Januaray 2001 Too Cool Mariah News!!

January 31, 2001...
MClogo -Mariah Carey y Luis Miguel disfrutan de unas frías vacaciones
Yeah whatever that means right? Eva sent me the following article that was taken from Vanguardia.com It basically just talks about how the couple spent some time in Barbados and then for the holiday season spent time in Reel, Colorado! Anna, my Luis Correspondent, told me that it also talked about how Mariah and Luis were behaving like any other couple in love, hugging and giving each other demonstrations of affection, and that this signified how solid their relationship is. Another part remarked on how Mariah was seemingly unbothered by the cold; she was wearing a "miniskirt" and her jacket was open. Luis, meanwhile was bundled up in a heavy coat. She translated a bit of the article and it says:
"Mariah is accustomed to the cold winters, having been born and raised in New York, but Luis has lived almost all his life in (sunny) Acapulco, and he found it more difficult to withstand the cold temperature."

It ends off with saying "for more details and photos, don't miss TVyNOvelas on Tuesday." Hmm, so maybe the Aspen photos will also appear in that magazine or on their website. If you can read Spanish though, check out the article below:

ASPEN, ESTADOS UNIDOS ENERO 28, 2001.- La pareja conformada por Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey aprovecha los diversos compromisos que tiene alrededor del mundo para viajar y pasear juntos el mayor tiempo posible.

Tras casi dos años de relación, los cantantes, quienes desde el inicio de su noviazgo se vieron acosados por la prensa, gustan de viajar mucho por lugares dispersos donde puedan pasar inadvertidos, sin embargo, no han tenido mucho éxito ya que siempre son perseguidos por los paparazzi

Hace tan sólo un par de meses estuvieron en las Bahamas, donde pasaron casi todo el día en un yate disfrutando del sol. En esta ocasión los famosos cantantes decidieron cambiar de clima y se fueron a Aspen, Colorado, donde disfrutaron de unas frías pero románticas vacaciones. En tanto que la intérprete de "Emotions" se divertía y emocionaba junto con su perro y la nieve el cantante mexicano la observaba atentamente mientras toleraba el intenso frío de Colorado, que al parecer en Carey no hizo ningún efecto.

-Mariah on TV Today
Linda told me that today, the homecoming concert will air on TMF in Holland. So check it out Dutch Mariah Fans :) Great Special!

-Mariah in Magazine
There is a small picture of Mariah and Luis in the Latina's January issue! Thanks JT

-Luis's Parents
Well, I have to admit, I don't know much about Luis and the only way I found out about him is because of Mariah dating him! I asked my Luis Correspondent about his parents and if they are still alive, etc! It was really sad when she wrote me back and told me the following information. I wanted to post it on the website becaues I have grown a whole new respect for Luis as a person!! Thanks again to Anna!!!

Luis's Spanish-born father , a songwriter/guitarist,  died when Luis about 22-23 years old.  He was only in his 50's and to make it sadder, he and Luis were estranged at the time.  Luis and his father  had a disagreement about his career - his Dad used to be his manager and controlled all aspects of his career, even his clothes, etc., and eventually Luis grew so much artistically that he broke away from his father and started working with other arrangers and producers, finding his own style and reaching great success. They never truly reconciled and it was very painful for Luis; probably still is.  He later said in an interview that although his father was stern and had his faults, he would always love him and be grateful to him because he was the one who was responsible for his life as a singer ~ "he started it all."  The night that he heard of his father's death, he was scheduled to perform in concert.  At the close of the concert he told the audience:  "If you love someone and have lost touch with them, don't wait any longer. Tell them how you feel. Once they die, it's too late. Please don't wait until it's too late.."

His mother (the Italian born actress, Marcella Basteri) disappeared rather mysteriously about 15 years ago, and no one really knows about her whereabouts. Last year Luis's brother Alexandro said that they've  been in contact with her, that she lives in the U.S., and that he and Luis are happy she's back in their lives again. Hard to say if she's been ill, or what the situation is, but Luis NEVER  discusses this - it's very ,very personal. He has two brothers that are like his "sons" because he became responsible for them at a very early age.  Luis's brother Alexandro (28)  owns restaurants and is a professional  photographer-he took the photos that appear on the "Amarte es un Placer" album. Luis's youngest brother Sergio is about 16 years and attends school in Boston. Luis is very protective of him, and really shields  him from the press. I sometimes wonder  how the little brother (Sergio) feels about his big brother's famous girlfriend!  I'll bet he likes the idea of having Mariah "in the family." :)

-InfoMC NewsletterChanging
InfoMC Newsletter has now been up and running for over 3 years now. In the beginning, I used to send InfoMC out every single day. Now since I am older and in college, I don't have as much time as I once did! So, I am changing it and sending InfoMC out every Friday morning, after I update the website. It will hold a weeks worth of news and articles that I feel were important or that you should know. I hope this is okay with everyone on the InfoMC Mailing List, which is now approaching 2,000 members! If you are not in InfoMC yet, you can join by sending me an e-mail at WildCatHG@aol.com

-Bit O' Info...
Check out what BoogieWoogieBoi told me:
hey reg, i was watching E! Fashion Television the other day and they had a featurette on this one fashion designer. they showed mariah presenting an award to him and it said "mariah carey: 1996"  i don't remember the fashion designer's name but mariah said, "i'd like to present this award to my very good friend... " and that was all. her hair was nice though, it had that 60's look, very much like the "merry christmas" era.

Yesterday I said that TBC stood for The Ballad Collection but in reality it actually stands for To Be Confirmed. I never heard of TBC only TBA (To Be Announced). I am very sorry for this untrue news and as soon as I got home from school yesteday, I deleted the old information. I do not want to start any rumors on this site and again I am sorry for that!! I have to say though, that I am very disappointed with some people in how they reacted. Several of you e-mailed me to let me know about TBC, which I appreciated so much! But for the people on the messageboards to poke fun of it and me, wasn't very nice! I am only human and I made a mistake!

January 30, 2001...
Today I said that TBC stood for The Ballad Collection but in reality it actually stands for To Be Confirmed. I never heard of TBC only TBA (To Be Announced). I am very sorry for this untrue news and as soon as I got home from school today, I deleted the old information. I do not want to start any rumors on this site and again I am sorry for that!! I have to say though, that I am very disappointed with some people in how they reacted. Several of you e-mailed me to let me know about TBC, which I appreciated so much! But for the people on the messageboards to poke fun of it and me, wasn't very nice! I am only human and I made a mistake!

-Mariah and Luis Split Up Rumors Denied
Ever since Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel met each other in Aspen 2 years ago, there are rumours that they've split up. The fact that both of them never talk about their romance in public only increases the rumours.

But Mariah's publicist, Cindi Berger, denies all rumours. Recent pictures in the UK magazine "OK!" affirm this statement. On these pictures you can see Mariah and Luis having fun in the snow while they were on holiday in Aspen last Christmas.

Only a month ago, in December 2000, Berger also denied that Mariah and Luis had broken up. Not long before that, rumours circulated that Luis had asked Mariah to marry him.

At this moment Mariah is in Reel, Colorado to record a few songs for the soundtrack of her motion picture "All That Glitters". This film will be released somewhere at the end of this coming summer. The whereabouts of Luis are unknown.
(Many thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this article)

-Spanish Article Translated--Luis and Mariah STILL together
Last week I told you about the article about Luis and Mariah at Rincon Latino and now, Anna was SO NICE and translated the whole thing for us and here it is! Enjoy...

Picture caption reads: Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey: together, together, together....
LUISMI AND MARIAH - United together despite the rumors
It's more than clear: absences generate doubts. And doubts, in turn, give way to speculations and generate rumors. From that, it's been noted that Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey, who usually save one or two photos for the "paparazzi" have lately been noticeably absent from from their expected place in the tabloid press.And since they haven't spoken about their romance when they've been seen (separately), someone had to speak for them.

"Once More " 1
In the past few days the Latin press has - once more - circulated rumors about the breakup between the Mexican singer and the ex-wife of Tommy Mottola.

And so it came about that Mariah Carey's publicist Cindy Berger announced - once more - that the rumor was - once again, false.

"They are still together and they are still in love. There's no engagement, but they are still together and very much in love."

"Once more" - 2
Berger also informed us that Carey was spending time in Aspen, Colorado where she was recording the soundtrack for her upcoming movie "All that Glitters". And although she didn't know the exact whereabouts of Luis Miguel, a photographer captured them "one more time" together, in snowy Aspen, to be precise. She was dressed in white and he was outfitted in black, and they were both smiling.

It's uncertain how these persistent rumors about the breakup of Luis and Mariah begin, but it wouldn't surprise anyone to discover that these rumors are a move calculated to achieve a desired result - another photo of the couple. Every time these rumors surface, another photo appears.

-Mariah and Michael Duet info
Here is what bgrant@mail2me.com.au told me, just to comment on all the rumors going around....

About the rumoured duet of carey and jackson. Well back in 1997 I read an article about Mariah Carey. Someone had asked a question about upcoming projects from Mariah after the daydream album and they said that Mariah recorded a duet with Michael Jackson called "Dust in the air". It was suposed to be on the Butterfly album but Mariah Carey felt the song didn't fit in with the theme of the album so she put it aside for later in her career. Maybe she has finally decided to let the song be released and will be the song on the upcoming Michael Jackson album.

-Doo Doo Doo
Here is something just for fun that BoogieWoogieBoi sent me. It's all the songs that Mariah sings "Doo Doo Doo" in....

  • dreamlover
  • anytime you need a friend (remixes)
  • music box
  • fantasy & fantasy (remixes)
  • underneath the stars & underneath the stars (drifting remix)
  • always be my baby & always be my baby (remixes)
  • forever
  • joy to the world (flava mix)
  • close my eyes
  • crybaby

    -New Website
    Asma's new Mariah Carey website is up and you can check out this lovely site at the link below:
    Miss Mariah Carey

    January 29, 2001...
    MClogo -Message from Jill
    This next post is what Mariah's personal assitant, the oh so fab Jill, posted at the mariahcarey.com messageboard! Thanks Jill!!!

    posted 01-29-2001 04:21 PM

    hey everyone! I just wanted to say hello and say that I hope you all are enjoying the new mariahcarey.com site! we have all been working hard to create a site that would be cool and we hope you agree! I come to this site every day and come to the messageboard all the time. I'm reading your suggestions and passing them along - so we're listening! and will try to make the changes you've suggested in order to make this site just as you all want it to be! Thanks for all the feedback so far!

    January 28, 2001...
    MClogo -Updates on Site
    There is a new Quote O' The Week (above) and a new Pic O' The Week, check both of those out. Also, last week I asked what you thought of mariahcarey.com and this week I am asking for some feedback on this site. I want to know what pages you like best about this site, so answer the poll above, if you got a little extra time. Here are last week's results:
    ******What's your favorite part of mariahcarey.com?*****
    Animations  (31) 13%
    Pics of Mariah  (45) 19%   
    Sending MC a letter  (29) 12%
    Voice Messages  (71) 31%
    Video Files  (11) 4%
    News/Project Sections  (32) 13%
    The Music  (4) 1%
    Other  (6) 2%
    Total Votes: 229

    -Correct Teen People
    Jason told me that if you would like to contact Teen People and correct them on Mariah's birthdate and age, you can do so at the address below!!
    Teen People Contact

    -Mariah's Horoscope
    Want to check out Mariah's Horoscope? Check it out by clicking the link below. It is really long and it talks about her personality and characteristics; thanks Mia!
    Mariah's Horoscope

    -Mariah mentioned briefly during Puffy news
    Check out what Michelle told me:
    hey regina. just wanted to let ya know that mariah was mentioned in the mtv news special about puff daddy. it was a short clip of her and puffy in the honey remix video. she also was mention in a part about puff daddys 29th birthday party and how famous business people were mingling with the likes of jay-z and mariah carey.

    -New Mariah release in March 2001
    All the following news is taken directly from my Mariah4 buddy Mariah Online!
    Sony Music Australia has a new release by Mariah scheduled in March. It is not known what it is as it says: "Mariah Carey: TBc". This is what Joshua told Elin:

    "Okay. I have big news about Mariah's next album. About two weeks ago, I inquired at Sanity (one of Australia's biggest music chain stores) about anything Mariah. They told me they had something listed for March 12. It didn't have a title, and they didn't even know if it was an album or a single or what. This week, I inquired again and they told me their info had been updated, and they now knew it was an album. I thought, ''Yeah, right''. But then, on www.sonymusic.com.au I found that in the ''upcoming releases'' section, in March they had something listed for Mariah. It was listed as ''TBc''."

    The release might be the Rainbow Tour video, that hasn't been released yet. We'll have to wait and see!!

    January 27, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah in tabloids
    Mariah is in two tabloids this week and I have the information for you! Both magazines are the Feb. 6th issue!

    The first one is the STAR tabloid! Mariah is on page 12 and there is a nice picture of her from the Rainbow Tour announcement last year! I added the scan to Gallery 46, so check it out! Plus, I typed out the article for you all and here it is:

    Generous Mariah Makes Bellboys Day!
    Mariah Carey is a real pain when she travels, but at least she puts her dollars where her diva attidude is.

    When the fussy songbird recently checked into a $2500 a night villa at the Beverly Hills Hotel, she immediately started redecorating. She had pink lightbulbs installed in the bathrooms, ordered a DVD player for the master bedroom and had all the furniture, including the bed, removed from a spare bedroom.

    That room was converted into a walk in closet to accommodate her 25 or so pieces of luggage.

    But no one at the hotel is complaining. Mariah, 30, handed out $50 tips to everyone who helped her!

    The second tabloid MC is in is the National Enquirer. There are two pics of MC in Aspen. One tiny picture of Mariah and Luis and then the picture of MC walking the blackdog! Rob told me about this and typed out the article with it and here it is! Thanks Rob!

    SURF-AND-SAND lover Mariah Carey did a complete turnaround from her tropical getaways with longtime love Luis Miguel as the two vacationed in snowy Aspen, Colo.  "Mariah and Luis usually go water-skiing but they tried their hand at snow skiing and learned one thing -- hitting the slopes is a lot harder," a source close to the songbird told The ENQUIRER.  "Mariah's family joined the couple at a beautiful home in Aspen complete with snowmobiles.  As a treat for some of her entourage, Mariah rented houses for them too."  And when luscious Mariah went outdoors with only a skimpy bikini-line top under her coat, she showed she's so hot that cold weather doesn't bother her!  "The winter vacation was the first chance the couple had to spend time together in several months," the source said.  "Luis has been on tour and Mariah has been busy working on her movie 'All That Glitters' in Canada."  

    -Mariah's Official Site Updated
    There is a new little medly of videos which you can see at Mariah New Official Site (click below banner to check it out). Basically it's just screen caps from various videos from Butterfly on to the song of Butterfly Reprise! Enjoy and thanks Mariah!

    -Mariah Artist Central
    Alex submitted a MC drawing which is very animated and I think really cool! Check it out, if you like by clicking here.

    -Mariah in Teen People
    Michelle told me that you catch out Mariah in the March 2001 issue of Teen People! She is in the calendar section on page 74 and it says on the 27th:

    Mariah Carey, who stars in the upcoming film, All That Glitters, is 32.
    Sadly, they made a mistake with her age, Mariah will be turning 31 this year! There is a picture from All That Glitters next to that information too! Also, MC is mentioned in the horoscrope section in the Aries part and it says:
    Not correct also, should be 3/27/70 Which is false too!

    -New Jackson album to feature Mariah duet?
    (Launch) - Will Michael Jackson's new album feature a duet with pop diva Mariah Carey? It is being reported that the two have recorded a song together for Jackson's long-awaited album, which is due out Apr. 24. A spokesperson for Sony, Jackson's label, could neither confirm nor deny that a Jackson/Carey duet had been recorded for the still-untitled album, and calls to Carey's publicist were not returned by press time.
    (Thanks Michelle)

    -Mariah on the Rincon Latino website
    There is an article in Spanish on the Rincon Latino website and I tried translating it but it just didn't come out very well, ha ha! Basically it said that there were a lot of rumors saying the couple split but yet they seemed very happy in the recent picture of them in Aspen!! Plus they had a quote from Cindy Berger, Mariah's publicist. If you want to check out the pics/article, click here! The pics are the ones of Mariah with Luis in Aspen, nothing new! Thanks Eva!

    -Singer Anastacia on Mariah
    q: Dear Anastacia, your fantastic voice is very funky and original but what singers have inspired you to sing?
    a: "You know later in life I was inspired to sing and that would've been Aretha, Chaka Khan, Mariah - the typical divas were the inspiration. I've always enjoyed all those singers. But no one person inspired me to be a singer. "
    (Thanks to George for this excerpt from an interview with Anastacia which you can find by clicking here)

    -New Mariah Sound
    I added a new Mariah sound to the audio page last night! It's Mariah's performance of Someday at the American Music Awards! She did a very good job singing it, so check it out if you would like!

    -Mariah not on All Access: Girls Girls Girls
    Meg told me that Mariah is NOT on this VH1 show. The only show her in the beginning of the show when they do a collage of female singers, that's it!

    -Not so nice article on Mariah
    Maria told me that Mariah is mentioned in the March 2001 issue of Spin magazine. Sadly, they pretty much diss Mariah at the end and here is the article:

    *Our favorite downtown New York City kook,Ann Magnuson,has a small role in this month's thriller The Caveman's Valentine , which stars Samuel L. Jackson as a novice gumshoe trying to track down an art-world murder.(Jackson's character also happens to be a schizophrenic who lives in a cave,has dreads down to his ass,and thinks the Chrysler Building talks to him)Of course,Magnuson's bohemian sculptress sleeps with him."I've had a lot of onscreen kisses", she says,"and this rated up there with David Bowie". Is Magnuson's wary of being typecast as the token artsy scenester? "I wish!" she says. "I always get the nutty boss roles". Next up: Magnuson plays a music publicist in Mariah Carey's "semi"-autobiographical opus, All That Glitters. "It's another power-bitch role", says Magnuson,who cannot confirm whether Carey is shot only from the right side of her face throughout the entire movie.

    -MAJOR problem
    Mariah is now losing on the 2 of the 3 VH1 polls! I had a ton of e-mails about this whole event, so we need to start voting more now!!! PLEASE, take two to five minutes to go vote for MC!! She needs our help!!!
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here!

    January 26, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah Artist Central
    Well, it's Friday, so go and check out Mariah Artist Central. There you will find 3 drawings of last weeks pic, plus you will find the new picture which everyone has to draw that's due my next Friday! Remember, this section is NOT judged in anyway and it's all for fun! So if you are a new artist, please feel free to still submit your drawings!! You can do a realist view of Mariah or you can make the picture into a cartoon! Anyway you want to be creative with the picture, go for it!! Thanks to Kate and Mark for doing the picture! Next week, my good buddy Alex will do a drawing too and he is VERY good, plus hopefully more of you will want to give the picture a shot!!

