June 2000 News...

June 30, 2000...
MClogoMariah on Cover of Caribbean Magazine and New Pics
Steve B. wrote me yesterday and told me that Mariah was on the cover of the Caribbean Magazine (Spring/Summer 2000). This morning, after work, I went and picked up a copy. It's a nice cover pic and then inside is 4 pages on Mariah, plus another article in the beg. of the magazine. I scanned all the pages, which took me a freakin hour to do, in fact. All those pics are in a NEW Gallery..Gallery 31. Plus, my very good Mariah4 buddy Elin was nice enough to send me a cool new pic of Mariah, which she got some the Japan Sony Site I believe. So thanks Elin :) All 6 pics are in Gallery 31!

Ramsey told me that 10 years old this week, Mariah Carey jumped from #80 to #41. So I made a little boo boo in yesterdays news...sorry about that and thanks for correcting me!

Get CTTA on Radio
Melissa got the "Rate the Music Survey" in an e-mail today and Mariah's CTTA is on it. This is a GREAT way to get Mariah more airplay because the results are sent to radio stations,in fact. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out the form by clicking the link below! Put in your e-mail address and then this code: 1112
Click here to help CTTA get on the radio!

MC in US Weekly
Art told me that there is a big pic of MC in that white bathing suit in the new US Weekly :) Thanks Art!

Yahoo Fan Club
Please check out Jeff's Mariah fan club site!!! There you can meet new people, see pics, etc! His just recently lost his grandmother and dedicated the site in her name! Sorry to hear about that Jeff :( Just lost mine too, earlier this year! Anyhow though, please visit it below!

Attention Indonesian Fans
Bagi fans Mariah Carey yang berdomisili di Indonesia, saya ingin menawarkan kaset yang berisi lagu-lagu remix, instrumental, dan pertunjukan live Mariah Carey. Satu set terdiri dari 5 kaset, masing-masing kaset bernuansakan R&B, dance, pop, instrumental, dan pertunjukan live, dan masing-masing memiliki desain cover yang spesial. Kamu bisa membelinya per set atau pun per kaset. Bagi yang berminat dan ingin informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi saya melalui e-mail di: er_dna@yahoo.com .

Our gift Mariah: A Rainbow!
ckone18@hotmail.com wanted me to post this on the site so read below:
Today I read the message from L.J. which was on THE MARIAH ARCHIVES and I think that L.J. is right! Maybe we don’t have to give Mariah so much pressure to do this and to do that to “make us” happy. Because she is doing so much to us, we can do something back to her, not just requesting “Can’t take away” or “Crybaby” but just give her the opportunity to be a “normal person” and live a “normal life”. A life were she’s not always fighting against things, always having stress, always worrying what she have to do to make her fans happy. Mariah can’t sleep! that is one of the most major assignment, that Mariah is having a very very STRESSfull-life. I know for a lot of fans it is hard to say to Mariah to stop for a while with her work, because we LOVE her work. But I think that we are fan enough to say to Mariah that we love her work, but what the most important thing is that we love her as a person. I think that we are able to say that to her don’t you think so?? To keep it short: I just want to make a BOOK were we all say to Mariah that we really love her work, that she don’t have to be afraid to disappoint us if she is not working for a while, because we really care about her as a person. We have to say that we all think that it is the best way, just take a rest for a couple of years and that we will NEVER, NEVER, let her down. Don’t you think that this is a good idea?? I think that this is the MOST beautiful “present” that we can give to Mariah Carey, not something materialistic, but just the encouraging to leave this stressful world for a couple of years. Just send all your encouraging/ supporting messages to my email address : ckone18@hotmail.com

NYPost Article
Thanks to Nini for this next article:
Jamie Lynn Sigler (Meadow on "The Sopranos") revealed she's cutting a pop album at a West 22nd Street studio. "Music is my first love," the talented 19-year-old said. "'The Sopranos' come first, but I'd love to have a successful singing career. My album is going to be sort of like Cristina Aguilera or Mariah Carey."

Keep sending your entrees to Jasmine. You can send in pics of yourself or MC, drawings, graphics, images, anything. I already wrote a little message to MC and you can send anything to Jasmine at the e-mail address below:

Billboard Charts!
Well sadly, Crybaby drops to #48 but CTTA Dance Mix rises from #23 to #17. Thanks to Dave and Art for this info!

If ya never got to see MC in The Bachelor OR want to see it again, then check out Mariah Online for the exclusive :)
Mariah Online=Bachelor in RealVideo!

June 29, 2000...
In the mist of all the drama on the messageboard, Mariah3 has become Mariah4. The Mariah4 is a collection of four of the best sites to read latest news and information about Mariah. The sites in Mariah4 are all very dedicated to bring you the latest and most accurate Mariah information available. It includes The Mariah Carey Archives, Mariah Online, Mariah's Diary and WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page. Check out the page for yourself below:

I added a "Home" button on the menu at the top so it's even easier to navigate around this page! :)

L.J. who?!?
Well, like many of you, I have read the letter by LJ and don't know what to think of it. I personally don't want MC to stop. I love the performances and the new songs. Is that selfish of me? Probably so and if she really feels this way, then my opinion means nothing at all, of course! If you want to read more about it, Check out my Mariah4 buddies webpage by clicking the link below:
Mariah Carey Archives=LJ's Report

Good News for CTTA
Here are some reports that Joshie told me about:
Can't Take That Away attracts new Mariah Fans??
I know that Sony really doesn't want this song to be successflul, despite that there is good news. I have 3 fiends Megan, Rachelle, and David. They have their opinions on Can't Take That Away and I was suprised that they LOVE the song! They all hate Mariah but love this song??
Anyway I took the CTTA single over to my friend Rachelle's house. I played her the Morales Remix of CTTA and she loves it! Megan was there too and she loved it too! My friend David called me and said he had heard CTTA. He said he likes it because he listens to depressing music. We are both sort of outcasts so Mariah's music inspires us!
Do you remember the Double Rainbow Contest? Well Jay Speroni was one of the winners as you know and his mom is a Social Studies teacher. She had played the CTTA video IN CLASS! according to Megan and Rachelle. Also my brother was at his rehearsal for his confirmation and the bishop or someone mentioned the Mariah video because Jay's video was about her and they held a collection of money for her. I hope this information is of some use to you.

Blockbuster Awards
Well if you missed them, they reair again tonight. Check Important Dates for more information and thanks to Isabelle, a very sweet person in fact, for this next bit. It seems that Mariah one for best performance category, which of course, she deserved cause she was amazing.
Mariah Carey=39%
Enrique Iglesias=30%
Marc Anthony=12%
Uncle Kracker featuring Kid Rock=10%

Message from Will
Do you like to create Mariah artwork?! Do you like to draw or paint Mariah?! Have you written Mariah inspired poems?! If so, show the world your work. Send all of your creations: poems, painting, drawings, whatever, to: mcarey27@hotmail.com They will be used on a website premiering in summer 2000 and you will get full credit. Show the world your talent!!

Well it happens, sometimes people give me the exclusives on something and I forget to add it but Macfvr told me that he told me a while back about MC being on the cover of TvYNovelas and plus he sent me scans. I know I downloaded these and I will try and get them up for you guys tomorrow in Gallery 30!

Reply from Power 106 :(
Maria got this response when she request CTTA:
I understand what you are saying. Billboard was wrong about banning the airplay of a song though. Next time you write to them ask them about a cease and disist order. That is where they send you a letter stating that if airplay does not cease at once we can be sued. We have gotten those letters about other songs. Once we get a promo copy of the song we can review it for on air play. To be honest with you we have been getting mass e-mails from people who are on the Mariah mailing lists and also from her fan club members to play the song but not many people in Miami. We love Mariah, we talk about her all the time and even today on our poll question (www.power96.com) she is one of the options for cutest couple with Luis Miguel. Right now though, this song is not being played here. Thanks for writing in again!
Power 96 Morning Show Producer

Eat Drink Dance, Take 3
I love this so much..ha ha. I didn't know MC used this quote so much but Cintia from Brazil wrote me and told me that she used the quote back in November when she was on MTVBrazil:
" I've changed so much less than other people out there who change their image every other week and have a new color hair. I mean, basically I look the same, it's just that now I'm free to be myself, wear what I wanna wear. In the beginnig when started I was very young and people had a lot of control over me and wanted me to be preceived as this untouchable diva who just stood on the stage and sang in a long dress. You know, or stood in a field with a shirt buttomed up to here. But that's not me...so I mean, that's a part of me. But being able to wear what I wanna wear and do what I wanna do is a much more creatively inspiring thing... and, basically, if you like me, you like me, if you don't you're never going to... so eat, drink, dance, whatever. "

Regis and Kathie Lee
Okay a TON of you wrote in about this and I thank everyone of you. Jasmine told me that the woman was talking about her new movie, Trixie, where the character loves Mariah Carey so much but sucks at singing. The actress was saying that she truly loved Mariah in real life and that she thought she was a really good singer!

MC on TOTP Again
DROR-ISRAEL told me that MC will be on TOTP (Germany) again singing AAO this Saturday!

10 years ago yesterday..
Victor informed me that 10 years ago yesterday, Mariah debuet album "Mariah Carey" was #80 on the Billboard 200.

MC gives to Charity Once Again
Several of you have told me about this, including Alan, Minerva, etc. Here is what CryBaby4uMC2000 told me:
Hi Regina, I was watching MTV when their news came on and Howie from the Backsteet Boys whe was talking about an auction going on and that Mariah has one of her outfits from a video i think that's is auctioning off. I tuned in late so I don't know what auction it is but I just thought i'd tell you to let you know and if you know what auction it is. I looked it up on MTV and it said this:
"There's a lot of people that weren't able to come," Howie explained to MTV News. "They've donated some stuff, like Mariah Carey's donating an outfit from one of her videos. I've got a shawl, kind of scarf-ish thing from Shania Twain, and Shaquille O'Neal is giving us one of his shoes, which I'm going to try to stick both of my feet in before I auction it off, and a basketball. I've actually brought some stuff as well, some of the earlier stuff that we've worn in the Backstreet concerts."
For the record, Carey kicked in the outfit from her "Heartbreaker" video, while two dinners with Howie D. sold at the auction for $15,500 each.

Magazine Info from Isabelle :)
Sound like a show huh? Ha ha. Isabelle told me that there are 2 small pics of MC in UK Cosmo (July 2000). Also there is a special edition of Celebrity Style (August 2000) which is called Hairstyling (J. Aniston is on the cover) and it features 2 pics of MC in their "simply gorgeous" section.

AAO in France
Isabelle also told me that AAO is #3 on the playlist of the most popular radio in France.

CTTA on radio in Budapest
Bogi informed me that he heard CTTA on the radio in Budapest. They're voting for her there on the radio stations and music channels and so on.

Mariah in American Eagle!
Well Shanae214 told me that Mariah is loved in hre American Eagle. They play Mariah's CD all the time and the one cashier loves her the most. She said that she was talking to the cashier and she said she would play it more often now :)

Note from Regina
I have been getting a lot of e-mails lately and I am very sorry if I don't reply to you. If it is something important, just keep e-mailing me till I respond. I don't want anyone to get mad at me for not replying to them cause if ya check out the messageboard, I got enough people against me!! Sorry guys!

June 28, 2000...
Coming Shortly...Mariah3 will disappear and Mariah4 will appear. Mariah4 will be a team up of Eric/Elin/Anderz/Regina.

New Pics
Well if you are in InfoMC, you know about this already and have seen 2 of the pics. I got some REALLY nice pics from my friend Gail, which she took at the Belgium concert. There is about 5-6 of them that I scanned this morning and added to Gallery 30 along with a nice pic of MC and my friend Mark! Along with that, there is a new drawing by Chris, which is just amazing and you can see that on the Artwork Page! Enjoy :)

Regis & Kathie Lee
I was just about to turn on Rosie today, since Mariah was on, and this woman was talking about Mariah and how she loved her but I didn't get the beg. of what she said. Did anyone else see it? What did that woman say and who was she?

The View
Nicole and Victor both told me about this. Yesterday, the Cosmo Teen Magazine lady was introducing some outfits and one of the outfits was known as "Mariah Carey Look!" IT was her normal cut off jeans with a cut off top. How cool?

MC Too Sexy?
Not according to sirginho's Channel 2 yesterday. They were talking about VH1's Too Sexy Too Soon Show and they said that Britney and Christina were dressing too sexy. They show Mariah during the Heartbreaker Remix video and her Vibe cover pic and said that it was okay for artists like Mariah, Whitney and Tony to dress sexy but not for Britney and Christina. FINALLY someone isn't against the way MC dresses!

"Eat, Drink, Dance, Whatever" Take 2
RBravo told me that another place MC has said this quote, besides VIBE Magazine and this site, is furing the Heartbreaker Make the Video. Here is what she said:
"All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing, and make music that my fans wanna hear,I can't be like 'oh, I wanna be the biggest in the world, always.'you know what I mean, you can't predict that, you can't control that, all I can do is sit here and do videos, make songs, eat, drink, dance, call it a day, whatever."

Portugal Online
Sandra corrected me on something and filled me in on how MC is loved in Portugal and you can read what she had to say below:
Hi, Regina! I'm sending you this mail because I'm portuguese and I saw on your news section that Mariah was with CTTA and AAO on a Top called Top Portugal Online, I think it's important to tell you that this top as no special meaning, first because Portugal has no top for singles, only albuns, second because this top is done by a guy who has nothing more to do. To tell you the true I never heard CTTA on radio, the only song we can listen often on radio is AAO, only once I heard crybaby.
The good new I can give you is that Mariah is very popular here and this week she's at #3 on a Major national radio station with Against All Odds. I will do my best to put her on #1 next week. Sony Portugal, like sony usa is doing nothing to promote rainbow or the singles.

Billboard Online Article-Crybaby Lowest Single!
David sent me some article from Billboard Online and the first notes that Crybaby will be Mariah's lowest sigle ever if it remains to go down :( How sad!! 'CRYBABY,' CRY: In its second week on The Billboard Hot 100, Mariah Carey's "Crybaby" (Columbia) tumbles 28-34. Unless this single can rebound, it will go into the history books as Carey's lowest-charting commercially released single. The only one of her songs to peak in a lower position was her holiday title, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," an album track that went to No. 83 this past January.

APPARENTLY THEY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY Hey Fred, First let me say that I love all the weekly facts about the chart in your column! Now on to business -- I have a question regarding last week's Hot Shot Debut by Mariah Carey at No. 28. According to The Billboard Hot 100, the single is credited as "Crybaby" featuring Snoop Dogg.
I find this confusing because the single that is out is actually for another song -- "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" -- and "Crybaby" is just a bonus track on the single. Why is "Crybaby" credited when the single appears to be "Can't Take That Away"?
Please help -- I find myself confused! Sincerely,
Jose A. Mendez
Emmaus, Pa.

Dear Jose, The Billboard chart policy on "double-sided" singles bears repeating (and obviously the terminology is left over from the days when 45s had two sides. I don't think we'll ever stop calling them "B-sides," even if they're on the same side of the CD). "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" and "Crybaby" are both receiving airplay, so it is possible for both songs to chart. "Crybaby" is receiving the most airplay, so that song is considered the A-side of the single, no matter which song the record company has designated as the A-side.
And because "Crybaby" leads in airplay, it is also assigned all of the singles' sales points (and will continue to collect them for the life of the single, even if "Can't Take That Away" eventually leads in airplay).
And that is how the song debuted at No. 28 on the Hot 100, because airplay is minimal on both "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away" -- even though "Crybaby" has more airplay, neither appeared in the top 300 airplay songs last week. "Crybaby" debuted at No. 2 on our Hot 100 Singles Sales chart.
You didn't ask, but just to clarify, the above refers to the Hot 100. If "Can't Take That Away" had more R&B airplay than "Crybaby," it would be the song that collected all of the sales points on our R&B chart. That is not the case, however, as "Crybaby" also has more airplay on our R&B chart.

Good News for CTTA
Daydream told me that CTTA is #1 at her local Tower Records Single Sells (Tower in Sacamento, CA) and today Daydream heard AAO on the radio! She heard it on a Jazz Station.

Whenever You Call
Tom told me that Whenever You Call featuring Brian McKnight was the theme song for his cousins prom :)

Mariah on Rick Dees?
Okay Josh is the only one that told me about this. Did anyone else hear this? Read below for what he told me!
Hey Regina it's me Josh and I have some news for ya!!!! OK I'm not really sure on this news but my aunt said that yesterday she was driving to work and she had 102.7 kiis FM on which is a radio station in LA and Mariah was talking to Rick Dees about the problems she's been having with her record label. She said that Rick Dees told Mariah that they would play CTTA at least once a day to try and help her out and he said that was the least he could do for her since she came and talked to them, and they even played CTTA while she was there!!! My Aunt also said that MC said she wasn't going to give up on CTTA!!! I hope this new is accurate because I really don't wanna get anyone excited for nothing but hopefully you can help me confirm it?? OK thanx for your time!!!

Happy Birthday To You!
Okay, normally I don't do this but I thought it would be cute! Alice wrote me and told me that her boyfriend is turning 28 years old and is a HUGE Mariah fan. He does not know she is doing this and on Saturday is his birthday. So she would like all of you to start sending him birthday wishes to fill up his mailbox. You can do so by sending them to Jerry at:

Mariah is on the cover of the June 21st issue of TvyNovelas Josh told me. It has two pages filled with pics of MC and Luis but Josh said the article wasn't too nice?

Bliss in DEB
Lisa saw yesterdays post and wanted to inform me that she heard Bliss over the loudspeaker at the Deb :)

June 27, 2000...
MClogoWMA's Repeat for French!
Honey informed me that the World Music Awards will air on June 29th at 10.40 pm CET on the French Channel M6!

