March 2001

March 30, 2001...
To the aim
The following article is from Reforma Online! Eva sent it to me and she translated it for us into English, the best she could! I went in and tried to fix some parts but it can be really confusing at moments!

From what I could get, basically the article says that Mariah would stay with Sony for 20 million dollars for each album that she puts in for a three year time. Sony refused that offer but later in the article it says that Sony was willing to pay Mariah 20 million dollars for each of the three discs, she would have to put out in a four year span! Mariah is looking for a company though that will give her 25 million dollars an album for five years, it seems?? I know, I am confused too!! Ha ha! If you can understand Spanish, check out the direct link to the Reforma Onlie article above and maybe you can make more sence out of this than I can! If only I payed attention in my Spanish courses!

Reforma Article:
The relation that Mariah had with Tommy and his company since beginning of 1990, finished in 1998, when she separated with Tommy Mottola, the president, and although it was an open secret in the company, it was not but until the week that passed that found the opportunity to settle her labor contract with Sony Music.

In agreement with information provided by a spokesman of the offices of Sony in New York, the fiancee of Luis Miguel did not maintain three years ago direct relation with the company, since their musical works did outside Sony and it did not worry about some commitments of promotion. " she did not attend any meeting of planning and tried to stay remote of Sony, all we knew it, but she did not say myself for sure.

According the informant, Mariah had one first supply of another disquera house a pair ago of weeks, and when considering it seriously, she asked Sony for 20 million dolllars for each album for three years, to which the executives refused her.

"The argument of Sony was that she occurred to know in the company and that did not need to renegotiate because already they know as both parts worked. To Mariah they offered to him money and the directors no longer accepted the supply, leaving into the hands of the lawyers the legal subjects to settle the contract, that finished officially, for the press and the means in general, within days," explain the source.

The supply of a different disquera I arrive to him at Carey when this renew the one that already it had with Sony weeks ago, in which it was committed to give a disc more, which will be the one of the film All That Glitters, whose distribution, promotion and sale are had contemplated as of August next.

To the singer first they offered 20 million to him of dollar to give to three discs in a period of four years, but she is looking for a company that pays 25 million to her by material during five years, now giving one every 12 months, which would mean the contract most advantageous for a figure of music.

Warner Music is the company that sounds but hard like the new discografica house of the original writesinger of Long Island, New York, and although also they were considered Universal, Interscope and Jive, no official spokesperson of these houses in Mexico could confirm the interest which they have by the artist.

Mariah on Oprah
Laney told me that on yesterdays show, Oprah did a show on people overcoming ovesity; I believe this show was a repeat. For the last five minutes, Kelly Price talked about her problems with bring overweight and they showed a picture of Mariah and Kelly from the Daydrem Era! It stayed up there for about three seconds! Does anyone have a screen capture of the picture?

Vote for Mariah on Excite
Dennis and Ricardo told me that you can vote for Mariah on the excite website for your favorite diva at past Diva Live shows! When I voted, the results were:

  • Destiny's Child 8% 359 votes
  • The Supremes 3% 151 votes
  • Donna Summer 6% 260 votes
  • Mary J. Blige 4% 196 votes
  • Tina Turner 20% 900 votes
  • Faith Hill 26% 1128 votes
  • Mariah Carey 12% 518 votes
  • Gloria Estefan 6% 280 votes
  • Celine Dion 11% 503 votes Current Vote Tally: 4295
  • So as you can see, Mariah is in third place behind Faith Hill and Tina Turner! We need to get her to number one, so vote below:

    Mariah's Hand
    Shino from Love Love Jack sent me a scan of Mariah's hand!! It's a rare item, which can be found in the Osaka Dome!! Here is what it says:
    Mariah's hand-signature
    We discovered the hand-signature of Mariah. 
    The hand-signature of the singer that did the concert at the Osaka dome is decorated. 
    Mariah is writing " Love, Mariah 03-2001".

    Mariah did the concert with the Osaka dome on March 4, 2000. And she participated in the hand signature as commemoration. "BON JOVI's hand signature" is lining up by Mariah's side right away.

    Note from Deborah Lippman
    "Hi I am MC'c manicurist and the designer of Satin Doll for the lippmann collection.  Just wanted to let you know that we have some 'bangin' nail looks comin in ' All That Glitters'.  I can't give away the looks, but MC had input on the looks and she is a nail girl, after all!  And by the way, she is great in the movie!
    deborah lippmann"

    This information was sent to me by Elin from Mariah Online! Deborah contacted Elin directly with this message! How cool is that?

    The TRL Book
    TEXHALFBREED sent me a scan of a page in the TRL book called "The Ultimate Fan Guide," which is in stores now. One of the pages talk about Mariah and here is what it says:

    Mariah Carey was actually in the shower talking to Carson through the speakerphone. Mariah's all the way across the country in her hotel room and telling Carson, 'Oh, I'm in the shower right now. Oh I'm naked.' And she's singing in the shower, belting out. And Carson's looking into the camera. You're like, 'What are you doing?' and he's like, 'Nothing, I'm trying to see Mariah in the shower.' That was funny. -Bernadette Yabut

    "She was in a really good mood, that's all I can say. All I remember is that Carson like eventually asked her to have phone sex with him because she was singing to him in the shower. She was talking how she was naked walking around her bathroom." -Dabe George

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 8, 2000
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    95     84     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 6, 1996
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position
    6     6     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9  Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 6, 1991
    This week    Last week    Artist: Album
    Imprint | Catalog No. Peak Position   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1    

    Vote for Mariah
    "D" told me you can vote for Mariah in Heroine Magazine. Click on the link below and check out "who's your heroine!"

    Spin Magazine Article
    Mutzle sent me an older article from Spin Magazine (December 1998). It's about plagiarism and Mariah is discussed in the article. There is a cool statement she makes about Hero, which is bolded below:
    What does plagiarism mean at a time when pop stars want to sound alike?

    In the age of sampling, the concept of plagiarism seems oddly anachronistic.Why bother when you can simply clear a sample or license a loop? It certainly costs less than settling a lawsuit with some angry songwriter.Besides ,in today's frothy pop climate , everyone wants to sound alike.The best -selling stars-VH1 divas Celine Dion and Mariah Carey , rappers Will Smith and Puff Daddy-are successful because of an uncanny ability to make music that sounds like hundreds of songs you've heard before. ...........Mariah Carey has had no less than two people stake claims to parts of her 1993 hit "Hero"...............

    ........Mariah Carey, whose greatest-hits album, #1's , was released in November, is a gifted singer , but she's been the focus of controversy over writing credits since the early '90s. She plays a substantial role in the shaping of her music,usually collaborating  with her songwriting partner Walter Afanasieff - but this has not stopped  several other songwriters from challenging her bona fides.Carey has never lost a judgment in court and has steadfastly denied any accusationsof plagiarism or copyright infringement; the closed cases against her have been dismissed without any finding of liability by Carey.But three dismissed copyright infringement cases against her have been settled out of court under confidentiality agreements ,according to press reports and documents obtained by Spin. (Carey and Sony Music declined to comment for this piece.)

        In 1991,Carey settled with verteran R&B star Maurice White,the former leader of Earth,Wind,& Fire.Alleging that the Carey single "Emotions"(which was co-credited to C+C Music Factory) was too similar to his 1974 song "Best of My Love",he ultimately received a lump payment,a retroactive writing credit,and royalties. "Sampling is one thing," White says now,"but she took the whole song".In 1994, Carey and Sony settled with Detroit songwriter Kevin McCord.McCord had alleged that "Make It Happen,"which was also credited to Carey and C+C Music Factory,had borrowed heavily from his song "I Want To Thank You," a minor hit for Alicia Myers.

        In 1996,according to documents Spin obtained from the clerk's office in Federal District Court in L.A.,Carey and Sony settled with California songwriting team Sharon Taber and Randy Gonzales. The duo alleged that Carey and Afanasieff based the chorus to Carey's 1993 hit "Can't Let Go" on thier song "Right Before My Eyes".One of Carey's backup singers claimed he played the song for the diva before "Can't Let Go" was written;he was later visited at home by Carey's manager,Randy Hoffman,who surreptitiously recorded the conversation with the help of a private dectective.As part of the settlement,Taber and Gonzales dropped their case,and issued a statement that "we have now been played many songs before and after 'Can't let Go'...which sound very similar to ours."

        Carey's songwriting has its defenders.According to ben Margulies,who co-wrote much of Carey's self-titled debut album,"[Carey] was a good songwriter when I worked with her,had good ideas." Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men,who co-wrote "One Sweet Day" with Carey,says,"From what we heard,she was a pretty good lyricist". But since her early hit "Vision of Love", Carey's trademark has been songs with a familiar feel to them , generic titles("Dreamlover," "Fantasy"),and lyrics reminiscent of greeting cards. It's only a few short steps from writing a hackneyed MOR love ballad to someone saying ,"Hey,that sounds just like my song!"................ ..................

        Consider the history of the Carey song "Hero",the proceeds from which Carey earmarked for the survivors of the 1992 Long Island Railroad massacre.Former deli owner Chris Selletti claims to have written the lyrics to the 1993 ballad,dragging his bizarre case through the legal system for three years.Rhonda Dimmie,an amateur songwriter from upstate New York,is suing Carey and Afanasieff over music to the same song.The two plantiffs never met."I was shocked when I went down to the courthouse and saw Selletti's suit," Dimmie says.

    .......Three years later , as he [Selletti] was listening to Carey's Music Box album,Selletti claims he realized that the lyrics to "Hero" nearly matched his poem.

        Selletti filed suit in 1996 against Carey, Sony Music,Sly Stone ,and and Stone's manager Jerry Goldstein.It is Selletti's position that Stone gave him his poem to Goldstein,who then sold the lyrics to Carey or someone representing as something Stone had written himself.(Stone has no writing credit for "Hero")Even if Selletti's conspiratorial thesis were true,Carey may have thought in good faith that the lyrics were written by Stone. "I feel totally victimized ,"Carey told the New York Daily News in 1996." 'Hero' is my creation and it holds very special meaning to me.I have every intention of fighting this all the way."

        At a hearing last December,then -Sony attorney Jonathan  Liebman produced evidence of Carey's authorship : a November 20,1992 notebook ,and two audiotapes on which Carey appears to be writing "Hero" with Afanasieff.Liebman also argued that    "Hero" was written,in part,for the soundtrack to the Dustin Hoffman movie of the same name,according to court transcripts,and claimed to have evidence to that effect. "Selletti's story is patently incredible," wrote Judge Denny Chin,upholding an earlier dismissal and concluding that Selletti is a "plaintiff without a legitimate claim" who is "intent on extorting potentially deep-pocketed defendants."

        Selletti Hired a new attorney ,who discovered that the movie premiered on October 2,1992,a full six weeks before Liebman claimed Carey wrote the song in her notebook.Judge Chin considered the "newly discovered evidence" and refused to reopen the case.The dismissal remains on appeal.

        Amateur songwriter Rhonda Dimmie has an equally weak case against Carey.Her lawyer,Les Levine,claims that "Hero" sounds "exactly like" Dimmie's song "Be Your Own Hero" which she copyrighted in 1991."If you were to take it and transpose it to the key Mariah's song is in,a layman would be able to tell it was the same song," Levine says.Dimmie will have to prove that the songs are substantially similar,which would entail employing a musicologist to "map out" both compostions,noting striking resemblance and any deviations from Carey's pre-established style.As for the prerequisite "accessibility," Dimmie merely says she sent her demo tape to Sony "many" times. "I wanted to be a star,just like everybody else,"Dimmie says."every six months, I would send tapes,pictures,bio -the whole works- to 15 different record companies."

        "A lot of  times you get a cockamamy claim,someone trying to establish a connection," says attorney Guido. "Most of the time,it's not true." Sony receives dozens of tapes a week ...................In a time when songs are designed to sound exactly like other songs, it would be foolishness to require anything less. -Roger D. Friedman

    March 29, 2001...
    Good-Bye Tommy
    WASHINGTON. - Mariah Carey put full stop to its relation with Sony Music, the disquera that presides over its exmarido, Tommy Mottola, the present husband of Thalia.

    " Mariah no longer this with Sony from the past Thursday ", I inform a spokesman into company Manhattan K. McCarthy. The lawyers of Carey, that was married five years with Mottola and of which divorce in 1998, obtained an agreement that allows the singer to be associated with a rival company/signature. Between the disqueras interested in contracting the present fiancee of Luis Miguel, Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal and Jive was. But according to the spokesman of Sony, the singer this looking for a very favorable agreement: a contract by four discs and 25 million of dolares by album.

    (This article is from Reforma and thanks to Eva for the article and the translation!)

    Mikalia on Mariah
    Desiree found the following interview on It's about the new singer Mikalia:

    jazzyvibe2000: Hi Mikaila,you have a great voice. If you could collaborate with another female artist who would it be?
    launchguest_mikaila: Oh, let's see, probably someone like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. I've always looked up to people like that.
    mista_pretty_boy: Mikaila who would be your role model??? launchguest_mikaila: Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. I think Mariah has the most amazing voice. She puts a bit of R&B into her music, which I really like. And Celine is an amazing person, which is great. Sorry, I have two.    
    angelbaby4_20: do you ever plan on singing a duet with anyone??? If so, who???
    launchguest_mikaila: I wanted to do a duet with someone on this album--Brian McKnight or Carl Thomas, or even Mariah Carey. Or it'd even be cool to do one with someone like Christina Aguilera.    

