in Chile that his relationship with Mariah is perfect because they’re the same, and she knows how it feels two be in his shoes.
Tangos in Argentina
The lovebirds came together in Bueno Aires, and had a romantic night. They appeared in a famous bar called Mr. Tango. Like usual, Mariah and Luis were around bodyguards. There in the VIP room they sat and ate salmon, vegetables, and ice cream with fruit. Mariah looked radiant with her low cut black dress that made her appear super sexy. Luis couldn’t stop staring at her! He was in such a good mood that he invited everyone for a round of tequila. Then he sang “El dia que me quieras” to Mariah. The sweet Mariah was in such awe that she couldn’t say a word. He sat next to her and smoked a cigar (She doesn’t allow anyone to smoke around her.) He then translated the words of the tango Cambalache song in her ear.
From plane to plane
In the middle of their romance, they offer press conferences, TV programs, and various concerts. Mariah always arrives in a white limo with about thirty-five people including her mother. Meanwhile the Mexican idol takes off in his private plane from city to city.
Luis’s tour has been so intense that during a concert in Chile, he had to use oxygen to keep him going. Mariah was very afraid, and when she found about this she didn’t let him go outside the entire day.
They stayed in a hotel in Chile
While Luis was performing in Antofagasta Mariah was arriving in Santiago from Japan. Luis took another flight and ran to the San Cristobal hotel where Mariah was staying. They entered the hotel and closed the curtains. They remained in their room the entire day. The lovebirds were recuperating from the last 4 weeks they weren’t able to see each other. Luis canceled his work out and dinner at famous restaurant. He preferred having fun in private with his girlfriend.

Mad TV
Mariah was on this show the other day VERY briefly! She was on the show for an entire 1 minute I believe. It was pretty funny and if you would like to check out screen captures go to the link below!

Evening of Stars but where is MC?
If you didn't tune into Evening of Stars, you missed nothing. I watched the whole 4 hour show and MC was NOT ON! This is just like the Nick thing. They advertise her name but she is not on the show..what is up with that. OH I was so mad yesterday but oh well!

Valentine CD
Okay you probably don't know this but I work at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy Department at store 1869 and I checked into this. Anderz reported that a compilation of love songs is being released exclusively at Wal-Mart only. Now I asked the manager at the Electronics Department and he told me he heard nothing about this yet. However he said whenever he does find out something, he will leave me a note in Pharmacy. SO I'll let you know when I know!

No InfoMC?
Make sure you check into the webpage this week cause this is the place all the updating will happen. I probably won't be sending out InfoMC much at all!

I Still Believe is winning!
Alex told me that Last Night he was listening to 87.5 and they were having an award show where listeners pick the winners. MC is winning, so far, for the Best Remake for ISB. The Web Poll is finished but you can still vote by e-mail, Alex told me. Click the link below to check it out:

Arvin Explains it, as it is!
Okay I am putting this next news piece to rest on Arvin's EXCELLENT explanation of it. It is about OSD being the #2 single, etc. It turns out it is not and all the news was not worth reporting a while back. Check this one out...
I thought that the explanation I just read on your site was inadequate and may just cause more confusion. Hope mine helps.
The 17-week run of Francis Craig's 1947 hit "Near You" is indeed the longest #1-run of any single in Billboard magazine's pop singles' chart (now called Hot 100) since it started publishing charts in the 1920s (as far as I know). Even the Guinness Book of World Records has this listed. But the longest #1-run of any single in the ROCK ERA, which "officially" started in 1955 when a certain DJ named Alan Friedman coined the term "rock and roll", is STILL (thankfully) held by One Sweet Day. With the music of this era being the most dominant musical force of the 20th century, it is understandable that the majority of the media and music industry disregard much of the chart action before this time and in fact consider the rock-era hits as the "real" hits of the century. And considering that the Billboard charts, especially around and before Craig's time, couldn't have been as accurate and comprehensive as it is now, given Billboard's present use since 1991 of the extremely reliable sales and radio airplay monitoring of Soundscan and Broadcast Data Systems, I think it's fairly safe to say that the 16-week run of OSD is more valuable and believable than the longer run of Craig's song anyway. So there's really no cause for alarm=).

January 9, 2000..
My stuff is revamped a little, so check it out if you like!

Important Dates are NOW updated and so is Magazines. Go check them out!

New Poll!
I added a new poll today and here is the results from the last one
Are the troublesome rap artists, that MC works with, hurting her career?
Yes, very much so (55) 15%
Hmm...maybe! (80) 21%
I really havn't thought about it much (41) 11%
Not really (70) 19%
No way whatsoever (132) 35%
Total Votes: 378

Help Tmbaland98 out for MC's sake!
Here is what I was told...
Mariah doesn't get hardly any airplay in Indianapolis, but fortunately, another station just added her to their playlist, so now a whole 2 (wow) stations will play her new material. On WTLC (www.wtlc.com), she was the #16 most played song with the remix of "Thank God I Found You". This chart is from the 20th of December, though, and I think it has gone up since then b/c I hear it all the time. :) On WHHH (www.whhh.com), I don't know how Mariah fares on their charts with the album version of TGIFY, but I hear it almost every day, so that's good. Indy really needs more Mariah played, so I'd like for EVERYONE to email requests to the following radio stations to try to get MC back in heavy rotation:
WTLC: TLCRequest@wtlc.emmis.com
WZPL: Go to http://www.wzpl.com/requests/index.html - put Indianapolis, IN for city so that they'll listen & actually play MC again!
WENS: music@wens.com - they also used to play MC...get them to again!