Toni B's new Video
miss_bing_bong@webtv.net told me that in Toni B's New Video, "Just to be a man about it," she is wearing Mariah's cutoff Jeans :)

Mariah3 VS. Mariah4
Originally Mariah3 consisted of Mariah Carey Archives, Mariah's Diary and this site. Then when Mariah's Diary shut down, Mariah Online was brought in to replace it. Now, Anderz is back. So we are discussing the fact of Mariah4. I put up a discussion of this is the messageboard and would really like all of you to let us know what we should do. I personally feel that Mariah4 should be established cause it only makes sense but others feel differently. So let us know, by posting something in the messageboard. Thanks..

Access Hollywood and Soundscan!
Kristen told me she was watching Access Hollywood Sunday night at about 2 am (repeat from Friday's show) and they showed that Mariah's "Can't Take That Away" was #2 on Sound Scan Top Singles.

Charts Charts Charts
Here are some charts that my buddy Isabelle sent me :)
Mega Top 100 (Netherland)
#20 Mariah Carey (Last Week #27)

#33 Against All Odds Mariah Carey Sony Music (Last Week #31)

#20 Against All Odds Mariah Carey Sony Music (Last Week #30)

Greece (Star FM Radio Station)
#37 AGAINST ALL ODDS Mariah Carey (SONY) (Last Week #23)

Belgium (UltraTop50)

Portugal (Top Portugal Online)
# 29 MARIAH CAREY Can't Take That Away (New Entry)
# 31 MARIAH CAREY Against All Odds (Last Week #40)

PLUS Isabelle told me:
Beside that, I heard that, NOW, AOO is getting A LOT of airplay in France on the most popular radio stations in the country. Good news, since the official release of the AOO Single (The Maxi Single is out already) is coming (July 4th), which means that it might climb the charts very easily, seeing the important airplay it receives.

Keyboard & Mix
So many of you e-mailed me asking where you can get these magazines. If I didn't reply to you, sorry. Here is what I told everyone that I did reply to. I got Keyboard magazine at Barnes and Nobles and I got MIX Magazine at Tower Records. Basically you can get these magazines whereever they sell magazines. I found that MIX magazine was a lot harder to find and Tower only had 2 copies. My local Barnes & Nobles has a ton of Keyboard magazines (about 8 or so!). So check your local bookstores everyone!

Where in the World is Mariah Carey?
Okay Jill told me two days ago that they were now in NYC but Danielle wrote me and told me that her friend works in a spa in downstown palm springs (CA) and she said that her friend saw Mraiah and Luis two days ago? MC got her nails done and they are staying at a local hotel. So I don't know where Mariah is. Is she in NYC and Danielle's friend thought she saw MC or did MC make a flight to CA to see Luis and that's where they are staying? As Mariah would say, "I don't know and neither do you!" Whereever she is, hopefully she is relaxing and having a good time cause she DESERVES IT--Jill too!

CTTA Getting Airplay--YES!
Chris told me that CTTA was played on his local radio station yesterday. It was the remix version and the DJ said that it has been played once and has been getting a lot of requests. If you would like to call in and request it, the number is:
It is the most popular radio station in the area Electric 99.3, Johnson City, TN).

Bliss on Radio
Jenna told me that she heard Bliss being played on the loud speaker at JC Penny! Cool huh?

I don't know if Jordy visits this page or not but if you do, please contact Will Ward because he wants to talk to you. I lost Jordy's e-mail address so hey, I'll do it here! Hee hee..
mcarey27@hotmail.com (Will Ward)

Quote Page & MC quote
Well I havn't updated the Quote's Page like I normally do but I am going to start doing it again because the "Quotes of the Weeks" and the Quote Page is something Exclusive here! When Mariah first called me, she gave me a quote of the week that read:
"Eat, Drink, Dance, whatever! (Said in a southern drawl)!"
Well Dave, told me that wasn't the first time she used that quote. She also used it in the November 1998 issue of Vibe :) Here is the part where she uses it too..thanks Dave!
Whose idea was it [to give you the record label Crave]?
[She smiles; seems a code for her ex-husband, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola]
[She raises her glass] Cheers. I'm not mad at anything. I was mad that people thought [Sony] took it away from me because my groups didn't hit. That is not the case.
Or they think you and Tommy had fallen out and he wasn't with it anymore.
Well, eat, drink, dance- whatever. People are going to think what they want to think, and I'm not going to deny or confirm that. [Smiles]

June 26, 2000...
MClogoRankin Files
Sorry guys, I forgot to report on this yesterday. On Saturday night, I taped the half hour special called "Rankin Files" on VH1. It was actually pretty good and it talks about the woman in the industry and how they act sexy. They had a cute interview from Mariah when Rainbow was released and she said something like how she doesn't think she is much more sexy then before. Or something along that line and they showed a bunch of her videos. I thought it was pretty cool, and if you missed it, try and catch the rerun. You can check out the dates on the main page under Important Dates!

New Pics
I scanned a couple new pics today from my own personal MC collection plus I added Jordy's autograph from "Bianca!" Plus, I scanned the cover and insides of Keyboard Magazine and MIX Magazine, which features Mariah. Also, I have scanned Breakout Magazine which has an awesome new picture of Mariah inside and talks about her duet with Westlife!! All pics are in a NEW Gallery, Gallery 30!!!

Dutch Mega
Mark told me that AAO climbed from 27 to 20 in the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart this week....that's so great.

Singapore Fanbook
Daphne is doing a Singapore Rainbow Fanbook that will be given to MC. So for anyone that went to that concert and would like to send MC a message, send your entrees to:

YM Magazine
On the last page of the NEW YM Magaizne, Michelle told me that there is a game on match the dog with the celeb and Jack and MC are in it. There is a pic of Jack in there but I don't know if there is a pic of MC in it!

More Magazine News
I bought Keyboard and Mix Magazine, which both features Mariah's Rainbow Tour. MC is in the right hand, bottom corner of Keyboard Magazine and there is a 5 page article about it with 3 convert pics, pics of her crew and the equipment, and her passes. I highly suggest getting this one, very nice. Also, there is MIX magazine. This magazine has 2 tour pics of MC and a 3 page article. Both magazines are about $5, so if you can only get one, get Keyboard. You can see a scan of Keyboard in Gallery 30, so you know whatcha looking for! I scanned the cover, and two inside pages that feature Mariah pics! Plus, I scanned on of the inside pages of Mix!

Britney/MC/Christina..who am I like?
Elleinad8622 went to Alloy.com and there you can find out which celebrity you are most like. Well she got Mariah and here is what it said:
Mariah Carey
What are you're looking for, the rest of your skirt? Like Mariah, your motto is if ya got it, flaunt it. And, hey, more power. Besides, you can do sweet (think "Heartbreaker") just as easily as sexy (hello "Honey"). Also like Madame Butterfly, you're a diva to the core: You like the finer things in life and want things your way. And if things don't -- or if someone else steals your spotlight -- watch out! You can throw a "Whitney Houston is wearing my dress!"-type hissy fit like nobody's business. Warning: You sometimes romanticize people and things (think Mariah's Cinderella wedding to her much older ex-hubby, Tommy Mattola) that may not be the best for you. Luckily, you know better than to stay in a sucky situation and come out stronger for it. Oh, one last thing: If you find yourself favoring one side of your face in pictures, stop. It's annoying as hell.

Sad Day
Well many of you may know Jessica (ALWAYSMARIAH@aol.com) who is president of "Daydreaming of Mariah!" She recently lost her 15 year old cousin from a drug overdose and she is very upset about it. Jess didn't tell me about this, "Lamb" did and she wanted to do something to help her friend out since Jess is always helping her out! So if ya get a chance today, please e-mail Jess and let her know that we hope her pain dies soon! Very sorry Jess :(

Mariah Vs. Sony-last album?
Okay I know that MC is NOT making this album to get away from Sony, but MTV Asia says she is. Thanks to Isabelle for this next info:
June 26, 2000
Mariah Carey is so desperate to sever links with her record label that she's recording a soundtrack album for a non-existent film.
Pop babe Mariah has just one album left on her contract with Sony Music -- and relations with ex-husband and label boss Tommy Mottola have hit an all time low.
Mariah says on her web site, "I've been getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people."
To cut her ties with Sony, Mariah has decided to make an album for the film "All That Glitters" -- but movie insiders doubt whether it will ever hit the screens.
Although the film is scripted, no plans have yet been made to start shooting. But if the curvy American cuts the soundtrack album she is free to find another record label.

Dotmusic and Rick Dee
Thanks to Isabelle for sending me this next information:
It's in the R&B Top40 on www.dotmusic.com (UK )
Generated: 25 June 2000
22 THANK GOD I FOUND YOU (Last week 26)
Mariah Carey
Columbia 17 wks
No Crybaby or AOO yet. :-(

The Top 80 Songs Of The 1990's
As Heard on Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 Countdown.
7 -- MARIAH CAREY & BOYZ II MEN One Sweet Day --
17 -- MARIAH CAREY Fantasy --
28 -- MARIAH CAREY Hero --
42 -- MARIAH CAREY Someday --
61 -- MARIAH CAREY Emotions --
66 -- MARIAH CAREY Always Be My Baby --
79 -- MARIAH CAREY Make It Happen --

The top selling singles in Canada
# 8 CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY (Last week #34)

Blockbuster Awards
TV Guide and Blockbuster.com says that the show will repeat on June 29th. Thanks to Maria for this information.

CTTA got the airplay!
Melissa was walking through "Home Depot" and it was playing over the loud speaker. Also, she said that her local station in San Diego (Z90) played it too and you can request it by calling:
# 619-570-1903.

Yesterday I reported that Louise Biancanella help produce Jessica's "I Want To Love You Forever!" I though that was a Mariah coverup name but it isn't. Louise is an actual person and actually worked with Mariah on her first album. So MC never worked with Jessica Simpson! Sorry about the confusion and thanks for the SEVERAL of you who cleared that up for me :)

VH1's Sexy Summer Weekend!
Kristen and CK told me that Fantasy was #32 and Heartbreaker was #17 on VH1's Sexy Summer Weekend!

June 25, 2000...Six Months to X-Mas! Ha ha!
New Quote of the Week
New Pic of the Week

Article in Courier Post
Dan sent me this next article which was featured in the Courier-Post and mentions Mariah.
"Biggest record companies are joining the digital music bandwagon"
by Jefferson Graham
After sitting on the sidelines as digital music exploded on the Net, the five major record companies are coming to the dance. Sony Music has made 50 songs available for download from such top artists as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Billy Joel. EMI joins with 100 albums July 1 from the likes of Janet Jackson, Everclear and the Spice Girls. BMG and Universal say they'll be up this summer; Warner Music, by year's end.
Unlike much of the online music trade thus far--such as on the wildly popular Napster system--you'll have to pay for these tracks:
Sony charges $2.50 a song at Sony.com; the songs are also available through retail sites such as tower.com and peaches.com.

93.7 WBLK
Kristen told me that WBLK is going to be adding "Crybaby" to their play list very soon and she would like some other stations to play MC too in Buffalo. So she would like you to e-mail the following people!
Here are some e-mails:

I e-mailed Jill, Mariah's Assistant, and asked what we should be voting for at TRL. She said it was up to us because she feels that at this point, because of Sony, that it won't make any difference. However, to give up all together, will accomplish nothing, so I talked to Mariah 3 and basically we feel that maybe we should try for Crybaby! Go to the banner below and type in Crybaby under "other!" Together we can hopefully make a differce! Also, Jill says thanks to all of you for keeping up the fight!!

Jordy, Mariah and Uhh Bianca?
Jordy sent me his story on how he got to hang out with Mariah. He told me that he was the guy who met the gal Bianca at the instore signing, after she knocked out poor Mariah! *GASP* Read his awesome story!
Hey Reg. Well i was just looking trough some memorys and then i remeber that i never tolled ya about my meeting with.......BIANCA!!!! well as you maybe know one of the skitts that mariah used for the rainbow concert was made in holland (the one where bianca knocked mariah over during the instore signing session) well i'm the boy that is in the skitt (the one that handed bianca the cdbook for mariah) well start from the beginning: When whe hearded that mariah was coming to holland we went to her hotel her and w8ted for some houres. in the midnight she arrived and we where the only four!!! coz it was so late and we didn't want to disturb mariah we just stand across the street. and guez what...Mariah walked to us!!!! Louise was with her and walked with her. when they arrived weezy kissed us(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Mariah was giving us hugzzz. we talked a bitt. one very funny thing: it was very cold (snowing) and Christa was wearing a tiny top with a low cut. Weezy was saying something to Christa that she had to close her jacked and mariah sad that with this weather christa had to wear a sweater....hehe then Christa sad to Mariah that she wasn't the one who can say that...:-) We tallked about her new butterfly nekless, joe, and i asked her when the full song of rainbow interlude was coming out. Mc sad that it will be on the soundtrack... well just before mc went into the hotel, we asked her where we had to go tomorrow. to the studio or the the instore signing session. Mariah sad that we had to go the store coz she needed us for something....:-))))) well after mc went into the hotel we went to the store (it was 5 am) after a long w8 mc was arrived and we could go into to store. when it was our turn to see mc we asked her what she was planning to do. then she bent over and whispers to us. you must had seen the press!!!!! she was saying that she would film a clip for the tour and that we had to w8 in the store till she was finished. well after a while ..... ... . Mariah came out and tolled us what she was planning to do (there where now 20 fans inc. the dmca) We filmed some short scene and then it was my turn to went to mc/bianca. i was very nerveus and mariah took my hand and sad that i had to calm down... we filmed for 3 hours!!! one time with mc, the second time with bianca. Some scenes had to do over and over again...infotunately they didn't use all of the material like bianca was singing: "if you want my body and you think i'm sexy..." And "fame, i wanna live forever". during the scenes Tonyua (r.i.p.) sad something to Bianca, but she sad Mariah... well Bianca went go nuts!!! "how did you call me????!!!" Tonyua : "Oh I'm sorry missis B." How kewl?!!! oh yea: In the time that Mc was changing cloths, we eat McDonalds, her body quard went down to get it....!!! i hope you can open the attechment, it is the cd bianca had signed for my. it sad someting like: "Bianca, always be the best" or something.... it was very funny. i mean c'mon mariah uhm i mean bianca was looking at me and was very angry with me and sad that she sang better than mariah! and sang a bit.... it was very hard not to laugh.....and Mariah? IS THE BEST ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!! (whe is the filming again pussed back????)

June 24, 2000...
New Pic
I went shopping last night and picked up Mira Magazine. This is the Spanish version of National Enquirer. In the June 11th issue, they have the same article that was in the National Enquirer last week about looking good in bathing suits. Well in Mira, they feature a NEW MC pic in the white bikini. So I scanned that one pic, and added it to Gallery 29. In total, it is a 2 page article with 3 pics of Mariah! Go get your copy today!

Request Magazine
I picked up the Request Magazine at Sam Goody last night and it has a nice pic of MC from the Germany concert! Not so nice article, but nice pic! It's free, so hey, go get some :)

Hurt Finger :(
I hurt my finger at work today, so if I don't add your news today, I am sorry. It hurts when I type, so I'll add it tomorrow afternoon!

Rankin Files
Rankin Files (aka Sexiest Video Show on VH1) aired on Friday night. I missed it but I went to Clicktv.com and it is reairing a couple of times, including tonight at 7 pm EST. So check out Important Dates for when it airs and I'll give you more information on the show tomorrow after I watch it later tonight!

German News
Uwe told me some German news. It seems that Crybaby just debuted on German Music TV VIVA. They only showed a clip that lasted a little over two minutes, but it's cool that they showed it at least!

More Magazine News
Isabelle told me that there is a pic of MC in the UK Version of Vogue and also another pic in LOOKS Magazine (UK also-July 2000 issues).

WMA's in Europe
Isabelle told me that the WMA's 2000 will be broadcasted in Europe on June 29th at 10.40 pm on M6 Channel.

June 23, 2000...
Update #2
New Addition
A big thanks to Alex for his help! All the pages now have a little menu at the top, so it's easier to navigate around this webpage! Hope you like it..cute little butterflies huh? Hee hee..

New EXCLUSIVE Picture!
I added a new cool pic to Gallery 29 just now. I have never seen this pic before, nor the cute outfit that MC is wearing! It's really nice, check it out!! Thanks to Marc for the pic!

Update #1
New Pics
Zoli from Hungary sent me 3 nice pics he took of MC in Germany at TOTP! I added those to Gallery 29 and also, I added 4 pics of MC at Tapis Rouge, that I got from Uwe! Check all the pics out in Gallery 29, if you like!

I am going to be updating "My Stuff" today finally. It's been a while :) Hee hee..

All That Glitters Pushed Back again
Jill told me that All That Glitters is not starting on July 17th now and it had to be pushed back again. Now they should start shooting at the end of July.

Where in the World is Mariah Carey?
She is now on the East Coast of America. Hee hee, that's where I am. Wahoo :)

AAO in Germany
Uwe told me the latest on the German Charts for AAO, which is actually really good :)
Top 100: 29 (last week 33)
Voting charts:
VIVA TV Text Readers Chart: # 2
VIVA Online Chart: # 5
MTV Webchart: # 17

Crybaby drops on Billboard/TRL
Thanks to everyone who told me this, there were quite a few of you! Crybaby drops from #28 to #34 :( What to do? What to do? I suggest voting on TRL for Crybaby! We tried for CTTA for a long time and now maybe we should start requesting Crybaby and see if that goes anywhere? Whatcha think?

