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JULY 31, 2003 4:15PM

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  • JULY 31, 2003 12:41PM
    Mariah still a charmer

    Say what you will about Mariah Carey, but no one can deny that she's a master at wowing her devoted fans. The songstress performed for more than two hours Tuesday night at the United Center to promote her most recent album, "Charmbracelet."

    The concert drew teen girls and their moms, single young men, couples and groups of girlfriends -- all of whom shared wild screams with Carey's every wave and high note.

    Three dancers dressed like circus performers kicked off the show as the singer, flanked by bodyguards, snuck in through the back of the arena. She opened a 16-song set with her dance tune "Heartbreaker."

    Carey sported a pink, rhinestone-encrusted microdress, which rivaled Shania Twain's flashy outfit from this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

    The show also borrowed from other superstar peers. Carey's eight costume changes and French circus motif gave a nod to Cher's recent concerts. And later, Carey sat suspended above the stage on white drapery that resembled a scene from Jennifer Lopez's 2001 televised concert from Puerto Rico.

    Still, the night was all about Mariah and her mighty voice. She shunned the breathy vocals that are a trademark on recent albums, instead belting out powerful notes. Carey performed new material like "Through the Rain" and the sexy "Subtle Invitation," while still offering familiar hits like "Honey" and ballads like "Hero."

    This tour is the first since Carey's split with Virgin records. The label paid her $28 million to leave after her 2001 album "Glitter" and its accompanying movie bombed. It is also Carey's first tour since her well-publicized breakdown that same year.

    Carey's Web site touts the tour as a series of "intimate" concerts (the United Center was fashioned in a theater set-up, albeit a large one). Still, it allowed Carey and her loyal admirers to feed off each other.

    Some of the pop world may remain skeptical that Carey still has a Midas touch. But the singer charmed her way through Chicago as the ringmaster in her delightful circus.

    Source: Chicago Daily Herald

    Mariah Carey better than ever

    She's been out of the limelight for a few years, but Mariah Carey's voice hasn't been silenced. The songstress proved she can still put on quite a show during her concert Tuesday night at Chicago's United Center.

    Carey's 90-minute concert was pretty much a showcase for her latest album, "Charmbracelet," but did include a good selection of favorite chart toppers.

    The Chicago show was only the second stop of Carey's Charmbracelet tour, which is scheduled to run through September.

    Carey began her concert in diva-like fashion, emerging from the back of the venue with guards and entourage surrounding her as she performed "Heartbreaker."

    Fans cheered as Carey, wearing a short pink glittery dress and stiletto heels, made her way through the crowd and to the stage.

    While Carey's vocals were somewhat drowned out by her band during that first number, the sound occasionally cleared up throughout the rest of the show.

    Carey's concert took on a type of vaudevillian-style revue at times, with her dancers and other performers posing as painters and other characters. Some of the scenes were silly, yet at times worked well in the context of the show.

    As an entertainer, Carey seems to prefer to weave a theme throughout her shows. The singer's last concert in Chicago in 2000 played up a ridiculous diva theme, but was extremely weak on the music side. While this tour still has Carey romping around her set, there's a bit more emphasis on the music.

    The "Charmbracelet" album, which has a hip-hop feel, is perhaps Carey's weakest. But in concert, the tunes from the album sounded better than expected.

    Carey, who suffered a very public breakdown in 2001, proved she can still wow her audience with her versatile vocal range and trills, although she's not as strong vocally as she once was.

    Her vocals shone through particularly on the ballads "My All, and "Through the Rain," her latest hit.

    The concert was also part fashion show, as Carey went through a half dozen costume changes, donning everything from short shorts and tube tops to glamorous long gowns and mini dresses.

    Musical standouts included the touching "My Saving Grace" from "Charmbracelet," which Carey said was "my life story set to music."

    Other attractive renditions were "Dreamlover," the optimistic "Make It Happen," "Vision of Love," "Fantasy" and "I'll Be There," performed with backup singer Trey Lorenz.

    Carey talked to her audience often during the show, and performed a couple of requested songs from a fan poll conducted on her Internet site. She said that the set list would change just a bit nightly on her tour to accommodate fan's requests.

    The show wrapped up appropriately with a touching version of "Hero."

    Source: Daily Southtown

    Carey's tour plays out before dwindling crowds

    If there's anything to be learned from Mariah Carey's performance Tuesday night, it is this: You can do anything you want, if you only put your mind to it. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Don't give up. Really. A monthlong shock therapy session with Dr. Phil couldn't promise half as much self-empowerment as this show.

    "This is a song about perseverance, pressing on," Carey said early in the set, demurely posing on a chaise longue before launching into the lite-gospel "Through the Rain." "Things like that."

    No kidding. Things like that applied to easily half her two-hour set, a veritable checklist of featherweight pop anthems with titles such as "Make It Happen," "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)," "My All," "Hero" and "My Saving Grace."

    But such is the mantra of Carey, who performed in Chicago for the first time after 2001's cinematic fiasco "Glitter," a recording contract fire sale, and its corresponding and well-documented breakdown for the kind of "exhaustion" that never seems to befall non-famous people. This was a show expressly designed to announce that Mariah Is Back, from her inclusion of all those "I will survive"-type numbers to her immediate display of the kind of high-frequency vocal trapeze work that can affect your cell phone reception. Indeed, Carey and her handlers have masterfully turned a gossip-column PR nightmare into a rebirthing theme that, if her stage show is any indication, she intends to pound us into submission with.

    It's true that Carey has persevered far more than her detractors might have expected. According to SoundScan, her "comeback" record "Charmbracelet," has moved 1.1 million units nationwide since its release last December--respectable enough, but well off-par for Carey--and this tour, her first in three years, will take her to smaller theaters nationwide.

    But on Night 2 of the tour's U.S. leg, there were already signs of trouble. The show took place in the United Center's "theater setting," but even with the 480 level curtained off there were plenty of vacant seats in the mid-level and floor areas. The tour is being touted as an "intimate evening," but the UC at its coziest remains about as intimate as an episode of "Big Brother." And any evening that boasts a cast such as this--at times, Carey was joined by no fewer than 20 dancers, singers and musicians--is hardly intimate, anyway. The show was never sure if it was a single-spotlight cabaret affair or a full-on Cirque du Soleil-esque production complete with cartoonish characters, costume changes and bizarre supporting actors (a jester-dancer in a Detroit Pistons jersey materialized during "Clown," Carey's attitude-heavy retort to the advances of one Marshall Mathers).

    Then there's the matter of the diva herself. Carey's fluttery voice--the voice that's launched a thousand "American Idol" auditions--largely remains in fine form, even if it sometimes skirts challenges it would have demolished a few years back. She expertly glided over the backing tracks at times ("My Saving Grace" and "Always Be My Baby") and was overwhelmed by them at others ("Honey"), but showed a single-minded dedication to proving that she still had game.

    No, the biggest problem Carey has is that, even by the ultra-choreographed standards of pop shows, this one seemed especially chilly and distant. Despite Carey's blank-check declaration that the Chicago crowd was her "best audience to date," her band was frequently eaten up by the backing tracks, and the pace, oft-interrupted by dance interludes, video snippets and a band introduction process that can only be described as epic, was entirely too choppy. When there weren't anthems, there were pre-taped bids for hip-hop credibility like "Honey" (anybody remember Mase?) or "Fantasy" with the Artist Formerly Known as Ol' Dirty Bastard. Only an unlikely, guitar-fueled cover of Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartbreak" really heated up, and it's a testament to the sameness of Carey's catalog that an '80s hair-metal ballad seemed fresh in terms of structure and muscle tone.

    It's been a while since her glory days, and it's strange to note that the world's No. 1-selling female artist of all time has trouble filling arenas. While it's heartening to see Carey persevering after her troubles, the fact remains that if the show--and the empty seats--are any indication, her road continues for a while yet.

    Source: Chicago Sun-Times

    I Spy...

    Mini-skirted Mariah Carey was spotted dining at Pane Caldo Tuesday night after her United Center show.

    Source: Chicago Sun-Times

    Mariah Carey hits the road for rare tour

    We all know superstar songbird Mariah Carey for her piercing falsetto, a staggering list of chart-topping hits so lengthy that she released a CD titled "#1's," and the recent smash "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes. We also know her for a sexpot fashion sense, a punch line known as "Glitter," a suspected nervous breakdown and a record-label buyout of her contract.

    What most of us don't know about the pop diva is what she's like in concert. Though Carey has excelled when it comes to making and breaking records, she's no road warrior. Carey's embarked on major tours once or twice, but she's largely stuck to major markets, and her itinerary has never included St. Louis.

    All that's about to change with a scheduled appearance Friday at the Fox.

    Explaining her reasons for not touring heavily, Carey says, "It's all about having the time in between shows to rest your voice. It's a rough thing if you don't take care of it. It's rigorous being on stage. So touring isn't the most practical thing for me to do. But with an album that's as personal to me as this one (her latest, 'Charmbracelet'), like it was with 'Butterfly,' it's time to do a tour. I do enjoy touring."

    The most successful singer of the '90s in terms of hits, Carey is also happy do some talking. Just don't ask her about slipping record sales for "Charmbracelet," radio's loss of love for her sound or Virgin Records' cutting her loose after signing her to a history-making deal. While you're at it, don't ask about any possible feuds with Eminem or J. Lo.

    Carey's publicist makes certain that the singer's five-minute interviews with news outlets - conducted while she was on tour in Japan recently - were strictly limited to her first-ever theater tour - dubbed such after it was scaled down from arenas.

    Last year's "Charmbracelet" includes "Through the Rain," a classic-sounding Carey pop ballad, and "Boy (I Need You)," a hip-hop-flavored cut with rapper Cam'ron. It is the album that got Carey back out on the road because, she says, "I went through a lot of things while making the album."

    To say the least. "Charmbracelet," which has sold more than a million copies, is the first CD from Carey after her career nadir, which included the failure of the "Glitter" CD and movie, and her abrupt exit from Virgin Records, which severed its contract in a severe example of damage control.

    "There were so many personal situations I was involved in," she says. "So this is an album I'm very proud of. I wanted to go out and express some of those emotions I'm feeling to my fans."

    She says she'll perform about four songs from "Charmbracelet," though the show will include as many of her greatest hits as she can squeeze in. Carey obviously has an unlimited supply of material.

    Carey created an immediate splash with her debut, 1990's "Mariah Carey," which was so successful that it could serve as a greatest-hits CD with smashes such as "Vision of Love," "I Don't Wanna Cry," "Someday" and "Love Takes Time." Carey followed her breakthrough with a string of records that some say stressed quantity over quality, but that didn't stop CDs like 1991's "Emotions" and 1993's "Music Box" from reaching the top.

    Carey proved to be the only singer at the time who could give Whitney Houston a run for her money, and her restraint-free vocals served as a blueprint for Christina Aguilera and a number of "American Idol" wannabes.

    By the mid-'90s, her music took a different direction, and she relied heavily on dance-music remixers and rappers. She has recorded with P. Diddy, Ludacris, Mystikal, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, to mixed result. By the time she got to "Glitter" in 2001, however, she'd completely overdosed on the hip-hop format.

    In concert, Carey says she makes sure to include material from each album, with songs such as "Hero," "Fantasy," "Heartbreaker" and "I Know What You Want" among the can't-do-without choices. Obviously, some songs won't make the cut, though it'd be a shame if "Make It Happen," "Breakdown" or "I Still Believe" were among them. On the other hand, save for "Loverboy," Carey might be advised to avoid the "Glitter" CD.

    Carey is allowing fans to help her decide which songs to perform through her official fan club, Honey B. Fly, accessible at her Web site,

    "I wanted the fans to pick what they wanted to hear, and I was surprised by some of the songs," she says.

    For example, Carey didn't expect fans to request such "Charmbracelet" album cuts as "Subtle Invitation" and "Clown."

    "I think the diehard fans really got into this," she says. "They enjoy being a part of it."

    Early buzz on the tour wasn't good after her shows suddenly went from arenas to theaters, and Ashanti dropped off the bill. But Carey says downsizing the tour was a good decision.

    "Otherwise, I have a tendency to micromanage everything," she says, "and that can be a problem, especially when you're trying to enjoy yourself as well. I didn't want to have to think about the pyro stuff or the sound system.

    "And it was the right thing to have an intimate setting. Fans would be very disappointed if they didn't get a chance to feel what's on stage. It's all about communicating with an audience."

    Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" single to be cancelled?

    The Universal Music Group has decided to cancel the commercial single release of “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” in France because of the insufficient radio play the track has been receiving. There may be a few days before a final decision is made, so it’s up to Mariah’s fans to get busy and start requesting her new single!

    Below is a list of contacts for various French radio and television outlets that will hopefully generate a positive buzz for “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak.” Please help out by requesting the song. Together we can make “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” a worldwide hit!

    How To Request
    Obviously, since these radio stations and music video channels are located in France, your requests must be in French. Here are three examples of how you can politely request the song:

  • Bonjour! J'aimerais faire une demande pour « Bringin' On The Heartbreak » de Mariah Carey. C'est ma chanson préférée! (English Translation: Hello! I’d like to request “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” by Mariah Carey. It’s my favorite song!)
  • Pouvez-vous jouer la nouvelle chanson de Mariah Carey « Bringin' On The Heartbreak »? C'est une très bonne chanson! Merci! (English Translation: Can you please play the new Mariah Carey single, “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”? It’s a really good song! Thanks!)
  • La nouvelle chanson de Mariah Carey « Bringin' On The Heartbreak » est stupéfiant! Pouvez vous le jouer encore plus sur la radio? Merci beaucoup! (English Translation: Mariah Carey’s new “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” single is amazing! Can you please play more of it on the radio? Thank you very much!)


    Fun TV

    Skyrock Radio
    Phone Line: 01 44 88 82 00
    Office Line: 01 53 40 30 20

    Contact the DJs:
    Difool - Marie - Romano - Cedric - Fred - KTL - Mathieu - Stomy Bugsy

    NRJ Radio
    Phone Line: 08 92 70 40 10, Extension 1 (0,34€ / minute)
    Request Line: 08 92 68 42 49

    Contact the DJs:
    Nico Petit - Miguel - Alex - Manu - Alex 2c - Romuald - Vincent - Mathieu - Bruno - Fred

    Use the drop box below to select which NRJ station you would like to contact. They may ask for a subject ("demand" is French for "request"), e-mail address, first name, last name, telephone number and your song request, respectively.

    Fun Radio
    Phone Line: 01 40 70 48 48
    Request Line: 08 25 08 50 00 (to take part in the emission)
    Planet Arthur: 08 97 66 06 00 (to speak during the emission)
    Fun Radio: 08 92 70 40 00

    E-Mail the Studio:
    E-Mail Arthur:
    SMS: 61 386

    Ado Radio
    Studio Line: 08 92 68 89 78
    Phone Line: 01 53 60 41 00

    Additional Radio Stations
    Cherie FM : 01 40 71 40 00 or by e-mail
    Europe 2 : 01 47 23 10 63
    RFM : 01 42 32 20 00
    RTL 2 : 01 40 70 40 00
    Nostalgie : 01 40 71 40 00
    Génération : 01 55 25 25 00
    Evasion : 01 60 39 59 00
    Voltage : 01 49 50 49 50
    Europe 1 : 01 42 32 90 00
    RMC : 377 97 701 701
    RTL : 01 40 70 40 70
    Oui FM : 01 53 36 56 78 / 01 55 28 14 14
    Province Stations
    Bordeaux / Toulouse:
    Wit FM : 05 57 81 50 00 / 05 56 24 70 00
    Sud radio : 05 61 63 20 20
    Le Mouv : 05 62 30 70 00

    Sud / Marseille:
    Vitamine : 04 94 21 52 15
    Kiss FM : 04 92 18 61 86 / 04 92 18 15 15 - E-Mail

    Scoop : 04 72 85 67 67 / 04 72 85 80 00
    Contact the DJs:
    Alex - Arno - Damien - Eddy - Ludo - Pato - Vicky
    La Rédaction - Bourg

    Contact : 04 68 72 64 64
    Alouette : 02 51 91 21 21 - E-Mail
    Television Programming
    M6 Music : E-Mail
    Fun TV : E-Mail
    MCM : E-Mail
    MTV : Total Request - Programming - 3 From 1
    Source: | Mariah Daily

    Win front row tickets to Mariah's concert

    Listen up Toronto-area Mariah fans! We are giving you the opportunity to win front row tickets to Mariah Carey's August 7th show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and not only that, get to meet Mariah in person after the show. Transportation is not included, so winners must be able to make their own way to and from the show.

