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JUNE 30, 2003 5:15PM
Mariah's a Hit With the Japanese

Mariah Carey lost her shoe on stage Saturday night, but that's the only mistake so far in her Asian concert tour.

I spoke to Mariah on Sunday morning around 9:15 a.m., which was either yesterday or today. I'm not sure because I hadn't had my coffee. But Mariah had just finished her show in Fukuoka and was glowing from the experience.

"The only problem was, I lost my shoe on stage during 'Honey,'" she reported. "I couldn't find it, so we just covered until I got off stage."

Other than missing shoes, Carey says the Japanese tour is going great guns. Fans are singing along with her hits, too.

"They're singing along in Japanese and in English," she says. Carey's sales in the U.S. have been subpar of late, but in the Far East she is still an enormous sensation.

Next up for the cleavage-obsessed diva is a three-night run at Tokyo's famous Budokan, plus several more shows in the country. She heads to her regular getaway on the Isle of Capri once she's done, then returns to the U.S. for a short tour of smaller theatres. Her first stop is Caesars Palace on July 26.

Source: Fox News

Mariah & Busta In Las Vegas

Coincidence: Both performers of the hit duet, "I Know What You Want" -- Mariah Carey and Busta Rhymes -- are performing in Las Vegas on successive nights, she at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on July 26 and he as part of the "Rock the Mic" tour at the Thomas & Mack Center on July 27. We hear they might make reciprocal surprise appearances at each other's shows to sing the song.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Ashanti Speaks Out On Charmbracelet Tour

Earlier this week, popular radiostation in southern california 92.3 hot jamz interviewed Ashanti and in the interview they spoke on reports Ashanti backing out of Mariah's U.S. leg of her Charmbracelet tour. "It was nothing personal" said Ashanti. She explained her backing out was due to business reasoning.

Source: SJ

Mariah at the Dodge Theater

MARIAH CAREY will perform live at the Dodge Theatre on Saturday, August 23rd @ 8:00 PM!

MARIAH CAREY is touring in support of her new album Charmbracelet. "The Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - An Intimate Evening" is CAREY's first-ever theatre tour. This is very exciting for CAREY because theatres give her the opportunity to be in a much more intimate environment with her fans. "I'm passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans. I'm used to doing arena tours and for me this is a whole new experience. This is about my music and my fans," says CAREY.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 28th @ 10 AM at the Dodge Theatre Box Office, at all Ticketmaster outlets (Tower Records, Robinsons-May, Wherehouse Music & Fry's Marketplace), via the internet at www.ticketmaster.com. To charge by phone, call 480-784-4444 (Phoenix Metro Area) or 520-321-1000 (Outside Phoenix Area).

Ticket Prices: $75, $50, $30 (All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable taxes, service and handling charges).

Everyone, including children, must have a ticket.

Camera Policy: No Cameras / No Recorders

Doors Open: 7:00 PM

Source: miss glitz | Dodge Theater

Fan Books

Short reminder about several fanbooks;
- Danielle & Sabine who are doing the St. Louis fanbook of the Fan Bracelet Project are looking for more entries, so head over to the fan bracelet site and send entries to the relevant contacts.

- Russ is also doing a fanbook that he intends to give Mariah on the St. Louis concert, email him your entries here.

Leo doing a "Charmbracelet World Tour Scrapbook" that will be given to Mariah by him. "Each Fan that Participates in this "Scrapbook" will have (1) full Page to fill. Each Page measure's 10 inches Wide by: 13 Inches Long , you will need to fill this page completely to make it full, exciting, and full of Lamb Love for Mariah. The "Scrapbook" goal is to Thank Mariah for The "Charmbracelet Tour" and for all the Music that has helped us get through allot of hard time's in our life for over a decade!" Submit your entries here.

JUNE 29, 2003 4:15PM
Send Us Your Sites

We are currently working on the links section of the site and would like to make sure that all sites are up and functioning. Please e-mail us the links and names of your sites and make sure to link back to us as well. Thanks!

Nominate Mariah For MTV's Video Music Awards

MTV is beginning to collect votes for the Viewers Choice award on the upcoming VMAs. The eligible Mariah videos are "Through The Rain", "Boy (I Need You)" and "I Know What You Want".
"I Know What You Want" has been very popular, thus it has the best chances to receive a nomination.

Voting Process:
1. Enter this link,
2. Choose 'Browse by Video'
3. Under the letter I, vote for "I Know What You Want" (Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey).
4. You can vote as many times as you wish.

Source: Robbie | Josh | Sara | MTV

Special Discount For Mariah Fans on Jean Jewel

Jean Jewel has contacted us in order to offer all of Mariah's fans a great opportunity to purchase Jean Jewels for a lowered price.
A 25% discount will be available for Mariah fans on all Jean Jewels until July 31, 2003.

All you have to do is go to www.jeanjewel.com, place an order and during the checkout process it will ask to "Apply Special Discount." Simply enter the code Mariah25, click the button and it will automatically deduct 25%.

We were also told that aside from the Jean Jewel that Mariah's worn on the 'Today Show', she's also purchased five other Jewn Jewels to wear on an outfit during her current worldwide tour.

Source: Jean Jewel

New Artist Writes A Song For Mariah

Jeremy Gloff is an independent artist with twelve albums out and a fairly sizable underground following. He writes to us;

"While most of my following are the indie rock, punk, and alternative kids, something happened to me two years ago that made Mariah Carey's music very very important to me. I have written a song on my new album, "Silence is the Best Calm" for Mariah and her fans.

I will be doing a huge promotion for the song, and I hope to make a slightly different audience appreciate and respect the emotional impact of our Mariah's music.

To download the song and read the story I am going to post about it click here."

Source: Jeremy Gloff

The Most Irresistable Women

The New TNN's 100 Most Irresistible Women will air on June 30th at 11:05 pm ET/8:05 pm PT following WWE Raw. Mariah is supposed to be featured on this special.

Cast your vote for Mariah as the most irresistible woman on TNN.

Source: SJ | TNN

Carey and Jeter on Good Terms

Date: 6/30/2003
Publication: Sports Illustrated
Page: 28
Author: Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Here's a sign that Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey are still on pretty good terms five years after their public breakup: The diva donated a pair of her cutoff denim shorts to an auction benefiting the shortstop' s charity. On June 16, some 600 guests at The Regent Wall Street hotel raised more than $800,000 for Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation, which provides guidance to kids. In keeping with the evening's theme, "Never stop short of your dreams," several former major league shortstops, including Ozzie Smith and Phil Rizzuto, donated memorabilia to the auction. But Carey's well-broken-in short shorts, which came in a frame, were the evening's conversation piece. Even Jeter's mom got a laugh out of the racy donation. "It was really neat," said Dot Jeter, the foundation' s executive director.

Source: Stephanie | Sports Illustrated

Listen To Mariah on KRQQ

Mariah was interviewed on the radio station 93.7 FM KRQQ in Arizona and Robert has made the interview available for download in his site Free to Fly. The interview is in 3 parts, be sure to go and get it as soon as possible!

Australian Update

"I Know What You Want" hangs on for a third week at No.3 on the Australian Recording Industry Association singles chart. It also remains at No.1 on the Urban singles chart. This week for the first time the single grabbed its first individual state No.1, hitting the top spot in New South Wales (Sydney) - Australia's biggest state. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

"Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits" has re-entered the ARIA Top 100 at No.83, over 18 months since it was first released. It peaked at No.60 in early 2001 and only recently has had a resurgence thanks to its inclusion in the Sony "Under $20" advertising campaign. It also sits at No.17 on the Urban albums chart.

Universal Music Australia need to move into action immediately if they want to salvage "Charmbracelet" which has been absent from the ARIA charts for many months. This week Busta's album "It Ain't Safe No More" (which includes "I Know What You Want") re-enters the Urban album chart at No.35, no doubt thanks to the success of the single. As yet, no date is confirmed for the re-release of "Charmbracelet", but it would be ludicrous to miss this opportunity.

"I Know What You Want" at No.1 is a real possibility. We just need airplay to keep increasing. To help with this a very easy to use request page has been made and can be accessed at mariahdownunder.com.

AUSTRALIAN CHART ROUND-UP - Week ending July 6, 2003
- I Know What You Want, Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey

- ARIA Singles Top 50: #3
- ARIA Urban Singles: #1
- ARIA Singles (NSW): #1
- Australian video airplay: #6

- HMV: #2
- Sanity Music: #3
- JB Hi-Fi: #2

- Nova 100: #16
- Nova 96.9: #14
- Hot30.com Countdown: #22
- Channel [V]: #10
- Groove FM: #3
- Hot Hits: #38

Please continue requesting the song in Australia here.

The following feedback letter, written by Neil, has been published on the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia with over 1.5 million readers daily. The same newspaper also reported the closure of MariahDownunder.com, agreeing that promotion of Mariah in Australia has been sub-standard for many years.

"Congratulations to Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey on the success of their duet, I Know What You Want. Without excessive promotion, hype or even huge airplay, last week the song stormed into the ARIA singles chart at No.3.

The difference between this and every other single Mariah has released in the past six or seven years is that it received mainstream radio airplay. It's no coincidence that the last Mariah single to chart so well, 1995's One Sweet Day at No.2, was also her last airplay hit.

If you're wondering why you haven't heard Mariah on your radio in many years, it's not because she hasn't been releasing material. Despite the lack of support, all her singles still debut in the Top 40. It is in fact because most Australian radio stations have a "No Mariah" policy - and they openly admit to it.

Whether you love or hate Mariah, blacklisting artists, regardless of the songs they release, is not only unfair to the artist but to every radio listener who expects to hear good music, whether it's by the latest chart sensation or an established musician.

Since the public spoke with their wallets, I Know... has been bumped to high rotation on stations such as Nova. However, had it been Mariah and Busta, rather than the other way around, most Australians would never have heard it.

To every person who has bought a copy of the single, I ask: "Would you be disappointed had the song been blacklisted along with every other Mariah-related release?"

Radio playlists should be based purely on the quality of the songs, not the perceived popularity of an artist."

Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

Charts positions for "I Know What You Want"

Here are some recent chart positions for "I Know What You Want":

- #7 on the UK singles chart (rise from #8 last week).

- #1 on the official Israeli chart of Galgalaz. Please vote for it here.

- #1 on MTV Europe & UK's 'The Lick' R&B Chart for the third week in a row.

- #2 on the European weekly top 20 countdown.

Source: Adi | Eran | Tomer | MTV Europe

Various Updates

- Case created a brand new Mariah site called Honey So Fly, make sure to visit it and tell him what you think.

- The double CD re-release of "Charmbracelet" has been released in Hong Kong as scheduled so don't forget to pick up your copy now.

- Maurices (women's and men's clothing store in the US) July edition of their CD store includes the radio version of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" on it.

- Mariah will be in the July 1st issue of Spanish People Magazine.

Source: Case | Ryan | Erica | Stephanie

Mariah in Us Weekly Magazine

Us Weekly Magazines Faces & Places included Mariah in their "Red Carpet Hotties" feature this week with Mariah looking absolutely radiant in her red ensemble.
Pick up a copy of the July 14th issue on newsstands now.

Source: MariahCarey.com

Tour Section Updates

A few more updates in the Tour Section - a venue change for California, a new review & pictures from Seoul by Jeffrey and pictures from Osaka thanks to Love Love Jack, Daily Sports Online & MariahCarey.com.

JUNE 27, 2003 4:07PM
Mariah Daily's new Fan Center

Mariah Daily has opened its new interactive section, Fan Center. This new section features a chat room, message board, monthly contest, pen pal exchange, fan-submitted artwork, radio request lines, and an internet-based Mariah radio station. More features will be added to this section in the future and it will come to be the foremost leading front for Mariah fan interaction on the internet. Click it out now by clicking here.

JUNE 27, 2003 1:09PM
Mariah's new voice message

Mariah: Hi! [High octave] Yeah, I’m just calling you from the road. I wanted to say hi to everybody. Thank you so much to all the fans who've been coming out. We have been enjoying you much and the shows have been going really well. And right now I want to give you a little bit of information. Trey Lorenz is having a showcase on July the 9th at Kings & Queens in Tokyo. So, everybody out here in Japan, check it out, ‘cause it's gonna be good. But first, we want Big Nasty to say a nice little hello to you, ‘cause he's been on the sidelines waiting and he wants to give you a little shout out.

Mariah & The Chocolate Éclairs: [Singing: Nasty, nasty, nasty, ooh!]

Trey: Oh baby, you sound so good. This is Big Nasty. I want you to come on down and check out the show in Tokyo, July 9th at Kings & Queens and you're gonna see me be nasty as I wanna be. Also making a special appearance there will be The Chocolate Éclairs, better known as The Sweet Mamma Dew Droppers. Alright, here you go baby.

Mariah & The Chocolate Éclairs: [Singing: Nasty, nasty!]

Source: MariahCarey.com | Mariah Daily

Mariah Carey could change her plans

Mariah Carey and Universal Records Group could scrap the idea of releasing her re-packaged Charmbracelet album. The singer has recorded more than 16 tracks and the label could be rushing a new album by mid-November.

Source: Groove Volt | Rudy

"I Know What You Want" Billboard updates

Billboard Hot 100
This Week: #9
Last Week: #7

Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
This Week: #14
Last Week: #10

Billboard Hot Rap Tracks
This Week: #6
Last Week: #5

Billboard Top 40 Tracks
This Week: #6
Last Week: #8

Source: Billboard Magazine

Hitmakers update

Every week, Hitmakers Magazine publishes a list of comments from radio personalities across the country in regards to all the latest single releases. Below are three comments regarding Mariah's "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad and her forthcoming single, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak." Please keep requesting the tracks on your local radio stations and perhaps you'll see your DJs commenting on the songs in the near future.

"I Know What You Want"
C-MONEY, MD, KKSS, Albuquerque
"A power here!"

WALLY B., PD, WWXM, Myrtle Beach
"People love it! Huge research!"

"Bringin' On The Heartbreak"
"Close your eyes, imagine you don't know who she is, and put on the CD. It's really growing on me!"

"This could be a return for Mariah."

Source: Hitmakers Magazine

Mariah Carey to play Foxwoods' Fox Theatre

It's true. The diva is playing Foxwoods' Fox Theatre on Sept. 6. The show's at 7 p.m. Her tour in support of her CD “Charmbracelet” is stopping at theaters rather than arenas. Sheryl Crow will also be at Fox Theatre, at 8 p.m. July 31. Ticket information for both shows is to be announced. The Foxwoods box office is at 1-800-200-2882.

Source: The Day Publishing Company

JUNE 24, 2003 6:18PM
Watch Mariah on Access Hollywood

Mariah is going to be featured on "Access Hollywood" this evening at 7:30 pm ET. They are going to have a segment about Mariah's tour launch in Asia.

Source: Freddy | Access Hollywood

Mariah Wearing Jean Jewel

The Jean Jewel website has a picture of Mariah wearing one on the today show on their front page. Visit the website if you'd like to purchase one for yourself.

Source: Pamela | Jean Jewel

Da Brat's Albums Giveaway

BMG is giving away 10 copies of Da Brat's new album "Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz" which will be released only in mid July. Below is the BMG UK New Media press release that contains links to the audio clips of the song that features Mariah: "Gotta Thing For You". All you have to do in order to win a copy is pass the audio link on to as many people, preferably by posting on messageboards (preferably hip-hop/rnb/pop forums), once you have posted, make a screen capture of the page and send it and the link to dapinkster79@aol.com. Good luck!

Press Release
Da Brat releases her fourth album (first through So so Def which is now associated with BMG) LIMELITE, LUV & NITECLUBZ on 14th July(UK)/15th(U.S.A)

Da Brat is famous for her tongue-twisting lyrics, and this album builds on her lyrical delivery and superior execution. With 20 songs already recorded, Da Brat also called upon long-time producer and "big brother" Jermaine Dupri to add to the album's production resume. "I also got a song called "Chuch" with [Arista recording artist] Cee-Lo and I also worked with my home girl, Mariah Carey. I'm shocking a lot of people this go round and this album is on fire," says Da Brat.

Da Brat's fourth studio effort, LIMELITE, LUV & NITECLUBZ, is full of hits. "Who Am I?" one of her signature, syrupy thumpers produced by JD himself is dedicated to one of her favorite all-time emcees, MC Lyte. The song rides on an old school feel with a 21st century bounce. The radio friendly track, "Gotta Thing For You," features Mariah Carey on the hook beautifully cooing some old Bobby Caldwell lyrics from his classic song "What You Won't Do For Love." Other tracks include the breezy, steel-drum accentuated "Get Somebody" and the party starter "Gushy Wushy," among others. Da Brat confidently reaffirms her stature in the entertainment business.

Audio Links
Gotta Thing For You - WMA
Gotta Thing For You - RM

Source: Michelle | BMG UK New Media

Feature: Mariah Carey

DETROIT, Jun 24, 2003 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- Mariah Carey's lesson for 2003; her fans would rather see her keep things small, even if it means less of them can actually see her.

So that's why Carey, the world's top-selling female musical artist of all time, decided to downscale her summer tour of North America from amphitheaters and arenas to theaters, eliminating a number of cities in the process.

Carey -- who recently kicked off a series of dates in South Korea and Japan before starting her North American tour on July 26 in Las Vegas -- says it was a chance encounter with a fan at an amusement park that convinced her to make the change. "She told me she'd seen me before in concert, but she didn't really feel the experience because the place was too big," Carey, 33, recalls.

"When you do those really big arenas, they fill it up with corporate people, so you've got the front rows being given to the people with the most money or influence or power. That's beyond my control.

"So I moved to the smaller places so the fans can feel like they've really had the experience of being there with me and having an intimate evening."

Carey -- who boasts of a "really, really close, interactive relationship with my fans" -- also gave her devotees the opportunity to vote on her web site for what songs they wanted to hear her play. And while the top choices were established hits such as "Hero" and "Through the Rain," Carey says there have been some surprises from deep in her 11-album catalog.

"There's obscure songs from my first album, like a song called `Sent From Above'; I never thought that anybody would even vote for stuff like that," she says. "Basically I'm trying to incorporate as much as I can from the list into my concerts."

That's no easy task given Carey's successful track record. She's placed 15 No. 1 singles atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has spent more cumulative time at No. 1 than the Beatles. With two Grammy Awards to her credit, she received Billboard's Artist of the Decade award for the `90s and the World Music Award as the Best-Selling Female Artist of the Millennium.

Carey -- who was married to former Columbia Records chief Tommy Mottola from 1993-97 -- hopes this year's tour will remind fans of those accomplishments and put the shine back on a career that was tarnished by 2001's "Glitter, " her disastrous feature film debut plowed under by harsh reviews and a feathery box office. The songstress exacerbated the damage with erratic public behavior -- including lengthy, suicidal messages on her Web site -- that she chalked up to exhaustion.

Carey rebounded by switching record companies, issuing a successful album -- last year's "Charmbracelet," which has sold more than 3 million copies. The album is being reissued this summer to add several new songs, including "I Know What You Want," her hit collaboration with Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad.

She hasn't abandoned acting, either. But Carey has switched her ambitions into smaller, independent outings such as "Wise Girls" with Mira Sorvino.

Looking back, Carey notes that "Lest we forget, the `Glitter' thing came out the week of September 11. I think it really got a bum rap because of that."

But, she adds, "Do I like the movie myself? No, I wasn't happy with it, and it wasn't what I set out to do. But now I learned some lessons -- do things on a smaller scale, you don't have to be the star of the show all the time, and surround yourself with a supporting cast that can handle it."

