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MARCH 31, 2004 4:10PM
Mariah Nominated For MVPA Award

Mariah received a nomination for an MVPA (Music Video Production Association) Award in the category of "Best Pop Video". The nominees in that category are:

All American Rejects “Last Song” / Prod Co: A Few Miles North; Charles Jensen, dir.
Christina Aguilera “Fighter” / Prod Co: Revolver Film Co; Floria Sigismondi, dir.
Fountains of Wayne “Stacy’s Mom” / Prod Co: A Band Apart; Chris Applebaum, dir.
Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body” / Prod Co: DNA; Francis Lawrence, dir.
Mariah Carey “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” / Prod Co: Anonymous Content, Sanaa Hamri, dir.

The awards will be held on May 20th, 2004 in Los Angeles. The MVPA site also has an interesting article about the "Boy" video which you can read here.

Source: Sergio | MVPA | Heroes of Mariah

Mariah's Birthday Recap & News Tidbits

-- Apparently, Mariah had spent the day of her birthday with a few friends at the Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL and was spotted while riding "The Hulk" rollercoaster.

-- Many fans have gathered on the #Mariah chatroom to celebrate Mariah's online birthday bash. Read the recap of the event here.

-- Manuela's embroidery project has successfully arrived to its destiny and Mariah will be receiving it shortly. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it!

-- Mariah's "Rainbow" CD is being featured in the new video by Marques Houston (Roger from the show 'Sister Sister') towards the end of the video where Marques is seen holding an open CD case.

-- International Star Academy update: Mexico's Darina descended from a swing in a sleek turquoise dress and sang Mariah Carey's song Hero for a third-place finish.

-- NY Sightings: [Gossip] Newest Knick Vin Baker partying with Mariah Carey and Treach (Naughty by Nature) at Dorsia.

Source: Courtney | Alex | National Post | NY Post | Rima

MARCH 27, 2004 3:38PM
Happy Birthday Mariah!

Today is Mariah's 34th birthday! Mariah Daily would like to wish Mariah a very happy birthday, and we are celebrating by hosting the 11th Annual Mariah Carey Online Birthday Bash!

Ever since 1994, Mariah fans worldwide have been gathering online to celebrate Mariah's birthday. Now, the 11th Annual Mariah Carey Online Birthday Bash is on its way. As in the past, this event will be the centerpiece for Mariah fan communication and will offer not only chat and dialogue, but also interactive games and trivia, as well as file swapping, contests and prizes (prize packages will include promotional Mariah items and CDs, t-shirts, magazines, VHS videos, posters, and other rare memorabilia), and much more.

The event is a celebration of Mariah's life and the many remarkable accomplishments she has received throughout her career. Chatters will be encouraged to share their own unique Mariah story and discuss how Mariah has impacted their life.

Marking Mariah's 33rd birthday, the event will take place on March 27, at 7pm Eastern Standard Time in Undernet's #Mariah. To find out how you can participate in this special chat event, or for more information, log on to

MARCH 25, 2004 6:14PM
Mariah In Russia

Check out these four pictures of Mariah in Saint Petersburg, Russia! Mariah was in the country last year to perform in concert as a part of her Charmbracelet World Tour. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Vasily Antashov

MARCH 24, 2004 4:30PM
Mariah Carey Goes Out For Drinks With Cousin

Mariah Carey and her cousin Shawn MacDonald were spotted at the PM Lounge in New York on Wednesday (March 17). Check out pictures from Colourpress.

Source: Pop Dirt

Editor's Note: Shawn, of course, is Mariah's nephew and Mariah's wearing green in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

The Diva Mariah by Ria Romero

Waiting an hour and a half for Mariah Carey's concert to start really had me thinking: "Geez if I were popular would I make everyone wait like she did? Hmmmm, I think I may have her diva-lish ways already!" Watching her in concert was another thing. The ultimate diva MC (as she's fondly called) walked through the crowd for her first song and up onto the stage with tons of bodyguards and all. Perhaps this sets the tone, almost untouchable, totally DIVA. She had the most amazing glittering outfit and it was tiny I tell you. Perfect for the people in the very back of the Fort Bonifacio open field, (there were about 20,000 of us) of course lets note the huge screens on each side of the stage but suppose it's always better to look at the real thing. Mariah's intro song was superb and her voice is to be reckoned with, I mean those high notes! Whoa! But the Charmbracelet tour of Carey's sagged a bit. She had about seven or more outfit changes which all looked great and I loved her feathery Roberto Cavalli piece but it also had me feeling like it broke the flow of the show. Carey doesn't really interact with the audience much but in the middle of her concert she does stop mid-song to announce a bug on stage that is freaking her out, a (big healthy roach) and had the audience laughing.

The Philippines was her last stop in Asia, last stop for her world tour, which had her whole group performing for the last seven (yes seven!) months. So maybe the oomph and ahhh factor may have been a bit tired. Gigi Gonaway who plays drums for Mariah's concert tells me another side of Mariah, "We just performed in China and it was freezing over there I tell you! We were so cold up there on stage we all had to bundle up, MC was such as trooper as she started (the concert) with her full length coat but after one or two songs she took her coat off and just sang on and wore all those (skimpy LA diva) outfits."

Now knowing about an after-concert party at Red in the Makati Shangri-la had me tittering to Mr. Francis Lumen and the woman behind the awesome scene, sweet Meldy Valdezco for the time of diva MC's real arrival, thanks for all the help! She does arrive about two hours later in a denim pleated mini and another belly-baring number Tim Yap and LA diva RR manage a handshake and a photograph with the LA ultimate Diva MC who half-jokes with her dancer Ramone (whose lap she sits on) that "our photo will be on the tabloids tomorrow and we're the new couple."

My honest diva opinion... it's so hard to be a diva but gawd someone's just got to play it to the hilt! Whatever....


'Search For A Star' Champ Sings Mariah on Finals

GMA 7’s Search for a Star, the country’s ultimate and most prestigious talent search, closed its second year with a fascinating exhibit of genuine talents as 10 young singing warriors battled for immortality under the sun with more than just mere lung-busting performances that ranged from “ain’t happenin’ “to whipass ” during the much-awaited Grand Finals last weekend.