    All you have to do is answer a skill-testing question on the contest entry page. You will need a Canoe ID in order to enter this contest. Click here if you don't have a Canoe ID and need one. If you already have one, simply fill in your information at

    Once you've filled in your ID, you'll be taken directly to the contest entry page. Please read the rules before entering.

    Source: Jam! Showbiz

    Bye Bye Birdie

    If Big Bird mated with a Las Vegas showgirl, their offspring might look a little something like Mariah Carey. The sartorially challenged songstress hit the stage in Sin City in a feather-bedecked Roberto Cavalli creation that appears to be molting before our very eyes. Still, as over-the-top as this gown is, you gotta give the "Charmbracelet" diva props for choosing couture over casual, finally forsaking her tired uniform of waistband-less jeans, a baby T-shirt, and butterfly accessories.

    Source: MSN Entertainment

    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- New scans from the New York Daily News and the Daily Record have been added to our temporary photogallery

    -- A new fan-submitted drawing of Mariah has been added to our fan artwork section

    -- Mariah was looking fabulous today in a British National Newspaper caleld The Mirror. The was read "She is a Knock Out: If Mariah Carey looks this good in The Sweet Science, her upcoming movie, audiences are sure to flock to it."

    -- "I Know What You Want" drops top #39 from #28 in its twenty third week on the Billboard Hot 100

    -- "Charmbracelet" is back on the Dutch Top 100 Albums chart. It re-enterd at #44 after spending 11 weeks on the chart and peaking at #30

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  • JULY 30, 2003 3:21PM
    Mariah Showcases Eminem Puppet, Avoids All Things Glitter At Chicago Tour Stop

    Lest anyone had forgotten Mariah Carey did time in at least one psych unit following a physical and emotional collapse two years ago, the 33-year-old Long Islander was all ready to remind us that even divas have breaking points.

    On Tuesday night at the United Center, two giant video screens projected photos of Carey as a wide-eyed schoolgirl, a diva prodigy and, later, a spent superstar. While Carey sang the gospel-tinged ballad "My Saving Grace" — one of five songs she performed from 2002's Charmbracelet during the night — tabloid headlines touting "Mariah's Breakdown" flashed before our eyes before eventually giving way to images of a beaming Carey. Onstage, her expression was much the same. After a career cul de sac — the breakdown and the disastrous releases of her film Glitter and the titular album — Carey had something to smile about.

    With both her duet with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," and her cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" burning up the charts, Carey is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Still, even Carey is feeling the effects of a soggy summer touring market. After booking a tour of 15,000-seat arenas across the U.S., Carey's reps said she would instead play smaller venues to guarantee more "intimate" performances.

    In Chicago, one of the few cities that didn't demand a venue change, the only thing that made the performance intimate was the low turnout. The entire upper tier was curtained off, nearly half the loge empty and scalpers were selling $75 tickets for the first 10 rows for well under face value.

    None of this seemed to bother Carey. Knifing her way through outstretched arms and flanked by bodyguards, Carey entered the stage from the back of the venue while singing the bubbly "Heartbreaker," from 1999's Rainbow. Wearing a sexy pink and silver sequined cocktail dress — her first of eight outfits of the evening — Carey's mocha-rich voice resonated above the shrieks of a predominantly female audience. The screams got louder when Carey punctuated a note with goose-pimply shrill, as she did on "Dream Lover" and "Bringin' on the Heartbreak."

    For the fairly ornate stage show, Carey employs a heterogeneous ensemble to handle spine-defying dance moves, which becomes frequent fodder during Carey's myriad set-interrupting attire alterations. She herself gets into the groove with an unsuitable-for-children-under-17 writhe during "I Know What You Want."

    For a while, Carey matched every costume change with a set change, as her art-deco set segued into "The Marionette Show" circus atmosphere. Both a play on her name and The Eminem Show — the performer of which was Carey's purported paramour — this was Carey's chance for payback. After Eminem dissed her on his track "Superman" ("What you tryin' to be my new wife?/ What you, Mariah?") and later in an issue of Rolling Stone ("I just don't like her as a person."), Carey recorded the Eminem-inspired "Clown" for Charmbracelet, although she has always been coy when asked if the song was about Mr. Mathers. There was no denying Slim Shady was the clown here for our amusement Tuesday night, though.

    While Carey sat with legs crossed and sang, "You should've never intimated we were lovers/ When you know very well we never even touched each other," two masked men wearing pin-striped suits and standing on stilts pulled a female dancer/human puppet sporting a shaggy blonde wig and Detroit Pistons jersey (get it?) to and fro with an array of large ribbons. When the song ended, a giant screen flashed "The Marionette Show" (with the same Eminem Show-style reversed lettering) again. Carey grinned and said, "It's all in fun. We're just having a good time with the show up here."

    Wisely, Carey neglected to play anything from her nadir, 2001's Glitter, throughout the hour-and-45-minute set. Instead, she loaded up on the hits ("I'll Be There," "Fantasy," "Make It Happen," "Vision of Love" and "Hero"), and ingratiated herself to the Windy City, calling Chicago "the best audience I've had to date." True, this was only the second show of her North American tour, but she did recently return from a tour of Japan. But here she's sure everyone's still speaking her language.

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah Carey Overwhelms Kelly Clarkson

    American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson was so nervous when she met real life heroine Mariah Carey she feared she was going to get sick.

    Former cocktail waitress Clarkson is a huge fan of the Honey hitmaker and was overwhelmed when Mariah offered her travel tips for her current trip to London.

    Kelly swoons, "I completely dorked out. I never get jittery on stage, I don't think I've ever been nervous my whole life, but when I met her I felt like I was gonna be sick through nervousness. She's just such an amazing talent.

    "She asked me what I was doing and I said I was coming to London and she was like, 'Oh, you'll love it, I loved it myself.' She's very nice, very sweet and down to earth, and I'm thinking, 'Mariah Carey, why are you talking to me?'"

    Source: Teen Music

    JULY 30, 2003 11:14AM
    Mariah Carey ready to fight for role in movie

    Reports that Mariah Carey will be playing a boxing manager in her next big-screen project, "The Sweet Science," turn out to be premature -- and wrong, according to the film's producer, Anthony Esposito.

    The multiple Grammy-winning singer will instead be playing a boxer herself -- one who steps into the ring with real-life lady boxing champion Laila Ali, daughter of none other than boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

    "Mariah was really keen on playing this role. At first, she was going to play the part of the boxing manager, Gloria, but she insisted on playing the boxer. She's been taking boxing lessons as part of her training," says Esposito, who is producing the film with Andrea Kreuzhage, through their Leading Pictures production company.

    Esposito also produced the Mariah Carey/Mira Sorvino starrer "Wisegirls," which ended up going from Sundance Festival kudos to cable television release.

    Mariah will also record a soundtrack for "The Sweet Science" romantic comedy, which will begin production in New Jersey and Canada on Nov. 10, once she finishes her current "Charmbracelet" tour.

    Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has also attached himself to "The Sweet Science." Declares Esposito, "Donald is investing in the film, and he'll make a cameo as well."

    And so much for the view that remarkably resilient Mariah's film career was dead on the arrival of her 2001 debut, the critically panned box-office bomb "Glitter."

    Source: The Mercury News

    Mariah booked for city in first ever Scottish show

    Mariah Carey today confirmed she will be performing in Glasgow in her first ever Scottish gig. The biggest selling female singer of all time will play the SECC on Saturday, October 25.

    Mariah's Glasgow show is the first time she has played in the UK outside London. A spokesman said: "Mariah has been inundated with requests to play Scotland and she was happy to oblige."

    Tickets for Glasgow are priced £25 and can be bought by phoning 0870 040 4000, 0141 222 2211, 0870 998 8888 and all usual agents.

    On July 31st, The Official Mariah Carey Fanclub will be providing a link to take part in a one day pre-sale for the show. This pre-sale will take place at from 9am until Midnight local time in Scotland. The link will be located on the home page of

    Source: Scotland Evening Times

    Mariah moves Manchester

    It was announced today that Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet Tour date in Manchester would be rescheduled. The chart topping singer has been inundated with requests from her fans all over the UK to play additional dates and in response has added a Scottish date to the tour.

    In order to accommodate everyone, the Manchester Evening News Arena will now be host to the Grande Finale of the UK leg of the Charmbracelet World Tour.

    The date was originally set to take place on Saturday 25th October, but has been moved back 7 days to Saturday 1st November.

    All tickets purchased for the original Manchester date of Saturday 25th October will remain valid. Those unable to attend the rescheduled Manchester date should contact their point of purchase for information.

    The Charmbracelet Tour will see Mariah perform for the first time in the UK outside of London; now visiting Glasgow, Birmingham, London and concluding in Manchester at the Evening News Arena.

    Tickets for all shows can be purchased from the venues or on the Mariah Carey 24 Hour National Hotline, which can be reached by dialing 0870 444 7074.


    Stylish Carey strains in search of soul

    Two years ago, Mariah Carey might as well have swapped the M in her first name for a P. Carey released an atrocious vanity film, "Glitter," that flopped on arrival. After the companion soundtrack performed poorly, she was bought out of her multimillion-dollar recording contract with Virgin—essentially paid not to record. Finally, faced with so many humiliating setbacks, the once mighty diva self-destructed in as messy and public a manner as possible.

    Or did she? PR has a magical way of rewriting history. Did Carey suffer a nervous breakdown, or was she truly overworked and exhausted? Did her new record label, Island, decide to re-release her most recent album "Charmbracelet" because it didn't do well when originally released late last year, or just to hype her comeback tour? And for that matter, was Carey's summer trek downsized from arenas to theaters because she was having trouble selling enough tickets to fill the former, or really because the singer wanted a more intimate setting?

    No one would confuse the United Center with an intimate theater, though the arena was reconfigured for fewer people Tuesday night. Carey probably could have made the date still more intimate, since even with the nosebleeds curtained off there were plenty of empty seats. When Carey made her appearance from the back of the venue, strolling past her fans, the response was enthusiastic but relatively restrained, not quite a reaction fit for a star.

    Either Carey didn't notice, or she was pretending not to notice. "You are definitely the best audience I've had to date," she claimed unconvincingly half way through her set, revealing that her acting turn in "Glitter" was no fluke. This was after an hour of some of her biggest hits, songs like the bouncy "Heartbreaker," "Dreamlover" and "Honey" that briefly roused the crowd before the next ballad brought them down (often literally). It's fitting that the high-pitched virtuoso squeak Carey unleashed on nearly every song sounded like a balloon losing air, since the show seemed deflated almost from the first note.

    It still featured about a dozen dancers, enlisted to fill space and time while Carey changed from one miniskirt or low-cut gown to the next. She went through eight in all, at one point disappearing for several minutes while her dancers boogied down to her duet with rapper Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," the band (assuming it was even playing) hidden behind a curtain. Or maybe Mariah just needed to rest the voice that launched 1,000 horrible "American Idol" auditions. For such would-be showstoppers, "I'll Be There," which she sang with backing vocalist Trey Lorenz, and the finale "Hero" were a little ragged.

    The closest Carey came to something soulful was Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." Other than that, the show was as rote and dispiriting as the ramshackle roadside circus the stage sometimes resembled. Maybe that's what once mighty Mariah gets for picking a butterfly as her personal mascot: nice to look at, but not the best harbinger of longevity.

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- We've added new scans from 7 Days Magazine and In Touch Weekly to our temporary photogallery

    -- Reviews and pictures of Mariah's show in Chicago and more pictures from Las Vegas have been added to our Charmbracelet Tour section, in addition to a pricelist of the tour merchandise and changes to the setlist

    -- It appears that Mariah's "The Remixes" album has been pushed back again and is now scheduled to be released on September 23rd in the United States

    -- Mariah's new "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video has been added to the play list at Launch Music

    -- Mariah's "One Sweet Day" is nominated for Best Song of All Time. Please vote for it at

    Source: Janel | | Amanda | Kyle | Marquis | Ajay | Automatic Princess | Alex | John Feudo | EaglesSteelers15

    JULY 29, 2003 10:51PM
    Mariah Carey back in the saddle

    Mariah Carey makes no secret that she's tired of talking about her much-discussed emotional collapse of 2001.

    "Well, I feel like I've gone over this on 'Oprah,' on 'Dateline,' on this one and that, so I'd rather not talk about it yet again because it was two years ago," Carey said.

    Yet, there's no getting around the topic because it relates strongly to where Carey is in her life today. As even she points out, some songs (most notably "Through The Rain") on her current CD, "Charmbracelet," reflect on the changes that have occurred in her life since that time.

    "That's why 'Charmbracelet' is so important to me because it marks a place in my life where I learned to take the initiative, to take care of myself more as a human being, not just as a product," said Carey, 33, who'll play Chicago's United Center tonight.

    Throughout the 1990s, Carey's career had seemed charmed, to say the least. Signed at age 18 to Columbia Records, the Long Island native blasted onto the scene with a 1990 self-titled CD that sold more than 9 million copies in the United States alone.

    Overall, she scored four chart-topping albums, had 15 No. 1 singles and worldwide record sales of 150 million — enough to make her pop's diva of the decade. Plus, she married her boss, Columbia Records president Tommy Mottola in 1993.

    But by the late 1990s, Carey was heading into choppier career waters. First came her breakup with Mottola in 1997. Her relationship with Columbia eroded from there. "It felt really hard and really impossible to stay there and still thrive," Carey said.

    So Carey moved on, signing with great fanfare an $80 million deal with Virgin Records in 2001. For that label, she recorded "Glitter," a soundtrack album to the movie of the same title. The film flopped, and the soundtrack album suffered as well, selling just 557,000 copies in the United States (Carey said worldwide sales were 2 million). Some started questioning Carey's future in music.

    Then things went from bad to ugly. In 2001, as she was promoting "Glitter" and dealing with the much-publicized failures of the project, Carey began to show signs of emotional overload. She exhibited odd behavior during appearances on MTV's "Total Request Live" and at a record store signing in Garden City, New York.

    Then on July 25 came the real meltdown. That day, Carey trashed her room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in Manhattan. She was taken from the hotel to her mother's home in Westchester County, where she literally collapsed.

    Her mother called for an ambulance for her daughter, who then checked herself in to Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn. Several news outlets reported that Carey had attempted suicide, something Carey has vigorously denied.

    In Carey's view, her breakdown was simply a product of overwork, as she sought to establish herself apart from Columbia and Mottola. She said the relentless pace of public appearances and travel left her getting only three hours of sleep a night. The exhaustion and frustration, she said, finally caused her to break.

    "At that point in my life, I was really spiraling trying to keep everything together," Carey said. "I didn't have the right team around me. I was just neglecting myself. It was just like not treating myself as a human being with the proper respect that one would treat another human being."

    Carey emerged from her very public crash determined to put her life and her career back on track. And in many respects, she has come out smelling like a rose. Virgin Records, stung by the disappointing performance of "Glitter," bought out Carey's contract, reportedly paying her $28 million.

    Then Carey signed with Island Def Jam, netting what's been reported as a $20 million deal for three albums. "Charmbracelet," her first release under the Island/Def Jam deal, however, has delivered mixed results. Released in December, its first two singles, "Through The Rain" and "Boy (I Need You)" fizzled. Sales of the CD, however, have topped 1 million.

    And now "Charmbracelet" is getting a second life. Carey released a new version of the CD today, adding four tracks, including her recent Top 5 hit duet with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want." The song initially appeared only on Rhymes' CD, "It Ain't Safe No More."

    Still Carey's level of popularity remains under question, especially in light of her decision this spring to downsize a United States tour of arenas and instead play theaters.

    The singer, though, said her decision to play smaller venues was not based on slow ticket sales. Instead, it's a sign of her independence as an artist, as she chose to play venues where she could interact with her audience.

    "I feel like at this point in my life, I'm in control," Carey said. "I'm in the driver's seat, and I can dictate what I want to do. So if I want to do something that showcases my talent as a singer and songwriter, yet also lets me have my personality, fun moments and the more theatrical stuff and the audience interaction, it's just the perfect thing for me to do."

