March 2000

March 31, 2000..
Mariah and Luis Siting!
Macfvr 82 told me some news about goes :)
If you didn't know, I speak Spanish and this past Tuesday on a Spanish TV show on Univision called "El Gordo y la Flaca" they show footage of Mariah on a yatch with non other than her boyfriend, Luis Miguel. They were caught on camera on Monday, one day before Mariah performance at Miami on Tuesday. Luis Miguel was there because he performed last Saturday at the same place Mariah did this past Tuesday in Miami. They were saying how Mariah and Luis are still very in love even after the "small" incident that happened with Sofia Vergara. She is a Spanish TV host, very beautiful, and she is one of Luis Miguels many X-Girlfriends. She was also caught on videotape going into a restaurant or apartment to have dinner with Luis. Thats why there were some rumors about Luis going back with Sofia. They showed the video I just told you about to prove that Mariah and Luis are still very in love and that Luis and Sofia are just friends, or so I heard on TV

DaBrat Record Signing
DaBrat will be signing autographs the day of the Mariah Carey Concert in NYC. Thanks for Alan for these details:
Check the store locations and dates below to meet Da Brat and have her personally autograph your copy of her brand new album "Unrestricted"!!
New York City
Tuesday, April 11th
HMV Herald Sq. -
57 W.34th St @6th Av.

Miami Review
Hello Regina, Just wanted to let you know about the concert in Miami last night. It was the best concert ever. I had first row tickets, seat 1 & 2. Mariah looked great. She is even prettier in person. I took photos, they came out ok. I brought a portable camera just in case they confiscated it so the photo quality isn't all that. I was on the side of the stage that had the steps so I was in heaven. Mariah did put on lot of cute skits..and when she sang crybaby, she 10 feet in front of me. I was so excited! One of the young girls that was brought up on stage sat next to me. Mariah waved to me and shook my hand! The funny thing is one of her other fans who emailed you ( wrote on your web page about two drunk guys helping her scream Mariah's name and get her of those guys was my husband! One of my photos shows Mariah holding her bear. I was extremely happy with the overall concert but I did have back stage passes and we waiting for nearly two hours after the concert and Mariah never showed :( But her wave, hand shake & photos made all the waiting ok.

You got a Picture of Me?
That is what wants to on:
ok guys, in case u didnt' know, that HUGE lamb mariah held up at the end was mine. i threw it on stage for her, my sister & i had a little adventure, in fact, getting from almost 2nd level to floor level..(if u want to read my story, find my post later on..or email me at & i'll send it to ya=)i saw mc singing from FRONT ROW, center! it was AMAZING!!! well DUH me in teh excitement i TOTALLY forgot to take my camera with me, i even held her hand, i had her in front of me!!!! so i'm hoping LIKE CRAZY that someone, some kind soul took some photos of mariah with the lamb, holding it, picking it up, whatever =) or even, if u caught mariah shaking my hand, or if i'm even in teh picture...i have light brown hair, little below my shoulders, i was prolly sobbing by the time she got to me (dont' quite remember LOL) & i was wearing a pink crocheted top with the back bare & mariah jeans..if u think u have me in any pict, or even my lamb, PLEASE email me at IMMEDIATELY!! i will do ANYTHING to get my hands on some photos!! PLEASE~! thanks!!! =)

March 30, 2000..
Mariah #2
PhoenixLuna told me that Mariah's Rainbow tour (as of March 21) appears TWICE on the the top 10 grossing concerts!
Reported through March 21, 2000
Source: Amusement Business
1. $2,907,413. Backstreet Boys, Jungle Brothers, Willa. TransWorld Dome. St. Louis, Mo. March 7.< 2. $990,648. Mariah Carey, Da Brat. Staples Center. Los Angeles, Calif. March 16.< 3. $870,412. Bruce Springsteen. TD Waterhouse Centre. Orlando, Fla. March 4.< 4. $826,365. KISS, Ted Nugent, Skid Row. Arrowhead Pond. Anaheim, Calif. March 18.< 5. $725,022. KoRn, Stain'd, Mindless Self Indulgence. Arrowhead Pond. Anaheim, Calif. Feb. 29-March 1.< 6. $715,861 ($1,044,290 Canadian). Ricky Martin. General Motors Place. Vancouver, B.C. March 11.< 7. $698,826. KoRn, Staind, Mindless Self Indulgence. Allstate Arena. Rosemont, Ill. March 16-17.< 8. $681,068. Mariah Carey, Da Brat. Thomas & Mack Center. Las Vegas, Nev. March 18.< 9. $595,643. Britney Spears, LFO, Bosson. Palace of Auburn Hills. Auburn Hills, Mich. March 14.< 10. $423,615. Britney Spears, LFO, Bosson. Van Andel Arena. Grand Rapids, Mich. March 19.

Chicago Review
Hello Everyone My name is Michele and last night I went to the Miami Concert to see Mariah!!!!! Let me just start off by saying is was the best concert of my life. Of course Da Brat was the opening act. She was awesome. She had the crowd going crazy. When I first got there they showed us to our seats....I had sixth row but let me tell you it was much closer than I thought it would be. Then around 8:00 the lights went out and I got sooo nervous. Sure enough if was Da Brat. Then after her performance we had 15 minutes before Mariah came out. During those 15 minutes they played Luis Miguel's music in the background. The then lights went out again at 9:00. This is where I started to cry. Then Mariah appeared on stage. The crowd was going crazy. She came out looking beautiful as always. She was so close. She saw me and smiled and waved at me. I was excited. Then from there the concert went on nonstop. Well, of course they had the skits in between when Mariah went to change. She also started crying during Petals which made me cry also. Mariah brought 7 people on stage. Sadly it went by to quickly and the show was over. She sang Hero and when she was down at the crowd she lost her ring. I felt so bad. She was looking for it. Then it ended with Butterfly. I was sad to see Mariah go. Oh yeah when she sang Crybaby she had a pillow with Luis Miguel's face on it. It was so cute. I spent $106 buying 2 posters, 2 shirts, a keychain and the tourbook. At the end of the Butterfly song I turned around to get my tourbook and someone stole it and I was lucky enough that they were still selling them and bought another one...So if your going to a concert be careful watching your stuff. Well, once again I wanna say that the concert was awesome and I would definitely go again. Here's the list of songs Mariah sang probably not in the best order: Bye. Michele
My All
Always Be My Baby
Against All Odds/Take A Look At Me Now
Thank God I Found You and Remix w/ Trey Lorenz
Close My Eyes
Can't Take That Away From Me
Heartbreaker and Remix w/ Da Brat
Vision Of Love

Dream Come True sent me this:
OH MY GOD!!!!! i've just finished the BEST day of my 19 years!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! i went to mc's miami concert. my seats were pretty bad, they were on teh first floor, but pretty high up, almost 2nd floor. mariah looked pretty small on stage, so we got have NO IDEA how beautiful she is!!!! i could see her perfectly with binoculars, i could see her gorgeous tanned face & that hair..those EYES!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! neway at teh beginning of the concert i was crying because my two sisters and i had made her a fanbook with pictures, letters, poems, etc. it's really sweet & cute =) and also we found the PERFECT lamby for her,it's HUGE and soft & white & he's wearing green overalls. he's HUGE and SOOO CUTE!!! so we went to the concert with this huge lamby, two posters (which we didn't use at the end coz we were so far up) people kept fighting with us throught the concert coz we had so much stuff. well I HAD to get the book & lamby to her...we actually found 3 people at teh very last minute who we could get backstage passes from!!!! one of them was working on them till right before the concert, in fact. but none of them came thru =( so i was pretty upset...i had actually entertained the thot of meeting her....then when i saw our bad seats..and then there were 3 people with backstage passes behind us, they didn't even like mariah that much, well my sis & me & my mom begged them to PLEASE give mariah the lamby, my mom told them i was crying (i was sobbing by then) & they were like "ahh we'll see..maybe" I WAS SO PISSED OFF! THOSE F***** ASS/******!!!!!!! so i just cried, right before the concert..then it started.....mariah came out & cried when i saw her, i was shaking for at least two songs. i would sporadically burst into tears thruout the concert, it was nuts! everyone was staring at me! every time the lights shone on us, my sister would get up & wave lamby around in hopes that she would see it. we even had these two drunk guys next to us shouting her name!! neway it was pretty amazing, but i was disappointed she wouldn't get the lamby nor the book. so...when honey finished, i saw all tehse people getting out. i told my mom & sister to get up that we were moving down. so we just kept moving...until we got to right in front of floor seats. there was a guard there, mariah was singing again, so we just sat in the first row on 1st floor. we couldn't go out one end of the row to get to the we looked at the other end, at teh banisters...and my mom stayed behind & my sister & i JUMPED over them onto floor when teh guard wasn't watching!!! it was SO COOL!! so we just started pushing our way thru the crowd...determined..she started singing vision of love. and i thot, YOU r teh answer that heaven has sent to me!! suddenly..i couldn't beleive it, i was in second row!!! so i pushed my way to the middle of the row, i looked up! OMG!! she was singing, she was gorgeous, she's such a great brown color, her hair, her face. OMG !!!!! i was freaking out, but i didn't stop there. i climbed over seats, i actually stepped on them, but i kept falling thru (my knees and legs are all banged up). i got to front row, smack in teh center. i started talking to the ppl on front row so they could help me with the lamby & the book (the book we had tied to lamby's hand). they were like YEAH!!! so at the end of vision of love, i threw the lamby onto teh stage...i thot it wouldn't make it, but it did!!! everyone started screaming on teh front row for mc to get it, but she didn't. unfortunately it fell like in this little hole on the stage, all u could see were its little paws sticking up! so when mariah looked at the front row i would motion towards it. i swear sometime she nodded, i don't know if it was towards me, tho. so, last song was hero. she came down to the side of the stage first. then suddenly i saw her coming down teh front center. i started crying with my sister...then she was right in front of me, OMG! i couldn't believe it!!! i had my hand all the way out, ahead of even the ppl in front row (i was right behind them i couldn't squeeze in). she grabbed my hand, i wouldn't let go...OMG. i just held it & looked into her eyes. you guys she DEFINITELY does not look 30!! she looks 24, at most. and her eyes are like bambi's eyes...soft, innocent, vulnerable... so, after she got back on stage, i started shouting at her again to pick up the lamby. i swear once she like nodded knowingly at someone, i don't know if it was at me, but what the hell =) let's pretend it was! now for the truly magical ending, the fairytale ending. she's like 3 lines away from finishing hero...seh looks towards the stage floor & sees lamby..she walks like 3 steps towards it, bends over & PICKS IT UP!!!!!! she has it held by one hand, the book my sisters & i made was dangling from his other hand!! so she takes steps back as she's finishing the song...with lamby still in her hand...she walks back, teh curtain closes on her, lamby's still in her hand! OMG she FINISHED teh concert in front of like 30,000 people with MY huge lamby and MY fanbook in her hand, teh mic in the other hand, seh has both arms outstretched.!! OMG i was BAWLING!!! i just stared at her in shock! then the confetti came out, i was sobbing on teh floor, picking up confetti like crazy! i was SOBBING!!!!! i couldn't believe it! so my sister & i went back, she was shouting MARIAH GOT OUR LAMB!!! and this woman was like what the? so my sister told her..we walked around teh arena looking for my mom, i started sobbing again on my sister's hair..we found my mom, i yelled out MOM!! and she was crying, i was SOBBING, my sister was crying! we all just hugged there in the middle of the aisle, ppl trying to get thru, everyone just staring at us as if we're crazy! WE WERE ALL SOBBING like mad! my mom said she hadn't seen us, she couldn't see us as we made our way to teh front, seh never saw us on the screen either..but suddenly she saw like this white thing go flying onto teh stage, she thot it was a bear tho. then when seh saw mariah PICK IT UP and end the show like that..she started shouting & screaming, ppl thot she had gone mad!!! my mom likes mc but never's really felt this type of emotion, but by the end of the show she was SOBBING with my sister & me! OH MY GOD! i can't believe 1 hour 30 mins ago i had her in front of me, i looked into her eyes & touched her hand!!!! unfortunately i didn't take a camera to the front with me, i left everything with my mom so we could get thru faster..i wish i had taken one, coz even now it feels like a dream... i can't believe it! i never thot something like this would EVER happen to me! OMG i won't be able to sleep tonight... OMG someone talk to me!! ps: I SOBBED all teh way to the car, i made my mom call my dad in costa rica to tell him all about it, i was sobbing to him on teh phone, i was like I TOUCHED HER HAND! and she took my lamb!! OMG OMG OMG

March 29, 2000..
Peter Pics
Last night I added ANOTHER new page for tour pics. Peter sent me 13 pics and I added 12 of them to his own section in the "Pics" section! Look for "Peter Tour Pics" and check them out, especially the very first pic :)

Brazil Concert
This is NOT confirmed, but my buddy Ma told me that he spoke to Sony and they told him that Mariah will be doing the Rainbow Tour in Brazil in May of 2000!! More details on this, if it is true, to come shortly...