Jessica and Mariah?
Kristen told me the following news from her local radio Station!
Okay i was listening to the radio and the Jessica Simpson song was just finishing when it was done the DJ said, "That's the next MC only better." I was mad so I changed the station then I heard "TGIFY(remix)" the DJ said a whole bunch of people were calling and asking where they could get that version because it wasn't on the cd. The DJ said try asking the music stores because he didn't know. I guess alot of people want the single if they had to announce that they didn't know where you can pick it up at. Bye, kristen

My View on Jessica!
I personally can't come to decide whether Jessica is singing or yelling? I have the single and I listened to it a couple of times but I don't like how she sings and I don't see how people say she is the next Mariah Carey? Just my opinion!

Thank God I Found You US single being bumped!
Chris told me that the TGIFU release date of Jan. 25th in the US has been moved up! I don't know if this is true or if it is really going to be released, but I'll keep you updated. Read what Chris told me!
Hey its Chris. I know that the single for Thank God I Found You is supposed to be out on the 25th in the USA BUT I found something at the store I work out, Sam Goody's (A national chain of music stores, same company as Musicland, On Cue, etc..) Anyway, yesterday I decided to look in the new release book which gives info on the latest street dates and news about upcoming cds and Thank God I Found You is slated for a release for Jan 18, a week before the 25th. I was really confused about this and I was like, well maybe its an old sheet,, I looked at the date and it said Information is current as documented 12/31/99 so the list is very recent. I just wanted to let you know of the possiblity that it might come out a week before because why would we have it slated for a week earlier? anyways just thought this info could be helpful.

Thank God for Nini!
Nini translated the Tv Y Novelas articles on Mariah. She told me it is FULL of Mariah Carey pics with 4 articles. Here are two of them translated!
’99 Romances
Luismi and Mariah were the couple of the year!
They dedicate songs to each other, and they let everyone see and know that they’re very much in love. To make everyone jealous, it’s sure that the two #1’s of the U.S. and Latin America are planning their enormous wedding. Can it be?
Let me tell you the latest album from Mariah Carey, Rainbow is full of gossip undercover. If you notice in the inside cover, Luismi’s official girlfriend says that the words of the songs are a diary of the emotions she has gone through this past year.
The title to one of the songs is X-girlfriend, and its content reveals more than you think. The first impression for those who recognize the melodrama that has been the relationship of Luis Miguel-Daisy Fuentes-Mariah is that the song attacks the Cuban ex. MTV DJ. Phrases like “So don’t, don’t keep, keep calling” “Hanging up the phone” “Why do you sit in silence” “On the other end” “Whatever your name is” “He’s not yours anymore” In no moment does Mariah clarify who the words are attributed to.
Yes, this is the case, and Luis should never have permitted the song to go on her album. If Mariah’s not going dedicate it to her then the words could’ve at least included a hint to let us know what kind of person the X-girlfriend really is. Daisy then isn’t the most quietist Cuban in history.
On the other hand, the album ends with an optimistic song titled “Thank God I Found You” in which she lets us know all the love that Luis is giving her, and Mariah like a good Christian thanks God. Hopefully they’ll last because, if not, the diva’s next album will be depressing. It’ll be curious to see what Mariah writes the day she becomes Luis’s X.
(Karma is Karma, Lil’ Mariah, you have to be a little more delicate in life.)

ButtterfIi told me that MC was mentioned while DaBrat was on TRL last week. IT seems she spent New Years with MC, Luis, Trey and a bunch of other people partying the night away :) Also Thank God I Found You was #10 on TRL Weekend. Please continue to vote for her. She needs our help people!

Mariah in Germany!
I learned from Anderz that Mariah will be coming to Germany on Feb. 20th to give a concert at the Koin Arena in Cologne Germany. I am so excited because my best friend, Anja, lives there! How exciting! You can start buying tickes for this concert on Jan. 17th at all German Ticket Shops!

January 8, 2000..
New Pics!
Many Thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for the first new pic I added. It is from a Dutch Magazine and it is a differnt shot very simlilar to the Entertainment Weekly pic from 1997. It is SUCH a beautiful picture. Plus Lisa sent me 2 new pics and I got another pic from Anderz which are just amazing! All these pics can be found in Gallery 19!

Magaizine News!
I was at Target last night and I found out that put there magazines up for next week already. Mariah is in two of them that I saw. The first one is InStyle's Weddings:Special Issue! It has the date of Spring 2000 and Mariah is feature on page 165. It shows a pictures of Tommy and her and it is Vera Wangs section! Plus there is a REALLY tiny picture of MC in Disney Advertures! It doesn't seem to have a date but it says Music 1999 up top and the cover says, "BEST OF MUSIC 1999." So it is not too hard to see. The pic is from the Diva's Live concert. I'll hopefully have both scans for you tomorrow! (not enough time to do it now!)

Evening of Stars!
It seems that it all matters where you live for what time this show will air. Here is what MC's Official Site said!
Catch Mariah Carey as she performs "Hero" during the UNCF Telethon on Saturday, January 8th on the West Coast and Sunday, January 9th on the East Coast.
The purpose of the telethon is to raise money for historically Black Colleges.
Check local listings:
NYC area: NBC, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Los Angeles area: IND, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
San Francisco area: CBS, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM'

List not too friendly to MC again!
Herc14444, among so many others, told me that MC was dissed again. Warren G picked MC as his third choice for "person you would most likely want to go to bed with" and someone took her off.
SparkleMC told me this though, which was kind of upsetting!
Well, it was all good until the lady who played Elaine on Taxi said "yea well she's a slut she's turned all slutty!"
Not that is just uncalled for, isn't it?