    Source: Daily Southtown

    Editor's Note: Contrary to what the article states, the re-release did not come out in the US today. The tour edition of "Charmbracelet" with the 4 bonus tracks is currently available only in Asia. There is no release date scheduled for it in the USA.

    Carey carries

    If one looked at Mariah Carey's Saturday night show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace as a bid for her own Celine Dion-style Vegas extravaganza, she did well.

    Like Celine, Mariah sang a song while suspended high above the stage. Like Celine, Mariah was joined onstage by generally extraneous people, some dressed as circus performers. Like Celine, Mariah can really belt out a song.

    Also like Celine, the media takes its shots at Mariah, but she chooses to focus on the love shown by her rabid fans -- and there was plenty of that. One man in a Honey B. Fly shirt -- that's Carey's official fan club -- bum-rushed the stage, but wanted only to stand near her and profess his love, which he did.

    Carey shooed security away and asked the fan his name, which was Sam. She immediately started quoting Dr. Seuss, the whole "Sam I Am" thing. The capacity crowd exploded at her impromptu act.

    Carey's voice was not at its usual strength; after most songs she'd sip from a cup and tell the crowd, "Little tea, little tea." But her fans hardly cared.

    It was Carey's first show on the U.S. leg of her "Charmbracelet" world tour, and she said from the stage that she was glad to be back on familiar turf. She entered the hall like a boxer, coming down the center aisle, singing to the folks sitting on the aisle as she passed. She had the crowd at "Hello."

    Source: Las Vegas Sun

    Mariah's Los Angeles Getaway

    Mariah Carey is the ultimate diva and we're putting you close enough to count the charms on her bracelet! Listen to 105.5 The Beat in Fort Myers, FL for your chance to win the Jammin' Mariah Carey Getaway. It's a trip to Los Angeles, with airfare, a chance to crash at the Four Seasons hotel, tickets to see Mariah in concert and backstage passes! You think we're crazy? Keep listening for details!

    Source: 105.5 The Beat

    No Dates For Now: Mariah Carey and Santana

    Singapore promoters lost $6 million when the recent Sars outbreak led to concerts being cancelled or postponed. And they are not likely to recoup some of that money this year because the international acts are unlikely to return any time soon.

    Shows from the likes of Mariah Carey, Santana, Moby, David Gray and Blue were affected by the Sars outbreak from March to May. Sars has been tamed, but it is difficult for international performers to quickly reschedule their plans to fit in a postponed gig, says Midas Promotions.

    'Most concerts take three to six months to plan,' says director Michael Hoskings. 'These artists usually plan their schedules one year in advance. They cannot suddenly come back,' he adds, noting that Midas is still uncertain if Carey and Blue will return to Singapore.

    Source: The Straits Times

    Max Beesley on Glitter and Mariah

    In the July 25th issue of the Belgian newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad," an interview with Max Beesley was published, as he was in Belgium at that time. Here's an extract which may interest you:

    Question: How was Mariah Carey as a person?
    Answer: A fantastic girl. All the rumors that you can read about her are ridiculous. We talk by phone regularly and we talk about a lot of things, except music. In fact she's a so much better actress than what “Glitter” shows. The director totally messed up the movie, he cut out the main ideas of the movie and he made it a tasteless child movie. Mariah couldn't do anything about it. Above all this movie was released on September 11, 2001. More bad luck was impossible.

    Source: Het Nieuwsblad | Translation by Gilles

    Mariah mentioned on Bad Boys II Soundtrack

    Mariah is featured on the Bad Boys II soundtrack, but in name only. Rapper Freeway mentions her briefly in his song “Flipside,” about 2 minutes and 42 seconds into the track.

    Source: Keinan

    Mariah Carey: Grammy-Winning Pop Soul Diva

    The Show: For her first major tour in over three years, Mariah Carey is taking her show down to a more intimate level. The "Charmbracelet" tour will primarily play smaller venues, allowing Carey to get up-close and personal with her fans.

    The Woman: After a tumultuous start to the millennium, Mariah Carey is reaching out to her fans and looking to regain her pole position as the top pop diva. She still has the looks, the star power and the ultimate trump card: her ridiculously agile five-octave voice.

    The Songs: "Charmbracelet" marks a return to ballads and sentimental love songs for Carey, and a step away from her previous flirtations with hip-hop. She is back to business on this tour with old favorites like "Vision of Love" and the Jackson 5`s "I`ll Be There," as well as new numbers like "Through the Rain" and the Def Leppard power ballad "Bringin` on the Heartbreak."

    Let`s Bring the Kids: Mariah handpicked the opening acts for this tour from her own label, MonarC Music. Teenage singing/rapping duo Bell & Nae Nae offers sugary pop-soul music in the vein of TLC. Child singer Sadie finishes out the bill.

    Source: Digital City | Mariah Connection

    People News saltues Mariah as "Diva of the Day"

    'Mariah time’ was the phrase coined by the people of five-octave diva Mariah Carey to describe her downtime - and she needs it. Best-selling female artist of the 1990s, the high-maintenance singer has a history of tantrums and demands. She refers to her fans as ’lambs’ and truly believes: ‘Butterflies are always following me, wherever I go.’ Similarly to fellow diva Celine, she married a man two decades her senior: Sony head Tommy Mottola, but they split up in 1997.

    The new millennium brought a breakdown, rumoured suicide bid and an affair with Eminem, which ended in him recording songs using the garbled messages she left on his answerphone, and she recording ‘Clown’ in his honour. She signed a $100 million deal with Virgin, who dumped her after critics panned her vanity project Glitter, an ill-advised semi-autobiographical film in which Mariah plays a talented and beautiful aspiring singer. Nicknamed ‘Mirage’at school because she turned up so rarely, she has racked up more number ones than any artist except Elvis and The Beatles.

    Source: People News

    Tour updates

    Check out our Charmbracelet Tour section for added reviews and pictures of Mariah's performance in Las Vegas.

    Source: Andrew | Supercareyfan | Lydia | Josey | mcfanatic | Janel

    JULY 28, 2003 9:15AM
    More Coverage From Las Vegas

    Pop-diva concerts are all about the visuals. So, Cher rides a fake elephant on her "farewell" tour. Christina Aguilera beefs up her "Stripped" tour with a guy who, duh, strips.

    And Mariah Carey's new tour du jour looks like a Barbie doll has dressed up for a ball but has gone tiptoeing onto the stage of a hip-hop Cirque du Soleil show. It is, as the phrase goes, ghetto fabulous.

    I know that sounds bizarre because it looked bizarre on Saturday, when Carey kicked off her first U.S. tour in three years at the outstanding Colosseum, which Caesars Palace built for pop-diva Celine Dion.

    Here are images from Saturday's glamtacular:

    Carey wore eight form-fitting costumes that shrink-wrapped her hourglass figure. One short-short dress sparkled pink. Later, a pink glitter top matched her pigtails. Carey is 32.

    The butterfly is Carey's logo (it symbolizes her Peter Pan flight away from a world of meanie-pies), so she wore a butterfly ring. And there were stickers of pink butterflies stuck to a grand piano.

    Eleven dancers lounged around and sometimes danced, not so originally, in hip-hop circus wear, like the guy in a Lakers jersey wearing a long, yellow necktie, and the dude in the sparkly top hat.

    Five very good band members could have passed for street-basketball players, wearing sports jerseys and complicated hair rows.

    Stage settings, and large-screen videos, gave nods to the film "Moulin Rouge" and to Cirque du Soleil shows: chaise lounges, circus platforms and a windmill.

    The happy Barbie theme fit Carey's personality the best. Long ago, she gave her inner, playful child a forever hug, and she hasn't let go.

    Her album titles read like answers to the quiz-show category of "things you see in a nursery" -- "Music Box," "Butterfly," "Glitter," "Rainbow" and "Charmbracelet."

    But she also did the adult thing on Saturday. A few times, she rotated her hips and thighs suggestively, but not smoothly, as if she doesn't employ these motions much when she's off stage.

    Beyond the imagery, it was a concert, of course. Carey sang new songs and pop hits from the past decade: "Daydreamer," "I'll Be There," "Fantasy," "Always Be My Baby," "Make It Happen," "Vision of Love" and "Hero."

    Carey's songs were similar to each other. They were inspirational, midtempo singles bearing hip-hop rhythms toned down for the masses. Her five-octave voice was full. Like Aguilera, Carey is a rare pop singer; she can outbelt her four, gospel-capable, backup singers.

    Speaking of the stronger-voiced Aguilera, both she and Carey have been made fun of, publicly, by rapper Eminem, because Eminem gains fame by making fun of women he has known. Aguilera didn't address Eminem on her tour here.

    But Carey sang "Clown" about him. During the song, two men wore white-guy-executive masks, stood on stilts and used ropes to control a dancer in a big Eminem wig, marionette-style. Fans cheered loudly when she sang of the "Clown," that, essentially, he is a stupidhead.

    Carey gave fans talking points. "The vibrance is quite invigorating." "This next song is about survival and perseverance and all those kinds of things." And, "This is another one of those inspirational songs."

    Carey's got a great voice. Her songs are catchy. Some are quite good. Sometimes, she goes too far. She still turns the word, "all," in "Vision of Love," into a gymnastics routine of at least 10 syllables. But she puts her talent to fair use.

    Maybe Carey's girlie nature dips into infantilism at times. But it doesn't feel calculated. The validation of her shallow personae is that her big smile seems genuine.

    Editor's Note: Check out additions to our Las Vegas section, including scans from Israeli and Swiss newspapers, at the Charmbracelet World Tour micro-site.

    Source: Review Journal | Nily | Adi | Dom | Juan

    JULY 28, 2003 12:11AM
    Mariah's Vegas Gamble Pays Off

    I had a feeling this was going to be something special. I was right. Mariah Carey kicked off her American tour last night at the Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace, the same place where Celine Dion is installed as the regular performer, and she hit a grand-slam home run.

    With a controlled, powerful belting instrument of a voice, Carey put to rest all past intimations of stage fright or uncertainty.

    Her one-hour, forty-five minute performance of her hit songs — in front of a sold out to the last seat room — was so confident I almost couldn’t believe she was the same person.

    Carey’s choice of this "intimate" — all terms being relative, the Colosseum seats about 4,000 — setting, reflects (besides a tough summer for selling tickets) a real sensibility about her spectacular voice.

    She is front and center for most of the show, with about a dozen dancers and backup singers discreetly interwoven into the action. But unlike some other young divettes who cover their lack of singing ability with stage traffic, Carey is out there by herself.

    She rarely uses one of those new-fangled headset microphones. Instead she grips her hand mike as if it were a baseball bat while she commandingly sings every one of her hits — from "Dreamlover" to "Vision of Love" to the Jackson 5’s "I’ll Be There" — with heretofore unknown authority. Who knew she could do it? And who knew she could do it wearing a series of skimpy micro-miniskirts that show off hard-as-rock thighs worthy of the Valkyries?

    Carey’s Vegas show marked her return to the U.S. after a month in Asia preparing the show and fine-tuning it. The plan worked. She made her entrance on a set that’s designed like a sunken living room in a hip Paris apartment or a very cool Starbucks. There are couches and easy chairs scattered about, and the sensibility is intimate, fairly unglitzy elegance. The singers and dancers are scattered about as if they were Mariah’s pals who’d dropped by to hang out with her.

    In fact, there were times — even when Carey wears a Marilyn Monroe-inspired gold lame gown or a feathery full-length Roberto Cavalli number — that you feel you’ve wandered either into Loretta Young’s old TV show or a Broadway offering by a new, undiscovered talent.

    The other good news is that Carey — whose voice was in top condition thanks to a two-day rest — has dropped about 95 percent of the melismatic yodeling that afflicted many of her records in the late 1990s. Her voice — again which many thought might have lost its power or tone — is strong and she’s using it with much more control. She’s hitting the notes dead-on and letting them blossom. The result is you feel like you’re listening to her great debut album, before the gimmickry set in.

    A few times during the show she sips some herbal tea, which has some kind of soothing effect on her instrument. Now, if you don’t believe me, I can tell you that Carey had two guests in the audience who are much harsher judges. Her sometime producer, Randy Jackson, the American Idol judge who is newly slimmed down after gastric bypass surgery, was one. But OK, he’s a judge, but he also works for Carey so he can’t be considered totally objective about his raving over the show.

    The other guest, though, was unknown to everyone until she visited Carey backstage afterwards: Nancy Wilson, the legendary jazz and blues singer, who’s seen it all, nearly pushed an entire room of waiting fans aside to meet Mariah. She gushed, and when she left, Carey — wearing a butterfly print dress — called to everyone in the room: "Uh Hello? That was Nancy Wilson!"

    And so to the show: Many of the songs from her so-so selling album Charmbracelet are included, and they work better than you might think. The ballad "Through the Rain" gains a lot of energy in this minimal setting because Carey doesn’t push it. The gospel number "My Saving Grace," which others might have done with a fully costumed, over-the-top choir, is performed with amazing restraint.

    Carey also has to deal with the audience, which was very mixed in age and race but also included a number of her devoted, shall we say "extreme," fans. There were even a few Carey imitators, and they were not women. (Mariah, who is tall, inspires this, I guess.)

    Because there is no orchestra pit at the Colosseum, a group of these hardy fanatics was able to stand very near the stage during the show. They sang along with every song, having memorized all the lyrics (and that’s no small feat considering a preponderance of them are no moon-June-spoon but missives about "self-empowerment").

    During a terrific duet with Trey Lorenz on the old Jackson 5 hit, "I’ll Be There," one of this group — a young Asian man from San Francisco named Sam — took Carey’s offer to sing along too seriously and jumped on stage. The surprise of it didn’t faze her — Mariah played along with amazing aplomb — although Lorenz looked a little shocked. He said into the open mike, "I don’t know about this, fans coming on stage." Luckily Sam was harmless but something tells me this won’t be happening again anytime soon.

    Two numbers in the show refer vaguely to Carey’s problems with her ex-husband, former Sony chief Tommy Mottola. One, a new song called "Clown," is positioned in a circus setting, with calliope music as the introduction. While Carey sings from the side, business-suited actors on stilts with sinister "Nixon" masks perform a tug-of-war with a female puppet on strings. This is actually called "The Marionette Show" and is as subtle as a flying mallet.

    Carey also shows, on a screen during a costume change, the video for her song "Honey." This is the "James Bond" video in which she’s held hostage by a Mottola look-alike and his thugs, then breaks free and is rescued by a hunk on a jet ski. Only the first part, with the Mottola imitator, is shown, but you get the message.

    After the show, a member of Carey’s entourage told me an enlightening story from Mariah’s "TM" days, which is how she refers to her ex. "He took her to Rao’s, the famous and exclusive Italian bistro in East Harlem where you can’t get a table. Paul Anka was there. TM said, 'It’s Paul Anka!' He’d never met him. And Mariah, who was pretty young, had never heard of him. Tommy couldn’t believe it. He got up, went over to Anka, and said: ‘This is Mariah Carey! She’s never heard of you! Can you believe it?’ It was humiliating."

    When the show is finally over, and Mariah’s sung her signature song "Vision of Love" and the fan favorite "Hero," the work is not over. I watched while she posed for pictures with countless numbers of fans, including members of her "Honey B. Fly" fan club, with not only incredible patience but also enthusiasm.

    She is not cynical about these lines of supporters who come with scrapbooks they bring to her as gifts. To be provocative I asked her during a two-second break: "Why don’t you just kick them out and say good night? You just sang for two hours. I can’t believe you’re not throwing a diva fit."

    Mariah (who in platform shoes trains her head slightly down toward me, and I’m five foot ten) narrowed her eyes. "I know," she sighed, "it’s so boring. Why don’t you say that I ran around and pulled all these pictures off the wall? It’s terrible being normal."

    Carey heads next to Chicago for a Tuesday night show and then on through the U.S. She winds up at Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 26, where the long knives of New York's entertainment writers (me included) will no doubt be sharpened and out for blood. But what a disappointment Mariah's arrival will be for them! Whoever thought she'd get the last laugh? Certainly not me.

    Source: Fox411 News

    Editor's Note: For twenty exclusive coverage pictures of Mariah's performance in Las Vegas, be sure to visit our Charmbracelet Tour section. While you're there, check out the merchandise page, where you can find scans of the Charmbracelet tour book!

