July News

7/30/99-More News!! Well I saw the special myself this morning and I don't think it will be in 2 weeks but in three. Cause they showed Jay-Z first, then Mariah. A lot of people e-mailed me about this, how it is probably not Heartbreaker cause the Making the Video, Jay Z and MC both have their own show. Anyhow I'll try and get the real date for you ASAP.

I was watching Maury today and Mariah was featured on the show!! IT was about Men who wanted their wives to be made up as a celebrity. They had Reba, Mariah, Shania, Drew, and so many more. Well the girl came out in a Big Wig and in the outfit that MC wore to the 1998 VMA's..you know the black two piece? It was pretty cool and they showed a thing from this years Oscars of Mariah herself. I taped it cause I thought it was pretty funny!! At the end they took them to a record store and Shania and MC lookalikes stood by their cd's and whatnot.

TommyBMC sent me some info. he found at the store the other day...
"Reg, I was at a music store today and i saw a guitar/piano/lyric book, and it was called Love songs of the 80's and 90's and there was about 40 songs in there, and when i was looking through the table of contents i saw 6 Mariah Carey songs...they were...Always Be My Baby, Anytimes You Need A Friend, Endless Love, Someday, One Sweet Day, and Love Takes Time. )There might of been more, but my dad was rushing me so i only glanced at it), but i thought that was awesome that she had 6 in there, and she's only been around in the 90's!!!"

MiniMe1200 was watching a show on Derek Jeter yesterday and it was on HBO. Here is what it had to say about Mariah...
"...Well they did mention that he was briefly with her and they asked if his teammates teased him for that. He said that sometimes when they played a mariah carey song they would and that one game they kept playing a Mariah Carey song everytime he went up to bat. I thought that was funny."

7/30/99 More news to come for Friday but this is HUGE so I have to add it to the webpage NOW!! So many people e-mailed me about this, to name a few...Alan, Anderz, Flute69, MCarey327, and so many more!! Mariah's NEW video for Heartbreaker, possibly, is going to be Airing on Monday the 9th at 10:30 pm on MTV. The reason I say in two weeks is because Next Weeks is Britney Spears and they said in August SO MAYBE it will be on the 9th..BUT don't quote me on that cause I am NOT sure...anyhow I got some reairings of Mariah being on Jewel's Making the Video..if you missed it, like me, here are some reair times for ya...
July 30th...Jewel's Making the Video which features MC repeats at 8:30am, 4:30pm
July 31st...Jewel's Making the Video which feature MC repeats at 9:30am, 4:30pm

Now here is the run down on the special with Jewel that features Mariah at the end. This is from Alan...

Yup this is pretty cool!! I can't wait to see it!!

Again, tune in for Friday to get more MC news...and the new Picture of the Week and New Quote!!

7/29/99 Remember a while back how I was saying that there will be a #1's video being released which include MC's greatest videos? Well it seems that it is going to happen. It is going to be called #1's just like her last cd and it will be coming out on VHS and DVD on October 2nd. Thanks Suzy for the info!!

Scott e-mailed me some information he found out about Mariah new song..read on..
Well it's official. Mariahs new song is called "Heartbreaker" and it will be released mid- August. In additioin to that, there will be a remix done by Junior Vasquese released at Juniors birthday party at the end of August. A friend of mine who is friends with Junior revealed this information to me and said that they record the remix this past weekened at the Hit Factory in NYC. There is a little information about the remix at Juniors web site ( http://www.house-of-pain.com). I wasnt informed if the song was remixed with Jay-Z, just that the song is definatly titled "HeartBreaker'" and will be released to airwaves very shortly and released as a single mid August.

H8ElRancho e-mailed me and told me that he was reading YM magazine and there was an interview with one of the members named Justin and he said he would love to do a duet with Mariah :)

Also Fan Emporium is now requesting that people start calling in for Mariah's new song, Heartbreaker..Thanks to Anderz, who got this from the Official Mariah Carey Fan Club, I have the Power Stations that you can start calling to help get MC to number one!!
Z100/WHTZ - 1-800-242-0100
WKTU/103.5 - 1-800-245-1035
WBLS/107.5 - 212-545-1075 (not a free call unless you're in the New York City area)
HOT-97/WQHT - 1-800-223-9797
KISS-FM/98.7 - 1-800-288-5477
Thank you for your support!
The Mariah Carey Fan Club Staff

7/28/99 DyDreamnMC sent me a little article on Mariah and here it is..
Acting like a diva Singing diva Mariah Carey is also behaving like an acting diva. The songbird is trying to break into movies and keeps sending scripts back for revisions. Carey has a small role opposite Chris O’Donnell in "The Bachelor," which is being released this fall, but she has greater hopes pinned on a James Bond spoof called "00 Soul." "Nothing is suiting her," says a source. "She’s a perfectionist and she travels all over with her acting coach." Carey is also planning to star in a film called "All that glitters." Carey’s spokeswoman didn’t return calls for comment but, the source says, "She’s hoping to do what Madonna couldn’t: be as big in the movie business as she is in music."

Here is yet another Christina article talking about Mariah. Thanks to MCdanr5 for sending it to me!!
Is there room on the pop charts for one more ex-Mouseketeer? When the results are as sophisticatedly saucy as Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle," pedigree isn't even an issue. A midtempo argument for soulful affection weaves rolling hip-hop rhythms, hipnotic keyboard countermelodies and sensually sensible poetry into a deftly underplayed performance from an eighteen-year-old bombshell whose greatest assets are her powerhouse pipes. Too bad the rest of this ingenue's debut skimps on the single's ingenuity. Anxious to establish Aguilera as heir to Mariah's diva throne, the usual producer-songwriter suspects clone Monica-Brandy-R. Kelly tunes too closely - "So Emotional" even cribs a Whitney title. Bubble-brained lyrics give Aguilera little substance to spin into gold, so her copious vocal curves and trills sound secondhand. Pop's next It girl deserves to be outfitted in something more flattering than the empress's old clothes.

Kristen told me that there is a Battle of the Bands at www.rollingstone.com and Mariah and Whitney is one of them. Now they were one a while back but is this the same thing? Oh well Mariah is winning with 59%. If you want to vote for her..Click Here

Okay this next info. is taken from Anderz's site. It is about the Jay-Z song that will be Mariah's first release. Also it says that DaBrat is featured in the remix with Jay-Z!!
This is Brad Ensley from New York City again. I have some exciting news about Mariah's new single. I work at Virgin Megastore and I have a friend who works at sony. She heard the new mariah song yesterday and its called 'heartbreaker' and it features Jay-Z. She says its awesome and will be released to radio in mid August! The remix has Da-Brat and Jay Z as well. As soon as she can tape it I will confirm this, but this is absolutely a reliable source!

7/27/99 Okay this first news is from Anderz. A guy named Matt e-mailed him and told him this...
"Ok today a guy from columbia records came in today, i work at circirt city in matteson IL, anyways at first i didn't believe him but he gave me some free cd's and one was Destiny's child new one which does not come out till tomorrow!!!!! so i was like wow, i asked him about mariah and he said she is going to have a new song hitting the radio's by augest 24-25 so call your radio station and request it, he said the song is with jay z and it's called something like heartbreaker, so let's hope this is true!!!"
WOW..cool beans. Now there was no way of her working with Jay-Z so I don't know how true this is.

MCdanr5 e-mailed me and told me that the Rollingstone issue with ANgelina Jolie on the cover, has a Christina Aquilera article and Mariah is mentioned in it!!

This next information is from Joshie2005. I thought this was kind of cool and I am going to try and find this book!! :)
"Hey, I wanted to tell you something! My daughter checked out a book from the Library, and it said something about Mariah Carey, and this is what it said. It was kind of interesting. It's just a little thing, but really good. Here it is: "To give aspiring artists out there some insight into the world of those artists who have already made it, here are four superstar interviews I conducted on behalf of DMA magazine - Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Donna Summer, and Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base. All four of these world-famous artists have sold millions of records, and everyone who is working on a career in the music business as an artist can learn from their experiences." And there are 5 and 1/2 pages of Mariah in there too! It's pretty cool! My daughter wants to become a singer, and so she got this book "Careers for Music Lovers, and other tuneful types"! It's kind of neat! I just wanted to share that! Anyway... Enjoy!! Have a great day!!!"

JAHJAH e-mailed me and sent me a couple articles of Christina Aguilera and Mariah is mentioned in them!! Man it seems like every article, Mariah is mentioned in..Here they are...
"An admirer of full-throated divas such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Aguilera is working on her own record in between promotional appearances for Disney. She said the result will probably be more danceable and R&B-flavored than Reflection."

