January News

1/29/99 Okay MC is in the March 1999 issue of Seventeen twice. She is on page 42 from the Blockbuste pre-awards and then she is on page 150 about Madonna. It says, "She's always doggin me and I don't know why, but I still have a lot of respect for all the things she's accomplished in her career."

MC is also in YM. It is about the good deeds that celebs do and there is a picture of MC with the kids from the Fresh Air Fund. There is a nice article that says...Leading Lady:Mariah Carey. Cool Cause:The singer helped create the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah, an Upstate New York getaway where inner-city teens can explore future career options. 'This is a place where kids are inspired to realize their dreams,' says Mariah. What You Can Do:Learn more about the fund's campus at www.Freshair.org.

Okay VH1 is now running a commercial about the Mariah Carey timeline

1/20/99 Check out MC on VH1 at 4 pm today. They are giving you the inside scoop on I Still Believe on Women First.

Also on Feb. 3rd (Wednesday) at 10:30 pm they are premiering the Mariah Carey Timeline. Ya heard it here first. Thanks to Alex for the info.

Okay Mariah is in the NEW Teen Celebrity magazine. Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover and it is a pic. of MC in a white dress from a Fresh Air Fund benefit. She looks really pretty. It says"Mariah Carey dazzles in springtime cut-to-there white."

Mariah is also on the cover of National Examiner. Yup ya heard me right. It is the Janurary 26th issue and MC is in the corner. IT says "Mariah Carey steals Latin lover from TV beauty." *sigh* whatcha going to do? GO check it out..

Mariah is also in the new Cosmo. magazine, Feb 1999. It is a picture of her from Puffy's Party and it says: "Well armed Mariah Carey shrugs off her shrug."

Mariah was on Hard Copy Monday night about the Christina case! Howver MC was not on ET NOR Access about the Tyson fight that she was "suppose" to be going to. So I don't believe she was actually there :O

1/18/99 It's going to be a MARIAH filled Friday night. Thanks to Mcdanr5 for this information. Mariah Carey video special (which we all know is a rerun) will start at 7 pm. Then Diva's Live 1998 will air from 8-10 pm on VH1. So if you missed the Video collection..tune in for it :D

Okay a AMBD reported that the Russel Simmons show is on UPN on Saturdays at 2 am where SHE lives. SO you have to check your local listings. I'm guessing it is not a very popular show to be on in the morning like that..tee hee hee. Anyhow make note of that!!

The MTV special about the Money Music Videos will take place this Sat. at 12 pm. Again make sure you check your local listings for your time.

Mariah MIGHT MIGHT be on Entertainment Tonight tonight. Hee hee. They might talk about the fight this past Sat. which she attended. So tune in to Access Hollywood and ET. Ya never know..better safe then sorry :D (the last tyson fight they covered, that is why I am saying this)

On a little side note, I believe we are now the second biggest club for MC on the internet. Behind the Butterfly Zine. Which has 200 and something..ha ha. Oh well..

1/17/99 Mariah Carey around the world Columbia Records has released the tracklist of the new video "Mariah Carey around the world." Besides the UPN-special there will also be two bonus videos, "Butterfly" and "Breakdown (featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)". The Digital Video Disc will have four bonus videos, "Butterfly", "Breakdown (featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)", "The Roof" and "My all". Besides that the DVD has some extra features like lyrics in English, French and Spanish, a biography, a complete discography and exclusive promotional videos. The exact release-date of the video and the DVD is still unknown.

MTV is showing a new commercial now for an Ultrasound about who made the most money this year I believe. Anyhow MC is in the commercial. They showed a scene of her from the My All/Stay A While video. It will be on next Saturday!! I don't know what time, so if anyone knows..e-mail me..

Mariah is in the Janurary 25th issue of People magazine.

Mariah will be on Russell Simmons' Oneworld Music Beat on 1/23 **Info From The OFFICIAL Mariah Carey Fan Site MariahCarey.org** I have no idea what show this is, nor what channel??