    New Poll

    We’ve added a new poll asking which song from the “Butterfly” album you would most like to see performed live on the Charmbracelet Tour. Please cast your vote now! Last week’s poll asked which song from the “Daydream” album you would most like to see performed live on tour. Here are the results:

  • 16% (514 votes) “Melt Away”
  • 13% (410 votes) “Underneath The Stars”
  • 13% (407 votes) “When I Saw You”
  • 12% (389 votes) “Forever”
  • 11% (348 votes) “Always Be My Baby”
  • 10% (318 votes) “Looking In”
  • 9% (276 votes) “Fantasy”
  • 7% (239 votes) “I Am Free”
  • 6% (194 votes) “Open Arms”
  • 4% (123 votes) “One Sweet Day”
    Total Votes: 3,218

    Mariah Takes The Plunge

    Some like it hot – and it doesn’t get much hotter than the skimpy flesh-baring dress that Marilyn Monroe fanatic Mariah Carey wore during a concert in Nagoya, Japan.

    The Heartbreaker’s glittery gown, with its plunging neckline, bears an uncanny resemblance to one that the 1950s sex symbol wore in one of her steamiest photos. This was an unmistakable display of Mariah, 33, mimicking Marilyn. And the stunt worked – her cheering fans lapped it up.

    Mariah isn’t just out to raid Marilyn’s wardrobe. The leggy songbird also bought the white baby grand piano that once belonged to Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Mortenson, for $662,500 in 1999. In her dress, she tickles more than ivories.

    Source: Star Magazine

    Mariah's Bracelet For Sale

    A replica of the charm bracelet used in the artwork and promotion for Mariah’s “Charmbracelet” album has been created to commemorate Mariah’s current world tour! Only 500 charm bracelets have been minted and they are being sold exclusively at Silver Four Jewelry, an Asian chain servicing China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Several stores are displaying advertisements with Mariah’s photo on them. But with a price tag of $120 each, you might want to start saving up. For more information, check out

    Source: Jay New

    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- Pictures of the charm bracelet mentioned above have been added to our temporary photogallery, along with new scans from 101 Hairstyles Magazine and Star.

    -- Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video made it to #7 on MuchMoreMusic's Top 10 Countdown last night. Thanks to everyone that voted! Please continue to vote at

    -- "Glitter" will be premiering on HBO Latin America on August 1st. For more details, log on to

    -- "Through The Rain" is the #1 single for the second week in a row on the 9Sky Top 100 Singles. 9Sky is China's biggest music website and it's ranking is based on the hits and requests the song receives. You can see the Top 50 at

    Source: Janel | Teresa | Nacho | Supercareyfan

  • JULY 27, 2003 3:08PM
    Las Vegas Setlist & Some More Notes!

    The complete setlist from Mariah's last night show in Las Vegas has been added to the Charmbracelet Tour Section. (Thanks Dom!)

    Some explanation about the "Marionette Show" intro that was followed by "Clown";
    Before Mariah came on stage to sing "Clown", the video screen played a little animation, incinuating an Eminem parody, using a backwards "E" for the "marionette show". Circus music was played in the background, and Mariah's dancers were dressed as clowns on stilts.

    Editor's Note: If it's not too much to ask, please credit Mariah Daily when using reviews (among other things) from the site. We usually spend time editing them so they are more enjoyable to read. Thanks!

    JULY 27, 2003 4:55AM
    First Reviews From Las Vegas!

    The very first reviews from Mariah's 1st Charmbracelet tour stop in the US are coming in;

    "The ballad that was chosen for the night through the internet deal was "Can't Take That Away".. where she was excellent no lipsyncing...she received an outstanding ovation. She wore a really beautiful white dress when she performed "Subtle Invitation" and "I'll Be There."

    "She did not sing "You Got Me" and she did not have an opening act."

    "Jimmy's shirt said "J.Lo Sucks" all over it. He was sitting in the 3rd row, and during "Honey", Mariah pointed at it and started laughing."

    "A display during "Clown" read 'marionette show' and the letter E on it was written backwards, like in Eminem's album covers."

    Read the full reviews in the Charmbracelet Tour Section.

    JULY 27, 2003 2:30AM
    First Pictures From Las Vegas!

    Mariah Carey performs with a dancer as she kicks off the North American leg of her 'Charmbracelet Tour' during a sold-out show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 26, 2003. Carey is promoting her latest album 'Charmbracelet' which has sold over three million copies.

    Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Show

    Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Show

    Source: Yahoo! News

    JULY 26, 2003 6:22PM
    Happy Birthday Will!!

    Happy Birthday Will!Happy Birthday Will!

    Mazal Tov Will!
    Today is Will's birthday,
    On behalf of his friends & MD visitors,
    I'd like to wish him the best day,
    Warm wishes & Lots of Love
    And thank you for being a great friend!

    Send Will a personal birthday wish here!

    First USA Tour Stop Tonight In Las Vegas!

    In a couple of hours, Mariah will open the North American leg of the tour in Las Vegas, NV - the first of 25 tour stops in the continent. The show will be held at the Ceasar's Palace and Mariah will perform for a sold out crowd! Good luck MC!!

    Once again, please send us your personal reviews, pictures and set-lists from all the concerts you're going to! Here are two pictures of advertisements for the tour that Lori took while visiting Las Vegas two weeks ago:

    Vegas Ad 1 Vegas Ad 1

    Her Own Woman

    Mariah Carey dismisses criticism while gearing up for new tour
    An MTV2 poll just named Mariah Carey's voice the best in pop music history. But ever since Carey debuted as an overnight star in 1990, her parallel career has rocketed, too, as a media punching bag.

    If her placement on the Web site,, is any indication, naysayers sum up Carey as a poor dresser (according to fashion cop Mr. Blackwell) and a bad actress (winning a worst actress Golden Raspberry Award for her role in "Glitter") who "calls her fans lambs (like they are a bunch of sheep)."

    If that's not negative enough, she was ridiculed by Howard Stern and a host of other pop-culture carrion crows for having an emotional breakdown a few years ago.

    But even recognizes that Carey does more charity work than most celebrities, and she has criticized other musicians for using computer-enhanced images on their album covers.

    Carey, 32, considers these outside views of herself while sitting her tall, fair-haired, iconic body in the steam room of her New York home, while drinking lots of water and letting a portable humidifier strengthen her throat.

    She'll need to be hydrated this well on Saturday, when she begins her first U.S. tour in three years at Celine Dion's Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

    "This is going to sound bizarre -- it's a steam room in which you can sleep. Luther Vandross taught me about this. Humidity is key for singers. That's why in some ways Vegas is not great for me, because of the dryness," Carey says.

    Carey answers a small barrage of questions about her reputation while in a seemingly pleasant mood, and in a deep vocal tone unlocked from the bottom of her five-octave diaphragm.

    Carey thinks journalists gain respect for the singer once they get better access to her and know her better.

    "Then, I think they have a totally different take on me than they do just watching the antics on TV ... watching the rumor mill and stuff like that," Carey says. "We all like to feel respected. But the media is what it is. It's all about sensationalism, and selling papers, and TV time, and ratings. So once you come to terms with that, you don't hate the media. I don't hate the media. I get it."

    Carey dismisses the notion that plenty of American women are jealous of her. But she says she understands that some women look down on her because of the skimpy clothes she wears:

    "It's hard when people don't really know you, because, of course, they're going to have judgments about how you look in a video, or maybe some women might feel offended: 'Why is she dressing like this?' You know. Stuff like that."

    She is asked if she feels like an optimist in a cynical world.

    "I am. Somebody told me I was the most tortured optimist that they've ever met. Like, I get tortured, and I'm still an optimist," she says.

    She is also not a pushover, she says. When she is told that Vegas concerts are known to be stacked up front with VIPs holding free tickets, she sends out a shot:

    "We may have to change it up a little bit," Carey says. "I don't want it to become a corporate thing where we give away too many tickets to corporate people and stuff like that. This is for the fans."

    Carey says the tour is kicking off in Vegas mostly because it was just a convenient spot on the West Coast to start from.

    "The decision for that was made when they were figuring out the whole schedule. But I think it's going to be a good place to play. I think people love a show in Vegas, don't they?"

    Carey's tour was initially supposed to go into bigger venues than the theaters and amphitheaters it has ended up in. Carey says she scaled down the tour because a single fan expressed interest in seeing her play in a smaller spot. Carey says she'd rather sing in smaller venues.

    "I wanted to do clubs, actually. But that wasn't realistic with the way I wanted to put the show on, in terms of musically. I still want to do maybe a surprise date in a club. It's gotta be in a city where they can't smoke in the club, because of my voice," she says.

    Carey did a club date early in her career. It was captured for MTV Unplugged. But that was before Carey felt comfortable in front of crowds and cameras.

    "It was really the first time I'd really ever performed. So people enjoyed it because it was intimate. But for me, it wasn't quite so intimate, because there were cameras in my face. Plus, I was so young and just starting out that I wasn't really that confident yet.

    "So now I also have a personality we can showcase, and I can relate to my fans, as opposed to being 55 feet away from row No. 1."

    Carey says she's not consumed by having hit songs. The singer (and often co-writer of her hits) of "Vision of Love," "Dreamlover," "Hero" and "Emotions" returned to the sales and radio charts this year with "I Know What You Want," a duet with Busta Rhymes.

    "You know what? I just feel blessed to be able to do what I do for a living." " `I Know What You Want,' " she says, "was just a fluke that we did it. And it was at the 11th hour, as always with stuff with me."

    The surprise hit convinced Carey to rerelease last year's "Charmbracelet" album, with the hit tracked on, along with other new songs.

    She's also heading a new music label, Monarch, and when asked about it, she immediately launches into executive mode, which goes like this:

    "There's another artist called Sadie, and she is my friend's daughter. She's personality-plus. She's only 7 years old, right. She is very the African-American Shirley Temple for 2003. She raps. She sings. And both her parents are choreographers. She is just adorable, and she has a song called ..."

    It's an ambitious pitch, especially for a star. Why does she do it? Because she wants to keep enterprising, to run a label, sing and act in more movies. She sees no limits.

    "Yeah, I want to do the whole thing. I'm an entertainer, but I'm also a very creative person," she says. "I've got a lot of outside projects."

    Source: Review Journal

    Billboard Updates

    I Know What You Want
    Hot 100:
    This Week: #28
    Last Week: #18
    Weeks on Chart: 22

    Mariah Carey pal Da Brat makes her presence known at #17 with her fourth LP, Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz. Her "In Love Wit Chu," which features Cherish, helped the album sell nearly 39,000 copies in its first week in stores.

    Source: Billboard | MTV News

    Fan Projects

  • Fan Bracelet Updates:
    The Houston fan-bracelet deadline is August 16th, please send your entries to:
    Robert's email or to his address:
    Robert Tamez
    13443 Voelcker Ranch
    San Antonio, Tx 78231

    Chicago Fanbook II - Deadline Extended:
    Good news! The Chicago Fanbook now has over 60 entries from around the world. We wanted to let everyone who hasn't yet sent in their entries to do so as soon as possible, because we're now extending the deadline two days to Sunday July 27th! Here are a few updates on the project:
    -Remember, anyone can participate, you do not need to live in Chicago.
    -The Fanbook will be delivered backstage after the Chicago concert during the Meet & Greet.
    -The theme is "MC in the Windy City."
    -Julie (that's me) will be painting the cover with cartoon Mariah and a Chicago-inspired theme.
    -We will include fan letters as well as fun sections we know M will enjoy, like an updated Mariahisms, and a page dedicated to Big Nasty.
    -Return to the website in a week or so, and read up on our story of the Fanbook.
    Go to this site to enter your letter, and also to find out information about the fan meeting at the Virgin Megastore!

    Gabriel is one of the organizers of the Phoneix fan-bracelet, please go to this site and submit your entry to their fanbook!

    The L.A fan-bracelet organizers would like you to send your pictures to them at this address or to this address to be included in the book.

  • Win free tickets to Mariah's concerts: Gilles, Kinou and Jack ( has launched a contest, open to all fans worldwide to win a ticket to the Paris concert on November 4th, 2003. The seat is located in the first block near the stage! Enter the contest here.

    Click here to enter a competition to win tickets to Mariah's concert in Orlando on August 30th, 2003.

  • Chops R Us Fan CD:
    Click here to find out about Jill's project of putting together a soundtrack for Mariah with songs the fans chose for her. It will be given to her on July 29th after the Chicago concert!

  • Mariahzine:
    The first issue of Mariahzine, made by Heather, is printed and available for $4/copy-US & $7/copy-International. Heather writes:
    "Lambs can send an email with the Subject line saying "I want a copy"..and I will send them the address to send the Money Order or Cash...They will also have to put their address in the email for shipping purposes. Email
    Click here or e-mail Heather to find out on how to participate in the next issue!
    Click here to see the first cover of the Mariahzine.

  • Mariah Carey meetup site:
    Help more Mariah Carey Fans discover International Mariah Carey Meetup Day at the Mariah Carey Meet Up Site.

  • Project Gypsy:
    Wiseguy (Case) has started a project to help benifit the success of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak"! The project is titled Project Gypsy - please visit the site and learn more about it!

  • JULY 24, 2003 11:00AM
    I Know What You Want Nominated for the MTV VMAs

    The nominees for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards (to be held on August 28th in NYC) were announced today. "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey scored a nomination at the "Best Hip-Hop Video" category. Here are all the nominees in this category:

    Best Hip-Hop Video
    Busta Rhymes f/ Mariah Carey, "I Know What You Want"
    Jay-Z f/ Beyonce, "'03 Bonnie & Clyde"
    Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, "Work It"
    Nelly, "Hot in Herre"
    Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson, "Beautiful"

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah Party in Oasis Night Club in L.A

    The Oasis night club in L.A will be holding a Mariah party tonight for people over the age of 18. Tickets to Mariah's concert in L.A will be given away!
    Find out more information about the party here.

    Source: Maria | Oasis Night Club

    Charmbracelet Re-enters France Charts

    "Charmbracelet" re-entered the French sales charts at #128 and has sold 260,000 copies in France alone by now.

    Source: Sylvain

    Charmbracelet Re-release: What's Going On?

    For the past couple of weeks, we had tried to find out details about the re-release of "Charmbracelet". The original date for the re-release was set to July 29th and was published by reliable sources such as: Billboard magazine, MTV News, E! News, Extra TV, Newsday & so on. Mariah herself talked about it on the "Today show" and the "Early show".

    However, there has been no official word about it since then and currently no online stores or CD chain-stores are listing the date for next week. I can only assume it was cancelled and if you heard the Mariah interview on Kiss FM, she seems to be just as clueless about it as we are. We're sorry for the confusion and promise to post details about the album as soon as we find out any.

    In addition, Jeff let me know that Mariah's "The Remixes" album release date has been pushed back yet again to September 16th, 2003.

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" Voting Information

    Please join Mariah's Street Team and request "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" on your local radio stations!

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has made it to #20 on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown! Continue voting for it here.

    Lastly, the video hasn't made the TRL countdown yesterday and was not even a wannabe. Please continue voting for it by Calling and Voting online.

    Source: Jake | Rex

    JULY 22, 2003 2:07PM
    Voting Reminder

    Now that "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has debuted on most of the music channels worldwide, it's time to start voting for it! It doesn't take more than 5 minutes, so what are we waiting for??

    MTV's TRL (Check the voting box)
    VH1 Top 20 Countdown (Vote at the message board)
    Much Music, Canada (under "Request")
    Much More Music, Canada (Check the voting box)
    MTV Latin America's Top 10 (Check the voting box)
    MTV Asia's Most Wanted (Fill in the details)

    Update on Las Vegas Arrival

    The flight will now arrive in Las Vegas at roughly 12:30 am tonight. The flight will arrive at an International Arrival gate for private planes. Don't forget to go and greet Mariah!

    Source: MonarC | Mariah Daily

    Listen to KISS FM Interview

    Click here to download the Mariah interview with Kiss FM, in Chattanooga, TN which we told you about yesterday.

    Source: Robbie | Kiss FM | Mariah Daily

    VIP in Capri - All crazy for Mariah Carey

    21/07/2003 - Last week-end, Mariah was the center of interest in Capri. Mariah Carey, the popular American singer, took some days of vacation in Capri. Accompanied by her two bodyguards, Mariah made a little shopping at the Piazzetta and the shopping area. Surrounded by fans in the search of an autograph, Mariah has avoided all of them, granting only some sporadic photos.

