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updated byregina July 31st, 2002 2:30PM  
Vote For Mariah
On BET.com's website, you can vote for your favorite MC remix video to played on their new show, honeybundchen@yahoo.com told me. To vote for your favorite remix, just click here.

Magazine News
Rod told me that Mariah is in the new "W" magazine (30th Anniversary Issue). They showed pictures from the past and there is a picture of the front row of a Calvin Klein fashion show. Mariah is shown sitting between Kelly Klein and Dolly Parton but was not mentioned in the list below. She has her straight hair, bangs and is wearing a plaid skirt. My local bookstore didn't have the new issue but if anyone has the scan, it would appreciated.

Jason was watching a MTV show called Sorority Life, where they document the experiences of about five girls who are pledging a sorority. Last night, Mariah's song "Loverboy" was played as the girls were kicked out of a club. They played about 30 seconds of the song I am told.

Celebrity Lookalikes
Nikki sent me a site where you can check out three women who look like Mariah. To check it out and vote for who you think looks like M, just click here

updated byregina July 30th, 2002 1:55PM  
Picture Update
newpic Melissa sent me the pictures she took of her Music Box display that is up in her room. It features a picture that was originally suppose to be meant for the displays for the Music Box album. However, Tommy felt the picture was too revealing of Mariah, since her belly is showing, and instead just the Music Box cover was used. Check out this lovely new picture in Gallery 2. Also, Kyle sent me some pictures he took of Mariah at the Toronto concert in 2000. You can check those out too.

Got Milk?
fmclover@hotmail.com told me that if we want Mariah on one of the "Got Milk" ads, all you have to do is go to www.whymilk.com and e-mail them. Tell them you want to see Mariah in an ad and why and if enough people e-mail them, she could get her own ad. Go check it out!

updated byLiron July 29th, 2002 2:30PM
More About "Husbands In Rent"?
The following was poorly translated to English from an Italian article, apparently an interview with one of the makers of a new film that Mariah's rumored to be in. From what I can tell, it seems they are pretty enthusiastic about it! If anyone could make a better translation from the source, please send it to us.

There is Naples in the future and the past of Alexander Gassman, host of the Giffoni Festival Film: beautiful and tenebrous, but cordial and available above all with the boys of the citadel of the cinema, 37enne the roman actor has conteso to Raoul Bova the palm of sexy symbol male of the review. "My father - Alexander tells - had a relationship privileged with Naples and the South, and also in this I am following its road". Neapolitan E' Ilaria Borrelli, that esordirà like director with the film "Husbands in rent", of which Gassman she will be protagonist with to Maria Grace Cucinotta and Mariah Carey. And the writer is Neapolitan Cannavacciuolo Angel, from whose novel "Guardiani of clouds" will be draft one film directed from Luciano Odorisio and interpreted, beyond that from Gassman, also from Anna Galiena and Black Franco. In theatre, Gassman will be protagonist with to Beppe Fiorello of the show "Crime for crime", that it will to make one's debut to Bellini to March for regìa of Alexander the Welcomes. We proceed with order, Gassman: the film of the Borrelli. "we will turn It in America, creed to september. I will be conteso from two beautifulst women, our Cucinotta and popstar the American Mariah Carey. I have read the scenario of the Borrelli and me piaciuto it is endured ".

La Repubblica - Napoli

Wisegirls Around The World
Ashes from RPN brings you the latest information about Wisegirls in countries around the world:

Distributor in Iceland: Sam films
Distributor in Malaysia: Sunny films
Distributor in Turkey: New film

Also, Will from Mariah Land has the Wisegirls poster and scanned Mariah's picture from it. You can see it in Gallery 1.

Sandra Bernhard Shows Stupidity Again
Usually I wouldn't post something like this, but I thought since there is a lack of news, it might be a bit entertaining to see how stupid the people who diss Mariah are.

SANDRA Bernhard is the latest to join the I-hate-America crowd.
Months after Susan Sontag and Bill Maher tried to explain why the jihadists are after us, the acid-tongued comedienne hopped on the bandwagon in stand-up gigs in Britain, where she made light of 9/11, ridiculed Billy Joel and Mariah Carey for their fund raising,
and called President Bush "a dunce." "Americans are lazy," she told The Guardian.
"They don't have a concept of how the world interacts . . . It's a little scary to be in country so detached from reality and so ready to buy into the propaganda that the enemy is out there lurking, ready to attack us again."

Tom, NY Post

updated byregina July 28th, 2002 2:00PM  
Ginuwine Makes Mariah #13
On "Ginuwine's Top 25 Countdown" on BET, he made Mariah's Vision of Love #13. He also said some lovely things about Mariah, MariahzPrincess tells me.

Glitter in Korea
Bobby tells me that Glitter VHS was released on July 25th, according to VideoKorea.com. Also, I am told that the DVD version will be released sometime in August. On the Columbia Tristar Film Website, where they discuss the VHS version, there are five large pictures of Glitter we have seen before. Click here to check them out.

#1's DVD Egg
Octavio and Andrew told me that there is also an easter egg in the #1's (Promo Version Only) DVD. Here is how you access it if you have that version taken from DVDEasterEggs

When You Select The "Biography" Section, Each Time You See A Song Title Select It. This Will Allow You To View The Original Video For Any Song Mentioned, Including Several that Were Not #1's (i.e. "Sweetheart", "Anytime You Need a Friend", "All I Want For Christmas Is You", "Endless Love", And Several Others). Also Videos That Are Live In The Main Sequence Are Shown as The Original Studio Version (If There Was A Studio video)
updated byregina July 27th, 2002 1:35PM  
New Pics
newpics Cat, from DivaMC.de, sent us a few brand new pictures of Mariah and I added them to Gallery 1. Check them out if you like!
updated byLiron July 26th, 2002 6:15PM
Download Mariah's Voice Message
Yesterday, July 25th, Mariah left a voice message on her official website. Regina typed out the transcript of the message and now you can download it as well in the Voice Messages page.

We actually uploaded a slightly different version from the one that appears on the site.
Apparently the message was cut, as you can hear Mariah saying "Hey Lambs!" and then there is a cut and she says "But I just wanted to say.."
In the version we have, Mariah starts off with saying "Hey Lambs!" then there are a few silent seconds followed by Mariah saying "...New York" and it continues to the rest of the message. So Mariah probably said something about NY but we don't have a clue what it was!

Last year on July 25th, Mariah left a quite shocking message right before she admitted herself to a hospital after suffering an emotional & physical breakdown. That message can also be downloaded in the voice messages page.
I am sure you are all as happy as I am to notice that Mariah seems much more relaxed now than last year and it looks as if she is taking it slowly and not overworking herself.

Mariah On New VH1 Shows
VH1 Enters Into Production And Development Agreements For New Original Programs And Series
* "100 Sexiest Artists": Following in the tradition of VH1's smash "100 Greatest" specials, this five-hour, five-night countdown celebrates the musicians who really turn us on. Rating music's most provocative performers from Mariah, Mick and Morrison, to Britney, Beyonce and The Beatles, the special combines rare and never-before-seen footage with exclusive new interviews that reveal what is sexy -- and what makes these artists so seductive. "100 Sexiest Artists" is a VH1 Production. Robert Weiss and Bernie Kaminsky are Executive Producers. Slated to premiere Monday-Friday, September 23-27, at 10:00 p.m.

Additionally, VH1 is actively pursuing the network windows for big name theatricals and in recent weeks has acquired the Oscar-nominated international hit "Moulin Rouge," starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, plus "Glitter," with Mariah Carey, and "Rock Star," with Mark Wahlberg, all premiering in 2004.

Music Industry News Network

New Pictures
I've added a scan from the National Enquirer of the picture of Mariah & Tyrese and a few pictures from a few years back of Mariah & Luis on the yacht (great quality and some I haven't seen before) - all to Gallery 1 courtesy of mcfanatic.

Good News For Italian Fans
The Italian Distributors for "Wise Girls" are happy to inform you that film will be released theatrically as of December 6, 2002.

Ashes from RPN / RPG

Clive Davis on Mariah
This article is from July 19th but I hadn't updated in awhile so I'll post it now:

Well, Mariah Carey did [call Davis]. After she was paid off by EMI following poor sales of her last album, she came to see Davis. He is gentlemanly about the foundering diva, whose slick pop-soul is right up his street (he signed Houston, Toni Braxton and Keys). "I think Mariah is very talented," he says, "and can still have hits, but she wanted an unqualified key-man clause [allowing her to leave the label if specified members of Davis's team leave] in her contract and I don't think that works today."
The Guardian
updated byregina July 26th, 2002 2:30PM  
Glitter Easter Eggs
Are you a lucky fan and own a copy of the Glitter Original Promo Version (Pink Cover) DVD? This version was sent out to reviewers of the movie and it contains four bonus videos, not available on the other Glitter DVD's. To access it, just follow the directions below and thanks to Santosh for this information from DVDEasterEggs.com
Access The Eggs:
Watch The "Loverboy Remix" Video All The Way Through. Just before It Ends Press Your DVD Remote "Enter/Play" Key (Either Will Work If You Have 2 Seperate Keys). This Takes You To A New Menu Where You Can Access 4 Rare Music Videos:
1 "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"
2 "Lead The Way"
3 "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)"
4 "All My Life"
1, 2, and 4 Were Not Formally Released In The USA. And Barely Anywhere Else In The World. Enjoy!