    New VH1 Show...
    Since 1997, VH1's Divas concerts have united legendary female artists and bright newcomers for a night of great individual performances and rare collaborations. The series has done more than feature great music - it's also made a cultural impact, popularizing the use of the term "diva" to describe our most glamorous female pop stars. VH1 All Access brings you the most exciting moments from the Divas events, and goes behind the scenes with VH1 producers and staff to reveal the stories that haven't been told.

    This information was taken from the VH1 website! There is going to be a new VH1 show, showing all the information about the past Diva Live show. Since Mariah appeared in 2 of the 3 shows, we can almost bet she will be featured a lot during the special. Thanks to Jason for bringing this to my attention and the picture on the right is the picture featured on the VH1 website. The show will air on April 5th at 10 pm! Let's hope that this time, the show will actually air!

    Eric on Mariah
    Eric Benet was featured on BET's 106 and Park tonight and mentioned Mariah in the interview! Hillary, Gabby and Danielle all wrote me and told me more about the show!! Here is what I was told:

  • Gabby:
    Hey reg:) I was Just watching BETS 106 and Park and The Geougeous Eric Benet Was on there! hehehehe! and they were talking about ATG! And they all  said "Happy birthday Mariah"! Hehehhee! And then Eric was talking about what role he plays and what the movie is about. And he also mentioned the duet they did, and he said the soundtrack should be out in late summer! And AJ said that in The Someday video he was the kid who was the drummer hehehe! And Eric also said that it was great working with Mariah! Just thought id fill u in!
  • Danielle:
    Hey how ya been chica? I just saw Eric Benet on 106th and Park on BET and he talked a little about Mariah and ATG. 1st of all, something I noticed is that he said the movie is gonna be called "All That Glitters" and not Glitter, so I thought maybe that would be the name of tha soundtrack, something... I dunno. Anyway, he said that he only met her like 40 seconds before they did their scene together LOL and that they did a duet in the movie, and how the movie isn't autobiographical, but that it kinda parallel's M's life. He said that tha single would probably be out in the end of the summer, like when the movie is supposed to come out, and that he's never seen a screening of the movie or anything, but he can't wait to see it.   Then tha guy on there (I think his name is AJ LOL) said that he actually played tha drums in the Make It Happen video! LOL I gotta go watch it again! AND they were like, UHM, Mariah, you need to come visit, and sit on this couch w/ us! LOL and AJ said he's talked to Trey, and some of Mariah's "people" about trying to get her on tha show, so, Ya neva know, she could be on there soon!
  • Hillary:
    Hi LambZ o' The World!!
    I was watching BET's 106th and Park and today's guest was Eric Benet. The hosts mentioned his new film career and of course mentioned Mariah. They called the movie "All That Glitters," instead of "Glitter," though. Eric told us that one day he had gotten a call from his manager saying that MC would call him shortly. MC called him and told him about her movie and that she thought he would be good for one of the parts...her producer. He accepted the offer immediately. He first met Mariah on the first day of shooting "Glitter!"  They then talked about the duet quickly. When asked about its arrival Eric said that he was unsure of exact dates and schedules, but that it should come out around the time of the movie at the end of the summer (at least the date Aug 31st sounds like a final one).  The host then said that if they want the answers they will have to have Mariah on the maybe MC will be on the show soon! AJ said he knew a bunch of Friends o' Mariah, like Trey. They also wished her a Happy 31st B-day. AJ also said that he made his video debut as the drummer in Make it Happen! Just thought you might wanna know...I am not sure when the show repeats...maybe in the morning if ya wanna check it out.

    Lamb Central Updated
    There is a new Yahoo Club in Lamb Central! It is called Rainbow Princess and has over 1100 members in it! Are you a member? If not, check out Lamb Central for the link!

    The bottom banner on this website is now officially gone!! Since January, many of you had to deal with the sometimes annoying permanent banner on the bottom of the website! Well now, it is gone and there is now only the pop-up ads and the top banners! Thanks for your patience!!

    March 28, 2001...
    Official Site Updated
    Check out Mariah's Official Website for two new Questions and Answers and a few new Letters to Mariah!!

    Translation of Article
    Yesterday I added a Spanish article to the website and four people sent me the translation of the article. The one that appears below was done by my Luis Correspondent Annna but also thanks to ShugaD614, Carlos and Jason.

    Mariah Carey, who ended her five-year marriage to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola in 1998, has ended her even longer relationship with the label itself. Carey, who owed the label one more album as part of her 1990 Sony contract, is nevertheless  leaving the company that launched her to stardom and made her a ³diva.²

    Columnist Mitchell Fink reports that the singer is seeking a four-record deal, worth $25 million per album, and that she's soliciting bids from Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal, and Jive.

    Mariah Carey¹s  next project is the soundtrack to All That Glitters

    Diva's Espanol
    Chris, who works at Sam Goody, told me that in yesterdays new releases, they got Diva's Espanol. This is an imported cd, put out by Columbia and it features the biggest singers doing their hits in Spanish! Mariah is featured on the album for Mi Todo! If you don't have this song on cd, go get this compilation now! Chris said they only received three, so better hurry and get your copy!!

    Mariah on ET and TRL
    Hillay and a couple of other people told me that Mariah was featured on the birthday section of Entertainment Tonight last night. They asked who said, "I used to sing with my Mom when I was like really little." Of course, the answer was Mariah and they showed the footage of her saying that and then a recent picture!

    Plus, Meg and Jeanette told me that they were watching TRL and they mentioned a Happy Birthday to Mariah with a little pop up showing a clip of Heartbreaker!

    Radio Stations give shout outs to Mariah
    Mariah was mentioned on at least two radio stations yesterday! First off, Mariahsx420 told me that her local radio station, Kiss 95.7, said Happy Birthday to Mariah and played a few of her songs, including Honey!

    Next off, Kathy told me that Z100 announced Mariah's birthday too! First off, when they came back from commercial, Mariah came on and said, "Good Morning and thank you for listening to Z100!" After that, they played the Heartbreaker song and when the song was over, Elvis from the Z Morning Show, said that is you see Mariah today, wish her a Happy Birthday. They started discussing how she doesn't look 31, etc!

    Mariah on Windows Media Player
    This is from SUMar235:
    Hi Regina, When I opened up Windows Media Player, under their "Media Guide," they had a link to an exclusive interview from with a young singer named Mikaila (who kinda looks like Celine Dion). The headline made a reference to Mariah being one of her influences so I watched it and it seems like Mariah was a pretty big influence. Out of the Mariah-related parts of the interview, she told a story of when she heard "VOL" (and Mariah) for the very first time and decided right then and there that she wanted to be a singer. It was a pretty good interview and I hope that you'll be able to find it. I couldn't find it directly on and I tried to save it with no success so hopefully it'll still be available via Windows Media Player...

    When Bad Videos Happen to Good Artists
    Adrian told me that on MTV LatinAmerica, you can check out this MTV show next week on "Lo Peor De MTV Weekend." (The worst of MTV-Weekend Special) Mariah was #1 on this show and her video Butterfly is featured!

    Celine bigger than Mariah?
    Canadian singer Celine Dion is bigger than Michael Jackson, according to their record company Sony. Company insiders say that executives of the major label rate the French-Canadian singer as the premier artist on their books. "Everyone's always really surprised," claimed a source, "but Celine is regarded as the most important act by the suits in the company." Dion also ranks above top selling artist Mariah Carey, who has recently left the label.

    (Thanks to MaZouNi and Ashes for this article taken from dotmusic!)

    March 27, 2001...Happy Birthday Mariah
    Happy Birthday Mariah
    We all want to wish Mariah a VERY Happy 31st Birthday today!! Hopefully, she will have a wonderful birthday with all her friends and family! Let's just hope, she saves a piece of the birthday cake for us!!

    Happy Birthday Mariah!

    Change on Mariah Daily
    I revamped the top of the pages on this website!! It took a while to do, in fact and plus, I fixed some of the errors, etc!

    There is also, a new member in Lamb Central and I added something new to Lamb Central, so it would be easier for you to go to the links!

    Along with that, Mariah4 has changed!! To find out how, click here!

    Finaly, I have just submitted to have the bottom banner removed from this website!! So for those of you who come here everyday and that deal with the sometime annoying bottom banner, in a day or two it should be gone for good!! Thanks much for dealing with it for this long!

    Annoying Mariah Carey?
    Well, this site shows the good and the bad of Mariah. Of course, none of her fans will agree that there is anything annoying with Miss Mariah Carey but if you check out the link below, you can also see a very large and beautiful picture of MC singing Emotions during the Rainbow Tour Thanks to Isa for this information!!

    Spanish Article
    Minerva sent me a Spanish article, taken from here, which talks about Mariah leaving Sony! Sadly I do not speak Spanish so I could not translate it and altavista's translater stinks, in my opinion! So here is a lovely article for all the Spanish Mariah fans! Ha ha!

    Mariah Carey, que puso fin a sus cinco años de matrimonio con el máximo responsable de Sony Music, Tommy Mottola en 1998, ha terminado también su larga relación con Columbia, su sello discográfico.

    No obstante, Carey todavía le debe al sello un álbum más, como parte del contrato firmado en 1990, por lo que aún le queda un período de "relación" con el sello que le lanzó al estrellato y la consagró como diva.

    Según escribe el columnista Mitchell Finks, la cantante está buscando un contrato para grabar cuatro discos por los que recibiría 25 millones de dólares por álbum (unos 4.500 millones de pesetas de nada) . Al parecer ha lanzado esta propuesta a Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal y Jive. El próximo proyecto de Mariah Carey es la banda sonora de "All That Glitters".

    Vote for Mariah on FHM Poll
    Richard wanted to remind you all to make sure you are voting for Mariah on the FHM Poll:

    Site Re-Open/Thank You....
    Ricardo opened his Mariah's website again and you can check it out at the link below:

    Also, I updated the Mariah Television information and thanks to KrzyMcKid17 for some of the dates!

    March 25, 2001...2 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    There is a new Pic O' The Week, new Quote O' The Week and a new Poll O' The Week (thank to Bill). Here are last weeks poll results:

    After Mariah's contract with Sony is finished, what should she do?
    Renegotiate with Sony (71) 13%
    Move to another record label (279) 52%
    Start her own record label (181) 34%
    Total Votes: 531

    New Pictures
    I had to remove about 15 concert pictures taken in Spain and Paris from Galleries 47 and 48 because a fellow Mariah fan decided he did not want to share his pictures with us and demanded they be removed! Nice eh? Anyhow though, I cleaned out my hardrive and added some of the pics that I had saved on my computer into Gallery 48

    I also added some new pics people sent me yesterday and a big thanks to the following people who contributed, that I can remember (if I forgot to credit you, please forgive me because I added over 20 pics):
    Mariamania,, Uwe's German Site, and Tim D.

    Rap-Up Magazine
    I got this following message from Devin, who runs Rap-Up Magazine. Rap-Up got to personally interview Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for the premiere magazine and I was told that they will spill some information on who Mariah will be collaborating with on the Glitter soundtrack! Pretty exciting stuff and also, Rap-Up will feature a little article on this website!! Here is what Devin sent me:

    Check out Rap-Up Magazine on sale nationwide Tuesday, May 22, 2001.  Rap-Up is your source for hip-hop and R&B music featuring interviews and stories on Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Nelly, 112, 3LW, Dream, Lil' Zane, Lil' Romeo, and many more.  Also inside: Exclusive new information on Mariah Carey's new soundtrack, Glitter!  On-Sale May 22nd EVERYWHERE in the US.

    Mariah in Mira
    Prinie let me know that MC is in the April 3rd issue of Mira Tabloid. There is a picture of Mariah and Luis (one where it's a close up on them and Mariah is in sunglasses, with arms around Luis) and also, there is a picture of Mariah from the Heartbreaker video. She is dressed as Bianca and is sitting next to Jerry!

    March 24, 2001...3 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Voice Message from Mariah
    There is a new voice message from MC at I added the voice message to the audio section and the I added the transcript to the Mariah's Voice Messages section! I personally typed out the transcript too, which you can find below!

    Hello, so it is like 7:30 in the morning here in my lair, where I am recording and umm yeah I do believe this is the standard hour that I go to sleep these days but umm it's been good cause I've been able to, like in between singing, kind of walk back and forth and that's how I have been able to answer some of your questions walking in and out of the house, I rented this house, and I'm singing and then I have this kind of like recording truck outside, I don't know, it's very bizarre but anyway umm I am working hard and umm and I just finished a nice colab, that I think you are going to like with a person that I've worked with before and yeah I don't want to give too much away but it's really really umm, I quite like it and I hope you like it as well.

    So, I got a chance to answer like 10 or so more question and I want you to know that I am not trying to be slow with the answers it's just that I am kind of taking my time, cause I don't wanna, you know, it's important to me. So anyway, thank you all very much for your letters and inspiring words and things of that nature and I love you much, I appreciate you enormously and hey, I enjoy you (laugh). So, one of these days, I am going to leave a message where I don't go into 5 different umm accents and personalities and that will be just great (laugh). Okay? Bye!!