CTTA Climbs on Billboard Charts
Well the dance version at least. Dave told me that CTTA is doing very well on the dance charts and it jumped from #35 to #23!
Hot Dance Music - Club Play: 35-23*

MC is #1 on Dutch Tip Parade
Mark told me that MC is #1 on the Dutch Top Parafe. That's a list which is compiled by Radio 538, TMF (Dutch Music Channel) and Radio 3FM. MC gets major airplay on these radio stations which is great news to hear :)

Send it to Shayne
Shayne would like you all know send your MC stories, concert reviews, pics of yourself, album reviews and MC personal stories to him at:

Request MC Site
IF you click the link below, you can find a list of all the radio stations and their e-mails addresses/phone numbers:

MC on Daily One Yesterday
Here is what Lauren told me:
hey I am watching the Daily ONe on VH1 and they were talking bout mariah....and how since the Honey video she started showing more skin and how she used to be swinging on a swing or running through a daisy field in her videos but she is more comfortable with showing skin, and then they played the Honey Video

MC doing the Britney Movement? I don't think so!
Vijay sent me this little interview from the MIDEM 2000 Press Conference in Feb:
Interviewer: It's about your marketing image, your video, the Britney Spears movement--
Mariah: Did you see the Thank God I Found You Remix video?
Interviewer: No, no, no, it's your--
Mariah: With Nas? With Nas? That's not Britney Spears, boo. You gotta check that one out. But thank you for the question.

Record Town
Jen told me that in her Record Town, located in Chicago, CTTA Single was at #5 for the Top 10 Singles!

Since I work at Wal-Mart's Pharmacy Department, I always go into the Electronics section and move the singles around. So now MC is #1 out in the Top 10 singles in my store..ha ha :)

Ashley told me that there are some small pics of MC in Cosmopolitan, August 2000 issue. I didn't see any pics though, but I'll go back and look at the magazine!

Magazine Shopping
I am going shopping today, so I'll report later if I find any magazines that feature MC in it!

June 22, 2000...
New Pic/Drawing
I got the pic up this morning in Gallery 29, so you can check that out. Also, last night I did a new drawing of Mariah. It's now in the "Artwork" Pic Page and it's the second drawing, right after the painting. It's the same pic I did as the painting and if ya would like check it out and let me know whatcha think :) This summer I am going to do a lot of Mariah sketches so hopefully I can get better and plus I love to draw :)

New Page
I created a new page for the site last night. It's called "Fanclubs!" It contains two of the best fanclubs that work OFF of the internet! So if you would like to check it out, click below!

Tapis Rouge
Isabelle gave me a review of the show last night plus sent me a wav of her performance. I don't know if I should upload it though because wav's take forever to download for you guys! But maybe I will later anyway, so at least you can hear her performance of AAO. But anyhow, here is Isabelle's review...
I just saw MC's performance at the 'Tapis Rouge' show. She sang AOO. Nice performance and all (Of course). She wore a black dress which looked like the one she had at Pavarotti and Friends last year while singing 'My All'. 'Tapis Rouge' is broadcast "Live" tonight, but they showed some sequences from some previous shows too. I think that Mariah's performance was one of these sequences. So, I'm NOT sure if they had broadcast it before or if it was "Live", because, unless I missed it, I have no remembrance of a recent 'Tapis Rouge' show featuring MC. Anyway, I had never seen this performance of AOO before and it was worth of watching it (even if I waited for almost 3 hours watching this stupid show. MC was definitely the highlight of the show). If I knew how to make a video file out of what I taped, I'd do it, but I don't know how :-( Isabelle

Jennifer told me that she called into B96 yesterday and talked to the DJ on the air. The DJ asked what song she would like to hear and Jen said "Can't Take That Away!" The girl, who I said yesterday was Candy and I found out it was actually Roxanne, said, "okay" real softly. Well 30 minutes later she played "BREAKDOWN!" Not CTTA, Breakdown people. This really ticked Jen off and it really ticked me off too. I swear this is all because of a certain "huge company" that is trying to bring MC down! Cause B96 loves MC, so it's not their fault!!!

Send in a Video
Okay I personally think this is a really cute idea and I am actually going to make a video next week and send it to them! You get to make a 5 minute video for Mariah on ANYTHING ya want to say! I am going to show my room and drawings of MC, hee hee. But you can find out more by clicking the link below. Mariah will get this video tape of all of us later in September, so everyone go get your recorders and start having fun :)

Armand's Page
Everyone Armand wanted me to let you guys know that he would really appreciate if you would go to his web site (Top 5 Hottest Women of the Millenium) and PLEASE sign his guestbook. Then go ahead and look through it if you have a little extra time.

Please continue to vote for MC on TRL and call into your radio stations! Also, go get the single if you havn't yet. I am buying four more tomorrow!

HotSuper Star
You can vote for MC on this little poll if ya like :) Thanks Dennis!

June 21, 2000...
Blockbuster Awards-Regina's Review!
Wow, where to start! Mariah opened the show with a FANTASTIC performance. Before she came out, they played part of the CTTA video and she said something like, "After every storm, if you look hard enough, a rainbow appears!" Then the screen lifted up and MC walked out. When she first started the song, I started to tear up! I don't know why but she seemed to put a lot into it. It is my second favorite performance of CTTA, the first being the Oprah Show, which was also very moving!

After MC left the stage, her shoe broke, which we all knew from ET a month ago. However, before the commercial break, she was backstage with Jane Carl (is that spelled right?) and she was talking to MC about her broken shoe! It was REALLY FUNNY and MC was so cute! She was talking about how her shoe broke at MSG too during ABMB, I was there and it's true, she did! Hee hee!

After that, about 30 minutes later, MC was presented her award for Best Female R&B artist! She came up and showed everyone that she had a new pair of shoes and even brought her blockbuster card saying something like, "I heard you could get video's hear but I think they were lying to me so I'll put it away!" Misquote, oh well! She left the stage and that was the end of Mariah that night but then Billy Crystal came along and when he walked up stage he started to limp. He walked to the podium and said, "I just broke my shoe!" LOL! It was too funny! I loved the awards show last night and MC looked pretty, as always. I will be watching the show over and over again!

Blockbuster 2
Okay two people wrote me and told me that you watch or heard clips of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on their sites:

  • Mariah Magic
    Here you can find some files on Mariah's speech and performance. PLUS, there are screen caps! Thanks Joe!
  • Ryan's Site
    Here you will find a realvideo of MC's performance last night at the Blockbuster Awards. Since it was such a great performance, I suggest downloading it, if you couldn't see it.

    B96 on Blockbuster Awards
    Gina told me that Candy, this afternoon on B96, said the following after playing Mariah's song "Breakdown!"
    "Anyone see Mariah on the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards last night? Doesn't she have great hair? I wish I had Mariah's hair, and her voice, and her body, and her money, and her boyfriend. She's the Diva of all Diva's!"

    I updated "Mariah & US" and the Links Page! I tried to add a new pic but xoom wouldn't let me sadly :( SilvrBfly2 sent me a really cute pic of MC. I added it as the Quote of the Week pic for today and tomorrow, I'll try and get it up in Gallery 29. Sorry for the delay! Also, Important Dates/Magazines were updated!

    The List
    MC wasn't on the The List last night. Sorry for that wrong information!

    Save the Music Special on VH1
    MC was on this show a little bit but when it came time to do a background on all the special guest, they DIDN'T do one on Mariah, which ticked me off a lot! The basically just showed MC from The Today show and they had a short behind the scenes talk with her, like 30 seconds at the most! If ya missed it, on big deal! It will reair several times. Check out Important Dates!

    New VH1 Show
    MC will appear on a show called "Rankin Files: Sex sells on VH1" at 10:30 on Friday Night. The preview was just shown on VH1's The Daily One. Thanks to Christina for this info!

    MC on Cover of Keyboard Magazine
    Marisa told me that MC is on the cover of Keyboard Magazine for June 2000. It is a pic of her from The Today Show, last year and the magazine is $4.95. She saw it at the Virgin Megastore.

    Here is what Lissa told me:
    Today I was watching Mandy and they had this new game "Who Am I?" The girl who was playing put a card above her head with the name of an artist. It was Mariah. And the girl got it in like 3 guesses. "Is it a diva or a guy?" "Blonde or Brunett?" "Recent hit?" (Than Mandy said she was the #1 record seller of the 90's.) "Is she in love with Rainbows." So she got it! It was cool!

    Lindsey is making a fanbook for MC and if you would like to post something in it, send her an e-mail:

    AAO in Paris
    AAO was #10 on the Maxi Single Charts at the Virgin Megastore in Paris. Thanks to Isabelle for this info :)

    Continue to vote for Crybaby or CTTA on TRL! Put it in as other and also, continue to request it on the radio stations. We don't want the single to just fall out of existence :O

    June 20, 2000...
    TON O' PICS!
    Since Xoom was down last week, I couldn't add any new pics. But now, I just added a new Gallery, Gallery 29, and I filled the whole Gallery with pics :) So there is about 15 new pics, some old, some new! Go check them out if ya like! (If ya see Connection Time Out on the page, right click on the page with your mouse and hit "Refresh!" The page should then appear!")

    Mariah Night..WAHOO!
    Well tonight is a Mariah night! Who's excited? Hee hee, you can check out Mariah winning TWO awards and opening the show with Can't Take That Away on the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards Tonight at 8 pm. IF that wasn't enough, check out VH1, an hour before the Blockbuster Awards start (7-8 pm EST) to see MC on TWO NEW Vh1 shows. The first is called "The List" and it will most likely feature Mariah and the second one, at 7:30 pm, is a new Save The Music 30 minute Special which will show an interview with MC! So everyone set those VCR's!!!

    Yeah this bascially sucks in fact! Not only did TRL remove Mariah from their list, the MTV Jams show has too and we can no longer vote for MC on JAMS! We can still try and vote for her on TRL though, just type in her name at "Other!" So sad :(

    AAO Does Major Jump
    Mark and Greetz Ruud told me that AAO jumped from 99 to 27 on the Mega Top 100 on the Holland Charts. That is great news huh :)

    You all will get the chance to write MC a nice personal message! we must show our QueenChop that we care! ... again... and tell her what she does for us and how she changed our lives! so guys please participate write an entry and send it to:
    MC will get it later this summer!

    MC on France Special
    Okay, here is what Isabelle told me:
    This time, it has to be true. I JUST heard it on TV. The TV host said it himself on a commercial for his show.
    June 21st@8.55pm on France2 channel. The show is "Tapis Rouge (= Red Carpet): Special Music Festival." Yea, each year on June 21st, there's a music festival throughout the whole country to celebrate the 1st day of Summer. People in Europe or Quebec who can receive the TV5 channel should watch out for a re-run. I don't know when, but usually there's always a re-run of TAPIS ROUGE on TV5 Channel. The only thing I'm wondering about is that the guy said 'Among our guests, there'll be MC', but the TV Guide says that the show is "LIVE". I doubt that MC's in France right now. Well, maybe, they taped her part. ALL I'm sure about is he said she'll be on the show.
    Below is the info, there's on the channel's website:
    It says it's LIVE from Paris. MC in Paris on Wednesday? I'll believe it when I see the show.
    Tapis rouge: Spécial Fête de la musique
    Une émission proposée par Anne Marcassus et Franck Saurat Réalisée par Pascal Duchêne
    Présentée par Michel Drucker.
    Pour fêter l'arrivée de l'été 2000, Michel Drucker entouré d'une pléiade d'artistes nous invite à vivre en direct à travers toutes les manifestations sur Paris cette 18e "Fête de la Musique". Pendant plus de deux heures, toute l'équipe de "Tapis rouge" vous convie à de nombreuses surprises pour la nuit la plus chaude et la plus courte de l'année.
    Retrouvez: Patrick Fiori, Laam, Isabelle Boulay, Alain Souchon, Etienne Daho, Axelle Red, Mariah Carey, Gilbert Becaud, François Feldman, Janice Jamison, Cécilia Cara et Damien Sargue (Roméo et Juliette), Yannick, Sheila, Bibie, Jean-Pierre François, Emile et Images, Macy Gray, Patrick Coutin, Raydel, Sarah Hohn, Marc Laurens, Janeiro Verde, Barratt Waugh, Alessandro Safina...

    Mariah Ticked?
    Thanks to Michele for this next article:
    Is Mariah Carey airing her record label dirty laundry? As we all know, Mariah used to be married to Mr. Sony Music himself, Tommy Mottola (who's now squiring Latina pop princess Thalia). Never one to suffer in silence, Ms. Carey posted an audio message that aired her feelings about her ex-hubby's label on her website at www.mcarey.com. Carey, who regularly phones in messages of the "I love my fans" variety to be posted on the site, reportedly left a message in which she griped, "A lot of you know the political situation of my professional career is not stellar, it's really hard.... I'm getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people," according to SonicNet. Carey's apparently peeved about the release of her current single, "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)." By the time we made it over to Mariah's site, the audio file was AWOL. Hmm...

    News from All That Glitters set...
    Thanks to Chris for this next article on the possible "young Mariah" in Mariah's latest movie!
    Honolulu resident Tatiana Echevarria, 10, is waiting to hear whether she wins a role in a Columbia movie starring Mariah Carey.
    Echevarria, who auditioned Thursday at Pacific Focus in Honolulu, was a winner on "From Hawaii: Destination Stardom" where she was billed as "Little Mariah Carey" because of her vocal talent.
    Echevarria expects to find out this week if she wins this round of auditions for "All That Glitters," produced by Lawrence Mark and directed by Vondie Curtis Hall. Filming will begin in New York City July 3 and has a Christmas 2001 release date.
    Echevarria would play the main character, Billie James, as a young girl; Carey plays the adult James.
    April Masini, who arranged for Echevarria's audition, had called the head of casting at Columbia, then sent Echevarria's "Destination" footage.
    "I was stunned and thrilled when I received April's call," said Kim Au, Echevarria's mother. "Tatiana is excited, too ... but ... doesn't want to set herself up for disappointment in case she doesn't get the role. ... She'll believe it when she signs a contract."

    Westlife and MC
    Thanks to "D" for this next info. You can click the link below and watch MC and Westlife recording the new single "Against All Odds."

    Site Award
    Michelle told me that this webpage has been chosen as the "Site of the Week" at Star Mariah The award was kind of big, so I make a thumbnail. You can click it if you would like to see the larger version. I think the Rainbow with the clouds was cute :)

    In Memory of Tonjua!
    Kendra posted on my message baord that on last night's Mission Makeover, Tonjua was on the special doing the wardrobe. At the end of the special, they showed a pic of her and it said, "In Memory of Tonjua Twist!" :( How sad!

    June 19, 2000...
    Okay this is the main topic for today. I got this next info. from Elin and it is originally from Valerie:
    "I wrote a letter to the MTV Jams countdown and TRL asking why they are not playing Mariah's song "Crybaby", and they answered. They said that "Crybaby" only gets like 2-3 votes a day. That's why they're not playing it. Also TRL wrote back saying that pretty much no one is voting for Mariah's songs, only like 1-2 requests a day, and that is not enough. Eminem gets over 80 requests a day! Looks to me like all the fans have given up, but if ALL OF US vote at least 1 time a day, we can get Mariah on number 10 or lower. MTV is saying "Keep trying" so let's!!!"

    Okay people, start voting again! EVERYONE ONLY VOTE ONCE! No more voting more then once because it is taking votes away from MC! Please do this! We can get MC on TRL and JAMS! It's so easy!! This page gets over 3,000 hits a day now and if everyone of you voted, MC would be #1 everyday! What are we waiting for. Clikc the links below and thanks again to my Mariah 3 buddy Elin!

    Pics and Audio Page is up!
    The Picture Page and the Audio Page on Xoom.com is now working again :) Yippeee! When you go to the Pic Page and if you see "Connection Time Out" just right click on the page and choose "Refresh!" The page should load up. Sorry about that!

    I don't know who this Steph girl is that is reporting on my messageboard but I am NOT going to shut down the board because of her. I will just delete all her messages everytime she post one so everyone just ignore her. Sad soul she is! I deleted all the messages and I am starting over. Go and post something if you would like :)

    Blockbuster Awards..
    Tomorrow MC will be on the Blockbuster Awards, don't forget. Also that VH1 Save the Music Special will air on so will the List from 7-8 pm EST. Check out Important Dates for time and channels....

    MC Messages
    If you would like to hear all the older MC messages, check out Willem's site :)

    Billboard Book
    Matt told me that you can read a litle preview of what is said about MC in the Billboard Book. It's been out for a while I believe and MC is in their several times. Click on the link below and then at the bottom you'll see a link to check out a little about Fantasy!

    Continue to Vote
    Please still continue to request CTTA or Crybaby! It's not that hard and I don't want the single to trust drop out of existence and let some "certain people" win over Mariah! Click "Request MC" at the top of the page please to find out how!

    MTV Music Awards
    Marion sent me this little article. The nominees will be chosen next month and the MTV Music Awards will air on Sept. 7th. Hopefully MC will get some nods..
    The 17th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live Sept. 7 from New York's famed Radio City Music Hall, the network announced. The 1999 edition, held at the Metropolitan Opera House and hosted by Chris Rock, garnered the highest ratings ever for a cable entertainment program.
    Nominees will be chosen by a panel of approximately 500 industry experts and viewers, and will be made public in July.

    Westlife Beat MC?
    Sadly yes...Zafirah told me that Westlife beat out MC at the Singapore Radio Music Awards last night for Artist of the Year! Oh well...

    MC on The List
    Jake told me that MC will be featured on "The List" on VH1 on June 20th, tomorrow. Here is info. on it:
    VH1 Tuesday, June 20
    Hosted by Metallica's Lars Ulrich. Panelists include: Fox News Channel's "The Full Nelson's" Rob Nelson, The Cult's Matt Sorum, Kevon "Babyface" Edmonds and Peter Dobson "Cover Me." (Premieres from 7-7:30p.)

    AAO in Germany
    Uwe told me that last night TGIFY and AAO was played on MTV Germany so he believes that all our efforts payed off. Everyone give yourself a pat on the back :)

    Mix Magazine--3 page article
    Christina told me:
    The June issue of Mix magazine has MC in it. It is an audio professional magazine, and each month they do a Tour Profile. MC's Rainbow Tour is the toured profiled this month. It is a nice article, 3 pages, but the second half gets a little technical.