Fan Gathering In Mississippi/Louisiana
LambForMC wants to create a fan gathering in Mississippi or Lousiana. If you are interested, just e-mail LambForMC@aol.com

I added a few new entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section courtesy of Melissa, Nikki and Andrew.

updated byregina July 25th, 2002 4:30PM  
New Voice Message
There is a new voice message from Mariah on her Official Website We'll have the audio up sometime this weekend and here is the transcript that I just typed out.
Hey Lambs, But I just wanted to say I am sorry I haven't left a message in a really long time. I've been working and I've been dealing with some other personal stuff. I just wanted to thank you all so much for sending your condolences for my father. And to let you know, that as always, I am thinking about you. And umm, you know I am here and everything is going really well with the album and I am going to be checking in more and more. So, I will hollar back, very soon. Okay? Love you much! Buh Bye.
updated byregina July 25th, 2002 9:45AM  
There is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week. I am stopping the Article O' The Week for the time being but might bring it back soon. Here are last week's Poll results and thanks to Jimmy, from Wild Writings, for the Pic O' The Week...
If you were stranded on an island, which Mariah cd would be a MUST for you to have with you?
Mariah Carey (147) 6%
Emotions (44) 2%
Unplugged (16) 1%
Music Box (170) 6%
Merry Christmas (30) 1%
Daydream (257) 10%
Butterfly (1075) 41%
Greatest Hits (564) 21%
Rainbow (210) 8%
Glitter (126) 5%
Total Votes: 2639

Vote For Mariah
Holly informed me that there is a poll on MTVGirl.com that asks the question of which pop artist has done the best job on the Big Screen. Right now, Mariah is in second place with Mandy and Britney beating her. Please go vote for her by clicking here.

New Site
LC just finished Mariah Skylight, the only site in Colombia, South America. The site is in English and shortly, there will be a spanish sister site.

updated byregina July 24th, 2002 2:00PM  
MD Gets New Design
Jan is working on a brand new design for Mariah Daily and was wondering if there was anything you want to be featured on this website. To contact Jan about this, just e-mail him at Jan.Nieminen@sydvast.fi

Beyounce On Mariah
Growing up in Texas, Beyonce Knowles didn't like the name her parents had given her.

Beyonce Knowles as Foxxy Cleopatra and Mike Myers as Austin Powers from 'Austin Powers In Goldmember.'"I'm a nice, normal girl. I swear I'm nice, but I guess that's not what sells magazines." She was a shy girl who cringed at the attention she received when teachers and classmates couldn't pronounce her name or made fun of it.

Knowles says she understands that female singers have traditionally been viewed as divas."I admire some of those women. Diana Ross is my idol. I know why she got her reputation. She was a strong woman who stood up to the men who ran the music business."A lot of people don't like glamourous, successful, talented women."Knowles says a particular pitfall of being a young, successful singer is that the stress that accompanies celebrity can be exhausting.

She points to Mariah Carey and her nervous breakdown.

"I can relate to Mariah. I have never felt that I was on the edge, but I do have her life. I can see if you don't have your family around you for support, you could feel vulnerable. Being under a microscope all the time eventually gets to you."People everywhere retreat when someone close to them dies or they breakup with a lover or their job sucks. They take a week off and rest. It's considered a smart move, but if you're a celebrity, it's called a breakdown."

Success has brought her so much, yet Knowles admits it hasn't brought her everything.

The Calgary Sun/EranMC from FOMM

Jackson's Family Comes To His Defense And Chides All Others
As artists and activists start to take sides in Michael Jackson's ongoing battle with Sony, the singer's family has stepped into the fray with none-too-subtle threats to sue for libel.

Speaking for the Jackson family, Jermaine Jackson released a statement late Tuesday chiding those who've defended Tommy Mottola, chairman of Sony Music, and reprimanding comedians for ripping Jackson apart in their acts.

"Industry types, such as Russell Simmons, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown, and Will Smith are uninformed and should wait to hear the facts before making derisive statements about Michael," the statement read. "Comedians Dennis Miller and Robin Williams and others who bad-mouth and make comedic references to the scandalous [child molestation] allegations that he faced several years [ago] need to be reminded that not only was Michael not convicted of any crime, he was never charged nor was he ever indicted. Any statements to the contrary are libelous and subject to legal action."

In defending Mottola, Martin – a Sony artist – told the New York Post on Sunday that he didn't think Jackson's accusation that Mottola is a racist had any foundation and had no idea why he said that.

Simmons had also talked to the Post to defend Mottola and has questioned the validity of Jackson's claim that Invincible didn't sell because of lack of promotion on Sony's part. "There are two things I know," he told the Post. "Tommy Mottola is not a racist, and in black music, especially, you don't need $30 million to make an album successful. If it's a hit record, it'll stick on its own."

Carey's rep told Music Insider that the singer doesn't approve of Jackson's actions and believed what he is doing is wrong; as Brown stated Mottola isn't a racist and Michael ought to end this ridiculous dispute he's created. "My brother has always been espousal to both Mariah Carey and Bobby Brown, and to think they would return the favor by backing him up", comments Jermaine Jackson. "They'll feel ashamed at their own actions by siding with the enemy when they learn my brother had been right all along."

Smith – another Sony artist – tells Entertainment News he is not pleased by Jackson's actions either and doesn't understand why he is doing this. While Williams joked about Jackson during a New York standup performance televised on HBO on Sunday. Referring to Jackson's charge of racism against Sony, Williams said, "You've got to pick a race first."

"My brother is black," Jermaine Jackson responded in the statement. "No one has the right to question his race."

It is not certain as to whose side Michael's younger sister Janet Jackson is on. The singer refused to make any statements regarding the case.

Calling for an audit of Sony's books, the Jackson family accused the label of inflating the figures it says it spent making and promoting Invincible ($30 million to make the record, $25 million to promote). The statement also alleged that Michael has been cheated out of royalty earnings.

"We believe that the amount of record sales attributed to Michael is underestimated," the statement read. "We believe that the financial records are inflated and not accurate. There are numerous artists who are deceived by record companies who overwhelm them with lawyers, accountants, publicists, double talk, false practices and shady business dealings."

The family also took aim at people within Michael's own camp.

"The people that he has working for him, where are they?" the statement reads. "Why won't they stand up for him? Their non-support is eerily similar to when Michael faced molestation allegations. None in his camp stood up for him. His family was left to take the fight to the media to refute the terrible allegations against him. ... I hope that Michael now understands that he must rid himself of those who only want to reap the benefits of being associated with Michael Jackson yet does nothing for him."

Sony had no response to the family's statement on Wednesday, but the label previously addressed Michael's complaints by saying: "Sony Music spared no expense in creating and executing a series of global marketing, promotion and publicity campaigns in support of the album. We are proud of what we have accomplished with Invincible."

Inside The Music Business/EranMC from FOMM

Fan Gathering Reviews
UK Fan Gathering: mariahcareyuk.com
The Rainbow Princess Network's UK fan gathering took place on Saturday afternoon and it was a complete success! All together, just over 40 fans gathered under the mild English sun in London's Hyde Park. In a relaxed atmosphere fans chatted amongst themselves against the highly appropriate and complimentary soundtrack provided by Bobby and Charlotte, which included a whole array of classic Mariah tunes and remixes. To them we are all very grateful.

It was the perfect setting for fans to meet new faces and make friends with other fans and swap stories of falling in love with Mariah's music, comparing CD and vinyl collections and sharing photos.

Soon the auction was underway and a very impressive ammount of Mariah merchandise was bought by many fans. They included promotional Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and Loverboy vinyls, 3 inch CDs from Japan, an assortment of UK Mariah CD singles and promotional postcards. Two lucky fans even walked away with a Glitter thong and vest top and a VHS copy of Glitter! We offer many thanks to Ash and the whole French team at mariahfanclub.com for providing such a lucrative auction. In total, £105 was raised to be donated to Camp Mariah!

Ash, administrator of the RPN, took this opportunity to reveal some very exciting news for UK fans: Britain is to join the list of European countries in which Wise Girls will be released!! This exclusive news was met by cheers and applause from the UK fans present! The UK distributors of Mariah's second movie have said "currently we have plans to release the movie wise girls in the cinema, at the moment we have a rough date of september"!

Details of the Mariah Rose Project were also revealed and the finalised name of the rose was annoucned: it shall be called the Mariah Carey Sweet Fantasy Rose!

After the auction everyone continued to chat and snack again and we even caught a rendition of Endless Love by three UK lambs and one from France on camera to send to Mariah with snippets from the other RPN gatherings that have been taking place across the world this Summer!

After about five hours the large group split into smaller groups and most headed for home or the nearest fast food restaurant. It was a fun day and great to see so many people turn up. I certainly hope you felt welcome and would love to see some of the friendly faces at future fan gatherings in London!

Our special thanks go out to the team from mariahfanclub.com who travelled from France to join us and to everyone else who made the effort to travel longer distances, some up to 200 miles!