MC to be at AMA's?
Okay I am hearing a lot of sides from this! I personnaly NOW believe that MC will in fact be there for two reasons. They pulled the voting for Artist of the 90's off their site for some reason but continue to still have 80's and down (meaning that it is probably going to Mariah!) and B because Bree from IMCO told us that her management said it was a big secret and they were surprised we knew! So I think she will in fact open the show and will be getting an award but here is what Justin told me!
The AMA airs on January 17 at 8:00 PM ET&PT. Get the scoop on Norm Macdonald, host of this year's show!
Performers as of January 7, 2000:
Brooks & Dunn
Dr. Dre
Enrique Iglesias
Lenny Kravitz
Jennifer Lopez
'N Sync
Savage Garden
Britney Spears
Ok , since it is only 10 days until the show, I can almost guarentee Mariah won't be performaing, also they already have more than normal, and we both know most people who arent nommated dont usually perform, present maybe. I want her to perform as bad as you, but this is from the official AMA site. Ok well I thought I would let you know!

Here is what Bree said!
Well I was extremely surprised to see that Mariah was going to be opening for the American Music Awards, and when I asked one of Mariah's managers to confirm, they were very surprised that everyone knew about it already! But it's true.
MY suggestion!
Tape the show just incase! Ya never know what will happen! Look at the recent Billboards! Hee hee!

Here is more from Bree!
Before you read this, please make sure you visit her site and sign up for IMCO! It isn't just any other newsletter, it is an OFFICIAL Newsletter plus it assures us that the more people we get the more oppurtunties we will get to meet Mariah herself! JOIN THE CLUB!
IMCO Mariah Carey Webmasters Association - www.imcorg.com
Hey webmasters! Happy new millennium!
Well I was extremely surprised to see that Mariah was going to be opening for the American Music Awards, and when I asked one of Mariah's managers to confirm, they were very surprised that everyone knew about it already! But it's true.
Anyways, Mariah will also be doing a small promo tour at the end of January, some of the places she will hit is France and Germany, I don't have any other details for you about that right now, but I will let you know as soon as I do.
Also, they keep begging me to get people to vote for Thank God I Found You on TRL everyday!! It's very important that it stays on the countdown.
Ummm.. lets see.. that's all I have for you right now, I'll keep in touch! Make sure to keep spreading the word.
Oh yeah, some extra news, IMCO is on its way to becoming the new OFFICIAL fan club, we are for real, and be prepared to see some very big things by the end of the month, so please please please keep promoting it and making it larger! Thanks! I appreciate you guys soooo much! Take care!

Send MC a Happy 30th Wish!
mariahfly@yahoo.com has finished the website and you can now send MC a birthday wish or a piece of your artwork. All you have to do is go here:

Buy a ONES CD from the UK!
gontran_1083@hotmail.com is selling her #1's CD from the UK. She bought it for $53 and is willing to sell it for $35-40. If you are interested, e-mail her!

Mariah Around the World Again?
Jon told me this...
I received an email today from my French friend Chemam Nadir (who I have been communicating with for a month and a half or so) and he told me that Mariah is going to be in concert in France on February 23. He didn't give any specifics but I'm wondering if this is going to be a full show or just an appearance at a larger show? I put the news on my site if you want to read it but I just thought you might be interested to know!

Help Danielle and Alex!
Here is what I was told!
Hi there!
Wow, I just heard the TGIFY mix (yes, with Joe and NAS) on the radio and it's da bomb! I love it when MC works with other r&b and hiphop artists! I like this version even better than the original on Rainbow. However, in Holland Mariah is not doing well! She didn't have a nr#1 hit in ages and it's time that that changes!!! This is what you could do:
Go to www.tmf.nl (this is a Dutch Music television station)
Then stand with your mouse on programs (you see a big yellow block) and then you click on dag top 5.
If you did everything right, you see 5 songs + artist in yellow letters. (these are the songs that have been chosen and that'll be played on TMF (= The Music Factory)today at 5p.m.)(Notice that Mariah is NOT in the list!!!)
Under this list you'll see breng dan jouw stem uit voor vandaag
It's also in yellow and has a stripe under it. Click on this sentence and you'll see a page on which you can fill in 5 songs + artist.
PLEASE fill in MC with TGIFY!!!
At the end of the page it says verstuur. If you press on this button your top 5 has been sent. Thanx!
If lots of people do this, TMF will surely broadcast Mariah new video and maybe TGIFY will debut highly on the Dutch charts. You have to know TGIFY is very special to me. I found the love of my life almost a year ago. We're still very much in love and TGIFY will definately become one of our wedding songs! (Mariah's wish will come true) You understand, I would like for TGIFY to do well in the charts!
Thanx a lot! I will let ya'll know if TMF has broadcasted TGIFY as soon as it happens! Thank you all. Thank you sooo much!

ButtterfIi sents the records straight!
the billboards started in 1958 i think..cuz i remember in 1998 they had the top 40 songs of 40 years...so that means that it started 40 years ago..which would be 1958...so mariah definitely holds the record since she was #1 on that show, u remember that? fantasy, abmb, and dreamlover were on it too

Lisa, aka Butterfly, told me that Rainbow is #4 on the Top 20 Album Charts in JET Magazine!

Important Dates!
I have some Important Dates things I have to fix up but that will have to wait till tomorrow! Just so you know! Make sure you check out Important Dates tomorrow though cause there will be some changes!