"That's scary - usually it can take a year to record an album," she said. But she and her managers are already choosing songs for the pop/R&B style album in the vein of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston"

"I would like to follow in the footsteps of the great, strong female people -- Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, even Mariah. I'm also interested in acting, and in causes like domestic violence."

"One listen to her voice and you'll know. Her soulful sound will make you forget Mariah and Whitney; this girl has got it goin' on. Christina says her influences are Julie Andrews, Billie Holiday and Etta James."

"The big-deal diva of the moment is 18-year-old Christina Aguilera. This girl's powerful pipes will make you think: "Mariah? Whitney?" Her self-titled debut (RCA) is a super spin for whenever you want to make romantic wishes come true."
WHEW..that's a lot of articles!!

On another Christina note..I know she is in today's news A LOT..CoolAJ97 e-mailed me and told me that at the end of yesterdays article, Christina said that she would love to do a duet with Mariah Carey. Cool!!

7/26/99 Updated--->My Stuff

HuNniEMG sent me the article that was with the tiny pic. in last weeks people with JFK Jr. on the cover. Here is what the article said...
ON THE BLOCK Songbird's Cage
Even the brightest of stars can experience rejection in New York City. The toughest bounce back. Witness Mariah Carey, who earlier this year tried to buy Barbra Streisand's $7.5 million, 16 room co-op opposite Central Park. The building's governing board rejected her application, however, and Mariah had to continue her house hunt. Ah, perseverance: The pop diva recently a penthouse duplex and the apartment below in a renovated building in the city's hot Tribeca neighborhood. Published reports put the price at around $9 million, although her spokeswoman says it's not that much. And since the building is a condo, not a co-op, under the city's real estate laws doesn't have to worry about passing muster with her neighbors.

While looking for MC article, I came across this one. It is about the new singing sensation Christina Aguilera and they mentioned MC in the beg. of the article..read on...
Genie Behind 'Bottle'
Two months ago, singer Christina Aguilera was unknown to all but a handful of Americans--people who had seen her in the last two seasons of the Disney Channel's "New Mickey Mouse Club," or who'd heard the theme to Disney's animated film "Mulan" and were stunned to discover the powerful voice came not from Celine Dion or Mariah Carey but from a skinny kid from the outskirts of Pittsburgh...

Next is an article about VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock. They did paragraphs on who made the list which deserved it and then there was this list of people who were being questioned for being on the list. Someone told me that to be on this list, the women were in the buisness for 10 years or longer..that is why Mariah didn't make it...
But what's Sheila E. (No. 88) doing there? And Tina Weymouth (No. 99)? Nico (No. 87) is more famous for her sexual derring-do on an elevator than her recordings with the Velvet Underground, and she made the list. No problem with Erykah Badu (No. 100), even though she's a relative rookie in the game, but then where are Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Shirley Manson, Natalie Merchant, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Luscious Jackson, and Mary J. Blige? Not on the list. Anyway, there's plenty more controversy, top to bottom, but that's the thing with these end-of-the-century top 100 lists. They weren't meant to get r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

I am working on a new opening graphic for the webpage, so that will be up shortly :D Make sure you stop by The Picture of the Week section which was added yesterday :D The pic. of the week for this week was a little collage I made, with Alex's help, of my favorite concert, the NBC special. Same concept as the Quote of the Week pic. which changes everyday, this picture will be a pic. of MC that is NOT in the picture Galleries to get more pics. to the webpage for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it!!

7/24/99 New Section added to the Main Page...it is called "Picture of the Week" and it will be updated every Friday with the new Quote!!

Not much news at all even for the last day I missed...however, I do have some tidbits for ya!!
ADayDream7 e-mailed me tidbit she saw on MTV two days ago...
"I was watching MTV early this morning and Ananda was asking everyone what would be thier sexual fantasy.... one guy said that he would love Mariah Carey in his sexual fantasy along with Britney Spears dipped in chocolate to even it out."
HA HA!! Okay?!?

I found this little article about Tommy remarrying?? All rumors but HEY maybe it will happen!!
Tommy Mottolla, the Sony bigwig who unleashed Mariah Carey on an unsuspecting world, is moving on. The New York Post says he'll soon propose marriage to Thalia - just Thalia - a South American soap-opera actress with whom he's been keeping cozy company.

Day & Night (July 19-25, 1999) has a small article and pic of MC and Lopez. The Mariah pic. is her from the Blockbuster awards and here is what they had to say...
Mariah's moment
Looking sexy and ripe for the picking, songbird Mariah Carey heads out for a night in Tinseltown wearing a see-through midriff top and belly-baring tight skirt. Hot, hot, hot!
Luscious Lopez coming and going...
Her backside may be all the rave but sexy actor-singer Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic coming and going, especially in these rhinestone hip-huggers and sheer midriff. Heaven on earth!

Someone said that there might be a pic. of Mariah's new house in the issue of People with JFK Jr. on the cover. Alex?? Got a scan for me hun? Ha ha...

7/23/99 Two New Pics For Ya!
I got a new pic. from the Orange County Register in California. Magicfever sent me this pic from a recent concert Mariah did on July 10th. You can read the whole article when you click to see bigger!! The pic. underneath of it is a picture from Anderz from the same event :) Click to see bigger versions...

Ryan told me that you can get a new MC poster at Tower Records now. It is the cover of the ONES cd and above her head it says Mariah Carey. I'll hopefully get one tomorrow and let ya know if I could :)

Alan e-mailed me and told me that according to Sam Goody, Mariah's new album is sceduled to be released in November NOT October anymore!!

7/22/99 **WHEW** I have been working since 10 am this morning and now it is noon on this webpage. I added a new background to all of the Webpages pages :) Also a new title gif was added to the main page and a new section was added also. The new section is called "QUOTES" and it will be the home for all the Quote of the Weeks and for random Mariah Quotes. Let me know what you think of the new changes for the webpage and if you like them or not. Thanks to Alex, Cyd 007, for all of his hard work last night and this morning with me :) I appreciate it!!! Onto MC news...

Adorible20 told me that Mariah is in the September issue of Right On 3 times. The pinup is the cover of the Dutch Cosmo. Also there is a Honey picture and a well seen Whitney and Mariah picture. Underneath the WH and MC pic. it says...
"Mariah and Whitney had fun working on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. They'll probably do something else in the future"
Under the Honey picture, there is a request for Right On to do a special on Mariah like they did on Usher and Immature. Wouldn't that be cool if that happened. Jenn might scan the pics. for me, so I'll get back to you on those :)

Speaking of pics, Bob sent me a picture in e-mail. Originally it was from Anderz but Bob touched it up and got rid of the white spots that were on Mariah's face. Click to see a bigger verion...

I got this next info. from Anderz. It seems that Mariah will be at the Source Hip-Hop Awards. It will air on UPN on August 20th and Mariah is expected to be presenting an award. It is not said yet whether Mariah will sing or receive an award herself. They have been advertising it lately on UPN, with a commercial with, Eminem, Mary J. Blidge, Dr. Dre and others. They also have a picture of Mariah and other artist to appear..anyone got a scan??? The event is called, "The biggest night of Hip-Hop."

7/21/99-More News... Well as I promised, I am back. Before the news, I want to say I am working on this webpage to make it better. There is going to be a new background and new Opening Main Page Picture all created by Alex, Cyd 007. I am trying to make this webpage better, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE e-mail me with them. Also my Site Awards will be going bye bye soon, and a Quote Page will be replacing it :) Stay tune for that...On to Mariah...

The New York Daily News reported that Mariah will be attending a new wedding, thanks to Tomas1284 for this info...
Mariah Carey, Queen Latifah, Star Jones and Foxy Brown are on the guest list for the hip-hop wedding of the summer. Rappers Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa) and Treach (of Naughty By Nature) will have their official nuptials Saturday at her estate in Morristown, N.J. In April, they had a spiritual ceremony at a Kansas tattoo parlor.

MiniMe1200 e-mailed and told me that she was looking through some old catalogs and came across a Nikki one with Britney on the cover. There is a little piece that Britney mentions Mariah and here it is...
JN: What artists have influenced you in your musical style?
Britney: otis redding with his blues and soulful music as well as Mariah Carey-she's a great songwritter with great melodies.

Aww that's nice :)

MyDiVaMC also found something that mentions Mariah in one of her PopStar magazines. Here is what it said...
PopStar: We heard that you are big fans of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Was the Whitney and Mariah duet a big thing for you?
Britney: Yes! Defiently they are the best. I have looked up to both of them for a long time and to have them do a song together was great. But between you and me, I really didn't like the song that much.

WHAT? *sigh* Oh well..whatcha going to do :)

Hydrogirl2 sent me info on Marie Claire magazine with Winona Ryder on the cover. There is a little match of Mariah and Allision. It is on page 26 and it is titled, "Star Siblings." You have to match the star to their sibling bascially. The picture of Mariah is from the Billboard awards 1999 and the little article reads...
"Though Mariah Carey loves the limelight and her new single status, her older sister, Allison, 38, enjoys a quiet life as a New York housewife."

