July 31, 2001

Mariah on cover of Black Beat
Janel tells me that the November 2001 issue of Black Beat, which features Mariah on the cover, is out. She is on pages 5,7,80, 81, 82 and 83. 80-83 are full pages on Mariah and hopefully soon, we will have the scans for you.

Mariah on Extra Last Night
Extra had a segment on Mariah last night about the whole hospital situation. They interviewed someone from NY Post I believe and she said that not even any of us could deal with all the crap Mariah has to deal with. So she was on Mariah's side, which was real nice and they showed some footage of Luis and her in Spain recently plus more from her recent Long Island signing.

Virgin will keep pushing until they triumph
Jeff recently contacted Chuck Taylor and Fred Bronson and here is Jeff's e-mail and Chuck's response:

I know you have received countless emails this week regarding the situation between Mariah Carey, Loverboy, and the Hot 100 charts. This email is no exception to those other emails except I am basically asking of you a prediction more so than a fact that can be backed up and proven with evidence from the past. Please keep in mind the fact that, after hundreds if not thousands of request to radio stations for Loverboy have been sent across the US, it seems that DJs don't want to play Mariah's latest single. I want to know if you feel that it is possible for Loverboy to top the Hot 100 singles chart in the next week or two? I am certain that sales for the single will remain steady this week and next week but I feel that Destiny's Childs single sales will drop, or at least that is what I am hoping. Is that the only way Mariah can achieve #1 status with this single?

Chuck's response:
from what i hear columbia shipped a limited number of singles of "bootylicious," meaning that the number sold will drop dramatically in the next week or so. as far as i know, virgin will keep pushing until they triumph. radio has absolutely shied from playing "loverboy," so it will take another week of mammoth sales--at the deeply discounted 49-cent rate--to push her over the top.

MTV Will Carey On
With just days to go before the big 20th-anniversary blowout concert, MTV executives yesterday were still looking for an artist to replace headliner Mariah Carey.

Last week, Carey bailed out of tomorrow's MTV special —and all other commitments — when she checked into a hospital, citing exhaustion.

Despite the time crunch, MTV executives are not too worried about Carey's absence."She was a big part of the show because she had not done a live performance since her album was released, but it's not like we lost our head and are still panicking," said Salli Frattini, MTV's senior vice president and the executive in charge of the special. "With one act you might panic, but she wasn't it. We still have a great show without her. We are hoping she is feeling better."

Frattini, in the midst of rehearsals, declined to discuss possible Carey stand-ins.

"We have definitely put some calls out and are still trying to find a replacement," Frattini said. "I think it is going to be a nice surprise for all of us. With or without Mariah, we have a packed show — a total of 15 acts. … We have a great slew of people who have been part of our past and our future who will be part of the event."

Tomorrow night's star-studded special will feature such artists as Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Kid Rock, Salt 'N' Pepa, Ja Rule, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Naughty by Nature and others. The show will air live from the Hammerstein Ballroom on MTV and MTV2 at 8 p.m.

Carson Daly will be the emcee of the birthday bash, called "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal." The show will also include appearances by the five original veejays— Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood and Mark Goodman — as well as the return of Beavis and Butt-head.

There will also be performances by such acts as a reunited T.L.C., Jane's Addiction, Run-DMC, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes and others.

While Carey certainly threw MTV executives a curve, the network is no stranger to crisis. Last year, rap artist DMX bailed out two days before he was scheduled to appear on the Video Music Awards.

Producers quickly shuffled rapper Nelly out of the pre-awards show and into the main lineup, Frattini recalled.

"The audience probably never knew," she said. "In Mariah's case, we had a lot more notice, so we had more time to react."

Still, MTV had been heavily promoting Carey's appearance on the live event.

"We are a network who is prepared to adjust to last-minute surprises. This is what we do every single day, so we are able to react well to any situation," said Frattini.

"MTV in general is known for some unexpected moments," she added, "so like any other show, we expect this show to have some unexpected moments that people will talk about the next day."

Thanks to Nini for this article from NY Daily News

What's My 20?
Miss purkiss told me that Mariah is up for best cover song on VH1 for "What's My 20" for "I'll Be There!" You can vote for her by clicking here.

Mariah Daily Logo Contest
Wednesday is August 1st and that is the day one of the three new logos goes up. So, out of the 30 logo's or so, we picked out 10, even though they were ALL FANTASTIC, and it is now all up to you guys. You can pick on your favorite logo and the top three winners will receive a Loverboy Promo CD Single, courtesy of Nick!! Thanks to everyone who sent in logo's for Daily!! Once again, you all did a wonderful job but we could only pick 10.

You can choose on any of the images below to view them in normal size! Vote by choosing the # and artist's name in the box below!! For two of the logo's, I didn't have the artists e-mail address/name, so hopefully they can e-mail me with that information!

- Daily Poll -
What is your favorite Mariah Daily logo?

#1 Jennifer
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#2 Jennifer
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#3 Matt
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#4 Jennifer
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#9 Bas and Berry
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#10 Asma
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New Pics
Giuliano sent me a scan of Mariah on the cover of a new magazine in Italy called Superclassifica. If you would like a copy of it, e-mail her at giuliano_montorsi@tin.it Also, I did a drawing of the Glitter album cover, which I scanned and added to gallery 3. Check out both pics in Gallery 3.

No Mariah on TRL
OK this is not good news. We are all worried about Mariah but guys TRL is really important! Is a great promotion for LOVERBOY so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don´t foget to vote! It´s very easy: you can vote online 24 hours a day ALL OVER THE WORLD online or calling a free number:
*Click Here To Vote Online
*If you live in USA you can vote calling TRL´s FREE number 1-800-342-5688 (from 3 to 3.30pm ET everyday)

Come on guys! We can make it!

Calling all Latin fellow Lambz
Do you have a story but you don´t speak english? Do you have any questions but you don´t speak english? Do you want to send news but you don´t speak english? Well now you can email me HERE with your story/question/news in spanish and I´ll traslate it for you and you´ll read it of course here, on Mariah Daily the best News site Online.

July 30, 2001

Mariah Daily's Team
Mariah Daily has been up and running for close to four years and I spent a lot of time running this site by myself. Summer vacation is almost up and in about a month, I will be heading back to college. So I had two options, get help on Daily or close Daily down for good. I am going to try the first one but to get this accomplished, I need help.

So Nacho is teaming up with me on Daily. He will assist me in the news section for right now and I am contacting a few other people to see if they want to jump on too. We will be working together, so in no means does this suggest that they will run Daily while I rest. Nacho is a great guy and I am honored to have him working on Daily with me.

Mariah Daily Logo Contest
Wednesday is August 1st and that is the day one of the three new logos goes up. So, out of the 30 logo's or so, we picked out 10, even though they were ALL FANTASTIC, and it is now all up to you guys. You can pick on your favorite logo and the top three winners will receive a Loverboy Promo CD Single, courtesy of Nick!! Thanks to everyone who sent in logo's for Daily!! Once again, you all did a wonderful job but we could only pick 10.

You can choose on any of the images below to view them in normal size! Vote by choosing the # and artist's name in the box below!! For two of the logo's, I didn't have the artists e-mail address/name, so hopefully they can e-mail me with that information!

- Daily Poll -
What is your favorite Mariah Daily logo?

#1 Jennifer
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#2 Jennifer
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#3 Matt
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#4 Jennifer
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#5 ary@pixigirl.nu
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EXCLUSIVE....Mariah Health Update
I got some information recently and I have to be extremely vague right now until I get the okay to add more here on Daily! However, I want it to be known that Mariah is fine and is resting at the moment comfortably!! I was told to tell you guys to please continue to keep her in your prayers and also to keep purchasing Loverboy, so we can get it to #1 on Billbord. More information coming shortly, as soon as I get the okay!

Christina's CD Released on July 31st
Janine tells me that Chrisinta Aguilera's new cd, which is a compilation of her earlier work and is NOT supported by Christina herself, will be released on July 31st. Therefor, it will NOT be released the same day as Mariah's Glitter cd, as orginally reported.

Set One Rumor STRAIGHT
The image on the right was shown on Entertainment Tonight on Friday night. Many of you are e-mailing me and telling me this is an image of Mariah entering or leaving the hospital. However, this is an image taken from the Daydream era. If you look closely, Mariah is wearing her wedding ring still from Tommy. So let's put those rumors to rest please and at the moment, there is no images of Mariah arriving or leaving the hospital and I think that is for the best!

Destiny's Bootiful US No 1
Destiny's Child have topped the US Billboard album charts this week with Bootylicious. The superstar R&B trio climb from No 7 to No 1 replacing last week's chart topper U Remind Me by Usher.Meanwhile Craig David's debut US single Fill Me In remains at No 18 for a second successive week. The album, Born To Do, debuted on the US album chart at No 11 this week.Mariah Carey's new single Loverboy shoots up from No 60 to No 2 in this week's chart. Mariah is also on top of the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles which makes it a favourite to top the proper singles chart next week.

Thanks to Alex, from Mariah 4 Life, for this article from WorldPop.com

Mariah Carey Fans Reach Out
Shortly after it was reported that Mariah had been hospitilized for exhaustion, Mariah Carey fans began leaving "get well" messages on a webpage that will later be delivered to the Diva herself. In little over 24 hours, close to 1000 posts have been by fans eager to show their support.  For a woman who's written and produced 10 smash albums in the past 12 years having just enough time to stop and make sure she's looked FANTASTIC each and every step of the way, it's remarkable that she's made it this far without a severe mental breakdown. Oh, but don't worry....she's far from defeated. With a new album and movie due out in August, fans world wide are lending their hands in heartfelt letters sure to lift her up. Why don't you join the club?????

Internatinoal fan outreach: Atleast one letter has been received from the following countries;
U.S.A (40 or 50 states thus far!!!), Canada, England, France, Italy,Poland, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Belgium, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Holland, Norway, Guam, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Austria, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Kuwait, Barbados, Panama, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Peru, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hungary, Trinidad, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Macau, Phillipenes, Oman, Wales, Ecuador, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, & Portugal.

WE LOVE YOU, MARIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Curtis for this statement!

New Pics
Alan sent me a scans from the latest Teen People, featuring the Glitter ad and the ad for the gelly pens. I only added the gelly pen ad because the Glitter ad is just the same information on the second poster..

Plus, Mariah is featured in the August 7th issue of STAR and Miratabloids. I scanned both of the articles for you to check out

Jorge, from Mariah's Theme sent me scans of Mariah on Top Music, a magazine from Spain that features a lot of pictures from when Mariah held a fan party for her fans in Spain. Check out all the pictures in Gallery 3

New Messages from Eric??
Eric, which I guess works for Mariah obviously, left two messages on Mariah's official site. Basically he is just testing the system to make sure you can leave messages. He is probably calling from where Mariah is currently staying to make sure everything is working. This might mean, that Mariah will leave us all a voice message shortly!! If you want to check it out, click here. They will probably be removed shortly though!! Thanks to Leo for this information

There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Picture of The Week A new Poll O' The Week will come on Wednesday, since I have a poll for logo's above! Here are last weeks poll results:

Which of the song clips from Glitter is your favorite???
Never Too Far (213) 24%
Lead The Way (217) 24%
Don't Stop (62) 7%
If We (29) 3%
Didn't Mean To Turn You On (45) 5%
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (62) 7%
Want You (15) 1%
Waiting for Soundtrack, didn't hear them! (239) 27%
Total Votes: 882

Ultimate Glitter Sweepstakes
You can now enter the new Glitter Contest, which runs 7/30 to 8/26, by mail (in store) or at the official website, (www.glittermovie.com

Prizes include:

  • (One) 1 Grand Prize winner will recieve one trip for two to Los Angeles to walk on in an upcoming 20th Century Fox Film.
  • (Five) 5 First Prize winners will recieve one autographed movie poster.
  • 25 Second Prize winners will recieve one Glitter soundtrack.

    You can check out Sam Goody for more information on this, or the official site. Thanks to Chris for this information. I check the Glitter site this morning and so far, nothing about the contest but maybe it will come up later today, since it is only 9 am here.

    Mariah mentioned in US Magazine
    Kat tells me that Mariah is mentioned in the August 6th issue of US Magazine on page 16. There is no picture but it says...

    "Mariah Carey snatching her hair elastic before losing it in the wind while sticking her head out of the sunroof of her limousine as it cruised down a street in Detroit."

    Entertainment Tonight and others
    E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood and other entertainment shows might have more information on their shows tonight about Mariah's condition. On Friday, they all features segments on Mariah and hopefully tonight, they will have more for us. It might be a good idea to check them out, just in case she is on!

    Kin Helping To Carey Diva's Load
    Mariah Carey's family finally has stepped in to aid the embattled singer, who was hospitalized this week for "extreme exhaustion."

    The pop star is resting at an undisclosed New York-area hospital. Rumors were rampant yesterday that exhaustion was the least of it, but "It is not an alcohol or a drug problem," said Carey's rep, Cindi Berger. "I can say that unequivocally."

    Here is what I know, so far, about events leading to Carey's collapse: On July 19, a Thursday, Carey made an unscheduled appearance on MTV's "Total Request Live" wearing a T-shirt and shorts and began stripping down to her bra top on camera, causing host Carson Daly to cut to a commercial. The next day, she seemed vague and rambling during a record-promotion appearance at Roosevelt Field on Long Island. On Monday, she was spotted acting in a similar fashion at the SoHo Grand Hotel.

    Is Mariah Carey suffering from a breakdown?   
    By Tuesday, her mother, Pat, insisted that Mariah stay with her. Early Wednesday, the singer posted a rambling message — since taken down — on her Web site that read, "I don't know what's going on with life. ... I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now." Late Wednesday, she entered the hospital.

    Adding to the turmoil, Carey also may be contemplating changes in her management group. Sources told me that her brother, Morgan, intends to take control of his sister's affairs and will replace her manager, Louise McNally. Berger insisted that no management change had been made. "Maroon Entertainment," McNally's company, "continues to function as usual," said Berger. "Louise is dealing with the many aspects of Mariah's busy career while she rests." In another plaintive message on her Web site, Mariah told her fans, "Right now I need a break so I will, as a human being, take that break. And then I'm going to come back and sing for a minute, after I get my management company put together."

    Thanks to Desiree for this article from the NY Daily's GOSSIP column. Take it with a grain o' salt people!

    Glitter Credits/Promotional Article
    Zoli, MariahCarey.hu, posted the entire Glitter credits that appear at the end of the movie and a promotional article at FOMM. They are both really huge and so, if you want to check them out, click the FOMM link!

    Mariah Does Concert in October?
    Loverboy03271970@hotmail.com said she just heard on the radio that Mariah will be doing a concert in Toronto in October. Don't know if this is true or not, so we will jut have to wait and see. Might not be due to Mariah's recent health problems.

    Mariah's Interview from E! News Daily
    Tell typed out everything that was said on E! News Daily on Friday night and you can check it below. I thought this was really nice of Tell to do because it takes a while to do this!

    The Latest on Mariah
    E! News
    "Unable to Carey on"
    July 27th, 2001

    Steve Kmetco:
    Megastar Mariah Carey is hospitalized this week due to what we're told is extreme exhaustion, David Addleson has the details…

    David Addleson
    We saw the signs [of exhaustion] like at this New York in-store appearance last week…

    We're all just living in the moment of being positive and there's, like, people called haters…[Cindy, Mariah's assistant or publicist I am assuming, cuts in as to stop Mariah], no no! Cindy Cindy, one more thing, and we give them positivity [Cindy grabs the mike, Mariah is obviously distraught], you see, I can't even get a minute, bye.

    David Addleson
    We heard some hints during our interview at her video shoot in May…[cuts to Mariah at the Loverboy shoot]

    [Mariah giggles] Honestly, if you really want to know, if you think that I [hesitantly] I look OK, or whatever, or that I'm in good shape and that's what you're asking me, It's called STRESS [Mariah laughs], and basically what you need to do is never sleep, and never be able to eat, and just completely revel in your stress fest…[cuts back to David]

    David Addleson
    Just before the release of her new album and film glitter it seems stress has caught up with Mariah Carey, her publicist has confirmed that Carey was hospitalized late Wednesday due to extreme exhaustion; she has also canceled her appearance at MTV's upcoming 20th Anniversary party and the August 18th press junket for the film Glitter. In a rambling message on her web-site [mariahcarey.com] Carey told fans, quote…

    "I just can't trust anybody anymore right now because I don't understand what's going on…I'm desperately trying to get out of this room. And I don't know if that makes sense to anyone…I'm going to be taking some time off."

    …She added…

    "So if anybody gets this really cares, just do me a favor…close down the management company that I own, and I'm going to lie here and wait for that to happen."

    …Carey definitely leads a rock star life [cuts to old Rainbow press footage] she has a new $20 million dollar recording contract and a pending debut as a film star. For "Mariah Carey Control Freak" it's been hectic, to say the least. [Cuts to AMA's January 17th, 2000]

    Are you ready for the press frenzy you're about to enter?

    Mariah [With a heavy British accent]
    No I'm not! [She laughs, then it cuts back to the Loverboy filming interview]
    …I do so much more than people realize in terms of the music and the writing of the songs, and the producing of the stuff, and, ya know, being involved, like I'm doing this video but then I'm on the phone improving mixes and listening to things on ISDN lines, ya know, of music and stuff like that, that people would never think that somebody does cause most "singers" go in, they sing the songs eight times, the producer puts it together and they leave, but I don't know how to do that.

    David Addleson
    I'm David Addleson for E! News.

    Carey's New 'Loverboy' Glitters
    After reports of being checked into the hospital this week because of "extreme exhaustion," Mariah Carey may feel a little better knowing that her new single, "Loverboy," entered the singles chart in the No. 1 position. "Loverboy" is the first single off the forthcoming album, "Glitter," the soundtrack for a movie of the same title. Carey stars in the film, which chronicles the life of an aspiring pop star. The album will be Carey's first studio venture with Virgin Records and will be released on Aug. 21.

    Thanks to Mccraver for this article from the Pop Music Chart (July 28th).

    P Diddy replaces Mariah Carey at MTV concert
    P Diddy has replaced Mariah Carey as one of the headline acts at MTV's 20th birthday party in New York. Mariah cancelled her appearance at MTV20: Live and Almost Legal, after admitting herself into hospital with "extreme exhaustion." Kid Rock, Salt n Pepa, Ja-Rule, Fred Durst and Tommy Lee have also been added to the bill at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom on August 1st. They will join other live acts including TLC, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode and Aerosmith. The three-hour show will be shown live on MTV and repeated on Saturday August 4 at 9pm.

    Thanks to Mariah's Web for this article from Anaova

    Mariah moves up on Diva Site
    Jag1094564 informed me that Mariah moved from #3 to #5 and you can help her get to #1 by clicking here.

    Mariah "Glitter" VAN!!!!!!
    Here is what Rachael told me and you can check out the picture of the promo stuff in Gallery 3.

    Hey! Today I came out of Lowes Cineplex movie theatre, hopped into my car, and started listening to my new "Loverboy" single when I immediately looked out the front window to see a beautiful Mariah-covered van pulling up behind the movie building where everyone was entering. The "Glitter" logo and CD cover were gorgeously painted on the van all over and on the windows as well. I ran over to this Glitter Mobile, which was blasting loud club music, leaned into the passenger side, and asked, "What's goin' on?? Are you just here to promote Mariah's new movie? What is your job?" "Yeah, we drive around to theatres, malls, and sit in front of clubs to promote CDs like this one. Want a poster? We've got some!" said one of the two nice guys. "I'm, like, Mariah's biggest fan!! YEAH!!" So the other guy went around back and gave me a Mariah poster, a postcard, and a "Glitter" sticker! I was so excited and happy that I grabbed the guy and hugged him in the middle of the street! "Thank you! Thank you so much!" I yelled as I ran back to the car. I'm glad Mariah's management/record company is making an effort to promote the movie even if Mariah can't really do it right now. :) Too bad I didn't have a camera at the time, but I took pictures of all my stuff when I got home so here it is! I hope you'll put it on the site & in one of the galleries! :)

    Mariah Fans Flood Site In Support of Exhausted Star
    The news that Mariah Carey checked herself into a hospital on Wednesday shocked many but her fans are standing by her side. Her faithful followers quickly send their prayers and well-wishes to the pop star. Posted July 22,2001 Following news that Mariah Carey checked herself into a hospital on Wednesday for "extreme exhaution," fans have been flooding her website with e-mails praying for the pop star. Kellie from Poland, Ohio had this to say to 31-year-old Carey: "I know your schedule must be crazy and you try to do too much because you don't want to disappoint anyone, but you need to put yourself first and take care of Mariah before anything else."

    Will H wrote, "Mariah's Theme and apply them to herself. She has many fans that really care about her and can't wait to see the movie and buy the album, I hope she is safe, wherever she is and that she realizes that she has many blessings." Sassy l from LA wants Carey to know that she is praying for her," I will pray for you ! I love you and know that you are tired. You need to be yourself for some time and that doesn't mean your fans will forget about you." Carey has been working overtime on two movies, the upcoming "Glitter" (for which she has also recorded a soundtrack set to drop on August 21) and "Wise Girls." Her recent $23.5 million dollar deal with Virgin Records, the biggest per-album deal ever, also seems to have Carey feeling the pressure to deliver consecutive hits. Her recent single, "Loverboy," has failed to reach number one after seven weeks on the chart and is receiving very little radio play when compared to her previous radio hits.

    In an attempt to explain to her fans what she has been experiencing, an obviously distraught Carey left an audio message on her website stating that she needs a break. "So basically all I really wanna say is I don't know what's going on with life," she said, "and I hope all the fans are good and I just want you to know that I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now. And I just want everyone to understand that, and that's really true, so if I don't make music it's not because I don't want to for you fans."

    Five minutes later Carey left another message sounding a lot less confused and much more confident in the fact that she desperately needs some time for herself. Carey, very aware of the dedication her fans have to her, apologizes profusely for her future hiatus. And according to Carey's message boards, her fans more than understand."

    Taken from BET.com

    Mariah Still on MTV20 Birthday Bash!!!
    Leo was watching MTV this weekend and they played the Loverboy video. There was a small caption on the site that read, "MTV Birthday Bash...Dedication From Mariah Carey!"

    Plus, Brad was watching MTV this morning and it said, "Mariah to deliver MTV a birthday surprise @ MTV 20th Bash. She is still in the hospital but maybe she will call in or something?

    Promote Glitter
    Since Mariah is ill at the moment, we have to help her out and get the promotion of Glitter spread. Tell all your friends, make banners for all your posts on messageboard announcing the new album/movie, make a button to wear at work that announces the movie, make flyers and hang them in your window, put a sign in your car window, leave random messages on your friends answering machines about Glitter, buy Alan's T-Shirts and wear them EVERYWHERE, and TELL EVERYONE YOU SEE!! Come on people, it's not hard!!

    October 11th for Australian Fans
    Australian fans can check out Glitter on October 11th in theaters. Thanks to McDL for this information

    Voice Message of Mariah getting her hair done
    If you go to Rick.com and scroll down to the Deez Sleeze column, they have a voice message from Mariah I have never heard. She is getting her hair done and is whinning about them pulling her hair, which is sort of cute/funny! She says she is going to be on Regis and Kathy Lee, so it has to be from last year. Mariah's part of the 2 minute clip comes in about 1:14. If anyone has an answer to what message this is from, please hollar. It might of been taken from a radio interview, like before they started chatting or something?

    Request Site for Mariah
    Moni created a page that lists URLs to radio station websites, so voting takes a matter of seconds on each site. If you want to help Mariah get to #1 with Loverboy, I sugest checking this page out. Click Here.

    Mariah on Pat Benatar's Behind The Music
    VH1 is airing a commercial for Pat Benatar's Behind The Music, which airs this Sunday. Mariah is in the commercial and says, "She wsa an inspiration to many people." Thanks to Desiree for this information

    New Mariah Voice Message
    Yesterday, a new voice message was left on MariahCarey.com and it was removed right away. We don't know if Mariah tried to leave us all a message to let us know she was okay and it was removed or whether, it was just an accident. Even though, the voice message link has been removed, you can still access it by clicking here.

    Loverboy #3 in MuchMusic´s Latin version of TRL
    After spending 4 days in a row at #1, Loverboy is now #3 on MuchMusic´s daily Countdown. The show is taped in argentina but viever from all over latin america can vote. it´s really easy!
    Just gotta email Countdown@muchmusic.com.ar and write: Mariah Carey - Loverboy.

    More than 1450 fans showed their love for Mariah already
    Thanks to all the fans that wrote a message for Mariah on our GET WELL MESSAGEBOARD. This just shows that when you´re a good person with good feelings you receive those same feelings back. In only 2 days more than 1450 fans already colaborated. What? You didn´t sign yet? What are you waiting for?

    July 28, 2001
    Send Mariah Your Love
    Click the banner below to send Mariah a special message from yourself to get well!! The message will be given to Mariah, probably sometime next week.

    Fellow Webmasters, noone is taking credit for this project!! It is from all the lambs and please feel free to post the graphic and link on your site too!! This is for Mariah to show her that we all love her. Spread the word!

    August 18th Press Junket Canceled for Glitter
    Last night Mariah appeared as E! News Daily's Top Story. They had a 3-4 minute piece on her, including the whole microphone situation with Cindi, on the set of Loverboy when she talks about stress and other appearances she has made over the last couple years including cd signings and AMA's. They also said that not only did Carey cancel MTV20 on August 1st but she also canceled the August 18th press junket for Glitter. I surely hope this is not true because it could hurt the success of Glitter, the movie, if she is not promoting it. At the same time, you need to ask yourself, what is more important...the movie or Mariah's health. I would go with her health!

    MTV's Diary with Mariah Cancelled
    Mariah was also on Entertainment Tonight last night and they reported that she canceled the MTV20, junket and also Diary, in which Mariah was suppose to appear on. They had a bunch of interviews with Mariah, including her appearance on TRL. She was the first story and was on for a few minutes as well.

    Access Hollywood Got the Messages
    Access played a brief clip from Mariah's voice messages, so they did manage to get them off the net sadly!! They also said that Mariah's press junket has been shelved, NOT that Glitter has been shelved. It went on to say everythin that E! News Daily and ET has said.

    Glitter is NOT Canceled
    Many of you are afraid that the movie Glitter, and the soundtrack, is going to be canceled or pushed back. AT the moment, none of that is going to happen. Mariah is just not doing heavy promotion this time because her health is in danger but it is most likely WAY to late to push back the movie and soundtrack. So don't worry, calm down and I am sure everything will be all right!

    Loverboy Breaks Record on Billboard
    In case you didn't send a card yet, this week marks the 43rd birthday of The Billboard Hot 100. The chart was first published on Aug. 4, 1958, and this week's tally is dated Aug. 4, 2001.

    As if to mark the special occasion, Mariah Carey breaks a record by taking the biggest leap to No. 2 in Hot 100 history. On the very first chart, Domenico Modugno debuted at No. 54 with his Eurovision Song Contest entry, "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)." The next week, the song rocketed to No. 2. That record stood for 42 years.

    It was exactly one year ago this week that Sisqo did Domenico one better, by leaping 55-2 with "Incomplete." His record lasted until this week, when Carey's "Loverboy" got a power boost by being made available for sale. The Virgin single zooms 60-2.

    Thanks to Freedom337 for this article from Billboard.com

    Add Photoshoot to Mariah's List This Week
    In 1997-98, Joseph Vasile of Dongan Hills was being called a hot young art prodigy, specializing in celebrity portraits which enabled him to raise funds on a couple of occasions for the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation.

    We had last heard from the native Islander in June 1998 until he reported this week that he's just completed a photo shoot with Mariah Carey. Joseph, a 26-year-old New Dorp High School graduate, now runs a studio he calls Visions Art Imagery in Forest Hills.

    "My artwork will also be on display in the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, N.Y., then auctioned off in California in August," he reports.

    Among the celebs whose portraits he's done are Madonna, Susan Sarandon and Claudia Schiffer, among many others.

    Thanks to Nacho for this article

    Okay, calling all true fans? Where have you been? Mariah has fallen off of TRL and we want her back on because she deserved to be #4 again. Is it MTV's fault, pulling her off of TRL for suddenly canceling her appearances on their shows or is it the fans fault? Who knows but we need to keep voting...VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR MARIAH! Vote for Mariah by clicking here

    Mariah Carey checks into hospital
    NEW YORK (AP) - Mariah Carey has checked herself into a hospital for "extreme exhaustion," her spokeswoman said Thursday. Cindi Berger would not say what Carey's symptoms were or where she was, but said Carey's busy schedule contributed to her illness and hospitalization Wednesday night. "She's been working around the clock," Berger told The Associated Press. In a separate statement, Berger said: "Carey has been hospitalized for extreme exhaustion after completing two movies, 'Glitter' and 'Wise Girls,' and simultaneously writing, recording and producing her album." Before going to the hospital, the Grammy-winning singer posted a message on her official Web site. "What I'd like to do is just a take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video," Carey said. "All I really want is to just be me and that's what I should have done in the first place...I don't say this much but guess what, I don't take care of myself."

    Thanks to Charm728 for this article from InfoBeat

    New Pics
    You can check out two new pictures, courtesy of Lisa. One is a new lovely promo picture from Glitter and the other one is an older lovely picture of Mariah. Check out these two pics in Gallery 3.

    Plus, there is an article about Loverboy's success in the August 3rd issue of Entertainment Weekly. Alan was very kind and sent me the scan, which you can also check out in Gallery 3.

    Rap-Up In Stores
    The new magazine, which features a full page article with Mariah Daily's webmaster is in stores now. It has the following article about Pam Anderson, which I don't think is really true??

    Bombshell Bonding: Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson have recently joined forces to record a new song together. The effort, produced by Damizza, will appear on the soundtrack to Mariah's upcoming movie, Glitter, alongwith songs by Mariah and DaBrat, Lil' Kim, Ludacris and Nate Dogg. Anderson was spotted last year at Carey's Rainbow Tour in Los Angeles.
    All together, the magazine features 5 pictures of Mariah and also, she is one of the "50 Sexiest Women of Rap and R&B." It says:
    Mariah Carey: Independence. This super-suprano with a vocal range that could shatter windows and a face fit for breaking hearts is not a flower that bends with the wind. This butterfly is the master of her own metamorphosis.
    Check out Gallery 3, for the scan of myself in Rap-Up

    Just Can't Carey On
    Just a few weeks before the premiere of her first movie, singer Mariah Carey has been hospitalized for "extreme exhaustion," her spokeswoman said yesterday.

    Pop superstar Mariah Carey is recovering from exhaustion in a New York-area hospital. The 32-year-old pop star checked herself into a New York-area hospital Wednesday, her rep said. The illness was precipitated by months of working on two movies, "Glitter," set for release Aug. 31, and "Wise Girls," as well as the "Glitter" soundtrack album.

    Carey made a personal appearance at the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island last Friday to promote her new single, "Lover Boy," and sign autographs at the local record store. Onlookers said she appeared to be behaving erratically.

    During one interview, Carey began complaining about the constant drubbing she had been receiving on "The Howard Stern Show." But witnesses said her comments were vague and didn't make much sense. Spokeswoman Cindi Berger, who had accompanied Carey, pulled the microphone from the singer's hand and asked a TV crew to stop filming, which they did, witnesses said.

    "I knew she was very tired and not focused," Berger told the Daily News yesterday. "I put her attention back on task." Carey was hospitalized five days later "because she just reached a point where she was physically exhausted," Berger said.

    The past few months have been a pivotal period in Carey's career and in her personal life. In April, Virgin Records signed her to the biggest per-album deal ever given to a recording artist, agreeing to pay her $23.5 million per CD for five albums.

    The label has a lot riding on Carey's success because it was thrown into turmoil recently by the pending divorce of two company executives, artist development head Nancy Berry and husband Ken Berry, who runs the entire EMI group of labels, which includes Virgin, EMI and Capitol.

    In the past few weeks, Carey's three-year relationship with Spanish singer Luis Miguel, 31, has gone awry amid reports that she had struck up a close friendship with rapper Eminem.

    In an interview with a British newspaper earlier this month, Carey hinted at the pressure. "Right now, I'm so busy I don't even have time for me. ... I don't even have time to talk to my mother and I usually talk to her five times a day. This is more of an intense time than I've ever had, because of the changing of labels and the films and the soundtrack," Carey said.

    Carey was previously married for five years to Sony Records chief Tommy Mottola. The couple divorced in 1998. Her "Glitter" album is due out Aug. 21. No date has been set for the release of "Wise Girls," an independent film that co-stars Mira Sorvino.

    Daily News (Lost info on who sent me this)

    Don't Count Mariah Out Yet
    I'm going to surprise you this morning, because readers of this column know I am usually on Mariah Carey's case for something or other. Plagiarism, bad songs, whatever.

    But this column also reprinted messages from Mariah yesterday that she left for her fans, who she always calls lambs, by the way. The messages were more serious than I first thought. By the middle of the day, Mariah's publicist, my good pal Cindi Berger, had to announce that Carey had been hospitalized for exhaustion.

    Something is up, to be sure, and it doesn't sound good. But this much I will say: Do not count Mariah Carey out. She will be back, and she will be bigger than ever. It sounds like she's having an identity crisis, and every young person is allowed that. The problem is, Mariah was never young. She married Tommy Mottola when she was 21 without first having time to find herself. By the time she divorced him, Mariah's career meant so much to Mottola financially — as he was the head of the company that released her records — she was painted into a corner. And she was under contract to Sony Music.

    In the last few months, Mariah has finally been apart from Mottola, making her record at Virgin Music. But for the first time she is without a mentor. She is also without her writing partner, Walter Afanasieff. Her professional life is in flux. It didn't help that Billboard savaged her god-awful single, "Loverboy." She'd never had such blatant public criticism before about her music. Then no radio stations played "Loverboy." The single hit number 2 yesterday, but even Mariah's not stupid. Virgin deep-discounted the record, practically giving it away. Hey kids, a Mariah single for 50 cents! Bottles of water cost more.

    Then there's Mariah's personal life. She alludes in the two postings (which you can read in yesterday's column) to not having one. As much as she advertises her relationship with Luis Miguel, he's never on the scene. But Mariah lives for her fans. She travels with her fan mail, and thrives on the scrapbooks the fans make of her career. It's all kind of sweet and a little weird. Last week, she actually did an in-store signing at a record store in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island. This is her hometown mall, and she was signing a single, not even an album! This is the part of Mariah you can't help but feel for-she's reaching out to strangers.

    Vondie Curtis-Hall, the director of her movie, Glitter, is no idiot. He told me, as did his wife Kasi Lemmons, another fine director, that Mariah does not embarrass herself in Glitter. On the contrary, they think she did OK. Carey has studied with a good acting teacher, and while I'm sure she's no Cate Blanchett, there's a better than even chance that she acquits herself in this role.

    In the end, though, it's Mariah's voice that is her strongest asset. Not too long ago Billy Joel was saying at a dinner that his daughter Alexa Ray was singing, but he had to remind her to "hold the note" and not warble it the way Mariah does. There was a time when Carey held the note — remember her first couple of singles like "Vision of Love"? She had breathtaking range, but somewhere along the line she forgot that. She got caught up in digressions that didn't serve her well. I hope with some rest and time we'll hear that original eight-octave instrument again. Until then, I for one agree: Let's give her some space.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from FoxNews.com

    Mariah's Breakdown
    Carey has just completed two films and an album. Pop singer Mariah Carey has checked herself into hospital suffering from "extreme exhaustion". Carey's spokeswoman Connie Filipello made the announcement in London, but declined to say which hospital or which country it is in.

    "Mariah Carey has been hospitalised for extreme exhaustion after completing two movies, Glitter and Wise Girls and simultaneously writing, recording and producing her album, the soundtrack Glitter," she said.

    Ms Filipello added that the star checked herself in late last week.

    Carey had number one hits every year of the 90s

    The 31-year-old singer, who has sold tens of millions of records, was in London last week to promote her new album, but lives in New York.

    Before going to the hospital, the Grammy-winning singer posted a message on her official website. "What I'd like to do is just a take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video," Carey said.

    "All I really want is to just be me and that's what I should have done in the first place. I don't say this much but guess what, I don't take care of myself."

    Carey performed at the Pavarotti concert in aid of Kosovo and Guatamala

    The message was subsequently removed and her New York spokeswoman Cindi Berger said: "She was obviously very tired and not thinking clearly."

    Now Carey has cancelled all public appearances, including her performance at the MTV 20th anniversary celebrations. She was set to be the star performer at the 1 August party.

    Carey came up with the idea for the film Glitter, which is about an aspiring pop star.

    Young talent:
    It is scheduled for US release next month and will mark Carey's debut for Virgin Records after signing a multimillion-dollar contract with the company.

    The star was raised by her mother, a former opera singer and began singing at the age of four.

    She began to write songs while she was at school and soon after graduation had broken into the recording industry, making her debut on Columbia Records in 1990.

    She was the biggest-selling artist of the 1990s and her single Heartbreaker made music history in 1999, when it became her 14th number one single, a feat rivalled only by the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (17).

    Source: Thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, for

    Heartbreaker: Mariah Hospitalized!
    Jul 26, 2001, 2:15 PM PT Mariah Carey checked herself into a London hospital late Wednesday night, suffering from a case of "extreme exhaustion."

    According to a statement from the pop diva's camp, Carey, 31, succumbed to a whirlwind schedule that included shooting two movies--Glitter and Wise Girls--and recording and promoting the upcoming Glitter soundtrack album, the first under her new megabucks deal with Virgin.

    The name of the hospital was not disclosed, and no further information was released about Carey's condition. The news comes just hours after two freaky messages, attributed to the octave-shattering songbird, appeared on her official Website, www.MariahCarey.com.

    The rambling postings, supposedly phone messages to one of her Webmasters, identified only as "Randolph," went up early this morning and read like a cri de coeur.

    "So basically, all I really wanna say is I don't know what's going on with life, and I hope all the fans are good, and I just want you to know that I'm trying to understand things in life right now, and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now," the first message begins, according to transcripts published by Fox News.

    "Glitter is going to be out soon. And you're gonna have that, and I'm gonna be taking some time off...What I'd like to do is take a little break, or at least get one night of sleep," she continues. In the second message, Carey is quoted as saying, "Hey, everybody, it's Mariah. I'm just trying to let you know that I'm leaving this message because everything's okay. And what we're gonna do is I'm gonna take, like, a minute off...Right now I need a break, so I will, as a human being, take that break."

    The messages have since been removed from the Website. Word of her hospitalization comes just days after her kooky appearance on MTV's Total Request Live, in which she came out half-naked, pushing an ice-cream cart and reading a love letter from her mom to host Carson Daly. When Daly tried to go to a commercial, Carey wouldn't keep quiet.

    To be fair, the singer is is under intense pressure to live up to the hype of her huge new contract. Carey, who has tallied more than $140 million in record sales worldwide, signed a multi-album, multimillion-dollar deal with Virgin Records in April that was valued between $17 million and $20 million, one of the most lucrative in music history.

    But her latest single, "Loverboy," the first cut off the Glitter soundtrack, has failed to take the top slot on the charts after seven weeks of release. It remains stuck at number two on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart, behind Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious."

    The Glitter album is due out August 28. The 20th Century Fox film, which focuses on the meteoric rise of a pop singer, hits theaters Labor Day weekend. Carey is also scheduled to perform at MTV's 20th anniversary party on Wednesday.

    Thanks to Melissa for this article from EOnline

    Attention UK Fans
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, wanted me to remind you all to not forget that the second Loverboy Vinyl is hitting stores on Monday

    Glitter Ad in September Teen People
    There is a full page Glitter ad in the September issue of Teen People, Enrique tells me. Plus, Chad tells me that in the magazine, they feature gellyrollers (pens) that are promoting the Glitter movie and then it features a picture from the Glitter movie.

    Mariah Confirms Twister is About Tonjua
    David tells me that in a recent interview with MTV Europe, which you can check out here, Mariah confirms that "Twister" is about Tonjua Twist, her stylist that passed away last year.

    MTV: Have you written 'Glitter' - the soundtrack in character, as Billie from the movie?
    Mariah: "Yeah it was different. One of the songs is sort of in honour of someone else, and that ended up being in the film and really working. That's a personal situation. But all of the other songs were written in the character's voice or as an observer of what's going on in the movie at that moment."

    Mariah on KissFM
    Shantal tells me that if you go to KissFM.com and scroll down, you can see a pic of Mariah and hear an interview with her.

    This following information is from Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free.

    Rainbow For Mariah is a website dedicated to Mariah Carey.

    The goal of RFM is to let Mariah know how much her lambz love, appreciate and enjoy her and that we'll always be there, no matter what she's going through!

    You can get to the RFM website by going to www.fly.to/rainbowmc

    Every true lamb can partcipate and send in letters, voice messages and artworks to honey_kate@gmx.net ! we appreciate every single entry! And Mariah will do so, too!

