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»January 2002

Update by Danielle
January 31st, 2002 (10:30 pm EST)

I added 3 BEAUTIFUL pictures of Mariah from the Superbowl Pre-Show conference thing, and you can see them all now by going to Gallery 2!!!

Mariah looks soo adorable! Look at M w/ a football! AWWW! LOL

Thanx to Will (Melt Away) and Stephanie (Mariah's Web) for these pics, which came from the picture section of Yahoo.com

2 New Wallpapers
A very talented lamb from Israel, Rebecca, sent me 2 more BEAUTIFUL wallpapers, which I added to the Calendar Wallpapers section :)

Go check them out, they're awesome!

Update by Danielle
January 31st, 2002 (8:00 pm EST)

More New Pics
I received 4 new beautiful pics of Miss Mariah today. One of Mariah in Bunte (Germany) magazine from Honey and Kate (Butterflies Are Free), and 3 from a very sweet lamb in Russia named Lena, two of Miss Mariah from the Jingle Ball, and one of her in black and white that she made herself.

You can have the privilege of viewing these GORGEOUS pics by going to Gallery 2!!

Mariah Animation
The other day I posted news about my friend Tahiana's site having a new Mariah animation, and I wanted to let everyone know that the person who created this Mariah MASTERPIECE is none other than my lamb Nicole, webmaster of the AWESOME site Mariah Buzz

Please let her know what an AMAZING job she did, cuz she's an AMAZING person and a great lamb :) She's done many awesome animations for Miss Mariah, one of which was featured on Cribs... The picture of Mariah in the bed w/ the lambs around her that says "Get Well Soon Mariah". To let Nic know how great she is, please e-mail her at mariahbuzz@hotmail.com

Rainbow Princess Chat Sunday
My lamb Matte from Mariah Carey UK holds a chat at the yahoo club, Rainbow Princess on the 1st Sunday of every month and there will be a chat for everyone this Sunday at 3pm est, 2pm central. I go to the chat every month and it's soo much fun! Don't Miss it!!

Mystery Voice Sings "Sweetheart"
We got this info from Jason:

I just wanted to let you guys know that last night on 103.5 KTU (NY station), there was someone singing Sweetheart and it wasn't Mariah. I wasn't sure if anyone knew who this person was. I was thinking maybe Brenda K. Starr but she sounded a little younger. I remember in an interview where Mariah said Brenda was in the talks about doing some of Mariah's songs. I just wanted to let you know that.

I think it might have been the original singer of Sweetheart, Rainy Davis, because it's a remake from the 80's. Anyone else heard it?

If We Big Club Hit In Texas
I got this info from Vince:

Im from El Paso Texas where surprisingly we have a huge hip hop scene, there's a very familiar track being played here in some of our clubs and that track is "IF WE". Now its obvious that none of the other tracks on Glitter are going to hit # 1, and the only reason there not going to hit #1 is because people are not giving her album a chance because of the bad media. But a group of DJ's here in our city strongly feel IF WE is a definite #1 hit, Besides, everything Ja Rule touches turns to gold, and with Nate on the track its even better. All I ask is that you begin promoting this track and ask the MC fans in the U.S to begin requesting it on their local radio stations! Come on Regina, lets give Mariah at least 1 #1 before the Glitter era fades out.

Glitta On CD Now's List of Top Sellers
Nathan sent us this info:

Just letting you know that "glitter" is # 19 on CDNow's musical top sellers. At least she's on the countdown but I must say this movie is way-underated.

19. Glitter
DVD $25.16
VHS $93.59

How To Vote For M's MoviePhone Award
Aramis told us that to make Mariah's vote count for the MoviePhone awards you have to go through all 7 categories to successfully nominate her for the final 5, or it will not work.

Superbowl Article
Super-Sized Music Stars for Super Bowl
January 31, 2002

Britney Spears will be there to pitch for Pepsi, and Danny DeVito -- in animated puppet form -- also will be around to sell Lipton tea. But the real stars of the Feb. 3 Super Bowl XXXVI (musically speaking, that is) make up a lineup so star-studded that even the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams will probably be tapping their cleated feet. According to the Associated Press, the National Football League is claiming that this will be the most entertainment-packed Bowl ever, with performances by U2, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Marc Anthony and others.

So jam-packed is the bill that the musical interludes won't just take place during the game, but all weekend long. Patriotism also will be spotlighted. "With the events of Sept. 11, we've redefined and refocused the game presentation, and the theme is celebration of the human spirit and the values of freedom, and also to everyday heroes," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told reporters Wednesday in New Orleans. "And with that in mind, we sought out the entertainment community.

They sought us out as well." Among the highlights: McCartney is due to sing his Sept. 11-inspired song, "Freedom," during the pre-game show, which also will feature Barry Manilow performing "Let Freedom Ring" with Patti LaBelle, Wynonna and others. Blige and Anthony will sing "America the Beautiful," backed by the Boston Pops, and Carey will deliver the national anthem. At halftime, U2 will sing three songs, including the inspirational "Walk On."

Source: People.com

Another Superbowl Article
Super Bowl weekend packs in performances by music stars to lure a bigger audience
AP Music Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ The lineup of musical acts at this year's Super Bowl is so long that you might think the football game was the sideshow.

The National Football League says it will be the most entertainment-packed Super Bowl ever, with performances by U2, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Marc Anthony and others _ not just on Super Bowl Sunday, but throughout the weekend.

Part of the reason for the celebrity overflow is a patriotic theme after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which caused the Super Bowl to be pushed back a week.

"With the events of September 11th, we've redefined and refocused the game presentation, and the theme is celebration of the human spirit and the values of freedom, and also to everyday heroes,'' said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

"And with that in mind, we sought out the entertainment community. They sought us out as well.''

McCartney is expected to sing his Sept. 11-inspired song "Freedom'' during the pre-game show, which will also feature Barry Manilow singing "Let Freedom Ring'' with Patti LaBelle, Wynonna and others. Carey will sing the national anthem and Blige and Anthony will sing "America the Beautiful,'' all of them backed by the Boston Pops. U2 is to provide the halftime entertainment, singing three songs, including the inspirational "Walk On.''

"Can you imagine what it feels like to be Irish and be at the most American of occasions? It's most overwhelming,'' said Bono, U2's lead singer, at a news conference in New Orleans on Wednesday.

We've had an incredible year in America,'' he said. "And post September 11th, to have our album mean so much to people who are not U2 fans is very special to me.''

Besides patriotism, the strong star presence also reflects a growing trend at major sporting events toward partnering music with sports to boost the ratings and broaden the audience of both.

Last year's Super Bowl halftime show featured Aerosmith, 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Nelly and Blige in an MTV-produced extravaganza. At the NBA Finals last year, Destiny's Child, U2 and Sugar Ray performed during halftime.

"Musical acts, including those that we have this year, do help hold the audience during the pregame and also during halftime,'' McCarthy said.

Gregg Winik, executive vice president of NBA entertainment, said tying chart-topping performers to the games helps bring in fringe fans.

As they did last year, Super Bowl musical performances this weekend will actually kick off on Friday, with No Doubt, Ja Rule, Martina McBride and others performing on a CBS special. No Doubt and the Barenaked Ladies are also performing on a Fox tail-gate special before the pre-game show.

Elton John is to perform at the NBA All-Star game on Feb. 10. That weekend will also include performances by Britney Spears, Sean "P. Diddy'' Combs and Alicia Keys.

Entertainment has always been part of the Super Bowl. In its early decades, in the 1960s, '70s and even '80s, that mainly meant performers such as Up With People, cartoon characters or the Rockettes.

It wasn't until Michael Jackson's ratings-grabbing performance at the 1993 halftime show that A-list performers started taking notice.

"That was the turning point in securing major entertainment stars to perform,'' McCarthy said, adding that the potentially huge audience was a powerful lure to musicians. The Super Bowl is generally seen by an average of 90 million viewers in the United States.

"It was a very easy pitch to U2's management,'' he said.

Although Blige is a platinum-selling artist, she sounded almost grateful to be involved in the Super Bowl for a second year.

"There's a lot of people who don't know who Mary J. Blige is, and that's why I'm so thankful,'' she said. "They're helping me to be introduced into another world, another group of people.''

Source: The News Times

Site URL Change
Danilo, webmaster of Glittering Mariah and Aaron both had sites called Glittering Mariah, but Aaron has changed the title of his site to Mariah's Reflection, to avoid any confusion.

I removed the old link to Aaron's site from the Links Page, and added the new one under the title "Mariah's Reflection"

Mariah TV Interview
I got this info from Jae:

They announced on Fox 11 (Los Angeles) that they will be interviewing Mariah tomorrow night regarding the Super Bowl. The news begins at 10:00 p.m. pacific.

Glitter Day In France
I got this info from a member of France's Mariahfanclub.com:

Glitter will only be released in 6 or 7 theaters in France on February 6th. Then, at Mariahfanclub.com, we are doing our best to promote it and we have declared February 6th the Glitter Day. Indeed, if it turned into a success in these theaters, some other theaters will ask for it.

To do so, we are collaborating with Columbia Tristar who distributes the movie. There is some merchandising for all the French lambs who will promote the film, by being an ambassador in their area. Actually, we plan to meet a lot of lambs around the theaters where Glitter is released.

We have launched a big contest where the lamb who will get the most Glitter tickets will win a special prize. A TV crew from the French channel M6 will be there to shoot the fans promoting the movie by convincing people around to go and see the movie. There will be banners, Glitter posters, T-shirts... At the end of the day, everybody will gather in a restaurant where they could talk about the movie and compete for other gifts. We want this movie to have the opportunity to show what it's worth!

Wow what a great idea!! I wish I lived in France! LOL

Mariah On Extra
Tomorrow on Extra they will be interviewing Mariah about the Superbowl, so everyone watch for that, and get your VCR's ready!!

Thanx MUCH to Rudy for this info :)

Mariah At Pre-Show
I got this EXCLUSIVE news from Gilles:

I was surfing on the Super Bowl official site to try to find some news about Mariah and I saw there was a Media Conference about the Pre-Show and the National Anthem, I record it hoping that Mariah would maybe be there and I just heard Mariah's press conference at the Pre-Show and National Anthem Media Conference of the Super Bow XXXVI.

She was there from 21h47 to 21h55 CET (3:47 to 3:55pm EST) 7 great minutes. She talks about the importance this patriotic Super Bowl had for her and she was very honoured to sing the American National Anthem. She talks also about us Mariah fans, she said "my loyal and incredible fans" if it's not there tomorrow in several articles, I will try to make a transcript.

I'll be posting the transcript in my update tomorrow, so everyone check back for that!

Mariah Gets Pretty
Jaime sent me this article from the Arizona paper "Arizona Republic"

Carey Regroups In Ariz. After Company Dumps Her
Mariah Carey, who was dropped with a $28 million parachute by her record company last week,spent a few days after that at an arizona spa getting beautiful and rested. Carey's spokeman; Cindi Berger said that she was getting rehabbed in some way were bunk.

After finishing at the spa, Carey was off to the caribbean to soak up the sun for a few days in pursuit of just the right rosy glow for singing "The Star-Spangled Bannner" accompanied by the Boston Pops at the Super Bowl.

Mariah Gets Props
I got this info from "Bubblesnow", webmaster of Mariah Crybaby

Wendy Williams rooting for Mariah
I was listening to the greatest afternoon radio show on WBLS (107.5) and Wendy Williams mentioned the fact that World Entertainment News reported Glitter only sold 200 copies in the US and less than 200 in the UK. (She also said that Glitter was pulled from UK movie theatres after only 3 weeks) Wendy said she doesn't believe that and it's just bad press being spread around; she said she hopes Mariah will come to her show soon and that her upcoming movie, "Wise Guys" (she got the title wrong) will do well in theatres.

Update by Regina
January 30th, 2002 (5:30 pm EST)

Address For Birthday Package
I got a P.O. Box address for the birthday project this year and I updated the Birthday Page with the address to acquire it from. Basically, you just write an e-mail to HappyBdayM@aol.com and I'll send you the address. Remember, you have until March 22nd to send in your stuff for M and if you live outside the USA, you might want to send it early. Check out the birthday page for more details.

Boston Pops Director Rooting for Pats
BOSTON (AP) - Keith Lockhart says he's a lapsed football fan, but on Super Bowl Sunday, the Boston Pops conductor plans to root for the New England Patriots.

Lockhart will lead the orchestra when it performs a selection of American classics at the Super Bowl pre-game show.

``Who could have known that the Patriots would have ended up as AFC champions?'' Lockhart said Tuesday. ``We're glad we're not the only team from Boston there.''

Lockhart spoke from Salt Lake City, where he's scheduled to conduct the Pops during opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics.

The 15-minute program at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans will feature Mariah Carey singing ``The Star-Spangled Banner,'' accompanied by the Pops.

The orchestra also will perform ``America the Beautiful,'' and two selections by composer Aaron Copland, ``Fanfare for the Common Man,'' and the ``Lincoln Portrait,'' which will feature four former presidents narrating - Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and Bill Clinton.

The Super Bowl is expected to draw 130 million viewers in the United States and 800 million worldwide. U2 will perform during halftime.

The Associated Press.

Fans Buy Glitter Again
This was sent to me...
To whom it may concern:
We all know that much has been said about the flop of glitter, and that Mariah is going through a tough time. With the current deadened state of the charts, mariah's superbowl performance in the near future, and glitter just recently released to video, what would be better than to prove we love MC by rereleasing Glitter-yes again. The first time was a poor choice of timing, just as holiday sales become inflated, and thus preventing glitter back on the charts, despite an increase. Glitter did manage to increase it's units sold last week but only by 160 copies to something like 3,600 copies sold, so think about how much it could increase if all us lambs pulled together to buy the album yet again. I know it's a lot to ask since many of us have bought the album several times already... but please. We all know what MC has been through, and she needs our help. What better way to prove Virgin's stupidity than by having Glitter make a triumphant return to the Billboard 200. And this time it would be far easier since most CDs in the top 100 alone are barely topping 10,000. Towards the bottom of the BB 200 sales get closer to 5,000 or less... if we all pulled together we could do it. I know that your website has a lot of influence over MC fans, and I would really appreciate it if you might present my idea. Thank you.

Greatest Hits in Portugal
Ricardo informed me that the Greatest Hits cd is #7 tyhis week in Protugal, making it Gold. It's great news since Mariah hasn't had a Top 10 there since 1995.

Supremes on Mariah
Jose informed me that Mary Wilson, one of the original Supremes, was on a local T.V. News program yesterday in Los Angeles and they were interviewing her live and she mention that one of her favorite singers was Mariah Carey. She said she loves the song Hero and started singing a part of it. 

Check This Site Out
Nathan wants you all to check out his new site, There For Me.

New Singer On M
Janel, from Mariah's Lambs, informed me that Lindsey Pagano, a new singer, talked about Mariah in the January 27th issue of the New York Post...

"I sang "Hero" by Mariah Carey. When I was finished, I closed my eyes, because I didnt want to see anyone's reaction. And  the whole place went nuts." 

Update by Danielle
January 30th, 2002 (3:30 pm EST)

Mariah In Magazines
My Ashes (Rainbow Princess) sent me 3 scans of Miss Mariah from the latest issue of Hello magazine, and Rebecca from Israle sent me 2 scans of Mariah in a magazine called Rosh 1. I've posted the articles from both magazines below and you can check out all 5 of these beautiful pictures in Gallery 2!

Hello Magazine
Just one flop was enough to seal Mariah Carey's fate. Her record label, EMI, has opted to pay out $28 million to cancel her contract. The singer, who has sold more records in the last decade than any other female artist, has fallen casualty to a situation where the music industry needs instant hits to compensate for one of the worst periods in its history. Britney Spears, Nsync and Backstreet Boys are today's hot stars, shifting five million units. It remains to be seen how they will age.

Thirty-one-year-old Mariah (that's right, 31!) fell when she was unable to sustain the interest of record-buyers. Glitter, her last album, was released on the less-than-auspicious date of September 11, and has barely sold two million copies. The eponymously-titled film in which she starred – the hackneyed tale of a musical Cinderella – was cruelly slated and survived just weeks on the cinema screens.

EMI, which last April paid Mariah between $80 and $100 million, if rumours are to be believed, for a five-album contract, has decided not to run the risk of their second record failing.

To read about Mariah´s EMI payoff in more detail, check out this week´s HELLO! magazine, on sale now.

Source: HelloMagazine.com

Rosh 1
(Thanx to Rebecca for this info)
In the article the title is: "Take herself in hands"
"Mariah Carey suffered with terrible reviews about her movie Glitter, the audience didn't show up to the box office and the visitors gave her a deadly review. And the soundtrack didn't succed in sales.

But Mariah didn't gave up. Soon her new movie Wise Girls is about to run in the box office and she promise this time to disregard from the reviews."

She said: "I'm a fighter I don't have the intent to hide from them (the visitors), I always was a fighter. If I wasn't, then I never be able to be where I'm today."

And what it's related with the reviews? (A question) Then Mariah said: "you can always wrap fish with it". :-)

New Voice Message!
Honey and Kate (Butterflies Are Free) sent us the transcript from Miss Mariah's ADORABLE new voice message on the Official site, and you can read it below. Thanx girls!!

Mariah: Hello! Hey lambz! I'm callin to say hi, I'm hoping that the last message I sent, uhm, didn't go but I have a feeling that it did and it was quite a bunch of nonsense as usual. But anyway, just wanted to say hi, let you know that i'm thinking about you, love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya and we're having a good time. You know. Mary Ann wants to say hi and that's, that's tots, tatum-tots, hold on

Mary Ann: Yeah, i'm just hangin out, you know hangin out wit ma girlfriend

Mariah (laughing) oh God and, big nasty over here, Trey Lorenz wants to say hi, his new name is big nasty (laughs) Trey: They call me big nasty coz i'm big and I'm nasty (everyone laughing)

Mariah: Okay, baah-bye!

This weekend they will show the "behind the scences of Glitter in Israel and they also show on other channel in Israel a special on Mariah an hour with all her Hit's, this will feature Never too far/hero from "United we stand"

* please check your tv listings for channels and times Thanks to Orin and Ashes for this info!

Update by Danielle
January 29th, 2002 (12:30 am EST)

ADORABLE New Mariah Animation!
My LAAAMB and one of my best friends, Tahiana, is revamping her Brazilian Mariah site with both English and Spanish versions so that more lambs have the chance to read and enjoy the site as well, and I will be helping her out with the English version since she speaks Portugese :)

At this particular moment the site is down, but will be opening on February 3rd (Superbowl day, RAH!!) so in the meantime you can check out an absolutely ADORABLE animated Mariah movie on the site's Intro page!! There are some surprise characters in it and scenes that are sooo funny. It's too cute!

To check it out, just go to either Mariah Connection, or HERE if that one doesn't show up due to Tahi changing her host address. Don't miss this one lambs, it's the cutest thing in the world!! (Mariah, you GOTTA see this!!!)

Update by Regina
January 29th, 2002 (10:00 pm EST)

New Pics
Today Show Ramsey sent me some pictures of Mariah during the Today Show performance back in 1999. Check out the two pictures in Gallery 1.

Mariah on TRL
Jimmy informed me that Mariah was mentioned on TRL today. They showed an interview taken from the Sundance Film Festival and had a lot of footage from the Wisegirls movie.

Cool News
Gilles, from HeroesofMariah.com, sent in a Tribute to Mariah to try and get it published in the Superstars: A Tribute To Heroes Big and Small book back in November 2001. The text was accepted and a copy of the book will be given to Mariah. Here are the questions and answers...
Who is your favorite band or performer?
"Carey, Mariah"
What makes this band/performer so special?
"One day, I heard a voice… the most beautiful voice that I ever heard, this day, in 1993, I understood why God gave me two ears.  It was to listen to Mariah Carey.  Step by step, song after song, I discovered that behind this voice, which goes from deep notes that touch the heart, to high notes that touch the senses, yes I discovered that behind this voice, there was above all a great person.  Mariah can make me laugh with her wacky sense of humor, which inspired me, but she can make me cry as well with the meaning of a lot of her songs.  I try to follow her advice: "Always follow your dreams, never give up and don't listen to people who try to discourage you."  When I'm sad, I listen to Mariah and I feel so much better.
The difference between a fan and a Mariah fan is precisely Mariah.  Being a Mariah fan is a way of life, it's being aware of the others, being straight, sensitive, being human. And in my craziest dreams, I imagine that one day when people will meet someone who is nice, funny, dreamer, honest and tolerant, they will say: "It's surely a Mariah fan"."
In your opinion what is their greatest contribution to music?
"If one singer serves the music, it's surely Mariah Carey.  She contributes to make popular different styles of music, like R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Rap.  Thanks to Mariah Carey, many people in the world discover these genres of music.  Mariah is one of the first singers who sang with rappers, this fact gave the opportunity to new artists to have success, now, in the charts.  Mariah Carey is an example of a complete artist who can adjust her voice and her talent to almost every style."
Nominate the greatest quote/line from a band something that inspires you or means a lot.
"I'm not Cinderella
My life has not been a fairy tale
Forget the image
Forget the ensembles
Forget the rumors
Forget the short skirts
Big hair, whatever
I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you
Mariah Carey at the Billboard Awards 2000"

Chat With Lambs
Felipe sent me the following message...
...I´m sending you this mai asking for support. Recently I´ve been in a program that includes chat and that allows trading of files between lambs. Lambs here help each others and its great. We need to have more support and more people to come in. They´ll have a great time if they want to enter to

Vote For Mariah
QuickSilver6902 informed me that RollingStone.com is having a poll. It's Mariah vs. $28 million and right now Mariah is not winning. PLEASE go vote for Mariah and show your support...Click Here.

MD Jagert is responsible for the whole new design of Mariah Daily, which will most likely be premiering this Friday if everything goes well. You can see a sneak peak on the right and he really did an AMAZING job with the overall look. Plus, Dean from Mariah Sweetheart is looking for a co-webmaster and asked that I post this on MD...

i am looking for a Co-webmaster for my site Mariah Sweetheart, to do news updates during the day while i am @ school. Cause the only update i will be able to do at school is during lunch time in the computer room. And i do not want to stress about news getting to my site.. If anyone is interest please email me...mcareyglitters@aol.com

Update by Regina
January 28th, 2002 (8:10 pm EST)

The Birthday Project
I should have the address for all of you later this week on where you can start to send in your stuff for the project. I am going to buy a P.O. Box this year especially for this project and I get paid Thursday. So make sure you are working on your messages for Mariah.

Mariahs NEW TV Moment Special
D wrote to me and told me that according to the VH1 website, there is a going to be a brand new Mariah TV Moments special that will premiere February 5th on VH1. We all know last year they had the special with Mariah but check out the description on the new special...

About: (#004) Mariah Carey Mariah Carey's Greatest TV Moments puts the viewer in the front row to witness perhaps the most successful decade ever enjoyed by a recording artist. The show traces Mariah's domination of the '90s-and continued success in the new milennium-through her most memorable, highest profile TV appearances. Early small screen moments include her national TV debut at the 1990 NBA Finals, her first Grammy victory (two awards in 1991) and her crucial MTV Unplugged performance that proved to critics she wasn't afraid to put her pipes to the test on the live stage. Following Mariah through the last half of the decade, the show features her 1996 Grammy-opening duet with Boyz II Men, her rousing performance on VH1's Divas Live and her supposed "diva showdown" with Whitney Houston at the 1999 Oscars. Whether delivering a touching acceptance speech at the Soul Train Awards, cracking David Letterman up in her first appearance on Late Night, or shooting the breeze with Barbara Walters and the girls on The View, Mariah Carey has captured the eyes and ears of America through the powerful medium of television. Viewers can relive it all with Mariah Carey's Greatest TV Moments.
I updated the right side bar with other dates you can check Mariah out on also.

New Picture
Limo Marty sent us a larger scan of a picture we had on the website last week and which was copyrighted. It's Mariah leaving a restaurant and you can check it out in Gallery 1

Mariah in Magazines
Kelly informed me that Mariah is on page 71 in the new issue of TIME magazine. It's a picture of her from the Rainbow era and she is wearing a long green skirt. Anyone got a scan of it?

Help A Lamb
Khalid (yam@emirates.net.ae) needs your help...
Hello guys,
Could someone help me find the music to the Mariah song "Forever"? My sister and I are a huge MC fans and she's getting married in a couple of weeks so she decided to walk down the isle while the music to Forever plays. It would be appreciated if someone could help me find it, buy it, download it, as long as we receive it ASAP. I couldn't find it on Amazon and CDnow has it but does not deliver to non-us customers.
Please help us make it happen.

Download Commercial
Terrence found the MPEG of a Taiwan commercial for the Greatest Hits album. You can download it at this Chinese Mariah site by clicking here.

DJ Stands Up For Mariah
SmilinQT12 told me that Chicago's DJ Roxanne, from B96, was talking about Glitter the other day. She stated that she rented the movie and expected Mariah to be aweful in it, due to the media reports. However, she said she was impressed with hre acting and thought the movie was really cute. So basically, she promoted Glitter.

There is a new Quote O' The Week (thanks Jason) and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like. Plus, a whole new design will be popping up on Daily shortly, that a fellow lamb is creating for us this time. It looks really amazing and is by far, the best design this website ever had. I'll be working with him on it, so if I don't update as much in the next week or so, you will know I am working on the new layout of the site.

Update by Danielle
January 28th, 2002 (8:00 pm EST)

More New Pictures
I scanned a pic of Miss Mariah from the current issue of Teen People (March 2002; Britney on the cover) onstage at the Jingle Ball, and added a new picture of M at the Sundance Festival from Eonline (Thanx to Tom for the info).

To view these two beautiful pictures, just go to Gallery 1

Mariah To Join Def Jam?
My lamb O lambz, tha infamous Ashes (Rainbow Princess), sent me this article from Dotmusic:

No sooner has her multi-million dollar divorce from Virgin Records been announced but pop diva Mariah Carey is on the hunt for a new label to pursue her musical career.

According to the New York Post, the troubled star - who reportedly walked off with over $28 million in a settlement with her old label - was reported to be holding talks with Def Jam Records CEO Lyor Cohen about an album deal that could be worth in the region of $5 million per album.

More Info On M's B'day
A sweet lamb named Nevada sent me this nice info about the subject:

Hi there!
My name is Nevada and I've noticed a little debate going on about the year of Mariah's birth. I'm somewhat of a movie buff and maybe this info can help straighten things out:

The key to Mariah's year of birth is, quite simply, in her name. It's very well known that she was named after the song "They Call The Wind Mariah" from the motion picture "Paint Your Wagon". After some research, I found out that the release date for "Paint Your Wagon" was October 15th, 1969. So, if Mariah was born in April of '69, she would have to be without a name for almost 6 months! April 27th, 1970 just makes more sense! Also, just in case People magazine or anyone else claims she got her name from the stage version, it's important to note that even though "Paint Your Wagon" was originally on Broadway before it was a film, it ran for only a very short time all the back in the early fifties and was considered a forgotten commodity until the film version.

We all know Mariah was born on Thursday, March 27th, 1970. Come oon lambs!

P.S. You know you're a Mariah fan when you set the date on your VCR to March 27th, 1970 to find out what day Mariah was born on!! (Which would be a Thursday... I know, cuz I did it!). LOL Have a good night lambs!!

Update by Liron
January 28th, 2002 (1:30 pm EST, 6:30 pm GMT)

New Pictures (Mariah In Kosovo, Germany)
Mariah In Kosovo
When Mariah visited the troops in Kosovo, Josh was among the many lucky audience members to attend Mariah's mini-concert.
Josh says, "Mariah was absolutely beautiful and very inspiring. She told us how everyone in the USA appreciated what we were doing and wished us well. We didn't get to spend Christmas with our families, so Mariah brought up several soldiers to help decorate a Christmas tree. But even without the tree, Mariah was a great present for all of us. She changed outfits three times and sang some of her classic songs like 'Hero' and 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and some of her newer hits, like 'Loverboy' and 'Never Too Far.' I'll never forget that day!"

Plus, Andrea took three pictures while Mariah was in Germany in December of last year. Her pictures and the ones from Kosovo plus a picture of Mariah & Mystikal have been added to Gallery 1

Courtesy of:
Will from Mariah Land
Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free

M's Fan Center Updated
All the sections under M's Fan Center have been updated including poems, penpals, artworks & pictures of Mariah & fans.
Keep sending us your entries if you want to be added :)

MTV "You Tell Us" on Mariah & Virgin
On MTV's site there is a section called "You Tell Us" where people write to them about issues in the news. Here's what people wrote about Mariah & Virgin (Very supportive people, including Alan from FOMM!)
Mariah/Virgin Split
I find it really disappointing that Virgin would let go of Mariah Carey because of the outcome of one album (see "Mariah Carey And Virgin Part Ways"). She is a great talent who had a bad year. It seems that they are just kicking her while she's down. The gods may not have been in her favor this past year, but I know she will blow everyone out of the water when she gets back. She still remains an inspiration to many of us.
Sonia, 25
Austin, TX

Yeah, the "Glitter" soundtrack was such a flop. Two million copies worldwide — I'm sure there are many artists out there who would love to "flop" like that.
Allan, 18
Batesville, AR

As a huge Mariah Carey fan, I've followed this whole saga from the beginning. This news about Mariah and Virgin doesn't have me the least bit scared, just wondering where she'll pop up next. Maybe she will take a cue from some of her rap pals and start her own thing; I think she can manage that with $28 million! I think this situation with relationship dramas, personal exhaustion and soul-searching is going to make for a sharp turn in material and a totally different vocal approach. I love her R&B style, but I think she's got a couple of exciting tricks up her sleeve, so I'm anticipating something stellar! I also can't wait to see her next film.
Alexis, 16
Las Vegas, NV

Glitter on DVD & VHS Charts
For the week of Jaunary 14-20, 2002:
Glitter is #18 on the DVD Rental Charts with a gross of 0.43 million US dollars,
And #21 on the VHS Rental Charts with a gross of 1.02 million US dollars.
The movie's total gross was: 4.27 million

Ugri from FOMM, DVD Rental Chart, VHS Rental Chart

Positive Journalism!
Here are 2 positive articles about Mariah but first a nice comment (part of an article about late George Harrison) from FOX News' Roger Friedman:
..."Maybe the English version, which came out in December, had this R.I.P. thing. But it's not here. So much for George's witty prediction of his death. I don't know why news wires keep picking up rumors and running them as true stories, e.g. everything to do with Mariah Carey"

Polish article, translated by Anna
After the success of the album "Rainbow" Mariah Carey decided to try herself in movies. It didn't end in acting in full of music "Glitter". At the same time she was preparing a soundtrack to that movie about 80s. When I started to listen to it I was already prepared for disappointment. "Glitter" appeared in US much earlier than in Poland and at the start was fully criticized. I couldn't believe that Mariah would do something weak. How could it happen to the such perfectionist like Carey who is always surrounded by the best composers and producers? But when I finished listening to it for the first time I was very relieved. Maybe it isn't as good as "Butterfly" or "Daydream" but there is nothing to be ashamed for. But why was she so much attacked by the critics? Maybe the reason was that informatiaon that she had a depression and tried (luckily with bad results) to commit a suicide after loosing her boyfriend? But it's enough talking about a private life of an artist who has the most "black" voice among all the "white" singing ladies. This really great album, promoted by the single "Loverboy", is already in stores, so it's high time to buy it! And there is much to listen to, becouse Mariah made a lot of interesting and, most of all, miscellaneous songs. The easiest way is to call the "Glitter" a collection of nice-to-dance-to tracks throbing with hip-hop, soul and funky, mixed with ballads and (stylized as kitsch-like) pop songs. In ballads (as "Never Too Far", "Lead The Way" or "Reflections") Carey mostly shows her wonderful vocal abilities. But the most interesting are dynamic compositions fitting for dancefloor like classical "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" or "Don't Stop (Funkin' For Jamaica) and modernly arranged, sensuous R'n'B ( "If We", "Want You"). Another good reason for buying this album are all the great artist who worked with Mariah on that album: Da Bart, Ja Rule, Cameo, Nate Dogg, Eric Benet, Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Mystikal... Go for it!