7/21/99 Well I am doing a little update now, and I will add more news later today hopefully around 6pm. Did you ever wonder who won that Mariah poster from Rolling Stone? Well MCdanr5 did :D He wrote me and this is what he had to say!!!
You know that contest Rollingstone had? The one where they give away the free poster! My friend won it and she gave the poster to me!!! Isn't that the coolest thing ever. Out of the thousands of people who enter my friend won it, and she doesnt even like Mariah that much. It is so big she had no room for it and she gave it to me to take care of. I'm so excited. Remember when I told you my friend at Media Play was going to get me the card board stand up they had when #1's cam out. Well, she was on vacation when they took it down and they got rid of it. So, this definately makes up for it.
Aww that's great!!!

7/20/99 Thanks to Minerva I got a new pic. of Mariah!! It comes from the Spanish magazine Pronto and there is a little article about Mariah to the right of the new pic. It basically said that Luis signed a document obligated by Mariah, where he swear he can't have the Mariah's fortune if they get divorced when the get married first. Hmmm!! I also heard from Bob that Luis wasn't too happy about it but he ended up doing it anyway! Well moving along..here is the fab. photo...click to see a bigger version!!

Annie sent me some info. from the Muchmoremusic show that aired last night on Mariah. Here is what she said!!!
"I saw the muchmorewith...Mariah Carey. It wasn't exactly 15 min though, it was 25!!! YAY! It It included clips of a not that interesting interview from 1995 in between showing her videos. The videos shown were in this order: 1) Always be my baby
2)One Sweet Day
3) Anytime you need a friend
4) Butterfly
5) I Still Believe
Every month Muchmoremusic usually repeats these 15-25 min segments on artists so if anyone missed it this month, than you can go check out www.muchmoremusic.com in August to see when muchmorewith...Mariah Carey will air in August. Muchmoremusic is channel 35 for Canadian residents, I don't know what other countries have it. It is similar to the US VH1. I think ppl in the US need some special cable or something to get it."

Okay this next info. is courtesy of Anderz. It seems that there are some problems and the new album won't be out as soon as we thought. However these sources are NOT 100% true information but a while back someone said that the single for MC's new cd would be release in late August early Sept and the cd would be out in October!! So there is still hope...here are the two articles...
"Luis Miguel's spokes-person told us weeks ago that he LM and MC had recorded a beautiful romantic ballad in both languages that would be included in both artist's album. Now, they said they're not sure if the song is gonna be recorded and included in the album. So, we asked Cindy Bergen and she told us that the project exists, but that they (LM and MC) hasn't recorded yet the song, and that they're not sure if this song will really happen. Then Cindy said that Mariah is now resting in New York and that next week (the week of July the 26th) Mariah is gonna start recording the vocals to her new album that is gonna be ready to the end of this year. Also Cindy Bergen said that by the end of this week they're gonna speak openly about the new Mariah album."

Then the reporter asked some "sources" because of the contradictory news, and someone who asked to remain anonymous, said that Mariah had already recorded some of the songs to the album, but that she wasn't comfortable with them because of the quality of some of the arrangements and also her voice. So that she's gonna redo her vocals now that she's feeling better. The "source" also said that the duet is an excellent song, and that the problem was that some of Luis Miguel's producers weren't satisfied with Mariah's performance when they first recorded the song, but that Mariah seems to be in a better situation lately, that they're hoping to record the song once again and on time to be included in both materials, and that the hurry is because Luis Miguel's album is on streets on September 14th. They said that Mariah's album is gonna be ready by late November.

7/19/99 Mariah Performing in Special Y2G concert???
R&B songstress Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child, and Deborah Cox are among the "fashionable" performers tapped for a special Y2G Pre-Millennium Celebration being thrown in September on the exotic island of St. Martin in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hosted by clothing designer Team FUBU, the star-studded event will also feature performances by Dave Hollister, The Gap Band, The Isley Brothers, Joe, Morris Day & The Time, and Case. Hip-hoppers will also get their fair share of representation at the millennial-minded show with sets from Run-DMC, Sugar Hill Gang, Biz Markie, Kurtis Blow, Salt-N-Pepa, and Whodini. While it's still too early to know exactly which celebrities will turn out for the concert, the current guest list includes Chris Rock, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Maxwell, Veronica Webb, Denzel Washington, and many others. The four-day celebration is slated to run from September 2-5.

I was reading this one article about Christina Aguilera, and she happened to say something really cool about Mariah! Read on..
Sure she's an emerging teen pop star who came out of the "Mickey Mouse Club" farm system, but 18-year-old Christina Aguilera says that comparisons between her and Britney Spears are completely off base. No, really. The daughter of a military man, Aguilera has a logged a lot of miles before scoring with her current hit, "Genie In A Bottle." After living in Japan, Texas, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Aguilera was living in Florida and landed a spot on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" at the age of 12. The gig put her next to a young Britney Spears, a place where she still finds herself years after leaving the show. "I've actually been compared recently to singers that I look up to, like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, so that has been really amazing," Christina recently told the MTV Radio Network. "But then on the younger side, you do get, 'Oh well, Britney Spears,' because I think they want to compare us because we both come out of the 'Mickey Mouse Club'... I don't know, but really me and Britney are two completely different artists."

Here is another article about Mariah finding her new home from the Detroit Free Press..
And now, housing problems of the rich and famous! Warbler Mariah Carey, rejected by several Upper Manhattan co-op boards fearful of the element she might attract to their digs, settled on a place downtown, where they're less snooty. She coughed up almost $9 million for two apartments -- a penthouse duplex plus a single-floor flat -- at a Tribeca condo. Attention "This Old House": The singer plans on breaking through and making one big apartment that'll have four bedrooms, four baths and a gourmet kitchen. She's already got the panoramic view of the city. Carey tried to buy Barbra Streisand's triplex penthouse on 92d Street for $8 million, but the board kept her on hold for six months.

Tranquil20 told me that Mariah is in the George Magazine, the one with Salma Hayek on the cover! It is only a tiny pic. and that is all the news I have on that :( Anyone got a scan???

The last piece of news was sent to me by Bob and Tranquil20. The episode of "Unhappily Ever After" aired last night that busted on Mariah. The lead female character said that her sister was dumber then every Mariah Carey fan out there. Yes, kind of harsh but oh well.

7/18/99 Not much new on MC at all but I do have a little today!!
SWEETI7108 told me that MC was on the Gossip show today and this is what they had to say about her!!
"Mariah Carey is sort of against her new friend and duet partner Whitney Houston. Recently when she enters movies, which she is doing currently, she wants to do so by doing supporting roles, like some other singers do. Mariah if you were talking about Whitney, I dont think she did all that shambling, like the body guard and waiting to exhale, and whitney is still rising above and she still loves mariah and she wasnt acting."

I was checking out Britneynews.com and they said that Britney Spears rendition of Open Arms will be released as a video and possible single. The video will be her in concert...bet it's no where's near as good as Mariah's rendition but still I bet it will be pretty cool :D

Next, Joshie sent me 5 pics. from the VMA's 1991 where Mariah performed Emotions, REALLY good may I add, and here are the 5 pics. Click to see Bigger Version!!

7/17/99 Did you miss the Patti Labelle concert last year on PBS? Well relax cause it is reairing now :D On July 31st it will reair at 9:15 pm. So make sure you tune in this time or set your VCR's to record it :D

Mia told me that Mariah is in the July 27th issue of Globe magazine. She is on the cover from a pic. from the Oscars, and then there is another pic. of her inside from the 1999 Blockbuster Awards show. There is an article and pic of MC. The article talks about who and who did not get Breast Implants in Hollywood!! Thanks to Mariah Online, here is the article and pics...
Singing sensation Mariah Carey's known for her skin-revealing outfits. And what you see is what you get, according to Dr. Craft. The 29-year-old, 5-foot-9, 107-pound Butterfly gal's never gone under the knife to fill out her sexy frame. Her killer bod is as genuine as those high notes she hits with ease. "I'd have to say her breasts are natural," Dr. Craft tells GLOBE. "There's no evidence to suggest otherwise."

I got some more news from Mia on magazines. Mariah is in the August issue of Cosmopolitan. MC is in there twice. She is on pages 207 and 236. On 207 it talks about love tarot cards. On the next page it gives Hollywood examples and they are..the player card is Jennifer Lopez, the thrill seeker is Shannen Doherty, and the diva card is MC. The other pic has to deal with Cosmo's Couple awards and MC and Luis are one of the couples pictured. Thanks again Mia!!

