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updated byregina June 30th, 2002 5:00PM  
Scans (Part 2)
Mariah is in the July 8th issue of People magazine, as Liron already reported, and I scanned the whole crossword puzzle. So, you can print it out and try and complete it if you got a little extra time on your hands. Check out the scan in Gallery 10.

Tyrese Pays a Visit To Mariah
The smooth American R&B singer Tyrese has his eyes set on R&B diva Mariah Carey.

Following Mariah Carey's August of 2001 'breakdown' due to exhaustion, she has recently started recording for her new album in Capri. Carey reportedly recruited top producers such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, 7 Aurelius, DJ Quik, and Jermaine Dupri. Although she obviously has plenty of company, one special beau stopped by with roses in hand to pay a visit to Mariah.

It is unconfirmed whether Tyrese's weekend visit is for recording purposes on Mariah's album or just a 'friendly' visit. Whatever the reason, Tyrese was being his typical, romantic self as sources tell us that the two shared a candlelight dinner alone. Tyrese is scheduled to be back in the USA on Monday, July 1st to continue recording for his new album which is scheduled to be released in November.

Le Notizie Della Gente; MariahC.nu

MD Down?
Liron and I couldn't add the updates over the weekend because we couldn't access MD sadly. Make sure you read the past couple days o' news to make sure you didn't miss anything. Sorry about this downtime!

Louisiana Fan Gathering Canceled
Eric told me that since there was lack of interest in the Louisiana Fan Gathering, he was forced to canceled it.

updated byregina June 29th, 2002 9:30PM  
I scanned the pictures from the July 9th issues of Star and Globe tabloids. Nothing too special but you can check them out in Gallery 10, if you like!

I will be going away Sunday night until Tuesday and won't be able to update again until Tuesday afternoon. Also, I won't be able to attend the MD chat this week but if any of you still want to swing on by at 8pm ET, please do so!

updated byLiron June 29th, 2002 1:45PM
New Sound Of The Week
Butterfly, SNL 97 This week's SOTW is one of Mariah's most memorable performances of "Butterfly" on the "Saturday Night Live" show hosted by Claire Danes.

To quote "VH1's Greatest TV Moments":

"On November 15th, 1997, Mariah captivated 10 million late night viewers with an appearance on "Saturday Night Live", transforming the buzzing studio into a silent show case."
Emil Wilbekin, Vibe Magazine:
"Saturday Night Live was this really amazing TV moment for her, she's just broken up with Tommy, she's kind of out on her own with "Butterfly"... Something about the way that she looked, the way that she presented herself, and the song - you really got the fact that this woman was ready to start a new life and she did a great job, I think that moment on SNL really was kind of the fresh new Mariah Carey."
Click below to download:
Butterfly - Live on SNL, 1997

Mariah To Work With Mike City?
macfvr (from FOMM) found this on a news story on MTV.com "...R&B producer Mike City is in talks with Mariah Carey about doing some tracks for her next album. City has recently worked with Solange Knowles, Dave Hollister and Terry Dexter...."

Mariah Gives Out Great Presents
In an interview with ex-Atomic Kitten and wife of Bryan from Westlife, Kerry Katona on Heat Magazine she was asked:
Q: What's the best present you've ever received from another celebrity?
A: Two big silver photo frames from Mariah Carey, for our wedding. Bryan did some recording with Mariah [Against All Odds, #1 in August 2000], that's how we know her. Anyway, one of the frames has mine and Bryan's names engraved on it and the other has the date we got married.

Enya, Rainbow Princess

Join The Demonstration Against Sony In NYC
Michael Jackson fans are holding a demonstration in support of him, his album "Invincible", the "What More Can I Give" single (including Mariah) and protesting against Sony (& Tommy Mottola) that is silencing and has silenced music legends including Mariah. If you'd like to join them, here are the details:
Date: July 6, 2002: 'Invincible is Unbreakable'
Location: Sony Music, 550 Madison Avenue, New York City, USA
Time: 12:30pm to 4pm

Mariah In People Magazine
Both Tom & Mary wrote to us about Mariah being in the latest PEOPLE magazine:
"Mariah was in this week's People magazine on the much-beloved "Puzzler" crossword page. (In this issue it's on page # 89 & Mariah is wearing her "Superwoman" shirt & sparkly hot-pants from her overseas Glitter promo tour.) Anyway, this week, in honor of Miss M, it is titled "One Sweet Diva" & has a picture of MC as the center subject of the puzzle, w/ 2 fill-in answers involving her career. (I.e.: "Glitter recording artist" & one referencing her "I'll Be There". "

New Site
Stephanie from the Philippines has a new site for Mariah called: Monarch Butterfly that offers some cute WAV files of Mariah.

Mariah On Sale In The UK
Ashes sends in some interesting info for all fans in the UK:

HMV has a massive sale on at the moment and you can pick up the following bargins from your local store here in the UK:
Glitter DVD: £14.99 to £16.99 down from £19.99
Glitter Album CD: £5.99 to £8.99 down from £14.99 [this can also be got from woolworths ]
Greatest Hits CD's: £8.99 to £11.99 down from £15.99
Special purchase from Bond street HMV - The hero/NTF can be purchased from there for £5.99 down from £6.99

Mariah Daily Nominated For Fansite Awards
Mico, the webmaster of Mariah Light nominated Mariah Daily for a few categories on his "awards" section:
1. Best Design and Layout
2. Best in News
3. Easy Browsing
4. Best site
If you enjoy Mariah Daily, please vote for us :) Thanks!

updated byregina June 28th, 2002 6:30PM  
Inside Edition
Nikki told me that on yesterday's Inside Edition, they had a preview for today's show where they showed singers who are going into the movies, including Britney, N'Sync and Mariah. So check out the show tonight and maybe Mariah will be on it briefly.

Star/Globe Tabloid
Alex just told me that there is an article about Mariah and Tyrese in the July 9th Star tabloid. Plus, I was told they have a picture of her in the Globe tabloid. It just has an image of what she will look like when she is older,with grey hair and wrinkles. I'll try and hunt them down tomorrow at work and tell you more about it this weekend.

Important Dates Updated
There is a major lack o' news in MariahVille right now but I did update the Important Dates section. The Crib collection, featuring Mariah, will be on next month. A lot of fans keep asking me when Mariah's Crib special will reair but while you are waiting for that, you can check out this special which features segments of Mariah's house.

New Site
Karsten and Anja just opened a new Mariah site called MariahsDestiny. It has a ton of pics and a huge multimedia section, so check it out if you like.

updated byLiron June 27th, 2002 12:45PM
Mariah To Attend Ashanti's Release Party?
Ashanti Hits The UK
Record label Def Jam will host a star studded party next week to celebrate the album and single release of R&B star Ashanti.
The singer's debut single, Foolish, is out on 8 July with an album to follow. The album has already hit the No 1 spot in the US.

The party will be one of Def Jam's finest with record company Godfathers Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons in attendance especially for the occasion. The pair recently signed Mariah Carey to the Def Jam label and diva Carey is rumoured to be attending the party and performing.

Ashanti will be performing on the night and guests will include high profile celebrities from the UK as well as big name US label mates.
Ashanti has already featured in the UK Top 10 twice this year with her collaborations with Ja Rule (Always On Time) and Fat Joe (What's Luv). Ashanti and Ja Rule will be doing a signing at the Virgin Megastore, 14-16 Oxford Street, London on Wednesday 3 July.

WorldPop, Heroes of Mariah

Paris Fan Gathering Details
The fan gathering in Paris was a big success, just like the Argentinian one. Mariah's French Fan Club organized it and also announced a new section to open on their site. Here's a bit from what they wrote about the meeting:

"June 22nd was a lambs day in France because it was the day of the French gathering organized by Mariahfanclub.com. 25 persons were there to celebrate Mariah and have fun together. They came from Paris and its suburb of course but also from other French areas. There even was a wonderful little american girl named Maggie who is the Mariahangel.com and MariahPlanet.com's webmaster, who was visiting Paris at this time so she joined us to share a special moment with the French lambs."

More On Past Stories
The media keeps its interest on the Mariah/Eminem/Michael Jackson stories. Instead of posting the entire articles, I'll give you the links to them:

Star Magazine Cover - Eminem Admits Hot Fling With Mariah Carey. (Thanks Meski)

Launch News - More On Michael Jackson's London Tirade.

updated byregina June 27th, 2002 12:00PM  
There is a new Quote, Article, Pic and Poll O' The Week. Check them out if you like. Here are last week's poll results...
Do You Think Mariah Should Help Michael In His Sony Fight?
Absolutely, Tommy deserves it for what he did to her (459) 26%
No way, she's out of Sony, she shouldn't bring up the past (893) 51%
She should try and help Michael because he was there for her (399) 23%
Total Votes: 1751

Matt, from MariahC.nu, wants you to all know that the has re-opened. You can check it out if you like!

Glitter VHS/DVD In Brazil
Tahi, from Mariah Connection, informed me that the Glitter VHS/DVD is coming out in Brazil around July 9th. Her website is pre-selling the Brazillian version exclusively. So if you want a copy, make sure you visit her site.

updated byregina June 26th, 2002 4:50PM  
FHM Scan
I added a scan of the picture of Mariah & Stevie Wonder in the current FHM magazine to Gallery 10. Many thanks to cea_1226@yahoo.com for the scan.

Fan Gathering Pics
To check out some pictures from the Buenos Aires Fan Gathering that took place on June 9th, just click here. Thanks to Johann & Tomas for sharing that day with us.

More Shocking Moments
I updated the important dates list on the left side today, with some times that The Bachelor is running on TNT, which features Mariah in her first acting role. Plus, VH1 is running a 1 hour show called "More Shocking Moments." The description says...

A round-up of music's more salacious scandals, including allegations of R. Kelly's sex crimes; Adam Ant's institutionalization; and Mariah Carey's very public run-in with "emotional and physical exhaustion." Also: Marilyn Manson vs. the supposedly assaulted security guard.
So check that out if you like.
updated byregina June 25th, 2002 4:15PM  
Bits O' Info
Nothing much going on in the news area right now but I do have two tidbits for you about two different radio stations. Mcsugardaddy86 told me that Randy Jackson, from American Idol, was on Kiss 957 the other day. He was talking about the show and was asked what artist he has worked with. He mentioned Mariah's name and they asked how she was doing. He basically said that she is an amazing person and that she is coming back, so be ready for her. Next, Natalie tells me that on Power 106FM in LA, they had Irv Gotti on. They asked him to name people he has worked with and he started to name musicians like Ashanti, JaRule and Jay-Z. He then said he is working on something with Mariah right now.

Don't download any attachments you receive from Liron, myself or any other Mariah webmaster. Someone is sending out e-mails that use our e-mail names to spread viruses. Liron and I will not send attachments to you for any reason unless it is requested for some reason. Please be careful.

updated byLiron June 24th, 2002 2:25PM
Correction... #2
Mariah was indeed on "Access Hollywood", we are sorry for the confusion as we have been told differently a few times. Basically they just showed a picture of her with Tyrese and said they exchanged phone numbers at 4AM.
updated byregina June 24th, 2002 9:30AM  
Chat Tonight
Don't forget to come by the MD chat tonight at 8pm ET. Hope to see you there!

DJ Fired
A while ago, Emily created a petition against a DJ at her local radio station making fun of Mariah and other celebs for going to rehab. 245 people signed the petition against the DJ and Emily recently found out the DJ was indeed fired (reported reasons was for bad bodily maintenance though). The petition might have had something to do with it also but Emily just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the petition and who helped stand up for what was right. We want to thank Emily for fighting for Mariah too!

Yesterday I erased all the entrees in the Guestbook and reworked it a bit, including making a new graphic for it. If you would like to sign it and let us know what you think of MD, that would be great. Remember, you can let us know what you want changed or what you don't like about MD too, so we can try to change it for you. Please be mature of course though with your comments.

updated byregina June 23rd, 2002 6:00PM  
More On Michael Jackson's London Tirade
More details are emerging on just what Michael Jackson said to fans about Sony Records and its head Tommy Mottola at a concert in the singer's honor in London. In addition to calling Mottola "the devil," several Jackson fansites say the "King of Pop" also claimed that Mottola attempted to spy on his former wife, Mariah Carey.

Speaking to 2,200 fans at London's Equinox nightclub on June 15, Jackson said, "Mariah Carey, after divorcing Tommy, came to me crying. Crying. She was crying so badly I had to hold her. She said to me, 'This is an evil man, and Michael, this man follows me'. He taps her phones, and he's very, very evil. She doesn't trust him." Jackson added, "We have to continue our drive until he is terminated. We can't allow him to do this to great artists, we just can't."

Jackson's anger stems from his belief that Sony poorly handled the star's recently released Invincible album, which has sold slightly more than 2 million copies in the U.S. to date.

In addition to his Mottola comments, Jackson remarked, "The tradition of great performer--from Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, to Jackie Wilson, to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly--the story is usually the same, though. These guys worked really hard, and they're crabbed, for the story ends the same. They are usually broken, torn and usually just sad, because the companies take advantage of them, they really do."

