June News

6/29/99 There was recently an article in People Espanola and thanks to Mariah Carey Archives here it is...
When in 1997 the singer Mariah Carey separated from Tommy Mottola after four years of marriage and left her expensive 10 million dollar home (two pizza ovens included) which they shared in Bedford, New York, she put an end to her story of Cinderella. On his part, Tommy Mottola, the powerful president of Sony Music Entertainment, lost his young, and according to her, inexperienced princess, 20 years younger than him. "In what concerns love, I am pretty much a novice. I haven't known any man, with the exception of my husband," Carey declared recently in Paris to the newspaper France Soir. "I have less experience than a teenager." But one needs to go to Mexico to look for the moral of this story. Judging by the photographs, rumors and confidences, one of the most famous singers in the United States and her influential ex-husband have something more than just a simple friendship, respectively, with two principal aztec stars: the singer Luis Miguel and the singer and actress Thalía. These supposed romances are surrounded by a profound mystery, which are difficult to prove. At the office of Luis Miguel, in Los Angeles, where they assured that he is recording an album, it was confirmed that he is going out with Carey, 29, and that they have traveled to Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico. Florent Gateau, employed at the Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a hotel with an ocean view, luxurious rooms with adobe chimneys and a five star restaurant, situated in San Jose del Cabo, near Cabo San Lucas, assures that the couple stayed there. Cindi Berger, Carey's representative, also admits that they are seen, although she doesn't talk about the supposed ring or diamond necklace that the singer received from the idol of bolero. "Luis Miguel has given her jewelry", is all Berger says. Carey and Luis Miguel, 29, met last Christmas during a party in Aspen, Colorado. Days after the gathering rumors started circulating that they had visited local establishments together. According to one source, they were at the Private Caribou Club. Seated at a table of the exquisite club with a seating capacity of 10 people, they toasted with champagne while they ate caviar on the 30th of December, surrounded by 5,000 bottles of the finest champagne in the world. "It was a very romantic sight," comments the source. "They were absorbed with each other." Months later, Carey spent a night in Paris during the release of her album #1's. After taping a television show, she had dinner with members of her equipment and Luis Miguel in the restaurant of the night club Les Bains. "It was evident that she was enjoying herself," said an employee of the establishment, which is frequently visited by Carey on her parisian strolls. Hours before, when journalists from France Soir asked her if she was going out with Luis Miguel, she responded: "It could be yes, and it could be no." Mottola is not as ambiguous as Carey, although he is much more of a hermit. The executive, 50, refused to make statements when asked about his romance with Thalía, 26. Yolanda Miranda, mother and agent of the actress, also refused to make a comment. A friend of the couple confirms that they have been seeing each other since they met sometime last year. "They are very happy. One can tell that they enjoy being with each other." The source also adds that since they met, they often meet in Miami. There are rumors that Mottola is looking to buy a house there, a point between New York and Mexico. "They go shopping, to the movies or to dinner," comments the source. They also don't avoid going anywhere popular. They have been seen at Joia, an Italian restaurant where Mottola has his own section: the corner left of the room at the end. "I have never seen them this happy," says the same source. "Could it be love or revenge on the Mexicana?"

Mariah Carey in a Celine Dion magazine???
Yup you heard me right. A new Celine Dion magazine hit the stores yesterday and it is a special Collectors Edition. On page 62 and 63 is about several Diva's Celine has worked with. Well on those two pages is a HUGE blown up pic. of Gloria, Mariah, Aretha, Carole, Celine, and Shania singing the finalle. It is a new pic and the pic. is HUGE. It is really nice and the magazine itself is $5. Maybe I can get the MC. part scanned sometime soon :D

I checked out FIRST magazine for women last night and the pic. that is inside is the same as the US Magazine with the dolphins :D So pick it up if you like but the pic. is very well known!!

My friend Kristen sent me some cool news :) Supposively there is a new one million campaign started my mariahcarey.org that when her new album comes out to buy it is the first week so that Mariah can hold th title for most albums sol in the first week. To read more about this go to their site..click on Activities, Bullentin Board, then Mariah Carey Discussion. I strongly support this campaign cause I will buy the cd the very first day it hit stores :D So please consider this come October. I am sure more info. will come about this in due time.

Also Kristen told me that Luis Miguels new album is set to be released on Sept. 15th. This will include the duer that MC and him did together. Also even though Nick was talking about it himself, it doesn't look good for the duet with the BSB. They are on tour in Europe until August or October. But hey ya never know right?

6/28/99 Well remember yesterday how I was telling you I would be bringing you exclusives of the Pop This Book pics. and the Yankee Book pic. of MC, well thanks to Alex here they are...(tried to update them last night but Tripod was down!!) Click on them to make bigger...

Pop This

Yankee Book
Remember those are Exclusives here so if you use the pic. on your website or newsletter, please just say where you got it from, as I wold do for you :D

MCSwtheart e-mailed me some news about a new magazine MC is in. It is called First (for women) and it is about Swimwear. There is a pic. of Mariah in a black bikini with leather shorts and she's petting a dolphin. I'll check it out today and try and tell ya more :D

Now this next info. is what Mariah said at the concert in Seoul..
(transcribed by Seok, Mo... one of the member of our fan-club 'Hero') MC : How you doing ? (Entering)
Performing 'I Still Believe'
MC : Thank you.
MC : I don't know how to speak Korean, If I knew how to speak Korean I would say something.
MC : How do you say hello ?
Audience : Anyonghaseyo ~ !
MC : What is it ?
Audience : Anyonghaseyo ~
MC : That sounds like hello. I don't think its same in both lauguages. (laughs)
MC : One more time ?
Audience : Anyonghaseyo ~ !
MC : You lost me guys. But I love you all the same, and I'm very very happy to be here, tonight. Just support this, cause and I feel really strongly about it.
MC : And I just like to dedicate this next song to everybody out there, in need of hope, of inspiration of anything... And I'd like to say thank you to all my Korean fans and say that I know you've been here for me so long and I'm really happy to be here in Korea. And this next song, it's called 'Hero'.
Performing 'Hero'
MC : Thank you so much, Good Night ~ Thank You. (Goes out) She wore a black dress, which is very similar to the one she wore when singing 'I Still Believe' on the 'Around the World.' But later, it was told that, she couldn't bring any dresses, so the one she wore was borrowed from a famous Korean designer.

Now do you want to hear MC singing Hero?? Well then go to Mariah Online and check out Real Audio under Multimedia!!

6/27/99 Well I got an interesting rumor from the shock jock himself. Suppsively Howard Stern himself called Mariah Carey, Jennifer Tilly and others "winey babies" for saying that they will leave the Blockbuster awards if Howard DIDN'T? Mariah and others were supposively saying that he was asking them really nasty questions and it made them feel uncomfortable. Also MC said she would never do his show again!
Now was Howard at this years Blockbuster Awards? Cause on Dec. 18th, 1998 MC was on the Howard Stern show on the radio and that was after the 1998 Blockbuster Awards show. He was a tad rude to her but she was laughing the whole time??? SO I don't know how true this infomation is or what's up with it. Thanks to Honey11682 for bringing this information to my attention. Anyone else hear anything lately with Howard???

Well there are two more pics. for ya. One is from the Korean Concert Event where MC is arriving. Thanks to Anderz and Yang for this pic. Also the Blockbuster pic. is from Tomas1284. You can view bigger versions in the Gallery 9 page as always..here is a sneak peak :)

Also I was in the Borders Bookstore the other day trying to find that Unauthorized Biography on Derek, no luck though, and I found a little kids type of book on Derek. Inside it talks about MC in a WHOLE chapter!!! I read that at the one game, everytime Derek took the plate, they played a Mariah Carey song!! But this was after they had already broken up, so he just walked up to the plate and laughed it off, they said. I thought that was kind of a cool little piece of info :D

Later today I will have a couple new MC pics. for ya. One is the one from the Yankees Book that I told you about a while ago in which it is the new pic. of MC from the baseball game and the other is the Pop This Book pics :) I might have even more then that so tune back in later tonight :D

Well this next story is by the guy who took all the MC pics. from Korea..here is his story :D
Hi~ First let me introduce myself. My name is Sae-Young Choi and living in Seoul Korea. I'm a member of Nownuri Mariah Carey On-line Fanclub Hero. Well, as you know Mariah came to Korea yesterday. Our members of the fan-club went to see Mariah to the airport. She arrived at about 1:45 pm on Micheal Jackson's plane. I'm sending you some photos I took in the airport. She really had good manners to the fans. She gave her autograph to the most of the fans and also shook hands with them. On the concert, she didn't song a duet song with MJ, but sang I Still Believe and Hero. She really sang incredibly well. My seat was $100 seat, but it was so far from the stage, so I couldn't take any photos. After the concert, I heard that she had a party with BOYZ II MAN till 4 AM in a restaurant in Seoul and sang One Sweet Day... I was not there, so I can't tell you whether it's true, but I think that was the reason why she canceled the visit toTower Record which was planned today morning. Well... Today Mariah left Korea at 6 pm... So our members of the fan club went to Hotel Ritz Carlton to see her for the last time. When I arrived there and walked to the lobby, I met Mariah!!! She was going to the conference room to have press conference. So I went to her and had a very short conversation. This is how it went like...
ME : Mariah, can you give me your autograph?
MC : Sure
ME : (I opened my bag to take out the Butterfly jacket) You didn't come to Korea before....
MC : Yeah... I know... but I promise you I'll come next year and have a concert.
ME : (Gave her the jacket)
MC : This is great!!
ME : Thank you! And please come next year!!
MC : Bye!
It was a short conversation, but it will never be forgotten!! Before she left the hotel at 4 PM, she gave lots of her autographs to the fans who were waiting outside the hotel. Trey Lorenz was there too... She was so kind!! When we shouted Bye~ Mariah~ , she opened the window from the car and said bye with her hand...
That is so cool..lucky fan :D

Okay this next info. is from Anderz. It is this huge article but only one part mentions MC. The article is entitled Friends Barely Come Through for Jackson in Concert and here is the part on MC
Jetlagged and not in her best condition, Mariah Carey still won over her huge Korean following with ``I Still Believe'' and ``Hero.'' Absent were the frills of dancers and props, but the pop diva's signature voice range and song lyrics were enough to prompt rave reviews from Korea's entertainment community.