Source: Stephany | United Press International

Sexy Golf Fashion Swings Onto the Links

NEW YORK — Mariah Carey (search) might not have known it at the time, but when she flippantly vowed to start a line of sexy women’s golf clothes recently, she was actually onto something.

With droves of women hitting the links these days — there are 5.76 million female golfers in the U.S., according to the National Golf Foundation (search) — several companies have decided it’s time for fashion to follow them onto the greens.

Department stores are showcasing women’s golf outfits. Clint Eastwood’s Tehama line offers upscale men’s and women’s golf apparel. And companies like SwingChick and Ame & Lulu have launched their own sassy women’s golf fashions.

“There’s a consumer demand for more attractive, more feminine, more flirty golf clothing,” said Elycia Rubin, talent and style director at E! Networks. “There’s an open market for it.”

“It’s on everybody’s radar screen,” said Marlo Scott, 32, who has just begun golfing with other women at work. “There’s an allure to it.”

That allure apparently drove Carey, the pop diva, to venture on a golf outing recently, during which she balked at the course’s dress code.

“I wasn’t about to wear some golf shirt with a collar,” the singer told a New York radio station. “I went out on the links in three-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn’t mind. I’m now seriously contemplating designing sexy women’s golf clothes.”

Though Carey later said she’d been joking, she summed up the sentiments of many women who have taken to the greens.

“I got hooked on golf a long time ago but couldn’t find anything I liked because it’s all like men’s clothes,” said SwingChick co-founder Mary Allen.

Inspired by surfwear, Allen and her brother designed a line of chic golf clothes — short, fitted collared shirts and micro-fiber “BoardSkorts” with Hawaiian print trim.

Allen said many newcomers to the sport are turning their noses up at the boxy Polo shirts and shapeless, baggy shorts they’re expected to wear on the course.

“There are so many young girls who are starting to play and they don’t want to wear the big, giant shorts,” she said.

The SwingChick Polo is more shapely, but “not obscenely tight," said Allen.

The success of female golfer Annika Sorenstam (search) has also helped widen the sport's appeal beyond the businessmen’s boys’ clubs and the wealthy country club set.

Read the rest here.

Source: Fox News

JUNE 23, 2003 10:30PM

Tour Update

I updated the Tour Section with a review and a slightly different set-list from Mariah's second concert of the tour in Osaka, Japan. Tomorrow, we'll upload lots of more photos but in the meanwhile check out this site for pictures from the Korean concert.

Source: Shino | Tlc | Sly

In Loving Memory...

Mariah kicked off her Charmbracelet World Tour in Seoul, Korea on June 21 to a sold out crowd of over 12,000 fans. Shortly after Mariah took the stage she quieted the fans down and dedicated the show to the life and memory of Conor McNally and the McNally family. Mariah then did a special rendition of Through the Rain in loving memory of Conor.

Source: MariahCarey.com

International Update

Dutch Lifestyle Cover

  • "I Know What You Want" has climbed up a spot on the official Norwegian singles chart - VG Top 20 to peak at #7.

  • The Charmbracelet Tour Edition will be released on June 30th in the Philippines according to MCA Universal.

    Mariah is on the cover of 2 Dutch mags and you can buy them in Belgium. Both features articles and beautiful pictures. The names of these magazines are Touch and Lifestyle.

    Source: Cathrine | Filipino MC Lambs | Heroes of Mariah

    Fan Projects

  • Check out i-Mariah's beautiful Tour Guide for the Charmbracelet world tour project, hoping to bring the tour experience to all the fans!

  • George re-opened his amazing videos site and it is now accessible at mariahvideos.com.

  • Don't forget to take part in the wonderful 'fan bracelet' project organized by Rian & Kelly. Find out more details here.

  • JUNE 23, 2003 10:57PM
    Mariah Manages Tough Decision From Afar

    Mariah Carey did not attend the funeral of Conor McNally, her longtime manager's son, yesterday.

    It was not an easy decision. Conor, 21, was discovered dead on Wednesday morning just hours before Carey was boarding a flight for South Korea.

    McNally -- whose mom Louise has been the loyal captain of Mariah's career for several years -- overdosed according to police while partying with his friends at his parents' New Jersey home.

    The revelation of Conor's death only started to circulate around 11 a.m. on Wednesday, roughly an hour before Mariah was due to host the UJA Federation luncheon for the music business at the Pierre Hotel. Carey arrived a little late -- which is not exactly breaking news. But when she began reading from the TelePrompTer, she stopped and said to those seated in the room: "I'm sorry, I'm having trouble with the prompter. Believe me, I've had a bad morning."

    Carey gave no clue, though, of the tragic news she'd received on her way over to the Pierre. After the luncheon, there was discussion between Mariah and her MonarC Records partner Jerry Blair about whether she should stay to comfort McNally or fly to Korea and then return for the funeral.

    Unfortunately, Seoul is not a bus stop away from New York. It's about a 15-hour flight, which would have made a quick return impossible.

    "Instead of coming back Mariah taped a message for the funeral," says my source. "She also performed a tribute to Conor at the first show, singing 'Through the Rain.' She's been on the phone with Louise constantly."

    Ironically, the McNallys live not far from Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in New Jersey horse country.

    As for Carey's first show, observers in Seoul tell me it was a hit. "Mariah literally had to send the people home," one said. "They wanted encore after encore."

    Carey returns to the U.S. on July 26, when presumably she will be able to try and console McNally. In the meantime, this column sends its own condolences to Louise and her family.

    Source: Fox News

    New UK Release Date For "Bringin' On The Heartbreak"

    Dot Music lists the following songs to be released on August 25th, 2003:

    A - Good Times
    Mariah Carey - Bringing On The Heartbreak*
    Cooper Temple Clause - Promises Promises
    Groove Armada - But I Feel Good
    Lemar - Dance (With You)
    Lemonescent - Unconditional Love
    Love Inc - Here Comes The Sunshine
    Mya featuring Missy Elliot - My Love Is Like... Woo!
    Snap! vs Motivo - The Power Of Bhangra 2003
    Svenson & Gielen featuring Jan Johnston - Beachbreeze
    Justin Timberlake - Seńorita

    * release date may change.

    Source: Dot Music | David

    Magazine News

    In Style (July 2003, Page: 152 Section: Beauty Talk)
    FLASH AND CAREY A self-respecting diva like Mariah Carey would never be caught without killer nails. The singer with the seven-octave range creates drop-dead digits with a few well-placed strokes of Lippmann Collection nail polish in Satin Doll ($15; 888-929-9950). This sheer, silvery beige shade (pretty enough for day, glamorous enough for evening) was designed especially for the chanteuse by L.A. manicurist Deborah Lippmann.

    People (June 23, 2003, Page: 104)
    JEAN GEMS: Want a fresh way to show off your assets? Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Rita Wilson are flaunting the Jean Jewel--gold and silver baubles designed to hang from a belt loop. Ranging from $65 to $500, the saucy new midriff enhancers come in 75 styles, many with semiprecious stones. Created by Hollywood producer Wendy Thorlakson, they're perfect for adding a shot of glam without doing the full- on bling thing. . . .

    People (June 30, 2003, Pages: 102, 137)
    TRUE DIVA ... with five-octave range! Single female, 34, has impressive cleavage, loves miniskirts, high high heels, butterflies and charms. Hates stress. Seeks dream lover.

    Mariah Carey and Carmen Electra prove that inside every scantily clad, mane-tossing exhibitionist, there's a proper lady waiting to get out. With sleek dos, softer makeup and even pearls, both seem to be channeling Eliza Doolittle--post-Pygmalion, of course.

    Daily Record (June 20, 2003)
    MARIAH CAREY and Beyonce Knowles were sizzling ladies in red at New York gigs.

    Beyonce, who releases debut solo album Dangerously In Love in the UK next week, turned up at the 40/40 nightclub in a plunging red dress and bling bling diamonds.

    Mariah used a butterfly sticker to brighten up her backless gown at the UJA Federation of New York's Music Visionary Awards, but didn' t match the sparkle of her rival.

    Mariah starts a theatre tour in Las Vegas on July 26, the Charm-bracelet tour, which comes to the UK later this year. She said: "After all my arena tours, I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans."

    National Enquirer
    Dressed in skimpy shorts on a chilly night at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, Mariah Carey delighted a concert crowd by bringing out surprise guest Busta Rhymes - and warming him up with a big hug!

    FHM South Africa
    Mariah has been voted once again, for the fourth year, as one of the sexiest woman on planet by readers of South Africa's FHM magazine.
    The poll is dominated by local South African celebrities, over 70% are local Celebs. She was number 51 on the list.

    Source: Stephany | Maria | Neo | Scans in Gallery 10

    Various Bits

  • The tickets to Mariah's upcoming concert in the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California on August 18, 2003 have been sold out!

  • "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has officially premiered in Asia in both MTV Asia (on the show MTV Fresh) and on Channel V.

    Source: Andrew | Francis | Fahad

    Mariah in Japan Mariah Arrives to Japan

    Mariah arrived to the Gansai airport in Japan and was welcomed by over 500 fans early this morning.

    She will perform her second concert of the "Charmbracelet World Tour" tonight in Osaka.

    Source: Jeffrey

  • JUNE 22, 2003 10:30PM
    Pictures Update

    Check out our Charmbracelet Tour Section for many more pictures from the opening concert of the tour in Seoul, Korea.

    In addition, more pictures from recent events and magazines scans were added to the old Gallery 10.

    Source: Jeffrey | Sly | Stephany | Janel | mcfanatic

    Mariah Interview On KIIS FM, L.A

    Rick asked Mariah if she still had M. Monroe's grand piano and Mariah said that she does and that she sometimes sits down and plays it. He asked how good she was on a scale of 0-10 and she said a negative 1. Mariah proceeded to talk about how the piano has been around since the 1930s and how it was out of tune. She said she didn't try or want to tune it because it would more than likely wreck the piano.

    She also said that when she comes up with Melodies, they come quicker than what she can do on the piano, so she would rather be in a room with a great musician to guide her with that aspect of making music. She mentioned she came up with Vision Of Love and All I Want For Christmas at a piano.

    Then they talked about the tour for a bit, and she said how much fun she was having and why she decided to do the theatres. When closing the interview, Rick asked Mariah to sing IKWYW and he started it off by saying "Baby if you give it to me" then Mariah finished "I'll give it to you, I know what you want" and the hosts started wheeeewing, and they said goodbye. Mariah said how she missed being in the studio with them and she wanted to come to visit them soon.

    Source: Rick Dees | TJ

    I Know What You Want Chart Update

    Eurochart Radio Top 50: #11 (LW: #10)
    Eurochart Hot 100: #2 (LW :#2)
    UK Singles Chart: #8 (LW :#4)
    Welsh Singles Chart: #6 (LW :#6)
    Irish Singles Chart: #4 (LW :#5)
    Philippines' Magic 89.9: #1 (LW: #1)
    Lithuania: #10 (Vote)

    Source: MariahCarey.com | Francis | Kestas

    JUNE 22, 2003 1:37PM
    Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert

    We would like to remind you that Hot 97’s Summer Jam Concert will be premiering tonight at 7:00pm Eastern Time on FUSE. Mariah performed “I Know What You Want” with Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad. Below are ten exclusive coverage pictures of the event. Click each respective thumbnail for access to a full-scale version.

    To see if you get FUSE in your neck of the woods, log on to fuse.tv or check your local listings. Here is the complete airing schedule:

    June 22: 7:00pm EST, 12:00am EST
    June 24: 9:00pm EST, 2:00am EST
    June 28: 5:00pm EST

    Source: Mariah Daily

    JUNE 21, 2003 7:34PM
    Charmbracelet Tour site

    Mariah Daily’s Charmbracelet World Tour mini-site is now open. At the moment, it’s a little bare, but we already have pictures and reviews from Mariah's first tour stop in Seoul, South Korea. In the near future, this section will come to be a bustling center for all things related to Mariah’s current tour where you can access reviews, pictures and set lists from all of the tour dates, as well as information about the tour merchandise and staff. We’ll soon be adding information about Mariah’s past tours, so be on the look out for that too! Click here to check it out!

    You can already find there a review of the Korean show (thanks JB), the setlist and some beautiful pictures from it (thanks Calvin).

    JUNE 20, 2003 7:17PM
    Mariah Manager's Son Dead After Party

    R.I.P Conor McNally June 20, 2003 -- The son of Mariah Carey's manager was found dead - and one of his friends was in critical condition - after a booze- and drug-fueled party in a carriage house on his parents' New Jersey estate, authorities said.

    Investigators yesterday were looking into what killed Conor McNally, 21, after discovering mysterious white pills in the Bernardsville, N.J., house and finding evidence that all or some of the group may have used marijuana and alcohol, said Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest.

    McNally's girlfriend, Tiffany Rossi, 19, of California, found the University of Arizona student lifeless on Wednesday morning.

    He had fallen asleep while hanging out with four other friends - Robert Wieble, 19, Paul Wieble, 21, Joseph Albarelli, 20, and Christopher Ridley, 21 - at his family's wooded estate.

    When police arrived at 10 a.m., sounds of wailing were heard coming from the property, according to a neighbor.

    Albarelli, a University of Pennsylvania student, was rushed to Morristown Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.

    Two others, Rossi and Paul Wieble, were taken to the hospital, where they were treated and released.

    An autopsy was performed yesterday on McNally - the son of Louise McNally, Carey's manager - but the results on the cause and nature of his death are still pending, said Rachel Sacharow, spokeswoman for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice.

    Carey's publicist, Cindi Berger, confirmed that the pop singer, on tour in South Korea, was shocked and saddened by the news and was in touch with her manager yesterday.

    Source: NY Post

    Mariah Carey Says Fan Convinced Her To Scale Down Tour Venues

    Mariah Carey, who kicks off her summer tour this weekend, says it was a chance encounter with a fan that led her to revamp her North America dates. Carey recently decided to scale down the tour from arenas and amphitheaters to smaller and more intimate theaters.

    She says a meeting with a fan gave her some insight about what her audience wants from her. "The intimate venue thing just stemmed from this girl...telling me she'd seen me before in concert but she didn't really feel the experience,?€ť Mariah says. ?€?I wanted to do this so the fans can feel like they've really had the experience of being there with me and had an intimate evening."

    Carey kicks off her tour on Saturday (June 21) in Seoul, Korea. She plays in Japan until July 15 before starting the 20-date North American leg on July 26 in Las Vegas.

    Source: Launch

    Huge Pictures Update

    We are working on the new galleries, but since there are so many beautiful pictures lately, I have added them temporarily to the old Gallery 10. Pictures included are from magazines, Today Show rehearsals, the recent United Jewish Communities event, the Derek Jeter foundation event and pictures of Mariah arriving to the Korean airport last night!

    A huge shout out to Stephany for the exclusive quality pictures from all recent events.

    Source: Janel | Dan | Rex | mariahkorea | Stephany

    Mariah's sites unavailable this weekend

    Due to some maintenance going on within our systems, all Island / Def Jam artists’ sites including Mariahcarey.com and Mariahcareyfanclub.com will not be accessible beginning June 21 and most of June 22. We are told this is a very rare event.

    The sites will be active again late in the day Sunday June 22nd. Sorry for any inconvenience. This is not within our control.

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    Mariah's microphone auction underway

    Mariah Carey has something precious she'd like to share with a young fan: the gift of music. Last Thursday, the singer donated an autographed microphone with the words "Love Always, Mariah" emblazoned on it to VH1's Save the Music auction. The auction, underway now on eBay.com, is designed to raise money to help schools continue to create music programs and music education.

    Source: MTV News

    Editor's Note: The official e-Bay auction for the Mariah autographed microphone can be found here.

    Mariah Gives Funny Look To American Idol

    American Idol singer Ruben Studdard had better start listening to Vandross' records, or maybe hire a vocal coach. At the annual UJA-Foundation luncheon in New York on Wednesday for record company executives — honoring RCA Group's Charles Goldstuck and Def Jam's Kevin Liles — Studdard wheezed out against a pre-taped track of his hit single, "Flying Without Wings." It should have been called "Singing Without a Voice."

    Not only was Studdard unable to sing below a raspy whisper, but also the song itself — first a hit for the U.K. group Westlife — came off as a weird rewrite of "The Greatest Love of All."

    There's no denying Ruben's a nice guy, but in person he may be suffering from the same thing that has reportedly plagued Kelly Clarkson: no range.

    Range, by the way, does not mean being able to do the Yodelympics up and down the scales. It's something Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and maybe Christina Aguilera have, but it is rare.

    Ruben didn't have it on Wednesday. His inability to hit the notes made a few in the room noticeably wince, including producer Jermaine Dupri.

    Mariah, who was guest host emcee, shot him a funny look too, even though she praised the idea of him. Ruben as a concept, you see, is much better than Ruben in reality.

    Source: Fox News

    Various Bits

  • On the charts: "I Know What You Want" has moved up to #4 on the Irish chart. The song is also #8 in Puerto Rico's biggest English radio station "La Mega 106.9".

  • All Philippines fans - check out and join the Philippine Mariah Carey FanClub MessageBoard.

    Source: Jerry | JB | Cyril

  • JUNE 19, 2003 2:50PM
    Mariah Arrives To Korea

    Mariah arrived to the Incheon International Airport in Korea at 11:45 pm local time. Webdi reports that there were about 100 fans waiting at the airport. Mariah's bodyguard came out before she did and told the fans to act calmly and Mariah might come and sign autographs for the fans. The fans lines up and Mariah signed autographs for each and one of them.

    "I was fourth from the right, and when Mariah was signing for me, I looked at her and said to her: 'Mariah, I love you', she looked at me back and said 'Thank You!' " - says Webdi.

    "While she was signing for me, she let me take her picture.... I would've completely regretted it if I hadn't gone, I can't tell whether this is a dream or reality! I will never forget how happy she looked when she saw her Korean fans... I can't wait for this concert."

    Source: JB | Webdi

    Popstar Mariah Carey Arrives in Korea

    Young-Eun Jang, United Press
    World-class female pop star Mariah Carey arrived in Korea, on the 19th, to open the Asian leg of her concert tour, and was greeted at the airport by countless Korean fans.

    Mariah had been scheduled to appear at 10:05 PM but due to passenger affairs, was delayed for an hour, and after an eight and a half hour flight her private Boeing 737-700 jet arrived in Korea from Anchorage, America on 11:23PM.

    Looking a little tired from her long flight, Mariah Carey (wearing a long, gray dress) and her entourage of nine including her manager entered Gate 29 to undergo immigration procedures.

    While the procedure was underway, Mariah graciously complied to requests for autographs from airport workers and smiled as she exchanged greetings with them.

    But to reporters requesting interviews she had to respectfully decline, and her manager and bodyguards were there to stem further requests.

    As soon as Mariah saw the 100 or so fans who had come to greet her at this late hour, she smiled brightly and repeatedly said 'Hi,' and happily accepted various flowers, gifts and fan letters.

    As Korean and foreign fans alike came together to sing her songs and shout "I love you" to her, she responded by waving her hand and signing autographs as well as taking pictures with all of her fans who had been patiently waiting in line, showing the leisure of a true star.

    Many fans were glad to see her again after last year, and some expressed that while they were glad to meet her again, they were worried that she looked tired from her long flight.

    Scheduled to leave for Japan on the 22nd, Mariah's Korean visit is the third after the 1999 "Michael Jackson and Friends" concert and last year's November 30th album promotion tour, and is her first Korean solo concert.