I saw in the BB magazine that there is a small article on Mariah. It reads...
Talk about sweet, "Butterfly" goddess Mariah Carey, 29, is so crazy about her canine, Jack, that the "I Still Believe" singer gives him cameos in lots of her music videos. (See for yourself the next time she dances across your screen.) "I'm a total animal fanatic," Mariah who collaborated with Whitney Houston on "When You Believe" frm Disney's 1998 Prince of Egypt soundtrack, has claimed. "When I was growing up, we always had animals." Mariah assures us that one peek at her long-legged Jack Russel terrier, and you, too will be lost in puppy love. The sparkling star's giggled, "How can you not love this guy?"

Sunkiss672 sent me some info. on MC. It turns out that Kelly Price was on BET tv the other day and she was being interviewed. She was telling the lady how she got started. She was talking about how she sang backup for MC when she needed a chorus. She also went on to say how sweet Mariah was.

7/16/99 Okay once again..updating a tad early for Friday but here goes anyhow..
I was once again searching for articles on Mariah and I found ANOTHER NOT NICE ARTICLE!! The article is about Whitney's latest album and they are reviewing it...look what they wrote!!
Whitney Houston: Almost Personal
Too often, performers with the skills to make an epic out of a grocery list -- your Eric Claptons, your Celine Dions, your Rob Swifts -- end up doing exactly that. Nobody exemplifies the phenomenon better than Whitney Houston, a singer blessed with gospel chops and technical brilliance who's spent much of her career yoking her gifts to consultant-penned material about as gripping as Clive Davis's tax return. But minus "When You Believe," the bland, bitchy showcase/showdown Mariah Carey duet from the Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks) soundtrack, Houston's new My Love Is Your Love (Arista) smokes the way you never thought a Whitney album could. Conceived by platinum-packing R&B new jacks and jills (Missy Elliott, Brandy collaborator Rodney Jerkins, Wyclef Jean), the new songs let some stress into Houston's airlocked cool. And even though she swears she's not dramatizing what it's like to baby-sit Bobby Brown in "It's Not Right, But It's Okay," she's clearly found a content provider (Missy, in this case) who lets her draw on actual pain. This time, it's (almost) personal.

Kristen wrote and told me that not only is MC in the J-14 mag. for an Oscar pic. but there is also two article about her. One is that she is mentioned in an article for Lauren Hills Camp and the second talks about her zodiac I believe.

Honey31785 sent me an e-mail..here is what I was told..
"ok I was watching E! this morning and on this show called Model TV they were talking about make up artists and they were talking about a lady who has done mariahz makeup and they showed some picz alos on fashion emergency they were talking aboot another makeup arist that has worked on mariah! also i have some picturez from an old tabloid that has a whole page on maraih i will scan them later and send themt o you thanx!"
Cool! So hopefully have new pics. for ya soon :D

7/15/99Marah News is a TAD slow today...Alex sent me some info. though. It seems that New York Post reported that Barbara is SUING the co-op board of the place that turned Mariah down for an apartment. I believe this is all gossip but here it is anyhow..
AN incensed Barbra Streisand may sock snooty members of her Upper West Side co-op board with a lawsuit because they refused to okay the sale of her apartment to Mariah Carey. Streisand was steaming when the board shot down Carey's $7.5 million bid for the triplex in May - after keeping the younger singer on the hook for six months - and she hasn't stopped simmering. "She is very, very angry," a source told PAGE SIX. "And she is considering suing the board." Streisand rep Ken Sunshine, uncharacteristically, didn't return calls. Those familiar with the shot-down deal say Streisand, who put the apartment at Central Park West and 92nd Street on the market for $10 million after she moved to Los Angeles with new hubby James Brolin, has had it with her former neighbors. "What has her most livid is the way they handled it," says our spy. "They kept Mariah hanging for a ridiculously long period of time, with no indication to either Barbra or Mariah that the deal might not be approved. "There is no reason for the process to take nearly half a year. You either vote her in, or vote her out. But you don't keep everybody involved up in the air. Barbra lost six months of valuable time. There's no telling how many other prospective buyers missed out on seeing the place while Mariah's application was pending. And time is money." Said another insider: "The co-op board took its sweet time, and it looks like that might cost them." But it's not clear what grounds Streisand would have: under law, a co-op board has sole discretion on whether to approve a sale, and there is no time limit. Streisand is no fan of the co-op screening process, which, in the early 1970s, kept her out of an Upper East Side building, ostensibly because she is Jewish. The diva later moved into her 16-room Ardsley apartment - which boasts its own beauty salon, 5 fireplaces and 7 baths - and stayed 26 years. She initially put it on the market for $10 million, but later lowered the price to $9 million. While real estate insiders suggest that's still too much for a place with no park view, Streisand apparently isn't worried she won't unload the place. "There's a lot of cachet to the apartment," notes one pal. "She's not afraid she won't sell it. She's just mad that it took the board so long to decide against this particular deal." Carey, meanwhile, has bought a new co-op in Tribeca.

Bob sent me some info. on Mariah. He told me that he was watching VH1 this morning and they showed the 100 greatest women in rock and roll and he remembers Aretha being #1 but No Mariah!! Also on the VH1 website they have pics. of all the greatest women and no MC. Well yes it is true..no Mariah on the 100 Greatest Women but you have to figure that even though Mariah has sold over 100 million albums, she hasn't been out for even 10 years yet!! Maybe they picked all the legends and stuff? I don't know but even so, Mariah should of been like #2 behind Aretha.

Also on a little side note, Lopez 9 week #1 single fell out of the #1 spot due to Destiny Child :D So it looks like Lopez won't get to One Sweet Day heights!

7/14/99 I am updating a little early for Wednesday (it's a 11 pm now on Tuesday!) but I won't be able to add more news till 6 pm tomorrow and I wanted to get a fresh start for ya guys. I have lots of articles today, so bare with me cause some of them are REALLY cool :)

First one comes from my local newspaper, Philadelphia Enquirer.
Living Room
Mariah Carey, rejected by several Upper Manhattan co-op boards fearful of the element she might attract to their digs, settled on shelter downtown, where they're less snooty. Coughed up almost $9 mil for two apartments-a penthouse duplex plus a single floor flat-at Tribeca condo. Plans on breaking through and making one big apartment that'll have four bedrooms, 4.5 baths and gourmet kitchen. She's already got the panoramic view of the city. Carey tried to buy Barbara Streisand's triplex penthouse on 92nd Street for $8 mil, but the board kept her on hold for six months.

Here is yet another recent article on MC's apartment findings :D
Celebrity real estate
The house-hunting saga of songbird Mariah Carey finally has a happy ending, after the star was rejected by choosy buildings all over Manhattan. She paid $9 million for a penthouse and the apartment below it in a rehabbed downtown condo, the New York Observer reports.

And yet another article about her housing apartment
Mariah Carey was willing to pay the equivalent of almost $12 million for Barbra Streisand's three-storey apartment in a Central Park West co-op, but the board didn't want riffraff like her in the building. (One imagines the menfolk on the board, uh, tingling with excitement, while the women huffed and puffed and voted against.) Anyway, Carey is now spending more money - almost $14 million - to get into a swanky new building further downtown, the New York Observer reports. It's a commercial building being converted to condos, and the songbird reportedly bought two properties in it, a duplex penthouse and the duplex right below it. This time nobody wants to keep her out.

NOW I found a VERY not so NICE at all article about Mariah Carey. It talks about Jennifer Lopez and well...read on...
Looks and MTV appearances are the main sell here. Talent is somewhat secondary. Actress-turned-singer Jennifer Lopez has what it takes to be a teen idol — at least with those who like to look a pretty girls. She's savvy, she's pretty, she's seductive. Lopez's sultry vocals do, however, find a nice ring in such tunes as "Waiting for Tonight" and "If You Had My Love," but her voice becomes thin and breezy in the more intimate mixes, like "Promise Me You'll Try" and "Talk About Us." Some of the album's highlights are her Latin-influenced tracks. "Let's Get Loud," "Una Noche Mas" and both versions of the ballad "No Me Ames" are more sincere in the editing and feeling. The other cuts, however, are a tad lifeless. Lopez just goes through the motions. She needs to let loose with what she feels inside. Otherwise, she'll wind up being wrapped up and packaged as another soulless singer like Mariah Carey or a mediocre Whitney Houston.
Mariah Carey is WAY better then Lopez anyday in my opinion. How can they say Mariah is a soulless singer..Geeze!!!