    MClogo Mariah in Swipe Suit
    The women won't leave him alone.  The girl at the sports paraphernalia shop is coming on to him; the waitress at Hooters wants to indtroduce him to her mother.  Gabe moves in with his mother at her retirement home and sleeps on the floor.  Two weeks later, his mother is threatened with an eviction notice if he doesn't clear out.  "I gotta get out of this rat race," Gabe tells Larry, referring, it would seem, to the voices, the gangbangers flashing him signs, the blond bitch on the air.  He tells his mother he's going back to L.A. to stay at the home of Mariah Carey, with whom he's corresponded--to whom he's married, in fact, so Gabe told his jailers in 1995 when they caught him sending his jail ID card to her.  But there's Madonna also--he's sent her a package already and has bought two of her CDs thought he has nothing to play them on--as well as the former "Married... With Children" star Christina Applegate, to whom he's also writen.

    "L" sent me this article from the April 2001 issue of GQ magazine, which probably just hit shelves yesterday. The article is about a celebrity stalker named Gabriel Espinoza and one of the people he has stalked was Mariah Carey. According to the article, Gabriel is in police custody but could be let out on the streets. The picture on the right, is the picture featured in the article. You can click on it to see a larger scan of it!!

    Mariah in Swipe Suit
    This week, I reported that Mariah Carey is working on ending her ties with Sony Music. Now her attorneys will also be busy on a different front — the singer was hit with a plagiarism suit yesterday.

    The suit, filed in federal court by a Manhattan songwriter Vernon Minow, claims the pop diva ripped off three Christmas songs he wrote, reports The News' Robert Gearty.

    Minow claims he was shocked when he heard Carey's hit "All I Want for Christmas Is You" because it sounded so much like his song of the same name. He also claims two other songs on Carey's 1994 best-selling album, "Merry Christmas," resembled his. The album has worldwide sales of 58 million, grossing over $500 million, the lawsuit says.

    In his court papers, Minow claims he was ripped off after he tried unsuccessfully to strike a deal with Carey songwriting partner Walter Afanasieff to get his songs recorded by Carey.

    A representative for Carey said neither the singer nor her lawyer was aware of the lawsuit.

    (Thanks to Nini for this article taken from the New York Daily News)

    Mariah and Luis at Oscars?
    My Luis Correspondents, Anna and Eva, told me they heard on various radio stations that Mariah and Luis were spotted shopping for new clothes to wear to the Oscar Ceremony!! Nothing has been confirmed though that they will make an appearance at the Oscar bash, but normally actors make an appearance at the Oscars before releasing a major movie, so maybe Mariah will be making an appearance to promote Glitter?? Who knows though, we will just have to wait and see tomorrow!

    Mariah leaves Sony
    Pop diva Mariah Carey is currently involved in contract negotiations with Columbia Records, but is expected to leave the label that she has been signed to since 1990, sources familiar with the situation said Thursday.

    A spokesman for Columbia Records, a unit of Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment, declined to comment. Details of her contract were not available.

    Carey, soon to release the soundtrack to her upcoming film "All That Glitters," previously was married to Tommy Mottola, chairman and chief executive of Sony Music. Speculation that Carey would leave the label has persisted since her marriage to Mottola broke up in 1998.

    (Taken from Los Angeles Times and thanks to Tom for this article)

    Mariah Carey Gets Released From Sony
    MARIAH CAREY no longer has to work for Sony Music, the label headed by her ex-husband TOMMY MOTTOLA. She and Sony have reportedly worked out an arrangement that allows her to seek a deal with a new record company, despite the fact that she had still owed Sony one more CD. Nothing is official yet but it should be shortly.

    So, now that she's free, word is that she's asking for a four album deal that pays $25 MILLION, PER ALBUM, that's $100 MILLION altogether for you non-math-wizards. If she scores such a deal, it would be the richest recording contract of all time.

    (Article taken from Denver KS107.5 website, a R&B Hip Hop Station, and thanks to Toscha for this info!)

    Mariah Digs for Gold
    Mariah Carey, who ended her five-year marriage to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola in 1998, has ended her even longer relationship with the label itself, according to the New York Daily News. Carey, who owed the label one more album as part of her 1990 Sony contract, has reached an arrangement to move on to the highest bidder. Columnist Mitchell Fink reports that she is seeking a four-record deal, worth $25 million per album, and that she's soliciting bids from Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal, and Jive. (Last year, rumors linked Carey to former Arista bigwig Clive Davis' new J Records.) The singer's next project is the soundtrack to All That Glitters, a feature film due in August.

    (Thanks to Solomon for this article taken from Wall of Sound)

    Pic O' Week Picture
    Sylvain told me that the Picture O' The Week is a picture taken back in Paris in 1997. A big thanks to Sylvain for taking this lovely picture and for letting me use it on this website!!

    Thanks to Desiree for the following charts taken from

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: April 1, 2000
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    84     75     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 30, 1996
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    6     4     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 30, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1    

    March 23, 2001...4 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Mariah and Bianca fight again
    Jan created some new cartoons for us all to check out!! This time, it's a fight between the sweetheart Mariah and Bianca!! Who will win this fight?? I think you better check it out below and find out!! I also included the two other cartoons that Jan has created and that can only be found on Mariah Daily!! Enjoy!!!

    Mariah Webchat
    We're Honey & Kate and as you may know we created the international MC Chat site "Chit Chat With MC's Lambz" ( in February. And becoz there were pretty much lambz in the "Welcome Chat" and we got lotsa nice feedback, we decided to do one organized fan chat a month. The chat we'll do in March will take place on March 24th at 7pm EST, so we really hope to see ya there! If you don't know the site yet, have a look at it coz it doesn't only have a chat, it also features an E-Greetings service, pictures o' da week and some more things!

    Places to vote for Mariah
    Here are two places you can vote for Mariah on the net!

  • News from James:
    Just would like you to know, and drum up support for mariah carey in the 100 sexiest women for uk's fhm. vote at thanks, we need to get as many votes as poss!
  • News from Laney: is taking votes for the sexist women!  Mariah just pummelled Madonna in Round 1, but now she's up against Britney Spears!  This'll be hard, but not too many people are voting on that site, so we can get the odds on Mariah's side if we try!  Tell everyone to vote, please!!!!


    Spring Break
    Ashley let me know you can check out a picture of Mariah from the Spring Break photo book at I added the picture to right in a smaller version but the larger version on the picture is pretty blurry!! You can check out all celebs in the Spring Break Photo Gallery too!!!

    Mariah Artist Central
    I am shutting down Mariah Artist Central until summertime. It's getting hard for me to do the drawings everyweek now and plus, not many people are participating in it! So maybe if we start back up in summertime, more people will participate!!

    No InfoMC Newsletter Today
    Sorry guys but I am not able to send InfoMC Newsletter this week because I am very sick today!! I might try and send it out tomorrow, if I can update the website and send it in 2 hours!! InfoMC will resume next week!

    March 22, 2001...5 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Update #2:
    Great News...Mariah out of Sony!

    Mariah Carey's days as a recording artist on the label headed by her ex-husband are officially behind her. Lawyers for the singer, whose five-year marriage to Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola ended in 1998, have worked out a deal for Carey to leave the label to pursue an association with a rival company. Carey, who recorded her first-ever album for the label in 1990, had owed Sony one more disc as part of her contract. While there was much dickering over whether that album would be the soundtrack to her upcoming movie, "All That Glitters," it's now a moot point.

    According to sources, Carey's exit from Sony allows her to take the "All that Glitters" soundtrack to another company. Sony will retain the rights to the soundtrack in Japan, where Carey is huge.

        As for Carey's next move, I hear she's looking for a four-record deal that would pay her $25 million per album. If she gets what she wants, it would be the richest recording contract of all time.

       I'm further told that the labels she's talking to have been asked to offer sealed bids. The labels most often mentioned include Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal and Jive.

       Sony reps declined comment, as did Carey's rep, Cindi Berger. Meanwhile, the movie "All That Glitters" opens in August.
    (Thanks to Gina Marie and Dana for this article taken from the NY Daily News)

    MClogo Update #1:
    Mariah in Latina!

    Seth sent me the scan of Mariah in the latest issue of Latina Girl! The picture is in the back section within the horoscope section!! Click on the scan on the right to check out the larger version of it!

    Mariah on Howard!
    Jose told me that yesterday Howard said that he didn't have time for Mariah's Voice Messages and would play them today. I listened from 9 am till about 10 am but I didn't hear anything about Mariah!! So maybe he won't play them, which is a good thing!! told me that earlier this morning, Howard did say that Mariah was mentioned in a newspaper and that she will be leaving Sony for another record label that is offering her 25 million an album!! He said the paper didn't say which complaby she wants to sign with though and that the All That Glitters soundtrack will be on Sony!

    Mariah on TV Tonight!
    Check out the new VH1 show, All Access: Hot Bodies at 10 pm EST tonight! Mariah will most likely be featured during it! I believe this was the show that we did all that voting for last month for best legs, etc!

    Vote for Mariah!
    Ricky wanted to remind us to continue voting for Mariah on the FHM polls! You can nominate Mariah in the World's Sexiest Woman category! Check out the link below:

    Mariah in Maariv Lanoar!
    Ayala told me that Mariah can be found in the Israel newspaper called Maariv Lanoar. Mariah is mentioned in their two times. One is a mentioned about the duet she is "going" to do with Michael Jackson! The second is the list of people who have birthday in March!

    Divas Live!
    Dennis sent me the link to the official Divas Live 2001 website. Mariah is not listed as one of the main guests with Aretha but maybe she will make a special appearance or something! We can hope at least right? Here is the link to check it out:

    The Bachelor!
    Here is what told me:
    Hi Reg! I just wanted to tell you that "The Bachelor" where MC debuted as an actress is being shown on the cable system DirecTV through one of their PayPerView channels. That's here in Venezuela, I'm not sure if it's the same for other countries. Well, I guess it should be.

    March 21, 2001...6 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Mariah Going To Be On Howard Stern!
    If you get this information in time, Mariah's voice messages will be featured on today's Howard Stern Show! Jose told me that at the end of Howard's show yesterday, he said that tomorrow he would be playing Mariah's voice messages on the air! So I will try and get it on tape and see what happens!! Hopefully he'll be a little nicer this time but then again, it's all in fun!

    Mariah mentioned on TRL
    Chad told me that Mariah was mentioned on yesterdays TRL. Carson asked how many female videos have been retired. There were only three (Mariah, Britney and Christina).

    VJ 4 A Day
    Jose, Tarah and Oscar told me that Mariah was mentioned on VJ 4 A Day! The host, Ray, asked which artist did they want to be when growing up. A girl named Starla said Mariah because she has an awesome voice and a gorgeous body!

    All That Glitters released in 1936
    Chad told me that All That Glitters is mentioned on An interesting fact though, is that there was a movie called All That Glitters, which was released in 1936! It was a comedy but yet, it was never rated and is only 72 minutes long. It starred Jack Hobbs, Moira Lynd, Aubrey Mallalieu, Kay Walsh, Annie Esmond, Fred Duprez and it was directed by Maclean Rogers. You can check out the 1936 All That Glitters by clicking here. You can check out Mariah's movie page for All That Glitters, by clicking here. They don't have much but it's still a nice section to promote the movie!

    Two New Pics
    Minerva sent me a nice package in the mail yesterday and there was two cool pictures inside, I have never seen before. They are taken from the Ian Wright show, when she was promoting Rainbow. In the first pic, she is making the "ok" sign with her fingers and it's a funny expression! Both pics are really nice, so check them out in Gallery 49!

    New Site
    Tina has created a new Mariah site and would like you all to check it out!!! You can do so at the link below:

    Rumor Ville: Mariah Pregnant?
    Well it seems the rumors are flying around again. The last one was that Mariah and Luis will be getting married at the end of April and now Nis tells me that according to Cottoreando, Mariah is four months pregnant.

    It is said that the reason they are getting married is because Mariah is pregnant! Nis also told me that a couple weeks ago, it was reported the couple would get married in Singapore! So as you can see, anyone that is a little bored can just report information and call it the truth!!! We don't know what's going on and I don't recommend believing any of these "stories."

    March 20, 2001...7 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Update #2:
    Birthday Project Received

    Well all the hard work on the birthday project has paid off. Mariah's Management Team has gotten Mariah's Birthday Box filled with all of her presents and cards yesterday! Mariah will be receiving the package when she returns back to NYC sometime probably in the next week or two! It is uncertain whether she will be receiving the package before her birthday though because she is working so hard on her new soundtrack for Glitter. However, the package is safe and waiting for her return and here is a special message from her management team:

    I think everyone will be happy to know it's arrived safely and that MC definitely will be receiving it
    So, this is GREAT news and I surely hope Mariah will enjoy her birthday package from all of us! I asked permission to most this on the website because I wanted you all to know that your thoughts and well wishes for Mariah will actually make it to her!! Thanks again to everyone who participated in this project!! You guys are the best!