Chicago Concert Review from Shiloh
Hey Regina, Let me say that I'm sorry it took me this long to send in my review of the Chicago concert, but I've been busy. This one won't be as detailed as the other Chicago reviews, since you already have two. We arrived @ the United Center around 6:20 & then we got our tickets @ the 'Will Call' window then we just went to our seats. Security wasn't tight @ all which really surprised me, they didn't even check our stuff! After we found our seats, we went ahead and bought souveineirs (sp?). We bought two T-shirts ($60), 3 Keychains ($15), 2 Mariah flashlights ($20), a 'Rainbow' tour book ($25), a 'Rainbow' poster (the one pic where she's lying on the bed) ($ 8), and lastly the stuffed animal 'Chops' ($25).
'Da Brat came out on stage @ 8 p.m. and performed for 15 min. then we had to wait another thirty min. for MC to come on @ 8:45 p.m. The opening shot was of thunder & lightening (really cool). Anyways, these are the songs she performed (not in any order).
1) Emotions-she hit all the high notes perfectly (this was the 1st song she sang)
2) My All-Her voice was so powerful
3) Dreamlover-Great performance
4) Fantasy-the only song she lipsynced- she did the 'Chair dance'
5) Always Be My Baby-It was aslo GREAT!
6) X-Girlfriend- she did the misunderstood beauty pagent skit
7) Close My Eyes-w/ pics of her as a child on the screen
8) Heartbreaker plus remix- they had the boxing rematch, it was so funny!
9) Mariah's Theme-She gave a very powerful performance
10) Against All Odds-She was flawless here...never missing a note!
11) Crybaby- she did the bed/kitchen thing while she was singing & then she tried to throw a BIG bear into the crowd @ the end
12) Petals- I had tears in my eyes, it was so sad, her eyes were misty, but she never actually cried all the way
13) Thank God I Found You plus remix- she performed this song w/ Trey & Phase Four (A local boy band, I guess?)
14) Later in the show she asked everyone if they wanted to hear some songs sung that weren't in the setlist: She performed a clippet of 'Breakdown' accapella & 15) then a few words of 'Slipping Away'
15) Honey- it was a cool performance w/ her dancing in the sailor's suit
16) Vision of Love- Absolutely perfect
17) Rainbow Interlude
18) Hero- It was so cool she came down into the audience & at the end they had confetti fall from the ceiling
19) Butterfly- she sang part of this while she was exiting the stage It was the BEST day of my far! Her voice was in perfect on the MSG '95 concert!
Bye, Agent Magnum aka Shiloh

Nice new Site for News
Make sure you check out Mariah News Central because you can see some cool pics including 3 new ones of MC in Guam!! Also it is an up and coming site which will focus on news/pics, it seems :)

Continue to send in your poems/songs/artwork to me,, if you want to be added into the fanbook. I can't say much but I will just say that there is a very good chance Anja and I will get it to Mariah...that's all I am going to say on that, in fact. Time is running got ONE WEEK LEFT

March 28, 2000..
MSG Surprises
When Brianne talked to Trey after the Chicago concert, he said that NYC has all the surprises since it is the last one. When she asked what, he wouldn't say.

Brazil News
Tereza says that the Rainbow Tour in Brazil is not going to happen :( Sorry Ma...
Hi Regina, about the Rainbow tour in Brazil, I don't think that will happen. First of all, as I heard Christina Aguilera came to Brazil to do promotion only and no concert at all, just promotion. Second, there have been rumour of Mariah comming here since october last year but I think it will take a long time to happen. As I heard, Sony Brazil can not afford bringing Mariah to Brazil.

MC in Disney World
Alan told me the following
I work at the Disney MGM Studios in Florida, and guess who paid a visit on Sunday? None other than Mariah! I didn't see her, but alot of people did see her. She came to the park to ride the Rockin' Roller Caoster amd the Tower of Terror... I hear that she LOVES the Tower of Terror! People I know that work there (at the tower) have seen her pictures on the ride. I hear that she will fly into Orlando just to the ride the Tower. She rode it more than once that day, but I heard that she acted kinda bitchy the whole time she was there.

Another Petition..
EJ told me that there is a request for MC's Rainbow Around The World Tour to be released on VHS/DVD. If you want this to happen, click below:

People Magazine
There is a picture of MC in this week's people taushav told me and it's a pic of her from Guam with a nice article underneath it, in fact. Check it out...

Willem does it again :)
Once again, Willem has typed out the entire message that Mariah has left on the Official Site. To see the transcript, click below. Thanks Willem :)

Continue to send in your poems/artworks....If you don't have a scanner, e-mail me and you can send it to my home address where I will scan it and add it to the book :) Send all entries to either one of my addresses:

March 27, 2000..Happy Birthday Mariah!!
Happy Birthday MC!
Well today is a big day for Mariah. It is not just any birthday it is her 30th birthday! We, as her fans, would like to wish Mariah the Happiest Birthday Ever with many more in the future! She is our Hero and always will be! Because of this special day, a new title gift and background has been added to the page to celebrate!!

New Message on Official Site
A WONDERFUL new message was just posted on the Official Site from Mariah. She discusses how we have really touched her and she sounds so sincere..go to to listen to it!

Chicago Review/Information
Lauren sent me this:
I already know you got a review of the Chicago concert from Chris. so i won't say too much more. When i went in there was really no one checking anything. The lady just took my ticket and let me in. I, sadly, do not have any pictures because i didn't ahve time to get a disposable camera and the camera i have that has film cost like over $200 and i didn't really feel like getting it taken away. The sold a lot of items, some of which have already been mentioned in other reviews, but the also had "Lamb" and "Chops" stuffed lambs that cost $25 each and rainbow beaded bracelets that were $15 each. Some of the shirts they had can also be found at They had a group called Phase Four, that are from chicago, that sang TGIFY with her and Trey. Trey Lorenz also sang Make You Happy by himself. The song can also be found on a cd called Big In Japan, and will be on his new cd. Mariah said she collaborated with him on 2 songs that will be on that cd. As said in previous reviews, she brought a bunch of people up from the front and gave them Lambs, and then threw 2 into the audiance (which was funny, cuz she can't really throw that well~and even admitted that) She also received a fan book. (a note to anyone bringing a fan book to a concert...make a very large sign and make sure she sees it. and she will make sure she gets it by the end of the concert) that's about all, cuz i don't want to ruin anything for anyone else. I think her voice sounded a bit sore, but other that was AMAZING! i even started to cry!! anyone else going to one of her concerts is sure to have a lot of fun. I felt sorry for DaBrat though(she was singing with another dude..i don't know what his name was) cuz when she opened, there were still a lot of empty seats in the front...and it was hard to really understand her when she was trying to get the crowd into it..and she is from Chicago...

DaBrat got Sick at Chicago
Carrie told me the following about DaBrat at the Chicago concert...
Hey. I went to the Chicago concert last night. I was reading your reviews and they were pretty good, but I have one bit of info. that the others didn't include. I was sitting on the side of the stage at the concert so I had a view most people didn't get to see. When Da Brat was performing, after she finished one of her songs, she was standing on a tiered platform with one person standing lower on each side of her. Then, as soon as the lights went off, she jumped down behind the platform, got down on her knees, held her braids back and vomited in a tub which was placed behind the platform. The lights remained off while all this was happening. I don't know if anyone noticed but a body guard escorted her off stage (the same one who followed her when she went out in the crowd) with a towel over her head so no one could see her face. I was surprised that she came back out later to sing Heartbreaker with MC, but she pulled through. Like they say, the show must go on!

MC on Regis and Kathie Lee Tomorrow
They just announced who will be on the show tomorrow and Mariah will be one of the guess. However, it is a show filled with Musical guess so it is, for sure, a repeat. Tune in to see what happens though and I'll have a report for you tomorrow!

Rainbow Tour to Brazil?
My buddy Ma just told me this information..I don't know if it is true and nothing has been confirmed so I don't know what to say about this:
Guess what??? A friend who went to see Christina Aguilera's concert here in Brazil saw a really big poster in the concert arena saying "Rainbow-tour Brazil". So she is really coming to Brazil. Now we are trying to get in touch with the responsible for the arena to talk about it and make sure it is true!

Vote for MC
Make sure to vote for MC at Entertainment Weekly. They are asking who vote be starring next in "A Star Is Born." It seems that Whitney is beating MC. Thanks to Sara for the 411.
Click here

AAO #46 on Singles Charts
Willem told me Against All Odds has entered the singles charts at #46 and you can continue to vote for it to make it #1 at the link below!
Click here to Make MC #1

BlackBeat Poster
I actually have the 4 page poster on my wall and I forgot to mention this but Emotion327 reminded me. There is a 4 page Poster Pin-Up of Mariah in the May 2000 issue of Blackbeat Magazine..go get your copy today. The pic is from the Europen Awards and is very nice!

Calling All InfoMC Members!
InfoMC is making a fan book but it is something different. It is showcasing the artistic abilities. I have added several poems and each page shows a drawn pic of Mariah done by Alex or me. So if you have a song, poem, drawing of Mariah or artwork made on the computer, please send it to me. You have about a week and a half before the fan book is done so please hurry. Also all InfoMC members will be included in the fan book..hurry now!

March 26, 2000..
Chicago Reviews:
Hi! its Chris from chicago
I'm not going to give a long detailed review because we all know whats going to happen. WOW!!!!!! She was amazing! At the gate had a bag and all the guy asked me whats in the bag so I told him and that was it. There was no signs or anyone saying no cameras. I had a disposable and a regular with 3 films( I took over 60 great pics and I'm going to do my best to scan them for you) walked in they had the program book which where $25 (its more like a pic. book!) then of course they had the regular items. I know everyone said to bring lots of money and the are SO!!!! right I bought a program, 2 shirts, a poster, keychain,parking and two drinks and spent, $140. DaBrat came out right at 8 and did her thing till about 8:30 then the one and only came out, her voice was perfect! she was great! she had lots of energy and seemed like she was really happy. heres the list,
my all
awbm baby
(in somewhat of order)
breakdown (some)
tgify remix
(trey) make you happy
close my eyes
mariah's theme
rainbow interlude
take a look at me now
vision of love

This very LONG and detailed review can be found in the Forum..check it out!

March 25, 2000..
Well I just signed this myself, and it is SO EASY!! Please click the link below and just say YES you want to sign the petition to get Can't Take That Away/Crybaby released:

Spring Break
Well the Spring Break special just aired and Honey B Fly sent me some nice caps. I will try and add the nicer ones to Gallery 24 either tomorrow or Monday. The special, overall, was okay! They took you behind the scenes of Las Vegas and showed MC and DaBrat getting come food and chilling out in the car :) Check the reruns if you missed it!

Peter Pics
Peter sent me some pics from the Cologne concert and some are really nice, especially one from Hero. I will try and add them this week in their own gallery, stay tune for that!

March 24, 2000..
New Pics
I added two new pics to Gallery 24. One would be a drawing I did, which you can also fine on the front page and the other would be the one that Yvonne sent me yesterday. Check them out if you like..

Important Dates/Vh1 Specials
When I clicked on to see if there were any new specials or anything involving Mariah, as I do everyday, I found a ton o' updates :) It seems that Vh1 will be broadcasting Around the World, Pop Up Video, Diva's Live Pop Up Video and Mariah Carey Video Timeline all before the Diva's Live 2000 show kicks off. It is probably a special promotion for the show and since MC is in it, we will be seeing specials on her on VH1..WAHOO :D

Mariah, the STAR of Diva's Live 2000
Today on Q102, they gave away tickets to go to Diva's Live 2000 and when the DJ announced it to the woman that one he said that she will be attending this concert STARING Mariah Carey. That's it! Said nothing about Diana or anyone else..hee hee. That just made me smile :)

Mariah Needs YOU! Yes YOU!
Well I recently joined forces with the MMP (Mariah Millenium Project) and I want you all the e-mail Sony EVERYDAY. We did this a while back, in December in fact, and it was a success. I know you all feel just as strongly as I do. We want CTTA, Crybaby and Against All Odds released so PLEASE visit the page below EVERDAY and e-mail Sony. There is a direct link on the front page too and I am going to be posting this message quite often now in fact because this means a lot to me and it should to you too. If you love Mariah, PROVE IT! Sony won't win!
MMP, Go Now!

Crybaby Video Shoot!
DSOh saw the set of Crybaby and sent me information on it :) Read below...
Hi Regina,
I'm a huge Mariah fan from Los Angeles and I just wanted to take this time to tell you what a wonderful job you do with your website! It must be hard to go to college full-time and run this site, but you are excelling, so keep up the good work. I have an inside scoop on Mariah's new video. She filmed "Crybaby" yesterday here in LA on the studio lot where I work. I saw the set and it looked like it was an apartment or something with the backdrop of a cityline. I didn't get to see her though because it was a closed set and extremely tight security. I spoke to one of the guards and he said she was too busy to sign my tourbook, but if I came back later maybe I could catch her but I had to work, so I couldn't keep running over to the next soundstage. I wanted to wish her a happy birthday today but a stage hand told me she wasn't here and a body double was in her place, so she may or may not be back to film. I guess she must be on her way to chicago for her next concert or maybe she is spending time with her brother here in LA. Thought I'd share this with you and all her fans! Thanks and take care. DSOH

Mariah Carey Baseball Cards?
This is really cool! Bryan told me the following:
Regina; I was in my local "Winn Dixie" yesterday to get a gallon of milk. Big deal, right? Anyway, on my way out, I was passing thows stupid bubble gum machines that they have near the doors. For some reason I happen to glance over at them, and I happen to see something very interesting. They now have machines that sell baseball size cards of various singers. Three of which are Mariah, and I got all three. They are kind of interesting, and they were only fifty cents a piece for them. So, I don't know if you have ever seen them, but they are very interesting.