Go Magnum go!
Agent Magnum sent me a bunch of tidbits!
Christina Aguilera Home Video
"Christina Aguilera-The Genie Gets Her Wish"-release Dec. '99
again, not exact quote but close:)
"Mariah is like my most favorite singer, her music has just totally inspired me." She's just thanking MC-I think Christina is more sincere in her thankings toward MC, Britney just seems to thank every artist in the music bussiness, ha ha!
This morning (1-8-00) on the Fox Family Channel Countdown they had a question that goes as follows:
"Which singer was named artist of the 1990's by Billboard magazine?" The choices were:
A.Whitney Houston
B. Mariah Carey
C. Garth Brooks- & of course it's Mariah, they showed a clippet of "Breakdown" & the host said she'll probably be the artist of the Decade for 2000-2010. This show comes on @ 9:30 a.m. on the East Coast.
Then on wed. 1-5-00 on the TV show called "Webriot" on MTV right after TRL, they had a buch of questions pertaining to the song/video/performers of "Thank God I Found You" & like two more questions just about MC herself, sorry I don't know the questions, I forgot 'em.
Also, in Nov of '99 my school newspaper called "The North Star" wrote about the movie "Prince of Egypt":
Here's the title: "Religion is not all The Prince of Egypt has to offer" it was written by a Junior: Jennifer Lantrip
Here's the MC related part, the article was way too LONG to type out:
"The only song you'll recall is it's theme, "When You Believe," sung by MARIAH CAREY & Whitney Houston.

January 7, 2000..
New Pics!
I am adding 8 new pics to Gallery 18 today. Lisa told me that Sony's Hong Kong Site has added some new pics on MC. Lisa said they are in BMP form so they take a while to load. I loaded a couple of the pics and converted to them to jpeg so they can load faster. Those are in Gallery 18. Plus Lisa sent me two pics that she got from one of my very favorite sites, Mariah's Diary!. They are pretty old but I never saw them before and they are AWESOME! Lastly I uploaded the 8 Days Magazine Cover so go check outall these pics and more!

"The List" Disses Mariah!
I was watching VH1's new Hit Show, The List, and yesterdays topic was "Most Overated Song!" In the beginning, they had people on the street saying what songs they hate and they played Mariah's Emotion Video! They guy said that this song is so overated, just like all of her songs. However, MC was not picked in the actual show. I was a little mad at this guy though for picking MC in the beg. but hey whatcha going to do?

8 Days Article!
D. Y. Jian sent me the 8 Days Article and you can read it by Clicking Here!

Seventeen Website!
There is an article at Seventeens Website which features an article about Jay-Z's new album and it mentions Mariah. Thanks to Taryn for this..
In an eerie bit of foreshadowing (and irony), Jay-Z's "Dope Man," the third track on his third album, Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter, kicks off with none other than MTV's Serena Altschul reporting she's outside a courthouse for "the trial of the century" featuring the rapper at center stage. A meditation on how a hard-knock life leads to a violent one, the song concludes with Jay's declaration "I no longer kill my people, I raise mine" and the reporter's announcement that he's been found not guilty. Considering how all eyes are on the rapper following his alleged involvement in the stabbing of industry exec Lance "Un" Rivera, fans can only hope he's true to his word. One thing that's certain is that Jay's delivered a rousing and surpisingly accessible 70-plus-minute assertion that despite Grammy Awards won and multi-millions of discs sold, he's still "the same old Shawn." Featuring memorable cameos from the growly Juvenile (on "It's Hot"), Dr. Dre (who suitably brings out Jay's best gangsta instincts on "Watch Me"), and an almost unrecognizable Mariah Carey (who baby-breathes her unquenchable Love For Jigga on "Things That U Do"). The usual Roc-A-Fella suspects appear too, including the inimitably helium-voiced Amil, who joins in on the addictive ego-trip "S. Carter" ("S-dot-Carter/ You must try harder/ Competition is nadaaaaaa"), as well as Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel. Despite party pieces such as the current single "Do It Again," the disc treads into some pretty dark, mind-searching territory, though, on tracks such as "Dope Man" and "Come and Get Me," a trippy, six-minute-long callout to anyone who thinks he's lost his edge and "spends [his] days in the sun." Mysterious and engrossing, much like the man himself.

Great News for Australian Fans!
Neil told me some great news..read this..
Hey, I read that Mariah would be in Spain and France sometime this month. It has been widely rumoured that she will also visit Australia. After I sent her the Aussie fanbook she said in an interview that she hopes to be here sometime in 2000. I emailed Columbia Records Australia and after a lot of hassel they finally told me that it is "highl;y likely that Ms. Mariah Carey will visit Australia this year". Anyway, thought you might like to know. Thanks. Neil

Latin Scene 2000
Nini told me that MC is in Latin Scene Magazine (March 2000). I thought I said something about this before but maybe I am wrong. Anyone here is the details. There is a pic of MC and Luis under the title Latin Lovers and MC is in the Beauty Section.
Latin Lovers
Everyone's in love with Latinos! Exploring her Venezuelan roots, diva Mariah Carey has been spotted south of the border with Mexican megastar Luis Miguel.
Beauty Scenes
Songbird Mariah Carey perfects her pout with M.A.C.'s Spice Lip Pencil. She also faces the masses with M.A.C's Media Lipstick.