On another Lopez related subject, Jennifer's single has been at the #1 spot for NINE weeks already on Billboard. Hopefully this won't keep up cause if it does she could be getting a tad too close for comfort to Mariah's One Sweet Day. Let's not forget Brandy and Monica almost beating MC last year with the Boy Is Mine!! Thanks to Bob for the info :D

Well this next article I found is about the All Star Powerhouse concert!! The article was kind of long, so I basically kept it to the MC parts...
With a Powerful Punch, Hip-Hop Taps Its Potential
After years of being plagued by poor production values, artist no-shows and a nagging (if often unfounded) reputation for violence, rap shows over the last couple of years have become far more satisfying--and potent at the box office. Saturday's 4 1/2-hour "All-Star Powerhouse" extravaganza at Anaheim's Arrowhead Pond was another step forward. Not only was everything smoothly organized at the sold-out event sponsored by radio station Power 106 (KPWR-FM), but fans were treated to a battery of unadvertised guest stars--stars who alone would have been enough to enthrall the audience. Among the surprises: Dr. Dre, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg. Despite Snoop's hometown appeal, his impact may have been eclipsed at the Pond by the appearance of Combs, who came on stage a half-hour into Nas' rather aimless set to join the New York rapper on their duet, "Hate Me Now," the song that has helped make Nas' third album, "I Am . . . ," a platinum release. Although Combs was only on stage for the one tune, it was clear that he is still among the most adored figures in rap, even though he has not had a new album in almost two years. Combs' sometime collaborator Mariah Carey made a surprise splash during Krayzie Bone's set, which preceded Nas'. The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member is enjoying the success of his solo album, "Thug Mentality 1999," but it was clear Saturday that the Cleveland native is more comfortable in the recording booth than on stage. That's why Carey's arrival--to re-create their vocal teaming on the hit "I Still Believe"--saved Krayzie's day, so to speak. As Carey swayed across the stage, the crowd seemed mesmerized. The pair was also joined on the number by Da Brat, the first female rapper artist to ever have a platinum album. Often categorized as one-dimensional, hip-hop displayed its varied sounds Saturday at the Pond. There were the gangsta vibes of locals Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik; the smooth, harmonic flow of Krayzie Bone; the hard-core stance of Nas and Ja Rule, and the seductive crooning of 112 and Ginuwine. With shows featuring major hip-hop artists from across the country a rarity, the "All-Star Powerhouse" offered a united front. As a bonus, the concert's proceeds go to Knowledge Is Power, an outreach program for underprivileged youth.

This next article is SO COOL. It turns out that Sony is released a MAJOR project called "Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack For A Century.". It is a Book-Like box set. This box will include a 500-song collection, with a 300 page book featuring pics, text, and more. It is prices at $329. Here is more from the article..
The top 500 songs for this century
NEW YORK - With the 26-disc retrospective ''Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack For A Century,'' Sony Legacy will offer its most ambitious historical project to date. Arranged as a dozen multiple-CD sets - covering a dozen genres of recorded music - the 500-song collection will be sold in a book-style boxed set, accompanied by 300 pages of photos, text, and annotations. Priced at $329, the project is slated to hit worldwide retail in early October. Simultaneous with the release of the boxed set, Sony Legacy will issue 12 double -CD compilations, priced at $24.98 each, of genre-specific material from the project. A four-CD collection of classical recordings from the box will be sold for the same price. Each set will be accompanied by a 64-page book. The outline of the individual CD sets are as follows: ''Pop Music: The Early Years, 1890-1950,'' which opens with John Phillip Sousa's first wax cylinder recording of ''The Washington Post March'' and includes material by Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra.
''Pop Music: The Golden Era, 1951-1975,'' which features tunes by Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, the Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, Barbra Streisand, Janis Joplin, and others.
''Pop Music: The Modern Era, 1976-1999,'' which includes cuts by James Taylor, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, and Lauryn Hill.
''Folk, Blues & Gospel: The Crossroads, 1920-1994,'' with Bessie Smith, Lead Belly, Mahalia Jackson, the Staple Singers, Shawn Colvin, Leonard Cohen, and Indigo Girls.
''Rock: The Train Kept A-Rollin', 1965-1999,'' which includes cuts by Bob Dylan, the Yardbirds, Bruce Springsteen, Boston, the Clash, and Korn.
''R&B: From Doo-Wop To Hip-Hop, 1950-1995,'' which includes material by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Earth, Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross, Babyface, and the Fugees.
''Jazz: The Definitive Performances, 1917-1995,'' featuring material by Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Weather Report, and Wynton Marsalis, among others.
''Country: The American Tradition, 1923-1998,'' which includes tracks by Fiddlin' John Carson, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, George Jones, and Dixie Chicks.
''Broadway: The Great Original Cast Recordings, 1932-1997,'' with tunes from ''South Pacific,'' ''West Side Story,'' ''Cabaret,'' and ''A Chorus Line.''
''Movie Music: The Definitive Performances, 1927-1998,'' with music from ''To Sir With Love,'' ''The Way We Were,'' ''The Graduate,'' and ''Titanic,'' among others.
''Sony Classical: Great Performances, 1903-1998,'' with material by Stravinsky, Serkin, Kostelanetz, and Yo-Yo Ma.
''International Music: Sony Music Around The World,'' with performances by Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Liu Huan.

7/13/99 Well sorry I didn't update yesterday..very busy! However I am back today with MC news for ya :) Here goes...
Kaiyan posted a letter on Mariah Carey's Diary website saying that MC was at the Power 106's All-Star Jam as a SURPRISE :) Here is what she said...
"MC was in California on Saturday. She was at Power 106's All-Star Summer Concert (it's a hip-hop and R&B station). Nobody knew she was going to be there, so it was a big surprise. They didn't have her listed as one of the guests or performers. She performed w/ Krayzie Bone and Da Brat. I went w/ my boyfriend and he couldn't take his eyes off her. MC was really looking good that day. Power 106 should have pics up at there site soon, so here's their address: http://www.power106la.com. The pics should be in the scrap book or concert section pretty soon."

Also from Los Angeles Times, here is more from the show (thanks to Anderz again!)
Combs' sometime collaborator Mariah Carey made a surprise splash during Krayzie Bone's set, which preceded Nas'. The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member is enjoying the success of his solo album, "Thug Mentality 1999," but it was clear Saturday that the Cleveland native is more comfortable in the recording booth than on stage. That's why Carey's arrival--to re-create their vocal teaming on the hit "I Still Believe"--saved Krayzie's day, so to speak. As Carey swayed across the stage, the crowd seemed mesmerized. The pair was also joined on the number by Da Brat, the first female rapper artist to ever have a platinum album.

My mag. buddy Kristen sent me more information on magazines!! She told me that Mariah is in People Espanol. There is an article and a pic. of hre with Luis. There is also another picture of her in the red dress from the Oscars...it's a nice side picture.

beetleboy85@hotmail.com sent me some info. on magazines also. Mariah is in the Sept. issue of Right On! Magazine. It is the picture from FHM with her wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

Also Anderz reported that Brian (Backstreet Boy) reported on a German TV program that a possible duet between Mariah and them could possibly be out by the end of the year :) I had this news a while back and noone believed it was true but once again, here is a another fact saying it is true!

7/11/99 Well Tausha told me that there is now a listing for a Mariah Carey Around the World Bootleg. It lists some of her best songs yet and here is the tracklisting...
BFly Intro
Make It Happen
My All
Love Takes Time
Can't Let Go
I Don't Want To Cry
Hopelessly Devoted to you
Just BE Good To Me
I'll Be There
Underneath the Stars
Got to Be Real
I Still Believe
Anytime You Need A Friend
So these are NOT the songs from Around the World they just took the name and threw it on this BOOTLEG cd. I know nothing more about it, nor do I know where you can get it. I do know that MC is seeing NOTHING of these profits which is wrong but whatever!!

Sara and Kristen both e-mailed me about MC being on VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy last night. One of the catergories was "LOVE SONGS" where the answer was a song title with the word LOVE in it. Mariah ended up being 4 out of the 5 questions. The four answers were..Endless Love, Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, and Dreamlover. One of the players said, "She's the make of all love songs." Thanks to Sara for this description!!

Mia sent me even MORE information about Tv Novelas. She said it is a pic. of MC from the Pavorotti concert that was in GLOBE tabloid not too long ago and a new pic. of Luis and MC that she has never seen before.

Mia also told me that MC is in the July 9th issue of OK magazine. It is a pic. frm the Blockbuster Awards 1999. It talks about her being on a plane and hiding under the blanket! Then Mariah is also in a spanish magazine called Christina La Revista. She is on page 87 and it looks like she is in an airport and Luis is signing an autograph. Anyone got a scan of OK or Christina mag? Let me know....