    Asia Channel V
    RON from the philippines told me that CTTA is #4 in the Top 5 at 5 show on Asia's Channel V station. You can help MC get higher by requesting her at:

    June 18, 2000... Exclusive!
    Message from Mariah - Exclusive
    As I promised, here is an exclusive message from Mariah. Jill & MC called me this morning (a little after 1am, in fact) and and I recorded MC on my answering machine. She wanted to thank all of you for everything we have been doing. She gave me a new "Quote of the Week" and info on the Petals remix. I'll have all that info for you later today 'cause Alex is doing this for me now since I am hard at work at my job. Also, hopefully MC will like to continue doing this..

    Click here to download the MP3 in a ZIP File
    (Fastest Way if you have Winamp to unzip the file. This is a Realaudio file! Size=100 K)

    Click here if you do not have Winamp/can't unzip files
    and want to download the "wav" (Size=400 K)

    Note: If you download the wav file, it will be very choppy until it completly downloads the MC message. Could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes, so let it download and be choppy, because after that it will play normally!!!

    Okay I have less than a minute, so I can't spiral and ramble and go on a tangent, as I always do, in fact, but I wanted to um, thank everybody out there, all you guys, who really supported the single this week and you know it came in #2 sales and you know I think on one of the R&B/Independent charts it was #1. sales and you know theres still the airplay issue but um, what can you do? Thank you so much for all your support everybody who kept calling and e-mailing and doing all that. We can still keep trying if we want but I just want to say, I love you and really appreciate you and beyound enjoy ya alright? Thanks...."

    What did MC say?
    Well sadly, I didn't get to talk to Jill or MC long because they had to go get dinner since the restaurant was about to close. But right after I recorded the message, I asked MC if she would be give me a new Quote of the Week, which you can read on the main page and also what happened to the Petals Remix on AAO? She said that is most likely going to be released with the Westlife single of AAO. She said she just got her hands on the remix too. So here's hoping Sony allows it to be part of the cd cause I love Petals.

    In the beg. of the message from MC, the girl talking is me. Hee hee. Just a little note!

    MC in Germany
    Uwe told me that Mariah needs our help in Germany so if you want to help, all you have to do it copy and paste the below German text and send it to:
    "Liebe MTV-Redaktion, ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr das Video "Against All Odds" von Mariah Carey öfter spielen würdet."

    Alma Awards
    Michelle let me know that Heartbreaker was one of the videos for Top 10 Video Music Performances on the 2000 Almat Awards on ABC last night. She doesn't know which # she was though

    Honey and Kate told me that JD said this about MC on CNN's Worldbeat yesterday, which will rerun on Tuesday at 5:30 pm CET...
    "Mariah is basically the same type of artist like a person thats so ... so much a perfectionist like she knows exactly what she wants to hear, she knows the sound that she wants to put out. She comes in the studio with a full idea how the song could be so I just help her to build the house."

    New Quote of the Week
    New Pic of the Week

    June 17, 2000..
    Pic Page/Audio Page
    The Pic Page and Audio Page, which are both on XOOM, are still both down. I am very sorry about this!

    Special Message
    Either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon, there will be a special message from Mariah hopefully. Stay tune...

    Where in the World is Mariah Carey?
    I don't know at the moment but I do know they are no longer in L.A.

    Important Dates
    Froggi1116 informed that clicktv.com had finally updted their systems and I added a bunch of new MC dates to Important Dates. If you missed MC on Rosie earlier this year singing Petals, it will reair on June 28th at 10 am. I personally, think it was the best Mariah performance and appearance to date on Rosie! It was really funny. Check out important dates on the main page! Also, thanks to Maggie for the Rosie info. too!!!

    New BG/New Pics
    The main point of this webpage is to be simple so it loads faster for you guys. I added some tiny little link pics, like the Request MC above! So to find all the radio stations and all the e-mail addresses, go to that page!

    AAO in Germany
    One of my VERY good friends Peter told me that AAO dropped two places to #33 in Germany!

    MC verses Sony
    Chris sent me this following article:
    Sony Music not going to release Mariah Carey's next single? What! As outlandish at that sounds, it seems like Sony's head honcho, Mariah's ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, has lost interest in keeping a friendly professional relationship with Carey. Has he also lost interest in the promotion of the Artist of the Decade's career? Apparently so. Mottola has put his foot down, and supposedly had refused to release Carey's deeply personal "Mariah's Theme" commercially, which would ultimately limit the success of the song, making it impossible for it to reach #1. Why would Sony do this? That is unknown to Mariah fans, who for the past few weeks have been feverishly buying singles and requesting airplay. But one has to wonder if it will make a difference. Carey recently expressed her disgust with the situation on her official website, where she is known to leave voice messages addressed directly to her fans, who access them by going to www.mcarey.com. Although her message was short, only a few miutes, she got her point across. Repeatedly saying things like "I don't know if they're gonna put this on here..." and "I don't know if they want you guys to hear this," Carey summarized her current professional situation as anything but "stellar." Further explaining how she had to "fight to get the single released," she urged fans listening to go out and buy the singles and to vote. Those words must have done something, because the single was eventually released.
    Does this blatant statement by Carey mean a new home for the recording artist in the future? Rumors have been flying everywhere about how Mariah can't wait to leave Sony once her contract is up, and even how she'll be signing a contract for La Face's Arista Records, once Houston leaves sometime next year. Although Sony didn't encourage the new single, the figures must speak for themselves. The song hasn't hit the airwaves yet, and it is doubtful that it ever will. But all of the fans' encouragement helped in the long run.
    "Mariah's Theme" (B-side "Crybaby") has entered the BILLBOARD HOT 100 sales chart at an astonishing #2. Not so bad for a single that was never going to be released. So, although Mottola controlled Carey's career in the past, it's very obvious that the butterfly spread her wings just in time. Now pursuing acting, something Carey's "always wanted to do," it seems as though this songbird's true colors are coming out. Letting "all the lambs in the land" know that her "rainbow" won't fade anytime soon.*

    Teen Choice
    You can vote for MC in two categories at seventeen.com. One being Best Love Song and the other being Favorite Female Artist. Don't let her loose to Christina and Britney!

    Jet Magazine
    Marc sent me the following article from this weeks JET magazine:
    Mariah Carey Takes Problems With Label To Her Fans On The Web!
    "Hinting that she's upset about her treatment at her music label, Sony Music, songstress Mariah Carey, on her personal, Sony run website, recently urged fans to support her new single, Can't Take that away, USA Today recently reported. "Basically alot of you know the political situation in my profession career is not stellar," she said on the site. "It's been really, really hard. I don't even know if this (message) is going to get up to you on the web, because I don't know if they want you to hear this," she continued. "But it's alot of drama. And I'm getting a lot of negative feed back from certain coperate people. But i'm not willing to give up on CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY. I had to fight to get it released as a single.

    Poll 2
    Shawna sent me a link where you can vote for MC at best female singer. Below if you would like to help out!

    Mariah's Diary
    My good buddy, Anderz, has re-opened Mariah's Diary and you can check out this "stellar" site by click below:
    Mariah's Diary

    AAO in Italy
    Tommaso told me that AAO debueted at #17 on the Italian Charts. Good news :)

    Armand got this next article from Billboard.com:
    THE FANTASTIC FOUR: With the publication of the charts for the week ending June 24, the calendar year is half over. And in the first six months of 2000, four songs have debuted in the top 30 portion of The Billboard Hot 100.
    And they are, in order of peak position:
    No. 15: "Maria Maria," Santana featuring the Product G&B (Feb. 12)
    No. 22: "This Time Around," Hanson (April 22)
    No. 25: "There You Go," Pink (March 4)
    No. 28: "Crybaby," Mariah Carey featuring Snoop Dogg (June 24)
    As you can tell by looking at the list, having a high debut is no guarantee of reaching the top of the chart -- or even the top 10. Just ask Hanson.
    So we'll have to see how Mariah Carey fares with "Crybaby," which makes its debut this week. While "Crybaby" has more airplay than "Can't Take That Away From Me (Mariah's Theme)," airplay on both titles is minimal and the song is charting based mostly on sales strength. "Crybaby" debuts at No. 2 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales chart.

    German Charts #2
    Uwe, webmaster from the fab Germany site sent me the following listings for the German charts:
    Top 100: # 33
    Voting Charts:
    VIVA Text Readers Chart: # 1 (very good !)
    VIVA Online Charts: # 5
    MTV WebCharts: # 15
    German Web Charts: # 31

    Online Fan Book
    Jen has created a neat site whick is pretty much like an online fanbook. You can contribute to it by clicking the link below:

    Fan Book
    I posted this once before but Tommy would like more entry's. Here is what I was sent:
    Dear Lambs,
    On June 9th I told you that Tommy was collecting messages of your love and support for Mariah to create a fan´s supportbook for Mariah!! You can find his call at http://home.germany.net/100-395591/fanaktion/fanaction.html for further details! Usually the time for messages to reach him ran out yesterday but he´s still waiting for some promised letters and he won´t close "our" book until he really got everyone he was promised! Well for that reason you still can send him a email-message to take part until he announces, that the book is going on its way to Mariah, here at this site!

    Christina G.
    I got your lovely Chicago pics in the mail today but I don't know your e-mail address to thank ya! Please let me know.

    June 16, 2000..
    Pics Page Down!
    Before I get into anything else today, the Pics Page is down at xoom.com. They are experiencing some difficulties but it should be up by tomorrow hopefully. So sorry for not being able to get to the PICS Page!

    All That Glitters..Pushed Back!
    Jill told me:
    Also, just FYI (For Your Information) and for everyone else too... ATG start date has been pushed back 2 weeks, so shooting is now scheduled to start July 17th or so
    So it was suppose to start on July 3rd but now it is will start shooting on July 17th!

    Where in the World is Mariah Carey..
    Well right after the Today show yesterday, Mariah, Jill and the rest of her staff jumped right on the plane and headed for Sunny L.A. I am not sure what they are doing there, didn't ask! But that is where she is at the moment :D

    Today Show
    Here are three captures of Mariah at the Today Show yesterday (I am adding them on tripod since XOOM is down):

    Thanks to Will Ward from Mariah World News for those 3 pics and for the following transcript of The Today Show with MC:
    JUNE 15, 2000
    MATT: Well, Miarh, Mariah, Mariah Carey (stuttering). Ah…. (Putting finger on tongue) has finished braving the elements outside to collect musical instruments and we’re pleased to have a chance to sit down and chat with you a little bit. How you doing?
    MARIAH: Good. Good to be back with you.
    MATT: I want to mention you’re on e of the people who doesn’t just pay lip service to this cause you were a spokesperson for VH1’s “Save The Music Campaign” a couple years ago. You’ve done the “DIVAS” Concerts twice. But why is it so important to you?
    MARIAH: Well, I think it’s, I mean, definitely, It’s definitely helped a lot of kids to be involved with music education because when you’re in school, there’s a lot of different ways you can go. I mean you can get into a lot of difficult situations with peer pressure and what-not, but if you’re involved in music, it’s actually been proven that if you’re in different music classes, or choruses, or plays, or whatever, if can help you become a better student and ultimately help you as a person in general because you’re focusing on your, you’re using your creative energy as opposed to, you know, getting involved in other things.
    MATT: Listen, it had to surprise you when you know that and you hear the statistics that in 75% of the schools across the country, there is no school music education.
    MARIAH: I know, I know. It’s really sad. But I think that’s why “Save The Music” is so great because they are really working hard. And it’s not a charity that pays lip service to what they do; they really are passionate about it. And I know that Jon Sykes who kind of created this whole thing is really committed to this. And he’s really making a difference, I mean everybody involved with this cause is really making a difference.
    MATT: We had a young man here last year, Mariah, and he was performing with Chicago. He was playing the trumpet and he had gotten is music education through this program. And he got up there with the folks of Chicago and to watch him blossom and to watch the look on his face because of what he accomplished, it was just remarkable.
    MARIAH: Yeah, I know, it’s really amazing, so it’s a great cause
    MATT: What is your first memory of music education?
    MARIAH: Hummm….well, I was thinking about that earlier. Well, actually, my mom is a vocal coach so I would have to say my mother is my first memory of music education. When she was teaching me harmony and how to sing harmonies and different things. But as, my favorite music teacher was a lady named Ms. Toby. And she….
    MATT: What grade was this?
    MARIAH: This was Sixth Grade. And she gave me the lead in the “Sound Of Music”. I was Maria. (…Laughs…)
    MATT: Mariah as Maria
    MARIAH: Exactly. And she was really nice and it was also fun to have an outlet. I mean, and that was like I lived for it all day. It was like “Okay…when is play rehearsal? ‘Cause I am a little tired of math right now”! (…Laughs…)
    MATT: Tell me quickly about “Mariah’s Theme,” which is a song you released. I know it’s meant to be inspirational for teenagers.
    MARIAH: Right. Actually, I wrote it at a time when I was really going through a lot of stress and a lot of drama in my own professional and personal life and stuff like that. And I wrote it to sort of inspire myself to get through that. And as I was writing it, I wrote it with a friend of mine, Diane Warren. You know, I came to her with the idea and we were going back and forth and it was right around the time of Columbine, you know when that was going on. I just felt like kids needed to hear that type of message. Because I know anytime when I was growing up, music meant everything to me, you know, then, and it still does. And if you hear someone say something encouraging and you happen to like the song, it can really make a difference. And a lot of my fans have written to me about the song and told me that, you know, it’s changed their lives and it’s helped to keep them going, so, I’m appreciative. And I got to thank my fans for helping me out this week for the single and making it come in really high on the sales chart and stuff, so thanks everybody out there who helped me out.
    MATT: And we want to thank you as well in joining us in “Save The Music Today!”. Mariah Carey. Good to see you.
    MARIAH: Good to see you.
    MATT: Alright.

    Daily Show
    I rewound my tape yesterday and Mariah was on The Daily Show. They showed a little interview with her after the show and also parts of The Today Show. It was pretty short, so if ya missed it, you didn't miss much!

    MC Quote
    Lissa told me that she was shopping in Florida and was looking at little gift book and she picked up one called, "First Aid For A Teenager's Soul." The first page she turned to (p. 29) had a Mariah quote on it that said:
    "If there were difficult times
    when I was growing up,
    I got through them by being an
    optimist, praying and hoping,
    at the risk of sounding cliched
    and corny, that through
    music I would rise above
    the whole thing..."

    It seems that VH1 will have a special on this weeks Today Show, the same day as the Blockbuster Awards (Big MC day on TV..hee hee). Here is what Chris sent me:
    The show highlights the week of June 12 when NBC's "Today Show" joined forces with VH1 Save the Music to bring even greater national attention to raising awareness and funding for music education around the country. Participants in the week's events include: AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie and the Blowfish's Darius Rucker, Mariah Carey, Don Henley, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and President Clinton. The "Today Show's" Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are featured as well. (Premieres from 7:30-8p.) TUESDAY JUNE 20

    Old ATG Articles..
    Michele sent me two older ATG article and here they are:
    Enough with all the hype: Mariah's finally stepping in front of the cameras to film her starring motion picture debut, when production begins on July 3rd for her self-concieved vehicle, "All That Glitters." Starring as a one-time orphan girl who grows up an becomes a music star, Mariah will be directed by actor/director Vondie Curtis Hall, who in addition to co-starring on the popular "Chicago Hope" series, but was the cutting edge filmmaker behind Tupac's "Gridlock" movie. Fans of Carey might want to keep an eye out for the self-professed "diva-in-training," who'll be shooting scenes in New York City and Toronto. You never know...

    Don't think for a second that just because her "Rainbow" tour is over that Mariah's resting on her laurels. In addition to working on her forthcoming starring role movie debut, "All That Glitters," for which she's collaborating with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis on the soundtrack music, Mariah's releasing new singles. Launching another full-scale attack on music listeners, our girl MC two new singles. For fans of her sultry pop ballads who've felt neglected by her recent flirtations with a more hip hop-edged sound, she's releasing "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)," complete with house remixes by longtime friend David Morales. Meanwhile, keeping her urban constituency in the pocket, she's droppin' "crybaby," her collaboration with Snoop Dogg. Seems like 'ole gal loves to work, huh?

    106.7 Lite FM in NY
    DivaLatina79 told me that this is a good station to request CTTA because it is an Adult/Contemporary music station. You can request it by clicking this link:
    I was also told, that TGIFY was one of the Top 20 requested songs this part winter on this station. You can also make a Lite at Night dedication to someone at this link:

    Billboard News (6/14/00)
    Pink Love told me the following:
    [Rainbow] was [#176] on Billboards 200 Chart
    [Crybaby] was [#1] on Billboards HOT R&B/Hip-Hop SINGLES SALES Chart
    [CTTA] was [#3] on Billboards HOT DANCE MUSIC/MAXI-SINGLES SALES Chart
    [CTTA] was [#35] on Billboards HOT DANCE MUSIC/CLUB PLAY Chart

    More Billboard News...
    Tim e-mailed Billboard about this whol CTTA/Crybaby situation and here is what he told me:
    Hello again. I have a bit of news that is of MAJOR interest to everybody in the club. Since "Crybaby" charted on the Hot 100 and NOT "Can't Take That Away", "Crybaby" is the ONLY song that can get sales points on the chart, leaving "CTTA" with its measley airplay. I even emailed Fred Bronson (the guy who is the chart guru for Billboard Online:
    Fred, I frequently read your column and thoroughly enjoy it. I have a question for you involving Hot 100 chart policy. On the site's FAQ, you stated, regarding A- and B-sided singles, that the side that first charts highest receives all of the sales points for the duration of the single's chart life. However, if I'm not mistaken, I read a few weeks ago in Chart Beat Chat, in response to a question about Mariah Carey's current double-sided single, "Can't Take That Away/Crybaby", that the song with the highest airplay would receive the sales points on a weekly basis, meaning that "Crybaby", which debuted at #28 this week, could lose all singles sales points if "Can't Take That Away" were to receive higher airplay. So, I'm curious as to which way the chart's policy works. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your e-mail. The chart policy is as you originally stated -- the song that leads in airplay when a song first charts earns the sales points for the life of the single. It does not change on a weekly basis. I wouldn't have said that, so it's possible you misundersrtood. "Crybaby" will be the side that earns the sales points for this single for the life of the single.
    Hope that clears it up...
    Best, Fred
    Soooo, that means that we need to give "Crybaby" the big push instead of "CTTA". This is kinda sad as far as I'm concerned because "CTTA" is the better of the two, but what the hey. Maybe we should start doing a "write-in" vote for TRL for "Crybaby" and keep voting for Jams instead of giving "CTTA" as much attention.