Mariah and Luis Miguel Mariah Carey seems to be getting along with Latin pop star Luis Miguel. The New York Post and MrShowbiz say the diva recently spent a "steamy" weekend with her new friend at his Acapulco mansion. Mariah replies continue to insist that they are simply "friends".

Best-selling foreign album in Japan Mariah Carey’s new album #1’s has become the best-selling foreign album in Japan. The album has sold 3.5 million copies since its November 17, release. Mariah’s album dethroned the Bodyguard soundtrack, which previously was the best-selling foreign album.

1/16/99 MC is in TV GUIDE Janurary 16th issue. It is about the Billboards. MC is with Stevie in a tiny picture!!

Mariah's New Video Track Listing... Program Butterfly Intro/Emotions Fantasy Dreamlover My All Bing And Bong/New York In-Store OR Japan/New York Conversation with Brenda K. Starr I Still Believe I’ll Be There (featuring Trey Lorenz) Fun In Australia Hopelessly Devoted To You (Mariah Carey & Olivia Newton John) #1’s Fan Appreciation Party Whenever You Call (Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight) Honey Hero Total Running Time: 45 minutes Bonus Videos: Butterfly Breakdown (featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone) The Roof [Bonus Video on DVD Only!] My All [Bonus Video on DVD Only!] Special Features: Digitally Mastered Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Stereo Lyrics in English, French, & Spanish Interactive Menus Instant Chapter Access To Songs Biography Complete Discography Exclusive Promotional Videos

On Thursday, the FBI said that they had identified the remains of Christina Williams, the 13-year-old Mariah Carey fan who disappeared from her California home on June 12 while walking her dog.

Williams remains were found in a nature preserve some three miles from her home. There have been no suspects named in her murder.

In July, without fanfare, Carey did a Public Service Announcement with Christina's sister asking the public for help in finding the missing girl (see "Mariah Carey Helps Missing Girl").

In a statement released late Thursday, Carey said, "I'm heartbroken today over the loss of another young life. I'm sure Christina's spirit will live on in the memory of all those who knew and loved her. My heart goes out to her family in this tragic time."

1/15/99 MC is rumored to be doing a duet with Oprah in the year 2000 for the Oprah show.

This is a letter from Christina William's father, the little girl Mariah was helping to find. The FBI is trying to determine the identity of a body that has been found in a wooded area about 3 miles from our house. There is a possibility that it could be our daughter, however we remain hopeful that it is not. I would like everyone to pray for the family of this as of yet unidentified person. Addition links to newspaper articles or TV transcripts can be found on the "Media info" page of my site: http://www.cmwilliams.org Sincerely, Michael Williams

When You Believe is now #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles due to the commercial release of the single.

Ok.. I just heard on my radio station "The End" that Mariah is trying out for a role, Natasha in the upcoming movie Boris &Natasha! well, i hope that this is true! =o) my friend also just told me that they heard the same thing on Entertainment Tonight! Well, I just wanted to inform you, cuz it sounds like she'll be playing a big role!

Mariah recently tried out for a role in the upcoming movie of "The Adventure's Of Rocky & Bullwinkle" she tried out for the part of Natassia, they also had her get the look of Natassia and she had the accent down perfect.

1/14/99 Mariah's #1's sold 85,000 last week, and will be #8 on the Billboard 200.

Mariah's Letterman appearance from 11/16/98 will rerun Jan. 20th.

Mariah down in the Charts Here is the charts that will be posted tomorrow on Billboard: 1. DMX - 123.000 2. Lauryen Hill - 111.000 3. Tupac - 106.100 4. Offspring - 106.000 5. Jay Z - 102.000 6. N Sync - 94.000 7. Jewel - 89.000 8. Mariah - 85.000 9. Garth - 82.000

Sweetheart on Grammy Album!! Mariah's on the 1999 Grammy Nominees - Rap Album!! Here are the songs: Beastie Boys "Intergalatic" A Tribe Called Quest "Find A Way" Jermaine Dupri "(feat Jay Z) "Money Ain't A Thang" Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz "Deja Vu" Outkast "Rosa Parks" Will Smith "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" Big Punisher "You Came Up" Pras Michael "Ghetto Supastar" Jermaine Dupri & Mariah Carey "Sweetheart" Lauryn Hill "Lost Ones" Wyclef Jean "Gone 'Til November" Busta Rhymes "Dangerous" Mase "Lookin' At Me"

There is an article and picture of MC in the Feb. issue of Tigger Beat.