Miami Fan Gathering
Out of the 20+ people who responded to my postings on the message boards and/or my emails, only three fans actually attended (not including myself)! A few people who said they would be there, never showed up! Others were working on that day (many people work on Saturdays) and the remainder lived too far (North Florida) and couldn't make it. I didn't cancel the gathering, for the sake of those who wanted to meet some other fans. We were on the beach for five hours, ROASTING! We all finally decided to leave the beach, but met up at a karaoke bar late that night, where we had a blast! Also, we shot some video. The good thing is that we formed good friendships and are planning to get together again soon. Olivia

updated byregina July 23rd, 2002 4:00PM  
I added a few more entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page, courtesy of andrchan@ic.sunysb.edu and Teilujuliet.

Glitter Heads To Korea
glitter cover Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, sent me the cover of the Glitter VHS/DVD, which will go on sale in August in Korea.

Fan Gatherings
Some fans would like to organize some gatherings in their neck o' the woods. So check out below...

  • Jae (baby_mariah143@hotmail.com)
    Any fan in the area of Southern California that would like to get together, please contact Jae about it.
  • Lynn (MCarey27@aol.com)
    My name is Lynn and I live in Panama City, Fl...and I am trying to find any fans that live in the south who are interested in putting together a Mariah Fan Gathering...there is no location set..so I am all ears on how to organize this and where an ideal location would be..so please feel free to either IM me at MCarey27 or email me anytime at MCarey27@aol.com

    Name Change
    Island Mariah is now know as Mariah Planet. It features soundfiles, rare pictures, links and much more. Check it out if you like!

  • updated byregina July 23rd, 2002 1:50PM  
    America: A Tribute To Heroes Nominated
    The 54th Annual Emmy Awards aren't just for actors, as Sting, Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and other music acts were among the nominees announced Thursday (July 18) morning. Sting was a top nominee for his "A&E in Concert: Sting in Tuscany... All This Time" concert special from Italy. The special is up for Outstanding Art Direction for a Variety or Music Program; Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special; Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) for VMC Programming; Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program; Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety or Music Series or Special; and Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special.

    "America: A Tribute to Heroes", featuring performances by U2, Bruce Springsteen, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, and others, also picked up six nominations for Directing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program; Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) for VMC Programming; Variety, Music, or Comedy Special; Sound Mixing for a Variety or Music Series or Special; Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special; and Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program.

    Madonna, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson's HBO concerts all received nominations as well. "Madonna Live: The Drowned World Tour" is up for Outstanding Choreography and Costumes for a Variety or Music Program. "Britney Spears Live from Las Vegas" only landed one nom for Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special, and "Janet Jackson: In Concert from Hawaii" also got one for Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special. Janet's brother Michael's also in the game with "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary" for Outstanding Choreography.

    Everyone's favorite family, MTV's "The Osbournes", picked up a nom for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Reality) and VH1's always popular "Behind the Music" series is up for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series (Informational). Other music nominees include VH1's "Concert for New York City" (featuring Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, and others), "U2 Elevation 2001: Live from Boston", 44th Annual Grammy Awards, Opening Ceremony for Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games, "Come Together: A Night for John Lennon's Words and Music", "Ultimate Manilow!", "Billy Joel: In His Own Words", "Joshua Bell: West Side Story Suite from Central Park", "The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess with the New York City Opera (Live From Lincoln Center)", and others.


    Mariah Sings Under The Moonlight
    Mariah Carey was at the wedding of Simona Massa and Massimiliano Laione (her, a young lawyer from Capri and him, a brilliant guitarist from Rome). The party took place on a yacht surrounded by little illuminated boats. Suddenly from the side of the pool, a voice rose, similar to the song of a nightingale, the extraordinary voice of Mariah Carey who makes a very great interpretation of My All, song that Mariah dedicated to Simona who became an inseparable friend. Under a warm applause, the little boats were illuminated. Directly after Mariah's song, the sky lit of thousand fireworks.

    Heroes of Mariah/Capri Press

    updated byregina July 22nd, 2002 3:15PM  
    No VMA For Mariah
    The nominees are in for the 2002 Video Music Awards at MTV's website and sadly Mariah was not nominated in any of the categories.
    updated byregina July 22nd, 2002 1:45PM  
    I picked up the Globe tabloid and scanned the article. You can check it out in Gallery 1.

    Plus, I added a few more entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page, courtesy of Kaliah and slyjay@hotmail.com.

    Fan Gahthering In Sydney
    On July 20th 2002, like fans in London, Miami, Budapest, Brazil and New Jersey, the Australian Mariah Carey Fan Club @ MariahDownunder.com celebrated everything that is "Mariah" by gathering in Sydney.

    Approximately 25 people were able to make it to the very relaxed day where many new friendships were made.

    For the majority the highlight was the Mariah auction where we raised AU$250 for the Fresh Air Fund. Auctioned items included Mariah vinyls, CDs, magazines and more.

    Donations were also taken for the RPN "Mariah" rose project. Fans were keen to support the project with a further AU$250 raised.

    The event was filmed and will be compiled onto a tape with the other filmed gatherings and presented to Mariah.

    The day was a great success, and we look forward to future gatherings where even more fans can attend. Because hey, if Vicki came come all the way from England - then I am sure a lot more natives could make it! ;)

    Next time we plan to have the day more organised so we can fit in as much as possible.

    Thank you to everyone who attended, and a big shout out to both Jess and Ricardo who did a lot to help out.
    -Neil @ MariahDownunder.com

    Colorado Fan Conference
    Nicci wants to organize a Mariah Fan Conference in Colorado or somewhere in the surrounding states. If anyone is interested in setting something up, contact her at flutterbyenic@aol.com

    New Mariah Site
    Natalia and I'm from Argentina created a new Mariah site (Spanish and English formats) and to check it out, just click the link below...
    Mariah's Palace

    updated byregina July 21st, 2002 7:10PM  
    Mariah Battles New Heartache
    Dying dad vows: I'll be your guardian angel
    Mariah Carey is devasted by the death of her father and is tearfully telling pals that she has lost "the only man I know I can really trust."

    Retired aeronautical engineer Alfred Roy Carey died at age 72 from cancer July 4 at his suburban home in Huntington Station, N.Y.

    "Goodbye, daddy, I love you," Mariah wept before collapsing into the arms of the caregiver who nursed her dad through the final stages of the deadly disease, which sources say, had spread from his prostate to his brain.

    A family friend reveals, "Alfred promised Mariah that he would be her guardian angel, always looking over her and making sure no harm ever came to her. His words made Mariah cry like a baby."

    While the songbird's father had divorced her mother Patricia in 1972 and saw little of her during her childhood, dad and daughter had grown very close in the 10 years since their reconciliation. In fact, Alfred was living just blocks away from the house the family once called home.

    When he was hospitalized three weeks before he died, Mariah, 32, rushed to his side from the Italian island of Capri, where she was recording her first album for her new label, Universal Music.

    The singer, who raked in $58 million last year, told pals that of all the relatives to suddenly "resurface" after she became rich and famous, only her father had asked her for nothing.

    While Alfred saw his daughter infrequently, he attended her 1993 wedding to music mogul Tommy Mottola, whom she divorced five years later, and sat in the front row at her New York concerts. They also talked often on the phone an exchanged E-mail.

    And Mariah's Venezuelan-born dad was there for her last July during her mental meltdown, which followed her bitter breakup with Latin heartthrob singer Luis Miguel. "He told her she was surrounded by 'yes people,' who said what they thought she wanted to hear, not what was beast for her," says a second pal.

    And the first friend adds, "Because of all his good advice, Mariah is convinced her father will be her guardian angel. Though she's dealing with a lot of heartache right now, she knows she's not alone - a special man is looking out for her from above."

    Globe Tabloid/Ginger from FOMM.
    In the July 30th edition of the Globe tabloid, there is a half page article, with a picture from last year. The accompanying picture is the same from last year after Sept. 11th, where she's just stepped out of the restaurant, wearing that white top with the red stars on it. MD will have a scan of this article tonight or tomorrow afternoon!

    updated byregina July 21st, 2002 5:45PM  
    I added a bunch of new entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page today courtesy of Akira, baby_mariah143@hotmail.com, Nikki and Melissa.

    Iceman sent me two B&W publicity photos of Mariah that were issued by BMI. The first one features images of Mariah and Ben Marguiles and is dated 1992. It commemorates the duo winning Song Of The Year for "Love Takes Time." The other shot with Michael Bolton, is dated 1993 and commemorates the duo being named Songwriters Of The Year. These are authentic press photos from 1992 and 1993, not modern copies, I am told. Check them out in Gallery 1.

    Wise Girls Around The World
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed us that RPG confirmed that Wise Girls will be released in: Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Luxenburg, Iceland, Isreal, Italy, Malaysia, Middle East, Mexico, Russsia, Spain, Switzerland, UK & Turkey. For further info please contact ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk

    Reminder: Mariah Cribs
    Don't forget that if you missed this thirty minute special on Mariah's home that you tune into MTV tomorrow at 2pm ET. If you already watched it like 800 times, like most of us, what the heck, go watch it again.