MeSiCaNQD needs your help!
Read what I was told and if you want to help MeSiCaNQD out, then send an e-mail to MeSiCaNQD. I personally think Can't Take That Away would be a good choice because you could do footage of Mariah from various concert and then act out some parts like say if kids were picking on YOU, etc and then show different footage of Mariah actually singing the song!
Ok Reg... guess what! I have the coolest classes ever this semester but lemme tell you about the most exciting. I'm taking a Cinema Study class and we have a final project due in May... We have many options for this project, one of them being, making a video for a song that has not been made on video yet. So guess what I'm gonna do???? Yep I'm gonna make a Mariah Carey music video. The only thing is, I need some help... I'm having trouble figuring out which song to do it for, and remember it cant be a song that shes already done a video for. Well I was just wondering if you could get people to e-mail me some ideas for which song and even any ideas that I could put in the video to make it "Mariahesque" :) I'd really appreciate it. I also am doing a project on Mariah for my current issues class and I get to do my term paper for my humanities class on Mariah also... cool huh? But dont worry, I'm not suprising anyone. In my school I'm known as mini-Mariah hehe :) Do you have any ideas? I'd really appreciate your help... thanks :)

Rainbow #9
HuNniEMG sent me the charts from Jan. 6th that she got in an e-mail! Here it is (I actually think this is last weeks chart!)
*Top 10 Albums*
1 - AND THEN THERE WAS X - DMX. Ruff Ryders.
2 - ALL THE WAY...A DECADE OF SONG - Celine Dion. 550 Music.
3 - MILLENNIUM - Backstreet Boys. Jive.
4 - SUPERNATURAL - Santana. Arista.
5 - CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Christina Aguilera. RCA.
6 - BABY ONE MORE TIME - Britney Spears. Jive.
7 - STILL I RISE - 2Pac + Outlawz. Interscope.
8 - FAITH: A HOLIDAY ALBUM - Kenny G. Arista.
9 - RAINBOW - Mariah Carey. Columbia.
10 - COME ON OVER - Shania Twain. Mercury (Nashville).

Agent Magnum on the scene!
Okay Shiloh told me something which I didn't think about yesterday! It seems that Mariah might still hold the record for OSD in Billboard..read this!
Hi Regina, I am replying on the fact of Mariah being #2 artist with the longest running single. I don't know about whether that is true or not, BUT I do know that the official BILLBOARD charts did not start until like the 50's or 60's. So that would mean, since BILLBOARD has been keeping official records of singles, Mariah WOULD have the longest running single (if that thing about "Near You"? is true) since the 50's or 60's, excluding the previous years, since BILLBOARD hadn't been invented yet. If "Near You" or whatever is really true, then technically yes, but otherwise MC should still be #1, but I'm just going on what I've heard before about BILLBOAD charts...hope this helps to clarify things for ya LOL:)

MC opening for AMA's!
A BIG thanks to Anderz for this next bit. IT seems that even though MC is not nominated for anything, that she still might be opening the 27th Annual American Music Awards Show! Read this!
Dick Clark's 27th Annual AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS will air on ABC, Monday, January 17th at 8 PM ET/PT from L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium. The show will be hosted by comedian/actor NORM MACDONALD and will be opened by MARIAH CAREY. Some of the acts performing will be: BRITNEY SPEARS, 'N SYNC, BACKSTREET BOYS, DR. DRE, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, SAVAGE GARDEN and LENNY KRAVITZ. There will be a special tribute to DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING from DIANA ROSS with HARRY BELAFONTE and LL COOL J. Presenters include: LOU BEGA, DEBORAH COX, FAITH EVANS, GINUWINE, I-CI & JOJO, BRIAN McKNIGHT and TYRESE.

January 6, 2000..
Mariah sadly was not on TRL yesterday, the 5th as I said, she was on TRL on the 4th. She was bumped out of the #10 position. Please people, continue to vote for her everyday on TRL! Thank God I Found You is not getting the same support that Heartbreakre did :(

Chris and TV Y Novelas
Chris told me that Tv Y Novelas has several pages on Mariah in it! The date is, if I am translating right, Jan 3rd, 2000 (Enero 3 de 2000). He said he will scan those pics for me plus send some scans that he took of MC in Chicago. Can't wait :)

Since TGIFY is NOT doing well on TRL, Aaron suggested we start a chain letter..here are the details!
a suggestion to help TGIFY. we could start forwarding messages in email.we could mail people things like love quizzes or something like a magic trick.but they have to vote for TGIFY in order for their wishes to come true.EXAMPLE: think of a person that you like, if you vote for TGIFY that person will start to notice you and if you forward the message to ten people than the person will ask you out but if you don't than you'll get 10 years bad luck. My cousin always responds to forwards and sits on the computer for a long time thinking of people to send the forward to.so there has got to be a few different people that will respond to our forwards.i hope youb think it is a good idea.

MC in Spain and France
Meski and Minerva, my two Spain pals, told me that Mariah is expected to go to spain Jan. 23 and Jan. 24th. Plus she will be in France on Jan 22nd! Cool Beans Guys!

2 things from Maeli
Maeli told me that Mariah is in a Brazilian Magazine called "Toda Teen" for Jan. 2000. It is a littl epic of Mariah and they are talking about how much she has sold. Got a scan for me? Plus Vanessa and Maeli are creating a world wide fan club called, Mariah Around the World Fan Club. Here is what I was told!
‘Till now we have opened in Brazil and France and our point is to unite the fans in a different fan club. This fan club wants to help Mariah and give advantages to all fans. So I’m writting to you to ask your help, I mean, we’re looking for fans for all of the world that is wanting to open this fan club in their country. So if you could give us a helping telling about it in your site I would appreciate. Our email is mariahbrazil@hotmail.com And we have another project, we are trying to help Trey Lorenz to get a record deal. So we’re asking people to go to our site and click in the link Trey Lorenz and all you gotta do to help him is put your name and email there. It won’t take long! The site address is www.mariahbrazil.cjb.net Ok, I guess that’s it. Thanks for you attention and for everything.

Fan Cub #2!
JFoley1993@aol.com is creating a newsletter on Mariah and if you would like to join it, send an e-mail to JFoley1993@aol.com.