    Source: Capri News | Translated by Gilles

    JULY 21, 2003 8:55PM
    Mariah to arrive in Las Vegas tomorrow!

    As of now, Mariah is scheduled to be arriving at the Las Vegas airport from Capri, Italy, tomorrow at 7:00pm. All the fans in the area should go and welcome Mariah back to the states and show her our support!

    Source: MonarC | Mariah Daily

    Mariah is #177 on VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icon

    Mariah landed at #177 on the VH1 and Peoples Magazine's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icon Countdown. The show's airing schedule is on the left side of this site.

    Source: Mico Roan | VH1

    New Voice Message

    Hi! Yeah, just calling you from Capri on the last day of my vacation, calling to say that the shows went so well in Japan and to thank all my Japanese fans for showing up and just for the enthusiasm during the nice shows and things of that sort. I'm getting ready to come to America, so umm, can't wait to see all of you there and I love you, appreciate you and enjoy you and I will holla back soon! Bye bye!

    Source: | Mariah Daily

    Mariah Interview on Kiss FM in TN

    On Friday afternoon, the morning team of the Kiss-FM radio station in Chattanooga, TN, Jane & Troy, had the priviledge of conducting a phone interview with Mariah who called from Capri. Robbie, who works for the station wrote a short summary of the interview:

    "The first bit of news is that Mariah is just as clueless about the re-release of Charmbracelet as we are. Jane mentions it to Mariah and Mariah says, "Yeah, I think that's supposed to happen." Troy also makes mention of the fact that Mariah let the fans choose her setlist. Mariah says she hates to go to concerts and wait for the artist to sing that one song she wants to hear and then they never do. She said for the U.S. leg of the tour fans will have the chance to vote again. In certain cities it will be announced that she'll drop 4 songs from the setlist and allow fans to vote again on the day of the show for 4 new songs to be performed that night thus making the show truly intimate experience and very personal to that city."

    Source: Robbie | Kiss FM | Mariah Daily

    Mariah Mania

    Well summer is here and the music is hotter than the weather! If you think this article is about Nelly or JLo, you've been mistaken. This summer is all about Mariah! The pop goddess, who some thought would soon give up on her career due to negitivity, has taken a Zen-like approach to her music.

    "She is just focusing on her fans, whom she adores, and the music," says insider Shelley Berten. Mariah has a World Tour on the go right now, in which she has decided to place in more intimate settings to be able to connect with fans better. Her music collaberation with Busta Rhymes, "I know what you want", is gaining more popularity as I write this. It's been called "a super hot track with hot hooks" and "the song to complete Careys' comeback".

    Mariah also has a new movie career on the way. After a disappointing start to the movie world, Mariah is set to try again with the boxing movie "Sweet Science". "Her movies just keep getting better." Berten adds, "Glitter was hailed a disaster, Wise Girls was liked and called "surprisingly good" and Sweet Science is said to really shock people with Mariahs' acting skills."

    So with all going on in Mariahs' life, is she looking for love? "Maybe," giggles the diva, who adds, "if the feeling is right."
    Marc Hunter, July 2003.

    Source: Melissa | "The Best Beat" Magazine (BC, Canada)


    Don't forget to watch TRL tomorrow, at 1:00pm EST for a glimpse of the "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video and start voting for it on the TRL countdown!

    Make sure to visit Mariah Style to see the segment from TRL's backstage pass Friday show about Mariah's tour.

    Fan Projects

    Maggie from Mariah Planet is celebrating one year anniversary for her site and would like to invite all of you for a special chat! She writes;

    "The chat will be on Wednesday, July 23rd at 7pm EST on's chat room. We will be having trivia contests with prizes (with I Know What You Want and Through the Rain singles!), I will be answering any questions and taking visitor ideas for the new year on the site. And yeah, they'll be some surprises as well!"

    Fan-Bracelet Update: Hey Lambs! My Name Is Undray, And I Am The Leader For The Maryland FanBook! Mariah Will Be In Maryland On August 5th! I Recently Picked Up The Book That Will Be Used For The Maryland-Charm In The Collectivly Titled "FanBracelet".
    I Need *All* Entries (letters, art work, poems, songs, ect.) In To Me By No Later Than July 28th!

    I Am Also Planning A Fan Gathering Before The Show. The Parking Gates To The Venue Open At 6pm And The Venue Opens Up At 7pm. We Could All Meet Just Within The Gates Of The Pavillion And Chill, Meet, Eat, Do Whatever. There Will Be Plenty Of Places To Eat And Sit Once Inside The Pavillion Gates. We Will Also Have The Oppertunity To Purchase Our Tour Merchandise.

    Another Idea I Had Is To Either At The Same Time Or B4 To Meet Up At Columbia Mall Which Is Less 5 Minutes From The Venue. I Know Alot Of You Are Travling Out-Of-State So You Really Don't Know Exactly Where You Are Going So I Can Get You Easy Directions If Needed. A Location For This Fan Gathering Has Not Been Set In Stone And Will Probably Ultimitly End Up Being Just At The Venue But I Figured I'de Through This Extra Option/Idea At Ya.

    My Address To Send Me FanBook Materials Is:
    Undray R. Whitehead
    4623 Marksman Court
    Hampstead, MD 21074

    So Far, About 20 Different Lambs Have Contacted Me In Refrence To Contributing To The FanBook. However, I Have Recieved Only Two Enrties. If You Are Intrested In Meeting Lambs In The Area E-Mail Me And I Will Send A List Of Names/Ages/Locations Who Live In The Area And Who Will Be Attending The Maryland Show.
    AOL/Yahoo - AgentMDunce
    MSN -
    Please Contact Me With Any Questions Or Comments!

    JULY 20, 2003 6:55PM
    Tour Section / Pictures Updates

    A review from Mariah's last show in Nagoya (July 15th), and pictures from the Osaka show & airport arrival have been uploaded to the Tour Section.

    We know everyone is getting ready & excited about the U.S shows, please don't forget to write us your reviews and send us pictures from the shows so we can share them with all of our visitors! Thanks!

    New scans from the new issue of People En Espanol (August 2003 issue) and a cover & article from the biggest Chinese magazine "Hope" are in the Temporary Photo Gallery.

    Source: Ayako | Diva Mariah | Love Love Jack | Janel | careyfan

    Fans Projects

    Fan Books: Please visit the fan-bracelet project website and submit your entries to the various fanbooks. Many leaders don't have enough entries yet, so please contribute your letters to these books as soon as possible!

    The Chicago Fanbracelet leaders have updated their page with information about a fan gathering prior to the show and a message board for the fans who are attending the show!

    Tahi & I are responsible for the international fan-bracelet, which will have entries by fans who are from countries that Mariah doesn't visit this tour. Please send us your entries through this site.

    Rainbow Lady: Here is an update from Peggy & Dennis about their project:
    "Just want to let you know that the deadline for you to send your entries for the Rainbow Lady tribute project has been extended to the 25th of July, so that more of you have the chance to submit! Then we'll have to move on to the building up of the project itself! Thanks to those who already registered, there are great talents among you, but we still need more, especially girls!!! Cause we received more submissions from guys than girls as of now! Yet I'm sure that a lot of you girls can sing great too! So please, let us hear you, join us!!! In the end, we wish to have 20 lambs, 10 girls/10 guys! So send your vocal samples to Of course, guys are still welcome to register too! Ha ha! If you still need to hear the song, go to this site or to this site.

    Requesting Help Wanted!

    The following is a message that I've received from SJ and hopefully all of you would want to participate and help;

    "Me and dozens of fans are doing are best to get Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" to get on the charts BUT WE NEED MORE HELP. I will provide the links, emails and toll-free numbers for you to request. It's simple and takes a couple of minutes. Every fan can make a big difference.

    Please email me at if you want to help!
    SJ, Mariah Inc."

    Robbie added that "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has made it onto the MediaBase 24/7 chart. For the week ending July 16th, the song drops three spots from #87 to #90. It is being played on 51 stations nationwide and lost 47 spins this week.

    JULY 20, 2003 12:45PM
    Mariah's New York City concert sold out

    Mariah’s concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City is sold out, along with her concerts at Caesar’s Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas and Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

    Source: Ticketmaster

    Two Additional Tour Dates Confirmed

    Great News! As of today, the following two shows have been confirmed for the 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour. We do not have any pre-sale information yet, but will be sure to notify all Honey B. Fly members as soon as we do.

  • Wednesday, September 10 - Philadelphia, PA
    Tower Theater
  • Monday, September 15 - Columbus, OH
    Schottenstein Center

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak"

    On Tuesday, July 22nd, be sure to tune into MTV’s Total Request Live at 1:00pm Eastern Time for a glimpse of Mariah’s new music video for “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak.” Then, be sure to vote for the video each day on the Total Request Live website.

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Mariah's Tour Setlist Poll Results

    Mariah would like to thank all of you who took part in the "Set List" poll. You guys did a great job in helping Mariah put her set list together for the Charmbracelet World Tour. The following are the Top 30 songs that were selected by over 80,000 fans who participated in the poll.

    1. Hero 16. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
    2. Through The Rain 17. Boy (I Need You)
    3. Honey 18. Someday
    4. Heartbreaker 19. Against All Odds
    5. Butterfly 20. Thank God I Found You
    6. Always Be My Baby 21. Never Too Far
    7. Fantasy 22. Without You
    8. My All 23. Whenever You Call
    9. Vision Of Love 24. I Don't Wanna Cry
    10. Dreamlover 25. Make It Happen
    11. One Sweet Day 26. Subtle Invitation
    12. Mariah's Theme 27. Anytime You Need A Friend
    13. Clown 28. Open Arms
    14. Love Takes Time 29. My Saving Grace
    15. Loverboy 30. Breakdown

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    Mariah small in Japan?

    Mariah Carey’s fan base seems to have shrunken a tad. The singer, who in the past has been greeted by swarms of fans when she lands overseas, was greeted when she landed in Tokyo by eight fans. “After Mariah left, I got to talk with her bodyguards and took a picture with them,” one of them writes on a Mariah fan site. “There’s an official cameraman of Mariah and he took many pictures of us.”

    The Mariah Daily Response: Jeannette Walls’ brain seems to have shrunken a tad. The so-called “journalist,” who in the past has been known for her inaccurate and misleading stories, displayed her latest piece of manipulative reporting on her MSNBC gossip column by posting that Mariah was greeted by just a handful of fans at a Tokyo airport.

    While this is true, Jeannette failed to mention that the event was not publicized and the international terminal used was shutoff at the time of Mariah’s arrival. Meanwhile, Mariah enjoyed her ten-city, sold-out performance tour of Japan and is currently gearing up for the tour's North American leg.

    Source: The Scoop With Jeannette Walls

    More chart updates

    Australia: “I Know What You Want” remains at #4 for the second week in a row after peaking at #3 for four weeks on the Official ARIA Top 50 Singles. It also retains its #3 position on the Official ARIA Urban Singles chart.

    Belgium: “I Know What You Want” on the official belgian sales chart:
    Ultratop 40 Singles - For the French speaking part: #17 (16) - in the chart since 8 weeks.
    Ultratop 50 Singles - For the Dutch speaking part: #15 (14) - in the chart since 8 weeks.

    Brazil: The “Bringin' On The Heartbreak” video hit the MTV charts at #12, on the Top 20 Brazil show, similar to TRL in the USA. The brazillian fans can vote on the phone, (0xx11) 5180-3333, and make Mariah #1 on MTV Brazil.

    Canada: “I Know What You Want” is at #11 in its eight week on the Official Canadian Singles chart. In Montreal, the song is gaining a lot of airplay on CKOI-FM, which is the highest rated pop top-40 radio station in Canada. This week it jumps four spots up to #19 (the biggest leap) on their Top 30 countdown. Aside from that, the song was presented as the most requested song all day yesterday.

    Denmark: “I Know What You Want” rises 10 places in its second week on the official Danish singles chart to #8 from #18.

    Germany: “I Know What You Want” drops to #37 from #28 in its ninth week on the chart. The single peaked at #9.

    Ireland: “I Know What You Want” remains at #11 on its eighth week on the chart. The single peaked at #4.

    Switzerland: “I Know What You Want” remains at #12 in its ninth week on the chart. The single peaked at #5.

    UK: "Charmbracelet" was certified gold in the UK, which means 100,000 copies of the album were shipped in the UK.

    Source: Neil | Gilles | Jam! Showbiz | Rene | Juliana | Nana | Stephan | marbelous

  • JULY 17, 2003 8:25PM
    "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons" update

    Mariah is featured somewhere between 180-161 on VH1’s 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons. Below is the air schedule for the episode including Mariah’s feature:

  • July 21 10:00pm ET
  • July 22 1:00am ET
  • July 22 12:00 pm ET
  • July 22 8:00 pm ET
  • July 23 6:00pm ET
  • July 24 4:00pm ET
  • July 25 2:00pm ET
  • July 26 1:00pm ET

    Source: Music Station | MCLuva327

    "I Know What You Want" chart updates

    Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #18
    Last Week: #14

    Billboard Top 40 Tracks
    This Week: #16
    Last Week: #11

    Norway: "I Know What You Want" drops one spot to #9 from #8 in it's 7th week on the official Norwegian chart.

    New Zealand: "I Know What You Want" rises one spot to #12 from #13 in it's 6th week on the official New Zealand chart.

    Source: Billboard Magazine | Cathrine

    Hitmakers update

    Every week, Hitmakers Magazine publishes a list of comments from radio personalities across the country in regards to all the latest single releases. Below are two comments regarding Mariah's new single, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak." Please keep requesting the track on your local radio stations and perhaps you'll see your DJs commenting on the song in the near future.

    STEVE KING, OM, KRQ, Tucson
    "Reacting well on the phones with limited airplay."

    "#2 phones on our 'Top 10 At 10' countdown!"

    Source: Hitmakers Magazine

    New York Fanbook

    Here's a message we received from Keith:
    "Hi! My name is Keith and I have awsome seats for Mariah's concert in New York on September 18th. I'm doing a fanbook and want other fans to be part of it. If you would like a page just send your letters, pictures, poems, artwork or anything you would like posted to Please send them ASAP or before September 10th."

  • JULY 16, 2003 10:25PM
    The Pop Diva Sees Visions of Love in the Future for Her Summer Tour

    You saw the Cribs episode--if you had that many shoes to choose from, you'd go off the deep end, too. But say what you will about Mariah Carey's recent behavior, she's still the number-one-selling female artist of all time and is getting on track with her latest disc, Charmbracelet. Now, instead of leaving questionable messages for fans on her Website, she's getting up close and personal with them during an intimate late-summer theater tour. That way, they'll be better able to hear new singles like her cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." Mariah took time from resting her throat to fill us in on how she keeps from going crazy on the road.

    What's on your tour bus that you can't live without?
    Anytime there's music involved, I feel like I'm at home. The cool thing is, Lionel Cole--who I wrote "Through the Rain" and a couple other songs on the Charmbracelet album with--is going to be there with me. So, we're going to knock out some songs while we're on the road. It should be fun.

    Do you have a pre-show ritual?
    I go on vocal rest in between each show, which is completely boring as hell. Trust me, you don't want to do it.

    What song always gets the crowd going?
    Well, sometimes I'm like, "Are people sick of hearing 'Hero,' or do they want to hear it again?" So, we did this poll, and "Hero" is the number-one song, and "Through the Rain" is the second. So, I guess they're not sick of "Hero" yet.

    Partying is a necessity while on the road. Do you indulge?
    When I get two days off, I could. But it depends on the city, because if it's anywhere where they don't have that smoking ban passed then I can't go out. All my singers and dancers are like, "Woo, we're having a great time! We're going out! Blah, blah, blah..." And I'll be like, "Yay, I'll be back in my room with all my humidifiers."

    Close quarters can lead to tension. What was the last fight or argument you got in with a bandmember?
    I'm always around so many people. But it requires more discipline on their part because hair, makeup and stylist people are always fighting. We love them, but there's always bickering going on. The singers usually don't fight. We're all like a big extended family anyway.

    Whom do you always call from the road?
    Yet again, I can't call people because I'm on vocal rest. That's why I use my little two-way pager when I'm in America. But when I'm all over the world, I'll just have to lose touch with most people and write postcards.

