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To check out past information on Mariah, check out one of the following links. Please note, before Feb. 02, pictures and graphics of the older designs with no longer show most likely. These links are only provided to provide you with past Mariah information.

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2003 January, February.
updated byLiron January 31st, 2003 8:25PM
TTR US CD Single Scans
Ricky got the US CD single of "Through The Rain" (as everyone should do on Tuesday) and sent me the scans of the cover & back cover. Check them out in Gallery 9.

Mariah Nominated For 2003 DanceStar Awards
Here are the nominees for 2003 DanceStar Awards, to be presented March 19 at Lummus Park in South Beach, Miami.

Best chart act:
Mariah Carey
Jennifer Lopez
Angie Stone
Justin Timberlake

Sergio, Billboard

Mariah #1 On The Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart
We reported this about a week ago but I guess everyone missed it because I received tons of emails about it, ha-ha!

So once again, congratulations Mariah for scoring a #1 position with "Through The Rain (Full Intention, M. Joshua, & H. Hector Mixes)" on its 8th week on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart (February 8, 2003 issue) climbing from #3 last week.

Just a clarification for those who asked: this doesn't count towards Mariah's #1s on the Billboard hot 100 (where she has 15 of them) but it's her 8th #1 on the club charts and her first one since 1999 ("I Still Believe") which is fantastic news!

Everyone, Billboard

According to MariahCarey.com, Through The Rain - The Remixes is #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Chart, issue date 2/15/2003. - Either that's a mistake or we can expect seeing TTR at the #1 position on the club charts for a 2nd week in a row!

Mariah Honors Michael Jordan
On Feb. 9th, Mariah Carey will be performing at the halftime show for the NBA All Star Game in Atlanta. This is a special performance as it pays tribute to basketball's greatest star, Michael Jordan, who will be retiring from basketball at the end of this season (for the third and final time!). Her performance, which will feature 3 songs, "Through The Rain", "Boy", and "Hero", will be seen in 212 countries.

Universal Music Brazil, MariahConnection

"Boy" Premiered on MTV Europe
"Boy (I Need You)" or as mispelled by MTVE - "The Boy", premiered on MTVE today on the show "The Fridge". Please help get Mariah on the Fridge weekly countdown by emailing thefridge@mtveuropean.com or voting for it on their page.

Listen To Two Mariah Interviews
Click on the links below to listen to two recent interviews with Mariah.

MC on WBLI's morning show - Jan 24th in Mariah's hotel room.

MC on Funkmaster Flex's "Mic Check" - Jan 28th in Hot 97's studios.

"MTV Presents Mariah Carey"
In line with our ongoing commitment to live music programming, MTV Networks Europe is set to air "MTV Presents Mariah Carey" across its 107 million homes from February 2002.

The exclusive 30-minute programme, which will offer a unique opportunity to see Mariah Carey performing tracks from her highly acclaimed new album "Charmbracelet", will also comprise a live Q&A session with some of the international superstar’s biggest fans.

Featuring a total of 3 tracks "Charmbracelet" (including a live performance of her recent hit "Through The Rain" and album track "Yours"), MTV Presents Mariah Carey will also boast a stunning cover of the Def Leppard track "Bringin’ On The Heartbreak".

Between each performance Mariah offered some of her biggest fans the once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a Q&A session, with questions ranging from her thoughts on the press coverage she has received over the last year, to what she listens to when ‘she’s getting it on’!

"MTV Presents Mariah Carey" will be aired across MTV Europe from 14 February 2003.

MTV Europe (Feedback), mcfanatic

Mariah's Japanese Commercials
Mariah Carey appeared most recently on behalf of Nescafe in 2001. The ads for Aeon and Lip Aventure appeared in the mid '90s.

Ms. Carey is still quite popular in Japan as many popstars emulate her. Her concerts here still sell out as well.

Check out Mariah's commercials clips on This page.

Chad, Japander.com

Radio Thinks Mariah's Over But The Listeners Don't!
John Garabedian, the programming mastermind who dreamed up the local rock channel, is back with a new multimedia plan...

The future, however, will rely on more imaginative programming. Garabedian cites Mariah Carey 's new single, ''Through the Rain.'' It doesn't swing, he says, but smart programmers know of an uptempo remix, which is a top request on his live weekend show.

''Half the stations aren't playing it; they think Mariah Carey is over,'' he says of competing Top 40 stations. ''The other half is playing the wrong version. On our show, we see our listeners calling up and requesting it. The music is out there. The stations are playing the wrong stuff.''

Kapildev, Boston Globe

Mariah On MTV Asia's Pre Show
Jun told me that Mariah appeared at the pre-show of the 2003 MTV Asia Awards last January 24, 2003. In the countdown before the show started, she was shown four times: announcing that it was already ten minutes away from the start of the show, and doing the last ten-second countdown, with the nos. 9, 6 & 1 assigned to her.

International Update
Philippines: (Thanks Jun)
"Boy (I Need You)" is currently in heavy rotation at MTV Philippines.

Over at MYX, the Philippines' no.1 music channel, they aired a one-hour Mariah special last January 23, 2003. They showed a mixture of old and new Mariah videos for one full hour, interspersed with an exclusive interview where she talks about the making of Charmbracelet. They also showed her promotional tour in Korea and Mariah doing a live version of Through the Rain. The show also gave away exclusive Mariah calendars and a charmbracelet.

UK: (Thanks MariahCareyUK)
Here's some news about Mariah being on TV for the UK fans:

Making the Video - Mariah Carey (Music) for Boy..feat Cam'ron! Starting: 19:30 on Thursday 6th February. Duration: 30 minutes Showing on MTV Base.

Infamous Fives (Documentary)..feat Mariah (public breakdowns) Starting: 22:30 on Thursday 6th February. Duration: 40 minutes Showing on E4.

Whitney Compliments Mariah
In a recent interview with Whitney Houston on the Wendy Williams show, she was asked about Mariah and said "I love that little lambchop, she's my girl, yeah she's the bomb!"

Mariah To Attend a Fashion Show
Add Marie Claudinette Jean, wife of the Fugees' Wyclef Jean, to the burgeoning rap/soul crowd staking a claim during New York Fashion Week.

Joining hip-hop-inspired labels like Sean John and Phat Farm, Claudinette is debuting her fashion line Fuscha in Bryant Park on Feb. 7. Jean has made clothing for stars such as Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Ja Rule, Kelly Price and, of course, her husband.

According to her rep, her collection is Cavalli-esque and "not for the shy." Unshy types Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and Naomi Campbell are expected in the front row, and Wyclef will debut his upcoming record there.

NY Post

How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

Daily Update: No Mariah on TRL/BET.

1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL, BET & The Fridge.
2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on TUESDAY.

"All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"

updated byLiron January 30th, 2003 9:10PM
"Boy" Debuts On 106 & Park!
Woohoo!! Great job everyone, "Boy" debuted today at #9 on BET's 106 & Park. Please keep requesting it both on BET and on TRL!

Vibe Scans / New Pictures
Vibe Cover Nik scanned new amazing pictures from the VIBE Magazine (March issue) with Mariah (notice the black hair!) on the cover. Check them out in Gallery 9.

In addition I added pictures of Mariah from WBLI's site (NY Radio station) with the caption: "Steve & Puffy go to Mariah Carey's hotel room in New York City! 1-24-03"

And last but not least, check out pictures of Mariah from the UK MTV Special that she recorded on Jan 15th here.

Mariah DJs on BLI
Mariah Carey returns to Long Island! Listen to her as she takes over the airwaves this Saturday February 1st at noon only on BLI and WBLI.com! (Thanks Heather)

LONG ISLAND'S own MARIAH CAREY will be an actual DJ on COX Top 40/Mainstream WBLI this SATURDAY from noon-2p. MARIAH will play DJ on her hometown station, playing the regular `BLI format with songs by JAY-Z, AVRIL LAVIGNE, PINK, and her own hits. For you aircheck freaks, this should a keeper. (Thanks Alan)

Casting Call - NYC Fans
Are You A Fan Of The Top 22 Voices Of MTV History?
We've got a great opportunity for you to sound off & get on TV to talk about your favorite artist - as an expert fan on the artist. We have tabulated the MTV2 voting polls & this is what the viewers have come up with for our top 22 voices in MTV history.

If any of the artists below have shaped your life, influenced you or inspired you in any way, we want to know! If your answers are strong, you will get invited to the MTV studio and get to explain why your favorite artist is 1 of the 22 greatest voices of all time & how that voice affects you as well as the world.

Please answer this small list of questions in your e-mail:
Who is your pick for the greatest voice on this list & why.
How has the artist personally touched/inspired/affected you?
What kind of memorabilia do you have of that artist: photo, autograph, e-mail, letters, tickets, room full of posters, cd/record collection, etc? (Visually showing that you are a huge fan & your opinion carries weight) How many times have you seen this artist live? What, in your opinion, was the artist’s defining moment?

Include your name, phone number, address, pictures of memorabilia /souvenirs, pictures of yourself.

Must be in NYC area & be available to be filmed week of 1/27/03.
Artists Include:
14) Mariah Carey

Alan, MTV

Various MC Links

  • Lyn sent me two mentions of Mariah on the MSN Entertainment pages:
    - Editor's Picks - MC with ABMB
    - Gossip Article - Mariah's Men.

  • Melissa told me about an AOL feature that includes clips from some of Mariah's songs: Mariah's AOL Sounds, check it out here (AOL members only).
  • updated byLiron January 29th, 2003 3:30PM
    Win A Signed Copy of Charmbracelet on Vinyl!
    Hop on over to Hip-Online for your chance to win an autographed copy of CHARMBRACELET on vinyl.

    The competition is for US citizens only.


    updated byLiron January 29th, 2003 1:45PM
    "Charmbracelet" Goes UP To #34 On Billboard
    Great news! "Charmbracelet" sold 23,931 copies this week (SoundScan) moving UP 3 places to #34 (#37 last week) bringing the US total to 853,821. (Thank you VocalWonder)

    Great News In French Charts Too
    For the 3rd week in a row, Mariah is #1 with TTR on the French radio Gold FM! You can vote for her online at this site.

    Moreover, in the albums chart, "Charmbracelet" moves up 8 spots to #21 (#29 last week) and TTR moves up 3 spots to #26 on the singles chart.


    Vote on TRL And BET
    Yesterday, "Boy" was a wannabe on TRL, so please take a few minutes and vote for it today, start calling at 3:00pm EST 1-800-DIAL-MTV.

    "Boy" has finally been added to the list of songs on the 106 & Park request page so vote for it on BET as well!

    Site Updates
    There isn't a lot of news today so I thought I'd update some of the sections - Fan photo (Thanks Roi) from the Today Show 2000, Quote (Thanks Omri) from an MTV interview with John Norris on the set of TTR, picture of the week and poll;

    Last poll's results:
    "The One" has been replaced with "Boy (I Need You)" to be released as the 2nd single from "Charmbracelet". What do YOU think?
    1.) I'm glad it changed, "Boy" is a better choice. 1815 25%
    2.) The 2nd single should've stayed "The One". 2348 32%
    3.) Neither, the 2nd single should've been a different song. 690 10%
    4.) My choice doesn't matter, "Boy" has been chosen and I'll support it! 2380 33%
    Total Votes: 7233

    Please take a moment to vote on the new poll regarding the 3rd single!

    updated byLiron January 28th, 2003 5:55PM
    "Butterfly" - Ultimate Album on VH1

    KISS's "Alive" and Mariah Carey's "Butterfly" are the next era-defining recordings to get VH1's "Ultimate Albums" treatment. The "Ultimate Albums" series reveals the inside stories of the records we all love. From the makers of "Behind the Music," "Ultimate Albums" examines a single important record in each weekly one-hour episode, recounting in detail why it connected the artist and the audience, and how it forever changed their lives and our culture.

    Premiere Dates: 2nd Quarter

    PRN Newswire / VH1

    Mariah is also the Artist of the Month on VH1, check out the feature about her here.

    Mariah Tour News
    Uconfirmed news of Mariah's impending world tour has reached the ears of MTV.

    The tour is apparently set to take place in two stages. The first stage starts in May in Australia, where Mariah is likely to do at least 2 shows then move on to Taiwan and Japan, and in June, Mariah will probably visit her usual venues throughout Asia.

    The Second stage of the tour will apparently start in August in the USA or South America and then will move onto Europe in September, where Mariah is partially confirmed to do shows in Holland and/or Belgium, Germany (2 shows), France and then the UK.

    MTV Europe

    More "Gap" Shirts
    No, this isn't a commercial, really! Alan told me that in addition to the "Loverboy" and "Heartbreaker" shirts, he saw "Sweetheart" and "Butterfly" shirts. And Joseph told me that Mariah's "Irresistible" is on the current "Gap Adults" CD in the UK.

    Randy Jackson Compliments MC
    Here's an extract from a recent Newsweek interview with American Idol's Randy Jackson:

    Q: Ever feel bad when you make some of your auditioners cry?

    A: You know what, I don’t feel bad about it. If you or I wanted to be a doctor, we’d have to learn quite a bit of stuff. We couldn’t just say, “Yeah, as a kid I played doctor, and you know, I’m just gonna be a doctor. I’m ready to cut. When do we start?” This is no joke of an industry. What makes people think they can come up and say, “OK, I’m a singer.” Are you really? Do you have any foreseeable talent? That’s the thing that amazes me, man. You wouldn’t do this about the lawyer profession. You wouldn’t do this about anything else. You know, “I drive my Toyota fast, I’m a race car driver.” Where does the mindset come from for these people? This is a hard, tough, tough business. I produced some songs on the new Mariah Carey record. You know, she works her butt off and she’s amazingly talented.

    Lori, Lynn, MS NBC

    Full Diva Ahead (Gossip Column Alert)
    Mariah Carey’s recent woes haven’t made her tone down her diva ways.

    The “Through the Rain” singer was in Sweden recently and kept a reporter from Aftonbladet waiting for an interview for more than five hours.

    When the writer was finally invited in, he heard an irritated Carey complaining, “Is it possible to get a five-minute break! Is it possible?” The reporter was ushered out again.

    During the interview, Carey said she has been seeing a therapist since her highly publicized breakdown. “It’s like I’ve always been an object for other people’s enjoyment,” Carey said, according to the article, in which she claims she has been taking care of her family since she was six years old. “The therapist got me to see that I have to think about and take care of myself. Since then, I’ve consulted a dietician that travels with me and a masseuse that helps me sleep.” Now Carey’s notoriously massive entourage stands at 17.

    MS NBC - "Today's Gossip"

    HITS Update
    According to Hits Daily Double, Mariah has sold 23,527 copies of "Charmbracelet" this week which places her at #38 with a %8 decrease from last week. Soundscan figures will be out tomorrow.

    NBA ALL-STAR GAME: Mariah Carey is in; what about Mike?
    From staff reports
    Tuesday, January 28, 2003

    Grammy Award-winning pop diva Mariah Carey is a sure thing for the NBA All-Star Game. Is Michael Jordan?

    Carey, continuing in her "comeback" that began with the 2002 release of her ninth CD "Charmbracelet," will perform live during halftime of the Feb. 9 game at Philips Arena. Jordan, perhaps the greatest player in NBA history, will be there as well if selected as a reserve on the Eastern Conference team, which will be announced today.


    Making The Video MPG
    Lydia asked me to tell you she uploaded a short video file from "Boy's Making The Video" to her site.

    Denis is a Mariah fan and also a musician (we posted one of his songs awhile back) and would like it if you visited his site and sent him comments about it. Check it out here.

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL and BET.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 27th, 2003 5:05PM
    Mariah To Perform At Halftime Show of NBA All-Star
    Special All-Star Game performance to be seen by global audience
    Mariah Carey to Perform Live at Halftime

    NEW YORK, Jan. 27 -- NBA All-Stars will share center court with the world's No. 1-selling female performer of all time, Mariah Carey, who will perform live during halftime at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, which takes place at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Sunday, Feb. 9. The 2003 NBA All-Star Game and Carey's halftime performance will be televised live on TNT in the U.S. with coverage beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET. Viewers in 212 countries will be able to tune into the game and the halftime event.

    Possessing a spectacular five-octave range, Mariah has proven that she is equally at home with sweeping ballads and pop, often incorporating elements of dance and hip-hop into the mix. Carey, has had an incredible 15 No. 1 singles, has achieved two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium."