Okay this next info. comes from MC4Life. I thought it was a little funny and I hope people take it in good humor..Here is what Sam sent me...
"I don't remember what night, but acouple nights ago on the "Chimp Channel" (Sorry I don't remember the channel either, God!!!) they had all the monkeys, you know and they had this one girl monkey named Marina and she was know as the "SuperStar Diva." I know that it was meant to be Mariah because they were doing all these little acting sketches with this monkey (as Mariah!) in them...They had this one "Godzilla" thing and It was "Marina" and some other monkey and the other monkey said, "I love you Marina!" and then Marina said, "Well, I am programed to love you to, I suppose?" They also had a sketch of David Letterman where Marina was sitting in the seat looking like Mariah. He asked her a montage of questions and she got up and sang "Butterfly" with twisted lyrics about eating a butterfly one day in the jungle!!!???!!! So I thought I would lt you know that! At the end in the credits, It said Thank You to Mariah Carey as well as all the other actors and actresses they imitated."

7/10/99 Mariah Carey moves from #46 to #21!!
In the FHM's Sexiest Women of the Year magazine MC is #21. There is a small pic. of her from The Roof video and an article on her. Here is the article...
The ever-busy warbler will soon be turning her talents to the big screen. Mariah will make her cinematic debut later this year in The Bachelor, playing an opera singer. But don't let that angelic voice fool you-Mariah recently had a run-in with Cameron Diaz that she admitted was fuelled by "too much wine." Not that's one cat fight we wish we'd seen.

Mariah is in Globe tabloid (July 20th issue) wearing a bathing suit in Hawaii. You can see a sneak peak of the pic. at the Quote of the Week pic for today only, since I change the pic. everyday. Also Mariah is in Tv Novelas on two different pages-thanks to Mia for that information. And last, but not least, Mariah is in US magazine as I told you earlier in the week. I finnaly got my copy and it is a NICE pic. of MC from the Essence awards 1999. Here is what they wrote on MC...
GRAY: A stunning ensemble that you can't help staring at. Oh, yeah, the dress is nice, too.
KILGARIFF: This girl is all about subtlety.
HOOPER: "Uh-oh, cover me, I've gotta sneeze!"
DWYER: My wife thinks this outifit is too much. OK, she's gone now. It's great! It's perfect!

Mariah is also in a Teeny Bopper magazine. I forget what one but she is in the section for rumors. There is no pic. but here is what it said...
Rumor: 'N Sync JC is dating Mariah Carey?
Mhmm, everyone's dating everyone these days! Although the two have met many times at charity events and concerts, they're definitely not an item!"
I personnaly never heard that rumor of course it is NOT true cause MC is with Luis as of the moment :D

Well as we all know MC was in the Sunday Newspaper for the UK. Well thanks to Mariah Carey Archives here is a little thing MC said about Jennifer Lopez..
"She's a dancer isn't she?" The interviewer explains Lopez is an actress, singer AND dancer. "She lip-synched Selena's vocals, right? As singers, we're not in the same category".

7/9/99 Mariah is on the cover of the UK Sunday newspaper Night and Day and thanks to Tausha I have the cover and one of the inside pics. for ya :) There is also a pic. from the Fantasy video, a pic. of Luis and MC, and a pic. of MC from her wedding..here is the pics (click to see bigger)...

The Around the World is #6 on Video Sales for the week of July 17!!

Mariah has more Heat Factor then Madonna?
Sara e-mailed about a show he saw on VH1 about Mariah having more heat factor then Madonna...read on...
"VH1 asked people who had more heat factor, Madonna splashing around in her "Cherish" video or Mariah stripping underwater in her "Honey" video. Mariah in "Honey" beat out Madonna. In the beginning they showed a plane flying w/a banner saying: More heat factor-Madonna or Mariah? Then at the end, they showed a clip of an old Mariah interview."

Anderz found something and e-mailed me about the 00 Soul release date..here is what he found...
0O Soul
Genre: Action/Comedy.
Studio: Universal Pictures.
Production Company: Robert Simonds Co./Tuck You in Prods.
Project Phase: Greenlighted.
Who's In It: Chris Tucker; Mariah Carey.
Who's Making It: Antwone Fisher (Screenwriter); Chris Tucker, Antwone Fisher, Robert Simonds (Producers).
Premise: A low-level secret agent suddenly gets elevated to elite-agent status when the entire upper echelon of government agents is taken out by a mole.
Release Date: Spring 1999(????)
Rumors: Unknown. Comments: Coming off Rush Hour and Money Talks success, Chris Tucker received a cool 7 million to play in this one. Scoop Feedback: [Page draft submitted by Suave Secret Agent 'Deadpool'.] September 24, 1998... Mariah Carey plays the stepdaughter of the villain. [Handed in by 'Deadpool'.]
December 3, 1998... "Double O Soul is indeed going to be a great movie. The script I have now is titled OO Soul so there's been some changes. It's basically a hip 90's version of all the old 80's action/comedy buddy type films." ['Wong Fei Hung' is our Huggy Bear.]
So it don't look good for 00 Soul being released. It should of been out by now or it could of been pushed back for the time being!!

Make sure you go vote for Mariah on the Entertainment IT List because as of the moment Mariah is #1 and we want to keep her that way :D

7/8/99 Well Mariah finnaly got her new place..I found this article today online...
Songbird Mariah Carey has finally found a place to roost.
After being shut out by stodgy co-op boards all over the Upper East and West sides, Carey has decided to go downtown, to a hot TriBeCa condo redevelopment that once housed the Corn Exchange Bank. "She's relieved she finally found a place she really likes," said Carey spokeswoman Cindi Berger. Carey plunked down $9 million for two apartments - a penthouse duplex and the single-floor spread just below - at Franklin Tower, reports The New York Observer. Mariah inked the deal late last month, but Berger insists, "She didn't pay $9 million. It was less than that." She said the diva will blow through the penthouse floor to create her own triplex. When it's finished later this year, Mariah's new place, which already boasts panoramic views of the city and a fireplace, will also have four bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a gourmet-style kitchen. Plus, laughs a friend, "Half of the bottom floor will be designated closet space." Mariah's been looking for a place of her own since 1998, when she split with Sony music honcho Tommy Mottola and moved out of their Bedford mansion. Last month, Carey was blocked from closing on her $8 million deal to buy Barbra Streisand's triplex penthouse in the Ardsley building on 92nd Street - after being kept on the hook by the fickle co-op board for nearly six months. Carey has also looked at, and bid on, several other uptown residences during the past year, with no luck. Sources say the neighbors don't want to share a roof with the nightlife-loving 29-year-old. Besides, Carey and her pals, including Puffy Combs and Q-Tip, will likely be happier downtown, in a neighborhood that's already home to Robert De Niro, John Kennedy Jr., Harvey Keitel, Ben Affleck, Bette Midler and Rupert Everett.

Well it looks like MC new single won't be out in July but now late August or early Sept...making the October 5th rumored release date seem more fitting :)

One of our InfoMC members, Emotion327, is going to be on TV on Sunday, this is what she told me...
hey I dont know if you want to inform the club but I am going to be featured on 20/20 this sunday at nine. the reason I am telling you about this is because I talk a lot about mc and how much she has helped me and basically stuff like that. So I figured I would let you know! by the way my name is Kim
Stop in and see 20/20...I think it is going to be a good show!!

Tina told me some cool news today. It seems that Mariah Carey was at the 1999 Source Music Awards and Tina has a pic. she is going to send to me...I'll have that for you hopefully later tonight or tomorrow morning...

7/7/99 Here's an exclusive pic. for ya :) ECShort sent me a pic of Mariah that she found at a Jennifer Lopez site..MC and Luis are right next to each other on the cover and I can't really make out the date cause it is so fuzzy but it looks like somewhere around March 3rd 1999...the pic. is in Gallery 9 and you can also click on the thumbnail below to enlarge it :D Thanks Emily

My friend Mia sent me some info. on Jet and Sister 2 Sister magazines. First of all she said she saw the older Jet from last week and it is the pic. that was just in People magazine, so nothing new there. Also in Sister 2 Sister, August issue, there is a pic. of MC from the Blockbuster Awards in the black dress with her hair up! Thanks Mia for the news :)

While searching for Mariah articles, I came across this...In an article about vacationing in VIENTIANE, Laos, the last paragraph read...
Dinner is a surprisingly sophisticated treat, thanks first to the French and now to the many foreign aid workers who come here. The proprietor of a Chinese restaurant offered free-range chicken (a delicacy at home, an inevitability in Laos, where livestock farming is a casual barnyard affair); I opted for a delicious rice baked in pineapple with bits of shiitake mushrooms. But our favorite is Le Vendome, a simple bistro with white lace curtains where $20 buys an outstanding dinner for two of crab au gratin, fritters of apples and shrimp, ham and onion soufflé, and a reasonable red wine. With a Mariah Carey tape playing in the background and a Siamese cat and French poodle at your feet, its hard to believe you're not in Paris.
Hee hee!!