    The performance is scheduled for 7PM on the 21st at the Seoul Olympic Park 88 Green Grass, and Mariah is expected to showcase not only material from her 12th album Charmbracelet but hit songs such as 'Sweetheart,' 'My All,' 'Emotions,' 'Vision of Love,' and 'Without You."

    Source: United Press | Translated by JB

    Ultimate Albums - Butterfly - Not on Schedule

    The VH1 show - Ultimate Albums for Mariah's Butterfly album has been taken off its airing slot and has been pushed back to an unknown date. We'll let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

    Source: VH1

    Billboard Update - Issue Date: June 28, 2003

    I Know What You Want
    Hot 100
    This Week: #7
    Last Week: #4
    Weeks On Chart: 17

    Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
    This Week: #10
    Last Week: #8
    Weeks On Chart: 22

    Hot Rap Tracks
    This Week: #5
    Last Week: #4
    Weeks On Chart: 17

    Top 40 Tracks
    This Week: #8
    Last Week: #8
    Weeks On Chart: 12

    I Know What You Want - Global Update
    UK #4 (3)
    Norway #8 (18)
    Germany #9 (14)
    Sweden #14 (5)
    Holland #7 (6)
    Australia #3 new entry this week!
    Belgium #11 (16)
    Austria #50 (71)
    Switzerland 5 (5)
    New Zealand #18 (NE)
    The song is curently #1 on the top 20 show in one of the biggest radio stations in Malaysia, Hitz FM.

    Other Charts:
    Please vote for "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" on the biggest radio station in the Philippines, Magic 89.9 FM.

    "Boy" has debuted on the top 10 show in a famous TV program in Brazil named "Clip Mania". Please request the song here.

    Source: Billboard | Mariah's Official Site | Shahiran | Francis | Leo

    Fan Projects

  • Joni's site - Mariah's Land of Lambs, is making a fanbook for Mariah. Please submit your entries here.

  • Marki is going to design banners to fans who would like some nice quality banners for their sites or projects. If you're interested - contact him here.

  • JUNE 19, 2003 10:07PM
    Son of Mariah Carey's manager dies after party

    A 21-year-old man, whose mother is the manager for pop diva Mariah Carey, was found dead in an outbuilding of the family's Bernardsville home yesterday morning, allegedly after a night of partying with friends, authorities said.

    Three others, including a football player from the University of Pennsylvania, were hospitalized. One of them remains in critical condition. Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest said there was evidence that the group was using alcohol and marijuana. Unidentified white tablets also were found at the scene, he said.

    Conor McNally, a former hockey player at Seton Hall Prep and a student at the University of Arizona, was pronounced dead at the scene, Forrest said. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

    No charges have been filed, but that could change, pending the outcome of the autopsy and tests on the pills. "If the autopsy shows something like a congenital heart defect, it may not be drug-related at all," Forrest said. "If it turns out drugs were the cause of death, clearly that is cause for an investigation."

    Authorities believe McNally, his girlfriend, Tiffany Rossi, 19, of California and four others were partying in what was described as a carriage house or converted studio on the seven-acre property on Jockey Hollow Road.

    When Rossi awoke at about 9:30 a.m. yesterday, she was unable to rouse McNally and one of the other men, and called 911, Forrest said.

    Joseph Albarelli, 20, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he plays football, was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital. He remained in critical condition last night.

    Also taken to the hospital were Paul Wieble, 21, of Vernon, who was treated and released, and Rossi, who was listed in good condition last night. Two others, Christopher Ridley, 21, of Bernardsville and Robert Wieble, 19, of Vernon, Paul's brother, did not require medical treatment, authorities said.

    Jane Swon, 55, of Mendham said she has known the McNally family for more than 12 years. "They are just a wonderful family. It's such a terrible thing to happen to just a wonderful family," she said.

    Swon said her son, Chris, attended Far Hills Country Day School with Albarelli and McNally and played on Seton Hall Prep's 1997-98 state championship hockey team with McNally. Albarelli attended Delbarton, where he starred in hockey and football.

    McNally and Swon spent spring break together this year at the Swons' vacation home in North Carolina playing golf. McNally was an avid golfer, Jane Swon said. McNally had two sisters, Alden and Whitney.

    Jane Swon said McNally's parents, Michael and Louise, were home at the time of the party but were in the main house. The house is one of four in New Jersey designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In an interview with The Star-Ledger nearly five years ago, Louise McNally talked about the house, and about raising her three children in a two-bedroom house that was created by Wright as a model of pleasing aesthetics combined with functional and economic design.

    The McNallys bought the house, which sits on a winding, tree-lined road and backs up to Morristown National Historical Park, 11 years ago. They used a studio building that had been added by a previous owner -- an Iranian diplomat -- as a separate bedroom space for their children.

    A neighbor on Jockey Hollow Road, Salvatore Salibello, said he'd met the McNallys several times at neighborhood functions, but had not seen them in a few years and did not really know the children.

    He said Michael McNally had been a pilot for Continental Airlines and then was a bond trader. In the story published in The Star-Ledger in 1998, he was described as a computer specialist.

    Louise McNally was a competitive ice skater who is now pop singer Carey's manager. Jane Swon said Carey is good friends with the McNallys and the family has vacationed with her.

    On her albums, Carey thanks McNally in the liner notes. She refers to her as "Weezey McNally" in the notes for the album "Rainbow" and writes: "Thanks for sacrificing so much for me, my beloved partner in an ongoing quest to find the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow."

    "It's devastating," said Donna Doria of Bayonne, whose son, Brandon, was captain of the Seton Hall hockey team when McNally played. "He was such a nice person and came from such a nice family. I can't even imagine what those families are going though."

    Two men came out of the McNallys' house when a reporter approached and asked her to leave, and a man who answered the phone at the house said only, "This is an inopportune time to be calling," before hanging up.

    Source: The Star-Ledger

    From The Editors: Mariah Daily would like to send our condolences to the McNally family. We are truly sorry for your loss and please know that your family will be in our prayers and in the prayers and minds of our visitors.

    Mariah on Jay Leno's non-guest list

    Despite his nice-guy image, Jay Leno isn't afraid to lose guests who can't take a joke. Asked which stars have refused to appear on his show after he rubbed them the wrong way, the pelican-faced comic tells Men's Health, "Mariah Carey, whom I like and think is talented. According to her, I made too many 'Glitter' jokes. Michael Jackson once tried to strangle me at an awards show, but I think he was kidding. I made a lot of lace underwear jokes about Marv Albert, and he hasn't come back either."

    Source: New York Post

    Craig David pulls out of Mariah tour

    Craig David has pulled out of supporting Mariah Carey in the US, after poor ticket sales forced her to reschedule some gigs. The new dates clash with Craig's own European tour forcing him to cancel.

    He begins his first UK tour in two years in September - playing 13 dates. Mariah, meanwhile, will play two UK arena shows in October as part of her first world tour in three years.

    The Charmbracelet world tour which begins in Seoul, South Korea, on June 21 also includes concerts in Japan, Russia, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

    She told The Sun: "It's all about the fans, I want to be close to them. I am besieged by artists who want to be on my tour."

    Source: Ananova

    Sending no signals

    While we're disassembling manufactured crises, Yankee manager Joe Torre told us he has no worries that Derek Jeter might get back together with ex-girlfriend Mariah Carey, who's about to start a world tour.

    According to a report this week, Torre appeared distressed when Carey showed up at Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation dinner Monday - supposedly because his star shortstop didn't play as well back when he dated the singer. "They got me mixed up with somebody else," said Torre. "I don't get involved with players' personal lives as long as they come ready to play."

    Can a woman influence a player's game? "Sure, I'd like to believe for good," he said, glancing at his wife, Ali. "It's tough to do this alone. A supportive woman is very important. Look at Roger Clemens. His family is a big part of why he's still playing."

    Torre isn't worried that Jeter's night maneuvers will affect his play. "Derek is a special guy," he said. "I wish I could do it with him."

    By the way, Jeter denies that there's anything serious going on with Scores hostess Erica Tavarez. "He met her for two seconds and hasn't spoken to her since," said his rep.

    Source: New York Daily News

    JUNE 19, 2003 12:28AM
    Mariah emcee's Music Visionary Of The Year Awards

    Mariah played emcee yesterday afternoon at The United Jewish Communities Federation Of New York’s Music Visionary Of The Year Awards Luncheon at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. She showed up looking her finest in a red Christian Dior dress and matching sunglasses.

    Although Mariah herself is not Jewish, she was there to honor Kevin Liles, president of Def Jam Music Group. Clive Davis, Jean Paul Gaultier, Heather Headley, Jay-Z and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard were also in attendance at the event.

    The United Jewish Communities represents and serves 156 Jewish federations and 400 independent Jewish communities across North America and promotes the tolerance, the understanding, and the excitement that create vibrant communities of Jewish learning and growth and crosses all borders to pursue care for the poor; food for the hungry; and advocacy and compassion for everyone who needs it.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah chats with Carson Daly

    Mariah was live in studio with Carson Daly yesterday evening to discuss her upcoming Charmbracelet Tour. This was her last interview before she jetted off to Asia to begin the tour. After the interview, Mariah wished Carson a happy birthday, which is on Sunday, in a special recording. Here’s what went down:

    Carson Daly: Thanks for stopping in for a return visit.
    Mariah: Thank you for having me.

    Carson Daly: A lot going on with you Mariah – re-issuing the album, ready to go on tour, tons of promotion. How are you holding up?
    Mariah: I'm having a great time. It’s really exciting. I'm totally excited about the tour. It's going to be really cool just interacting with the fans; I’m on the website, figuring up a set list and stuff like that. I had the concept to actually ask the fans themselves what songs were their favorites and the songs they really wanted to hear live on tour. So that's been going really well and I'm just in rehearsals right now.

    Carson Daly: And so what songs have the fans been asking you to do?
    Mariah: Well they've been polling them on my repertoire basically and I've been going back and forth between, well they, they can ask from any album, any one of my albums but, you know, basically focusing on Charmbracelet, Butterfly, and the first album. These are the songs that people have been requesting the most.

    Carson Daly: You're re-releasing Charmbracelet this summer. I heard one track that you did with Da Brat. What else is different that's on there?
    Mariah: Well the new addition to the album has some things that were not released from the original like, a song called "There Goes My Heart" with 7 Aurelius, the producer, who also did “Subtle Invitation,” another song from this album. We did it in the Bahamas and it's like one of those live instrumentation songs and it's kind of like a feel good R&B record then we have the song I did with Da Brat and Elephant Man, who is a reggae artist, and it's called "Got A Thing For You" and I love it. Then I did a remix of "The One” with Jermaine Dupri and Bone Crusher. That was a fun thing to do and then we have "I Know What You Want" with me and Busta. So, they're getting a lot of big bang for the buck.

    Carson Daly: With some of the other big acts setting out to play huge stadiums, big arenas this summer, you’re dead set on playing more intimate venues, why is that?
    Mariah: I just felt that I always take on too much you know, a little bit too much than I should and it was better for me to not have to not have to deal with like suddenly becoming the soundman as well. The staging is a whole different thing, even the way I like to interact with my fans, I like to come off the stage sometimes and be actually in the audience. It's a total drama when you’re that far away from them, so I just wanted to integrate the audience more into my show and make it feel almost like cabaret intimate moments meets MTV Unplugged. That’s kind of how I’m looking at it.

    Carson Daly: And what are we going to get in this live show, like a full band, dancers, what?
    Mariah: Full band, dancers the whole nine yards and great backup singers who also are featured. Trey Lorenz, who I sang “I'll Be There” with, is coming out with me. He's going to do one of his songs, and he is amazing, he’s going to be putting out an album hopefully on MonarC and he’s going to be doing his own tour while I'm out there touring as well. So he's doing like, Al Green 2003 type stuff and it’s really cool, so I’m looking forward to that and plus we have some new acts on MonarC who are going to be opening for me so I'm looking forward to that.

    Carson Daly: I was just going to ask you about that, who are some of these performers on MonarC that are going to open up for you?
    Mariah: Yeah we have Isabel and Nae-Nae, we call them Belle and Nae-Nae, one is 15 from Oakland, she’s a rapper and one is 14 from New York, and she sings, and they’re adorable and they’re going to be doing two songs for the opening part of my show. And then we have Sadie a.k.a. "That Baby" who is like the new Shirley Temple for 2003. That’s how we look at her and she’s 7 and a half years old. She sings a song called "Automatic Princess", which is like my anthem and she is the cutest. She’s singing, rapping, dancing she does everything. Both her parents are choreographers so it’s like in her blood.

    Carson Daly: Well everybody we've got the Charmbracelet tour, we've got the re-issue of the album, you of course have "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes, you got "Bringin’ On The Heartbreak." Mariah good luck with all of that and please come back and visit us again soon.

    Source: Carson Daly Most Requested | Gabby | Danielle

    JUNE 18, 2003 4:46PM
    Mariah talks about Eminem and new tour

    MTV News correspondent John Norris caught up with Mariah a few days ago in New Jersey, where she was rehearsing for her upcoming Charmbracelet Tour. A portion of this interview was showcased today on MTV’s Total Request Live.

    John Norris: We are just days away from the launch of the Charmbracelet Tour. Are you excited about this?
    Mariah: Yes, I’m very excited.

    John Norris: In the press lately, there’s been a whole sort of almost new life breathed into this thing between Eminem and you and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up.
    Mariah: I don’t know what the whole situation is. At first, I said it felt like a catfight but I’m not fighting. And now it feels like a drag show. Like, what are we doing? I’m just totally confused.

    John Norris: The last I heard, he’s got these phone messages from you.
    Mariah: Great! We all have messages, don’t we? We all send messages and we all send “subliminal messages,” so we don’t want to continue the drag show. We should end it now.

    John Norris: Sometimes people have to let it go.
    Mariah: You’ve got to reel it in, man. Like, you need a hobby. Get a hobby. Golf is great. Maybe golf or maybe knitting. Knitting could work.

    John Norris: You’ve got a tour about to launch. Do you address any of this beef in the show itself?
    Mariah: I’m so not even understanding what the whole thing is about. It’s a little abusive at this point.

    John Norris: He knocked you with the “Glitter” thing, as well, at the MTV Movie Awards.
    Mariah: Wasn’t that three years ago, almost? Whatever. He should be happy with his life. Marshall: be happy. Just be happy, because I’m ecstatic. And I’ve never even had an affair with the guy, so I’m just confused at why he’s dragging this out.

    John Norris: I know. It just seems to be perpetuating.
    Mariah: Well you know what? If it’s making him happy, then that’s good. I’m all for equal rights. I’m happy and he should be too.

    John Norris: Are you pushing yourself too hard? I know you’ve got a pretty heavy pace these days with work and getting the tour ready.
    Mariah: No, I’m not pushing myself too hard. I’m having lovely nights of sleep and peace and quiet.

    John Norris: We’re happy to hear that. And we’re excited to see the tour out on the road. It kicks off in Japan next week and it’ll be in North America in July and August. The re-issue of the album is in July as well.
    Mariah: Exactly.

    Source: Total Request Live | Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey meets a new guy

    Mariah Carey may be gearing up for a tour but the artist could also be enjoying the company of a man. A close friend of the said man claims, “They met while she was here in New York for Zootopia. They talk on the phone but nothing more. She has been very busy planning her tour and he has been busy planning his band's first tour this summer.” Carey also made an appearance to support old beau Derek Jeter this Monday at his annual Turn 2 Foundation at the Regent Ballroom. Mariah Carey is also re-releasing her album, Charmbracelet with four new tracks including a new version of “The One,” featuring Jermaine Dupri and a duet with Da Brat. The album should be out by the end of July. With a career that shines, Mariah in love could only bring happiness to what seems to be a lonely personal life. Then again, Trey Lorenz and pals always have her back.

    Source: Groovevolt

    Monica "doesn't buy" Mariah's excuses

    This morning on The View, show host Joy Behar was talking about the New York Post article which claims that Mariah is touring the world to find a boyfriend. Joy commented that Mariah probably can’t find a guy because of her busy schedule, but celebrity guest co-host, singer Monica, disagreed. “I don’t buy that,” she said. “Being busy is never an excuse. My mother always told me that you get back what you give out. Perhaps Mariah gives out negative vibes and that’s why she is not attracting men.”

    One might like to ask Monica herself what she knows about being busy. Since her career started nearly ten years ago in 1995, she has released only three albums. Mariah has released seven albums in that same time period, as well as appearing in three feature films, and venturing out on three world tours, with her next tour starting next week.

    Source: twistersister03 @ FOMM

    Hitmakers update

    Every week, Hitmakers Magazine publishes a list of comments from radio personalities across the country in regards to all the latest single releases. Below are three comments regarding Mariah's new single, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak." Please keep requesting the track on your local radio stations and perhaps you'll see your DJs commenting on the song in the near future.

    Steve King, OM, KRQ, Tucson
    "It's a hit!"

    Sky Walker, APD, WSPK, Poughkeepsie
    "Working all day!"

    Jeff Wicker, APD/MD, WWWM, Toledo
    "I think it's gonna do something in our format."

    Source: Hitmakers Magazine

    MCarey.nu Returns

    Here's a message we received from Kyle: "MCarey.nu has been on a two month hiatus and has finally returned full force. If you could please let your visitors know about this opening, I would appreciate it greatly. MCarey.nu has been closed for such a long time, and most Mariah fans aren't even aware that the site still exists. The number of great Mariah sites is starting to die down with the closing of Mariah Buzz and Mariah Downunder. I think that it's important that we stick together! Thanks for your time and take care."

    Source: MCarey.nu

    JUNE 17, 2003 3:33PM
    Mariah Tours Globe For Guys

    June 18, 2003 -- MARIAH Carey will keep an eye peeled as she tours the globe this summer giving concerts all around the world.

    "I'm looking for a boyfriend," she told PAGE SIX in an exclusive interview.

    The songbird with the six-octave range has been unattached since breaking up with Luis Miguel in 2001, though she had a brief dalliance with Eminem last year that ended badly. "He is such a little boy," Mariah said. "This whole thing is so high school."

    Carey left for Japan this morning, where she has a large, rabid following, to start her "Charmbracelet" world tour, which will be smaller than originally planned. "Her U.S. tour was scaled back and, due to lack of interest, they are now doing 'small, intimate' shows, instead of big arenas," a source said.

    While Carey acknowledges a downsized tour, she told us: "It is all about the fans. I want to be close to them. I even am having them choose which songs I will sing - 32,000 fans are voting right now!"

    Adding to the stress, Ashanti and Craig David - who were in talks to be Carey's opening acts - have dropped out. But Carey downplays any problems.

    "I am besieged by artists who want to be on my tour," she said, although she declined to name names. Carey is looking to her own label, Monarc, for talent instead. "I found my own groups who are already signed to my label," she said.

    One group, Bell & Nae Nae, is comprised of a 15-year-old rapper (Nae Nae) and a 14-year-old singer (Isabell, "Bell"). The other act is child singer Sadie, who's also known as Dat Baby.

    Sadie "is like the African-American Shirley Temple," Carey cooed. "[Best friend] Da Brat found Nae Nae and my stylist introduced me to Bell. They are like TLC, they sing, they rap. They'll perform with me in Japan and I'll see if they can do the U.S."

    Carey starts her U.S. tour in Las Vegas on July 26 and wraps it up at Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 18. The original venue for the New York tour was Madison Square Garden.

    When Carey gets back she will film a movie, "The Sweet Science," about boxing. "I play a really bad boxer," Carey laughed.