And to finish off todays news for now, here is a collage I made of 4 screen captures taken from Michael Jackson Central.

6/26/99 Remember how I was telling you last week Access Hollywood showed two new pics. of MC and Luis? Well the second one made it in a magazine finnaly. Thanks to Tomas1284 and Anderz for the pic...it is in the new July 5th edition of People Magazine. The caption reads...
Mine, all mine: Songbird Maiah Carey's new beau, Latin crooner Luis Miguel, hung on to her for dear life in New York City, where the two looked to be making beautiful music together.
And here is the thumbnail of the pic...

Go to Gallery 9
to see this pic. and 4 other ones I uploaded today!!

Well as we all know MC sang Hero And I Still Believe in Korea and now I have two pics. for ya from the airport in Korea. Again travel to Gallery 9 to see them bigger!!!

Along with those 3 pics. are two other ones...one COOL one from the Breakdown performance in Australia and one from My All I believe in Australia also :) Brooke took them..thanks Brooke!!! Here is a sneak peak of one of them!!!

Not only did Busta Rhymes and Missy thank MC on their albums, Anderz told me that Ma$e did also. He also thanked Tommy too!!!

6/25/99-More News from today Alex sent me some FUNNY info. he read in the new Star. There is no pics. on MC, just an article about Luis wanted MC not to dress so sexy!!
Mariah's beau tells her to show less flesh
MARIAH CAREY is doning down her revealing wardrobe to please her new boyfriend LUIS MIGUEL. Old-fashioned Luis wants to marry mariah and he doesn't like the idea of millions of men ogling his future wife. He's asked Mariah to get rid of her wardrobe of microminis and tube tops and invest in more elegant designer clothes. Luis can't keep his hands off Mariah when she dresses provacatively, so she's wearing her skimpy outfits only when they're alone together.

Redhawk32 sent me some information. It is a rumored and we are uncertain of the source he got it from because he couldn't share...read on to find out more...
I heard from a reliable friend that Mariah Carey is trying out for a part in the master piece musical Les Miserables. An un-named source reports that Mariah will be auditioning for the part Fantine who gives birth to Cosette and the father obandons them. She is poor and works at a factory and is forced to give up her child to the Thenadrier's. She loses her job and later dies. She tells Valjean to find Cosette and adopt her. She sings the song "I Dreamed A Dream" which goes like this:
There was a time when men were kind
when their voices were soft
and their words inviting.
There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song and the song was exciting

There was a time.
Then it all went wrong.
I dreamed a dream in time gone by
when hope was high and life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that god would be forgiving.

Then I was young and un-afraid.
And dreams were made used and wasted
No ransom to be paid
No song un-sung no wine untased.
But the tigers come at night
with their voices soft as thunder as they tear your hope apart
as they turn your dream to shame
He slept a summer by my side He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my child hood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came.

And still I dream he'll come to me
That we will live the years togther
But there are dreams there can not be
there are storms we can not weather....
I had adream my life would be
so different from this hell i'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed
the dream I dream.....

CABABY8879 sent me some infomation that she found online. It is from Right On and here is what they had to say...
Mariah Carey wants her fans to know that she is not planning to marry her romantic interest, popular singer Luis Miguel. Mariah, who was divorced a year and a half ago, is in the middle of pursuing her career as an actress. Look for her latest home video at music stores everywhere.

Also I learned from Mariah Online that Mariah supposively sang Hero and I Still Believe at the Jackson concert. So it seems she didn't do a duet with Michael!! BUT the concert doesn't seem to be getting good reviews? AOL sent me this in an e-mail...
Jackson Benefit Concert Criticized
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - No one told Michael Jackson to beat it, though there was scattered criticism about his concert here Friday. An estimated 54,000 fans from South Korea, Japan and neighboring Asian countries flocked to Olympic Stadium for the four-hour extravaganza, a benefit show for needy children. Some people said ticket prices - up to $250 a seat - were too high in the face of the nation's economic difficulties. Other groups, including a Korean War veterans association, noted that the concert fell on the 49th anniversary of the breakout of the Korean War, a day they said should be observed quietly. There were no protests around the stadium, though 1,500 police officers were deployed. Other guest entertainers included Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, violinist Vanessa Mae and actor Steven Seagal.

6/25/99 Did you miss Rosie for when MC sang I Still Believe? Don't Fret cause GUESS WHAT? Mariah will be on Rosie again on July 9th at 10 am EST. Also they will repeat Mariah's Performance on Donne and Marie show from last year on July 1st at 11 am EST on Fox!!

I found out last night that not only is MC in Globe and National Enquirer for June 29th issue, but she is also in Star. It is a pic. of her from the Honey Shoot and it was in STAR a while back. She just got out of the pool it looks like and her hair is all wet. Anyhow it is an article about bathing suits and here s what they had to say about MC's...
"If anybody can carry off this daring belted number, it's shapely Mariah Carey, having fun in the sun on a video shoot in Puerto Rico."

I picked up the new Black Beat, September issue last night at work. The 4 page poster is a poster from The Roof Video. It is actually a nice pic, so I advise you all to go grab one. It is $4.

Flute69 sent me some pretty cool news. On the way home from getting my check cashed today, I will stop by and check this out at Borders Bookstore and let you know more info. on it if I find it. Here's what Sara told me....
"I was browsing through the magazines in a store today and there was an unathorized biography of Derek Jeter and in it there was a picture of him and Mariah at Puffy's party slow dancing."

Well if you are in the Mariah Carey official newsletter then you already got this message. But here it is for the people who don't. I thought the last part of it was kind of cool how Mariah will be at Towers signing stuff!!
"To all you Mariah fans around the world who are lucky enough to be near Seoul, Korea this weekend, Mariah Carey has just confirmed her appearance at the Michael Jackson and Friends concert for this Friday. If you're near the city of Seoul and want to catch a glimpse of the Diva, she is scheduled to arrive at the Seoul, Korea Airport (private air terminal) between 11am and 1pm on Friday the 25th. She then performs live Friday night at around 10pm. Also, don't be surprised if Mariah makes unannounced appearance at Tower Records on Saturday, June 26th.
MAN, I wish I lived in Korea. If anyone gets any pics, send them to me!!!

This next info. is from ANGEL2555. She told me that there is a small picture of Mariah in the new Hype Hair magazine, July issue. Mariah is in the upper right hand corner. Next to her is a pic. that describes her hair type.

Most Popular Videos: .c The Associated Press
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular videos as they appear in the July 3, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine. Used with permission:
Top Music Video Sales
(Compiled from a national sample of sales reports)
1. ``Homecoming-Live In Orlando,'' Backstreet Boys. Jive/Zomba Video. (Platinum)
2. ``'N The Mix With 'N Sync,'' 'N Sync. BMG Video. (Platinum)
3. ``Live,'' Shania Twain. PolyGram Video.
4. ``So Glad,'' Bill & Gloria Gaither. Spring House Video.
5. ``Kennedy Center Homecoming: A Celebration,'' Bill & Gloria Gaither. Spring House Video.
6. ``Around The World,'' Mariah Carey. Columbia Music Video.
7. ``Family Values Tour,'' Various Artists. Epic Music Video. (Platinum)
8. ``The Last Supper,'' Black Sabbath. Epic Music Video.
9. ``All Access Video,'' Backstreet Boys. Jive/Zomba Video. (Platinum)
10. ``Hell Freezes Over,'' The Eagles. Geffen Home Video. (Gold)

6/24/99 Do You Want Mariah at #1??
Well then go vote for her at Voting Booth Thanks to MyDiVaMC for telling me this!!

Okay I was really excited about this BET show that aired last night but when I watched it I wasn't too impressed. They showed a second of MC twice and then they had on maybe a 30 second thing on MC. It was a 1991 iterview she did with BET. So if you missed it, you didn't miss much. I can assure you that!!