Australian article (Thanks to: AMCF)
Who: Mariah Carey
What: Greatest Hits
Label: Columbia
Rating: 3 stars
Review: Mark Luffman
MARIAH Carey is the Tim Buckley of the new millennium. An astonishing vocal range, an obsession with black music, and a tragic inability to function in the world their talent has forced them to inhabit.
The list of hard core innovators and neglected old school stars that Mariah has sought out and credited should have her right up there with Missy Elliot, not stuck down there with Christina Aguilera. OK, her determination to beat the Lopezes and Britneys at their own game has left to her working too hard on her body rather than her body of work.
As with any Mariah LP, there are too many Whitney Houston moments to make Greatest Hits an essential purchase. But even without the crowning of her career - this year's greatest single Lover Boy - such Diva drama queenery is transcended by the delirious elation of the faster songs.
And there are the first signs of the intelligence that would work to make the surreally supra-musical soundscapes of the cruelly neglected Glitter on songs from Rainbow, where she gets behind the desk as well as the mic.
The small-print evidence is that the more control Mariah takes, the better her records become. And that makes her next album a classic.

Rate "There For Me"
Here's what PrDoll81 writes:
Just thought it would be nice to know that on lyrics.astraweb.com they have a polling section so people that get the lyrics for a song also rate song, and they rate 1-5 (5 being the best). There for me has a perfect 5 right now out of 635 voters.
Rate "There For Me" Lyrics!

Canadian 2001 Singles Chart
Below is link of Candians Top 200 Singles of 2001 sent by prime_time_007 ..Mariah came in at #43.

Update by Danielle
January 27th, 2002 (10:00 pm EST)

New Pics
I scanned tonz of new pics earlier, including a few pictures I took of my favorite shots in Miss Mariah's videos, pictures of the fanbook I sent to her for the Lambz O Mariah last year for her b'day, which tonz of lambs contributed to, Pics of M in Kosovo from a paper in Germany that my lamb Sofia sent to me, a pic of Mariah from the current issue of Twist magazine, a pic of my friend Heather in NY in 1999, the year I met Mariah, outside the store where we met her, called Coconuts, and a couple pics of all the stuffed lambs I sent my Mariah for her b'day last year :)

You can check them all out in Gallery 1

I also scanned a few pictures of some of my Mariah collection, which will soon be added to a new section coming to the site. More info on that coming soon...

Vote For WiseGirls
Francess told me that you can go HERE to rate WiseGirls. So far it has 100%! Soo if ya got a lil extra time... might as well go vote ;)

Mariahism Pays Off!
I got this awesome news from Michele:

Hey guys I just wanted to say one more thing. I work at a bank and there's a man that works at a theatre around here and he totally made fun of me for seeing Glitter everytime he came in and said he wouldn't see it. Well, last week I told him how Glitter was all sold out at Hollywood Video and he said maybe it was time he should watch it. He also said he had a DVD player and that he hasn't used it yet, so Glitter will be the first DVD he sees!!!

News For Filipino Fans
Johnathan asked me to post this info about a nice contest for Miss Mariah's Filipino fans:

To all Filipino Fans: Philippine's SkyCable Channel 19 Vid-Ok, the sing-along party channel will be giving away hundreds of free Mariah Carey stuff the whole day on January 27, 2002, Sunday. Vid-Ok is famous in giving away hundreds if not thousands of freebies like CDs, CD Singles, posters, concert tickets and other accessories like limited t-shirts, bags, watches, etc. of artists they're featuring. Previews featured artists includes Mandy Moore, Westlife, Michael Jackson, The Corrs, M2M, Backstreet Boys, Incubus, Linkin' Park and many others. If you'll be one of the many lucky texters, you'll receive Mariah's previous albums for free plus a limited Mariah Carey CD case with a butterfly logo on it. To know how to win, go HERE.

Glitta Now Playing On Planes?
I got this info from Kom:

I went back home (Thailand) this Christmas. Mariah's Glitter is featured as movie of the mounth (Janunary) on Thai Airways. In the inflight magazine, "Sawasdee" , there is one full page picture of Glitter and several other small pictures and description. I did steal the inflight magazine but unfortunately forgot to bring it with me to the US. However, the website doesn't show much-no picture, but here it is anyway.

If you wanna check it out, go HERE

News O Tha Day A La Ashes
I got these 2 articles from my SWEET lamb Ashes (Rainbow Princess:)

Mariah tipped for comeback
Mariah Carey is being tipped to bounce back after she was dropped by her record company. Industry analysts believe the singer will not have a problem in finding a new label, after getting $28m (£19m) to leave EMI.

The pay-out, which ends a £70m five-album deal with EMI-subsidiary Virgin, was announced in a statement on Wednesday. It follows the poor reception of her album Glitter, which sold two million copies, compared with 20 million for her 1993 record Music Box. arey's lawyer, Donald Passman, said recording companies had already shown interest in the star.

He said: "There are several major music labels who have been going after her since the rumours started. "My sense is we'll be talking in earnest very shortly."

The announcement that EMI had dropped the singer came after a turbulent 2001 for Carey. She suffered an emotional breakdown which led her to check into a clinic to recover. The singer was placed in psychiatric care in August after suffering from "extreme exhaustion".

Her first major film, also called Glitter, was postponed until she was well enough to promote it. But bad reviews ensured it did not recoup its money at the box office.

'Good name'
The movie, which cost $22m (£15.4m) to make, made just $4m (£2.8m) back in its US run. Allen Kovac, chief executive officer of independent label Left Bank Organization, said Carey would bounce back.

"She's still a good name and a currency, but she needs someone with a rolodex of producers and songwriters (to collaborate), somebody like a Clive Davis or Tommy Mottola."

It was Mottola who discovered Carey as an 18-year-old waitress. (actually they met at a party Ohh dear :P) The couple married and he helped her become one of the biggest selling singers in recent history. However after the break-up of the marriage, she quit his label Sony for EMI's Virgin.

Fan base
If Carey does bounce back, she would not be the first star dropped from that label to go on to further success. Shaggy was dropped by Virgin after two albums, before being picked up by MCA Records. His album Hotshot was one of the biggest selling CDs in the world last year.

Music lawyer Kenneth Freundlich said Carey's fan-base would carry her through. He said: "She's been through all the turns, has a lot of money and a tremendous fan base. She should just tap into that. "The fans will excuse the bad movies and the breakdown, but the corporations won't."

One bright note for Carey this year is the praise being given for her latest movie role in the mafia-comedy Wisegirls. Variety magazine said she showed "charm and relaxed assurance" for her part as a waitress caught up with the mob. She is also due to sing at the American Football Superbowl in February. It is one of the biggest annual events on US TV with more than 80 million people due to tune in.

Mariah's lawyers threaten to sue Carey was dropped after poor sales of her last album. Lawyers for singer Mariah Carey are threatening to sue her former record company, EMI, for saying it "terminated" her contract. They are angry that EMI announced it was terminating the pop diva's £70m five-album deal, instead of the agreed wording - "cancelled".

The news from EMI that it was letting Carey go followed the poor reception of her last album Glitter, which sold 500,000 copies in the US. Carey's lawyers say her pay-out was closer to $50m. Both parties had issued a joint press release saying the contract had been "cancelled".

But EMI then followed London Stock Exchange rules by disclosing the deal in a separate announcement hours before Americans were awake, saying the contract had been "terminated". Carey's lawyer Marshall Grossman said that was "deplorable".

"We are appalled that EMI would deal so cavalierly with these issues and do so less than 24 hours after the parties had finalised their agreement and settled the exact terms of the joint press statement," he said.

But EMI's lawyer, Bert Fields, said the label had done no wrong. "Certainly, it was not EMI's position that Ms. Carey was fired or anything like that, and there was no intention to create that impression," he added.

Mr Grossman also questioned the amount EMI is paying to release Carey from her contract. The record company said it was $28m, but her lawyers argue that the amount does not take into account the $21m (£14.7m) Carey kept for making the failed Glitter album, minimising the losses suffered by EMI.

The music giants are threatening to counter-sue the singer, if Carey's lawyers go ahead with court action. Mr Fields said: "We will file a cross-complaint saying Ms Carey's representatives were making a lot of inflammatory statements around the world on Thursday which go way beyond the agreed press release." This news comes at a bad time for Carey who is still recovering from a turbulent 2001. She suffered an emotional breakdown which led her to check into a clinic to recover. The singer was placed in psychiatric care in August after suffering from "extreme exhaustion". Her first major film, also called Glitter, was postponed until she was well enough to promote it. But bad reviews ensured it did not recoup its money at the box office. The movie, which cost $22m (£15.4m) to make, made just $4m (£2.8m) back in its US run.

Mariah 'cancelled' not 'terminated'
Updated: 25 Jan 2002

Mariah Carey is planning to sue EMI after the record company announced that it had 'terminated' her contract, rather than saying it had been 'cancelled'.

The original statement had been agreed by both sides, but EMI published a separate press-release for the stock market which was worded differently. The record label came to an agreement with Mariah following poor sales of her latest album 'Glitter'. She will receive a £20m payout to end the contract.

EMI's lawyer said: "Certainly, it was not EMI's position that Ms. Carey was fired or anything like that, and there was no intention to create that impression," They also plan to counter-sue if the singer goes ahead with the case as EMI reckons Mariah's lawyers were "making a lot of inflammatory statements around the world on Thursday which go way beyond the agreed press release."

Mariah's Birthdate
My lamb Brittany had a good point about this whole issue, and here is what she had to say:

Hey this is Brittany and I know that you all have been debating when Mariah's birthday is. Who knows best than her mother? I went through my tapes because I remember her mom saying something about they year she was born. The last time Mariah appeared on Oprah, her mother visited the show along with her to talk about the hardships they went through before and as MC was born... blah blah blah... well, in one part she states, "...In 1969, we were in that neighborhood, and in 1970, WHEN SHE (Mariah) WAS BORN, we moved out of that neighborhood..."

I think a mother knows out of anyone when her child was born, and therefore she will be making 32 on March 27 and NOT 33 as PEOPLE magazine states. They can say they checked these records, but they lie about her too, so it can't possibly be true if her mom just said this AND I BELIEVE PARTICIA OVER ANYONE!!

More Wallpapers
Rebecca sent me 4 nice wallpapers that you can use on your desktop and you can check them out on the Calendar Wallpapers page

Miss Mariah Nominated For MoviePhone Award
I got this info from ItsReallyMe@IntegralWill.net (yeaah, that's their e-mail address lol)

Just imagine this ...after all the critics and all the haters put down Mariah for her movie Glitter ... HER FANS miraculously and with amazing respect, nominate Mariah for a MoviePhone award ... Fan Power Babay!

We know something they don't -- let's make them see the light...Everything that glitters isn't gold ... sometimes it's platinum. Go HERE to vote!!

Mariah In Teen People
I got this info from mcsdoboy@aol.com:

I just wanted to informed u that Mariah was featured twice in the newest teen people mag w Britney on the cover. She is on the CALENDER page were it says she is 33? I dont know how the hell they got that number. and there is a pic of her in STAR TRACKS were she is performing at the jingle ball.

MC Sites To Check Out
Here are a few Mariah sites you can check out if you choose to do so:

Mariah Style
WG Mariah
Mariah's Wonder World
Mariah'z World

Mariah Mentioned On Behind The Music
VH1 is airing a brand new episode of Behind The Music with a group from the 80's called Hall and Oates, which some of you young lambs may or may not know... they're a great band and O course I know their music cuz I'm old and grew up in the 80's lol but anyway, Tommy Mottola used to manage the group before he met Mariah and he is interviewed throughout most of the show. He also mentions Mariah. I'll be recording it later and let everyone know tomorrow what he said about her.

Mariah At The Superbowl Soon!!
We only have ONE WEEK to see our MARIAH sing at the SUPERBOWL in front of MILLIONS of viewers! RAH!! Not only that, it's an exciting day for me cuz the Rams will be playing, which is the football team from St. Louis, which is where I live :)

I'm sure everyone cares but i just felt the need to share that lol. Have a good night lambs!!!

Update by Regina
January 26th, 2002 (7:00 pm EST)

New Pics
Mariah N Mira I added the scans of the February 5th issus of Globe and Star to Gallery 1 Check them out if you like.

Mariah TV
"D" found some times you can check Mariah out on T.V. They wern't in the list where I get my dates from and the times are in Pacific time, so make sure to check your local listings...

  •  VH1 at 12pm on Monday Feb 4 
    P Pop-Up Video - Heartbreaker 
  • VH1 @ 9am on Tues Feb 5 
    TV Moments - "Mariah Carey 2002" Mariah Carey 

    Mariah No Show on TV
    Tony sent us the following information...
    On Thursday's ABC Network News b/cast at 5:30 pm (cst) they gave a billboard about Friday's program where Peter Jennings said something about "We'll find out what happened to a singer who sold millions of albums and has now been dropped by her record company, what's gone wrong in the record business, on Friday's show."

    On Friday's Network News b/cast, they ran two promo blurbs and announced Mariah's name and showed a few frames of a video, then no story.  At the end of the show Charles Gibson said that "As what sometimes happens in a television broadcast, the tape machine ate our story about Mariah Carey, so we can't bring it to you tonight..."

    Sounds like somebody made a call to ABC Networks at the last minute and the story got pulled and then they fibbed. Or it was a time issue.  But they never said that they would run the story again or on Saturday, I would believe they had a safety on a different tape or in a digital server.  Sounds like a fishy story to me.  Tape machines eat tapes, but tape failure still sounds a bit suspicious in a world where on-line video is now pulled from servers with dual redundancy.

    Mariah on Moviefone.com
    Desiree informed me that Mariah is on the American Moviegoer Awards Outstanding Actress List. Please go and vote for so we can get her to win. The winner will be announced on February 7th. Maybe this will get a lot people to realize how amazing of an actress she really is...
    Click here to vote for Mariah.

    Update by Liron
    January 26th, 2002 (8:50 am EST, 1:50 pm GMT)

    Celebration of Speculations
    In other words; Rumors Galore. The following articles each states a different record label that Mariah's supposedly going to sign with. Nothing is confirmed, but it's interesting to read! Click on the sources to read full articles:

    Def Jam Records:
    FOX News:
    Mariah Eyes Cheap Deal
    One well-placed record industry source said Def Jam — the legendary hip-hop label founded by Russell Simmons and sold to Universal Records in 1999 — is now talking to Carey about the much more modest two-album deal.

    Mariah's Jam Session?
    This morning's New York Post (January 25) claims Carey has been talking about the deal to Def Jam CEO Lyor Cohen.
    A UK spokesperson for Def Jam was unaware of any such deal this morning. At time of going to print, Carey's powerful US PR Cindi Berger was not returning calls.

    Sky News:
    Carey Set For New Deal
    Now, an industry source has told the New York Post that the American was in talks to sign a two-album deal with Def Jam records for between £2.1m and £3.5m.M
    The source said Carey was talking directly with Def Jam's president, Lyor Cohen, about the possible deal.
    Her spokeswoman acknowledged earlier this week that a number of record companies had approached Carey but that no deals had been signed.

    Warner Brothers
    Mariah For Warner Bros?
    Music experts are predicting Mariah Carey will opt for a contract with Warner Brothers - because it's the only major company untouched by the Sony or EMI music giants.

    NY Daily:
    The Mariah-Go-Round Starts Spinning
    ariah Carey was hearing a lot of sweet talk from record moguls yesterday after her not-so-amicable divorce from EMI's Virgin label. But it remains to be seen how sincere her suitors are.
    It isn't just a question of whether the music honchos can afford Carey. They also have to be careful about offending the divas they already have.

    Hits Daily Double:
    Where Will Mariah Take Her Music Box?
    Carey remains without a manager, as pointers point to her attempts at self-management as part of the problem. What role will former Columbia and Arista executive Jerry Blair, whose relationship with Carey continues, play in a possible new deal?
    As for speculation that former Virgin Worldwide Vice Chairman Nancy Berry will be closely involved with Carey's next move, insiders saying this will not be the case.

    Mariah Arista talks outrage Whitney: report
    The New York Post reported Wednesday that Carey, who this week got a golden handshake from Virgin Records worth in the neighborhood of $50 million, was bound for Arista. On Thursday, the paper reported Houston, who has her own deal worth over $100 million with Arista, was not amused by the report.

    Carey split sign of music industry woes
    Less than a year after Mariah Carey signed an $80 million, five-album contract with EMI Records the party's over. After her album "Glitter," which debuted with a movie of the same name, bombed, EMI cut its losses this week, and it didn't end nicely. But this may not be so much a story about a high-priced diva — it may also say a lot about the music business right now.

    Slant magazine:
    Mariah Mania: Resolving the Kitsch Factor
    Just hours before news broke that EMI had dropped Mariah Carey from its Virgin Music Group, the superstar left a voice message to her fans on her official website. There was nary a hint of what would make headlines the very next morning but, in retrospect, the message is a sad reminder of the only thing that seems to keep Carey going these days: "As always, I'm just thinking about you. I appreciate ya, love ya and I enjoy ya. And I'm gonna call you again soon."

    Thanks to Shayne & Nicole from MariahBuzz For finding most of these articles, and various people at lovely Friends of Mariah Messageboard as well.

    Update by Regina
    January 25th, 2002 (9:20 pm EST)

    Happy Birthday Mari
    Just a quick note, it's a very good friend of mine's birthday tomorrow (Jan. 26th) and it would be really nice if you could send her a birthday wish. She is a HUGE Mariah fan from Spain and her name is Mari. Mariah absoulutely adores her and knows how dedicated Mari is. So please, take 2 minutes and send her a birthday wish to...mariahcheeks@yahoo.es (Mini was in on this Mari)

    Magazine News
    Mark gave us a low down on what magazines you can check Mariah out in...
    - Bunte (D) The Jan 24 Issue...VERY nice Mohammed Ali Pic
    - Die A Aktuelle (D) Jan 21 Issue...Small Mariah in red dress.
    - Bravo (D) Jan 23 Issue...Little sexy pic of Mariah wearing her glasses
    - Top 10 (NL) Feb Issue...Full page article about Mariah's shopping behaviour.
    - Break Out (NL) Jan 24 Issue...Mariah & J.Lo
    - Hitkrant (NL) Jan 26 Issue...ALSO Mariah & J.Lo

    Update by Liron
    January 25th, 2002 (6:20 pm EST, 11:20 pm GMT)

    More on Mariah leaving EMI
    I've received lots of articles regarding Mariah leaving EMI. Unfortunately we already know that many of them went by EMI's false statements which is why I chose to post the articles that have some interesting comments and thoughts in them.
    Thanks a lot to my friend Anderz who helped me find them!
    I've posted a part of each article, click on the sources to read them fully.

    From CNN:
    MARSHALL: But, as far as Mariah Carey, I want to say that we have a wonderful opportunity to see an artist who can actually sing, which, in today's age, is not a necessarily a requirement for music, if you have listened to a lot of music.
    So Mariah will bounce back on her feet. I think she is going to be fine. I hope that she holds her head up high, takes this $28 million, takes a vacation, gets away from all the drama and comes back maybe in six or nine months with a fresh appeal. I'm sure any smart record company out there would pick her up. If I had enough money, I would sign her for sure, because she is really an artist that can sing and can perform.

    From Washington Post:
    A Label's Case Of Cash And Carey
    With a superstar like Carey, "a record company has the potential to make huge money," says Howard Kramer, associate curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, "but it costs a huge amount of money, too. You are contractually obligated to provide a great deal of [marketing] support. . . . I'm sure that Mariah Carey's record contract is as thick as the D.C. phone book and it's all spelled out in great detail."
    That also means that she will find a new recording home -- albeit at a discounted price. "She may have a lot of hits left in her," says the industry executive. "The economics of the business just changed on her. Deals like hers are a thing of the past. But I don't think she's going away."

    From BBC:
    Mariah tipped for comeback
    Mariah Carey is being tipped to bounce back after she was dropped by her record company. Industry analysts believe the singer will not have a problem in finding a new label, after getting $28m (£19m) to leave EMI.
    Carey's lawyer, Donald Passman, said recording companies had already shown interest in the star.
    He said: "There are several major music labels who have been going after her since the rumours started.
    "My sense is we'll be talking in earnest very shortly."

    From MSNBC:
    Ballad for Mariah
    She has had more No. 1 songs than any artist working today. In the history of pop music, she's outranked only by Elvis Presley and the Beatles in that category. Her albums have sold 8 million copies each on average. But in today's frenetically paced, financially troubled music business, all Mariah Carey had to do was make one bum CD and those past achievements were easily overlooked.

    From NY Times:
    Few Crying the Blues for Mariah Carey
    "There's no doubt she'll get signed again, and the odds are in her favor that she'll have another hit," Mr. Hayes, the lawyer, said of Ms. Carey. "The public doesn't care about this. This is industry scuttlebutt. All the public cares about is whether she has a good song or not."
    For other artists, though, the cancellation of Ms. Carey's contract may harden their resolve to gain greater control over their contractual relationships with recording companies. Performers like Don Henley and Sheryl Crow were in Sacramento on Wednesday lobbying the California legislature to include musicians in a labor code that allows entertainers to free themselves from contracts after seven years.

    Letter to the Editor
    To the Editor: Re "Record Label Pays Dearly to Dismiss Mariah Carey" (front page, Jan. 24): It is interesting to see Mariah Carey branded as a failure in some circles of the music industry. As your article points out, only Elvis Presley and the Beatles have had more No. 1 songs than Mariah Carey. If she never sells another record, she will still go down as one of the most successful recording artists of all time. DENNIS FRANK Fair Lawn, N.J., Jan. 24, 2002

    From People (Thanks MariahBuzz!)
    Mariah May Not Be an Orphan for Long
    All told, Mariah Carey will be walking away from her EMI Group Plc. contract with nearly $50 million, says estimates, when her earnings for the CD "Glitter" and her reputed $28 million severance package are factored together. The pop diva, 32, and EMI, which owns the Virgin record label to which she had signed last April in a reported $80 million deal, are ending their relationship, the company announced Tuesday. On Wednesday, Carey's attorney, Donald Passman, told Reuters, "There are several major music labels who have been going after her since the rumors started. My sense is we'll be talking in earnest very shortly."

    From NY Newsday (Thanks MariahsMateo):
    Mariah, Virgin Records Split
    By Glenn Gamboa
    Staff Writer
    The $49-million breakup of Mariah Carey and Virgin Records quickly shed the press-release well-wishing yesterday and skidded into a he said, she said music-biz smackdown.
    Both sides agree Carey gets $28 million to leave EMI, Virgin Records' parent company, and keeps the $21 million she received in April for signing a reported four-album, $100-million deal. The agreements end there, though.
    "If I represented a singing fly, I'd be concerned about entering into a contract with EMI now," said Carey's attorney, Marshall B. Grossman of Alschuler, Grossman, Stein & Kahan in Los Angeles. Team Carey was enraged by an early-morning press release from EMI, Virgin Records' parent company, that said the company had terminated the singer's contract, which Carey's camp calls "false" and "misleading."
    "EMI wanted Mariah to remain under contract with EMI -- Mariah did not," Grossman said. "That's when we entered into settlement negotiations and reached an amicable agreement."

    Bert Fields, EMI's attorney, said the company's release citing the termination of Carey's contract was consistent with the joint statement, adding, "No one is pretending that EMI fired her." Fields said he could not comment on whether Carey left EMI or EMI asked her to go, because it would violate confidentiality agreements. "The world can judge for itself the reasons for the negotiations," he said.
    The talks began months ago, during tumultuous times for both Carey and EMI. The 31-year-old singer, who was hospitalized for "extreme exhaustion" in August, saw her movie debut, "Glitter," flop, taking the soundtrack, her first album for Virgin, down with it, resulting in a reported $10-million loss. Meanwhile, EMI, the world's third- largest music company, whose stable includes Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney and Shaggy, saw two merger attempts fail and faced financial losses while new CEO Alain Levy made cuts. Levy fired Ken Berry, the executive who lured Carey, the music industry's third-biggest-selling female artist, from Sony.
    "We have decided that this is the most prudent course of action for EMI," Levy said in the statement announcing the breakup.
    Carey, who will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, is currently evaluating offers from other labels. "This is the right decision for me," she said in a statement. "I look forward to the many new and exciting opportunities, which have now been presented to me."

    Access Hollywood Transcript
    >> I'm pat o'brien. You know on second thought, maybe mariah's split with emi wasn't as friendly as reported. We told you yesterday emi terminated the deal, the singer walked away with a cool $49 million.
    >>Extra Reporter: Industry rule number 480 -- record company people are shady. That from mariah carey, as the end of her $80 million emi contract is just the beginning of the war of words. Here's the problem. After lawyers from both sides spent ten days hammering out the wording of the press release, it was agreed that the word "cancelled" would be used to indicate both sides ended the relationship. But when emi followed with their own release using the term "terminated," mariah's camp cried foul, calling the behavior deplorable. Emi's high profile attorney bert fields retaliates with this -- "they were upset because it implied that we said ms. Carey was unilaterally dumped, but that was not the case."
    >> Would you hire her? Would you want her on your label?
    >> She's a huge superstar. Who wouldn't?
    >> Reporter: Jay z worked with mariah on "heartbreaker." He's currently collaborating with fellow superstar R. Kelly. Both rallied around mariah while talking to our billy bush today.
    >> She should holler at me, man, because I could turn the whole thing around.
    >> Letting mariah carey go is a loss, because I think mariah carey is a superstar.
    >> Reporter: Music executives andre harrell of nu america music and barry weiss of jive records believe only fools would think carey's no longer a top talent.
    >> You could never ever count her out. She's an amazing artist.
    >> Might you make a play for her?
    >> Of course we might.
    >> I would sign mariah carey tomorrow. When I leave this interview, I'm gonna call her.
    >> Are you really?
    >> I love mariah carey. She's fabulous.
    >> Reporter: After erratic behavior last summer, a disappointing film and cd and a hospital stay for exhaustion, 2001 was a year to forget for carey. But last week, when we talked to mariah at the sundance film festival, her outlook was positive.
    >>Mariah: I'm always gonna sing. I love singing. I'll always write songs. I'll always be -- music will always be -- like i can barely live without my radio.
    >> Reporter: The whole world will get to hear mariah again in just over a week, singing the national anthem at the football event of the year.
    >>Mariah: The super bowl I'm very excited about. I know nothing about football.
    >> Mariah, It's okay. For which label she may end up signing with, a representative of clive davis tells us today there's no negotiation taking place between the label and Mariah.

    Taken from MariahsWeb.

    Latest Voice Message Added
    Check out the Voice Messages Page to download the latest voice message from Mariah (Jan 23rd).

    FHM Scans
    Igal aka mcfanatic bought the FHM issue with Mariah on the cover and scanned them in HUGE size and high resolution! Check them out on Gallery 1

    Taryn updates site with message to MC Fans!
    The new singer Taryn who is featured on the Wise Girls soundtrack is also a Mariah fan, as we've reported before. Recently she's updated her site with a special message to Mariah fans after we all helped her song go all the way up to #6 on the Amazon download charts!
    So please keep supporting her and visit her official site to see the special message she left for us!

    In addition, I've added a beautiful artwork that Nacho's made that was used both on Mariah's official site and on Taryn's site. Check it out in Gallery 1.

    Some Tidbits

  • TwinPeaks writes: An average of 8.1 million viewers tuned in for the whole special, but there were around 8.9 million by the end of the show (when MC sang happy birthday to him).
  • Kom writes: Mariah's Glitter is featured as movie of the mounth (Janunary) on Thai Airways. In the inflight magazine, "Sawasdee" , there is one full page picture of Glitter and several other small pictures and description. I did steal the inflight magazine but unfortunately forgot to bring it with me to the US. Click HERE to read it on their website.
  • DL writes: There is a new song about Mariah called by the Twisted Gibberish Society (an unsigned band) called Mariah Carey's Breasts Rock The House
    Here is the LINK
    You can download it for free, or stream to listen.

    Update by Regina
    January 25th, 2002 (4:00 pm EST)

    I added a few new links to the Links page and also I listed them below. There is a special message from the Fantasy webmaster below too
    sundance image Mariah News
    Mariahz World

    This is the webmaste of the site "fantasy" and if you have tried going to it the past 2 weeks you would see that It isnt there no more, well thats because we have got a domain now. You can now reach "fantasy" at http://www.mariahfantasy.com/ Thank You and please update your bookmarks.

    Plus, there is a new picture of Mariah from the Sundacen Film Festival. I scanned the picture from the NY Daily News yeterday and threw the article in the trash, since it's full of lies or stuff we already heard. It's a nice picture of M, so check it out in Gallery 1

    Mariah Day in the Philippines
    Michael told me that it's Mariah day in the Philippines on January 27th. Here's more...

    On January 27, Vid-OK, a cable music channel will play Mariah videos all day long. Another good thing is that, they will give away Mariah CD's especially her best-selling CD, Music Box. They will also give people who will text-in limited MC cd case. So cheer up Filipinos and let us support Mariah.

    Magazine News
    Here is the latest from Janel, from MariahsLambs...

  • Star-February 5, 2002 picture & article page 14
  • New York Post- January 25, 2002 picture & article page 3, half of a full page article and picture page 25 , mentions page 12
  • US Weekly February 11, 2002 page 66 mentions in article and a picture.
  • Enquirer-February 5, 2002 article page 13
  • Globe-February 5, 2002-article page 14, picture page 20

    Message from Regina
    I went back to college this week, so due to my school schedule, I won't be able to update this site on Tuesday and Thursday since I am at school from 8am until 8pm. However, I will be doing updates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the days I can't update, Liron and Danielle will hop in and most likely update the site, along with the other days. So in the end, Mariah Daily will remain updated pretty much daily, but if we miss a day, please try and understand. Thanks so much! Liron will be adding her update shortly...

    Update by Regina
    January 25th, 2002 (3:40 pm EST)

    Mariah on Access Hollywood/Entertainment Tonight
    The webmaster of Mariah 4 Life told us what happened last night on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. On both programs, they interviewed Mariah and she said that despite leaving EMI, she's looking forward to making another album and working on some more movies. On AH, they talked to Jay-Z and R Kelley. Jay said he would love to have M on his label and Kelly responded by saying that if she was with him, the whole thing would be turned around. They then interviewed the VP of J Records and he said, "They are nuts if they think Mariah isn't a top 10 artist, in a matter of fact after this press conference, I'm going to call Mariah!" They went on to say that record labels are in line to sign Mariah.

    Mariah Carey has hit back at EMI, claiming that the record company released false information regarding the termination of her contract.

    As dotmusic reported yesterday, EMI issued a statement explaining that Mariah had been paid £19 million by the company in order terminate the pop diva's five-album deal.

    However, Mariah's PR have since claimed that yesterday's statement was in direct violation of an agreement between the two parties, and that EMI had in fact released false information.

    Mariah's publicist Cindi Berger claims that EMI/Virgin did not terminate the singer's contract by themselves, and that the 'golden-handshake' awarded to the singer was actually a more substantial $49 million (£35.5 million).