Jackson concluded by noting, "And being the artist that I am, at Sony I've generated several billion dollars for Sony, several billion. They really thought that my mind is always on music and dancing. It usually is, but they never thought that this performer--myself--would outthink them."

Calls to Jackson's representatives for comment were not returned by press time.

Mariah Madness / Launch.com

updated byregina June 23rd, 2002 4:50PM  
Magazine News
Nikki told me that Mariah is in the July1st issue of US Weekly. It features of picture of Tommy & Mariah on their wedding day and then a picture of Tommy & Thalia on page 39. Here are some other magazines you can check Mariah out in, courtesy of Janel...
  • Star- July 2, 2002 -article and picture page 48
  • Examiner July 2, 2002 picture and mentions in two page article pages 20-21
  • John Willis Screen World 2001 Film Annual Volume 52 Mariah Carey mentions pages 361 , 144

    Finally, Mariah is in the July 2002 Sister 2 Sister magazine. Kelly Price is on the cover and they have a nice article/picture of Mariah on page 18 mc_2001 tells me. Here is the article...

    Now after her much publicized breakdown is out of the news, the new news is that Mariah Carey is back to making music. Mariah got nearly $30 million in January to sever her ties with music giant EMI Group. She just signed a new deal with Island Records/Def Jam. Mariah has been working with the members of the Murder Inc. family, the same folks who recently made Ashanti # 2. Also, she recently went into the studio with DJ Quik and completed a song that took her back to her club days. Two are preparing to work together on a ballad together soon. Quick and Mariah is very serious about her music. Although they did not get a chance to work on her vocals together, he noticed the way that she was writing harmonies with her girls. After working with Mariah, DJ Quik thinks that when the albums does come out, she should be able to bounce back from the criticism she faced from over her last project Glitter. Sources sad that singer will starting her own record label that will be distributed through Island Records, The sources said the deal was valued as far below the estimated $80 million to 100 million EMI originally to pay Mariah.

    ColumbiaHouse Catalogue
    GuLight informed me that Mariah's Greatest Hits cd is featured as July's Selection of The Month. There's a 8x11 pink flyer with Mariah posing ("Rainbow" era) with digitally added sparkles and pink butterflies all around her. She's wearing cut-off at the top blue jeans and a white tank top, tied up to just above her belly button.

    Along with the picture, there's a write up for GH that says:

    "Mariah has outsold every other female artist in pop history. From catchy club classics to sweeping power ballads, this 2-CD set of Mariah's career highlights can't be beat. The trend-setting diva's versatility shines as she switches from smooth and sexy on emotionally-charged collaborations with Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross, and 98 Degrees to hip and funky on hip-hop-flavored jams with Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, and Lil' Bow Wow."

    Another Fan Gathering
    Kevin (Just1honeymc@aol.com) is having a fan gathering in Bradenton, Fl. on July 20th. Anyone interested should contact Kevin.

    I fixed the "Mariah & Us" section today. There were a lot of errors on the page and I add the pictures I took of Mariah at the NYC concert. Also, at the top of the page, you can see a picture of me that was taken last week, if you want to see what I look like now. Click here to check it out.

    New Sites
    Here are a couple new Mariah sites you should check out...
    Mariah Drawings
    The Archive of MC Is Tha Bomb

  • updated byLiron June 22nd, 2002 1:20PM
    Larger Pics of Mariah & Tyrese
    mcfanatic found the exclusive larger pictures from the party Mariah & Tyrese attended at Serafina.
    You can check them out in Gallery 10. Also, if I'm not mistaken you can spot AJ from BET's 106 & Park in there.
    updated byregina June 21st, 2002 10:00PM  
    New Picture
    In the NY Daily News today, they featured a half page picture of Mariah & Tyrese at Serafina. I went and bought the newspaper this evening and you can check out the scan in Gallery 10. Plus, here are a few small thumbnails of the photos in color, taken from celebrityvibe.com (thanks MariahsMateo)
    party pics
    updated byregina June 21st, 2002 6:45PM  
    There is a new Quote, Poll, Article and Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like.

    Last week's Poll Results:
    Do you dislike Eminem now due to his recent statement about Mariah?
    Yes, he is scum (2054) 67%
    No, wouldn't want M with him anyway (992) 33%
    Total Votes: 3046

    Simon On JLO
    He's at it again. Not satisfied with slating unknown wannabes, Pop Idol judge SIMON COWELL has had a dig at Jennifer Lopez. Cowell who appears on American Idol, the hit US version of the show – says: "She's not my cup of tea. She's good, not great and certainly not on the level of a Whitney Houston or a Mariah Carey. She's definitely not a star."

    Carl, The Sun

    There For Me
    Meredith told me that a Christian artist named Jody McBrayer, from the group Avalon, recorded "There For Me" by Mariah on his new solo album due out on July 30th.

    updated byLiron June 21st, 2002 1:40PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    Mariah Winning Grammy Mariah Winning Grammy Today we have 2 files as "Sound Of The Week" for you. You voted on the "Best Pop Female" Speech from Grammys 1991, and we added the "Best New Artist" speech as well.

    Click below to download Mariah's historic (and only so far) Grammy award speeches from 1991:

    Best New Artist Speech
    Best Pop Female Speech

    Mariah #7 On Top 100 Celebrity List
    Mariah at #7 The 2002 list of top 100 celebrities is based on how well they've done both financially and publically. All is included, even cover stories and web hits.
    Mariah got in the 7th position with the following categories:

    Money Rank: 7
    Pay ($Mil): 58.0
    Web Hits: 327,000
    Press Clips: 10,204
    Cover Stories: 1
    TV Radio: 171

    Here's what they wrote about Mariah:
    "Lots of pop stars have had public meltdowns, but none have been as lucrative as hers. EMI's Virgin label paid her to leave last winter--and Universal gave her a contract worth up to $20 million months later."

    Kaison, Forbes.com

    DJ Quik On Working With Mariah Carey
    (6/20/02, 10 a.m. ET)
    DJ Quik is one of the producers who have worked on new material with Mariah Carey, who recently signed a recording contract with the Island Def Jam music group. Quik, the beatsmith behind Truth Hurts' R&B single "Addictive," said that he and Carey have worked on one uncompleted track.

    Quik recently explained the feel of the song. "It's kinda summery. It's like a real happy track, 808-driven, warm. It's like my old stuff, like stuff I used to do, like, 'Tonight' and 'Black,' like all my old records."

    After their initial meeting, Quik said Carey did not hesitate to work with him. "I met her through a friend of mine. My boy Benny introduced me to her. She said she likes my music," he said. "I told her I'd always been a fan of hers, 'Let's get in the studio and work.' And usually when you say that it's always just like Hollywood talk, 'Hey, hey, hey, let's do lunch. Ha. Bye. Bye. Bye.' But she was like serious. So we got in the studio and started working. That's what I like, that reality."

    DJ Quik's album, Under Tha Influence, was released earlier this month. "Trouble" featuring AMG is the album's first single. He is preparing to release the Paul Simon interpolation "50 Ways" as the album's second single.
    -- Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles


    Mariah's Out Burning the 4 A.M. Oil
    Original Publication Date: 6/21/02

    Mariah Carey is in town tending to her ailing father and staying up almost all night again.
    The singer-actress, dressed in a white tank top, jeans and a glittery butterfly necklace, rolled into the weekly Candyland party at Serafina around 2:30 a.m. and sipped wine and water with friends. There she was introduced to R&B singer Tyrese.

    Carey and the 23-year-old crooner and model hit it off, chatting about future projects. At closing time, just after 4 a.m., they each whipped out their pagers and exchanged numbers.

    "Mariah visited her father in the hospital late Wednesday night before heading to the studio to work on her music," says her rep, Cindi Berger. "Then she swung by Serafina to pick up her cousin Sean, who's visiting from Harvard and is staying with her."

    Berger says Carey hit the party "for all of 20 minutes," but bystanders swear she stayed closer to two hours.
    After the 32-year-old Carey's breakdown last year, and her legendary trouble sleeping, let's hope she turns off her beloved pager long enough to get some rest.

    Buddies Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio also turned up at the party. They sat together until the "Gangs of New York" star's constant pager play bored his pal, who cast his net at another table — one packed with pretty girls, who were happy to dance with Spider-Man.

    NY Daily News

    More on Mariah & Tyrese
    The article avove talked about Mariah going into a party where she met the R&B singer Tyrese. Here's more, from Page Six: (Thanks Kayian)

    SOME unattached women don't have to worry about a man-shortage. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has flipped for a close advisor to Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey has her sights set on R&B romeo Tyrese, and Natalie Portman is sweet on hunky young actor Jake Gyllenhaal...

    ...Campbell isn't the only boldfaced babe on a Manhattan manhunt. Mariah Carey swept into Serafina at 3:30 a.m. yesterday and made a beeline for Tyrese, the hunky former MTV veejay and star of John Singleton's "Baby Boy." Click here to read the full article.

    Listen To Michael Jackson Talkin About MC
    MariahMania has a soundfile to download of the Michael Jackson speech we posted here yesterday! You can clearly hear what he says about Mariah, how she cried in his arms and told him Tommy was evil.

    updated byDanielle June 20th, 2002 3:30PM  
    Note From Danielle
    Due to personal reasons, I wasn't able to update for a while but I'm finally able to update regularly now and hope to keep bring enjoyment to MD visitors.

    One Sweet Day Dedication
    I got this info from Emily

    Recently, a girl at my school in upstate new york died in a car crash...it's very sad. She was a well-liked, smart and pretty girl. The yearbook is dedicated to her and with the yearbook they are giving everyone a sheet of paper with her picture and underneath her picture are the lyrics to One Sweet Day.

    News On Wisegirls Release
    Ashes sent us this info

    "Intermedia, the distributors of the much awaited movie Wise Girls has closed all its offices in Europe yesterday, this is a major loss for Beligum, Luxenburg & Holland fans as the release of the movie was confirmed for cinema release over there for October. Now as you can tell everything is in question! When Gilles or me hear more we will let you know"

    Source: Heroes Of Mariah

    updated byregina June 19th, 2002 9:25PM  
    More On The Hero Case
    Eugene found a place where you can check out Mariah's case. It's all laid out in a very formal way. Click here to view it.

    Horrific Details Emerge In Girl's Murder
    On one of her last days of the school year, Nassim Davoodi was seen getting into a car with a classmate on the Bartlett High School campus. The freshman was never seen alive again.

    Prosecutors are expected to announce criminal charges today against two men authorities believe murdered the 14-year-old Carol Stream girl, who also had been raped. Her body was discovered Wednesday in a shallow grave in Lake County...

    ...Davoodi was a member of the school's drill team and the ninth-grade all-girls choir. She loved to sing Mariah Carey songs. Her room also was plastered with posters of her favorite boy band, 'N' Sync, her sister said. (read more)


    Webmaster Post
    Cat, from DivaMC.de, asked me to post this...
    DivaMC.de has a brand new layout. I've added a few galleries and a BIG Glitter section. All you need to know about the movie, the soundtrack, the cast and everything else. I even have an exclusive download. So check it out and please sign the guestbook.

    updated byLiron June 19th, 2002 5:40PM
    Mariah's "Hero" Suit - The Truth!
    Although the following isn't a news item, Jason has written the true facts and corrections regarding the FOX News article that we posted yesterday.

    One thing that was inaccurate (in implication, not in fact) was when he said Mariah had used others' music on "Fantasy" and "Emotions" and paid them later. That is factually correct, but it is also misleading.
    The process of using someone else's music in your song and then paying them later (i.e. paying royalties) is called "sampling."
    There is NOTHING illegal about this, and for Roger to imply Mariah stole the music for these 2 songs is ludicrous.

    Another inaccuracy I recall is in reference to his comment about "Can'tLet Go."
    I believe he said something implying the evidence against Matiah on this case was good and he made it seem like she stole the song.
    In reality the case was DISMISSED in court. The judge found that the chord progressions used in the song are common progressions, and NO ONE has legal ownership of them.
    Additionally, several songs were used in court that had the same chord progressions (including a Mariah songs) and came out BEFORE the guy's song who was suing Mariah.
    In other words, Mariah could have counter-sued him! LOL!

    Lastly, Roger says Mariah settled 2 cases out of court.
    To my knowledge the only one she has settled is the "Make It Happen" suit.
    That doesn't mean there isn't 1 more, but I have not heard about it.

    Video of MJ about Mariah & Tommy
    Xavier let me know that you can view (streaming real video) the speech of Michael Jackson at this site: http://jetzi.cjb.net/
    Click on "Awards & Speeches" and then click on the "Killer Thriller Speech", part 7 is the part where he says "Tommy Is The Devil" and part 8 is where he talks about Mariah.
    A part of MJ's speech was also shown on "Access Hollywood" and on MTV Europe News and here's an abstract of an article from MS NBC:

    Michael Jackson disses his old label
    "Sony released a statement that said, in part, "Over the years Sony Music has gone to great lengths to create and maintain a worldwide audience for Michael Jackson's music. . . . We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished on Michael Jackson's behalf." The label has, however, clashed with other artists, including George Michael, and, according to Jackson, Mariah Carey "cried in his arms" about the treatment by Mottola, who also happens to be her ex-husband."
    Click Here to read the full article.