Do You Know will be released as a single according to Sony Music Austria. It will not be a promotional single though!!

Well just yesterday Tomas1284 sent out a letter saying that MC will NOT attend the Jackson concert but today Anderz bringing us an article saying she will...
Jackson Rehearses for Today's Charity Concert Without Carey
Pop star Michael Jackson rehearsed with 15 groups until nine o'clock yesterday ending a nine-hour rehersal without Mariah Carey for the mammoth charity concert to be staged at Chamsil Stadium in eastern Seoul this evening. Mariah Carey did not join the rehearsal as she is scheduled to arrive this morning. Cheil Communications, the Korean promoter of the event, said yesterday that most of the tickets are expected to be sold before the concert is staged. Kim Hyong-geun, a supporting PR planner of Cheil, said that 35,000 tickets were sold as of Tuesday. Due to the interest generated by potential concert goers about the tickets, he said that promoters plan to sell tickets today, too. If it is soldout as expected, 50,000 people will have seats, 7,600 less than the number originally planned. Kim said, ``The capacity has been reduced due to the rearrangement of the large stage installed.'' About 2,000 tickets were sold to foreigners, mainly Japanese and Southeast Asians, he added. Security is one of the major concerns for the concert where all the performers are world stars. As many as 2,000 security guards will be mobilized for the four-hour concert and another 100 security men will protect the performers personally, he said. Jackson, who flew into Seoul Monday with action movie star, composer and singer Steven Seagal, held a closed-door reception for performers at 10 p.m. at Hotel Shilla after the rehearsal. He also visited the U.S. Eighth Army in Yongsan and met with ranking military officers yesterday afternoon. Hong Kong movie star Leon Lai came as a recent addition to the concert. All the performers, except Carey, were scheduled to arrive by yesterday, he said.

Here is another article about the Jackson concert. This explains why MC was not in Seoul yesterday, however she is STILL going to be at the concert :D
Mariah didn't arrive in Seoul yesterday
EJ from Seoul wrote: "Mariah didn't arrive at Kimpo airport on the 23rd. I read it in newspaper Sports Today that all foreign entertainers had to apply for a visa (a kind of special visa, I don't know what it is in English) to their concerts by Korean law. However, Mariah's people couldn't accept it because it was not for personal profit, but for helping poor children. It is a charity concert. The reporter also wrote that Mariah's participation was not canceled yet, a manager of the concert was trying to solve it, and he (or she) thought Mariah would arrive on 24th. I can't understand it. I bet there are other reasons! Korean fans are disappointed, but most of us still believe Mariah is coming. I expect good news, that Mariah will arrive in Seoul today (24th). I will give you more information tonight."

6/23/99 First I would just like to say thank you for all your warm wishes and Congrads. on Graduating. It really meant a lot to me and thank you to Anderz who put it on his site even..I feel so loved and special..ha ha. Well I was away for a day and I come back to all this MC news..no here goes...

First magazine news...Hydrogirl2 told me that MC is in the NEW US magazine. I saw in the Nichole and Tom issue that MC was in it in a bathing suit that we have all seen a couple of times from when she was petting the dolphins. Well it is that issue of US and here is the picture Lauren sent me of MC and the Dolphins (Click to Make Bigger).

Also Lauren was nice enought to scan me the Ocean Drive pic. and article. Click Here to read the Article
And here is the picture inside..Click to see bigger version!!

ALSO in other MC Magazine news...Gary wrote me and told me that there is a POSTER in the NEW Black Beat magazine. It is the September issue with Mase on the cover. She is wearing a black Spagetti string shirt? I havn't seen it yet, anyone got any more info. on it??

For those of you who LOVE to trade like me, I updated my "MY STUFF" section in a BIG way today. I added a new section entitled, "MC Remix on cassettes." I have a lot of remixes on cassettes because people send me cassette tapes of copied of there cd's. Some of them are rare. Also I updated my Video Section and interview section. I recently got a bunch of Spain interviews and I got the Saturday Night Live Rehearsal tape which included VOL, Someday, VOL again, Don't Play That Song, and Vanishing. It is pretty rare and really cool!! So check it out if you like...MY STUFF
Coming Soon: Tracklisting for all my Cd singles!!

Well if you live in Philly, NJ or in that area you can tune into the most popular radio station for modern day music. It is called Q102 and yesterday Alex told me they didn't say something too pleasant for MC. Here is what Alex told me...
A lady reported that Jennifer Lopez signed a two picture deal, and a guy goes "Yeah, the first movie will be 'The Rise and Fall of Mariah Carey!' I'll play Tommy Motolla. ha ha ha!"
Yup not too nice. Oh and Diego, one of the DJ's on Q102 was at the Graduation party last night at Chartwell. It was kind of cool to see him cause I listen to him everyday on the radio!!

Okay this next news tidbit is Courtesy of Tomas1284, president of Sweetheart Mariah (e-mail him if you want to join, GREAT club!!). We have all been talking about the new album, rumored to be called Limelight. Well now Tomas e-mailed me and told me that he e-mailed the Ice Editors, a site that specializes in album releases, and they wrote back to him with this response..
Mariah currently has an untitled album scheduled for October. Keep checking ICE's release dates for more information. Take care and thanks for reading ICE!

MC Gateway sent out some info. on the new album too. This is all scheduled to change and in no means official.
The Release Date for the album is some time mid-to-late October 1999. The Release Date for the first single off of the album will be around July 28, 1999, entitled "There for Me" Featuring Backstreet Boys, and produced by David Foster

I got this next info. from Anderz. I am told that both Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot gave shoutouts to Mariah in there new albums. How cool :D

Danielle wrote me and told me a cool story. Here is what she had to say...
"...Mariah Carey was at Oasis Waterpark in Palm Springs, Ca (where I live) on Mother's day with her brother and her Bodyguards. She was wearing a black one piece. VERY VERY sadly, I didn't get to see her, but I met the guy that toured her around the waterpark, and he filled me in."
Thanks Danielle for the cool story :)

My good friend Mike has his own REAL mail group called MCFO and they are looking for new members. I have been in this mail group for a year now and it is good. He makes books and sends them to you and they are OUTSTANDING. I kid you not. Read on to find out more...
The Mariah Carey Fan Organization (MCFO) was founded in the fall of 1997 and has been an active supporter of the life of superstar, Mariah Carey. The club serves members all over the world with its professional and creative appearance. As a member you will enjoy many perks, such as:
*Fan Magazine
*Fact Sheet
*Autographed B&W picture
*Membership Card
*Pen Pal List
*Email Updates
The MCFO membership lasts one full year. Within this year you will receive all that’s listed above. Joining the Mariah Carey Fan Organziation is a very simple process. Membership fee is only $20.00 if you live in the USA, and $25.00 if you live outside the USA. It covers every aspect of the MCFO for one full year! To join, send a letter with:

2666 Shipley Church Rd.
Cookeville TN 38501
The day we receive your membership fee, you will be added to the list, and shipped, the most recent newsletter, plus all the other goodies that come with the MCFO membership. If you have any further questions about the MCFO please email them to: mcfo_@hotmail.com
Here is the cover of the NEW MCFO...

6/22/99 Okay yesterday I brought you all the 2,000 calender cover and a lot of you didn't know much about it. I sent out information in the 5/15 news and here it is. Hope this helps :D
Do you want a Mariah Carey Calender for the year 2,000??? Well it is simple then. The calender is $16 in US money (f8 in UK, and f9 Rest of World) and that includes shipping and handling. You can pay by check or postal order and make them payable to Calender Offer or send cash registered or recorded post. OR pay by credit or debit card. Post your order to...

Calender Offer
PO BOX 200
RG40 1ZY England
Make sure you send proper information. It says... Name, street, town/city, county/state, country, post/zip code, fax (if you want), telephone number, and E-mail address. And that is it people. They said supplies are NOT being reprinted so make sure you reserve your copy now. They are supposively are making a limited supply and they are starting it this year!!! Reserve your copy today..you will get it in September or October and also they will send you a book with all the calender on October 15th...

Well yesterday I told you all about the show Oneworld Music Beat. Well I never heard of it before or saw it, but many of you brought it to my attention that this is NOT a new show, and it is the third time WGTW is repeating it!!! Sophia was nice enough to type out to me what the show is basically about...here is what she had to say...
"It's called Russel Simmons OneWorld Music Beat. I thinks it's a repeat, if it is this would be the 3 time they repeated it. It's a show where they interview stars. MC will be the featured artist, so she will be interviewed through out the entire show. They will interview other stars to and show different interview clips w/MC. If it's a repeat, it's starts out with MC doing one of her friends hair and laughing. Then MC and the host (I forgot her name) changes into different outfits. MC wears a red or pink looking dress. The host talks to her about Whitney, her marriage, her image, etc. At the end I think they both (or at least the host) is drunk, it's kinda funny. Oh, MC and the host also race outside and MC won cause she cheated. Hope that helps.
Oh that sounds pretty cool. Thanks again to Sophia for that info. and many others who e-mailed me about it!!!