    We created the "RFM" site becoz as you all know Mariah is going through some drama right now. We really hope she'll get to know about the site, so she can see the letters, artworks and listen to the voice messages! with that site, we simply wanna create some positivity!

    Hospital for mixed-up Mariah
    MARIAH Carey was hospitalized late Wednesday night due to "extreme exhaustion," according to her publicist, Cindi Berger.

    Carey was "mentally and physically exhausted after completing two movies - 'Glitter' and 'Wise Girls' - while simultaneously writing, recording and producing the soundtrack to 'Glitter,' " Berger told PAGE SIX.

    "She has canceled all her appearances including the MTV 20th anniversary performance on Aug. 1 and the junket for 'Glitter.' We don't know how long she will be in the hospital," Berger said.

    The incoherent messages Carey left for her fans, posted on her Web site just moments before she checked herself into the undisclosed hospital, don't offer much in the way of explanation.

    "Basically all I really wanna say is I don't know what's going on with life . . . I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now," Carey's message read.

    "But I just can't trust anybody anymore right now because I don't understand what's going on . .. I'm desperately trying to get out of this room. And I don't know if that makes any sense to anybody. . . I'm gonna be taking some time off."

    Carey, clearly concerned about her new $20 million-per-record recording deal with Virgin, also talked about top Virgin honcho Nancy Berry in her Web message.

    "I can't reach Nancy Berry so I'd like to say Nancy, I will record and stuff, it's just that I needed some time off but nobody was really giving it to me. And I feel that that's only because of the situation that we've been dealing with for awhile . . . I worked it into a bad place."

    Carey, who publicly blamed her ex, Tommy Mottola, last month for spreading rumors about her, alluded to him in another message.

    "What I'd like to do is just take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or a thing where all I really want to do is just be me and that's what I should've done in the first place but somebody . . . allowed myself to be a little bit too paranoid about life.

    "So if anybody gets this that really cares, just do me a favor . . . close the management company down that I own, and I'm gonna lie here and wait for that to happen."

    Berger said, "These messages were posted but have been taken off the Web site. Mariah was not thinking clearly when she left them. But Virgin is extraordinarily supportive and only want the best for her." Berger declined to comment on Carey's waning relationship with Latin crooner Luis Miguel, or her new love, Eminem, but said, "Luis is concerned about her."

    Thanks to Nini for this article from NY Post.

    July 27, 2001
    Send Mariah Your Love
    Click the banner below to send Mariah a special message from yourself to get well!! The message will be given to Mariah, probably sometime next week.

    Fellow Webmasters, noone is taking credit for this project!! It is from all the lambs and please feel free to post the graphic and link on your site too!! This is for Mariah to show her that we all love her. Spread the word!

    Mariah isn't the ONLY one in the hospital
    Eva and Anna, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondents, just informed me that reports say that Luis is in an LA hospital being treated for severe flu-like symptoms. At the moment he is said to be going through more tests. Anna told me that in April 2000, when MC was in the hospital again, Luis flew to be by her side, right after his concert and then flew right to his next gig, after making sure she was okay. Doesn't seem like that is going to happen this time, since they are both sick.

    MTV Changes Article From Yesterday
    Basically, MTV just confirms that Mariah has canceled MTV20 and adds some comments from her voice messages:

    Mariah Carey entered a hospital Wednesday night for treatment of "extreme exhaustion," according to her publicity firm.

    In a terse press release, the PMK publicity firm suggested that the pace of filming two movies, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls," while completing the Glitter album, caused Carey to become exhausted.

    "I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now," Carey said earlier this week in a despondent voice message left on her official Web site, according to a fan-site transcript confirmed by Cindi Berger, Carey's spokesperson at PMK.

    The message, and another one left soon afterwards, has disappeared from Carey's site (www.mariahcarey.com). Berger said that Mariah was "obviously exhausted and not thinking clearly" when the singer left the rambling messages, which included complaints of unspecified problems with her management and record label.

    "What I'd like to do is just a take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video," Carey said. "All I really want is [to] just be me and that's what I should have done in the first place ... I don't say this much but guess what, I don't take care of myself."

    Berger declined to provide any more details on Carey's situation. Her manager did not immediately return a call for comment.

    According to MTV's publicity department, Carey has canceled her scheduled headlining appearance at MTV's 20th birthday celebration, "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal," August 1 in New York (see "Diddy, Durst, Kid Rock, Ja Rule Added To MTV Birthday Bash").

    Carey's current single, "Loverboy," jumped from #60 to #2 on this week's Billboard Hot 100, thanks to high sales. Before going on sale last week, the single had suffered from sluggish radio play. The Hot 100 is based on both sales and airplay.

    Glitter, her first album for Virgin, is due in stores August 21.

    (This story was updated at 5:31 p.m. ET Thursday, July 26, 2001.)
    Brian Hiatt

    Download full version of Never Too Far
    Thanks to Shadows and Luna, we now have the full version of Never Too Far, which premiered on a spanish radio station yesterday. Click here to download it.

    Mariah denies Janet rivalry
    R&B diva Mariah Carey has been speaking exclusively to worldpop about the alleged rivalry between herself and fellow Virgin record label star, Janet Jackson.

    Janet Jackson was said to be furious when Mariah clinched an unprecedented $20 million per album deal with Virgin Records, apparently claiming she felt she was being sidelined while the label paid more attention, and money, to Mariah. However, Mariah Carey has refuted suggestions that the pair now have a bitter rivalry.

    'I don't think it exists,' she told worldpop. 'I'm a fan of Janet Jackson's first of all. I can't imagine someone who's achieved what she's achieved being jealous of me. Every time I see her I introduce myself like she won't even know who I am! I watched her videos when no one even knew who I was, I didn't even have an album out, I was still in school. She's an icon. I'm sure she's not worrying about what I'm doing. And we're totally different artists so I don't see that as anything. I think that's just somebody trying to spread a rumour.'

    In the exclusive video interview, Mariah Carey was surprisingly candid about her life, past and present. The star told worldpop she enjoys working with rappers like ODB and Busta Rhymes because she feels she shares a background with them. 'I have seen a lot of stuff in my life which is why I connect with a lot of the different rap artists I work with,' she revealed. 'Although people think I have this fairytale life and had this white picket fence existence, I didn't.'

    Mariah went on to describe her current lifestyle, complaining that she never gets a day off but admitted that her lack of free time is down to her own perfectionism. 'It can be easier for people who don't write their own songs because all they have to do is show up, sing the song and leave,' Mariah explained. 'I wish I could do that but I get so involved I end up staying at the studio until five in the morning.'

    For more from the 25-minute video interview with the biggest female star in the world, please click HERE!

    Many thanks to my fellow Mariah4 webmaster Elin, from Mariah Online, for this article from Worldpop.

    JLo Steals Mariah's Idea???
    Okay this following information comes from Chris and let me just say this is just Chris's thoughts and none of this information is proven to be true. Chris makes a very good point though and that's why I thought I should post it below...

    OK Regina! I have figured out the J.Lo sampling theft problem. Here it is. Mariah said originaly that she was going to use Rick James' help with her soundtrack but they eventually ended up writing an original song, or he wrote one for her.  While back when she said J.Lo had taken her sample I went through the J.Lo CD looking for songs that had samples and found a couple but hardly any in uptempo songs. So I remained puzzled. But NOW I have figured it out. The I'm Real Remix with Ja Rule has recently been released on her CD, they added the song to all copies made now. The liner notes for the remix read, "Includes an interpolation of the song "All Night Long" written by Rick James. This is what she was originally meant by working with Rick James. This is the stolen sample. Thats why she and Rick ended up writing a totally new song for the album and she said that J.Lo did her a favor by using it. Meaning two things, she actually got the experience of working with Rick or the song is a lot better than " All Night Long". Funny huh? Some say its the Mary Jane song, but I am convinced that this is the stolen sample.

    Mariah makes a statement.
    Michael Jackson wore a single sparkling glove.  Fred Durst sleeps in his red baseball hat, and Kid Rock swears by a white tank top.  Mariah Carey's trademark is in her latest movie: the paint stripe.  In Clitter, Mariah plays Billie Frank, an aspiring young singer who doesn't leave home without a silver swich painted somewhere on her body.  Like a temporary tatoo, the random metallic mark accents Mariah's back, neck, chest, or arm in every scene-ideal for the girl who lives in halter tops and microminis.  The film's makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, applies the aluminum-based theater makeup with a paintbrush, but he says silver eyeliner like L'Oreal Line Intensifying Extreme Wear Liquid Eyeliner in Stunning Sliver, $8 (available in september), will work just fine.  And, Oh, we are not advocating this. --Cindy Fedida

    Mariah is in the September 2001 issue of YM magazine and the above article is from YM, which you can find on page 110. Also, there is an ad for Glitter and information about a contest. Along with that, she is also mentioned on page 156, for the Top 10. Thanks to Kathleen for all this information.

    Countdown Picture for Glitter
    I added the Countdown picture for glitter on the right, towards the bottom. Everyday it will change until the day Glitter is released.

    Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! News Daily, MTV
    All four of those Entertainment shows reported on Mariah being in the hospital. They were all pretty short though, so you didn't miss much!!

    Mariah on the Radio
    Mye327 told me that Mariah was on her radio station, Kiss 95.7 in Connecticut. It was a pre-recorded interview obviously since Mariah is in the hospital. They talked about the basics including Glitter, Loverboy single and all the rumors in the land. The DJ asked about Luis and then someone came on and said she had to go. That's it folks!

    This following information is from Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free.

    Rainbow For Mariah is a website dedicated to Mariah Carey.

    The goal of RFM is to let Mariah know how much her lambz love, appreciate and enjoy her and that we'll always be there, no matter what she's going through!

    You can get to the RFM website by going to www.fly.to/rainbowmc

    Every true lamb can partcipate and send in letters, voice messages and artworks to honey_kate@gmx.net ! we appreciate every single entry! And Mariah will do so, too!

    We created the "RFM" site becoz as you all know Mariah is going through some drama right now. We really hope she'll get to know about the site, so she can see the letters, artworks and listen to the voice messages! with that site, we simply wanna create some positivity!

    Pop Music 'N Sync's 'Celebrity' Is Soaring
    'N Sync's "Celebrity" album got off to a flying start its first day in stores on Tuesday, assuring the pop quintet the biggest sales week so far this year--but the total will probably fall shy of the group's all-time single-week sales record.  ...Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" rocketed from No. 45 to No. 1 on the singles sales chart.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Los Angeles Times

    Jam FM Plays Never Too Far
    If you live in Germany, check out Jam FM, because they premiered Mariah's new song, Never Too Far.

    Address Change for Mariah Vision
    Since Xoom shut down, Felipe had to move his page to a different account. His site features music, trading information, multimedia, pictures and more on Miss M! Check it out by clicking here!!

    BREAKING NEWS...July 26th
    Mariah Carey Hospitalized for Exhaustion
    ONDON (Reuters) - Pop star Mariah Carey is in hospital suffering from ``extreme exhaustion,'' her spokeswoman has said. Carey fell ill after filming two movies, ``Glitter'' and ''Wise Girls,'' while also writing, recording and producing her latest album, the soundtrack to ``Glitter,'' the spokeswoman said in a statement. The U.S. singer checked herself into a hospital late on Wednesday night. The publicist had no further details, including which hospital the star was being treated at. ``There will be no further information tonight,'' she told Reuters. Carey has had more than a dozen No.1 singles. She has also sold a total of 140 albums and singles worldwide.

    Taken from Ruters. Thanks to everyone who sent me this.

    New York, NY, July 26, 2001 ---Singer, songwriter, Mariah Carey, has been hospitalized for extreme exhaustion. After completing 2 movies, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls," while simultaneously writing, recording and producing her newest album, the soundtrack "Glitter," Carey checked herself into a hospital late last night.

    Taken from VirginRecords.com This is a direct statement from Cindi Berger, Mariah's publicist.

    Mariah is Exhausted
    Mariah Carey entered a hospital Wednesday night for treatment of "extreme exhaustion," according to her record label. In a terse press release, Virgin Records suggested that the pace of filming two movies, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls," while completing the Glitter album, caused Carey to become exhausted. Carey's current single, "Loverboy," jumped from #60 to #2 on this week's Billboard Hot 100, thanks to high sales. Before going on sale last week, the single had suffered from sluggish radio play. The Hot 100 is based on both sales and airplay. Glitter, her first album for Virgin, is due in stores August 30. A Virgin spokesperson declined to provide any more details on Carey's situation. Her manager did not immediately return a call for comment. Next week, Carey is scheduled to headline MTV's 20th birthday celebration, "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal," in New York (see "Diddy, Durst, Kid Rock, Ja Rule Added To MTV Birthday Bash").


    Mariah Cancels Birthday Bash
    NEW YORK (AP) - Mariah Carey has checked herself into a hospital for ``extreme exhaustion,'' her spokeswoman said Thursday. Cindi Berger would not say what Carey's symptoms were or where she was. Berger said Carey's busy schedule contributed to her illness and hospitalization Wednesday night. ``She's been working around the clock,'' Berger told The Associated Press. In a separate statement, Berger said: ``Carey has been hospitalized for extreme exhaustion after completing two movies, 'Glitter' and 'Wise Girls,' and simultaneously writing, recording and producing her album, the soundtrack 'Glitter.''' The 31-year-old singer has canceled all her public appearances, including her performance at next week's MTV 20th anniversary in New York. Carey came up with the story for ``Glitter,'' about an aspiring pop star. The film, in which she has her first starring role, is scheduled for release next month, along with the album - which will mark Carey's debut for Virgin Records after signing a multimillion-dollar contract.

    The Associated Press

    Keep Mariah In Your Prayers
    Yesterday shocked a lot of fans when we all heard the two messages but I figured that Mariah was just depressed at the moment, which we all go through. When I heard about her today though, tears came to my eyes.

    Mariah has been working so hard to try and make so many people happy, including all her fans around the world. She has been doing photoshoots, record signings, radio interviews, tv interviews, throwing party's, traveling, spending time with her fans and so much more in these last couple o' months.

    Many of you have e-mailed telling me how you just want her to rest and take care of herself and that is the most important thing right now and I completly agree. I am sure, that Mariah checked herself in the hospital because it's one of the only places she can get some rest and have people realize that her health is in danger. As fans, there is nothing more that we can do, except pray that she is alright and send her our love...


    July 16th, 2001
    WE DID IT--Loverboy #2 & #1on Billboard!!!
    Loverboy jumped from #60 to #2 on this weeks Billboard Hot 100 and to #1 on the R&B Singles charts. The only song ahead of it now, in the Hot 100, is Destiny Child's Bootylicious, which is #1 but Mariah's jump is absoulutely AMAZING and it is ALL BECAUSE OF US!!!! So now, we still have a lot of work to do. We need everyone to go out and buy more singles (just a few more), request it like mad on your local radio stations. Destiny Child's single went to $.49 too earlier in the week too, what a shocker right??? We might be able to get Mariah her 16th #1 single and that would, FOR SURE, bring her out of her slight depression, you will read about below. WE HAVE TO DO IT FOR MARIAH!!

    Here are all the charts on Loverboy, courtesy of RML612:

  • The Billboard Hot 100
    2 60 61 7
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | 38791 | Virgin 2
  • Hot 100 Singles Sales
    1 45 - 2 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin 1
  • Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales
    3 27 - 1
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | 38793 | Virgin 3
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    1 36 38 8
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | 38791 | Virgin 1
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    1 50 - 2 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | Virgin 1
  • Canadian Singles Chart
    5 - - 1
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | EMI 5
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay
    42 34 37 8 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | Virgin 31
  • Rhythmic Top 40
    25 24 21 7 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin 21
  • Top 40 Mainstream
    38 37 - 2 Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin 37

    MariahCarey.com Updates But It's Not Good News
    Majority of you have probably already heard the two messages from yesterday. Mariah left the first message at around 3 pm and less than 20 minutes later it was removed and a second message was posted. Now, both messages are gone today and Mariah has sent her fans into a panic over what is going on.

    Many of you contacted me and wanted to know what was happening and told me to get in contact with Mariah to see what is going on. However, I don't have any contact with Mariah whatsoever and I am sure her friends and family are nurturing her through this time. I don't know why she got so upset and wanted to inform us about it but I am sure she is probably fine now. She needs to rest and take care of her health and to stop worrying about other people all the time. She knows we love her and support her 100% and I am sure she will be okay!

    As for the MTV Birthday Bash, I still think she will perform at it, so don't worry. She is MTV's Headlining act!! Here is the transcripts of the two messages and the voice messages in zip form. Many thanks to Will, from MCWNO, for the audios and transcipts.

    So basically all I really want to say is I don't know what's going on with life. And I hope all the fans are good and I just want you to know that I'm trying to understand things in life right now and so I really don't feel that I should be doing music right now. And I just want everyone to understand that - and that's really true. So, if I don't make music it's not because I don't want to for you fans. And, if I [sigh] I have two phones in my ear. I'm not saying I'm defeated because I'm not defeated. I'm just gonna do this for me, and I know that the people who care about me will care about me. But I just can't trust anybody anymore right now because I don't understand what's going on.

    So, because I'm not watching t.v., I'm just desperately trying to get out of this room. And I don't know if that makes any sense to anybody, but the truth is I am calling to say that I love you - to my fans. I hope this message gets to you. I'm not gonna be - are you going to - Glitter is going to be out soon. And you're gonna have that, and then I'm gonna be taking some time off.

    I can't reach Nancy Berry so I'd like to say that Nancy, I will record and stuff it's just that I needed some time off but nobody was really giving it to me. And I feel that that's only because of [clears throat] the situation that we've been dealing with for awhile. And that my managers were a little upset about it and they were trying to press on and get through it, but that didn't work. And so it's nobody's fault really it's just that I got - I worked it into a bad place and I'm not trying to have any bad comments around anybody by telling peoples names.

    And well, what I'd like to do is just take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or a thing - where all I really want to do is just be me. And that's what I should have done in the first place but somebody - I mean people - whatever. I allowed myself to be a little bit too paranoid about life. And life is for living so that's how deep this is.

    So if anybody gets this that really cares, just do me a favor, close the record - close the management company down that I own, and I'm gonna lye here and wait for that to happen - not that anybody cares. It probably sounds ridiculous. But, I can't reach anybody on the phone so actually, that's where were at.

    So fans I love ya, we're gonna do it again. And were gonna do it, we're gonna make, and if I take a little time off that's cool. And that's all I'm saying lambs, you know how I love you. And everything's great, all right? Bye.

    Click here to download the first message.

    Message #2:
    ["Crybaby" ending plays] Hello? Hello? Randolph? Oh, Randolph? [Sigh]. Try it again. Okay. Hey everybody it's Mariah. I'm just trying to let you know that I'm leaving this message because everything's okay. And what we're gonna do is, I'm gonna take like a minute off. And then what's gonna happen is you're gonna see the movie and things of that nature. So don't think anything's crazy if there's anything bizarre going on with the internet or any of that stuff. Honestly, I'm not paying any attention to any of that. I'm ready to take off my pager. And you know how I am.

    So what I want to do is to let you know that everything's cool. And that - hello? Randolph? And that I'm gonna make music for you but right now I need a break so I will, as a human being, take that break. And then I'm going to come back and sing for a minute, after I get my management company put together and after I take care of some other issues. So - okay?

    So thank you, nothing's wrong, you don't have to do anything to anybody. I just need a break. And I know I don't say this that much but guess what? It's time to take care of myself. And I feel that it's a little disgusting that people can't understand that a celebrity is not more important than - and this is not gonna make much sense but, than my friend's little girl and her safety. That's all I cared about basically. And some other personal issues. And honestly this is not for anything other than the fact that I care about my fans. And I'm telling you this, and I would like to walk out of a hotel with some dignity.

    So, that being said, you guys know how random my messages are anyway - I love ya, and we're gonna do it again, okay? And there's nothing to be upset about. We still win, if you win spiritually you win anyway. Okay, I hope this message gets to them. No I pray actually. Actually let me see something. Just hold on. [Phone cuts off].

    Click here to download the first message.

    Countdown Begins for Glitter
    We are getting really close to the release of the Glitter soundtrack and Glitter, the movie. So I thought it would be cool to do a countdown to the soundtrack/movie by featuring a picture from Glitter everyday, until they are both released. So, there is now 26 days until the soundtrack gets released and 36 until the movie gets released and you can check out the picture on the right!

    Virgin Brazil Updates
    Virgin Brazil updated with some new Mariah Carey pics from the record signing. Check them out at Virgin.com.br Thanks to Tahiana for this information.

    Mariah Carey relaxing in a boat
    Mariah Carey got a few days off and used them to relax in a boat in a island. She also used that time to make a skin treatment.

    Thanks to Tahiana for this information and you can check out the scan in Gallery 2.

    New Site
    Our fellow Lamb Berry has created a new little Mariah site called MariahTrade. The name says it all; it´s mainly a trading site. But it also has more offer. Curious?? Go have a look!!

    Correction on TRL
    Mariah was #6 on TRL on Tuesday and not #7 as I reported. She was also #6 yesterday. Thanks to everyone who informed me about that error.

    No Loverboy Single for Spanish Fans
    Javier and Dan told me that Virgin Spain is not releasing the Loverboy single because they feel it will not be a success. However, they are beginning to play Never Too Far on the radio and Javier told me he heard the song twice already on the radio. So hopefully, shortly we will have the full soundfile of Never Too Far, Mariah's next single.

    Magazine News
    Maria told me you can check out Mariah in Christina magazine, which is a spanish magazine. She is on pages 42-45 and there are 5 pictures of her, plus article. None of the pictures are new though.

    Plus, she is in another spanish magazine called Caras. There are eight pictures of Mariah in Italy on the yacht, while she took a break from promoting her album earlier in the month.

    Chicago Fan Book II
    This is from Julie and Vijay:
    You can now include a Fan Letter addressed to Mariah for the Chicago Fanbook II (along with contest submissions).  The Fan Letters will not offer a prize as in the other categories, but you can communicate with Mariah especially since the recent announcement she made on the official site.  Please show her your support and be a part of a great fanbook.

    New VH1 Video Collection
    McLoverBoy17 and Kelly told me that there will be a new Video Collection on Mariah Carey on August 4th. It might be pretty much the same but they now be adding Loverboy. It airs at 3 pm EST. Mariah is suspected to be VH1's Artist of the Month.

    New Pics
    Shino, from Love Love Jack, sent me a few pictures of Mariah from a Japan interview. Plus, Mark sent me some scans from Gala and Charts magazine. You can check out all five pictures in Gallery 2.

    Plus, here are some other magazines Marko has discovered Mariah in recently:

  • Charts (NL), July 21st Issue,...Our Hit list magazine...Mariah is on the cover with Loverboy.
  • National Enquirer (US but European print), July 24th Issue.... Mariah is on the cover and there's a crap story in it about Mira?
  • Spits (NL), The July 20th Issue.....Story about M's money problems :)
  • Right On (US), The September Issue....Like you mentioned on your site.
  • Hitkrant (NL), The July 21st Issue...Story about M's sleeping rhythm...stupid but true :)
  • Break Out (NL), The July 19th Issue...There's a poster in it and lyrics to LB.
  • Movieline (US), The August Issue.....Like you mentioned on your site.
  • Black Beat (US), The October Issue....I think you mentioned it on your site.
  • Gala (D), The July 19th Issue...Great pics about her adventure on her boat? :)
  • Cosmopolitan (NL), The August Issue...Story about her marriage....
  • OK (UK), The July 20th Issue....Story about Mira?

    Q102 Interview
    Mariah called into Q102 on July 18th and I finally made a zipped version of it for the site. It will be removed this weekend, so make sure you download it now if you want to hear it

    Click Here for Q102 Interview (12 MB's)

    Mariah Daily Contest...Prize=Loverboy Promo
    Would you like a Loverboy Radio Promo CD?? Well, then here is your chance. Mariah Daily, along with Nick, is hosting a contest for the best Title logo for the month of August promoting Mariah's new soundtrack/movie Glitter. The image can be no larger than 475 X 225 and must contain the sites name, Mariah Daily!! That's it, let your creativity run!! We (Nick and I) will pick the top 6 and then have you all vote on them to see who should be the winners. Three images will be picked and then all three of those people will get a Loverboy Promo CD Single and also their image will be displayed at the top of Daily's main page in August, of course crediting them. So get to work!! All entrees must be in by July 30th. Send entrees to Nick at dizzymc@hotmail.com and MariahDaily@aol.com Once again, thanks to Nick for supplying the Loverboy Radio Promo CD Singles.

    July 25, 2001...
    Mariah Slipping on TRL
    Yesterday, Mariah was #7 on TRL and we really need to keep voting for her. You can vote by clicking here

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Check out the Official Pictures section for some images from Mariah's recent Loverboy signing and also, the NEWS section for some more interviews and a nice fan story, at Mariah's official site, MariahCarey.com Thanks Leo for informing me about this.

    WorldPop Interview with Mariah
    Tomas told me that there is a new Mariah Carey interview with Worldpop at their site. She talks about the Janet rivalry, Wise Girls, kissing Max in the movie and more. On the page itself, they say that Loverboy and Glitter are out now, when actually only Loverboy is out now. So ignore that! Click here to check out the three interviews.

    HMV Correction
    HMV actually has 90 second clips, not 30 second clips as reported yesterday, at the listening booths. Check out your local HMV stores to see if they have the Glitter listening booth and once again, thanks to loverboi0810 for this information.

    Reaching diva pitch
    Pop diva MARIAH CAREY revealed last week that she had money troubles before signing her new GBP60million record deal. So can she really be such a control freak? BEVERLEY GLICK looks at her birth chart

    WITH her first major movie role - in Glitter, as a young singer eager to become a big star - in the can, plus a new single, Loverboy, out this week and a soundtrack album to come, Mariah Carey's plans for further world domination are gathering pace. And this time around she might actually make a big profit.

     The diva with the highly lucrative five-octave voice revealed last week that, as a naive 17-year-old, she signed away, at the age of 31, regained control of her business af is to be independent, to be out front and going it alone. In their rush to take the lead, Aries people don't always think things through, and Mariah's youthful impulsiveness has cost her dearly. She has sold more than 140 million records in her career, and should be considerably richer than she is now.

    But the older, wiser Mariah is now queen of all she surveys, with a GBP60million deal with Virgin under her designer belt and freedom from the record company run by her ex-husband Tommy Mottola.

    Individuals with a strong Aries streak are refreshingly direct and honest, but their strong words can often seem thoughtless to others. towards her work and her tendency to behave like a prima be misconstrued as a sharp tongue. But a slightly inflated ego is necessary for Aries to storm through life with initiative and confidence.

    All this headstrong energy is accentuated in Mariah's chart by an opposition from Uranus, planet of rebellion, to the Sun and Mercury. This results in an intense need to be different, a unique and special person who takes pride in their originality.

    It's a planetary combination that occurs in a surprising number of celebrity charts - and perhaps it's a necessary one to help take them to the top. But there are two other, very different sides to Mariah. One is signalled by a conjunction of the Moon - in either Scorpio or Sagittarius - with dreamy Neptune. She is a romantic girl at heart, driven by fantasy and high ideals. It's a highly creative combination, and a good one for a budding actress to have as she'll be able to easily get under the skin of a character. Mariah has already lived out some of her fantasies, however - including marrying her knight in shining armour (Tommy Mottola) and living in a dream home, a GBP10million estate in New York that she now calls a "beautiful monstrosity".

    But what gives her the ability to make her fantasies real is a coupling of Mars and Saturn in materialistic Taurus, a sign of total determination and stamina underpinned by a need for financial security.

    With her new record deal, which will pay her a guaranteed GBP20million for every album she delivers, her money-loving Taurean side will be more than satisfied. And if Mariah can keep that wilful streak of hers under control, she might even convince a few more people she really is a nice girl at heart.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from The Express.

    I Bought 577 Loverboy Singles
    If only singles counted as much as they used to, Mariah would be #1 for sure. Here are some more stories from fans who bought SEVERAL copies of Loverboy and spent a ton of money on Mariah. They all deserve a thank you from Mariah in my opinion for their AMAZING dedication! And I thought buying 16 was a lot, geesh!

  • loverboy03271970@hotmail.com:
    Hey Regina,
    Me again, hope I'm not bothering you but in addition to the first 12 singles that we're in the store on July 17th I ordered 565 more through out various stores in Toronto.  So now I own 577 copies of the "Loverboy" single and I'm so angry becuase everywhere I go have said that they have not recieved the "Loverboy" Maxi single. Well I spent over $700.00 to help Mariah's sales.  So I hope I could help!
  • John:
    REG! i saw ur site with the most loverboy singles......BELIEVE IT OR NOT i have 230.....my friend works at FYE.......and had them for .50....HOWEVER......she gave them to me for .5! so i STOOOOOOOOOOCKED UP!!!!! haha i didnt say anything cause i didnt wanna seem like a feak LOL....but i gave MOST of them to my friends to spread mariah around....gave to some ppl at work......and plan on buying MORE!~!!! :0)
  • Kelly from Mariah Central:
    Hey Regina,
    Hey is Kelly From MariahCentral (http://www.mariahcentral.cjb.net/) I was @ your site today and saw that a mariah fan bought around 125 copies of Loverboy, so I bought more!!!! I drove 20 minutes to my local cd stores and I bought 160 copies of the cd single, It cost me about $170 dollars.  I went to 4 different stores just to get 160. The first store had around 70, the second 50, the third 20 and the last store around 20 also. I love MC and i wanted to support her.... so i had the extra money so why not? hehehehee.Ya...all those stores are out of stock of them untill like next week, cause of me....hahaha, when I bought all those cd singles, the store owners from each store looked @ me like I was a freak, but that's ok. Also, I gave most of them away already! (I have a lot of friends hehe)

    Q102 Interview
    Mariah called into Q102 on July 18th and I finally made a zipped version of it for the site. It will be removed this weekend, so make sure you download it now if you want to hear it

    Click Here for Q102 Interview (12 MB's)

    New Pics
    Vanessa sent me some pictures from Mariah's visit in Brazil in December of 1999. You can check them out in Gallery 2.

    Mariah Daily Contest...Prize=Loverboy Promo
    Would you like a Loverboy Radio Promo CD?? Well, then here is your chance. Mariah Daily, along with Nick, is hosting a contest for the best Title logo for the month of August promoting Mariah's new soundtrack/movie Glitter. The image can be no larger than 475 X 225 and must contain the sites name, Mariah Daily!! That's it, let your creativity run!! We (Nick and I) will pick the top 6 and then have you all vote on them to see who should be the winners. Three images will be picked and then all three of those people will get a Loverboy Promo CD Single and also their image will be displayed at the top of Daily's main page in August, of course crediting them. So get to work!! All entrees must be in by July 30th. Send entrees to Nick at dizzymc@hotmail.com and MariahDaily@aol.com Once again, thanks to Nick for supplying the Loverboy Radio Promo CD Singles.

    Glitter at the top of Fox Movies
    Fox Movies now added Glitter to the top of their website. Click here to check it out!

    Mariah Says She Was Mis-Quoted on Luis
    Anna tells me that the El Gordo guy, who started the whole rumor that Mariah and Luis have separated, stated that it was all just a misunderstanding and that it appears that Mariah and Luis and still together. Also, they said that Mariah herself has denied the breakup rumors, saying she has been mis-quoted and that her relationship with Luis is going fine.

    Here is a letter that Anna wrote on a Luis board about this whole mess with Eminem and I love the last line the most...

    When MC's publicist stated back in early 1999 that she and Luis were just good friends, there was a lot more going on than just a few meetings. They (Luis and Mariah) were spotted dancing and groping each other on the dance floor, they were seen hugging, kissing and otherwise behaving like a couple. It was later said that Mariah didn't want the publicity and attention to hurt the chances that their new relationship could grow, especially after what happened with Derek Jeter. That's why she kept calling it "we're just friends." Has anyone caught MC and Eminem in any amorous situations? Yes, "just friends" or "working together for a new artist" might sound lame, which is probably why in her latest "rebuttal" Ms. Berger simply states "they are not romantically involved, it's just business." I think Mariah is burned out on constantly having to defend her situation with Luis. She has stated that she doesn't wish to discuss her private life anymore, for whatever reasons she may have. So what happens? Everyone assumes the worst possible scenario. Now, she may be FORCED to discuss what should be personal between two people. As far as her and Eminem, I think it's all hype, speculation, and the media having nothing better to do than sniff around for another celebrity bustup or the unusual pairing of a former "goody two shoes' and someone with Eminem's bad boy rep. Yes, Mariah was in Europe promoting her movie and album on the 4th of July, so that's one rumor you can put to rest - that she spent it with Eminem in Detroit. If and when Mariah decides to make a public statement, and unless and until she or Cindy Berger announce that she and Luis have parted, I think we should let private matters remain private and focus on their talent and their careers. Mariah has enough going on right now trying to prove to Virgin that she was worth all the money they gave her at the signing, and she doesn't need the distraction of all this gossip. Ultimately, time will tell. Like Gracilite said, if we start seeing photos of Mariah with someone new, then we can take the rumors seriously. Until then, let's give Luis and Mariah some breathing room.

    Josh would like you all to sign the petition that was created for Kiss FM in CA for not playing Loverboy. If you want to sign it, please click here.

    Only 27 days until Glitter Soundtrack hits stores and only 37 days until Glitter the movie hits theaters.

    Mariah Carey: Loverboy (68)
    Alen sent me a translation of an article frm Holland, where Mariah entered the Mega Top 100 at #68 last week. This week she jumps to #34. Here is the translation of the article!

    About half a year ago Mariah was in the Mega top 100 with her song "Can't Take That Away", that reached #68 in December. That song was taken from her previous album Rainbow, and was released by sony, her former record company. But since her love for Sony-Chief Tommy Mottola (to whom she was married for a couple of years) cooled down, we can say the contrary about Mariah. She is totally out of control. But if that's positive to her music you should decide.

      The first result from her new collaboration with Virgin is the single Loverboy. There are two versions on the single: the second one features raps of DaBrat and Ludacris, the first one features Larry Blackmon and Thomas Jenkins of the band Cameo. Their "Candy" (#18 in 1987) is the base for Loverboy.

      Loverboy, her 32nd entry, comes from the album Glitters, that's coming out on August 20th. Also, the song comes from a remake from the 30's movie All That Glitters, which will premiere on November 29th. In the movie, her first one, Mariah has the lead part. The film is about a singer who has to go through a lot of problems to finally be succesful. Original script! Her co players are female rapper Da Brat and R&B singer Eric Benet. The song drops from #55 to #61 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single will be released on Tuesday (17/7), and the prediction is that the song will be high on the charts in 2 weeks, probably at #1. You'll read it in the Megaman of week 31!

      The video for Loverboy was shot in LA, but it's not from the movie, because some tv-stations refuse to play those kind of video's. The next single will be a ballad, and the video will feature parts of the movie. In the movie there's also a remake: "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" of indeep from 1982, which she'll perform with Busta Rhymes, DJ Clue and Fabolous. While shooting the movie, she got the idea to use this song, because (it's really true!) in the movie Mariah (who plays the part of Billie) will be saved by......a DJ! How does she come up with it?

    Mariah on Radio
    If you live in CT and can get Kiss 95.7, Mariah will be a special guess on the Ross & Courtney Radio Show. It airs tomorrow on this morning show. Here is their Upcoming Guest list, taken from here and many thanks to Nini for this information...

    Upcoming Guests:
    Tuesday: Comedienne WANDA SYKES from NBC's new show, "The Downer Channel."
    Wed: Hartford native JOHN O'HURLEY --'J Peterman' from the Seinfeld show
    Thu: singer MARIAH CAREY

    Mariah on Get Music
    Michelle, from Star Mariah, informed me that at GetMusic.com, you can check out the Loverboy video, see photos, buy her music and more. I personally like the design of the site and the whole page they did on Mariah. Very cute!

    Japan Magazine News
    Shino, from Love Love Jack, sent me the following information from the Sony Music Online Japan (remember, Sony holds rights to Mariah's Glitter album in Japan, that is why she is still on their site). It features the magazines that Mariah is featured in...

      OZ magazine ( August 6 )
    ‚Ò‚  ( August 6 )
    S- cawaii ( August 7 )
    Can Do ‚Ò‚  ( August 10 )
    COSMOPOLITAN ( August 20 )
    BAILA ( August 12 )
    GINZA ( August 12 )
    TV ƒKƒCƒh ( August 15 )
    TV Taro ( August 24 )
    TOKYO Bros ( August 24 )
    ELLE JAPON ( August 28 )
    Seventeen ( September 1 )

    The Lycos 50 for Week Ending July 21, 2001
    WALTHAM, Mass.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--July 24, 2001--Terra Lycos (NASDAQ: TRLY), the largest global Internet network, today announced the following information from The Lycos 50(TM), the 50 most popular user searches for the week ending July 21, 2001. ...The British Open (#5) and Mariah Carey (#46) also join the list this week.

    Thanks to Tom for this article

    Loverboy #1 on Disk MTV
    Renato told me that Loverboy was #1 on Disk MTV (Brazilian TRL).

    July 24, 2001...
    Vote for Mariah on TRL
    Mariah was #7 on TRL today, so please continue to vote for her, so we can get her up to #4 once again!! You can vote by clicking here

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    The NEWS section, in the HTML format, was updated for July 19th. I didn't notice it until last night, while I was checking out the site. It seems the Flash version wasn't updated with new information though.

    July 19, 2001
    Mariah promoting Loverboy!

    With lots of interviews. However, if you don't live in the right place you probably missed most of them. Well, lambs have been recording them and here are a few you can listen to right now:
    Q95.5 radio Detroit interview (July 18)
    Australia Rove TV (July 17) And did you know that Loverboy is doing fantastic in Australia?
    Mariah calling in to MTV TRL (July 17)
    Mariah calling Bostons Kiss FM. (This file requires Windows Mediaplayer.)
    Mariah talking to Kiss radio, Philly. (July 19)
    Mariah talking to Z100 radio, NY Part 1 (July 17)
    Mariah talking to Z100 radio, NY Part 2 (July 17)

    Always support Mariah on radio, Click Here for a list of Radio Request phone numbers.
    (Sources: MCWNO, Mariah Buzz, Mariah Daily and mariahzthug.)

    Congratulations to Mariah and Loverboy!
    For making it all the way to #1 on MuchMusic Latin Americas version of TRL. This show is watched in all Latin America from Argentina to Mexico. And everyone from Latin America can vote.

    You can support Mariah on this chart by voting, just click the link below, all you have to do is email:
    (Source and image: Nacho)

    Find Out Why Mariah Has No Middle Name!!
    Mariah called into Q102 on July 18th and I finally made a zipped version of it for the site. She discloses information on her "middle name," curses about the rumors, talks about Glitter, why her name wasn't on Magic Garden and so much more. You can download it exclusively, here at Mariah Daily.

    Click Here for Q102 Interview (12 MB's)

    This interview will only remain on Daily for less than a week. If you want to hear it, make sure you download it.

    Jon Meets Mariah
    You can read Jon's story from Friday by clicking here. It's a cute story, so make sure you check it out!

    Mariah on BET's Testimony
    Mariah recorded a special with BET on the same day she appeared on 106th & Park last week. However, it will not air until August 21st at 8 pm EST, the day her soundtrack is released. It will repeat on August 24th at 7:30 pm EST too. Many thanks to McLoverBoy17 for this information.

    Robbie Holds On At No. 1 In The U.K.
    Showing uncharacteristic stability for the fast-moving U.K. market, four of last week's top five singles held their positions on the singles chart yesterday (July 22), as Robbie Williams remained at No. 1 with "Eternity"/"The Road to Mandalay" (Chrysalis). It's the first of Williams' four British chart-toppers to be on top for more than a single week.

    Over on the U.K. album chart, Usher's seven-day stay at the peak with "8701" (LaFace/Arista), was ended by Destiny's Child's "Survivor" (Columbia), which returned to No. 1, where it debuted in May.

    The one newcomer among the U.K.'s top five singles was U2's "Elevation" (Universal/Island) at No. 3. Taken from the band's "All That You Can't Leave Behind," the song is also featured on East West's "Tomb Raider" soundtrack. Another East West single from that set, Oxide & Neutrino's "Devil's Nightmare," entered at No. 16. The other prominent new entries were Sisqo's "Dance for Me" (Def Soul/Mercury) at No. 6 and Da Hool's "Meet Her at the Love Parade 2001" (Manifesto/Mercury), a remix of the German producer's No. 15 hit from 1998, which reappeared at No. 11.

    But there was disappointing news for Mariah Carey, whose first single under a new deal with Virgin, "Loverboy," opened at No. 12. Only two of Carey's last 20 singles did not reach the U.K top-10; the last was "I Still Believe," which topped out at No. 16 in April 1999.