USweekly Info
Mc numba 1 sent me a detailed report about Mariah in the April 3rd goes:
Regina~ Mariah is in the April 3rd issue of USweekly on: pg. 39- they show her picture and her birthday in the list of upcoming birthdays
pg. 46- mentions her tour and upcoming dates, plus a picture. "Mariah Carey The biggest selling female artist of the 90's takes her truckload of hits on the road. 'Mariah's Rainbow Tour- ONe Night Only!' (Carey's first world tour in 7 years) promises plenty of power-pop crooning, decolletage, expensive choreography and many guests, including appearances by Da Brat and Carey's new Latin beau, Luis Miguel. But hurry, tickets for her Los Angeles show sold out in 10 minutes!" then they listed the next shows
pg. 98- they dissed mariah! this is half page photo of mariah at the AMA'a and its in the section called, "Fashion Police". they have a panel of "celebrity" judges (who i have not even heard of) that made horribly rude comments about mariah. Joe Bob Briggs: "When those puppies start getting frisky, you have to put blinders on them." Daria: "Put a TV screen in that cutout and you've got the Teletubby from hell." Dave Navarro: "Mariah Scary" Nobody's Angel: "Was this taken at the SAG awards?" Teresa Strasser: "The only thing Mariah likes to cover is other peoples music." Weinhold: "Another new face at the WWF."

More Magazine Information
I don't know the dates for these magazines yet but Mariah is also in Entertainment Weekly for next week (I am guessing it is April 3rd too?). It's a cartoon of her pushing a baby and the scan of this cartoon will be in Gallery 24 later tonight. She is also in National Examiner with a pic from the 2000 AMA's. That's all :)

Spring Break
Don't forget to watch Mariah Carey's Spring Break Special tomorrow at 3 pm. For those of you going to the Chicago concert, use the VCR or catch the reairings of it (check Important Dates list on main page for times :)

The Fan who got the HUG! e-mailed me to inform me that she was the one who had the sign saying "I'm a Crybaby..Can I have a Hug?" Mariah brought her up on stage and gave her a hug. I just thought I would share cool! Wow! I am hoping she might share the pic with us, but I don't know if she has a scanner or not?

Newspaper News for NYC and Chicago
First we will go to Chris from Chicago..ha ha :)
Hi Regina its Chris from Chicago,
I just picked up 2 chicago newspapers, and in the Chicago Sun-Times there is a huge page of Mariah and Tina Turner ( she will also be here sat.) and an artical which compares both of them, buts its really good! so I dont know if you would want to post that for the Chicago fans. If you would like I could sent you a the paper? Mail that is (no scanner)
and the other one is The Chicago Tribune and here goes the not so nice artical,
Around the time that hip-hop broke through the main stream, Mariah Carey's music began emphasizing her Afro-American roots. Now that Latin music is so hot, Carey recently reiterated that she's part Hispanic too. One can only wonder that Carey would reveal if the sound of Alvin and the Chipmunks ever became fashionable again. But recently Carey needn't try so hard to seem relevant. With her astounding voice and knack for penning undeniable inviting megaihits, she appears poised to stay at the top of the charts for years.
Desiree and NY Daily News
Hi Reg, This was in NY Daily News Thurs. 3/23/00 Your Stars by Joyce Jillson Celebrity Profile Mariah Carey is a pop music phenomenon, with a voice sent straight from the heavens.With her moon in super-sensitive Cancer , and Mercury in intuitive Pisces, Carey may be more fragile than her ambitous Aries sun ruler lets on. But it may be those high-energy Aries attributes that help Carey triumph over adversity and shine thorugh controversy. Marriage this year is highly probable. There was a very small pic.

Happy Birthday Mariah
Desiree also told me that she thinks it would be cool if fans from Chicago would sing Happy Birthday to Mariah? Okay who is going...try and see if you can accomplish this. That would be so awesome and I know it would touch Mariah!! Bree, where are ya babe? You can "make this happen" :) hee hee...

Joe on Hot 97 on Mariah
PeeMami123 told me the following
Hi Regina. OK I don't know whether you heard about this or not but Joe did an interview on HOT 97 regarding him no longer being Mariah's opening act. Joe said that Mariah first told him the concert part he would be performing would be 45 mintues, he had his whole show planned out, choreography and all. Mariah decided she wanted da brat on tour with her too, so Joe's segment would be cut to 25 mintes. Joe said there was no way they could cut down the entire performance piece to fit 25 minutes so he backed out. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was woking on his own album because his is already finished.

NY Post article
Thanks Nini for the following article :)
THE slings and arrows of critics have always bounced off Mariah Carey. Her fans love her. Her shows sell out. Her records soar like her five-octave voice to the top of the charts. She didn't even read the vicious pan by L.A. Times critic Robert Hilburn, who compared her "vacuousness" to that of Cher and mocked her costume changes. Why should she care? She's off to the Caribbean to hook up with her beloved Luis Miguel on his yacht Hero, named after her song. Luis, a true romantic, surprised her in her suite at the Ritz in Paris last month with 150 bottles of Cristal champagne: 149 went into the bath tub, and one they drank.

San Jose Review
Check out the Forum for this long and detailed review!

March 23, 2000..Ton O' News
Ton O' Reviews
Let's just jump RIGHT into is one that is VERY detailed and very nice
Regina~More info about the san jose concert (I was there!!!) right before mariah did "always be my baby" she was saying, "and now i'm going to take you guys back to the daydream era with a song, you might know it, you might not, you might like it, you might hate it, you might sing along, whatever. it's called always be my baby." and she started singing parts of daydream interlude randomly and she turned around to trey and said, "i thought you were going to chime in, Trey. I thought you had my back." and THEN she did always be my baby. she ended abmb by doing the bit where she just goes "doo-do-doo-dah" for awhile and then she sings, "oh yes you will, oh yes you will, you'll always be my baby" They were also supposed to set up a little table for her with drinks and strawberries but it wasnt out on the stage when it was supposed to be. Mariah was like, "I was gonna bring some fans up to join me in a celebratory toast but they didnt put the table out and everybody is getting things wrong and they're getting mad at me (in her 'oh dear' voice). and it was supposed to be a surprise but now i've ruined the surprise for everyone." so when they finally put it out, she called some fans onstage and she was gonna give them some champagne but she decided they didnt "look old enough to share this champagne with me" so she gave them Coke. A girl in the audience had a sign that said something like, "Crybaby, won't you give me a hug." and mariah called her up on stage and gave her a hug. Then they took a couple pictures and mariah did a few shout outs for the girl. I was so upset cuz they took away my sign that i worked sooo hard on. It was 40 in x 30 in and on one side it was a cartoons version of mariah in a rainbow tank and cutoff jeans and she had big full hearts surrounding her. and on the other side it was Bianca in her "heartbreaker" outfit with broken hearts. And i spent so much time putting the tiny gold designs onto her skirt and i drew a dragon on the skirt and some chinese symbols that actually spell "mariah" in chinese. and the guard people said it was too big so they took it away. And i was sad because i knew mariah would like it. they had a whole bunch of little bits with celebrities talking about the Mariah vs. Bianca situation. there was Pamela Anderson, Verne Troyer (mini-me), Ozzy Osborne (dressed up as mariah), Aretha Franklin (on biancas side), Donny and Marie, Jerry Springer, etc. When she first came on, she was wearing this silver top that was tied in the back but i guess it wasnt tied well or something cuz you could see a string hanging off. So she called her stylist, Tonjua Twist up to fix it for her. And she had wierd nicknames for her makeup/stylist/etc. people like "Kentucky Tonjua" (?) You guys may have known this but i didnt. it turns out that the person who is "Miss Ter" in the beauty pageant is actually her makeup artist. and thats why he looked so wierd when he was doing mariahs makeup on the mtv 1515 thing. Mariah mentioned that it was her first time in the Bay Area. Da Brat opened for her and DJ clue played some songs and got the crowd pumped. the set list (not in correct order): Emotions
Against all odds
Heartbreaker & Remix
Can't take that away
Fantasy and Remix
Always be my baby
Close my eyes
Thank God i found you & remix
My all
Vision of love
Rainbow interlude & Hero
She came in the audience for hero as usual and i got close to her but not close enough cuz i was in lower level. i took 5 rolls of film but ran out of batteries. Trey performed Make you happy and mariah mentioned "crybaby" being an upcoming single. That was some of the details. The rest of the show was like the others w/ the boxing match, beauty pageant, skits, etc. She cried during petals and i started crying too. I was crying when she first came out, cuz last night was the first time i've ever seen her live. and it was the best night of my entire life. For all the people who are going to see her and haven't seen her yet...bring lots of money. Things a very expensive. There is a baseball 3/4 sleeves tee that is navy blue and it has mariah on the front and mariah vs bianca in boxing gloves on the back ($40). There is a red/pink basball 3/4 sleeves that has mariah on the front ($40). A plain white shirt with a pic of mariah similar to the one on the cover of valentines special ($30). A white one with the front and back of Rainbow album on the front and back ($30/$40..i forget) a black one with a pic of the bedroom photo on the rainbow cd jacket ($30/40) a blue one with thank god i found you single cover ($30) a plain white one with a small rainbow in the front ($28). THey also had some other shirts for kids that were around 25 bucks, and a Da Brat shirt that is a cartoon of Da Brat. They sold posters ($8) of rainbow cover and bedroom photo, keychains of rainbow cover front and back ($5), pink rhinestone barrettes that say MC ($10). A pink necklace that has a silver butterfly charm that says MC ($15), Lambs: lamb in pink shirt that says "Lamby MC" and lamb in black and white shirt that says "chops" ($25). Nailpolish was $20. Tourbooks were $25 and i HIGHLY suggest you buy a tourbook. I couldnt afford to get the shirt i wanted because a) i was unprepared for how expensive things would be and b) so i would have enough money for the tourbook. so for people attending upcoming concerts, bring lots of $$$money$$$. I brought 90 bucks and i could only afford to get 3 things. One thing about the san jose concert that made me mad. There is this radio station here called Wild 94.9 and they are usually my fave station but they blew up these HUGE balloons and set them in the arena and people were bouncing them around. SO they were flying all over the place and one even got on the stage during a performance! it was so annoying, cuz i was trying to take pictures and the stupid balloons kept getting in the way.
her outfits of the evening ( that i could remember):
-crybaby shorts with the little ruffles and a tank top
-silver top that ties in back with cutoff jeans
-pink halter dress with slit in chest area
-blue tube dress
-white tank top with sparkly silver holographic skirt
-Fantasy tank top and dark jeans
-boxing outfit
-Honey sailor outfit when she came up in this one she said, "ok, what i wanna know is, do you guys like the ensemble?" and the crowd went wild!)
Another thing that made me mad. Ok, we understand that mariah has had a few outfits that were a little controversial (which doesnt bug me but it seems to bug other people). But all of her ensembles at the concert were not in the least bit revealing or controversial or scandalous in my opinion and in the opinion of my friend who went with me. but today, at school, there was talk of "mariah dressing like a slut last night" and "mariah wearing practically nothing at the concert" and it was soo ridiculous. I got soo mad. The crowd loved the concert and my friend who is a hard core 'n sync fan and has been to 3 of thier concerts even admits that mariah puts on a great show and she admitted it was better than 'n sync! so there we go!! sorry i babbled on for so long. i thought you guys might like a detailed account (including merchandise and prices) cuz i sure would've appreciated it before i went so i would know to bring more money. if you read down to hear, thanks! bye lambs! Love always, Nancy aka MCnumba1
Hi! I forgot to metion a few things. 1st off someone snuck a small video tape rec. and got away w/it. MC cried during petals, she was sitting on a chair singing it. During "Crybaby" she was laying in a bed and when she mentioned how she had a new man in the song she held up a pillow that had a pic of Luis Miguel on it. She gave the girl a hug on cry because she had a poster that said "Crybaby give me a hug!' MC said she might make that into a single. She said she might expand the Rainbow interlude for her movie because she wanted to finish it.
Regina, First I'd like to acknowledge your work on your website in maintaining it and giving me the feeling that if there is something I have to get to the bottom of about Mariah, you'll have an answer:) Second, of course, my super short review of the greatest day of my 15 years of life so far; the Mariah Carey Concert in San Jose!! My eyes are still swollen because I spent half of the concert crying my eyes out cause "I still cry baby" over seeing the idol in real life. I was stoked to find that my seats were close-enough-to-see-her-lip-liner and when she first came out in that same goldish sliver strappy top and cut off jeans that they showed on MTV's 1515, I went crazy!! She started off with Emotions, that she sang with a new twist, it was SO great!! When I was trying to tell every one at my school about the concert I found myself at a loss for words because when you think about it there is no one word for Mariah. Anyway, she went through her Pageant skit for Dreamlover and after she won "Miss Understood", she sang X-Girlfriend, perfectly (ofcourse). She did the boxing match for Heartbreaker and the bedroom scene for Crybaby. It was so entertaining!! In between songs when she left the stage to go change, they played these really cute short movie type things about Mariah Vs. Bianca on the big screens. There was interviews with stars and everything about the dueling two. It was so cute!! She had her dog come out and do a trick and she toasted (with Coke a Cola of course) with some fans she brought on stage for her first concert in this area (I tried my hardest to get picked, I promise, but she picked out people who had on rainbow designed shirts). Another time she brought a fan onstage because she had a sign that read " Crybaby, have a HUG". That girl got to take a picture with Mariah!! She came out for her last song, Honey, in the sassiest sailor outfit or "ensamble" (as Mariah kept explaining her outfits as all night) that I have ever seen!! The audience encored her back out, however, where she appeared wearing those gorgeous glittering shoes with a matching mini skirt and white tank top, look absolutely stunning. She sang "Vision of Love", tearing the arena up with her awesome range. As her very last song, she sang the song that brings what she represents to mind every time I hear it; "Hero". SHe came into the audience, but unfortunately she walked the other way so I couldn't see or touch her close up:( All the same though, because she was so incredible, I swear on my life that seeing her Live in Concert, giving everything she has (even after her voice must tired from touring every other day) has changed my life. . .forever. A touched fan, Ashley Guzman, California

New Pics
I added 10 or so new pics to a NEW directory. My very good friend, Minerva, sent Anja and I 37 pics each and they are AWESOME. Anja scanned them last night and I added 10 of them to Minerva's own Tour Gallery..."Minerva Tour Pics" Check them out in the Pics Page if you like.