Well as we all know, there are a BUNCH of articles floating around about the Michael concert. Alex sent me one from Associated Press. It pretty brief...
Michael Jackson in Seoul for Concert
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Michael Jackson arrived in South Korea on Monday for a concert to benefit needy children. Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Elizabeth Taylor will join the pop star for the four-hour show on Friday in Seoul. It will be Jackson's second concert in Seoul. His 1996 performance drew tens of thousands of fans. Tickets this time are selling for up to $250 a seat, compared with up to $66 for local performers. Cheil Communications, the promoter, said about 60 percent of the 60,000 seats have been sold.

Sara told me that on a Donna Summer concert, which debuet on Sunday night at 10 pm on VH1, she said, "I feel like diva for a day just like Mariah!"
Hmm is that a nice comment or a bad one??? I don't really know??

Tomorrow (6/23) the Special "It All Began Here" will air on BET TV at 8 pm EST. The description of the show is...
"Various musician who began their career on the Black Entertainment Television including R&B performers Boyz II Men and Erykah Badu"
Mariah Carey is ALSO in that lineup, so DON'T forget to watch it :)

ALSO on a NONE Mariah related issue:
Today I Graduate from High School. It was suppose to be yesterday but it rained, so at 6 pm tonight I will be doing my little walk to get my Diploma :) THANK GOD!!!

And finnaly today, I was a tad bored this morning and I found some cool screen captures from My All/Stay A While, Fantasy, and Honey and made a little banner. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment...

6/21/99 Okay there is a new show called Oneworld Music Beat and it is Channel WGTW (Channel 19 in New Jersey) and on July 3rd there is an hour special on Mariah Carey. Now I don't know if this is one of her concerts or if it is an interview? BUT here is what it says when I looked it up...
Oneworld Music Beat
Program Type: First-run Syndication / Variety
Singer Mariah Carey. (1 hr.)
Anyone ever seen this show before? E-mail me if so!!

Adorible20 sent me some information. Mariah is in the magazine "Ocean Drive" with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. It's a picture of MC from the Oscars in the Redish dress and it says something about Mariah replacing Daisy Fuentes with Luis Miguel. I havn't gotten it yet but when I see it, I'll tell you more and where you can get it. Thanks Jenn!!

Okay remember a while back I told you guys to order your NEW YEAR 2,000 calenders..well now the cover of the calender has been released and here it is :D (Click on thumbnail to see full pic)

Okay I was looking up articles today and I found two on Michael Jackson. They are both from today so that is what I don't get. I know the first is wrong though from what I am hearing. The articles are about the sales for the Michael Jackson concert. The first say that there is trouble and they might loose money, and the second one is saying they are fine. I know the second one is true but here are both of the articles!!!
Michael Jackson charity concert fails to sell well
The organisers of a charity concert featuring pop star Michael Jackson are finding it very difficult to sell the tickets. Only a third of the 60,000 tickets available for the event in Seoul, South Korea, have been sold. The company behind the event say they have not ruled out the possibility of losing money on the concert planned for June 25. The blame for the lack of interest from Jackson's legion of Korean fans could be set at the door of the country's economic crisis. Many youngsters who saw the singer perform three years ago have had to tighten their belts since then. Others hope the benefit gig, featuring other huge names in the pop business, like Rod Stewart, Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, will sell out just before it starts. Koreans are famous for failing to buy tickets in advance a concert, but their lack of enthusiasm this time may suggest apathy more than brinkmanship.

Here's the second...
Michael Jackson & Friends Seoul concert on its way to sell out Denying recent media reports about poor sale of Seoul concert tickets, Mr. Marcel Avram of Mama Concerts & Rau, has confirmed that tickets for the June 25, Seoul concert are selling well. According to Mr. Avram, the stadium has a capacity of 45,000. Of these, 38,000 have been sold out. With Michael and the performers arriving shortly in Seoul the remaining 7,000 are expected to sell out in no time. It is very common for Koreans to buy concert tickets just few days prior to the concert as opposed to reserving them well in advance. The total stadium capacity of 60,000 is not being accomodated owing to the huge volume occupied by the stage itself. The stage has been specially designed to support performances from a large number of artists. The design makes it possible for the concert coordinators to prepare two platforms even as the third one is being occupied by a live performance.

6/20/1999 Thanks to Tomas1284 for this info. The Pavorotti and Friends will air on PBS in the USA in November/December. Exact date is uncertain as of this moment!!

Thanks to Tomas1284 for this next info. too... The Korea Herald is saying that their are rumors stating that Mariah will duet with Michael Jackson on "I'll Be There." And Mariah will sing "I Still Believe." None of this is confirmed by MJ or the concert directors. According to Planet Jackson.com, Mariah and Michael will perform the song "She's Out Of My Life," from Michael's 1979 album Off The Wall.

Tina wrote me today and told me a funny story about MC. It is in one of the recent tabloids, wasn't told which one, and it was entitled.."Mariah's Strange Behaviors." Basically it said that she hopped onto a plane, hiding her dog under a blanket and when she got on the plane she threw the blanket over her head and wouldn't talk to anyone. She would only peak out and talk to the stewardess. BUT when they asked "Who want's Ice Cream," Mariah popped and said that she did :) Hee hee....

I was in the mall today and I saw that Mariah is in Sister 2 Sister. I think that was the name. Puffy is on the cover and it is a picture of MC from the #1's signing and an article. The article talks about her new flame, Luis and her movies. It might of been a different name so just look for Puffy.

6/19/99 Phil Collins Bashing Mariah?
You form your opinion. He is not very nice in what he says, I can say that....
Phil Collins isn't afraid to share his opinions about others in the music business. "Music can do two things," the singer says in the upcoming USA Weekend magazine. "It can build bridges and make people understand each other and their differences. Or it can dig the ditch and make the problem bigger. Rap is making the problem bigger." On divas: "Just tell me what you're singing about. Don't embroider everything. She's a fantastic singer, Mariah Carey. Fantastic singer, Whitney Houston. But I get tired of the embroidery, to be honest." And last but not least: "I play a lot of Sting stuff. He's a little arrogant sometimes. But he's allowed to be. He's a good-looking, talented guy."

The next information comes from Mariah Online! First of all Michael and Mariah will be doing a song called "She's Out Of My Life", from Michael's 1979 album Off The Wall. It will take place at the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert in Seoul.

Next, Mariah is in TWO tabloids for June 29th. She is in Globe and National Enquirer. The article in National Enquirer says...
"I told one teacher that I wanted to be a singer and was told, 'There are millions of people out there who can sing. What makes you any different? Don't get your hopes up.' I couldn't believe a teacher would actually say that to someone who had a dream."
There is a nice picture of her singing from the Daydream tour also.

Mariah is also in Globe and there is a big picture of her from the Butterfly signing. The article talks about the styles of the 60's. Here is what the caption says...
"Yeah, baby! Slinky singing strumpet Mariah Carey struts her stuff in a '60's style micro-mini that leaves little to the imagination - just like Austin's go-go gals and the movie's dangerous female robots, called Fembots!"

People have been asking me where you can get the SPICE magazine with the 3 page pullout on MC in it. I got mine at CVS, but if you don't have one near you try your local bookstores. :)

I didn't mention this yesterday but there is another pic. in "Pop This" It is under the QUEEN section towards the back and it is a little pic. of MC from Fantasy. It says, "Mariah Carey can easily hit a high E-she has a 7-octave range."

6/18/99 Okay I just got the "Pop This" Book. There is a pic. from the Z100 Bash but the other pic. is NOT a concert pic. It is a BIG pic. from the Lady of Soul Awards where she is wearing the Silver Dress. Here are what the Pop Up Bubbles say around her..."MARIAH CAREY BORN: March 27th, 1970 PLACE: New York, NY, Mariah parents named her after the song They Call The Winf Mariah, Her nickname in high school was Mirage because she was never there, At 18 Mariah went to an industry party andmet a record exec who took her demo tape, He signed her within days, 5 years later he became head of Sony Music and she became his wife, Mariah's first album made her a star at 19, Mariah has sold more albums than any other woman in the 90's, Mariah's mom is an opera singer, Her dad is an aerospace engineer-who took off when she was 3, The best present Mariah ever gave: a house to her mother, The worst present Mariah ever received: a used bottled of men's cologne, Mariah raised $650,000 to start Camp mariah for poor urban kids in 1994, Mariah admits she prefers to be photographed from the right side, Mariah never went to college, Her high school yearbook lists her likes as Corvettes/discos/and guidos, Aries quick to adopt new fashions, Mariah is 5'8"." WHEW..that's a lot, it's all from the Pop Up Videos they did on MC..I think all that is on the Fantasy one??

I have some more news for you on the VH1 book. It is not called Pop-Up Book but the real title is "Pop This". The pictures inside consist of MC in a red crop top and black skirt from the Z100 Bash and the other one was one that was never seen before supposively. It is around the Daydream era and it is looks like a concert pic, I am told. I will pick it up today and tell you more!! Remember it is $18 and you can pick it up at your local bookstore!! Thanks Gary!!