    Here's hoping the picture is better received than her last two, "Glitter" and "Wise Girls."

    Source: NY Post

    Mariah tones it down

    Mariah Carey's national "Charmbracelet" tour, originally planned for arenas, has been downscaled to theaters. The New York show, earlier planned for Madison Square Garden, will now come to Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 18.

    The artist has denied the move had anything to do with expectations for ticket sales.

    "I'm passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans," she said in a statement. "I'm used to playing arena tours. For me, this is a whole new experience."

    Carey followers can vote for a song they want her to perform at each show through the artist's Web site, Honey B. Fly. They can also get a jump on ordering tickets through the site.

    Source: NY Daily News

    Mariah Carey: Stop Asking About My Breakdown

    MARIAH CAREY is completely over her mental meltdown - now she wishes the rest of the world would let it go.

    The busty singer had a breakdown in 2001, after her debut movie GLITTER and its accompanying soundtrack flopped to mass derision. Mariah's now back on top and feeling good - but she wishes people would stop asking her about it.

    She says, "It's just annoying because then the world is like, 'Oh, how are you? Are you okay?' Not the world, but certain people.

    "And it's like, 'Hi, I was dealing with the drama two years ago, now get with the programme, you're a little slow.'

    "And even to be asked the question, you just look at the person asking and it's like, 'Hello, what year is this?'

    "We move fast in the celebrity world. It's made me into more of a fighter. If people think they want to start little fights with me and/or pick me apart or things like that, they really don't know who they're dealing with!"

    Source: World Entertainment News Network | musiKchYld

    Mariah Set To Charm Manchester

    Offical Press Release - June 18th, 2003

    Following the phenomenal opening weeks sales in Birmingham and London, Mariah Carey has added a further date to her Charmbracelet World Tour.

    The best selling female performer of all time, will now visit the Manchester Evening News Arena on Saturday 25th October before playing at the NEC Arena, Birmingham on Tuesday 28th October and London's Wembley Arena, on Thursday 30th October.

    Mariah, who has never appeared in concert outside of London, will now perform to fans in both the Midlands and North with the addition of this Manchester show.

    Tickets will go on-sale to the general public on Friday 20th June at 9am.

    The highly anticipated world tour, the superstar's first in over three years kicks-off in Japan this week before visiting America, and arriving in Europe in September.

    The Charmbracelet World Tour is sure to be a spectacular event featuring Mariah performing hits from her most recent album, Charmbracelet. Released in December 2002, the album has sold 3 million copies worldwide and has topped the charts around the globe.

    The album features the fantastic singles "Through The Rain", "Boy (I Need You)" and the recently released smash hit, "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes. Currently number 1 in the Eurochart Hot 100 singles and European single sales list, they have also spent 3 weeks in the top 5 in the UK.

    Mariah will also perform favorites from her unparalleled career that has spawned a record-breaking 15 number 1 singles worldwide, including, "Fantasy", "Heartbreaker", "Dreamlover" and "Hero" to name a few.

    Fans will be treated to a spectacular stage show that will feature a full backing band and many surprises.

    Tickets for these shows can be purchased from the venues or on the Mariah Carey 24hr National Hotline number 0870 444 7074

    The full tour dates are:

    October 25th - MEN Arena, Manchester *TICKETS ON - SALE 20th JUNE*
    October 28th - NEC Arena, Birmingham
    October 30th - Wembley Arena, London

    Tickets are priced Ł28.50 with limited premiums available

    Reserved Seats Ł28.50 and Limited Premium (subject to booking fee)
    0870 190 8000, 0161 832 1111, 0870 848 0000, 0870 998 8888 and all usual agents

    Reserved Seats Ł28.50 and Limited Premium (subject to booking fee)
    0870 909 4133, 0121 607 8888, 0870 848 0000, 0870 998 8888 and all usual agents

    Reserved Seats Ł32.50 and Limited Premium (subject to booking fee)
    0870 739 0739, 020 7434 2222, 0870 848 0000, 020 7734 8932, 0870 998 8888 and all usual agents

    Online: www.wayahead.com or www.lastminute.com or www.aloud.com or www.ticketline.co.uk

    Source: UK Press Release | Mariah Connection

    Read more about the Manchester show, here.

    Da Brat Interview on XXL

    Da Brat is featured in an article about her new album in the hiphop magazine XXL.
    In it, Da Brat talks about her hit song that's out on radio now called "In Luv Wit Chu" and she says how she recorded it two years ago while she was in St. Martens with Mariah & friends. She played it for them and they loved it.

    She also talks about the group "Baby Gurl" that she put together with Mariah and describes it as mini Da Brat & mini Mariah.

    Source: XXL, Jennifer

    Out & About In NYC

    Mariah Carey made some time for old beau Derek Jeter Monday night. The songbird, who has remained friendly with Jeter's family, turned out to support his Turn 2 Foundation at the Regent Ballroom. But don't bank on a romantic reunion. Carey lifts off today for her world tour, beginning in South Korea, and we hear that Jeter is still seeing Scores hostess Erica Tavarez.

    Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears and Tiki Barber are on it.
    Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige, too. Kobe Bryant, unless he's at the Special Olympics in Ireland.
    The list is supposed to put Jay-Z at the top of a new list: rap stars as club entrepreneurs.
    Jay and others are trying to change the business model for entertainment stars. He owns the place together with Juan Perez, the former minor-league baseball player, Rucker League coach and founder of Roc-A-Fella Records' Baseline Studios, and nightclub entrepreneur Desiree Gonzalez.

    Source: NY Daily News: 1 | 2

    Mariah's Arrival To Korea - Update

    Mariah is now scheduled to arrive to Korea sometime between 10 - 11pm with the potential for it to be even later than that. Korean fans - don't forget to come and show your support!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    International Update


    I Know What You Want, Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey
    - ARIA Top 50 Singles = #3
    - ARIA Urban Singles = #1
    - Australian Radio Airplay = #36 (6th Most Added - last week #80)
    - Australian Video Airplay = #16

    - HMV = #1
    - Sanity Music = #5
    - JB Hi-Fi = #2

    - Nova 100 = #1
    - Nova 96.9 = #13
    - Hot30.com Countdown = #22
    - Big Kahuna Fat 30 = #7
    - Pulse Urban chart = #1
    - Groove FM = #1
    - Dj Damion de Silva's Urban 20 = #7

    "I Know What You Want" is now #8 on Norways Top 20, climbing two spots from last week. This is the official Norwegian chart based on the singles sales all over the country.
    In Stavanger, the song is #6 on the Free Record Shop's Top 15.

    Alenka from Moscow is gathering a fanbook for Mariah, to be given to her when Mariah comes to Russia. Mail this address to submit your entry.

    The video for "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has premiered in the Taiwanese music channels last night as part of the promotion in Asia for the Charmbracelet tour edition.

    Source: MariahDownunder Forums | Mariah_Hero | Alenka | Mariah Times

    JUNE 17, 2003 7:30PM
    Mariah Carey gears up for new tour

    The dates are set, her bags are packed, and the hitmaker is hitting the road. It's a first for Mariah Carey as she kicks off her Charmbraclet Tour 2003, which she says will be her most intimate theater concerts ever. Mariah says, "We get to be up close and personal with my fans, which is really what's it's all about."

    And on this world tour, Mariah says fans can log onto her website to help set the song list each night. She says of her fans, "They're my co-musical director."

    The sexy songstress teased "Extra" with news of a man in her future, but Mariah swears that for now she is flying solo. She says, "There's nobody new in my life right now, but there could be. Maybe soon, you never know."

    But there is someone who will miss Mariah while she's out on the road. She says, "I think Jack my dog will miss me the most while I’m away." Jack is staying home, but what does a girl bring on a world tour? Mariah says, "Lots of clothes, lots of shoes, and this girl brings lots of humidifiers for the throat."

    And she's set to bring all those Mariah hit songs to fans near and far.

    Source: Extra

    JUNE 17, 2003 6:20PM
    Turn 2 Foundation Dinner pictures

    As announced earlier today, Mariah was in attendance last night at Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation Dinner at the Regent on Wall Street in New York City. For pictures of Mariah from the event, check out Globe Photos.

    Source: Globe Photos

    Mariah confirms new film role, continues tour promo

    From Connecticut: Mariah gave a phone interview with Connecticut’s hit radio station, KC101 earlier today. “They just had a short interview,” says Kelly, a Mariah fan from the region. In it, Mariah talked about the tour, of course. The exciting news is that Mariah also confirmed that she would start filming her next film, “The Sweet Science” once the tour completes in November.

    From Colorado: This morning in Denver, Mariah was live via satellite for a segment with KWGN WB2 News. According to Chris, “Mariah was sitting in front of a huge Charmbracelet world tour poster and had a beautiful dress on; similar to the one she wore at ODB’s prison release party.” Mariah had the WB News correspondent, Angie, laughing because Mariah said she changed her “ensembles” for every different interview.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Kelly | Chris

    More tour promotion

    Mariah will be continuing her nationwide Charmbracelet Tour promotion tomorrow. Below are some of the radio and television programs Mariah will be featured on. Try to tune in to them if possible and be sure to send us updates regarding them!

    07:40 AM Pacific Standard Time
    Mariah will be interviewed on the Johnjay & Rich Radio Show, which is syndicated on KRQQ 93.7FM in Tucson, Arizona and 107 KISSFM in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, check out http://www.jjar-ip.clearchannel.com

    01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Check out MTV's Total Request Live for an interview with Mariah to be shown during the show's news segment. For more information, log on to http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl

    06:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Mariah will be interviewed with Carson Daily for his radio program, Top 10 Most Requested. Carson's show is syndicated nationwide. For a complete list of stations carrying the show, check out cdmostrequested.com/stations.html

    Source: Mariah Daily | Allie | Casey | SJ

    JUNE 17, 2003 12:57PM
    Mariah gets charmed

    The beautiful Mariah Carey is making some new music and she wants to deliver it to fans herself. Jodi Ross talked to the diva in New York this morning.

    If anybody knows how to please their fans, it’s Mariah. “The song I did with Busta Rhymes called ‘I Know What You Want’ became this runaway hit just from people playing it off his album. I didn’t do it quickly enough for it to be on my album. It was literally like two days of a difference. So we said if we ever put the song out, it would go on my album as well, so that’s why we’re doing this re-release,” Mariah said.

    So a new and improved version of Charmbracelet, with four additional tracks, is headed for stores. She’s so excited about it that she’s hitting the road like never before.

    Jodi Ross: Now what about the tour? Your first theatre tour.
    Mariah: My first theatre tour is very exciting because it’s going to be a more intimate setting for the fans. I was never in control of my touring situation before. I didn’t understand it and I don’t do it very much because I have to protect my voice. So now that I’m more in control of my life in general, I just decided to do it this way. And I think that the fans are happy about it.

    Over worked in the past, Mariah has taken charge of her life and career. She recently formed MonarC Music.

    Jodi Ross: You have had ups and downs with record labels and companies. Is this a way to maybe put a stop to that?
    Mariah: Yes I have. I think so. I think having your own company – when you put your stamp of approval on things – it’s what you want really. It’s very important.

    Jodi Ross: What have you done to change your lifestyle?
    Mariah: It’s just really about eating right, working out more, taking time for sleep – you know, like making it written into the contract, I have to have a certain amount of sleep every night. You can’t put me on this promotional schedule and give me one hour of sleep. It’s not going to work. I’m human.

    Mariah’s tour kicks off this month in Asia. One cool thing is that fans can go to her official website and pick the songs they would most like to hear in concert.

    Source: E! News Live

    Editor's Note: In her interview with E! News Live, Mariah was wearing the same dress she wore to the Rocafeller Drug Law protest rally a few weeks ago. Below are three pictures from that event. For a full-scale version of each picture, click it's respective thumbnail.


    Like "Red Rock West" some years ago, and many other movies that we'll never hear about, "Wisegirls" got caught in some distribution purgatory and ended up on DVD before ever seeing the light of a movie screen. But it's a good film -- not a classic, but odd, entertaining and authentic -- and definitely worthy of the rescue job the Roxie Cinema has done for it. It opened there on May 30th, a 2001 film finally making its national theatrical debut.

    Mira Sorvino stars as a woman with a past who moves from Missouri to Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City, and gets a job as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. Only it's not just any Italian restaurant. It turns out to be the front for a massive drug operation, run by paternalistic, fanny-grabbing, ruthless-psycho mobsters.

    Though Sorvino gives a characteristically sensitive and typically unsung performance, it's Mariah Carey, in the supporting role as a fellow waitress, who's guaranteed to be the focus of audience curiosity. When Carey starred in "Glitter," audiences all but burned her at the stake (and for reasons I'll never understand -- she was amateurish, sure, but why the hostility?). But in "Wisegirls," free of having to carry the whole movie, and playing a sassy (instead of sappy) homegirl, Carey is just perfect. Just technically speaking, she does the best Staten Island accent I've ever heard in a movie, as in she could have fooled me, and I grew up there.

    "Wisegirls" traces the friendship of three waitresses in their mid-30s and on their own, who find themselves in the vortex of mob culture. Allowing for melodrama, the movie captures the mobster vulgarity, the mob's tentacle-like grasp and its twisted ethos. In one scene, an old mob boss (Arthur Mascarella) crushes a guy's windpipe and spits in the air. What is he doing? "I spit on your soul," he says. I believed him.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle

    JUNE 17, 2003 11:30PM
    Mariah, Jeter Meet Up Once More

    It was a busy night for Mariah Carey, too. On the eve of leaving for South Korea and the beginning of her world tour, Carey had a reunion last night with an old beau: New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

    The occasion was a benefit for Jeter's charity, the Turn 2 Foundation, at the Regent Ballroom. Jeter invited a bunch of his Yankee mates, including manager Joe Torre , to be part of the festivities.

    Mariah, stunningly draped in a revealing vintage Halston gown and sporting a few real baubles of her own (diamonds from Harry Winston), came at the request of Derek's sister, with whom she is still friendly.

    What happened when the two former lovers met?

    "Derek announced all the celebs in the audience," says my source, "running down the list matter of factly. He called out Mariah's name just like that, Mariah Carey, as if nothing had gone on between them. But you could feel the buzz. It was like Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio meeting up again."

    Joe Torre apparently got caught rolling his eyes when Mariah's name was called. The reason: when she and Jeter dated, the player had a bad season.

    "Since Derek just broke up with Jordana Brewster, Joe doesn't want a repeat of that," said my source.

    But it's not possible anyway: Carey leaves Wednesday night for her world tour, which lands in the U.S. on July 26 and then goes on for two months.

    She spent her last night of freedom at Mr. Chow's last night in Manhattan after the Jeter reunion, dining with Roc-a-fella Records head Damon Dash, plus assorted friends and her nephew Sean, a Harvard law grad who just started work at the very prestigious firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore.

    Source: Fox News

    Mariah on EXTRA Tonight

    Mariah will be on the show tonight, 'making an announcement' according to the previews, so don't forget to tune in!

    Source: Mariah Daily | KCS

    'There Goes My Heart' & 'The One (Remix)' Lyrics

    Here are the lyrics to two of the new songs from the "Charmbracelet" re-release:

    There Goes My Heart
    You know me well we go too far back
    How could anyone else compete with that
    So I just can't help feeling sentimental
    About things in the past
    We promised to keep it casual
    But at times that can be so difficult
    This relationship's so untypical
    And I can't understand

    Tell me why
    Tell me why

    First you love me
    And then you leave me
    And then I'm falling back in your arms
    There's no conclusion
    You're so deceiving
    Cuz I get taken in by your charms
    Even though I try not to bend
    There goes my heart again

    Baby why can't we be just friends
    It's a mess but we still pretend
    Any fool could foresee the end
    But there goes my heart again

    When I feel your stare
    Catching me off-guard
    It's just not fair
    Cuz you know for sure
    How to lure me in
    With that magnetic smile

    First you love me
    And then you leave me
    And then I'm falling back in your arms
    There's no conclusion
    You're so deceiving
    Cuz I get taken in by your charms
    Even though I try not to bend
    There goes my heart again

    Baby why can't we be just friends
    It's a mess but we still pretend
    Any fool could foresee the end
    But there goes my heart again

    Tell me why
    Tell me why

    First you love me
    And then you leave me
    And then I'm falling back in your arms
    There's no conclusion
    You're so deceiving
    Cuz I get taken in by your charms
    Even though I try so very hard not to bend
    There goes my heart again

    There goes, there goes
    There goes my heart again
    There goes my heart again
    Baby, baby, baby, baby
    There goes my heart again

    Cuz you love me
    Then you leave me baby
    I try to keep it casual

    There goes my heart again
    There goes my heart again

    One, two, three, four, five, six, seventh heaven

    The One (So So Def Remix)
    So So Def (yeah)

    Finally found somebody that could be the one
    But I promised myself that I wouldn't give into love
    And I'm scared and I'm nervous
    Don't wanna be hurt anymore
    This is bad cuz I know that you're the one

    I'm going through a situation that I can't help
    Wanna get a little closer but I promised myself
    That I would never give my heart away again
    See, I know it's had but you gotta understand it
    The truth is all the hurt and the pain and the @#%$
    That you get when you have it ain't worth it
    I've been there so many times I should know better but I
    Can't stop what I feel when you're next to me I really think I

    Finally found somebody that could be the one
    But I promised myself that I wouldn't give into love
    And I'm scared and I'm nervous
    Don't wanna be hurt anymore
    This is bad cuz I know that you're the one

    JD: Now how you gonna tell me that I'm not the one
    MC: Baby, I need to be for sure before I give you my love
    JD: But you'll never know until you give me a chance
    MC: But there's a lot of things about me I don't think you understand
    See, I've been cheated on
    JD: Baby I have too
    MC: And I've been treated wrong
    JD: I know what you've been through
    See, I've been there, done that, back again
    And all I'm lookin' for is my special friend
    MC: But I've been lied to and cried through
    Some cold, lonely nights
    JD: I've been played and betrayed
    And this fake sh*t ain't right
    Tell me what you wanna do
    MC: Baby I'm just so confused
    Cuz this time it might be true that baby, you're the one

    See, the problem with relationships in general
    Is that it's always a game
    In the beginning they'll do anything to have you
    But once they do it's never the same
    And I know everyone out there can relate

    So the question is
    One, do I really wanna trust this feeling?
    Two, do I wanna let it pass me by?
    Three, do you think it's only superficial?
    Four, could it actually be different this time?
    Someone to love me
    Someone to be my everything
    Maybe I've stumbled upon

    It's just me and you, baby
    You're so sexy, you drive me crazy
    You smell so good, I wish you would
    Meet me in the street

    Here are the scans from the Taiwanese tour edition of "Charmbracelet":

    Charmbracelet Re-release Charmbracelet Re-release Charmbracelet Re-release Charmbracelet Re-release

    Source: Diva Mariah | Shayne

    'I Know What You Want' Nominated For 2003 Teen Choice Awards

    America Online and TEEN PEOPLE Announce Nominees for THE 2003 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS on FOX in Categories from Choice Hottie to Choice Reality TV Star

    'I Know What You Want' is nominated under the category "Choice Rap Track", here are the rest of the nominees:

    '21 Questions': 50 Cent Featuring Nate Dogg
    'Beautiful': Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson
    'Can't Let You Go': Fabolous Featuring Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo
    'Excuse Me Miss': Jay Z
    'Get Busy': Sean Paul
    'I Can': NAS
    'I Know What You Want': Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad

    TEEN PEOPLE readers can go to TeenPeople.com, available through AOL, to vote. THE 2003 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS program is scheduled to air Wednesday, August 6 (8:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

    Source: Stackhouse (America Online)

    JUNE 16, 2003 10:35PM
    L.A Tour Date Venue Change

    The Los Angeles venue has been changed. The new venue is UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATRE. All other information relating to this performance will remain the same. The show will take place August 18th and the pre-sale for Honey B. Fly Members will go on as planned.

