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July 31, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
MClogo Updates
Here are some sections I updated this morning:
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  • Important Dates (a lot of dates were added for August!)

    Well, tomorrow is August 1st, which is the last day to buy Rainbow. I hope everyone helped out and bought one to help out MC. This Thursday, we will find out if we did any good or if nothing came out of it :( Here is a story I got:

  • VanishingXPhile
    Today I went to Wal*Mart to pick up my 2nd copy of Rainbow, and they were sold out! At Wal*Mart they usually have at least 15 copies of it, so I went to one of the workers and asked where they had all gone. He told me that there had been "Rainbow" mania in the store this past week, and they were all sold out! So I went to K*Mart and they had none as well, only two copies of #1's. As I was searching they played "Melt Away" so that cheered me up ;0)

    Aussie Cosmo!
    Loke sent me a scan of the Australian Cosmopolitan inside. Here it is!!!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!

  • Angela
    Hey Regina! Since everyone is always telling you things they came across that has to do with Mariah I thought I would too. Well on Saturday night my husband took me to the Irvine Spectrum which is kinda like an outside mall, and we went into a store called the The Limbo Lounge, and as we walked through the store I saw Mariah pants! They were selling cargo pants that had the waist cut off like Mariah invented! I thought that was so cool how she has started a trend!!! Bye for now and keep up the good work with the newsletter.
  • Shawna
    Hey Reg!!! I just wanted totell ya that yesterday I heard "Hero" on B96 (96.3) which is an urban station and then today I heard "Always Be My Baby" on Windy 100 (100.3) which is a lite rock station. Also, I love the "Do You Hear What I Hear.." section!!! You've GOT to keep it, girl!!! =) Keep up the stellar work, lamby!
  • Moni
    Hi Regina! Today I was at a park eating a rainbow Lick-A-Colour popsicle and this girl and a guy walk by. The girl had on a crocheted top basically like Mariah's, but in beige! It was knitted the same way on the upper area, but the part that's supposed to be under the chest was very similar, maybe even exact... I couldn't really remember Mariah's, sorry! The funny thing about how this top fit the girl is that, unlike when Mariah wears it, the part under the chest was loose on her, it was almost skirt-like. :) Still, it looked good on her. I should've asked her where she got it, but... Actually, never mind! :D
  • Jesse
    Hi Regina, I am watching MuchMusic and they are having a special called "Cabin Fever" and they just played played MC's "Honey" video. :)!!!
  • Justin
    Hey Saturday night I was listenig to the radio and the popular radio station down here started this program called Saturday Night Fever. Well they played the Can't Take That Away cub mix. I was so happy to hear it,I wanted to crank my stereo up but everyone was asleep!!!!!! And then earlier today I heard Dreamlover and Honey on the radio.
  • Anne
    I was watching "Two of a kind" last week and one of the twin sisters went with a friend or sister to a pet shop and there was this lovely parrot that could sing , but then her friend said like , no , not that one , if I want to hear someone sing I'd listen to Mariah Carey! I don't remember if it was exactly this what she said but it was really great. And then I saw "Sunset Beach" the other night and this guy said something about his yacht called "The Mariah"!!!

    Rainbow Calendar
    Jen created a Mariah Carey One Night Only Calender for 2001 and would like you all to check it out. Here is the front and back covers (click to see larger) Below you can find links to the individual pics!

    January 2001
    Feb. 2001
    March 2001
    April 2001
    May 2001
    June 2001
    July 2001
    August 2001
    September 2001
    October 2001
    November 2001
    December 2001

    Vote for MC at Teen Choice 2000
    Mariah is loosing REALLY badly to Christina A. and Britney Spears. Please, everyone go vote for Mariah and help her out:
    Click Here to Vote for MC on Teen Choice 2000

    MC in Vogue
    PreciozaPR told me that Mariah is in the July issue of the VOGUE Magazine. The article discusses tub tops and it has a small pic of MC in one!

    More Magazine News
    Well Daphne e-mailed me and told me that Mairah is NOT on the cover of Singapore's FHM magazine. Her sources that told her were not correct! Also, FantasyDiva02 found an article in the GLOBE August 1st issue:
    Cash or Carey
    Wonder if MARIAH CAREY knows this, but loverboy LUIS MIGUEL's $1.7 million Acapulco mansion was this close to being put into foreclosure unless he coughed up about $35,000. The hunky singer forked over the loot the day before authorities could repossess his love nest.

    Loving Mariah is Luis's Pleasure
    Okay this is an old article, but Janet sent it to me and I thought it was so sweet :) Read what Luis had to say about his relationship with Mariah!
    According to Luis Miguel, his music must reflect the way he feels at a particular given time. "Like in this case... this record is called Amarte es un Placer (loving you is a pleasure) and if you read between the lines, I think that you know who I'm talking about," he said provocatively. Does this mean that he is seriously involved? As everybody knows, he has been seen lately with the also famous Mariah Carey. But when asked about it, he smiled, joked and gave a vague sort of answer. "¿Novia? Did you say novia? That's not in my vocabulary. I never use it; neither marriage nor children. But I hope to have the fortune of being able to keep the company that I like, that I need, that I long for. "

    And how about a duet with Mariah, wouldn't that be a good combination? "It's a good combination," he said, after pausing awhile. "But I don't know, I avoid mixing my professional life with my personal life. It's beautiful to admire the talent of someone who does work well, far beyond your relationship. To admire someone you love... a father, a son, a friend, your girlfriend, it can also be beautiful. In this case, there's great mutual admiration and that's beautiful. That's all."

    New Site
    Everyone please check out Rhian's new Mariah Carey site. He is an aspiring singer and would like to know whatcha all think of his site!
    Click Here to Check it Out!

    July 30, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
    MClogo Updates
    There is a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic of the Week! Also, I have a new little picture for you which Mia sent me of Mariah at the AMA's 2000. It's kind of a nice pic, so check it out!

    Mariah is Winning
    Please vote for Mariah as one of the Sexiest People at VH1. Many people have told me that she is winning, including Molly and Dan! So click the link and help her win because a show will be featured about this on VH1 in September!
    Click Here to Vote for MC at VH1

    Bored?? Check out the Board
    Bored surfing the net? Tired of waiting for huge webpages to load up? Well check out the messageboard and post to fellow Mariah fans about anything on your mind! Check it out today!

    Magazine Update

  • Alan told me that there is an article and pic of MC in the "On Stage-Radio City Live Entertainment" magazine. It's the July/August issue and N'Sync is on the cover. You can get this only if you atten a concert at MSG or radio city between July/August and the pic of MC is one of her holding the sign with the kids.
  • Maureen told me that there is a small pic of MC near the end of the "Teen People" magazine. It's the September 2000 issue!
  • Ma'ayan told me that MC is in an Israel magazine called, "For Woman!" It talks about Mariah's problems with Alison and Mariah's family. In the article, they also talk about Mariah's diet (like what she ate for lunch, etc!)

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!!
    Okay, is this section being overplayed too much? Is it getting boring to anyone or should I keep it going?!? People are still e-mailing me the stories, so please let me know whatcha want!

  • Katelin
    Hey Reg- Last week I went to Wet'N'Wild and they had a radio station there- and they played tons of songs, but about 5 they repeated like 6 times each- and one was Heartbreaker! Everytime it would come on we would go and jump in the Lazy River so we could listen to it!
  • jmariahfan@yahoo.com (jmariahfan)
    Hey Regina! Well the other day my bestfriend and I were eating at Whataburger and they started playing MC's "Fantasy" over their speaker system. It was so cool and was happy that I was eating to good music! :)
  • BabyT828
    Yeah thats the one I was talking about.. Also since people tell you about hearing Mariah I heard CTTA at Meijer's and Heartbreaker at Fridays today.. And when I bought Rainbow I picked up the last copy so maybe that's a good sign! :o)
  • James
    hi...well i was in my mall on thursday and i was walking in and i heard CTTA over the speakers in the entire mall!! i also just came back from vacation and heard heartbreaker twice and hero and some foreign song that was her and another guy but she was singing spanish, at first i didnt think it was her but then the DJ said it was. i was in Saint Martin. in the Northern Antilles. well thats about it..
  • Gabby
    Hey reg! Thanks for sending this to me!I went to wal-mart to pick up those stickers and it was so cool i heard "dreamlover"! I was so happy!. But when i couldnt find the stickers i asked this one cashier and she was like"Eww mariah Carey is so overplayed" so i said to her "i happen to be one of mariah careys fans so watch what you say!" so then she shut up and told me wher they wer lol! I sure told her off ! lol talk to you soon!

    Q102 & JayZ/Joe
    Shanae214 e-mailed me and told me she called Q102 (my radio station too--wahoo) and told them about the "sony situation." They said they are all for helping out Mariah and will start playing "Heartbreaker" more often! Sadly they won't play CTTA but hey, Heartbreaker is better then nothing! Also, she told me she saw JayZ and Joe in NY? She asked them both what it was like working with Mariah and they both said she is very sweet and she has a lot of talent.

    Macy on MC
    Okay, a TON of people wrote me about this. So, I guess I should report about it, ha ha! There is a new show called, "Don't Quote Me" on VH1 and they played Macy Gray's "I Try!" They were asking who she thought was the best of the best and she kept saying herself (how typical). Then they asked who was the best bad girl of Rock N' Roll and Macy said, "Ummmm..Mariah Carey!" Thanks to Emma, Lauren and everyone else who sent this information in!

    Rosie DISSES Mariah
    Well this is an OLD show and Mariah has already talked to Rosie about this when she sang Petals on Rosie's show but here is something that Katie wrote me:
    Hi Regina, I was watching the Rosie O'Donell show the other day and she did this special on the Grammy's and showed all this footage from her tapes and stuff she had....well Rosie was in some Cafe with Macy Gray and asked Macy what she was going to wear to the Grammy's that night and Macy said she hadn't fully thought about it yet but that she had just got this new Peach colored set, then Rosie rudly interrupted Macy and said " Oh well lets hope to God that you don't pic something like what Mariah wore to the last Grammy's " and they on the side of the screen they showed a picture of Mariah in this lil black short lil dress, and then Rosie said " HELLO can someone get that girl some band-aids! " I just wanted to fill u in on how rude and vulger Rosie was being.......

    Mariah on MTV Asia
    Hazel wrote me and told me that MTV Asia recently had a Males Weekend and a Females Weekaend, where they featured shows about male and female artists for two hours and of course MC is included in the Females Weekend. Here is what I was told:
    Well, they showed the males first and they showed 30-minute shows about certain artists so I thought that was how they're going to do it in the females weekend. Anyway, so I watched out for it. And VJ Donita came on and announced that it was the Females weekend and she said that for the first day the're going to show only Mariah Carey. I was so happy. Imagine they put the other females like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson for the next day. MC had all the two hours to herself. Anyway, they showed this program called Mariah's No. 1's. And of course I sang along to all of her songs(old and new).

    Trading Cards
    AlwaysMariah@aol.com, who runs Daydreamin of Mariah Newsletter (e-mail her to join), told me that she had Mariah Carey Trading Cards and will scan them. Rose also said that 3 weeks ago, she picked up some from the Virgin Megastore in NYC. There wasn't too many though, I was told.

    Did you get your copy of Rainbow? Times running out! You only have 2 days left to pick up a copy of Rainbow to help Mariah out on the charts!

    New Board
    Josh found a new board he really likes and would like you all to check it out! Do so by clicking below:

    Request Request Request
    KHOSLAJ would like you all to vote for MC at:
    www.capitalfm.com Here is what you do after clicking on that!
    Go to request.
    If members surnames begin with A-C request AAO D-F Crybaby, and the rest CTTA.
    Members should make the most of there requests by emailing at the following times:
    * USA and Canada:
    8a.m to 9a.m, 12p.m to 2p.m and 5p.m to 6p.m. Local times
    * U.K
    8a.m to 9a.m, 3p.m to 4p.m and 6p.m to 7p.m. Local time
    * Europe
    10a.m to 11a.m, 3p.m to 4p.m and 7p.m to 9p.m. Local times
    5pm to 10pm. local times
    This is the biggest commercial radio and it decides the play lists for most of the radio stations in the UK. www.virginradio.com
    AAO is out on the 24 july in the UK so please get requesting. Regina can you please forward this email to all mariah4 clubs. Thanks Ashes- a mariahsuklamb:o)
    send messages to ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.com

    Joey Loves Mariah
    Dan told me the following:
    Hey Reg! I was on the *N Sync web site WWW.NSYNC.COM and when you go there skip the intro, the you are in the real site then you click on The Group over at the left, then you click on Bios, then the 5 members apear and then if you click on Joey and you read his Bio and under Fav Musicians he lists Mariah Carey, :) ....along with others I that that was real cool you should check it out!!

    Here is what Lauren told me:
    I was visiting one of my old friends this week, there was one of those mini hard cover books sitting on her nightstand, and it was called "First Aid For A Teenager's Soul" compiled by Matt Anello. and i was flipping through it and read a quote, and i'm like "this is a great quote! i love it! it's so like me!" and then i flipped the page, but the name "carey" caught my eye, so i flipped back to see who the quote was from, and it was none other that ms Mariah Carey! it was:
    "If there were difficult times when I was growing up, I got through them by being an optimist, praying and hoping, at the risk of sounding clichéd and corny, that through music I would rise above the whole thing..."
    i'm not sure when she originally said that, but i thought it was cool

    July 29, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
    MClogo Quote of the Week Pic? Bye Bye Bye...
    Well I used to change the picture next to the quote of the week everyday but it's just getting to be too much. So I will change it every couple weeks or something and keep to the "Pic O' The Week!" Sorry if this upsets anyone, but I don't think it will!

    Mariah on Cover
    What ever happened to that Singapore FHM Magazine? What that story made up? Does anyone have a scan of the pics? Anyhow though, Mariah IS on the cover of the STAR Tabloid for August 8th. It's a pic of her from the AMA's 2000 and inside it says:
    The award for most provocative goes to pop princess Mariah! Her eye-popping halter number turned heads and dropped jaws at the AMA show in January. Nothing like sleazing the moment, girl!

    Thanks to Maria for typing that out and also, Maria told me Mariah is in another section and it says...
    Smack in the kisser, Courtney Love was browsing at the Too Faced makeup counter at Bloomingdales when she pounced on a lipstick color called "Heartbreaker". As the grunge rocker turned actress was trying it on, the clerk mentioned that the shade was created for Mariah Carey to wear in her Heartbreaker video. Apparently, Courtney isn't to fond of her singing rival. She snarled and said, "Oh, I don't like it after all" and wiped it off her lips. Courtney picked up a shade called "Hoochie" and sniffed, "This one must have been made for me!"
    Thanks to Maria, Mariahlamby (aka Danielle), Art and Jimmy!

    Mariah on 20/20. Well Kind of..
    Jimmy told me the following:
    Last night Mariah was on 2020....they didnt say n e thing about her but they showed a pic of her on the rolling stones cover while doing a interview with carson daily.

    J-14 Magazine
    Jimmy also told me you can check out Mariah in the special issue of J-14 Magazine featuring Christina A. Mariah has a small pic in it and it mentions her in the magazine a lot.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah

  • Liz
    hey regina, yesterday i went to Toys R Us to get some Mariah stickers and i was having such a hard time finding them. Then they started playing "Thank God I Found You" over the loud speaker and then i found the stickers, THANK GOD! it took my breath away and ironically immediatly after TGIFY they played "Take My Breath Away"
  • Taryn
    Mark Barry, the cutie from BBmak, said that he likes Mariah's music.
  • Tommy
    Ok, today I went to the do nails with my cousin. [ I was just there waiting for her ]. And I was bored to death there, just sitting there, reading magazines and listening to music. So anyway, like about an hour there, they started to play the original version of "One Sweet Day". And my cousin smiled at me, because she knows how much I love Mariah. And after the original version, it was followed by the acapella version, after the accapella version, it was the accapella version again, and after the acapella version, it was the accapella version with music.
  • Benjamin
    Howdy Regina , I went ice-skating last night and you know what , they played "Heartbreaker Remix" . It's great ! Thanks !
  • Regina (aka WildCatHG)
    I was at work this this morning and I heard "My All" at 7:42 am! Of course, I had to sing along with it!
  • Phoenix
    Okay, this might sound funny, but we were just having fun. Anyway, me and a few friends were at Deja Vu last night (a strip club, yeah haha). Anyway, the DJ played 2 Mariah songs right off (Always Be My Baby and Fantasy). And so we told the DJ that we were fans (especially one friend in particular. . .a female :) ). And so then he played the Heartbreaker Remix. So the night was winding down, and we asked him to play another song, and liked my friend (HUUUGE Mariah Fan) and he played her "Looking In" (her favorite)!!! LOL. A strip club playing a ballad! But Mariah's music seemed to liven the crowd of guys, and it seemed to make the girls dance livelier as well! They seemed to like Fantasy! Too funny. Anyway, it was just for fun, and that made it funner! Thought I'd share.

    Mariah and Luis Broke Up? I don't think so!!!
    I don't think so boo! Nini said she was watching El Gordo Y La Flaca' yesterday and they said there was a rumor that said that Mariah and Luis broke up. El Gordo said that this rumor is false. He spoke to someone very close to Mariah and he told them that Mariah was filming her first major movie in Toronto, Canada. This is why they haven't been seen together lately. He also said Mariah & Luis speak on the phone all the time and that they will see each other real soon.

    I'm glad the rumor is NOT true because Mariah seems to be really happy with Luis. She deserves a guy that will treat her right and not a "heartbreaker!"

    Mariah Carey Trading Cards!
    I don't know if this is true at all cause I havn't heard anything else about this. Tommy told me that his cousin went to the Virgin Megastore and saw MC trading cards?!? Can anyone confirm this? Anyone have them?

    Mariah--One Sweet Lamb in the Hospital!
    Okay Dan sent me the following story...
    Hey Lamb (Reg)-My friend Jeff that is going into 7th Grade was in Boston General 2 weeks ago, and he was in the room right under Mariah's when she was there and he had the nurse Mariah had and the nurse said she was really sick so SHE WASN'T IN A GOOD MOOD LOL! thats how everyone is though when we are sick! and When Mariah was better and when she left she signed everything there were like tons of people waiting out of the Hospital and so on and Mariah sent them all gifts (A Few Nurses and One Doctor) not sure what.. the nurse didn't say but she said Mariah is the most best and caring person she ever met! So IM guessing it was a nice and expensive gift there Reg! And also When she was there the nurse said she couldn't stop complaining about how small the TV is Lmao! so then she had someone (Not sure who) went out to buy a Bigger tv! for her LOL, and the Nurse also told Jeff that she was watching Total Request Live and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno & Bambi when she walked in well thought you would like to know (Jeff just told me today) . lol talk to you Later Reg!

    Mariah Stickers Around the World
    Ben told me that he lives in Australia and you can get the Mariah stickers there too for $1.20 a pack!

    Mariah on BET
    Okay Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me that her boyfriend was watching BET Tonight last night and the editor of Sister 2 Sister was mentioning Mariah at the end. Here is what she said: (Sorry about the caps!)

    Buy Rainbow
    Okay everyone, hopefully everyone will buy their copy of Rainbow before August 1st and we can help Mariah back on Billboard 200. Here are two replys I got today:

  • Tiffany
    I was just wondering if you knew about the Rainbow sheet music because I bought it and a copy of Rainbow..
  • Scott
    Wanted to let you know that I bought two copies of Rainbow to help out Mariah. I gave one to my friend, Eddy. I will give the other away as well. Let me know if I can do anything else for Mariah.

    July 28, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
    MClogo Thanks...
    Well, before I add today's news, I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me animated greeting card and everyone who sent me e-mails wishing for me to get better. I had a pretty bad virus and was in bed all day yesterday. I don't know where it came from, or what happened but I feel a little better today and hopefully it will go away soon! If I didn't get a chance to e-mail you back then I am doing it here, so THANKS EVERYONE! Much love to all of you!

    Buy Rainbow
    Thanks to everyone who is picking up another copy of Rainbow to support Mariah! Hopefully this will help her get back on the charts! If you havn't picked up yours, please do so before August 1st! Thanks and here are some responses I got:

  • Gabby
    Hey Reg!I just bought 4 more copies of rainbow!! and while i was at the musci store i heard "All ive ever wanted" and"Anythime you need a friend"! and also i found out CTTA is #1 in Sacramento, CA and #1 on trl in brazil!!!!! Talk to you soon!
  • Shawna
    Hey, Reg, I have good MC news for ya!!! Today, I went to this record store in the mall in my city and I was seeing how many copies of "Rainbow" they have left and they only had 3 CD's and 2 cassettes left of it. Cool, huh?
  • Liz
    Regina, Well, my friend and I went out today and bought "Rainbow." Believe me that was not and easy task. We went to 2 Wherehouse's, 2 Wallmart's, and Sam Goody. We bought the only 2 copies left at Wallmart. I live in Bakersfield, CA and it's impossible to find "Rainbow" here. Hopefully, Sony will ship out more albums soon. I just wanted to let you know that is hard to find Mariah's cd. Also, Bakersfield is a pretty big city so I can't imagine how hard it would be to find it in a small town.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!

  • Dan
    Reg-I Just turned on the radio 5 minutes ago and "Bliss" was on! omg! and I listen 2 see if the guy said anything and he said "There you go new music by Mariah right there its called Bliss and you can look for that single in stores twards the end of August Early Sept" then he started playing BBMACK, Reg I dont know if he is making this up? or anything!! but this is great news!! I am just so happy because its one of my favorite songs on Rainbow!! :) anyways reg it would be so cool if Mariah did a Making the video huh? well ttyl im so happy bye:) and the radio station was Kiss 95.7
  • Maureen
    Hi, Regina! Yesterday and today were fully MC days. Yesterday at night (here in Miami) I heard "I'll Be There" on 104.3, then "Fantasy" on 96.9. Today I heard "Hero" on 106.7 which was a surprise because that's a Spanish radio station. Then later on I saw "CTTA" on The Box. I've been extremely happy ever since!
  • Rohai
    Ok, Hi reg... Anyway, i'm Rohai, and i hope you still remember me! So guess what.. i was watching cable yesterday and i was watching his movie Rush Hour... for the first time.. and guess what i heard?? MARIAH CAREY'S.."Fantasy".. the little Chinese girl was singing to the song... and they also played that song as background music... COOL huh?
  • Michael
    Hello Regina, I wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. No wonder Mariah approves. I wanted to let you know what I heard. I live in Houston and I went to First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, Texas. I was walking out of Dillard's and I heard the song. The mall was playing "Can't Take That Away!" It was amazing. I have never heard this song ever on the radio or anywhere else. The only place I hear it is on my stereo. No matter how much I request it, the stations here never played it. So you can see the excitement when I finally heard it in the Mall. It was beautiful and moving. The song is so incredible. I wanted to let you know that I heard "CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY."
    Later that day I went to Wal-Mart Supercenter and heard "Hero." It really was my day. Mariah is an amazing singer, songwriter and I enjoy everyone of her songs and take it to heart. I appreciate a great web site such as your and all the hard work you put into it. Keep up the great work. Your job is never gone unrecognized. I truly appreciate everything. Thank you. From a fan of Mariah, to you, Thank you..
  • Hanta
    Hi Regina ! I'm from Tananarive. I heard on the radio 97.6 AOO, After Tonight and for once in my country.... CTTA !! I also saw for once in my life "Love Takes Time" video ! It was the only old video i had never seen. Hmm... What else ? A guy who works in my school will perform tonight songs by Whitney, Celine and our Queen Mariah in a cabaret. He has ever performed lots of Mariah songs for the Ball of our school.

    Laura sent me some more information about the stickers. It seems that they are in the GAMES section of Wal-Mart! I guess where kids can ride cars and stuff! Also, Michelle told me that at one point, you could get Mariah stickers at Cub Foods, but they no longer have her stickers sadly. They only had 3 stickers but she said they were very nice!

    Billboard Charts
    Ramsey told me that CTTA has dropped from #6 to #8 sadly and 10 years ago, the album Mariah Carey rose from #13 to #10. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me this information too. There were quite a few of you, in fact!

    The View
    Well, it seems you can't vote for Mariah episode on The View because she isn't one of the 10 choices or so. Thanks to Robert and everyone who sent me this information!

    CTTA #1
    Gabby told me that CTTA is #1 in Sacramento CA! Great news :)

    Soft Rock/Dance Edition of Columbia Magazine
    Gary just received his Soft Rock/Dance Edition of the Columbia House Magazine and Rainbow is #20 on their Top 30 Countdown. Also, they had this to say about Rainbow:
    "For her latest A-list affair, the talented diva co-wrote two songs with Diane Warren, including "Can't Take That Away" and the sweetly caressing "After Tonight". User escorts Mariah on the woofer-bumpin' seduction "How Much"; her famous four-octave voice sends Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" soaring into new heights, and she brings the soul-baring set to an uplifting close with "Thank God I Found You" (w/Joe & 98 Degrees). Also Heartbreaker (w/Jay-Z, plus remix w/Da Brat & Missy Elliott), Snoop Dogg, etc. (Columbia) 1999"

    Loaded With Hits CD
    I think I reported this a while back but I am not sure. Gary told me that Mariah's "My All" song is featured on a new CD called "Loaded with Hits!" It's a double cd which features other artists like 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Tori Amos, and tons more.

    Updated Website
    Denise recently redid her website called "Diva Of All Time" and would like you all to check out the new design! Please click the link below:
    Click Here to Check It Out!