    Sherry, NBA.com

    Billboard Bits: Mariah Carey, Simple Plan, Caitlin Cary
    The National Basketball Association (NBA) has tapped Mariah Carey to perform during the halftime break in its 52nd annual All-Star Game, set for Feb. 9 in Atlanta. The performance will air live on the TNT cable network in the U.S., and will be seen in more than 200 countries around the globe. Coverage of the game at Atlanta's Philips Arena will begin airing at 7 p.m. ET.

    As previously reported, Nelly, Ja Rule, Jermaine Dupri, the Clipse, and Nappy Roots will be among the artists performing at Club NBA, a related four-day event at the city's Georgia World Congress Center. The day prior to the game will boast Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, B2K, and LL Cool J taking part in the NBA's "Read To Achieve" charity event.

    "Charmbracelet" is Carey's latest release, and her first for her Island-associated MonarC label. The set debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and No. 3 on The Billboard 200, and has moved 830,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.
    -- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y


    The game will be aired on Sunday, February 9, 2002 - coverage starts at 8pm ET - LIVE on TNT. For worldwide schedule, check the left sidebar!

    The Story of "Be Nice or Leave"
    Chartres Street folk artist "Dr. Bob" Shaffer was typically suspicious when told to expect a call from an important buyer, the retired photo editor of the Smithsonian's Air and Space magazine.

    Shortly thereafter, Lee Battaglia began ringing Shaffer's lime-green plastic cell phone, trying to make an appointment to visit the artist's studio. In message after message, Battaglia said he wanted to buy some of Shaffer's work, and to get the ball rolling for the magazine cover and a nationwide touring show of space-related folk art.

    Today, Shaffer finds himself carried along by a modicum of celebrity. Since the Smithsonian spread, his work has sold to any number of well-known people. Those who are certifiably famous have understandably shown a preference for his trademark, a sign painted on tin that reads "Be Nice or Leave."

    Singer Emmylou Harris has one. Arrowsmith has one. Harry Shearer of "The Simpsons" has one. The most famous of all, Mariah Carey, seems to be making the best use of hers.

    "Last year, Mariah was doing a video at the Maple Leaf bar, and she saw one of my signs in JacquesImo's restaurant next door," Shaffer, 50, explained. "She was having a tough time with her life at the time, and she probably felt a little overwhelmed.

    "She sent someone over to JacquesImo's and offered to buy it off the wall. They didn't want to sell it, but they finally did for 100 bucks."

    Not long after, Shaffer said, friends who have cable TV began calling and saying Carey had shown off his "Be Nice or Leave" sign on a tour of her home for the MTV series "Cribs."

    Shaffer was glad to hear that, but what really got to him was all the phone calls: They wore down his cell phone battery.

    Then, earlier this month, People magazine ran a photo of Carey holding the Shaffer sign.

    "I don't know what to say, except I created a monster here," said Shaffer, preparing now for a visit from a photo crew from Country Collectibles magazine. "Before this, I didn't have cable TV or nothing. Now I got a satellite dish.

    "I got to feed this monster. This is going to take a lot of hard work. Evidently, a lot of people need this message: Be Nice or Leave. A lot of teachers are buying them. They hang them in their classrooms."

    Everything New Orleans

    Survey For Australian Fans
    MariahDownunder.com is offering Australian fans a chance to voice their opinions about all aspects of Mariah's career. The results of the fan survey will be anonymously compiled and given to Universal Music Australia.

    Take part to tell us what you like, what you hate and what you want the most. The survey will take only a few moments. Getting involved is really simple! Just send a blank email [webmaster@mariahdownunder.com]. You'll receive a one-time email in return containing the quick and easy survey. This is exclusively for Australian fans only and is a rare opportunity for fans to community with Mariah's record label.

    Mariah Inspired T-Shirts At Gap
    Will writes: "that I went shopping at the Baby Gap last week and at they now have these cute t-shirts that say "Heartbreaker" and "Loverboy" on them."

    updated byLiron January 26th, 2003 11:40PM
    Music Personality Quiz on Seventeen.com
    What's your new theme song? Take this Trend*Alert music quiz and find out which CD single is the perfect gift for you. Treat yourself to new tunes. You can find them all at Wal-Mart.

    The quiz tests your music personality with choices between Mariah, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Paul, Christina Aguilera and more.

    Take The Quiz (Thanks Doretha)

    New Pictures
    Xris sent me the cover of the French magazine "Tele" - issue of January 11-17, 2003 and mcfanatic sent me 3 new collages of Mariah from the NRJ awards & a French TV show. Check them out in Gallery 9.

    Mariah ‘thrilled’ by NASCAR Gig
    Saturday, January 25, 2003
    Mariah Carey talks about singing at one of the most-watched motorsports events in the world. nn

    Q: What are your thoughts on singing the national anthem at the Daytona 500?

    A: “I’m just so excited. I’m totally thrilled about it. I’m looking forward to this. My father actually used to race cars, and when I heard about this, I felt like it was perfect timing because my father passed away this past year and we had gotten into a long conversation about the fact he used to race cars. It seems like it’s the right moment. I’m just honored to be a part of it.”

    Q: Have you performed at sporting events before?

    A: “I’ve only done the national anthem at the Super Bowl, which was last year. It’s a very powerful song to sing, especially with the state of the world and things like that. It was the first Super Bowl right after 9/11. That was very important to me. Before I even put out my first record, I sang at the playoffs for the NBA. I sang ‘America The Beautiful.’ ”

    Q: Have you ever performed in front of a large crowd like you’ll have at Daytona?

    A: “I’ve been to places where 200,000 people are circled around me, but it was a concert, not something like this. I’ve been to car races, but not since I was a little girl. I’ve definitely never been to something of this magnitude. It’s exciting.”

    Q: What track did your father take you to when you were younger?

    A: “It was out in Lime Rock (Conn.). He always loved to go to the races. He would take all the kids, the different generations of children and grandchildren in our family.”


    New Peak For TTR On VH1
    Mason told me that "Through The Rain" reached a new peak on the Vh1 top 20 video countdown at #15!

    ***Happy Birthday to two huge Mariah fans - Mari & Stephany who celebrate their birthdays on Jan 26 & 27. Much love!

    updated byLiron January 25th, 2003 7:30PM
    Download Z100 & KTU Interviews!
    Thank you so much Tom & Marcin for recording these interviews (from yesterday) and sharing them with us. Right click on the links below and save the files. Please don't directly link to them.

    KTU: Offline.

    Z100: Offline.

    New Mariah Remix Album: April 1st
    Christopher and Heather who work for Transworld entertainment / FYE saw a new remix album by Mariah listed under SONY due for an April 1st, 2003 release. No tracklisting is available at the moment.

    AJ Compliments Mariah
    In the new issue of "Word Up" magazine, AJ (from 106 & park) was asked to say something about Mariah that they wouldn't know. He said that Mariah is cool, down to earth and funny and that anybody who hangs out with Mariah even once feels like she's one of their best friends (Thanks rainshower1).

    Edited Version of "Boy" Video
    Vijay writes that there's a new version of "Boy" that played on the rerun of Mariah's "Making The Video", the changes are:
    "They inserted silence over some of Cam'ron's raps, and they also changed the butterflies in the office scene to ones that are blue, green, and purple and easier to see (darker, less transparent)."

    Before & After Pictures: (click to enlarge)

    Boy (Old Version) Boy (Old Version) Boy (Old Version) Boy (Old Version)
    Boy (New Version) Boy (New Version) Boy (New Version) Boy (New Version)

    Billboard Update: February 1, 2003
    We already listed some of the positions for "Charmbracelet" and "Through The Rain" for this week's Billboard issue, here are the rest thanks to Jessica:

    "Through The Rain"
    Adult Contemporary
    This Week: #19
    Last Week: #20
    Weeks On Chart: 15 (Peak: #17)

    Canadian Singles Chart
    This Week: #10
    Last Week: #11
    Weeks On Chart: 9 (Peak: #5)

    Top 40 Mainstream
    This Week: #31
    Last Week: #26 (Peak)
    Weeks On Chart: 8

    "I Know What You Want (Busta Rhymes f/ Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad)"
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    This Week: #73 (Debut)
    Weeks On Chart: 1

    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay
    This Week: #71 (Debut)
    Weeks On Chart: 1

    Magazine Scans / Wallpapers
    Sofia sent me the cover of the Swedish "Solo" magazine and Shahar sent me a scan of a Mariah article from the Israeli Rosh 1 magazine. Check them out in Gallery 9.

    Armando, Mario & 2 Daniels sent in new beautiful wallpapers.

    Big thanks to everyone who keeps sending the beautiful request logos - Lynette, Dion & Geno this time!

    News Tidbits
    Today, Houston's 9.79 The Box counted down the Top 30 Hip Hop and R&B songs of all time. Mariah's "Fantasy" remix with ODB took the place of Hip Hop's #29.

    On Access Hollywood Thursday night, Mariah was the picture of the day as she was photographed in the denim jacket and pleated skirt and was quoted saying something like "Don't let the cold keep you from looking cute."

    On American Idol, one girl (who kinda looked like Mariah) told the judges how her idol is Mariah and showed them a picture of Mariah with her at the Through The Rain meet and greets. She then began singing "Against All Odds" but didn't get picked.
    (Thanks Mame)

    Scott who's a Mariah fan and also an aspiring musician would like you to check his site and comment on it if you can.

    updated byLiron January 24th, 2003 9:30PM
    1st Winner of "Mariah Live"
    Daytona International Speedway® is the home of "The Great American Race"(tm) -- the Daytona 500®.

    This year is the 45th annual Daytona 500 and Mariah Carey is going to be kicking off the festivities by singing the National Anthem!!! To help celebrate this event, the first winner for Mariah Live has been chosen to attend the race!!! Lisa Fredericksen will be flying to Daytona Beach, Florida for an amazing weekend and her chance to see Mariah Live!!!

    Even though not everyone can be a winner, you can still get your chance to see Mariah at Daytona®. Tickets for the Daytona 500 and other Speedweeks 2003 events are available online at Daytona International Speed Way or by calling the Speedway ticket office at (386) 253-7223.

    For more information on how to participate in Mariah Live (Your opportunity to see Mariah), please visit MARIAH LIVE NOW.


    The Mariah Carey Crib-over
    What's more fun than seeing Mariah's lavish bedroom? Having one just like it in your house! Watch as A-list designer Todd Oldham helps turn a plain room into a Mariah Carey palace.

    Crib Crashers will re-air on the following dates:
    1/24/03 @ 2:20 PM EST
    1/25/03 @ 10:30 AM EST
    1/27/03 @ 12:30 PM EST
    1/27/03 @ 6:30 PM EST
    1/29/03 @ 10:30 PM EST
    1/30/03 @ 2:30 PM EST
    2/1/03 @ 9:30 AM EST
    2/2/03 @ 9:00 AM EST
    2/5/03 @ 5:00 PM EST
    2/5/03 @ 10:30 PM EST

    Date and times above are subject to change.
    For more information and a look at the Crib-ify photo gallery please visit MTV.com.


    Mariah Sends Love To Sharon
    After Sharon Osbourne told the nation that Mariah Carey had "the best boob job in the business" at the American Music Awards, gossip columnist Liz Smith reported that Carey was upset. But three days after the awards, Carey sent Osbourne a beautiful arrangement of roses and three bras (red, black and beige) from Victoria's Secret with a note that read, "Dear Sharon, THESE are the best boob jobs in Hollywood. Love, Mariah"

    People Magazine, Tom.

    Kelly Rowland Loves MC
    MariahCareydk saw Kelly Rowland (of Destiny's Child) on a Danish TV show and she said that Mariah, Whitney and Celine were her biggest influences and that when she met Mariah a couple of years ago she was beautiful as always.

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL and BET.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 24th, 2003 11:55AM
    Mariah Radio Interviews Recap
    Mariah just finished visiting two NY radio stations - Z100 and KTU. She was interviewed for about 3 hours (!) overall. She talked about "Boy", a couple of songs from "Charmbracelet" such as similarities between "My All" and "I Only Wanted" - she thinks IOW is more sad and read the lyrics to the DJs.
    Mariah brought Jerry Blair with her and blamed him for being late. In regards to the Vin Diesel rumor, Mariah said she did hang out with him but nothing more than that! Both stations kept asking her about her love life and if she has a date for Valentine and Mariah said she doesn't but she'll be on the Daytona event anyway.
    A few fans called the studios and talked to Mariah - in one station asking her advices about Valentine dates and in the other asking her questions. Mariah talked about the world tour - she is definitely going on tour, she said it's going to be long because it's worldwide and she'll start it in Asia.
    KTU then had a listening party with Mariah, playing songs from her new album, ending with the TTR Hex Hector Club Mix that was announced as next week's #1 Song on the Billboard club charts!

    Check out Gallery 9 for a scan from the NY post sent by Tom (both stations talked about that picture of Mariah and she explained she was just out for a few moments), 11 pictures from Z100 (that MC posed for with the DJs), and 40 more screen captures from the Z100 studio while Mariah was on... drinking coffee, looking at her pager and more!

    updated byLiron January 23rd, 2003 9:50PM
    In 'WPR Mariathon, Carey Goes The Distance

    Mariah Carey says she hates getting up in the morning, but she spent several a.m. hours yesterday on WWPR (105.1 FM) bantering with Ed Lover, Dr. Dre and Lisa G.
    It was an unusually long and casual visit, and it's probably not a coincidence it came at a critical point for Carey.

    Her new "Charmbracelet" CD opened strong last month, but it's dipped a bit, and she needs the legs that the current single, "Through the Rain," might provide.

    "Through the Rain" sparked its own radio story this week when the Los Angeles Times said Carey's label was buying ad spots that played 53 seconds of the song.

    When this happened, said the Times, the computers that monitor radio play for trade publications may have recorded these excerpts as "airplay" - which would make the record seem more popular than it really is.

    With Lover, Dre and Lisa, though, Carey talked about how she "just lost myself in the music" making the CD and how helpful that was after her muchpublicized collapse last year.

    She said again that the incident was "not a breakdown," just the result of "complete exhaustion" from trying to do too much, and that she's fine now.

    Carey also said she has no relationship with Eminem and no feud with Jennifer Lopez. "I don't know her," said Carey.

    She said she has had some bad relationships because "when I was growing up, I didn't have people showing me the right choices." Carey also said her "Glitter" CD and film project failed partly because it came out after 9/11 and had inadequate support.

    When Lisa G asked what kind of guy she's looking for, Carey said, "someone with a good personality who can laugh. ... It would be nice to find somebody who's not threatened by a girl's success."

    If she found the right guy, she said later, it would be "no problem" to fetch him a beer from the fridge during the Super Bowl.

    While Carey was on Power, she also got attention from morning host Star on WQHT (97.1 FM). He said he mostly likes "Charmbracelet," in spite of a few hip-hop moments he's not crazy about, and said he has always liked Carey herself.

    Of course, being Star, he added a few references to her weight, a very sensitive point to Carey. Star's comments were complimentary, but at one point someone did insert the sound of a cow mooing.

    NY Daily News

    "Funniest Mariah Moments"
    Tom writes: "I decided to upload the MP3's of the Top 35 Funniest Mariah Moments which some fans have been asking to hear. I gave it to her on CD after TRL in a gift box, but I'm not sure if she got it or listened to it, but you can if you want." Check it out here.

    updated byLiron January 23rd, 2003 9:30PM
    Is Mariah Carey Trying To Catch Pneumonia?
    MC & Wendy That's certainly what it looked like as the comeback pop princess strolled along Park Avenue yesterday - clad only in a miniskirt and tight-fitting denim jacket.

    With a wind-chill factor that made it feel like 6 degrees, Mariah looked positively naked compared to other pedestrians bundled up from head to toe to fight the deep freeze.

    The underdressed songbird would have been better off in Alaska, which was positively balmy compared to the Big Apple, with Anchorage basking in 29-degree temperatures, compared to our 21 degrees.

    NY Post

    To see pictures of Mariah "out and about" in NYC, check out Gallery 8.
    Also, to your right is a picture of Mariah with Wendy Williams yesterday on her show (Thanks Kevin)

    More Pictures & Wallpapers
    Rebecca & Eric sent me "Boy" and "Charms" wallpapers, mcfanatic sent me five extra HUGE pictures from the NRJ awards and Lester sent me some screen captures from MTV's "Crib Crashers" with MC. Check them out in Gallery 8.