    "Happy" Mariah Recording Again
    Details are beginning to emerge of Mariah Carey's new label deal. After splitting from Virgin with less than a year's service, Carey evntually decided on a reported $20 million move to Island/Def Jam where she will form her own label.
    Sources close to the 32 year old star suggest Carey is determined to get her career back on track following the less than impressive "Glitter" project, although it is hoped that she will now seek creative advice from experienced label execs unlike her Virgin stint when she called all the shots. Carey is laready in the studio working on a new soon-to-be-released album which is reported to include more live musicians and ballads. Of the new deal, Carey commented: "I'm incredibly happy."

    Enya, Blues & Soul Magazine (UK)

    MC On The Web

  • JARHoney7 (From FOMM) found a nice presentation about Mariah that includes photos & information about her on USA Today. It's under "Musical Photos".
  • Jennafer sent in a small notice that Soft Rock 98.9fm in CA has a Mariah picture in their top banner. Perhaps those of you who get this station could call in and request Mariah!
  • updated byregina June 18th, 2002 3:30PM  
    Mariah's 'Hero' Carnival Continues
    The saga of Mariah Carey's song "Hero" moves to federal court tomorrow. As I told you yesterday, former limo driver Christopher Selletti has been claiming for more than a decade that he wrote the poem that became this hit song. He's sued Mariah in the past only to have his case dismissed. But his attorney believes that a great deal of evidence was suppressed and that lies and evasions led to the dismissal.

    Does Chris Selletti deserve his day in court? After six years of reporting this story, I say yes. It's time for all the evidence and testimony to be played out in front of a jury. Tomorrow's court date is interesting because a new law firm is involved: Debevoise and Plimpton.

    Because Selletti has sued Carey's lawyers at Parcher and Hayes, they had to retain D&P. The lead lawyer on this case for D&P seems to be Mary Jo White, former U.S. attorney in the southern district, or Manhattan. All eyes will be on this situation since Jonathan Liebman, a defendant named by Carey, also used to toil in the U.S. attorney's office. And Judge Denny Chin got his start in the same office prior to White and Liebman. This should be interesting!


    Best Of Arsenio Hall Jams
    If you missed the original airing of this special on VH1 earlier this year, it is going to rerun on June 25th at 12am. It shows Mariah's performance of "Vision of Love" on the Arsenio Live show. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

    Mariah On Jumpstart
    Erika told me that on Jump Start today (a VH1 morning program) some guy was interviewing people on the street on who they would most like to marry. One guy said he would like to marry Mariah Carey and they showed some clips from Loverboy.

    Mariah Record Details
    According to the DMCA, who spoke to someone who works for Mariah, Mariah's label is going to be called Monarch and her new album should be out in November. Also, her new single should be out in September. I don't know how true this information is but hopefully it will be. We will just have to wait and see I suppose.

    updated byregina June 17th, 2002 3:25PM  
    Mariah 'Hero' Sued For $20 Mil
    Mariah Carey has a legal case that won't go away. On Friday, I was faxed papers showing that Christopher Selletti is suing her again over the song "Hero." He wants $20 million in damages. Selletti is also suing Carey's attorneys, Orin Snyder and Jonathan Liebman (now with Brillstein Grey Entertainment) and her songwriting partner Walter Afanasieff. He accuses them of falsifying evidence and lying in the "Hero" case.

    Selletti has tried suing Carey before over "Hero" only to have his case dismissed. But, as I first reported six years ago, there is a lot of questionable stuff in this case — enough to warrant a real trial with real testimony presided over by an objective jurist. But Judge Denny Chin has consistently done strange things regarding this case and these participants. In the 60-plus page document, Selletti's attorney Jeffrey Levitt cites many of Chin's odd decisions.

    At the center of this case is Selletti's contention that he gave a copy of a poem he wrote to R&B star Sly Stone in 1991 from a book of poems he kept with him. Selletti had been Stone's driver while he recorded with Earth, Wind and Fire around the same time that Carey was in the same studio. Stone, Selletti says, agreed to help place the lyrics, then gave them to Carey or someone associated with her. Those lyrics, Selletti says, became "Hero." When he saw what had happened, Selletti mailed himself the lyrics, thus creating a homemade copyright.

    However, Carey's case becomes murky when it comes to dates: her lawyer insisted to Chin in court that the song "Hero" was written for the 1992 movie Hero starring Dustin Hoffman. Unfortunately, Carey's notebook shows that the writing session for the song did not take place until a month after the movie Hero was released. Of all the pieces of information Judge Chin ignored in the case, this seemed to be the most blatant. It's not possible to write a song for a movie that's already playing in theaters.

    Sources who worked on the movie Hero and its soundtrack confirmed for this reporter back in 1998 that Carey was never supposed to write a song for the movie. A source close to the soundtrack insisted: "We reached out to Afanasieff and he sent in some instrumental music. But [director] Stephen Frears rejected it. There was never any discussion of Mariah being involved." Sandy Isaac, one of the movie's producers, said that as far as he knew Carey was never asked to participate.

    Carey, at the time, was knee-deep in plagiarism cases. She settled two of them with a million bucks apiece on the grounds that the writers of the songs involved would say she was innocent of wrongdoing. In two cases — the songs "Emotions" and "Fantasy" Carey simply lifted the entire recordings from existing songs, then paid the writers afterward.

    In the worst case, over the song "Can't Let Go," Carey's then-manager Randy Hoffman, a partner of her husband Tommy Mottola, went to see a potential damaging witness wired up to a hidden tape recorder. He hoped to make the guy contradict himself. The witness stood his ground, but the tape wound up in the court record. I reported on its existence for the first time in 1998.

    Why Carey just doesn't settle with Selletti may have more to do with practicality than pride. After "Hero" came out she pledged the proceeds from it to a charity. She ultimately made a $200,000 contribution to a fund for the victims of the Long Island Railroad shooting. "Hero" has since become an anthem for her. Letting go of it now, after 10 years, would seem unthinkable. And yet Selletti has been steadfast in pursuing this case. Attorney Levitt has carefully and painstakingly laid out the history of the case for Judge Chin. The big question is whether or not the Judge will read this document, or whether it's time for new eyes to get Chris Selletti his day in court.


    updated byregina June 17th, 2002 9:30AM  
    Maria Answers Question about Mariah in Rent-A-Huband
    Here is an interview with Maria Grazia Cucinotta about her new movie, Rent-A-Husband. The original article is in Italian and was translated by MariahsWeb.com If you want to check it out in Italian click here.

    Q: Mrs. Cucinotta, behind the angle is the America and a film with Mariah Carey. Excited?
    A: "I'm very excited, I have never worked with a singer before, I hope it works out, large stars are very busy, I will only believe it when the film premieres.

    Q:When does shooting begin?
    A:The resumptions of the film Husbands in directed rent Ilaria Borrelli would have to begin shooting in September between United States and Canada. I will be an Italian moglie that goes to the search of the e'migre' husband and then scomparso, interpreted from Alexander Gassman, and I will find again it riaccasato with an American, Mariah exactly.

    Q: Will you rest this summer then?
    A: Anything but rest! July I will pass it in Polonia where I will turn to the flank of Claudius Amendola directed from the Frazzi siblings tv the movie for RAI on the tragedy of the Belgian mine of Marcinelle that in years ' 50 cost the life to many emigrating ours. I will not be a heroin but one victim of the life.

    Q: Wil your daughter Julia of nine months will follow you?
    A: In America sure,summer will be vaction with the little one, I will make sure of it.

    Mariah & Fans
    fans Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that BBC Online are putting up pictures of fans with celebrities. The curent one featured on the website is of a fan named Adam with Mariah in Manchester (2001). The website only fetures a small version of the picture, featured on the right, but you can click on the picture on the right here at MD and check out the larger version.

    Eminem & Mariah
    Okay this whole Eminem and Mariah thing is starting to get overplayed and all the articles say the same thing. If you want to read two more stories about it, click here links below.
    Story 1
    Story 2

    Chat Tonight
    Don't forget to come on by the chat tonight at 8pm ET.

    updated byregina June 16th, 2002 7:50PM  
    Reminder: Chat Tomorrow
    Don't forget to check out the Mariah Daily chat tomorrow night at 8pm ET. Who knows, maybe we will be giving away another Greatest Hits Poster. Hope to see you there...

    Mariah Carey rushes to be with ailing father
    smiling Her own medical problems now apparently behind her, singer and actress Mariah Carey hurriedly flew back to New York from the Italian island of Capri to be at the side of her hospitalized father, Alfred Carey, reports the New York Daily News and New York Post.

    "He is seriously ill," Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed to us. "She has visited him daily, and she's planning a special surprise to lift his spirits on Father's Day."

    Carey, now 32, was born in Huntington, New York. Her parents are Patricia Hickey (Irish-American) and Alfred Roy Carey (African American/Venezuelan), according to the Internet Movie Database. Alfred and his famous daughter had been estranged until recently.

    An engineer, Alfred and his wife, Patricia, a singer, divorced in 1973. Mariah was 3 at the time. "When I was younger, I saw him every week, and after that I didn't see him for a long time," Mariah once remarked. But "over the past few years, they've gotten quite close," said Berger. She declined to identify the illness.

    Carey apparently was named by her mother after the Lerner & Lowe song, "They Call The Wind Mariah," which around the time of her birth was being heard in the musical, "Paint Your Wagon."

    Thanks to GsAngelKitten for this article from Z100.

    Fan Gathering
    Murat from Edmonton Canada would like to have a fan gathering was was wondering if any lambs were interested. If you live in the area and want to get together, e-mail Murat.

    Mariah On Inside Edition
    Nikki and Mame told me that Mariah was on InSide Edition on Friday in the last couple minutes of the show. Basically, it was like the recent Barbara Walters special, where they featured performancesand news clips from Mariah's past. It talked about Glitter and her contract with Virgin. Plus, it showed her comeback where she sang at Tribute To Hero's and how she went to Kosovo for the troups. If you missed it, I am told you didn't miss much.

    Rumor Ville: They're Still At It-Em
    EMINEM is STILL dating Mariah Carey, I can exclusively reveal.

    Their secret affair has now been going on for four months.

    This week the controversial rapper finally admitted that I was right in February when I told the world he and Mariah were together.

    "There is truth to the story," he confessed. But he claimed they were no longer an item. Well they most definitely ARE still seeing each other. Mariah told a friend this week: "He's a very special person in my life. He's made me laugh again."

    The couple have enjoyed a string of secret dates in Los Angeles. Now Mariah has flown to Detroit, where the rap star lives. A highly placed source in the Mariah camp told me: "They've been seeing each other for around four months.

    "They've tried to keep their relationship very secret, going to great lengths to avoid being photographed together. She didn't know he was going to confirm your story.

    "They are still meeting secretly but at none of the obvious places. It seems Mariah's on a good thing and doesn't want to let go."

    The couple first hit it off after Mariah was dumped on New Year's Eve for the second time by boyfriend Luis Miguel. Eminem became a shoulder to cry on and I revealed in February that the pair were enjoying romantic trysts at LA's Sunset Marquis Hotel.

    Thanks to Carl for this article from News Of The World.

    Help A Fan
    Robert (RATBoy4181@aol.com) is doing a special event called Summer Fruit Festival. It's an event for gay people and Robert wants to sing a Mariah song. He doesn't know what song to perform or what his stage name should be. If you got an ideas, please contact him.

    Magazine News
    While at the mall this weekend with my friend Alex, he saw Mariah in the July 2002 issue of MAD magazine. It features a cartoon of her holding the Glitter script. I didn't buy it but you can check it out if you want.

    New Site
    Emilee created a new Mariah site and would like you to all check it out:
    Island Mariah

    updated byLiron June 16th, 2002 5:40PM
    More Details About MJ Vs. Sony (MC Related)
    I've receieved several emails from Michael Jackson fans including a quote from the official michael jackson news team's administrator, Robin Meltzer confirming the news that was posted earlier regarding what Michael Jackson told about Mariah and Tommy Mottola in his fan conference in the UK.
    From a MJ fan post in a messageboard:
    "The thing he said about Mariah Carey was so shocking. He said, and I'm quoting roughly from the top of my head: "I probably shouldn't say this... actually, can you people with video cameras turn them off a second... oh, film it, I don't care, Mariah Carey has cried in my arms because of Tommy Mottola. He's tabbed her phone, stalked her."
    From Robin Meltzer:
    "Michael, who had watched two hours of live performances from tribute artists at the Fan Club bash from his VIP box at the side of the stage, thanked the performers for their talent and the fans for their loyalty.

    He then began an unprecedented verbal assault on the appalling tactics of Sony Music who he accused of trying to "destroy" the INVINCIBLE album because they couldn't stand the thought that the artist had "out-thought" the company.

    Michael told his fans that he only had to do one more album for Sony, and that would be a box set with two new songs. "I can give them any old songs," he said, to laughter and rapturous applause. "I'm a free agent now," he continued, "but I walk away with 50% of Sony Publishing. They're very angry with me."