    Source: MariahCarey.com

    * Note: fans who aren't fan-club members and would like to purchase tickets to Mariah's shows, please follow Ticket Master's updated information regarding public sales' dates & times.

    It might also be helpful to check the venues' official sites for specific information (seating charts, concert details), for example Las Vegas' Ceasars Palace.

    Korean Fans - Come Greet Mariah

    Mariah is currently scheduled to arrive at the Incheon International Airport in Korea sometime between 8:30 - 9:00pm on June 19th.
    All Korean fans - show your support by coming and greeting Mariah at the airport!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Confirms 'Intimate' Summer Tour

    Mariah Carey has confirmed the dates for her scaled back summer tour, which has been moved from arenas to theaters. The Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - An Intimate Evening will begin July 26 in Las Vegas and wrap Sept. 23 in Manchester, N.H. Fans will be able to request songs for each show via Carey's online fanclub, Honey B. Fly, members of which will get first crack at show tickets.

    "I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans," Carey said in a statement. "I'm used to doing arena tours and for me this is a whole new experience. This is about my music and my fans."

    "She'll have the same band, minus the bells and whistles," Carey's agent John Marx told Billboard in May. "She's going to bring it back to what Mariah's all about: the music."

    Carey will visit a handful of arenas, seating for which will be modified to approximate a large theater setting. Some outdoor venues are also on tap, including Red Rocks outside Denver and the C.W. Mitchell Pavilion outside Houston.

    Carey is touring in support of her 2003 MonarC/Island debut, "Charmbracelet," which has sold 1 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. The artist's collaboration with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," is No. 4 on Billboard's Hot 100. As previously reported, that song will be tacked onto an expanded edition of "Charmbracelet," which Island will release on July 29.

    Source: Billboard Daily Music News

    Mariah Carey Maps Out 'Intimate Evening' Tour

    Mariah On Tour Rehearsals After dropping hints through her Web site last month that the upcoming North American leg of her Charmbracelet Tour 2003 would undergo a surprising change, Mariah Carey has announced exactly that.

    The sultry singer unveiled dates on Friday for her revamped Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - An Intimate Evening, a 20-city trek across the U.S. and Canada that trades in the ambition of gigantic arenas for the intimacy of much smaller theaters.

    Carey's coast-to-coast tour will be her first in theater-sized venues. In April, she announced dates for the original Charmbracelet Tour 2003, targeting arenas that typically house between 10,000 and 20,000 fans (see "Mariah Carey Scraps Arena Tour, Opts To Get More Intimate").

    "It's much more intimate so you'll feel like you had an experience," Carey said during rehearsals for her live show on Friday. "You experience a night with me."

    Carey's dates and venues in Asia, where her tour kicks off on June 21 in Seoul, South Korea, will remain as scheduled. Her North American tour begins July 26 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. According to a Carey spokesperson, the singer will be filling in for fellow diva Celine Dion, who will be taking a night off from her five-shows-a-week, three-year contract with the hotel venue.

    Altering plans isn't necessarily a new idea for Carey. In May, she announced the re-release of her recent Charmbracelet album, which was originally released in December 2002 as the first album of her multimillion-dollar deal with Island Def Jam. It will now be repackaged for a July 29 street date with four new songs (see Mariah Carey Adding Some New Charms To Her Bracelet").

    Currently, Carey is near the top of the charts thanks to her collaboration with Busta Rhymes on his hit single "I Know What You Want," but her tour, she said, will not feature a litany of special guests. Carey promised a more theatrical performance than she's done in the past saying the show "doesn't take itself so seriously."

    Through her Web site, Carey is asking fans to vote on songs they most want to hear her sing when she comes to their town. "I wanted to gauge what the fans really, really want to hear and what are they kinda over," Carey explained. "Are they going to be sick of 'Hero'? Do they want to hear it still? It's #2 [so far]."

    Visitors to her site can log in and select up to 20 of their favorites amongst her 15 #1 hits and other songs.

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah On E! News Live

    E! News Live aired a short Mariah interview on tonight's show. If you missed it, try to catch the re-run, tomorrow at 12:00 pm.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Caleb | Knista

    JUNE 16, 2003 4:30PM
    Welcome Will & Mariah Daily's new design

    Hi everyone! Don't worry, you're at the right place. Mariah Daily is changing into a whole new design these days and you might experience some difficulties with the links but we promise to fix (and improve) them as soon as possible.

    Even better news - my friend Will is joining the site. When sending news stories, please make sure to send them to both of us (contact information on your left). Thank you Will for working so hard on improving the site, and welcome aboard!

    The new layout was designed by Fo from faithfully.tk Additional design and HTML encoding was done by Will and we'd like to thank Heather for designing our new logo! We hope all of you enjoy the new Mariah Daily as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah denies golf kit rumour

    Mariah Carey has admitted she was a bit mystified that people seriously thought she was designing a clothing range for golfers.

    She said she was originally talking about how she couldn't see the point of the sport, so she tried it out.

    Apparently she realised she was wearing the wrong gear, and commented on how she could design clothes for golfers - but this was misinterpreted as a career ambition rather than a throwaway comment.

    Mariah also said her breakdown has made her stronger, but she does wish people would stop asking about it:

    "It's just annoying because then the world is like, 'Oh, how are you? Are you okay?' Not the world, but certain people."

    "And it's like, 'Hi, I was dealing with the drama two years ago, now get with the programme, you're a little slow.'"

    "And even to be asked the question, you just look at the person asking and it's like, 'Hello, what year is this?'"

    "We move fast in the celebrity world. It's made me into more of a fighter. If people think they want to start little fights with me and / or pick me apart or things like that, they really don't know who they're dealing with!"

    Source: Radio 1, BBC News | Twister

    Mariah Carey Rebounds From 'Glitter' Bomb

    Singer Mariah Carey is hoping to resurrect her acting career after the disastrous "Glitter." Carey's new movie project is called "Sweet Science," about an unknown female boxer.

    Carey says they'll start shooting in November: "I'm really excited about it because it's so different for me. I was going to play the manager, but I chose to play not the lead but the secondary lead."

    Critics panned her debut film, "Glitter." Was she soured on acting because of that? "No, I got over that when I did 'Wisegirls', with Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters, because it was such a different thing for me and people were so surprised -- like at the Sundance Film Festival, when we went and it was so well received with a standing ovation and such stellar reviews."

    Shortly, Mariah Carey heads to Japan to launch a world tour.

    Source: KYW News | Paul

    Charmbracelet Tour Edition - Release Schedule

    Korea - June 17th, 2003
    Hong Kong - June 23rd, 2003
    Malaysia - June 23rd, 2003
    Singapore - June 23rd, 2003
    Japan - June 30th, 2003
    Indonesia - June 30th, 2003
    USA - July 29th, 2003

    Source: Mariah Connection

    Various Newsbits

  • "I Know What You Want" drops one spot to #4 on the UK singles chart on its 3rd week. In Ireland, the song moves up to #5.

  • Renee from the group Wild Orchid says on the band's official site that her favorite singer is Mariah Carey.

  • Mariah will be interviewed tomorrow, June 17th on KC101 (radio station in CT). The interview should be taking place after 3:00pm. Try to catch her and report back to us!

    Source: Yahoo! News | Jerry | Matt | Kelly

  • JUNE 16, 2003 2:31PM
    Mariah promotes tour on FOX News

    Mariah made the rounds this morning on various FOX News morning shows, speaking via satellite from New York to promote her upcoming tour. She told the Las Vegas Fox News crew that she is trying to set up a schedule with Busta Rhymes, in hopes that he may join her during the tour to perform their collaboration single, “I Know What You Want.”

    For her American dates, Mariah downsized the venues from arenas to theaters and said the reason for the change was because not only is the sound quality better, but the smaller venues also allow her to be more intimate with her true fans. “I can’t really get personal with someone on row 5,043,” she told Phoenix’s Fox 10 Arizona Morning news.

    Mariah also talked about her new single, “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak,” her musical director, Randy Jackson of American Idol, shopping and fashion trends and her summer plans.

    Source: Mariah Daily | Jaime | ea12

    Mariah debuts at #3 in Australia

    Mariah Carey has scored her biggest Australian hit since 1995's "One Sweet Day" (#2). This week "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey debuts at #3 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Singles chart. The track also debuts at #1 on the Urban Singles chart.

    Today Mariah's Australian fans are in disbelief. Unlike recent singles, "Through The Rain" (#15) and "Boy (I Need You)" (#29), "I Know What You Want" did not have any major promotion. However, there was a crucial difference between these singles and "I Know What You Want". Airplay. For the first time in an extremely long time, Mariah was heard on mainstream radio.

    Demand for the single was unexpected by fans, BMG Australia and retailers alike. Many stores ran out before the weekend, and instead were left with excess copies of other more high profile singles. This is by far Busta's biggest ever hit in Australia.

    An Australian re-release of "Charmbracelet" is now more likely than ever. Meanwhile, "Mariah Carey Greatest Hits" has had a rebirth in recent weeks thanks to a price reduction by Sony Music. The double CD album is selling for $19.99 across the country and this week bullets to #23 on the ARIA Urban Albums chart - over 6 months since it was first released!

    Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

    updated byLiron June 14th, 2003 5:35PM
    Remix Album & Da Brat's Album - Pushed Back
    Both Heather & Jenn who work at FYE found out that the remix album is being pushed back to September 2nd in the US.

    Da Brat's album has also been pushed back to July 15th, 2003.

    New York, NY, June 13, 2003-- Mariah Carey, the world’s #1 selling female artist of all time announced today that she will embark on her first-ever theater tour this summer in support of her new album, Charmbracelet. The Charmbracelet Tour 2003 – An Intimate Evening will hit all major cities across the country beginning July 26th in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Coliseum. This is very exciting for Mariah because theaters give her the opportunity to be in a much more intimate environment with her fans. “I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans. I’m used to doing arena tours and for me this is a whole new experience. This is about my music and my fans,” says Carey.

    Mariah will continue to give back to her fans by asking their input into the set list each night. The songstress, who has an unprecedented 15 #1 singles, will allow her fans to choose what they want to hear at any given show. Fans can do this via Mariah’s recently launched official fan club, Honey B.Fly. Fans can join Honey B. Fly online, via her website mariahcareyfanclub.com. Additionally, members of Honey B. Fly will have the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets ahead of the general public on sale date. Tickets for the general public go on sale beginning June 21st. Membership to Honey B. Fly costs $35 annually in the U.S.

    Carey’s current album Charmbracelet (MonarC Entertainment/Island Records) was released in December 2002 and has gone on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. The album has topped the charts around the globe and features the #1 selling single “Through The Rain”, the hit single, “Boy (I Need You)” and the recently released new single, “Bringing on the Heartbreak”. In addition, Mariah’s hot single with Busta Rhymes, “I Know What You Want” is topping the charts across the country.

    Here is a full listing of The Charmbracelet Tour 2003- An Intimate Evening dates:

    July 26th- Las Vegas, NV- Caesar’s Colosseum
    July 29th- Chicago, IL- United Center
    August 1- St. Louis, MO- Fox Theater
    August 3- Cleveland, OH- The Scene Center
    August 7- Toronto, ONT- Sears Theater at Air Canada Center
    August 10- Denver, CO- Red Rocks
    August 13- Oakland, CA- Oakland Paramount Theater
    August 18- Los Angeles, CA- Greek Theater
    August 23- Phoenix, AZ- Dodge Theater
    August 26- Dallas, TX- Next Stage Theater
    August 28- Houston, TX- Woodlands – OUTDOORS
    August 30- Orlando, FL- Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
    September 1- Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Broward Performing Arts Center
    September 3- Tampa, FL- Tampa Performing Arts Center
    September 8- Boston, MA- Wang Center
    September 10- Philadelphia, PA- Tower Theater
    September 12- Wallingford, CT- Oakdale Theater
    September 18- New York, NY- Radio City Music Hall
    September 20- Atlantic City, NJ- Mark Etess Arena
    September 23- Manchester, NH- Verizon Wireless


    Mariah On Good Day Live / Pictures
    On June 12th, Mariah was interviewed on "Good Day Live" with hosts Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucey and guest host, Trista Rehn of the Bachelorette. Here's a summary of the interview by Mame:
    DL: Are you Randy's dawg?
    MC: Of course! I was his dawg before American Idol!!
    SE: How far back do you go with Randy?
    MC: Like babies with pacifers. No, really he's been my musical director since I started out.

    Randy talked about when he first heard Mariah, he was shocked that someone so young could be this good. and Mariah responded with a nice lil "Thank you, Randy."

    About the tour: Mariah said the whole Ashanti thing didn't work out, so she won't be on the tour. She said the tour would be about 5 months. She says the tour is really different being up close, personal and intimate. In her words, "complete and total intimacy", when they asked how intimate it would be getting.

    When Dorothy talked about how Mariah is known for how hard she works, and asked how Mariah would take care of herself on the tour, Mariah talked about how much easier a tour is and that it's really the business side of things that is tiring. But when there's no business, she's with the fans and that energizes her. Then after that she gets a whole day off (for vocal rest) to sit around and have a real life, doing things like watching TV.

    They then talked about tabloids and they talked about how tabloids have a tendency to blow things up. Like Mariah was saying that a tabloid will say that someone is in an exotic location someplace when they're actually at a Wal-Mart in Florida.
    She was also talking about how boring her life is and jokingly said that she is still waiting for her wild life to begin.

    Then Dorothy brought up the Eminem thing and asked, "What's Eminem's problem? Is he obsessed with you?" And Mariah said, "He should be happy, he's got money now, he's got a great life...I can only wish him well...."

    Some captures from the show plus from the Early show (Thanks Mariah Carey Fan and Tom) and pictures of Mariah golfing (thanks Whitney) are up in Gallery 9.

    Mariah Carey Donates Autographed Microphone To 'Save The Music'
    Autopgraphed Microphone (6/13/03, 12 p.m. ET) -- Mariah Carey performed on CBS-TV's the Early Show on Thursday (June 12). Following the performance the singer donated an autographed microphone to VH1's Save The Music auction, which is currently in progress online at eBay.com. The microphone is signed, "Love Always, Mariah."

    Carey explained to Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith that music education is so important to children because they need the encouragement that goes hand-in-hand with learning to sing or playing an instrument. "Music was always very important to me,” Smith said. “My mom was a vocal coach, so I had it at home too. I had a really cool music teacher that totally believed in me, and would always kind of make me feel special, and you know, I'd like to give her a little bit of credit as well. You need that encouragement, and maybe if they didn't have the music programs some of those kids wouldn't get the encouragement."

    VH1's "Save The Music" program works to keep music education alive in public schools nationwide, and aims to raise the awareness of the positive impact music participation has on students.


    New Poll
    Please vote on the new poll. Here are the last poll's results:
    Which songs would you want to see performed LIVE from "Mariah Carey" on the CB World Tour?
    1.) Love Takes Time 1169 24%
    2.) Vanishing 1105 22%
    3.) Vision of Love 633 13%
    4.) Prisoner 502 10%
    5.) I Don't Wanna Cry 345 7%
    6.) All In Your Mind 342 7%
    7.) Someday 302 6%
    8.) There's Got To Be A Way 249 5%
    9.) Alone In Love 165 3%
    10.) Sent From Up Above 124 3%
    Total Votes: 4936

    BOTH Status On Radio
    MARIAH CAREY "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" (MONARC/IDJMG)
    Following up last week's Most Added official debut, KEN LANE, ERIK OLESEN & MIKE EASTERLIN deliver another solid week for this Superstar. The familiarity is there folks, so give her the shot she deserves. New add action this week included: Z100, KHTS, WFLY, WSSX, KKMG, KSMB, WAOA, WHOT, WKCI, WWCK, WZYP & more!

    Stanley, Hitmakers

    The song has already charted on Z100's high noon countdown at #8 and reached #2 on the top 9 @ 9 countdown. It is also #36 on the Z100 playlist (IKWYW is #6). Please keep requesting the song on your local stations. Big shout out to Steve Burt for his ongoing dedication and help with the song's requesting campaign. (thanks Joseph, Dean)

    IKWYW Charts Update
    Eurochart Hot 100 singles: the song drops to #2.
    German singles chart: the song climbed from #14 to #9 being the first top 10 hit since Heartbreaker.
    The Lick R&B Chart, MTV: the song is #1 for a second week on the lick's weekly countdown.
    MTV's Most Played: Hitmakers list 'I Know What You Want' as the most played song on MTV for the past week.
    Israeli's weekly countdown: please vote for the song by using the information here.
    (Thanks Roi, Eran, a dee084, Stanley)

    Various Bits

  • Gabby would like us all to vote for Mariah on Spanish Program.

  • The Mariah Carey Fan Trades Center has now changed to a new site with a new URL at The Mariah Lambs Zone.

  • Tison works at Old Navy and told me that "Boy (I Need You)" is included on the in-store CD that will be played until mid July in over 800 stores across the US.

  • Jamie found the following newsbit on "Sporting News" (June 16th edition), under "6 easy-to-wrap peices of infomation that will impress Dad more than any necktie":
    Pop diva take a swing at golf couturet
    Refused a tee time at a golf club until she changed what she was wearing-usually it's precious little-pop star Mariah Carey told New York radio station she wants to design women's golf wear. "i (once) went on the links in 3-inch high heels and barely anything on,and they didn't mind. I'm now seriously contemplating designing sexy womens's golf clothes." Mariah isn't doing much for slow play,but at least she's helping the groundskeeper aerate the greens.
  • updated byLiron June 12th, 2003 12:20PM
    Mariah: A 'Save The Music' Hero
    Early Show, June 12 2003 (CBS) The Early Show’s “Save the Music” guest Thursday was the No.1 selling female artist of all time. Mariah Carey, who made a donation to the music campaign, has 15 No. 1 hit singles and was the only artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s.

    Carey as been one of Save The Music Foundation's longest supporters. She says when she was a kid she was not a stellar student but music kept her on track.

    She tells co-anchor Harry Smith,“I really wanted to do what I like. What I loved was music. When they take the programs out of the schools, you might be missing an opportunity to get one of the most incredible talents that could emerge out of a school or whatever area. So I feel it's important to support Save the Music.”

    On Thursday, she donated a microphone, which she says costs a small fortune, signed “Love always, Mariah.” Put your bid on eBay and it can be yours.

    The daughter of a former opera singer and vocal coach, Carey began singing at the age of 4 and was writing her own songs by the time she was attending Olfield Middle School.

    About her upbringing, she says, “Music was always important to me. My mom is a vocal coach, so I had it at home, too. I had a really cool music teacher who totally believed in me and would make me feel special. And so I like to give her a little bit of credit as well, because you need that encouragement. Maybe if they didn't have music programs, some of those kids wouldn't get that. We wouldn't have people like Jimmy Jam who is an all-around incredible person.”

    Mariah Carey was part of the first Public Service Announcement series, raising awareness of Save the Music; she participated in the very first VH1 DIVAS LIVE benefit concerts in 1998 (and has performed in two others). She has donated items for annual auctions, made public appearances to speak out on behalf of the foundation and has visited public schools where music programs have been restored.