Stephanie sent me some cool information. She told me that Derek Jeter is on the cover of the June issue of Sports Illustrated and they happen to talk about Mariah a lot in the issue. Here are the MC related paragraphs from the magazine. Thanks Steph!!!...
"Drawing mostly from the New York Post's and Daily News's gossip section, you read that Jeter's romance with Carey began in the fall of '96 while she was still married to record executive Tommy Mottola; that early in the '98 season Steinbrenner warned Jeter to cool things with Carey because the Yankees' owner felt that the relationship was hurting his player's game; then, while attending Puffy's bday party, Jeter continually rebuffed Carey's flirtatious advances. Who knows how much of this is true...he's smart enough to understand that he invited the attenion by carrying on with Carey, with whom he says he is still friendly (she declined to be interviewed). "it's hard with me to have a relationship the way things are right now, i'd have to be with someone very understanding, someone who's willing to deal with all the attention. But going out with Mariah, that's taking it to a whole other level. She's someone who's known worldwide. I don't see how two very famous people--and i'm nowhere close to her level--would be able to deal with that over the long haul. it's too much." (Talking about finding a girlfriend) He has a built-in safeguard against getting suckered. Two actually. "I'm a good judge of character, but even if you fool me, you've got to get by my mom and my sister. It takes a lot to pass that test." (Derek's mom says): "he does a lot of screening before we even get involved. There are certain things you can tell about a person--sometimes it might even be her name, or her hair." (then talks about how Derek's sister Sharlee scaring away one of his girl friends in high school, then Derek's sister says:I ended up loving Mariah Carey to death, but I would've taken her on, too, if she hadn't measured up. People said, 'Oooh, it's Mariah Carey, that's perfect.' I was like I don't know who she is. I know how she is on TV but that doesn't tell me anything. So, yeah, she still had to go through the Test, and yeah, she passed. I think she was forewarned."

I got an e-mail from VH1 Postal and if you missed the Blockbuster Awards or your VCR crapped out on you, DON'T FRET. VH1 is repeating the Blockbuster awards on Saturday night (tomorrow) at 9 pm!! A *sigh* of relieved from many right :D

Now to end todays news, thanks to Anderz for this lovely picture of MC. This is the picture they showed on Access Hollywood TWO nights ago. They also showed another picture of MC and Luis and it was a close up so maybe that will end up in a magazine some where like this one did..keep your eyes open it for it. MC looks really nice!! Check out Gallery 9 for the picture bigger..here is a sneak peak!!!

6/17/99 Did you miss Donnie & Marie show last year on FOX? Well you are in luck cause they are repeating it on July 1st at 11 am :D Check the main page for the Important Date and more!!

There are two pictures of Mariah on the Blockbuster Awards Site I added the two pics. to Gallery 9, go check them out. Here is a sneak peak for ya :D

Gary sent me some cool news. Suppsively there is a new book from VH1 which is a Pop-Up book. It has 2 pictures of MC in it and it talks about Mariah. It is $16 and Gary found it at Waldenbooks!!

Also BSBgal2471 sent me some information on the new Duet that Mariah is doing with Backstreet Boys. The BSB were on a radio station today and AJ told the DJ that Mariah and Backstreet Boys are recording a duet and that they feel honored to work with her. Also they Brian said that he went to NYC for a Mariah Carey press conference just to look at her closer up without even introducing himself. We know that this duet is going to be a HUGE hit.

Mariah Carey + Backstreet Boys=BIG HIT

I will be adding a new Mariah Carey Wallpaper today from Jahjah. Also if you take any infomation from this site, please make sure you mention this site somehow. I do it for other sites and I expect the same for mine...it is so much nicer that way :D Thanks you...Here is a sneak peak of the new Wallpaper...

6/16/99 Okay major news for ya...well kind of. Mariah is in the July 1999 issue of SPICE magazine. It is a 3 page POSTER of Mariah from the 1999 Billboard awards :) It is ALL of MC. So nice..make sure you check it out. It's $4 and now on stands :)

Mariah is ALSO in Right On magazine for August 1999. It is one of the pics. from FHM magazine (the one with with the black top and purple stoned pants). It's nice so I HAD to buy it :) It's also $4 so if ya want it, so get it!!

NOW for Exclusive news you ONLY heard here. There is a NEW Yankee's Book out. It is the "Yankee's 1998 Daily News, Best Ever!" book. It is $20 and I found mine at Waldenbooks here. There is a nice size Mariah Carey picture in there and I never saw it before. It is a pic. from when she attended the baseball game Derek was playing at. The article says, "To gal fans, no one's Neater than Jeter." Under Mariah's capture it says, "Early in the season, Jeter was dating pop star Mariah Carey." Maybe I can get Alex to scan the pic. for me :) I had it blown up at Stapled today so I can put it on my wall. I suggest you go look at it :)

Alex sent me a little article about the new Lopez song...
Last week, "If You Had My Love" made history by landing in the #1 slot on the Hot 100, Hot 100 Singles Sales, and R&B Singles Sales charts simultaneously -- a feat previously accomplished only by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and TLC. Mariah's still #1!!

Aaron sent me some information he found out in the Philippines lately. Supposively there is a rumor that mariah will be releasing a new album in late July and it is entitled LIMELIGHT. It is supposedly an autobiographical album with duets with Pavarotti and Stevie Wonder. Thanks Aaron!!!

Okay people are e-mailing me about the NEW rumor that Mariah and Luis are in fact married!!! Someone sent me this huge article that was in the New York Post and I just don't believe it. But I'll share it with you and see what you think!!! Bttrflyml1 sent me the article that was from the New York Post..whatcha think?
"According to the New York Post, the young diva may have once again taken a giant plunge into the matrimonial deep end. The paper reports that Ms. Carey has wed a Latin pop star. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the crooner in question isn't the Latin pop star (Ricky Martin, for those of you living under a rock) but rather Mexican-born Luis Miguel. According to the paper, the lovebirds have been dating since meeting in Aspen last Christmas (not long after she divorced Sony head Tommy Mottola and dated Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter). After months of jet-setting around the world, Miss M and Luis are now shackin' up in Manhattan's Four Seasons Hotel, where the songstress is crashing while she records her latest album. Rumors about their marriage began stirring after hotel staffers were apparently told that the couple was staying there as newlyweds. While -- surprise! -- Mariah's people are deny the nuptials, "a source in the music industry" said, "Something's definitely going on. Where there's smoke there's fire." In Mariah's case that tends to be true -- so I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. -- D.S."

Mariah is on the main screen as soon as you come online at AOL TODAY. If you click the link you will eventually come to a REALLY nice Mariah picture and here it is for your viewing pleasure :D

SO now we can see that Mariah will be PRESENTING an Award and RECEIVING an award. Hee hee..I KNEW she was up there twice!!

6/15/99 Well sorry again but MC news is low :( I learned from Anderz that there will be TWO Michael Jackson Benefit concerts. One in Korea and one in Germany on June 27th. Mariah will be at the Korea one though only, it is said.

Here is a little article Anderz sent me:
The Queen of Pop, Mariah Carey is coming to Korea to particitate in the charity concert "Michael Jackson & Friends" on June 25. It's her first visit to Korea. She's going to sing just one of her hits, and then duet with Michael Jackson. It's the first time both top stars are on the same stage together. Michael kept asking her to take part in the concert because of Korean public opinion; Korean people want to see not second but top singers. Her Butterfly Seoul promotion tour was cancelled in 1997.

Alex told me a little tidbit today. In the new TV Guide, former women's champ, Sable, talks about how she named her daughter Mariah :) Cool eh? The girl is 11 years old now but Alex read that and shared it with me :)

Blockbuster Awards air TOMORROW night on Fox!! Make sure you DON'T forget :)

6/14/99 Really there is not much news but I got a cool article thanks to a great site called Mariah Online. It's about how MC and Michael Jackson WILL be performing on the same stage together VERY soon. Mariah is said to be arriving in Korea on June 23rd. Here is the article...
Mariah Carey to join Michael Jackson concert
Mariah Carey will join Michael Jackson in singing two songs together for the first time in the history of pop music at a concert benefiting underprivileged children across the world. Due to respective conflicts in schedule, four pop stars, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Kenny G and Diana Ross, will be replaced in the charity concert "Michael Jackson & Friends,'' slated for June 25 at Chamsil Stadium in eastern Seoul. "The concert is a charity show geared to raise money for the poor children all over the world. Hence, we have no contract with appearing artists and some changes inevitably have been made,'' said Marcel Avram, the executive producer of the Michael Jackson concert, in a press conference at the Westin Chosun hotel Sunday. U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey will join the concert, Avram said, revealing the change in participants. "Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey will sing two songs together at the concert,'' he explained. French chanson artist Patricia Kaas, actor Steven Seagal, Status Quo and the Spirit of Dance belatedly agreed to join the concert. Two local groups, H.O.T and S.E.S., are also set to join the charity event. Of the original cast Luther Vandross, popular Asian-born violinist Vanessa Mae, Boys II Men, Slash of Guns N' Roses, Andy Lau, Scorpions, Philipp Kirkorov, Coco Lee and Blackstreet will appear as scheduled. Michael Jackson's close friend, Elizabeth Taylor, will appear and Rod Stewart will make an on-screen appearance via satellite. Stage equipment will beginning arriving today at the port of Pusan. The concert will feature a stage show using a prop called "The Bridge of No Return,'' which will come down as a symbol for refugee children then explode and separate, Avram said. Michael Jackson will then appear and the bridge will come together again after which the children will be able to cross over into the safety zone, he explained. Funds will also be raised worldwide through a live telethon on SBS TV Station and on the Internet.