1/13/99 On Good Morning New York, they said that MC and Luis ARE dating and that MC recieved a diamond necklace from him. Thanks to Mella for the 411.

MC is in National Enquirer (Jan. 19th). It is about Luis and her and how she is dating him. I know this is all not true...ha ha.

As we all know MC was on TRL yesterday. The video kicked butt. Plus the behind the scenes they showed berfore hand, was so cool :D Wow, I think it is one of her best. I think the fatigue outfit was so much better, what about you?

MC was also on ET last night. They showed more behind the scenes and part of the video :D

MC is the #6 worst dress person on Mr. Blackwells list. Dumb butthead..ha ha. What doesw he know? Anyhow it was on E! News Daily yesterday and also in my paper..the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Single Review on I Still Believe from Billboard... (Very good!) MARIAH CAREY "I Still Believe" Columbia Lifted fresh from Carey's flawless ``(NU)1's'' collection, this new track will warm the hearts of those who recall Brenda K. Starr's original version from 1988, since Carey recorded the track as a tribute to Starr. (Followers will remember that she's the one who gave Carey a lead in the music biz all those years ago.) Friendship aside, this track features one of the most relaxed, breeziest vocal performances Miss Mariah has ever served up, alongside a simple arrangement that allows her voice to shine through. The track also ably walks the line between R&B and pop: For listeners who may have lost the faith with Carey's ventures into hip-hop, this will reel them back into the fold. But it's also no step backward. Newer fans will love the less-glossy production and the soulful grip that Carey puts around this song of yearning and ache. The commercial single is set to come with some fiery remixes, too, including a Stevie J. mix featuring Mocha and Amil, a Damizza edit with Krayzie Bone and Da Brat, and an uptempo David Morales remix that's cool enough to work anywhere. Get ready, this one's gonna tear up the charts like tissue.

From Mariah's Fantasy Club: Mariah and Oprah have come to work together in a duet, for Oprah Winfrey's new talk show theme song. Since the two came from the same racial backround, they have decided to sing about soul, and it's food. Their song, "Don't Waste a Drop," is to come out in the beginning of '00.

1/11/99 Mariah MIGHT MIGHT be on the AMA's tonight Probably not though..check in anyhow just incase. I highly doubt it though.

Mariah is RUMORED to be pregnant..maybe by Derek or Luis. I don't think it is true but who knows.

Mariah is #15 most popular internet star :D Wahoo!!

On Janurary 22nd at 8 pm, Mariah Carey around the World will repeat on UPN. Just incase anyone missed it!!

Sara sent me this information: About the Divas Live 1999, in the Seventeen magazine, they have an advertisement to win a free trip for 2 to see the show. It is sponsored by Maybelline. I'm hoping Mariah will be there!!

Don't forget to watch MTV tom. at 3:30 pm for the premiere of ISB.

1/10/99 Okay Mariah is in Yahoo Magazine. They said that her online chat(official one w/ real video)is #5 for top rated music chats People who beat her are 'Nsync,hanson,cindy crawford and jewel. Thanks to Alan for the info.

LilMariah7 told me this information: Last night @ around 1am I was watching this new show on MTV called "Video Cliches" (accent over the 'e') and the cliche was "cleavage" and Mariah was one of the videos they showed with "Honey (Badboy Remix)" I thought it was cute! LOL! Janet was #1 haha!!!

Mariah is also in Black Beat magazine. It shows a picture of MC and WH recording When You Believe. Also they discuss #1's.