But no matter how bravely they fought and how dazzling the acts were, one voice smashed everyone’s skyrocketing endeavors to the ground and that voice was Rachelle Anne Go.

She broke away from the talented chain and soared above them all with Mariah Carey’s phoenix anthem, “Through The Rain.” Strategically keeping the flame burning low at the start, the blue-heat force of the gradual yet intense song buildup effectively electrified the appreciative crowd. Add to that her diva stance and perfectly learned gestures and you’ve got a winner...

... Shades of impressive early Carey vocal inflections could be discerned during her performance—simple yet not ordinary, high-ranged and nightingale-pitched but not gratingly so. Hard-pressed to commend the powerful number, half-convinced nonsupporters gave grudging approval of her startling and impressive melodic pipe showmanship at the end.

Source: Manila Times | AM

News Tidbits

-- A Thai worker installs a giant billboard in Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday, March 23, 2004, showing pop singer Maria Carey who performed in Thailand last month. The billboard was put up by Carey's sponsor beer company to thank her. Western pop singers have been drawing huge crowds of affluent fans in Thailand as its economy recovers from the 1997 financial crash. The Bank of Thailand said Monday that economic growth for 2004 would be higher than last year's 6.7 percent.

-- Mariah's promotional megamix - "U Like This" has climbed to #38 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart (Issue Date: 4/3/2004).

-- From AME Info: According to "Mirage Promotions", more than 18,000 tickets were sold to Mariah's February concert in Dubai.

Source: AP | Spooky21 | JRKing

MARCH 21, 2004 4:13PM
"Butterfly" lands on Top 20 R&B Albums of All-Time

Each and everyone one of us has different tunes and songs that make us smile or cry, and while it is hard to narrow down a list of Top Albums, the team at brings you a Guide to Music: a sample of 10 different genres of music that have left their mark, with some of the best artists that have carved out their spot in Music History.

Mariah Carey's "Butterfly" landed at number four on the Top 20 R&B Albums survery. Why? According to, "Mariah is sexy and able to deliver great tunes with her incredible vocal range." The best song on the album according to the online publication is "The Roof". Click here for further details.

Source: Official Mariah Carey Fan Club

"Irresistible (Remix)"

Shade Sheist posted a remix of Irresitible on his site. You can hear it, here. Also, on the main page of Put Yourself Out, you can see a picture of Mariah.

Source: Heroes Of Mariah

MARCH 19, 2004 4:20PM
Just Cuz: Mariah Carey partying at PM

Mariah Carey, 33, was spotted sipping wine with a young man in the early hours of Thursday morning at PM. But Harvard law grad Shawn McDonald, 27, is the "Glitter" gal's cousin. Our spy says when the deejay played Mariah's "I Know What You Want," she straddled Shawn as she sang along.

Click on the photo for a larger, full-scale scan.

Source: New York Daily News | The Mariah Network

Shade Sheist's new version of "What Would U Do"

Producer Damizza, who has worked on such Mariah songs as "Crybaby" and "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination," has recently severed ties with Shade Sheist, a rapper that was signed to his company.

Damizza, Shade, Mariah and Nate Dogg created a song called "What Would U Do" last year, which Mariah performed live in Los Angeles last December at the Universal Amphitheater. After Shade and Damizza split, Shade created a new version of the song, and quite cheaply.

This track is now a very amateurish. He totally destroyed the song, as well as Mariah's part. Firstly, he totally removed Mariah from the track, then he copy-pasted here and there a few seconds (badly cutted) from the end. Now, thanks to Shade and his new version of "What Would U Do," some people will be able to trash Mariah by blaming her for this mess.

If you'd like to hear this new version, logon to the Put Yourself Out Entertainment website.

Source: Heroes Of Mariah

Cash for questions

Now Magazine, the United Kingdom's best-selling celebrity magazine, wants you to tell them everything you've been dying to ask Mariah Carey, and they'll get the answers as soon as possible.

The special reader interviews will appear in the magazine and the editors are giving £25 for the best question. Click here to give Mariah Carey a grilling.

Source: Now Magazine |

News Tidbits

-- From Philippine Star: Mariah Carey did it first - that is, to compile all of her number one hits in one album. Then the people behind the Elvis Presley catalogue came out with those of the "King of Rock and Roll." Then came the Beatles, also with a collection of honest to goodness number one hits. So what is to stop somebody like Michael Jackson, who, also has his own share of number one sellers to do his own compilation?

-- From Las Vegas Sun: His stage name may be Ludacris, but rapper Chris Bridges knows when to balance his humorous side with a serious slant. Mariah Carey's "Loverboy," Missy Elliott's "Gossip Folks" and Chingy's "Holidae Inn" are just a few of the hit singles Ludacris has guested on in recent years. And he said there are plenty of others on the way.

-- From Absury Park Press: Blues guitarist Buddy Guy's youngest daughter is Shawnna, a rapper heard on recordings by Mariah Carey, Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace.

-- From Maui News: American Idol contestants Jasmine Trias and Camile Velasco West have their own individual styles. Velasco's father, James West, characterized Trias' singing as "more of a belt-it-out singer, in the Mariah Carey mode."

MARCH 18, 2004 3:45PM
The Truth Behind Mariah Carey and the Chiropractics Convention

Laura Pasqualoni
Exactly two months ago, on January 18, 2004 – in a performance that would make headlines around the world – Mariah Carey took the stage at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas to perform for a record crowd of over 10,000 chiropractors at the Parker Seminars of Chiropractics Convention.

With her hair perfectly styled, make-up done just right, and standard evening gown and stilettos in tow, Carey belted out the words to her 1993 hit song “Hero” for a group of handicapped athletes that were being honored at the ceremony.

Except...this wasn’t the real Mariah Carey. On stage was Laura Pasqualoni, a professional Mariah Carey look-a-like whose performance was seemingly so real that it confused reporters and even the event’s directors. For Laura, it was simply another day on the job.