6/13/99 I added THREE new MC pics. They are from a Italian magazine called Chi!! They are SO NICE and they are from the shot of the Hola pics. not too long ago. MC looks SO pretty..check them out in Gallery 9!!!

I added 3 new Wallpapers to my Wallpaper section under "Pictures" on the main page. They are all from Juan and they consist of one from Around the World, one from Pure Imagination video, and one from a lot of the covers she was on before :)

Mariah's in three magazines. First of all she is in Teen Celebrity, July 1999 edition. There are three pictures of her and the caption to the right of her says...
The Mariah: Diva is as diva poses, and Mariah works full-on 1940's screen star glamour for the shutterbugs.
How To: First of all, skirts and dresses only. Second, find a place for your hands, such as at your sides or clasped comfortably in front of you. Third, plant your feet slightly apart and pivot your bod a little to the right, lifting your right knee a tad. Voila! A fetching three-quarter angle.
Here is the three pics, click for bigger. Thanks to Mariah Online for the scan of the three pictures!!

Mariah is also in the GLOBE tabloid!! It is on page 12 and it is a picture of Pavorotti and MC. It is the pic. where MC is waving and Mariah is smiling :) The caption says...
"Lucky Luciano: No wonder Luciano Pavorotti is smiling-the tenor shared the stage with sexy Mariah Carey during a fund-raiser in May!" Here is what the pic. looks like exactly, it's just missing the text above :)

Mariah is also in Black Beat magazine. There is 2 pictures of her. One she is in a red dress and the other is a pic. of her from The Roof. I havn't seen this one yet but I read about it on Mariah Online..I'll bring you more info. when I pick it up :D

Mariah Carey Newswire sent this to me...
"We are selling a signed CD single of Vision of Love on Ebay. You can bid by going to Vision of Love single
The description is as follows:
Vision of Love CD single signed in person by Mariah Carey at Webster Hall in New York. Signed "Mariah" in the lower right corner. This is her first single, and it is very rare. Unsigned it would sell for at least $40. Signed it is worth a whole lot more. Both the CD and the signature are in perfect condition. I don't have a COA since it was signed in person, but I will send you a photo of myself with Mariah and a photocopy of my access pass to verify its authenticity."

Did you miss MC singing Vision of Love and Vanishing on Saturday Night Live? Well then you are in luck cause they are repeating it on the Comedy Channel :) It's on July 23rd at 1 pm :)

6/11/99 BIG NEWS..do you want to win an almost 5 foot Mariah Carey Poster? Well it's simple..just click HERE and enter your name. 100 winners will receive the poster. Contest ends on July 10th. Thanks to Mariah Online for bring this to my attention!!! Here is an article I found today. It talks about Lauryn Hill and how she is setting up a new camp. BUT it says that MC is on eof the 3 Board Trustess?? So now she looks after Camp Mariah and Camp Hill?!? R&B Artists To Do It For The Kids
...Camp Hill, the free summer program developed and sponsored by the Lauryn Hill-founded nonprofit organization the Refugee Project, convenes July 3-17. The program caters to at-risk youth, and the two-week session includes various social and recreational activities. The Refugee Project's board of trustees includes Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, and Sean "Puffy" Combs.

Tina sent me another little article on MC..read on...
ONE OF THE BEST R&B PERFORMANCES was all but lost in a blur of hoochie outfits, hooker hair sexpot posturing. Mariah Carey's radio-single "Breakdown" from 1997's Butterfly albulm, took signature elements of new-millennium R&B--breathy vocals, rap star cameo, lyrics about heartbreak--did what almost no one else who's used the formula has been able to do: trip onto that rarified plane where music, words and voice all converge into pure emotion. Lazy-rhyme lyrics become profound; the rap cameo by Bone, Thugs-n-Harmony (a truly inspired choice) flows logically and organically into the sung phrases; Carey's breathy delivery is the sound of someone as consumed by loss that she can barely summon the energy to speak. It's sublime recording. But even though it was a massive radio and MTV hit, the track was reduced to little more that the soundtrack to a Jersey's girl's shopping spree and fashion layout--- Carey's joyless makeover into real -life blow up doll overshadowed the music, squelching what should have been an unqualified artistic triumph.

6/10/99 You know work stinks..LOL. I was working the last two days so that is why I didn't have any MC news for ya :) But I have some today..check this out...

I got this next news from Tomas1284. After the Pavorotti concert, it says, MC went to Capri to work on her new album, many Italian newspapers have reported. The studio is booked for a week it seems.

Here is an article about Cole stalking MC from the New York Post. This is getting a bit bizarre...I would be scared of her if I was MC...
Cole vs. Carey gets even weirder
The big question with Mariah Carey and rival singer Samantha Cole is, "Who's stalking whom?'' Cole who recently parted ways with Universal Records and is shopping for a new label has taken to blabbing all over town about her feud with Carey, a feud Mariah swears doesn't exist. Nevertheless, last weekend in the Hamptons, Cole told pals she's considering getting a restraining order against Carey's bodyguards. "She wants them kept away from her, to stop bothering her," a source said. "Mariah's people keep calling Samantha's house and leaving harassing messages." Carey's rep blasted those claims. "Any rivalry is completely one-sided," said an exasperated Cindi Berger. "Mariah certainly has no issues with Ms. Cole. My only concern is that she seems intent on riding on Mariah's coattails. "Music sources say Cole and Carey have been trading barbs ever since Cole began dating Walter Afanasieff, Mariah's former producer.Cole couldn't be reached, but a friend said she was probably bluffing about the restraining order. "She was probably just saying that for effect. Samantha just wants this to go away." A pal of Carey calls Cole "a stalker. She's been trailing Mariah for years, harassing her family and her friends. "She was obsessed with Mariah in high school to the point where she'd dress and do her hair like hers," says Melanie Daniels, a Carey backup singer who knows Cole from school. Daniels recalls a night in a club where she and Samantha both worked when Cole did "a very bad imitation" of Carey's hit,"Hero". A few years back, Cole badgered Mariah's mom, voice coach Pat Carey, to give her singing lessons. "She said she was a descendant of Nat King Cole even though she's white because she thought that would give her entree into the business," laughs a source. "She would call constantly, come to the studio and leave flowers it just never stopped." Carey's mother, who declined Cole's repeated quest to take her as a student, confirmed the barrage. "She left repeated messages on the machine, saying she wanted me to teach her to sing like Mariah, she wanted to hit the high notes," Pat told PAGE SIX. "It got to a point where it was very uncomfortable for me and the girls in the studio."

This next article I found out Mariah Online and it is from VIVA tele-text reports. It talks about how after the rumors of the Backstreet Boys splitting up, Nick Carter had this to say about their future:
"Mariah Carey called us up about 2 weeks ago, and we're probably going to work together. Probably a lovesong, a duet or something like that..."
That would be SOOOO COOL!! I sure hope it happens..

I found another article on the Blockbuster awards and it has some nice tidbits on MC...
Ricky Martin, Sarah Mclachlan And Backstreet Boys To Perform At Fifth Annual 'Blockbuster Entertainment Awards' June 16 On Fox Special Appearances By Nicolas Cage, Mariah Carey Cuba Gooding, Jr. And Kathy Bates
Crossover Latin American pop sensation Ricky Martin, vocalist Sarah McLachlan, and teen phenomenon the Backstreet Boys will perform at the Fifth Annual BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS Wednesday, June 16 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The awards ceremony will be taped May 25 at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Also participating are Nicolas Cage, Mariah Carey, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Kathy Bates. This star-studded event honors favorite lead and supporting actors from top-performing movies in 1998, as well as music artists with the year's top-selling albums, as voted by fans.

Also appearing are Cage, a previous Blockbuster Entertainment Award-winner and current nominee; musical diva Carey, who has garnered six Grammy Award nominations and topped the Billboard Charts with 13 No. 1 singles; Academy Award-winner Gooding, Jr., who most recently starred in "What Dreams May Come"; and Academy Award-winner Bates, recently nominated for a second Oscar for her supporting role in "Primary Colors."
This is sort of the edited version..want to read the whole thing? Then click HERE

Alex sent me a little article he found on MC's futher aspirations in the Movie Buisness...
More movie roles on Mariah's menu
Mariah Carey says she's more than interested in crossing over into acting. "I did a little more than a cameo in a new movie called The Bachelor with Chris O'Donnell," she says. "It's really cute. I'm an opera singer, ex-girlfriend of Chris." Carey says she's been hoping to act for a long time. "I used to study acting as a little girl and did theater workshops and have been studying again for about two years." "By exploring smaller projects, I thought it was a different approach than people who immediately go out and do their own vehicle, which can be risky. It could be commercially successful but possibly not a stellar acting move. So I'm doing my best to be the best actress and best artist."