    A statement from Berger reads: "As stated in the joint press release of Mariah Carey and EMI/Virgin Records, the agreement between the two was amicably terminated with benefits to and for Mariah Carey of $49 million for the one album she delivered."

    "The release of EMI, independently issued by it, is in direct violation of the agreement between the parties. It is also false. It states that EMI itself terminated the agreement. Not true. It fails to state that the total package for Mariah Carey is $49 million."

    Thanks to TMBGnMP for this article from DotMusic.

    PEOPLE Responds
    A couple people e-mailed PEOPLE magazine about the error in the magazine saying that Mariah was 32 now and will be turning 33 this March. With their response, it makes you want to believe that they are right. All the books, etc state the fact that Mariah is 31 now and was born in 1970 but what if they are right? Mariah currently does not have a drivers licence, which she has stated in interviews but maybe she did get one when she turned 17?? Who knows but here is the response from PEOPLE (thanks to Tom for the pic)...

    Dear Reader,
    Thank you for writing to PEOPLE Magazine.
    old pic Since Mariah Carey made her debut, our magazine has been reporting her birth date according to the March 27, 1969 date. In addition, we have a copy of Ms. Carey's driver's license, which lists her birthday as March 27, 1969. Furthermore, we spoke with the administrators at the high school she attended who confirmed that Ms. Carey's birthday is March 27, 1969, as did her management when we made our initial interview. Therefore, based on this information, we stand by our reporting.

    Erin McIntyre
    For the editors

    Rhomeyn sent us the latest charts from Billboard ending for Feb 2nd...

  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    21 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    14 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    68 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
  • The Billboard 200
    128 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    75 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
    Note: Greatest Hits sold more copies this week than last week!

    Law And Disorder
    nice smile Just one sweet day after Virgin Records paid Mariah Carey $28 million to end her contract after one flop album (''Glitter''), her lawyers are thinking of suing parent company EMI over the wording of its announcement of the split. Once the financial settlement was reached, it took Carey's and EMI's lawyers 10 more days to hash out a joint press release, saying that the contract had been ''amicably'' scrapped and that she and the label would ''part ways,'' implying a mutual decision by both parties. But hours later, EMI issued its own statement to the London Stock Exchange, saying it had ''terminated'' Carey's deal, suggesting that she didn't walk out, she was dumped.

    Carey's reps called EMI's release ''false'' and a ''direct violation'' of the settlement agreement by issuing an additional statement. ''What would make me happy is if EMI had lived up to the terms of the agreement at least long enough for one round of tea and crumpets,'' said Carey's lawyer, Marshall Grossman. ''I think the public is sick and tired of big corporations beating up on talent.'' (The settlement gives the beaten-up Carey a total of $49 million, including her $21 million advance from last April, for nine months of work and one failed album). However, EMI's lawyer, Hollywood heavyweight Bert Fields, claims the label was required by stock exchange rules to issue its own statement on the split, that ''terminated'' didn't necessarily mean ''unilaterally dumped,'' and that if Carey filed a breach of contract suit, EMI would file a countersuit for libel.

    Meanwhile, Carey is shopping around for a new label, although no one is likely to duplicate the $20 million per album terms of her Virgin deal. Carey reportedly wants any new deal to include a job for her pal Nancy Berry, the former Virgin exec who signed her last year, and whom new EMI CEO Alain Levy promptly fired when he took over in September and began cutting costs. Already, Arista Records has said no. Said a spokesperson ''Arista Records is not signing Mariah Carey now or anytime in the future, nor are we in any discussions with Nancy Berry.'' One rumor had it that Whitney Houston, Arista's biggest-name artist, called label chief L.A. Reid and made him end discussions to bring the rival diva to the company, but Houston's publicist says, ''Someone in [Houston's] in-house company called Arista to find out if it was true [that Reid was negotiating with Carey] simply out of curiosity, and they said no. Miss Houston knows nothing about this and would certainly applaud anything good for [Carey]."...

    Thanks to Alan for this article from EW.com

    Update by Danielle
    January 24th, 2002 (10:00 pm EST)

    New Article About Mariah's Departure From Virgin
    My Lamb Meg sent me theis article today:

    Pop diva Carey likely to return for encore
    Jan 23 2002 8:01PM

    LOS ANGELES(Reuters) - Pop diva Mariah Carey will probably sing herself all the way to the bank and another record deal after getting $28 million to walk away from music giant EMI Group Plc , industry analysts said Wednesday. Carey's lawyer, Donald Passman, said recording companies have already shown interest in the star ever since speculation of her breakup with EMI began circulating weeks ago.

    "There are several major music labels who have been going after her since the rumors started," Passman said. "My sense is we'll be talking in earnest very shortly."

    The buyout announcement capped weeks of speculation that EMI had been seeking to sever ties with Carey after signing her to an estimated $80 million to $100 million deal last year only to see her new album, "Glitter," sell a disappointing 2 million units.

    Under the buyout pact, Carey gets $28 million to walk away and retains another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001.

    The news topped a turbulent year for the singer who suffered a emotional and physical breakdown and has been a regular gossip column fodder since the end of her marriage to Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola, who discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress.

    EMI has had its own problems and recently brought in music veteran Alain Levy to overhaul the label after warning in September that 2001 profits would dive 20 percent.

    Some believe a likely landing pad for Carey might be the new J Records label of Clive Davis, the legendary music executive credited with reviving the careers of such talents as Santana.

    A spokeswoman for J Records declined comment.

    "She's still a good name and a currency, but she needs someone with a rolodex of producers and songwriters (to collaborate), somebody like a Clive Davis or Tommy Mottola," said Allen Kovac, chief executive officer of the Left Bank Organization, an independent label.

    Carey's generous buyout was announced as several stars, led by Courtney Love, lobbied California lawmakers to free artists from what they claim is unfair record company control.

    Officials at big labels like AOL Time Warner Inc's Warner Music and Vivendi Universal declined comment about Carey's buyout or prospects on Wednesday.

    But several label executives agreed Carey was marketable.

    "She's definitely a marquee artist. She may be on the downswing, but she's still someone who could sell records. No major label would turn their nose down at her, but they are unlikely to pay the terms that she got at EMI," said one executive, requesting anonymity.

    Among Levy's first big moves at EMI was to fire Nancy Berry, the head of EMI's Virgin label who signed Carey to the deal. Sources on Wednesday said they believed a condition of any future Carey deals will be to include Nancy Berry. Rumors that Carey and Berry were close to a deal with Bertelsmann AG's

    Arista Records were quashed by Arista on Wednesday.

    "Arista Records is not signing Mariah Carey now or anytime in the future, nor are we in any discussions with Nancy Berry," said Arista spokeswoman Laura Swanson.

    Other artists have recently gone on to bigger and better things after being let go by EMI's Virgin.

    After recording two albums for Virgin, reggae star Shaggy signed to MCA Records, where his 2000 album, "Hotshot," was one of the best-selling releases last year.

    And the Wallflowers recorded one little-noticed album for Virgin in 1992 before being let go and landing at Interscope, where there 1996 album, "Bringing Down the Horse" sold 6 million copies worldwide. MCA and Interscope are units of Vivendi Universal.

    Others say Carey would do well to sit on the sidelines.

    "She's been through all the turns, has a lot of money and a tremendous fan base. She should just tap into that," said music lawyer Kenneth Freundlich. "That fan base is what's going to sustain her. The fans will excuse the bad movies and the breakdown, but the corporations won't."

    Glitta Eligible For Nomination
    I got this info from MariahzGuy@aol.com I went to the Academy Awards website www.oscars.org and they have a full list of all teh movies eligible for nominations (all the movies released in 2001) and it lists all the actors eligible for acting nominations

    Mariah Carey. Max Beesley. Terrence Howard. Ann Magnuson. Tia Texada. Da Brat. Dorian Harewood. Valarie Pettiford. Isabel Gomes. Eric Benét. Grant Nickalls. Padma Lakshmi. Don Ackerman. Ed Sahely. Carmen Wong. James Allodi. Damon D'Olivera. Mauricio Rodas. Marcia Bennett. Abdul Shawish. Chris Tessaro. Courtnie Beceiro. Lindsey Pickering. Kim Roberts. Bill Sage. Tim Burd. Brian Heighton. Matthew Olver. J C Kenny. Jamia Eaton. Emanuel Arruda. Claire Burton. Kyle Thrash. Sonya Hensley. Derek Ritschel. Kevin Keith. Novie Edwards. Dan Chameroy. Anthony Ashbee. Tanya Kim. Jeni Anderson. Jose Arias. Michael Egan. Judi Mark. Kate McNeil. Craig-Radioman. Neisha Folkes.

    February 12, 2002 All nominations announced at 5:30 a.m. PST, Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

    March 24, 2002 74th Annual Academy Awards.

    Mariah Cards
    I got this info from Ahmad:

    I would like to inform lambs that Sony Music (Singapore) & SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapit Transit) > a local train company - are releasing a limited edition collectors mariah carey MRT cards. The picture on the card is similar to the Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits.

    It will release on January 25 and only available at these Train Stations; Bugis, City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut, Newton, Orchard, Outram Park, Raffles Place, Somerset & Tanjong Pagar.

    The MRT card is at S$7 and has a coded value of S$6. Also, when this MRT card is shown at 'Popular CD-Rama' music store, u can get Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits at a dollar off.

    Posters of the sales of the card is displayed at all stations. Probably lambs stayin' in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) can get themselves too.

    Update by Regina
    January 23, 2002 (2:00 pm EST)

    Mariah Releases Statement
    NEW YORK (AP) - After less than a year and a flop album, Mariah Carey is leaving Virgin Records with a deal giving her $49 million.

    EMI, Virgin's parent company, announced on Wednesday that it would pay the 31-year-old diva $28 million to end their association, which was to last for several albums to the tune of $100 million.

    That's in addition to the $21 million she's already received since arriving at Virgin last April.

    ``Glitter,'' her first album for Virgin and the soundtrack for her movie of the same name, was a major disappointment. It sold 501,000 copies, according to Soundscan, a sharp drop from the multiplatinum successes the Grammy winner delivered for her previous label, Columbia Records.

    The ``Glitter'' disc came out after the singer was hospitalized last summer for a much-publicized breakdown. It was followed in September by her equally disappointing movie of the same name, which failed to crack the top 10 in its first week of release and quickly disappeared from theaters.

    Earlier this month, EMI released a statement denying it had agreed to buy out Carey's pricey deal.

    But in Wednesday's statement, EMI's new chairman, Alain Levy, said: ``We have decided that this is the most prudent course of action for EMI. We wish Mariah the best.''

    Carey said in the joint statement: ``This is the right decision for me. I look forward to the many new and exciting opportunities, which have now been presented to me. I wish Virgin well.''

    In a separate EMI statement, however, the company said it had ``terminated its contract with Mariah Carey.'' EMI described the statement as a regulatory disclosure that was required by stock exchange regulations.

    Hours later, Carey's representatives angrily denied she had been ``terminated.'' They said the break was amicable and added that EMI's statement was false and in violation of her exit terms.

    Carey's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, told The Associated Press: ``We are appalled that EMI would deal so cavalierly with these issues and do so less than 24 hours after the parties had finalized their agreement and settled the exact terms of the joint press statement,'' Grossman said.

    But EMI lawyer Bert Fields said the disclosure statement was not in violation of the agreement.

    ``Certainly, it was not EMI's position that Ms. Carey was fired or anything like that, and there was no intention to create that impression,'' Fields told The AP.

    Grossman said it was Carey who wanted to end the contract, not EMI. When asked why she would walk away from a $100 million deal, he said: ``She has received the benefit of this agreement of $49 million for only one album. And she is free to pursue a number of different opportunities that she was not able to pursue under the original contract.''

    Grossman would not say what those opportunities were, but said Carey is evaluating offers from other labels.

    Carey forged her stardom from a wholesome image and soaring ballads that highlighted her multi-octave voice.

    But over the past few years, her image has changed. After her divorce from Tommy Mottola, the former president of Columbia and current Sony Music chief, she became sexier. She also switched musically, using more hip-hop beats instead of the adult contemporary sound that made her famous.

    Carey's disappointing sales and departure are another blow for EMI and Virgin; among its other commercial flops last year were albums from Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz.

    Levy took over last October for former EMI chairman Ken Berry, who was ousted. That month, Virgin's vice chairman, Nancy Berry, also was removed.

    Carey has another movie, ``Wisegirls,'' with Mira Sorvino, due out this year. She's scheduled to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

    On the Net:

    AOL News

    Update by Regina
    January 23, 2002 (11:20 am EST)

    Mariah Carey Dropped By Her Record Label
    Mariah Carey awoke this morning to find herself dropped from her label, although she landed on one hell of a cushion.

    The EMI Group, which owns Carey's now ex-label Virgin Records, announced Wednesday (January 23) that it was dropping the pop diva from its roster, according to the Associated Press. As severance, the media conglomerate paid Carey $28 million.

    Carey signed to a four-album deal with Virgin Records last year, which was estimated to be worth $81.6 million.

    The news comes on the heels of much industry speculation that the singer would be axed from the label, since her first Virgin album, Glitter, is considered to be one of the biggest commercial disappointments in recent years. The LP has sold just over 500,000 copies since its release September 11, according to SoundScan — a paltry figure compared to some of Carey's previous albums for former label Columbia. By comparison, 1999's Rainbow sold more than 2.9 million copies, 1997's Butterfly sold more than 3.6 million and 1995's Daydream sold nearly 7.5 million.

    Carey experienced a nervous breakdown last summer and was forced to curb some of the planned promotion for the album, which may have contributed to the LP's poor retail showing


    Update by Regina
    January 23, 2002 (9:25 am EST)

    PEOPLE Believe The DMV
    Paul wrote me and told me how People magazine, once again, said that Mariah was 32 years old in their recent article on her. Now, we all know Mariah was born March 27, 1970 and that this year, she will be turning 32. Well when contacted, People magazine wrote back with the following comment:
    Thank you for writing to PEOPLE Magazine.
    We appreciate your interest in our Scoop item in the January 28 issue. According to the DMV, Mariah Carey's birth date is March 27, 1969, which would make her 32 as reported in our item. We consider the Department of Motor Vehicles to be reliable and accurate source of information; therefore, we stand by our reporting. We, again, thank you for you interest and we hope that we have cleared up any confusion.

    Erin McIntyre
    For the editors

    So the DMV, most likely informed them that Mariah is 32 this year but neglected to tell them that she is turning 32 in March. So hey, if you want to, you can contact them at editor@people.com

    Tidbits From Ashes
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent me some tidbits that his source told him...

  • "mariah is currently writing the new album"
  • "mariah is really pleased with the end result that is Wise Girls & was amazed & really pleased with the great turnout by the fans & the responce from non fans about the movie at the sundance festival "
    She also had this warning about the distribution of the movie:
    " Wise Girls maybe on in less cinema's then glitter as Lions is a small independant distributor & operates in the USA only, she suggested it might be a good idea that the lambz might want to ring way in advance and ask their cinema's if they are gonna play it...or suggest if not, that they do a special screening...you have alot of time to organise this."

    Mariah Dedicates GuestRoom
    Mariah Carey dedicates guest room to fans Mariah Carey has dedicated a room in her New York penthouse to fans who stood by her when she was ill. The walls of the butterfly-themed guest room are adorned with letters and cards from well-wishers. Mariah will take MTV viewers on a guided tour of the 17th floor apartment in a programme to be shown in the UK next month. It has a built-in beauty salon, a gym and a room just for her lingerie. She also shows off a designer bed for her cats and hundreds of pair of shoes. Mariah says: "I came from a tough neighbourhood so it's nice to have a place like this to call my own." The tour of Mariah's apartment will be shown on MTV UK on February 9. The singer suffered an emotional breakdown last summer.

    Thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, for this article from Anaova.

    Sound O' The Month
    Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, finally fixed the problems with the Sound O' The Month. Everything is solved now and every month, they will have a new audio file. This months sound is All In Your Mind, from the First Vision video. Check it out at their site.

    Mariah in Rolling Stone
    LilDego44 informed me that in the new issue of Rolling Stone, February 14th, there is a pretty big article about the decline of 2001 music. There is a picture of her in there. Also, Mariah is in the current issue of Rolling Stone, January 31st, with No Doubt on the cover. She's on page 11, 18 and page 19.

    New Link
    I added a new site to the Links page. It's also listed below:

    Update by Regina
    January 23, 2002 (9:05 am EST)

    New Voice Message
    Mariah has left a new voice message on her Official Website. Here is the transcript:
    Hey Lambs, I'm just calling in letting you know that, as always, I'm just thinking about you umm I appreciate you much, love you and umm I enjoy you and I'm gonna call you again soon. OK? Hope everybody's New Year's going great. Buh Bye!

    Virgin Records Ends Mariah Carey Deal
    LONDON (AP) - Virgin Records America is ending troubled diva Mariah Carey's multi-album contract with a $28 million buyout, Virgin's parent company EMI announced Wednesday.

    The contract would have paid Carey a reported $100 million.

    ``Glitter,'' her first album for Virgin and the soundtrack for her movie of the same name, was a disappointment, failing to live up to the best-selling status of her previous albums for Columbia Records.

    It was released after the singer was hospitalized last year for a much-publicized breakdown.

    EMI had released a statement earlier this month denying it had agreed to buy out Carey's pricey deal.

    The singer's stardom was forged from a wholesome image and soaring ballads that highlighted her multi-octave voice.

    But over the last few years, her image has changed. After her divorce from Tommy Mottola, the former president of Columbia and current Sony Music chief, her once demure image became sexier; she also switched musically, using more hip-hop beats instead of the adult contemporary sound that made her famous.

    The Associated Press

    EMI gives Carey $28m payoff
    LONDON, England -- Britain's EMI Group's Virgin Records label is to pay U.S. pop diva Mariah Carey $28 million to end her recording contract.

    EMI said the cost, together with $26.4 million of balance sheet and other write-offs linked to Carey's recording contract, would be treated as exceptionals in accounts for the year ended March 31, 2002.

    EMI signed Carey to its Virgin Records label last year in one of the most expensive recording contracts ever, only to see her first album, "Glitter," flop.

    The music group has been looking at ways to slash costs after a dismal 2001.

    In September last year EMI, the world's No.3 record company, warned profit for the year would slide 20 percent as conditions in the industry deteriorated.

    The music giant, with artists such as Radiohead and Janet Jackson as well as Carey, said it has seen a "marked deterioration" in conditions, particularly in the U.S. and Latin America.

    EMI stock, which has seen its shares soar more than 40 percent from a low of 252 pence in October, fell half a percent to 359 pence in early London trading on Wednesday.

    The company's stock has lost more than a third of its value over the last year amid concerns about declining compact disc sales and competition from free internet music download sites.

    Before the September profit warning the company's stock had fallen 40 percent as the British music company was forced to abandon merger plans with rivals.

    Its planned merger with Warner Music last year and BMG this year were scuppered by anti-competition concerns. The European Union was unwilling to see competition in the industry reduced from five players to just four.

    Carey hit the headlines before the launch of "Glitter" when she cancelled a scheduled prime-time interview in which she was to discuss a breakdown of a month before.

    Cindi Berger, a publicist for Carey, said the interview was "postponed" because the singer "needs more time to rest."

    Carey's interview with ABC's Barbara Walters was scheduled to air on the news program "20/20" on September 12, the day after her newest album, "Glitter," was to go on sale.

    "We were concerned to hear that Ms. Carey would be unable to do the interview at this time, and we wish her well," Walters said, according to an ABC Web site. Carey, 31, checked herself into a hospital July 26 last year for "extreme exhaustion." Her publicist cited the singer's recent work in completing two movies, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls," while simultaneously writing, recording and producing the "Glitter" soundtrack album.

    The Grammy-winning singer made her debut in 1990, and has released nine albums on the Columbia/Sony label, selling more than 150 million singles and albums worldwide.

    In April, she left the Columbia/Sony label for the Virgin label.

    Thanks to Aidan for this article.

    Mariah Signs New Deal
    The New York Post reports Mariah Carey is on the verge of signing a $30 million severance agreement with EMI. A source told the Post, "The long-term potential losses [for EMI] were huge." They say that Carey is likely to sign with Arista where her pal and ex Virgin exec Nancy Berry currently works.

    Thanks to La Mariah for this article from the New York Post

    Update by Regina
    January 22, 2002 (9:00 am EST)

    Side Bar Updated
    I updated the Important Dates and the Magazine section on the right side, check it out if you like. There is a special on MTV today called, "MTV Cribs: How To Live Like A Pop Star." It will show clips from Mariah's Crib special, along with other celebs!

    Update by Regina
    January 22, 2002 (8:30 am EST)

    New Pics
    Side Look There are three new pictures of Mariah in Gallery 1 The first one is a scan from the Feb 2002 Cosmopolitan with Britney Spears on the cover. The other two are courtesy of Marty. Check them out if you like.

    There is a new Pic O' Week and a new Quote (on the right). Plus, I add two new links to the links page today and here they are also:
    Mariah Mania
    Reflections of Mariah Carey

    Plus, I want to send a HUGE THANKS to Nacho for making the new top banner on Mariah Daily. I forgot to thank him yesterday, so I am doing it now. Thanks Nacho!!!

    Mariah on MTV Show
    RJA366 and Jasmine informed me that Mariah was #13 on MTV's "Who Kick Ass In Music" special. They showed videos of 20 Women in the music buisness and the showed M's Honey at #13. She was on for about four minutes and if you want to check it out, Jasmine sent me the next time it will air in EST. Wed 01/23--8:00 AM
    Thu 01/24--1:00 PM
    Thu 01/24--7:00 PM
    Sat 01/26--7:00 AM
    Sun 01/27--7:00 AM

    SUMar235, Lisa and Anthony told me you can check out all the pictures of Mariah from the FHM photo shoot at their site now. Plus, you can read the article and actually this weeks Quote O' The Week, comes from the article. So check it out if you like. Plus, you might be able to find this magazine at Barnes and Nobles or Borders now, if you want a the magazine with M on the cover.

    Magazine/Newspaper News
    Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, sent me a TON of places you can check Mariah out in Newspapers/Magaiznes and here it is...

  • Cosmopolitan-February 2002---picture & article page 46
  • People January 28, 2002---article and picture page 18
  • TV Guide---January 12--18, 2002---mentions on page 155
  • USA Today-January 18, 2002 page 12D Glitter Review
  • Philadelphia Daily News January 18, 2002 page 64
  • Entertainment Weekly-January 11, 2002  pages  10, 55 small articles.
  • Spin magazine new issue ad for America: A tribute To Heroes inside
  • TV Guide with Harrison Ford on cover this weeks issue ---mentions on page 212
  • New York Post January 10, 2002  mentions on page 35
  • New York Daily News January 20, 2002  in the Showtime section page 4 picture and article---- caption under picture says  "Spaghetti Gals Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino arrived in Park City with "WiseGirls," their comedy about waitresses working in a mob---run resturant.
  • New York Post ---January 20, 2002 picture and articles pages 41, 109 
  • US Weekly January 21, 2002 picture and mentions in article pages 20, 21, 22
  • TV Times January 6-12, 2002   picture page 17
  • New York Post January 17, 2002 picture & mentions in article page 75
  • USA Today January 15, 2002 page 2D picture and article article says:
    WISEGIRLS SORVINO AND CAREY MAKE NICE FOR SUNDANCE FEST:  When the time came to meet the public, Mira Sorvino and mariah Carey were perfectly behaved. There were rumors of spats between the two stars  during filming of WiseGirls, reportedly over Carey's lateness to the set. At Sunday's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, the stars didn't slug at each other, either. Also on hand was the movie's thirs star, Melora Walters. They play waitresses in a mob-run resturant.  Did her pre-fame waitressing career help Carey? "I waitressed maybe one day in my life a long time ago," said the singer. "I was a really bad waitress." 
  • USA Today January 11, 2002  page 12D small article
  • TV Times January 13-19, 2002  Glitter Review page 21
  • USA Today --- January 16, 2002  mentions in article page 8D
  • Goldmine-January 11, 2002  diffrent ads inside to buy her cds  will have more info soon.
  • Enquirer-January 22, 2002 cover story  2 page story & pictures 24, 25
  • US Weekly- January 28, 2002 Issue  363  picture and small article page 13
  • People January 28, 2002 picture and small article page 18

    Update by Regina
    January 21, 2002 (12:00 pm EST)

    New Pics
    Press Conference There are four new pictures in Gallery 1 The first 3 are pictures of Mariah from a runway show in 1990, courtesy of Mariahs Web The other picture, courtesy of Mariah-Carey-Fan.de, is a picture of Mariah leaving Dan Tana's Restaurant recently.

    Nice Glitter Review
    The film opens with a blues lounge singer and eight-year-old daughter tearing up the small pub stage with an endearing duet. Not long after, however, this down and out single mother leaves her daughter at a local New York orphanage, never to return.

    Flash forward to 1983, the little girl, Billie Frank (Carey), dances and sings her way into fame with the assistance and resistance of producer bo Duce (Beesley).

    It's a love/fame story packaged in a mother daughter drama. Each of the three angles fight for the stage, not a one finding enough screen time for full development. Additionally, aside from the initial separation with mom (which occurs in the first 10 minutes, Billie's "ride" isn't terribly bumpy, weakening the power of an underdeveloped climax. Actually, it's Beesley's character that enjoys the kind of complications we'd expect of the lead.

    Still, the film has star appeal -- shining, even glittering at times with strong performances by all. Mariah's acting prowess won't earn her any Oscars, but she does a perfectly fine job with this role and her voice is simply amazing. Beesley's a little heavy-handed with the NY accent, but handles his Duce character respectably as well. Furthermore, his true musical talents, like Carey's add to the sparkle of "Glitter." Similarly, Eric Benet performs marvelously in both modes: singer/actor.

    Earlier on, interesting transitional special effects spice the picture, but unfortunately, disappear all together by mid-film.

    Older audiences might raise tired eyebrows (this audience laughed out loud) at the love story clichés herein, but the target audience will no doubt weep along with the leads. In sum, though rickety in corners, Carey's amazing vocal talents melt away the awkward moments; I'd have given her much more stage time at the end. I think young girls and Mariah fans will love this picture.

    As for the film being autobiographical, Carey states, "I have a wonderful and close relationship with my mother (an opera singer), I don't think she'd appreciate people saying that the film is based on my life. I can just imagine her saying, 'Excuse me, I don't remember giving you up!'" Carey laughs, "So, while there are some parallels between my life and Billie's, on many levels they couldn't be more different."

    Glitter. Copyright © 2001. Rated PG-13.
    Starring Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Da Brat, Tia Texada, Valari Pettiford, Ann Magnuson, Terrence Howard, Dorian Harewood, Grant Nickalls, Eric Benet.
    Directed by Vondie Curtis Hall.
    Written by Kate Lanier.
    Produced by Laurence Mark at 20th Cent Fox/Columbia/Maroon.

    Thanks to JcCcT2504 for this Glitter review by Ross Anthony

    Ginuwine Loves Mariah
    On Saturday, Jan. 19, Ritchie saw Ginuwine's Top 25 Countdown on BET. His #13 pick was "Vision of Love." After the video he said he loves Mariah to death and wishes her all the best.

    Check This Out
    Robert sent me a link to where you can listen to Mariah's hero, with images from September 11th showing on the screen. It was really moving and I suggest you all check it out by clicking here.

    Cadena 40
    Almu wants you all to know that Mariah is #25 with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life at their most popular radio station chart, Cadena 40. This is all people's opinion and you can vote for Mariah by clicking here. Please make sure you vote because Mariah has had only three #1's on the chart which were Honey, When You Believe and Heartbreaker.

    Vote For MD.com
    At PopDirt.com they are doing a poll about which fansite you like the most. Right now MariahDaily.com is winning, which is cool, and if you like this site and have not voted yet, please go vote for it. Thanks much!

    Attention Israel Fans
    Rebecca informed me that if you want to get the Glitter movie and you live in Israel, you can get it at the Laser Club. This is the only way you can get Glitter in Israel in five days, I am told.

    Mariah Daily Was Down
    The server was down overnight and just came up right before 12 pm EST. Sorry that it was down and hopefully it will remain up and running.

    Update by Regina
    January 19, 2002 (3:50 pm EST)

    New Pics
    Press Conference Gabby sent us some really clear pictures of Mariah and the gang from Wise Girls from the recent press conference at Sundance. Plus, Gabriel, sent us some more pictures of Mariah and Patti from the PBS concert. Check them all out in Gallery 1.

    RuPaul Buys Glitter
    Andre informed us that on RuPaul's Official Website he talked about how he went and bought Glitter. The cool thing is that he links Mariah's name to this website, MariahDaily.com So hey, I guess RuPaul checks this site out every once in a while, which is pretty cool. Here is what he had to say about Glitter, which he called Critter.

    Friday, January 18, 2002
    went to the virgin megastore to buy the dvd of GLITTER. i am so excited to play mariah's opening scene over and over again. picture it, mariah in a leopard swimsuit, go-go dancing to lime's hi-nrg classic ...OH BABE, WE'RE GONNA LOVE TONIGHT... ! it's perfect because my favorite song this week is ..NEVER TOO FAR..from the movie's soundtrack....

    Just Duet
    Carey needs to recapture her core adult audience

    It's been just four months since Mariah Carey checked into a New York area hospital suffering from ''extreme exhaustion,'' but the ''Glitter'' star's comeback is already under way. She has cheered the troops in Kosovo, played a lovelorn neurotic on a recent ''Ally McBeal,'' and will warble the national anthem at the Super Bowl Feb. 3. But her public appearances haven't boosted record sales, and the Los Angeles Times recently reported that Virgin Records planned to buy out her estimated $80 million contract (parent company EMI has denied this). EW.com asked industry insiders what the songbird should do to end the punchlines and revive her career.

    Call Clive Davis, NOW
    If EMI does give Carey the boot, her first phone call should be to Davis' J Records. Davis, who launched artists ranging from Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston to Alicia Keys, has resuscitated careers before (he's responsible for Santana's Grammy winning comeback). ''He not only guides the music, but also the artist's image, really giving it up to make every detail right,'' says DoublXXposure image consultant Angelo Ellerbee, whose clients include Mary J. Blige and DMX. Davis' short list of artist also means he could make Carey a top priority.

    Stop the power trip
    Unfortunately Carey, still smarting from ex-husband Tommy Mottola's micromanaging at Sony Music, isn't likely to embrace Davis' hands-on approach. But having it her way is clearly the wrong way. ''We aren't idiots in this field,'' says one marketing exec at a rival label. ''It happens all the time that, once they're stars, musicians believe they're right and everyone else is full of s---. That works if you have good taste, like Madonna. But from what we've been seeing, Mariah doesn't. My first tip for her is, start listening to the overpaid yoyos who give you advice.''

    Get out of the street
    Adding an urban edge to her wholesome image may have seemed like the savvy way to broaden her audience, but it's only alienated fans. ''What made her was the strong ballads, not 200 duets with every rapper under the sun,'' says Ellerbee, referring to Carey's critically panned ''Glitter'' collaborations with Mystikal and JaRule. ''She needs to rediscover those writers and producers she started out with.'' If she does want to collaborate with other stars, she should spurn rappers for mainstream R&B acts like Keys (yet another reason to give Davis a ring). ''Whereas rappers don't seem like a good fit for Mariah, no one would look at her funny for working with Alicia, and it would help both of their careers,'' notes the marketing exec.

