March News

3/31/99 Check out Gallery 8 for a new picture of MC. Originally I added two but the first one wouldn't load up, so I yanked it until I can figure it out :) I also am going to add a new drawing I did in artwork and a picture of my room (one of the walls) is my new open picture for my "My Stuff" secton..check that out too..

My friend Ron sent me this GREAT NEWS..check it out.. Hello there. I am Ron from the Philippines. I have great news to you. I went to a mall yesterday and entered this radio bar called Music One. They have a countdown of the top ten sales for the week. This week #1's of Mariah Carey is at #6 in the CD sales and #1 in casette tape sales. #1 for the CD sales is Fantastic Females. I did not see any other albums which were released on the Super Tuesday,you know, albums which were released together with Mariah's #1's. It only implies that #1's of Mariah Carey has been supported by Filipinos for a long time now -- roughly five months now. I just hope that Mariah will soon visit the country. That's all and isn't it a great news!


Tomas1284 sent me this news, Thanks :) "I was watching MTV Jams today and during the commercial break they had showed a TV ad for "Thug Mentality," Krayzie Bone's upcoming solo album. She is in the costume used in the ISB remix video so this was filmed when they did the ISB Remix video. She says something like " one expected us to work together." I didn't catch the rest but be sure to watch MTV because the ad is played a lot!! His album is due in stores next Tuesday (April 6). Mariah is featured on the album! It might be the ISB Remix or a new song!! I'll keep you posted!!" So make sure you check that out..I'll be taping.

I found out today (after my mom saw a commercial) that MC will be on VH1 a lot on April the 13th. Not only is she rumored to be on Diva's Live at 9 pm (she is shown in the commercial my mom said) but you can see her on Women First Diva Edition at 9 am and 4:30 pm AND VH1 will be airing Mariah Carey Around the World at 2 pm. Yup you heard me right..VH1 will be airing it, not UPN. Make sure you tune in..even though they are kind of repeats :)

I got this next info. from MariahOZ page. These magazines are really hard to get in the US but if any people out of the country are reading, make sure you get these mags...(anyone want to send me a copy of it?? Ha ha)
"This week's magazines have an "Oscars" theme to them, so Mariah is in a few of them. Who Weekly and NW both have pictures of Mariah in the dress she changed into after performing WYB. Who Weekly's picture is nicer and bigger though, and NW has Mariah in the Worst Dressed, which is of course incorrect hehe :)

Also, the issue of the National Enquirer that is currently in newsagents (it's probably a mid-January issue) has a story about Mariah and Luis Whats-his-face (I forgot his name, so sue me) with an old picture from about 1991.

Katie sends word that Big Hit magazine has a poster of Mariah, songwords to I Still Believe and a Autographed Gold Card which has a picture from The Roof video clip on it. It also has the results of a Reader's Poll where Mariah polled in 2 categories (Best Female Artist and Best Album). "

If you are in InfoMC..tomorrow I will be picking the member of the month. If you are the member of the month, I will personnaly send you something in the mail that you NEED on MC. Could be a cassette, a magazine, RARE photos...You wish is my command. AND if you are not in InfoMC..Look what you are missing out on. Check out the mainpage for more details or simply send me an e-mail saying you want to be in it...

Tomorrow's a new month!!

3/29/99 You can see MC in the new Teen Beat. It has a green cover my friend who gave it to me didn't know the month) but MC won the Best Singer category. They went on to say how she won it over 5 years in a row. There is a picture of her from the latest Billboard awards show :)

If you are DYING to see the new ISB/Pure Imagination video..don't fret any longer. It was #10 on MTV Jam countdown today I was told. You can check that show out at 5 pm every weekday and that probably also means it will hit rotation in the morning from 6-10 am :) Check it out :D

MC news is a little slow but there is a rumor circling and MC was suppose to go with Luis Miguel to the Oscars. At the last moment she "stood him up" and went by herself. I don't know..I don't believe that..what do you think??

3/28/99 So do you like the Dutch Cosmopolitan cover? Well you can get ANOTHER picture of it. In the Black Beat issue, they feature MC in the corner. It is a poster of the cover of Dutch Cosmo. As you well know, there was a 3 page pinup of it in Spice not too long ago, well now it is a poster :D So nice..go buy it if you can!!