    Source: E! Online

    Tour Section Updates

    Once again, pictures and reviews from the Tokyo and Osaka concerts and the MonarC artists showcase have been added to the Tour Section.

    Source: Ayako | mcfanatic

    Short "Gotta Thing For You" Reviews

    Here are short excerpts about "Gotta Thing From You" from reviews of Da Brat's new album "Limelight, Luv And Niteclubz":

    "...Worthy, too, is "Gotta Thing for You," a track that features guest vocals from Mariah Carey (news). Like many of the tracks, it's a smooth, rolling barrage of cattiness, delivered in a Brat-a-tat-tat style that still shouldn't be ignored..."

    "She shows her sensual side on the R&B-flavored In Love Wit Chu and the Mariah Carey-laced Gotta Thing for You."

    Limelite, Luv And Niteclubz may include lighter fare like "In Love Wit Chu" and "Gotta Thing For You" (the latter features Mariah Carey), but they’re rife with R&B cliches.

    Source: AP Reviews | USA Today | Chart Attack

    'Bringin' On The Heartbreak' Video & TRL Backstage Pass Appearance

    Keep your eyes wide open, because our diva's hot new video is premiering on MTV next week -- but you can see it now on her website:

    Mariah's new video for Bringin On The Heartbreak is now available on the music page of The video was shot in Los Angeles and features appearances by Dave Navarro (from Jane's Addiction) and American Idol Judge/Mariah Carey Musical Director Randy Jackson.

    Let's make Mariah's homecoming to the States from Asia a big and warm one with Bringin' On the Heartbreak hyped up to the max. Make sure to do your part and spread the word!

    The video already premiered on VH1's "Fresh" - new music show and will probably air again on the same show during the week (10am EST).

    Mariah's tour segment that was supposed to be shown today on TRL backstage pass was re-scheduled and will air this Friday instead.

    Source: | Team Mariah | Desiree | Tessa

    VH1 & People Magazine's 200 Pop Culture Icons

    VH1 Celebrates America's Pop Culture Icons In All-New, All-Star Special Premiering July 21-25 AT 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
    PEOPLE Magazine's Special Collectors Edition Hits Newsstands July 14th

    Too large to be a "100 Greatest" special, for the first-time ever, VH1 will expand its reach and will recognize 200 of America's most outstanding and outrageous personalities with "VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons," premiering on Monday, July 21st and airing through Friday, July 25th from 9:00-11:00 p.m. (ET/PT) each night. Each one hour episode is illustrated by Robert Risko, and will take a fun and lighthearted look at the individuals and moments that now live immortally in American pop culture.

    Along with VH1, PEOPLE magazine has published a book celebrating the "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons." This special collector's edition, hits newsstands July 14.

    Mariah was announced to be one of the 200 pop cultures but her position on the list is unknown yet.

    People Magazine's list is grouped by categories, and Mariah is on "The Divas" section, this is what they wrote about her:

    "She once compared her life to a fairy tale. "It's so unbelievable!" said Mariah Carey of her rise to fame, which climaxed with a spectacular 1993 wedding to Tommy Mottola, the record mogul who launched her. "I mean, it really is like Cinderella!" Carey modeled the nuptials on the Charles-Diana extravaganza, but the marriage flamed out after four years. With her five-octave range and rampant sex appeal, her cometlike career roared on, with Carey's worldwide album sales topping 80 million units. Her fortune turned in 2001, when her debut movie, Glitter, and its soundtrack bombed. Then, after a hospital stay to recover from what her rep called "an emotional and physical breakdown," her record company opted to buy her out of a five-album contract for the send-off price of $28 million. In 2003 Carey bounced back with Charmbracelt. "She's a trouper, to say the least," said her "Heartbreaker" video director Brett Ratner. "When you're with Mariah, it's like, 'Jump on and go for the ride.'" Just be sure to fasten your seat belt."

    The complete schedule for VH1's "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons:"

    Monday, 7/21
    9:00 p.m. #200-181
    10:00 p.m. #180-161

    Tuesday, 7/22
    9:00 p.m. #160-141
    10:00 p.m. #140-121

    Wednesday, 7/23
    9:00 p.m. #120-101
    10:00 p.m. #100-81

    Thursday, 7/24
    9:00 p.m. # 80-61
    10:00 p.m. # 60-41

    Friday, 7/25
    9:00 p.m. # 40-21
    10:00 p.m. # 20-1

    Source: VH1 | PR Newswire | People Magazine | JRKing

    Charming Sales

    Question: Can you tell me how many copies Mariah Carey's "Charmbracelet" has sold as of July 2003 in the U.S.? And has the album been certified double-platinum yet? Thanks for any info you can provide.

    Answer: Mariah Carey's "Charmbracelet" has sold 1.06 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Released in December 2002, the set has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for U.S. shipments of 1 million units.

    Source: Billboard Magazine

    Mya rumored to join Mariah on Charmbracelet tour

    In a recent article discussing Mya's acting career and current CD "Moodring," Mariah's "Charmbracelet" Tour was discussed:

    "And don't be surprised if an announcement is forthcoming that Mya will join either R. Kelly or Mariah Carey's tours -- or both -- for "a few, maybe 10 dates' in coming weeks. Then Mya is due to tour overseas in September. And then:"I'm definitely planning ahead, and auditioning dancers and getting a band together as we speak' for her own U.S. tour down the line -- a House of Blues/small-theater-size trek."

    Click here to read the full article.

    Source: U Daily News |’s Beach Bonanza

    The team is meeting fans at London’s Charing Cross train station from 9am onwards this Saturday July 19th to catch a 10am train down to Margate where we’ll be enjoying a “Fantasy” style day out on the beach, arcades and amusement park!

    The whole thing is being recorded for Mariah so make sure you dress the part! You may want to wear your Honey B. Fly t-shirt as UK fan club members just received their packs! We’ll have a prize for the best dressed fan! Be creative!

    We’re also making a fanbook for Mariah on the day so bring along any photos or poems etc that you would like to be included for Mariah.

    Everyone is welcome – just turn up at Charing Cross station (between 9am-9:30am ideally) and look for the group of Mariah fans!

    More details can be found at or you can call Matte on 07939 234 066. Hope to see you there!

    JULY 15, 2003 6:52PM
    Access Mariah's tour

    Don't miss MTV's Total Request Live tomorrow (July 16, 2003) at 1:00pm Eastern Time to catch an All Access behind-the-scenes glimpse of Mariah on her Charmbracelet World Tour. This feature is a part of MTV's Backstage Pass Week.


    MonarC Music Showcase

    Mariah and MonarC Music held a showcase in Tokyo, Japan to spotlight some of MonarC Music's hot new talent to an international audience. Below are some photos of the performance that featured Trey Lorenz, Belle & Nae Nae and Sadie a.k.a. Dat Baby. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.


    New scans

    New scans from Twist, Glamour, Sister 2 Sister, Cosmopolitan, Star, New York Daily News, US Weekly, and In Touch Weekly have been added to our temporary photogallery. Check out all the new scans now and be on the lookout for the re-launch of our photogallery in the coming weeks.

    Source: Janel | Jessica | April

    Ashanti talks about Mariah's Halloween party

    When asked about what she liked best in Europe, singer Ashanti said, “You know what? The last time we came [to Europe], Mariah Carey had a hot Halloween party. It was so much fun. Myself, my stylist, I think my mom went. It was the whole crew. Missy [Elliott] was there, Mariah was there and a few other celebs, but it was genuinely fun. Everybody was dancing, a couple of people had on costumes. We had a lot of fun there.”

    Source: Sister 2 Sister Magazine

    Star Charmers

    Mariah Carey’s charm bracelet style is spreading. Charms by My Philosophy spell out the sentiments of Madonna (“GLR” for Guy, Lourdes and Rocco) and Ozzy Osbourne (“Ozzy”).

    Matthew Broderick gave wife Sarah Jessica Parker one by Tracey Zabar when son James arrived. And Salma Hayek, Jennifer Connelly and Renee Zellweger each worked with designer Marc Jacobs to create a Louis Vuitton bracelet for charity.

    Source: In Touch Weekly

    Mariah's 8th Australian Gold single

    In its fifth week on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) singles chart, "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey scores a gold certification. Having spent an entire month at its debut position of No.3, this week for the first time it drops one spot to No.4. New releases by R Kelly and Beyonce debuted in the No.1 and No.2 positions respecitively, so a drop was inevitable. The gold certification is Mariah's eighth, but only Busta's second. The single is expected to eventually go platinum in the coming weeks, in which case it will be Mariah's eight platinum single and Busta's first! Mariah's last gold was "Loverboy", and last platinum was "Heartbreaker". Busta scored his first gold just last year with "Break Ya Neck".

    Meanwhile, the "Charmbracelet" re-release in Australia is still unconfirmed. While Universal inch further away from capitalising on the success of this hit single, Busta's label BMG have re-issued his album at a majorly discounted price. Consequently his album rises to No. 29 on the ARIA Urban chart, and re-enters the HMV chart at No.38.

    Also on the ARIA Urban chart, "Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits" and "Boy (I Need You)" drop four places each to No.26 and No.35 respectively. "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" debuts at #2 on Groove FM.

    "I Know What You Want" Australian Chart Round-Up (Week ending July 20, 2003)

    Official Charts

  • ARIA Singles Top 50: #4 (Last Week: #3)
  • ARIA Urban Singles: #3 (Last Week: #1)

    Retail Sales
  • HMV: #4 (Last Week: #1)
  • Sanity Music: #4 (Last Week: #3)
  • JB Hi-Fi: #6 (Last Week: #2)

    Radio/Other (Weekly Peaks)
  • Nova 100: #1 (Last Week: #1)
  • Nova 96.9: #1 (Last Week: #4)
  • Countdown: #3 (Last Week: #17)
  • Channel [V]: #8 (Last Week: #7)
  • Groove FM: #1 (Last Week: #2)
  • Hot Hits: #24 (Last Week: #31)

    Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

    News from the Philippines

    Mariah Carey storms the MTV Diyes charts this week with two songs in the countdown. Her latest single "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" debuted at #6, while her collaboration with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," falls one notch to #3 after peaking at #2 for two weeks. MTV Diyes is the weekly Top Ten countdown in the Philippines which is based on radio airplay and video requests. It is aired over at MTV Philippines and MTV Asia.

    Over at its rival channel, MYX, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" jumped three places to #10 in the MYX Hit Chart, the cable channel's weekly Top 20 countdown.

    By the way, the "Charmbracelet" Tour Edition CD was released last June 30, 2003 here in the Philippines. It is initially available at Tower Records and Music One, two of the biggest record retailers here.

    Source: Jun & Ody

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" updates

    The Swiss online music store CeDe now has Mariah’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” single listed on their release schedule for October 10th. No further information was supplied either by or by Universal Music Sweden.

    If you missed Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" music video on television, you can now download it at Mariah's official website.

    Source: Honey & Kate | Jose

    "Got A Thing For You"

    Just a reminder that Da Brat’s new album, entitled "Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz" was released today in America. The album includes a song featuring Mariah called “Got A Thing For You.” This version is different than the version included on Mariah’s “Charmbracelet” Tour Edition, because it does not have any vocals by rapper Elephant Man. Mariah’s background vocals have also been lowered and the instrumentation has been modified.

  • JULY 14, 2003 1:45PM
    Meme Remixes "I Only Wanted"

    Mariah and Meme
    What Mariah fan has never heard of the famous Brazilian "Butterfly" promo single with remixes from DJ Meme? The famous Brazilian DJ's real name is Marcello Mansur and we recently learned that he has remixed another Mariah Carey track besides "Butterfly".

    During Mariah's last visit to Brazil in December 2002, she and DJ Meme met at a night club called Nuth, where Mariah had the chance to listen to the remix Meme had done for her Charmbracelet track, "I Only Wanted." Mariah has approved the track. We have no information at the moment of when it will be released or how but we will let you know as soon as we find out.

    Source: Mariah Connection

    New Poll

    We’ve added a new poll asking which song from the “Daydream” album you would most like to see performed live on the Charmbracelet Tour. Please cast your vote now! Last week’s poll asked which song from the “Music Box” album you would most like to see performed live on tour. Here are the results:

  • 30% (265 votes) “All I’ve Ever Wanted”
  • 15% (136 votes) “Without You”
  • 14% (125 votes) “Anytime You Need A Friend”
  • 11% (100 votes) “Hero”
  • 7% (65 votes) “Music Box”
  • 6% (56 votes) “Dreamlover”
  • 6% (56 votes) “Never Forget You”
  • 4% (35 votes) “Now That I Know”
  • 4% (33 votes) “I’ve Been Thinking About You”
  • 2% (16 votes) “Just To Hold You Once Again”
    Total Votes: 887

    Backstage Pass Week

    Mariah will be featured on MTV's Backstage Pass Week, a program that takes viewers backstage and behind the scenes of the hottest concerts and tours of the summer. Because Mariah is likely to be featured throughout this special, be sure to tune in everyday this week to MTV's Total Request Live at 1:00pm Eastern Time.

    Mariah was featured briefly today as she was interviewed backstage at Z100's Zootopia Concert, which was held several weeks ago. They asked her what she brought along with her on tour ("I have a couple pairs of new shoes I'm taking with me"), what was required on her rider ("throat coat tea") and what her tour rule is ("no smoking").

    Source: Jimmy | Mariah Daily

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video

    Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video aired for the first time in America today on VH1's Jump Start at 8:40am. In hopes of catching the video yourself, tune in tomorrow to Jump Start from 7:00-9:00am.

    Source: MariahsLegsRule

    "Through The Rain" featured on Techno album

    The Hex Hector/Mac Quayle club remix of Mariah's "Through The Rain" is featured on DJ Louie Devito's latest album, called Dance Factory: Level 2. You can purchase this album at

    Source: Torrence

    "I Know What You Want" updates

    Australia: "I Know What You Want" falls one spot from #3 to #4 in it's fourth week on the official Australian singles chart. On the official Urban chart, the song falls two places to #3 after spending three weeks at #1. The single has also finally been certified gold and is Mariah's 8th song to be certified gold in Australia.

    United Kingdom: "I Know What You Want" falls six spots from #11 to #17 this week on the official UK singles chart.

    Denmark: "I Know What You Want" debuts at #18 in it's first week on the official Danish singles chart.

    Source: Mariah Downunder Forums | Mariah Daily

    More tour updates

    MTV Canada has a poll up asking: What is the coolest summer concert? Vote for Mariah at

    Due to popular demand, another show has been added at the Universal Amphitheathre on August 21, 2003. This is because of an unexpected one day sell-out for the August 18 show. Popular Riverside, California-based radio station 99.1 KGGI will be giving away tickets to the August 21st event all weekend long and is being promoted as a "Mariah Carey Weekend. LA's #1 hit music station 102.7 KIIS FM has been giving away tickets to this event all week long and will continue to give away tickets off and on through out parts of the day this weekend.

    According to, Mariah's show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas has sold out. This performance will be Mariah's first North American performance on the Charmbracelet World Tour.

    To purchase tickets for Mariah's concert in St Louis, log on to Sales for this show are not being handled through Ticketmaster.

    Mariah isn't giving a concert in Belgium for the Charmbracelet Tour, but because a lot of Belgian fans are going to travel to other countries to see Mariah live, a Belgian fanbook has been created. For more information, click here.

    Marianne Brudvik is in charge of the Fanbracelet book that will be given to Mariah at her concert in Stockholm, Sweden on October 5th. More entries are needed, so please mail your letter or general questions to

    Robert Tamez is making the Fanbracelet book for Mariah at her performance in Houston, Texas. The deadline is August 16th. Please e-mail your entries to or mail them to:

    Robert Tamez
    13443 Voelcker Ranch
    San Antonio, TX 78231

    Source: SJ | The Mariah Carey Organization | Nate | Gilles

  • JULY 11, 2003 10:55PM
    Tour Updates

    The Tour Section has been updated with new pictures and reviews from the Tokyo concerts and the "MonarC Music Showcase" that was held in Tokyo on July 9th.

    A new date for the tour was announced today to take place in San Diego, California, on Aug 15th at the SDSU Open Air Theater.

    To purchase tickets for the Boston, MA show (Sept 8), call Tele-charge at (800) 447-7400. To purchase tickets for the rest of the American shows, check Ticketmaster regularly to see when the shows go on sale.