    There was some jockeying for position on both of Music & Media's composite European sales charts. Shaggy's "Angel" featuring Rayvon (MCA) moving back to No. 1 on the Eurochart Hot 100 Singles survey, where it previously served four weeks before Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink's cover of "Lady Marmalade" had two weeks on top. But Shaggy's "Hotshot" album (MCA), last week's No. 1 on European Top 100 Albums, lost that spot to the previous incumbent, Manu Chao's "Proxima Estacion: Esperanza" (Virgin).
    -- Paul Sexton, London

    Thanks to Desiree for this article from Billboard.com

    I Bought Over 125 Copies of the Loverboy Single
    Art bought 65 more copies of Loverboy yesterday to help Mariah's sales of Loverboy. He now has over 125 copies of the Loverboy single and has no idea what to do with them. I think Art might hold the record for the most singles own by one fan but I know as soon as I post this, I will get e-mails from lambs announcing to have more right?? Art deserves a personal thank you from Mariah in my opinion, so hey, maybe she will see this and hollar to him. If you want to chat with Art or maybe beg him for some singles, contact him at Macfvr@aol.com

    Mariah Daily Contest...Prize=Loverboy Promo
    Would you like a Loverboy Radio Promo CD?? Well, then here is your chance. Mariah Daily, along with Nick, is hosting a contest for the best Title logo for the month of August promoting Mariah's new soundtrack/movie Glitter. The image can be no larger than 475 X 225 and must contain the sites name, Mariah Daily!! That's it, let your creativity run!! We (Nick and I) will pick the top 6 and then have you all vote on them to see who should be the winners. Three images will be picked and then all three of those people will get a Loverboy Promo CD Single and also their image will be displayed at the top of Daily's main page in August, of course crediting them. So get to work!! All entrees must be in by July 30th. Send entrees to Nick at dizzymc@hotmail.com and MariahDaily@aol.com Once again, thanks to Nick for supplying the Loverboy Radio Promo CD Singles.

    HMV Features Glitter Snippets
    Loverboi0810 went to the HMV record store in Atlanta and found out that they have a listening station for the Glitter Soundtrack. It features 30 seconds of ALL the songs. Maybe all of the HMV's now carry this?

    Mariah Gets Shunned Again At MTV
    Once again, there is no Video Music Award (VMA) for Mariah Carey this year from MTV. All I can say is what does Mariah have to do to get a freakin' nomination??

    Glitter Shines on December 12th in Sweden
    Ove told me that Glitter will premiere in Sweden on December 12th.

    Want A Mariah Autograph?
    John is selling a Mariah Carey autograph that he got on Friday and is also throwing in a promotional poster for Glitter, featuring Mariah on the bike. Right now, the highest bid has been $45, so if you think you can beat this, then e-mail John at adidas215@hotmail.com He doesn't really want to sell it but he needs some cash for college, which is approaching shortly and he has two, so he though might as well make someone else happy with an autograph from Mariah.

    Attention Webmasters
    If you would like to help Mishka on Butterfly Haven, contact him at butterfly@engkanto.com He is looking for a little help due to a hectic schedule.

    New Pics
    Valentine saw Mariah in Paris in early July, while she was promoting Loverboy in Europe. You can check out her pictures by clicking here. The pics are very nice!!

    Mariah #1 in Spain
    Jorge, from Mariah's Theme, told me that on the spanish tv program Música Sí, Mariah was #1 on the Videos 10. You can vote for Mariah at musicasi.tve@rtve.es

    Glitter on E! Coming Attraction
    Eric tells me that the Glitter preview was featured on E!'s Coming Attraction show, which features trailors for upcoming movies. Not only did they show the trailor, but they also had a short interview with Mariah. Today was the last showing of this episode but a new one airs on Friday July 27th at 2:30 pm EST. Maybe this will feature the Glitter trailor also.

    Climbing the charts in Canada
    Here is what Alex told me:
      Mariah is now #58 on the Canadian Hot 100, and since two versions of the single are out, two chart entries on the sales chart next week, which means Mariah could jump about 20-30 positions. The single to beat right now on the sales charts is U2's "Elevation" and U2's sales are not impressive, Mariah has a good chance at #1 on the sales charts.

    Help Mariah in Hungary
    Zoli would like you all to vote for Mariah on the Hungarian chart for Loverboy! At the moment, she is #9.

  • Click Here
  • Select Loverboy
  • Click tovabb
  • That's It

    Magazine News
    Shantal told me you can check out Mariah in the July 31st issue of TV Notas and the July 20th issue of OK. In the OK, it discusses the fight with Mira, which once again if FALSE. Also, in TV Notas, it has a bunch of pictures of Mariah on the yacht in the pink bathing suit and a small picture of Luis in the corner. Shantal thinks they are talking about their "breakup" but she can't read Spanish, so it's just a guess.

    Belgium News
    Gilles told me that the Belgian release date of Glitter Soundtrack is August 21st. Glitter, the movie, will be released on November 28th.

    Mariah's safe, not sorry
    Like Rapunzel, Mariah Carey once longed for escape. In her case, says Thomas Beller in Elle, it was from her husband, Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola. Salvation came in the form of her acting coach. "Sheila [Gray] was one of the catalysts for helping me move out of that situation. I was so blocked emotionally. I sat on her floor and did relaxation exercises, and immediately started crying, 'cause she said to me, 'Name a place where you feel safe.' And I was like, I don't have one.'" That opened the floodgates. "It was this burst of emotion, and I was just like, Whoa!It helped me to realize that, like, this is not right." Carey has since gone on to find greater happiness with her new boyfriend, the "huge Latin superstar" Luis Migel, and she's putting the past in perspective. "I mean, I've had intense stuff happen to me, but I haven't been through the wringer with lots of men."

    Thanks to Bobbie for this article from the July 20th issue of The Week magazine.

    Sef's song of farewell
    "SORRY I never told you all I wanted to say, and now it's too late to hold you because you've flown away, so far away."

    It was almost too painful to listen to 20-year-old Sef Gonzales singing these words as the coffins of his family lay before him. Sef yesterday farewelled his slain father, mother and sister with a capella rendition of Mariah Carey's One Sweet Day.

    As the song filled the Holy Spirit Church in Sydney's North Ryde, mourners who spilled out the door could not help but weep.

    Hundreds of people gathered for the emotional funeral of Teddy Gonzales, his wife Mary and 18-year-old daughter Clodine who were all murdered at their home last week.

    Thanks to Tom for this article taken fromhere.

    Mariah Desktops
    Peter saw the post in yesterdays news about his desktop and contacted me to let me know that you can check out more by clicking here.

    Glitter Gathering
    Maggie is creating a Glitter Gathering in Fayetteville, Georgie. Her plans are to even go have pizza or go to the skating rink after the movie. Any fans who are interested, you can contact her at mariahfantasy@hotmail.com

    July 23, 2001...
    Vote for Mariah on TRL
    Don't forget to vote for Mariah today on TRL!! Last week, on Friday, she dropped two spaces and we want her back to "her spot" at #4!!! You can vote by clicking here

    Mariah Daily's 1st Contest
    Would you like a Loverboy Radio Promo CD?? Well, then here is your chance. Mariah Daily, along with Nick, is hosting a contest for the best Title logo for the month of August promoting Mariah's new soundtrack/movie Glitter. The image can be no larger than 475 X 225 and must contain the sites name, Mariah Daily!! That's it, let your creativity run!! We (Nick and I) will pick the top 6 and then have you all vote on them to see who should be the winners. Three images will be picked and then all three of those people will get a Loverboy Promo CD Single and also their image will be displayed at the top of Daily's main page in August, of course crediting them. So get to work!! All entrees must be in by July 30th. Send entrees to Nick at dizzymc@hotmail.com and MariahDaily@aol.com Once again, thanks to Nick for supplying the Loverboy Radio Promo CD Singles.

    Mariah Carey's MTV Diary
    MTV's hit show, Diary, is now having one with Mariah Carey. It will air on August 18th, time is unknown at the moment. Many thanks to Heather and Salvador.

    AOL Chat with Mariah
    Salvador wants to see Mariah on AOL Live in the month of August and if you want to help and put Mariah in the suggestion box, here is how to do it...

  • Go to AOL Keyword: AOL Live
  • On the left side of the screen there is a link that says "Suggestion Box." Click that link and say something like this:
  • "Mariah Carey should be booked for AOL Live! She is the headliner of MTV's 20th Birthday Bash, which airs on August 1st, 2001 at 8PM ET. Mariah will be performing at this year's Teen Choice Awards, which will air on FOX on August 20th! The following day, Tuesday, August 21, 2001, her NEW album, "Glitter" will go on sale! 10 days later, on Friday, August 31, 2001, Mariah's movie, "Glitter" will hit theatres! Mariah Carey is BACK in the music scene and it is the PERFECT time for AOL to have her on AOL Live!!!"
  • Then click SEND.

    Mariah on B96
    This is from Brian:
    Mariah Carey's song Loverboy was on B96 9 most wanted for a long time. She was number 2, now she is not on there. On B96's website you can vote for her an unlimited amount of times. All you have to do is:

    1. Go to the music button on the homepage at http://www.b96.com/
    2. Then go to Request a song on the left side of the screen
    3. Then fill in the bubble for her name.
    4. Then write her name and the song title on the write-in vote box at the bottom; that way she gets two votes.
    5. Then press vote or enter.
    6. At the thank you screen, press back to go back to the request screen. Your info will still be written in.
    7. Press vote or enter again.

    Magazine News
    ILoveMariahMore@hotmail.com and Danielle told me that you can check out Mariah in the July 31st Globe and National Enquirer. I added the scan of National Enquirer to Gallery 2 but I couldn't find Globe to scan it, I'll try again today when I go to the store.

    Anyhow though, there are five pictures of Mariah in the Globe and ILoveMariahMore typed out the article for us all...

    "Mariah Unwrapped!
    Globe goes undercover and catches sexy diva chilling out in millionaires paridise!!

    - When your fortune is estimated at 200 million dollors, you can pay for plenty of pampering. And thats just what Mariah Carey got on an ocean going yacht off the coast of Sardinia in the mediterranean. As the dishy diva snuggled under a big flowery blanket, a theripst gave her a soothing foot massage. The 31 year old songbird also got a facial, manicure and a special oil treatment for her hair. Eventually, mariah unwrapped herself, reveling a buxom bod in a skimpy pink bikini. The hot babe then decided to cool down by taking a brave leap into the sea. The pop star is taking a welcome break from promoting her new album Glitter and her debut album, All That Glitters. Shes even been to busy for her boyfriend, Latin singer Luis Miguel. "Right now, theres no room for anything" admits Mariah, who recently signed a 90$ million music deal with Virgin records. " I really really have to be focused on what I'm doing"

    New Pics
    If you really love this picture on the right, you can check out a really HUGE scan of it, with perfect quality in Gallery 2. The quality of the picture is amazing and many thanks to MCFantatic for the picture.

    Plus, Katia sent me a scan from an Italian magazine, which features pictures of Mariah in Sardinia and Milan. Along, with that, Felipe did a cartoon of Mariah from the Loverboy Single Cover. Check out all the pics in Gallery 2.

    Mariah #1 on Much Music Argentina
    Natalia told me that Loverboy was #1 on the countdown on Much Music Argentina. She wants to encourage all the fans in Argentina to continue to vote for Mariah.

    Loverboy Themes for your computers
    Julie told me that you can download Loverboy Themes for your computers by clicking here. They include different pics, icons, cursers, etc.

    Glitter Soundfiles
    You can now check out all the Glitter Soundfiles on Daily!! They are on the left and are all zipped to make it easier to download and also because I can only add zipped files to this site. I just got two new ones too featured Want You with Eric and Don't Stop, longer version, courtesy of MariahStyle.net. Download Winzip to unzip them after downloading completes. I suggest the Montage because it was very well done and if you open it in Windows Media, it will repeat it forever and it's nice!

    Glitter Review: What's It Like???
    There's a very good reason why Mariah Carey's new album is called Glitter, and it's not just because it's the soundtrack to her film of the same name. No, it's quite simply because Mariah's album positively sparkles with every note she sings.

    Glitter is, first and foremost, a party album. Judging by the opening track and first single Loverboy alone, Mariah's out to have a good time and she can't wait to invite her listeners along for the ride. From the classic disco vibes of Want You, which features R&B star Eric Benet, to the bass-heavy All My Life and the Prince-esque funk of I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (a remake of Robert Palmer's '80s hit) this is an album that has its dancing shoes on.

    Mariah Carey may have one of the best -if not the best- singing voices ever, but she's got no qualms about sharing her airtime with a few of her talented friends. As you'll remember from ODB's Dreamlover remix, rap and Mariah Carey are like chips and ketchup: heavenly on their own, just divine together! Mystikal offers a helping hand on the infectious Don't Stop, while Busta Rhymes adds vocals to Mariah's remake of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. And if you reckon cover versions are rarely better than the original, check this out, it will have you on your feet and boogying with your mates before you can even wonder, 'Who did this first?'

    On top of the dancefloor fillers, Glitter's sprinkled with Mariah's trademark ballads. Reflections (Care Enough) is probably the best song on the album (although with a storming twelve tracks, it's not easy to choose a favourite) managing to be both instantly catchy and tear-jerkingly emotional at the same time. Slowies Never Too Far and Twister also show off Mariah's astonishing voice to its full, five-octave potential. Quite awe-inspiring.

    All in all, Glitter is an absolute corker of an album. Whether you're getting ready for a night on the town or staying in for some well-deserved pampering, Glitter's the perfect soundtrack. Just make sure you crank up the volume

    Source: Many thanks to Ashes for this article from PopGross

    Mariah's Cheerio's Comment
    This is from Mike (geniewita40@aol.com):
    Hi, you don't know me but i wanted you to know that the Cheerios comment she makes at the end of her voice message was about me. At the signing, my friend and i brought her a goodie bag filled with things like 5 packets of flavor-aid, a can of chicken noodle soup for if she got sick, a scrapbook and video we made, and a box of Cheerios and cheerio book! The cheerio book was like a kid's book, but we thought it would be cool to get it because we knew no one else would get Mariah Carey Cheerios! There is so much more to this story, including her reaction to all the stuff and thanking us on her voice message! If you want to know the whole story, its long because she kept us talking to her for over 3 minutes and taped me to be on her Mtv Diary, please feel free to e-mail or im me! My screen name is the same as my e-mail address. Just thought you would like to know what she was talking about with the Cheerios comment, because alot of people are confused about it!

    Glitter Lengths
    ShUgaD614 sent me the times for the Glitter Songs, taken from the Virgin Germany site and here they are:

    Loverboy Remix (Feat. Da Brat & Ludacris) 4:30
    Lead The Way 3:53
    If We 4:11
    I Didn`t Mean To Turn You On 4:54
    Don`t Stop (Feat. Mystical) 3:38
    All My Life 5:10
    Reflections (Care Enough) 3:21
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 6:43
    Want You (Feat. Eric Benet) 4:44
    Never Too Far 4:22
    Twister 2:26
    Loverboy (Feat. Cameo) 3:50

    There is a new Quote O' The Week (below), new Pic O' The Week, and a new Poll O' The Week (on right). It seems that it is REALLY close when it comes to what song you want for Mariah's next single. Lead The Way won by only 7 votes...

    Which Song Do You Want To Be Mariah's Next Single?
       Never Too Far  (282) 49%
       Lead The Way  (289) 50%
    Total Votes: 571

    Charts from Germany
    Honey and Kate, who recently designed their excellent fan site on Mariah called Butterflies Are Free, sent me the lastet chart information from Germany....

    UK Top 100: #12 (--)
    Tokio Hot 100: #22 (32)
    Osaka Hot 100: #34 (27)
    German Black Single Charts: #09 (07)
    40 Kisses Countdown (Kiss.FM Berlin): #15 (16)
    (the numbers in the brackets are the postion from last week)...

    Please send letters, questions or personal experiences with Mariah to loverboy03271970@hotmail.com for a new fanbook for Mariah, which will be given to her later in the year!

    Airplay Charts
    Kahssenoh@yahoo.com sent me the following information:
    I found the site found for Nation Airplay Charts it's at http://www.rronline.com/. The Charts are divided in 11 sections. CHR/Pop is probably the most important one which Mariah has yet to debut on. But Mariah is on CHR/Rythmic down from 23 to 27 and on Urban up to 20 from 23. Please keep requesting Mariah and do not threaten in any way. She doesn't have to hit #1 right after the first week of sales, she can hit it later because this single will not be on sale for only two weeks like Heartbreaker.

    Mariah Carey Contest
    Dottie from BET contacted me and asked me to post this information for you guys...

    To Mariah's Fans:
    You can win a trip to meet Mariah Carey In Person. To enter just goto: http://bet.com/HEADLINES/0,,C-1-xx-xx-ContestQuiz-388,00.html

    Twister about Tonjua Twist??
    Last year, Tonjua Twist, Mariah's stylist for many years committed suicide. Noone knew it was going to happen, not even Mariah. This lost really hurt Mariah very badly and some think the song on Glitter, entitled Twister, was written about Tonjua Twist! In the movie, it most likely deals with the situation with her mother. Check out the lyrics below and it is a truly beautiful song, which brings tears to your eyes. Can't wait to hear Mariah singing it!

    She was kind of fragile
    And she had a lot to grapple with
    But basically she kept
    It all inside

    Childlike and effervescent
    With a well of pain
    The depth of I could not imagine
    If I tried

    Never thought that I
    Would hear them say
    Twister went and threw it all away

    She was kind of magical
    Her laughter sent you casually
    Floating through a moment
    Of release

    Dear God, it's all so tragic
    And I'll never have the chance
    To feel the closure
    That I untimately need
    No, I never dreamed
    That there would come a time
    Twister'd go and leave it all behind

    Lord I pray she's found some peace
    And her soul's somewhere at ease

    Yeah I'm feeling kind of fragile
    And I've got a lot to handle
    But I guess this is my way
    Of saying goodbye

    July 21, 2001...
    New Messages from Mariah
    Mariah left two new messages on her official website. Thanks to MCarey.nu for the transcripts. Check it out also in Audio and Mariah's Voice Messages.

    "We're calling from the in-store. Hey everybody ... did I ... is it pressed? Ok, hey, lambs, you know it's me. I'm sitting here at the in-store. I started out having kind of a bad day, and now just being here with the fans, normal people, it's nice! So they wanna say 'hello,' some of us who are here. I got some nice gifts today I got a little Hello Kitty thing, I got a lamb, I got whole bunch of things. So now I'm ready, (to the fans:) you wanna say 'hi?" (Fans:) Hi!!! (Mariah:) *Laughs* Alright, bye-bye! I'm gonna call back like, tomorrow, bye!"

    "Ok... *laughs* ...Ok, now, I don't really care who hears this message, and wants to hate on me or think whatever they wanna think. (Mary-Ann:) Exactly! (Mariah:) But the truth of the matter is, I had to call you guys. First of all thank yo... (Mary-Ann:) You won't believe it! (Mariah:) That's Mary-Ann in the background chiming in. Ok, this is the situation, you all know I have a new cat named Willy, right? I walk into the... I hope it's not too boomy in here, but I walk into the bathroom, and... like...the... I can't even explain it, Mary-Ann, can you just tell them briefly what happened? (Mary-Ann:) We just come to the door and open up the nice door and we see a nice train track of water upon the nice floor! (Mariah:) Basically Willy jumped in the tub and... *All laugh* (Mary-Ann:) He looked like a huge rat! (Mariah:) My cat is obsessed with water! And quite honestly, *laughs* we need one of the little girls to come up... now he's in the, aw man! Hold on (to the "little girl":) please introduce yourself so they know I'm not lieing, and I don't really care who hears this, cause thank you guys at the in-store yesterday that was great! But this is more important right now, introduce yourself please. (Haneefah:) This is Haneefah, and I came upstairs into the bathroom and saw a whole tab of water from the cat that done jumped inside the nice tub and now, he's in the cat litter wait, he's just chillin', just sitting there just chillin', looking around like 'What's going on?' *laughs* (Mariah:) Ok, so, I'm only sending this message because everybody at the in-store you really cheered me up yesterday and I knew that this story about Willy the cat... (Mary-Ann:) Willy, the kitty-cat, Willy the caaaaaat! (Mariah:)Ya know, my manager, everyone they're gonna be calling up saying "Why are you acting all crazy?" but if you saw *laughs* I can't even finish it. (Mary-Ann:) The floor is covered in water and Willy is sitting in the corner in the pan, still chillin'! (Mariah:) Basically, this is the point, anyone who thinks I'm not in a good mood or I wasn't, seeing Willy the cat, knowing Willy the cat just swam I can't... (Mary-Ann:) He done came out and made mad water on the floor happen was just amazing! (Mariah:) I love you guys, and the box of Cheerios was the best! bye!"

    French Magazine Uses Mariah Daily Logo!!
    Mariah is on the cover of the new french magazine, Tele and it features three pages on her. You can check out the scans in Gallery 2, courtesy of the MariahFanclub. The weird thing is, that they took the old graphic, which was at the top of this page and that I added below too, took out Mariah Daily's name and used it in the magazine. It would of been cool if they credited me since it was my design but sadly they didn't. Oh well, whatcha going to do!! Check out the scans if you like.

    New Pics
    Mariah is in a couple magazines this week and I have the info and the scans for you. I reported last week, that she is featured in the August 2001 issue of InStyle magazine, which features four new stills from the Glitter movie. Plus, Mariah is in the July 31st issue of Star tabloid twice. Once on page 37, which features her in London and also on page 28, which talks about her having sleeping problems. MCFanatic sent me two scans including Mariah on the cover of Movie Market and a scan from OK magazine. Finally, she is in the July 30th issue of People magazine. It has a full page picture of Mariah in London on page 14 (thanks Tom for this scan).

    Also, Tom sent me another image that is being used as the Glitter Poster!! I personally think the first one is more lovely but you can check out the other one, along with all the other scans in Gallery 2. Enjoy.

    Mariah on BET's Website
    You can now download three clips of Mariah at the BET's website. It is an exclusive only to their site and you can see Mariah talking about Glitter, being in the studio and more. Plus, you can download the Club of Love Mix for Loverboy, enter her Fan-Tasy Contest and see pictures of Mariah, which we have all seen before. Click here to check it out and thanks to flyawaybutterfly21@hotmail.com for this information.

    Radio Interviews
    Fly Away now has the B96 and Power Chicago interviews on their website. Go check it out, if you like

    Mariah Falls on TRL
    Mariah held strong on the #4 spot on TRL this week but fell to #6 on Friday!! Please make sure you request it this weekend and make sure you call on Monday to get it back at #4 (1-800-DialMTV).

    Attention UK Fans
    Here is some information from Ashes (Rainbow Princess)

    *  TOTP 2 is repeated today in the uk @ 3.50pm so make sure you catch it

    * If you missed the totp plus + interview you can watch it:

    * Loverboy looks like it has missed the top ten. You still have a chance to make it Top 10, so go out and buy it.

    If anyone is interested in joining the uk mariah mailing list contact me
    ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk in the subject column put mc:uk

    Eye Scoop
    With friends like theirs, Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains certainly don't need to hire an ad agency. Not only does Sarah Jessica Parker sport their "Carrie"-emblazoned T-shirt in those ubiquitous "Sex and the City" posters, but this week, promotions for Mariah Carey's new single "Loverboy" have made Heatherette inescapable. The duo hauled their airbrush kit to David LaChapelle's Los Angeles set last month to create the diva's flaming wife-beater and, while on location in Palmdale, Calif., tagged along as Mariah and MTV visited a bikini bar in the middle of California's desert. "She walked in and people just started crying," Rich says. "First, one of the bikini dancers had named her daughter Mariah and she started to cry. Then Mariah started to cry and a man came over with a Mariah tattoo and he started to cry, too."

    Thanks to Tom for this article from WWD

    Mariah's Movie Births First Flop Single
    Mariah Carey's movie soundtrack to Glitter, has already launched a dud. "Loverboy," the roundly criticized single from Glitter in which Mariah heavily samples Cameo's 1984 hit "Candy," has failed to get airplay or MTV video play. It doesn't appear in the top half of any Billboard airplay charts. Radio & Records lists it at number 23 on its Urban Chart, one of three R&R charts it could appear on.

    Billboard - which rarely says a negative word about new releases - took Carey to task for having no 'there' there.

    Carey is gambling a lot on Glitter, since it's the first album she's releasing since leaving Columbia Records and ex-husband Tommy Mottola behind. At Columbia, Mottola managed to get Carey more than a dozen No. 1 singles. But the record biz is all ears and eyes as Carey - with no one to guide her - tries her first independent move.

    Glitter comes to theatres on August 31. It tells the story a young singer in the 1980s trying to get to the top with the help of a friend who's a deejay. Carey is already filming her second movie, an indie, called Wise Girls co-starring Mira Sorvino.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from FoxNews.com

    Mariah Carey's Anticipated Film Debut to be Titled ``Glitter''
    The highly anticipated film debut of pop music superstar Mariah Carey will be called "Glitter," matching the title of the singer's upcoming soundtrack album, Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) and Twentieth Century Fox announced today.

    The film previously was known as "All That Glitters." Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Pictures co-financed the film and are splitting distribution rights, with Fox taking domestic and CTFDI holding international rights.

    Carey's first single from the soundtrack, "Loverboy," is already the No. 1 most added record at radio in the United States. The song features a hook from Cameo's 1985 smash hit "Candy," and enlists Cameo's own Larry Blackmon and Thomas Jenkins. Coproduced by DJ Clark Kent, the track also features rappers Ludacris and Da Brat, and has been remixed by producers David Morales and MJ Cole. The star-studded video "Loverboy," recently shot in Los Angeles by acclaimed producer David Lachapelle, features cameos by Da Brat, Ludacris and Cameo.

    The feature film, directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall and set against the backdrop of the New York club scene in the early 1980s, is the story of a young singer, Billie Frank (Carey), who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true family and her true voice.

    "Glitter" costars Max Beesley ("The Match"), Terrence Howard ("Big Momma's House"), rap artist Da Brat, Tia Texada ("Bait," "Nurse Betty"), Ann Magnuson ("Love & Sex," "Making Mr. Right", "The Best Man"), Dorian Harewood ("12 Angry Men," "Full Metal Jacket"), Tony Award-nominated singer-actress Valarie Pettiford ("Fosse") and recording artist Eric Benet.

    The film is produced by Laurence Mark ("Jerry Maguire," "Finding Forrester"), and is coproduced by E. Bennett Walsh ("Boiler Room"). The screenplay is by Kate Lanier ("What's Love Got to Do With It?"), from a story by Cheryl L. West. The creative production team includes director of photography Geoffrey Simpson, A.S.C. ("Life," "Shine"), production designer Dan Bishop ("My First Mister," "Lone Star"), costume designer Joseph G. Aulisi ("Charlie's Angels," "Stepmom"), editor Jeff Freeman, A.C.E. ("Cruel Intentions," "The Waterdance"), composer Terence Blanchard, music supervisor Robin Urdang ("Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," "A Midsummer Night's Dream") and choreographer Neisha Folkes ("Why Do Fools Fall in Love," "Rosewood"). Carey also serves as the film's executive music producer, with music by the renowned team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Big Jim Wright.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Entertainment Wire

    Terry is making a fanbook and would like your letters to be included in it. Send all letters to her at:

    EXCLUSIVE...Mariah on COVER of Cosmogirl
    Diana knows the editor of Cosmogirl magazine and she told me that Mariah will be on the cover of the October issue.

    Request Loverboy on Videohits
    AussieLovergirl needs your help. She told me that a popular tv station in Australia will NOT play Mariah's Loverboy because they said it's too "raunchy!" Please help her out and go and request Loverboy.
    Click here to help out

    The Record Signing on Friday
    Brian sent me his story on what happened yesterday. I also read, that NO pictures were allowed to be taken and she would only sign Loverboy singles, I guess to make people buy them. They even checked people's bags for cameras!! Bizarre. Anyhow, here is what Brian told me...

    Well I JUST got home and let me tell you what an experience.  We got there at 8 am and were 55th on line.  I was so worried that we would be 1,000,000th on line:)  Anyway, Mariah showed up RIGHT ON TIME (2PM) which was excellent.  She was so beautiful.  Throughout the course of the day I managed to get a Glitter Tank Top (SAME ONE SHE WORE AT THE SIGNING) and my copy of Loverboy signed. 

    Bagel Queen
    Singer Mariah Carey met her match in an east London bakery when she was told she would get plain bagels like everyone else. Punters at the Bagel Bakery watched as Carey's minder was told by counter assistant Sally Latimer: "I'm afraid you'll have to queue like everyone else." Sally said: "She asked for two cream cheese toasted bagels and I said 'This is Brick Lane love, we don't do that here.' She said 'That's how we have them in New York'. But I told her to have them plain, and she seemed to enjoy them."

    Thanks to Tom for this article from the Daily Record.

    Mariah #1
    Cintiarb@osite.com.br told me that Loverboy was #1 today on the Disk (Brazillian TRL).

    Win Mariah's Car
    Well, at least a toy car, similiar to the one in Loverboy that is. Check it out at PopGoss.com and many thanks to Matt, from MCarey.nu for informing me about this.

    Message From Regina...
    There will not be an update for Sunday because I have to work 7 am until 3 pm and then my best friend and I are going to the Madonna concert in Philly. I know, I know, why Madonna but hey, we got tickets and we are going. Madonna can't even hold a candle to Mariah though, of course and Mariah will always be #1 to me. So I want no hate mails, ha ha!! HUGE update on Monday, including Glitter Soundfiles, since several of you have been asking me to add them!

    July 20, 2001...
    More from Q100
    ButterflyDydrm e-mailed one of the DJ's from Q100 because of there recent diss to MC and found out something interesting. Here was their response:

    Hey Brett,
    First, thanks for the comments.

    But since you didn't hear the segment and are making an opinion on something that you read about let me clear something up for you. Mariah was OVER an hour late calling us and when she finally decided to show up we were talking to a listen who was diagnosed by her doctors with only having 6 months left to live.  She was telling us what it's like to look death in the face.  It was way too serious to turn off and start talking to Mariah Carey.

    I have NO beef with Mariah.  And I'm not nearly smart enough to think of doing that before hand to make it a publicity stunt.

    Instead of making judgements on a show that you don't listen to, why don't you start liistening then form an opinion.

    Now I agree how this woman's segment was very important, maybe even more than Mariah's, but they could of explained that to Mariah rather than just blowing her off.

    Virgin Drops Info On Second Single
    Virgin Germany just announced that Mariah's second single will be "Never Too Far" and the video will be shot this weekend in NYC. Thanks to Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, for this information.

    More News from Germnay
    Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, gave me some information from Germany. First off, the editor of German Teen Magazine, Popcorn, recently heard the Glitter album and had this to say about it...

    "Loverboy:" we all know it, it really is the wrong single compared to the other songs!
    "Lead The Way:" gospel-like ballad, similar to "One Sweet Day" a bit, I quite liked it
    "If We:": a bit similar to what Shaggy does ... reaggeastylehiphop, cool
    "Didn't Mean To Turn You On:" sample of Prince's "1999" ("1999" is the hookline!), great
    "All My Life:" can't remember that one
    "Reflections:" nice ballad
    "Last Night:"great, groovy number, but you don't hear Mariah that much, the most is rap parts
    "I Want You:" smoothy R'n'B-number
    "Never Too Far:" will make lots of people cry (is the song for the end of the movie, too)
    "Twister:" she has a very powerful voice on that ballad, great track for the end

    Also, here is some magazine news from the girls...

  • The new issue of the German TV guide "TV Klar" (issue 30) features a small picture of Mariah in Marbella (in the red dress) on their celebrity page. Next to it they have news on the James Bond rumor and a bigger picture of Pierce Brosnan.
  • The latest issue of the German mag "Gala" (issue 30) features 2 big pictures of Mariah in Italy. They have an article about stars on vacation, and actually the most talks about Mariah!
  • The latest issue of the French magazine "Salut" (issue 18) Mariah gets mentioned 3 times on page 72. First they have a picture from the "The Roof" clip with a quote by Mariah, but in fact we didn't understand it :) Also they have a critic on "Loverboy", which says that Mariah offers us 2 versions of her new single this time - one with Cameo and one with Ludacris and Da Brat. In the last sentence they say that it's very hard to decide which one is better. And the last time MC gets mentioned is in a small interview with the girlband "3LW", coz they say that Mariah is one of their idols.
  • Also the Dutch mag "BreakOut" features a poster of Mariah and also they printed the lyrics for "Loverboy"!

    Mariah Posters On Sale
    Mariah is Push Posters artist of the week and all their Mariah posters are 10% off now from now until July 27th. If you want to check it out, click here. Thanks to Matt, from MCarey.nu, for this information.

    Mariah on TRL yesterday
    Right after J Lo's video played on TRL at #5, we heard Mariah singing Loverboy in acapella. She came out pushing an icre cream cart and was having a hard time doing it too. She was wearing a air brushed "Loverboy" t-shirt and was looking oh so pretty as always. She was running all over the place, checking everything out and then did a little strip tease for Carson, removing the Loveroy shirt and wearing a "Supergirl" shirt underneath of the Loverboy shirt. After the break, Mariah read a special letter to Carson and sent in a picture of her when she was younger. She said she would look like that when she meets him on August 1st and also that everyone should vote for her baby girl's video because she has been working so hard lately and that's not stellar. They went into the #4 video, which was Mariah's Loverboy video, and then came back. Mariah announced she would be signing singles tomorrow (which is now today) and they talked briefly about the Birthday bash on August 1st. For more captures, check out MCarey.nu

    The folks at Q100's "The Bert Show," the new morning hosts on Atlanta's airwaves, like to stay on schedule. That's why co-hosts Bert Weiss, Jeff Dauler, Lindsay Brien and Melissa Carter politely declined a chat with pop star Mariah Carey Wednesday, prompting a diva moment that resonated across the country. As part of a planned daylong series of radio station phone interviews set up for Carey (right) on Wednesday, she was due to call Q100 to discuss her latest (and, according to the Billboard charts, stalled) single, "Loverboy," at 8:10. When she finally rang the station at 9:12, a clearly miffed Weiss and company informed her on-air that her time had expired. The put-out pop princess then mumbled, "I'm just going to have a bowl of cereal then" before the line went dead.

    Minutes later, rabid reps from Carey's new label, Virgin Records, were on the horn to Dauler, who also serves as the show's executive producer. "They told me, 'You just upset the No. 1 female performing artist in the world,' " Dauler told Buzz. "She was so mad at us, she walked out on the rest of the scheduled interviews. Her people are ticked at us, but our bosses don't really care. The station wasn't playing the record anyway. Maybe we sent a message: You can be a diva everywhere except Q100."

    Thanks to Matt, MCarey.nu, for this information from AJC

    Glitter Trailor
    There is now a Glitter trailor site, where you can download three different versions, which ever suits your computer. I like the way they set it up and this is a good sign because now maybe the Official Glitter site will pop up soon! Thanks to Gina, from Mariah's Chicago Yahoo Fanclub, for this information. Check it out by clicking here.

    Mathers of the Heart: Seems Like Mariah's Replaced Luis
    Eminem's secret visit to Mariah Carey's New York apartment last weekend may have cost the sexy singer her three-year relationship with singer Luis Miguel.

    Carey and Miguel — who, sources said, have been on and off for weeks — have been evasive about the status of their romance since I reported Tuesday that she had entertained the controversial Detroit rapper and several members of his family.

    There is little doubt in my mind that the pop diva and the artist formerly known as Marshall Mathers 3rd have struck up a relationship that goes beyond business. Carey's rep denied earlier in the week that the two had become romantically involved, and she stuck to that story yesterday.

    "Mariah and Eminem have business dealings, and that's all," said Cindi Berger.

    As for Miguel, a reporter from the British tab The Sun who recently spoke to Carey said she was vague when it came to that romance. "Right now I'm so crazed and busy," she said, "I don't even have time for me."

    Berger acknowledged that Carey and Miguel have not seen each other in a few weeks, but blamed it on the stars' schedules.

    Thanks to Nini for this article from the NY Daily News

    Mariah in Best Beat
    Melissa told me that Mariah is in The Best Beat and there is a bran new picture featured, which she will try and get scanned for us. Here is the article on her though...

    Our lovergirl is back to our dreamlover!
    Sexy Mariah Carey has been all around the music scene. She has done ballads, r & b, hip hop, pop, you name it! Ignoring some insider talk, she is clearly not going away any time soon, Thank gosh! 1990 through 1996, beauty Mariah was famous for her sweet ballads. After her controlling husband Tommy Mottola left her life, her music style changed and so did her look. Latly though, her jeans and tanks have been replaced by much classier clothes. Her music started going towards a more r & b style with songs such as the fun yet racy Heartbreaker and then towards the opposite of heartbreaker, Loverboy. Loverboy is fun but not quite as nice as her classic ballads such as Hero, Vision of love, butterfly etc. Finally! Through a radio station we have found out that our favorite singer Mariah has two BEAUTIFUL love ballads waiting to be released! Lead the Way and Never to Far. We can't wait!
    by S. Megik

    New Pics
    Zoli sent me the scans from Style magazine, which features Mariah on the cover. Plus, a new promo picture for Loverboy, which you can see a sneak peak on the right. Plus, you can check out a nice picture of Mariah with some guy, courtesy of Uwe. Check out these five pictures in Gallery 2.

    Justin sent me two more pictures from seeing Mariah on Monday, and you can check them at the bottom of the Dream Come True page!!

    Mariah's rebounding on the Canadian charts
    Here is what Alex told me:
      While the single won't debut till next week, "Loverboy" is already rebounding the Canadian Airplay charts, sitting this week at a new peak of #67. The single is expected to debut at #1 in Canada(I live where NOBODY ever buys singles, and Mariah already had a couple missing from the shelf after only a day on sale). Mariah also sits at a new peak on the MuchMoreMusic chart, climbing to #18 this week.

    Mariah on the Radio
    First off, Mariah was the special guest on Carson's Top 10 Countdown, which airs on many radio stations across the land. They discussed her new album and movie obviously but here is what else they talked about, courtesy of Derek.

    I got to hear Mariah with Carson Daly on the radio here in Los Angeles at about 12:45pm today and it was pretty cool. Basically, Mariah said on the fourth of July she was in Germany so she didn't see fireworks, but instead she put on a red-white and blue bikini and grabbed two sparklers and ran around her hotel with them, lol.   She said her "guardian angel" took pictures of the whole escapade too.  Other than that, Mariah talked about "loverboy" and using "Candy" from Cameo and  how she had to change her approach to singing it because of some copyright problems.  Kiis FM (102.7) also played a bit of "loverboy" but it's funny because normally I listen to that station and I never even hear it!
    Mariah was on Providence 92Pro FM yesterday and Jason was suppose to be able to chat with Mariah but due to problems earlier in the week with fans being rude to Mariah, callers are not allowed to talk to Mariah during the interview. Isn't it a shame how some people can ruin it for everyone? Grr, anyhow Jason gave us a run-down on what happened:
    She was talking about having a Barbacue, because she was in germany or some mess like that and they don't celebrate 4th of July(of course) and that she missed it cuz she loves the holidays and the DJ's and MC we like lets have a late 4th of July Barbacue and have sparklers and fireworks, and she was being crazy. And i kida was a little mad at the end beacuse instead of asking about Glitter and Loverboy they were asking about rumors, which she cleared some and then they dropped the bomb by asking if she thinks that Tommy Matolla is trying to ruin her career, to which MC replied "so how about that Barbacue" and then some man got on the phone and said "we have to take MC to the studio now" and she said Goodbye and she loved us and then she left. So I think it was wrong of them to ask that

    Mariah Carey on TMF
    Darryl told me that Mariah will be on TMF this Saturday in the Netherlands. It's an interview from france and it will air at 20.30. Check it out.

    Mariah and Luis: Is It Over???
    A lot of you have been contacting me and asking me what's up with Luis and Mariah!! Noone knows but it's not looking good. I think Mariah is acting the same way she did when she broke up with Tommy, saying how she has to focus on her career now, etc. Anna/Eva, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondents, gave us the run down on whatthey have been reading. I am posting the article translations and their thoughts below...

    Latina Magazine claims Mariah never said "we are separated." It was a mis-translation that sparked rumors of a breakup. The British newspapers that Gordo refers to only say that MC is so busy she has no time for an intense relationship, there is so much going on with respect to the new label, new movie, new soundtrack, travel, promotion, appearances, etc., that she hardly has time for herself. (She's so busy she can't even talk to her Mom.) No mention of a breakup or separation, but she comments on the gorgeous bracelet that Luis gave her, and says her relationship with Motolla left her with financial and emotional scars.

    So that leaves us with the "confirmation from a source very close to Luis". And we are to believe that this anonymous person who is Luis's confidante is also good friends with Gordo? yeah, right....