    Sit down with Barbara Walters... if you can handle it
    Though Carey has granted interviews since her breakdown (even showing off her Manhattan apartment on a new MTV's ''Cribs''), she has yet to reschedule her tete-a-tete with Walters. Spilling her guts to the TV queen (as she did in 1998) could soften the hearts of her critics and lift her spirits. ''By talking publicly about these things she probably felt ashamed of before, she eliminates the shame,'' notes Los Angeles psychotherapist Dr. Martin V. Cohen. ''But it does expose her to criticism.'' So if Carey has any Anne Heche-style revelations about blabbering in tongues, forget it.

    Put on a sweater
    Not only must Carey be freezing in her barely-there get-ups, the result has been a major turn-off (Mr. Blackwell once referred to her as ''shrink-wrapped cheesecake''). ''The body is not that booming,'' says Ellerbee. ''She should work with a classy designer, like Escada, so we notice the voice, not the sex.'' The hot pants and tube tops could be costing her radio play, as well. ''When Jennifer Lopez wore that revealing Versace dress, she got a lot of press, but radio guys I know in the midwest dropped her record,'' says the marketing exec. ''Mariah's core audience isn't urban, it's conservative, and she can't get away with as much as a rock star or rapper could.''

    Stop already
    Now that she's proven she isn't bouncing off the padded walls of her apartment, it's time for the diva to take a break. ''She shouldn't let too much time go by between projects, but she needs to become much more selective,'' says Ellerbee, who thinks Carey should drop side projects like acting until her singing career is back on track. Scaling down is also a key to keeping her sanity. ''Anyone working 13, 14 hours a day or more doesn't have to pay attention to their personal lives, and it's a way to numb themselves,'' says Cohen, who recommends meditation and journal-writing for self-reflection. Added bonus: this year's tear stained journal scribble could be next year's multi-platinum album.

    Thanks to Aramis for this article from EntertainmentWeekly.com

    This next message is from Matt at MARIAHC.nu

    This is Matt from MARIAHC.nu and I would really appreciate it if you'd let your visitors know that MARIAHC.nu is NOT moving back to it's old address. Our host simply gave that address to another webmaster, who claims the site is "coming back." I really hope this will help get things cleared up. Thanks!

    Update by Danielle
    January 19, 2002 (2:30 am EST)

    Mariah In Magazines
    Mariah is in tonz of new magazines that were put out today

    People- It shows a picture of her wearing a black hat from her recent interview on TV with Mira and Melora

    US Weekl y- She's in the "Faces and Places" section with Mira in one of the pictures we posted from the Sundance festival

    Star- It shows a pic of Mariah from Cribs wearing her short black dress in "The Shoe Closet" and talks about Mariah and some other woman love shoes (blurry picture-not worth buying) Globe- Another pic of Miss M from Cribs in her bath tub. The picture is blurry again but it's quite cute, in fact :D and they actually don't diss her for once

    Twist with Justin Timberlake on the cover- The picture is from 1997 that I have but it's a different post and it's just adorable :) Definitely pick that one up!

    I'll be scanning the pics from Globe, US Weekly and Twist magazine tomorrow so come back for that!

    More Nice Glitta Reviews :)
    Here are some more reviews on Glitta from Miss M's own lambs :D

    Ok, I just wanted to say that for all the haters out there that even though I drove 2 1/2 hours to see Glitter in the theaters, I still wanted to see it again on DVD and Video, so I went my Hollywood Video in Albany, NY and they were all SOLD OUT of Glitter, DVD AND VIDEO!! So haha to all the haters that said no one liked Glitter. Albany LOVES her!

    I never got to see Glitter in the movies. . .so I went to school yesterday and that's all I thought about, if my mom would pick up Glitter! I found out that she did. . .and I put it in right away. . .I thought it was a great movie! At first I thought it would be well, a "chick-flick", but I wanted it anyway since it was MARIAH! Anyway, I really enjoyed it and am glad to add Glitter to my DVD collection!

    I love the movie!!!!!!!!! Mariah is an awesome actress!!!!!!!!! as well as a awesome singer & she was very beautiful in the movie too!!!!!!! I cried when Dice died!!!!!!!!! & when Mariah started to cry I started to cry!!!!!!!! I didn't like it when Timothy Walker grabbed Mariah's face!!!!!!!! or when Dice died. I loved when she saw her mom again I cried on that part too. I don't care what the critic's say about her or the movie Mariah is Da Bomb & will always be Da Bomb!!!!!!!!! I really don't like Mariah being picked on either. Glitter is Da bomb the soundtrack is too & I got the dvd on Tuesday!!!!!!!! I just want to say I LOVE YOU MARIAH YOU ARE MY HERO & SALVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To get Glitter I had to walk a mile to and from the wherehouse @ around 7:00p.m. and it was about 54 degrees out side. $26.56 later I was watching glitter again. My thoughts on the movie are: That its a really good movie, everyone that I have talked to that aren't mc fans have said that it was really good and wanted to know why people slammed it so much. Others said they cried and that it was a good movie...and it is, Glitter is a GREAT movie! On a scale to 1-10 I would give it a definite 10!

    I just watched Glitter for the first time today. I had read all the reviews and heard all the jokes, so I was quite happy to see it wasn't bad at all. It is quite watchable and not at all what critics have complained of. In fact now that I have seen it, I don't see why the critics dumped on it so bad. I think they just had their minds made up to hate it before they even saw it. Mean critics suck.

    Hey! I saw Glitter for the first time tonight. I was totally blown away by Mariah's acting ability! I was expecting the movie to be bad, like the critics said it was, but it was great. The storyline was wonderful and the movie had it all- drama and comedy! I really don't understand why everybody who reviewed said it was horrible. I loved it!


    Note From D-Billy happens to work at a radio station so this is GREAT news! It's about time a DJ gives props to our Mariah!!

    Well whan I downloaded Glitter ('cause we didn't get it in Israel from stupid reason) I was sure that it's just another movie like Honey & Heartbreaker clips. I mean I thought it will be a funny movie & that... I didn't expect to see a great movie. But after the first 3 minutes I started to cry, in the end I was compelety like a baby, it's was so touching. Then when I went to bed, But I couldn't sleep, I thought about the movie more than any other movie I have ever seen. The movie talked to me so much. That movie is the kind of my fave genere... family, love & etc... I don't care what other ppl think, But I like it & it gave me 1:30 hours of great time!

    The next review is from our Liron, who has been an amazing addition to our site, not only is she incredibly enthusiastic and SWEET, she's also a GREAT writer. So much that her review will be featured on Amazon.com soon! I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2000 in NY and I luv her soo much. Here is what she had to say about it!

    Surprisingly for some, "Glitter" absolutely Glitters! Reviewer: Liron from Israel The movie was never released to cinemas in my country and even being the huge Mariah Carey fan that I am, after reading all the horrible reviews that it got - I was beginning to think that acting shouldn't be Mariah's forte. .. WRONG!!!!! Just because the media had a field day about it doesn't mean the movie was that bad. In fact, the opposite is correct, the movie was wonderful and Carey is anything but bad in it. The idea of having the 80s theme and the soundtrack to go along with it turned out to be fantastic. The songs, the club scenes, the clothes - they all contribute to having the movie look just as if it was done in the 80s. True, the plot wasn't based on a Stephen King story. But it is so much better than half of the summer movies I've seen in the past couple of years. Mariah is a singer and she excels in playing one (Billie Frank). The rest of the crew did a great job as well. Da Brat & Tia Texada (Playing Billie's childhood friends) mostly helped the funny part of the film, Max Beesley (as Billie's love interest) - the romantic/dramatic part and even gorgeous Eric Benet with a cameo appearance did a fairly nice job. All in all, the movie is short, fun and even has a surprising ending! The music that goes along with it is an extremely big part of it and I feel bad for the reporters who dislike Carey's music and for that chose to dismiss the whole movie. I suggest you give the movie a try and ignore the joke that was made out of it, because it is honestly much better. One last advice, Don't back down Mariah, you have what it takes!

    (I think this also deserves a spot on Mariah's Official Site, don't you?? LOL)

    New Mariah Interview
    I got this AWESOME interview from Jennifer:

    Mariah Wises Up: An Exclusive Interview
    Good morning from Sundance where yesterday, believe it or not, Mariah Carey and I sat down for a nice official chat on the deck of a multi-million dollar ranch built on top of a snowed capped mountain. The occasion was her movie Wise Girls, in which Mariah plays a snappy, funny waitress with mob ties. She had such a good time making the movie that she's already signed on with the producer, Anthony Esposito, to make another comedy for him.

    Considering how much I write about Mariah's ups and downs in this column, I thought I'd give you the mostly unedited Carey today. Sure, some subjects were off limits (breakdowns, record contracts, etc.) but Mariah — dressed in a black cat suit with a big cross hanging around her neck and resting on her ample cleavage — was pretty laid back, funny and articulate.

    Of course, she was four hours late getting her press day started, but she wouldn't be Mariah otherwise. You didn't think she'd changed completely did you?

    FOX: I was really impressed with your comic timing. It was different than in Glitter

    MC: Hello? Of course. I hope we don't compare it. But this was written as a gritty script, with this character written as a brassy, ballsy — what's another word for ballsy? — tough chick. My whole life I've been the class clown. But you only see me as Mariah Carey the singer dealing with serious issues.

    My life might as well be a party. Why mope about life? My way of getting through things in life has been to be a joker. People don't know that about me. And that's what attracted me to this project. A lot of jokes were written, but a lot of stuff was adlibbed.

    FOX: Did you base her on someone you knew?

    MC: I was going to base her on this one girl I went to beauty school with. I did some research to try and find her.

    FOX: You seemed very self-assured in this movie.

    MC: I was very comfortable. But with Glitter the character was passive. It didn't allow me room. She wasn't a broad, brassy character, so there wasn't very far to go with it. I always wanted to do independent projects. I wanted to do smaller things first. People looked at me and said, "You're a big star. How can you be anything other than a musical artist in a movie?" And it took Anthony Esposito, David Anspaugh and Mira Sorvino to see it. They believed in me.

    FOX: So you're going to continue with the acting?
    MC: Well, what do you think I should do, Rog? Did you like the performance in the movie?

    FOX: Yes.
    MC: From that, would you suggest I continue if it's something I enjoy.

    FOX: (cornered) : I'd suggest it.
    MC (laughing) : Well, then I agree!

    FOX: But after what you went through this fall, some people wouldn't go back

    MC: But that's not how I am. I was never handed things on a silver platter. People have no idea. I've been misrepresented drastically.

    FOX: What's the biggest misconception?

    MC: There have been so many! My whole life is a misconception! People call me the "Princess of Positivity." I like to take a situation and swirl it into positivity. It's all about the swirl. If I were to drown in what people say or think, I'd be dead by now. You have to be resilient. I grew up as a poor kid with a different perspective, an interracial kid.

    RF: Was that really a problem for you?
    MC: Internally it was a struggle. People still don't get it. They still make racist remarks around me.

    FOX: What do they say?
    MC: Things that wouldn't be normally offensive in their minds. But I see things from both sides.

    FOX: So things still bother you?
    MC: I'm not devoid of emotion, of course. Everyone has feelings.

    FOX: What would you take from this movie experience into videos?

    MC: Videos are so different. But with this movie it wasn't about angles. It was about feeling completely free and not worrying about the camera. Videos will always be about a glossy product — even if it's gritty you got to look good. I loved making "Honey." That was the first time I got to be free and be myself in a video. That was fun.

    FOX: You sound like Stevie Wonder when he broke free of Motown.

    MC: Well he's my favorite artist of all time. Have you met him? Isn't he the most incredible person, spiritually? He's so fascinating to watch. The Butterfly album was like that for me. It's still my favorite album and the one that my fans associate the most with me.

    FOX: Walter [Afanasieff, her longtime collaborator, from whom she is now estranged] worked with you on that.

    MC: We did, but I worked with a lot of people.

    FOX: Would you like to work with him again?
    MC: Mmmm. I would like to.

    FOX: Do you like to tour?

    MC: Now I do, but I didn't used to. I used to be very inhibited. But now I tour for my fans, the real hardcore fans who get the inside jokes.

    FOX: What kind of album would you like to make next?

    MC: I'd like to and I'm going to make an album that reflects what's going on inside me. I can never put my finger on it until it happens. I'm going in a creative direction that's more about healing in terms of the way Butterfly was. I'm a fan of music. I listen to hip-hop, then I put on a Stevie Wonder album or an old rock record that I might like.

    FOX: What's an old rock record you really like?
    MC: There are so many I can't even name.

    Source: FoxNews.com

    New Pics/Official Site Updated
    Sandra sent me a scan of Miss Mariah from an article in Australia's MX Newspaper, and Mariah's Official Site recently updated the news sections with TONZ of news and BEAUTIFUL pictures... some of which I added to the site, as well as a gorgeous picture of Miss Mariah from the recent concert for Z100 in a nice red ensemble :D

    You can check them all out in Gallery 10!

    MC News For Nordic Fans
    I got this info from Linda:

    On the 20th of January (Sunday) MTV Nordic will show MTV Unplugged with Mariah Carey 11:00-11:30. I want the nordic Mariah fans to know that so they can watch our queen-chop that time!

    Update by Liron
    January 18, 2002 (8:35 pm EST, Jan 19 1:35 am GMT)

    More Info about Wise Girls Soundtrack
    Anika Paris Anika Paris is another upcoming artist that is featured on the "Wise Girls" soundtrack with the song "Chocolate and Wine".
    She's also had a song on the "Bounce" OST and her debut album is available to get on Amazon.com.

    Her representative says that her site is under constructions at the moment but will be up soon. However, you can download the complete song and read a little more about Anika HERE . If you'd like to order the single, mail: anikaparis@mindspring.com.

    Dean Landon, writer, producer and owner of The Viber Room Studio in Hollywood, California, is busy working on another major motion picture. Landon was featured last year for producing and co-writing the song "I'm No Ordinary Girl" for the movie Bounce, staring Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Landon met with producer, manager and good friend Richie Zito to discuss the new project, Wisegirls, a motion picture staring Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino, due out early this year. Two songs, one written by Anika Paris and the other by Taryn and Chris Landon will be featured in the film. Landon produced both tracks, "Chocolate & Wine," and "Make It Go Away," the latter was co-produced with Naked Lounge Productions.

    The Canadian Mariah Alliance
    This is what Judyna writes:
    Joee and I have just finished creating a Mariah Carey fan site, but not just any site, it's a site for Canadian fans. The Canadian Mariah Alliance.
    We have complained a lot about how Mariah gets few promotions around here, and it seems that there are more haters than lovers. Mariah also doesn't get much airplays. So we wanted to change things around and prove ourselves wrong. It's time that we take actions and do everything ourselves! The site is not only for promotions, but also a place where you can get all the latest news in Canada, such as releases, prices in Canadian currency, charts, news from national and local magazines and newspaper and much more! We also have a section for "Fan of the month" where we will include, of course, a Mariah fan's story each month.
    Click on the banner below to enter the site!

    Update by Regina
    January 18, 2002 (1:45 pm EST)

    Birthday 2002
    As many of you have already noticed, there is a little page we created about Mariah's Birthday Present this year. To read all about it, click on the graphic on the right. I originally had a place for you to e-mail me to get the address to send it but I might be getting a P.O. Box for the packages and I should have that sometime next week. So I deleted all the e-mails form my account, at least most of them and if you e-mailed me for it, I'll have it for ya next week. Sorry for the confusion.

    Mariah Keeps 'Em Waiting
    Adrian Brody started off the Sundance Film Festival by breaking his non-insignificant  nose snowboarding. Brody--- who is promoting "Love The Hard Way" --- told Page Six : "It didn't  hurt so much at first.... but now  I think I am dying."  The pain didn't stop Brody from daily visits to the Reebok House, Chrysler Lodge and Motorola Lodge to collect freebies. --- Ray Ban sunglasses, Levi's and Reebok sneakers. Brody was with his new girlfriend Monet Mazur. "MARIAH CAREY," meanwhile, was blamed when several journalists---- including  The Post's Lou Lumenick----- had to wait at least an hour and a half to interview her and her catsmates from "WISE GIRLS," Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. If the three, who play waitresses in a mob resturant on Staten Isalnd, made their customers wait like that, they would be whacked....   

    Thanks to Janel for this article from the New York Post (January 15th)

    Update by Regina
    January 18, 2002 (10:00 am EST)

    New Story/New Pics
    Awww Gabriel sent me 2 nice pics of Mariah and Patti together, even though they are a little dark. It was from her concert a couple years ago. Also, he sent me a really beautiful story and picture of Mariah and him together. Here is the story and check out the pic on the right and the Patti pics in Gallery 10...
    1988, following my father's death, was a very tragic year for me. I was very depressed the day of my birthday. I really didn't have much to celebrate about so my friends dragged me out only for a drink. I surely did refuse to even have a cake. But you would not believe who was sitting in that restaurant: Queen Lamb herself.

    My heart dropped to my knees. And I did not know what to expect. Mariah was sitting in the middle of her booth, surrounded by and entourage of people and three body gaurds. I suddenly went over to her table and said, "Pardon me, this may sound a little corny, but I have been waiting for this moment half of my life. Your music has inspired me and guided me through precious times." 

    Mariah was so nice I could not believe it. She made her whole table get up so that she could get out and take two pictures with me. She then kissed me on the cheek and wished me a happy birthday.

    Then Mariah left the restaurant. I'd just caught her fifteen minutes before she was leaving. My faith in life and fate came flashing in front of my eyes and everyone that knows me saw it.  Dreams do come true. 

    Update by Liron
    January 18, 2002 (6:25 am EST, 11:25 am GMT)

    Wise Girl's Theme's Singer - Taryn
    Taryn Taryn is an upcoming singer with a great talent and she was chosen to sing the theme song for "Wise Girls" which is called "Make It Go Away". We've already reported you can download the song for free on Amazon. After she saw it on our site, she emailed us and said:
    "Mariah has been an inspiration to me for many years and I am so honored to be a part of something she's involved in."
    She's also included part of the Wise Girls press release that talks about her:
    Wise Girls Press Release
    Up and coming Pop music artist, "Taryn" scores big by landing the theme song in the Lion's Gate Motion Picture, "WISEGIRLS" starring Mariah Carey, Mira Sorvino, and Melora Walters. Producer, Richie Zito of The Lippman Company in Los Angeles heard the song, immediately fell in love with it and placed it in the film within a couple of days. "Make It Go Away" is said to be the featured song in the movie.
    With a strong vocal performance and top of the line production by naked lounge, Taryn and her partner Chris Landon are welcoming the recognition that validates them as writers and producers, and as a real force within the industry. The production is complimented by a collaboration with Chris's brother Dean Landon (of dl productions) and promises to have all the impact of the best of movie themes. Release is estimated for March 2002.

    Thanks to Taryn herself and Chris Landon (her writing partner and producer).
    If you want to know more about Taryn and show your support, please visit her site:
    Taryn Online

    Mariah Carey promises to ignore criticism of her second movie
    Mariah Carey says she will ignore critics if they pan her new film.
    She is following her flop Hollywood debut Glitter with the new movie Wise Girls.
    Mariah says she is a fighter who will not hide from her critics.
    Carey, who co-stars with Mira Sorvino, is promoting Wise Girls at the Sundance Film Festival in the US.
    She told People magazine: "If I was gun-shy I'd be home hiding under the covers. I'm a fighter. I have been since I was a kid."
    She dismissed suggestions she may get bad reviews for Wise Girls and said she would be ignoring the critics' verdicts.
    "You can always wrap fish in it," she said.
    Her new film, which does not yet have a UK release date, features Carey as a waiter working in a restaurant owned by the Mafia, who becomes involved in intrigue after she witnesses a crime.

    Natalie, Ananova

    Pictures of Glitter DVD
    Ugri sent me pictures that his friend took of Glitter's DVD. If you still don't have it, I'm sure that the pictures on Gallery 10 will motivate you to go and buy it :)

    Update by Liron
    January 17, 2002 (4:55 pm EST, 9:55 pm GMT)

    Wise Girls - Reviews, Clips & Pictures
    I've added captures from a Canadian show called "The Loop" that aired an interview with the girls from the Sundance festival.
    Also added - a picture from the magazine "Instyle" of Mariah with Mira & Melora.
    Last, a picture from the Israeli newspaper "Ma'ariv".
    All of them are on Gallery 10.

    E! Online Clip - shows a small scene and an interview.
    Extra Clip - A 10 minutes interview with the girls.

    Reviews: - Warning, the second one gives away the plot of the movie.
    Jan. 15, 2002
    By Kirk Honeycutt
    PARK CITY -- Comedy and crime melodrama blend smoothly in David Anspaugh's "Wisegirls," a female buddy movie about three waitresses at an Italian restaurant on Staten Island. This is a movie that could almost be a play because the action seldom leaves this crowded diner, with its hardworking staff and testosterone-revved wiseguys trying to relax with food and alcohol. Working from a tight, well-balanced screenplay by John Meadows, Anspaugh goes for a lively surface but one with a strong emotional undertow.
    With Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey and Melora Walters starring, this is a crime movie that also is a "chick flick." Lions Gate has not finalized its domestic release plans, but the upside potential is promising. Indeed, "Wisegirls" is almost too commercially slick for the Sundance festival.
    Sorvino gives a spirited performance as Meg, a former medical student fleeing a tragic past. She moves in with her ailing grandmother on the Island and takes a job at a restaurant more mobbed up than the three "Godfather" movies combined. Her comrades-in-arms are Carey's gregarious but hardened Raychel, who dares the mobsters to get cute with her, and Walters' Kate, who like Meg has escaped Manhattan but still dreams of an acting career.
    The story moves from easy comedy about the perils of on-the-job training to the intertwining of the women's lives as they bond to form a united front at the male-dominated eatery.
    Gradually, Meg realizes that her mere presence at such an establishment compromises her ethics and might get her in trouble with the law. Then the owner (Arthur J. Nascarella), who has grown fond of a waitress from whom he can get free medical advice, drops hints of the matrimonial availability of his cocky, dangerous son (Christian Maelen). As Meg struggles with these issues, she is witness to a murder.
    The piece plays as well as it does thanks in large measure to Anspaugh's three lead actresses. One anticipates a strong performance from Sorvino, especially in a role written with some depth, and she doesn't disappoint. Following rave reviews for her drug addict in "Magnolia," Walters too delivers predictably stellar work as a woman whose complexities emerge gradually.
    But who knew about Carey? Those scathing notices for "Glitter" will be a forgotten memory for the singer once people warm up to Raychel. She's a don't-mess-with-me woman who develops a joyous sense of family in friendship with her fellow waitresses.
    Linda Burton's restaurant set works terrifically, and Johnny E. Jensen's camera glides effortlessly through its large, well-lit interiors. "Wisegirls" can't help suffering a bit from overfamiliarity; we've been in this restaurant in too many movies already. But Anspaugh and his actors bring enough vigor to the enterprise that the film comes off as a well-done genre piece rather than yesterday's leftovers.

    Mariah Glitters In Mob Drama
    PARK CITY, Utah (Variety) - Second time out as an actress proves luckier than the first for Mariah Carey, downsizing from her disastrous debut headliner ``Glitter'' to a more modest co-starring role in ``Wisegirls'' with charm and relaxed assurance. A refreshingly femme-slanted take on familiar mob territory, this story of three waitresses in a Mafia-owned New York restaurant is fueled by the appealing rapport among leads Mira Sorvino, Carey and Melora Walters.
    Directed with very conventional efficiency by David Anspaugh (``Hoosiers''), the drama's script keeps enough surprises up its sleeve to remain entertaining. Its themes of female bonding and friendship suggest a theatrical target of young women, with a more solid afterlife in ancillary.
    Returning from Missouri to stay with her grandmother on Staten Island, med school graduate Meg (Sorvino) takes work at an Italian restaurant. She quickly befriends fellow waitress Kate (Walters), who aspires to be a Broadway dancer; she more gradually warms to brassy co-worker Raychel (Carey), who doles out sass to staff and customers alike. As the trio solidifies into an inseparable unit, Meg opens up to her friends about the devastating recent loss of her fiance.
    But the comfort of this newfound camaraderie is compromised by Meg's growing awareness that the eaterie is not only a mob-owned concern frequented by armed thugs, but one that fronts for a drug-dealing operation, of which Raychel and possibly Kate appear to be aware. Struggling to pull her life back together, Meg is drawn deeper into the world, finding herself obliged to accept the monetary tokens of the boss Mr. Santalino (Arthur J. Nascarella), while fending off the romantic attentions of his son Frankie (Christian Maelen).
    When Meg unwittingly prompts father and son to erase the cheating restaurant manager (Joseph Siravo), and is then forced -- somewhat implausibly-- to help dispose of the body, she is cornered by police into gathering crucial evidence against the Santalinos, placing her own life and that of her friends in danger. Two well-kept plot secrets revealed in the closing stretch pave the way-- following a bloody faceoff between cops and mobsters -- to an upbeat, satisfying conclusion.
    Sorvino ably conveys Meg's transition, under the influences both of friendship and of a tough, unfamiliar environment, from initially melancholy, withdrawn and unforthcoming to being the smart, assured woman she clearly was before tragedy struck. Walters registers weakly at first, her character appearing a little thinly drawn and unformed. But this makes sense when certain key revelations allow her to emerge from her shell and expose a tougher persona. The real surprise, however, and by far the most engaging performance, is Carey, giving trash-talking, husky-voiced Raychel plenty of heart as well as chutzpah and sexy attitude.
    While technical problems caused a repeated sound glitch with the world-premiere Sundance screening, craft contributions on the small-scale $8.5 million production generally are straightforward and clean.

    Mom, Dad And My Premiere
    Click Here to read a story from someone who went to the premiere. Warning - Contains Spoilers!

    Sources (Respectively):
    e-Ali3n & disastr, InStyle, Shahar, The Edge (From FOMM), Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo News & Shayne & Nic's Mariah Buzz.

    Mariah On the Billboard Year End Charts
    Here's how Mariah ranked on the Billboard Year End charts:

  • Hot 100 Singles & Tracks
    80. Loverboy
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    1. Loverboy
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    58. Loverboy
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    3. Loverboy
  • Hot Dance Maxi Singles Sales
    23. Loverboy
  • Top Soundtrack Albums
    14. Glitter

    Ricardo (From FOMM).

    Jasmine's Juice
    The following article is written by MTV UK's VJ - Jasmine who got to spend the holidays with Mariah in Aspen!
    If I die tomorrow at least I could say I've Lived! I've just had my best festive season ever! Snow, sun, sand, sea and glamour all in just two weeks. I spent Xmas at Aspen Colorado in te USA, in Mariah Carey's house in the mountains wth the superstar herself, her cousin Shaun, and four other stateside friends. These include the grammy-nominated singer Trey Lorenz an B.E.T VJ cutie AJ Calloway. Just a small group of us but 20 staff to tend to our every need, just the way I like it. On my very first night there I was forced to strip into my snow bunny outfit for a roll in the snow and then jump imediately into the hot outdoor tub. Apparently it's what everyone does in Aspen, so I did it, only to spend te rest of the week there sneezing and coughin' my little heart out. Not that it stopped me doing it everynight....Oh well, when there's Crystal flowing you stop feeling the cold(and who wants the yanks to think I'm a boring brit?...not me!)
    Mariah insisted that as it was Xmas we sould all have a break from our hip-ho so we where made to listen to classic Xmas songs all week. We drank cocoa, watched cartoon versions of Barbie and the Nutcracker and built snowmen as there were two little people under the age of ten in our party. We spent evenings having cosy indoor dinners with MC's personal cooks who made everything I liked, So you know the Jerk chicken and macaroni and cheese was a regular! I skiied the excess weight off on the slopes and to my own astonishment I was a great skier. I had a personal instructor so by day four I was on the advanced slopes, but I'm leaving my black run(the most advance slop) for my next visit. The one night near the end of our stay the heating in the old house we where staying in busted so we all slummed it at the 5 star St Regis hotel for the night while it was fixed. Will and Jada Smith had booked the Penthouse Site as they do evey year and big fun was had when it was revealed that Mariah couldn't have the presidential suite as Gwyneth Paltrow was there for the night ad had booked it first, so once again we double slummed it in the honeymoon suite.
    And If you think the hype aout star's latemess is a joke check this...Even God waits on Mariah! Xmas eve night we were all going to midnight mass but divas aren't on time for anyone and we like to take it easy, so our Midnight Mass was at 2am by the time we reached-BMT exists even in Aspen.....Funnily enough it seemed the priest possibly spent his time awaiting u having a tipple as when we got there his sermon was...a little slurred, but hell we allowed im cos it was Xmas-mayb the high alttude had affected his brain.

    Although we travelled in Aspen in MC's four-wheeler hummer limo, Boxing day nght we were treated to a different modeoftansport.....a real "one horse ope seigh" ( except i was two horses) wich pulled us through the mountains with bear rugs over our knees to keep u warm as we sipped champagne tha chilled in the freezing air. That night we saw shooting stars and made wishes. M and I exchanged a knowing glance after the wish making. We both knew wha we had wished for in 2002! It seems my wish came true! We hit the sandy shores of Barbados on her private plane on Dec 28th to welcome New Year and on my first morning breakfast was introduced to my new Beau! The next few days were spent bathing in the sun,snorkelling, scub diving and posing.I assumed just "cos I was a great skier" that I'd be great at water skiiing to Wrong! I couldn't even keep stable enough to pull myself up outta the waer and my bum an legs ached for a week after to remind me of my humilition...thats the ethnic in me I guess. MC was as usual great at every water sport going, she swims like a damn mermaid-thats the Caucasian in her I guess! When we weren't diving into the ocean from MC's catamaran or looking out for Madonna(Who we'd heard was slumming it in Barbados too) we stayed up till 6am in the gardens gazebo playing Balderdsh, which is the yanks new late night game of choice...Mariah won everytime; don't let anyone fool you that she's an airhead. Girlfriend's quicker than Chris Rock on the wit and intelligence factor. At Bajan resturant The Cliff I bumped into fellow MTV VJ Cat Deeley who looked stunningin a red floor length gown accompanied by her boyfriend Mark Whelan. Cat whispered to me she couln't believe Mariah was queuing up for the buffet diner like a "normal person"...pity the British tabloids didn't talk to her before printing thier hating stories. We spent the next few days partying at Bajan clubs like After Dark(ragga fest), Baka(tourist fest) and clubsky (urban thug-life fest) where we brought in the New Year. I'm only getting my groove on and kicking it with my new American Beau "friend" at the party when from behind me I feel a slap in my back and a screech as Celena Cherry from the Honeyz and her man, fellow singer Mark, holler me out. Shocked that 've been caught on the other side o the Atlantic getting cosy I hurriedly introduced her to Mariah who distracts her while I sneak out with my new "friend". I watched the sunrise on January 1 the most romantic way ever......all i'm telling you is I was in the middle of a sugarcane plantation....smiling. It's goin to be a great year! By Jasmine Dotawala

    Thanks Michelle from Mariah's UK Lambs for typing that great article.
    It's available on "The Voice" magazine (Jan 14th edition) and has 3 new pictures of Mariah with Jasmine. So if someone get it, please scan it and send it to us!

    Ali's Birthday Videos
    CBS made a special page about the birthday show for Muhammad Ali, you can find nice video clips in there including Mariah wishing happy birthday to him!
    Click Here to visit this page.

    And on Mariah's Web you can find the MPG of Mariah's appearance in the show!