    MD Chats?
    In about one month I have to go back to school and there is a bunch of stuff I need to do lately for it. So, I am sadly going to have to say that I am shutting down the MD chats. I'm going to discuss it with Liron and see if we can switch it to a new day and as soon as we decide, we will let it be known on MD. As for now, you can still go there and chat with fans throughout the day. Just click on the graphic on the left side bar that says "MD CHAT."

    Fan Gathering's
    On Saturday, fans from around the world gathered in different locations to celebrate Mariah. So far, I haven't gotten any reports from other gatherings but I attended the Ocean City one on Saturday. There was six of us who showed up (Paul, Amanda, Melissa, Peggy, Denis and myself) and we just chilled on the beach, chatting away and blasting Mariah music. We passed around pictures of Mariah we took and books we have made. We splashed around in the ocean just like Mariah would love to do and Peggy and Amanda even went for a swim. Melissa showed me the original cover of Music Box which features a picture of Mariah that I have never seen before, which is very rare. I am going to get the scan from Amanda shortly on that and hopefully sometime this week, I can post it for you all. Overall, it was a fun, relaxing day of sun, fun and Mariah.

    New Fan Gathering
    Eric is starting early this year. He is planning the "Very Merry Mariah Carey Christmas Fan Gathering" since Christmas is Mariah's favorite time o' the year. The location is still in the works since he wants to pick one that all fans in Louisiana and around that state can attend. He wants to know who is interested in the product so they can begin early production on the project. To contact Eric, e-mail him by clicking here.

    Cat, from DivaMC, asked me post this following message to all of you...
    I have a new domain, which I want to use for a Mariah site. But I don't know what kinda Mariah site it should be. So I'm asking all lambz to tell me what kind of Mariah site they want to have. They can even help me to create the site. So please sent any ideas to webmaster@divamc.de

    Sony, Jackson 'blocking charity single'
    TOKYO: The Japanese owner of the rights to an all-star charity single aimed at raising millions for victims of the Sept 11 attacks says Michael Jackson and Sony Music Entertainment seemed to be blocking its release.

    The single is said to have brought together Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and other stars to raise money for victims' families and survivors of the attacks on New York and Washington.

    But the single fell into limbo several months ago after Jackson cut ties with its executive producer after being told the producer was involved in pornography, Jackson's publicist said last week.

    Producer F. Marc Shaffel has acknowledged producing and directing gay pornography videos.

    In a written statement received by Reuters yesterday, Yasumi Takeuchi, president of Tokyo-based Music Fighters, said his company had bought the rights to the all-star single What More Can I Give, in the hope of releasing it to coincide with a proposed Jackson tour of Japan. That tour appears to be in doubt.

    But Sony Music Entertainment Inc and Jackson's lawyer, Zia Modabber, seemed to be trying to block the release of the single by preventing Music Fighters from gaining clearance from some of the artists involved, he said.

    Takeuchi said he felt Sony Music and Modabber should apologise to the artists who donated their time for victims of the attack. Sony Music told Music Fighters that they would not be releasing the single themselves because of their ongoing dispute with Jackson, Takeuchi said.

    Jackson and Sony Music are locked in a feud over his accusations of racism at the company, and the poor performance of his latest album, Invincible.

    The Star Online/Reuters.

    New Links
    Here are a few links I added to the LINKS page...
    Island Mariah
    One Diva Our Mariah
    Mariah-The voice of an angel

    updated byregina July 19th, 2002 4:30PM  
    I added a couple more entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section of MD courtesy of Undray, Mandy and Pennell9078.

    Wise Girls In Switzerland
    Gilles informed us that Wise Girls will reach Switzerland, according to the distributor.

    Tomorrow's The Big Day
    In eight different places tomorrow, fans will be gathering to celebrate Mariah. MD is doing the Ocean City Gathering in NJ and I will have a full report on Sunday or Monday with pictures hopefully. Plus, hopefully some other people will send us stories on how their gatherings went also. Once again, here is the list and who to contact...
    July 20th in London, England (Contact)
    July 20th in Brazil (Contact)
    July 20th in Sydney, Australia (Contact)
    July 20th in Ocean City, NJ (Contact)
    July 20th in Bradenton, Fl, NJ (Contact)
    July 20th in Miami, Fl (Contact)
    July 20th in Budapest, Hungary (Contact)
    July 20th or 21st in South Korea (Contact)

    Fanclub News
    Tiago, from Mariah Carey Portuguese Fanclub, informed me that they are giving away two copies of the Portuguese edition of the Glitter DVD, courtesy of Lusomundo Portugal (a representant of Columbia Pictures here in Portugal). To win, all you have to do is be a member of the fanclub (therefore, live in Portugal) and reply to these questions:
    Name one song used in the movie, and not present in the soundtrack, and make a phrase about the movie
    Check out the website for more details.

    Reminder: Mariah Cribs
    Remember that Mariah Cribs will be reairing on MTV on July 22nd, this Monday. If you missed it still, and I know quite a few lambs have, make sure you check the left side bar for the time and go set those VCR's now.

    Site News
    Alyssa has a website on Mariah that she would like you all the check out, click here to do so.

    Plus, Michelle wants to inform you all that Star Mariah is now back open, after a long break. Check it out if you like!

    updated byregina July 18th, 2002 2:40PM  
    There is a new Quote (thanks Cynthia), Pic, Poll and Article O' The Week. Here are last week's Poll resuts...
    Which of these B-Side MC songs is your favorite?
    1.) Do You Think Of Me (265) 13%
    2.) There For Me (711) 35%
    3.) Everything Fades Away (330) 16%
    4.) Slipping Away (751) 37%
    Total Votes: 2057

    I couldn't include #1's on the current poll because I am only allowed 10 spots on the poll. Plus, there is a new entree in You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When courtesy of Matt.

    Picture Update
    I added six pictures to Gallery 1 courtesy of Meshs2003 and Lu.

    Tyrese On Mariah
    MISS WONDER21 told me that Tyrese was a guest DJ on the local radio station this week and when asked about Mariah and him, he responded that they are just frineds. He said he was single and enjoyed flirting with girls.

    Ally McBeal In The UK
    Enya told me that Mariah's Ally McBeal episode will air on Channel 4 in the UK on July 24th at 11:05pm. Here is a review from Heat magazine...

    We've mentioned the fact that this last-ever series of Ally gets bogged down in an endless and increasingly desperate series of stunt star cameos. Well here's Mariah Carey to prove the point. The demented diva plays a key figure in a trial in which series regular Kimmie sues a matchmaking company for telling her she was unmatchable. Meanwhile, Ally-alike Jenny has to deal with her mother (guess what? Guest star Jaqueline Bisset) getting married to a toyboy. Quite good episode though.
    Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) BOYD HILTON
    updated byLiron July 17th, 2002 2:45PM
    TWO Sounds Of The Week
    Making up for the delay, we've decided to put up two files for the sound of the week. Please vote fairly on the next poll as we've noticed some cheatings on this one.

    The Roof The Roof - Mobb Deep Remix
    Taken from the European releases of "The Roof" single and the US Maxi single of "My All / Breakdown", this is one of Mariah's best remixes in the urban music style.
    Remixed & Rap performed by Mobb Deep. Mariah also used this version of the song to the memorable video clip of "The Roof".
    Download The Roof - Mobb Deep Remix Here

    American Music Awards Speech, 2000
    AMA In the 2000 American Music Awards, Mariah was given a special award for her special achievements in music. The award was only given twice before in the AMA history (over 30 years) to Prince & Michael Jackson.
    Olivia Newton John handed the award to Mariah, presenting her as a true talent and named a few of her achievements such as holding the most weeks at the #1 spot in the singles charts (60 weeks, breaking a record by The Beatles).
    Mariah thanked her friends & fans, but also talked about two little girls that she brought with her and sat in her seats. They were from the "Make A Wish" foundation and Mariah was nice enough to grant their wish and dedicate her speech to them!
    Download The AMA Speech For Special Achievements Award, 2000 Here

    Mariah Thanks The Fans
    July 17, 2002 - Mariah would like to thank all of you for your condolensces regarding the loss of her father.
    Your warm thoughts were appreciated and meant so much.


    Jacko Charity Single Revealed
    Maybe it was produced by a guy with a porno past, but who cares? A clip of "What More Can I Give?," Michael Jackson's famously unreleased charity single, is now available for listening right here at the Fox411. After months of collecting dust, now fans can make their own minds up.

    You can hear Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Luther Vandross, as well as Jackson's high-pitched mellifluous tones. That's Mariah Carey doing "oo-woos" in the background. The song is a melodic cousin of Jackson's 1985 hit "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."

    Now that Jackson is off Sony Records, the only question that remains is why doesn't some other enterprising record company step in and release "What More Can I Give?" as a first anniversary tribute to the Sept. 11 families? It would seem appropriate. I can't believe that the artists who participated wouldn't sign off on such an effort. If the Sony performers who are involved can't obtain releases from their companies, then public sentiment would dictate a boycott of their regular records.