    Update #1: Update with new Pics!

    My sexy chop, Dennis, told me that has been updated again! You can check out 3 new CUTE pictures of Mariah with her doggies!

    Lamb Central Updated
    I added 2 new websites to Lamb Central and one new messageboard. Make sure you check this out so you can find out all the hot spots on the net for Mariah! If you have a suggestion, please let me know and if anyone would be interested in helping me maintain this section, I would appreciate it!

    New Yahoo Club
    Do you like chattin it on up with fellow Mariah fans? Well check out Nick's new messageboard for Mariah! It's called Mariah Glitters and you can check it out on the link below:

    Mariah mentioned on Sanchez's CD
    Amber told me that Mariah is mentioned on Sanchez's cd "Simply Being Me." She is mentioned on the song called Burning Up, featuring Tony Bronco. Tony says:

    "I'm your dreamlover to your rescue, just like Mariah."

    Mariah featured on site
    Leo told me that you can check out the following site, which features the hottest music and artists at the moment, and Mariah is featued on the opening graphic, with the I Still Believe Cover. Check it out at the link below:

    No News..
    Bare with me right now, there really isn't much Mariah News going around! I am on Spring Break this whole week, so I will be working on some of the other pages on this site!!

    March 19, 2001...8 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Poll O' The Week
    Yesterday, I couldn't get to the website where I make my polls every week, so finally, I got up a new poll today!! Check it out above! Thanks to Dave for the idea!

    Also, a lot of you sent me your sugestions for Poll Ideas and I will get them up eventually! I saved them all on my computer!! Thanks!

    Mariah in Mira
    Prinie told me there is a medium sized picture of Mariah in the March 27th issue of Mira Magazine, in the horoscopes section. I will have the scan tomorrow, if it's a new cool pic!

    Mariah Posters Online
    You can order some Mariah Carey Posters at Thanks to Mariahlover32770 for this information!

    98 on Mariah
    Matt told me that he was watching a show called Farm Club and 98 Degrees was on. One of the host asked them what their greatest accomplishment of the last year was, and they said that getting a grammy nomination for their song with Mariah was the biggest honor they have recieved yet. 

    This Website
    I have been so busy this weekend, I didn't have much time to update a lot of sections on this website. I will be fixing a lot of stuff, tonight and tomorrow. Sorry for the delay...

    March 18, 2001...9 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Voice Message
    Mariah left a message for us on the official site. Along with listening to the new message, you can check out the last one too. I added the zipped version of the message to Mariah Carey Voice Messages! Here is the transcrip below (thanks to Will, Art and Eddie for the transcript). Also, thanks to KrzyMcKid17 for telling me about the message!

        Hi, Hi everybody.  I'm just calling to check in, and to say thank you for umm your letters and things of that nature.  And yeah, I do believe that I've been working on the soundtrack, doing work on the movie, and just like spiraling all about town, all over the land.  Basically what I'm doing right now is just sleeping and singing and finishing up the soundtrack.  I know it sounds like a broken record, I keep saying it everytime I call in, BUT it's true.  There's a lot of other things going on that you will learn about shortly, but umm anyway, I can't wait for you guys to hear the soundtrack, to see the movie, and to also see some of the NEW things that were gonna be doing with the site and things of that nature!  So, umm I appreciate ya, I love you much, and I enjoy ya.  Buh Bye.  bye.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. The place where I make the polls is temporarily down, so I couldn't make a new one today! I will start a new one tomorrow but in the mean time, here are last week's results!!

    What is your favorite album cover? Mariah Carey (18) 3%
    Emotions (16) 2%
    Unplugged (5) 0%
    Merry Christmas (40) 7%
    Music Box (32) 5%
    Daydream (41) 7%
    Butterfly (253) 45%
    #1s (55) 9%
    Rainbow (94) 16%
    Total Votes: 554

    Websites Down...
    It seems all the Mariah websites that are featured on the Tripod provider are down at the moment. This website was originally on tripod but got move earlier this year to it's own domain! Websites that are down include Mariah's Diary, Mariah Carey World News, Rainbow Warrior's Website, etc. I am sure Tripod is just working on their server and these sites will be up and working by tomorrow!

    Eddie, aka RainbowWarrior, uploaded his site to a new webspot already! Check it out at the link below for now and out!!

    Mariah on Cribs
    I was watching t.v. last night and on MTV Crib Special: How To Live Like A Rock Star, they showed Mariah a couple of times. I didn't see the whole show, but in the one part they said how stars like Mariah can just walk right into club, with only seconds waiting. They said usually, celebs personal assistants call ahead of time and announce their soon to be arrivals! They showed Mariah during the clothing segment too. She was wearing the brown outfit she wore to the MTV VMA's in 1997 and they said how stars wear clothes only once, to make a statement. She was shown three more times, one including her getting out of her limo during the Rainbow Promotion, getting out of the limo for the Butterfly Signing in NYC, on the couch from the Rainbow Tour interview, and at Puffy's Birthday Party. Of course, all these clips are very small. Thanks to Meg and KrzyMcKid17 for also informing me about this!

    Mariah mentioned in People
    Songbird Toni Braxton has plenty to chirp about when it comes to her April nuptials.  I hear the fairy-tale wedding-with a heavyweight hush hush guest list, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston-has a strong sponsorship element.  Indeed, a source allows that Bentley, Tiffany & Co., De Beers Diamonds, and Vera Wang are all "partnering" the event-read coughing up free goods.  Isn't it romantic?
    (Taken from People Magazine, March 26th issue. Thanks to Kruggins J)

    New Mariah Picture
    Petals 221 told me that you can see a picture of Pollyanna and Mariah Carey from the 1999 Billboard Awards at Pollyanna is Howie's (Backstreet Boy) sister and you can check out the full size version of the picture at the website or check out Gallery 49! A sneak peak is on your right!

    Mariah on TRL
    Here is what Ashley told me:
    Hi Regina, Yesturday I was watching TRL and they asked a trivia question which was "How many videos have been retired from TRL?"  I think the answer was 46, around there, Mariah's Heartbreaker was one of them.

    (MAR. 12) WENN - SEVENTH - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - APPLETONS RUSH TO RECORD NEW SONGS Former ALL SAINTS NATALIE and NICOLE APPLETON have rushed into the studio before the dust from the band's split has even settled.The party girls have managed to record a few songs before Nicole's pregnancy to OASIS's LIAM GALLAGHER develops any further.The sexy sisters are keeping to the group's sound by making Pop/R'n'B and are following in the footsteps of MARIAH CAREY by titling a song FANTASY.They have teamed up with EURYTHMICS musician DAVE STEWART who directed their flop movie HONEST.    
    (Thanks Jake)

    March 17, 2001...10 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Mariah Carey--A Crashing To Pieces Return
    Mariah Carey prepares her great return with a new single, "Lover Boy," which should arrive in June. This single will be the first extract of the original soundtrack to the movie "All That Glitters," in which the diva holds the principal role. It's about a girl who's had a difficult childhood, but finally manages to find glory on a stage in New York.

    The single will feature rappers Lil' Kim and Da Brat. In addition, Mariah should also make a blow of glare with another shocking duet, which should soon be recorded with Michael Jackson, to appear on his next album which should be released in June 2001.
    (Thanks to Marie for sending me the article in French and thanks to Mariah Online for the translation) Updated
    There are now older versions of Mariah's voice messages up on her Official Website. I can't view them but I am told that just Feb. messages are up at the moment for you to check out, along with the latest voice message from Mariah. Thanks to Leo for this information.

    Marriage Announced on Spanish TV
    Check out what Sandy told me:
    Last night I was flippin through the channels and I came across a 10 o'clock news preview for a spanish station. So naturally, at 10 I watched the news. I do understand spanish somewhat and this is what i recall from the news....Lots of women will be left sad because heartthrob LUIS MIGUEL officially announced earlier that he will be getting married to his famous girlfriend MARIAH CAREY. They will have a secret ceremony in acupulco or cancun (i forgot)(i think they will be married on a beach) and only a selected few will be able to attend

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 25, 2000
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    75     69     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 23, 1996
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    4     5     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 23, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1    

    Mariah in USA Today
    McHoney09 told me that Mariah was mentioned in the USA Today from March 13th. I was told that there is also a picture of her singing. The article was about how the United States is becoming a lot more interracial and it shows her as an example , describing her as having a half-venezuelan, half african-american father , and an irish mother. The article is in section 2A. Does anyone have a scan???

    Glitter News
    Matt from Mariah Illusions sent me some information taken from Vibe Magazine. Here is the article:
    In this romantic drama with music, Mariah Carey plays curvy thrush with eyes for a show-business career who gets a big boost from a DJ she is dating (played by Max Beesley). Sounds vaguely autobiographical, doesn't it? We hear the shooting involved big disco and song numbers, and the soundtrack may include such Boogie Nights mirror-ball anthems as "Touch Me In The Morning" and "Don't Leave Me This Way."

    More News...
    I have more news to report for you all but I am really busy this weekend. I will still be doing a small update tomorrow too but Monday, I should have everything up and running as usual again and I should have all the bit's o' info reported then!! Sorry!

    March 16, 2001...11 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    The Birthday Project
    Well it's Friday morning and I am about 4 hours away from sending the package to MC for her birthday! I took some polaroids of the whole project and I know they are pretty bad in quality, but at least you can see how it kind of all turned out!!

    I will explain each part of the package to you, so you can understand all these boxes and what not. First off, all the presents for Mariah are already wrapped, as you can see, except for two little lambs! I should of taken the picture of everything before I wrapped it, but oh well, I didn't. Ha ha! The two boxes in the back are the "mailboxes." They contain almost all of the Mariah letters from all of you. I painted those boxes and on the top is the lid, which slides open for the birthday cards! The huge white card in the back is from Jen, because she had to get a card that Mariah would remember, ha ha ha! The butterfly bag is from me and contains a gold butterfly ring and some butterfly socks! There is also a ribbon in front of it, which might be hard to see and it says, "Kiss Me, It's My Birthday!" There is a note on the back for Mariah that says, "Go Find Luis and show him your button!" hee hee.

    There is a big purple file holder at the bottom of the pics, with the huge butterfly pic on it and another one of the Happy Birthday stickers, similiar to the "mailboxes!" Inside this is all the letters from the Mariah fans on the net, drawings, all the BIG Mariah cards that didn't fit in the "mailboxes," You Know Your A Mariah Fan When, etc! It looks small but it is actually very big and very fat with all the stuff from you guys.

    There are some cards on the bottom of the floor that I got from yesterday and that will not fit in the "mailboxes" or the file holder. So they are going to go in a seperate envelope. On the side, you can see a nice brown package that Mari and Minerva made for MC,which includes video skits and what not for Mariah. If you look closely, you can see how huge the brown box is underneath all of the presents. The package is VERY heavy, mainly because of the wood mailboxes and now weighs over 20 lbs.

    I was never expecting to get this many cards and my mailman is still upset with me but I think in the end, it will all be worth it. Thanks to everyone who participated in this and let's keep our fingers crossed that it all makes it to Mariah!

    Mariah on Diva's Live 2001 Ticket
    Brianne contacted me and told me she just got her Diva's Live 2001 tickets. She told me that Mariah is mentioned on the ticket, so maybe this means that she will be there? It also could mean that maybe Radio City Hall messed up and added her name when she might not really be attending! I am thinking though, that it's a pretty good sign if her name is mentioned on the ticket!

    Mariah and Luis set secret wedding in April 2001!
    According to Gente, Mariah did NOT get a necklace in that popcorn bucket while watching Hannibal with Luis, but more so a diamond ring! Gente thinks that the two are set to wed, secretly, at the end of April! Nacho sent me the scans of the article, which you can check out in Gallery 49 and also transcribed the whole article. This is probably just another rumor but it would be kind of cool, if it was true!

    Luis and Mariah Carey announced their wedding-extraofficially of course- for April. After 2 years together, the king of boleros finally poped the question to his famous girlfriend. The wedding will be a big secret and just for the closest friends.

    Is it true? Just another rumour? It seems this time it´s not, that this time it is serious. And the news already schocked more than one fan: Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey are getting married. Yes, sir, that´s how they announced it - extraofficially of course - the couple.

    Like an expert in love, Luis Miguel loves to surprise. That´s how he asked his girlfriend´s hand. In late February, in some LA theater, he offered her popcorn. Minutes later she started eating she found a gold, diamond ring. "This!?" she asked trying to reach the light to appreciate more the exquicit jewel. "This means I wanna marry you", it´s what apparently he answered. Kisses and more kisses follow by the "I DO" from the singer.

    In late 2000 they decided to live together. Mariah has the key for Luis´s house he recently bought in Beverly Hills in one of the most exclusive places of Hollywood. And Luis Miguel feels at home in Mariah´s New York appartment. "Both are really into music and their work, but they really get along together! Everytime they can they run to each other!"

    They say the wedding will be for late April, in secret, and just for the closest friends.

    La Cuarta on Wedding
    Eva and Jeanette also sent me an article taken from La Cuarta! I don't know Spanish at all but I believe it says basically the same thing as the translation of the Gente artical above. I'll post the article here anyway though.