    French Charts Update
    Sylvain (Mariahfanclub.com) writes:
    MC really rocks here in France and the DJs are starting to believe in her again. This week, Through the rain reach its peak on the official radio charts at no. 19 (from no. 26).
    In the same time, I know what you want (Mariah duet with Busta Rhymes) is already 31st (from 43rd - peak position).
    In the sales chart, TTR is #30 and CB #29 but with the radios playing it more and more, the NRJ music awards and many other shows with Mariah this week I bet it will do better next week.
    In France CB is almost double gold disc (200 000 copies) and France is the 3rd highest selling country for Charmbracelet.

    Cliff Richard Loves MC
    Here's an extract from a recent article about the pop legend Cliff Richard:

    He thinks younger acts today can also have his longevity. 'They have the best of everybody to learn from but they don't have the same support. People come; two or three albums later, they are gone.

    'I don't know what it was about the past. I'm sure mostly it was the attitude. We wanted to make it badly.

    'I don't know if the new singers want that. No one expects to be here for long so they probably don't work for it,' says Richard, who counts Ronan Keating and Mariah Carey among his favourite singers.


    TTR #7 On Rolling Stone's Readers' Choice
    Nate told me that in the new issue of Rolling Stone they had a "Critics' fave picks of 2002 and Readers' fave picks of 2002" for the Readers' pick for favorite single of 2002, "Through The Rain" came in at #7.

    TTR Drops To #95 On Billboard
    This week on Billboard:
    "Through The Rain" drops to #95 on the Billboard Hot 100 which means if we don't start requesting, it'll be out of the chart next week.
    However, TTR jumps to #3 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play.
    "Charmbracelet" (#37 on the albums chart) is down one spot on the R&B Chart to #20.

  • Mariah's "Boy" wasn't on TRL today again. Please keep voting and CALLING TRL!

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL and BET.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
  • updated byLiron January 23rd, 2003 1:20AM
    New Radio Interviews!
    Mariah Radio
    Turn up your radio, raise the speaker volume on your computer and be sure to tune in this Friday, January 24 to catch live interviews with Mariah on Z100 and KTU.

    1/23/03 08:00 PM NEW YORK , NY WQHT - 97.1 FM live in studio radio visit/interview- with funkmaster flex

    1/24/03 07:30 AM JERSEY CITY , NJ WHTZ - 100.3 FM mariah carey in-studio interview & visit w/ elvis duran and then 'the girls room'

    1/24/03 08:45 AM JERSEY CITY , NJ WKTU - 103.5 FM morning show inteview and in-studio visit with goomba johnny

    We would really appreciate it if those of you who are able to listen to the interviews send in your reviews or even soundfiles if possible.

    MariahCarey.com - Check to see NEW Pictures too from Mariah's recent vacation.

    Boy Wallpaper / Crib Crasher Pics

  • Check out the Wallpapers section for a wallpaper with the "Boy" theme sent by Dan.

  • Check out Mariah's Web for captures from "Crib Crashers" and tomorrow for the MPG as well!
  • updated byLiron January 22nd, 2003 9:35PM
    "Charmbracelet" #37 On Billboard
    This week, Mariah's "Charmbracelet" slips to #37 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, selling 25,928 copies bringing the total to 829,890. (Thanks VocalWonder)

    Mariah Radio Interview Details
    Thank you Jonny for the following details from Mariah's interview on the NY radio station 107.5:

    Mariah appeared on Wendy Williams' radio show today for close to two hours. She was there with Mary-Ann Tatum and Jerry Blair. She brought dinner and Cristal for everyone.

    I didn't get to catch the whole show but here's some quotes and a summary from it:

    Mariah said about Da Brat: "Leave Brat alone! She's my friend!!!..... I would take a bullet for her... when people are loyal to you that's what you do."
    "I like to make friends, I consider myself to be friendly... I've been burned by people who want to be around the hoopla."

    "No we didn't... Tyrese is cool but we didn't have a thing" - answering did she and Tyrese get between the sheets.
    Then Wendy suggested that Tyrese was going through her to get to Derek Jeter: "You are silly, leave Derek alone. I hope Mrs. Jeter is listening- call and defend your son! :laughs: We know he's not gay. I don't know what this rumor is."

    Mariah said she spoke to Brenda K. Starr this morning and that she's living in a new house in New Jersey and that she's making records. "She was like a big sister to me...She's a beautiful person and a wonderful friend."

    They were talking about guys/girls. Mariah said that "you can be feminine but you can be tough" and then somehow it warped into "If I were a guy, I would probably be a drag queen, because... :laughs: I couldn't handle not having the variety to change your style, your clothing, whatever"

    Then they were talking about the mic-grabbing incident:
    "Cindi will not grab the mic from me ever again, ok??" When Wendy asks Mariah if she ever boned the guy in the "Sweetheart" video.
    "No, I didn't bone him!! C'mon Wendy!!"

    When Wendy asked her about the success of "Charmbracelet" Mariah said "Thank you to all the fans for supporting me and living through the drama"

    Wendy asked mariah when she gets engaged, if it'd be a pink diamond (obiouvsly in reference to jlo) and mariah responded "No, it would be blue cause they're more rare"

    When asked how her sister is doing: "My sister is ok we sort of reunited this year because of my father and everything's all right. that's personal stuff though. keep her business her business. She really doesn't like it when I talk about her..."

    And about her brother Morgan's role: "His role? He's my brother. :laughs: He does his own stuff, he's working on a tv show right now, a martial arts tv show." She said he went to Japan with her for Thanksgiving.

    Talking about cooking/kitchens: "I'm a good cook, ask her." (referring to Mary-Ann) "Lounge chair in the kitchen? Who wouldn't!! .... They can't hate on the fact that I like to recline while I eat!

    Talking about doing her vocals in the studio: "I do my own stuff. When I sing, it's me and the engineer."

    Mariah on E! Fashion Police
    E! Fashion Police Silver Lining
    Mariah Carey makes a sterling appearance at L.A.'s Blue Diamond Affair in a shiny spaghetti-strap sliver of a gown. The pulled-back hairstyle (with hairpiece attached) shows off a happy face, and the dangling diamond earrings are surely worth more than most of us earn in a decade. The girl has indeed made it through the rain--in style.

    Click on the picture to enlarge.

    Thomas, Nacho, E! Online

    Crib Crashers - MC Episode
    Episode 1: Mariah Carey
    Decoupage Butterfly Wall:
    We all know that Mariah Carey loves things that are soft and delicate, which is why she has wallpaper with a butterfly pattern in her crib. It was the title of her multi-platinum 1997 release and what's more delicate than a butterfly? Now, you too can learn how to set yourself up with your own personalized wallpaper. In this first episode, we taught some faithful Mariah fans how to make a Decoupage Butterfly Wallpaper that turned a boring wall into something worthy of the Queen of Glitter.

    Padded Headboard:
    Not everyone can have a bed as lavish as Mariah Carey's. In case you didn't know, beds cost big bucks. However, no one ever said that you couldn't improvise. We taught Katie, Ashley, and Rachel how to build their very own Padded Headboard that will turn this bed into something worthy of Mariah herself.

    Padded Bench:
    A Mariah Carey crib is all about the fluff. She has fluffy pillows, fluffy comforters, and even fluffy couches. That's why Todd decided to make a padded bench for this Crib-over. It's cheap, easy and very fluffy. Make sure you're paying attention, because the Padded Bench is a bedroom necessity.

    Decoupage Boxes:
    Decoupage. Here at Crib Crashers, we not only love to say it, we also love to do it. First we did the Decoupage Wall, now it's time to do some boxes. Todd decided to stick with the Butterfly motif, but you can do anything you like at home. Decoupage Boxes are the perfect way to turn something utilitarian into a work of art.

    MTV - Click to see pictures of the room.

    Pictures from TRL / Magazines
    Check out Gallery 8 for pictures of Mariah from TRL taken by fans and also by Big Pictures USA & Getty Images.
    Lori from Delaware told me that she was one of the girls who asked MC questions on the air and that she got to talk to her backstage!

    Also in Gallery 8 is a new scan of "Teen People" magazine (February issue) thanks to Emilee.

    NRJ Sound Files / Boy Wallpaper / Fansite Awards

  • Check out Kalev's site for Mariah soundfiles from the swedish NRJ awards.

  • Check out DivaMC.de for a "Boy" wallpaper!

  • And lastly, check out Mariah Daily's French version - fan awards here.

    Voting Issue - TRL/BET/Radio
    We HAVE to start moving, guys! Today "Boy (I Need You)" was just a wannabe on TRL while "Through The Rain" keeps losing spins on the radios and the airplay is dropping substantially.
    So lets try together to help Mariah be seen on TRL & BET (Boy) and be heard on the radios with "Through The Rain" so that it can peak higher than #81 once the single is released! It doesn't take long, so please take a few minutes to help Mariah!

    Check out the email that was sent by Team Mariah:

    "Boy (I Need You) Featuring Cam'Ron made it's video debut this week. Our TRL Charmers will be requesting the video on TRL from now on - BUT...we STILL have to keep requesting "TTR" on radio stations across America."

    "Let's make sure they KEEP playing TTR on every radio station across the country. Request Mariah only on YOUR local radio station."

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL and BET.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
  • updated byLiron January 21st, 2003 9:35PM
    Pictures Update!
    As promised, huge picture update today! Added to Gallery 8 are pictures of Mariah from:

    - The French NRJ Awards including huge scans - high quality

    - The Island Def Jam party that took place a couple of weeks ago in NYC - huge scans - high quality (thanks mcfanatic)

    - Outside the MTV UK studios on Jan 15th - notice Hannah filming MC for the DVD (Thanks Nigel)

    - Arriving to the hotel she stayed in France (Thanks Peace & MisterB)

    - Last but not least: Phil who was on "MTV Fanatics" with Mariah in 1998 sent me his pictures back from that show and also new pictures he took while meeting Mariah in the mall of America last month!

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 21st, 2003 5:00PM
    Check Out Mariah Today on BET's 106 & Park
    Tune in to BET's 106 & Park today at 6PM/EST to catch Mariah and her new video Boy (I Need You) featuring Cam'ron.


    Mariah Was Just on TRL
    Mariah was the co-host for today's episode of TRL. She came out at the beginning of the show wearing a beautiful blue ensemble with silver glittery boots. First they announced that Mariah came bearing gifts, and one of them was massages and manicures for the whole audience right there in the studio. The reason for that, Mariah said, was because "people need to be pampered." Then they went into the countdown. When Mariah was asked what she thought about Ja Rule and Ashanti, she said "I think they make a great team" and during a segment about the movie "The Bourne Identity" she said that Matt Damon is "amazingly talented." Mariah answered questions from two of the fans in the audience who asked her about how she is doing and what she'll be up to next. She said that she's doing great, and that she's getting ready to go out on tour. She talked to a girl from the audience who was there with one of her friends, and explained that the girl and her friend both had charmbracelets together to show their friendship and then the girl gave Mariah a charmbracelet and Mariah said something like "and now we both have one too." Later on, she went out into the crowd that was waiting outside. She gave charmbracelets out to the people waiting outside and to the studio audience, and she also asked if they could bring the fans from outside into the studio. After that, Mariah premiered the video for "Boy (I Need You)" and Cam'Ron surprised the audience by coming out and hanging out with Mariah. After that they asked if she would go answer the phones and she said sure, "if that's gonna make you happy." And then they brought out some food for the audience courtesy of a restaurant called Mr. Chow's.

    Thanks Jonny for writing this nice review and big shout outs to Heather, Lani & Michael who were on the show!

    Side dishes
    Mariah Careyis one crowd-pleaser. The pop diva will bring her style entourage with her today to MTV for an appearance on "Total Request Live." Carey, who's promoting her CD "Charmbracelet," will be accompanied by her masseur, her manicurist, a chef and others who keep her beautiful. They'll do the same for lucky members of the audience, says our source ...

    NY Daily News

    Shania Twain Compliments Mariah
    (1/21/03, 7 a.m. ET) -- Shania Twain's recent appearance on the American Music Awards brought her face-to-face with the show's controversial hosts, the Osbournes.

    The singer says that while she only got to see part of the Osbournes' hosting duties from the house, she was amused by family matriarch Sharon Osbourne. "Well, I didn't get to really see them. I just got to see Mother Osbourne," Twain said. "I think she gave a great introduction for Mariah (Carey) 'cause Mariah's fantastic, so I don't think you could ever give enough of an introduction for her, and, you know, that's really it. My mother never spoke like that though, but I think she's pretty cool."

    Yahoo! News / Launch

    American Idols (#2) Love MC
    Check out the comments from new American Idol contenders:
    FAVORITE ENTERTAINER: “I’d have to say Mariah Carey right now,” she says.

    FAVORITE ENTERTAINER: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston

    Magazine News

  • Alfreda told me that Mariah has a whole page dedicated to her in the March 2003 "Sophisticated Hair Guide" page 34. It shows MC's hairstyles through the years.

  • Sofia writes: "Mariah is now on the cover of the February issue of SOLO!! Remember Cosmopolitian September 2001? SOLO has another pose from it! While she on the Cosmo cover was leaning her head to her left, SOLO is more of a front facial shot! It´s soooo pretty! Truly the best Swedish cover ever!!! Please buy as many issues as you can to other fans, so we will encourage them to put her more times on the cover! Also, you fans who have a scanner - buy it and scan it soon so we can share it with the rest of the world!! For those fans who would like a copy and can pay for it (through PayPal, CASH or trade with another Mariah magazine), email me at missbutterfly@popit.se and maybe we can work something out."

    HITS Update
    According to Hits Daily Double, Mariah has sold 25,448 copies of "Charmbracelet" this week which places her on #40 with a 15% decrease from last week. Hopefully figures from Soundscan (Thursday) will place Mariah a bit higher on the Billboard chart!

    Big Picture Update Coming Up
    Stay tuned for many new Mariah pictures which I'll put up on the galleries later!

  • updated byLiron January 21st, 2003 1:45AM
    DOWNLOAD Mariah's New Video - "Boy (I Need You)" SVCD
    Dis ended up finding a place to host the file!! This is a 80MB Super VCD - which is a higher quality file than the regular MPGs.
    Hope you all enjoy it and please thank Dis as well for making this video and sharing it with us!

    Download #1 - Right Click and save the file to download the video.

    Download #2 (Mirror) - Right Click and save the file to download the video.

    Please note: Use just one of the links, don't directly link to them and don't wait because they will only be available for a day or two. Enjoy!

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 20th, 2003 11:10PM
    "Boy (I Need You)" SVCD
    We are considering putting up a SVCD (high quality video version) of "Boy", but we aren't certain yet... However we'd like to know if anyone has a place to host it for us because that would be the only way we could share it with everyone. If you are able to help, please email us (Dis & Liron) ASAP. Thanks!
    updated byLiron January 20th, 2003 9:40PM
    "Boy" Premiere!
    Boy (I Need You) Mariah's new video "Boy (I Need You)" just premiered on MTV (US) during the special "Making The Video". Check out Gallery 8 for over 20 screen captures from the video - Thanks Allan! From now on, start voting for the video every day on TRL!!!

    Mariah's New Project With Da Brat!
    Da Brat recently stopped by the Power 106 studios (L.A radio station) and talked to the DJs. In their page, they write:

    "And I heard that we should look for a new project that Da Brat and Mariah Carey have both been working on called "Baby Girl"!"

    Fans Name Star After Mariah
    Gilles thought of a really nice idea to name a star after Mariah and hand her the certificate when he met her in Paris. Check out the picture of Mariah & the certificate on his site - Heroes of Mariah.

    JD Talks About Not Being Able To Work With MC
    "...Just when most of us are winding down from a three-day weekend, Jermaine Dupri seems to be hitting high gear...

    ...Before his "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" party tonight --- announced with invitations printed on, yes, a sack --- Buzz got Dupri's thoughts on:

    > Not being able to produce for non-BMG acts such as Mariah Carey and Jay-Z anymore:
    "I am going to be an in-house producer. . . . But the door will always be open with [Arista President Antonio ''L.A.'' Reid] to discuss working with a Mariah or whomever. But my focus is on rebuilding my roster."