    Just Keep Voting...
    Many of you have e-mailed me and said, "WHAT DO WE DO, WHAT DO WE DO!" When it comes to requesting Crybaby or CTTA. Well Crybaby did do better on the charts, so I am not really sure. This is one of the questions I would like to ask MC or Jill because I am not sure which one would be better. It seems, as Tim said, it would be best to request Crybaby at the moment so we can work on getting that higher on the chart! It is STILL important that we call radio stations and request MC anywhere and everywhere we can! I don't want the single to just drop off the chart and I am personally, still buying singles for myself and others to help with sales. So keep up the hard work people, it will pay off in the end! "M" needs us :)

    BestCelebritySites.Com user poll
    And MC beats 'em all! Thanks to Isabelle for this info.
    Mariah Carey (53) 49%
    'N Sync (13) 12%
    Madonna (10) 9%
    Jessica Simpson (12) 11%
    98 Degrees (4) 3%
    Denise Richards (15) 14%
    Total Votes: 107

    AAO released in Israel
    Dror told me that AAO was released in Israel yesterday!

    June 15, 2000..
    Update #2
    CTTA Postion

    Okay, first off, thanks for everyone who sent me this information. There was quite a few of you in fact. Hee hee :D And here it is (Drum Role Please)
    Crybaby was #28 on Billboards Hot 100
    Crybaby was #23 on Billboards R&B Hip-Hop Singles and Track Chart.

    Jeff sent me these next stats too....
    1 50 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    2 91 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    3 0 TOP EXTENDED SINGLES (12",MAX (SoundScan)
    80 0 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    81 0 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    All in all, I think we did pretty well. With no help from Sony and not much help from radio, these charts are basically done because of the fans buying the single and supporting MC. So, please continue to request Crybaby or CTTA on the radio and TRL/JAMS! I hope we can get her even higher then #23 or #28!

    Daily One
    It is only 2:30 pm now here in NJ so I will have to report on The Daily One tomorrow. It's taping upstairs at the moment, and if she is on, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :D

    Today Show
    MC was just on The Today Show and she was, in fact, collecting instruments. She wore a black dress and looked very pretty. Then she went inside and Matt sat down and talked to her about working with Save The Music. She said that in 6th grade she was Maria in Sound of Music and also she wants to thank the fans for all our work on getting CTTA high on the Single Charts :) Such a nice interview!!!! Hopefully someone made caps of the event and will send them to me later today so I can add them!!!

    CTTA on Billboard
    No word yet on where CTTA appeared on the Billboard charts for last week but hopefully I will have it for you when I update again later today! Stay tuned...

    Thank God I Found You--A Wedding Song?
    Remember how MC said a while back that she would hope that TGIFY would maybe be a wedding song someday, well that has happened. Molly told me she sang the song at a wedding recently and the people loved it :)

    X-Girlfriend on the Radio?
    According to hitmaker.com, some stations have started to add X-Girlfriend to their radio stations. One DJ said:
    MARIAH CAREY "Ex-Girlfriend" (COLUMBIA)
    J.B., MD, KLUC, Las Vegas
    "Hit!! Check it out on the album."
    Many thanks to Brya for this information.

    MC on The Daily One?
    Will Ward, from Mariah Carey World News, announced that MC will be on The Daily One today. That show airs on VH1 between 2-3 pm EST. I'll tape it and let you know if she was on. Thanks Will!

    I Saw MC!
    Well, not me but Jackie's friend did :) Here is what Jackie told me:
    Hey Regina--
    how are u. this isnt a lie so just trust me on this. one of my close friends just called me flipping out. the she was out of breath and told me she just saw mariah. she came home to get a camera but there wasnt enough time to get me. and i didnt think she was being serious at all. but she was. tehre is a recording studio near my house. not big at all...but its there. and mariah was just there. when my friend went back she saw mariah getting into a RED HONDA?? (why would mariah be in THAT?) and she was wearing sunglasses. then the man drivers seat got out and mariah got behind the wheel. she drove away all by herself. my friend took pictures so i hope they came out good. she started blasting heartbreaker when she passed mariah. and just to be sure she asked the person in the building if it was mariah and the people all said it was. i think this is so weird...why would mariah carey be on DEER PARK AVENUE. i dont know...but i know where im getting my summer job hahhahah. im going to check her rainbow credits and see if maybe she did some recording there for that album. well have a nice day. and keep up the amazing work on the page and emails...i love it all!!

    Against All Odss in South Africa!
    Sieraaj told me that you can now pick up AAO in South Africa. The tracks are the same as the European Maxi, which is:
    1. Against All Odds
    2. Crybaby
    3. Thank God I Found You (Stargate Radio Edit)
    4. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Club Mix Edit)

    Mira aka US National Examiner
    Beth Ann told me that there is a new Spanish tabloid out called, "Mira." It's basically the National Examiner in Spanish and it has the two full pages on MC. The article is similiar to the National Examiner last week. However, their is a pic of her from the prom, where she is sitting at the table with her friends and there is a pic of her from the Soul Train Awards, in the pretty silver dress.

    More Later...
    There will be more later on today, including info on The Daily One, CTTA on the charts and more...

    June 14, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    Update #2
    More Graduation News
    I got more Graduation stories for ya :)

  • Armand told me that their graduation song is in fact CTTA and in the back of Armand's yearbook is CTTA lyrics plus a couple of pics of MC. Armand said that he will scan the pic for me and then I'll add it to the site later on.
  • Matt said that he is not singing it at his graduation but he is singing it at his church this summer.

    Join the Force!
    A couple of people have been e-mailing me about this and I just went to the site and signed the letter myself. Basically, on July 3rd, a complaint letter will be sent to Sony from all of MC fans. So far, about 150 people signed it and Sam needs more support for it. If you would like to sign it, click this link:
    and then click on the rainbow in the top right hand of the page! Go there and type in your first name and e-mail address and you have signed the letter that will be sent to Sony.

    Homecoming 1999
    If you missed Mariah's Homecoming Special on Fox last Decemeber, All the repeats on VH1 and MTV, don't worry because now FOX is reairing it again on June 22nd at 9pm :)

    Christina told me two Mariah Carey Tidbits. First off, "Honey" was the most requested song at a local club last year and second, a girl and a guy did "Thank God I Found You" at her local high school for the anuual choir show :)

    CTTA on Dance Charts
    Tranquil20 told me that CTTA is #48 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Someone else told me this yeasterday too but I forget who.

    I am getting up extra early tomorrow to not only watch MC on Today Show but also to hopefully update the page with the Billboard information. Hopefully, CTTA/Crybaby did good :)

    CTTA released in Canada
    CTTA/Crybaby was in fact released yesterday in Canada! Both the regular cd and maxi cd single was released. Thanks to Moneira for this information.

    Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
    Here is what Lance told me about it:
    hey regina its me lance again, i just wanted to let you know that rick dees weekly top 40 is one of the most heard countdown shows out in america. he has a site where you can read all the latest gossup of singers, you can also request ctta at his site to help it get more airplay, my dad was listening to his countdown which is heard in hawaii and he said that rick said that the single comes out this tuesday, well he was one week behind, but anyways he (rick) likes mariah very much. i think sony first released ctta to the smaller radio stations like the station on my island, they released it about a month and a half ago, ctta has already reached its peek on my island, but still ctta has not been played on the main stations in honolulu. when i requested it on i-94 the lady said she dont think they have it yet. anyways rick dees weekly top 40 can be found here http://www.rick.com please go request ctta here. Alohassss, lance

    Disney Channel/Power106
    Lynn told me that CTTA is not being played on the Disney Channel and I think Alan told me this a while back? Also, she said that Crybaby is doing really well on the Power 106 radio station.

    Billboard #2?
    Lynn also told me that someone told her that MC called into Power 106 and she said that CTTA will be #2 on the Billboard Charts? She is not sure about that information and noone else has told me that MC called Power 106. I hope that CTTA will be #2 but I don't know since it didn't get much airplay at all!

    I still urge you to request/vote for CTTA or Crybaby on your radio stations and on TRL/Jams. The fight isn't over yet!

    107.5 WBLS LOVES Mariah!
    Well that is what Sirginho told me. They played CTTA and then 2 hours later played Crybaby :) Coolio huh?

    Update #1
    Graduation News
    This is really great, a lot of you are e-mailing me and telling what's going and I wish it was like this for my graduation last year :)

  • Tootsie686 said that for her graduation, they are singing "I'll Be There!" She said that even though MC didn't write it, it is cool since MC redid it.
  • Mike told me that a girl named Veronica won first place for singing "Can't Take That Away" and this years graduation talent show!
  • MeSiCaNQD is having the Rainbow Cover laser printed onto his graduation cake this year since everyone at school knows him as "mariah" or "baby mariah!" MeSiCaNQD is hopefully going to send me a scanned pic of the cake :)

    Today Show
    Don't forget that tomorrow morning, Mariah will be on The Today Show to help out VH1. It airs from 7-9 am (EST) on NBC. Check your local listenings to make sure the time is right for your area. I got this next article from Bree and here it is:
    VH1 Save The Music Today! Welcomes Special Guest Mariah Carey Thursday, June 15. Superstar Singer Appears in Support of Music Education
    NEW YORK, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Superstar singer Mariah Carey will talk about the importance of music education when she guest stars on NBC News' "Today" on Thursday, June 15, spotlighting "VH1 Save The Music Today!" week.
    Carey will join a celebrity lineup of special guests during the week that also features President Clinton, Billy Joel, A.J. McLean of Backstreet Boys/Johnny No Name, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie & The Blowfish's Darius Rucker, and Bon Jovi.
    VH1 and NBC News' "Today" are teaming up for the second consecutive year to present "VH1 Save The Music Today!," a week long, on-air instrument drive benefiting VH1 Save The Music, from Monday, June 12, through Friday, June 16. VH1 Save The Music is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America's public schools by restoring music programs in cities across the U.S.
    Throughout "VH1 Save The Music Today!" week, people are asked to bring musical instruments to the sidewalks outside the "Today" show studio at Rockefeller Center for collection daily from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Each day, a different celebrity guest will assist in collecting the instruments.
    The 500-piece "VH1 Save The Music Today!" Band kicked off the special week on Monday morning, June 12, regaling the crowd at Rockefeller Center and the national "Today" audience with a stirring version of "God Bless America." Presented by Youth Education in the Arts, the band is composed of student musicians from Harry S. Truman High School in Levittown, PA; Patuxent High School in Lusby, MD; Point Pleasant (NJ) Borough High School; Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and St. Bernard High School of Uncasville, CT, and anchored by the seven-time world champion Cadets from Bergen County, NJ.
    The highlight of the week will be the appearance on Friday, June 16, of President Bill Clinton, who along with superstar Billy Joel will discuss the importance of arts education in the nation's public schools.
    The "VH1 Save The Music Today!" week coincides with VH1 Save The Music instrument drives in communities and cities across the U.S. In addition, Borders Books and Music will serve as collection points for new and used musical instruments in more than 300 locations nationwide during the week.
    Viewers can bid online in a special auction at VH1.com for instruments and items autographed by some of the musical guests appearing during "VH1 Save The Music Today!" week, including Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora's acoustic guitar, a limited-edition Taylor "Richie Sambora Signature Model."
    By the end of this year, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation will have generated more than $10 million worth of donated instruments and restored more than 500 school music programs in 40 American cities, enriching the lives of more than 200,000 children.
    VH1 Save The Music was recently honored with this year's prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for broadcast and cable excellence, presented in a ceremony on May 22 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The campaign also recently won two Beacon Awards, presented by the Cable Television Public Affairs Association to honor excellence in public affairs throughout the cable industry.
    The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs in America's public schools, and to raising awareness of the positive impact that music participation has on students. Since its inception, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation has generated 350 new instrumental music programs in 30 cities and donated more than $6 million worth of musical instruments to public schools reaching more than 120,000 children. The program has expanded to 40 communities for the year 2000.
    The national partner organizations of VH1 Save The Music include the National School Boards Association, U.S. Department of Education, Chief State School Officers Association, MENC - The National Association for Music Education, NAMM - International Music Products Association, the American Music Conference, and America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth.
    The national sponsors of "VH1 Save The Music" are Subaru and Tommy Hilfiger.
    VH1 produces and programs a wide variety of music-based series, specials, live events and acquisition-based programming that keeps viewers in touch with the music they love. VH1 is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom Inc. MTV Networks owns and operates the cable television programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV2, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land and VH1 as well as The Suite from MTV Networks, a package of ten digital services, all of which are trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV Networks also has joint ventures, licensing agreements and syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.

    More Soon
    There is a lot of news I have to add today but right now I have to get to class. I inserted a little banner above for the InfoMC Messageboard. It's been up for about a year or so, but I never really talked about it. If you would like to check it out and post something, please do. Anyone can post and you don't have to become a member to do so. Also, I found out that the webpage get's over 2,500 people a day to it. My counter has been saying only about 1,000-1,500 have been coming to this site but I just found out that it was wrong and that in fact, over 2,500 people have been coming everyday. So I was amazed and so happy to hear that :)

    June 13, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    More Graduation News
    Jake told me that a girl is singing Hero at his graduation and Lupe told me that some girl just sang Hero at her high school's graduation. Even though it is not CTTA, it's still cool to see how Mariah's music can inspire others. Plus, Hero and CTTA are similiar themed. Lupe said that the girl said that no one should ever give up on their dreams and if they try hard enough, they will make it happen, after she performed the song :)

    Radio Mess Answer
    Well a couple of you have sent me this so far, including my Mariah 3 Buddy Elin. Tom sent me the letter that Power 96 sent to him. Read this:
    Tom, Well you being a Mariah fan probably knows about the fight going on about this song. Sony her record company has not released it for on air play. Mariah and Sony are fighting about it right now. We cannot leagally play a song that has not been released for on air play. That is why you havent heard it yet.
    Power 96 Morning Show Producer
    So basically, Power 96 could possibly be sued if they play Mariah's song. What a bunch of crapolo! I can't believe this is happening and it's so upsetting. Many thanks to Maria and everyone who sent me this information!

    James has a petition too and would like you to sign it. To find out more, click below!

    Mariah was mentioned on the WB show "Moviestars" last night and here is what Beth Ann told me:
    Hey Regina, I wanted to tell you some Mariah news that I thought was really cool!
    Last night I was watching a show called "Moviestars" on the WB (channel 50). I had never watched it before. The plot of the show is 2 movie star parents with 2 children.
    Well, one of the children, the son, was organizing a talent show at his school and his teenage sister wanted to be the closing act. But the son told her that he had already booked Christina Aguleira. But later in the show, the son finds out that Christina bailed on him and the show at the last minute and he was complaining about it to his dad.
    So then his dad says to him "Don't worry! I know someone that is way more talented that can close the show for you" (and the dad was implying the kids older sister.) But the son goes "NO way! You know Mariah Carey?"

    Tribute 3
    imcorg.com has finished there contest to give away the autographed 8X10's (which I won one, Bree is so nice!) and if you wern't one of the people who won, Mariah is still going to read your letters. Bree is putting all of those into a new Tribue Book entitled "Tribute Book 3." You can still add messages to the book, if you havn't sent one already. To find our more information, click the banner link below:

    Commercial for Crybaby/CTTA and the World Premiere
    Here is what Art told me:
    Hello Regina, I just emailed you to let you know that on POWER106 and 92.3theBeat they passed a Mariah commercial of CTTA/Crybaby!! It talks about the songs and it also says how she performed them on VH1 Divas Live. I think that would give others a chance to at least hear the song, and go buy the single or request it. I hope Mariah gets played a lot on the radio. One more thing, 102.7 KISSfm finally "world premiered" CTTA on their radio station. It was done by Rick Dee's on the weekly top 40, so a lot of people must've heard it.

    Crybaby #2
    Meliss told me that she heard Crybaby on Power 106 yesterday on "Tito's Top 10 at 4" and Mariah was #2 This is good news :)

    Magazine News
    I got today's magazine news all from MCFantasy7. It seems there is a 4 page poster of MC in the new Black Beat Poster Blowout Magazine, September 2000. It's a pic of MC from Diva's Live and she said that it REALLY worth getting. It will probably hit shelves Friday because she got hers in the mail. US Weekly and People Weekly(June 19) both have full page ads, which feature MC, promoting the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on June 20th. There is a pic of MC performing CTTA. There is also a full page article of MC in the June 20th issue of National Examiner. I just picked it up myself and it talks about how MC can't "get no sleep!" Hee hee. Go get yours today! That's it folks!

    Forum/Message Board
    I created the message board for this site for fans to talk to each other. I know it is not that popular and not many people visit it, but that's okay. However, if you are going to write something in it, make sure it is positive, not negative. I will delete the forum if people continue to use vulgar language. Also, if you don't like this site, that's fine! But don't say negative stuff about it because I put a lot of hard work into this site EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you have a suggestion on how I could possibly improve it, then fine, PLEASE e-mail me. But don't just say it's crap, especially if you do NOTHING to help out Mariah. That's it..tootles..