I added 2 new pictures to Gallery 8. Originally I added 4 but 2 of them ended up being enhanced pictures and someone lied to me about them and I am VERY upset about it but whatever..what can you do. Nothing..moving along...

Check out MTV to see a thing about the recent Makeover show on MC and others. Here is what it says when getting MC's Look:
"Attract an entire fleet of stud missiles with this look!! Shampoo and condition hair, Gently blot dry with a towel (do not rub-rubbing causes damage), Apply a liberal amount of frizz control cream throughout your hair and comb through for even distribution, Blowdry hair thoroughly."

Well MC is still loosing on People's site as Worst Dress contender. She is at like 46%. People go vote for her and lets see if we can get her on the best dress. Here Also they have a nice new MC picture there and here it is:

Added to Gallery 8 soon :D

3/27/99 Well I went to the ACme with my Mom tonight and to my surprise they had all the new magazines out :D JOY!! MC is in a lot and I am going to give you the run down for goes...

Nation Examiner has nothing to do with the Oscars. It is the April 6th issue and MC is actually on the cover with others. It is entitled "Hollywood's Hottest Babes Face Lifts and Nose Jobs" Of couse they show an older MC pic. and a newer one but we know she didn't have anything done so moving on..

MC is in Entertainment Weekly THREE TIMES. ON page 49 there is two MC pics. next to each other and it says: "CAN WE TALK? Even though Joan Rivers didn't think Mariah Carey had 'gained weight,' the singer fared better in a postshow bardeaux lace gown by L'Wren Scott than the unforgiving white silk Scott dress she wore to the telecast." I so agree. I like the redish dress so much makes her look so skinny. Well anyhow then later in the magazine there is a different picture of MC pinching Jim Carrey's cheeks. (different one in Gallery8). The Bottom says "Mariah-and another Carrey" At the top it says though "Other Great Moments in Diplomacy: Mariah Carey admitting that she felt like a 'total idiot' for missing all the movies." Meaning?

Wow..moving on. You can see mC in the April 5th issue of People. TWO GREAT BIG PICTURES of MC. One in the red dress and one in the white. GREAT PHOTOS. It says, "'You've for to shift your hips' said Mariah Carey after conquering the red carper in a clingy L'Wren Scott. Later, Carey made a slit decision in another Scott (left) at the Vanity Fair's fete."

Oh she is ALSO in Star tabloid. I didn't pick that up cause Alex is going to give it to me for free but there is a nice pic. of MC (we already know that they didn't like it) and then there is ANOTHER pic. of MC in the Redish dress later on :D

AND FINNALY (as for what I saw) MC is in the April 6th issue of the Globe. It is a sad review though :( "Mariah Carey: All crass and no class, Mariah hits a sour note. In her shrunk-wrapped gown, she looks like a 10-cents-a-dance-floozy-with change left over. Horrendous!" Well what do they know? Loosers.

I havm't watched the makeover show but from what I heard it wasn't too great. Also for Friday Night Videos, it was the When You Believe video that aired if anyone tuned into that :D Make sure you check out MC on Howard tonight. Probably the same from last week though!!

MC is on the cover of the Italian magazine PrimoPiano. Thanks to Anderz for the information. The cover pic. is the last picture in FHM and the inside picture consist of new MC pic. singing and the cover of Jane.

I also learned, from Anderz, that MC is opening a restaurant titled (somewhat?) "Electric Menu" It is going to be in NY (DUH!!). It is all still in talks though..keep you posted.

Did you all see the new side bar? Yuppers..Alex made that and I think it is GREAT..WONDERFUL :D Thanks so much Alex..excellent work as always!!

Speaking of great is MC's 29th Birthday. What a great way to end today's news..Here Goes...Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Mariah.......Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!! (and many many more) :D WAHOO!!

3/26/99 Don't forget to check out the Mariah Carey Makeover show tomorrow. Also if you are in Europe there is a Mariah Carey Weekend for Saturday and Sunday. Check out all the shows under IMportant Dates. I need someone to send me a copy so if anyone can, let me know. Maybe we can do a trade. I got a lot of stuff to trade for.