    If you do not want to participate in this section by drawing, you can still help out by sending me pictures that you would like us to try and draw!!

    -Mariah at classmates.com
    Mia was searching the web and came across a pretty cool site called ClassMates.com There, you can find a picture of Mariah from her high school yearbook, which we have all seen a million and one times! Plus, you can hear 3 of her songs (My All, One Sweet Day, Someday) and check out a little Bio on her, which I have attached below. However, it says that she will be in the Wonder Woman movie, but we all know now that was just a rumor sadly!!!

    Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey has leveraged her astonishing five-octave voice and blatant sex appeal to become one of the best-selling artists of all time. To date she has sold more than 120 million albums and singles worldwide, more than any other female artist in the 90s, and shows no signs of slowing down.

    Carey was born in Long Island, N.Y., on March 27, 1970. Her father is half-Venezuelan, half-black; her mother Irish. As a girl, Carey was teased mercilessly about her mixed-race heritage. She found solace in music and started singing at age four. Her mother, an opera singer and vocal coach, encouraged her talents, and Carey began performing in talent shows, as well as writing her own songs. The day after she graduated from high school, she moved to New York City seeking stardom and found work as a backup singer.

    While singing backup for Brenda K. Starr, Carey met Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola and passed him a demo tape. Mottola recognized her potential and signed her immediately. Her 1990 self-titled debut album exceeded even her wildest dreams of success - it sold more than nine million copies on the strength of four Number 1 singles, including the mammoth hit "Vision of Love," and earned her two Grammy Awards. Critics praised her voice, but took her to task for her lightweight material.

    Her 1991 sophomore effort Emotions was another huge success, selling another five million copies, with the title track again topping the charts. Her juggernaut continued with 1993's Music Box, which sold an astounding 10 million copies and featured her seventh and eighth Number 1 singles, "Dreamlover" and "Hero."

    Completing her fairytale story, Carey married her crown prince, Mottola, in an extravagant wedding in the summer of 1993. But the couple's 25-year age difference prompted some to suggest that Mottola was more her Svengali than her sweetheart.

    The hits kept coming. In 1995, Daydream entered the charts at Number 1. The album's cloying pop was little different from Carey's earlier work, but her millions of fans know what they like. "One Sweet Day," a duet with Boyz II Men, became the longest-running Number 1 single in history.

    For 1997's Butterfly, Carey updated her sound, incorporating elements of hip-hop while staying true to her pop roots. "Honey," co-written by Sean "Puffy" Combs, became yet another Number 1 hit, with the track "My All" also taking the top spot.

    By 1997, Carey and Mottola had grown apart, and she obtained a divorce in the spring of 1998. The media had a field day, speculating that Mottola had attempted to control every aspect of Carey's life. She did little to dispel the rumor with her video for "Honey," in which she portrayed a kept woman who escapes from an Italian mobster. Shortly after her divorce, she dated baseball star Derek Jeter, but the relationship didn't last. She is currently dating Latin pop star Luis Miguel.

    In 1998, Carey maintained her high profile, dueting with fellow diva Whitney Houston on the Babyface-produced single "When You Believe," and releasing a collection of her 13 Number 1 hits. Singing in the VH1 concert special "Divas Live," Carey more than held her own alongside such talent as Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain. Her latest album, 1999's Rainbow, was yet another massive hit, at five million sold and still going strong.

    For the next step in her world domination, Carey is eager to begin an acting career. She was just cast in the movie remake of Wonder Woman, in the leading role made famous by Lynda Carter.

    In the rare moments when she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her pets and exercising.

    -MAJOR problem
    Mariah is now losing on the 2 of the 3 VH1 polls! I had a ton of e-mails about this whole event, so we need to start voting more now!!! PLEASE, take two to five minutes to go vote for MC!! She needs our help!!!
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here!

    -Billboard News
    Ma'ayan sent me the information from Billboard.com:
    10 years ago 'Mariah Carey' was #3
    5 years ago 'Daydraem' was #2
    1 year ago 'Rainbow' was #23

    -Mariah mentioned on Hollywood Squares
    Here is what André told me:
    I just thought I would let you know Mariah was mentioned on Hollywood Squares on Thursday.  The question was: "Who was the first solo artist to sell 100 million records?"  The three choices were (1) Madonna, (2) Garth Brooks and (3) Mariah Carey.  The answer was Garth Brooks. 

    -All Access on VH1
    Kristy told me that Mariah was on the VH1 show called All Access: Girls Girls Girls!! That's all she told me though but if you would like to check it out, you can do so tomorrow, January 27th at 12 pm EST!! It's an hour long!

    Plus, many thanks to Kristy for one of the new graphics on the website. It's the 2 blinking butterfli's below, which was taken from her website!!!

    -Another place to vote for Mariah on VH1
    STELLARBJ told me that you can vote for Mariah on another VH1 poll as well. It's under the section 20 Greatest. Mariah is under Fab Abs and Birthday Suits (My All Video). Please go vote for her lambs, it took me less then 30 seconds to do it!!
    Click Here to vote for MC for Fab Abs and Best Birthday Suit!

    If you havn't already, click here and vote for Mariah in 3 categories on VH1 too (mentioned above)


    -Strange Truths from Emazing
    EMAZING - http://www.emazing.com Proudly Presents
    Strange Truths - (TEXT)
    Friday January 26, 2001

    Mariah Offers Poor Eulogy
    "I'm inconsolable at the present time. I was a very good friend of Jordan. He was probably the greatest basketball player this country has ever seen; we will never see his like again." This is yet another quote supposedly uttered by pop singer Mariah Carey, this time on the occasion of the death of King Hussein of Jordan. She reportedly confused Michael Jordan with the late King. Someone REALLY is jealous of Mariah!

    She never made the above statement to CNN or anyone. It's just someone trying to make her look self-absorbed and stupid.
    - Michael Vincent
    (Thanks to "Disco Duck" for this information!)

    -Mariah in Magazines
    You can check out Mariah in the following Magazines, Mark told me! He also sent me the scans that can be found in each magazine, but he didn't tell me which pic goes with which magazine. You can check out the pictures in Gallery 28!!

  • Veronica (NL), The January 27th Issue....
  • Bravo (D), The January 24th Issue....
  • Gala (D), The January 18th Issue...

    -All For Fun
    Last semester I had to work in the art program called photoshop. For one of our projects, I had to switch heads of one person and of course, I thought it would be cool to switch one of my best friends heads, Minerva, and Mariah's. Ha ha, ya got to admit it's pretty cool! Sadly it is in black and white cause of the printer at school but check it out, if you choose to do so!!

    -Mariah: Kung Fu Fighting on the Web
    The new Mariah Carey Web site is up, and this time it's not run by Sony Music. It's the singer's very own enterprise.

    The biggest surprise: An animated cartoon feature in which Mariah battles a big-haired rival named Bianca. With Matrix/Crouching Tiger-like flying the two go at it, and Mariah pretty much beats poor Bianca to a pulp. The final scene is of Bianca with a lot of scratches and bruises on her face. I guess the message is: Don't mess with Miss Mariah.

    The new site also debuts the return of Mariah's voice messages, the ones that Sony didn't like because she was criticizing them for botching her career. The new message is fairly tame, though. It's accompanied by a video clip in which you can see Mariah playing with underprivileged kids on an Aspen snow bank.

    In the still pictures from her Aspen Christmas, Mariah poses in a skimpy white halter top under her ski parka. The title for the whole thing should be: Benevolent Bunny. In one picture, she stands between Will Smith and rapper Jay-Z. All of their eyes are bugging out. I don't blame them.

    Last week I ran into actor/director Vondie Curtis-Hall, who directed Mariah in her first feature film, All That Glitters. And guess what? Hall said Mariah can act, the film is okay, and will not be an embarrassment. "We showed some of it to the studio recently and they're very happy," Vondie said. So there!
    (Story taken from Fox 411)

    -Bit's O' Info
    Here is some various information on Miss Mariah!!

  • mschat99@webtv.net:
    Hey Reg, I hope I'm not repeating myself 'cause I can't remember if I already told you this or not, but in Vegas, they have streets named "Carey", and "Rainbow" and of course, they make me think of our lamby. Just a lil' tidbit for ya. : )
  • Ma'ayan:
    Westlife covered 'I'll Be There' i heard there version of the song on the radio-99 f.m a few days ago!
  • Kristen:
    hey reggie also the thing about the band crazy town and their song "butterfly" the director is honey but you wanna know another similarity to mariah on their cd cover it has a cartoonish looking girl holding a lollypop like mariah on rainbow :) weird huh??

    January 25, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah in OK-The Scans
    Yesterday, I picked up the magazine OK (January 26th issue). Inside there was 4 pics, as I announced yesterday. I scanned out the pictures and typed out the article, which you can find below! The 4 pics can be found in Gallery 46...To all webmasters who want to use this article, please feel free to do so, as always. However, please be kind and credit this site. ESPECIALLY one CERTAIN webmaster who doesn't like to do so and lies everytime he is questioned! But I won't mention your name because I'll be nice!!!

    Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel
    Pop diva enjoys snowball fights with new love and orphan children in colorado mountains

    Caught having fun in the snow with her new boyfriend was singer Mariah Carey. The diva has been working hard on her debut movie, All That Glitters, with Max Beesly, the boyfriend of Spice Girl Mel B. The film, which has been shot in Canada, will be released in the summer and Mariah has been doubly busy becuase she wrote all the songs for the movie as well as singing them.

    She took a much needed break in Aspen, Colorado, with her fiance, Luis Miguel, who is known in South America as the Mexican Elvis.

    For their first few days in Aspen, Mariah invited groups of orphan children, for whom she has worked tirelessly, to join her for some fun in the snow.

    Mariah and Luis spent their days like big kids, skiing, riding bobsleighs and playfully throwing snowballs at each other. They also enjoyed romantic nights in front of a blazing log fire drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows.

    The two have been busy going in different directions for work and have found it hard to catch weekends together, so the Aspen holiday was a welcome relief.

    Mariah, whose marriage to Tommy Motolla-president of her record company Sony-ended in 1998, is on a particular high having found new love and got her acting break.

    '"There were really nice things about my relationship with Tommy but they were few and far between," she says. "I was happy to be successful but I was frustrated because I wanted to act. I'd wanted to act since I was a little girl but some people didn't think the same way and want me to do it at all."

    "I just wanted to study acting and finally when that happened it was a real breakthrough, because I was really unhappy."

    "I was very excited to do All That Glitters. It's set in 1981 and my character is in a girl group. She's not the lead singer but she's like the tomboy hanging around in the background."

    Feature by Jim Maloney
    Photographs by Ralph Merlino

    -Mariah Artist Central
    Don't forget to send in your drawings of the Mariah picture in the Mariah Artist Central section! I will be posting the drawings tomorrow. Hopefully SOMEONE will turn one other one in, so I won't be the only one up! You can make a cartoon of it, anything you like! I might even accept wallpapers or any other form of creative expression you can make out of that picture!! So get to work chops!!

    -One Year Ago
    Tom told me that one year ago today, the single Thank God I Found You and the Valentines CD was released in the USA!

    -Mariah Aspen House
    UNDATED -- It is the house that has everything: four sprawling bedrooms, five fireplaces, a heated four-car garage and views of the Rocky Mountains. It even has a celebrity pedigree, with Cher as a former owner and pop-star Mariah Carey renting just this month. The only thing it doesn't have: a buyer. Owner Robert White, who put the Aspen, Colo., house up for sale in August, says lookers drive by all the time -- but so far, not a single bid. The big news of the cooling economy has been the surprising resilience of the housing market. But there is a sign of trouble ahead: sluggish sales of luxury properties.
    (Thanks Jake)

    -AHH Vote, MC barely winning
    Mariah's percentages on the VH1 polls are dropping pretty quickly. Please go vote so we can keep her in the lead! Takes a matter of 1 or 2 minutes!!!

  • VH1
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart.

    January 24, 2001...
    MClogo -Duet Confirmed
    Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, arguably the king and queen of pop, will duet on Jackson's forthcoming album. The pair, who won male and female 'Pop Artist(s) Of The Millennium' at the World Music Awards in Monaco last year, have already recorded a track together in New York, which will appear on Jacko's eagerly-awaited comeback album, due in April. The album also features R&B producers Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley and R Kelly, with Will Smith rumoured to rap on one track. It has also been reported that Michael wishes to meet a1's Ben and Christian who have both submitted songs for consideration for the album, and Westlife want to get in on the act too. It's like Live Aid all over again.
    (Taken from MTVE.com website and thanks to Shayne!)

    -Howie's got a crush on Mariah
    Backstreet Boy, Howie Dorough, has announced in the new YM Magazine (March 2001) that he has a crush for MC! There is a little picture of Mariah from the 1999 Billboard Awards, nothing fancy! Here is what it says:

    I've Got A Crush On...See which celebs these stars (not so) secretly dig:
    Howie Dorough: I have so many. But Mariah Carey's at the top of my list.

    -More YM News
    There is another little picture of Mariah in the March issue of YM! It's up with the calendar of that month and since Mariah turns 31 in March, it has a little picture of her head on her birthday from the #1's signing in NYC!! Check it out if you like!

    -Mariah Audio and My Stuff Updated
    Earlier this morning, I made two new sound files for the audio site! First off, I made a sound file for Mariah's performance of Hero at Music Fair. Music Fair was pretty much like Homecoming '99 and Mariah had an hour to perform some of her news hits and older ones too. She performed Heartbreaker, Hero, Thank God I Found You, Can't Take That Away and Against All Odds I believe! I recently got this special, so I added Hero to the audio page because Mariah sings it with the crowd live and it just sounds really nice and sincere!

    Next, I added a clip from Live in LA from the MusicBox Tour! I add a segment before Mariah sings Someday! She says:

    "This next song is dedicated to anyone who's ever been dumped, dropped, dissed, left in the dust, treated like dirt or just plain old dogged by someone you love. You know what I am talking about? This one is for yoooooouuuu!!!"

    Plus, SO MANY of you have been e-mailing me about the AOL Sounds and how to install them onto your computer. Well I typed out the instructions on how to install your Mariah sounds and added them to that page also!!

    Finally, I update the Rainbow Tour section of My Stuff!! I now have 14 of the 18 Rainbow concerts on cassette or cd and 5 of them on video!! I put the cassette list in order now from the time the concert took place. The only concerts I need are London, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Belgium!! Check that out, if you want to!

    -Mariah Cartoon
    Tommy sent me some cartoons of Mariah that he created! Check the picture below to check out a larger version! Some of the outfits though, are pretty daring. Hee hee..

    Melissa told me that you can choose your favorite wedding at brides.com Mariah and Tommy's wedding is one of the choices, so go vote, if you got a little extra time!

    -OK! Magazine
    Anne checked out the latest issue of OK! Magazine and there are 4 photos of Mariah (2 of them are with Luis, one where MC seems to be throwing a snowball at the cameraman, and finally one of MC walking the dark black or brownish dog). Below, you will find the pics that should be OK! The reason there is 5 is because the last two pics are MC with the dog, and I don't know which dog picture is in OK at the moment! If anyone has big LOVELY scans, please be a lamb and send them to me :) Plus, Anne said she checked out Hello Magazine and there were no pics in there!!!

    -Mariah's New Diet---Hold The Files
    "When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean, I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff" is a quote which has appeared on the Internet, in newspapers, and in magazines. Supposedly it was uttered by pop singer Mariah Carey, but actually it was a parody interview on an Internet site called "Cupcake" back in 1996.

    The whole quote is a farce, but for some reason, people latched onto it and ran like crazy. Mariah never said these things.
    (Taken from Emazing Online, who sent me this info??)

    -AHH Vote, MC barely winning
    Mariah's percentages on the VH1 polls are dropping pretty quickly. Please go vote so we can keep her in the lead! Takes a matter of 1 or 2 minutes!!!

  • VH1
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart.

    January 22, 2001...
    MClogo -Michael and Mariah
    Rumours are flying that US stars Micheal Jackson and Mariah Carey have recorded a duet together. It's been reported that the track will appear on Jackson's forthcoming long-player, which has apparently been pencilled in for a late April release.

    When dotmusic contacted Michael's record company about the rumours they told us that there was as yet "no information about his new material". They could confirm that there would be a Greatest Hits album released on February 26th. The new album, which has been in the making for years, will mark the 'King of Pop's first new material since 1991's 'Dangerous'. Mariah Carey's spokesperson was not available for comment this morning.
    (Many thanks to MAMITA7084 for this article!)

    -Mariah Audio Updated and so is Artist Central
    I added some more sound files last night to the Mariah Audio section. You can find out a special dedication to Mariah's personal assistant Jill on there! At the Paris concert, Jill brought Mariah some water and the band and them did "Jill's Theme Song!" Want to know more? Go check it out! Plus, I added the Always Be My Baby version from Madison Square Garden for the Rainbow Concert 2000, where she broke her shoe. Finally I added some a file from the LA Concert, which Jen sent me where Mariah's says "Hot MClogo Tamale" and a file from the Paris concert where Mariah discusses her lambs!

    Plus, Mariah Artist Central was updated with my drawing of this weeks picture! Everyone must send me their drawings by Friday because that is when a new picture will posted to be drawn!! If you want to check out my drawing, which you can see a thumbnail of to the right, check out Mariah Artist Central! Remember, you can send a realistic sketch, a cartoon of the pic, etc!! Just be creative :)

    -Question on All That Glitters from Billboard
    Dear Keith,
    In many articles that I've read, all said that Mariah Carey's new soundtrack album, "All That Glitters," is coming out this March. However, on an online bulletin board, some people said that the album, as well as the movie, were being pushed back to late August. Is this true, or is it still being released in March?

    Hi Jacob,
    20th Century Fox' "All That Glitters" was originally scheduled for a spring 2001 release, but has since been pushed back until sometime in the fall. A release date is has not been announced. Presumably, the Carey-heavy soundtrack will surface in stores around the same time.