Owen (Mariah from the UK) told me that Mariah is o the cover of the Sunday newspaper called, "Night & Day" The cover is a pic. similiar to the Self magazine's cover but a tad different. Inside there is a pic. of MC from her wedding, pic. of Luis and MC, and a pic. from the Fantasy Video. I'll be getting the scanned pics. soon for ya...stay tune for that....

7/6/99 In the singapore magazine "8 Days" Mariah is on the cover in a really tiny pic. The article talks about MC and Cameron fight! Tad old but here it is...
Star fueds: Who's NOT talking to whom?!
Mariah Carey vs Cameron Diaz

The cat fight began after the "There's Something About Mary" star was quoted as saying that listening to Mariah's records was "pure torture". A short while later, Mariah just happened to run into the blonde actress in a New York restaurant. The angry songbird confronted her about the insult. Cameron claimed she had been misquoted. What followed was a full and frank exchange of views. Suffice to say Cameron did not come out victorious! Mariah said later: "People think I'm this little kid next door and they can say anything about me - well, I'm not having it. I let her know my feelings about her. Who's she anyway? If the women starts on me again, there'll be fireworks, I promise you that!" A pal of the singer said after the confrontation: "Mariah has a very definite 'don't mess with me' attitude. If Cameron knows what's good for her, she'll keep her mouth shut in the future and give Mariah a wide berth." Thanks to Mariah Archives for this article!! Here is the cover and the pic blown up...

Kristen, Mag. buddy, e-mailed me some info. she found on 00 Soul..here is it...
HI! I found some info. on the web about mc's movies. I don't know the web site address though. It was called "Coming Attractions by Carona''. I can foward the pg. to you if you like, I saved it. Any ways back to the news (I don't know if you already know this) double 0 soul's name has been changed to 00 Soul. Mariah will play the villian's stepdaughter. It said the script has changed around a bit but it has already been filmed (or so they say). It doesn't say anything we don't already know about "The Bachelor".
Thanks Kristen. 00 Soul was shot last year already and they put it on the back burner for some time now. Now Chris is working on it so we still might see's MC's Official first acting job :)

BSBgal2471 sent me some info. she heard on Dutch TV. I was told that Brian confirmed that the BSB had been approached by Mariah Carey to do a duet but it is still in the planning stages. Also it was not confirmed yet and if they did go through with it, a single would be out by the end of the year :D

Well I really havn't been able to find much on the Muchmoreormusic channgel but Kim101557 e-mailed me some info. on it. She told me that it is an extra channel like mainly for people with satellites. Canada also seems to have it on every channel she told me :(

ButtterfIi sent me a link to People Online. There you can find profiles on Luis Miguel and here is what it said...
Long regarded a crossover contender, this south-of-the-border crooner (and friend of Mariah) is poised to ride the crest of the recent Latin music wave.
IF you want to read more about "Mariah's friend" then check in Here

Well I just got home from Magazine Hunting and here are the results...
I picked up the August Spice which if you remember a while back I was trying to figure out what the Curly Hair Pic. was of MC. There is a pinup of Mariah from the ESSENCE awards. It's a blown up pic. of her face and it is really nice. Also there is a pic. of MC in the beg. in the red dress and it says....
Mariah Carey: Mariah looks delicious in a cherry shade of crimson."

Now two new magazine news..Mariah is in J-14 August 1999 edition. It is a pic. of MC from the Oscars in the redish dress. It is just her face and she is smiling. Check out page 34 to see MC :)

Now this next magazine confuses me. Mariah is in the Spring 1999 issue of Grammy Magazine. I picked it up to read the Shania article but to my surprise Mariah is in it as well. It's a pic. of her singing on top of a piano and it is very recent. It's on page 25 and she looks really pretty and it is a nice size pic, so you KNOW I had to buy it for $3.95 :O Now you are going to ask me, "Regina, where can I get this magazine?!?" Well I got mine at Borders Bookstore, while almost getting into a car accident..but we won't go into that, so stop by your local bookstore and look around for it :D

Oh and if you wanted to see MC and Luis as pic. of the week in Jet....TOO LATE. Yup I tried to find it today but it was already gone. Oh well I was told it was the one that was in People so we didn't miss much!!

7/5/99 Major Magazines news for you today. That's pretty much all I have though..here goes...
Mia told me that MC is in the new US magazine with Julia Roberts on the cover. The pic. is from the Blockbuster awards show talking about the outfit she wore. She said the comments were flattering but sarcastic? Thanks Mia for the scoop!!

Thanks to Tomas1284 (courtesy of ADayDream7) for this next info. Mariah is in the August issue of Teen People with Big Willy on the cover :) She is on page 108 and they got her birth date wrong!! They seemed to of said that she was born in 1969, but actually it is 1970. Here is what Teen People says...
Mariah Carey Aries (March 27, 1969) Mariah has vowed never to follow in her mom's footsteps, yet Madame Butterfly may flutter her way into opera, rounding out her musical reputation. Then she'll make a foray into film.

In the July 4th Parade magazine they mention Mariah and here is what the magazine said...
Q:Pop singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion have been promoting themselves as "divas." Aren't they taking liberties with that word? I've always considered divas to be opera stars like Maria Callas. -Cliff Hollenbeck, Seattle, Wash.
A:Strictly speaking, they are. The Italian word diva derives from the Latin term for "goddness" and usually is applied to a distinguished female opera star. But lately it has come to be used for any demanding singing star. By this standard, Carey and Dion qualify as divas.

I saw the Man Show last night on Comedy Central which featured the animated Mariah and I would just like to say I didn't like it. I saw the Saturday Night Live Celine Dion Show which was SO FUNNY and I am so glad I taped that but this thing on MC was not funny at ALL. It didn't look like her and it was very perverted in my opinion but whatever..whatcha going to do?

7/4/99 Well I would just like to say I am very disappointed. Mariah was NOT on Donnie and Marie on the 1st and now she wasn't on the OneWorld Beat last night?? Hopefully she will she be on Roise on July 9th for all of the people who missed it :D

athsu@home.com sent me some information. Here is what she had to say....
Hi regina!
For those of you who have the channel, Muchmoremusic, Mariah is gonna be on a 15 min. segment on July 19, 1999. It is the Muchmorewith...Mariah Carey. Be sure to tune in!

Anyone got anymore infomation on this? As of what time or what channel. Also is it a US channel or is it in another country?

Tina e-mailed me and told me that Mariah and Luis are the "Photo of the Week" in Jet's magazine. Make sure you check that out.

My good friend Kristen, who is now my magazine buddy (lol), e-mailed some more news on magazines. :D She told me that MC is in the new Teen People. There is a small article of Luis Miguel and then anothe small article of MC and there is a small pic. It talks about how MC vowed never to follow in her mother's foot steps but she might. Thanks again Kristen!!

I was checking out article today and I found two interesting things :) First in a Ricky Martin article here is the opening paragraph..
Don't think of Ricky Martin as a Puerto Rican Backstreet Boy or as the sole alumnus of Menudo to whom puberty has been kind. Think of him, as Sony apparently does, as the next Mariah Carey. On his English-language debut, Sony's certainly given him the Carey treatment, figuring that there's nothing in his ethnic style that can't be made more palatable to the widest possible audience...
Then there was another article entitled, "Where the stars go to rest are elusive spots" and at the end of the article it said...
Tommy Mottola, ex-Mr. Mariah Carey, also visited. Good thing he didn't show up in April, when Carey was there with Luis Miguel. Unfortunately, Carey and Miguel did bump into Miguel's ex-flame, Daisy Fuentes.

Did You Know Fact!
Jennifer Lopez ALSO has a version of Do You Know Where You're Going To? Yup you heard me right. It is not on her cd Alan tells me but it's on a single supposively somewhere. He told me that Jennifer doesn't do the end part like MC but they sound like similiar versions...hmm interesting!!

In my Lyrics page you can find the lyrics to Fourth of July because that is what today is. The Last Fourth of July in the 1900's. COOL BEANS :D

7/3/99 Reminder:
Don't forget to tune into WGTW tonight at 10:30 pm EST to see Oneworld Beat. It is a repeat but some people, like me, havn't seen it yet and I heard it was pretty cool :D

Well MariahOz has been too kind to me here at this webpage. Recently the webpage has been reviewed and here is what was said :D
MariahWebReview 28.06.99
Title:WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!
Maintainer: Regina
Site Age: Over 1 Year
Updates: Daily
Summary: WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!, which I'll just call Too Cool to make things easier, has been around for a while, and has obtained more exposure in recent times with generous contributions to Mariah's Diary. Too Cool is full of much more of the kinds of things she has contributed to other sites. Such as pictures, news, a selection of fine links, and a list of all the magazines she's currently in. Too Cool also has a list of future events, and make sure to visit the artwork section of the picture gallery for some rather nice work. Check out Too Cool soon, coz it is quite a "cool" page :)
Once again thanks to MariahOz for such a nice review.