    Ticket for the Moscow concerts on September 27th and 29th can be purchased online through Ticket prices range from $27 to $1000 (US dollars).

    Naomi wants to prepare a fanbook for Mariah from MD's visitors to be given at the July 29th Chicago concert. E-mail her your entries here.

    Vijay & Julie are responsible for the Chicago fan-bracelet, enter your entries here.

    CMCS is organizing a fan gathering for the Chicago concert. Join the group and learn more about it!

    Jam & Cyril from the Philippine MC Fan Club group are making a fanbook for Mariah from her Filipino fans. Send them your entries as soon as possible.

    Source: Yahoo! | Rei | John | Mariah.RU

    Mariah impacts on all music channels

    The video for "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has debuted in MTV Latin America, MTV Asia and Much Music (Canada). Please vote for it on each respective network.

    VH1 Europe is premiering the special "Mariah Carey: What It's Like" on:
    21:00 - Mariah Carey What It's like
    22:00 - Mariah Carey What It's like

    "Boy (I Need You)" has been nominated for MTV's 'Video Music Brazil Awards' on the "International Videoclips" category. Please click here and place your vote for Mariah.

    Source: Erick | Stefanie | Ramon | Tahi

    Mariah Daily's Poll

    Due to upgrades on Bravenet, the poll results were reset so please make sure to vote again. Thanks!

    Mariah to work with Jurgen Vries [Rumor Alert]

    Mariah Carey is Jurgen Vries' latest guest vocalist after Lisa Steps and Charlotte Church. The track's called "Wilderness".

    Source: Neil | Pop Bitch

    JULY 10, 2003 5:15PM
    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" video premiere

    Mariah’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” music video will be added to VH1 on Monday, July 14. There’s no information on which program the video will make its official premiere, so keep watching VH1 in hopes of catching it. It is also likely that the video will premiere on MTV the same day, or at least soon after. Stay tuned for more information.

    Source: PR Newswire

    Mariah Carey: The Exclusive Interview

    Be sure to have a look at this month's Urban Essentials Magazine for an exclusive, three-page interview with Mariah. You can find this free publication availiable at most independent music stores within the United Kingdom. Below is the full article, as provided by Urban Essentials.

    Urban Essentials: Well Mariah, it's good to see you again. Welcome back to the UK. I look at you and I see an artist that has sold 160 million albums. That's a phenomenal amount of albums. To be honest it makes me think what spurs an artist like you on because you could easily retire now if you wanted to.

    Mariah: But how bored would I be? It's not like I'm 50 years old and I'm like let me retire. I've got a lot of energy and started doing this when I was right out of high school, so that's why it's weird to me. I hear these facts and figures and I don't even feel like its me they are talking about. My whole adult life has been in the spotlight, so it feels like I've grown up doing this. I guess I could retire but I love making music. I love the studio and I love doing what I do.

    Urban Essentials: You're one of the few artists that has actually made it to the super star level but then actually kept with an urban music feel. How important do you think urban music is in making you the success you are today?

    Mariah: I grew up on urban music so a lot of the mainstream public who doesn't listen to hip-hop stations and don't go to clubs, don't know DJs, they don't live that life style. They didn't realise in 1995, I was working with Old Dirty Bastard from Wu-Tang-Clan, like if you're gonna work with any of them, that would be the most surprising, the shocking one. Because the remixes were not on the albums and because they would be on BET as opposed to MTV because it would be on the hip-hop stations, the mainstream audience didn't really know about that side of my music so for me those moments were the fun moments. The moments when working with Snoop or working with Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Nas. The many people I have worked and collaborated with, for me its working creatively. Working with Busta, there's so many - Da Brat, working with Missy. Those are the moments that make me happy as a fan. I love doing ballads and I will always do ballads but I would be bored as hell if that's all I ever did. I keep being honest because people who don't know how many collaborations I've done. Finally hip-hop is being accepted on pop radio and embraced around the world, they're like 'so you gonna change your sound and like work with rappers now?' I'm like 'no, I've been doing this for years. Do your research.'

    Urban Essentials: To be honest, you was one of the pioneers of the vocal/rap collaborations.

    Mariah: I feel that Mary J. Blige did a lot of the ground work for it, a lot of the collaborations, a lot of other things and she as an artist, I credit her a lot with that. In terms of people that were known in the pop world, songs like "Hero," I think I was pretty much kind of the only one going there.

    Urban Essentials: You are without a doubt, one of the most successful female recording artists in history. You were the biggest selling artist of the decade in the 90's but what did it feel to receive the Blue Diamond Award for the hundred certifications because that's an amazing achievement for somebody especially as young as yourself?

    Mariah: It was incredible and it didn't actually soak in until somebody actually explained to me that when you go gold, when you go platinum it counts as a certification and obviously I knew I received diamond awards for albums in the past but the hundredth certifications was like 'wow, amazing'. Then we had the party to celebrate with Andre Herel, it was fun. It was good, Andre knows how to throw a party!

    Urban Essentials: Since we last spoke, you've signed to Def Jam, you've got a brand new album out which is absolutely phenomenal, in my opinion, one of your best albums. Butterfly was a great album but you've set a new milestone with this new album. It's a fact you could have picked anyone to go with. What made you go with Def Jam?

    Mariah: Honestly, Lyor Cohen called me the day after the September 11th and it was like 'ok, when are we doing this?' and I wasn't even off that other label yet and he knew I was in the situation and it wasn't working. The fact that he was so focused and cared enough to even call, we continued having dialogue. Then Doug Morris, who I really respect and I think is one of the few good honourable people left in the music business, was very instrumental. They came over my house and they was like 'ok, here's the champagne goblets and here's the champagne for when we do business'. It wasn't even like I had a choice! I sat with everybody else and talked to the people that I really respect and love and really appreciate the way that they dealt with the situation and the way that the smart record executives were saying to me we know that you're going to take this situation, use it, write about it and make it your best work ever. They predicted what I felt but I just made the choice because it felt right and Lyor was very pro me having my own label, which is very important for me. I was getting approached by investors that were saying that you should just have your own label and not even deal with this whole thing, the Universal system is so powerful. Also Def Jam is more artist and music related and I felt like it was the right place for me to establish my own label and the right people to be working with.

    Urban Essentials: Lets talk about the label MonarC. We obviously know you've got this label and obviously we know you're gonna have artists coming from this label. Can you drop any names yet and can we get any inside information on who to watch out for?

    Mariah: The only inside information I can give you is there's a group I've been working with, they are young [about] 14 [or] 15 but they're very much grown in their minds. One's a rapper from Oakland, one's a singer and I don't think there's ever been a duo like this, it's very unique, really fun working with them. They're like my little sisters, it's real cool. There's another extra surprise artist that I'm working with plus Trey Lorenz who sang 'I'll be there', he and his partner have been making a record that is I don't want to say it's the new back packerish R&B but it falls more into that lane. It's very real and it's very good. There's also some gospel artists that I've been talking to because its very important to me, I love gospel music and there are so many talented gospel artists.

    Urban Essentials: Quincy Jones Lifetime Award, Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards, various other awards, numerous number 1 singles, albums that have gone gold, platinum, whatever you wanna say, various accolades, acting. But what do you feel is your biggest achievement?

    Mariah: My biggest achievement, well I would have to break this down into a fan section. People have come up to me and said your music has helped me get through some difficult times in my life - that is very important to me. Also being a mixed race person, I know how I felt growing up - I felt like an outsider, I didn't really have somebody to look at and say this person is mixed race like me and they're ambiguous looking and they've made it and people understand who they are, what they are. Kids come up to me and say that, like when you come out with the album, I didn't feel like I was unworthy anymore. A lot of people will say stuff like that when they found out I was mixed because it made them feel better about themselves because they were seeing somebody else like them. For me that's a huge achievement.

    Urban Essentials: We'll talk a bit about your private life, you went through a divorce in a public eye, tabloids that say rubbish about you weekly. If you so much go to dinner, you're surrounded by the press. How hard is it to be in the constant glare of the public eye with your private life?

    Mariah: The funny thing is, the private life that they create for me is like bizarre and so I read the stuff and sometimes it just makes me laugh. They wrote this thing about a fat farm breakdown, 'her staff were forced to go on the same diet and then they snuck out to eat cheese burgers, then took breath mints so she wouldn't know.' I'm sitting there and thinking I was not in a fat farm, I was in a spa, with fattening food there that I could've eaten. I don't even care about fast food and if they wanted to eat hamburgers till the cows came home, I don't care. That I had plastered on my wall as a joke, I put it up on my kitchen, because I thought it was funny. It's weird to be in the public eye but I feel like I'm the same person when I started internally and I notice a lot of people before they're successful and after, they change. Fame really twists them out and I think because I didn't feel famous until lately, that it didn't do that to me.

    Urban Essentials: Do you think that is probably one of the things that fans love about Mariah, that you have kept you feet on the ground. You hear so many stories about Divas. I've only met you a couple of times but you seem like one of the nicest people we've met in the industry. Do you think because you've kept your feet firmly on the ground that that's something that the fans can tap into?

    Mariah: I think maybe they feel that, maybe they understand that. When I meet fans, we talk like we're talking now, unless somebody's crying because when somebody's crying, it makes me cry. I think they can sense that because the real fans know that I care about them and appreciate them.

    Urban Essentials: Personal favourites on the album for yours truly are "You Had Your Chance," "You Got Me," "Boy (I Need You), "Irresistible." On this album you've used some real retro beats as well as taking it to another level. Was that a purposely planned thing or did that just fall into place.

    Mariah: It just fell into place, like I've done that before. A lot of things I've done more like remixes - take 'Heartbreaker' which was Snoop Dogg's 'Aint No Fun', the one with Missy and Da Brat. That I think was a template for a lot of different things, using 'Aint No Fun' is not like using an old, old record but it really worked for the clubs because people would mix 'Aint No Fun' into that so I gotta give credit to DJ Clue for that idea. I think for this album is was like using some new school things like 'Boy (I Need You)', being the new Just Blaze track and 'You Got Me' the one with Freeway and Jay Z, it sounds like a loop but it's a track that he created from scratch.

    Urban Essentials: About four years ago, we saw you perform at Wembley, just after ' Rainbow ' had been released. The tickets were sold out in a matter of hours. Are there any plans for Mariah to come back to the UK and tour because there's so many people that wanna see that.

    Mariah: Definitely I will come back and tour, in October and I can't wait to perform live in the UK again.

    Source: Urban Essentials Magazine | Arnarge Media

    Carey "Clown"-ing around

    Australia's No.1 radio program last night showed Mariah more love and support than they have in a long time. In Eminem's current single, "Superman" he disses Mariah and it has been a massive hit on the Countdown. Last week they played 50 Cent's explicit remake of "I Know What You Want", which supposedly also disses Mariah.

    In response, Mariah's Australian fans felt it was only fair that she should get her chance to reply, and in what better form that "Charmbracelet" track, "Clown" where Mariah allegedly blasts Eminem for being "a puppet show" who "often sits at home alone and cries, cries, cries, cries."

    After contacting the producers of the show, they agreed and last night they played "Clown" in its entirety. Once it was finished the hosts of the show, Kyle and Jacki, said that in the last few years everyone has been bagging out Mariah, but that's over now. She's got great people surrounding her and this is her year. She's back better than ever. They even agreed that "Glitter" wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. Kyle even said he loved it.

    Things certainly seem to be changing. "I Know What You Want" was No.6 on the Hot30 last night.

    Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

    "I Know What You Want" chart updates

    Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #14
    Last Week: #11

    Billboard Top 40 Tracks
    This Week: #11
    Last Week: #8

    Norway: “I Know What You Want” drops two spots down, from #6 to #8, on the official Norwegian chart. However, this is Mariah’s most successful song in Norway since “Hero” and “Without You”! It did even better than songs like “Fantasy” and “Heartbreaker”!

    New Zealand: "I Know What You Want" drops three spots to #13 from #10 last week on the official New Zealand chart.

    Source: Billboard Magazine | Cathrine | Amelia

    Lorraine to Mariah: "Get Real"

    Television presenter Lorraine Kelly says there's nothing worse than having to interview a celebrity who "really hasn't got much to say" such as Harrison Ford.

    "So many of the actors I meet are just so boring, they really have nothing to say, it's like getting blood from a stone. But what's worse are those stars who have ridiculous entourages. Take Mariah Carey. She insisted on all her people coming to the interview. It was ridiculous."

    Source: Teletext | The Mariah Carey Organization

    JULY 8, 2003 4:40PM
    Mottola's New Deal Could Upset Mariah

    I told you several weeks ago, months ago even, that Tommy Mottola had a new deal at Universal Music Group.

    It was back in April that Mottola managed to get a magazine article about Universal's Doug Morris spiked. His reward was a record deal with Morris.

    The article at fledgling Radar never materialized. Score one for Mottola.

    Today, Morris announced that Mottola will run a revived version of the old Casablanca Records for him. Casablaca's big acts were Donna Summer and Kiss.

    Of course there are bigger ramifications for Mottola at UMG than just getting a new label.

    For one thing, Mottola's ex, Mariah Carey, escaped his clutches by signing with Universal herself. Mariah has a label there, Monarch Records, run by Mottola's former promotions man, Jerry Blair. Carey and Blair would prefer to never be in the same room again with Mottola.

    And Morris may have some other tricks up his sleeve regarding Mottola. Lyor Cohen, head of UMG's Def Jam Records, is currently renegotiating his contract. He's also got a bunch of legal problems. Could Morris be thinking that Mottola's new deal will eventually include Def Jam? If so, Carey and Blair would be in the strange position of reporting to Mottola!

    Last on the Mottola front is the question of Michael Jackson. Jacko has pursued going to the Universal Group for a while. But last year when he and Mottola were at Sony, he labelled the exec "devilish." Well, this could be Mottola's most devilish move of all.

    Source: Fox News

    JULY 8, 2003 11:27PM
    MonarC Music Showcase In Japan!

    Mariah Carey presents MonarC Music Showcase! The featured artists of the night will be Trey Lorenz / Belle & Nae Nae / Sadie a.k.a. "dat baby". It will be a wonderful evening of music and a chance to see Mariah. Be sure to check it out.

    Date & time: July 9th (Wed) 6:30 - 7:30 pm
    Location: Orbient (Kita-Aoyama 3-5-12 Crystal Bldg. B1 & B2)
    Have fun and we will see you at the Showcase.


    JULY 8, 2003 12:05AM
    New voice message

    Mariah: Hi! [High octave]. Callin' everybody from Tokyo. I just wanted to say hello. We just had the first show here and we had quite a nice time. And all the fans – we just want to let you know that the showcase we’ve been talking about on stage with mister Trey Lorenz is going to be at – in Japanese – here we go. You didn’t know I could speak it, but I can...

    Motoko: [Speaking in Japanese]

    Mariah: So basically that’s what you need to do, is just come down there. [Laughs]. Hold on, Big Nasty wants to say something.

    Trey: This is Big Nasty and the follow up to “Nasty As I Wanna Be” is “Nastier Than Ever Before,” baby. [Laughs].

    Mariah: [Laughs] Bye, bye! [High octave].


    Tour Section Updates

    Visit the Tour Section for many additions from the recent Japanese concerts; reviews, pictures & a slightly different setlist.

    Source: Kahori | Rei | Ayako | Shino

    Four weeks at No.3 for Busta & Mariah

    AUSTRALIAN CHART ROUND-UP - Week ending July 13, 2003
    - I Know What You Want, Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey

    - ARIA Singles Top 50: #3 [LW #3]
    - ARIA Urban Singles: #1 [LW #1]
    - ARIA Singles (NSW): #1 [LW #1]
    - Australian radio airplay: #22 [LW #26]
    - Australian video airplay: #3 [LW #6]

    - HMV: #1 [LW #2]
    - Sanity Music: #2 [LW #3]
    - JB Hi-Fi: #2 [LW #2]

    - Nova 100: #1 [LW #16]
    - Nova 96.9: #4 [LW #14]
    - Countdown: #5 [LW #22]
    - Channel [V]: #7 [LW #10]
    - MTV Australia: #1
    - Groove FM: #2 [LW #3]
    - Hot Hits: #31 [LW #38]

    For the fourth week in a row Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey remain at No.3 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) singles chart and No.1 on the ARIA Urban singles chart. Having debuted in that position on June 16th, "I Know What You Want" has remained steadfast, and this week held off tough competition from three new entries in the top 10 (50 Cent's "21 Questions" at No.4; Mercury4's "Get Me Some" at No.5; and "The Reign" by Ja Rule at No.7). The track also remains at No.1 on the ARIA New South Wales (state) singles chart for the second week in a row.