    Magazine Update
    Mark sent me a magazine update from Holland and here are two magazines to check Mariah out in:
    - Star Club (France)...The August Issue...with a few little pictures.
    - OK (UK)...The July 28th Issue...with a small article at the Hollywood Gossip section.

    Kelly on Leno
    Here is what Michelle told me:
    Hi Regina- Kelly Price was on Jay Leno Last night and talked about Mariah! She said she sang backup for her and Loved it! cause she got to see the world and shop unlike MC who had to do interviews. Kelly has lost 100 lbs she looks and sounds amazing.

    Toni on Mariah
    Gogi said that Toni mentioned Mariah in her live chat yesterday and here is what she said!
    UnexpectedRaj Asks: hi toni. This is raj from india, whom would you consider your greatest idols?
    Toni_Braxton_Live : Propably Ella Fitzgerald, that's past, but if you're talking currently, I really like Mariah Carey, she's wonderful, she's a writer and producer and I don't think people give her as much credit as they should.

    Sad, Sad Letter!
    Okay the founder of Crybaby Mariah found this on the Mariah 2000 Messageboard. Tears came to my eyes when I read this and my heart goes out to this little boy! Please keep him in your prayers! Here it is:
    BryMariahFan1 writes:
    "Ok I don't normaly do this because I'm not a christain but I feel this is important. Please pray for this 8 year old boy. I was volunteering at a local hospital and I met him. He was in a serious car accident and both his parents were killed. The nurse was playing Hero in his room and I asked him if he liked Mariah, just for conversation. He told me that Mariah's music is the only thing that brings him hope. I feel so bad that he has to go through this at such a young age. He has such a desire to live. So please pray or whatever your religion has, for this brave soul."

    Tia Texada
    Earlier this week I said I didn't have a pic of Tia Texada, one of Mariah's friends in ATG, but Ryan checked out his tapes and found Tia in a show called "Malibu Shores!" Here is a tiny collage of pics of Tia! Enjoy..

    I am too sick today to work on InfoMC and I am sorry it hasn't been sent out this week! I am hoping to be able to get it out tomorrow and again, I am sorry for the delay of InfoMC and the lack o' updates on the site this week. IF I didn't get your news up in the last 3 days, please send it to me again. I am trying my best to bring Mariah news to you! Thanks :)

    July 26, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
    MClogo Buy Rainbow
    Well hopefully, a lot of you have picked up your copy of Rainbow. We are still going until August 1st, so if you havn't picked one up, you still have time. We are asking all of MC fans, to PLEASE pick up a copy of Rainbow to help Mariah get back on the Billboard 200 charts! Here are some responses I got:

  • Steve:
    I bought 3 more copies of Rainbow yesterday, anything for MC.
  • Gabby:
    Just to let you know i told all of my friends to buy rainbow and i hope they will! Im going to get it tomrrow! If there is anything i can do to help with your website or anything else tell me il be more than happy to help!
  • Sherwin
    hey regina, this is sherwin again..remember?? well, just to let you know that i bought 6 rainbow cd's today and i gave them to my friends that don't have the cd. the good part was, the cashier at best buy is one of my buds so she got me hooked up. i only paid $30 for all of 'em..cool huh?
  • Ramsey
    what up i was at coconuts today buying 3 copies of rainbow and when i went to ring them up i found out my friend was working there so i had him ring them up and he was asking me why all these people were buying rainbow today!!! i really didnt think many people were going to buy it but i guess i was wrong, some lady behind me was overhearing our conversation and she was said "i'm so glad mariah fans are pulling for her, i just grabbed the last 2 copies in the store." i really hope we can get her back on the charts again.
  • Justin
    Hey Reigna. The other day when I was at K-Mart they had already sold out of Can't Take That Away. Well today when I was there they had like 30 more copies. And I thought it was a Limited single. Who knows!! I also bought another copy of Rainbow,and another copy of Can't Take That Away!
  • Regina
    Well, I bought mine yesterday before going to work! So I chipped in my $14 for another copy of Rainbow too!!! That's only fair since this whole thing started on this webpage originally from Mark's idea!
  • Boo
    So tell me, have you picked up your copy of Rainbow? Hopefully these amazing fans will inspire you to fork up $13.

    Billboard Charts
    I am so bad when it comes to the Billboard charts so as soon as anyone knows where Rainbow peaked again on Billboard 200, please e-mail me ASAP so I can let the fellow MC fans know :)

    Later Today
    Well I just watched Later Today review on Camp Mariah. Mariah herself was barely in the little 5 minute coverage, but I think it was pretty cool segment on the Camp itself. They showed what the kids did and how it was more then just a camp, it was a place where kids could realize their dreams can become reality. Towards the end, there were three girls who were singing Hero! That was pretty coolio :)

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!!!

  • Mark
    I heard Hero today...on the Dutch Radio station Skyradio....they play Mariah every day but mosly AAO...but Hero means more to me...It's special because Mariah sang it in front of me...when I was at the London concert....for the Rainbow tour...so that's one reason....It also has an inspiring story...
  • SilvrBfly2
    I just got back from college orientation and we had karoke one night and these 2 girls got up there and sang "when you believe." One girl was Whitney and the other was Mariah! It was so cool!
  • TSpoon of Mariah
    reggie, today i started my first day at work. and where i work is a pottery store. it was REALLY slow and all i did was stand around. but i heard "emotions" on the speakers and i was really surprised. i wanted to sing it so bad but i didn't. i thought it was cool cause i never hear any of her old stuff on the radio.

    Mariah Stickers at Wal-Mart
    Laura told me you can find Mariah stickers at Wal-Mart. There are 12 of them, but not all of them are Mariah. Some are Janet Jackson and some are Madonna. They are $.50 a piece but Mariah had the most in there. She said you can't choose which ones you want, either. So what does that mean? Where can you find them? I don't know and neither do you. I work at Wal-Mart as a technician in Pharmacy and I checked it out, but couldn't find any stickers. I checked the gumball machines in the front but no stickers sadly :( Anyone got more information on this or the scans of the stickers? E-mail me!

    Vote for Mariah on The View
    vision.of.love@home.com said she saw a commerical for the show The View saying they are putting repeats of shows on while the girls on are on vacation. So you can go to their site, abc.com/theview and vote for your favorite shows. So why not vote for Mariah when she was on singing CTTA/AAO. Maybe that will help with sales and plus we can all watch Mariah again! Go vote!

    Vote #2
    Okay Mariah is loosing REALLY badly to Christina and Britney. If we all go and only vote once, we can help Mariah get back up there. Here is what Dan told me:
    Mariah is losing to Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera in the best Female solo Artist of the year Britney is in the lead with 41. 1%, Then Christina is in 2nd with 40%, then in 3rd we have the Queen Mariah with 5.6%....and then in the Best Love Song of the year we have BSB in the lead with 40.3, Then *N sync in 2nd with 32.7%, then in 3rd we have Britney Spears with 18.8%, Then our Queen lol, is in 4th place with 2.5%......anyways I just thought I would tell you how Mariah is doing on The Teen Choice Awards and here is the address to vote... 2000 Teen Choice Awards

    "Can I get a freakin MTV Award or Something?"
    Afraid not Mariah, MTV has shut her out again! On the making of the video last year, Mariah asked if she could get a freakin MTV Video Award, but once again MTV said no :( Mariah didn't get any nominations this year, even though she deserved many for her outstanding Rainbow album. Sorry Mariah :( Thanks to Dan and everyone who sent this to me. There were quite a few of you, in fact!

    I Need Your Help!
    Well I probably could help Pauline out, because I just finished a summer course on Public Speaking, in fact! I also just did a Persuasive Speech too but anyhow, I don't have much time sadly :( Read below:
    Hey guys!!! I need your help on something...in fact, I need as much help from as many Mariah fans as possible!!! Well, I'm taking these summer courses right now, and one of them is Public Speaking. Right now, we are suppose to be doing 'Persuative Speeches'. I am being Mariah's manager/promoter, and I am suppose to try to convince people, especially the local radio station manager, to play Mariah's new single, which is CTTA. I have an audience with characters of something like: Sony president, Columbia Records manager, inspired MC fan, Columbine High School Student(inspired also), close friends, radio stationn manager, Mariah herself, Arista Records(threatens Sony that is MC is on THEIR label, they would definitely release CTTA), etc., etc. Now, I need GOOD, STRONG arguments or points, ALOT OF THEM!!! I need to convince my whole entire class, including my teacher. I also need ideas of another 2 characters which I can give to the last two people. PLEASE help me out on this, I am being VIDEOTAPED too, so I can probably do something with the tape to help out Mariah. I need the help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! I'm doing the speech in 2 days!!!!! Thanks!!! ~Pauline~
    E-mail Pauline at the following e-mail address:

    More Posters
    Gary told me that you can check out 3 more posters on Mariah at the folllowing address:
    Click Here to see the Posters

    I got this next article from Mariah's Crybaby Website!
    Mariah Carey is set to make her movie debut in, 'All That Glitters Is Gold', which sees her cast in the role of an upcoming singer.

    British TV hunk Max Beesley, who has been closely associated with Spice Girl Mel B recently, will co-star in the film as the pop diva's lover.

    A spokeswoman for Mariah said: "Mariah has been talking about making this film since last year, but until now the producers have been looking for a leading man.

    "Max Beesley has signed up and will definitely be doing the movie as her love interest."

    The movie is set in the early 80's and is directed by actor turned film-maker Vondie Curtis-Hall. The script for the film has been written by Kate Lanier, who also wrote the script for the movie based on Tina Turner's life story, 'What's Love Got To Do With It'.

    Meanwhile, Carey releases a new single later this summer. The singer duets with Irish boy band Westlife on the forthcoming release, which is a cover of the Phil Collins' hit 'Against All Odds'.

    Mariah Drops
    Mark told me that Mariah dropped on the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart. She is now at #23 from #22!

    Fox, Col duet on Carey 'Glitters'; Beesley in mix
    Thanks to Isa for this following ATG article:
    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- 20th Century Fox will partner with Columbia Pictures to finance the Mariah Carey starrer "All That Glitters," which Fox will distribute domestically, and Columbia will handle internationally.

    In addition, British actor Max Beesley has been cast as the male lead and love interest opposite Carey. Director Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Gridlock'd") is slated to start shooting the project in Toronto today.

    Written by Kate Lanier, "Glitters" is set against the background of the New York club scene and centers on a singer who overcomes a troubled childhood to rise to the top of her profession. Beesley will play the role of Deejay Dice, a hip, streetwise disc jockey with a solid reputation in the underground dance world. While helping Carey's character with her career, the two fall in love. Rap singer Da Brat and Tia Texada will also be featured as Carey's best friends.

    Columbia-based producer Laurence Mark will produce "Glitters," which is budgeted in the $20-$25 million range.

    No stranger to the music world, Beesley is the son of jazz drummer Maxton Beesley and jazz singer Chris Marlowe, a British jazz and rock musician who has toured with George Michael, George Benson, Take That and Jamiroquai.

    Beesley recently starred opposite Selma Blair in Curb Entertainment's quirky indie heist project "Take My Life Please." The actor, repped by Propaganda's Beth Holden and ICM London's Jane Brand, next stars in Propaganda Films' feature "The Match."

    ATG Website
    Antonio let me know that the following website has been up for sometime now, I reported about it earlier this year, and it continues to be updated. So everyone check it out and make sure you bookmark it:
    Upcoming Movies=All That Glitters

    25 Sexiest Artist
    VH1.com is doing a poll of the 25 Sexiest Articles which will be turned into a show in September. It's really important that we go vote for Mariah in the "Sexiest Diva" category. Check it out at Vh1.com Thanks to Kevin for this information!

    Mariah Starts Rolling!!
    Shooting starts in Toronto today on Mariah Carey's first starring role in a movie, "All That Glitters." Frankly, the plotline sounds a lot like Barbra Streisand's first starring vehicle, "Funny Girl."

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, the $20-$25 million Carey movie, set against the current New York club scene, focuses on a singer who survives a troubled childhood and becomes a superstar. British actor Max Beesley, who has a music background (he's toured with George Michael and George Benson) will play the streetwise love interest, Deejay Dice, who knows the underground dance world. Rapper Da Brat and Tia Texada have been cast to play the best friends of Carey's character.

    Daily 1
    Chistina and Michelle both told me that yesterday Madonna's new music video, "Music" was shown on The Daily One. They got people on the streets opinions on the video and they last person they showed said that Madonna looked like MC

    Monica Wins
    NEW YORK (Billboard) - According to sources, Fox TV plans to remake "The Wizard of Oz" with a cast of top R&B and hip-hop stars. The role of Dorothy has yet to be cast. Visitors to The Voting Booth were asked who would best fill those ruby red slippers, and young R&B vocalist Monica was the victor, garnering 37.9% of 29,254 votes. Mariah Carey came in a close second, totaling 34.4%. Next in the running were "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" co-star Janet Jackson (7.7%), Monica's duet mate Brandy (5.8%), Aaliyah (5.4%), and Jennifer Lopez (3.8%). Rounding out the voting were Lauryn Hill (2.4%), Toni Braxton (1.9%), and Mary J. Blige, who finished dead last with just 0.6% of the responses. A new poll regarding Sony and EMI's paid download programs is currently underway.

    Thanks to Christina for yesterdays pic of Tia. You can check it out in yesterdays news. Also, tomorrow I will have three more pics of Tia for you!

    The End
    Well I still have more news to add, but I am really sick and need to go to bed! I don't know what's going on but I can't stop shaking and I think it has to do with exhaustion and stress from this year o' problems. So, what does that mean? I will add the rest of today's news tomorrow morning and again, I am sorry for today's delay! If your news, that you sent me, wasn't added today, it will be added tomorrow!

    July 25, 2000...Buy Rainbow Now
    MClogo Update #2
    This just in...
    Dan just sent me AMAZING NEWS! It's on the first day and Rainbow seems to be taking off..read what he told me:
    Hi Reg-Hi Whats up? nada here lamb lol, well i would just like to say I Love the new sign thing for the news section, It is very pretty! and I Never ever seen anyone draw as good as you! :) well today when i went to Circuit City to get my to get my other 2 copies of "Rainbow" and the girl working at the desk I think her name was Julia or something, was like whats going on with this "Rainbow" stuff? IM like what? lol and shes like yah I've must of rang up 10 or 12 of them since 10:00am and its not even a new release, and when she said that Reg it was just about 11:10am around there and IM like your lying, lol and the lady is like No sir lol and IM like omg this is so cool! and then the lady wanted me to explain to her why so many people are buying them today and I Did and after she had me go and get a Mariah CD so she could play it in the "Music Dept." so I got Rainbow of chorse! lol because there was a stereo there with other CDs so thats pretty cool! Well anyway I will e~mail you later if I here anything else on Mariah and also i scanned these 2 PICS below one was from Mariah's 1515 tour things an the other silver thing is what i caught at Mariah's Boston Concert! :) and Reg ur probley wondering about me? lol IM 14 years old IM from Ludlow Mass and I am a huge Mariah fan like you can't tell lol! and my favorite CD(S) by Mariah is Music Box,Rainbow & Butterfly...but I love all Mariah CDs though! :) so ttyl Reg. :)

    Update #1
    Buy Rainbow, Everyone...
    We are asking that all Mariah fans buy another copy of Rainbow this week up to August 1st. I will be buying mine today, so I hope everyone can help out and buy a Rainbow CD or a Rainbow Cassette. Please help out Mariah!

    The Cast
    Chris sent me some information on The Cast and here it is:

  • Max Beesley
    Plays Male Lead, DeeJay Dice, and Mariah's love interest. (Married to MelB of Spice Girls)
  • Da Brat
    Plays one of Mariah's best friends. (we all pretty much know what Da Brat looks like)
  • Tia Texada
    Another of Mariah's Best Friends in the movie. I looked over the whole internet and cannot find one pic of this girl, what I did find out is that she can sing, she was in the movie, Paulie, and the show Malibu Shores
  • Here is 2 pics of Max, 1 of DaBrat, and one of Tia (thanks to Christina!)

    New Pics
    Okay Dennis sent me 4 pics from the Fantasy shoot and those are up in the NEW Gallery 33. Along with that, I added 2 new artworks that I did to the first artwork page and then Michele sent me a really cool drawing and I added that to artwork2. Plus, I rearranged the Pics Galleries so the "special" galleries were in alphabetical order! Here is one of the drawings I did last night. It's the Crybaby cover, enjoy..

    Scott sent me in his opinion on the article I posted 2 days ago and you can see what he had to say on this pages Messageboard! Feel free to express your opinion!

    Mariah on BoyzIIMen Website
    Heather told me that she went to the Official BoyZIIMen website and they have a 13 minute tribute video which includes MC. She is in there a few times and she says her favorite song is "End of the Road!" She also, congrats them on their new album and all of this was taped at the Blockbuster Awards this year! Check it out for yourself:

    Hey Do You Hear What I Hear? OMG, It's Mariah!

  • Scott
    Yesterday I was in Camelot Music and they played the Crybaby video on the monitors they have throughout the store... That was awesome! And then today at work, on my break, they played Always Be My Baby over the loud speaker... once again, Awesome!
  • Kristen
    Skip Dillard, the program director at WBLK, e-mailed me back and said he'd play CTTA & Crybaby. WBLK is still the only station here playing MC's new songs. Kiss 98.5 still hasn't even written back to me. So, I have a crazy idea. Do you think that if we made a petition to send out to radio stations throughout the country, asking them to play CTTA & Crybaby, that it would work?? Probably not, well we'll never know if we don't try. So do you think we should make a petiton to send to stations or have I lost my mind?? :-)
  • Dan
    Also was going threw Mc Donald's drive threw with my Mom and we heard "Heartbreaker" inside while we were waiting in the window and when the girl was bring us the meal she was singing it, it was really cool and I Was singing along to! hehe and then we had to go pick up dog food at Big Y well my Mom ran in while i ate in the car and she said they where playing "Vision Of Love" I was so happy! well any ways ill try to keep in touch with you if I here her again or if I have any news bye :)
  • Who Sent This?
    On Sunday, they played "Forever" at Ted's Hot Dogs
  • Sergio
    I went to the theater on sunday and while i was waiting for the movie to start they were showing ads and trivia on the screen. i was reading the trivia and then a pic of a dog showed up and it reminded me of Jack ,mariahs dog. Underneath the pic it said "Can you guess which Celebrity this Pooch belongs to?" So a couple of slides passed and then the answer showed up and it said "This little dog, Jack, belongs to international pop star Mariah Carey" I was so happy to see Jack at the movies! LOL bye
  • Rae
    Ok how weird this was! Maybe not...you hear this stuff all the time...I was listeniing to the radio tonight chatting or whatever, and In the period of about 15-20 minutes, I heard a bunch of Mairah-RELATED songs. First, it was the original "Make It Last", then once that was over, I went to the next station I have programmed, and it was the original "Against All Odds", and then after that was over, 3 stations up, "Aint No Fun" was on. Then a few minutes after that was over, "Everytime I Close My Eyes" was on. And that's it. =)
  • Ben
    Hi Regina , I just arrived back in Australia and I got lucky again . Last night I went to McDonalds with some friends for supper and they played "Fantasy"
  • Kathleen
    Regina, Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I heard "Sweetheart," "Someday," and "Vision of Love" on the radio and I also heard "Forever" at Rite Aid.
  • Valentina
    Last night I went to the theatre and in the hall they were listening Butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CTTA #1 on British Version of TRL
    Rod told me that MC made it to #1 today in MTV Disk, a program similiar to the US TRL. So, CTTA was the most voted video of the day, awesome news huh :)

    Your Mariah Story
    Kym would like you to mail her all your stories of how Mariah has inspired them or helped them out. You can mail her by sending your entrees to the e-mail address below:

    Teen Beauty Handbook
    Danielle told me that Mariah is featured in the Teen Beauty Handbook from Walgreen's. It just mentions her name once ("If you'd love to have the glamours looks like Mariah, try these styles...") so on and so forth. And it shows the picture of Mariah from the Glamour magazine. (The one where she's laying down, and its black and white, not the cover picture). It's only $0.99, and its a cute little mini pic of Mariah.

    Rock of Ages
    Kruggins J reminded me of something I never reported here. They showed Rock of Ages on VH1 yesterday and one of the videos was Mariah's CTTA. They got the kids and elderly people their opinions on the video and the song. One of the older men said that the song was very inspirational and that her outfit was really nice, while one of the kids said he wished her clothes were longer. Overall though, the comments were nice and a lot of the other kids were saying how they really liked her song and how she was bi-racial!

    Thanks to Michelle for some of the Important Dates, which I updated yesterday!

    Have you checked it out today? If not, go now :)

    July 24, 2000...1 days till everyone starts buying Rainbow Again/Mariah starts ATG
    MClogo All That Glitters...
    Today, Mariah starts shooting All That Glitters in Toronto. We wish her all the luck with filming it and want to let her know that we support her in everyway possible! We Love Ya, MC!

    New Pics
    Okay, I am updating the webpage a little later then normal today because I was scanning pics for the last 30-60 minutes. I added a new section to the Pics Page today and it's called, "Tommy's Miami Pics!" He took some LOVELY pics of Mariah at her Miami concert and I LOVE the Petal ones because they are beautiful pics! Also, if you went to the Miami concert, there is one pic where it shows the audience. Tommy said if you are in the audience, he is willing to send you the pics, since you are the big screen behind MC. Also, today I scanned a new drawing I did last night. I think the body is fine but something about the face I don't like. For anyone who draws, the Rainbow cover is HARD to do, I think! Anyhow, you can see it, by clicking below!

    Mariah on Cover of Magazine
    Daphne told me that Mariah is on the COVER of Singapore's FHM magazine. IF ANYONE has the scans, PLEASE send them to me ASAP! Thanks!!

    Tour Sales
    Pppooofffz told me that there is a Top 25 Selling Tour list and Luis is #9 with 20 million dollars made and Mariah is #25 with 7.1 million dollars made.

    I updated "Your Mariah Story, in Fact" and also, there is a new background pic to the webpage. Enjoy..

    Having a hard time finding the stickes at Toys R Us? Out of the country and can't find them anywhere? Well then good news for you. Alan wrote me and told me that mariahdirect.com has been selling them for a while. So go order your MC stickers today!!

    Mariah in Hawaii
    Lori told me that she went to her Towers on Saturday and they had their own top 10 Singles list and CTTA was #5. She said she was so happy because the radio stations won't play the song but the single is still doing well there!

    RealVideo of Rock & Roll Record Breakers
    Bryan was so nice and he made a realvideo of the VH1 special segment of Mariah. However, I couldn't get it to work and plus I don't put realvideo on this site, so I sent it to Elin, my Mariah4 bud! She has a great collection of clips of Mariah, so hopefully she can get it up on her site today! Once again though, thanks to Bryan for sending me it!

    Vote Vote Vote
    Melissa reminded me that we REALLY need to vote for Mariah on the Teen Choice Awards 2000. We want MC to beat Britney and them, so PLEASE go vote for her!

    Buy Rainbow Tomorrow
    Okay tomorrow it starts; that's the day we all start buying Rainbow again. You can buy it anwhere between the week of July 25th-August1st. By doing this, hopefully we will get Rainbow back on the Billboard 200. We need everyone's support on this, so PLEASE, everyone help out, if you can! Spread the world...

    Today's Credit
    Okay this is what Melissa told me:
    Hello. I wanted to let you know that Mariah is on "Today's" credits. At the very end it shows a clip of performers and Mariah is one of them. She's wearing a black halter top, with a black jacket and black pants. Unsure if this is old news. It's right in the middle almost the end so you would need to pay attention carefully.

    Okay I got a couple of Responses about that article that I posted yesterday about the vocal chords. If you would like to chat about this, go to the messageboard and post your opinion on it!

  • Jenna:
    Hi, ok in the newsletter, you had an article that someone found on a messageboard for singers that had mentioned mariah and it said that because she had used her chest voice and strained her voice so much that now she has a whispy tone, Well, ok that is so not why she does that. Mariah wants to be flexible in her tones and have a unique way of singing. Just because she's famous and successful does not mean she doesnt need a challenge. That person who wrote that is stupid, cuz she says if she overuses her chest voice herself, she loses her voice! I am a trained singer and you are never supposed to lose your voice in anything you do! Sorry, that just annoyed me, and Mariah sings wispy for a reason, and not because she "over-used" her chest voice. It's just as easy as long as you have the training and the breath support!

    Mariah Posters
    Mike told me you can get some cool posters of Mariah, like the Rainbow Poster, Around the World and Sweetheart Poster, for only $7 at drwax.com So go check it out, I know I will :)

    My buddy Brianne told me she got the jcrew.com newsletter yesterday and they were selling Mariah's jeans for $78 a pair. Kind of expensive but you get a $10 gift card if you buy them!

    Do You Hear/See What I Hear/See? It's Mariah!

  • Brianne:
    I didn't actually hear mariah, but I was in Delaware last nite and went to Rainbow records. I bought 2 mariah promo flats they had in a box of flats they were selling for $1 and the girl before me in line was buying Music Box. It was neat! 2 mariah purchases in a row!!
  • Liz
    hi my name is Liz and i recently went on vacation, the day b 4 i did i wuz doing some last-minute shopping. I wuz in a drugstore and they play all this "easy listening" crap. well n e way i heard the familair words "lying beside you, here in the dark" but it wasn't Mariah! it wuz the original version that MC redid and no offense but i can c y Mariah redid it and i m glad she did cuz the original sucked, who ever said that sequels never live up 2 the originals?
  • CrAzYxAnjeL 3169
    On Destiny's Child All Access show, the girl with the short hair cut was sporting the Mariah jean look. Also i know this is kinda old but in 90210 Beverly Hills. Where David was still in High school and he was working as a mc for their radio station. Theres a Mariah Carey pic of her first album in the room.