    Atlanta Journal

    Magazine Scans
    mcfanatic sent me scans from National Enquirer (Jan 14) & Star tabloids. Check them out in Gallery 8.

    Also check out the Wallpapers section for TTR & Boy wallpapers by Lisa. I'd also like to thank Ryan, Geno, Vijay, Lisa, Jo, Dion, Maciej, Mauricio & Heather for the lovely logos!

    International Update

  • Philippines: (Thanks Jun)
    * Mariah's TTR is at #2 in the MTV Asia Hitlist (aired last January 18, 2003). J-Lo is at #1 with "Jenny From the Block."

    * She also holds the #2 spot in MTV Diyes, the top ten countdown of MTV Philippines. It aired last January 19, 2003. The Calling is at #1, J-Lo is at #4 while Eminem is at #5.

    *MTV Asia and MTV Phillipines are currently playing the Maurice Joshua Remix of TTR. It re-edits the original video to fit the remix.

    *Also over the weekend, MTV Philippines aired TRL Presents: Most Expensive Videos 4. Mariah is at #3 with her "Heartbreaker" video. But the video they showed is different from what we see here in Asia. It doesn't have the animated part. The US version has the part showing the rapper in the tub.

    *Over at MYX, MTV's rival music channel in the Philippines, they will be airing an exclusive one-on-one interview with Mariah on January 23, 2003 over their show, Pop Myx (shown several times a day). They will also be giving away charmbracelets and exclusive Charmbracelet desk calendars to the lucky viewers. To drumbeat this special, MYX is showing plugs of the interview, with Mariah introducing herself and saying the MYX slogan: "Your Choice, Your Music."

  • UK: (Thanks Taz, Ashes)
    Mariah: Top Ten
    Starting: 12:00 on Tuesday 21st January. Duration: 1 hour
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Cribs
    Starting: 13:00 on Tuesday 21st January. Duration: 30 minutes Showing on MTV Base

    Mariah: Videography
    Starting: 09:00 on Thursday 23rd January. Duration: 1 hour
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Wannabes
    Starting: 09:00 on Friday 24th January. Duration: 30 minutes
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Shining Through the Rain
    Starting: 19:00 on Friday 24th January. Duration: 1 hour
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Cribs
    Starting: 20:00 on Friday 24th January. Duration: 30 minutes
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Videography
    Starting: 20:30 on Friday 24th January. Duration: 30 minutes
    Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Wannabes
    Starting: 11:00 on Saturday 25th January. Duration: 30 minutes Showing on MTV Base.

    Mariah: Wannabes
    Starting: 19:00 on Sunday 26th January. Duration: 30 minutes
    Showing on MTV Base.

  • Portugal: (Thanks Tiago)
    "I would just like you to inform that the Portuguese FanClub and Universal Music Portugal we'll be meeting tomorrow, January 21st, at 16h30 to discuss Mariah Carey in Portugal.
    Fans will give their oppinion on what's done, what's not, make suggestions, and offer their work to help promote Mariah in this country. This is the first time something like this happens in Portugal, and I believe in many countries.
    As it is a very fair 'cause, I'd like your help to pass this message on, and invite every portuguese fan that can make it to Lisbon Tuesday, to join the meeting, or make their oppinions arrive by mail to tiagopalma@clix.pt, or through the forum or guestbook of http://mariahfanclub.no.sapo.pt "

  • Estonia: (Thanks Kalev)
    "My project is to share scans from my collection with other Mariah fans. I have hundreds of clippings from Estonian magazines & newspapers, also from Russian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, German and other magazines & newspapers. I can sell some of my spare items. You can see my first gallery here."

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
  • updated byLiron January 19th, 2003 10:40AM
    New Voice Message
    Happy New Year!!
    Yeah, just literally walked into my apartment. I've been all over the land meeting fans in Sweden, in France, England... everywhere. And I just wanna thank everybody so much for all the gifts and all the love and all the support and let you know that my new video is gonna be premiering on I think Monday night is the making of, which is kinda funny. And on Tuesday I'm gonna be up on TRL, you know, co-hosting the show, something of that nature.

    Anyway, it's gonna be cool. But the video is so cute, you gotta watch specifically for Jack's moment, you gotta watch for Bianca and watch for like little things 'cause you catch different things each time you watch it.

    But anyway, I love you much! I took a nice little vacation myself and I hope you guys all had a great holiday. Big Nasty says hello, once again happy New Year and thank you for making 2002 a fabulous year for me and... thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, appreciate you and enjoy ya!

    MariahCarey.com, transcript by MariahMania

    New NRJ Pictures
    NRJ Awards Check out Gallery 8 for new pictures from the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France: a high quality one, a collage of pictures of Mariah giving a speech, new pictures of Mariah arriving to the awards and last but not least - pictures of Mariah performing at the show:

    "U.S. singer Mariah Carey performs during the NRJ Music Awards, January 18, 2003 in Cannes, southern France. The NRJ music awards launch the opening of the 37th MIDEM (International record music publishing and video music market). REUTERS/POOL/Vanessa Lucchesi."
    Tarvo, Stars2Ya, mcfanatic, Getty Images, Reuters & AP.

    Make sure to go to Mariah Style to get the video of Mariah performing "Through The Rain" on the NRJ Awards.

    Another video of the performance can be found in Music Central

    Mariah on French Channels
    Radjah wants to inform all French fans of the following schedule of Mariah TV appearances:

    23/01 on Paris Premiere at 20h00 for Hollywood stories.
    25/01 on France 2 for La legende des voix (the voice legend) at 20h50.
    25/01 and 26/01 on M6music from 6 am in (48h with Mariah Carey).

    MTV2 Counts Down The 22 Greatest Voices
    "What if you had the power to transform a great voice into one of the greatest? Wonder no more, as we empower YOU to pick the 22 Greatest Voices of the last 22 years. Whether it's a meaningful message, a unique style or simply one helluva set’a lungs you decide. We're counting down to the number one voice as selected by you. It's your chance to be heard as part of MTV2 Presents "22 Greatest: VOICES", the first in a series of shows where it’s your vote that counts!"

    Click here and vote for Mariah (Thanks Rachel & Ken).

    Fan Site
    Heather started a new website called Mariah Art for all fans with creativity.

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"

    updated byLiron January 18th, 2003 6:20PM
    Mariah In France
    Mariah In France The French NRJ Music Awards have just been held in Cannes. Mariah appeared twice. First, she came to give an award to a famous French singer (Johnny Hallyday). Then, she came back to sing TTR. She looked absolutely gorgeous: she was wearing a black dress and her hair was straight. Unfortunately, Mariah didn't receive any award. She was nominated for Best Female but Shakira won.

    Check out the beautiful pictures of Mariah coming to the NRJ Awards in Gallery 8:

    U.S. singer Mariah Carey arrives at the Cannes festival palace, to take part in the NRJ awards ceremony, during the Midem 2003 (International record music publishing and video music market), Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003, in Cannes , southern France. (AP PHOTO/Lionel Cironneau)

    Mathieu, AP / Reuters, NRJ

    Magazine News
    People January 27, 2003 pic page 46 (available in Gallery 8).
    Instyle February 2003 pictures page(s) 68 & 194.
    Rolling Stone February 6, 2003 mentions Mottola leaving pg 12.
    US Weekly January 27, 2003 pic pg 73.
    (Thank you Janel!)

    updated byLiron January 18th, 2003 2:05PM
    Mariah's World Tour?
    Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) writes: "Ok guys, this one will be short, 'cause I'm back from Paris where I saw Mariah several times. Wayne told me that the tour will begin in May by Asia and Australia, then in September/October Europe with probably a concert in Belgium and then later the U.S.A"

    Mariah to Appear on TRL!
    Don't miss Mariah on MTV's TRL this Tuesday, January 21 at 3:30PM EST!

    Mariah who is winding up another European promotion tour will arrive back in the U.S. just in time to drop in on the folks at TRL to discuss her new album Charmbracelet and her latest video Boy (I Need You) featuring Cam'ron. So be sure to tune in and if you are in the New York City area swing by and be part of the crowd cheering on Mariah because she can't wait to see all of her NYC lambs!


    Billboard Update: January 25, 2003
    "Through The Rain"
    Adult Contemporary
    This Week: #20
    Last Week: #18
    Weeks On Chart: 14 (Peak: #17)

    Canadian Singles Chart
    This Week: #11
    Last Week: #10
    Weeks On Chart: 8 (Peak: #5)

    Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    This Week: #7 (Peak)
    Last Week: #11
    Weeks On Chart: 6
    Note: Now listed as "Through The Rain (Full Intention, M. Joshua, & H. Hector Mixes)"

    The Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #86
    Last Week: #81 (Peak)
    Weeks On Chart: 5

    Top 40 Mainstream
    This Week: #26 (Peak)
    Last Week: #27
    Weeks On Chart: 7

    "Irresistible (Westside Connection)"
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    This Week: #89
    Last Week: #92
    Weeks On Chart: 5 (Peak: #81)

    The Billboard 200
    This Week: #31
    Last Week: #30
    Weeks On Chart: 6 (Peak: #3)

    Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    This Week: #19
    Last Week: #19
    Weeks On Chart: 6 (Peak: #2)

    Jessica, Billboard

    European MTVs MC Schedule
    Cclub15 told me that there is going to be a Mariah-day on Nordic MTV (Scandinavia) on Monday, and here is the schedule:
    10.00am Top 10 at Ten Mariah Carey
    06.00pm Making the Video Mariah Carey
    06.30pm Fanatic Mariah Carey
    10.00pm Essential Mariah Carey
    10.30pm Becoming Mariah Carey

    Cragg told me that in England, Mariah Carey: Shining Through The Rain will air on Friday the 24th January at 7.00pm followed by Mariah Carey: Cribs and then Mariah Carey: Videography at 8.30pm.

    Plus Daniel wants to remind MTV Europe viewers to watch these shows:
    CRIBS MARIAH CAREY Friday at 1500

    Pictures Update
    Tarvo sent me four high quality pictures of Mariah receving the RIAA award after the American Music Awards.
    Jorge EY sent me two scans of pictures of Mariah in Mexico.
    Those plus pictures of behind the scenes footage of "Boy (I Need You)" (taken from MTV) are all on Gallery 8.

    MC In Instyle Magazine
    Andrew writes: "Just wanted to tell you that MC was in February "instyle" here in the US. She's on pafe 4 or 10. She's wearing a black pleated skirt and blue sweater. The article talks about pleats being in style."

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 17th, 2003 8:00PM
    Download Mariah Interview / Video
  • Julie & Vijay uploaded a Mariah interview from B96 on 10/14/02 from the Eddie & Jobo show. ou can download the 4 zipped mp3s here.

  • Also, check out Mariah's Web for the video file from Access Hollywood!

    Mariah: "My Breasts Are Real!"
    Mariah In London Busty pop diva Mariah Carey has revealed the secret of her ample cleavage is a push-up bra. Reacting to claims made by Sharon Osbourne that the singer has had her boobs surgically enhanced, the sexy songstress insisted she had found the whole incident hilarious.

    In London to film a one-off MTV special, Ms Carey, in true diva style, kept photographers and journalists waiting for an hour-and-a-half before emerging from London's exclusive Claridge's Hotel.

    Wearing a revealing low-cut figure-hugging beige dress and matching stiletto boots, Ms Carey was also keen to promote her new single, All Boy, out in March.

    When asked about Mrs. Osbourne's personal comments at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, she said: "I think she's fabulous and hilarious.

    "I didn't hear it, but when they asked me about it outside I just started to laugh.

    "I said I suppose it must have been the best boob job in the world if I didn't even remember it.

    "I'm going to send her one of my push-up bras so she can have it too."

    A spokeswoman for the singer also tried to explain away rumors that Ms Carey has had breast implants, saying: "She always used to be covered up when she was with her husband, and it is only now that you get to see her."

    mcfanatic, Alan, InfoBeat.

    David Morales About MC / More Pics
    Jennifer picked up a local newspaper in Chicago ("UR") and on the Jan. 16-Feb 12 issue they feature an articale on David Morales on page 55. Here are a few paragraphs from the article that mention MC:

    "Remember that episode of Cribs on MTV? The one where Mariah Carey proceeded to climb on her Stairmaster wearing spike-heeled Manolo Blahniks, strut around her enormous walk-in closet in various "ensembles" and take a dip in her tub with a towel still wrapped around her body? While millions of folks who saw that show may think she has a few marbles rolling around upstairs, Mariah is apparently quite the consummate professional. At least according to David Morales. "She's wonderful!" he gushes. "Hard worker. She was open to do anything...it's been a real pleasure to work with her." Now these are not the sentiments of any old dude off the street. These words come from David Morales, one of the founding fathers of house."

    "Remixing famous folks became Morales' schtick-he's worked with everyone from Seal to the Spice Girls, Tina Turner to Toni Braxton, and both the Backstreet and Pet Shop Boys. Working with Mariah landed Morales a Grammy nomination in 1996 (for Fantasy), and he received another nomination the next year. And, lest he pull a Grammy-equivalent of a Susan Lucci, Morales won the "Remixer of the Year" award in 1998."

    Plus, check out Gallery 7 for more pictures of Mariah in Sweden.

  • updated byLiron January 17th, 2003 4:20PM
    Watch Access Hollywood Tonight!
    Just a quick note to let you know that Daniel saw a preview for tonight's "Access Hollywood" and they're going to show footage from behind the scenes of Mariah's new video - "Boy (I Need You)".
    updated byLiron January 17th, 2003 3:15PM
    Pictures of Mariah in Sweden
    Daniel sent me pictures of Mariah at the Swedish NRJ awards last night (performing and receiving an award) - check them out in Gallery 7.
    Zafer sent me a very creative wallpaper with many pictures of Mariah in it - added to the Wallpapers section.

    MC Tonight On Inside Edition
    Ronnie told me that "Inside Edition" will show a segment about Mariah at the AMAs (and the whole Sharon Osborne story) tonight on their show. Check this page for local listings of the show.

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
    updated byLiron January 17th, 2003 1:05AM
    Mariah's 'Through The Rain' Set For U.S. Release
    (1/16/03, 5 p.m. ET) -- Mariah Carey's "Through The Rain" will be released as a commercial single in the U.S. on February 4. MonarC Music and Island Def Jam, Carey's record label, initially had no plans to release "Through The Rain," the first radio single from her Charmbracelet album, as a commercial single in the U.S. However, following the singer's stellar performance of the song at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Monday (January 13), the label reversed its decision.

    The single release will feature three tracks, including the "Through The Rain" (Album Version), "Through The Rain" (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Radio Edit), and a live version of her Def Leppard cover, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak." International editions of the CD single saw release late last year.

    Meanwhile, Carey has moved on to promoting Charmbracelet's second single and accompanying music video, "Boy (I Need You)" featuring Cam'ron. The video will debut on MTV's Making The Video at 5 p.m. ET on Monday (January 20).

    In related news, Carey received the Recording Industry Association Of America Commemorative Award while attending the American Music Awards. The award recognizes the more than 100 gold, platinum, and multiplatinum certifications that Carey has earned throughout her career. Island Def Jam Music Group chairman and CEO Lyor Cohen personally presented the award to Carey.
    -- Jason Gelman, New York

    Yahoo! News / Launch

    Mariah's Most Played Artist In Sweden
    Daniel told me that the award Mariah's won in the Swedish NRJ awards was for being the most played artist in the past 10 years (1993-2003) in Sweden. Congratulations Mariah!

    Mariah's #1 In Brazil
    Daniel told me that "Through The Rain" has reached #1 on Disk MTV (The Brazilian TRL) this week. Brazilian fans - keep voting for her by calling (11) 5180-3333.

    Magazine Scan / AOL 2003 Perdiction

  • Vijay scanned a beautiful picture of Mariah from the UK "You" magazine (Nov 02), check it out in Gallery 7.

  • AOL Members - click here to read AOL's music forecast including Mariah's horoscope for 2003 (Thanks Mariahfan8705).

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??

    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th.

    "All You Gotta Do Is Call And Suddenly,
    Things Don't Really Seem So Bad At All"
  • updated byLiron January 16th, 2003 9:25PM
    New Video: Busta Ft. Mariah
    For The Record: Quick News On Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes...
    01.16.2003 4:05 PM EST

    Busta Rhymes is planning a headlining tour for the spring, after he shoots a video for "I Know What You Want," a collaboration with Mariah Carey and the Flipmode Squad and the next single from his LP It Ain't Safe No More. "I want to get the video out of the way before we hit the road, so we ain't got to worry about none of that and can just focus on showing the love to the people," he said at Monday's American Music Awards.