To settle all of the rumors and disputes once and for all, Mariah Daily talked with Laura Pasqualoni about what it’s like being confused for the real Mariah Carey on a regular basis, even sometimes when she’s trying not to.

Mariah Daily: When did people first start commenting that you resemble Mariah?
Laura Pasqualoni: I would say that it began in highschool back when Mariah hit the scene with her hit song "Vision of Love". That curly look is pretty close to how I Iooked back then and people started saying that I looked like Mariah. I definitely took that as a huge compliment.

MD: As the world's leading Mariah Carey look-a-like, you've traveled from New York to Tokyo and appeared on numerous talk shows and entertainment programs. What are some of your most memorable events?
Laura: I would have to say that The Ricki Lake Show tops the list, because when I did the show, not only was it my first show ever appearing as a celebrity look-a-like, but as the show sent me out dressed up as Mariah to see if they could fool the public at the Virgin Music Store in NYC and then tell them it was a look-a-like, I was shocked because there ended up being this huge mob of fans because they really thought I was Mariah. The police came to shut down the street! As they put me in the limo I said, "How did you guys get so many people to think I was Mariah for the show?" The show said, "We didn't. Those people really thought you were her." I still to this day cannot believe it. I give Mariah alot of credit for being able to deal with her huge mob of millions of fans everyday. It scared me for one day...but it was fun. The other event that tops my list is Tokyo. I turned them down I believe like seven or eight times before I finally went ahead. It was because I was so scared to fly as I have never flown out of the country nor been on a flight that long. Plus I was going to a land by myself to meet a bunch of strangers and trust them. That was pretty tough but let me tell you....Japananese fans of Mariah are great! They loved it and I had a blast. I would go again in a heartbeat!

MD: Have you ever turned down a potential gig?
Laura: Yes...most definitely. I have turned some pretty big paying gigs down. Some TV shows/spoofs/people want to play off of celebrity downfalls or moments, and when Mariah had her so-called downfall a while ago (for whatever personal reasons), the media was all over her and some shows wanted to pay me big bucks to basically play off her mishap. Of course I refused and will always refuse no matter what amount is ever offered. When I became a look-a-like and went professional I promised myself that I would never do anything to harm Mariah's image or my own or do anything in bad taste. If I were famous, I would not want someone who looked like me to do that. No amount of money, even if I desperately needed it, could make me tarnish anyone's image. I firmly believe that.

MD: Tell us about your performance at the Chiropractics Convention in Las Vegas.
Laura: I was asked to come out and lip-synch to Mariah's hit "Hero" for handicapped athletes. It was unbelievable and in front of about 10,000 people -- the biggest crowd I ever was in front of. I only saw the first few rows of heads as the rest was dark because of the bright lights. The next day I was asked to do a meet and greet at the Mandalay Bay House of Blues . I basically took pictures with people all evening and worked with a bunch of other look-a-likes. It was exciting! I'm not sure why they confused me for the real Mariah. I would never want anyone to think it was her without it really being her, even though I am a look-a-like and get booked strictly as a look-a-like.

MD: Mariah is known for her contributions to charities such as the Fresh Air Fund, The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Adoption Center. Can you tell us a little bit about various charity and fundraiser events you do?
Laura: The fundraiser I most take pride in doing is the Jerry Lewis MDA, which I try to participate in every year back in my hometown. I also have done fundraisers for Breast Cancer, AIDS, Homeless, Animal Shelters, Battered Women, and Child Help USA. I plan on sending out a bunch of info on what I do as a look-a-like to various fundraisers in my area as well as any fundraisers in the tri-state area looking to raise money for their causes. Just by having a picture taken with a Mariah look-a-like or any celeb look-a-like can raise thousands at a fundraising event. I am always up for doing fundraisers.

MD: Mariah's song catalog continues to grow each year as she releases new material. What are your personal favorites, as well as your favorite to perform?
Laura: My personal favorites, as well as the ones I like to perform, are of course "Hero", "Emotions," "I Still Believe," some club remixes of "My All" and my most favorite, "Mariah's Theme." It really reminds me so much of where I have been and where I am going, and not to let anyone tear it away from me and to be strong. It's a very meaningful song for me personally.

MD: When you're contracted to do a performance, what songs are you usually asked to include in your routine?
Laura: It all depends on the age of the client or event. If its a fundraiser and for special causes ,of course I do "Hero" and other meaningful songs are included. If it's a club then alot of her newer remixes. But I would have to say that the ones mostly requested are "I Still Believe," "Hero," "Mariah's Theme," and "Dreamlover". I take pictures with the crowd afterwards.

MD: Mariah often has to spend hours making sure her hair and makeup are perfect and that everything is fitted just right. What is the process and how long does it usually take to prepare for an event?
Laura: It can take up to two or three hours depending on what style is chosen, and what hairstyle to go with. And of course lets not forget where you have to get ready. This is where it can get tricky, because if you are suppose to be kept hidden or as a surprise, the areas they may keep you in to get ready may have horrible lighting or hardly any at all. The easier events are the TV shows, as they do it all for you with the makeup artist ,stylist, etc. You get to be the star for a day!

MD: Even when you're not dressed up as Mariah, do you ever get approached by people thinking your the real Mariah Carey?
Laura: On occasion when I mostly hit NYC for shopping I get approached a lot. It gets weird because some really come up to you and insist that you may be the real deal denying it because you're in public, but on a daily basis I would have to say I have my own individual style and do not try to dress or look like Mariah as much as I do as a look-a-like on a gig, but I do get approached with compliments of people saying I look like her or would I please take my sunglasses off so they can see how much I resemble her, etc. Although I love Mariah's style, I have my own similar tastes.

MD: Are there any negative aspects about people confusing you with Mariah?
Laura: Sure, like for instance, I have received Mariah hater e-mail from time to time. They seem to automatically hate me too just because I look like her. I do not understand why people who hate are prejudging without ever meeting the person to see what they are really about. Another negative aspect is that some people seem to think that I can answer personal questions that they have about what goes on in Mariah's life and I really can't...only Mariah herself can. But all in all not too there aren't a lot of negative aspects.