    July 23, 2000...2 days till everyone starts buying Rainbow Again!
    MClogo New Pic...
    First off, sorry for the update yesterday. I had to do it fast cause I had lack o' time, as I mentioned yesterday. Uwe was SO NICE and sent me another CUTE pic of Mariah with the kitty! I added it to Gallery 32 and I also put it as the new Quote of the Week pic for today! So check it out, in Gallery 32! ALSO, tomorrow, I will be adding scans from the Miami concert which Tom sent me in the mail! Stay tune for that!

    There is a new Quote of the Week and Pic of the Week since it's Sunday! Enjoy!

    Video for Sale
    Do you love watching Mariah on TV? Love punching in that video and sitting back and watching the #1 Diva of all time? Well, then Imelda has an offer for you. She is selling a lot of RARE Mariah footage from around the world in PAL and NTSC formats. Cool huh? Well you can find out more information by checking out her post on the messageboard and e-mailing Imelda about it! Better hurry..great offer!

    All That Glitters Information
    Chris sent me this tiny article he found from Hollwood Reporter:
    Tia Texada (``The Thirteenth Floor'') is set to join Mariah Carey in Columbia Pictures' ``All That Glitters'' for director Vondie Curtis-Hall. Texada will play one of Carey's two best friends in the rags-to-riches story, with rap star Da Brat playing the other.

    Buy Rainbow
    We are now TWO DAYS away from July 25th. During the week of July 25th-August 1st, we are asking all Mariah fans to buy another copy of Rainbow since it just flew off of the Billboard 200. It's extremely important that we have your support on this because remember, we are doing this FOR MARIAH! Let's show Sony that the fans still have the power! I will be buying mine, so I hope you will too. Here is what Scott wrote me:
    Hey lambs! I just wanted to let you know that I will be going out and buying at least three different copies. I already have the Cd, so I'm gonna get the LP, the cassette, and mini disc. I also have been playing the Rainbow CD in my car non stop, so all of my friends have been getting hooked on X-Girlfriend and Crybaby, so I'v egot some of them who are gonna buy a copy too! Let's get Mariah back up there in the charts!

    Magazine News
    Mark told me you can see MC in the July 17th issue of Voici! Also, Alan told me that MC is in the latest issue of BOP Magazine. There is a pic of her with sunglasses (anyone got the scan. Sorry don't know the date of the magazine!) And finally, Mariah is in a magazine called, Ocean Drive West End. It's a british magazine and it's it the Spring 2000 issue. "TheGirlFromIpanema" told me that MC is on page 27, with a pic of her from the AMA's. Madonna is on the cover also!

    CAT told me you can check out a quiz on Mariah today at MSN. It's called "Big Voice vs. Ego!"

    Mariah a NO SHOW at Later Today
    Well I know a couple of people already bought tickets to Later Today but sadly MC won't be there! It will be a taped special about Camp Mariah, so Mariah will still be on the show. Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Elin for this information!

    New Messageboard
    Lisa, aka Maz, is starting up her own messaegboard and here is what she told me:
    I have a new message board but now I need people to come visit and post messages! It's for all my friends to visit. Just go to http://pub20.ezboard.com/fmazsboardgeneraltalk and under where it says "new topic" just click on "Register Your Free Account." You can talk about whatever you want at this board. Please come. Let me know if you need help.

    Teen Choice--MC loosing!
    Sarah told me that MC is LOOSING at the Teen Choice website meaning we have to vote for MC!

    I saw MC on TV
    A couple of people wrote to me and told me some tidbits of seeing MC on tv and here they are:

  • Julian
    Wassup Regina? I was watching the WB hit show "Charmed" and one of the sisters who plays a witch (Alissa Milono) Sported Mariah's cut off jeans. I see a lot of people now sporting those jeans. Amazing how Mariah could make people wear those jeans.
  • sweetrosepetal@gurlmail.com
    I just thought you might want to know that in the video for "Just Be a Man About it," singer Toni Braxton is wearing Mariah Carey pants + on MTV's Say What Kareoke finals, the third finalist was a female who sported those same jeans during her performance b4 the finals.
  • Kristen
    Hey Regina, I was watching MTV earlier and the talented Destiny's Child(from right here in Tx!) had an hour special and at the beginning of the show Kelly was sporting MC's cut-off jeans and then at the end of the show Beyonce was sporting some too! Looks like MC's cut-off idea is becoming really popular! Then, I was just watching VH1 and they were having another Rock and Roll special and they were talking about Whitney and then they started playing Mariah's "Ill Be There" and so I again hit record quickly to record the short segment.... and the host said, "Whitney's roll would be challenged by another dynamic Diva Mariah Carey, her polished up rendition of a classic pop ballad was among 3 top ten singles she scored in 92. And then they played a little more of I'll Be There
  • Michelle
    hi! I saw mc 2 times on TV last night! the first was on 'inside edition' and they were talking about how dangerous high heeled shoes were and the host said that celbs like mc wear high heels a lot and then they showed a clip of 'honey' were she dives into the pool! the second was on pop-up video on vh1 and this old queen video came on they were talking about this high note part in the song and they said that this one member of that band could easily hit a high e and they popped up a thingy that said that Mariah Carey could also hit a high e very easily-she has a 7-octave range and they showed a clip of fantasy~

    Interesting Article
    Kate sent me an interesting post she saw on a messageboard about singers vocal chords and Mariah is mentioned in it. Read below:
    Referring to the type of singing you would hear from Whitney, Mariah, Christina,and Celine? If this is what you are talking about, This is a very powerful way of singing and not everyone can do it. It is called using your chest voice, and depending on what voice type you are you may not have aquired the ability to do it. using your chest voice is just as it sounds, you have to have a great amount of breath support to be able to do it right. It is also very straining on the vocal chords, as you are not using correct vocal technique. I know this for a fact. I have been singing for over 20 years since I was 5 to be exact ,and my best singing is done in my chest voice. It is very wearing on my voice and I can only do it for so long before I lose my voice. A great example of the strain, is by taking a listen to Mariah Careys first albums and comparing them to her most recent recordings . her tone has become "Whisper like" and not as full as it used to be. This is from over using her chest voice and whistle tones. if she keeps mis-using her voice, she'll lose it.

    July 22, 2000...3 days till everyone starts buying Rainbow Again!
    MClogo Updated...
    Okay, because I have lack o' time, I am only adding a little bit more information here tonight. A lot of you sent in your news, it's just I don't have much time to add it today. Big update coming tomorrow though and again I apologize for slacking today!

    Spy Groove
    Michelle told me:
    Hey Regina! I was watching Spy Groove on MTV and this girl on there was a waitress at a bar and she said that it was a weird night and that she thought she saw Shania Twain and Mariah Carey doing jello shots out of Cher's bellybutton! It's a re-run so this might be old news!

    Michelle also told me that you can find some cool wallpapers/screensavers/ICQ Skins & more at the address below:

    Kloewe sent me a nice artwork of Mariah and instead of uploading it to Xoom, which a lot of people have problems in, I thought I would just add it here. It's pretty small, so click on the thumbnail below if you would like to check it out, in fact!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah

  • Arlene (kind of do you SEE what I see!)
    Hi, my name is Sabrina. I luv your newsletter and i think u r great for dedicating so much time to share Mariah stuff wit HUGE fans like me. I saw the new section about where we see or hear MC. I was watchin LTV a latin network and they showed some latino singers, after they showed Mickey they showed her. I'm glad that ppl r recognizing that's she's part latin. I mean ppl are ppl and that's what matters but i just remember the days when ppl used to say "who's this white girl tryin to sound black or sumthin?" Gosh don't the haters annoy u?! I think it's so cool that u talk to MC on the phone and stuff. U go girl! Thanx for the site and keep up the good work cuz we all LUV Mariah. buh bye
  • Shawna
    Hey Reggie girl!!!! =) Well, this is cool, I thought. Last night I was at this restaurant where I live (which is northwestern Indiana) called Dino's (I go there almost every night). I was there with my boyfriend and we were kind of having an argument. I was really sad and everything but THEN... "Without You" by our one and only Mariah comes on! It definitely made me feel better! (by the way, me and my boyfriend made up =)
  • Benjamin
    This is what I call my "Mariah Week" . Every single day for this week , I listened to Mariah on Radio and in shopping malls . Yesterday , I heard Whenever You Call ( With Brian McKnight ) and Always Be My Baby in a shopping mall . Today , she was featured on MTV Asia . It was called "MTV Mariah #1's" . Thanks !
  • Shawna
    Well, anyway, I have a small thing for Do You Hear What I Hear? as well. I heard "Hero" on Windy100 (100.3) today. It's a lite rock radio station out of Chicago. Cool, huh? I then proceeded to listen to my entire "Daydream" CD. =)
  • Rachael
    In dance class today the teacher put on "Honey" for warm-ups & I whispered loudly, "Mariah!!!" and looked to the girl beside me. Then I showed her my "MC" necklace I was wearing and said, "MC! - Mariah Carey!" Her eyes got really big and she was like, "Whoa!!!"

    EW Article
    Zach and RainbowPetalz told me that there is an article of MC in the July 28th issue of Entertainment Weekly with a not so nice looking cartoon. RainbowPetalz typed it out for me and here it is:
    Is Mariah Carey's career in trouble? Judging from the rambling audio messages she's been leaving in recent months on her new website of choice, Mariah2000 (mariahcarey.com), she seems to think so. (There's considerly less candor on her official Sony Site at mcarey.com) "The political situation in my career is not stellar... I am getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people.. It's a complete mess", she said in a May missive, imploring fans to really behind the single, "Can't Take That Away," because "if there are not thousands of requests to radio stations and TRL constantly, it is just going to quietly fade away." In a June follow-up, she cryptically added, "I do it for you, and I don't want to have to stop because I'm afraid"

    Now sources say she's been schmoozing with Elektra head Sylvia Rhone, as well as former Arista chief Clive Davis who's expected to launch a new label in mid-August. This, of course, comes as no surprise, given that since 1997--when she seperated from Sony Music chairman Thomas D. Mottola and began morphing from a demure diva into a flesh-flashing homegirl--there's been speculation that her days with the company were numbered. But Carey's publicist Cindi Berger denies she's met with the other labels. "It's not true, she's not leaving." Tellingly, Berger does admit that Carey has one album left on her deal, a soundtrack to the film All That Glitters, in which she'll costar with rapper Da Brat.

    Sony staffers are mystified by Carey's online carpings ("It always sounds like she just woke up," says one exec) and note that first-week sales of her last CD, Rainbow were her best ever. But Carey may be focusing on current stats. While her image is bustin' out all over, her chart positions are deflating--especially her latest single, "Crybaby," which, true to her Web prophecy, fell after peaking at no. 28 on the Hot 100.

    CTTA #2
    Tahiana, from Brazilian Mariah Carey Fan Club, gave me some more information on CTTA standings in Brazil:
    I'm writing to one Brazilian New about Mariah: her video clipe Can't Take That Away has appearead for the first time on MTV Brazil on July 19th, in July 20th the video clipe was in the 4th position of "Disk MTV" (the daily chart of MTV Brazil) and today (July 21th) the video has occupied the second position! Passing Backstreet Boy's (The One wich is in the 2nd position for many weeks) and Hanson with This Time Around (in 1st position for many weeks). That's wonderfull!!!! We have to continue requesting MC! The phone to request her on MTV Brazil is: (0xx11) 5180 33 33. The e-mail is: disk@mtv.com.br but they only accept votes by phone.

    Sony takes over Rainbow Club
    Chris wrote me and told me some not so good news. It seems that Sony bought out a club called, "Rainbow" and refuses to allow any Mariah Music or Gloria Music to be played now. Read what Chris told me :(
    Hey Reg...
    I wanted to write you and let you know a little something that is going on in Knoxville, TN. I am a HUGE MC fan and regularly go to the "Rainbow Club" in downtown Knoxville. This is a primarily gay club, that has live entertainment (drag queens) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. On very many occasions in the past, they tend to do MC songs in their entertainment. Well... recently the club was bought, by none other than SONY MUSIC itself!!! And instead of promoting MC's music, they have issued a statement to the club which basically said that they are no longer allowing any of the drag queens to include songs by Mariah Carey or Gloria Estefan in their acts. They may feel free to continue with any songs by any other act in Sony music, including Jennifer Lopez. And subsequently, they no longer play any MC or Gloria Estefan music at all - even when people are dancing. I asked the DJ one night to play the Heartbreaker Remix, and he replied that they no longer had it. I then asked him to play the remix to CTTA, and he said that he never heard of it before. Kind of odd don't you think? Why would a club that is owned by Sony not be allowed to promote two of its biggest artists?? Thought you would just like to know...CHRIS

    Lord & Taylor
    ILUVJETER1 works at this store and tells me that they are selling Mariah jeans by DKNY!

    July 21, 2000...4 days till everyone starts buying Rainbow Again!
    MClogo Exclusive New Pics-MC & Jill!
    Yesterday I got a package from Minerva and inside were 4 pics of Jill and Mariah onstage at the Paris concert, in fact! This is where Mariah and the gang started to sing Jill's Theme Song! Anyhow though, you can check out those 4 pics of MC/Jill in Gallery 32. Plus, CAT sent some of her drawings, so they are up in Artwork Page 2 and Kristen sent me a scan from her newspaper. It's from the Oscars and the article talks about the people that Joan dissed at the Oscars. Half of the article is missing though cause it was so big! So make sure you check out Gallery 32 and the Artwork #2 pages!

    Jessica Simpson Article
    HoneyBFly posted this on the messaegboard yesterday and I saved it upload it. She talks about Mariah a lot in it but not in a good way but in a bad way. Check it out for yourself by clicking the article below:

    Rock & Roll Record Breakers
    Meg and Kristen both told me about this show. It's a show that aired on VH1 yesterday, and basically it talks about all the record breakers including Elvis and MARIAH CAREY!! I tried finding when it would reair but there was no mention of it on the VH1 website. So if anyone can find it out, please let me know! Kristen was NICE ENOUGH to type out the WHOLE segment of Mariah..isn't she great?!? Here it is and thanks again Kristen!

    Host: "she's had 14 #1 singles, more than any other female artist in history. With her 1999 single Heartbreaker Marah reached a career total of 60 weeks at the top of the charts, the record for a female artist...we caught up with Mariah in New York City...

    MARIAH: "I think what it takes to make a hit record is a record that people can relate to, sing along with, or maybe just moves you in a certain way for whatever reason"

    Then they started playing Vision of Love..

    MARIAH: "Vision of Love was not a typical record to have as your first single, it wasn't what was going on with the radio, I mean it was a little different."

    Now playing Emotions, now I'll be there, now Dreamlover, now Hero.....

    MARIAH: "To me the song Hero is a theme that I've always kinda tried to integrate into a lot of songs that I've done and the main thing is believing in yourself."

    Now playing Fantacy and one Sweet Day...

    HOST: "After Hero came Fantacy and One Sweet Day, the two songs made her the only artist to have 2 successive billboard #1 debuts."

    MARIAH: "I was so happy to be working with Boys 2 Men and that song was so special to me, it was really a dream"

    Geoff Mayfield(Billboard Mag): "One Sweet Day is a huge accomplishment for both Mariah Carey and Boys 2 Men, not only did it debut at #1 but then it went on to set a longevity record."

    Now Playing Honey, now My All...

    Host: "Mariah's broken an amazing number of records, most consecutive weeks at #1, best selling female artist of the 90's, And the first artist in history whose first 5 singles all hit #1, all of this lead many to refer to the 90's as the decade of Mariah.

    Timothy White(Billboard Mag): "I like Mariah Carey's single, there's something very up and kinda material about them, and also in terms of her voice, she's got that great facility where you think that anything that she can think of singing she could sing in the next instant and I think people can respond to that"

    Now Playing Thank God I Found You...

    Host: "And it's not over yet with her latest Mariah achieved her 15th #1 single "Thank God I Found You"

    MARIAH: "It's not really about breaking records cause I would hope that even if someone came along tommorrow and had a new record that my fans would still apprectiate me for my music"

    World Music Awards
    If you missed the World Music Awards, VH1 is reairing them tomorrow night at 10 pm. VH1's website says:
    Compare Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey's use of dry ice in this special recorded before Monaco's Eurotrash.

    Burning Up
    Jill neither denied nor confirmed that Mariah was doing this for the ATG Soundtrack but DJ CLUE 727 hunted down the lyrics to Madonna's song, Burning Up and here they are:
    Don´t put me off´cause I´m on fire, and I can´t quench my desire.
    Don´t you know that I´m burning up for your love?
    You´re not convinced that that is enough.
    I put myself in this position, and I deserve the imposition.
    But you don´t even know I´m alive,
    and this pounding in my heart just won´t die,
    I´m burning up...for your love...
    ...You´re always closing your door,
    well, that only makes me want you more,
    and day and night I cry for your love, but you´re still...
    ...To justify my wanting you.
    Now, tell me what you want me to do, I´m not blind and I know
    that you want to want me but you can´t let go
    Come on, let go!...Do you wanna see me down on my knees?
    Or bending over backwards now? would you be pleased?
    Unlike the others I´d do anything,
    I´m not the same, I have no shame...Ooo, yeah...
    ...You know you got me burning up´ baby...

    Mention of MC on Radio Website
    Moneira told me the following:
    Hi Regina, On one of my local radio stations has a website http://www.chumfm.com and there's a little short bit about Mariah on the main page today. It says "When Mariah Carey released her eponymous debut album in 1990, she launched an unbroken string of successes unparalleled in the music history. Mariah Carey has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide and yielded a record-setting four consecutive #1 singles on Billboard's Top Pop Singles chart: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," and "I Don't Wanna Cry." All four appear on #1's." Underneath it, they have some album covers of hers that link to a CD retailer.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!!

  • Moneira
    A few days ago, my sister and my mom went to get haircuts and I went with them. There was a lady there who was whistling to the radio that was playing in the salon. Then "Dreamlover" came on and she was whistling to the intro tune and the "doo-doo-dos" and I was amusing. I was singing out loud to it and my mom was sorta moving to the beat. My sister told me after she got her haircut that the lady cutting her hair was singing to it quietly as well. :)
  • Devin (from www.rap-up.com)
    Regina, I just wanted to let you know that I was at the Polo Jeans Co. store in Beverly Hills today and they played the "Thank God I Found You" video on the TVs throughout the entire store. Just thought I'd pass this along.
  • Benjamin
    This week must be my lucky week . Just now , while I was at a shopping centre in Kuching , Malaysia , the department store I was going played "Did I Do That ?" Isn't it great ?!!

    Variety: New Person for ATG Movie!
    Allen sent me this little article that he found at the Variety Website! Allen said she will most likely be one of the other members of the girl group in the movie (suppose to be three he says!)
    ... Valerie Pettiford, who earned a Tony nomination for ``Fosse,'' has landed a leading role in the Mariah Carey starrer ``All That Glitters.'' Pic is slated to begin lensing next week in Toronto.

    Fellow Fan Needs Your Help!
    Minerva, one of my VERY best friends, e-mailed me and was having a problem. If anyone ever dealt with mariahdirect.com, do you know what you put in for the "Coupon ID?" She wants to buy a tourbook and a jersey, but she can't get past that section on the website. So if anyone knows the answer, please e-mail her at:

    HUGE PROBLEM--Monica Beats Mariah!
    Well at least at the moment she is. We don't want Monica to win the poll on who should play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, so PLEASE everyone go there and vote for her at least once. Thanks to Matt, Gary and Tmbaland98. Monica has 41% and MC has 28%. ECK, please vote by clicking below!

    Billboard News
    Ramsey told me that CTTA Remix moved from #7 to #6 on the Billboard Dance Charts this week and Mariah's first album, Mariah Carey, ten years ago rose from #15 to #13 this week! Awesome huh?

    Good News from CTTA in Brazil
    Manú from Brazil told me that CTTA was shown for the first time in Brazil and yesterday it was #4 in their version of TRL! Manú says that hopefully next week it will be #1!!!

    VH1's Rock n Roll Jeopardy/BET's Video Link!
    Julie told me the following:
    Hi1 I don't know if you saw this or not, but last night (real late) on VH1's Rock n Roll Jepordy they asked about MAriah. They wanted to know which album featured Dreamlover. It was celb. jepordy with Brian McKnight and 2 other people I have never heard of before. The sad thing is that nobody got it. They didn't even try!=( I got it right though! Oh well just thought I'd tell you about it. Oh yeah and one other thing, BET had Mariah's Honey video (the original) on today on their show called Video Link.

    All My Children
    Kristen told me that she was watching "All My Children" and Haley, was sporting Mariah's cut off jeans!

    Hottest Superstar
    Maureen said that a couple weeks ago, I put this link up and it helped MC get up to #2. Maureen would like all of our help again in getting MC into the #1 spot so please vote for her on this poll by clicking below:

    Join this Club
    Join Fly Away With Mariah Carey and get the latest news, apperences, pix, and more!
    Join: Fly Away With MaRiAh CaReY

    Petals Remix
    Joe from Mariah Magic wrote me and told me tha you can hear a new cool remix of Petals, my favorite song, at his website. It's called hte "Pound Boys Club Mix!" Check it out by clicking below:

    It seems that a lot of people are starting to visit and post on the messaegboard and this is GREAT news! If you would like to get your voice heard, please check it out! I go there a lot and I answer posts a lot too, so if you have a question I havn't answered in an e-mail, you can post it there!

    Buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st
    As I reported yesterday, Rainbow has slipping off the Billboard 200 charts at only 35 weeks, Mariah's lowest. So now we can all see that it is VERY important to buy Rainbow, to get it back on the charts! Please spread the word and please buy a cassette or cd. It's all for Mariah, don't ya want to help her out!

    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    Kim (ito@pixi.net) really needs to talk to you, so please e-mail her!

    July 20, 2000...5 days till everyone starts buying Rainbow Again!
    MClogo Update #2
    Special Announcement
    "Rainbow" has been removed from the Billboard 200 now at 35 weeks on the charts, Mariah's lowest! I hope you all support buying another copy of "Rainbow" during the week of July 25th-August 1st now, so we can get it back on the charts! It's all about helping Mariah!!!

    Update #1
    New Pics
    Okay last night, I went through my directories and updated both Artwork galleries. I add the Rainbow Drawing to my section on the first Artwork Page and then I added a BUNCH of new drawings from Isa, Rae and another one, which I forget who the author was. Check them out if you like. Then I updated Gallery 32 with 3 news pics. Steve told me that Mc is in the July 25th issue of Star and he sent me a scan of it, which is up now in Gallery 32. Also, Sam sent me the scan from the InStyle magazine with MC in Capri. Finally, the last pic I got from Uwes fab German Site. It's one of the CUTEST pics I have seen of MC for a long time. Got to see it!

    Buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st
    A lot of you are continuing to send in your e-mails saying that you will support Mariah and help her out on the Billboard Charts. We are asking all Mariah fans to buy at least one more copy of Rainbow in the week of July 25th-August 1st to help with her sales of Rainbow, so it doesn't fly off Billboard with the lowest weeks on the charts ever for a MC album. Please help out! Here are some fan responses I got about this:

  • Andre (andy@tyenet.com)
    Hey there Regina, this André a big Mariah fan from Canada. I love your website, and I visit everyday. I would like to let you know that I will buy another copy of Rainbow (probably on cassette, for my car). I know I live in Canada, so my purchase won't affect the Billboard chart position in the U.S., but, I would still like to do my part. Perhaps you could publish other countries' charts so people like me could see if our support makes difference. In any case I will support Mariah any way I can. I'm even importing all of her recent single releases, to add to my collection.
  • Brandy
    i already have a second copy of mariahs rainbow cd im keepin it wrapped though so i never use it. im probably gonna end up buyin another for my friends b day though nut ur idea is awesome. oh an i love ur newsletters. bubyes
  • Gary
    I added a note to the top of my Mariah page, just so it may get someone who visits my page to buy the album too. http://pubpages.unh.edu/~gwd/mariah.html
  • MeSiCaNQD
    Hey Regina, I work in a music store and we have 5 copies of Rainbow... I plan to buy all of them so the company can send us more :)

    Stickers-Where Reg?
    Okay a lot of you e-mailed me about more information about this. I searched the Toy R Us near me and no luck :( But then I went to the one an hour away and I found them. They are in a weird section. They do not come in little packs but longer ones. You can find the MC stickers in the BIRTHDAY SECTION! Like where you get the streamers, little presents, cards, table cloths, etc. They have Britney Spears, Madonna and MC. Go get yours today. They are $1.99. Thanks again to Art for informing me about this!

    AAO Single pushed to October 23rd
    My Mariah4 partnet Eric informed me that the AAO will not be released on July 24th but on October 23rd. This news was confirmed by HMV and it isn't even listed as Mariah's single but as Westlife's. Paul Jackson has some really bad news. Against All Odds, the duet with Westlife, will not be released on July 24. It has been postponed until October 23, 2000. This news was confirmed by HMV. Also, the single was also listed as a Westlife single and not a Mariah Carey single. It is still uncertain when this duet will be released in Australia.

    VH1 to play Mariah more?
    Carmela e-mailed VH1 asking them to play Crybaby and CTTA more and here was the response she got:
    Thanks for writing to VH1. Although VH1 does not have a video request format, we appreciate your feedback and will share your request with our music programming group. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. Hopefully you'll see Mariah Carey on our video playlist sometime soon. Thanks for watching VH1.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!