Alex did some researching and he found out a couple of things. March 24th New York Daily News had this to say:
More than a few people saw Ben Affleck flirting heavily with Mariah Carey at Miramax' post-Oscar party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. From what I understand, he did not succeed.

March 22nd Post Gazette:
They said Mariah looked like an "overstuffed stuffed cabbage" at the Oscars. Can you believe that. Yeah I must say that even though the dress was REALLY pretty and MC look pretty, the dress was also a little tight and made MC look a tad chubby but I DON'T think she looked like a cabbage??

People MC needs your help. I forget who brought this to my attention but MC is being voted WORST DRESS on People's website. Let's get her back to BEST DRESS. It takes like 5 seconds. Just click Here and vote for MC. Last time I checked I think it was 33% for Best and 67% for Worst. Come on VOTE FOR MC NOW or I will HUNT YOU DOWN. Ha ha..Kidding..really!!

I added two pictures last night. Maybe if I get more time I'll some more :D I did some more drawings today and I did one of MC from the Oscars that I am REALLY REALLY proud of and I am going to try and get Alex to scan it for me :D If he will do it!!

My friend Lisa told me MC is also in the National Examiner, besides the Star and National Inquirer. Thanks for the info. Lisa :D

3/25/99 A big thank to Alex for updating the site while I was gone. I am back :D Florida was okay cause I was sick the whole time and I can't go back to school until MOnday :( But all in all it was pretty fun. Onto MC news...

MC is in the National Enquirer and Star March 30th issue. It is MC and Luis in the National Enquirer and a Bigger pic. of MC in the Star tabloid. CHeck them out :D

Also on Monday the 22nd MC was in USA Today and New York Times. Those were the only two newspapers I saw her in. Maybe I can get the pictures scanned. One is a pic. of MC and WH singing and the other is a picture of MC's dress.

Well Alex found FHM at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore so my guest you can all get it by Friday for SURE. Check your local bookstore. The magazine is great.

Speaking of FHM, I drew the cover and did it ALL in Color. I am going to get Alex to scan it for me and then I am going to put it on the Artwork page :D Check into that soon :D

I have a BUNCH of pictures to add but since I am sick I am only aloud on for so long. I will tyr and update the pictures section by Saturday night so make sure you tune into that too :D

MC was on Howard last Saturday. IT was PART of an older interview that aired a while back on E! Some MC fans got really offended by it which I think is STUPID. That is just as Howard is and MC was cool with it. Yes he said she looked like a Stripper but he went on to say that he was only trying to compliment her and that he liked how she dressed. Howard and MC were fine..get over it :D

This MOnday you can see MC in a bunch of new magazines for the Oscars. MC was on ET on Wednesday night but for a bad reason. MC is going to be on Stars Worst Dressed list. They showed the picture (which is really nice :) and they said that MC is always wearing her clothes a size or two tight. Also they said she had too much cleavage. I don't think she did.

A Big issue about the Oscars what that MC looked fat. When Joan interviewed her on the E! preshow that was the FIRST thingshe brought up and then she went on to say that MC didn't look fat. I don't think she looked fat but I do think she gained wait. What do you think?

MC will be on MTV's Makeover show on March 27th at 12 pm.

I was told by my dear friend BackInTIme that MC is in the May issue of Spice magazine. It is a pinup and MC has curly hair and looks really pretty.

Also she is in the May30th issue of Right On but BackInTime told me it was a smaller picture :( Oh well I bet it is still nice :D

3/21/99 Hello. Alex here. Regina's having fun in the sun, and I'm here in the pouring rain. What's up with that? Anyway, here's your Mariah news. This would've been here earlier, but Tripod sucks...

Mariah's in the newest Star. I'll have the pic and article from it soon.

The New York Daily News reported that Mariah is looking to buy Barbera Streisand's old apartment.

Was Mariah on Howard last night? My listings say she'll be on this coming Saturday night.

On MTV's Spring Break, Chris from N Sync picked Mariah's Honey video as his favorite spring break video.. or something like that.