Tina sent me some information that I found disturbing and very wrong. We all know how MC appeared on JANE's cover not too long ago. Well now the one with Minnie Driver on the cover has some not so nice polls which they featured MC on..read on :(
"okay check this out. Mariah Carey was in these polls, and she won them. "Singer Most likely to fill in Ginger Spice's place in spice girls", "Next Whitehouse Intern", "Person on the cover of our magazine that would make you stop your subscription".
Now the first two are not that bad but what is with the last one? That's not very nice!!!

Okay moving along...Flute69 sent me some tidbits of a VH1 show MC was on..read on...
On Before They Were Rock Stars, they had on Brenda K. Starr. She was talking and then got to talking about Mariah. They showed early photos from when they were together.
Thanks Sara!!

6/8/99 I created a banner/collage of Behind the Music pictures I have and I thought I would share it with you guys :D Here ya are...

I added two new MC pics. to Gallery 9...check them out when you get a chance!!!

Here is an article about MC and Luis working on a duet from Mariah herself!!!
Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel have plans - but not wedding plans. "No - not as yet," responds the superstar singer, asked about the much-speculated-upon nuptials that would join her and the Latin crooner. Mariah, who'll be seen on "The 1999 Essence Awards" on Wednesday night on Fox, tells us she's in the middle of working on an album she intends to have out "by the end of this year - for the millennium." Is she planning duets with Luis? "Actually, well, I'm not allowed to talk about it, but there is something in the works," smiles the diva. Mariah presents what will undoubtedly go down as the most dramatic of the "Essence Awards" - a tribute to 14-year-old Hydeia L. Broadbent, who is living a life of accomplishment and joy, despite having been born an AIDS baby. "It was hard to stand there after seeing the film they put together of what Hydeia's done and the odds she faces," admits Mariah, who adds that "everyone was teary-eyed" at the recently taped, star-packed Madison Square Garden event. "Even the way she presents herself is really inspiring for all of us, I think." The moment had to be especially moving for Carey, who chose to give the Broadbent award. She has a sister who's HIV-positive, a subject she politely declines to discuss. Meanwhile: Mariah is in Italy this week, singing with Luciano Pavarotti at his annual benefit for War Child. "He asked to do my song Hero with me, and they've written an operatic part that goes along with my lyric," she reports. Mariah took her mother, a former opera singer, along for the trek. The event will be televised world-wide, including the U.S., at a later date.

There is a little mention of Mariah in one article my friend Alex found. They talk about how Ricky Martin is the next Mariah Carey? WHAT?!? How bizarre that sounds but anyhow read on...

Don't think of Ricky Martin as a Puerto Rican Backstreet Boy or as the sole alumnus of Menudo to whom puberty has been kind. Think of him, as Sony apparently does, as the next Mariah Carey.

Here is another little article about Samantha and MC's "fight"
From our Can't-We-All-Be-Friends Department: Mariah Carey has always been cool to upstart fellow songbird Samantha Cole, but would she really pelt Cole with ice cubes? Cole says she was at Life, the New York watering hole, in the wee hours the other evening when she looked up to find Carey chucking ice cubes at her."One passed right near my nose," the 23-year-old Cole says. "I was a little shocked." Also, according to one witness, Carey tried to get Cole booted from the VIP section by telling club staff that Cole launched the first cube. Carey's rep insists that the star didn't throw anything at Cole, but says one of her friends might have.

6/7/99 Did ya miss me? LOL. Well Prom weekend is now over and I am back to bring you MC news :D There is quite a lot I missed so here goes...MC is in the new Star tabloid twice. One picture is a great pic. from the Blockbuster awards and the other talks about MC's views on guns. It is on stands now, so go get it. Here is the two pics. in this weeks STAR...

The new Teen People is out. It is the Special Issue and MC is one of the front cover stars...It says..
Mariah Carey:Harborfields High Scholl class of '87; Greenlawn, NY. Being cool was important to Mariah; that was her goal when she said she liked convettes and guidos in her yearbokk, and when she snubbede the chorus. Classmates called her Mirage because she rarely attended class-perhaps she was too tired from staying out late working on demo tapes."

Along with STAR tabloid, MC is in National Enquirer. It reads...
Cream of the Cropped: Summer's hot zone is a nakes midriff-and Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos opt for sexy cropped tops to show off their fab abs at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards...Mariah the Magnificent-named Favorite Pop Female Artist-is a sheer delight in a second seethrough midriff top and belly baring shirt.

The new TV GUide with Star Wars on the cover has an ad for the Blockbuster Awards. It just mentions MC name under Scheduled to Appear..no picture. It will take place on Wednesday of next week :D

thampton@tyler.net (tina hampton) sent me two tidbits on MC. The one is a NOT SO NICE thing said about MC and Lopez and the second is a new show MC will be on...
Yes, a rude comment was made by a magazine that said that if Mariah's acting is anything like Jennifers' (Lopez) singing, then we don't have anything much to look forward to. (addressing Mariah and Jennifer switching roles).
Mariah Carey will be on the "Source Hip Hop Awards" in August. It doesn't say excactly which date but i have the ad for it, and as soon as i learn how to send pictures with my e-mail news i'll send it to you.
Thanks Tina :D

lilgirl_420@hotmail.com sent me a little tidbit she saw on tv the other day..read on..
You know that show "Two of a Kind" w/ those olsen twins? well, i was watching that last night and there was this one part where they were in this bird shop about to buy a parrot and mary kate (i guess) spotted one she really liked and was really beautiful. The babysitter looked at the price and said "oh my god! we could get mariah carey for this price!". How cute :D

AshleyB462 sent me some information she found on the Favorite Bands Poll. It ended up that MC beat out TONS of people to be in the #1 spot. Go MC..here is the article (Note:I cut out 3/4ths the people on the list cause it was so long!!)
Favorite Bands Poll: November 14, 1998 - December 22, 1998
Mariah Carey - Born in New York in 1970, Mariah always *knew* that, without a doubt, she would be a singing star. When asked by her teachers to do her homework, she'd reply that it was unnecessary- she'd never need to go to college for her career as a superstar. Her mother's request to clean her room was answered similarly: when Mariah was a superstar, she'd have a maid. Mariah, you see, might be the last person in the world to admit that her stardom was not inevitable. Grand Funk Railroad - Legend says that it all started on July 4, 1969 at the Atlanta Pop Festival. It started without the benefit of a large, recording company-sponsored media blitz. It started with three relatively unknown musicians -- not the relics from some broken super group. It started with a different type of music -- music that had a raw, gutty, moving, almost sexual quality to it. What was "it?" What was it that Cashbox magazine once called "a legend in their own time?" "It" was Grand Funk Railroad. Celine Dion - Celine Dion was born on 30th March 1968, in Charlemagne, Quebec. She was born into a large family with 13 brothers and sisters. At the age of 12, a demo tape was sent to a well respected manager, Rene Angelil, who, after being so touched by the voice of Celine, mortgaged his house to finance the release of Celine's debut album. Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys racked up quadruple platinum sales in Canada, double platinum honors in Germany and much of Asia and the list goes on and on. They were even cited with the prestigious Viewers Select Award, beating out world favorites Oasis, Spice Girls, Boyzone and Jamiroquai for the MTV Europe honor.
The results in detail. Total Votes: 13769
Mariah Carey 1128, Grand Funk Railroad 763, Celine Dion 727, Backstreet Boys 561, 'N Sync 551, 98 Degrees 272, Aaliyah 254, Aerosmith 236, Barenaked Ladies 214, All Saints 206, Alanis Morissette 184, Brandy 181...

Do you want MC to be the TOP Celebrity? Then go vote for her...
Vote for MC

I got this next information from ISBPURE. We are not sure how true it is but read on..it is about her Concert plans...
--Mariah Carey to Bring Some Soul to the Choir --
Austin, Texas - In an exclusive deal with Sony Music Entertainment, the National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir has secured exclusive rights for Mariah Carey performances during the 2000-2001 concert season. Mariah Carey will tour Choir chapters, singing various psalms, hymns, and traditional prayers. "This is a very important deal for us," said Choir President Joseph Brown. "Mariah Carey will breath some soul into Choir meetings. We plan to bring in the new millennium with awe-inspiring modern renditions of traditional choir numbers. We are planning a Choir season that only a magnificent vocalist like Mariah Carey will be able to provide." In February, 2000, Mariah Carey will begin her tour in Austin, Texas. From there, she will move east to South Carolina, up the coast to New York, across the midwest to Seattle, Washington and finally south to San Francisco, California. "It is a very demanding schedule," said program director Alice Carson. "The payoff," she continued, "should be tremendous." In cities where Mariah Carey is scheduled to perform, Choir concerts will be held on Saturday nights, while Mariah Carey concerts will be Friday nights. Carson cited the public's interest in modern performers like Mariah Carey as a way to attract more Christians to the Choir. At the May Choir concert in Austin, Texas, Mariah Carey offered a sneak preview performance. "This was just a glimpse of things to come," commented Carson. Mariah Carey sang a total of nine songs, from "Hosanna in the Highest" to "Lamb of God" and the twenty-fourth psalm. "Her backup band was in peak condition," said concert-goer Dennis Nentry. "It was simply amazing to hear the Lord praised by such a sweet voice."