    She says music has helped her through the tough times in her life. She explains, “The thing that I have tried to put into my music is the spirit of someone who stays with things and makes it happen despite adversity. Songs like ‘Hero’ or ‘Through the Rain’ are about survival.

    "That's how I have gotten through my life. Music is something that has gotten me through every difficult situation, from ‘Charmbracelet,’ which is my emotional release, writing down everything I needed to say, singing from my heart, a healing process. That's why it's very important that we keep saving the music for kids like these.”

    Next week, Carey kicks off her first world tour in three years in support of her current CD, “Charmbracelet,” which features the No. 1 selling single "Through the Rain" and the new single, "Bringing on the Heartbreak" which is a Def Leppard cover.

    The “Charmbracelet” world tour starts in Seoul, Korea, June 21. The U.S. leg kicks off July 26 in Las Vegas. This is her first-ever theatre tour, a more scaled-down production that she wanted to provide a more intimate environment for her fans.

    So she is asking fans to request their favorite songs on her Web site and she will use those choices to come up with her set list for each night.

    Carey's “Charmbracelet” CD, released in December 2002,has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide and has topped the charts across the globe.

    It is the first release of her own record label, MonarCMusic. Randy Jackson of "American" Idol fame, co-produced a lot of the album with Carey and is her musical director.

    Carey's was recently honored at the Fresh Air Fund’s annual Spring Gala for her contributions to make sure kids from the city can get out to the country and go to camps.

    CBS News - Click to see the feature with the interview clip from the show.

    Mariah To Work With Thicke?
    Thicke, songrwiter, producer, and vocalist has recently worked with Mariah on a song off of his album called.. "Stupid things". Here's what's written on his official site:

    Stupid Things...
    FYI- Mariah Carey just put a vocal on Stupid Things...it's more like a guest star "thing" than a duet...let's see if this goes any further??!!

    Lil Cad, Thicke's Official Site

    IKWYW On Billboard
    IKWYW Billboard update - Issue Date:June 21, 2003

    Hot 100
    This Week: #4
    Last Week: #3
    Weeks On Chart: 16

    Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks:
    This Week: #8
    Last Week: #5
    Weeks On Chart: 21

    Hot Rap Tracks:
    This Week: #4
    Last Week: #4
    Weeks On Chart: 16

    Top 40 Tracks:
    This Week: #8
    Last Week: #6
    Weeks On Chart: 11

    Top 40 Mainstream:
    This Week: #9
    Last Week: #12
    Weeks On Chart: 7

    Rhythmic Top 40:
    This Week: #4
    Last Week: #4
    Weeks On Chart: 16

    On the UK midweek charts, IKWYW dropped to #5.

    JRKing, Billboard, Mariah Connection

    Short Interview On UK Magazine
    Mariah Carey was featured in a double page spread about WiseGirls in the UK magazine- 1st On Video & DVD.
    In a short interview section, Mariah said "whilst music was her first love, she was enjoying the chance to try acting". When asked what she thought of Eminem's acting debut- 8 Mile, Mariah joked- "Who?!". She then reinforced that the Eminem rumours were completely untrue, and that she was looking forward to touring. Asked what she sets time aside to watch, Mariah said "I seldom watch tv. I am not an avid fan in anything in particular. Although, I have caught a couple of Relic Hunter episodes recently- it's really empowering! I like singing along with the theme tune!"
    Ending on a happy note, Mariah said she was pleased to see of the success of IKWYW in the UK, and when asked whether 'Glitter' had dettered her from acting, she said- "No way- I'm a fighter!"

    Will, 1st On Video & DVD

    The Sweet Science Added To IMDB
    Jeanette found out that "The Sweet Science" has been added to the Internet Movies Data Base as a film in Pre-Production, set for a 2004 release.

    The movie, if made, will be directed by Jordan Brady and co-produced by Anthony Esposito (producer of Wisegirls).

    Check out the rest of the details on IMDB

    updated byLiron June 11th, 2003 2:30PM
    More About IKWYW DVD...
    Thanks to all of the updates from the dedicated fans who went out and searched for IKWYW. The current update is that the DVD release was indeed pushed back at the last minute (according to Best Buy to June 24th). More details coming soon..

    USA: BDS Airplay Monitor:
    50 Cent may replace himself at radio's #1 spot again. His guest shot with Lil Kim is gaining in listeners, while the top two decline in audience. Monica makes a top 10 debut, edging #11 Ashanti.

    1 50 Cent - 21 Questions 123.4 mil
    2 Sean Paul - Get Busy 111.2 mil
    3 Lil Kim - Magic Stick 103.4 mil
    4 Busta Rhymes - I Know What You Want 101.3 mil
    5 Fabolous - Can't Let You Go 98.6 mil

    marbelous, USA Today.

    In the UK, IKWYW is currently # 1 in the Urban Chart & has been added to the Kiss FM playlist, Radio 1 Playlist and many more. It has also moved up 6 places on the airplay chart to #6. This is the first time a Mariah single charted in the top 10 airplay charts since AAO peaked at #10. (Thanks Mariah Connection)

    In Norway, IKWYW climbed 8 spots to #10 on Norway's top 20 hit list. (Thanks Mariah_Hero)

    Mariah on the CBS Early Show
    Don't miss Mariah's live interview on the CBS Early Show on Thursday June 12!
    If you're in the NYC area and want to attend, head to 767 5th avenue at 59th Street in Manhattan by 7:30am est to show your support! She'll be interviewed about VH-1's Save The Music Charity, her upcoming tour and more! She'll be signing autographs afterwards so stick around!


    Hot 97 Summer Jam 10 - Now on TV
    Were you at Hot 97 Summer Jam 10? Even if you were not, click on over to the Hot 97 site to see the special presentation that will feature never before seen interviews & performances from the Summer Jam 10 acts including Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul and Mariah. For more info go to Hot 97.


    Mariah in Us Weekly / People Magazines
    We already know what a "fashionista" our lovely Miss M is but the June 16 issue of Us Weekly Magazine shows how you too can wear the look of our favorite trendsetter!
    Check out a pic of Mariah with last years A.I. winner Kelly Clarkson backstage @ Z100's Zootopia show on the current issue of People magazine.
    Both pictures can be seen on Mariah's official site.


    MC's Vegas Concerts? [Not Confirmed]
    Carey on
    Who says those Divas can't get along?

    It turns out Mariah Carey will become Diva Las Vegas when she plays The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in late July.

    Carey is often compared to the theater's primary tenant, Celine Dion, in terms of their dazzling vocal range and even more dazzling commercial success. There had been reports here and elsewhere that Dion didn't want to have another female performer take her stage.

    But an insider confirmed Monday that Carey is indeed coming to Caesars Palace. And despite such well-publicized failures as "Glitter," the end of her marriage to Tommy Mottola and her stay at Silver Hill, the tony Connecticut rehab, Carey remains a top-selling recording artist with a talent second to none.

    Tickets are expected to go on sale this weekend for the planned July 25 and July 26 shows.

    Las Vegas Sun

    Billboard's Zootopia Review
    June 10, 2003
    Following Simple Plan would have been no small feat for most acts, but diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey was next to step up to the plate. Z100's morning jock Elvis Duran was joined by "American Idol" judge and Carey producer Randy Jackson to present the songstress with the first "Z100 Achievement in New York Music Award."

    After thanking all the "lambs," Carey later returned to perform the evening's most star-studded set. Joined at different times by Da Brat and Busta Rhymes & the Flipmode Squad, Carey cooed hits like "Heartbreaker," current single "Bringing on the Heartbreak," and Busta's "Give It To You."


    Ashanti Surprised By Mariah
    R'n'B beauty Ashanti was shocked when she met diva Mariah Carey -because the star was surprisingly "down to earth". Ashanti - who's touring with Carey across America - admits she had a different impression of the singer before she was introduced to her. She says, "I was definitely always a fan of hers. We're on the same record label, so that's how it (the tour) came about. I met her in Miami and she's really cool. She's so down to earth and funny, which I didn't expect." Ashanti’s second album ‘Chapter II’ is out June 30.

    Neil, SoundBuzz.

    Eminem Lets Go of MC (Finally?)
    Between the two Green Lantern mixtapes, Eminem delivers nearly a full disc worth of personal disses, an indulgence the rapper couldn't afford on his official Shady/Interscope albums. In his national releases, Eminem only takes passing jabs at a lengthy enemies list: Moby, Christina Aguilera, Jermaine Dupri, Canibus, Insane Clown Posse, 'N Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick and onetime buddy Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Other feuds and/or insults heated up in other media involve Everlast (House of Pain), Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Australian Prime Minster John Howard and, according to one British tabloid, Osama Bin Laden, who apparently did not enjoy Em's parody in the "Without Me" video.

    Those looking for a jab at Mariah Carey, another artist currently in the Eminem sites, will be disappointed--there's only a brief mention on Invasion II. The singer and rapper were supposedly an item for a short time, but Carey denied it and even slighted the rapper in her song "Clown." Eminem's reportedly was threatening to release Mariah's voicemail messages, many of which were apparently left in a little girly voice, on an upcoming album.

    E Online

    Fan Site
    Alyssa made a new website for Mariah called Mariah-Charmbracelet-Site which you can visit here.

    updated byLiron June 10th, 2003 9:15PM
    Did Anyone Find IKWYW DVD?
    Apparently a lot of fans have had a hard time finding the DVD single that was due out today (according to actual record stores listings) and it might have been pushed back at the last minute. If anyone did find it, please let me know where!

    Ultimate Albums Date Change
    Show Time:
    Friday Jun. 20 11:30/10:30c PM
    Saturday Jun. 21 8:00/7:00c PM

    About The Episode:
    Mariah Carey’s Butterfly was the critical flashpoint in the pop diva’s career … when she says she severed the chains that shackled not only her music but her spirit. This episode of VH1’s Ultimate Albums documents Mariah Carey’s daring 1997 flight into independence.

    Butterfly was recorded during the most tumultuous time in Mariah’s life. Her marriage to Sony CEO Tommy Mottola was coming to an end and she was breaking away from the corporate managers and handlers that shaped her career, turning her into a pop princess.

    In Ultimate Albums, Carey frankly discusses how, after eight years, she bristled under the constraints that came with being a superstar. And for the first time, she opens up about her marriage to Mottola, calling it a “confining relationship” and referring to their home in Long Island as “Sing Sing.”

    With the release of Butterfly, Mariah Carey redefined her sound and her image. She produced every track on the album. She embraced the hip-hop sound and opened up emotionally in her lyrics. And with the production of her controversial video for “Honey,” Mariah ditched her girl next door image and turned herself into a sexy diva of desire.

    Fans responded to Mariah’s sonic shift..Butterfly’s first single “Honey” became her 12th straight number one single, breaking the record held by Whitney Houston and Madonna. And the album went on to sell nearly 9 million copies worldwide. Though Butterfly was far from her most successful record, Mariah says it remains her truest.

    Interview - Mariah Carey: Fly Life
    In 1997, Mariah Carey didn’t need to prove herself to anyone but herself. She had sold millions of records and tied Whitney Houston and Madonna for the most No. 1s by a female artist - all by the tender age of 27. But following the New York diva’s divorce from Tommy Mottola, the CBS exec who discovered her and shaped her career, there was a question in the air: could Mariah soar on her own? She told VH1 about how her troubled childhood, love for hip-hop, and sexy video led to Butterfly, and her greatest personal triumph so far.

    VH1: Where did you get the inspiration for the title Butterfly?

    Mariah Carey: Butterfly was about leaving one section of my life and moving on to another. The title track was a wish list of things I hoped somebody would say to me, but I wrote it as though I were talking to someone else. The lines “Spread your wings and prepare to fly/ For you have become a Butterfly/ Fly abandoningly into the sun” is like someone saying, “Do your thing.” There’s another line: “Wild horses run unbridled/ Or their spirit dies.” You can't restrain a free spirit – either you're going to break them or they're going to leave and never come back.

    VH1: You originally wrote “Close My Eyes” four years before Butterfly. How did it happen?

    MC: I had just done my first concert for a TV special in Schenectady, N.Y. I hadn't done anything other than Unplugged and little one-off shows with a piano player, so if was like my first real concert. I got off stage and went home to this really pretty farm in upstate New York. I was taking a bath and looking out the window - one of my favorite things. The moon was out and I was reflecting on my life. It was the first time I really sat and took it all in. It's almost like I watched my whole career go by. I took a breath and said, “I’ve really accomplished something. What did it take to get here?” That started the concept for the song. I wrote the whole first verse and kept it in the back of my mind - I didn't even write it down – for like four years. Fast forward to '97, and while writing Butterfly, I picked up where I left off after the first chorus.

    VH1: So the song could be about your career so far.

    MC: There are a lot of different things in the song that are personal and symbolic for me. A lot of my fans get very specific about that song because they apply it to their lives. I've read the letters and they really relate to that song. I don't want to say what my symbols are because it's about whatever they want to read into it. I like to keep some of those things for myself.

    VH1: What was it about this album that allowed you to let all these emotions come out?

    MC: I guess I was putting my foot down and trying to be free. It's like when you've been confined for a long time. You’re like a kid in school and then it's recess. Butterfly was almost like recess. [Laughs.] I was still going through a confusing personal change. The line in “Close My Eyes,” “I feel like a child as I look at the moon/ Maybe I grew up a little too soon,” encompasses the whole thing really.

    VH1: Tell me a little about your childhood, and the things you learned too soon.

    MC: Well, it's hard for me to get specific about that. I saw a lot of stuff as a child that some people don't even see who live to be in their 70s. My life is something most people don't understand. A lot of dysfunction went on.

    VH1: The song “Outside” is about never fitting in. Did you draw on childhood memories for that?

    MC: I wrote “Outside” as a multi-racial person and having the feeling there's no one the same as you. That’s how I felt growing up. It wasn’t the easiest thing to go that road alone. I have a lot of memories like being in kindergarten and drawing a picture of my family and the teachers are going, “You're using the wrong color! Why are you making your father brown?” That's the first time that I felt like there was something wrong with me. I always hated my name because it made me feel different. Now when people come up to me and they're like, “This is my baby, her name is Mariah,” and it's an interracial baby, I feel like, “Okay, I'm not alone like I used to be.”

    VH1: Didn’t your name come from a song?

    MC: My name comes from “They Call the Wind Mariah,” a song from the musical Paint Your Wagon. When I was little, everybody's father or mother would sing the song to me, and I couldn't stand it. No teacher could ever pronounce it. I was like, “Why couldn't my name just be like Debbie or something?” Now I'm happy because at least it's unique.

    VH1: Was “Honey” written about anybody in particular?

    MC: “Honey” probably is written about somebody in particular. [Laughs.]

    VH1: Can a relationship with someone else fuel your music?

    MC: It does. I can take a scenario from eighth grade and go, “Okay, I'm going to write about this as if it's now.” I could take a scenario from the year of Butterfly, and write about it like it's yesterday. I wrote the lyrics to “Honey” in Puerto Rico on this boat. I kept rewinding the track and watching people jet-ski, thinking, “That would be cool for the video.” I never think about the video when I'm writing the song, usually, but the whole atmosphere seemed right.

    VH1: Both “Honey” and “The Roof” were based around loops of hip-hop records.

    MC: The original loop on “Honey” was from “Body Rock” by the Treacherous Three. That was Q-Tip's idea. It was my idea to throw in the “Hey DJ” part, because that was always one of my favorite songs. With “The Roof,” I based it on a loop from a rap record called “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep. I was driving upstate in the car one day, listening to the radio. “Shook Ones” was on and I just started singing a melody on top of it.

    VH1: Were you afraid such an urban sound was going to be too much of a departure for your fans?

    MC: I still don't see why people think that. It’s not that different from “Fantasy” being based on a Tom Tom Club loop and featuring Old Dirty Bastard on the remix. At the time, people were in shock. “Mariah’s working with ODB? How did that happen?” It’s always like there's got to be a new story, and the new story is Mariah went hip-hop. Whoa! Butterfly has a lot of ballads on it, too.

    VH1: Had hip-hop always been a presence in your life?

    MC: The minute we heard the Sugar Hill Gang on the radio as kids, we started memorizing it. Hip-hop is an art form that continues to evolve. Music executives would say to me, “This is a fad,” and I'd be like, “You don't even know what you're talking about. You guys are the last ones to know sometimes. I've been listening to this music since I was in fifth grade!”

    VH1: The “Honey” video got a lot of people talking, too.

    MC: People felt like my image changed because suddenly I could do what I wanted to. But “Honey” is quite tame compared to some of the videos that are out now by quote/unquote pop artists. Yes, I do strip down and all that stuff, but I'm not like stripping. There's a bikini. To me, it's all very playful and done in fun. It was totally up my alley because who else is going to swim with Gucci stilettos on? That's very me. For the first time, I got the chance to have fun making a video and be myself. Like the running on the beach with the dog? That's me. When you don't see me on TV, that's what I'm doing. [Laughs.]

    VH1: Did your ex-husband Tommy Mottola know what your plans were for Butterfly?

    MC: I would bring him in the studio and have him listen sometimes, asking him “Do you like this?” That happened once or twice, but it was different than before. I enjoyed listening to music with him. He’s very smart. We really connected on that stuff except most of the time I would lean more urban, because that's just what I grew up with.

    VH1: Did you miss having his input on the album?

    MC: No. The truth is, I was the one in the studio for hours and hours. He would come in and give input every now and then. Butterfly was just an extension of where I'd already been going anyway. It was my vision. It wasn't about “Let me get the approval on every single song and every single thing I'm singing and every single hit.” [Laughs.]

    VH1: I read when the album was released you cried, like you lost a part of you.

    MC: It was the first time it was something that was completely my own expression, without anybody holding me back. It was an emotional time for me anyway, but it meant a lot to me. It still does. That record is like the only one that I'll leave on from start to finish.

    VH1: With Butterfly did you transform from a girl to a woman?

    MC: It was a metamorphosis for me, but I don't know if it was a growing up thing. It was more allowing myself to celebrate my life and deal with my life in adult terms. It's funny. It’s my friends’ favorite album, too. Sometimes when we're on vacation we'll just go and listen to Butterfly. If there is one record that people who aren't necessarily fans of mine were to buy, I would say to get Butterfly. Because you don't have to be a fan of hearing me hit the high note 25 times to appreciate some of these songs that show a different side of me. It's definitely a milestone.

    Robbie, VH1 (Click for an interivew clip & a trivia game)

    Mariah #27 On FHM's Sexiest Women
    Mariah made #27 in the FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World! Heather sent me the scan of Mariah's spot on the magazine.
    In the current issue of the German "Rolling Stone" is a small article about Mariah and BOTH. Kathi sent me the scan. Both scans are in Gallery 9.

    updated byLiron June 10th, 2003 11:15AM
    How To Make IKWYW #1?
    I've been getting some e-mails with remarks on whether or not it is realistic to want to get IKWYW to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100. Well, I'm not going to speculate or anything - here's the situation as it is:
    IKWYW is currently #3 in overall airplay charts. "21 Questions" & "Get Busy" are in front of it. The airplay for IKWYW is compiled by POP, Rhythmic & Urban stations. During its first weeks on the chart, what pushed the song was mainly the big airplay it got on Rhythmic & Urban stations. The push from pop radio stations is what managed to get the song to #3. For the past two weeks, the Urban & Rhythmic airplay is going down very fast while pop airplay is gaining and has now even surpassed "21 Questions"!