MD: You're a receptionist by day and a Mariah look-a-like at night. What do all of your friends and family think about your "other job"?
Laura: My closest friends think its absolutely great! My family supports it as well. My father really loves it the most, as he works for the post office and always wants me to send a post card whenever I go somewhere to do a gig to him and all his buddies at work. Plus he also promotes my fundraising ideas to different organizations that come in to mail packages out. So it's good to have that. I try to keep it on the quiet side at work, as some may look at success with jealousy and others are totally excited for you. You have to be careful of how much you let some know.

MD: What would you say to Mariah herself if ever given the opportunity to meet her?
Laura: I probably would not say anything at all, as I would be passed out from shock on the floor! Seriously though, I would like to someday meet her and talk about the similarities we have, such as our families are both Long Island (pretty close too), and then chill out and have a drink and chat some more! I would love to thank her for giving her talent and her music to the world to hear, and to learn more about her and see if she has any questions for me. I would definitely want to know what she thinks about me being a look-a-like to her. Then I probably would have to leave at that point because Mariah would probably be off to Milan or China or off to some concert she is touring on. Who knows, if it ever will happen, I probably would forget everything I would want to say.

MD: What do you think the world should know about Mariah Carey?
Laura: I think the world should know that even though Mariah Carey is a famous celebrity, she is just like you and me with feelings, thoughts, and dreams and no one should stand in the way of what she has accomplished or where she is to go next , as I believe the world already knows Mariah is a strong individual inside and through her music.

MD: What do you think the world should know about Laura Pasqualoni?
Laura: I think the world should know that even though I am a look-a-like to one of the most celebrated stars out there, I am still just Laura and proud to be me. I have my own personal, look, style, and personality above and outside of my side job as a look-a-like. I enjoy doing what I do and only will continue to do what I do as long as it is fun and doesn't harm or hurt anyone.

For more information on Mariah Carey look-a-like Laura Pasqualoni, please visit her website, which is located at

Source: Mariah Daily

MARCH 17, 2004 6:35PM
Mariah In Malaysia

When Mariah took the stage at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, photographers were not allowed. Perhaps due to the fact that Mariah was forced to switch up her wardrobe due to government regulations.

Only two photos from the performance were distributed to the local media outlets by the concert's promoter. Below is an additional photo. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Source: Nick

Mariah Carey's Influence

Mariah Carey's influence on young female singers has been so pervasive that artists are now beginning to imitate her imitators.

German diva Sarah Connor may not have the technical prowess of, say, Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson, but her vocal approach, which veers from breathy ostentation to bombastic belting, will sound painfully familiar.

So will helium-fueled hip-hop workouts such as the hit Bounce and maudlin ballads such as Music Is the Key, one of several predictable collaborations with male rap and R&B artists.

Connor fares better on the relatively crisp, breezy He's Unbelievable and the blithely funky Mary Jane Girls cover In My House, but in general, her green-eyed soul is a pale facsimile of the real thing.

Source: USA Today

Mick Jagger and P. Diddy party with Mariah

Saturday, Mick Jagger and a gaggle of girls went to Matsuri for a free dinner, then to Nellee Hooper's birthday at Hiro, where Jagger and Sean "Puffy" Combs had adjoining booths. Between the two celebrity tables $3,000 worth of Cristal was quaffed.

But at the end of the night, both parties split without paying or tipping the tired waitress, then headed for Marquee, where Mariah Carey and more free booze was waiting.

Source: New York Post

Mariah: Crazy Pop Star?

The April 2004 edition of Blender magazine features a list of the 50 Craziest Pop Stars. Mariah came in at number 43 on the list. Here's what the magazine said:

Countless hits. Five octaves. Very few marbles. Carey's amateur eccentricity- spitting chewed gum into assistants' hands, kicking carsick journalists into the street- eventually blossomed into online breakdown announcements. Her spin doctors were quick to dismiss claims that she had slit her wrists. "Mariah did break some dishes, but she definitely did not hurt herself intentionally" (Mariah Carey? Doing dishes?) She finally went so bonkers that her record company gave her $50 million to go away.

Craziest moment? Having her entourage force MTV Europe staff to play adoring fans when the real ones failed to show. And after her therapist gave her fruit, Carey insisted on crudites at all times. "I need to make sure the plate of vegetables is here."

Source: Blender Magazine | JRKing

News Tidbits

-- Mariah has apparently been in New York doing recording sessions with producer Randy Jackson. Here's what Mariah fan Peter says: "My neighbor practices Kung Fu and someone in his class today has to leave early for a recording session with Mariah and Randy Jackson in New York City this afternoon."

-- Mariah is currently ranked at #1 for the month of February 2004 in the World Female Feet Ranking poll. For future voting instructions and the complete list, logon to

-- A constant named Cindy on Akademi Fantasi 2, the Indonesian version of Pop Idol, suprised many by naming Mariah as her favorite singer instead of regional diva Reza. You can vote for Cindy by sending a SMS through 3977. Write, AFICindy. Also, another candidate named Lola sang "Vision Of Love." Indonesian fans can catch her performance this Saturday. You can vote for Lola by writing AFILola to 3977 on SMS.

-- From New York Post: In Monaco, in the past year alone, a honeymooning Geraldo, a jetsetting Bono, and World Music Awards attendee Mariah Carey all graced the prince's playground with their presence. Carey even managed to spend $60,000 in hotel fees in one weekend alone.

Source: Peter | Johan | Edwin

MARCH 15, 2004 3:40PM
Out Of Exile

There's at least one more comeback in store for Mariah Carey. The songbird - now in self-imposed exile, touring in Europe and Asia - is teaming up with ex-Arista head L.A. Reid, whose specialty is finding and nurturing talent like Avril Lavigne, Pink, TLC and Outkast. Reid, now head of Def Jam, confirmed at Spice Market the other night he will be "working closely" with Carey on her next album. "That should ensure she won't be doing any hideous remakes of Def Leppard songs," one wag quipped. A Carey album should hit late this year.