  • Matt
    Yesterday i heard/saw mariah about a million times!!! First, I woke up to my alarm and "someday" was on the radio. Then later on i was listening to the radio and "Hero" came on the air. Then after "Hero" was over the DJ said something like "if that wasn't enough Mariah for you, here is one more.." and the played "Mariah's Theme" back to back with "Hero," it was awsome. Then right after "Mariah's Theme" was over, i heard the introduction to "Open Arms," and thought that they were playing nothing but mariah. But sadly it was Journey's version, not Mariah's. Then later on at work, one of my friends that i work with kept singing "Thank God I Found You," and we had a duet!! Then while we were cleaning up at work, we turned on the radio to an R&B staion and "Crybaby" was playing, which was weird, cuz it was the first time i'd heard it on the radio. Then, if that wasn't enough, after i got home i was watching a local tv staion and they were playing "inspirational music videos" and they played "Mariah's Theme."
  • Redhawk32
    First time i was in the waiting room at the doctor and Can't Let Come came on, then when I got in my car and turned my radio on Can't Take That Away was on! I was excited! Then on monday I was at the theater watching X-Men and during the pre-show entertainment when they have advertisments and stuff like that they played Heartbreaker. What a week!
  • Mariahfan133@cs.com
    Hi my name is Lupe and im from Sanger,California and last night about 10:15pm i happened to search through some of my favorite stations and i came across Soft Rock (98.9) and it was during "Detications" hour and i heard "Anytime You Need A Friend" by Mariah. I was so excited since i haven't heard it on the radio in a long time. Then later that night i switched to B95 (94.9) and they played "Always Be My Baby" it was so cool!!
  • FlyHighMC327
    On Mon I went for training for my new job at Molly's Hallmark in the mall by me and I was being shown around to all the things in the store than I had to watch a video on ornaments stuff like that. Well than they gave me a project to do with the ornaments and it was driving me crazy there were soooooo many ornaments, just as i was about to scream guess what comes on in the central part of the mall? He He He "CTTA" I was sooooo happy, I was singing the song like an ass and people were coming in and out of the store. Oh well I was happy.
  • Jennifer
    The other day I was in Bloomingdales in NYC and I heard Butterfly playing on the speaker. I was like, ok, this is cool, but then My All came on and I realized they were playing the whole Butterfly cd.
  • Kristen
    I heard the DJ on the radio saying how MC was starting to film All That Glitters soon and how she's glad that MC is getting her first role and that everything works out well for her. Also, If you go to streambox.com you can look under MC and they have audio interviews of her, remixes of songs, and live preformances. They have like 500 different songs/version. It's really neat and I thought you'd like to know.

    Thanks to Nini for this article:
    Sony Music confirmed yesterday the company will lay off about 500 employees - roughly 4 percent of its work force. One hundred of those music staffers are in New York.

    The pink slips started rolling out Friday, as news of the layoffs spread to the 13,500 worldwide employees of the U.S.' third-largest record company.

    It's the third time in about nine years Sony Music has been forced to cut its payroll.

    The mini-bloodbath pales in comparison to the more than 2,000 staffers axed when PolyGram merged with Universal Music, and the roughly 3,600 employees Warner and EMI Music intend to let go once their merger is approved.

    But it follows word that one of Sony's biggest money-makers, Mariah Carey, has been busy scouting out a new label to call home once her final album with Sony's Columbia Records is finished.

    "As part of an ongoing effort to maximize organizational effectiveness, Sony Music Entertainment today confirmed it is redirecting its resources on a worldwide basis to more effectively and efficiently transition the company to meet the new challenges brought about as the industry continues to evolve," Sony execs said in a statement.

    Insiders familiar with the firings said the company has fallen off after two winning years, with mega-hits from Sony stars including Celine Dion and the soundtrack from "Titanic," as well as Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin.

    The music giant has been in a bit of a rut, with all-girl-group Destiny's Child topping Sony's bestsellers' list at No. 14 on The Billboard 200 top-selling albums for the week ending July 22.

    At the same time, Sony is making a big play to expand its New Media divisions - looking to hire about 200 to 300 new people in the Internet and technology arenas within a few years, company insiders say.

    And the music giant headed by Tommy Mottola is also looking to beef up its Latin American presence - after watching sales of Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, all on the Sony roster, go through the roof.

    "It's the normal course of business," said one high-ranking music industry exec. "All music companies must now rebuild their business models to evolve with the trends."

    Sources say some of the layoffs hit Sony's crown jewel, Columbia Records, which is now completing its integration with the promotional staff of C2, a recently formed venture set up to work with Ricky Martin, DJ Rap and PJ Olson.

    In Columbia Records' L.A. office, VP of promotion Steve Klein and colleague Rose Braunstein, as well as A&R director Nancy Walker were let go. In the company's N.Y. office, VP of A&R Rachel Felder, daughter of Raoul Felder, and urban A&R executives Rich Nice and Nigel Jello were also let go.

    Magazine News
    RnbowCandy told me that there is a pic of MC from the Diva's 2000 show, where she is wearing her famous jeans and butterfly top in the August 2000 issue of Cosmopolitan. Also, Julia told me that MC is in the Truth or Tabloid section of the InStyle Magazine, on page 132. There is a small pic of her and it's the August 2000 issue:
    Nailing it
    the report:
    The Globe (April 25) also reports that Mariah Carey insisted on having a manicure and pedicure before being rushed to Massachusettes General Hospital for a bad case of food poisoning.
    the truth:
    Carey's publicist says that Carey had hoped to perform that night despite her illness, and so a manicurist was called up to the hotel room to help her pull herself together. Only later in the evening did the singer decide to cancel her performance and head to the hospital for treatment.

    Visit Fly Forever Free Mariah - Online Fanbook
    The fanbook is a place to leave messages directly to MC and Jill, you can send in your Mariah artwork and have it displayed for everone to see (hopefully, including Mariah) Not only that but soon you'll be able to send in your pics of your total Mariah collection, wallpapered room, or anything else that shows how much of a fan you are. Then you'll be awarded prizes accordingly. Eventually I hope to have the Review page upin which you can choose a Mariah song, interview, video, or Concerts. So that Mariah will know how much we all care about her. Then visit Mariahville. It's a fun collection of the best "little" Mariah sites on the web. You can even become a town board member at the town hall. It's all placed on a cute little map to make it fun. Of course don't forget the monthly awards ceremony. Where you could win a printable certificate for Fan of the month, or best new website. This is only a small part of whats to come and what you can do at Fly Forever Free Mariah. Don't forget to sign up to be on the site "team"!!! :)

    Okay two people e-mailed me last night about trading items. I don't want to start this on this site because I know the response would be overwhelming. SO, if you want to trade something, post it on the messageboard. Here are two people though that are looking for "stuff!"
    If anyone out of the country could pick up some magazines for Diana, which feature Mariah, please e-mail her at:

    Also Jennifer from Indian would like ot know if anyone has the 6 ft promo stand from #1's. She is willing to pay $50 for it, plus shipping. E-mail her at:

    This is Anthony's Petition. Read below for more information about it:
    Deadline: July 31, 2000
    Mission: Commercial release of AFTER TONIGHT / Ex Girlfriend

    To all of the legitimate and dedicated fans, I ask for your help and participation with the petition I authored a few weeks back. There are a few more days before the expiration, and I plead for more support.

    I am directing this petition to Sony Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, and Mariah’s management, Maroon Entertainment. It is an official grassroots request for the release of AFTER TONIGHT b-sided with Ex-Girlfriend. I think both songs make for great radio airplay and a video for Ex-Girlfriend could stage the return of the much-loved nemesis, Bianca.

    I feel it is essential to CAREY ON the Rainbow, although it seems as if it is over. We should not be discouraged by Sony’s actions. Initiatives such as re-purchasing Rainbow during the week of July 25th and my petition cannot do anything but help.

    I want Rainbow to be fully promoted so it can garner the attention it deserves from the National Academy of Radio Arts and Sciences when sending out prospect nominations later this fall. I think this album has a great chance of being nominated Album of the Year; but it might not happen without proper promotion.

    We are so eager to just start focusing on the All That Glitters soundtrack, but it is a continuous cycle. Daydream was Mariah’s last album that received proper promotion. Since then, her new albums have been released with little attention, and not far from the release date, Mariah is recording again. This happened with Butterfly on to #1’s, from there to Rainbow, and now from Rainbow to All That Glitters. We need to stop shifting gears and continue to promote Rainbow!

    I implore all who have not signed to sign, to have all of their friends and family to sign, and to spread the message to all other media that reach a mass number of Mariah fans or music fans in general. There are eleven days left before the petition expires. At which time I will be in Manhattan celebrating my 20th birthday, and during which I will make my way to Sony’s corporate campus @ 550 Madison Avenue and hand deliver my discourse and petition. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Click Here to Sign the Petition

    Honey Guy
    You know the guy that MC runs with on the Beach at the end of the Honey Video? Well Mike tells me you can read his bio at the link below and it talks about his "run" with MC :)
    Click Here to Read It!

    All That Glitters Information!!!
    The release date is subject to change. A BIG thanks to Tmbaland98@aol.com for this information:
    All That Glitters

    Release Date: March, 2001

    Distributor: Columbia Pictures

    Cast: Mariah Carey, Da Brat (Louise); other cast not yet announced (though one possibility may be the director, Vondie Curtis-Hall, who is also well-known as an actor)

    Director: Vondie Curtis-Hall (Gridlock'd)

    Screenwriters: This one crucial detail is the thing that none of the articles about the film seem to mention (yet), but if they're going to start filming in just a few weeks, there must be a script, right? (2/1/00) Okay, well, as you can see below, there is a site that purports to have the script for this film, or at least a draft from July, 1999. If this is the draft, it is credited to three initials (K.L., M.C., and S.G.). "M.C." could of course be Mariah Carey. Or not. The only name credited is the K.L., Kate Lanier (cowriter of The Mod Squad, Set it Off, and What's Love Got to Do With It?). Please note that this script has not been confirmed as being valid, and that the screenwriting credits remain unconfirmed as well. (6/22/00) The online version of the script that I mention above has long since been pulled.

    Based upon: A story idea conceived by Mariah Carey, though it is not intended to be perceived as autobiographical.

    Premise: A young singer (Carey) who grew up in the projects after she was abandoned by her mother gets her big break when a DJ hears her demo tape (which also leads to a relationship). The film takes place in the New York club scene of the early 1980's, and the singer is a member of an all-girls group.

    Music Note: Obviously, Ms. Carey will be providing the music for the film (to be produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who also produced her latest album, Rainbow), though there's no word yet on whether it will be entirely new material or some of her previous songs. What is known is that she intends to go on a big worldwide tour after the film is released in support of it (and the likely hit soundtrack).

    Filming: Production is scheduled to start on this movie on July 24th, 2000, with locations to include Toronto and New York. Filming is expected to wrap around September 30th, 2000.

    Actual link: http://www.upcomingmovies.com/allthatglitters.html

    The List
    Kristen tells me:
    Hi Regina, I was just watching VH1's "The List" and the subject was best song lyrics, well it was the beginning of the show and they were just showing clips of songs and they showed MC's MY ALL for a pretty good while, she wasn't picked on the List, but the people on there always pick old people anyways!! lol! Oh yeah, this might be a repeat and this might be old news, oh well, I tried!

    I See A Rainbow :)
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me the following:
    Oh yeah, and the reason i sent this e-mail-- he he. (the subject matter); It was like the end of last month, but i remember seeing a beautiful Rainbow when i was on the way to buy Jaylan Boo(Mariah's youngest fan, in fact!) diapers at the store. What's weird about it is the fact that it hadn't even rained that day! Well, I saw it before I went into the store, but when i came back out, it was gone! It's almost like it was only meant for a true Mariah fan to see that day :))

    Good Quality Videos
    "D" told me you can see both formats of Mariah's Theme, Dreamlover in Hawaii, AAO and more at the following link:
    Click Here to download the videos

    MC in JET Magazine
    Marc told me that MC is mentioned in the latest JET Magazine. It says that TGIFY was #1 in the Top Singles Page. Bizarre, huh? Also, Marc told me he has some REALLY rare pics in his pics page on his sites. They are mainly through galleries 1-8. If you are a picture freak like me, check it out :)
    Mariah Dreams of Butterflies

    July 19, 2000...
    MClogo New Pics
    I updated Gallery 32 today. Art sent me the scans of the 8 stickers that he got from Toys R Us. He told me that they come in a pack of 4 and there are two packs. Each pack cost $1.99. asterick_1@yahoo.com (D L) sent me some nice pics from the Today Show a while back and also, a classic nice pic of MC. She sent me two more from the Today Show, which I didn't add cause I couldn't get them to open in Paint Shop Pro. I'll try and have the other two for you tomorrow! Also, there is a picture that I got from my Mariah4 buddy Anderz, which is a picture of MC in Toronto walking on the streets! It's nice, so please check it out if you like! Finally, Dennis sent me a CLASSIC pic of MC getting her hair done from the Fantasy shoot. Check all pics out in Gallery 32! Thanks to everyone for sending them in!

    Soap Opera Digest
    Lisa told me the following:
    I've been out of town for a few days, so I'm not sure if anyone sent this to you, but here it is anyways. In Soap Opera Digest they have a question section and the question was, "I recently saw Mariah carey's Honey for the 100th time. But the last time I thought I saw David Fumero (Cristian, One Life To Live) frolicking with her on the beach. Was that him?" The answer, "It sure was! As Fumero told Digest in September 1998," Mariah wasn't what I expected...I thought there was going to be a little arrogance. But she was really great, really normal."

    Buy Mariah's Nailpolish
    Okay, I got this next information from Sarah's Mariah Carey Newsletter, which you can all join by sending hre an e-mail to:
    She asks the makers of the nailpolish Satin Doll, where she can get it since her idol, Mariah Carey, loves this color. Their response was:
    Dear Ms. Brown, Thank you very much for your email. I will pass it on to Deborah. One of the colors that Deborah has created for Mariah is called SATIN DOLL. Mariah first wore that when she sang on the 1999 Oscars Ceremony. Mariah even asked us to sell SATIN DOLL on her last tour. SATIN DOLL is available on our web site now. Other colors Deborah has designed will be added to the web site each season. Keep checking back with us. Mary
    customer care

    Entertainment Weekly Article
    Exstink and SUMar235 sent me this next article from ew.com You can check it out for yourself by clicking here!
    Carey Situation
    Mariah Carey's chart flop may signal big changes for her career. EW.com tells you what went wrong, and what her next move could be
    by Craig Seymour
    It's no fantasy: Mariah Carey's current single, ''Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)'' -- now clinging to the No. 77 spot on Billboard's pop chart -- is the lowest-charting commercial single of her decade-long career. The ballad's poor performance comes at a time of increased tension between Carey and her record label Columbia, which is overseen by her ex-husband, Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola. What's more, Carey, who owes Columbia only one more album on her contract, is rumored to be in talks with the new and still unnamed label helmed by ousted Arista Records president Clive Davis.
    Though Carey's publicist didn't return phone calls by press time, the singer herself has been airing her complaints (via her Columbia-sponsored website) about the label's lack of support for the single, which peaked five weeks ago at No. 28. ''The politicalsituation in my professional career is not stellar,'' she said in a May audio post. ''I'm getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people.''
    Mariah didn't name names, but her dissatisfaction may be what's leading her to shop her talents elsewhere. And Davis, who discovered Whitney Houston and recently masterminded her comeback hit ''My Love Is Your Love,'' could be just the person Carey needs to help her regroup after ''Can't'''s flop.
    So what happened? Unlike most of her other hits, ''Can't'' received almost no play on Top 40 radio. Even ''Can't'''s B side, ''Crybaby,'' which features a rap cameo by Snoop Dogg, got more on-air spins. '''Crybaby' was getting some airplay at R&B stations,'' says Silvio Pietroluongo, chart manager at Billboard magazine. ''But 'Mariah's Theme' wasn't getting played much anywhere.''
    Part of the problem is that with jangly rock (Vertical Horizon, Nine Days) and spunky teen pop ('N Sync, Britney Spears) ruling the top 40 terrain, radio programmers are cutting back on slow tunes -- no matter who the artist is. ''Even Christina Aguilera's ballad [''I Turn to You''] wasn't a big radio record,'' explains John Ivey, music director at Boston's KISS 108.
    But some industry observers say that Carey's continued forays into hip hop and R&B may be alienating Top 40 listeners. ''This album [''Rainbow''] hasn't yielded any big pop hits in terms of airplay,'' says Ivey. ''[That's] Because she's working with a lot of urban producers and rappers.'' Adds Harry Legg, music director of Chicago's pop station KISS FM: ''We don't see our audience begging for Mariah.''
    This resistance from radio comes at a pivotal point in Carey's career -- just as she's about to branch out into movies with a starring role in ''All That Glitters,'' which begins filming July 24 in New York City. Carey has already recorded songs for this semiautobiographical tale, and once she delivers the soundtrack, she'll be free to sign with a new label. If anyone can help her combine a future film career with a return to the pop charts, it's Davis, who has navigated the same waters with Houston. So will he be Mariah's new hero? An announcement is expected within the next two weeks.

    SUMar235 Opinion
    When she sent me the above e-mail about the EW article, I also got her opinion on it and here it is:
    I agree that a big part of the problem is due to radio's current obsession with anything upbeat (esp. from any boy/girl band or teen female singer). I mean, even Celine Dion released an uptemo song for the first time in who knows how long rather than one of her standard ballads. But I disagree somewhat with Mariah's demand going down. I'm sure it has a little bit since she's been out for 10 years, but I think it's more that the demand for artists like the Britneys or the 'N Syncs are a lot higher than veterans like Mariah (unless you stage a Santana-like comeback). As for the "alienating listeners" theory, it may have some merit, but it's the fault of formatted radio, not Mariah's. It used to be that when you've reached a certain level of success, radio just played anything with the artist's name on it because it was almost certain that it would do well. Now, formatted radio has reached the point where it has to be CLEARLY pop or CLEARLY R&B for the respective stations to play it and, for the most part, Mariah's stuff isn't clearly one or the other.

    This is the first major publication that has attempted to do some investigating concerning this story. And I think that what needs to be done is to get a hold of EW's address and mail the author concerning this story. They need to be made aware of how radio stations were told specifically not to play the song or they'd get sued and that contributed to its lack of success. I think that's the only way that we can pressure Sony and make our impression felt so that maybe some sort of investigation with Sony might take place...

    Buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st
    A lot of you are continuing to send in your e-mails saying that you will support Mariah and help her out on the Billboard Charts. We are asking all Mariah fans to buy at least one more copy of Rainbow in the week of July 25th-August 1st to help with her sales of Rainbow, so it doesn't fly off Billboard with the lowest weeks on the charts ever for a MC album. Please help out! Thanks to Diana and Ramsey, who wrote in a said they would buy it!

    New Site
    Justin has a new site opening in about a week or two and there will be updated news, pics, polls and much more.

    TV Guide Article
    My VERY good buddy Nini e-mailed me the article from TV Guide! Thanks Nini :)
    Mariah to Glitter On- and Off-screen
    She’s not only starring in the film, Mariah Carey is also composing the music for the upcoming All That Glitters — even before a single frame has been shot. "The reason we started working on the soundtrack first is because certain scenes are going to be based around these songs," says Carey, who actually penned last year’s hit single "Heartbreaker" for the movie before jetting off to Capri, Italy, to record the rest of the tracks. In the film, directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall (formerly Dr. Dennis Hancock on Chicago Hope), Carey plays a young singer striving to make it in show business. No release date has been set yet for the film.

    Magazine Update from Holland
    My other GOOD buddy Mark sent me some information from Holland. Here are some magazines that you can find the lovely Mariah in:
    - Star Club (France)....The July Issue.....They have a Poster on Mariah...the Jet cover from last year.
    - Salut (France)....The July Issue....They have a piece with Joe and he talks a bit about Mariah as well.
    - National Enquirer (US)....The July 25th Issue....The story about this seabird.
    - Semana (Spain)...The July 19th Issue....It contains just a little picture in a sort of puzzle.

    MC on Regis & Kathie Lee Yesterday?
    Well not exactly! CryBaby4uMC2000 told me that Carson Daly, from TRL, was a guest yesterday. He brought Kathy Lee some Popular Female Artists that he deals with on TRL and Mariah's CD was the 2nd from the bottom.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah

  • Carolina
    Today (early in the mornign), my dad drove me to the college I'm gonna be in this year (I had this meeting) and I turned on the car radio and the woman says Rainbow... I was like 'what???' and then comes AAO, it was so cool!!!! I just turned on the radio and there it was =) it was the end of a special or something... I missed like all of it but it was cool anyway! Too bad I have to go there again tomorrow coz they changed the meeting. btw, Crybaby is the video of the week in Puma TV (music channel) in my country, Venezuela, ain't that cool?
  • Carey0411
    Hello i heard mariah on my 2nd favorite radio station Hoosier Hot 96.3 it was the fantasy remix and i was like ya baby!
  • Shawna
    Hey Regina! Well, I guess you'd classify this under do you hear what I hear. Well, I just wanted to tell everyone what happened to me. Last night I had this dream and I don't remember at all what the dream was about. The only thing I can remember was that, in the dream, I could hear "Hero" playing! Isn't that cool? And then right before the dream ended some other Mariah song started playing. It might have been "X-Girlfriend" but I'm not sure. Also, today I was at the county fair by where I live and there was this booth where they were selling t-shirts with all different singers on them and they were selling Mariah shirts! It was white and had the picture of her that's on the back of the "Butterfly" album on the front and it said Mariah Carey on it. Cool, huh? =)
  • Benjamin
    Hi Regina , Another good news , just about two hours ago , I heard Thank God I Found You was played on Radio 4 again , a Malaysian radio station . YES !!! Thanks !
  • Regina (WildCatHG)
    I was at work yesterday from 1-9 pm and I heard One Sweet Day, I Still Believe and Can't Let Go. Made working a lot easier and more enjoyable and I got a lot of looks from customers who saw me singing to it. Ha ha!
  • Maureen
    Hi, Regina! Yesterday I was @ K-Mart and I was going to buy this beautiful poster of a unicorn in front of a waterfall and a rainbow in the background that immediately reminded me of CTTA! At that moment, they started playing "Fantasy" on the radio. It was so cool.
  • mariahluv.lilaj@licensedtokill.com Hi Regina! Gosh I'm bursting with joy! Why? B'cuz "Everytime I Close My Eyes" is being played on the radio at this very moment and I'm so glad to hear Mariah's voice{even if it's only in the background)! And what's really amazing is that I've kept on hearing that song every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SmOoChEz161
    I was in Sam Goody in the mall and my friend and I got there before it opened and the first song they played was "Heartbreaker" and right after that they played "CTTA". I was so happy they played them both right after eachother!
  • Laura
    Hi this is Laura from Charlotte,Nc.I just wanted to say I was up spiraling myself about 4am and believe it or not I saw Cant Take That Away.It was on MTV and it was very inspirational.If only children could watch this stuff more than say Kid Rock?

    Madonna & Mariah-News from Jill
    Well, as I said yesterday I would be e-mailing Jill, Marah's Personal Assistance, asking her if it was true about Mariah covering "Burning Up," by Madonna. She wrote me back saying that she couldn't give any information about the soundtrack out but I should know how rumors fly. So what does that mean? I don't know and neither do you! Ha ha, guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!!! But, I think if it was completly untrue, she would of said, "NO!"

    MTV Video Awards
    Tom reminded me of something, the MTV Video Awards nominees should be announces in July right? Tom told me that so far nothing has been announced but he should be soon. Mariah better get a few nominations cause she deserves it. She even asked for one in the Making the Video of Heartbreaker! If anyone find out more information, please let me know ASAP!

    Double Rainbow
    Gary told me this a while back and I was a fool and forgot to add it to the website. He was watching the San Jose Bootleg Video, which is stellar, and he looked outside and a Rainbow started with Petals and ended after Rainbow/Hero. He ran and got his camera and took a LOVELY picture of it! You can see the 2nd rainbow right above the tallest tree on the right of the photo. He told me it was beautiful, and surely it couldn't be a coincidence, right? It was an amazing moment for Gary!! I wish I could see a Rainbow! Oh well, check out his stellar picture below:

    VH1's Mariah Carey Fantasy Contest
    Brittany entered the contest where you can descrive what you would do with MC if you could hang with her for one day and she got a reply saying that she is one of the finalist! Did anyone else get one? I didn't :( Oh pooh! Here's hoping Brittany wins!

    Joe talks about Mariah again
    Kristen told me she was listening to some of the Hollywoods Hamilton's countdown and Joe was on the phone from Japam. He said it was cool working with Mariah.

    Reply's from DJ's
    Well Kristen refuses to give up and continues to e-mails the DJ's. Here is what she told me:
    I received some more replies from djs. Joe Chille from 96.1 WJYE said that he's working on getting the song CTTA played. I guess that's good news. This other station I e-mailed (I forgot what station it was) replied and they said they never even heard of the songs CTTA or Crybaby, but they'd ask the label for a copy. Ask Sony for a copy? Hmmm...I wonder if they'll give it to them.

    Tina in Holland
    My good buddy Mark also told me that there was a Tina concert that was broadcasted in Holland yesterday. There were parts where famous people could say something about Tina and then they showed Mariah saying:
    Tina was a big example for so many people. (Or something along those lines!)