    Alan, MTV News

    Mariah To Co-Host TRL
    FluffyP13 wrote that today on TRL they announced that Mariah will co host the show when she comes there on Tuesday - Jan 21st.

    New Pictures
    Check out Gallery 7 for new pictures of Mariah in London (from yesterday) and two new Israeli magazine scans (Thanks Shahar). Also make sure to check out Mariah's official site for cute pictures of her from Christmas 2002!

    Mariah's European Update
    Mariah arrived to Sweden late last night and swedishmariahlover met her outside her hotel! Check out his FOMM posts here and here to read his long reports!

    Earlier today, Mariah performed "Through The Rain" on the NRJ Awards in Sweden and also gave a speech (she might have won an award, but I'll get back to you with this one!)

    And just about two hours ago, Mariah arrived to France and greeted her fans who waited for her outside her hotel! (Thanks Mari)

    updated byLiron January 16th, 2003 3:55PM
    Mariah, Cam'ron Shoot 'Speed Racer Meets Hello Kitty' Video
    MC @ AMAs Jan 13 HOLLYWOOD — Back on her feet and with a new record in stores, Mariah Carey is plotting her next move down rebound trail and it looks to be a national tour.

    Carey said Monday at her American Music Awards after party that she'll hit the road when she returns from a promotional winter trip to Europe.

    "I think it's going to be a combination [of performance styles]," Carey said just hours after her emotional performance at the AMAs (see "Missing Eminem Cleans Up At American Music Awards" or click for photos from the red carpet). "Some of the songs are very intimate and they require one-on-one with the audience. They need to feel you. And then some require productions."

    Carey also said she's in negotiations for a couple of film roles.

    "There's a lot of indie projects I'm really interested in, because 'Wisegirls' was so much fun for me," she said. "A lot of other things like that, unexpected things. A few things I don't want to talk about yet, but they're exciting."

    In the meantime, Carey will release "Boy (I Need You)," the second single from last fall's Charmbracelet. The song is remake of Cam'ron's "Oh Boy" and features the rapper.

    "We just shot the video. It was my first time working with [director] Joseph Kahn and I'm really excited about it," Carey said. "It's kind of like Japanese pop — Speed Racer meets Hello Kitty meets me and Cam'ron."

    Late Monday, Carey played host to Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Carlton, Nickelback and others at the Les Deux Cafe. Carey wore blue diamond chandelier earrings to fit with the "Blue Diamond Affair" theme of the party, which was to celebrate 100 gold or platinum certifications throughout the singer's career.

    "I didn't even know what a certification was when I started out," Carey said. "It's an amazing night for me. It's a great sense of accomplishment. And it also [shows] you can go through difficult times and come out of it if you really stay positive. I think it was a lesson for me in general just to stop and enjoy and not just work yourself into the ground, but really take it all in. That's why I'm ultra-happy tonight."
    —Corey Moss

    Ricardo, MTV News

    Billboard Update

  • As we reported yesterday, "Charmbracelet" is at #31 on the Billboard 200 and the good news is that it's been certified with a platinum status.
  • "Through The Rain" slips to #86 on the Hot 100 chart (it's down 5 places so keep requesting it!)
  • "Through The Rain" (Full Intention,M. Joshua, H.Hector Mixes) also peaks at #7 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/ Club Play (Thanks Kino).

    Mariah Denies "Boob Job"
    Mariah Curvy
    Jan 16 2003
    BUSTY Mariah Carey yesterday insisted she owes her ample cleavage to a push- up bra, not implants.

    The singer said rock wife Sharon Osbourne's claims at the American Music Awards that her chest was surgically enhanced were "hilarious".

    She added: "I suppose it must have been the best boob job in the world if I didn't even remember it."

    The 32-year-old, in London to film an "intimate one-off" for MTV, kept photographers and fans waiting for 90 minutes outside exclusive Claridge's Hotel.

    Daily Record

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations, use the request page.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th, or pre-order it.

  • updated byLiron January 15th, 2003 11:45PM
    "Charmbracelet" #31 On Billboard
    "Charmbracelet" drops only one place this week (much better than Hits' expectation) to #31 on the Billboard 200 selling 29,290 copies bringing its total to 803,962 copies in 6 weeks! (Thanks Vocalwonder)
    updated byLiron January 15th, 2003 9:00PM
    Review of MTV UK Special
    Caterpillar attended the recording of the MTV UK special and here's his detailed summary:

    Jack is in the video barking the "Boy" bits. Mariah also confirmed that Bianca is back (and her wig fell off at one point - that may or may not make it onto Making The Video).

    The tour is due to start around May. I didn't hear what she said about when it would finish but I think she was talking about Europe when she said it would be later on in the year, "as all the venues are already booked up".

    Mariah performed Yours, Through The Rain and Bringin' on the Heartbreak (all twice). I'd say they were all about half live, half lipped/overpowered by backing vocalists (other people may disagree). TTR was much the same as the AMAs performance, with the high note. We also got the second verse of BOTH.

    For anyone who cares, she also sung the word "Butterfly" like from Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) and a bit of Clown (someone asked about American Idol, and the subject got onto the cheeky girls - Mariah started talking about novelty acts and sung "Who's gonna care when the novelty's over.....Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down.."Pow").

    Trey's new album should hopefully be coming out on MonarC soon. Trey, Melonie and Mary-Ann were great - they kept us entertained while we were waiting for the second set of performances by singing stuff a cappella - Full Moon by Brandy, Make You Happy (by Trey), Rock With You by Michael Jackson and others which I can't remember right now.

    Mariah's friend was there shooting footage for the "All Access" thing which is apparently meant to be released as a DVD (although I didn't hear MC say that).

    The questions were mostly the kind of thing you'd expect - Mariah talked a lot about the media, Stevie Wonder (they haven't worked together cos she's too nervous!) and her multi-racial background. Most interesting question was about whether Mariah feels she gets as much credit as a singer/songwriter as her male counterparts. She said no - maybe she would if she was always seen with a guitar or at a piano, but because she just stands at the front of the stage and sings she gets landed with the "diva" tag.

    She also made some comments about Lullaby (it's a true story but it's been "embellished" because she's a "dramatic" person, and the story is still going on...- those weren't her exact words but that was the gist of it).

    And when she was talking about doing Fantasy with ODB, she said having the clown tied up at the start seems very appropriate in retrospect (referring to "Clown" from Charmbracelet).

    updated byLiron January 15th, 2003 8:15PM
    The Recording Industry Association of America Honors Mariah
    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) presented MonarC Music /Island Records recording artist Mariah Carey with a commemorative award recognizing more than 100 Gold®, Platinum® and multi-Platinum™certifications throughout her professional career.

    The plaque was presented to Mariah by Lyor Cohen, CEO/Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group and reads as follows: "Presented to Mariah Carey to commemorate more than 100 Gold, Platinum and mulit-Platinum certifications over the course of your extraordinary career. Congratulations from the Recording Industry Association of America"


    Mariah's MTV UK Special
    Mariah recorded a special show for MTV UK today where she sang the following songs completely live (she even sang each song twice)

    - "Yours"
    - "Through The Rain"
    - "Bringin' On The Heartbreak"

    Mariah denied having a boyfriend at the moment and confirmed there will be a world tour, possibly starting in May. (Thanks James!)

    "Charmbracelet" Is Gold In Spain
    With just the first single, "Though The Rain", that presented last month her new album "Charmbracelet", Mariah Carey shows she is ready to go back on top! With more than 2.5 million copies sold from her new album worldwide, the sales surpass last album sales and she's preparing her way to go to the top.

    "Charmbracelet" contains 16 songs and many special guests (Cam'ron, Jay Z, Freeway... and producers like Kelly Price, that make the songs more urban). Mariah also adds to her style other kinds of music (rap, funk) and we can't forget her most important characteristic, her voice. It's ovious that Mariah Carey, the best selling female artist of all time, comes back to her roots, the R&B, stronger than ever.

    Universal Spain, Translated from Spanish by Lulu Mari.

    "Boy" Promo
    Here's the information about the "Boy" 12" promo (as found on eBay):

    ARTIST: Mariah Carey
    TITLE: Boy (I Need You) (ft Cam'Ron)
    LABEL: Def Jam Recordings
    YEAR: 2002
    OUT OF PRINT: Promo Only
    SONGS: Boy (I Need You) (ft Cam'Ron) :
    PHOTO: Cover available in Gallery 7.

  • Note: I've been getting many e-mails about "The One", "Boy" and even "My Saving Grace" being played in different radio stations across the US. While this is great(!) news, the main target right now is to request "Through The Rain" as much as we can on radio stations so it can chart high on the Billboard Hot 100, while requesting "Boy" on TRL helps gain awareness for the song (which we'll request after TTR) and the album! Complex, but possible!

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations, use the request page.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th, or pre-order it.

  • updated byLiron January 15th, 2003 1:15PM
    Mariah to Release Through The Rain as Commercial Single
    On the heels of an amazing performance at the American Music Awards, MonarC Music and Island Def Jam are set to release Through The Rain as a commercial single. The hit single will be available in stores February 4th and will feature the following tracks:

    1. Through The Rain (Album Version)
    2. Through The Rain (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Radio Edit)*
    3. Bringin' On The Heartbreak (Live Version)


    Some Old Pictures
    Paul scanned a few old magazine clippings with cute pictures/articles about Mariah, Charline sent me pictures of Mariah from her visit to Argentina in 1999 and Heather sent me a drawing of the "Charmbracelet" cover that she did. Check all of them in Gallery 7.

    ET & Access Hollywood Talk To MC
    Mariah Keeps It Together During Emotional Performance
    Access Hollywood caught up with Mariah Carey after her 'Through The Rain' performance at the American Music Awards on Monday night, which she dedicated to her deceased father Alfred Roy. Asked if it was difficult for her to keep it together while performing, she said, "You know, if I had been seeing the screen in front of my face, it would have been even more emotional." Mariah also talked about her joy in making peace with her estranged father before his death. "For a long time, I wish we had been closer, and at the end we really got there. I'm thankful to God for that."

    Mariah Carey Happy For Standing Ovation
    Mariah Carey spoke with Entertainment Tonight on Monday night after receiving a standing ovation for her 'Through The Rain' performance at the American Music Awards. "It made me really -- just very happy," she said of the audience reaction. They also spoke with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, who hyped his summer tour with Christina Aguilera. "Guys come see her. I'll take care of the women," he says.

    Pop Dirt

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Request "Boy (I Need You)" on TRL beginning Jan. 21st.
    2. Request "Through The Rain" on your local radio stations, use the request page.
    3. Buy "Through The Rain" (US CD Single) on Feb. 4th, or pre-order it.

    updated byLiron January 14th, 2003 11:10PM
    Pre-Order TTR Single
    MCrises found out that you can pre-order the "Through The Rain" single on CD Universe. Here's the info they list for it:

    Mariah Carey : Through The Rain
    CD: $1.39
    Status: Pre-Order Now!
    Available: Tuesday, February 04, 2003
    List Price: $1.99
    (You save $0.60)
    Category: Rock / Pop, Rock, R&B
    Label: Island Records
    Orig Year: 2002
    CDU Part#: 5397168
    #Media: 1
    Street Date: Feb 04, 2003
    Studio/Live: Studio
    Mono/Stereo: Stereo

    updated byLiron January 14th, 2003 10:40PM
    MC Arrived To England
    James told me that Mariah arrived safely to England after a 14 hour flight with a stop at Scottland. While entering the hotel, Mariah stopped to chat with the fans and told them she was pleased with last night's AMA performance and the party. Mariah also mentioned coming back in February to promote "Boy" and a possible tour in the summer.

    American Music Awards After Party Behind The Scenes
    Extra TV has a behind-the-scnes look at the American Music Awards after parties with Mariah Carey and Nelly. They also speak with Jack Osbourne, Christina Aguilera, and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. Watch the clip here

    The celebrities who attended Mariah's party include: Vincent Young, Heidi Klum, Vanessa Carlton, Tyrese, Mekhi Phifer, Lulu, Da Brat, Cris Judd, Chad Kroeger, Brett Ratner, Diane Warren, Ryan Starr, Christina Aguilera, Simon Rex & Macy Gray.

    Extra, Pop Dirt

    Oasis Club Praises MC
    The Oasis club in L.A hosted a release party for "Charmbracelet" and this is a small note from their AMA review:

    "MARIAH CAREY was last night's "MOST AMAZING" performance pick "HANDS DOWN" at the American Music Awards, Special "MARIAH" MEDLEY this WEDNESDAY NIGHT at OASIS!"
    (Thanks Jae)

    Nacho sent me these couple of pictures I haven't seen before, I don't even know where they're from! Although they're very small, still beautiful:

    updated byLiron January 14th, 2003 9:35PM
    Mariah's European Timetable
    15 - Jan - 2003 [UK times]
    Mariah departs Claridges Hotel [off bond Street around 2pm to 2.30pm].
    Mariah leaves the UK via Luton airport at around 9.15pm from secret MTV Location.

    16 - Jan -2003 [all in Sweden times]
    Arrives around 2am to 3am at Grand Hotel in Sweden.
    4.30pm Leaves to the award ceremony.
    11pm Leaves Sweden to go to Paris.

    17-Jan-2003 [all in French time]
    Arrives at The Four Seasons Hotel in Paris around 1.30am.
    Mariah leaves 3.45pm for TV studio.
    Mariah Arrives at TV studio at 4.15pm.
    Mariah leaves hotel at 6pm to go to instore signing.
    Mariah Leaves store at 7.45pm to go back to hotel.
    Mariah leaves Hotel at 9pm to go to TV Studio.
    Mariah leaves for the TV studio around 10.15pm - 11pm for the airport.

    18 - Jan -2003 [all in French time]
    Mariahs Flight arrives in Nice at 11.30pm to 12.45 am
    From the airport she will make her way to the Carlton Hotel in Cannes [58 Bd de la Croisette].
    She will leave the hotel at 1pm for TTR rehersal from the hotel.
    She will leave the hotel around 8pm for the NRJ awards.
    She will do the red carpet walk at the venue at 8.30pm
    After the show Mariah will leave to Nice and catch a flight to New Jersey.

    Mariah Connection

    Official Charmbracelet International Figures
    Japan: 369,086
    France: 171,306
    UK: 107,319
    Germany: 90,662
    Canada: 60,511
    Korea: 54,296
    Brazil: 54,234
    Spain: 50,041
    Italy: 49,334
    Mexico: 34,945
    Thailand: 27,027
    Global excluding US: 1,312,576

    Mariah Connection / MonarC Music

    Mariah's The 6th Artist To Get Blue Diamond Award
    SEL4EVER19 researched RIAA and found out that Mariah is the sixth artist to pass the 100 certifications mark. Here are the other five along with their totals:
    Elvis - 264
    The Beatles - 164
    Barbra Steisand - 116
    Madonna - 116
    Elton John - 109

    Fan Site
    Kyle wanted to let everyone know he relaunched his site The One & Only Mariah

    Pirates Hijack The Music Industry
    America's commercial music industry --- especially its record producers --- is under attack from all sides, says Wired (February), the high-tech magazine. Blaming music piracy, the magazine says performers, equipment manufacturers and "good old-fashioned customers. ... are killing the record labels." CD sales fell 11 percent in the first half of 2002, after a 3 percent decline the previous year. Meanwhile, more and more music is being downloaded through the Internet. While music sales by the Big Five companies totaled $20 billion last year, "At least a hundred copies of every song on the Billboard Hot 100 were available for download," Wired says. "So were 13 out of 15 tracks on Mariah Carey's new CD" 13 weeks before it hit the stores.

    Atlanta Journal

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Continue requesting TTR on TRL every day.
    2. Request TTR on your local radio stations, check out links & phone numbers in our request page.
    3. Buy the single on Feb. 4th!

    updated byLiron January 14th, 2003 7:10PM
    Mariah's AMA Performance Praised
    MC @ AMAs Jan 13 "The evening's most powerful performance came from Mariah Carey, the bestelling female artist of all time, who dedicated her performance of "Through the Rain" to her father, Alfred Roy Carey, who passed away last year."