Anyway, here's a small article that goes along with Mariah's Gluck magazine cover:

"Excitement like never before in Warner Studio just before the "Lotto Show" last Saturday. The reason was only 1.60 m high and was called Mariah. Miss Carey, the most successful singer in the world, surprised even the most experienced TV-maker with her star airs. She was accompanied by 52 (!) people and demanded that the hall would be emptied for the rehearsels. She even wanted a camera sideways. Remarkable cool Ulla handed Mariah the obligatory flowers after her performance and dropped the usual smalltalk."

She's also on the cover of the Dutch magazine Hitkrant.

Here's something from the Mariah Carey Diary:

Marriage to Luis??

"Both are young, handsome, famous and rich. For that reason their next wedding will become one of the social acts of more flash of the last times. Luis Miguel wore out a fortune in a ring of brilliant and a platinum necklace. It seems that it was in that occasion (intimate dinner) when the well-known gallant popularly as "The king of the boleros", requested her hand. Their last encounter has been this month in Ireland and Paris."

Big thanks to Sip5Alive and the rest of the InfoMC Gang for helping me update this page!

3/18/99 MC is in J-14 magazine. It is the May/June issue and it is a picture of her from the Billboards 1998 show :D She looks truly great and it just tells her fan address :D MC is the biggest picture on the page though :D It is on page 64.

On NBC tonight you can check out MC at 1:35 am eastern standard time. It is a NBC show in which you can see performance by Mariah Carey; videos from Jewel, Sixpence None The Richer and Metallica. The name of the show is "Friday Night Videos." MC was on it before from the Jay Leno performance so it will probably be a different ISB performance..maybe from Rosie? Make sure you check it out tonight. Thanks to Mariah Music Box for the info!!

Also Mariah's Music Box told me that MC will be on Russell Simmon show on April 3rd and 17th. THe first one will be an interview with her and the second will be about the NAACP Awards ceremony.

Also MC is in Entertainment Weekly's Yearbook Book. Hee hee...there is a picture from the last Blockbuster Awards and a picture of her from Diva's Live.

My Borders still doesn't have FHM but Jane is out :D Go get your copy if you havn't yet. It came out last week :D

Anderz reported this:
CAREY ON KRAYZIE BONE DOUBLE CD DUE APRIL 16: Mariah Carey repays Krayzie Bone for appearing on "I Still Believe" with her by guesting on his new album. She appears on a track with Fat Joe and Big Pun which was produced by Naughty By Nature's Kaygee. Korrupt, Treach, Snoop Dog and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are also going to be on Krayzie's solo album, Thug Mentality 1999. It will now be a double album and is due out April 16.

My friend Heather told me that MC is in the May issue of Spice magazine. "There is three pictures of her one is towards the beginning and is a fairly big one of her and Stevie Wonder I think from the Billboard Music Awards another on is a small one that justs talks about her makeup and the last one that I saw was the very last page and it is like a pullout but it's not a poster." Thanks Heather :D

Check out the "My Stuff" section on my webpage. I got 5 new singles and they are included on there :D

I got a bunch of rare MC pics and if I can get permission I will add them to Gallery 8 tonight or when I come back Wednesday. Maybe I can get Alex to add them while I am gone :D

On Q102 the other day, they were talking about who they though would be in the Hall of Fame in 2012 and they said...Madonna, Celine Dion, MARIAH CAREY, and Will Smith. THat is SO COOL. I think she will be inducted for sure. She will be 42?? That is so cool!!

Also I am going to Disney World from this Saturday till Tuesday. I am cutting school on Wednesday so that is when I will be back. Alex will update the page still though. He will get the NEWS section and also Picture section. So make sure you still come and see the webpage and I will be back soon guys..Miss Ya..Tootles..

3/17/99 Well you heard it HERE first. Mariah will be on the HOWARD STERN show this Saturday at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time. (Check local listings). Howard is doing a special segment in which he shows a bunch of different people who have been on his show. It is probably MC from the Blockbuster Awards in 1998 but MAYBE it will be from her call in to Howard on December 18th (which I made a tape for InfoMC :). So make sure you check it out this Saturday :D

I Still Believe is #4 this week on the Billboard charts. It went up 2 spots since last week :D Wahoo!!!