    En Acapulco pisará el palito con Mariah Carey
    Luis Miguel se aburrió de disparar de chincol a jote: Se casa en abril
    Tanto va el cántaro al agua que por fin se rompe, dice un antiguo proverbio que, en el caso del cantante Luis Miguel, le viene como anillo al dedo, sobre todo porque se trata de su futuro estado civil. El ídolo mexicano fue vinculado sentimental desde los comienzos de su exitosa carrera con una serie de bellas mujeres del mundo del espectáculo. Ahora, el astro azteca anuncia públicamente que contraerá matrimonio oficial a mediados de abril próximo en una ceremonia de carácter eminentemente privado, en la ciudad-balneario de Acapulco y ante un reducido número de invitados.

    El popular "Luismi" fue tema de rumores desde hace un par de años cuando comenzó un romance con la estrella del pop norteamericano Mariah Carey. La figura de la juvenil cantante se impuso a una serie de nombres de frecuentes acompañantes de "Micky".

    Incluso durante la última gira del intérprete romántico al cono sur de América, Mariah lo acompañó, primero en algunos conciertos en Argentina y también en breve visita a nuestro país. Con ello, desmintieron los trascendidos de discusiones, escenas de celos y otras diferencias. "Novias"

    Por ejemplo, se insistió reiteradamente que Luis Miguel mantenía una relación secreta con la espectacular modelo y animadora de televisión colombiana Sofía Vergara. Incluso se dijo que la ex Reina del Festival de Viña lo visitaba a menudo en su yate particular en Miami, Florida.

    El artista cuate comenzó a ser objeto de rumores en cuanto a su corazoncito desde sus inicios como "niño prodigio" -junto a su padre, el fallecido Luisito Rey- con la sensual Lucía Méndez, después también con la experimentada Verónica Castro, quien lo habría iniciado en el complejo mundo del espectáculo y, más tarde, con la mismísima Lucero y, además, con la exitosa actriz Salma Hayek, quien no tuvo problemas en mostrar que fueron "más que amigos", inclusive durante la entrega de los premios Oscar de la Academia de Hollywood, hace tres años, hasta donde asistieron tomaditos de la mano.

    Pero, en el último tiempo, era evidente que Mariah Carey era quien ocupaba todo el corazón del ídolo. Tanto, que varias veces se dijo que ya se habrían casado secretamente.

    New Message From Mariah
    If you check out the video section on Mariah's Official Website there is a little message from Mariah. Thanks to Art for letting me know about this and here is what it says:

    **NOTE from MC:
    I really love making these little videos for you guys but I hate the fact that unless you have a DSL or T1 link they look a bit stuttered - but I'm just getting to know all this computer mess!

    Mariah Artist Central
    There is three new drawings in Mariah Artist Central Thanks to Jan and Alex for drawing the pics. I hope some other artists will start participating again!!

    Mariah on AOL
    Robert let me know that you can check out Mariah on AOL in the Oscar picture section. You have to be an AOL member to check it out though and you can check out the direct link below:
    Click Here

    Bit's O' Info
    Here is what told me:
    On "Uncovered" the TV show, they reported or started (one or the other) a rumor that Christina A. had a boob job. They showed a clip of MC from the AMA's and clips of Heartbreaker, saying Christina grew up listening to a lot of Mariah Carey.

    Mariah in Magazines
    Mark found a couple magazines you can check out Mariah in:

  • Gala (D), March 8th Issue,
  • Break Out (NL), March 15th Issue.
  • OK (UK), March 16th Issue.
  • Privé (NL, March 17th Issue.

    March 15, 2001...12 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Diva Searches
    Pop diva Mariah Carey is on the prowl for a new record-label deal in what could end up being one of the most expensive artist signings of all time.

    With just one more album owed to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music — led by ex-husband Tommy Mottola — Carey and her reps are actively meeting with major labels, industry sources said.

    Those who've gotten her call include AOL Time Warner's Warner Music, Universal Music's Universal Records and Interscope Records, the sources said.

    Other possible takers include Clive Calder's Jive Records, Clive Davis' label J. Records and DreamWorks Records. There's also a shot that Carey will continue recording for Columbia.

    In addition to a new record contract, the megastar's seeking backing for her own label. An effort three years ago to become a music mogul ended when Sony shut down her Crave label.

    One complication could erupt over Carey's next album, a soundtrack for the upcoming summer movie "All That Glitters," in which she stars. Sources said it's unclear whether Sony will consider that her last album and then release her from her contract.

    (Taken from New York Daily News and thanks to Mariah Online)

    Project is Done!! Sending Tomorrow....
    TOMORROW Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!!

    I work several hours on the box last night doing a lot of finishing touches and wrapping all of Mariah's presents in Butterfly Wrapping Paper! The box weighs over TWENTY POUNDS now and it is REALLY heavy!! My back actually hurts from carrying it all over the place, so we are all going to just pray that it actually makes it to NYC, by next week.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this and I am not taking any more wishes for Mariah, since everything is already pretty much packed up. This project has been up and running since January, so if you couldn't get your message to Mariah in two months, then I am sorry but you had plenty o' time!

    Mariah NOT to appear at Diva's?
    Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Jill Scott will take the stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall for the 2001 edition of "VH1 Diva's Live." As previously reported, "VH1 Diva's Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin," will air live on the cable music outlet April 10.

    Although Mariah Carey was thought to be part of the line-up, her participation has not been confirmed. Additional male and female performers for the fourth annual benefit concert, proceeds of which are tabbed for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale Friday (March 16) via Ticketmaster.

    Jackson was just honored by VH1 sister network MTV as its inaugural "mtvICON," taped last weekend in Culver City, Calif. That event will air tonight (March 13) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

    Franklin was among the original "VH1 Divas" performers, along with Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Shania Twain. Blige joined Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, and Chaka Khan at the second installment. Last year's event took on a more specific focus, honoring Diana Ross. Carey, Hill, Donna Summer, actress Hilary Swank, RuPaul, Queen Latifah, and former Supremes singers Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne took part in that performance.

    (Thanks to Scott for this article taken from

    Janet, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott to Honor Aretha on 'Divas Live'
    Recently anointed "icon" Janet Jackson has yet to be dubbed a VH1 Diva, but she will honor one next month at a star-studded tribute.

    On Tuesday, March 13, Jackson was named a special guest and Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott were announced as the first performers for VH1 Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin - A Benefit Concert for VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which airs live on April 10.

    Additional guests and performers, who will take the stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall for the fourth annual VH1 Divas concert, will be announced as they are confirmed.

    While Jackson and the Grammy-nominated Scott are new to the event, Blige appeared at VH1 Divas Live '99 with performers Whitney Houston, Cher, Tina Turner, and Brandy, and special guests Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, and Chaka Khan.

    VH1 Divas - one of the highest-rated shows on VH1 - began in 1998 with the VH1 Divas Live concert, with Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Shania Twain at New York's Beacon Theatre.

    The show morphed into a tribute special with VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross, featuring Diana Ross, Carey, Hill, and Donna Summer, with special guests Destiny's Child, RuPaul, and former Supremes singers Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne.

    Also last year, VH1 followed up Divas with Men Strike Back, a male version of the show with Sting, the Backstreet Boys, Tom Jones, D'Angelo, Enrique Iglesias, Sisqo, and Christina Aguilera. The format will not be returning in 2001.

    The Divas specials raise funds for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs in America's public schools. More than $10 million worth of musical instruments has been donated to 530 public schools in 40 cities since VH1 Save the Music was created in 1997.

    Jackson was honored this week by MTV in a new tribute show called MTV Icon. The singer and actress has released several multi-platinum albums, including Control and Rhythm Nation 1814.

    Hip-hop queen Blige is a 1996 Grammy winner and chart-topping performer, while Scott's Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 garnered three Grammy nominations for the singer.

    (Taken from VH1 Wire)

    March 14, 2001...13 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday. Updated Again
    There are about three or four new fan pictures on Mariah's Official Website! Check them out, if you like!! Thanks to Anne for letting me know about this!!

    Project is Done!! Sending Friday....
    There is now TWO DAYS untill Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!!

    It is now too late for ANYONE to send Mariah a package because first thing Friday morning, it will be sent to her. Thursday night, I will be packing everything up for Mariah. There is over 200 cards for Mariah and close to 80 messages for her on the internet so far. There is also about 30 presents you have all sent for her, 10 or so drawings and other little things you have made for her and sent me. There is NOTHING I havn't included that was sent to me and I will be taking pictures of everything before I send it, so you can see how it looks. Today I have to buy even a BIGGER box than what I had because you guys sent so many wonderful presents for Mariah. The box now weighs close to 18 lbs and will be very expensive to send but it will so be worth it!! It will be insured, sent priority mail and I will get delivery confirmation on it, to make sure it gets to Mariah! Thanks to everyone who participated in it!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! The last day I will accept a message for Mariah will be on Thursday night. E-mail me your message at:

    Mariah on Charity Special
    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 2001-- What do celebrities like Debbie Allen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Roseanna Arquette do when they're off-screen? They help young people go to college, clean up the environment, help the homeless find jobs and mentor city kids. ``Just Cause,'' Oxygen's new multi-part special series that premieres on Sunday, March 11th at 7:30 p.m., explores the support that well-known creative people provide to non-profit organizations, and how their involvement in these efforts inspires others to get involved.

    Hosted by Cheryl Mills, Oxygen's senior vice president of corporate policy and public programming, the premiere episode of ``Just Cause'' features leading ladies of movies, television and theater talking about their favorite causes, including:

         Debbie Allen, actress, choreographer, director and producer (Fame), and her sister, actress Phylicia Rashad (The      Cosby Show), focus on the United Negro College Fund, the nation's oldest and most successful higher education      assistance organization for minorities and Brainerd Heritage Fund, renovation fund for the historic African American      school, Brainerd Institute.      Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress and comedienne (Seinfeld), supports Heal the Bay, a non-profit environmental group      working to make Santa Monica Bay and Southern California costal waters safe and healthy again for people and marine      life.      Roseanna Arquette, actress (Desperately Seeking Susan), talks about Planet Hope, a non-profit founded by Kelly and      Sharon Stone that provides meaningful work to willing homeless adults, giving them and their children a chance to re-join      society through jobs.      Jasmine Guy, actress, dancer (A Different World), supports A Place Called Home, which offers a unique family      environment for inner-city youth (9 to 20 year olds), featuring one-on-one mentoring, compassion and unconditional      love, to enable them to find their dreams and lead a more self-reliant life.

    The second episode of ``Just Cause,'' premiering in June, will feature Mariah Carey, Melissa Etheridge, Sharon Lawrence, and Victoria Rowell with their respective charities, the Fresh Air Fund, LA Chanti, Alzheimer's Association and The Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan.

    ``Oxygen is giving the public the opportunity to witness amazing women making a difference in people's lives,'' commented Staness Jonekos, executive producer of ``Just Cause.'' ``By also focusing on the every day heroes who work behind the scenes on social issues, `Just Cause' reminds us of what is important in life - serving others and making our communities better places.''

    Ms. Mills oversees Oxygen's public policy, philanthropic and grassroots initiatives, the Oxygen/Markle Pulse, and co-directs Oxygen's legal and political programming. Prior to joining Oxygen, Ms. Mills was the former White House Counsel and gained national prominence for her defense of President Clinton during the 1999 Senate impeachment trial. Only the third African-American to speak from the Senate floor, her presentation was praised by senators from both political parties.

    Ms. Jonekos also serves as executive producer of ``Who Does She Think She Is?!'' and executive producer and director on ``Inhale,'' Oxygen's daily yoga series. Prior to joining Oxygen, Jonekos produced, directed and/or wrote for such productions as MTV's ``Road Rules,'' ABC's half-hour reality pilot, ``Young Cops,'' A&E's ``LA Detectives,'' the Travel Channel's ``Travel Daily'' series and A&E's two-hour special, ``Conspiracies.''

    About Oxygen Media:
    Oxygen Media is an integrated media brand that superserves modern women by combining the best qualities of the Internet and cable television. Founded in 1998 by Geraldine Laybourne, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach and Oprah Winfrey, Oxygen consists of a growing network of popular Web sites located at and a 24-hour cable network.

    (Thanks to Jason for this article!!)

    Mariah in Latina
    SuPeReStReLLa told me that Mariah is mentioned on the Latina Cover, which features Thalia on the cover. There is only a little picture of her on the second to last page in the Horiscrope Section. It says:

    "Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aries make Mariah Carey (born March 27) tempestuous, innovative, and spontaneous. Romantic disappointments have prepared her for the coming of a successful cycle of affairs of the heart.  Fearless of the consequences, she will ultimately be victorious in adventures that her Moon in Scorpio entices her to pursue."

    Christina and Jessica on Mariah
    First off, Kristy told me that Mariah is mentioned in the latest issue of Seventeen magazine with Jessica Albo on the cover. It has a pic of Christina A. and fact next to her. One of the facts says that she admires Mariah.