    Carey's last album, "Rainbow," debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 in November 1999 and spent 35 weeks on the chart. The Columbia set has sold 2,816,000 units in U.S., according to SoundScan. The effort spawned two Billboard Hot 100 No. 1's: "Heartbreaker" and "Thank God I Found You."
    (Thanks Desiree for this information)

    -Luis beats Gloria
    Hey Keith,
    I am a huge Gloria Estefan fan and love her latest disc "Alma Caribena - Caribbean Soul." Could you please tell me how well the disc has sold so far, and do you know if Epic has any plans to release more singles? The first two singles "No Me Dejes De Querer" and "Como Me Duele Perderte" were both No. 1 hits on the Latin charts, right? Also, could you tell me who has the most No. 1 singles on the Hot Latin Tracks chart?
    Thanks a lot,

    As far as we are aware, "Como Me Duele Perderte" was the final track to be promoted to radio from Estefan's Epic set "Alma Caribena." The singer's latest Spanish-language album has sold 219,000 units in the U.S., according to SoundScan.

    You are correct: both "Como" and "No Me Dejes De Querer" hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart. Estefan now has 10 No. 1 hits to her credit. While 10 chart-toppers is quite a lot, Estefan doesn't hold the record for the most No. 1 Latin hits. She comes in third behind Enrique Iglesias (11) and Luis Miguel (14)
    (Thanks to Desiree for this information; Go Luis!!)

    -Bits O' Info
    Here is some various information I got on Mariah:

  • Adrienne:
    Hey! We really need to start voting for Mariah in the Rolling Stone poll for best fans!!  We all know that Mariah has THE coolest fans, now lets prove it!  I voted 25 times yesterday and hoping to vote 50 times today! I had to go back and delete all the temporary files, and cookies, but she's #36!!!  Come on lambz and vote vote vote!
  • Meg:
      Hey Reg-
    Heres a lil tid bit on MC...They mentioned her on Face Biters when they were talking about temporary tattos and the artist who does them and who was going to do them for one of the contestants on the show.

    -New Drawings
    Honey and Kate sent me two drawings their friend Theresa did of Mariah and I will be adding them to the Artwork 2 Gallery later tonight, if you want to check them out!!! They are VERY nice drawings :)

    -Newsbit from Mike Walker's National Enquirer Column
    Sex kitten MARIAH CAREY curls up to sleep each night wearing a hot-pink eye mask encrusted with gold and silver imported crystals that spell out 'PUSSY CAT.' Mee-OW.
    (Many thanks to Dana Marie for this information)

    -AHH Vote, MC barely winning
    Mariah's percentages on the VH1 polls are dropping pretty quickly. Please go vote so we can keep her in the lead! Takes a matter of 1 or 2 minutes!!!

  • VH1
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    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart.

    -Important News about this site...
    Well my school schedule is pretty much not allowing me to update this site on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I have class from 8 am until 8 pm! I work Monday and Wednesday from 9 am until 5 pm, so I will have to update late at night on those days! On Friday's I am off all day, so that is when I will update early in the morning and Saturday and Sunday will remain the same!

    On Monday and Wednesday nights, I will update very late at night for the following day, if I get news! If I don't, then there is no way I can really update! So bare with me for this semester and I will get the news to you all as best as I can!! Thanks much for your support!

    January 21, 2001...
    MClogo -Updates...
    Last night, I announced a new section to the website! It's called Mariah Audio and in this new section you will find every one of her voice messages on mariahcarey.com; little soundfiles of Mariah that are REALLY cute from Rosie, Dave Chicago concert and more; and more. Today, I added two new files, however both are pretty long. The first one is called, "Chit Chat with Bianca" and it was taken from Mariah TV in 1999. I love this interview and think it is so funny! The second sound file is pretty rare on the internet at the moment! It's Mariah's performance in Osaka Japan for All I Want For Christmas Is You! It was her final song for that night and it was a cool performance! Check it out, if you choose to do so! To hear any of the files, you MUST have winzip, since they are all zipped files! Plus, winzip is a free program!

    Along with that new section, there is a new Quote O' The Week (above) and a new Pic O' The Week Plus, there is a new Poll O' The Week and here are last weeks results:
    What's your favorite pet of Mariah's?
    Jack (212) 57%
    Princess (12) 3%
    Guam (42) 11%
    Bing & Bong (45) 12%
    White Cat (from the Sweethart video) (47) 12%
    Aspen (8) 2%
    Other (3) 0%
    Total Votes: 369

    -Mariah pics in OK Magazine
    MClogo Suzie told me that the pictures on mariahcarey.com are also featured in the UK Magazine "Ok!" They are in the Janurary 26th issue. The picture on the right of Luis and Mariah is one of the pictures featured in it, plus all the others of MC in the white outfit! Okay, who has the scans of the article and pics so we can get bigger versions of the pics :) Hee hee...

    -Two Magazines Mariah is in...
    Here is what Mark told me:
    - Fancy (NL), The February 2001 Issue...It contains a VERY crappy story on her     dogs.
    - Glossy (NL), The January 2001 Issue...Like Fancy but even worse..haha.

    -Mariah in LA Times Calendar Section
    MClogo In today's LA Times Calendar Section, Jen tells me, they mention All That Glitters in the expecting movies of 2001! It is listed in the Fall 2001 lineup, but no exact date yet. There is a picture of Mariah from her first video shoot, the picture on the right! Here is what it says:

    "Diva alert! Co-producer Mariah Carey, center stars as a singer on the path from troubled childhood to musical stardom. With Shawntae Harris, left , and Tia Texado. ( Release date to be announced.) (Fox)

    -Mariah Trading Page!!
    Are you a big Mariah Carey trader? Do you like getting things from fellow fans around the world? Well then check out the Mariah Trading Page for information from Mariah fans from around the world chops!!! It was originally created for this club

    -Error on MariahCarey.com
    Pete from Mariah Avenue noticed a tiny error while reading Mariah's Biography on her official website! It says:

    "In addition to Mariah's list of accomplishments, the second single off her rainbow album, "Thank God I Found You" became her 16th (note...should be 15th) #1 single in Fuburary of 2000."

    -AHH Vote, MC barely winning
    Dan tells me that Mariah's winning streak on VH1's polls seems to be decreasing! Yes, she is still in the lead but not by much so make sure you vote VOTE vote!!!

  • VH1
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart.

    January 20, 2001...
    MClogo -New webpage; Exclusive Sounds...
    I added a new page to the website tonight!! I am calling it "Audio!" I got rid of the old audio page on xoom and placed one on this website address!! On the Audio page, you will find all three messages that Mariah has left on her new AWESOME site, mariahcarey.com, thanks Liron!! I have gotten permission from Mariah's Management to place these messages on my site, which was very nice of them!!!

    Plus, you will find cute little sounds that Mariah has said over the years. Including Mariah singing Breakdown at the Chicago Concert acapella, plus responding to a boy who asks her to marry him!! Check out the audio page for all these exclusives.

    Coming tomorrow, Chit Chat with Bianca maybe!!

    Plus, I added the audio files to the Transcript page so you can read them and listen to them at the same time! To listen to any of the files, you must first unzip them first! Download winzip, if you don't already have it!!

    MClogo -New design for Official Website
    Mariah's new official site, mariahcarey.com has been revamped and updated! It has a new entry for the cartoon, which is much better now (check out pics below) and the brand new layout is just AMAZING! It has a bunch of extra's like Mariah in Aspen at Christmas running around having a grand old time and a REALLY cute picture of her and Luis, SUCH a cute couple! Plus the picture on the right shows Mariah with Jay-Z and Will Smith. Plus, there is a section called fans, where you will find links to fan websites and at the top you will see the Mariah4 links, what an honor that is!! Overall, there is so much to check out and so much excitement! It is an AWESOME site and I think they did a great job on it! At the bottom, you will see Mariah's head and Bianca's head pop up from time to time!! Go check it out and enjoy!!! Click the pics below for larger version!

    -Latest Message from Jill (Mariah's Personal Assistant)
    Hey you guys!
    I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season & a happy and festive New Year! I'm sorry I haven't posted a message in a while, we've been pretty busy trying very hard to get the new mariahcarey.com website together and interesting and fun! The little bit of the site that is live right now we just wanted to get up before the holidays as a little holiday gift from MC to her fans, but the completed site we are hoping will be ready to go up very soon! I will keep you all posted as best as I can and I'll be checking in more frequently on the FOMM so if you have anything you'd like to tell me, please do so! Hope everyone is doing well! and as always,
    Much Love,

    -Mariah in InStyle Magazine for L.A. Reids Wedding
    WeddingPic Mariah was a guest at Music Moguel Anotonio "L.A." Reid's and Erica Holton's wedding in Capri! You can check out this LOVELY picture in the new InStyle magazine with Jennifer Lopez on the cover (Feb. 2001) You can click the picture on the right to check out the scan I just made of it! It says above the picture:
    "Mariah Carey visits with the couple at the after-dinner cocktail reception."
    (Thanks to Janine for informing me about this picture first!)

    -Britney Picks Mariah
    Matt was watching VH1's "100 greatest albums" and Britney Spears picked her top five favorite albums of all time and Mariah's Butterflyalbum was her 3rd favorite!

    -Bit's O' Info...
    Here is some various information on Miss Mariah!

  • Dennis:
    Yesterday the girl band Sugababes were invited to the German show called "Interactive" where they confessed that Mariah was one of their idols or favourite musicians. Cool, he?
  • Jose:
    There's a small picture of mariah and luis miguel on the new issue of Cristina, is the picutere from both of them in the limo kissing, it's an article about the beverly hills hotel.
  • Meg:
    I was watching "Revenge of the Rejects" and they were showing some of the tapes of people who applied for Fanatic. One guy was a Mariah fan and was flipping out on camera and had all these signs and stuff...Anyway it had to do with Mariah so I thought you might want to know.
  • Tom:
    Hey Regina, what's up?  I just got a little news to tell you, nothing that big, but still.  Yesterday on Hollywood Squares, one of the questions was "Madonna has 12 and Mariah Carey has 15, the most for a female artist.  What is it?"  The celebrity that answered was Caroline Rhea, and as most of the people do, she made a joke answer before giving her real answer.  She said "white dresses that are too tight".  And then she said "Sorry Madonna".  That definitely sounded like a diss to me.  Well, then she said her real answer was hit singles and the contestant agreed and got it wrong because they were looking for #1 hit singles.

    -Sexy Mariah on film
    Mariah Carey (30) tried to tone down her sexy image during the filming of her movie. The result turned out other wise. Last year the popdiva played in the movie "All That Glitters". The movie is Mariah's debut on the silver screen, and she plays an innocent hardworking nightclub singer. According to the paper, Daily Record, Mariah turned completely red when she recently saw the finished cut. Apparantly, during one of the scenes, you could see completely through her clothes. Mariah got embarrased, and blushed when she saw the result, a source on the set of the movie, told the Scottish newspaper. She looked even more sexy than she usually does, the source adds.

    Mariah likes to shock with cleavages that go a lot deeper than everyone else's, and skirts that are shorter than short. However, on the silver screen she wants to look innocent, the paper writes.The movie, which is a romantic drama, will premiere around the world sometime this year. It's directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall. [Source: VG. Translated from Norwegian by Mariah Online]

    -Diva's Live 1999 Review
    Divas99 After last years Divas debacle (Divas Live: A Look Back in Anger), we never expected to see the night of a thousand bugle beads again. But alas, the Divas appear to be here to stay. Divas Live 2000 got off to a groovy start, actually, with Mariah Carey's sampled rendition of Diana Ross's "Love Hangover," a song I really adore for it's funky interlude (Don't call the Doctah/Don't call the Preachah). It was heartening to know that the Divas had a reason d'être this year: a salute to Diana Ross. Good instinct VH1: give the divas focus. This may just limit the hair-pulling fights backstage. "Divas! Pay attention!"

    But my feelings about Diana Ross, the artist, are complex, unlike my feelings for Barbra Streisand. (She's your classic Diva Bitch and that's the end of it). I appreciate Lady Sings the Blues, loved Mahogany and am constantly confounded by the fact that The Wiz remains so under appreciated for the unilateral emancipation musical that it is. The Wiz certainly never got its revisionist due. (And I own and often play the inspirational soundtrack album, so I am appalled somewhat on a regular basis). I loved the whole Girl Group school thing Motown made the Supremes endure. What little girl didn't dream of going to girl group class? Learning how to snap her fingers and pose to the right, pose to the left. These days, we watch TLC and are left to wonder how they can possibly manage their affectations without proper training of girl-group theories.

    I even loved my Diana Ross Anthology LP, Diana, (with groovy Ashford & Simpson tunes from the Supremes-sounding "Aint No Mountain High Enough" to the dance floor drama, "The Boss"). After reading the trashy Diana Ross war and peace epic by J. Randy Taraborrelli, so large because she stepped on so many toes, I was disgusted that someone so adequately talented would feel the need to be such a flaming bitch to get ahead. There were testimonies in there from EVERYBODY....from her lowly staff to all of the Temptations! And the drama surrounding the new and pudgier Supremes seems to support the negative rage-fest that was Mary Wilson's anti-Diana Ross/Supremes memoir Dreamgirl. It seems Ross pissed off an army in her day. So I figured I had no use for this type of self-absorbed diva-pop anymore and the Diana Ross anthology record ended up in a stack of old records I took to my local used record shop, Vintage Vinyl. There I was offered 2 bucks for the double gatefold LP. Vintage Vinyl is not exactly the soul central of St. Louis, where I was living at the time. But needless to say, I was outraged! Two bucks! You've got to be kidding me! This is Diana Ross. She may be a pop Diva bitch but these are some solid gold Motown numbers on this piece of plastic! What about "Upside Down"? What about the Theme from Mahogany? What about the newly liberated female anthem "It's My Turn"? The problem wasn't so much a disrespect of Ross, but a general late-80s, early-90s disrespect of Motown itself that is so outrageous. Keep your two stinkin' bucks, I'm taking my bitchy Diva record home!

    So that is how I am here today, ten years later, still in possession of my Diana Ross Anthology double LP. I am watching Diva Live, Ad Nauseum and wondering how Ross will look and how she will handle this Norma Desmond moment after making something close to 47 comeback attempts since the Michael Jackson-penned "Muscles"/Lionel Richie-penned "Endless Love" era of the early 80s. Tina Turner, Cher, even Bette Midler have been busy becoming senior Divas. Ross has been busy having tantrums somewhere, we don't know. Tonight we will see, but we will have to wait. Diva's has just started so Diana is a couple hours away.

    In the meantime, Donna Summer: a lot of her, like an Aretha-Franklin lot of her. Now Donna was always a beautifully plump woman. Witness the "Love to Love You Baby" video. I am of the general opinion that black woman look better with some extra poundage than white women do. White women tend to reflect light and look corpulent. Compare Winona Judd to Queen Latifah, for example. Black is rosy, white is porky. But Donna seemed to have plumped suddenly, like a ball-park frank. And her dress on Diva's was not flattering. It wanted to be a tube shaped number...on an inner-tube shaped body.

    Faith Hill: we shouldn't make models sing...it's cruel. Okay, she's a good singer, she has the right moves, and her hair always looks good. I like to think of her as the thinking man's Shania Twain. Still, something's too perfect, like Mel Gibson singing pop. It's just wrong.

    Mariah Carey: I am glad to see that my limp lifeless hairstyle is not the result of raw laziness but actually the latest hairstyle sported by Mariah Carey. But I have to give it to her, she let herself be upstaged and condescended-to by an over-the-hill-Diva for two un-subsequent years now, probably in the hopes that someday she too will be honored and able to upstage and condescend to perky little upstarts such as herself. And when Diana spun Mariah through the drill of "Baby Love" & "Stop In The Name Of Love," stepping on her lines and bungling up the whole bit, Mariah handled it like a real pro. Taking the blame. I believe that Mariah sincerely cares about VH1's Save The Music program. And it's time a Diva did. After witnessing how Mariah aimed to not disappoint her fanatical fan on the show Fanatic (in a direct response to having been disappointed so often herself when meeting role models) and the plethora of chin-up-little-girl inspirational songs Mariah has written, I think she is on a real mission to not tow the diva-line and to create a kindler gentler Diva. You can see that this is obvious by the fact that she came back for yet another supporting role in a prima-donna show. I didn't think Mariah's performance on Tuesday night's show was all that, she could do better. But I respect her for a some grace among scrambling divas. And I admit to being swept up in the sentimental nostalgia of Diana's performance. Her glowing kids, Ashford and Simpson, still solid as a rock in the audience (hell, they wrote the songs that made the whole Diana sing), but I find it hard to forgive Diana the egregious error of wearing a pink lipstick and makeup ensemble with an orange print dress and that god-awful afro wig. It wasn't the style of the wig, which was hip and fun, it was the quality of the wig, that it looked like a dime store plastic fire-hazard. It didn't even look like it was covering her real hair...like it didn't entirely fit right. They make perfectly good wigs these days, you know. Borrow some wigs from Cher, whatever you have to do. Even your celebrity impersonator, Ru Paul, had a better wig than you.

    And Diana's attempts to get the crowd singing her music was at times downright sad. This wasn't a crowd of embracing Diana Ross fans. Those poor souls couldn't get 100 yards near a Diana Ross Tribute ticket. No, these were the VH1 movers and shakers, a few well placed celebrities and Donald Trump. There to be there. These people will be there next year for some other Diva Tribute. They weren't sentimental a whit about Diana Ross. I almost felt sorry for Diana. "You're not singing along. You didn't sing." You could tell this was a touching moment for Diana and her family. Unfortunately it was a touching Hollywood moment for everyone else, and therefore an utterly shallow one. This Diva show was no way the snooze fest that Divas last year was. In my humble opinion, after watching three years of Diva mayhem, it's clear that Divas Live only needs one ingredient to be a decent show: Mariah Carey.

    Hey, maybe she'll be at the Harrison Ford tribute tonight! She can do a re-enactment of the opening of the ark of the covenant scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Thanks to SUMar235 for this article. Yeah, it's an old one but it was still cool and if would like to check out the pics, click here! Many thanks to ApeCulture.com)

    -Mariah NOT on cover!
    BriStuWalt told me that Mariah is NOT on the cover of the January 23rd issue of National Enquirer! The picture I showed yesterday was the cover from Holland and the same picture that was shown on the front is the one that was inside the US version!

    -Billboard Bits: Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson is wrapping up her sophomore effort for Columbia Records, tentatively slated for a March 20 release. The album will feature production work by Rodney Jerkins and balladmeister Walter Afanasieff. Simpson describes some of the material as "Mariah Carey meets Britney Spears ... very mature but accessible to teens."

    Simpson is unabashedly partial to the two tunes written for the set by her boyfriend, 98 Degrees' Nick Lachey. "They're so incredibly beautiful," she says, beaming with pride. "They just take your breath away." The set is the follow-up to her Columbia debut, which peaked at No. 25 on The Billboard 200 last August and has sold nearly 1.6 million copies in the U.S., according to SoundScan.
    (Thanks to Daniel for this article)

    -Still More News Coming...
    I have 2 wallpapers to add and plus something that is exclusive to this site and you will ONLY find at this site!! I mentioned half of it in InfoMC Newsletter yesterday but in about 2 hours I will hopefully have everything up and running and then I will make the announcement. Come back later tonight to find out what the secret is!