    Jackson described Sony CEO Tommy Mottola as "evil," "the devil" and said that his way of doing business had to be "terminated".

    On the top deck of an open-top London Sightseeing bus, Michael responded to chants of "Sony Sucks" by putting his thumbs up and, later, joining in with the chants. Central London was brought to a standstill as thousands of people vied for a closer look at the King of Pop."

    I would like to add that the spreading of this news is of high importance as we all remember how badly Mariah was treated by Sony, and some believe she still is.
    I urge all Mariah fans/webmasters to help Michael's fans as it seems they are well aware of Mariah's situation and so is Michael!

    In the pictures below, you can see Michael's fans handing him a framed picture of their battle against Sony. In the pictures you can notice small pictures of MARIAH and George Michael with Xs on their faces representing how Sony treated them!
    The third picture is of Michael telling everyone what he thinks of Sony.

    Click on the pictures to enlarge.

    MJ-MC-GM1 MJ-MC-GM2 Sony Sucks

    Xavier, Mame
    updated byLiron June 16th, 2002 3:25PM
    Jimmy Jam Talks More About Mariah
    Jimmy Jam On Working With Mariah Carey On New Album
    (6/15/02, 7 a.m. ET)
    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are among the producers working with Mariah Carey on her Island Def Jam debut that has not yet been scheduled for release. The duo, which has produced for Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Boyz II Men, among numerous others recently explained the types of songs they are collaborating on with Carey:

    Jam said the songs they have recorded with Carey so far, are primarily slow-tempo: "The things we're doing with here are very much classic, singer-songwriter type songs, ballads, that really explore the range and the incredible voice that she has. Just letting her be an artist," he noted. "You know, we're co-writing all of the songs with her, co-producing with her, and we've done, I think four or five songs thus far, and we're really happy with all of them. Not sure whether all of them will get used or not, but we're really happy with what we've done thus far. She's very re-energized, very excited, and thus far been a fun project to work on."

    Jam didn't know, however, whether Carey would address her nervous breakdown last year that resulted in her being hospitalized: "I'm not sure. We haven't dealt with it yet," he said. "But that doesn't mean that we won't maybe deal with it or maybe she'll address it. Although, it wouldn't be the crux of the album. It would maybe be one song on an album that addresses it. But it wouldn't be like, become a theme for an album."

    In addition to Jam and Lewis, Carey is reportedly working DJ Quik, and the Murder Inc. production camp, whose credits include Ja Rule, Ashanti, and J. Lo.
    -- Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles


    Michael Jackson Joins Mariah Against Tommy/Sony
    The following information is taken from a Michael Jackson site and a fan review of a recent party of Jackson's 20 years anniversary for the Thriller album in the UK. As some of you might know, Jackson (and his fans) are currently in a public fight with Sony regarding the lack of promotion of his last album "Invincible". I am not sure how reliable the quotes are but it sounds interesting:

    "Early reports I've read show that the party was more of a Sony bashing session than a Thriller celebration. Take a look and notice that Michael directly addressed his dislike for Tommy Mottola and actually mentioned a certain former Sony recording artist in his speech to his fans. Also, Michael confirmed that two new songs will be appearing on the Greatest Hits due out by the end of the year after which he will be a free agent."
    "He started off by mentioning all the great artists who had inspired him, such as James Brown. He said that great artistry will never die.... BUT.... He went on to say how Mariah came to him crying and he had to hold her in his arms and that Tommy [Mottola] was putting put tabs on her phone. He said that Tommy is evil and he needs to be stopped. He said "I only need to give Sony one more album," and he said he would just put 2 new songs on there and "Walk out of there a free agent." He said such wonderful artistry should not be destroyed."
    amit1234 (From FOMM), Michael Jackson News International

    New Sites

  • The French Mariah Carey Club is holding a fan gathering for Mariah's lambs in Paris on June 22nd. They've made a site with all information about it. Click here to check it out!

  • April from MariahzWorld has a new address for her site, it is now at: mariahzworld.tk. She also wants help with the layout for the site so if you'd like to help, email April.
  • updated byLiron June 15th, 2002 4:45PM
    Kelly Price Talks About Mariah
    Kelly Price, who used to be Mariah's backup singer and is now a solo artist (with an upcoming album) talked about Mariah in the new issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine.
    modog (From FOMM) saw it and here's what she wrote (not the exact quotes)

    "Kelly told Sister2Sister magazine creator, Jamie Foster (if you'll remember, Jamie is the one Mariah fixed dinner for one time) that she tried unsuccessfully to try and reach out during her times of trouble. She didn't say why Mariah never responded or why she couldn't get to Mariah but she did say, "All I can do is try". She then went on to say that it was probably difficult to know who to trust or who has your back when people are trying to bring you down. She also said that E! Hollywood True Story contacted her and she did it. This she said, "Is how I showed her (Mariah) I cared"."
    Vote for Mariah To Be Glamour's Covergirl
    Pandem0nium (From FOMM) found that Glamour gives the readers a chance to vote for the celebrity who will apear on the cover of Glamour.
    Click Here to vote for Mariah.

    More MC Ringtones
    Kristal found that on Super Mega Phone has free ringtones of Mariah's songs "Heartbreaker" and "I Still Believe".

    New Pictures
    Nacho found two beautiful Mariah pictures from last summer - you can see them in Gallery 10

    updated byLiron June 14th, 2002 5:05PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    AYNAF on Letterman The new sound of the week is a remarkably well done performance of "Anytime You Need A Friend" by Mariah & her choir on the David Letterman show in 1994. Enjoy!
    Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need A Friend (Letterman 1994)

    A Tribute To Mariah
    Suzy found a site which has two mp3s of famous Asian singers singing Mariah songs. The page is called A Tribute To Mariah Carey and the singers are Coco Lee (Hero) and Regine Velasquez (Never Too Far)

    10 Years Ago

  • Mary tells us that on the June 20th edition of "Rolling Stone", Mariah is mentioned on the "Charts" page. Under the "From the Vaults: Ten Years Ago" section Mariah is touted for her number one single "I'll Be There."

  • Nacho noticed that this week, 10 years ago, Mariah appeared twice on the Billboard 200 issue (June 20, 1992) twice: MTV Unplugged at #8 and Emotions at #58.

    Also, yesterday I mentioned Mariah appears twice on the R&B Alltime top 100 albums and Julian corrected me by writing she also has an album at #70 which is Merry Christmas.

    New Magazine Scans
    mcfanatic sent me two new scans, one from National Enquirer about Mariah's vindication and the other from Heat magazine. Both available in Gallery 10

  • updated byregina June 14th, 2002 4:35PM  
    Police charge son with killing family
    ELEVEN months ago, Sef Gonzales sang a song in tribute at the funeral for his murdered parents and sister, days after finding their hacked bodies at their North Ryde home.

    Yesterday, the young man who, in an appeal last year for information on the killer had described his family as the three corners of his world, appeared before a Sydney Court charged with stabbing to death his father Teddy, 46, mother Mary Loiva, 43, and 18-year-old sister, Clodine.

    The throats of the women had been slashed.

    Just after the murders, Mr Gonzales pleaded publicly for his family's killers to be found,

    At their funeral, he sat with his head buried in his hands and at times appeared to wipe away tears.

    He delivered the eulogy in which he described his father as his hero and at the end sang an unaccompanied version of a Mariah Carey song, One Sweet Day. (read more...)

    The West Australian

    Chris Isaak Wants Mariah On His Show
    During an interview in the July 2002 issue of Playboy, the star of the Showtime series 'The Chris Isaak Show' explained his broken heart, his broken nose, and why he likes older women. Further through the interview Isaak was asked which star he would like to have appear on his show. His first choice? Troubled songstress Mariah Carey. "It seems like the press is having a field day saying she's having a hard time. But she wrote all those songs and she produced them. She isn't a piece of fluff. It would be funny for her to come on the show and make fun of the fact that somebody was knuckleheaded enough to pay her millions to be let go. She's going to turn around and have another huge hit. I think she'd be fun."

    Mariah Constellation

    Wisegirls Review
    Release Year: 2002
    Cast: Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey, Melora Walters
    Director: David Anspaugh
    Categories: Comedy, Drama, Crime
    Rated: R (Violence, Adult Language, Drug Content)
    Running Time: 96 minutes

    David Anspaugh's mix of female bonding and mob drama, Wisegirls concerns a trio of waitresses. Meg (Oscar winner Mira Sorvino), wise-talking Raychel (Mariah Carey), and wannabe dancer Kate (Paul Thomas Anderson regular Melora Walters) grow close while working at an Italian restaurant. Meg begins to realize that the eatery is mob-controlled and probably is used to sell drugs. Soon she must hide the d body of her boss (whose "whacking" she indirectly caused). Eventually, Meg is forced into risk her life in order to gain information on the mobsters. This quirky, occasionally dark comedy was screened at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

    Thanks to Ashes (Rainbow Princess) for this article from All Movie Guide

    Fan Gathering: Ocean City, NJ
    It seems a bunch of lambs are interested in meeting in Ocean City, NJ on July 20th to help celebrate with all the other countries. I added it on the right and if you want to come chill with us, just let me know at MariahDaily@aol.com

    Eminem: Yes I Dated Mariah
    red pic EMINEM has admitted he DID have a fling with MARIAH CAREY – and I can reveal he raps bitterly about her on his No1 album.

    In one of pop's weirdest romances, Em dated the troubled singer as her relationship with Latin crooner LUIS MIGUEL began to fall apart.

    At the time both camps strenuously denied an affair between the stars.

    But now Eminem has confirmed they dated and has poured his heart out in two tracks, Superman and When The Music Stops, on his new album, The Eminem Show.

    Eminem revealed: "There is truth to the story. Now I respect her as a singer but on a personal level I'm not really feeling it. "I just don't like her as a person. I learned a lesson from it - don't believe the hype. She doesn't really have it all together." In typical Eminem style, he doesn't hold back with his feelings in the two telling tracks.

    On Superman he rants: "Bitch if you died, wouldn't buy you life/ What you tryin' to be, my new wife?/ What you Mariah? fly through twice/ But I do know one thing though/ Bitches they come, they go."

    And in When The Music Stops he says he would rather get hooked on drugs than get back with Mariah. He raps: "What the f*** you take me for? A joke? You smokin' crack?/ Before I do that, I beg Mariah to take me back."

    Stories of a romance between the pair surfaced a month before Mariah suffered a nervous breakdown last summer.

    She had met the rapper to discuss working together but increasingly turned to him as her three-year affair with Luis crumbled.

    The pair had a series of dates at LA's posh Sunset Marquis Hotel.

    Their romance hit the rocks after just a few months as Mariah's mental health deteriorated, culminating in her suicide bid. The final straw came when Eminem refused to work with the troubled diva on an album.

    Thanks to Brecht for this article from The Sun.

    New Pic
    Jeff sent me a scan from his High School Yearbook from the "World Yearbook" section. It's not really nice towards Mariah but the picture is pretty. Check it out in Gallery 10.

    updated byLiron June 14th, 2002 11:30AM
    Mariah Goes To Take Care of Her Dad
    Father's Day Woe
    Say a prayer for Mariah Carey's dad.
    The "Glitter" star has hurriedly flown back to New York from the Italian island of Capri to be at the side of her hospitalized father, Alfred Carey.

    "He is seriously ill," Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed to us. "She has visited him daily, and she's planning a special surprise to lift his spirits on Father's Day."

    Alfred and his famous daughter had been estranged until recently. An engineer, Alfred and his wife, Patricia, a singer, divorced in 1973. Mariah was 3 at the time.

    "When I was younger, I saw him every week, and after that I didn't see him for a long time," Mariah once remarked.

    But "over the past few years, they've gotten quite close," said Berger. She declined to identify the illness.

    Home To Daddy
    MARIAH Carey had to stop working on her new album last week when she found out her father was sick. "Mariah was recording in Capri, and had to come back to New York suddenly because her father is seriously ill," Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed. "She has visited him daily and is planning a special surprise for him to lift his spirits up on Father's Day." Berger didn't elaborate on the illness or the surprise.

    Thanks Tom, NY Post Page Six, New York Daily News

    Exact Eminem Quote from Rolling Stone
    Meli (From FOMM) found the actual quote we've all been hearing about from the Rolling Stone magazine:

    Q - Mariah Carey. You two were almost boyfriend-girlfriend, weren't you?

    A - There's truth to that. "I don't want to say anything disrespectful because I respect her as a singer, but on the whole personal level, I'm not really felling it. I just don't like her as a person. I gotta be honest; I learned a lesson from it: Don't believe the hype. I have respect for her but she doesn't really have it all together. I'll just say that and that she's a very beautiful woman.

    Belgium Fan Gathering
    Gilles, the organizer of the Belgium fan gathering has created a page with all the information about meeting. Check it out by clicking here.

    'Heartbrealer' Ringtone
    Octavio tells us that along with the "Loverboy" ringtone, Zingy.com also has the "Heartbreaker" one in the Pop section.

    MTVgirl.com Poll
    Antonio from Mariah Carey Is Tha Bomb found a poll on MTVgirl.com that asks:
    "Which pop artist has done the best job on the big screen?" - Mariah (for "Glitter") is in the third place right now so go and vote for her!