Fan Club #3!
Am I doing major advertising or not! IMCO, which is an official organization under Bree, needs your support! Right now there is currently 400+ membres in IMCO and she needs more! InfoMC has 900+ members, so if you like InfoMC, you should all register for Bree's club. You see, the more people Bree gets, the more stuff MARIAH CAREY HERSELF will give for us to meet her. An Example would be, lots of Mariah Fans traveling to her set of All That Glitters! So click here and go to Bree's Site! Click on JOIN and enter that club. If you can't go to the webpages due to lack of memory, e-mail Bree

Mariah in BOP!
I knew about this for sometime not but DitzEgurl5 sent me the little caption under Mariah's pic in the Bop Jan 2000 magazine. There is a picture of MC from last year Billboards and she is on page 77. It reads..
Long Island,New York-born diva Mariah Carey,29,who recently released her ninth CD,featuring the single "Heartbreaker," has said she chose the album's title,Rainbow, to "show all the colors of who I am as an artist."
She is also on page 59 and she says:
"Because I travel the world with my work,I tend to spend any holidays I have at home in the States. My favorite place to escape to is Disney World in Florida. Usually I hire a plane for a day and fly a group of my friends down there."

New Site!
Will created a website strictly for worldwide news. He says the quality of the page is slightly low quality but it's all about the news. Also he said that he gets the LATEST Official News on Mariah from around the world! So if you want to check out some international news, Click Below!

I did not know this!
Lori told me that according to Billboard Online, from 1900-1999, Mariah Carey's OSD is #2 in the song of the century. We all thought that Mariah held the longest record at #1 with 16th weeks but it seems that in 1947, this guy Francis Craig's hit "Near You" was on the charts for 17 weeks. Meaning Mariah is in the #2 spot? Anyone else know about this?

Norway gets pushed back!
Mariah Online said that the Thank God I Found You Single is pushed back in Norway according to Sony Music Norway..
"Thank God I Found You" (regular single) - January 24
"Thank God I Found You" (remix single) - January 31

Evening of Stars!
Thanks to my Co-Member of Mariah Three, an excellent site and soon to be Celebrity Site of the Day for Jan 15th (round of applause!), the Mariah Carey Archives! for this next article!
Evening of stars
NBC 10 and The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) will kick off the new year with its annual fundraising gala, "An Evening of Stars" which airs on January 9 at 12 noon. News 10's reporter Don Lemon and meteorologist Kathy Orr locally host this UNCF fundraising program. Hosted by Lou Rawls, Debbie Allen, Star Jones and Lynn Whitfield, the four-hour special will feature concert performances by superstar recording artists including Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barry White and many more. In addition, there will be celebrity guest appearances by Quincy Jones, Gen. Colin Powell, Tom Joyner and Barry Bonds.
The star-studded telecast will be UNCF's first national event of the new millennium. "An Evening of Stars" showcases an evening of electrifying concert performances by some of the music world's hottest acts and inspirational words of support by today's top stars. A convenient toll-free number is provided to allow viewers the opportunity to pledge financial contributions throughout the broadcast. The UNCF is the nation's oldest and most successful minority higher education assistance organization in the country. For more information about the UNCF visit www.uncf.org. For more information about NBC 10 and hosts Don Lemon and Kathy Orr visit www.nbc10.com. Tune into NBC 10 on Sunday, January 9 at 12 noon for this gala celebration.

January 5, 2000..
MC on TRL today!
I am so happy that you all have been voting for Thank God I Found You. Jaggs34 and Armand told me that she was #10 today on TRL! PLEASE continue to vote for her everyday! This is very important people, let's do it! Mariah needs our help!

Evening of Stars Change!
Last year there was an article saying Mariah would be at this event. Nini told me that she looked it up and it didn't mention Mariah! However I am still going to tape it. I reported a couple of days ago it would be on UPN on the 8th at 7 pm EST but I was WRONG! Alex and Nini both told me it will be on Sunday, the 9th, at noon and 3 pm on NBC! Here is a description...thanks Nini!
Evening of Stars -- A Celebration of Educational Excellence
Type: Special / Telethon
Duration: 3 hr
Description: Lou Rawls, Louis Gossett Jr., Debbie Allen and Alfre Woodard host this salute to the importance of higher education and the achievements of the United Negro College Fund.
Airing: Sun 1/9/00 12:00pm 5 WNBC NY
Sun 1/9/00 12:00pm 4 WVIT CT

Grammy Nominations
Anderz, which is one of my favorite MC sites (Along with Mariah Carey Archives!!), informed me that Mariah could not be nominated for this years Grammy's under Rainbow but she got a nomination for "When You Believe!" Here is the listings..
Category 8 - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals For a collaborative performance by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.
1.The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion
2.When You Believe - Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey Track from: My Love Is Your Love AND FROM The Prince Of Egypt Soundtrack (it was also on Mariahs album #1's, but in true grammy style Mariah gets dissed again and they don't mention that.)
3.Music Of My Heart - 'N Sync & Gloria Estefan
4.Love Of My Life - Santana Featuring Dave Matthews
5.Smooth - Santana Featuring Rob Thomas

TGIFU Gets Dissed!
Alan said that TGIFY was voted one of the worst songs of 1999! Here is what was said :(
13. Mariah Carey featuring Joe and 98 Degrees' "Thank God I Found You" (Columbia): Gee, do you think it's the artistic challenge that makes Dion and Carey team up with Martin and 98 Degrees, respectively, or do you think it's just blind commercial ambition? It's precisely the thinking that makes pop seem so calculated today. Whatever, the overwrought ballad is all but unlistenable.

MirageMC told me that if you missed the Oprah show featuring Mariah this year, they still have a cool section on her at Oprah's website. You can even order a transcript for $5 still..Click Here if you want to check it out!