    Anyway, quick recap of what has happened since El Gordo, Raul de Molina stated on his show this Monday that Luis and Mariah had separated. Monday pm: Gordo says that in an interview with Mariah that took place in England and was published on Mon 7/15/01, she made remarks that made it appear that she and Luis had separated. Gordo said "she didn't say it in so many words, but the intent was there. And furthermore, I followed up on this by calling someone in Los Angeles who is very close to Luis Miguel and this person confirmed that Luis is unhappy about certain things to do with Mariah, and that yes, they have separated." Flaca "okay, and next week we'll be hearing about how they got back together.." Gordo, "you never know but the important thing is that she said it and someone close to Micky, who's name obviously I cannot say, has confirmed this." By Wednesday the story has been picked up by every major latin media - all the talk shows, newpapers like the Reforma, Terra, etc. all quoting el Gordo and adding little bits of info like the recent speculation that it had something to do with the rapper Eminem who was seen with Mariah (later discounted by her manager as strictly business), etc. Next comes an article that came out in Latina magazine, wherein Mariah praises Luis as a beautiful, amazing, wonderful person, but because she doesn't say that they are together, and she emphasizes that they have separate lives, careers, etc, it is assumed that the relationship has cooled. It goes from bad to worse when the latin media is given an INCORRECT TRANSLATION of the article, that left out major parts, and, instead of saying "We have separate lives...(we are two people), it came out as "we are separated." Big difference. All of this because someone interpreted certain remarks a certain way, rumors began flying around again, and the story took on a life of it's own. Of course, neither Mariah nor Luis has issued a statement saying "we are together" and in fact they are physically 3,000 miles apart she's in NYC and he's in LA . But they are both working on their respective careers, something very usual for them, and like Juani pointed out, they don't exactly have 9-5 jobs like most of us. Their lives are very different. Intense work - then time together. But the important point is that both Luis and Mariah deserve media attention for their talent, and not what may or may not be happening in their private lives. Luis just received yet another honor - a Latin Grammy nomination. He's hard at work on his new cd, and (hopefully) the upcoming tour. Mariah is working 20 hour days promoting her new album and soon to be released movie. And yet, due to speculation and the usual rumor-mill, all the attention is focused on "did they or didn't they? Are they or aren't they?" It's unfair to them as professionals. In an interview that Luis gave some years ago, he was asked if he responded to lies and rumors in the press. He said that the first couple of times he became very upset and went about trying to set the record straight. He soon realized that if he did that, he'd spend all of his time trying to clear up rumors and talking about his private life, so he just ignores it.

    If he took notice of all of this, I'm sure he just did his best to ignore it, although it probably is a distraction. This is not how it should be - as Lucy pointed out, the focus should be on Luis the consummate professional and wonderful singer. it's a shame that all we read about is speculation (AND LIES!) about his love-life, and about people claiming to be his father, etc. The irony is that the reason that Mariah didn't want to comment on her relationship with Luis was because she didn't want her comments to be taken out of context, exaggerated, misinterpreted, etc, and she didn't want to exploit her relationship with Luis.

    Following is a translation of the article regarding the mixup with the Latina translation.

    Eva writes - okay kids, it's just like I was saying - this just came out.

    It appears that it was only misunderstanding that provoked a rumor that Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey ahd terminated their relationship.

    Los Angeles, CA ,USA 7/19/01 There has been a lot of talk in the past couple of days about the so called break up between Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey, but certain aspects of the story were not clear, (true), for example, the executives at Latina Magazine insist that they never published a statement by Mariah saying that she and Luis were separated.

    The news agency Notimex was the one in charge of distributing this information , and they were the ones who claimed that Mariah made those remarks in the magazine "Latina."

    What happened was this. Mariah granted an interview with Latina magazine in the first week of June, to promote her new film "Glitter" and in the course of the interview she described Luis Miguel as a "beautiful person with a great heart who deserves all the love that people give him."

    Notimex asked the magazine for a complete transcript of the interview so that they could translate it into Spanish and then report it (distribute it) through the agency. This is where the confusion began, since the agency misinterpreted a significant portion of the interview.

    In the original publication, Mariah says "we're two separate individuals." which in Spanish means more or less "we are two distinct individuals (persons)." Notimex translated this as "we are separated."

    "We as a magazine never published a statement from her saying that they had separated. In fact, we never directly asked her if she was Luis Miguel's novia (girlfriend/fiance) or not , What happened was that Notimex asked us for the interview, and we sent it to them, and that's where the mistranslation took place, When you change one word, you can change the entire tone of the article" explained Carolina Miranda,Latina magazine publicist.

    In another part of the interview, in speaking of Luis Miguel, Mariah had this to say "I think it's rather strange to be talking about him (Luis Miguel) because there's always speculation. Are they stll together? Are they going to get married? Is he cheating on her? Is she cheating on him? Stuff like that. And so it's difficult to talk about this (and unfair) because you might be having a bad day, or a bad week or a bad month" comments Mariah.

    Miranda agreed that it's possible that many people, in reading the article, may conclude that they were separated because of what she says in this part of the interview: "I've been very involved in my work, in my projects, and so there's no room for anyone else at this moment."

    Of course, they leave any interpretation of her remarks to the readers, but they as a publication will not confirm or make a statement saying that Mariah and Luis are no longer together.

    In another part of the interview, when Susan Colon asks Mariah if they can talk about Luis Miguel , she says "Do we have to? I mean, he never talks about these things and I don't want to feel that I'm exploiting the situation by talking about him all the time. I don't want to be "yippity yapping" about him all the time. I think the best thing is to talk about it as little as possible but that is hard to do."

    One thing for certain is that while Luis Miguel is dedicating himself 100% to his work of recording his new cd in Los Angeles, Mariah is traveling all over the world promoting her new film Glitter. Her movie debuts in August , and for that reason she is spending all of her time promoting her project with the press. In that respect, it's possible that the relationship could cool a bit, due to the fact that both of them are dedicating their time and energy to their respective careers. It's one thing to say that, but to say that Mariah has confirmed that she and Luis have separated is quite a different story.

    A spokesperson for Mariah's New York office said "yes, we've read the article, but we don't believe that she's said that (we are separated). We can't form any personal opinions on her private life at this time."

    For his part, Luis Miguel has been recording in LA for over a week and a half. Among the composers who will be taking part in the album are Juan Carlos Calderon and Manuel Alejandro. It would also not be surprising for some songs composed by his manager Alejando Asensi to be included.

    It's obvious that, with all the speculation surrounding the supposed "breakup" between Luis and Mariah they are both busier than ever.

    July 19, 2001...
    Z100 Interview
    Yesterday I posted the 3 clips of the songs but the link is dead now, so I uploaded the entire 19 minute interview with Mariah in MP3 quality. It's a REALLY nice interview, and it's split into two parts.

  • Part 1:
    This is the beginning of the interview, where Mariah goes bell happy and they played I Didn't MEan To Turn You On, Lead the Way and Never Too Far. She discusses Glitter also. It's 13 minutes long and 9 MB's
  • Part 2:
    This is the ending of the interview and Mariah talks about the rumors where she can't walk on carpets, Mira and her and more. It's 6 minutes long and about 4 MB's

    Thanks to Alan for making these excellent sound files. Please note, the files are in zipped format, meaning you need to unzip it. Download Winzip at Winzip.com for free.

    If We Soundfile (Full Version)
    Kelly sent me the full version of If We. The sound is a litte low but you can still hear it pretty well. It's in wav format so it's 9 MB's long. I wasn't really sure on how to switch it, so tomorrow I might have a smaller size format for you, which will be easier to download. If anyone wants to check it out now though, they can by clicking here

    It's in zipped version, meaning you need to unzip it. Download Winzip at Winzip.com for free.

    Mariah Mentions Mariah Daily on Radio Station
    Mariah called in to the Kidd Live Morning Show on 106.1 FM in Dallas, TX today and had a short six minute interview with them. Within that six minutes she mentioned myself and this website and here is what she said...

    Curtis: Mariah, you know Regina, from Mariah Daily?
    Mariah: Yes! I do! I saw her the other day. Let's tell the listeners...This is a fan who is very active and she, you want to tell them Curtis?
    Curtis: Yeah, she has a site called Marah Daily. www.mariahdaily.com and she updates eveyday for Mariah and we all go there...
    Mariah: But she does it because she wants, like she does it on her own.
    Curtis: she doesn't get paid or anything
    Mariah: I would pay her but umm, I will pay her if she wants to be paid, but she does it on her own and its so nice that the fans take so much time to do this stuff!
    DJ's: I am going to check it out after the show today! Curtis we have to move on but thank you so much!!
    That was really nice of Mariah to talk about me and REALLY nice of Curtis to bring me up!! I don't really want Mariah's money, even though it would help with my college bills, but I would rather hang with her at the Glitter premiere or have her come over my house and check out everything I have on her, because she has so much free time, NOT!! Hee hee but seeing her in person on Monday was the best and it was a shame myself and the other two fans barely got to speak to her since someone else was talking a lot to her but still seeing her was a dream come true. So meeting her in person again or chatting on the phone with her, would mean so much more to me than any amount of money in the land!! Maybe Louise or Mariah will see this, hee hee!

    Mariah also couldn't leave us a new voice message so here is what she wants to tell us:

    Tell everybody that I said Thank you for the support and this project means so much me and just thank you.
    If you want to listen to the interview, you can check it out on MCWNO by clicking here.

    The Glitter Lyrics
    Zoli, MariahCarey.hu, sent me the Glitter Lyrics, which I thought was really nice. Click here to check them out

    More About Mariah's Record Signing Tomorrow
    Here is more information about tomorrow's instore appearance. Some of you wrote me saying you called and there is no such store called FYE and others wern't sure where it was. If you want to call, you can call this number for information: 516-747-7299 (Thanks Anderz)

    ALBANY, N.Y., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday, July 20th, 2001 EMD artist, Mariah Carey, will be doing an instore appearance at the Trans World Entertainment (NASDAQ:TWMC) FYE store in Garden City, NY. The FYE store is located at the Roosevelt Field Mall, 630 Old Country Road, Garden City, New York, 11530 on the lower level of the mall near Macy's. Call 516-747-7299 for appearance time.

    FYE is excited to announce that we will be receiving the help of Camp Mariah kids to facilitate the instore. Camp Mariah houses the Fresh Air Fund Career Awareness Program, which focuses on expanding the education and career options of New York City adolescents. Young people, ages 12 to 14, make a commitment for three years in order to participate in the specially designed education, recreational and camping experience, which takes place at both the rural camp and in New York City

    FYE will be selling Mariah's Single, "Loverboy" at the instore appearance, for $.50 and she will autograph the Single for everyone who purchases the Single. Trans World is excited to be involved in this instore because if the "Loverboy" Single reaches #1 on Billboard, Mariah will be the all time number one seller of #1 Singles in the worl

    Mariah in New Allure Magazine
    Diva JJ and RnbowCandy told me that Mariah will be in the September issue of Allure Magazine, hitting stands on August 28th. The current magazine, that hits stands next week, reads:

    Mariah Carey lets her guard down and chats about her body, a record deal (over $100 Million), and her first movie...

    Mariah Carey: Her Albums and Awards
    Move over Britney, put on a robe Christina -- Mariah Carey's back in town, and she's ready to put her multi-octave pipes (and million-dollar bod) back into action. With her upcoming film, Glitter, Mariah is poised to challenge multi-media diva Jennifer Lopez with a soundtrack album and film due out in August. Her new single & video "Loverboy" gives us a peek at her new look and sound, and now, Mariah sits down with MSN Music to give us some behind the scenes insights on her new projects.

    Mariah Carey: Her Albums and Awards (7/13/2001)

    Born and raised in New York by her mother, a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach, Mariah Carey began singing at age four. By the time she was in junior high school, she had begun to write songs. After her high school graduation, she got her fist big break, singing backup for Brenda K. Starr, a break that led to her signing with Columbia Records.

    Mariah's 1990 eponymous debut album launched an unparalleled unbroken string of successes. Mariah Carey has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, was certified 8x RIAA-platinum, and yielded a record-setting four consecutive #1 singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," and "I Don't Wanna Cry."

    The title track of 1992's quadruple-platinum Emotions generated her fifth consecutive #1 single, placing Mariah Carey in the Top Ten All-Time achievers of Most Consecutive #1 Hits. Emotions earned Mariah two Grammy nominations ("Best Pop Vocal, Female" and, with Walter Afanasieff, "Best Producer") and an American Music Award ("Favorite Female Artist, Soul/ R&B"). On March 17, 1992, Mariah appeared on MTV Unplugged, leading to the release of Mariah's sixth #1 single ("I'll Be There") as well as an EP which has been certified triple platinum in the U.S. and has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

    In 1993, Mariah released Music Box, an album which has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide, has been certified ten times RIAA platinum, and generated her seventh and eighth #1 singles "Dreamlover" and "Hero" as well as the Top 10 hit "Without You." Mariah followed up with her holiday album, Merry Christmas, which sold eight million copies worldwide shortly after its release in November 1994 and has been certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA.

    Mariah's 1995 album, Daydream, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. It generated her ninth, tenth, and eleventh #1 singles - "Fantasy," "One Sweet Day" (her duet with Boyz II Men which, having spent 16 weeks at #1, still holds the record as the longest-running #1 single in history), and "Always Be My Baby" - and has been certified 10x platinum. With Daydream, she became the first female artist in history to have three studio albums to each sell in excess of eight million copies.

    Mariah's 1997 album, Butterfly, a heady sensuous mix of contemporary R&B and pop, generated the #1 hits "Honey" (featuring Ma$e & The Lox) and "My All" (her twelfth and thirteenth #1's). Butterfly has been certified quadruple platinum.

    In November 1998, Mariah released her #1's album, a collection of 13 of her chart-topping megahits as well as four brand new bonus recordings: "When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt)," a duet with Whitney Houston; "Whenever You Call," a duet with Brian McKnight; "I Still Believe"; and "Sweetheart." #1's has achieved RIAA triple platinum status.

    Her 1999 Release, Rainbow, featured Mariah's 14th #1 Hot 100 Single, "Heartbreaker," which also became her 6th chart topping R&B single. Mariah Carey has had more #1 singles than any female artist, surpassing both the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11), and more #1's than any currently active recording a rtist. She has had more #1 singles (14) than any artist during the 1990's and seen more singles (3) debut at #1 than any artist in history. With more #1 albums (4) than any female artist in the 1990's Mariah was the first female artist to see two of her albums (Music Box and Daydream) reach the 10 million mark in sales and is the only female artist to have eight albums certified triple-platinum or better (in Mariah's case, her entire album catalog has achieved RIAA multi-platinum status).

    In fact, Mariah Carey is the only artist to have had a #1 single for every year of the 1990's. The last decade to have an artist hit #1 every single year was the 1920's when Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra hit the top slot each year. (By the end of the 1920's, Whiteman had become a Columbia Records artist.) With the exception of Merry Christmas (from which there was no single release) and #1's (a collection of her first 13 chart-toppers), Mariah has hit #1 with the debut single from every one of her albums. Mariah received 1990 Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Female ("Vision Of Love"). The same year, Mariah packed up three Soul Train Awards: Best New Artist, Best Album (Mariah Carey) and Best single, Female ("Vision Of Love").

    A perennial favorite at the American Music Awards, Mariah won Favorite Female Artist/R&B in 1992; Favorite Female Artist, Pop/Rock and Favorite Album, Adult Contemporary in 1993; Favorite Female Artist, Pop/Rock in 1995: and Favorite Female Artist, Pop/Rock and Favorite Female Artist, Soul/R&B in 1996. Mariah picked up her first Billboard Awards in 1991 for Top Adult Contemporary Artist, Top Pop Artist, Top Album Artist, Top Pop Singles Artist, and Top Pop Singles Artist/Female. In 1996, she won a Billboard Award for Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year and, with Boyz 11 Men, a Special Hot 100 Singles Award for "One Sweet Day."

    At the 1998 World Music Awards ceremony, Mariah won an award for Best Selling R&B Artist and the Legend Award for World's Best Selling Recording Artist of the 1990's. She won her first World Music Awards - World's Best S elling Pop Artist, World's Best American Recording Artist, and World's Overall Best Performing Artist- in 1995. The following year, she was presented with trophies for World's Best Selling R&B Female Artist of the year, World's Best Selling Overall Recording Female Artist of the Year, World's Best Selling Pop Artist of the Year, and World's Best Selling American Female Artist of the Year. Mariah was presented with the Aretha Franklin Entertainer Award and named Entertainer of the Year at the 1998 Lady of Soul Awards.

    In January, Mariah received the coveted American Music Award for Special Achievement, an award that has only been given out 3 times (including to Prince and Michael Jackson). Mariah is the only female artist to receive the award. Artist of the Decade was bestowed upon Mariah at The Billboard Music Awards in December.

    The World Music Awards allowed Mariah to show everyone just how talented she really is by being awarded with Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. As of September 1999, Mariah Carey had sold more than 120 million albums and singles worldwide and earned an astounding 84 RIAA gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications for her singles, albums, and video's. As one of the most popular recording artists of the 1990's, Mariah has provided an outgoing soundtrack to the decade. With the arrival of Rainbow, she continues to give voice to the emotions of our age. In addition to Mariah's list of accomplishments, the second single off her Rainbow album, "Thank God I Found You" became her 15th #1 single in February of 2000.

    Mariah is starring in a movie, called Glitters, set to be released in August. Glitters is a fast paced, cutting edge love story set in 1982 against a backdrop of the hip New York City club scene. Mariah Carey is Billie Frank whose drug and alcohol addicted mother loses custody of her at the age of 10. Billie grows up in a foster home in one of the roughest neighborhoods in NY with her two best friends Roxanne (Tia Texada) and Louise (Da Brat) who help inject a lot of humor and fun into what is a very difficult and wounded childhood for Billie. While struggling to make ends meet, she finds somewhat of a soul mate in the hot, influential DJ named Dice (Max Beesley) with whom she pursues her dreams of becoming a singer and in hopes to one day be reunited with her mother. Throughout the movie we watch this romance develop along with their dreams and we are carried along on Billie's journey to find her mother and come to terms with why she was abandoned.

    The music of Glitters has been carefully selected to reflect the time period as well as the emotional through-line of the film. Mariah worked on the soundtrack of ATG with authentic producers of the early 80's era such as Rick James, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Prince and others. Courtesy MariahCarey.com 

    Thanks to Susana for this story from MSN

    New Pics
    Yesteday I talked about the new picture in Clarin and Lore sent me the scan of it. Plus, I have the scan of Mariah on the cover of Style (Courtesy of Lisa), two picture from a Sun article, new cartoon from Felipe and Matthew sent me a picture of Mariah looking very pretty before her MTV interview in Europe. Check them out Gallery 2.

    Mariah on the Radio
    Several fans wrote me and told me what stations Mariah would be calling into today. I already mentioned Kidd Live above but here are some others:
    Providence 92Pro FM (92.3), Power 106's Big Boy's Morning Show (KPWR), 92 WRRO (RI) and Carson Daly's Radio Show (This show airs across the USA, check for the time it airs near you for Mariah's interview). Thanks to Jason, Martin, Kom and Courtney for this information

    Plus, Maria was on 93.1 DRQ Detroit yesterday and here is more from JcCcT2504 about it:

    Hey Regina! Mariah was on 93.1 DRQ Detriot yesterday!! IT was about 10 o'clock or so...they advertised she would be on at 9:30 but they just played Loverboy and the remix back to back around 9:45 and when they were over they said live from New York Mariah Carey...they talked for really short...Mariah first said she wanted everyone to go out and buy her new single...(which i did buy 8 copies cause its ONLY $.49 here! Thats right, CD Single 49 cents!!)...And the DJ said he already had his copy...and they told Mariah her single is doing great on the station...(which is true, its number 4 on the Phat 9 at 9)...And he asked her about her movie and she said it comes out the 31st of August and people will see a whole new side of her as a performer...she said she was most likely going on a mini tour if she could fit it in and she would definitely make it to the Motor City this time!! (WOOHOO!!)...and then they asked about Janet...and Mariah said she loves Janet...and that they havent even talked since Mariah's record deal...and that she hopes to work with Janet someday cause her dance songs are phenomenal...hmm...what else...(sorry I have been offline the past 2 days and its hard to remember...) And then the DJ said make sure everyone goes out and buys loverboy today...and Mariah said thank ya...(in her southern accent)...and she said sorry i gotta jet...but i love ya and appreciate ya...and the DJ said call back again soon...and Mariah said BYE in her high pitched voice...and then they went into Loverboy AGAIN...it was awesome...I hope i got it all...other people can tell ya what I missed...later regina! (it was soo great!!)

    Mariah's amazing tiny tummy
    MARIAH Carey looks a lot thinner in the poster for her new movie, "Glitter," which opens Aug. 31, than she does in real life. The songbird's tiny waist seems to have been stroked with a wide airbrush in the poster which features a top-heavy Carey, dripping in jewels, over the words, "In music she found her dream, her love, herself." Recent photos of Carey in a bikini show a Jennifer Lopez-like tummy much more ample than the fantastical poster. A rep for Carey denied it had been retouched, and claimed, "Her body is in a twirl. It is a side shot."

    Thanks to Nini for this article taken from NY Post or NY Daily News.

    Transcript of UK's TOTP Program
    The biggest selling female star on the planet - ever!- Mariah Carey chats to our very own Joe Mace....

    Joe: Mariah Carey, what a beautiful sight you are?
    Mariah: Thank you... likewise!
    Joe: 'Loverboy' is the new single. Can you tell me what that might be about?
    Mariah: Well, the song comes from my new album, which is the soundtrack to my new movie 'Glitter', which is set in 1982. The song is based on a loop from Cameo's 'Candy', which is one of my favourite all-time songs. And Cameo actually came back into the studio and re-laid their vocals which I couldn't believe. So it is sort of like the girls' version of that song.
    Joe: What are the elements that you look for in a loverboy?
    Mariah: Sense of humour, kindness....
    Joe: I'm good at that!
    Mariah: ...creativity! And they have to like the water.
    Joe: The water?
    Mariah: Yeah!
    Joe: OK. What about pink shirts like the one I am wearing? Do they figure anywhere in there?
    Mariah: I don't have one but I have a pink bra! It makes me very happy.
    Joe: It makes me happy too! Your video features a lot of cars and hot pants. Did you say to people that's what I want in my video?
    Mariah: I said I want cars and hot pants only. If you bring me anything else, you're fired! No, David, who shot the video, is a brilliant photographer, he had this thing where he wanted me to be the hub cap sales girl who graduates to being the car model and then the flag girl. I'm supposed to be happy about all these things, so the hot pants are..I know!..maybe it was a little different for me but in my real life that is what I wear.

    Mariah Carey on popping out for a pint of milk and the beauty of Barbecues ...
    Joe: You wear hot pants generally?
    Mariah: They don't have to be hot pants, but I usually wear shorts around. I have since I was six. I've pictures on the beach of myself posing and I have signed it. I don't know who I thought I was.
    Joe:Do you wear those kind of shorts then if you pop out for a pint of milk?
    Mariah: I don't usually pop out for a pint of milk!
    Joe: You mentioned the album 'Glitter'. It's got all sounds and flavours on there. is 'Funkin' for Jamaica'.
    Mariah: I call that a barbecue record!
    Joe: I like that. You should do a barbecue album?
    Mariah: You know what? I might have to do that. Do you really do what we do in America with Barbecues?
    Joe: Barbecues are usually rained off quite early on in the UK, but if we do have a chance then it is usually just men gathered around burning sausages.
    Mariah: Burning Sausages? We have a thing called the 4th July. It is a very big holiday for us in America and I was in France, so I didn't have my celebratory 4th July barbecue fest. So I lit some sparklers, because we always have fireworks, and I put on a red, white and blue bikini and pranced around the room!
    Joe: That's a barbecue that I would like to go to. Now the movie, how was your acting? Were you self-conscious?
    Mariah: No, you cannot be self-conscious. It's not about angles, It's not about do I look good here. In terms of acting it is something I enjoy as an outlet and study. It's not like I studied for this film in particular, but for me as a performer, and a person, it has helped me. And yes, you cannot be self-conscious. It has to be like you're in the moment there and it's not about your hair looking right or the lighting. It is not about the angles but reality of the thing.

    Huge thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, for typing this out!

    Mariah Back From Broke
    Mariah Carey has been saved from ruin by a £60 million record deal. As a 17-year-old singer she had no idea she was about to sign away half of her earnings for the next 13 years reports a UK tabloid. That was despite selling 140 million records, more than any other female singer. "I was in financial trouble. I made some serious mistakes," she told 'The Sun'."Basically, until my last album, 'Rainbow,' I was giving my money to someone else. I'd signed my life away to someone else." But in April she signed a three album £60 million album deal with Virgin. Mariah also stars in a film 'Glitter' due out in Novemeber, alongside Mel B's boyfriend Max Beesley. Carey has also completed the soundtrack and a single 'Loverboy' is out this week complete with MJ Cole mixes."

    Thanks to Hillary for this information

    Mariah in ö3 magazine
    Sarita told me that Mariah is in the new "ö3 magazine/" There is a new interview with Mariah and a new pictures, which Sarita was very kind and scanned for us. Check it out in Gallery 2, with the other new pics for today.

    Mariah on Billboard
    RML612 sent me the latest charts for Mariah on Billboard, which came out today. She moved up only 1 spot on the Hot 100 but for single sales, she came in at #45, which is AWESOME news!! So we still have some hope, that we can get it to #1.

  • HOT 100
    60    61    55    6    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | 38791 | Virgin    55   
    63    59    50    6    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    50   
    45    -    -    1
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    45   
    36    38    34    7    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | 38791 | Virgin    34   
    50    -    -    1 
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | Virgin    50   
    34    37    32    7    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | Virgin    31   
  • RHYTHMIC TOP 40 24    21    22    6    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    21   
  • TOP 40 MAINSTREAM 37    -    -    1
    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    37   

    Mariah Carey Gets Dissed on Radio
    Response to Mariah Carey's new single -- her first on Virgin Records -- "Loverboy" has been less than spectacular. With fans using words like "disappointed" to describe the singer's latest effort, dismal radio play and general lack of interest on the part of fickle music consumers has label heads sweating.

    "When I was trying to get 'Loverboy' from Best Buy, I asked if I was the only one calling in for it," says Stephanie, a member of Mariah's online fan club. "I asked at Camelot too, and they both said 'yes.' That's just completely sad."

    Adding insult to injury, Carey was scheduled for a day-long series of radio station phone interviews on Wednesday. She was due to call Atlanta's Q100 to discuss her latest single at 8:10. When the singer finally rang the station at 9:12, the show's cast of hosts informed her on-air that her time had expired. Mariah then mumbled, "I'm just going to have a bowl of cereal then" before the line went dead.

    Minutes later, angry reps from Virgin Records were on the phone with the show's executive producer and co-host, Jeff Dauler. "They told me, 'You just upset the number one female performing artist in the world,' " Dauler told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    "She was so mad at us, she walked out on the rest of the scheduled interviews. Her people are ticked at us, but our bosses don't really care. The station wasn't playing the record anyway. Maybe we sent a message: You can be a diva everywhere except Q100."

    Mariah Carey's seventh album, Glitter, is expected in stores August 21.

    Thanks to Gina, from Mariah Carey Yahoo Club, for this information from Hot 97's Hot Wire.

    ButterflyDydrm@aol.com wrote to the Program Director and DJ's who dissed Mariah and you can to, if you want by the e-mail's below:

    Galaxy of stars to mark MTV birthday
    Mariah Carey will be the evening's headline performer Stars from the last two decades of pop music are lining up to perform in a live concert to celebrate MTV's 20th birthday. MTV20: Live and Almost Legal aims to represent every popular music genre with performances by various artists.

    Mariah Carey will be the star performer in a show which will also include a hip-hop medley featuring Puff Daddy, Run DMC, Busta Rhymes and Salt 'n' Pepa. Puff Daddy is to perform a hip-hop medley with Busta Rhymes, Run DMC and others Other performers include TLC, Jane's Addiction and Billy Idol. Further additions to the line-up are to be announced.

    An unusual duet is planned between R&B singer Mary J Blige and Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man. Other highlights will include live performance link-ups to concerts including Bon Jovi, Nelly, Depeche Mode, Blink-182, Aerosmith and Sugar Ray.

    The concert will take place on 1 August 2001 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The three hour show will be broadcast live on MTV UK.

    Steven Tyler: His band Aerosmith will join the celebrations in a live link-up. MTV was launched at midday on 1 August 1981, the first ever television channel dedicated to music. Its distinctive style changed the face of music and TV, becoming a recognisable brand in its own right.

    MTV has set out plans for a music-orientated youth show that it hopes will replace Channel 4's The Big Breakfast.

    Channel 4 recently invited ideas for a replacement or relaunch of the show because of falling audience numbers.

    MTV, which describes itself as the biggest youth broadcaster in the world, says it wants to bring the style of its cable and satellite channels to terrestrial breakfast television.

    Thanks to Susana for this article from BBC

    Mariah's Fan-Tasy Contest
    If you go here, you can enter Mariah's Fan-Tasy contest, which BET is running. The lucky winner will fly to see Mariah somewhere, which hasn't been announced yet. You can only enter once a day and you can do it online or write in a letter by August 24th to:

    BET.com Mariah "Fantasy" Contest to BET.com
    770 Broadway
    10th Floor
    New York, NY 10003
    Print your NAME, ADDRESS, E-MAIL ADDRESS, and TELEPHONE NUMBER on any size sheet of paper and mail it in!

    Sun Article on Mariah
    WHEN 17-year-old Mariah Carey put pen to paper on her first record deal she had no idea she was signing away half her earnings for the next 13 years. Incredibly Mariah, now 31, found herself on the brink of ruin - despite selling 120million albums in ten years, more than any other female artist. She says: "I was in financial trouble. I made some serious mistakes. "Of course I am wealthy in most people's reality and the reality of what I grew up with. "But for the amount of records I've sold it's nowhere near what people think, because of the deal I signed at 17 and because of things I did in my personal life. "It effectively meant that I was giving away half of my artist's royalties. "Basically until my last album, Rainbow, I was giving my money to someone else." But now all that has changed, with a switch of labels and a £60million album deal. Mariah tells me: "I'd signed my life away from an early age. "I was used to having five dollars a week and then someone comes along and says, 'You can have a million dollars but this guy's going to have half of it,' then you'll say, 'No problem'. You don't think about things like that." The series of bad business decisions - and a damaging marriage to Sony chief Tommy Mottola - left Mariah with a cash crisis. She split from Tommy, now 52, five years ago. They shared a 50-acre, £10million estate in Westchester, New York.

    Mariah now calls her former home a "monstrosity." She opens a bottle of Cristal champagne as she talks more frankly than ever about the marriage which almost destroyed her. Mariah has draped herself on an antique sofa in a suite at London's Mandarin Oriental hotel and looks at me with those huge brown eyes. She has certainly thrown herself straight back into work. Her new film Glitter is out next month. In it she stars as a young singer alongside Mel B's fella Max Beesley. Oh, and she has also knocked out the soundtrack album and a single, Loverboy, which is released this week. I can tell she feels freer and more confident in herself now she has escaped from the record label where her ex-husband is still boss. In April she signed the three-album deal with Virgin that will net her at least £60million.

    Mariah grew up in poverty in New York but has since had 14 No1 singles in America, putting her on a par with the Beatles and Elvis Presley. She says: "This deal doesn't feel real because if I haven't even seen the money I don't feel it exists. "I don't feel intimidated or frightened by it but I grew up without money. My mum and I moved around 13 times when I was young. "She never owned her own home or anything like that so I always have this feeling that the rug could be pulled out from under my feet at any time. "I've never felt secure. I don't really believe the money is there - I don't really spend that much on myself." She adds: "In this business there are so many sharks and I have come into contact with some of the worst. "I am very blessed but I feel damaged by a personal relationship I allowed myself to stay in for far too long. "That was damaging emotionally. "I never thought I'd get married to begin with. "I never believed in it. "Some things have scarred me and made me become a fighter. "I wouldn't rule out marrying again - I would if I had a child but I don't know if I want a baby." While Mariah says she is not extravagant, the opposite is true of her lover Luis Miguel, known as the Spanish Elvis.

    In April he splashed out on a £1million bracelet as a present to congratulate her on the move from Sony. She says: "I believe it's the bracelet Julia Roberts wore at the Oscars. It was given to me as a gift, a gesture and it's very nice, a gorgeous piece." She refuses to talk about the couple's relationship directly but hints that it may have cooled. She says: "Right now I'm so crazed and busy I don't even have time for me. "It's really not fair on somebody else to do that. I don't even have time to talk to my mum and I usually talk to her five times a day. "This is more of an intense time than I've ever had, because of the changing of labels and the films and the soundtrack." She denies her move to Virgin has caused friction with new label-mate Janet Jackson and attacks other stars who have criticised her.

    She won't slag them off by name but when I mention Madonna her defences go up. Madge once said she would rather be dead than be Mariah Carey. Mariah says: "I feel that when one is successful and blessed with this life, a lot of trouble comes with it. "Music is my salvation, my blessing and I'm very grateful for the ability to buy my mum a house and a car and the things we never had. "I think you have to be damaged and hollow inside to take shots at someone who isn't coming after you. I've not criticised her. I'm a very nice person but if somebody pushes me too far and maybe they meet me in person, maybe it's a different story. "If someone's that sad - and I'm speaking generally, not about one specific person - and that insecure that they need to take shots at me or other artists then I feel sorry for them. "It takes them down a notch and makes them seem much smaller." Not talking about anyone specifically, I tell Mariah that a certain American female singer is in London after performing six sell-out gigs at Earls Court and perhaps they might want to meet up. "Huh-huh! ... er, I won't have time. I'm really, um, busy."

    Thanks to Kruggins J for this article from The Sun

    Mariah in Spain
    Miriam and Ane met Mraiah in Madrid and captured it all on a video camera. You can see the pictures in Gallery 2.

    July 18, 2001...
    Reminder...106th & Park
    Don't forget to check out Mariah on tonight's 106th & Park at 6 pm EST on BET!! She is taking over the show, from what I hear!!!

    Mariah will be meeting fans and signing copies of her new single 'Loverboy' at 'FYE', Roosevelt Field Shopping Center, Garden City N.Y., Friday 7/20 at 2:00!

    Thanks to Alan for this information taken from MariahCarey.com

    Pics Minus The Lines
    Lisa took the pictures from the MSN puzzle and took away the lines. You can check out those pics and also, Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free,, sent me another picture of Mariah in Berlin. Finally, there are four pics of Mariah from the Viva interview and sadly I lost the information on who made them. Check them all out in Gallery 2.

    Magazine News
    Lily told me you can check out Mariah in the September issue of Right On magazine. She is on page 12 and it's a picture of Patti, Luther and Mariah at a party.

    Plus, Shantal tells me that Mariah is in the July 24th issue of STAR tabloid. It has a picture of her on the boat in Europe. Check it out.

    Mariah in London
    Gilles saw Mariah in London and you can check out her story at Heroes of Mariah.

    Mariah IRC Party
    Will, from MCWNO, asked that this be posted on this site...

    All music fans are welcome! Especially if you like Mariah Carey (even a little). If you hate Mariah, don't bother coming, thanks.

    The IRC Party is just a group of Mariah's fans chatting about her, music, or basically anything else. Its a place to meet new online friends, meet Mariah fans that live close to you, get pen pals, trade music, trade videos, or anything like that!

    The party will take place on a chat channel (channel means room for all you AOL users). The chat channel is the oldest and original chat channel dedicated to Mariah and her fans. It started in early 1994 and has been entertaining Mariah's fans since then. This is the reason why this specific place was chosen.

    The party is going to be held to promote #mariah (the chat channel), to talk about Glitter, Loverboy, Mariah's future and her past. Webmasters are using this to promote their sites and to find help for their sites.

    Friday July 20, Saturday July 21, Sunday July 22 and Monday July 23 are the dates this special event is being held for. We hope you can come. If you can't make it on that day, its ok, the channel is open 24/7, 365 days a year. We welcome all music lovers!

    How to get on is pretty simple. Follow the instructions on our "Chat Now" page to download mcIRC - the #mariah chat program (its a modified version of mIRC by Khaled Mardam-Bey). Once you download and install the program, just run mirc32.exe and goto File / connect. It will try to connect to a fast server and will join you to #mariah. And you're on!!

    Mariah on Q102 this morning
    I got up today at 7:30 am and took my shower. I came in to start working on Daily and I switched on my sterio at about 7:45 am. I heard the end of Heartbreaker while switching to go to cd, so I can play the Loverboy maxi. I went back and all I sudden I heard the DJ announcing Mariah Carey and ran to my bedroom and picked up any old tape and threw it in, since I knew they were going to have an interview with her. They said it was live but I think it might of been pre-recorded because Mariah said "sh*t" 3 times and it was bleeped out perfectly. She did say it was really early in the morning though, so maybe she called earlier and they just recorded it? Anyhow she said how there was a lot of rumors out there about her and said they are all "Pieces of Sh*t." She talked about her Loverboy single and at the end the DJ said, Mariah tell Luis we said Hi or something like that and Mariah said something like I hope all your lives are going well. It was odd how she said that and I think the rumors of the two of them breaking up might be true because you would of thought that she would say OK?? They also talked about Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and the history of that, about her last name Nunez and that's about it. They only had 7 minutes with her and at the very end she did a radio promo for them announcing Q102.

    The funny thing is that the DJ said how he loved Mariah and how they support her but they DON'T! I heard Loverboy once on Q102 and there is NO WAY it is in heavy rotation. They were just sucking up to her since she was on the radio.. I surely hope that now, since she called in and was SO NICE to them, that they start to play Loverboy now!!

    Mariah on KC101
    Kelly told me that at 9 am today, Mariah was on KC101, a station in CT. More details on this coming shortly

    Mariah on Z100--Audio Clips
    Alan was really nice and uploaded the entire interview from Z100 and also the Glitter soundclips which include Lead The Way, Never Too Far and I Didn't Mean To Turn You On.

  • Click here to download the 3 longer soundclips of the Glitter Songs all in 1 file
    (1.9 MB)
  • Coming tomorrow, the whole interview from the Z100 show. It's 13.55 MB and it was a great show, so come back tomorrow to hear it!

    EXCLUSIVE...IF We Soundfiles
    Kelly made two 60 second soundfiles of If We from the Glitter soundtrack. She has the whole song but doesn't know how to make clips longer than 60 seconds. Plus, the clips are not best quality but hey, it's better than nothing and I am helping her out so she can make 1 file of the whole song. In the mean time, check out these two 60 second clipes of If We!!

  • Click here for the Zip File!

    Mariah Carey Helps Dad Trace Roots
    That's the name the pop singer would have gone by if her Venezuelan grandfather hadn't changed his last name when he moved to the United States.

    ``I recently went to Venezuela, because my father's now trying to trace his roots,'' Carey said in the August issue of Latina magazine.

    ``All this was a new layer of understanding for me because we didn't know anything before. I thought I was part Cuban for a while, because my father didn't deal with that side.''

    The 31-year-old's mother is Irish, and her father is black and Venezuelan, but she doesn't feel an affinity with one cultural group more than others.

    ``I identify with all things that I am, and I feel like that should be OK. But I look at myself as a human being,'' she said.

    Carey was less forthcoming about her relationship with singer Luis Miguel.

    ``The thing is, career-wise, no matter who you're with, I think the best idea is to always say as little as possible,'' she said.

    ``I just think it's weird, because there's always speculation: Are they together? Are they getting married? Is he cheating on her? Is she cheating on him?''

    Carey makes her film debut in ``Glitter,'' which opens Aug. 31.

    Taken from the Associated Press.

    Rap-UP Magazine
    Devin Lazerine, Editor-in-Chief of Rap-UP, sent me the cover of the first issue of Rap-UP magazine, which features new information about Glitter Soundtrack, Mariah in the 50 Sexiest Women and Mariah Daily in the Fan Asylum section. Here is what Devin had to tell you about the new magazine...

    Pick up a copy of the premiere collector's edition of Rap-Up, a hip-hop and R&B magazine, featuring Janet Jackson on the cover.  Inside: exclusive information on Mariah Carey's Glitter and interviews with Destiny's Child, 112, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Ludacris, 3LW, Lil' Zane, Lil' Romeo, Layzie Bone, Beanie Sigel, and more!  Rap-Up will also contain a special feature on the 50 Sexiest Women of Hip-Hop and R&B which includes Mariah.  ON SALE EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S. JULY 31st!

    MC on Argentinian Magazine
    Val told me that Mariah is in "Clarin Newspaper!" She doesn't have a scanner but she told me that there is an older picture of Luis and Mariah and a brand new picture from the Loverboy Cover photoshoot. The picture features Mariah seated in the corner, with the light blue background. In the interview, it is said that Mariah is giving the interview on the phone from a hot tub. They asked about the movie, her parents and Luis. She didn't answer anything about Luis and she said she wasn't going to talk about her private life anymore. She also said that she might be coming to the Argentina movie premiere, that is set to take place in Octobre.