    The clip is the same one as we posted yesterday, Click Here to read the rest of the story on FOX NEWS.

    updated byregina July 16th, 2002 7:30PM  
    Rumor Time...
    Please note, this is yet another rumor and as Mariah says, you can't believe everything you read. Pumpkin1899@yahoo.com sent us this article from EurWeb.com
    Has Mariah Found Love?: Sources tell me forget about the rumors about Mariah Carey courting Tyrese. They say, though the two were spotted chatting at a NYC club and exchanged contact information before they both left, it was only on a "friendly" level. Sources claim that the man Mariah is really dating is "106th & Park" host A.J. A source claims the two have been dating exclusively for the last two months. It is no secret that the top-selling pop star and the BET host are friends. A.J. even appeared on Carey's "E! True Hollywood Story" around the time of her alleged emotional breakdown.

    I added three pictures Chris took of Mariah at the Chicago Rainbow concert to Gallery 1. Plus, there are two new entrees in the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section, courtesy of FunkyCat.

    Mariah Takes The Ashanti Cure
    Diva MARIAH CAREY has found a new solution to the problems that beset her career - R'n'B princess ASHANTI.

    The FANTASY singer, who was laid low by a notorious nervous breakdown last year (01), has been suffering since her debut film GLITTER and the album that accompanied it failed to meet expectations.

    According to Britain's SUN newspaper, she's roped in sultry Ashanti to write some chart-topping tunes for her comeback. The FOOLISH singer a great track record with songwriting - she's already written and sung backing on his tunes for JENNIFER LOPEZ.

    The Clinton Courier

    updated byLiron July 16th, 2002 4:00PM
    Bedingfield collaborates with Mariah
    Daniel Bedingfield, who scored a No 1 hit with Gotta Get Thru This, is collaborating with Mariah Carey on future tracks. The two artists are both signed to Island Def Jam in the US.

    US producers The Neptunes are lined up to produce the tracks. Bedingfield, who has also contributed a track to H & Claire's debut album, says: 'I see myself very much as a writer. Barry White, Sting and Ms Dynamite are also on my list of people I would like to write with.'

    Bedingfield is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album, Gotta Get Thru This, due for release in August. His new single, James Dean, is released on 5 August. The singer is also expected to tour later in the year.

    World Pop, Mariah Style

    "What More Can I Give" On ET & Fox
    Robbie (From FOMM) saw a late broadcast of ET last night and they showed a bit from the much talked about (and still not released) "What More Can I Give?" collaboration:

    "They apparantly still have the footage of the video that they were given when Michael Jackson was promoting the song last winter (where we see Mariah wearing a black 'I love NY' tank top with curly, tied back hair). They showed a bit more of Mariah singing than before, only it was chopped up, and they showed her saying "I'm here for the cause". There was also more of the song playing in the background while they were talking, but it wasn't much. Just a tease."
    Roger Friedman (Fox News) continues to cover the Michael Jackson drama and in his latest story - Jacko/McDonald's Story on Heavy Spin Cycle, he seems to be supportive of MJ and MC and the site also has a 30 seconds streaming audio clip of "What More Can I Give?".
    Click here to hear the clip (Real Player needed).

    Truth Or Lie? Part II
    A couple of days ago, Regina posted a story about Mariah calling Tommy to show her support. MSNBC are also reporting it, but please read carefully the bottom line!

    Whose side is Mariah Carey on?
    July 16 — Mariah Carey has come to the defense of her ex-hubby, says a source. The singer has been uncharacteristically quiet during the nasty and sometimes bizarre feud between Michael Jackson and Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music — in which the self-appointed King of Pop has called Mottola a racist and has depicted him as a devil for under-promoting his latest album.

    JACKSON HAS BEEN saying that Mariah "cried in my arms" over Mottola's treatment of her. He was referring, apparently, to the widely reported rift between Carey and her ex-hubby Mottola — who she accused of trying to sabotage her career.

    But Thalia, Mottola's current wife, has been telling people that Carey phoned Mottola to offer her support in his dispute with Jackson.

    "Thalia said that Mariah called Tommy and said that she's on his side, not on Michael's," says a source.
    "She said Mariah said Michael's wrong in this whole thing, that Tommy's anything but a racist. She wants to leave her dispute with Tommy in the past and she's rather appalled that Michael has dragged her into this thing."

    Carey was in Capri, recording an album, but her spokeswoman says, "To the best of my knowledge, Mariah has not spoken to Mr. Mottola in several months." Mottola's office had no comment.

    MS NBC

    Fan Gatherings Information
    Belgian Fan Gathering Report
    Click here to read all about the Belgian fan gathering that took place in Brussels, July 13, 2002. (Sent by Gilles).

    Brazilian Fan Gathering Note
    It has come to our attention that there is a big misunderstanding and a few arguments regarding the fan gathering in Brazil. I would like to make it crystal clear, that the only fan gathering that we are aware of is the one taking place by Mariah Connection. I suggest all fans in Brazil who would like to attend the gathering, email Tahiana for all the correct info, as it also appears in Mariah's official site.

    New Picture
    I added a picture to Gallery 1 that Shauna sent me, but I really don't know where/when it's from. It looks like it is from Europe, perhaps Capri or Spain. If someone knows, we'd love to be informed!

    updated byregina July 15th, 2002 9:00PM  
    Veja Transcipt
    Tahiani, from Mariah Connection, sent me a transcript where Mariah is mentioned in a popular magazine in Brazil called "Veja." The interview is with the CEO of the International Phonografic Industry Federation, Jay Berman.
    Veja: Recently, the singer Mariah Carey, was fired from EMI because her album didn't sell as much as expected. She blames the label. Who was right?
    Berman: Mariah Carey has sold millions of records, but she must take responsability for her failures. But that's not going to happen. It's good to be an artist: You're never guilty of anything. I refuse to accept that. The label's artistic director doesn't write songs. His job is to make the record get radio airplay and sell well. The song exists because an artist wrote it and sang it, not because the record label said "Here are five nice words. Write a song using them."
    updated byregina July 15th, 2002 4:05PM  
    Mariah To Attend Westlife Wedding
    Westlife hunk Shane Filan is set to tie the knot with his girlfriend Gillian Walsh in October 2002. The singer, 22, has requested time off from the band to marry Gillian, the cousin of his bandmate Kian Egan. Shane will be the second bandmember to marry. Bryan McFadden tied the knot with former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona in January 2002.

    Invited guests for the event include Britney Spears, Marc Anthony, Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, 98 Degress, Jessica Simpson, and of course his bandmates to name a few

    Mariah Rocks

    Mariah's Doing Great
    Terry sent me the following information. I have no confirmation that any of this actually took place but it's all good information, so might as well post it I suppose!

    I talked to Erik Bradley this weekend and I thought you might want to know this! Incase you don't know who he is , he is the music program director for the third largest radio station in the United States; B96 in Chicago. He is also a friend of Mariah's. Well, yesterday I asked him if he has talked to her lately. He said, "Yes, and she is doing great!" I asked him "Is she doing ok with her whole father situation?" He said, "Yes, she got to spend a lot of time with him before it all happened, she is already back in Italy recording the new album! Terry (that's me) we know your excited about that!" I said, "Erik, come on, of course I am, but anyways Mariah is ok right?" he said, "Yes, all you kids worry too much she's doing great, better then I've seen in a long time; she's very happy right now! But I have to go guys(vi3) are waiting in the car!" I said, "ok thanks Erik, I really appreciate it."
    updated byregina July 14th, 2002 5:30PM  
    Glitter On HBO
    Rachel sent me a list of HBO's Saturday Premiere's and it seems Glitter is going to premiere the end of August:
    7/20 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    -Two Can Play That Game
    7/27 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    8/3 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    -Planet of the Apes
    8/10 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    -Rock Star
    8/17 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    -Don't Say a Word
    8/24 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central
    -Kiss of the Dragon
    8/31 8:00 p.m.; 7:00 central

    Mariah Lyrics
    Since news is sort of slow lately, Liron and I are working on adding new sections to MD. We already added the Videography section and today, we added the Lyrics section. To check it out, just click here or get the link on the left side bar.

    Reminder: Chat Tomorrow Night
    Don't forget that tomorrow there will be an MD Chat at 8pm here. Last week we didn't give away a poster but this week we are, so make sure you stop on by. See you there!

    Ashanti On Mariah
    Mariah-Louise informed me that there was a webchat on Ashanti's Official Website a few days ago and Mariah was brought up in one of the questions. I am sure Mariah will co-write the song with her, if it happens...

    McsLoverboy1 in Onstage1 asks: Hey Ashanti, I just want to first start off by saying that I think your album is off the hook and that I think your really fine. How do you feel about Mariah Carey joining Island Def Jam?
    Ashanti says: It's cool. I'll probably be writing for her.

    New Link
    I added a new site to the LINKS page and you can also check it out below:
    Sweetest Mariah

    updated byLiron July 13th, 2002 5:40PM
    Mariah Is Indeed In Capri
    In Capri Finally, Mariah
    July 12th, 2002, by Anna Maria Boniello
    Mariah Carry has come again. The American singer has left the retire at the recording house "Digital Studios" on Touro Mont - where she is finishing the recording of her new album - to go to the restaurant "Villa Verde". In the restaurant of Franco E Gianni Lembo, the waiter Franco Schiano reserved to Mariah a surprise of special food. Little tomatos collected in Franco's garden and t-shirts dedicated to the beautifull singer.

    Nacho (From FOMM), Capri Press. Translation from Italian by JDanie.