January 4, 2000..Grammy's Announced Today! Also Vote on TRL!
Make sure you vote for Mariah on TRL today! She didn't make it to yesterdays show :( How sad!

New Pics
I added a bunch of new pics today. Some are from Star Club Magazine, which my best bud Anja scanned for me. The others are all real pics from the Sweetheart shoot and various events like NAACP, etc. Someone really close and awesome to me scanned them for me..secret to who it was though! I don't know and neither do you! HA! Check out all pics in Galery 18

This next article is from Alan, in Atlanta, and he got it from USA Today (Friday, December 31st, Section E, page 2). It mentions Mariah in the "Embraced in 21st century." It seems like it's not so nice though..check this out :(
"It's a puzzling phenomenon: As her bankroll increases, her wardrobe shrinks. Wrap it up, Mariah. The next step is nudity, and Madonna has already gone there."
Under the picture of her reads:
"Mariah Carey: She has the money; she needs the wardrobe."

MC to Marry!
I was watching Montell today, since I had to stay downstairs with my mom, and he had on some world famous physic and she said that Mariah Carey will get married (didn't say this year) and Montell said to her boyfriend Luis Miguel? The lady said NO!!!! It is going to be a tall slender man with blackish hair, kind of like Erique! Now let me get this straight..isn't Luis similiar to that guy? Both Latin, both tall and slender and both are singers! So I think that MC might end up marrying Luis..ha ha! This lady seems to be always right cause everything she predicted last year came true :) But ya never know..She's a Physic (is that the right word?)

OnesMC98 told me that the Grammy Nominees will be presented tomorrow, January 4th at 2 pm EST, not the day I listed yesterday! Make sure you tune into TRL, Entertainment Tonight and Access to see if MC got nominated..everyone keep your fingers crossed :)

RainbowMC18 told me that MC is in Superstars Magazine, Jan. 2000. It shows a b/w pic of her walking her dog. I never heard of this magazine, at least I don't think I have?

January 3, 2000
Do It Now!
Before you read todays news, please click the banner below and vote for Thank God I Found You on MTV. We have 22 days till the single is released and we want to try and get it as high as possible before then so more people will go out and buy the single! Please Vote for her!

Speaking of TRL, Armand told me that TGIFY is on the Top 20 Countdown on MTV's Website! So that is a VERY good sign!

Radio News
Tamara told me some news from her local radio station..
Regina, I heard Mariah Carey being played on the radio- They played How Much and After tonight one right after another. I was also listening to the radio and this DJ said he'd pick Mariah over Jennifer Lopez.=) I cut my jeans today like she does, adn they look and feel awesome!!!

Did anyone else cut their jeans? I tried it but it didn't work for me..I didn't like how it felt! Ha ha...

Grammy Announcement!
PINAYPOKEY told me that the Grammy Nominees will be announced on Jan 8th at 8 am EST. Meaning that they will show who was nominated on Entertainment Tonight and Access Holllywood! Make sure you tune in to see if Mariah got nominated! Hopefully she did!

Check out three interviews!
Danielle told me that you can hear three realaudio interviews of Mariah from the B96 interview! I didn't know about this and it's kind of cool! Read these directions so you can hear them too!
Here are some chats with Mariah from Chicago's 96.3 B96 with morning show DJ's Eddie and Jobo from the Eddie and Jobo Morning Show (What else would it be called? ;0) But I am pretty sure you have to register before you can go into the website. First, go here: B96.com then enter your name and all that good stuff into the spaces. (Even though you might be older than 18, I'd suggest not putting your real address in) Then click on "Enter B96.com" Then go to the right and click on (Get up close and personal with) "Eddie and Jobo". Then click on "Celeb Interviews" and then go to Mariah Carey. There are three parts to this conversation. (I'm pretty sure they were on 3 seperate dates too. But I coud be mistaken?) Enjoy! :0)

Finnaly got the Time and Channel!
I knew about Mariah being performing at the "Evening of Stars" benefit for some time now but I didn't know the channel nor time. Gary e-mailed me and told me it will take place Jan 8th on UPN at 7 pm EST! I tried looking it up but I still didn't get anything about it!

January 2, 2000
New Pics!
I added a BUNCH of new pics to Gallery 18..yup a NEW gallery! Beetleboy (Member of the Month) sent me all the scans from J-14 Magazine (about 6 of them). I kept them all in really big format so it would be easier to read. They might take a while to open! Plus I noticed when I shrunk them, they got fuzzier! Lisa, a really good friend of mine, sent me a bunch of old but rarer pics! Check out all the pics in Gallery 18!!

New Site!
Mina created a new site, which is New Zealand based but also feature International News, and would really like you all to visit it! Check it out by Clicking Here!

Kristen told me that "The Bachelor" tralor can be seen in the "Austin Powers 2" previews!

More TRL Info!
Dan sent me even MORE news from MTV's New Years Eve bash and the TRL Top 99 of 99.
Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson were asked what their favorite album of ALL TIME was.
Christina said, "...Madonna is amazing--her greatest hits album. Edna (?I couldn't tell what she said?) James--greatest hits. Mariah's first album was amazing. She continues to be, of course... But uh--so many...."
Jessica Simpson said, "Definitely something by Mariah Carey. Yeah, I love her. I love her voice. [The VJ asks if she likes the #1's MC put together] Yeah, the #1's is like--I play it all the time."
One of the times when the show was breaking for a commercial, they had a little clip of Mariah saying:
"Happy New Year! [Puts hand out as to make a toast (but without a champagne glass)] I was supposed to have some champagne, but basically, all the chrisdollars (?couldn't tell what that word was?) ran out, as you all know, because of the Y2K thing. So I hope you've all taken out some money, put it away under the mattress. And hope and pray for the best because I don't know what's going to happen and neither do you."