    January 19, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah on VH1
    Meagan told me that Mariah is winning on ALL the polls on the VH1 website. So everyone, give yourself a pat on the back and then go vote again because it isn't over yet and we don't want someone sneaking up and beating Mariah right? Hee hee!!
    Here are two places to vote for Mariah:

  • Rolling Stones
    Rolling Stone is having an online poll to see which artist has the best online fans. Go vote for us!!!
  • VH1
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart.

    -Mariah on cover of National Enquirer
    My buddy Mark sent me the Janurary 21st issue of National Enquirer and it seems Mariah is on the cover :) If you want to check it out, click the thumbnail below!

    -Mariah Artist Central
    Calling all artist, I created a new section on the website just for us! Each week I will be posting drawings of Mariah on this section and every Friday, a new picture will be posted for you all to draw! You don't have to be a pro to do it and it's all just for fun, no judging! Want to know more about it?? Want to start sketching? Well then click the link below:
    Mariah Artist Central

    Thursday is expected to be the festival's biggest night. Teenagers from across Brazil set up vigils all week outside the Hotel Intercontinental just to get a glimpse of international popstars Spears, 'N Sync and Five.

    And Brazilian teen sensation Sandy has also received her fair share of idol worship, fueling comparisons to Spears.

    "I guess it's inevitable," said Adriana Rielo, a press spokeswoman for Universal, Sandy & Junior's recording company. "They both sing well, they're pretty and they're successful."

    Sandy & Junior plan to record their first album in English later this year and are hoping Rock in Rio, which is being shown on the Internet by America Online and on DirecTV and Warner Bros. channels, will raise their profile abroad.

    "Rock in Rio is going to open the doors to the outside world, but the CD will put us there for good," the petite, brown-haired Sandy told reporters ahead of Thursday's show. Fame came early to both Spears, who was a Mouseketeer, and Sandy, who as the daughter of one of Brazil's top country singers, Xororo, started recording tracks before she was 10. But unlike Spears, who has sold 40 million albums world wide, Sandy still looks and acts like a young teenager.

    "I don't want to compare myself to Spears," Sandy said. "I think she is a great artist ... but we sing different styles, the only thing we have in common is our public." Sandy, a self-declared Mariah Carey fan, is closer in style to Canadian singer Celine Dion, and has even recorded a version of "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie "Titanic."
    (Thanks to ButtterfIi for this article)

    -'Divas' To Honor Aretha
    Aretha Aretha Franklin will be the centerpiece honoree of VH1's fourth annual "Divas Live" special. "VH1 Divas Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin" will air live on the cable network April 10 from New York's Radio City Music Hall.

    Produced in conjunction with New Hall Productions and the Experience Music Project, the special will feature a star-studded line-up of male and female artists, yet to be announced.

    Franklin was involved with the original "Divas Live" project in 1998, which also featured Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Shania Twain. A similar special followed the next year with Whitney Houston, Cher, Tina Turner, and Brandy, with special guests Sir Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill, and Chaka Khan.

    Last year was the first to tribute an artist, honoring Diana Ross with a talent lineup that featured Carey, Hill, Donna Summer, Destiny's Child, Hilary Swank, RuPaul, Queen Latifah, and former Supremes members Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne.

    As with past "Divas" outings, the special will raise funds for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, specifically benefiting inner city schools in Detroit in Franklin's name. (Thanks to Dan for this article. I sure hope somehow Mariah pops up too at this show)

    -You Know You're a Mariah Fan...
    mschat99@webtv.net and Anne sent me some entrees for this section on the website and you can check out the new entrees from #133 to #151!! Enjoy...
    You Know You're A Mariah Fan When...

    -The Top 50 -- A Look At The Lighter Side Of E-Business
    Jan. 18, 2001 (InternetWeek - CMP via COMTEX) -- Teenage pop stars and animated franchises top the list of the most popular Web search terms of 2000:
    1. Britney Spears
    2. Dragonball
    3. Pokemon
    4. WWF
    5. 'N Sync
    6. Pamela Anderson
    7. Tattoos
    8. Napster
    9. Jennifer Lopez
    10. Summer Olympics
    11. NFL
    12. Election 2000
    13. Las Vegas
    14. Backstreet Boys
    15. Eminem
    16. Christmas
    17. Final Fantasy
    18. Anna Kournikova
    19. Halloween
    20. Marijuana
    21. Big Brother
    22. Baseball
    23. The IRS
    24. Christina Aguilera
    25. The Bible
    26. Gundam Wing
    27. Sailor Moon
    28. Nascar
    29. The Simpsons
    30. Korn
    31. The X-Men
    32. Shania Twain
    33. South Park
    34. Metallica
    35. Digimon
    36. Skateboarding
    37. Madonna
    38. Harry Potter
    39. NBA
    40. Golf
    41. Diablo II
    42. Carmen Electra
    43. Mariah Carey
    44. Valentine's Day
    45. Blink-182
    46. Survivor
    47. Tupac Shakur
    48. Limp Bizkit
    49. DMX
    50. Star Wars Source: The Lycos 50 (http://50.lycos.com) Thanks Jake

    Thanks to Desiree for the following charts taken from Billboard Online:

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 29, 2000
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    21 17 Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800* 2
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 27, 1996
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    2 2 Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700 1
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 26, 1991
    This week Last week Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    5 5 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202 3

    -Mya in Mariah Style..
    Desiree told me that Mya was wearing a skirt on MTV today that was MC inspired since it had the waist band cut off. Just a cute tidbit!

    -Buterfly Video
    Check out what Crave told me:
    have you seen the video by this band called crazytown? the song is called "butterfly" and they're under columbia records, and under director for the video it says "honey" coinkeedeenk? i think not.

    -New Website...
    Check out O'Misdeva's website on Mariah. It's really nice and she puts a lot of work into it and the design of it is nice on it's on even!!!
    Mariah's Music Box

    Mark sent me two LOVELY drawings he did of Mariah, which you can see as the first two below! Then the last one is a drawing of Mariah I did yesterday! So we hope you enjoy the following 3 artworks :D

    January 18, 2001...
    MClogo -Nelly's influence...
    Thanks to Desiree for the following article taken from MTV!
    MTVi News: Who would you say your main musical influences are in the buisness?
    Nelly Furtado: I'm very influenced by modern Brazilian artists, like Caetano Veloso and Tom Ze — Brazilian music in general. The instrumentation is so diverse, and that's what inspired the record a lot, because there are no rules, really. And Asian Dub Foundation and Cornershop, which I love as well. The lead singer combines his East Indian heritage under a pop umbrella, but there's a slight political thread running through it. Which I like and you don't really hear on my record; it's not really a political record, but I love the energy of that. Jeff Buckley's a huge influence. In the way that he used his voice as an instrument.

    I listened to Mary J. Blige, religiously, [all] my life. Mariah Carey I listened to a lot when I was about 12, 13, because, technically, she's a great singer, and not having lessons or anything, I'd flip the tape over and over again and memorize the licks.

    Portishead was a huge influence, too. When I was 17 and I first moved to the city from the small town of Victoria, Portishead complemented those teen-angst depression years quite well [laughs].

    -Mariah in Tiger Beat
    TwistPic There is a small article about Mariah in the latest issue of Tiger Beat. The picture on the right is the scan from the article! Jenny, MCFantasy7@aol.com, typed out the article and you can check that out below! If you want to join her very nice Mariah Carey fanclub called Mariah's Rainbow, just send her an e-mail!! I highly recommend you doing so!

    MARIAH CAREY - After a small cameo role in 'The Bachelor,' opposite Chris O'Donnell, Mariah found her second calling! "I'm working on a movie called 'All That Glitters,'" she says. "It takes place in the early '80s in the club scene of New York-the time when hip-hop was starting and DJs were these sexy, hot guys that everyone looked up to. My character is someone who has grown up in a foster home, and always wanted to sing." Think Mariah will be able to handle the new workload? "Shooting a movie as well as getting involved in [producing] the film is making my life really hectic and busy-which is the standard for me. But I'm finding the whole thing really exciting."

    MClogo Renzo did a translation of yesterdays article about Mariah in Puerto Rico and here it is!

    Perhaps trying to drown the pains, that could have left the year to him 2000 in which it is alleged extinguished to its romance with Luis Miguel; its ex- Tommy Mottola contracted marriage in a sonata wedding with Thalia and in which it was declared like one of the celebrities worse dressed -- the North American diva the pop one, Mariah , was Vista festejando in several discotecas in Puerto Rico the past weekend. Mariah, whose last visit to the Island in company of Luis Miguel it caused rage in the average premises, this time was accompanied of several friendships between which the famous North American rapera stood out Gives Brat, one of its better friends. The diva and its friends had been the night of Friday in Old San Juan (discoteca Neons). This time, the group was caught in exclusive right for SCENE Sunday at dawn in the discoteca Babylon of the San Juan Hotel in Green Island. Although strongly guarded, the singer and his friends ingeniaron them to dance and to festejar until high hours of the dawn in area VIP of this discoteca.

    -Mariah in TV Notas
    Jose told me that there is a 2 page article in the January 23rd issue of TV Notas and they are the same pictures that were in Mira a while back of MC and Luis in Barbados.

    -New Wallpaper
    Dieter made a Mariah wallpaper and sent it to me and I added it to the Wallpaper #2 section! It's cool because it is inspired by The Matrix's movie and I think it was pretty creative!! Check it out if you like!

    -It's My Awards Show and I'll Do What I Want Award
    World Music Awards (May). Not a celebration of world music, but rather of "world famous" pop stars, this glitzy affair is bankrolled by Monaco's Prince Albert. Last year, Michael Jackson was presented with "male artist of the millennium" by his royal highness himself, accompanied by lavish special effects. This prompted "female artist of the millennium" winner Mariah Carey to demand that her segment be re-taped with comparable glitz and hoopla.

    January 17, 2001...
    MariahyBrat -Mariah in Purto Rico
    Yes the picture is small but hey it's better then nothing! When I first heard Mariah's latest message on her official site, I could tell that she had a little something to drink, hee hee! Now we know for sure that MC was partying it up with her closest friends over the last couple days, however MINUS Luis!! Here comes the breakup rumors again but remember, Luis is busy working on his new album, so that's why they probably were not together!

    Anyhow though, Maria found an article in yesterdays Puerto Rico Newspaper and they had an article andsmall picture of Mariah with Da Brat and more friends in Puerto Rico. They said they were partying at several different disco's and just having a good time. On Friday, Mariah was in San Juan at the disco called Neons and the on Sunday and the disco in Babylon in Isle Verde! If you want to check out the article, click here but it's in Spanish! I am also attaching it below though:

    Quizás intentando ahogar las penas, que pudo haberle dejado el año 2000 —en el que se alega se apagó su romance con Luis Miguel; su ex Tommy Mottola contrajo matrimonio en una sonada boda con Thalia y en el que fue declarada como una de las celebridades peor vestidas— la diva norteamericana del pop, Mariah Carey, fue vista festejando en varias discotecas en Puerto Rico el pasado fin de semana.

    Mariah, cuya última visita a la Isla en compañía de Luis Miguel causó furor en los medios locales, esta vez estuvo acompañada de varias amistades entre las que se destacó la famosa rapera norteamericana Da Brat, una de sus mejores amigas. La diva y sus amigos habían estado la noche del viernes en el Viejo San Juan (discoteca Neons). Esta vez, el grupo fue captado en exclusiva para ESCENARIO el domingo en la madrugada en la discoteca Babylon del Hotel San Juan en Isla Verde. Aunque fuertemente custodiada, la cantante y sus amigos se las ingeniaron para bailar y festejar hasta altas horas de la madrugada en el área VIP de dicha discoteca.

    -Want Mariah Style Shoes?
    MClogo Axzs5 told me that at Charles David's website, you will find a shoe called "Mariah," which looks very much like the shoes she wore on the Rolling Stone Cover (didn't she say she designed them herself a while back?) Now you can order your own pair of these fab pumps for only $150.00 a pair! Yeah, I don't think I will be buying a pair anytime soon either! They come in sizes 7 to 10 and it's a high heel leather sandal. Made in Spain, it has a slightly rounded platform toe, only comes in black and it has an ankle strap with adjustable buckle, with a 4 1/2 inch heel.

    -Michael and Mariah
    Well, still no word on whether it's true about the duet but Shayne sent me more information about this whole event:

  • 24/02/2000 Quote from Mariah Carey
    While on tour in France, Mariah Carey granted an interview to Tele 7 Jours magazine in which she was asked, "With whom would you like to work?" The singer answered: "I recently met the Artist [formerly known as Prince] and we have some musical plans together. I would also like to work with Michael Jackson."
  • 17/01/2000 Another Collaboration
    Mainstream American producer Walter Afanasieff is working on Michael Jackson's new album. That's what the Los Angeles Times stated in an article about the hit producer published last week. Taken from planetjackson.com

    -New Pics
    Andres sent me some more pictures of Mariah during her Madrid concert and I added them all to Gallery 28! Check them out if you would like to :)

    -Broadcast Data System
    Desiree tells me that Broadcast Data System is the copany from which Billboard gets airplay information to make their charts. In the record section, Mariah had the following record:
    Mariah Carey -"Dreamlover" Columbia 9/26/93 10,122 spins
    All information is based on a one week, Monday through Sunday cycle. The date shown is the week's end.

    -Mikaila on Mariah
    Everyday while I am work, I hear Mikaila's music menitoned over the Wal-Mart tv. It says how her influences are Mariah Carey, Whitney, etc! So it's kind of cool to hear MC's name at work :) Desiree found an online music shopping site and she found this Q&A with Mikaila:

  • First song that made an impression on you: Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love"
  • Top five personal influences/favorite artists: Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston

    -Diva's Live 2000 NOT to be released...

    After releasing a series of albums and home videos to accompany the musical specials titled, "VH1 Divas Live", Epic Records will not be releasing it's latest concert "Divas Live 2000". This decision was made finale after many pleads to the target of "Divas Live 2000": Diana Ross. The reason for this is that Ms. Ross claims that she was not giving a serious performance and therefore would not give the rights to VH1 and Epic Records to produce a commercial album or VHS.

    The one-of-a-kind concert starring Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Donna Summer, Destiny's Child, Ru Paul, and the one and only Diana Ross was first broad-cast on VH1 from New York's Madison Square Garden on April 11, 2000. The "VH1 Divas Live" concert was a benefit for "VH1 Save The Music," a pro-social initia-tive dedicated to improving the quality of education in America's public schools by restoring and supporting music programs in cities across the country. "VH1 Save The Music" was launched in January, 1997. Since then, VH1 and its affiliate partners have contributed over $30.5 million in total support and $5 million in instruments to the national initiative.

    A significant portion of the proceeds from sales of the past VH1 Divas Live albums were donated to "VH1 Save The Music" by Epic Records, which has also made a $250,000 advance contribution to the initiative. Looks as though VH1 won't be racking in any money from album sales of the latest diva concert. And to all those children who are still tooting on broken flutes held together with tape: thank Diana Ross.

    (Many thanks to Will Ward from Mariah Carey News Organization and Tracy for this information)

    -Pauly and Mariah
    Taryn told me that while checked out MTV Uncensored, Pauly Shore said the following:

    "I would love to be on MTV so i can interview Mariah Carey."

    "Gosh Mariah, when you were doing the (Pauly does imitation of MC's high notes) what were you thinking?"

    -Fire in the studio!!!
    A while back, Mariah was a guess on TMF and she had a conversation with Dutch VJ Erik de Zwart. All of the sudden in the middle of the interview, a fire alarm goes off and people begin to freak! I have this interview on video too and I thought it was actually kind of funny because it was a live show and Mariah wanted to get up and leave because of the alarm but obviously she couldn't. Linda typed it out, so here is a trip down memory lane :)

    Mariah: "I see all these people running. Oh my God, this is live-tv right? So is there a fire exit around here?"

    Erik: "Oh no, don't worry, there's nothing wrong. Please continue."

    Mariah: "So I started singing and yeah, it was good." (everybody laughs)

    Erik: "And then there was this signal from up above, like now?"

    Mariah: "Yeah, and I kept on singing and singing and singing. But you know, when you sing you kind of feel it emotional, like an emotional trip, just like now, when you have fear. Hihihi"

    January 15, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah Daily Premieres
    Well, I finally got pretty much everything up and working on this site! A couple things I need to say first of all though. This site is now hosted my Peel.com and is paying me for all the time and effort I put into this site; because of that, it will help me pay for my schooling. Since I joined up with Peel, I got a free domain and A LOT more webspace for this site, which I will soon be adding realaudio files to. However, I have to add a bunch of banners to the site and a pop up ad, which is the drawback!

    There is a way to get around the pop up ad and bottom banner though, if it bothers you too much! Instead of going to www.mariahdaily.com, just typed in http://www.mariahdaily.com/main.htm

    If you have any problems with the new location of the site, or anything else, feel free to e-mail me! There is no way I am moving the site back to tripod though, so that is NOT an option, unless you want to pay me to run this site; HA HA!!

    -Mariah on AOL
    AOL Graphic On the welcome screen for AOL, you can give your comments in on Mr. Blackwells Best and Worst Dress and you can see a picture of Mariah, which I posted on the right! It says:
    Mr Blackwell Said: Her "X-Rated baby doll disasters are laughably low rent."
    Our Advice for 2001: Bandaids provide better coverage.

    If you are on AOL, please go to your welcome screens and defend MC!! I don't know why everyone is picking on her but it's up to us to set them straight! Thanks to Desiree for informing me about this!

    -Michael and Mariah Duet
    Matt told me some news that he found on this topic and here it is:

  • First off, Ricky Martin commented on his thoughts of recordning with Micahel in a radio interview in Milan this week and he said (taken from Exclusively Michael:
    "In 2001 I'll record a duet with Michael Jackson. At first I wasn't sure about doing it, then Liz Taylor convinced me at the 'Carousel Of Hope'...."
    So, by that information, it might be Ricky Martin to record with Michael, NOT Mariah!
  • Second Bit of Info says:
    Another Michael website says the following:
    "December 25, 1999 - Planet Jackson reported that Michael Jackson recorded a duet with a young lady and her name contains a 'y.' They can't give out her full name due to Michael Jackson's request."
    So that could be Britney or Mariah but MC is not really a young lady, she's a woman :)
  • Finally on yet ANOTHER site it says that Lauryn Hill will duet with Michael
  • So in the end, what do we know? NOTHING!! It's all guesses and rumors and the only way we will ever find out is when the new album is released, hee hee! Thanks again to Matt!