    Mariah's Greatest TV Moments on VH1 Europe
    Omri told us that VH1 Europe will air "Mariah's Greatest TV Moments" on Saturday at 4:00 PM CET and then again on Sunday at 7:00 PM CET. Don't miss it!

    Mariah On Top Earning Acts of 2001
    "Rolling Stone compiled the list in its new issue, which hits newsstands today, by totaling money made from touring, records and publishing rights...estimate the final, net figures after expenses, fees and label deductions." (NY Post)
    Mariah is at #43 with earnings of 10.9 million dollars.

    Ginger, Anderz (From FOMM), Rolling Stone.

    "What More Can I Give?" - Drama Continues
    Here are new happenings with the all-stars charity single "What More Can I Give?"... It also reveals the information that Mariah has participated in the Spanish version of the song.

    Executive Producer Urges Sony to Let Michael Jackson Charity Efforts Continue, Despite Feelings of Politics Within the Company Against the Artist
    LOS ANGELES, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Marc Schaffel, the Executive Producer of Michael Jackson's "What More Can I Give" project, has sent an open letter to the chairman of Sony Electronics, Mr. Idei, in Japan. The letter urges Sony and Mr. Idei to release two charity singles -- or to at least let another record company release them. The songs which were completed last October, one in English, and the other in Spanish "Todo Para Ti," include over 35 of the top recording artists from around the world. Many Grammy award wining people have been involved in this; the English version was produced by award winning Michael Jackson, and the Spanish version by award winning K.C. Porter.

    Text of the letter follows:
    June 13, 2002
    Mr. Idei-Sony Japan
    Chairman, Sony Electronics (via Fax)

    Dear Mr. Idei:
    I am contacting you regarding the charity records "What More Can I Give" and the Spanish version "Todo Para Ti." I am the Executive Producer of these projects, which were completed in October 2001. These charity efforts were highly publicized in both print and television at the time of their creation. My telephone has been ringing off the hook since Friday, as to why these projects have not yet been released, and if it is related to the situation in the media at the current time about Sony's relationship with Mr. Jackson.

    To the best of my understanding from the information being given to me, due to the current political situation between Sony and Mr. Jackson, these benefit singles are being withheld from release. Please tell me, how could, or why would Sony not want to release two singles? Neither one of these records has cost Sony a penny and has only the potential for raising tens of millions of dollars, for the victims.

    The proceeds that would be raised would be used for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, survivors of the victims, and the children that need help so desperately. I can understand the delay in first not wanting to release the singles because of the competition of the "Invincible" album, but what would be Sony's excuse now? It is the one year anniversary, and the release has not yet been scheduled.
    No matter what conflict might be in place between your company and Mr. Jackson, Sony should not victimize these people any more. People from all over the world had been affected by these tragedies, including Japan.
    If it is still your company's stance not to release these singles, then please for the sake of the potential recipients, I beg of you to allow another record company to release these songs and disburse the monies.

    It would be a tragedy almost as great as the first one to let corporate greed or politics, stop the movement of people working together in the healing process. Not letting these records come out is as disgusting as the acts of the initial terrorism against the free world as we know it. How could you let these giving artists who participated and donated their time, down as well, with these kinds of politics? All these wonderful people participated;

    Michael Jackson-English/Spanish, Celine Dion-English/Spanish, Billy Gilman-English, Reba McEntire-English, Usher-English, Mariah Carey-English/Spanish, Ricky Martin-English/Spanish, Beyonce Knowles (of Destiny's Child)-English, Mya-English/Spanish, Gloria Estefan-English/Spanish, Luther Vandross-English/Spanish, Nick Carter (from the Backstreet Boys)-English, Aaron Carter- English, NSYNC-English/Spanish, Thalia-English/Spanish, Anastacia-English/Spanish, Shawn Stockman & Michael McCary (from Boyz II Men)-English, Ziggy Marley-English, Tom Petty-English, 3LW-English, Brian McKnight-English/Spanish, Carlos Santana-English/Spanish, Alejandro Sanz-Spanish, Cristian Castro-Spanish, Jon Secada-English/Spanish, Julio Iglesias-Spanish, Juan Gabriel-Spanish, Luis Miguel-Spanish, Shakira-English/Spanish, Rueben Blades-Spanish, Laura Pausini-Spanish, Joy Enriquez-Spanish, Olga Tanon-Spanish, Bryton-English, Hanson-English

    I would hope you can see past the current situation and schedule this for release on the one year anniversary or at least have the respect for the victims and let another company release these singles. I thank you for your help in advance.

    F. Marc Schaffel

    Jason (From FOMM), Neverland Valley Entertainment

    updated byLiron June 13th, 2002 5:05PM
    More about Mariah & Eminem
    As Regina posted earlier, Jerry Blair (one of the executives in Mariah's new label) had already resonded to Eminem's comments. Here are the comments about what Eminem said, prior to it:

    Bozza Talks About His Interview With Eminem
    Posted on Wednesday, June 12 @ 21:33:33 EDT

    Access Hollywood spoke with Rolling Stone's Anthony Bozza about his interview with Eminem in the magazine's new issue. On the subject of romances with Spice Girl Emma Bunton or Kim Basinger, Slim denied any involvement. On Mariah Carey rumors though, Bozza said, "There was a potential relationship going on, but Eminem said when he got to know her better, he didn't like what he got to know." Slim's own words had him saying of Cary, "I just don't like her as a person. I gotta be honest. I have respect for her, but she really doesn't have it all together." When he doesn find the right woman, does he plan on remarrying? "I would rather be on a coach flight with *NSYNC, at the back of the plane, in the last row, in them seats that don't go back..." Slim said, rather than get hitched again.


    K104fm Talks About The Story
    In the US Hip Hop and R&B radio station's gossip show, the DJ (Flo) commented about the Mariah & Eminem rumors which seem to be spreading. They didn't mention anything new but if you would still like to hear it go to K104fm web page and click on "Flo Dishes The Dirt" (Thanks JARHoney7).

    Mariah Updates on Internet CD-Stores
    Allie informs us that Mariah's on the alltime list of top 100 R&B sellers on CDNow.
    Mariah appears twice - Rainbow at #5 (and also #27 on the Pop All time top 100 list), and #1's at #52!

    Marquis lets us know that Mariah slipped down to #29 on the top 100 artists on Esprit. He also says that two months ago she was #6, and hopefully she'll be back on top when she releases some new material!

    Mariah's Crib Mentioned Again
    Seems like Mariah's episode on "MTV Cribs" was really popular. After comments by Kelly Osbourne and Blink 182, comes Fieldy from the rock band KORN.
    In his studio, he had a lot of sheep and said "Mariah Carey ain't got nothing on me!" (Thanks kellyNmc)

    updated byregina June 13th, 2002 5:00PM  
    Mariah Carey's Label Rep Reponds To Eminem Comments
    Mariah Carey's unnamed label at Universal has responded to Eminem's comments to Rolling Stone about he didn't "like her as a person" and said "she doesn't really have it all together." A rep for Carey said, "This is inconsequential to Mariah... she's dealing with real-life matters."


    More From Eminem
    It seems Access Hollywood didn't post the whole quote from Eminem. Nick taped Good Day Live today and sent me what happened. He taped it, so he rewound the tape to get the exact quotes.

    This morning on Good Day Live, the reporter, Dorothy Lucey, was talking about Eminem getting death threats from Bin Laden for making fun of him. Then she brought up the whole Eminem/Mariah thing. She asked her co-anchor, Steve Edwards, which subject he thought she should talk about and he told her to talk about what she liked best. She immediately said, "Okay, Mariah!" Then she said, "There were rumors a while ago that Eminem was dating Mariah Carey, and both of their people denied it. And now Eminem is saying, 'Ah, okay. We lied back then. We did have a thing.' But he said to Rollingstone, 'I don't really like her anymore now!' He said, 'Don't believe the hype, she really doesn't have it all together.' So nice!" Steve said, "Ladies and gentlemen, and from Eminem of all people!" Then Dorothy said, "Very shady! Very Slim Shady! 'Cause it's nice to not just kiss and tell, but to kiss, tell, and crap all over somebody!"

    Fan Gathering
    Tom would like to create a Fan Gathering in Erie, PA and was wondering if anyone is in that area to get together. Contact Tom at EaglesSteelers15@aol.com

    Lesson learned
    LAST year, when PAGE SIX broke the news that Mariah Carey and Eminem were seeing each other, both camps denied it, claming they were "just friends." Eminem now confirms the tryst, but in ungentlemanly fashion. "There's truth to [the romance story]," he told Rolling Stone. "I respect her as a singer, but on the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person. I learned a lesson from it: Don't believe the hype . . . She doesn't really have it all together." Jerry Blair, who heads Carey's unnamed label at Universal, said: "This is inconsequential to Mariah . . . she's dealing with real-life matters."

    NY Post

    updated byregina June 13th, 2002 9:40AM  
    Fan Gathering In Ocean City
    Paul suggested that we have a fan gathering here in NJ on July 20th in Ocean City. We could all hang out on the beach for the day, Mariah's favorite place of course, and blast Mariah music. If anyone lives in Philly, NJ or NYC and wants to come chill with us in Ocean City, please contact me at MariahDaily@aol.com If enough people want to do it, maybe we will add it in our Fan Gathering list.

    There is a new Quote, Pic, Article and Poll O' The Week. Check them out if you want.

    Plus, I added a few pictures to Gallery 10, courtesy of Papow from FOMM.

    Last weeks Poll results:
    What would you rather get from Mariah this year?
    more movies (604) 26%
    more music (1100) 48%
    more music videos (262) 11%
    more t.v. appearances (129) 6%
    more public appearances (202) 9%
    Total Votes: 2297

    updated byregina June 12th, 2002 8:00PM  
    Eminem & Mariah
    Access Hollywood just aired here and they featured a story on Eminem and the rumors surrounding him. They talked briefly about Mariah and said how the two attempted a romance. A spokesperson said that when Eminem got to know Mariah, he didn't really like what he got to know. Here is the quote from the Rolling Stone magazine featuring Eminem that hits stands on Friday...
    "I just don't like her as a person. I gotta be honest...I have respect for her, but she really doesn't have it all together."
    updated byregina June 12th, 2002 3:00PM  
    New Pictures
    sony pic Dan sent me a few more pictures he took of Mariah outside the TRL studios yesterday and Melissa sent me a picture of Mariah and her outside the Sony Studios (she requested I cut her out of the picture though). Check them out in Gallery 10.

    Mariah on Access Hollywood
    Mariahnum1Lamb told me that Mariah will be featured on tonight's Access Hollywood show. It has something to do with Eminem's recent interview with Rolling Stone. I'll report on it early tomorrow morning, incase you miss this! It probably won't be much anyway.

    New Mariah Forum
    You can check out a new Mariah Forum that the webmaster from Sweet Mariah created. It's a safe, clean place that is going to be monitored at all times I am told. So if you like to chat, click here to check it out.

    Loverboy Ringtone
    Nick found another place where you can download a free Loverboy ringtone. Check out Zingy.com for that if you have a Nokia phone.

    American Idol
    Last night on Fox, there was a show called American Idol. Basically three judges, including Paula Abdul and a producer named Randi, decided on whether or not these kids had what it took to go to Hollywood. They sang different songs and one girl sang Vision of Love. She did an amazing rendition of it and her voice was very strong. She made it onto the next round. Also, Nick tells me that Randi told one of the girls that she had an incredible talent. He said he had the chance to work with many artists that have amazing talents including Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.

    updated byregina June 11th, 2002 6:25PM  
    New Pic
    Dan sent me a scan of a picture he took of Mariah last year (June 18, 2001) outside TRL studios. You can check the picture out on the left in the "fan foto" section.

    Loverboy Ringtone
    Havn't downloaded the new Loverboy ringtone yet? Well, you haven't missed much each seems. Steve bought the tone from ecrush.com and told me that it's really bad and doesn't sound anything like Loverboy. So, it seems you should save your money!

    Trip Down Memory Lane
    MAurizio sent me an article from last year about the race for #1 between Loverboy and Bootylicious. Booty beat out Mariah but Mariah made a brand new record with her single Loverboy. Let's hope she will win at the Billboard Awards...
    Hot 100
    Even though Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" was #7* last week while Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" ranked as low as #60*, the two are locked in an intriguing white-heat battle this week as both singles go to retail. In fact, many suspected that Columbia twice delayed "Bootylicious" in order to deprive Mariah - who recently jumped ship - of her chance for another #1 hit. In an aggressive move, Virgin sales-priced "Loverboy" at as low as 49 cent. Columbia quickly followed suit with "Bootylicious," which was already discounted at $1.99 for the regular single.

    When the catfur is settled, 179,991 Mariah fans have given her the sales victory over 130,694 for "Bootylicious." On the Hot 100, however, an airplay advantage of 78.5 vs. 20.5 million ensures a fourth #1 single for Destiny's Child. "Loverboy" does overcome "Bootylicious" for the top spot on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, as the airplay gap between the two is not as wide in that genre.