In the magazine that you get at Sam Goody for free, called Request, there is a #1's ad, WH ad, and Prince of Egypt ad. I thought it was kind of cool :D It is really skinny so I liked it.

When You Believe single can be gotten anywhere now.

When You Believe was on Soul Train last night :D

Mariah placed 22nd on People Online's 1998 Intriguer's Poll. Here's What they say: Pop diva Mariah Carey, 29, has a vocal range that spans five octaves. And interest in her love life spans five continents. While rumors linking her to New York Yankee Derek Jeter continue to linger, Mariah continues to play the field, just like a butterfly ... which happens to be the name of her last CD.

Also Alex found this about Double OO Soul..such sad news... Ain't It Cool News says that Double-O Soul has been cancelled.. The hot comedian Chris Rock was to star in the self-developed film "00-soul" for New Line (those that gave us the $100million+ "Rush Hour") with the gorgeous singer Mariah Carey co-starring in her debut. In fact, Carey has been taking acting lessons and even did the unprecedented and had to forego a tour to support her hit album and duet with Whitney. Well, Chris has fallen out with New Line and the whole project is cancelled! No 00-nothin'! They got Chris Tucker mixed up with Chris Rock!!

1/9/98 Okay Mariah Carey is in Rolling Stones with the Beastie Boys on the cover. Inside is another ad for her #1's album. Thanks to BackInTime for the info.

Everyone needs to go vote for When You Believe,at Total Request. She is at 0% :O Ahhh!!! So go to MTV.com and VOTE!!

You can check out the new People cover at People.com. Also they have the article there.

Here are a couple predictions from Conan O'Brien's "In the Year 2000" sketch.... A scientist will win the Nobel Prize when he miraculously transplants actual soul from Aretha Franklin into Mariah Carey. Thanks Alex for the info!!

Thanks to LilMariah7 for this information :D I was watching this show on the Fox Family Show called "Great Pretenders" hosted by Wild Orchid and there was this girl name Xan who lip synced to Robyn's "Show Me Love" and @ the end one of the girls from Wild Orchid asked her if she could come back who would she pretend to be....and she said "Mariah Carey". When they asked that question i was sitting there thinking to myself, "MARIAH CAREY" and i said the same time she did...LOL! it's crazie!!! ~Charlotte http://fly.to/AMBD

1/8/99 In the Feb. edition of Sister to Sister, MC is on page 4 and it is 2 pages long. It contains 3 pictures and plus it is an article about this recent dinner she had for the press or something. Havn't seen it yet!!

I got a postcard today from the Mariah Carey official fan club. It is kind of cool. Here is what it says: "Thank you for writing to me! It's been an incredible time for me since the release of my new album. I love reading your letters as they continue to encourage and inspire me" :D Aww!!!!

Here is an article Alex found. This guy botched up MC's name and everything. Ha ha. Read on: Hey I just finished reading the first draft of the new Chris Tucker Movie "Double O Soul"(on the cover it's OO SOUL??) and there's a few things you might like to know.

OO SOUL is a low ranking agent in the OO agency but in the begining of the film someone kills almost all the other OO agents and he's promoted. There's a cool "men in black"esque moment where Soul checks out all his new gadgets.

Landmines shaped like a DVD

Sunglasses with a .22 gun in the earpieces(you fire them by wiggling your ears!)

A cool trench coat with air Conditioning and all kinds of spy tools built into it

A brand new BMW that has hidden Missles, flamethrowers, machine guns, and the voice of Rosie Perez!

And his main weapon and the centre pieces of a few scenes? The OJ simpson "Absolutly 100 percent not guilty" knife!! Now that's comedy, why would a secret agent be using the knife OJ simpson killed people with on his spy missions?

The plot overall is pretty basic A baddie and his daughter(played by Maraiah Carrey) are planing on destroying the United States goverment by firing a cruise missle at the capitol buildong as the president gives a big speech to congress. OO sould and his midget sidekick(his version of Q from the Bond films" end up saving the day as you might have guessed.