    So it really comes down to the song's airplay in the R&B stations (where it was huge in the beginning). If we manage to request it enough this week so it gains a decent amount of spins on the R&B stations plus a good amount of DVD singles sold (American Idol singles are also released this week...), yes the song can make it to #1. Either way, the song's achieved an incredible success and we should be proud & happy for it!

    Other IKWYW News:
  • IKWYW is #4 on the UK midweek chart with 4,664 copies sold (Thanks United Lambs of Britain)

  • Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad were on The Doug Bank's Morning Show this morning. He says they just wrapped up a remix for IKWYW but that the chorus well be sung by a suprise well-known male artist instead of a female. (Thanks Robin)

  • On www.bustarhymes.com, there is a place at the bottom right of the screen where you can send IKWYW to your friends' cell phones. (Thanks Stanley)

  • "I Know What You Want" is out now in Australia! Pick up your copy from any record store for only AU$4.99. Busta & Mariah face tough competition from new releases by Christina Aguilera and Delta Goodrem so they need all the sales they can get.
    TRACK LISTING (amended!):
    1. I Know What You Want (Dirty Version)
    2. Break Ya Neck (Album Version)
    3. I Know What You Want (Instrumental)
    4. I Know What You Want (Video)
    Request the track around Australia here (Thanks Mariah Downunder Forums).

    The Famous Golf Picture!
    Stilettos On Golf Yard We've been hearing all week about Mariah on the golf yard with 3-inch stilettos. James Brown scanned the exclusive picture that appeared on the Saturday edition of "The Sun" (UK) and you can see the full picture in Gallery 9

    In addition, Jessica sent me a scan from the June/July issue of "Sister 2 Sister" magazine & Janel sent me scans from the NY Daily News & NY Post from the American Heroes Awards - also in Gallery 9.

    Atlanta Lambs
    The Atlanta Lambs is an organization that promotes Mariah in Georgia (mainly in Atlanta, but is open to all Georgia residents). We request her on local stations, pass out flyers advertising her releases, have single/album buying days, fan gatherings and more for members. We work with radio stations and Mariah’s management to try and keep fans informed and closer to Mariah. We have several events and projects through out the year, and it is all free! With your membership, you get a membership card, a special Atlanta Lambs members newsletter, access to the members area, and chances to win great Mariah prizes. As an added bonus, all this month, anyone who signs up to be an Atlanta Lamb will be entered to win an import Boy (I Need You) single! So, if you live in Georgia and want to spread the word about Mariah while meeting new fans, sign up to be a part of this exclusive team of Mariah fans. To sign up please send us the following info at rpnatlanta@yahoo.com:

    Name, Age, Lamb since...(year), Area in Ga, Contact email address, Desired username/password for the members area, Little info about yourself for the Members page, Any ideas for events/projects/contests (if any).
    Check out rpnatlanta.tk for more information on prizes and the Atlanta Lambs.

    Fan book
    Arthur would like to make a fan book for Mariah with her fans' pictures. To find out information about how to send in your picture, please email him here.

  • updated byLiron June 9th, 2003 8:55PM
    IKWYW DVD Single Out In The US Tomorrow!!!
    Tomorrow, Tuesday - June 10th, a DVD single of I Know What You Want will be released. This is the very last chance for the song to attempt to move up the Billboard charts.
    You can also purchase the DVD single through Amazon.

    IKWYW has also been released in Australia today. You can order the single on HMV Australia

    IKWYW remains #3 in the UK hitlist for a 2nd week and stays #1 in the Philipines' biggest radio station - Magic 89.9 for the third week in a row. Also on Magic 89.9 - BOTH rises to #14. (Thanks Paul, John & Kenneth)

    No Ashanti For CB Tour
    According to a spokesperson for Ashanti, the singer will no longer be opening for Mariah Carey on the Charmbracelet tour. New dates for the trek, which has been downsized, have yet to be announced.

    Ruth, MTV News

    Tickets Now: Philadelphia, PA Tour Date Is On
    According to Tickets Now, Mariah will hold her concert on the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as planned on September 14, 2003. (Thanks Paul)
    Note: The PA & TX dates haven't been confirmed by the record label yet.

    Mariah On The Early Show
    Pulling Strings To 'Save Music'
    During the week of June 9, The Early Show will highlight artists and organizations that support the work of Save The Music. Special performances will be featured each day. Special Guests include: Mariah Carey, Uncle Kracker, Monica, Jimmy Jam, Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band and Heather Headley

    Alan, CBS News

    Deja Vu At AC Radio
    Looking at the Most Added column at AC radio this week may make you believe you're in a time machine: The four most-added songs are all covers. Michael McDonald (pictured) leads the way with "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" (originally sung by Gladys Knight & The Pips in 1967 and taken to No. 1 in 1968). Tied for second are newcomer Michael Buble's cover of George Michael's "Kissing a Fool" and Mariah Carey's rendition of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." Finally, Counting Crows team with Vanessa Carlton on "Big Yellow Taxi" — a song originally performed by the Neighborhood in 1970 and made famous by Joni Mitchell.

    Marquis, R&R

    updated byLiron June 8th, 2003 11:10AM
    Ticketmaster: TX Tour Date On Aug 26
    According to Ticketmaster, a new American tour date is scheduled for August 26th, 2003 at the 'Nextstage' venue on Grand Prairie, Texas.
    Tickets go on public sale on June 21st at 10:00 AM. (Thanks DMCA)

    Pictures Update
    Updates in Gallery 9:
    Scans from the new J-14, BlackBeat and the Enquirer (Thanks Janel), Scans of a special TTR promo from Thailand that includes a Mariah biography, 'diary', lyrics of the song and a promo CD (Thanks Ballsath), High quality pictures from the Fresh Air Fund American Heroes Awards show and from Zootopia (Thanks mcfanatic, Tarvo & Brian).

    FYI, Mariah is featured on page 60 in the May issue of Hype Hair magazine. I think it has Beyonce Knowles on the cover and along the top it has a strip of female celebrities like Queen Latifah and Mariah. The article talks about something like her beauty and her success. (Thanks Mame)

    More About Mariah's European #1
    As you know, I Know What You Want is #1 on the Eurochart Hot 100 Singles (Issue Date: June 14, 2003) based on its charting in the following countries:
    Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Flanders, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Holland, Sweden, United Kingdom & Wallony.
    The single jumped to #1 from its #19 position last week. Mariah's only other #1 hit on the European Hot 100 was "Without You" and her last top 5 hit was "Heartbreaker" (#4 for 3 weeks). (Thanks Maurizio & Roi).

    In Norway, IKWYW debuted at #18, and in Israel IKWYW is at #1 on the official singles chart this week! (Thanks Mariah's Crybaby & Tomer)

    Mariah Spotted In NYC
    Vibe Party, June 5th 2003 Surveillance
    A pigtailed Mariah Carey and Damon Dash made a surprise appearance during a children's gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers on Wednesday. "She was dressed to be noticed," reports a spy. "She and Damon just walked into this class and sat down. Of course, the 13-year-old girls started screaming. She signed a few autographs, and then they left." We hope that's not their idea of a workout.

    NY Daily News

    And on Thursday, right after the Fresh Air Fund ceremony, Mariah attended Vibe's 3rd Annual Quincy Jones Achievement Award Honoring Kedar Massenburg at the Supper Club, in NYC. Other celebrities who attended the event were Stevie Wonder, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bloomberg, Allen Iverson & Jalen Rose.
    Check out pictures from the party on Wireimages.

    Re the Latest: It's Re-lease
    The latest trend in music packaging is, well, repackaging. Mariah Carey is the latest artist to re-release her album in hopes it will spur sales. Carey will reissue "Charmbracelet" on her MonarC/Island label July 29 to include the hit "I Know What You Want," her collaboration with Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad that has returned her to the top of the charts. The new "Charmbracelet" will also include an additional remix and two other songs, as well as a new cover.

    The move follows the recent success of country singer Darryl Worley, who took songs from his previous two albums to pad out a rush-released "Have You Forgotten?" CD, featuring the pro-war title track and three previously unreleased songs. The repackaged CD took Worley into the Top 10 for the first time in his career.

    Sometimes the downsizing yields a better CD - Jay-Z's "The Blueprint 2.1" condenses the sprawling "The Blueprint 2.0" into a single CD and adds a hot new track "Stop." Of course, this doesn't help anyone who already bought the two-CD "Blueprint 2.0" set.

    This repackaging trend won't last long, though. As more and more consumers move toward the Internet to supplement their music needs, Web sites will soon take care of it - giving fans access to their archives, as The Beastie Boys did in 1999, and allowing them to build their own CDs. Instead of waiting for it to come in the mail, though, as you had to for the Beasties, fans will be able to get the tracks as fast as an e-mail.

    NY Newsday

    Wisegirls Showing In SF Theater
    Friday May 30 - Monday, June 9
    World Theatrical Premiere

    At Santolino's Restaurant, there's something even scarier than undercooked scampi on the menu.murder! Raychel (Mariah Carey), Meg (Mira Sorvino) and Kate (Melora Walters) are three waitresses who forge an unbreakable friendship when they find themselves involved in organized crime. Through back room deals at the "family-run" Italian restaurant, the women discover that survival is going to depend on much more than just service with a smile! Directed by by David Anspaugh Starring Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey, and Melora Walters USA. 35mm. Color. 96 mins. Nightly at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 pm with Wed/Sat/Sun Matinees at (2:00) and 4:00 pm

    "Odd, entertaining and authentic " -- Mick LaSalle, SF Chronicle
    "Truly a woman's gangster movie." -- Jeffrey Anderson, SF Examiner

    More details can be found here (Thanks Michael).

    UK Release Date For B.O.T.H
    According to Woolworths, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will be released Mon July 28th in the United Kingdom.

    Here is Mariah's competition - all other singles currently down for July 28th release:
    Craig David - Spanish
    The Hiss - The Clever Kicks
    Hot Hot Heat - No, Not Now
    Junior Senior - Rhythm Bandits
    Phixx - Gett Off*
    Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z - Frontin'
    Robbie Williams - Something Beautiful


    Fan Site
    Radjah created the first Algerian appreciation website for Mariah! Have a look right here.

    updated byLiron June 6th, 2003 11:50AM
    Mariah Receiving The American Heroes Award
    American Heroes Award, June 5, 2003 Mariah Carey arrived at the Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes, at Tavern On the Green, in New York, Thursday, June 5, 2003.
    Mariah received an award for her ongoing contribution to the Fresh Air Fund.

    Tom got to meet Mariah at the event and here is his review (I had to cut it down because it was huge):

    "I saw on the Today Show that Mariah was going to be honored by the Fresh Air Fund so I went to their website and saw the event listed and a number for tickets. I'm totally in debt and have $3,000 in credit card debt and when I called I was told the cheapest ticket was $500 and I said sorry, but I can't afford. I called back after a few days of thinking about it and decided to put it on my credit card since it was for a good cause, I never do anything fun, and it was an opportunity to finally meet Mariah.

    I know it wasn't a meet and greet and that she'd be busy, but figured I'd have to be prepared for any chance. She enters the tent and starts walking with the Mariah Mafia around her J (they were nice) and the president of the Fresh Air Fund. Some girl asked for a quick pic and Mariah took it and then as she was walking I introduced myself blabbing and said I was a Honey B. Fly member. I think she said "Oh really."

    I said I knew she was busy, but that I've been a huge fan for a long time and would really like to talk after the event if she had time and she said sure. At this time, it's just me and her walking with her people behind us and I asked "Did you ever get my Mariah's Funniest Moments CD," and she said "Uh, I think I've heard of it, but don't know if I ever heard it."

    Then, I had to go back to the entrance to see where I was sitting. It was under a big tent with tables that sat about 8-12 people and there were about 8 tables wide and 10-12 from back-to-front so I figured since I paid the lowest amount and some companies probably spent thousands of dollars that I'd have a crappy seat. I was in the front row! I couldn't believe it.

    After I finished I went to the back of the tent - oh yeah, Mariah was sitting in the middle of the tent off the center dance floor. I was like "How did I get a better seat than her?" I saw Louise, her friend Sadie, Randy Jackson, she sat next to her nephew Sean, and I saw her other bodyguard who has cornrows not sure if his name is Daryl or what. I didn't say hi to them or her because I didn't want to be a pest. Before dessert they gave out awards to Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Anthony (on video), Allan Houston from the Knicks, and then one of the former campers presented Mariah with her award while other campers were on stage and did a cheer as she approached.

    She thanked the kids, the president, and talked about the guy who presented her as someone who interviewed her at the camp and is now in college and that she thinks he can be a talk show host one day. That was about all of the ceremony. They said it was time for dessert and for people to dance.

    I just hung out and ate and walked around a bit. Mariah was sitting at her table and talking to some people there and Tommy Hilfiger came over for a few minutes to talk to her. I went outside the tent and saw Joe and Mark who are big fans I had seen earlier and told them she might be coming out soon and she came out about 2 minutes later and she made a turn toward the actual restaurant so I approached her (the other fans weren't allowed in because they weren't dressed up and didn't look like they bought a ticket. So, I asked her "Do you want this CD or no?" and she said yes and I again said that I spent like 60 hours going through all of my videos and stuff to compile it and she said thanks I think and then I remembered where we were and said "Oh, do you have to use the bathroom?" and she's like "Yeah," so I said I'd leave her alone and I was sorry.

    I asked what four songs would be on the re-release and that I knew the JD remix of "The One" she said a song with DaBrat and Elephant Man is the second, a song called "There Goes My Heart" (not sure it that's the exact title she said), and she said "I Know What You Want" is the fourth. Then, I asked "Is it true you're gonna have a song called "A World Without War" on the Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 soundtrack and she said "No, you can't always believe what they say." (or something of that nature.)

    She then walked over to some fans and signed some things and took a few pictures. Joe was nice enough to use his digital camera to take a picture of me with her and said he'd e-mail it to me. She then went over to her limo and I saw Louise holding the CD and said "Please don't throw that away!" and she said "I won't, Mariah gave it to me." Which was a relief.

    I hope she listens to it and enjoys it. I can only say I'm very happy and relieved and thank Mariah very much for taking the time to talk to me and take a picture and hope I wasn't too big of a pest, but I've been waiting 10 years for that moment after having many disappointments. So THANK YOU!"

    Pictures from the event on Gallery 9. Photo Credits: Globe Photos, Yahoo & Corbis.

    IKWYW Is #1 In Europe / Various Chart Bits

  • I Know What You Want is #1 in the European singles list (based on sales in all of Europe). The single has sold 92,400 copies this week in Europe.

    IKWYW Moves up 6 spots to #12 on the UK airplay charts and 3 spots to #5 in the Irish singles chart.
    On the German charts, it climbed 4 spots to #14 and peaks at #4 on Holland's TOTP and Mega Top 100.
    In South Africa, the song is #1. In The Philippines, Cyril is gathering a group of fans to support Mariah's airplay for the song, so all filipino fans check out this group.

  • "Charmbracelet" re-enters the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at #77 (25th week on the chart) and sells 412 copies in the UK to chart back at #167 on the albums chart (81% increase from last week).

  • May 2003 - Platinum Europe Awards:
    Mariah Carey's album 1s, released in November 1998 and awarded its first Platinum Europe the following month, has now reached double Platinum Europe certification.

    IslandYacht, Ashes, adee, Sergio, Cobus, Marquis, JRKing, Chris, IFPI

    Mariah TV on ASTRO (Malaysian Cable TV)
    Star World (Channel 70)
    Tue 10/6 13:00 Oprah Winfrey Show

    MTV Asia (Channel 71)
    Tue 10/6 16:30 Making The Video: Mariah Carey
    Fri 13/6 11:00 Shining Thru The Rain
    Wed 18/6 17:00 VH1: Mariah Around The World
    Fri 20/6 16:00 MTV Presents: Mariah Carey
    Sat 21/6 17:00 Shining Thru The Rain

    Korean CB Tour Edition
    Korean CB Tour Edition Release Date: June 2003

    CD 1
    1. Through The Rain
    2. Boy(I Need You) featuring Cam’Ron
    3. The One
    4. Yours
    5. You Got Me featuring Jay-Z and Freeway
    6. I Only Wanted
    7. Clown
    8. My Saving Grace
    9. You Had Your Chance
    10. Lullaby
    11. Irresistible (West Side Connection)
    12. Subtle Invitation
    13. Bringin, On The Heartbreak
    14. Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
    15. Through The Rain (Remix) featuring Kelly Price and Joe

    CD 2 (Audio VCD)
    16. There Goes My Heart
    17. I Know What You Want
    18. Gotta Thing 4 You
    19. The One - So So Ref Remix
    20. Through The Rain - Video
    21. Boy (I Need You) - Video

    SKS, Tube Music

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    IKWYW Holds At #3 On Hot 100
    For the third week in a row, I Know What You Want sits at #3 on the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

    Hot 100
    This Week: #3
    Last Week: #3
    Weeks On Chart:15

    Hot Rap Tracks
    This Week: #4
    Last Week: #3
    Weeks On Chart:15

    Celebs On Roll To Push 'Rocky' Law Off Books
    NYC Rally June 4th, 2003 June 5, 2003 -- A rain-dampened gaggle of hip-hop stars and local pols joined activists in the thousands under a steady rain at City Hall yesterday to urge an end to what they call antiquated and overly harsh drug laws left over from the 1970s.

    Hip-hop stars P. Diddy and Jay-Z, along with singer Mariah Carey and actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, angrily denounced the "Rockefeller laws," which they say are used to send thousands of black and Latino New Yorkers to prison for long terms - for possessing or selling small quantities of drugs.

    The guidelines, named for Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and approved during his 1973-74 administration, have been criticized as being racially biased.

    Under mandatory sentencing guidelines, first-time offenders face 15 years to life in prison.

    Organizers said between 20,000 and 50,000 people braved the rain to hear stars and politicians, including Andrew Cuomo, Mark Green and David Dinkins, denounce the laws.

    Witnesses said the crowd was far smaller than expected but filled City Hall Park.

    "We all know drugs are illegal, but these laws are antiquated and need to be addressed," said Carey, standing alongside rap mogul Damon Dash, CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records.

    "Fifteen years for a little mistake isn't fair, and that's why we're all here," Dash told the crowd.

    Former mayoral candidate Mark Green said it was "immoral to jail a kid who made a mistake for 15 to 20 years."

    Critics want to pressure the Legislature to overturn the laws by the end of the current legislative session.

    NY Post

    Read More:
    Diddy, Jay-Z, Susan Sarandon Rally Against New York Drug Laws (MTV News)

    More pictures from the rally can be seen on Wireimages.

    Freebies are fun
    You might think that rock stars get tired of being showered with gifts from product peddlers. Judging by the responses at last weekend's Zootopia 2003 Talent Gift Lounge, produced by On 3 Productions, free stuff never gets old.

    Diva Mariah Carey was just as thrilled with the pink Kipling bag full of goodies as younger performers like Kelly Clarkson were with the "Born to Lose" T-shirts from Left Field. Teen beauty Stacie Orrico, meanwhile, dove right into Dippity Do's new hair product line, glopping it on her locks. "I am a freak about citrus-smelling hair products!" she announced.

    Gifts ranged from high-tech gadgets like Nikon's Coolpix 3100 digital camera (one of Lisa Marie Presley's favorite items), to Frye boots, DKNY Jeans, Rampage's new fragrance and Silhouette sunglasses, which were a big hit with everyone from Ginuwine to J.C. Chasez.

