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7/28/98 MC is in Fresh (August 30th) with a pinup and a story. The pinup is from the Blockbuster award show. She is also in the GLOBE again (August 4th) about old clothes comign back in. She looks really pretty. Also she is in Celebrity Hairstyles. It is a picture also from the Blockbuster and ANOTHER picture from the premiere of that Brad Pitt movie..Tidbet something??

7/27/98 MC is in Cosmo, Globe (last week), and Sister 2 Sister. Glove features 3 picture of her in a collage and talks about how she always put her hands a certain way. Sister 2 Sister is a picture of her from Essence awards and talks about her movie career.

MC is going to be on the following upcoming albums.... -JD's album (OUT NOW-July 21st); FunkMaster Flex (August 21st, 1998-I think); Bone Thugs N Harmony (expected 8/98); Kelly Price (expected fall/98); VH1 Divas Live CD (Fall/98); Price of Egypt soundtrack (11/98); Mariah's new album (3/99).

I recently bought the new JD album on Friday and let me tell you, AWESOME. I think it is a AWESOME new song. WOW...so great. MC and JD did a great job and I think it will make a REALLY cool video.

7/23/98 Diva's Live will be released in Oct. It will be released on Cassette, CD, and video. Aretha Franklins new songs won't be released due to problems with her record label. PLUS, never seen footage will be added, including more of the end and behind the sceenes.

On August 29th, MC will be on the radioconcert KMEL 106.1 "All Strar Jam" with JD, DaBrat, Tamia, Mase, etc.

7/22/98 Mariah can be seen in the new Cosmo. magazine. She is near the back and it is a picture of her from teh Essence awards. It looks like someone stuck up on her and she just turned around and smile.

NEW gallery was added...check out Gallery 4 (thank to my hunny Alex! he is so good to me :D )

You can write MTV at Fanatic@mtv.com and request to meet Mariah. Even though she is not on the list of stars to meet, maybe if a lot of people write in, someone will get the honor of meeting her!

7/19/98 Mariah can be seen in the July 19th issue of Parade magazine featured in the Philadephia newspaper and I am told in several other newspaper. It talks about the WMA and how reports are that she held up Prince Alberts. The paper reports they are not true. There is also a picture of MC next to prince Albert from the WMA. The thing above it says she is worth the wait :D

7/18/98 Mariah Carey is in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (July 24th issue). It is on page 73 and it is like a half of a page just about her recent Crave label. It has her picture from the Good Will Hunting premiere and Harrell and Mottola's picture under her. It is titled Here and Now.

Mariah was on Access Hollywood yesterday about the public servie announcement. She was also on Extra but I missed it. On Access, they showed parts of the commercial and MC looked so pretty. She had shorter hair it looked like but it was curly so that could be why. It was a good interview. She is a true "Hero."

7/15/98 MC can be seen in the following magazines..."US" and "People" (July 20th). The People have a picture of MC from the Essence awards and the "US" magazine has a picture of MC from when she was in Australia meeting the dolphins. The picture is from a recent tabloid article in STAR.

MC just did a public service announcement about a missing fan. The fan disappeared quite a while ago and MC said this about the incident...``I do what I do for my fans and if someone is in need of help the least I can do is draw attention to the case,'' Carey said Tuesday.

Mariah Carey decided to shut down her CRAVE label under Sony. She says her main concern was the artists still remained on some label and she looked over them. Tommy had no comment about the issue they said! :O

Mariah has been nomintated for Favorite Female video for the Remix of "Honey" with Puffy. The awards will take place on September 10 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

7/7/98 Patti LaBelle! One Night Only (from Remixed16)

This electrifying performance by Patti LaBelle features duets with Grammy Award-winners Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross. Highlights from the program, taped in June 1998 at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, include LaBelle's most popular hit songs: "New Attitude", "Lady Marmalade", "When You Talk About Love", "You Are My Friend" and her signature concert show-stopper, "Over the Rainbow". As a special treat, she also performs some of the most beloved classics of the past three decades, including "Change Is Gonna Come", "Anyone Who Had a Heart", "Is It Still Good to Ya" (with Luther Vandross), and "Got to Be Real" (with Mariah Carey); airs 08/19 at 9:30 pm ET. It's suppose to air on PBS.

Well I went out to get a desert with my best friend Melissa and we decided to go to Wal-Mart. She wanted to buy a Soap Opera Digest. So while we were standing in line I picked up a Disney Adventure book (July 1998) and I was looking through it because I used to subscribe to it when I as younger. Anyhow there was a BIG picture of MC and Derek together. Well at least it is fooling to the eye. Mc and Derek are in complete proportion with each other. Derek is facing front in his NY Yankees outfit and MC is sideways but looking straightforward from the Blockbuster. So even though it is not them actually together, It was a perfecto match whoever put it together. it is my Favorite picture of MC from the Blockbuster Awards. It is so great. MC is looking straight and Derek is looking at MC. Anyhow I had to report this....HA HA. WOW long e-mail. As for other magazines...MC is in none. So sorry...and here is the article from the magazine.... "....and speaking of tours, rumor has it Mariah Carey might do some live shows, too-if she can stand being away from her new boyfriend, Ney York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, that long!" We all know that she won't prob. be doing any tours due to her movie but MC said it herself on the Q102.1 interview that she will hopefully be doing ANOTHER LIVE performance for tv. It will be a concert...DUH.

There is a rumor saying that MC is in a OLD Oct. Playboy issue. It says it is in the bottom left hand corner. Like I said it is a rumor. Some people say it's true, some don't.

7/4/98 It has been confirmed that Mariah and Whitney WILL be doing a duet together on the Prince Of Egypts soundtrack. It should be out in October. ET had a little segment on it the other night showing MC from the Diva's Live show.

VH1 will release a cd and a video from Diva's Live. The video will show segments from the finale that was not shown. This should hit the shelves in the fall.

Mariah can be seen in the following magazines.... People July 7th Black Beat September 1998 People (week before) Right On September 1998 Globe/Enquirer/Star

MC will be on the next Bone Thugs and Harmoney cd on a song called Bluelight. Stay tune for that!

MC will also be on JD's next cd doing a song called "Sweetheart".

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