Wong Fei Hung

Anyhow Bone897 wrote me this information!! these are her estimated sales figures: 1st week: 211,000 2nd week: 220,000 3rd week: 170,000 4th week: 228,000 5th week: 329,000 6th week: 360,000 7th week: 162,000 Total: Approx. 1.68 million Average: 240,000 copies per week

Yesterday on Access Hollywood they went behind the scenes of "The Bachelor" They showed Brooke Shields and Chris O'Donnel. No MC though :( Also they showed the cover of People again and talked about it.

I live in the baltimore/DC area and every night they have a song where they ask the listeners if it's "to be'' or "not to be". They usually have 10+ people call in and vote. Well, tonight they had mariah's "i still believe" on there. And believe it or not (believe it) she got 94% of the "to be" votes. And the 2 or 3 "not to be"s were only cause they didn't like her...they didn't base their vote on the song in other words. So they played the song again since so many people liked it. YEAH mariah! Ok, thanks, bye! EjRHHS00-emily Thanks so much Emily for that info :D

1/7/99 Here is what the official e-mail from Sony themselves said about the MC video premiere of I Still Believe: Mariah Carey "I Still Believe" Video Premiere! MTV's Total Request Tuesday, 1/12/99 @ 3:30pm

Okay MC is in a bunch of magazines. Here are some of them that I was told and I found:

MC is in Harpers Bazaar magazine, Feb issue. It is a BIG (well for the rest of the pics. on the page) picture of MC and Marcus. Nice pic. THe magazine is $3

Mariah is also in BB twice. I said this a little while back but I will say it again :D It is a picture of Whitney and her, and then a picture of MC in the quote section!

MC is in SPICE magazine, towards the back. On the cover is Lauren Hill and it shows MC from the Lady of Soul Awards. (Thanks to BackInTime for the info.l)

Also MC is in the March 1999 issue of Word Up. There is 2 pictures of MC. One is from the VMA's 1997 and one from the Butterfly Release party. Again thanks to BackInTime for the info.

MC2212 told me that MC is in Seventeen, the Feb. issue, on page 22. She is wearing the outfit from the Puffy Party. GOSH SHE IS EVERYWHERE. ha ha

Mariah is ALSO in the March 1999 issue of BB. She is on page 6..thanks to H8ElRancho for the info.

Mariah's cd ONES is #4 this week, beating out Garth, Celine, and Jewel. Go MC!!

If you didn't hear yesterday, You heard it first here, yesterday on ET..they showed MC on the cover of People with the other Diva's of 1998. It was from the photo shoot of Cosmo. The picture was actually in TV Guide not too long ago. Anyhow that will hit stands tomorrow ! Go check it out.

Mariah's Christmas album fell off the charts, since it is not Christmas time..DUH!! HA HA...

1/6/99 This is from Cherishing Mariah Mailing list: DIVA ALERT: Mariah Carey wants the world to know that she does not, repeat, does not, wear spandex. In fact, Mariah recently took a break from editing her Fox TV special to set the record straight with The New York Post, a paper that once referred to the scantily clad songstress as a “spandex-wearing sexpot.”

“What the hell is with you people? I haven’t worn spandex since 1991,” she reportedly told The Post. “If you check my closet, I wear matte jersey, cashmere, leather and a plethora of other fabrics, and I do have lycra blends, but no pure spandex. Not that I have anything against spandex -- but I’m no Peg Bundy. Unless I’m on a treadmill, I’m not donning spandex.” Um, OK Mariah, I think we get your point. And you say you’re not a diva. . . . Hmm MC does NOT sound too happy about a spandex thing??

Honey27MC sent this to me. It is the article from the beg. of the Teen People Feb. edition: Response----- I just wanted to say that I was really disturbed that you chose Mariah Carey as one of your best-dressed celebs. What is up with that? First off, she is not a teen; and secondly, what style does she have? She is barely dressed half the time. What kind of influence does that have on young girls? I know not all your choices were teens, but at least the other adult stars you chose, like Drew Barrymore, are great role models for us. She does not need to reveal too much of herself for people to think she dresses great.