Fan Book Confirmed told me that Mariah did in fact get the Fan Book for March 16th Concert. It was delivered to Mariah, so everyone can rest in peace now :) Hee beans

Yvonne and Mariah
Yvonne scanned two "AWESOME" pages from the new 8 Days magazine. The first scan is awesome showing SEVERAL pics of MC from the the second one Yvonne is standing to the left of Mariah..check out the links below...
Scan One
Scan Two

Da Brat Arrested for Strike 2
This is NOT good news at all..I don't know if DaBrat will be performing at any more of Mariah concerts and I personnaly don't like the last line of this article..DaBrat should clean up her act NOT Mariah. Thanks to Nini for this :)
MARIAH Carey's best bud and rapping tour opener Da Brat, nee Shawntae Harris, was arrested yesterday for assaulting another woman at an Atlanta nightclub. According to, Da Brat asked Renee Robateau to move from a rail near the VIP section of the club, to which Robateau responded: "I don't even listen to my momma, so why should I listen to you?" She claims Da Brat "pistol whipped" her with a gun, although a security guard said it was more likely a shot glass. Da Brat is still on Carey's tour, but one pal said: "Mariah needs to get her act together."

Mariah Asked for OUR Help..
Heythis is the MC Daydreams webmaster. If you watched the Fan Conference today, you heard Mariah ask us (her fans) very briefly to continue supporting her by emailing Sony. If you recall, I started a webpage called "The Mariah Millenium Project" a few months ago for the purpose of responding to Mariah's request and helping her out with Sony. The project appears to be working. Thousands of fans have already e-mailed Sony about Mariah's singles and they have responded to our demands by releasing three new singles from her album, "Rainbow." Thanks a lot to all the webmasters who helped me out with this!
Mariah Millenium Project/Click Here to Help Mariah!

March 22, 2000..
Chat Pics
I made two caps from the Online Conference. It was only 30 minutes long. I don't know if there will be a link to show it later or not but here are two caps..

San Jose Review!
My buddy Kristen sent me a cool review. She also let me know about security and about how much things cost, which is awesome. Here goes...
Hi! I just had to tell you how much fun the concert was! They said not to bring cameras but I put 3 in my coat pocket and they didn't even check. She brought 4 fans on stage and gave them either a lamb called "Lamb" or if you were a boy they'd give you a lamb called "chops". The lamb was autographed and kissed personally by MC. She even offered them strawberry's. One of the guys on stage was like "I'll; give you a strawberry!'' She said she was allergic and made a funny face like "physco"! Then she brought Jack on stage and he was doing the water bit but he wasn't participating very well. She kept saying, " He usually opens it up and shakes it all over me and I get wet, but I guess that isn't going to happen tonight." Jack opened the bottle and then ran and started biting the stuffed animal lamb. Her assistant came out with another bottle and the water fell all over her. She kept singing and she even made a joke about it because she said she was she'd probably get into a scandal about that. Then she hugged a girl after Crybaby. The shops had cute tee shirts but the prices were alot. Nail polish was $20.00, tee -shirts ranged from $25.-40, Necklace $15.00,, MC barrette $10.00, keychains $5,books $25, bedroom and rainbow poster $8. The concert was soooo much fun! She came down for Hero but only the first 10 rows and side rows got a close up of her. Bye, Kristen

Official Tour Site
I was contacted about please continuing to place a link on my page for the Official Tour Site and I was honored they e-mail PLEASE make sure you visit the site and enter the contest, which is taking place today :) I don't know if everyone can go in it yet but I will be online tonight to try and find out!
Click Here Please!

We got a Winner
Rachael e-mailed me and told me she was one of the winners for the Rainbow Flat..Congrads Rachael :D

Double Rainbow Results
Several people have been e-mailed me asking who won but I don't know and obviously neither do you :) If anyone find out, please e-mail me. Thanks..

Mariah was on Web Riot yesterday and RN arkan told me the girl didn't know ANY of the answers, not even the last one? Here is what was asked:
on web riot, they showed mariah's "butterfly" video and asked 3 questions about it.
1- what was her first #1 hit ( Vision of Love)
2- what did a reporter do to mariah during a London interview (throw up on her)
3- what ugly creature becomes a butterfly (caterpillar)

Send MC your wish
I got this following news from a Great MC Site, Mariah Online:
Don't forget that Mariah turns 30 on Monday (March 27)! So send your birthday greeting's to Mariah by using the following e-mail address ->!

Pop Up Video
On, it has a listing that says Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Aretha Franklin will all be on Pop Up Video on 4/6/00 at 3:30 pm EST. I don't know if this is new or old, anyone remember this one airing? I'll be tuning in and I'll let you all know!

March 21, 2000..
New Official Site
BaByDollLiz13 sent me an article from
With the launch of her first U.S. tour in seven years last week, Mariah Carey has launched a new Web site as well.
Carey's is billed as the singer's "official tour site" and currently boasts news, tour dates, bio information, images, and the standard "official site" fare.
The online outpost will also give fans the chance to talk to Mariah on Wednesday during a webcast fan conference. Some 15 fans will get the chance to pose their questions to the singer via telephone during Wednesday's event, and inquisitive Mariah minds are encouraged to e-mail questions on an entry form located at The conference will be carried live on on Wednesday beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time.
As part of its alliance with Mariah, ARTISTdirect is also giving away two tickets to each stop on Carey's U.S. tour.
Carey christened her tour on Thursday night in Los Angeles with a show at the Staples Center. The singer still has seven more dates left on her itinerary, including the tour's conclusion on April 11 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Here's how the tour looks:
3/21 - San Jose, CA @ San Jose Arena
3/25 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
3/29 - Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena
4/1 - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
4/4 - Boston, MA @ FleetCenter
4/7 - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
4/11 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

Concert Tonight
San Jose is having their concert tonight. For anyone that attends, please let me know what security is like? Did you walk through metal detectors, did you get your cameras in, did they allow signs? So many people are asking me these questions and I am wondering too :) Thanks much..

InfoMC Meeting in NYC?
I have had several people e-mailing me asking me if we are still meeting? The thing is that Anja (yes from Germany:), Melissa (my best friend who is not a HUGE MC fan but wanted to come anyhow) and myself are all going to be arriving at the Penn Station about 2 pm. Now if anyone would like to meet up with us and walk around NYC with us, then I am ALL for it! However, I do not know ANYTHING about Penn STation nor NYC so I don't know where to set up a meeting place. I can make a sign saying InfoMC on it so everyone knows who I am but if anyone has suggestions, please e-mail me. Butterfli said maybe at the big billboards? Also I want to see how many people want to meet from InfoMC too!

Diva's Live 2000
Well it has been confirmed, Diva's Live will NOT be live! It will be taped on April 9th at MSG, meaning that MC will be there for sure :) WOW, this is so cool. The event will air on April 11th at 9 pm EST and here is an article..
Faith Hill will join Mariah Carey and Donna Summer in performance on "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross." The two-hour concert will be recorded April 9 at Madison Square Garden in New York with the show's proceeds benefiting the VH1 Save the Music foundation. Hill is expected to perform her own material on the program as well as some of Ross' biggest hits. The network has also promised some unique pairings, unannounced duets and possibly special guests for the program. "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross" will air at 9 p.m. ET April 11 on the cable network.

Entertainment Weekly
Chris from Chicago told me that there is an ad for Spring Break 2000 in Entertainment Weekly and it features a pic of MC from Mariah TV last year. Go check it out.

Howard at MSG
I keep forgetting to add this but Alex told me a while back that Howard Stern will be at Mariah's Concert. He announced it on his morning show when someone asked if he could attend something on April 11th and responded with something like No I am going to be at the Mariah Carey Concert at MSG. So hey maybe we will see him..ha ha.

Happy Birthday Wish
Fan of Mariah would like you all to vote for Make it Last Remix on Friday so it will be on TRL on Monday, as a birthday present to Mariah. Go to the TRL website and start voting for it like crazy, especially Friday! Click the above banner to do so!

March 20, 2000..
New Pics!
Miss Bing Bong sent me a TON of captures from last nights MTV News 1515 and I added some of my very favorite to a NEW Gallery, Gallery 24. Also if you missed the special, it was AWESOME. The whole show was dedicated to MC only and MTV showed was of the skits that was taken out of her Rainbow Show, which showed Bianca knocking MC out and taking over her record signing. Also, the highlight of the show was the ending where they showed MC performing. At one point they showed my favorite song, Petals and MC was crying. I don't care what ANYONE says, those are NOT fake tears. Her lip was shaking and everything and I even started to cry. This special was REALLY AWESOME and one of the best I have seen on MC in a while. I can't for MSG!

Bye, Bye, Bye InfoMC :(
Well I have done some thinking and I have to shut down InfoMC! However, it will only be for the month of April. The college homework is becoming overwhelming and since it is the end of the semester, the reports/drawing assignments are becoming tough. Plus I have the MSG concert coming up and Anja flying in from Germany. So I have so many things on my mind and I am just too stressed to deal with InfoMC. HOWEVER, if something important comes out, I WILL be sending out InfoMC. So come and check out the webpage for your updates. My webpage and my e-mail address will be shut down the week of the MSG concert though too, just as an early warning!

March 19, 2000..
A Note From Anja!
Anja got over 100 birthday wishes and was amazed and so happy from all of you. She asked me to send this out, since there was so many wishes :) You guys are so sweet...
To Everyone who sent me a b-day wish: I thank you so much for thinking of me! It was much much more than i ever expected! I really appreciate it and you all made me so happy!! :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! :) -Anja

Well while waking up this morning I turned on MTV and to my surprise, Mariah was on and it was the 1515 tour edition at 8:30am. I only caught the end but WOW, it was cool. Make sure you check it out tonight at 10:30 pm EST.

Rachael told me that there is a pic of MC from last years Oscars in the April edition of Mademoiselle. It's about how much her outfit cost-$258,000!

LA Review!
Check out this LA Times Review on Mariah, it has two nice pics on MC :) Thanks to Mssfijunke for the info!
LA Review

Pic O' The Week I forgot to upload the collage a made yesterday but I did it today and NOW the Pic O' The Week is up for your viewing pleasure..check it out :)

Smash Hits!
If you were looking everywhere for Smash Hits and couldn't find it, don't fret cause BaByDollLiz13 was nice enough for all of us and typed out both articles :)
As befits the biggest selling artist of the 1900's, Mariah Carey does things in style. She was doing her interview in an ultraswank Claridge's Hotel Suite, but running late, decided to talk to SH in the back of her limo on the way to TFI Friday instead. After a chat about her Jack Russell terriers, Jack and Gwam and her upcoming world tour (her manager Louise is writing the set list next to her), she puts her friend Trey Lorenz's CD on her boombox and sits back...
So Mariah, what's been your worst job?
I didn't keep many jobs 'cos I got fired every week. Once I was a coat-check girl and I was always listening to my demo tape on my Walkman instead of serving. You'd have hated me if you'd had me for your waitress!
But after you were discovered (by Sony boss and ex-husband Tommy Mottola), you had a US No 1 straight away. Was it tougher breaking through as a woman in the music business?
(Firmly) Yeah. It's tougher being a woman in general but (pauses), I wouldn't wanna be a man 'cos I wouldn't get to dress the way I like... as you can see from the pink ensemble and the baby doll shoes! (MC is wearing her Heartbreaker video outfit plus her trademark jeans ripped at the hips)
But didn't you know that belts are in this season?
There are, but not on my pants. I was doing the single cover for Heartbreaker and the jeans were a little baggy, and so I ripped the top off them. I wear 'em like this all the time now. A lot of companies are coming out with jeans like this!
Now, even after 14 US No 1's, you're being compared by a lot of people to newcomer Jessica Simpson
I don't see that comparison except that we're on the same record label. I don't see the similarity.
What about contemporaries like Madonna?
I was a Madonna fan, but she made some disparaging comments about me that were unprovoked. Even though she continues to say rude things about me, I will give her credit for what she's done.
You're a source for wildly untrue tabloid accusations and Internet rumors. What was the funniest?
That I breed hamsters
What about the one that you can only sleep in a moving vehicle?
That's partly true. My life is always moving so I probably feel I have no choice but to sleep with things moving.
And that you'd only let one side of your face be photographed?
I used to have the insecurity. I always used to cover up my forehead and certain people (We think she means her ex-hubbie-Ed) tried to encourage that feeling but I have come a long way since then. My Rainbow album cover has me showing my full face. Its the first album of mine not to cover one side of my face. (Smiles) There are still dark moments but I'm happy.
On a lighter note, you've recorded with the kings of rap including Snoop Doggy Dogg, Jay-Z, Nas and Puff Daddy. Who's got the biggest ego?
(Laughs) Read the papers. That would probably explain...
Do you mean Puff Daddy?
No comment, hahaha.