    The beautiful picture from the dinner in Capri can be found in Gallery 1

    Mariah Eligible For MTV Video Music Awards 2002
    MTV has published the list of videos that are eligible to receive an MTV Video Music Award nomination and Mariah appears in the following categories:
    Soul / R&B :
    Mariah Carey - "Never Too Far" (Virgin)
    Hip Hop:
    Mariah Carey - "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" (Virgin)
    Mariah Carey - "Never Too Far" (Virgin)
    Mariah Carey - "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" (Virgin)
    Mariah Carey - "Never Too Far" (Virgin)

    MTV, Kaison.

    Two 'beloved' (& known to Mariah fans) reporters recently talked about the above issue and mentioned Mariah:

    Roger Friedman from Fox News, during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, host of "On The Record":

    FRIEDMAN: Well, what he's [Michael Jackson] got to do is — well, he went to England and made — started this business of Tommy Mottola being the devil, and then went to Mohammed Al-Fayed, apparently, who owns Harrod's record store, and proposed starting a Harrod's record label that he could co-own and record for. And he may wind up doing that. He may wind up having to find some kind of patron saint who'll come in and create a record label for him because regular record labels probably won't even deal with him, at this point. It's not like Mariah Carey, who had a very — who was in the middle of a big career and was able to transfer it over to another label.
    Liz Smith from NYPost on her daily column: (July 9th, 2002)
    IT'S SIMPLY terrific that after 30 years plus in the music biz, Michael Jackson has decided that certain artists - especially himself - are getting a raw deal and something must be done about it. (I know Michael would be just as upset if his album "Invincible" hadn't proved to be less than that on the charts.)
    I am just surprised Michael hasn't persuaded Mariah Carey to join him as he throws down his gauntlet. After all, she had her problems with Sony's big man, Tommy Mottola, whom Michael describes as "racist." Or how about Prince; he's a freedom fighter, too -remember his long rebellion against Warner Records?
    Maybe Michael, Mariah, and Prince should get together on an album and show the world. I'd certainly buy it!
    Also, there is a new article from "Japan Today News" that suggests different reasons for "What More Can I Give?" not being release. It's quite long, but if you'd like to read it, click here.

    Old Gallery Update / NTF From Italy
    NTF / Hero In Italy

  • I updated Gallery 11 with about 20 pictures of some nice collages and old pictures sent in by mcfanatic. Sound of The Week will hopefully be updated tomorrow.
  • I must sound like a broken record, but I suggest everyone checks out Mariah Style for a rare video file of Mariah performing "Never Too Far / Hero" in Italy. Screen captures from it have been added to Gallery 1.
  • updated byregina July 13th, 2002 4:00PM  
    Truth or Lie?
    I got two stories in the mail today and neither of them are confirmed. The first bit of information comes from Adrian...
    On Univision's popular show "El Gorda Y La Flaca" they had a news brief from an interview with Thalia while promoting her latest CD. In the news brief Thalia mentions that Mariah, amongst others ( Celine Dion, P. Diddy) have come forth with their support for Tommy against Michael Jackson's allegations. According to Thalia, Tommy recieved a call from Mariah in which she displayed her support and basically excluded herself from the whole issue, and didn't want to get involved. She basically wanted to leave the past behind and the same time chosing not to support Michael-- and instead support Tommy. Included in the news brief was video images of "One Sweet Day."
    Next, Carl tells me Mariah was mentioned in the Sun today (7/13/02) in the Bizarre Showbiz. Personally, I don't think Mariah needs Ashanti to write anything for her but it would be cool if the two worked together someday. Here is what was said...
    "MARIAH CAREY is hoping that R&B sensation Ashanti will help revive her singing career. Mariah was dumped by Virgin with a £38million pay-off after her album Glitter flopped. Now she's asked Ashanti – who has written songs for Jennifer Lopez – to pen a hit for her. Ashanti's debut single, Foolish, is set to go in the top five tomorrow."

    AOL Buddy Icons
    Paydapigg told me that CoolBuddy.com has some nice Mariah icons also. Check it out if you like.

    Reminder: Wannabes
    If you missed the 30 minute special of fans Becoming Mariah, check out MTV tomorrow morning at 8am. It was a cute show and one you shouldn't miss.

    updated byregina July 12th, 2002 5:45PM  
    Magazine News
    I saw the new People magazine this afternoon at work and I noticed in the death section, they listed Alfred Carey and mentioned how he was Mariah's dad. There is no picture and tomorrow, I'll try to check the tabloids and other magazines to see if Mariah is in any of them.

    AOL Buddy Icons
    Need a buddy icon of Mariah for your AOL Instand Messenger? Well LilDego44 found a nice place where you can get one. Click here to check it out.

    Me & Mariah
    BBC added a picture of Mariah and myself on one of their main pages. To check it out, just click here.

    Glitter DVD
    mariah_hero2002@yahoo.no informed me that the Glitter DVD has now been released in Norway. The review for the movie reads...

    Grammywinner, Mariah Carey, is the star in this strong and unforgettable history about a very talented singer, who discover that the road to her dreams also leads to her heart. You can also see acting from Max Beesly and Ann Magnusson, and also incredible performances from music sensations such as Eric Benét and Da Brat
    Plus, Kino tells me that the Glitter DVD was released in Malaysia as well, thanks to Mediamax Corp.

    The You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section was updated, courtesy of Melissa and there is also now a link on the main side bar for the Videography section.

    Brazilian Fan Gathering
    Tahiana, from MariahConnection.com, asked me to post the following information for all the Brazil fans out there...
    Join MariahConnection.com and many Brazilian Mariah fans @ the New York City Center Stage for music, fun and celebration. The entire event will be filmed, compiled with footage from other world fan gatherings and then presented to Mariah herself. This is your chance to send Mariah your very own personal video greeting!
    Mariah Connection will also be releasing the Glitter Brazilian DVD along with Columbia Home Entertainment Brazil.
    Check the details of the fan meeting:
    - Where?
    New York City Center Stage (Address: Av das Américas 5000 - Barra da Tijuca. Rio de Janeiro - RJ).
    - When?
    July 21st at 6:30 PM
    - Features:
    Contests (you might win Glitter DVDs/VHs, Glitter T-Shirts, Glitter promo postcards, Glitter release sheets, Mariah Connection exclusive stickers) Lambs will be able to trade Mariah stuff (bring your scrapbook!) Fans performing at the stage either singing or imitating Mariah. Exclusive videos will be played on the huge screen (including live performances, tours and Glitter making off)
    Fan Video will be recorded. It will be the first Brazilian fan video where the Braziliam lambs will be able to record their messages. This will be sent to Mariah along with letters.
    We will be collecting money for the "Care Enough Operation" (Camp Mariah) and the "Name A Rose Mariah Project" (visit http://mariahconnection.com/rpn for more info)
    Other things will happen at the event so make sure you come if you´re around. And please, check MariahConnection.com for detailed info.

    New Sites
    I updated the Links page and also added the links below, that you can check out...
    The One and Only Mariah
    Mariah's Israeli furom

    updated byregina July 11th, 2002 1:40PM  
    There is a new Article, Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week (thanks Jeane for the poll idea). Check them out if you like and here are last week's poll results...
    How would you like Wise Girls to be released?
    On HBO, as planned (233) 14%
    In the movies (1144) 67%
    Right to DVD/Video (336) 20%
    Total Votes: 1713

    Plus, I added new entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When section, courtesy of Dana and Tom.

    Cribs In Australia
    Ricardo, from Mariah's Lambs Heaven, informed me that Mariah's MTV Cribs will be re-airing in Australia twice this month. Check them out at the following times...
    Friday 12th @ 7pm
    Sunday 14th @ 1pm

    Most Shocking Moments On VH1
    I finally saw the show this afternoon that has been airing a lot on VH1 and I thought I would talk a little about it. The show is one hour long and Mariah comes on about 40 minutes into the show. They have about a three to five segment on her and her "breakdown" that she had last year. They showed a lot of clips from her videos and also some pictures of her, two I haven't seen before. If you missed it, check the Important Dates section for times it will reair.

    Glitter DVD In Belgium
    Gilles tells us that the Glitter DVD, with dutch subtitles, is temporarily out of stock only one week after it's release. The Glitter DVD with dutch subtitles is temporarily out of stock one week after the release.

    updated byregina July 11th, 2002 10:25AM  
    Mariah's Videography
    Since news is slow right now, Liron and I are working on adding new sections to MD. Plus, Jan is hard at work creating a brand new design for this website. Liron and I spent several days collecting all the information for a few brand new sections on MD and the first one to premiere is the Videography section. Here you can check out some fun facts on Mariah video's from over the years and to check it out, just click here.

    I'll be doing another update later this afternoon with all the weekly goodies!

    updated byregina July 10th, 2002 5:40PM  
    Mariah's Dad
    A lot of you are writing in and asking if we were going to collect letters, poems or anything else to show our love and support for Mariah and her family during this difficult time. However, it has been requested that we just give Mariah space this time and that is exactly what we are going to do. All we can do is send her our love right now and keep her in our prayers!