    "Loverboy" sets a new record for the largest jump to #2, beating Sisqo's "Incomplete" which jumped #55 #2 one year ago (08/05/2000). The record before that, #54 #2, was set by Domenico Modugno's "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)" in only the second issue of the Hot 100 (08/11/1958). There must be something about early August and jumping to #2! Both "Blu" and "Incomplete" moved into #1 the following week. Will "Loverboy" get its chance?

    179,991 is a step down from "Heartbreaker," the last Mariah single to precede an album release, which sold 271,000 copies in its first week. It ranked #11 on Hot 100 Airplay that week. "Loverboy," on the contrary, has peaked at #50 in airplay. "Bootylicious's" first full-week sales is on par with that of "Say My Name," the second commercial single (and the second big airplay hit) from "The Writing's On The Wall."


    updated byLiron June 11th, 2002 6:05PM
    Mariah Finally Gets Some Sleep
    In a recent interview with Jimmy Jam (Co-producer with Terry Lewis on Mariah's latest albums), he commented about his work with Mariah:

    "We recently caught up with Jam and got the scoop on his forthcoming projects."

    [About] Mariah Carey: "We were working about two-and-a-half weeks ago, and we came up with a song that everybody was feeling. And normally she would wait around for us to cut it, and she would do a demo vocal. But this time, she said, 'Do you want me to stay?'
    "And we said, 'No, we can do it tomorrow.' And she said, 'Good, then I'm going to go home to go to bed.' And I thought, 'Great!' That's something I've never heard her say before!"

    twistedjigga00 (Form FOMM)

    MariahCarey.com - Best Celebrity Site!
    Singer Gets Online "Award"
    June 10 - Singer Mariah Carey gets the top spot for "Best Celebrity Websites". Check out why.

    The above tidbit is reported by The Feedroom about Mariah's site being chosen as the best celebrity site online, the site also has a really nice clip explaining why it was chosen (voice messages, pictures, upcoming projects)!
    To view the clip, enter This Site, click on "Search" and type Mariah Carey.


    Mariah on FHM Sexiest Women
    In Addition to other FHM publishings, Mariah also made the US list of the 100 sexiest women of 2002. This year she is #36 on the list.

    mcfanatic, FHM US Online

    Louisiana Fan Gathering
    Eric would also like to have a fan gathering to meet other Mariah fans and this is what he writes:

    "Hey! This is Eric. I wanted to ask you to post this please: Fan gathering for any Mariah Carey fans in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana and the surrounding areas that would like to meet other Mariah Carey fans. Please ask fans interested that live in this area or somewhat close by to email me at E03MCX2@aol.com.

    New Sites

  • Jennifer has a new site called Mariah Rocks

  • Laura who's a Mariah look-a-like, redesigned her site, Laura As Mariah which is still under constructions but has many new pictures of her as a Mariah look a like.
  • updated byregina June 10th, 2002 8:00PM  
    Fan Gathering
    Olivia got about 12 people together for a gathering in Miami, Fl and wanted me to announe the fact that it will be held on July 20th. If you want more information, contact her by clicking here

    Loverboy Ring Tone
    Got a Nokia phone and want Mariah's Loverboy song to be your ringtone? Well visit ecrush.com and type in Mariah Carey at the bottom. There is a few dollar charge for it but it would be cool to have it on your cell. Thanks to Emilee M for this information.

    updated byLiron June 10th, 2002 3:55PM
    Eminem Speaks About Him & Mariah
    Jason read an interview with Eminem in the new issue of ROLLING STONE. Here is what Jason writes but please know that it isn't the exact quote. If anyone has the magazine, please email us what it says!

    "At one point, the interviewer says Eminem has been linked to a lot of women and wants to go down the list to see what is true and what isn't. They say he and Mariah were supposedly almost boyfriend-girlfriend. Eminem says that is true. He says she is beautiful and he respects her as a singer...but he does not like her as a person. He said she doesn't have it all together."

    Vote For A Song For Mariah To Cover
    Mariah Vision is making a research with Mariah fans, asking which song they would like Mariah to cover for her next album. They intend to give the results to Mariah's assistant.
    Click here to vote!

    Max Beesley Is Bitter About "Glitter"
    The following is taken from an article about Max Beesley who played DJ "Dice" in "Glitter".

    Max's best chance of A-list stardom should have been the 2001 movie Glitter, co-starring Mariah Carey. But the film turned out to be a commercial and artistic stinker, which he had no control over.

    "I got told eight hours before we began filming that I was playing a New Yorker," he recalls. "Then we were told the film had to be suitable for 12-year-olds, which meant I lost any gritty edges to my character."

    He could be excused for feeling bitter at the flop, but instead exudes a strong determination to continue building on his career to date. In Fields Of Gold, he stars as farmer Mark Hurst who is angered by GM food processes.

    Anderz, Hoovers.com

    Email Change / My Collection
    Alright, I've had enough with "Hotmail" and the 1000 viruses per day I'm getting there, so Crave (From MariahFans.net) has once again helped me and my new email address is:
    liron@mariahfans.net so please send news to this address from now on. Thanks!

    Also I took pictures of my Mariah CDs collection so if you're interested, click below to enlarge the pictures :)

    CDs LPs
    updated byregina June 10th, 2002 10:40AM  
    Tonight's Chat
    We are joining up with MariahFans.net to have one place where fans can go and chat with others at any point of the day. Plus, we will now be chatting there weekly on Monday nights for the MD chats. You can check it out right now to make sure you can get it working for tonight and also, you can chat with other fans. If you have any problems, go to "config" and change the server or just try to disconnect and then reconnect a few times. Don't forget, tonight at 8pm ET we will be giving away a large Greatest Hits Poster at the chat, so stop on by if you like! MD Chat

    I added a few pictures to Gallery 10 today. Tavie sent me a scan of Mariah in her high school yearbook. Ryan sent me four scans of Mariah cd covers that are from China and finally, Lester sent me a scan of Mariah on the cover of a filipino magazine in 2000. Check them out if you like.

    Magazine News
    Mariah is in the June 18th issue of The Globe. She is on the last page and there is a nice big picture of her from the Brad Pitt premiere in 1997. It's an article about how people look like celebrities. Plus, Pryme, from MariahMaddness, told me that there is a picture of Mariah hugging Stevie Wonder in the July 2002 issue of FHM, which features the 100 sexiest. Mariah dropped from #27 to #36.

    Mariah Wannabes
    KriZStyLiNG19 sent me the following tidbit...
    Well I went to it today and the taping was from 10:30 til 6:30 but the actual taping for mariah was only four hours. The celebrity guests were her make up artist (rachel), her choreographer, and of course......Da Brat! It was great, The girls all did decent, I wont tell you who won, but I will tell you this: The judges said they picked the winner because of her voice, that overall mariahs voice is her best asset, not the beauty, not her style, but her voice puts her above EVERYONE else, and to Da Brat she is the BEST at what she does, and Rachel tells the CUTEST story about mariah at xmas time, that will make all true lambs love her for it! Anyhow it was all in all a great show and one of the girls will make mariah very proud =)

    Reminder: Viruses
    If you get an e-mail from Danielle, Liron or myself with an attachment, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! It is a virus and we never usually send any attachments, unless you request something from us. Please be careful.

    updated byLiron June 8th, 2002 6:40PM
    More About The 'Billboard' R&B/Hip-Hop Awards
    (6/8/02, 7 a.m. ET) -- R&B singer Usher has been nominated for eight awards at the second annual Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, scheduled to take place August 9 at the Billboard-American Urban Radio Networks R&B/Hip-Hop Conference in Miami Beach.

    While Mariah Carey's album Glitter was considered a flop, the album's debut single "Loverboy" featuring Da Brat and Ludacris, is up for the top R&B/hip-hop singles sales award.


    Speculations About Mariah's Next Album
    Foursaken18 sends us news from Rainbow Princess which are claimed to be facts but I'd suggest we all try and wait for a confirmation from Mariah.

    "Mariah's next album will be out late November 2002 to early 2003 (Fact). It is rumoured that there is likely to be a split release like Rainbow - USA will get it first (November) and then UK will get it (late January - early February 2003). The first single will probably hit airplay late September 2002 in USA and the single will be released late October/ early November."

    Mariah & "Make A Wish"
    Mariah and Anna Will from Mariah Land had found some past features about Mariah's involvement with the "Make A Wish" foundation in their American & UK webpages.
    Although they are not recent, I thought they were interesting to read plus it had a new picture of Mariah with a fan that made a wish to meet her which I added to Gallery 9

    Pop Superstar Mariah Carey Begins Historic Partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
    WESTWOOD, Calif., September 20, 2001
    Amid the glitz of tonight's screening of her new feature film, Glitter, pop music megastar Mariah Carey will make two children's heartfelt dreams come true as she begins an unprecedented partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

    Ms. Carey has announced a contribution of $100,000 to the charity, to grant wishes related to the performing arts nationwide for children with life-threatening illnesses. Such arrangements, where a benefactor designates significant funds to underwrite a specified type of wish experience, are typically made by the charity with corporations. Ms. Carey's commitment represents the first of its kind from an individual celebrity in the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America's history.

    "We are delighted that Mariah Carey has chosen our children to benefit from her outstanding generosity," said Paula Van Ness, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America president and chief operating officer. "She knows that many of our children wish to either meet a famous performer or enjoy a special experience through the performing arts, and understands the hope, strength, and joy her commitment will provide. We are truly grateful."

    Beyond her financial support, Ms. Carey has also committed to speak publicly on the Foundation's behalf through the media, and to act as a liaison with the celebrity community to support the wish-granting process. All the while, she continues to fulfill the many wish requests the Make-A-Wish Foundation receives from children who especially want to meet her.

    Two such wishes will become reality tonight. Erika Swiggum, 18, of El Segundo, Calif., and Vanessa Primrose, 11, of Sacramento, Calif., will realize their dream of meeting the pop music superstar in a very special way. As part of their experience, Erika and Vanessa will join Ms. Carey as they walk the red carpet together to tonight's Glitter screening at the Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. It is the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 81 chapters in the United States and its territories and 22 international affiliates spanning five continents. This year marks the 21st year of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which has granted more than 83,000 wishes to children around the world since 1980.

    Mariah's Mission
    October 2001
    Singer Strengthens Her Commitment to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
    Pop superstar Mariah Carey is an entertainment world icon. She's graced the radio airwaves with her voice, appeared in numerous music videos, and even starred in the feature film "Glitter." Ms. Carey is also a trailblazing philanthropist. She recently announced a contribution of $100,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

    The singer's donation will be used to grant wishes related to the performing arts for children nationwide with life-threatening illnesses. In the past, such arrangements – where a benefactor designates significant funds to underwrite a specified type of wish – have been made through Make-A-Wish® partnerships with corporations. Mariah's donation marks the first of its kind from an individual celebrity.

    The Grammy, Soul Train, and American Music Award winner has pledged to speak publicly on behalf of the Foundation through the media. She has also agreed to act as a liaison with the celebrity community to support the wish-granting process.

    Ms. Carey has a glowing history with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She has fulfilled numerous wish requests to meet her and, recently, she granted a pair of wishes at a screening of "Glitter." Mariah brought two teenage girls from California down the red carpet with her during the festivities. In 2000, the Make-A-Wish Foundation honored the pop princess with the Chris Greicius Award for Celebrity Wish Granter of the Year.

    Make-A-Wish kids can share in Mariah's success. As the songstress presses forward in her heralded career, she'll be taking the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many of its talented children along for the thrilling ride.

    Mariah Meets Anna Chan
    Wish child Anna Chan, 15, has fought Hodgkins Lymphoma and had the most fabulous and unforgettable time when she met superstar Mariah Carey at her concert at Wembley Arena. A chauffeur driven limousine whisked Anna off for an early dinner in the West End before the concert. Having watched the show in the company of all the other VIPs – Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, Denise van Outen and Martine McCutcheon to name just a few. Anna was escorted backstage for a special meeting with her heroine, an experience which, she told us she will never, ever forget!

    Make A Wish News Archives, Features Archives, UK Webpage

    Cribs Rerun On MTVE
    mcfanatic informs European lambs that MTV Europe will rerun "MTV Cribs" episode with Mariah, this Monday on 9:00 PM CET.

    updated byregina June 7th, 2002 6:50PM  
    More Fan Gatherings
    Olivia wants to create a Fan Gathering in Miami, Fl and wants to know if any lambs are interested. Contact Olivia at og0122@earthlink.net by June 15th. Plus, Zoli informed me that there will be a fan gathering on July 20th in Budapest, Hungary. If you want more information on that, contact Zoli at zkunsagi@yahoo.com

    Essence Awards
    Jasmine told me that a clip of Mariah's video, Thank God I Found You, was shown on last nights Essence Awards in a tribute to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

    Mariah's Web
    Steph wanted me to inform you all that MariahsWeb.com is back up and running.

    updated byLiron June 7th, 2002 3:55PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    This week's "Sound of The Week" is your choice of an amazing vocal performance of "Vanishing" From the "Music Box" tour stop in the Universal Ampitheater in Los Angeles on November 23rd, 1993.
    Click Here to download the performance.
    Also, I've added two new options in the poll for next week's sound of the week!