    -Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV
    I checked out this show last night on MTV and Mariah was barely mentioned. She was #13 (thanks Meg) and it just showed the end of the Honey video and they talked a little about how she has changed her style! That's it! It's a little over a hour into the show and if you still want to check it out, check out Important Dates below!

    -Wallpapers and New Pic
    Michelle sent me a new wallpaper, so I added that to Wallpapers #2

    Eliza sent me a nice picture of Pavorotti and Mariah together from when they sang Hero together. I added that to Gallery 28 to help fill it up a little more, since it was so empty! Enjoy!

    -Regina's School Schedule
    Tomorrow classes start for Spring 2001 and I have classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm, with NO breaks! So as you can see, I don't have much time to update the page! Bare with me, I'll see what I can do :)

    January 14, 2001...
    MClogo -Updates
    There is a new Quote of the Week above, which is taken from the All That Glitters Script and there is also a new Pic O' The Week

    Plus, you can check out a new Poll O' The Week, thanks to Ashley for the idea! I know, I forgot to add I Still Believe to the list by accident, so forgive me on that!! Here are last weeks results!
    What's your favorite Mariah appearance on the Rosie O' Donnell show??
    for Fresh Air Fund (17) 6%
    When she sang My All (32) 13%
    When she sang Close My Eyes (61) 24%
    When she sang Petals (135) 55%
    Total Votes: 245

    -New Message from Mariah
    Well Mariah left another message on her official website and you can check it out at www.mariahcarey.com I put the last two messages onto tape and I am thinking of adding them to the website since everytime a new message is added to the new site, the old one is deleted, therefor you can no longer listen to it! Did anyone get the first message on tape though cause I missed that one! Thanks to Mariah Lamby (aka Danielle), Shayne and Anne for the transcript of Mariah's Message and everyone else who told me about it!

    MC: Yeah! Happy New year and things of that nature! I do believe that I have not had the chance to call in and, we're trying to get this whole website thing up, so yeah! I don't know nothin about computers! (laughs) Basically, I'm quite inadequate in that department, but umm, everybody here wants to say Happy New Year. We got Mary-Ann, we got ReRe, we also have the world famous Brat-tat-tat...

    Da Brat: Haaaapppyyyy New Yeaaaaarrrrrr

    MC: (laughs) We love ya! We enjoy ya! Buh-bye! I hope you like the website cuz I'm gonna keep, like, trying till I get it right and I want your feedback on things that you like and what ya don't like! So, umm, bye!

    Da Brat: Yeah! And if you want any cuss words and dirty stuff, log onto dabrat dot com, biiiaaattccchhh!

    MC: (laughs)Ooohhhh deeaaarrr

    -New Pictures
    Nacho sent me two scans of Luis and Mariah on this weeks TV Guide. It basically says that the two are broken up, blah blah blah! You can check out those scans in Gallery 28, yes Gallery 28 not Gallery 46 because 28 was very empty!!

    Plus, Andres sent me two pics of Mariah during her Madrid Rainbow Tour I believe. One is from Close My Eyes Performance and the other is from Emotions. Check those 2 pics out in Gallery 28 too!

    Finally, I added some new Wallpapers to the Wallpaper #2 Gallery. So check out those nice ones; basically All That Glitters wallpapers.

    -Star Tabloid
    Here is what it says in the Janurary 23rd issue of the Star Tabloid. Thanks to Mariah Lamby (aka Danielle) for typing this out for me:

    Scantily clad Mariah Carey, shown here with back-up singers Shawntea Harris and Tia Texada , portrays what else? ... a pop star in her feature film debut, All That Glitters. It's due in theaters this fall.

    -Vote for Mariah online
    Here are two places you can vote for Mariah:

  • Rolling Stones
    Rolling Stone is having an online poll to see which artist has the best online fans. Go vote for us!!!
    Since yesteday, Mariah fans are #38 PEOPLE!! We need to get MC higher, please take 5 minutes and go vote!!!!! (thanks Dan)
  • VH1
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Moza19 sent me Mariah's current results. We need to keep Mariah winning! Please go vote!
    -Best Legs - Mariah is in the lead with 74% against such others as Tina & Jennifer L.
    -Best Voice - Mariah is in the lead with 80% ahead of Whitney, Celine, Christina, & Aretha.
    -Best Heart (I want her to win this the most!!) - Mariah in the lead with 84%!! Putting her ahead of Faith, Melissa Etheridge, & Chrissie Hynde

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart, as I said above too!!

    -Scream like Mariah Carey...
    Bullet Hole
    Once the bullet enters you, your brain releases painkilling epinephrine and endorphins that keep you from screaming like Mariah Carey. But soon, every local pain receptor goes nuts as white blood cells attack foreign bodies-such as the bullet. The result? Intense pain and/or death. Don't even ask about the laundry bill.
    (Not a very pleasant article but thanks to mschat99@webtv.net for sending it to me)

    -Mariah and Luis? Together still?
    Check out what mschat99@webtv.net told me:
    Besides that weird tidbit, just wanted to tell you that I met a guy who hosts a TV show in Spain, and he's a Mariah fan. Luis is a friend of his, and he hasn't spoken to Luis in 2 months, but says last time he did, he and MC were happily in love, and he thinks they still are.

    -Michael and Mariah duet?
    Okay 4 people e-mailed me about this since yesterday. Once again the anonymous person wrote me, then two people that say it's true and the other who does not think it is. This rumor popped up before and right now, nothing is known for sure if this time, it's true. It is a fact though that Michael will be teaming up with some big superstar singer for a duet one his new album due later this year. Whether or not that is Mariah, is yet to be announced!

  • Anonymous Ex-Worker at Sony:
    Hi, I had to tell you a thing, when Michael Jackson was going to duet with his sister Janet, it was not known until the premiere of the single. SONY records always keep a big mystery with Michael´s albums and one of the mysteries of the forthcoming one is the first single...its been rumoured is going to be a duet with a superstar,but since I work for SONY, I know Mariah has recorded that song with Michael. That is one of the reasons for the delay of Mariah´s soundtrack, she is going to do great "Gala" to premiere Michael´s first single, and then they´ll both travell around the world to promote it, giving live performances. I know its strange for you to think someone from SONY is delivering information about Michels first album, but I think it was mportant for fans like you to know.Thanks.
  • Iban Diaz Yelamos:
    Hi Reg, I think the Rumour that Mariah is going to duet with Michel is true because on michaels pages, it says that the first single is going to be a duet with a suoperstar!!! That must be Mariah Carey....on the other hand it might seem quite strange that Mariah is delaying the soundtrack because of that but it can be a stable reason, to promote the single with Michael. Yesterday again in the Spànish radio station 40 Principales they said that Michael´s first single was going to be a duet with Mariah Crey!!! also in a Spanish magazine called Top Music it said it, so it must be true!
  • RedEclipse0217:
    ON the thing that u reported about mariah and michael my friend told me yesterday the same story i just thought she was bull shittin so i didnt say nothing... And i she said that she read that they both hooked up at the those awards where they got the same award... Maybe its true that would be like So freakin unreal..... I hope it is true
  • Shayne:
    How ya doin? So yeah, I just read that email someone sent you about the Mariah and Michael Jackson duet. And I, like yourself, do not believe it's true - at all. Cause, firstly, Michael's new album will be titled. 'Mystery'. And the first single will be called, 'I Have This Dream'. NOT a duet, let alone one with MC.

    -Mariah in Top of the Pops
    Here is what Alan told me:
    mc is in the new 'top of the pops' import mag ($5) and they have her as wonderwoman and they put her in a comic strip and they use rainbow song titles like "thank god i dound u wonderwoman' real funny

    -Mariah in the UK's Sun Newspaper
    MClogo Kaho sent me the scan from today's Sun Newspaper in the UK! Here is the article:
    THIS is the picture that will make Mel B flip out - lover Max Beesley in the arms of Mariah Carey.

    The two look a picture of happiness snuggling up together - but Mel will be relieved to know it's all make believe - probably.

    The shot is from their movie All That Glitters, being filmed in Canada. An insider on the set says: "Max and Mariah really hit it off, they're a pair of naturals. To the untrained eye they could have been real lovers the way they joked and flirted with each other.

    "I don't know what Mel's reaction will be when she has a look at this." Mel made her feelings known while Max was making the film at the end of last year. She even ordered him to gargle with mouthwash after he had filmed kissing scenes with Mariah.

    -Clothes Combat--Catty Mr. Blackwell gets a dressing-down from The Sun's own Mr. Randall
    By RANDALL KING -- Winnipeg Sun
    Take an elegant, Grecian-pattern, sterling-silver dessert fork and stick it in Mr. Blackwell. He's done. The fashion critic has probably always been irrelevant. Now, with his 41st annual list of the 10 worst-dressed women, he has hit the peak of pointlessness.

    Every year, the "former designer" (has anyone ever worn an original Blackwell and when?) gets newspaper space by figuring out who are the 10 most discussed females around. Then he bitches about what they wear.

    Up to now, I have always kept mum. I have no claim to expertise, after all. My own editor says I dress "like an unmade bed." Should I ever stay tuned to Fashion Television, it's in the hopes they'll do one of their Pulitzer-quality stories on the new Victoria's Secret line. But I know what I like, fashion-wise.

    Which brings me to No. 1 on Blackwell's list: Britney Spears, an admittedly negligible singer who has lately gained attention for what she's not wearing. "Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill," sniffs Blackwell. Earth to Mr. B: Britney wears filmy outfits specifically designed to showcase her buff young body. And I say to the lucky sod who evidently stitches her duds directly on her: "Well done. Mission accomplished. Gimme five."

    Of Christina Aguilera, No. 6, Mr. Blackwell says, "A body-baring bungle." See Britney Spears.
    Of Angelina Jolie, No. 2, Blackwell says: "Fashion interrupted."
    I say: It doesn't matter what Angelina Jolie is wearing.
    Of Bjsrk, No. 3, Mr. Blackwell says, "She dances in the dark, and dresses there too."
    I say: Bjsrk is cool. Bjsrk is cooler than Mr. Blackwell ever was or ever will be. Lay off Bjsrk.

    Blackwell advises Elizabeth Hurley, No. 5, to "buy a coat." Easily the worst advice Liz got since: "Let Hugh go to L.A. by himself. What's the harm?"

    Mariah Carey: "Her X-rated baby-doll disasters are laughably low-rent."
    Well, I agree that Mariah Carrey is selling a decidedly smutty image these days. But let's get real. Mariah didn't pick her bikini-and-roller skates video wardrobe because she knew it would appeal to elderly ex-fashion designers, if you know what I mean. Like Shannon Tweed movies, Mr. Randall rates Mariah a guilty pleasure.

    Courtney Love, No. 8: "No one is tackier and wackier."
    I say: You saw Courtney Love last year?

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger, No. 7, Blackwell says, is "a turtlenecked terror."
    I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt here since I make it a point to avoid that Doyenne of Disapproval. But after checking some old pictures of her posted on various Web sites, I have to give credit where it's due. In her younger days, Laura had a real flair for what I call "classic loungewear."
    (Thanks to Kyle for typing this out from his local newspaper!!)

    -Mariah on MTV Show-Hips, Lips and Gender Benders
    Meg wrote me and told me that they showed clips of MC's videos and talked about how over the last couple of years she has become a lot sexier. If you missed it, like me, check out the repeat of the show:

  • Jan. 14th...Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV from 10:30 pm until 12:30 am
  • Jan. 15th...Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV from 7 am until 9 am EST
  • Jan. 21st...Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV from 11 am until 1 pm EST
  • Jan. 21st...Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm EST
  • Jan. 21st...Hips, Lips and Gender Benders on MTV from 10:30 pm until 12:30 am EST

    January 13, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah in new Star Tablodi--Janurary 23rd?
    Alex just told me that Mariah is in the new Star Tabloid. I went and checked it out and it says something along the lines that Mariah is shown with her two backup singers behind her, Shantae Harris and Tia Texada, in her new movie All That Glitters! I am going to buy it tomorrow at work, so I can type out then what it says but the picture on the right is what the picture is inside Star. So, if you want to own this lovely photo, go get your copy today :)

    -Make Room
    MARIAH Carey's boyfriend Luis Miguel has a way to go before he commands the VIP treatment accorded to director Penny Marshall. When the former "Laverne and Shirley" star swaggered into Studio 54 the other night with hard-partying hoopster Jayson Williamsand a large entourage, managers booted Miguel from his table to make room. The club's kingpin Noel Ashman made nice with Miguel by sending over a bottle of Kettle One vodka. Moby, James King and Chris Brosnan witnessed the musical chairs.
    (Thanks to Dana for this article from Page Six in NY Post!)

    -Vote for Mariah online
    Here are two places you can vote for Mariah:

  • Rolling Stones (Thanks Jesse)
    Rolling Stone is having an online poll to see which artist has the best online fans. Go vote for us!!!
  • VH1 (Thanks Rahel)
    It says on the VH1 website:
    When you're a rock star, looking good comes with the territory. But we want to know what it is about your favorite star that turns you on. Who's got the best eyes? The firmest thighs? The biggest talents? Well, you can see where we're going. Tell us who wears it well, and the results will appear on VH1 All Access: Body Beautiful, due to premiere on March 22. You don't have to be vain - this really is about you!
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)

    Vote by clicking here! Go vote for MC, I think she deserves Best Heart!!

    Pop fans are using a new rhyming slang based on stars' names to describe everyday activities. Instead of cycling to the gym they now George Michael to the Fatboy Slim, and drinkers can get Daft Punk after too many Britney Spears. The so-called popney rhyming slang was invented by Paul Elliot, editor of the Music365.com website. Paul reckons daredevil Happy Mondays fans could end up taking to the skies on a Shaun Ryder - hang glider. And golf fans could see Tiger Woods getting a bit Mariah Carey - lairy - after a bust-up with his Puff Daddy - golf caddy. Other rhyming pop slang phrases include making a snack on your Kula Shaker - sandwich maker - or nipping out in your Wu Tang Clan - Transit van - for a Jay Kay - takeaway. Music365.com's Paul says, "It started as a joke but now everyone's using it." (MCM/WNWCAN/PDD)(c) 2001 The World Entertainment News Network.
    (Thanks to Jake for this article)

    -COLUMN: Napster benefits musicians and listeners
    BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Jan 10, 2001 (Indiana Daily Student, U-WIRE via COMTEX) -- Many reliable sources bestow the title of "Person of the Year," and I, being a reliable source, will join that group. The committee (my parents' cat, Buffy, and myself) has decided on Napster founder Shawn Fanning. (Other nominees included Jay-Z, Carmen Electra and IU President Myles Brand, just to name a few.) For those of you who've been wandering in the desert for the past year or so, Fanning is a 20-year-old college drop-out and creator of Napster.com, a Web site designed by a music fan for other music fans. Its 38 million users can download and share music files using MP3 technology for free. At first, this seemed like the wave of the future. People from all different walks of life could share their favorite songs with one another across the Internet. Kids could listen to an album at no cost, decide whether it was crap and avoid making the $20 mistake of purchasing the CD. This was surely the Promised Land. But leave it to the greedy corporate fat cats to call the cops on this technological kegger. Not two months after the company had gotten off the ground, five major record labels (EMI, BMG, Sony, Time Warner and Universal) had all filed suits against both Napster and Fanning, claiming copyright infringement. Then Metallica sued Napster and Indiana University, among others. In response, IU banned, un-banned and re-banned Napster. But while IU has curtailed Napster's use among its students, the Web site continues to be a favorite with the rest of the free world. Although some artists have spoken out against Napster, much of the music community seems to think its invention has been a blessing rather than a curse. Among the artists who've endorsed Fanning's product: U2's Bono, Madonna, Dave Matthews, Moby and Prince. These artists believe that easily accessible music is the true worldwide currency, not dollars and cents. Besides, most musicians see little profit from album sales. The average artist earns pennies on every CD sold, with the vast majority of the money going straight into the pockets of record label executives. The real money is in, and always has been in, touring. And what better way to promote a tour than to have your album available worldwide via the Internet? Even if you do buy the argument that CD sales are vital to a musician's livelihood, you cannot argue with numbers that suggest Napster's positive impact on the industry. The CD industry grew by 6 percent from June 1999 to June 2000, according to the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA). Manufacturers shipped 420 million CDs in the first six months of this year -- more than any other six-month period in CD sales history. And that makes me want to hurl in some chief executive officer's gold-plated pooper. Why? Because record companies are shadier than President Bill Clinton's private video collection. And frankly, they don't deserve my money. The recording industry, in typically hypocritical fashion, has brought suit against Napster for violating copyright laws. But has anyone checked their rap sheets lately? Of course not. When we take a closer look at the recording industry, we see that it was recently under investigation by the FTC for possible violations of anti-trust laws. According to the FTC, record labels have been engaged in non-competitive pricing practices that have added about $500 million to CD prices since 1997. The five major labels agreed to pay for advertising their artists' CDs in record stores if the record stores agreed to sell the CDs above a minimum price -- a blatant violation of federal law. But there was no settlement. The investigation ended this summer with the record labels agreeing to "stop it," which is usually how a mother scolds her son for stealing $5 from her purse. Unfortunately, the purse belonged to you and me, and we had about $500 million tucked neatly between a pack of gum and a disposable camera. But it's OK, because they promised not to steal from us ever again. I say Shawn Fanning is a savior. He is a well-intentioned individual who has provided society with a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, it is probable that Napster will become subscriber-based in the near future. And it is likely that the record companies will continue to manipulate consumers (and artists) until the day monkeys fly from my butt. Whatever happens in the future, let us not forget what Fanning, my Person of the Year, has done for music lovers in 2000. Now where did I put that Mariah Carey CD I burned? By Matt Csanyi
    (Thanks Jake for this article)

    -Jess loves Old Mariah?
    Here is what Michelle told me:
    Hey Regina! I just wanted to tell ya that on Music Mania 2000 today, they had a little quick interview with Jessica Simpson and she said that she was working on a new album and that for inspiration she was listening to some Stevie Wonder, old Mariah, and Pink.

    -Mariah Jeans Sighting
    Jose saw Kimberly Steward, Rod Stewards daughter sporting Mariah Carey Pants! If you want to check out the picture, you can do so in Jan. 15th issue of People Magazine!!

    -Michael Jackson and Mariah to duet?
    Okay, today I got a pretty bizarre e-mail and it basically says that Michael Jackson and Mariah are going to be doing a duet and that's why the soundtrack and his album are not being released early 2001?? I don't really believe it thought because this person's e-mail address was anonimousmanorwom (not giving whole address).