Smash Hits Part 2
Here is the second part of the article where A1, Europe Singing Group, sits down and askes MC some TOUGH questions :)
Mariah is sitting in the surroundings of Claridge's Hotel on a four poster bed with four boys for company. But, heck, it's only an interview for Smash Hits...
Mariah: So, do you guys do this all the time?
Paul: Actually, we've never done an interview before.
Ben: Well, I did one with Jordan Knight for Smash Hits, which was pretty cool. When are you starting your world tour?
Mariah: February 14
Ben: Really? That's when our new single, Like a Rose, is out. How do you keep your voice in shape?
Mariah: I take three days off between shows, which makes me less money, but I don't care 'cos the tour's not a money-making exercise. I don't really do warm-ups, I just sing along with whatever CD I've put on and drink tea.
Christian: My friends asked me to ask you...
Mariah: Oh dear!
Christian: ... who do you prefer - American or European boys?
Ben: It's got to be European!
Mariah: (Ignoring him): I like whoever is the better human being.
SH: Is that a nice way to say American?
Mariah: (Laughing) No!
Mark: (Pauses for ages before asking his question) First, I want to say Hero and Anytime You Need A Friend are the best songs of all time. Are there an other songs you'd liked to cover?
Mariah: Thank you. Yes, that's why I do covers! I'm not going to say what they are in case someone steals the idea!
Paul: Did you recognise your own singing ability or did somebody else?
Mariah: When I was six, I was singing with my friend and she said, "When you sing, it sounds like there's music behind you" and that's my first memory of anyone apart from my mom saying I could sing.

March 18, 2000..
1515, Where Are You?
I got the answer for you all. Last night, MTV News 1515 did NOT air at 8 pm as it was suppose to. However when TRL showed a little interview with MC about LA, on yesterdays show, at the end it said that the show will air Sunday at 10:30 pm on MTV! So everyone make sure you watch MTV on Sunday, to see the Behind the Scenes on Mariah's Rainbow Tour! It is a 30 minute special!

LA Reviews!
I have 3 reviews for you today. The first one is a BAD review. The reason why he didn't like it because he probably didn't like Mariah nor know much about her. At one point he says that Mariah brought two lambs onstage for some reason? Ha we all know why she did that..if you want to check it out, click below (thanks Alex!):
Bad Review!
And here is a nice review which even mentions my friend Danielle under "Emotional Peak!"
Good Review!
And finnaly Macfvr 82 sent me in a little review:

Diva's Live 2000
Well a ton of people are telling me that Diva's Live will NOT be "live" this year. However, the date that it will be taped is a bunch of different answers. Someone told me it will be taped on April 8th and the other told me it will be taped on April 10th. I am thinking the April 8th date sounds more correct so she has time to rest before MSG but then I was told that on April 8th, Diva's Live 2000 will be tapes at MSG, not at Beacons Theater? I don't know what is true but here is a little article about it that Maria sent me:
Move Over Divas: VH1 Plans All-Male Show
VH1 will supplement its "Divas Live" concert this year with an all-male special, tentatively called "The Men Strike Back." Both concerts will be taped at New York's Madison Square Garden Theater, and sources say they will not be telecast live.
"Divas" will air April 11; "Men" will tape the same day. Billboard Online has learned that Enrique Iglesias is confirmed for the "Men" show.
Previous "Divas" concerts have featured Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Brandy, and Celine Dion. The series has spawned two live albums, the 1999 Arista edition of which peaked at No. 90 on The Billboard 200.
In related news, VH1 will tape a tribute Diana Ross - set to take place April 8 at Madison Square Garden Theater - for broadcast on the same day as "Divas." The lineup of guest performers is still being finalized.

New Newsletter!
If you would like to join a new newsletter dedicated to getting CTTA to #1, please send an e-mail. My buddy, Dan, said it is a great new club and he don't lie to me :D

Magazine Update
Mariah is in two new magazines this week. The first one is the Premiere issue of US Weekly (March 27th). There is two pics of her in of her and the dolphin and the other from the AMA's 2000. The second magazine is the March 28th issue of Star tabloid. There is two pics of MC and the dolphins together, plus a little article. Check them out!

Updates on Site!
New Quote of the Week
New Pic of the Week
Magazine/Important Dates

March 17, 2000..
MC's Bracelet Breaks Free=LA Concert Reviews
Well I got two reviews from the LA concert already from last night. It seems in the beginning of the show, MC's bracelet broke and the man in the second row got it..ha ha :) Also a TON of people have been asking me about the camera situation/poster situation so PLEASE everywhere let me know what happens in you bring in a camera and a poster and if they are anal about it...where did you hide it to get them in? Thanks much and here are the reviews:
I just came back from the mariah concert at the La staples arena. And may I say it was wonderful and more awesome than my words can express write now!
I had front row seats and mariah sung alot where I was sitting. I got there pretty early but was ready to go when they let everyone in. They said no cameras but I hide my disposible in my bra. So I got it in! But unfortunatly they took my poster :( . Oh well once in side I saw bree for all of 30 seconds and she said she'd see Mariah after the concert and give her my fan book. I hope Mariah got it! Well ok Her first out fit was a silver top with her cut off jeans. Than she wore an orange redish tube dress for her Miss Understood number. Than her mariah heartbreaker fashioned top and jeans oh yeah and also her fighting match outfit. She also wore her pj's they were cute pinks and baby blues. Than she wore a nice purple tube dress and than a sailor outfit short shorts and a bra type shirt. Than the last outfit was a pink tube dress with a cut out tie in the back and I have a dress styled like that in fact but its black and made out of different material. My dad almost got her braclet that broke off in the first number. But some guy in second row caught that. But my best moment in the world happened when she sung hero. She went down to my side and she sung to this one girl in a wheel chair and that was really sweet she sung her rainbow interlude in fact and than sung hero and she shook these peoples hands than finally came my turn she looked straight in my eyes and she held my right hand. It seemed like for about 10 seconds but yet an eternity. And I was wearing my class ring on that hand so hopefully it is embelished with luck and fortune because mariah touched it lol. But at that point I started to cry. And I had never gotten why people would cry not that I thought it was wrong or retarded just that I didnt think just being that close and or touching her hand could make u cry. But I finally realized it and now I know and it is a very emotional thing . BTW She gave a firm grip on my hand and I just will never be the same! The concert was really awesome! I took about 7 pics of her. I dont know if they are gonna come out but pray with me that at least one comes out! As for the set list I cant tell you what order but they will probably post it on mariahs offical site later. But here is what i remember: 1. Dreamlover
2. Hero
3. Vision of love
4. Emotions
5. Fantasy
6. Always be my baby
7. Honey
8. My All
9. Close my eyes
10. breakdown sung a little of that
11. I still believe remix with krazy bone and da brat
12. Heart breaker with da brat ( remix and regular)
13. Thank god I found you ( regular and remix)
14. Cry baby
15. Petals
16. Ex girlfriend 17. Cant take that away from me
18. Against all odds
19. Rainbow
Those are for sure all the songs but there not in the right order sorry.
I got a white spaggetti strap shirt with the rainbow print on the front and a black baby doll styled tee with the colorful butterfly on it oh yeah and I also got a program. The concert was great ! Mariah made huge eye contact with me and sung a line to thank god I found u to me when she pointed at me and looked me straight in the eyes. This will never be a nite I forget .
At the Staples Center: security asked people do they have cameras, if you had a big bag they asked you to open it. But other than that they did not bother you. Lots of people were taking pictures. She brought people on stage and they took a picture with her on stage.
She hit all the high notes - it was good!! Krazie Bone was there and she did the "I Still Believe" Remix with him and Da Brat. She sang quite a few of the Remixes. It will probably be different at MSG because she tailors each concert to the city and what music they say they want to hear. If you are close to the stage and she knows you from your website and stuff you will probably get to shake her hand or possibly get on stage. She's very earthy in concert - she came through the audience when she and Bianca were getting ready to fight - just like at a real fight event - the audience went crazy. She did a whole skit for "Cry Baby" she had a bed onstage and a table and refrigerator(that one of my favorite songs). Have fun at MSG!!! That will probably be the best because it's her home town and it's closing night. Ayeshah

Trading With Matt!
If you want to find a site with TONS of cd singles on Mariah Carey and want to trade really bad, check out Matt's Site. He has been trading for 6 years and has done 1600 orders in 10 months. Check out the link below...

MC in Smash Hits Magazine!
BaByDollLiz13 told me that MC is in the Feb 23rd issue of Smash Hits with a pic of her and a English group A1. Britney is on the cover and there is also a pin up of MC and an interview with MC inside. I am hopfully going to get scans sometime soon and I know you can get Smash Hits magazine at Tower Records..check your local bookstores that carry imported magazines :)

Single News!
Susan told me that in a interview from Guam, recently, MC said that the US single be Mariah's Theme/Crybaby (Crybaby will be the B side) and Against All Odds will be outside the US!

Update on Mariah Around the World Fan Club From Brazil
Read what I was told:
"I would like to let you, brazilians fans, know that the site "MARIAH AROUND THE WORLD FAN CLUB" was victim of a hacker ( we know who was, but we can't do nothing! ) who changed our password, so that address is no longer valid. We are now creating a provisory site and the following month you will be able to visit our new home page which will be: . So in this meanwhile, I suggest you to visit WildCat Site everyday, 'coz it's where you will find all the news. Thanks"

Fan Club recently got a very serious virus and had to delete her screen name. However, she would like to invite you all to join her new club, "Daydreaming of Mariah Carey" If you are interested, please e-mail either one of the following people:

Diva's Live 2000
I broke this news yesterday and a TON of people have e-mailed me saying that it can not be true cause how can MC be at MSG and Beacon Theater? Well, nothing has been said about that but there is something called satellites, and she will probably go live to Beacon Theater from MSG! I will probably be getting more information about this later but here is a NYPost article that Nini sent me:
Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Donna Summer -- what do they have in common? They are the first announced guest stars of "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross." Mariah, Faith and Donna will warble a few of their own hits -- if Miss Ross doesn't mind -- as well as some of Diana's best-known songs. And there'll be the usual duets and pairings that have made the "divas" events so special. (Although nothing could top last year's melding of Tina Turner and Elton John. When Tina belted out "The Bitch Is Back" as Elton played piano, you knew she meant it!)
Which diva won't we see onstage with Diana & company? Mary Wilson. The still supreme ex-Supreme is on the outs again with "Diane" over their aborted reunion. Money changes everything, as Cyndi Lauper once sang.

Ticket On Sale! (Nicole N)has one ticket onsale for the Toronto Concert..first come, first served, so e-mail her ASAP!

March 16, 2000..EXCLUSIVE
You heard it here first..Entertainment Tonight has just announce that Mariah Carey will be a performer at this years Diva's Live, a tribute to Diana Ross! Here is an article that talks about the event but does not mention Mariah's name since it was just announced that she will be performing..OMG so awesome :D
By C. Bottomley
Yes, the line-up for VH1 Divas 2000 is coming together, and the first confirmed performer is the larger than life woman who the show celebrates: none other than Miss Diana Ross. Divas 2000 will air on VH1 at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 11.
Who else is on the bill? Can't say right now, but the producers are sure to top last year's bill, which saw the rafters of the Beacon Theater being rattled by singers like Whitney Houston, Cher, Brandy, Tina Turner, and Faith Hill.
The Divas concert will benefit VH1 Save the Music. The non-profit organization is determined to keep music education programs alive in urban areas. Money raised from the concerts will go towards distributing instruments in school, collecting donated instruments and refurbishing them. You never know - your donation could help schools nurture the next Limp Bizkit!
If you think you know who ought to be a diva at this year's show, feel free to email us with your ideas. We'll forward them on to the producers! Just drop us your suggestion at our address.

March 16, 2000..Happy Birthday Anja!
Please Note:
Today, Anja turns 24 years old and she is one of my best friends. We met a year ago when we started to trade stuff online. She lives in Germany and I live in New Jersey and Mariah knows that we are pen pals. Anja will be flying to NJ on April 7th so we will go to MSG together to see Mariah. Anja is also creating 2 fan books with me and she means a lot to me. SO if you would really like to make her smile, please send her a birthday wish. Let's fill up her mailbox with love, even if you don't know her (tell Regina made you do it..ha ha). Thanks guys..her e-mail address is:

MC on TRL Today!
Mariah was on TRL today talking to Chris about her concert in LA tonight and announcing that the 1515 special will be about Mariha tomorrow. You can catch the reairing of it later tonight, if you missed it. Check local listings for more information :) Also make sure you check out Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and TRL today and tomorrow cause they might talk about Mariah's US Tour. I'll tell ya about it if I see it!

NYC Fan Book!
HeyHey Mariah fans! I am going to be attending the April 11th show at Madison Square Garden and I am planning on getting a great fan book to Mariah. So I need everyone to contribute to this. I know that you are all probably sick of writing all this stuff for a bajillion fan books, but this one will be really special. It is her final concert of the Rainbow Tour so I am not making it just a bunch of letters and poems and's going to be a little different:) READ ON!
There are going to be two parts to this fan book.
1) You choose your favorite Mariah song and then explain what it means to you and why it is so important to you...whether it be a personal ordeal or just because it has a great beat! Each song I recieve will get its own section in the book. Don't be afraid to say anything that you want.
2) MARIAHICTIONARY..what is that you ask? It is simple. Take the letters of Mariah's name and tell what each one stands for just like a dICTIONARY in your opinion ie:
Makes beautiful music
Always follows her dreams
Really loves her fans
Is the sweetest
Has the ability to touch lives
-anything like that. It can be a single word or a whole sentence! You can also do CAREY if you so wish.
-Also include at the bottom of your entries your name, age and location! Please pass this along!
You can email the contributions to HUNNIEMG@AOL.COM

Request Site!
My good buddy Willem has created a request site for Mariah and would really like you to visit. Mariah's New Single "Mariah's Theme" will be released shortly and we WANT it at #1. So, check out the link below!