    Videos of Mariah
    Ashley told me you can see a lot of music videos on MC at the site below:

    Ove told me the following:
    This past Sunday we had a kind of Mariah-day at a tv-channel called Z-tv. They had an hour of music with Mariah, with not just her #1´s hits, Anytime You Need A Friend, Without You & When You Believe. To finalize a perfect music day with the popdiva they aired "Around The World". We´ve had this day with MC once before and I think it´s cool cause Mariah´s not that much on the lists here anymore (sadly). (Sweet Mariah, visit us in Sweden for a concert soon!)

    July 18, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    New Picture
    I just added a lovely new picture from my Mariah4 Buddy Anderz to Gallery 32. Check it out, if you would like to :)

    Since some people might not like the fact that I don't always reply to them in e-mails, you could easily post your thoughts on the Messageboard. I check the messageboard a couple of times a day and usually respond to questions. Also, it's a great new way where you can get your voice heard and give your opinions on Mariah! Check it out!! Everyone is welcomed, just as long as you have a positive attitude!

    Update #1
    Well I went to send out InfoMC from my screen name "InfoMC@aol.com" but little did I know that you can have only one screen name on AOL that sends out Bulk Mail. So I had to call AOL Staff and now all the screen names are back up. I apologize because only half of the Text Only Newsletter got out and the Graphic Newsletter never got sent! I am allowed to start sending bulk e-mail tomorrow, so InfoMC will be sent tomorrow! Sorry about this guys!

    Diva's Live 2000
    Yesterday I showed you all a picture of the Diva's Live 2000 cover. However, Eric from Mariah Carey Archives (Mariah4 buddy ) told me that this is the VCD of Diva's Live 2000 and is NOT the cover of Diva's Live 2000. Also, thanks to Chewy for telling me this information. Once again, there is no release datte for Diva's Live 2000 yet. Here is a picture I had in my newspaper, which is probably what the cover will eventually look like, since the last two Diva Albums had the cover from these pics!

    Mariah Stickers-Wahoo!
    Well finally, people in the US can pick up Mariah Carey Stickers. Art told me that he found out that Toys R Us sells Mariah stickers. He bought 8 of them and will scan them for me! I am going to see if I can try and hunt down a store near me and you should do the same! Thanks Art :)

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!!!

  • Benjamin
    I was just listening to a national Malaysian radio station called Radio 4 . On Monday I heard Someday from MTV Unplugged being played and yesterday I heard them playing Without You . It's just ashamed that Crybaby or CTTA wasn't played .
  • Macfvr (Art)
    Hello Regina! Well, I went to Toys R Us, and I heard Heartbreaker on the loud speakers!!!! I was sooo happy
  • Elin (Mariah4 buddy and webmistress of Mariah Online)
    "This morning I was sleeping a little longer than I normally do, and then my mother woke me up a little after 11:00 am (Norwegian time), because "Hero" was on the radio!!! I was completely and totally awake after that!"
  • Justin
    I was listening to our local radio station today,an on every Monday they do the Artist Spotlight Hour. Today their artist spotlight was Mariah! They played alot of her older songs and they also played CTTA & Crybaby. They said they haven't been getting alot of requests for CTTA or Crybaby and that is unusual for Mariah's songs. Just thought that was neat!

    Madonna and Mariah
    Okay, I e-mailed Jill the article from yesterday and asked her to please respond whether it is untrue or not. So hopefully, I will have that answer for you all either tomorrow or later this week. Phoenix wrote me back and told me that he got it from a good Singapore Newspaper and you can check out the article for yourself by clicking here! Meanwhile, Mariah, Jill and the rest of her management are extremely busy at the moment and are in Toronto preparing for All That Glitters! If anyone who lives in Toronto, finds out any information please e-mail me.

    Buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st!
    Well I have been getting a lot of e-mails from you guys saying that you will, in fact, buy Rainbow from July 25th-August 1st. We are not expecting to get Rainbow to #1 or anything, we are just trying to prove to Sony that Mariah is still loved by the fans and that we still have power! So PLEASE, everyone buy a cassette or a CD of Rainbow between July 25th-August 1st! I got this in one of the letters I received and I thought it was SO CUTE!!! Hee hee...
    I had a daydream that all of Mariah's fans took this buy a Rainbow CD the week of the 25th thing seriously. The cool things was the sales were like her past 1st week sales (without the big competition) and we made Rainbow hit the #1 spot and that made so much news that it helped out Mariah's Theme! Oh, what a Sweet Daydream!!! Merry

    Israel fans Supporting it too!
    Well I thought this was kinf of cool when I got this e-mail. Several of you were asking if you could help out even if you are not living in the United States and 2 fans from Israel wrote me the following:
    To all the fans here and in Israel!
    We Ma'ayan and liron shaubi from Israel heard that all the american fans are planning to re- buy "rainbow" to show Sony that Mariah is still number 1 and big.
    So we though to do the same in Israel and to make "rainbow" a gold album (at least 20,000 copies) , don't forget this is great time because "AAO" is very big in Israel and there is a rumore that "Tower Records- Israel" is planning to have a special price for "rainbow". So all the fans in Israel lets do it and make "rainbow" a hit, and who knows maybe Mariah will come to Israel in her next tour. The date will be the same 25 of July until 1 of august.
    If you have any questions, feel free to mail Ma'ayan and Liron at:

    Mariah Boats Inc?
    Here is what Christine wrote me:
    hey regina, what's up? today i was in borders and i found mariah's agains all odds import single. there was only 1 and of course i bought it. the other day i was in seaford, long island and i past a dock with a sign that said "mariah boats inc." i thought it was so cool and made my parents turn around. also in the same area and past a spa called "luis miguel day spa". ain't that really cool? just to let you know, i am working on my mariah story for you. there are so many ways mariah has inspired me it's hard to write it all, but i'm trying. hopefully it'll be done soon. bye for now.

    Crybaby is Video of the Week
    Here is what Adrian told me:
    Hello! Guess what! Remember wrote you a few weeks ago and told you that CTTA was "Video de la Semana" (Video of the Week =) on my local music channel Puma TV, well, guess who's "Video de la Semana" again! Yes! It's Mariah with Crybaby. I just watched it and I thought it's a pretty cool video, not to mention she looks as gorgeous as she could ever look, very, very sexy btw ;) Anyway, If you wanna post this on your web sites you may, in fact, maybe some other ppl that have this music channel still don't know they're premiering the Crybaby video. If you don't remember I told you this, the "Video of the Week" is played about four times a day for a whole week, that means they'll play Crybaby like 32 times before next monday!!! Oh yeah! Mariah's made my day, my whole week in fact ;)

    Redesigned Website
    Joe recently redesigned his fab Mariah site called, "Mariah Magic!" He would like you all to check it out and let him know whatcha think!

    Mariah in BlackBeat
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) wrote to me and told me that there is a nice picture of Mariah from Diva's Live in BlackBeat Magazine (October 2000 issue). It talks about how she called in to the editor of BlackBeat Magazine and asked them to stop spreading the rumors about her being pregnant and getting secretly married. Go Mariah!! So check out Blackbeat Magazine in a store near you, hee hee!

    TV Guide
    Gary let me know that you can read a bried mention of Mariah in TV GUIDE about All That Glitters. VH-1 Music News also featured it this morning with a brief segment of Mariah saying everyone keeps asking why she did the soundtrack before filming the movie, and she said it's because many of the scenes will be based around the music. That isn't what she said word-for-word, but that was the point.

    Your Mariah Story, In Fact
    I updated the page called, "My Mariah Story, In Fact!" If you would like to send in your story on how Mariah inspired you and also, to read other fan stories, click the little link below:

    I'm Sorry
    I have to say this! I am really sorry if you send me an e-mail and I don't use the news on this website. It is NOT because I don't want too but it is probably something I already reported earlier or something that is too negatory about MC to write! I don't always respond to e-mails or when I do, I am pretty to the point. Sometimes, this might upset a person and it is nothing I do intentionally. However, I would still hope that you all continue to send me ANYTHING on Mariah! Usually, if I don't use it, I write ya and let ya know why, or at least I try my best to do so! Thanks for your understanding on this. I am trying my best!

    July 17, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    New Drawing I Did

    Well I felt like drawing this morning, so I did. Here is the back of the Rainbow CD! Hope you all like it and if you think I should change something, let me know!

    Update #1
    There is a new wonderful quote from Mariah plus a beautiful new pic of the week. Make sure you check out Quote of the Week and Pic of the Week today :)

    New Pics
    Someone, I forget who now, has been asking me for a while to please scan the TvYNovelas two page article of MC and Luis on the yact! So FINALLY I did :) You can see all 6 of the nice pics plus the 2 page article in Gallery 32! Check it out if you like!

    Diva's Live 2000 CD
    Okay still no word on the release date yet but Mars1204 sent me the "cover." It looks a little funny in my opinion and is not blended that well so is this the real cover? It might be a bootleg of the concert and hopefully tomorrow I can let you all know the answer to this! Check it out below for yourself!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah
    I got A LOT of these today so here goes! I love this section of the news now! Hee hee..

  • Dennis
    Hey Regina! I just wanted to let you know that I was in Aeropostale yesterday and they were playing "X-Girlfriend". Isn't that strange?
  • Kathy
    Hey, Regina! 2day I heard 'Without U' on da chinese channel. My dad was watching and i heard it from across da hallway, but it wasn't her singing it. It was another woman. And then long ago while i was visiting my hs, my music teacher had this radio on at some kinda classical station or something and i heard against all odds. At 1st, i thought it was i still believe and i was singing da lyrics 2 that song and then finally i realized that is was aao. that's all 4 now. g2g
  • Kristen
    On Saturday, on the way to the mall, I heard "Hero". Then later that day at Ted's Hot Dogs they played "Emotions". I was also wearing my Mariah Carey shirt that day. Oooh scary coincidence. :-) Last week, my brother said he heard "All I Want For Christmas" because the station was doing a Christmas in July thing. But it was an oldies station that was playing it. Strange isn't it.
  • HailQueenMariah
    Hey regina- i have a fun story for ya :O) It was my cousin's/uncles (they're birthdays are only a few days apart) birthday party on saturday, and when i went all the kids were following me around cuz i was the "big bad 15 year old," so to keep them entertained, I taught them the dance to the heartbreaker video. :o) then the DJ showed up, and I went over to see if he had any Mariah remixes, and it turned out that my aunt had told him that WE were supplying the music, and all he had was some old-school stuff! Soooo of course I had my Mariah CD's w/ me, so I gave them to him, and he played Honey, Breakdown, the Heartbreaker remix, dreamlover, then Crybaby, and I heard him saying to the other DJ "have u heard this song yet?" and the other DJ said "no..." and he said "oh man its off the hook!" After that they started playing some other music, but I was proud that I had gotten Mariah out to everyone at the party :o)
  • Brittany
    Last night Hero and CTTA came on in the resturant I was in and of course I sand along loudly and proudly! And @ the mall Forever came on 2 days ago and I was lip sinking and pretending i had a microphone (hehe) and my friends thought I was CRAZY! but they know im crazy so they weren't surprised! And when the 1st note came on i knew it was Forever so i flung my arms out and hit an old lady in the head accidently! OMG! i felt so bad! But she seemed to like MC too i guess and said she liked the song...hah! Well...buh bye!!!
  • Amy
    Hey Reg. I was so eager to tell when i learned that you were taking Mariah stories, but then i remembered that I didn't have any. Now i do. Well, it wasn't a Mariah encounter, but it was still special. I went camping with my family this weekend, and one day we played BINGO. While I was playing, I listened to my Rainbow cd. It is a very hard thing to do, but I managed. Guess what? I won! I never won a bingo game before, and I never listened to a Mariah cd while playing! Imagine that!!!!!!!!
  • ShOpAhOLiC 517
    I was eating in Hops restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida with my family and "Hero" came on the radio. It was exciting because I haven't heard that song played for a while! I was also sitting in my friends garage and we were just listening to the radio and "Hero" came on again!
  • andrew5013@yahoo.com
    This weekend I was at Carowinds and I was waiting in line for a ride and all of a sudden they started playing Always Be My Baby!!! It was so cool cuz i never thought I would hear that at an theme park!!
  • Patrick
    Yesterday, I was in the car, and I was listening to Jamn' 94.5 and its pretty much rap, hip hop, and R&B, and low and behold, I Still Beleive was on by Mariah, and it was like a remix, but it was done by that radios djs. And I was sorta confused, becasue I didnt think it was realesed either....

    Many thanks to Mars1204@aol.com for sending me this next article from Entertainment Weekly!
    Casting Da Brat will join Mariah Carey in the upcoming feature "All that Glitters." The pop stars will play sisters in the flick, which is loosely based on Carey's life. They better work fast, because Da Brat is also expected to appear in court next month to face assault charges stemming from an altercation the rapper got into with a nightclub patron in March. If convicted, the artist faces up to 20 years in the slammer.

    Buy Rainbow July 25th-August 1st
    I really need you guys to help me spread the word on this. Some people feel that this might not be a smart idea because people already have the Rainbow CD and won't buy another one. Well if that is the case, buy the cassette tape of Rainbow! I already have 2 CD's of Rainbow PLUS the cassette and I will be buying another one. I just want to help out MC and I don't want Sony to see Rainbow drop now. Please help out and buy the cassette or CD of Rainbow between July 25th-August 1st. Spread the WORD :)
    Here are some fellow MC fan comments:

  • David
    i just wanted to let you know that i'll buy another copy of rainbow, too! i hope everything is going well for you!
  • Brittany
    ok, so I just wanna say that I'll buy a Rainbow CD and tape during that week!! I think everyone should and it couldnt hurt 2 have extra Mariah CDS hangin' 'round, now could it? Nope. i didn't think so!

    All That Glitters
    Oscar from Holland told me that he works at the store that I mentioned yesterday and has heard nothing about ATG Soundtrack being released in October.

    Later Today?
    Clicktv.com seems to have removed the information on Later Today from their website, which is bothering me. So maybe MC won't be on Later Today? My suggestion..tune in anyway. If she is, you DON'T want to miss it!!

    My Mariah Story, In Fact
    I have been continuing to add stories that fans have sent in on how Mariah has changed their lives or inspired them. You can check them all out at the link below and if you want to tell how Mariah inspired you, you can find out how on the page also!

    InStyle Magazine-More Information on it!
    GucciGurl317 told some more information on MC being in InStyle Magazine. It seems that there is a part on the Island of Capri and there is a pic of MC in that famous white bathing suit, we have all seen a million times and one! Also, there is something about short hair and time periods and they show a pic of Marilyn Monroe when MC copied her image for the ISB Video, I am told!

    Madonna and MC
    Okay, I saved this article for the end of today's news because I am NOT sure if it is a real article nor am I sure if it is true! I have heard NOTHING about MC doing a remake of "Burning Up" for the All That Glitters Soundtrack. Plus the end of the article, we all know now that Madonna was poking fun of Mariah by that statement! So the ending, right there is false, so the whole article might be. But anyhow, maybe if I post it below, that someone who knows the answer, will let me know it! PhoenixLuna@aol.com sent me this article and said she got it from the Singapores Most Reliable News Site (she didn't tell me which one it was though-that was a tad fishy!)
    Word has just got in that Mariah Carey is doing a cover of Burning Up, a classic Madonna dance hit from the early 80s, for her All That Glitters soundtrack. The R&B queen wanted to include the pop classic in the soundtrack of the movie set in the 80s, but her treatment of the song has caused it to lose its 80s flavour. A source says, "They all sound slower and sexier than Madonna's version, which was actually more of a rock song. Mariah's version is in fact more pop-sounding, a total departure from her usual R&B, but it still doesn't sound very '80s. Mariah herself may be getting an actual Madonna collaborator, possibly Junior Vasquez, to work on the track." Now, Madonna and Mariah aren't exactly buddies (yet), but it could well be a sign that the two divas are starting to bury the hatchet. In the latest issue of ICON -- according to a separate source -- to the question "Which female does Madonna feel most influenced women in the last century?", Madonna's rep Liz Rosenberg was said to have replied, "Mariah Carey."

    July 16, 2000...
    MClogo Buy Rainbow from July 25-August 1st
    Well several of you e-mailed me about this and I think we are going for it. Please, everyone buy a cassette tape or CD of Rainbow between the week of July 25th-August 1st! MC is about to fall off the Billboard Charts at only 34 weeks on it for Rainbow, her lowest ever! Rainbow personally, means a lot to me so I don't want to see this happen. Here are a couple of responses from fans saying they will buy the cd! Please spread the word! Also, will you buy Rainbow again? Please let me know!!!

  • hey ill buy like 5 more cds or whatever it takes let me know how many peeps respond :) julia
  • Hey!! I just wanted to let you know that I am going to buy atleast 2 copies of Rainbow the week that you said everyone should.. And I guess I'll just give them to my friends hehe..Much Love! Brandy
  • Hey, i just wanted to tell you that i will be buying another copy of rainbow too! I need one for in the car and in the house anyways, and i was thinking of doing it before you mentioned this, so it all works out perfectly for me :) Later, Matt

    Quote of the Week/Pic of the Week
    Sorry for the delay, they will be changed tomorrow, Monday!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!!
    Honey B Fly
    i have a entry for that part of the news u do, yesterday i was walking into walgreens here in florida and they were playng "Forever" throughout the store!
    hey yesterday i had to go to the laundry mat cuz my washing maching is broke....and there is an animal clinic a few places down, and i usually don't pass it, but i did and i noticed that one of the doctors names was M.Carey! hehe! and today when i was in the car with my mom and 2 of my sisters, Always Be My Baby came on and we started to blast it and sing with the windows rolled down(LoL) and got some funny looks from other cars. AND then when i was at Toys R Us later in the day with my lil sisters ABMB was on AGAIN! and i started to sing it and i noticed a few others around me were too! yeah!:o)
    Today while driving to Walmart, I heard "Somewhere over the rainbow" on 104.3 in Vegas. This would be the perfect song for her to remake & as you probably know if you're on the Mariah's Diary newsletter, it was voted as a good song for her to remake 'in fact' & I was one of those who voted. : )
    Hey Regina! I was walking in the Home and Garden Center of this store and 'Emotions' came over the loud speaker!

    Charts Galore
    Thanks to Isa for the following information:
    Belgium: UltraTop Single Top 50

    Mega Top 100 Netherlands
    #21 (Last week #25) mariah carey AGAINST ALL ODDS/CRY BABY Columbia/Columbia

    Jam Showbiz (Top 50 Single Sales) Soundscan Canada
    #14 (Last week #14) CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY Mariah Carey (Sony)
    #35 (Last week #48) AGAINST ALL ODDS MARIAH CAREY ( SONY )

    Deutschland Top 100 Singles (GERMANY)
    #33 (Last week #32) Against All Odds Mariah Carey

    Schweiz Top 50 Singles (Switzerland)
    #30 (Last Week #25) Against All Odds Mariah Carey Sony Music

    Power 98 FM Top 40 Countdown (Singapore)
    #9 Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) Mariah Carey

    Thanks again for the Chart Information Isa :)
    1996 TOP ALBUMS
    #2. DAYDREAM Mariah Carey
    1994 TOP ALBUMS
    #2. MUSIC BOX Mariah Carey
    1991 TOP ALBUMS
    #1. MARIAH CAREY Mariah Carey
    1990 Top New Artists
    #4. Mariah Carey
    R&B/Hip-Hop Artists For the Decade
    #1 Mariah Carey Columbia
    Top Pop Albums Of The Decade
    #18 DAYDREAM Mariah Carey Columbia
    #26 MUSIC BOX Mariah Carey Columbia
    #27 MARIAH CAREY Mariah Carey Columbia
    Top Pop Female Artists Of The Decade #1. Mariah Carey Columbia
    Top Pop Artists Of The '90s
    #1 Mariah Carey Columbia, Columbia/CRG, DreamWorks/Geffen
    Hot 100 Singles Of The '90s
    #1 ONE SWEET DAY Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men Columbia
    #15 FANTASY Mariah Carey Columbia
    #20 DREAMLOVER Mariah Carey Columbia
    #49 ALWAYS BE MY BABY Mariah Carey Columbia
    #53 HERO Mariah Carey Columbia
    #91 VISION OF LOVE Mariah Carey Columbia
    #96 I'LL BE THERE Mariah Carey Columbia
    #99 MY ALL Mariah Carey Columbia
    1996 TOP SINGLES
    #2. ONE SWEET DAY Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
    #5. ALWAYS BE MY BABY Mariah Carey
    1995 TOP SINGLES
    #7. FANTASY Mariah Carey
    1994 TOP SINGLES
    #5. HERO Mariah Carey
    1993 TOP SINGLES
    #8. DREAMLOVER Mariah Carey
    1990 TOP SINGLES
    #6. VISION OF LOVE Mariah Carey
    Top Latin Artists For the Decade #2 Luis Miguel WEA Latina, EMI Latin, Walt Disney

    Butterflies Are Free
    Honey and Kate just changed their online address and you can check out their page at the new address below!

    All That Glitters in October!
    Okay this is not for sure yet but a music shop in Holland told everyone that the ATG Soundtrack should be released around October, Jennifer says!

    Bianca Site!
    Tomorrow you can check out the first ever Bianca site when it makes its grand opening!

    Calling all Asian and Indian fans!
    Tushar e-mailed me and asked me to please ask any Indian or Asian fans to please e-mail Tushar because he is in the process of making a site only for you guys! So if you would like to help out, e-mail Tushar at:

    Hey I met Brina McKnight!!!
    Here is what Danielle told me:
    Well, today I just got back from Orlando FL, and when I got home into O'Hare airport in Chicago, Brian McKnight was sitting at the terminal! He signed my back at one cd, and I told him how "Whenever you call" is one of my favorite songs, and he said "Yeah, it's one of my favoirte duets...Mariah is such a talented, wonderful, charming lady. It's amazing to be in her presence." And i got a picture with him too! Wow, looks like other artists are possibly even bigger Mariah fans! ;0)

    Double Rainbow Contest
    Two people wrote me and told me they got the paper but majority of you didn't? Wonder why? Anyhow though, the autograph is fake, I am told, on the sheet of paper but oh well :) The one on the pic of MC isn't and that is what matters! A lot of you also wrote me and told me that you were so happy MC did this and how you can really tell she loves her fans! How sweet she is :)

    Destiny Child
    MaZouNi told me on MTV Europe they had the bikini weekend. They were putting on MTV's spring break and on it Destiny's Child were performing. Two of them were wearing mariah's jeans, one was wearing a jean skirt and the top was cut, and the other one was wearing the same but shorts. Apparently MC's trend has even gone to skirts,pretty cool.

    Loads O' Mail
    I got a ton of mail today, so if I didn't respond to you, I am sorry!

    July 15, 2000...
    MClogo First Things First...
    My computer wacked out on my today so I lost my notepad filled with all the news. I went back trying to recover it but I know I didn't get it all. SO, if I don't report your news here today, I am sorry and please send it to me again! Darn Computer!!

    New Tour Pics
    Yesterday I couldn't get the tour pics up because FTP was down but today I got all 7 new pics from Mia from the Toronto concert up in her own section called, "Mia's Toronto Pics!" Check the LOVELY pics out!

    More New Pics
    I got three new Japan pics from Kaori and also Mars1204 sent me a pic of MC and Britney together from the MTV Europe Awards. When MC and I talked on the phone, she said that Britney Spears is one of the sweetest people. Mariah could tell just by looking at Britney's face :) How sweet eh? You can check out these 4 pics in a NEW gallery...Gallery 32 boo :)

    Double Rainbow Contest
    About 6 people e-mailed me and said they got the autograph and the cd and are THRILLED that they got it :) Also, all of them said they did NOT get a sheet of paper that read:
    "Thank you so much for sending your video in for the Double Rainbow Contest. I appreciate all your love and support. "Can't Take That Away" is a very special song to me and I hope that it inspires you to never give up on your dreams! Love Always, Mariah (Mariah is signed!)"

    Did anyone get this sheet of paper? I just scanned it and it's below. I can't tell if it is a real signature or not. I looked at it closely and it does not look printed at all. So if anyone else got this sheet, let me know! Thanks..also, I thought that was pretty nice of Mariah to sit down and send autographs to all her fans who didn't win the contest! She is just amazing :)

    July 25th-August 1st
    Are we still doing this? Will everyone pick up another copy of Rainbow between July 25th and August 1st? I'll do it but if 5 people buy the cd, it won't help MC push up Billboard that much so please let me know if you are willing to do this and please pass the word around!

    Vote for MC
    Ricardo and a couple of others told me that MC is now back in the lead but not by much. Please go vote for MC so she can win in Wizard of Oz poll, on who should play Dorothy!

    InStyle Magazine
    Vanessa told me that MC is in the latest InStyle magazine with Elizabeth Hurley on the cover. Anyone got more info on this?

    Teen Choice Awards
    Please vote for MC at the Teen Choice Awards. I got a direct link for you thanks to Dan :) VOTE VOTE VOTE

    MC Praised then Dissed on The List
    Justin told me the following information:
    Hey Regina. Today on the list they were dicussing the Best Pop Album. The host (I believe his name was Ashton Kutcher) was reading a letter from a viewer and the viewer said that in her opinion Rainbow by Mariah Carey was the Best Pop Album. She said that the CD has a song for every mood she is in. Then the host said that it wasn't the best pop album and that none of her albums will be on the list. Then one of the Hanson guys said that some of Mariah's earlier work are really good but Rainbow wasn't very good.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah
    I saw this section and thought it was a great idea. I work for a grocery store where I live. I was working the other night, and the store plays instrumental stuff in the store. If you listen you usually reconigze songs, but they are usually older. Well I was working, and I heard "Underneath The Stars." I was like "WTF?" I know that it wasn't ever released. But it was the song. It was pretty cool. I guess whoever programed the station was a Mariah fan!

