June News

6/25/98 Yeah I know, it has been a while. I finnaly got ahold of a copy of the Butterfly concert Bootleg tape. It is really great and top quality. I wish they would make a tape so the US fans can get it fairly easy too. Anyhow it is worth the money or whatever to get it, there are only a couple of them released I believe. Go get it if you can..

MC's new remix video CAN be seen on MTV now. I just saw it and it was #7 starting out on the countdown. So whoever couldn't see it on BET can now see it on MTV :D

MC is in Sept. 1998 Black Beat. There are 3 really pretty pictures of MC. 2 are from the Essence awards (one being a pinup--she is so pretty) and the other was a RECENT poster of MC. They are really nice, go get them.

I was also told that MC is in Right On like 10 times by Jenn. I don't know if it is true but I WILL find out.

I just finished two TRACE picture. ONe being the cover and the other being an inside picture. They will be added to my site shortly!

Olivia Newtong John was on the RuPaul show the other day and RuPaul asked her about the recent singers like Mariah, Celine, Janet, etc. Olivia all the sudden sang her praise about Mariah. She talked about how she was scared she was not going to be as good as MC on stage, etc. She said how nice and sweet Mariah is and she was glad she got to do the song with her.

6/17/98 Long time since I updated...my life has been crazy :D MC is in this weeks NATIONAL INQUIRER and GLOBE. There are a bunch of pictures which include pictures from the Z100 bash anda picture of her from the Essence awards. Also they talk about her limo driver and how he is sueing her.

On a recent New York Post, Mariah was featured on it and it talked about her "Sexcapades" The driver is saying that he will spill his beans on MC's priate life if he has to!

There is a new Butterfly video that was released VERY sparingly. I am getting a hand a copy very luckly. Hopeful they will be releasing it in the US sometime soon. Stay tune for that...

Mariah is on the cover of the new InStyle magazine. Oh how I wish I was her. Her house is AWESOME. Well actually it is a townhouse. The pictures are really pretty so make sure you go check it out!

6/11/98 Okay so Mariah was ET and Access Hollywood tonight. On ET they showed all the pictures from her upcoming InStlye cover shoot. She looks SO pretty but let me tell you, I wish I was her. I want her shoes, and dresses. I want a closet that BIG to hold all my shoes and dresses. HA HA. Anyhow they also talked about her recent breakup with Derek and how they are GOOD friends now. On Access they also talked about MC and Derek and how they are GOOD friends, so I guess the PREGNANT rumors are put to rest now.

MC was also on the Gossip show yesterday. They talked about how they thought CRAVE records was going to the end. Three of the executives supposively dropped out and they said that the record is going to die soon. :O Not good!

keep an eye on next weeks Tabloids...MC is prob. going to be in them due to the split and the recent Fresh Air Fund benifit.

6/9/98 Mariah was on Hard Copy last night. They talked about the New Post article "Sexcapades" They showed a lot of pictures of MC from recent events but this was on in their Winners/Loosers and they called MC a looser :( Ugh..they are the loosers...

You can Mariah in July's issue's of In Style, US (pic. from Diva's LIVE), Black Women (beautiful picture) and Cosmopolitan.

I got the new single today...let me tell you, IT ROCKS. I like it so much better then the first "My All" single. Maybe it is because I like the upbeat beats. They only had the single in cd though :O.

Mariah is said to be doing a cd called "Hollogram" which will contain remixes of some of MC's best songs. It will be out later this year.

Mariah is also writing for her new cd coming out next called "Shooting Star" She already wrote two of the songs and one will be done with Brandy and may include the new Whitney/MC song. :D

6/6/98 Well My All/Breakdown is officially platinum and gold as of May 22, 1998. Wahoo!

Mariah and Whitney will be doing a duet together on the soundtrack for "Practical Magic" which costars Sandra Bullock (best actress in the world) and Nichole Kidman. They will start the single in October and Babyface will produce it.

You can vote for MC at VH1 Online for Video of the yr (Honey), Best Female Artist of the Yr, Diva of the yr, and Sexiest Video of the yr (Honey).

00 Soul will start being filmed in August not July. They ran behind on the schedule and MC will NOT be doing a world tour due to this. Kurt Loder also announced yesterday that MC is pregnant so that could be another reason. I don't know if it is tru but he said that she has been trying to hide it for the last 4 months. Maybe that is why she hasn't been feeling good and had to carry around the MAALOX so often?? I think MC would be a good mom!

You can see MC in Billboard magazine about Prince of Egypt. They have an in-depth article on Whitney and MC.

Mariah was on Entertainment Weekly on Friday 6/5/98. She was on about the Benifit for the Fresh Air fun. She wore and beautiful white dress and she had straight hair. She was boed when she got on stage though for not singing :( Poor Mariah. I would of slapped all those people silly if I was there for booing poor MC. :(

6/1/98 So JUNE already??? Anyhow I FINNALY saw the new "My All" video. It kicks ass. WOW...MC is so pretty. I love the song too. I put it on a cassette so I can listen to it in my car. Anyhow it pretty much looks like a home video. The only station that has it at the moment is the BET station...you can see it on Jamn Zone. Make sure you watch it :D

Mariah was on Access Hollywood. They show parts of her singing from the Z100 Bash on Sunday. She also said "This is June 1st, 1998, Welcome to Access Hollywood!" She wore the same outfit from the "My ALl" remix.


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