    Morgan defends sister Mariah!
    Trouble Backstage
    Things got dicey backstage at the Muhammad Ali 60th Birthday Celebration at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday between "Ali" co-star Jamie Foxx and Mariah Carey's older brother Morgan. According to our spies, just moments before Carey was scheduled to perform "Happy Birthday" onstage for Ali, Foxx, who was commenting about his performance notes, used the word "breakdown," prompting laughter from people nearby. (Last summer, Carey was hospitalized after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown.) Morgan overheard the laughter and told Foxx: "That's not funny." Then Morgan and Foxx started cursing each other. Security separated them.

    Anderz (From FOMM), LA Times

    Update by Regina
    January 17, 2002 (2:40 pm EST)

    Mariah Sings Happy Birthday
    Ali Last night on Ali's 60 Birthday Party Special, Mariah appeared within the last 5 minutes of the show, singing Happy Birthday. Ali's mouth was practically on the floor when Mariah came out singing the song for him. You can check out a couple of caps in Gallery 10 of last night's event, courtesy of the fab Mariah's Web.

    The Latest Charts
    Rhomeyn sent me the latest pictures from Billboard for the week ending on January 26th...

  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    18 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    12 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    49 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
  • The Billboard 200
    123 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    86 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey

    Paul McCartney To Perform Special Anthem At Super Bowl
    (1/16/02, 3 p.m. ET) -- Paul McCartney has signed on to perform at this year's Super Bowl on February 3 in New Orleans. McCartney will lead a special tribute, performing his new anthem "Freedom," during the pregame show--which has also been dubbed "Freedom"--in celebration of the heroism that has followed the events of September 11.McCartney's performance will be shown as a climax to the pregame show, immediately prior to the singing of two traditional anthems: "America The Beautiful" by Mary J. Blige and Marc Anthony, and "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Mariah Carey. McCartney's performance will involve 500 young people symbolically representing the 180 countries that will broadcast the Super Bowl from the Louisiana Superdome. Of his appearance, McCartney said, "As a sports fan, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in the Super Bowl, and as a musician, I am honored to add my voice to the message of tribute that this year's Super Bowl will carry."NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said of this year's show, "The Super Bowl will be a celebration of the human spirit. We will salute those who have helped make us stronger since September 11 and recognize those who will make a difference in every community. We are delighted that Paul McCartney has agreed to lead this tribute to freedom and everyday heroes."The Super Bowl is typically the most-watched U.S. television event of the year. An estimated 130 million American viewers will see it on Fox television, while some 800 million more viewers will watch on stations worldwide. In addition, the pregame show will be televised in its entirety for the first time in Super Bowl history.Super Bowl XXXVI airs February 3, on Fox, with the pregame show scheduled for 3 p.m. ET and the game kickoff set for 6 p.m. ET.

    Thanks to Anna for this article from Yahoo.com

    New Pics
    Blue Dress Rebecca sent me a scan from the Ma'ariv Lanoar magazine, which features an article and picture of Mariah. It talks about a bunch of lies and rumors, so I won't bother posting it below but you can check out the picture in Gallery 10. Plus, you can also check out 4 new pictures of Mariah at Sundance, which are courtesy of Love Love Jack.

    Good Wise Girl Review
    First we have Wise Girls, starring Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey and Melora Walters, directed by David Anspaugh, who also directed Hoosiers and Rudy. Sorvino plays a woman with a mysterious past who is trying to begin a new life. She takes a job as a waitress at a restaurant run by and frequented by mobsters. Carey and Walters play fellow waitresses who become her best friends. To be honest, I went in thinking I was going to see a wacky comedy a la Brian De Palma's ill-fated Wise Guys. However, this is an attempt at a more serious drama, and at that I thought it was successful...for the first two-thirds.

    Because up until then I thought the film worked fairly well as an unconventional character study of these three women and their experiences at this dangerous restaurant. Mira Sorvino gives a terrific performance with equal parts naiveté, intelligence and sadness. Melora Walters seems to be giving a one-note flaky performance at the outset, but there is much more depth to her character that is later revealed. As for Mariah Carey, let me just say that I have no intention of EVER watching Glitter, but I have to admit that she did a really nice job. Some people suggested that she was just playing herself, but even if that is the case I felt she was very relaxed and engaging. Perhaps she should pursue more supporting roles rather than leading ones. (On a side note, Carey seemed quite lucid and coherent at the Q & A afterwards, contrary to probably accurate reports on her recent mental state.)

    Then about two-thirds of the way in, plot took precedence over character, and that's where the movie started to lose me. Looking back, the twists and turns are not necessarily unrealistic, but I felt that they got in the way of what was up to that point an involving story. Although I liked the ending, I still think the movie had the potential to be so much better than it was. So a mixed review from me on this one, although a couple of women I talked to liked the fact that the bond these three women shared was strong enough to overcome their male-dominated surroundings. (The way that reads sounds a lot cornier than the way that she said it.) So I suspect that Wise Girls may play stronger with women, though by no means would I dismiss it as a chick flick. By the way, all three actresses were at the screening and looked terrific, especially Mira. They sat next to each other and then participated in the Q & A with Anspaugh afterwards.

    Thanks to Scott and Ronnie for this article from Ain't It Cool News.

    Update by Danielle
    January 15, 2002 (3:00 pm EST)

    Screen Caps Of Jack!
    How awesome are Mariah's fans??? I already have some screen caps of Jack to show everyone, and you can check them out in Gallery 10!!

    Commercial For Ali's B'day Bash
    Gilles from the Heroes of Mariah staff sent me some caps of Mariah in the commercial from the special, which will be on CBS tonight, as well as Mariah's words for Ali in the commercial. U can check those out in Gallery 10

    Mariah's birthday message to Muhammad Ali:
    "You've been an inspiration to the whole world and you've changed the world and we all love you, Happy Birthday to the greatest." Taken from the all stars birthday messages. Posted on January the 16th.

    News A La Ashes :D
    Here are a few articles I got from my Ashes (Rainbow Princess):

    Mariah on Liquid News [MONDAY - BBC CHOICE & BBC1 ]
    Well, there was a lot on Liquid News last night, which I fear was a repeat so it may not show again, about the Sundance Festival. The main focus was Wise Girls, and the main focus of that was MC!!!! You should have seen her! They showed a couple of quite long clips from the film, including a classic MC scene where she gives a guy some real attitude while waitressing, for pinching her 'Ass' as she puts it! But by far the most exciting thing was that they showed the public coming out of the screening, and all they did was rave about MC's performance! One woman said, " I am soo excited for Mariah, as she has had some really bad press lately, but she was reaaly good in this movie! I was like OH MY GOD, She's so good!" And another woman said she was very impressed with her performance, and hoped she would be on the up again! (Note: these were not MC fans!) Seriously, it was so great to see something positive surrounding MC again. And she looked so happy and V cute with her pig tails! There was a short clip of a press interview at the screening, where a journalist was asking her the inevitable questions about her latest troubles, and she came back in true style, and this is worth remembering, (said with a big smile) "Life is life, lets keep it"

    Source: Mariah Carey UK

    For the past two days after 8am the big breakfast has done mini segements on Mariah. On Tuesday it was on Mariah's split from Luis and today it was Mariah's performance on Ally Mcbeal. There might be more on tomorrow about Wisegirls, so keep an eye out.

    FOR GMTV has a LA special on its show...I am not sure if it is daily or weekly...if weekly it will be on, on Friday and it will definately feat. something on the Sundance Festival, if it is on daily, then they probably have already shown it, but might show something more during the week...they will definately have done something on Ali's birthday bash...the show is on after 8.30am on ITV

    Mariah Featured On New Compilation CD
    Frans sent me this info:

    I just want to let you and the fans know that EMI Asia has just released a new compilation called Simply the Best: Love Songs and they put Mariah with her smashing hit, Without You as the first track. Actually three months ago they released a compilation, Simply the Best and Mariah with Hero comes as #3 on that album.

    Glitta Reviews
    I've already received 17 reviews from people who saw the movie for the 1st time last night and fans have some great things to say about it!!

    Hi! I just watched glitter for the first time. It didnt come out in theaters here so i went and bought it on dvd! I liked it alot . Mariah is a very good actress. She had to do alot of emotional scenes and she did it so well! It was sad, funny and exciting! I was so mad that dice was killed though! :( Even though he was a jerk for a minute there. i cant wait to see Wisegirls now! I love seeing mariah on tv she just lights up the screen and you have to smile! All mariah fans know that! Well I cant wait to hear what she is going to do next! Hopefully something with someone HOT!:) Well i hope everyone else liked the movie too!!

    Hmm Mariah Carey... Great voice, beautiful girl, kind person, so why do people pick on her? Probably because she can act too! I just saw Glitter which was something I was alittle afraid to do because of some of the reviews I'd seen. But I saw it, laughed, cried, smiled, learned a leason or two, and loved it. Sure it had the odd cheesy part but that's what makes it different from the rest and fun to watch. Better than to ramble on and on, I'll just saw it....I LOVED GLITTER! Was I weird? No..Was I someone who saw past the Mariah Carey acting stereo type and thought Mariah really could act? Yes, thats me.. And I'm not ashamed to say it. Yay Mariah Carey, singer, producer, entertainer and Actress.

    I never got to see Glitter in the theaters because they never showed it in my area. I bought the DVD today and I finally got to see it! I thought that it was a very good movie...it didn't deserve the bad rap it got! Mariah's acting was great, and goes to show what a talented person she is!

    I have now watched glitter 4 times in one afternoon. Here are my comments! Memorizing, The critic's have must of been blind because Mariah is an awesome actress and Glitter the movie for me has sort of given me a new look on the album glitter. This movie is definatly a plus and whether people want to admit it or not Mariah is a AWESOME ACTRESS not just the world's best singer! Oh I have to mention. I got really mad when Terrence "T" Grabbed Mariah's face. I had to remind myself it was a movie lol. It's like ok that guy is going down. So Mariah did such a good job acting it mad me forget it was a movie!

    Hi. I'm a Mariah fan. More before than now. But--still a fan. I just watched Glitter last night and I thought it was OK. It seemed at certain times she was always smiling where she shouldn't be smiling. Just that sort of "fake smile" she sometimes does. I thought her serious parts in the movie were pretty great though. She should be playing more serious roles! And I wish she didn't lip sing so much in the movie either. Over all I thought the movie was OK. I now know what the CD "Glitter" is all about. She should have released it AFTER the movie. And I also think the whole timing of the movie and her CD didn't do so well because of the events of 9/11. So--over all I gave the movie a 7 out of 10

    Hi I'm Sazril and wanna give my comment about Glitter. It's was okay. Mariah use all her talent to become her character Billie. I think this is an ordinary love story film but there's something that makes it really special. It is a reality love story. This film shows reality of life with full of laughter and sadness and Mariah can play her character even though she is new in this industry. This film contains the rollercoaster of life that's easy for us to feel because "it's" already around us. It is how humans struggle to succes in their career and not by luck as what we saw in films such as "Princess Diary" which is full of fantasy. And one thing that I really love is how Mariah uses half of her songs in Glitter album as background music in this film. She actually did it very very well. She uses her talent in music to put audience in happy or sad mood with that music and the best part is when Mariah sang twister when she was separated from her mother.

    Another one is when she sang the last part of Never Too Far in the end of this film where she hugged her mother. It's really sad and that song is just "incredible" on that scene. Back to the movie, I think we should buy her CD or DVD!!. It's worth it!!! There are also some weakness in this film, I just don't like the ending. It's too sad!!!!! Lol :) I like a very happy ending story and happily ever after. But as I said, this is a reality love story which does not always end with marriage. This story also shows that 'love needs sacrifice" and I think this is the one main theme of this film. Okay that's all. As conclusion, go and watch it or buy the DVD and CD. You will not regret that.

    I didn't get a chance to see Glitter when it was in the theaters because my family was very closely affected by 9/11. However, I did get a chance to rent the movie last night and thought it was great! I had read so many bad reviews that I wasn't really expecting much. But her acting was great! The movie even made me cry at the end when Billy finally found her mother. I am puzzled by the fact that critics were so quick to pan the movie from the time it came out. I would even go as far as to say it was one of the best movies I've seen recently. I hope Mariah keeps acting. I would really liketo see her have her own sitcom.

    Hi, Just saw it this morning and I thought it was pretty good, It was sad at the end, when she finally got back with her Mom, She was funny in it also. I think it was pretty good being her first starring role!!! Go Mariah

    Hi , I finally saw Glitter yesterday. Not only did it not show in any theatre in my country but I was in surgery on Sept. 21, so this has been a long time coming for me.................

    Ok I was really expecting a " stinker " of a movie after all the horrible reviews but I was really amazed at how good the movie was!!!! It was awesome! I loved Mc's performance shes a natural at acting , the music the other actors were all good! I was really waiting ok where's the stupid part, there wasn't any. The storylines were Good! Where's all this bad review coming from? It was a good movie. Even my boyfriend watched it and said it's was not the flop it was made out to be. (He's not a big Mc fan)

    I must say it had to be the awful timing of sept. 11, why this movie and the CD Glitter, with all those beautiful songs, have never got a chance and the movie was released to soon after the tragedy and alot (including myself) did not get to see because of the limited release to theatres.

    So I love the movie , I love MC and hope everyone (non-lambs) at least rents it and gives it the chance it deserves.

    I just saw the movie and I thought it was so good! Mariah did an excellent job and I don't understand why critics say it was bad. I enjoyed it very well. It madd me laugh and cry and it touched my heart so much. I can't wait to see WISE GIRLS. I am sure it will be da bomb digity!!!!!

    Of course I have to wait for everything. I didn't even know Glitter was out yet, but my mom picked it up for me last night as a surprise, only as a rental, but I dubbed it. I've seen it twice in one day, I cried both times at the the end when Billie and Dice break up and Dice gets shot. Then seeing her perform NTF and reading his letter and seeing her mom again, it all made me cry harder. I thought Mariah was amazing and no one should judge her acting unless they've actually seen her. The movie was really funny and touching. I loved all her ensembles and Max Beesley was so cute. It's a defenite must see for any Mariah fan. I can't wait to watch it again.

    Update by Danielle
    January 15, 2002 (10:20 pm EST)

    Danielle's Discovery!
    While my adorable friend Meagan and I were watching Glitta tonight, I noticed something in the movie! If you watch the part after Billie, Louise and Roxy go shopping, while they're walking down the street wearing their new clothes and holding a bunch of bags (also shown on the cover) and look at the girl on the street walking in front of them, she's walking an ADORABLE puppy dog who just happens to be none other than Miss Mariah's adorable doggie Jack!

    ReRe, Mariah's adorable personal assistant is walking him. Too cute! Mariah found her little secret way of getting Jack into the movie without saying anything about it! And you thought you could fool me Mariah! LOL

    If anyone can send me a screen cap of that part, I'll show everyone! I know you all probably think I'm a big dork, but I was just so excited to discover that on my own! LOL Thanx lambs!

    Mystery Voice In Glitta
    In the director's commentary, he mentioned that a woman named Mary Ann something sang the lines that Isabel (young Billie) sang in the song "Lillie's Blue" with her mom at the beginning of the movie. So it's not really her singing and it's not Mariah like I thought it might be... Just so ya know :) Thanx to everyone who sent me that question for Isabel!

    Mariah On Letterman
    I know Mariah was just on David Letterman not too long ago, so I dunno if this is a re-run or what, but Markus sent me this info:

    I was looking at www.tvguide.com and in the search engine I typed in Mariah Carey and it said that she is supposed to be appearing on the show Friday 25, 2002. The following is the quote:

    "David Letterman 60 min.
    Mariah Carey; Elijah Wood. Music guest: Stereophonics."

    I just thought I'd let you know and all the other Mariah Fans!

    What Did You Think Of Glitter?
    If there are any fans who didn't get the chance to see Glitter in theatres but who were able to see it tonight, I wanna know what you thought of it so I can put your reviews in my updates :) Please send them to mariahdaily@yahoo.com Thanx lambs and have a good night!!

    Update by Regina
    January 15, 2002 (7:40 pm EST)

    New Pics
    Shoulder Check out Gallery 9 for some new pics. You can check out the pics of M and the gals Jacki, Amy, etc at Sundance which Liron mentioned earlier today, a pic Ramsey took of Mariah, some new pics of Mariah at Sundance (coutesy of Love Love Jack), and some nice new pictures of Mariah in Barbados, courtesy of Marty.

    Need NTF/Hero Single?
    Denis has five extra copies of the Never Too Far/Hero single to give away in a trade. If you would like one, contact him at the following address:

    Wisegirls Theme Song?
    Jay told me that you can download the Theme Song of Wisegirls at amazon.com It's by an artist Taryn and it's called Make It Go Away. It's unknown who wrote it. I havn't checked it out yet myself but go ahead and click on the link above to listen to it.

    New Links
    I added two new links to the Links page and they are also below:
    If you would like to become a Co-Webmaster of iMariah, contact Sergei at:
    Josefin Mariah Carey Portuguese FanClub

    Josefin and Mariah
    If you have pictures of Mariah and her best friend Josefin together, please send them to MariahDaily@aol.com There is a very good reason why the pictures are needed; thanks so much!

    Update by Liron
    January 15, 2002 (4:45 pm EST, 9:45 pm GMT)

    Mariah @ Ali's Birthday Pictures
    Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free sent us two screen captures they took from a segment about Ali's birthday show in a German show.

    Those, and captures that I've made from Extra's little clip last night are all on Gallery 9.
    Thanks disastr for sending me that lovely video :)

    More About MC Vs. J. Lo
    Carey Refuses to Share Grammy Stage with Lopez
    World Entertainment News Network
    MARIAH CAREY has snubbed GRAMMY awards bosses by refusing to duet with JENNIFER LOPEZ - and she'd rather share the stage with a pig!
    The temperamental diva was approached by organizers of the prestigious show to duet with Latin lovely Lopez, but told them in no uncertain terms that there was no way she would agree.
    And to show the feud is a two-way thing, Lopez was just as adamant that the collaboration would never come about. GLITTER star Mariah, who was hospitalized last year after suffering a nervous breakdown, stormed, "I'd rather share the stage with a pig - a duet with Jennifer and me ain't gonna happen."
    Meanwhile, Lopez was slightly less outspoken - but equally dismissive of the request - telling Grammy bosses, "No way - I work alone. Thanks, but no thanks."
    The war of words between the two stars began last year when Mariah bitched about J.LO during an interview.
    According to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, an industry insider says, "Mariah and Jennifer on stage together would have been the biggest musical event of the year."

    Mariah Prefers Pigs to J-Lo
    Organisers of the prestigious Grammy Awards have failed in their attempt to get arch-rivals Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey to perform together at next month´s ceremony. It would have been one of the musical talking-points of the year, but Mariah reportedly said that she would "rather share the stage with a pig".

    Jeterluva (From FOMM), MTV Europe

    Mariah hater beeing booed by fans!
    A dark-sunglassed Mariah Carey and Cerruti-clad Mira Sorvino (returning to Park City for the first time since her debut film, Amongst Friends) received plenty of attention when they attended the Sunday-afternoon premiere of Wisegirls, also at the Eccles. The women play NYC waitrons who take on the mob. Carey fans drove in from across the state and beyond to see her, even though one party pooper tried to spoil the girls' big day by shouting, "Mariah sucks!" while the diva worked the press line. Fellow audience members booed the heckler into submission. Unfazed, Mariah said she's addicted to the creative challenges of acting. "Definitely," she said. "I wanted to work in an environment that was really about being free and being able to explore a totally different side of my creative self, and play a character so unlike me, and grow and evolve as an artist." Early reports...aren't bad (I'm still skeptical). So, can she leave Glitter behind? "This is a completely different girl," Mariah said. "This has nothing to do with that!"

    Shayne, E! Online

    Mariah to do ANOTHER movie!!
    Fox News' Roger Friedman got to interview Mariah on the sundance film festival. The interview is pretty long and you can read all of it HERE.
    Here's a really interesting part from it:
    "She had such a good time making the movie that she's already signed on with the producer, Anthony Esposito, to make another comedy for him."

    Shayne, FOX News.

    Amy's story about meeting MC!
    Like I promised yesterday, Amy got back and here's her (quite long) story about their time in the Sundance Film Festival in Utah:

    OHHHH MY GOD!! Ok, first of all.. I gotta make this short because I'm gonna go get my pics scanned and developed and then I'll post them on here tonight or tomorrow. NeWayZ.. Me, Jakki and Heather flew to Salt Lake City on Saturday night for the screening of Wise Girls at the Sundance Festival. We were chillin' at our hotel room when we found out that Mariah's plane was landing in 20 minutes at the airport! So at 1:30 am, we ran from our rooms in our LAMB PAJAMAS.. called a taxi and showed up at the airport where the private planes get in. We got there 5 mins before Mariah's plane landed, and the security guys wouldn't let us go outside, so we watched from the window until she came out of the plane then we burst out the door and started waving and screaming "WE LOVE YOU!" Anyway, she looked a lil confused at first but then when she realized it was fans, she started waving madly until the pushed her into the limo. We went home after that and barely got any sleep.. then we woke up the next morning and took a cab to Park City, Utah.. where the festival was taking place. We got to the Eccles theather where Wise Girls was showing a little early, saw a few celebrities (Robin Williams, some other dude...some other dude LOL.. hey, they were famous tho) and then went to eat until 2 pm when we came back for the movie which started at 3pm. Weeeeell... it was HELLA busy and PACKED and the press were LINED up outside. We met a really young guy who helped edit Wise Girls and he was telling us a bit about what went on at the set and how much he loved Mariah. So we finally got seated and everyone was chatting (there weren't ANY fans there but us!) and Mariah just nonchalantly walked in with her entourage! Mary Ann was there, Mikey, Shawn, Michael and Blair. Well, she looked beautiful as you can all tell from the pics and I was trying to take her picture from my seat but it was kinda far away.. so I climbed over and walked down the aisle to as close as I could get. Mariah was talking to somebody but she saw me, Jakki and Heather in the crowd and started waving to us.. then she said "just a minute" to the guy she was talking to and pushed through the crowd to come over and hug us. She said "HEY GIRLS!" and she remembered us from Toronto before we even said ANYTHING TO HER! We chatted with her a bit and hugged her a LOT.. she asked us if we liked Cribs and we said hell yeah! We told her Liron said hiiiii, and she said "Tell Liron hi... tell EVERYONE I said hi!" So we hugged her again and went to go watch the movies (ok so I lied this isn't short LOL).

    THE MOVIE. THE FREAKIN' MOVIE! Whoever said it wasn't good.. whichever critics have dissed or plan to diss Wise Girls are STUPID IDIOTS. The film was BRILLIANT and honestly, Mariah's acting was liek 100% times better than in anything else she's ever done! The packed theater held 1300 people and the entire audience really responded well. Mariah was definitely the personality of the movie, but everyone in it was GOOD. Jakki, Heather and I made a pact not to tell anyone about the movie, just because it's so good we don't wanna ruin it for anyone. Just a warning, it's kinda gory in parts and it's totally not ANYTHING you would expect from Mariah.. but it's BRILLIANT! After the film, the cast and crew did a QUESTIONS and ANSWERS for the audience. I'll tell you more about Mariah's questions and what she said later. After that was done.. the crowd started clearing out and we saw Mariah exiting out a side door that was roped off.. so we ran out the OTHER side door and RACED around the building. When we got there, there were only 2 other fans there who lived in Salt Lake City and a few people who weren't really fans but wanted to talk about the movie. Michael came out first and I said "we'll be good Michael!" and he said "I know!" and smiled at us, so that was hecka cool! Then Kris came out (the makeup artist) and we talked to him, he was REALLY nice. Then Mariah came out.. and I go "YOU WERE AWESOME!" and she ran over to us with a huge smile asking "Did you like it?! What did you thinK?!" So we told her it was awesome and hugged her and talked to her some more. THen we took a few pics, but it was FREEZING.. and after about 10 minutes, she went to go talk to the other people briefly before she had to leave. So we asked MaryAnn to take a pic with us (Mariah was SO surprised we knew her nickname) and Mariah really wanted to be in the pic with her, but Michael told her to hurry up, so she didn't get to be in it. Then she came over AGAIN to say goodbye and told us thanks for coming and all the wonderful Mariah stuff, and got into a Expedition. I was chasing after Jakki and running out of the parking lot when I bumped smack into this blonde woman. I got "OH EXCUSE ME!" and then I looked up and it was Mira Sorvino! I said "Oh HI! You were great in the film!" and she just kinda looked at me like I was stupid so I ran off, cause I didn't care about her. LOL anyyyyway, we found out where Mariah's after party was, but it was TOO damn cold to wait outside (I mean, DANGEROUSLY cold) so we just stopped by, checked it out and then BOOKED it to the hotel when we realized she was already inside. Ok, so that's the story.. I could give way more details (Scary, huh?) and I will later.. but I'm gonna run and get my pics developed! BYE!

    Little addition from me: THANK YOU GIRLS! *HUGS*

    Update by Danielle
    January 15, 2002 (4:20 pm EST)

    More Nice Mariah Drawings
    Benoit sent me 3 new drawings of Miss Mariah, which I added to the Artwork section of M's Fan Center make sure to check em out :D

    New Pics
    Becky sent me 2 scans of Mariah on the cover of a rare magazine called ETC and you can see them both, as well as 12 pics I added from Mariah's Official Site in Gallery 9!

    ADORABLE Mariah Wallpaper
    Antonio made an adorable animated wallpaper of Miss Mariah's adventure with Jack and Willy D. Cat lol and you can check it out by going to the Calendar Wallpapers section!

    Mariah Fan Performs
    My sexy lamb Scott will be performing on Sunday, January 27th at 9 PM at the Crooked Bar, located inside the Coconut Teaser at 8117 w. Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA (Right across the street from the Sunset Plaza and Virgin Megastore). He said that if you RSVP too his email address TRANQUIL20@AOL.COM before the 20th he'll be happy to add you to the guest list, other wise you will have to pay full price which, I believe, is only five dollars. His style of music is alternative/pop/soul and he will be playing the piano and singing all original music. He said It's a tiny room, very intimate, but it would be wonderful too have some new faces to perform too, and have fans of Mariahs there to support him, since it was her music that inspired him to write and sing. He looks forward to seeing you there. He said if you want to, feel free to say hi afterwards.

    Mariah Avenue Has New URL
    I got this info from Pete:

    I just want to inform the people of the Mariah world that 'Mariah Avenue' has a new URL! It is now http://mcarey.4-all.org/

    Mariah To Be At NRJ Awards
    Isabelle informed me that Mariah will be in France on January 19th for the NRJ Music Awards. If I get anymore news on that I'll let everyone know!

    New Mariah Poem
    SunsetMariahAZ@aol.com sent me another poem for Miss Mariah called "I've Only Begun To Fly". To read this beautiful poem, just visit the Poems section of M's Fan Center!

    AWESOME Glitta Info
    I got this from Gilles:

    Glitter (the movie) in Brussels, 650 visitors in 6 days
    We have contacted a person of Kinepolis Brussels and he told us that Glitter had 650 visitors in 6 days. We didn't phone to all the 8 movie theaters showing Glitter in Belgium, but we consider that 650 visitors only for Brussels, it's not bad at all, knowing that the promotion was almost invisible and that Glitter was released at the same time that "Lord Of The Rings" and "Spy Game". In conclusion, we can say that in 6 days, it's 650 fans who saw Glitter in Brussels. Also, Glitter is 19 in the Kinepolis Brussels 25 most seen movies of the week. Thanks to Kinepolis Brussels for these infos. Posted on January the 15th.

    Ali B'day Celebration
    My sweetchop Ashes (Rainbow Princess) sent me this article from CBS Online:

    CBS is proud to present Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration, broadcast Wednesday, January 16, at 9PM ET/PT. This star-studded gala honoring the man known as "The Greatest" will bring together Ali's friends from the entertainment community. Set to perform are Grammy Award winner Will Smith (star of the feature film Ali), multiple Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey ("Vision of Love") and Grammy Award winner R. Kelly ("I Believe I Can Fly"). On hand to pay tribute to Ali will be his friends Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Magic Johnson, Lennox Lewis, Eddie Murphy, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans. In addition to the presenters and performers, behind-the-scenes clips from the making of the motion picture Ali will be shown. The show, taped at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, is the first televised entertainment special to take place at this new venue.

    Mariah Article
    I got this article from Jennifer:

    It's Do or Die for Mariah Carey
    The multi-octave singer has shrunk to little more than a punch line after the ano horibilis that was her 2001. Flat sales for her album, "Glitter," scathing reviews and bad box office for her movie of the same name, plus a very public breakdown, marred Mariah's start of the new millennium. In April she signed a multi-album deal with EMI/Virgin for $80 million, but the label reportedly is offering her $50 million to leave. (EMI/Virgin denies the widely reported rumor.)

    The coming year will be a test on two fronts for the diva: Can she keep it together emotionally - and can she prove there's still an audience for her note-trilling ballads and adult contemporary pop?

    Make-or-break moment: Mariah could remind us all that she was first famous for her pipes, not her pathos, when she sings the national anthem Feb. 3 at the Super Bowl.

    Glitter Director's Commentary
    We got this info from ButterflyDydrm@aol.com:

    Hey you guys! Vondie Curtis Hall says in the Glitter commentary, that he was shown the footage of Mariah's audition for Shaft, and that's what made him decide to do the film. I was never aware that Mariah auditioned for Shaft, and I thought that was interesting info.

    More Updates Coming
    Liron and Regina are gonna be adding small updates as well so look for that! Have a nice day lambs, time for D to watch GLITTA!!!!

    Update by Regina
    January 15, 2002 (9:45 am EST)

    There is a new Pic O' The Week and Quote O' The Week. Plus, I added some new entrees to You Know You're A Mariah Fan When section, courtesy of Francess.

    Plus, I added another new link to the Links section...
    Mariah Bliss

    Vote For Mariah
    Jonathon sent me the following...
    SMART Voting For Mariah On MTV Asia Awards SMART Telecommunications, the Official Partner Sponsor in the Philippines of MTV Asia Awards 2002 is giving every Filipino subscribers especially fans to vote for their favorite artists through texting or SMS. Powered by Bidshot Wireless Services, they can vote as many times as they like in any category. And each vote gives them a chance at winning a new SMART Buddy Panasonic GD75 celfone kit. The votes really counts. Each category corresponds to certain keyword like the following: Favorite Female Artist (Keyword:FEMALEARTIST); Fave Male Artist (MALEARTIST); Fave Pop Act (POPACT); Fave Rock Act (ROCKACT); Fave Video (VIDEO); Fave Breakthrough Artist (BREAKTHROUGH); Fave Film (FILM), Fave Fashion Designer (FASHION) and Fave Music Artist-Philippines (MUSICARTIST). To vote especially for Mariah on the Fave Female Artist, one must register first by keying-in MTV then sending it 24304. Follow the step-by-step registration procedure. To cast a vote, key-in FEMALEARTIST and send to 24304. You'll then receive the list of nominees for that certain category. Key-in the letter corresponds to the artists of your choice. For Mariah, key-in letter E and send it again to 24304. Each transaction cost P2.50 only. (TIP: After your registration, just simply key-in E and send to 2430433 for shortcut) Remember that the voting period is until January 18, 2002 only, so to all Filipino lambs out there start casting your vote for Mariah. The award show will be held in Singapore on February 2, 2002. Hosted by Mandy Moore, expect live appearances of The Rock, Ronan Keating and many others. Please don't forget to vote online too, click the link to vote.(MTV Asia)

    Update by Regina
    January 15, 2002 (9:20 am EST)

    Glitter DVD Is In Stores
    Make sure you go pick up the Glitter DVD! It is now in stores and if you don't have a DVD player, go rent it from Blockbuster and watch it over and over again.