    Next, told me that Jessica Simpson mentions Mariah in a short article on her. She was asked how she would descrive her music and she replied saying, "Mariah Carey meet Britney Spears."
    EmiNemLuVa4LyFe sent me some information from and you can check it out below!!
    US Top 10 selling singles of the 90s
    1   One Sweet Day Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men   
    2    Macarena Los Del Rio   
    3    I'll Make Love To You Boyz II Men   
    4    Un-Break My Heart Toni Braxton    
    5    Candle In The WInd 97 Elton John    
    6    End Of The Road Boyz II Men   
    7    I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston   
    8    The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica   
    9    I Swear All -4 -One   
    10    I'll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans   

    Plus here is a little article on Mariah, from the same site!
    Who: Singer named after 'They Call The Wind Mariah' from the musical 'Paint Your Wagon.'
    Where: Born 27th March 1970, New York.    
    Worked as: A waitress and a coat check girl.
    Fact: Mariah has spent over one year at the No.1 position on the US singles chart with over a dozen hits.
    Biggest hit: First UK No. 1 in 1994 with her version of the Peter Ham and Tom Evans song 'Without You.' 1995 'One Sweet Day' with Boyz II Men spent 16 weeks at US No.1
    Fact: She married the President of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola in 1993. Guest's included Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand and Ozzy Osbourne. The couple separated in 1997.
    Oops! In 1992 the singers stepfather went to court seeking damages, claiming that he had paid for her Manhattan apartment, a car and dental work in her early years, on the understanding that she would repay him when she became successful.    
    Fact: The Mariah Carey MTV Unplugged EP became the first Sony Minidisc to be released in the US.    

    Congrads to Luis
    Anna, one of my Luis Correspondents, told me that Luis is nominated for an award at the upcoming Latin Billboard Awards, held on April 29, 2001 in Miami!

    Pop Album, Male
    Chayanne, Simplemente
    Oscar de la Hoya, Oscar de la Hoya
    Alejandro Fernandez, Entre Tus Brazos
    Luis Miguel, Vivo

    March 12, 2001...15 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Cartoon of Mariah
    Jan has done it again. He made a new adorible cartoon of Mariah, which you can see to your right!! Click on it to view larger. It's about Mariah working hard and Jay-Z having a bit of woman trouble, I am told!! Hope you enjoy it and thanks again to Jan for sharing his amazing artistic talentes with all of us!

    Approaching Sending Date....
    There is now FIVE DAYS untill Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you live outside the USA, it is now too late for you to send your present/card for Mariah but you can always send your wishes to Mariah to me (check below to see how). If you live in the USA, then you must hurry and get your card to me. The last day I can receive anything for Mariah is March 15th because on Friday morning at 9 am, I will be sending this package to Mariah! So far there is over 100 cards, about 20 different presents for Mariah and 14 pages of fan messages from the internet. The box weighs over 14 lbs already, so it's a pretty huge project!! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    Here is what SUMar235 told me:
    Hi Regina, My family rented this movie called "Bait" with Jamie Foxx and in the opening credits, I saw that Tia Texada was in the movie.  Of course, Tia Texada is one of the actresses that's also appearing in Mariah's movie, "All That Glitters/Glitter."  She doesn't have a big part in this movie or anything like that, but the interesting thing was that when we first meet her character (about 40-45 minutes into the movie), she was wearing Mariah-styled jeans with the waist cut off!  And now, she's in a movie with the one that inspired those jeans!  I just thought that was pretty cool... updated
    You can find the one picture of Mariah that was removed a while back in the "Little Mariah" section there again. It is the one where she looks like she is 17 or 18 and she has glitter on the side of her eye. Thanks to Anne for telling me about this!

    Versus Weekend on MTV Latin America
    Nacho told me that every weekend, there is a different special on MTV in Latin America. This week, it's the Versus Weekend and Mariah is against Thalia in Round 5. Right now she is winning 68% to 32% and we want to keep her winning because then she will be featured on this weekends special! Here is how ya do it:
    - go to this URL:
    -click where it says: + "COMENZA A VOTAR AQUI"
    -start voting. If you don´t know the artsits just choose anyone! lol Again, Mariah´s ROUND 5 / 3rd row-

    Luis and Mariah
    DivaLatina79 sent me a little list she found on a Yahoo club that jeane_a79 wrote!! It is a list of what Mariah and Luis have in common:
    *Both born in the same year(1970)
    *both will be 31 soon
    *mixed race(MC's Irish/Black-Venezuelan and LM's Spanish/Italian)
    *Both parents were divorced
    *both has 2 siblings(MC has a brother & a sis. while Luis has 2 brothers)
    *both grammy award winners(MC has 2 & LM has 7, between these two, they have 9 grammys)
    *both has several gold & platinum singles
    *both has won several accolades
    *both are singer, songwriter, and producer
    *both are tall
    *both are aspiring actors
    *both love to sing ballads
    *both love to ride horses and love dogs
    *both love to watch movies
    *both were winners & performers at the world music awards in 1998
    *both performed songs for an animated soundtrack(MC w/ WH on The Prince of Egypt, and LM on The Hunchback of NotreDame)
    *Mariah's mother was a former Opera Singer and Luis' late father was Latino singer
    *both like to sleep late and wake up late
    *both love the actor Gary Oldman
    *both have been sued for copyrights of their songs
    *both are multi-talented, rich and famous
    *both have done TV commercials but not in America(MC in Japan and LM in Mexico)
    *both have traveled around the world
    *both have released LIVE albums(MC has MTV unplugged, and LM has VIVO)
    *both are perfectionist
    *both didn't finish education
    *both have been controlled by the people they've loved(MC was by her ex Tommy M. and LM by his own former manager/late father Luis Rey)
    *both have the most number 1 singles in Billboard's singles charts
    *both are best selling artists around the world
    *both loves the sun

    March 11, 2001...16 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Quick Update
    There is a new Quote O' The Week, Pic O' The Week and new Poll O' The Week. I am sorry this is the only update for today but my little dwarf bunny has lice really bad and I need to get him medicine and take care of that whole situation. I am a big animal lover, so I can't let him suffer!! So sorry about that and thanks to Jan for this weeks Poll Idea. Here are last weeks results. (Just a little note, this is the most popular poll ever, with the most people participating!)

    Would you like to see Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera duet?
    Yes (366) 60%
    No (239) 39%
    Total Votes: 605

    The Countdown Begins....
    There is now FIVE DAYS untill Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you live outside the USA, it is now too late for you to send your present/card for Mariah but you can always send your wishes to Mariah to me (check below to see how). If you live in the USA, then you must hurry and get your card to me. The last day I can receive anything for Mariah is March 15th because on Friday morning at 9 am, I will be sending this package to Mariah! So far there is over 100 cards, about 20 different presents for Mariah and 14 pages of fan messages from the internet. The box weighs over 14 lbs already, so it's a pretty huge project!! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    March 10, 2001...17 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    NEW Pictures of Mariah
    I added a couple scans to Gallery 49 today. The first one, which you can see to the right, is an exclusive new picture of Mariah from the Rainbow Era and I have never seen it on the internet. I got it in a package my buddy Mark sent me. Also, I scanned a cute picture of Mariah with Guam and Aspen and there are some nice pictures that Peter found while searcing the net.

    Along with that, Lucie sent me a scan of a picture that she took of Mariah on May 11, 1998 at a Dutch TV Show. It's a very nice picture. Check out all 8 pictures in Gallery 49!

    The Countdown Begins....
    There is now SIX DAYS untill Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you live outside the USA, it is now too late for you to send your present/card for Mariah but you can always send your wishes to Mariah to me (check below to see how). If you live in the USA, then you must hurry and get your card to me. The last day I can receive anything for Mariah is March 15th because on Friday morning at 9 am, I will be sending this package to Mariah! So far there is over 100 cards, about 20 different presents for Mariah and 14 pages of fan messages from the internet. The box weighs over 14 lbs already, so it's a pretty huge project!! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

    Alberto, I received your card!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    Billboard Charts
    Desiree sent me the Billboard Charts:

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 18, 2000
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition 
      69     54     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 16, 1996
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    5     4     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 16, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey [] 8 Columbia | 45202     1    

    Songs of the Century sent me the following information from the CNN Website. It lists the Songs of the Century and Mariah's One Sweet Day was #351! Check out the whole list by clicking the link below:

    Dees Sleeze
    Melbsb15 informed me that you can check out what Rick Dee had to say about Mariah's surprise necklace on Last Wednesday show. To listen to a clip, check out

    The New Pictures
    MClogo Anna, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondent, told me more about the new picture, which you can see to the right. Check out what she told me:

    For your info, L'Orangerie is a very romantic French restaurant in Los Angeles.  The article says that they were there in the middle of "the month of love" (February) so it was near Valentine's Day.  The article discusses the fact that both Luis and Mariah have demanding careers, but they have, once in a while, the luxury of being like ordinary people - enjoying a special  dinner with the one they love.  It also says that they really took their time and enjoyed a long dinner date. They arrived just before 10:00 p.m. and left after 2:00 a.m.  Plenty of time to enjoy the succulent meal and talk, alone and undisturbed for over 4 hours. They posed for photos just before getting into their auto.

    The article also talks about how, early in their relationship, they used to avoid the cameras; but now, they are so much in love that nothing, not even the paparazzi, disturbs their love.

    Orders tickets for Diva's Live 2001
    Sean told me that Radio City Music Hall has confirmed that Mariah, Jill Scott, Janet and Aretha will all be performing on the Diva's Live 2001 You can check out more informaiton on Radio City Music Hall and order tickets for the show by clicking the link below. Tickets will go on sale March 16th and they run from $53 to $128!

    Mariah Mentioned on TV
    Mariah was mentioned on TV yesterday on two different shows and here is the 411:

  • Regis & Kathie Lee:
    I just wanted to let you know that Mariah was mentioned on Regis and Kelly today.  Some chick for Redbook was talking about Jeans that are instyle and had Kelly cut the waist band off a pair of jeans and Kelly was like didn't Mariah Carey start the style. Thats it just a little tidbit. have a good day. Michelle
  • MTV:
    I just wanted to tell you that i was just watching VJ for a day on mtv 3-9-01 and ray was battling for his job with tihs guy named rob anyways they asked the question what makes a person a mtv icon. rob replied it was someone who changes our lives through mtv and he named mariah carey.
    Chris, cali

    Mtv's Vj for a day today the 9 march one of the contestents said  "rob " his name said he was asked about the icons thing he said if he was a VJ for a day he would have like mariah carey a icon he would push for her.  i was very pleased with that thanks
    leo the lamb

    March 9, 2001...18 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    Update #2: EXCLUSIVE...Mariah to Perform at Diva's Live 2001
    Well according to, Mariah is set to appear with Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott, all honoring the one and only Aretha! VH1 has not confirmed this information yet and if Mariah does appear again, it will be her third time on the show. Thanks to Sean for bringing this to my attention and you can check out the article below:

    A host of top stars will be on hand April 10 at Radio City Music Hall in New York for "VH1 Divas Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin." Although VH1 would not confirm the lineup, a source tells that the performers will include Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and newcomer/multiple-Grammy nominee Jill Scott, according to a source.

    Tickets to the event go on sale next Friday (March 16) via Ticketmaster. As previously reported, proceeds will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, specifically, inner city schools in Detroit in Franklin's name.

    The "Queen Of Soul" will warm up for the "Divas" tribute with a trio of performances in Florida. The legendary vocalist is set to perform March 21 at the Times-Union Center For Performing Arts in Jacksonville, March 24 at the House Of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, and March 26 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

    Franklin, Carey, Carole King, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Shania Twain all took part in VH1's first "Divas Live" event in 1998. The winner of 17 Grammy awards, as well as the 1991's Grammy Legend Award (1991) and 1994's Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Franklin also counts among her many honors a National Medal Of The Arts, presented in 1999 by President Clinton.

    Update #1: Mariah Artist Central/New Pics
    Check out Mariah Artist Central for three drawings this week of Mariah!! If anyone likes to draw, please submit your entree so I can get it up! Remember, you don't have to be an expert drawer to send in an entree, it's all just for fun!

    I added 3 new pics to Gallery 49. Thanks to Rachel for the picture of Luis and Mariah walking, thanks to Viky for the picture of Mariah in Spain, last year and I don't remember who sent me the picture of Mariah and Thalia!! Sorry about that! Check out all three pics, if you have a little extra time!

    The Countdown Begins....
    There is now EXACTLY ONE WEEK untill Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you live outside the USA, it is now too late for you to send your present/card for Mariah but you can always send your wishes to Mariah to me (check below to see how). If you live in the USA, then you must hurry and get your card to me. The last day I can receive anything for Mariah is March 15th because on Friday morning at 9 am, I will be sending this package to Mariah! So far there is over 100 cards, about 20 different presents for Mariah and 14 pages of fan messages from the internet. The box weighs over 14 lbs already, so it's a pretty huge project!! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at: Updated
    Check out a small update at Mariah added a little description of where she is, in the Candid Pictures Section! Thanks Art for informing me on this.

    Give me a name, COME ON!
    Lance will be getting this CUTE little Jack Russell puppy in about 2 weeks from Australia but he doesn't know what to name her! He wants to give the puppy a MC related name, so if anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail him at:
    If he picks the name you suggest, he will send you a little gift from Hawaii!! 