    So anyhow here is what I was sent and I don't believe it's true because we would of heard about it by now; I mean look how the news on Britney and Madonna appeared!

    Hello, i´ve been working for SONY COMPANY for several years, and i´ve noticed how bad the company is treating the artists. Last year, its been a very hard year for Mariah Carey but things are going to change throughout this year. Its a new era an a new life is going to start for some artists. This Year is going to be a very exciting year for Mariah Carey because the soundtrack for her forthcoming movie is going to come out which includes 15 songs which are surely going to be Top Hits. BUT before this, Michel Jackson is going to put out his new album called "On My Anger" which is also going to break records because the whole album is fantastic, but specially because of the first single...A Duet with Miss Mariah Carey. This information is confidential, but only the way SONY RECORDS is treating this two wonderful artists has forced me to deliver this information to you.By the way all the delays for both Mariah Carey and Michael´s album are not because Mariah and Michael want to wait more time for their albums to come out, its just the company is trying to make more money making the fans like you wait for a longer time. I Hope this information is usefull and that it has made the Fans like you have more faith on the artists. I also hope this information has helped to let you know what Mariah and Michael are preparing for this year, so just wait with a bit of patience because this year this two artists are going to BREAK RECORDS! Thank you for reading this.

    -Mariah Daily
    Yesterday I spent 3 hours moving all the files into this sites new address, www.mariahdaily.com. Plus, everytime I update this site now, I update wildcathg.tripod.com and www.mariahdaily.com, so whenever they finish up on the domain name for mariahdaily.com, everything should appear exactly how it is now. So everything is ready to go, I just have to wait until the domain is. I was told the new address will premiere on the internet on Monday! So if you come to this site on Monday and find nothing, it's because it's now located at www.mariahdaily.com address. I'll have a link still on this site sending you to the new one though, so don't worry about that!

    Also, if some of the links on this site don't work properly this weekend, it's because I had to change some things for the new site! This especially takes place on the Messageboard with the top banner! Thanks guys!

    January 12, 2001...
    MClogo -Update #2
    -New Mariah Carey Book
    Since I got a gift certificate for Christmas from my friend, I was searching Amazon.com and came across a new book for Mariah Carey which should be published in June 2001, by ECW press! You can preorder it now and it should be really good since it's going to be written by Marc Shapiro!! Here is what it says on Amazon:

    From the Publisher
    A Cinderella story starring the bestselling female musical artist of the millennium

    Mariah Carey grew up in a broken home, poor and with no friends. Singing was her salvation. One day, at a music industry party, another musician slips executive Tommy Mottola a demo tape of Mariah. In the limo on his way home Mottola is bored, so he listens to the tape. Mariah's voice is like liquid gold. He goes back to look for her. But just like in the Cinderella story, she has slipped away.

    Mottola follows the tracks of Carey's slipper and immediately signs her on. In 1990, at 21, she becomes an instant star. Her debut album sells more than seven million copies in the U.S. And she ends up marrying Mottola, her Prince Charming.

    Marc Shapiro's new biography charts this Cinderella story in which Carey becomes the biggest selling recording artist of the 1990s, selling 115 million albums worldwide. Carey is the only musical artist to earn a #1 single every year of the last decade. At the beginning of this decade, fans are anticipating her new movie and soundtrack to All That Glitters (March 2001).

    Shapiro's new book also includes coverage of Carey's personal life: her love of cats and dogs, riding horses and roller coasters, and watching Marilyn Monroe movies; her eventual break-up with Mottola, revealed to have physically abused Mariah and kept her prisoner in their mansion; and her recent bizarre behaviour at live shows like her fondness for the striptease.

    The book is 200 pages and is $16.95. Click here for a direct link to check out the book and click the picture above for a bigger version of the cover!! Can't wait for this book to be released!

    -Update #1
    -Changed Address
    For many of you, you have this site bookmarked as:

    However, please change your bookmarks to:

    I made the extension "htm" instead of "html" for an important reason to make things easier later on. So sorry if this messed anyone up. This is the last address change, until I move the site to www.mariahdaily.com this weekend hopefully!

    Christmas Single -New Japan Single!!!
    Shino from Love Love Jack sent me a brand new cover of the Japan single "All I Want For Christmas" remix! It's so cute and has the same tracklistings as the other single! It shows Mariah decorating the tree while Jack is unwrapping the present. Click the picture on the right to see a bigger version of it!

    -All That Gliters Domain Name going for $25,000
    So anyone got $25,000 sitting around to spare? If so, you can buy www.allthatglitters.com domain! It seems it is up for auction though and the minumum amount is $300. Thanks to Priscilla for the following information:

    This Domain Name is for Sale through GreatDomains.com
    The Internet's Marketplace for Domain Names and Websites.
    allthatglitters.com     List Price: $25000

    -He made his list and he checked it twice
    He's made his list, and he's checked it twice. Fashion guru Mr. Blackwell unleashed his list of terror Tuesday (Jan. 9) of the worst-dressed women of 2000.

    Pop princess Britney Spears, who is about to make her feature film debut, better be stronger than yesterday when she finds that she's perched atop the list at No. 1.

    The 41st annual list is made up mostly of women from the musical arena. Along with Spears, her rival Christina Aguilera also made the list, as well as Bjork, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Courtney Love. Rounding out the list are actresses Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley, radio shrink Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and -- we saw this one coming -- Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

    In related news, The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Spears is set to star in an untitled Tamara Davis coming-of-age story that is being described as Boys on the Side meets Duets. Spears is set to play an A-student who goes on a road trip with a cheerleader and a burnout. She starts shooting in March.

    Here is the complete list and Mr. Blackwell's comments:
    1. Britney Spears: "Oops, she did it again. Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill."
    2. Angelina Jolie: "Fashion interrupted. Hit by a Gen-X Gothic hex."
    3. Bjork: "She dances in the dark -- and dresses there, too... Let's dub her 'Alice in Blunderland.'"
    4. Madonna: "From ghetto glam to rhinestone cowgirl to Mrs. Guy Ritchie. Any way you label it, she's still just kitschy, kitschy, kitschy."
    5. Elizabeth Hurley: "Poor Liz, her barely there fashion bombs have hit a sour note -- a word of advice, buy a coat."
    6. Christina Aguilera: "Is she a boring and body-baring bungle -- or just auditioning for Sheena, Queen of the Jungle?"
    7. Dr. Laura Schlessinger: "When it comes down to fashion horror, no one does it better than Dr. Laura. A turtlenecked terror."
    8. Courtney Love: "When push comes to shove, no one's fashion is tackier and wackier than funky, punky Love!"
    9. Mariah Carey: "Her X-rated baby doll disasters are laughably low-rent. Who's her designer? Larry Flynt?"
    10. Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State: "The pretty, brassy lassie from Tallahassee needs cosmetic direction."
    (thanks to Carrie for this article!)

    -All That Gliters on Amazon
    Dionne told me that at Amazon.com you can give them your e-mail address and they will e-mail you when anything comes in new about All That Glitters. Just check out their All That Glitters page on Amazon, and put your e-mail address information in.

    -Mariah on TV last night
    There was a show on VH1 last night called, "How Far Is Too Far!" I taped it and checked it out and about half way through, the men and women checked out Mariah's video, Honey! As soon as it started one guy said something along the lines as Yeah, I remember this video!! Then everyone laughed! They actually said really nice comments about Mariah's video and in the end everyone said it was considered sexy but not too sexy, which was good!!

    Thanks to SUMar235 for informing me about this show yesterday and Jose for also telling me about it!

    Desiree sent me the charts from Billboard.com!!

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 22, 2000
    Thisweek Lastweek Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    17 9 Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800* 2
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 20, 1996
    Thisweek Lastweek Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    2 1 Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700 1
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 19, 1991
    Thisweek Lastweek Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition
    5 4 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202 3

    -Luis and Mariah call it quits
    This is what Karina told me:
    Hi Regina I got bad news, yesterday in a Tv show Rumores (rumors) from Argentina they said MC and Luis broke up. The thing is they didn´t spend new year eve together because MC had to stay with her manager because she broke her leg skiing. And Luis traveled to NY with his friends very upset. He came back to Aspen a few days ago to try to make up but they didn´t get to an agreement so they broke up. Luis is now in Acapulco and he is going to start recording his new album next month in Los ANgeles. Who knows what may happen ...Believe me Regina, I think this time it´s true, the lady from this TV show is a close friend of Polo Martinez (Luis´s friend, they were together in Studio 54 remember?)and he told her all about this.

    Okay, my opinion about this is that it is NOT true! Mariah probably did not travel with Luis because she is probably staying in Aspen to work in the studio because she has her own work to do also. Plus she probably wants to still stay with Louise. If my best friend was hurt, I would want to stay with her too. Plus, maybe Mariah did go with Luis to Acapulco. This information was taken from a Rumor show but then again, they were right about Louise getting hurt. So who knows whether this is true or not but I don't think it is. I don't think that would be enough to end a relationship, especially one that seems to be so strong!!

    January 11, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah's Official Site is Updated
    Mariah's Official Site, www.mariahcarey.com, is now updated with some new footage of Mariah in Aspen with the kids, plus a nice interview with her. You can click on the picture on the right to see some screen caps, thakns to Shayne! When I watched it, it was VERY choppy and I don't know if that is the way it was intended to be or if my computer is just not working right. I liked the end though how it had MC running and throwing snow at the screen, that was a nice touch. Thanks to Danielle (aka MariahLamby) for originally telling me about this!!

    Eddie from The Rainbow Warrior Site already made a transcript of it and you can check it out by checking out the Transcripts of Mariah's Messages!

    -Blackwells list on radio
    Check out what Brian told me:
    I just thought I'd let you know that I was just watching the local Fox station here in Chicago and the entertainment guy Bill Zwecker was talking about the Worst Dressed List. He mentioned how he thought it was a surprise that Mariah was on the list because he thought she always looked pretty well put together. Then, the main female anchor next to him kind of laughed and said that maybe she was on the list because she needs to wear clothing that is a couple of sizes larger.

    Brian also said:
    I personally thought these were pretty good comments compared to what others say about her. Everyone knows that she likes to wear skimpy outfits, but the fact is, Zwecker is right when he says that she is always put together well. She never looks bad or even average looking to me.

    -Mariah in Latina
    Tonya told me that Mariah is in the Feb issue of Latina. There is a picture of Mariah sitting on Luis's lap. It says, "Singing beauty Mariah Carey cuddles up to her prince charming Luis Miguel. And the fairy tale ending?" Anyone got a scan??

    -Special Edition Rainbow CD
    David told me that he went to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square and they had a copy of the 2 CD set of Rainbow featuring the single with Westlife. I have this 2 cd set and it's a nice collectors item, so if you live by Virgin, check it out! I wonder if Tower and other cd stores similiar to Virgin will also be getting this 2 cd set?

    -New Pictures
    My buddy Mia sent me some picture and 2 of them I don't have up in Galleries, so I added two of them to Gallery 46! So check them out!

    Plus, I spent almost 2 hours fixing up the galleries today. I labeled each gallery at the top so it would be easier to skim through them. I know when I would look for a picture, it would say which gallery I was in and then it would be harder to skim through them. SO I hope by numbering each page on the top, it will become a little easier for you to look through them! Enjoy!

    -Happy Birthday
    It's RedEclipse0217@aol.com birthday today. Send him a birthday wish if you got a little extra time :)

    -Coming Shortly--Mariah Daily
    Well they always say, "Change is good" and that is exactly what is happening to this website. Sometime within the next 3-4 days, I will be moving the whole website to a different name and when I do that, it will no longer be named WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page! The new name of this site will be "Mariah Daily!" The new address for this website will be www.mariahdaily.com! I deceided to name the site Mariah Daily, because this site is updated daily with your latest Mariah Carey News, Pictures and everything else you need to know about Mariah! Plus, WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page was such a long name to type out all the time too, hee hee!

    All the graphics are done for the new site and I spent two hours fixing all the links on the other page today also. So, if you go to any other page on this site, the links should all be working properly because today I found out they originally were not for some reason!!

    Plus, the domain name I am getting is completly free because I will be advertising for peel.com So, I will be having the same banner at the top that Mariah Online has. For four years, I ran a site for free and got NOTHING for running it. However now, I have to put myself through college and I am just too far in debt; since I have no loans and I my bills are $6,000 + a year to attend Rowan University. The first year I could pay for college out of my bank account but now I am broke, so I have to work even more to pay them. So yeah, the banners may annoy some of you at points, but unless someone else is willing to pay me to run this website, that's the best I can do right now. When you check out the new address and if you have any problems with the banners, feel free to e-mail me about it!

    I already have the domain name and it is already up. I just have to wait for the okay to move my files. So sometime in the next 3-4 days, everything will be moved. There will still always be a page on this address (wildcathg.tripod.com) directing you to the new page (mariahdaily.com). Stay tuned...

    January 10, 2001...
    MClogo -Mariah Worst Dress on Blackwells List
    First of all, before I post these next two article about Blackwells anual list, I have to say that this guy seems to put all the highly famous people on his worst dress list. I mean to make it on his best dress list, you probably have to dress like a freakin' nun, and I think the fact that Britney, Mariah, Christina and everyone else who made worst dress, show a little skin and therefor they wind up on Worst! I just think it is wrong and he's an old fart! Ha ha, ahem, just my opinion of course. Post yours on the board!!

    Spears Tops Mr. Blackwell's List
    .c The Associated Press
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mr. Blackwell named Britney Spears the top fashion flop of 2000 in his annual worst-dressed women list Tuesday. He called her two-piece outfits ``Madonna rejects.''

    Blackwell, a former fashion designer, also dressed down Angelina Jolie, Bjork, Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Christina Aguilera, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Courtney Love, Mariah Carey and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

    His 41st annual list and comments:
    1. Britney Spears: ``Oops, she did it again. Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill.''

    2. Angelina Jolie: ``Fashion interrupted. Hit by a Gen-X Gothic hex.''

    3. Bjork: ``She dances in the dark - and dresses there, too.

    4. Madonna: ``From ghetto glam to rhinestone cowgirl to Mrs. Guy Ritchie. Any way you label it, she's still just kitschy, kitschy, kitschy.''

    5. Elizabeth Hurley: ``Poor Liz, her barely there fashion bombs have hit a sour note - a word of advice, buy a coat.''

    6. Christina Aguilera: ``Is she a boring and body-baring bungle - or just auditioning for `Sheena, Queen of the Jungle?'''

    7. Dr. Laura Schlessinger: ``When it comes down to fashion horror, no one does it better than Dr. Laura. A turtlenecked terror.''

    8. Courtney Love: ``When push comes to shove, no one's fashion is tackier and wackier than funky, punky Love!''

    9. Mariah Carey: ``Her X-rated baby doll disasters are laughably low-rent. Who's her designer? Larry Flynt?''

    10. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris: ``The pretty, brassy lassie from Tallahassee needs cosmetic direction.''

    -Oops! Britney Spears tops worst-dressed charts
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Teen pop princess Britney Spears was deemed top of the worst-dressed charts by the self-appointed fashion guru known only as Mr. Blackwell Tuesday in a list that also included Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. With the notable exception of Jennifer "that dress" Lopez, some of the most talked-about celebrities of 2000 were ridiculed as fashion flops by Mr. Blackwell, who produces his "worst-dressed" list annually.

    Spears, 19, whose bare navel is almost as ubiquitous as her hits from her second album "Oops! I Did It Again," soared to first place on the Worst Dressed Women of 2000 list, up from sixth place a year ago.

    "Oops, she did it again," purred Mr. Blackwell. "Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill. Relax. Help is on the way."

    The 10th but most recent entry on the list was reserved for Harris, who was dubbed Cruella de Vil by the media when she became a household name in America during the prolonged U.S. presidential election count last November.

    "Her paint-by-numbers make-up screams out for discretion. A recount please!" said Mr. Blackwell.

    Teen pop sensation Christina Aguilera (sixth) could use some fashion help while Iceland's singer-actress Bjork (No. 3) ought to be dubbed "Alice in Blunderland," said Mr. Blackwell.

    Madonna's latest reinvention as a rhinestone cowgirl did not go unnoticed. Coming in fourth place on the list, Mr. Blackwell dubbed the Material Girl "still just kitschy, kitschy, kitschy."

    British actress-model Elizabeth Hurley, famed for a body-baring dress held together with safety pins, has turned into a fashion fumbler winning fifth place on the list. "Her barely-there fashion bombs have hit a sour note -- buy a coat," advised Mr. Blackwell.

    Others incurring Mr. Blackwell's wrath included Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie (No. 2), singer Courtney Love (No. 8) and singer Mariah Carey (No. 9) whose "X-rated baby doll disasters are laughably low rent."

    But Jennifer Lopez, who made headlines worldwide last February by wearing a dress that set records for plunging necklines, was left off the 10-worst list.
    (Taken from Reuters/Variety and many thanks to Ibraheem for sending it to me!)

    -Buy All I Want For Christmas Is You Remix Single on Tower
    Desiree told me that you can purchase the AIWFCIY remix single from Japan on Towerrecords.com I think I already reported this information but just incase you didn't get the single yet, now you know!

    -Mariah and Luis pictures

  • Want to see Luis as a baby? Careful, he's naked.
    Click Here: Luis as a baby
  • Want to see Luis with his parents?
    Click Here: Luis with his parents
  • Want to see a nice collage featuring Mariah and Luis?
    Click Here: Mariah and Luis together

    Thanks to Jen for all these pics!! She also, made the last one!