    Run Down on Entertainment Shows
    Last Night, Mariah was on E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. I didn't see Extra but I know she was on that too. On E! News Daily, they showed her performing to Ali o his birthday bash which will air this Wednesday. From what I could tell, it look like she was singing Happy Birthday to him, while holding his hand. You can check out a picture ofit in Gallery 9, thanks to MariahsLambs.com On Entertainment Tonight, she was on for like 10 seconds tops. They just talked about the rumor cat fight Mariah had with Mira. On Access, they showed scenes from the movie and had a little bit longer conversation with them.

    New Pictures Galore
    Shoulder Thanks to Terrence, I added about 47 new pictures to Gallery 9 today. Some are new pictures of Mariah with Mira and Melora and the others are just pics from last year that I havn't seen before and that are really nice. The only problem is that they have a copyright on the pics but hey, at least you can see them right? Check them out if you like.

    Mariah in Blues & Soul
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent us the following information...

    DEC 2001/ JAN 2001 Issue - special thanks to Enya
    Enya sent me the following snippets from the UK's "Blues & Soul" magazine -- it's not all good but it's not all bad either!

    UK Urban Albums Chart
    #8 (NEW) "Greatest Hits" - Mariah Carey
    Bigger's Urban Essentials
    #13 Mariah Carey & Mystikal - "Don't Stop" - Virgin
    The Albums of the Year
    "Janet Jackson's set was, surprisingly, totally enjoyable. Mariah Carey's debut set for Virgin, the "Glitter" soundtrack, was as enjoyable too, probably because the lithesome lady was outnumbered by some stellar guests."

    A Review of 2001
    "This year's most hyped come-back sets from Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson got decidedly mixed receptions from British fans. Mariah's much publicised nervous breakdown collared more column inches than either "Glitter" the album or the movie could muster... The problem both MJ and Mariah have is our almost unreal expectations or them... Both Michael and Mariah need to appraise their musical strategies but to dismiss either would be a major folly."

    Writers' Top 10 Sounds of the Year
    #6 Mariah Carey: "All My Life" (Virgin)
    Mariah made a rotten film debut, but softened the blow by coupling it with a great, 'glitter'-ing Jam & Lewis-overseen soundtrack and this SOS-inspired scorcher that's among The Magnificent's best recordings to date. Hopefully the public will learn to love her again. Me, I'll never stop...

    #5 Mariah Carey: "Never Too Far" (Virgin) Maybe not a particularly 'down' choice but who cares? Jam & Lewis have stood the test of time. Mariah Carey has stood the test of time. Why? Because they record timeless music like this strong, emotive big-ballad. If y'all think that's old news then f**k y'all [source: http://mariahconstellation.tripod.com]

    New Mariah Book
    Book Janel, courtesy of MariahsLambs.com, informed us that there will be a new Mariah book released and here is more information on that...
    New Book-  Mariah Carey By: Judy Parker
    Retail Price $19.00
    In Stock: ships within 2-3 days
    Format: Hardcover 48 pp
    ISBN: 0516234250
    Publisher" Children's Press
    Published Date: September 2001
    Available in Hardcover & Paperback
    This book is available at Barnes&Noble.com
    Also check in stores Borders, Barnes & Noble

    Update by Liron
    January 14, 2002 (2:05 pm EST, 7:05 pm GMT)

    Mariah Makes Good in Mob Movie
    Monday, January 14, 2002
    By Roger Friedman
    Mariah Makes Good in Mob Movie

    Mariah Carey may have found her calling at last in films. Instead of carrying a movie as a heroine, she actually excels at being a tough-talking barroom girl, sort of a Thelma Ritter for the new millennium.
    Let's put it this way: If Cheers were ever made into a feature film, Carey would be hands-down the best choice to play Carla.
    In David Anspaugh's extremely misguided mob movie Wise Girls, Carey is third to Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. She doesn't have responsibility for the whole movie, and this time — as opposed to the god-awful Glitter — it works.
    Carey looks relaxed and comfortable as she plays a savvy waitress in an upscale Staten Island mob joint. Even though she tends to wear skimpy outfits as usual, her line delivery is sharp and she manages to get the right laughs. She shows good comedic timing in places where you wouldn't expect her to get it right.
    Unfortunately, Wise Girls is really awful, a terrible mob stereotype movie that pales considerably next to The Sopranos. And The Godfather? Fuggeddaboutit.
    I don't understand what's happened to Mira Sorvino, or how she picks these turkeys. One after another, her choices of films are atrocious. All this after a much-deserved Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite back in 1995.
    Sorvino's dad spoke out about Italian-American stereotyping in films, and certainly this movie — which raises just about every crude Mafia reference it can think of — is guilty of just that. Nearly every word out of Carey's mouth is the f-word.
    Still, Mariah may have found her forte with Wise Girls, and now it's her handlers' turn to find more roles like this — wisecracking, world-weary, street-savvy people.
    And no, Carey doesn't sing in the film, although there's quite a big soundtrack. That's just as well — there are no distractions for her here.

    Taken from Fox News, Thanks to MariahBuzz for finding that nice article!

    Carey to do soundtrack for WiseGirls
    Here's what Brad (from FOMM) says:
    If you might have remember I work for a little paper called "The Paducah Sun" (www.sunsix.com) which feature a pullout called The Extra Weekly Report. My editor Charles Taubert got to speak with the producer of the movie, "Wisegirls" who says that "the movie's initial start date was pushed back when Carey expressed an interest in executive producing a soundtrack that would feature female artist from the hip hop and r&B scene". The soundtrack would be similiar to waiting to exhale, but with more hip hop/uptemp R&B songs. It wasn't known at the time if Mariah was to be featured in a singing capacity on the soundtrack or not, but she did express a great interest to write several of the tracks and to have a theme song that fits the movie's concept. I'll post the full article (if I can) when its published this Friday. But so far that is what's known and as of right now nothing is finalized and no tracks or artists have been selected or recorded.

    Grammy to ask MC & J.Lo for a duet?
    Could be just a rumor, but two MTV Channels in Europe (UK & Germany) reported this:
    Translated from Polish:
    Mariah Carey: I won't sing with Jennifer Lopez!
    Mariah Carey, american singer, didn't agree on duet with J.Lo. It was to come during ceremony of giving away the Grammy Awards. The singer told the organizers that she would prefer to sing with a pig.
    Jennifer Lopez was more tolerant: "No thank you. I always work alone."

    Anna, Louis, Interia.pl

    MTV Unplugged Uncensored
    Ginger from FOMM wrote the following review of the "MTV Unplugged Uncensored" show on MTV last night:
    For Mariah's little segment, they didn't show any behind the scenes stuff, but one of the executive producers of the show said on one hand here was a amazing star singer, on the other there was stage fright. Between songs, Mariah would giggle and talk to her girlfriends. She didn't know what to do. The interview of Mariah was nothing new, just about how she picked I'll Be There to perform, how Micheal Jackson said he liked the song, and how it was weird to hear the song on the radio (from the ex. producer). Since it was the first #1 from a Unplugged show. Mariah was wearing that red dress from Cribs. It looked like the interview was done just for the show. Too bad they didn't show any rehearsal footage. Didn't Mariah rehearse Love Takes Time and Vanishing? They showed a montage of all the past performers, and the interesting thing to see was that Mariah was the only one or two real pop acts (BIIMen had one) to appear on the show. There were Jewel and Sheryl Crow, but I don't think they're the same type of music as Mariah. Also, there was Maxwell, the Uptown crew (Jodeci, Mary J. Blige). For the Uptown show, at that time Mary J. Blige wasn't as known as known as she is now outside R&B. The funny thing to see was in the early days, all those 80 heavy metal bands, like Winger, Ratt, Poison, Vixen (the all girl group) etc.

    MC Sites
    My friend Manuela from Holland has a new site about Mariah: Mariah's Crib
    Pete's site "Mariah Avenue" has moved to THIS location.

    Update by Regina
    January 14, 2002 (9:20 am EST)

    Side Bar Updated
    Several of you were asking what time Crib reaired because you missed it the first couple times. I added the rest of the dates on the right, plus some other new Important Dates you can check Mariah out on.

    Plus, I added a couple new sites to the links page. Here are the new additions:
    All That Mariah
    Mariah Connected
    Mariah Hero

    FHM 100 Sexiest Music Videos
    Art informed me that Honey and Heartbreaker made the FHM's 100 Sexiest Music Video collection on their website, which you can check out by clicking here.

    Update by Liron
    January 14, 2002 (7:50 am EST, 12:50 pm GMT)

    TV Reminders for Today!
    Don't forget to watch ET, Access Hollywood and Extra today. All of these shows will have footage of Mariah from the Sundance film festival!

    My friends SAW WiseGirls!
    My friends Jakki, Amy & Heather flew all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah so they could support Mariah in the premiere of "WiseGirls" and watch the movie!
    I talked to them yesterday, a few hours after the movie had ended and they told me they absolutely LOVED it and that Mariah was gorgeous in it and that her acting was so great!
    They also said that the movie got great reviews from everyone in the cinema, and especially said Mariah's acting was superb and that she was playing a character who's so different from who she is.
    The fun part is that they've even met Mariah a few times! First was Saturday night at the airport, then at the cinema where they even got to talk to Mariah and hug her (and even said hi from me!).
    Then they got to talk to her again after the movie finished playing and they complimented her for it! They even stuck around for the Q&A that was after the movie and saw Mariah leaving!
    Basically that's all I can tell you right now but they were really excited and I'll have more news from them when they come back!

    The small images have been removed due to Copyright issue but you may find them here:

    More images from the WiseGirls premiere have been added to Gallery 8
    Thanks to Getty Images & MariahBuzz

    WiseGirls hitting theaters only in Summer
    Wisegirls premieres at Sundance festival
    But metro-shot movie with Mariah and Mira won't hit theatres until summer
    By Marla Cranston
    The Daily News
    Saturday, January 12, 2002

    It's Sundance time again, and the Cole Harbour mobster flick that led up to Mariah Carey's meltdown is among the film festival's special screenings.
    Wisegirls premieres tomorrow, with four more screenings at the event in Park City, Utah. It won't hit regular movie theatres until summertime, but already has a catchy marketing slogan: "Mira. Mariah. Melora. Mayhem."
    That was the case behind the scenes too, with reports of a big blowout between Carey and Oscar-winning costar Mira Sorvino. Most of the $10-million indie feature was shot in Main Street's old Beaver Lumber warehouse, transformed into a New Jersey mob restaurant, where Carey played Raychel, a drug-dealing waitress who witnesses a major crime.
    Less than a month after the film wrapped in June, the distraught diva was hospitalized for a physical and emotional breakdown, blaming it on her exhausting schedule. Wisegirls came on the heels of filming Glitter and recording its soundtrack, and she faced a daunting promotion schedule.
    The 31-year-old star seems back on track now, and busier than ever. She was on Ally McBeal this week, she's been offered a lead role on a new sitcom, she'll sing the U.S. anthem at the coming Super Bowl, and on Tuesday, she plugged Wisegirls on Entertainment Tonight.
    Though Glitter was mocked by critics, the new film is already getting raves. It's "brimming with a Noo Yawk pizzazz and style," film critic Geoffrey Gilmore reports on the filmfest's official Web site, www.sundance.org, adding director David Anspaugh got sparkling performances from a great cast.
    "With the cumulative energies of the multitalented Sorvino, a dead-on acting spot by Mariah Carey and another strong turn by Melora Walters, Wisegirls is a fun twist on an underworld universe that is sexy, sharp-witted, and terrific entertainment," Gilmore writes.

    Robbie (From FOMM), Halifax Daily News

    Update by Liron
    January 13, 2002 (8:20 pm EST, Jan 14 1:20 am GMT)

    Even more WiseGirls premiere pics!
    Nacho sent me a bunch of new Mariah pictures from today's premiere of "Wise Girls" from the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. They're all very small and taken from WireImages.com. I've added them to Gallery 8

    Also added to Gallery 8 , a funny comparison of two pictures of two ladies wearing the "Loverboy" boots - one would be MC (of course) and the other is the actress Vivicia A. Fox. (Thank you Nacho! !!)

    Ali Accepts Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
    Phil sent me the link to an article about Muhammad Ali's birthday party and here's the related Mariah part:

    A one-hour CBS television ``birthday celebration'' special was also set to air on Jan. 16 featuring a parade of stars including Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey and actor Will Smith, who played the prizefighter in the feature film ``Ali'' which opened Christmas Day.

    To read all the article from Yahoo! News, click Here

    Update by Liron
    January 13, 2002 (7:30 pm EST, Jan 14 12:30 am GMT)

    Exclusive PICS - WiseGirls Premiere!!
    WOW, it was worth staying up till 3AM, because Gallery 8 has just been updated with NEW pics from the WiseGirls premiere!!

    Also added Mariah's picture from Muhammad Ali's Birthday Party!

    Yahoo News

    Update by Regina
    January 13, 2002 (4:55 pm EST)

    New Pictures/DVD Caps Tidbits
    Argentina First off, Patty sent us a couple really nice pictures of Mariah in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November of 1999. Next, Ghassan got the Glitter DVD and took some captures of the special feature menu. On the trailor menu though, the edited the picture and put Mariah in Eric's arms, instead of Max's and I don't think it looks that great and have no idea why they did that but whatever, check them out in Gallery 8 Finally, Sandy sent me the scan from J-14 magazine, so you can check that out to see what pictures are in the magazine.

    Steph, from MariahsWeb.com, created a site where you can go to check out all the latest and update Mariah site. Check it out by clicking here

    Update by Liron
    January 13, 2002 (3:55 pm EST, 8:55 pm GMT)

    Wise Girls (Great) Review!
    Wisegirls is brimming with a Noo Yawk pizzazz and style. Mira Sorvino heads a great cast as one of a trio of waitresses who manage to survive in a mob-run restaurant in an outer borough of New York. And although this genre may seem familiar, director David Anspaugh infuses these characters with spirit and has elicited some sparkling performances. With the cumulative energies of the multitalented Sorvino, a dead-on acting spot by Mariah Carey, and another strong turn by Melora Walters, Wisegirls is a fun twist on an underworld universe that is sexy, sharp-witted, and terrific entertainment.

    VijayL (From FOMM), Sundance.org

    Vote for MC on MTV Asia Awards
    I know we've already published this but Renan would like to reminde you to vote for MC on the MTV Asia awards, She's on the lead but Madonna & Britney are closing up!

    Glitter DVD Ads on Columbia's Site
    Glitter's Official Site now has a pop-up window advertising the DVD release of the movie. If you click on it, you'll be directed to Columbia Tristar's site where you can see this little page about Glitter which also has a really great flash movie.

    Thanks to MariahzGuy for all the lovely links.

    Glitter DVD Review
    DVDTalk.com put a pretty nice review for "Glitter" it's not too stellar but it's not dissing the movie and says some good things about it too :) Read it HERE .

    Thanks James (from FOMM).

    Update by Regina
    January 12, 2002 (4:00 pm EST)

    Quick Update--2 Tidbits
    Barbados First off, they said yesterday that they will have footage from the Sundance festival on Monday's Entertainment Tonight with an interview with Mariah Carey and other stars that appear there. So check that out Monday!

    Next, Mariah is on the cover of The National Enquirer, January 23rd. They have some new pictures of her in Barbados and I scanned all the pictures and added them to Gallery 8. However, the article is COMPLETLY filled with lies and aweful things on how Mariah looks, etc. I refuse to post the article, so if you want to read it, go pick up a copy at your local food store.

    Update by Liron
    January 12, 2002 (3:40 pm EST, 8:40 pm GMT)

    MC UK Fan & Singer needs help!
    Rosemary Ribbons Here's what Matt sent us:
    That is the link where you can hear and see ROSEMARY RIBBONS singing Whenever You Call! She is a HUGE Mariah fan and is on Pop Idol in UK (like how you got O-Town but here we have one winner)
    She is down to the last 6 but needs help getting through tonight! Because out of the group now she has the most introvert personality she could go! :(
    This is where we want people to go!
    UK peeps can see the number to call and non UK peeps can vote online! PLEASE help!
    Vote between 7:30 - 9:30pm in UK
    2:30 - 4:30pm EST!

    Check back for an update from D including new pictures of Mariah in Barbados

    Update by Regina
    January 11, 2002 (4:30 pm EST)

    M on ET Tonight
    Kelly informed me that last night on Entertainment Tonight, they showed Mariah's picture during the section on what's happening tomorrow (tonight now) and they said they would be talking about the security at the Sundance Film Festival. So check out Entertainment Tonight, even though it probably won't be much about Mariah.

    Free Calendar
    Christopher informed me that when you buy the Greatest Hits cd at Eil.com you get a free calendar.

    Update by Liron
    January 11, 2002 (2:40 pm EST, 7:40 pm GMT)

    MC on Israeli paper
    Mariah appears on this weekend's Israeli newspaper - "Yediot Ahronot" in the section "7 Nights". You can see the scans in Gallery 8.
    Unfortunately the article is full of lies and rumors which are stated as facts (such as all the Luis rumors, EMI "begging" Mariah to leave, Mariah being "crazy" and "paranoid", etc., etc.)

    That's why I wanted to ask you all a favor. If everyone could PLEASE email 7nights@yedioth.co.il and ask them to stop printing lies about Mariah! My Israeli fellow fans & I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    Thanks to all my Israeli friends who told me about it - Igal & Omri (Who sent me the scans) Shahar, Roi & Eran.
    To any other Israeli fan out there, you are welcome to join our nice club - "MC-Israel": (Click on the banner that Eran made to join!)

    Update by Regina
    January 11, 2002 (9:40 am EST)

    Glitter DVD
    Gilles, from Heroes of Mariah, received the Glitter DVD and scanned the inside picture (featured below on left) and then the back cover of the DVD (featured below on right)! We were sent tiny scans, so this is the best quality we have.

    Latest Charts
    Rhomeyn sent us the latest charts for the week ending January 19th

  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    100 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    14 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    59 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    12 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    40 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    79 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • The Billboard 200
    110 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey

    Lambs Lullaby Download
    This is what Kristelle sent me...
    When Mariah came in France in last november, her lambs gathered to offer her a great tribute by covering her song 'Looking In' but with some news lyrics to comfort her after her breakdown. It was the birth of 'Lambs Lullaby'. We recorded the song in a professional studio and then gave her the CD. The day of her departure, she told us she had listened to it in her headphones while reading the lyrics at the same time ! Read the whole story and listen to our tribute here !

    Magazine News
    Here are a couple magazines Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, told us you could find Mariah in...

  • OK- January 10, 2002
    picture, article page 30
  • Enquirer- January 22, 2002
    picture on cover as well as story, 2 full page article and pictures pages 24, 25----- picture page 34
  • New York Post-January 10, 2002
    mentions in article page 35 "It is about Mariah being one of the guest at Sundance Film Festival"
  • HEAT---January 5---11, 2002
    Picture & small article page 106
    Says " I'm not a good skier but I like the outfits" 
    Sporty Mariah Carey knows whats important in life...

    New Cartoon
    Alan made us a brand new cartoon for Valentine Day and if you would like to check it out, it's the main graphic at www.mariahdaily.com

    Update by Liron
    January 11, 2002 (6:00 am EST, 11:00 am GMT)

    NY Post Article About Mariah
    Liz Smith from the NY Post wrote a really nice article about Mariah where she explains a bit more about the rumors regarding Virgin and Luis

    Oy vey! As they say, the world over.
    MOST PEOPLE believe that Virgin Records is trying to get rid of Mariah Carey because she has had one flop CD. Many rumors surfaced over the holidays, and numbers of observers haven't yet caught up to Virgin's denial of these planted stories. Virgin says they are not trying to end their association with Mariah. They want to keep her. (As well they should!)

    As for Mariah hanging out here and there with Spanish singer Luis Miguel. That all started because Mariah has a manager named "Louise" and some dummies thought that when she was out on business with this manager, she was with "Luis" instead. She was not.

    In spite of Mariah's recent troubles - her breakdown, her hospitalization, the flop of her movie "Glitter," the tepid album reception - Mariah is set for a dramatic comeback. Going to the Middle East for the USO didn't hurt her image, let me tell you! This girl is still the golden-throated goose and if Virgin is appropriately patient, she'll produce some big golden records again.

    Kaiyan (From FOMM), NY Post

    Mariah, big stars turn out for movie festival
    A constellation of stars is descending on Utah - where the Sundance Film Festival opens this week- despite ultra-tight security imposed because of the Winter Olympics and Sept. 11. Russell Crowe, Robin Williams, Jodie Foster, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, John Malkovich, Javier Bardem - and quite possibly Nicole Kidman - head a glittering A-list bound for the nation's premier film festival.
    "We all happen to have new movies there, and this is the place to launch independent films," said Foster, who will premiere "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys," which she produced and in which she plays a one-legged nun.
    Festival organizers are tight-lipped about the security measures instituted in the tiny mountain town. Parking, always difficult in Park City, will be all but banned - and it will be harder than ever to get into events without proper credentials. Mailboxes for participants, which are usually crammed with all sorts of giveaways, will this year contain only, well, mail.
    Aniston will be on hand for "The Good Girl," while Carey is pushing "Wise Girls." And Williams is supporting "One Hour Photo," about a creepy photo processor obsessed with a seemingly normal family.
    "Sundance can be a really effective vehicle for someone trying to reinvent their career," said one veteran publicist. "Just look at 'In the Bedroom.' " That acclaimed drama, which debuted in Park City last January, revived the careers of stars Sissy Spacek and Marisa Tomei.

    Mariah's Official Site, NY Post

    The above article is taken from Mariah's official site that has been updated yesterday with it as well as pictures from MTV Cribs and my little review of the show, so check it out!

    Vote for Mariah's Ally Performance on BET
    BET has a poll on their site asking people whether they liked Mariah's appearance on Ally McBeal or not. We all loved her so lets go vote for her here: http://www.bet.com/entertainment (Thanks Juliette)

    Update by Liron/Regina
    January 10, 2002 (3:25 pm EST, 8:25 pm GMT)

    All about Cribs
    Check out the Cribs caps by clicking here. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to add a description on each room and each pic was separted into categories (Liron), and work on some problems with the overall site (Reg). Hope you enjoy all the caps.

    We'd also like to tell you about a few links:
    Anderz made a site about the book that Mariah showed on Cribs last night. It was one of three that was sent to her last year and to read more about the book Mariah showed, click here.

    disastr made MPGs of the whole show, which you will be able to find on MariahMM.net this weekend, but we've made a sneak peek for you:
    Right click to save
    - Mariah talking about the fanbooks
    - This is a very cute small file from last night's show, it's really funny!

    Update by Regina
    January 10, 2002 (2:06 pm EST)

    Caps/New Pics
    M Liron made 167 caps I believe and they are all loaded on MD, it's just the html she needs to finish up. So they should be up shortly and sorry for the delay but as you can see, Liron has been working her butt off here. So hopefully you'll enjoy looking at them when they are done.

    While you are waiting, check out Gallery 8 for six scans I just did from Germany. My best friend Anja sent me a nice Mariah package filled with cds/magazine clippings and I scanned some of the newspaper articles/pics I havn't seen on the net. The one picture has a line going through her head but it's from the newspaper bleeding I believe, sorry! Also, Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, sent us a nice pic of Mariah on a jet ski in Barbados. Check that out too...

    Get Well Books
    Anderz made a site about the book that Mariah showed on Cribs last night. It was one of three that was sent to her last year and to read more about the book Mariah showed, click here.

    A good friend of mine, Matt, runs what used to be known as MCarey.nu and recently the address has changed. So make sure you change your bookmarks to the new address...

    Update by Regina
    January 10, 2002 (9:00 am EST)

    Cribs Screen Caps Coming Shortly
    Liron is making a bunch of screep caps from MTV Cribs right now and they should be up within the next hour hopefully. The great thing I noticed while watched the special was that Mariah showed some fanbooks from her fans. One of the fanbooks, with the cartoon Mariah and the lambs, is the book from the DMCA fanclub (find more info about them in the fanclub section). Then they showed Mariah with a bunch of lambs, which was the cover of one of the three fanbooks that we sent to her while she wasn't feeling so great. Nicole, from Mariah Buzz, did the excellent front cover artwork and inside, you can see the large graphic that was at the top. (See below for a picture of the cover of the book and then Mariah holding it and flipping through it) So, once again this confirms that Mariah got all three books of your Get Well letters to her and they are stored in her guest room in her house. How amazing is that? I guess all we have to do now is make a list on who's sleeping over when, since she said we could sleep there, ha ha!

    Inside Mariah's Crib!
    cribs From the cotton candy-colored walls to the sunken bathtubs and cool green screening room, MARIAH CAREY's first-ever New York City apartment practically sings with creature comforts. You got your sneak peek at the sexy songstress' casa on the season premiere of "MTV's Cribs," this Wednesday ... and it is a re-run to watch out for!

    High above New York City, the 'Glitter' girl's sumptuous cocoon is a place for her to escape and chill out. She points to the pink glazed walls (they "remind me of candy ... tasty!"), a soothing earth-tone living room (not "too jarring!"), and, her favorite, a down-home kitchen with breathtaking city views and "butterfly" marble countertops.

    "I wanted a country kitchen, right smack in the middle of the city!" she gushes.

    And what diva could be without a romantic bathroom? Mariah's sunken marble tub, brimming with candles and flowers is made for a queen. Her multi-room closet, crammed with hundreds of sexy shoes, nighties and gowns is bigger than some New Yorkers' whole apartments!

    Now that she's gone Hollywood," with films such as 'Glitter' and 'Wise Girls' in the can, the songbird also needs a place to watch her films! How about an ultra-modern screening room with its subdued green hues, sleek, beige couches and wall-mounted large-screen TV?

    "MTV's Cribs" also looked at the homes of METHOD MAN and REDMAN in its season debut. But Mariah's "humble abode" was the reason to watch. "MTV's Cribs" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

    Thanks to SUMar235 for this article from ETOnline.com

    Furtado Miffed About Midriff Photo
    The Canadian singer has complained that a photo of her on the cover of British men's magazine FHM was digitally altered to show a bare torso - and it's not hers.

    ``There I am with a shirt that has actually been digitally altered to go to just below my chest, with a stomach that I don't recognize, saying 'Nelly Furtado - her sexiest shoot yet,''' the singer told British Broadcasting Corp. radio on Monday.

    ``I don't like being misrepresented to my fans. You work hard to represent a certain thing and have a certain image and somebody can take it all away with the cover of a magazine.''

    The photo is on one of three covers produced for the magazine's February issue. The others feature Mariah Carey and Jenny Frost of British group Atomic Kitten.

    Magazine spokespeople had no comment Wednesday.

    British Columbia-born Furtado's debut album, ``Whoa, Nelly'' has become a worldwide best seller. Last week the 23-year-old singer was nominated for four Grammy awards, including song of the year for her hit, ``I'm Like a Bird.''

    Article from AOL/The Associated Press

    Mariah in J-14
    Sandy informed me that Mariah is in the Feb 2002 issue of J-14 on pages 13 and 34. On page 13, she is featured in the Rumor or Not section and Sandy typed it out for us (picture featured is a cute pic of her and it says, "Mariah finds a safe way to release her anger")...
    Is it true?
    ...that Mariah Carey throws punches when she's mad?

    Mariah beats up "Bob" when she needs to blow off some steam.  Okay, so Bob isn't actually a friend, nor is he a person.  He's a leather punching bag that the songstress bought post-last-summer's mental meltdown. "Bob looks like a heavy bag, but it's designed like a man," explains Ms. Carey, who doesn't spend that much time with the makeshift man. "Bob's set up in my basement with some nice gloves, but I prefer to release my anger verbally. But every now and then, Bob gets a smack."

    Then on page 34 is the horoscopes and in the Aries, there is a cute picture of Mairah. Sandy is going to try and get her boyfriend to scan the pages for us, which is oh so nice!

    Jay-Z Mentions Mariah
    Ryan informed me that in the Girls remix of Jay-Z's latest song, he's talking about a girl and says she got "more rumors than 10 Mariah Careys."

    More News Coming Later...
    I am off to the dentist now for a cleaning but I'll be working on Daily all day today most likely. Liron and I are trying to make the Crib Gallery really cute with quotes she said of each room, etc. It should be up shortly...

    Update by Liron
    January 9, 2002 (6:15 pm EST, 11:15 pm GMT)

    Mariah & Dan - TRL, June 2001
    Dan, one of the contacts in M's Fan Center, emailed me and asked if I could make screen captures of him hugging Mariah when she made a special appearance on TRL back in June 2001. I've loved the idea and uploaded some captures to Gallery 7, If you want to know who Dan is, he's the one hugging Mariah in the TGIFY shirt. Lucky guy!

    WiseGirls Preview On ET Last Night
    Last night, Entertainment Tonight showed a sneak peek of Mariah's upcoming movie "WiseGirls" co-starring Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. A small clip from the movie was shown as well as a short interview with Mariah where she had talked about her charater on WiseGirls. Then they reminded everyone to watch MTV tomorrow for Mariah's house on "MTV Cribs".

    To download the video, visit MariahMM.net

    I've made some captures from that video which you can see on Gallery 7

    Paparazzi Pics & MC in Israeli newspaper
    3 New pictures of Mariah vacationing on the beach have been added to Gallery 7. Looks like she's having fun!
    Thanks to ShinoLLJ!

    Shahar sent me a new scan from the Israeli teen magazine "Ma'ariv La'noar" (The latest issue). MC is featured in the "Freestyle" section & you can see the scan in Gallery 7

    Update by Danielle
    January 9, 2002 (5:30 am EST)

    Sheila Talks About Mariah
    Carey's Acting Coach, "Mariah Feels Intense Self-Doubt"
    News.com.au has a huge profile of Mariah Carey's latest troubles and comments from friends who are speculating what has happened to the star who once hit number one with everything she released. Sheila Gray, an acting coach who has been helping Carey break into Hollywood revealed, "Mariah feels intense self-doubt. She is beautiful, but feels ugly. She is talented, but dislikes the sound of her own voice. She lives in a hell of her own making. Mariah has never really known who she is. She hides in her work and lets other people decide her identity for her, because she is scared to take a close look at her own feelings. But whenever she does, the insecurity overwhelms her."

    Thanx to La Mariah for this info

    Update by Liron
    January 8, 2002 (5:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm GMT)

    Mariah Lives! Enemies Vanquished
    Tuesday, January 08, 2002
    By Roger Friedman

    Yesterday was a big day for songbird Mariah Carey. She managed to kill two birds with one stone.
    In her first triumph, she got EMI/Virgin Records to issue a statement that she was still recording for them, and that she hadn't been bought out of her contract for $50 million.
    Her second triumph was her appearance on Ally McBeal. Albeit brief, Mariah's cameo was cute and the kind of thing she should have done first before trying to star in a feature film. Oh well. The show also used her song "Lead the Way" as a closer, although it didn't help that both Nell Carter and series regular Vonda Shepard had already sung their hearts out before Mariah got her chance. No matter. You can't mistake Carey's voice for someone else's, that's for sure.
    What next for Mariah? She's off to the Sundance Film Festival this weekend to debut her new movie, Wise Girls. It co-stars Mira Sorvino, and they'll both be at the fest. As for the EMI announcement, I think it's interesting that a rumor with no basis in fact was printed and then circulated until it seemed true. Who'd start such a terrible rumor? I can only imagine. But it didn't work, and Mariah lives to see another day. Brava!

    Heartbreakee (from FOMM), FOX News

    What a nice coincidence; the day after I write that I am no longer going to write any of those EMI rumors on the site, we finally get an official word from EMI regarding the situation (posted below by Danielle) and that really nice & positive article above from FOX News' Roger Friedman.