    NY Daily News

    updated byLiron June 4th, 2003 10:35PM
    Summer Jam Pictures Update
    I updated Gallery 8 with lots of new pictures - including some from the recent Summer Jam, Zootopia, Today Show events, magazine scans and personal pictures.

    Credits to: Alex, Janel, mcfanatic, Brian, Bryan, Brianne, Matte, Star Shrine and Andrew.

    updated byLiron June 4th, 2003 11:15AM
    Chicago IL, Toronto, & Manchaster NH - Back On Tour Schedule!
    The first 3 confirmed tour dates for the new American schedule are:
    7/29/03 Chicago, IL United Center
    8/7/03 Toronto Air Canada Centre
    9/23/03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena


    Mariah Carey - The Remixes - Japanese Tracklisting / Cover
    Remixes Album Japanese Cover Here's the official tracklisting for the Japanese edition of "The Remixes", released in Japan on June 25th:

    CD 1:
    1. My All (Morales "My" Club Mix)
    2. Heartbreaker/"If You Should Ever Be Lonely" (Junior's Heartbreaker Club Mix)
    3. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix)
    4. Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Club Version)
    5. FANTASY (Def Club Mix)
    6. Honey (Classic Mix)
    7. Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
    8. EMOTIONS (12" Club Mix)
    9. Through The Rain (HQ2 Radio Edit)

    CD 2:
    1. Fantasy (Featuring O.D.B.)
    2. Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix featuring Da Brat and Xscape)
    3. My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix Featuring Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz)
    4. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)
    5. Breakdown (Featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)(Album Version)
    6. Honey (So So Def Mix Featuring Da Brat & JD)
    7. Loverboy (Remix)
    8. Heartbreaker (Remix)
    9. Sweetheart (Album Version)
    10. CRYBABY (Album Version)
    11. Miss You
    12. All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix featuring Jermaine Dupri & Lil Bow Wow)

    Sony Japan, Mariah Times

    Carey on: Mariah show on 102.7 blink?
    Mariah Carey could be gearing up for a new radio show that would air on 1027blink, the former WNEW (102.7 FM).

    Nothing is official yet, and no one is commenting, but Carey was spotted having lunch at the Brooklyn Diner over on 57th St. the other day just before she was scheduled to meet with the 1027blink powers-that-be about getting her own show on the station. There's been a lot of speculation for a while now that Carey will do a radio show, but nothing's been formalized yet.

    NY Post

    MC On Summer Jam 2003
    Summer Jam Mariah made a surprise appearance on Hot 97's Summer Jam X show, and performed "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes.
    Pictures from the show can be seen on Wireimages.

    Big pictures update coming up soon with lots of pictures from all recent events.

    Bone Crusher Raps About Mariah's Sex Appeal
    Bone Crusher needs to bone up on his Guy catalog.

    He and Jermaine Dupri recently recorded a remix of Mariah Carey's "The One" where JD, who also produced the track, incorporated one of the famed R&B group's old songs. However, the big man from ATL cannot remember which one.

    "It's a sample from a Guy record," Bone said on Monday, trying to think. "It's a sample from them, a slow song. I'm trying to think which one it is. It ain't 'Piece of My Love.' It might be 'Let's Chill.' I don't know for sure. You gonna have me thinking about it all day."

    He was, however, very clear about his own part in the song.

    "I go in, do a session, it takes me five minutes to write a rap. I do a verse and dip. [On my verse in the song] I'm talking about Mariah — how fantastically sexy she is."

    The Bone and Jermaine Dupri remix of "The One" was recorded for a reissue of Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet, which is due this summer (see "Mariah Carey Adding Some New Charms To Her Bracelet").

    The previous night, Bone had a chance to hang out with the alluring singer at Busta Rhymes' New York birthday party, which was also attended by Da Brat and E-40, with whom he just made a record as well.

    "That's my 'folkers,' " Bone said of 40. "That's what he calls it, 'folkers.' We did a crunk record, Lil Jon did the track."

    Last week the husky-voiced former chef hooked up with some other industry peeps for his own project, a remix video for "Never Scared."

    "When they heard the [original version of the] song, they loved it," Bone remembered about getting up with Cam'ron, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes. "I just asked them, 'Y'all want to do the song? OK cool.' I just love the love they're giving me.

    "We shot the video for it," he continued. "You know the game 'Halo,' it looks just like that. We're dressed in all black, we're in this warehouse. It's got fire and stuff blowing up everywhere, it's real hot. A lot of action. Benny Boom directed the video. It's kinda wild, fire blowing up besides you, but you get used to it after two or three takes. The fire was real close. Ain't no special effects, that's Real Deal Holyfield."

    MTV News

    J-Lo's Career-Maker With Ja Rule Almost Didn't Happen
    Jennifer Lopez's career-making record, her remixed version of "I'm Real" with rapper Ja Rule, almost never happened.

    In court testimony during the contentious lawsuit which TVT Records recently won against Def Jam, some interesting tidbits spilled out. They should of most interest, in fact, to Mariah Carey. I'll tell you why.

    Lopez, it was revealed in the last year or so, was actually given the "I'm Real" music from Carey's work-in-progress Glitter album by Sony's then chief Tommy Mottola. This caused no end of trouble for Carey, who had to scramble and re-record a single when she realized her idea had been pilfered.

    In an interview last year, Ja Rule's manager/producer Irv Gotti revealed that Mottola had asked him to make the Lopez record. But what's coming out now is that other forces almost halted Mottola's plan.

    In court two months ago, Def Jam president Lyor Cohen revealed that he had tried to put a stop to Ja Rule working with Lopez when he found out the project was moving ahead.

    "Irv in the middle of [recording a] Ja Rule album went and was asked to do a record for J-Lo. And then he put Ja Rule on it, stripped Ja Rule on it. And I said, you know, this could be devastating to our release. I don't think you should do this. He went ahead and did it anyhow. I did send Epic [J-Lo's label, overseen by Mottola] a letter not to allow them to do it."

    Ultimately, pressure was brought to bear on all parties, presumably by Mottola, to let the Ja Rule/Lopez track proceed. The rest is history: The remixed version of "I'm Real" was a smash No. 1 hit in 2001.

    Carey, who'd recorded her own track with Ja Rule, had to scrap everything she'd done at the last minute.

    But it's not like Ja Rule comes out of the TVT/Universal trial with his head held high. Rapper DMX might like to know that Ja Rule had plans for him, according to Cohen.

    In his testimony, Cohen recalls that Ja Rule asked for the same release date for his album as DMX's new album. Both acts record for Def Jam...


    "So he could sell more records than DMX," Cohen says, "and almost squash the beef of who is more popular."

    Nice, huh?

    There's more from the TVT/Universal lawsuit, in which TVT was awarded $132 million in damages. Half of those damages were assigned personally to Cohen, who seemed incoherent during much of the testimony. More tomorrow...

    Fox News

    updated byLiron June 3rd, 2003 4:00PM
    Mariah At Zootopia (June 1st, 2003)
    Zootopia For all of you that couldn't make it out to Giant Stadium for Mariah's performance at this years Zootopia show and to see her be the first person ever to be honored with the "Z100 Achievement in New York Music Award", then be sure to check out the Z100 Photo Gallery for some awesome pics of Mariah and friends.

    Mariah, TLC Highlight 'Zootopia'
    New York top-40 powerhouse WHTZ (Z100) celebrated its 20th birthday last night (June 1) at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., but it was Mariah Carey who was the belle of the ball. Z100's annual Zootopia summer concert stretched almost six hours into a chilly New Jersey night. The show featured 17 scheduled performances, surprise guests, and a special presentation to Carey of the first "Z100 Achievement in New York Music Award."

    Before a reported crowd of more than 46,000, Carey professed her delight at being "the first person to win this award." Her acceptance was followed immediately by a performance by Kelly Clarkson, who blurred the distinction between budding star and adoring fan. The "America Idol" winner gushed repeatedly about Carey, her obvious stylistic inspiration. "That's my first time to be in the same area with her," Clarkson told the crowd.

    Carey later returned to perform, bringing out surprise guests Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Squad for the finale of her brief set.

    Most acts performed only two or three numbers. The longest set list belonged to TLC. Surviving members Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas delivered an emotional performance of their biggest hits in what was billed as their farewell as a group. The set also was a tribute to group member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, who died last year in an automobile accident.

    Aerosmith drew the evening's biggest response with a powerful, swaggering four-song set. Other performers included Ginuwine, JC Chasez, Bowling For Soup, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Wayne Wonder, Daniel Bedingfield, Jewel, Third Eye Blind, Ashanti, Ja Rule, and new "American Idol" winner and runner-up Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.

    The latter pair was warmly greeted. Singing live to recorded tracks, Aiken delivered his pop-gospel rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and Studdard crooned through "Superstar" and his upcoming single "Flying Without Wings." But by the time the two got together for the anthemic "God Bless the U.S.A.," the crowd had thinned out substantially.
    -- Ken Schlager, East Rutherford, N.J.

    Zootopia Tue Jun 3, 3:24 AM ET

    AT radio station Z-100's summer kick-off concert "Zootopia," the order of the lineup was inconsequential. The brightest stars of Sunday's variety show were easily Boston bad boys Aerosmith and New York cutie Mariah Carey.

    Their sets were easily as the best of the 5-hour-plus, 17-act bill in terms of material, stage excitement and musical performance.

    That isn't to take too much away from acts such as Third Eye Blind, Simple Plan, Ja-Rule, Ashanti or TLC, but if you're going to make your mark when you're in a gang-bang concert, you can't hold anything back.

    Carey looked terrific and even pointed it out to the crowd. "Do you love the ensemble?" she asked with a runway spin. In hot pants, a black bra and a small vest, what was there not to like?

    The singer worked it with femme rapper Da Brat and later with Busta Rhymes. But where Carey displayed the depth of her ability as a show woman was on the ballad "Bring On the Heartbreak."

    Carey - who's had her troubles over the last couple of years - drew on her experiences and made the song breathe, hitting notes that sent shivers up your spine and others so high only dogs could hear them.

    Audience Rocking To Mariah's Heartbreaker, IKWYW on Zootopia
    Zootopia The first person to wear the "American Idol" crown, Kelly Clarkson, also performed. She was introduced by surprise guest announcer Randy Jackson. Jackson, of course, judges "American Idol" along with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

    "I'm not going to get naked, what is that about?" Clarkson, who performed "Miss Independent" and "Some Kind of Miracle," told a fan who was holding up a sign which said to do so. She later faked like she was going to give in and give the people an eye-full.

    But you have to love the "get naked" man's persistence. He struck out with Clarkson, but tried his luck again later in the show with one of the singer's idols, Mariah Carey.

    "That's not appropriate," Mariah told the guy, after performing both versions of her hit "Heartbreaker" with Da Brat.

    It's not like M.C. wasn't showing skin. The Billboard chart mainstay sported green booty shorts, a matching bra top and a black vest. She even took time out to bring even more attention to her ensemble.

    Busta Rhymes immediately drew awareness to himself as he and Spliff Starr made an unadvertised appearance onstage, starting "I Know What You Want."

    "Baby if you give it to me/ I'll give it to you/ I know what you want/ You know I got it," he sang. Mariah, who was honored earlier in the night with a Z100 New York Music Award, and her dancers later pranced down to join the Flipmode Squad, which had been entering the stage one by one as each of their verses started. The performance mirrored a club scene as everybody started dancing with each other.

    MariahCarey.com, Billboard Daily News, NY Post, MTV News

    Mariah in Busta's Birthday Celebration
    Busta's BDay Party Right after Mariah's appearance in Zootopia on Sunday, she showed up on Busta Rhymes' birthday party at the famous Copacabanas club in NYC and hung out with him on the VIP section.
    Check out pictures from the party on Wireimages.

    IKWYW Debuts At #3 On The UK Charts
    Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey's "I Know What You Want" (J) debuted at No. 3, with Radiohead's "There There" (Parlophone) bowing at No. 4, the group's seventh top-10 single. Emma Bunton's "Free Me" (19/Universal) arrived at No. 5, previewing the former Spice Girl's second solo album which is due later this year.

    The single is #3 on Hit List 40 UK (single sales & airplay) which makes it Mariah's 14th top five hit on this chart, 20th top 10 hit, 26th top 20 hit and 28th top 40 hit.
    It is also #2 on the R&B Chart for single sales & airplay (up from #8) and #8 on the official Irish singles chart.

    In the Pre-sales midweek charts, Mariah & Busta hold at #3 with a slight -4% decrease in the sales at 6489 copies.

    Billboard News, Andrew, Mariah Connection, marbelous.

    Mariah Being Honored With Another Award
    Zootopia After Z100's lifetime achievement award, Mariah is about to be honored with another award.
    Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director of The Fresh Air Fund was interviewed on the 'Today Show' during a segment raising awareness for the organization and she stated they were having a charity awards banquet on the Tavern on the Green in honor of Mariah and others - it's called the American Hero Award and it's supposed to be on Wednesday.
    According to Jenny, they've approaced Mariah for years about giving her this award, but Mariah's turned them down until now (Thanks Marquis & Bella).

    Function follows form for Mariah
    You loved her in a Bulls jersey/short skirt during the NBA all-star game at which Michael Jordan was saluted.
    You loved her in a Wizards jersey dress that she was falling out of on the same occasion.
    So there is no question about the woman's fashion sense.

    Now comes word singer Mariah Carey has designs on designing a line of golfwear.
    Her inspiration?

    "A recent visit to a golf course where she was asked to wear a collared shirt to comply with the dress code,'' the New York Post reports.

    ''I wasn't about to wear some golf shirt with a collar,'' she told a New York radio station. "I went out on the links in 3-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn't mind.''
    Can't imagine why. "I'm now seriously contemplating designing sexy women's golf clothes,'' she said. "I need some clothes to wear on the links.''

    Sounds like she'd be perfect for some variation of the Hooters' tour

    Mariah Carey does bit for women's golf
    Mariah Carey is considering designing her own line of sexy women’s golf clothes.

    The singer says she was inspired by a recent visit to a golf course where she was asked to wear a collared shirt to comply with the dress code.

    “I wasn’t about to wear some golf shirt with a collar,” Carey told a New York radio station.

    “I went out on the links in three-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn’t mind. I’m now seriously contemplating designing sexy women’s golf clothes. I need some clothes to wear on the links.”

    MARIAH CAREY won't cover up for any man. The curvy American songstress was horrified at being asked to wear a collared shirt to the strict dress code of a golf club recently. "I wasn't about to wear some golf shirt with a collar," she told US radio station Blink 102.7FM. "I went out on the links in three-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn't mind. I'm now seriously contemplating designing sexy women's golf clothes. I need some clothes to wear on the links." (June 3 2003, AM)

    Mariah takes to designing sexy golf wear
    Washington, June 3 (ANI): Mariah Carey has decided it's time she reformed the golf clothing industry. The glass-shattering diva has revealed she is thinking of starting a range of raunchy golf wear for women.

    According to a report in Peoplenews, Mariah got the idea after being warned for flaunting the dress code at her local golf course. But Mariah says "I went out on the links in three-inch high heels and barely anything on and they didn't mind." Indeed, members on the green were fully supportive of the singer's crusade.

    So is this to be the latest in a long line of celebrity forays into the world of fashion? To this Mariah says 'I'm seriously contemplating designing sexy women's golf clothes, I need some clothes to wear on the links.'

    Spooky21, Chicago Sun Times, Irish Examiner, Vogue Daily News, Yahoo! India

    Eminem takes shot at Mariah at MTV Movie Awards
    Rage rapper Eminem claimed the Breakthrough Male trophy for his work in the drama 8 Mile.
    In a pre-taped acceptance speech he took a shot at Mariah Carey and her romantic-musical flop.
    "I can't believe I beat Mariah for Glitter," he said.

    Foul-mouthed rapper Eminem has taken a stab at ex-flame Mariah Carey - after the pop diva labelled her former significant other a "bit girly" for saving phone messages she left him when they were an item.

    The "My Name Is" musician poked fun at Carey's flop movie "Glitter" during his acceptance speech at Saturday's MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. The hip-hop star took the best breakthrough male award for his performance in "8 Mile."

    He joked, "I can't believe I beat Mariah for her role in 'Glitter.'"

    The awards, which air on June 5, include performances by 50 Cent, pop singer Pink and Russian girl duo t.A.T.u.

    USA Today, Y-100, MarKi.

    Mariah "Charms" Fans
    Access Hollywood's Billy Bush was road trippin' with Mariah Carey in New York. He was on diva duty for her performance on the May 30 episode of The Today Show. However, it was the story of Mariah's connection with two fans that took center stage.

    The celebratory mood at the show was dampened by a cruel joke that was played on a disabled Mariah fan. The grandmother of a 10-year-old blind Minnesota girl named Michelle Katz innocently sent an e-mail to a bogus Mariah Web address and got back a nasty response from a fraud acting as the star.

    Billy spoke to Michelle's father Bill Katz by phone to get details on the story. "What was your reaction to receiving this e-mail?" asked Billy. "I couldn't believe it," said Bill. "When it first hit me, I got mad. After a while I thought about it and I said, 'There's no way she wrote this.'"

    When Mariah learned of the unfortunate situation she took matters into her own hands. "I called the girl. I spoke to her grandmother. I spoke to her dad. She was playing Butterfly, Hero and stuff on the piano," said Mariah.

    Michelle's father described the moment that he handed the phone to his daughter. "I went over to the piano and said, 'Michelle, the phone is for you. It's Mariah Carey,' and her face just lit up."

    "It's a really horrible thing for somebody to do. It's a total shot in the heart and it's a shock because who expects someone to do that, especially to a girl who's handicapped," Mariah told Billy.

    Another e-mail to Mariah's official Web site wound up with a more positive response for one diehard fan. Natasha Sullivan, whose brother was killed in Iraq, broke down when she got to meet her idol face to face on The Today Show.

    Billy talked to Natasha after her encounter with Mariah. "I know you've been through a lot. Does this maybe help a bit?" he asked. "Yeah, because this was like a dream come true. I thought I was dreaming the whole time."

    "Her story is so touching. I read her letter. I was just so glad to meet her and I'm looking forward to spending more time with her today," said Mariah.

    Access Hollywood

    Extra on 'Today Show'
    Extra It's finally summer in the city as a huge "Today" audience soaks in the sweet sights and sounds of Mariah Carey.

    Looking as beautiful as ever in a tight, belly-baring turquoise tank top and hip-hugging jeans, the sultry songbird even treated "Extra" to a butterfly tattoo show-and-tell.

    Mariah tells "Extra" she's back in bikini-shape thanks to a wet and wonderful exercise program. She says, "I do water aerobics, my new little thing, because it's not so strenuous on the voice cause you're not breathing so heavily. You can do it in the ocean, you can do it in a pool. So I’m like the little infomercial for water aerobics now."

    Mariah's gearing up for a July re-release of her "Charmbraclet" CD featuring four new tracks and promises she'll be getting up close and personal with fans on her world tour. She says, "It's sort of like a cabaret-meets-unplugged type of vibe and I think people will enjoy it because my fans want an intimate setting."

    In a tearfully intimate moment, Mariah's number one fan got to meet the superstar on the "Today" show stage. Natasha Sullivan recently lost her twin brother, an Army specialist, in the war with Iraq. Natasha says, "I've dreamed about this happening, but never thought I’d be that close to her, that anything like this would actually happen."

    Mariah ushers summer in the city and helps a fan make it through the rain.

    Extra TV

    Fan Site
    Robert has a new site for Mariah with some great sections! It's called Free To Fly.

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