    Mariah Nominated For Billboard Awards
    Mariah is nominated for the 2002 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards in the following category:
    Top R&B/hip-hop single - sales:
    "Loverboy," Mariah Carey feat. Da Brat & Ludacris (Virgin)
    "Bootylicious," Destiny's Child (Columbia)
    "My Baby," Lil' Romeo (Soulja/Priority)
    "U Remind Me," Usher (Arista)

    Kaison, Billboard

    Past Voice Messages Update
    I've added 10 voice messages to the Voice Messages Page so check them out!

    updated byLiron June 7th, 2002 5:55AM
    Mariah Is The #1 Dream Girl
    Mariah was voted the #1 Dream Girl on Dream Girl Top 100 with 111132 votes!
    Next on the list were Pamela Anderson and Alyssa Milano who came a lot after with around 2800 votes each.

    Leroy, Jennifer.

    Vote For Mariah
    JC writes us about a poll on Mister Poll's site for the BEST SINGER. Mariah is currently second.
    Click Here to vote on the poll!

    DJ Quik To Work With Mariah
    West Coast veteran DJ Quik has been tapped to produce tracks for Mariah Carey's newest album on Def Jam. Quik, who produced Truth Hurt's single "Contagious," just released "Under Tha Influence," his 7th album. "I had a blast putting this album together," Quik told AllHipHop.com. "Talib Kweli & Pharoahe Monch were incredible to work and Dr. Dre, well he's just the Doctor."

    mcfanatic, AllHipHop.com

    More Glitter "Goofs"
    Maggie from the upcoming "Mariah Planet" noticed some more mistakes in "Glitter":

  • In the scene where Timothy Walker is talking to Billie, Louise, and Roxy about getting a deal (the first time they meet), Billie is seen taking off her fishnet gloves. A few seconds later they are back on.
  • In the scene where Billie breaks up with Dice, she picks up her cat, bag and her coat and leaves the apartment. When she gets to Roxy and Louise's apartment, she has the coat on- how did she put on a coat while holding a cat and a bag?

    Make sure to visit Maggie's site "Mariah Planet" which will open in July with a big contest!

    Portuguese Fan Gathering
    Oscar would like to inform all Portugese Mariah fans that there will be a fan gathering in Lisbon, Portugal on June 22nd.
    Contact Oscar for more details about the meeting.

    Soluna Praise Josh Hartnett, Brandy & Mariah
    YM magazine chatted with the girls from Soluna and when asked who their celebrity crushes are, T revealed, "I have a different one every week! When I saw Josh Hartnett in Halloween H2O, I loved him so much! Jessica's been going on about Benjamin Bratt the whole trip, but he just got married, so she's sad. Tobey Maguire is America's choice. Aurora likes Dave Matthews, but he's married with children. You know who else for me? Jakob Dylan — he's cute, man!" Bandmate Jessica also had warm comments for two female music stars. "I love [Brandy's] voice," she said. "She's an all-round artist; she's got it all going on. I also love the Beatles and the way their career spanned [so many] years, and I love Mariah Carey — I still believe in her and have faith that she's going to come back really strong." Read more.

    PopDirt, YM

    M's Fan Center Update
    Big update on our M's Fan Center including new penpals, trading pals, rooms, poems & artworks.

  • updated byregina June 6th, 2002 12:15PM  
    There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week, Poll O' The Week and Article O' The Week. Check them out if you like! Here are last week's poll results...
    What's your favorite Mariah ensemble?
    The Roof Outfit (433) 9%
    Billboard Award Dress (1096) 23%
    Rainbow Tour Ensemble (344) 7%
    Lady In Red 4 FAF (1246) 26%
    Billboard Dress #2 (132) 3%
    Sweet Daydream (499) 11%
    AMA Outfit (219) 5%
    Lady O' Soul (89) 2%
    Blockbuster Ensemble (117) 2%
    The Diva Dress (538) 11%
    Total Votes: 4713

    Mariah Mentioned on Cribs
    Janel told me that Mariah was mentioned on the new season premiere of CRIBS tonight. During MTV's visit to Blink 182's Mark Hoppus' home, he talked about his award shelf and said how he saw Mariah's award shelf with all the awards but that she didn't have a Nickelodeon award!

    New Sites
    Warren created a new Mariah fansite called Fly Away. Right now I am told it's pretty basic but he is working on adding new features later. Check it out if you like.

    Plus, if you like to collect Mariah stuff, you might want to check out Collector's Club. Here you get together with all fans and help each other get rare Mariah stuff. Also, there is a contest running for the Asian 5-track Heartbreaker single, so make sure you check it out if you need that!

    Sony Protest
    A Michael Jackson fan sent me the following message in an e-mail. Obviously we all know the problems Mariah has had with her old label and I wasn't quite sure whether or not to report this next information. I decided to do so though and you can read it below...
    Dear Mariah Fan Club:
    I wasn't sure who to send this to but here it goes. On June 15th, in front of the Sony building in London, thousands of Michael Jackson fans will be protesting the music giant's recent treatment of the superstar and its decision to stop promotion of his latest album Invincible. Not sure if you know it, but MJ's battle with Mottola began when they refused to release his all star charity single, What More Can I Give, which features Carey.

    With that said, we would love for you to inform Mariah fans of the demonstration, to be followed by a party in Lecister Square (attended by MJ).

    We all know that Mariah (and George Michael) have had similar run ins with Mottolla and we thought you'd like to stand up with us.

    More info on the demo is available at http://www.mjni.com/site/mjni/index03.htm.

    Lets all stand up to SONY and tell them that they can't treat their signature artists like this, because there will be consequences.

    Joseph Yenish
    MJ News International

    Ally McBeal In Singapore
    Mustakim told me that all the fans in Singapore can check out Ally McBeal on June 11th on TCS Channel 5 at 10pm for Mariah's guest appearance.

    updated byLiron June 5th, 2002 4:30PM
    David Morales About Mariah
    The following interview part with David Morales is taken from the dance music magazine "Speed Garage":

    Speed Garage: How did you begin collaborating with Mariah Carey?

    David Morales: I was asked to do a remix of her 'Dreamlover' record and I didn't like the original. There was no way I was going to remix it, it was too fluffy, too poodle. I said, there is no way I can do this, can she re-sing it? They told me yeah. It was the first time a remix became a re-vocal. That's when the remixing game changed was with an artist really getting involved. Because she writes her tunes, she was able to re-work it and re sing it the way that she wanted it to. Some artists because they did not write it, they may not be able to re-sing it another way so it sounds strange. With Mariah, she hit it. She was great working with. She knows what she is doing. We developed a great relationship.

    Mariah Land

    Purchase Architectural Digest - Mariah's Cover
    Jason wrote to the "Architectural Digest" Magazine and asked how to order the back issue with Mariah on the cover. Here's what they wrote in reply:

    Thank you for your interest in Architectural Digest. The issue that featured Mariah Carey's home was Nov 2001.
    You can order it by calling:

    Amanda Dameron
    Editorial Assistant

    Ashanti's Secret Weapon Teaming With Mariah
    Joe Levy of the Village Voice reviewed Ashanti's self titled debut indicating the secret to her success. "Ashanti's secret weapon is one 7Aurulius," he said. "Who produces or co-produces all but three tracks, and usually plays everything but guitar. He's now working on Mariah's Island-Def Jam comeback. Watch out." Read more.

    Pop Dirt, The Village Voice

    Mariah To Be In Another Movie?
    Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Mariah Carey together in a film
    Two superstars, one Italian and one American, will meet on the set of their next film by Ilaria Borelli, 'Husband For Rent (?)'. We are speaking about Maria Grace Cucinotta and Mariah Carey: the two, in fact, will be the starring actors in the movie which tells the story of a woman (the Cucinotta) who searches for her husband, who has emigrated to the United States and married another woman (Mariah Carey). The film will be an international co-production between Maximum Crystals and JellyFish Films and will begin filming in September in both the USA and Canada.

  • The above article is not confirmed yet and is originally in Italian. Translation by MariahBuzz

    leadtheway (From FOMM), Rock Online Italia

    Eddie Griffin Loves "Glitter"

    "I was Watching MTV's "Movie House" and The Section of the show where a Celeb goes into a Movie Rental Store and The Celeb Picks Out What Movies They Like and why. Well, In this Episode Eddie Griffin Picked Glitter has one of the movies he likes and Said Very Seriously "This Movie should have been Nominated for an Oscar" But then goes on too say It should have been Played by Hallie Barry. But then Asked the Person Who works there How he thinks of "Glitter" He says "It's Got Soul!" "
  • updated byLiron June 4th, 2002 4:45PM
    One Sweet Day Still On Billboard!
    Jason (From FOMM) writes:
    In the June 1st issue of Billboard, "One Sweet Day" fell from #35 to #43 in its 39th week (overall) on Hot 100 Singles Sales.

    Mariah Frayed Capri
    Mariah Jeans
    "Candies" are selling Jeans that were inspired by Mariah. They call it "Mariah Frayed Capri" and here's how they describe it:
    "Capri Jean inspired by Mariah. Waist and bottoms are frayed. Comes in denim and Dark Brown Denim." (Cost is $39)
    Click Here to buy the Jeans.

    Thanks Lori!

    More Worldwide Fan Gatherings
    Fan gathering in Brussels, Belgium
    Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) writes that they are going to announce a date in July for a meeting soon.
    For details please contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com

    Fan gathering in Berlin, Germany
    Honey, Kate & Dieter are organizing a German fangathering in which you'll be able to meet other German fans and even win prizes.
    For further information, please visit: http://members.fortunecity.de/mariahmyall/fantreffen/frames.htm

    Backstreet Boy Fiance Covers Mariah Carey Tune
    Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean's fiance Sarah Martin called into her LovingSarah Yahoo group last month and performed Mariah Carey's 'I Am Free'. Sign up to be a member of the group and listen to the a cappella performance here.

    Pop Dirt

    updated byregina June 3rd, 2002 3:50PM  
    Wu-Tang Forever, Mariah A Butterfly, Ozzy An Activist? This Week In 1997
    The Wu-Tang Clan finally made it back into the racks this week in 1997. Four years and five solo albums had intervened since the group redefined hardcore rap with its debut LP, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), so fans flocked to record stores across the country the moment it went on sale to pick up the Wu's follow-up, Wu-Tang Forever. MTV News was at a midnight Wu-Tang record release event in New York City and solicited some fan reviews. Here's what happened.

    Male fan: This is true dedication right here. It's midnight and you should see this line.

    Male fan: It don't even matter what color you are. It just don't matter. If you feel Wu-Tang then you just Wu-Tang. It's just like that, Wu-Tang.

    Female fan: We all gonna go back and hang out. Take the train back home and pop it in the disc player. We'll come back tomorrow and let you know what we think.

    The next day ...

    Female fan: I listened to it once last night, on the train, at lunch, so I've just been listening to it all day. I have it in my CD player right now.

    Male fan: The first track caught me off guard 'cause it was something different. It was something way different.

    Male fan: Even though every song is a good song, you know you have to have your favorite.

    Male fan: I like "Reunited." I like "Maria." But if I had to say one, it would have to be "Triumph."

    Male fan: "Triumph" is just that. It's Wu together so that was the best thing to do, just show them all shining on top.

    Male fan: The song they should put out as a single, that has the best meaning, is "A Better Tomorrow."

    Female fan: What they're saying is to better yourself so that this way your kids can be better. You don't keep on going through the same cycles.

    Male fan: Put away the drugs, guns, all that stuff. That should really come out. Powerful song.

    Female fan: When they named it Wu Forever they did not lie. Wu is forever. That CD cranks. It's the bomb ...

    Mariah Carey, newly separated from her music mogul husband of four years, Tommy Mottola, said this week in 1997 that she was just weeks away from finishing her new album, to be called Butterfly, and that she produced the LP herself with a little help from another mogul, Bad Boy Puffy Combs.

    Metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne was gearing up for his annual summer outing, Ozzfest. Along with such bands as Pantera and Type O Negative, Ozzy was planning to get most of the lineup from his celebrated '70s band, Black Sabbath, onstage. MTV News caught up with the man to talk about his influential group.

    "It's a sign of a classic record when you can play it 30 years later and it still sounds as good," Ozzy said about Sabbath's music. "The ironic thing for me is that when we were writing, everybody thought that Black Sabbath was just Satan and devil worship. There was a little bit of that, but there were also environmental issues, political issues, war issues, anti-war things. And only now Sting and all these other prima donnas are saying we should give the rain forest back to the people with the plates in their lips and all this and whatever. And we were singing about that in the '70s."

    Thanks to Amanda for this article from MTV News

    New Album Hits Stores In November?
    LeadTheWay, from FOMM, got to meet Mariah in Capri, where she is working on her latest album. LeadTheWay said that Mariah looked amazing and was wearing a red outfit. M said she will be leaving a new message on the official site soon and that it is true that she is good friends with Mary J. Blige and Whitney. Finally, she said she thinks her album will be in stores in November.

    updated byregina June 3rd, 2002 12:40PM  
    After 125 Years, Idea Still Changes Lives
    Ask a New York City child to describe a summer vacation. A child of affluence might recall a lazy afternoon on a country road or a sandy shore. A child of poverty might remember spending the same afternoon playing in a steamy street or vacant lot.