    Lisa, E Online

    "Other performers included Mariah Carey, whose emotional breakdown was recounted in images of news reports flashed across a screen before she came on stage to perform her perseverance ballad, "Through the Rain." One newspaper headline read, "When you fall down, you get back up.""

    ABC News

    "Among the performers were Mariah Carey, Ja Rule and Bobby Brown, Christina Aguilera and Nickelback. Carey earned a long ovation for "Through the Rain," a song about surviving her well-publicized emotional breakdown last year."

    NY Daily News

    "Mariah Carey was on top form, performing her single Through the Rain"

    BBC News

    "Mariah Carey, who is riding high on her comeback album "Charmbracelet," performed her hit "Make It Through the Rain" backed by a 20-piece string ensemble, six-piece band and 25-member choir."

    Yahoo! News / The Hollywood Reporter

  • Click here to download the audio file of Mariah's performance last night (Thanks Tom!).

  • "JANUARY 14: Singer Mariah Carey attends the Blue Diamond Affair Post AMA Celebration Party for the launch of her new album at Les Deux Cafe January 14, 2002 in Hollywood California."

    Tons of beautiful pictures from last night were added to Gallery 7 thanks to Stars2Ya, Getty Images, Wireimages, Rex Pictures & Globe Photos.

    Hits Update
    According to Hits Daily Double, Mariah has sold 30,050 copies of "Charmbracelet" this week which places her on #36 with a %31 decrease from last week. Hopefully figures from Soundscan (Thursday) will place Mariah a bit higher on the Billboard chart!

    "The Roof" #18 On Slant's 100 Greatest Videos
    18. Mariah Carey - "The Roof" (Mariah Carey & Diane Martel)
    The video for "The Roof," a standout track from Mariah Carey's 1997 album Butterfly, tells the sophisticated tale of a sexy rooftop encounter and finds the singer at her least artificial. Boomboxes, break-dancers, blow pops and snug Sergio Valentes abound, the video effectively transplants Carey to an NYC rooftop circa 1983. Submerged--and ultimately soaked--in her fleeting moment of sexual liberation, Carey displays a stark innocence and authentic vulnerability that had been missing from much of her previous work. Shot in a seedy hotel room and a dark limousine, the gritty images did plenty to redeem the singer of her bubblegum pop past. When Carey rises through the limo's sunroof and relishes the warm November rain, she's not drunk on the bubbly but on the memory of past delights.

    Slant Magazine

    Mariah About Tabloids
    Xanderdg told me that on Rolling Stone's daily 'newsletter' they had quotes by famous people, and this was Mariah's:

    "Apparently I don't do stairs, I won't walk on carpet and I refuse to walk on grass. How do I do to get around, hover?" -- MARIAH CAREY on tabloid reports.

    Pictures Update
    In addition to the AMA pictures, check out Gallery 7 for preview pictures from "Boy (I Need You)" Making The Video (Thanks Robbie) and a picture of Mariah & Markus from Germany.

  • updated byLiron January 14th, 2003 12:00AM
    Mariah Receiving RIAA Special Award
    MC Receiving Special Award Jan 13 Singer Mariah Carey is presented with the Recording Industry Association of America commemorative award, recognizing the more than 100 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications throughout her career, at the 30th annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles, January 13, 2003. Presenting the award is Lyor Cohen, chairman and chief executive officer of Island Def Jam Music Group. REUTERS/Rick Wilking.

    To view pictures of Mariah receving the award and more pictures from the AMAs, visit Gallery 7.

    updated byLiron January 13th, 2003 10:30PM
    First Picture From The AMAs
    MC On The AMAs Jan 13 Check out Gallery 6 for the large picture. Thanks to Jessica (Yahoo / AP).

    Mariah Carey performs 'Through the Rain' at the 30th annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Monday, Jan. 13, 2003. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

    updated byLiron January 13th, 2003 10:10PM
    Mariah Was AMAZING on AMAs
    Sharon Osbourne presented the performance saying tons of compliments about Mariah including announcing an AWARD she has won prior to the show!! Sharon presented Mariah as the best selling female artist of all time.
    Then an introduction was played on the video screen, showing articles from Mariah's hard-time ("emotional breakdown" was quoted) and then about her recovery, including Mariah saying: "I also wrote it for other people to inspire other people to get through whatever kind of things they go through in their personal lives coz none of us are perfect, we're all human."

    Mariah then performed "Through The Rain", skipping the second verse but doing an amazing high note after the bridge. In the background they were showing pictures of Mariah from her childhood including pictures of her father. It ended with a writing on the screen that says "In loving memory of Alfred Roy Carey".
    Mariah received a standing ovation that lasted until the next presenters came on stage. Jennie Garth stated that Mariah was amazing! Pictures coming up soon!

    updated byLiron January 13th, 2003 7:30PM
    Is Bianca Back?
    On this week's "Making of The Video" for Good Charlotte, they played a 30 seconds clip from the next show (Mariah's show for "Boy") and it looks like Bianca is back! They also showed Mariah riding a motorcycle, so stay tuned for the show's premiere next week (Jan 20) to see all that!

    Mariah Vs. Country Music @ Daytona
    "Showing more evidence that racing officials based in Daytona Beach, Florida, have developed an allergy to country music performers, Mariah Carey has been selected to perform the national anthem before this year's Daytona 500. Carey says her father used to race cars at Lime Rock in Connecticut, but that she hasn't been back to the track since she was a little girl."

    --David Poole, NASCAR writer,
    The Charlotte Observer
    (Thanks Deland)

    Mariah Carey Does The January Awards Circuit
    (1/13/03, 1 p.m. ET) -- Mariah Carey is on the awards circuit this month. The pop diva performs on the American Music Awards on January 13, singing her ballad "Through The Rain," and then flies to Europe for the NRJ 2003 awards shows in Sweden and France.

    Carey will appear on the NRJ Awards in Stockholm, broadcast live the evening of January 16 on Sweden's Channel 5; then heads to Cannes for France's NRJ Awards, also broadcast live, January 18 on France's TF1 television network.

    Carey's second single from Charmbracelet album is her "Boy (I Need You)." The song is a remake of Cam'ron's 2002 hit "Oh Boy," and he also appears on Carey's track. A video for the song has been shot by director Joseph Kahn over four days in Tokyo and Los Angeles, with numerous extras.
    -- Darryl Morden, Los Angeles

    Yahoo! News / Launch

    New Mariah Interview
    Click here to see a new interview with Mariah - it's the same one that AOL showed parts of recently. (Thanks Joseph)

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Continue requesting TTR on TRL every day.
    2. Request TTR on your local radio stations, check out links & phone numbers in our request page.
    3. Buy the single on Feb. 4th!

    updated byLiron January 13th, 2003 2:10PM
    Mariah To Be On TRL Jan 21
    Kristin Grimmett told me these great news we were all waiting for:
    Mariah will come to the MTV studios to be on TRL on Jan 21st!
    updated byLiron January 13th, 2003 1:32PM
    TTR Released In The US - Feb 4th
    TTR just had its best week in radio airplay plus Mariah's performing it tonight on the AMAs. Musicismydrug21 found out that "Through The Rain" will be released as a CD single in the US on February 4th:

    Mariah Carey
    Through The Rain
    STREET DATE February 4, 2003
    440 063 904 2
    CD Single • Price Code: S99 ...this means a $0.99 cost price
    Island • Pop
    Jewel Case

    Through The Rain (lp version)
    Through The Rain (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle radio edit)
    Bringin' On The Heartbreak (live)

    Mariah Carey makes her Island Records debut with the single "Through The Rain". Her voice has never sounded more amazing, as it does on this heartfelt and emotional first single from her already Platinum selling “Charmbracelet”. CD contains an exclusive live version of “Bringing On The Heartbreak”.
    Website: monarc.com mariahcarey.com islandrecords.com

    How Bad Do You Want Mariah's 16th #1??
    1. Continue requesting TTR on TRL every day.
    2. Request TTR on your local radio stations, check out links & phone numbers in our request page.
    3. Buy the single on Feb. 4th!

    CB #94 On Billboard's Year End Chart
    On Billboard's best selling albums of 2002, Mariah came in at #94 selling 731,000 copies of "Charmbracelet" from Dec. 3 to Dec. 29, 2002. (Thanks Jose)

    Magazine News
    The Globe - January 21, 2003 page 9 & 37
    The Enquirer - Jan 21, 2003 pages 45-46
    New York Daily News - Jan 12, 2003 article page 22
    Star - Jan 21, 2003 picture page 6
    In Touch Jan 20, 2003 page 97

    Thanks Janel for sending these news plus a new picture of Mariah from "Star" which was added to Gallery 6 along with a scan of a nice article from the Israeli "Fuse" magazine Jan 13 (comes with Yediot newspaper) thanks mcfanatic & Omri!

    Calling Swedish Fans
    swedishmariahlover says: "Mariah would arrive in Sweden between 00:30-04:30 am local time and would stay at Grand Hotel and she would enter the hotel via the main entrance and she would really appreciate it if fans would welcome her!"

    American Music Awards Tonight
    Make sure to watch Mariah performing "Through The Rain" tonight on the AMAs which will be aired live on ABC (8:00pm EST - 1:00am GMT) and in local channels worldwide such as the asian channel Star-world.

    updated byLiron January 12th, 2003 5:25PM
    Requesting "Boy"
    Hey everyone! For the upcoming "Boy (I Need You)" voting campaign, I have a few requests to anyone who'd like to help us out.
    Basically what we need are small logos (like the TRL one to your right) that read: "Vote for Boy (I Need You) on TRL", "Vote for Boy (I Need You) on BET" and "Request Boy (I Need You) on Radio".
    All logos should be 155x80 and we will use all of them randomly, not just one!

    In addition, please check out the Request Page for any missing information and send us phone numbers for your local radio stations! Thanks!!!

    Pictures Update
    2 Pictures from the Jingle Bell in Providence (Thanks DivaMC.de) and a picture of Mariah in Japan from the Israeli newspaper "Ma'ariv" (Thanks Eran) have been added to Gallery 6.

    New Site
    Check out Andrew's new site called Mariah on Fire

    updated byLiron January 11th, 2003 5:25PM
    Mariah's New Year Picture
    New Year's Eve 2002 Alisha from Mariah-Magic sent us a picture that appeared on Monday's NY Post and the caption reads:

    Hot Spot: Mariah Carey and friends bid farewell to 2002 on New Year's Eve at La Plage on St. Barths in the Caribbean.

    Check out the larger scan in Gallery 6.

    In other magazine news... Nikki & Ernesto that in the Jan. 20 issue of US Weekly with Brittney Spears on the cover, Mariah is mentioned on page 68 under "What the stars are buying." They have a small pic I believe from the Holiday party for Island Def Jam. Mariah is said to buy Mario Russo ABC Crème for cuticles. ($15.50).

    And last bit for today - Mason told me that "Through The Rain" reappeared this week on VH1's Top 20 Countdown at #16 (new peak).

    updated byLiron January 10th, 2003 9:37PM
    January Calendar Wallpapers
    Thanks to wonderful Cat for sending us beautiful wallpapers for January.
    Check them out in the Calendar Wallpapers section.

    Fan Sites / Vote

  • Check out Case's new site Crazy4Carey.

  • Hugo has a new site called Blissfully Mariah so pay it a visit as well!

  • A lot of fans wanted me to remind you to vote for Mariah in the best album of the year poll on Pop Dirt - it's on the right side of the screen, Mariah was leading but not anymore - so lets get her back on top!

  • Lulu Tahi writes: "Mariah was #2 on the Brazilian version of TRL (called DISK MTV) with "Through the Rain". She entered the Top 10 this week at #5 and today she had her highest position so far. If you are a Brazilian lamb, please request "TTR" by calling (11) 5180-3333. Let´s make MC number 1 next week!!!!!!!! She deserves it!"

    International Charts Update
    Sweden TTR #14, CB #50.
    UK TTR #44.
    Netherlands TTR #24, CB #37.
    Austria TTR #45, CB #51.
    France TTR #25, CB #23.
    Ireland TTR #43.
    Italy TTR #25, CB #43.
    Greece CB #17.
    Switzerland TTR #15, CB #19.
    Canada TTR #10, CB #64.
    Japan CB #30 (approximately 230,000 copies sold).
    Portugal TTR #8, CB #50.
    Spain TTR #11
    Germany TTR #63, CB #54

    (Thanks badboyluke, Rcardoso, MariahLeadstheway, Mari & Honey & Kate)

  • updated byLiron January 10th, 2003 12:20PM
    More About Thomas Mottola Leaving Sony
    Tommy out of Sony Mariah's Ex, Sony Chairman Tommy Mottola Steps Down
    01.09.2003 6:56 PM EST

    Tommy Mottola, the record company mogul Michael Jackson called the devil and Mariah Carey called a husband, has stepped down as Sony Music's chairman.

    Mottola, best known as the architect of his ex-wife's career, announced his resignation Thursday (January 9) and plans to launch a new music venture in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment. He spent 14 years with Sony, which reportedly suffered an operating loss of more than $100 million last year.

    "I have been thinking about taking up this new challenge for about a year and really made the decision to go forward recently," Mottola said in a statement.

    Jackson waved a placard bearing a hellish drawing of Mottola, called him "mean" and blamed his label boss' alleged racism for the poor sales of 2001's Invincible. Mottola's representatives called the charges bizarre and false.

    A New York native, Mottola helped guide Hall & Oates to multiplatinum success in the 1970s and '80s and also worked with John Mellencamp and Carly Simon. He joined Sony Music in 1988, and it wasn't long before he intercepted a Carey demo tape intended for another executive.

    Mottola divorced his first wife in 1990 and married Carey three years later, taking the reigns of her career. The couple divorced in 1998, and Carey split from Sony shortly after.

    Upon hearing the news of his resignation, Carey said, "I wish him well in his future endeavors."

    Mottola has also been instrumental in the musical careers of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.
    —Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by Jennifer Vineyard

    MTV News

    Tommy Changes Tune
    Fri Jan 10, 1:46 AM ET
    By Phil Gallo

    "...He bought rights to the soundtrack to "Titanic" in what was then seen as a risky deal -- it cost Sony $1 million, but became the biggest-selling soundtrack of the decade. The biggest success story during his tenure, however, has to be Mariah Carey's ascension -- he discovered and signed her in 1989 and married her in 1993. Each of her albums on Columbia did better than its predecessor until 1997's "Daydream" contributed $250 million to Sony coffers. Her last album with the label, "Rainbow," sold 3 million copies..."

    Yahoo! News / Reuters

    Mottola Leaves Sony Music
    Thursday, January 09, 2003
    By Roger Friedman

    "...The Japanese owners of Sony had a lot on their minds when it came to Mottola's future. The talented but volatile music executive personally forced out two of Sony's major stars, Mariah Carey (his ex-wife) and Michael Jackson. In the case of the former, the embarrassing story of Mottola allegedly stealing music from Carey's Glitter album and passing it to Jennifer Lopez didn't help much. Carey was able to use that information as leverage to leave her Sony contract one album early..."

    Fox News

    Mariah Carey Pumped For Daytona 500 Performance
    Friday, January 10, 2003
    Entertainment Writer

    Pop star Mariah Carey will be thinking about her father when she performs the national anthem at the Daytona 500 on Feb. 16.

    "I'm totally psyched about it," the Grammy-winning singer said during a conference-call interview Thursday. "My father used to race cars, and when I was called to do this I felt like it was perfect timing because my father passed away this past year. We had gotten into long conversations about the fact he raced cars and what it meant to him."

    Though Carey admitted she knew little about NASCAR racing or motor sports, she said her late father took her as a child to races in Lime Rock, Conn. "He always loved to go to the races and he would take all the kids, the children, the grandchildren. Because he did pass away this year, I'm researching a lot of things about his life that he and I touched upon during his last days."

    Carey's new album, "Charmbracelet," includes a paean to her father titled "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy."

    "I'm not the most astute person in terms of my knowledge of cars and racing," Carey said. "I know about Dale Earnhardt Jr., that he's very popular. A lot of my friends talk about him. Also that his father was a legend. I've been to car races but not since I was a little girl. I've definitely never been to anything of this magnitude. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's an exciting and amazing sport."

    Carey has sung the national anthem at an event only once before: during last year's Super Bowl.