Source: Page Six

Mariah's Rich Leppard

Nice zinger in today's Page Six about Mariah Carey's version of Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartbreak." In fact, the recording brought Carey excellent reviews and a lot of new listeners. She even performed the song live on the "Today" show from the Mall of America and won many kudos. It continues to be a radio hit for Carey.

Source: Fox411 News

Mariah Carey Should Have Respect

Why doesn’t Mariah Carey get the respect she deserves? It always amazes how often she bears the brunt of people’s ill will. Maybe it's because she isn't an attention grabber like other pop stars. Nope, no cheap publicity stunts either. She also never tries to be something she isn't and (heaven forbid!) she is amazingly accessible to her fans. No unhealthy vices or promiscuous life style.

Yes, she's definitely lacking the traits pop fans hold dear.

Apparently, to have a beautiful voice be a good and write sweet inspirational songs is a crime. And you would think that after 12 years in the music industry without doing something utterly stupid or shocking as a role model (unless you are an ignoramus who attaches stigma to stress breakdowns) you would be glorified or at least, respected.

Well sorry, no.

Source: Pop Dirt

MARCH 14, 2004 4:25PM
Keeping the Mariah Fever alive with "WiseGirls"

"WiseGirls," the most anticipated indie movie by pop icon Mariah Carey, Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, and Melora Walters, will now be shown in Manila, Philippines.

The film will premiere on March 24, 2004 under Sky Films Unlimited and is sponsored by Studio 23. Clips of the movie will be shown in Channel 23 and will surely bring the Mariah Fever in the Philippines alive once again.

Source: Hola Publishing Corp | Carl Roguel

The 11th Annual Mariah Carey Online Birthday Bash

Mariah Carey fans and music lovers worldwide will gather on the diva’s birthday, March 27, to celebrate the coming of thirty-four years of life, music and memories. This meeting, sponsored by Mariah Daily, will take place on the chat program mIRC, in Undernet’s #Mariah channel.

This will give Mariah fans a chance to talk about the songstress’ past, present and future. It will also serve as a place for people to meet new online friends, local fans and pen pals, win Mariah merchandise (prize packages will include promotional Mariah items and CDs, t-shirts, magazines, VHS videos, posters, and other rare memorabilia) and of course, it will be the center for fans to swap rare audio and video files.

With its roots stemming from 1994, #Mariah is one of the oldest and most popular, as well as the original, chat channel dedicated to Mariah and her fans. Several similar “chatting parties” have been held in the past and have turned up large amounts of visitors and Mariah’s birthday bash is expected to be another success. For information on how to connect to #Mariah, click here. If you have comments or questions or just need help, post in the #Mariah forums.

Chat Start Times:
Sat Mar 27, 2004 7:00 PM EST
Sat Mar 27, 2004 6:00 PM CST
Sat Mar 27, 2004 5:00 PM MST
Sat Mar 27, 2004 4:00 PM PST
Sun Mar 28, 2004 12:00 AM GMT
Sun Mar 28, 2004 1:00 AM CET
Sun Mar 28, 2004 4:00 AM MSD


Mariah loses DanceStar Award

It was recently announced that Mariah was nominated as DanceStar USA's Best Chart Act in the 2004 American Dance Music Awards. Unfourtunately, she lost the award to Madonna. Other nominees in the category were Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Kelis, Sarah McLachlan, OutKast, P. Diddy, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.

2004 marks the third year Mariah has been nominated in this category, as well as the third year she has lost. In 2003 she lost to Justin Timberlake and in 2002 she lost to Jennifer Lopez. The winners were selected based on internet-submitted votes.

Source: DanceStar Online

MARCH 11, 2004 10:30PM
Mariah leaves new voice message

Mariah has left a new voice message on her official website, Here's what she had to say:

Hello! Sorry I haven’t called in so long. As you guys know, I’ve been traveling the world. And I’m finally done with the tour. It was really, really so much fun for all of us. And I just want to say thank you to everybody that came out everywhere – to all the countries in the world. We had an amazing time. We really did. So thank you to everyone who came to the shows, once again. We enjoyed you! We really, really did.

And I wanted to let you know – I guess some of you already know – I’m working on the new album, which is not called Lollypop. I don’t know where in the Sam Hill that came from, but anyway, it doesn’t have a title yet. But I’m really, really excited about it. And I’m about to go into my studio in a minute and get to working. So I can’t wait for you to hear the new stuff when it’s done.

And I just want to let you know as always, I love you, appreciate you, and enjoy you. I’ve got all my fan books and things of that nature in the Butterfly Room. I have a whole new collection since the tour. I’m trying to organize it. I’m probably going to take some pictures at some point and put them up on the site so you guys can see them. Alright, love you much, bye!

Source: Mariah Daily

MARCH 11, 2004 6:30PM
Mariah's World in Turmoil Again?

Just when you thought maybe Mariah Carey had it all together, there are rumblings of turmoil in her world again.

This time, though, it's business that occupies Mariah. On Tuesday she and her new Rasputin-like manager Benny Medina met with Island Def Jam's Antonio "L.A." Reid to discuss Carey's new album project.

But therein lies the problem. Technically Medina is not Carey's manager. That job is occupied by Louise McNally, who's been Carey's staunch supporter for several years since Mariah left Tommy Mottola. But last year McNally's son died suddenly, knocking her out of business for a while. In her place came Medina, fresh from his being fired by Jennifer Lopez.

At first Medina was said to just be "consulting" with Carey, who — as we all know — is the bitter rival of Lopez. You may recall that Lopez swiped an idea for one of her records from Carey with the help of Mottola, contributing to Carey's little exhaustion breakdown a couple of years ago.

My sources say Medina took advantage of McNally's absence and has since worked his way into Carey's good graces. "It's a campaign," says a source who notes that the people really responsible for re-establishing Carey's career after her "Glitter" debacle — publicist Cindi Berger and promo whiz Jerry Blair, the same guy who worked Carey's records for 11 years at Sony — are suddenly much less present in Mariah's world.