    June 12, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    Rachel told me that at this years graduation at her school, a senior is going to sing "Can't Take That Away!" I thought this was great news because Rachel said that everyone will most likely go get the single after this girl performs it :)

    New "NEWS" Pic!
    Last night, I was a tad bored and was sketching. I did a little cartoon/drawing of MC and you can see it above. Its the new title gif. Also, Dan sent me a REALLY CUTE drawing he did of MC and he handed it to her at the MSG concert. I taped the concert and you can hear MC saying something like, "Come on, look at the creativity of the fans!" I know that is a misquote, but hey I tried. Hee hee...so if you want to see his cute drawing, check it out under "Artwork" in the PICS gallery!

    New Pics
    Along with the artwork, you can see two new pics of MC. A girl named Christa took them and my friend Chavonne sent them to me in real mail, so I scanned two of them. In the one pic of MC at the concert, in the background is Jill. I am almost positive it is her, but maybe I could be wrong!

    MC on Today Show this Thursday!
    Maria & Ryan just told me that The Daily show on VH1 has just announced that MC will be on The Today Show on Thursday, June 15th to help with the Save The Music Foundation. Maria said that nbc.com does have Mariah's name down for being on this week but doesn't say which day. But anyhow, make sure you wathc The Today Show Thursday! Cool news huh?

    There seems to be so many of these lately but anyhow JCrew e-mailed me and asked me to please post this link where you can all go and sign this Petition to get more releases from Rainbow. For more information, click below!

    Watch MC!
    Isabelle told me that you can watch a performance MC did on the TF1 Channel in France on June 2nd by clicking the link below:

    Nicole told me that you can see a special half hour special featured on MC on MuchMoreMusic on June 28th at 8pm (eastern time). MuchMoreMusic is a Canadian Music TV station!

    Twist Magazine
    MC is in July's edition of Twist Magazine twice and here is what Michelle told me about it....
    Hey Reg! I just thought I'd tell you that MC in the July issue of Twist magazine. She is on page 55 and it's a little award they gave her for "Is This MTV or Skinamax?" They talk about how she shows too much skin in her Heartbreaker Remix vid and it talks about how the car wash scene was a bit much. She is also on page 57 in a little article with a pic about how she keeps her skin so flawless.

    Billboard Update
    Dave gave me an update on what is going on with the Billboard Charts and what he thinks is going to happen:
    Hi Regina! I've read a few postings on Mariah's usenet forum that said CTTA debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 91. I cannot verify this until I read the new Billboard Magazine which is generally put on the newstands Monday evening. Once I read it, I'll let you know if it is true.
    If it did debut at No. 91, that is not bad news. It probably made it onto the chart based on sales points from street date violations. An even better senerio would be that it made it onto the chart based on airplay points alone, but this is not likely as the song is getting so little airplay support.
    It will most likely debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 Sales chart next week! There's no competition there unless Enrique's "Be With You" came out on the 6th as well. It was supposed to come out, but I didn't see it on the shelves. It may have been bumped back.

    That's All Folks
    That's the news for today, remember, continue to vote for MC at TRL/Jams and also continue to call to your local radio stations along with any other one you are willing to call. MC STILL needs our help and we have to give it to her. Tootaloo for today, and HA Anderz, I got the page done even though you were trying to stop me! LMAO!

    June 11, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    Okay, it's Sunday and that is the day I update everything. So here is what's new:

  • New Quote of the Week
  • New Pic of the Week
  • Important Dates has been updated
  • 3 New Pics that I scanned from the Billboard Magazine of MC when she was at the WMA's was added to Gallery 28

    InfoMC? Where are you!
    Some of you have been e-mailing me what happened to InfoMC and why am I not sending out the MC newsletter? Well, basically, I have been lazy. Ha ha. I have only been working on the site lately and I did NOT shut down InfoMC, just taking a teeny tiny break from it. However, I am sending it today, so check your main box boo's...

    Marion found this next tidbit while check out Blaques's Official Website.
    ga255 asks: Of all the studios that you have worked in, which to you find is the best for the type of sound you girls like create?
    cybervenue_blaque:: We recorded a majority of the album in Bearsville, NY and we would say that was the most peaceful place to record. That's where we recorded Bring It All To Me. It was most peaceful cause it took us away from distractions and allowed us to focus on what was most important at that time... our careers. The scenery was wonderful. It was snowing. We had our own log cabin. The other artists included Nas, Billie Lawrence, and Mariah Carey
    mikl_alford_2000 asks: I know that Mariah Carey produced "Don't Go Looking For Love." Were you guys actually working with her? If so, what was she like?
    cybervenue_blaque:: She sent the song to us while we were in the mountians recording. She's a wonderful person.

    Message from Jesse..
    Hi fellow MC fans, http://www.kiwibox.com has just added a new game in their game section called "Kiwimemory"(female singers) and Mariah Carey is one of the ones you need to match up. If you join PLEASE SAY that jmariahfan has REFERRED YOU!!!...thank you!!!

    Please continue to call into radio stations for CTTA/Crybaby! Also, Please vote her on TRL and Jams! It's really important.

    Vote 2
    After voting for MC above, Lance would like you to vote for MC at the 3 main Hawaii Radio Stations:
    i-94 (#1 listened to station)
    1- 808 -296- 9494
    x-treme radio at 104.3
    1 -808 -296 -1043
    kqmq 93.1

    Stats on Global 100
    Okay, who sent me this cause I lost your info..."Eck!" (Regina's new phrase is Eck! Ha ha, along with "Tootles/Tootaloo") Anyhow though, here are some stats from http://www.global100.com/
    1 : 5 MC
    2 : 1 Sarah Michelle Gellar
    3 : 7 Debra Missing
    1 : 2 Against All Odds
    2 : 5 American Pie
    3 : 1 Ooops I did it Again
    1 : 1 Mel C -Northern Star
    2 : 2 MC - Rainbow
    3 : 3 Queen Gr. Hits III

    June 10, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    Great News
    Remember how I told you guys about the woman who bought the singles for her daughters graduation party? Well, great news, she isn't the only one doing this. Read what Chris told me and please continue to pass on this idea! Trust me, this is great news!
    I have GREAT news for you. It's important this gets out to all fans and maybe even Mariah if she reads this. Today a guy came into Sam Goody's and bought our entire stock of the new single. That's 32 copies! I was so proud to ring him up. He also went to The Wall and Kemp Mill Records and bought out their entire stock. He was doing this BECAUSE his sister is graduating and the "favor" that everyone gets is a single of their class' graduation song, "Can't Take That Away"!! So buy everyone getting the word out there about the connection between graduation and the song, the single will get bought more... he needed around 30+ more. I was so happy to tell you this and I know I am not the only place in the country this has happened too. I bought 6 copies for myself so far. This is a good sign, VERY strong sales and increasing airplay will secure a better chart position. Chris

    Japan CTTA Single
    Alan told me the Japan Tracklisting for the CTTA single:
    -(Morales Club Mix Edit)

    Crybaby Airplay
    Michele told me that Crybaby is played a lot in Florida on 107.1 This is great news, no :)

    If you would like to buy a VCD of MTV Unplugged, e-mail Andre for all the details :)

    BriStuWalt told me that Mariah was an answer to one of Jeopardy's questions last night. The answer and question were:
    The answer: The only female to debut #1 on the singles 3 times with "Fantasy", "One Sweet Day", and "Honey".

    Letter to Indonesian Mariah fans
    Bagi fans Mariah Carey yang berdomisili di Indonesia, saya ingin menawarkan kaset yang berisi lagu-lagu remix, instrumental, dan pertunjukan live Mariah Carey. Satu set terdiri dari 5 kaset, masing-masing kaset bernuansakan R&B, dance, pop, instrumental, dan pertunjukan live, dan masing-masing memiliki desain cover yang spesial. Kamu bisa membelinya per set atau pun per kaset. Bagi yang berminat dan ingin informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi saya melalui e-mail di: er_dna@yahoo.com .

    Kym e-mailed me an idea to maybe help MC. She suggests that I pick two or three radio station every 2 days and over those 2 days or so, that is the only station we call. Yes call, NOT e-mail! By doing this, we can all call into one radio station instead of only having 4-5 people calling every radio station. The only thing though, we would really need everyone's support on this. I don't know if it can work..I guess it doesn't hurt to try? I'll think about it this weekend..thanks for the idea Kym :)

    A lot of you have been e-mailing me about this whole e-mailing radio stations stuff. Some of you were upset that I said to stop e-mailing them because then the station will KNOW that we were mass e-mailing them. SO, I now suggest that maybe alternating sides of the list. Maybe one day do side A and then a couple of days later, do side B of the list above. Then it's not as if everyday you are e-mailing them and if you do that, at least you are alternating sides!

    You know what to do, so do it! Go Vote for CTTA, even though TRL removed the link for the video :(

    June 9, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request Can't Take That Away!!!
    Update #2
    Mariah & US
    I updated that page today with the following pics. I just got them yesterday and if you want to see Anja and I, click below. The other girl is my best friend Melissa G. We been friends since I was 7 years old. These pics were taken the day of the Madison Square Garden concert in my house. You can see how decked out we got for Mariah with the Butterfly tattoos and I am wearing an InfoMC shirt with MC/Guam on it (which I also drew for MC). I did the drawing of MC and the lamb on the poster and also you can see the InfoMC fan book and another fan book in my hand, which I threw onstage. The lambs were handpuppets that we MADE! I still have mine..it's really cute. It's not the best pic of me and I hate what the hairdresser did with my hair, YUCK! But oh well, I have better pics of me in "Mariah & US," if you want to check those out...Enjoy...

    Pics Page
    Some people have been experiencing problems with the PIC page. xoom.com is having problems and if you right click and hit refresh, the page appears. I did it.

    Against All Odds Single
    I just picked up the AAO single at Tower. They got the Import in and the tracks are:
    AAO Album Version
    Crybaby Album Version
    TGIFY Stargate Remix
    Can't Take That Away Morales Club Mix Edit! (3:57)
    I liked the CTTA Edit Mix and the TGIFY Stargate Mix. Both mixes I did not have. Tower had about 3-4 copies of it :) I also, bought more CTTA CD Singles!

    If anyone in the UK can pick me up CD1 of TGIFY that features the Stargate Mix, I would be very appreciative and I am willing to do a trade for it. I have CD2 with I'll Be There, but I would really love to have CD1. Thanks..

    Mission Shut Down
    Guys, I think we should stop e-mailing the radio stations. One person wrote me and told me that she/he got 10 responses that said the station WON'T play it due to mass e-mailing. This is bad. I might be removing the e-mail addresses tonight! PLEASE CALL!

    AAO In Germany
    My buddy Peter told me that MC is #31 on the German Media Control Top 100 Charts with AAO. This is a great position for MC's first week. WAHOO :D

    The CTTA link has been removed from the TRL website as many of you have told me. *SIGH* I don't know what to do guys, I really don't. Please type in CTTA at the bottom and continue to vote. Thanks..

    Vote 2
    Daphne would like for you all to vote for Queenchop at the Singapore's first ever Radio Music Awards. Click the link below:
    Click Here

    Update 1
    Good News--Single Sales
    Bryan informed me that when he went to pick up the latest single, CTTA, he saw that the single was already in the #1 selling single spot on the shelves :) He asked the cashier how it was doing and she said that everyone that came in, pretty much bought one. I think this is pretty good news :D

    As you can see, I updated the NEWS section today and moved all earlier news into a June archive, so the page loads faster. Also, while updating today, my computer kept shutting down. I lost ALL of todays news, so if you sent me something important, and I didn't add it, send it again. I tried to recover all the e-mails that sent me news..I'll update again later tonight!!

    New Pics
    Well, not exactly. Xoom finally came up again and I got those Cosmo. pics up in Gallery 28 finally last night. Sorry for the delay! It was xoom's fault. Hee hee...

    Someone, don't know who, told me that I should recommend to you all that you should call into TRL instad of just voting for her. I surely hope you are all still contining to vote for MC on Jams and TRL, like I am. I don't know why she hasn't been on and it's really upsetting too :( Please vote AND CALL!

    Radio Stations..
    Well, I don't think we are winning this battle. Scott told me that Z100 said on their station yesterday,
    "Due to too many e-mails and overloading the system, we will not be playing this song."
    One person, wrote me and told me she/he called into their radio station and asked for CTTA and the DJ said he would tried but continued on saying that the song isn't doing well at all. This is sad news guys. Plus, many of the DJ's arn't listening to our requests!! What to do? Maybe we should lay off on the e-mails? I don't know. I e-mailed Jill about this mess so maybe MC's management will have an idea. We have all been working our butts off for these past two to four weeks and I don't think we should give up! Right now, I suggest calling your radio stations more so, then e-mailing them. I e-mail ALL the radio stations every one to two days, not about 800 times a day! *SIGH** What to do..What to do...

    MC in Yearbook
    Someone sent me this a while back, along with the scans and now Josh sent it to me too. It seems that there is a pic of MC from Billboard Awards 1999 and the caption says:
    Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in November and begins a Wold Tour in February 2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist of the decade and is awarded the distinguished American Music Award of Achievemement.

    Rainbow Moves Up on Billboard Charts
    Pink-Love told me that Rainbow moves up 5 places this week from 170 to 165.

    Send MC a Letter
    Tommy is creating a supportbook for MC and would like you all to take part in it. To find out more information, click this link below!

    June 8, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request It.
    CTTA--Good Graduation Song!!
    Hey guys, I got a letter from a mother who's daughter, Julie, is graduating this year from high school. She told me that the lastest Mariah's Carey song, "Can't Take That Away" really is a beautiful song and that it makes a beautiful graduation song. Therfor, her daughter's high school is distributing the single at graduation to all the seniors, as a message of hope for their future. I personally, thought this was an amazing thing. If you know someone that's graduating, maybe you could pass along this idea too.

    Christina's New Single
    Not so good news, in fact. Christina's Aguilera is releasing her new single next week (don't know the name of it and don't care either!). This could really affect Mariah's sales since Christina has a pretty large fan base and has major air play for her song. Therfor, we have to really try and get MC to #1 this week. I am praying everynight that we are going to do it!!

    Radio Station DJ's Dissing US!
    Two days ago, I reported that Tik Tak e-mailed me and said:
    Sure I will try and get that song on for you. Keep listening. TicTak
    I thought he was a nice guy but it turns out I was WRONG! Jake wrote me and told me that he said the following on his station:
    "Okay...Is this like Mariah Carey week or something? All kinds of little teeniebopin Mariah fans have been e-mailing me and calling me saying to play her new song...yeah okay I MIGHT play it if you're lucky...but the song is stupid...I mean I love Mariah but...okay she has cothes on in the video...So what's the point of playing it...I guess if people keep requesting it I will have to play it."
    I e-mailed him and explained to him that I am not a teenybopper and that it doesn't matter what he does and doesn't like. He should play what his listeners want to hear, etc. I said I wanted a reply from him on this, please! So let's see what he has to say. Continue to e-mail him your requests, but DON'T be rude to him. It will only make him worse.

    B96--Actually NOT playing MC!
    So many of you wrote me and said that B96 responded with this message for you:
    Thanks for your song request! We really do read all of our email here at B96 (although sometimes it takes a while to get through so many messages!) While it's impossible for us to fulfill every song and dedication request, (We've gotten tons of email requests for Mariah's "Can't Take That Away" and "Crybaby" as well as for Hanson's new material and other songs both on and off the B96 playlist.) Your opinion about B96 music is important to us, and we (the B96 Web Staff) will make sure our music department knows what you want to hear.
    BUT, Matt called B96 and they said that they can't play CTTA. He begged her and told her how Sony was foiling MC and she only laughed at Matt. He tried to convince her for over 5 minutes and she still didn't play the song for him, sadly :( This is just so dissapointing cause we are trying our best! :(

    Westlife Loves Mariah
    There are two instances where Westlife said that MC is their favorite singer or that meeting and singing with her was the best things that have happened to them! Here is more:

  • MATT18MD00 told me that Westlife was on Regis and Kathie Lee yesterday and was asked, "What has been the most exciting thing that has happen to you so far?" They responded we just got finished recording a duet with Mariah and it will be released in Europe in July......and one of the guys of Westlife said Kathie Lee reminded him of Mariah.
  • Froggi1116 told me that Westlife was part of a chat last night and here is what they had to say:
    Question: what type of muisc do u guys listen too?
    WESTLlFELive: Our musical tastes range from
    WESTLlFELive: different things...
    WESTLlFELive: I like N'Sync, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey...

    Mariah in Capri
    Froggi1116 sent me a link where you can check out more pics of MC in Capri. There is only one that I havn't seen but click the link below, to check them out!
    Click Here

    Good Radio News
    Juan told me that Mariah´s new song "Against all odds" has reached the number 1 position in an important Argentine radio called 102.3 FM Power. Here in Argentine Mariah is prefered for her ballad songs like Hero, My all, I still believe but her last song "heartbreaker" also got number 1.

    Sony and MC
    Yvonne sent me a link where you can read a tiny article about how Mariah talked about her situation with Sony on her Official Site. It's at mtvasia's site and you can click on the link below, if you want to read it. Nothing really that important though!
    Click Here to Read It!
    Request 2
    After voting for MC at TRL/Jams and on the Radio, here is more places you can call/vote for her!
    Moneira told me that Kiss 92, the most listened-to top 40 station in Toronto, Canada, has played CTTA on a showdown of songs a few weeks ago and it lost. Ever since then, Mariah has not gotten ANY airplay whatsoever, which is a bad thing. Thousands of people listen to this radio station and some listen to it virtually 24/7 (I'm not kidding). Please request Mariah at http://kiss92.fm/cgi-bin/requests_form.cgi as many times as humanly possible! The upside to all this is that this form does not use cookies (at least I don't think so) and Torontonians are the only people who vote here, so there isn't much competition. :) The top 7@7 comes on at 7 am and 7 pm, so vote frequently! Try to vote between 7 am and pm though to get your votes to count for the 7pm edition, because I think more people listen to that one. Thanks so much, everyone! :)

  • Sherwin's Radio Station
    I don't know the name of Sherwin's station but you can request CRYBABY at the following number and e-mail address:
    E-Mail: Choose@radionow93.com
    Phone: (317) 239-9393

    MC on Daily One
    MARIAHLAMBY, Jenna, Justin and other people informed me that MC was on The Daily One show today, a VH1 program. For once, it seemed that actually reported a piece of positive news, I am told. They played parts of her message online and said they had mass e mails everyday asking to play the song! So atleast we know we are being heard. They said they would play the video more often. Also after the message (Internet message on the official site was played they said Mariah needs our help! Atleast they are being positive about the whole mess!