My feelings about this article: I think what the person said was a little harsh. MC is a postive role model, HOWEVER some things she wears are a little risky and I can see how what she wears is not very positive for teens maybe. So is some aspects she is a little reveiling but I don't think she is a bad role model.

BackInTime told me that MC is in Word Up. It is a picture of MC at the Soul Train awards. It is the Feb. issue and MC is holding her award :)

You got one? Let me know!!

1/5/99 Yesterday on MTV, on the show called Eye Spy, Mariah's and JD's Sweetheart was on. Here were the clues: Petting (what kind of cat was Mariah holding?) Something about the place they were at And then the last one was cruising. Anyhow all I really remember was Petting. I guess cause it was the easiest one??

Well the new cover of the I Still Believe single is out. MC looks SO GREAT. You can see the picture in Gallery 7. Go check it out..you will LOVE it.

Mariah is in the Feb. 1999 issue of VIBE. Of course they talk about her in the front but there is a little picture with this to say: Tommy: Now how do I look? Derek says Hi! Love, Mariah Of course it is not real and it says something like that. ALSO there is a NEW picture of Derek and MC. They are really close and she is looking at the camera and they are both smiling. They look SO CUTE :D

Mariah is also in Teen People Feb 1999. My friend Lori gave it to me. It is a picture of MC from the Blockbuster Awards and it says: Happy birthday Teen People Love Always, Mariah. It is in her OWN handwriting so see if you can get it :D

H8EIRancho sent me this information. A big thanks to HER: have you heard of the vh1 mixology? anyway,I saw it on vh1 today and it's a mixture of ALL kinds of songs and Mariah is in it,and the song they play in the mixology is "Honey" then since she jumps in the pool,they show Sugar Ray with "Fly" then they show Barenaked Ladies with "One Week" and then back again a little bit for "Honey" have you seen this? I have seen it twice.Well I just wanted to share this with you!

Also Alex dug up this info. on MC. I guess this is the "guy" Howard and her were talking about on the recent interview: Liz Smith's column, Jan. 5th ...one thing Aspen had was the extremely decorative Mariah Carey, spotted looking cozy indeed with Latin heartthrob and singer Luis Miguel. (In Spanish-speaking countries, he is invariably described as "bigger than Sinatra." Talent-wise.) The pair was seen deep in chat at the Caribou Club's intimate Wine Room. They enjoyed caviar and dessert, and split a bottle of Taitinger's Comtes de Champagne 1988. My eyewitness source, online columnist for AzureMag.com Matthew Rich, insists the two singers were caught up "in an embrace of passion" at one point. Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, says, "I am aware that Luis threw a party for her, but nothing more than that." Well, whether it is a fine romance or just an evening out with an affectionate friend, I must commend Carey for her excellent taste in companions.

1/4/99 Well you all heard it here first, When You Believe and the Imported Maxi single Sweetheart are now in the stores. The When You Beleive single includes the Album Version and the instrumental and costs $3.50. You can get it at a store called Record Town, that is where Alex got mine. Then the Sweetheart maxi(includes normal version, the Dance version, Story Version, and Little Jon Remix) was $12.99 at Sam Goody. So go get these GREAT singles. Wahoo..

Sip5Alive told me that of the Top 50 albums of 1998 (via Billboard charts) Mariah's Butterfly was #7 for the year.

Prissy77@juno.com told me that Mariah was #94 on Z100's best songs of 1998. I don't know which song it is though :O

Mariah's Honey video was the #13 most expensive video. Thanks to BackInTime for that info. That show aired on MTV. They are replaying it A LOT.

People I need you ALL to go to Billboard now and vote for MC. Last time we checked she was 2% behind Celine. We need her to win. Go vote again if you have to. Let's make her #1. Billboard Presents 1998: The Voting Booth

Mariah is in Artist Spotlight on VH1. Go check her out. Thanks to Mariahs1Fn for the link and info.

1/2/99 3 month anniversary of InfoMC.