USA Today!
I was on my way to the movies last night and one of the Q102 DJ's announced that Mariah was in the USA Today Newspaper. I went and bought one and it was a pic of her and the pink dolphin that we have all seen. Just thought I would share.

Nini to the rescue!
Another one of my good buds and VERY good article finders is Nini and she sent me an article from the New York Daily News :) Leave It to Divas To Fix the World
Move over, Madeleine Albright: Pop divas Mariah Carey and Brandy are America's new bouncing ambassadors of good vibes.
Carey may be the world's chart-toppingest star, but only this week did she realize the dream that's eluded her: visiting Guam.
Don't laugh. Carey says she always had a mystical fascination with the word "Guam." She's also boned up on the U.S. territory's problems — especially the snakes that have eaten most of the birds there. Carey recently told Rolling Stone that she was thinking about launching her world tour on Guam, where she'd close the concert by releasing a flock of pigeons and giving the people snake-hunting Jack Russell terriers. Just like her terrier, which she named Guam.
Robert A. Underwood, who represents Guam in Congress, recently read about Carey's interest in his home and invited her to visit.
"As you can imagine, it is a rare occasion that someone of your stature comes to visit our island," wrote Underwood. He welcomed her efforts to "control the brown tree snake problem" — even though the media had exaggerated the problem.
"Many residents live their entire lives without ever seeing a snake," wrote Underwood. "I assure you Guam has much more to offer."
Without her trusty Jack Russell, but armed with plenty of experience of dealing with snakes in the music business, Carey flew in on Monday from the Singapore leg of her world tour. Her rep had not fully debriefed her yesterday but believed "she did some swimming and had a nice time."

March 15, 2000
1515 Only For Mariah!
Jenna told me some REALLY cool news. IT seems that MTV is going to be going behind her LA concert on Friday at 7:30 pm. MTV will show a BRAND NEW interview with Mariah and majority of the show will probably be about the Rainbow Tour. If you want to read the link below!! It tells you the times the show will air too

UK Fan Bok for NYC!
The next single in the uk is crybaby but it might be a double A side with mariahs theme. Also ma reminder about the fan book:
The uklambs are proudly launching a fan book for mariah. The good news is that this will be personally be handed to mariah in New York by two members (michelle & Karen) at her hotel. So what we want are comments on the following issues, this is only for uk fans, sorry because we are trying to prove there is a strong fan base in the uk:
1. My first time: don't go there- this only means when was the first time you heard mariah and what effect she had on you, the best twenty will be selected. send by 2pm uk time 20/03/00.
2. Single reviews: any review on a single released by mariah, tell us why it is good. Two reviews per single will be selected. Send by 9am uk time 20/03/00.
3. Letter Mariah - what you want to be say to mariah send by 9am uk time 30/03/00.
4. Concert review- tell us how you thought her concerts went, especially ones outsuide the uk. Two per concert will be chosen
5.Fans having fun- photos posted on the albums section under mariah cover on the club site under the photos write what single or album cover you and your friends trying to re-do. This is you pretending to do them not just pics of mariah i.e you prending to be mariah and so on. POSTED by 9am 20/03/00.
6. Name for mrs lamb chopps : we want fans to build a profile of a fake mrs lamb chopps, include name and ditti. Also a name poem i.e
f is for fresh
l is for lushious
u and so on
The best 4 will be chosen. send by 28/03/00
The titles in bold are the subject titles for the e-mail. send to, remember this is only for uk fans sorry, about that.
If you send after the time stated they will not be read, just deleted. Good news for the fans whos reviews and suggestions get selected they will be asked for a question which we will personally ask mariah and the answers will get posted on Mariah was on the tele here last week. She talked about her career and said how trapped she was in her marriage. she nearly cried when she talked about it. Mariah did not say anything bad about her ex-husband but she actually thanked him for the hard work he put in her career.
When asked about madonnas comments about her she said nothing, just said that some people who have problems in their lives, try to channel them out on to other people.
Thanks for the time!!! N.B the web site is for all fans not just the uk ones. Ashes

March 14, 2000
New Pics!
There are new pics in Gallery 23 today. 2 pics from the Rainbow Concerts which are REALLY nice and tons of pics of MC swimming with the dolpins. Many thanks to Mariah Online and Uwe from the Germany page.

Update on DaBrat!
PeeMami123 and Mina sent me two stories with the latest on DaBrat, which will open for Mariah's US Rainbow Concerts:
Atlanta Shooting Possibly Tied to Rap Singer Fight
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Five people were injured in Atlanta on Sunday when 10 to 15 shots were fired at a limousine in an attack that could be related to a fight involving a popular woman rap singer, police said.
Two armed men fired at the vehicle as it entered a gated apartment complex in north Atlanta, police spokesman John Quigley said.
``Witnesses stated that two black males that were in a late model Ford Thunderbird fired upon the vehicle,'' Quigley said.
He said none of the five people in the limousine suffered life threatening wounds in the shooting early Sunday morning. The three women and two men who were injured were all from the Atlanta area, Quigley said.
Police were investigating whether the incident involved female rapper Da Brat, who is accused of striking and seriously injuring another woman during a fight at a nightclub in Atlanta's Buckhead entertainment district last Tuesday.
``They are investigating whether it has any link to the incident last week with the rapper because apparently she lives in that area,'' Quigley said.
Da Brat, who is scheduled to open for Mariah Carey on a North American tour beginning Thursday in Los Angeles, was charged with felony aggravated battery in the incident and is scheduled to appear in Atlanta Municipal Court on April 13.

Rapper DA BRAT was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with aggravated battery following an altercation at Chili Peppers, an Atlanta nightclub. An Atlanta native was treated for a laceration over her eye claiming that Da Brat pistol whipped her during a disagreement. A scuffle ensued and Da Brat allegedly struck the woman in the head with an unknown object that club security believes to be a shot glass. Both women were arrested. Da Brat is scheduled to answer assault and battery charges on April 16.

Minerva told me she heard something that DaBrat, DJ Clue, Jay-Z, Snoop and J-D will all be at the April 11th show at MSG. I don't know if this is true but it probably is because they are all in NYC! We'll see :)

Singapore Reviews!
Well now starts the Rainbow Tours in the US, and I am so excited. Many thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this next article from the March 13th Straits Times :)
Forget polite clapping and waving. The fans of Mariah Carey at her concert at the National Stadium on Monday night were set for a party - and party they did. Perhaps it had to do with the long drought of stadium-sized rock concerts by international artistes. Or maybe it was just her ability to Carey those impossible-sounding notes. Whatever the case, the crowd of nearly 30,000 mostly teens and those in their 20s clad in cargo pants and tank tops stomped and sang the night away.
The rain which threatened to break lightning streaked the sky, causing many anxious faces luckily never did. The crowds started packing the stadium carpark from as early as 4 pm. The screaming, which began way before the concert, got even louder when Carey finally appeared at 8.35 pm half an hour late in a skin-tight green gown to deliver Emotions, the title-track of her 1991 sophomore album. So carried away was she that she later removed her high heel shoes for a while.
From then, the concert was every bit the light-and-sound spectacular that was expected, with a couple of dramatic twists. Weaved into the show were kicks, scratches and punches thanks to "Bianca', a dancer acting as Carey's "Siamese twin" and arch-enemy, from whom she was separated at birth. The Megadeth-loving Bianca, who appeared in between Carey's pitch-perfect delivery of her hits, certainly lent the vocal showcase the drama of a musical, with even a ear-biting boxing match in the middle of the stage.
But what a pity it was that Carey left much of the boogie-ing to her 10 incredibly flexible dancers - the fancy dance moves on her videos were absent. But her fans hardly noticed. They danced through Butterfly, cried to Petals and sang along to everything else in between.
In between, Carey invited some thrilled fans up on stage to savour favourite Singapore food like satay, and she even sportingly gulped down a few mouthfuls of homegrown Tiger Beer. Her encore, a medley of Rainbow, Hero and Butterfly, closed a rapturous night for her fans. Carey, who has had chart toppers almost every year since 1990, that fateful year she was signed by Sony chief Tommy Mottola after he heard her demo tape, leaves Singapore on Tuesday morning. She leaves for Guam tonight, and then Honolulu followed by Los Angeles, to begin the US leg of her Rainbow world tour.

#2 Singapore Article!
This next article is from MTV Asia!
About 30,000 fans showed up at the National Stadium in Singapore last night, despite weather threats, for a swinging time with pop diva Mariah Carey.
The concert, which is her only Southeast Asian stop on her Rainbow World Tour, featured mainly her latter hits, along with older favorites such as "Emotions," "Dreamlover," and "Vision of Love." Fans were also treated to a ringside view of a little boxing match between Carey and her alter ego "Bianca," whom most would remember made an appearance in her "Heartbreaker" video.
Carey arrived in Singapore Sunday, with an entourage of about 80 people, and even made an appearance at the resort island Sentosa here for a little swim with the dolphins in the lagoon. She left last night for a short vacation in Guam.

March 13, 2000
Rainbow Contest Entry!
Bree told me that I did the contest thingy wrong. It seems that you are not suppose to talk in your 1 minute entry because then they can't add it to the video. SO, I redid it today, with Alex's help and I put on a little skit. If ya want to see my acting skills, click below :)

Fan Book! sent me this
Hey everyone!! My AOL got deleted so everyone that sent a fan book entry to sweetdiva69 needs to PLEASE send them again and if you haven't already please send an entry in!! You can write a letter, birthday wish poem or anything you want mariah to read!!!! Thanx a lot!! Jenn

InfoMC Fan Book!
Well Anja and I are creating a book for after all the concets (see front page for the "Tell Mariah what You Think" for more info. on that) and now we are creating a little fan book FOR the NYC concert. This book is for InfoMC members ONLY. All the members names will be included in the book. If you have a poem and/or drawing that you would like in the book, please send them to There is no room for letters from the fans, but if you have any ideas please e-mail me. You can see scans of the book below!!

March 12, 2000
New Pics!
I mentioned the March 10th issue of OK yesterday and now I have scanned the pics and added them to Gallery 23. It is a four page article and it has 4 pics of MC :) PLUS MiZnAsTyJ sent me 2 AWESOME pics of Mariah taken TODAY while she went to the dolphin lagoon on Sentosa Island in Singapore. Mariah arrived today for her performance tomorrow, the last concert of the Asian leg. I was told that she found out about the pink dolphins and make a trip to her hotel to change into a swimsuit before going to lagoon..the pics are COOL!!

Dave and MC!
Ashley told me the following:
Dave Holmes mentioned Mariah's Heartbreaker video yesterday on Video Feuds on Mtv. He said she was "in a league of her own" because she was fighting herself in the video. they showed a clip from the Heartbreaker fight scene and a clip from Chitchat with Bianca. Article!
Ashley also sent me this article from
Mariah Carey was born to a half-Venezuelan, half-black father and an Irish mother. The family faced a fair amount of prejudice due to its mixed heritage. Mother Patricia, an opera singer and vocal coach, was disowned by her family when she married Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer. Over the years, the couple had various atrocities waged against them by bigots, including having their cars blown up and their dogs poisoned. The marriage crumbled under the strain of such malicious events, and the couple divorced when Mariah was three years old. Mariah's older sister moved in with their father, and her older brother was soon off to college. When this happened, Mariah was left with a mother struggling to make it.
Patricia Carey's vocation qualified her to truly "discover" her daughter's talent. The proud mother nurtured Mariah's talent by coaching her at home, all the while trying not to force the issue too much. Mariah sang for friends and performed in talent shows and at folk-music festivals. By the time she entered junior high, she had begun to write her own songs. In high school, she started commuting to Manhattan in order to study music with professionals, and upon her graduation, in 1987, she moved to the city. Mariah paid the rent on her barren apartment by working as a waitress (she claims to have been fired from twenty restaurants because of her "attitude"), coat checker, beauty salon janitor, and part-time back-up singer. It was this last gig, backing rhythm-and-blues singer Brenda K. Starr, that brought Carey close enough to Tommy Mottola to slip him her tape. After only ten months of slumming in the big city, Mariah Carey was about to become a star.
Carey's 1990 self-titled debut album created quite a stir, largely because of the incredible virtuosity of her voice, which many say is rivaled only by that of Whitney Houston. Critics babbled on and on about her remarkable octavedancing (Carey has a vocal range of between five and seven octaves, based on varying reports), but generally agreed that there wasn't much substance to what she was saying. These days, Carey co-writes most of her songs, but her debut album was penned by professional hit-makers, and it dripped with a cloying sweetness. However, nothing the critics said mattered much after the album sold over six million copies and made Mariah Carey an overnight sensation: two singles from the album shot to No. 1, and the music community awarded the newcomer with a gaggle of Grammys for her impressive debut.
Since then, Mariah has been unstoppable. She has eight albums to her credit: Mariah Carey (1990), Emotions (1991), Unplugged (1992), Dream Lover (1993), Merry Christmas (1994), Daydream (1995), Butterfly (1998), and her most recent Rainbow (1999). Mariah won two Grammy's in 1990 for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal and has taken home countless American Music Awards. She has proven to be one of the few artists with the staying power to last a whole decade, and at the rate Mariah is going, it is hard to imagine this diva slowing down anytime soon.