    Mariah Carey Drawings
    SUMar235 told me that you can find some cool drawings of Mariah by an artist that does a bunch of different celebrity drawings. Here is the direct link to the Mariah Carey Drawings:

    Mariah gives to charity
    Pat told me that Mariah is mentioned in another part of Teen People. It has to do with the Backstreet Boy aritlce about how Howie created a special foundation for Lupus (the disease that killed his sister) and it said that an auction was held and celebrities like Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and Shanie Twain auctioned items for the charity fund!

    Mariah on Kethetess Cover
    Mariah is on the cover of the latest Hungarian Magazine called Kethetess! Zoli told me that is anyone would like a copy, you can feel free to contact him! He asks that you do it in the next few days though. You can see a sneak peak of the cover and the inside picture to your right, courtesy of
    Zoli's E-mail Address:

    March 8, 2001...21 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Mariah Cartoon
    Jan made an AWESOME cartoon of Missy, Mariah and DaBrat, which you can see to the right! I used the cartoon above for the Quote O' The Week and you have to admit that it is just too funny!! I love it so much and I think you all will too! You can tell he spent MANY HOURS creating this lovely artwork and if you want to tell him how much you love it, send him an e-mail to

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    NINE DAYS till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    EXCLUSIVE New pictures of Luis and Mariah
    MClogo Eva sent me two AWESOME new pictures of Luis and Mariah together!! You can see sneak peaks of them to your right and you can check out the full scans in Gallery 49 All I can say is that the two of them look so happy together and I couldn't be happier for MC to finally find someone who makes her that happy and I think all of you would agree with me on that one!

    Mariah And Madonna love Wynonna
    Just a week earlier, in the same Los Angeles studio, Madonna and Mariah Carey were recording and checking out the schedule to see who was coming in to cut songs. Both stars noted to Wynonna's producer, Shep Crawford, that they loved Wynonna and her music.
    (Thanks to Jason for this article, which is an excerpt of a Wynonna Judd article)

    Mariah in TopMusic
    You can find a poster of Mariah in the Spanish magazine called TopMusic, Minerva tells me! It's a picture from the Rainbow Tourbook where Mariah is wearing white jeans and a pink top!

    In the magazine, there is also an article called, Sexylandia, with two rankings of the most beautiful and sexiest women, accroding to GQ Magazine. Mariah appears in the ranking of the Most Sexiest Female Singers, as #123!

    Mariah mentioned in Deejay Dance
    Minerva also told me that Mariah is mentioned in a Spanish magazine called Deejay Dance. It's the February issue and the magazine posts an interview with one of the best Spanish deejays called Gerard Requena from Sadden Music. Here is the piece where Mariah is mentioned:

    Deejay Dance: Is Marian Daral your favourite free-lance voice?
    Gerard Requena: Yes, she is one of my favourites. I also like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but of course! They both haven't gone by Sadden Music.

    Ana from Pop Stars mentions Mariah
    Desiree told me that on the new hit show called Popstars, which you can check out on the WB, one of girls on the show mentioned Mariah is a recent online chat!

    Evan Hosie:  Great. A fan, CamDiaz, asks:  Who were your idols when you were younger? Musically -- should we narrow it down? I am not sure if that's what they mean
    Ana Maria:  At the moment, people I look up to, definitely a huge range. Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, on and on, George Michael.

    Lamb Central Updated
    Two more sites were added to Lamb Central Check it out if you like!

    Mariah Mentioned in Teen People
    Patrick told me that Mariah is mentioned in the new issue of Teen People with Carson Daly on the front cover (april 2001). It's an article on Lance Bass's girlfriend Meredith Edwards. STELLARBJ sent me the little piece of the article typed out:

    TP: Growing up, who were some of your role models?
    ME: I remember watching Mariah Carey do a TV special and thinking, "I've got to do that." I also like Faith Hill and Reba McEntire.

    Back Issue Problems for February and March 2001
    I don't know if any of you had a hard time finding the news from March 4th to March 6th, but if you did, I was adding the March news into February by accident! I figured it out today and I fixed it all, so if you missed any Mariah news over the last couple of days, you can now find it in the right spot in the March 2001 back issue! Sorry about that!

    New March Wallpaper
    There is a new Mariah Wallpaper to your left, which Asma made!! Check the three of them out, if you want to!!

    March 7, 2001...22 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    New Glitter Page/Pictures of Me
    Well sort of, at least. I completly redesigned the Glitter page yesterday and I think the overall design works a lot better then the other one. So if you got a little extra time, check it out if you like!! This page, may soon look like the new Glitter page but I am still deciding on that!

    Along with the Glitter page, I added 5 scans of me to My Stuff! I had to take a picture of me in my room with some of my Mariah stuff for the magazine and I got my dad to take a couple of different angles to try and get a good pic. I don't think I am very photogenic but at least you can all see what I sort of look like now!! They were taken yesterday, so check them out if you got a little extra time.

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    10 days till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    Z100 Plays Mariah
    Hannah told me that the DJ from Z100 (the one there at night on the weekdays around 8 pm) said that he would play a Mariah Carey song everynight until her new music comes out. So tonight, he kicked it off by playing Mariah's "Always Be My Baby!"

    Mariah featured in Variety
    MClogo Tom told me that Mariah is featured in Variey magazine about this years NAACP awards. However, they show a picture of Mariah and the gang from 1999's show!! Tom sent me a scan and you can check out the lovely picture to your right! Click on it to view the larger scan!

    Check out Dieter's fab site for some REALLY great Honey captures and other video captures. The honey ones are, for sure, my favorite one's and you can find them in the Multimedia section under screencaptures!

    Mariah featured in FAMA
    Maria, told me that Mariah and Luis are featured 10 times in the new FAMA magazine, number 46! On page 6, you can one picture of them in Beverly Hills. Then on pages 30-33, they have an article and four pictures of them in Barbados, four pictures of them in Aspen and then one picture of them in Beverly Hills.

    Mariah mentioned on 106 & Park
    Here is what Marc told me:
    Yesterday (Monday, March 5) I was watching "106 & Park" on BET because Silk The Shocker and Trina were performing their song "That Cool" which is off da hook for real though anywaze anyone who watches the show knows that everyday they have an "Old School Joint Of The Day". Well MC was the "Old School Joint Of The Day" yesterday with the "Someday(Remix)" Video. After the video Free the host said that song was dedicated tho the two girls that lost the contest. The contest was between three girls who were competing to go on a date and $5,000 shopping spree with Silk.

    Mariah on VH1 Poll for 100 Greatest Videos
    Edson told me that VH1 is doing a countdown for the 100 Greatest Videos and there are some polls for different types of videos and Mariah is nominated in Sexy Video for Honey and Duet Video for One Sweet Day. I thought this countdown already happened on VH1, but they had so many 100 countdown shows, it's hard to keep track of them!! Check out to vote for Mariah!

    MTV's All Star Update
    Here is what Meg told me:
    Hey Reg-Last night I was watching MTV and a special came on, MTV's "All Star Update". On this special they spot lighted artists that have been out of the spotlight for a while and one of those people was Missy Elliot. When she went into talking about artists she worked with she mentioned Mariah and they showed a lil' clip from the "Crybaby" video.

    Mariah shown on Wal-Mart TV for Diva's Live 2001
    On Wal-Mart TV, they are now advertising for Diva's Live 2001, a dedication to Aretha Franklin! They show very little from Diva's Live 2000 and 1999, but they show a lot from 1998, when Aretha actually appeared on the first Diva's Live. Well since they can't show many of her solo performances, they showed Mariah and Aretha singing it on up to Chains of Fools! They show close to the whole performance actually, which is really cool because that's basically all they show!! If we get really lucky, maybe Mariah will perform at this years Diva's Live also, but I guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed on that one!

    Lamb Central Welcomes 3 New Members
    Check out Lamb Central, for three more websites, which were added today!!

    March 6, 2001...23 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Update #2---Mariah Daily featured in brand new magazine
    Well, I was just interviewed by a writer for Rap-Up Magazine, which is a brand new teen magazine hitting stands around May 8th. Basically I was asked about this website, why I am such a huge Mariah Carey fan, my favorite Mariah items and various other questions about MC!! I have to submit a picture of myself and my room by next week, also. I was contacted about this last week but I didn't want to say anything on this website incase it didn't work out!! Just a little cool information to share with you all, in fact!

    Update #1---Lamb Central
    MClogo First off, sorry I didn't add another update mid-afternoon as promised yesterday! There was just no news. Instead of doing a small update, I updated Lamb Central again with more links and places where fans can chat it on up now! I also created a small graphics for members of Lamb Central to place on their websites, if they choose to do so! If you own a website, a yahoo Mariah Carey fan club and would like to be part of Lamb Central, drop me a e-mail and I'll get you up as soon as I can!! Check out Lamb Central for links to some the most updated Mariah Carey Sites/Chat Places!

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    11 days till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    Interview with Max
    Max can be found in the latest issue of Interview Magazine (March 2001) with Madonna on the cover. Jason was very kind and typed out the Mariah related parts of the interview!
    GL = Guy Lesser (interviewer)
    MB = Max Beesley

    GL:  I'm sure being a musician helped you play a DJ in All That Glitters.  Did it also help with Mariah?  I heard you sat down and played the piano on the set the second or third day of shooting, and gathered a crowd.
    MB:  I think she was a little amazed I could actually play--you know, that I was a "real" musician.
    GL:  How'd you two get on?
    MB:  I'd heard mixed things about her--some great things and some ridiculous things--but I've never been more pleasantly surprised.  She's a beautiful woman, a really nice lady, and a good actress.  I think she's going to surprise a lot of people with this movie.  But yeah, we had a lot of fun together.  She's got a pretty good British accent, and she's got a serious liking for macaroni and cheese at 5 A.M.

    Valk from 1997
    Peter sent me four scans of Mariah from a dutch magazine called Valk. They are not new photos but still, they are lovely photos and maybe some of you havn't seen them before! Check them out in Gallery 49!

    MC dissed on MTV's Hot Zone
    Here is what Meg told me:
    Hey Reg-I was checking out "Hot Zone" today and Bryan Mcfaydon was hosting and brought up that its rumored that Madonna is going on tour. He then asked the audience people who they thought should be her opening act. One girl said Britney, another guy said Metallica and finally Bryan said Mariah and the girl who had said Britney snorted and the audience did a collaborative nay on Mariah being Madonna's opening act. I personally think Mariah surpasses being anyones opening act. Madonna should want to open up for her. lol just playing.

    March 5, 2001...22 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo EXCLUSIVE...Glitter to be released on August 31st
    You heard it here first, yesterday, updated their webpage and listed Glitter to be released on August 31st!! This is pretty exciting news, in fact! Originally Glitter, aka All That Glitters, was set to be released in early October, then it moved to September 14th and now, the latest information says it will be released on August 31st!!! At the moment, no movie is slated to open along side Glitter on August 31st but I am sure one will!!! A HUGE thanks to Robert for this information!

    News Addition....Lamb Central
    Well I have been working on this idea for some time now and finally I sat down for 3 hours late last night and worked on it. Some webmasters were upset over the Mariah4 combo and some other website groupings because it left out some other webmasters! Well now, I have created a section where all webmasters/admistrators/etc., can come together.

    Lamb Central is a place where Mariah fans can go to get links to Mariah websites that update at least 4 times a week. Also, soon it will hold places where fans can chat it on up on Messageboards and in chat rooms. I listed some of the Mariah websites that I know update daily and I added a brief description about each one. If any of the webmasters, would like to write their own information under their website title, please send it to me and I will replace it!! Also, if you would like to submit your site, you can find out how on this page!! There are some cute graphics too, so make sure you check it out.....

    Lamb Central

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    12 days till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    March 4, 2001...23 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Updates
    There is a new Pic O' The Week, Quote O' The Week and Poll O' The Week!! Check them all out and thanks to DAN327510 and Tamara for the poll idea! Here are last week's Poll results:
    Would you rather see MC work with Backstreet Boys or N'Sync?
    Backstreet Boys (228) 46%
    N'Sync (263) 53%
    Total Votes: 491

    Mariah Artist Central
    Jad, Nick and Mark sent in their drawings for last weeks pic, so of course I added them to Mariah Artist Central! Check out their lovely drawings and remember, all the new drawings are due Friday!!

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    12 days till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    If you are unable to send Mariah a birthday card, e-mail me a message you would like sent to Mariah!! I will be gathering all the messages and putting them together in a big envelope for Mariah!! E-mail me your message at:

    Curtis-Hall Talks Mariah
    Mariah Carey may be universally recognised for her music and inability to wear more than a tea towel, but the singer wants more. Carey is hoping to recreate her success in the movie world and has just completed work on her debut movie, 'All That Glitters', opposite Brit actor Max Beasley.

    We know what you're thinking, another pop star trying to act. Not so, says the film's director Vondie Curtis-Hall, telling Popcorn that "a lot of people are going to be surprised".

    Apparently Carey has been working with an acting coach for two years in preparation for her big screen debut and her director clearly thinks it has worked, describing her as "brilliant".

    He also reckons the press should put their claws in for now, commenting: "I think the critics are inclined to go for her, but I don't think they'll have a leg to stand on."
    (This is an older article from Popcorn on Glitter. Thanks to Hamza!)