    Quote from Mariah
    Candice told me that Mariah is featured on the Moviefone.com website. Check it out if you like for a little quote from Movieline magazine.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week now. Thanks to Oscar for this picture, which is a little dark but still lovely. Plus, check out Quotes Page for past Quotes!

    Mariah Article from InStyle
    The InStyle magazine, which features four new pictures of Mariah from Glitter, hits stands this week. Here is the article though, that JJ typed up...

    Film To Fashion
    A Star is Born meets Annie in this romance set in NYc's early-eighties club scene. Mariah Carey plays Billie Frank, an orphan with a voice that could melt even Miss Hannigan's heart. When Billie is discovered by bad-boy DJ-Producer Julian Dice (Max Beesley), he promises to turn her into a pop superstar (though he might break her heart along the way). But don't look for Billie to be donning shoulder pads for her rocket ride up to the charts. "The modern eye doesn't accept most of the eighties fashions in the same way that we used to," says costume designer Joseph G. Aulisi (Charlie's Angels, Stepmom), who chose Canal Jeans, vintage drawstring sweatpants made into skirts and bodysuits to give the neophyte Billie a street-smart edge with a slightly more modern twist. But as her career takes off, Billie's wardrobe starts to reflect the glitz of an eighties pop star. Borrowing style elements from performers like Debbie Harry and Madonna, Aulisi used lace gloves, fishnet stockings and gold lamé tops inspired by Zandra Rhodes, Christian Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood.

    About The Pics...
    That's the whole article is half a page (verticle 1/2). There are four stills above the article. The first shows MC wearing a light pink, short dress that is beaded and has a light pink fur stole to match as well as a light pink leather coat. I've seen the dress in the trailer. But this is the first still I'm seeing published. MC is walking with Max Beesley in that still and looks every inch the star she is. She's smiling and has her hair pulled back sleek and is stunning. The second still MC is wearing an orangy-red off the shoulder top. I've never seen this still before, ever. She is sitting down and looks quite serious. The third is a still of MC in the rams top. I've seen other stills of her in this top in the studio wearing headphones. This is one of he sitting and looking past the camera, no headphones, but she's smiling big. The last still is MC in a hot pink dress. They showed her filming this scene on Entertainment Tonight a while back. This is again, the first still I'm seeing published of that. She's smiling and walking on a NYC street. She looks gorgous, of course!

    July 17, 2001...
    Loverboy Single
    Go pick up your Loverboy single now in your local cd stores. There is a Maxi Single, CD Single, Cassette Tape and Vinyl! Here are the tracklistings:

    Maxi Single:
    Loverboy Remix
    MJ Cole Remix
    MJ Cole Instrumental
    MC Cole London Dub Mix
    Club of Love Remix
    Dub Love Remix
    Drums of Love

    CD Single:
    Loverboy Remix

    Loverboy Remix

    Loverboy Remix
    MJ Cole Remix Edit (Only difference from maxi)
    MJ Cole Instrumental
    MC Cole London Dub Mix
    Club of Love Remix
    Dub Love Remix
    Drums of Love

    I bought 4 copies of the Maxi, 6 copies of the CD Single, 6 copies of the cassette and 1 vinyl and I am just getting started. If you go to Sam Goody, Camelot or The Wall, they are selling the single for $.49 and I can understand why because the quality on the printouts for the singles are pretty bad. On the cassettes, the text was not straight and at points faded away. The quality of the songs on the cd/tape are good though, which is the most important thing!! The single is really great, go buy a couple copies!!

    Maxi Single
    I got a lot of e-mails today saying how people couldn't find the Maxi single for Loverboy. I noticed that Sam Good only had about 7 total and I took 4 of them and The Wall only had 4. I don't know why there are so few of the Loverboy Maxi's but keep looking!!!

    Mariah on Z100. The Transcript..
    Here is a transcript of what happened on Z100 today. It was pre-taped from yesterday and thanks to Jeterluva for the transcript. Since it's not the whole interview, here are some more tidbits. They played, "Never Too Far," "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and "Lead The Way!" They played longer clips then before and I might have those audios by tomorrow. Mariah commented on many rumors, including the fact that she won't stand on carpets, about writing a book and her "fight" with Mira. She said the book information was false and she only writes in her diaries. She said the fight with Mira was NOT true and said, "First of all , I wouldn't throw a salt shaker, I would throw a punch!" Here is more from the interview:

    ED = Elvis
    Jb = john Bell
    Cn Christine N.

    Everybody claps
    ED: Do me a favor, we're starving can you put on a hair net and whip us up an omelet or something?
    MC: why do i need a hair net do you think i'd get pieces of my hair in your omelet?
    ED: Never can be to careful.
    MC: I actually have my hair up in a pony-tail toady, so it doesn't matter.
    ED: Remember going too school on L.I., you go to the cafetreia, they had hairnets on.
    MC: Do you think I ever went to the Cafeteria.? No I went to the beagle place first, got my beagle and Snapple then went to school.
    JB:So that's how it works?
    CN: The smart ones.
    Ed: Today is the day Loverboysingle hits the stores.
    Mc: Yes
    ED: Oh, as we were just speaking they all sold out, so never mind.
    MC: No, there not he's only playing *singing* " we neen you to go there, Thanks You"
    DE: Mariah, ya havin' a good summer? Is everything okay?
    MC: Everything's freakin' fantastic
    ED: Do You Remember when you were a kid and you ge up for summer?
    MC: Yeah.
    Ed: Your free all you have to do is wake up late and watch cartoons.
    MC: Well some people are
    ED: Things change
    MC: Well for me yeah
    ED: Tell us what you've been doing and how hectic it's been
    MC: Can I borrow that bell..... MC: To tell this story, Ibought one, Youever go to the Tower of Terror at Disney? Well that's like my favorite thing. They sell these cause the guys are bellhops. So basically since the last time I saw you it's been all 1 day. *rings bell*
    Everyone laughs
    Mc: Basically it's all a blur
    Ed: That's a long day.
    MC: Yeah, exactly, the next thing is that I've been traveling around the world and talking about Glitter and stuff, recording and doing all things of that nature, but the cool thing about that is I get to meet fans from all over the world. That's what makes me happy.
    ED: Ring the bell *bell rings* There you go
    CN: Okay
    MC: Yeah
    ED: So you've been doing that bascially?
    MC: Oh and I also did 2 movies and I also finished teh OST to this.
    JB: Very good. Wow!
    MC: And also the singles in stores today, thank you
    *bell rings* Eveybody laughs
    ED: You can keep that as a free gift
    MC: I loves these bells, they make me very happy. I have one next to my bed and in various places
    CN: Do You?
    MC: I have an apartment now, arn't you proud of me?
    ED: You do? Did the board let you in?
    MC: No, I had to build one, Seriously, I had to, what was i GONNA DO?
    Ed: It's true, those boards
    JB: they are tough
    ED: Especially int eh city they ar ecalled co op's, if you want to get in some of these buildings, they look you up and down
    MC: RIght
    ED: Sorry girlfriend, your not coming in our building
    MC: They have been living there longer than I've been alive and they are very protective and they were like "Are you goign to have sercurity" and I was "aaa yeah" I'm not gonna lie to them, when they see me coming home at 6 am they might get a little freaked out
    ED: Exactly
    CN: Therefore build your own building
    ED: I'll be honet with you, I'll tell my board not to let you in cause you are gonna do nothing but ring that damn bell
    MC: Well maybe you could ring my bell sometime and come over for tea?
    CN: You'd ahve to bring a house warming gift.
    ED: Yeah, what do you need for the house? Do you have all the gadgets you need?
    Mc: I have all the gadgets I need, I need more Hello Kitty stuff......

    Mariah on TRL
    Mariah called into TRL yesterday, right before her video played at #4. She said she was calling from BET talked to Carson for only a couple minutes and told him how her mother is now in love with him and that she/hre mother will be at the MTV party on August 1st. Carson said she has to bring extra Cristal (sp?) and Mariah asked why doesn't MTV do that since they have more money than she does. Carson asked how she felt about August 1st and what does she have planned and she said to party with him. Some people in the audience got a copy of the Loverboy single and if you missed it, check it out tomorrow morning on MTV!!

    Mariah DID go to WBLS
    In the car yesterday, I wasn't even paying attention to where we were be taking to but Sean told me we arrived at the second station, WBLS, not the the third one. We entered to the garage and hung with Mariah. Then she went up to the do the interview. Sean listened to the walkman and heard the number to call WBLS to check up with Mariah. Eleven of the seven people had phones and two of them got through. Two of them got through to Mariah and after the second call, she said she would come down to meet them. At around 4:05 pm, she came down to meet them and did autographs before she went back into her limo. Sean took 18 pics of Mariah and already sent me a couple, which you can see in Gallery 1. Oh and Peggy told me that she also saw Mariah at WBLS and also at WLTW, so she did make it to all three afterall.

    Mariah to do MORE interviews
    Erika told me that Mariah will be in the studios for Kiss FM/WXKS in Boston on Thursday. If you can hear that station, check it out!

    Glitter Trailor
    Brandon told me you can check out the Glitter trailor at Amazon's website Click on DVD and type Glitter. Find Mariah and you then can choose what modem you have.

    More Pics from Z100
    Justin, who was also at Z100 sent me 2 pics of Mariah that he took and said he would send the rest later. Check them out in Dream Come True.

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    The news section of MariahCarey.com has been updated. Go check it out!

    Don't forget to check out BET's 106th & Park tomorrow because Mariah is taking over the show, according to Mariah herself. It should be stellar!! The show runs from 6 pm EST until 7:30 pm.

    Willa Ford on Mariah
    Here is what Melbsb15 told me:

    Willa Ford talked to the Tucson Republic where she was asked how she compaired to the other female pop artists voice-wise responding, "Voice wise I think I have a unique type of voice! None of our voices are the same.. out of all of us though, Christina has pipes til' heaven ya' know that girl gotta voice that would blow Mariah outta the water, I'm NO competition for her! I think I'm stronger then Britney and Mandy but ya' know at the end I think it always comes down to attitude! And I respect all of them for their hard work!"
    Ha ha, wasn't that a good one!! Poor Willa to be thinking that. One note and Mariah would blow Willa away.

    Technique to vote for Mariah on 106 and park
    This next information is from Asma, courtesy of Superboy1120:
    Okay, this is really important that we get Mariah back on 106 and parks, because it's going to looks very bad on us when she is on the show, and does not see her video, then she might think that we' are not even trying. Now to cheat, will it's not really cheating, but when you vote for her at bet, make sure when you pick Mariah's name that you click enter. and at the bottom of your web, where it's says connecting, make sure it says waiting for web, then hurry and click enter again, and repeat (connecting, make sure it says waiting for web, then hurry and click enter again)

    New Pics
    Check out Gallery 1 for some new pictures. You can check out the Glitter Movie Poster from Japan (Thanks to Shino and Ashes), a special cartoon from Felipe and Mariah on the bike in larger version.

    Special Message From Mariah Herself ONLY from Mariah Daily
    When Ashes met Mariah in London at the party, she got to talk to Mariah for a bit. Ashes mentioned to Mariah about me and said how hard I was working on Mariah Daily to keep up with her. She said she knew me and hoped that she would see me during the USA promotional tour. She also wanted to thank everyone that visits the Mariah Daily website and here is a special message from Mariah herself....

    I will be nothing without a lot of you. You mean so much to me. Thank-you for everything. I love ya and appreciate ya.
    Mariah talked to me on July 16th and told me how she was talking to Ashes about my site and myself too, so this is a real message from MC, if you are doubting it.

    Double O' Soul
    Pete, from Mariah Avenue, got the following information from Mariah's first film, Double O Soul, which never made it to the big screen. It is taken from Hollywood.com Synopsis:
    The adventures of a secret agent who has a rather supercool, induvidual way of doing things.

    Spy Action Comedy
    Runtime: 89 minutes
    Distributor(s): Universal Pictures (USA)

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada/Hawaii, USA

    Cast & Role: Chris Tucker
    Mariah Carey

    Crew & Credit:
    Tom Dey-Director
    Robert Simonds-Producer
    Brian Grazer-Producer
    Chris Tucker-Producer
    Chris Tucker-From Story

    No date on when it will premere.

    UK Charts
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent me the following chart information from the UK...

    R'n'B Charts
    16 (13) Missy Elliott - 'Get Ur Freak On'
    17 (16) Mariah Carey - 'Loverboy'
    18 (15) Jennifer Lopez - 'Play'
    19 (20) M.O.P - 'Ante Up'
    20 (NEW) Roots Manuva - 'Witness (One Hope)'

    Garage Charts
    1. Zinc - 'Go DJ' (Bingo)
    2. Ed Case feat Sweetie Irie - 'Who' (Middlerow)
    3. Nitin Sawhney - 'Sunset (MJ Cole Remix)' (white)
    4. B Live vs Versatile - 'C Cake' (Go Beat)
    5. Mariah Carey - 'Loverboy (MJ Cole Vocal Remix)' (Virgin)
    6. Soul Providers - 'Rise (James Hectic Mix)' (AMPM)
    7. TNT feat Terri Walker - 'Easy Loving You' (Go Beat)
    8. Ayia Napa All Stars - 'Ayia Napa Boom Boom'
    (Cooltempo) 9. Mutiny - 'Virus (LB Mix)' (white)
    10. Frances James & DJ Face - 'Girls Play Too' (AMPM)

    Mariah to perform at Teen Choice Awards
    Mariah is said to be performing at this years Teen Choice Awards, which takes place on August 12th at 4 pm at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA, CA! The show will air on August 20th and thanks to everyone who told me about this.

    MTV Pop: 20 Years of Pop Music
    NchantdBoy gave us a run-down on what happened on this special, which Mariahw as featured on this past weekend...

    While at a friends house, we were watching MTV and it showed MTV POP: 20 years of Pop Music... On there it just shows a bit of Mariah talking about how she had a crush on George Michael, and how Mariah as well as other pop artists that survived the early nineties are the true artists because they survived a time in which pop wasn't popular. (aka the grunge period) The show also has comments from Beyonce of Destiny's Child, saying that Mariah was the one who inspired her to sing and become a star, and from Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of TLC, who said that Mariah was the major artist to fuse hip-hop and pop together, and how that formula is used now for Nsync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and a lot of other artists.

    Note From Regina about Louise McNally
    A couple of you wrote me and told me that after reading my story about meeting Mariah, Louise McNally, Mariah's manager, seemed sort of mean. I have to point out here, that Louise McNally was a sweetheart. She was so incredibly nice and I have nothing but major respect for her, as well as Mariah. She kept saying No because they had limited room in the cars and plus, she probably didn't want everyone coming with them. But in the garage and everything, she took the pictures of Mariah and us and was standing behind Mariah and we were chatting at moments briefly. She is a VERY nice woman but she also needs to do her job. I completly understand why she said what she said and once again, she is VERY nice and is NOT mean at all!! Major props to Louise!!!

    Diva la difference
    Mariah's new album, Glitter, shares the same name as her first starring movie role. It seemed that all that glittered was old for Mariah Carey. Now she wants to shine again with a new album and film role, writes Katherine Tulich.

    It's been a good day in the curious world of Mariah Carey. Interviews scheduled at the luxurious Pierre Hotel on New York's Central Park are running just an hour and a half late. But as time drags on and journalists get more fidgety, 90 minutes stretches to two, three, four and five hours.

    My scheduled interview at 5pm is hung out to 10pm. On a previous day one journalist finally got her audience at 1am.

    As I enter the room Carey is holding court like Cleopatra, reclining on the couch with her minions (whom she nicknames Camp Mariah) fussing over her. They fix her hair, wipe her brow and hitch up the slipping boob tube that barely covers her breasts.

    Any time Carey pauses in a lapse of concentration (which is often), Camp Mariah comes to the rescue, rushing in like worker bees to attend her.

    The lady herself is oblivious to the surrounding frenzy caused by her tardiness. One interview was stopped mid-sentence simply because she wanted to change clothes.

    Not that the 31-year-old wears many clothes these days. Her 173cm frame is barely covered by bum-hugging blue hot pants (eat your heart out Kylie Minogue), a bright pink strapless top and gold strapped stilettos. Her long bare legs straddle the length of the couch causing any hapless interviewer to contend with stilettos punching into their thighs.

    The overall effect is a powerful one - and she knows it.

    "For the first part of my career it was the turtle neck and the pants down to my freakin' toe nails," she said. (Freakin' is a word she peppers constantly through her conversation.)

    "The problem was that's all anyone thought I should wear. I was covered head to foot in black or grey and always with curly hair."

    The mahogany mane has now been straightened into sleek blonde locks and for the past three years Carey has not only been stripping herself of clothes but she's been trying to shed the image that has dogged her since her multimillion debut album of 1990.

    Eight albums and some 44 million worldwide sales later, Carey found herself confined to a Celine Dion nightmare. She was hardly the credible hip-hop/R&B act she intended to become.

    "What people forget is that Vision Of Love [her first single] was considered an urban R&B record before it became a big pop hit," she said. "Then there was a decision to do another pop record and so it went on.

    "There were certain things that were put upon me by a corporation out to make money. Being practicality queen, I would listen and do them as the insecure kid that had no money. I didn't want the rug pulled from under me."

    While he's never mentioned by name, Carey is referring to her time professionally and personally with Sony chief Tommy Mottola, the svengali who plucked her from a life of poverty on the New York streets and made her a superstar, also marrying her along the way.

    While the two were worlds apart, with a 19-year age difference thrown in for good measure, Carey was content to ride along with an image that moulded her into a pop poppet - sexless and bland both in music and appearance.

    "I never wanted to be seen as a trend," she said. "Anyone can look cute in a video. I wanted people to listen to my voice. I'd been working in studios since I was 15, so I wasn't about the showiness of it all. On the other hand I was also the kid that loved to flaunt herself on the beach in a bikini.

    "I'm really just getting back into incorporating all the things I am."

    While married to Mottola, Carey was dubbed the "Queen of Sony", residing in her gilded cage.

    "It wasn't the image I had to get out of, it was the reality," she said with distinct bitterness in her voice. Their disparate lifestyles - he wanted sedate dinners in their mansion, she wanted to party all night with her hip-hop friends, soon unravelled the marriage.

    (Mottola has since gone on to marry a younger Carey clone, Mexican-born singer Thalia.)

    With the union dissolved, Carey's perch at Sony also began to slip.

    Her album sales decreased (1999's Rainbow, while selling a respectable 7 million worldwide, was hardly up to the 23 million sales figures reached by her album Music Box) and the company had other priorities - Jennifer Lopez.

    Carey has now moved record companies - signing with Virgin Records in a deal that is set to net her $57 million. The deal was signed before any music was heard.

    Her new career phase will see her simultaneously release an album and star in a film, both under the title of Glitter.

    While Glitter the album still boasts the expected Carey big ballads, other tracks are distinctly hip-hop flavoured. Her first single, Loverboy (which is released tomorrow), features cameo rap performances by Da Brat and Ludacris.

    "The film inspired the songs and vice versa," Carey said. "I had the idea to do the film and as the story developed I wrote the songs."

    The movie Glitter (released on October 11) is set in the early 80s. Carey plays (surprise, surprise) an aspiring hip-hop singer abandoned by her mother and raised in foster homes. She falls in love with a DJ who helps her rise to an overnight sensation.

    "It's not the Mariah Carey autobiography everybody thinks," she said dismissively. "I talk to my mother three times a day [although her father abandoned the family when she was three].

    "I wanted to make her multiracial, because that's what I am and, yes, she is a singer who becomes famous - but that's where the parallels end."

    While the critics and the public are yet to judge her acting prowess, Carey is not worried. She has already completed another movie, a role as a Staten Island drug dealer in Wise Girls alongside Mira Sorvino.

    "I have dealt with the harshest critics in the world," she said nonchalantly. "If no-one else likes it but me and my dog and cat ... that's fine.

    "I wanted to start by doing smaller roles and independent films but people had a really difficult time thinking I could do a role and not be seen as 'Mariah Carey, singer'."

    Or Mariah Carey, diva?

    She noted the advanced hour of the evening.

    "If I'm late for the next one, you know what will happen, they'll call me a diva," she said with a laugh. "As if I haven't heard that one before."

    The rise and rise of Mariah Carey
    1988: Named by her opera singer mother after the song They Call The Wind Mariah from the musical Paint Your Wagon, Carey is a struggling singer in New York. She's working as a waitress and coat check girl when she wins an audition to be back-up singer for soul star Brenda K Starr. Starr passes Carey's demo tape to Columbia Records (later Sony) president Tommy Mottola.

    1990:Columbia launches Carey with an invitation-only soiree in New York. Her debut single, Vision Of Love, rockets to No1 and her self-titled debut album sells 11.5million worldwide.

    1991:Wins two Grammy awards, including Best New Artist. Second album Emotions sells 7.5 million worldwide.

    1992:Proves she is not just a studio creation by singing live on MTV unplugged. Her consequent album, MTV Unplugged, featuring a cover of the Jackson Five hit I'll Be There , sells 7 million.

    1993:Carey weds Mottola in a lavish wedding attended by Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and Robert De Niro. She's 23, he's 42. She has the most successful album of her career, Music Box, selling 23million worldwide.

    1995:Daydream album, including the One Sweet Day duet with Boyz II Men, stays at No1 on the US charts for 16 weeks and sells 17.5million.

    1997:Announces separation from Mottola.

    1998: New album Butterfly is co-produced by Puff Daddy.

    1999:Last album for Sony, Rainbow, sells 7million.

    2001:Signs with Virgin Records for $57million. New album, Glitter, will be released on August 20. Her first starring movie role, also called Glitter, will be released on October 11.

    Thanks to Susana for this article from the Sun Herald.

    Mariah on Rove Live Show
    Jonathon told me that he is in Australia and Mariah was just interviewed on the radio show Rove Live. She called from NYC today and the whole interview lasted about ten minutes. She was asked what she was up to and she said how she just finished Wise Girls movie. Mariah did a little ascent that she does in the movie and throughtout the interview, Mariah kept saying freakin' and Jonathon said that Louise told Mariah to stop saying the word "freakin'." Plus, since Mariah is back in NYC, she is working 20+ hours a day now. Does she ever sleep? As Mariah would say, "I don't know and neither do you!"

    MTV Birthday Bash Information
    Chloe sent me some information on the MTV Birthday Bash on August 1st, if you would like to go. The information is courtesy of Pollstar.com

    Manhattan Center
    311 W. 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001
    Boxoffice & Info Line:
    Ticket Vendor: Ticketmaster

    Vote for Mariah
    Hannan told me you can go vote for Mariah at Bolt.com. The poll is about Mariah's movie Glitter and what you think of it. Everyone seems to be picking the answer for "Mariah is in a movie?" So please go vote!

    An Odd Couple of Meetings Between Mariah & Eminem
    Not everyone races out to the Hamptons on weekends.

    Just ask Mariah Carey and Eminem. It may seem unlikely, but I heard the two music stars had a little get-together this past weekend in Manhattan.

    The episode had its origins early last month, when Carey took a private plane to Detroit to try to persuade the rapper to appear on a video for "Glitter," her new album.

    Sources told me she waited on the Tarmac for four hours before Eminem arrived. He listened to her pitch, the sources said, and politely said no.

    But something must have clicked, because they continued their dialogue. It's anyone's guess as to when, how and why the subject turned personal, but something did change.

    Eminem's plan, sources said, was to slip into New York on Sunday and head straight to Carey's downtown apartment. What happened next, I leave for others to explain.

    Eminem is in the middle of a nasty divorce from Kim Mathers. His rep, Dennis Dennehey, acknowledged only that his client and Carey "are friends."

    Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed that Carey and Eminem saw each other on Sunday, but said it was for business. "They are working on a potential deal involving a new artist," Berger said, adding that when Eminem arrived at Carey's, he wasn't alone. "His aunt, uncle and five cousins were with him," she said.

    Thanks to Nini for this article from NY Daily News.

    Mariah Braves The Rain
    Mariah Carey refused to let the wet weather stop her whirlwind promotional tour in London. The singer sheltered under a green umbrella carried by an aide as she strode through the city streets to her next engagement.

    Despite the downpour, Mariah, wearing a bright pink top featuring a Superman logo and tiny shiny shorts, was still smiling. She is in the capital to promote her new single Loverboy, the first single from her forthcoming album Glitter.

    As well as a host of media appearances, Mariah is hosting parties for London's rich and famous - along with special events for her fans.

    The trip to England comes just days after whistle-stop visits to Italy and Spain. Loverboy is out on Monday

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Sky.com

    Mariah on Hot 97
    Mariah was just on Hot 97 moments ago Heartbrkr1802 tells me and in a few moments they will play the new song If We in a few moments. Hopefully someone gets it on tape!!

    Check out Mariah on Z100's Website
    Alan told me that Z100 added some pictures from Mariah's apperance yesterday. The picture where it shows Mariah standing on a ruh, clears a rumor that she refuses to stand on carpets. Check them out at the link below:

    New Poll
    There is a new poll and you can check it out at the top. This weeks poll is all about which song you would like as Mariah's next single. Mariah said she is undecided so maybe if they see what you think and some of your comments on it, they might decide from there. Go vote your favorite..Never Too Far or Lead The Way. Here are last weeks results:

    Do you like Mariah's New Look?
    Yes  (646) 67%
    No  (202) 21%
       What New Look???  (109) 11%
    Total Votes: 957

    More Coming Tomorrow
    I still have over 100 e-mails to read but I got about 200 done already. There is still more news/pictures coming but there will be part of tomorrow's update. Alan is working on getting the soundfiles from Z100 to me so I can upload them tomorrow too.

    July 16, 2001...
    The Best Day Of My Life....
    Today I met Mariah outside Z100 and then traveled WITH HER to her next location with five other fans in her car. You can read all about it, check out all the pics, all the autographs on the new page called, Dream Come True!!

    Mariah Calls Into TRL...
    Don't forget to listen to TRL today because Mariah will be calling in about the Loverboy single. It was announed on today's show that she will be calling in tomorrow. Plus, Mariah was #4 once again on TRL!! Way to go guys!!

    Mariah on Z-100/Hot 97 Tomorrow
    Since Mariah was 40 minutes late to Z100, the interview was recorded and will air tomorrow between 7am-8am!! Check it out then. Mariah didn't make it to the WBLS (second inteview) but she did make it to the WLTW, because we traveled with her. Did anyone tape it?? She was 10 minutes late for that one too but I don't know if they taped it or if it aired already. Someone hook me up with that info. Finally, Desiree told me that Mariah will be on Hot 97 tomorrow at 7 pm EST for an interview, check that out peeps!

    Mariah on BET
    While talking to Mariah, she said that on Tuesday she is taking over BET's 106th & Park!! I think she meant Wednesday though because the BET site says she will be on Wednesday!! It is a NEW appearance and not a rerun, so make sure you check it out.

    Loverboy Single
    The Loverboy Single hits stores tomorrow and make sure you go out and buy your copies. Buy maxi's, cd singles, cassette tapes, Vinyl's, etc!! Help promote Mariah anyway you can!!!

    News Coming Tomorrow
    I have been going since 4:30 am and I am tired. I want to go to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow for work. I'll update the page tomorrow afternoon/night!! Thanks much...

    July 15, 2001...
    Note From Regina...
    My family is over today, so sadly, I don't have time to update the site. Tomorrow, I am adventuring to see Mariah, so I am going to try and update later that night, but I don't know what time I will be home. Hang in there though and I will get your Mariah news up as soon as I can!! Thanks for understanding!! Don't forget, Loverboy single hits stores on Tuesday!!

    July 14, 2001...
    Mariah #4 on TRL Once Again
    Mariah was #4 once again and thanks to everyone who voted for Miss M on the countdown. Please continue to vote for her all weekend so we can get her at #4 on Monday's show too and hopefully it will help with single sales!!

    EXCLUSIVE...Glitter Poster
    The Glitter Poster is the same as the Glitter Soundtrack Cover. My friend work at AMC and she told me they already hung it up. You can check out a scan of the Glitter Cover in Gallery 1, courtesy of MCs GlitterGirl.

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Mariah's official site was updated with new pictures in the Fan Section, New Information and they changed the pop-up from saying the single was on sale now to the single will be on sale July 17th. Here is the news:

    Come see Mariah on Monday July 16th at
    11am  Z100
    101 Hudson St.
    Jersey City, NJ

    12pm  WBLS
    3 Park Avenue
    NY, NY 10016

    2pm  WLTW
    1133 Avenue of the Americas
    NY, NY 10036 

    Now I am REALLY excited about this because I live in Marlton NJ and I am SO GOING TO JERSEY CITY ON MONDAY TO SEE MARIAH!!! I surely hope other fans e-mail me and let me know who is going to be there so we can all stand together. This is SO EXCITING!!! I am finally going to get a dream come true!

    New Pics On Virgin
    Anne tells me that Virgin.de has been updated with new photos from Mariah's party in Spain. It has two pictures of my very good friend and Mariah and you can see Mariah showing off Mari's tattoo. There is a 30 second clip of Mariah in Madrid and the following new pics, which have no larger version on the Virgin site but the last few, you can see on Mariah's Official Site!! Check it out if you like!!

    Loverboy Single Tuesday..Request/Buy
    Since Loverboy is being released this Tuesday and is up against Bootylicious, we really need to request Loverboy like crazy. We have all been pushing hard for TRL but it is SO IMPORTANT to get her on the radio. E-mail radio stations, call radios stations. Get your request out. Try to request Loverboy on the radio about 5 times a day. Have your friends call into radio stations. Do whatever you can to help you. Click the banner below to check out the Request Page!

    Plus, make sure you buy the single on Tuesday if you can. Buy the cassette, maxi, single cd, Vinyl! Buy a copy for your friend, buy an extra copy for the shower for your bedroom, for your car. Mariah is up against Destiny and we want her to win. It's going to be hard to beat them since they have excellent airplay but we can do it if we all pull together and buy the single. Try to NOT buy the Destiny Child single, if you can. I want it myself but I am not buying it for about 3 weeks!! Also, try not to buy the single early because it does not count for the first weeks sale. Buy it Tuesday

    New Pics GALORE
    I added so many new pics to Gallery1. The pics include several images of Mariah in London, 2 pics of Mariah/Mari, Images of Mariah from a MSN puzzle which are REALLY NICE, a images from the TRL flipbook from when she was at TRL earlier in the month, Mariah on a yacht and many more. There is so many to name but thanks to Mariahhoney13, Derek, Lisa, Kruggins J, and Honey and Kate (from Butterflies Are Free,) for some of the pics.

    New Glitter Picture
    I checked out the October issue Black Beat magazine and inside is a whole page dedicated to Mariah. All it says is, "Coming Next Month...Black Beat. Mariah Carey & Eric Benet. On sale at your newstand on August 14th." But, there is a new picture of the two of them. It looks like they are doing Mariah's famous hand toot that she did on TRL and Oprah as her secret talent. The pic is kind of dark but I did a huge scan of it and you can check it out in Gallery 1. Check out Mariah on the cover of the next Black Beat.

    Mariah to do Radio Interview
    Chris told me that he was listening to Carson Daily on the TRL Radio Coutdown and Carson said that within ten days, Mariah would be on the show. So I guess she will do a little radio interview with Carson. Carson does this countdown on several radio stations across the USA, so I am guessing it will be taped and then aired on all his specials. Chris lives right outside DC and was listening to Z104.

    Won't See Miss M On A Bike
    Mariah Carey may be able to sing almost as many octaves as you'd find on a piano but the star recently revealed there's one thing she just can't master: riding a bike. 'I've never been able to ride a bike,' Mariah confided. 'One time when I was little I was riding down a hill with a girlfriend and we were going too fast so I did the dumbest thing, I put my feet on the ground. We ended up in a heap at the bottom of the hill, I try not to ride bikes nowadays!'

    Thanks to AlwaysBeMy_Baby@hotmail.com for this article from WorldPop.com

    Bonus Track Glitter for Brazil and Japan
    Here is some official information from the new Brazil website certified by EMI/Virgin Brazil, thanks to Tahiana. The tracklisting will include a bonus song called, "Everytime!" I do not believe it is the same song that was leaked on the internet months earlier. It seems that only Brazil and Japan will have this special tracklisting and here it is...
    01. Loverboy (Remix)
    02. Lead The Way
    03. If We
    04. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    05. Don't Stop
    06. All My Life
    07. Reflections (Care Enough)
    08. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
    09. Want You
    10. Never Too Far
    11. Twister
    12. Loverboy
    13. Brazilian Bonus : Everytime

    I Met Mariah
    Check out Honey and Kate's story, from Butterflies Are Free, and Isabelle's story in the I Met Mariah section. You can see Honey and Kate's pic in Gallery 1.

    Loverboy Single Already Out?
    Well in some places you can already get the new Loverboy single already but more places won't have it until Tuesday, the 17th. Anne picked it up and told me the maxi tracklisting for Europe, which included the Loverboy enhanced video for your computer...
    2-track (in card sleeve):
    1. Loverboy 3:50 featuring Cameo
    2. Loverboy Remix 4:32 featuring Da Brat and Ludacris

    1. Loverboy 3:50  featuring Cameo
    2. Loverboy Remix 4:32 featuring Da Brat and Ludacris
    3. Loverboy Club Of Love Remix 9:05
    4. Loverboy MJ Cole Remix 5:50
    5. Loverboy Dub Love Remix 8:13
    Bonus: Loverboy Enhanced Video 3:48

    Help Mariah in Quebec
    Here is what Peggy told me:
    Now, Quebec needs your help!  "LOVERBOY" has a hard time getting by on the radio stations!  There are two main radio stations and a ten-station radio network that can play "LOVERBOY" in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec.  Here are the websites and  phone numbers :
    MIX96 at http://www.themix.com/, visit the site to find proper ways to send your requests.
    call (514) 790-0649 or (514) 935-9696 (fax number and voice message)
    To reach the voice message, call twice. 

    Note:  Do not call between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM or between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM on the direct line.  For the voice message, you can call anytime!

    CKOI at http://www.ckoi.com/
    Visit website for request
    Phone : (514) 790-2564 
    Call anytime, except between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM and between 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

    Radioenergy, a ten-station network throughout the province of Quebec.  You can make requests on the 10 stations by visiting the website at:

    In Montreal, you can call CKMF hotline at (514) 790-0943 and follow the instructions.  You can call at anytime of the day or the night.  Of course, you have too understand french!  If you speak it a little bit, it's even better.

    You can also vote for LOVERBOY on MUSIQUEPLUS, the videoclip TV in Quebec.  We can make LOVERBOY #1 on the TOP5 most requested songs of the day, airing everyday of the week at 6:00 PM.  Vote at http://www.musiqueplus.com/ visit website to cast your vote.  You can vote as many times as you want and you don't need to fill-in any formular.

    Help Mariah in Brazil
    Here is what Tahiana told me:
    Mariah Carey is in the third position in the Brazilian MTV program called "Disk MTV" (the Brazilian TRL)

    You can check her position every day in the address:
    http://www2.uol.com.br/mtv/framesetdin.html?conteudo=http://www2.uol.com.br/ mtv/prog/disk

    We need your hel pto make Mariah number 1 in Brazil!!!!!!!!!! She's very close to that! If you don'tive in Brazil you can e-mail: disk@mtv.com.br saying:
    "Eu gostaria de pedir o clipe Loverboy da Mariah Carey pois ela e a melhor do mundo e o clipe e totalmente o melhor"
    (translation: "I would like to request Mariah Carey's video Loverboy 'cause she's the best in the world and video totally rock!").
    Or...BRAZILIAN fans..PLEASE! Call (11) 51803333

    Regina Story
    Before I end the news for now though, let me explain a fun story from Friday night. As I told you, Latina and Movieline hits stands this weekend and I had to buy 3 copies of each (One for Anja, one for Minerva and one for myself). So in the first store, I bought two copies of Movieline and got my pal Al to buy the other copy so I didn't look like a complete freak buying three of the same magazine. In the next store, I found Latina and picked up three of those. I gave one to Al and I bought two. The guy looked at me weird but I payed and walked out the store, waiting for Al. The guy asked Al if he was with me and he said no. Then the guy said the person in front of him (al) bought the same magazine but bought two of them. He said that she (me) must of known someone who wrote an article in Latina because who in the world would buy two magazines??? Ha ha, he came running out and told me this story and we both just started to crack up. The funny thing is he doesn't even like Mariah and he told the guy he did. What a great friend eh? Hee hee, check out Al's Sandra Bullock Page! You have my permission to yell at him for not being a huge Mariah fan but then again, he is traveling with me for 2 hours to see Mariah on Monday. What a sweet lamb!!

    July 13, 2001...
    Mariah #4 on TRL
    Well it's confirmed, the calling in is the most important part. Some fans got through over 12 times to request Mariah's Loverboy. It's a toll-free call so if you got a little extra time starting at 3 pm, call TRL at 1-800-dialmtv. Also you can request Loverboy online by clicking here Yesterday she was #4 beating out Destiny, J-Lo and Blink 182, to name a few. Now she has to beat NSync for the #3 position and I really think we can do it. Please call/request Loverboy online. For the record, #3 is the highest Mariah has ever aired on the TRL show, so everyone give yourself a pat on the back.

    Every day that you are available..
    1.Meet at the FOMM by (2:30 Eastern)  to start the hype
    2.Get your internet votes in
    3.At 3:00 (Eastern) we begin to call and post how many times we get through
    4.Then we watch TRL together and anticipate our achievement!!
    PLEASE PARTICIPATE!!! Today was so much fun! AND she beat BOOTYLICIOUS for the first time. We can get her to #4 tomorrow!!!!

    Mariah Carey is slated to be on MTV's birthday bash according to MTV.com
    Mariah Carey, Jane's Addiction and a reunited TLC are among the artists who will help MTV blow out the candles at a bash celebrating the network's 20th birthday.

    MTV's "Live and Almost Legal" concert will take place August 1 at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom and will feature live performances from the above artists as well as Run-DMC, Billy Idol, Method Man, Mary J. Blige, Sum41, Busta Rhymes and the Neptunes, according to a network spokesperson. Tour footage from big-ticket summer concerts — including shows by Bon Jovi, Blink-182, Nelly, Depeche Mode, Aerosmith and Sugar Ray — will augment the onstage action.

    "TRL"'s Carson Daly and other MTV on-air talent will host the event, which also promises the return of animated angst-ridden adolescents Beavis and Butt-head and appearances by VJs past, including the original five who introduced the world to the music network: Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood and Mark Goodman.

    The three-hour special will air live on MTV and MTV2 at 8 p.m. ET, and tape-delayed at 8 p.m. PT.

    Prior to the broadcast, MTV will present "MTV20: Buggles to Bizkit," a 12-hour special featuring groundbreaking videos from the past two decades. Clips slated to air include Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf," Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Weezer's "Buddy Holly" and, of course, the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star," MTV's first video, which aired at 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981.

    Thanks to everyone who sent me this article from MTV.

    Mariah to Headline
    Mariah Carey will headline MTV's 20th birthday bash, MTV20: Live and Almost Legal, which will also include performances by Jane's Addiction, TLC, Billy Idol, Run-DMC, Method Man, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Sum-41, and the Neptunes.Set to air live at 8 p.m. ET Aug. 1 on both MTV and MTV2 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, the bash will include appearances from all five original VJs (Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and Alan Hunter) and a slew of other surprise guests throughout the network's 20 years. Additional taped performances from summer tour stops by Bon Jovi, Nelly, Depeche Mode, Blink-182, Aerosmith, and Sugar Ray will also be shown. Total Request Live's Carson Daly will host the bash. MTV debuted in 1981. The first video the station aired was the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star."

    Thanks to Desiree for this article from CDNow.com

    Mariah, Jane's, TLC, Busta For MTV's 20th
    Mariah Carey is confirmed to headline MTV's 20th anniversary concert, dubbed "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal," which will air live Aug. 1 on the music network from New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. Other acts on the star-studded bill include Jane's Addiction, TLC, Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige, Method Man, Run-DMC, Billy Idol, Sum-41, and the Neptunes.

    The event will be hosted by MTV's Carson Daly, and will feature appearances by the network's five original VJs: Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and JJ Jackson. Leading up to the special, MTV will air "MTV20: Buggles to Bizkit," a 12-hour block of videos and other programming culled from its first 20 years.

    "The videos that will air all day on Aug. 1 helped change the way we look at music," MTV president of programming Brian Graden said in a statement. "'MTV20: Buggles to Bizkit' is the definitive list of the most important and influential music videos from the first 20 years of the medium."

    Thanks to Asma, from Miss Mariah Carey, for this article taken from Billboard.