There is a rumor going around that Whitney and MC will be doing ANOTHER duet for MC's upcoming album for her movie "All That Glitters" due out end of the year. I'll let you know more when I find it out.

Check out Gallery 8 because I added three pics (actually two). One id 2 NEW pics. of Luis and MC and the other is a new pic. from ISB which I havn't seen anywhere..and you all know HOW MUCH I LOVE PICS. Hee hee. If you were in InfoMC you would know for sure. Anyhow check out Gallery 8 :D

Mariah will win TWO Diamond awards :D Here is what the RIAA site says :D
Mariah is the FIRST FEMALE artist in history to have two studio album reaching the double DIAMOND mark! Whitney also had two but one of them was the soundtrack for The Bodyguard so that doesn't really count! Here is more about Music Box and DayDream: “Music Box,” Mariah Carey (Columbia) Carey’s third studio album featured her platinum singles “Dreamlover” and “Hero,” as well as a gold remake of Nilsson’s 1972 smash, “Without You.” Carey was 23 when the album was released in 1993. Carey is the only female artist to amass seven consecutive triple-platinum albums. (Released: September 1993)
“Daydream,” Mariah Carey (Columbia) With this album, Carey became the first female artist to reach Diamond status with two regular studio albums. In addition, this is the only Diamond album to produce two double-platinum singles. “Daydream,” which was Carey’s fourth regular studio album, yielded the double-platinum hits “Fantasy” and “One Sweet Day,” as well as the platinum single, “Always Be My Baby.” The pop diva was 25 when the album was released. (Released: October 1995)

3/15/99 MC is in the May 1999 issue of Sixteen. It is a picture from the recent Billboards awards and it is really pretty :D I am also told that MC is in APril US and April Bop. Go check them out :D

MC is also in Teen Magazine and she is on page 48. It is just in Celeb 411 and here is what it says :D
How does Mariah Carey stay so slender? By stocking her dressing room with faves: Quaker Fat Free Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes and Guiltless Gourmet Baked Not Fried Tortilla Chips.

3/14/99 A WHOLE Heck of new pictures were added today to Gallery 8. I actually did them myself for the first time and will start updating pictures more often :D Go check them out :D

Want to read the WHOLE Jane article..Click Here

3/12/99 Hey people, guess what. Jane is out and I got it tonight. It is SO AWESOME. There is 12 heard me TWELVE PICTURES. MC is so pretty :D Here is the low down... Of course we all know the front cover..
Then there is an inside picture which is 2 whole pages
Then there is 2 high school pics of MC (both on Video Timeline)
A GREAT Grammy picture of MC holding both of them
A pic. of MC and Tommy together
A pic. of MC from Fantasy (we have it)
A pic. of MC holding a Camp Mariah Sign (Everywhere)
Pic. of MC from the Essence awards
Pic. of MC from the Z100 Bash singing
Another pic. of MC singing from a New York bash
and a pic. pf MC sitting down (I forget what event though..where she has that REALLY curly hair and has a kinky dress on?)
The article is 4 sides and is pretty cool. I didn't even read it yet.

Where can you get it will be the BIG question!! It will hit stands this week. I got mine at the mall tonight at a bookstore called Waldenbooks. Any Bookstore should have it, However Borders did NOT have it on Friday? Also if anyone wants this magazine (say who is out of the country and can't get it) just let me know. The magazine is $2.95 and then of course you have to pay your own shipping and handling.

This is from the Jane Magazine..Check out the pics. in Gallery 8!! "My moms Irish, and my fathers mother is African-American, and my father's father is Venezuelan. Everybody gets that wrong; they always says he's black Venezuelan because I once said I was black, Venezuelan and Irish. Black Venezuelan wouldn't even be accurate, because my grandfather was light Venezuelan. And my grandmother was a beautiful, statuesque African-American. People also write my mother's from Ireland. My mother's Irish-American, yeah, but from Illinois."

Also there is pictures of MC and Luis together now..(see Gallery8) It is probably them just talking at a party..this means nothing. I don't beleive they are dating and I believe MC when she says that but even if they is their buisness.