    Curtis-Hall Talks Mariah #2
    Check out a realplayer clip of Vondie talking about his leading lady in Glitter. Again thanks to Hamza!

    Carey Wins A Brit
    British actors may have been typecast as Hollywood villains in recent years (make that decades) but a new - more welcome - trend is emerging. Following last week's news that Brit actor Daniel Craig will play Angelina Jolie's love interest in 'Tomb Raider' comes the revelation that Max Beesley has been cast as the male lead in the Mariah Carey vehicle 'All That Glitters'.

    The film, directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall ('Gridlock'd'), is set amid the New York club scene, with Carey set to play a singer (big stretch!) who triumphs after overcoming a troubled childhood.

    Beesley - best known for playing the title role in the BBC TV adaptation of Henry Fielding's 'Tom Jones - will play a streetwise DJ, (ahem) Deejay Dice, who falls in love with Carey's character while helping further her career.

    Rap star Da Brat also stars in 'All That Glitters', which is now shooting on location in Toronto.
    (This is an older article from Popcorn on Glitter. Thanks to Hamza!)

    Michael Jackson, the self-professed king of pop, is to join forces with self styled Prince, to record a duet for Jackson's next album. According to American US magazine, the pair have been talking about working together for Jackson's forthcoming album, which is to be released in the Autumn.

    "The two are talking about recording together," says a source. "Jackson was due to go to Studio 54 on 13 February, where Prince was celebrating his new NPG Music Club website, but he got delayed in the studio."

    The new album was originally scheduled for release in June, but it was been put back after Sony boss Tommy Mottola told Jackson he was only interested in releasing another 'Thriller'.

    As well as Prince, the album is expected to feature collaborations with Santana, Mariah Carey, and Will Smith.
    (Thanks to Kristy for sending me this and I believe this was originally from Mariah Online!)

    When Bad Videos Happen To Good Artists
    This MTV show aired yesterday afternoon and sadly, Mariah was #1 on the list with Butterfly. I didn't see it yet but Meg and Monica told me about it!! If you would like to check it out, here are some times it will be showing over the next week, all in Eastern Standard Time:

  • March 4th..4pm
  • March 9th...11:30 am and 6:30 pm
  • March 10th...2:30 am and 8pm

    Mariah on
    MClogo Mariah Carey by Sheryl Altman
    "It's about excitement and energy," says Stila makeup artist Joe Latona as he scrutinizes Mariah Carey's look. "This is a woman who is not afraid to say, 'Hey! Look at me!' or call attention to herself. And she's certainly not afraid to try bold, new things." Case in point: Her upcoming feature film, All That Glitters, is loosely based on the singer's life and it marks the first time the diva will star on the big screen. Is she nervous? "I love a challenge," she recently said. "And I guess I like to continue to challenge what fans think about me." Her makeup palette communicates the same message: deep, fiery shades, ranging from gold to burgundy and applied with a slightly dramatic flourish, demanding that you take notice.

    "You get the feeling there are many sides to this lady," Latona says. "She looks like she's having a good time exploring them." And — as her movie title might hint — she's a girl who's ga-ga for glitz. (Taken from Check out the website to get tips on Mariah's makeup styles and to see the picture on the right bigger. Many thanks to

    March 3, 2001...24 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo New Pics from Glitter and of Luis and Mariah
    First off, check out the Glitter #2 in the Pictures section for a brand new picture of Mariah from the set of her film, Glitter! This picture is courtesy of Mariah World and it shows her with a guy named Emanuel Arruda, who plays a barman during the club scene!

    Next, you can find a brand new picture of Luis and Mariah in Gallery 48. It's a really cute picture of them together and they both look so happy. Anna, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondent, told me that basically the article says that they both look happy and that all that is left is the wedding, which some people think they have alreday secretly gotten married on one of their trips! The picture can be found in the current issue of Hola magazine. Also, thanks to Vicky for the scan of the pic!

    Happy Birthday Mariah...
    13 days till Mariah's Birthday Cards/Presents will be sent to her from all of you!!! If you havn't sent your card yet, you MUST hurry!!! All birthday cards for Mariah have to be received by March 15th!!

    Mariah in TVyNovelas
    Vanessa told me that in the current issue of TV y Novelas, you can find a small picture of MC in concert and also Thalia in concert. They are both dressed similar and it accuses Thalia of copying Mariah. Anyone got a scan?

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from

  • Last Year On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 11, 2000
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    54     44     Mariah Carey: Rainbow 3 Columbia | 63800*     2    
  • Five Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 9, 1996
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    4     4     Mariah Carey: Daydream 9 Columbia | 66700     1    
  • Ten Years Ago On The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions / Issue Date: March 9, 1991
    Thisweek    Lastweek    Artist: AlbumImprint | Catalog No.PeakPosition   
    1     1     Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey 8 Columbia | 45202     1    

    Charts #2
    Kristy told me that after being on the top 10 of the RIM chart for more than one year (more than 52 weeks) since its debut, #1's came back in 9th place!! Amazing, considering the fact that the album has been out of the charts for nearly a year. Thanks Kristy!!

    Christina and Mariah
    MClogo By now, you probably know who Christina Aguilera admires the most. And like Britney, Christina is thrilled to be compared to her idol.

    "When I discovered Mariah Carey and 'Vision of Love,' that was a breath of fresh air. And I adored her from that moment on and idolized her. It's really amazing that in articles I've been compared to her." Of course, it shouldn't be that amazing to the young superstar. After all, she certainly has the pipes to be as popular as that '90s hit-maker.

    And now that Britney and Madonna are planning to work together, will Mariah and Christina do the same? If they do, here's your one warning: beware of breaking glass.
    (Thanks to Ashley for this article taken from Entertainment Asylum on AOL)

    March 2, 2001...25 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo Mariah Artist Central
    Well I said I wasn't going to update it till Saturday but well, I changed my mind! Check out 3 drawings of Mariah at Mariah Artist Central! Plus, check out the new pic due next Friday!!

    InfoMC will NOT be sent out this week because I will be going away for the day today! I apologize for this and InfoMC Newsletter will resume next week!

    Two Weeks...
    I got 16 packages today at my house for Mariah's Birthday present!! I think my mailman is getting a little upset with me, but oh well!! If you havn't sent your package, you have exactly 2 weeks to get your card to me!! Don't wait to the last minute because I can not assure you it will make it to MC then!!

    Also, many of you are asking me to contact you when I get your card but so far, there is close to 100 cards, so it's really hard to do that! I hope you can understand and thanks again to everyone who is participating in this! I will be taking pictures of all your presents and all the cards before I send them so you can see what it all looks like!!

    Mariah's $75,000 necklace
    Anna, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondent, translated a news bit from La Botana yesterday. She typed it out in Spanish and then translated it for us, isn't she so sweet??

  • In Spanish:
    Jueves, 01 de Marzo - Última actualización: 10h15m
    Luis Miguel regala collar de diamantes a Mariah Carey
    De acuerdo con erl diario Mirror el cantante pop mexicano Luis Miguel le regaló a su  novia, la cantante Mariah Carey un precioso collar de diamantes con un valor estimado en US$75 mil. El regalo fue el resultado romántico de una cita en una  sección de cine, que mientras Mariah se comía sus palomitas encontró la joya dentro del envase.
  • In English:
    As reported in the newspaper "The Mirror", Mexican pop singer Luis Miguel gave his girlfriend, singer Mariah Carey, a beautiful diamond necklace valued at approximately $75,000.  The gift was a romantic surprise that took place while they were on a date at the movies; Mariah found the necklace inside a box of popcorn that she was eating. 

    This day in history
    Today in Music History
    1996 Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men set a record for the longest- running number one single in rock history as "One Sweet Day" spends a 16th week at the top spot.
    (Thanks Kristy)

    New addition to Mariah Daily
    To your left you will find a new picture, called Mariah Calender. Kristy made the month of March's calendar but each month, I will add a new calendar wallpaper!! The size is 800 by 600 and if you would like to see your calendar picture up for April, please submit your entree to me. I will either pick the best one, or change it weekly throughout the month of April!! Thanks Kristy for the idea!

    Mariah mentioned on TRL
    Meg and Kristy told me that Mariah aws mentioned on TRL today in the segment "Guess Who?" One of the facts were, "Mariah Carey is my inspiration!" It turned out to be Melissa from Dream.

    Mariah mentioned in TV guide
    Desiree told me that Mariah was mentioned in the Sunday Newspaper Q&A column about Soap Operas and here is what it says:
    Q. Please tell me everything you can about the hottie who plays Christian Vega on "One Life to Live".
    A. Actor Dvaid Fumero hails from Havana; he moved to Miami with his family when he was 8. Fumero modeled for a while  appeared in the Mariah Carey video "Honey", and then landed on "OLTL". He currently dates co-star Erin Torpey(Jessica)

    Mariah mentioned in Feb issue of Right On Magazine
    Desiree was also very kind and type out a tidbit from Right On magazine.

    We can't wait for Mariah Carey's film, "All That Glitters", which features a performance by Da Brat. The film is about an orphan girl who becomes a big star.

    The Name Mariah
    At you can find a bunch of popular names for children. When you go to the webpage, click on The Baby Namer and check out the "M's." You will find Mariah's name on there. Thanks to STELLARBJ for this information. I tried to check it out myself but for some reason my computer is going really slow!!

    Places to Vote for Mariah
    There are a couple of places we can all vote for Mariah online, so here are a couple places you can help her out:

  • VH1:
    You can vote for Mariah in the following categories by clicking here:
    -Best Legs
    -Best Heart (Most Charitable)
    -Best Diaphragm (Best Voice)
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    March 1, 2001...26 days till Mariah's 31st Birthday.
    MClogo updated
    If you check out the "Official Pictures" section on Mariah's Official Website you can find 4 or 5 new pictures of MC. There is one from The Roof, with her jacket on that I LOVE and which you can see now as the background for the NEWS section! Check out the pics today!!

    Happy Birthday Mariah
    Mariah's birthday is this month and there is exactly 15 days left for you to send in your cards for Mariah!! Don't hesitate or you might not make it in Mariah's birthday package!! Any questions, feel free to contact me!

    Glitter to hit theaters September 12th
    Mariah Carey fans are closely looking out for Mariah's next move. She's currently gearing up for her first movie titled "All That Glitters." But don't think Mariah is abandoning her music roots. The movie will also have a soundtrack who's success if expected to be equivalent to that of Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard."

    This project has been in the works for over four years and Mariah even abandoned her 1998 "Butterfly" World Tour when there was a chance that the movie may have actually began production. However, that production would be stretched out and delayed time and time again. In 1997 it was apparently at Disney, then the following year it got switched over to Universal Films, then Columbia Pictures took over. Now that it is with 20th Century Fox, production has finally begun. In fact, it began last July and capped in late October.

    The release date seems to have changed just as many times as the film's Production Company has. USA Daily reported early last year that the movie would hit theaters December 2000. That obviously never came to fruition. It was then announced that the movie would debut in March 2001, then April and finally just got categorized as "spring 2001." After that it was moved to a summer 2001-release slot and once again over to fall.

    Now, the film finally has a release date. And no, it's not October 5 as reported. When Fox Studios was recently contacted in regards to the film, they proclaimed that 'Glitters' would be released to theaters Friday September 14, 2001. And when asked why it was delayed so much they noted that in addition to the various producers, companies and other mishaps they had to endure, Fox Studios liked "All That Glitters" so much that they are releasing at that particular date because most of the Oscar contending movies are released within that time frame.
    (Many thanks to Will Ward for this information)

    Did I Do That on Columbia's Website
    "ML" told me that Mariah's song, "Did I Do That," can be found on their video section. There is a small quote from the song!!

    Glitter was suppose to be released this Friday, March 2nd!
    Well two people contacted me about this and it seems that Mariah's movie, Glitter, was suppose to be released this weekend! However, it got pushed back and the DJ's did NOT have very nice things to say about Mariah. I wasn't going to post this information but I figure, hey all I am doing is bringing the news to you, not saying that I necessarily agree with it! So take what is written below with a grain of salt. I know majority of you, if not all of you, are excited as I am about Mariah's first starring role and I am sure she will do wonderful in it!!! Screw the critics o' the land!!!

  • Mye327 told me:
    well, i dont know if this is true or not, but. on my radio stations morning show they started talking about mariah carey and how her bf gave her the necklace in a pop corn bag and what not. then the woman said "Where is mariah carey???" then she was talked about how she did some research on her. Actually ATG was supposed to open this weekend! She said some critics have already seen the movie and said that it was horrible. they said that it was the worst movie ever made. then one of the radio host said that the movie was probably box office poison!
  • Kathleen told me:
    Regina-Hey!  i was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about Mariah and "All That Glitters".  They basically said that the movie was origionally supposed to come out this Friday (the 2nd) but the date was changed to the fall so it wouldn't have to compete with "The Mexican".  They also said there were two more reasons.  One of them being that Mariah had vanished and no one knows where she is and the other is that Mariah can't act.  They said she's a horrible actress with a huge ego.  They interviewed someone that worked on the movie with her and he said that he has worked with animals that are better actors than her.  Well, I just thought you'd like to know that.

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