    Mariah in *NEW* InStyle
    Jennifer tells me that Mariah is featured in the new InStyle magazine with Hillary Swank on the cover. Mariah is in the monthly section called, "Film to Fashion!" It features four new stills from the Glitter movie and short article with the costume designer. Jennifer says Mariah looks stunning of course and usually, this section takes up a FULL page. I'll have the scan in Saturday's update!

    Regina Needs YOUR Help...
    Q102, one of the hottest stations in Philly/NJ has still yet to play Mariah's new song, Loverboy. They have played the new one from Usher, J-Lo, Janet but still no MC. So I need your help. Please write to Q102 and request Loverboy. I noticed when you e-mail stations, they look for locations so here are some places you can mention you are from, ONLY pick one obviously:
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Moorestown, NJ
    Marlton, NJ
    Mt. Laurel, NJ
    Kensington, PA
    South Philly, PA

    There competition is PST (97.5) and they are playing Loverboy every once in a while, but not often. Let them know that you might go to their competition. Here is my letter to them....

    I live in Marlton, NJ and I listen to Q102 every single day!! The new music of my favorite artist, Mariah Carey, has yet to be played on your station. I hear new music from Usher, JLo, who's songs have come out after MC's but still no Loverboy. It's #4 on TRL, is getting played on all the other radio stations, even 97.5 PST, your competition. Now TELL ME why, you guys are not playing it? One of my friends said she heard it once she thought but the song was released in June 2001 and I am wondering why you are not playing Loverboy??? It's really annoying and I am really upset about it. Maybe I am not listening at the right times but PLEASE play Loverboy for me?? Call me and I will tell you how I feel if you want. I tried calling Q102 but the line is always busy, which is also annoying!! Maybe I should just listen to PST more often???
    Regina Mamon
    Marlton NJ
    E-mail your requests to: requests@q102philly.com

    Glitter Girl
    Mariah Carey, whose movie and CD (both titled Glitter) come out next month, took in the Parisian sights this week.

    Thanks to Matt, from MCarey.nu, for this blurb from Teen People. Check out Teen People link for the picture of Mariah that goes along with this blurb!

    Brand New Pic of Mariah
    When the Movieline scans were done, one of the pics were not scanned and in Gallery 1, you can check it out courtesy of Joey. Mariah is wearing a nice hat and yanking on her shirt!! The pic is with the Movieline scans; Enjoy...

    Loverboy Stats
    Collegestud16 sent me the following information from Billboard.com:

  • HOT 100
    61    55    59    5    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | SOUNDTRACK CUT | Virgin    55 
  • HOT 100 Airplay
    59    50    50    5    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    50   
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks   
        38    34    34    6    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | SOUNDTRACK CUT | Virgin    34   
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay
    37    32    31    6    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins,Da Brat,Twenty II,Ludacris,Shawnna)
    Virgin | Virgin    31   
  • Rhythmic Top 40   
    21    22    23    5    Loverboy, Mariah Carey Featuring Cameo
    M.Carey,C.Kent (M.Carey,L.Blackmon,T.Jenkins)
    Virgin | Virgin    21   

    Mariah in the UK!!
    Martin told me some information about Mariah for her UK media appearances this weekend:

  • Sunday 15th July BBC2 TV at 12 noon
    "Top of the Pops Plus" This is a sort of magazine style programme which enlarges on what's been happening on the famous "Top of the Pops" show.
  • Sunday 22nd July Radio 1 Jamie Theakston Show at 1pm UK time .
    This is mentioned on Radio 1's website. Like the Trevor Nelson show, you would be able to access it on the web if you work out the time difference! You can listen to it here on Sunday!

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Leo sent me some more ideas for this page and you can check out Leo's addition from 184-196. If you havn't checked this page out yet and want a good laugh, check it out at:
    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...

    Mariah in OK Magazine
    Mariah is in the July 10th issue of OK magazine (UK Magazine). There is a little picture of her from the Save the Music Benefit and there is a little paragraph discussing the problems with Tommy. Thanks Shantal.

    Official Site Updated

    The first 50 people to call Victoria at Virgin records in London 0208 964 6212 will be invited (plus a guest) to Mariah's special party in London tomorrow night (Friday, July 13th). You have to give Victoria the name of MC's first single and new album to get them!
    The Pop-Up window on the Official Site has changed so obviously, Mariah knows we are getting her high on the countdown and she is probably very happy about that. The pop-up now says:
    Thanks for all your support and please keep voting!! Vote online at MTV.COM and by calling 1-800-342-5688!
    Loverboy single ON SALE NOW! Get your copy today!
    The Loverboy single is NOT onsale yet though, it is being released on July 17th. Maybe they mean you can now pre-order it? Who knows!

    Plus, the news section was updated with more information

    July 12, 2001
    Mariah holds party for her beloved spanish fans!

    This is what Mariah said on radio about her spanish fans "First of all, thank you very much for being so devoted, and thank you for all the nice things you do for me like the fanbooks, the pictures and the stuffed animals. They all mean alot to me, I love you and I enjoy you and I appreciate you." And she really means it because on tuesday night she invited the spanish fans to a party! Yes, it's true, here is a story from spanish fan Daniel Oliver. (Excuse the bad english, it was translated from spanish using a computer program.)

    Already we know from Mariah and her bodyguard that she is going to allow us with her to the hotel and we are nervous and we are excited. A line forms outside the hotel, and surprisingly, ALL and EACH ONE of us enters the hotel, and they lead us in an enormous palacelike room, of press conference, where Mariah has ordered dinner for us and where we are taken care of by waiters.

    From appetizer of almonds, olives with anchovy, Salmon, sandwiches several, aperitives, refreshments... and candies like bocaditos of pie several, trufas stuffed of licor, coffee, tea... the general sensation is to be within a palace invited by a queen. The sensation that produces to me to think that I am being invited to the best hotel of Madrid by the same Mariah seems incredible to me, and everybody can almost not believe it. After a short while, a person announces to us that Mariah is going to come down, that she is going to greet us.

    Finally, Mariah arrives as wonderful as always, and as goodly she can, she begins to pass through all the corners of the room. There are no words to describe the beautiful thing that were. No camera makes her justice in comparison with the beautiful thing that she is in person. Mariah leaves to the car already prepared and leaves towards the airport. Before we left the Palace, we are interviewed by a television agency and we sang all together the chorus of "Hero".
    (Source: The Mariah Glitters in Madrid site)

    What else did she say?
    On spanish radio Mariah said these things (amongst others):

  • Her new thing is to NOT talk about her personal life!
  • The Loverboy video didn't have scenes from Glitter because some TV-stations would not play it then. But the second single which is a ballad will for sure have a Glitterized video because the ballad tells a story of the movie!
  • She choose to cover Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (with Busta Rhymes, DJ Clue and Fabolous) because the movie is set in 1982 and the lead male character is a DJ. She got the idea at the last minute, and the DJ kind of saves Billies (Mariahs character in the movie) life in the movie.
  • She played songs from the Glitter album, but only short parts so people would not record them. Which was smart because those short parts were already out on the Internet a few minutes after the show was over!
  • She just finished the movie Wise Girls, and it's a very very different independent movie and people might get shocked. But she liked to do it, it was very intense. It's a mafia movie and she plays a tough girl with a good heart. It was a good character for her as an actress, it's very not Mariah.
  • Mariahs favourite stuffed toy is a --- LAMB! But she also likes teddybears.
  • Mariah Come to Brazil
    Felipe asked me to post this next tidbit on the site here so hopefully Mariah's People can see it and Mariah will come to Brazil again this year to promote Glitter. So, here it is....

    Hi Regina!!! My name is Felipe and I´m 20. I´m from Brazil! I don´t know if you are understanding my English... I´m doing my better, ok? I live in Rio de Janeiro and I´m a big fan of Mariah since 1995. I could stay in front of Mariah in 1999 when she came to Brazil and it was one of the best time of all my life. You are a luck girl!!!! I really want to have to see and talk to mariah like you. Regina, you have to help us in Brazil. Brazil needs Mariah Carey here!!! She is a big sucess here and we are waiting for her many years. When she came here, she said if she did a Raibown Tour, she certainly went here. But she didn´t!!! I know that it´s not Mariah that decides things like this ans I know she came here without Sony´s support. Regina, You are a fan and you know the great feeling that is to see yor favorite singer singing live. I don´t know what to do. Brazil needs Mariah!!!!!!!!! She have to come here. I´m just saying it to you because you have a clusely contact with Mariah. Maybe you can write or talk to her about this thing. Maybe you can put something in your homepage talking about this thing. She came more than 2 times to Japan, Europe... AHHHH! We have to see her singing too!!! You don´t have an idea that how much we pay for her singles. We have to import all the stuff because we don´t have braziliam singles, posters and other things. It´s difficult to find this kind of material in stores. I really want you help us. Can you do it? Please.... I´m herem, with open arms to help you too. I have to go... Bye bye!!!
    Felipe Machado Bastos - Rio de Janeiro!

    July 12, 2001...
    Great News...Mariah Moves Up On TRL Countdown
    Last week was pretty bad when it came to Mariah on TRL but this Monday she came one at #10, Tuesday #8 and then yesterday she was #5!!! She beat out Destiny Child, which was #7 I believe. We want to get her higher and please call TRL between 3-3:30 pm EST and request her by clicking here

    Here is what Curtis sent me:
    The "Loverboy" Lunch Bunch...c'mon-you know you wanna...
    BECAUSE TODAY WAS SOOOOO SUCCESSFUL...with all of our phone votes and with such a high participation...I suggest that we start a loverboy lunch bunch...

    Every day that you are available..
    1.Meet at the FOMM by (2:30 Eastern)  to start the hype
    2.Get your internet votes in
    3.At 3:00 (Eastern) we begin to call and post how many times we get through
    4.Then we watch TRL together and anticipate our achievement!!
    PLEASE PARTICIPATE!!! Today was so much fun! AND she beat BOOTYLICIOUS for the first time. We can get her to #4 tomorrow!!!!

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Silly me, I fogot to add this yesterday. MariahCarey.com was updated the past two days

    First off, go check out the new voice mesasge from Mariah about the London Fan Party she is throwing tomorrow. Here is the transcript courtesy of myself and you can also find it in audio and mariah's messages.

    Hey Lambs! So I have been in Europe and I have been traveling around and meeting a lot of fans and it's been really cool. So, not tonight but well tomorrow, I guess you'll be getting it tonight, Friday Night. I am having a party in London for my fans. I am putting this together at the last minute. But umm, it's been cool just being able to meet people and then you know of course I always feel bad when people are outside waiting, so we are going to try and get as many people as we can. So if you're around, hey, give Virgin a called and umm...Hold on, someone is talking to me, What? Yeahhh....They know about, I'm sure the spanish fans told them that we had a little event in Spain; It was fun and umm whatever. It's just been cool just traveling around Europe and seeing everybody. So I'm putting together a little party, it's very last minue and umm call Virgin for details, if you want to come. Hopefully you get this message in time and if not, I love you and I will continue to keep you posted. Byyyyyeee!
    July 11, 2001
    Mariah in Italy

    Mariah's promotion tour around Europe goes on with tons of interviews, but in Italy she had time for some relaxation. Look at this picture of our Queen lamb jumping into the hot water outside Porto Cervo in Sardinia!
    (Check out News for pic but it's not new. It's the latest one where she is in the Pink bathing suit)

    Mariah in Spain
    On July 10th Mariah made a quick visit to Spain for promotion. She arrived at about midnight the night before to the Palace Hotel of Madrid. The first half of the day was dedicated to interviews inside her hotel and then, at night, she was at big radiostations 40 Principales and Cadena 100. There is actually an entire fan website dedicated to Mariahs visits to Madrid, and hopefully it will have pictures and other nice things for you all to see.

    Click here to visit the website. (It's in spanish though.)

    The Glitter cover!
    Isn't this the most fantastic album cover you ever saw!! Mariah is all about Glitter these days!

    And the tracklisting.
    01. Loverboy (Remix) (featuring da brat, Ludacris, 22, shawna, & cameo)
    02. Lead The Way
    03. If We (featuring Ja rule & nate dogg)
    04. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    05. Don't Stop (Funkin' For Jamica) (featuring mystikal)
    06. All My Life
    07. Reflections (Care Enough)
    08. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (featuring Busta rhymes & fabolous sport)
    09. Want You (duet with Eric Bennet)
    10. Never Too Far
    11. Twister
    12. Loverboy (featuring cameo)

    This is what some fans thought of the cover:
    Indra from Indonesia:
    It's really cool, amazing and... I don't know... It's really different with her cover in the past.

    What a beautiful cover!!!!! It'll satisfy ALL the fans. It's sexy yet conservative so everyone's happy!! It's sooo glittery don't you think? Love it!

    I think that the cover is the most amazing cover Mariah's ever done. She looks so beautiful. The cover is really so different from all of her other covers and I think that's important as she's on a new label now and she needs to distance herself from her Columbia past. I honestly was speechless when I saw the cover and I think a lot of others were too!

    Oh My!!! I certainly hope this is the "Glitter" cover because it already is my favorite cover of any Mariah album!!! She gives a real meaning to the words "Glitter" and "Diva" with her glamour and beauty :-) The background and the effects are beautiful too! And it's only the outside of the album! Gosh I can't wait to hear what's inside of it.

    July 9, 2001
    Another fanbook for Mariah!

    Did you listen to the latest soundfile from Mariah on this site? There she talks about a nice fanbook she got, and as usual she loves it lots. It was handed to her by MisterB at the airport of Paris and here is a cool photo of Mariah holding it! (Click for bigger version)
    (Go to site to see picture)

    Group photos with Mariah!
    Here is a story from Sylvain and Kristelle from the french Mariah fanclub ( www.mariahfanclub.com), it's about Mariahs visit to NRJ radiostation for interview:

    Today was a great day. We saw Mariah in the NRJ studios and we could talk to her a bit about the fan-club. We showed her our magazine and she liked it. We took some pictures. Here in France, our members seems very happy that we allowed them to see Mariah at the airport. 8 of them came to welcome Mariah and even if it was very quick, they were like "OMG" !! They said they realized their dreams. We are very happy to have helped them in this way. We really want to continue doing this to make more and more people happy.

    Bad News
    Loverboy slipped from #55 to #61 on next weeks Billboard charts!!! We can't let this mess discourage us though, so please continue to vote and request her everywhere. (Thanks Freddy and Liron)

    Anna did the translation of yesterdays Spanish Article that Eva found and here it is....

    Mariah Carey is in our country (Spain), and it has caused a real  commotion among her fans.  The singer, surrounded by  strict security, greeted her fans and signed autographs, blew kisses and distributed white roses to those around her.

    The singer is here in Spain as part of her promotional campaign for her new album. Mariah is also taking her first steps towards her acting career.

    The young singer didn't want to speak about her personal life, not did she wish to discuss her relationship with her boyfriend, the well-known singer of boleros, Luis Miguel. She did, however, admit that it is difficult to balance a personal life with professional ambitions.

    At this moment, Mariah is focused on her work, and she said that she will be delighted to return to Spain as soon as possible.

    Mariah, do you have high hopes for your upcoming projects?

    MC: It's always good to try new things; my next movie is very different, it's an independent (low budget) film, but it's worthwhile for me to work with this kind of crew - people like (Oscar winner) Mira Sorvina.

    What is your role in this new movie?

    MC: This role is different from the rest (of the characters I've played). It's a more intense character, not one the fans would probably expect or recognize, and the chance to play a different type of character appealed very much to me.

    It appears that you are very involved in your work at the moment...

    MC: Yes, right now I'm very focused, concentrating on my work, and the people who care about me, those who love me,  will have to understand and be patient during this time, because they won't be able to see much of me.

    What can you tell us about your personal ambitions, your personal goals?

    MC: Right now it's very difficult to find time for both a personal and a professional life, it's difficult to mix them. However my loved ones understand that right now I'm working on something that I've wanted to do for a very long time-they know it's something that means a lot to me and for that reason they understand.

    Do you consider yourself as someone who "loves" our country? (Spain)

    MC: I spent quite a bit of time here when I was recording my last album (Giitter) . I'd love to come back very soon, but it's practically impossible for me to return before the fall (autumn). I enjoy coming to Spain because I always have a good time here.

    When it comes to the choice between  fame (glory, awards)  and the affection of your fans, which is most important to you?

    MC: What matters most to me is to be able to express myself creatively; the bond between me and my fans is very special, and when they (the fans) come up to me and tell me that one of my songs has made a difference in their lives, it really means so much to me.

    Does this give you strength?

    MC: It is very important to me; it's essential, and there's nothing else that matters quite as much.

    Extra has a poll on their website where you can give your opinion on whether you think Mariah is guilty for "stealing" Xscapes song. We need to get there and vote NO because so far she is loosing!! Go vote quickly!! (thanks to Eliana, Michelle from Star Mariah, Becky and Jag)
    Click Here to help out Mariah

    Mariah Carey only gets three hours sleep a night because she worries so much.

    The singer - who releases new single 'Loverboy' in the UK next week - stays awake because she has so many things on her mind according to The Sun. She told the British tabloid that the problem had got worse as she had become more successful.

    "I stay up thinking about all the loose ends," she said.

    "When I get these flashes of nerves, I'll call a friend or type on my pager or watch a movie or write lyrics or sit in the kitchen with my dog and cat.

    "If I'm feeling comfortable I could sleep for ten or 12 hours, but generally I get about three."

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Dotmusic

    New Pics
    Check out Gallery 1 for the scans of the Latina Magazine courtesy of MCWNO

    Plus, Lewis sent me another scan from Heat magazine, which features a new still from the Glitter movie, which is very nice. And I got a lovely new picture from Mariah Online, which is brand new!!! Check that out in Gallery 1 also!

    worldpop first to hear Mariah album
    Worldpop has been treated to a world exclusive preview of Mariah Carey's new album Glitter and we can report that it is well worth the wait.

    The album, Mariah's first for her new record label Virgin, is also the soundtrack to her forthcoming movie, Glitter. Set in the '80s, Glitter tells the story of a young girl named Billie trying to make it in showbiz. 'The record is '80s influenced to fit in with the movie,' Mariah has revealed, 'But I wanted to make it like 1982 meets 2002.' Judging by our listening, Mariah has definitely succeeded. The album blends elements of funk and disco to create an '80s New York club feel, but it's brought up to date with collaborations from Mystikal, Busta Rhymes, Da Brat, Ludacris and R&B singer, Eric Benet. Unfortunately, Mariah's work with Prince was not finished in time to be included on the record, but his influence is felt on many of the up-tempo tracks.

    While Glitter is most definitely a party record, it isn't lacking in Mariah's trademark ballads. With production from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the delicate melodies of the slower songs are perfectly complimented by the power of Mariah's voice. Look out for more Mariah exclusives and a fantastic competition coming to worldpop soon.

    Thanks to Mariah Online for this article!!!

    Want Mariah's Bra???
    Yeah, bizarre huh? Anyhow though, you can check out Mariah's Butterfly Bra at www.power106.fm/auction Here is what it says and below, there is an article that Tom sent me about it:

    Beautiful Butterfly Bra from Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey had donated this bra from her own collection. This one-of-a-kind Italian lace butterfly bra from the personal collection of Ms. Mariah Carey! She also inscribed "I (heart) you" on the inside back strap area. This beautiful bra was worn by Mariah Carey and is made of very fragile lace. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Knowledge Is Power Foundation, a nonprofit fund established over six years ago by KPWR (Power) 106FM, that awards grants to Los Angeles organizations that offer job training and education programs to under served youths and young adults. Since its inception, the Knowledge Is Power Foundation has raised more than $1.2 million dollars for organizations such as PUENTE Learning Center, A Place Called Home, Jobs-Not Jails and Los Angeles public schools.

    Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
    Package Contents
    One Italian Lace Butterfly Underwire Bra, Size 36. Lace is Very Fragile!

    Wanted: Bidders for Mariah Carey's Italian Lace Bra, Xena the Warrior Princess' Original Chakram and Other Authentic Celebrity Items! Business Wire via Dow Jones

    Ever wonder what Mariah Carey wears under her clothes? KPWR (Power) 106FM and uBid, a leading retail online auction and e-commerce marketplace, are enabling consumers to stop wondering and start bidding on Mariah Carey's Italian-lace, butterfly bra inscribed with "I Love U!" at www.power106.fm/auction.

      You will also have the opportunity to bid on her boxer shorts containing a "very personal message" written on the inner waistband starting July 20!   On Friday, July 6, 2001, KPWR (Power) 106FM kicked off the first-ever KIP Celebrity Internet Auction, powered by uBid.com. All proceeds will benefit the Knowledge Is Power Foundation, a nonprofit fund established over six years ago by KPWR (Power) 106FM, that awards grants to Los Angeles organizations that offer job training and education programs to under served youth. Since its inception, the Knowledge Is Power Foundation has raised more than $1.2 million for organizations such as PUENTE Learning Center, A Place Called Home, Jobs-Not Jails and Los Angeles public schools.

      "We're proud to partner with uBid to present a series of online charity auctions, allowing us to raise money for cause-worthy programs in the Los Angeles area," said Charisse Browner, creator and Knowledge Is Power Foundation President. In addition to Mariah's boxers and bra, the auction will feature:
      -- Incredible props from Xena the Warrior Princess, including   Xena's original Chakram, Gabriella's leather jacket and Xena's   Sword

      --  Various sports-related signed memorabilia including track   legends Marion Jones' and Carl Lewis' track shoes, and   baseballs from Tim Salmon and Ken Griffey, Jr.

      --  Motion picture memorabilia including an autographed poster   from the starring "Mummy" cast and a face mask signed by the   cast and director of the film "Evolution"

      --  Autographed music memorabilia including US and Rolling Stone   magazines featuring Janet Jackson; outfit worn by Dr. Dre   during the MTV Video Awards; RIAA certified record plaque from   Xhibit and WU Tang Clan

      "We searched for an Internet company that would believe in our endeavor, understand our goal, have a great client base and give us the best opportunity for a successful auction," said Browner. "uBid was very interested in providing the auction technology for this auction as it provides them with the opportunity to give back to the community. We are offering the consumer to bid on new celebrity items every two weeks."

      Bidding for Mariah Carey's bra and other KIP Celebrity Internet Auction items opened on Friday, July 6 and ends on Monday, July 13 at 5:00 p.m. PST. Six new celebrity items will be added to the auction on July 20 and will continue on a bi-weekly basis until all items are sold. Auction items can be accessed at www.power106.fm/auction or http://www.ubid.com/. For further information, pictures and/or partial list of auction items or to interview Charisse Browner, call 323/291-2102.

    Mariah in New York Post
    Janel tells me that Mariah was in the New York Post yesterday on page 8. That's all the info I have on that.

    Hero Played To Remember Officer
    Here is what Tom told me, which is quite sad...
    On the radio this morning (WPLJ in NYC) they played "Hero" because a police officer in Jersey City, NJ was at a July 4th party with friends and the neighbors were doing fireworkers and when he went over to ask them to stop the 40-year-old brothers beat him in the head with a pipe and he died after being on life support.

    Italian interview with Mariah
    Adam gave me a run down on what happened on yesterdays Italian radio interview with Miss M:
    Hi!I'm Adam from Italy.Yesterday evening an Italian radio station broadcast a special interview with Mariah.She has been there two days and she said that she's making a dream come true:the dream is doing films.She has taken a personal teacher to learn about acting and she said that her manager advised her not to make other films,but Mariah thought that "Wise girls" was an important thing to do,so she did it."Glitter"is not about her own background :the only thing she has in common with Billie(her role) is the passion for music,while they are different because MC has a beautiful relation with her mum.Instead,"Wise girls"is more reflective,intense.The interviewer has noticed that Mariah  was much more relaxed than the last time he met her.The reason is because now she has changed label,she has love. She remembered that she couldn't do anything without the permission,in the interviews she couldn't say things that her bosses didn't want her to say.She said that she knows to be very lucky and fame is a price to pay because her private life is well known by the world,but she can stand it.In fact, success brings her emotion,like the times when her fans told her that she saved their lives with her songs.She also said that when she was young she had to accept contracts that today she would'n sign,but she doesn't blame anyone for what has happened,anyway,she's happy. I've also watched a tv-interview where she said that being the next Bond girl would be cool,but it seems like she wasn't interested in it. bye bye never change your wonderful site!!!!    

    Download Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
    You can now download a 1 minute clip of "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" at MariahStyle.net The quality is poor but hey, it's better than nothing!

    Magazine News
    Melissa tells me that Mariah is in the new Teenbeat with Justin T. on the cover. It's just a picture of her from Glitter that we have all seen before.

    Next, Mariah is in the new Disney Adventure magazine in the Calendar spot for August 21st and it mentions her new cd and there is a pic of her in the Rainbow Shirt.

    Finally, Mariah is The Best Beat and here is more about it from Melissa...

    It is called "The Many Years of our Sweet Sweet Fantasy" It has a new pic of mariah which she looks beautiful! She is wearing a red shirt and her hair is done up all cute! She has a pic smile and looks beautiful! It also had a writeup and the next few pics------------mariah at the grammys in 1991, mariah with tommy in 1993, Mariah in a black and white pic from the music box days, mariah in her braids, mariah in the red dress she wore recently, the loverboy picture of her on the car and a picture of mariah at the fresh air place! This article is 5 pages long and says only great things about Mariah! They say "the sweet girl is not only beautiful but sings it too" and " Looking hot and sexy in redhot colors" and such on. This magazine LOVES Mariah and I will try to get the writeup or hopefully the scan if I can!

    Vote for Mariah for TeenChoice Award
    Vote for Mariah under the category for "Song of the Summer" because she is nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Click here to vote

    Poster of Mariah in Break-Out
    Hanneke told me that there is a huge poster of Mariah in the new Break-Out magazine, which is a foreign magazine. I don't know what picture it is or anything but go check it out.

    Mariah on Inside Edition Yeterday
    Mary told me that there was a segment on Mariah yesterday on Inside Edition. They basically talked about her new movie. There was a woman from some magazine who was talking about Mariah and her new movie and saying how people are having very high expectations for her new movie and soundtrack.

    Mariah #4
    Ralf told me that under Chart Section, on MTVE.com, Loverboy was now #4.

    Mariah #10 on VH1's Rock Across America
    Mariah came in #10, Janet was #11 and Destiny Child was #17, so GO MARIAH! Thanks Leo!

    Spanish Interviews
    McLoverBoy17 told me that in one of the Spanish interviews that Mariah said her next single will be a ballad, most likely Lead The Way. The next video for the ballad, will have scenes from the movie and the only reason Loverboy didn't is because Music Channels don't really like that, she said. To download the interviews online, check out MariahStyle.net

    Want Some Glitter Stuff?
    Check out Alan's Mariah Store for some cool t-shirts, mousepads, hats, etc featuring the Glitter cover/Glitter text. They are very nicely done, go check it out!

    July 11, 2001...
    Download Tracks From Glitter/Spanish Interview
    Carlos told me that you can check out 3 clips from the Glitter album at Mariahmm.net The songs that you can download at Lead The Way, Don't Stop (Funkin' For Jamica), and Never Too Far. Check 'em out!

    Plus, Anderz informed me that you can check out the full MP3 online of Mariah's Spanish Interview. Thanks to Meski and Jonathon for this...Click Here.

    What do you think of these Glitter Samples??
    Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Fan Party in Spain
    Yesterday there was a HUGE party that Mariah threw for 90 of her fans. The whole party was created after Mariah got a special letter from a fan requesting a party and Mariah said, what the heck, let's do it. Hopefully this special lamb will give us his/her story shortly. Anyhow though, Jorge told us more about it and here it is....

    Hey everyone!
      just this note for letting you know that right now I´ve returned back from the very recent Mariah´s visit to Madrid.All it was really GREAT there as she attended 2 Spanish radio stations(Cadena 40 and Cadena 100)for the promotion of Loverboy although the most important for all of us-"only" 90 Spanish fans waiting there out in her hotel-was yesterday(July 10th)when she invited us to a special party in the "Palace Hotel".So all of us went into the hotel at 9pm and in the principal assembly room of this luxury hotel where she spent her 20 hours in Madrid while sounds all the Loverboy remixes-according to Virgin Spain in this party was the World premiere for any of them-we were so awesome waiting for her trying the too much snacks and soft drinks that was in the tables.There was tons of coca colas,oranje juice,tomato juice,olives,chips,cookies...with 6 waiters,all that were totally free,all in the party it was payed by the own Mariah!We were waiting for her about 40 minutes and then she arrived there between lots of acclaims of all us just after of attending lots of interviews to the Spanish press in her Hotel bedroom.She was with us about 25 minutes and first of all and with a mic in her hand she gave us the thanks for be there supporting her always(thanx mariah to YOU always!),then she signed us lots of things,talking with us,gave us lots of white roses to everyone,any promo singles of Loverboy or even sang live a small piece of "Happy Birthday" still don´t know why(?)...at the end of the nice party she told us one very nice thing:YEAH,SEE YA AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER!(that means that already is sure that she´s coming again to Spain for do more promotion in two months,even less!)...really I can´t wait!!!She left Spain in July 10th at 11:00pm and I think now she must be already in London.

    She was really very funny,sweet and so kind with all of us in the party,once again she can see the tatoo in the back of my friend-MC fan named Mari and looks so happy during all the time.We can enjoy a lot,surely any other artist never would do something so good for their fans but Mariah is so special for all of us believe cause she isn´t the typical diva...she´s a very REAL person that give a special attention to their fans and above all she knows who is her.Once again THANKS MARIAH for to be so GREAT!!

    OK,that´s all for now,hope you´ve enjoyed the story of all what happened a few hours ago in Madrid,I´ve taken about 75 MC real pics there so tomorrow I´m going to develop them,hope can be of good quality,I´ll let you know asap...bye for now!
      Best wishes from Orense,
      Jorge Garrido Fernandez

    Thalia Responds To Mariah
    Eliana, Gabe and Ricardo both informed me that on Primer Impacto recently, Thalia reponded to Mariah's recent comment on her which was...

    "To tell you the truth I didn't know she sang, I thought she was a soap opera, but, I don't want to talk about that and that is not important", said Carey.
    Thalia's response to that was:
    "It sounds very comic and funny because she has a Mexican boyfriend who grew up with me and he knows me very well. He and she know me very well for many situations and this to me sounds very sympathetic."

    No InfoMC Newsletter This Week
    Sorry for all the InfoMC members but there will be no InfoMC Newsletter again this week due to the picture gallery and trying to work that mess out. It should be out on Monday though! Hang in there!!

    More Glitter Info
    Zoli, from MariahCarey.hu, told me some more information about Glitter Trailor...

    The Glitter movie trailer features the following music cues:
    Reflections 17 seconds
    Loverboy featuring Da Brat & Ludacris 3 seconds
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 17 seconds
    Mariah Scat 4 seconds
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 4 seconds
    I Didn't Mean To Turn You On 18 seconds
    Loverboy featuring Da Brat & Ludacris 2 seconds
    Loverboy featuring Cameo 16 seconds
    Lead the Way 31 seconds
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 12 seconds

    In the US the trailer is attached to the following films:
    Baby Boy (John Singleton film) - in theatres June 27th
    Crazy Beautiful
    Legally Blonde
    Jurassic Park 3
    American Sweetheart (Julia Roberts/Catherine Zeta-Jones film)
    Rush Hour II
    American Pie II
    Summer Catch (Freddie Prinze, Jr film)

    Rap-Up Hitting Stands July 31st....
    Devin told me that Rap-Up magazine will be hitting stands on July 31st for sure now. This magazine will feature Mariah as one of the 50 Sexiest Women of Rap/R&B and will also feature an interview with me about being a Mariah fan and running Mariah Daily and will feature the picture on the right of me. The magazine is already completed, so it's looking good.

    Spanish Article on Last Night in Spain.
    If you can read spanish, check out this link to read a little article about yesterday. Thanks to Eva for this article and hopefully Anna can translate it for us because it has a little iterview with Mariah. Also, there is a nice picture from the promotion of Butterfly, if you want to check it out, click the link also!

    New Pics
    Laura sent me a scan from Heat Magazine in England that features a bunch of pictures of Mariah over the last couple of years. Also, if anyone knows any promotional stuff that Mariah will be doing in the UK, please contact Laura at movetothesoundofthebeat@hotmail.com

    Plus, thanks to Uwe, I added a bunch of caps from recent Mariah interviews including ZDF, RTL, MTV and Taff.

    Check out all the caps in Gallery 1. Once again, this Sunday, my old picture gallery will be shutting down and I will no longer be adding anymore pictures there and Liron is in the process of backing everything up for me since her computer connection is quicker. No word yet on where the pictures will be moved too. Stay Tuned!

    Carey cronies
    MARIAH Carey not only dresses like a stripper, she inspires awe in the lapdancing set. While filming her "Lover- boy" video in the desert town of Palmdale, Calif., the barely-dressed diva and director David LaChapelle paid a surprise visit to Snooky's strip bar. Witnesses say that when Carey sauntered in, one topless temptress burst into tears and showed Mariah pictures of her baby daughter, also named Mariah. "Then a burly truck-driver type walked over and showed her a 'Mariah' tattoo on his arm," says our spy. "It was bizarre." Carey ended up playfully peeling down to her bikini, to the delight of Snooky's pervy patrons.

    Thanks to Nini for this older article from NY Post

    Info from Canada
    Here is what Alex told me:
    yeah, I just got ahold of the Canadian Hot 100 this week and in Mariah's second week in the Top 100, she vaults up to #63. She's also #21 on the M3 Adult Contemporary chart! When the single comes out(which should show up on the chart in 2 weeks), Mariah WILL be in the all-important Top 40!

    Glitter Tracklisting
    Xanax and JImmy told me the order of the songs on the Glitter CD:
    01. Loverboy (Remix) (featuring da brat, Ludacris, 22, shawna, & cameo)
    02. Lead The Way
    03. If We (featuring Ja rule & nate dogg)
    04. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    05. Don't Stop (Funkin' For Jamica) (featuring mystikal)
    06. All My Life
    07. Reflections (Care Enough)
    08. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (featuring Busta rhymes & fabulous sport)
    09. Want You (duet with Eric Bennet)
    10. Never Too Far
    11. Twister
    12. Loverboy (featuring cameo)

    Magazine News
    Shantal told me you can check out Mariah in the July 3rd issue of Hello magazine.

    I Met Mariah
    Two more stores were added today for this section of Mariah Daily. It features Nicoles story from the Boston concert and also, David sent me his story/picture of when he met Mariah in Las Vegas after winning a contest impersonating her. Check out all the pics and stories in I Met Mariah.

    EMI, Virgin First To Allow Music Downloading
    LONDON (Dow Jones)--EMI Group PLC's (U.EMI) EMI and Virgin labels will become Europe's first major labels to sell music downloaded from the Internet, The Observer reports.

    The companies have agreed terms with Swedish company Buylando to allow music fans to buy albums from a range or artists including Mariah Carey which will be transmitted digitally on the Internet.

    Thanks to Tom for this article

    Mariah Carey finally makes a movie
    After a cameo appearance in 1999's The Bachelor, Carey will be seen in her first major movie next month, when Glitter opens in theaters nationwide. Based loosely on Carey's own life, it tells the story of a mixed-race woman who is abandoned by her white father and taken from her black mother to be raised by foster parents. After years of hardship she finds fame and fortune as a 1980s pop star, then goes looking for her mother.

    In real life, the 31-year-old diva's mixed heritage is the other way around -- it's her father who is half-black, half-Venezuelan, her mother who is Irish-American. Carey's father left the family when she was small and she grew up on Long Island with her mother and two siblings.

    As well as turning in a polished performance, Carey sings six songs, including the already released single, Loverboy, on the soundtrack CD -- the first album since her new, five-year, $117 million contract with Virgin Records made her the world's highest-paid singer.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from the June 8th South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    Note From Regina
    Some of you wrote me and told me that you could only see the top banner and the Back Issue graphics after I redesigned the main page earlier in the week. I found out that it was the Netscape browser that was the problem and checked out the HTML of the site. Everything should be working now and sorry about that!

    July 10, 2001...
    Download New Mariah Music
    Check out MCWNO for the 4 remixes from MJ Cole and check out MariahStyle.net to check out 30 second clips of new Mariah music Don't Stop and Lead the Way!!

    Glitter Cover/New Pics
    Since my Xoom account is down and I can no longer add any new pictures to it, I will add pics to this account slowly until I can get another page up and running somewhere. Please note, that the new pictures will only remain on the site for a week or two and then I have to replace them. So if you like a pic, I suggest saving it on your hardrive.

    The Glitter cover is now out and you can check it out in Gallery #1. Many thanks to Zoli from MariahCarey.hu and Hannan for this picture.

    Next, I scanned the Twist magazine two page article on Mariah and you can check it out there. Anne sent me some nice pictures of Mariah she took while she was there in Germany and finally, Aurelie sent me a picture of Mariah in the NRJ studios with employees there!! Enjoy and check them all out by clicking here.

    New Mariah Message
    There is a new message from Mariah from her Official Site and thanks to MSR, I got the transcript for ya...

    Hi Lambs.....yeahhh.....I'm calling you from Spain, at this point I barely know where I am any day of the week. But we're Spain and we're having a good time, there's a lot of fans that have come out and umm I think that what I am going to try to precede to do is put together like a little, some kind of little Hoopla for everybody tonight because umm you know it's hard for me when I go from place to place to let it like to bring everybody inside and do something special, but umm tonight we're gonna try. So hopefully everybody that comes tonight you'll hear this message tomorrow and know that I'm trying to put it together and everybody else out there I love you much, I appreciate everything that you do.....and umm.....I was wrong about the single date, it's the 17th. So.....umm.....I'm coming back home to America in I guess a couple of days or whenever I dunno, I still think it's you know last November......but umm (laughs) anyway, love you much and I will call again soon.....BYE
    Check out this message in the audio section and the Transcript section.

    Mariah in Premiere Magazine
    Check out the August 2001 issue of Premiere magazine for two paragraphs on Glitter and a little picture of Mariah singing into the microphone, nothing new. I didn't even buy it!

    80 Lucky Fans Hang With Mariah in Spain
    As we all know Mariah is in Spain at the moment and she will be giving two interviews to two different Radio Spanish Stations (40 Principales and Cadena 100). Mari and Juan Luis told Mini that Mariah will be inviting 80 lucky fans in for a party to celebrate the upcoming Glitter album. More information on this coming tomorrow since Mari and Juan will most likely be inside partying with Mariah, Mini tells me.

    Loverboy in Australia
    Anwar told me that Loverboy is doing well in Australia. In the past week it has moved from #27 to #22 to #17 to #10 tp #5, on the Hot 30 on Australia's Biggest Radio Station.

    The Countdown Begins
    In exactly ONE WEEK, Loverboy will be released around the world. It was #8 on TRL today, which is great news. Keep voting for it and hopefully this Thursday, Loverboy will be in the top 30 on the Billboard charts and even my local radio stations are starting to play it this week, FINALLY!!

    I Met Mariah!
    I added two new stories from experiences in Germany and you can read both of them by clicking here. Sabine wanted me to note that she is willing to trade pictures with anyone!!

    Total Request For Europe
    Liran wanted me to post the following information on how you can request Loverboy on the European site for MTV.

    Click Here
    Next click shows
    Now click Total Request
    Finally choose Mariah and write your details and vote.

    Sunday Times Magazine Article
    Desiree sent me the Sunday Times Magazine Article taken from here.

    There is a dream that is so intense it hurts. It is painful in the teenage years, and for some people it never passes. It crosses all boundaries of country and skin colour. This fantasy is fame through music, with a variation that is fame through film. Let us go to New York, where someone has stolen out of nowhere and is living it.

    Mariah Carey has just become the highest-paid woman in music. The singer of sentimental ballads that are perfect for a solitary, drunken night at home has pulled off so many No 1 hits that she is closing in on Elvis Presley. As of next month, when she marks her freedom from career-long male control with the release of her first project for Virgin, she will earn £20m an album under a £60m-plus contract that is bigger than those of Janet Jackson (£52m), Michael Jackson (£40m) or anyone you care to name.

    Carey is a contradiction. She is one of the best soul singers the world has seen, with a voice of such virtuosity that her range rivals a piano's. (Pianos span 7.33 octaves and she covers five - if you are not amazed then try it, doubling the pitch of your singing voice five times.) She is so versatile that she writes and co-produces everything she does. Yet, if her vocal cords are extraordinary, what they sing has, until now, been oddly forgettable. Her family background, which she says she cannot discuss for legal reasons, was destined to create an artist, drug addict or prostitute - or, as we shall see, all three. Yet she has so little to say to other musicians that Madonna once observed that, given the options of being dead or Mariah Carey, she'd rather be dead.