    Tommy's Got the Card!
    Well Tessa sent me this little tidbit and it mentions MC in it. It seems Tommy has a card for what drinks he likes and how he likes it served. It would be real funny if they STILL screwed his drink up, even with the card :) It's from the most recent People Magazine:
    Tommy Mottola didn't get to be the head of Sony Music by leaving anything to chance. So when he felt a thirst coming on at the trendy East Hampton, N.Y., eatery Della Femina, the ex- Mr. Mariah Carey handed the waiter a printed card that read, "Bombay Sapphire martini, straight up, very cold, in and out, with an olive, stirred not shaken." Della Femina maitre d' Walter Strubel approved. "All our customers should come in with the cards," he said. "It makes it easier for us."

    Mariah Carey wins Federal Court Order
    Jake sent me the following article (originally taken from Rap-Up.com):
    Mariah Carey was the victor in a federal court case in Las Vegas. The pop diva sued two Canadian companies and their two officers to stop using her federally registered trademark to advertise their fan appreciation Internet website. This February, the famed singer sued Jeff Burgar and Justin Lumsden, who allegedly operate and manage General Webgroup and Internet North, an Alberta-based Internet service provider that does business as Mariah Carey Club and Celebrity Club. The lawsuit filed claimed that the Mariah Carey Club and Celebrity Club are managed by General Webgroup, which allegedly rented a mailbox for fan mail at 1350 East Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. The lawsuit alleged the defendants registered the domain name MARIAHCAREY.COM and used the name to attract web users to their fan appreciation website at www.celebrity1000.com. The court order requires the defendants to relinquish all rights they hold in the Internet domain name and to transfer that name to Carey. The order also enjoins the defendants from registering and using any domain names that bear "Mariah Carey," "Mariah" or any "intentional misspellings of (the name) Mariah Carey." 7-13-2000

    In 1998...
    Thanks to Elizabeth for this next tidbit from Infobeat (kind of like InfoMC :)
    - 1998 Mariah Carey used her celebrity status to try to help police find a missing 13-year-old girl. The Grammy award-winning singer joined the family of Christina Williams at a Beverly Hills hotel to tape a public service announcement about the fan who disappeared a month earlier while walking her dog.

    July 14, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    Double Rainbow Contest #2
    Well today when checking the mail again, I saw another package EXACTLY like the one I got yesterday. I thought that I could never be this lucky again and I opened it and sure enough there was another autograph from Mariah. It was different then the other one and I also got the other CTTA cd single :) This time though, it didn't come with the letter for the Double Rainbow contest so I have no idea why I got this, but HEY I am not complaining and more so, I am overjoyed about it!!! Justin also got one yesterday and I think that more of you will write me soon saying that you got them. I guess everyone who sent in an entry for the Double Rainbow Contest will get one! So check your mailboxes people and here are the three that Justin and I got between the two of us!

    Regina's First one (received on 7/13/00 with CTTA Maxi Single)

    Regina's Second one (received on 7/14/00 with CTTA 3 track Single)

    Justin's (received on 7/13/00 with CTTA 3 track single)

    Mia's Pics
    I am still trying with the pics, sorry they are not up yet.

    Update #1
    Double Rainbow Contest..
    Well the package that I got yesterday was sent on July 11th. Justin wrote me yesterday and said he got one too!!! SO, maybe some of the people who sent in entrees for the Double Rainbow Contest got these really nice packages! Justin told me that he did not get the maxi though, he got the 3 single of CTTA! If anyone else gets a package, please let me know. Maybe if you are far away, it takes longer to get it. Check your mailboxes today!

    New Pics
    Well FTP is down at the moment meaning I can't upload the new 7 pics from the Toronto concert this morning. I'll try and do them this afternoon, so come later to check out more Mia Pics cause they are fab :)

    Gary told me that Monica is now beating MC on the Billboard poll on who should play Dorothy! We don't want her to win so PLEASE go vote for her. It takes five seconds!

    Billboard Charts
    Ramsey told me that CTTA rises again on the Billboard Dance Charts. It is at #7 now and 10 years ago, "Mariah Carey" rose from #31 to #15

    Michelle told me that MC is on lauch.com's Top 100 Music Video List. When You Believe is at #98!

    Josh wants you all to vote for MC at The Hottest Superstar of All Time! MC is in 4th place at the momement behind Angelina, Mandy and Britney!

    Please check out the newly established Rap-Up.com. It features daily news, release dates, and album reviews of artists from the hip-hop and R&B music world, combined onto one web site with an eye-catching design.

    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    OOoops who sent this?
    I was working at Wendy's today and had just made what seemed like a million sandwiches. Then, as the lunch rush was ending, I started to clean up the dining room. When I walked out there, I was so happy! I heard Can't Take That Away playing over the loud speaker, and when the song ended, the DJ said "And that was the latest from music's #1 diva, Mariah Carey. It's one of her best, Can't Take That Away." I was so excited. Isn't that awesome!

    Teen Choice
    Big Problem, MC is loosing pretty badly and Antonio wrote me and told me how important this poll is. So please everyone vote for MC She's up for romantic song and female solo artist in both. Everyone go vote!!!

    July 13, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    Autograph from MC..OMG!
    I just got a big brown package in the mail. I didn't know what it was and when I opened it, I dropped and started to cry! It had a maxi single of CTTA unopened and an autograph from Mariah saying:
    To Regina, Love and Thanks Mariah!

    You can check out the autograph below! It's from the Double Rainbow Contest. I was wondering if anyone else got one too? There is also a letter with it that reads:
    "Thank you so much for sending your video in for the Double Rainbow Contest. I appreciate all your love and support. "Can't Take That Away" is a very special song to me and I hope that it inspires you to never give up on your dreams! Love Always, Mariah"

    Isn't she just amazing. Mariah is THE BEST and I don't care what ANYONE SAYS! I can't believe I finally got a personalized autograph from MC and it means so much to me! My parents were shocked and said, "She would do that for YOU?!?" E-mail me if anyone else got one. Got to go buy two frames now. I don't know what to do with cd though. I will never open it though!

    Update #1
    MC on Later Today
    Taryn told me that she saw on rockontv.com that Mariah will be on Later Today on 7/26/2000. It's suppose to be about Camp Mariah. I went and looked it up on clicktv.com and sure enough, she will. Here is the results!
    Later Today
    Type: Talk Show
    Duration: 1 hr
    Description: Scheduled: children and prescription drugs; clothes that flatter; money expert Jean Chatzky; Mariah Carey's summer camp. (In Stereo)
    Airing: Wed 7/26/00 9:00am 10 WCAU Remind Me

    Megan told me that MC is LOSING to Britney and Christina at the Teen Choice Awards. Please go vote for her!

    Billboard Article
    Tom sent me this article about Junior Vasquez from the July 15th issue of Billboard. It seems that he is released a new cd, which might have the Heartbreaker Remix on it :)
    Life As A Drama: Twelve months ago, club punters and industry veterans alike were labeling veteran DJ/remixer/producer Junior Vasquez a has-been. In fact, we'll never forget the phone call we received one day last August. Amid all the rumors circulating about Vasquez's "early retirement," which had tentatively been "scheduled" for Jan. 1, 2000, one label executive, who shall remain anonymous, called to give us his take on Vasquez: "His career is over. Period." Rough words, indeed. The problem was, they rang true. At the time, his remixes and productions were sounding too similar, and his DJ sets at New York's Twilo club were bordering on lackluster. As for his days collaborating with superstars like Madonna and Cher; well, they were yesterday's headlines.
    But then his remix of Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker"/"If You Should Ever Be Lonely" surfaced during the last days of summer, and all of clubland was turned inside out. Without question, Vasquez was back with a feisty vengeance.
    Further on down in the article, it says:
    When Vasquez and I spoke recently, he said he was putting the final touches on a new two-disc, beat mixed compilation, "Junior Vasquez Live At Twilo," which is scheduled to street Aug. 29.

    Bye Bye Sony
    Jessie told me that MC was on the FOX news this morning in a segment called, "Bye Bye Sony!" Apparently Mariah is leaving Sony and is talking with Arista and other labels for one of the biggest record contracts ever! The reporters had really nice things to say about Mariah too! One thing was that "Well she certainly deserves it & she's a phenomanal record seller, she has a huge fan base, and she has proven to be a staple artist"!

    Fox News Article
    Jessica sent me the article from the foxnews website.
    Carey, according to my sources, has been negotiating quietly with a couple of different labels and should announce, shortly, a megadeal. I know that among the labels she's talked to are Arista, Clive Davis' new unnamed label, Warners, DreamWorks and Elektra Records.

    One sign that Mariah's life at Sony is over is her Web site. The Sony-backed site had been carrying Mariah's audio messages to her fans. That was until this column reported that Carey had left a message on May 26 complaining about politics at the record company and alluding to executives trying to do her in. A subsequent message was left on June 5, but after that the messages stopped. Now it seems that Carey's site has been stripped of everything but song samples from her last album, Rainbow.

    A rep for Carey says that the singer plans to add a new message this week, although where she's going to put it is anyone's guess. Currently when you click on the news portion of her site, all that comes up is a come-on to fans to add their names to Sony's database. Calls to the editor of the Columbia Records Web site were not returned.

    Carey is currently finishing up her final Sony recording, called Glitter, which is supposed to be a soundtrack to a movie of the same name. The film, which was to have gone into production on July 3, directed by Vondie Curtis Hall, is in limbo.

    Twist No Way Magazine
    Michelle told me there is a tiny mention of Mariah in Twist No Way Magazine on page 23 and it reads:
    24. Before Mariah Carey became "Mariah," she spent an unhappy stint as the person who sweeps up hair at a salon. "The manager wanted me to call myself 'Echo,' so I said I had to make a phone call and I never went back," she says.

    Thanks--Pic O' Week
    magicgirl25@webtv.net made me a new Pic O' Week pic for my main page and it's really cute! I just wanted to thank her and she would like all of you to visit her site:
    butterfly*s on a rainbow

    Joe Mentions MC
    Melissa mentioned Mariah in an interview 2 days ago with Z90, a radio station in San Diego CA. After they played "TGIF/Make It Last" remix the DJ asked him about MC:
    DJ: "So, how was it working with a bombshell like Mariah Carey?"
    Joe: "It was sweet, Mariah is a wonderful person. I really enjoyed collaborating with her and Nas"

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah
    My name is Jimmy Do. I have this news about Mariah in this little commerical I saw today. I think this commercial is only for people that live in California. If have happen to have seen a commercial for Brymen College where the setting is at a Cd store then your in luck! If u pay attention in the begining and look in the background you will see a whole section of Mariah's Rainbow Cd. i thought this would be useful to know because this is kind of promoting sales for her.
    Hey Regina, just wanted to tell you that i had the WEIRDEST Day, i was in the mall in Sam Goody, and i heard them playing CTTA! Then i was in my local pizza place and i heard CTTA AGAIN! I was like, 2wice in 1 day?? It was weird, then when we were driving, i heard in another lady's car, she was listening to CTTA! so we were at a traffic light and i asked her what station it was on, but she said it was a CD! Then i went to a CVS near my house, they just finished playing Mandy Moore and i was about to leave but then i heard CTTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course i stayed and listened to it! i never got a chance to know what radio station it was, though :( THEN i went to some meat store thing and they played Hero! That was my day yesterday! Cool or what?!

    July 12, 2000...
    MClogo Pics
    Okay sorry for the delay of news, here we go. I announced earlier on this page that today I would be adding 7 new pics from Mia. Well it turned out to be 16 news pics today, I believe. They are all amazing and you can check them out in Mia's own little section, "Mia's Toronto Pics!"

    July 25th-August 1st
    Well I don't know if we can pull this off. Some feel that it won't make a difference and that people won't buy an album they already have. I will buy Rainbow again and if you all feel it is worth pulling Mariah back up on the Billboard Hot 200, then I say we do it! Who can't fork up maybe $12 to buy a new cd? So let me know what you all think :) By the way, this WHOLE IDEA is Matt's idea! I did not come with it, so thanks Matt!!!!!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah
    Shawna: Last night I was at a rstaurant in my town called Dino's with my boyfriend last night and they always have sort of an easy listening/light rock station on in there that plays lots of love songs. Anyway, I was sitting there waiting for my food, when what happens to come on but "Hero". It was really cool!!! =)
    Hey Regina....here are some things that happened to all in the same day! When I went to Sam Goody at the mall, they were playing One Sweet Day. When I wen to Boston Market for lunch, they were playing I Still Believe When I went to Wal-Mart, they were playing Always Be My Baby When I went to K-Mart, they were playing Fantasy When I went to Borders, they were playing Crybaby And when I went to Pizza Hut, they had a jukebox and had 6 MC songs-Heartbreaker, Heartbreaker Remix, TGIFY, TGIFY (celebratory remix), CTTA and Crybaby! I had quarters, so I played every single MC song!!!! -Weird, huh?
    so i was at the bank again and i was trying to figure out another song. this time it was whitney and i was like oh is it i will always love you. and it wasnt. then i was all oh its heartbreak hotel. but THEN i realized it was when u believe!!! by the way we listen to like a lite rock radio (i dont know if i mentioned that!)
    hey regina!! ok well i was at work at my bank right? and they play music like on the other side of the room and its very faint in the teller section. when its really quiet with no customers u can hear but not usually. anyways sometimes i hear the melody and cant pick it out. but anyways today i was like I KNOW THIS SONG u know and i listened and then i heard" and i will reminisce" or whatever from FOREVER! i like had to count my ones like ten time because i was like singing in my head! lol anyways just thought id share!
    Hey Regina, I was walking through the mall today and they were playing "Forever" on the loud-speaker through the whole place! Then I went to CVS and "Whenever You Call" (with Brian McKnight) was playing, and in Contempo Casuals, the CTTA dance mix was on! I was like, wow this mall really likes Mariah! :) And I also noticed at Record Town, CTTA was # 3 for the singles! Go MC!

    My Story
    You can still send in your stories to InfoMC@aol.com for the new page on this site. There are several up already :)

    Vote for this Site
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    Jenny Jones
    VirtuKitty told me MC was mentioned on Jenny Jones today. A girl named Maiko came on and said she could sing better than Whitney Housten and had more sex appeal than Mariah Carey. Then Jenny said, "Does she really think that? Those are the top two singers in the world!"

    All That Glitters--Reg What's Going On?!?
    I don't know and neither do you. Bree reports that Mariah has flown to Toronto with her crew Sunday night to begin production of All That Glitters. We were told production would start on July 24th in Toronto and now Art tells me that Power106 reports that production will start in August 2000. So who's right? Well I would believe Bree and us over the radio station on because Mariah's Management is feeding the information directly! Hopefully, wherever MC and the gang are, they are well and everything is going as planned :) Oh and NO I don't know where in Toronto Mariah is filming! Sorry guys!

    Da Brat Makes Big-Screen Debut (Wall Of sound)
    Thanks to Isa for this info:
    Tuesday July 11 08:47 PM EDT
    Chicago rap star Da Brat is getting ready to make her silver-screen debut, opposite Mariah Carey, no less. Variety reports that the two will be starring in All That Glitters, a Cinderella story about a singer who scales the heights of stardom after a rough childhood, based loosely on Carey's own life. Da Brat, alias Shawntae Harris, plays one of Carey's best friends — a part she tells Variety she was born to play, baby.

    "[This role] is something I've wanted and worked hard for [during] the last two years, and this is even better because of my friendship with Mariah," says Da Brat. "I know the chemistry between the two of us on-screen will be real." The film is scheduled to begin shooting July 24 in Toronto.

    *** Da Brat, Carey to star in film
    LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Rap star Da Brat is set to make her big-screen debut opposite pop diva Mariah Carey in "All That Glitters," to be helmed by actor-turned-director Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Gridlock'd"). Da Brat will play Louise, one of Carey's best friends, in the project that is based loosely on Carey's life. "Glitters" is a rags-to-riches story about a singer's rise to the top from a childhood spent in foster homes.

    Way to Go Luis!
    Karina (love the name) from Argentina told me that she is a huge fan of Luis (aka Micky). She said that Luis is nominated in FOUR categories at the Grammy's:

  • Best song of the year
  • Best pop album
  • Best male performance
  • Best album of the year
    I sure hope Luis wins :)

    July 11, 2000...
    MClogo EXCLUSIVE New Pics!
    Okay before I talk about the pics, let me first say this. Xoom is having some problems. When I went to check the pics out, to make sure they worked, I got a blue screen with "Could Not Connect." Xoom is NOT down! All you have to do, is right click on the page and hit "refresh!" The page should load up and if it doesn't, try again. Sorry for the problems!

    Now, about the new pics. First off, Mia sent me 7 BEAUTIFUL pics of MC taken from the front row of the Toronto concert. She is sending me 7 more tonight, so I should have the rest up by tomorrow. Mia has her own section called, "Mia's Toronto Pics" and TRUST ME, they are worth seeing!!!! Also, there is a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN pic of MC :) Ha ha, This picture actually has a story behind it and thanks to Sean for sending it to me. Here is the story from Sean!
    I live in New York, you see. One of my classmates has a brother, that brother sopposedly knows a son of Tommy Motolla (from his first marriage). He was upstate with them one day, which is where the pic was taken I guess. I have seen others like it online but not this actual picture. My classmate might be lying. I doubt it though, I said I didnt believe him, then he brough in the actual photo as proof. Other classmates tried to grab it (which is why there are creases above Mariah). I borrowed it and scanned it, and here it is.

    New Title Gif
    I made the new NEWS Title Gif last night and I hope you all like it. I am going through a really hard test in my life right now and hopefully, I can make it through it! So I created the above graphic since the song has such a beautiful meaning to it.

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    Your Mariah Story
    Well a lot of you sent me your entrees and the page is starting to become pretty big, in fact! Anyone can send in their entrees to infomc@aol.com or visit the page for more information and to read people's stories!

    Madonna & Mariah
    Okay, it seems that when Madonna replied yesterday about Mariah Carey that it was all a joke :( Lisa and Jason, two big Madonna fans, wrote me and told me the truth behind this whole matter:
    On your site I see in the news you have something about Madonna praising Mariah...see I'm apart of her fan club as well and what she said about Mariah being the most influential was thought to have been a joke, I'm afraid. Madonna in the last century was influenced by Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis...(basically all the people in her song "Vogue", and a few others). By the way, the question was not who she admired most (that would probably be her dead mom, her father or someone seriously important to her) the question was who she thought was the most influential woman of the last century. By the way, Madonna NEVER said she would kill herself if she was Mariah,she said if she had to sing her music she would. She said that when Mariah was very popular with "Daydream", because Mariah's music then that was released to radio was a lot of stuff Madonna did in her earlier days, and Madonna had moved on since then, her music wasn't like that anymore. That's why she said it. Even Madonna hates "Material Girl" now. By the way, Madonna also around the same time ('96) said she thought Mariah was a great singer, I have it in a magazine article. Just wanted to clear that up...as a fan of both it just pisses me off when people compare and things, but I just wanted to let you know that most Madonna fans I know thought what she said in her new ICON magazine was a joke, because Madonna idolizes people who are major Icons. Plus, in the answer all it said was "Mariah Carey", there was no explanation. That's why it's thought to be a joke. I don't know where the person that told you about it got the information that Madonna said she liked Mariah because she had the guts...etc that was on the site. I've never heard her say it and it wasn't in the magazine. Well, I guess you never know, huh? Madonna likes to keep us guessing. Madonna doesn't hate or hold grudges though, as she said, so either way, I just wish people would get off the "Madonna hates Mariah" thing. If I ever had the chance to meet Madonna I'd probably ask her what she really thought of Mariah to clear it up, haha. Talk to ya later. Sorry this letter's so long, I tend to write novels=)
    Lisa Reply 2
    Well, people are talking about it on the Mariah AOL board now, someone posted what was on your site. This is what another Mariah and Madonna fan who gets the magazine said, along with my response:
    Madonna was joking. Take it, LisaAnn.
    Thank you. I just got done emailing Wildcat about how I think she was misunderstood, lol. I read your message first to see if you said what I am about to post. First off, for those who don't know, this is what was said in Madonna's fan magazine...fans sent Madonna questions and her spokesperson that has a column in there that always writes about Madonna (she's always with her for everything) was taking these q's and answering them, so here's the question and the answer:
    Question: "Who is the one female Madonna feels has most influenced women in the last century?"
    Answer: Mariah Carey
    Come on, everyone knows it's a joke. By the way, Wildcat reported that whoever told her about it said that Madonna said something else about her, and she did not say anything else besides what is above.
    Hello Regina, I want to clear up something about this Madonna vs. Mariah debate. First of all, Madonna NEVER said that she would "kill herself" if she was Mariah. People keep changing the words around. In an interview, someone asked Madonna the question, "do you ever see yourself singing silly pop songs like Mariah Carey?" Madonna's response, "I would kill myself." Instead, people changed it all around and made it look like Madonna said that she would kill herself if she was Mariah.
    I am a huge Madonna fan. I know a lot about her and the rumors that surround her. I do not know the real stories about her badmouthing Mariah. There are too many rumors. So as Mariah fans, we should not believe that they are true just because they are directed at Mariah. Mariah gets her fair share of rumors as well.
    I am a member of Madonna's Official Fan Club--ICON. In the most recent ICON magazine issue, there is in fact a Mariah-related question directed to "The Validator"--Madonna's spokeswoman. Fans were asked to submit questions to Madonna's spokeswoman. The question that was asked is, "who is the one female Madonna feels has most influenced women in the last century?" "The Validator's" response, "Mariah Carey." I have the ICON magazine right here in my hand. I'm typing this for you. Madonna did not say this. Madonna's spokeswoman answered the question on behalf of Madonna. So, does Madonna really think Mariah has most inspired women? Who knows. I think it could have just been a sarcastic remark.
    Goeff, the person who wrote in about this situation to your site was misinformed. Madonna does not go on to say that, "she liked Mariah because MC had the guts to do what she wanted to do and because she didn't listen to other people or let others control her career." That is NOWHERE in the magazine. At least I don't see it anywhere!

    Sisqo's Shakedown
    Jeff and Justin both told me that the Fantasy remix was played on Sisquo's Shakedown on MTV yesterday.

    Luis Nominated for Grammy
    Ashley, Jennifer and a couple other people told me that Luis is nominated for a Latin grammy. I wonder if MC will escort him to the Grammies :)
    Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
    "Dímelo (I Need To Know)," Marc Anthony (Columbia Records)
    "Quiéreme," Alejandro Fernández (Sony Discos)
    "Bella (She's All I Ever Had)," Ricky Martin (Columbia Records)
    "Tu Mirada," Luis Miguel (WEA Latina)
    "Fruta Fresca," Carlos Vives (EMI-Latin)

    VH1 Rock of Ages
    Dan told me that MC was mentioned on the VH1 Rock of Ages show last night:
    hi regina, I was just watching VH1 Rock of Ages (I think it was some kind of special episode). This guy was pretending to be a rockstar merchandise seller and he was calling up big record companies and offering them some new ideas for merchandise. He called up Columbia Records to offer Mariah Carey merchandise, and they showed MC singing Someday with the really really high notes. This guy said, "How about the Mariah Carey Dog Whistle?" haha

    Star 102.5
    Kristen told me that she e-mailed Rob Lucas at Star102.5 and he said that their music research people have been checking out the song CTTA for awhile and he said that if more people request this song, he'll play it. SO HEY, you know what to do :) E-mail Rob below but send MILLIONS of e-mail to this guy cause he'll just get mad!

    ATTENTION ALL MARIAH FANS! I Sarah Presedent of Fly Away With Mariah News Letter also Vic Presedent Greg, would like to let you all know that WE are making a book FOR MARIAH only, with all your fan letters in them... if you would like to tell Mariah how u feel about her; PLEASE E-mail me your letters, and i will print them out, and put them in a book i am making! please do this... i need more letters, and MARIAH would love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME! Sarah })i({Presedent of Fly Away With Mariah })i({
    E-mail Sarah at MaRiAhC2oo2@aol.com

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!
    Hey there Reg!! It's me T.J. up in the house!! Well anyways, just thought I might share my lil story wit ya! Well, I'm the assistant manager of a shoe store, I know, just call me Al Bundy and laugh all you want, well anyways, it was about an hour till we closed and it had been kind of slow all day, so there wasn't anyone in the store except for me and the girl that was working with me, Monica. Well she told me we should play some music, so I figured, well there is no one in here so what the hell! So I went and got the radio out the back and popped in some MC music. Well just as soon as I did that, we had a mad rush of people who all of a sudden decided they couldn't live without some shoes! So while all these people were in there, I noticed quite a few of them mouthing the words to MC's songs! And there was even this old lady who started to TRY to dance, hehe, it was sooo funny!!! Well I think by the time everyone left, we had probably made at least one more MC fan!! I think maybe from now on I might just play Mariah an hour before we close every night infact!!
    Well, I saw CTTA again. This time, it was in the subway(or more commonly known here as the MRT)!!! Some train stations have huge TV screens where they rotate videos and I saw CTTA. It was really cool cos' its been a long time since I saw a Mariah video in the subway. Of cours I was really excited. Well, I went shopping and I came back to the same station. And guess what??? They played CTTA again!!!Twice in 1 hour!!How cool is that.
    This is a really cool idea because lot of people ride the subway everyday and they're bound to see CTTA cos' its in heavy rotation. Just wanted to let you know. Unfortunately, 'Crybaby' hasn't really caught on here in Singapore. 1 top radio stattion has the single in average rotation but another station doesn't seem to have it. I keep requesting like mad but they always say they dun have it. Maybe there's something wrong with Sony Asia too....
    This morning, I was on my way to the hospital. I go three times a week for respiratory therapy. I was having a bad day when all of a sudden I hear "Hero" playing on the radio. It put a smile on my face and reminded me that anything is possible, in life, if you put your heart and soul into it. And no matter how tough life can get to keep on pushing yourself to reach your goals.
    Don't know who sent this:
    regina the other day i was flipping through the channels and on VH1 they were playing CTTA! then i went for icecream that night and the icecream place was playing "One Sweet Day"!
    That on the radio today I heard love hangover with Diana ross singing. It was cool though but I like Mariah's version better.