What makes all this so much more interesting, of course, is that all these people are now stuck working with each other at the Universal Music Group, like it or not. For example, Reid hired Blair away from Sony to work with him at Arista, only to wind up costing Arista hundreds of thousands of bucks to buy out his Sony contract. Carey has thrown her lot in with the guy who once orchestrated her own unhappiness. And so on.

A source who knew Medina through the whole J-Lo/Ben Affleck episode — which included the firing of Medina, the subsequent lawsuits and settlements — says the former manager has a way of getting under the skins of stars.

"He makes them believe their own publicity," my source said.

But the same source wonders why Carey would want to be in the same company as Medina's other new clients, such as failed "American Idol" participant Justin Guarini.

"You'd think she'd know better," the source said.

Medina is branching out, however. He's said to be managing media types and even brokering book deals for clients. One deal he definitely quashed though was Carey's. The singer was all set to write an autobiography and had offers on the table.

"Benny convinced her not to do it," my source says. Also gone from Carey's plans is her stage debut in London. Her new album, meanwhile, will be recorded in Los Angeles and not in Capri, where she usually makes her CDs. One possible reason: so that Medina can be close by during the project.

Source: Fox News

Translation of Femme Article

Femme: On stage, we see you often crying. What puts you in such a state?
Mariah: The fact of writing sad songs (laughs). In fact, it depends. Music has always been part of my life. And because of that all my emotions are related to it. And then, during the concerts, there's always someone in the audience who cries while singing. At this moment, I think : Oh my God, not me and here you go.

Femme: It's in Puerto Rico that you wrote Charmbracelet (it's been told you was lying on a catamaran). Is N° 10 on the way?
Mariah: At the moment, there are only ideas, but the release is not for soon. In fact, as soon as I'm back home after the concert in Dubai, I'll start to work on it again.

Femme: Where do you find inspiration?
Mariah: I find it in my personal experiences that I try to transcript in the most reliable way.

Femme: How difficult is this international tour in your eyes?
Mariah: What's difficult is that I never know in advance how long I will stay in a country. Doing tours allows me to meet more fans, thing that I need to, at least, should try to do. Also, I discover new countries.

Femme: Like Lebanon?
Mariah: You know, I never know what I will expect in far away countries. But already at the airport, the people seemed warm, welcoming and cool. However I wasn't able to visit the country.

Femme: You have done so many jobs. Which one was the most difficult?
Mariah: During all this time, I wrote songs, and it was the best part of my life... I sang, I was even backup singer... The hardest job? I should say waitress.

Femme: At 17 years old, it is said that you gave your demo to the CEO of Sony Music during a party and you escaped... In his limo, he listened to the tape and came back. But you already had left!
Mariah: Exactly. He searched me several days. Except that it was a friend who gave him the tape, Brenda Starr. At this time I was working with her as background singer.

Femme: Superstar, but you never forgot your past.
Mariah: The Camp Mariah is a camp for disadvantaged children from 13 to 15 years old. They can eat, make fun, but also learn how to make choices for their upcoming careers.

Femme: Where is your home?
Mariah: In New York, I live in a triplex, where I forget everything. I like to retire in a room that I have decorated in a Morrocan style, with a beautiful view.

Femme: You will act soon in a play “The Sleeping Prince” in London. A role which was played by Marilyn Monroe…
Mariah: Marilyn Monroe is my favorite actress. So, I’m very careful... It's a challenge for me. The rehearsals have been postoned because of my tour. In November, I should be on stage.

Femme: It's said you bought her piano!
Mariah: It is very delicate, in bad condition and not tuned. I have just kept him in my house to look at it.

Femme: Who is for your the ideal man?
Mariah: I don’t know... I couln't give you a name of a star, no !

Femme: Don’t you have friends in hollywood?
Mariah: It’s very difficult. My friends are not celebrities. True people, without artifice.

Femme: Why do you feel so alone?
Mariah: All of us feel alone at some time. People we think are close deceive us. Celebrity allowed me to realize my dream, but I became more suspicious, I don't know very well who I can trust. If I must believe the ones who say they are my friends...!

Source: Femme Magazine | Translation by Heroes of Mariah

Swizz Beatz On Upcoming Mariah Album

Swizz Beatz also has three songs on the new DMX album Grand Champ (Def Jam) and produced a song for Rubben Studdard’s debut CD Soulful (RCA). He has songs on upcoming albums by Angie Stone (J Records), Eve (Interscope), Jadakiss (Interscope), Fat Joe (Atlantic), Nas (Columbia), Method Man (Def Jam), Mos Def (Rawkus), Ol' Dirty Bastard (Rocafella), Drag-On (Virgin), R. Kelly (Jive), Mariah Carey (Def Jam), Ja Rule (Def Jam), Bow Wow (Columbia), Busta Rhymes (J Records), and MaShonda (Dreamworks). Swizz Beatz has also signed a three year deal with Nike to co-write/produce music for 28 Nike commercials.

Source: Universal Music Publishing Group

News Tidbits

-- Mariah's promotional megamix named "U Like This" debuts on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart (Issue Date: 3/20/2004) at #45.

-- The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is accepting nominations for the '100 best songs of All Time'. Lets try and get Mariah's "Hero" to be nominated! Cast your vote here.

-- Singer Thalia was interviewed on the Mexican TV program "Otro Rollo". When asked who her influences were she said "Luis Miguel, Lupita D'Alessio and Mariah Carey". Apparently, Thalia still holds grudge against Mariah as she was laughing sarcastically prior to saying Mariah's name.

-- Manuela is preparing an embroidery project for Mariah's birthday. If you'd like to contribute to it, please visit her site.

-- The following pictures were taken at Mariah's concert in Bangkok, Thailand while she was singing "Vision of Love", "Hero" and "Butterfly Outro".

Source: JRKing | BMC | cool | Aihara

MARCH 9, 2004 2:45PM
Pictures from Beirut

Mariah is featured on the cover of the March issue of "Femme" Magazine in Beirut, Lebanon. The article is in French and here are the magazine's scans courtesy of 'stopfalling':

In addition, here are some pictures from Mariah's visit to the "Star Academy" TV show in Beirut. Each student was able to ask Mariah one question.