    So, to New York; or, if not New York, where Carey is alleged to live, then to Canada, where she is making a film, or Marbella, where she has been shooting a music video, or Minneapolis, where she is working on her album. This 31-year-old is never still. For someone with a fortune estimated at £130m, her work ethic is alarming. An insomniac since childhood, she needs two people from her management company on every trip, so that they can work in shifts.

    When you meet her, two things hit you. The first is this exhausting schedule; the second is that there's something to sell. This time it is her first feature film, Glitter, which opens in Britain this autumn, plus the soundtrack from the film, out in August, and Loverboy, a single from the soundtrack, out next week.

    This is a woman who has achieved the dream on a heroic scale. She has sold more than 150m albums and singles, with a barely believable 84 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certificates. In the United States, she is the only artist since the 1920s to have had a No 1 hit year after year for a decade, and her 15 No 1s beat any female artist, or, indeed, any artist of any description except for the Beatles and Elvis Presley.     

    In Britain, her success is more muted, with two No 1s - Without You in 1994 and last year's Against All Odds - yet rumours of her presence can still draw a crowd of 10,000. It is a surprise, therefore, to take the lift to the penthouse of a fashionable New York hotel, ease past a very big man in the corridor - when you find him, you've found her - and discover quite how much you, as a reader of this newspaper, matter to her. Mariah Carey is intimidated. Endearingly, one of the most fabulous voices the human species has produced is shaking with nerves.

    First, the fairy tale. The reason Carey symbolises the dream is the way she came to fame. She grew up in Long Island, a mixed-race girl whose home was always the poorest and most bohemian in the neighbourhood. Her father, who is part black, part Latin, left when she was two. Her older sister, Alison, became a drug addict and for four years a prostitute; she is HIV-positive. Mariah lived with her mother, a white opera singer of Irish extraction, and at times with two gay married men, Ernest and Mort, her mother's best friends. 'Not married with a certificate,' she explains when she has steadied her nerves. 'But they lived together as a married couple, and they had this really beautiful home.' She remembers their dog, Sparkle, and the presents they gave her at Christmas, or on other days when Mariah and her mother took refuge. They were, she says, her one constant in a childhood and adolescence in which she moved 13 times.

    Her mixed race confused her: she looks white enough for people to feel relaxed being racist in front of her, but her darker brother and sister were beaten up, crosses were burnt on the lawn, the family dog was poisoned. By her teens, Mariah was angry. She remembers bumping girls she did not like - unambiguously desirable girls such as cheerleaders - into the lockers. She knew that her route out would not be pregnancy, marriage or the comfort of drugs; instead, she saw, with a fear-driven focus that has yet to release its grip, that the arts can be a passport to approval. She showed talent at two, singing Rigoletto - in Italian. By the age of eight she was ambitious, reading books about Marilyn Monroe. Mariah acted the class clown to gain acceptance, while her desire to sing and her wish not to be broke grew too strong for any distraction.  

      And so we move to the day that her life changed, when the 18-year-old, still a virgin, by now also a waitress and session singer, learns that her friend Brenda Starr, also a singer, has been invited to a party. Important record people are going to be there. Generously, Brenda not only allows Mariah to come, but lends her some party clothes. Their feet are different sizes, however, so Mariah has dirty black trainers sticking out underneath. Coming up the stairs with her demo tape, she sees Tommy Mottola, president of CBS Records (later Sony).

    'Tommy was looking at me,' she has said, in what seems like a coded slur (remember, he was more than twice her age). 'Now, mind you, I'm an 18-year-old wearing an Avirex jacket, a short little skirt and sneakers. It was very kid. It was probably pretty, like, Lolita-ish.' Mottola takes her tape and leaves. He plays it in his limousine and is so stunned he goes straight back to the party, but she has gone. Within days, he tracks her down and signs her in an eight-album deal.

    Mottola wanted $1m spent on her promotional budget, and $500,000 on her first video. Staff knew they would be fired if her records did not debut at No 1, and if radio stations failed to play them in the week of release they were blacklisted. The push angered another of Sony's artists, George Michael, who thought he was being ignored, prompting his legal action to release himself from the label. Meanwhile, the investment worked. The first album, Mariah Carey, included four No 1 singles and sold more than 5m copies.

    At a glance, her new film tells this story. Set in the New York club scene of the 1980s, Glitter shows a mixed-race girl called Billie (Mariah Carey) surviving a turbulent childhood to be discovered by a bad-boy DJ (Max Beesley) who becomes her partner, producer and lover, and sets her on the road to fame. The idea has seen many changes since Carey put it forward four years ago, however. 'My life story would be entirely different, quite controversial. Probably someone would make sure it never came out.' She means Mottola, but does not say his name. Mariah-watchers know the code: 'powers that be' is Mottola, 'people in corporate positions' is Mottola, and 'situations', as in 'living within situations that were oppressive', means marrying Mottola.

    Carey and Mottola wed in 1993, after Tommy had left his wife and children, and Mariah had studied tapes of the marriage of Charles and Diana. They built themselves an unappealing fairy-tale mansion in upstate New York. It had 12 bedrooms, a recording studio, a ballroom, a firing range, a helicopter pad and two swimming pools. Marriage gave her stability, with a dependable male figure, for the first time. But it was also an extraordinary decision for a musician in her early 20s to make, repressing her as a person and crippling her as an artist. If you want to know why her virtuoso ballads are forgettable, look at her marriage. Three years after her divorce, Carey is still trying to break free. She is a corporate woman, a house-trained artist, tutored not to give offence.

    This is a New Yorker who so wanted to be sexy that at the age of six she would sign pictures of herself in a bikini. Suddenly she is in protective custody in a mansion, with companions twice her age, who are mostly male and in the music industry, all more interested in dinner at a good restaurant than a night in town. Her husband is vetting the people she can work with, and sees to it that she is demure and diva-like on her rare public appearances, for which she must wear a long gown. As a marketing move this is shrewd: dressing plainly does not threaten the audience. But Carey begins to suffocate. 'Once, this guy was at my house, and he's a wealthy older man, a billionaire,' she says. 'I guess he used to enjoy watching me get drunk. So I'm sitting there, bored, and he's giving me tequila shots. I suddenly felt really sick. And he's laughing at me, like, "Look! She's drunk!' So I'm walking up the stairs, trying to maintain my composure, but I was a mess, throwing up... I decided to take a bath, but my psychotic housekeeper was like, "No! You've got to go to bed!' But I really wanted a bath, so I'm running around naked in this room, trying to rebel against my housekeeper. Finally, I pretended I was going to go to sleep, and she left...

    'She is insecure about her looks, and such anxieties, together with the old racial confusion, deepened in corporate care. 'I was told, "Don't show this side of your face, don't show your forehead, you look too ethnic, your hair needs to be curly, you need to da da da.' When you're a young kid, with these corporate money you know, these people, it's not hard to go, "Okay.'' Coming off stage on a high, she would be whisked into a car, where the vibe was 'all dark and critical, not celebratory'. She loved her husband, though; she says (again without breathing his name) that 'somebody [ie, Mottola] is, like, completely on the same page as you, and loving those things in you that you want everyone else to see. It's a feeling that's hard to match. Plus, if you haven't had a consistent father figure...' But this could not last. 'Sometimes who you think is your biggest protector is actually your biggest enemy, because they're stifling the real you.

    'Naturally, the control affected the music. If an album was judged too urban, she would write a ballad for balance. But she grew resentful, which shows in the direction she took on her divorce. The gowns came off, a bikini went on, ballads gave way to hip-hop. Carey took acting lessons, which corporate beings had discouraged. Now she was criticised as a white singer trying to be black, but this is doubly unfair: not only is she mixed race, she had always loved rap, but was forced to restrain herself.

    Sources at Sony say that by the end she was a nightmare, growing an entourage so large that on her last visit to Britain she allegedly asked for 47 Concorde tickets. But then, someone seems to be trying to damage her. At one stage a preposterous quote was attributed to the singer-songwriter and reported worldwide. 'When I watch TV and see all those poor starving kids all over the world,' she is supposed to have said, 'I can't help but cry. I mean, I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.' The real Mariah is thoughtful and self-aware, if young for 31. Asked intrusive questions, she is generous: she does not try to defend herself but gives a candid reply.

    Her later records for Sony, the post-Mottola albums that are more intense and less controlled, have not sold as well. In the UK her biggest album was 1993's Music Box, which went seven times platinum, followed by Daydream in 1995, a triple-platinum. By contrast, Butterfly (1997, and deeply personal) was a single-platinum; but as a declaration of independence, it was hardly likely to get the same marketing effort. Then, like George Michael, Carey was released from Sony, possibly with the help of Jennifer Lopez. In January, a snippet of music licensed by Carey mysteriously appeared on a Lopez album released by Sony. Carey exploited this misdemeanour to speed her exit. Both sides say it is untrue that the dispute led to her release, but the fact is, despite owing Sony one more album, she was freed. She signed with Virgin.

    Virgin is a corporation, of course, but this time she has not married into it, and the relief expressed on the press release announcing the contract is real. 'I am elated about my partnership with Virgin,' runs the quote. 'I look forward to being a part of their uniquely creative musical environment. Hallelujah!'

    The Billie in the film Glitter is not Mariah: where the fictional character is abandoned by her mother, the real star's mother sends her jokes and messages every five minutes on her pager. The film offers insights, even so. 'The essence of Billie is seeking fame because of the abandonment,' Carey says. 'She feels her mother will be able to come back, will see she's succeeded and be proud of her.' Substitute father for mother and a parallel is plain to see.

    That's now in the past. Carey has made contact with her father, and is pleased that he has never tried to exploit her fame. 'He thinks I've had one album,' she says with affection. 'He doesn't know any of my songs!' But she remains wary of men, and has had sexual relationships with just three people. The first was her husband, her second was the multiracial baseball star Derek Jeter, and her third is her supposed boyfriend of two years, Mexico's Elvis, the singer Luis Miguel. In May they were featured in Hello! magazine, photographed on a yacht he has bought her as a present. Yet, when asked about her romantic life, she says: 'Right now, there's no room for anything. I really, really have to be focused on what I'm doing.' She adds that she is not saying they have split up.

    She is in the middle of a life lesson right now, she says, and is trying not to care what others think. 'The conclusion I've come to lately is that no matter what I do, everybody will not unanimously love me.' According to her mother, she is more herself than when she was married; she's less insecure, too.

    Carey no longer insists that she will sit only on the left side of the limo, forcing you to behold her from her better side. These days, she has younger friends who are new musicians. 'And I go, "Please don't let these people control you.' The artists that come from nothing in terms of the class system or money or whatever, I feel like sometimes we can be manipulated, because we're afraid that we're gonna end up back there.' Even with £130m, this is true of her: she has a recurring dream that she is on the subway, with no money to get home.

    So, do you still want to be Mariah Carey? Consider this: two years ago, she bought her own home, a Manhattan apartment. It is the first place she has owned by herself. How many days has she spent there in two years? Six. 'Relaxing is hard for me,' she says. 'What relaxes me is having fun and feeling safe. That's not easy, but when I have my dog with me and we go swimming, or I'm with fun people, listening to music, I can relax.' When did you last feel safe? 'I don't know. I can be talking to someone who will calm me down, then I could fall asleep on the phone because they've taken away that feeling.

    'Even as a child she suffered from insomnia; she listened to the radio at night, and was always the last child up at sleep-overs, hanging around to talk to the parents. These days, this multimillionaire spends the middle of the night thinking about 'all the loose ends, the things I have to do. Sometimes people, because they do not want me to do certain things, will tend to be alarmist, and that is not the best behaviour for me internally. So when I get these flashes of nerves, I'll call a friend or type on my pager or watch a movie or write lyrics or sit in the kitchen with my dog and cat'. How long do you sleep for? 'If I'm feeling comfortable, I could sleep for 10, 12 hours.' And generally? 'About three. Last night I got more: about five, six hours, because I got two things accomplished.

    'What will become of her? 'We're no longer in the era of Aretha Franklin when you can sell yourself purely on your voice,' says an insider, who asks not to be named. 'If you're not pushing the right buttons musically, you're going nowhere. Which is why Janet Jackson, who doesn't have much of a singing voice, has been able to sustain a career about as successful as Mariah's, because she works with the right producers and makes the right noises for the urban R&B market, which is notoriously fickle.

    'It's an open question at this point. Nobody can tell whether Mariah is a star in decline or a global brand name, like Madonna, who will carry on selling records. How many of her songs can you summon up to mind? She's sold all these records, and she's got a great voice, but she hasn't for all that burnt many of her tunes into the collective consciousness. I can't think of a single one.'

    It is probably too late to know what Carey could have done as an artist. To this ear, her new album sounds like her usual careful sequence of ballad and street music, as if a multiracial, multi-genre singer is trying to keep a multifarious audience content. Maybe she is a star in decline, with £130m as compensation for not fulfilling her promise and for a financial insecurity that will never leave her. But by the end of this contract she is likely to oust Elvis Presley as the most successful No 1 creator of all time. And you can't sniff at that.

    July 9, 2001...
    New Pictures
    I added a bunch of new pics of Mariah to Gallery 58! and there are some brand new pics of Mariah in Europe swimming, with fans, etc. Also, there is a larger scan of the pic to the below. Oh and brand new pics were added of Mariah which are AWESOME!!

    There are a couple of people I need to thanks for these pictures and here goes...Thanks to Alan (for the Glitter cover and various others), Uwe (Owner of the Germany Fan Site), Zoli (MariahCarey.hu--Gave the Caps), Bernard (For the Older Hong Kong Pic), Kartik , IElatincutie, Lucie (for the two pics in Germany), Kruggins J (for the pics of Mariah swimming), and anyone else I forgot, sorry!

    I just checked the picture gallery and it seems that Xoom is having some problems so I am posting the three brand new pictures below and the rest are all just various lovely newer pics of MC but you can wait if you can't see them at the moment because I only have so much room on this site!! Once again thanks to Uwe for these pics

    New Tracklisting Info
    Virgin Records recently took to the Big Apple (6/27) to introduce what could be categorized as one of the music industry's biggest free agent acquisitions. Mariah Carey is now a Virgin Records recording artist, signing a multi-year, multi-album deal with the label that is also the home to superstar Janet Jackson. Many industry heavyweights gathered high atop the Hudson Hotel in NYC to hear what might be the one of the most anticipated new music releases of the year, other than Michael Jackson.

    Virgin Sr. VP/Promotion Michael Plen introduced Mariah, who appeared a little after nine o'clock and was greeted with a warm welcome from a who's who from the world of radio and record promotion. Mariah immediately teased those in attendance with a few accapella bars of "Hero" and then proceeded to give her sincere thanks to radio for not only their support in the past but for sticking by her and supporting her current single, "Loverboy," from her forthcoming new album and movie Glitter. It's Mariah's first starring role in a motion picture that is scheduled to open Labor Day weekend. MC made it a point and let it be known once and for all that she has not forgotten about Pop radio, as many have whispered. Mariah commented, "Pop radio has helped to make me who I am today, and I am truly grateful." Mariah then worked the room like a new artist, but with ten years of experience and 150 million records sold under her belt, using a wireless mic to introduce a couple of tracks from the new album. The first was a remake of the Robert Palmer hit, "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On." Mariah noted that many might not know that back in the eighties it was R&B singer Cherrelle who originally recorded the song that was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She also said she had acquired the original music track after speaking with Jam and Lewis who also have produced most of this album. Then came a song that many had been asking for, a Mariah ballad, "Never Too Far" that was very reminiscent of her "Vision Of Love" days, which she also teased the crowd with by also singing few accapella bars. Then it was another remake of a Dance classic, "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life," this time featuring Busta Rhymes and produced by Fabolous. Mariah's vocals remained true to the original while Busta added that extra edge that made it a perfect fit for today's music. Then Mariah played "Let Love Lead The Way," another ballad that was really what most have come to expect and what many have missed from this superstar talent. Mariah then encouraged the DJ (Rich P) to not only play the rest of the album, but other artists too. "It's a Party" she said, and Mariah ended by saying how much she appreciated people coming, noting that "you all have lives and families and I really do appreciate you coming to listen… thank you so much!" Then Mariah took the time to meet and greet every last person and then some, taking photos and making small talk. It's something that seems to be often missing from the music business, and most superstar artist of late.

    Having said that, there have been notable exceptions, that being Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. It's amazing what a little time and effort on the artist's part can do for the long term. It in no way ensures that an artist will have hit single, but it does seem to provide a better opportunity for that artist to have a chance at succeeding by cultivating a relationship with radio. Radio knows it can be frustrating for the record company, but it's just as frustrating for radio programmers who show true support and then catch the burden of another station's failed commitment. But isn't it amazing how accessible an artist is when they need radio? It's an argument that rages on, and the relationship must improve between all three: radio, records and the artists. We need superstar artists to keep the format healthy. Everybody knows that, but few ever speak about it publicly. It is great see an artist such as Mariah Carey taking the time to reconnect with radio. Nearly everyone I've spoken with has asked the same three questions "How did she look?" "Was she nice?" and "How was the music?" Let me just say this and I'll start by stating that I am a fan of Mariah and her music and I have been since day one. So… Mariah looked great and she was more than gracious with everyone. It wasn't until a little after 1:00am that Mariah finally called it a night, having taken the last photo and signing the last autograph. It was another truly special evening with one of music's premier super divas who's more than ready to prove that she still has what it takes. So what about the music? The hits are there, but only time will tell. When you really think about it, Mariah's track record, which speaks for itself, has earned her the benefit of the doubt at radio. Once the records hit radio, the audience will ultimately decide if indeed Mariah still... GLITTERS!

    Thakns to Fjnevez and SUMar235 for this article from Street Beat

    Glitter Tracklisting
    Glitter will contain 11 new songs from Mariah but will contain 12 since both versions of Loverboy will be featured on it. Here is the tracklisting from the Italian Virgin Website (Thanks Xanax):

    Loverboy featuring Cameo
    Loverboy Remix featuring Da Brat/Ludacris/Shawna/22
    Care Enough (Reflections)
    Lead The Way
    I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    Never Too Far Away
    If We featuring Ja Rule and Nate Dogg
    Don't Stop(Funkin For Jamaica)
    All My Life
    Want You featuring Eric Benet
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life featuring Busta Rhymes & Fabulous Sport

    It's Mariah The Deep Sea Diva Picture Special
    SEXY singer Mariah Carey turns into a deep sea diva - as she leaps off a boat into the ocean. Mariah, 31, delighted onlookers by jumping 20ft into the sparkling Med in a saucy pink fringed bikini at Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

    Pals with her on the luxury yacht looked pretty impressed too as the beauty - who had earlier been relaxing in dark shades - plunged into the water in 100 degree sunshine. Well, you've got to ad-Mariah her courage.

    Thanks to Kruggins J for this article from The Sun. Check out the pics in Gallery 58!

    Curvy Carey Gives Her Fans A Quick Thong On Sun Cruise
    HOTHEAD singer Mariah Carey cooled off with a dip in the Med at the weekend after a bust-up. The fiery pop diva threw one of her famous tantrums on the set of her latest film, Wise Girls, in which she plays a waitress. But all that was forgotten as she enjoyed a cruise off Porto Cervo in Sardinia and went for a dip. For her fans, it was a quick flash of the body she has insured for an amazing $1billion, after plastic surgery to give her a 36D bust. She also makes pounds 20million an album, in no small part due to her sexy moves on the pop videos. The 31-year-old singer, however, spreads a little sunshine as a keen supporter of a charity giving holidays to disadvantaged kids.

    Thanks to Kruggins J for this article

    Germany Story
    Here is what Lucie and Anne told me of Mariah in Germany. Two of Lucie's pics are in Gallery 58!

  • Lucie:
    I visited your websites very often, so I want to send you two best photo's that I took last Thursday in Cologne, where I met Mariah! I travelled with Anne Martijn and Machteld, from Holland, to Germany, to Cologne, because we wanted to see Mariah. She didn't come to Holland, but we hope she will come to Holland next month, August, during the promotion of her album Glitter. We were at the TV-show "Die Harald Schmidt Show". After the show, we waited outside. We screamed her name and she came to us. She looked very great! And she was so sweet!
  • Anne:
    I went to see Mariah in Cologne, Germany , I was on the Harald Schmidt Show and it was AWESOME I want to e-mail you soon again to maybe write my story down but I have transcribed like a thousand times by now so I might just take one I already made and change it a bit. Anyway, Mariah told us another title of she called "a very sad ballad": NEVER TOO FAR. The sountrack is supposed to contain alot of ballads, Mariah said so at Harald's.

    Mariah and Prince Figure It Out
    Not everyone is impressed with Mariah Carey's record-breaking album deal. Especially not Prince.

    In April, Carey signed with Virgin Records for five albums at $23.5 million per album setting a new standard.

    "Prince called me and said, 'You think you got a good deal, right?'" Carey tells Movieline in August. "And then he starts to say how they sell the record for $18.99 and most artists make less than a dollar on each CD. So he says, 'C'mon, do the math with me.'

    "I said, 'Prince, I failed math before [his 1984 album] 'Purple Rain' came out.'"

    In the mid-1990s, Prince battled with his record company, Warner Brothers, over artistic control and album content before disassociating himself from the label. So he was only too happy to help Carey with the calculations.

    "'OK, if you sell 10 million records, that's $100 million for them, and if every album you've ever done has sold eight million, what do you think you made for these people anyway?'" Carey recalled Prince telling her.

    "I said, 'Well, [Virgin] is such a great company.' "And he says, 'That's like the old slave mentality, saying my new master is better than my old master.'

    "Talk about taking the wind out of my sails," said Carey. But instead of getting angry at Prince, Carey said she was glad he was there to push her.

    "I need to keep my eye on things," she said, "because I've been frigging taken advantage of like you wouldn't believe."

    Thanks to Nini for this article from NY Daily News

    Magazine News--Mariah on COVERS
    I got a BUNCH of magazine news for you all. First off, Devin, KRAZYFOOF and Janel told me that Mariah is on the COVER of Latina magazine and it features brand new pictures of her (anyone have a scan?). Mariah is on pages 74-77 and 116 and it has a really good interview from the movie, Luis and her race. Devin told me that the cover features the picture at the top of the site on the right but only her shoulders up. I am guessing inside, it features the other pictures.

    Janel also tells me that Mariah is in the October issue of Blackbeat magazine on page 90. She will be on the cover of the November issue of Blackbeat. There is also an article of Mariah in Right On magazine on page 4. Plus, Mariah is featured as Worst Dressed in People Espanol and there is a whole page on her. I have the scan and it will be up tomorrow. Thanks to Art for this info.

    Finally, Mariah in the June 2001 issue of Pop Star on page 82.

    She came to Germany in order to promote her new album. It couldn't have been any worse: Soul star Mariah Carey travels to Berlin, in order to promote her new album, and upon her arrival she became heavily ill with a cold. Perhaps the German climate is at fault? But a cold would not take the liberty Mariah Carey for the moment. The 31 year old is in the middle in an advertising route. At the end of August her new film"Glitter"will premiere, along with it's soundtrack, which will undoubtedly set new sales records. With 150 million albums sold and 15 US #1 hits, Mariah Carey is one of the most successful pop music artists of all time; the arrival of a new album it will not give Carey anything but success. A "Pre Listening Party" took place nevertheless on Friday evening, despite her cold.

    Carey's record label had selected a place where Carey can rest her vocal cords with: the attic, formerly the home of owner of discotheque and old bachelor Rolf Eden. Did anyone give Mariah Carey this information? Not likely. In the past, gossip magazines reported stories, one of them with photo accommodations of Mariah and a stairway step rising with the quote: "I don't DO stairs!" Or the story with white puppies; Mariah requested white dogs to be at all interviews, before she would begin to talk.

    Today Mariah Carey presents herself more like a professional. Already, when she steps onto the stage, she has a microphone at hand. She laughs often, and tells everyone about the new album, as well as the shy announcement that she would not be singing that day.

    Later, in a more calm moment, Mariah Carey said that she would rest happily in bed for two days, although she would have rather driven to the Mediterranean, to the beach herumzuluemmeln.

    Nevertheless - in the "Meet and Greet" with employees of the record label along with journalists, she would travel back and forth between the two. For Mariah Carey, the time is short until she jumps onto another airplane. It is a beautiful moment, because it takes place without any talking. Also a small group of fans, which is closely around Carey, is quiet. Perhaps they do this, because there are no more questions to ask, because they already know everything. They look extremely content, considering their favorite celebrity is about to fly away and leave them.

    Thanks to Matt from MCarey.nu for this article taken from Der Tagesspiegel

    Vote for Mariah on Singing Diva's
    Brian informed that Mariah is now #6 on the Diva's Site, which is great because before she wasn't even in the Top 10. We need to keep voting for her though because she only needs about 100 or so more votes to be #1!! Hope you help her out; click below to do so!

    New VH1 Show Featuring Mariah
        NEW YORK, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Major League Baseball and VH1 have teamed up to promote the 2001 National League and American League All-Star Teams with special player segments that will air on VH1 from Saturday, July 7 - Tuesday, July 10 in conjunction with Major League Baseball All-Star Week in Seattle, Washington.

        Each segment will feature an All-Star player talking about the way music has influenced his life, both at the ballpark and in his leisure time.  The segments will include the player's comments about music as well as game footage of each player set to music.

        The segments were filmed in late June at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium and The Ballpark in Arlington and will feature current and former All-Stars such as Jason Giambi (Oakland Athletics), Derek Jeter (New York Yankees), Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves), Kenny Lofton (Cleveland Indians), Mike Piazza (New York Mets), Jorge Posada (New York Yankees), Alex Rodriguez (Texas Rangers), Ivan Rodriguez (Texas Rangers) and Bernie Williams (New York Yankees).  The segments will air during programming on VH1's own All-Stars, from John Mellencamp to Kid Rock, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Aerosmith.

        "Major League Baseball All-Star Week is a celebration of the game's best players and the All-Star Game is the summer's marquee sports event," said Tim Brosnan, Executive Vice President, Business for Major League Baseball. "This project with VH1 -- which is one of the prime cable destinations for viewers in the 18-49 demographic -- is a tremendous opportunity for us to promote Major League Baseball to new audiences and highlight the unique personalities and interests of our All-Star players."

        "From when they're working out to when they go to the plate, Major League Baseball Players have their own soundtracks," said Fred Graver, VH1 Executive Vice President of Programming and Production.  "We love having the opportunity to show some of the players and the music that powers them on VH1."

    Reaching more than 76 million households worldwide, VH1 is the 24-hour channel that puts music first, serving a target audience of 25- to 44-year-olds who grew up with music videos and want to stay connected to the music they love.  VH1 features music videos, concerts, performance series, live special events, acquired movies, music-based news segments, and artist interviews, as well as original series and telefilms.  VH1 is one of the most strongly branded basic cable networks and the most successful in reaching the key 18-49 demographic.  VH1 is an advertiser supported, basic cable service of MTV Networks.

        The 72nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be played Tuesday, July 10th at SAFECO Field in Seattle.  Other events during Major League Baseball All-Star Week include the John Hancock All-Star FanFest, July 6-10 at the Stadium Exhibition Center; RadioShack All-Star Sunday, including the RadioShack All-Star Futures Game and the RadioShack Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, July 8 at SAFECO Field and Claritin Workout Day, including the Century 21 Home Run Derby, July 9 at SAFECO Field.

    Thanks to Tom for this article.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week, Picture O' The Week and Poll O' The Week. Here are last weeks Poll results:

    Since you saw the Glitter trailor, do you think it will be a success in theaters?
       Yes!  (450) 88%
       No!  (61) 11%
      Total Votes: 511
    Plus, audio and transcript was updated today with the latest message from Mariah.

    The Dirt
    Mariah Carey's fued with her ex-husband, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, seems to have only heated up now that she's left his label. We hear the singer has been talking with her lawyers about suing Mottola for allegedly trying to undermine her new album with a whispering campaign - a charge he denies.

    Friends of Carey suspect Mottola, using intermediaries, has been feeding the media rumors that she's having a diva war with Virgin artist Janet Jackson. They also claim the informants have leaked "early buzz" to reporters and radio programmers that Carey's new movie "All That Glitters" and album are disappointing. A Sony spokeswoman says allegations that Mottola has it in for Carey "are completely untrue."

    Thanks to Denise, from Diva of All Time, for this article from the Virginia Pilot

    Mariah Carey Newsletter
    Stephen is starting up his Mariah Carey Newsletter again and if you would like to be part of All Eyez on Mariah, send an e-mail to AllEyezOnMC@aol.com

    Mariah Carey Newsletter
    An excellent website, Fly Away, is having a huge Mariah Carey contest and for more information about this all, make sure you check out their site. You can send Mariah a letter which will be giving to her next month and then win a bunch of cool prizes if you have the best essay for Mariah.

    Japan News
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, told me that Sony Music Japan confirmed the fact that Mariah's new album will contain 12 songs plus a bonus track for Japan only.

    It's NOT the Glitter Cover Mariah Says
    Jordy recently got the picture on the right from Virgin Germany as a promo pic. He read on Mariah Daily that it might be the Glitter cover so when he recently saw Mariah, he took the pic and asked if it was the Glitter cover and Mariah said NO, it was only a promo picture and there will be another picture for the cover. So there ya have it, it WON'T be the cover and thanks again for this info from Jordy!

    New Interview with Mariah
    Here is what Martin told me:
    I was listening to Trevor Nelson's show on Radio 1 here yesterday. He said he will be interviewing Mariah when she is here this coming week. He added that the interview will most probably be broadcast on his Sunday show next weekend(i.e. 15th July)!!!

    You would be able to access it on the web at www.bbc.co.uk/radio1. The show starts at 11pm here but as we are 5 hours ahead of you it would be 6pm your time. It appears that a lot of people around the world listen to TN on the web because he says he gets a lot of emails from them! Also, within the first 10 minutes of his shows he gives a little summary of the highlights so you would soon find out if the interview is on, and he generally includes star interviews in the first hour of the show, which actually runs for 2 hours. Regards from Martin.

    Here is more from William:
    Every Saturday at 3pm , Radio 1(Englands biggest and respected radio station) have their R'n'b chart which is based on sales and radio 1 airplay, the show is presented by Trevor Nelson.Well I had just started listening when janet's new song 'Someone to call.......' was being played, he said that was a new entry at 18, then he played another new enrty 'we need a resoloution-by aillyah(is that spelt right?) and then he said stand by for 'Mariah Careys' new song. At this stage i grabbed a spare tape and got it ready to record.......I couldn't believe it she was a new entry at #16-the song isn't released yet so its obviously been gettin some good airplay.He then played the song and afterwards said that Mariah is in town and he was supposed to be having dinner with mariah next wk, and that she would be on the show having a talk about the new album, label change etc.....so as u can imagine i was thrilled. So that means she will probably be doing some chat shows etc and doing an appearance at 'top of the pops' .

    New Picture of Mariah
    Well not really but it's a picture from Mariah backstage from the Rainbow Tour with the Musical Director from a radio station in San Diego called Z90. Thanks to Natalie for this picture.

    News for fans in Argentina
    Natalie told me that she contacted Columbia pictures and they said that Glitter should be released around November 8th.

    MTV LatinoAmerica
    This is from Jorge:
    Well this is extra urgent!! it happens to be that MTV Latinoamerica is having two sections where Mariah is contending in to categories to say! Ok so all the spanish speaking fans of mariah that comes to your site should attend to vote for her on the latin MTV page, and also the non spanish speaking fans can vote for her, the only thing to put plus the vote is a name, last name, e-mail address, a city that can be DF, and a comment, that can be "Mariah es la mejor cantante" by example. You have to go to www.mtvla.com and go to the link "conexion" on the right side of the page and vote for her, this voting ends july 12, but there is other if you click the link "contra" on the right side of the page you´ll be immediatly directioned to the page where mariah is contending against Christina A., Pink, and the rest for the video "lady mermelade" and the contest ends exactly tomorrow friday july 6th 4 pm us time, so we only have the morning to extra vote, the thing is that you can vote as many times as you want for this so all Mariah Fans out there please Mariah is being beaten by Lady marmalade for 90% of the votes so mariah needs extra help in this poll! You can also request her going to the link "los 10 mas pedidos" that equals the daily top 10. So Thank You and I hope that the fans go to this page and help our singer!!

    Attention Australian Fans
    This is from Peter:
    Hi to all Australian fans of Mariah. You must buy your Loverboy singles from ARIA chart stores only, so that the purchase counts on the Aria charts. The list of the stores in each state is on this link. Try and buy mulitple copies too, give them to your friends!

    Mariah #4 on MTV European Top 20
    George told me that Mariah is #4 on the MTV European Top 20 and has only been on the charts for 2 weeks. Janet was #8 behind Mariah, which is good news and it seems that Loverboy might be a huge hit in Europe.

    The Picture Gallery will be shut down on July 15th (Sunday) because Xoom is canceling all their accounts. Liron, a very sweet and kind lamb, is backing up all the pictures for me and sending them to me because there is over 200 MB's worth of pictures on the site. Don't worry, I am working on finding another place to host the pics but I would suggest saving any pictures you like because pretty soon the Galleries will be gone. This won't stop me from bringing the latest pics to you though, so stand by!

    That's All Folks (for today)
    I have now been working on the site for 8.5 hours trying to catch up from the last five days. I hope you enjoy the site change and all the news/pictures reported. I got close to 200 e-mails and if I didn't reply to your e-mail or didn't post your news and it was important, please send it again. I didn't do it intentionally, just was trying to get the news up.

    July 7, 2001...
    Keep Voting--We Need Everyone's Support
    Please vote for Loverboy guys! Dial TOLL FREE=1-800-DIALMTV or request her online at the links below!!

    From #59 to #55
    Sadly Mariah has only moved up four spots on the Billbaord charts. Thanks to everyone who told me about this!!!

    New Voice Message
    Check out MariahCarey.com for a new voice message from Mariah in Paris. Here is the transcript, courtesy of Mariah Buzz. I'll have the audio up by Monday!

    "Hey lambs. Yeah I'm in Paris and it's naturally eight in the morning and I can't sleep, but I was just thinking about how blessed I am to have you in my life and things of that sort. And I'm looking forward to just, I've been meeting a lot of different fans out here and I got a really cute fan book from some of the French fans and just, like, I was looking at it and I just wanted to call and say thank you. So, umm, and I guess I'm gonna be traveling around America - I don't know! I just go where they put me with the schedule. But, everything's really good and I just wanted to call and say thank you for support with Loverboy, the video and the single and everything. And I think it's coming out instores on the 16th, but I could be wrong cause, to me, I don't even know what day it is. I still think it's like, October from last year. But anyway, I love you much and I will holla soon. Bye"

    Mariah in Germany
    Sabrina saw Mariah in Germany and here is her story...

    Mariah was here (Germany) from Thursday until today (in Cologne and Berlin) and I went to see her in Cologne, and I really got to meet her!! At first I saw her when she left the hotel for the TV studio, there were about 30 other fans and the TV, but because the fans wouldn´t stay some feet away, she went into the car really fast, I tried to take some pics with holding my camera high, I don´t know if it worked out, but I got pretty close, only the car door was between us, then when she came back from the studio I was in the hotel lobby with only 10 other fans and we asked her to come to us and take a picture with us, but she said she had to go up and do some TV stuff but she would come down again later... after HOURS she came down again on her way to the airport, and she really came to us who were left and signed autographs and talked to us and her bodyguard took a picture with her and all of us!! It was the best day in my LIFE!!

    Mariah in Europe
    Hi, Mariahfanclub.com is proud to tell you more about Mariah's trip to Europe. She arrived in France on Sunday (10 a.m.) at Roissy Charles de Gaule airport where 8 members of the French Mariah Carey fan-club had the chance to see her.

    Then she went in her hôtel (Plaza Athenee avenue Montaigne in Paris) but never went out since she caught a cold in the plane.

    The next day she went to the glitter pre-listening party (for press only) at the Korova café (33 rue Marboeuf in Paris) at about 10h30 p.m. She went out after 30mn and went back to her hôtel where she stayed outside to sign autographes for about 5 minutes. On July 3rd she went out at 2h30 p.m to go to NRJ radio studios to record an interview which will be broadcast in about 10 days.

      By the way NRJ is a big support for her in all Europe. They have the Glitter album to listen to and from their decision will depend the success of the album in European radios. So keep on supporting the single by voting on MyNRJ at this adresse : http://www.mariahfanclub.com/mission/

      After the interview, she asked her manager to make people in the street come inside the radio station to have some autographes and take pictures with the winners. Mike took the French fan-club camera and took 3 groups pictures that you can find here : http://www.mariahfanclub.com/paris2001/juillet/

    She also talked a bit with the fan-club team and said she loved the magazine.

    Then she came back to her hotel again and never went out. She will leave France today at about 8 p.m. to go to Cologne (Germany). The trip is a bit more than an hour so go welome her in Cologne at 9h30 tonight !

    Mariah and Christina Release Album on August 21st
    Thanks to Mike for this article and this could be Mariah's main competion on the release date of Glitter....

    Christina Aguilera has taken off her gloves and ceased legal sparring with Warlock Records and its affiliates, allowing for the release of Just Be Free, an album that contains demo tracks the singer recorded when she was 14 and 15 years old.

    Last week, Aguilera, who filed suit in May and was subsequently countersued, reached a settlement with Warlock, Platinum Recordings and JFB Music; as a result, the LP will be hitting stores on August 21.

    However, even though Aguilera — who says the music was never intended to be made public — has given up her fight, she isn't exactly giving the project a glowing recommendation. Although terms of the settlement have been kept confidential, Aguilera's lawyer, Carla Christopherson, said her client will be allowed to address her fans in a letter that will be included with each album.

    In the letter, Aguilera says the songs on the album "were made just so that I could get my foot in the door of the music business" and that "they are being released 'as is,' although I tried to prevent the release for several years."

    Later in the letter she says, "The growth and vocal development I experienced as I matured into young adulthood is not reflected in the recordings," and notes that she intends to release an album this fall that will be a true representation of her "artistry."

    Adam Levy, president of Warlock, feels that Aguilera shouldn't worry about reliving her musical past.

    "It's a great look at what she was doing," he said Thursday (July 5). "We're pleased [to be putting the record out]. I'm more pleased for the album's producers who wanted to get it out. I hope the fans can appreciate it."

    Magazine News
    You can check out a HUGE two page poster of Mariah in the July 17th issue of Mira magazine. It's the one of her in the little white top and the short black shorts, that is on her official site even. It's a really nice picture and the magazine cost less than $2. Go pick it up.

    She is also on the cover of the National Enquirer tabloid for July 17th. On the cover, there is a little picture of her from the Oscars '99 and inside there is a picture of her from Billboard '99. The article is about Mira and Mariah getting in a fight and I didn't buy it, nor did I read it, so that is all I can tell you. Here is an article about it though, thanks to Mariah Online Mariah denies "Enquirer" story

    Someone over at "The National Enquirer" has made Mariah Carey a little peeved. Apparently, the tabloid has reported that Carey, 31, was in a vicious catfight with actress Mira Sorvino, 33, on the set of their new film, "Wise Girls." And this is just not running over smoothly with the "Glitter" queen. This supposed brawl was apparently due to Carey's repeated tardiness on the set. According to the Enquirer article, Carey arrived three hours late one day and Sorvino was so angered that she blew up in her face in front of the entire crew. The argument progressd into an all-out brawl, with the actress and the diva wrestling on the ground. A heavy salt shaker was allegedly thrown by Carey. Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, told the New York Daily News that Carey may have been "a little late," but there was no real fighting. "They got along fine." Neither of the celebrities' reps could be reached for further comment. Carey can be seen next month in her movie debut, "Glitter."
    NEXT, Mariah is on the cover of Movieline magazine and you can check out the scans in Gallery 58, courtesy of MCWNO. I called my local bookstore and they informed me that the magazine will hit shelves in LA/NYC on Thursday of this week and on Friday everywhere else. The pics are lovely!!

    Finally, Kristal told me that there is a two page article in the August 2001 issue of Twist magazine. It is talking about "Her Uncensored Story!" I'll have more information on that later.

    This is from Mark from MCarey.nu

    Mariah Carey will be in Milan this weekend. Her visit will be half promotional activity, including interviews with radio and television stations, and a series of appointments standard to celebrities, with a lot of outside meshing and cocktails for the seventy invited to the famous Milan premises. Mariah's fan club is already traveling to Milan and is ready to meet the singer, who will be staying under false name at the Hotel Four Seasons. Perhaps Carey will also make a visit to the Monza Race Track, in order to try the F1 circuit. For the duration of her stay, 24 hours on twenty four, Saint Maxischermo's Public Square, Babila will be projected with scenes from the "'Loverboy" video, as well as rare photos. In the meantime there is much anticipation for the release of her new album, "Glitter," out on August 20. The album will serve as a solo album as well as the soundtrack for the movie, which was inspired by her life and in which she will be the producer and star, that will premiere in America in August and in Italy in November.