    Fans in Belgium Do Promo
    This is what Gilles from Heroes of Mariah sent me:
    As the movie Glitter is release on January the 9th here in Belgium, Heroes of Mariah was in the commercial streets of Brussels to promote Mariah, not only the movie and the cd's, but the artist. We don't know if it's the same in other countries, but here when a baby is born, the familly offers candies that we call here "bonbon de baptême" in a little box with the baby's name written on a little card. So, we distribute 100 little boxes to people and we explain them that Glitter (the album) is a movie soundtrack the movie of the same name. After that we gave the little box and the explaination, we showed them the Mariah basket with all they can buy in stores at this moment. The majority of the people didn't know that Mariah did a movie and also a lot of people didn't know either that Mariah released a new cd.

    VH1 100 Greatest Videos of All Time
    "Honey" made it to #95 on the VH1 100 greatest vidoes show that was hosted by Chris Issac.

    Anna, VH1

    New Mariah Videos
    My friend Phil updated his wonderful site with new videos of Mariah:
    - "Without You" on Tapis Rouge (French show, Dec 31st 2001)
    - "Fan De" (A segment about Mariah meeting fans in France on Nov 2001)
    So go to Mariah Style to check them out!

    Great Ally McBeal Ratings Last Night!
    At 9 p.m., ABC and the season finale of "Monday Night Football" (Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings) battled for the hour, but CBS appears to have the edge with its comedies "Everybody Loves Raymond" (13.7/20) and "Becker" (11.4/17). NBC kept third place with a 7.2/11 for "Third Watch," while FOX's "Ally McBeal" featured Mariah Carey on its way to a 6.7/10. UPN edged The WB for fifth with a 3.0/4 for the hour for "The Parkers" and "Girlfriends" over The WB's "Angel" repeat (2.5/3).

    Matt (MariahsMateo from FOMM) from Mariah Network

    3 MC Singles Top 200 Single Sales Chart
    Can you believe it? Neither can I! But 3 Mariah singles made it to the top 200 singles sales chart of SoundScan. Here's the information:
    For the week ending 1/12/01:
    Never Too Far/Hero is #9, with 7,770 (down from 12,288)
    Loverboy is #32, with 1,892 (down from 1,983).
    Can't Take That Away moves 143-105, with 656 units (up from 561).

    thebigham (From FOMM), JRKing.

    M's Fan Center Update
    Last but not least, more fans have been added to the Trading & Penpals section of the site. Keep sending in more mail to MsFanCenter@Yahoo.com

    Update by Regina
    January 8, 2002 (2:00 pm EST)

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week now. I tried to create a new Poll but I am still having problems on that. The Important Dates/Magazine section was updated too, along with the Drawing section of the M's Fan Center

    Finally, the links page was updated with the following link:
    Mariah Crybaby

    Mariah on Entertainment Tonight Wednesday
    Mariah will be featured on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday's show. It airs on CBS and will most likely be footage of the MTV special Cribs airing at 10 pm EST on MTV Wednesday night. Thanks to Heartbrkr1802 for bringing this to my attention. mariahcareycom

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Check out MariahCarey.com in the news section for a couple older pics of Mariah with various people.

    Mariah on Musicographie
    Dave sent me the following information...
    There was a special show on Mariah, it's musicographie. This show it's like vh1 behind the music. It was on musimax , a music station in Montréal, Canada. They talk about how she started her remaquable career, her mariage to Tommy Mottala and her breakdown of course. Many people talk about her like kelly Price, Nelly Furtado and her former roomate . I almost forgot that her nephew also appear. Iam not sure but I think the show will reair at the end of the month. You can catch it only on cable 32 , Musimax if you live in Canada or have a satellite dish.

    Mariah on the Portuguese Top 30 Charts
    Tiago, from MariahFanClub, informed me that the Greatest Hits is, for the first time, on Portuguese Top 30 charts, entering at #25 with a Silver Certification for sales superior to 10.000 in Portugal. The TV program "Top +" showcased the video Hero.

    Update by Regina
    January 8, 2002 (10:00 am EST)

    More Ally Caps
    Along with Nick's caps, you can check out some nice caps from Kloewe56. These caps are a little bit brighter than Nick's caps but that's the only difference. Check out the caps in Gallery 7.

    About Ally Last Night
    Mariah appeared on the show about 30 minutes into it. She was on the show a total of maybe 5-10 minutes throughout the whole show. She appeared during the court scene and here's the transcript courtesy of Maggie, from Mariah Angel.

    Candy: It was awful.  She promised me a partner, but it was a fraud.
    Lawyer: Miss Cushnip, did you get…dates through the defendant's service?
    Candy: Oh yes, dates, but not with men who could remotely be partners.  She peppers you with dates, and nothing ever works out.  And then she blamed it on me, and that was what was so hurtful.
    Ms. Pumple's Lawyer (PL): You put in your video, you like the spotlight.
    Candy: Well, a lot of women like attention.
    PL: Yes, but you actually travel around with you very own technician and a spotlight, Miss Cushnip.
    [Ms. Pumple smirks]
    Candy: It's and esteem device, that's all.  A woman is prettier when she feels good about herself.
    PL: I see you brought your technician here today.  Would you feel more comfortable if he, he lit ya up?
    Candy: (Shyly) Hmm…maybe a little…
    PL: (Nods) Go ahead sir (to the technician).
    [The technician pull out a big spotlight and points it on Candy's face.  Candy's face lights up and she immediately smiles.  Cage and the other lawyer cringe]
    PL: Much better?
    [He is standing in the way of her light.  She looks at him and gives a small gesture to move out of the way.  She flashes and adorable smile as he shifts aside.  Cage has a look of disgust on his face.]
    PL: I'm sorry
    [Candy smiles cutely at the judge and gives him a little wave.]

    At the end, Ally skates around on the ice and Mariah's Lead The Way song comes on. They only show her briefly twice singing it in the club, so it really wasn't much.

    Recap of Extra/Access Hollywood
    If you missed Extra, you missed nothing at all. She was on maybe for 30 seconds and they only talked about her part on Ally last night and showed her saying, "Well, a lot of women like attention." As for Access, they had a pretty long report on her and showed a lot of older footage and her stint on Ally too. They talked about her EMI contract and how EMI has released a statement denying it.

    Mariah in Black Beat
    Janel informed us that Mariah is in the April 2002 issue of Black Beat magazine. There is an article on her on page 24 and 25 and a pinup on page 107.

    Mariah Carey Haunted By Childhood Memories
    m Struggling singing star Mariah Carey is still haunted by her tumultuous childhood - and especially her HIV positive sister. Honey star Mariah, who suffered mental problems and a reported suicide attempt last summer (2001), was brought up mainly by her partying brother, as her single mother worked to make ends meet.

    And while Carey went on from her difficult upbringing to find worldwide fame, her sister Alison became a drug-using prostitute and contracted HIV - something which still causes Carey a great deal of angst. Lloyd Smith, a backing singer who often works with Mariah, reveals,

    "Her childhood is something she thinks about all the time. She feels guilty about being so successful when her siblings have had such a tough time. Alison became a drug addict and is now HIV positive. That still causes Mariah a lot of pain.

    Thanks to Desires2Dream for this article from Cinema.com

    More News Coming...
    I have to go out for a bit but I'll be on and off the net all day updating Daily. I will be adding some important dates to the right and updating the Quote/Pic O' Week and try to get another poll up, along with even more news people have sent me. I think Danielle might be doing an update shortly with more caps from Nick too because she is online.

    Update by Danielle
    Jan 8th 2002 (2:00 am EST)

    Ally McBeal Caps
    A very nice lamb named Nick sent us over 60 screen caps of the gorgeous Miss Mariah from tonight's show and you can see half of them in Gallery 7!!!

    I'll be adding the rest of the caps tomorrow cuz it's quite late in fact, so check back for that!

    Wasn't Miss Mariah just ADORABLE on Ally???

    Mariah NOT Being Dropped From EMI
    EMI denies paying to dump Mariah Carey
    By Merissa Marr, European media correspondent

    LONDON(Reuters) - EMI Group Plc (news - web sites). on Monday threw cold water on reports that it had agreed to pay pop diva Mariah Carey a lump sum to end her multimillion-dollar recording contract after her latest album, "Glitter,'' flopped.

    Recent reports suggested EMI had agreed to pay Carey off with as much as $50 million, just eight months after its Virgin label signed the star in one of the most expensive recording deals ever only to see "Glitter'' sell a mere 2 million copies.

    "EMI wishes to make clear that it has made no such payment or agreement,'' EMI said in a brief statement on the stock exchange, in its first official comment on the opera-trained singer since rumors of a possible split emerged in December.

    EMI, whose top artists include Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, was harshly criticized last year for paying excessively for a 31-year-old star past her prime when it signed the four-album Carey deal, worth an estimated 57 million pounds.

    At the time, EMI justified the deal as building much-needed U.S. market share with the best-selling female singer of the last decade, who has sold more than 120 million albums.

    EMI shares, which lost a third of their value last year as the music industry suffered one of its worst year's ever, saw its shares fall 2.6 percent to 379-3/4 pence in London on disappointment EMI has not made a break with the costly star.

    EMI declined to comment further on Carey, leaving the industry guessing on the star's future at the music group.


    Carey's professional and private life has topped gossip columns ever since her marriage to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola fell apart.

    Carey suffered a painfully public breakdown last year, delaying her first EMI album, "Glitter,'' which was then released on September 11. Ill health then prevented Carey from promoting the album. EMI had hoped "Glitter'' would match the huge success of previous albums, such as "Music Box,'' which sold more than 20 million copies.

    "She had a great track record until last year. There's no reason why she can't get back on track with the next album, but it all depends on what cost pressure EMI is under,'' said Brett Hucker, analyst at Merrill Lynch in London.

    Rumors of Carey's departure started after the executive who signed her recording contract, Ken Berry, was forced out of the British music group in a reshuffle following a dismal performance in the first half of last year and was replaced by Alain Levy.

    Former PolyGram boss Levy immediately set to work reviewing the recorded music business in a move to slash costs. Old-timer David Bowie has already been axed from the EMI roster.

    Levy's strategic review of the business is due to be completed early this year, and investors are eagerly awaiting word on his vision. EMI has already said further job losses may be made while labels are expected to be restructured.

    The group is expected to take a 100 million pound restructuring charge this year and an extra payment to Carey would not go down well with investors.

    EMI, the world's third-largest music group, has been under severe pressure to brush up its act, especially in the core U.S. market, after two failed merger attempts -- first with Warner Music and then with BMG.

    The music industry as a whole also suffered its worst year ever in 2001 after the September 11 attacks compounded already low growth due to piracy and waning CD sales, battering majors that also include Sony Music and Universal.

    In a move to cut costs in a shrinking industry, a number of music groups have been offloading high-profile artists who do not sell enough albums to warrant costly contracts.

    Thanx MUCH to my lamb Michael for this artilcle of good news!

    There ya go lambs, Mariah is NOT leaving Virgin records so no more wondering about the rumors :)

    More Ally Caps/Update Tomorrow
    I'll be adding the rest of the Ally McBeal caps tomorrow as well as caps from Cribs Wednesday night, courtesy O Nick, so everyone look forward to that, as well as a nice update tomorrow! Night lambs!!

    Update by Regina
    Jan 7th 2002 (8:30 am EST)

    More Crib Caps
    Crib Cap Leo, from MariahsLambs.com, sent us 4 fairly large Crib caps and you can check them out in Gallery 7.

    Isabel Voice Message
    Tahiana (Mariah Connection) and Raphael (Mariah Vision Brazil) informed us that fans in Brazil can now see the movie on February 22nd. Isabel Gomes, who plays the young Billie Frank in Glitter, left a voice message to all the Mariah lambs due to everything that happened in Brazil about Glitter. There are two versions and you can click the link below to check it out!
    Isabel's Message
    (Click on Radio MVB)

    Mariah Clings
    Michele informed me that if you would like a Mariah picture in your car window, EClingz are selling two Mariah clings plus you can even send them a scan of your own picture, in which they will make it for you. They are only $5 and if you want a special picture, it's $10. Check it out if you like...

    Correction/Mariah on TV Tonight
    Ally will air at 9 pm EST tonight, not 8 pm as the countdown above said earlier today. That was an error on my behalf, I hit the wrong number. It's now corrected and don't forget to check out Extra and Access Hollywood tonight on NBC.

    Glitter in UK
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed us that the Glitter DVD will be available on May 13th.

    Glitter on Amazon
    tofany@hotmail.com informed us that we could maybe helo with Glitter sales by writing a nice review on the Amazon website. Just talk about the movie though and don't overplay the fact that you are a fan. Click here to help out M.

    Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall on LI
    Valerie informed me that this mall in Long Island is giving away Vinyl Glitter posters when you purchase Glitter. It's a very large poster I am told and very shiny. If you live in the area, go get yourself a copy.

    MARIAH 2001: Thanks for the Memories
    Could it have been any worse for MARIAH CAREY in 2001? Remember her summer meltdown? And her performance in Glitter made David Hasselhoff look multitalented. Maybe things are finally looking up for Carey. She completed successful string of appearences at Christmas shows around the country, released a greatest-hits record and even sneaked in some R & R with boyfriend Luis Miguel in Barbados.

    Jan sent us this article from the latest Rolling Stone magazine from the Random Notes Page. There is a picture of Luis and her lying down together and she has a blue bathing suit on.

    Lamb Project
    Todd asked if we would post the following...
    Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a section on my site called "Find a Lamb in your land".. basically it is a listing of all mariah fans in the USA. To get listed, please go there and fill out the form. It is under the "extas" section." That way you can talk with someone close to you and whatever. So thanks if you will sign up!  The address is http://fantasy.fire-cracker.net/

    Greatest Hits Sampler
    Jose went to a club the other night and received some Mariah flats/cd singles. Along with that, they had a Greatest Hits Sampler which featured the following songs...
    Vision of Love
    One Sweet Day
    Check out the scan of the cd in Gallery 7.

    Mraiah Fans Fight Back
    FUNK U informed me the results of the recent MTV Poll. Earlier last week, there was a question on whether Mariah was threw as an artist and basically everyone voted yes. But after hearing about this, you all went and voted for Mariah and the end result was that 51% said NO she was not over and 49% said Yes. So even though it was close, we still won. Way to go guys!!!

    More News Coming Tomorrow...
    I have to go to work now and I still have a ton of e-mails to go through for news. I'll be getting everything up first thing tomorrow morning.

    Update by Liron
    Jan 6th 2002 (6:40 pm EST, 11:40 pm GMT)

    Small Gallery 6 Update
    I've added two pictures to Gallery 6:
    -A page the "Dallas Morning news" which includes "Never Too Far" as #9 on the most played local pop singles (Thanks Joseph from FOMM for scanning it!)
    -A picture of Mariah and her co-star on "WiseGirls" Mina Sorvino (the picture is from 1997). (Thanks to Meski from Mariah Mania)

    Ready for Cribs?
    While you're waiting for Mariah's appearance on "Ally McBeal", I hope you're not forgetting that two days later, Mariah will appear on the season premiere of "MTV Cribs".
    A great reminder for you guys was made by my friend & video provider disastr from MariahMM.Net. He uploaded two commercials for the show (MPG Files) which you can download here:
    First Commercial (Right click to save)
    Second Commercial (Right click to save)
    Here's a sneak peek of what's waiting for you:

    Glitter premieres in CapeTown!
    Gabriel sent me his story of the "Glitter" premiere in CapeTown:
    I'm proud to say that I had the first official ticket for the show. I loved the movie from begining to end. It did not even seem like 2 hours. MC i s just beautiful and everyone agreed. The crowd was amazing. They claped hands when they first showed the Grown up MC ( the club seen) and there was even a harty "You Go MC!!" when she sang the choris of "All my Life" to shut Silk up. Later that day I went to go see it again with a Friend (the same frend that was with me at the Glitter Party) and than I enjoyed it even more. We claped and sang along and so did everyone ells that knows the songs. Tuesday a whole gang of us is going to see it again and again the whole day long.

    Vote for MC In Indianapolis
    Sherwin from IN would like us all to help him request Mariah's new songs on Radio Now 93.1 , so lets get them to play her!

    New Mariah site
    Click on the banner below to enter Chris's Mariah site - "Team Mariah"!
    Team Mariah

    Blast From The Past
    John (from FOMM) found a page on Oprah's website where you can read all about Mariah's December 1999 appearance on the show.
    Click here for some nice memories.

    No More Rumors!
    Alright, I dont have a lot of news updates today because the only articles I've read have indisputably been rumors about either Luis or EMI. I am really tired of the constant hearsay being spread around by the press. Therefore, until we have any confirmation, I will not be adding any of those rumors anymore. I hope you all understand that it's just useless to repeat the same (supposed) story from all the different sources. But if you find anything interesting that might add new details to the stories we're all familiar with, please send them to me. Thanks, and enjoy the upcoming Mariah events!!

    Update by Regina
    Jan 6th 2002 (2:40 pm EST)

    Mariah on Ally
    Drawing Check out Gallery 6 for a picture of Mariah in the Courier Post's TV Guide. There is a little blurb on the show too. Sorry the quality isn't too great; it's newspaper quality. Don't forget to check out Mariah on Ally tomorrow at 9 pm EST on FOX.

    Mariah on Access Hollywood/Extra
    Aaron informed me that Mariah will be on Access Hollywood tomorrow night about her problems with Virgin records. They showed a clip of her on Ally, so maybe they will do a little preview before tomorrow night's show. Make sure you tune in!

    Plus, Extra will have a special never before seen footage of Mariah on Ally on Monday's show. Make sure you check that out too. It's probably outakes or something?

    More News?
    I am about to go out now for the night but I might be coming back on later tonight to update the site. If not, I'll have an update early tomorrow morning, before I jet off to work. I see there is a lot of e-mails, so I have to go through them all and pick out the news! Thanks...

    Update by Liron
    Jan 5th 2002 (10:15 am EST, 5:15 pm GMT)

    Is Mariah in Dublin today??
    We have no confirmation for that but the UK tabloid "The Mirror" claims that she was invited to Bryan McFadden's (Westlife member) wedding.
    Mariah's plea on Westlife wedding Jan 5 2002
    By Paul Martin
    POP diva Mariah Carey could make a surprise appearance at the Westlife wedding today.
    She secretly requested an invite to Bryan McFadden and Kerry Katona's big day at Slane Castle and is hoping to fly to Dublin this morning.
    The multi-millionaire star became close friends with Westlife when they recorded their number one duet Against All Odds.
    Since then Mariah, 31, has kept in contact with the lads and a source close to the US singer said yesterday: "Mariah would love to be at the wedding.
    "Her agents have been trying to organise an invitation and she's trying to create time in her hectic schedule.
    "There's no doubt she will be the biggest star at the ceremony but it's touch and go whether she'll actually make it over."

    Bianca, The Mirror

    No Grammy for Mariah
    Unfortunately, although not very surprising, Mariah didn't receive any nominations for the upcoming Grammy awards.
    However, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were nominated for Producers of the year. Three Mariah's songs from "Glitter" contributed to their nomination:
    5. Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
    - All For You (Janet Jackson)
    - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Mariah Carey)
    - My Funny Friend And Me (Sting)
    - Never Too Far (Mariah Carey)
    - No More Drama (Mary J. Blige)
    - No Regrets (Case)
    - Someone To Call My Lover (Janet Jackson)
    - Twister (Mariah Carey)
    - U Remind Me (Usher)
    - When A Woman Loves (Patti LaBelle)
    - You're All I Need (The Isley Brothers)


    Update by Liron
    Jan 5th 2002 (9:00 am EST, 2:00 pm GMT)

    Mariah Cartoon Greetings
    Judyna sent me the following mail:
    I have a Mariah Carey site (http://papillondiva.cjb.net) and recently I've created a section where Mariah fans can get or send custom made Mariah cartoon greetings! It's a trial project, so I would like people to check it out and send me some requests. =) For more info about the greetings, the direct link to it is : http://www.geocities.com/mariahpapillon/greetings.htm

    New Pics of MC In Barbados!
    Dennis from Butterfly-MC sent me two new pictures of Mariah in Barbados from the German magazine "Bild". You can see them in Gallery 6

    Vote for Mariah
    Here are a few different places to vote for Mariah:
    Vote for "Don't Stop" on Singapore's Upwardly Mobile (Thanks Myriadz)
    Vote for Mariah's official site on PopDirt.com (Thanks Eliza)

    Isabel Gomes leaves a message to Mariah Fans
    Tahiana from Mariah Connection told us that Isabel Gomes (To remind you, the girl who played little Bille in "Glitter") left a special message to Mariah's fans. There are two versions, in Portugese and in English and you can hear it in Mariah Vision Brasil (Click on the "Radio MVB" banner)

    Glitter Items
    Glitter Book Michael found a nice Glitter item in MC Archives which you can see to your right.
    It's a Glitter film book and here's the information about it. If you can find any other scans, please send them to us!
    Release date: November 2001
    Filmbook (no number) Germany

    This German book was released for the press, it wasn't commercially released. On 40 pages, all in color, you find info about the the actors, the filmmakers, the album, etc. There is also a list with all 31 songs from the movie. The book is illustrated with 20 pictures.

    Leo sent us the Ad to Glitter's DVD & VHS which you can find on Gallery 6
    He also wanted us to tell everyone about his site, so please check it: Mariah's Lambs

    Mariah in Israeli magazines
    Shahar scanned 2 pictures of Mariah from this week's issue of the magazine "Rosh 1" and from the January 1st edition of the newspaper "Ma'ariv Today". You can see his scans in Gallery 6

    "Fan De" Captures
    Mariah was featured on the french show "Fan De" and my friend Phil from Mariah Style made a few screen captures for us! I've added them to .... Gallery 6 , of course :)

    Wise Girls in Sundance Festival
    Regina already reported about this and here are a few more details about this:
    Salt Lake City, UT and Los Angeles, CA – The Sundance Institute announced the Special Event Screenings that will be featured in the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. This year's events will take place January 10-20, 2002 in Park City, Utah. The eleven-day Film Festival highlights American and international independent cinema. The Film Festival also presents the Sundance Digital Center, House of Docs, Gen-Y Studio, the Music Café, and panel discussions examining issues in contemporary cinema.
    This year's Special Screenings include WISE GIRLS directed by David Anspaugh

    Mariah Carey will reportedly attend a special screening of her new movie at the Sundance Film Festival. Wise Girls will premiere at the festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 13. David Anspaugh directed the singer and Mira Sorvino in the tale of three waitresses who work in a Mafia-owned restaurant.
    Other premiere screenings at the festival include British movies Birthday Girl, directed by Jez Butterworth, Lucky Break, directed by Peter Cattaneo, and the German-British movie Crush, directed by John McKay, reports SunDance.org

    This year's Special Screenings include WISE GIRLS directed by David Anspaugh shows Sunday, January 13th at 3:00 pm at the Eccles Theatre. Note: For people who would like to attend, check Sundance for ticket information.

    Robbie, Nacho (From FOMM), Sundance, MCAREY.nu

    Vanessa Williams talks about MC
    Here's a part from an interview that VH1 had with Vanessa Williams:
    vh1: speaking of acting and movies, you tend to do very well in the acting feild. you know mariah carey released her movie earlier this year. why do you suppose her movie wasn't a hit with the public audience? and vanessa williams replied back by sayng -
    vw: i think it's because mariah carey jumped into things way too fast when she really hasn't had any acting experience before. she should've started off with smaller roles and worked her way up. it would've been better off for her. i mean if someone like janet jackson for example did a movie such as mariah carey did, it probably would've done better because janet jackson is much more experienced in the acting field so she'd knows how to alter a movie script or things of that sorts to improve its outcome. i'm sure mariah carey has learned from this experience and hopefully she'll stick to smaller roles for the time being.
    vh1: i think you are absolutely right. i mean i feel vey bad that her movie wasn't a hit and i hope she hasn't been discouraged from acting again by all the bad press about her movie.
    vw: yeah, but i'm sure if she is determined enough to really give acting a try she won't allow the media to bring her down and crush her dream. in this business you have to be able to accept rejection or you'll never succeed in the long run. i've read rumors that her record label wants to buy her out because of how her movie was received and that can be very devestating to an artist when their own label doesn't support them and pretty much gave up on them and were rejected because something they did or put out wasn't a hit with the general public. that is not the way a good professional record company does things. if this happens to be true and mariah needs a label to sign with she should really consider mercury records. that is the label i'm under and they stick by their artists no matter what happens.
    vh1: well, hopefully someone can get that word out to mariah. thank you vanessa. we'll have more with vanessa williams as we talk to her about her home life with her husband and children after this.

    Robbie (From FOMM), PopDirt.com

    Ms Fan Center Update
    Last but not least, more fans added to the Trading and Penpals lists. Please make sure to send us your name, your location and your correct email addresses so you can be added to Ms Fan Center.

    Update by Regina
    Jan 4th 2002 (10:00 pm EST)

    Drawing I just did a drawing of Mariah and added it to the artwork section of M's Fan Center. Check it out if you like. Plus, Carolina sent me another wallpaper, which you can check out in the Calendar Wallpaper section.

    Billboard Charts
    Rhomeyn sent us the latest Billboard charts and here they are...

  • The Billboard Hot 100
    100 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
  • Hot 100 Single Sales
    10 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    32 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    Note: Loverboy sold more copies this week than last week!
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    95 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    9 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    32 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
  • Top Soundtracks
    18 Glitter (Mariah Carey), Mariah Carey 
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    61 Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
  • Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Albums
    21 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey
  • Top Holiday Albums
    35 Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey 

    Mariah at Sundance
    Here is some various information from Janel, courtesy of MariahsLambs.com

  • new york daily news friday january 4, 2002
    Mariah will be at the SUNDANCE film festival which goes on every year, to help Mira Sorvino promote their upcoming film "WiseGirls"
  • jet january 7, 2002 small article page 8
    "Entertainer Mariah Carey made her first USO visit to the Balkans to entertain American Troops"
  • usa today-january 2, 2002 page 4d  
    Singer Star vehicles Both Glitter with mariah carey and On The Line the romance starring N'Sync's Lance bass hit sour notes, grossing less than 5 million :(

    MTV Startup Page
    Stanley informed me that Mariah is on the main page at MTV.com It's a pretty large picture and you can check it out if you like.

    Update by Regina
    Jan 4th 2002 (6:20 pm EST)

    Crib Caps
    Nick sent us some caps from the Cribs Commercial, featuring Mariah and you can check out all 18 caps in Gallery 6

    Update by Danielle
    Jan 4th 2002 (5:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm GMT)

    Voice Message Transcript
    Here ya go lambs just like Liron and Reg said we have the transcript that I have written for everyone to the best of my ability since this message is so crazy LOL. Here ya go:

    Hi lambs! Happy New Year, I hope you can hear me from this staticy phone. But I just wanted to call and say Happy 2002 and everybody here wanted to agree with these wishes because...

    (Mariah's friends start saying "Happy New Year")

    Sadie: Hap, Happy New Years Everyone!

    (Mariah laughs)
    Mariah: That was Sadie and she has one more thing to say

    Sadie: What?

    Mariah: The baby song

    Sadie: This baby is nice, this baby is a lamb, this baby is cute and that's....(?)

    (Everyone laughs)

    Mariah: Ok, bye, call ya back soon...

    (Everyone says bye and Happy New Year in the background)

    (unaware that the phone hasn't hung up yet LOL)
    Mariah: I hope that got recorded cuz that was a classic.

    Poor Mariah lol we love her anyway LOL :D

    Bigger Update Later
    I'll be adding scans from the Globe and the new Vibe magazine later tonight as well as some more nice pictures so stay tuned for that!

    Update by Liron
    Jan 4th 2002 (4:30 pm EST, 9:30 pm GMT)

    New Voice Message
    Danielle is going to have the transcript of Mariah's new voice message real quickly, in the meanwhile you can download it in the Voice Messages Page.

    More about MC In Barbados
    POP diva Mariah Carey looks like she's heading for calmer waters after a terrible year. The 31-year-old singer appeared carefree and relaxed in a pink bikini as she enjoyed a sailing trip during a sunshine break in Barbados. It follows a troubled year which saw her have a breakdown before she was dumped by Virgin Records over disappointing album sales. The label gave her a £35million pay-off. So although they may have thrown Mariah overboard, it looks as she'll be able to stay afloat.

    Mariah World,The Sun

    You can see the new beautiful picture of MC in Barbados in Gallery 6.

    Update by Regina
    Jan 4th 2002 (4:20 pm EST)

    M's Fan Center
    The drawing, trading and penpal sections were updated in the M's Fan Center sections so check those out if you like.

    Reflections Single
    Reflections Yesterday I reported about the new Reflections cd released in Korea. Well Bobbie sent me some more information telling me that you get it free if you buy the Glitter album in Korea within this month. So you can't actually purchase the single. Plus, Ashes informed me that the picture that I added yesterday was the French promo of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, not the UK single.

    Mariah Carey's Mother Warns Latin Hunk: Be Kind
    MARIAH CAREY's mother has read the riot act to her daughter's on- again-off-again lover LUIS MIGUEL - warning him not to hurt her daughter again.

    Using the singer's own cell phone, Mariah's mother PAT VIAN dialed the Latino hunk from the kitchen of her New York home and told him to treat her daughter well.

    A friend says Pat told Luis, "You'd better not be playing games with my daughter's feelings again, or you'll have me to answer to this time.'"

    Vian has reason to worry about her 31-year-old daughter. Mariah ended up in a psychiatric ward after a shattering mental collapse in July, triggered by her breakup with the heart-throb.

    Mariah's friend adds, "The truth is Mariah's never gotten over Luis for a second. She's more in love with him now than ever. She wants to marry him and have his children.

    "Pat couldn't believed her daughter was being sweet-talked all over again by the same guy who sent her over the edge."

    Thanks to Charm728 and Msrossum for this article from World Entertainment News Network. Take what was said in this article with a grain o' salt.

    Mariah in People
    People Mariah's in the new issue of People magazine and Tom sent us the scan. Check it out in Gallery 6

    MTV Asia...VOTE
    The voting for the MTV Asia Awards are almost up and we need you all to go vote for Mariah a couple more times so she beats out JLo, Britney, etc. Click Here to vote. Thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, for this information.

    Mariah on Entertainers
    SUMar235 sent me the following information...
    I found out that Mariah's gonna be on a show called "Entertainers" this weekend.  If I remember right, it's just one of those generic celebrity interview shows that isn't anything special.  Here in the D.C. area, it comes on at like 3:30 in the morning (check your local listings) and tvguide.com lists that along with Mariah, Michael Douglas, Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Al Green, and Lil' Bow Wow will also be on.  So don't expect much in terms of length or depth, but it is Mariah related for anyone that wants to find it and check it out.

    More News Coming Shortly...
    Danielle is working on an update right now featuring new pics and the transcript and Liron is working on getitng the audio up for the voice message on Daily. We are all on at the same time, all working on Daily in different sections. Kind of cool actually. Come back shortly for even more news...

    Update by Regina
    Jan 4th 2002 (3:20 pm EST)

    New Voice Message
    Mariah left us a new voice message on the official wishing us a Happy New Year. It's funny at the end when they are having problems shutting off the phone. We'll have the transcript here for you shortly because the message was posted just moments ago. In the mean time, click here to check it out.