    Buy Rainbow-July 25th
    Okay we are doing this. I think it is better if we go for the week of July 25th rather then July 18th, so we have more time to plan it. Rainbow only spent 33 weeks on the Billboard 200 and it's about to fly off soon. So, as Mariah fans, we have to show Sony that we still have power! Everyone buy a copy of Rainbow sometime between July 25-August 1, 2000! We need everyone to help out here, so PLEASE buy a copy of the Rainbow CD between this date!!!

    Christina A. sings VOL
    Josh told me that if you watched the Rainkin Files all the way through they showed Christina singing "Vision Of Love" as a little girl in some contest I guess.

    MC nominated twice
    Okay, it felt like hundreds of you wrote in and told me this, hee hee! Mariah is nominated for TWO AWARDS at this years teen awards. So vote for her at BOTH spots!

    Da Brat one of the 'Glitter' gals
    Thanks to Isa for this article!
    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- Rap star Da Brat is set to make her big-screen debut opposite pop diva Mariah Carey in Columbia Pictures' feature "All That Glitters," to be helmed by actor-turned-director Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Gridlock'd"). The project is slated to begin shooting in Toronto on July 24.
    Da Brat will play Louise, one of Carey's best friends, in the project that is loosely based on Carey's life. "Glitters," written by Kate Lanier ("Set It Off," "What's Love Got to Do With It"), is a rags-to-riches story about a singer's rise to the top from a childhood spent in foster homes. Columbia-based producer Laurence Mark will produce.
    "I'm really excited to land this role in this particular movie," Da Brat, 25, said. "It is something I've wanted and worked hard for the last two years, and this is even better because of my friendship with Mariah. I know the chemistry between the two of us on screen will be real. I hope this opens a lot of doors for me and allows some important people in the movie industry to see what I'm capable of outside the rap world."
    Know for her big shirts, baggy jeans and wild braids, Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, is a Chicago native who was thrust into the limelight in 1994 with her debut album, "Funkdafied," which sold more than 1 million copies. Da Brat's sophomore effort, "Anutha Tantrum," followed in 1996. After a three-year hiatus, Da Brat re-emerged this year with "Unrestricted," which has sold more than 645,000 copies.

    Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart
    Mark let me know that MC climbed 4 places in the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart from #25 to #21!

    July 10, 2000...
    MClogo My Mariah Story
    Well only two people sent me in their Mariah Story. I went back and read how I wrote it and no wonder why. This new section on the site is about YOUR Mariah Story! How Mariah has touched your life/inspired you! Jill visits the Mariah4 websites and ya never know, maybe someday MC could see this page! I am NOT saying she will though but it's nice to share how Mariah has changed your life with all Mariah fans! So please, everyone send in your stories to InfoMC@aol.com and visit the page below!

    Magazine News
    Well I knew this information on Friday but I kep forgetting to add it! Mariah is in the National Enquirer (thanks Michelle for reminding me) July 18th issue. She is on the opposite site of the cover about saving a seagull. The title says, "Big Hearted Mariah Carey Takes Seagull Under Her Wing!" It talks about how Mariah saved a seagull and called him Charlie :) There are two pics. One of MC in the white bathing suit and one of Jack and her swimming! It's a nice article so everyone go and get it :) Also, MC is in Entertainment Teen It's a pic of her from the Blockbuster Awards and there is a nice article about her and her charities saying:
    Mariah Carey: Camp Mariah!
    The star founded Camp mariah to benifit inner-city kids. "We take underpriveleged kids from inner cities and let them stay at camps in the country, or with host families, where they will see a different environment," says Mariah. "Many of these kids have never been out of their neighborhoods before and I have met so many people who have said that it changed their lives. In fact, some of my backup singers are kids who have stayed with host families every summer for eight or so years."
    Mariah also made a very generous gesture overseas. She donated all of the royalities from the United Kingdom sales of Rainbow to the Rainbow Trust, a British organization that looks after children with life threatening or terminal illnesses. "I heard about the organization a while ago and I decided that I would like to do something to help them," she says!"

    Doesn't Mariah have a heart of gold? She is so sweet and so kind and I didn't know about the United Kingdom. Anyhow though, moving along, Michelle filled me in about the Twist Special No Way Magazine! Mariah is on page 70 in a segment called 'They Wore What?!' and they show Mariah in her green dress at the '99 Billboard Awards. They have a little caption that says 'Is that Mariah Carey-or Mariah Scary?' Finally, Mariah is in the July 17th issue of People Magazine Megan told me there is a small pic of her in a while tank top that says, "I Love You" on it and the article is about how shirts with word message on them are coming back!

    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!
    A lot of you are writing me your little stories and telling me how you really like this section! So hey, let's keep it going, in fact! :)
    I was watching TV with my mom and we were flipping through the channels and we came to the local public access channel and they were showing some upcoming city events and Mariah's "Dreamlover" was the song that was playing! I wouldn't let my mom change the channel 'til the song was over!
    Hi, Regina! Today I headed to Burger King and just as I was sitting down "Always Be My Baby" started playing on the radio. I started singing along eventhough everybody was looking at me, but I didn't care. Then, there was a guy ordering his food who started singing along with me. The whole thing was really cool and I've been happy the rest of the day! :)
    Regina, A couple weeks ago I heard CTTA at Meijer--I heard the beginning and didn't even even recognize it but then she started singing and it was great. I've heard it a few times since then there. And this is my favorite-- a couple months ago I walked into Marsh and Underneath the Stars came on. I was so happy. I was just walking through the grocery store, singing away. I guess grocery stores have better taste in music than radio stations! It's too bad that doesn't count for airplay...
    hey reg, well, since everybody else is telling you about their stories, i'll tell you mine. well first i heard CTTA on a popular r&b/hip hop station in San Diego called Jam 'n z 90 (90.3), so i called them and requested it again, and they said that the request lines for that song are increasing!!! then, i went to wal-mart, and i heard OSD over the speakers. Lastly, i went to Vons supermarket, and heard "Always be my Baby" over the speakers, so i guess today was a good mariah day. Oh, also, when i called 90.3, i told them that it was my b-day, and they said that they will try to play CTTA more often today as a birthday present to me. I was so HAPPY!
    Ok..I have 3 stories. The 1st happened today when I was in McRaes we walked in and the 1st thing I heard was Always Be My Baby being played and I told my mom and she was like ok why should I care! And then when I went into Camelot they were playing the whole Rainbow cd, the peopl who work there said they choose a cd a day to play and they said today they choose Rainbow and that they really like it. And last but not least I was in Wal-Mart last week and they played I Don't Wanna Cry and Can't Take That Away back to back!
    Today I was walking around at the Spring Valley Swap Meet here in San Diego, California and they were playing "Without You" by the Diva herself Ms. Mariah Carey. My cousin and I just started singing loudly and people were just staring at us.

    Mission Makeover
    Well I saw half of the Mission Makeover and at the end they did show Tonjua ago and it said, "Dedicated to Tonjua Twist!" How sad :(

    MTV F*ckups
    Okay I watched it yesterday and I wanted to say the person who was interviewing Mariah was Tabitha Soren. That was a huge interview back in 1997 and I am guessing that Tabitha asked something personal about Mariah and the mangement stepped in and told MC not to answer it or something and Tabitha lost it. She said how it was really rude to just interrupt her like that and that she was tired of dealing with those people. She also went on to say she went through he** for weeks over this f***king interview and they wern't going to restrict her now. The camera went to MC and she rolled her eyes to the right and said, "OKAY" softly! When Tabitha was talking to the people behind her, MC said something along the lines on can't we just finish the interview calmly?

    Soundscan US Top 20
    Thanks to my buddy Isabelle for this next info:
    # 2 (Last week #3) MARIAH CAREY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY
    Bad News
    Jam Showbiz
    Canada: The National Top 50 (Singles Sales)
    15 JULY, 2000 (FOR THE WEEK ENDING 08 JULY, 2000)
    #14 (Last week #4) CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY (MARIAH'
    #48 (Last week #22) AGAINST ALL ODDS

    City of Angels
    Honey11682 told me the following:
    Well the other night on the show "City Of Angels" they had this little girl who needed to have surgery, and she didn't want it, because she wanted to be a mode when she would get older and it would leave a scar, well anyways, she was reading a magazine and they kept showing pics of Mariah...then the little girl said to the doctor "Do you think she's pretty?" and she held up a picture of Mariah. Cool :-)

    Rainbow Album--Buy July 18th?
    Okay who sent this to me, cause I lost your info! Anyhow though, someone wrote to me and said that all MC's fans should pick a date to go out and buy another copy of the Rainbow Album. By doing this, we are proving to Sony that MC is still loved, etc. The person suggested that U.S. fans buy the album on Tuesday 7/18/2000! To do this, we have to all collectivly support this. I'll do it, no doubt! Rainbow is my favorite cd but it would have to be a lot of people buying it to make a different. We don't want Rainbow to slip off the Billboard Charts after only 33 weeks! So what do you think? Go for it or not! Feel free to start up a section on the Messageboard about it! I'll be checking that out a lot to see what you all think!

    Geoff told me that in the latest Rolling Stone magazine, Christina mentioned Mariah. Christina says that she is working on melodies and lyrics for songs for her next album. She said that one of the songs sounds similar to "Vanishing" from Mariah's first album.

    WOW, Madonna Praises Mariah
    I was SHOCKED when I read this! For years now, Madonna has been badmouthing Mariah saying that if she was Mariah, she would kill herself, etc. Geoff told me that his friend William is a HUGE Madonna fan and is part of Madonna's fan club. Madonna's fan club members-called Icon-can write into the magazine and ask Madonna questions. In the most recent issue, one fan wrote in and asked who she admired the most and Madonna replied saying Mariah Carey. She said something to the affect that she liked Mariah because MC had the guts to do what she wanted to do and because she didn't listen to other people or let others control her career. I thought that was pretty cool too.

    Teen Choice Awards
    Liz wanted me to post this for all of you to read:
    As most of you know the Teen Choice Awards are coming up and this year Mariah is only nominated FOR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! So I think that we, as Mariah fans, must come together and make this one award Mariah's. It is up for "Most Romantic Song", "Thank God I Found You" was the song that was nominated. To vote go to www.seventeen.com, fill out a small form, and vote. It's that simple! Do it for Mariah!

    July 9, 2000...
    MClogo Updates!

  • New Quote of the Week
  • New Pic of the Week
  • New Pics:
    I added five new pics to Gallery 31 today. The first four, Isa sent to me. I have seen them before but I never put them in the Galleries and they are nice pics. The last one is from my fellow webmaster, Will Ward of Mariah World News! It's a nice new pic!

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    How did MC touch you?!?
    I have started a new section on the webpage! It's called, "My Mariah Story, In Fact!" Everyone can send in their entrees to InfoMC@aol.com only! Please do not send to my normal screen name, WildCatHG! The page is in early production but you can check it out by clicking the pic below!

    MTV F*ckups
    Nancy told me that Mariah was part of MTV's latest show, "MTV F*ckups!" I found out the show reairs tonight at 6 pm EST and if you get this news too late, there are two other times it reairs this week and you can see those times in Important Dates (the show is 1 hour long!) Here is what Nancy told me:
    there was an mtv vj (a girl) that was interviewing mariah and someone interrupted her (the vj) and she got SOOO PISSED. and she was like "thats f*cking rude" and mariah was really uncomfortable and she said, "lets get through this calmly ok?" but the vj girl kept yelling at the other person. when she finally turned back to mariah, mariah was looking away and she mouthed "ok" like she felt out of place. also, they were showing celebrities fawning over their hair and they showed mariah getting primped right before the las Vegas show on her spring break special.

    Do You Hear What I hear? It's Mariah
    Also, a few days ago at a game room at the mall, two Mariah songs were played back to back. They played Dreamlover and then Hero. I heard "Crybaby" on the radio for the first time on 93.7 WBLK. That's the only station that is playing it though. Kiss 98.5 is our biggest station here and I checked the playlist and Mariah still isn't on it. They play the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync every hour and I'm getting sick of them. Maybe they'll add CTTA and Crybaby soon if there's a lot of requests for them. Well, that's it for now.
    Yesterday, I was at the Chula Vista Mall in San Diego heading into the movie theater and they were playing "Someday."
    I wrote this in my review for the Boston concert I think. My friends and I arrived at Burger King around 4:30 and "Sweetheart" was playing. This was the day of the Boston concert, April 13. After that I heard "When You Believe." The people at Burger King played the #1's CD all the way through. Of course we left right after I Still Believe was over. That was a good way to start the night of my life.

    Donna & Marie
    Justin told me the following:
    Last night I was flipping through channels and I came to Donny and Marie and they had a Fingernail artist to the stars and they said that she currently worked with Mariah Carey on her Rainbow Tour they showed a pic. of MC and then brought the lady out and she said that Mariah invited her to her Paris concert to do her nails. They showed the Rainbow Cd and said that there is a color of fingernail polish that is called Rainbow that Mariah likes. Just thought I would let u know that little tidbit in fact!

    Magazine News

  • J-14 (August 2000)
    Lauren and Moneira told me that MC is in this magazine. Lauren typed it out for me and here is what the article said (Small pic included!)
    Q. My nail polish chips after one day. Why?
    A. Do you use a top coat? That Helps seal the deal. Or your polish may need replacing. Try the long lasting Lippmann collection's "Satin Doll,"$15, Lippmanncollection.com. Star manicurist Deborah Lippmann custom designed it for Mariah Carey. "Mariah was looking for a different color. This sheer, silvered beige color can be worn with any outfit," says Littmann.
  • Twist Special No Way Magazine
    Thanks to Michelle for this info! That's all I know about it though!

    Rainbow CD
    Here is what Matt told me! I don't know if any of you want to do it but hey you can buy a new Rainbow CD for maybe your cdman or something. Hee hee...
    Regina! Do you remember me? my address? I e-mailed you a while back about some cool facts about Mariah..... and her music...anyways we have a situation that you and your friends at Mariah 4 have the power to change...:) As we all know Mariah is getting no promotion from her record label and we must prove to Sony and to ourselves that we don't need SONY to continue Mariah success. Eventhough Rainbow as went 3X platinum which is a huge feat in it self we need to do much better...if everyone could buy a least one more copy for themselves or for a friend that would help her sales so much..I understand that some people might not want to or that does not have the money but every one copy bought will help....Rainbow is about to slip out of the Billboard 200 at only 33 weeks the lowest amount of weeks for any Mariah ablum!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your crew have the power to make sure that the GOLD at the end of the Rainbow is enough to shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Request Page
    Kristen made a request page for Mariah in Buffalo. Check it out if you like:

    CTTA in Singapore
    Zaki told me how CTTA was played after a touching episode of Ally MCBeal! Check out below to find out more about this:
    My name is Zaki and I live in Singapore. Just want to tell you something really nice happenned. Anyway, the main TV station in Singapore, TCS5, is showing the third season in 'Ally Mcbeal'. In one particular episode, 'Billy' was just diagnosed with a brain tumour just before the episode ended. Right after the episode ended, TCS5 shoed the video of CTTA. It was so sweet and inspiring and I thought they played it at a really good time.
    Then, the week after, Billy died in the courtroom telling All that heloved her. She cried a lot afterwards and kept telling Billy they couldn't take him away from her. They had the funeral and it was so sad. And u know what??? They played the video of CTTA immediately after the episode again. It was so inspiring, and my sister and I felt much better about Billy's death after they played CTTA. It was such a sweet gesture and considering that MC's videos are not in heavy rotation in Singapore, the video is getting much more exposure. The single is doing really well in Singapore radio so that's good news.

    CTTA in Canada on MuchMoreMusic
    Shaun told me that CTTA is starting to be played a lot on MuchMoreMusic in Canada.

    July 8, 2000...
    MClogo Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!
    Okay a lot of you really seem to like reading and sending in stories so here goes:
    Regina- I hear Mariah all the time at Wal-Mart where I work. They play "Butterfly", "Thank God I Found You", and "I Still Believe" quite a bit, in fact. :)
    the other day my family and i were at denny's, and just as we started to order "My all" came on over the speakers and my sister was like "oh nooo!" and i gasped and said to the waitress "do you hear that? its mariah!" and she was like "what??" and my mom was just shaking her head...it was great :O)
    Hi, Regina! This summer I'm volunteering at a dance/cheerleading summer camp and today was our weekly field trip to the bowling alley. While I was there bowling, the DJ played "Heartbreaker/ If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Junior's Heartbreaker Club Mix)". Everybody in the whole bowling alley started singing along. Also, one of the counselors wants to do a ballet dance with her group, and she's going to use CTTA as the song they do the dance to!
    Hi Regina I wanted to tell you something for DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR - IT´S MARIAH. Well, it´s kind of old, but anyway... it´s one year ago, when I had a summer job at a company for internet. At lunch time I used to go to Mc Donald´s - every day, in fact, because there wasn´t anything else to go. Well, and everytime I was at Mc Donald´s they were playing Mariah´s # 1´s album - every day !!!! They were playing it the whole time !!! How cool is that ?

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    My name is JOE!
    Well we all know that now! Jennifer let me know that Joe thanked Mariah on his album saying:
    Very special thanks to Mariah Carey for letting me experience a whole new level of superstardom. You are a legendary, and to the whole crew: Louise, Michael. Trey Lorenz (a.k.a) Baby Boy, Maryann and Trina.

    CTTA rose from #17 to #12 on the Billboard Dance Charts for July 15th, 2000. Thanks to Adam for this info!

    Katie told me she saw CTTA on VH1 yesterday morning at 9:30 am and wanted to let you all know it is still being played on VH1!! Good news :)

    Arizona's Republic!
    Maciej told me the following:
    Hey Regina, In The Arizona Republic (the biggest newspaper in Arizona) there is an entertainment section on Thursdays called The Rep:Entertainment Guide. This week's (July 6-12, 2000 on pg13) Top 10 List's Valley Singles are:
    1. Solo Me Importas Tu, Enrique Iglesias
    2. Can't Take That Away, Maria Carey (they misspelled her name)
    3. I Turn To You, Christina Aguilera
    4. Simple Kind of Life, No Doubt
    5. 3 Little Words, Nu Flavor
    6. Swear It Again, Westlife
    7. Shakles (Praise You), Mary Mary
    8. You Sang to Me, Marc Anthony
    9. Back Here, BBMAK
    10. Mirror, Mirror, M2M
    Source: Soundscan Inc.
    Their source is the Soundscan so it is realistic. I don't listen to the radio that much (I mostly play Mariah's and Enrique's CDs) and I haven't heard it here in Phoenix, but I did here CTTA in Sedona, AZ (beautifull place in the Red Mountains 90 mi from PHX) last Monday while standing in line at an ice-cream shop.

    Request MC
    Lori wrote to me and told me the following:
    Hey Reg, I just wanted to write you saying that I checked out a lot of radio webpages last night. I emailed a whole bunch of radio stations even my own home town requesting Can't Take That Away and if they play I'm sure people would start requesting it. Today I got 2 postive responses saying they will try to play it. One of them was all the in Washington, I believe. So could you let everyone know to keep requesting it all over. Some stations will be very surprised if you're like from Hawaii or something requesting it on their station. Of course do it individually. I just wanted to share that. One of Hawaii's station said they would try to play it. This gives me hope now. :)

    "D" sent the results thus far on who should play Dorothy:
    right now monica has 7.1%, janet has 13.9 %, brandy 9%, aaliyah 11.6, mary .08, lauryn 4.3, toni 3.5, jennifer 7.0, and MARIAH HAS 42.6%!

    German News
    Uwe sent me the lastest German Charts:
    Top 100: 33 (last week 32)
    VIVA Online Charts: 7 (3)
    VIVA-Text Readers Charts: 4 (6)
    German Web Charts: 17 (17)

    CTTA in Venezuela
    Adrian told me that CTTA is being played A LOT on their radio stations in Caracas Venezuela! Also, CTTA was "Video of the Week" 3 weeks ago :)

    Disney Channel
    Cooljustin12 and someone else told me they saw CTTA on the Disney Channel today. Justin told me you can vote for Mariah at the link before and help get her into the Top 5 Videos for their show that airs on Saturdays!

    July 7, 2000...
    MClogo Billboard Charts
    Ramsey told me that Crybaby is no longer in the Top 50 on Billboard 100..how sad!! However, he did tell me that "Mariah Carey" kept climbing on Billboard Charts 10 years ago from 80 to 41 to this week's 31!

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    Do You Hear What I Hear? It's Mariah!
    Look at that, I got my own story. Wal-Mart loves Mariah!! Hee hee, everytime I work in Pharmacy, I hear a Mariah song over the loud speaker, even TGIFY, Can't Let Go, Hero, OSD, etc. Well yesterday I was walking in and I heard OSD and it just brightened the rest of my day at work :)
    I live in Indiana and yesterday I was in a craft store called Hobby Lobby and over the little radio thing they played Without You. Cool, huh?
    hey Regina, I was at Subway today for lunch and I heard "Always Be My Baby" as I was paying for my food. It was so funny when I heard it cause the guy behind me started singing the "do do do da" part in the beginning and he had a really deep voice. I almost laughed out loud it was sooooo funny. Then I got in my car and had the CTTA/Crybaby single in my cd player and was listening to Crybaby as I got out of the parking lot and the guy that was behind me in line singing came up next to me and had Heartbreaker on!! How weird is that?
    Hi, a few days ago I was at my local mall and all throught the mall they played the Music Box cd! I was so happy (i was singing every song!). I found that a lil weird though! I didnt know they played cds throughout the mall!

    Say What?!?
    Tom told me that today on Say What Karaoke, one of the contestants was wearing MC's jeans but sadly she didn't make it to the performance round.

    Record Breakers
    Here is a little article I got from InfoBeat and it says that Britney ties with MC and Celine! Read below:
    LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Eminem continues to make his mark on the hip-hop world. The Grammy-winning rapper's sophomore album, "The Marshall Mathers LP," was certified for sales of 5 million units in its first Recording Industry Association of America audit. Only three other hip-hop albums have reached such high initial sales: Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 "Life After Death" (6 million) and 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" and "Greatest Hits" (5 million each). The RIAA awarded 12 multiplatinum, 13 platinum and 21 gold albums in June. In the Latin program, three discos de multiplatino (for 400,000 units), four discos de platino (for 200,000 units) and seven discos de oro (for 100,000 units) were awarded. Pop queen Britney Spears has tied the record for the fastest start by a female solo artist. Spears' Jive release "Oops!...I Did It Again" has sold 4 million copies in the United States, matching the initial certifications of Mariah Carey's 1995 "Daydream" and Celine Dion's 1998 release "Let's Talk About Love" and 1999 "All The Way...A Decade of Song."

    Lack O' News-More to Come...
    Well, sorry for the somewhat lack of news. I am going to Tower today, so I'll update later tonight and let you know if MC is in any new magazines for next week! Also, this weekend I will have pics of MC from the Toronto concert which were taken in the FRONT ROW! Can't wait to see them :) Till next time..TOOTLES!

    July 6, 2000...
    MClogo New Pics
    I did a BRAND NEW Painting last night, only my 2nd painting of MC. I added that and two other Mariah drawings I did yesterday. One is of MC/Luis and the other is a pic from the Pride Magazine. Let me know if ya like the painting or if I can improve it somehow cause it's oil paint, meaning I can correct it up to about 3 weeks. Also, I added a TON of new pics to Gallery 31. They are old, rare ones on MC that I got from my good buddy Lisa! Check all the new pics in Gallery 31!!

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    Mariah Mall
    Shih-Hung has created a site where you can find news, online shops and item intro at his new site called Mariah Mall. It is not fully done yet but you can surely check it out by clicking the link below:

    Luis on Seventeen
    Taryn was searching the Seventeen website and found some information on Luis, which MC is mentioned in!
    Luis Miguel
    411: Born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Mexico.
    Sold 35 million albums and earned four Grammys.
    Current CD: Amarte Es Un Placer (Loving You Is a Pleasure
    Sounds like: A young, sexy Frank Sinatra
    Bet you didn't know: He's Mariah Carey's current flame.

    Tom told me some things on MC:

  • I just got the July 1st issue of Billboard Magazine, and Can't Take That Away/ Crybaby is the #2 best selling single for the second straight week.
  • Two days ago, I was shopping at Sam Goody, and there they had 2 copies of Against All Odds! They were imported and pretty expensive, so I only bought one. I was shocked to even see any at all.
  • Also two days ago, it was about 12:30 A.M. and I was trying to go to sleep but I couldn't. So I decided to get up. As I was walking through my hallway, I heard the TV on in my parent's room, and some choral group was singing on it. They were singing America the Beautiful. Then all of a sudden, I heard them singing "And then a hero comes along..."! So I ran into the room and sure enough, it was the Air Force (or Navy, I'm not sure) Choral Group singing an America the Beautiful/Hero medley!!!! I asked my mom what it was for, and she said they were dedicating a Korean War Memorial. So I guess that Hero is now an American classic!!!