    More News Coming Soon...
    I just got back from vacation and I see I missed a lot in only three days. I am still reading all your e-mails and if I don't reply for whatever reason, please don't take it personnal. I have a lot more to report but my family is coming over tonight/tomorrow and I want to spend time with them. I will be updating as much as I can and by Monday I will have everything back up and running like it was. Monday I am off all day, so that is most likely the day I will do a HUGE update, if not Sunday night real late. Bare with me and thanks for all your letters...

    July 4, 2001...
    Loverboy is now #13
    Okay I am off on vacation now, while you are reading this but when I come back on Friday night, I want to sign online and find out that Mariah is back at #7 or #5!! So please vote for her guys! Dial TOLL FREE=1-800-DIALMTV

    Mariah in Paris
    Well the interview will be broadcasted in about 10 days and was not Live. Sorry about that, you can all blame Anderz for that information. Ha ha!! Anyhow though, Isabelle and Tommy were there and told me more about it.

    I saw that you asked for some info about MC's visit to the NRJ radio station....So, she arrived around 3pm, 30 minutes after Michael Richardson who was in a very good mood. The fans were given some nice posters of the Loverboy cover (One per person). The rest of the posters were hung outside on some poles...About 25 people were there, plus the people who won the radio contest but they were waiting inside. The founders of her french fanclub were there too. MC arrived in a silver stretch Mercedes. Louise was sitting with her in the back. Michael told people not to take some pictures or bother her. He said she would sign some autographs after taping the show. The winners of the contest could attend the interview and ask her one question. She got out of the car eating some ice cream. She had some low waist black pants with a silver belt, high heels (But not too high), a pinkish top open in the back, some temporary jewel tatoo (A butterfly) in the back. She looked fabulous. She waved and smiled at the fans. She got inside and the interview lasted about 30 minutes....Then, a staff member from the radio called the fans who were outside, inviting them to get in in order to meet Mariah in the lower level of the radio station. Mariah requested that. Michael announced that Mariah would sign one item per lamb. And he said that she would take some small group pictures......Michael had a big camera with zoom and he's the one who took all the pics. Other pics were not allowed. The fans will be able to get their pics thru the French FanClub after sending a pic of themselves so that they know on which picture they are on. Then, people got outside. Mariah followed and signed a few more autographs. Some lambs took some pics even though Michael had requested them not to take some, but Mariah didn't mind being photographed. She left by the door on the side (She entered thru the front door), went to her car, opened the window and waved her fans goodbye. This is what happened.

    Loverboy Gets Competition
    BAD NEWS, Mr. Motolla pushed back Destiny Child's Bootylicious single from July 3rd to July 17th, the same day Mariah's Loverboy will be released. I will not be surprised if he did it to spite Mariah. So we have some major competition here since Destiny Child has been getting some EXCELLENT airplay. Here is how we can get Loverboy to beat Destiny Child...

    Within the week one (July 2nd-July 9th) you must request Mariah on every one of the radio stations listed below, twice each. Plus, you have to request Marah EVERYDAY on TRL and BET.
    Here are the e-mail links/phone #'s
    (these stations were picked by Mariah as the top stations to call!)
    Phone Numbers:
    1. Z100 - NY (1 - 800 - 242 - 0100)
    2. WKSS - CT (1 - 860 - 247 - 9570)
    3. WVQS - San Francisco (1 - 888 - 876 - 0957)
    4. WXYZ - Baltimore (1 - 410 - 481 - 1027)
    5. WWZZ - Washington DC (1 - 800 - 987 - 2104)
    6. WNKS - North Carolina (1 - 704 - 570 - 9595)
    7. WDCG - Raleigh (1 - 919 - 860 - 1051)
    8. WXKS - Boston (1 - 617 - 931 - 1108)
    9. Y100 - Miami (1 - 305 - 550 - 9100)
    10. KIIS - Los Angeles (1 - 800 - 520 - 1027)
    11. KDWB - MN (1 - 651 - 989 - 5392)
    12. KHKS - Dallas (1-214-787-1061)
    13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)
    14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)
    13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)
    14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)
    15. KMXV - Kanas City (1 - 816 - 576 - 7093)
    16. KSLV - St. Louis (1 - 314 - 969 - 1077)
    17. WDRQ - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9393)
    18. WKQI - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9595)
    19. KHTS - San Diego (1 - 619 - 291 - 9191)
    20. WSLZ - Tampa (1 - 727 - 446 - 9393)
    21. XL106 - Orlando (1 - 877 - 919 - 1067)
    22. WIOQ - Philadelphia (1 - 610 - 667 - 8102)
    23. KKRZ - Portland (1 - 503 - 733 - 5100)
    24. KBKS - Seattle (1 - 206 - 805 - 7061)
    25. WBZZ - Pittsburgh (1 - 412 - 333 - 9494)
    26. WPRO - Providence (1 - 401 - 224 - 1234)
    27. B96 - Chicago (1-312-591-9696)

    Please only e-mail the radio stations ONE AT A TIME because if you don't it will create a negative effect on Mariah. DJ's will see it as an e-mail list. Once again, e-mail them one at a time. It will take longer but will help Mariah!!
    WSTR - Atlanta
    Send mail here
    WXKS - Boston
    E-mail requests here
    WKSS: CT
    E-mail WKSS
    KHKS - Dallas
    Send mail here
    WDRQ - Detroit
    Send E-mail Requests to Rachael
    Send E-mail Requests to Dave
    Send E-mail Requests to Tic Tak
    KRBE - Houston
    Send E-mail here
    Y100 - Miami
    E-mail Ricky 6-10 am show
    E-mail Tony (10am-2pm show)
    E-mail Kenny for 2-6 pm show
    E-mail Rich for 6-10pm show
    Z-100: New York
    10am-3pm (Requests to Lisa on Z100)
    3-7 pm(Requests to Cubby on Z100)
    XL106 - Orlando
    Send E-mail Requests Here
    WBZZ - Pittsburgh
    Send requests to B94
    KKRZ - Portland
    E-mail to Stacy for Morning Show
    E-mail to Dr. Doug
    WPRO - Providence
    Fill out the Request Form--no e-mail
    KHTS - San Diego
    Visit the site to request-no e-mail
    KBKS - Seattle
    Send e-mail here
    93.7 WFBC - South Carolina
    KSLV - St. Louis
    Send E-mail Requests to Boomer from 3-7 pm

    Mariah in UK on July 10th
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, told me that Mariah will arrive in the UK on July 10th not July 11th, as previously thought.

    New Pic from TRL
    Bernard sent me a nice new picture of Mariah at MTV's TRL studios and you can check out her Lamby belt too. Check out the scan in Gallery 57.

    Visions of Mariah
    IT'S hard to imagine that 10 years have gone by since the world was introduced to the lung-busting style of Mariah Carey.

    Back then, it was just musically-speaking. Nowadays, Carey prefers the less is more concept of sartorial style, but her music has changed quite a bit, too. Cue Loverboy, her first single off the soundtrack album Glitter, which also serves as her debut release on Virgin since her split from Sony Music. The new label deal will pay Carey a reported RM100 million per album. Loverboy features Cameo, Da Brat (her close friend who tells her like it is) and Ludacris, and the video has a very chirpy Mariah cheering on a car race in a suitably racy hot pink suit which leaves nothing to the imagination. This song features a hook from Cameo's hit Candy, but rather than ample it, Carey got Larry Blackmon and Thomas Jenkins to remake it for the song. Loverboy has been remixed by Carey fave David Morales and garage star MJ Cole. The single wouldn't be out of place in the Rainbow album, but it does have an edgier feel to it.

    Expect the Glitter album to have an urban R&B feel with hip-hop inflections. Rewind to 1990 when the multi-octave singer was a struggling waitress trying to make it into the music business. Legend has it that her demo was passed to record bigwig Tommy Mottola at a party, and he was so taken by the singer's extraordinary voice that he tracked her down pronto. A record deal was signed and in 1990, her self-titled debut spawned the hits Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday and I Don't Wanna Cry. It was a pop album with the big voice love anthems that sell in truckloads. The album also went eight-times Platinum in the US and sold over 12 million copies worldwide. She also won two Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Female. Emotions was released two years later, and it garnered her two Grammy nominations.

    That year, her performance on MTV Unplugged resulted in an album that sold more than five million copies worldwide. Her cover of I'll Be There was her sixth number one single. Arguably her best effort yet, Music Box, came out a year later.

    The balance of melodic ballads and sassy R&B found equilibrium here. And about 24 million people thought so as they parted with their cash to buy the album. Carey made history with her 1995 album Daydream, becoming the first female artist in history to have three studio albums sell more than eight million copies. Daydream went ten times Platinum, gave her number ones number nine, ten and eleven, including the longest-running number one single in history. One Sweet Day, with Boyz II Men, spent 16 weeks at the top. The clothes fell off prominently with the Butterfly album.

    She also seemed to celebrate a new phase in her career with a decidedly more urban sound, working with Ma$e and The Lox for a more street sound. As her collection of number ones was pretty impressive, a compilation of them was inevitable.

    The album featured something nobody thought was possible (thus making it a record company exec's ultimate brag): a duet with Whitney Houston. When You Believe, from the Prince Of Egypt soundtrack was as diva a performance as diva performances went.

    Tough to say who sounded better on it. Carey's most recent offering is Rainbow, an album which gave her a fourteenth number one. The video had Jerry O'Connell as the Heartbreaker and showed us Bianca, Carey's badgirl alter ego. Mariah Carey's record of of album sales and history-making number one singles tally (she has more number ones than any active recording artist) makes the colossal RM100 million take home packet per album look like a justifiable amount. She's got more number one albums than any female artist in the 1990s with four, and both Music Box and Daydream have gone Diamond. All in all, Carey has sold over 120 million albums in her eleven-year career. Carey is the only artist to have had number ones for every year in the 1990s.

    In fact, Carey has had all her debut singles from all her albums go to number one. Carey is of course, a writer and producer, and she has co-writtena dn co-produced most of her number ones. Will Glitter add to that tally? We'll just have to wait until August and see.

    Thanks to Tom and MCarey.nu for this article from the Financial Times of London.

    Mariah in Germany
    Uwe, from the German Mariah Carey Fan Site, told me that Mariah will be a guest star at the "Harald Schmidt Show" on July 5th (a funny talk show on German TV Sat. 1). Loverboy is also up from #15 to #7 on the German MTV Web Charts.

    The Nude Pics
    Eva posted some information she got from Breakout to a Luis board and Anna translated it. Check out this information below...

    "Nude Photos"
    Translated from Eva's note in Spanish by Anna

    Do you recall that some time ago I told you that there were some nude photos of Luis & Mariah? Evidently, on one of their vacations in Europe (the Mediterranean in 1999), they  had the idea to go to a small island to sun themselves, alone. They were confident that no one had followed them and they disrobed. Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed by a couple of paparazzis who avoided being spotted by the bodyguards (who were waiting in the boat) by going to the other side of the island.  

    You can imagine the kind of pictures they took. Two photographers talked about what happened, and they said they were so excited about getting the photos that they used up all the film they brought.  

    It was my understanding that Luis bought the photos through the magazine "Hola", but now it appears that another magazine has "those pictures"  and plans to publish them.  

    So don't be surprised if these photos appear somewhere, although I suspect that  Luis will once again do something to prevent their publication.

    Magazine News
    Lillian told me that Mariah is in the July issue of Right On on page 2. She is hugging Cynthia Horner at her Birthday. Also, Mariah is in the August issue of Teen People, Maureen tells me. She is on page 98 in the "Now! Beauty Watch Section" with a pic from last years Blockbuster Music Awards.

    Billboard News
    Chris told me some more information from Billboard....

  • Video Rotations
    MTV- #23
    VH1- #13
    BET- #10
    MTV Europe- #2
    Much Music- #9
  • Charts
    Hot 100 Airplay - 50
    Hot 100 - 59
    R&B Airplay - 31
    R&B/Hip Hop Chart - 34       
  • Artists Releasing Album on August 21st:
    Mary J.. Blidge
    Mariah Carey   

    News from Virgin Greece
    Stamos sent me another translation from the Virgin Greece Site and here it is...

    In her 11 years music career, Mariah Carey has achieved 7 No1 Singles in the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.  Her latest single Loverboy is sure to be her next No1 single in the charts as the remix versions have been handled by Top DJs David Morales and MJ Cole!

    Grammy winner and well known in Greece David Morales has already collaborated with Mariah in many previous singles. For Loverboy, he created 3 different remix versions, each with a unique style and energy. The "Club of Love mix."  emphasizes on Mariahs sexy vocals, while the trippy "Dub Luv Mix" and the tribal "Drums of Love Mix" are proposed by the artist himself as the heat risers.

    MJ Cole's 2 versions of Loverboy Cole's Main mix" and "London Dub mix" bring out the soul character of Mariah's voice combining excellent beats. These two collaborations are just a hint of what lies ahead in the upcoming Glitter Album, which promises to include the best music names ever.

    No InfoMC This Week
    Sorry there was no InfoMC Newsletter this week but I was so busy preparing for my mini vacation and I also was forced to work the last five days in a row since I won't be able to work the next three. It should resume this upcoming Monday!!

    Special Request from Virgin Records Australia
    As you might know, Video Hits is about the only music video show in Australia that is yet to play the video for Loverboy. Video Hits is one of the major music shows on Australian national television so it is really important that we request Loverboy so they will play it. Loverboy needs as much play as it can get because the single is due out here in about 2 weeks. So, please, everyone email your requests for Loverboy to Video Hits Videohits@networkten.com.au and with any luck, we will see it played on the weekend!

    Thanks to Shayne from Mariah Buzz for this information!

    Glitter Fanbook
    MariahFantasy is creating a special fanbook for Mariah for the Glitter the release. Please send in your words of encouragement, what you think of the upcoming movie, how she has inspired you, etc. Send in your letters to get this started now!!!

    BYE BYE BYE!!!
    I'm off, gone, out of here and onto the beaches of NJ to catch up on some much needed sun and rest from work, stress, this site, EVERYTHING!! So sorry, this site will NOT be updated for a couple days. I am hoping to update it Saturday but my nephews/neice are coming over for the weekend. So I will most likely do a HUGE update on Monday but you know me, I will probably do somehting over the weekend. This is my only vacation this whole summer, so bare with me. Love ya much, BUH BYE!!!

    Happy Fourth of July
    Have fun and Be Safe!!!

    July 3, 2001...
    Loverboy is now #12
    Mariah was #12 on TRL yesterday and we have officially gotten her OFF the Top 10 countdown. I hope everyone is contining to vote for her and her single is coming out in 14 DAYS AND WE NEED TO KEEP VOTING. Vote for Mariah, call TRL from 3-3:30 (1-800-dialmtv) and do it EVERYDAY!! COME ON GUYS!

    Mariah in Paris
    Mariah will be interviewed live in Paris and you can listen to it at www.nrj.fr today. Anderz told me that the interview should begin in Paris at around 2:30 pm and that's around 8:30 am here in American EST, I believe. I'll try and have a summary up before I leave for vacation on Wednesday.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and new Pic O' The Week. (Thanks to Will) along with a new poll and here are last week's results:

    Do you like the Loverboy remixes or do you think they could be better?
    I love them..they rock! (339) 53%
    They could be better (209) 33%
    What Loverboy Remixes? (85) 13%
    Total Votes: 633
    Plus the Mariah Bringing People Together, Calendars, Quotes and Lamb Central were updated. Check 'em out if you like!

    MariahCarey.com Gets Revamped
    Check out MariahCarey.com because the site has been revamped. Thanks to everyone who told me about this.

    Project Loverboy Single
    Well Loverboy is #59 and is slipping on MTV, so Mariah needs our help to get it to #1 when it is released in exactly 2 weeks. PrtGarner found an idea that has worked for Janet by searching Janet sites and see what her fans have been doing, so let's try it out. Since we only have two weeks, this is what we have to do:

    Within the week one (July 2nd-July 9th) you must request Mariah on every one of the radio stations listed below, twice each. Plus, you have to request Marah EVERYDAY on TRL and BET.
    Here are the e-mail links/phone #'s
    (these stations were picked by Mariah as the top stations to call!)
    Phone Numbers:
    1. Z100 - NY (1 - 800 - 242 - 0100)
    2. WKSS - CT (1 - 860 - 247 - 9570)
    3. WVQS - San Francisco (1 - 888 - 876 - 0957)
    4. WXYZ - Baltimore (1 - 410 - 481 - 1027)
    5. WWZZ - Washington DC (1 - 800 - 987 - 2104)
    6. WNKS - North Carolina (1 - 704 - 570 - 9595)
    7. WDCG - Raleigh (1 - 919 - 860 - 1051)
    8. WXKS - Boston (1 - 617 - 931 - 1108)
    9. Y100 - Miami (1 - 305 - 550 - 9100)
    10. KIIS - Los Angeles (1 - 800 - 520 - 1027)
    11. KDWB - MN (1 - 651 - 989 - 5392)
    12. KHKS - Dallas (1 - 214 - 263 - 1061)
    13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)
    14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)
    13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)
    14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)
    15. KMXV - Kanas City (1 - 816 - 576 - 7093)
    16. KSLV - St. Louis (1 - 314 - 969 - 1077)
    17. WDRQ - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9393)
    18. WKQI - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9595)
    19. KHTS - San Diego (1 - 619 - 291 - 9191)
    20. WSLZ - Tampa (1 - 727 - 446 - 9393)
    21. XL106 - Orlando (1 - 877 - 919 - 1067)
    22. WIOQ - Philadelphia (1 - 610 - 667 - 8102)
    23. KKRZ - Portland (1 - 503 - 733 - 5100)
    24. KBKS - Seattle (1 - 206 - 805 - 7061)
    25. WBZZ - Pittsburgh (1 - 412 - 333 - 9494)
    26. WPRO - Providence (1 - 401 - 224 - 1234)

    WSTR - Atlanta
    Send mail here
    WXKS - Boston
    E-mail requests here
    WKSS: CT
    E-mail WKSS
    KHKS - Dallas
    Send mail here
    WDRQ - Detroit
    Send E-mail Requests to Rachael
    Send E-mail Requests to Dave
    Send E-mail Requests to Tic Tak
    KRBE - Houston
    Send E-mail here
    KMXV - Kansas City
    Send E-mail Requests Here
    KIIS - Los Angeles
    Send requests here
    Y100 - Miami
    E-mail Ricky 6-10 am show
    E-mail Tony (10am-2pm show)
    E-mail Kenny for 2-6 pm show
    E-mail Rich for 6-10pm show
    Z-100: New York
    10am-3pm (Requests to Lisa on Z100)
    3-7 pm(Requests to Cubby on Z100)
    7-12 pm(Requests to Billy on Z100)
    WNKS: North Carolina
    E-mail Kiss 95.1
    XL106 - Orlando
    Send E-mail Requests Here
    WBZZ - Pittsburgh
    Send requests to B94
    KKRZ - Portland
    E-mail to Stacy for Morning Show
    E-mail to Erin
    E-mail to Dr. Doug
    WPRO - Providence
    Fill out the Request Form--no e-mail
    KHTS - San Diego
    Visit the site to request-no e-mail
    KBKS - Seattle
    Send e-mail here
    93.7 WFBC - South Carolina
    KSLV - St. Louis
    Send E-mail Requests to JT 10-noon
    Send E-mail Requests to Kandy Noon-3pm
    Send E-mail Requests to Boomer from 3-7 pm

  • WEEK TWO (Next Week):
    Within the week two (July 10th-July 17th) you must request Mariah on every one of the radio stations listed below, three times each. Plus, you have to request Marah EVERYDAY on TRL and BET.

    New Pics
    There are a couple older Mariah pics in Gallery 57 coutesy of Mcfanatic and Laura. Go check them out if you like.

    Translation of BreakOut Article
    Alen was very kind and traslated the Mariah related parts of the BreakOut article. It took him FOUR hours to translate it, so again, big props to him.

    Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson have war. Mariah sees Janet as a threat and Janet hates the facts Mariah earn twice as much than her. But would't it be much nicer if the two divas became best friends? They have so much in common...

    Mariah: Fans hope Maiah will dump his fast, but the diva doesn;t even think of that. She's been totally in love with latin-singer Louis Miguel for years. Mariah keeps him out of the picture as much as possible, but the nude pictures of the couple that appeared don't lie. Meanwhile Mel B holds her heart.The sex-scenes of Mariah and Max Beesley in the movie All That Glitter are said to be hot. Is there more going on here?

    When Mariah, at the age of 23, said yes to Tommy Mottola, she thought she was safe. Hiw was she supposed to know this diminant guy would make her life a hell. She COULD have known: Tommy's dad is a Mafia boss!! After five years she gave up. She divorces her strict mentor en fell into a heavy depression. She used het latest album Rainbow to get it all out!

    Ze looks beautiful, but yet Mariah feels insecure sometimes. "They used to tell me to photograph one side of my fave only, otherwise I would look bad. Everybody was constantly talking about my big forehead as well. Dat made me feel really insecure. Now I don't care, nobody's perfect".

    Difficult childhood
    As a child Mariah used to feel like an outcast.With an Irish mother and a black father she didn't fit in anywhere. "I was not white, but neither black and peole teased me for that" Dad was never around, so Mariah could only go to her mother for support. "It was hard, we had little money and barely made it"

    Jealous Family members
    Alison, Mariah's ten years older sister, was jealous at Mariah's success of het little sister. She became a drug addict and tried to make mobey by writing a book about Mariah's dirty secrets. The book never came, but the two sisters can't stand each other.

    Under construction:
    Is it her insecurity or is MAriah addicted to plastic surgery? Judging by the rumors, Mariah has had two boob jobs, had her lips done, and had a liposuction. Mariah denies, but we think: What's next?

    Movie Maniacs:
    Even though her heart is in the music, Mariah can show herself on the big screen. In All that glitters (Due to november) she's a upcoming singer in the 80's. But there is also a new film waiting for La Carey. In Wise Girls she'll be playing a waitress working in a maffia-shop. To warm up, Mariah applied undercover with a real Italian Accent for a job at differents reatsurants. Nobody seemed to recognize her!

    Good old Mariah. And we thought she was so into men! Mriah was seen at a.....strip joint! She let a dancer strip for her, and was so charmed by her that she gave her a $650 tip. Will Mariah let het wildest fantasies become reality?

    Sex life
    In Mariah's new video (Loverboy) the screen is filled with sex, but Mariah says she's no sex animal. "My first time was only when I was 23 yars old en haven't been to bed with more than 5 men in my whole life".

    Pre-Order your copy of Glitter
    Nick, from Project Loverboy, told me that he went to pre-order his copy of Glitter at Sam Goody and was told that there will most likely be a free gift for pre-ordering it at Sam Goody since Mariah always does that. So go pre-order your copy now.

    Loverboy Tracklistings
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, got the official tracklistings of Loverboy, that were just released yesterday and here they are:

    UK Formats
    Multitrack CD - VUSCD211

    1. Loverboy featuring Cameo
    2. MJ Cole Mix
    3. Club of Love Mix
    (enhanced CD featuring Loverboy video)
    (3 is a David Morales mix)

    Cassette - VUSC211
    1. Loverboy featuring Cameo
    2. MJ Cole Mix
    3. Club of Love Mix
    (3 is a David Morales mix)

    12" Vinyl - VUST211
    1. Loverboy Remix featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    2. MJ Cole Mix
    3. Club of Love Mix

    12" Vinyl #2 - VUSTX211 (to be released 30th July)
    1. Drums of Love Mix
    2. Dub Luv Mix
    3. MJ Cole London Dub
    (1 & 2 are David Morales)

    There are alternative multitrack and 2 track CDs for international use as follows:
    2 Track CD - VUSCDE211
    1. Loverboy featuring Cameo
    2. Loverboy Remix featuring Da Brat & Ludacris

    Multitrack CD - VUSCDF211
    1. Loverboy featuring Cameo
    2. Loverboy Remix featuring Da Brat & Ludacris
    3. Club of Love Mix
    4. MJ Cole Main Mix
    5. Dub Luv Mix
    (includes enhanced element of Loverboy video)
    (3 & 5 are David Morales mixes)

    Mary told me that Mariah is now beating Madonna, Janet, etc on the Diva poll but has yet to break into the Top 10. Vote for her at the link below:

    Mariah in Magazines
    Thanks to my buddy Marko for the following information on MC in magazines:

  • National Enquirer (USA), July 3rd Issue....2 articles. Issue as sold in Europe.
  • Yes (NL), July 2nd Issue...
  • Sorpresa (Spain), July 2nd Issue.
  • Bunte (D), June 28th Issue.

    Daily Variety - June 28
    NEW YORK, June 28 (Reuters) - The following stories appeared on the cover of Daily Variety on Thursday:
    *Newly merged public relations firm PMK/HBH, which represents such stars as Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey and Russell Crowe, has restructured its management under chairman Pat Kingsley, while longtime partner Lois Smith has taken on a reduced consulting role.

    Thanks to Tom for this article!

    Waiting For Wacko: ROCK AND POP
    Michael Jackson's new album has been three years in the making and costs are spiralling. So will we ever hear it, asks James Langton IT may go down as the costliest album in recording history. But the big question about the long-anticipated effort from Michael Jackson is:when will it ever see the light of day? ...And along the way, the stories and rumours have multiplied. 'N Sync 'S Justin Timberlake is said to have collaborated on several of the songs. Carlos Santana jointly recorded one track and the late, lamented rapper, the Notorious BIG, is somehow involved in another. Another duet may feature Mariah Carey. ...

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Evening Standard

    Mariah Carey - milliards-body
    The way to the top - that's still the most exciting story you can tell in the US. E.g. with songdiva Mariah Carey, 31, in the leading role. Long ago there was a mixed raced girl in New York. Her mother Irish-American, her father Black-Venezoelan. A plump girl, whose biggest dream was to become a huge star: on the mic, in front of the camera. Mariah kept her distance to men, married Tommy Mottola, the boss of SONY and 20 years older than her, as a virgin in 1993. She became a big hit in the pop business, lived in a $ 40 million-mansion - and got divorced from him in 1997. To be free and to have even more success. She started styling herself as the supergirl: some plastic surgeries on her breast and elsewhere (actually everywhere). Until she finally looked like her dream vision, and the dream become reality in her career, too: bespoked Mariah got her first movie chance in "All That Glitters" (in cinemas in fall 2001). And insured her perfect body for $ 10 million. But her producers thought, that was too risky, so they let insure her body for $ 1,5 milliards now. Which man still dares to touch her now?

    Thanks to Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, for this article taken and translated from Bunte.

    Vote for Tom
    Tom, someone who contributes many articles to Mariah Daily, needs our help. He is attempting to win a contest for a free photo shoot. See he is trying to become a professional model and you can help him out by voting for him at the link below.

    Mariah - A New Bond Girl?
    Soul star Mariah Carey is in talks with James Bond producers over a possible role in the next James Bond film. Mariah recently finished filming a gangster film 'Glitter' and is keen to further her acting career. She recently met Piers Brosnan at a party in London which led to a meeting with the films producers. It's not the first time a singer has been linked to the films. Robbie Williams has been repeatedly mentioned in stories concerning his desire to play James Bond.

    Thanks to Tom for this article from Music 365

    Mariah Carey as Miss Bond
    Mariah Carey is in talks about a possible role as a Bond Girl in 007's next adventure. The singer was offered the role of a baddie in the as-yet-untitled film - the 20th of the spy series - after meeting 007 star Pierce Brosnan at a party in London. A source close to the star said: "She is really excited. The producers are considering writing a character just for her."

      Mariah, the world's biggest selling female artist, is steadily carving out an acting niche for herself. She has already appeared in All That Glitters and Wise Girls.

    Thanks to Emma for this article from the Sun

    Didn't attend the wedding
    Yesteday I reported that Tommy/Thalia and Mariah/Luis atteneded the wedding of the Spanish couple in Bel Air. But actually, they were invited and neither couple appeared at the wedding. Thanks Antonio for the update on that!

    Wise Girls Rated R
    Josh tells me that the Internet Movie Database says that Wise Girls will be rated R in the USA. It also says that the movie is about a waitress who works in a restaurant owned by the mafia. She witnesses a crime, and soon enough she gets involved in the whole business. Mira Sorvino is the star of the movie. Other credited actors and actresses include Mariah Carey, Richard C. Castellano, Arthur J. Nascarella, and Melora Walters. The movie will be released in 2002.

    Summary on Mariah News
    Anna did a summary from recent inteviews Mariah did on Spanish television, that she got from Luis Boards and you can check it out all below. Isn't she a sweet lamb??

    In the past week, as Eva has pointed out to us with links and stories, Mariah has been interviewed on Primer Impacto, on Occurio Asi, and by phone with journalists from La Reforma newspaper.  The interviews (obviously) were conducted in English, but the text has all been in Spanish. There's been many versions of similar interviews.  Below is a brief synopsis of  the interviews:
    Primer Impacto:
    MC was interviewed at the Pierre Hotel in NYC and she was asked if she and Luis were secretly married. She replied that they had not married, and that the comments by the media about her relationship with Luis are often exaggerated or taken out of context.  She stated that she doesn't like to speak about things that are private.

    Do you and Luis speak in English or Spanish:  She replied that she is still very insecure about speaking in Spanish (she says she hates her horrible accent.) and that she only feels comfortable speaking in Spanish to Luis,    Also, with  trips planned to other countries, she has "about 5 languages in my head right now." What is important in a man?  MC replied that she is drawn to people who have a good heart, and a good sense of humor. Has Luis had a positive effect on your life?  MC replied that everything in life happens for a reason, everything happens as it should, but that she didn't want to talk any more about that at this moment. Regarding Thalia's supposed comment about being the bigger star at EMI, MC laughingly remarked that she didn't even know Thalia was a singer, she thought she only did "soap operas and stuff", and furthermore, she really didn't care what Thalia does or says.  She ended that interview with a little bit of Spanish "Soy Mariah Carey. Los quiero mucho.. Adios.." (I'm MC,  I love you very much. Goodbye). The interviewer also remarked that MC said that Luis has been too busy to hear her new album, and that she will ask him to help her with her Spanish, because he is the best teacher.

    On Occurio Asi, Eva told us that in the part she was able to see (she missed the beginning) Mariah said that: 1.  She and Luis have not recorded a duet,  and for the moment, there are no plans for them to record a duet. If they choose to do one later on, it would be because it's meant to be. (the time is right).   2. Both she and Luis Miguel want to keep their romance, their relationship as private as possible, something that is almost impossible for them because the press is always talking about them and inventing things about them.  They deliberately allowed themselves to be seen and photographed in Marbella Spain in an effort to calm rumors, but for the most part, they like to comment as little as possible about their private life. 3.  What can be said with certainty is that they really are a "couple" (pareja) and they have been for some time.   4.  In regards to whether Luis will record in English or Mariah will record in Spanish, if this happens, it will  be because the song is appropriate for them, it's a song of good quality, and it's right for them - not because of any "trend."

    In her interview with Reforma, Mariah again stated that she  and Luis never took part in a secret marriage, that they have no plans for a wedding at this time,  and that she is very happy with things the way they are.  She thanks God for her good fortune, for her health and her success, for the good things in her life. She stated again that she likes to keep her private life private, but that she is very happy and has everything she needs. Right now she is focused on her career, her new record contract, her acting career, and that she enjoys her life with the man she loves (Luis). People would be surprised to learn that she likes to have fun the same as when she was a little kid, for example, she loves to go roller skating. Despite her fame and her money,  enjoys simple pleasures like jumping into the ocean and playing with her dog. Mariah always strives to keep a positive attitude, even when she's surrounded by people who try to bring her down or undermine her confidence. What has helped her a lot is her faith in God. Her belief that everything happens as it should and when it should, and she considers herself to be a spiritual person. When asked point blank by the journalist: What do you think of marriage? Are you planning to get married again? Mc replied "I don't know what to think about marriage... I really don't. I'm still learning about life in general. Marriage is a very important decision.. it's a choice that you should make when you're in the state of mind - - - when you are not working all the time." In other words, with her extremely hectic schedule now, she is not thinking about making any important life choices, such as marriage.    Mariah said that  obviously she loves Mexico, and she has  found the people of Mexico to be very warm and out going (energetic) . She has also learned of many enchanting places there. She expressed gratitude to her fans in Mexico for their support.

    For a Mariah Carey record,  it took a long time for it to debut on the Hits - a few weeks have gone by since it's release to radio - but "Loverboy", the first single from the soundtrack of Carey's film debut, "Glitter" finally enters at No. 77.  "Loverboy" is her first chart single since "Crybaby", a song that peaked at No. 92 in June 2000 and is Carey's lowest charting hit ever.  The pop version of "Loverboy", which is widely played on Top 40 radio, contains a sample of Cameo's 1987 hit "Candy" making it the funk group's first chart appearance in 14 years.  Cameo's last and only chart single is "Word Up" (No. 2 1987).

    Bio on Hollywood.com
    Alan told me you can check out a cool Mariah Bio on Hollywood.com's website. Click here to check it out.

    Thanks to André for this article from Canoe.com

    Note From Regina
    There will be an update for Wednesday and then it will be the last until Saturday!! Thanks for understanding!!!

    July 2, 2001...Update #2
    Check out this link
    Mariah will be interviewed live in Paris and you can listen to it at www.nrj.fr tomorrow morning. Anderz told me that the interview should begin in Paris at around 2:30 pm and that's around 8:30 am here in America Eastern Time, I believe. I'll try and have a summary up before I leave for vacation on Wednesday.

    July 2 2001...Update #1
    Mariah was #8 on Friday's TRL show so, come on, it takes 1 minute tops to vote at both places and they are direct links, to make your life so much easier.

    EXCLUSIVE....More info on VH1 New Fan Show
    Melanie, Associate Producer for VH1, contacted and asked if I would add this to Mariah Daily. She informed me that the special would air in Fall 2001. It's a really great opportunity to express how Mariah has affected you and why you are one of her #1 fans. It's worth it to fill out the questions below, trust me!

    After you send in your comments to the questions below and they review them, the next step is sending in a video tape. The video tapes must be in by around July 10th though, so please send in your answers ASAP. You will get all the information after you submit your answers to the questions below and if they want to give you a chance at the special.

    VH1's FanClub is in the process of researching and considering fans of Mariah Carey for a future episode of the series. We are looking for people who would be interested in sharing their lives with VH1's audience. If Mariah Carey has inspired you to do something extraordinary, defined a profound moment in your life, or if there's a song that holds special meaning for you, VH1 wants to hear about it. Please take a few minutes to compose your story, and e-mail it to vh1fanclubmariah@yahoo.com. Make sure you tell us who you are, what you do for a living, and what makes you different from other Mariah Carey fans.

    **Please note that this is NOT a contest to meet Mariah Carey. This is a show that profiles fans and their devotion to her. We apologize to international fans, but due to production restraints we will only be able to feature fans from the U.S.

    Who are you (Name)?
    How old are you (Age)?
    Where do you live (City, State)?
    What is life like for you there?
    Who is in your family (Names and ages)?
    What is your family life like?
    What do you do (Occupation, Student, etc.)? Please give specifics (What are your job responsibilities? If you are a student, what are you studying?).
    Why are you a Mariah Carey fan? What sets you apart from other Mariah Carey fans?
    Have you ever met Mariah?
    How many shows have you been to?
    What sort of memorabilia do you have?
    Is there a certain Mariah Carey song that holds a special meaning for you?
    Has Mariah Carey done something or sung a song that has helped you through a difficult time or influenced your life in some way?
    Does your admiration for Mariah Carey influence your day to day life? How so?
    Why should you be featured on our show as one of Mariah Carey's biggest fans?
    What is the most outlandish thing you have done relating to Mariah Carey?
    Do you have any unique hobbies or talents? How do they relate to Mariah's music?
    Do you have any conditions- medical or otherwise- that could interfere with your participation in this show?

    Magazine News
    Here is what Melissa told me:
    Mariah is in the July 10th 2001 Star tabliod and it is the story about the stripper. It has the picture of Mariah and Sarah and it is on page 39. Mariah is also in the July 9th 2001 US Weekly magazine. It is Fashion Police at the beach. It is the picture of Mariah getting off the boat in Spain in her white bathing suit. This is what the article says about her and what the people say about her
    Lisa G: Boarding the good ship Silicone
    Beat: I paid for this body, damn it! I'm gunna show it!
    David: One false move and out they fall
    Mosey: One of hundreds of great uses for old throw pillows
    Johnny: There are fringe benifits here
    Zager: Someone should tell her that there are other places to buy swimsuits besides Baby Gap
    Ahern: Mariah arrives with a shirt, bikini and two floation devices
    Vernekoff: Carey with a fringe on top
    This is on page 55

    Don't take this into too much account though , they make fun of everyone! They actually were nicer to Mariah then they were to the others!

    Mariah is in another edition of The Best Beat! They made a poem about her! There it is
    Mariah, you make us weak in the knees
    You smile like a angel and sing like a dove
    Your voice just gets better with time
    Pink Blue Red, you match any color
    There had to be a mistake
    God must have wanted you as an angel
    But please we need you too
    If you were gone we would not smile anymore!
    hehe it is not the best but at least it shows they care! It had a few pics, one from the Glitter trailor with her hair down and another from the rainbow days and another from the loverboy singles!

    Last but not least, Mariah is also in the July 10th Globe! The article is on Page 37 and is called " 103 million body shop!" It has the biggest picture of Mariah! the other celebs shown are Janet , Tina, Claudia Shiffer, Micheal Flatley , Springsteen and Dolly Parton. About Mariah it says " Mariah carey, whole body 10 million- Some stars like Mariah Carey, Tina Turner and super model Claudia Schiffer, don't take any chances, opting to insure their hot bods from tip to toe. Mariah took out a 10 million policy on her figure before filming began last year on her movie Glitter!

    Loverboy a contender for VMA 2001
    Asyraf told me that Loverboy is contender for the VMA's 2001. If you go to the MTV.com website, you will find the information of for the VMA's. The list will be out in July though and under "VMA Contender" Mariah's Loverboy was listed. So hey, maybe Mariah will win this year at the VMA's. How cool would that be?

    Check out the Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub
    Check out the AMCF because they recently just launched a new site and they are constantly sending out news from their links with Virgin/EMI! It might be a good idea to join the fanclub...

    Embrace music, Clinton tells kids
    He wowed voters on the campaign trail with his impromptu saxophone jam sessions. Now a former president, Bill Clinton is telling children that music can help them reach their own lofty goals.

    Clinton joined pop singers Mariah Carey and India Arie at an elementary school Tuesday to celebrate the restoration of instrumental music classes.

    The cable channel VH1, through its Save The Music Foundation, and Cablevisiondonated about 750 musical instruments to the school system. The donation means that any Newark student who wants to will be able to study music this fall.

    Arie sang a brief a cappella song to the cheers of several hundred students at the Louise Spencer School. Carey begged off, saying she was too tired to sing. Clinton spoke, but didn't play the sax.

    "A few years from now, somebody's going to be on a stage like this doing what Mariah and India did today," Clinton said. "It might as well be you. There's going to be, in your lifetime, several African-American presidents, several Latino presidents, several women presidents. It might as well be you."

    The former president said he began playing the sax at age 9. He noted how music helped him express emotions ranging from unbridled joy to abject depression as he grew up.

    "It taught me discipline and creativity," Clinton said. "It taught me how to be an individual and how to play on a team. It makes you use all of yourself."

    Clinton said studies have shown that students who take music classes tend to do better in reading, math, and science as well.

    Carey, who has sold an estimated 150 million records, said music education helped get her through elementary school.

    "Having this program is so important because some kids might not be into the structured school thing," she said. "I know I wasn't. What saved me was a I had a music teacher that supported me. I thank God every day for the gift of music."

    "The only reason I went to school was for music," added Arie, the Stevie Wonder protege currently touring as an opening act for the singer Sade. "Now I'm on the Oprah Winfrey show, and get to talk to Stevie Wonder on the phone and sit next to President Clinton, all because of music."

    Mayor Sharpe James said the city will donate an unspecified sum to supplement the cable channel's contributions to the music program. VH1 President John Sykes said Newark is the first city in the nation to do so.

    Thanks to Susana for this article from the associated press.

    Mariah and Tommy in same place
    Antonio told me that Mariah and Tommy were at the same wedding ceremony this weekend. It was a wedding for spanish buisness man, Villalonga and adriana Abascal, a former Miss Mexico. They married in Bel-Air and the people who attended the wedding were:
    Salma Hayek,Edward Norton,Gloria and Luis Stefan,Mariah and Luis Miguel and Thalia and Tommy Mottola.

    If you can read spanish, click here to read more.

    Glitter Trailor
    Tiffany told me you can also check out the Glitter trailor on Baby Boy, featuring Tyrees and Snoop Dogg.

    President of Mariah Fan club in states
    Leo told me that if fans want to become their states Fan CLub President go to

    IMPORTANTO---Regina on Vacation This Week
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