    Mariah Barbie Doll?
    barbie Steve found a Barbie doll on EToys.com by Mattel called "The Diva Collection: All That Glitters Barbie." In no way does the site say that it is Mariah but on the back of the box, it reads:

    "Shes winning rave reviews for her world tour.Tthe sassy superstar is altogether fabulous, glittering as brightly as her performances, an edgy trendsetter, equal parts glitz, and soul, All That Glitters barbie doll is taking the industry by storm. Accross the country and around the world, on stage and off, the diva has attitude thats winning fans everywhere. Shimmering voice, golden hair, sparkling talent. simply stunning. All That Glitters."
    So hey, if you want a special collector barbie and got $50 to spare, you can click here for a direct link to order it.

    MariahCarey.com Updated
    The news section of MariahCarey.com has been updated yesterday. There are three nice pictures of Mariah and also information on the Wannabe show. Check it out if you like.

    Butterflies Are Free

    Carolina, from Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore, informed me that they started a new contest for the lambs to celebrate their 200,000 hits. All you have to do is answer some questions about Mariah and then you could win some unreleased Mariah cd's. The contest is in English and Spanish, so check it out if you like.

    I added a few more entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page (starts at 398; Thanks Nikki) and also one more link, which you can check out below also...
    Can't Take Mariah Away

    updated byregina July 9th, 2002 7:10PM  
    hunks Elise sent me two cute pictures of Mariah which I added to Gallery 1. One is of Mariah with Westlife and the other is a picture I have never seen before and a sample of it is on the right. It's so funny how the guys are all wearing Rainbow shirts and Mariah looks so cute in the picture. Check it out if you want. Plus, if you want to see more pictures Elise has found, click her name to check out the MSN Community.

    Mariah Carey: Cribs
    Everytime I update Important Dates with times Mariah's Cribs will air on MTV, fans always seem to miss it and ask me when it will air again. Well, it will air July 22nd at 2pm ET, so make sure you make note of that somewhere. I also updated Important Dates with a few more t.v. times, make sure you check it out.

    Ricardo found out that VH1.com has a poll on their website asking which of the musicians do you think displays the most shocking behavior? It has to do with there recent special and so far Mariah is in last place with only 11%, which is good. So go vote for another artist because this is one poll we don't want Mariah to win. Click here to vote.

    I added a new Mariah club to the Fanclub section of MD and also a few more links, which you can check out below. Finally, I added a few more entrees to the You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When page, courtesy of Nikki (the new ones start at 386). She sent about 70, so I'll be adding a few more sometime this week.
    Mariah Carey's E-MOTION
    Mariah Carey Sunlight

    updated byLiron July 9th, 2002 11:50AM
    Our Deepest Condolences, Love & Support To Mariah
    Mariah's Dad Dies
    Condolences to Mariah Carey. The "Glitter" star lost her father, Alfred, to cancer.

    He died on July 4 at his New York home.

    The singer flew back from the Italian island of Capri last month to be with her dad during the final stages of his illness.

    "She's grateful that she had a chance to spend these weeks with him," her rep told us.

    Alfred, an engineer, and his wife, Patricia, a singer, divorced in 1973, when Mariah was 3. Though they were once estranged, in recent years they grew close again.

    Mariah returned to Capri on Sunday to continue recording her first CD for Universal Music. Her rep said a memorial service is being planned.

    Alfred Roy Carey

    Taken from the New York Daily News, sent by Tom, Gilles, S, Anderz & Diana.

    We Love You Mariah, Be Strong.
    updated byLiron July 8th, 2002 7:25PM
    MTV Becoming Presents: Wannabe Mariah Carey
    I am positive there are a few other people like me who aren't from the US and don't have a clue how the show goes. disastr from MariahMM.net summed it up for me quickly:

    Contestants try out to be the next Mariah, and 3 finalists are chosen. These 3 get make overs to look like Mariah and try to sing, answer questions the way Mariah would, in hopes that the 3 judges; Da Brat, Kristofer Buckle (make up artist), and Rachel Mcintosh (choreographer) will pick them to sing a full song at the end of the show as the closest to being Mariah.

    disastr has uploaded the show to the great site MariahMM.net so check it out if you wanna know who the winner was!
    He's also been kind enough to make screen captures for us which you can see in Gallery 10

    By the way, j0e from MariahMM is celebrating his 21st birthday today - so Happy Birthday Joe!! ;) Thanks for all the videos, keep up the good work!

    Michael Jackson Speaks About Mariah Again
    Michael Jackson continues his battle against Sony and Tommy Mottola and mentions Mariah again.
    Here's an extract from an article about it:

    "Multi-platinum entertainer Michael Jackson yesterday attacked the music industry as a racist conspiracy and charged that Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola referred to one artist using the N-word.
    Jackson added: "People from James Brown to Sammy Davis Jr., some of the real pioneers that inspired me to be an entertainer, these artists are always on tour, because if they stop touring, they would go hungry," he said.
    Jackson also called singer Mariah Carey a victim. Carey and Mottola divorced in 1998."

    To read more about this story, visit the links below:
    NewsDay.Com - Jackson: Industry Is Racist.
    SunSpot - Jackson: Recording industry racist.

    Berlin Fan Gathering
    Here are the details about the Berlin fan gathering, sent by Honey & Kate:
    "Due to multiple request to postpone the fangathering in Berlin because of the Love Parade, we now decided to let it take place on Sunday, July 14th. Like before we'll meet at 12pm CET in front of the world-time-clock at the Alexanderplatz and also the "program" will remain the same.
    If you wouldn't have been able to make it on July 13th, but can come on Sunday, please send us a mail at honey_kate@gmx.net untill Thursday, July 11th!! Thanx!

  • And here are the plans for the meeting once again:
    - get to know Mariah-fans
    - trade Mariah-stuff etc. if you want
    - you'll be able to win Mariah-prizes
    - the gathering will be filmed and sent to Mariah
    - announcement of a new project
    - Mariah-music etc.
  • What else you should pay attention to...
    - wear Mariah t-shirts and other MC-items if possible to show your support for Mariah
    - take a camera with you if you like
  • updated byregina July 7th, 2002 5:45PM  
    Reminder: Wannanbes/Chat
    Don't forget that tomorrow on MTV "Wannabes: Mariah Carey" will be airing at 2:30pm ET. If you miss it for some reason, don't worry. It will reair on July 14th at 8am ET on MTV. Also, tomorrow night at 8pm ET, there will be a MD chat. We will be giving away a full size Greatest Hits Poster to the lucky fan who can give the answer the quickest to our Mariah question. Hope to see you there.

    Glitter On HBO
    Earlier this month, I reported that Glitter would not be airing on HBO. Warren tells me that Glitter is still being shown in the upcoming movie (Saturday Night Premieres) commercial though. So maybe it will premiere sometime in August! If we hear anything, we will post it on MD right away.

    Mariah Lookalike or Not?
    Btrflydiva told me that at Alloy.com, you can vote on whether you think this girl looks like Mariah or not. If you got a little extra time and feel like checking it out, click here for the direct link.

    Fan Gatherings
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that details for UK Fan Gathering can be seen here and that details for the German Fan Gathering can be seen at Honey & Kate's website by clicking here.

    Here's more from Honey & Kate on the German Gathering:
    Due to multiple request to postpone the fangathering in Berlin because of the Love Parade, we now decided to let it take place on Sunday, July 14th. Like before we'll meet at 12pm CET in front of the world-time-clock at the Alexanderplatz and also the "program" will remain the same.
    If you wouldn't have been able to make it on July 13th, but can come on Sunday, please send us a mail at honey_kate@gmx.net untill Thursday, July 11th!! Thanx!
    And here are the plans for the meeting once again:
    What we'll do...
    - get to know Mariah-fans
    - trade Mariah-stuff etc. if you want
    - you'll be able to win Mariah-prizes
    - the gathering will be filmed and sent to Mariah
    - announcement of a new project
    - Mariah-music etc.
    What else you should pay attention to...
    - wear Mariah t-shirts and other MC-items if possible to show your support for Mariah
    - take a camera with you if you like

    Links Updated
    I added two new links to the LINKS page and you can check them out by clicking below...
    Mariah's Destiny
    Mariah Station Team

    updated byLiron July 6th, 2002 1:40PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    Make It Happen This week's SOTW is one of the earliest dance remixes Mariah's done:
    Make It Happen - C&C Classic Mix

    Taken from Mariah's 1992 CD single release - "Make It Happen", this remix was produced, arranged and mixed by C&C Enterprises (David Cole & Robert Clivilles).
    The US single made it to #5 on the Billboard Charts, Mariah's lowest peak at that time.

    Yes, we finally have the picture and the tagline of "Wisegirls". Meski (MariahMania) originally found the poster on eBay and then a Wisegirlsfew people on FOMM found a better scan (to your right). You can see the large picture in Gallery 10.
    We are 99.9% positive that this is indeed the official poster, just for comparison, I've added an old picture from the Wisegirls premiere in which Mariah's standing with the poster in the background. Both posters have the same Mira Sorvino picture and a similar Mariah picture as well.