LA Times!
4 days from the US Part of the Rainbow tour and Kym told me that there is a small pic of MC in the calender section talking about her concert on Thursday!

March 11, 2000
I told you about this yesterday and now I have the information on it from! You heard it here first :)
Mariah's Favorite Spring Break Performances
Type: Special / Music
Duration: 30 min
Description: Singer Mariah Carey chooses her favorite Spring Break performances. (In Stereo)
Airing: Sat 3/25/00 3:00pm MTV
Sun 3/26/00 12:00am MTV
Sun 3/26/00 10:00am MTV
Sun 3/26/00 6:00pm MTV

Magazine Update!
I picked up 3 magazines today. First I picked up the new National Examiner (March 21st) and it has three pics of MC. They are old but different shots. One is from the Oscars after party, one from the Lady of soul Awards and one from last years Blockbuster Awards. Pick it up! The second one I picked up is the March 10th issue of OK! It has a review about her UK concert and has 4 pics of Mariah inside. It shows a lot of celebrities from the UK that attended the concert. A must have for ALL MC fans :D Also, in the April 2000 issue of Vibe (I know I added this news earlier!) there is a FULL page pic of MC in it from the 2000 AMA's Performance! And finnaly, Taryn told me that MC is inside the magazine "Russell Simmon's Oneworld!" It is a small pic in the first couple of pages. I don't know anything about this magazine?!?

Another Exclusive!
My BEST FRIEND Alex told me that "The Bachelor" will be hitting video rental and DVD on April 18th :)

Tell Mariah What You Think!
Okay Anja and I have completed the idea and created a webpage for it! Check it out cause it needs your opinions!!

Fan Book!
Chicago Mariah FANbook --We'll deliver your words to Mariah. Send in your letters, poems, stories and entries for the dedication contest. There's even a SURPRISE section coming soon. Tune into the site for updates. All entries due March 18, to be delivered on March 25th.
-Tessa, Vijay, Julie

Internet Globe 100
Please vote for Mariah on the Intenet Global 100 (category Female) because Mariah is down from # 8 to # 15. Here is the voting URL:
Many thanks to Uwe from the best Mariah Carey Germany site!

A Star is Born!
Alan told me that producers are deciding between Mariah and Lauryn Hill for the reamke of "A Star is born." They announced this on Z100 yesterday and plus I saw articles on this on many sites! Hopefully MC will win :)

March 10, 2000
MTV 1515!
RBoo2000 just told me that on tonight's MTV News 1515 they announced that next week Mariah Carey will be featured. So they will probably show footage from the tour..make sure you tune in on March 17th :D

MC on MTV's Spring Break?!?
Here is what Nini sent me from the New York Post!
MTV'S "Spring Break 2000," which tapes soon in Cancun and Las Vegas, has a lineup that includes Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Carmen Electra, Omar Epps, Scott Caan, David Arquette and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. The music network's "Spring Break" telecast is always ripe with over-the-top antics and hardbodies galore. The madness airs March 24-26.

My Contest Entry!
Tonight, that is the reason why the webpage is so late on updating, I created my one minute video for Mariah! I am actually going to add it to the site, actually Alex is, and later tonight you will be able to download my video..hee hee! Plus you can see what my room looks like and what I will be wearing to the MSG concert on April 11th, incase anyone wants to say hi :)

InfoMC Fan Book?!?
Okay yeah it fell through due to lack of time but Anja and I are working on something completly NEW and something MC will love! I will be announcing more about it later and there will be still something created for MC for the NYC concert from InfoMC. It will include all the members names! More details coming soon...

Teen People Alert!
Phantasy Dreams gave me the low down on the April 2000 Teen goes:
She is on page 62 with Luis Miguel. It's a "cute" picture of them :) Here's what is says:
CAREY'D AWAY Mariah Carey might dismiss a bad-news beau in her hit "Heartbreaker," but she's singing a different tune about Mexican crooner Luis Miguel. The lovebirds were all over each other at the Buenos Aires tango club.
Mariah, again, is in Teen People and she is in the section where celebs discuss thier most embarassing moments. She is on page 86 and there is this cute picture of her in pig-tails wearing this black open square-neck top wit her cut-top jeans. Here's what it says in Teen People:
Mariah Carey (Rainbow)
"When I was in seventh grade, I dyed my hair to try and lighten it. I started blow-drying it with this orange-blow-dryer, and my friend was like, 'Your hair is the color of your blow-dryer!' Then I went outside. and this kid that I was in love with was there and he said, 'You have orange hair!' It was one of the most memorably hideous moments of my lifr. I had shaved my eyebrows too at that point, so I was a true mess."

March 9, 2000
The InfoMC Idea Project is almost done and I have established a new e-mail called "" That is where all the entries will go. I will announce the idea over this upcoming weekend. If you are not in InfoMC, sign up now because this will only be open for InfoMC Members and I will be making sure you are a member before we add your entry. Stay tune for details :)

Magazine News!
MC is in the new People with Madonna on the cover. Several people are continuing to e-mail me about this so I though maybe I didn't announce this? It is a pic of MC in a limo with her two dogs and it is really cute. BaByDollLiz13 e-mailed me and told me that there is a pic of MC in the J-14 Life Story of Britney Spears. I saw it today and the magazine is $10 for one pic of MC from the MTV European Awards..nothing big. She is also in the April issue of Cosmogirl. There is a small pic on 127 with her hair tied back in a black dress. Thanks to Taryn for that information :)

Fan Book-Sort of New Idea!
Here is Carolina's idea (
Hi! I'm creating a new Mariah fanbook. I know many of you must be tired of fanbooks but you know Mariah loves to hear from us the fans. This Fanbook I'm working on won't include letters, it will be more like a review of Mariah's songs... Each fan would pick one Mariah song (any song you want) and write how you feel about that song, what that songs means to you and why you picked that song. If you want to write about more than one song you can do it. Please contribute to this fanbook. I'm planning to give this book to Mariah on March 29th for the Miami concert. Thanks, Carolina :)

The Fan Page!
The Official Fan Page has been updated and they are starting to send out the tickets for the winners of the contest for the concerts through Fed-Ex. Plus they picked the winners for the backstage passes and I didn't win.. Congrads to anyone who did :D

March 8, 2000
TRL/Double Rainbow Contest!
SO MANY people e-mailed me about this and Columbia sent me an official e-mail about it and here it is:
Mariah Carey will be producing the next video from her Rainbow album, "Mariah's Theme" and wants her FANS to take part. That's right, MTV viewers and Mariah fans across the nation will have the chance to make Mariah Carey's video their claim to fame. Just imagine the "Mariah's Theme" video containing actual footage created by her very own fans!!! Viewers should submit a VHS tape (1 minute or less in length), giving their interpretation for what "Mariah's Theme" means to them. Mariah will judge the entries and select at least five finalists, whose video entries will be used in her video, "Mariah's Theme". From these five finalists, one Grand Prize Winner (and guest) will be flown to New York to see Mariah live in concert and meet her in person!! Get out those camcorders...this is one contest you don't want to miss.
Viewers must send a VHS entry (1 minute or less) giving their interpretation of what "Mariah's Theme" means to them. All entries should include name, age, address, and a telephone number where they can be reached. Entries should be sent to:
Double Rainbow Contest
c/o Your Neighborhood Office
332 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10014
All entries must be received by March 20, 2000
Each entrant must be a residing citizen of the continental U.S.A.
All submissions become property of Columbia Records and will not be returned.
Contest commences March 7, 2000 and ends on or around March 20, 2000. All entries must be received by March 20, 2000.
Exact trip fulfillment dates to be determined in Columbia Records sole discretion, currently scheduled between March 20, 2000 and April 11, 2000.
Contest not open to employees and their immediate families of MTV Networks, Viacom International Inc., Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Maroon Entertainment, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, any and all sponsors or any person who has won an MTV national contest or sweepstakes in the 2000 calendar year.
Contest is subject to the complete Official Rules.
For the name of the Grand Prize Winner and/or Official Rules, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Double Rainbow Contest
Columbia Records
550 Madison Avenue
26th Floor/2608
New York, NY 1002
Attn: Video Promotion Department
All request must be received by April 20, 2000
This contest is sponsored by Columbia Records, 550 Madison Avenue NY, NY

BAD News for Chicago Concert People!
FunkSoulBo told me that a few days ago, on some Mariah Fan Pages, someone made a death threat for Mariah at her Chicago concert. Due to that, it is said that tighter security is in talks for that concert. I do not know if this is true, but this could be a problem for people trying to bring in cameras and such. I am SO SURE that if it is true that it was a little kid who was bored and that there will be no bomb nor guns at the concert. Just to alarm you for your cameras sakes, cause they will be taken away! :O

Project Mariah!
Check out the following website for information on Project Mariah, which Ryan created. The deadline is March 13th...

March 7, 2000
New Concert Pics!
Katy sent me 17 AWESOME concert pics. I am not 100% sure which concert it is from but I think it is maybe Paris? She has her own section in the Pics Pages under "Katy Tour Pics!" Check them out ASAP cause they are beautiful, really close pics :D

MC on Oprah?!?
Taryn told me that yesterday they were doing a show on Beauty tips and they showed the Glamour Magazine which has Mariah on the cover. Plus she told me this:
Yesterday, on Casey's top 20, there was a long distance dedication from a girl in FLorida who had muscular dystrophy. She dedicated "When you believe" to LFO, her favorite group, because through the Make A Wish Foundation, she got to meet them.

VIBE Magazine!
I think I mentioned this earlier but Laura told me that there is a BIG pic of MC on page 78 in the April issue of Vibe magazine!

Hi Mariah Fans. I am in the process of making a Mariah fanbook. Currently my mailbox is filled with messages, but I want more. I want to make a fanbook that will take Mariah many plane trips to read. I also work in a tile factory and am designing a "Mariah tile" and I hope to give this to Mariah as well when I see her at her Toronto concert. I will post pics of this Mariah tile once it is completed. So if you haven't sent Mariah a message, feel free to email your letters to The deadline is March 25th. Sorry Thanks, Wayne!

Nini Translated!
Nini translated the following Spanish artice (which magazine is this frm Nini?) and here it is :)
Simply Mariah
To everyone’s surprise Mariah has done something that she’s wanted to do for a long time. She traded the elegant avenues of her Manhattan neighborhood for the modest street of Maracaibo where her father Alfred Carey who’s Black Venezuelan is from. Mariah arrived escorted by dozens of bodyguards and accompanied by Luis Miguel. She also brought with her a picture of her grandfather named Roberto Nunez. Mariah told the press that her father’s real last name is Nunez and that he had changed his name when he arrived in to the United States. “My father always talked about my roots and really wanted to come here.” No one knows if he ever had the chance to visit here. A week after Mariah arrived in Venezuela a show called Sababdo Sensacional had a woman on claiming to be the artist’s aunt grandmother. She had the exact picture Mariah had of her grandfather. The diva got a chance to relive her Spanish roots. Maybe it was because of her sentimental relationship with Luis Miguel or as she has said before because she was now finally free to search for it. And while Mariah continues with her career, there’s no doubt that these days she’s happier than ever. She would love children but for now she wants to concentrate on making movies and on her latest album “Rainbow.” Mariah sold her twenty million dollars home and currently lives in an apartment in Manhattan. She loves to wear jeans and sandals with her curly hair in a bun that’s recognized worldwide. She also loves to stay home and play with her dog Jack far away from the limos, the caviar, and the parties. When she has free time Mariah enjoys vacationing in Mexico or at the Island of Capri with her boyfriend Luis Miguel. Mariah says “I would like to maintain our relationship private because this way it would have more possibilities of lasting.”

NY Post Article
Nini also sent me the following NYPost article from 3/5/00!!
Limo limbo
MARIAH Carey is rid of her husband Tommy Mottola -- but she continues to be haunted by the driver who steered her marital limousine. An appellate court has ruled that the case brought against her in 1997 by Franco D'Onofrio can go forward. D'Onofrio wants $1.5 million in back pay and damages. He claims Carey forced him to drop other clients so he could be at her beck and call. The suit was initially dismissed, as he wasn't licensed to drive in N.Y.

March 6, 2000
March Site of the Month!
Hello Regina! My name is Will Ward, from the site "Mariah World News" And you have been awarded the 'Mariah World News' Site-Of-The-Month Award for March 2000! This is the first award ever awarded by this site! Please continue your good work, service, and dedication! Kind Regards, Will Ward
Thanks very much Will, it is a great honor :)

Christina Covering VOL? NOT TRUE!
Nini sent me this following article:
RUMOR NUMBER 1 - Christina is going to re-record Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" on her next album.
FALSE. Although Christina is recording both a Spanish album and a Christmas album over the next two months, neither album will include "Vision Of Love" (in any language). Christina is indeed a big fan of Mariah's and will be recording a new album next year - however, Christina does not intend to cover any of Mariah's songs.