    Lim Swee informed me that the 3 wallpapers I added yesterday are not working, so I went in today and fixed them. Plus, Michelle sent me two more lovely wallpapers, so check them out in Wallpaper #2 Gallery

    January 9, 2001...
    MClogo -EXCLUSIVE All That Glitters Information
    Yesterday, I got a copy of the March 17, 2000 revision of the script. Since then, the script has most likely been revised several more times but most of it is probably the same. I will NOT be giving any information about the plot or any details that are real important because it will ruin the movie for you all, so please do not contact me asking for any more information either. However here are some tidbits that I thought were kind of cool while reading it last night:

  • In the movie, Billie James (Mariah) has a cat named Whisper. The cat is not just a pet but a sence of stability for Billie. She looses her mother at a young age, almost her boyfriend/manager DJ Dice (Max B.) and the cat is something she has just held onto for a long time. However, something happens to Whisper. When you see the movie, you will see what!
  • In the beginning of the movie, DJ Dice says that Billie glitters. Later on, he names his club after her, "Glitter Bar"
  • After the American Music Awards, which Billie performs at, DJ Dice and Billie catch up with singer Rick James.
  • Some information on the characters. I don't know who plays them all though:
    *Billies mothers name is Lillian James
    *Manny is a clerk at the social service agency
    *Peter becomes Billie's personal assistant when she becomes famous
    *Rafael is a D'Angelo type, a famous R&B singer who later writes music with Billie
    *I couldn't find Ceasar mentioned anywhere, which is Eric Benét's character. Maybe in later revisisions of the script they change the name of the R&B singer Rafael to Ceasar because Mariah said on MTV that she would be doing a duet with Eric and in the script, it says that Billie does a duet with Raphael. So even they changed the name from Raphael to Ceasar or vice versa. Or, maybe the Raphael part has nothing to do with Eric, but my guess is that it does.
    *Sylk is a singer that Billie is a backup singer for.
    *Leon originally signs Billie to be a backup singer for Sylk. DJ Dice begs Leon to allow Billie out of the contract so he can make Billie a star.
  • Here is a quote from Billie that she says at Madison Square Garden. What song does it remind you of? Can you tell MC wrote it?
    Every single one of you is a gift. You all have something beautiful inside and no one can take that away from you. No one can touch that.
    That's it, that's all I am telling! Enjoy :)

    -Songwriter Sues Sony Over Mariah Carey Hit
    A California songwriter filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in United States District Court for the Central District of California on Friday (Jan. 5) over the single "I Still Believe," which was a hit for Brenda K. Starr in the '80s and for Mariah Carey in the '90s.

    Songwriter Kathi Pinto alleges in the suit that she co-wrote a song entitled "I Still Believe" in 1981, which was sold to music publisher Galen Senogles at Simple Song Music that same year. As the song switched hands among various publishers and record execs over the years through Pinto's desire for a recording contract, it eventually ended up in the hands of Tom Sturges at Chrysalis Records around 1985. Sturges allegedly helped pen a tune called "I Still Believe" with Antonina Armato and Beppe Canarelli, which was later recording by Motown recording artist Bunny DeBarge in 1986.

    The suit reads, in part, "The infringing song incorporates and copies the theme, words, and music of [Pinto's original]. In particular, the infringing song copies almost exactly the title-hook line in the chorus of [Pinto's original], the most memorable and commercially important part of the [Pinto's original]. The infringing song repeats this title-hook line several times in the chorus."

    A year later, flash-in-the-pan Chrysalis artist Brenda K. Starr also recorded a version of the song, who just happened to be employing a back-up singer named Mariah Carey at the time. After Carey's rise to superstardom throughout the '90s, a version by Carey appeared on her 1998 greatest hits compilation #1's, which was a worldwide smash. All this -- alleges Pinto -- without her permission or knowledge.

    Pinto is suing for copyright infringement, violation of the Lanham Act, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, and accounting. In addition to Sony Music, Pinto also names Sturges, Armato, Cantarelli, Chrysalis Music Corp., and EMI Music Publishing in the suit.
    (Taken from CDNow.com and many thanks to Dan and VanishingXPhile!!)

    -Mariah Wallpapers
    Asma sent me 3 new wallpapers and I adde to the Wallpaper #2 gallery. Check out these nice wallpapers if you got a little extra time today :)

    -Precious Moments™ Waterball Figurines
    Melissa saw two little precious moments waterball figures; one being a lamb and the other a rainbow! If you want to order them, it's $9.95 but the catalog is meant for business, so just make up a buisness name. Click the link below if you want to check it out:
    Click Here

    -Website Reopened
    Eddie (aka Rainbow Warrior) has reopened his site. Originally he was the first site to have all the transcripts to Mariah's messages plus he has easy access to go ahead and listen to them on the Official Website. I got a lot of transcripts from him originally when I made my transcript page for this site. It's a really neat website and I suggest you all go ahead and check it out and make sure you bookmark it in your favorite places!

    Kyle sent me an article from the January issue of WHAT magazine. It's a magazine that you can find in schools in Canada. There is a picture of Mariah from Billboard Awards in 1999. Here is what it says:

    DIVA DISH! Mariah Carey has someone in her entourage who holds out a palm, waiting for disposal of her spit-out chewing gum...

    -Mariah mentioned in National Enquirer
    Robert told me that Mariah is mentioned in the Janurary 16th issue of the National Enquirer. There is a picture of Mariah from Diva 2000 in it's Hollywood's Best, Worst and Least Dressed 2000. Here is what it says:

    MARIAH CAREY The sexy strongstress exhibits much more than an awesome set of pipes - her 34C-size lungs have helped her dance through octaves and sell over 80 million records. Mariah's motto: Grin and bare it!
    Also, on page 36 and 37, it talks about weddings. It has a picture of Tommy and Thalia, and mentions Mariah. Here is the article:
    Sony Music kingpin Tommy Mottola took a queen - his third - in royal style. His bride - 30-year-old Mexican soap opera actress and chart topping singer Thalia Sodi - wore a white gown with a majestic 48-foot train. That's 21 feet longer than the 27-foot train his ex-wife Mariah Carey wore - and 23 feet longer than Princess DI's! Among the 250 guests at the December 2 nuptials in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral were Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Julio Iglesias.

    Cathy came across a site where you can get a Mariah cursor. Just go to the site, go into Pop Singers (Mariah is around the 3rd page) and then your cursor will become Mariah's head!

    -Luis and Mariah getting engaged
    MClogo Here is an old article and picture that Anna found and she told me what it says, which you can read below! Click the picture on the right to see a bigger version:
    It's an article from an Italian magazine that talks about Luis and Mariah getting engaged. It's very similar to the other stories (the rumors) - the huge diamond, the daily phone calls, the flowers, their romantic encounters all over the world, and the trip to Bahamas, etc., and that the fact that no date has been set. It also talks about how she was married to the "Sony Honcho" TM, and was divorced in 1997. Although Luis is a "naturalized Mexican citizen", people in Italy still are proud of his Italian heritage via his mother, who was an Italian actress. It also refers to Luis's history as an award winning singer in Italian (at age 15 he came in second at a festival in San Remo).

    January 8, 2001...
    MClogo -Update #2
    -Webpage Changing
    In about a week, this webpage will be moved to a new domain and possibly, will even be changing names! I don't want to give out the domain name or too much information right now because it's top secret, hee hee. I had to create a splash page, which announces the site, therefor moving this main page to a different address on my tripod account! Hope this isn't a problem for anyone!!

    -Update #1
    The following pages are now updates:

  • All That Glitters Page
  • My Stuff (got some more Rainbow tour concerts)
  • You Know Your A Mariah Fan When
  • Mariah Quotes
  • Your Mariah Story
  • Mariah Fanclubs (putting up DMCA information)

    Thanks to Moni for the new character information for the All That Glitters cast information for Chris Tessaro and thanks to MariahLamby (aka Danielle) for some of the lines for You Know You're a Fan When!

    Well, Michele sent me even MORE wallpapers that she made and they are very nice, just like the others ones she sent. I had to make another Wallpaper Gallery, so check out the new ones in Wallpaper Gallery #2.

    -Translation of Mira Article
    Anna was very nice and translated the Mira Article that I added to Galleryu 46 last week. Here is the part she translated!


    The "gossipers" are saying that if Luis Miguel and Mariah want to surpass the two Mottola weddings in lavishness and luxury, then they will have to break into their piggy banks and spend all their savings. The wedding of Mariah Carey and Mottola cost one million dollars.

    Fotos Nunca Vista = Never before seen photos

    En la Boda de la Carey lluvio a cantaros = At Mariah's wedding, it rained "cats and dogs" (it rained a lot!)

    It's that time of year again for Allstar to let readers in on what has gotten the rocks of their favorite artists off throughout the year 2000, whether that be what 10 CDs they couldn't stop listening to, who their favorite film stars were, or, in general, the top 10 "anythings" that inspired them for whatever reason. It's all right here to entertain you.

    The list made by Christina Aguilera is very interesting. At Number 1 is our Mariah. Christina described her with just one word: "amazing". Here is the complete list:
    01. Mariah Carey
    02. Brian McKnight
    03. Etta James
    04. Lenny Kravitz
    05. Whitney Houston
    06. Julie Andrews
    07. Enrique Iglesias
    08. 'NSync
    09. Britney Spears
    10. Jennifer Lopez
    (Taken from CDNow and many thanks to Mariah Carey Archives

    -Watch Mariah's fight!
    Sean did some searching on the MTV website and found out where you can watch the fight between Mariah and Jim on Celebrity Deathmatch! Check it out at the link below, if you choose to do so!
    Click Here

    -Trackmasters To Leave Columbia
    The hot production team responsible for Destiny's Child's current No. 1 single, "Independent Women Part I," is shedding its affiliation with Columbia Records and looking for a new label deal, sources tell Billboard Bulletin.

    Samuel Barnes and Jean Claude Olivier (known as Tone and Poke), were named executive VPs at the label in 1999; they also operate the Columbia-affiliated Trackmasters Entertainment label. The pair is in talks about a joint-venture deal with a number of majors, including Arista and RCA, sources say. A deal could be announced within two weeks.

    Along with Destiny's Child, Trackmasters have worked with Mariah Carey, Will Smith, and others.

    A Columbia spokesman did not return a call for comment. Trackmasters' attorney, Kenny Meiselas, had no comment.
    (Many thanks to CrAzYxAnjeL 3169@aol.com for this article!)

    January 7, 2001...
    MClogo -Update #2
    -Updates on Website
    I have updated the followings pages on this site, if you want to check them out. I'm still working though :)

  • My Stuff (added new video footage, cd's, Rainbow concerts on cassette and video)
  • You Know You're A Mariah Fan When...
    (Many thanks to Mark, Katherine, Tavie and Robert. The news ones are from 103-133)
  • You're Mariah Carey Story (added 4 new ones to the "red" section)
  • Added last weeks Quote to the Quotes page!

    -Update #1
    -Weekly Updates
    It's Sunday, so there is a new Quote O' The Week, which you can see above and a new Pic O' The Week, which you can check out a preview on the left. If anyone has any quotes they would like to see on the page, please send them to me. They have to be anywhere from 2-3 sentences and no longer please :) Thanks!

    Also, there is a new Poll O' The Week. It seems that everyone loves Mariah's ballads the best and here are the results:
    What kind of style music do you like best from Mariah?
    Ballads (191) 52%
    Uptempos (75) 20%
    Covers (10) 2%
    Remixes (85) 23%
    Total Votes: 361

    -New Pictures and Wallpapers
    I added two more scans to Gallery 46 today. Mark sent me some new pics in real mail that I havn't seen on the internet, so I scanned them! Enjoy!

    Michelle sent me a bunch of wallpapers and I added them all to the Wallpaper Gallery in among the Pic Pages! Some are REALLY nice. Right now I have the Blockbuster picture up on my computer desktop! Check them out if you like!

    One of my best buddies from Holand, Mark, told me some magazines you can find Mariah in!

  • Rolling Stone (USA), the Dec 28th, 2000 Issue.
  • Glossy (NL), the Januay 2001 Issue
  • Neue Revue (D), the January 4th,2001 Issue
  • Star Club (F), the January 2001 Issue
  • Voici (F), The January 1st,2001 Issue

    -3LW look up to MC!
    Taryn told me that the young girl group 3LW (3 Little Women) were on MTV's hotzone a few days ago and mentioned that Mariah was one of their big influences.

    -The Q
    Lori was checking out The Q in Honolulu, who basically plays 70's-90's music and they had a Flashback 500 Countdown and Mariah had 4 songs on the countdown. Here they are:

  • 461 One Sweet Day
  • 451 Honey
  • 400 Fantasy
  • 308 Always Be My Baby

    -Forum on Eil
    My buddy Moni told me that the forum on Eil, which I mentioned yesterday, is full with Mariah's fans who post there and it's seems to be pretty positive. I believe it's all about her Grammy nomination, so go check it out and post something!

    -More to Come....
    Today I am updating a lot of the seperate pages like:

  • All That Glitters Page
  • My Stuff (got some more Rainbow tour concerts)
  • You Know Your A Mariah Fan When
  • Mariah Quotes
  • Your Mariah Story
  • Mariah Fanclubs (putting up DMCA information)

    So check out those pages later tonight for the latest updates

    January 6, 2001...
    MClogo -New Picture
    I got a package in the mail today that one of my best friends Mark sent me. Inside were some pictures that I havn't seen on the internet, so I decided to scan them! However, today I have major lack of time to update the site, so I only added one scan to Gallery 46 of Mariah in Belgium I believe! With the picture are the lyrics to Against All Odds. Check out that nice picture!!

    The other scans will be up even tomorrow or I will add them Monday because I am off all day Monday and have plenty of time! Sorry about the delay on that!

    -Vote for your favorite video on Mariah's Official Site
    The Official Mariah Site, www.mariahcarey.com has been updated. You can vote for your Top 3 videos of Mariah and then they will add them to the site!! The videos that are listed are the ones below and make sure you go to her official site and cast your vote!!
    Honey Remix
    The Roof
    Heartbreaker Remix
    Thank God I Found You
    Thank God I Found You (Make It Last)
    My All
    My All Remix
    Can't Take That Away
    Fantasy with ODB
    One Sweet Day
    I Still Believe
    I Still Believe Remix

    -Magazine News
    Ashley told me that you can check out Mariah in the Jan. 2001 issue of Twist magazine and the Jan. 16th issue of Star Tabloid.

    In Twist, there is a picture of Mariah from the set of All That Glitters and it talks about her favorite fast food.

    In the Star, there are two pictures of her. One is a full body shot of her from the Diva's Live 2000 with the butterfly top and the other is just her head where they are talking about celebs butts, how nice huh? There is a little article for Mariah and it says:

    (F) Trim and Tight
    The way this sexy singer moves on stage, it's no surprise that her tush is so firm and compact. When she's not on tour, she stays trim with daily sit-ups, leg lifts and push-ups.

    -Mariah mentioned in Vibe Magazine
    Brendan told me that Mariah's song Breakdown is named in the Feb. 2001 issue of Vibe magazine. Destiny Child is on the cover and Breakdown is on the list at #9 of "The 50 Most Scandalous Love Songs."

    Dramarama: The 50 Most Scandalous Love Songs
    When Jerry Springer started beating Oprah Winfrey in the TV ratings he brought beef back from the dead, and many dramatic love songs returned with him. The few shameful situations that hadn't yet been covered sent musicians back to the lab. Now every time you turn on the radio someone is singing about how she had a child with her sister's baby-daddy then she stole his jewels and sued him for child support. For a complete look at the musical history of love gone awry, check out Vibe's picks for the 50 most dramatic love songs.

    #9. "Breakdown," Mariah Carey, featuring Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony (1997) -Mariah's man dropped her like a hot potato. When she told it like a thug, it sounded even more hurtful.

    -Bit's O' Info...
    Here is some various information I got on Mariah from fellow fans:

  • Michele:
    Hi, Regina! I was watching MTV's "Christina Aguilera's Greatest Moments" on TRL today. It showed her when she was recording her Christmas album, and it played the opening notes of Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" while showing Christina in the studio. Later in the show, it showed clips of Christina being interviewed, and in one clip the interviewer asked her, "So, you think you sing better than Mariah?" And Christina just burst out in laughter. Lastly, there was a clip of Christina getting on her tour bus, and she turned and waved to the camera, and said "Bye!" in a real high-pitched voice just like Mariah. That's all that was shown!
  • Cheri:
    today i was listenin to the radio..... i dont remember what station but it was one of the ones here in baltimore and they were doin this thing where you would call in and you would give them the year that you graduated highschool and they would tell you what song was #1 that year and it was supposed to describe your personality. well 2 people called in and one said 1993 and the song was dreamlover and then another person called in and said 1995 and it was one sweet day!!! i thought that was pretty kool even know not really like that exciting but ya know it was kool.
  • Mari:
    Hi! The Grammys are coming soon. There are an address where the fans can give their opinions. That´s like a notice board for discussion.There people are talking about the Grammys, the best albums...etc... We have to support Mariah!! The address is:

    January 5, 2001...
    MClogo -Charts
    Thanks to Desiree for the following Charts taken from Billboard.com

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 8, 2000
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    9 8 Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800* 2
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 13, 1996
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    1 1 Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700 1
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: January 12, 1991
    This week Last week Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position 4 5 Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202 3

    -Mariah mentioned on Ben Stein's Show
    Here is what Desiree told me:
    MC was the answer to 2 questions on the game show "Win Ben Stein's Money" on Comedy Central. The first qusetion was: Which best selling female artist of the 90's released the album Rainbow in 1999? The second question was: MC divorced which Sony Music president?

    -New Wallpapers
    Michelle made 4 new wallpapers and I added them to the Wallpaper gallery on the pic pages! If you would like your wallpaper featured in this section, just send them to me and I'll get them up!! Check out Michelle's if you got a little extra time!!

    -Congratulations to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis...
    NEW YORK, Jan 4, 2001 (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) -- It was announced yesterday that legendary hit-makers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis were nominated for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for "Producer Of The Year" for their work with Janet, Mariah Carey and Shaggy in the last year.

    This nomination marks the 6th time the songwriting/ producing duo have been nominated for "Producer of The Year;" they earned their first Grammy Award in that category in 1986 for Janet Jackson's Control album. They received a second Grammy in 1993 for "Best R&B Song" for Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes."

    The Jam & Lewis produced song "My Funny Friend & Me," performed by STING for the soundtrack to the animated film "The Emperor's New Groove" has also received a 2001 Golden Globe Award nomination. Simultaneously, the dynamic duo have been nominated for two Stellar Awards for "Song Of The Year" and "Producers Of The Year" for Yolanda Adams' Grammy-winning "Mountain High Valley Low" gospel album, which received a total of eight Stellar Award nominations.

    This past year has surely proven to be one of Jam & Lewis' most successful years to date. They made music history when they became the #3 ranked pop producers of all time for producing the most #1 hit records, scoring their 14th #1 hit with Janet's "Doesn't Really Matter" from the Nutty Professor II:The Klumps soundtrack.

    The producers broke their own record set with Mariah Carey's #1 hit "Thank God I Found You" (Jam & Lewis' 13th #1 pop hit), which also received a 2001 Grammy nomination for "Best Pop Collaboration." Additionally, the songwriting/ producing team and co-heads of Flyte Tyme Records recently entered into an exclusive three-year joint venture agreement with Arista Records.

    The duo will continue to produce new and established artists for Flyte Tyme Records, which is based in Los Angeles, as well as produce artists on Arista and its other imprints. The year 2001 marks Jam & Lewis' 20th year professionally as a songwriting/production team. Since their first professional recording with THE TIME in 1981, Jam & Lewis have continuously re-invented themselves and proved their testament to longevity.