Okay this is what my friend BackInTime@mailexcite.com wrote me: I WAS JUST WATCHING NICK AT NITE AND A COMMERCIAL CAME ON ABOUT A SPECIAL THAT VH1 IS DOING WITH MARIAH. IT WILL BE ON THIS SUNDAY AT 9:00PM THE COMMERCIAL WAS IN BLACK AND WHITE AND SHE WAS STANDING IN A POOL WITH HER WET AND A BIKINI ON SO I GUESS THATS PART OF THE SHOW I checked out what was on VH1 tomorrow and it said Better Middler on Behind the Music..so I don't know what to tell you all!! SO MC Might be on VH1 tomorrow night at 9 pm. Tune in to it :D

There is a poster of MC in Faces in Pop. Thanks to MariahLov for telling me this and the fab Mariah's Music Box.

Mariah is #18 on Mariah's Most Intriguing People of 1998.

BackInTime@mailexcite.com also told me that there is an Australian cd import of When You Believe now onsale at cdnow. Go check iit out.

Mariah will be featured on Whitney's new single Heartbreak Hotel. A site will be WH song, and B side will be When You Believe

When You Believe MIGHT be released this Tuesday (5th) in stores.

Here is a BUNCH of MC news I was sent by Remixed 99: Mariah has done a remix of "I Still Believe" with Stevie J, it features raps by Mocha and Amil you can download a full mp3 of it here. She also has done a dance remix with David Morales.

CDnow : Items <------That is where you can pre-order your copy of "When You Believe" which will be released in America on Tuesday, Jan. 5th CDnow : Items <------That is where you can order a copy of the Japanese version of "#1's" with Do You Know

Mariah's "#1's" album is #9 on the Eurocharts and "When You Believe" is #3 on the Eurocharts

Mariah's "#1's" is #6 on Billboards Album charts, it sold over 360,000 copies this week.

Here is what the Redbook article on page 86 says: MARIAH CAREY: "This past year was a bit of starting over, with hetting an opportuinity to act: I used to be in acting workshops when I was little, but singing took over. Acting is exciting because I can express myself in another way. I'm still working to release emotions trapped inside me." (features a NICE MC picture) Again thanks to BackInTime@mailexcite for that info.

Torchas@hotmail.com sent me this info. Maybe this is the man MC was talking about on the Howard tape??? Hmmm....

Regina this article appear in the Denver Rocky Mtn. News on Friday: Songbird Mariah Carey has a new hunky beau, and the two are generating enough heat here to melt what little snow Aspen has to offer. Carey and Mexican singing sensation Luis Miguel, so huge he has Sinatra-like sales in S. American markets, have been spotted on romantic outings over the holidays. They split a $1200 bottle of wine, Beluga caviar and dessert at Szygy, a popular celeb eatery. They were "very cozy", I'm told, at Baang Cafe and Bar, where they lustily polished off pan-fried pepper oysters, firecracker spring rolls and the best red wine in the house. They later showed up at Club Chelsea near closing last week, Carey volunteered to sing, but the piano player had left for the evening. Carey was romantically linked to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter last summe Thanks for the information...

Francois.gontran sent me this tid-bit of information. Thanks so much!! we all know that MC will be appearing in the Bachelor. She's going to play ILana, an opera singer and potential bride of her ex-boyfriend (chris o'donnell), who has tomarry within 24hrs or lose a $100 million inheritance. (also featuring in that movie are: renee zellweger, brooke shield and james cromwell


Mariah Carey is in Redbook magazine's Jan. edition. SHe is on page 86 and it is a picture of Oprah and her at the Glamour Party.

If you would like a 1999 Mariah Carey calender, send $16 to: Yours Direct Ltd Dept 9C-995 PO Box 3111 Workingham RG40 1LF England

Yesterday on MTV's 100 countdown of 1998, MC's When You Believe was #85, Sweetheart was #79 and My All was #33

There is a picture of MC and WH in Fresh Magazine.

A new remix of Sweetheart will be on Funk Master Flex's next album.

New pictures are added to Gallery 7.

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