    A fall is likely next week as highly anticipated new releases from Beyonce and R Kelly impact the charts. However, anything is possible, and as HMV Australia's sales illustrate, Busta and Mariah are good at holding off competition. This week they return to No.1, while last week's HMV No.1 and No.3 position holders plummet seven and eleven places respectively. This week, four of the top 5 singles at HMV are new entries. Not only did "I Know What You Want" hold off this competition, but sales actually increased, pushing it to No.1. Meanwhile, sales for the ARIA No.1 and No.2 singles - "Innocent Eyes" by Delta Goodrem and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescance - continue to decrease at HMV, falling seven and eight places respectively this week. Sales remain consistant at other major music retailers - Sanity Music (No.2) and JB Hi-Fi (No.2).

    Airplay continues to increase, however despite its huge chart success, it's yet to enter the radio airplay top 20 - this week lingering just outside at No.22. Things look better for video airplay, reaching a new peak at No.3 on the national chart; No.7 at Channel [V] Australia and No. 1 at MTV Australia.

    The single has not been certified yet, and will most likely not be for many weeks as BMG Australia appear to be shipping out limited copies. Each week most stores sell the majority of copies before the weekend. At first this was believed to be due to unexpected demand, however demand for the single is now clear and the only reason BMG would be limiting copies of the single is to boost sales of Busta's album, which rises five places to No. 30 on the ARIA Urban albums chart this week.

    Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

    JULY 6, 2003 3:21PM
    Small Venues Just Won't Do

    Ashanti, who is in the running for a No. 1 debut with her sophomore CD, "Chapter II," has stepped off the upcoming Mariah Carey "Charmbracelet" tour.

    The Glen Cove singer's camp says that after the Carey extravaganza was transformed from an arena jaunt to a downsized theater tour, the new routing caused too many schedule conflicts for Ashanti's own publicity tour.

    However, concert industry insiders say that the smaller tour may have been a little too small for Ashanti, who could likely fill theaters with her own star power. Ashanti's spokeswoman says the singer is now evaluating other possible tours for the late summer/early fall.

    Source: Newsday

    Dana Glover cites Mariah as major influence

    Dana Glover’s music has been featured in such films as Shrek, Two Week’s Notice, Tuck Everlasting and The Wedding Planner. She has been dubbed as the new Norah Jones partly because she plays the piano and writes her own material, but on her debut album, “Testimony,” her soul influences are obvious.

    Citing Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as her favorites, Dana says, “I would look for that kind of music on the radio. That sound would grab me immediately. I remember when I first heard Mariah Carey. Her voice definitely affected me, partly because she also drew from the same influences and styles.”

    For more information about Dana, log on to her official website, located at

    Tidbits from Around The World

    Australia: "I Know What You Want" remains at #3 for the fourth consecutive week. This will more than likely be the single's peak, since new songs by Beyonce Knowles and R. Kelly should explode next week. Unfortunately, the single also has not been certified yet. 50 Cent's "21 Questions" debuts at #4 this week with an instant gold certification so, "I Know What You Want" is obviously beyond gold and probably platinum.

    United Kingdom: Mariah came in at Number 5 on the Top 100 Sexiest Artists on VH1 on Friday, July 4th. She beat Jennifer Lopez, who came in at Number 7. Viewers votes were compiled to create the list. She is also #11 on the UK weekly singles chart with "I Know What You Want". This ends a 5 weeks run for the song in the top 10.

    United States: According to AOL Music, Mariah's 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour is the 10th best-selling concert tour among AOL members.

    Philippines: "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" debuted on MYX Daily at #10 last Thursday.

    Source: ShayneFly | Michael Moran | Eric | Matusero

    JULY 5, 2003 3:55PM

    Cinemax has started it’s second exclusive running of “WiseGirls,” starring Academy Award winning actress Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey. Rehashed themes and a formulaic story line undermine this mobbed-up female bonding story. Fleeing a tragic past, former medical student Meg (Sorvino) moves to New York to live with her invalid grandmother. She finds a job waitressing at Il Santolino, a family-run Italian restaurant, which – surprise, surprise – is operated by the mafia.

    Her medical training comes in handy when she saves a coked-out mobster who shoots his nose off in the restaurant's backroom, which puts her in the Santolino family's good graces. Meg adjusts to her new position, which involves dispensing medical advice to mob boss Mr. Santolino (Arthur Nascarella) and wrapping drug-filled doggie bags for customers. She forms a tight bond with the two other waitresses, smart-mouthed firecracker Raychel (Carey), who her sights set on becoming manager, and lively waif Kate (Melora Walters), an aspiring actress.

    Unfortunately, just as Meg decides the mob lifestyle is too much for her and decides to get out, she witnesses a murder. Forced to dismember the body and feed it into a meat grinder, she's now an accessory and tries to get out of town before the police catch her. When they do, the cops offer immunity if she'll wear a wire and try to get one of the Santolinos to implicate himself in the crime. This precipitates the movie's sole action scene, a predictable shootout that, unfortunately, is also the only violence seen on film that involves both Sorvino and Carey.

    Given her pitiful turn in “Glitter,” Carey delivers a surprisingly respectable performance, and despite reports of a knockout cat fight with Sorvino on the set, the actresses' onscreen friendship is convincing. Sorvino brings professional efficiency to her character's clichéd wrong-place/wrong-time woes; if the same could be said of the script and directing, the result would have been a better film.

    Show Times:

  • July 5, 2003 » 4:30pm ET
  • July 10, 2003 » 3:45pm ET
  • July 18, 2003 » 4:15pm ET
  • July 30, 2003 » 5:30am ET

    Source: TV Guide

    New Poll

    We’ve added a new poll asking which song from the “Music Box” album would you most like to see performed live on the Charmbracelet Tour. Please cast your vote now! Last week’s poll asked which song from the “Emotions” album you would most like to see performed live on tour. Here are the results:

  • 22% (951 votes) “Can’t Let Go”
  • 15% (652 votes) “Emotions”
  • 14% (631 votes) “Make It Happen”
  • 10% (425 votes) “If It’s Over”
  • 9% (383 votes) “So Blessed”
  • 8% (369 votes) “And You Don’t Remember”
  • 8% (355 votes) “Till The End Of Time”
  • 7% (297 votes) “The Wind”
  • 5% (219 votes) “You’re So Cold”
  • 3% (123 votes) “To Be Around You”
    Total Votes: 4,405

    "Boy (I Need You)" included on NOW compilation

    According to, Mariah’s collaboration with Cam’Ron, “Boy (I Need You),” will be included on the new NOW 55 compilation album due out July 21, 2003 in Europe. “Boy (I Need You)” is track number 26 on this 43 track, two-disc album. This is the first time Mariah has ever appeared on a NOW compilation album. For more information, log on to

    Source: Mariah, Inc.

  • JULY 4, 2003 9:49PM
    Fourth Of July

    Mariah Daily would like to expend a very special Independence Day greeting to all of our American visitors. Let’s give Mariah something to celebrate this Fourth of July by getting her latest single, “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak,” on the radio! You can start by voting for the song on KIIS-FM’s Top 9@9 Countdown! All you have to do is log on to and select "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" from the list. It's as simple as that! If it makes the cut, then you'll have a reason to break out the fireworks!

    "It was twilight on the Fourth of July
    Sparkling colors were strewn across the sky
    And we sat close enough that we just barely touched
    While roman candles went soaring above us"

    JULY 4, 2003 9:45PM
    Mariah Arrives In Tokyo

    Mariah arrived in Tokyo earlier today and Ayako met her at the airport, here's her short report;

    "I went to go see Mariah today at the airport!! She used the International terminal which was closed today so there were only us fans, some press, and some bodyguards. There were only 8 fans including me there. I made a banner and asked the staff if I can put it up and they said yes.

    Mariah arrived at around 5pm and was wearing a white top and short jeans. First she posed for the pictures. After that, she came to us and I told her that I made that banner and she was like Awwww :)

    Then I asked her for an autograph and that if she would write my name too, and she did! I also told her that its my birthday tomorrow and she said Awwww again :) I also gave her a lamb, sunflowers, and some letters. Then I moved away and let the other fans get an autograph.

    Mariah was really nice to the fans and gave each of us an autograph! She looked really tired and she left pretty fast. When she was in her limo, we waved and she moved down the window a little and waved at us. After Mariah left, I got to talk with her bodyguards and took a picture with them. There's an official cameraman of Mariah and he took many pictures of us."

    Ayako's pictures from the airport have been added to the Tour Section.

    Mariah Special on MuchMoreMusic

    MMMBio: Mariah Carey
    *NEW* "Mariah Around the World" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to accompany an international pop diva around the globe on a promotional tour? Well this special takes an inside look at the hectic, sleep-deprived world of Mariah Carey to find out exactly how it feels. Travel with Mariah and her inner circle through 11 countries in 44 days as she promotes her new album 'Charm Bracelet' taking in 74 TV appearances, 124 interviews and 136 wardrobe changes! Highlights include: attempting to shoot a video in Tokyo in the rain, a performance on a German lottery show, attendance at an album part in Barcelona, and much more.

    The showtimes are:
    July 22 - Much More Music - 9:00pm ET
    July 23 - Much More Music - 12:00am ET

    Source: MuchMoreMusic | Teresa

    Mariah on MTV Brazil

  • Mariah´s newest single video, "Bringin´ on the Heartbreak", premieres today on MTV Brazil during a show called CENTRAL. The video is scheduled to premiere at around 4 PM and Brazilian lambs can already start requesting it through the phone number (0xx11) 5180.3333.

  • Mariah is nominated for the MTV Brasil Video Music Awards under the category "Best International Video" with "Boy (I Need You)". Voting will start on July 16th on MTV Brazil's Site and the show will air on July 28th at 22:00 in Brazil.

    Source: MTV Brazil | Mariah Connection | Glauber

    Mariah Fanzine

    Heather created a Mariah fanzine for the fans, called "Mariahzine". She's also created a webpage for the project which you can find here. It would be great if you helped her out with reviews for the Charmbracelet article and your opinions on the poll. The site also includes the cover to the first issue which will be sent out to a few members prior to the American tour stops.

    Fanbracelet Project news - new leaders for Boston, MA (Jonny) and Columbia, MD (Undray). Send in your entries ASAP!

  • JULY 3, 2003 8:33PM
    Mariah to arrive in Tokyo tomorrow

    As of now Mariah is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo, Japan at 4:05pm on Friday, July 4th at the Haneda Airport (it could end up being an hour or so later).

    Source: Mariah Daily

    'I Know What You Want' Charts Update

    Billboard Hot 100
    This Week: #11
    Last Week: #9

    Billboard Top 40 Tracks
    This Week: #8
    Last Week: #6

    - #1: Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey top the MTV European top 20 this week, rising from #2 last week.

    - #6: The song has climbed one spot again, and is now #6 on the official Norwegian chart.

    Source: MTV Europe | SJ | Cathrine | VG List

    Tour Dates Changes

    The official Mariah Carey site has confirmed the following changes in the tour dates:

    Added Dates:
    - 8/5/03 Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavillion
    - 8/21/03 Los Angeles, CA - Universal Amphitheathre
    - 9/6/03 Mashantucket, CT - Foxwoods' Fox Theatre
    Removed Dates:
    - 9/10/03 Darby, PA - Tower Theatre


    JULY 3, 2003 6:25PM
    Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill

    Have you heard the latest scoops and rumors about Mariah and want confirmation about the truth? Or do you have a Mariah question you’ve been dying to ask? Well here’s your chance! For the first time ever, the team at Mariah Daily will be posting the answers to the most original and most asked questions we receive. We’ve already kicked off this project, apply titled “Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill” for the month of July. Located in the Fan Center section, you’ll be able to get the answers to these questions:

  • Is Mariah prejudice to Asians?
  • Did Mariah date Vin Diesel and 50 Cent?
  • Did Mariah record a song with Sean Paul?
  • Has Mariah broken glass with her voice?
  • What are Mariah’s current movie projects?

    …and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions. Enjoy!

    Mariah's female trouble

    Mariah Carey even brings her diva-dom to her gynecologist's office. Whenever Carey has an appointment at Dr. Janice Marks' East 72nd Street digs, she insists that all other appointments during that time be canceled. Apparently Carey doesn't want to run into mere mortals in the waiting room. A fellow patient tells us Marks is tired of shutting down her office to accommodate Carey, and other patients are grumbling: "She's not going to do it again. It's just too much."

    Source: New York Post

    Thalia dismisses Mariah comparisons

    In 2000, Mexican singer Thalia married then-Sony Music Chief Tommy Mottola, who not only was one of music's most powerful executives, but helped launch the English-language careers of several Latin stars, including Ricky Martin and Shakira. He was also was once married to his protege, Mariah Carey.

    When Thalia wed Mottola in a star-studded ceremony, some started comparing Thalia to Carey. But Thalia dismisses the speculation. "When we met, he was Tommy Mottola, and I was Thalia. He didn't make me, I didn't arrive with a tape in my hand — 'Hey, I'm a singer,'" she said, referring to the well-known story of Carey's discovery by Mottola. "I had eight albums on the market, I had a whole life."

    Source: Yahoo! News

    Contribute to Mariah tribute song

    Here’s a message we received from Denis:
    I’m launching a mighty interesting project for which I invite everyone to expose their singing talents and even possibly their musical talents! It should certainly please everyone, not to mention Mariah herself when she eventually hears it! Many of you know that I wrote a tribute song for Mariah titled “Rainbow Lady.” A lot of you have even heard it. Well, I plan on re-uniting 15 or so fans of great talent to re-record this song professionally and make a real wonderful fan anthem out of it! Of course, those who take part in this will also be invited to give their suggestions on the song itself. As far as the lyrics, if you wish to bring some modifications, that’s fine, or on the music as well. I have ideas, but it will not be only my song anymore, but ours – like Mariah’s official fan song.

    So I want everyone to contribute to the making of it! You can hear the original version of "Rainbow Lady" by going to Obviously, I want Mariah to have her own copy. After all, the song is for her. But I also want to distribute the song, whether it be online or by a record label. I hope for it to become a kind of charity single, for a cause that Mariah holds close to her heart and that she supports! We never know where it can lead and how far it can go. We already have a few people contributing to this project and we hope you can, too! So for those of you who are interested in taking part, please let us know and in the mean time, send us a vocal sample of you singing, preferably by e-mailing me at with your mp3s or any other format of audio files. It has to be submitted before July 15, so that we can make our selection. We plan on recording it in September, around the time of Mariah’s show in New York. This would allow room to accommodate many international fans who would like to participate! We won’t take more than 100 entries, either, so we might close before July 15, if we have too many.

    So, if you can sing, and think you can make it to New York for that time period, show your stuff! It could be you singing the new rendition of “Rainbow Lady.” Why not? More details will come shortly, so stay tuned! Let’s make Mariah proud and let’s represent the fans around the world!

    Source: Denis & Peggy

  • JULY 1, 2003 4:15PM
    Mariah Carey Says She Loves Def Leppard Cover

    For the latest single from her 2002 album Charmbracelet, Mariah Carey decided to rock the pop world with her version of Def Leppard's "Bringin' On The Heartache." Carey tells LAUNCH that a chance encounter with the song, from a Def Leppard greatest-hits collection she travels around with, led to the decision to record it.

    "I'm not really a big rock person, but I happened to stumble upon the Def Leppard Vault album, and 'Bringin' On The Heartache' was always one of my favorite songs growing up," says Carey. "I was doing the photo shoot for Charmbracelet, for the album cover, in Capri, and I just put on the music and started listening to it, and I said, 'You know what? I could do this my own way.'"

    Carey will re-release Charmbracelet on July 29 with four new songs, including "I Know What You Want," her hit collaboration with Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Squad.

    Carey is currently touring in Japan. She kicks off her North American dates July 26 in Las Vegas.

    Source: Launch

    Mariah's Irresistible

    Mariah came at #84 On TNN's "Top Irresistible Women" Special that aired yesterday.

    Source: SJ


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