    Pictures Update
    Aside from the Wisegirls posters, I've also added the following pictures to Gallery 10:
    - Three pictures that I haven't seen before from the lovely MariahMania,
    - A scan from the Israeli magazine "Pnai Plus" by mcfanatic,
    - Two scans from "Rating" and "Ma'ariv La'noar" (Israeli magazines) by Shahar,
    - & Four pictures sent in by Honey & Kate from Mariah's visit in Ibiza, 1998.

    Join The Online Fan Gathering
    MariahFans.net and MariahLand.com invite you all to the online fan gathering that is taking place right now and will end on Monday, July 8th (Mariah Daily chat day) - when Taryn (Singer of the "Wisegirls" theme song) comes in for a chat with everyone.
    To join the chat, simply click here.
    To read everything about the fan gathering, the prizes, the events & more - click here.

    Fan Sites Updates

  • MisterB from Mariah Style wants everyone to know that Mariah Style now exclusively hosts videos from Tokyo Dome 98. Very recommended!
  • Case had to close down his site - "mesMARIAHzed" but now has a new site called Flutter so check it out!
  • updated byregina July 4th, 2002 8:00PM  
    There is a new Pic, Quote, Article and Poll O' The Week. Check them out if you like and here are last week's results:
    What's your favorite feature of Mariah's?
    Voice (1454) 58%
    Body (185) 7%
    Eyes (159) 6%
    Smile (146) 6%
    Laugh (156) 6%
    Personality (293) 12%
    Hair (98) 4%
    Total Votes: 2491

    No Glitter On HBO
    A few people told me so far that it seems that Glitter will not be airing on HBO this July. We'll keep you posted if we find out anymore information on this.

    Mad Michael
    Michael Jackson is furious with record label Sony again – saying they refused to let him release a charity record.

    He recorded What More Can I Give with a host of celebs including MARIAH CAREY and Ricky Martin for the victims of September 11 – but it never saw the light of day.

    Now the track's producer Marc Schaffel has spoken out on behalf of Jacko, saying: "Sony Music are punishing many innocent people who would have been the beneficiaries. This the most blatant disgusting act of corporate greed."

    Last month Jacko called the label's boss Tommy Mottolla "the devil"."

    Carl; The Sun (3/7/02)

    Site Re-Opened
    Pete, from Mariah Avenue, wanted to inform you all that the site is back up, after a 6 month break. Check it out if you like!

    Happy Fourth
    Happy Fourth of July to all the lambs in the land from everyone here at MD!

    updated byLiron July 4th, 2002 6:45AM
    Patti LaBelle About Mariah In Her "Crib"
    Patti Labelle joins the long list of celebrities who talked about Mariah on their "MTV Crib" special. Rhainbow (from FOMM) says that Patti has a picture of Mariah & herself from the Superbowl after party, and said she has to teach Mariah how to cook someday and that Mariah calls her "godmother".

    Mariah's Romance Popular In "Star" Magazine
    Last week, Mariah was on the "Star" magazine cover with the EMINEM ADMITS HOT FLING WITH MARIAH CAREY story. This week, Mariah and Tyrese are on the cover, and here's their "story":

    Revitalized pop star hooks up with R&B heartthrob
    HER troubles behind her, Mariah Carey is looking forward to the future with a new guy nearly a decade younger than her – hunky R&B singer Tyrese.
    "When Mariah laid eyes on Tyrese, she flipped," says an eyewitness at New York City's trendy Serafina eatery, where the two hooked up.

    "They hit it off instantly, laughing right up till closing time. That's when they whipped out their electronic organizers and exchanged phone numbers."

    Fate brought the duo together. Carey, 32, recently had been visiting her sick father Alfred in a New York hospital and only stopped by Serafina to pick up her cousin Sean, who's staying with her while visiting from Harvard.

    It was love at first bite when Carey, dressed provocatively in a low-cut top, jeans and her trademark glittery butterfly necklace, spied Tyrese, 23, grabbing a late-night snack at the restaurant.

    After spending a little time sipping wine with pals, Mariah asked to be introduced to the strapping star of the John Singleton movie Baby Boy.

    "They talked all night and were two of the last people to leave the restaurant at 4 a.m.," says another source.
    Read the rest of the story here.

    What More Can I Give? - Petition For Release
    I recently signed the "What More Can I Give?" petition that would be sent to Sony with hopes that it would eventually be released in the near future.
    Click HERE if you wish to sign the petition as well.

    MTV Europe News wrote this summary of events:
    Michael Jackson has levelled another scathing criticism at Sony records, saying that they failed to bring out a charity record he made for the victims of September 11th. According to reports in the press, Jacko recorded the song with Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin, but it never saw the light of day.
    The producer of the song has now spoken out on Jacko's behalf and is quoted as saying "This is the most blatant, disgusting act of corporate greed."

    Also, Ashes from RPN sent in a message written by Min where he claims Michael Jackson and the "What M ore Can I Give?" team are coming to perform the song in Japan on September. We'll wait for more news on that.

    Becoming Mariah
    Eran let me know that MTV Will be premiering the "Becoming Presents: Wannabe Mariah Carey" on July 8th at 2:30PM EST.

    In Other MTV News, both MariahzPrincess and Gary let us know that on the MTV Countdown for "Top Hip Hop Videos of All Time", Mariah came in at #17 with "Heartbreaker Remix".

    Wise Girls In Belgium
    Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) sends in this great news for Belgian fans:

    "The Belgian distributor of Wise Girls confirmed us that Belgian people will be able to see Wise Girls for sure. The movie will be released in the movie theaters or on DVD or in the movie theathers and on DVD."

    Mariah #9 Most Popular Singer at AskMen.com
    Jennafer wrote us to inform everyone that Mariah's #9 on the most popular singers list at AskMen.com.
    They have a whole section about her with biography, comments and ratings (click here to see it)
    On the overall rating, this is what they wrote about MC:

    Mariah Carey has one of the best voices in pop music (or hip-hop, depending on your opinion), combined with one of the best figures. She isn't as innocent as she once marketed herself, but we have nothing against bad girls.

    Notes For Fans In Brazil
    Tahiana from Mariah Connection wrote some news for the fans in Brazil:

  • There´s a note about Mariah´s movie (Glitter) at the Brazilian Magazine called "Capricho". It´s on page 44 in an article that talks about which movies you should take with you on your vacation.

  • Info on Brazilian DVD/VHS of "Glitter":
    Release Date: July 11th, 2002
    Interactive Menus, Screen Format: Widescreen, Subtitles: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean and Thai, Languages: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital) Portuguese and Spanish 2-channels, (Dolby Surround)
    Special presentations: Movie Trailers, Video Clips: Mariah Carey - Lover Boy and Never to Far, Comments by Director, Filmography, Animated Menus, Scenes selection.

    Mariah Connection is pre-selling those VHS/DVD and has an exclusive version of the movie trailer.
    You can check it out at www.mariahconnection.com (either on the english, spanish or portuguese versions).

    Miami Fan Gathering
    Here's all the neccessary info for the fan gathering in Miami, sent in by Ashes and Olivia:

    Date & Time: The date of the gathering will be Saturday, 7/20/02. We will meet at the beach at approximately 10:00 am and will be there until about dusk. Also, we will also be meeting that night at 10:00 p.m. at a karaoke club.

    Location: The gathering will take place on South Beach! Yeah... we will have some "Fun in the Sun". We'll meet right on the beach, across from Wet Willies (760 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139). The karaoke club is in Miami Beach as well, and it's called Studio A1A. It comes highly recommended by Elaina, a fellow lamb and aspiring singer. Further information about the karaoke club will be provided during the fan gathering.

    Demographics: For now, I will estimate that 20 to 30 people will attend the gathering at the beach, since not everyone has sent me an email with their RSVP. I'd say that 10 to 15 people will probably attend the karaoke event that night as well.

    Laminates/Lanyards: I will go ahead an order the laminates/lanyards for our group (as a keepsake/memento). What are laminates? They are often referred to as "backstage passes". The lanyards are used to secure the laminate passes around our necks.

    Requirements: Note that the gathering will be held at the beach, so swimwear is necessary. It's recommended that you also bring a change of clothes. It is highly recommended that you bring sunscreen and any other items that may protect you from the hazardous rays of the sun. Also, even though there are various concession stands on the beach, you may want to bring along some refreshments/snacks for your personal use.

  • updated byregina July 2nd, 2002 6:30PM  
    Another New Scan
    I picked up the July 2002 issue of Sister2Sister because there is a really lovely picture of Mariah backstage at the Home For The Holidays special. You can check it out in Gallery 10.

    Calendar Wallpapers
    Since it's July, I added the new wallpapers. Check them out if you like by clicking here.

    MTV's Becoming Presents Wannabe Mariah Carey
    This show will air on MTV at 2:30PM ET on July 8th. Make sure you check it out!

    Wise Girls in Denmark
    wisegirls The Danish Mariah Carey Fanclub were just told by a representative of the company that holds the right to "Wise Girls" in Denmark that the movie is still scheduled for release in Denmark but that it will go straight to video/DVD most likely in October or November 2002.

    Nana; MariahCarey.dk (Danish Mariah Carey Fanclub)

    Site Re-Opens
    Melynnda re-opened All4Mariah and would like you all to check it out.

    "mariahdaily.com" is an unofficial Mariah Carey website. All material and pictures © this website unless otherwise noted. Design by jagert