Well today I found the July 13th issue of STAR magazine, new one hitting stores this upcoming week, and found that Mariah is on the very last page :D Here is the lovely picture that was scanned by my very sweet and best friend Alex. He is so good to me..thanks Alex!! (Click to see bigger version)

Also you can see this pic. in Gallery 9 with some other ones I added this afternoon!!

Mariah is also in the new People magazine. It is a pic. of her from the Blockbuster 99 awards show. Thanks to Tomas1284 for that info :D

MiZnAsTyJ and VirtuKitty both e-mailed be about the Britney topic that I told you guys about. VirtuKitty brought me the entire lineup of Britney's concert..here it is..
(You Drive Me) Crazy
Soda Pop
Born To Make You Happy
From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
Material Girl
Black Cat
The Beat Goes On
I Will Be There
Baby One More Time
It seems that Britney pays tribute to Madonna and Janet Jackson but where is the love for Mariah? Well I was told that Britney ALSO does a ballad called "Open Arms." It said with the list of songs that "Open Arms" was orignally recorded by Journey and can also be foudn on Mariah Carey's Daydream album. So it looks like it is true that Britney does do Open Arms :D Kind of cool..thanks guys!!

This next info. is from Tomas1284 of Sweetheart Mariah :D
MTV Ultra Sound: Latin Groove focuses on the breakout popularity of Latin influenced pop, rock, hip hop and R&B. The show features interviews with the artists creating this sensation, including Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Cypress Hill and Enrique Iglesias. It will also look at the early groundbreakers like Gloria Estefan who enjoyed crossover success and feature interviews with Emilio Estefan and others. The MTV News special will also examine how the rhythms and language of Latin culture have influenced artists such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Spice Girls, Puff Daddy and others. Lastly, this episode of "Ultra Sound" will look at the long-term viability and influence of this new wave in music.

This special airs on MTV all weekend!

This next info. comes from Elin from Mariah Online..read what she had to say cause it is kind of cool :D
"I was watching MTV when the 10 'til the hour news came on. It featured an interview with Lauryn Hill. She spoke of a song she was in the process of completing with Mariah. She said that Mariah's in a tug of war match with Ruffhouse Records because they wish to place the song on an upcoming movie soundtrack that's to be released by Ruffhouse Records. Mariah wants the song for her new album. Mariah has threatened to discontinue the production on the song if she doesn't get it for the new LP and has not returned any phone calls from Ruffhouse Records execs or Lauryn. Serena Alchultz was the person interviewing Lauryn. Lauryn said the song is titled, Crystal Ball.

Also from Mariah Online, on todays news in Monterrey Mexico, they were talking about upcoming albums and they happened to mention Maria and Luis. Here is what they had to say...
"Mariah seems to have learnt that her real world is on ballads and pop music, so she's about to release an album between September-October this year that will include some ballads/pop and a couple dance versions. If you remember her master piece Music Box and her catchy Daydream, then you can assure her next material will be a success again." "And also Luis Miguel is releasing his album on September 14th and the first single is a song called Sol, Arena y Mar (something like Sun, Sand and Sea), a pop-dance song produced by himself.

We asked Luis Miguel about the rumored duet with Mariah Carey and he confirmed the duet, actually he said they just finished the arrangements to the song, and is completely recorded, but that they are not sure yet if the song is gonna be included on Mariah's or Luis Miguel's album". Cindy Berger also confirmed the duet and said they are fixing details between BMG? (well, Luis Miguel's record company) and Sony and also are not sure in which album the song is gonna be included. A very trustful source said that the fact of keeping the duet secret is because they don't want the pirates on the Internet to ruin the surprise, as happened with Ricky Martin/Madonna's duet a couple months ago. They also said that after Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey finished recording their albums, they went to have a short vacation in Hawaii, and that this time they were really comfortable 'cause the paparazzi arrived the day they left.

7/2/99 Okay while I away my good friend kristen sent me some cool news tidbits :D She told me that she saw a book named, "1999 Genius Book of World Records" and it had a small article on the record Mariah has made which included her 13 number 1's. Also there is a small pic. (Tommy and MC) and article of MC in Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Well I have MORE magazine news coming from Kristen. Mariah is in a NEW Spice magazine..the August edition!! She told me that the one pic that was just in Righ On, the one with the red dress, is in there and there is also a pinup!! The 1 pg. pinup is a pic. of MC with her hair curled and she seems to be wearing a spagitti stringed dress, maybe shirt! The outfit that mc is wearing seems to have some gold and the straps are silver (or at least it appears to be) the picture was taken by Ronnie Wright. Anyone got more info. on this?? Or maybe a scan of the pic? She got hers at 7 eleven so check it out. This is the August issue not the July issue with the poster!!

My friend Alan wrote me some cool info on MC. Supposively Britney Spears is doing a concert tour and during the tour she is going to be doing covers of her Favorite Singers. Well she will be doing Mariah's Open Arms. Alan is going to see her Next Wednesday and will tell me the scoop on how well she did Open Arms :D

Columbia records announced through the Mariah Carey Official Online Newsletter that in 1996, the Daydream album by Mariah Carey was certified Eight Times Platinum. Way to go MC :D

OKAY now MC was on the Man Show on Comedy Central the other day and Alex brings this to my attention. On the show they had a 3-D animated Mariah wearing a tight short dress and saying some not so nice things..ha ha. She said stuff like "Would you like to see my butterfly" as she pulled up her skirt, and "Spank me! Spank me!" And when she got spanked, she sang sang a high note. It's a new show on Comedy Central with the guy from Loveline and the guy from Win Ben Stein's.

This next info. is from Mariah Carey Archives. Interesting little article..read on...
Derek Jeter has forgotten Mariah
After pulling his hamstring, baseball hottie Derek Jeter wasn't up to playing in the Yankees game on Sunday, but he did manage to celebrate his birthday later that night. According to the Daily News, the 25-year-old shortstop signed some autographs and posed for some pictures, before dancing the night away with fellow teammates and ubiquitous party-goer Puffy Combs. With all the beautiful babes who were scoping him out at the soiree, it sounds like Derek's having no prob forgetting Mariah.

7/1/99 Okay I am not going to bring you much news tonight cause I am updating fully tomorrow. I was at my college for orintation and that's why I didn't upload. HOWEVER I got a NEW MC pic. for ya that my GOOD friend Anja sent me. It is seen here first so thanks again to Anja for finding it :D Click to see bigger!!

Also here is the interview that Mariah had at the press conference. Many people think it wasn't translated properly, but form your own opinion...
"I'll show you my own concert in short time here in Korea." The pop diva, Mariah Carey who first met her Korean fans through "Michael Jackson's Friends" concert, makes clear her will to visit Korea soon saying "The support of Korean fans is higher than I thought." Carey joined the concert when she is busy preparing for sale of her new album and the movie "all that glitters".
Q: What's the reason you joined the concert?
A: Isn't it a good thing though it was a sudden decision? I want to take part in such concert more.
Q: I thought you seemed to be insincere during the concert.
A: My condition was not so good because I had to sing immediately after finished my 15-hour flight.
Q: What is the story about your new movie "All that glitters" ?
A: The script is not confirmed yet. In 80's, A DJ man who has power in his field finds new woman singer and he made her a star but he declines more and more after she succeeds. It's sort of "Making Star".
Q: How do you feel when people call you "Diva"?
A: People call every singer "Diva" if they like these days. But I feel good.
Q: What's your impression of duet "When you believe" with Withney Huston?
A: Houston is singer whom I respect and it was a good experience for me. But it could make our voice look better if I wrote the song.
Q: People say that you can hit 7 octaves. Is it really possible?
A: I don't know where the rumor came from. In fact, I can hit about 4~5 octaves when my condition is really good.
Q: Where your ability from?
A: I think I am a born musician. But my mother who was opera singer, made me a vocal exercises with piano. Still, I need many efforts and exercises.

"I was nervous at the possibility that the concert might be canceled but it's lucky to join the concert as expected." The Pop Diva, Mariah Carey said before the concert. Mariah Carey told about everything wondered Korean fans before she came in Korea through voice message. She said about being late in visit Korea "I had a businesslike problem. It is inevitable the complex problem happen when I have a big event and this concert is the very case." and "Now I can visit korea because everything is fine." Mariah Carey who has first duet with Michael Jackson said "It's etiquette not saying anything about the concert" and "It will be sort of hit songs" And she explained about her changes in music style "It is natural thing. My changes in life is continued to changes in music." and "My new album will be released about in September" Mariah ended her massage saying "I've always expected to see my Korean fans and now I am very glad to see my Korean fans."

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