TV Guide Awards!
ButtterfIi told me that they mention MC on yesterdays TV Guide Awards! Sadly I missed this episode of TRL, anyone got it on tape that can maybe send me a copy for a trade?
on the tv guide awards they showed a clip from trl n the clip they chose was w/mariah first shes singing a high note then she goes to carson "im in the shower totally nude" and hes like "im trying to look for u in there" n he has his face in the camera

My VERY good friend Minerva recently attended the concert in Paris and Madrid. She sent me an e-mail and I wanted to add it to the page so you can all read it...
HI REG! How are you? I hope you're fine!!!! I still can't believe what happenend to me with Mariah!!!!OMG!!!! I'm sooooo exited!!!!! Well, I could finally tape on cassette the Mariah's concert in Madrid and I took almost 70 pics in both concerts. In Paris I could not tape the concert because there were a lot of avalanches before and during the concert and I couldn't get out the cassette recorded of my bag (the man security didn't look through my bag in both concerts, so I was lucky then, but they told before going into the concert that we were not allowed to take any picture at the concert, recorded by camera or cassette recorded. So you must be very careful with this Reg. A friend of mine could record 30 minutes of the concert by camera but security saw him and he could not record anymore during the concert, it was in Madrid. Around 200 people in Paris had to leave the concert because they couldn't breathe and there were a lot of faints. I almost had to leave the concert by the same way because I was at first place in the audience and I almost couldn't breathe but finally I could resist... Reg, she is the best on the stage, she sang very,very,very well!!!!!!!! She also could reach some octaves at the end of Heartbreaker, Vision of love, Dreamlover...and the concert was 98% live. She changed the end of Vision of love in both concerts... and she also changed some parts of some song. The concert is very funny. I DO think that the concert in Spain was better than the Paris one because there wasn't any faint or avalanche during the whole concert, Mariah talked a lot between the songs, she and Trey speaked in Spanish a lot...A friend of mine who went to Cologne, Paris, London and Madrid told me that the concert in Spain was the best because Mariah was very kind with the audience, she looked very happy because there wasn't any faint (II remember that she threw some roses to the audience after singing Exgirlfriend, she knelt down during two songs, in My all and the other one was Can't take that away ( she didn't do this in Paris). Besides, two of the three people from the audience who were with Mariah were my friends, Nancy and Borja. Mariah drank Sangría (Spanish drink), she showed a beer made in Spain called SAN MIGUEL, she tasted a little bit of Paella (very famus Spanish dish) and showed something that I could not recognized. I think there were 'aceitunas' or something like that, I don't know...She cried in Petals (In Paris she cried but she cried more in Spain because she almost could not sing (she's got a yellow flower in one of her hands). She went down at the audience in Hero and I could touch her in Madrid and she stopped both times (Paris and Madrid) next to me to sing one part of the song in front of a fan. I remember that she said Hello to me in Paris while she was singing Honey in because I was the one in one moment to said my letter was threre. So she read them, maybe in the limo or in backstage. One more thing...Mariah arrived at the hotel in Madrid called Palace at 5.10am and we were just 5 fans there. The night before a girl who works for Mariah had told us she wouldn't arrived at the hotel untill the morning of the next day because she was recording a show on MTV in London but we didn't believe in her so we stayed there the whole night, all fans left the hotel believing Mariah would arrieve at there 'till next day, but she arrived at the hotel at 5.10am. She wore the same clothes that she was wearing at the NRJ awards, a white chaket and sunglasses (at Her manager told us we could not take any picture at her so we did not. Then a black girl left the limo by carrying some white sheets ( so Mariah was sleeping in the limo) and then Mariah left the limo very tired but saying Hello to everybody. She signed the pic that I'm with her in Tenerife to me (I told her "Mariah, it was in Tenerife" and then she said "Oh, yes!!" OMG... she's the best! She also signed the Rainbow cover and I gave the So here is a short summary of the story. What a pitty I can't speak English so well, but I can't :( I can say that I'm very lucky but I've suffered a lot walking on foot many times in Paris and Madrid, having cold waiting for Mariah, sleeping out to get the first places in the audience in both concerts, spending a lot of money that I had to earn first... And now, I REALLY, REALLY HOPE you can be very lucky this time and you can meet Mariah!!!!! VERY LUCKY REG!!!!!!!!! Well, I'll send all the pics, the concert on cassette and my friend is sending the 30 minutes of the concert recorded by camera to me very soon, so I'll make a copie to you as well!!!! Gotta go now, I'll come back on wednesday, so see 'ya!!! Take care(y) ;D MINERVA

March 5, 2000
Willem Transcript!
Willem has typed out the recent Mariah message and you can check out the transcript by clicking below:

Fan Book!
Julie, Vijay, Tessa are working on a fan book for the Chicago concert for March 25th and would really like you all to send in your letters! Click on the banner to do so!

InfoMC and NYC!
I am working on some ideas for something completely DIFFERENT then the fan books for InfoMC. I don't want to give away the idea cause then people will steal it but if you are NOT in InfoMC, you better join fast. Everyone's names will be included within this special "item." I will disclose more information about this and how you can participate later in the week!

Speaking of InfoMC?
The InfoMC Newsletter will resume, most likely Thursday or Friday. A TON of people have been e-mailing me asking if I shut down the newsletter which I DID NOT DO! College is tough this week and again I will resume it Thursday with information on InfoMC's "idea" most likely for MC's concert gift!

Soul Train Awards Not So Good!
MC lost to Lauryn Hill last night. I watched the WHOLE SHOW and it was one of the very last awards, if I remember correctly! They also showed MC and Whitney singing When You Believe when Whitney got the special award. The only thing that burns me up is that they said she is the best selling female artist and she sold 110 million copies of her albums. MC has sold over 115 million, what's up with that?!?

March 4, 2000
New Pics + Updates!
I added two new pics to Gallery 23 today. One is from the new Teen People and is a pic of MC in Paris (2 people sent me the pic but I forget who?!?) and one is a pic that Lisa sent me which can be found in the March 14th issue of The National Enquirer.
Other Updates Include..

  • New Pic of the Week
  • New Quote of the Week
  • Magazine Section was Updated!

    News Lack!
    If you send me news and I don't use it for some reason this week, do not be upset with me. Major lack of time due to college papers/midterms. The webpage is slacking a little this past week but I am still trying my best to continue to update for all of you :)

    Buy Concert Pics!
    Larry told me that you can buy over 150 pics of MC from her Wembly Concert by clicking the link below!

    Most Expensive Video!
    Sara and Larry, and MANY other people, told me that Heartbreaker was the #3 most expensive video at 2.5 million dollars according to MTV!

    Soul Train!
    Don't forget about the Soul Train awards tonight from 8 pm-10pm EST! I'll let ya know if MC was on it tomorrow!

    March 3, 2000
    Official Site Update!
    There is a new message from MC from Japan on the Official website! Check it out!

    CTTA New Single?!?
    Yvonne said that MC called Bree and told her that Can't Take That Away wil be the new single coming out in a month or two. I don't know if it is true or not, stay tune for more info!

    InfoMC? Where are You?!?
    InfoMC won't be sent out for a bit cause I am super busy with midterms for college. I will continue to update everyday though, so check the webpage! InfoMC will resume next week!!

    Ticket Giveaway!
    Read below for what Lori told me:
    Hey Reg,I'm so excited that Xtreme Radio in Honolulu are giving away MC Los Angeles tickets front row seats. So starting next Monday the contest called Dream Sequence will begin. I just wanted to let you know b/c I dying to go to her concerts. Heck this could be an excuse to go on vacation. Wish me luck and please pray that I win something.

    Soul Train!
    Make sure you tune into the awards tomorrow night because the Official Mariah Carey Newsletter said to do so and you all know what that means :) Maybe they will go live to the Tokyo Concert or maybe they will show a pre-tape interview with MC. It airs at 8 pm EST, check local listings for channel!

    March 2, 2000
    I have midterms coming up for college so the updates might be slow for the next week, so bare with me :)

    Sadly Anderz has shut down Mariah's Diary and I am going to miss him a lot since we were pretty good friends on the internet. However, I do not know what happened, nor did he e-mail me about his sudden decision. I don't know what will happen to Mariah Three either. So please stop e-mailing about this cause I just don't know at the moment! We will all miss him though, no doubt. Maybe he will be back sooner then we think!

    Antonio was very nice in sending this to me. I think it is funny about the part where her microphone box fell :) hee hee..anyhow read below:
    Hi, i'm Antonio from Portugal. I went to Mariah's concert in Madrid ( which is about 11 hours away by bus) and it was GREAT! It was my first ever mMAriah concert and it was a drem coime true. The show started at 9.00(pm) with a group clled Damage. Then at 10.00 the show STARTED as Mariah was announced. There was like a storm in the air a a woman's figure appeared behind a curtain, in a elevator. We all assumed it was Mariah nad started screaming but the elevator went down with the woman. We were all confused but suddenly the real Mariah appears on stage singinig Emotions. Everyone was screming and shouting, especially when MAriah hit the high notes. I'm not gonne tell evrything because it was like the previous concerts, the miss contest in Dreamlover, the man dressesd as woman in ex-girlfriend ( which was her make-up artist)etc, just the highlights. Mariah took 3 fans on satge ( Not ME :( ) to try with her Sangria(a spanish drink) and Paella (spanish food).it was very funny. Then came Thank god I found you with Trey. which was great. Then abed was put on stage and Mariah came out with smlaa sleeping shorts, a sweat and slippers!! She san g Crybaby was and most of the time sha was barefoot on stage, it was so cute! Then one of the best Moments came! close my eyes, petals and Mariah's theme. durig Ppetals Mariah started crying and the more we would applaude (SP?) the more she would cry, it was teally moving! then came the boxing show with HB. I was great because Mariah came to the stage TROUGH THE CROWD! of course she was with those BIG body guards but it was great. After the fight she sang HB beautifuly and at the regular high notes but as we were clapping and shouting so much she was like 30 secs just doing m,ore high notes, it was amazing. Then came honey and she was simply beatiful with a small sailor outfit, a differen one from what ive seen froim picteres. The pretended this to be the end but she returned to sing vision of love. At the end of this song, she just started doing random high notes for a whole minute!! there was no music, just her doing high notes! Unbelievable! then Hero came. As usual she went to the audience and she hust passed in front of me like 25 cm away;) then butterfly stated and it really eas the end with million shiny paers coming from the ceiling. The concert was Amazing, Mariah really liked us, therea was a very funny moment during Fanasy where her micropohe box slipped from her jeans , she was really embarassed, but then she just laughed, it was great.

    Vibe Magazine
    Poocilla told me the following info!
    Mariah is in the april issue of Vibe with D'angelo on the cover. Its a picture of her singing at the AMA's this year the picture is a full page. Under the picture it talks about her going on her first world tour in eight years.Then it says that she is hip hop's answer to Celine Dion.She was also on channel 7 news on 3/1/00 at she was talking about her tour how she was starting production on "All That Glitters" and how "Thank God I Found You" is her 15 no.1 single. The interview on channel 7 wasnt new it was from when she annouced her world tour the day after the AMA's.

    Win Tickets!
    Thanks to Lauren for the following news:
    in case you want to let other Chicago fans(or anyone else that would be willing to travel here), Metromix, WGN, and the Chicago Tribune are giving away free tickets to see Mariah Carey at the United Center on March 25. You have to be over 18. For all the rest of the details, and to enter go here:
    Click here: Win on Metromix | Mariah Carey

    DaBrat Opening for MC!
    Will told me that DaBrat is opening MC's tour in the below!
    Catch Da Brat Opening up for Mariah Carey on the following dates of Mariah's Rainbow Tour:
    March 16 Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
    March 18 - Las Vegas, Nevada-Thomas & Mack
    March 21 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Arena
    March 25 - Chicago, IL - United Center
    March 29 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena
    April 1 - Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena
    April 4 - Boston, MA - Fleet Center
    April 7 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Air Canada Center
    April 11 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    MC on Dawson Creek?!?
    Here is what Dan told me..kind of cool :D
    hey, I was watching Dawson's Creek and Joey's college boyfriend had a poster of Mariah on his wall. It was the back cover of the Rainbow album. You could only see part of it and it was only for two seconds, but I noticed it :)

    March 1, 2000
    From Columbia!
    Soul Train Award Nominee Best R&B/Soul Single, Female Mariah Carey - "Heartbreaker" The 14th Annual Soul Train Awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles at The Shrine Auditorium on Saturday, March 4th. Don't miss it!! Check your local listings or log on to for station information.

    Mariah in concert: more songs, less clothing
    ( - Mariah Carey's performance at London's Wembley Arena this past weekend left London Times reporter Lisa Verrico with mixed feelings. The performance was a sight to see, featuring a waterfall and sunset, suspended cages and even a double bed in which Carey performed her hit "Thank God I Found You." Carey's band was tight, her voice was in fine form, but Verrico couldn't help but be distracted by her costume changes which were frequent (almost every two songs) and progressively showing more and more skin. See

    Fan Book!
    Hi everyone!! As you all know I am doing a fan book and I have recived a decent amount of letters, but i could always use more and in fact i am looking for peoms, jokes and various other things such as birthday wishes to mariah!! I want to make this book very special and have a lot in it so PLEASE send me poems, jokes etc..send them to thanx!

    Fan Book #2
    Heya Regina!, Just wanted to let ya know that there is a site for the fanbook. It's called Project Mariah. Here's the link: If ya have the time, please tell InfoMC about Project Mariah. We really need more letters, and if you put a link to it on your site, I think it would really help... Reg, I would really appreciate it greatly. I put up a link to your site on Project Mariah. Thank you sooo much Reg. *HUGZ* Luv, Ryan :o]

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