    They are the only contemporary producers to achieve consistent #1 hit records in three consecutive decades beginning in the 1980's. Currently, Jam & Lewis are writing and producing with Janet on her upcoming album; are collaborating as executive producers with Mariah Carey on original songs for the soundtrack to her movie, All That Glitters, which just wrapped-up filming in Canada. They also wrote and produced several tracks for Usher's much-anticipated new album, All About U, due out in March, five tracks on R&B legends Isley Brothers forthcoming album and six songs on Jordan Knight's album.
    (Thanks to Jake for the following article)

    -Billboard Question
    Thanks to Desiree for this question and answer from Billboard.com

    I just had to comment on Billboard's "Top 20 Divas" list (available only online on The Billboard Radio Countdown). This list was compiled by taking each of the artists' hits, assigning them points based on their weekly chart positions and adding them up. So, in that sense, it is correct. But, this is not the list looked to when talking about top female singles artists. Chart historian Joel Whitburn has the accurate list in his "Top Pop Singles" book (which I have continued to maintain from the cutoff date).

    Whitburn has worked closely with Billboard in publishing these books for more than 30 years. As I'm sure you know, each of the artists' hits are assigned points based on peak position -- weeks on the chart are added in, as well.

    Madonna is No. 1 (ahead of the other main divas by 1,000-plus points), while Janet Jackson (No. 3), Whitney Houston (No. 4) and Mariah Carey (No. 5) are very close -- and before you say, "Well, Madonna's had more singles than Mariah," it doesn't matter. Aretha Franklin has had 73 Hot 100 entries, and she is No. 2 (by 500-plus points) behind Madonna, who has had 46 Hot 100 entries.

    This methodology is fair, and levels the playing field, as it awards hits based solely on peak position, as well as longevity on the charts. Billboard's methodology is misleading in regards to compiling the top artists, as it favors singles' week-to-week rankings, which are not as important as peak position (and how long the single spent there, mostly if it peaked between 1-3). And it's not like the presidential election, and whether electoral votes or popular votes should determine the winner -- in this instance, the plain ol' facts speak for themselves.

    So, it's nice that Billboard compiled this list, but it's not one that is truly reflective of the most successful artists. I mean, all you have to do is look at the list -- Toni Braxton No. 7 and Paula Abdul No. 12? That's enough right there to show how truly accurate this list is. Braxton, who like other post-1991 artists, benefits from incredibly longer stays on the chart due to the introduction of SoundScan and Broadcast Data Systems in 1991, had six top 10s, while Paula Abdul has had eight. Meanwhile, Aretha is No. 16, when she had 73 hits, 43 top 40 hits and 17 Top 10s.

    Enough said. Next topic...
    Jim Radenhausen
    Albrightsville, Pa.

    Dear Jim,
    My first reaction to your E-mail is that I'm glad to know people are listening to The Billboard Radio Countdown. And for those who want to know what Jim is talking about, check out the archives at www.billboardradio.com to hear the "Top 20 Divas" countdown special.

    You can count me among Joel Whitburn's greatest admirers. But we should keep in mind that his top 500 artists list is not an official Billboard listing, but a tally based on his own point system. That's fine, of course -- I use my own point system for "Billboard's Hottest Hot 100 Hits."

    When listening to a show like the "Top 20 Divas" countdown, it's important to listen to the qualifications of how a particular chart was compiled. Host Chuck Taylor explained how the divas list was put together, and while he said he was only going to say it once, I'm happy to repeat it here.

    The countdown was compiled in a fairly unusual way. To qualify for the countdown, a female artist had to have at least 10 top-40 hits on The Billboard Hot 100, and had to have been a solo artist for at least some part of her career. The top-10 chart entries for each artist who qualified were the only ones considered when adding up points. The number of points each song earned in the forthcoming third edition of "Billboard's Hottest Hot 100 Hits" were added together. The artists were then ranked in order of their total number of points.

    That's why an artist like Aretha Franklin was only listed at No. 16. She didn't have the benefit of a song that was No. 1 for 14 weeks or more, like Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" or Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." And Aretha's '60s hits had shorter chart lives than many hits of the '90s, so they didn't earn as many points.

    By the particular chart methodology used for the divas countdown, the top 20 was very accurate. It doesn't mean that was the only way to put together such a list, or that if you used different methodologies, you would come up with a different order.

    By the way, as pointed out in the show, the female artists who ranked No. 2, 3, and 4 on the list were so close together in points, that a couple more weeks in the top-5 for any of them could have resulted in a different ranking.

    January 4, 2001...
    MClogo -Louise McNally hurt
    Here is what Anna told me (my Luis Correspondent):
    Hi Reg- just a quick note to give you more information about the person reporting that story about Luis being in New York and Mariah staying in Aspen. Polo Martinez is an Argentinian friend of Luis Miguel who is also close friends with a Spanish language talk show host (Susana). He reportedly called her to tell her that story and she in turn talked about it on her show. However, a guy named Fernando who runs a Luis Miguel website said that he heard/read other media reports that conflicted with that story, saying that they did indeed spend New Year's eve together, and that we should remember why Susana's show is called "Rumors", and not take everything Susana says at face value, and that unless Luis or Mariah personally states something, it may not be the whole truth. At any rate, I think it's nice of Mariah to care so much for her friend/agent, and I hope that Louise heals quickly.


    -New Picture of Mariah
    Greg was very nice and sent me a scan of a picture I have never seen before. He told me it's a real picture he bought and it shows Mariah at the 1998 Blockbuster Awards. It's a nice pic, so check it out in Gallery 46 if you choose to do so!

    -Luis got nominated too
    Thanks to Anna, Sandy from Love That Luis and everyone who sent me this information:
    Category 53 Best Latin Pop Album
    For solo artists, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental.
    1.Mi Reflejo
    Christina Aguilera
    [RCA Records]
    2.Oscar De La Hoya
    Oscar De La Hoya
    [EMI Latin]
    Luis Miguel
    [WEA Latina]
    4.El Alma Al Aire
    Alejandro Sanz
    [WEA Latina]
    5.Shakira - MTV Unplugged
    [Sony Discos]

    So, hey since MC and Luis are both nominated, maybe they will show up together :)

    -News from on high
    ... Meanwhile, Mariah Carey is sticking around the ski town, even though boyfriend Luis Miguel has departed their $40,000-a-week lodge. The singer has been raising eyebrows among the older crowd.

    On Tuesday, she sashayed into the St. Regis wearing a black ski suit unzipped to her navel to reveal a red bra. And the other day at the party Gucci threw at the Baldwin Gallery, she showed up in skintight pants and a suede bomber jacket under which she apparently was wearing only perfume. While there, Carey bought a $3,200 David LaChapelle portrait of the late rapper Tupac Shakur in a bubble bath. She also made a date for LaChapelle to take her picture on the mountain in a white Chanel jumpsuit.
    (Thanks to Mariah Online for this article taken from the New York Daily News)

    January 3, 2001...
    MClogo -Update #3
    -Not Mariah who got hurt!
    Earlier I reported a story saying that Mariah had broken her hip and knee, however, I read it wrong. Really, the story was saying that Mariah's manager or her "agent" broke her knee and hip during a skiing accident and Mariah stayed by her side, to take care of her. It seems that Luis spent New Years in New York at Studio54 with Polo Marinez. So Mariah and Luis could not spend New Year's together but Luis is leaving today, Argentina time, to travel to Aspen according to Susan of "Rumor." After that he will go to Acapulco with MC and in the middle of January to LA, to work on his new album.

    So, Mariah did NOT get hurt in a skiing accident. I am guessing it was Louise McNally, Mariah's Manager. I sure hope Louise is not in much pain and her injuries recover quickly! That was very nice of Mariah to stay with Louise and help out. What a sweet lamb! Thanks to everyone who corrected me on this information, especially MariahLamby aka Danielle!

    -Update #2
    -Mariah Grabs Grammy Nomination
    Well, Mariah got one nomination for the Grammy's, so congrads Mariah! Sadly, I think she deserved more nominations for her work on Rainbow because it's an incredible album, but oh well, whatcha going to do. To check out the full list of nominations, click here. Here is the category Mariah is in and the artists she is up against:
    Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
    For a collaborative performance by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.

  • Thank God I Found You
    Mariah Carey Featuring Joe & 98°
    Track from: Rainbow
    [Columbia Records]
  • The Difficult Kind
    Sheryl Crow & Sarah McLachlan
    Track from: Live From Central Park
    [A&M/Interscope Records]
  • All The Way
    Celine Dion (& Frank Sinatra)
    Track from: All The Way...A Decade Of Song
    [Epic/550 Music]
  • Turn Your Lights Down Low
    Lauryn Hill (& Bob Marley)
    Track from: The Best Man - Music From The Motion Picture (Various)
    [Sony Music Soundtrax]
  • Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
    B.B. King & Dr. John
    Track from: Let The Good Times Roll
    [MCA Records]

    Thanks to everyone who sent me this information!!

    -Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis grab nominations for Mariah Songs
    Art just told me that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis picked up some nominations for the songs they did on Mariah's Rainbow Album. Here is the category:
    Category 84
    Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical

  • Bill Bottrell
    - Gotta Get Back (Shelby Lynne) (T)
    - I Am Shelby Lynne (Shelby Lynne) (A)
  • Dr. Dre
    - B**** Please II (Eminem Featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & Nate Dogg) (T)
    - Chin Check (N.W.A.) (T)
    - Dr. Dre - 2001 (Dr. Dre) (A)
    - Hello (Ice Cube Featuring Dr. Dre & MC Ren) (T)
    - I'm Back (Eminem) (T)
    - Kill You (Eminem) (T)
    - The Real Slim Shady (Eminem) (T)
    - Remember Me? (Eminem Featuring RBX And Sticky Fingaz) (T)
    - Who Knew (Eminem) (T)
  • Nigel Godrich
    - Kid A (Radiohead) (A)
    - The Man Who (Travis) (A)
  • Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
    - The Best Man I Can Be (Ginuwine, R.L., Tyrese & Case) (T)
    - Bliss (Mariah Carey) (T)
    - Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Mariah Carey) (T)
    - Dance & Shout (Shaggy Featuring Pee Wee) (T)
    - Doesn't Really Matter (Janet) (T)
    - Petals (Mariah Carey) (T)
    - Rainbow (Interlude) (Mariah Carey) (T)
    - Thank God I Found You (Mariah Carey Featuring Joe & 98°) (T)
    - Vulnerability (Mariah Carey) (T)
  • Matt Serletic
    - The American (Angie Aparo) (A)
    - I Want You To Need Me (Celine Dion) (S)
    - Mad Season (Matchbox Twenty) (A)
    - Need To Be Next To You (Leigh Nash) (S)

    -Update #1
    -Grammy Nominations
    This morning at 8:45 am (Pacific Time-Thanks Art), the nominations for the 43rd Grammy Awards will be announced. Hopefully, Mariah will be nominated for the Rainbow album. I have searched everywhere on the internet and no word yet on the nominees. The Grammy's will take place on February 21st from 8-11 pm on CBS. I will update again later today on whether or not Mariah has gotten any nominations, so check back for that information!

    Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment News and all the other news entertainment shows should be reporting about this tonight too, if you want to check that out! Thanks to DJ for letting me know about the Grammy Nominations!

    -New Pictures
    Yesterday, I picked up Mira magazine and I scanned one of the pages that features 4 pictures of Mariah and Tommy at their wedding. One of the pics is them cutting their cake, which I have not see that often! There are about 6 pages talking about Thalia's and Tommy's wedding earlier this year. On the cover is Thalia and a small picture in the bottom left of Mariah and Tommy! Inside the magazine, they compare Thalia and Mariah on 2 whole pages but since it is in Spanish, I don't know what it says. Mira is the January 9th issue, if you want to pick up a copy! Check out the scan in Gallery 46!

    Besides that, Mark has met Mariah about 40 times and he sent me scans of autographs he has gotten from Mariah! He sent me so many, I didn't want to just add them into Gallery 46, so I created a brand new gallery called Autographs! So check that out, if you would like to see some of the autographs that Mark has gotten from Mariah!

    Finally, Greg was very nice and sent me an EXCELLENT drawing he did of Mariah from the Heartbreaker Cover! I suggest you all check out this artwork because he really did a lovely job on it and he took a lot of time to get all the details. I added that to the Artwork Page #1!

    -All That Glitters News
    MClogo Scott let me know that the picture on the right, is taken from the part in the movie where Mariah makes her first video. As the moment, the song is called "I Wana Be Your Lover." Scott got this information from the script of All That Glitters.

    Plus, Scott, checked out the script and he said that there is no mention of Billie (aka Mariah) having a younger brother in the movie? So maybe he was a later edition to the script or maybe he isn't in the movie. Who knows!!

    None of this information is 100% certain! Just going on the information we have at the moment! We'll see when the movie opens in Fall 2001!

    -Backstreet Boy on Mariah
    Heather was reading YM Magazine and came across the Backstreet Boy article. Howie mentioned Mariah briefly while talking about the subject of fans standing outside celebs hotels.

    "But I think it is a little different being a male fan. It's too much to go to a hotel for someone's autograph- well, I might have done it for someone like Madonna or MARIAH".

    -Mariah on Britney
    Christina told me that she was watching a British channel called "Bop" and they were asking Mariah is she liked Britney Spears and she said...

    " Yeah, she was great in Europe."

    -Mariah #55 on Top 96 of 2000
    Gina Marie told me that MC was #55 with Thank God I Found You on the B96 Top 96 of 2000.

    -Mariah on Entertainment Sleuth Poll
    Lauren found another poll that Mariah is mentioned on. They had a 2000 readers poll and Mariah was on the list for Best Female:
    1 Madonna
    2 Britney Spears
    3 PJ Harvey
    4 Melanie C
    5 Jennifer Lopez
    6 Dido
    7 Christina Aguilera
    8 Kylie Minogue
    9 Mariah Carey
    10 Pink

    January 2, 2001...
    MClogo -New cast member of All That Glitters
    Ricardo from Ricardos 2001 Mariah Carey World told me that he was browsing movie sites and found the International Movie Database site. For All That Glitters 2001, he saw there seems to be a new cast member named Kyle Zachary Thrash. He is supposedly playing Mariah's half brother "William!" I added him to the All That Glitters Webpage, check it out if you want!

    -Mariah Top 10 Tracked
    On the Entertainment Sleuth website, Mariah Carey is #3 out of 10 of the most tracked stars on their website. Here is the list:
    Top 10 Tracked
    1. Britney Spears
    2. Christina Aguilera
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. N Sync
    5. Madonna
    6. Backstreet Boys
    7. Limp Bizkit
    8. Faith Hill
    9. Creed
    10. Eminem

    If you want to check out the Mariah Carey portion of this website, click here. You can sign up for the latest Mariah Carey information plus they have some cool pics, etc in Mariah's section! Thanks to Sallie for this information!!

    -I Feel Like Bianca
    Here is what Scott told me:
    I was watching The Real World Hawaii on MTV today and the girl Amaya was hiking up a mountain or something in platforms, capri pants, a red top and Mariah like glasses, complete with all her make up and hair done and said "I feel like my name should be Bianca or something. Just thought that was kinda cute.

    -Mariah on Power 106 Countdown
    Jose told me that yesterday on his local radio station, Power 106, they were counting down the Top 20 songs of every year, voted by the listeners. The songs were not in order though, when they played them and Mariah made it on there twice.

  • For the year of 1995-Fantasy (remix) made it on there
  • For the year of 1999-Heartbreaker (remix) made it on there

    -REMINDER: Mariah on TV Tonight
    Well, yesterday I screwed up and wrote that Pop Up Video featuring Mariah's One Sweet Day would air last night when REALLY it will air tonight at 6 pm on VH1. I'm sorry I wrote down the wrong date and thanks to Melissa for correcting me on that!

    -Divorce, Dominican Republic-style
    Need a divorce quicker than you can dry-clean your slacks? Consider the Famous One Day Dominican Divorce. Juan Suero, a partner at Santo Domingo's Ibert & Ramirez law firm, says getting unhitched in the Dominican Republic is a snap. And to let American lawyers know, the firm is advertising its divorce kit inFlorida Lawyer.

    "We want to show to the world that this is an excellent legal tool that anybody can use," he said. "You don't need to be Mariah Carey."

    Carey, a pop singer, is one of many U.S. celebrities to jet to the Caribbean nation for a quick split. Make an appointment on a Monday, fly in Tuesday night, spend five minutes in front of a judge Wednesday morning, and it's all over but the crying.

    Better known for exporting baseball players than legal loopholes, the Dominican Republic offers several advantages over Florida law, according to its promoters: no residency requirement, no waiting period and no public filing of documents. Only one spouse needs to appear, provided she brings a notarized separation agreement, Suero said.

    The cost differs by law firm, but Ibert & Ramirez charges $1,400, excluding airfare, hotel and tissues. The Dominican option was better known here decades ago, when divorce laws in the United States were stricter. It's so invisible today that Miriam Mason, a partner at Sessums Mason & Black in Tampa and immediate past president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, hadn't heard of it. "That's crazy," she said. "I don't think it's enforceable."

    Louise Ricardo, a legal secretary at International Law Office Dominica, said Dominican divorces have been upheld in every U.S. state where they've been contested. And advertising to U.S. lawyers is smart, she said, not just for referrals but for the lawyers themselves. "If you divided up our clients by profession," she said, "we have divorced more attorneys than any other."

    January 1, 2001...
    MClogo -New Mariah Pictures
    I added four new pictures of Mariah to Gallery 46. Mari was very nice and sent me four cool pics of MC in Spain. In two of them, you can see one of her best friends, Josephine. The other one I have seen before but I believe it was in black and white maybe, so I added it again. Enjoy!!

    -REMINDER: Mariah on TV Tonight
    Don't forget, that you can check out Mariah on VH1 at 6 pm tonight for their Pop Up Video Show. The last pop up, was a new one with One Sweet Day, so this one is even a repeat of that or a new one! The Pop Up Videos I have so far for Mariah are:
    All I Want For Christmas Is You
    One Sweet Day
    Always Be My Baby

    There might of been some I missed though!

    -Mariah mentioned on QVC
    Here is what mschat99@webtv.net told me:

    On QVC, a home shopping channel, MC was mentioned. I think they mentioned the house she used to live in. I'm not sure how it came up in conversation 'cause I wasn't paying attn., but I know I heard "Mariah Carey" and "nice house".

    -No News..
    Sorry not a big update today but I really have nothing on Mariah for the 1st day of the year. I hope everyone has a lovely New Year and did you all stay up until 01:01:01 on 01/01/01?? Ha ha, I did, it was coolio! Hope you enjoy the new graphics for this page too!

    Click here for December News!
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