Anyway, I saw part of MTV Ultra Sound. Christina Aguilera was on there under the "Pop Tarts" topic (about the sexy female pop stars). She said Mariah Carey was her inspiration and she needs to meet her sometime.

Mariah on Mad TV
Okay two people e-mailed me about this. Ggemini and EL HOMBRE16 both told me that on next weeks Mad TV (Airs Saturday Nights at 11pm EST on FOX), Mariah will be featured on it! In the previews it shows MC walking up to the microphone, backstage at the Billboard Awards, saying, "I'm taking over this freakin show" Now when I heard this, I thought it was going to be an impersonator but EL HOMBRE16 told me that it is REALLY Mariah Carey! So make sure you tune in on the 8th. I added it to Important Dates also!

Gary sets me straight!
Gary told me that the commercial I reported about yesterday was aired during a Grammy Special and it was for this years Grammys. So it turns out that it was not the AMA's but the Grammys. My mistake! Thanks Gary!

Okay when I reported Sony wasn't going to release any more MC single after TGIFY, you all got upset and sent in your letters. Well MC needs your help again. Lately TGIFY has been doing REALLY REALLY bad on TRL! We need to all come together and get Mariah back on the countdown! Think about it, if people don't see this video, don't like the song, the single will do BAD and Sony will NOT release more singles. Plus Mariah said herself that she loves this song! We have 23 days to get TGIFY REALLY high on TRL! Please vote, call in and request it at your local radio station. COME ON GUYS..23 days! Go vote for Mariah and get all your friends to do it too! Together we can get MC really high! Click the above TRL Banner, which is ALWAYS there, to vote for MC! Takes you directly there!

New Official Mariah Newsletter coming soon!
For all of you who are in the Official Mariah Carey Newsletter, Jon told me he e-mailed FnEmporium and was told that the latest newsletter was mailed out this past week. Meaning we should be all getting our letters sometime this week! Rock on! :)

January 1, 2000...Happy New Year
New Pics
Beetleboy sent me scans from the Vibe Magazine (2 pics) and also sent me the scan from the Jan. 11th issue of the Star tabloid. Yup..Mariah is in the upcoming Star Tabloid and you can check out those pics in Gallery 17!

Member of the Month
Beetleboy is the member of the month so congradulations to him. The only way you can become a member of the month is to sign up for this webpages newsletter entitled, InfoMC!

Vibe Info.
Beetleboy and GMoore6666 sent me the article that goes with the cartoon Mariah in VIBE..here it is..
VIBE Confidential
Mariah Carey's transformation from paesana princess to hip hop ethnicrat may take yet another step. According to insiders, Mariah wants to embrace her mixed-race heritage by changing her last name from Carey to Nuñez to reflect her father's Black-Venezuelan ethnicity. Mariah Nuñez? We applaud the sentiment but wonder whether all that blow-drying has gone to Ms. Carey-Mottola-Carey-Nuñez's head. Girl, just get hitched to your beau, Luis Miguel, and you'll be Mariah Miguel. Now that has a nice ring to it....

9 pics in J-14
Pppooofffz told me this..
Mariah is in the February issue of J-14. There are 9 pictures of her. There is an article about her giving to the fresh air fund. they have 3 high school pix which we have all seen before. then there are little articles through out. I didn't buy it though, I just checked to see.

VirtuKitty sent me this link It leads to the E! Online site and it is there Millenium Predictions. It features a nice MC pic but not a very nice text follows it..
2006: The National Science Foundation releases an unsettling report indicating that, despite its best efforts, Mariah Carey is still getting dumber.

Okay Dan sent me lots of e-mails telling me what happened all day on yesterdays TRL. Thank God for him cause I missed it all..here goes!
Sexiest Video of the Year:
Ricky Martin: 29%
Jennifer Lopez: 25%
Britney Spears: 18%
Lou Bega: 17%
Mariah Carey: 11%
Not fair poll though cause Heartbreaker was listed so people didn't know. However it seems people still vote for Mariah :)
TGIFY was #61 and Heartbreaker was #30 on the Top 99 of 99
MC got 3rd place for Fav. Female Artist of 99

Britney Spears 39%
Christina Aguilera 38%
Jennifer Lopez 9%
Monica 4%
Favorite Album of the Year:
Backstreet Boys: 30%
Britney Spears: 22%
Limp Bizkit: 22%
Mariah Carey: 11%
Korn: 10%
Ricky Martin: 5%

I was watching tv last night and I saw a commercial for the American Music Awards and I am NOT sure if was the AMA's or something else but they showed Mariah in the commercial from Heartbreaker. So maybe that means she will be there? I'll keep ya informed!

VirtuKitty told me that there is a Roof-style pic in the Feb 2000 issue of Sophisticate's HairStyle Guide.

Nini sent me an article about MC and Cameron Diaz.
Tinseltown's Top Fight Scenes of '99:
Who: Mariah Carey vs. Cameron Diaz

What: Diaz disses the songstress in US magazine by saying that if anyone wanted to "torture" her, they need only tie her up and force her to listen to Carey's music.
Status: Carey says in April that she confronted Diaz at a New York eatery — "It was quite a scene."
The songbird gave her the benefit of the doubt when Diaz claimed her words had been twisted out of context.

3rd Best Site of the Year!
Nacho told me that you guys have vote this site the 3rd best of the year :) That really means a lot to me since this website is only a year and a half old! Wow..thanks so much guys! Here is the award Nacho sent me...

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