Source: Femme Magazine | stopfalling | JC

Mariah Carey plans new album without Reid?

Mariah Carey is currently working on her follow-up album to, Charmbracelet. The singer is now under the microscope of new Island Def Jam president, L.A. Reid. “She has not met with Reid yet. She wants to complete her album without his input,” says a business associate. When Mariah signed on with Island Def Jam after Virgin terminated her, Mariah was in a tug of war with Arista, J and Island. She chose to go with Island Def Jam. “This is a very important album to Miss Carey and she wants it to be her best. She doesn’t want to ruin the success with outside interference. She respects L.A. Reid but feels she needs to do this on her own.” Carey’s new album is due this fall. The diva will have to sit with Reid before the release of it’s first single.

Source: Groove Volt

PAS Vs. Mariah

The following is an excerpt from a recent article, where Abdul Razak Ahmad examines different aspects of the Malaysian party PAS and mentions Mariah:

Today's Pas ceramah are designed in two basic templates to help make them effective. There is the urban Pas ceramah, and the rural one.

A Pas ceramah held in the cities and towns where the political constituencies comprise a fair mix of races and religions can be different from a Pas ceramah in a rural kampung.

As a basic marketing principle, this is not surprising. Much as Mariah Carey (she's now a side topic at some ceramah in Kedah, mainly for comic relief between charged moments) agreed to not dress so sexily at concerts in countries where the outlook is not so accommodating, Pas too will downplay certain themes to its urban ceramah audiences.

The opposite applies as well. Just as Carey is free to dress as skimpily as she pleases for her home audiences, Pas orators also feel most comfortable revealing their party's unadulterated stand on sensitive issues when speaking to their hardcore rural supporters.

But scantily clothed or not, Mariah Carey remains Mariah Carey. She may dress differently for certain audiences, but the songs remain the same. It is the same with Pas. Its raison d'etre has been, and probably will always be, its idea and aim of achieving a contentious theocratic State.

Source: New Straits Times

MARCH 8, 2004 6:15PM
Worldwide Wisegirls DVD Releases

Mariah's second movie, "WiseGirls", will be available for rent in Australia on March 10th, 2004. The release is a Region 4 DVD and the cover is pictured to your right.
Find out more details about the DVD in Blockbuster Australia.

In Mexico, "WiseGirls" was released to the cinema on February 27th and is currently still playing in theaters. Click here to view the mexican poster of the film.

Lastly, a reminder to Malaysian fans that "WiseGirls" is being shown at KLCC TGV cinema.

Source: Blockbuster Australia | Cinemax | Ken

News Tidbits

-- The infamous UK tabloid "Sunday Mirror" published the following item yesterday in a gossip column by Steve McSadden:
"Snow Big Deal For Mariah - Exciting news for Mariah Carey fans. The 33-year-old is set to star in a remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She'll be playing Snow White, of course. I can't wait..."

-- Another name has been added to the long list of artists who have covered Mariah songs; the group "Advetura" has recorded their own version of the song "Mi Todo".

-- Mark Hunter of the heavy metal band "Chimaira" was interviewed by The PRP back in 2001 and was asked about Mariah:
PRP: While recording the album, it was said that you spent some time with Mariah Carey, who was recording her new album nearby. Do you think the time she spent with you in anyway directly affected her recent nervous breakdown?
Mark: Without a doubt, I am more man than even she can handle.

-- Heroes of Mariah suggests that we announce March 27th (Mariah's 34th birthday) as a "worldwide request day" where fans around the world request Mariah songs to be played on radio and TV. Spread the word!

-- The following pictures were featured in the latest issue of "People Magazine"; Smile and say 'Cheese'
Photographer Kevin Mazur’s never badger or embarrass’ rule has earned him the adoration of the A list – a reputation that comes in handy at Oscar time. In this special foldout section, he shares a decade’s worth of memories (along with some celebrity dish).

-- A special Mariah CD box set has been released in Thailand under the title: "GSM Unlimited Experience With Mariah Carey Live In Bangkok Box Set". The box includes the "#1's" and "Charmbracelet" studio CDs and is released as a promotional limited edition to GSM users only. Below is the promotional ad and the box set cover:

Source: Sunday Mirror | Bobby | Lynn | Gilles | Jessica | AiharA | Damien

MARCH 4, 2004 5:41PM
Marvellous Mariah

Wow! I am truly truly impressed. What a show! Five years in the Gulf and this had to be the best one yet.

We’ve all been to one or more concerts in Dubai but how many times can we actually come out feeling we’ve gotten value for our money?

The Divas that start late, finish early and lip sync, some so badly they would be better off using subtitles! The boy bands are all looks, voice vocalisers and testosterone. The sound systems that take even the greatest of performers and make them sound like a pack of Strepsils wouldn’t go amiss, or much worse, they sound like me in the bath!

But Mariah… Well, the venue was excellent, no confusion over parking, cause everybody knows you can’t park there in the day, so you have no chance in the night. Quite sensibly, taxis were taken and traffic was not an issue.

The grounds were well controlled, food and beverages made readily available and music filled the air to create a good party atmosphere.

Diva delivery: At around 9.45 pm the show began. Okay, it was supposed to start at nine, but she is a Diva after all! And the ambience was good so hardly anyone noticed.

It was just that – a show. Dancing, singing, two large screens with an excellent view, no having to push up front and do the sardine impersonation to get a glimpse. The sound was amazing and not just by Dubai standards.

Mariah opened with an obscure song, but quickly moved into Dreamlover, Through the rain, My all and more. The balance of old favourites, new upbeat dance routines and ballads was just right, the air was charged with excitement and anticipation for what she would sing next, for whether she would change yet another costume… for about 14 songs, she changed costumes seven, count them, seven stunning times. The true mark of a star: “Got to have the right ensemble for the song, dahling.”