I got the next tidbit from Anderz. It talks about MC's Around the World Video. Read what he has found out about it :)
Mariah has been doing alot better on those charts than right now, but at least she's top 10 on one chart because her video Around The World is the #8 most sold music video for the week.

This next article is from the MSNBC website. It talks about Prince Alberts plan for his upcoming birthday...
“IT’S A NUMBER of events over a number of days,” says a source familiar with the festivities. According to the insider, the highlight will be two concerts, one scheduled for July 10 in the courtyard of the prince’ palace that will feature some of the biggest names in the classical music industry, including Placido Domingo and opera singer Barbara Hendricks. At another event, scheduled for Sept. 18 in Monte Carlo Harbor, the biggest women in pop will perform. According to the source, the prince is close to sealing a deal with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston for the September event. “Forget the Divas concert!” says the source, referring to the much-celebrated concert at which Whitney Houston, Cher, Tina Turner, Brandy and Elton John performed. “These are the icons of pop. If you rule a country and you want to celebrate, you don’t have a party with just a DJ.”

You know the Pavorotti concert? Well guess what? Now there are sounds for it. Want to hear them? Then check out the FANTASTIC Mariah Online Check out Multimedia, Real Audio, and then the Live section. There you can find the songs for My All, Hero, and We Are the World. You have to have RealPlater G2 to play it and you can download it free at www.real.com!!!

6/3/99 Okay as we all know MC and Pavorotti did a song together called Hero. Everyone is adding these 5 pics. to their site so I thought I should too..here is 5 pics. of MC and Pavorotti singing and rehearsing. MC looks WONDEFUL!

My friend Juan sent me information on the event and what MC sang and whatnot..read on...
I've just seen Pavarotti & Friends 1999 on RAIUNO and Mariah was AWESOME, she first sang My All / My All Remix and she was wearing black mini dress, very revealing, her hair was curly and pulled back. Her voice was almost perfect and she knew it, she even hit a high note at the beginning of My All. She looked very happy. Then she sang Hero with Pavarotti, almost at the end of the show, and she was wearing a long pink dress and straight hair, I disn't like this song, I mean, Mariah was great but I didn't like Pavarotti, he sang in italian and he didn't follow the song's melody. Just after their performance everybody went out. Lionel Richie, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Boyzone, Zucchero, Laura Pausini, Alex Britti, Renato Zero, B B King. Well, all the artists and they sang WE ARE THE WORLD, it was a beautiful performance, even Mary Ann Tatum got her part :) I think that Mariah outsung them all, she sang over the chorus :D Just one thing, the background singers were Melonie Daniels, Trey Lorenz and Mary Ann Tatum, they weren't only singing backup for Mariah, they sang backup for everybody, they sang with BB King, with Lionel Richie, etc. It was almost their concert :) Thanks Juan!!

MC was on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood last night also. On ET they talked about how MC was at the Pavorotti concert and how Michael could not attend it. They showed the ending with MC singing with everyone else and you could EASILY hear MC above everyone else..it was amazing!! Also they talked about MC is one of the BEST DRESS in the NEW Star tabloid hitting stands on Monday. It is a nice picture of MC from this years BlockBuster awards :D She looks REALLY pretty :D Check that out on Monday!! MC was ALSO on Access Hollywood. They showed her walking down the red carpet for the Pavorotti concert :D That was basically it from what I remember!!

The Essence Awards were shown last night. I almost forgot, but at 7 pm I called my bro. and he taped it for me, since I worked all day yesterday!! Anyhow MC presented an award to a little girl who has been suffering from AIDS since she was born. It was really moving and MC was so pretty and sincere. The girl got up there and said, "Me and Mariah!" like how ODB does and MC and everyone else just cracked up!! Ha!! Right before MC came out, there was a Blockbuster Award commercial. You know how MC only won one award? Well last night those showed MC wearing a DIFFERENT outfit then the picture we have...does she win TWO AWARDS then?? The one on TV she wore the brown outfit but the picture from May News is MC wearing a BLACK outfit. We will just have to wait and see I guess :D

Hydrogirl2 sent me a little article she got from the New York Post...read on..
MARIAH: ring bearer
"Mirabella covergirl Mariah Carey played coy about her relationship with Luis Miguel [of course] at the party the mag tossed to toast her at Il Cantinori Monday night. 'wanna see my ring?' the songbird teased, before flashing a huge, battery-powered, glowing red plastic sparkler. 'isn't it gorgeous? it's got to be what, 10 carats?' Kind of old news but still funny to me cause it is so untrue!!

Ron from the Phillipines sent me some information on MC is doing in his next of the woods..
HA! HA! This is Ron from the Philippines. I doubted it at first, but I can now say that Mariah has a growing fanbase here in the Philippines. First, I went to this record bar called MegaMixx. It was the only record store which sells Mariah singles. When I went there about six weeks ago, there were a lot of I STILL BELIEVE (Single) stocks. But then, when I returned today, I found out that they were all sold out. Similarly, I found a new store called CD Warehouse. They also sell Mariah singles, of course, without my knowledge. (At last, I have now an Always Be My Baby single). But when I passed by and entered, I learned that the same single (ISB) is at the Top One of their singles chart according to sales and it is noted there that it is highly recommended by the store. That is really surprising because I thought that a lot of Filipinos now are losing their admiration and support to Miss Carey. I'm just happy that they're not. That's all! Thanks Ron!!

Ggemini told me that MC is in Black Beat with Lauryn Hill on the cover. It is a nice pinup I am told and MC is on the 2nd page or so.

MC is in the Globe magazine. It is about her fight with Cameron a while back and there is a pic. of MC from the Butterfly Signing. It is so funny to me because remember the story was that Cameron thought MC stole her boyfriend. Well the GLOBE made up a COMPLETLY different story then that? They said,

Songbird Mariah Carey swooped down on Something About Mary star Cameron Diaz with claws bared after sources said it was 'tourture' to listen to Mariah's Music.
Now we ALL know that this is untrue!! MC got upset cause Cameron was saying that MC stole her man Matt!!

Mariah is also on the COVER of National Examiner. There is two nice pics. and MC has the "Best Legs" as they put it :D Wahoo!!

Well there is still more trouble running with Samantha Cole. Here is the article...
Samantha vs. Mariah, Part 2
Samantha Cole can't stop talking about Mariah Carey. Cole was in the Hamptons over the weekend telling anyone who would listen at the Southampton club Conscience Point that she doesn't know why Carey hates her. This comes on the heels of Cole's claim last week that Carey threw ice at her at a New York club, a charge Carey denies. "Mariah doesn't hate Samantha Cole," says Cyndi Berger, Carey's rep. "Mariah doesn't know her personally. She just knows of her. I'm certain that whatever Ms. Cole thinks she fears, it's just imaginary." Cole, by the way, recently parted ways with her record company, Universal Records, and is seeking a contract elsewhere. Cole could not be reached for comment but said last week that a new record deal was imminent. "I'm about to get a new label," she said, "but I can't say which one because we're still talking about things. I'm looking forward to finding the right label for me."

MC is on a new Pop-Up Video show...here is what it says..
Pop-Up Video
Program Type: Music / Variety Videos from singers, including Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Aretha Franklin. (30 min.)

6/1/99 Okay today is ACTUALLY June 1st..As I said I added News early..but SADLY but TRUE, there is NO MC news to be found. I looked high and low but nothing :( BUT I made FIVE new MC banners from pics. from MC Around the World!! I got a 120 pics. yesterday so I made banners :D The My All one is on the main page below InfoMC and here is the Emotions One. The banners will change around on the main page from time to time..enjoy :D

6/1/99 I am starting June news a little early so if you want to see the news for May 31st check out the link below under Old News for May 1999. You can see a Blockbuster pic. there...and for your viewing pleasure, here is another nice one!!!

Thanks to Adorible20 for this great pic. and yesterdays too :D

ST100ST sent me information that MC is in the NEW Celebrity Style TWICE :D The first picture is a pic. from the Oscars and the caption says..."Mariah Carey chose L' Wren for her second outfit of the evening" The second pic. is from the MTV Video Awards 1998 and it is with the Twenty One Sexiest Women in Hollywoord. "talk about body confidence. mariah carey is the sort of pop diva that plays the part all hair, legs and shrink wrap clothing, plus a voice that spawned a album devoted entirely to her number 1 hits. Whew! and true to good siren form, she celebrates those to-die-for curves with a closetful of barely there, slinky gowns."

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