    MTV News
    Pamela informed me that there is a new article about MC on the MTV.com news site. Click Here, to check it out yourself. I posted the article below!
    After covering the Phil Collins ballad, "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)," for her 1999 album, "Rainbow," Mariah Carey has teamed up with Irish boy band Westlife to record yet another version of the song.
    Carey and Westlife recently huddled in a studio on the Italian island of Capri to cover the track, which was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar in 1985, and MTV News sat down with both to discuss how the collaboration came about.
    "Everybody used to say to me, 'Who would you like to do a duet with?' or 'Who would you like to sing with out of everybody in the world?'" explained Westlife's Mark Feehily. "And I was always like, 'Mariah Carey.'
    "Today, now, we're in a recording studio doing a duet with her, and you could never imagine how much it means to me."
    For Carey, cutting a new version of "Against All Odds" gave the singer a chance to work with a talented group of young male singers, much as she did back in 1995, when she drafted Boyz II Men to back her up on the number one song "One Sweet Day," and last year, when she teamed up with 98 Degrees for "Thank God I Found You."
    "I thought it would just be a cool thing to do," Carey said, "to kind of turn it into a duet and combine what they do with what I do. They stack a lot of harmonies, so we made the song kind of a different thing. But it was an easy process. It wasn't like some difficult drama."
    No word yet on when and where the Mariah Carey-Westlife cover of "Against All Odds" will turn up, but we'll keep you posted.

    June 7, 2000..Continue to Vote and Request It.
    The Radio Found Out?
    Well, two people wrote me today and said that their radio station is talking about Mariah's messages on Sony site and how she is talking to her fans and someone else told me that the NY Post reported about it too. I was so scared when I read these because I thought it would make MC leave us, but if you check out the message below about the new Official Message, you can see we have NOTHING to worry about! First off, Nini sent me this NY Post article:
    UH, OH, now Mariah Carey is posting critical remarks about her bosses at Sony Records on her Web site. Do we have another Prince situation in the making? Will we soon have to refer to her as The Stellar Artiste Formerly Known as Mariah? ("Stellar" is one of Mariah's favorite words.) Mariah has come a long way from the pliant, girlishly slender youngster who married Tommy Mottola. Today, she's a busty, opinionated diva in halter tops and short shorts ...
    Next, Maria told me that her DJ's were talking about Mariah's messages in Florida this morning. Here is more from her:
    Hi Regina, I live in West Palm Beach, Florida, and this morning on two very popular radio stations, they talked about the new MC message in which she is talking about her problems with Sony, one station played bits from the actual message, where she is saying the stuff about sony, than when it was done, the DJ's talked about how this was MC's last album with Sony and all her other problems.. one DJ stated that Mariah calls and leaves messages all the time on her website to her fans, and this was her latest message, so he obviously is a fan and visits her website..
    The other station just read the sony parts, but talked about all the same problems.but this is good news i think, it's showing the DJ's that all the messages we've been sending them were true, and maybe they will help Mariah out and play her songs, I have yet to here either of her new songs on these stations after many request but we will see. Also where did they get this info?? it must have been in some news or something?? Thanks, Maria

    New Message from MC
    Mariah left a new message for us at www.mcarey.com and thanks to Will Ward from Mariah Carey World News, here it is typed out:
    It's me. (Laughs). It's Mariah calling to all of my favorite people in all of the land and I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I think you know what I'm talking about. Over the past couple weeks and the past couple of months and for being there, ya know, during the tour. I thank you for this. I'm being quite redundant, in fact! But, I want to say it again 'casue I was looking at some tapes of the tour and just looking at the inthusiasum and realizing how grateful I am, and how fourtunate, and how blessed I am. To just be able to feel that from you. And I want you to know that you make my life so much better. You make every little drama and every stupid thing I go through worth while. And everytime I leave a message on this machine now it's like freakin' World News, not world news, but it's like gossip column stuff and ya know, that's alright, but, the main thing is that I do it for you and I don't wanna have to stop because I'm afraid. 'Cause ya know me, I can't stop! (Laughs) I can't stop and I can't stop having this close contact with you. I want you to know I love you. Um...."Can't Take That Away From Me" is in stores tomorrow. "Mariah's Theme" and ya know, um, "Crybaby". My remix of "Heartbreaker" and, um, (sings: "I don't need no cure") that whole mess is in store! And the remixes with David Morales and ya know, we got a potpouri of things, in fact! But everything that you guys have done for me...everybody out there: I owe you, and I love you, and I thank you, and you are my support system. And, um, I couldn't live without you, so thank you for being here for me, and please know that I will always be here for you! BYE! "

    MC on Luis's Lap!
    Maria told me that you can see a nice pic of MC sitting on Luis's lap at the link below. I thought it was such a cute pic and it looks like Luis isn't going to let her go!! Hee hee :)
    Click Here!

    Note From Regina to Tim!
    Okay, sorry for doing this but would Tim R. please e-mail me? I need your address to send your video tape since it's done! Ha ha, back to MC news..

    Q102's Top 102 Songs
    Dan told me that Q102 has the top 102 songs they have ever played and MC is in it FIVE TIMES! That's pretty good no? Here they are:
    89 Dream Lover Mariah Carey
    51 Hero Mariah Carey
    46 Heartbreaker Mariah Carey
    34 One Sweet Day Boyz II Men/Mariah Carey
    24 Someday Mariah Carey

    Single & Maxi
    SO MANY people have been writing in to me and telling me that they have only seen the single of CTTA/Crybaby that features:
    Love Hangover
    That is the CD SINGLE of CTTA/Crybaby! There is also a Maxi single! Yes, there IS A MAXI SINGLE. The tracks are:
    CTTA (Morales Revival Triumphant Mix)
    Morales Club Mix (CTTA)
    Morales Instrumental (CTTA)
    CTTA ALbum Version
    Crybaby Album Version
    Many people said that there is only 1-3 of the regular single on the shelves, which isn't good news. Keep your eyes open for the maxi and if need be, I will offer to BUY the single for you, of course after you send me the money for it. I already am sending over 30 people the singles and I will send it to people in the US too, if need be! I just want this single to do well because it is one that means a lot to me personally (and I know it does to you too) and also, I promised MC we would get it to #1! I don't want to let her down, she has enough people doing that to her lately!

    The Letter
    Scott was sent over 300 e-mails in TWO DAYS for this letter for MC. I am sending it today, so please do not send anymore letters in for Mariah or Jill or Tonjua's family. Thanks to everyone who parcipated. There were so many messages, we had to make two e-mails, a Part 1 and Part 2!

    MC on TRL yesterday
    No not the video, sadly, but she was on the NEWS segment. You can check out Audio and Pics on Joe's Mariah site about what happened! Basically they talked about Mariah's duet with Westlife for the AAO single. It showed them in the studio and also during a photoshoot, which I guess will be the cover?

    YM Love Special=MC and Luis
    PopGoddess told me there is a little article about MC and Luis in the YM Love Special on page 50 and here it is:
    "Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel- Thank God she found him! This mega-romantic Latin superstud surprised his pop-idol princess with 150 bottles of Cristal champagne- one to drink and 149 for a bubble bath. "

    June 6, 2000...Single is Released!! Continue to Vote and Request It.
    Update #2
    The Single

    Okay, I just 5 Maxi Singles, 4 Singles, and 5 tapes. I got a not so nice look from the lady that was ringing me up and she probably thought I was a tad weird to be buying so many of the same singles but the heck with her, right? Hee hee!! A lot of you have been writing me and telling me that you have got it and that's great news!

    Regina's Review...
    "Two thumbs up baby! But of course!"

    Not good news
    Well, if you read the news below, you will see that Tik Tak, from WDRQ - Detroit, said he would play CTTA for me. However, Dave, who is from the same station, wrote me:
    No many stations are playing it , because it isn't catching on. Sorry, anything else you'd like to hear ?Dave/DRQ
    It was a tad confusing but I think he means he won't play it for me, so I wrote him back saying that it would really make my day if he would play it, but I don't think he will. Well, at least Tik Tak will, whoever that is?

    The letter will be sent to MC tomorrow, so if you havn't send your letter to Scott by later tonight or early tomorrow morning, it won't make it in the letter! Check yesterdays news for more information! Also, the letter is also for Jill too; Scott wanted me tell you all that. I read most of them and they are really nice! Ton O' Responses too, so thanks guys. I really think this will make Jill and MC happy :)

    CTTA on Wannabe's
    Jason e-mailed me and let me know that CTTA was on TRL's Wannabe's this morning. Hopefully it will be on sometime soon :)

    Calender 2001
    Calcom.com has sent me a letter announcing that the Mariah Carey calender is made for the year 2001. It is $20, plus $2 for shipping, for U.S. and you can find out more by clicking the link below!

    Dying to Help?
    People keep writing me and telling me they want to help. Well the best way to help is to request MC on radio and TRL/Jams. Isabelle came up with a good idea. She said that if we all have about 9 e-mail names on AOL, you can sign on and send e-mails to the radio stations from every account! She said it took her about 20 minutes to do this :) Hee hee..

    Big Day
    The US Single, Maxi Single and Cassette Tapes are released today. Go buy yours!! Please continue to vote and request Mariah on Radio, TRL and Jams! It's an important week and next Tuesday, we will find out how Mariah did. Two radio stations have replied VERY nicely to us MC fans. The first one, is a response I got from Tik-Tak from WDRQ Detroit and he said:
    Sure I will try and get that song on for you. Keep listening.

    I thought that was really nice of him and then Salvador told me that Power 106 said:
    We will try to play that song more often. Keep listening to Power 106.
    I have been voting everyday, along with updating this webpage (which takes 2-3 hours now..ECK!). So PLEASE continue to e-mail and call your local radio stations! It's very important!

    No Pics
    Sorry I couldn't get the two new pics up in Gallery 28 yesterday. Xoom's down and I can't upload the pics. I'll keep trying throughout today!

    Sam Goody
    If you are going to Sam Goody today to get your singles like I am, pick up a copy of the new Request magazine, because MC is in it again! Also, Chris told me that you can request Diva's Live 2000 but there really isn't much info. on it at the moment. Thanks Chris!

    Everytime Mariah releases a single from the Rainbow album, it POURS here in NJ. I woke up this morning and it was raining really hard and it still is. It rained for the Heartbreaker Single, we had a massive storm for the TGIFY single and now it is raining again for the CTTA single. *sigh* Hey, hopefully when I got buy the single and come outside to go to my car, there will be a "Rainbow!" Hee hee :) Here's hoping!

    Spain News
    One of my very best friends, Minerva sent me some news from Spain. Here goes:
    Hi Reg!!! How are you? Hope fine!!! First off I have some news: Yesterday I was watching a MTV program called US TOP 20 and Toby Amies ( I think this is his name) played what was going on in the chart. I thought he was not going to play the CTTA video because it wasn't show a little part in the index of the program and fianlly he did not. But when I was watching the list of the videos Mariah was in the number 13 with CTTA! I got surprised and a little bit upset because he didn't play the whole video :( So I think he will do it next Monday, we will see... And Mariah was appeared also in MTV news. Trey (one of the vj's) playes a little part of the interview that Mariah gave in Capri. las week he played the part where Mariah was talking about her duet with Westlife, but this time, he played a part where Mariah was talking about 'All That Glitters'. Mariah said that she was very exiting with the movie. She also said that it will be set in a month , it's about the early 80's with the begining of Hip Hop, but she didn't say anything that we already

    Request 2
    Once you finish requesting MC at TRL, Jams and the radio stations, you can vote for at the following three places too.

  • Perfect 10 Top 20 Countdown
    Yvonne would like you do vote for MC on the Singapore charts. To do so, check out the link below:
  • Channel V
    So-cold@excite.com would like you all to vote for MC at Channel V. Crybaby and CTTA have been barely played and he wants us to help support MC.
  • Canada's MuchMusic
    Nicole would like you all to support her on a petition to get MC's videos on MuchMusic's tv music station. Click below to sign it:

    Like it or Not
    mtvasia.com has a new "Like It or Not" page and MC is in the heading for Heartbreake Single Cover. Also, it mentions her in the article. To check this out, click the link below. Many thanks to Yvonne:

    June 5, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26!!
    This is a VERY important week, so please call or send e-mails to the above DJ's and call your local ones too. Also, vote for MC on TRL and Jams!! Every vote and request counts, so don't think yours don't!

    Tomorrow is a big day guys because MC's new single comes out. Please go buy your copy to help sales. Thanks!!

    MC on Cover of Cosmo!
    Mariah is on the cover of the Australian Cosmopolitan. It's the same cover as the German Cosmo, but the image is reversed. The inside pic is an old pic too. I was trying to add them to Gallery 28 but Xoom's FTP server is down. I will HOPEFULLY be able to get them up by the end of the night. Thanks to Charlie for this information and thanks to Idols for the pics. (If they are not up by the end of the night or if you really want to see them, click on the Idols link. They are on that site already!)

    Thanks to Elin, my Mariah3 Buddy, for the above Jams button!

    Tonjua :(
    A lot of you have been sending me letters and telling me how you want to help. Well check below but I wanted to add this special letter from a fan who has met Tonjua several times! Please read:
    Dear Regina,
    I have no words......
    I view days ago i read that there was someone passed away, someone close Mariah. But today i saw on your site that it was Tonyua, and i have to tell ya that i was shocked, froose and than started to cry. I never thought that it was Tonyua who was passed away, i mean c'mon how old was she? It wasn't her time!!! Now i'm started to cry again. I knew her... coz everytime when i was somewhere for Mariah (paris, Germany, Londen, Holland...anywhere...) and She saw us, she came down to us and talked a little. I even had her on the phone one time and i have to say, that it was one of the nicest persons i have met. And later when we (Christa and I) went to see mariah we brought little presents for her and the rest of the crew, just because the fact that they where so nice and Mariah gets all kinds of presents (and yea she disurve thoose) but they where also worked very hard. I don't know why she passed away ,was she ill, or was it an accident, but i wanne do something, but i'm sitting here in my room in holland and can't do anything, you see;she was like a friend of mine and now she passed away, i can't do anything, i mean imagion; a friend of you passed out and you even can't get to the funeral, i can't say goodbye, or pay my last respect with deepest sympathy And i felt very very sorry for Mariah, i mean on the road i think Tonyua was one of her closest friends, and now with the strugle with sony she have a hard time to come... i wish i could do something for her...
    You wrote on your site that it was a sad week for mariah jill and tonyua's familie, but didn't you forget Louise, Christopher, and roque, specialy Chris an Roque, coz they where always hangin out with each other. so please change that on your site. I'm sorry if this letter was borring you, but i had to write it of of me... i'm a little better now, but i still can't believe it...and i think i is a matter of time to heal the wounds (sp?)
    Please if you know what was happend to her, let me know and if you can...let Mariah know that I compassionate with her, and my thought are going to her, and the family and friends of Tonyua and i pray every night for Tonyua, and i have a little candle that is shining now, i believe that it will give her power and it follow her the way to heaven...
    Love always Jordy from holland...

    Tell MC
    Well MANY of you have told me that I should start up a special letter and then send it to MC/Jill. Well that is what we are going to do. Tranquil20@aol.com has come up with a pretty good idea and then I elaborated a tad on it. Basically, you will e-mail him your name, e-mail address, and a TWO LINE message to MC. No more then two lines..it's going to be long enough. Here is an example:
    Joe Smoe (joesmoe@aol.com)
    I am so sorry to hear about your lost Mariah. I hope you can overcome the pain in your heart soon! Truly Yours...
    This is basically what the letter will look like:
    To Jill and Mariah,
    In Deepest Sympathy
    We extend these words to you in comfort
    And to acknowledge a life that,
    through you,
    we have come to recognize as a beautiful,
    unforgettable source of artistry
    We bow our heads in silence for your loss
    "The courage in her heart
    and the beauty of her soul
    Is a rarity, glorious and vivid
    Like that of an unexpected rainbow"
    Sincerely -
    All of our names
    In about 5 days, I will send this to Jill/Mariah at their e-mail address! Hopefully this will help dull the pain a little. IF you want to contribute to this, then I ask you to PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL ME your entry's; only because Tranquil20 will be organizing them.
    There isn't much time, so please send them soon. Remember, please only 2 lines! If you add more, it will be edited!