    Wizard O' Oz
    There is a poll on Billboard.com Ricardo said and you can vote on who you think should play Dorothy. Everyone, please go vote for MC. At the moment, she is in the lead :)

    "Do you hear what I hear? It's Mariah!"
    Yesterday, I added this new section to the site because people are always telling me where they hear MC while working, playing, shopping, etc. You got a story? Send it to me!
    just saw on your site you had a bit about hearing mariah, well i live in england and they don't really play that much mariah, anyways i'm at work (i work part time in a garden center zzzzzzzzz!!!) and i am on the till and i start singing hero my fav mariah song at the mo and what is the next song on the radio???? you got it hero!! I am watering these plants and singing away, i totally forget about the customers and the phone ringing cause i am just so happy they are playing it. After the song has ended i look round and my manager and other work mates are standing there laughing at me cause they know how much i love mariah it was so funny i just wanted to share it with you!!

    Magazine News
    POOH0196 told me that MC in in the new POP Magazine which Britney on the cover. I believe I saw this on and it's a little pic and article about Mariah's tour

    Derek Jeter=#42
    In People Weekly's New Issue, on stands now, they showcase the 50 most eligible bachelors and Derek Jeter is one of them. MC is mentioned in the article but I think that Derek striked out, NOT Mariah! Thanks to DivaLAtina79 for this info! Read below:
    AGE: 26
    HOMETOWN: New York City and Tampa
    PROFESSION: Pro baseball player
    WHAT HE'S LOOKING FOR: A woman who's "very independent, intelligent and generous."
    CAVEAT: He says that he's not ready for marriage. Yet.
    Anyone hoping to get to first base with the 6'3" New York Yankee should know this: You will first have to face Jeter's screening committee -- African-American dad Charles, 51, a drug-and-alcohol-abuse counselor, Irish-American mom Dorothy, 47, an accountant, and sister Sharlee, 20, a college student. "My dad is the easiest one," explains the soft-spoken, Michigan-raised shortstop, who receives an average of five crates of mail from mostly female fans every week. "Then you have to deal with my mom. Last is my sister. That's the hardest one. She is the most protective."
    Understandably. After all, her big bro is a three-time World Series champ who earns $10 million a year. He's a committed do-gooder who with his dad runs the charitable Turn 2 Foundation, which promotes healthy living among adolescents. Plus, the man Yankees coach Joe Torre once called "the coolest cat in town" is so discreet he's even managed to keep his lips zipped about former flame Mariah Carey.
    Boy, Mariah, did you strike out.
    Jeter will make an all-star husband, says close pal and fellow PEOPLE bachelor Alex Rodriguez, a Seattle Mariners shortstop: "If I had a daughter, Derek is the kind of guy that I would want [her] to marry."

    July 5, 2000...
    MClogo Important Dates/Magazines
    Okay I just added some more Important Dates and edited the Magazine list. If I missed any magazines that MC is in, please let me know. It's pretty updated list I think though. Also, to all webmasters and people who own newsletters, PLEASE do not just copy and paste my information in your newsletter or site without my permission or a link to this site. It takes a lot of time to search for MC on tv and to update that and it is pretty upsetting when people just take it and put it in their newsletter without asking! Thank you :)

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    "Do you hear what I hear? It's Mariah!"
    Okay this is a new section on this site. A lot of you are writing in and telling me where you heard Mariah while shopping, working, eating, etc. So hear goes:
    Hey Regina,I work at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida and its called Sweet Tomatoes. Its a salad buffet restaurant. Sunday i was working a double and i heard CTTA like 4 times in one day on the speaker system it was so cool!!!!!! I worked so good that day!!!! But thats not the only thing cool that happened!!!! At about 2:30 PM me and my friend Tammy went on our break and she is a really good singer!!!!! And guess what song came on again......CTTA!!!!!!! So my friend Tammy started to sing it out loud and everyone was in awe!!! A lot of customers were watching her and they clapped really loud when she was done!!! Go Mariah and Tammy!!!!!! I just think that was such a good day i that i needed to tell u about it!!!!
    hey just thought id tell ya i was in a mall strip called ontario mills here in southern cali and they were playing mariahs crybaby and today i was in petsmart and they were playing bliss!!!! thought it was interesting and also a tid bit of cool info me and mc were born on the same day, but i was born in '77 she born in '70..tehe
    Just wanted 2 say, that on Sunday at my church, they were honoring heroes, and when they had the heroes come up on stage, Pastor Tony (who is black & has a really good voice) sang Mariah's song "Hero" :-)
    and, today in jack in the box they had some 80's radio on & played mariah's "emotions" :-)

    Article on Mariah's Amazing Vocal Cords
    Okay, who sent me this cause I lost the information. ECK, sorry about that boo! Here is a nice article though talking about Mariah's voice :)
    Science World /93 !! INTERESTING ARTICLE !!
    Pitch Hitter
    Carey has the unique ability to scale octaves from bass to soprano. Her voice is also trained to increase power by breathing techniques. Vocal cords can become more flexible with training.
    The reception was slamming. The newlyweds had just completed their first dance. Now it was time for the deejay to drop a dime.
    "Here wo go," he said as he cued up a record. "This is from the voice of one extraordinary canary, Miss Mariah Carey, and she calls it 'Emotions.'"
    First came the funky bass, then the lovely soprano voice. Within seconds the dance floor was packed.
    "Did you hear the note that child just hit?" my partner asked as she twirled around. "She sings like an angel."
    "That's Mariah Carey," I responded.
    "Well, baby, she's got a voice that's made in heaven."
    I smiled. Had anyone other than my 70-year-old cousin Mollie made this comment, I simply would have agreed. But I couldn't let this slide. You see, Cousin Mollie only listens to opera signers like Luciano Pavarotti, Kathleen Battle, and that crew. But here she was giving it up for Mariah.
    Obviously Cousin Mollie was reading my mind.
    "Boy, don't look at me like that," Mollie said as she snapped her fingers. "That girl can saang! Cousin Mollie isn't the only person who thinks so. In 1990 Carey took the world by storm with her debut album. Now, three albums later, the 22-year-old soprano gets maximum respect from critics and music lovers alike. Her most valuable assets: a soulful delivery and an incredible four-and-a-half-octave range. Carey can hit notes so low they make you think of a tugboat horn, notes as high as the high note of a penny whistle, plus every note in between.
    The soul comes from Mariah's feelings about her music. The range comes from her ability to do things with her vocal cords that mere mortals just can't.
    Here's what we do have in common with Mariah: Whenever we sing - or speak - the sound comes from our vocal cords, leathery folds of tissue inside the voice box, or larynx, in the throat. As air passes up through the opening between the cords, they ripple, or vibrate, like flags flapping in the breeze. Those vibes produce the sound.
    You can't usually feel it when it happens, but when you change the pitch - highness or lowness - of your voice, what you're doing is tightening or loosening your vocal cords. The tighter you stretch 'em, the faster they'll vibrate - the higher the frequency of the vibes - the higher the note.
    Most singers are limited to a range of an octave or two - maybe 16 consecutive whole notes, max. But through years of training - for example, singing scales everyday for 20 minutes at a stretch since the time she could walk - Carey has gradually increased the flexibility of her vocal cords.
    Now she can scale octave after octave, starting with that bass note, where her vocal cords are vibrating at a frequency of 220 hertz (220 vibes/sec), and climbing all the way to those incredible high notes in "Emotions." On those notes, her vocal cords are stretched so tightly that they vibrate at something like 3,500Hz - nearly the highest note on a piano!
    Still, high notes aren't everything. Carey has also had training to increase the power behind her sounds. The trick here: proper breathing technique (from the gut, not the chest), says Iralene Swain, a voice coach. The more "wind" you force across your vocal cords, the stronger the vibrations will be and the louder the sounds you can produce.
    "So if I go in for the same kind of lessons," you ask, "will I end up singing like Mariah?"
    "Well, every person has his or her own unique voice," says Swain. But you can increase the range and power of yours. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll be hitting the notes that carry Cousin Mollie onto the dance floor.

    Lily told me about the Maury show cuase it didn't air here in Marlton, NJ
    Hey reg, I have some news on mc today. On the talkshow, "Maury", they had male guests and their wives/girlfriends who were obsessed with sexy celebrities, so i knew someone had to be obsessed with mariah. And i was right. this one guy was absolutely obsessed with mariah. he even had a $400 framed picture that he hung up over his bed. he said he slept better, but anyway, his girlfriend hated how much he was obsessed with mariah and ripped up the $400 poster. In the end of the show, they made up the girl to look like mariah from the '98 Divas Live (gold dress and diva hair). i thought she didn't even look like mariah, but her boyfriend was happy.

    Where Are They Now?!?
    Lily, also, told me that MC was on VH1's Where Are They Now show. They were featuring Brenda K. Starr and they talked about Mariah and hre. Lily said they even showed two pics of MC and her together that she has never seen before (anyone have captures?)

    AWESOME News for Lebanon
    Ramsey told me that Mariah's Theme, in Lebanon, has climbed from #20 to #3, on the nation's most popular music countdown, TL's Top 20 Hits! That's an amazing jump huh? Great news :)

    July 4, 2000...Happy Independence Day!!!
    MClogo Happy Fourth O July
    Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow MC fans out there!! Here is the song that everyone will be playing all day, in fact. Hee hee...

    Starry eyed
    As you put your hand in mine...

    It was twilight
    On the Fourth of July
    Sparkling colors were
    Strewn across the sky
    And we sat close enough
    That we just barely touched
    While roman candles
    Went soaring above us and baby

    Then you put your hand in mine
    And we wandered away
    I was trembling inside
    But I wanted to stay
    Pressed against you there
    and leave the world behind
    On that Fourth of July

    So starry eyed
    On the flowery hillside
    Breathless and fervid
    Amid the dandelions
    As it swept over me
    Like the wind trough the trees
    I felt you sigh with a
    Sweet intensity and baby

    Then you put your hand in mine
    And we floated away
    Delicately lay entwined
    In an intimate daze
    A crescent moon began to shine
    And I wanted to stay
    Tangled up with you among the fireflies
    On that Fourth of July

    Thunder clouds
    Hung around
    So threateningly
    Ominously hovering
    And the sky
    Opened wide

    Then you put your hand in mine
    And we ran from the rain
    Tentatively kissed goodnight
    And went our separate ways
    And I've never truly felt the way that I
    Felt the Fourth of July

    Truly I have never felt the same inside
    Like that Fourth of July
    Truly I could never feel the same as I
    Felt that Fourth of July

    Vote for this Site
    This website has been nominated by the ADMMCAS for Best Website Overall and I would like you all to go vote for this site, if you can :) Thanks Much!
    Click Here to Vote for This Site!

    Special Mariah Day on the Radio
    Salvador told me that his radio station is doing something awesome today. They are debuting "Crybaby" and then every single hour they are going to play "Fourth of July!" Sorry, Salvador didn't tell me what station or where he lives.

    Mariah #31 of 50 Rollingstone Stars!
    A couple of you sent me this information and Lucky13ed was the first one to do so, in fact. Rollingstone.com is featuring artists from all 50 states to celebrate the Fourth of July and MC is on the list for New York. You can check it out by clicking the direct link below:

    Mariah Posters
    Molly informed me that you can get some nice posters of Mariah at the below address:

    CTTA #3?
    Well in Indianapolis it is. CTTA is the 3rd best selling single for the 2nd week in a row behind Christina A and M2M. Thanks to Tim for this info.

    New Pics/Drawings
    Last night a did four new drawings and I found an old one that I liked. I scanned 4 of the 5 and put them up in the Artwork Page. A couple more people sent me some more artwork, so I had to create a second Artwork Page. You can see my drawings and more drawings from other MC fans in the artwork pages! Also, Lisa sent me a scan of the YM pic and that is up in Gallery 31! Happy Pic Looking :)

    Teen Magazine-August 2000
    Sirginho told me that MC is mentioned in the latest Teen Magazine (no picture though!) They had a part on celebrity dish food of the famous. Mariah Carey says she could eat chicken tacos everyday and also suffers from relentless insomnia (Meaning she has a hard time sleeping!)

    The Charts
    Thanks to Isabelle for the following charts :)

    UltraTop Belgium
    #29 (Last week #32) MARIAH CAREY AGAINST ALL ODDS

    Canada (Jam Showbiz. The National Top 50. Record Sales)
    02 JULY, 2000 (FOR THE WEEK ENDING 25 JUNE, 2000)

    #22 (Last Week #44) AGAINST ALL ODDS

    NRJ EUROTOP 30 (NRJ is a very popular radio in EUROPE) # 21 (New) Against All Odds - Mariah Carey :-)

    Teen People
    Megan told me that MC is in the new Teen People for August 2000. There is a small pic of MC along with a little horoscope and some information about Mariah's sign.

    Moneira told me that there will be a look-alike show on Maury Povich Today. Women will be made up like the famous women the men love and one of the girls will be made up like Mariah Carey :)

    July 3, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    New Pics
    Lately, I have had 3 people send me their drawings. This is pretty cool because as most of you know, I am in college studying art. So, I updated the ARTWORK page in a BIG WAY today. I added 3 cartoons that I have done, 8 drawings from Isabelle and 2 other drawings, one by Dave and another one by someone else (I forget who drew this, please contact me!) So check it out if you like and if you have some drawings you would like to add to the page, send them to me and I'll add them! It's best if you copyright them yourself, but I can do it!

    Dutch Mega Top 100
    Mark told me that AAO dropped 5 places in the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart. Sad isn't :(

    Updates on Page
    I forgot to mention this yesterday but I did put a new Quote of the Week up and a new Pic of the Week!

    Heartbreaker Pop Up Video
    Did ya miss the Heartbreaker Pop-Up Video when it first aired on VH1? Well never fear, Reggie is here! LOL, I found out that it will reair on July 15th at 9 am EST.

    Update #1
    Today is the Day--E-mail Sony!!
    Okay people, today is the day that we have all been waiting for. It's time to e-mail Sony and let them know how we are unhappy with their promotion of the CTTA/Crybaby Single. Sam has been organizing this event for over a month now and would like you to all personally e-mail Sony. Don't be too rude though...
    E-mail Sony at: feedback@columbiarecords.com

    Get Jilly Wit It!
    What a cute name eh? Well, by now, we should all know who Jill is. She would be Mariah's Personal Assitant in fact, not to mention once of the sweetest people in the WORLD! Well my buddy Liron, has created a page all about Jill! I put a little message on it as did some other people and we would like you all to go and check it out. You can learn more about Jill and see some nice pics of her, so check it out boo!

    MC on the radio:
    Here is what VanishingXPhile told me, which I thought was pretty coolio:
    Yesterday I was listening to a local R&B station when they announced they were have technical problems and would be back shortly. Instead of depriving us of music they played Mariah's debut album for at least 5 hours. It was amazing, like Mariah radio!

    B96 Plays Crybaby
    Danielle told me some EXCELLENT news! It seems that Crybaby is being played now on B96 and that the girl there LOVES MARIAH (Especially loves Honey and Breakdown, in fact!) So I think that is great news in fact and Danielle typed out everything that happened yesterday..read below:
    Roxanne: Hey B96, your on the request line! What do ya wanna hear at this hour girl?
    Me: A little bit of Mariah Carey! Crybaby to be exact!
    Roxanne: Sure thing! It's coming up next, along with Sisqo, Jessica Simpson, Eminem, and Alice Deejay, only on Chicago's Dance Beat! (Then cuts to commercial break)
    (Afer commercial break...)
    Roxanne: Hey, it's your girl Roxanne, and I got something new for ya! It's from Miss Mariah Carey, and it's called Crybaby! Only on B96!

    Danielle would like you to request it more and maybe it could get on the 9 Most Wanted...if you live in the Chicago area, call and request Mariah!

    Request Mariah
    I think from Danielle's e-mail that we can all see that we can't give up on requesting Mariah. We should keep on trying because if we don't, we would let Sony win. We should fight for Mariah and continue to call into the Radio Stations that Jill and MC provided for us, ALONG WITH our local stations! Click on Request Mariah above to find out how you can personally help out Mariah! Don't give up :)

    Rainbow Tee's
    I think I reported about this earlier but I will do it again. Jenna told me that you can now pick a similiar Rainbow Tee to Mariah's up at JC Penny! It's kinda stretchy and sorta tight but o' so comfortable! Hee hee...pick up yours today :)

    O' What A Mariah Week, In Fact!
    Marion told me that she had quite am interesting Mariah week..Read below:
    1) I was walking in Kroger singing Jessica Simpson's where you are when I heard string instruments coming over the radio. Then I realized and said, Oh my God mom that's Mariah's Theme although she really didn't care. But it's finally getting airplay.
    2) Turned on my radio and Crybaby was on. Then turned to another station and there it was again! But then something weird happened. I took a chance and searched through the radio to hear Mariah and I did! But it was "Forever" on a country station?
    3) I went into Wal Mart last week and they had every single copy of Mariah's Theme there, but I went today and they only had 3 left. All the casettes were gone and they only had 3 CDs.
    4) I was watching Hollywood Showdown on Game Show Net. and the choices were Celine Dion, Shania Twain, or Mariah Carey. Then the question was "Who sings the hit song Thank God I Found You." A priest won $1000 by knowing that.
    5) This was a while back but I was in a chat room with Destiny's Child at twec.com and someone asked "Who would you like to work with. Farrah, new member of Destiny's Child with the freaky green eyes said, "I would really like to work with Mariah Carey."
    6) And finally, I was watching "The View" Thursday and there was an actress talking about her movie and it's about a lounge singer and her dream to like Mariah Carey!

    Fourth O' July!
    Read below to find out on what Tom suggests:
    Well, the 4th of July is tomorrow, so I just want to give everyone something great to do for it. As you all know, Mariah is practically the only person in the world that has a song just for that day. I mean, Fourth of July is a great song anytime, but tomorrow is the one day that it has true significance! So, that should be the only song you listen to all day, and you should listen to it over and over and over again! And let's make it a tradition from now on!!! Happy 4th to everyone!!

    July 2, 2000...
    MClogo New Drawing..
    I did a little drawing of MC and made it into a Fourth of July Theme. It's the new NEWS title gif, and I hope you all like it. Just something different then another pic of MC!

    Rainbow Video
    Well I finally got some information about this video. Thanks very much to Will Ward! It seems that it will be released towards the end of August (I feel it will probably be later) and the cover of the box is the Mariah's Theme/Tourbook Cover (Pink Dress). It's called, "Mariah-Rainbow: One Night in Toronto!" The tracklistings will be:
    Can't Take That Away
    X Girlfriend
    Fantasy Mix
    Thank God I Found You Mix
    Heartbreaker Set
    Against All Odds
    They even watched the start of it. I am so excited, it starts with all news clips and reviews from the tour and screaming fans all on a mono colour, kinda like MSG vid apparently.

    On the Airplane..
    Lucky13ed told me the following:
    hey regina! i would just like to mention that i recently just returned from Costa Rica yesterday and i was very excited on the plane ride from houston, TX to san jose, CR. Continental Airlines was featuring rainbow on the headset things in the plane. it was awesome, they kept talking about her success and such and playing crybaby, X-girlfriend, and a few live performances ;D it was awesome! go MC!

    Magazine News
    Sarina told me that MC is in the July 3rd issue of TVyNovelas. She talks about her problems with Sony and also MC is in the July 11th Mira Tabloid. Sarina told me I said June not July, so sorry for that!

    Mariah--Now Here for a Decade!! (And Many More)
    Here is what Ramsey told me:
    Regina, It is interesting to note that it is officially a decade since mariah was introduced to the world, she even said on rosie that it wouldnt be quite a decade until it was june 2000.. Vision of Love, Mariahs 1st single ever, hit the charts at #73 this month, making it the first time her name ever appeared on the Billboard hot 100 singles chart, it finally peaked at #1 on August 4th, 1990. Thanks and i am certain other mariah fans will be intersted in knowing this, because it makes us aware of just how long ago it was when she took the world by storm with a heart stopping voice.

    Alice and Jerry would like to thank all of you who sent a birthday message to Jerry! There were so many messages that they asked for me to post it on this site! Hee hee, so thanks again from Alice and Jerry!

    Vote for our Honey!
    Daniel told me that you can vote for MC at VH1's Rock Across America. She only has 2% of the votes and Christina is in the lead (No "Make 7Up" I am not going to say anything mean about Christina A. Hee hee) at the moment!!! Eck, so please go vote for MC by clicking below! We are voting for "Honey!"

    Listen to MC from Paris Concert
    Isabelle, a good buddy of mine, told me that you can hear 19 real player files from the Paris concert at the following link. So check it out if you like!

    Rolling Stones
    Lisa told me that there is a small pic of MC in the Rolling Stones Magazine from the Blockbuster Awards. Christina A. is on the cover!

    July 1, 2000...
    MClogo Source Magazine
    DoMiSwEeT1 told me there is an article about MC and Jay Z in Source magazine on page 48. There is a pic of MC holding the sign in the Heartbreaker Cartoon about Jay Z coming in 2 weeks:
    It's not always a bag of money that gets the ball rollin'. Sometimes artists use the bartering system. Jay-Z agreed to drop a verse on Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker," and in exchange, she supplied the hook for his "Things that you do."
    Yet when it was time to shoot the video, Jigga was missing and Mariah was left holding a sign saying, "Jay-Z coming in two weeks." Which leads to the next level of guest politics: the video appearance. It can mean the difference between a lonely B-side and a hot single. Sure, you got Nas to spit with you on the humble. But if you can't get him to show up for the video, forget about the label releasing it as a commercial single.
    At the time of Mariah's video, Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella records had an exclusive deal with Epic. (According to an inside source, he was paid over a half million dollars for "Girl's Best Friend" from the Epic-produced 'Blue Streak' soundtrack.) In exchange, he couldn't appear in any video's other than his own for a particular time period after recording the song. Mariah's label, Columbia, was eventually able to release a second video with Jay-Z. It may seem strange to those who aren't familiar with the backstage workings of the music industry, but it's actually a typical scenario when trying to get a guest artist to appear in the video or even to perform on stage.

    More Magazine News
    Here is what Isabelle told me:
    Magazines: There's a pic of MC in the German Edition of "In Style" (July2000), another in "More" Magazine (UK, June 28th-July11th), and finally, one of MC in Capri in the French Tabloid "Voici" (June26th). Yea, yea, here's what I do when I'm stuck at the train station waiting for a train. lol. Browsing the mags. :-)

    AAO is #1
    Isabelle told me that right now AAO is #1 on a very popular French Radio. Anyone can vote for MC. Just click "vote" at the bottom of the page and vote for AAO!

    Westlife and Mariah Carey
    Wow, Isabelle sent me all my news today I think..hee hee. Here is an article she sent me:
    For Westlife, working with Mariah Carey gave them newfound respect for the pop star. Holing up in a Capri studio just off Italy, the Irish pop group teamed with the diva to re-record the Phil Collins song "Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)" (Carey's solo version is on her last album Rainbow). "You know the way you see people's names on the credits, and it's like, I wonder if she actually really did that or are they just getting their name on there [because they're] such a big artist?" vocalist Mark Feehilly asks. "I always wondered that about Mariah Carey, and I was so happy to find out that she actually sat there at the desk, pushing up and down the buttons. She actually does produce her own songs and she writes her own songs, too. So, as a big fan, it made me respect her even more."
    Though they've sold five million copies of their 1999 debut worldwide, Westlife has only just started to break stateside. So when they met up with Carey at an American Music Awards after-show party a few months back, they were surprised that she not only knew who they were, but was also familiar with their work.
    "We were introduced," vocalist Kian Egan says, "and she was like, 'I know you guys.' And we were like, 'Do you? How?' And she's like, 'I really like that song 'Flying Without Wings' . . . maybe someday you can come to Wembley and come on stage with me and just sing for a laugh, just for a show thing.' And we were like, 'Wow.'"
    "And then [former Arista president] Clive Davis, who controls us in the U.S., got a phone call the next day from her 'people,' [affecting a Mafioso-like accent] and her people got in touch with my people [laughs]. It just all got rolling and we decided, why not?"
    Westlife's duet with Carey is set to be released as a single in Europe in August.

    MC on German Charts
    Thanks to Uwe for the latest German Charts:
    Top 100: # 32
    VIVA Online Chart: # 3
    MTV Webchart: # 10
    German Webchart: # 17

    Vote for MC at Billboard.com
    Armand sent me this poll and right now MC is in the lead and he would like you all to vote for her, as would I:

    Vote 2
    Koh would like you all to vote for MC on Channel V's Top 5 at 5. MC's CTTA only made it 3 times (No.4 on 13 June, No.4 on 19 June & No. 5 on 26 June). Vote for her by going to this link:
    http://www.channelv.com/top5at5 and select 5 songs. Mariah's Can't Take That Away is now out of the list but you could still fill it in down. You could also fill in against All Odds but I don't know if you should fill Crybaby Because I don't think it's released in Asian TV. Whatever you do and as much as you are tempted to do, DO NOT SELECT Britney, Christina, BSB, 'N Sync, Eminen, Vitamin C, Bon Jovi, M2M as these are the artists with the most votes almost every day.(N sync has been No.1 almost everyday for the last 3 weeks) And remember, all Asians who could receive Channel [V] International to watch it every day 4pm Philippines, 5pm Japan & Malaysia.

    Lack O' News
    Nothing too major today. It was kind of a slow day but tomorrow I will have a new Quote and Pic of the week and hopefully a ton of news :) Tootaloo..

    Click here to read June News!

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