    Then again, some of those children might surprise you.

    Anthony Sobers, 7, of Brooklyn, spent his summer last year in East Hampton, where he swam and went to art classes.

    Janay Pickens, 8, was also far from Brooklyn; last summer, she left the hot streets of Flatbush for Bayville, N.Y., where she went to the beach, caught a fish, rode a horse and played miniature golf.

    Anthony and Janay received free vacations, and a chance to experience a different way of life, through a nonprofit agency, the Fresh Air Fund. They are among 1.7 million youngsters who have enjoyed the same opportunity since the fund began bridging two different worlds in 1877.

    Over 125 years, the fund has managed to change with the times. Today, there are five campsites in upstate New York. There are programs for fun, others for career and life training, and some that combine the two.

    But in other ways, the Fresh Air Fund experience has changed little since its first summer. The proof? Once again, you might ask a child.

    "It was simply fun and frolic, and as beautiful as anything I have ever seen," said one youngster, returning to the Lower East Side from a two-week visit to Sherman, Pa.

    That statement was made well over a century ago, by a child whose name has been long lost. But it could just as well have been from Janay or Anthony last week.

    Jenny Morgenthau, the executive director of the fund, said that simplicity was a key to the program's longevity.

    On a sweltering day in June 1877, Willard Parsons, a Presbyterian minister in Sherman, asked his parishioners to open their homes to New York City's needy children, whom he had seen living in squalor while he was a seminarian. In a passionate sermon, he said, "Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

    Moved by his words, several people agreed to help. At first, nine gaunt children arrived by buggy in the pastoral Pennsylvania hamlet. By summer's end, some 60 children had bunked in comfort. The following summer, more than 1,000 children stayed with farmers, bounding through seemingly endless meadows, climbing trees and watching cows being milked.

    These journeys, once called "going private," gave rise to the Fresh Air Fund's Friendly Town program, in which rural families take in city children for several weeks.

    By 1881, interest in Friendly Town had expanded fivefold. Looking for financing, Mr. Parsons sought the help of Whitelaw Reid, the publisher of The New York Tribune, to reach potential contributors. Mr. Reid agreed to publish feature stories, give editorial support and take on administrative work.

    The effort was incorporated as the Tribune Fresh Air Fund Society in 1888, and Mr. Reid asked four prominent New Yorkers — Cleveland H. Dodge, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Morris K. Jesup and Darius O. Mills — to join the board.

    As article after article described children discovering country life and trading despair for hope, hearts and purses opened. And when the paper, later known as The New York Herald Tribune, stopped publishing in 1966, The New York Times stepped in.

    Announcing a 1967 fund-raising appeal, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, then president and publisher of The Times, expressed the hope that the paper's editorial support would "ensure the continuity of pioneering programs that lift the minds and hearts of future citizens beyond the often bleak and desperate existence of a closed or semi-isolated society."

    Mr. Sulzberger, now chairman emeritus of both The New York Times Company and the Fresh Air Fund, said last week that he was proud of the paper's participation in the fund. "It was important to bring it out so that people can see it," he said.

    Over the years, news coverage has helped inspire philanthropic gestures large and small. There have been $6 donations — the profits of someone's lemonade stand — and large grants of money and land.

    Donated property opened another opportunity for older children: group camping. The first fund campsite opened in 1908. In 1931, the fund had 11 camps and a hotel for girls ages 14 to 16 in Sayville, N.Y.

    In 1946, the fund received a gift of 1,000 acres in Fishkill, N.Y. The fund bought an adjacent 2,000 acres, and was able to begin consolidating its scattered camping programs.

    Today, there are five camps at the reservation in Fishkill: Camp Tommy, Camp Hayden-Marks Memorial, Camp Anita Bliss Coler, Camp Hidden Valley and Camp Mariah. Each year nearly 3,000 campers from 8 to 15, can swim, hike, learn about the galaxy at a country planetarium, or milk a cow at a model farm. At Camp Mariah, a career awareness camp named for the pop singer Mariah Carey, learning life skills takes on a stronger role, and adolescents can explore career interests.

    But the core of the fund remains its Friendly Towns, now in 13 states and Canada. Last year, volunteer families in 300 Friendly Towns took in close to 6,000 children, some as young as 6. This year, nearly 65 percent will return to their summer families and do what they've done for 125 years: have fun.

    Thanks to izetg for this article from the NY Times.

    updated byregina June 3rd, 2002 9:10AM  
    Musicians have the power in some ways
    NEW YORK — Clint Black has a vision of the future that would strike fear into any record executive: He sees a day when fans will buy music directly from artists without waiting for a record label to release it.

    "I'll go to clintblack.com," Mr. Black says, explaining how a fan would go about it. "I can have a 12-song CD for 12 bucks and guess what — I didn't have to leave the house for the CD."

    Mr. Black, a member of the Recording Artists Coalition, which is seeking less restrictive record contracts, says labels may become irrelevant if enough artists decide to put out their music directly.

    "As the technology changes and the distribution channels evolve, artists are going to become free," he says. In some ways, musicians already have that power. With the Internet, they can release music through their own Web sites and labels, and market themselves directly to music-buyers.

    But except for Prince and a smattering of others, few performers have gone that route.

    Even those who have had bad experiences with record labels and who have the name power and resources to release their own work, such as a Mariah Carey, have re-signed with record companies rather than do it on their own. (read more...)

    The Cincinnati Enquirer

    A Name Game To Help Mariah With Her Label
    Mariah Carey is no dummy. No, I'm not talking about her decision to sign with Interscope Def Jam Group. I'm not talking about her decision to return to ballads in an attempt to become a hitmaker again. Or her choice of three of the top music industry execs to run her career.

    Those were all no-brainers considering the options she had open to her. I'm talking about her decision to put off naming the label she will launch with her new album until she can come up with the right name.

    Names are serious business.

    Since she's in the studio working on her new album, she probably won't have a lot of time to think up names, so it seemed like a good time to help her out.

    The best record label names tend to be the simplest, like Sun or Chess, though chances of Carey's picking something like Sympathy for the Record Industry or Kill Rock Stars weren't high, anyway.

    She could try something meaningful from her life - such as Greenlawn, where she went to high school, or Huntington Bay, where she grew up. But where's the street cred in that? She could call on some of her favorite symbols, which also happen to be her hit albums, such as Rainbow or Butterfly or Music Box.

    There's Wisegirl, after her new movie, in which she gets better reviews than her big-screen debut, "Glitter." In fact, if she were really daring, she could name the label Glitter after the movie and the record that unexpectedly put her on this new career path.

    Taking the name of her most public failure and whipping it into a success could be the ultimate revenge for her unceremonious treatment at Virgin Records - that and enjoying the $ 28 million check the company gave her to sever their ties.

    One music industry type jokes that she should call her label Slut, as in the "anti-Virgin," but something tells me that won't win out. Another suggests Shoes, after the "MTV Cribs" episode done while Carey was still "exhausted," a look into her lavish lifestyle that became even more entertaining as she showed off hundreds of pairs of shoes in a closet the size of many Manhattan studio apartments. Others say it doesn't matter what she calls her company, waxing Shakespearean about "What's in a name?"

    What they forget, though, is when the name doesn't come first, you end up with an unfortunate mouthful like, well, "Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theatre."

    Now, I don't begrudge the Jones Beach folks' desire to make some extra cash or Hilfiger's desire to further attach himself to the rock and roll lifestyle. But let's face it, that's quite a name.

    Of course, the move is already on to shorten it. Obviously, the easiest way is to return it to the original Jones Beach, but that's not fair to Hilfiger, who shelled out a reported $ 40 million for the naming rights. After all, change is good.

    Nevertheless, Jones Beach now desperately needs a new nickname.

    Here are some possibilities:
    The Tommy: The "the" is very important to familiarity, as in the Garden, and it also seems friendly, as if Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theatre is somehow a friend. If Mr. Hilfiger wants to take this friendship to the next level, he can hand out free jeans to Long Island, and I'm sure we'll agree to call it "My Tommy" and force Rosie O'Donnell to come up with a new nickname for Tom Cruise.

    Hilfiger: Yeah, it's a lot of brand extension, but it also makes the huge amphitheater sound like a hip little club in the East Village. Hipster One: "Did you see Bonnie Raitt last night?"

    Hipster Two: "Yeah, I caught her set at Hilfiger. She was amazing."

    THA Jones Beach Theater: The "tha" is very cool, very today, as in Jennifer Lopez's new album, "J to tha L-O." Of course, the next step would then be "THA J.BeT," or "J.BeT" for short. That has a certain ring to it, but it depends on context. Please do not say, "Dude, are you going to THA J.BeT to check out Michael Bolton?"

    Considering the importance of Jones Beach to the summer concert season, finding it the right nicknames is worthwhile - unless, of course, they decide to sell the name to someone else in 2004 and we're stuck coming up with creative ways to avoid calling it "Verizon Jones Beach" or "The Clear Channel."

    Which brings us back to Mariah. She seems well on the road to recovery. She's got a braintrust in place to bounce ideas off of this time. Maybe she should name her label after the famous Jay-Z rhyme, one of my personal favorites: "On Fire."

    Thanks to MariahBuzz.com for this article from Variety.

    updated byregina June 2nd, 2002 10:00PM  
    Chat Changing Day & Time
    MD's chats were being held on Sunday nights at 10pm ET. But, that was sort of late for most lambs to attend, so we are changing it to Monday nights at 8pm ET. I won't be able to attend tomorrow's chat but in the following weeks, I will. Hopefully this is a better time and most lambs can stop on by. Next week we will be giving away Glitter film strips and a full size poster of the Greatest Hits Album cover.

    Glitter Hits HBO
    SUMar235 was watching HBO and a promo came up for what movies will be premiering on HBO shortly. Glitter was one of the movies that flashed by. As soon as we know the dates, we will post them here on MD.

    The Capri Studio
    Steph, from MariahsWeb.com, told me that if you want to check out the studio Mariah is currently working in, just click here.

    updated byLiron June 2nd, 2002 5:45PM
    Mariah #1 at Rollingstone
    In 1997, Mariah appeared on the front of Rollingstone magazine for the first time. Her photograph has now been voted by over 20,000 music lovers as the greatest cover in the magazine's history. Congratulations Mariah!!! Click here for a large version of this beautiful, very popular cover.

    Mariah World

    Technical "Glitter" Mistakes
    Underneath The Stars (From FOMM) found a website that lists mistakes in movies. Here's what they wrote for "Glitter":

  • When Billy goes back to Dice's apartment after they break up she is sitting at his piano. She has a light color lipstick on. She then kisses his music and signs it, but when you see the music you can clearly see the lipstick is not the same colour she is wearing.
  • In the scene where Mariah, is on the "not a date" with Dice, and they're having dinner, they start to talk and in the different shots you see that the amount of wine in the glasses changes in every shot.


    Pictures Update
    Eran found some really nice (previously unseen) pictures of Mariah from various events,
    mcfanatic sent in two scans from National Enquirer - May 21st issue (one of the article is not too flattering but has a nice picture!),
    plus a funny picture of Mariah with Trey Lorenz in the recording studio that stopfalling (From FOMM) had found!
    All these pictures can be seen in Gallery 9.

    Mariah Land Returns
    My friend Will's popular website is back! After having problems with the old server, the new and improved "Mariah Land" has a new look and a new address.
    Click on the banner below to enter the site.

    Mariah Land
  • updated byregina June 1st, 2002 8:45PM  
    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Mariah's Official website was updated in the News section. Make sure you check it out, if you got a little extra time.

    New Pics
    Minerva sent me a scan of Mariah from last year about her leaving the hospital and also, Lester sent me the June 20th Rolling Stone scan. Check them out in Gallery 9.

    Rainbow Trust
    Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that Columbia Tristar donated the following two items to be auctioned off for the Rainbow Trust (Mariah's UK Charity). The bidding procedure is outlines here.


    Vote For MC
    Pryme, from Mariah Maddness, wants you all to vote for Mariah as one of the Top Musicians at TopPics4u. Here are the current results of Mariah's main competition:
    Britney Spears - 37% [843]
    Jennifer Lopez - 25% [582]
    Christina Aguilera - 7% [168]
    Mariah Carey - 6% [155]

    Is Mariah Your Dream Girl?
    DreamGirlTop100.com has a ranking of their Top 100 Dreamgirl's by peoples votes. Mariah is currently ranked [#28] Dreamgirl with 191 votes. If Mariah is your dreamgirl click here to Vote 4 MC! [Scroll down the names until your find Mariah Carey then click it]. Thanks to Pryme, from Mariah Maddness, for this information.

    Magazine News
    Janel informed me that Mariah is in the June 3rd issue of Newsweek. There is a mention and picture on page 48.

    There will be a MD chat tomorrow night at 10pm ET. If you are up and can make it, please swing on by!

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