    Entertainment Weekly
    Chris told me that MC is in the June 9th EW magazine. There is a snapshot of the CTTA video with a not so nice review sadly :(

    Request 2
    If you are pumped up from requesting for MC above and want to do more help for MC, then check these out
    Jennifer said you can vote for MC at this radio station in Arkansas:
    Kiss 92
    Noreen would like you all to vote for MC at the Top 7 at 7 in Toronto by filling out the following page form:

    Cupula's Remixes
    deejaym2@uol.com.br informed me that Cupula MP3 has a new mix of Mariah's CTTA. I havn't checked it out myself yet but check it out if you would like:

    End the Philipine RUMORS!
    Okay this rumor has been going on for SONG LONG and finally there is an article saying that it is NOT true. Mariah originally was quoted as saying a very racist remark to Regine. However, MC never said this! Mariah is multi-racial herself, so WHY would she attack another person in such a way. It turns out that ONCE AGAIN, Mariah was misquoted. This rumour made me mad and that is why I never brought it up on this site but I am posting this article so people can get the truth about the matter. Thanks to Sherwin for this article! Also note, this rumour was NOT started on the internet. It was started in an article!
    Donita Rose denies Mariah insulted Regine
    QUEZON CITY, (ABS-CBN) – About a month ago, a certain tabloid published an article, saying that international pop diva Mariah Carey disparaged Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez for being a virtual copycat of her singing and dressing styles.
    Mariah allegedly called the latter "a brown monkey who can sing" in an interview she supposedly did with MTV jock Donita Rose.
    Not a few people were alarmed and disgusted when this piece of information circulated throughout the realms of media.
    Some were even threatening to boycott Mariah's album as an act of allegiance for the Filipino race. There's nothing wrong with all this nationalism … if the act DID take place.
    Apparently, the whole situation was just a figment of some people's imagination, who probably wanted the two twin-like divas to war.
    From mere hearsay, it developed into an issue of gargantuan proportions that ultimately upset the international diva.
    Unfortunately, Pinoy Central Showbiznews was led to believe in that piece of fiction.
    Last April 25, the said website published an article that narrated what transpired in an alleged MTV segment, describing how Mariah insulted Regine for being the top singer in the whole of Asia.
    However, in a recent article released by entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, he recalled Mariah's comments during the launching of her album Rainbow.
    She admitted to being a victim of racial prejudice, her father being a "colored" man.
    Lo said Mariah had to endure the taunts she received in school, trying hard not to develop an inferiority complex from the nasty treatment bestowed upon her.
    To make the long story short, Lo felt that Mariah "did not" say anything racist against Regine.
    Even Donita has expressed her disappointment over the smear campaign against the two divas.
    "I am saddened that I have been chosen to be implicated in this sorry affair," the VJ said in her disclaimer, published in the May 25 issue of The Philippine Star.
    "The said article claims that international superstar Mariah Carey made a derogatory remark when asked to comment on our own Regine Velasquez during an interview I supposedly conducted for MTV Asia. This alleged interview never took place except in the fertile minds of people who have not bothered to check their facts and made me an unwitting party to a distressing situation," she explained. "Not having been present during the said 'interview', I have no comments to make on what was or was not said by Ms. Carey," stressed Donita.
    Sometimes, warped thoughts can be so skillfully weaved that they are passed on as gospel truth. Some may be left unscathed by it but others are stung for life. As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. With the articles being released against Mariah, she is inflicted with a wound that would take time to heal. So to all entertainment columnists like me, may we be more careful next time so as not to inflict hurt and pain with the power we have.

    June 4, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26!!
    Update #2
    Many people have been writing to me and telling me that it would be a LOAD of help if I would put direct links to the radio station e-mail addresses where you can vote at the 26 Radio Stations above. So guess what I was doing for hours on Sunday..looking them up. You can now click the above links to request CTTA on the above stations. Thanks to Alan for his help also. PLEASE click on the links above and just request the song. I wrote: "I would really appreciate it, if you would play Mariah Carey's latest, "Can't Take That Away!" The song is so moving and Mariah is such an amazing writer. I think it is one of my favorites of hers. Please play it for me..thanks! -Regina M."
    I kept it simple and didn't overplay it and you can basically copy and paste that into your e-mails...I don't mind. It was so easy and it took me TWO MINUTES to request all of the sites above. Some e-mail addresses are missing cause I couldn't find them..if you got it, PLEASE send it to me. Thanks. Your two minutes could mean whether Mariah's song is played or not and whether MC has a new #1 single or not. Come on...DO IT :D Radio play is 75% and sales of the single are 25%

    E-mail them indivually. DO NOT MASS E-MAIL! You will only tick the radio stations off. It took me 2 minutes individually!

    Support MC
    Well it has been a sad week for Mariah, Jill, Tonjua's family and friends...it's never easy to deal with. What can we do to help chear MC up? Well a #1 single could maybe help out a litle. Please look above and see what you can do for Mariah. It's important to Mariah and the fellow fans! Thanks to Vijay for first informing me of this.

    Please vote for MC on JAMS and TRL today. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

    New MC Poster
    Alan told me that you can buy the CTTA cover as a poster (24 X 34") at Yahoo.com and ebay. It's an impot poster.

    Not so good news..
    Christina informed me that she works at a CD Store and they are only getting the CTTA single out in limited quanties. She is getting 7 maxi's and 11 regular singles in on Tuesday. This isn't good. Everyone though Heartbreaker was a limited cd but the truth is that Sony didn't want to re-print the cd. So..hopefully this isn't true for all of the stores. I have a TON of singles to buy this week man!

    Billboard Update
    JoseAR95 told me that there are three pics of MC from the WMA's in the new Billboard magazine (I will be buying it later today and maybe I'll have the scans for you later tonight in Gallery 28). Here is the info. on the songs for the June 10, 2000 issue:
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #75 last week #65 Crybaby
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales: #73 Crybaby
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks: #75
    Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #95
    There's no sign about CTTA on the pop Charts
    Billboard 200 Albums Chart: #170

    There will be a new Quote of the Week and Pic of the Week today.

    Check out MC singing
    Here is what Valentina told me:
    Do you remember I asked you about Mariah in Capri? Well, two weeks ago I went there and I managed to meet her outside the studios, she was really nice, I was so happy I had been able to see her again! Last week she took part to the Italian show called "Festivalbar", she sang Against All Odds, the crowd (about 100000 people) went crazy for her, she was the big star of the evening, she was really great, she also said something in Italian! I don't know if you have already seen it, but on the site of the Festivalbar you can see a part of the video for Against All Odds, if you're interested this is the link http://www.festivalbar.it/contenuti/musicpad/artisti/ART252.html I gotta go now, I hope you forgave me =)
    Sorry, once again.

    Magazine News
    Hydrogirl2 told me that MC is in InStyle magazine with Calista Flockhart on the cover. It's a pic of her with her cut off jeans!

    June 3, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26!!
    New Message
    I don't know if this was pasted on FOMM or if this was for the Mariah 3? But anyhow, here is a new message from Mariah, which Jill typed out for her and I truly think it is a wonderful and kind message from QueenChop!!
    A message from the QueenChop herself via Jill
    By: Jill: This one is from Mariah but i'm posting for her:- she says,
    "This has been one of the roughest weeks of my life, not just because of this situation (re:CTTA), but because I unexpectedly lost someone very close to me which was a devastating blow that will be very hard to recover from. I don't know how to thank you enough for your unparalleled support. I love you and I am completely indebted to you. 'You can say anything you want to say' - No one has control over you. It took me a while to believe that, but now I do. Thank God. 'You have given me the courage to be all I can'. From the fan books to the emails to the support I feel everyday from you. I don't know where I'd be without you. You keep me going and 'I'll be eternally grateful, holding you so close to me'. I love you."

    Look Above
    Last night, Alex made a table so I don't have to keep copying and pasting all the Radio Stations and TRL links, etc. Please vote for MC and call to Radio Stations people. We have 3 days till this single is released and it's a very important song. So far, about 10 people have e-mailed me about buying them singles and I don't mind at all. I really want sales to do good and radio play too! So please vote and call..it really is important!

    Magazine News
    Several people have told me that MC is in the new US magazine, including Macfv and Chris. There is a pic of MC from the 1999 Essence awards and it talks about how she has a nailpolish named after her. Ibraheem, also told me that MC is in the June 13th issue of National Enquirer. She is on the cover, small pic and inside are 2 pages on her with an "exclusive interview!" Isa told me that MC is also, in Chi magainze (May 31st) and it's a nice pic of her and Prince Albert. Chris from Chicago told me that MC is in June 8th Rolling Stone. It's a tiny artical saying, "Sony and BMG are working on offering digital downloads of PROMO TRACKS and singles by their marquee artists for a fee of $2.50 per song. Sony has put up their first batch including new songs by Mariah Carey...." And finally, Mark told me the following:

  • -OK (UK)....The June 2nd Issue (Short Gossip Article)
  • Bravo (Germany)....The May 30th Issue (Short TV Guide Article)
  • Glossy (Holland)....The July Issue (2 Pages about the Bedford Mansion)
  • Elle (UK)...The June Issue (A big article about Divas and they couldn't left out Mariah Ofcourse :-) )

    Request MC
    After voting above, here are some other places you could vote at:

  • Ken would like you to vote for MC on 94.5 MixFM's site. You can send an e-mail requesting MC for CTTA at:
  • Dan wanted to let you all knwo the number when you can request Mariah's Theme at WZOK-Rockford: 1-815-229-5100. It's the second biggest station in Illinois and it would be helpful
  • Jasmine wants you all to vote for Cyrbaby at Fletch@planetkool.com. She said he is really cool DJ in Canada and whatever he plays gets instant airplay on radio and clubs all over. He is very respected

    Mariah's Theme on Chart?
    Well according to www.mcarey.com it is. Under Charts it says:
    48 0 TOP EXTENDED SINGLES (12",MAX (SoundScan)
    73 0 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    140 0 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    Thanks to logrich@idx.com.au for informing me about this!

    New Pic
    There is a new pic in a new gallery today. It's in Gallery 28 and it's a VERY nice pic of Luis and Mariah in Capri. I guess they possed for the pic :) Thanks to The New Mariah's Diary site (I don't know if agree with the name but seems to be a nice site!)

    RML informed me about some recent tidbits about MC. Here is what I was told:

  • I was watching behind the music: Gladys Knight and Mariah was the presenter for the Gladys Knight and the Pips into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in '96 (Daydream Days)
  • Also there was a special on VH1 about Tina Turner:24/7 Tour and Mariah said "Tina Turner is the epitome of a superstar."

    Curt told me that the chat, that I mentioned yesterday, will take place at his website....
    All you do is cilck on the pic and the click on the link that says chat.

    German News
    Many thanks to Uwe, who has one of the best German news pages I have seen, for this next information from the German charts:
    VIVA Text Readers Charts: # 2
    VIVA Online Charts: # 3
    Deutsche Webcharts: # 15

    June 2, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26!!
    New Title
    I don't know if you saw yet, but there is a new "NEWS" title pic today. The original concept was from Jen (Mssfijunke) and I just changed it a tad. I thought it was really funny and cute! Thanks Jen!

    Did ya vote?
    Did ya vote or request CTTA? I should be hearing MANY "yuppers" right now and if not, please go and vote. IF Mariah does not make it to TRL, after being a close call yesterday, we have to vote all weekend. Please only vote once, unless you know how to delete your cookies. Also, Crybaby was NOT on Jams yesterday, so please continue to vote for it. All the information you need is at the top of this NEWS page

    New Single: June 10th
    Ashish told me that the new single, "Against All Odds" featuring Westlife should be released in the UK on June 10th. The video has been filmed and should be premiering in the UK in about 2-3 weeks.

    Mariah in Greece
    George informed me that until noon today Mariah was in Greece vacationing. Here is what George told me:
    She was in Crete not in mainland Greece and she stayed in the most expensive hotel ofcourse! Luis wasn't with her but her two bodyguard were as well as a blond lady(I don't know who she is). She looked gorgeous!She was wearing a red bikini(in the airport!!!).A Tv channel managed to do a short interview with Mariah and she said "I love you" in Greek which is "S'agapo!(she said it really good!!!) and she also said Hello to all her fans.The hotel people where Mariah stayed said that Mariah was amazing and she didn't ask for anything weird. She only asked for a machine that produces wet air(I don't know what that is) so she could protect her vocal chords!!!Now she is back in Italy. Basically Mariah was here to rest. Also, on the Greek version of TRL on MadTV the most popular music channel here Mariah was at #4 climbing from #8 last week with Against all odds.I hope Can't take that away can do the same in the USA.

    If you noticed above, the airplay and sales percentages changes. Jason informed me that it is 75% of radio play not 80% and it's 25% of sales, not 20%. Thanks Jason!

    Grinch Soundtrack
    Devin and Marc sent me the following article. It seems that Mariah will be part of the Grinch Soundtrack. It's from MTV.com
    "The rapper-turned-actor [Busta Rhymes] recently put the finishing touches on his fourth LP, "Anarchy," and is scheduled to hit the studio soon with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and former Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip to record an as-yet-untitled track for the soundtrack to the upcoming live action big screen adaptation of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." The track already features vocals from actor, contortionist, and "Grinch" star Jim Carrey. Sultry singer Mariah Carey and pop princess Christina Aguilera are also slated to drop vocals for the upcoming album, which is due out by year's end..."

    102 Jamz
    If you live in Florida, "Honey.B.Fly" told me that you can request Mariah at the following station. It is NOT a toll free number, so only call it if it is in your area. 1-877-919-1010

    POWER 106
    Devin informed me that Crybaby is #6 on "Doobie's Top at 7." So it's getting up there. Devin said that Mariah is usually at #2 with all of her other songs and really wants us to vote for her.

    Billboard News:
    Here is the information for June 3, 2000. Thanks to ML for this information and sorry for yesterdays mistake ML :)

  • Crybaby is #65 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay up 3 spots from last week
    Crybaby is #70 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks up 2 spots from last week
  • There is no sign of CTTA on the Hot 100 Airplay or Hot 100 for June 2, 2000 issue
  • Rainbow is #164

    I lost who sent this to me but you can vote for Mariah at the following link for this radio station. I was informed that it is pretty easy but only vote once or twice a day so there isn't overkill :O
    Click Here

    Mariah Chat
    Curt let me know that on June 3rd, 2000 at 8 pm Eastern Time there will be a Mariah Carey Chat. Mariah Lover is having the chat and that is all Curt told me? I don't know where it will be at but maybe you guys will? I can't attend anyway, sadly :(

    Magazine News
    I will be adding magazine news to the website tonight later on. I am about to go to the store to see if there is anything new according to MC in the magazines. Come back later for more information.

    I will be updating "Mariah & US" today, along with the LINKS section!

    June 1, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26!!
    Update #2, for today!
    CTTA on TRL

    Well sort of. It was a VERY close call, the woman said and it shows that we are VERY close. Thanks to MATT18MD00 for that tidbit and I don't know whether I should encourage you all to vote like crazy or to vote only once a day but I guess whatever we are doing, it is working. Please continue to vote for Mariah because it is really important. Go and vote now so you don't forget tomorrow! Also, does anyone know if Crybaby was on Jams? I got no word from anyone yet but I believe it is showing as I am typing this.

    Dj's response
    David e-mailed the following e-mail and I think it is really cool what he did. Also, it shows that we can get CTTA on the radio because most DJ's want to play it, it seems:
    hi! well, i just wanted to tell you that i e-mailed every one of the radio stations on your list, and a lot of them responded. Most were really cool, and said that they would play "Can't Take That Away." Some said that they didn't have it yet, but as soon as they get it, they'll "play the hell out of it." Then there were a few who said that they've gotten so many e-mails for this song, and asked if we were a mariah cult or something (joking, though). Only one was kind of rude, but its all good! So I think things are happening, right? and thank YOU for all your help, Regina! David

    TRL and Jams
    Well we are trying something new on TRL. Please only vote ONCE everyday on TRL for Mariah. This has been recommended because if people do not delete "cookies" properly, then the vote could most likely count against Mariah, if you vote more then once. So if everyone votes once a day, everyday, then Mariah should be on TRL tomorrow hopefully. There is about 4,000 visits a day to Mariah 3 sites so if we all pull together and vote once, we can get MC a TON of votes. Every vote counts..do it now. Also, Crybaby was #8 yesterday on MTVJams. We want to get her high up on that too and MC was thrilled to hear she was #8! So let's get her higher. Check out the top of the page for all the information on how you can help.

    The Singles
    Mssfijunke@aol.com informed me that 12,000 or so of the maxi single for CTTA have been ordered and 4,490 of the single have been pre-ordered already at amazon.com. So about 16,000 copies of Marah's singles are ALREADY preordered. For Thank God I Found You, 24,000 copies were sold so we are about 4,000 away from that. So if you want to pre-order your cd singles, you can at amazon.com.

    Singles 2
    A ton of people e-mailed me about buying them the single, which is great news. I will buy the single for as many people as I can! Thanks!

    Chain Letter--well sort of
    A chain letter like e-mail is still circling around on the internet informing the fans of how they can help Mariah out with CTTA. If you do get it, please pass it on and keep it going. I have gotten it about 10 times or so already!

    Fans helping out
    I got this cool letter from Susan and she told me that she spent 3 hours last night requesting Mariah on all of the 26 radio stations. Of course, this is amazing and I was so happy when I read this and I know it will make Jill and MC happy too! I know we all don't have 3 hours a night to call but if we all maybe call or e-mail one or two a day and then call our local stations too, it would help out very much. Thanks to Susan and everyone else helping out! Come on guys, we can do this. We did it many times before, 15 to be exact. Hee hee.

    Amy's friends started a petition for Sony to get MC to South Africa someday and if you would like to sign it, click the link below. You can also, find more information there about it!
    Click Here

    Vote 2
    Moni informed me of some places you can help Mariah in Canada. Toronto, which is like the New York City of Canada, has a really really popular Top 40 station called Kiss 92. CTTA and Crybaby have both been on showdowns with other songs and both of these Mariah songs lost (although Crybaby lost after a tiebreaker!). Since then, neither of these songs has been played on the station, which is quite sad because people DID like these songs when they were played. They've just been forgotten because this station no longer plays these songs.
    Please go to http://kiss92.fm/cgi-bin/requests_form.cgi and VOTE for CTTA and Crybaby! And don't worry about cookies, I don't think this site uses them. Don't overdo it though, we don't want to flood them too much (remind yourself of how many Mariah fans there are that go to the Mariah 3!)! Let's be considerate! :) Please vote every day! If Mariah is requested enough, her songs could be added to the playlist soon and she could even enter the Top 7 @ 7, which is on in the morning as well as in the evening. Thanks!

    Click here to read May News!

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