    "That was an amazing experience for me," she said. "It's a very powerful song to sing, especially with the state of the world, and it was right after 9-11. People really do want to hear the national anthem sung from the heart."

    Carey is the best-selling female music artist of all time, and has tallied 15 No. 1 singles and won two Grammy Awards. Her hits include "Someday," "Dreamlover," "Fantasy" and her record-setting duet with Boyz II Men, "One Sweet Day."

    News Journal Online

    "Boy" Going For Radio Adds on Jan 21
    According to All Access, "Boy (I Need You)" is going for adds on Rhythmic radio on January 21st - the day after its "Making The Video" premieres on MTV (Thanks Robbie).
    Get ready for a massive requesting campaign and in the meanwhile don't forget to request "Through The Rain" - it is currently at its peak position on the Billboard Hot 100 (at #81) and perhaps we can help it jump a few spots by requesting the song this week.

    Mariah's on Top Women of Pop
    Mariah Carey's emergence as a musical superstar has been cultivated over a career of consistent hit-making. She is the top selling female artist in history with a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, and Billboard Magazine's Artist of the Decade Award.

    Eran, Windows Media

    Billboard Update: January 18, 2003
    Through The Rain
    Adult Contemporary
    This Week: #18
    Last Week: #19
    Weeks On Chart: 13 (Peak: #17)

    Canadian Singles Chart
    This Week: #10
    Last Week: #8
    Weeks On Chart: 7 (Peak: #5)

    Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    This Week: #11 (Peak)
    Last Week: #18
    Weeks On Chart: 5
    Note: Now listed as "Through The Rain (Full Intention, M. Joshua, & H. Hector Mixes)"

    The Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #81 (Peak)
    Last Week: #83
    Weeks On Chart: 4

    Top 40 Mainstream
    This Week: #27 (Peak)
    Last Week: #29
    Weeks On Chart: 6

    Irresistible (Westside Connection)
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    This Week: #92
    Last Week: #92
    Weeks On Chart: 4 (Peak: #81)

    The Billboard 200
    This Week: #30
    Last Week: #25
    Weeks On Chart: 5 (Peak: #3)

    Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    This Week: #19
    Last Week: #15
    Weeks On Chart: 5 (Peak: #2)

    Jessica, Billboard

    Israeli Newspaper Scan
    Judging by the comments, "Charmbracelet" has obviously managed to impress even the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" that usually doesn't praise Mariah. mcfanatic sent me the scan of the great article & picture that appeared in the weekend edition of the newspaper - check it out in Gallery 6.

    updated byLiron January 9th, 2003 6:30PM
    Mottola Resigns as Head of Sony Music
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Corp on Thursday said Thomas Mottola, the recording mogul who signed singer Mariah Carey and later married her, has stepped down as chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.

    Sony said it agreed to release Mottola from the two years he has remaining under his current contract, and it expects to name a successor within the next few days.

    After a 14-year tenure at Sony Music Entertainment, Mottola, who is now divorced from Carey, will leave the company to launch a new music venture, which is expected to be formed in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, the company said in a release.

    Mottola is resigning his positions as Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment effective immediately to launch the new venture, which is as yet unnamed.

    Sony has struggled along with its rivals in the music business with a protracted sales decline, incurring operating losses exceeding $100 million in the past year.

    Rumors that Mottola was leaving Sony, which ranked third in U.S. music market share behind Vivendi Universal and Bertelsmann, had been circulating for months.

    Yahoo! News / Reuters

    updated byLiron January 9th, 2003 5:50PM
    Mariah Talks About Daytona 500
    NATIONAL ANTHEM:@ Mariah Carey will sing the national anthem at the season-opening Daytona 500 on Feb. 16.

    It will be the second big event for the two-time Grammy winner -- she also sang the anthem at the Super Bowl last season. She'll use this performance to honor her late father.

    "My father actually used to race cars, and when I heard about this, I felt like it was perfect timing because actually my father has passed away this past year," she said. "It seems like it's the right moment."

    Yahoo! News / Associated Press

    Tickets for the Feb. 16 Daytona 500 as well as other Speedweeks events are available online or by calling the Speedway Ticket Office at (386) 253-7223.

    The Daytona 500

    updated byLiron January 9th, 2003 12:45PM
    Mariah Carey To Sing National Anthem For Daytona 500
    Special to FOXSports.com
    Jan. 9, 2003 4:58 p.m.

    Daytona International Speedway announced Thursday that Grammy Award winning artist Mariah Carey, the biggest selling female pop artist of all time, will kick off the festivities for the Feb. 16 Daytona 500 by singing the National Anthem.

    The 2003 Daytona 500 will be broadcast live on FOX, beginning at noon with pre-race coverage.

    "We're thrilled to have this superstar join us for the 'Great American Race'," said Speedway President Robin Braig. "We're honored to have Mariah. I know her incredible voice will stir the hearts of our guests and our competitors."

    Since she began her career, Carey has recorded an astounding 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammy Awards and has surpassed the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop Billboard's "Hot 100 Singles" chart. In addition, Carey has become the only artist to top the charts each year of the 1990s with such hits as "Vision of Love," "My All," "Dreamlover," "Honey," and "Heartbreaker." Her new album "Charmbracelet," released in December, is topping charts around the world and reached #1 on the R&B charts.

    In May 2002, the Long Island, NY, native signed an exclusive recording contract with the Universal Music Group's Island Records. She formed her own label, MonarC Music, which released its first studio album this year with "Charmbracelet".

    Carey will perform for an audience of millions on Feb. 16. The 2002 Daytona 500 was the most watched motorsports event in the world when on-site attendance and television viewing households are combined. The Daytona 500's estimated attendance in 2002 was 200,000 with a television rating of 10.9, 26 share, equal to 11,551,000 households.

    Marcin, FOX Sports

    *** Some nice pictures from Fox including one of Mariah singing the American national anthem last year at the Superbowl plus the TV Guide cover that included Mariah (Thanks Lisa) have been added to Gallery 6.

    French MD Is Back Too!
    Dave has re-opened the French division of Mariah Daily - MDaily-Fr. Not all pages are working, but he's working on it and the site should be completed very soon!

    updated byLiron January 9th, 2003 11:50AM
    MD Is Back!
    Mariah Daily was down today but not only is it back but the servers have been updated so there is no longer delay with the updates or different sections of the site showing up. Sorry for the inconvenience, be sure to check out all the recent updates you might have missed!

    Mariah To Sing National Anthem For Daytona 500
    Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!
    Mariah Carey To Sing National Anthem For Daytona 500

    Daytona International Speedway announced today that Grammy Award winning artist Mariah Carey, the biggest selling female pop artist of all time, will kick off the festivities for the Feb. 16 Daytona 500 by singing the National Anthem.

    "We're thrilled to have this superstar join us for the 'Great American Race'," said Speedway President Robin Braig. "We're honored to have Mariah. I know her incredible voice will stir the hearts of our guests and our competitors."

    Carey will perform for an audience of millions on Feb. 16. The 2002 Daytona 500 was the most watched motorsports event in the world when on-site attendance and television viewing households are combined. The Daytona 500's estimated attendance in 2002 was 200,000 with a television rating of 10.9, 26 share, equal to 11,551,000 households.

    The 2003 Daytona 500 will be broadcast live on FOX.


    Billboard Update
    Through the Rain- #81 on the Hot 100
    Through the Rain- #11 on Club Play
    Charmbracelet- #30 on the Billboard 200 (more details on yesterday's update)
    Charmbracelet- #19 on the R&B album charts
    (Thanks Michael)

    E! True Hollywood Story Updated
    Alan & Erica informed me that Mariah's episode of "E! True Hollywood Story" has been updated with footage about "Charmbracelet" at the end. Check out our left sidebar to see the airing dates & times for that show!

    updated byLiron January 8th, 2003 7:35PM
    Mariah #30 On Billboard
    Vocalwonder found the official Soundscan/Billboard stats for this week which state Mariah has sold 43,216 copies of "Charmbracelet" on its 5th week on the chart which places her at #30.

    Last week she's sold 124,661 copies which brings "Charmbracelet"'s total sales to 774,672

    High Quality Blender Scans
    mcfanatic sent me these gorgeous high quality scans from "Blender" magazine:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 6.

    3 New Contests!

  • In addition to yesterday's contest by Marquis, Mike is holding another contest to anyone who buys "Charmbracelet" this week, here are the details:


    Receipts should bear a date within the valid week (Jan 7-14, 2003).
    Scan and send the receipt* to this address: miket_up@hotmail.com
    One copy of CB= one entry, Two copies= 3 entries, Three copies= 5 entries, and so on.

    Deadline of submission of entries is on Jan. 16, 2003. Winner will be announced on Jan. 17, 2003. * US Receipts only. (Non-US fans may forward a receipt from an online store in US, e.g., Tower, Amazon, etc.)

  • Honey & Kate wrote: "Next Saturday on January 11th www.butterfliesarefree.de is celebrating its 3rd birthday already and that's why we'll be doing a contest with 3 great prizes for YOU to win! The contest will start on Saturday and will last for a week and the prizes are an exclusive 2003 Mariah table-calendar that has been given to us by Island Mercury Germany, a vinyl of Mariah's first single "Vision Of Love" and a "Can't Take That Away" CD single. You can find all the details for the contest as well as scans of the prizes on Butterflies Are Free."

  • Check your e-mails for a new contest by Team Mariah in which you can win layered film proofs from "Charmbracelet".

    Another update from Team Mariah:
    "Through The Rain" had it's BEST WEEK YET at pop radio!

  • updated byLiron January 7th, 2003 8:45PM
    Canadian Girl Sleeps In Mariah Carey’s Bed
    Tuesday January 07, 2003 @ 02:00 PM
    Everybody knows that Mariah Carey lives a pampered life. The pop diva is famous for having outrageously lavish riders and surrounding herself with opulence. When MTV’s home invasion show Cribs gave a tour of her house, teen girls the world over wept tears of envy over the decor of Mariah’s girly pad.

    Well, one Canadian girl is envious no more. MTV has developed a new show called Crib Crashers — sort of a combination of Cribs and MTV’s karaoke-deluxe show Becoming. Music fans are given home make-overs so that their living space will resemble that of their favourite music star. It’s a little weird — but who wouldn’t want the services of an interior decorator to the stars?

    The catch with the upcoming Mariah Carey edition of Crib Crashers is that the lucky winner is Canadian. Sixteen-year-old Courtney Del Duca of Mississauga, Ontario is a long-time Mariah fanatic and her suburban bedroom was chosen as the subject of the big makeover. Hipster designer Todd Oldham arrived in Mississauga last week to transform Courtney’s room into Mariah’s Butterfly Room — a creamy yellow room decorated with — you got it — butterflies. While Courtney was out with her aunt, the rest of her friends and family got together to help Olham recreate the Butterfly Room on the cheap.

    Naturally, Courtney’s friends and schoolmates (and the rest of Canada) can catch Crib Crashers on MTV Canada. The show will premier on February 16 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

    Chart Attack (Note: Yep! It's the same Courtney that sent us her story earlier)

    Official Site Confirms "Boy" Making The Video
    You know where you read it first! ;) All the airing dates have been added to the left sidebar, don't forget to watch it!

    Get A Behind The Scenes Peek At Mariah's "Boy"!
    For a behind the scenes look at the making of Mariah Carey's latest video tune into MTV's Making the Video on January 20 @ 5pm/EST and catch the world premier of Mariah's video Boy (I need You) featuring Cam'ron.


    "Boy (I Need You)" Playing in L.A Radios
    Alan and Nick both told me that radio stations in L.A are playing "Boy" but a different version to the one that's on the album. The one that's being played has a rap intro & outro by Cam'ron. With the video being premiered on Jan 20 along with the song being sent to radio, get ready for a massive request campaign VERY SOON!

    Fan Site
    Lulu Mini writes: "Hi! It is Mini, one of the webmasters of Mariahconnection.com. I would like to announce you that mariahconnection.com has launched the Spanish version of the site. We are still working on it, but people can access to the news which are already available here."

    Vote For Mariah
    Nacho wants me to ask everyone to vote on one of the biggest Argentinian pop stations. All you have to do is go to this link and next to Mariah's name click "VOTA"!

    TTR Is Nick's Pick
    Heather told me that today on Nickelodeon's video pick, "Through The Rain" won which means it will be played again on Sunday.

    updated byLiron January 7th, 2003 6:45PM
    Touch Magazine Scans
    Check out the following scans from the British "Touch" Magazine thanks to Moni:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 6.

    "The One" Billboard Review
    Kenneith found a review for "The One" on the members only section of Billboard published on January 7th.
    Note: "The One" is NOT the 2nd single as this review states.

    Copyright 2003 BPI Communication, Inc.
    BPI Entertainment News Wire
    January 6, 2003, Monday

    SECTION: Entertainment News
    BYLINE: From Billboard

    "The One"

    Monarc/Island Def Jam
    While her No. 3 entry on The Billboard 200 proved that Mariah Carey's fans are indeed charmed by "Charmbracelet," radio showed less zeal for tepid first single "Through the Rain," which failed to triumph on the Hot 100. Follow-up "The One," another ballad, returns the chanteuse to more dependable R&B waters, featuring an uncredited rap in her bid for street cred. But behind the rhymes is that characteristic that makes much of the current disc monotonous: Carey never raises her voice above a languid whisper giving the song no discernable peaks or valleys -- and making it a better side dish for Sunday brunch than a main course for the masses. Sorry, but without a hook, this is still not the big fish we know Carey is capable of landing.

    "Charmbracelet" Competition
    Marquis decided to try and help Mariah's sales by holding a new competition;
    To enter the competition, you must buy a copy of "Charmbracelet" between January 7th and January 14th, scan your receipt and e-mail it to Marquis.
    Two winners will be picked and win one of the two prizes: a promo CD of "Through The Rain" and a "Charmbracelet" poster. Good luck!

    Indirect Grammy Nod
    As previously reported, Mariah did not receive any Grammy nominations this year, but Bobby informed me that on Catagory 88, for Production;
    Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical with 'Through the Rain, Mariah Carey' being one of the songs mentioned. Good luck to JJ & TL!

    PRN Newswire

    updated byLiron January 7th, 2003 4:00PM
    MD Visitor Wins MTV Contest!
    Congratulations Courtney for winning the MTV Contest to be on the show "Crib Crashers" and have her room designed to be like one of Mariah's rooms as it was shown in her episode of "MTV Cribs"! Courtney heard about the contest on Mariah Daily and here's what she wrote us:

    "One day when i was on your site I saw the contest to have your room done like Mariah's mermaid or butterfly room through MTV. So i decided to look into it more and went to the mtv website and it explained that it was a brand new show called cribovers where fans send in a video with a tour of their room and have 3 people who know them well explain why they think the fan deserves this cribover. So after I found everything out I emailed to make sure Canadians can enter and they said yes. The next day I made a video and sent it in. Before i continue, the website (MTV's) stated that the room would be completed before christmas. By december 28thish i was positive i hadn't won, little did i know my whole family had been hiding that i had won!! They had known for a month and got me to go up to my aunt's house (who was also in on it) an hour away for thusday (the 2nd) until saturday. I didn't know until after the surprise that there had been people following us and filming us all day! around 6:10pm on saturday I got home and my my came to the door saying that one of my christmas presents had come late and that it was up in my room so I went up, with my mom and aunt following behind, not suspecting a thing and when I opened my door there were my sisters and friends jumping up saying "we crashed your crib" and film crew everywhere!! I was soooooo shocked when I walked in I was crying because this had been a dream come true! so after I settled down I was intrduced to tod oldham ( who is a REALLY famous designer) and he said I have another surprise for you and brought in an autographed picture of mariah!! i, again, went nto shock and was crying! then he said theres also something for you downstairs and there was a video from mariah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE SAID MY NAME TOO!!! omg! I couldn't believe any of this, I'm still in complete shock. so then there was one more surprise and when i went upstairs there was a jewelry box with a charmbracelet from mariah!! Anyways, thats all and thanks for listening. thank you all SOOOO much for an AMAZING website because i would have NEVER found out about this contest!!

    Courtney also told us the dates when the show will air on MTV: "Cribs" (Mariah's episode) on January 22nd at 10:00pm and right after, at 10:30pm the show with Courtney! MTV Canada will air the show on February 16th, time unknown yet.