The backing singers were amazing with individual voices that reached notes in true Harlem-hair-raising style. As for the lady herself, she was just that, a true lady for the romantics, a stunning sexy mover for those who say dance matters, and an angelic perfect-pitched pro-fessional for those of us who admire real genuine talent.

GW Verdict: Tonight, Mariah, you were the Hero and the perfect Vision of Love. (Yes, she sang both songs, right at the end in an encore, to leave us with a wonderful romantic mood for the weekend.)

Source: Gulf Weekly

Diva hysteria in Dubai

This one’s about the fan that made it too late to see his idol in the flesh.

With kid sister Mimi in tow, 16-year old Mahmoud Husseini turned up at the Press conference only a couple of minutes after Mariah Carey had left. “She’s awesome,” he trilled when we chatted him up later. “And its awesome to have such a big star in such a small country like Dubai!”

Mariah made a big impression on him, he says, when he heard her on the radio in Canada, singing Make it happen. Since then this Maxwell House coffee lover has managed to get all of her music. While he’s not part of any Mariah fan clubs, he says he’s got to be her biggest fan. “I’ve heard her for so long, I feel I really know her. I really respect her as an artist, you know, she writes all her own stuff, not like the others. That’s pretty cool.”

His fave Mariah song? “Breakdown or maybe Make it happen. And of course, Hero.”

Being a fan doesn’t mean Mahmoud’s averse to putting his finger on why she isn’t big on the charts any more. “Maybe that’s because she changed her image, showing more skin. She lost a lot of her early followers with that. And her music has changed, it’s all one format now – she starts low and goes through her six-octave (sic) vocal range, before she had more variety.”

He did get to the show, though – and sent us an email. “Her concert on Thursday was amazing. Really amazing. Her voice was flawless as she went from octave to octave, and she looked so beautiful. She’s got it all, the voice, the looks..! I'm so glad she came to Dubai because its not everyday we get such a big Diva like her, and this was a once-in a lifetime kinda thing! So it was fun....”

After the show, still in search of the elusive Diva, he went to her hotel with a bunch of friends, but only met her backup singers and crew.

As for a meeting with a Diva, he’ll have to be content with having met Whitney a few weeks earlier in her hotel. “I just hung around the hotel for a bit, and she was on her way to the spa to get a massage – that’s when I got her autograph!”

Source: Gulf Weekly

Beauty in the Gulf

mmmmmMariah. A beauty in the Gulf when Mariah Carey is in town? Naah, she out-maxes them all.

And not just with her five-octave vocal range. Keith J Fernandez went to the Press conference to get himself a Vision of Love, but returned with the standard answers to the standard questions. He trawled the web for some more data:

Date of birth and sun sign? March 27, 1970; Aries.

Single, married, uh-uh? Ex-husband Tommy Mottola pretty much put her on the road to stardom but Mariah broke out spectacularly with her Butterfly album and has since taken a more active interest in her career than most, writing and producing several of her songs.

Favourite song? “I’m attached to certain songs from each of my albums, but the audience reaction often changes the way I enjoy a song. One song audiences seem to relate to most is Hero, and I really enjoy that,” she said at the conference.

Downtime in Dubai? “Hit the beach, hopefully!”

A belief in charms? “Yes, I do believe in charms. I’m not wearing my bracelet because I’ve left it upstairs. We got here so quick, I didn’t have a chance to unpack.”

And when the tour ends? “I’m going back home! Maybe not wake up for awhile, spend some time with my friends…”

Source: Gulf Weekly

MARCH 3, 2004 5:06PM
Mariah Carey: Live In Dubai

Mariah Carey flew into Dubai on Wednesday night, the 25th of February, and took a few minutes to answer questions at the press conference held at the One & Only Royal Mirage hotel in Dubai along with sponsors of the concert, which included representatives of Nokia, Qatar Airways and Mirage Promotions. Before the beginning of the conference, photographers were allowed to take photographs of Mariah, which then was followed by speaks by the various sponsors and a few minutes of questions asked to Mariah by the various press agencies.

The Dubai concert was Mariah Carey's last concert of her Charmbracelet World Tour and was held at the Dubai Media City (DMC) Amphitheatre and was also here first concert held in the United Arab Emirates. After the concert was delayed for more than half an hour, Mariah Carey stunned the crowd by walked her way through the crowd and got on stage with a silver two-piece costume. He sang songs from her latest album and also gave the audience the magic by singing 'Always Be My Baby', 'Hero', 'Honey', and other popular singles from her previous albums, which the crowd joined in to sing along.

Throughout the concert, the crowd was also entertained by Mariah's five dancers and three backup singers, who really brought the concert to life when Mariah was on or off stage. Mariah dazzled the crowd by also wearing three dresses, and one harley-davidson t-shirt and blue skin-tight jeans, and unleashed her world-renound voice for over an hour and a half, which also included the singing of the jackson five's "I'll Be There" song.

Source: The Emirates Network

Forced to choose

February 26 was a multi-cultural night as two mega events went head-to-head. Singer Mariah Carey, winner of MTV Asia’s Lifetime Achievement Award, performed at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

The same day, also at the Media City were the Zee Cine Awards hosted by Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla and her good friend, hotshot director Karan Johar.

By some freaky coincidence, Mariah always seems to have competition in Dubai: the last time she was to come here, lovely Latina Shakira was due to perform on the same day. The upshot of it was that neither made it to town.

This time, though, everything’s ship-shape, so people had to choose between Bollywood and Mademoiselle Butterfly.

Source: Gulf Weekly

Bad Fashion Taste

Someone tell these women that their outfits are not working. Topping the list of bad taste is Mariah Carey, who always seems to forget part of her clothes at home - and she kept to that style at a concert in Thailand, last week. Oh my God, Mariah: your outfit was two numbers smaller than your size!

Singers Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani also made mistakes at the Brit Awards, in London. Even American sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, who`s usually gorgeous in her black dresses, showed some bad taste, when she was in Europe to promote her latest movie Along Came Polly. Mrs. Brad Pitt had on a red dress and black jacket in the shape of a wedding cake. Where is the personal stylist?

Source: Quem Magazine | MariahsRod