3/11/99 Do you want MC to be the Artist of the Century? Then it is SO EASy. Everyday just go and vote for hard is that eh?? Vote Here

From: USA Today Two divas 'Believe' in Babyface Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey said Tuesday they'll sing the Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds version of When You Believe at the Oscars. That's the latest twist in a controversy brewing since the original version of the song, by Stephen Schwartz, sung during The Prince of Egypt by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky, received an Oscar nomination. Edmonds' version, with about 15% more music, is sung by Houston and Carey over the end credits of the film and became a hit single. Schwartz did not allow Edmonds' name to be included on the Academy Awards application. Rules allow only one version of a song to be nominated. "It wasn't that I was angry; I was just hurt," Edmonds told USA TODAY Tuesday. He added: "It's my problem. I just hope that the academy will now look at changing the rules."

I Still Believe Single is now #4 on the charts. It moved up from #6 from last week :D

Mariah is in the April 1999 issue of Sister to Sister. It is towards the end and it is about her movie with Chris.."The Bachlor" There is a HUGE picture of MC from the Puffy B-day :D

MC is on the cover of Gluck. It is a free magazine but the only problem is that it is a German magazine :( Oh well we can still like the pic :D Check it out in Gallery 8

There is a nice picture and article I have for you. Want to see the FAB picture that goes with it? See it in Gallery 8: 1200 Seconds with her majesty Mariah In the latest issue of the Dutch magazine "BreakOut!" (March 11, 1999) there is a story about the interview that Peter Schnitzler had with Mariah last week when she visited Holland. You won't find any questions and answers in this article, only a description of the interview. Here is what Peter writes when he first sees Mariah:

"You brush off the rain of your coat and just that moment she comes down the stairs. You never seen worse than right now and there she is two meter away from you. She wears a tight, black shirt and tight, black knickers. She smiles at you and whispers 'Hi'. She is almost as tall as her two bodyguards who walk besides her. And these guys aren't exactly midgets. And then she disappears in the corridors of the hotel..."

The article reads as follows: March 10th, 1999
[caption: Mariah opted for a pair of tight pedal pushers for her outing to Taco Bell.]
Mariah's Curvy
Mariah Carey showed off her new-look curvy figure after tucking into a taco with the lot at a fast food chain in LA. no longer obsessive about keeping her weight down, the 29-year old singer maintains a healthy diet and exercise programme, but enjoys eating whatever she wants to eat - in moderation.
A former vegetarian, Mariah admits she now doesn't fight her cravings for junk food and doesn't care what people say about her more voluptuous figure. "I don't want people to say, 'Doesn't her body look good in that shot?'" she says. "I want it to be, 'Don't you think she wrote a good song?' I never diet. In fact, when I'm really tired and working a lot, the only thing I ever feel like eating is a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries."
Despite putting on a few kilos, Mariah's 1.75m frame is looking strong in her trademark tight denim pedal pushers and crop-top. "I'm not one of this inherently skinny people," says Mariah. "I'm naturally pretty muscular."
Mariah has admitted to having problems coping with her fast paced, demanding lifestyle, and is now trying to relax and enjoy herself. "For so long is was a stress-fest," she says. "I used to think that was the penance for success. Now I'm just trying to enjoy my life."

As you know Mariah's CD # 1's includes her 13 # 1 singles. To show our support for Mariah's latest single "I Still Believe", Fan Emporium is holding a contest to possibly make it her 14th # 1 !! All you need to do to enter is*:
1. Call or email MTV and BET once a day from now through March 23rd and request Mariah's video for "I Still Believe". 2. Purchase one "I Still Believe" single between now and March 23rd. 3. Mail in the following to Fan Emporium, PO Box 679, Branford CT 06405, USA with this notation on your mailing envelope - "MARIAH CONTEST".
-- Full name
-- Mailing address
-- Telephone number including area code
-- Report of emails sent to MTV and Bet or
time & date of phone calls made to MTV and BET.
-- Receipt from purchase of your "I Still Believe" single
The first 14 people to send this information in by March 27th (MARIAH'S BIRTHDAY!!) will win a seat at a private luncheon hosted by Mariah. (Be sure to bring your camera and items that you want her to sign!)
25 people will win a personal thank you note from Mariah. 50 people will win a personalized autographed photo of Mariah. 100 people will win a Mariah key chain. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

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