    Mariah to perform on American Music Awards
    Don't miss your chance to see Mariah perform Through The Rain LIVE on the American Music Awards.
    Monday, January 13th on ABC, at 8pm EST/7pm CST.


    Remix Album TBR March 17th (Europe)
    RCardoso found that on the Portuguese online CD store CD-Go, you can pre-order the Remix Album which is listed for release on March 17th, 2003.
    Click here to pre-order the album on CD Go.

    Boy (I Need You) is the next single in Belgium
    The single will be launched on radios in February (dates TBA).
    Source: Universal Belgium by phone - Heroes of Mariah.

    HITS Update
    According to Hits Daily Double, with nearly 100% of the reports, Mariah has sold approximately 43,272 copies of "Charmbracelet" this week to place her on #34. The Billboard official positions will be announced on Thursday.

    No Grammy Nods For MC
    The nominations for the Grammy awards were announced today and unfortunately Mariah didn't receive any.
    Alfreda told me that during the opening "Hot Topics" segments on the View today (January 7, 2003) the ladies were talking about the Grammy nominations…..Star Jones mentioned MC's Charmbracelet as a good album, but was sad not to see it nominated because of the Grammy rule... {Album must be released on a certain date to be considered for nominations}.

    Hollywood Divas Book
    Marquis told me that there is a new book titled "Hollywood Divas: The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous". There is a chapter on Mariah Carey from pages 41-45. It was printed and released in 2003 so it is very new.

    Chart News

  • Mariah's latest effort, Charmbracelet has become a HUGE success in Malaysia. Since the album released it has been at No #1 for 3 weeks. While Jennifer Lopez album is only at #19 and Shania at #17. (Thanks Fairozee)

  • Mariah came in no. 59 at radioandrecords.com year end chart for the TTR on the Adult Contemporary format ahead of Shania, Michelle Branch, Britney and more. Check it out here. (Thanks Eric)

    Intimate Portrait Captures
    Check out the 45 screen captures that Lisa sent me from yesterday's special program "Intimate Program" on Lifetime TV about Mariah:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 6.

  • updated byLiron January 6th, 2003 7:45PM
    Mariah to Appear at NRJ 2003 Music Awards
    Mariah is preparing to head across the Atlantic to appear on the NRJ Awards shows in both Sweden and France. The NRJ Awards in Stockholm will broadcast live the evening of January 16th on Sweden's Channel 5. Mariah will then head over to Cannes for France's NRJ Awards, which will broadcast live the evening of January 18th on France's TF1.


    "Boy" Making The Video?
    TV-Now lists the following air dates for an upcoming "Making The Video" show with Mariah due to premiere on Jan 20th. Hopefully it is valid and not a confusion with the original schedule for "The One". Make sure to watch:

    Making the Video
    30 minutes- N, In Stereo
    Mariah Carey.

    Mon Jan 20 05:00P MTVE- MTV
    Tue Jan 21 05:30P MTVE- MTV
    Wed Jan 22 02:00P MTVE- MTV
    Wed Jan 22 08:00P MTVE- MTV
    Fri Jan 24 06:30P MTVE- MTV
    Sat Jan 25 10:00A MTVE- MTV
    Sun Jan 26 09:00P MTVE- MTV

    Ernesto, TV Now

    Billboard Update: January 11, 2003
    Through The Rain
    Adult Contemporary
    This Week: #19 (RE-ENTRY)
    Last Week: n/a
    Weeks On Chart: 12 (Peak: #17)

    Canadian Singles Chart
    This Week: #8
    Last Week: #10
    Weeks On Chart: 6 (Peak: #5)

    Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    This Week: #18 (Peak)
    Last Week: #25
    Weeks On Chart: 4

    The Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #83
    Last Week: #83 (Peak)
    Weeks On Chart: 3

    Top 40 Mainstream
    This Week: #29
    Last Week: #29 (Peak)
    Weeks On Chart: 5

    Irresistible (Westside Connection)
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    This Week: #92
    Last Week: #81 (Peak)
    Weeks On Chart: 3

    All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
    Adult Contemporary Recurrents
    This Week: #15
    Last Week: #17
    Weeks On Chart: 10 (Peak: #9)
    *Note: The ten weeks represent the cumulative chart life span for this track dating back to December 2001.

    The Billboard 200
    This Week: #25
    Last Week: #18
    Weeks On Chart: 4 (Peak: #3)

    Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
    This Week: #15
    Last Week: #14
    Weeks On Chart: 4 (Peak: #2)

    Jessica, Billboard

    "Wisegirls" Out in Canada
    Will told me that Blockbuster in Canada is now finally carrying "Wisegirls" after some shipment delays.
    The DVD can also be found at HMV Canada also under "Wise Girls". Because the dvd is an indie release it is priced quite high.

    Will also wrote me this:
    "I performed at a show for the st. stephen's charity, which aids youth in programs from drugs and crime. I sang an acoustic version of "through the rain" which received many kind comments.... I apologize there are some minor mistakes, but hope you can enjoy it and share it with our fellow lambs out there. Click here to download the file."

    Magazine News

  • Mariah is on the cover of the new tv guide along with Eminem, Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne, and Kelly Clarkson. The title of the issue "100 Music Moments That Rocked TV." Next to Eminem it says - the scandals - next to kurt cobain it says - the tragedies - next to mariah it says - the meltdowns - next to ozzy it says - the laughs - and next to kelly clarkson it says - the joy - Mariah makes it in at #100 and it says on page 48 100. A strange-acting Mariah Carey makes a surprise - and surprising - visit to MTV's TRL, July 19, 2001. (Thanks Paul)

  • Janel sent us a scan from the Feb "Teen People" issue:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4

    Promotion In Hong Kong
    Bernard writes: "This picture of Charmbraclet autographed promo cardboard was taken at HMV Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) store. Also, Through The Rain was #1 on local radio Metroshowbiz 2 weeks ago.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4
  • updated byLiron January 5th, 2003 8:30PM
    Buy TTR Poster
    Janel found out you can buy a TTR poster in Movie Market.

    AOL Artist of The Month
    Mariah was chosen by AOL as their artist of the month for January. Check it out on this link - AOL Members Only (Thanks Matt).

    updated byLiron January 4th, 2003 11:50PM
    **Not Confirmed** "Boy" TBR March 31st (UK)
    bcrybaby found a long list with date releases for UK singles and listed under March 31st are:

    Mariah Carey featuring Cam'Ron - Boy (I Need You)
    Eve - Satisfaction
    Beyonce Knowles - Wish Upon A Star

    Mariah Carey Describes The Man She Doesn't Want
    Mariah Carey reflects on hunting for a man to follow in the footsteps of former husband Tommy Mottola -- she's looking for "someone who doesn't have my poster, because you can't live up to a poster" -- in the latest issue of Blender magazine. "I don't want to be with another older person," she says. "I don't want to say that I want a man to like me for my mind, because that's going to make me sound like I think I'm Albert Einstein. But I would like someone who doesn't accuse me of making up words like 'segue.'"

    Pop Dirt - Taken from Blender magazine.

    Mariah Speculated To Show Up At MTV Asia Awards
    "With this years's MTV Asia Awards being so star-studded, contests giving away free tickets have become the hottest thing around, report TOMMY WEE and TAN SHZR EE....

    ...MTV Asia Awards 2003, which will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Jan 24...

    ...Big names like Bon Jovi, diva Mariah Carey and British pop king Robbie Williams are rumoured to be making special unannounced appearances..."

    The Straits Times

    Mariah In Magazines
    Star: Diet Special: (Thanks Lindsey)

    Mariah carey is once again a sexy, sizzling songbird after a bout with depression in late 2001 added a few too many pounds to gorgeous frame.The grammy winning diva decided to whip her self in shape after agreeing to sing the national anthem before the 2002 super bowl. She'd porked out to 155 pounds and looked bloated and flabby. But the 5-foot-9 singer whos always had a huge appetite, checked into an arizona health spa to trim the the fat."She worked around the clock on a tredmill and stationary bike doubling it up with a killer program of stomach crunches, leg lifts with a heavy medicine ball and push-ups,a close friend says. Mariah also limited her diet to salads fish and skinless chicken, along with drinking lots of water. Before long she'd trimmed down to a svelte 124 pounds." She's never looked better" one source says.

    Andrew sent in a scan of an ad from Blender to the Mariah/Grammy competition, Janel sent a scan of Blackbeat's review for "Charmbracelet" and a People magazine article about MTV Cribs, Akira sent 2 scans from a magazine article called "Stars on sabbatical" and finally mcfanatic sent me scans from the November 26 issue of Star tabloid and Dec 3 issue of National Enquirer tabloid:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4

    International Update

  • "Charmbracelet" is #4 in the official albums chart in Greece, going up 4 places from #8 last week (Thanks Takis)

  • On the Brazilian chart, TTR is a non-mover at #25 (Thanks Nigel)

  • Sian told me about a new UK Fan organization called United Lambs of UK
  • updated byLiron January 3rd, 2003 4:45PM
    "Charmbracelet" #25 On Billboard
    For the Billboard issue of January 11th:
    CB drops #18-#25 on Hot 200 albums.
    CB drops #14-#15 on R&B albums.
    TTR holds at #83 on Hot 100 with a bullet
    TTR moves up from #25-#18 on the Dance Club Play.

    DJSlitch, Billboard

    TV Guide About Mariah's Intimate Portrait
    It is under TV Guide's "Noteworthy Viewing" for Monday and says:
    An upbeat Mariah Carey traces her road to pop stardom during an INTIMATE PORTRAIT, which covers a string of No. 1 hits in the '90s, her failed marriage to record executive Tommy Mottola and her lackluster performance in 2001's "Glitter." The hour also features clips of Carey's music videos. See the Close-Up on p. 144

    The Close-Up on page 144 has a pic of Mariah and says:
    IRRESISTABLE On the heels of the 2002 release of her ninth album, "Charmbracelet," pop diva Mariah Carey sets the record straight about her personal and professional life. The best-selling female artist of the '90s recalls the start of her music career. "I didn't know about the Grammys," Carey explains, "I just knew I wanted to hear my song on the radio." The hour looks at how the singer rose to success under the guidance of Sony music chief Tommy Mottola, her husband from 1993-1997, soaring to the top of the charts with such No. 1 hits as "Vision of Love," "Emotions" and "Fantasy." Carey also discusses the creative freedom she enjoyed after her divorce and her lackluster movie debut in "Glitter." (1:00)

    Jason, TV Guide

    In addition to that, Marcin told me that Lifetime TV made a special page for Mariah's show where you can check out her biography and a few facts they wrote about her.

    Magazine Bits

  • Mariah's on page ten in Jan 13th issue of US weekly.... On Santa's lap in Anaheim jingle ball (Thanks Tim)

  • Mariah's in BlackBeat magazine, April 2003 issue in page 83 (Thanks Janel)

    Bells On, Tops Off, Celebs Greet '03
    Mariah At St. Bart's On New Year's Eve Fetch another pot of espresso. Our droopy-lidded spies have finally awakened to bring you these reports of New Year's Eve around the globe.

    ST. BART'S: Hip hop's hottest couple, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, showed the island's Gauls their special remix of the French kiss at the party at the new Nikki Beach club. Their main competition in the canoodle event was NASCAR star Jeff Gordon and Deanna Merryman, the Hawaiian Tropic model who has replaced wife Brooke in Gordon's life. The couple stayed up late after frolicking on St. Jean beach, where Merryman swam topless.

    Mariah Carey and friends also rang in 2003 with friends at La Plage, where they drained a few bottles of Cristal, leaving around 5 a.m. Carey flew in from Aspen, where she snuck in a reunion with ex-boyfriend Luis Miguel at the St. Regis. Word is she showed up at his hotel in a zipped-down ski parka guaranteed to refresh Miguel's memory of her moguls. Mind you, nobody's saying they're back together. Carey was spotted earlier with Vin Diesel. And Miguel looked quite content with Mexican TV host Rebeca de Alba a few nights later at Renaissance.

    NY Daily News

    The ball wasn't dropped on New Year's Eve partying
    Where and how did the rich and famous ring in 2003?
    In the Caribbean, on St. Bart's, Mariah Carey celebrated the new year with pals at a restaurant.

    Yahoo! News / USA Today

    Picture thanks to Steph & Celebrity Vibe.

    VH1 2003 Predictions For MC
    VH1 Will Air a New Special, today, Friday Jan. 3 at 7/6c PM called "Rockstology" in which psychics predict things for celebrities in 2003.
    Mariah will also be featured on the show.
    Click here to see a short video with the predictions for Mariah.

    Andrew, VH1

    Pictures From Germany & Korea
    June sent me pictures from Mariah's recent visit to Seoul, Korea on November 31st, 2002:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4

    Mario sent me pictures of Mariah from her recent visit to Munich, Germany on November 2002 including his beautiful car & Mariah's signature on it:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4
  • updated byLiron January 2nd, 2003 7:40PM
    Black Elegance Scans
    Denise sent me the scans from the "Black Elegance" magazine (Feb 03 issue) that we told you about yesterday. An additional scan of the cover sent in by Ricky (Thanks guys!)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4

    N.Y.'s Most Eligible Bachelorettes
    Mariah Carey, 33. Not only did she get $30 million for leaving the Virgin label, her comeback album on Def Jam was well-received. With her romance with Latin crooner Luis Miguel over, she had no one to spend it on until Vin Diesel entered the picture. But he has his own dough. Pro: Has a range of five octaves. Con: Recently forgot to wear anything under her mini-skirt.

    Yahoo! News / NY Post - Page Six

    Mariah's Vacations
    Jack Nicholson and Lara Flynn Boyle are holding steady at 7,930 feet. Despite their many ups and downs, the star couple is on a romantic plateau this week in Aspen. Their momentary happiness may owe to their agreeing to do their own things. For Jack, that meant hitting the slopes with his children Lorraine, 12, and Raymond, 10. (Their mother is Rebecca Broussard.) For Lara, it meant slaloming through Aspen's boutiques with the fervor of Picabo Street.

    Also making the scene: David Geffen, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg.

    NY Daily News

    Alan watched Access Hollywood tonight which reported Mariah spent New Year's Eve at St. Barts - they showed a picture of her in a white outfit.

    updated byLiron January 1st, 2003 5:20PM
    Mariah In Magazines
  • Feb 03 issue of Teen People entire page 156 star flashback contains pictures of middle school in 82, post high school graduation in 87, with tommy in 93, with dog princess in 95, at VH1's Divas Live in 98, in glitter in 01, with luis miguel in 01, at 9-11 tribute to heroes in 01, and through the rain video in 02. 9 pics in all and it takes up the whole last page. (Thanks Gretchen)

  • Mariah is on the cover of the Feb. 2003 issue of Black Elegance magazine. (Thanks Marquis)

    Please send us scans if you find any!

    Charts / Countdown News

  • On Y-100's top 100 of 2002 countdown, "Through The Rain" came up as #56. Y-100 is the major radio station in Miami / Ft.Lauderdale and Mariah appeared in its Jingle Bell (Thanks Danny)

  • On Houston's 104 KRBE's Top 104 of 2002, "Through The Rain" placed # 71 and Mariah was named the Comeback Artist of 2002. (Thanks Mame)

  • The Taipei-based, Chinese-speaking radio station, Voice of Taipei has conducted a survery on the Internet among 100,000 people and come up with a list of 100 favorite pop songs of all times (Mandrine and English). Mariah Carey's hits "Without you," "Hero," and "One Sweet Day" rank at #10, #39 and #81 respectively. Compared with other artists, Mariah has the most hits in the top 100. (Thanks Diva Mariah)

  • For more chart information, check out Nigel's page - he is looking for someone to help him gather up chart information from all over the world.

    Access Hollywood Report
    Johannes sent me the details of last night's MC appearance on AH:
    "I just caught Access Hollywood. Mariah was the first story of the evening.
    Basically it was the same interview she did a couple of weeks ago, I think it was the same night she did the Matt Lauer interview because she had that same low cut light blue shirt on. This time they mentioned her "physical and emotional breakdown" and the guy asked her what she was doing to avoid another one. She said she made all her people sign a contract saying she needed 6 hours of sleep a night.
    The guy also asked her if she was in love and she said no."

    Some Pictures!
    mcfanatic sent me two large scans of recent Mariah pictures:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 4

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