    No Grammy for Mariah
    Mariah did not get a nomination but Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis received a nomination for Producer of the Year. Mariah is listed under there...
    5. Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
    • All For You (Janet Jackson) (A)
    • Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Mariah Carey) (T)
    • My Funny Friend And Me (Sting) (T)
    • Never Too Far (Mariah Carey) (T)
    • No More Drama (Mary J. Blige) (T)
    • No Regrets (Case) (T)
    • Someone To Call My Lover (Janet Jackson) (S)
    • Twister (Mariah Carey) (T)
    • U Remind Me (Usher) (S)
    • When A Woman Loves (Patti LaBelle) (A)
    • You're All I Need (The Isley Brothers) (T)

    More News Coming Shortly...
    I am working on it right now in fact...

    Update by Regina
    Jan 4th 2002 (10 am EST)

    Asma, from Miss Mariah Carey, sent us six more calendars for January and Carolina sent us one more to add to the collection. Check them out in the Calendar section

    2002 Calendar
    A ton of people are contacting me asking where they can get the 2002 Calendar of Mariah. My suggestion to you is to orderit from 365Calendars.com because that is where I order mine from every year.

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    The news section of MariahCarey.com was updated on January 2nd. Go check it out if you like.

    The Latest from Ashes
    I think we are going to have to give Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, his own headline now cause he is always sending us all this news. Here is the latest...

  • NTF/Hero medley has dropped to 100 in hot 100 in the billboard charts.  It is only the third week. Please keep ringing radio stations and requesting
  • [uk press]Well daily mirror have done a two page article on mariah today[pg8 & 9] they have 4 pics of mariah on holiday and 3 old ones. They have described mariah as a beach bum and the article is not at all favourable on mariah.
  • Capital FM, London's biggest radio station, has been holding a poll over the past month or so to compile a list of the 500 most popular songs. Mariah appeared twice:
    No.402 Mariah Carey: "Dreamlover"
    No.441 Mariah Carey: "Hero"
    [thanks enya]

    More Details on Ali Bash
    Nick informed us that according to his t.v. listings, the Ali Birthday Bash will be on at 8 pm Mountain Time.

    Glitter Won't Shine in Brazil
    Karlos from Brazil informed us that Columbia has pushed back Glitter once again and now the premiere is February 22nd. Here is what Tahiana, from Mariah Connection, sent us...
    Hey lambs!
    I am so sad at this moment that I am crying but anyway...I want to let everyone know about what is going on here in Brazil. I think you all know the the movie Glitter has been postponed 8 times here in Brazil. Allright...today they decided to do it once again. I can´t believe those guys...the thing is...the fans were already planning a huge event with Isabel Gomes (the little Billie Fran from the movie) present. But...now we can´t do it. Do you have any idea about what we´re talking? We got Isabel at come (come on...it´s not easy..at all...and Columbia is not even paying her airplane tickets) and now they simply decide not to release the movie when they said they would. Isn´t it said? After a lot of work we just feel really bad. Not because we did this all...that´s not the point. The point is that they´re not respecting Mariah´s work and that makes me REALLY mad. You don´t know how much. I know that the movie wasn´t this good in other countries but hey! Mariah needs to at least have the chance of trying to Glitter. I am sure the movie would do great in Brazil because the fans here are amazing. I just want to let everyone know (and Mariah, if she gets to see it) that we won´t give up...we will keep trying to have the movie on theaters here and that we will work to put her on the top here FOREVER.

    New Site
    John would like you all to check out his very lovely site on Mariah. The site is called Mariah News and you can click the link to checki t out.

    A Lamb in Need
    This is what was sent to us...
    Two weeks ago my dad's place got broken into and the place was cleared out. Its pretty obvious by now my stuff isn't coming back, thank God only some of my cd's were there. If any lambs are willing to trade or sell me what was stolen plz contact me at loverboy03271970@hotmail.com and let me know. 

    Here's a list of what is missing
    1.  Without You
    2.  All the Christmas singles
    3.  Underneath The Stars
    4.  Open Arms
    5.  Forever
    6.  Butterfly ( the single and the poster where Mariah's looking not                 covered by her hair )
    7.  My All ( the single where she's lying on the cover not the the one              where she is standing with the guy )
    8.  My All ( Video; no longer available in Canada )
    9.  Crybaby promo
    10. Never Too Far ( single where M's wearing the white )
    11. Allure Magazine + FHM

    Headline of the Year
    ButtterfIi informed us that Mariah is up for Headline of the Year. It's a picture of Mariah at the premiere of Glitter and if you have AOL, please check it out.

    More News Coming Later...
    I have to go out now but I will be doing another update mid afternoon most likely.

    Update by Liron
    Jan 3rd 2002 (8:00 pm EST, Jan 4 1:00 am GMT)

    M's Fan Center Update
    As you can see, Regina made a big update today so there's not much to add except....
    I've updated all the sections under M's Fan Center so you should check them out and keep sending us your entries at: MsFanCenter@Yahoo.com
    The chat section of that page is coming up VERY soon!

    BBC Show Captures
    11 new screen captures have been added from the BBC New Year's Eve Special with Jonathan Ross that was aired on DEC 31st. Mariah performed "Never Too Far / Hero". You can see the pictures in Gallery 6
    Thanks to Richard & disastr for the original video.

    Update by Regina
    Jan 3rd 2002 (4:30 pm EST)

    MD is #1 Mariah Fansite
    This next information is from PopDirt.com...
    While it's tough to get exact figures from fan site or official site webmasters, we can get a good idea of who's bringing in the most traffic by search activity on PPC engine, Overture.com. For Mariah Carey, the official site by far was most popular with the top fan site being MariahDaily.com. Read on for a full list of Mariah website related searches.

    1979 mariahcarey.com
    333 mariahdaily.com
    196 mariahdaily
    75 mcarey (Columbia's mcarey.com now defunct)
    72 mcarchives.com
    42 mariahcarey.org
    38 mcarchives
    36 mariahbuzz
    27 mariahworld

    M's Fan Center
    Okay the basic layout of the new section on Daily is done. We really need your help to fill all these sections up and shortly, Liron will be adding a bunch of poems to the Poem section. Check it out for yourself...M's Fan Center

    Update by Regina
    Jan 3rd 2002 (1:30 pm EST)

    New Pics
    Reflections Sieraaj (AhmBros@yahoo.com) sent me the scans of the Feb 2002 issue of the South African FHM magazine, featuring Mariah on the cover. If you would like a copy of it, contact Sieraaj at the e-mail address listed.

    Bobbie sent me the scans of the special Korean Promotion Single of Reflections. It's in stores now and here is the tracklisting....
    1. Reflections (Care Enough) (Album version) 3:24
    2. Never Too Far/Hero (Al B. Rich Inspiration Mix - Radio Edit) 4:38
    3. There For Me (Previously Unreleased) 4:15
    4. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Radio Edit) 4:13
    5. Never Too Far (Edit) 3:56
    6. Loverboy (Dreamy Club of Love Radio Edit) 4:12
    7. Don't Stop (Instrumental) 3:33

    ** Bonus Track
    8. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Album Version) 3:49
    9. Never Too Far (The Video) 2:56

    Check out all the scans in Gallery 6.

    UK News
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent us a ton of information and here it all is...

  • the rainbow princess chat takes place this sunday @ 9pm [uk time] 10pm [GMT], 11pm[CET], 8am monday [oz queensland time], and 5pm Newyork time [EST]   - everyone welcome, exclusive to this chat: Danielle from mariahdaily will do a few numbers to keep all the lambz entertained.
  • WHSmith have made Mariah's Greatest hits the album of the week.  This means that it has been reduced to £9.99 a great price for a double album.
  • Virgin has all mariah albums pre-daydream @ £6.99, MTV unplugged is only £3.99 in Woolies, #1's & daydream £8.99 in HMV.
  • The single Don't Stop is #39 in the uk charts on the second week of sales.  It is only available in limited stores, i.e Virgin, V-shop, HMV, Sam Goody, Tower Records & Our Price. All three formatts have different tracklistings.  DJ Single
  • The UK fans need your help, can Lambz email webmasters of Mystikal sites and ask them to put a message about the single release in the uk.  Also if anyone knows of any MJ cole site please send a message to the webmasters to saying the the cassette single has the the london dub of loverboy.
  • If anyone has any other ideas please send them to: ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk 
  • here is a pic of the cover of Don't Stop (located on right)
    Thanks to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-Fan.de
  • UK news: Woolies have Glitter @ £9.99 until the end of the month.  The greatest Hits falls from #59 to #62.
  • go to  http://www3.worldpop.com/ to watch a mariah interview.
  • http://www.funvote.com/fun/popularfemales/
    make mariah go no:1

    New Site
    Check out Matt's site on Mariah called Careyd Away. It's a lovely site so make sure you check it out!

    Belgium News/Glitter No Flop
    Gilles, from Heroes of Mariah, wanted me to post the following information for you all to check out...

  • Top singles
    A Belgian magazine which is the most famous in the french speaking part of Belgium, made Mariah number 9 with "Never Too Far" in their top singles. Posted on January the 3rd.
  • Remember
    On October the 17th 2001 we posted this:
    "No, Glitter is not a flop
    -1. The album is excellent, original with some great covers and ballads that only Mariah can give us.
    -2. For the non-fans, you must not forget that this album is a movie soundtrack.
    -3. Mariah suffered from her exhaustion and was not able to do the promotion.
    -4. The release of the cd was unlucky, 'cause of the September the 11th events.
    -5. The entire world of music, movie and finance suffer at this time too.
    -6. 400.000 sold copies?  But, as all the fans bought a copy, this report is impossible.
    -7. Anti-Mariah campaign by the press, radios and others...
    -8. Inadequate support from several fan sites, proposing downloads of Glitter instead of helping to promote it, helping the non-fans to steal the album."
    Note: When we made this report the point 6 was 400.000 sold copies, now there are "only" 2.000.000 sold copies. 
    We repost this report to show that Glitter is absolutly NOT a flop.
    Posted on January the 3rd.

    Johnny informed me that MTV is having a poll today asking whether we think Mariah is finished as a music artist and 72% said yes already. So we need to step in and defend Mariah. Please vote now because tomorrow a new poll will be up. Click here...

    More Coming Shortly...
    New pictures will be added to the left side bar shortly, plus Liron and I are hard at work getting the "M's Fan Center" about M, some pics of your room filled with Mariah stuff, would like to be included in the penpal or trading list, have a lovely drawing you did of M, please contact us at MsFanCenter@yahoo.com

    Update by Regina
    Jan 3rd 2002 (12:00 pm EST)

    Big Update Coming...
    A new section on Daily will be added today called "M's Fan Center." It will feature a lot of great things for you all to check out including a chat room and sections like Me & Mariah, Penpals, Trading, Contests, Poems, Artwork, Bedrooms and more. It should be up by this afternoon. Right now, I am working on getting today's news up and while you are waiting, you can check out three January wallpapers and the Malaysian 2002 Mariah Calendar in the Calendar Page. Sadly I lost the information on who made these three lovely banners, so hopefully that person can contact me so I can get that information up. Thanks to Sazril for the scans of the Malaysian calendar that you get free when buying the Greatest Hits CD in Malaysia.

    Update by Regina
    Jan 2nd 2002 (8:30 pm EST)

    There is a new banner on the top, along with a new Quote and Pic O' The Week I didn't update yesterday due to illness and when I came online tonight my mailboxes were filled, so if I didn't add your news below or did not reply to you, please send me an e-mail again because I went through them all rather quickly. I'll be doing a lot of maintence over the next two days on Daily. All December news was moved to December 2001 and a new News page was created for January.

    For the time being, we will not be adding poems to the main page of Daily. Several of you continue to send in your beatiful poems for/about Mariah and we might be creating a special page to showcase them shortly. Stay tune for more details soon...

    New Pics
    RMA Ophélie, from Mariah Museum, sent me three large caps from Tapis Rouge. Liron added a couple nice caps and you can check out these three larger caps, if ya like. Plus, Anna sent me two pictures I havn't seen of Mariah performing last year (2001). One of them is the new Pic O' The Week and you can check out all the pics in Gallery 6.

    I was informed that I had the wrong address up for MariahzWorld, so to check out this site, click here.

    Here is another site to check out...

  • Diva Mariah Carey

    Mariah To Quit Virgin For $35m
    Mariah Carey's lawyers have secured a deal for the popstar to quit her record label in return for a $35m golden handshake.

    The 31-year-old singer, who suffered a nervous breakdown in July and saw Glitter  - her film and album project - flop, will become a free agent under the deal, the New York Post reported. Sources close to the deal said it would end her £70m, five-album contract with Virgin, which is owned by EMI.

    Virgin signed the singer in a record-breaking deal last year. Ending the contract would mean she will be paid for just nine months of work.

    Carey had left her previous label, Sony, after a bitter fall-out with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola, president of the firm's music entertainment division and the man who discovered her and propelled the singer to fame. Her summer 2001 album Glitter sold just two million copies in the United States, a flop for a singer who has had two albums pass the 10 million mark in America.

    The film of the same name was also a critical and box-office disaster, taking in an estimated $3m at cinemas, just one-fifth of its production costs. It was released in America just weeks after she checked into a hospital in New York to be treated for what was described as a "breakdown."

    Thanks to Susana for this article from Sky News

    News for UK Fans
    Here is some important dates to check out if you are in the UK, courtesy of Mariah Constellation and Rainbow Princess...
    1/3 @ 8pm EST* on BBCA** - TOTP Awards
    1/4 @ 12am EST* on BBCA - TOTP Awards (R)
    1/5 @ 1pm EST* on BBCA - TOTP Awards (R)
    1/5 @ 8pm EST* on BBCA - TOTP Awards (R)
    1/6 @ 1am EST* on BBCA - TOTP Awards (R)
    1/7 @ 9pm EST* on FOX - Ally Mcbeal
    1/9 @ 10pm EST* on MTV - Cribs
    * Please check local listings for exact time and station.
    ** This stands for "BBC America"
    (R) Repeat

    Mariah in France
    Radja informed me that the french channel M6 will broadcast a Mariah performance where all the lambs sang Lambs Lullaby to her back in November. It will air this Saturday (Jan 5th) at 11h50.

    News from Canada
    Here are the latest charts from Soundscan in Canada, courtesy of Francis...
    23 DECEMBER, 2001
    weeks on chart/2 weeks ago/last week/this week
    14 45 44 33 GLITTER
    ( VIRGIN )

    ( COLUMBIA )

    Magazine News
    Shom informed me that the magazine W has two pictures of Mariah in there (January 2001 issue). There is a picture of her from the Loverboy video and then one with an orange top. Anyone got the scan?

    Plus, Res0melh informed me that mariah is in For Women First magazine (1/21/2002 issue). That's all the information I have on that for you.

    Update by Liron
    Jan 2nd 2002 (5:20PM EST, 10:20 pm GMT)

    Mariah to Appear on the Muhammad Ali Birthday Party
    THE GREATEST: CBS announcing a January 16 airdate for Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration, a special featuring guest appearances by Ali stars Will Smith and Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly and Samuel L. Jackson.

    Robbie (From FOMM), E! Online

    Virgin Records Site Updated
    If you go to Virgin Record's Site You'll be surprised to see that they haven't said a word about the recent rumors but instead wrote:
    Check out the sneak preview on MTV2 on January 5th, and the premiere on January 13th! [posted 1/2/2002]

    Nacho (from FOMM), Virgin Records

    Mariah on Ally Screen Captures
    The commercial to Ally McBeal's new season has been shown on FOX, and I've made screen captures from it which you can see on Gallery 5
    Thanks to j0e, disastr and Sven for providing the original video.

    Glitter's DVD layout
    To remind you, the DVD to "Glitter" will be out on January 15th. You can see a picture of the layout in Gallery 5

    Vijay (From FOMM), Columbia TriStar Online

    All the latest regarding Mariah & EMI
    Alright, there are so many articles, news-stories, gossip-columns and assumptions regarding Mariah's situation with her record label.
    I want to make it clear that NOTHING is confirmed and any detail that has been posted on the site hasn't been announced by neither Mariah, her attornies, her publicist nor Virgin Records.
    So please don't take anything you read for granted, especially supposed "facts" like the money figures (as you may see they get changed from an article to another) or Mariah's new "boyfriend"(s).

    From The New York Post--Page Six
    Virgin no more MARIAH Carey may be crying all the way to the bank. Just weeks after PAGE SIX reported that her $100 million, five-album contract with Virgin was in jeopardy - she would either have to leave or renegotiate because her "Glitter" flopped - spies said her lawyers have reached a deal with the label that will buy her out for $50 million. Mariah toasted the news while dining at the St. Regis hotel in Aspen, where she and her on-again boyfriend, Luis Miguel, spent Christmas. Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, said, "I don't know. I have not been able to reach Mariah's attorneys."

    From DotMusic
    Wed 2 Jan 2002 15:51
    After widespread media speculation, troubled diva Mariah Carey is set to leave Virgin Records in a deal that will net the star £35 million in compensation.
    According to the New York Post, lawyers acting for Carey have secured the deal which will make her a free agent following just nine months of work for her new label.
    As previously reported on dotmusic, Virgin's five-album £60 million deal broken all previous records last year after her bitter split with Sony records but her latest album 'Glitter' failed to meet sales expectations and the film of the same name was a box office disaster.
    According to the Post, Carey's US spokeswoman was unable to elaborate further on the developments.

    From UK Radio
    "Just announced on capital Radio that Mariah is to leave virgin in a golden handshake deal worth $35million"

    From Ananova
    The Golden Handshake
    Mariah Carey 'quits Virgin for £35 million'
    Mariah Carey's lawyers have reportedly agreed a deal for her to quit the Virgin record label. She is said to be in line for a £35 million golden handshake in return. The star will become a free agent under the deal, according to the New York Post.
    Carey currently has a £70 million, five-album contract with Virgin, which is owned by EMI. She signed the record-breaking deal last year. Ending the contract would mean she will be paid for just nine months of work. Carey left her previous label, Sony, after a fall-out with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola, president of the firm's music entertainment division.
    Her latest album Glitter sold just two million copies worldwide, a relative flop for a singer who has had two albums pass the 10 million mark in America. The film of the same name took only £3 million at the box office. It was released in America just weeks after she checked into a hospital in New York to be treated for what was described as a "breakdown." Carey's spokeswoman told the New York Post: "I don't know. I have not been able to reach Mariah's attorneys."

    Kaiyan (from FOMM), Sauly Filangie, Ashes (From Rainbow Princess), Mariah's Web.

    TMF & Tapis Rouge captures
    Gallery 5 has been updated with screen captures from two of the most recent shows Mariah's been on:
    The interview from TMF Special that aired a couple of days ago & The performance of "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" from Tapis Rouge that was shown on DEC 31st 2001.

    All that, thanks to two wonderful people - Phil & Sven (webmasters of the great site: Mariah Style

    Is Mariah in Barbados?
    Here's what Gillian sent me:
    Yes the rumors were true....Mariah was/in Barbados to ring off the new year. Actually in our national newspaper today there is a very BEAUTIFUL picture of Mariah on the front page! I don't have a scanner but hopefully during the day the Nation's newspaper will update their website! Anyway what I can do now is just type out the front page article for u guys and there is all an article on page 5A of our newspaper. Here goes....front page article with a very beautiful pic of Mariah.

    Two big stars in our Skyy
    BARBADIAN PATRONS to Club Skyy on Old Year's Night found two bright stars from America's entertainment galaxy - Mariah Carey and Black Entertainment Television (BET) talk show host AJ.
    The Spring Garden club played host to the two personalities who were visiting Barbados for the second time, and joined several Barbadians and visitors to ring in the New Year.

    This is the caption to the picture they showed, which you can find in Gallery 5, Thanks to Meski!
    Above, songbird Carey, who hits include Hero, I Don't Wanna Cry, Love Takes Time and One Sweet Day, chatting with Club Skyy owner Jeff Chandler.

    PopGoss.com gives Mariah the "Best 80s Revival Thing" award
    "Best 80s Revival Thing: Mariah Carey. They all tried their hand at the 'oh so fashionable' 80s sound but the only one who got it right was 'Riah, reminding us how chunky those beats used to be on the soundtrack to Glitter. "

    Joee, PopDirt.com, PopGoss.com

    CapeTown Glitter Party
    Gabriel was at the Glitter party in CapeTown, held on Dec 31st, 2001, here's what she said:
    "Just got back from the Glitter Party. It was Fab!!! The music was very Good. They had a big TV screen that showed Mariah videos: Loverboy and NTF and they showed the trailer to the movie. We did not get to see the Movie yet and that was a bit sad. The best Part was when we got Glitter Gifts: Tops and Peaks and little bag that had Glitter Body Shimmer Lotion in it. There was also modles dacing in a Glass "Room" with Glitter tops and Peaks. They had a red carpet and Drag Queens at The Entrance that had long silver gowns on (like MC's in NTF). At 12h00 a big bag whent off and there was silver glitter all over the place. We even got sprayed with Sparkling Wine. So alll in all my friend and I had the best New Years Ever!!! Can't wait to see the movie though"

    Site Link Correction
    Here's the correct link to the site we've posted earlier by April:

    Update by Liron
    Jan 2nd 2002 (5:20PM EST, 10:20 pm GMT)

    Mariah to Appear on the Muhammad Ali Birthday Party
    THE GREATEST: CBS announcing a January 16 airdate for Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration, a special featuring guest appearances by Ali stars Will Smith and Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly and Samuel L. Jackson.

    Robbie (From FOMM), E! Online

    Virgin Records Site Updated
    If you go to Virgin Record's Site You'll be surprised to see that they haven't said a word about the recent rumors but instead wrote:
    Check out the sneak preview on MTV2 on January 5th, and the premiere on January 13th! [posted 1/2/2002]

    Nacho (from FOMM), Virgin Records

    Mariah on Ally Screen Captures
    The commercial to Ally McBeal's new season has been shown on FOX, and I've made screen captures from it which you can see on Gallery 5
    Thanks to j0e, disastr and Sven for providing the original video.

    Glitter's DVD layout
    To remind you, the DVD to "Glitter" will be out on January 15th. You can see a picture of the layout in Gallery 5

    Vijay (From FOMM), Columbia TriStar Online

    All the latest regarding Mariah & EMI
    Alright, there are so many articles, news-stories, gossip-columns and assumptions regarding Mariah's situation with her record label.
    I want to make it clear that NOTHING is confirmed and any detail that has been posted on the site hasn't been announced by neither Mariah, her attornies, her publicist nor Virgin Records.
    So please don't take anything you read for granted, especially supposed "facts" like the money figures (as you may see they get changed from an article to another) or Mariah's new "boyfriend"(s).

    From The New York Post--Page Six
    Virgin no more MARIAH Carey may be crying all the way to the bank. Just weeks after PAGE SIX reported that her $100 million, five-album contract with Virgin was in jeopardy - she would either have to leave or renegotiate because her "Glitter" flopped - spies said her lawyers have reached a deal with the label that will buy her out for $50 million. Mariah toasted the news while dining at the St. Regis hotel in Aspen, where she and her on-again boyfriend, Luis Miguel, spent Christmas. Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, said, "I don't know. I have not been able to reach Mariah's attorneys."

    From DotMusic
    Wed 2 Jan 2002 15:51
    After widespread media speculation, troubled diva Mariah Carey is set to leave Virgin Records in a deal that will net the star £35 million in compensation.
    According to the New York Post, lawyers acting for Carey have secured the deal which will make her a free agent following just nine months of work for her new label.
    As previously reported on dotmusic, Virgin's five-album £60 million deal broken all previous records last year after her bitter split with Sony records but her latest album 'Glitter' failed to meet sales expectations and the film of the same name was a box office disaster.
    According to the Post, Carey's US spokeswoman was unable to elaborate further on the developments.

    From UK Radio
    "Just announced on capital Radio that Mariah is to leave virgin in a golden handshake deal worth $35million"

    From Ananova
    The Golden Handshake
    Mariah Carey 'quits Virgin for £35 million'
    Mariah Carey's lawyers have reportedly agreed a deal for her to quit the Virgin record label. She is said to be in line for a £35 million golden handshake in return. The star will become a free agent under the deal, according to the New York Post.
    Carey currently has a £70 million, five-album contract with Virgin, which is owned by EMI. She signed the record-breaking deal last year. Ending the contract would mean she will be paid for just nine months of work. Carey left her previous label, Sony, after a fall-out with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola, president of the firm's music entertainment division.
    Her latest album Glitter sold just two million copies worldwide, a relative flop for a singer who has had two albums pass the 10 million mark in America. The film of the same name took only £3 million at the box office. It was released in America just weeks after she checked into a hospital in New York to be treated for what was described as a "breakdown." Carey's spokeswoman told the New York Post: "I don't know. I have not been able to reach Mariah's attorneys."

    Kaiyan (from FOMM), Sauly Filangie, Ashes (From Rainbow Princess), Mariah's Web.

    TMF & Tapis Rouge captures
    Gallery 5 has been updated with screen captures from two of the most recent shows Mariah's been on:
    The interview from TMF Special that aired a couple of days ago & The performance of "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" from Tapis Rouge that was shown on DEC 31st 2001.

    All that, thanks to two wonderful people - Phil & Sven (webmasters of the great site: Mariah Style

    Is Mariah in Barbados?
    Here's what Gillian sent me:
    Yes the rumors were true....Mariah was/in Barbados to ring off the new year. Actually in our national newspaper today there is a very BEAUTIFUL picture of Mariah on the front page! I don't have a scanner but hopefully during the day the Nation's newspaper will update their website! Anyway what I can do now is just type out the front page article for u guys and there is all an article on page 5A of our newspaper. Here goes....front page article with a very beautiful pic of Mariah.

    Two big stars in our Skyy
    BARBADIAN PATRONS to Club Skyy on Old Year's Night found two bright stars from America's entertainment galaxy - Mariah Carey and Black Entertainment Television (BET) talk show host AJ.
    The Spring Garden club played host to the two personalities who were visiting Barbados for the second time, and joined several Barbadians and visitors to ring in the New Year.

    This is the caption to the picture they showed, which you can find in Gallery 5, Thanks to Meski!
    Above, songbird Carey, who hits include Hero, I Don't Wanna Cry, Love Takes Time and One Sweet Day, chatting with Club Skyy owner Jeff Chandler.

    PopGoss.com gives Mariah the "Best 80s Revival Thing" award
    "Best 80s Revival Thing: Mariah Carey. They all tried their hand at the 'oh so fashionable' 80s sound but the only one who got it right was 'Riah, reminding us how chunky those beats used to be on the soundtrack to Glitter. "

    Joee, PopDirt.com, PopGoss.com

    CapeTown Glitter Party
    Gabriel was at the Glitter party in CapeTown, held on Dec 31st, 2001, here's what she said:
    "Just got back from the Glitter Party. It was Fab!!! The music was very Good. They had a big TV screen that showed Mariah videos: Loverboy and NTF and they showed the trailer to the movie. We did not get to see the Movie yet and that was a bit sad. The best Part was when we got Glitter Gifts: Tops and Peaks and little bag that had Glitter Body Shimmer Lotion in it. There was also modles dacing in a Glass "Room" with Glitter tops and Peaks. They had a red carpet and Drag Queens at The Entrance that had long silver gowns on (like MC's in NTF). At 12h00 a big bag whent off and there was silver glitter all over the place. We even got sprayed with Sparkling Wine. So alll in all my friend and I had the best New Years Ever!!! Can't wait to see the movie though"

    Site Link Correction
    Here's the correct link to the site we've posted earlier by April:

    Update by Danielle
    January 1st baybee! (4:00 pm EST)

    1st of all, I wanna say HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR! I've missed everyone and doing updates but I'm baack and soo ready now! LOL and now that i've gotten that out of my system...

    EXCLUSIVE! Interview With Isabel!!
    For the 1st news of the year...

    As many of you may or may not know, Isabel Gomes is the ADORABLE little girl who had the pleasure of playing young Billie in the movie of ALL movies, Glitter. I will have the pleasure of interviewing this cutie soon and I'm giving everyone the opportunity to take part because it just wouldn't be the same without the help of Mariah's lambs!

    I've come up with a few questions myself already and what I'd like to do is give everyone the chance to participate by submitting any questions of their own they might wanna ask. I'll have more about this exciting event later, so check back and start sending in those questions! Please send them to mariahdaily@yahoo.com. Thanks to everyone and I can't wait to see your questions!

    Thank you sooo much to Raphael, webmaster of Mariah Vision and Tahiana, webmaster of Mariah Connection for helping make this possible for me!

    Joy To The World Original Video Clip
    Raphael's AMAZING site Mariah Vision has an original video clip of Mariah singing "Joy To The World" in the studio on his site and has made it possible for everyone to download! Just go HERE to download it!!

    Lamb Chat
    My lamb Matte, webmaster of Mariah Carey UK and the infamous Ashes (Rainbow Princess) are hosting a nice chat this Sunday and D will be there doing a lil singing for everyone LOL cuz I love to sing, so if you wish to join and make fun of me, just go HERE! LOL

    New Mariah MP3
    Honey and Kate (Butterflies Are Free) uploaded a new Mariah MP3 of Mariah's acapella performance of "All In Your Mind" that she sang on "The First Vision" with Trey, Patrique and Billy. They'll be having an 'MP3 O' the month' on their site every month, as well as a poll where you can vote for the next MP3 you would like to have on the site, and you get 3 choices every month :)

    To download this AWESOME performance, go HERE!!!

    Another AWESOME Mariah Poem!!
    We got this poem from Delwin, which I LOVE because he got creative and used the names and lines of Miss Mariah's songs to put it together! Take a look:

    You're NEVER TOO FAR.
    I am a lamb who will always be with you
    This poem is to the one who gave me
    Eternal BLISS
    When you serenaded to the soldiers in Kosovo
    You began with a kiss
    You're so sweet
    Even when you don't have to be
    You have turned my darkest nights to day
    And no one CAN TAKE THAT AWAY
    You're heaven. That's how it seems
    I've longed for a DREAMLOVER
    To come rescue me
    Finally I have found Solace
    The kind of love that
    No one could ever replace
    I want to return the favor and Give you MY ALL
    Us lambs will be here WHENEVER YOU CALL
    SOMEDAY you will see
    HOW MUCH you truly mean to me
    DON'T STOP what you do
    Cause I can't keep on WITHOUT YOU
    Lately I have been going through a lot
    To me it seems as if you're the only one I've got
    Every time I CLOSE MY EYES
    These EMOTIONS tear me up inside
    Your songs make me like a BUTTERFLY
    Now I can FLY AWAY
    With your amazing voice you blow me away.
    Words can't express what you mean to me
    You will ALWAYS BE MY BABY
    You're in my heart FOREVER
    And to turn from you never.

    MariahDaily Voted Best Fan Site!!!!
    We just recieved this AMAZING news!!

    Congratulations! You are the winner for BEST FAN SITE!

    OMG how awesome! Thanx soo much to everyone! We love you guys and we love doing this site for you!!! Go HERE to see Mariah Daily's name in the list of winners!

    New Mariah Site
    My lamb Dean who had a site called Mariah Glitters which closed down has now revamped his site with a new name and address and would love for everyone to check it out!

    The new site is called Mariah Sweetheart and It looks great! Go check it out

    Mariah TV For The Month Of January
    As you all know, Mariah's beautiful face will be gracing primetime quite a bit this month, starting with Ally Mcbeal on January 7th at 8pm, as well as MTV Cribs on January 9th at 9pm and who knows what else she will surprise us with!!

    The Glitta DVD will be released in January as well, on January 15th and we will be having a countdown for all of these events, so just check them out on at the top of the page! January is gonna be a GREAT month lambs!! What an AWESOME start for the new year!!! Everyone have a GREAT day!

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